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I am a writer and sociologist. I am originally from Somerset but spent most of my adult life in Wales. My first encounter with a mental health professional was in 1984 when I was a student at UCNW, Bangor, Gwynedd. The meeting was a disaster and when I and my former partner, Prof B.J. Brown, tried to complain about this man’s insensitive and inappropriate conduct we were threatened, initially by D.G.E. Wood, the GP who ran the Student Health Centre at UCNW and then by others. We were to receive many such threats over the following years. Years later we found out that this man who had been approached by Wood to ‘help’, was the notorious T. Gwynne Williams, a lobotomist who spent most of his career at the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh.

Here is a link to Brown’s publications page. Publications that I have co-authored with Brown are listed here, including two journal articles directly concerning the north Wales mental health services (Brown, Baker and Baker, 2012; Baker, Brown and Gwilym, 2008) which can be read or downloaded Our book ‘Responsible Citizens: Individuals, Health and Policy Under Neoliberalism’ (Brown and Baker, 2012) Anthem Press also has contains much material relating to the mental health services in Wales.

If anyone wishes to contact me directly rather than leave a comment on the blog, I am happy to receive e mails at (for those of you not sure, that is a figure 1 after the word sally – it doesn’t look very clear does it…)

In Oct 2019, while researching for this blog, I discovered that I was a relative, by marriage, of Lord Gnome. Some of those who star on this blog knew this many years ago.

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  1. Sally – I am disappointed, but not surprised, that mental health services in Wales are as bad as in Hampshire. From this, it will not surprise you to know that I am a [surviving] victim of Southern Health and have seen your comments on the blog of Dr Sara Ryan. My experience of mental health also started in 1984 but it only went badly wrong in 2011 when I fell into the hands of South Health.
    You will have seen my comments on Sara’s blog too – as CRASH. You may wish to look at The associated ‘history page’ tells my story (although I have only got up to 1990 so far).

    1. Thanks for your comment – have just looked at your blog, will continue to follow it. I’ll be developing my own blog, gradually telling my story but also posting info relating to events in the present as well.

      1. My mums name was Sheila Byrne at birth 1964 Islington. No trace of her real mum.. to margeret m byrne but cant find her . she was in a childrens home and remember vaguely abuse but we really dont no as it feels there was a cover up and my nan was very protective of it all. shes dead now. do u have an records of my mum she isalive and my nans name was rose whitley and jim whitley. hudson, benians april 2nd 1964 on birth certificate. my grandad jim whitley was from wales and just clicked that he looked like my mum but she was adopted .. can anyone help us to find where were from

      1. Hi

        I can be contacted by e mail –

        I don’t take phone calls unless they are with people whom I am close friends with lest anyone traces my whereabouts, but I always reply to e mails. I am on holiday at the moment and don’t have access to wifi 24 hrs a day, but I am picking up e mails regularly.



  2. Sally I thought it better to continue on your blog instead of Sara’s. I haven’t much more to say, except corrupt, corrupt, corrupt. My son’s first assessment for capacity in 2006, before the act, was made by professionals who could neither read nor write, and lacked capacity. Regardless of the MCA capacity must always be assumed, Martin was judged by the CoP to lack capacity to decide on medical treatment, where he resides, and contact with his mother. He was also deemed to be sectionable. This blanket assessment remains in place today. What Finola Moss writes is absolutely true, Corrupt.

    1. Thanks for your observations. Yes, institutional corruption undoubtedly exists in medicine – to some of the people who were observing what happened to me, each incident in isolation could look like incompetence, or bad practice, or a very serious mistake. But when my lawyers finally obtained my medical records in full – there it all was, corruption stretching up to the highest levels. (The full story will soon be told on this blog, with details of ‘experts’ brought in from England who lied and lied and lied – meanwhile mental health patients in north Wales carried on dying. And it’s still happening – indeed the local paper covering north Wales today reports on the death of yet another mental health patient.) I too have started following Finola’s blog, she certainly has some sharp observations.

    2. I agree entirely with your comments on corruption!
      Too many people in psychiatry are blatantly abusing their powers, and it’s this abuse of power, which is destroying many minds, never mind medical records, substantiating their corruption.
      Causing great harm to families, and loved ones.
      Psychiatry must change, and laws on sectioning reviewed.

      1. Hi Roger
        Yes, actually talking to mental health patients elicits conversation after conversation regarding peoples experience of serious abuse of power – this seems to be pervasive in psychiatry. Yet it never emerges in debates coming from Government, Theresa May in the last few days has made a whole load of public comments regarding NHS England and of course a well-publicised speech about mental health to the Charity Commission, but not a word was said about the real problems in the mental health services. Once more, the emphasis was on ‘fighting stigma’ – and of course the Westminster Government has an increasingly cosy relationship with MIND, an organisation that has colluded with corruption in the mental health services for years…But politicians across the UK DO know what is happening – constituents having dreadful experiences are writing to them in droves.

    3. It is interesting to note, how psychiatry has not expanded, or moved forwards since the 19th century!
      Force fed poisoning is wrong, however, a place of safety for the vulnerable is understandable.
      As a victim of psychiatry, I strongly believe in other alternatives, mindfulness, being one such alternative.
      Today’s society shows quite convincingly, that those who suffer with depression are treated as less than animals in some of Britains institutions.
      Rhetorically speaking, did they lock Churchill up?
      Did they lock Gladstone up?
      The list is endless.
      Liszt, Chopin, and numerous other brilliant minds.
      Britain is destroying great minds just like the nazis!!
      It makes me sick, and worse still, no one seems to have to soul or impetus in society to give the measure of truth to government.
      Britains greatest minds are being destroyed!!!

    1. Hi Shirley
      No I don’t know her – but a quick google reveals that she is an old age psychiatrist and that she is involved with a mental health service that is being much boasted about in south Wales. It may be a genuinely good service or it may not – I have knowledge of a lot of mental health initiatives and research in Wales that have been claimed to be ‘flagship’ or ‘groundbreaking’ and the reality has been somewhat grim. Ironically, there were some very good patches of service in north Wales some years ago and they were systematically undermined and eventually closed by the senior management of the north west Wales NHS trust – it was almost as if practitioners weren’t allowed to be too good lest they showed the rest of the ‘service’ up for what it was…

      1. Further to my earlier comment regarding Dr Healey it is quite clear how he views the situation your views seem to mirror his regarding senior management although he is of the view things became considerably worse when BCUHB was formed and bad practices from the Wrexham end were forced upon Bangor. He mentions Dr Tony Roberts as being of the same views and subject to the same denouement Commentators name certain “managers” who I have been ignored by.
        It appears that the most significant problems are centred on Rhyl and Glan Clwyd central area closely followed by Wrexham. What bothers me most is the way staff whistle blowers are silenced and drummed out and incompetent bullies promoted. The pettiness of some of the regulatory cases is evidence of this.

        1. do you read david healy’s blogs? these go much further than most bloggers dare on his site especially afraid to name names for fear of retaliation when still in the system – it is a big problem

          1. Susanne – we all read David Healy’s blogs! David is very good at exposing the wrongdoing of certain people, but David never mentions that his own colleagues concealed a paedophile ring and neglected so many patients so badly that scores of them died. David works in the Unit where all this went on and he has worked there for the best part of 30 yrs. David has not said a word about any of it even on his fearless blog…

          2. Thanks Jane.. these blogs are new to me – I recently found DH’s blogs as a result of the TV prog re SSRs and James thought it worth trying to do a bit to publicise it and to support DH against some pretty arrogant denials of what he is saying. I’m not so naïve any longer but I am quite shocked to be honest about the comments about him ,I know about the sex abuse scandals and abusive behaviour on wards but not in as much detail as you have described. Are you all involved with the anti over diagnosing of SSRs especially. which DH is in the forefront of? Do you know whether the hospital or colleagues in N Wales are supportive of his campaign?- it would surprise if so but if they are nobody hears from them. The blogs on your site are sad and shocking but am impressed re the amount of shared info Do you know of any withdrawal services especially user run in your area which I could pass on in DH’s blog ? best wishes susanne

          3. Who’s Jane??
            I suspect that David Healy may actually be on to something concerning the fast and loose prescribing of SSRIs and he is certainly correct regarding his allegations of malpractice on the part of Big Pharma. But believe me, he has ignored the most dreadful misconduct – including criminal misconduct – of people with whom he has worked for years. He doesn’t LIKE these people and he has tended to isolate himself from them, but he has at no time used his considerable media profile to expose them. They have done far worse than Big Pharma ever has.
            I get the impression that there has been very little support for David Healy in north Wales – he is seen by many as arrogant and neglectful of his patients and by others (admittedly with a vested interest in the status quo) as a maverick pain in the bum. Healy’s protégé Richard Tranter was a bad egg through and through and legged it to New Zealand as the net closed in. I don’t know if there are any withdrawal services in the Gwynedd area – but there are hardly any services per se. David could have stopped the rot many years ago, being the one psychiatrist in the area with a brain, but he chose to ignore it instead. The ‘service’ is now so unsafe that people are actually going abroad rather than risk their necks in north west Wales…

