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I mentioned in a recent post that as I discover more about the common themes that link the paedophiles’ friends, I am noticing yet more salient aspects of the biographies of people whom I blogged about in much earlier posts and that I will revisit a few such folk. So I’ll return to a few old friends here as well as introduce some new names.

People who have been following this blog for some time might remember that in my post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ I described how in May 1990, Gwynedd Health Authority took me to the High Court in Cardiff seeking an injunction against me that would prevent me writing to them to follow up my complaints. I was indeed writing them many letters; the law had been broken repeatedly and there had been no attempt to address numerous aspects of very, very serious complaints. I was lied to constantly and when I confronted those we know and love with evidence of their lies, more lies were told and I received further threats or the police were ordered to arrest me. Gwynedd Health Authority’s idea of how to deal with a complainant who was acquiring more and more evidence of serious wrongdoing was to seek a High Court injunction preventing me from visiting Gwynedd health Authority premises or contacting any member or employee of the Health Authority in any way for any reason, even to follow up my complaint.

I now have documentation demonstrating that Andrew Park, the crooked Welsh Office lawyer was working very hard indeed and pooling his expertise with the perjurers and crooked lawyers of both Gwynedd County Council and Clwyd Health Authority in his attempts to raise an injunction against me of the most restrictive nature possible.

Gwynedd Health Authority took their application to the High Court in Cardiff and the case was heard in front of Sir Malcolm Pill. Crispin Masterman represented Gwynedd Health Authority and Ian Murphy represented me. Masterman and Murphy both later became judges. They were both involved in child abuse cases. See previous posts.

Sir Malcolm Pill did not grant Gwynedd Health Authority an injunction on the terms sought and Gwynedd Health Authority were livid about this. My documentation shows that the day after the hearing in front of Pill, Andrew Park was busy communicating with Gwynedd Heath Authority as to how they could return to the High Court as soon as possible and acquire the injunction on the terms that they had hoped that Pill would have agreed to and how to ensure that I never ever accessed my medical records via the High Court.

Whilst I was indeed grateful that Pill did not give Gwynedd Health Authority what they asked for, Pill was still a very culpable man and no doubt simply clever enough to participate in a longer term plan rather than grant an obviously ridiculous draconian injunction which would have resulted in questions being asked. At the time of the hearing in front of Pill, there were allegations of a VIP paedophile ring operating in north Wales and Cheshire which was being concealed at the highest levels and demands for a police investigation. The North Wales Police launched an investigation just months after Malcolm Pill heard my case. The Chief Constable, David Owen, refused to co-operate with the investigation; the Home Office refused to place another Chief Constable in charge of the investigation; and much documentation was not made available at all or was presented unsorted. In 1992, the North Wales Police closed the investigation, announcing that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. However during the course of the investigation, there were hundreds of complaints made about the abuse of kids in care in north Wales, particularly in the Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor. A file was sent to the DPP. There was not one prosecution mounted. See previous posts.

The Home Secretary, 26 October 1989 – 28 November 1990, was David Waddington. Waddington had served as Minister of State at the Home Office, 1983–87, so he had an excellent grounding in the way of assisting the criminality of Dafydd and the gang before becoming Home Secretary. Waddington’s father and grandfather were both solicitors in Burnley, Lancashire; he grew up in Lancashire and was a Tory MP for three different Lancashire constituencies, 1968-90. The was long-standing organised abuse of children and vulnerable people in Lancashire with links to the gangs operating in Merseyside and Cheshire. Waddington was a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 1979-81, as was Sir Peter Morrison, the Tory MP for Chester, who was known to be abusing kids in care, in north Wales and other places.

The Lord Waddington
Lord Waddinton 2013.png
Governor of Bermuda
In office
11 April 1992 – 2 May 1997

Malcolm Pill, Crispin Masterman and Ian Murphy had access to many letters that I had written to Gwynedd Health Authority and they referred to them extensively during the hearing that lasted several hours. My letters contained numerous details of the most serious abuse of psychiatric patients and criminal wrongdoing on the part of NHS and social services staff, as well as some police officers and other accessories. I supplied names, dates, details, names of witnesses, places etc. Any lay person, let alone a High Court judge, upon reading those letters, would have realised that they were reading matter which pointed to serious organised crime. Pill, Masterman and Murphy at no point stated that they did not believe my allegations; they simply ignored them. Crispin was arguing that the detail and volume of my letters demonstrated that I was ‘obsessed’ and needed to be stopped from sending anymore. I was obsessed with the reality that the most terrible things were happening and the whole world determinedly looked in the other direction.

After the hearing, Ian Murphy told me that I had cause to sue Dafydd, Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities for false imprisonment and negligence. I was delighted, particularly because Ian Murphy gave every indication that he’d be keen to take the case and it would be a big one. Somehow it never happened. Years later I acquired documentation that showed the involvement of the Welsh Office in taking a close interest in whether Ian Murphy was going to take this case for me. I was told by another lawyer that Ian Murphy was a ruthless, very ambitious barrister and if he took the case, he really would flatten them. I can only presume that someone made it clear to Ian Murphy that he had better not take the case if he wanted to become a judge. Or indeed to even carry on living.

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  • I have provided details of Sir Malcolm Pill before, but I have more info now and need to highlight certain aspects of his career. Sir Malcolm Thomas Pill (born 11 March 1938) is a former Lord Justice of Appeal, who was the longest-serving member of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales upon reaching mandatory retirement at age 75.

Pill was born on 11 March 1938. Pill was educated at Whitchurch Grammar School, Cardiff and Trinity College, Cambridge. Pill was at Whitchurch Grammar with Rhodri Morgan. When I appeared in front of Pill, Rhodri was the Labour MP for Cardiff West – the former constituency of the child molester George Thomas – and Shadow Environment Spokesman, as well as Opposition Front Bench Spokesman on Energy. Miranda was part of the Opposition Energy team as well. The Miranda who, before becoming the Labour MP for a constituency that was on the patch of the ring in the North East of England which was linked to Dafydd’s gang, had been a barrister and a pupil of George Carman QC. George Carman was a bent barrister who was colluding with Dafydd’s gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring. George Thomas was by then sitting in the Lords.

I appeared in front of Sir Malcolm Pill in May 1990. Sir Peter Morrison was Minister of State for Energy, 11 June 1987 – 23 July 1990. On July 10 1990, Gwynedd Social Services took me to Court in Chester and attempted to have me imprisoned on numerous charges of breaching the High Court injunction that they had obtained against me in May 1990, on the basis of the perjury of two Gwynedd social workers, Keith Fearns and Jackie Brandt. When I appeared at Chester Court, Fearns, Brandt and their social worker colleague Maggie Fookes, as well as their CPN colleague Bob Ingham, perjured themselves to such an extent that something like 13 or 14 charges against me were thrown out. The Presiding judge, Justice John Roch – he later became Lord Justice Roch – helpfully asked if they would like more time to rewrite their statements, presumably in order to get their stories straight. Their barrister politely turned down the request, but why I have no idea. My post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ provides details of: the perjury; the forged documents, which included a forged letter from a Top Doc, Carl Littlejohns, who had previously been employed at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh; the collusion of the Welsh Office with Ron Evans, the bent lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council; and the change of judge and Court of which my barrister Suzanne Evans was not told, she was sent to the wrong Court and arrived late and stressed for my case.

Suzanne Evans knew that there had obviously been an attempt to rig the trial; she was a young, unknown barrister and after it became clear that industrial scale perjury had been exposed, Roch became very angry with her, rather than the perjurers. He shouted at Suzanne and she was clearly intimidated; as was I, I realised that we were dealing with a madman who was ignoring the obvious lies of four witnesses. Suzanne Evans however has gone on to forge a nice career for herself in the Family Courts having rolled over for a gang of paedophiles (see previous posts), so it was clearly worth it.

On 23 July 1990, Peter Morrison was appointed as PPS to Thatch.

Peter Morrison – the child abuser protected by MI5, the ...

On 24 July 1990, administrators at Clwyd Health Authority contacted Andrew Park claiming that I had rung a Kay Hemsley at the North Wales Hospital and threatened an Angel. No-one could produce evidence that I had done this or that if such a call had been received it was me who had made it, so Park wrote to Clwyd Health Authority requesting that next time could Hemsley remember to explain how she knew that it was me calling. Kay followed orders, within a short while she had given a written account of another call supposedly from me and explained that she knew that it was me because she had spoken to me before and recognised my voice. Park had been busy anyway, informing Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities that he wanted as much information as possible, to build up a complete ‘dossier’ against me. The perjury and forging of documents continued apace. See ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’.

The Secretary of State for Wales, 4 May 1990-27 May 1993, was Lord David Hunt. Hunt has given much loyal service to the gang, I have provided details in previous posts.

After Trinity College, Cambridge – a favourite recruiting ground for the security services – Malcolm Pill was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn in 1962. Dafydd’s Big Umbrella Sir William Mars-Jones was a member of Gray’s Inn, as were others who did the gang favours, including David Waddington.

From 1963 to 1964 Malcolm Pill was Third Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and spent a period in Geneva at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. For nine years Pill was Chairman of the UK Committee of the Freedom from Hunger Campaign.

Pill was a Recorder, 1976-87. 1976 was the year of Paedophiles’ Panic, as the Norman Scott-Jeremy Thorpe story finally appeared in the press. Reinforcements were called for: George Thomas was appointed Speaker of the House, Carlo was appointed Chancellor of the University of Wales and the security services forced Harold Wilson to resign as PM, because everyone feared that the balloon could well go up. See previous posts.

Pill became a QC in 1978, the year that Jeremy appeared at Minehead Magistrates Court and was committed for trial. George Carman QC represented Jeremy.

Malcolm Pill was appointed a High Court judge on 15 January 1988. By this time Dafydd’s gang were in full pursuit of me and my friends who were supporting me. In 1988, the Welsh Office finally acknowledged my complaint about Dafydd et al and told me that an investigation would be arranged. The investigation was of course a sham, carried out in July 1989 by Dafydd’s mates Professor Robert Bluglass and Dr Colin Berry; it was organised by Dafydd’s other mate Professor Robert Owen, who was appointed as Medical Ombudsman by the Welsh Office. See post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’. By 1988, Alison Taylor had been sacked but continued to write to Ministers about the abuse of kids in care in north Wales and in the late 1980s, she also wrote to Carlo.

From 1989 to 1993, Pill was Presiding Judge for the Wales and Chester Circuit; he was therefore in that role when I appeared before him in Cardiff and at the time of the shenanigans when I appeared before Roch in Chester. Does Sir Malcolm Pill know who rigged the case at Chester I wonder? Nobbling the venue as well as the judge is quite impressive, as was the preparation of affidavits which were signed by Fearns, Brandt et al, without Fearns, Brandt et al ever having seen them…

Pill was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal on 1 February 1995 and was given the customary Privy Council appointment. Among his most notable judgements is the second appeal in the Stephen Downing case.

In Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained a High Court injunction against me from Liverpool High Court on the basis of his perjury and an unsubstantiated allegation that I had thrown a brick through the glass door of his house at 3 am. Not only had Dafydd been told by an Angel by the time that he swore his affidavit into Court that I definitely could not have been the person who threw the brick, but I have been told more recently that no brick was ever thrown, the brick was planted and some helpful police officers documented that it was me wot dun it. The MDU and Hempsons, the lawyers who acted for Dafydd, knew that Dafydd had perjured himself and that there was no evidence that I had thrown the brick. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

By the time that Dafydd had obtained his injunction, Tony Francis, Dafydd etc were building up a case to have me sectioned and transferred to a high security hospital on the grounds that I was a danger to Dafydd’s life. This process began after I and Patient F met with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission in the early summer of 1994 and told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints against him were not being investigated. The Commissioners admitted that they had received many previous complaints of Dafydd having sex with patients. Our complaint about Dafydd to the MHAC was never investigated. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

In 1995, Ronnie Waterhouse knew that he would be Chairing an Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, although that wasn’t announced by William Hague, Secretary of State for Wales, 5 July 1995-2 May 1997, until 1996. What did happen in May 1995 was that Nicola Davies QC was instructed to ‘review the paperwork’ of the North Wales Police related to the abuse of kids in care in north Wales – the paperwork since 1989 all was missing – to assess whether a judicial inquiry would be in the public interest.

Nicola Davies QC grew up in West Wales and was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn in 1976. Nicola defended two of the Top Docs involved in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, which was caused by Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East of England and she also defended Harold Shipman. In 2003, Davies was appointed as a Deputy High Court judge. On judicial review she quashed a decision to close some NHS paediatric surgery units. Davies became a High Court judge and a Dame in 2010 and in 2013 she was appointed to sit as the Presiding Judge of the Wales Circuit between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2017.

Nicola, the Top Doc’s Friend! See post ‘This Is What Happened To Nicola, Niclas, Merfyn, Joan and Kathryn’.

On 13 July 1995, Sir Peter Morrison was found dead in his house in Belgravia. Four days previously Bing Spear, the corrupt mandarin from the Home Office Drugs Branch who was so helpful to Dafydd’s business flogging class A drugs, had died. Bing died after it was arranged that Dafydd would ‘retire’ from the NHS in July 1995, that none of the serious outstanding complaints against him would be investigated and that he would continue to provide ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales. See post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’

Brown was sacked from his job at Aston University in July 1995.

John Redwood was Secretary of State for Wales, 27 May 1993 – 26 June 1995. He was succeeded by the paedophiles’ friend David Hunt, who returned just for a few days while Dafydd’s deal was sorted out, 26 June 1995 – 5 July 1995, then William Hague succeeded Hunt. The general public were told that the North Wales Hospital closed in July/August of 1995. It didn’t. Gwynfryn Ward, the ‘mother and baby’ unit definitely remained open and probably other wards as well, but the NHS have never admitted which parts of Denbigh remained open and for how long. Neither have they ever explained what happened to the numerous patients who were imprisoned illegally out there, particularly as some patients were being kept in a dungeon and records of others were forged, so no-one knew who was there and when.


In July 2011, Malcolm Pill was made an Honorary Fellow of Aberystwyth University. Aberystwyth University has done itself proud by producing so many law graduates, over decades, who progressed to careers in which they colluded with Dafydd and the gang. Aber’s website told us:

Sir Malcolm Thomas Pill has had a distinguished career in the practice of the law…His very distinguished career as counsel and judge was centred on Wales and more particularly Cardiff where he practised as counsel and sat as Recorder and judge until his elevation to the Court of Appeal in 1995.

Cardiff: Top Doc Central in terms of concealing the rot; also the site of the endemically corrupt Welsh Office and of course all those lovely bent lawyers and judges.

He also became 3rd Secretary at the Foreign Office and spent a period in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Commission. He was Chairman of the Welsh Centre of the United Nations Association Trust and later became Chairman of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and for a period of some nine years he was the Chairman of the United Kingdom Committee of the Freedom from Hunger Campaign.

Previous posts have explained that in 2005, the UNA planned a one day conference at Bangor University on the subject of drug abuse at which Dafydd was to be the keynote speaker. The event was arranged by Menai Williams, the retired Deputy Principal of the Bangor Normal College, an institution which employed many staff and trained many teachers who colluded with the abuse of children. Menai had been involved with the UNA for many years.

I have also previously discussed how Jeffrey Archer worked as a fundraiser for the UNA as a young man. Dafydd’s mate and umbrella Lord David Ennals, who was part of the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring, was Secretary of the UNA, 1952-57 and was appointed Chairman in 1984. Ennals’s fellow resident of Norfolk, Lady Enid Ralphs, who also concealed and colluded with organised abuse, was President of the Norwich branch of the UNA. Frank Field has been involved with the UNA for many years. Field has been the Labour MP for Birkenhead since 1979; Dafydd’s partners-in-crime operate in Birkenhead and many residents of Dafydd’s ‘care homes’ and his drug abuse patients are referred from Birkenhead. See post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ for information relating to those in the UNA who have close links to Dafydd et al.


Presentation of Sir Malcolm Thomas Pill as Fellow of Aberystwyth University by Mr Winston Roddick QC, Vice President of Aberystwyth University.

Winston Roddick QC was Counsel General for Wales, 1998-03, so he was there to see the Welsh Gov’t through the Waterhouse Inquiry and then the publication of the Report and the aftermath. Roddick came from Caernarfon, served as a police officer on Merseyside and then became a barrister and Recorder. He was North Wales’s Police and Crime Commissioner, 2012-16. Lest any readers think that Dafydd couldn’t have been given a greater gift, Roddick was succeeded in that post by Arfon Jones, who as a young police officer, chauffeured Gordon Anglesea to the venues where Anglesea molested kids in care. After Anglesea was finally convicted decades later, he died in prison and an ‘oversight’ on Arfon’s part meant that Anglesea’s widow still had his police pension, although he died a convicted sex offender. See previous posts.

[Pill] is the longest-serving Lord Justice of Appeal, and the most senior member of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

His very distinguished career as counsel and judge was centred on Wales and more particularly Cardiff where he practised as counsel and sat as Recorder and judge until his elevation to the Court of Appeal in 1995. No one knew our circuit better or was more worthy of it and certainly no other holder of the position of Senior Presiding Judge took greater pride in the fact that he was the holder of that position on a circuit which regards him as one of its very own.

Malcolm Pill was born into a Cardiff family. The Pills came from Cornwall to work in the Cardiff Docks in the 1860s and they settled in Grangetown where they became members of the Clive Street Baptist Chapel. Sir Malcolm’s father became a barrister’s clerk in Park Place Cardiff from where Sir Malcolm himself later practised as a barrister and how proud his father would have been to know that his son had achieved so distinguished a career in the law both as a barrister and judge.

Sir Malcolm knew George Thomas and he’ll have known that Thomas was a child molester. Sir Malcolm will have known other high profile lawyers based in Cardiff, such as George Thomas’s close friend and Labour MP Leo Abse:

Leo Abse - Telegraph

The Abse family were friends with the Janners:

Barnett moved from Cardiff and later rocked up as the MP for Leicester West; his son Greville, a member of Middle Temple, succeeded him in the seat. Greville was under police investigation with regard to child sex offences when I appeared before Malcolm Pill.

Greville Janner

Sir Malcolm will also have been on good terms with them all at the Welsh National School of Medicine, the institution where Tony Francis studied and then worked after qualification. Pill will have known Professor Sir William Asscher, who after many years working in Cardiff and colluding with George Thomas and Dafydd et al, was called to the HQ of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, St George’s Hospital Medical School, to take up the post of Dean/Principal in 1988, the year in which Pill became a High Court judge. Asscher was needed at St George’s after the ceremonial deposing of the previous Dean who had the misfortune to have been in post when their Prof of Paediatrics Oliver Brooke was convicted and jailed for child porn offences. See post ‘Oliver!’ When I appeared before Malcolm Pill in May 1990, I was working at St George’s.

Sir Tasker Watkins, the daddy of all corrupt judges, served as President of the Welsh National School of Medicine, 1987-98.

Like Greville and Ronnie Waterhouse, Tasker was a member of Middle Temple. Tasker was Chairman of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, Wales Region, 1960-71, while Gwynne lobotomised away without a care in the world, particularly those patients who refused to shag Dafydd et al. Tasker was Leader of the Wales and Chester Circuit, 1970–71; in 1971, he was appointed as a High Court judge. Tasker was Presiding Judge of the Wales and Chester Circuit, 1975-80, being promoted to the Court of Appeal in 1980. The year after Mr Thrope had walked away from the Old Bailey an innocent man and the year that Mary Wynch finally got out of the North Wales Hospital and began litigation against Dafydd and the gang. Tasker became the first Senior Presiding Judge of the Wales and Chester Circuit in 1983.

Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane appointed Tasker Deputy Chief Justice in 1988, the same year in which Lane made Malcolm Pill a High Court judge. In May 1987, Lord Lane had ordered Oliver Brooke’s early release from prison, not because Ollie’s conviction had been overturned, but because prison was not very nice for a Top Doc like Ollie and Lane compared Ollie’s collection of kiddie porn to a collection of cigarette cards no less. Tasker served as Deputy Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales until 1993, when he retired from the Bench.

Tasker played Rugby Union for the Army, Cardiff RFC and Glamorgan Wanderers. Tasker was President of the Welsh Rugby Union, 1993-2004.

After Cambridge, Sir Malcolm went on to The Hague where he gained the Diploma of the Hague Academy of International Law.

William Hague (cropped).jpg


[Pill] became Chairman of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs…

Sir Malcolm Pill is therefore much more than a lawyer and a judge; he is an internationalist with a deep sense of caring.

Final cry for help stock photo


He took with him to the bench as a judge that intuitive understanding of the various conditions of and circumstances in which people live and endure.


North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums

Final cry for help stock photo

Wales’ constitutional landscape has changed radically since 1998

Although the same old corrupt faces are still in public life and on the bench.

and although the administration of justice is not a devolved responsibility, the impact of devolution on the administration of justice in Wales has been remarkable.

We have the Welsh Gov’t to thrash out the corrupt deals with the justice system now as well as Westminster.

Our judges do not and cannot engage in political matters

Except for when the Palace and/or the PM need a favour.

but that does not mean they will not wish to influence how our unitary system of justice is administered within the devolved state.

When I became Counsel General

A gang of old paedophiles opened the champagne

Lord Justice Pill’s international outlook and his experience and knowledge of the institutions of Europe and how justice is administered in other European jurisdictions as well as his position on the recently formed Council of the Judges of Wales is proving to be invaluable in these post-devolution days. He is proving to be the right person in the right place at the right time in that he understands the nature and significance of the constitutional changes and of how the administration of justice in Wales needs to reflect these and can reflect them without diluting its independence or that of the judiciary from the Welsh Government. His address to the 2009 Legal Wales Conference in Cardiff will, in my view, prove to be seminal in its effect on the administration of justice in Wales as it evolves and develops side by side and in step with devolution. The essence of Sir Malcolm Pill can be summarised in ten words – a Welshman, an internationalist and a judge of his time.

And a very good friend to a gang of criminals who operated through the welfare system

… the University of Aberystwyth…has a long history and in that time great men and great women have become associated with it through Fellowship.  Today, the quality of that list is enhanced by the name Malcolm Thomas Pill.

Yet another name associated with Aber who has done many favours for Dafydd et al.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Pill, Honorary Fellow

Malcolm Pill retired from the Court of Appeal on 11 March 2013. Just as the Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry was being arranged.

Important decisions of Lord Justice Pill include:

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  • I have mentioned many times in previous posts how George Carman QC was Of The Paedophiles’ Friends and was known to have been kept at the ready by Savile lest anyone named Savile as a sex offender in the media. Miranda and Cherie were two barristers who worked with Carman as juniors and Carman, Miranda and Cherie were/are all members of Lincoln’s Inn. Until George Carman relocated to London after he successfully defended Mr Thrope in 1979, which established Carman’s reputation, George Carman practised in Chambers in Manchester on the Northern Circuit and lived in Cheshire. Many of the corrupt professional people who facilitated Dafydd’s gang, including senior police officers, Top Docs and of course lawyers and judges, lived in Cheshire. Cheshire County Council were colluding with the criminality and there was an exchange of social workers between Cheshire and north Wales. Cheshire Councillors and politicians, including David Hanson, Neil Hamilton and Gwyneth Dunwoody, knew about Peter Morrison and Dafydd’s gang.

When Gwynedd County Council obtained their injunction against me in 1990 on the basis of the perjury of Keith Fearns and Jackie Brant – Fearns had not even met me at that time – they obtained it from the High Court in Leeds, on the Northern Circuit. I was living in Bethesda in Gwynedd at the time. Leeds and the Northern Circuit was of course Jimmy Savile Central. Savile visited Bryn Estyn and Dafydd held ‘clinics’ at the Queen’s Hotel In Leeds, which was a hang-out of Savile’s.

