Theatre of the Absurd

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ discussed Dafydd and Tony Francis’s Top Doc colleagues and friends who were facilitating organised abuse in Greater Manchester/Salford, in particular Professor Hugh Freeman, who had led the mental health services in the Greater Manchester area, 1961-88 and just like his colleagues in north Wales, had pioneered an excellent service that was the envy of the rest of the UK. Freeman’s propaganda was greatly assisted by him being Editor of the ‘British Journal of Psychiatry’ for many years and Vice-Chair of MIND, 1984-88, which as any fule kno Fought For Patients’ Rights, while being run entirely by Dafydd and his friends. When during the late 1980s/early 1990s, police investigations began into the various paedophile rings operating via the Social Services Depts in the UK, Hugh Freeman took the propaganda to a new level, becoming an historian of psychiatry and managed to get Professor Roy Porter, the biggest name in the history of medicine in the UK and possibly internationally as well, to join Freeman in his Lord Haw-Haw activities. See post ‘The Wrong Set’.
Before I discovered Hugh Freeman, I had thought that Dafydd’s outpost at Manchester had been largely established by Dafydd’s former boss and mate who ran the ring at the Maudsley for years, Dr Bob Hobson, who relocated to Manchester in 1974. See post ‘The Mentor’. Dafydd’s mate and umbrella Professor Kenneth Rawnsley who orchestrated matters from Cardiff from 1966 onward had previously been based at Manchester (see post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’) but I didn’t realise how substantial the fortress at Manchester was and for how long it had existed.
The Top Docs at Manchester University were not the only Paedophiles’ Little Helpers. Other academics were on board as well. Philosopher Dorothy Emmet was mates with Bertrand Russell and with the alternative crowd in Llanfrothen and Cwm Croesor. Dorothy was a colleague of some very influential political scientists as well as a big mate of Max Gluckman, one of the biggest names in social anthropology. Professor Eric Sunderland, the well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend who was called to Bangor in 1984 as the Principal of UCNW for the purposes of reinforcement, was a social anthropologist who knew Max Gluckman. See post ‘Vested Interests Or A Common Pool?’.
Then there was Isabel Emmett, a social anthropologist from Manchester University (Isabel was surely something to do with Dorothy but I cannot find an explanation for the difference in the spelling of their names anywhere), who married a farmer from Croesor and knew everyone down there, locals as well as Bertrand Russell’s alternative friends and who carried out a famous community study of Llanfrothen, ‘A North Wales Village: A Social Anthropological Study’, published in 1964. Isabel Emmett carried out a lot of other interesting work in north Wales as well, including a study of youth in Blaenau Ffestiniog in the late 1960s, which described local young people trying to be With It in the face of a profoundly small c conservative ‘Welsh culture’. See posts ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’ .
Isabel’s husband was friends with the ‘Welsh speaking psychiatric social worker’ who was appointed in (I think) the late 1960s to ‘safeguard the rights of Welsh language speakers’, but who actually made it even easier for Gwynne and Dafydd to imprison and lobotomise dissenters on the say so of Bertrand Russell and his mates, because no-one even had the excuse of ‘you have assessed this person in a foreign language’ any longer. Not that language was ever an excuse that could have been used anyway; Gwynne and Dafydd were first language Welsh speakers and spoke English as well, so the saga of the Welsh speaking psychiatric social worker was the ultimate red herring. Particularly as he was appointed after Dafydd had constructed himself as a Patriotic Welshman Who Supported The Language and had stood as a Parliamentary candidate for Plaid. It will have been Dafydd himself who lobbied for the post of a Welsh speaking psychiatric social worker to destroy people in their first language, Dafydd will have secured the funding and then asked Bertrand Russell if he knew anyone who wanted the job.
The ‘Welsh Bloomsbury Set’, the English radicals who had settled in the Cwm Croesor area as a result of the presence of Russell and Sir Clough and Lady Amabel Williams-Ellis, were friendly with some of the local Plaid activists and some of the English contingent used their experience of activism with regard to eg. anti-nuclear protests to help some Plaid activists. See posts ‘A Message of Peace At Christmas’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. I heard some anecdotes of interesting night-time raids by Plaid activists skilfully assisted by the old war horses with experience of Aldermaston etc. By the late 1970s, relationships between the English which made up the Welsh Blooomsbury Set and the local Welsh speakers in Cwm Croesor had become very bad and resulted in most of the English radical crowd leaving the area, particularly when Sir Clough’s grandson, Robin Llywelyn, who had inherited his grandfather’s estate, refused to renew the tenancies of their second homes on the estate. Robin did this in the name of Plaid, of which he was a supporter and the problems caused by English second homers in the area.
English second homes were causing a problem in some parts of Gwynedd in terms of pushing prices up beyond the range of local people etc but not in Croesor. It was definitely not an issue in that particular part of Gwynedd. Neither had the language difference caused a problem. The sort of English people who hung out at Croesor were the last people to be monolingual bigots; they were Oxbridge graduates who often spoke several languages themselves. They didn’t take their holidays in parts of Spain because there was a pub with staff who spoke English and supplied fish and chips there. Although some of the alternative crowd helped with the Plaid activism, Eric Hobsbawm did fall out with local people who supported Plaid because he hated nationalism of any sort, being Jewish and having witnessed what happened in central Europe during the middle years of the 20th century. Local people were totally confused by Hobsbawm’s attitude to nationalism; one Croesor resident told me ‘He tried to say that we were like Nazis…’
So there was something very complex going on in Cwm Croesor by the 1970s. The Windbag had upset Welsh speakers in the north by being so hostile to the Welsh language and the locals had become very aware that although people like the Hobsbawms were personally friendly towards them, they were much, much wealthier than people in Croesor and the surrounding area. There was a feeling of ‘these posh English people are playing at being Welsh peasants, we are bloody well living it’, which I noticed in Bethesda some years later. I was friends with many hippies, I liked them, but yes, they could afford to be hippies because their families were going to hand over the dosh and a lot of it, when it was needed.
Robin Llywelyn, the grandson of an Anglo-Welsh aristocrat, had declared himself to be Of The Proles and had kicked his grandfather’s friends out of Cwm Croesor where they had spent so much of their lives for decades, so there was huge upset and Plaid were perceived to have been trying to make political capital by promoting hostility to English people.
Local Welsh people felt that they were being shafted by those in Westminster and the English Establishment.
The elephants in the room were Dafydd and Gwynne, two Welsh speaking Welshmen who waved their Welsh – and indeed Nonconformist – credentials about at every opportunity, while running the Westminster Paedophile Ring, supplying disadvantaged kids, Welsh and English, to posh people and others for sex.
The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd
The poor bloody locals at the bottom of the heap who’s parents were not Top Doctors, lawyers, social workers, teachers, lecturers or Councillors were really kicked in the teeth, because there was no-one who would defend them, no-one. There will have been people sympathetic but they will have been seriously compromised because their friends and relations will have been colluding and others will have just been frightened, knowing that it would be personal ruin for them and their families if Big Gwynne and Big Dafydd were challenged. Big Dafydd even destroyed Ron Evans in the end, the bent Gwynedd County Council lawyer who kept that lot out of prison and tried to put me in. You shouldn’t work for gangsters Ron, Dafydd and Gwynne weren’t L’Oreal babes who were worth it, they were horrible old gits who didn’t even have Richard Crossman’s panache re the Bay Rum Oil (see post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’) and they were not going to help the minions when the going got tough.
A pampered pet, Gwynne:
Another pampered pet, Dafydd:
A Roast Chicken, Advertising Pills Which Will Help:
The far more sensible option would have been to, as one of the waitresses in Wetherspoons in Caernarfon used to say,’kick them in the cerregs’. That lot should have had their cerregs kicked by steel-toed hobnails a long time ago.
Here’s Elfyn, Plaid MP for the constituency which included Cwm Croesor, 1992-2015:
Elfyn was a solicitor and barrister who was President of Gwynedd Law Society, 1990-91. Elfyn’s former election agent, Thomas Merfyn Hughes, was a Welsh speaking psychiatric social worker who lived at Croesor. Merfyn was found dead at the bottom of an embankment, in someone else’s back garden in Llanfrothen in 2011. Merfyn’s body was hidden from the view of both the road and the house attached to the garden in which Merfyn’s body lay undiscovered for quite some time. At the inquest in Caernarfon, the coroner, Dewi Pritchard Jones, concluded that Merfyn had fallen down the embankment on his way home from the pub, decided to have a nap when he found himself in that nice comfortable garden at 2 am on a winter’s night and then died of hypothermia. See post ‘A Particularly Worrying Death’. Merfyn Hughes was the Gwynedd Social Services manager who in 2005 had, in person, retrieved documentation concerning me from the clutches of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, after they unlawfully refused to hand it over. They should not have had the documentation in the first place and the data within should never have been released to them.
Bridget Lloyd was a CPN with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team; Bridget was the CPN assigned to ‘care for’ Ron Evans when he became seriously ill. Bridget found that there wasn’t much that she could do for poor old Ron. I met Bridget in 1985, when Jackie Brandt, a social worker with the Arfon CMHT, had unlawfully detained me in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Bridget knew the detention was unlawful and refused to let me leave the ward – threatening me with the police and heavies – until I had ‘seen’ Dafydd, who was just dying to meet me. I was left alone with Dafydd, who attempted to have a conversation about sex with me; I challenged Dafydd and he told me that I was ‘volatile and overwrought’. I wonder why that might have been? Not that I was as volatile as I could have been; when Dafydd began to talk dirty, I didn’t kick him in the cerregs and try to strangle him as well, I did a sort of How Very Dare You, but not quite a How Very Dare You, because How Very Dare You tends to make me laugh. Dafydd told me that if I didn’t get out of north Wales immediately he would have me arrested.
Realising that I was dealing with some rather dangerous people, I told Dafydd that of course I would go immediately. I did not say ‘but I’ll come straight back and investigate you, you threatening bastards, because something really big is going on here but I’m buggered if I can work out what it is’.
My next dealings with Bridget were in 1996. She made a statement to the police that Patient F had rung her up and sexually threatened her, that I was part of this venture and that she was so frightened of me and my intention to ‘attack’ her and ‘her young children’ that Gwynedd Community Health Trust had issued her with a personal alarm to carry at all times. Furthermore, a safe house for Bridget and her family was ready if I became even more dangerous. At the same time, Bridget sent a memo to her senior managers telling them that she had never been frightened of me and had only met me once, a long time ago and that she didn’t think that I’d recognise her if I saw her.
Patient F and I were subsequently acquitted at Caernarfon Magistrates Court. I had been charged as well, because although it was acknowledged that I had not played any part in the phone call – which had not contained sexual threats as claimed – I was in the house when the phone call was made, so we were charged with ‘joint enterprise’. I am told that there was quite a struggle in terms of selecting which charge to go for, in that it had to include me, yet I hadn’t had anything to do with the phone call. There was no apology and no investigation into the perjury, although Patient F and I raised the matter with Nerys Owen, the Director of Nursing for the Gwynedd Community Health Trust, who had some two and a half years previously been involved in a ‘resolution meeting’ when F and I made complaint about the constant aggression and fallacious accusations made about us by members of the Arfon CMHT. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’. Why had F been phoning the Arfon CMHT anyway? He was angry because they had made yet another complaint to the police about us on the basis of no evidence, demanding that we be arrested.
The DPP at the time that F and I were charged with that particular ‘joint enterprise’ was Dame Babs. See previous posts eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’ and ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’ for details of Dame Babs’s extensive corruption and network and her valiant efforts at protecting the Westminster Paedophile Ring
Dame Barbara Mills
Barbara Mills.jpg
 Mrs Mills was married to John Mills, a millionaire and huge donor to the Labour Party. John Mills was the brother of David Mills, Silvio Berlusconi’s mate, who was married to Tessa Jowell. Tessa was the daughter of a Top Doc and had worked as a social worker at the Maudsley and as a child care officer for Lambeth Social Services when Lambeth were hosting a paedophile ring on their own patch with links to Dafydd’s gang and sending kids in care to children’s homes in north Wales. Tessa also served as Deputy Director of MIND for a number of years during the 1970s. The whole Mills crowd lived in Camden, which was the main residence of Eric Hobsbawm and so many of the other alternative crowd who spent long periods of time in the Cwm Croesor area.
When Patient F and I were charged, it was known that Ronnie Waterhouse would soon be holding the Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, that having been arranged by the Welsh Office:
William Hague
However, John Major did know that he would definitely lose the next election and thus the next incumbents were already measuring up for the curtains in No 10:
Cherie e tony elezioni del novantaquattro - Dago fotogallery
Cherie was a colleague of Michael Beloff QC, who, some months before Patient F and I were arrested and charged with ‘joint enterprise’, had served as the legal adviser who ensured that the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was completely suppressed and read by no-one but lawyers and insurers and was then pulped. For a belt and braces approach, some two months after the Jillings Report was published, Clwyd County Council disappeared in a local authority reorganisation. The Chairman of the Boundary Commission who had recommended the reorganisation was Professor Eric Sunderland, who until very recently had been Principal of UCNW. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’
Michael Beloff was a regular at Chequers once Miranda was PM. Those we know and love also benefited from the assistance of Ron Evans at the time. By 2010, Ron Evans’s daughter was a Civil Service lawyer and working as Mandy’s right hand woman. Mandy had served as a Lambeth Councillor before he became an MP. By 2010, the paedophiles’ friends were doing everything possible to hound Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University, out of his job and out of public life, as a result of Merfyn, his late wife and one of his friends spilling the paedophiles’ pints. Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen and knew all about Dafydd and Gwynne. No 10 was known to have been demanding Merfyn’s head on a platter, throughout the Miranda years and the Gordon years. See post ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’. Merfyn’s wife died in the care of Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre in 2008, when they found that there was just nothing that they could do.
Cherie e tony elezioni del novantaquattro - Dago fotogallery
The President of Gwynedd Law Society and the Plaid MP for the constituency in which Merfyn grew up and still had family:
Dach i’n isio paned Mr Llwyd? How about bisgedi to go with it? A Party Ring perhaps?
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You might have got Nerys Top Docs, but now you’ve got this blog. I do hope that you are enjoying it. Scream if you want to go faster!
Anyone else want to laugh at my friend Biggus Dickus???
Biggus Dickus (Life of Brian, 1979) - YouTube
He has a wife you know… Incontinentia…
Biggus Dickus (Life of Brian, 1979) - YouTube
Incontinentia Buttocks.
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life [sub ...
One would have thought that these pillocks would have imbibed the message from the ‘Fawlty Towers’ episode in which a guest dies, one of the old ladies finds the body, starts screaming ‘EEEEHHH MURDER’, Basil hides the body and the chaos escalates…
‘Morning Dewi. Merfyn Hughes?? Died in the night you say??? Oh, happened a lot when I was in the Army.’
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The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd


In August 2004 Elfyn Llwyd joined fellow Plaid MP Adam Price in a campaign to impeach Miranda over the alleged misleading of Parliament and for allegedly making a secret agreement with George Dubya Bush to overthrow Saddam Hussein, amongst other charges. Llwyd and the then SNP group leader Alex Salmon co-drafted the motion. If successful, it could have seen Miranda tried before the Lords; however, as expected, the measure failed. Not that it would have mattered if Miranda had been tried before the Lords, take a look at what Miranda did in his early years as PM: he stuffed the Lords full of People’s Peers and others who had played a major role in concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the branch of it run by Dafydd and Gwynedd. Such as Baroness Patricia Scotland, who, while Cunningly Disguised as a Black Woman Barrister, represented the Welsh Office at the Waterhouse Inquiry and tore people to shreds who told the Inquiry that as kids in care they had been gang raped and used for child porn. See posts ‘‘Baroness Patricia Scotland QC Was On Board As Well!’ and ‘More On Baroness Patricia Scotland QC – And Her Very Sleazy Friends’ and ‘Even More About Baroness Patricia Scotland QC’.

The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd


As for Saddam Hussein, I can remember him from the first time around. In the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, there was a Vincent Kane show broadcast in Wales and the Monarchy was being discussed. Patient F and I were watching and for once Dafydd wasn’t on that Kane programme, but a daft old bag of a Councillor from Caernarfon was, the woman responsible for Social Services no less. At one point she stopped the discussion and said to Kane ‘I just want to ask, who would you rather have, the Queen Mother or Saddam Hussein?’ We pissed ourselves laughing on the grounds of ‘Is that the only choice?’ and then marvelled that this silly old bat was responsible for Social Services, no wonder we kept being arrested because those lying bastards had perjured themselves again.

After that Kane show, F enjoyed himself by going around Bethesda and Bangor and asking people ‘Who would you rather have, the Queen Mother or Saddam Hussein?’ One of those people was a man with a sense of humour who said ‘Saddam Hussein of course’. That particular man was one of ‘Dafydd’s addict patients’ and although F would stop and chat if he saw him in Bangor, F didn’t socialise with him because this man was rather sleazy, was violent and mistreated his female partners. F used to tell me why; this man’s father was ‘an absolute bastard’ of a prison officer who had ‘abused the whole family’. Furthermore when this man was 16, he had been offered money in return for sex by George Melly, who was staying over in Bangor after a performance at Theatre Gwynedd. The man said no, but F was sufficiently outraged by George Melly’s conduct to have told people what Melly had done in Bangor. As F noted, someone was saying yes to George Melly, even if the prison officer’s son who later developed drug problems and was Referred To Dafydd said no. That man didn’t give evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry. I can only imagine what Baroness Patsy would have said to him if he had.

The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd

George Melly had a country retreat in the Brecon/Abergavenny area, 1971-99 and media interviews would often refer to George’s ‘bisexuality’ and ‘open marriage’, but not to his penchant for underaged boys. Melly was also the Face Of An Advertising Campaign at one point to promote Birmingham as a nice destination to visit. Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass ran Birmingham’s NHS and kids in care from Birmingham were sent to children’s homes in north Wales.

One of the advisers to the Waterhouse Inquiry was Adrianne Jones, the former Director of Social Services of the City of Birmingham. Adrianne retired to Abergavenny. Adrianne was a ‘social work adviser’ and involved herself with many children’s charidees. See previous posts.

George Melly was from a high profile Liverpool family and went to Stowe School, where he had a gay relationship with Peregrine Worsthorne, who spent years as the Deputy Editor and then served as the Editor of the Sunday Torygraph, 1986-91. Sir Anthony Barrowclough, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman who covered up a mountain of crap re Dafydd and the gang, including their criminality relating to me between 1985 and 1989, was at Stowe School with Melly and Perry. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.

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The Editor Of ‘The Sunday Telegraph’:

George Melly 1978.jpg

Perry left ‘The Sunday Torygraph’ after years of faithful service in 1997. The year that Ronnie Waterhouse opened the Waterhouse Inquiry.

 Another adviser to the Waterhouse Inquiry was Sir Ron Hadfield, Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police, June 1990-July 1996. Ron retired from the West Midlands Police straight into a job as Ronnie’s Inquiry’s adviser, in particular to advise on the questioning of witnesses. It was Sir Ron wot Cleaned Up The Rot in the West Midlands force. Sir Ron’s findings re the fitting up of the Birmingham Six by the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad are not available to be viewed by anyone for many decades, as a result of a security measure imposed on the file by DPP Mrs Mills. See previous posts. The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad was notorious for its corruption and was disbanded when so many of the convictions secured as a result of their handiwork were overturned. They framed people from north Wales, including Ali Khan from Caernarfon. He was awarded compensation as a result and shortly after, Ali Khan was arrested, convicted and imprisoned again. He maintains that this was yet another set-up as a punishment beating for daring to win against the police, but I don’t know the details of the case.

The Birmingham Six case caused a stir because everyone involved in the investigation and conviction were demonstrated to have been endemically corrupt, including the Home Office forensic scientists. Adrian Bell, one of the lecturers in the Dept Plant Biology at UCNW, used to work as a forensic scientist for the Home Office. He told the students that he left because the service was so corrupt. Adrian was my tutor when I was at UCNW and it was he who refused to respond when I told him that Brown, who was a student at Aston University in Birmingham at the time, had received death threats and was eventually been visited in hall by the man who sent them, held hostage while the man trashed Brown’s room with a swordstick and told Brown that he’d be back. Adrian then refused to answer the office door to me and ordered me to go to the Student Health Centre, to see the dreadful Dr D.G.E. Wood, one of Dafydd’s gang, who was married to a senior lecturer in the Dept of Plant Biology. Wood too ignored what had happened to Brown.

I didn’t know at the time, but one other lecturer in Plant Biology was married to a Gwynedd social worker who was a member of the gang and Prof Greig-Smith in the Dept of Plant Biology knew Prof Edred Henry Corner, the Cambridge botanist who was Douglas Hurd’s uncle. Hurd was Home Secretary, 1985-89, while the gang were in hot pursuit of Brown, me and our friends. Hurd was appointed Home Secretary in Sept 1985, which was approx two weeks after I contacted Keith Best, the Tory MP for Anglesey, about the mental health services in north Wales. Best was a Welsh Office Minister and Of Dafydd’s gang, but I didn’t know that at the time. I subsequently obtained info that suggested Tony Francis contacted Best himself, as soon as he thought that I was going to make a complaint…

There were numerous other links between the gang and the UCNW Dept of Plant Biology. See post ‘Additional Security Measures’. Hurd went to Eton, where his favourite teacher was Alan Barker and Hurd remained a good friend of Barker until Barker died. As a favour to Barker, when Hurd was in Gov’t, he gave Barker’s wife Trumpers – Baroness Jean Trumpington – a job with the UN. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers was a disaster at the UN but that didn’t stop Thatch, a friend of Trumpers, appointing her as a junior Health Minister, March 1985-June 87. I had the sudden and unexpected first confrontation with Tony Francis in March 1985; it was him lying to me and then lying again when I tried to clarify matters that led to the bigger bust up and me going to Keith Best. At the DoH, Trumpers appointed her friend Jimmy Savile to the management task force of Broadmoor Hospital, which enabled Savile to become General Manager of Broadmoor soon after. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

In the 1990s, an utterly lame Independent Advocacy Association was established for Empowered Service Users in Gwynedd. See previous posts. It was funded by the NHS and Gwynedd County Council and the Independent Advocates were told not to support patients making serious complaints. All the Independent Advocates except for the two women who were in the senior paid positions were Empowered Service Users who were dependent upon the ‘services’ for their care and benefits and were terrified of the gang. One of the paid senior people was a woman called Marilyn and although overbearing, she too would not challenge the gang, even in the case of deaths. Marilyn’s partner was an Empowered Service User and she subsequently killed herself. Marilyn had a breakdown and left Bangor. She had been given a job as a Wimmin’s Advocate at Broadmoor.

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb

In the late 1980s, a charidee to Help Wimmin in the secure hospitals was established, WISH, ‘Women In Special Hospitals’. WISH knew about Jimmy Savile and said nothing; they also knew about Dafydd and the gang and said nothing and they knew that the special hospitals were teaming with women who had been abused in care and abused again in the psychiatric system. Helena Kennedy was involved with WISH. See post ‘Close Your Eyes and Make A WISH’.

Helena was a member of Tooks Court Chambers with Michael Mansfield QC. I wrote to Mansfield in 1993, telling him of the abuses of Gwynedd Social Services. I received a one line reply. One of St Helena’s books contained an acknowledgement to Professor Nigel Eastman of St George’s Hospital Medical School, thanking him for helping her on so many cases. See post ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’. Eastman was one of those at St George’s who was colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and was in direct contact with Dafydd’s gang. See previous posts eg. ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London…’

The Birmingham representative of Dafydd’s gang went after Brown in 1983. That was the year in which George Thomas was given an hereditary Viscountcy by Thatch; it was pointless because Thomas was a gay paedophile with no heirs, so the title died with him in Sept 1997, while Ronnie Waterhouse et al were insulting those witnesses at the Inquiry. Dafydd and Francis’s friend Kenneth Rawnsley was married to child psychiatrist Dr Elinor Kapp, who was a founding Director of one of George Thomas’s medical charidees in Cardiff. See post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’ For years, Sir William Asscher was the Top Doc at the top of the pyramid, in Cardiff University, keeping the lid on the shenanigans in Wales, including those of George Thomas. After Ollie Brooke was jailed, the Dean of St George’s was deposed. He was replaced by Asscher, who was headhunted for the job of running the HQ of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

George Thomas died on Sept 22 1997. Diana went into that tunnel on 31 Aug 1997.

  • rear seat and trunk is intact.
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Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb


I have mentioned in previous posts and comments that I am certain that something big happened at UCNW in 1982-83, involving Gwynne the lobotomist which was why they were all so awful when the gang came after Brown and me and why WW III was declared after we complained about Gwynne in 1984, but I have no idea what it was.

Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW throughout all this.

Who would you rather have, the Queen Mother or Saddam Hussein?

Ooh can we have Carlo instead please, a Modern Royal?

  • rear seat and trunk is intact.
  • New conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk - CNN
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Trinity College Cambridge Days:

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More Recently:

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As for that daft Gwynedd County Councillor who believed that the only possible choices for Head of State were the Queen Mum or Saddam Hussein, she starred in ‘Private Eye’ not long after she starred on the Kane Debates. It was reported that she had been involved in trolleys at dawn with another Councillor in Morrisons in Caernarfon, but there was never an explanation for the punch-up. It was Gwynedd County Council, it will have been the usual scrapping between equally guilty people over something far more trivial than the gang rape and murder of Dafydd’s victims.

The son of a Top Doc who was part of the gang who worked at the C&A Hospital in Bangor in Gwynne’s heyday always maintained that Carlo was ‘AC/DC’ and ‘everyone knew it’. Well those at Trinity College, Cambridge and the members of Dafydd’s gang did. Trumpers was friends with Rab Butler, the then Master of Trinity College Cambridge. See previous posts.

Elfyn Llwyd had previous where tabling Early Day Motions was concerned. In May 1992, Llwyd tabled an EDM opposing the closure of Garth Angharad, a ‘hospital for mentally abnormal criminals’ near Dolgellau, on the grounds that there were no other such facilities in Wales. It was bad enough that there was that one. Garth Angharad was not a hospital, it was a building owned by a now struck off solicitor called Paul Hett, which served as a prison for victims of Dafydd’s gang. Hett had also owned/managed three residential school/children’s homes where children were abused. See posts ‘‘More On Those Prisons For Folk Who Dared Complain’, ‘Further Information On Garth Angharad Hospital’ and ‘More On Those Who Signed That Early Day Motion’.

Anyone for a Party Ring?

vegan iced biscuits party rings foxs –

Of course if Elfyn had have wanted to bring down Miranda in 2004, all the former President of Gwynedd Law Society would have needed to do was to have exposed the substantial role that Miranda and Cherie’s close friends at the Bar – including George Carman QC, their former senior colleague and friend –  had played in concealing the abuse of children in north Wales.
Elwyn could have also mentioned that Michael Beloff’s dad Lord Max Beloff was a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, while the kids in care were abused. Some 20 years before 2004, Patient F had found out about the abuse of boys in Ty Newydd, one of the children’s homes in Bangor and had challenged social workers over it, just before he was fitted up for class A drugs and arson and sent to Risley Remand Centre, until the charges were dropped. Then F was illegally held in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh by Dafydd for a year. All this action took place in 1986. Dafydd illegally imprisoned me in Denbigh Dec 1986-Jan 1987.
However, because Ioan Bowen Rees was a solicitor from Gwynedd, had stood as a Plaid candidate himself and also served as an adviser to Dafydd Wigley, who was the Plaid MP for Caernarfon, 1974-2001 and then the AM for Caernarfon, 1999-2003 and Ioan was also the boss of the crooked solicitor Ron Evans, Elfyn Llwyd might have concluded that the matter of the abuse of children in north Wales, as well as the framing and murder of witnesses, was a subject best left alone.
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Elfyn’s position was very similar to that of Tam Dalyell, who in the early 1980s did his best to bring Thatch down by persisting over the matter of the sinking of the Belgrano. Tam knew that Thatch’s personal friends Sir Peter Morrison and Jimmy Savile were abusing children supplied by Dafydd’s gang in north Wales, but because Tam had spent years concealing the criminality of Dafydd and Gwynne when Tam’s friend Richard Crossman, part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, expanded and embedded the ring in the welfare services when Crossman was Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-70. So Tam didn’t dare mention it.
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Tam was the Labour MP for a Scottish constituency (1962-2005), just like Elfyn’s partner in the attempt to impeach Miranda, Alex Salmond. Tam was a Scottish aristo, his official title being Sir Thomas Dalyell of the Binns, 11th Baronet.
  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums
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Lord Asa Briggs was a friend of Richard Crossman and Harold Wilson and was appointed to many public roles by Wilson’s Gov’t. In Dec 1969, Crossman and his mates were swinging at the DHSS and Carlo busied himself at Trinity College, where he had returned to finish his degree after having spent a term at Aberystwyth University learning Welsh before the Investiture in July 1969. The DHSS was embroiled in one of the perennial rows with regard to Angels’ pay. Wilson’s Gov’t were at the time adhering rigidly to Barbara Castle’s prices and incomes policy, but the Angels were demanding more. The only way that Crossman thought this could be achieved by sticking to Babs’s rules was by giving the worst paid Angels, the students and staff nurses, a pay offer which did not break Babs’s cap, while classifying senior Angels, who were not badly paid, as er low paid workers, in order that they could then receive a pay rise which breached Babs’s pay cap, under special circumstances. One group of people, along with the Top Docs, who knew the extent of the horror of Dafydd and Gwynne and who it was who were using their services, were senior Angels. Crossman appointed Asa Briggs to lead the investigation into Angels’ pay and the Report of the Committee on Nursing was subsequently published in 1972.
Open the coffers, the Senior Angels know the truth as does Asa, so Matron is going to get a pay rise. Of course, Asa will have known that by the time his Report was published, Wilson could well be out of Gov’t – although the official story is that Wilson losing the 1970 General Election was a shock to him. As I explained in my post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’, the reason why Ted Heath won was that the BMA asked Crossman for a substantial pay rise for the Top Doctors during the General Election campaign and when Crossman didn’t offer them the full amount requested immediately, the Top Docs went on strike, withdrawing their support for the NHS.
The BMA supported the Tories and because Harold Wilson had appointed Lord Charles Hill – a Top Doctor who had Been There At The Birth Of The NHS And Had Negotiated With Nye – as Chairman of the BBC, during the election campaign the Labour Gov’t found that the BBC were screening programmes which made the Top Docs look rather good, instead of a bunch of troughing bastards who were blackmailing Crossman, whom they knew was Swinging with the paedophiles. Ted Heath won the election. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.
Heath’s close friend Sir Brian Warren doubled up as his personal physician. Warren was also facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as was his wife, the Top Doc Dame Josephine Barnes. The difference between Crossman and Warren was that Warren opposed the NHS and always had; Warren ran a private practice in Belgravia. See post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’.
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Asa Briggs was the VC of Sussex University, 1967-76 and concealed the Brighton end of Dafydd’s business, which was substantial, because the kids from children’s homes in north Wales were trafficked to brothels owned by John Allen in London and Brighton. In 1967, Merfyn Jones and two of his friends, all students at Sussex University, threw red paint over a visiting US official, as a protest against Vietnam. Asa got seriously nasty. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.
In 2005, although Briggs was still very much alive and kicking, his daughter was interviewed on Radio 4 about her father’s glorious past and she discussed the red paint incident, stating that Asa had never forgiven the students who had done it. At the time of the interview, Merfyn was VC of Bangor University and the paedophiles’ friends had opened fire. They hated him anyway, but the last straw was his friend, a junior Gov’t Minister, clearing my name when the gang tried to have me struck off the teaching register and then Merfyn allowing me to do a PhD at Bangor University. Miranda declared war, along with everyone else. See posts ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’.
Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen. His family were local but he also knew Bertrand Russell and the alternative crowd who stayed in Cwm Croesor. One of those who stayed at Croesor in the 1960s was an American student who was dodging the draft for the Vietnam war. In later life he became a Democrat Senator.
Because the Hobsbawms kept a second home at Croesor until 1979, Eric’s daughter Julia knew the area well. As an adult, Julia established the PR company Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications with her friend from Camden Girls’ School, Sarah Macaulay. Hobsbawm Macaulay handled a great deal of work for the trade unions and the Labour Party. In 1997, the year that the Waterhouse Inquiry opened, Sarah met a Nice Young Chancellor of the Exchequer and subsequently married him. In 2007 Sarah became the PM’s wife, while No 10 escalated the war against Merfyn. Merfyn’s wife died in 2008 at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues.
Eric Hobsbawm knew that Senator who stayed in Croesor to avoid the draft.
How’s this for a bit of PR then Sarah: your Teddy Bear and the Clintons depended on this old git to underpin their regimes:
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Before Eric Hobsbawm died, he wrote me a brief e mail answering some of my questions about the reasons why relationships had deteriorated so badly between the local Welsh people and the Welsh Bloomsbury Set in Croesor. He told me that his view was that there was much anxiety on the part of some local people with regard to their efforts to keep Croesor School open and simply noted that the key to the strife in Croesor was to be found in the school. The school did eventually close but it only remained open as long as it did because some English people in nearby villages bussed their kids over to Croesor because they wanted to support a Welsh medium school. I was told a few other things about the school as well that I’m not at liberty to blog about because I was told them in confidence, but a number of people from various backgrounds told me that the school was not quite all that it was cracked up to be.
Croesor School was however held up to be a model of excellence by Gwynedd Education Authority. At the time, the Gwynedd official who gave Croesor School a glowing report was Professor Gareth Roberts. Gareth Roberts later became the Principal of Bangor Normal College, which was pretty much staffed and managed by Dafydd’s gang and churned out graduates who colluded with the gang and a few who were convicted of assaults on children. In the 1990s, the Normal College merged with Bangor University and Gareth Roberts held a Chair in the School of Education at Bangor University. One of the Schools who most enthusiastically assisted in the undermining and hounding of Merfyn was the School of Education. Which was where I did my PhD.
You shouldn’t have done it tossers, I had no idea that you had all assisted a gang of paedophiles and Merfyn was one of the few who hadn’t, so obviously he had to be subjected to a hate campaign. Next time don’t be so fucking stupid.
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The Dean of the School of Education during the Campaign of Hate was Prys Morgan Jones, who was at Trinity College, Cambridge when Carlo was a student there. When Prys was at school, he was given extra tuition by someone who later became a senior academic at UCNW when the institution was run entirely as a vehicle for the trafficking gang, who was a close friend from childhood of Ronnie Waterhouse.
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The Clintons were not the only Big Friends from America that Miranda and Cherie had. They were even closer friends with the Obamas. Merfyn’s late wife’s first husband, Orlando Patterson, is a Harvard sociologist who is a favourite in black elite circles in the US. Orlando did his PhD at the LSE when that institution was run by Richard Crossman’s friends who were members or facilitators of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts.
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In 1988, Dafydd’s partner-in-crime at Manchester University, Professor Hugh Freeman – who was a big mate of Professor Mervyn Susser, someone else who assisted with the disaster that was the mental health services in Manchester and who was also a well-known Anti-Apartheid activist who, along with his wife, was networked with many of the Bertrand Russell radical crowd in the Croesor area (see previous posts) – ‘retired’ and according to Freeman’s obituary in ‘The Independent’, he ‘left his retirement party’ ‘on a tandem with his colleague Michael Tarsh’ and ‘headed south for London’. I don’t know what Freeman and Tarsh got up to in London, but it won’t have been anything positive.
Dafydd’s colleague Tony Francis had worked in the Manchester mental health services with Freeman et al immediately before joining Dafydd and the gang in north Wales in 1983. Before that, Francis had worked with the gang at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley and prior to that, Francis had trained with Dafydd’s mate Kenneth Rawnsley in Cardiff. See post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’. Not long after Francis moved to north Wales, his former senior colleague at Manchester Ian Brockington bagged a Chair at Birmingham Medical School, joining Robert Bluglass there…
By 1988, I was working with Professor Vincent Marks in his CRC-funded team at the University of Surrey. Vincent’s brother Dr John Marks was President of the BMA and at the time the BMA were giving Francis and the gang legal advice as to how to frame me for offences which they knew that I had not committed in an effort to have me imprisoned or sent to a high security hospital, Broadmoor being a named possibility. Just as Jimmy Savile had been appointed as General Manager there!
In 1988, one of Francis’s psychiatrist colleagues from Manchester, Peter Mcguire, had decided to become a cancer researcher and he even received funding from the CRC to do this. While I was working for Vincent Marks, my work was, without my knowledge, given to Professor Nicola Curtin in Newcastle-upon-Tyne Medical School, who published it under her name. I was told soon after that my funding had run out and they couldn’t raise anymore for me; I was made redundant in March 1989. In May 1989 I was offered and accepted the research job at St George’s Hospital Medical School, which unbeknown to me was not only with the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring who were partners of Dafydd’s gang, but the job advert and offer were an elaborate trap to ensure that once I was in post, I could be hounded out and prevented from working in medical research again. I was finally hounded out in Jan 1991. In Feb 1991, Lilibet knighted Dafydd’s VIP gang member Peter Morrison.
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In 1990, Tony Francis’s mate Peter Macguire and his pals were exposed as having been part of a big research fraud which they had committed in a collaborative effort between the CRC, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Royal Marsden Hospital. One of their team, Prof Tim McElwain, was found dead shortly after. See posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’. It was presumed that Prof McElwain had killed himself. Well it was a possibility, but look who we are talking about here.
Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...
Numerous very big names in medicine were at the top of the CRC and ICRF at the time, including Professor Sir Nicholas Wright. Wright had been the Head of the MSc course that I had completed at Hammermsith Hospital in 1986-87 and had links with Dafydd and the gang via Professor Hugh Bentall, a surgeon at Hammersmith, who’s son Richard Bentall was a clinical psychologist working with Dafydd’s gang who had married the daughter of Dr Eifion Jones, the Dean of the Science Faculty at UCNW. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Sir Ken Calman, the CMO of Scotland, 1989-91 and England and Wales, 1991-97, was one of the UK’s biggest wigs in oncology and cancer research. Sir Ken is a keen supporter of the SNP and was an adviser to Alex Salmond. Sir Paul Nurse joined the ICRF in 1984 and left in 1988 to Chair the Dept of Microbiology at Oxford University. Nurse returned to the ICRF as Director of Research in 1993 and in 1996 was named Director General of the ICRF, which became Cancer Research UK in 2002. Lord Robert Winston Winston was a Council member of the ICRF and Cancer Research UK. Winston spent most of his career at Hammersmith Hospital and knew about the wrongdoing there; he knew Geoffrey Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce and he knew about their wrongdoing. Winston knew that his colleagues were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. When Winston discovered that he had employed a junior doctor who was a relentless sexual harasser of female staff, Winston gave him to Chamberlain’s team at St George’s. He continued harassing staff and had sex with a research assistant in the lab during working hours. The solution was to pass him on to another hospital; I was told that ‘we’ll send him to Wales, that’s where we send all the really bad doctors’. Dr Richard Penketh subsequently rocked up as a consultant obs and gyn at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. Robert Winston trained at the London Hospital Medical School, where Wendy Savage has spent her career. Dafydd’s partner gang operated on the turf of the London Hospital Medical School and Wendy Savage, a friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain, knew that she was treating the victims of that gang. See post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’
Paul Nurse, Robert Winston and Wendy Savage all make much of their support for the Labour Party.
Just how stupid are these people? They surrounded me with vile oppressive people doing the most appalling things because they hated me for complaining about Gwynne and Dafydd and for refusing to be threatened or bribed into silence. So I was hardly going to not notice the rest of them and keep quiet for evermore if I was targeted by the HQ of the Westminster Paedophile Ring was I?
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Now you can all fess up. Not with regard to what you did to me, but with regard to what you did to others, because you have caused a lot of suffering to a lot of people and the forces of the state helped you, not your victims. I have no bloody interest at all in seeing you prosecuted for your crimes in my direction although they were indeed serious, because I’m of the opinion that the crap that I was put through cannot be undone by you lot going to prison. I have however spoken to other people and received e mails from people who had their lives ruined by you who do want to see you on trial. They are welcome to use anything on this blog if it helps them. After years of dining at the trough, you have been well and truly exposed.
Not only did Tony Francis’s mates in higher places find themselves caught out in the CRC/ICRF fraud in 1990, but his mates in lower places did as well. In Dec 1990, members of the gang published a paper claiming that they had made a Miraculous Breakthrough with regard to gastric cancer and the news was broadcast around the world. Days later it was admitted that there were ‘flaws’ in the paper and everyone went very quiet. One of the ‘flaws’ was a control sample of three, one of whom didn’t have gastric cancer. DUH!!
One of the people who put their name to this glorious piece of work was Dr Kassab, who was famed throughout UCNW as being the most hopelessly incompetent stats lecturer on the planet. Kassab’s daughter Susan went to Friars School, read medicine at one of the London Medical Schools and spent some time working as a Top Doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Another co-author was a Top Doc at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Someone else named on the paper was Prof Peter Elwood, who is touted as one of Cardiff University’s Leading Geniuses (see previous posts). Someone else was an elderly agricultural scientist who many years previously had done a bit of work on cancer in pigs; and two others were Chris and Rhiannon Whitaker, who went on to become two key statisticians at UCNW/Bangor University. Rhiannon ended up as Director of NWORTH, the clinical trials unit at Bangor. A control sample of THREE, one of whom did not have gastric cancer.
Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...
See post ‘They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now’ for details of this laughable episode in the Glorious Research Careers Of Dafydd’s Friends.
Even more worryingly, the man who advised on this heap of manure was none other than Sir Richard Doll, Mr Epidemiology, who has gone down in history as demonstrating the association between smoking and lung cancer. See previous posts for details of Doll’s feet of clay. Even so, a sample of three, one of whom did not have gastric cancer, how did that get past Richard Doll or indeed the tea lady???
So when the gang were arranging these frauds to construct themselves as World Famous Medical Researchers, only to see it all blow up in their faces repeatedly – as indeed did the big research fraud that Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain and my former boss at St George’s Malcolm Pearce perpetrated in 1994 (see eg. post ‘Now Then…’) – Hugh Freeman and Michael Tarsh were up to something in London, on that tandem of theirs.
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Unlike Hugh Freeman, Michael Tarsh doesn’t have much of an online presence, but Tarsh did receive much publicity in the mid-1970s when he helped to Catch A Murdering Paedophile. Unfortunately the Murdering Paedophile was innocent, but being a man with learning difficulties from a modest background, it took a long time before his conviction was overturned. It became known as one of the most serious miscarriages of justice that there has been in the UK. I am of course talking about Stefan Kiszko, who was convicted on 21 July 1976 at Leeds Crown Court for the murder of 11 year old Lesley Molseed in Oct 1975 and sentenced to life.
It was the detective work of the Greater Manchester Police wot dun it, some of whom were personal friends of Dafydd’s gang, including the former Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales, Elfed Roberts. Elfed, after leaving the force in the wake of allegations of corruption, was appointed as Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust and when that was dissolved after many scandals too many, then found a need for his skills as a Director of the Welsh Ambulance Trust. Elfed had me wrongfully arrested on a number of occasions, one such occasion because I had pink hair and had laughed at his car and called it a penismobile. The Welsh Gov’ts Health Minister Edwina Hart received full details from me re the wrongful arrests and constant harassment that I received from Elfed as well as him ordering NHS staff to unlawfully refuse me treatment at all times under all circumstances. The problems were never investigated yet alone resolved and I eventually received a letter from Edwina telling me that there was no more that she could do. I asked her if therefore arrangements for me to receive private care would be put in place and she simply said no. It was Edwina who then appointed Elfed to the Welsh Ambulance Trust.
The Greater Manchester Police were assisted in their conviction of the innocent Stefan by the Home Office forensic service and some familiar names in legal and judicial circles and of course by Michael Tarsh.
Rhodri Morgan, Edwina’s Boss: One Stupid Old Git Who’s Wife Julie Worked As A Social Worker And Was Deputy Director of Barnardo’s While Barnardo’s Staff Were Involved In Organised Abuse.
Cropped image of Rhodri Morgan at The Celebration of the Mace 5840623762 b47ba98d73 o.jpg
Rhodri is rumoured to have had a fling with Meri Huws, who worked as a Gwynedd social worker during the 1980s. Meri was a community social worker who’s turf covered the Bangor children’s homes, including Ty’r Felin, which trafficked children to various venues, including Dolphin Square. See eg. ‘Are You Local?’ and ‘Local Accessories’.
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Lesley Molseed disappeared from her home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Stefan Kiszko, who lived near Lesley, served 16 years in prison before the conviction was overturned. Kiszko’s mental and physical condition deteriorated while he was in prison and he died 20 months after his release in 1992, before he could collect the compensation for his suffering. Evidence that Kiszko could not have done the crime was suppressed by three members of the investigation team, who were initially arrested in 1993 before charges were dropped. In 2006, however, a DNA match led to the arrest of Ronald Castree for Molseed’s murder. He was convicted the following year and sentenced to life in prison.

Around lunchtime on Sunday, 5 October 1975, Lesley was asked by her mother to go to a local shop to buy bread and air-freshener. Lesley was last seen by witnesses in secluded Stiups Lane, but she never returned home. Concerned, her mother sent her sister, then her brother, to find her, and her step-father also joined the search. By 3:00 pm, however, no sign of Lesley had been found and no evidence given that she had made it to the shops and the Rochdale Police were contacted.

A search was immediately begun. Molseed’s body was found three days later on 8 October, near Rishworth Moor in West Yorkshire. She had been stabbed 12 times in the upper shoulder and back. Some of the wounds were very deep and one had penetrated her heart. There were no defensive wounds and a time of death could not be calculated. None of her clothing or possessions were disturbed but the money was missing and someone had ejaculated on her clothing and underwear. Other evidence collected by forensics included foreign fibres, traces of dry wallpaper paste and 379 other objects in the vicinity.

At the time of the hunt, four teenage girls, Maxine Buckley, Catherine Burke, Debbie Brown and Pamela Hind, claimed that Stefan Kiszko had indecently exposed himself to them the day before the murder. One of them also said he had exposed himself to her a month after the murder and that he had been stalking her for some time previous to that. Kiszko was then a 23-year-old local tax clerk of Eastern European descent. West Yorkshire Police quickly formed the view that Kiszko fitted their profile of the murderer. Stefan had never been in trouble with the law and had no social life beyond his mother and aunt. Kiszko had a mental and emotional age of 12. Kiszko also had a hobby of writing down registration numbers of cars that annoyed him, which supported police suspicions. The police pursued evidence which might incriminate him and ignored other leads that might have taken them in other directions.

Acting upon the teenage girls’ information and their suspicions of Kiszko’s idiosyncratic lifestyle, the police arrested him on 21 December 1975. During questioning, the interviewing detectives seized upon every apparent inconsistency between his varying accounts of the relevant days as further demonstration of his likely guilt. Kiszko confessed to the crime after three days of intensive questioning: he believed that by doing so he would be allowed to go home and that the ensuing investigations would prove him innocent and his confession false. Prior to the PACE Act 1984, suspects did not have the right to have a solicitor present during interviews and the police did not ask Kiszko if he wanted one. His request to have his mother present while he was being questioned was refused and the police did not caution him until long after they had decided he was the only suspect.

After admitting to the murder to police, Kiszko was charged with Molseed’s murder on Dec 24 1975. Later, in the presence of a solicitor, Kiszko retracted his confession. Kiszko was remanded until his murder trial, which began on 7 July 1976 under Sir Hugh Park at Leeds Crown Court (then at Leeds Town Hall). He was defended by David Waddington QC, who later became Home Secretary. The prosecuting QC was Peter Taylor, who became Lord Chief Justice the day after Kiszko was cleared of the murder in 1992.