          4. Susanne I don’t completely share Sally’s opinion of Dr David Healy and I’m fully aware that no one individual can speak out with out retaliatory action that is akin to professional suicide. Sally has documented the problems the late Mary Burrows experienced as CEO of BCUHB. Some details of senior management vindictiveness and frivolous excuses to silence DH were detailed on his blog in 2014.
            I have been denied access to services and have had a HB ADHD consultation curtailed (despite a second appointment and indications it was positive), private Aspergers diagnosis rejected , second opinion refused until the MHM(Wales) 2012 came in, then a BCUHB Aspergers diagnosis was given only for it to be refuted 18months later by the same community psychiatrist Dr Anita Pierce who accepted it in early 2013. She carry out no formal assessment and is not qualified to say yeh or ney. I’m quite certain she was got at because I kept on asking for POVA/safe guarding investigations and had three meetings with a member of the CPG East in 2014 with Mark Isherwood and the National Autistic society. They haven’t even supplied the minuets to the meeting let alone a reply to concerns raised. No meaningful answers have been given to letters and I’m suffering the same intransigence with Denbighshire CMHT as I have done with Wrexham CMHT and Social Services. Dr Alberto Salmoiraghi has now accepted the Aspergers diagnosis ie third time however I still have no C&TP and they are saying false and misleading information held by WCBC and BCUHB is beyond there remit and refuse to accept the risk and consequential inability to access Local Authority Services and resolve long standing issues outside as well as involving health and social care. The bottom line is that there have been several criminal and civil actions using false information and blatantly ignoring established protocol and law. Refusal to admit one failure perpetuates continuing failure. No one is courageous enough to even acknowledge mistakes else where in public authorities. I lot of what has happened is documented here. In the real world you have to compromise !!!

  3. I’ve just stumble across your blog after searching “Hedffan Unit suicides” If I hadn’t experienced similar treatment to what you detail I would be questioning the unremitting negativity towards N Wales mental health provision unfortunately I’ve been subject to a hate and vendetta campaign denial of services and criminalisation although the source of my problems seems to be WCBC social services which I’ve recently uncovered information about – The director of Social Services Andrew Figiel “retired” in March and they are desperately trying to find a Head of Adults and Families ie Some one to cover the non statutory work. They are currently advertising for some one educated to HNC level and an increased rate of £500 per day and even umbrella Ltd status. Figiel obviously had to go after they pursued a vexatious child protection order against a family the father suffered from Aspergers and mental health problems. WCBC and the BCUHB have failed me for years. I have had three Aspergers diagnosis initially private that they have refused to accept or refuted at a later date. Currently Dr Salmaoiragi agrees and accepts Aspergers but I haven’t got any service help. The case of the patient taken to Court over threats in an assessment mirrors my situation however they succeeded in imprisoning me for six months (12months) and attempted to have my release licence revoked for phoning the CMHT as my probation officer had told me to. It’s gone on since then and destroyed my life. They have ignored my requests for POVA action lied over care plans denied services although they normally accept reoccurring depression for secondary services they never have for me. In the last few months I’ve been diagnosed as severely hypothyroidism which means your both physically and mentally “depressed”. I’ve come to the conclusion the regulatory system is completely flawed hence incompetence is rewarded and those in control stay. I disagree with your comments about Dr Healy. His blog highlights the management failure at Hergest and the way he Dr Tim Roberts and colleagues have been ignored and targeted by senior management notably in 2013. I do feel there are attempts to improve things with many of the old school hierarchy pushed out and legislative changes such as the Care Act (Wales) which expedited Figiel’s removal. Do you know much about Mary Burrow’s predecessor Hillary Pepler??

    1. Many thanks for your comments. I am well aware that the north Wales mental health services are so bad that some of the events detailed on this blog are difficult to believe unless one has experienced them oneself. I am very sorry to hear of what you have been through – you are by no means alone. David Healy and Tony Roberts only ‘spoke out’ in 2013 after the scandals at Hergest became too great to conceal. I have personal experience of both of these people – David Healy was the consultant who demanded that both I and someone else I know should be ‘dealt with by the police’ (the other person ended up in prison) rather than be treated. He was not our consultant at the time and we only found out that he was behind the Hergest’s refusal to treat us when our lawyers obtained our medical records. He has never explained his actions. Tony Roberts was clinical director of the Hergest Unit for years and presided over a disaster. He also insisted on appointing himself my consultant at one point, ordering my previous consultant and my key worker off my case against both their and my wishes. He came up with an incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Left to Roberts I would not have survived. It was as a consequence of Roberts that I called lawyers in – the Hergest Unit admitted that ‘mistakes had been made’ and I was asked to attend mediation with Roberts. He walked out of the mediation meeting after approximately 3 minutes and refused to return, despite the hospital solicitor trying to persuade him to contribute – the hospital had set up and paid for this mediation which Roberts sabotaged. The mediators subsequently wrote a report stating that the situation was unresolvable. (I will be blogging about the whole story soon.) Although David Healy and Roberts got together to make that statement in 2013 they are far from good buddies – they have refused to even speak to each other for years and the hostility between them was remarked upon in an inspection report and described as impacting upon patient care. They have been leading lights in the Hergest Unit since it was opened and they must take some responsibility for the dire state of mental health care in north west Wales. David Healy also states on his blog that morale in the north west Wales mental health services is good – it’s so good that two psychiatrists at the Hergest Unit committed suicide and numerous staff were off sick with stress/depression/anxiety etc! And now no-one will work there because it has such a toxic reputation. I don’t know anything about Hillary Pepler, but on a more positive note I do know Dr Alberto Salmaoiragi – he is a very nice man, head and shoulders above most of the other consultants in the ‘service’. You are right that there are attempts being made to improve the current dreadful state of affairs – but because people were not prosecuted or dismissed when the authorities were given the evidence that would have enabled them to do this, those people have remained in the system and are sabotaging all attempts to improve matters. I’m not sure that things did actually get worse when the BCUHB was established – there were some real horrors going on in the Trusts that the BCUHB replaced but it was all concealed.

  4. Hi Sally,
    You may be interested in this
    It would be interesting to know who is producing a documentary about abuse in BCUHB mental health units and when it is being broadcast?
    On Sunday I was issued with a NW Police PIN notice for raising concerns about Hillary Pelper’s fitness to be a non executive director as a safe guarding lead at the RJAH Hospital trust Oswestry. Raising legitimate concerns in line with their complaints policy is construed as harassment. The police have refused to accept her inexplicable prejudice towards me as a disability hate incident and are being used to harass me by proxy. I can forward you copies if you are interested. I’m still refused any services and neglect and abuse concerns ignored and told it’s not in their remit. Apparently the Head of WCBC social services Andrew Figiel took early retirement in March probably due to the following case.
    They are the source of my problems and failed to appoint an external investigator for a stadge two complaint which highlighted falsification of information on a larger scale than this case during autumn 2014. No doubt he will pop up somewhere else as Hilary Pelper and other incompetent management do

    1. Hi Mike
      Many thanks for this info and these interesting links. You are welcome to send me any info/documents that you are happy to release, I am always happy to read info. I repeat my previous point about David Healy – he has been well aware of the most appalling practices, neglect and abuse at the Hergest Unit for many years and he has not breathed a word until recently as events at that Unit can no longer be concealed. What he has done is state that morale in that dreadful service is ‘particularly good’ (take a look at his bio and CV on his blog and you can read this yourself) – ‘particularly good’?; two psychiatrists in the Hergest Unit committed suicide, the Unit has not been able to recruit staff for many years and levels of staff sickness have been sky high for years. And I’m still waiting for David to explain why there was a note on my medical records stating that he had ordered that I was not to be treated but was to be dealt with by the police if I sought help from the Hergest Unit – particularly as he wasn’t my consultant and never had been. I know a lot of people who are very unhappy with David Healy and it has nothing to do with his battle against Big Pharma. I see that Healy mentions Dr Rob Poole – Poole is someone else who I have knowledge of and his activities will feature on my blog in the future. There was a TV programme about the Hergest Unit screened last week – there is a link to it and my review of it with information about the consultant billed as an ‘expert’ on my blog. As far as I can see, now that public scrutiny is focussed on the Hergest Unit, a number of people who have substantially contributed to the problems there are now squealing loudly that they are being ‘bullied’ or are framing themselves as whistleblowers. There was only one true whistleblower in the Hergest Unit and that was a very unassuming but very brave occupational therapist who spent years raising concerns and reporting abuses – his concerns were ignored, he was ruthlessly bullied and he retired a few years ago. I do not remember David Healy ever coming to his defence. Sorry to hear that you are being accused of ‘harassment’ by the police – you do not mention the specific circumstances but it is very common for people who are raising complaints to be accused of harassment, it happened to me for years. What usually happens is that serious complaints are ignored, or misinformation/lies are told about the complainant, so the complainant then has to make many representations to try and get answers. They will then be accused of ‘harassment’. The harassment that they have received from the service that they are complaining about will be ignored.