The Tory MP for Denbigh, Geraint Morgan QC, 1959-83, was a barrister who practised on the Northern Circuit. Morgan was never much of a Parliamentarian, he hardly ever spoke in the House and spent far more time at the Bar. However, Morgan’s constituents loved him, particularly when he was so successful at securing so many of them compensation when the A55 was upgraded. Denbigh was a town in which virtually every working person’s job was dependent upon the North Wales Hospital. There were no other people living in Denbigh except for staff of the asylum or the small businessmen who supplied them and the hospital. The rest of the constituency was a sparsely populated rural farming area, but even many of those constituents were associated with the North Wales Hospital. Denbigh was known as a town which was thriving only because of the asylum, which contained hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of patients, even years after its peak population, but they didn’t have votes.

Geraint Morgan was educated at what became Aberystywth University and Trinity Hall Cambridge. He was fluent in Welsh and enthusiastic about Welsh language matters. Morgan was a member of Gray’s Inn. His fellow member of Gray’s Inn, Sir William Mars-Jones, came from a farming family in Denbighshire and although based in Chambers in London, Mars-Jones worked on the Wales and Chester Circuit as well. Ronnie Waterhouse had been a junior in Mars-Jones’s Chambers and they remained chummy throughout their lives. Mars-Jones’s big family remained in north east Wales. His sister-in-law Dilys was CC’d into correspondence written by Clwyd Health Authority regarding my complaints re Dafydd, I suspect because she was a member of Clwyd Health Authority, but that lot were so lawless that it wouldn’t surprise me if Dilys was simply CC’d into everything anyway. Dilys’s husband David was a farmer and businessman, a leading light in the Freemasons in north Wales, a Councillor and one-time Mayor of Colwyn Bay.

The North Wales Police HQ was at Colwyn Bay and Chief Constable Sir Philip Meyers had built a personal ‘office’ at his home where business was conducted at a time when the force was notoriously corrupt (see post ‘Top Of The Cops’). The Gwynfa child/adolescent psychiatric unit where the most dreadful abuse of children occurred was located at Colwyn Bay. The Angel in charge was a former North Wales Hospital Denbigh Angel, Nigel Mannering Berry, who lived in Colwyn Bay and was a leading light in the Colwyn Bay Masonic Hall (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’). Professor Robert Owen lived in Colwyn Bay and received inappropriate telephone calls and mail from inappropriate people regarding NHS business at his home address (see post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’). Huw Vaughan Thomas – the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, 1991-96, who some years previously had spent six years as Chief Executive of Denbighshire County Council – lived at Colwyn Bay (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’). I could continue…

See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ for further details of William Mars-Jones and his vast network.

It was Sir John Kay sitting in the High Court in Leeds who gave Gwynedd County Council the injunction against me. See post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’. John Kay grew up near Liverpool, was educated at Denstone College and at Christ’s College, Cambridge. He read for the Bar while teaching at a prep school in Hertfordshire and was called by Gray’s Inn in 1968. John Kay was subsequently a tutor in Law at Liverpool University for a year while starting out as a barrister on the Northern Circuit, based at Chambers in Liverpool. Dafydd is a graduate of Liverpool Medical School and he and the gang had their power base in that city, among the Top Docs, lawyers and politicians. John Kay was considered to be a ‘kingmaker’ in that so many members of his Chambers were appointed to senior positions.

Kay played for Waterloo Rugby Club in his youth and served as Club President, 1995-97. His son Ben is the rugby international who was part of the victorious 2003 Rugby World Cup squad.

Kay was appointed as a Lord Justice of Appeal in 2000, the year that the Waterhouse Report was published. He was, at various times, Chairman of the Criminal Committee of the Judicial Studies Board, the National Criminal Justice Board, the Criminal Justice Council and the Criminal Justice Consultative Council.

John Kay’s daughter Amanda followed him into the legal profession. Dame Amanda Louise Yip, (born 23 April 1969), styled The Hon. Mrs Justice Yip was educated at the Merchant Taylor’ Girls’ School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She was called the the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1991, the year after her dad issued an injunction against me on the basis of two people who perjured themselves, one of whom had never met me and another who had met me only two or three times and who had illegally detained me in Ysbyty Gwnyedd. In 1991, my career in medical research was destroyed as were the media careers of two friends who had supported me.

Yip practised at Exchange Chambers in Liverpool, specialising in personal injury and clinical negligence work. She was appointed a Deputy High Court judge in 2013, as the Macur Review was being arranged. Yip was appointed a Justice of the High Court in 2017, on the retirement of Mr Justice Wyn Williams, another loyal servant of the gang… Yip became a High Court judge after I first blogged about her father issuing that injunction to the gang of paedophiles…

You’ve got to admire them really haven’t you, they just cannot be embarrassed. Father outed as being corrupt as fuck and facilitating a paedophile ring? Ooh we’re looking for a High Court judge right now as it ‘appens.

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Amanda married David Yip in 1991; they have one son and two daughters. Whether that is the David Yip who is the Liverpudlian actor I do not know.

Amanda has assisted with some substantial negligence settlements, including one of £9 million. Obviously they weren’t people who had been targeted by the criminal gang who were part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring whom Amanda’s dad knew all about.

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The ring in Cheshire/Liverpool/Manchester was facilitated by Top Docs based in Manchester, one of which was Dafydd’s old mate Bob Hobson, after Hobson relocated from the Maudsley in 1974. After working in Cardiff, Tony Francis worked at the Maudsley, then Manchester, before joining Dafydd in north Wales. Tony’s wife Sadie was a Top Doc who trained and worked in Manchester as well. Sadie’s mother and grandmother were Lady Top Docs based in Yorkshire. Tony and Sadie’s son Adrian is a barrister working in Manchester! See previous posts…

Origin of Species title page.jpg

American botanist Asa Gray (1810–1888), an American colleague of Darwin, negotiated with a Boston publisher for publication of an authorised American version of the Origin of Species.
Asa Briggs.jpg

Asa Briggs grew up near Bradford, passed through the security services and Cambridge and Oxford Universities, before handling the Brighton end of Dafydd’s gang from Asa’s base at Sussex University on behalf of Asa’s mate Harold Wilson.


The Northern Circuit did of course also host legendary dangerous idiot Judge James Pickles. See previous posts. Pickles was born in Halifax. His father was an architect, surveyor, property developer and later a Liberal member of the Halifax Town Council and Mayor of Halifax. James’s uncle was the radio presenter Wilfred Pickles.

Pickles was educated at local primary schools, a prep school and then at Worksop College in Nottinghamshire. He read law at Leeds University and Christ Church, Oxford. Pickles was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1948. Lord Michael Havers whom it is now admitted blocked the prosecution of people linked to the Westminster Paedophile Ring when he was Thatcher’s Attorney General, was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in, er, 1948. Havers’s dad Sir Cecil Havers was a member of the Inner Temple. As was Havers’s sister Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who concealed the extent of the idiocy and wrongdoing of Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East which resulted in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, 1987-88. See previous posts. Mr Thrope was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1954.

Pickles practised as a barrister in Bradford, 1949-76, becoming Head of Chambers in 1972. He was a Labour member of Brighouse Borough Council, 1956-62. Pickles had a side-line as a tabloid journalist and a writer of racy novels in which women rip their knickers off at the sight of a daft old bugger like him. See previous posts for details of the excesses of James Pickles.

Dr Laurence Chesterman – Behind The Facade – Service ...

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

  • James Pickles’s daughter Carolyn is a well-known luvvie who has starred on the BBC, ITV and in a Harry Potter film.

Mysterious deep web horror game Sad Satan has terrified ...


The Norther Circuit also provided a home for Sir Joseph Cantley, the judge who presided over the trial of Mr Thrope at the Old Bailey in 1979 and was subsequently immortalised by Peter Cook when Cook performed ‘Entirely A Matter For You’ at the 1979 Amnesty International fundraising gig ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’. The irony was that Peter Cook had been part of the Footlights crowd, many of whom eg. Dr Jonathan Miller, were linked to Dafydd and co and the gig also involved John Cleese, who’s colleague Graham Chapman sexually abused underaged boys for years and was linked to Dafydd et al. The Secretary General of Amnesty, 1968-80, was Martin Ennals, the brother of Dafydd’s mate David Ennals. Martin Ennals was a founding member of the Anti-Apartheid Movement; Mr Thrope was involved with the AAM at that time. Martin Ennals was Secretary General of the NCCL, 1959-66, as the NCCL developed links with MIND, when Dafydd and David Ennals were leading ladies in MIND. By the early 1970s, the NCCL famously were linked to PIE and were campaigning for paedophiles’ rights…

Martin Neil Lewis (born 24 July 1952) was the co-creator and co-producer of the Secret Policeman’s Balls benefit shows for Amnesty. Lewis is a US-based English writer, radio/TV host, producer and marketing strategist.  He performs and writes for American TV. Lewis hosts his own daily radio show, heard nationally in America on Sirius Satellite Radio and worldwide on Sirius Internet Radio. Lewis is an occasional contributor to ‘The Huffington Post’ website.

Now I love ‘Entirely A Matter For You’, but think about this. In June 1979, a group of people who knew many of those linked with the Westminster Paedophile Ring raised money for Amnesty, an organisation supported and run by many people linked with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, by taking the piss out of a corrupt old judge who had presided over an obviously rigged trial, which had it not been rigged would have led to the unravelling of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Mary Wynch and God knows how many others still languished in Risley Remand Centre and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, illegally imprisoned and sometimes found dead after being targeted by a branch of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and there was no interest shown in them at all by Amnesty or indeed any of those with a Radical Conscience.

For many years Amnesty refused to support the Birmingham Six, on the grounds that they had ‘a fair trial’. They had not had a fair trial and plenty of people in Amnesty knew that. The Birmingham Six had been framed by the notoriously corrupt West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, who were facilitating the organised abuse and trafficking in that region by Dafydd’s partners-in-crime, including Bluglass and Berry. After the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad had done their best, every part of the British criminal justice system lied and fabricated and planted evidence.

Lord Denning famously refused the Birmingham Six’s appeal on the grounds that if he allowed it, there would be an admission of corruption to such an appalling extent that it would be an ‘appalling vista’, rather than Denning believing that they were guilty.

My documentation presents an even more appalling vista; that of the Top Doctors being a bloody site more corrupt than the agents of British justice with whom the Birmingham Six tangled. It was the Top Doctors who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and no-one, no-one, would dare, or indeed could bear, to admit it.

The month before the ‘Secret Policeman’s Ball’ performance, Jimmy Savile’s friend had been elected as PM.

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She appointed a man who was molesting children in care in north Wales as a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury.

Peter Morrison – the child abuser protected by MI5, the ...


James Pickles wasn’t the only judge with children who were luvvies. Michael Havers, the Attorney General appointed by Thatch as soon as she assumed office, had offspring with far greater luvvie pulling power than Carolyn Pickles.

Posh actor Nigel Havers slams Tube strike for forcing him ...


In 1978, Cynthia Payne’s brothel in Ambleside Avenue in Streatham was raided. Police found a sex party in progress; 53 men were in attendance, in varying levels of undress, which included “a peer of the realm, an MP, a number of solicitors and company directors and several vicars”. The nation derived great amusement from it and when the case came to trial in 1980 and Payne was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, there was a great deal of anger that she had been jailed yet the men at the party had not even been named, yet alone prosecuted. On appeal, Cynthia’s sentence was reduced to a fine and six months imprisonment. 

Something that was reported nowhere in the mainstream media and still hasn’t been, was that a number of Top Docs from St George’s Hospital were also caught in Cynthia’s brothel. Cynthia’s brothel was serving as a networking opportunity for professionals involved in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as well as for people wanting sex with adults. Dafydd’s mates were among those associated with Cynthia. Cynthia was raided again in 1986, this time during a “special party” that she was hosting. She was acquitted at the resulting court case in 1987. You bet that she was, the big boys had moved in to block the police from uncovering the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which they had tried to do in 1978; in 1987, Lord Chief Justice Lane released Ollie Brooke, who was a key figure in a pan-European paedophile ring. No-one was going to send Cynthia to prison again. See previous posts for full details of Cynthia, those colluding with her and the death of Lord David Sutch, Cynthia’s former house mate at Ambleside Avenue, while under the care of the Top Docs in June 1999, seven months before the Waterhouse Report was published.

Sir Joseph Donaldson Cantley (8 August 1910 – 6 January 1993) was born in Manchester, where his father was a GP. He was educated at Manchester Grammar School and then studied at Manchester University. He was called to the Bar at Middle Temple in 1933. Cantley worked as a barrister in Manchester, practising on the Northern Circuit. He served as Treasurer at Middle Temple in 1981. Ronnie Waterhouse held the same office.

Cantley became Judge of the Court of Record in the Hundred of Salford in Lancashire in 1960 and was Judge of Appeal in the Isle of Man High Court, 1962-65. Cantley was appointed as a High Court judge in 1965 and was Presiding Judge on the Northern Circuit, 1970-74, when George Carman, who defended Mr Thrope in 1979, was a well-known barrister on the same circuit. Cantley had such a low public profile before Mr Thrope’s trial that no press agency could find a photograph of him. After Mr Thrope’s trial, Cantley became a national joke. He retired from the bench in 1985. In later life, Cantley lived with his wife in the Temple and attended the Temple Church. Cantley was still alive in 1990, when his former colleague on the Northern Circuit Sir John Kay issued a gang of paedophiles with that extraordinary injunction against me.


Now for a bit more on Professor Peter Townsend, who featured in previous posts as one of the advisers to the Labour Gov’ts of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan with regard to ‘poverty’. Townsend was a sociologist who was a buddy of LSE Professors Brian Abel-Smith and Richard Titmuss, who were responsible for much of the economics and design which underpinned the post-war welfare state, including the NHS. There were fundamental flaws built in, but Abel-Smith and Titmuss were deities who were untouchable and as the problems snowballed, the bigger and bigger mess was just the subject of more and more political cover-ups. It didn’t help that Abel-Smith was definitely part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and was part of the inner-circle of people in high places who were colluding with Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts.

Peter Townsend, professor of international social policy at the London school of economics.

Peter Brereton Townsend (6 April 1928 – 8 June 2009) was Professor of International Social Policy at the LSE, as well as Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Bristol University. Townsend was one of the co-founders of the University of Essex.

The linguist Professor Andrew Radford was a Reader at the University of Essex, 1978–80. In 1980, Radford became Professor of Linguistics at UCNW, serving first as Head of the Department of Linguistics, 1980–87 and later as Head of the School of Modern Languages and Linguistics, 1987–89.

Radford arrived at UCNW the year before I started my first degree there. I had a close friend in my first year at UCNW who was a linguistics student. Radford’s conduct, even by then, was causing ructions at UCNW. Radford was a shagger of undergrads of the highest order and years later I was told by a retired lecturer from UCNW that Radford boasted about this to his colleagues and that there was a direct correlation between the students who bagged Firsts and those who shagged Radford. I never heard of Radford sexually assaulting anyone, but his excesses with students caused a bad atmosphere in the Dept and there was at least one student who felt very uncomfortable there because of Radford. She had a nervous breakdown, was sent to Gwynne the lobotomist and attempted suicide days later. Her mum hit the roof and a complaint was made about Gwynne and Radford. This young woman was transferred to Tony Francis for ‘care’ and Francis did what I now know to have been his MO. He gave the appearance of being a caring concerned man, told the student’s mum that Gwynne had been dealt with and This Will Never Happen Again. Radford wanted the student to return to the Dept of Linguistics, her mum said ‘no way’ and Francis sorted that out as well. What happened next? The student remained fragile and found it very difficult to get ‘care’. Francis discharged her with no follow up and things very nearly unravelled at that point, but her mum looked after her. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and although she managed to complete a Masters, she was never able to hold down a job. She settled in Manchester, where Francis’s former colleagues ‘cared’ for her. I last saw her in 2001. She described a level of neglect that I thought was only available in north Wales. She had made a very serious suicide attempt by overdosing on her anti-depressants and was lucky to live, but sustained kidney damage. Her mum – her family had always stood by her – told the Top Doc who prescribed the anti-depressants, which were very toxic in overdose, that she was worried that her daughter would attempt suicide again. Bingo! There was no more support, just another prescription of the same anti-depressants. She died some ten years ago; suicide.

As far as I know, that former UCNW student was, apart from me, the last Survivor Of Gwynne. Her encounter with Gwynne was documented on her medical records…


In 1989, Radford returned to the University of Essex as Professor of Linguistics, where he served three terms as Head of the Department of Language and Linguistics and one as Dean of the School of Humanities and Comparative Studies. He retired at the end of 2013 and has been Emeritus Professor at Essex since then.

So Essex had Radford back again, although he left Bangor under one hell of a cloud. But then Essex gave him to UNCW with no warnings. Prior to that, Radford had worked at Oxford University and before that, UEA. Where did Radford do his degree and PhD and then his post-doc research? Trinity College, Cambridge. Radford was at Trinity College while Carlo was a student there, while Rab Butler was Master of Trinity College and while the sex abuse ring at Cambridge was concealed by scores of people, including Trumpers, who was a Tory Councillor, Mayor of Cambridge and a mate of Rab’s. See previous posts.


Peter Townsend was born in Middlesborough, which was at the heart of the turf of the long-standing gang in the North East who supplied Dafydd et al with staff and kids as far back as the early 1970s.

Previous posts have mentioned that in 1965, Townsend co-founded the Child Poverty Action Group with Brian Abel-Smith, served as the Chair for 20 years and was Life President from 1989. Many who colluded with Dafydd and the gang held roles with the CPAG, including Virginia Bottomley and Frank Field. See post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’.

During the 1960s, Townsend served as a member on the Council for Training in Social Work’s Research Committee. The Council for the Training of Social Work was Chaired by Sir Charles Morris, who also Chaired the Council for the Training of Health Visitors. At that time, social work had become pretty much completely infiltrated with the paedophiles who caused such havoc during the 1970s and 80s, when the gangs all linked up and expanded internationally, to form a huge cartel of professional people involved with serious organised crime. Townsend and Morris will have known this. Health visitors hadn’t plumbed quite such depths, but they were trained to be subservient and not ask questions of their elders and betters or of the Top Docs and I know of plenty of cases where health visitors were fully aware of organised abuse, including in north Wales, but they just did not challenge it.

Angels and health visitors of that era were repeatedly told that they did not make diagnoses and their role was to carry out the Top Docs’ instructions, not question them. Angels with nous had to play an odd game, whereby they pretended to be subservient but devised strategies for warding off catastrophes. They were not always able to do that and if they couldn’t, they became 100% complicit with the lies and the cover-up.

Charles Richard Morris, Baron Morris of Grasmere (25 January 1898-30 May 1990) was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, 1948-63. Leeds was Jimmy Savile Central by the late 1950s…

Morris was born in Sutton Valence, Kent and educated at Tonbridge School and Trinity College, Cambridge, from where the British security services recruited so many people at that time. From 1922 to 1943 Morris was Fellow and tutor in philosophy at Balliol College, Oxford, 1921-43, although from 1939 during WW II he worked as a civil servant. Ted Heath studied PPE at Balliol, 1935-39. Denis Healey was at Balliol, 1936-40 and Roy Jenkins was there studying PPE at approximately the same time. Like Asa Briggs, Healey lived in Keighley and went to school in Bradford; Healey was four years older than Briggs. Woy Jenkins grew up in south Wales and attended University College Cardiff before going on to Balliol.


Charles Morris was appointed Headmaster of King Edward’s School, Birmingham in 1941, taking up the post in 1943. He then became Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, 1948-63. In 1955 Morris opened Netherhall School in Maryport, Cumbria. In 1967 Morris received a peerage. He died at Grasmere in 1990 aged 92. Morris lived in Cumbria at the same time as Dafydd’s umbrellas Willie Whitelaw and William Bingley. See previous posts. Alan Billings, the Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council while Blunkett was Leader and who along with Blunkett was ignoring Savile’s crime empire which was directly linked to Dafydd’s gang, was married to Professor Linda Woodhead, who has a second home in Kendal. Billings and Woodhead both have numerous links through which they knew about organised abuse being concealed at Gov’t level. See post ‘The Big Questions’.

Charles Morris’s wife Mary was the daughter of Ernest de Sélincourt (1870–1943), a literary scholar and critic, best known as an Editor of William and Dorothy Wordsworth. de Selincourt was an Oxford Professor of Poetry, 1928-33 and a Fellow of University College, Oxford. After a distinguished career at Oxford, he became a Professor of English at Birmingham University. Early in his career de Selincourt taught in the Ladies’ Department of King’s College London, where his students included Virginia Woolf (then Virginia Stephen). Woolf’s fellow members of the Bloomsbury Group had strong links to Gwynedd, because so many of them were related to or friends with Sir Clough-Williams-Ellis and his wife Amabel, who owned an estate at Croesor in Gwynedd and rented out properties to them as second homes. The Welsh Bloomsbury Set were a well-known presence in the area throughout the middle years of the 20th century. Because some of them were involved with organised abuse – and even more of them were concealing it – they made good use of the services of Dafydd and Gwynne. See eg. ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. One family who had a second home in Croesor were the Hobsbawms; Julia Hobsbawm was a school friend and later a business partner of Sarah Brown, Gordon’s wife. See previous posts.

Bertrand Russell was part of the same crowd and lived at nearby Penrhyndeudraeth from 1955 onwards. Russell was known to be someone who sexually exploited virtually anybody and made use of helpful Top Docs to declare people who objected as insane. See previous posts. Russell was a student at and then a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and his time there overlapped with Charles Morris’s time there. 


Peter Townsend also co-founded the Disability Alliance in the early 1970s and Chaired it for 25 years. Townsend’s obituary explained that the Disability Alliance campaigned against poverty among disabled people and ensured that they gained access to benefits. Townsend didn’t mention the many destitute or near destitute Empowered Service Users in north Wales who were openly told by members of Dafydd’s gang if they had complained about the gang ‘well we won’t be helping you’. Covering statements from and the signatures of that lot were needed to accompany every application for disability benefits or housing. That was why so many Empowered Service Users in north Wales were either living on incomes below benefit level or didn’t dare complain about the gang.

One of Townsend’s publications was entitled ‘Why Are The Many Poor?’, London: Fabian Society (1984). Answer: because the entire welfare system was designed by you and your mates for your convenience and as a network of corrupt professional people took it over and were completely running it by 1984, none of you would listen to the people screaming for help, not even when the bodies were mounting up. ‘Ah the doctors they were wonderful’ was the only response allowed.

Peter Townsend was educated at Fleet Road Elementary School, Gospel Oak, University College School, St John’s College, Cambridge and the Free University, Berlin. Savile’s mate Trumpers’s husband was Headmaster of University College School and Trumpers made good use of the grand parents who sent their children there as well as the old boys’ network. Harold Wilson’s sons went to University College School and Trumpers used to have tea with Harold and Mary. Ronnie Waterhouse went to St John’s College, Cambridge and Ronnie was one for alumni networks as well. Waterhouse was just two years younger than Townsend.

Townsend was married three times: Ruth Pearce (1949) with whom he had four sons; Joy Skegg (1977) with whom he had one daughter; Jean Corston, (1985) (one stepson, one stepdaughter) who was his partner from 1980.

Jean Corston has starred on this blog previously. Corston was yet another Wimmin’s Champ who ‘didn’t know’ about Dafydd and the gang until the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal became very public, at which point Jean joined in signing the Early Day Motions and announcing her shock and disgust, along with everyone else who ‘didn’t know’.