Kiszko’s defence team led by Waddington made significant mistakes. They did not seek an adjournment when the Crown delivered thousands of pages of additional unused material on the first morning of the trial. The inconsistent defence of diminished responsibility on the grounds that the testosterone he was receiving for his hypogonadism might have made him behave unusually, was never authorised by Stefan. His endocrinologist strongly disagreed with this theory and if called to testify would have said that Stefan’s treatment could not have caused him to act in such a way that would make him carry out a murder. He was never called.

The manslaughter claim undermined Kiszko’s claims that he was totally innocent and destroyed his alibis (a defence known in legal parlance as ‘riding two horses’). I have only ever heard the ‘riding two horses’ expression once; one of the solicitors in Bangor who represented me when the gang took me to Court yet again used it in relation to something that Tony Francis had done in Court, but I can’t remember the exact circumstances. I didn’t realise that it was a legal expression, I thought that it was just an unusual colloquialism that the solicitor used, such as ‘having your cake and eating it’. I’m fairly sure that the lawyer who used the phrase was Meleri Tudor, who was at the time a junior in Alwyn Jones’s firm. Alwyn’s wife was married to a lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council and it is only very recently that I’ve been given info that Meleri and Alwyn were Of Dafydd’s gang but put on a very convincing front for me.

I always got on well with Meleri and Alwyn, but I did wonder why the gang didn’t stuff them over for acting for me. The only weird thing that I noticed throughout the years that they acted for me was that on every occasion – and there were many – when perjury, forgery and the planting of evidence had become obvious, they never ever followed it up. The case just collapsed once more and we all went home. Brown asked Alwyn on one occasion if he could bring charges of perjury and Alwyn said that it would not be possible because the statement made to the police by a junior doctor that we could demonstrate was a pack of lies had not been sworn into Court on that occasion. Yet on the following occasions, the lies were sworn on oath in the witness box, in front of Alwyn and Meleri. I was puzzled but because so much serious wrongdoing was evident and I was on legal aid, I just thought that they could only follow up the basics and couldn’t go off in hot pursuit, although it was obvious that massive corruption was involved and I was very lucky not to have been imprisoned for years on some occasions.

Stefan’s innocence could have been demonstrated at the trial. The pathologist who examined Lesley’s clothes found traces of sperm, whereas the sample taken from Kiszko by the police contained no sperm. There was medical evidence that Kiszko had broken his ankle some months before the murder and, in view of that and his being overweight, he would have found it difficult to get to the murder spot because it was up a steep slope. The sperm findings were suppressed by the police and never disclosed to the defence team or the jury; neither was the medical evidence of Stefan’s broken ankle disclosed to the court.

Kiszko gave evidence that in July 1975 he had become ill and had been admitted to Birch Hill Hospital, where he was given a blood transfusion. In August, Stefan was transferred to a Manchester hospital and diagnosed as being anaemic and as having a hormone deficiency. He agreed to injections to rectify the latter problem and was discharged in September 1975. Stefan said correctly that he had never met Molseed and therefore could not have murdered her and he claimed he was with his aunt tending to his father’s grave in Halifax at the time of the murder before visiting a garden centre and then going home. When asked why he had confessed, Kiszko replied, “I started to tell these lies and they seemed to please them and the pressure was off as far as I was concerned. I thought if I admitted what I did to the police they would check out what I had said, find it untrue and would then let me go”. Which a great many people have said was their rationale for admitting to a load of nonsense after their name had been cleared years later.

Stefan’s conviction was secured by a 10–2 majority verdict after five hours and 35 minutes’ deliberation. Sir Hugh Park praised the three girls who had made the exposure claims, Buckley in particular, for their “bravery and honesty” in giving evidence in court and their “sharp observations”. Pamela Hind’s evidence was read out in court. Park said that Buckley’s “[s]harp eyes set this train of inquiry into motion”. He also praised the police officers involved in the case “for their great skill in bringing to justice the person responsible for this dreadful crime and their expertise in sifting through masses of material”, adding, “I would like all the officers responsible for the result to be specially commended and these observations conveyed to the Chief Constable”. DS John Akeroyd and DSupt Holland were singled out for praise.

Sheila Buckley, whose daughter Maxine played a major part in securing Kiszko’s conviction, criticised the police for not arresting him earlier and told the ‘Manchester  Evening News’ that “…children are a lot safer now this monster has been put away”. She also demanded Kiszko’s hanging. Even Albert Wright, Kiszko’s solicitor, thought that his client was guilty but that it was a case of diminished responsibility and that therefore he should not have been convicted outright of murder.

After a month in HMP Armley, Kiszko was transferred to HMP Wakefield and as a sex offender was immediately placed on Rule 43 to protect him from other inmates. Kiszko launched an appeal, but it was dismissed on 25 May 1978, when Lord Justice Bridge said “We can find no grounds whatsoever to condemn the jury’s verdict of murder as in any way unsafe or unsatisfactory. The appeal is dismissed”.

After his conviction Kiszko was bitterly detested by the majority of inmates, receiving several death threats. He was physically attacked four times. The first time on 24 August 1976, in HMP Wakefield, where five prisoners who attacked him, cutting his mouth and injuring his leg and ankle. On 11 May 1977 Stefan was hit over the head with a mop handle, leaving Kiszko in need of three stitches to a head wound. The next attack came 19 months later, in December 1978, when Stefan was punched once in the face by another prisoner in an unprovoked attack, whilst in the prison chapel.

From 1979 onwards, Kiszko ‘developed schizophrenia whilst in prison and began to suffer from delusions, one being that he was the victim of a plot to incarcerate an innocent tax-office employee so the effects of imprisonment would be tested on him’. He was almost correct wasn’t he. Over the next decade any of Kiszko’s claims of innocence were labelled as symptoms of his schizophrenic delusions, or attributed to his being in a state of denial. One  Top Doctor made a note of Kiszko suffering from “delusions of innocence”.

In March 1981 Stefan was punched in the face in another unprovoked attack, but this time he fought back. The two prisoners had to be separated by guards and both were given a loss of privileges for 28 days. The attacks on Kiszko earned him little sympathy, among either other prisoners or guards, because of the crime for which he had been jailed. During Kiszko’s remaining 11 years in prison, for much of the time he was in the hospital wing of prisons. When he was not, he was placed among less violent offenders.

On 11 November 1981, Kiszko was transferred to HMP Gloucester. In April 1983 he was told that he would only ever be eligible for parole if he admitted to having carried out Lesley’s murder. If he did not admit it, he would spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. This made no difference to Kiszko’s stance. This is common among people who are eventually cleared after years in prison following a wrongful conviction. They don’t tell lies, so they maintain that they are innocent and that is that. It is the villains who do the deals to get reduced jail terms, not the people whom the Top Doctors et al have fitted up, as any fule kno.

Thirteen months later, Stefan was moved to HMP Bristol. Such was his mental deterioration that a month later, in June 1984, it was recommended by a Top Doc that he should be moved to either Broadmoor, Park Lane/Moss Side Hospital (a merger of the two formed Ashworth Hospital, Liverpool) or Rampton, but nothing came of it. Six months later, in December 1984, Kiszko was returned to Wakefield Prison.

When I was in the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh, I was violently assaulted by a particularly foul Angel, Steven Rose. Rose was just a thug and he was one of the people about whom I made a formal complaint. The hospital replied telling me that I was mad, OF COURSE this hadn’t happened. So I replied supplying even more details, along with the name of a patient who had tried to intervene to protect me – Stephen Bagnall, the young man from the children’s homes in north Wales who died at the hands of those bastards, probably some time in 1987. See post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ I received a letter telling me that the other Angels had witnessed the incident and Rose’s behaviour had been ‘professional at all times’. Just to be on the safe side, Rose was no longer working at Denbigh; he had been transferred to Park Lane…

In August 1987 Stefan was transferred again from Wakefield to Grendon Underwood Prison, where, in June 1988, the prison governor tried to persuade Kiszko to enrol on a sex offenders’ treatment programme, in which he would have had to admit having committed the rape and murder of Molseed. Having done that, Stefan would then have to discuss what motivated him to kill Lesley. Kiszko refused to take part and repeatedly and persistently refused to “address his offending behaviour” on the grounds that he had done nothing that needed addressing. He was left in Grendon Underwood in May 1989, when he was moved back to Wakefield Prison.

The sex offenders’ programmes which involve the sex offenders ‘addressing their offending behaviour’ are certainly interesting. Young men still in their teens who have had sex with their long-term girlfriends who were just a few weeks short of the 16th birthdays may end up discussing their offending behaviour in a group of people which includes middle-aged men who have raped 6 year old children. The serious sex offenders frequently use the discussions of the offending behaviour of others who are also serious sex offenders as masturbatory material. I rather got the impression that all the ‘counselling’ on offer to female patients in north Wales was used for this purpose.

There was a reason why Dafydd’s sex therapy clinics were so popular. There was also a reason why ‘sex therapy’ was being offered to virtually every female patient passing through the mental health services in north Wales even those who had firmly said that they had no wish to discuss such matters, yet there was no ‘counselling for psycho-sexual problems’ available at all in north Wales for men, no matter how seriously distressed they were.

In July 1990 Stefan said said he was striking out a ghost who was trying to sexually abuse him. Finally, on 15 March 1991, Kiszko was transferred to Ashworth under Section 47 of the Mental Health Act 1983 – the Act was written by Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass – after six months of delay, on the grounds of Stefan’s deteriorating mental health.

In the summer of 1989, while I sat in a London Medical School and got on with my work, without my knowledge, a case conference was held about me in north Wales, at the behest of Tony Francis, by Francis’s mate Dr Chris Hunter. I had never heard of Hunter until some three years ago when I finally received the documentation relating to this case conference. People of whom I never heard gave evidence about me at the case conference. Chris Hunter concluded that I was dangerous, homicidal and should be in a high security hospital. Hunter offered to compile a Court Report about me. I was not facing any charges at the time. Although I was before long, because Francis et al made yet more complaints about me to the police, perjuring themselves in the process. The case conference was held at Garth Angharad, while Hunter was there seeing one of his ‘patients’. See post ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’. Hunter worked at Ashworth and at the Caswell Clinic in south Wales. See previous posts. Elfyn Llwyd probably wanted Garth Angharad kept open especially for me.

During the 1990s there were two Inquiries into the serious abuse of patients at Ashworth. The first Inquiry was Chaired by Louis Blom-Cooper QC who expressed his horror at what had been happening at Ashworth. Yet Blom-Cooper knew all about it and had colluded with it before he Chaired that Inquiry, because he served as Chairman of the Mental Health Act Commission, 1987-94, while the MHAC ignored serious complaints about Ashworth and were also involved in the conspiracy to frame and imprison me in July 1987. The CEO of the MHAC, 1990-2000, was William Bingley, Dafydd’s friend who had previously been Legal Director of MIND, during which time he colluded with the crimes of Dafydd’s gang. William’s mother Lady Juliet Bingley was a friend of Richard Crossman’s and of Dafydd’s who became involved with MIND (then called the National Association for Mental Health) during the mid-1960s and served as Chairman, 1979-84. See previous posts.

Lady Juliet Bingley’s father was Reginald Vick, a surgeon at Bart’s who was networked into Dafydd’s gang when it was actually Gwynne’s gang, before Dafydd had got as far as qualifying as a Top Doc. Lady Bingley’s husband was Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, who served in the Royal Navy with Lord Louis Mountbatten and also knew about the gay spies in the Admiralty (see post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’). Sir Alec was Commander of the Mediterranean Fleet and NATO Commander Allied Forces Mediterranean in 1959 and then Commander-in-Chief and Allied Commander-in-Chief, Channel in 1961; Bingley retired in 1963. After Sir Alec’s death in 1972, Lady Juliet decided that her future lay working with MIND.

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Lady Juliet and Richard Crossman were both friends of Dom Mintoff, who served as PM of Malta, 1955-58 and 1971-84. Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ openly admitted that Dom Mintoff was a member of the Maltese Mafia as were Mintoff’s friends with whom Crossman hung out. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’. After Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal in 2011, some of those eventually convicted were found to be living in Malta and were extradited to the UK.

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Lord Denning’s brother Vice-Admiral Sir Norman Denning was was a Royal Naval and Intelligence Officer at the Admiralty and Defence Intelligence Staff who served as Director of Naval Planning, 1945-56, Director of Naval Intelligence, 1960-64 and Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Intelligence, 1964-65. Denning was a prominent figure in naval and military intelligence and held many senior ranking staff positions before and after WW II.

Lord Denning became notorious for his Report on the Profumo Affair, which was perceived as a huge cover-up. An early incarnation of Dafydd’s gang played a role in the Profumo Affair. See post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’. Lord Astor’s wife at the time was Bronwen, who’s father was Sir Alun Pugh, a judge who had grown up in Carmarthenshire.

Bronwen was brought up in Hampstead, but she went to boarding school in Dolgellau, the town in which Ioan Bowen Rees grew up, where his father, a UCNW graduate, was a teacher in the town’s grammar school. Ioan’s mother was also a UCNW graduate, one of the first women to graduate in Wales. After the Profumo Affair, Bronwen was frozen out of polite English aristocratic society and was accused of being a Welsh slapper who had set out to bag a rich Englishman. The Astor family owned ‘The Observer’ and during the Profumo Affair, David Astor went to lengths to ensure that his family were portrayed in the most positive way possible. See post ‘In Memoriam – Bronwen, Lady Astor’.

Nora Beloff was a reporter on ‘The Observer’ and the sister of Lord Max Beloff, who was a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees in adulthood, as well as of Thatcher. Max Beloff was one of those behind the establishment of the University of Buckingham. The person who proposed the idea which led to the University of Buckingham was Top Doctor John W. Paulley. Paulley carried out dangerous unethical experiments on his patients and his wife Deirdre ran a counselling service for ‘disturbed’ people. See post ‘The International Language of Screaming’. The Paulleys were based near Ipswich, which was where John Allen was based until he went into business with Dafydd in north Wales in the late 1960s. George Melly was the film and TV critic for ‘The Observer’, 1965-73.

Dingle Foot, the elder brother of Michael Foot, served as the Labour MP for Ipswich, 1957-70. Dingle Foot was Solicitor General, 1964-67. The whole extended Foot family colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and there is evidence that when he was younger, Michael Foot was part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself. See eg. ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’.

The family seat of the Herveys is near Ipswich. John Jermyn Hervey aka Lord Bristol was famously excessive in terms of class A drugs and rent boys and died in middle age after developing numerous health problems, including AIDS. Lord Bristol found some very helpful Top Doctors to keep him out of prison for a long while before the Courts felt obliged to jail him after he was given the option once more of a private clinic rather than prison but after snorting coke in Court he buggered off to Europe instead of making his way to the private clinic. Much more of a conundrum was the death of Lord Bristol’s brother Nicholas Hervey, after the death of Lord Bristol and while Nicholas was still in his 30s.

Nicholas was close to John Jermyn and knew the source of the drugs and rent boys and info re his associates, but he didn’t live anything like Lord Bristol’s existence himself. Nicholas was conservative, studious and hard working, the ‘sensible one’. After a stressful period as a young man, he found himself diagnosed with schizophrenia and was Helped. Nicholas never looked back and spent a number of years living a life that would be familiar to Empowered Service Users in north Wales, was forced into the bankruptcy courts by his mother – inexplicably because it was totally unnecessary – and was later found hanging dead in his Chelsea flat. Suicide after years of Suffering.

Nicholas certainly did Suffer and he could have killed himself, but then so many witnesses to Dafydd’s gang decided to kill themselves by hanging as well, often from places where one would have thought that they would not have chosen to hang themselves. However Nicholas died, whoever was flogging his brother all those drugs and supplying the rent boys must have been relieved with both witnesses dead. See post ‘The Vermin Club’.

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Trumpers stated in her autobiography that she too partied at Cliveden at the time of Profumo and that the Royals were guests, including Lilibet, at the same time as the call girls were staying there. See previous posts.

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Norman Denning’s brother Lord Alfred ‘Tom’ Denning was called to the Bar in 1923 and became a  King’s Counsel in 1938. Denning became a High Court judge in 1944. He was made a Lord Justice of Appeal in 1948. Denning became a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary in 1957 and after five years in the Lords, returned to the Court of Appeal as Master of the Rolls in 1962, a position that he held until 1982.

In 1980, Lord Denning upheld an appeal by the West Midlands Police against a civil action brought by the Birmingham Six for injuries that they received in custody. Denning said in his judgement that the consequences for the English legal system of accepting that police officers were lying would be “an appalling vista”, thus the Birmingham Six could not be allowed to win the case.

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Lord Denning was a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as is Cherie. When I was very young I lived near Lord Denning and used to play with his dog. When I first met D.G.E. Wood and Tony Francis, they enquired a few times about that period of my life but all casual like. I couldn’t understand why at the time but I think I know now why they were interested to know what I remembered about those years.

Lord Denning appeared in an episode of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ helping to grant a 13 year old girl’s wish to be a barrister for a day. By the time that he did that Denning knew that Savile was a serious, prolific sex offender and once Lord Denning had appeared on TV helping old Savile out, no-one was going to touch Savile because what would have happened to poor old Denning’s reputation if they did?

The Lord Denning in 1964.jpg


The MHAC were part of the conspiracy in the summer of 1987 between Dafydd, Tony Francis, Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities, Risley Remand Centre, Alwyn Jones and at least some members of the North Wales Police to frame and imprison me for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’. Louis Blom-Cooper QC was Chair of the MHAC at the time. See eg. ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’

Although Blom-Cooper recommended in his Report after Chairing the first Inquiry into Ashworth that Ashworth  should be closed, it wasn’t and there was another Inquiry just a few years later, Chaired by Peter Fallon QC. The Fallon Inquiry was into Lawrence Ward, the ‘Personality Disorder Unit’ at Ashworth, a ‘therapeutic unit’ established and run by Dr Chris Hunter. Part of the Fallon Inquiry involved an investigation into the death of a patient who had been murdered by the Angels. The member of the Fallon panel who was responsible for investigating the murder was one Professor Robert Bluglass. To assist him, Bluglass selected a senior Angel from the Reaside Clinic in Birmingham, of which he was the Clinical Director and er a senior Angel of Dafydd’s from Clwyd Health Authority. See post ‘Security, Security’.

In 1991, because Gwynedd Health Authority had refused to treat me, my solicitor Alwyn Jones established an agreement with Gwynedd Health Authority under which they would fund private appointments with a Top Doc outside of Gwynedd. Alwyn recruited Dr David Mawson, who had just left the employment of Ashworth, in the wake of the first patient abuse scandal. I found Dr Mawson very chatty and pleasant and I did of course know about the havoc at Ashworth; Dr Mawson told me that it was caused by the POA, the union to which all the Angels belonged. The POA were indeed bloody dreadful, but the reason why they were raping and beating patients was that the Top Docs and clinical psychiatrists who ran the institution were also running a paedophile ring and were banging their victims up in there.

The Fallon Inquiry revealed the most appalling practices on Lawrence Ward at Ashworth. Huge quantities of child porn was found on the wards and a child in the care of Bradford Social Services had been taken into the Personality Disorder Unit, ‘to visit a paedophile’. The Fallon Report caused an even bigger scandal that Louis Blom-Cooper’s Report did, but everything was attributed to the Dangerous Mental Cases locked up in Ashworth. The MP who sparked off the Fallon Inquiry was Alice Mahon, the Labour MP for Halifax. Alice was appalled to hear of the way in which Dangerous Nutters had been allowed to Run The Hospital – as confirmed by Bluglass et al – and Alice demanded that the Nutters should be Clamped Down Upon. Alice should have known, she was a former Angel who Supported The NHS. See previous posts.

Dr Mawson was of course part of the ring, although I found him far more pleasant than Dafydd et al. As with Ron Evans, the gang subsequently turned on Dr Mawson but I don’t know why. Dr Mawson spent some time working at Broadmoor and was then removed from the Medical Register. I have been told that it was something to do with me. It must have been because he wasn’t as grossly abusive as the others and instead said that I mad but not dangerous and that Gwynedd Health Authority had no reason not to treat me. See post ‘Doctors Who Disappeared From The Medical Register’.

Mental health professionals training and working in north Wales did their forensic training at Ashworth. Professors Richard Bentall and Catherine Robinson and Catherine’s ex-husband John Bailey all worked at Ashworth.


Stefan Kiszko’s mother continued to profess her son’s innocence throughout the time that he was incarcerated but was ignored and stonewalled both by politicians, including her local MP Cyril Smith and PMs Jim Callaghan and Thatch, as well as by the legal system.

In 1984 Stefan’s mum contacted JUSTICE, which at the time investigated many miscarriages of justice. Three years later, Stefan’s mum was put in touch with solicitor Campbell Malone.

Malone consulted Philip Clegg, who had been Waddington’s junior at the July 1976 trial. Clegg had expressed his own doubts about the confession and conviction at the time and over the next two years, Clegg and Malone prepared a petition to the Home Secretary. The draft was finally ready to be sent on 26 October 1989. On the same day David Waddington was appointed Home Secretary. Sixteen months passed before a police investigation into the conduct of the original trial began. Waddington resigned as Home Secretary in November 1990 to take up a peerage and to serve as Leader of the Lords.

My post ‘The Bitterest Pill’ details the repeated High Court cases that Dafydd’s gang brought against me during 1990. On every occasion, gang members perjured themselves and were exposed as having done that, yet no action was taken. Gwynedd Social Services obtained a High Court injunction against me from Sir Maurice Kay, sitting at the High Court in Leeds, while I was living in Bethesda. Kay issued the injunction although the affidavits were by Keith Fearns, a social worker who had at the time never met me and Jackie Brandt, Fearns’s colleague, who had met me at most two or three times.

I now have documentary evidence demonstrating that in one Court case at Chester before Justice John Roch, Fearns and Brandt as well as their perjuring colleagues from the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, Bob Ingham and Maggie Fookes, did not even write their own affidavits or sign them. They hadn’t seen those affidavits until they arrived for the Court case and had been instructed by Ron Evans, the crooked Gwynedd County Council lawyer, to introduce themselves to the Clerk of the Court who would show them where they needed to go and they should then ‘familiarise themselves’ with the affidavits.

During 1990, Gwynedd Health Authority took me to the High Court in Cardiff in front of Sir Malcolm Pill, in an attempt to obtain a High Court injunction against me, again on the basis of lies and fabricated evidence. Documents in my possession show that Andrew Park, the crooked lawyer employed by the Welsh Office, was working with Ron Evans et al in Gwynedd County Council and those in Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities, to co-ordinate stories and forge evidence.

David Waddington was Home Secretary throughout it all.

Leeds is on the Northern Circuit. George Carman spent his career on the Northern Circuit until he successfully defended Jeremy Thorpe at the Old Bailey in 1979 and relocated to London. Carman was based in Chambers in Greater Manchester. Leeds was Savile HQ and Savile was friendly with corrupt police officers, as was George Carman.

Waddington was replaced as Home Secretary by Kenneth Baker on 28 Nov 1990. Previous posts explain why I believe that Kenneth Baker was involved with the fitting up of Patient F…


In February 1991 Campbell Malone and a private detective, Peter Jackson, urged the Home Office to reopen Stefan’s case, which was then referred back to West Yorkshire Police. Det Supt Trevor Wilkinson was assigned to the job and immediately found several glaring errors. Kiszko’s innocence was demonstrated conclusively through medical evidence; he had male hypogonadism, which rendered him infertile, contradicting forensic evidence obtained at the time of the murder. During his research, Jackson found someone who confirmed that Kiszko had been seen with his aunt tending his father’s grave on the day the murder took place. They said they could not understand why they had not been called to give evidence at the trial. Someone else said that Kiszko had been in a shop around the time of the murder.

Also in Feb 1991, the four girls involved in the court trial admitted that the evidence they had given which had led to Kiszko’s arrest and conviction was false, and that they had lied for “a laugh” and because “at the time it was funny”. Burke said she wished she had not said anything but refused to apologise, saying she did not think it would go as far as it did. Buckley said it was not Kiszko who had exposed himself to her and that he had not been stalking them, but they had seen a taxi driver urinating behind a bush on the day of Molseed’s murder. She also refused to apologise. Brown refused to make a statement. Hind was the most remorseful of the four, saying that what they did was “foolish but we were young” and that, had she appeared in Court, she would have told the truth about Kiszko, unlike her friends, who all had committed perjury. She herself did not think that Kiszko would be convicted.

In February 1990, the Home Office privately disclosed that Kiszko’s first parole hearing would take place in December 1992, by which time he would have served 17 years in custody. He would only be released if he admitted to having murdered Molseed and if he could convince the Parole Board that he would not be a danger to children or the public. In August 1991, the new findings in Kiszko’s case were referred to Kenneth Baker, who immediately passed them on to the Court of Appeal. On 20 December 1991, Kiszko was moved from Ashworth to Prestwich Hospital.

Ten months before his parole hearing, on 17 February 1992, the judicial investigation into Kiszko’s conviction began. It was heard by three judges, Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane, Mr Justice Rose and Mr Justice Potts. Franz Muller QC and William Boyce appeared for the Crown and were there to argue that Kiszko was guilty of murder and therefore must remain in prison for another 10 months and Stephen Sedley QC and Jim Gregory appeared for the defence, to argue that Kiszko was innocent. After hearing the new evidence presented by Sedley and Gregory, Muller and Boyce immediately accepted its validity.

Also after hearing the new evidence, Lord Chief Justice Lane said: “It has been shown that this man cannot produce sperm. This man cannot have been the person responsible for ejaculating over the girl’s knickers and skirt, and consequently cannot have been the murderer.” Kiszko was cleared and Lane ordered his immediate release from custody.

In May 1987, Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane allowed the appeal of Oliver Brooke, the Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s, who had been imprisoned for child porn in Dec 1986, days after Dafydd had me wrongfully arrested and unlawfully imprisoned in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Lane allowed Ollie’s appeal and ordered his release not because he considered Ollie to be innocent but because Lane considered that Ollie had suffered greatly and his collection of kiddie porn was the equivalent of ‘a collection of cigarette cards’. Oliver Brooke was one of the key figures in a pan-European paedophile ring, of which his colleagues at St George’s and Dafydd’s gang were a part. See eg. ‘Oliver!’

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The judge at Stefan’s 1976 trial, Sir Hugh Park, apologised for what had happened to Kiszko but said he was not sorry for how he had handled the Court case. The Tory MP Anthony Beaumont-Dark said, “This must be the worst miscarriage of justice of all time” and, like many others, demanded a full, independent and wide-ranging inquiry into the conviction. Sir Anthony Beaumont-Dark was a stockbroker, the Tory MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, 1979-92. Beaumont-Dark was the son of a Birmingham businessman, grew up and went to school and university in Birmingham and served as a Birmingham City Councillor before he became an MP.

Beaumont-Dark knew about Dafydd’s gang and the extensive corruption in civic life in Birmingham. In Jan 2013, the local press in Birmingham reported that Nicholas Beaumont-Dark, Anthony’s son, had received a 12 month suspended prison sentence after admitting making 393 indecent images of children as young as six months old. See previous posts for further info re father and son…

The Molseed family, who were convinced of Kiszko’s guilt up to the very moment of him being cleared, publicly apologised for the things that they had said after Stefan’s conviction, including that he be hanged in public.

David Waddington, Sheila Buckley, Maxine Buckley, Hind, Brown and Burke, Ronald Outteridge and prosecution barrister Peter Taylor all offered no apology, nor expressed any regret for what had happened. All refused to comment when Kiszko was released. The West Yorkshire police, while accepting and admitting they had been wrong, tried to justify the position they had taken in 1975. All Waddington would say was that if this evidence had been available in July 1976, the trial would have taken a very different course.

Kiszko ‘needed further psychiatric treatment’ and continued to remain in Prestwich Hospital though he was allowed home at weekends and occasionally during the week. He was finally allowed home fully in late April 1992, but the 16 years of incarceration for something he had not done had both mentally and emotionally destroyed him. Kiszko became a virtual recluse and showed little interest in anything or anyone. His physical health had also deteriorated. In October 1993 Stefan was diagnosed as suffering from angina. He died of a massive heart attack in Rochdale on 23 December 1993, at 41 years old. After release from prison Kiszko had been told he would receive £500,000. He had received an interim payment, but neither he nor his mother ever received the full amount they were awarded, since both died before Kiszko was due to receive it and no other close relatives existed.

Stefan’s constituency MP, who had refused to help Stefan when asked:

In 1979, while Stefan sat in prison, Cyril Smith was named in a Rochdale alternative paper as having abused boys. No other paper carried the story. David Steel utilised the help of George Carman to keep the Smith story out of the media because Thorpe was due to stand trial and Steel was worried about the effect that both cases would have on the Liberal Party. Steel was not the only person who knew about Smith. There were a number of complaints to the police and one police officer who tried to follow up a complaint received a visit from a more senior officer and was told in no uncertain terms to forget about it. On one occasion, Smith was liberated from a police station where he was being interviewed about the abuse of boys. It has been admitted much more recently that prosecutions against Smith were actively blocked at Attorney General level.

In 1994 the surviving senior officer in charge of the original investigation into Lesley Molseed’s death, Det Super Dick Holland and the retired forensic scientist who had worked on the case, Ronald Outteridge, were formally charged with “doing acts tending to pervert the course of justice” by allegedly suppressing evidence in Kiszko’s favour, namely the results of scientific tests on semen taken from the victim’s body and from the accused. On May Day 1995 the case was challenged by defence barristers, arguing that the case was an abuse of process and that charges should be stayed as the passage of time had made a fair trial impossible. The presiding magistrate agreed and as the case was never presented before a jury, the law regards the accused as presumed innocent.

Holland, who came to public prominence as a senior officer on the flawed investigation into case of the Yorkshire Ripper, retired in 1988, at a time when he viewed the conviction of both Kiszko and of Judith Ward (in May 1992 Ward’s conviction was also viewed as unsafe by the High Court) as being among his finest hours during his 35 years in the police force. Holland was demoted during the Yorkshire Ripper Inquiry four years after Kiszko’s conviction. He died in February 2007.


Sir Hugh Park (24 April 1910-2001), the judge who presided over Stefan’s original trialwas born near Exeter and educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and worked for the SOE during WW II. Asa Briggs also went to Sidney Sussex, although he was some 10 years younger than Park; Briggs worked for the security services and was mates with Howard Smith, who became Director of MI5 in 1979. Briggs grew up in West Yorkshire.

Hugh Park was a member of Middle Temple as was Ronnie Waterhouse. Park grew up in the West Country and spent his working life on the Western Circuit, serving as the Presiding judge during the 1970s. Park knew about Jeremy Thorpe and he’ll have known about the paedophile ring which existed in Bridgwater which had links to Dafydd’s gang. See previous posts.

Hugh Park presided over the ‘Operation Julie’ trial at Bristol in 1978, which saw some fairly benign hippies from mid-Wales denounced as serious organised criminals and banged up on the evidence of obviously corrupt police officers. I heard all about the excesses of Operation Julie when I lived in Somerset and again when I lived in Bethesda. The police officers who were so exercised about the Operation Julie hippies were tripping over Dafydd and the ring every two minutes but managed to ignore them. See post ‘They Planned To Put Acid In All The Reservoirs…’

The Western Circuit included Hampshire. Hugh Park was the Recorder of Southampton, 1964-65. Lord Denning country. When I was living just down the road from him.

I have wondered for ages if Sir Hugh Park was any relation to Andrew Park, the corrupt lawyer who worked for the Welsh Office and who worked so hard for so long to co-ordinate the perjurers, the forged documents and the planted evidence in his attempts to imprison me.
Anyway, that was Hugh Of The West Country, a Liberal Party stronghold, who jailed an innocent man from Cyril Smith’s home town For Being A Paedophile. North Wales was a Liberal Party Stronghold until the mid-20th century, what with the Lloyd-Georges calling the shots. Ronnie Waterhouse’s dad was a leading Welsh Liberal and Dafydd’s mate Menai Williams, Deputy Principal of the Bangor Normal College, was mates with the Lloyd-Georges. As was Jeremy Thorpe.
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Now for the role in the destroying of Stefan’s life played by Tony Francis’s colleague Michael Tarsh. ‘The Manchester Evening News’ reported that:

THE trial of Stefan Kiszko opened at Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday 7 July 1976. It was heard before Mr Justice Park with Peter Taylor QC leading the case for the prosecution, assisted by Mr M Caswell. Leading the defence was David Waddington QC with Phillip Clegg as junior counsel. They were instructed by Albert Wright of Rochdale solicitors, Hartley, Thomas and Wright…Opening the case for the crown, Mr Taylor told the court that Stefan Kiszko had been receiving injections for his medical condition. He said these had given the tax clerk a sex drive which had led to him exposing himself to girls. He had received one on Friday 3 October and: “Over a period of three days, culminating on the Sunday, he had indulged in such behaviour and the case for the crown is that the abduction and killing of Lesley was the climax…The motive was clearly sexual, but it was unusual, not merely because of the age of the girl, but because there was no sexual interference of her or displacement of clothing.”

The court was then told that when interviewed on 21 December Mr Kiszko said to police he had no interest in girls and the injections were there to help him. However, he is later alleged to have said later, when told there would be further inquiries: “This is terrible. It’s those damned injections. All this would never have happened.” When pressed, Mr Taylor continued, he is alleged to have admitted he picked Lesley up in his car, adding: “I can’t help myself when I have had these injections. I picked her up on Sunday dinnertime when I killed her.”

The court was told that on 22 December Stefan Kiszko made a statement under caution in which he admitted killing Lesley but the following day made a second one which retracted the admissions he had made…Under cross-examination from defence counsel David Waddington, detectives denied that they had suggested to Stefan Kiszko what he had done to Lesley. Chief Inspector Thomas Steele insisted that the tax clerk had told his own story and Detective Constable Robert McFadzen insisted that he had not at any stage in the interview said: “Let’s get this wrapped up and we can all go home for Christmas.”

Detective Superintendent Dick Holland said Mr Kiszko had asked him to write his statement for him, adding: “He was obviously under stress, but he was not unfit to make a statement.”…

Ronald Outteridge, principal scientific officer at the Home Office Forensic Science Laboratory in Harrogate, told the court fibres removed from the 11-year-old’s clothes were similar to those on a piece of carpet found in the back of Stefan’s car.

Opening the defence case, David Waddington told the jury that Lesley’s killing was ‘a crime of most unusual circumstances.’ He drew their attention to the fact that under the Homocide Act of 1957 a person who killed someone in circumstances which would otherwise amount to murder was guilty of manslaughter if at the time they were suffering from such an abnormality of mind as to substantially impair his mental responsibility for the act…Mr Waddington continued Mr Kiszko’s confession was the nub of the prosecution’s case and there was a wealth of evidence to suggest it was untrue. He also pointed out the fibres taken from Lesley’s clothing were of a carpet that was sold widely across the country.

Stefan Kiszko proceeded to give his evidence in a voice that was so low the judge had to ask him to speak louder. He told the court that in July 1975 he had become ill and had been admitted to Birch Hill Hospital, where he was given a blood transfusion. In August he was transferred to a Manchester hospital and diagnosed as being anaemic and having a hormone deficiency. He agreed to injections to ratify the latter problems and was discharged in September…

He said that during police interviews he had constantly asked if he could use the telephone to ring his mother, but his requests were refused. While at Rochdale police headquarters he said he “felt terrified and wanted to see my mother.” Asked by Mr Waddington why he had lied to the police about killing Lesley he said: “I started to tell these lies and they seemed to please them and the pressure was off as far as I was concerned. “I thought if I admitted what I did to the police they would check out what I had said, find it untrue and would then let me go.” The questioning continued and Mr Kiszko said: “I wanted them to stop but they didn’t. They just kept on and on.” He eventually said he had picked up and killed Lesley: “It was not true, I said it to get the police off my back.”

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Michael J Tarsh, called by the defence, said Stefan Kiszko was not a normal personality. After examining him in Armley Jail he described him as socially withdrawn, socially inept, mother-fixated, unhappy, not knowing where to put himself and not knowing how to form relationships. Under questioning from Mr Waddington, he said Mr Kiszko  would be emotionally unprepared for the appearance of a sex drive and if he had killed Lesley his level of self-control must have diminished a lot.

In his closing speech, Peter Taylor said the defence had been ‘riding two horses’ using the proposition: ‘I didn’t do it but if I did it was because of diminished responsibility.’ Mr Taylor added: “They are just not horses to be ridden together.” In his summing up Mr Waddington hit back, declaring that the prosecution had done the same.  He said the Crown had fairly listed all the indications Stefan was suffering from diminished responsibility – then had dealt with them in the opposite direction.

Michael Tarsh didn’t just spout nonsense about Stefan, he failed to raise concerns at any point concerning the rest of the nonsense that had been spouted with regard to hormone injections and their alleged effect and took no account of the distress that Stefan was experiencing by the time that Tarsh interviewed him in prison. Furthermore, all of the Top Docs involved in the case would have known that as Stefan suffered from hypogonadism, it would be highly unlikely that he would be fertile; yet they all knew that the forensic evidence demonstrated that whoever killed Lesley was fertile.

All of them should have asked questions. As opposed to what most people believe, Top Docs very rarely ask questions in the face of idiocy being expressed by other people, including other Top Docs, even if someone’s liberty or even life is at stake. I have watched them for years, in north Wales and elsewhere. They really do not raise concerns in situations in which any intelligent rational person would ask ‘WHAT is going on here? He/she cannot possibly state that and they know it’. They do not ask questions because they are well aware that so much bad practice, lies, deceit, perjury and serious criminality is perpetrated by Top Docs and Top Docs with whom they are friendly or have worked, that they just dare not go there.

This has resulted in a dangerous NHS which has been infiltrated by serious organised crime and somebody needs to have the guts to admit it.

Michael Tarsh appeared in a 1980 TV programme, part of a series of four programmes, featuring ‘Hypothetical Situations based on Real Life’. The programme in which Tarsh appeared debated the question ‘When can a doctor override the wishes of the patient?’ ‘A young newly wedded wife has breast cancer and is advised to use contraception for five years so as not to become pregnant, but she is a devout Catholic and therefore opposed to contraception. The story gets more complicated as they do have a child, the mother becomes seriously depressed and the father discovers he has Huntington’s Chorea. Moderator: Arthur Miller of Harvard Law School. The panel consists of Peter Diggory, gynaecologist; John Cook, surgeon; Professor Peter Huntingford, gynaecologist; Lord Winstanley, G.P; Sir John Wakely, surgeon; Sheila Duncan, surgeon; Sir Douglas Black, President of Royal College of Physicians; Douglas Glover, Tutor in Philosophy, Oxford; Dr Michael Tarsh, psychiatrist; Dr Colin Brewer, psychiatrist; Michael Flynn, Head of a Special School and Barbara Calvert, Q.C.

The programme is described thus: ‘Although made in 1980 this is still a very useful programme not only for medical students but for anyone working in a medical or caring situation.’

The media love these ‘Inside The Ethics Committee’ type programmes. As with this TV programme featuring Tarsh, when I am exposed to them, I can nearly always identify more than one Top Doc in each programme whom I know for a fact has been involved in or colluded with serious criminality. Radio 4 and Joan Bakewell seem to believe that Top Docs spend their working lives conducting themselves as they do when they are starring in a programme with her. Joan, they do not, you can take it from me. If Radio 4 bugged any hospital in the UK for 48 hours and broadcast the recording unedited, there would be a serious crisis of public confidence in the medical profession and the NHS.

Dr David Mawson starred in one such programme, ‘Hypotheticals’, while he was working at Broadmoor, after the Ashworth chaos, after he knew what had happened to me but before he disappeared from the Medical Register. Furthermore, Dr Mawson was working at Broadmoor when Jimmy Savile was the General Manager there. It has now been admitted that Savile sexually assaulted numerous patients at Broadmoor and that two are believed to have killed themselves as a result. David Mawson knew that the high security hospitals were full of people who had been abused in care by the rings facilitated by his colleagues and abused all over again in the mental health system. The topic for discussion in that episode of ‘Hypotheticals’ was ‘What would you do as a doctor if a patient accused you or another doctor of indecent behaviour towards her?’ (It was a female patient in the Hypothetical.) The Top Docs had an earnest discussion about how the situation would be handled sensitively and an investigation would follow, one that was fair to patient and Top Doctor.

I’ll tell you what happens in that situation, or what was happening when Dr Dawson appeared on ‘Hypotheticals’. Every single Top Doc either diagnoses the patient with a frightening sounding mental illness to ensure that no-one will believe what they say again and if that doesn’t work, the patient will be threatened, hounded, blacklisted and refused medical care.

Dr Mawson stated in his report about me that I was an intelligent, charming, pleasant young woman and he did not believe that I was dangerous. He also stated that I had paranoid schizophrenia and that was the reason for my allegations about Dafydd and Gwynne. The documents in my possession now demonstrate that no-one, no-one at all, including Dr Mawson, believed that I was lying or deluded with regard to Dafydd and Gwynne. They all knew that Dafydd et al were running a huge trafficking ring and had been for many, many years and members of the ring had targeted every patient under the age of 30 who was referred to them.

That episode of ‘Hypotheticals’ was broadcast in 1993. When Patient F and I would not drop our complaints against Dafydd. The media was full of allegations that a VIP paedophile ring was operating in north Wales/Cheshire that was being concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t… The North Wales Police investigated and concluded that there was no evidence of such a ring. More than 100 complaints about the abuse of children in care in north Wales were made during the investigation and the CPS sent a file to the DPP. There was not one prosecution.

It was at the time of ‘Hypotheticals’ that the paedophiles’ friends had caused havoc at UCNW by declaring war on Graham Day, a senior sociologist, who found himself accused by ‘The Guardian’ of anti-Welsh racism when making academic appointments. Merfyn’s late wife Nerys was caught in the cross-fire and no-one ever forgave her. See eg. post ‘Badlands’.

I invite readers to take a long hard look at the names of those who starred in the 1980 TV broadcast with Michael Tarsh. 1980: Jeremy Thorpe had been acquitted of attempting to murder Norman Scott the year before and Mary Wynch had been unlawfully imprisoned by Dafydd and the gang. In 1980, Dafydd’s gang knew that Mary intended to begin legal action and they could be in very, very deep trouble… The reinforcements arrived in north Wales over the next two years, lots of Nice Young Doctors to Show That Things Had Changed. Two of whom were Tony and Sadie Francis. As part of the Overhaul, in 1983 the Mental Health Act was rewritten – by Dafydd’s friend Bluglass. The Code of Practice to accompany the Act was written by Dafydd’s friend William Bingley.

Patient F, as someone who had been fitted up and wrongfully imprisoned and knew others in the same boat and who listened to the beatings of prisoners by the screws in Risley’s ‘hospital wing’ at night – I suspect that he overheard a murder as well – often discussed the phrase ‘at her Majesty’s pleasure’. He would discuss events in Risley in detail and say ‘at her Majesty’s pleasure? Who would ever take pleasure from that happening to people? What a vicious old cow’.

It was rather worse that F or indeed I realised. Her Maj wasn’t only taking pleasure in what was happening at Risley, it was Dafydd’s links to the Royals and their Top Doctors that ensured the beatings, rapes and deaths at Risley continued. Furthermore everyone knew that many of those carted off to Risley were not guilty as charged, but instead were witnesses to the organised abuse conducted by Dafydd’s gang. Including F.
Gawd Bless Yer Ma’am! Children gang raped, coerced into sex work, infected with STIs and found dead in Risley if they complained, all because they were swinging in Westminster, swinging at the DHSS and swinging at Trinity College Cambridge.
She couldn't go on stock photo

Dorothy Griffiths was found dead in the bath at Ysbyty Gwynedd in the late 1980s after her parents had objected to her being ‘cared for’ at the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. See post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’. Perhaps Dr Sadie Francis, Dr Colin Flood and Angel Jackie Ehlen, who all lied at the inquest, would now like to explain how Dorothy died. Or Jeff Crowther could, he was the Angel who broke down the door and found Dorothy’s body. Or that’s what the story was, but everyone told so many lies who could ever know? Apart from the security services who recorded the whole thing but have never told anyone or released the footage. More and more ‘disturbed’ patients were sent into the hands of the gang and found dead after all the Help.

Help! stock photo

Her she is, taking a bit of pleasure over it all:
Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday: British Royal To Be ...

Peter Taylor QC, who led the prosecution at Stefan’s trial has featured in previous blog posts. After excelling in Stefan’s case, Peter Murray Taylor, Baron Taylor of Gosforth (1 May 1930 – 28 April 1997) served as Lord Chief Justice of England, 1992-96, succeeding Ollie Brooke’s friend Geoffrey Lane. Taylor was LCJ throughout the latter half of the North Wales Police investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire and throughout the Jillings Inquiry. Taylor was in post while I was dragged through Court after Court and people told very obvious porkies on oath etc; when Sir Peter Morrison and Bing Spear died just four days apart, when Matt Arnold died of an ‘unspecified blood infection’ four days before Peter Howarth, his mate and colleague at Bryn Estyn, stood trial for the abuse of boys in care in north Wales… Taylor was LCJ hroughout the beginning of the Genocide that came with the Waterhouse Inquiry… You know the rest by now…

Taylor came from a Yiddish-speaking Jewish family who had emigrated to England from Lithuania; the original name of the family was Teiger or Teicher. Taylor’s father Louis was born in Leeds and became a Top Doctor; his mother came from the rabbinical Palterovich family who had emigrated to Leeds in 1895. Taylor was a distant cousin of actress Gwynth Paltrow. By the time of his birth, the family were living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Taylor attended the Royal Grammar School. Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who served as President of the BMA and Chairman of the GMC, afforded the gang life-long protection. John Walton was a psychiatrist, neurologist and neurosurgeon. He knew Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre who found themselves unable to treat Merfyn’s wife Nerys; John Walton knew Gwynne the lobotomist, Sir Charles Evans, Walton knew every sewer dweller that there was. No wonder the murder attempt on Brown involved smashing his head repeatedly on the pavement; ah the doctors would have done their best when Dr Brown was admitted with severe head injuries but there was nothing that they could do…

In 1951 Taylor studied law at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He practised on the North-Eastern circuit around Newcastle when Dafydd’s mates Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth were still in Gateshead running the ring there. Taylor occasionally appeared for the defence and on one such occasion, the  judge Melford Stevenson deemed him a threat to the administration of justice.

Peter though kept quiet about the excesses of Melford.

Melford was famously Tough On Young Thugs – as was Dafydd’s corrupt judge friend Huw Daniel – and in one famous case, Melford jailed a teenaged girl who refused to give evidence against her father in a sex case. The case was reported as Melford Getting Tough on a young woman who’s misplaced loyalties were obstructing justice. I read about that case before I witnessed Empowered Service Users being pressurised into naming innocent men, often family members, as ‘their abusers’ after they had made complaint about Dafydd and the gang.

There is at least one man from Gwynedd who went to prison for sexually abusing his daughters after two of them named him after receiving Help from Gwynedd social workers. The third daughter maintained that he was innocent and that they had been ordered to name him. This young woman was deemed to be the biggest problem in the family because she would not Disclose. She was refusing to Disclose any old crap that they wanted to hear. She spent years in the hands of the Hergest Unit and died some 10 years ago. ‘Of alcohol poisoning’, her life support at Ysbyty Gwynedd being switched off after a few days. I know her best mate who is in possession of her suicide note.

Dr RICHARD TRANTER. You didn’t tell the truth about that young woman while diagnosing that borderline personality disorder did you Richard?