  5. Unfortunately I ended up in the Hedfan unit after another breakdown due to the PIN warning last Tuesday. Thanks to N W Police. I was assessed by Dr Salmoiraghi, but have received no contact since despite a couple of phone calls to Ty Derbyn the first being disconected when I suggested silence and alienation was the worst form of abuse :-
    As a socialoligist you should fine this very intresting and I would be grateful for your feedback.
    I apologise for repeating myself but you can gather that I’m continually raising the same problem when yet another issue materialises due to the same problems !!!
    You seem to understand implicitly the silencing and obsfucation techniques they are subjecting me to …..what a coincidence. The most frustrating aspect is the self perpetuating nature of their action it’s absolute madness because they have actually made my health and life ten times worse …why ???
    I found this blog earlier :
    I have decided it’s probably best to send documentation to the Coroner’s office in case of my demise and the hope of a proper investigation!! It seems totally wrong that Directors of private businesses can be tried for corporate manslaughter but this never happens in the NHS or Local authorities???

    1. Hi Mike
      Sorry to hear of your continued problems. I certainly agree that the reactions of the mental health services frequently make patients problems worse. This is often through sheer stupidity and thoughtlessness, but I witnessed many occasions where staff had obviously used their knowledge of patients to behave in a way that would cause them as much distress as possible. In my own case the extended ‘silences’ were always as a result of me gaining recorded or documentary evidence of malpractice and abuse – they couldn’t argue with the evidence (or in some cases witness statements), so they shut up and then refused to respond. Approaches from me to obtain answers were then followed by accusations that I was ‘harassing’ them. I can’t guess why Ty Derbyn responded to you as they did – but if you take a look at the website I Want Great Care, there is feedback from mental health patients commenting about the difficulty that they are having contacting consultants when they go through Ty Derbyn. I would be surprised if Dr Alberto was freezing you out – Dr Alberto is rather different to the usual callous, negligent psychiatrists that blight north Wales and in my experience is very conscientious. I suspect that he is very overworked though – patients do like him, so he is in demand and he also has a management role in trying to resurrect the mental health services which have now undoubtedly collapsed. Regarding your comments that the NHS never seems to get ‘done’ for corporate manslaughter – this is the topic of many academic debates! It is undoubtedly true that the state can kill people with impunity in a way that other organisations can’t – the charity INQUEST is absolutely brilliant on this, they have a mountain of evidence and have never been afraid to speak out. Dr Sara Ryan is also doing a good job at the moment exposing how many people (including her own son) have died in the ‘care’ of Southern Health and how little accountability there is. The NHS in particular gets away with it again and again, partly due to its status as a national treasure and the lame stereotype that nurses are all angels and doctors are all heroes, partly because politicians are terrified to take on the NHS and partly because regulatory bodies simply collude with and conceal wrongdoing.

  6. My sentiments exactly it seems to be heresy to mention privatisation however I see little difference between a public monopoly and a private monopoly the results are the same for those at the top. I’ve had to go to A&E then the out of hours GP tonight due to abdominal pain while driving! They confirmed my suspicions … acid reflux almost certainly due to acute stress … so their now causing me physical harm !!!! Evidently staff welfare is far more important than that of patients … probably because it is easier to sue and therein is the dileama facing Dr Salmoiragi and his contempories !!!!! He will have passed my case to Wrexham CMHT/PSNI departments and they have to determine strategy to avoid obvious liability !!! I believe in compromise solutions but that’s to dodgy for a public institution although pragmatically the only answer to my own and the greater problems facing the NHS and BCUHB in particular. Recycling incompetent hubristic management is the PROBLEM -:)

    1. Hi again Mike
      Yes private practice is a really difficult one. I know some excellent practitioners who are ideologically against it, simply will not do it and try and give the best care possible through the NHS, but I also know some equally good practitioners who state quite bluntly that the NHS is now in such a bad way that they cannot look after patients in the way that they want via the NHS – and of course radical pioneers have frequently been forced out of NHS services because the NHS was so dictatorial that it simply wouldn’t let them practice in the way that they wanted. And I know of a number of mental health patients in north Wales – by no means privileged people – who have been forced to ‘go private’ because the glorious mental health services could not or would not provide any sort of service for them at all. Yet again there is also some terrible provision in the private sector too – Dafydd Alun Jones ran an extensive private practice and from what I heard from people who had been duped into paying for his services they might as well have saved themselves a great deal of money. And its sometimes Hobsons choice anyway – Dafydd Alun Jones on the NHS? Or Dafydd Alun Jones privately? I very much doubt that patients benefited from either. The Tory’s favourite – the ‘choice’ argument – doesn’t stand up in medicine either; if I needed a neurosurgeon I couldn’t make a sensible choice because I don’t know enough about neurosurgery to judge. What I would like is a GMC that actually removes dangerous and unfit doctors and a medical profession that is honest enough not to refer patients to colleagues who are dangerous and unfit – that is not happening at present.
      The north Wales mental health services are incapable of compromise – I have been reading back through my documents recently and it was interesting to be reminded of how, as I demonstrated their serious wrongdoing again and again and even after they admitted ‘serious failures’ and ‘mistakes’, they just screamed ‘WITCH’ at me even more loudly. When the new BCUHB was formed I wrote to the Welsh Govt and new CEO repeatedly reassuring them that I just wanted to see improvement no matter what had happened to me previously – but it seems that their only concern was how much I might sue them for or whether I’d publish my story. No-one was sacked or prosecuted and a load of frankly corrupt people who had caused the previous disaster were recycled into the new organisation – so its hardly surprising that we now have a catastrophe in the NHS in north Wales. It will probably lose Welsh Labour the next Assembly election too – I know of a number of longstanding lefties, including me, who now take the view that ‘you put us through this and expect us to vote for you again???’

  7. It’s easy to complain and condemn and every one makes mistakes but they operate a Stalinistic system and as Dr Healy’s blog shows the management are vicious in their reaction of any dissenters and stifle any compromise. They live in a protective bubble and their attitude mirrors the worst of the British Leyland disaster. I obtained a private Aspergers diagnosis after autism being suggested by a private psycotherapist. They ignored it all preferring to criminalise me using a forensic psychiatric report from Dr Tracey Heads to totally denouce me. There seems to be a culture of indoctrination reminiscent of George Orwell’s Animal Farm “all animals are equal but some animals more equal than others”.
    There is always the mutual not for profit route which is what has happened to some failing Social Services departments such as Doncaster, Birmingham and Sunderland. Interestingly the latter had Wrexham CBC CEO Dr Helen Patterson as it’s head. She was moved sideways before a serious case review was published, only to then slip out of English local government, in to promotion in the Welsh local government system – effectively promotion for serious failure. It’s madness which seldom happens in the private sector and is typical of the Welsh governments incompetence.

    1. Hi there
      Thanks for your latest contribution! David Healy is right when he says that management are vicious and stifle dissent but then so are and do many psychiatrists. But then David Healy’s website doesn’t mention an awful lot of things that the rest of us could remind him of – and his website contains one big lie that can be spotted a mile off ie. that morale in psychiatry in north west Wales is good, so what else is on there that cannot be believed?
      Using forensic psychiatrists to carry out a character assassination on patients who complain is a tried and tested method – I will soon be blogging about my experiences in this area. Interestingly enough, one of the men that was used to discredit me years ago, Robert Bluglass, later asked for his name to be removed from the Medical Register – the most common reason for this is that a doctor is in very serious trouble and is jumping before he is pushed. At the same time he withdrew from his numerous academic posts and nearly all references to him on the internet disappeared.
      Moving someone sideways is a favourite way of dealing with a disasterous NHS manager – it was done with Martin Jones in north Wales and Southern Health did it with Katrina Percy. Of course it is not a solution – the Betsi will never function properly with the likes of Martin on the Board and Percy was forced to resign the other day because the relatives of the people who died on her watch were not going to go away.
      There is indeed a traffic of problematic people between England and Wales – the Betsi were kind enough to give a home to both Bernie Cuthel and Lyn Meadows; Bernie had left a job in England in the midst of a public scandal and Lyn’s previous activities had ended up on Frank Field’s blog and even in Hansard (she was said to have been involved in a fraud).
      I disagree that the madness doesn’t happen in the private sector – it does. Twenty years ago I was working in London medical schools and had knowledge of what was going on in private IVF clinics at the time – patients would have been appalled if they had known. There was also a very unpopular serial sexual harasser working as a gynaecologist in my dept. Everyone hated him, he was identified as a real problem and it was stated that he was going to be frozen out of the London circuit – he now works in south Wales and has an extensive private practice down there. Abuse of patients in private provision for learning disabled people is common and was publicly exposed in the Winterbourne View scandal. One of the (many) psychiatrists who told bare faced lies to discredit me is now medical director of Cygnet, a private provider for mental health patients. And then there’s dear old Dafydd Alun Jones, who’s been involved in private provision in north Wales for decades. Bad practice is rampant in the private sector as well as the NHS. It all comes back to a lack of regulation and accountability – the BMA is a very powerful union which backs up doctors when they have behaved dreadfully but not if they are whistleblowers and the GMC simply doesn’t do what it is supposed to.
      The Welsh Government are now facing an unresolvable problem. Because they have concealed so much wrongdoing and have not removed the people involved – and believe me, this is well-known in healthcare circles – no-one will come and work here. So just as for years places like the North Wales Hospital and the Hergest Unit were obliged to employ staff that no-one else would, now that’s happening right across north Wales in nearly all of the services, not just psychiatry. The Betsi is now a toxic brand just like the North West Wales NHS Trust was before it and this problem is not going to go away. Its what eventually happens when you have crooks in the system and you don’t deal with them. Carwyn Jones is a barrister – he knew the seriousness and extent of the malpractice and I can’t understand how he didn’t see this coming

      1. I thought that I would post another comment regarding psychiatry!
        Perhaps someone can help me here, but how safe are psychiatric drugs, as so many people seem to complain that the drugs are exacerbating their symptoms and making them even worse.
        I think it is very important to try and truly understand long term ramifications of psychiatric treatment, however, this isn’t remotely easy as so many people are still struggling.
        They talk about monoamines, serotonin, and so forth, but how many people really need drugs, rather than cbt, or other therapy, such as psychological intervention.
        Seeking a psychologist is exceedingly difficult, my own experiences point to this, when the drugs are so widely misused, in my opinion, making neuro plasticity harder.