Jean Ann Corston (nee Parkin) grew up in Somerset. She went to Yeovil Girls’ High School (now the Westfield Community School) and the Somerset College of Arts and Technology in Taunton. Corston worked at the Inland Revenue. She attended the LSE and graduated with a law degree  in 1989. From 1989–90, Corston studied at the Inns of Court School of Law and with the Open University. Corston became a barrister. She served as the Labour MP for Bristol East, 1992-2005. Dear old Jean broke a glass ceiling, she was the first woman to Chair the PLP, 2001-05, under Miranda. Then Jean was given a peerage!

Jean bagged that peerage just as I finished my PhD, by which time Brown and I had already appeared in the media discussing Miranda’s failed HE policies and the disaster that was the mental health services. We also made it known that we intended to publish much more about the mental health services in north Wales, particularly the attempts to have me and other patients who had complained imprisoned.

Jean was commissioned by the Home Office to conduct a report into vulnerable women in the criminal justice system of the UK, which was published in March 2007! You should have left it to me Jean, I know what I’m talking about on this subject and I wouldn’t have published a heap of anodyne crap either.

This is what Jean’s wiki entry says about the Corston Report:

It explores the idea that if a lot of women who are in prison are mentally ill, whether they should be there at all. The report outlines “the need for a distinct radically different, visibly-led, strategic, proportionate, holistic, woman-centred, integrated approach.

Oh God, I need a sick bucket.

The Corston Report ‘has largely informed Government policy on the matter. Progress and improvements by local probation services, the National Probation Service, Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) are regularly compared to the recommendations in this report.

Good to see that your distinct radically different, visibly-led, strategic, proportionate, holistic, woman-centred, integrated approach has been so successful Jean! Have you been following the Crisis In Prisons and the Probation Service recently? Or have you been too busy concealing the effects of a mental health service run by people traffickers in your woman-centred, holistic way?

Here’s Jean, she’s been to the hairdressers and put her make-up on, all holistic and women-centred:

The Baroness Corston
Official portrait of Baroness Corston crop 2.jpg

Here’s an Empowered Service User after being in receipt of Jean’s holistic, woman-centred Help:

There was a wonderful article about Jean in ‘Society Guardian’ in Feb 2017, which detailed Jean’s early life of hardship. Jean explained that she endured the horror of living on a council estate in Yeovil and then left school without qualifications. Kids from Somerset who were adventurous but couldn’t be arsed with A levels often used to go to Somerset College of Arts and Technology (it was always known as SCAT), where Jean went. It was, by Somerset standards, the place for the Artistic Rebels. They weren’t all from privileged homes but they weren’t the kids at the bottom of the heap. Jean explained to ‘Society Guardian’ how years later, she helped the Home Office out with her woman-centred, holistic ways, because she had heard how many suicides there had been of women in HMP Styal and knew that She Had To Do Something. Styal is in Cheshire and it received the distraught female victims of Dafydd’s gang, particularly after the women’s – ie. teenaged girls – wing at Risley was just so bad that it was closed. The illiterate, abused, drug addicted, suicidal teenagers were then sent to Styal instead.

Fortunately for Jean of the School of Hard Knocks, life got better after she saw that job as a barrister advertised in Yeovil Job Centre and then she married Gov’t adviser and Famous Sociologist Peter Townsend, before a vacancy as a Baroness popped up. Townsend died in 2009, but by then Jean’s life was so marvellous that even Townsend dying was great. He wasn’t found hanging in Risley, he enjoyed a meal of skate wings and black butter (what the hell those are I have no idea, I’m going to look both of those things up), turned off his bedside light and he was gone. Jean explained to ‘Guardian Society’ that if she can get out of Dark Place, anyone can. Jean, believe me, SCAT is not that much of a Dark Place, it is not as dark as Risley Remand Centre or the clutches of Dafydd’s gang.

Jean married Christopher Corston in 1961 with whom she had a son and daughter. Townsend was her partner from 1980 until he died in 2009; they married in Bristol in 1985.

Bristol in 1985 was being mobilised into anti-Baker and Brown activity by Dafydd’s fellow gang member, D.G.E. Wood and his network. Wood trained as a Top Doc in Bristol and his father was a Top Doc in Bristol as well. David Hunt read law at Bristol and remained in the area working on behalf of the Tories after he graduated but before he became the Tory MP for Wirral in 1976. Previous posts and comments have explained how Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins, a particularly abusive Gwynedd social worker, studied psychology at Bristol University and after graduation in 1984 returned to live in north Wales for a year, renting a cottage from D.G.E. Wood. Sarah Jenkins was at Bristol when Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s wife, was on the psychology degree there…

The Home Secretary who commissioned the Corston Report will have been David Blunkett or Charles Clarke. My post ‘The Big Questions’ discussed how both of them colluded with Dafydd’s gang, concealed serious criminality and stood by as people who spilt the gang’s pints were fitted up and criminalised.


I’ll revisit Brian Abel-Smith’s buddy Richard Titmuss here as well. Richard Morris Titmuss (1907–1973) founded the academic discipline of Social Administration (now largely known in universities as Social Policy) and held the founding Chair in the subject at the LSE.

Titmuss was born in 1907, the second child of a farmer; he was brought up in the countryside and left school at 14 with no formal qualifications. An autodidact, he worked for a large insurance company as an actuary for 16 years whilst simultaneously pursuing an interest in social topics through reading, debating and writing. Titmuss’s initial concerns were with such issues as insurance and the age structure of the population, migration, unemployment and re-armament, foreign policy and the peace movement. In 1938 Titmuss published Poverty and Population, which focused on the regional differences between the North and South. In 1939, he published Our Food Problem. Around this time, Titmuss was also active in the British Eugenics Society.

In 1942, Titmuss was recruited to write a volume in the series of the official war history, Problems of Social Policy, a work which established his reputation as well as securing him the new Chair at the LSE. In this process, he was strongly supported by the sociologist T.H. Marshall, the Head of the Social Science Department at LSE, 1939-44,

At the LSE, Titmuss ‘transformed the teaching of social work and social workers’. I don’t know what on earth Titmuss did, but look at the biographies of so many of the social workers and social work managers who were involved in concealing the organised abuse of those which made up the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including in north Wales; again and again, they had studied at the LSE under Titmuss… Something was going very badly wrong there.

Titmuss contributed to a number of Gov’t committees on the NHS and social policy. He also did some consulting in Africa, sometimes together with Abel-Smith, who was later his successor in his Chair.

Richard Titmuss’s final book, The Gift Relationship expressed his own philosophy of altruism in social and health policy and, like much of his work, emphasised his preference for the values of public service over private or commercial forms of care. The book was influential and resulted in a study of the blood bank systems, specifically with regard to regulation on the private blood market exchange. President Nixon called for a complete study of the lack of coordination within the system only months following publication of Titmuss’ findings.

Titmuss has been criticised by the American economist Kenneth Arrow for a somewhat poor reading of some sociological classics (although Titmuss never claimed to be a sociologist). While this may partly reflect Titmuss’s somewhat inadequate academic training, it also derives from his impatience with non-participatory sociology and his preference (this became a defining characteristic of “his” discipline of ‘social administration’) for engagement with contemporary social policy issues and even some of its more fallible institutions.

Richard Titmuss was much criticised for his role as Deputy Chairman of the Gov’t’s Supplementary Benefits Commission, 1968-73, which some critics felt did not allow him enough distance. Titmuss by contrast argued in favour of trying to make inadequate institutions work better for the benefit of the poor even if his involvement with them had the potential to sully the purity of his reputation.

If the state bureaucrats Titmuss and his pal Abel-Smith had not been so firmly in denial with regard to the inadequacies and in-built abuses of the welfare system that they had played such a major role in creating, they might have been able to make inadequate institutions function better. Instead, a brick wall was erected against anyone who dared suggest that all was not as it should be. That was why in 1995, Dafydd was still employed by the NHS and the North Wales Hospital contained illegally imprisoned victims of a paedophile gang who had been in there for decades. It is why Dafydd and Lucille at nearly 90s years old are running the biggest substance abuse charidee in Wales and why the Westminster and Welsh Gov’ts cannot understand why the NHS and social care system is such a disaster, no matter how many more billion is handed over.

Anyone who remembers the Supplementary Benefit system created by Titmuss will know that this was not a system designed to assist desperate people. Furthermore, Abel-Smith and Titmuss were the advisers to what can fairly be described as a paedophile/trafficking ring of Civil Service mandarins and politicians who operated via the Ministries of Health and Social Security from the very establishment of the post-war welfare system. The architects of the system were considered beyond question; so much so that no-one dared point to what was happening at Ely or Warlingham Park or the North Wales Hospitals, while Abel-Smith jetted off to Italy with his boyfriend to buy the latest lines for the fashion chain that they ran, or Richard Crossman dined on gulls’ eggs in gentlemen’s clubs in Pall Mall with his mates from the DHSS who were Helping The Poor. Richard Titmuss was an autodidact, which can result in people taking a very rigid attitude to learning ie. ‘I’ve read this, it is right’, rather than understanding the nature of debate and new ways of thinking/knowledge supplanting previous knowledge, but I suspect that he was also a prima donna, who, like his colleagues, were running the system for themselves and Must Not Be Questioned.

Titmuss held his Chair at the LSE in 1950, after brief spells in the Cabinet Office and the Social Medicine Research Unit until his death in 1973.

Readers will know that I am currently gaining much entertainment from Richard Crossman’s Diaries, 1968-70, covering the years that Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS, with Titmuss and his pals cluttering up the Dept. I still have a great deal more of the Diaries to read but the picture is already very clear, one of Crossman and his friends living lives of gobsmacking excess and luxury, even by the standards of Gov’t Ministers, while holding the most appallingly mean-minded discussions with regard to scroungers. Yes, the term is used, by people from across the political spectrum. Even when frank abuses of the most vulnerable people are revealed, the Top Docs cannot be challenged.

On Feb 25th 1970, Crossman recorded that he had a meeting regarding the ‘pocket money’ issued to patients of long stay psychiatric hospitals. Dafydd’s prisoners. The prisoners were by law permitted a very small allowance from the DHSS; this was still the situation when Dafydd illegally imprisoned me in 1986/87. The patients spent the pocket money, if they actually received it, on nothing but fags and sweets. That was because the only place that they were ever allowed to go outside of the ward was to the hospital shop, which sold nothing but cigarettes and sweets. No-one ever went anywhere to buy anything else. The patients who were taken into Denbigh wearing their nightclothes stayed in their nightclothes, they were never offered anything else. Patients only had new clothes if they were brought in by their families or friends, but most of the patients had been abandoned long ago, if they did have families. See post ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ Furthermore Dafydd banned relatives from visiting if they complained about patients being abused.

Crossman noted that it has come to his attention that the Top Doctors were unlawfully refusing to give patients their allowances, as a means of ‘disciplining’ them. Translated this meant ‘refuse sex with Dafydd or indeed one of the ring and you don’t even get your pittance’. Crossman was horrified to hear of the abuses of the system by the Top Docs and he had ordered his officials to investigate; they had produced a report and confirmed yes, this abuse was rampant. Crossman recorded that approaches were made to the Supplementary Benefits Commission, ‘especially Harold Collison and Richard Titmuss’ to ‘consider the matter’ but Collison and Titmuss had decided that they were not going to exert their ‘legal right’ – or rather, legal duty –  to stop the Top Doctors financially abusing their patients. Crossman had just cleared up a ‘similar scandal’ in mental handicap hospitals and had caught the Top Doctors out on lies with regards to their patients inability to handle pocket money. Crossman had now discovered this scandal in psych hospitals and his advisers who were dedicated to social justice were refusing to stop Top Docs breaking the law…

Crossman’s earlier entry for Oct 16 1969 had noted how Crossman, Harold Collison, Titmuss, Abel-Smith and Clifford Jarrett would have to discuss how to prevent the ‘real abuse’ of the social security system by ‘wastrels and drunkards’, after they discovered that Dafydd’s mate David Ennals had booked himself an appearance on a forthcoming edition of ‘Panorama’ with regard to the abuses of social security by wastrels and drunkards.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Here’s Harold Collison who, along with Titmuss, would not confront the biggest scrounger of all:

Harold Collison, 1965


Harold Francis Collison, Baron Collison (10 May 1909 – 29 December 1995) was a trade unionist. Born in the East End of London, Collison grew up in Gloucester and attended the Crypt School, before working on a farm from the age of 17. He joined the National Union of Agricultural Workers and was also active in the Labour Party. From 1946, Collison worked at the union headquarters in London and in 1953 he was elected General Secretary. In 1960, Collison became President of the International Federation of Plantation, Agricultural and Allied Workers, serving until 1976. He was also a member of the Executive of the International Labour Organisation.

Collison was made a life peer on 14 December 1964.

In 1965, Collison served as President of the TUC. In 1969, he resigned as General Secretary of his union to become Chairman of the Supplementary Benefits Commission. In which role Collison was far too frightened to challenge Dafydd et al breaking the law and abusing their patients. Well what would have happened to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and just as importantly, what would have happened if Collison, Titmuss etc found that there just wasn’t any effective treatment available the next time that they were ill? They knew what had happened to the long-stay patients who had refused to shag Dafydd…

In fact the Top Docs might have done the ‘Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you’ bit on Lord Collison anyway, because he died on 29 Dec 1995. Which was days after Nicola Davies QC announced that a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal would not be in the public interest, although earlier in 1995, Ronnie Waterhouse seemed to know that there would be one and that he would be Chairing it…

Harold Collison was a farm worker, but he was Chairman of the Supplementary Benefits Commission, 1969-75 and he will have realised at some point that those surrounding him were running a sex abuse gang, targeting kids in care and psych patients. He also knew that patients in those institutions were being ‘looked after’ by Docs who broke the law and continued to do so even when they had been the subject of a Civil Service investigation.

Collison was also President of the Association of Agriculture, 1976-84. Which covered the years of excess in the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW, run by the paedophile gang who illegally imprisoned Mary Wynch, one of their own members of secretarial staff, but why I am not sure…

1976: the year that Carlo was appointed Chancellor of the University of Wales, the year that George Thomas became Speaker of the House and the year that Mr Thrope’s activities finally hit the press.


Sir Clifford Jarrett was a Civil Service mandarin, who served as the Permanent Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Pensions and Social Security, which then became the Ministry of Social Security, which in turn became the DHSS, 1964-70. Clifford was at the DHSS along with the swingers of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and he took up the position in the same year that Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson became Minister of Health. Which was the year in which Dafydd was given a job as a consultant at the North Wales Hospital. Responsible for the women’s side of the hospital.

No sane person would have made such an appointment would they?

Jarrett was Permanent Secretary at the Admiralty, 1961-64, so he knew about Mountbatten, the gay spies and the rest of the shenanigans, as detailed previously eg. ‘The Defence Of The Realm’. Sir Clifford was then transferred to a post in the Ministry of Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Clifford retired in 1970. In 1971 he was appointed Chairman of the Tobacco Research Council and of the Dover Harbour Board.


Richard Crossman’s Diaries make it clear that life at the DHSS was a bit like an episode of the 1970s day time TV show ‘Houseparty’, in that there’s a gathering of people and then the doorbell rings and another person arrives, then the process is repeated again and again, until there’s a big crowd of mates, none of whom have been formally invited. Crossman records how Titmuss and the others just roll up at the DHSS with their mates in tow and they’re introduced to Crossman and everyone joins in the Gov’t meeting and has a good read of all of the documents. In fact Harold Wilson realises that Crossman has a penchant for doing this and has to tell Crossman to stop sharing the confidential papers with everyone. To overcome this hindrance, Crossman gives his mates inventive job titles and in one case bags someone a peerage.

One person who turns up to the Houseparty with Titmuss on one occasion in 1968 is a Professor Morris from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. No-one is expecting Prof Morris, but he’s there as a friend of Titmuss and Crossman extends a warm welcome to him.

Guy Forshaw's Blog Website.: Houseparty from Southern ...


Here’s old Titmuss, in Highgate Cemetery along with his wife Kay, in there with Eric Hobsbawm and all the best who just could not find it in themselves to stop bloody Dafydd.

Titmuss’s wife Kathleen (“Kay”) was a social worker. Their only daughter is Ann Oakley.

Ann Rosamund Oakley (born 17 January 1944) is a feminist sociologist. She is Professor and Founder-Director of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London and in 2005 partially retired from full-time academic work to concentrate on her writing. Oakley was educated at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls and Somerville College, Oxford, graduating in 1965, having married Robin Oakley the previous year. In the next few years, Oakley wrote scripts  for children’s TV and wrote numerous short stories. Returning to formal education at Bedford College, University of London – where Bertrand Russell’s son Conrad taught – she gained her PhD in 1969. Oakley’s thesis was a study of women’s attitudes to housework, from which several of her early books were derived. Much of Oakley’s sociological research focused on sociology and women’s health. Oakley has co-authored with feminist analyst Juliet Mitchell. Mitchell, being a big figure in analysis, will know that analysis is colluding with organised abuse on a vast scale.

I read a lot of Oakley’s work when I was young and beginning to experience the full horror of the NHS and social care system. Oakley did make a valuable contribution – she was feted by feminists at one point – but as with the rest of the work on healthcare, even from those writing from radical and feminist standpoints, what I could not help noting, on the most important matter of all, was

  • The Sound Of Silence - Disturbed ( lyrics ) - YouTube
Although I didn’t know that Ann Oakley’s dad was one of Dafydd’s mates…
 Ann Oakley’s wiki entry refers to her husband Robin as an ‘academic’. So I presume that she is married to a different Robin Oakley than this one, who needs mentioning here anyway.

Robin Francis Leigh Oakley (born 20 August 1941) is a British journalist from in Kidderminster in Worcestershire. From 2000 to 2008, he was European Political Editor at CNN International. From 1992 to 2000, Oakley was Political Editor at the BBC.

Robin Oakley was educated at Wellington College, Berkshire and Brasenose College, Oxford. He started his career on the ‘Liverpool Daily Post’ here he became Political Editor. That newspaper was run by Dafydd’s gang. Oakley was then the Crossbencher columnist and Assistant Editor on ‘The Sunday Express’ and was Assistant Editor of the Daily Mail, 1981-86. Between 1986 and 1992, Oakley was a columnist and Political Editor for ‘The Times’. He then moved to the BBC, where he was Political Editor, 1992-2000. During this period Oakley regularly presented political news items on BBC TV news. His predecessor as BBC Political Editor was John Cole and he was succeeded in 2000 by Andrew Marr. After leaving the BBC, Oakley became CNN’s European Political Editor. He is also an expert in horse racing and has written the Turf column in ‘The Spectator’ since 1994, as well as being the racing correspondent of the ‘Financial Times’ for several years. Oakley’s 2000 book “Valley of The Racehorse” is a story of the racing community in the Lambourn valley. His 2001 book Inside Track is based on his experiences as a political journalist.

Robin Oakley will have known Ronnie Waterhouse’s wife’s family, who were well-known racehorse breeders and he’ll have known Philip Lever aka Lord Leverhulme, who was involved with racing in a big way. Prof Fergus Lowe at Bangor University did very well out of funding bodies associated with Philip Lever by reminding Lever of a few Dafydd-related matters. See post ‘Feet In Chains’.

Isn’t Lilibet keen on racing as well Mr Oakley?

Oakley was awarded an OBE in 2001 for his services to political journalism. That’s not much for keeping his mouth shut, everybody else got a peerage.

One of Oakley’s publications was: Oakley, Robin (4 October 2008). “Team Tactics” The Spectator 308 (9397): 57.

Team tactics can be very effective Robin, but when a key member of your team is Dafydd, it makes the whole team rather shaky.

Robin was the Political Editor for BBC News, 1992-2000, throughout the police investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, the Jillings Investigation and then the Waterhouse Inquiry. Robin knew nuzzing. Neither did his predecessor John Cole. The political journalist who came from N Ireland. The location of Kincora Boys’ Home and a civil war… Andrew Marr succeeded Robin Oakley. Andrew Marr is married to Jackie Ashley, the daughter of the Labour MP Jack Ashley. Jack was the MP for a Staffordshire constituency, on the patch of a big ring linked to Dafydd’s gang. Jack was famously deaf, but he really couldn’t have missed what was going on even if he couldn’t hear the screaming.

Children of 12 gang raped and forced to have sex with animals while they were filmed Ann. In Risley Remand Centre on trumped up charges if they refused and found hanging dead a few days later in the ‘hospital wing’. The women were fully on board Ann, even those using your work to teach student Angels and social workers.
Robin ‘We Didn’t Know’ Oakley:
A volume written by someone who did his PhD at the LSE in the heyday of Richard Titmuss et al:


My post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’ briefly discussed the Top Doctor Sir George Godber, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, 1950-60 and Chief Medical Officer, 1960-73. I blogged extensively about Godber in ‘The Creme de la Creme’, presuming when I wrote that post that Godber was the person who had let Dafydd and Gwynne get away with murder – literally – because when I wrote that I had no idea of the sheer number of Godbers at the top of the DHSS. Godber’s responsibilities extended to approved schools, remand centres, prisons, etc. Gosh that man will have had some explaining to do when he arrived at the Pearly Gates. STI raddled kids of 14 from children’s homes in north Wales found dead in Risley Remand Centre after having been arrested for ‘stealing chewing gum’ because they could withstand the gang rapes no more and protested. I have explained that Godber was part of the team who were responsible for the creation of the NHS and like the rest of them was beatified as a result.

Godber was a student at New College, Oxford and was mentored by Crossman who was a young don at the time. Crossman was working for the security services and was recruiting for them. I seem to remember reading that it was Crossman who told Trumper’s husband Alan Barker as a student that Barker ‘ought to become an MP’, although Barker had shown no such interest in such a trajectory and there was then a discussion of which party Barker might like to represent.  I know that It Was Different Back Then but it doesn’t seem a very sound way of choosing future MPs. Having said that, the process today is to select for people who explain that they are a Woman who joined the #Me Too movement…

As well as Richard Crossman, Godber’s other influence at New College was the historian and Warden of New College, H.A.L. Fisher and Godber maintained that it was Fisher who partly inspired Godber to pursue a career in public health.

Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher (21 March 1865 – 18 April 1940) was born in London, the eldest son of Herbert William Fisher (1826–1903), author of Considerations on the Origin of the American War and his wife Mary Louisa Jackson (1841–1916). Herbert’s sister Adeline Maria Fisher was the first wife of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, another sister, Florence Henrietta Fisher, married both Frederic William Maitland and Francis Darwin. Fisher was a first cousin of Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell (the children of his mother’s sister Julia). Fisher was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1888 and was awarded a fellowship. So Fisher was a member of the Bloomsbury Group, many of whom colonised Croesor and made use of Gwynne and Dafydd’s services…

Fisher was a tutor in modern history at Oxford. In September 1912, he was appointed (with Lord Islington, Lord Ronaldsay, Justice Abdur Rahim and others) as a member of the Royal Commission on the Public Services of India, 1912–1915. Between 1913 and 1917 Fisher was Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University.

In December 1916 Fisher was elected as Liberal MP for Sheffield Hallam and joined the Gov’t of David Lloyd George, 1916-22, as President of the Board of Education. He was sworn of the Privy Council of the same month. In this post he was instrumental in the formulation of the Education Act 1918, which made school attendance compulsory for children up to the age of 14. Fisher was also responsible for the Superannuation Act of 1918, which provided pension provision for all teachers.

The nature of the Board of Education was preserved in aspic over generations. In north Wales, people appointed to senior roles by the Board of Education acquired great kudos, being Educated People in a poor rural region in which many people were employed in manual labour which gave them no more than a subsistence income and a life that often ended in death by early middle age. Life for quarrymen, farm workers and servants in north Wales really was hard, society was stratified – although people who promote the notion of a classless gwerin deny this – and there was a lot of cap doffing even into the 1950s.