In 1973 Peter Taylor appeared for the prosecution in several cases connected to the corrupt architect John Poulson, including that of Poulson himself. Over the next three years, the prosecutions succeeded and many of those involved were jailed. Poulson was involved with massive civic corruption and was linked to T. Dan Smith, the one time leader of Newscastle-upon-Tyne City Council. T. Dan Smith and Poulson were exposed as being involved in corrupt business and local gov’t planning and building deals, but much of their empire had to be left untouched because part of the corrupt deals with local authorities included the agreement to place kids in care in north Wales and other places run by partners of the Poulson/T. Dan Smith gangs.

Lord Bob Mellish and his crew in Southwark Borough Council were cooking up corrupt deals with T. Dan Smith. Southwark sent numerous children in care to north Wales and continued to do so even when complaints of serious abuse were being made. No-one mentioned this, not even when Peter Tatchell tried to challenge the other corrupt practices of Mellish and the gang who ran the Bermondsey Labour Party and Southwark. See previous posts eg. ‘The Battle For The Labour Party’s Soul’.

In order to appreciate the scale of the problem, consider this. My post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ discussed the career of Professor Olive Stevenson, Gov’t adviser and social worker who reached the top of her profession and was appointed to the panel who investigated the 1973 death of Maria Colwell while Maria was in the care of East Sussex Social Services. The QC who Chaired the Inquiry was very, very critical of the East Sussex Social Services. Olive Stevenson, with her Wise Wimmin’s Ways and understanding of the Complexities Of The Role Of The Social Worker, disagreed with the Chair of the Inquiry to such an extent that she wrote her own report on the case, referred to as the ‘minority report’. Dennis Allen, the Director of East Sussex Social Services at the time of Maria’s death, publicly stated how grateful he was for Olive’s minority report, because he and his team could have been judged unfairly without it.

Dennis did leave his post in East Sussex after the Maria Scandal and the Report. He was appointed Director of Social Services for Southwark, where, over a period of years, Dennis sent numerous kids in care off to the embrace of John Allen and Dafydd. I don’t know if Dennis Allen and John Allen are related…

Dr Jim Birley established various community mental health initiatives in Southwark. Jim Birley was a Top Doc from the Maudsley who was a mate of Dafydd’s. See previous posts. Birley and his colleagues were facilitating a paedophile ring in the area around the Maudsley, including Southwark. Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals, who was a Home Office Minister in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t and then joined Richard Crossman at the DHSS, was also a mate of Jim Birley. Ennals served as Secretary of State at the DHSS under Jim Callaghan. Ennals was campaign director for MIND in the early 1970s, then he succeeded Lady Juliet as Chairman of MIND in 1984. Ennals also served as President of MIND. Ennals was the Labour MP for Dover and then for Norwich. My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ details Ennals’ collusion with organised abuse in the Norfolk region.

In the mid-1970s, before he moved to Bethesda, Patient F spent time in Hellingly Hospital, formerly known as the East Sussex County Lunatic Asylum. I heard a great deal about Hellingly; fights arranged between patients by the Angels as a spectator sport for the Angels, an attempt to murder F by a seriously ill patient yet the hospital not taking any steps to protect patients from the murderous one, the psychiatrist ‘caring’ for F having telephone conversations with one of F’s in-laws whom he really did not like without F’s knowledge or consent. I have received info telling me that Dafydd’s gang were in contact with Hellingly and that, as with me, the criminal conspiracy to frame and imprison F was far greater than F realised. F was in Hellingly while Ennals was Secretary of State for the DHSS.


Peter Taylor also ‘took on’ John Ryman, a fellow barrister and Labour MP for Blythe Valley ‘who was found to have submitted fraudulent election expenses’. Ryman did very much more than fiddle his election expenses, Ryman was a Rotter.

Rhett Butler

Ryman’s frequent absences from Parliament (either to continue his legal work or for other reasons) tried the patience of the Whips. On one celebrated occasion, Chief Whip Bob Mellish – yes, Dafydd’s partner-in-crime – went on the radio to ask listeners to get in touch if they had spotted Ryman. On 23 April 1992 Ryman was convicted of defrauding two women of their life savings. He had pretended to be the Director of a Swiss bank and told the women that they would get 22·5% interest, but in fact paid the money to his ex-wife for maintenance payments. Ryman was given a 2 and 1/2  jail sentence.

Ryman was married five times in all. He claimed to have invested some money belonging to his fifth wife Nicola, a wealthy widow, in a high-yield Swiss bank account but in fact squandered the money on a horse, Jaguar car and holidays on the Orient Express. He had previously narrowly escaped being prosecuted by the family of a mistress whose money he had also claimed to have invested in a Swiss account.

Ryman was elected MP for Blythe in the Oct 1974 General Election ousting the incumbent Eddie Milne. Milne had been re-elected as an Independent Labour MP at the Feb 1974 General Election after being deselected as the official Labour candidate. Eddie had been deselected because he had opposed the endemic corruption in local gov’t in the North East of England. Eddie did have Councillors as supporters, but they were all surrounded and like Eddie forced out of politics. Eddie was an unusual man in that he seems to have opposed ALL corruption, including that of people in his own Party, rather than Taking A Stand a la Elfyn Llwyd and Tam Dalyell while ignoring the beam in his own eye. There was no room for Eddie in politics. No-one else invited him to join their side and he was loathed.

Eddie Milne wrote a book entitled No Shining Armour (1976), detailing his travails with the local Party and giving his view on the corruption scandals of the 1970s. It attracted 36 libel writs and the costs and damages associated with it came close to bankrupting his publishers.

  • Catherine Tate Quotes. QuotesGram

Eddie’s allegations were born out during the criminal investigations into Poulson and T. Dan Smith.

A lot of people would have had many good reasons to want to see Eddie Milne out of politics. This being one of those reasons:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


The Rotter did go to prison but in view of the excesses of the Rotter, he got off pretty lightly. The Rotter was also known as a Rotter before he was selected and elected. Why might the Labour Party ever have entertained the Rotter? Probably because on one of the five occasions on which the Rotter married, he married Dr Shirley Summerskill, a Nice Lady Doctor who, just like her pal Babs Castle, Fought The Men On Behalf Of Wimmin. Like buggery she did. Let’s look at Shirley’s biography:

Summerskill was educated at St Paul’s Girls’ School for Posh Women and Somerville College, Oxford, the alma mater of Thatch and the other Shirl. Summerskill trained as a Top Doctor at Tommy’s, along with Dr Death, Dafydd’s mates and Ann and Peter Dally, illegal abortionists and Dealers of Recreational Chemicals to the Stars, including Princess Margaret. Summerskill was a member of the executives of the Socialist Medical Association and of the Medical Practitioners’ Union.

Shirley Summerskill was part of the Uncle Harry and Wendy Savage network. The whole lot of them were Of Dafydd and the Rotter knew what was going on. The Rotter married Summerskill in 1957 and they divorced in 1971.

The Rotter’s wife Summerskill was MP for Halifax, 1964-83. Summerskill was a Shadow Minister for Health, 1970-74, after Richard Crossman had established the DHSS as the Dept for the Westminster Paedophile Ring and while Heath’s swingers occupied it following their 1970 General Election win, thanks to the BMA. Summerskill served as a junior Minister in the Home Office throughout the 1974–79 Labour Gov’t, under Home Secretaries Woy and Merlyn Rees. Dafydd’s heyday; he told the Home Office what to do as well as the DHSS. See previous posts…

Summerskill was in the Home Office when Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and incarcerated.

After Thatch’s 1979 victory, Dr S became an Opposition Spokesperson on Home Affairs until she lost her seat in the 1983 General Election. The words ‘Sir Peter Morrison’, ‘Jimmy Savile’ and ‘huge ring in Halifax assisted by Judge James Pickles’ did not ever cross her lips. Dr S was probably far too busy Fighting For Wimmin.

Dr S was even more untouchable than Dafydd’s pal Wendy Savage in terms of her Commitment To Wimmin. Dr S was of course the daughter of Feminist Hero Edith Summerskill, another Posh Woman who did quite a lot for Posh Women, but er not a great deal for women who weren’t posh. See previous posts. Edith’s daughter had to go to Oxford and become a Pioneering Lady Doctor and Labour MP. Other people’s daughters shagged Dafydd or were lobotomised if they said no. We didn’t hear anything about it in Parliament.

Rhett Butler


Shirley’s nephew is Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall, 2003-14. Stonewall has given awards to the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, including while Dr Peter Higson was Chairman of the Betsi. Higson worked as a clinical psychologist at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and then became the manager of the hospital. See post ‘Topsy and Tim’. Higson was at Denbigh while Dafydd imprisoned victims of the gang in the dungeon and while gay men were given ‘aversion therapy’ to cure them of their homosexuality, years after homosexuality had been decriminalised, ironically largely as a result of the effort of Leo Abse and other mates of Dafydd’s who were members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

The Denbigh Lucky Dip: Tortured because you were gay and in consenting relationships? Or tortured because as a boy you had been gang raped by the old paedophiles with whom Dafydd and Gwynne forced you to have sex  and you complained about the matter? Whatever the reason it was OK with Lilibet.

Rhett Butler


In 2006, Ben Summerskill was appointed a Commissioner on the Britain’s new EHRC. Dr Rachel Perkins, the Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital while she and her colleagues at Springfield facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and colluded with Dafydd, bagged a seat on the EHRC. See previous posts. Perkins’s senior Top Doc colleagues at Springfield and St George’s will have known Shirley Summerskill’s Top Doc and politician colleagues who were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Dr Death.

Ben had for three years been a member of a Steering Group advising the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on establishing the Commission, on which he then was given a seat. I wish that I could invent jobs for myself like that.

This was the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry when that elaborate job creation scheme for Ben and people traffickers of previous years was created:

Patricia Hewitt
Patricia Hewitt.jpg

Patsy’s previous can be read in previous posts: high office in the NCCL when it campaigned for paedophiles’ rights, the Windbag’s loyal minion, succeeding Greville Janner’s Commons seat when he toddled off to the Lords, Minister for Wimmin, Health Secretary etc…

Spot The Difference:

  • The Rather Dim Daughter of a Posh Lady, Who Became An MP and Assisted a Gang of Sex Offenders:

The Rather Dim Daughter of a Posh Lady, Who Became An MP and Assisted a Gang of Sex Offenders:

How rich is Shirley Williams in 2017? ⋆ Net Worth Roll

Rhett Butler:

How rich is Shirley Williams in 2017? ⋆ Net Worth Roll

Dr Death, Who Broke The Mold Of Politics:


Still There Years After The Mold Was Broken:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


For more info on Shirley Summerskill and her contribution to the shafting of vulnerable people, see previous posts.

Shirley Summerskill lost her Halifax seat in 1983 to the Tory, Roy Galley. Galley was educated at Worcester College, Oxford. Lord Asa ‘I’ll Get That Merfyn Jones One Day’ Briggs of the Ring and the Highly Paid Matrons was Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, 1976-91. Galley’s victory was due a swing from Labour to the SDP and when the SDP vote fell in 1987, he was defeated by Labour’s Alice Mahon, the former Angel and a Good Friend of Dafydd’s Gang Who Ran Ashworth. Well the Windbag did base his election strategy on helping out his old mate from student days Tony Francis and yelling ‘Nurses, Nurses’ while out on the campaign trail. ‘POA, POA’…

Halifax is like one of the seats in Wales, Caernarfon, Cardiff North etc, one cannot win it if one is not a Paedophiles’ Friend.

Whilst in Parliament Galley was Secretary of the Conservative Backbench Health Committee and a member of the Social Services Select Committee. It was the sound of silence once more…

After losing the seat in 1987, Galley returned to Royal Mail where he held a series of senior management jobs. Perhaps he can let me know who it was who intercepted my post at times when the paedophiles were in maximum panic mode. From 1994 to 1996, Galley was Director of Restructuring for Royal Mail London when he closed four Mail centres in order to improve operational efficiency and introduce new working practices. In 1998 he was appointed as Head of Strategic Planning for Post Office Group Property. In 2006 Galley retired from Royal Mail.

Galley was Chairman of Kingston & Esher Health Authority, then Kingston & Richmond Health Authority, 1989-98. He was Chairman of the Kingston & St. George’s College of Health Studies, 1993-96, while St George’s continued running the trafficking ring after they’d forced me out of my job and when Chamberlain and Pearce carried out that massive research fraud and were caught.

In 2007 Galley was elected a member of Wealdon District Council; he subsequently held the Planning and Development portfolio, 2008-13. In 2013 Galley took on the Economic Development and Regeneration portfolio. In 2013 Galley was elected as a member of East Sussex County Council, he currently sits on a variety of committees. Until Asa died in March 2016, he was down in East Sussex holding the fort, so presumably Roy Galley went down to assist and take over when Asa pegged out.


Peter Taylor QC led the prosecution at Mr Thrope’s 1979 trial. Because the presiding judge, Sir Joseph Cantley, provided the now notoriously biased summing up, it has been written in the legends that Mr Thrope was acquitted only because of the Corrupt Judge. Other factors, such as George Carman who defended Mr Thrope having spent his working life until then on the Northern Circuit along with Cantley and the foreman of the jury being a Liberal Party activist, received less attention. Peter Taylor’s rather hopeless efforts for the prosecution received little comment. See previous posts, including ‘My How Things Haven’t Changed’.

Joseph Cantley returned to obscurity after Mr Thrope’s trial and retired not long afterwards, fulfilling the Peter Cook satirical line of ‘And now you must retire, as must I’. Had Peter Taylor publicly taken the rap for Mr Thrope and the other defendants being acquitted, Peter’s reputation would have incurred far too much damage for him to have persisted as a camouflaged pal of the Westminster Paedophile Ring busy at the Bar and then as a High Court judge for years to come. After all, the Ring didn’t just need bent barristers and judges, there were future Lord Chief Justices, Law Lords, Attorney Generals, Lord Chancellors and Masters of the Rolls needed. As with Future Leaders Of the Medical Profession, they are watched carefully when they are juniors and one foot out of place is noted in triplicate and the alarm bell is rung.

In 1984, Taylor largely sided with Mary Whitehouse who brought a case against the IBA over the feature film version of ‘Scum’ (1979); he said the Director-General of the IBA had made “a grave error of judgement” in allowing the film to be shown. ‘Scum’ is a fairly accurate portrayal of life in a young offenders institution/approved school for teenaged boys. There are scenes showing everything that I have been told at first hand happened in Bryn Estyn and such places: a vicious pecking order among inmates, encouraged by the staff and used to keep control; the staff aligning themselves with the biggest psychopaths among the inmates rather than any of the wider crowd of damaged distressed young men who could be rehabilitated if anyone bothered; the violent sexual abuse of boys by other boys and the staff viewing the scene a la a live sex show; the deliberate setting up of the most vulnerable inmates for gang rape and the strategy of the staff to leave them traumatised, alone, with a method of suicide and to stand back and wait for the inevitable. It happened in the North Wales Hospital as well. I told people that it was happening, that’s why I was so Dangerous. It was happening wasn’t it Dafydd? And the Nice Lady Doctors and Caring Angels were fully on board, just as the Housemother and Top Docs were in ‘Scum’.

Brown however pointed out when we watched ‘Scum’ that there was one thing missing. The staff were shown to be brutal, meatheaded and sadistic and to be enjoying the sexual violence, but ‘Scum’ did not show the staff committing the sexual violence themselves. Well they did and the Little Wimmin were used to plan the strategy.

After ‘Scum’ was released, a film called ‘Scrubbers’ was made, the equivalent of ‘Scum’ but featuring young women. I watched ‘Scrubbers’ after I’d graduated from UCNW with a group of postgrads and they were all moaning and saying ‘look, we can’t see this story of rather pathetic women as entertainment or of interest’. I took their point; if you are doing a PhD in zoology and you have no idea of that sector of society, you are probably just going to find ‘Scrubbers’ profoundly depressing. The reason why I was taking an interest was that I’d encountered Gwynne et al by then and I had worked out that some grim things were happening and the sort of girls starring in ‘Scrubbers’ could be subjected to anything at all and no questions would be asked.

As with ‘Scum’, ‘Scrubbers’ showed a great deal of what is done to distressed young women under the guise of ‘help’, but it was always Other Nasty People who had wreaked havoc before the girls ever received the Help. None of them had been shagged by a social worker or Top Doc, yet alone forced into prostitution by them. It happens and it isn’t that unusual. It is explained away every time by the ‘chaotic dysfunctional personalities’ of the young women. As they flee from gangsters only to find that the most senior of police officers are friends with them, as was the Professor of Psychiatry who had arrived to investigate their complaints.

As Brown once cheerily quipped of a film in which a 15 yr old girl in care claimed to be a prostitute ‘I’d have asked her who her customers were and I would have been told, well there’s the Ward Manager, there’s Professor Prestigious and many others…’

This is why Sylvia Grenalda felt obliged to write to the senior managers of De Montfort University and explain that Brown was a ‘known paedophile’. See post ‘A Nasty, Ludicrous Poison Pen Letter’. His friend in Bethesda had found out that Professor Prestigious and his mates were indeed busy with those teenaged ‘prostitutes’. Chief Constables Philip Meyers and David Owen knew all about it as well. See previous posts.


In 1987 Peter Taylor stated that he did not accept that a Judge could not inquire further when a Minister raised a justification of ‘national security’ for their actions; the case concerned the telephone tapping of Joan Ruddock. Like other members of the Wimmin’s Peace Contingent, Ruddock knew about the organised abuse that CND would say nothing about, because of the foundations of CND involving Bertrand Russell et al who had been involved in utilising the services of Gwynne and Dafydd. By the 1980s it was their younger associates and children who were CND activists. MI5 will have been gathering the info on the organised abuse as well, but it was only the CND activists that Thatch was in the least bit concerned about.

In 1988 Taylor was promoted to the Court of Appeal. On 17 April 1989 he was commissioned by the Gov’t to undertake an inquiry into the Hillsborough Disaster which had occurred two days previously. The Taylor Report was subsequently produced.

My post ‘Additional Security Measures’ discusses the contents of the National Archives re the Taylor Report and the evidence within that demonstrates that the Gov’t told Taylor what they wanted highlighted in the Report and that the interim Report submitted to the Home Office was either a forgery, not written by Taylor himself or was prepared before the alleged date of preparation. I investigated this because Douglas Hurd was the Home Secretary when the Report was Commissioned and David Waddington was Home Secretary when it was submitted. Throughout the tenures of Hurd and Waddington, Dafydd’s gang were forging documentation about me; the DHSS, the Home Office and the police knew this, as did every lawyer and judge with whom I had dealings. It was obviously just how business was conducted.

Peter Taylor died in April 1997. Ronnie Waterhouse opened the Waterhouse Inquiry in Jan 1997 and suddenly felt an overwhelming desire for a holiday in March. Later in March Ronnie buggered off to Hong Kong for a few weeks, returning only after Peter Howarth had died in HMP Wakefield from a heart attack on April 24 and blow me if Peter Taylor didn’t die four days later!

Peter Taylor: He Lived By The Dafydd and The Tony Francis and He Died By Them As Well:

The Lord Taylor of Gosforth
Lord Taylor of Gosforth 1993.jpg

While Ronnie Waterhouse was in Hong Kong he bumped into Derry Irvine and they had a lovely meal and caught up on all the news.

Peter Taylor was profoundly affected by the death of his wife Irene in 1995. Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Just like Merfyn’s wife! The Walton Centre managed to operate on a Gwynedd social worker who developed a brain tumour at the same time as Nerys so successfully that she made a full recovery and even went back to work! But Nerys, er no…

Peter Taylor died from cancer aged 66 at his home in Guildford. Turf of Vincent Marks, the brother of Dr John Marks, BMA President when I worked for Vincent and when the BMA were battling with Ken Clarke and advising Tony Francis on how to frame me and bang me up because of my ‘allegations’ about Gwynne and Dafydd which just showed how mad and dangerous I was. Dr John Marks was a barrister as well as a Top Doctor.

The Godfather

Lord Justice Bridge who dismissed Stefan’s appeal in 1978 already had an outstanding record by that time; he had presided over the trial of the Birmingham Six. Nigel Cyprian Bridge, Baron Bridge of Harwich (26 February 1917 – 20 November 2007) served as a Law Lord, 1980-92. Bridge was a Law Lord while all the perjury and fabrication of evidence on behalf of Dafydd’s gang was happening and when Lord Chief Justice Lane took pity on Ollie Brook and reduced his sentence.

Bridge was born in Codicote, Hertfordshire. He was the younger brother of Anthony Bridge, later Dean of Guildford. Nigel followed his elder brother to Marlborough College. He went to Europe, where he learned French and German and after returning to Britain he worked as a journalist on regional newspapers in Lancashire. Bridge was conscripted into the British Army in 1940, served with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps and was demobilised in 1946.

Bridge was called to the Bar at Inner Temple, of which the Havers clan, Cecil, Michael and Elizabeth, famed for concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see previous posts) were all members. Bridge specialised in personal injury cases, before joining John Widgery’s chambers at 3 Temple Gardens in 1950, where he specialised in local government and planning law.

From 1964 to 1968, Bridge was junior Counsel to the Treasury (Common Law) commonly known as Treasury Devil. He was the last Treasury Devil to try a case from private practice while in office. He was made a Bencher at Inner Temple in 1964, Reader in 1985 and Treasurer in 1986.

After four years as Treasury Devil, Bridge was appointed as a High Court judge. Nigel Bridge was Presiding Judge of the Western Circuit, 1972–74. Mr Thrope, Lord Denning…

Bridge’s 1975 trial of the Birmingham Six was his last case before he joined the Court of Appeal. The trial was marred by Bridge’s health: at various points it was interrupted to allow him to see a dentist, for treatment for acute gastritis and for lunchtime naps on his Top Doctor’s orders. Bridge needed his footspa and naps, he wasn’t going to expose Dafydd’s and Bluglass’s friends in the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. Nigel Bridge lost his voice during the summing up, so the Top Docs would have needed to have nipped out and fetched the lozenges.

They are a laugh aren’t they. Previous posts have detailed my adventures with Sgt Morgan in Bangor Police Station when Dafydd and Tony Francis had me wrongfully arrested and how in July 1987, Sgt Morgan stopped D.G.E. Wood and others from coming into my cell to intimidate me; the plan to fit me up fell apart somehow and Sgt Morgan was subsequently charged and convicted for indecently assaulting a teenaged girl in custody and sacked. Sgt Morgan was weird and obsessed with sex, but whatever he did will have been nothing compared with Dafydd and the rest of them. Sgt Morgan was down for a punishment beating and Jeff Crowther, the nursing officer from Ysbyty Gwynedd, knew that Sgt Morgan was going to be found guilty weeks before his trial. Then Jeff’s wife died in the care of Ysbyty Gwynedd and after that Jeff had to go into hiding after receiving murder threats…

No-one was safe so why anyone bothered to toady to the Top Docs I don’t know. Kick ’em in the cerregs hard and keep kicking until they’re maimed and incapable of returning, because they really have not covered themselves in glory have they. Vile, vile people.

On the first occasion that Dafydd had me unlawfully arrested, it was Sgt Morgan on duty as custody Sgt. Dafydd’s mate the corrupt GP Dr Shah – who owned a sub-standard elderly people’s home in Bethesda, Brig-y-Nant, where the elderly were mistreated by Shah’s wife who managed the home – came into the cell to intimidate me. See post ‘Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritic Oaf?’ After he left my cell, I heard Sgt Morgan in the custody area asking Shah for his advice on the ‘terrible constipation’ that Sgt Morgan was experiencing and I marvelled that anyone would bother to ask a fat corrupt fool like Shah for advice on constipation or indeed anything else. I heard the constipation advice and I thought ‘if Sgt Morgan is constipated as a result of certain conditions, that advice is not going to work…’

Years later I was told that there had been an allegation of rape made against Shah but what the details were I don’t know.

As for the Hypocritic Oaf, that was a quip of Brown’s brother when I told him about Gwynne the lobotomist. I was given another bit of info yesterday re Brown’s brother and me which I was told was passed onto the gang as evidence of my Loose Living and Sex n Drugs n Rock n Roll Lifestyle. Brown’s brother was living in Bristol while the gang made attempts to kill him and I used to go and visit him to keep him up to speed re Dafydd et al. Obviously I used to kip over in his flat and on one occasion when I was staying in Bristol, it was in Feb. We went out to look for a place to have a meal and it was really weird because every restaurant in the city centre was absolutely packed, no room at all. We couldn’t work out what was going on, because it wasn’t a Saturday. It was actually Valentine’s Day but neither of us realised. We finally managed to get a table at an Indian place near midnight and when we sat down, we noticed that all of the other customers were couples and flowers were being distributed. It dawned on us… Valentine’s Day, that was why there was no room anywhere. So we sat down and a waiter approached with a red rose. Brown’s brother said ‘Oh God, he thinks we’re a Valentine’s couple, this is so bad…’ I said ‘well there’s no point making a fuss, we’ll say thanks and stick the rose on the table…’

We had been followed and were spotted! It was duly reported back to Paedophilia HQ that I was in a relationship with Brown’s brother as well as all those other people…

Paedophile gang! If I had have been in a relationship with two brothers and a few others folk at the same time a) it would have been sod all to do with you b) it would have been with the permission of all other parties so er no great problem really, not the sort of problems that one encounters if one is running an international trafficking ring

Brown’s brother later emigrated to get away from the people who kept trying to kill him, but it’s OK MI5, I met the girl he married as well, she stayed at my place… There was no end to the action in my house.

I won’t bother to ask any of them for constipation advice, I doubt that I’ll learn much.


Nigel Bridge said during his sentencing of the Birmingham Six that there was “the clearest and most overwhelming evidence I have ever heard in a case of murder”. The convictions were quashed by the Court of Appeal in 1991, after the defendants had served 16 years in prison.

And there was no evidence of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. And when they say no they mean yes and when a sixth former laughs at Gwynne the lobotomist, obviously he can expect attempts to kill him.

As a result of the trial, Bridge was added to the IRA’s hit-list and his house was put under constant police protection.

Anyone for Top Docs trying to kill a group of students who are friends?

Brown’s dad was on an IRA hit-list. Col Brown was found dead during the Waterhouse Inquiry. It wasn’t the IRA wot did it.

In a 1992 interview, Bridge said that he felt “unhappy”, but not “guilty”, about what had happened at the trial. ‘Don’t worry about it’ as I used to be told at St George’s every time something else illegal and dangerous happened and I raised a concern.

Lord Bridge was a member of the Security Commission, 1977-85, serving as Chairman from 1982. In that capacity, Bridge reported on the Geoffrey Prime and Michael Bettaney spying cases; he also led a review in vetting arrangements for Buck House staff. That’s how the Queen Mum’s loyal slave Backdoor Billy got through the doors to run the ring then and Nigel Bridge obviously missed Savile as well.

  • Division Among Arabs And Quest By West To Convert Arabs To ...

In 1985, Bridge was tasked with reviewing telephone tapping by MI5. After he examined 6,129 instances of phone tapping in three days and found all of them to be justified, he was attacked by Woy in ‘The Times’ as “the poodle of the executive”. Not that Woy of the Fine Clarets could have ever fallen into that category.

British Politics | First Draft

Now I know just how closely we were being watched, another incident involving Brown’s brother and me comes to mind. Lord Bridge and Lord Denning will have known that in the late 1980s, we put a note through Dafydd’s door saying ‘Fly, all is discovered; We know Jones and soon the world will know as well’. We did it for a laugh to see if Jones left town, because we knew that he was into something big but we didn’t know what.

So after enjoying fantasies of Dafydd jetting off in a charted aircraft from RAF Valley at some point soon, we went off around the Anglesey beaches for the rest of the day. We had an experience that English people believe happens in north Wales all the time but it was the only time that it ever happened to me. As we drove down a narrow lane to a cove, we met another car and although there was a passing place virtually next to them, they wouldn’t budge over to let us pass. I got out and asked if there was a problem and the two middle aged people in the car went mad, hurling abuse at me for being English, telling me to fuck off home to England if I didn’t know the way. I thought ‘well I do know the way and my home is at Old Llandegfan, not that far from here and I’m going to deal with you’. Brown’s brother said ‘Christ we’re in Injun Country here’. I explained that this was not standard practice and I didn’t know who these two were but I would soon find out. So we reversed about half a mile only to be met with more insults and abuse as they swanned past us.

Later that evening we tracked them down. They were in a caravan in the garden of a house that they were renovating. They woke up the next day to find all of their tyres flat as well as the spares and they were a long way from a garage. Brown’s brother suggested that we should really piss them off by writing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ on their windscreen as well but I thought no, they’re pigs, but I don’t want to play their racist game. I wonder if they were undercover, because the security services were behind a lot of the cottage burnings and the ‘Welsh Extremists’. They knew that Dafydd and the gang were using Welsh Nationalism as a front for abuse, but Nigel Bridge and Lord Denning weren’t bothered about that aspect of Dafydd.

Our lives of crime got particularly out of hand that weekend because we also caused a food poisoning scare at the Gazelle Hotel and successfully elicited the clearing of the restaurant. Well, the landlady Barbara was a porn queen from Cheshire who swindled all the staff, including me and the landlord Ken used to expose himself to the schoolgirls who worked as waitresses there. They never came unstuck because Barbara’s ex-husband was a senior detective from Greater Manchester and she and Ken were on good terms with him, he was always staying over. Then there were all the Top Doctors, including Tony Francis and Shah, who hung out down there. Terry Maxwell, the corrupt Medical Director of Ysbyty Gwynedd (see previous posts), had a bust up with Ken and Barbara after they swindled his youngest daughter out of her wages, but still the shenanigans at The Gazelle continued.

I have been told that the porn queen with the ex who was a Top Cop – whose boss would have been James Anderton, the Prophet who Cleaned Up Manchester – got away with a great deal even after the Terry Maxwell confrontation, because of an agreement that Ken and Barbara would make it known that I had violently assaulted them if any questions were asked about a few um things, er like the young women who had been coerced into the ring selling their services in The Gazelle…


Lord Bridge retired from the bench on reaching the compulsory retirement age of 75 in 1992. He was Chairman of the Church of England Synodical Government Review, 1993–97. Bridge died in London on 20 November 2007.

Bridge married Margaret Swinbank, then a secretary at the War Office and the daughter of Leonard Heseltine Swinbank, on 8 January 1944. They had two daughters and one son. Lady Bridge of Harwich died in 2006.

The Godfather

Tony Francis’s mate Michael Tarsh was mentioned in Hansard on 5 Nov 1980. Tarsh was given a plug by Greville Janner no less. The Commons was discussing theft from shops and Tarsh had written a letter to ‘The Times’ about the matter which Greville mentioned. Greville began with:

I beg to move, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to amend the law on theft by abolishing private prosecutions for theft from shops; requiring investigation of all circumstances before the prosecution of pensioners for this offence; and for other purposes connected therewith. Those in the House, especially the hon. Member for Christchurch and Lymington (Mr. Adley) and myself, who have been campaigning for change for many years are not concerned to protect the professional thief…. We are as concerned as anyone else about thievery from shops. Shoplifting is theft and its price is paid by the ordinary shopper. We are concerned about the prosecution of the innocent and, in certain cases, the prosecution of those who are guilty but ill.

Professional thieves…are being watched increasingly. In Leicester a campaign is under way to warn them by visible signs…What is not fair is the enormous toll of human misery that is incurred by those who are forgetful and innocent. It is time for the House to take to itself the need for an inquiry into how the prevention of the prosecution of innocents can be avoided…

I make certain suggestions that I ask the House at least to approve in principle. First, we should adopt the system that already exists in Scotland, which is that all prosecutions should be by the police and that the sometimes awkward and anguished decision whether to prosecute should be removed from the individual shopkeeper..The shopkeeper still has the right to decide whether to report a suspected offence to the police…The police…should then decide whether or not to prosecute.

Secondly, I commend to the House the suggestion made by the hon. Member for Christchurch and Lymington and his team in the independent study of the cause and effect of the increase in shoplifting, namely, that where reasonably practicable there should be bag parks where people in self-service stores can put their own bags so that the possibility of forgetfulness is at least reduced. I am sure that there is no one in the House who has not at some time walked out of a restaurant, a store or a petrol station without thinking and without paying or with something with him that he has afterwards taken back, or something that he has taken back without the receipt, running the risk of being accused of shoplifting. A huge pile of letters from suffering correspondents suggests that this is rife.

Thirdly, I suggest that cashiers, those who receive the money from the public, should be required to ask “Have you paid for everything that you have taken?”

We must recognise that there are many who are technically guilty but ill. We all know that apart from professional thieves there are many for whom the offence is a form of suicide. There are those who are mentally ill, those who are suffering and those who need to be treated by a decent and compassionate community with understanding. The worst place for them in the world is the dock. The result of their going there may be truly tragic.

I recommend to the House that it accepts the proposition that if a pensioner is to be charged he or she should at least have an examination beforehand to decide whether or not a prosecution is appropriate. I respectfully disagree with the suggestion made by the study group on shoplifting that the first offence should necessarily result in a caution. I see no reason why a shoplifter should be given one chance, as a dog is given one bite. That would not be right. However, there should be the sort of screening process that Dr. Michael Tarsh called for in The Times last week and which has been written about so much. In any event, there should be an inquiry into this area of law.

One of the great troubles is that professional thieves and professional shoplifters take court proceedings in their stride…Innocent people often have to wait many months if they choose trial by jury. Innocent people often have nervous breakdowns long before their cases go to trial. That is unfair, and it is wrong. The percentage of acquittals, which is well over 50 per cent., bears tribute to the fact that many who are innocent are charged with the offence…

This is an issue that should concern all hon. Members. It could happen to us or to members of our families, in a difficult world in which the goods in a self-service store are presented in a way to induce people to buy and to invite them to be forgetful.

Mr. Dennis Skinner (Bolsover)

Heartbreak Bill!

Mr. Janner

I asked the House, in compassion, decency, justice and in enlightened self-interest, to give me leave to introduce this modest Bill.

Question put and agreed to.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. Greville Janner, Mr. Robert Adley, Mr. Clement Freud, Mr. Tam Dalyell, Mr. Arthur Davidson, Mr. David Knox, Mr. David Mudd, Mr. Giles Radice, Mr. John Sever and Mr. Alan Woodall.

Mr. Skinner

There are only four of them here.

Greville Janner made these plea from the heart, to the amusement of some other MPs, on 5 Nov 1980. Readers may remember that I have previously blogged about the death of Lady Isobel Barnett on 20 Oct 1980; Lady Isobel was a BBC TV personality of the 1950s kind, a Posh Lady who’d always had her hair done and took part in programmes like ‘What’s My Line?’
Lady Isobel lived in the Leicestershire village of Cossington and committed suicide after being caught shoplifting some items which she could easily have afforded to pay for. Lady Isobel had served as a magistrate herself, 1948-68 and committed suicide from The Shame and the world felt that it was all very sad.The wider public did not know at the time that there was a big paedophile ring operating in Leicestershire, that Greville was part of it and the entire infra-structure of the region was colluding with it including the magistrates courts. Lady Isobel was a Top Doctor herself, she qualified in Glasgow in 1940, worked as an obstetrician in Leicestershire but gave up medicine in 1948, becoming a full-time Posh Lady instead.
Isobel was born in Aberdeen, the daughter of a Top Doctor and attended the independent Mount School in York and after Glasgow University, in 1941 married Geoffrey Barnett, a solicitor and company director. Geoffrey Barnett was knighted in 1953 for  political and public services to the city of Leicester. He died in 1970.

In 1980 Isobel was fined £75 for stealing a can of tuna and a carton of cream worth 87p from her village grocer. Four days later, she was found dead in Cossington, ‘having electrocuted herself in the bath’. Her story was recounted by several of her friends and colleagues in a 1991 BBC Radio 4 documentary in the Radio Lives series, in which it was said that she gave no indication to any of her friends that she was planning to take her own life, and that she kept up a façade of “business as usual”.

Lady Eva Green, the ‘shamed’ estranged wife of the DPP Sir Allan Green, committed suicide in Jan 1993 after she too kept up a facade of business as usual; her husband had resigned in Oct 1991 in the wake of him being caught ‘talking to prostitutes’ in Kings Cross. See previous posts. Sir Allan resigned shortly after the North Wales Police began their investigation into the possibility of a paedophile ring in North Wales/Cheshire but some two years later closed the inquiry after having found no evidence of any such thing. Mrs Mills took over as DPP when Sir Allan resigned. More than 100 complaints were made about the abuse of children in care during the investigation and a file was sent to Mrs Mills, but there was not one prosecution. See previous posts including ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’.

An internet site by someone who seems to know some of the details of the circumstances surrounding Isobel’s conviction states that:

As the 1950s passed, community links loosened, social reverence diminished and life became racier so the market for staid panel games declined and Lady Barnett found herself out on a limb. She was still a practising magistrate, yet the automatic respect for such an occupation had gone, and maybe Lady Isobel felt this change in social attitudes more than most. With the death of her husband in 1970 she would find it hard to adapt to the role of sequestered widow, where she would be invited to fewer and fewer dinner parties, and this professional woman must have felt a sense of loneliness in the quiet, insipid village where she resided after the stimulus of the bright lights of the television studio in earlier years.

Her new-found excitement would lie in symbiosis with her unblemished existence heretofore. She would go to the local store with hat and coat, a wicker basket looped round her arm. Unbeknownst to anyone but herself she had sewn a cloth bag inside the coat, thus making a concealed inner pocket on her person.This still in the days of local village shops with no CCTV, as Lady Barnett moved freely up and down the aisles she would have to be physically seen to have taken goods to be accused of shoplifting. Whether it was this fact that kept her making this a habit, whether she was exhibiting some early stage of mental illness or whether the activity provided an excitement from the humdrum one can only surmise. In the Autumn of 1980 shopkeeper Roger Fowkes caught her filching a tin of tuna and cream, value 87p,and the Police were called.

Imagine ex-magistrate David Cameron’s mother caught in similar circumstances and that’s going some way to the furore this incident caused at the time. Lady Barnett would brazen it out and elect to be tried by her peers. Whether the jurors listened to the evidence fully and found the case against her overwhelming,or some just wanted to hit back at perceived aristocracy in a time of economic woes, on Friday 17th October 1980 at London Magistrates’ Court she was found guilty of shoplifting and fined £75. One question put to her outside her home that weekend would prove fatal. It was: “What do you think this conviction has done to your social standing?” to which she bravely replied: “I don’t think ladies have much social standing today”, yet the damage was done. On Sunday evening she was found dead in the bath, into which she had thrown an electric heater, causing ventricular fibrillation and heart attack. The local doctor gave the cause of death unusually as uremia, her body was cremated in haste before a full post-mortem could be carried out, and the whole affair was hushed up.

Are you Curiouser and Curiouser? Here are 5 ways you can ...

Some observations:

Why was Lady Isobel excluded from, or why did she exclude herself from, the social scene after her husband died? People like Isobel usually find themselves very well supported when widowed; old or even just older ladies are brilliant at looking after each other. They are conscious that they will probably outlive their husbands even if their husbands live to an old age and they are usually very good to someone when a husband turns his toes up. I have always been very impressed with the old dears’ support network, it outdoes anything that the Social Services or charidees rustle up.

Isobel wouldn’t have necessarily felt lonely in Cossington. People in rural poverty have a hard time particularly if they can’t afford to run a car, but someone of Isobel’s class and means doesn’t.

Electing for trial by jury isn’t brazening anything out. It is one’s right when charged with certain offences and in north Wales people who had the option often went for jury trial because the magistrates were known to be corrupt. When there was the attempt by the gang in 2002 to stitch me up for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’, I was offered the choice and I went for jury trial. The charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial. I wonder if that would have happened if those we know and love had known that I would be facing the corrupt magistrates? The gang still tried to rig the outcome though, because when I opted for jury trial the case was transferred to the list of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, who is not only a friend of Dafydd, but Daniel’s father was as well. See previous posts eg. ‘Tan yn Llyn’.

Why was Isobel convicted in a London magistrates court if the offence was committed in Leicester and she opted for jury trial anyway?

Isobel’s ‘shame’ seems to have been an emotion attributed to her by third parties, rather than one felt by herself, in the way that in north Wales third parties were told that Empowered Service Users felt stigmatised by having been in the North Wales Hospital. Most of us didn’t actually, it was the spirit of the Blitz in there, it was other people, usually health and social care staff, who would desperately whisper ‘don’t tell anyone you’ve been in there’. It was because the institution had a reputation so grim that if you were known to have Been In There, a few brave souls would tentatively say ‘what’s it like in there? We’ve heard it is really bad…’

It is possible to kill oneself by chucking an electric fire in the bath, a man in a village in Somerset who lived near me did it when I was about 10. A postman of 55 yrs old and it caused a lot of horror and shock. But as with suicides by hanging, overdose etc, if one is a murderer who knows what one is doing and is networked with corrupt professional people, including Top Docs, Isobel’s chosen suicide method can be staged by a murderer.

Cause of death ‘uremia’? Uremia is caused by kidney failure. Why was that given as the cause of death? Who was the Top Doctor who was responsible?At who’s request was there no postmortem and a hasty cremation?

Someone should have consulted Sir William Asscher of Westminster Paedophiles HQ, St George’s, re that uremia, Asscher was a renal specialist.

Isobel Barnett had been married to a solicitor who was a Leicester City Councillor; the organised abuse in Leicester largely targeted children in the care of the Social Services and in schools, the domain of the Councillors. Being a solicitor, Barnett will have known another Barnet ie. Barnet Janner, Greville’s dad, a lawyer who held Greville’s seat before Greville. Barnet was originally from south Wales and for many years he was a Liberal Party politician – just like Mr Thrope – before he switched to Labour. See previous posts. Barnet was part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

When the Kirkwood Report was published after the jailing of the Leicestershire social worker Frank Beck in Nov 1991, Andrew Kirkwood made it clear that the Councillors and police had been inexplicably negligent in allowing the abuse by Beck to have continued for so long on such a vast scale. It was admitted that magistrates and local lawyers knew about it. I know from my own experiences that the Top Docs, including James Earp, one of the leading forensic psychiatrists in Leicester, were facilitating the ring in Leicestershire and that they were networked with Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘An Expert From England’. Furthermore the ring in Leicestershire went back years and Joe Orton, as a teenager growing up on the Saffron Lane estate, the wrong side of the tracks by Leicester standards, was probably targeted back then. See previous posts.

Dr James Earp of Leicester who concealed the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the gang in 1987-88, was involved in a high profile scandal a few years later, when a convicted murderer escaped from Earp’s secure unit with help from the inside and then used a loophole in the Mental Health Act in an attempt to ensure that he would remain free for ever. Not only was Earp remarkably unconcerned about what had happened, but information made public suggested that the murderer was not mentally ill but was a violent man who had killed his wife and then used a network of crooked lawyers and Top Docs in Leicester to ensure that he ended up in Earp’s care, from which the network then helped him escape. See post ‘Gwlad y Menig Gwynion’.

Leicester University were colluding with the ring to an enormous extent, particularly the Medical School, but pretty much everyone at a senior level knew that there was organised abuse and associated serious criminality in the region. See post ‘Radical Leicester and Some Other Free Radicals’ and ‘Life In Cold Blood’. It was only revealed sometime after the Kirkwood Report was published that Andrew Kirkwood QC made an agreement with Greville Janner to keep Janner’s name out of the Report. Who else’s name might have been helpfully left out?

In 1981, Dr Leonard Arthur, a paediatrician in Leicester, was prosecuted for the attempted murder of a newborn baby with Down syndrome. The case only ever came to police attention because of a horrified Angel who witnessed what Arthur had done and contacted the police. Arthur was defended by George Carman and was portrayed by the press as a Caring Top Doc who was Doing His Humane Best. Features of the case not flagged up in the media were that the baby had no problems apart from Down’s; that the life expectancy and quality of life enjoyed by people with Down’s had by 1981 improved greatly from the dire prognoses of earlier generations; that Arthur really had helped the baby into the afterlife in a big way; Arthur had ordered Angels to leave the baby next to an open window, unwrapped – it was winter – and Arthur had also prescribed regular doses of iv opiates to ensure that the baby wouldn’t last long.

At the trial George Carman found an Angel who testified that Leonard Arthur had saved her son’s life and ooh he wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for Dr Arthur. Carman was famous for producing those sorts of rabbits out of hats. Arthur was acquitted. See previous posts…

Before Carman stayed in Leicester for Arthur’s trial, he was planning to take up a judicial post in the Far East. He had become well-known after successfully defending Thorpe, but he was still broke – Carman was a big time gambler and ran up huge gaming debts – and felt that his career wasn’t going anywhere in Britain. Carman changed his mind about leaving the UK while he was in Leicester, but no-one knew why. He also soon achieved huge success and the dosh rolled in a very big way.

At the time of Arthur’s trial, no-one pointed out that this was a paediatrician who worked in a city in which every Top Doc was colluding with a big, very dangerous paedophile ring. It was just the usual case of ah the doctors they were wonderful.

Isobel died in Oct 1980. Mr Thrope, the Leader of the Liberal Party, had been acquitted at the Old Bailey the year before. In 1983, Frank Beck was elected as a Liberal Councillor in Leicestershire for Blaby, which was the Parliamentary constituency of Nigel Lawson. Mr Thrope would have known the Tories in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Sir Peter Morrison, who was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury when Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Peter Morrison was a member of Dafydd’s gang and abused boys in care in north Wales and elsewhere. His sister Dame Mary was Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet. Mr Thrope’s wife Miriam had previously been married to Lilibet’s cousin. Mr Thrope used to boast of having slept with both Ma’am Darling and her husband Lord Snowdon.

While Mr Thrope stood trial at the Old Bailey, Mary Wynch was unlawfully banged up in the North Wales Hospital by Dafydd. By the time that Isobel died of Shame and Uremia, Dafydd and the gang knew that Mary had contacted lawyers, was not going to shut up and that they could be in serious shit.

Being from Top Doctor stock, Isobel would also have known that the Top Docs to the Royals eg. George Pinker, Jof Davies, Arthur Dickinson Wright etc (see previous posts) were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. She’d have known that the hubs were at St George’s, Tommy’s and the Maudsley and she’d have known about Sir Dugald Baird’s wrongdoing in Aberdeen and of course she’d have known about the Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities contingent. See previous posts…

Then there were Isobel’s BBC contacts… David Attenborough’s father Frederick was the Principal of what became Leicester University, 1932-51 and lived with his family on campus. Leicester University really maxed out on famille Attenborough and continues to do so.

Poor old Isobel. I wonder if she had let something slip one day, even long ago and someone decided that this was not a risk that they were prepared to take, especially in view of to whom she had been married. Who died quite prematurely himself. James Earp was in post when Isobel died, he was by then a senior psych leading the forensic service in Leicestershire.

The Network Of Corruption sought an Expert Opinion on me from James Earp after the plan to have me fitted up for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’ in July 1987 unravelled and I was charged with a minor public order offence instead. The Gang had been planning it all since well before the June 1987 election and the Windbag was on board; he really thought that Labour were going to win in 1987. Greville thought that he would be in Gov’t. Although the people who were in Gov’t colluded with exactly the same criminality. The police had managed to imprison Professor Ollie Brooke, a major player in the Westminster Paedophile Ring and a pan-European trafficking gang, only to see Lord Chief Justice Lane allow Ollie’s appeal in May 1987. By the time that Thatch was back again as PM, Ollie had been released.

James Earp must have been a Very Safe Pair Of Hands Indeed.

By the way, the uremia or a similar effect could have been the result of poisoning with the right salt solution.