        1. As a generalisation, I think it fair to say that some people are sometimes helped by some psychiatric drugs – although some people undoubtedly find that they do not help at all and at the same time experience debilitating side effects. In my experience however there is en masse very poor prescribing practice, with no attempt being made to titrate the doses appropriately and no monitoring of side effects. On some occasions some people -including me – have been prescribed combinations of drugs which could have been lethal had they been taken. Again, psychological therapies such as CBT can be effective for some people in some circumstances, but they are by no means always successful. The problem with psychological therapies is that when they don’t work, the patients are blamed rather than the practitioner or therapy. There is a huge problem in that so much of the ‘research’ underpinning so many of these interventions is just so dodgy. It is also very difficult to find a practitioner who is prepared to be honest with patients. All in all a rather toxic mix…

  8. Dear Dr. Baker,
    I thought it somewhat appropriate to write to you regarding the maltreatment of some of Britain’s greatest minds in Britain, which still exists under the mental health act of 1983.
    I was sectioned twice under the mental health act, and exposed to toxic levels of antipsychotic medication.
    The first sectioning was in 2006 at 20 years of age, the second a suicide attempt due to poisoning from a depo injection, forced onto me approximately two years ago.
    One expects good treatment from the psychiatry profession, not human rights abuse, and mockery, never mind lost dignity for something that, in my view should never have happened to me.
    After reviewing and reading some of your writing, I drew a parallel to some of my own devastating experiences.
    As I write, my whole life is in ruins, and yes, I agree entirely that there is an abundance of obscene corruption and abuse going on within the MHS.
    Being from a medical family, I was brought up to respect people, however, after being treated like a naughty child, and poisoned, my opinion of psychiatrists and psychiatry has dwindled considerably.
    The tragedy is, I know I have never been myself subsequently, and anger has been a continuing issue for me, alongside what I remember very vividly whilst incarcerated.
    I was moved by your article, despite not knowing you personally, but the time has come,in my opinion for serious reform in treatment of those who are unwell.
    Giles Harbourne and his wife, are disgusting people, devoid of empathy and emotion, never mind compassion.
    Due to feeling so victimised and angry, I decided to review them on rate my psychiatrist.
    Like your previous article stated they are corrupt people, and sadly, I see many relics of outdated practice in this so called profession.
    We are more complex than psychiatry will or can understand, and my agony has paradoxically worsened, due to poisonous drugging.
    My heart bleeds for all those, who through no fault of their own are fighting a despicable illness, which doesn’t need to be exacerbated further by maltreatment from the NHS.
    I’m convinced, that some criminals are treated with greater respect.
    The scars do not leave me, and depression haunts me daily, ranging from confusion, memory loss, and illness.
    I hope to hear from you,
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi
      Many thanks for this. Sorry to hear that you have had such a bad time, but your experiences with psychiatry are not at all unusual. Before people experience UK psychiatry I think that they imagine that this is some sort of learned profession, staffed by sensitive intelligent ‘experts’ understanding other people’s needs – they are usually quite shocked when they experience the harsh reality. I can always tell when someone has not personally encountered psychiatry – they talk about ‘help’ being available to people with mental health problems and believe that mental illness can be resolved if only people would ‘take their medication’. It’s interesting that you mention that you are left with feelings of enormous anger – in my experience this too is very common but simply dismissed in people who are ‘mentally ill’. I witnessed at first hand the appalling treatment of a friend by the Hergest Unit for years which did indeed make him angrier and angrier as the people involved continued to lie about his actions to defend their own conduct and invalidate him at every turn – anybody would have experienced huge levels of anger and frustration at what he was experiencing. Every mental health professional that this man consulted stated that he had ‘a problem with anger’ – he certainly did, but it was fuelled by their own conduct. They ended up doing him enormous damage before flatly refusing to treat him. He is currently abroad in a private clinic having realised that the mental health services in north Wales were destroying him.
      You are not the only person who has been motivated to post up reviews of Giles Harborne online – there are some very damning comments about him (and other psychiatrists in north Wales) on websites like I Want Great Care.
      You are correct in your observation that criminals are treated with greater respect than mental health patients. No group of people in the UK have fewer legal rights than people sectioned under the Mental Health Act – and there is no transparency at all regarding what is happening to those people. When the state announces that it is going to ‘protect’ someone, that person is in a very vulnerable and dangerous position – there are also some terrible things happening to learning disabled people who are ‘under’ the Court of Protection at the moment, and in numerous cases Court Orders are preventing anyone from publishing anything about what is going on.
      The sorry state of UK psychiatry is very well-known but not openly acknowledged – I suspect that it is this that is driving so many of the recent political campaigns about mental health being ‘everybody’s business’ and a matter for ‘the whole of society’. Politicians in-boxes are full of the most terrible tales from mental health patients and their relatives, politicians are unable to confront and reform a powerful and institutionally corrupt medical establishment, so there seems to be a feeling that the remit for supporting mentally ill people should be given to someone else. Of course this can’t actually work in an era of a shrinking welfare state – people with serious mental illness need high levels of long term social support, they cannot be simply offered a few sessions of a ‘talking treatment’ and sent on their way…

      1. Hi again,
        Thanks for responding so quickly to my comment, regarding the mental health system in Britain!
        I ask you whether there is any mileage in addressing these concerns with the local MP, however, I do feel as though this could be a problem
        ‘Catch 22 ‘ situation.
        I’m passionate about defending the rights of those with mental health issues, and was deeply saddened by what I witnessed.
        I also have a friend who has been incarcerated, with what seems to be for life.
        I agree entirely with the need for social support, especially in current times, and believe the MHS must be reviewed, along with forced treatment.
        With the brain being so misunderstood, and the degree of experience and possibility so numerous combined with the degree of human cruelty, forced treatment shouldn’t be allowed, however, I do believe that repealing the act is the way forwards.
        Are there ways of being protected from the possibility of future incarcerations, as psychiatrists very sadly possess far too much power.
        Once more thank you for your response, and I hope to communicate with you further.

        1. Hi again,
          Thanks for your reply. Regarding writing to your MP – I continue to communicate with politicians, although I know that very few of them are brave enough to confront the medical establishment. Politicians however need to be made aware of what is going on and for this reason I would say yes, write to politicians. You don’t say where you live – in north Wales the only politician recently who has been completely upfront regarding the dreadful state of the mental health services is Darren Millar. One of my blog posts reproduces the message that he sent me when I wrote to him. I suspect that a number of other politicians may be trying to address matters behind the scenes but are far too frightened to lock horns with the vested interests in medicine. At least one politician in north Wales, Hywel Williams, is a former mental health social worker and is friendly with some of the local mental health professionals – patients have known that for years his loyalty has been to his former colleagues in the mental health services rather than to constituents who were raising concerns. Regarding protecting yourself from psychiatry – I’m very sorry to say that I do not believe that this can be done. The safest option is to walk away from them, they have very little to offer. Even good psychiatrists have to work within a profoundly damaging and destructive system. The best psychiatrist that I know of in north Wales is Dr Alberto Salmoiraghi in Wrexham – yet what choice would he have if he felt that a patient needed inpatient treatment? The Heddfan Unit. Dr Alberto knows how bad the system is, he has spoken about it in public. And if Dr Alberto was off ill or was unavailable, his case list would be passed to someone else who would more than likely be hopeless because most of them are.
          Dr Rachel Perkins, the Vice-Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commissions Disability Committee, recently made a well-publicised speech regarding the gross discrimination inherent within the Mental Health Act, so there is some action out there. Rachel Perkins is now an influential disability campaigner – the irony is that she is a former clinical psychologist who repackaged herself as a disability ‘expert’. When Rachel Perkins was still a clinical psychologist, at one point she was clinical director of Springfield Hospital in London. I was a patient there – the conditions and practices were deplorable. Springfield was also the subject of a major damning public enquiry after a number of murders and suicides there. Rachel Perkins has also sat on the Board of St Georges Hospital for many years – the same St Georges Hospital that it is now admitted has very serious problems and I think is now in special measures. But that is the sort of profile that people who ‘speak to Government’ usually have – they nearly all have professional backgrounds in health and social care even when claiming to be speaking for ‘service users’ and have often been complicit with the most disgusting activities. Which is why nothing ever changes. UK Governments know just how abusive and sordid much practice in psychiatry is, but they know that if one tugs too hard at its threads the whole system will unravel.