One appointment of the Board of Education was that of J.E. Daniel, who in 1946, was appointed as an Inspector of Schools, with special responsibility for classics and religious education. Daniel was inspecting schools during Gwynne’s years as a young Top Doc. Gwynne was probably still serving in the Royal Navy at the time, but the regime that he would soon be joining and reinforcing at the North Wales Hospital was in place, as was the organised abuse in the region upon which Dafydd and Gwynne later capitalised and turned into a production line for underaged sex workers.

Readers may well remember J.E. Daniel from previous posts. J.E. Daniel was the father of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, who was greatly distressed when he was unable to send me to prison in 2004 which for some reason he seemed to think was going to be a certainty, after charges against me of ‘threatening to kill’ on the basis of the perjury of at least eight members of NHS staff were withdrawn on the first day of the trial. The charges were replaced with the lowest category of Public Order Offence, after I freely admitted to telling the secretary of a corrupt NHS manager, over the phone, that he was a fat idiot. Daniel sentenced me to over 120 hours of community service and made comments to the press about the fat idiot and his family as well no less being ‘victims’ of mine. He also issued a restraining order which was legally invalid and stressed that it was needed to protect my victims from me.

While doing community service I met a number of other people who had been fitted up by Daniel and the Top Docs, including one young man after he had found out about a solicitor in Caernarfon sexually abusing underaged kids and had dared confront his probation officer about this. Although I was only convicted of a minor public order offence, I later discovered that a certificate of indictment had been forged stating that I had pleaded guilty to ‘violent disorder’ (I have never been charged with violent disorder) and the PNC had also been illegally amended on more than one occasion to show an inaccurate criminal record against my name. None of this has been investigated let alone resolved although I wrote to the relative authorities about it two years ago… See previous posts…

North Wales Police! Why not just pop onto the data base once more and record that I have been convicted of triple murder? After all, my medical records state that I have been in prison for attacking someone with a knife, that I have stabbed, throttled and strangled people, held an Angel hostage and sexually assaulted a psychiatrist. I have 10,000 documents detailing the most serious wrongdoing on the part of every agency with which I was involved over a period of 30 years and the judges were bent as well…

John Edward Daniel (26 June 1902 – 11 February 1962) was born in Bangor, educated at Friars School, then Jesus College, Oxford. He was appointed to a  fellowship at the Bala-Bangor Theological College and subsequently became a Professor in 1926 following the death of Dr Thomas Rees. Daniel was never ordained, but he was considered to be an able preacher.

J.E. Daniel was a prominent Welsh nationalist and member of Plaid, standing unsuccessfully as a candidate in three General Elections and a by-election in 1945. Daniel was Vice-President of Plaid, 1931-35 and succeeded Suanders Lewis as President in 1939, holding the position until August 1943.  In 1962, Saunders Lewis made his radio broadcast Tynged yr Iaith, which led to the establishment of Cymdeithas yr Iaith (the Welsh Language Society). It was Dafydd who recorded that lecture. At the time Dafydd was a Plaid activist and in the 1950s when still at Liverpool Medical School, Dafydd had travelled to Ireland to learn techniques of violent resistance at the knee of Irish Republicans, for use in the Tryweryn Campaign, to prevent the village of Capel Celyn in the Tryweryn Valley being flooded to build a reservoir to supply Liverpool with water . See eg. ‘A Network Stretching Back Decades…’ and ‘Tan yn Llyn’.

The flooding of Cwm Tryweryn was an outrage and there was huge support in north Wales for the campaign to stop it happening, although many people did not approve of violent methods. Dafydd supported violent activism yet no-one has dared ever name him publicly as being one of those who did so. Other Welsh nationalist activists involved with violent direct action went to prison and ironically others were declared mad and sent to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. But Dafydd??? No. Such are the benefits that accrue when one is Fighting For The Language while procuring sex workers for People In High Places. Dafydd was hobnobbing with Irish Republicans while Macmillan was PM, but by the time that Tryweryn was flooded in 1965, Harold Wilson was PM and Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson Of Paedophilia was Health Minister. The protests of people in north Wales as well as 35 Welsh MPs were ignored during the campaign to stop the flooding of Cwm Tryweryn.

It was Liverpool City Council who in 1960 sponsored the Private Bill in Parliament to flood the valley, destroy the village of Capel Celyn and create the reservoir. The Liverpool City Council who were Dafydd and the gang’s partners-in-grime with regard to the sex trafficking ring…

People from north Wales protesting in Liverpool attempting to stop the flooding of Cwm Tryweryn. The protesters were insulted by scousers as they marched.

What a lot of double dealing Dafydd was involved in. But he was doing the work of a load of Gov’t Ministers and Civil Service mandarins working for the British security services so we should not be surprised.


J.E. Daniel was friends with the father of Dafydd Iwan and Alun Ffred, a Minister who was also involved with the Bala-Bangor Theological College, but I’m not sure if he worked there or only studied there. For other links between people at the Bala-Bangor College and those who colluded with Dafydd and the gang, see previous posts. Dafydd Iwan is a Cardiff University graduate and the Plaid folk singer who was Leader of Gwynedd County Council and Alun Ffred also led Gwynedd County Council, before serving as the Plaid AM for Caernarfon, 2003-07 and Arfon, 2007-16. Alun Ffred is a graduate of UCNW and previously worked as a Welsh teacher, an HTV journo, a TV director and producer for Ffilmiau’r Nant and was co-writer of the S4C comedy series, ‘C’mon Midffild!’. 

Lord Haw-Haw
Alun Ffred Jones 2011.jpg


Alun Ffred:


Neither Dafydd Iwan or Alun Ffred knew anything about a paedophile ring in north Wales.

Further information about the above events and people may be read in previous posts…

In 1931 J.E. Daniel was freed from his work at Bala-Bangor to study with Rudolph Bultmann in Marburg. Rudolf Karl Bultmann (20 August 1884 – 30 July 1976) was a German Lutheran theologian and Professor of New Testament at the University of Marburg. Bultmann is known for his belief that the historical analysis of the New Testament is both futile and unnecessary, given that the earliest Christian literature showed little interest in specific locations. Bultmann argued that all that matters is the “thatness”, not the “whatness” of Jesus i.e. only that Jesus existed, preached, and died by crucifixion matters, not what happened throughout his life.

Bultmann remained at Marburg as a full Professor from 1921 until his retirement in 1951. Among others, Bultmann taught Hannah Arendt, who famously wrote about the Banality of Evil.

Alun Ffred Jones 2011.jpg

I am sure that readers will agree that Dafydd could in no way be described as banal; neither can a folk singer who led a County Council which ran a paedophile ring while he visited countries suffering under oppressive regimes to express his solidarity with the oppressed; or indeed a corrupt old judge who entertains Lilibet to lunch yet had a father who was mates with people who wanted to blow Carlo sky-high during the Investiture. But a dull old bugger clad in nylon who wandered around Gwynedd giving out orders and freezing out dissenters? Definitely banal…

Bultmann was a member of the Confessing Church and critical towards Nazism. He spoke out against the mistreatment of Jews, against nationalistic excesses and against the dismissal of non-Aryan Christian Ministers. He did not, however, speak out against “the antiSemitic[sic] laws which had already been promulgated” and he was philosophically limited in his ability to “repudiate, in a comprehensive manner, the central tenets of Nazi racism and antiSemitism[sic].”

I knew a lot of people who didn’t like Dafydd and the gang who adopted a similar stance.

Bultmann became friends with Martin Heidegger who taught at Marburg for five years and Heidegger’s views on existentialism had an influence on Bultmann’s thinking. However, Bultmann himself stated that his views could not simply be reduced to thinking in Heideggerian categories, in that “the New Testament is not a doctrine about our nature, about our authentic existence as human beings, but a proclamation of this liberating act of God.”

As Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion would have said of Huw’s dad, ‘ooh he’s been philosophising again and his tea’s ready, there’s no stopping him when he starts philosophising…’

  • Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre ...
  • Monty Python phone call to Sartre - YouTube

I have mentioned in previous posts that Graham Chapman was known to be sexually abusing underaged boys but was afforded protection not just because he was a zany Python but also because he had trained as a Top Doc at Bart’s, a stronghold of Dafydd’s mates and people knew that they would be faced with a great deal of How Very Dare You if one word was said. I worked with someone in the London Medical Schools who really loathed Monty Python, particularly the Mrs Premise and Mrs Conclusion bit, because ‘they were laughing at ordinary people’. I responded with the comment that they also took the piss out of pompous Top Docs and barristers, but she wasn’t convinced by my argument. I wonder if she knew something about one Dr Chapman at the time I didn’t? She also had a very low opinion of a lot of people on the London medical scene but she knew what would have come her way if she had spoken out.

Which Bishop led the charge against Monty Python’s Life of Brian? Mervyn Stockwood, the gay Bishop who was responsible for the ‘South Bank Religion’ phenomenon. Mervyn Stockwood knew a great deal about organised abuse and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts.

Friday Night, Saturday Morning - Monty Python's Life of ...

The C of E are outraged and want to ban the film which will bring in the big bucks? Er, hang on, we know what to do.

  • Monty Python - Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion - YouTube
  • Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre ...
  • Monty Python phone call to Sartre - YouTube

After all John Cleese was at one point a leading light in the SDP with Dafydd’s mate Dr Death and he was a personal friend of Top Doc Robin Skynner and his wife who knew the crew at St George’s and via Robin Skynner, Cleese got to know many other Top Docs and analysts… See previous posts.

I’m wondering if Chapman et al knew about Brian Abel-Smith in the light of their sketch of many years ago which featured Chapman dressed up in ladies’ finery while being interviewed in his capacity as a Gov’t Minister, with a voice-over telling us that ‘the Minister is wearing…’ and providing a detailed description of the finery a la Vogue.

Graham Chapman was once interviewed by a policeman who was a little concerned about his activities with underaged boys. Chapman did a How Very Dare You, stressed that he was a Top Doc and the police did not return. Ever.


Rudolph Bultmann died on 30 July 1976 in Marburg.

J.E. Daniel’s entry in the ‘Dictionary of Welsh Biography’ ends with:

Daniel was notable for his broad culture, his exceptionally brilliant mind and the strength and richness of his grasp of the Welsh language, both orally and in writing, his zeal for everything that was good in Wales and for the Christian faith above all else.

His mates were running a sex abuse ring and hanging out with terrorists but he knew Famous Philosophers and if we cross his path we’ll be lobotomised by Gwynne so we’ll continue with the myths and the toadying.

  • Monty Python - Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion - YouTube
  • Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre ...
  • Monty Python phone call to Sartre - YouTube


In 1918 H.A.L. Fisher became MP for the Combined English Universities. Fisher retired from politics in February 1926, to take up the post of Warden of New College, Oxford, which he held until his death. He served on the British Academy, the British Museum, the Rhodes Trustees, the National Trust, the governing body of Winchester, the London Library and the BBC. Fisher received the Order of Merit in 1937. In 1939 Fisher was appointed first Chairman of the Appellate Tribunal for Conscientious Objectors in England and Wales. While his minions in north Wales reigned over the plebs.

  • Monty Python - Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion - YouTube
  • Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre ...
  • Monty Python phone call to Sartre - YouTube


Fisher died in Tommy’s on 18 April 1940 after having been knocked down by a lorry and seriously injured the previous week, while on his way to sit on a Conscientious Objectors’ Tribunal during the blackout.

J.E. Daniel met his end when he was killed in a car crash in Halkyn, Flintshire in 1962. Cars in those days couldn’t actually go that fast, especially on the sort of roads that existed in Flintshire, what can have been going on?

Fisher married one of his undergrads, Lettice Ilbert (1875–1956), in 1899, some 25 years before he became Warden of New College, Oxford. Lettice Fisher was the founder of the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and her Child, now known as Gingerbread. Lettice Fisher was born on 14 June 1875 in Kensington, London to Sir Courtenay Peregrine Ilbert and his wife Jessie.

Lettice was educated at Francis Holland School, London which was still a popular destination for the daughters of the posh when Ronnie Waterhouse sent his daughters there while Marcus Brigstocke’s mum Baroness Heather Brigstock was Headmistress, Heather Brigstocke being yet another person who knew associates of Dafydd’s who met her end when a car hit her as she was crossing a road. See previous posts. Lettice then went to Somerville College, Oxford. She worked as a researcher at the LSE, 1897-98. From 1902 to 1913, Lettice taught history at St Hugh’s College, Oxford and she also taught economics for the Association for the Higher Education of Women in Oxford.

Whilst at Oxford, Lettice Fisher was also involved in voluntary work in housing, public health and child welfare. She was an active suffragist, Chairing the national executive of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS), 1916-18. She ran to become President of the NUWSS in 1919, following Millicent Fawcett’s post-war resignation, but was defeated by Eleanor Rathbone.

During WW I, Fisher undertook welfare work among women munitions workers in Sheffield. It was the wartime scale of illegitimacy and its resulting hardships that led her, in 1918, to found the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Child, in order to ‘challenge the stigma associated with single parent families’ – although that will not have been an expression used by Lettice – and to ‘provide them with the support they needed’. She won’t have used that expression either.

The Council aimed to reform the Bastardy Acts and Affiliation Orders Acts, which discriminated against illegitimate children and also to address the higher death rates of children born outside marriage, by providing accommodation for single mothers and their babies. They also provided practical advice and assistance to ‘single parents’ and helped with their inquiries. Lettice Fisher was the first Chair of the Council, 1918 to 1950.

I haven’t read enough about Lettice to know what her motives with regard to her work with unmarried mothers were. Lettice will not have viewed them in the way that Gingerbread now pretends that she did, but she might have been genuinely moved by their plight. In Lettice’s era, posh people threw themselves into helping the Poor for a variety of reasons. Lord Shaftesbury fought for shorter working hours because he wanted to ensure that the labouring classes had a day off on Sunday so they could attend church. Marie-Stopes was keen on birth control for people with even minor disabilities because she didn’t like the idea of them breeding. There are dark mutterings that William Gladstone may have had a more sordid reason for going out at night to talk to prostitutes to Save Them from their lives of sex in return for payment. Some social reformers were humane. Whether Lettice was or whether she wanted to reform the Bastardy Acts because she was concerned that the illegitimate offspring of Royal personages couldn’t inherit I do not know. However my cup brimmed over when the Rules were changed during Kate Middleton’s pregnancy to ensure that if Kate had a girl, she would be heir to the throne. Because this was about Equality. Fortunately Kate popped out Prince George so the Equality Laws weren’t needed, which must have left a lot of people greatly relieved. I may well petition Parliament to extend the Equality Laws to enable all the council house people to become members of the Royal Family and therefore have access to Royal residences and a sub from the civil list.

People of Lettice’s era did tend to get hampered if they tried to do anything that was too reforming and another hazard was their efforts being hijacked or subverted when they handed the reins over to other people. Eleanor Rathbone, who defeated Lettice in her quest to become President of the NUWSS, was a graduate of Somerville College, Oxford and an MP, 1929-46. Eleanor was a member of a high profile Liverpool family and she established the Rathbone Society.

By the 1970s and 80s the Rathbone Society was providing advice and support to people involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Jenny Rathbone, Eleanor’s great niece was elected as the Labour AM for Cardiff Central in 2011. Why Jenny Rathbone suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to move to Wales and enter Welsh politics, after coming from Liverpool and having led a life in the Smoke including serving as an Islington Councillor, 1998-2002, I’m not sure. Jenny entered the Welsh Assembly at the election which saw an influx of paedophiles’ friends into that institution. See post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’.

Margaret Hodge attacks 'pathetic' bid to retrieve cash ...

Paedophiles’ Friends: I was quite happy working at Bangor University publishing academic sociology with my friends and had you not declared WW III and invaded the Welsh Assembly, Bangor University and harassed and threatened me and everyone who supported me because you were so worried about what I might say or publish with regard to my past, I’d have happily remained there writing sociology papers and books with a limited academic readership. The world now has you to thank for this blog.

  • I’ve blown the roof off now you stupid tossers.

A display of a Mini emerging from a sewer tunnel in Coventry Transport Museum, which recreated scenes from ‘The Italian Job’. 

Sian Williamson, who worked as a psych Angel in Ysbyty Gwynedd for years, collected Minis. Sian wasn’t the monster that some of her colleagues were, but she knew what they were doing. When I finished my PhD I received a visit from Sian and we had a lovely chat over a cup of char. I was genuinely pleased to see her because I had much better memories of her than many of her colleagues. She told me that she was so glad to hear that I now had a PhD and was publishing. I was told years later that she then sent up the distress flare to colleagues Ancient and Modern letting them know that I could remember everything that happened back in the Good Old Days and Christ they could be in trouble here…


While Lettice was Chair of the National Council for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child, Sybil Neville-Rolfe was the Deputy Chair. Sybil’s possible motivation for her involvement in the organisation can be deduced from her other activities.

Sybil Neville-Rolfe (22 June 1885 – 3 August 1955) was a social hygienist and founder of the Eugenics Society and a leading figure in the National Council for Combating Venereal Disease. She has been described as a feminist eugenicist. I think I’ve met a few of them.

Sybil and Francis Galton founded the Eugenics Education Society (now known as the Galton Institute) in London in 1907, with Galton serving as its first honorary President. Sybil took the role of Honorary Secretary upon the Society’s founding until 1920.  The Eugenics Education Society believed that social class and poverty were directly linked to one’s genetics. Sybil also founded the Imperial Society for Promoting Sex Education and was the Deputy Chair of the Child Welfare Council. Therefore, the Society aimed to reduce poverty in England through reducing the birth rate of the lowest classes and those of low intelligence.

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  • Lesley Griffiths - Wikipedia
  • In 1912, Sybil was the driving force behind the Society’s organisation of the first International Eugenics Congress in South Kensington. After 1920 she acted as the Society Council’s Vice-President and later was elected to serve on the consultative council, a position that she held until her death in 1955.

Neville-Rolfe implemented the Mental Deficiency Act of 1913.

Lesley Griffiths - Wikipedia



North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums

Sybil was also a leading figure in the National Council for Combating Venereal Disease (NCCVD) which was founded in 1914. Upon the NCCVD’s founding she held the position of Honorary Secretary and later she held the position of Secretary-General. The NCCVD changed its name to the British Social Hygiene Council in 1926 and Neville-Rolfe remained working for them until her retirement in 1944.

In 1941, Sybil became both the first woman and the first non-American to receive the Snow Medal from the American Social Hygiene Association for distinguished services to humanity.


Sybil’s beliefs in eugenics and with regard to prostitution developed when she trained and worked as a rescue worker in a shelter for troubled girls. She was determined to study these issues in efforts to eliminate prostitution and venereal disease. Sybil stopped working at the shelter because she felt the staff were not well educated on physiology and reproduction. She then left to find work elsewhere in Bethnal Green, where even there, she thought that the rescue workers were not competent or knowledgeable about contraception. Because of this, Sybil insisted they educate themselves further in the area of biological sciences. Sybil ‘believed that single mothers were not to blame as they had been manipulated and enticed by men. Because of this, she was determined to help educate these women on sex and contraception in order to prevent these mistakes from happening in the future.’

In some circumstances this is a sensible idea, but it was under this umbrella that during the 1970s and 80s, Dafydd and the linked gangs took every opportunity possible to give disadvantaged kids ‘sex education’, coercing them into sex with not particularly pleasant people and praising the kids for being ‘sensible’ when they availed themselves of hormonal contraception dispensed by Top Docs who were facilitating the sexploitation and organised abuse. I knew that this was going on in Somerset and it was going on in north Wales. I imagine that the practice will have been happening on an even greater scale in big metropolitan areas. Many of those involved were Wimmin Who Cared About Wimmin’s Health. Rather as Sybil did.

Wendy Savage

Sybil Neville-Rolfe published an article in 1917 titled “The Eugenic Principle in Social Reconstruction” which detailed her beliefs regarding eugenics. She believed that certain people were genetically superior to other people within a society and that these people who were genetically superior to their peers and born into the lower classes would rise up to attain a higher quality of life. They would do so because they were inherently more productive and useful people within society, which would be proven by the fact that they were able to achieve financial independence. Conversely, she felt that children born into families of people who had proven themselves to be of a higher genetic status than their peers could also be of a lower genetic worth than their parents and would naturally sink in status through the course of their life and also never achieve the financial independence that is used in this system to prove one’s genetic worth. Sybil called this process eugenic selection.

This rationale was the basis of much thinking on the right many years after Sybil had passed on to the Golden Family Planning Clinic in the sky.

Throughout her life Sybil made several assertions as to how eugenics could be implemented into the governing bodies and institutions in Britain to preserve the Anglo-Saxon race. She felt that changes needed to be made at both a social and Gov’t level to encourage people with better genetics to marry and have children together early in life while also discouraging people who could not attain financial independence, contracted a venereal disease, or were otherwise mentally deficient from having children. To this end she suggested several changes to social norms and the policies of the Gov’t, including:

  • Discouraging people who lived in workhouses from having children.
  • Discouraging homosexual relationships.
  • Encouraging young people to obtain financial independence early to allow them to marry and have children early in life.
  • Changing the policies on illegitimate children to hold fathers accountable, along with the mother, for the care and support of their child even if that child was conceived and born out of wedlock.

Anyone for only taking the first two children in a family into account when calculating Universal Credit allowances?

Sybil’s other recommendations included:

  • Establishing a Ministry of Health with a strong Department focused on eugenics to collect data and learn about the genetic stock of their country and how best to implement eugenic practices.

The Top Docs are gathering the data regarding Every Child on a database near you. To Help.

  • Encouraging eugenicists to participate in Government to aid the implementation and understanding of eugenic practices.

No you can’t have pre-natal tests if you are going to refuse to have an abortion.

  • Establishing an economic policy of housing that will address the problems London faced with housing at the time. This suggested policy included the setting of a minimum housing standard that would be met by the Gov’t to house people who could not attain the financial independence Neville-Rolfe uses as a standard of genetic superiority.

Gov’ts since Thatch haven’t even got this far.

  • Establishing programs to teach people about the practice of using birth control to allow women and families more control over how many children they had and the timing of their pregnancies.

Every Top Doc feels that it is their duty to do this.

  • Sybil Neville-Rolfe took a stance against prostitution and suggested many ways in which this problem could be dealt with, especially within the article she published in 1918 titled “The Changing Moral Standard: Reprinted from The Nineteenth Century and After.” Instead of blaming the prostitute, Neville-Rolfe blamed the degeneration of morals and the perpetuation of the profession by three different interest groups associated with the practice: The prostitutes themselves who supply the profession, those that purchase and demand their services and the middle-men who encourage this practice for their own material gain. 

My how things haven’t changed. Sybil also wrote about women who trap and keep other women in prostitution.

Sybil was born Sybil Katherine Burney in Queen’s House, Royal Naval College on June 22, 1885. She was the daughter of Admiral Sir Cecil Burney and Lucinda Marion Burnett. Her brother was Dennistoun Burney, a marine, aeronautical engineer and Conservative MP. Sybil was home-schooled by French and English privately-hired governesses.

Her first husband was Lieutenant Arthur Corry Gotto, whom she married on December 29, 1905. This marriage was extremely short due to his death in a coaling accident in September, 1906. Her second marriage was to Commander Clive Neville-Rolfe on March 24, 1917.