During the late 1970s there was publicity regarding cases of distressed people being prosecuted for shoplifting trivial items. The prevailing stereotype was that of the middle-aged menopausal lady putting things in her bag and forgetting to pay for them. There was also discussion a la Greville in that self-service supermarkets might make it easy for honest people to inadvertently ‘shoplift’ items. By the early 1980s it was common for people involved in such incidents to seek a Court Report by a Top Doc. The Top Doc would be required to give their opinion on mens rea ie. criminal intent. I know for a fact that Tony Francis was writing those reports for people in Gwynedd in the mid-1980s and it was on that basis that local professional people thought him much more competent that Dafydd et al.

While Tony Francis provided sensible, thoughtful expert witness reports for trivial shoplifting cases, discussing mens rea, Empowered Service Users were being dragged through the Court on the basis of bare-faced lies and fabricated evidence. I did not ever hear of any discussion re mens rea when Empowered Service Users were arrested on the say so of the gang, even among those who went to prison.


MIND, or as it was known until the early 1970s, the National Association for Mental Health, seems to have been, like the NHS, colluding with the abuse of the most vulnerable from its very beginnings. The National Association for Mental Health evolved from earlier organisations, but its first Chairman as the National Association for Mental Health, 1963-70, was Lord Robin Balneil. While Lord Balnei was Chairman, the NAMH was already dominated by Dafydd and his network.

Balneil is mentioned in Richard Crossman’s ‘Diaries’. Crossman views him as a ‘gilded young man’ who is not particularly interested in his Parliamentary duties. Robin Balneil was the Tory MP for Hertford, 1955-74 and for Hatfield, Feb-Sept 1974. Sir Alec and Lady Bingley lived in Hertfordshire. Lady Bingley began her involvement with MIND while Balneil was Chairman, but I’m not sure when exactly. Robin Balneil was PPS to the Financial Secretary of the Treasury, Sir Henry Brooke, 1955-57 and to the Minister of Housing and Local Gov’t, 1957-60. So Robin was around during the Profumo Affair and became Chairman of the NAMH the year that Harold Macmillan’s Gov’t fell. Balneil was a Minister in Heath’s Gov’t: Minister of State for Defence, 1970-72 under Secretary of State Lord Carrington and Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1972-74, under Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

Henry Brooke, Lord Carrington and Alec Douglas-Home were all Tories with seniority at the time of Profumo and Lord Carrington was part of the group who concealed the Ugandan discussions involving Mountbatten and the gay spies in the Admiralty (see ‘The Defence Of The Realm’) and spent the rest of his life continuing with the cover-up. Lord Carrington served as First Lord of the Admiralty under Macmillan, 1959-63 and was then Leader of the House of Lords under Douglas-Home until Oct 1964 when the Tories lost power.

In a 1977 letter discussing the policy of torture of Irish republican internees during ‘Operation Demetrius’ in August 1971, the then Home Secretary Merlyn Rees attributed the origins of the policy of torture in particular to Carrington.

Carrington was the man trusted to cover up the most sensitive aspects of the Westminster Paedophile Ring: Mountbatten, the Admiralty and the Kincora Boys’ Home. Carrington gained the reputation of being the only member of Thatch’s Cabinet with any integrity because of his resignation as Foreign Secretary when Argentina invaded the Falklands, but he concealed and orchestrated some very nasty stuff, including the murders of children who were witnesses. He’ll have pulled out all the security services stops to have done it as well.

Carrington Chaired the Lancaster House conference in 1979, which brought to an end  Rhodesia’s Bush War. He later expressed his support for Mugabe over Ian Smith. Lord Carrington served as Secretary General of NATO, 1984-88. Just some of his non-political posts are: Chancellor of the University of Reading; Chairman of Christie’s; Director of Barclays Bank, Schweppes and the Daily Torygraph. See previous posts for further details of Carrington and his background and network.

A Very Guilty Man:

Gang Rape Of Children; Sex With Animals; Victims of Sex Offenders Kept in a Dungeon…
Peter Carington 1984.jpg

So throughout the 1960s and 70s, MIND was primarily concerned with concealing the organised abuse and serious crime committed by the Seriously Posh and those of High Rank in the Forces. It the wake of that, people associated with the NCCL and other organisations with links to self-identified paedophiles’ rights groups joined in the party at MIND…

Robin Balneil was of the Seriously Posh contingent. He was heir to the 28th Earl of Crawford and 11th of Balcarres. He became a life peer in 1974 and  in 1975 succeeded his father as the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres.

Wiki supplies the following info on Robin Balneil, friend of Gwynne and Dafydd:

Robert Alexander Lindsay, 29th Earl of Crawford and 12th Earl of Balcarres, KT, GCVO, PC,DL (born 5 March 1927), styled Lord Balniel between 1940 and 1975, is a Scottish hereditary peer and Conservative politicians. The elder son of the 28th Earl of Crawford and 11th Earl of Balcarres, he succeeded to the family titles in 1975. Lord Crawford and Balcarres is Premier Earl of Scotland and Chief of Clan Lindsay. He was educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Crawford was appointed First Crown Estate Commissioner from 1980-85. He was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in the Special Honours List published after The Queen Mother’s death.

Gawd Bless Yer Ma’am!

  • Division Among Arabs And Quest By West To Convert Arabs To ...

Titles and styles

  • Master of Lindsay (1927–1940)
  • Lord Balniel (1940–1972)
  • Lord Balniel MP (1955–1972)
  • The Rt Hon Lord Balniel MP (1972–1974)
  • The Rt Hon Lord Balniel (1974–1975)
  • The Rt Hon The Lord Balniel, PC (January 1975 – December 1975)
  • The Rt Hon The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, PC (1975–1996)
  • The Rt Hon The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, KT, PC (1996–2002)
  • The Rt Hon The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, KT, GCVO, PC (2002–)
  • Chief of Clan Lindsay (1975– )
  • Knight of the Thistle 1996
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order 2002
  • Privy Counsellor 4 February 1972

Only the poshest could ensure that abuses as gross as those perpetrated by Dafydd and Gwynne persisted so long!

  • Division Among Arabs And Quest By West To Convert Arabs To ...

Lord Robin Balneil, to use one of his many aliases, had an equally interesting dad:

David Alexander Robert Lindsay, 28th Earl of Crawford and 11th Earl of Balcarres, KT, GBE, DL, FRSE (20 November 1900 – 13 December 1975), known as Lord Balniel from 1913 to 1940, was a British Unionist politician.

The Family Seat:

Balcarres House

David Lindsay was born at 49 Moray Place, Edinburgh on 20 November 1900, the eldest son of the 27th Earl of Crawford and 10th Earl of Balcarres and his wife, Constance Lilian Perry. Lindsay was educated at Eton, graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford in 1922 and entered the Commons as the MP for Lonsdale at the 1924 General Election. He held his seat until he succeeded to his father’s titles in May 1940 and was also PPS to the MAFF in 1924 and to the Ministry of Health, 1931-40.

In 1951, Lord Crawford was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire for his services to the Arts, having been a Trustee of the Tate Gallery, 1932-37, the National Gallery, 1935-41, 1945–52 and 1953-60, the British Museum, 1940-73 and a member of the  Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries, 1937-52, Chairman of the Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland, 1952-72, the Royal Fine Arts Commission, 1943-57 and the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland in 1944.

Lord Lloyd Kenyon held a number of the same public roles as Lord Crawford. Lord Kenyon served as President of UCNW for the best part of 30 years until 1982. His adult son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was sexually abusing at least one boy in the care of the Social Services. It was even noted on the boy’s social work file. In the late 1970s, Thomas made a complaint of theft against the boy after having spent the night with him. Among the alleged stolen items were Polaroid porn pics of Thomas and the boy. The boy was sent to a detention centre. Thomas faced no charges at any point; he died of an AIDS related illness in 1993. Lord Kenyon was Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority, a member of the North Wales Police Authority, a magistrate, the most senior Freemason in north Wales and much more besides… See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.

Lord Crawford was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1953. He was awarded the Order of the Thistle in 1955 for his time spent as Rector of St Andrews University, 1952-55.

Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass studied at St Andrews during the 1950s. My post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger’ supplies details of other Top Doctors associated with St Andrews.

Lord Crawford died at Balcarres House, Colinburgh, Fife on 13 December 1975. He is buried in the family chapel at Balcarres House.

On 9 December 1925, Lord Crawford had married Mary Katherine Cavendish (the third daughter of Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish) and they had three sons:

  • Dafydd’s mate, Robert Alexander, 29th Earl of Crawford and 12th Earl of Balcarres (b. 1927)
  • Hon. Patrick Lindsay (1928–1986)
  • Hon. Thomas Richard Lindsay (b. 1937)

Lord Crawford died in 1975, aged 75 and his titles passed to his eldest son, Robert.


Sir Alec and Lady Juliet Bingley’s son William who so loyally colluded with Dafydd and the gang for most of his adult life (see previous posts) was a solicitor who bagged the job of Legal Director at MIND while his mum was Chair of MIND. William took over as Legal Director from Larry Gostin.

Lawrence Oglethorpe Gostin is an American law Professor who specialises in Public Health Law. He is best known as the author of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. Larry Gostin received his BA in Psychology from the State University pf New York at Brockport in 1971 and his JD from Duke University in 1974. Gostin was an adjunct Professor at Harvard University, 1986-94 and is (as of 2007) a Professor of Law at Georgetown University’s Law Center and a Professor of Law and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Hygiene and Public Health.

After his stint at MIND, Gostin was General Secretary of the NCCL, Jan 1984-85. n the United Kingdom. He was Executive Director of the American Society for Law, Medicine and Bioethics, 1986-94. Gostin worked on Hillary Clinton’s health plan, serving as Chairman of the Health Information Privacy and Public Health committees of the President’s Task Force on Healthcare Reform.

Gostin proposed Model State Emergency Health Powers ignited a firestorm of controversy across the ideological spectrum, for being overly broad and ripe for abuse.

Here’s the template:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Gostin is the Linda D. and Timothy J. O’Neill Professor of Global Health Law at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he directs the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. He is also Professor of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University and Director of the Center for Law & the Public’s Health at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities -A Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gostin is Adjunct Professor of Public Health (Faculty of Medical Sciences) and Research Fellow (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies) at Oxford University.

Gostin chairs a World Health Organization project on the law and ethics of public health strategies for pandemic influenza and is leading a drafting team on developing a Model Public Health Law for the World Health Organization.

In 1994, the Chancellor of the State University of New York conferred an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree on Gostin. In 2006, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Vice Chancellor awarded Gostin Cardiff University’s highest honour, an Honorary Fellow.

Gostin is an elected lifetime Member of the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences. In 2006, the IOM awarded Gostin the Adam Yarmolinsky Medal. He has received the Rosemary Delbridge Memorial Award from the National Consumer Council (U.K.) for the person “who has most influenced Parliament and government to act for the welfare of society.” Gostin also received the Key to Tohoko University (Japan) for distinguished contributions to human rights in mental health. At the CDC Public Health Law Conference in 2006, he received the Public Health Law Association Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award “in recognition of a career devoted to using law to improve the public’s health.” Gostin is an elected fellow of the Hastings Center, an independent bioethics research institution.

As for Richard Crossman, Harold’s Cabinet Minister who was Committed to the NHS and close friends with so many others who were Doing It For The Poor, on Dec 25 1969, Crossman’s diary entry noted that Harold and Mary Wilson were both covered by BUPA, as was Crossman’s family. Crossman had avoided taking out BUPA insurance for himself because he knew that if the press discovered that he, being Secretary of State for the DHSS, was insured by BUPA, there would be a scandal. However, being a man who thought that the Garrick was a bit downmarket and Brook’s was much more acceptable and someone who insisted on only Rum Bay Oil for his hair, Rum Bay Oil which had to be purchased from a particular shop in St James’s and delivered to whichever one of his homes he was crashing out in at the time by his Gov’t chauffeur, somehow I don’t think that Crossman would have consulted Dafydd or Gwynne.

Here’s Uncle Harry, Doing It For The Poor:


The Science of Animal Behaviour

My post ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’ mentioned that Baroness Lena Jeger, one of the Labour Party’s many Wimmin’s Champs who was so helpful to Dafydd et al for so many years, began her rise to prominence as one who battled for wimmin and children as Vice-President of the NUS. Lady Lena joined the Civil Service – and the security services – in 1936, so she will have been Vice-President of the NUS at some point before that. I think that Lena may have been Vice-President at some time during the years that Sir Frederick Lincoln Ralphs was President of the NUS, 1934-36.

Sir Frederick Lincoln Ralphs (17 February 1909 – 16 October 1978) was born in Wellington, Shropshire into a Methodist family who had been victimised for their involvement with trade unions. My posts ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ and ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’ discussed how closely intertwined many Methodists were with Dafydd’s gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring, a connection which was helped considerably by the child abuser George Thomas being for years the most prominent Methodist in Britain and Harold Wilson’s wife Mary being from a Congregationalist family. Thatch of course was brought up in the Methodist Church, although in later life she rather uncomfortably joined the Anglican Church, what with that still being the Tory Party at prayer and Methodism having dangerously close links to socialism. Thatch maintained that their shared Methodism was the basis of her friendship with George Thomas and that this overcame their political differences.

Like George Thomas, Ralphs was a lay preacher. He also served as President of the National Sunday School Union.

The family seats of two aristocrats who were deeply involved with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and the Westminster Paedophile Ring – Lord Lloyd Kenyon and Lord Harlech – were in Shropshire. See previous posts. After John Allen had established his children’s homes in north Wales, he opened homes in Shropshire and Cheshire as well. In the 1990s, a major investigation into organised abuse in children’s homes and other institutions for young people resulted in a number of care staff and teachers from Shropshire and Cheshire going to prison. Ralph Morris, the Headmaster of Castle Hill School in Shropshire who was convicted of abuse, was a well-known public figure in Ludlow. Ralph was pals with people linked with other institutions who exchanged staff with children’s homes in north Wales. The context of the case of Ralph Morris, as with those of Keith Laverack, Frank Beck and even Peter Howarth, suggests that although these men almost certainly were child abusers, they had been members of much bigger rings but for some reason they had been very publicly denounced as Vile Perverts and jailed for years while many more of those who joined in the party with them were never named, yet alone charged. See previous posts.

Dr Laurence Chesterman – Behind The Facade – Service ...

Greville Janner

Key Westminster figures named in newly released child ...

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


In 2001, Jonathan King was jailed for the sexual abuse of boys of 14 and 15 in the 1980s. He was universally denounced as a Vile Pervert. Jonathan King was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge and maintained that the judge who presided over his trial was known to him from his student days and had done the very same thing for which King was jailed. King angrily stated that he could name dozens of well-known people who had sex with both boys and girls of 14 and 15 in the 1970s and 80s as he and allegedly the judge did, yet none of them had been investigated and charged. King wrote and performed in a musical, Vile Pervert, in which he sought to expose the hypocrisy surrounding his case.

Jonathan King's Vile Pervert The Musical: Music

I am of the opinion that Jonathan King is a wally, but I believe him on this matter. Furthermore, Trinity College, Cambridge was the centre of a gay sex ring; the shenanigans became world famous as a result of the Cambridge Spies, some of whom were part of what was obviously a ring. Sir Anthony Blunt wasn’t publicly named as one of the Cambridge spies until 1979 and it was only much more recently that Blunt has been named as one of the elite members of the paedophile ring that was based at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast. Lord Louis Mountbatten is another who has been named as being involved with the abuse of boys at Kincora. See previous posts.

One wonders why Jonathan King was investigated and charged when no-one else was, because there was definitely a problem, in Cambridge and in showbiz…

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo

Jonathan King went to school in Seaford, East Sussex – there was a ring in East Sussex which went into partnership with Dafydd’s gang in the 1960s – and Oundle School, which is where Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the centre of the Welsh Bloomsbury Group who lived at Llanfrothen (see previous posts eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’), went to school, as did many others who colluded with Dafydd and linked gangs. See previous posts. King also attended Charterhouse School in Surrey, where he played with a local band. Patient F who was fitted up in approx 1986 in north Wales for drugs offences as well as for arson and then substantially destroyed by Dafydd and the gang (see previous posts), grew up in Surrey and is of a similar age to King. F didn’t go to Charterhouse, he went to different independent schools in Surrey, but I’m fairly sure that F’s brother went to Charterhouse. F and his brother are of the same vintage as King and F hung around on the hippy and rock scene.

Jonathan King was hobnobbing with Brian Epstein in June 1964, before King went to Cambridge. Epstein was networked with Dafydd’s associates and died when the Beatles were staying in Bangor, in circumstances which raise questions. See eg. post ‘Bernard Levin And Jonathan Miller Talk Bollocks’.

King was a big figure in the music industry throughout the latter half of the 1960s onwards until he was jailed. He worked with a great many people who were known to be sexually exploiting young people such as Jimmy Savile, as well as people whom it is now known were sexually exploited themselves by their managers and others eg. the Bay City Rollers. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car with a Stranger!’.

King was at Trinity College, 1964-67.

Here’s someone who was at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1967-70:

  • Here’s Rab, he was Master of Trinity College, 1965-77, after he had spent many enjoyable years as Mr Tory Party, concealing the crap from the dawn of time, throughout the Profumo Affair and afterwards (see previous posts):
Rab: Carlo’s personal mentor at Cambridge
Baron Butler.jpg

Rab was the Tory MP for Saffron Walden, 1929-65, then sat in the Lords until his death in 1982. Saffron Walden is in Essex but it is one of those places sufficiently near the border of Suffolk that people in Saffron Walden have a great deal to do with Suffolk and at least in the 1980s some people who lived in Suffolk had Saffron Walden as part of their postal address.

The family seat of the Herveys is in Suffolk. John Jermyn Hervey aka Lord Bristol was famous for his drugs and rent boy excess as well as for risking his own life and other people’s by crashing helicopters and cars. Lord Bristol unsurprisingly met a sticky and untimely end despite the willingness of Top Doctors to sell him class A drugs, write helpful Court reports about him, house him in their expensive private clinics etc. However Nicholas Hervey, Lord Bristol’s brother, also met an untimely end and was found hanging in his house in Chelsea. Nicholas had not led a lifestyle anything like his brother, but he was close to Lord Bristol and knew much of what was going on. Nicholas was diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’ after a difficult period when young and once he received Help from the Top Doctors, Nicholas never looked back. His life was wrecked by the Help and the Medication in the way that I witnessed the lives of so many destroyed in north Wales.

Dafydd’s partner in crime John Allen was based in Suffolk before he opened his first children’s home in north Wales in the late 1960s. Dr John W. Paulley, who carried out dangerous unethical ‘research’ on patients, was based in Ipswich and his wife established a clinic for people with ‘psychological difficulties’ on the basis of no experience and no qualifications in the field. I have received information from people who knew Paulley telling me that the efforts of Paulley and his wife were a cover for organised abuse. Paulley was one of those who was instrumental in the foundation of the University of Buckingham, of which Thatch became Chancellor. See previous posts.

Rab was Chancellor of the University of Essex from 1966 until his death and of Sheffield University, 1959-77.

Rab was friends with Trumpers, who lived in Cambridge during the 1960s and 70s and was involved with the Cambridgeshire Tory Party. When she was Health Minister, 1985-87, Trumpers appointed her pal Jimmy Savile to the management task force of Broadmoor Hospital (see posts ‘The Socio-Political Context Of The Mental Health Services In The 1980s’, ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’ and ’95 Glorious Years!’).

Here’s Trumpers, communicating with Lord Tom King, who, like Trumpers, colluded with Dafydd’s gang and the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see previous posts):

Baroness Trumpington, THAT two-finger gesture and how she ...


Another high profile Tory and his fragrant wife have also lived in Cambridgeshire for many years and held numerous public appointments, although one of them had their career in public life briefly interrupted when he served a prison sentence for perjury:

  • Jeffrey Archer and Kevin Keegan among 44 celebrities ...

Read more about Jeffrey and the fragrant Lady Mary – including that unfortunate business of the prostitute with whom Jeffrey claimed not to have had sex dying as a result of a very well-timed car accident shortly before she was due to give evidence at Jeffrey’s trial for perjury – in my post ‘Tuppence And His Fragrant Wife’). Lady Mary committed perjury as well, but for reasons unknown she was never charged.


In March 1997 at Chester Crown Court, Keith Laverack, the one time Director of Cambridgeshire Social Services,  was convicted and jailed for the sexual abuse of children while he worked in children’s homes in Cheshire and Cambridgeshire between 1975 and 1987. Judge Huw Daniel presided over the trial. The charges against Laverack arose as part of an investigation into a big paedophile ring. The police had obtained an order preventing the identification of some other defendants because their identification would risk the bigger police operation. See previous posts. Daniel lifted the Court order, the others were named and WHOOPS…

Huw Daniel sabotaged that trial just after the Waterhouse Inquiry had opened and just at the time that Sir Ronnie Waterhouse suddenly decided that he needed a holiday, so he put the Inquiry on hold for a few weeks while he nipped off to Hong Kong. Where amazingly enough he met up and dined with Derry Irvine, who was also hanging around in Hong Kong. At the time of the meal, Derry was Shadow Lord Chancellor, but everyone knew that Derry would soon be Lord Chancellor because a General Election was due and no-one expected the Tories to get back in, not even the Tories.

Huw Daniel is friends with Dafydd and the gang, as was his father. See eg. post ‘Tan yn Llyn’. Daniel spent his entire career on the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit as a barrister and then a judge. At least one innocent man – the Rev Emyr Owen of Tywyn – was jailed in 1985 because of Daniel’s lies when Daniel was a barrister. See previous posts. Daniel was looking forward to sending me to prison as well, in 2004, on the basis of what he knew was the perjury of NHS staff but the charges were suddenly withdrawn on the first day of my trial. I was later told that someone had come forward who had witnessed the plan to fit me up and threatened to go public on the abuse of patients at the Hergest Unit if my trial went ahead.


What I want to know is who is the Mr Big linked with the Cambridge ring whom everyone is so desperate to protect?

Here’s Sam from ‘Casablanca’ playing ‘As Time Goes By’:

  • Dooley Wilson – As Time Goes By Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
  • Then:
  • My Funny: Prince Charles in Black & White Images | Pictures

Now:Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) | Twitter


Sir Frederick Lincoln Ralphs family moved to Sheffield while Ralphs was young and he attended Firth Park Grammar School and the University of Sheffield. It was there that Ralphs became involved with the NUS, serving as President, 1934-36. Ralphs was also President of the International Confederation of Students, 1937-38.

Yorkshire was another location of organised abuse, which by the early 1960s had been ramped up considerably by Jimmy Savile’s activities. When Sir Frederick was busy in the NUS and with the International Confederation of Students, Cambridge University and the Cambridge Apostles were at their spying, swinging best. See previous posts.

Moving to a Smaller House Means Shedding Books: Should I ...

  • Eric Hobsbawm: A man of Extremes | Coffee House
  • Charles Frith - Punk Planning: The British Establishment ...


Frederick Ralphs himself may have left Shropshire, Sheffield and the NUS long behind when he held his own positions in public life, but as I hope that I have made clear on this blog, it is keeping quiet about people one has known as well as about those who one knows which is the crucial factor. Furthermore, people in public life do get called upon to show their loyalty to those on their past stomping ground, even if they only passed through relatively briefly and didn’t return.

No doubt I really did blot my copy book when I was working at St George’s Hospital Medical School, when a Nice Young Doctor called Jimmy Shroff popped up to see me because he wanted to meet the girl that he’d been told was from Bangor who was now at St George’s, because Jimmy was from north Wales! Jimmy had a cup of tea with me and ran a long list of names from north Wales past me, all of whom I knew to be involved in the abuse of patients. He asked me if I knew Dafydd; I wasn’t massively outspoken but I certainly didn’t agree with Jimmy that Dafydd ‘was a funny little man with a beard’. I indicated that I knew of very, very big problems…

Jimmy then dashed off back to work and I never encountered him again.

I now realise that Jimmy Shroff was well aware that I knew a great deal, because he had worked as a GP trainee in Dr D.G.E. Wood’s surgery; Wood was facilitating the ring… When I wrote my post about Jimmy Shroff ‘A Network Stretching To London?’ in Nov 2016 shortly after beginning this blog, I hadn’t yet received all my documentation and I had no idea how extensive the network was. In that post I wrote:

I often wondered whether he was part of the network that were trying so hard to silence me, but he didn’t seem like one of them – he was far more competent for a start and seemed much more normal than the very obviously dysfunctional people whom I was having such trouble with. However in 2005 when I finally retrieved my full medical files I had a surprise – among the very old records was a photocopy of a letter printed on headed North Wales Hospital Denbigh paper. The quality of the photocopying was so poor that I was unable to read the signature – but the content of the letter could just about be read. It was a letter to someone else (their name could not be distinguished either) asking whether their friend had found out which department in St George’s I was working in yet. I never did get to the bottom of Jimmy Shroff’s brief visit to me because he didn’t stay working at St George’s long. I have since discovered that Jimmy Shroff died in 2003. His widow works for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Jimmy was a mate of Dr D.G.E. Wood and Dr Tony Francis and had been sent to St George’s to see what I would say about Dafydd. Jimmy Shroff was not a loony like Dafydd, he was a competent and personable doctor, but he knew what Dafydd was doing and was part of the effort to keep a lid on the criminality, which is even more terrifying than the lunacy of Dafydd himself.

After Jimmy Shroff died, obituaries appeared in the BMJ and on told us that Jimmy Foden Shroff died from a pancreatic tumour on 13 November 2003 and:

Jimmy Foden Shroff grew up in Leatherhead and qualified from Barts Medical College in 1983.

Bart’s had been facilitating organised abuse for years. Professor Anthony Clare who colluded with Dafydd et al and Prof Linford Rees, a Welsh psychiatrist who knew Dafydd, held Chairs at Bart’s in the 1980s and 90s which added to the party. See previous posts.

During his undergraduate career he also obtained a BSc first class honours in biochemistry. He was profoundly interested in all aspects of medicine, and this attracted him into general practice and he completed the vocational training course, obtaining the MRCGP. At the end of this period he conceived his ambition to train in obstetrics and gynaecology. It was typical of Jimmy that he would undertake this in a thorough way, and he first undertook a number of surgical jobs and obtained the FRCS in 1990. He then went into training posts in his chosen speciality, passing the MRCOG in 1994, and he was appointed a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Tameside General Hospital in September of 2000.

Dafydd’s gang had direct links with Tameside. Glanville Owen, who on April 1984 was appointed Deputy Director of Gwynedd Social Services and remained in that post while kids in the care of Gwynedd were systematically battered, raped and trafficked, had previously worked as a senior social worker to the Assistant Director at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. In his evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry, Glanville didn’t manage to explain how he managed to not notice what was happening in the children’s homes for which he was the senior manager responsible, but he did tell Ronnie that he was now in a different role and didn’t expect to continue working for the local authority for much longer. After telling Ronnie that, Glanville however found a new lease of life. By 2003, Glanville was Chief Exec of Gwynedd Community Health Council, in which role he lied to patients and refused to investigate even the most serious of complaints. When the CHCs were restructured Glanville didn’t disappear, he was recycled into the North Wales CHC. He was definitely still there as recently as 2011… See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

[Shroff] quickly established himself as a hardworking and conscientious gynaecologist particularly concerned with dedicating himself to the colposcopy and oncology services. With a colleague he developed the West Pennine Gynaecological Oncology Unit and rapidly established a reputation as a valuable colleague who was very much liked by patients, nursing, and midwifery staff, as well as his consultant colleagues. He was a positive and effective multidisciplinary team worker as well as leader. He was also an extremely good teacher and lectured both in the department, the postgraduate centre, and in the Greater Manchester Gynaecology Oncology Group.

Dafydd and the gang had a branch in Greater Manchester. The branch had been in existence for a long time, but it expanded when Dafydd’s mate Dr Bob Hobson relocated from the Maudsley, where Hobson had facilitated organised abuse, to Manchester University, where Hobson facilitated organised abuse. Tony Francis worked in psychiatry at Manchester University in the early 1980s before he arrived to work with Dafydd in north Wales. Sadie Francis studied medicine at Manchester, as did the insane and dangerous Dr Tony Roberts who worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and then the Hergest Unit. There was also an exchange of Angels between north Wales and Manchester and during the 1990s, Angels from north Wales were being sent to Manchester University to undertake postgrad degrees, which as far as I could see no-one ever failed. Furthermore the postgrad degrees were in ‘interventions’ which were based on research frauds in which members of the gang in north Wales had participated.

One Angel who did very well out of this scam was Dr Dave Reader, who turned up in Gwynedd as the ‘student’ of one of my key workers during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Dave Reader introduced himself to me as an Angel new to north Wales who was doing a PhD. He didn’t tell me that he had been qualified for many years, had worked as a senior Angel at St George’s Hospital Medical School, knew the people traffickers there and had decided to get a job as an Angel in Gwynedd at about the same time that I left my job at St George’s and moved back to Gwyneddd.

He was an outstandingly clear thinker and wrote most effective notes with a very attractive and neat hand. As a senior house officer he had developed the technique of writing the notes with different coloured inks to emphasise different points, and his note keeping was of such a high standard that few could aspire to it. His ability to draw clear diagrams reflected a school interest in art and technical drawing that stood him in good stead.

Jimmy had a real love of life with catholic interests ranging from swimming, cycling, maintaining his own cars, do it yourself, model railways, and scouting, which initially took him to camping trips to North Wales, where he eventually made his home. He was always positive and interested, and was an extremely attractive character.

His consultant work and life were extremely fulfilling and it was a sad shock for his family, colleagues, and the service when he became unexpectedly ill in January of 2003 and a tumour was diagnosed. He bore his illness and the treatments with considerable fortitude, even when it was clear that it was advancing despite the best possible treatment.

He leaves his wife, Liz; three children; and very favourable memories among his colleagues and patients. 

This tribute to Jimmy the Friend of a Gang of Paedophiles and Traffickers, but ooh he did make such excellent notes, he even used different colours, was penned by N.G. Hodges. Those notes could well have been, like the notes of Dafydd’s other pals, written in code. When Dr Robin Jacobson of St George’s Hospital wrote in 1991 that ‘Dr Jones is a psychiatrist in his late 50s or early 60s who trained with Bob Hobson’, Jacobson meant ‘Oh God, he was part of that notorious sex abuse ring at the Maudsley in the 1960s, we are not touching this patient who has complained about him’ and when Dr Neil Davies wrote ‘DAJ’ on the top of documents, it was a signal that the patient concerned had complained about Dafydd…

Ah the doctors they were wonderful! What does the acronym ‘DIEBITCH’ mean please doctor? It’s on so many of the records of the Empowered Service Users from north Wales!

The BMJ in Aug 2004 published a nice photo of Jimmy:

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is shroffj.f1.jpg

N.G. Hodges has been a busy bee, he has published extensively with many others. For example, in 2016 Hodges published ‘Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Welsh Slate Miners’: Reynolds C.J., MacNeill S.J., Williams J., Hodges N.G., Campbell M.J., Newman-Taylor A.J., Cullinan P. (2016) Occupational Medicine, Nov 2016 67 (1):20-25.

When N.G. Hodges co-authored that article, he hadn’t published anything since he wrote the obituary for his mate Jimmy for the BMJ in 2004. Before Jimmy’s obit, N.G. Hodges’ last contribution to medical science had been in April 1996. So N.G. Hodges suddenly published a paper about Welsh slate quarrymen in Nov 2016, the month that I blogged about Jimmy. N.G. Hodges probably hadn’t read that post by the time that he submitted that paper, but he could well have discovered that I had begun this blog a few months previously.

N.G. Hodges gave his affiliation as the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield. Which is a little odd, because N.G. Hodges is a Top Doctor getting on in years who worked in Gwynedd back in the 1970s and 80s, specialising in respiratory illness…

N.G. Hodges’ co-authors who realised that there was a sudden need to publish on obstructive pulmonary disease in Welsh slate miners in 2016 were Carl Reynolds of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London; S.J. MacNeill of the School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol; J. Williams of the School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield; Michael J. Campbell of the University of Sheffield; A.J. Newman Taylor of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College and P. Cullinan of the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College.

Reynolds et al in the article’s abstract told us that the object was ‘to study the cumulative effect of mining on lung function and risk of COPD in a cohort of Welsh slate miners and whether these were independent of smoking and pneumoconiosis. The study was based on a secondary analysis of Medical Research Council (MRC) survey data….We created multivariable models to assess the association between mining and lung function after adjusting for age and smoking status…. In the original MRC study, 1255 men participated (726 slate miners, 529 unexposed non-miners). COPD was significantly more common in miners (n = 213, 33%) than non-miners (n = 120, 26%), P < 0.05. There was no statistically significant difference in risk of COPD between miners and non-miners when analysis was limited to non-smokers or those without radiographic evidence of pneumoconiosis…Slate mining may reduce lung function and increase the incidence of COPD independently of smoking and pneumoconiosis’.

Now N.G. Hodges and pals, not only is there nothing new in this research, but I note that the work was based on a secondary analysis of MRC data. In 2016, there was not a great deal of slate quarrying going on in Wales any longer and the few quarrymen still working in the industry were well-protected, the deleterious effects of slate dust being well-known. So HOW OLD was your data? Donkey’s years old perhaps? Was it perhaps from the MRC Unit which was located in south Wales many years ago, run by Archie Cochrane, with which Dafydd and Tony Francis’s old mucker Professor Kenneth Rawnsley was involved before he was appointed Chair of Psychological Medicine at the Welsh National School of Medicine? See previous posts for details of Archie et al and the MRC Unit in south Wales…

It was the geniuses linked to Archie’s old mates and the MRC Unit who were responsible for the research fraud carried out by Dafydd’s mates in Dec 1990, which blew up in everybody’s faces days after the silly buggers boasted of their Global First In Cancer Research in the world’s media. See posts ‘They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now’ and ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’. That paper was published the month in which Tony and Sadie Francis had me arrested on the basis of their perjury; they were attempting to have me imprisoned. When that didn’t happen, they perjured themselves again a few weeks later in another attempt to have me imprisoned; then they had another go some three months after that, in the spring of 1991. None of the charges were criminal charges; the Drs Francis had obtained a High Court injunction against me – again on the basis of perjury – and then repeatedly perjured themselves in their claims that I had breached the injunction and should be imprisoned for contempt of court. I have documents demonstrating that Hempsons, the MDU lawyers, who were acting for the Drs Francis, knew that they had perjured themselves and had advised them not to continue with the case against me. The Drs Francis continued nonetheless and Hempsons represented them.

Hempsons had copies of letters written by me detailing the serious abuse of patients and criminality on the part of Dafydd, the Drs Francis and their colleagues. I also had a long telephone conversation with Ann Ball of Hempsons in late 1990 and told her in no uncertain terms that patients were being seriously abused. Ann Ball told me that Tony and Sadie Francis had told her that they knew nothing about my allegations. Hempsons had documentary evidence themselves that Tony and Sadie were party to the abuse and criminality.

By Dec 1990, Professor Mark Williams was becoming well-known on the back of his Mindfulness work, which was yet another research fraud carried out by Dafydd’s colleagues. See post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’.

Tony Francis studied under Kenneth Rawnsley and then worked for Rawnsley as a junior doctor after Francis graduated.

With regard to the institutions with which those who’s names are on the 2016 paper with N.G. Hodges. Not long after I finished my MSc at Hammersmith Hospital, Hammersmith merged with Imperial College. Dafydd’s pals at Hammersmith and the Top Docs who were perpetrating research fraud, giving out jobs to the people with whom they were having sex etc all (see eg. posts ‘Oh, Lordy! It’s CR UK’ and ‘Interesting Facts’) became part of Imperial College. For years Imperial was ruled over by Lord Brian Flowers, who grew up in Swansea and retained close links with Wales. Flowers was then given domain over the whole of the University of London and served as VC. Flowers ignored patient harm, criminal misconduct and research fraud in all the London Medical Schools, including the pan-European trafficking ring which St George’s was facilitating. Flowers had a go at being the VC of Manchester University as well, just to ensure that the rot was firmly embedded in the north west of England as well as the north east and London. See previous posts.

Sir Charles Evans, the Top Doc who for the best part of three decades served as the Principal of UCNW while the whole institution was a vehicle for Dafydd’s trafficking gang, was close friends with Top Doctor Anne McCandless, who, like Sir Charles, was more interested in climbing than in being a Top Doctor and didn’t have much time for the human race. Anne McCandless worked as a paediatrician in the Liverpool and Manchester areas and along with her Top Doc mates, was complicit with the abuse of kids and vulnerable people. See post ‘Meet the Gwerin!’.

There were other people with close links to Imperial who colluded with Dafydd and the gang, including those from north Wales, such as Professor Wynn Humphrey Davies, who in retirement returned to north Wales and for many years held office on the Council of Bangor University. See post ‘I Told You I Was Trouble’.

My post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’ discusses what I am fairly sure was a huge research fraud conducted by Dame Julia Polak of Imperial College in collaboration with Sir Magdi Yacoub, in the field of er heart and lung research. I was told by someone the other day that Polak did commit that fraud but it was less certain as to how much Yacoub knew about it; there is a suspicion that he just believed her lies… Whatever the truth, Polak and Yacoub built a whole new research centre on the basis of the Medical Miracles that they were performing and millions and millions of dosh has gone the way of Imperial on the basis of Julia’s ‘research’.

Magdi Yacoub - eniGma Magazine


One of N.G. Hodges’ co-authors was based at Bristol University. Dafydd’s gang had a hotline to Bristol University, because Dr D.G.E. Wood trained there. There were many more links between the gang and Bristol University as well, such as Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins, a particularly abusive Gwynedd social worker, who did a degree in psychology at Bristol. Sarah Jenkins was on the psychology degree at Bristol at the same time as Sarah Macaulay, who later became Mrs Gordon Brown. Sarah was the business partner of Julia Hobsbawm and they established Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, the PR company which served New Labour. Julia’s dad Eric Hobsbawm was the Marxist historian who spent much of his life in the Communist Party, had a second home at Croesor in Gwynedd and was part of the Welsh Bloomsbury Group who drew on the services of Dafydd’s gang for years. See eg. post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. Eric Hobsbawm was one of that cohort of Cambridge students who were recruited by the security services, so I can only presume that putting a stop to a gang of paedophiles operating within the post-war welfare state was not on their remit.

Lord David Hunt, who concealed the criminality of Dafydd et al throughout his many years as a Tory MP on Merseyside, Welsh Office Minister, Secretary of State for Wales, member of the Lords and is still doing so in his capacity as one of the most senior people in the international law firm DAC Beachcroft, completed his law degree at Bristol University.

As for N.G. Hodges, I have no idea how an elderly, clapped out doctor from Ysbyty Gwynedd who was mates with Dafydd et al managed to get himself an affiliation with Sheffield University in the twilight of his years, but in view of what is going on, it could very easily have been arranged. Sheffield was at the hub of the ring run by Jimmy Savile, who was involved with Dafydd’s gang. I am only surprised that the much bigger names from Sheffield University on that paper – one of whom I think now has a Chair in Australia – were stupid enough to have been party to this lame response to my blog.

 As for Sheffield per se, one of the hubs of Jimmy Savile HQ, didn’t a man called David Blunkett ever notice anything amiss in downtown, gangland Sheffield? He led the Sheffield City Council throughout the Savile years and was Home Secretary as well…
‘The People’s Republic Of Sheffield’ had old Tebbs and the Tories fuming. Not so much a People’s Regime if you were a kid in care or psych patient being targeted by Savile’s gang was it Blunkett?
Yma O Hyd!
  • Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at Conservative Party ...
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  • Margaret Thatcher Stock Photos & Margaret Thatcher Stock ...
Joan Beer I think is still alive; she is a leading light in Penrallt Baptist Church in Bangor. There are some very nice people in Penrallt, I know some of them there, but there is a big contingent of social workers, Top Docs and Bangor University staff who definitely colluded with the trafficking ring. Not much happened at Penrallt without Joan Beer being at the centre of it.
Bill Beer’s mentor at the Westminster Hospital, Peter Samman, died in 1992 and his biography is also to be found on the Royal College of Physician’s ‘Lives of the Fellows’ online:

Peter Samman was born in Darjeeling, India. His father, Herbert Frederick Samman, was a Commissioner in the Indian Civil Service, as was his mother’s father. His cousin, C T Samman, a lieutenant colonel who was master of the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries 1928-31…

On his father’s retirement the family returned to the Isle of Man, where Peter attended King William’s College. He went up to Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and then to King’s College Hospital, London.

Samman was at Cambridge in the 1930s, along with all those gay elite men who worked for the security services and used their positions to ensure that they could have sex with kids and young people who didn’t really want to have sex with them and then murder witnesses if they wouldn’t shut up.

Soon after he qualified, the second world war began. He volunteered for the RAF, rose to the rank of squadron leader, spent two years in Canada, and after the war returned to King’s and obtained his membership of the College.

Dannie Abse finished his clinical training at King’s after the Westminster Hospital and he spent quite some time working as a Top Doc in the RAF, reaching a senior position…

The King’s dermatology ethos had attracted him to the specialty. Sydney Thomson – of Thomson’s Disease, congenital poikiloderma, 1923 – was in charge of the department having succeeded Arthur Whitfield, of the ointment. He was house surgeon and medical registrar at King’s until 1947 when he moved to Bristol as senior registrar. There he started a lifelong study that brought him international recognition – the classification of the cutaneous lymphomas…

In 1951 he was appointed consultant physician for diseases of the skin to Westminster Hospital. He spent a sabbatical six months during 1958 at the University of Pennsylvania in the foremost academic unit in the USA, Pillsbury’s. This was followed by his appointment to the staff of St John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. St John’s was his chief academic focus; he was dean for five years.

A man of upright and definite convictions…

He just missed a great deal of what was happening around him

He was punctilious in his attendance to his hospital work at Westminster and St John’s, where he was particularly respected for sound clinical judgement and also in committee.

Bill my dear chap! The international trafficking ring that young Abse is developing needs a dermatologist in the heartland of Gwynedd! You’re good with languages and the region is a Methodist stronghold, you must apply… We must remember our NHS work after all…

His opinion was always the first to be sought at national and international meetings on the subject of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, mycosis fungoides and pre-reticulotic conditions. He would answer succinctly and clearly, reporting his meticulous analysis of the patients that had been referred to him from all over the UK.

I can only hope that Samman’s research was rather less flaky than that of N.G. Hodges et al…

He gave the Parkes Weber lecture in 1976, entitled ‘Cutaneous reticulosis’. He also contributed chapters on this subject, on nails in disease and on lichen planus, in the celebrated Textbook of dermatology, ed A J Rook and D S Wilkinson, Oxford, Blackwell, 1968, which went into several editions. His The nails in disease, London, Heinemann, 1965, went into four editions. In 1990 he edited A history of St John’s Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, Oxford, Radcliffe Medical.

You can see why a load of wallies in Parliament are taken in on every occasion can’t you. It sounds brilliant, very Dr Finlay.

He married Judith Mary née Kelly in 1953 and settled in Orpington, Kent. He and Judy had a large garden and Peter was a knowledgeable plantsman; he won many cups and awards at horticultural shows where his speciality was chrysanthemums.

The Gumbies of Monty Python fame liked chrysanthemums. The Gumbies did brain surgery as well.

A Gumby:

  • Dannie Abse - Wikipedia

Dr Dannie Abse and colleagues:

  • Monty Python - Gumby Brain Specialist - YouTube
  • Gumby Brain Specialist by Monty Python | This Is My Jam
  • Monty Python - Gumby Problem Sketch - YouTube

[Samman] had three daughters, one of whom also qualified as a Gumby and works as a GP. In his later years he was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease; he died of pneumonia.

The Gumbies could do no more for him…


In Aug 1986, N.G. Hodges and others published ‘Mortality of Slate Workers In North Wales’ in the British Journal of Industrial Medicine, 43(8): 550-555.
So N.G. Hodges and his mates had published something in 1986 using data collected in 1975. Data this old and indeed much older can certainly be valuable in many areas of research, but not in this area. Once again, N.G. Hodges was telling the world something that it already knew about an industry that had changed its working practices and that was in decline anyway, using ancient data.
On this occasion, the cutting edge researcher which is N.G .Hodges co-authored with P.D. Oldham, C. Bevan and P.C. Elwood. I will return to these co-researchers of N.G.’s shortly.
In 1981, O.C. Parry-Jones and N.G. Hodges published ‘Severe Breathlessness, Respiratory Failure and Asphyxia’ in the BMJ, 282(6262):441-443]
Kenneth Rawnsley worked with those MRC Units at one time and he was able to publish work maintaining that the health differences between the different communities in south Wales were predicated on psychological factors. Ken explained that was why people living in the industrial parts of the valleys who spent their lives down coal mines and lived in poor housing covered in coal dust were moaning and groaning about their aches and pains, coughing their guts up and walked with stoops and limps, but those in the Vale of Glamorgan had a skip in their step, a smile for everyone and clean faces and necks.
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  • They won’t get up off their arses and do a days work that’s their problem.
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Professor Peter Elwood was a key component of the MRC Epidemiology Unit and a man of whom Cardiff University are proud. See post ‘The Vermin Club’. Peter has been at the forefront of many medical breakthroughs and his stellar career continued at speed, even after his name was on that horribly embarrassing paper published by Dafydd’s gang in Dec 1990…
All the Top Docs at the Welsh National School of Medicine and in Cardiff knew what was happening in north Wales. It was why junior doctors would not take jobs in north Wales and even the medical students’ hearts sank if they had to complete a placement in Bangor. Meanwhile, Professor Fergus Lowe at Bangor University built an empire on the back of holding weak colluding fools over a barrel. Before Fungus blackmailed Unilever, the Leverhulme Trust and the ESRC over the wrongdoing of Dafydd et al, he raised funds and his profile by ‘working with health authorities’ in Wales. Fungus, the Leo Abse of Psychology, kicked all of them about because he knew how serious the criminality with which they had been complicit was. See previous posts.
What’s the betting that N.G. and co had used the same old data set that they brought out of mothballs in 2016 when the paedophile gang sent up a distress flare, after using it for their Aug 1986 paper? They certainly made good use of that 1975 data, from a slate industry that barely existed any longer, in which practices had changed out of all recognition by the time that they were publishing. Many of the people in the data set would have been dead by the time that N.G. still faithfully worked the data in 1986, let alone 2016.
Yet more meaningless research brought to the world by mates of Dafydd’s because I’ve popped my head above the parapet again. You can almost set your clocks by it. Aug 1986, my first formal complaint to the Mental Health Act Commission after I was unlawfully detained under the Mental Health Act in Ysbyty Gwynedd when I refused to leave the premises because my previous letters of complaint had not been answered. Dec 1990, I had given Hempsons full details of the abuse and criminality on the part of the NHS and social services in north Wales. Nov 2016, I’d begun this blog.
My how things haven’t changed.
The quarrying landscape of north Wales when N.G. Hodges was publishing about the effects of slate dust on quarrymen:
  • Slate Quarry, Blaenau Festiniog, North Wales, UK, shot from the air - Stock Image
  • Industrial landscape with Penrhyn slate quarry and spoil heaps above houses in town of Bethesda, Gwynedd, North - Stock Image
  • Slate quarry, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, North Wales UK. - Stock Image
  • Slate Quarry, Blaenau Festiniog, North Wales, UK, shot from the air - Stock Image
  • Tailings and benches of waste stone in Penrhyn slate quarry, Bethesda, North Wales, UK - Stock Image
  • Craig Cwm Silyn on the Nantle Ridge seen from the former 'Prince Of Wales ' slate quarry at the head of Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia, North Wales, UK - Stock Image
  • Snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd, Wales, UK. 17th February, 2015. A hiker visits the abandoned Rhosydd Slate Quarry - Stock Image
  • Aberllefenni Slate Quarry worked continuously from 16th century until it closed in 2003 near Corris Gwynedd Wales - Stock Image
  • LLanberis Slate Quarry near Llanberis, Gwynedd, Wales - Stock Image
  • Old Mine Working Machinery and Access Ladders, Dinorwic Slate Quarry, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, UK - Stock Image
  • Penrhyn Slate Quarry at Bethesda, Wales - Stock Image
  • Green Ivy growing on a purple slate wall in an abandoned Welsh quarry. - Stock Image
  • Electric Mountain Dinorwig Power Station and Llyn Peris with disused slate workings Llanberis Gwynedd North Wales - Stock Image
  • UK, Wales, Gwynedd, Abergynolwyn, Heol Tan y Bryn, terrace of slate-built, quarry workers cottages - Stock Image
  • Heather growing in slate quarry close up, North Wales UK - Stock Image
  • Wales, Snowdonia National Park, Penmachno, old abandoned slate quarry - Stock Image
  • Welsh slate mining Aberllefenni slate quarries Machynlleth Powys Wales UK - Stock Image
  • Disused buildings and waste slate over looking Llyn Peris in at Dinorwig quarry in Llanberis North Wales - Stock Image
  • Ruins of old Anglesey Barracks quarrymen's cottages in disused Dinorwig slate quarry on Elidir Fawr in Snowdonia - Stock Image
  • autumn afternoon Old slate mining quarrying equipment lying rusting and abandoned in a quarry above Friog Gwynedd - Stock Image
  • Slate quarries at Llanberis, Snowdonia, north Wales, UK view down to Llanberis - Stock Image
Petes Eats
In 1984, a brand new hospital opened in Bangor, Ysbyty Gwynedd:
Dafydd Wigley, Plaid MP for Caernarfon 1974-2001 and AM for the same constituency 1999-2003, fought long and hard for the quarrymen to receive compensation for their respiratory illnesses, but not until most of them were in a very bad way. He’s still fighting, although they’ve nearly all died. Lord Wigley didn’t mention a word about the nonsensical research of N.G. Hodges, but he didn’t mention anything about the trafficking ring either. One of Lord Wigley’s advisers was Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile gang operated in the children’s homes run by Gwynedd County Council. See previous posts.
Dafydd Wigley apologises after comparing Trident to death ...
Back in May 1976, N.G. Hodges co-authored, with numerous others, a piece for the BMJ on a subject close to their hearts, ‘Incremental Payments For Consultants’.
Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo
That’s enough N.G. Hodges – Ed.