  9. Hi again,
    Thank you for all your dedication to this topic, and thanks once more for responding so clearly.
    The problem remains, whether certain future professions are still open to me when I get better and metaphorically remove the log from the stream, which has to be done,in order to continue a satisfactory quality of life.
    I am convinced that the system must be unraveled, however, this would be a monumental step forwards from what you have said in previous comments.
    I’m very glad to have found you, purely by chance, and hope that I could potentially meet you in person, if you could possibly help me with this cause.
    I see you are very dedicated, and very busy, but this is so important to me.
    In conclusion, I know that the depression is profound, this was recapitulated by many psychiatrists, and the sad fact is, it appears resistant to medication, however, I am trying Emil Coue’s formula.
    Each and everyday.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi
      Serious depression is very disabling but people can and do recover. Yes it is quite possible to have a professional life after mental health problems – the only area in which there will be a problem is any area involving health and social care. These are the people who spout most about overcoming ‘stigma’ but in my experience they are actually the very group that stigmatise people with mental health problems. And case studies of whistleblowers in health and social care circles reveal that allegations of ‘mental illness’ are frequently levelled at them to discredit them – one does not deal with enlightened open minded people in health and social care. And the factor that really finishes peoples careers off in health and social care is whistleblowing – health and social care are now happy to embrace token ‘service users’ (indeed people like Rachel Perkins are building new careers on this basis) but if you dare actually raise concerns about or publish the unpleasant reality, you’re finished, even if you demonstrate that what you are saying is true. UK health and social care is now so ridden with serious problems that everybody who works within this sector is deeply compromised and anxious about their own positions. I follow a network of NHS whistleblowers on social media and none of them ever worked in the NHS again after revealing serious malpractice. A small number now work in the private sector, but most now spend their time campaigning or writing. Some of these were very senior people within the NHS – they all say that although they were often personally ruined by speaking out, they do not regret it and would do it again. These are the very people that the NHS so desperately needs, yet they are systematically removed from the system. So the harsh reality is that if you are involved in health and social care you will need to find another career – but most other professions generally don’t have an issue at all with someone who has experienced mental health problems.
      I would be more than happy to meet up with you, but don’t arrange this in public over my blog. I am frequently contacted by people with info or wanting advice who would be given a lot of grief by certain people if they are known to be in contact with me. If you want to arrange a meeting or chat in confidence do e mail me on
      and I will get back to you…

  10. I write further more,with natures reflection on my previous comments.
    In your opinion,would a self help book be a bona fide possibility, however, I must stress, that there are so many and so numerous now in circulation.
    Naturally my main prerogative is to find a particular state of mind that won’t crumble easily.
    I’m sorry for your own foul experiences, as it isn’t funny.
    I do hope to hear more from you, and hopefully work and unravel this perplexity.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi
      As you have observed, there are numerous self-help books available and they vary enormously. I suspect that the very reason for this burgeoning market are the shortcomings in the ‘help’ available to people in distress. I have never really bothered with self-help books myself – I do read a lot, but I like academic work, preferably from a sociological perspective. An interest in sociology certainly helped me deal with everything that the mental health services threw at me, but I know that what works for me might not work for someone else. It is always problematic to recommend an answer to someone else – if it doesn’t work for them it can be a very negative experience leaving them feeling without hope. I have a friend who for years in desperation has consumed self-help books and read a lot of sophisticated psychoanalytic literature in an attempt to work on himself in the face of much abuse from the mental health services. He is an intelligent man who completely understood what he was reading but he did observe that none of it ‘worked’. Being a sociologist I always felt that he was looking in the wrong place for answers – but then I would say that because sociology makes sense to me. Likewise I know scores of people who were left devastated when mindfulness didn’t ‘work’ – yet a small number of people have maintained to me that its transformed their lives. And of course some people maintain that literary classics are profoundly more insightful than any type of therapeutic intervention…

      1. Thank you,
        I agree entirely, mindfulness and a positive state of mind can hopefully overcome the demons of the past.
        I think one can overanalyse, and self fulfill their fears, and depression is from my own experience a near death experience, almost like rotting on a vine.
        Thank you once more for corresponding with me, as I’m finding this territory both therapeutic and somewhat enlightening.
        Wishing you health and happiness, and hopefully a meeting.
        Bye for now.

        1. In my view all meetings with psychiatrists have to be video recorded, they brought it in with police interviews many years ago for similar reasons. In the meantime I strongly urge everyone who has any contact with psychiatrists, community mental health nurses etc to secretly voice record all meetings until they are satisfied with the service offered. This is empowering for the patient and shifts the power balance.

          1. I would strongly recommend the same. BCUHB does not allow this ….its against policy !!!!!! This is an incitement of how they exaggerate manipulate and obsfucate. Unfortunately the culture of complete hubris is such that even when they blatantly lie you are faced with denials of previous diagnosis and refusal of services. It is also very important not to rely on their CCTV. They will simply use all manner of excuses to refuse it. Even when its obtained and the footage show your actions to be appropriate and normal they will still take the lies and misrepresentations of staff. I had a WCBC contact centre staff member press a silent panic alarm in late 2011 while trying to sort out council tax. There was no argument and he simply couldn’t answer me. The first I knew about this was being grabbed from behind by the police! Why….. I had put a Leatherman micro multitool on the desk to remove staples from papers. Four police attended. Wrexhams excuse was my demenour although the CCTV footage gave no hint of agressive demeanour. I had spoken to this man before and told him I was an Aspergers sufferer hence “demeanour” means they discriminate because they feel uncomfortable!! This council tax problem has never been resolved they bullied me into paying someone else’s bill by threatening Court action. This is recorded on a Risk Alert Register and passed to the BCUHB. In 2014 a manager called Sean Clark rferred to it saying I could not accept it was totally inappropriate behaviour!! Funny how he didn’t notice the Leatherman on the table during a meeting and how the thousands of times it’s been taken on of my pocket in public places has never been an issue.
            They will interprete anything any way they want and know they can get away with deaths in some circumstances. I will be providing a link to the explanation and CCTV footage in the near future. This is not an isolated incident and consequently it’s not safe for me to have any interaction with WCBC.

          2. Ah yes, the ‘policy’ – I started recording all interactions with staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd years ago as a result of the constant fallacious allegations made about me and then the direct threats made towards me by staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd – they went nuts, Martin Jones (CEO of north West Wales Trust) writing to my lawyer, saying that they’d ‘confiscate equipment’ (surely that would have been theft??’ – my lawyer pointed out that this was the only way that I could protect myself, especially as he’d admitted that they had destroyed their own CCTV footage when it showed me being threatened and refused treatment! So they record the patients – and destroy evidence when it doesn’t show what they want – but perish the thought that patients have their own recordings. Its so obvious that they constantly move goalposts because their own practice is so bad. I think Pete has a point – maybe, as with the police, all interviews with mental health staff should be routinely recorded – I have as many reservations about surveillance as anyone, but the patients are now so much at risk that something needs to be done to protect people (and the surveillance is taking place anyway with all the Betsi CCTV, its just entirely on the terms of a thoroughly abusive organisation). The ‘demeanour’ is a hoary old chestnut that they love trotting out as well – its a sort of rather nasty slander-without-evidence, ‘ooh I felt threatened by her demeanour’, I had it constantly. Its incredible that I go about the rest of my life, in shops, in meetings, out walking, in Welsh classes etc etc and no-one ever feels threatened by my ‘demeanour’ – but meet a member of mental health staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd and suddenly my ‘demeanour’ is tantamount to that of a serial killer. When the mental health services first started calling the police to ‘deal with’ me, I used to notice how confused the police actually were when they’d arrive at the scene – they obviously were expecting a dangerous nutter but couldn’t find one. Then the police got to know me and obviously realised that there was a problem here and that it might not have been me, so once they had ‘removed me from the scene’ they’d actually be quite friendly. The most bizarre case was when the Hergest Unit demanded that I be arrested – so the police put me in their van, drove me around to the front of Ysbyty Gwynedd and then said ‘now we’re de-arresting you, you’re free to go, but please don’t go back to the Hergest again or they’ll demand that we arrest you’. I do understand that the police were actually helping me, but why the hell wasn’t Hergest Unit put under investigation and prosecuted for harassing me and wasting police time?
            As for Sean Clark, would that be the same Sean Clark who is manager for ‘psychological therapies’ at the Betsi – some of my recent blog posts have detailed what a joke they are…

  11. Mindfulness is now being recognised to have enormous benefits and cetainly worth a go. As regards depression, I had a disturbing conversion with Denbighshire CMHT last week. I have been referred back to them and was told an appointment with a psychiarist for an assessment was scheduled despite several assessments in 2014/15 refusing services and denying I was clinically depressed and refuting two Aspergers diagnosis. It’s quite evident I was severely depressed and to confirm that further I was diagnosed as hypothyrodic a few months ago. So given the nature of this condition I was pysically and mentally depressed ….although the manager quickly dismissed this as a “physical condition” They are the source of my problems in recent years so any care plan should reflect that ……but obviously they don’t want to do that !!!
    As regards Harbourne all I know is he ignored my emails as Chief of Staff …which he has thankfully been removed from. It’s becoming patently obvious he should be dimissed or given a cleaning or porters job. Is his wife a psychiatrist ???? What is her name?