I mentioned that the best efforts of social reformers could be hijacked after the founders had handed the reins over. Decades after Lettice and Sybil had died, the organisation that Lettice founded still existed, although in 1970, it renamed itself the National Council for One Parent Families. It would use this name up until its merger with Gingerbread in 2007. The National Council for One Parent families ‘continued to support and advocate on behalf of single parents’. In 1974, the Finer Report on the needs of one parent families was published. Many of its 230 recommendations for improving the lives of single parent families were proposed by the National Council for One Parent Families. The Finer Report (see previous posts) was one of the many Reports produced under the regime of Dafydd’s mates at the DHSS when the toxic troika of Babs Castle, David Ennals and Jack Straw were calling the shots. With Brian Abel-Smith and Peter Townsend assisting of course. The Finer Report and its recommendations didn’t stop Dafydd…

Out of interest, while I was just googling the Finer Report, I noticed another page of Hansard that mentioned that on 2 July 1974, Tim Sainsbury asked the Secretary of State for Social Services ‘what was the annual expenditure in total and per head of population during the year 1973–74 on research into mental health in the United Kingdom; and what proportion of the expenditure of the Medical Research Council went into research into all forms of mental illness’.

Gerry Fowler replied: Expenditure by the Medical Research Council in 1973–74 into all forms of mental illness was £2.391 million. This amount, which represents some 9.8 per cent. of the council’s total expenditure, is about 4p per head of the population. Additional research supported by public funds but whose cost is not readily identifiable is carried out under the auspices of the health departments, hospital boards, universities and medical schools. Support is also given by several voluntary agencies.

While those millions were being spent, the patients were in Dafydd’s Denbigh Dungeon. Millions are still being given to Top Docs for the purpose of Mental Health Research. The patients are destitute and killing themselves.

My how things haven’t changed.

Tim Sainsbury was Sir Tim, the Tory MP for Hove, 1973-97, a Minister of whom Thatch was fond. Cecil Parkinson used to say that Tim’s massive wealth was a sign of how Committed To Public Service Tim was. He didn’t have to slave away at being an MP you know, he didn’t need the salary or the fiddled expenses. Hove is near Brighton, the turf of Dafydd’s partner gang. Kids from children’s homes in north Wales were trafficked to brothels in London and Brighton.

Tim Sainsbury’s elder brother Lord John Sainsbury interbred with the Havers family, who have excelled at producing bent lawyers and judges who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and blocked prosecutions of High Society sex offenders (see post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’).

Tim’s cousin David became Lord Sainsbury of Turville after giving a great deal of money to the Labour Party. His peerage also followed the loosening of purse strings. As did a job as Science Minister. Miranda and Gordon swore blind that nothing dodgy was going on. David, ever keen to support academia, gave millions to Cambridge University. He then became Chancellor of Cambridge University. David began taking an interest in Mental Health himself and established the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. It came out with nothing that was not completely in line with Miranda’s policy of banging on about Empowerment when Service Users were being criminalised and subjected to increasingly punitive ‘support’. Imagine my surprise when in 2001, I discovered that recommendations to consult the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health were littering the teaching resources of an NVQ in mental health course. A plug for David Sainsbury could be found on virtually every page. I wondered what was going on…

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health closed its doors some years ago. Not that it was the end of the nightmare. David Sainsbury is now bankrolling Brain Science, particularly at UCL. See previous posts. UCL is an institution that has played a major role in colluding with people who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring.


In 1979 the National Council for One Parent Families jointly produced a report with the Community Development Trust. Among other things, the report called for the abolition of the age of consent because the law at that time did not take into account consenting sexual relationships between young people, which resulted in pregnancies being hidden.

That is a real problem that needs careful thought. Particularly to stop predatory professional people who are running sex abuse rings from sheltering under any umbrellas that are there to protect teenagers in genuine relationships. Having said that, if the DHSS flatly refused to stop Dafydd from illegally witholding benefits to patients and couldn’t even stop him running an international trafficking ring despite hundreds of complaints and a regular supply of suspicious deaths, one cannot really argue that legislation can achieve anything. Anyone for prosecuting a Sex Offender in the shape of a boy of 18 who has had consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend? Or the Primary School Rapists who hit the news the other day?

It’s The Law. As Dafydd and the Little Women constantly reminded protesting Empowered Service Users.

Vector illustration of Cartoon raven isolated on white background


In 1987, the Family Law Reform Act passed, through which the Bastardy Acts and Affiliation Orders Acts are repealed, after extensive pressure for the National Council for One Parent Families…

The Family Law Reform Act did not hinder Dafydd and the gang.

The National Council for One Parent Families and Gingerbread merged in 2007 and relaunched under the name Gingerbread in 2009. Head offices for Gingerbread were set up in Kentish Town, London, with satellite offices in Cardiff, Rhyl, Manchester and Accrington.

In 2018, the charidee turned 100 years old. As part of the centenary, the charity released a report looking at single parent families in the UK today. The report found that ‘while great progress has been made for single parents (with employment rates at a record high), there are still many challenges to overcome as a third of children with a working single parents live in poverty in the UK’.

That might be because their mothers have been forced back into paid employment when their kid turns 3 years old by DWP rules, because It’s Good For Wimmin To Work. Unfortunately the only work on offer may well be a zero hours contract or part-time on the till in Tesco. Those Wimmin will be ordered to do it by the DWP because it will Empower them. They will need to carry on claiming benefits because their wage won’t be enough to live on. Meanwhile their 3 year old will be in not very good ‘childcare’ because if your income is at benefits level you won’t be able to afford a high quality nursery. The Empowered working mother will be exhausted and stressed. Should her child show any deleterious effects as a result of this madness, she can always Ask For Help from the Social Services or, in north Wales, sign up for the Incredible Years parenting programme, devised by Judy Hutchings, one of Dafydd’s colleagues.

The moral of this story is that being a highly paid barrister may well have done wonders for the lifestyle of Cherie Booth the Girl From Liverpool, but working on the tills while in the clutches of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team is a rather different kettle of fish.


Herbert and Lettice Fisher had one daughter, Mary Bennett. Mary Letitia Somerville Bennett (9 January 1913 – 1 November 2005) was a British academic, best known for her tenure as Principal of St Hilda’s College, Oxford, 1965-80. Had I ever had a daughter I don’t think that it would have occurred to me to name her after Bangor University, but I accept that Lettice had the right to call her daughter whatever she wanted. Although if I was Mary Letitia Somerville, after Shirl, let alone Thatch, I’d have been tempted to drop the Somerville bit, in the way that Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law converted into a Ralph and Sir Adolph Asscher became Sir William Asscher.

Vector illustration of Cartoon raven isolated on white background


Mary Letitia Somerville Fisher was educated at Oxford High School and then at Somerville College, Oxford. After that, Mary studied abroad, researching the grain supply of ancient Rome. During the WW II, she did the Lady Haw-Haw bit for the security services in British Ministry of Information as well as for the BBC and after WW II went into the Colonial Office with responsibility at various times for Gibralter, Malta and Cyprus. In 1955, Mary married Civil Service mandarin John Sloman Bennett, who was ‘happy to take a back seat’ when she took over as Principal of St Hilda’s, 1965-80.

Kathleen Major preceded Mary Fisher as Principal of St Hilda’s. Mary Bennett lived until 2005 to lend her assistance to the Westminster Paedophile Ring, but Kathleen pegged out in Dec 2000, 11 months after the publication of the Waterhouse Report.

Kathleen Major (10 April 1906 – 19 December 2000) was an historian and Principal of St Hilda’s College, Oxford, 1955-65. The Torygraph called Kathleen, “the foremost historian of the medieval cathedral and diocese of Lincoln”. So Kathleen will have known the Rev J.F. Rigg, the Dirty Vicar of Bawdrip in Somerset, who arrived in the village from Lincoln as the New Vicar in the early 1970s and it transpired was a serial molester of women and it later transpired also of children. The Bishop of Bath and Wells told a delegation of furious parishioners that the Church Would Deal With It, which involved allowing Rigg to remain as the village vicar and threaten the family of one of his victims. Then someone found out that Rigg had Done It All Before, in Lincoln, which was why he had been inflicted upon Bawdrip. See previous posts. Rigg was not from a family of clergymen, Rigg was from a family of lawyers and judges, but I haven’t had time yet to find out exactly who Rigg’s family were.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells might be interested to know that, like Dafydd many years later, Rigg was a source of considerable mirth to the spirited, we took the piss out of him like there was no tomorrow. Which was why he only molested the tame kids who weren’t misbehaving in Sunday School. I haven’t the time here to detail the Rigg-related fun that so many of us enjoyed, but in the wake of the major problem that there was in the C of E with organised abuse, yet another Weird Thing that I remember takes on a new significance now. As a kid I went to Bawdrip Infants School and for a short while, a rather eccentric teacher taught us and I found out when I was much older that she had been removed as a result of complaints from the Headmistress, Mrs Bates. Miss Elizabeth Webb was not that interested in actually teaching us, but we did spend a lot of time going across to Bawdrip Church while Miss Webb burrowed around in the churchyard and in the church, leaving us at a loose end. Bawdrip was the sort of rural village school which did do things with the church, we did the Harvest Festivals and the like, but Miss Webb really was on another planet. After Miss Webb departed from Bawdrip School under a cloud, she turned up on the BBC doing religious slots, which was quite a shock to the parents who remembered the batty old lady who had been kicked out of Bawdrip School under a cloud not long before…

Kathleen Major received a Bachelor’s degree from St Hilda’s College, Oxford. From 1935-75 she served as General Editor of the Lincoln Record Society, combining the post with the Secretaryship, 1935-56. Major was also an active member of the British Records Association.

Kathleen’s obituary appeared in The Daily Torygraph:

KATHLEEN MAJOR, who has died aged 94…the foremost historian of the medieval cathedral and diocese of Lincoln.

Her main achievement was the editing and publication of some 3,000 letters and charters taken from the original texts relating to the cathedral foundation of Lincoln and its vast diocese, which in the Middle Ages stretched from the Humber to the source of the Thames and was governed by rich and powerful bishops.

The tremendous undertaking of the Registrum Antiquissimum, which contained documents from 1072 to the mid-13th century, had been conceived and begun in 1916 by Canon C W Foster, aided by the medieval historian F M Stenton.

Volume I appeared in 1931, but Foster died in 1935 with only three volumes in print. At his request, Kathleen Major agreed to complete the task, which she triumphantly accomplished in 1973 with the publication of Volume X, together with two volumes of facsimiles.

Almost 20 years earlier, in 1955, Miss Major (as she was invariably styled) was appointed Principal of St Hilda’s. She had been an undergraduate at the college, then Librarian there until 1935 and, from 1945, a Fellow.

She did not take on this post lightly and her 10-year tenure of the principalship was not the happiest period of her life, partly because her elderly mother was in poor health in Nottingham and expected the attention of both her daughters.

Despite these and other difficulties, Kathleen Major’s time as Principal was marked by her introduction of much more businesslike systems of administration in the college. At the same time, she managed to oversee a substantial programme of new building (much of it the work of the architect Sir Albert Richardson). A new residence block, porter’s lodge and principal’s lodging formed permanent embellishments, as did an improvement in the college’s frontage onto the Cherwell.

Kathleen Major also rescued the college from an ill-planned relief road, and when she retired in 1965 she left St Hilda’s not only much better looking, but also in far better financial shape.

I wonder how Kathleen managed to persuade someone to do all this?

She was born on April 10 1906, the elder of the two daughters of a prosperous potato grower in south Lincolnshire.

After being educated at several private schools, she won a History scholarship to St Hilda’s. She graduated in 1928 and had her post-graduate work supervised by F M Powicke, while V H Galbraith taught her the essentials of diplomatic (the study of the purpose and structure of official records).

Her achievement in collecting and editing documents which had been issued by Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1207 to 1228, secured her the post of archivist to the Bishop of Lincoln in 1936. A decade later, she was appointed Lecturer (and then Reader) in Diplomatic at Oxford.

The 10 years in which Kathleen Major held this position saw a steady advance in medieval historical studies at Oxford, and she had the satisfaction of knowing that her labours would be taken forward with equal success by Pierre Chaplais, who was to hold the position for more than 30 years.

After leaving St Hilda’s, a chance meeting on a train with Fred (later Lord) Dainton, then vice-chancellor of Nottingham University, led to her appointment to a special chair there in medieval history. Not only was this a proper recognition of her scholarship, but it enabled her to return to teaching, which she had always enjoyed, in a part of the country she knew well.

Lord Fred Dainton knew about the huge research fraud that was being perpetrated by Prof Robert Baldwin in the Cancer Campaign Laboratories at Nottingham University. See post ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’. Huge numbers of people in cancer research, in Nottingham Medical School and elsewhere knew that Baldwin was fabricating data and working a massive scam with an American drug company, who claimed to be developing cutting edge treatments on the basis of results from Baldwin’s labs. No-one liked Baldwin, but no-one blew the whistle.

Dainton was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, 1965-70. During this period he Chaired the Gov’t Inquiry into the decline in university entrants in science and technology, published in 1968 as ‘The Swing Away From Science’, generally known as the Dainton Report.

In 1970 Dainton became Professor of Chemistry at Oxford, relinquishing this in 1973 to become Chair of the UGC a position he held until 1985. In 1970 he became the second Chairman of the Council for Scientific Policy. In 1971 Dainton was knighted and in 1986 made a life peer. From 1978 until his death in 1997, Dainton was the Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, the first Yorkshireman to hold this post. See my post ‘The Big Questions’ for info on the movers and shakers of Sheffield who did very well for themselves by not noticing that Jimmy Savile was running his crime empire under their noses. Including David Blunkett, who became Home Secretary.

Dainton was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1957 and in 1996 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Dainton died in Oxford on 5 December 1997. Just as Ronnie Waterhouse came to the end of the part of his cover-up which involved telling the former kids in care in north Wales that they were lying bastards.

During her time at Nottingham, from 1966 to 1971, she was also active in the affairs of the Royal Historical Society (which appointed her an honorary vice-president in 1981). She was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1977.

She was staunchly loyal in her friendships: with Canon Foster, whom she knew for only six years before his death; with Frank and Doris Stenton, who were close friends for many years; and with Francis Hill, the historian of Lincoln. There were many others, all forming a large circle of fellow-enthusiasts for the antiquities, local history and archaeology of medieval England, especially those of the northern and eastern Midlands.

In retirement, Kathleen Major, who had played a notable part in the movement to establish county record offices, developed a keen interest in the archaeology of Lincoln, especially of the minster and its environs.

In a series of collaborative pieces published under the auspices of the Lincoln Civic Trust (Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln), centred on Minster Yard, she showed how documentary evidence can be used to illustrate and explain what might seem purely architectural and archaeological.

Kathleen Major’s father had been ahead of his time in believing that young women should enjoy as much independence as young men, and he personally supervised the building of a substantial and comfortable house for her in Lincoln. It remained her home until the end of her life.

She never married.

So that’s the brief summary of the life of Kathleen Major, an archivist and historian, who had access to records and personal data, knew a lot of people in High Places and also knew about a vicar who could not keep his hands of kiddies and who was related to er judges and barristers…

When Brown and I entertained our friends at university with tales of Somerset life, including the Dirty Vicar of Bawdrip, we didn’t realise that we were under surveillance by the security services who’s priority was not to protect us from Dafydd’s gang and people who knew that Dirty Vicar and his network as well, but to protect them.

  • "You're Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off ...

You’re going to Bring The Abusers To Justice British state? Er, how are you going to do that then? Show me the prison that’s big enough to accommodate this lot…


As for Lettice, after her husband’s death in 1940, she moved to Thursley in Surrey. She died there on 14 February 1956 after suffering a stroke. After cremation her ashes were in turd at New College, Oxford.

I used to live at Thursley, when I worked at the University of Surrey in the Cancer Research Campaign team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of the then Chairman of the BMA, Dr John Marks. Regular readers know the rest, new readers can just use the search facilities on the blog…


  • Car Covered In Bird Droppings 1. Major Problem In Rome ...
  • Car Covered In Bird Droppings 1. Major Problem In Rome ...

It’s a real laugh isn’t it. I’m one woman with a laptop and these people are Gov’t Ministers and millionaires…

The Wrong Set

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ discussed Professor Hugh Freeman, a Top Doctor who worked in Manchester for most of his life and was a consultant psychiatrist to the city’s hospitals, 1961-88. Hugh Freeman was Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry for many years.

In 1974, Dafydd’s friend and former boss Dr Bob Hobson relocated from the Maudsley, where he had facilitated organised abuse, to join Freeman et al in Manchester. Readers will be able to guess what Hobson did after he arrived to work in Greater Manchester, where an abuse ring was already in existence and had been for years under the regime of Freeman and his colleagues. See post ‘The Mentor’.

After the Children Act 1975 was passed, hundreds and hundreds  of kids in care were sent to children’s homes in north Wales from big metropolitan centres in England, including Manchester. Social workers who trained at what became Salford University took jobs in the children’s homes in north Wales and one student social worker from Salford blew the whistle on the abuse of kids in care that he witnessed in north Wales. Excuses were made to invalidate him and no action was taken. His testimony was undermined at the Waterhouse Inquiry. What later became Salford University continued to send social work students on placement to north Wales. See previous posts.

Greater Manchester mental health services were in a very sorry state. As with north Wales this was known but the official line was that things were good and getting even better as Hugh Freeman performed his magic there. The reality was that like north Wales, the situation was truly appalling, patients were at risk and had been for years; the mental health services in Manchester imploded some years ago and the Top Doctor Chairing the mental health Trust was forced to resign. However he remained in his post as a consultant psychiatrist leading the mental health research programme in Manchester. See post ‘The Mentor’.

Hugh Freeman’s charnel house supplied north Wales with mad and abusive Top Docs. The genocidal Dr Tony Roberts was a Manchester product, as was Dr Sadie Francis. Tony Francis trained with Dafydd’s mate Professor Kenneth Rawnsley in Cardiff – who before then had been working in Manchester (see post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’) – then Francis popped over to the Maudsley to work with Dafydd’s mates there and after that Tony Francis joined Bob Hobson and Hugh Freeman’s trafficking gang before finding his true home in north Wales…

Not only was Hugh Freeman responsible for the killing machine that was the Greater Manchester psychiatric services, but Freeman was Vice Chairman of MIND, 1984-88, spanning the years when Mary Wynch successfully sued Dafydd and the gang thus making legal history and when Brown and I were raising our concerns and receiving threats from Top Docs as a result. Alison Taylor also began to blow the whistle as loudly as she could during the years that Freeman served as MIND’s Vice-Chair. Dafydd’s pal Lord David Ennals was Chairman of MIND, 1984-89. MIND provided complete protection for Dafydd and other Top Docs involved in organised abuse and criminality.

Professor Hugh Freeman was involved in serious crime and was in addition protecting other people who were. To ensure that waters became even muddier as the world gradually woke up to the possibility that the organised abuse of children and vulnerable people was a considerable problem, Freeman founded the False Memory Society, which was the end for anyone who actually wanted to get to the bottom of who was sexually exploiting who.

As police investigations began into the paedophile/trafficking rings across the UK whom Freeman and his colleagues had been protecting, Hugh Freeman did what all the best Top Doctors realised that it was their duty to do; Freeman became an Historian of Medicine. Thus Freeman and his mates began writing the history of their own abusive, genocidal services to enable people to understand that psychiatry was grim at some point in the dim and distant past but it Is Different Now because We Arrived. The recent history of psychiatry has not been accurately recorded in work of this nature and no-one at all has explained that the Enlightened Top Docs writing this history were trained by and worked for some real butchers and continued the butchery using different diagnoses and ‘treatments’. The abuse and neglect of patients did not stop and the outcomes for seriously ill patients did not improve.

The acknowledged excesses of Top Docs like William Sargant which psychiatry is doing its best to forget about did not take place in the dark ages, it took place until well into the 1960s and furthermore Dr Death worked as Sargant’s research register. Sargant was bad even by the standards of the Top Docs; he conducted crazy experiments which killed patients. See post ‘Dr Death’. No-one mentioned a word as the appalling Dr Death became Foreign Secretary, then did all that he could to become PM via the SDP. See post ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’

There was also a paedophile/trafficking ring at Tommy’s where Sargant and Dr Death were working, with links to Dafydd et al. Dafydd’s mate Professor Jim Watson the ‘sex therapist’ worked at the Maudsley, then at St George’s, then at Guy’s and Tommy’s… See previous posts.

This lot were all protecting each other and I realised some time ago that the history of psychiatry written by them and their mates was flaky indeed. What I didn’t realise was that other historians, very big names as well, were fully on board with these abusive Top Docs and knew at least some of what they were doing.

When Hugh Freeman decided to become an historian, he did a lot of work with John Pickstone (who also published as John V. Pickstone). John Pickstone (29 May 1944 – 12 February 2014) was the Wellcome Research Professor in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at Manchester University. 

Pickstone was born and raised in Burnley, Lancashire. By the 1980s, Burnley was of course famous for poverty and inter-racial strife. What wasn’t discussed at the time was the trafficking ring which was operating across the wider region. After attending Burnley Grammar School, Pickstone studied Natural Sciences, especially Physiology, at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. Pickstone then completed an MSc in the History and Philosophy of Science at UCL in 1969 and then his PhD at Chelsea College London in 1974. Pickstone held fellowships at the University of Minnesota, 1971–73 and then at UCL, before moving in 1974 to UMIST to work on the history of hospitals in the Manchester region.

The Tory peer Baroness Beryl Platt served as Vice-President of UMIST, 1984-92. See post ‘Stations of the Crass’. Whereas Trumpers found herself in receipt of a peerage after many years of colluding with the elite abuse ring of Cambridge (see previous posts eg. ’95 Glorious Years!’), Beryl Platt was offered a peerage after many years of colluding with the elite abuse ring of Essex/Suffolk. Rab Butler was for decades the Tory MP for Saffron Walden in Beryl’s part of the world. After retiring as an MP, Rab served as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge for many years, including while Carlo was a student there, for whom Rab was special mentor. One celebrity drug abuser and HIV infected user of sex workers on Beryl’s turf was Lord Bristol aka John Jermyn Hervey. Lord Bristol’s brother Nicholas Hervey didn’t share Lord Bristol’s many vices but he did know what his brother got up to. Nicholas was found hanging in his Chelsea flat in his mid-30s after his life was destroyed as a result of help from the Top Doctors. John Allen lived on Beryl’s manor before he opened the Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales. See post ‘The Vermin Club’. Top Doc John W. Paulley and his wife Deirdre supplied the dangerous experimental ‘treatments’ and ‘psychological help’ for the ‘disturbed’ on Beryl’s patch. Paulley was one of the people who sparked off the development of the University of Buckingham, Thatch’s dream of a private university, of which Thatch eventually became Chancellor. See post ‘The International Language of Screaming’. Thatcher gave both Trumpers and Platt their peerages.


John Pickstone, like me, pursued an education in the biomedical sciences as well as the humanities. He knew as well as I do how much fraud, deception and plagiarism there is in medical research and he knew that this has had and continues to have very serious consequences for patients. Like me, Pickstone could have named some of the biggest offenders in terms of unscrupulous practice which has resulted in patient harm. I can see from his biography that he worked in institutions where this was endemic and which employed some of those who had worked or were working with Dafydd and the gang. Dafydd and pals are known to many at UCL…

No matter how interesting John Pickstone’s work is, there are huge areas of the histories of the medical services which he has studied that he did not dare mention. Like the people who ‘wrote the history of the mental health services in north Wales’, Pickstone omitted much of the ‘history of hospitals in the Manchester region’. I understand that Pickstone could not publish the sort of material that I have published on this blog in academic fora and he would have to be very careful indeed if he were to name individuals, because unlike me he hasn’t acquired 10,000 documents which detail serious organised crime and wrongdoing in the NHS and associated services over 30 years. However, there is a great deal more that John Pickstone could have published, in the way that the historians of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh did not have to dribble on about the Caring within. It was a notoriously abusive institution and the stuff of nightmares, even by the standards of its time.