To return to Sir Frederick. In 1938, Sir Frederick Lincoln Ralphs married Enid Mary Cowlin, Vice-President of the NUS and the couple moved to Norwich in 1946. Appointed as Deputy Education Officer for Norfolk, one of Ralphs first jobs was to write a document calling for the creation of a university in the county; this was eventually founded as the University of East Anglia.

In 1950, Ralphs was promoted to the post of Chief Education Officer for Norfolk and he served in the position until 1974. In this role, Ralphs opposed the creation of the OU but was active in the Schools Broadcasting Council and in 1969, he also became Chairman of the Further Education Advisory Council. Ralphs was the key figure behind the establishment of Wymondham College in 1951.

Ralphs was given his K in 1973.  He died in 1978, but his wife Lady Ralphs lived until Jan 2014 and flew the flag until the very end. Days after her death, the ‘Eastern Daily Press’ reminded its readers of Lady Ralphs and her extensive good works. Lady Ralphs passed away at her home in Norwich, leaving behind ‘three children, seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren’. Their descendants will be everywhere in Norfolk, preserving the good reputations on their forebears.

‘The retired lecturer…was actively involved in supporting Norfolk education right up until her death. Lady Ralphs made significant contributions – both locally and nationally – through her work as a magistrate and served as a Norwich magistrate for 27 years and was Chairman of the bench. In 1981, Lady Ralphs became the first woman Chairman of the Magistrates’ Association of England and Wales and was also made a Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk in the same year.’

Lady Ralphs was born in January 1915 in Cornwall as Enid Mary Cowlin and went to school at Penzance Grammar School for Girls where she later returned to teach geography. During her university days, she was President of the students’ union at what became Exeter University and Vice-President of the NUS.

Adam Curle, who founded the Dept of Peace Studies at Bradford, which like UCNW survived a determined onslaught from Thatch’s for no other reason that people associated with that Dept, including Adam Curle himself, were closely associated with organised abuse and the Westminster paedophile Ring, in 1952 was appointed to the Chair of Education and Psychology at the University of Exeter. See post ‘The Stations Of The Crass’.


Lady Ralphs became a part-time lecturer at Keswick Hall teacher training college after she moved to Norwich in 1946, where she stayed until her retirement in 1980. Keswick Hall was an institution sustained by the Church of England since its establishment in the 19th century. It was an immensely troubled place by the 1930s and in March 1942 the Board of Education (what is now the Dept of Education), gave the college a year to resolve all the problems, or the College would have to close. Somehow however the college survived; I wonder how or indeed which Gov’t Minister was blackmailed over wrongdoing to enable the college to survive.

Lady Ralphs was Governor of Norwich School, Wymondham College and Culford School, President of Norfolk Girl Guiding and a member of the Guide Council for Great Britain.

Lady Ralphs was President of the Norwich branch of the UNA. Previous posts have discussed Dafydd’s links with the UNA. When I was doing my PhD and the gwerin were so outraged at my presence in Bangor University that they began surrounding me to hassle me at every opportunity, a one day conference on the Problems of Drug Abuse was organised by the local branch of the UNA, to be held in one of the main lecture theatres at Bangor University. The keynote speaker was Dafydd. The promotional material for the planned event gave a substantially misleading account of Dafydd’s career, expertise and reputation. So I offered to attend the event and distribute literature providing additional information about Dafydd. I received an e mail from a member of the UNA branch called Tegai which contained information about me that only Dafydd or Tony Francis could have provided. It wasn’t dynamite or some terrible secret, it was just info that no-one else in Bangor University or who was in my life at that time would have known.

The UNA subsequently cancelled the event and I found out years later that it had been organised by Menai Williams, the retired Deputy Principal of Bangor Normal College, the teacher training college which merged with Bangor University in 1996, but for years was managed and staffed by people complicit with the trafficking ring and even managed to train a few teachers who were convicted of abusing their pupils. See post ‘Thought For the Day’. Menai was a leading light in the UNA.

The UNA seems to attract people who associate with other questionable people or end up in trouble. After graduating from Oxford, Jeffrey Archer was employed as a fundraiser for the UNA. Tuppence organised the UNA’s flag day collection, yet despite barely increasing the previous year’s total, Tuppence was then promoted to organise a dinner at 10 Downing Street, which raised over £200,000. Tuppence was later accused by the then Chairman of the UNA, Humphrey Berkeley, of playing fast and loose with his expense claims while he worked for the UNA.

Humphrey Berkeley’s father, the playwright Reginald, was the Liberal MP for Nottingham Central, 1922-24. Humphrey Berkeley attended Pembroke College, Cambridge and was President of both the Cambridge Union Society and Cambridge University Conservative Association in 1948. Berkeley was ‘sent down’ from Cambridge for two years as a result of a practical joke in which he impersonated ‘H. Rochester Sneath’, the headmaster of a rather odd public school and wrote hoax letters to public figures. Berkeley knew Rab, who arranged a job for him at Conservative Central Office during this time; Rab also advised him to keep the hoax letters and their replies safely, and publish them a quarter of a century later (the ‘Rochester Sneath letters’ were duly published in 1974).

Berkeley established his own PR company and became Head of Publicity and PR for a group of civil engineering companies. A strong supporter of European union, Berkeley was Director-General of the UK Council of the European Movement, 1956-1957. In 1959, he was elected as the Tory MP for Lancaster.

Berkeley was a strong internationalist who supported the work of the United Nations; his father had supported the League of Nations. Humphrey served on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Western European Union and the Council of Europe from 1963. Berkeley was a member of the Howard League for Penal Reform and from 1965 the honorary Treasurer. That year he also drew up the new rules for election of the Leader of the Conservative Party, which I think were used to elect Ted Heath.

In 1965, Berkeley introduced a Private Members Bill to legalise male homosexuality along the lines of the Wolfenden Report. Berkeley was well known to his colleagues as a homosexual and not much liked. His Bill fell when Parliament was dissolved in 1966, soon after its reading. Unexpectedly, Berkeley lost his seat in 1966 and attributed his defeat to the unpopularity of his bill on homosexuality.

In 1968 Berkeley had resigned from the Conservative Party, largely in opposition to its stance on Vietnam. In 1970, he joined the Labour Party, unsuccessfully standing as a Labour candidate in 1974.

Berkely then spent time working as a roving ambassador of the now defunct Republic of Transkei, until he was abducted one night in February 1979, assaulted on the side of a road, put into the boot of a car, and dumped over the border at Kei Bridge. Berkeley joined the SDP in 1981, and fought Southend East for them in 1987. In 1988 with the SDP splitting over whether to merge with the Liberals, he rejoined Labour.

Menai Williams has been involved with the UNA for a very long time. Menai first joined the staff of the Normal College back in the 1950s. So Menai was busy when Humphrey Berkeley was Chairing the UNA and Tuppence was allegedly fiddling his expenses. Was Dafydd associated with the UNA then as well? I think we should be told.

Someone else who was involved with the UNA for many years was Lord David Ennals, frequent star of previous blog posts. Ennals served as Secretary to the UNA, 1952-57 and became Chairman in 1984. In previous posts I have detailed David Ennals’ many links with Dafydd and Dafydd’s mates. Ennals was involved with MIND for many years while Dafydd was a leading figure in that organisation and while MIND was concealing Dafydd’s criminality. Ennals led a big campaign for MIND between 1970 and 1973, was appointed Chairman in 1984 and served as President, 1989-95. Ennals was also mates with Dafydd’s pal at the Maudsley, Dr Jim Birley, who was nearly as mad as Dafydd, but who nonetheless remained at the top of the Maudsley and the Royal College of Psychiatrists for years. Birley felt able to denounce the Soviet Union for its abuse of psychiatry while Dafydd used exactly the same techniques as Soviet psychiatrists but against people who had complained about he and his colleagues abusing people, rather than political dissidents. See previous posts.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ennals concealed the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring when he was a junior Minister at the Home Office in 1967 under Woy. Ennals was able to push the boat out for Dafydd even further as Minister of state at the DHSS, working under Barbara Castle, alongside Babs’s two advisers, Jack Straw and Prof Brian Abel-Smith. Between them, Castle, Ennals, Abel-Smith and Straw concealed enormous quantities of patient harm, as well as deaths, within the NHS and Social Services, in addition to the widespread organised abuse of kids in care and vulnerable adults. See previous posts.

Ennals however had become acquainted with Dafydd et al early in his career before Ennals was on many radars. Ennals’ first go at being an MP was between 1964 and 1970 when he was the Labour member for Dover. In 1968, Ennals served as a junior Minister under what was then called the Minister for Health (now known as the Health Secretary), Sir Kenneth Robinson, who was also Chair of the National Association of Mental Health (MIND) in the 1960s. The Top Docs loved Sir Kenneth, the BMA still fondly remembers him as the Best Minister Of Health That We’ve Ever Had. Sir Ken gave the Top Docs lots of money and rolled over on every point when in ‘negotiations’ with them. Sir Ken didn’t only collude as much as possible with Dafydd and the gang, Sir Ken didn’t only ensure that Dafydd was given a job as consultant at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, Sir Ken didn’t only remain silent when Dafydd one day loaded hordes of seriously ill totally institutionalised inmates of Denbigh onto a fleet of coaches with no warning and dumped them in B&Bs on the north Wales coast where they were late found starving and covered in lice (I bet some of them died as well), but Sir Ken was a good friend of Dafydd. I don’t know WHY Sir Kenneth Robinson was a pal of a sex offending nutter who ran a paedophile ring, but he was. That I think was how dear old Lord Ennals was introduced to the ring…

A few Interesting Facts that might explain Sir Kenneth Robinson’s fondness for Gwynne the lobotomist, Dafydd and the paedophile gang:

Sir Kenneth’s parents were a Top Doc and a nurse, so he was off to a flying start. Kenneth was a St Pancras Borough Councillor, 1945-49, then the Labour MP for St Pancras North, 1949-70. St Pancras was a constituency which contained lots of seriously poor people and many working as prostitutes, who lived not a million miles away from the much richer folk of Camden which included the Bloomsbury Group, many of whom were having sex with very young people who didn’t particularly want to have sex with them. Gwynne and Dafydd loyally served the Welsh Bloomsbury Group who had second homes in Croesor…

So Kenneth would have known Lena Jeger, the Labour Party’s Wimmin’s Champ who was the MP for the neighbouring constituency and he’d also have known her Top Doc husband, a founder member of the Socialist Medical Association and one of those who just wanted to Help The Poor. See post ‘Stations Of The Crass’.

Kenneth Robinson went to Oundle School, which was where Sir Clough William-Ellis, the Anglo-Welsh landowner who let out his properties in Croesor to his friends from the Bloomsbury Group who had their main homes in London, also went to school. Professor William Trethowan – a colleague of Dafydd’s mate Kenneth Rawnsley when Rawnsley worked at Manchester University – who was the GMC member who in the early 1970s ensured that paedophile child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser was allowed to continue to practise (see eg. post ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’), went to Oundle.

During WW II, Robinson served in the Royal Navy, so he knew about the gay spies in the Admiralty and whatever it was that Lord Louis Mountbatten was up to which enabled so many people to silently blackmail other people thus ensuring comfy lifestyles for themselves. Sir Ken would have also known Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, who’s wife Lady Juliet and son William Bingley held senior roles at MIND throughout the 1970s and 80s and did so many favours for Dafydd. William carried on the good work for Dafydd when he became Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission. See previous posts eg. ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.

See previous posts for more info on Sir Kenneth Robinson, who remained loyal to dear old Dafydd until the day that he died in Feb 1996. By which time William Hague knew that Ronnie Waterhouse would soon be Chairing an Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and I bet that Dafydd did as well. Kenneth Robinson was a good age when he died but I’m sure that a Top Doc could have put him on the Liverpool Care Pathway just to help him on his way lest Ken did live a few more months and mention a few names. Or indeed State Secrets.

Dutch judge orders 'mercy killing' of 80-year-old dementia ...


Brian Abel-Smith was the LSE economist who designed the fundamentally flawed model of the NHS. He wouldn’t admit or amend the flaws and after many years of doing the ah the doctors they were wonderful bit and just explaining how they needed more money, Abel-Smith finally admitted that the doctors they are fucking impossible to deal with and he gave up his advisory role with the NHS and went to work as an adviser to Peter Shore, the Minister concerned with housing. Peter Shore was an East End MP who also spent years saying ah the doctors they were wonderful while he concealed the kids who were being abused and trafficked to north Wales children’s homes by Dafydd’s business partners in London. When the kids who had returned to London infected with HIV and working as rent boys began dying from AIDS in the mid-late 1980s, Peter Shore helped extract dosh out of Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health to convert the defunct Mildmay Mission Hospital in Shoreditch into an AIDS hospice, where the kids trafficked by Dafydd died in invisibility. See post ‘Apocalypse Now’. The Mildmay also had a few celeb patients who were kept well-hidden… Once more, Parliament and the media led the chorus of ah the doctors they were wonderful…

Abel-Smith knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself. Not only was he a state bureaucrat who wouldn’t tolerate any criticism of the NHS, but he was also gay and from 1965 he also busied himself running a gents fashion business which flogged gear to celebs such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, who, I was told by Empowered Service Users on the scene in the 1960s, were using the services of Dafydd’s gang… For more information on Abel-Smith, see previous posts…

Abel-Smith worked with the LSE sociologist Prof Peter Townsend, who also served as an adviser to the Labour Gov’ts of the 1960s and 70s. One thing that I haven’t mentioned in previous posts is a speech that David Ennals made to the Socialist Medical Association on 27 March 1977, in his capacity as Secretary of State for the DHSS; Ennals served in this role, 1976-79, in Jim Callaghan’s Gov’t. Ennals was asked by the SMA to talk on the subject of ‘The Gov’t and the NHS’. Ennals made a speech about health inequalities and recited stats about the differential mortality rates etc between people of different social classes and told the SMA of how many more millions that he was investing in the NHS and in Health Education. Much of Ennals’ speech could have been made by Theresa May or indeed any Gov’t Minister in the last few days.

Ennals also mentioned in his speech that his Chief Scientist was appointing three advisers to Tackle The Problems, one of those advisers being Professor Peter Townsend, who was going to be the next speaker at the SMA event after Ennals had done his turn. The Peter Townsend who had by then been advising the Gov’t on er poverty and inequality for many years…

Lord David Ennals knew Lady Ralphs and not just through the UNA. David Ennals knew Lady Ralphs because David Ennals was the Labour MP for Norwich North, Feb 1973-June 1983… Ennals then sat in the Lords between 1983 until he died in June 1995. Ennals died in June 1995, so like his pal Kenneth Robinson, Ennals was out of the way by the time that the Waterhouse Inquiry was underway.

Ennals died of pancreatic cancer. I cannot help noticing how many people who were involved with Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring died of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is not a nice one to have because by the time it is diagnosed it is usually well-advanced and there is not much life expectancy left. When I first noticed how many people with info on the Westminster Paedophile Ring had died suddenly of pancreatic cancer it did occur to me that perhaps the Top Docs had simply carefully not raised the possibility of pancreatic cancer, knowing that it would soon be too late… But another thought has occurred to me. I’m not sure that pancreatic cancer is that common, yet an awful lot of these witnesses died from it. We are dealing with a network of deeply corrupt, seriously criminal Top Docs here; they and their associates include pathologists, coroners, oncologists etc… I know that bare-faced lies have been told about the cause of deaths in north Wales by pathologists and coroners. What if that has been happening elsewhere?

David Ennals’ brother Martin was DG of Amnesty International for many years. Lord David Ennals’ son Sir Paul Ennals sits on numerous safeguarding boards and was/is the CEO of the National Children’s Bureau, with which the paedophile social work academic Peter Righton was involved, as was Righton’s friend social worker Barbara Kahan. Kahan concealed the organised abuse of children in care for many years, including in Oxfordshire, where she was a social work manager. Her husband Dr Vladimir Kahan, a child psychiatrist, assisted her. Keith Joseph appointed Barbara Kahan as his adviser on children in care when he was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1970-74, in Heath’s Gov’t and Kahan remained a Gov’t adviser throughout the 1970s and 80s. See eg. post ‘Always On The Side Of the Children’.

I mentioned that the UNA planned a conference at Bangor University in 2005, at which Dafydd was to be the keynote speaker. Imagine my surprise when I found out that not only has Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead since 1979, been involved with the UNA for many years, but Frank Field was still very much involved with the UNA in 2006. Previous posts have discussed how Dafydd’s gang ran Birkenhead, how dispossessed people from Birkenhead have been turning up in north Wales for many years now, as patients in Dafydd’s care homes or as clients of his ‘substance abuse’ charidee CAIS. They are never cared for properly and many of them were frankly abused.

Frank Field is famous for taking his Anglicanism seriously and for never having been married or blessed with children. Field comments in media interviews that he has led a Full Life with his Parliamentary work. So how he’s found time to waste with a load of old paedophiles I don’t know.

Frank Field was Director of the Child Poverty Action Group, 1969-79 and the Low Pay Unit, 1974-80. The CPAG was established in 1965 by Brian Abel-Smith and Peter Townsend. Virginia Bottomley worked as a researcher for the CPAG before she entered the Commons. Bottomley is a former psychiatric social worker who spent her time in the DoH as a Minister and then Secretary of State colluding with Dafydd and the gang (see previous posts).

Frank Field is notorious on the grounds of his admiration for, and friendship with, Thatch.

Tony Lynes (1929 – 12 October 2014) was appointed as the first full-time Secretary of the CPAG in 1966, but resigned in 1968. Lynes was employed as assistant to Professor Richard Titmuss, Abel Smith and Townsend’s colleague at the LSE, 1958-65. Lynes was recruited by Margaret Herbison, Harold Wilson’s Minister of Social Security, in 1965 and worked for a year in the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance writing a paper on family allowances. After resigning from the CPAG, Lynes moved to Oxfordshire where he met his wife, Sally. He was probably the first welfare rights officer employed by a local authority working for Oxfordshire Children’s Department. Where Lynes will have known one of the senior managers there, a Barbara Kahan…

Tony Lynes led the shareholder revolt against the Distillers Company unwillingness to compensate Thalidomide victims. The Thalidomide scandal is an excellent example of how people harmed by the NHS were mangled on numerous levels by numerous people.

Thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women during the late 1950s and early 1960s. If taken at a particular stage in pregnancy, Thalidomide causes phocomelia. Thalidomide had been deemed safe for humans after tests on animals did not show phocomelia. Animal rights activists thus use Thalidomide as an example of why drugs shouldn’t be tested on animals. What they do not explain is that the reason why phocomelia didn’t show up during the testing of Thalidomide was that the drug had only been tested on ONE species of animal. Had it been tested on both rats and rabbits, the phocomelia would have been obvious… Thalidomide is not a good advert for not testing drugs on animals. Thalidomide wasn’t tested on enough different species of animals…

So Thalidomide was widely prescribed and the link between the drug and phocomelia was soon noticed. In some European countries, docs were told to stop prescribing Thalidomide. Not in the UK. NHS – and of course private – Top Docs continued prescribing Thalidomide even though it was known to cause phocomelia…

The Great Thalidomide Battle was taken up by Campaigning Sunday Times journo, Marjorie Wallace, who received loud applause from all quarters and established her reputation. Marjorie was married to a psychiatrist, Andrew Skarbek, who worked at UCL and was part of Dafydd’s network. Skarbek and Marjorie knew that kids in care and patients were being abused and they colluded 100%.

Marjorie and her Campaigning resulted in a settlement for the Victims of Thalidomide. It was a very poor settlement, even by the standards of the time, but no-one clearly explained that. It soon became very clear however and when the Victims tried to improve their deal, they were told to fuck off.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Previous posts on this blog have provided full details of the Court case and the lawyers involved who Won For The Thalidomide Victims. The lawyers who Fought For The Victims and the Generous Judge Who Helped were the very same legal professionals who covered up for Dafydd and the gang and who also ruined the Church of Scientology in their legal battle with Sir Kenneth Robinson, after the Scientologists had stated that psychiatrists were abusing children and involved in harmful research on patients. The Scientologists had found out about Dafydd and his network in the 1960s and no matter how mad the Scientologists are, they should not have lost that case. They did and no-one ever dared accuse Dafydd and the gang again. Ronnie Waterhouse was involved in that case and acted against the Scientologists.

Ronnie Waterhouse, since he had been a young man, was a good mate of Geoffrey Howe, who was another Welsh barrister colluding with Dafydd et al…

There is also a link between some of the lawyers involved with Marjorie and the People’s Victory Over Thalidomide and the Aberfan disaster. One of the lawyers involved in ‘gaining justice’ after Aberfan, who so surprised south Wales by being sympathetic to them even though he was a Posh English Lawyer, was also one of those who knew about Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring and who was involved with the network re the quiet shafting of the Thalidomide victims without anyone realising until a later date.

Can anyone remember what happened after the Posh English Lawyer succeeded in Helping Aberfan? The Aberfan Disaster Fund, established to help the people of Aberfan, was raided to fund the removal of the slag heaps, lest another one fell down the mountainside and killed a few more people. The Disaster Fund was raided because the NCB refused to foot the entire bill for removing the slag heaps. The Secretary of State for Wales who raided the fund was George Thomas, who’s sexual abuse of children was being concealed by the lawyers and politicians involved in the Thalidomide case, the Church of Scientology case and the Aberfan case. Dafydd’s gang were linked to George Thomas.

Of the people from Aberfan who did receive compensation for their suffering, they had to demonstrate that they had experienced Real Suffering; the emotional distress at losing a child did not count. The Suffering had to be Real, in terms of injury or financial loss etc.

Previous posts detail the Thalidomide, Scientology and Aberfan cases, so I haven’t reproduced the info in detail here. But they were all cases which took place in the mid-late 1960s, in which victims of people linked to the Westminster Paedophile Ring were shafted. It is also clear that the politicians and lawyers involved in these three cases planned how the three cases would be ‘resolved’ in unison. This was Harold Wilson’s Gov’t, Ordinary People had been harmed and killed and Wilson et al had to do a bit of thinking to stop this blowing up in a very big way.

Paedophiles in Distress, Paedophiles In Distress, Can Marjorie Lead A Campaign?

Marjorie – The Prototype for Esther!

Should readers be able to stomach much more, do read my posts about the fate of the Top Docs who prescribed Thalidomide after it was known to cause phocomelia; they destroyed records, suffered from convenient lapses of memory and ended up on bodies concerned with the regulation and safety of medicines.

Professor Sir William Asscher Chaired the Dept of Health’s Committee on the Review of Medicines, 1985-87 and it’s successor, the Committee on Safety of Medicines, 1987-93. Asscher’s wiki entry tells us that ‘he was knighted for this work’. Asscher was actually knighted for concealing Dafydd’s gang, George Thomas et al while Asscher worked at the Welsh National School of Medicine during the 1970s and then concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring yet again while he was Dean of St George’s throughout the later years of the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s…See previous posts.


Distillers did behave disgracefully, but so did many other people…

Thalidomiders! I know that you are continuing to battle for help to address your needs now that you are in middle-age and are becoming increasingly disabled. Much as I would like to do a massive investigation into your stitch-up which was linked to Aberfan and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, I’m not going to have the time to do so. But please, read back through my posts and use the info in them as a basis for further research to help you. Your case was definitely part of a bigger deal to save the skins of Dafydd, George Thomas et al in the wake of the Scientologists trying to expose them.

Tony Lynes was a social security adviser to Labour Secretaries of State from 1974 to 1979, ie. Barbara Castle and David Ennals. Tony Lynes claimed to have tabled more (good) amendments to Social Security legislation than anyone in history.Tony Lynes is credited with bringing the idea of a welfare rights movement to the UK, after he visited the US. He ‘famously attended Parliamentary debates and on the same day composed press releases at the CPAG office which he then delivered, in person, to Fleet Street, all on his bicycle’. That this is worthy of note, suggests how common excessive troughing was in Lynes’s circle of Those Helping The Poor.

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo
Lynes spent his years in retirement working with the Southwark Pensioners Action Group, campaigning for a better deal for pensioners. He also founded the Southwark Explorers Club and the Welcome Singers. Southwark is on the doorstep of the Maudsley and not only were staff of the Maudsley facilitating organised abuse in Southwark, but corrupt Southwark Councillors and the local Labour MP Bob Mellish were sending numerous kids in care from Southwark to children’s homes in north Wales. See post ‘The Battle For The Labour Party’s Soul’. Dafydd’s mate Dr Jim Birley ran employment schemes and housing projects for Empowered Service Users in Southwark. Birley was a friend of David Ennals.


Tony Lynes doesn’t sound as though he was the trougher that those with whom he worked were, but he worked closely enough with them to know that they were working in collaboration with a big sex abuse ring. Which might well have been why Tony Lynes died as a result of a being knocked over by a car in Herne Hill on 11 October 2014, before the publication of the Macur Review, which covered up the cover up which was the Waterhouse Report.


Former South West Norfolk MP Baroness Shephard, who first met Lady Ralphs of the Paedophile Ring in 1963, said: ‘Lady Ralphs has given seven decades of continuous public service to the people of Norfolk and further afield. She has contributed so much to many areas of public life in education, teacher training, the magistrates service, the United Nations Association and girl guiding to name a few. She was a towering figure and an outstanding role model. She was a strong supporter of Wymondham College from its formation to the end of her life.’

Gillian Shephard was born in Norfolk and was educated at North Walsham Girls’ High School and St Hilda’s College, Oxford. She became a schoolteacher and then worked as an Education Inspector for Norfolk County Council, 1963-75. From 1975 to 1977 Shephard worked for Anglia Television. Tuppence’s wife the Fragrant Lady Mary was a non-executive  Director of Anglia Television. In 1994, Lady Archer was a non-executive Director when Anglia Television was the target of a takeover bid. Following reports from the London Stock Exchange, the DTI appointed inspectors on 8 February 1994 to investigate possible insider dealing contraventions by certain individuals in relation to the Anglia TV takeover bid, including Tuppence. No charges were brought.

Shephard was elected to Parliament in 1987 and became PPS to Peter Lilley in 1988, when Lilley was at the Treasury. Lilley served as Secretary of State for the DHSS, April 1992-May 1997. Throughout the police investigations into the possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales and the chaos on the ground up there, which was blindingly obvious to anyone who was involved with the NHS/Social Services in Gwynedd and Clwyd at the time. Forged documents Lilley, patients framed for offences, as of course I was, kids in care and psych patients found dead constantly…

Lilley knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring long before he became Secretary of State. His dad was a personnel officer for the BBC in the days when the BBC was run by the security services and at the same time hosted the early paedophile ring.

Lord Reith:

Lord John Reith 1889-1971 | Scotland | News

Reith’s goal was to broadcast, “All that is best in every department of human knowledge, endeavour and achievement…. The preservation of a high moral tone is obviously of paramount importance…’

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

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Peter Lilley will have been exposed to more high jinks when he was an undergrad at Cambridge, along with other future Tory Cabinet Ministers, who came to be known as the Cambridge Mafia. Including Ken Clarke, Michael Howard, Norman Lamont…

Gillian Shephard was appointed a junior Minister in the DHSS in 1989 under Secretary of State, who will have been either John Moore or Tony Newton; Shephard may have worked for both of them. Moore and Netwon colluded with Dafydd and the gang, even after Alison Taylor wrote to Tony Newton and told him that kids in care in north Wales were being abused. Moore lived at Wimbledon and knew how bad the criminality was at St George’s, his local hospital. Which was probably why when he became ill when Health Secretary, he refused to use St George’s and booked into the private Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon. See previous posts. Shephard was in the DHSS when Thatch’s mate Jimmy Savile was sexually assaulting Broadmoor patients, having been recently appointed as the General Manager of Broadmoor by the DHSS.

In 1990, Shephard became Minister of State at HM Treasury. In 1990 she was given the additional role of Deputy Chairman of the Party. Dear old Ken Baker was Chairman at the time. Ken was Home Secretary during the three times that the Drs Francis perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned for allegedly breaching a High Court injunction which they’d obtained by er perjuring themselves.

Lord Ken also seems to have played a role in the stitching up of Patient F, Lord Ken being the constituency MP known to someone in Surrey who was mates with corrupt Harley Street Top Docs and was very keen to see F safely in prison… See previous posts. 

John Major appointed Gillian Shephard as Secretary of State for Employment, then as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1993.

Shephard moved to the position of Education Secretary in 1994 and stayed at the Dept when the Dept of Employment merged into it in 1996. She remained in this position until the 1997 General Election. While Shephard was Education Secretary, there were investigations into the organised abuse of children in many parts of the UK and a number of care workers and teachers were imprisoned for very serious offences stretching back to the 1970s and 80s. Kids in special schools and schools attached to children’s homes in particular had been targeted, including in north Wales. It was revealed that many complaints had been made about some of the institutions and people concerned but they had been ignored.

Shephard seemed to be both extraordinary complacent and callous in the face of what was being revealed. I suspect because Gillian had already accumulated years of experience of being complacent and callous in the face of human suffering. Many of the institutions investigated when Shephard was at the Dept of Education/Dept of Employment were the very same institutions dogged by controversy and complaint when Shephard had been at the DHSS in the late 1980s. Including institutions in north Wales.

How did you miss what was going on Gillian? It was your responsibility and your failure again and again, yet you still showed not a jot of concern when people finally started going to prison in the mid-1990s.

Shephard stepped down from the Commons at the 20o5 General Election. On 21 June 2005 she became Baroness Shephard.

Shephard is currently Chairman of the Association of Conservative Peers. Perhaps Baroness Gillian would like to ask her fellow Conservative Peers to explain why so many of them, for so many years, concealed a huge pan-European trafficking ring with hubs across the UK, including in north Wales, who were murdering the witnesses.

Gilliam Shephard is also Deputy Chair of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. Having done everything possible to ensure that there is no social mobility and that children in poverty stay there or are exterminated by the state.

Who ever decided to give Gillian the remit for Social Mobility and Child Poverty? There is no indication that she has any interest or knowledge about either. It would be like appointing me Deputy Chair of a company which manufactures motorbike engines, I’d have no idea at all whether the company was doing the right thing. I read yesterday that Enoch Powell used to advise Ministers not to take on jobs at Ministries dealing with matters of which they knew a lot about. So that is why Health Minister after Health Minister cannot control the BMA, is utterly unable to identify that the ‘intervention’ that they are being advised to spent masses amounts of money on to ‘roll out’ across the NHS is clinically ineffective or based on fraudulent research.

Here comes Professor Mark Williams with his Mindfulness Revolution! In clinics! In schools! In universities! In prisons! In the Army! In big US corporations! All based on research conducted by a gang of paedophiles who’s patients killed themselves so frequently that the regional suicide rate showed up as a statistical outlier. It will lead us into a Gentle Compassionate Future!



Mr Cameron, there’s a lady in matching brightly coloured tent and turban to see you who says that if you give her money, she’ll distribute it to teenagers in Inner London to buy drugs and expensive shoes with and this will thermostatically regulate their self-soothing mechanisms, which became  dysfunctional in utero. Can she have a few million quid please? There’s that bloke from the BBC with her, him what does the Arts programmes and knows Jimmy Savile.


Melvyn Roffe, principal of Wymondham College, said: “Lady Ralphs was involved from the very inception of Wymondham College, supporting her husband Sir Lincoln Ralphs and taking an interest in every detail of the college as it has developed. It was her energy, charisma, contacts and determination that galvanised the campaign to save the college when it was threatened with closure. She served as College Visitor for over twenty years, regularly attending governors’ meetings and other college events. No one, student, staff or governor, who met her could have failed to have been inspired by her extraordinary perceptiveness and sharp intellect, by her integrity and wisdom and by the vigour of her approach to life.”

The perceptiveness and sharp intellect couldn’t have possibly missed Lord Ennals, Tuppence and Dafydd at the UNA.


Wymondham College is a coeducational school in Norfolk. It is one of 36 state boarding schools in England and the largest of its type in the country, with up to 700 boarding places. Boarders are required to pay for the costs of living at the school (£11,000+) whereas day pupils attend the school free. It has specialisms in technology and modern languages. Wymondham College  is one of the highest performing state schools in England and Wales and in 2015 it was the top performing state school in East Anglia. Except that it is a state school that is charging 700 kids more than £11k pa to attend. That’ll alter the profile of the kids attending the ‘state school’ and bump up the exam results nicely.

Graphics portfolio: Lord Snooty

Then the State School was first opened in 1951, it was located on the site of a WW II hospital, comprised of forty Nissen huts which were used as classrooms and dormitories. Brick-built accommodation began to appear in the late 1950s, but the Nissen huts remained in use, principally for classrooms and storage, through to end of the 1990s. The only Nissen hut now remaining is the State School’s College chapel. A memorial garden has been created on the site of the former hospital’s mortuary, which for many years was used as the State School’s technical drawing classroom. Sir Lincoln Ralphs seemed to have founded quite a bizarre State School, although the State School now has very impressive facilities indeed.

In 1951 there were two separate schools, Grammar and Technical, each with separate Heads. They merged in the mid-1950s, to form a co-educational boarding grammar school. It was intended for academically-gifted children with no grammar school in their local area that they could attend, as well as those with parents abroad or who regularly moved around the country. Wymondham College gave priority, where possible, to children from families where the parents had separated, thus possibly under financial hardship. So the kids at the State School would have been comparatively vulnerable with family difficulties…

Oh God, here comes the UNA to Help The Children…

The State School remained exclusively ‘boarding’ until the early 1970s, when it was merged with the County Grammar School, which had been hosted at Wymondham on a ‘temporary’ basis for nearly ten years.

In the mid-1970s, the State School had 700 boarders and 750 day pupils. By 1978 this was 1,000 day pupils as well as the 700 boarders. Thatch visited the State School in the early 1970s, presumably when she was Heath’s Education Secretary.

The State School in the 1970s had been in a state of disrepair with an out-dated water supply and drainage system and had an unreliable heating system (built in 1944) in the winter and lack of insulation.

Gilliam Shephard was a Norfolk Schools Inspector, she must have heard about these substandard conditions…

Despite these problems the State School was ‘still producing outstanding academic results’. It was offered £250,000 in 1978 by the Labour Gov’t to address the situation, on condition that the State School became comprehensive. The ‘money never appeared, partly because soon after, Labour lost the 1979 general election’.

One wonders why else the money never appeared, State Schools usually hold Gov’ts to their promises if that sort of dosh is at stake. Perhaps Shirl could tell us, she was Education Secretary at the time. Lord David Ennals was Secretary of state at the DHSS and a local MP as well, surely Lady Ralphs could have asked Ennals where the dosh was over a cup of char at a UNA meeting?

Wymondham College lost its grammar status with the advent of comprehensive education, which presumably must have happened despite the £250k not being handed over. In the early 1990s it became a grant maintained school. The facilities of the State School are used for external summer schools. In August 1998, seven children from London on a course run by a special needs charity were taken to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital after being stung by a swarm of non-native Median wasps. On 9 March 1990, the Phil the Greek visited the State School.

In 2010 the State School became an academy. In 2016 the DfE recognised the College as being in the top 100 schools nationally. The State School was awarded world class school status in November 2015. In 2016 it was the founding school of a new multi-academy trust, the Sapienta Education Trust. The Trust grew in size to 11 schools by December 2017.


A memorial service was held in Norwich Cathedral for Lady Ralphs, the woman behind the State School throughout its unfathomable journey from a load of Nissan huts housing boarding pupils who’s parents couldn’t care for them to a world beating State School charging over £11k pa for each of 700 kids and subsequently breeding another 10 schools.

Among all this achievement on the part of those in the State School on the patch of Gillian ‘I couldn’t give a stuff if there’s a paedophile gang at work’ Shephard, Lord David Ennals and Lady Ralphs, what I do know about Norfolk is that as in Somerset, there is quite a gulf between the more privileged and the proles and what for one group of people is a lovely rural place to live that is near enough to London to pop down when one wants to, for another group in many ways is a Godforsaken land of low incomes and little opportunity.

In recent years, another phenomenon has developed in Norfolk. As in Wales, Norfolk has become a place of Assessment Centres and Care Homes. These are not nice places, they are housing distressed young people with learning disabilities/mental health problems who have been removed from their families by law because They Have To Live Independently and they are often sectioned for years on end. There has been scandal after scandal of residents being abused and neglected and more than a few deaths. There are usually no investigations no matter how serious the complaints and when parents or others try to draw media attention to what is happening, they have been served with Court orders forbidding them to discuss the matter. A number of relatives are known to have been imprisoned because they have refused to keep quiet about what they believe has been abuse. No-one knows how many people have been imprisoned because after those cases began to make headlines, Court orders were served forbidding discussion of that as well…

Such is the cosy relationship between Dafydd’s colleagues and their peers in Norfolk, that Empowered Service Users are being sent to units in Norfolk and Norfolk people are being sent to Units in Wales! I know of at least one case in which a young learning disabled man who spoke only Welsh and who had never left Anglesey before was sent to a Unit in Norfolk by a Top Doc at the Hergest Unit who had been the subject of many complaints of aggression and abuse herself. The young man had no understanding of what was happening to him, he didn’t even know where Norfolk was. His family engaged a lawyer who took the case to Appeal in London, only to be given a bollocking by the judge who maintained that he had every confidence that the Top Doc was acting in the best interests of her patient. This was a colleague of Dafydd’s…

Tony Francis grew up in Norfolk and when he was working at the Hergest Unit, his elderly father was still living in Norfolk.


Another major player in Sir and Lady Ralph’s neck of the woods is David Gifford Leathes Prior, Baron Prior of Brampton. Readers may remember that I covered Lord David’s previous on this blog not so long ago. Lord David was the Tory MP for North Norfolk, 1997-2001. Prior lost his seat to the Lib Dem Norman Lamb in 2001.

Prior was educated at Charterhouse School and Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he studied Law. During his time at Cambridge, Prior helped to launch the Cambridge University Industrial Society. He was Chairman of the Cambridge University Conservative Association and was elected an officer of Cambridge University Students’ Union.

From 1977–80, Prior worked for Lehman Brothers and Lazard Freres in New York, training as an investment banker and qualified as a barrister in 1976, becoming a member of Gray’s Inn. So Prior joined Dafydd’s mates Sir William Mars-Jones and Lady Brenda Hale in Gray’s Inn.

Lord Prior was seconded to the British Steel Corporation to work with Sir Ian MacGregor, before MacGregor was used as Thatch’s hatchet man to destroy the coal industry and the NUM. Prior was appointed Managing director of British Steel Service Centres Ltd and later appointed Commercial Director British Steel, establishing joint ventures in China, Turkey, Europe and North America.

Flintshire in north east Wales depended greatly on the steelworks at Shotton which of course suffered badly as a result of the Tories actions with regard to the UK steel industry in the 1980s.

On 31st March 1980, 6,500 workers at Shotton Steelworks were made redundant.
BBC - In pictures: Shotton Steelworks through the years


Perhaps Lord Prior can tell us all how, when the rest of Wales was being left to die on its feet after Thatch destroyed its industrial base, the Councillors and Labour politicians of north east Wales were so successful at extracting dosh from the Gov’t for ventures such as the Deeside Industrial Park? See previous posts. The Councillors and Labour politicians who had facilitated that paedophile ring with a very heavy presence in north east Wales, of which Sir Peter Morrison, the Tory MP for Chester, was a member…

Meet Lord Baz!

The Lord Jones, Labour MP for East Flintshire/Alyn and Deeside 1970-83
Official portrait of Lord Jones crop 2.jpg

Lord Baz was educated at Hawarden Grammar School and Bangor Normal College. He worked as a teacher and was President of Flint NUT.

Lord Baz served as Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Jan 1989-July 1992. This was his Party Leader:

Pig home outdoors at the bedside.

Hang on, I might have got the wrong trougher, I think that I’m looking for a Tamworth.

Tamworth pig being judged at the Great Yorkshire Show. - Stock Image


After British Steel, David Prior managed a number of private steel and manufacturing businesses.

David Prior became Chief Exec of the Conservative Party, its Deputy Chairman and a member of the trade and industry select committee. Prior was acting Chairman of the Conservative Party in 2001, in post to deal with the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report and the angry yelling that it was a huge cover-up.

In 2002 Prior was appointed Chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust resigning in November 2006. On 14 November 2006, Prior was arrested, among others, by Norfolk Constabulary investigating allegations of financial irregularities at Cawston Park Hospital, previously known as Cawston College, a private psychiatric hospital in Cawston, Norfolk. He was cleared of involvement in the alleged fraud on 15 February 2007 and subsequently reappointed as Chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust. In 2009, Prior was invited to be Chairman of Ormiston Victory Academy in Norwich. He founded and Chairs two free schools, the Jane Austen College and Sir Isaac Newton Free School, a sixth-form college. Prior is also the Chairman of Norwich Primary Academy. In 2012, he became a Trustee of the Inspiration Trust. From 2005-2009, Prior was Chairman of Friends of Families House.

On 28 January 2013 David Prior was appointed as Chairman of the Care Quality Commission. In April 2014 Prior had a hip replacement operation paid for by private insurance but was treated in a public ward at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust.

In March 2015 Prior told a conference that “the role of the market is hugely limited in health and social care, in part because many of the people who need care the most – as many homeless people are – are often unheard; they have no power. The market requires people with power, people who can choose [in order to bring improvement]. In healthcare that’s not the case.” His stance appeared to conflict with the assumptions underlying the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

On 14 May 2015 David Prior was appointed a junior Minister for Health by Cameron. In May 2015, Prior also picked up his peerage. In the midst of the Macur Review…

On 21 December 2016, Prior was appointed as junior Minister at the Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. A large part of this role was the development of the Gov’ts new industrial strategy. Prior resigned from the Gov’t in October 2017.

I have previously blogged about David and the utterly sordid role played by his father, Lord Jim Prior, in the concealing of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Dafydd’s gang and most sordid of all, the paedophile ring at Kincora. Kinocora was particularly dreadful, because being serious crime in the throes of the Troubles in N Ireland, Kincora involved even more members of the British security services at war with each other, even more murders and torture etc. Jim Prior was Thatcher’s loyal N Ireland Secretary, 14 Sept 1981-27 Sept 1984. Which almost exactly covered my time as a student at UCNW,  when the institution was a vehicle for facilitating the trafficking gang run by Dafydd, which was directly linked to Kincora.

During that time, murder threats to Brown were ignored, Brown was left to look after me by himself when I was quite seriously ill and as I began to recover I was referred to Gwynne the lobotomist who behaved insensitively and indecently. After we complained, Brown and I were openly threatened by Dr D.G.E. Wood. We knew other students who had been targeted by the gang as well. See eg. post ‘Than Just A Language Divide?’ It was while Jim Prior was colluding with murder and paedophilia in N Ireland that Brown and I were placed under surveillance by the security services, which involved various people eg. Leslie Gore, Naomi Grunfeld and Patricia Margaret Edwards aka Trishles causing us much needless expense, time and energy. See previous posts. More recently I was told that in 1984, during an injury repair at the C&A Hospital in Bangor, I was given a transfusion with blood that known to be infected (see previous posts). I’m happy to say that I’ve defied the dear old Top Docs once again, I don’t seem to have developed Hep B or HIV, but other people did.

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that shortly after I’d blogged about Lord Jim’s son, who definitely knows a great deal of what his father got up to, Lord Jim’s son who was arrested on suspicion of fraud in relation to matters involving a private psychiatric hospital, Lord Jim’s son who hasn’t really shown that much support for NHS provision, that Lord Jim’s son was given a new job!

On 5 September 2018, David Prior was invited to attend a pre-appointment hearing with the Health Select Committee and was subsequently appointed Chair of NHS England. David Prior’s appointment was for four years from 31 October 2018. What better hands could NHS England have found itself in?

As an added extra, David Prior is also Chairman of UCH. Previous blog posts have discussed many of the folk down at UCH who knew Dafydd and/or his gang and who protected them, as well as those who have been involved in very questionable research. Members of Dafydd’s gang were referring patients from north Wales to people at UCH who seemed every bit as mad as Dafydd et al.

Professor Fergus Lowe and the School of Psychology at Bangor University have a very chummy relationship with UCH and UCL.

We cannot have first class health and social care with ...

  • Lord Prior says food bank rise is 'strange' at time of ...



Well, now that David Prior is Chairman of NHS England – no doubt at least part of the goodwill towards him on the part of Gov’t results from the favours that his old dad did Thatch and the crap that Lord David has on so many people – I’d better supply a bit more information on Lord Jim. Jim went back before Thatch’s reign, in fact Jim went back a very long way.