    1. Mindfulness has been vigorously promoted recently because Governments see it as being a quick fix – and cheap. It doesn’t ‘work’ for everyone though and doubts are now being expressed in many quarters – I’m currently in the process of conducting some research into mindfulness with my colleague Professor BJ Brown which we will be publishing in due course…
      Appointing Giles Harborne as Chief of Staff was not a good idea. I found his attitude dreadful and I saw his responses to another patient who also made complaint about the Hergest Unit – his (one) letter to this patient was so rude and arrogant that even I was surprised. After what had happened to this man Harborne’s response was completely unacceptable – his complaint remained uninvestigated and unresolved and he eventually sought help from the private sector.

    2. I agree entirely with your comments on corruption!
      Too many people in psychiatry are blatantly abusing their powers, and it’s this abuse of power, which is destroying many minds, never mind medical records, substantiating their corruption.
      Causing great harm to families, and loved ones.
      Psychiatry must change, and laws on sectioning reviewed.

      1. They take about not stigmatising of alienating people suffering mental health problems but in practice do so, usually on perceived risk ……mostly to themselves a which came first scenario …the chicken or the egg ?????
        They should be duty bound to the ethos if you can’t say anything good you certainly shouldn’t say anything bad or do anything that is going to cause more distress and harm!!! Everyone has a weakness and breaking point ….circumstance nature etc can induce this.
        The significance of a comment by my ex-wife who was a senior O/T with WCBC Social services several years ago makes this blatantly apparent after the treatment and knowledge I have experienced. Her GP referred her to “First Access” due to depression, which given what had happened was not surprising to me even then…….She said she couldn’t because of work …the stigma. I could not understand it given she worked with mental illness and naturally assumed they would be more understanding and accomodating than most.
        In fact they are not , not at all , they stigmatise and perpetuate the stigma, risk, ostricisation etc. In fact the culture is such that I would say it is really a case of the lunatics running the asylum. They are unable to identify with sufferer as being the same specices the indocrination and risk paranoia is so great it’s money for old rope …to many people trying to justify and protect their own intrests.

    1. Hi
      Yes I know about Sharmila’s case! She is one of many – usually in England – who are blogging about their experiences as whistleblowers. There are some good books published by whistleblowers too. Regarding Wales, there is the cardio-thoracic surgeon in Cardiff who was dismissed after raising patient safety concerns – I don’t think he blogs but he’s on twitter…

  12. You can’t please all the people at once !! But is everyone of these whistle blowers wrong. Is every complainant wrong ???? The law of averages makes this improbable …’s undoubtedly a Stalinist culture which has been empowered by laws introduced in the last 20 years.
    For self safety I would like to know who Harbourne’s wife is?

  13. Hi
    I’m sorry but I don’t know the identity of Harborne’s wife.
    Many of the whistleblowers on social media have posted up plenty of evidence online to demonstrate their cases. Likewise complainants frequently have stacks of evidence to back their allegations up, but they are often out in the wilderness in isolation and no-one is looking at the evidence. Where mental health matters are concerned people are frequently very reluctant to go public – its a sensitive subject and they fear having their privacy invaded. People also fear that their treatment will get even worse if they complain. I’m aware that in north Wales I stood as a cautionary tale to a number of people – although a number of people approached me in confidence with their own dire experiences and asked who were the best people to tell regarding their concerns, some other people also openly stated to me ‘you complained about them and look what happened to you’. Which was of course the whole point behind the mental health services very publicly intimidating and harassing me – the same logic applies to the sacking of whistlebowers. The NHS workforce consistently witnesses individuals who raise concerns lose their jobs and individuals guilty of patient neglect and abuse remain in employment (or even receive promotion) – the message given out is crystal clear.

  14. Hi Sally
    Yes that’s the man he said his title was changing. He was CPG East ….I don’t think he likes me since he made a complete fool of himself in front on Mark Isherwood, my brother and two NAS representatives.

    He’s quite a self important, self assured maybe arrogant, self righteous person. I imagine him saying “I’ll sort this one out leave him to me !!” He insisted autism was a mental health condition and that psychiatric meeting summary letters were care plans, even though it took Dr Singh 18 month to say that after sending the original emails on a pointless journey to the concerns team at Bangor who tried to get the CPG East to answer them for months. They eventually sent them back to Singh who attempted to answer them by referring to letters in 201o and the situation as it was at the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 ie out of context and not as per April 2o14.
    They were obviously hoping it would be forgotten that Dr Singh had admitted that I had never had a CPA and didn’t have a care coordinator but two years latter he had strangely become my care cordinator at this time 2011/12. He must have forgotten to tell me!! Sean Clark didn’t see anything wrong with this even though he acknowledged BCUHB and WCBC were both members of the Care Plan Approach Association and he had been a representative/coordinator or something. What a complete waste of time and money this affiliation must be??
    Both myself and Mark Isherwood are still waiting for the minutes of the three meetings and his reply. He has ignored me since. Why he needed a PA taking minuets is beyond me but I suppose it keep someone away from patients making him feel important dimissing gross negligence and hypocrite practice!!!

    1. The PA taking notes will have been there for one reason only – to back him up in the case of complaint/allegations of malpractice. Who knows how accurate the notes will have been? They’ll probably be like the CCTV – used if its useful to them, destroyed if it shows evidence of wrongdoing. My lawyer was highly entertained when, after I’d complained about him, Alun Davies, the former manager of the Hergest Unit, referred to his own ‘contemporaneous notes’ to back up his version of events! I remember my lawyer commenting that she wasn’t sure that his contemporaneous notes told us very much at all…

  15. Surely there is nothing wrong with the Scottish gov funding more IVF as the Scottish NHS is publicly owned as private businesses won’t be benefiting!

    1. It’s not that I argued that it’s ‘wrong’ for the Scottish Government to fund IVF, but more that they are misleading people as to how effective three cycles of IVF are likely to be and to how questionable the practices in so many clinics are (please see post ‘Every Sperm Is Sacred – Especially In Scotland’) for details of practices in these clinics and what can only be described as abuse of patients, although the patients often don’t know what has gone on. And the private practices do often benefit – as exemplified in the case of Rashmi Varma, NHS patients can be ‘encouraged’ to donate eggs to private patients – because the patients are all desperate they may not feel able to refuse. There is often very close links between the NHS clinics and private ones – the same doctors are frequently running both and the same labs with the same lab staff serve both NHS and private patients. The private patients get to sit in a posher waiting room and that is often the only difference…

  16. read your article with some dismay having been through a traumatic 3 months just to be found not guilty of the allegations detailed in your article and which were made by 2 men working for the National Trust. These men had been observed causing damage to my home over several months and through their action, had been upsetting and frightening my family.

    What you have failed to comment on, is that the video evidence identifies only one person swearing, this being a National Trust warden. The man admitted under oath to swearing when shown the video evidence and this was the only incident of swearing. The second National Trust employee, when questioned under oath and informed of the possible consequences of perjury, admitted that that he had knowingly signed the police statement without being able to check its accuracy because of dyslexia and blamed the apparent irregularities contained in his statement on the police officer . He further stated to the court admitting to attending next to our home on the 2nd may so as to try and get me to breach my bail conditions and get me into further trouble with the police. This video was also shown in court

    Like yourself, I have much in the way of information confirming that large organisations provide selective and inaccurate information to members of the public as well as to other organisations.

    The National Trust, being one such large organisation, is a charitable organisation and as such is not bound by the Freedom of information act. This confers a significant amount of protection for such a large organisation.

    We have written to Dame Helen Ghosh, the Director General of the National Trust , on 2 occasions in 2016 expressing our concerns regarding probity issues and actions of some of the staff of the north wales regional team, which could potentially have a significant or detrimental effect on someone’s career and family. Neither my partner or myself have received a reply from the Director General.

    Following this most recent incident, we still await a reply to our concerns.

    I hope you will eventually be able to put your 30 years worth of safely kept and locked away documents to good use, which you claim evidences top doctors as well as other health professionals lying. Perhaps a good place to start would be with the GMC and other regulatory bodies….before it’s too late.

    1. Hi
      Well I’m glad to hear that you’ve been cleared if the allegations against you were malicious. I was unaware of the details of your case that you have supplied in your comment, so I’m more than happy for you to set the record straight. Good luck with your efforts to illuminate the wrongdoing of the NT.
      Thanks for your supportive comment with regard to my own case, but I really do not see any point in persisting with the GMC and regulatory bodies any further. I made representation to them again and again and again and on every occasion I was either ignored, insulted or met with incredible aggression. I have now obtained documentary evidence demonstrating that the GMC was involved in forging documents and that the Mental Health acts Commission lied to me and colluded with psychiatrists whom they knew were breaking the law. I also have evidence that numerous people whom the GMC and others failed to take action against committed perjury and conspired to pervert the course of justice. I will never get justice from the very people who did all this and I’m certainly not wasting my time further with them. I am not the only person to whom they did this which is why I decided to publish it all. Of course there should be prosecutions regarding my case – but then those documents were in my files for 30 years and all of them were made available to Theo Huckle QC in his capacity as Counsel General. What can one do but publish if the Counsel General himself is corrupt?