This sort of ‘history of medicine’ is not just dishonest, it is an absolute insult to people who suffered at the hands of those violent, abusive sex offenders who’s ‘excellence’ is documented. I and a few others who knew what went on at the North Wales Hospital passed some of the ‘history’ that had been written about that institution around between ourselves observing ‘have you read this, it is certainly not where we spent those weeks is it??’

Lest readers believe that it doesn’t matter if fairy stories are written about Dafydd, Gwynne and Hugh Freeman now that they are nearly dead or dead, it matters very much, because the work of historians of medicine, including John Pickstone, is now being used to inform policy. That is of course why funding is available for people who want to publish along the lines of ‘ah the doctors they were wonderful’ or ‘it’s different these days…’

The Wellcome Trust funds a great deal of work in the field of history of medicine. The Wellcome Trust also funds Top Doctors and other people who have kept quiet about matters that should have been made public and stopped. Then there’s the question of who it is exactly who occupies senior positions at the Wellcome Trust…

It was no coincidence that Dafydd’s gang and their associates tripped over themselves to become historians of medicine when police investigations began into allegations that a VIP paedophile ring was in operation in north Wales…

We’re the paedophiles’ friends and you can’t get us. When our appalling track records as Top Doctors can no longer be concealed in terms of clinical outcomes, we’ll become historians and bloody well conceal it in that way.

There is a difference between situations in which people who did some regrettable things during their lives are allowed to rest in peace as it were once they have died and are afforded privacy and dignity and the conscious rewriting of history to enable the serious criminality of an international syndicate who caused untold harm and subverted the entire health and care system for their own purposes to be entirely forgotten.

Furthermore, if we faithfully document that Mindfulness was responsible for miracles in north Wales and that the patients received much better care in the community once the asylums were closed and that Patients Are Now Empowered, we will never improve services. Er – anyone noticed that the Gov’t is in a blue funk because the mental health services just do not work and the maternity services are not much better… Then there’s the inexplicable failure to improve the outcomes for cancer patients… the stubborn problems presented by ‘difficult’ children or those in care…the puzzling reality that Prison Doesn’t Work no matter What Is Done… the statistics relating to the continued dreadful outcomes for people with severe mental illness or learning difficulties…

You can’t formulate policy on the basis of lies and you can’t improve services if those who have screwed up so disastrously are relied upon to formulate future policy and then colonise the discipline of history to boot…


In 1985/86 Pickstone moved to the Victoria University of Manchester (later known as the University of Manchester after the merger with UMIST in 2004) and established the Centre for the History of Science and Technology (CHSTM), including the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine and the National Archive for the History of Computing before directing the Centre until 2002, when Pickstone became a Research Professor.

Latterly, Pickstone published mainly on modern medical history, e.g. cancer and medical technology but also on regional history of science, technology and medicine. Pickstone edited the Cambridge University Press History of Science volume on ‘Modern Earth and Life Sciences’ (2008) with Peter Bowler.

During 2007-08, Pickstone’s work attracted international attention in Washington, DC , Yale University, Pennsylvania, Paris, Maastricht, Berlin and Mexico. With friends at Manchester Metropolitan University, John Pickstone planned a major local history festival for 2009.

Pickstone’s research interests mostly included aspects of recent medicine, such as the Wellcome project on the history of cancer in Britain, work on medical technology, the history of the mental health services and a collaborative project regarding recent changes in the NHS.

Pickstone became increasingly interested in the uses of history for health policy… Which is why Hugh Freeman wanted to work with John Pickstone.

When marvelling at how Hugh Freeman the dodgy doc who presided over such shameful practices managed to become networked with credible historians who found money thrown in their direction, we need to remember that Freeman was Vice-Chairman of MIND while Lord David Ennals was Chairman and they concealed much criminality together. David Ennals had by then enjoyed a long career in Gov’t, including posts as a Home Office Minister, a Minister in the DHSS, a Minister in the Foreign Office and then as Secretary of State for the DHSS under Jim Callaghan. David Ennals was a key member of the Ennals-Barbara Castle-Jack Straw troika who covered up a great deal of crap throughout their entire careers. See previous posts. That was the Labour Party branch of the heap of crap. The Tories took care of the crap involving posh people with links to the Royal Family.

Ah Hugh Freeman he was wonderful! The historians are all agreed!


History is written by the winners as any fule kno, even John Pickstone. That is why Trumpers ‘worked at Bletchley Park decoding messages’. Although Trumpers did no such thing. It’s why a pub was named after Lord Tonypandy aka George Thomas, what with George Thomas having made such a huge contribution to Wales. There is now a campaign to change the name of that pub, because it has finally been admitted that George Thomas was a child molester. It’s why the Women’s Archive Wales wants to discover the Hidden Histories of Wimmin, although not those wimmin who have been declared heroines but who actually did some pretty dreadful things.

  •  Shall we just stop telling lies about people who have done awful things even if they are wimmin?

  • Here’s Harold Wilson, remembered at St George’s Square:

    • Dafydd’s mate Sir Tasker Watkins remembered in Cardiff:
      •  Uncle Harry’s hero Nye remembered in Cardiff:
      •  Uncle Harry’s hero Nye remembered in Cardiff after a bird crapped on him:
      • Pickstone’s projects ‘Big Pictures’ and ‘Ways of Knowing’ ‘grew from a conviction that through some of the hundreds of excellent papers – not the crap papers, not that any crap papers ever get published  of course, not with Hugh Freeman editing the British Journal of Psychiatry – produced in the history of science, technology and medicine since the 1960s, we might develop new and better frames for understanding long-term history’.
      • Dafydd’s mate Professor Brian Abel-Smith:

Prof Brian Abel-Smith and his mate Prof Richard Titmuss:

  • Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals:
  • Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson:
  • Kenneth Robinson
  •  Sir George Godber, Chief Medical Officer for England, 1960-73, another pal of Dafydd’s. Sir George was a member of the team who planned Nye’s NHS, for the benefit of The Poor.
  • Sir George helped The Poor so much that like Nye, he got a statue:
  • With Chris Philo, John Pickstone wrote ‘Unpromising Configurations: towards local historical geographies of psychiatry’. Chris Philo is Professor of Geography at Glasgow University. Philo graduated from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University and worked as a Research Fellow there. In 1989 Chris Philo joined the Department of Geography at the University of Wales, Lampeter and remained there until 1995. Lampeter was located in the region of the abuse ring in west Wales which was linked to Dafydd’s gang and some members of staff at Lampeter were concealing the ring.
  • Philo then joined Glasgow University. Philo’s interests have been in the historical geographies of ‘madness’ and  mental health and mental health care provision. A devotee of the work of Michel Foucault, Chris Philo’s research extended and localised Foucault’s history of madness to England and Wales. I have no idea whether Chris Philo knows exactly what John Pickstone’s mate Professor Hugh Freeman was doing in Manchester, but Foucault could most usefully be applied to Freeman, Freeman’s colleague Tony Francis and of course to dear old Dafydd. No-one has yet done this…

I’ll have to put in for funding from the Wellcome Trust and do it myself because everyone else has just been so unfathomably slow despite the obvious huge potential of such a piece of work…

I do not know if Chris Philo is any relation of Greg Philo. Greg Philo was a member of the Glasgow Media Group and a generation ago the Glasgow Media Group published the ground-breaking work ‘Bad News’ and ‘More Bad News’, in which they analysed ‘impartial’ media news coverage and demonstrated bias throughout. For example, when covering industrial disputes, it was found that news readers said things such as ‘the unions demand’ and ‘the management request’. Brown introduced me to the work of the Glasgow Media Group when I was an undergrad and I used some of their strategies when confronting the Top Docs. ‘Dr Jones told us that…’, however, when I told Professor Bluglass that Dafydd had tried to bribe me into dropping my complaint about him, I had merely ‘claimed’. When I pointed out these inconsistencies, the Top Docs became very angry.

Top Docs! I was being polite. I could have just said ‘you’re a bunch of lying fucking crooks’. Which of course in the end I did say because it was so overwhelmingly obvious… One didn’t even need the help of the Glasgow Media Group.

The Tories subsequently used the work of the Glasgow Media Group’s analysis of language use for their own gain. It’s why we heard about ‘old fashioned’ trade unions when the police were beating up striking miners and the needs of a ‘modern’ economy. Did the Windbag take advantage of the Glasgow Media Group’s work? Er – well what do you think????

Thatch’s Gov’t was a ‘radical’ Gov’t as well…

As for the NHS, we now have the idiocy of Empowered Service Users. They are sectioned in locked wards against their will with fewer legal rights than people in prison… Cameron told us that the NHS and Social Care Act 2012 would Empower patients. Over-priced crap is sold to women because it will Empower us. And of course because we’re worth it.

Not so long ago I came across a report of some Angels who had Supported A Resident To Leave The Room. She was an old lady who hadn’t wanted to leave the room, so they had dragged her out physically while she tried to resist.

If Greg Philo has time on his hands perhaps he’d like to analyse every bit of propaganda published by the NHS over the last year, all the Empowering, the Caring, the Supporting, the Personalised Medicine Tailored To Your DNA and give us all a good laugh.

  • “Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)”
    Eurythmics Sexcrime.jpg
  • Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • ‘We Didn’t Know!’


John Pickstone worked with the late Professor Roy Porter and Pickstone, with Roberta Bivins, edited a volume in honour of Porter in 2007.

Roy Porter was one of the biggest names in the history of medicine and there was a lot of sadness when he pegged out suddenly and unexpectedly, at only 55 yrs old, in March 2002. Porter had retired as Director of the Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine at UCL in 2001. In the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report as there was still a wailing and a gnashing of teeth and shouts of ‘cover-up’… People did wonder why Roy Porter, a prolific workaholic with a truly impressive output, retired at the age of 54 and moved to St Leonards-on-Sea telling people that he was going to learn the saxophone and work on his allotment. St Leonards-on-Sea is in East Sussex, the turf of the partners-in-crime of Dafydd’s gang. The brothels to which John Allen trafficked the kids in care from north Wales were in Brighton.

Roy Sydney Porter was the son of a Bermondsey jeweller. He grew up in South London and attended Wilson’s School in Camberwell. Camberwell is on the doorstep of the Maudsley and the citizens of Camberwell were being targeted by the organised abuse which was facilitated by the dangerous idiots employed at the Maudsley. See posts ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’ and ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’.  As the Top Docs at the Maudsley went through life destroying all those whom they touched, one of the things that they carried out was a community study of Camberwell…

Bermondsey was on the patch of Southwark Borough Council which was, by the 1970s, sending numerous kids in care to north Wales children’s homes. It was the territory of a group of utterly corrupt local Labour Councillors and politicians who had ruled the area for many years, the crew being led by Lord Bob Mellish. It was this lot whom Peter Tatchell challenged in the early 1980s, which resulted in the hate campaign against Thatchell when he stood as the Labour candidate in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election. See post ‘The Battle For The Labour Party’s Soul’. Everyone from across the political spectrum as well as the press joined in the attack on Tatchell, including Michael Foot, who was at the time the Labour Leader. Tatchell had very effectively revealed the endemic corruption of Mellish and his mates, yet not a word appeared about that in the media. As for the kids from Southwark who were sent to north Wales, one of them was sexually assaulted at gunpoint. No action was taken even after this and Southwark kids continued to find themselves being packed off to those lovely homes in north Wales with all that fresh Welsh air for their lungs…

I remember the 1983 Bermondsey by-election well. I was living on Anglesey and I had just encountered Dr D.G.E. Wood. Little did I know what was about to be unleashed. Brown was in the final year of his first degree at Aston University and had been receiving death threats. Tutors at Bangor, as well as D.G.E. Wood, simply ignored me when I told them that someone was threatening to murder Brown, even when that someone turned up at Brown’s room in hall armed with a swordstick, held Brown hostage, trashed his room and told him that he’d be back to finish him off….

That man later tried to kill Brown by repeatedly smashing Brown’s head on a pavement.

‘We didn’t know!’

UCNW was bugged by MI5 at the time. Since beginning this blog, I have received transcripts of my conversations with Wood and my tutor Adrian Bell on the occasions that I told them what was happening to Brown. So MI5 were standing back and waiting for Brown to be killed. While the bodies of psych patients and former kids in care were found regularly.

The Home Secretary in Feb 1983:

The Viscount Whitelaw of Short Sharp Shocks
William Whitelaw in 1963.jpg

On 11 June 1983, Lord Brittan of Sex Parties With Little Boys succeeded Willie as Home Secretary and Willie was appointed as Lord President of the Council. One of the roles of Lord President of the Council was that of visitor to the University of Wales, of which UCNW was a constituent college. Read more about Willie’s glorious career which involved numerous roles in which he concealed the criminality in north Wales in my post ‘Stations of the Crass’. He even had two goes at being Home Secretary and Lord President of the Council such was the trust invested in him not to put a stop to Dafydd and the gang.

On 11 June 1983, Trumpers, the pal of Jimmy Savile’s who later appointed Savile to the Broadmoor management task force when Trumpers was a junior Health Minister, was appointed Baroness-in-Waiting to Lilibet. Lilibet’s son Carlo was Chancellor of the University of Wales. Trumpers was mates with Willie and used to stay at his place in the Lake District.

Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpg


Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpg

The other day someone told me that Willie Whitelaw ‘looked like an old pervert’ and that they could imagine him raping the boys at Bryn Estyn. One can’t judge a person on whether they look like an old pervert or not, although the method does work in the cases of Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd, but incredibly enough I was reminded of Willie Whitelaw when I watched that scene in the film ‘Mona Lisa’ years ago. The bit where a girl of about 12 is picked up by a sleazy old man with a plummy voice and he takes her to a posh hotel in central London and has his wicked way with her. After The Act, which I think was anal, he says in a Willie Whitelawesque tone ‘you didn’t enjoy that did you? Well you weren’t meant to’. I thought of Willie and the Short Sharp Shock at the time.

There’s also a bit in ‘Mona Lisa’ when Bob Hoskins takes the girl for a meal in a cafe and she orders an ice cream rather than a breakfast and he asks her if she wouldn’t like something more substantial. In reply she says ‘I can only eat ice cream now’. So Bob Hoskins says ‘what cha mean?’ And she says ‘You don’t know nuffink do you?’ Well I don’t know nuffink either, I’ve wondered ever since what that ice cream business was all about and Brown doesn’t know nuffink as well because he hasn’t been able to explain it.

Dafydd: what was the ice cream business about? Pray tell…

There’s another fine example of what might have happened to me had I succumbed to Dafydd’s employment in the film ‘Blue Velvet’. The scene where Frank pays a visit to the lady whom the gangsters have trapped into a sado-masochistic relationship with the dreadful Frank and Frank has sex with her after yelling ‘Baby wants to fuck’ and punching her in the face. Frank inhales something through a face mask while he’s having sex and I asked Brown what that was all about as well. Brown maintains that he doesn’t know, perhaps Frank suffers from breathing difficulties and needs extra oxygen when he’s having sex. I doubt it, like the scene in ‘Mona Lisa’, it is a reference to practices with which Dafydd and John Allen are well-acquainted but I’m not.

‘Dear Minister, I am expressing my deepest concerns with regard to the practices of the mental health services in north Wales.’

Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpg


In north Wales there were hundreds and hundreds of complaints about children in care and psych patients being abused and neglected. This man was the middle manager who deflected all of them:

Lord Roberts of Conwy - obituary - Telegraph

Lord Wyn Roberts was a mate of Dafydd’s.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones




After A levels, Roy Porter went on to Christ’s College, Cambridge where he studied under J.H. Plumb. Porter’s contemporaries at Cambridge included Simon Schama and Andrew Wheatcroft.

Sir John (JackHarold Plumb (20 August 1911 – 21 October 2001) was known for his work on British 18th century history. Plumb was born in Leicester and educated at Alderman Newton’s School, Leicester, then at University College Leicester and finally at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

A paedophile ring in Leicestershire finally came to public awareness in Nov 1991 when the social worker Frank Beck, a pal of Greville Janner’s, was sentenced to five life terms for sexual and physical assaults against more than one hundred children in his care. Beck was sentenced to a further 24 years on seventeen charges of abuse, including rape. The Kirkwood Inquiry which followed Beck’s conviction admitted that there had been collusion with the abuse of children in Leicestershire on the part of the police, the Social Services and the City and County Councils. In 1987, Dr James Earp, a forensic psychiatrist in Leicester, concealed the criminality of Dafydd, Tony Francis and Gwynedd Social Services. See post ‘An Expert From England’. Earp was just a few years later named in a scandal when a convicted murderer escaped from Earp’s secure unit after receiving help to do this on the inside. See previous posts. There are indications that corrupt lawyers and Top Docs had been involved in ensuring that the convicted man was sent into the care of Earp rather than prison.

The Kirkwood Report failed to mention that the Top Docs, the education system, Leicester University and the local MPs also colluded with the ring in Leicestershire. There was an agreement between Andrew Kirkwood QC, who Chaired the Inquiry and Greville Janner, who had been interviewed by the police and by Kirkwood, that Janner would not be named in the Kirkwood Report. See previous posts.

Lord Robert Kilpatrick served as the Dean of the University of Leicester School of Medicine, 1973-89. The GMC headhunted Robert Kilpatrick in 1989 as their President, where he remained until 1995. The GMC went in pursuit of Kilpatrick the year that I began work at St George’s Medical School, which I have since been told again was part of an elaborate trap to get me out of medical research. St George’s was facilitating the elite end of the pan-European trafficking ring of which Dafydd’s gang were part. After I left St George’s, my former bosses Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce were caught in a huge research fraud scandal. The ‘research’, if it had not blown up in their faces, would have made them world-famous. Although Chamberlain’s name was on the paper which gave an account of a miraculous operation which had never taken place, only Malcolm was sacked and struck off. Chamberlain wasn’t touched by the GMC, with Kilpatrick as President and Chamberlain even gave evidence against Malcolm. But Chamberlain couldn’t be caught because he was friends with Cilla and more importantly Sir George Pinker, who was the Royal Gynaecologist and delivered William and Harry. See previous posts.

In 1989, the police launched an investigation into a paedophile ring in Leicestershire. In July 1989 Dafydd’s mate Robert Bluglass Chaired the hearing into my complaint about Dafydd et al, concluding that the only person who was responsible for all the whole business was me and that poor Dafydd had suffered unbearably as my wicked hands. See post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’. By 1989, Jimmy Savile had been installed as the General Manager of Broadmoor, thanks to the efforts of Trumpers.

Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpg

Kilpatrick was a Scottish doctor who didn’t only know every Top Doc worth knowing, but Kilpatrick also made friends with lots of grand people from a whole variety of professional backgrounds via his membership of elite golf clubs, including the Royal and Ancient in St Andrew’s, which has a big membership among the senior staff of St Andrew’s University. Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass is a St Andrew’s graduate and Bluglass loves quaffing champagne in various old boys’ organisations. Kilpatrick had served as Dean of Sheffield Medical School, 1970-73, on Jimmy Savile’s patch, as well as President of the BMA. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’ for details of Kilpatrick’s many links and more info on the shenanigans in Leicester.

Dear old Greville Janner and his family have featured many times on this blog previously and of course Greville’s name is constantly bandied about in the media in relation to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. The more astute also notice that Keith Vaz has served as a Leicester MP since 1987. I’ve blogged about Keith in previous posts and comments, the Keith who was the Labour MP for the constituency in which Brown and I lived when we shared a house in Leicester with friends in 1987. I have discussed in previous posts the aspects of Leicester life that were simply ignored by the professional and political classes, including sex shops and the feminist raids on them, forced marriage of teenaged girls who were running away from home in great numbers to avoid this, the unlawful working practices of the sweatshops that were in operation in our neighbourhood…

The media have concentrated so much on the allegations about Greville and the stench that accompanies Keith Vaz wherever he goes, that this man who served as the Tory MP for Blaby in Leicestershire, 1974-92, never receives a mention:

The Lord Lawson of Blaby
Official portrait of Lord Lawson of Blaby crop 2.jpg

Frank Beck abused children at the Beeches children’s home in Blaby where he worked. In 1983 Beck was elected as a Liberal Councillor on the Blaby District Council, a seat which he successfully defended in 1987.

Beck was sentenced to five life-terms for sexual and physical assaults against more than one hundred children in his care between 1973-86. He was sentenced to a further 24 years on seventeen charges of abuse, including rape.

Lord Lawson worked with the security services and I suspect that at least some of his children did/do as well. Lord Lawson: thank you very much for taking Frank Beck out of circulation and for your role in the destabilisation of Thatch, but next time that you go into action, could you please not just blame everything on one perverted old social worker and leave the rest of the entire network untouched? Leicestershire was relieved of one dreadful man, but the many others remained, including in the GMC, BMA and Parliament and they have caused a great deal of trouble.

The crooked barrister George Carman QC, who established his reputation after successfully defending Jeremy Thorpe at the Old Bailey in 1979 was preparing to take up a post in Hong Kong until he stayed in Leicester in Nov 1981 while defending Dr Leonard Arthur, a kindly old paediatrician who had killed a baby with Down’s syndrome and found himself in Leicester Crown Court charged with attempted murder. See previous posts. Something or someone in Leicester persuaded Carman to remain in the UK and to specialise as a libel lawyer. The reason that was always given for no media outlet ever naming Savile as a sex offender although some journos have admitted that they received credible accounts from witnesses whom they believed was that Savile was known to have Carman at the ready and no-one would risk it. Cherie Booth and Miranda both worked in Carman’s Chambers. Cherie was still there in 1988.

Greville was interviewed by the police in 1991 in relation to sexual assaults on children in care in Leicestershire. His solicitor David Napley was so sure that Janner would be charged that he retained George Carman. It was in Feb 1991 that Professor Nigel Eastman of St George’s Hospital Medical School told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor and ‘they know you there’. Eastman had received a letter from his colleague Dr Robin Jacobson telling him that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that he suspected that Tony Francis was as well and that I was suicidal because of being constantly arrested.

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Nigel Eastman is a pal of St Helena Kennedy, the Wimmin’s Champ. St Helena’s book ‘Eve Was Framed’ contains an acknowledgement to Eastman and thanks him for helping her with so many cases. In 1987, a charidee called WISH (Women In Special Hospitals) was formed with which St Helena was involved. WISH knew that victims of Dafydd’s and other gangs were in special hospitals and they knew that they had been abused and trafficked by those gangs. WISH also knew that Savile was sexually assaulting patients in Broadmoor where he was employed as the General Manager. They said nothing about any of this. See posts eg. ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’ and ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’.

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The gang in Leicestershire, like the gangs in north Wales and areas such as Lambeth, was built on organised abuse that had existed in the area for many, many decades. In previous posts I have discussed the gay playwright Joe Orton who met a sticky end; Joe Orton grew up in Leicester on the notorious Saffron Lane housing estate. The ‘Saffs’ were the target of abuse in the 1980s… Sue Townsend of Adrian Mole fame grew up in Leicester and spent her entire life there. Previous posts have explained that Townsend knew about Greville and his pals and I very much suspect that this was the basis of Sue Townsend’s huge success, because her writing wasn’t that good and after the initial Adrian Mole book, it was very clear that Townsend was flogging a very dead horse.

In previous posts I discussed Sir Fredrick Attenborough, the Principal of the University College of Leicester, 1932-51. Sir John Plumb graduated from the University College of Leicester the year after Sir Frederick became Principal. Plumb became an alumnus of Leicester who achieved great success and influence. As did two of Sir Frederick’s sons, who worked in the media, an industry fully on board with Dafydd and the gang as well as with the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts, including ‘Life In Cold Blood’ for the many ways in which Brown’s senior colleagues at Leicester University tried to hamper his career when he was a PhD student there.

My post ‘Radical Leicester And Some Other Free Radicals’ gave an account of some of the others who worked in Leicester University – including Lisa Nandy’s dad Dipak Nandy – as well as in the schools and various Councillors who knew about the ring in Leicestershire.