Jim served as the Tory MP for Waveney in Suffolk, 1959-87, so Jim was elected just before Profumo, to a seat in Suffolk on the patch of John Allen and Lord Bristol when Lord Bristol was learning the ropes re using class A drugs and rent boys as a young man…

Jim Prior was Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1970-72, under Heath. That sounds benign, but remember, Lord Lloyd Kenyon, who served as President of UCNW for nearly four decades until he was deposed in 1982 as a result of the inter-gwerin war, had two big interests, Agriculture and Health. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster and Carlo’s close friend was also an agriculturalist. Lord Kenyon and the Duke of Westminster both had numerous links to those involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was known to be sexually using at least one boy in the care of the Social Services in north Wales; it was recorded on his records, yet there was no attempt to stop the exploitation and Thomas was never charged. Thomas died from an AIDS related illness in 1993. The Dept of Agriculture at UCNW had a great deal to do with Dafydd and the gang. Mary Wynch was employed as a Secretary in the Dept when Dafydd and the gang went after her. Mary’s initial battle with the gang began in 1972…

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo

Trumpers, friend of Savile, was junior Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, June 1987-Sept 1989, under Minister John Selwyn Gummer and then John MacGregor. Kids of 12 gang-raped? Stuff and Nonsense…

Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpg

John Major appointed Gillian Shephard Secretary of State for Employment, then Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, in 1993. The year that Gwynedd Social Services encouraged one of their social workers to commit perjury – again, she’d done it twice before – by stating that I’d screamed and sworn at her in Safeways, such that she thought that I was about to violently assault her…


Although the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW during the 1980s and 90s was full of the maddest, most incompetent dysfunctionals that one could ever imagine and was haemorraging students at a truly impressive rate, an agricultural economist called Richard Howarth was appointed as an adviser to Thatch. This was a Dept which ran a university farm which was so badly mismanaged that it went bankrupt. Twice. College Farm was such a liability that it was one of the reasons why UCNW was in such dire straits financially. Nonetheless, there was the Eurosceptic Richard Howarth and his side kick Terry Thomas jetting off to meet Gov’t Ministers – the Agriculture Ministers – and big wigs to dispense advice.

I guessed that it was all related to Dafydd and the gang and Sir Peter Morrison and Carlo, but I’ve been told recently that it was related to me as well. I was one of the students who, in the first year at Bangor, changed course to botany and waved the dear old dysfunctionals of the Agri Dept goodbye. However I had Seen What Was Going On and I was mates with people who knew even more and because we were all under surveillance it got back to Paedophilia HQ that I and my mates needed to be shafted after graduation lest people in professional positions came forward with damning memories a few years later…

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo

It all fell apart for Professor Richard Howarth in the mid-1990s when he disappeared from Bangor University, was dropped by Gov’t and stopped being touted as a genius by his mate Richard Body, the MP who wrote the ‘Old Muckspreader’ column in ‘Private Eye’. See previous posts. Richard Howarth was last heard of running a B&B with his wife. So somewhere out there are people who have had their Full English Breakfasts cooked by one of Thatcher’s advisers.

Made up in Britain: Full Breakfast : Full British ...

Perhaps Richard Howarth was assassinated like Thatch’s other adviser Airey Neave:

Neave was killed in 1979 and his death was at the time attributed to Irish republican activity. It is now one of the murders of those close to Thatch that is thought may have been carried out because the targets were believed to be involved with organised child abuse.


Gentleman Jim was Leader of the House and Lord President of the Council, Nov 1972-March 1974. The role of Lord President of the Council brings with it the role of the visitor for the University of Wales, which at that time, included the colleges of Bangor and Aberystwyth. Gentleman Jim was in post while Dafydd and the gang ran UCNW and while Aber continued to churn out bent lawyers who then spent their working lives colluding with criminality, including that of Dafydd et al. Throughout the 1970s and the early part of the 1980s there were ructions at UCNW. It manifested itself as strife associated with Welsh language activism, but the gang were the cause of it. See post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’.

It was in 1973 that Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated from Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead to Bryn Estyn. Arnold and Howarth had been part of the ring in the north east of England which was linked to Dafydd’s gang and when they got to Bryn Estyn they greatly expanded on the ring that was already in existence in north Wales. Matt Arnold was appointed Head of Bryn Estyn after the previous Head was killed in a car crash, along with his wife and young son. The Deputy Head of Bryn Estyn was killed in the crash as well. Later that year Arnold gave his old pal Howarth a job at Bryn Estyn.

Jim retired from Parliament at the June 1987 General Election and was created a life peer on 14 October 1987. In the weeks preceding June 1987, Dafydd and the gang, in collaboration with the Home Office, Risley Remand Centre and the Mental Health Act Commission, hatched an elaborate plan to get me up to north Wales just after the General Election – I was living in Leicester with Brown at the time – and then frame me for a serious offence which would result in me being held on remand in Risley Remand Centre. The gang were at fever pitch because Mr Big, Prof Oliver Brooke of St George’s Hospital Medical School, had been imprisoned in Dec 1986 for the possession of child porn and it looked as if the net was in danger of closing in on them all. Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane came to their rescue in May 1997, by cutting Ollie’s sentence on Appeal and subsequently releasing him. The plan to have me banged up just after Ollie was a free man once again fell apart when a nursing officer and a police sergeant didn’t tell as many lies as required. See post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ for details and the political context at the time.

Patient F was also fitted up and imprisoned by the gang in 1986, after challenging social workers about the ill-treatment of boys in the Ty Newydd children’s homes in Bangor, although I didn’t know F at that time.


In April 1992, days after John Major won the General Election, Jim Prior’s former fellow resident of Suffolk, John Allen, invited some young men to a party in Brighton, telling them that he would meet them there. John Allen never turned up but a firebomber did. Five people died and a few more who survived were found dead in the following months and years. There were a number of people among the dead who had been kids in care in north Wales or witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. See post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’.


Other fires of note include the one which engulfed Bertrand Russell’s granddaughter Lucy, who died after setting light to herself – at least it is presumed that it was she who had set light to herself – in April 1975 in the forecourt of a Penzance churchyard (see post ‘So Who Was Angry About What?’).

Bertrand Russell’s children John Conrad Russell (Lucy’s dad, although she had spent much of her young life living with Bertrand Russell after he deemed John too mad to care for her) and Lady Katherine Tait, both went to Dartington Hall, the progressive school in Devon. There are allegations that an abuse ring existed at Dartington Hall. John and Katherine also both studied at the University of California. John went on to Harvard and then served in the RNVR, along with so many others who found out about Lord Mountbatten etc via that route. Katherine Tait studied at Radcliffe College, the women’s option when Harvard was men only. Radcliffe College was fully integrated with Harvard by 1999.

Radcliffe College
Active 1879–1999 (became Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study)
Cambridge, Massachusetts


Another fire of significance was the one which was the result of spontaneous combustion which killed Lord Maelor in Nov 1984. Lord Maelor aka Thomas Jones had served as the Labour MP during the 1950s and 60s for the constituency in which Bertrand Russell, Sir Clough and their friends lived. Lord Maelor’s brother James Jones served as the Labour MP for Wrexham during the years that the boys at Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn, both near Wrexham, were abused by Dafydd’s gang. See previous posts.

Other fires was the one that burnt down Patient F’s house in Carneddi, Bethesda in 1986 or thereabouts, which was always attributed to Patient F sending the place up in flames as a result of a drug induced psychosis, but since beginning this blog I have been told that F didn’t succeeded in setting the house on fire; when F went up into the mountains, someone else went in and set the place ablaze.

There was the King’s Cross Fire, in Nov 1987, which I have been told was meant to kill me; I was due to be passing through at the time of the fire, but I’d been delayed.

Another more recent fire which killed a witness to much wrongdoing happened in Ireland some six years ago. In the 1990s, the witness who died as a result of this fire in lived in Carneddi with his wife and a lot of children. The family were quite chaotic and were seriously short of money, but the young parents doted on the kids. Those Who Help were livid because the mother of the children Refused Contraception no matter how much the gang of paedophiles tried to force it on her, because she was a Catholic but she also liked having a big family. When he was in middle age, the father of this family developed serious mental health problems. All pleas for help were ignored. One gets Sex Therapy – at least if one is female – Screening and Contraception in north Wales, because these present ample groping/trafficking opportunities. What was not available was meaningful help for seriously ill people. The man from Carneddi remained on good terms with his wife and by then young adult children, but he started living in barns, turning up at Bangor University trying to gatecrash the graduation ceremonies etc. He was disorientated but never worryingly aggressive. Then he went to Ireland. His dead body was found after someone had set him on fire…

Owza about that then Bethesda surgery? You tried to stop a loving young couple from having children because you had a problem with their religion of all things, yet when one of them became very ill years later you stood by and watched until someone murdered him.

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

But then I know a midwife based in Holyhead who ordered a pregnant woman’s family to ‘have those dogs put down’ – three dogs, the family pets – while at the same time she was colluding with Gwynedd Social Services and Top Docs to conceal the offences of two child abusers by pointing the finger at an innocent man…

Fires that never got off the ground were those which were supposed to set my house alight on a number of occasions but didn’t do the trick. Although one involving fireworks exploded in my dog’s face. At the time I was living just down the road from Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, who, according to his obituarist Meic Stephens, was a man who identified with The People not the elites. I don’t think that Meic Stephens lived in Bethesda but he knew that Ioan, living in his Plas secluded from the rest of the village, was no man of the Common People. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

Note to Englishers who believe that north Wales was full of Welsh Nash who set fire to holiday homes: No, north Wales was host to Dafydd’s gang, who favoured using the purifying flame to deal with people who had spilt their pints. The second homes that went up a treat were a useful muddying of the waters and the consensus of opinion was that it was all the work of the security services, who were of course helping old Dafydd et al anyway…


David Prior’s dad Lord Jim took part in some interviews with members of Parliament and the recordings and transcripts are available. Here is the introductory spiel to Lord Jim’s interview:

At Cambridge, Prior did not join the Union or a political party. He became a professional farmer, and had little political experience when, on his first attempt, he was elected to represent Lowestoft in 1959….During Margaret Thatcher’s government he was Secretary of State for Employment (1979-1981) and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1981-1984), although he was regarded as out of sympathy with some of the views of the Prime Minister and the right of the conservative party.

Like Ian Gilmour, there was always much discussion as to how Jim Prior, a ‘wet’, ever found his way into Thatch’s Cabinet. I’ll give you all three guesses…

Here are the highlights from the summary of Lord Jim’s interview. Read it and weep:

Grew up in Norwich, went to Boarding School. Father was a lawyer who went into business, mother was a Christian social worker. Father loved racing, gambling, Norwich football club etc: mother got religious but hated everything father enjoyed.. father voted Tory, mother probably a reluctant Tory –a “wet”-… Inherited most political beliefs from Charterhouse House Master and Head Master –Robert Birley –“Red Robert” – Remained lifelong influence.  Impressed by abject poverty of the time –mother made them visit families on poor estates locally. Birley’s views on freedom and responsibility also important. Didn’t see politics as main aim in life –wanted to go into agriculture and have a farm.  At University didn’t join Union or Party. World of agriculture –bad state between the wars. Used to visit bankrupt farms with his father (Official Receiver), saw terrible scenes of poverty. War/post-war boom. A professional farmer –not a “knight of the shires” with inherited land and servants etc.  Was surprised when he visited Lord Carrington’s estate that he actually knew about farming.

Thatcher’s Cabinet, 1980:

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo


An Everyday Story Of Lord Carrington’s Estate:

  • How Margaret Thatcher reset the status quo of British ...


Comfortably–off family; mother had inherited money –but badly invested; Church Missionary Society was main beneficiary…. Contemporaries at school and college –Simon Raven (author) was friend at school. No interest in politics at all at Cambridge. Aware of post-war changes under Labour. He was a “private enterprise man” –wanted to make some money through farming.

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo

Had no money of his own.  By 1950/1 he did some canvassing in Norwich North for Tory candidate –thought it might be interesting…National Service experiences –platoon of public school men and cockneys – good friendships. Found he could work with anyone. Enjoyed his service. Political ambitions began. Working as Farm Manager for John Hill, who fought a by-election in 1955 for South Norfolk seat. Liked him, so helped him as a “warm up” speaker. Developed interest in politics… asked to put himself forward as candidate for Lowestoft… no doubt that he was going to get selected. Labour seat, but candidate was popular but old and tired.  Didn’t think he would beat him… If he hadn’t won he probably wouldn’t have carried on trying.  No idea what political life would be like – never been to House of Commons before he got there. Lack of experience… meant he was a hopeless speaker and debater.. “The most inexperienced and apolitical person who ever got into politics”.   Balancing business life, family and politics to fight campaign.  Lost his job, had to buy a farm; got a mortgage from friend of father. Now his own boss –could spend what time he liked on politics/farming. Became harder when he got into politics –having young children and needing to find somewhere to live in London.  Deplorably badly paid as MP in those days –couldn’t have done it without farming income.  Had bought land v cheaply and built it up. Was able to send children away to school. Private income was £2-3,000 per year to start with.  Impossible to exist on MP’s salary alone. As young MP tried to get a few part-time jobs – failed to get taken on by anyone. Thought Whips would find him “one or two cosy directorships in the City –never happened to me at all” Happened to colleagues if they got their affairs into desperate states. Then most Tory MPs had quite a bit of money and many Labour MPssupported by unions.   At 1959 Election a number of “fairly racy types” got elected unexpectedly under Macmillan and they had to be supported –“Whips bought their loyalty by finding them directorships” 
No help from Government –only got free railway warrant for weekly trip to constituency. No Postage, secretarial expenses, cost of living expenses, research etc. Did constituency work with part time secretary…
1959 campaign for Lowestoft….Youngman not expecting to win. Local issues important; national issues –took advantage of Macmillan’s popularity.   Little support from national party –not a critical seat so left to himself. Small local party with a few good supporters and his own friends. Constituency party not v active between elections…not on official candidates list; was interviewed in London. Chosen because he was local. Another competitor was a woman from London – but in those days women were going to find it impossible to get a seat, especially in Lowestoft. Labour sitting candidate thought he was safe –but swing in country towards Tories. Election didn’t cost him anything…Started to build contactsattended Backbench committees e.g. Agriculture… Became Secretary of Agriculture Committee, then eventually Parliamentary Private Secretary to President of Board of Trade (Government was suffering from lack of knowledge about agriculture). Kept on as Secretary…Didn’t take life deadly serious –didn’t expect to hold seat with smallmajority.

Ambitious to make his mark; disappointed not to get a job after Night of the Long Knives. Then given chance to go to America on Scholarship –“a douceur” from party.  Chief Whip Martin Redmayne didn’t bother to train people much or look far ahead but he was coming to notice of people –e.g. seconded the Queen’s Speech in 1962 – public mark of favour and got to know Macmillan… He was first person to introduce Private Member’s Bill on Disablement.  Not the intense politics in the 1960s of later years –nowadays more driven by career politicians.  Then there were fewer committed, ideological politicians. They had to do other things to support themselves…

He still gets 4-5 invitations to functions every day, even having been absent from Parliament for some time.  Culture of Lobbying became apparent when he returned form Northern Ireland –enormous change (early 1980s). Industry felt it had to get its view across more. Charity movement became more about Pressure Groups –operated through constituencies and press.  After leaving Government and joining GEC he found that they had to use PR people to get their case across to Ministers –“once the PR game had really started, we all had to join in

MIND became one hell of a powerful lobbying force. MIND was always ready to explain that it needed big grants from Gov’t because the general public all impose Stigma upon the Empowered Service Users and Won’t Give to charidees Helping Nutters.

…Aware of his own involvement with GEC as being useful for influence. Got out of hand though –including charities –mentions his own work with Great Ormond Street.

The Great Ormond Street of Jimmy Savile’s ‘volunteering’, of Audrey Callaghan’s Chairmanship of Trustees, while she and Jim Callaghan colluded with Dafydd, Jimmy Savile et al…

….1960/70s used to get calls from BBC to do contributions “down the line” from un-manned Norwich studio…
Working life of MP…encouraged not to speak in first six months.  Employment Bill 1959 affected his constituency, so he made maiden speech  -never more than 15-20 people in Chamber. Fuss about his comments on farm workers’ pay…Row about his involvement with  Birds Eye reception in House of Commons to announce expansion in Lowestoft.  Upset older members –“propaganda”. Working hours –Monday mornings to Thursday night. Two mornings in Standing Committees –to makeup numbers without speaking. Constituency work.  Was lent a flat in London then rented a flat for £8 per week in Westminster. No allowances for it.  Wife came up with him. Two children at Boarding School, two others went to Day School in London. Pact that during Term time wife would spend time with him in London and during holiday she would spend all the time in Suffolk with children…Having wife in London helped build relationships with other members –via kitchen suppers etc.
Few relationships with members of other parties –until he got into Government. Time spent in Chamber –a lot to start with, less afterwards….Was a supporter of Margaret. Heath had called him in 1966 to discuss appointing Thatcher to Shadow Cabinet –“statutory woman” for Social Services –he suggested Thatcher. Willie Whitelaw had advised against -“if we get her, and we don’t like her, we’ll never be able to get rid of her”!

That is exactly what happened.

In government as Sec of State for Education she got into trouble over School Milk. Heath helped her –but never liked her…

Supporter of National Health Service but wanted some competition in it and less bureaucracy…. Culture of Parliament – “Conservative Party was always sycophantic” – would usually go along with leadership.  People plotted in tea room, although many members never went there; not a hub of activity. Workload pretty light in early years…Some MPs got no letters at all.  On important matters, MPs could have influence; on other matters they let government get on with it… Influences on his career –Ian Gilmour, Robert Carr, Peter Carrington, Quintin Hailsham all close friends.  Rivals were of different political disposition e.g. Margaret Thatcher was one, Airey Neave was another. Had lots of political enemies on the Right on the Backbenches…Relationship with Margaret –always slightly difficult and got worse over time –“she was jolly glad when I left”…But in Agriculture and Employment he knew what he wanted to do –and didn’t want to do toomuch  -resisted pressure from people to do more. Remained as a practising farmer –not seen then as a conflict of interest e.g. over subsidies he was also drawing…

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo

Role as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – effects on lifestyle. security constraints –“they were trying to blow me up” …You are the number one person, allocated a budget to run the Province as you decided –v interesting. Example of World Cup where N Ireland did well –he promised them a new Stand for football ground – could do it without reference to Margaret or Treasury –one snag caused by the sectarian rules of the footballing organisation.  Thatcher’s visits – visit by road gave her the impression we were spending too much money there.  “We had plenty of money!”  Frustration was the inability to make any movement  -he was in too much of a hurry. Talks about elections where Sinn Fein got a slice of the vote.

Biggest achievement Cynics would say, enabling Heath to remain in office for four years as PM (as PPS he helped him deal with recalcitrant party).

Gee, however did a wet like Jim Prior bag a Cabinet seat under Thatch? He was Heath’s PPS – there’s the clue everyone… Heath the friend of Charles Morrison, Sir Peter Morrison’s brother and the Tory MP for Devizes…

His work as Employment Secretary the most important thing –sensible reform of unions –picketing, secret ballots etc. “reforms which they could take” Leader of the House – not noticed. Chaired Emergency Committee of Cabinet –lots of them  -“we were always turning the lights out” Deciding where emergency generators would go in Three Day Weeks period.  Leaving Office after 1974 election –“awful! Sad, unbecoming”. Leaving in 1984 was a relief….Happy to leave. Time to try something else. Had joined GEC as chairman…
Most misses having influence on things that could be handled better and where he could help.  Influence from Lords doesn’t work e.g. Thatcher’s fall from office – Lords went on with business oblivious to it.  Commons and Government don’t listen much to the Lords…

Is it not incredible that this lazy old bugger who had no interest in and no knowledge of politics, who as a farmer shamelessly milked the EU CAP subsidies that his own Gov’t claimed to despise, who believed that he was not a wealthy man when all of his kids were at fee-paying schools, was allowed to do pretty much what he wanted in N Ireland while a civil war was taking place and a vicious paedophile ring linked to terrorist activity ran riot and the criminality spilt over onto mainland Britain?

The Lord Prior
Lord Prior 2014.jpg

Notable old pupils of Wymondham College; read the list of names carefully and bear in mind what was being concealed by the founders and supporters of the State School:

Jim Prior was not the only East Anglian farmer who achieved fame in the 1980s. Whoever could forget Bernard Matthews and his bootiful factory farmed turkeys:

  • BBC - In pictures: Bernard Matthews dies at 80
  • @RutlandPartners Sells UK No. 1 Turkey Producer Bernard ...

Bernard was a millionaire who encountered much bad publicity when it became public that pay and conditions for his workforce were dreadful and that loads of them had incurred RSI and had become quite disabled but Bernard didn’t give a bugger. The ‘New Statesman’ published loads about it. But not a word about the murderous paedophile ring that Lord Jim ignored…

  • Turkey Farmer Bernard Matthews, founder of Bernard Matthews Farms Limited, 29th March 1991. Pictured at residence, - Stock Image
  • A sandwich being made using Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast. - Stock Image
  • Turkey Farmer Bernard Matthews, founder of Bernard Matthews Farms Limited, 20th April 1989. Pictured at residence, - Stock Image
  • Bernard Matthews turkey escalopes value pack - Stock Image
  • Protesters demonstrate outside the Bernard Matthews Foods plant in Houghton Regis UK - Stock Image
  • General View of Bernard Matthews turkey farm built on the former wartime runways of RAF Halesworth in Suffolk - Stock Image
  • Bernard Matthews trailer with advertising for Bootiful family food - Stock Image
  • The outbreak of Avian Flu H5N1 at the Bernard Matthews Poultry Factory at Holton Near Halesworth - Stock Image
Michael Foot (1981).jpg

Tony Benn2.jpg
  • Neil Kinnock - Wikipedia
  • BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Neil Kinnock
  • Neil kinnock on Pinterest | Jeremy corbyn labour, Sun ...
  • Neil Kinnock stokes Tory fury with 'Goebbels' attack on ...



In my post ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’ I discussed the career of Dr Alfred Charles White, who has been a big wig in psychiatry in Birmingham for many years now. I detailed Dr White’s career, including his stint working as a junior doctor for Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass and Professor William Trethowan. Trethowan, at approximately the time that Alfred White was working for him, was the member of the GMC who allowed the paedophile child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser to continue practising medicine. Fraser went on to sexually assault children. He was allowed to continue practising even after that… Morris Fraser was involved with the Kincora Boys’ Home and made a name for himself in the 1970s as an expert on the trauma suffered by children in N Ireland as a result of the Troubles. See previous posts.

Children’s homes in north Wales accepted a great many children in care from the local authorities in the West Midlands.

Dr White undoubtedly spent many years working with a number of Top Doctors who were members of a sex abuse ring. Among his many other commitments. Dr White has managed to take on private work with BUPA and has ‘over 25 years experience as an expert witness’.

Between July 1971 and July 1972, Dr Alfred Charles White worked as a SHO at the Midland Nerve Hospital for Mr M. Sim. Mr M. Sim is Myre Sim, another Great Man of Psychiatry. Myre Sim died in Aug 2009 and his obituary can be found on the website of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh. I have reproduced it below; I will not make any comment on it because I think that the worrying ways in which this man, who spent years working alongside Top Docs who were facilitating a paedophile/trafficking ring, exerted influence over his profession are glaring obvious. I will just invite readers to read the obituary carefully.

Dr Myre Sim.

MB Edin 1938, DPM Lond 1946, MD Edin 1948, FRCPsych 1967, MRCP Edin 1968, FRCP Edin 1970, FRCP Can 1975, FAPA 1975

(Contributed by Professor IW Campbell & Mr Nigel Owen)

Dr Myre Sim was a renowned and published psychiatrist who assisted many individuals and organisations through his long and successful career, in addition to making a major contribution to the medical community. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh in 1970.

Dr Myre Sim was born in Edinburgh on October 2, 1915 to Julius and Sarah Sim, his grandparents having emigrated from Lithuania to Scotland at the end of the 18th Century. He was brought up and educated in his formative years in Edinburgh and graduated MBChB from Edinburgh University in 1938. Although he did not remain in Edinburgh to practice medicine, he retained a great fondness for the Edinburgh University Medical School and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

He obtained his Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the Royal College of London in 1946, before entering the Army where he served as Regimental Medical Officer and Officer Commanding the Army Psychiatric Hospital in Netley. He then returned to the University of Edinburgh in 1948 for his M.D. After receiving his M.D. he was appointed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in 1950, where he developed the Department of Psychological Medicine and began his extensive writing career. His most successful work was a medical textbook, Guide to Psychiatry, which reached its 4th edition. He also co-authored a second textbook, Basic Psychiatry, and published many articles in the British Medical Journal, the Lancet, the British Journal of Psychiatry and the Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry. He also wrote a monthly medical column for the Birmingham Post and the Liverpool Post.

In 1975, at the age of 60, he moved to Ottawa assuming the role of Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. He subsequently retired at 65, moving to Victoria, British Columbia where he continued a highly successful private practice in psychiatry for over 20 years. During these years, he helped countless individuals, acted as an expert witness in many legal actions and authored a number of medical publications including Compensation Claims, Insurance, Legal and Medical Aspects which he considered to be his best work.

Dr Myre Sim had strong interests and opinions on many matters both medical and non-medical. Many of his opinions can be found via the internet by searching for ‘Science Quotes by Myre Sim’. Perhaps two of his most well known are:

“I am concerned at the over-enthusiasm of unbridled reformers who initiate costly and frequently useless or even dangerous schemes. Progress is not synonymous with radicalism” quoted from ‘Myre Sim’, Gale, Contemporary Authors Online (2002)’.

“Sir Adolph Abrams, the physician, in lecture entitled Amanuensis, described a case history as an amalgam of false memories, rumour, innuendo and downright lies, and on these we are expected to make a diagnosis” quoted from book review, ‘Ending the Cycle of Abuse’, The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 1997; 42: 424.

He always accredited his successful career to his wife, Winnifred, who proof-read all of his publications. Sadly, Winnifred died in 2001 and following her death he lived alone until his failing health necessitated a move to St Charles Manor in 2008 where he was well cared for until his death.

Although Myre Sim was appointed a Fellow in 1970, the story of how the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh came to benefit from his donations started in 1984. Having previously contributed to the College Conference Centre Appeal, Myre Sim offered funds to set up a travel fund intended to support the professional development of Fellows and Collegiate Members. The College accepted readily. Further donations followed, leading to the establishment of the Myre Sim Education Fund. This fund had a wide remit which included support for symposia, lectures, workshops, the College Library, desk-top publishing and M.D. Theses. However, its main purpose was to encourage clinical research by doctors in non-academic positions. The Education Fund eventually transformed into the Myre Sim Charitable Trust, set up in Edinburgh but outwith the College. Later, in 1995, the Charitable Trust came under the management and trusteeship of the College. The Myre Sim Fund was formally established and has continued in that form to date, benefiting both Members and Fellows as well as medical students and medical graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

The Myre Sim Fund Committee meets twice a year and disburses the income generated by investments held as part of a wider portfolio. This is done through the award of grants to assist eligible individuals to further their professional competence and research activities; bursaries to students of the University of Edinburgh who elect to pursue a research project; and via direct support of College. The latter includes fund contributions towards the College Library, teaching symposia and on-line web casting of educational events. The Committee also oversees the award of the Collegiate Members’ prize. This prize, which is designed to encourage Collegiate Members to actively participate in research, is awarded biennially to the Collegiate Member who, in the opinion of the Committee, has published the best article in a high ranking peer-review journal.

In recent years, grants have been awarded to an international cohort of Fellows and Members and medical graduates of the University of Edinburgh for clinical research, for travel to worldwide meetings to present research work and to support the development of techniques of investigation and management of patients. Bursaries have been awarded to undergraduates of the University of Edinburgh for research in a diverse range of medical areas including the patient’s journey through healthcare and the effects of altitude and hypoxia in different countries, most recently in Peru.

Although the Fund is managed principally by the Committee, in accordance with its purposes, over the years Myre Sim has played a key part in steering and encouraging the Committee to broaden its scope. Consequently, the Fund has benefited a wide cohort of Fellows, Members and students and has retained a contemporary focus, demonstrated through the support of IT innovations such as CD production, e-learning initiatives and web-streaming. At this time, the capital reserve of the Fund, which is held in trust as a permanent endowment, is in the region of £600,000, giving an income of approximately £25,000 per annum. Despite Myre Sim’s passing, the activities of the Fund continue unabated under the careful management of the Myre Sim Committee.

Over the past 7 years, Professor Campbell as Convenor and Mr Nigel Owen, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Finance of the College have remained in regular contact with Dr Myre Sim advising him of the activities and financial status of the Fund. Throughout this period Dr Sim has maintained a great interest in the College and how his fund has been used to benefit others. The College is grateful for his long-standing generosity and interest, which has seen many Members and Fellows advance their careers and enabled undergraduates of the Edinburgh University Medical School to seize the opportunity to pursue medical research in their formative years.

Small black pigs eat from the trough. Back view. Stock Photo


‘To employ one sex abusing psychiatrist may be regarded as a misfortune; to employ two looks like carelessness.’ To have yet another bankrolling the Royal College of Physicians is quite extraordinary…

Dr Ernest Jones, who introduced Freudian analysis to Britain:

Ernest Jones.jpgBorn 1 January 1879, Gowerton, Wales

Died 11 February 1958 (aged 79), London, England

Nationality: Welsh

Alma mate: University College, London

Spouse(s): Morfydd Llwyn Owen (m. 1917; died 1918). Ernest managed to kill Morfydd by poisoning her with chloroform while performing abdominal surgery on her with one of his mates in her parents’ house in south Wales. Katharina Jokl (m. 1919)

Ernest Jones trained and influenced virtually all psychiatrists in the UK during the middle years of the 20th century. He knew Professor Wilfred Abse and Gwynne the lobotomist and he almost certainly lived long enough to encounter Dafydd as well.

Ernest’s son was Mervyn Jones, the author, who was a close friend of Michael Foot.

For more Ernest-related fun, see previous posts.



MIND has featured a great deal on this blog and indeed has featured in this post. I mentioned above that Dafydd’s pal Lord David Ennals was Chairman of MIND, 1984-89, while MIND was colluding with the criminality of Dafydd et al. The Vice-Chairman of MIND, 1984-88 was Hugh Freeman.

Professor Hugh Freeman was another big name in British psychiatry and was Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry. Freeman died in 2011 and ‘The Guardian’ published his obituary:

Professor Hugh Freeman, who has died aged 81, was effective in changing mental health provision in Britain. He spent most of his professional life in Salford, Greater Manchester, where he was consultant psychiatrist to the city’s hospitals from 1961 until 1988.

Dafydd’s mate Professor Kenneth Rawnsley worked in psychiatry in Greater Manchester until he relocated to Cardiff in 1966. Tony Francis worked in Salford and Greater Manchester during the early 1980s, until he relocated to north Wales. Sadie Francis and Tony Roberts, both of the Hergest Unit, trained at Manchester University. In 1974, Dafydd’s mate Bob Hobson, who had run the abuse ring at the Maudsley, relocated to Manchester University…

Beginning in 1967, at Hope hospital and Salford Royal, he pioneered psychiatric units in general hospitals. This was at a time when the hospital was almost the entire focus of psychiatric treatment. Using the meagre resources he was given, Hugh greatly expanded day hospital and outpatient care, thus enabling seriously ill patients to be managed in various settings outside medical institutions.

He also initiated and maintained one of the first psychiatric case registers with the help of Mervyn Susser, Salford’s medical officer for mental health. Hugh was creating a new service responsive to the needs of a population in a poorly resourced industrial city, and he used the invaluable information from the case register to monitor its progress.

The ‘service’ at Manchester was very poor even after Hugh Freeman and Mervyn Susser had transformed it. Manchester’s mental health service struggled along on its knees until it finally imploded a few years ago, with mental health staff celebrating at the resignation of the psychiatrist whom they blamed for the mess. But he only resigned as Chair of the NHS Trust; he continued working as a Top Doc, ‘leading’ the service and also leading the mental health research programme in Manchester.

His concern was with the conditions in which people were treated in mental hospitals and the various ways in which admission could either be prevented or treatment given in community settings. He initiated teams of co-workers, such as mental health social workers, mental welfare officers, nurses and GPs, to create a system of referral which prevented many hospital admissions, by providing early treatment and alternative care.

Everyone was told that this was what was happening in north Wales. In reality, patients were neglected at best, assaulted and framed for criminal offences or found dead at worst.

Hugh was a thoughtful author of papers dealing with subjects as diverse as the history of the NHS, racial discrimination and psychiatry, particularly aspects of psychiatry in the community. His early work had been concerned with the effects of drugs, and as a young doctor, he published one of the first studies on the treatment of patients with schizophrenia with chlorpromazine.

As an old doctor, he knew just how disabling the effects of chlorpromazine were. He and his colleagues continued to dose people up nevertheless.

Several of his early papers dealt with behaviour therapy, others with the role of the social worker in the mental health service, and the kind of services that should be available for what were then called the “mentally subnormal”. Then, as now, there were problems with the reorganisation of the NHS and the shortages of suitable trainees in psychiatry.

Hugh knew exactly why no young doctors wanted to go near psychiatry…

For 10 years from 1983, Hugh was a highly successful editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry, taking it to great international heights.

Throughout that time, Dafydd and the gang broke the law in just about every way possible, abused patients, illegally imprisoned people and were not prosecuted or even investigated once.

He had been involved in the origins of Salford University and in 1986 was appointed honorary professorial fellow. He also acted as an editor of many multi-authored books and in 1988 started the international journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry, as well as being assistant editor of journals such as History of Psychiatry. His later books included Mental Health and the Environment (1985), Community Psychiatry (1991) and A Century of Psychiatry (1999).

I have mentioned in previous posts that in the wake of Mary Wynch, but particularly the police investigations into the possibility of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales, psychiatrists suddenly all became Historians of Medicine. As they used to say on ‘Blue Peter’, John Nettleton tells the story…

In 1988 both he and his close Salford colleague Michael Tarsh went south to London, exuberantly leaving their retirement party on a tandem. In later years, Hugh helped to found the British False Memory Society,

I wonder why Hugh felt the need to do that?

and his last book, provisionally titled Cycles of Violence and not yet published, is concerned with the causes of terrorism. His wide circle of interests included being representative for the Mercia region of the National Trust

Lucille Hughes is involved with the National Trust. In the 1980s, at Penrhyn Castle near Bangor, the National Trust used to run a summer job scheme for disadvantaged people. Every one of them was a victim of Dafydd’s gang. They did enjoy working on the scheme, they had a real laugh. But it was a very effective way of marginalising them and keeping them together in one place, where they discussed being beaten up by the police, sexually molested, illegally imprisoned, overhearing what were possibly murders in Risley Remand Centre… The man who ran the work scheme, Wing Commander I.H. Panton, used to roll his sleeves up and work with his team, so they respected him. But the Wing Commander also knew what had happened to them and how very serious it was, yet he didn’t ever raise any concerns. See previous posts. I have also discussed in previous posts how some of those at the very top of the National Trust colluded with the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring.

and he was a keen supporter of the Woodland Trust. In 1997, he was appointed honorary visiting fellow at Green College, Oxford. He had many other visiting posts and honours in universities abroad.

The Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton, one of the biggest umbrellas that Dafydd et al had – particularly in Walton’s capacity as President of the GMC, 1982-89 and President of the BMA, 1980-82 – was Warden of Green College, 1983-89. Walton was in post at the BMA as soon as Mary Wynch got out of the North Wales Hospital and began her litigation against Dafydd and the gang…

Hugh was born in Salford and educated at Altrincham grammar school,

The abuse ring in north Wales/Cheshire upon which Dafydd et al built and expanded had been present for decades

from where he gained an open scholarship to read modern history at St John’s College, Oxford, a rare schoolboy among the ex-servicemen after the second world war. His scholarship subjects were all in the arts, but his family put pressure on him to read medicine. However, these early passions were the basis of his abiding interests in the history of psychiatry, as well as a restless concern about the way people live and how the service might be developed for them.

He qualified in 1954, and did his house jobs at the  Manchester Royal Infirmary

Kenneth Rawnsley was working in Manchester at the time

before serving as a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Although not psychiatrically qualified, during his time in the army he was in sole charge of discharging men and dealing with violent alcoholics, and he took the first part of the diploma in psychological medicine in this time.

They’re only nutters and alkies, we don’t need anyone qualified to deal with them. They may have been violent because of psychosis or neurological factors rather than the booze, but Freeman won’t have known…Or a la North Wales Hospital and Hergest Unit, their ‘violence’ might actually have been someone assaulting them…

After the army he went on to the Maudsley hospital in London,

Freeman was probably at the Maudsley at the same time as Dafydd then. He was definitely there when Bob Hobson was running the ring in south London and Hobson’s many crazy, incompetent colleagues did damage to patients. See post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’ and ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’

then became a consultant psychiatrist in Salford.

In 1957 he married Joan Casket, now better known as a professor of psychology and expert in gifted children. They were a mutual support to one another.

I’ll be getting onto Joan soon…

She survives him, along with three sons, Stephen, Justin and Felix, a daughter, Rachel, and two grandsons.

 Hugh Lionel Freeman, psychiatrist, born 4 August 1929; died 4 May 2011

Just a couple of years older than Dafydd…

‘The Times’ mourned Hugh Freeman’s passing as well:

Professor Hugh Freeman was a erudite and thoughtful psychiatrist with a deep concern for social issues. Born in Salford, he began his career as a 17-year-old, with an open scholarship at Oxford University. He completed his medical and psychiatric training at Manchester Royal Infirmary, followed by the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals in London. Returning to his roots, he became a NHS consultant psychiatrist with Salford Health Authority, and an honorary consultant at the University of Manchester School of Medicine.

There he capitalised on his personal qualities, presciently pioneering and managing an integrated system of community care and record-keeping in a socially deprived area.

Freeman initiated and maintained the comprehensive Salford psychiatric case register, originally in association with the epidemiologist Dr Mervyn Susser. The objective of the register (bolstered by the studies that flowed from it), was to formulate public health goals. It made a serious contribution to health in the community.

Freeman’s primary problem was to integrate the very poor psychiatric resources he inherited, across three hospitals, into a service responsive to the needs of the people of Salford. In a period when the hospital was almost the entire focus of psychiatric treatments, he created that service, integrating the meagre resources and greatly expanding day hospital and outpatient care. At that time, this was ground-breaking.

It wasn’t that groundbreaking, by the time Freeman died, Manchester and Salford’s mental health services were at the centre of scandalously bad care

Freeman was always sensitive to the sense of community, social ties and networks that existed in a physically uncongenial industrial area. In Salford, he found long established kinships and friendships, going back several generations.

Like Dafydd, he’ll have had the whole extended family mapped, with a view to co-opting the unsupportive members or trashing the supportive ones in the face of complaint

He harnessed these into his system of care, treasuring constant little gifts such as a hand-knitted dishcloth or a small paper bag of boiled sweets.

A hand-knitted dishcloth?? I’d be quite pleased if someone gave me one of them, but I suspect that was a patient taking the piss; the Grand Professor Freeman will not really have communicated to his patients that he wanted a dishcloth, either hand-knitted or as a pack of six purchased in the market.

Working against the general trend of competition for resources, with the advantage of his personality and genuine charm,

They all have charm in their obituaries

Freeman was able to achieve his objectives through the help of mental welfare officers, mental health social workers and GPs. With their help, he set up a system of screening before hospital admission, so that when people arrived in the mental hospital they had organised relationships with those who were working outside.

That is not what I was told about Salford mental health services by someone who later committed suicide while in their ‘care’. Guess what? She had been at UCNW with me and had made a complaint about Gwynne the lobotomist… Found dead in Salford years later… They’ll have had her medical records, Mervyn Susser the case manager and Hugh won’t have missed that she’d encountered Gwynne and then Tony Francis…

Professionals came from all over the world to see what he had achieved in keeping people out of hospital.

Dafydd was described in the ‘Bangor and Anglesey Mail’ as ‘Europe’s Leading Forensic Psychiatrist’. At the Waterhouse Inquiry, the mental health services in Gwynedd were described as ‘probably the best in Europe’ by Rob Evans, who ignored the serious abuse of Empowered Service Users. The thugs of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team used to turn up to Bangor University seminars to hobnob with visiting German social workers.

But Freeman was pragmatic and pointed out that the hospital did not stand in opposition to community support, but was, as he wrote, “in fact part of the community, and provides one of its services.”

That is exactly the line that the Top Docs of the Hergest Unit used. I happen to agree with their point, but it was a line that was trotted out when the seriously dysfunctional relationships between the hospital and the community teams was questioned.

In accord with his wish for social justice and the focus of his concerns, he concentrated on chronic and progressive disorders.

Psychiatrists have been maintaining for years now that they prioritise the seriously and chronically ill. Then why are so many of them destitute, in prison, dying in their 50s or dependent upon family for their care? Anyone familiar with the UK mental health system knows that the most seriously ill are abandoned or even refused treatment. They are more difficult to look after than a professional person with anxiety and they are not a powerful lobbying group.

In addition to full time hands-on clinical commitments, in a very busy department, he wrote or edited more than two dozen books and hundreds of scientific papers.

Yes, Hugh churned them out. When did he have the time to perform the clinical miracles which were happening in Greater Manchester?

He was socially perceptive, with a quiet but effective leadership style that was exemplified in his being the founding editor, of Current Opinion in Psychiatry, and his very successful ten years as editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry, beginning in 1983. Freeman expanded the journal considerably, while vastly improving its financial base supporting his principal objective — the dissemination of scientific information.

How did the fraud that was Mindfulness get through the filtering system then?

Professor Freeman achieved international recognition, including a visiting professorship at the Universities of the West Indies, where he worked on setting up a mental health care service (removing the pre-existing double beds), Western Australia, Switzerland and Hungary.

He won the Anniversary Medal of Merit, Charles University, Prague, was a member of the committee of honour of the European Association for the History of Psychiatry, a fellow of the European Association of Psychiatrists, a consultant to the World Health Organisation,

Dafydd’s mate was both International and Award Winning…

and a government advisor to the Mental Health Act Commission,

The Chief Exec of the MHAC was Willing Bingley. Who had been previously been the Legal Director of MIND, when Hugh Freeman was er the Vice-Chair of MIND…

the Home Secretary’s Committee on fear of crime, and the Minister of State’s panel on private practice.

Both the Home Office and the DHSS were fully on board with Dafydd and the gang.

Despite his eminence, Freeman was modest, considerate, kindly and respectful of the opinions of others. He had always been an innovator, devoting his early endeavours to improving community psychiatry, but over the past 20 years was very active in founding the False Memory Society.

The False Memory Society caused havoc with regard to cases of abuse; but that is exactly what the False Memory Society was set up to do. Because organised historical abuse had come under the spotlight.

His group work on research into terrorism will be published next year as Circle of Violence. He was a strongly appreciated supporter of Sane,

SANE was established by Marjorie Wallace, the Thalidomide Heroine! The Marjorie who was married to a Top Doc who was colluding with abuse and who also had an affair with Lord Snowdon who used the services of Top Docs who supplied class A drugs and sex workers. SANE’s main campaigning point was to stop the closure of asylums. I wrote to Marjorie in 1988 and gave her full details of what Dafydd et al were doing. I did not receive a reply. Marjorie was a regular visitor to Broadmoor while Jimmy Savile was the General Manager and assaulting patients. Marjorie did not mention any concerns until after Savile was dead. At which point she told everyone that he was mad and she’d never liked him. See post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ for more Marjorie info…

Savile became General Manager of Broadmoor during those years when Hugh Freeman edited the British Journal of Psychiatry, but it obviously escaped Hugh’s notice.

and active in the World Psychiatric Association. He was also involved with the National Trust as the representative for the Mercia Region, the preservation of woodlands and the protection of ancient buildings He leaves behind his widow, Professor Joan Freeman, who is eminent in her own field of education and gifted children, and his children Stephen, Justin, Felix and Rachel.

Professor Hugh Freeman, psychiatrist, was born on August 4, 1929. He died on May 4, 2011, aged 81

A helpful blog written by a Top Doc about Hugh Freeman tells us that:

Freeman will probably be best known to list members as one of the founders of the journal, History of Psychiatry and the editor of a number of essay collections on the history of psychiatry in Britain.  These include the two volume, 150 Years of British Psychiatry (London: Gaskell/Athlone, 1991 and 1996) edited with German Berrios;  A Century of Psychiatry, (London: Mosby-Wolfe, 1999),  and Psychiatric Cultures Compared: Psychiatry and Mental Health Care in the Twentieth Century (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2005) edited with Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra, Harry Oosterhuis and Joost Vijselaar.

Hugh has determined what the world knows about psychiatry, its practices and of course the practices of his colleagues and of course Hugh himself.

After retiring as consultant psychiatrist to Salford Health Authority, Freeman was engaged in large scale history of psychiatric policy in post war Britain under the supervision of John Pickstone.  Parts of this work have been published including:

‘Mental Health: Policy and Practice in the NHS’, Journal of Mental Health 7.3 (1998): 225-39.

‘Mental Health Services in an English County Borough before 1974’, Medical History 28 (1984): 111-28.

Now for Hugh’s lovely, talented psychologist wife!
Joan Freeman is a child psychologist who is known for her work in the lifetime development of gifts and talents. Freeman earned her BSc in psychology at Manchester University followed by an Advanced Diploma in School Counselling, an MEd in Education and a PhD in Educational Psychology. Freeman then taught at Preston Polytechnic/Lancaster University, where she was a Senior Lecturer. She then became a Research Associate at Manchester University and later, Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Education.
In 2006 the College of Teachers, of which Joan was Senior Vice-President, awarded her an Honorary Fellowship.
Was the Senior Vice-President on the panel who decided on the awarding of Honorary Fellowships??
In 2014, Mensa International awarded Joan a Lifetime Achievement Award. Jimmy Savile used to bang on about being in Mensa.
Joan was also awarded the First European Talent Networking Award, for the promotion of Europe-wide co-operation in support of young talented people.
So Joan is international as well as her husband.
Joan Freeman was made an Honorary Patron of the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) in 2006. She has an elected fellowship with the British Psychological Society, where she has been honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Joan is also a Chartered (Licensed) Psychologist.

Freeman’s ‘ongoing aim is to inspire a scientific approach to the study and development of high-level potential, and to develop a dynamic communications network of knowledge and practice around the world’. I think that Joan’s got quite a steep hill to climb there…

Freeman’s most significant research contribution to the field of child development has been her unique 35-year in-depth UK comparative study of 210 gifted and non-gifted children as they grew to adulthood. This was funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. ‘This groundbreaking research showing the lives of the gifted and talented as normal people with special challenges helped to make positive changes in attitudes to the development of high level potential all over the world. The research was noted for its depth of investigation and scientific set-up, notably with double matched control groups.’

Freeman was an adviser on the education of the gifted and talented for about eight years for the UK Gov’t and primary witness to the Standing Committee on the education of Highly Able Children.

The UK Gov’ts Gifted and Talented scheme was not a resounding success…

Joan founded and was President of the Tower Education Group, a think tank of UK experts which reported to the Education Development Trust.

In 1988 Freeman established the European Council for High Ability, bringing cooperation across the West and the Soviet zone. It became a Council of Europe NGO and is ‘now a flourishing worldwide organisation of which she remains founding President and honorary member.’ It publishes the academic journal ‘High Ability Studies’, of which Freeman was editor-in-chief; she is now on their international advisory board.

I’ll look forward to reading some of Joan’s papers in there then, if they pass the rigorous scrutiny of the editor-in-chief that is.