  17. In July 2006 I accused a GP colleague of killing a administrator/patient. There is an open Coroners verdict from November 2005.
    Humberside Police said I acted in good faith but did not look too hard. They did find a number of sudden and unexplained patient deaths. The drug diversion and fraud were not of interest. It was asserted that I was mad-an Occupational Health and Psychiatric Consultant saying no made no difference. Off to the GMC under health grounds 2 approved Consultant Psychiatrists later & no madness – a warning not to make unfounded criticism of colleagues.
    It took me 10 years to understand the organised criminal activity that was I believe behind it-drug diversion, child sexual exploitation and child trafficking with a side line in the supply of bodies.
    Stopped doctoring- loss of faith, but expecting vindication at some point.
    My reason for commenting relates to institutional collusion.
    Kind Regards.

    1. Many thanks for commenting, I do realise how courageous you are to do so publicly. I am well aware that even very senior people in medicine are crushed if they dissent, even if they have dissented to protect lives from dangerous practitioners. There is something terribly wrong in medicine and the forged documents that I now have that were found in the possession of the GMC demonstrates that the hounding of practitioners and patients who challenge cover-ups is not an accident. There is criminal activity at work at the highest levels.
      I do hope that you return to practice again – it is the doctors like you that medicine desperately needs, as I’m sure that many people have told you.

        1. You raised concerns some months after the inquest ?

          One of the duties of HM Coroner is to “Allay suspicion” by inquest.

          But, of course, this requires that people notify HM Coroner of suspicions. Having said that the result is always to charge up a cul de sac to prove the end is blocked. “Insufficiency of Inquiry” Section 13 Coroners Act 1988 grounds to quash a verdict. This is subject to attorney general absolute secret custodianship of public interest. The AG can and often does refuse access to High Court to seek to quash an inquest verdict. But at least by pre-notifying suspicion the foundation is laid.

          In 1995 a child in post op ICU at Guys died when the hospital Petbow power monitoring and backup power system failed. I sent an affidavit in advance of the Southwark inquest. I was not called in evidence. A misadventure verdict was recorded (To enter upon an adventure the outcome of which is necessarily uncertain). With the support of Jonathan Aitken MP I got into asking what went on. The Coroners Court wrote to me that the reason I was not called re the 1987 failure of the Guys Petbow system was because the 1995 failure did not involve “Equipment of Petbow manufacture”.

          Then the Coroners Court wrote to me clearly peeved as they had checked the evidence to assure me the failing equipment in 1995 was not Petbow it was an MVA Generator Model 1.5

          My wife shouted “What is that banging ?” It was just me headbutting my desk. I then wrote a reply to the HM Coroner to inform him that MVA means mega volt amps a more accurate way of expressing mega watts. 1.5 MVA is the power rating of the Petbow equipment.

          I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry. I get the impression the NCA would like to re-investigate the 1995 Guys child death but their terms of reference prevent this.

          I imagine the NCA interest is that area commander Met 1995 was Sir Ian Johnston ex Kent ACC Ops. Guys Hospital Petbow system had been part of warning reports re security of Deal Royal Marines Barracks prior to the 22.9.89 terrorist bombing of Deal Barracks that killed 11 Royal Marines. Sabotage consistent with IRA terrorist plan. And company fraud in NHS supply chain (Falsifying factory quality control and tests data). The alleged saboteur was in fact a long term associate of a Reliance guard at the barracks who had in fact obtained that employ by use of a false Army Record of Service.

          From 1992 Roger Evans MP Monmouth (A barrister) had submitted reports in which both Plessey Torpedoes and Petbow Generators featured as both manufacturers allegedly had management orchestrated falsification of factory qc and test records. Roger’s reports mentioned Guys as a suspect sabotage target and mentioned the 1987 failure incident.

          The Plessey Torpedoes part of this interested ex RN Intelligence Commander Robert Green nephew of murdered Sizewell protestor Hilda Murrell. And I was also phoned by Tam Dalyell MP who had a thing about sinking of Belgrano with obsolete torps cos the modern system was too unreliable to trust in combat. Rob Green was trained in RN Intel in reliability analysis. The role that would raise special branch inquiry into supply chain. In 89 Special Branch in Gwent had been investigating Plessey for some years and had come up with a suspicion of saboteurs in factory. I don’t know whether this got them lots of exes and overtime but their suspicion was a load of bollix. I found a wrongly wired factory corrupting manufacture and test and management orchestrated falsification of RN test records. My findings were agreed by two MOD experts. Which is why Roger Evans MP linked Petbow and Plessey in his reports. The Plessey findings should add weight to my Petbow warnings and findings.

          So 1991 92 Kent ACC Ops would have been aware that questions, about how warnings prior to the Deal Bombing 89 were handled by Kent Plod, were being raised. Including questions about why no crime complaint was recorded against Petbow .. and its former MD James Bird re taking a decision 1981 to protect market share by not issuing a product recall and warning when the first sabotage warning was made by a commissioning engineer.

          ACC Johnston moves to Met allegedly aware of all this and that Guys Petbow system was reported. He becomes Area Commander SE London. In 1995 the Guys Petbow system failed in an identical rogue fault sequence to the 87 incident. I bet he said “Oh drat”. Then imagine his pleasure when Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry taps the boards for disciplinary action re his habit of moonlight bodyguarding on Plod time and falsifying his duty records to cover this. Questions arise about the source of the moonlight work. Could it be the International Bodyguards Assn based at Croydon whose director works for Charlie Kray at Croydon an associate of Clifford Norris father of one of the much publicised suspects in the Lawrence case. What is this IBA ? Well it started by unlawful use at weekends of Deal Barracks in Kent and its director featured in security warnings raised by Brig Harvey ..

          So by the time Labour takes over the helm 1997 Blair is aware that the backup power infrastructure is unreliable. But he smuggles former soviet weapons grade material to Dounreay for processing. Hey ho there is a power cut followed by failure of backup power and hence a serious nuke incident that triggers a multi billion quid decommissioning of the plant.

          In 2005 during election campaign Maidstone Hospital backup genny went rogue and set fire to a and e causing a 3 day evacuation. Blair wrote to me that he had ordered my previous reports of concern to be copied to the NI Office. I then reported to 10 Downing Street for a couple of years till new security of electrical supply guidelines were issued for NHS hospitals. At the time these regs were issued Blair awarded James Bird former MD of Petbow yet another Queens Award for Industry !

          The Lawrence private prosecution 1995 did not disclose Davidson’s disciplinary to defence (possibly because he was arresting officer who seized Gary Dobson’s distinctive jacket) and CPS 2012 also failed to disclose in their prosecution of Dobson. Acting on my concerns recently CPS wrote to Met who then came clean on other concealed matters. Like the CCTV footage that shows the distinctive jacket was not Dobsons and it wasn’t Dobson wearing it.

          Yesterday I gather the two Lawrence team lawyers (Mansfield and Khan) went to Lord Chief Justice representing an Iraqi General against Blair ….. and they are not bring to issue the Frank Etim case post 9 11 inquiry. Etim’s associate training AQ suspects in UK with uzis was Mark Yates. mmmm Who did he work for in 90s when Kent Police Authority called for inquiry re training Saudis with uzis in Kent ? IBA whose boss worked for Charlie Kray etc

          Jack Straw suppressed the Kent Police Authority call for inquiry and the Lawrence team went along with the Home Sec corruption of MacPherson. Sir Ronnie Flanagan RUC raised concerns when in 99 Kent Chief constable was sent to invigilate the Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry Ulster. Would Straw relent and compel the inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority ? Nope ! And Sir David Phillips had his arse kicked out of Ulster back to Kent.

          Maybe the Lord Chief Justice will be irked by mention of the law but I did it anyway by writing to him at Royal Courts of Justice. Section 54 Terrorism Act 2000 not protected by privilege. Did Imran Khan and Michael Mansfield obey statutory duties to report when the Frank Etim case was reported in press post 9 11 ? And shouldn’t those rascals have disclosed this to Attorney General who they are now up against. Come to that the AG already knows about this re being unhelpful to the cause of raising a full Article 2 inquest for the killing of a child patient at Guys 1995 and 11 Royal Marines at Deal 1989.

          I was invited to report to Scottish Energy Minister re Dounreay and Hunterston B. And I was invited to report to Chris Huhne’s post Jap tsunami review of UK civil nuke resilience and security. So I am not “Vexatious” when called upon for report but I am very vexatious whenever I complain or request article 2 inquests.

          Chin up Doc ! I am fecked if I know why I laugh a lot.

  18. Hello Sally

    I’ve just discovered your blog. I can relate to your words on mental health services in Wales.