If anyone has ever asked themselves, as I used to, how Anthony Giddens became such a Famous Sociologist, the Director of the LSE and even managed to persuade Miranda to base his entire political philosophy on Gidden’s pamphlet about The Third Way, they only have to remember that Giddens worked as a lecturer at Leicester University during the Paedophile Years…

My How Things Haven’t Changed:

King Lear, a tragedy of jealousy, murder and the descent into madness. 

Act I

Lucille Hughes


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Jack Plumb’s doctorate was on the social structure of the House of Commons at the time of William III aka William of Orange.


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‘During the 1690s, rumours grew of William’s alleged homosexual inclinations and led to the publication of many satirical pamphlets by his Jacobite detractors. He did have several close male associates, including two Dutch courtiers to whom he granted English titles: Hand Willem Bentinck became Earl of Portland and Arnold Joost van Keppel was created Earl of Albemarle. These relationships with male friends and his apparent lack of mistresses, led William’s enemies to suggest that he might prefer homosexual relationships. William’s modern biographers disagree on the veracity of these allegations. Some believe there may have been truth to the rumours, while others affirm that they were no more than figments of his enemies’ imaginations, and that there was nothing unusual in someone childless like William adopting or evincing paternal affections for a younger man.

Whatever the case, Bentinck’s closeness to William did arouse jealousies at the Royal Court. William’s young protegé, Keppel, aroused more gossip and suspicion, being 20 years William’s junior, strikingly handsome, and having risen from being a Royal page to an Earldom with some ease. Portland wrote to William in 1697 that “the kindness which your Majesty has for a young man, and the way in which you seem to authorise his liberties … make the world say things I am ashamed to hear.” This, he said, was “tarnishing a reputation which has never before been subject to such accusations”. William tersely dismissed these suggestions, however, saying, “It seems to me very extraordinary that it should be impossible to have esteem and regard for a young man without it being criminal.”

Similar speculation surrounded the late Dr Tony Jones, Butch Action Man and associate of Dafydd’s gang, who ‘was like a father’ to many of the male students at UCNW. Tony Jones, a marine geologist unknown outside geology and mountaineering circles, found himself the subject of a ‘This Is Your Life’ episode screened in early 1993, just when Dafydd’s gang were in need of some PR. During the programme it was stressed how many lives Tony had saved in his capacity as a key figure in the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team. See eg. previous posts and comments that follow them. Tony’s quaint way of calling black students niggers or his arrangements with corrupt police officers to have students whom had crossed his path unlawfully arrested and detained in the cells were not mentioned. Tony and his mates did however slap each other on the back a lot and remember the times that they got rat arsed on whiskey and painted Tony’s ears green and tattooed his bum while he was out cold.

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 Dr. Tony Jones MBE

It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of  Dr. Tony Jones MBE one of the founder members of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation. For many years he also served on regional and national bodies and was chair of North Wales Mountain Rescue Association until 2013. He was also a member of the UK Search and Rescue Operators Group, chairman of the Medical Group, secretary of the Inland Consultative Committee and chairman of the Communications Working Group and attended the Maritime and Aviation Consultative Committee, since their inception in 2000.

Tony Jones



In 1939 Jack Plumb was elected to a research fellowship at King’s College, Cambridge.

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Trinity College and King’s College were the two main Cambridge colleges from which the members of the Cambridge Apostles were drawn. Many Apostles were recruited by the British security services and the 1930s contingent became notorious because of those who were later revealed to have been double agents working for the KGB. It is likely that there were more people in this category than were ever revealed. The Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawn was an Apostle in the 1930s. Hobsbawm had a second home at Croesor in Gwynedd for many years until 1979, where he was part of a group of second homers and visitors known as the Welsh Bloomsbury Set. The Welsh Bloomsbury Set were a group of radicals and intellectuals who had their main homes in London but spent much time in Gwynedd as a result of the friendship with Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a local landowner who married Amabel Strachey, a member of the Strachey family who were at the heart of the Bloomsbury Group. Bertrand Russell was part of that group of friends.

Some of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set and their network were involved in organised abuse and they made use of the services provided by Dafydd’s gang and before Dafydd led the gang, Gwynne the lobotomist. The Welsh Bloomsbury Set were leftists and many of them were members of the Communist Party. As an adult Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter Julia established her own PR company with Sarah Macaulay which worked for the Labour Party and trade unions.

See eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’ for details of the second homers at Croesor and their network.

In 1997 Sarah married Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and in 2007 Sarah was the wife of the PM. Miranda and Gordon launched an all out attack on the VC of Bangor University from 2004 onward with the purpose of removing him from public life. The reason for this was that Merfyn, his wife and his close friend had spilt the pints of the gang on a number of occasions. Merfyn had grown up near Croesor, knew what the gang were doing to local people and spilt the pints of the Sussex end of the gang in 1967 when he was a student. The VC of Sussex University, Asa Briggs, never got over it and went to war along with Miranda and others many years later. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’. Asa was an historian, a Cambridge graduate who worked in intelligence during WW II and will have known Jack Plumb…

During WW II, Jack Plumb worked in the code breaking department of the Foreign Office at Bletchley Bark. Being one of the Cambridge graduates who worked for the security services, Plumb might actually have done some code breaking, as opposed to the code breaker Trumpers who was a secretary who didn’t do a great deal of work, spending her time larking around with her mates and going up to London to gamble and get pissed with GIs. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’

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Jack Plumb was highly likely to have been one of those members of the security services recruited from Cambridge pre-WWII who contributed to the combined effort to conceal Dafydd et al’s criminality under the mistaken belief that because Royals were linked to the shenanigans, it was In The Interests Of National Security to stand by and allow horrid old gits to force kids and psych patients to have sex with them and kill them if they blabbed.

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In 1946 Plumb became a Fellow and Tutor of Christ’s College. It’s much nicer than King’s College, less grandiose and with bushes, but it didn’t contain as many gay spies who concealed elite paedophile rings as King’s College did.

Christ's College First Court, Cambridge, UK - Diliff.jpg

In 1962 Plumb was appointed Reader at Cambridge University and Professor in 1966. Jack Plumb served as Master of Christ’s College, 1978-82.

Plumb had a visiting Chair at Columbia University in 1960. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1968 and knighted in 1982.

Plumb was the European Advisory Editor for ‘Horizon’ and the Advisory Editor for history for Penguin Books. Contributors to his books included other well known historians like Jacob Bronowski. Later Plumb worked with Hugh Casson on the BBC TV series Royal Heritage about the Royal Family and the Royal Collections first broadcast in 1977.

Jacob Bronowski was a loyal servant of the security services who concealed the shenanigans upon which Dafydd expanded and built. More recently the baton of protecting a gang of old molesters was passed on to his daughter Professor Lisa Jardine, an historian – they’re the Men or Wimmin Of The Moment – who toadied to all the right people, including  those of Middle Temple, of which Sir Ronnie Waterhouse was a member and of course the Royal Colleges of Top Doctors. Read about Jacob and Lisa in previous posts, including how Lisa achieved success without anyone ever knowing that she was Jacob Bronowski’s daughter, in much the same way that Peters and Lee won ‘Opportunity Knocks’ without the viewers knowing that Peters was blind.

  • See post ‘The Big Questions’ for an account of the career of another Inspirational Blind Man who became Home Secretary on the basis of his Huge Talents, not at all because he spent years running Sheffield City Council while ignoring the activities of Jimmy Savile – whom no-one knew was molesting children anyway – and subsequently the activities of Dafydd et al and other linked gangs.


Jack Plumb is seen as mentor to a school of historians and a generation of scholars that included Roy Porter as well Simon Schama, Linda Colley and David Cannadine and others who came to prominence in the 1990s. The decade in which police investigations were launched into a number of paedophile rings which were facilitated by the Top Doctors, including the one in north Wales/Cheshire which as any fule kno didn’t exist.

Plumb was champion of a ‘social history’ in a wide sense; he backed this up with a connoisseur’s knowledge of some fields of the fine arts, such as Flemish painting and porcelain.

Plumb clashed with other historians, notably Cambridge colleague Geoffrey Elton. Geoffrey Elton is the brother of Lewis Elton, Ben Elton’s dad. Lewis Elton spent much of his career as a Professor at Surrey University and worked with those who shafted me and stole my work in 1988-89 after receiving Orders From the BMA. The then President of the BMA was Dr John Marks, who’s brother Prof Vincent Marks was my boss at Surrey. Lewis Elton was largely responsible for the career of Britain’s First Lady Professor of Physics, Daphne Jackson. Dear old Daphne established an organisation to assist professional women advance in their careers and some of Daphne’s mates advanced their careers considerably by plagiarising my work to raise further research funding for themselves while I was made redundant because my funding had run out. See previous posts.

Daphne, Who Made It In A Man’s World:

Daphne Jackson

Thanks To This Man’s Dad:


Ben famously hated Mrs Thatch! Which was why his dad shafted the woman, who along with her friends, had evidence of a gang of criminal doctors that if it had ever been allowed to become public could have finished Mrs Thatch off. My media friends who were also shafted for supporting me used to meet Ben at events. They observed that Ben was indeed a Bob Monkhouse in the making as Dame Edna Everage later also quipped. Ben went to Manchester University and the drama/entertainment scene there was supplied with sex workers who had come off the Top Docs conveyor belt.

Ben was born in Fitzrovia, among the Bloomsbury Set and in 1968 the family moved to Guildford. After Ben graduated and moved to London to make his name in alternative comedy, his parents gave him a house to live in so the poor mite didn’t have to worry about rent. See previous posts for info re Ben and his right-on friends.


Friends from Jack Plumb’s early life including C.P. Snow portrayed him in novels; he also is known to be the model for a character in an Angus Wilson short story The Wrong Set.

The Guardian’s obituary for Sir John Plumb written by Neil McKendrick told us:

With the death of Sir John Plumb…Cambridge has lost one of its most influential historians and one of its most memorable characters. He was one of a remarkable group of dynamic and charismatic scholars (including Sir Moses Finley, Sir Geoffrey Elton, Sir Harry Hinsley, Owen Chadwick, Sir Denis Brogan, Sir Herbert Butterfield, Dom David Knowles, MM Postan, Philip Grierson, Walter Ullman, Peter Laslett and Denis Mack Smith) who made the Cambridge history faculty such an exciting place to be in the 1960s and 1970s.

When one recalls that Joseph Needham and EH Carr were then at the height of their powers in Cambridge; that exciting young scholars such as John Elliott, Quentin Skinner, Christopher Andrew and Norman Stone had already joined the faculty; and that ambitious youngsters such as Richard Overy, Geoffrey Parker, Roy Porter, Simon Schama, John Brewer and Keith Wrightson were beginning their research careers, it is little wonder that one looks back on it now as a golden age, unequalled since. Few, if any, could claim to have played a more central role than John Plumb. As a hugely influential teacher, the most popular lecturer and the most prolific writer, and as an unforgettably colourful character, Plumb dominated Christ’s and Cambridge history during much of this period.

Jack Plumb…was the product of a working-class family in Leicester…His first attempt to get into Cambridge ended in a humiliating form of rejection. He took the St John’s scholarship examination…Despite coming top of the exhibitioner list, quite exceptionally he was not awarded one, so he went to Leicester University and was the first person ever to take a first in history from that university college. He went up to Christ’s College, Cambridge, in 1933 to begin research as GM Trevelyan’s first and last research student and, apart from a brief interlude as a research fellow at King’s and his time at Bletchley during the war, he never left Christ’s again.

He became a fellow in 1946, and for over half a century devoted his life to the college…Plumb was a dedicated “college man” and anyone who used that phrase in a disparaging way in his presence could expect an Exocet-like rebuke. Not for him the uninterrupted research time that many academic prima donnas now demand. He was in turn an official fellow, college lecturer and director of studies in history, tutor, steward, wine steward, vice-master and master…Greater love for his college has no man than the fellow willing to take on all these burdens… He did not skimp on his university duties either, being, among many other things, a notably brisk and efficient chairman of the history faculty board from 1966-68….

Dafydd’s gang had sent up a Paedophiles In Distress flare by 1991, which resulted in havoc at UCNW when the gang launched an attack on senior sociologist Graham Day and were assisted by ‘The Guardian’ publishing an article accusing Graham of racism. See post ‘Badlands’. One person caught in the crossfire was Nerys Jones, who’s ex-husband was the Harvard sociologist Professor Orlando Patterson. Nerys knew about Dafydd’s gang and suffered at their hands. She later married Merfyn the VC of Bangor University which was the last straw for the gang. Nerys died in 2008 at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre who, despite being Global Leading Top Docs, just couldn’t do anything in the face of her serious illness. Orlando, who did his PhD at the LSE in the 1960s (see previous posts), is a favourite of black elites in the US, who are linked with those we know and love in High Places, such as Barack and Michelle. See eg. post ‘Right To Reply’.
I don’t know why Porter was Plumb’s last postgrad, but it’s probably significant.

But Plumb recognised very early in his career that other historical disciplines were increasingly coming to the fore. He wrote in Studies In Social History (which he edited in 1955) that “social history, in the fullest and deepest sense of the term, is now a field of study of incomparable richness and the one in which the greatest discoveries will be made in this generation”. His prediction has long since been borne out, and he increasingly followed the dictates of his own prophecy…It was a decision which fuelled and exacerbated the strong personal antipathies between the Plumb and the Elton schools of historiography in Cambridge and beyond.

To Elton, who espoused ever more strongly the pre-eminent claims of constitutional history, Plumb’s decisive move towards the history of social realism was anathema. Elton might be said to have won the battle (after all, he did become regius professor), but Plumb has surely won the war. The study of history has marched irresistibly in the direction in which he predicted and led.

...Seven honorary degrees (five in the US) testified to his international reputation as a scholar, but in many ways he still felt frustrated by the prizes which had eluded him…He was on Harold Wilson’s infamous resignation honours list for a peerage, but was dropped in the furore which followed its “leaking” to the press.

That was the Lavender List, written by Marcia Williams aka Lady Falkender, in which Harold planned to give honours to his mates who had helped him conceal wrongdoing, including that involving the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Wilson almost certainly suddenly resigned in 1976 after the security services gave him a push, because they knew that Jeremy Thorpe’s previous relationship with Norman Scott could not be denied any longer, that Norman’s allegations of Thorpe trying to have him killed were credible and that Thorpe was going to find himself charged with very serious offences very soon. See previous posts…

By 1976, Thatch was leader of the Tory Party. The Liberals had Jeremy and Labour had Harold and of course Labour had been getting in and out of bed with the Liberals in terms of the Lib Lab Pact. Could this have resulted in the security services backing Thatch and mobilising the campaign to make her PM as is constantly rumoured? It wasn’t the best idea that you ever had C or M or Dickwit, she was every bit as bad as the Men. But there you are, Thatch banged on about her gently waved hair and her red chiffon dress and she flirted with all of you old farts in a 1950s way and you were as hooked as Alan Clark was when he noticed her ‘very pretty ankles’… Patient F was so shocked when he watched that interview with Clark banging on about Thatcher’s ‘carnal’ tastes and women’s ‘globes’ that F commented at the time that Clark was going to tell us in a minute that Thatch liked the big knobs.

Oz Magazine, Tory Party Issue:

  •  Sadly, some of those mad old gits who were taking orders from Thatch were waving their big knobs in the direction of kids in care supplied by Dafydd et al.'s list of resources for linguistic diversity

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Where he [Jack Plumb]did achieve the full recognition he deserved was from his pupils. They were quick to recognise the influence of his teaching and his generous promotion of their talents. At Christ’s alone he promoted the careers of historians of the calibre of Rupert Hall, John Kenyon, Frank Spooner, Barry Supple, Eric Stokes, John Burrow, Jonathan Steinberg, Quentin Skinner, Norman Stone, Geoffrey Parker, Roy Porter, Simon Schama, Clive Holmes, David Cannadine, Linda Colley, Joachim Whaley, Niall Ferguson and myself. These and many others were launched on their successful careers by Plumb’s patronage and support at Christ’s…

I will try and find out if John Kenyan was any relation of Sir Frederic Kenyon, the Director of the British Museum and the father of Dame Kathleen Kenyon. They were relations of Lord Lloyd Kenyon who spent nearly 40 years as President of UNCW and who’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon, who was infected with HIV, was caught abusing a boy in the care of social services but faced no charges. Dame Kathleen returned to live in the Wrexham area at the end of her career as an archaeologist who achieved fame as a result of her digs in the Middle East. See previous posts. Dame Kathleen, being a World Famous Archaeologist, will have been on the receiving end of much toadying from the Dept of Archaeology at UCNW.

Indeed, many of his pupils would readily admit (as would I) that he was the greatest single influence on their early lives and careers. Many have told me what an inspiration he was in their days in Cambridge, and many count it as one of the great pleasures of their lives to have basked in his company. Not that it was always a comfortable experience. Jack Plumb did not earn the title of being the rudest man in Cambridge without inflicting some hurtful verbal wounds…

He never ceased to surprise. After more than 60 years as a passionate socialist, he suddenly embraced Thatcherism with an ardour that astonished his friends. As he moved ever further to the right, he met the appalled response of his old liberal friends with the smug retort, “There’s no rage like the rage of the convert.”

Such a complex personality inevitably subjected some of his friendships to strain. Not all of them survived…

And when it wasn’t fun, it was always memorable. Jack Plumb made good copy. His turn of phrase made him eminently quotable. His trenchant judgements made good stories – and sometimes unforgiving enemies…

He will, of course, be remembered best by historians for the impact of his work on what is known as “Plumb’s century”, but in London and New York (and in Cambridge and academia at large) he will, perhaps, be remembered even more for his ebullient personality, which expressed itself not only in his erudition but in his enthusiasm and his enjoyment of the good things of life.

For he played as hard as he worked. An entrepreneur, a bon viveur, a connoisseur of food and wine, a collector of fine silver and porcelain, his rooms were far more opulent than those of most dons. Fine paintings adorned the walls, fine claret and champagne flowed with abandon, and his Vincennes and Sèvres were far superior to the collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum. His cellar was the finest in Cambridge. Apart from his splendid rooms in Christ’s, he shared for over 30 years a 16th-century rectory in Suffolk, he had a long-term interest in a magnificent moulin in Provence, and kept a pied-à-terre 22 stories up in the Carlyle in New York. Not for Plumb the life of the cloistered and ascetic scholar, not for Plumb the life of the remote and ineffectual don. He lived his life to the full. He had little time for what he called “the quiet rich”, he abhorred meanness, and he spent his money with as much gusto as he earned it. He approached his 90s full of plans for the millennium, still encouraging and exhorting the gifted young, still planning further trips to the US, still plotting the outcome of his munificent charities.

I’ve never met an academic as rich as this, where did Jack Plumb get it all from, especially as he was born a Saff in Leicester…

Plumb was a formidable fundraiser. He did not scruple to flatter or cajole or bully his friends into stumping up for the charities he believed in. He claimed to have raised more than £3m for Christ’s alone.


About a third came from his own pocket

So he had a spare £1 million knocking around

and his intentions in his will confirmed where his ultimate loyalties lay. His not inconsiderable fortune will go to promote the two things which have dominated his life – Christ’s College, Cambridge, and the study of history.

There must have been something very interesting behind this caricature of a Christ’s Man, a Dr Donald Trefusis worthy of Stephen Fry’s imagination, who’s whole life was dedicated to dear old Cambridge and his archives, but who just happened to find himself in the possession of serious money and art treasures.

Although twice engaged, he remained unmarried.

A Bachelor who was not Blessed With Children.


In an article for ‘History Today’, Sir John Plumb explained how, between 1857 and 1888, after much controversy, the mystery of the Nile’s source was finally solved by the successive discoveries of Speke, Burton, Livingstone and Stanley. I think that Plumb himself might have been the source of one sort of Nile, a Nile of a Westminster Paedophile Ring and How They Got Away With It sort.


 As for the Nile’s tributary, Roy Porter became a junior Fellow in 1968 studying under Robert M. Young and lecturing on the British Enlightenment. In 1972, Porter moved to Churchill College and became Dean in 1977. Porter received his doctorate in 1974 and was then given a lecturing job at Cambridge. It was in 1979 that Porter joined the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine at UCL and in 1993 he became Professor of Social History at the Institute. He briefly served as its Director.

Porter retired in September 2001, moving to St Leonards-on-Sea and died of a heart attack five months later at the age of 55 yrs.

Roy Porter was married five times, firstly to Sue Limb (1970), then Jacqueline Rainfray (1983), then Dorothy Watkins (1987), then Hannah Augstein, and finally his wife at the time of his death, Natsu Hattori.

Roy Porter’s wiki entry notes that he was ‘known for the fact that he needed very little sleep’. There are a very small number of people who do need very little sleep, but most of those doing the Superman bit have assistance from substances rather more exciting than Pro Plus tablets. Thatch achieved her wonders with regard to lack of sleep by the use of amphetamines. She acquired her goodies from a street dealer on the street, a Harley Street dealer to be precise and this was widely known among the Top Docs of London.

As with Peter Morrison and Norman St John Stevas attending sex parties with little boys, no-one mentioned Thatcher’s little helpers outside of the Top Docs’ habitat. It was one of those Docs Only secrets that one could cheerily joke about in the right environment and a conversation would follow, but on one occasion that I mentioned it to people who weren’t Top Docs. I received one comment of ‘oh that is crap’, another of ‘you’re fucking mad you are’ and a third from a shocked looking man who said ‘I wouldn’t have thought that she was the sort of person who would do that’. So I explained that Thatch wasn’t nipping over to Holyhead for a fix, she got her supply from a Harley Street Top Doc. Where was I when I told the three about Thatch? On a psych ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd the summer of 1991. The three Empowered Service Users then told everyone that the girl who’d been working in that hospital in London had said that Margaret Thatcher – who had only been kicked out of Number 10 a few months previously – was buying drugs from Harley Street.


  • It was at about that time that some of the gwerin became Historians of Medicine, but I’ve always presumed that was because the North Wales Police had begun the investigation into the suspected paedophile ring. Not that the gwerin had anything to fear from that, the North Wales Police were among the bestest friends that Dafydd had and some of them eg. Gordon Anglesea, were members of the ring.
  • Dafydd and Tony Francis were probably worried that I knew which Doc Thatch was buying her powders from. Don’t worry Dafydd I didn’t, but I had so much other info on you all that I didn’t need to know who Thatch’s dealer was.

‘Ooh we doctors hated Thatcher, the NHS wasn’t safe in her hands, we did all that we could to get her out.’ Well not quite everything.

‘Good morning PM, a repeat prescription is it? Let me just take a look at your notes.’

  • China's 'loadsamoney' culture shocked this humble ...

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

A lot of Top Doctors from Tommy’s have Harley Street practices, as did Drs Ann and Peter Dally, who numbered Ma’am Darling among their patients.


On 12 May 2007, Tony Benn was joined by Gill Hicks at the opening of a new exhibition charting the experiences of patients and staff at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals.

Tony Benn and Gill Hicks at the opening of Hospita


Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

Tommy’s merged with Guy’s in 1982. Uncle Harry worked at Guy’s. As a Top Doctor, Uncle Harry would have known how important it was to Take And Keep Good Notes. Top Doctors are judged on the quality of their Notes and if their Notes are insufficient, a Top Doctor may even be summoned in front of the GMC. I have yet to hear of a case in which the GMC has taken action against a Top Doctor for keeping too many Notes.

UK incomes: how does your salary compare? | Money | The ...