Hugh Freeman’s friend and colleague Mervyn who presided over the mess that was Salford’s mental health service certainly boasted of some even more impressive friends that Hugh Freeman. Mervyn Wilfred Susser (26 September 1921 – 14 August 2014) was a South African activist, Top Doctor and epidemiologist. His career was closely interwoven with that of his wife, Zena Stein. Susser is considered to be one of the pioneers of epidemiology in the 20th century. As is Sir Richard Doll, but Doll did rather let himself down on a few occasions, particularly when his name appeared as an ‘adviser’ on that laughable research fraud that Dafydd’s mates published in Dec 1990… See previous posts for details of Richard Doll’s feet of clay.


Mervyn Wilfred Susser was born in Johannesburg. As a boy, he learned to track game in the wild. His mother committed suicide when he was a child. His parents enrolled him in a Catholic girls’ school because it was the best education available before later switching to an unspecified boys’ school several hundred miles away.

Susser married Zena Stein in 1949. Susser and Stein three children: including Ezra Susser, Ruth Susser and Ida Susser.

Susser, Stein and colleagues began their careers at a clinic in Alexandra Township, where they developed ties with members of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, including Joe Slovo, Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela. 

Susser and Stein were influenced and mentored by Sidney Kark. In 1955, Susser and Stein left South Africa for political reasons, taking positions at Manchester University, where they stayed for 10 years. In 1965, Susser and Stein moved to Columbia University to lead the Division of Epidemiology. At Columbia, Susser founded the Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center, where he held a Chair.

Towards the end of their careers, Susser and Stein became increasingly concerned about the HIV epidemic both in New York and in South Africa. They helped to organise a conference in Maputo in April 1990, which aimed to alert the ANC about the HIV epidemic in South Africa, with limited effect. Susser, Stein and colleagues, worked on building scientific capacity in Southern Africa to deal with the HIV epidemic and Susser and Stein served as early Directors at the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, a research centre in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Mervyn Susser died on 14 August 2014 in New York.

On learning of Susser’s death, aged 92, Section 27 issued the following statement:

His contribution to the fight against the HIV pandemic cannot be overstated. Dr Susser served as the joint director of the newly founded Africa Centre for Population and Reproductive Health Research in Kwazulu-Natal with his wife Dr Zena Stein in 1999. Mervyn and Zena were instrumental in highlighting the possible impact of the HIV pandemic in South Africa from the late 1980s. He worked alongside Dr. Salim (Slim) Abdool Karim to submit the first successful application to Fogarty in 1993 which sought to build strategic, sustainable scientific capacity to enhance the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.



  • It was known that there were difficulties dealing with the HIV epidemic in South Africa because of political reasons. The situation was not helped by Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa, 1999-2008, maintaining that HIV did not cause AIDS. Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang’s ban of anti-retroviral drugs in public hospitals is estimated to have been responsible for the premature deaths of between 330,000 and 365,000 people.

But then Mervyn Susser knew that Dafydd’s gang had been responsible for infecting a great many kids in care with HIV, who in turn infected many other people when the gang forced them to work as rent boys. Susser did not say a word.

  • Zena Stein is currently Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology and Psychiatry at Columbia University. Stein and Susser spent a decade at Manchester where they were active in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, before leaving for New York.
  • Lord David Ennals served as Chairman of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1960-64, a position that was later held by his brother John, 1968-76. Jeremy Thorpe campaigned on behalf of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.
    • Anti Apartheid Foto e immagini stock | Getty Images
    • Jeremy Corbyn at an Anti Apartheid demo - License for £124 ...
    • Nelson Mandela SNUBBED Jeremy Corbyn after anti-Apartheid ...
    • Anti Apartheid Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Others involved with the Anti-Apartheid Movement included Canon John Collins, the founder of CND, who was associated with Michael Randle, a CND activist as well as a member of the Committee of 100. Randle and his fellow CND activist Pat Pottle spent many years living at Croesor, where they acquired knowledge of the organised abuse in the region by Dafydd’s gang. Many, many CND activists, including very high profile ones such as Bertrand Russell and E.P. Thompson, knew about the gang. See previous posts eg. ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’ and ‘A Message Of Peace At Christmas’.

Lewis John Collins (23 March 1905 – 31 December 1982) was Chairman of CND, 1958-64. Collins was an Anglican priest who was active in several radical political movements in the UK. Educated at Cranbrook School, Kent and Cambridge University,  Collins served as a chaplain in the RAF during WW II and was radicalised by the experience. In 1946, Collins founded Christian Action to work for reconciliation with Germany. He was appointed as a canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, London in 1948, an office he held for 33 years. Shortly afterwards he became disturbed by the newly developing apartheid system in South Africa.

In 1951, Collins was one of the four founders of the War on Want. In 1956, he committed Christian Action to raising funds for the defence of anti-apartheid activists accused of treason in South Africa and this gave rise to the Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa. The fund raised over £75,000.

Collins was one of the founders of CND and was also a member of the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, working with the Rev Sidney Hinkes on anti-nuclear campaigns.

The Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust, formerly known as Canon Collins Trust for Southern Africa (CCETSA) is a charity founded in 1981. It was set up as the Defence Aid Fund for Southern Africa and Collins was its first Chairman. Under apartheid it provided money to help South African and Namibian refugee students gain HE in the UK and in independent African states. It now provides scholarships for students within South Africa and in other African countries.

Collins married Diana Clavering Elliot (1917–2003) in 1939; they had four sons. In 1999, the year before the Waterhouse Report was published, Diana Collins became Dame Diana.

Dame Diana partnered her husband in his CND and anti-apartheid activism. She was born at Stutton Hall, Suffolk and as a student gave up reading English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, to marry Collins, then Dean of Oriel College.

In 1946 John and Diana Collins convened a public meeting at Oxford Town Hall, calling for Christians to involve themselves in social and political action. This led directly to the formation of Christian Action, with John Collins as the Chairman. Diana Collins edited Christian Action’s journal.

The Collins’ friends included Sir Stafford Cripps, Bishop Trevor Huddleston, the Lord Chancellor, Gerald Gardiner, J.B. Priestley, Bertrand Russell and Oliver Tambo.

When he was living in England, Trevor Huddleston was accused of behaving indecently with two pre-pubescent boys. He admitted that he had behaved as the boys alleged but that the incident had been ‘misinterpreted’. The police were involved but nothing went very far, what with him being Trevor Huddleston. See previous posts…


Diana’s friends named above were all active in anti-capital punishment, anti-nuclear proliferation, anti-apartheid and other progressive causes. They launched the Defence and Aid Fund to support black South Africans. Diana Collins travelled incognito to South Africa when her husband was banned from entering that country. The Collins’ raised large sums of money for the legal defense of their causes by the best barristers, including the defence of Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia trial.

Following her husband’s death in 1982, Collins became a Trustee of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa until 1991 and remained on the Council of Christian Action.

Diana Collins died, aged 85 in 2003, and was survived by three sons. One son predeceased her.

Diana’s 2003 obituary in the Torygraph included additional information:

….Diana Collins was, in fact, more intellectually able than her husband, and combined this with a persuasive charm which helped to smooth situations made difficult by his hasty decision-making and somewhat abrasive style. Yet, in spite of her considerable gifts and total commitment to their shared concerns, she was always ready to take a subordinate place on the public stage and remained totally loyal in her support of his leadership….Marriage to a man of Collins’s mercurial temperament could never have been easy; but her deep affection for him never wavered, and to their many friends the quality of their relationship was as impressive as their shared Christian faith.

She was born Diana Clavering Elliot at Stutton Hall, Suffolk, the home of her grandparents, on August 13 1917. Her father was at that time serving with the Suffolk Regiment in France, and, until his demobilisation and settlement at Putney after the war, she was accustomed to a household that supported a butler, a nanny and a cook.

Education at a dame school was followed by less than happy years in a girls’ boarding school, which she was asked to leave. A church boarding school proved to be more to her liking and, having ended as head girl and captain of games, she was sent to a finishing school in Paris. A London season followed, and she was one of the few young women to be presented at Court in the presence of King Edward VIII, whom she recalled as looking very sad as well as very bored.

At Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Diana won a lacrosse Blue, but her academic work was hindered by her engagement to Ronald Lunt, who was later ordained and became a distinguished Chief Master of King Edward’s School, Birmingham. When Lunt broke the engagement, she became involved with his friend John Collins, then Dean of Oriel. They were married in October 1939.

In the following year Collins joined the RAF as a chaplain and Diana returned to Stutton Hall, remaining there until 1945 when her husband resumed his duties at Oriel and they were given the use of a small college house. In 1946 they convened a public meeting in Oxford Town Hall, calling for Christians to become more deeply involved in social and political affairs, and this led to the formation of Christian Action, with John Collins as the chairman.

Soon he became a national figure, and Christian Action, with its fast-growing membership, provided the organisational base for their joint work. When the prime minister, Clement Attlee, appointed Collins to a Canonry at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1949, this was to provide him with a London headquarters; and the basement of his new home at 2 Amen Court became the office of Christian Action.

Diana Collins ran the office, drafted many of her husband’s speeches and wrote articles and letters to the press on a wide variety of social concerns – housing, abolition of the death penalty, and, increasingly, nuclear weapons. She felt deeply about the likely horror of future wars and, in 1957, she chaired and spoke at a meeting in Trafalgar Square which led to the formation of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Again, John Collins assumed the public leadership of the new movement, but she served on its women’s committee and was involved in the Aldermaston marches.

Next came the launching of the Defence and Aid Fund, to support black South Africans who had fallen foul of their country’s segregation laws; this later became an important weapon in the fight against apartheid. Diana Collins spoke on this subject at meetings all over Britain, and went incognito to South Africa when her husband was forbidden entry to the country. She also edited the Christian Action journal which at this time had a wide and influential readership.

Looking back on her 33 years at 2 Amen Court, she said, “It was like living on a railway station at permanent rush hour, but they were exciting, exhilarating and rewarding years.” When, however, John Collins was not appointed to the Deanery of St Paul’s in 1967, she became somewhat disenchanted with the Church, and, although she continued to attend Anglican services for the rest of her life, she later developed a great interest in eastern religions.

Following her husband’s death in 1982, Diana Collins became a trustee of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa until 1991, and remained on the Council of Christian Action.

Increased leisure enabled her to use her literary gifts more freely and, in addition to Partners in Protest, she wrote an acclaimed book, Time and the Priestleys(1994), an account of another partnership, that of her friends J B Priestley and his wife Jacquetta Hawkes. Diana Collins had given the address at Priestley’s memorial service in Westminster Abbey.

Although life for her after the death of John Collins was never easy – she underwent major surgery, and a much-loved son was killed in a road accident – she remained her sparkling, energetic self and was a delightful friend as well as an outspoken advocate of justice, freedom and peace until the end of her days.

Diana Collins was appointed DBE in 1999.

She died on May 23, and is survived by three sons, one of whom is Sir Andrew Collins, a High Court judge of the Queen’s Bench Division.

Sir Andrew David Collins (born 19 July 1942), styled The Hon. Mr Justice Collins, is a retired barrister and judge. He served as a High Court judge, 1994-2017.

Sir Andrew was educated at Eton (where he was a contemporary of Prince Michael of Kent and Jonathan Aitken) and at King’s College, Cambridge. Collins was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1965. Ronnie Waterhouse had joined Middle Temple just a few years previously. Sir Andrew became a Bencher of Middle Temple in 1992; Ronnie was also a bencher. Sir Andrew was appointed a QC in 1985 and was a Recorder from 1986 until 1994, when he was appointed a High Court judge. Sir Andrew served as President of the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, 1999-2002 and was Lead Judge in the Administrative Court for England and Wales, 2004-07.

In 2006 Collins reversed the GMC verdict to strike off Professor Sir Roy Meadow. The GMC had invited Collins to recuse himself from the case in light of the fact that Collins’s own brother, psychiatrist Dr Mark Collins, had been judged by the GMC for ‘crossing the patient-doctor boundaries’. Collins saw no conflict and not only found in favour of Meadow but ruled to limit the power that the GMC held over expert witnesses. The GMC appealed against his findings. Two of the three judges at appeal found that Meadow had been guilty of professional misconduct but only the senior of the three felt that it had been serious professional misconduct. The three judges reversed Collins’s ruling that the expert medical witnesses should be immune to proceedings by the GMC.

Sir Andrew Collins and his colleagues didn’t seem to have understood a few basics about Sir Roy Meadow. I have covered Sir Roy Meadow in detail in previous posts, so I’ll just mention the most worrying matters re Roy Meadow here. Sir Roy Meadow, a paediatrician, invented a psychiatric illness, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. The symptoms of the illness that Roy Meadow invented include the harming of another person to cause them to need medical attention. Sir Roy’s invented illness was said to usually affect parents who harmed their children in order to gain attention. A number of mothers were subsequently accused of killing their children and were said to be suffering from Munchausen’s by Proxy.

Sir Roy gave expert evidence at some of the trials; Sir Roy was the expert because he had invented the illness. At some of the trials – for murder, not for shoplifting – Sir Roy made up statistics to ‘prove’ that the women had murdered their children. He didn’t just invent the illness, he then invented some statistics. Anyone with a grounding in basic stats could have told the Court that Sir Roy’s stats were wrong. A good statistician would have demolished him. But nobody asked for a statistician. A Court full of lawyers and journos and many other people watched Sir Roy Meadow tell lies in Court cases and innocent women were jailed because Roy Meadow told lies. When Roy Meadow’s lies and fuckwittery were revealed – years later – a whole string of women had their convictions for murder overturned and were released from prison.

The most famous victim of the miscarriages of justice as a result of Meadow’s evidence was Sally Clark, who had lost two babies to cot death. Sally was convicted of murdering both the babies and a great many lies were told about her in Court, including Roy Meadow’s made-up stats concerning the improbability of two babies in one family dying from cot death. There was one person who definitely knew that Sally Clark was not a double murderer and that was the pathologist who performed the postmortem on one of her babies. He discovered that the baby had died of a respiratory infection. He concealed the evidence, let Sally go to prison for double murder and let her remain in prison for years. He knew that Meadow had lied in Court and he stayed silent. That pathologist never faced any disciplinary action.

After Sally was released from prison she never returned to her old self. She had been violently attacked in prison – well she was a baby murderer wasn’t she, Roy Meadow could tell us all that – and when she was finally freed she remained incredibly depressed and drank heavily. She died a few years later. On one occasion, Sally’s husband was interviewed on TV about the case. Roy Meadow’s colleague, paediatrician David Southall, saw the interview and told his colleagues that if Sally hadn’t killed her babies, he knew that her husband had. The matter was referred to a child protection team. No evidence at all was needed – David Southall watched Mr Clark on TV and knew that He’d Done It. Of course Mr Clark had not done it and he was never charged. David Southall is probably still seething that the word of a Top Doc was ignored. Southall too had a bit of trouble with the GMC, but he remains practising… See previous posts.

When Southall was referred to the GMC and placed under investigation, he was supported by a voluble campaign led by Top Docs, Angels and social workers who stressed that the general public had no idea how wicked and manipulative Child Abusers are and only Top Docs, Angels and social workers Know. Southall was also given much free PR in the Times Higher Educational Supplement. Shortly after I had appeared in there and after Brown and I had also appeared in the media discussing the mental health services.


Sir Andrew Collins’s brother the psychiatrist Dr Mark Collins advertises his services online. Dr Collins practices privately these days, solely with outpatients at his Harley Street practice. However, Dr Collins can refer patients needing residential treatment to a variety of his colleagues, both within and outside of the UK.

Dr Collins took up his first post as a Consultant Psychiatrist in 1990, with responsibility for an NHS catchment area in Central Wandsworth, ‘where he pioneered the introduction of a community based service for patients who were at risk of slipping through the net’. So Dr Collins was one of the Top Docs who was working in Wandsworth while St George’s and Springfield Hospital – which is where Dr Collins will have been based – and Wandsworth Borough Council were facilitating the paedophile ring in south London with direct links to Dafydd and co in north Wales.

I have in my possession copies of documents compiled by Dr Collins’s Top Doc colleagues in Dec 1990 and Jan 1991, which state clearly that Dafydd and, they suspected, Tony Francis were sexually exploiting patients. They also recorded that I was suicidal because of constantly being threatened and arrested by Dafydd and the gang. They observed that I was not psychotic and was not going to be offered any care or treatment but would be discharged and referred to the forensic team ‘for containment’. I hadn’t read these documents at the time, so when I received an appointment to see another consultant, having by then been forced out of my job at St George’s, I kept the appointment. He told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor and ‘they know you there’. That man was Professor Nigel Eastman, who has worked extensively with Wimmin’s Champ St Helena Kennedy and even received an acknowledgement in her book ‘Eve Was Framed’. See previous posts…

Documents in my possession also show that although St George’s Top Docs admitted in writing that patients were being abused in north Wales, they were ringing up Lucille Hughes, Tony Francis and Dafydd to take evidence regarding my ‘dangerousness’… They diligently wrote down that I had tried to strangle and stab people and that on one occasion I broke into Dafydd’s consulting room ‘such that he believed that he would be murdered there and then’. It was noted that the only reason why I had not been imprisoned as a result of my many murderous attacks on people was that I was so clever the police had not been able to catch me.

This happened in Dec 1990/Jan 1991. A long time ago now. Those Top Docs are all still practising and since 1991 they have made numerous decisions with regard to who should be sectioned, imprisoned, locked up for many years in a high security hospital, refused treatment or have their children removed from them and adopted. They were running an international  paedophile/trafficking ring and they lied and lied and lied under all circumstances.

It was in 1993 that Dr Mark Collins entered full-time private practice. Until 2016 he was a Staff Consultant at the Roehampton Priory Hospital, where for many years Dr Collins was Associate Medical Director and Lead Consultant of the Addiction Treatment Programme. After a number of years Dr Collins established a working relationship with Cottonwood de Tucson Clinic in America and when they decided to open an outpatient facility in London, they appointed Dr Collins as their London Medical Director.

Some years ago I googled the mad lying Top Docs at St George’s who colluded with Dafydd et al in 1991. Dr Robin Jacobson was working at the Priory Roehampton. Dr Adrienne Key, who wasn’t involved in my own case, but was working on the same wards with the people who were involved with my case, is now The Priory Group’s Director for Eating Disorders. Professor Nigel Eastman is one of the World’s Leading Top Docs and jets around the globe giving evidence in Foreign Courts. Dr Tom Burns, who saw me on another occasion and admitted that he believed that there was an abuse ring in north Wales is now Professor Tom Burns of Oxford University. One of his colleagues at Oxford is Professor Mark Williams, who was one of Dafydd’s colleagues in north Wales while I sat in St George’s/Springfield and told them all what Dafydd et al were doing. Tom of course also knew about the ring in south London which his colleagues were facilitating.
The whole bloody lot of them knew that I knew about Dafydd et al and the criminal wrongdoing at St George’s. Is it surprising that I have now been unlawfully refused all medical treatment, that there have been repeated attempts to frame and imprison me and that I am now in hiding?
Don’t bother to arrest any of them police. They are all about 70 yrs old, their victims died years ago and you knew what they were doing but you let them do it.
People contemplating consulting Dr Mark Collins re drug problems might like to know that the St George’s gangsters were dealing in class A drugs as well. But that is what many people go to drug specialists for…
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Sir Andrew’s dad, the Rev John Collins, was succeeded as Chair of CND by Olive Frances Gibbs who died in September 1995. Gibbs entered Oxfordshire politics in 1953 and was Lord Mayor in 1974–75 and again 1981–82. Olive was also the first woman to Chair Oxfordshire County Council. Her husband, Edmund, an accountant and founder of an eponymous Oxfordshire firm, was also a Councillor for some time.

Gibbs Chaired CND, 1964-67. She was made an Honorary Freeman of the City of Oxford and of the City of London. Olive was a Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. Gibbs Crescent, a new street of social housing, was named after her, as was the Humanities building at Oxford Brookes (then Oxford Polytechnic).

As a result of her longstanding involvement in Oxfordshire politics, Olive Gibbs will have known that Barbara and Dr Vladimir Kahan were concealing organised abuse in Oxfordshire. It is highly likely that Olive also knew something about the booming trade in class A drugs among students in Oxford during the 1980s, which resulted in a great many people telling a great many lies after Olivia Channon died in June 1986. See post ‘Is The Party Over Yet?’

Someone else who knows about such matters is David Cameron’s mum, who served as an Oxford magistrate for years. Of course Dave himself knows as well, having been an Oxford undergrad during some of those years of drug fuelled excess and lying-through-one’s-teeth when one’s friend has died.

Olive Gibbs died in Sept 1995. William Hague and Ronnie Waterhouse, as well as a few others, knew that Ronnie would be holding the Waterhouse Inquiry by then, although Hague didn’t announce that Inquiry for another year. Olive was yet another who could name names who’d pegged out by the time that Ronnie opened his Inquiry.

A blue plaque to Olive Gibbs was unveiled on her childhood home at Christ Church Old Buildings, St Thomas’s, Oxford on 11 April 2015.

wellyousaythat©: CRINGE CORNER: On The Buses


And now for one that I prepared earlier.

  • A Short History of Children’s Wildlife Television | moralcoral

Baron Krebs, who has been hiding away in the Lords while I have been writing this blog!

John Richard Krebs, Baron Krebs (born 11 April 1945 in Sheffield) is a zoologist who researches the behavioural ecology of birds. He was the Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, 2007-15. Jesus College has very close links with Wales and many of those who concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al were/are graduates of Jesus College, including the fat corrupt judge Huw Daniel.

Lord Krebs was President of the British Science Association, 2012–13.

Lord John Krebs’s dad is THE Krebs of the Krebs cycle ie. the sequence of the biochemical reactions involving the uptake and release of energy in cells. John Krebs never did anything like discover the Krebs cycle though…

So what did John Krebs discover?

John was educated at the City of Oxford High School and Pembroke College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1966 and then received his DPhil in 1970. John Krebs then held posts at the University of British Columbia and at UCNW.

While at UCNW, John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring!

After discovering a paedophile ring, John returned to Oxford as a Lecturer in Zoology, with a fellowship at Wolfson College, Oxford, then at Pembroke. John Krebs was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1984. The year that I graduated and was given infected blood at the C&A Hospital!

In 1986, my housemate Anne Vernon was killed. Anne had been doing her PhD in the Zoology Dept at UCNW, where John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring.

From 1988 to 2005 John Krebs held a Royal Society Research Professorship in the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, where he was based at Pembroke College. Brown’s cousin Katie Dent was offered a place at Pembroke College to study a subject that she hadn’t applied to study, because someone at Oxford knew that John Krebs had discovered a paedophile ring at UCNW. Katie did not get on well with Brown’s side of the family, so it is only recently that I have found out why Katie bagged that place at Pembroke College under such peculiar circumstances. Katie seems to have changed her name since her days at Oxford. See previous posts.

Krebs was the Chief Executive of NERC,1994–1999. NERC funded Anne’s PhD!

It was all a bit weird with NERC at UCNW from the mid-80s onward. NERC used to have a lot of money to give to biologists but Thatch couldn’t see why the Gov’t should fund research into creepy crawlies and boring old plants, so NERC received a huge cut in their budget. From 1984 onward, very few lecturers at UCNW managed to get funding out of NERC. About the only person who did was the Bad Tempered Bastard John Farrar. Who had previously had an affair with one of the undergrads, Stel, bagged funding from NERC for a research assistant and had given the job to er Stel. Stel finished her PhD the year that I graduated. Farrar carried on bagging the dosh from NERC when no-one else could get a penny out of them…

John Farrar knew that his colleagues were colluding with a trafficking gang and he knew that one of them was having sex with schoolgirls from Bangor. He also knew that I and my friends were shafted because we refused to drop our complaints about Gwynne the lobotomist et al…

Farrar did very well out of NERC when John Krebs who discovered the paedophile ring was Chief Exec of NERC.

See previous posts for details of the rise and rise of John Farrar and his very nasty ways…

In 1999 John Krebs was knighted for discovering the paedophile ring. Just before the Waterhouse Report was published, which denied that the paedophile ring discovered by John Krebs existed.

From 2000–2005, John Krebs who discovered the paedophile ring was the first Chairman of the British Food Standards Agency. During those years Huw Daniel, graduate of Jesus College, Oxford and many others were involved in a huge conspiracy to fit me up for threatening to kill an NHS manager and imprison me.

On 15 February 2007, it was announced that John Krebs who discovered the paedophile ring was to become a cross bench life peer. In 2007 Lord Krebs accepted the role of Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, a post that he held until 2015.

Krebs’s career has been both productive and influential. His publications include more than 130 refereed papers, 5 books, and 130 book chapters, reviews, or popular pieces. They have introduced new methods to the science of ornithology, including the use of optimality models to predict foraging behaviour and, more recently, techniques from neurobiology and experimental psychology to assess the mental capacities of birds and to relate these to particular regions of the brain.

Foraging behaviour:

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo

Birds of the World:

Parus is a genus of Old World birds in the tit family. It was formerly a large genus containing most of the 50 odd species in the family Paridae. The genus was split into several resurrected genera following the publication of a detailed molecular phylogenetic analysis in 2013. The genus name, Parus, is the Latin for “tit”.

The great tit (Parus major) is found right across Europe:

Parus major by RichardConstantinoff on DeviantArt

The biggest tit of all: John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring.

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John Krebs discovered the paedophile ring at the time that the wider world discovered that Jeremy Thorpe was a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which was at the elite end of the ring that John Krebs discovered.

I can remember the folk in the Zoology Dept at UCNW with whom John Krebs was working when he discovered the paedophile ring. There was Malcolm Cherrett, Tony Pitcher, Gavin Gatehouse, Dr Clifford-Jones, Mrs Morgan, Mr Hobart, Dr Probert, Dr Herbert, Simon Webster and many more…

As with so many scientific discoveries, John Krebs was not the first to discover the paedophile ring. John Krebs was just the man who for some reason wasn’t murdered or subjected to a prolonged attack by gangsters after discovering the paedophile ring. So how did you avoid that grisly fate then Lord Krebs? Because your colleague Dr Bill Hemming discovered the paedophile ring before you did and he was destroyed. Mr Hobart discovered the paedophile ring as well, which is why his daughter was later arrested and sectioned by the Hergest Unit and diagnosed with ‘paranoid schizophrenia’, when she was actually suffering from the consequences of a rare autoimmune disease, which had been diagnosed and was known to cause psychosis-like symptoms. It was text book stuff, but the one thing that the Top Doctors of north Wales cannot do is read a bloody text book.

Was John Krebs’ roaring success after he discovered the paedophile ring in any way perhaps related to his dad being the Krebs who discovered the Krebs cycle, the famous German biochemist who made history and God could there have been trouble if John Krebs was not rewarded for discovering the paedophile ring…

I will investigate further…


Having led the Randomised Badger Culling Trials, Krebs became one of the UK’s leading experts on bovine TB. The findings of the RBCT led him to oppose further badger culling in 2012 and he contributed to a paper on the subject written by centre-right think tank The Bow Group.

Krebs was a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2006–2007 and Chaired the Working Party on Public Health2006–07. He took up the Chairmanship of the National Network of Science Learning Centres in 2007. Krebs was a member of the independent, statutory body the Committee on Climate Change and Chairman of its Adaptation Sub-Committee, from 2009 to 2017.

For his scientific research and leadership John Krebs has been awarded honorary doctorates by 16 universities.

It’s amazing what can happen to an ornithologist when they discover a paedophile ring.


BMA Pompousing Rituals 

Captain Swing And His Crew

My post ‘The Vermin Club’ discussed a piece of pure propaganda on behalf of the NHS in the form of an episode of ‘Kilroy’ which was broadcast in Jan 1997, just as the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Every guest on the show – with the exception of the members of the general public – knew a considerable amount about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring. As they scrapped and argued between themselves the studio guests only agreed on one thing: Ah, the doctors they were wonderful! One of the guests was the PR guru Julia Hobsbawm. Julia’s business partner at the time was Sarah Macaulay, who in 1997 officially became Gordon Brown’s other half. Which was just as well because there were unkind comments being made about Gordon being single and into middle age. I don’t know why, but British politics can’t cope with unmarried leaders, perhaps people just never forgot Ted Heath, who was a Bachelor and not blessed with children. Sarah and Gordon married in 2000 and in 2007 Julia’s mate from school was the PM’s wife!

Sarah’s Teddy Bear did some pretty disgusting things on the way to No 10, including cooking up a plan with his mate Jack McConnell to shaft two of my closest friends who knew what had happened and continued to happen to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang, who had been at Stirling University with Lord Jack. See previous posts.

Not that Julia will have needed Sarah and Gordon’s mate Lord Jack to tell her what had happened to me or indeed the others targeted by Dafydd et al, because for years, until she was in her teens, Julia’s family had a second home in Croesor, south Gwynedd, an area in which the locals were suffering badly at the hands of the gang. The Hobsbawms didn’t suffer themselves being among the circle of friends of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the Anglo-Welsh aristocrat who owned the Brondanw estate at Llanfrothen/Coresor and who’s network made use of the services of Dafydd et al themselves.

Sir Clough’s mates were known as the Welsh Bloomsbury Set, as so many of his older friends had been members of the original Bloomsbury Set. Sir Clough married Amabel Strachey and via Amabel had a vast collection of friends and relatives who were famous names in the arts, medicine, politics, psychoanalysis, literature. See post ‘The Vermin Club’. Clough used to let his cottages out to them to use as second, or sometimes permanent, homes. The presence of Bertrand Russell down the road at Penrhyndeudreath added to the fun. It also made Dafydd et al completely untouchable.

Among Clough’s extended network there were people involved in organised abuse and even more who were knowingly concealing it because their family and friends were involved. See post ‘The Vermin Club’.

There are people who were brought up in the Croseor area who’s fathers were members of Clough’s network; sometimes this was an open secret but I imagine that there were a great many others who had no idea who their fathers were. There is at least one documented case of one of the dumped wives of one of Clough’s mates being hauled off to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when her pregnancy became inconvenient to the man who had abandoned her. She stayed there until the 1980s when she was by then in her 60s, at which point she was rehoused in the community, the community being Betws-y-Coed, well away from anyone who might remember what had happened to her. What happened to the baby was never explained but a great many babies of Denbigh patients disappeared without explanation.

Posh people with a penchant for having sex with a whole variety of other people, sometimes with children? Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd nearby who’ll do anything at all to ingratiate themselves to the rich and powerful, even illegally imprisoning the victims of sexual assault in a dungeon and then lobotomising them? No wonder Dafydd was able to build an empire supplying the Westminster Paedophile Ring on the back of it all.


Previous posts (eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’) have detailed how Merfyn Jones, the former VC of Bangor University and then the Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, came under attack from the combined forces of the gwerin, the paedophiles’ friends and a range of politicians, bolstered by No 10 when Miranda and then Sarah’s Teddy Bear were resident in there. Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen and knew what was happening in the area.

While I’m sure that Merfyn received quite enough crap from the gang when he lived at Croesor, he certainly came under attack from one of the gang’s big boys in England, Harold Wilson’s friend Lord Asa Briggs, the then VC of Sussex University, in 1967, after Merfyn and two of his friends staged an anti-Vietnam protest against a visiting US official which involved throwing red paint over him. Briggs’s daughter spoke about the incident years later just after Merfyn had been appointed VC of Bangor and told Radio 4 that her father had never forgiven the students who had done this, although Merfyn wasn’t mentioned by name. Briggs was very much alive at the time – he didn’t die until quite recently – and Merfyn was also a member of the BBC Board of Governors at the time of the interview, so it was a fairly obvious warning of what was in store for Merfyn. Furthermore Merfyn had really pissed them all off by giving me a place to do a PhD at Bangor University and then allowing me to remain there as a postdoc. My PhD supervisor was bullied out of his job at Bangor University, as was his wife and then amassed forces turned on Merfyn. Anyone remember Hutton? Merfyn was in the middle of it. I’ll be blogging about that soon…

Asa Briggs and many others colluding with Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring had worked for the security services and were utilising that network to cause trouble.

The extremes that this lot were prepared to go became clear when Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues in 2008… Things did not get any easier. When Merfyn was appointed Chairman of the Betsi Board in 2011, the Top Docs, senior managers and others conspired to allow patients to die in order to create a scandal and force Merfyn’s resignation and removal from public life. The gang’s plan came to fruition in 2013 when Merfyn resigned after a scandal. See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’.

When dealing with the gang, I am always reminded of Monty Python’s Piranha Brothers, Doug and Dinsdale, who, like Esther’s Gentleman Friend Nicholas Fairbairn the violent drunken sex offender (see post ‘The Vermin Club’), Are Absolutely Charming and Know How To Treat A Lady. On one occasion, Doug and Dinsdale arrived at a target’s house to collect their protection money and when their target was asked if he’d ever considered going to the police, he said that he was about to do that until he noticed that the member of Dinsdale’s gang holding the thermo-nuclear device was the Deputy Chief Constable. The former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales, Clive Wolfendale, is CEO of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS.

Doug and Dinsdale nailed people’s ears to the floor and sawed people’s heads off but there were never any complaints about the Pirhana Brothers, because those who had been brutally assaulted really liked Doug and Dinsdale and anyway they knew that they had deserved it. The Piranhas ran a prostitution racket and a porn empire. Dinsdale suffered from depression and when he was ‘very down’, he imagined that a giant hedgehog, Spiny Norman, was following him.

I love the Piranha Brothers, they are just like Dafydd et al and I have long been a fan of Spiny Norman. The irony is that Graham Chapman was networked into Dafydd’s gang and John Cleese was friends with some of the Top Docs concealing Dafydd’s crimes. But perhaps that is how Python were able to characterise Dafydd et al so well, in the same way that they could accurately play pompous lawyers and Top Docs, having trained for those professions themselves…


Julia Hobsbawm’s father, Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm (9 June 1917 – 1 October 2012) was a Marxist historian who wrote on the rise of industrial capitalism, socialism and nationalism. His best-known works include his trilogy ‘The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848’, ‘The Age of Capital: 1848-1875’ and ‘The Age of Empire: 1875-1914’, as well as ‘The Age of Extremes’ and an edited volume that introduced the idea of “the invention of tradition”. Such as this:

Welsh, Traditional dresses and Traditional on Pinterest


Hobsbawm was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to Leopold Percy Hobsbaum ( Obstbaum), a merchant from the East End of London who was of Polish Jewish descent and Nelly, who was from a middle-class Austrian Jewish family background. Hobsbawm’s early childhood was spent in Vienna and Berlin. A clerical error at birth altered his surname from Hobsbaum to Hobsbawm. Eric grew up speaking English as his first language.

In 1929, when Hobsbawm was 12, his father died and he started contributing to the family income by working as an English tutor. Upon the death of his mother in 1931, he was adopted by his maternal aunt, Gretl, and paternal uncle, Sidney. Hobsbawm was a student at the Prinz Heinrich-Gymnasium Berlin (today Friedrich-List-School) when Hitler came to power in 1933; that year the family moved to London, where Hobsbawm enrolled in St Marylebone Grammar School (now defunct). St Marylebone Grammar was proud of its tradition of educating the children of professional families who had experienced a downturn in their financial circumstances.

St Marylebone’s Grammar alumni include many well-known academics, politicians, Top Doctors and lawyers. One former pupil who’s life unravelled after he received Help from the Top Doctors is Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant. After being sectioned in a secure unit in London some years ago, Adam Ant was interviewed on the ‘Today’ programme and tried to talk about what had happened to him in that unit. John Humphrys silenced him when Adan said ‘let me tell you what is happening in those places’ by telling Adam that he was ill and angry at the time and will have had a distorted view. No Mr Humphrys, you need to listen; assaults are common and patients are sometimes dying with no investigations held into those deaths. It doesn’t matter how ill or angry Adam was, you really need to listen to him because the brutality and inhumanity in some psych units is breathtaking. Adam was silenced even more effectively after appearing in Radio 4, by a Top Doc who obtained a Court Order preventing Adam from going on tour or speaking to the media, because Adam was so fragile that he was at high risk of killing himself if he spoke to the media and looked foolish.

This is outrageous. Someone is desperate to stop Adam Ant talking about something that he very much wants to discuss in public. I note that his friends had him transferred from an NHS hospital to a private unit because they were horrified at what was happening in the NHS hospital.

Adam Ant was at the centre of the 1980s pop scene which involved many celebs who didn’t behave too honourably and who are now much older, much richer and really do not ever want anyone to know what they were doing in those days. They’ve started to peg out as well: eg. Steve Strange – who was originally from Wales – and George Michael, even though they are not that old… See previous posts for further details re Adam Ant aka Stuart Goddard, Steve Strange and others.


The novelist Patrick O’Brian (born Richard Patrick Russ) attended St Marylebone’s Grammar, 1925-26; O’Brian lived in Croesor, 1946-49. O’ Brian is best known for his Aubrey-Maturin series of novels set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, Radio 4 ‘did’ one the other day. One of the older residents of Croesor told me that O’Brian was remembered as a rather mysterious man, so much so that no-one ever really knew who he was. This is backed up by published information about O’Brian; there is much confusion about his identity and biography. However, this seems to have been the result of other people alleging things about O’Brian and him not bothering to clarify matters. What is known is that he was the son of a Top Doctor in Buckinghamshire and claimed to work in the intelligence services during WW II, a claim backed up by a number of other people.

O’Brian is remembered in Croesor for his 1952 novel ‘Testimonies’ – published in the UK as ‘Three Bear Witness’ – which is a novel set in Croesor and features the people of Croesor, only thinly disguised. People in the village enjoyed identifying themselves and their neighbours in the book.

In 1949 O’Brian and his wife Mary moved from Croesor to Collioure, a Catalan town in southern France, where they remained until Mary’s death in 1998. When in Collioure, O’Brian got to know Pablo Picasso, who also lived there and O’Brian wrote a detailed and comprehensive biography of Picasso. O’Brian spent the winter of 1998–99 at Trinity College, Dublin and died there on 2 January 2000.

Until people in Croesor told me about Patrick O’Brian, I’d never heard of him, but I was familiar with his stepson, Nikolai Tolstoy. In 1989, Nikolai Tolstoy was sued by Lord Aldington aka Toby Low, for libel, after Tolstoy had published allegations that Aldington had overseen war crimes during his time as an officer in the British Army. The case received a great deal of publicity and Aldington won and was awarded £2 million in damages and costs, the biggest ever sum by a long way at the time. The case was highly political, Aldington was the former Chairman of the Conservative Party and although Tolstoy actually produced much evidence to back up his allegations, the British judiciary were not going to allow someone to claim that Aldington, who had served as Chief-of-Staff to Field Marshal Alexander, was a war criminal. It was admitted that British officers had indeed done what Tolstoy alleged, but it was a case of I Know Nuzzing as far as Aldington was concerned.

The claims about Aldington were made by Tolstoy in a pamphlet distributed by Nigel Watts, a man in dispute with Sun Alliance, of which Aldington was Chairman, on an insurance matter. Although Tolstoy was not the initial target of the libel action, he insisted in joining Watts as defendant because, Tolstoy later wrote, Watts was not a historian and so would have been unable to defend himself. After Tolstoy lost, he delayed payment by appealing to 15 courts in Britain and Europe and the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the size of penalty violated his right to freedom of expression. Documents subsequently obtained from the MoD suggested that, under Gov’t instructions, files that could have had a bearing on the defence case might have been withdrawn from the Public Record Office and retained by the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office throughout the run-up to the trial and the trial itself. Just like some of those disappearing medical records of mine! Tolstoy sought to appeal on the basis of new evidence which he claimed proved that Aldington had perjured himself. This was ruled inadmissible at a hearing in the High Courts of Justice, from which the press and public were barred and his application for an appeal was rejected.

Because Tolstoy just could not be allowed to win this case.

British state: please can you stop backing up criminals all the way to the High Court because they have compromised the rest of you? Even if Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain was friends with Sir George Pinker, the Royal gynaecologist and incompetent old fool who delivered Prince William and nearly cocked that up? If you can’t find a reliable Top Doc to deliver the heir to the throne there’s not much hope for the rest of us is there? Chamberlain ran a paedophile ring and experimented on live, unlawfully aborted, late gestation foetuses and then killed them (see post ‘Now Then…’) Excuse my naivety, but I think that should take priority over his Royal links when evaluating him.

In July 1995, the ECHR decided unanimously that the British Gov’t had violated Tolstoy’s rights in respect of Article 10 of the Convention on Human Rights. This decision referred only to the amount of the damages awarded against him and did not overturn the guilty verdict of the libel action. Tolstoy refused to pay anything in libel damages to Lord Aldington while he was alive; it was not until 9 December 2000, two days after Aldington’s death, that Tolstoy paid £57,000 to Aldington’s estate.

Tolstoy is not a member of the SWP, he is a Russian nobleman, Chancellor of the International Monarchist League, toured with the Monday Club and stood as a Parliamentary candidate for UKIP. The High Court even shafted him. They really are making themselves look rather foolish aren’t they.


Top table L to R: Christopher Arkell & Lord Nicholas Hervey (standing), Gregory Lauder-Frost (speaking to Arkell), Countess Georgina Tolstoy, Count Nikolai Tolstoy (under painting) and Lord Sudeley, at the Russian Monarchist League Annual Dinner in 1990.

Lord Nicholas Hervey had a very bad time and was found hanging dead in Chelsea in 1998, aged 36. Hervey’s mother was the only child of the 8th Earl Fitzwilliam; she was 13 years old when her father died in a small aircraft crash that also killed his intended second wife, Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington, sister of JFK, in 1948. Hervey’s parents married in 1960, his father for the second time, his mother for the first. His father was Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol and was once tagged “Mayfair’s No. 1 Playboy,” in a series of “life story” articles he wrote after serving a gaol sentence for a jewel robbery, a crime he claimed he had committed for a dare.

Nicholas Hervey was the second heir to the title and estates of the Marquess of Bristol, after his elder half-brother John the 7th Marquess, the only child of his father’s first marriage. Hervey’s father’s final marriage was to his Private Secretary, Yvonne Sutton and with her he had three further children, Frederick Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol and two daughters Lady Victoria Hervey and Lady Isabella Hervey.

Nicholas Hervey was educated at Eton, Yale and the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. He was a member of the Turf Club. His sister Helena attended Bristol University. Hervey was a leading member of the International Monarchist League. Through the League, which his father had subsidised for many years, he was introduced to numerous right-wing conservative activities. 

In 1983, Lord Nicholas was diagnosed as with mild schizophrenia which was treated ‘with medication’. In 1986, he graduated from Yale and, in 1991, voluntarily underwent treatment in a clinic. In 1991, Nicholas was forced to declare bankruptcy due to lawyers’ debts of £38,000, which his Trustees refused to fund. His mother, who in 2003, was estimated to be worth £45,000,000, did not act to prevent the bankruptcy, which immediately preceded his entry into a clinic. She subsequently declared that “he was never himself again” after the clinic stay. Nicholas had severe depression. His landlady said that “he was a recluse in the sense that he was heavily sedated and slept all day – a typical schizophrenic. [No, just a typical person dosed up by the Top Docs] He was very quiet…He was a nice guy, but very ‘out of it’. Nobody visited him here, except sometimes we would hear someone come and take him out to dinner.” Lord Nicholas Hervey was found dead in his Chelsea flat on 26 January 1998 at the age of 36, ‘having hanged himself’. He never married and had no children.

Jan 1998. Ronnie Waterhouse had finished hearing the evidence from the former residents of the children’s homes in north Wales, who were denounced as liars because they were criminals and drug addicts or told that they weren’t credible witnesses because they had been diagnosed with mental health problems. Ronnie had begun writing the whitewash…

I do not know if Nicholas Hervey knew anything about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, but his half-brother John did because John had slept with quite a few of the kids who were forced into sex work by Dafydd’s gang. Nicholas didn’t follow a lifestyle anything like John’s, but they were close and got on well. John died less than a year after Nicholas. So he was out of the way by the time that the Waterhouse Report was published as well.

John Hervey, 7th Marquess of Bristol aka John Jermyn or John Bristol, has starred previously on this blog. John Jermyn inherited approx £35 million and blew most of it before he died, substantially on drugs. He was addicted to cocaine and other drugs, served several jail sentences for possession and was a promiscuous gay who boasted of having slept with thousands of rent boys, sometimes for an incredibly low rent as well eg. just handing over a fiver to the boy in care. John Jermyn was HIV positive by 1986 and many of those with whom he had sex would have been infected by him.

During the 1970s, John Jermyn lived in London, then Monte Carlo and then  Paris. By the end of the decade, he had moved to Manhattan. In May 1983, Jermyn was arrested on suspicion of trafficking $4 million of heroin and moved from New York back to the family seat at Ickworth House, Suffolk. Over the following years, John continued to conduct himself as a tosser, crashing helicopters and cars, firing shotguns at people while screaming that they were ‘fucking peasants’ and cursing the National Trust, to whom he had handed his estate over but of course still lived there himself in style, as is usually the deal with the NT. In 1988, the Marquess was imprisoned for a year in Jersey for cocaine possession and trafficking; a contemporary report said he was spending around £25,000 a year on the drug. He was released in April 1989.

The poor old House of Lords, by then under threat of reform, generally disliked the Marquess as his behaviour was damaging the House’s reputation. They don’t need to worry about that post-Miranda, just look at who is in there now…

By the early 1990s, friends were concerned about the Marquess’s addiction to drugs, particularly since multiple prison sentences had done nothing to alleviate it. He was deported from Australia in April 1990 and charged with drug possession in November 1991 and March 1992. In June 1993, Jermyn avoided a jail sentence by being ordered to attend a rehab clinic after helpful intervention from Top Docs, but snorted coke in the Court building and then travelled to the South of France instead. He was sentenced to 10 months in an open prison and he was released after five. He was arrested again in September 1994 for possession.

On 9 January 1999, the Marquess complained of a stomach ache and dizziness and spent most of the day in bed. The following morning, his butler went into his room and found he was not breathing. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was attempted and an ambulance called. This arrived about 11:30 am, when paramedics concluded that he had died.

While ‘there were rumours that the Marquess had died from AIDS’, having contracted HIV in 1986, the Coroner recorded that he died of “multiple organ failure due to chronic drug abuse”. There could have been some very difficult questions asked re all those kids in care had the world been told that John Hervey had died of AIDS one year before the Waterhouse Report was published. A postmortem examination showed traces of cocaine, as well as several legal drugs, in his system. John’s agent said that despite years of ill health through drug abuse, he was greatly shocked by John’s death. I’m more shocked at the lack of investigations into John’s brother’s death. Lord Nicholas was left to die by the Top Docs, or he could even have been killed by someone else, like some of the ‘suicides by hanging’ of witnesses in north Wales. 

After John Jermyn’s death, it was revealed that he had been a friend of Andy Warhol. So Jermyn knew about US celeb gay sex excess in the late 1970s, which was even more impressive than his own. The San Franciscan Baths were a staple topic of conversation and wonder among UK Top Docs and medical researchers during the 1980s. ‘Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you.’ That was not what was said out of the patient’s ear shot…

John Jermyn spent most of his life at the family seat in Suffolk. He was born in 1954, so was embarking upon his life of rent boys and class A drugs bolstered by helpful Top Docs in the late 1960s/early 70s. Before John Allen arrived in north Wales and opened Bryn Alyn in the late 1960s, Allen had been based in Suffolk. As was the dangerous experimenting Dr John W. Paulley and his wife, Deirdre, who’s ‘clinic’ provided ‘help’ for people with ‘psychological disturbances’. Paulley was one of the founders of the University of Buckingham, closely associated with Thatch, the IEA and was an associate of Lord Max Beloff, friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council and one of those at the heart of the rot. Lord Max’s son is Michael Beloff QC, a former colleague of Cherie’s and friend of both Miranda and Cherie. Beloff was a visitor to Chequers when Miranda was PM. See post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’ for details of the numerous terrifying tentacles of these very unsavoury people. Suffolk was  hosted organised abuse with which Lord Henniker’s name constantly crops up and an associate of Jeremy Corbyn’s from Islington Council was jailed for abusing schoolboys at St George’s School in Suffolk. Kids in care from Islington were being sent on visits to Henniker’s estate in Suffolk, where Peter Righton, the social work academic who was convicted of child sex offences, rented a cottage. See previous posts.