    I think you may be interested in this, an open letter I sent to Carwyn Jones AM recently (via my blog) about treatment of staff at the mental health charity, Hafal. No response as yet but I will keep pushing in the run-up to World Mental Health Day.

    Keep up the good work


    1. Hi John
      Many thanks for this.

      I must say that I am very sorry to hear of all this about Hafal – I actually thought that they were a cut above the rest of the lame corrupt idiots who claim to be working on behalf of ‘service users’. I was pleased with them last year because they admitted that the Wales Mental Health Measure wasn’t working – MIND just put out a statement about everything in the garden being lovely as ever. I am very disappointed to hear that Elin Jones threatened you with an injunction – I met Elin at a history conference last year and chatted to her. Then I saw that Hafal had done a deal with CAIS and my response was ‘Oh God, Elin won’t know what Dafydd and CAIS are like, they’ll eat Hafal for breakfast’. Then I met Elin again at a public lecture by Ann Clwyd. Ann mentioned that George Thomas was under investigation for historic child abuse and Elin said that she didn’t know – which surprised me, I thought that everyone knew about the allegations that Thomas molested boys and got away with it for years because he was Speaker of the House. Elin is born and bred in Wales and she’s a member of the Gorsedd – Dafydd’s network extends well into that circle, but I am aware that some people didn’t know what Dafydd was doing and I presumed that Elin was in that category…

      I am very sorry to tell you that I very much doubt that you’ll get a satisfactory response from Carwyn or Vaughan. I don’t put them in the category of being abusers friends themselves – unlike a few other AMs and MPs that I’ve named on this blog – but Carwyn and Vaughan are just far too frightened to admit the tragedy and chaos that exists in the health and welfare services. They’re just sitting there crapping themselves at the thought of what the Top Doctors are going to do to them at the next election and the crap that will be thrown at Wales from the Westminster Gov’t to dare put anything meaningful on paper to anyone. I tried for years – I e mailed details of serious criminal activities in the NHS, social services and police, some of which resulted in people dying, much of which was directly linked to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal; I repeated that I did not wish to unfairly blame ANYONE but that those responsible must be held to account, I tried and I tried and I tried. You can’t get anywhere, public figures are just far too frightened, they’re constantly frightened that a knife will be stuck into them. Meanwhile people die. It’s why I wrote the blog, I got fed up to the back teeth with it. A pox on all their houses – I try to be fair and I really do not put Carwyn in the Margaret Thatcher bucket with close friends who are child molesters or Blair and Cherie who make vicious plundering dictators their personal friends, but Carwyn needs to speak out. He is a fucking barrister, he does know serious organised crime when he sees it.

      I don’t suppose that I should be surprised to hear that yet another mental health charity is a dysfunctional bullying mess, offering ‘counselling’ to critics. It’s the story of the whole field. It’s a long-standing joke that psychiatrists ‘are all mad’, but a great many of them do seem to be very troubled and vindictive people. And the mental health field as a whole thrives on victimhood, it’s their currency – that’s why a bullying boss will claim that they have been ‘bullied’ themselves if they are confronted and it’s why ‘counselling’ is seen as the remedy to mismanagement, organisational dysfunction or even socio-political problems.

      I would however take issue with your correspondent who stated that only people qualified in mental health should deal with seriously mentally ill people. Were the mental health professions high quality or indeed even just ethical and half-competent, I would see merit in this. But they’re not. The training is crap, the supervision is crap and there’s bugger all regulation. As a result some very unsuitable people are strolling around as qualified mental health professionals. Whilst ham fisted amateurs can cause great harm, many people now working as support workers or trying to enter charity work are high calibre young people who have rather more to offer than mental health professionals – they tend to leave in horror at the abuse that they are witnessing… I also know many mental health patients who remember more kindness and humanity coming from cleaners, canteen staff etc etc than from ‘qualified mental health professionals’. These people too are looking on aghast but have no power or influence. Three of the best staff in the psych unit in Wrexham Maelor that I found were unqualified healthcare assistants. They were excellent – bright, interested, had fellow feeling with the patients. They should have been running the hospital because the fuckwits who were certainly couldn’t do it. I would even venture to suggest that ‘mental health training’ is now so bad that it – and the culture in mental health nursing/psychiatry – erodes the ability of people to care for or to support the mentally ill.

      Thanks for the message though – do write again if you want.

  19. So sorry that you have had to go through such a disgusting ordeal sweetheart… i am discovering the lies within BCHB for myself in the fight to have my sons mental health medication reinstated after it was withdrawn for NO true reason while he is in HMP Berwyn xxx

    1. Hi Dawn,

      You will not be alone! The lies and law-breaking are absolutely routine, standard practice and so is the truly appalling behaviour and personal vendettas that towards anyone who dares complain.

      One reason why I began blogging personal bits and pieces as opposed to a socio-political/historical account which was my original plan was the requests from people to confirm the sort of appalling things that happened to us because it was so bad that people were disbelieved.

      I have been told that people are reopening legal cases on the back of the info provided on this blog. If so, I’m delighted. I know that there is a danger that people who have committed serious crimes could use the info provided here as well, but I have always known that to be a risk. I went ahead nonetheless because corruption in the medico-legal system was just so endemic that I know there were numerous miscarriages of justice. Those giving evidence just could not be believed, they would say anything at all that was convenient.

      The Mirror today is reporting that Jeremy Bamber, currently in prison for killing his family, is having another go at getting his case reviewed. I blogged about Jeremy ages ago. I remember his case well, Bamber went to prison in the mid-1980s and the evidence in Court could have been given by Gwynne, Dafydd, Wood etc. I kept wondering ‘Has this bloke really done it?? Who could ever know?’ But the other suspect was his sister, a Schizophrenic. Even easier for the Top Docs to lie about her. One cannot believe anything that they were saying about anyone.

      Years later I got to know someone very well who told me that St Andrews in Northampton, the hospital where Jeremy’s sister had been treated, was dreadful and the evidence given by the Docs from St Andrews at Jeremy’s trial couldn’t be believed. Jeremy is still in prison, all these years later. What if he IS innocent? Those bastards will never fess up.

      I also noted that Jeremy’s sister Sheila, one of those shot dead for which Jeremy was blamed, developed mental health problems when young and was then working as a ‘model’. Maybe Sheila was a ‘real’ model who got into the legit business, but I saw the pic of her in the Mirror and thought of that very lucrative business that Dafydd, Wood etc were running… Young vulnerable patients were being forced into sex work or porn. I have been told that the St Andrews lot were running a ring n Northamptonshire linked to the Gang in north Wales.

      Jeremy’s had previous cases rejected by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Who was the Chair of the CCRC for so long? Freddie Crawford, VC of Aston University. Freddie was as crooked as they come, he ignored murder threats to brown when Brown was at Aston, he did deals with the Gang to shaft Brown; Freddie was big in Freemasonry in Birmingham and a friend of Thatch. Then there was Sir Freddie’s off the rails son, into crime who boasted that his dad always got him off. What techniques were used? Top Docs Expert opinions of course!

      Sir Freddie’s son was found dead in an hotel in Israel some years ago. Brown told me and I just thought that Crawford junior had finally gone too far – it was allegedly a heroin overdose – but now I know that Freddie was in partnership with Dafydd etc – Crawford was Bluglass’s mate – I think that Crawford junior could well have been murdered. Just look at how many of that lot have been found dead with overdoses; it’s never questioned by the bent Coroners because so many of them when younger did use heroin but a lot of their mates were saying ‘They’d given it up years ago, definitely…’ A corpse with blood full of heroin is, like a corpse who has been found hanged, possibly a suicide, but it’s also quite easy to set such a scene if one is a killer who knows what one is doing. If any of the murder attempts on me had worked, no-one would have asked questions except for Brown…

      Freddie knew that Brown was receiving murder threats from the man who later tried to kill Brown. When the case went to Court, Brown’s assailant maintained that Brown had attacked him; a witness saw everything and spoke in defence of Brown. The case was heard in the Midlands and Paul Bates, the man who attacked Brown, was represented by a posh, black, radical lawyer. Who it transpired knew that his client was a very dangerous man but had a go at calling Brown a liar anyway. I’d love to know who that lawyer was, he’s probably very well known now. He won’t have just been anyone, Bates was put up to that by the Gang after Brown wrote to Gwynedd Health Authority confirming that he heard Dafydd trying to bribe me into dropping my complaint, they’ll have pointed Bates in the direction of the best to defend him when Brown pressed charges…

      Bates was a psychology student on the same course as Brown when they were undergrads at Aston. The letters that Brown and I exchanged as undergrads had a lot of discussion about Paul and other students at Aston. George Carman and the Digger have the letters! There were several students at Aston who were doing what they shouldn’t; a bloke from Fishguard who was pretty fucked up towards women; a very posh Old Etonian with a huge drug habit who didn’t care who knew it either; and an SDP supporting mature student who made friends with Fergus Lowe and got a job at Bangor with the Gang! Ian Oliver, Chris Yates and Diane Underwood, Mr Carman heard all about you but that was only because the letters were stolen from my house. Diane Underwood only has herself to blame for that, it was people with whom she made friends who did it. Fungus and Dafydd didn’t want to go to prison Diane.

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