Because Lord Nicholas had predeceased him, John Jermyn was succeeded by his half-brother, Frederick Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol. Bristol’s godparents include King Fuad II and his former wife, Queen Fadila of Egypt, Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, Prince Nikita Romanoff of Russia and the Countess of Dundonald. He was educated at St Maur School in Monaco, Sunningdale School, Eton College and the University of Edinburgh. After leaving university in 2002, he moved to Estonia where he lived for seven years and managed a Baltic property fund. He is currently the CEO and founder of property investment platform Brickowner.

Lord Bristol is Patron of several organisations, including the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust; the Athenaeum, Bury St Edmonds; and the Friends of West Suffolk Hospital. He is Vice President of Friends of the Suffolk Record Office, Trustee of General Sir William Hervey’s Charitable Trust, and founder, Trustee, and Chairman of the Ickworth Church Conservation Trust.

Gwrych Castle is a country house near Abergele, north Wales. The castle was last open to the public in 1985 and thereafter it started to decline. It was bought in 1989 by Nick Tavaglione, an American businessman, for £750,000, but his plans to renovate the building were not carried out. The castle was extensively looted and vandalised. It is currently open for guided and self-guided tours but part of the site is closed due to some dangerous parts of the castle.

During the period of Tavaglione’s ownership, historian Mark Baker campaigned for the castle to be brought back to its days of glory – a campaign that Mark started when he was twelve years old. Baker was instrumental in forming the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust who lobbied Conwy County Borough Council to compulsorily purchase the property, eventually placing enough pressure on the American owner, who put it up for sale in March 2006.

City Services Ltd, trading as Clayton Homes and Clayton Hotels, bought the castle in January 2007 for £850,000, after it failed to reach its £1.5 m reserve price at the 2 June 2006 auction. On 30 April 2007, Clayton Hotels announced a 3-year project, costing £6,000,000, to renovate the castle and convert it into a 90-bedroom 5-star hotel, creating 100 jobs. The project was subject to planning permission, but had the support of the Trust. Clayton Hotels spent about half a million pounds on its plans, clearing the site and rebuilding areas. After Clayton Hotels was placed in administration, new developers obtained fresh planning permission in November 2012 from Conwy County Borough Council for the castle to be converted into a luxury hotel. On 13th June 2018, Gwrych Castle and its estate was sold to Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, enabled by a grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Mark Baker (born 16 April 1985) is an architectural historian who became a Welsh Conservative Party Conwy County Borough Councillor in May 2017. Baker was educated at Rydal Penrhos School, Colwyn Bay, then at Bangor University, 2003-06 and then he completed an MA and PhD at Cardiff University. Baker was made a member of the National Trust Committee for Wales in 2009 (later renamed the Wales Advisory Board). In 1997, Baker founded ASFOG (A Society For the Friends of Gwrych). The organisation changed its name in 2001 to Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust and became a registered charity. Baker was made the youngest honorary life member of SAVE Britain’s Heritage as a result of his efforts with regard to Gwrych Castle. Among Mark Baker’s many adventures, he contributed to the appearance of Plas Teg near Mold on ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Rescue’, Channel 4 in July 2015. His volume A Royal Home in Wales: Llwynywermod was the first book to explore the history of Carlo’s home in Wales, which he had purchased in 2006. The book was commissioned by the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust. In March 2013, Baker was appointed historical researcher for the S4C TV series, Y Plas. In November 2013, to coincide with the broadcast of the TV series, a book titled Y Plas: The Story of the Welsh Country House was published, co-authored by Baker, Dewi Gregory and Sian Price. 

Baker worked with US singer and musician Linda Lamb on a collection of songs based on the poems of Margaret Sandbach of Denbighshire, which was released as an album in 2012. With the aid of an Arts Council Wales grant, Baker and Gregory wrote a book based on Margaret’s life, published in 2013. 

In 2012, Baker led a Cardiff University archaeological dig at Plas Brynkir, Dolbenmaen. Since 2006, Mark Baker has been developing artistic collaborations with a variety of artists for work with historic sites. Notably, Ceri Leeder of Eglwysbach, Conwy, has worked several times with Baker, providing the cover images for ‘Llwynywermod: A Royal Home in Wales and Plas Brynkir’, Dolbenmaen. Antonia Dewhurst has also had a long-standing collaboration with Baker and her photography has been featured in ‘Margaret Sandbach: A Tragedy in Marble’ and ‘Ink, Y Plas: The Story of the Welsh Country House’. North Wales artist, Liz Bolloten, contributed several paintings of Plas Brynkir, which were featured during an exhibition at Golan, Dolbenmaen, Gwynedd, in December 2014.

In 2014, Baker collaborated with Marc Rees for ‘The Artwork of J. Walkter Richards’, which had been discovered by Baker in 2013, was featured in displays throughout Llandudno for the duration of the LLAWN02 festival. On 1 September 2008, Forgotten Welsh Houses was published, sponsored by the Georgian Group and SAVE Britain’s Heritage. To coincide with this release, the Georgian Group commissioned Baker to research and write Welsh Country Houses Illustrated. Baker has been involved with the restoration of Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye and has presented at the Hay Festival.

OK. The network of gwerin and paedophiles’ friends associated with Gwyrch Castle and Mark Baker is so impressive that they are worthy of a blog post in themselves. I simply cannot do justice to them here, so I’ll just make a few observations:

Jac O’ The North’s blog has provided some excellent exposes of the massive scam which is the ‘restoration of historic properties’ industry in Wales. It usually involves relatively well-heeled people with not very impressive academic backgrounds in archaeology doubling up as historic preservation charidees and then milking public funds for their ‘restoration’ projects while picking up lucrative sidelines such as media work. Mark Baker has a degree in archaeology from Bangor University, which he completed in the School of History in Bangor which heaved with gwerin who had links to people involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and who subsequently took part in the Plot To Overthrow Merfyn, although Merfyn had previously been Head of School and was very helpful to many of them. Baker was doing his degree while the Revolution was being planned.

Conwy County Borough Council is a hot bed of corruption and gwerin and for decades was one of the hubs facilitating organised abuse in north Wales. The Director of Conwy Social Services was Joanna Griffiths, who is married to Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer, a lecturer at Bangor University who was at the centre of the Get Merfyn posse. The Slayer’s sister is Gwenan Carrington, who as Director of Gwynedd Social Services presided over neglect and abuse and the Slayer’s brother Huw is a grossly incompetent solicitor who used to sit in Bangor Magistrates Court in the 1980s and 90s and watch victims of the gang fitted up. That’s just the Slayer’s immediate family; his friends are legion and just as impressive and include Hywel Williams, the Plaid MP for Arfon, a former psychiatric social worker who worked with Dafydd et al and then became the Director of the Welsh medium social work course at Bangor University. See previous posts for more information on all of these people.

Mark Baker went to Rydal Penrhos School, which has not only been the subject of a sexual abuse scandal dating back to the 1980s, but has many high profile alumni who are wheeled out as reinforcements when the gang are under investigation again, as they have been since 2011. The star of the show from Rydal is William Roache aka ‘Ken Barlow’ from Coronation Street; Roache’s son Linus went to Rydal as well. William Roache was appointed Patron of St David’s Hospice when Alun Davies became CEO of St David’s Hospice. Davies took that job after decades of NHS senior management posts in the mental health services in Gwynedd when the suicides and scandals at the Hergest Unit could no longer be concealed or blamed on any other manager. Davies is the man who has featured so often in previous blog posts in terms of his forging of documents, perjury, bullying of staff etc. Davies is famed for his charidee work in north Wales which I was told years ago was a cover for his corruption. St David’s Hospice was established and run by the paedophiles’ friends and still is (see post ‘The CEOs Of St David’s Hospice’). Why Ken Barlow ever agreed to touch that gang of crooks who were directly involved with the abuse of children and psych patients I cannot fathom, but then Marcus Brigstocke, Paul Merton and Phil Jupitus were all happy to put on a fund raising concert when asked by Davies. See previous posts. Davies told me that if I attended any charidee event organised by St David’s Hospice, he would have me arrested. He said that not long after his previous attempt to have me imprisoned on the basis of his perjury and the perjury of seven of his NHS colleagues had fallen apart on the first day of the trial.

The National Trust are not only well-known for their scams to assist the owners of stately homes, but Dafydd’s gang have been on good terms with the National Trust for years. Penrhyn Castle, owned by the National Trust, used to run a summer work scheme in the 1980s, which offered low paid casual jobs to local ‘disadvantaged’ people, overseen by Wing Commander I.H. Panton, who ‘understood’ mental illness. Everyone on the scheme were victims of the gang, who chatted away in front of the Wing Commander about their wrongful arrests and imprisonment and assaults at the hands of Dafydd and those we know and love. They did have a laugh there, I heard all about it (see previous posts), but it was certainly a very effective way of isolating and containing a group of witnesses to the most serious crimes. There was only one thing that the workers in the garden of Penrhyn Castle never did: they never accepted an invitation to go up the clock tower with Johnny Banana. Because Johnny Banana tried to sexually assault people if they went up the clock tower with them. Johnny Banana was as famous as Dirty Dick. Dirty Dick wasn’t working in the gardens at Penrhyn Castle, Dirty Dick used to travel on the buses around Caernarfon. I was never in receipt of the gen re Dirty Dick, but I did know all about Johnny Banana and a few other people famed for their degeneracy, all of whom had learned it at the hands of Dafydd et al. They weren’t born like it, no matter what crap is spouted about Genes and Neural Pathways.

The National Trust have now come out of the closet re being part of Dafydd’s gang and Lucille Hughes works – or was working – at Penrhyn Castle. See previous posts for more National Trust links with Dafydd et al, including those at the highest levels of the NT.

S4C is run by the gwerin and paedophiles’ friends and Arts Council Wales is pretty much in the same category, which leaves a very big question mark over the head of Professor Dai, Owen Smith’s dad, who has been a leading light in the Welsh Arts Council for years.

Margaret Sandbach, the ‘renowned poet and novelist’ from Denbighshire, who is a subject of interest – as is her house – from Mark Baker, Linda Lamb and Arts Council Wales, is the ancestor of some even more renowned people, including Antoinette Sandbach, the Tory MP for Eddisbury and a former Tory AM.

Stained Glass Window Depicting Margaret Sandbach:

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg

Stained Glass Window Depicting Antoinette Sandbach:

The poet and novelist Antoinette Sandbach had spent her whole career working as a criminal barrister in London until she was suddenly overcome with hiraeth as demands began to be made for the police to reopen the criminal investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Antoinette rushed back to north Wales to take a low paid job on the family farm – as she later explained to ‘Cheshire Life’ – and hey presto within weeks she found herself working in the law practice of David Jones, Tory MP for Clwyd West, who along with the Slayer’s brother, used to sit in Bangor Magistrates Court in the 1980s and 90s and watch Dafydd et al fit up their victims. Soon Antoinette found herself sitting in the Senedd as an AM ‘representing the farmers of north Wales’, but she was soon up and off to a Westminster seat in Cheshire, where she is presumably representing farmers even richer than her dad.
Antoinette’s dad, Ian Mackeson Sandbach, was another renowned poet and novelist, who served as the most senior Freemason in north Wales throughout the years of murders of witnesses and the Waterhouse Inquiry. Antoinette’s grandma, Geraldine, was President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives and oversaw the illegal abortions and the abduction and disappearance of the babies of the rape victims who found themselves in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Other ancestors of Antoinette’s were renowned slave owners in the West Indies as well as poets and novelists. See previous posts for further details of Antoinette and her renowned ancestors and post ‘The Right Honorable David Jones MP’ for more background on David who, like Antoinette’s dad, is a Freemason with many close friends who are dishonest, who found it in his heart to give Antoinette the farm labourer a job as a lawyer.
The jewel in the crown of Baker’s efforts is, I note, Carlo. Furthermore, Baker played a central role in that Dolbenmaen project just when I was living some four miles down the road from Dolbenmaen. While I lived there, someone let themselves into my car at night on several occasions, someone got into my house while I was out and one night when I was in bed, a man tried to get in through the front door. My dog saw him off which was the only reason that I even knew that anyone was on the property. In the winter I used to leave the house for work before dawn, but one day I was delayed. When daylight broke, I found a collection of obstacles and a piece of nylon string stretched across the end of my drive and had I not been delayed, I’d have driven into all of it in the dark. Then there was the man driving at speed who tried to run me off the road one morning just after I’d left the house…
I don’t know why the horse’s head didn’t turn up in my bed, perhaps the poets and novelists behind it all were too busy applying for an Arts Council Wales.


I have no idea who Mark Baker’s colleague Antonia Dewhurst is, there was a butchers in Bangor called Dewhurst, she’s probably the heir to the butcher.


In 1998 John Jermyn sold his right to occupy the East Wing of Ickworth House. After his death in 1999, the 8th Marquess vigorously criticised the National Trust for not reselling what would have been the remaining term of that leasehold to him, arguing that John Jermyn could only sell his own life interest, not that of his descendants. This was disputed by the National Trust who have since converted the East Wing into a hotel. However, in 2009 Sir Simon Jenkins, the National Trust’s new Chairman, stated, “I think it is in our interest for the Marquesses of Bristol to be living there.”

Sir Simon was the Editor of ‘The Times’, 1990-92, during the first police investigation into the possible existence of a paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, while I was dragged through the High Court and had my career ruined, as did my friends and when the gwerin declared war on Graham Day, the senior sociologist at Bangor University and were assisted by ‘The Guardian’ publishing lies about Graham. See post ‘Badlands’. Sir Simon has a second – or some allege that it is a third – home at Aberdyfi in Gwynedd. Aberdyfi is a very nice place but because it is so nice, no local people can afford to live there. Houses in the surrounding countryside are cheaper, but still too expensive for many locals because there is very little work in the area, except for summer jobs in the cafes and hotels serving drinks to Simon and his friends. Not so long ago Simon penned an article in one of the broadsheets explaining that people’s offspring have no right to live near their parents, if the area is too expensive for them that’s just hard luck. Simon’s own children will be able to afford to live next to one of their dad’s multiple homes, even the one in Aberdyfi. The cleaners that the Jenkins’ clan will need can be bussed in from Dolgellau or Machynlleth, the houses there are just about still affordable. Much of the cleaners’ wages will go on the bus fare, but they can always claim Sliding Scale Universal Credit Which Makes Work Pay. Sir Simon can continue to write articles explaining why he has the right to price them out of their place of origin and be paid a hefty whack for doing so.

Just before I left Bangor University, Sir Simon was made an Honorary Fellow at the Graduation Ceremony of Dysfunction. Merfyn had given up and gone and the Registrar Dr David Roberts did a fantastic job of presiding over the ceremony without letting the new graduates know that anything was amiss, although the gwerin were letting bombs off everywhere. Key gwerin and paedophiles’ friends hogged front row seats and glowered at my friends and I throughout the ceremony; and the Buffet Slayer had conspired with the gwerin to receive an award for Teaching Excellence, so students could be heard yelling ‘Aled fucking Griffiths has been given a Teaching Fellowship, he never even turns up to give us our lectures’.

Sir Simon was given his Fellowship by the loathed Stephanie Marriott, Head of the School of Creative Industries. Marriott was a nightmare, she ferociously bullied a Jewish lecturer and so obviously tried to block his promotion; he could have brought a case for both racial and sexual harassment had he so chosen. Marriott also tried to block my salary when part of it was for a joint project carried out with the Jewish lecturer, by refusing to sign the required paperwork and then made a complaint of bullying against me when I challenged her about it. Marriott’s complaint about me involved her leaning on another member of staff to lie about me and they later fessed up and ended up in tears. Marriott’s husband was one of the UCU reps and a Committed Marxist.

Marriott targeted another member of staff as well as the Jewish lecturer and I, Llion Iwan. Her conduct towards Llion was appalling and the Jewish lecturer was one of the few who was brave enough to say this publicly. Llion’s father is Dafydd Iwan and his uncle is Alun Ffred, who was then the Plaid AM for Arfon. Alun Ffred publicly announced to third parties that he would get rid of Marriott. We all waited in hope. It didn’t happen. What did happen was that Alun Ffred joined the War On Merfyn. Alun Ffred co-ordinated with Elfed Roberts and others in this. Elfed was a member of Bangor University’s Council and was the Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust who unlawfully refused me NHS services and repeatedly had me wrongfully arrested. Elfed had previously been the Assistant Chief Constable of the North Wales Police but left under a big cloud re allegations of corruption. See previous posts. Marriott never moderated her behaviour and Llion left Bangor University for a plum job at S4C. Alun Ffred formerly worked for S4C in senior roles and Dafydd Iwan is a good mate of S4C as well.

Marriott was given a job as a senior academic at Bangor University despite being very obviously unsuitable for it and in possession of a laughably mediocre CV. While Marriott was Head of the School of Creative Industries at Bangor, outstanding young academics were turned down for jobs and hopelessly inadequate people appointed. It became so obvious, that media academics in other universities were asking if there was someone with an agenda to wreck Bangor’s attempts to build on their Creative Industries/Media base. Indeed there was and Marriott had been sent as the vehicle to do this. Whether Marriott knew that I’m not sure, she was so dim and nasty that she could destroy a university all by herself uninstructed.

This was the problem Dafydd Iwan/Alun Ffred:

Gordon Brown official.jpg


Marriott had previous as a long-serving mediocrity at Stirling University which was under the domain of Gordon’s pal Lord Jack McConnell – who has been shafting my friends who were at Stirling University as students with Lord Jack since they graduated – so someone thought that Bangor University could do with her…

See previous posts for more Marriott, Sir Simon and Lord Jack fun…


On 11 May 2018 Sir Simon’s mate Lord Bristol married Meredith Dunn, an American art consultant, in a Roman Catholic wedding at the Brompton Oratory.


Eric Hobsbawm, the father of Gordon’s wife’s friend and business partner, attended King’s College, Cambridge from 1936, where Eric was elected to the Cambridge Apostles.

Bertrand Russell and the philosopher G.E. Moore joined the Apostles as students, as did John Maynard Keynes, who invited Ludwig Wittgenstein to join. Wittgenstein did not enjoy it and attended infrequently. Russell had been worried that Wittgenstein would not appreciate the group’s unseriousness and style of humour. Wittgenstein was admitted in 1912 but resigned almost immediately because ‘he could not tolerate the level of the discussion on the Hearth Rug’; although they took Wittgenstein back in the 1920s when he returned to Cambridge. Wittgenstein ‘also had trouble tolerating the discussions in the Moral Sciences Club’.

Bertrand Russell was known to be a sexual predator and demanded that Top Doctors certify his son John when John stated that Russell was having sex with John’s wife. It was subsequently revealed that Russell and John’s wife had an affair. Russell was much bothered by close family relatives who were a great trial to him because of their madness, including his granddaughter Lucy, who burnt herself to death in her late 20s, after suffering from schizophrenia for years. As a child, Lucy had spent a lot of time in the care of Russell after Russell declared that Lucy’s dad John was far too mad to bring up his own daughter. When she was in her teens Lucy told people that her grandfather’s behaviour towards her was upsetting her, including the way that he kissed her. Lucy acquired a boyfriend when she began university and Russell did his best to break the relationship up. He then cut Lucy off completely, emotionally and financially, which was when Angels and Top Doctors realised that Lucy had schizophrenia. After Lucy’s death, Russell explained to everyone that Lucy had killed herself as a peace protest. Lucy’s friends stated that Lucy was in a terrible way and had been for years. I haven’t read the view of the Top Doctors on Lucy’s suicide, they probably didn’t even notice it. See post ‘So Who Was Angry About What?’

Bertrand Russell had the symptoms of tertiary syphilis. Whether anyone noticed when they were all on the Hearth Rug or at the Moral Sciences Club I don’t know.

The Apostles became well known outside Cambridge in the years before the WW I because of so many members of the Bloomsbury Set were Apostles who had enjoyed activities on the Hearth Rug together, including Keynes, Leonard Woolf, Lytton and James Strachey, G.E. Moore, E.M. Forster and Rupert Brooke.

I don’t know whether Dafydd was ever invited onto the Hearth Rug, but a Hergest Unit patient rang him up pretending to be from the Daily Mail wanting to write a feature on him. Dafydd was up for it and it was explained that the Mail would like a photo of Dafydd. Naked on a bear skin rug, looking rather coy. Dafydd slammed the phone down.

The Apostles came to public attention again following the exposure of the Cambridge spy ring in 1951. Three Cambridge graduates with access to the top levels of British Gov’t – Guy Burgess, an MI6 officer and Secretary to the Deputy Foreign Minister, Donald MacLean, Foreign Office Secretary and Kim Philby, MI6 officer and journalist – were eventually found to have passed information to the KGB. Burgess was an Apostle. In 1963, Michael Straight, also an Apostle, admitted to a covert relationship with the Soviets and named Anthony Blunt, MI5 officer and art adviser to Lilibet, as his recruiter and a Soviet spy. Blunt acknowledged his own treason. Several other Apostles have been accused of being Soviet agents, including Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, who was a friend to both Burgess and Blunt. In the 1930s when Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were elected as Apostles, the membership was mainly Marxist. Goronwy Rees, who served as the Principal of what became Abersytwyth University for a short time in the 1950s, was linked with the Cambridge spy ring and has been outed as a double agent himself, although some of his friends and relatives robustly denied this. Goronwy’s brother Geraint Rees was a High Court judge in Wales and one of Ronnie Waterhouse’s network. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.

Anthony Blunt was knighted in 1956, but was stripped of his knighthood in 1979 after Thatch publicly named him as a spy, his confession having been kept secret before then. Amidst the muddy waters of the investigations and inquiries into the VIP paedophile ring that operated at the Kincora Boys’ Home, one of the few things that has been acknowledged was that Anthony Blunt was part of it. Another person definitely involved was Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile child psychiatrist who was allowed to continue practising after appearing in front of the GMC in the wake of a conviction for molesting a boy. The barrister involved in Fraser’s case was Patrick Mayhew, who, years later as Attorney General, authorised the prosecutions of me for contempt of court on the basis of the perjury of Tony and Sadie Francis and others, although the MDU and Ann Ball, the solicitor representing the Drs Francis, knew that they had perjured themselves.

Dr Morris Fraser subsequently relocated to England and worked at Springfield Hospital, the mental health unit attached to St George’s Hospital Medical School and UCL. I was forced out of my job at St George’s as a result of charges brought against me my Tony and Sadie Francis; when the charges were withdrawn in early 1991, the contempt of court case in the spring of 1991 was brought against me. I had recently been a patient at Springfield Hospital, was discharged with no follow up care and told to go back to north Wales ‘because they knew me’ there, by Professor Nigel Eastman. Nigel Eastman is a friend and colleague of St Helena Kennedy and St Helena pays tribute to Nigel in her book ‘Eve Was Framed’.

She's something of a cunt, ain't she doc?

  • The Piranha Brothers pt. 2 - YouTube
  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


In Dec 1986, Professor Oliver Brooke, a paediatrician at St George’s was jailed for the possession of child porn. Ollie was a key figure in the pan-European paedophile gang of which Dafydd et al were part. Ollie’s mates, one of which was Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, remained at St George’s facilitating the gang.

  • The Piranha Brothers pt. 2 - YouTube
  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


In the late 1980s, a group of Wimmin established a charidee called WISH, (Women In Special Hospitals), to support and campaign on behalf of wimmin in high security hospitals. WISH publicised the fact that huge numbers of those women had been the victims of sexual assault and were only in high security hospitals because they repeatedly tried to kill themselves and mainstream hospitals had refused to treat them, but WISH remained silent about the number of those wimmin who had been sexually abused as children in care or in the mental health system itself. WISH also remained silent about the assaults on those wimmin while they were in the high security hospitals. They did not raise any concerns when Jimmy Savile was appointed to a senior management role in Broadmoor Hospital and they did not speak out about Savile assaulting patients in Broadmoor, even when two female patients killed themselves as result. See previous posts eg. ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’. Some of the victims of Dafydd and his gang were sent to high security hospitals and from the late 1980s onward, Tony Francis, Dafydd et al maintained that I should be placed in a high security institution and gathered ‘evidence’ without my knowledge in an attempt to achieve this.

St Helena was involved with WISH. When the Presiding judge in the spring 1991 contempt of court case against me – which was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, only the best for me – refused to jail me, as I left the Court, I was waylaid by a group of Wimmin protesters, including some who were working with WISH. They asked for my support with regard to a case that was being heard in a neighbouring court that day involving Sara Thornton. The Thornton case was a famous one; Sara Thornton killed her husband, Malcolm Thornton, a violent policeman and received a substantial prison sentence. St Helena represented Sara and managed to get her released on appeal, but not at the hearing which took place when I was at the Royal Courts, that appeal was unsuccessful. The case made St Helena’s name as a Wimmin’s Champ, because St Helena successfully argued that in the case of someone like Sara, provocation needn’t necessarily be the victim blowing a gasket on the spot, it could be the cumulative effect of sustained violence and abuse. The case was highly contentious, with opponents of St Helena pointing to Sara’s own long history of violence and much evidence suggesting that her husband was a scumbag but that Sara had in fact carried out a well-planned premeditated murder. See previous posts.

The protesting Wimmin in The Strand won’t have known about my case, but I’m fairly sure that St Helena did. I am not someone who wanted to see Sara Thornton languish in prison for years, but what’s the betting that representing the former wife of a violent – and almost certainly corrupt – police officer was going to be easier and more fruitful for St Helena than speaking up about what was happening to me or any of those Wimmin (or indeed men) who were sitting in high security institutions because they had complained about a Top Doc or a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring? Dafydd’s gang ran the high security Ashworth Hospital, where one patient was beaten to death by Angels. The murder was investigated by Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass, who’s investigating team consisted of a senior Angel from his own clinic in Birmingham and a senior Angel from Clwyd Health Authority who was facilitating Dafydd’s gang himself. See previous posts.

Ashworth was the centre of two Public Inquiries during the 1990s. It was admitted that there were serious problems and severe brutality towards patients, but it was all blamed on Dangerous Mental Patients, not a trafficking gang facilitated by the Top Docs who were running the hospital. See previous posts eg. ‘Security, Security’.


In 1993, I wrote to Michael Mansfield QC about the abuses of Gwynedd social workers. I received a one sentence reply. St Helena worked in Took’s Court Chambers with Michael Mansfield. Michael Mansfield worked on cases involving terrorist cases with solicitor Gareth Peirce. Gareth Peirce worked for Birnberg & Co, who represented Mary Wynch in the early 1980s, when Mary sued Dafydd and the gang and won the first part of her case. See previous posts for info re Gareth Peirce. Then the legal world abandoned Mary and left her to be ruined by Michael Howard when he was Home Secretary (see post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’).

Julia Hobsbawm maintains contact with people in north Wales with whom it is worth her while to maintain contact and at one of Julia’s dos at the Portmeirion Hotel some years ago, St Helena was a guest of honour.

Previous posts have discussed the corrupt Independent Advocacy Association which was the Patients’ Voice at the Hergest Unit. The IAA refused to support patients making serious complaints because ‘the Health Authority funds this service’. At the time the suicide rate for women in that geographical area was the second highest in England and Wales; the highest was for Camden. One of the Independent Advocates who’s head was stuck particularly deeply into the sand – which was why she was appointed to select and train new advocates – was a woman called Marilyn. Marilyn subsequently had a breakdown, after her own partner committed suicide. In the wake of the distress and scandal, Marilyn was found a new job, as a Senior Advocate at Broadmoor Hospital. While Savile was still running the place. Savile visited both Ashworth and Bryn Estyn – one boy at Bryn Estyn alleged that Savile was present when the boy was subjected to a gang rape – both institutions run by Dafydd’s gang.


I would very much like to know who arranged that job for Marilyn. Does anyone from WISH happen to know?

Female Impersonator | Tumblr


With regard to this genocide supported by the extreme fuckwittery of friends of Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter, Eric the Revolutionary remained silent. Eric who’s main home was in er Camden – but the posh bit, Camden consists of two worlds –  and who’s daughter went to Camden High School for Girls with Sarah Brown. Julia and Sarah weren’t the sort of wimmin who were killing themselves while in the care of the mental health services in Camden.

St Helena is a Roman Catholic who grew up in Glasgow and since 1986 has been married to surgeon Iain Hutchison; Miranda made her Baroness St Helena in 1997 and she sits as a Labour peer.


She's something of a cunt, ain't she doc?

  • St Helena is Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University; she was preceded by Lord Robert Winston, another New Labour peer who knows all about the research fraud perpetrated by his colleagues at Hammersmith Hospital, as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly the branches facilitated by Dafydd and the linked gang at St George’s. Somebody needs to find out what is going on at Sheffield Hallam University. St Helena’s appointment as Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University was announced in Nov 2018.


Corrupt Professional People linked to Dafydd’s network: When you are in need of yet another public appointment, feel free to send me details of your most sordid deeds and I will be happy to blog about them. Yet another role as Patron of a dodgy charidee working for abused wimmin or children or a Chancellor of a university with matters to hide will not be far away. If you supply me with evidence of your direct involvement with child abuse or sex crimes in High Places, I can probably get you a peerage if you haven’t already bagged one. You won’t even have to have sex with me a la Lords Rennard and Lester.


Hobsawm received his PhD from Cambridge University and served with the Royal Engineers and the Army Educational Corps during WW II.  Hobsbawm’s first marriage was to Muriel Seaman in 1943. They divorced in 1951. His second marriage was to one of his students, Marlene Schwarz, with whom he had two children, Julia and Andy. Hobsbawm also had an out-of-wedlock son, Joshua Bennathan, who died in November 2014.

In 1947, Hobsbawm became a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, eventually holding a Chair, 1970-82 and was then appointed an Emeritus Professor in 1982 and served as President of Birkbeck from 2002 until his death.

Birkbeck is part of the University of London and for years Lord Brian Flowers reigned supreme at London University. Flowers grew up in Swansea, remained loyal to his old muckers in Wales and oversaw the rampant research fraud and serious organised crime which pervaded the London Medical Schools during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. See previous posts.

Hobsbawm was a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, 1949-55. Hobsbawm claimed that there was a weaker version of McCarthyism that took hold in Britain and affected Marxist academics: “you didn’t get promotion for 10 years, but nobody threw you out”. Hobsbawm ‘was also denied a lectureship at Cambridge by political enemies and, given that he was also blocked for a time from a Chair at Birkbeck for the same reasons, spoke of his good fortune at having got a post at Birkbeck in 1948 before the Cold War really started to take off’.

Conservative commentator David Pryce-Jones questions the existence of such career obstacles. So do I. Eric Hobsbawm was never hampered in the way that I was or my friends, including Brown. Indeed Brown was hampered by Uncle Harry’s dad, Prof Stuart Hall and other pals of Eric’s. Eric was an Apostle. Apostles of Eric’s vintage keep being outed as spies and double agents. Now Eric could have caused a great deal of trouble and precipitated the People’s Revolution that he claimed to desire so greatly if he had said a few things about matters Dafydd et al. He didn’t. Ever. Instead Eric did very nicely for himself, as did those in his immediate family and they became friends with the PM, while Eric moaned on about a career hindered by the Establishment. Which included a secure comfy job and then bit of a wait until he was given his Chair, but he wasn’t ever destitute, lobotomised or imprisoned was he? Eric was one of the most famous historians in the world, President of Birkbeck and he always got his work published. Eric’s claim to have been the subject of a witch-hunt by the Establishment is about as credible as Dafydd Iwan’s claim that MI5 were after him. No, they were after us.

Empowered Service Users?

Interview with Julia Hobsbawm, Author of Fully Connected

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David Miliband


  • Meet Timmy Hobsbawm-Miliband:


Hobsbawm helped found the journal ‘Past & Present’ in 1952. Hobsbawm was a visiting Professor at Stanford in the 1960s and in 1978 he became a Fellow of the British Academy. He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2006. Merfyn’s late wife Nerys who died under the care of Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre after she, Merfyn and one of Merfyn’s friends had spilt the paedophiles’ pints, was the ex-wife of Orlando Patterson, a Harvard Prof of Sociology who is popular with black elite groups in the US; Orlando is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (see posts ‘Right To Reply’, ‘The Bay of Pigs Invasion’, ‘Thought For The Day’ and ‘The Vermin Club’).     


Hobsbawm retired in 1982 but stayed as visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan, 1984-97. He was from 2002 until his death Professor Emeritus in the New School for Social Research in the Political Science Department.

Hobsbawm’s writing focused on the analysis of the political French Revolution and the British Industrial Revolution and saw their effect as a driving force behind the predominant trend towards liberal capitalism today. Another recurring theme in Hobsbawm’s work was social banditry, which Hobsbawm placed in a social and historical context, thus countering the traditional view of it being a spontaneous and unpredictable form of primitive rebellion.

Outside of his academic writing, Hobsbawm wrote a regular column (under the pseudonym Francis Newton, taken from the name of Billie Holiday’s communist trumpet player, Frankie Newton) for the ‘New Statesman’ as a jazz critic and from time to time about popular music such as with his “Beatles and before” article.

Previous posts have detailed the adventures that Brown and I had with Leslie Gore the Offensive Therapist and Naomi Grunfell the Mad Teacher whom Brown met via ‘New Statesman’, who I have been since told were working undercover for the security services and sent to cause us maximum bother in 1984-85, when the Top Docs opened fire on us.

I have also discussed the man in Bangor who was offered money by George Melly to have sex with him although he was underage, when Melly the Jazz Legend stayed in Bangor after a gig at Theatre Gwynedd. This man’s dad was a prison officer who was ferociously violent towards him and as a young adult, George Melly’s target became involved with the really sordid end of the local drugs scene. So had he ever appeared as a witness re George Melly, he’d have been yet another ne’er do well who could not be believed. After a lifetime of media profiles characterising George Melly as a colourful character who was not afraid to discuss his open marriage or bisexuality, George Melly retired to Brecon. His sexual adventures with kids never received a mention, although he cheerily said in one interview not long before he died that there was nothing like the joy of feeling a young boy’s thigh. A la Savile’s boasts about handing a runaway girl over to the police but only after he’d spent the night with her first heh heh heh, it was simply ignored. But then so were Dafydd’s ‘jokes’ about having sex with animals and group sex with patients. Heh heh heh, as Dafydd chuckled at the time.

George Melly retired to the Brecon/Abergavenny area. There were people linked to Dafydd’s gang in that area and one of them was convicted for sexual assaults on kids in care from north Wales, who would be taken down to the Brecon area for holidays. Other people who retired to that area included: Adrianne Jones, the former Director of the City of Birmingham Social Services which placed kids in care in children’s homes in north Wales and who then acted as a social work adviser to John Major’s Gov’t and as an adviser to the Waterhouse Inquiry panel; Baroness Eirene White – daughter of the Principal of what became Aberystwyth University – the Labour MP for East Flintshire, 1950-70 and Deputy Speaker of the Lords, 1979-89. Lord Chief Justice Thomas Bingham, who did many a favour for Dafydd et al, lived nearby at Boughrood, Powys. See previous posts for the background on Adrianne, Eirene and Tom.

Billie Holiday’s 1939 classic ‘Strange Fruit’, originated as a poem written by Jewish-American writer, teacher and songwriter Abel Meeropol, under his pseudonym Lewis Allan, as a protest against lynchings.

Meeropol cited this photograph of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, August 7, 1930, as inspiring his poem.

‘We didn’t know.’

Another name on the jazz scene Who Knew About Dafydd et al was Dr Dannie Abse the Top Doc and poet, who’s whole family were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly his brother Leo, a south Wales Labour MP from a Jewish family and a close friend of the child molester George Thomas (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’). Labour Party-supporting Wimmin’s Champ and Top Doctor Wendy Savage was married to a jazz musician; Wendy was a friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain at St George’s Hospital Medical School, who was perpetrating research fraud and concealing the trafficking ring at St George’s as well as Dafydd’s gang in north Wales (see eg. post ‘Now Then…’). Wendy worked at the London Hospital in Tower Hamlets which was the location of another gang linked to Dafydd et al. See previous posts. Some of the Top Docs at St George’s favoured Ronnie Scott’s as a place in which to hang out.

Other well-known jazz fans include:

Kenneth Clarke

as well as this social bandit, photographed smacking someone in the chops while on the election campaign trail in north Wales, after he’d been traumatised by an egg hitting him on the shoulder:

Prezza: it was only an egg, politicians are natural targets for eggs, bottles of ink, purple flour etc. It’s not as if you were 14 and being gang raped in Bryn Estyn was it?

Prezza came from north Wales and studied at Ruskin College at the same time as Matt Arnold taught at Ruskin and Peter Howarth studied there (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’). Arnold and Howarth both worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead, where boys were abused. The paedophile gang in the area was concealed by Ernest Armstrong, MP for North West Durham, 1964-87. Ernest was succeeded in the seat by his daughter, Hilary Armstrong, now Baroness Hilary, who was a member of Miranda’s inner circle. Miranda was pals with Ernest as well; Ernest helped Miranda the London barrister, pupil of the corrupt George Carman QC who was concealing Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, end up in that safe seat in Sedgefield. In 1973, Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn where they helped run the trafficking ring. Arnold died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’ on 4 June 1994. On 13 June 1994 Howarth’s trial for a series of sex assaults on boys in care in north Wales began. Howarth was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison on 8 July 1994. Miranda became leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994. See previous posts.

From May 1994 onwards, after I and Patient F met with two Mental Health Act Commissioners and told them that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that serious complaints were not being investigated, Dafydd, Tony Francis and the gang really began busting a gut to have me charged with a criminal offence, anything at all would do and they continued to write letters to third parties about my ‘dangerousness’. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

In Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained an injunction against me from Liverpool High Court on the grounds of no evidence at all. Dafydd’s affidavit detailed a number of phone calls that F had made to him, in which F certainly took the piss but wasn’t threatening – one such call simply consisted of F blowing a raspberry down the phone at Dafydd or as Dafydd explained ‘impersonating the sound of a flatus’ – and an allegation from Dafydd that I had thrown a brick through his glass door at 3 am in the morning. I hadn’t and there was absolutely no evidence that I had. I have since been told that no-one threw the brick, Dafydd et al planted it, told the police that I had thrown it and this was recorded as fact. I wasn’t even told about it at the time. See previous posts ‘The Banality Of Evil’. Dafydd was represented by the MDU and they knew that there was no evidence against me.

Much more recently, I have been told that when Dafydd et al were gathering evidence of my murderous qualities, they contacted people who were known to me at school and at Bridgwater College where I did my A levels, who then willingly made statements about me, because they were associated with the gang which was operating in Bridgwater in the 1970s and 80s and linked to Dafydd’s. I’m not going to bother to spend time on these people, although some names have been given to me. It is utterly ludicrous; my school was not a posh one, it was a deeply troubled school where some kids were assaulted by some teachers and it hit the media on a few occasions in the wake of such incidents. What can be said of anyone who listens to the word of a gang of paedophiles in north Wales who were under investigation at the time and a related gang of clapped-out old teachers in Somerset who were working in a school with such a terrible reputation that virtually all professional people living in the catchment area did anything possible to send their kids to another school? Thirty-six statements I have been told. I couldn’t give a stuff, just look at who made them.

The only person whom I will name is Dr Lyn Branson, a particularly vile physics teacher from Bridgwater College. Brown’s mum used to look after Lyn’s little boy Ben, so Lyn Branson knew a great deal about what was happening to us in north Wales. Lyn had post-natal depression after having Ben which is how Brown’s mum ended up looking after him, so Lyn knew the Top Docs well. They certainly didn’t do her much good, but if they’d leaned on her she’d have never stood up to them. Brown and I were gobsmacked to find out some five years later that Lyn Branson knew a tutor at Newcastle University who was Brown’s brother’s tutor at the time and that Brown’s brother had been discussed with everyone. Brown’s brother was a witness to what had happened to us in north Wales, we were good mates with him and he used to come up and stay with us. Brown’s brother found this tutor so difficult that he withdrew from the course. After seeing conditions in Denbigh for himself (see post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’), Brown’s brother was the target of a number of murder attempts. He eventually emigrated.

The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was concealing the gang in the north east linked to Dafydd et al, particularly Newcastle Medical School. The University and the city were substantially run by Lord John Walton, a corrupt Top Doc who Chaired the GMC, 1982-89 and the BMA, 1980-82, served as Warden of Green College, Oxford, 1983-89 and as the President of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1984-86. See previous posts. Walton was a mate of Dafydd’s and kept Dafydd et al out of trouble for years, as well as Dafydd’s colleagues who had previously worked in Newcastle, including Dr Neil Davies, Professor Bob Woods and Professor Mark Williams.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

After I was shafted at Surrey University where I worked in the Cancer Research Campaign team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of the Chairman of the BMA at the time, John Marks – John Marks was doing battle with Ken Clarke when I worked for Vincent and the BMA were also giving legal advice to Tony Francis, Dafydd et al as to how to prosecute me although they knew how serious their wrongdoing was – my research was plagiarised and given to Professor Nicola Curtin at Newcastle, who subsequently published it with her own name on it. Curtin was not part of our team and neither was she one of the teams whom we were partnering. I have no idea why Vincent Marks decided that Nicola Curtin needed to be assisted by receiving my data; did Lord John Walton demand that data Vincent and was Fergus Lowe from Bangor involved, because he usually was at the root of such skulduggery? Newcastle was desperately building an empire on the back of its Global Leading Medical Research. Nicola is one of the Global Leaders at Newcastle, although I only found out about her being given my data relatively recently. At the time that my data was given to Nicola, one of the Profs at Newcastle who was researching lung cancer was funded by the tobacco industry. He was a mate of Professor Sir Nicholas Wright at Hammersmith Hospital, who was leading a team there involved with research fraud. Nick Wright’s research has been substantially funded by the CRC – now known as CR UK – and Nick also holds senior roles in CR-UK. See post ‘Oh, Lordy! It’s CR UK’ for further details of Nicola, Nick and their colleagues.

Professor Hugh Bentall the Famous Surgeon at Hammersmith was also involved in colluding with research fraud. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Hugh Bentall is the dad of Professor Richard Bentall, a clinical psychologist who trained at UCNW with Dafydd and the gang and who married the daughter of Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at UCNW, who was one of those colluding with the gang. Eifion’s daughter was a Plant Biology graduate of UCNW who then trained and worked as an Angel and taught for the OU and WEA. Richard Bentall has held Chairs at Bangor University, Liverpool University and Manchester University. See previous posts.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

Not only did Prezza study at Ruskin alongside two of the biggest abusers in the UK, but Prezza then completed a degree at Hull University, an institution concealing the Yorkshire gang which had links to Dafydd’s gang and others. Prezza served as the MP for Hull East, 1970-2010, although why the big meathead was ever selected as the candidate in the first place I’d like to know. Prezza crowned his achievements by being Deputy PM, 1997-2007 and then joined the St Helena, Lord Bob et al in the Lords in 2010, as a result of Sarah Brown’s Teddy Bear giving Prezza a peerage in the dissolution honours. They let anyone Who Knows in the Lords these days, even those too stupid and inarticulate to make speeches.

Prezza with Dennis Skinner Who Also Knows and was another student at Ruskin College (see previous posts):

Skinner and Prescott at the 2016 Labour Party Conference

Dennis is not such a Beast that he ever blew the whistle on the gang in Derbyshire, where he was an MP – along with Edwina Currie, Margaret Beckett and her Caravan and Tony Benn – who were exchanging social care staff with Dafydd’s gang.
Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

On 7 May 2006, ‘The Sunday Times’ quoted Linda McDougall, wife of Austin Mitchell, as saying that in 1978 Prescott had pushed her “quite forcefully” against a wall and put his hand up her skirt as she opened the door for him to a meeting in her own house just after her husband became an MP; Prescott had not met McDougall before. Don’t worry Linda, it’s the traditional Neanderthal Greeting on Introduction to a Lady. Did you know that your husband Austin kept quiet about the paedophile gang in Hull just like all of his colleagues did? See previous posts.

Female Impersonator | Tumblr

Other Hull University alumni in the Labour fold who concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al are David Hanson, PPS to Miranda in the years following the Waterhouse Report and when Dafydd’s gang had yet another go at framing me, that time for ‘threatening to kill’  – Hanson’s wife Margaret was a senior social worker for families and children for Cheshire Social Services when Dafydd’s gang ran riot in north Wales and Cheshire – and Tom Watson, Fattersley, Frank Field, and Chris Mullin. See previous posts. Labour MPs Kevin McNamara and Jon Trickett are also Hull graduates. Anthony Giddens who invented The Third Way for Miranda to follow is an alumnus of Hull, as is Nick Hardwick who after an entire career in the criminal justice system concealing the criminality of Dafydd et al became engulfed in scandal as Head of the Parole Board because the mess was so great (see previous posts). Allan Levy QC, who was also directly involved in concealing organised abuse including that linked to Dafydd’s gang, was an alumnus of Hull. Then there were the Hull University staff Who Were Involved, including the poet Philip Larkin (see eg. post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’). Larkin’s mistress Monica was as bad as old Larkin; when not participating in those well-publicised spanking sessions with Philip, Monica worked at Leicester University where for years she kept the lid on the gang there which starred Greville Janner and was er directly linked to Dafydd et al. Monica lived down the road from Brown when Brown was being hampered by Uncle Harry’s nephew’s dad et al and Monica joined in the party. Jacob Brunowski, the father of Professor Lisa Jardine who really pushed the boat out to collude with the Top Doctors (see previous posts), was a member of staff at Hull, as was Richard Hoggart who was linked to a group of scholars who concealed Dafydd and linked gangs and the Marxist historian, John Saville, who was part of Hobsbawm’s network.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

The current Chancellor of Hull is not a Labour politician, she is a Tory who as a Health Minister and then Heath Secretary oversaw the concealing of some of the worst criminality in north Wales and elsewhere; it is the frequent star of this blog, former psychiatric social worker and long time ally of abusive Top Docs, Virginia Bottomley.


The Top Doctors (see post ‘An Expert From England’) and Leicester University Medical School were particularly active in concealing the gang in Leicester and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Dickie and David Attenborough’s dad Frederick was the Principal of what later became Leicester University and Leicester University have dined out on famille Attenborough ever since. See previous posts. Lord Robert Kilpatrick, after many enjoyable years as Dean of Leicester Medical School overseeing the facilitating of the trafficking ring in Leicestershire, was then asked to become President of the GMC, 1989-95, just when Dafydd et al were in need of a Friend In A High Place. Kilpatrick remained at the top of the GMC batting all those complaints into the long grass and was President when the Chamberlain-Pearce research fraud scandal at St George’s erupted. Kilpatrick certainly got out and about and made friends with lots of influential people, partly via his membership of posh golf clubs. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


Among the many other fun people who worked at Leicester University at the time of Greville et al entertaining themselves with kids in care was Lisa Nandy’s dad, Dipak (see previous posts). Having Dipak as a dad isn’t as good as having Uncle Harry as an uncle, but Lisa had an ace up her sleeve; her granddad was Lord Frank Byers, the Liberal Party’s Chief Whip who, years before Jeremy Thorpe found himself on trial at the Old Bailey, was a member of the secret inquiry held by the Liberal Party into Thorpe’s past-times. Lord Frank Byers was