Roy Porter made many TV and radio appearances. He was an original presenter of BBC Radio 3’s ‘Night Waves’ and, at the point of his death, was scheduled to appear to discuss doctors in literature. I wonder if Porter was planning to mention Dr Savile, as the Top Docs and managers at Broadmoor were told to call Jim, although every one of them knew that Savile was not a doctor of any kind and that the use of the title constituted misrepresentation. The Civil Service mandarins knew that Savile was misrepresenting himself and on documentation as well.

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb

Savile wasn’t qualified but he was accepted in Top Docs and even political circles on the strength of his excellent Notes.


Roy Porter was awarded the Leo Gershoy Award of the American Historical Association in 1988. He was elected a fellow of the British Academy in 1994, and was made an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Any illusions that I held regarding Roy Porter has being used as a source of PR by the unscrupulous Top Docs without knowing what they were up to have now been dispelled.  

A plaque in the memory of Porter was unveiled by the Mayor of Lewisham at 13 Camplin Street, New Cross Gate, London. The Mayor of Lewisham will have known that organised abuse had taken part on his/her patch for years and that the Top Docs were key players in this. Lewisham is on the doorstep of the Maudsley. For a long while, Lewisham has been solid Labour territory and is part of that area of south London over which Harriet Harman and her mates reign. I have blogged previously about how virtually every constituency in that part of south London had/has as an MP a Harriet or Tessa or a Bridget Prentice or a Joan Ruddock… 


People were so gobsmacked by the unexpected retirement of Roy Porter and then by his even more unexpected death, that there was no shortage of tributes and obituaries. The Indie told us that Roy Porter reviewed for all the daily papers and the Sundays and that his reviewing began in the 1970s with ‘New Society’. ‘New Society’ was the house journal for social work and throughout the 1970s and 80s there was no mention of the widespread abuse and neglect of clients. The magazine carried adverts for jobs as senior managers with Depts of Social Services where abuse was endemic and concealed by senior managers. John Allen advertised for staff in ‘New Society’. ‘New Society’ published a regular column by Geoffrey Parkinson, a probation officer who worked in Inner London who was not only corrupt but knew that hordes of kids from London were being sent to children’s homes in north Wales and were then trafficked back to London as sex workers. See post ‘        ‘.

The Indie remembered Roy Porter for being a wonderful host, for giving ‘raucous and unbuttoned dinner parties’ and for being an incredibly gregarious man ‘who knew everyone’. Roy Porter knew one Top Doc in north Wales who wasn’t known by many people to be Of Dafydd because he had rather more credibility than his colleagues, but he knew what they were doing and was beavering away planning a military coup and while doing so, was putting patients in as much danger as Dafydd et al did…

The Indie painted a vivid portrait of Roy Porter: One feature of Porter’s career is unique: he was the populist and good liver, the don in jeans and untreated leather boots, famous gold chain nestling on his hairy chest, arriving for parties with a bike-lamp in one hand and a bottle of champagne (always he brought champagne) in the other, published and broadcasting everywhere; yet he was never outside the Establishment, in which he had absolutely no interest…

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Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mate Professor Hugh Freeman wrote the obituary for the Leader Of The Pack for the ‘Psychiatric Bulletin’.

The Leader Of The Pack keeled over with a heart attack in March 2002. In the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report and when, unbeknown to me, Dafydd et al were on manoeuvres yet again to wreck yet another career of mine  – I had begun teaching – and this time to ensure that I was convicted of a serious crime which would see me in prison for a substantial period of time and would never work in another professional job again. See previous posts eg. ‘Thought For The Day’.

The Leader Of The Pack should have realised that no matter how much he helped the Top Docs in return for his class A goodies, they have no loyalty to anyone and they were desperate to wave goodbye to anyone at all still alive and kicking after Waterhouse who might just bite them on the bum one day and name names. Consumption of class A drugs makes people very vulnerable to the dirty deeds of Top Docs even if they are a Leader Of The Pack with a brain and medical knowledge who have written or edited over 100 books.

The Leader Of The Pack was ‘particularly notable for his work in the history of medicine, in pioneering an approach that focuses on patients rather than doctors. Despite Porter’s recognition in the history of medicine, he is quoted as having said “I’m not really a medical historian. I’m a social historian and an 18th century man”. In addition to the history of medicine and other sciences, Porter specialised in the social history of 18th-century Britain and the Enlightenment. He also wrote and lectured on the history of London.’

The Leader Of The Pack published, with G.E. Berrios, A History of Clinical Psychiatry (1985) and co-edited the journal History of Psychiatry (1989). He also edited the journal History of Science for many years. I love the work of the Leader Of The Pack’s that I have read, but I did notice that he didn’t venture into anything too painful with regard to the modern history of psychiatry. The Royal Colleges of Physicians and Psychiatrists won’t be inviting me to join them and they wouldn’t even if I had written as many books as the Leader Of the Pack did.

Germán Elías Berríos is a  Professor of Psychiatry at Cambridge University. Berrios was born in Peru and studied at the University of San Marcos and read at Corpus Christi, Oxford University. Between 1973 and 1976 Berrios lectured in psychiatry at Leeds. Leeds was of course Jimmy Savile’s HQ and Savile had them all well-trained in the NHS. Jimmy hadn’t yet become a doctor of nothing when he gave out the orders in the Leeds NHS, but he worked voluntarily as a porter at St James’s Hospital and at Leeds General Infirmary in between sexually assaulting patients. Jimmy was mates with Alan Franey, the General Manager of Leeds General Infirmary and when Jimmy spent all those years dabbling in being a doctor of nothing as well as being General Manager of Broadmoor while his day job was sexually assaulting patients, Alan Franey was Chief Exec of Broadmoor. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

Yet another observation re the mass outbreak of Not Knowing which afflicted the NHS in the wake of the revelations that Jimmy Was A Monster. Jimmy spent years farting about as a ‘voluntary porter’ in the NHS. During the 1970s and early 80s, the NHS unions were very militant, much more so than the NUM. I know one Angel who voted for Thatch because of this Angel’s perception that the union which represented the porters wielded more power in her hospital than the RCN did. In Bridgwater Hospital in the 1970s, one of the union reps was a porter who wielded the same sort of influence. Savile himself in his guise as a porter was part of an NHS protest that greeted a Tory Minister in Leeds. Had anyone else spent years pushing trolleys around an NHS hospital free of charge while wearing a porter’s outfit, those unions would have gone apeshit. There would have been angry claims that a Porter’s Job was being taken by the volunteer, that the Porter Wasn’t Insured and the brothers would probably have been out on strike. Not in the case of Jim.

The irony was that Edwina Currie supported Savile’s appointment as General Manager of Broadmoor because the POA was causing havoc and embezzling NHS funds and Savile told Edwina that he’d deal with them. See post ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’. He dealt with all of you Edwina, he was the most serious sex offender in the NHS, at the BBC and in Carlo’s circle, as well as a supporter of the Tory Party and he had the whole lot of you by the knackers. Not one of you had the guts to blow the whistle on Savile and have him charged.

When Dafydd’s Friends In The North caused havoc in 1986-87 which resulted in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, one of the those named as most culpable was Dr Jane Wynne who worked in the Leeds General Infirmary and St James’ Hospital Leeds. See post ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’.

Berrios started teaching at Cambridge University in 1977, so he wasn’t at the scene of the crime in 1986-87, but he could hardly have missed Savile during his years at Leeds, particularly as a lot of people in the NHS loathed Savile and Savile used to threaten people in authority by stressing that he had clout among the porters and ooh you wouldn’t want a porter’s strike on your hands would you. Employing more porters if the ones that are there won’t do their jobs because a serial sex offender had told them not to wouldn’t be rocket science, but this is the NHS that we are talking about. Savile didn’t ‘groom the nation’, he threatened the nation and no-one was capable of grabbing him by those elderly, wizened knackers and putting an end to the fuckwittery. ‘Ooh but he was friends with the police.’ Well had those CORRUPT police not been paid a fortune by Thatcher, been armed to the teeth and given permission to beat up hippies and striking miners, they wouldn’t have been quite such a problem. What was Jim going to do, bring the police out on strike? It would have provided a bit of light relief for me, they couldn’t have arrested me three times in one weekend because a load of Angels had perjured themselves.

Berrios is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1989, he founded the international journal History of Psychiatry with the Leader Of The Pack of which Berrios remains the Editor.

Dr Savile was appointed to the management task force of Broadmoor in the mid-1980s and then became the General Manager in 1988. I started working at St George’s Hospital Medical School in May 1989. St George’s was facilitating the poshest end of the spectrum with regard to the gangs linked to Dafydd’s. Oliver Brooke, the Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s, was a key member of the pan-European paedophile ring of which the gangs were a part, but Ollie was imprisoned in Dec 1986. It wasn’t too disastrous though, Ollie was out again by the summer of 1987, after Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane cut his sentence on appeal in May 1987. See eg. post ‘Oliver!’. In May 1987, Dafydd et al in collaboration with the Home Office, Risley Remand Centre and the Mental Health Act Commission had their Cunning Plan in place to have me framed and then imprisoned for a serious offence very soon after the General Election of June 1987…

It was about as cunning as Profs Mark Williams and Tom Burns yes, but it wasn’t cunning enough. It fell apart when Sgt Morgan at Bangor Police Station and Jeff Crowther, a nursing officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd, didn’t tell enough lies. See previous posts eg. ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’

Professor of Cunning at Oxford University:

Mark Williams

Another Professor Of Cunning at Oxford University:

Our board | Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust


I note that Berrios and Porter published ‘A History of Clinical Psychiatry’ in 1985. Porter’s obituaries mentioned that his work in the field of the history of psychiatry took off in 1985. I first wrote to the GMC about Gwynne the lobotomist in 1984. It was in the spring of 1985 that I consulted a solicitor and contacted my then constituency MP, Keith Best, the Tory MP for Anglesey, who was also a Minister in the Welsh Office. I didn’t realise at the time that Best was Of The Gang, that Tony Francis had almost certainly got to the Welsh Office and Best before I did after I had confronted Francis and that the solicitor that I consulted at the CAB in Bangor was married to one of the crooked solicitors employed by Gwynedd County Council who were Of The Gang as well.

My post ‘Amber Rudd, The Miners’ Strike And A Memory Jogged’ supplies information about a family who moved from Birmingham to Anglesey in the mid-1980s after adopting a little girl who had been a victim of the West Midlands gang that was linked to Dafydd’s. Dafydd’s gang made their lives a misery after they arrived in north Wales and in 1985, the father of the family died after being very obviously utterly neglected by the Top Docs when he had a life threatening condition. He had lived with the condition for years but the Top Docs decided that they couldn’t be arsed with him.



Gren Kershaw was a man responsible for much of the toxicity in the NHS in north Wales and in particular for the corruption, patient harm and deaths at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Gren began his NHS career as a graduate management trainee and held health management posts in Leeds and East Yorkshire.  Gren moved to north Wales in 1983 and held a series of senior management posts, including that of the CEO of the Glan Clwyd District General Hospital NHS Trust and the various other names that this organisation adopted as it sank among scandal. When the scale of the catastrophe could be denied no longer, Gren resigned and set up his own management consultancy. Gren was also appointed as Chief Executive of the Welsh Risk Pool, therefore becoming responsible in Wales for authorising successful claims for negligence as well as the promotion of good risk management practice. Gren was given that position when I finally called lawyers in re my constant battles with the NHS. Then one of Gren’s corrupt managers attempted to register for a PhD with my PhD supervisor and join our team. Gren’s colleague at the Welsh Risk Pool was Patricia Gaskell, who had just months before been the solicitor for Ysbyty Gwynedd responsible for sending a note out to all staff asking for ‘more nurses down to the police station to complain [about me] please.’ Eight Angels subsequently perjured themselves. See previous posts.

Gren! A gift from Jimmy Savile HQ to fulfil every NHS need: cooking the books, killing the patients, harassing complainants, appointing his mates to roles in which they do the same…


Berrios’s research has centred on the psychiatric complications of neurological disease and the history, structure and epistemological power of descriptive psychopathology. The power of descriptive psychopathology is a discipline in which Dafydd and his partner-in-crime Prof Robert Bluglass of Birmingham University had much expertise. Dafydd’s excellence in the field resulted in him diagnosing ‘manic depressive insanity’ in 1987 – in me of course, but no doubt others were afflicted as well – and in 1988 Bluglass was able to exceed Dafydd’s own powers of descriptive psychopathology when he told Dafydd that I would ‘end in ward for the criminally insane’.

When I told Patient F this some years later, F was horrified and yelled  ”Insanity?? Insanity?? The bastard, he must have been trying to really upset you’ and I replied that I was too busy laughing to be upset. F responded with ‘well I know that you were, but other people might have believed him and been shattered’. Of course they will have, that is the point of the ludicrous diagnoses, nasty comments and downright lies about people. None of it is a coincidence, it is done to cause people as much distress as possible. They really are Marjorie Dawes, but Dafydd is so ludicrous that it is rather less effective in his case.

  • Slimming World...Turns out Fat Fighters is TRUE - W&G

I spent the last few years before I fled north Wales telling distraught patients ‘this really is not personal, it is them, they do it routinely, they don’t even believe what they are writing themselves, it is just done to be as destructive as possible and no-one, no-one has had the decency to publicise this and warn patients. So I am.’ Since I began this blog, I have received e mails from people who have become suicidal because of what was written about them and passed to third parties.

Brown told me years ago that this was happening in Birmingham. He told me about a truly terrible clinical psychologist whom he knew who did real damage. One of Brown’s observations was that this woman used to tell people that she had to ensure a plentiful supply of tissues ‘because my patients cry so much’ and Brown used to say to me ‘I bet they do…’ Before I had encountered those we know and love I kept saying to Brown ‘but she’s a really bad clinical psychologist’ to which Brown would reply ‘no, she’s a clinical psychologist’. I have after many years concluded that Brown was right; she’s a clinical psychologist. As with Top Docs, good people do enter the supply line but they are either driven out or bludgeoned into being as bad as that woman in Birmingham who only ever saw patients who wept buckets. Good ones really are thin on the ground.

I heard a lot from patients about a clinical psychologist who was one of Dafydd’s gang based in Bangor called Neil Cheshire. Neil Cheshire seemed to piss a lot of patients off, including women who told me that he was keen to talk about their sex lives and didn’t seem to understand that they really did not want to discuss this. Years later I found out that Neil Cheshire was a standing joke among the clin psy students at Bangor because he talked about penis envy a lot and whenever he talked about penis envy to the students, Cheshire would shout the word ‘penis’, yet speak very quietly the rest of the time, so in lectures the overall impression would be of a man shouting ”PENIS’ at regular intervals. The students just fell about…

Patient F was referred to Neil Cheshire although no-one ever quite managed to explain why. Being male, F didn’t have the ‘talk to me about sex and a PENIS’ experience with Neil Cheshire, but F did tell me that Cheshire was a pompous old git who would not listen to what he was saying so F walked out of the room and later told a Top Doctor ‘I’m not going to waste my time with Mr Cheshire again’. The only response from the Top Doc was ‘he’s called Dr Cheshire’. So F told the Top Doc that from then on he would demand to be called ‘Mr [surname] BA (hons) Fine Art, Farnham’. The Top Doc said to F ‘I didn’t know that you had a degree in Fine Art’ and I thought ‘you’ve known F for five years, he comes in here every four weeks and tells you about the adventures that he had at art college and festivals of yesteryear and what he’s painting at the moment and how big the canvas is and what type of medium he’s using… and you didn’t know that he had an art degree…’

I should have just told F to yell PENIS, they might have remembered that.

They were fucking hopeless and still are. I was told a few days ago of someone who recently told a Top Doc that his cat had been run over, only to find out that it had been recorded on his notes that his father had been run over…

When people in the UCNW Student Health Centre yelled at me that there were no problems with Gwynne the lobotomist, I yelled back that I knew at least three students had attempted suicide within days of encountering him and that was just the cases that I knew of over a period of two years, of course there was a fucking problem. The response was always the same: a shout of ‘they were ILL’. Yes but Gwynne was the final straw, he was not a good idea but then a sex abuse gang wouldn’t be would it.

The security services knew about this, as did the police and I was sent further information after beginning this blog. No patients were warned, none of them. The patients were injuring themselves, they were trying to commit suicide, some of them did commit suicide, they were completely distraught at the thought of what had been documented and passed onto other people, usually breaching all confidentially.

Er MI5??? A serious public health matter is it not? You saw the statistics, you knew that numerous complaints were being made and that most of them pivoted around indecent behaviour on the part of staff, or lies on medical records and Court reports. A PATTERN MI5, A VERY OBVIOUS ONE. A trafficking gang’s methodology.

When the Welsh Gov’t takes up my idea of a memorial in Bethesda, the Tomb Of The Unknown Service User, situated in a place where the over-paid GPs of Bethesda who exterminated so many in the town where Dafydd spent his childhood will not be able to avoid seeing it, I shall ask for a great big phallic symbol to be built on top of it, as a tribute to DR Cheshire and his PENIS.

When UNITE and UNISON next march down through central London on a ‘Save The NHS’ rally because they are very cross about this blog, perhaps marchers placed at regular intervals could carry placards with images of a huge erection on them to remind people in north Wales of the happy times when they received Excellent Care in a dungeon at the hands of dangerous madmen and no-one at all would put a stop to it.


Roy Porter’s mate Berrios has published 14 books and more than 400 papers on the clinical, historical and philosophical aspects of neuropsychiatry, descriptive psychopathology – PENIS –  and the hermeneutics of mental symptoms.

If one is going to concern oneself with organic neuropathology as opposed to Dafydd’s idiocies, it all comes down to neurones, or in the case of DR Cheshire, no doubt the PENIS. Neurones vary, but here’s an image of two of them:

    • The long arm of the neurone is the axon and the little branches are called dendrites. Dendrites are great because there can be a lot of them on each neurone. Nerve impulses are transmitted between neurones via the synapses at the end of the dendrites. Millions of dendrites form a complex network. If dendrites were members of and associates of trafficking gangs, they would stretch out from north Wales, some down to south Wales and into the Bristol and the West Country, others up to Leeds, over to Cleveland, down to the West Midlands, into Oxford and Cambridge, down to London, through Harley Street and Tommy’s, over to Guy’s, across to St George’s, around to the Maudsley, forming a very, very intricate and complex network. The dendrites are all over Scotland as well thanks to people like Bluglass and Kilpatrick.

    • When one thinks of criminal gangs run by Top Doctors as dendrites, one can see how ridiculous the mantra of ‘We Didn’t Know’ is. Particularly when students are pissing themselves laughing at a senior clinical psychologist yelling PENIS constantly. Neil Cheshire looked very boring for a man who shouted PENIS, he was rather dull and grey and wore a camel hair coat with formal dress under the coat, always with a collar and tie. His colleagues were in such a sound sleep that Neil Cheshire could probably have gone to work wearing a fur coat and nothing underneath and yelled out PENIS all the way down the corridor and they wouldn’t have batted an eye-lid. They were after all used to Dafydd.

German Borrias holds degrees honoris causa from the University of Heidelberg; the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and the University of Chile.

The Top Docs of the London Clinic were most helpful to Augusto Pinochet after he was placed under house arrest when the Spanish Gov’t wanted to charge him with crimes against humanity. Pinochet had come to London for the Top Docs to operate on his bad back just when he knew that people wanted to do him for at least some of the murders that he’d ordered and after having tea with Thatch on the terrace of the Commons, he booked into the London Clinic only to find himself under arrest. The Top Docs were able to rustle up some helpful expert witness reports and carried out by Docs fluent in Spanish as well to ensure that no questions could be asked and after reading the opinions of the Experts, Jack Straw agreed that this poor old man was unfit to be extradited. Pinochet was flown home in comfort and upon hitting the tarmac at Chile, got up out of his wheelchair and raced towards his family to embrace them. The dying old man subsequently enjoyed many more years of life and that back didn’t bother him again either, unlike those social security scroungers who were the butt of so many Tory jokes. ‘Oh it’ll be the bad back again, the ailment that only afflicts the British workman.’ Or the Chilean mass murderer:

Augusto Pinochet

  •  Pinochet’s furniture is rather like that which graced the Windbag’s house in 1979, when Mavis Nicholson interviewed him about his Moral and Social Values. See comments after post ‘R.I.P. Julia Grant and Many More’.

One of the Directors of the London Clinic was John Biffen, who spent a number of years in Thatch’s Cabinet and although Biffen himself was the Tory MP for Oswestry, his grew up on a farm about 8 miles away from Bridgwater and his parents still lived on the farm when John was in the Cabinet. I don’t know when Mr and Mrs Biffen died, they had probably gone by the time that Pinochet was using the London Clinic to avoid being tried for crimes against humanity. Lord Tom King and his wife Lady Jane of One Sausage Roll To Last All Evening knew the Biffens.

Unlike so many of his colleagues, John Biffen was a clever man but he was not a very nice one. He’d spent his youth having his head kicked in by the local kids because he was clever and asthmatic and it didn’t do him much good. Biffen could well have been Brains behind that master plan with Pinochet and the London Clinic.

See previous posts for the gen on Pinochet, the London Clinic, John Biffen and of course the Kings who go sparingly with the sausage rolls…

In 2006, a Chair in Descriptive Psychopathology carrying Borrias’s name was established at the University of Antioquia (Medellín, Colombia). In 2007 he was awarded the Order of the Sun (Class: Grand Officer) by the Peruvian Government.

  • In 2008 Borrias received the Ramón y Cajal Award from the International Neuropsychiatric Association; in 2010 he was made Honorary Fellow by the Royal College of Psychiatrists; and in 2016 he received a Life-Achievement Award from La Sociedad Española de Psicogeriatría and the Honorio Delgado Medal from the Instituto Nacional de Salud Mental Honorio Delgado – Hideyo Noguchi, Perú. In 2018 he received the ‘Maestro Laguna‘ award from the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain).

Here’s Gren, as he appears on the website of NHS Wales alongside the slogan ‘Improving Leadership For Quality’.

Gren Kershaw






‘Professor Geoffrey Elton was a staunch admirer of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill. He was also a fierce critic of Marxist historians, who he argued were presenting seriously flawed interpretations of the past.’


The Big Questions

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ introduced Lord John Krebs to this blog. Lord John Krebs is an ornithologist who’s own research is concerned with the behaviour of birds. I mentioned that Lord John Krebs’s dad, Hans Krebs, was one of the biggest names in 20th century science as a result of discovering the Krebs cycle, the sequence of chemical reactions in cells involved in cellular respiration. Hans Krebs was knighted for discovering the Krebs cycle, but as I explained in my previous post, John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring when he worked as a zoologist at UCNW, which took him even further that his dad went after discovering the Krebs cycle. I did note that John Krebs was not the only person who discovered a paedophile ring in UCNW, a few other people did as well but they had their careers and lives ruined whereas John ended up in the Lords. I mentioned that I suspected that the rather different fate of John Krebs after he discovered a paedophile ring may have been in some way linked to his dad being the Krebs of the Krebs cycle fame. So here’s a bit of background on Hans Krebs. Can readers find someone associated with Miranda hidden in the picture, as ‘Teddy Bear’ comic would have asked in 1970…

Sir Hans Adolf Krebs was a German-born Top Doctor and biochemist. Although he is best known for his discovery of the Krebs cycle, for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1953, Krebs, with Hans Kornberg, also discovered the glyoxylate cycle, a slight variation of the citric acid cycle found in plants, bacteria, protists and fungi. Krebs died in 1981 in Oxford.

Krebs was born in Hildesheim, Germany, to Georg Krebs, an ENT surgeon, and Alma Krebs (née Davidson). He was descended from Jewish-Silesian ancestry. Krebs attended the famous Gymnasium Andreanum in his home town. In September 1918, six months short of completing his secondary school education, Krebs was conscripted into the Imperial German Army and was allowed to take an emergency examination for his high school diploma. The war ended two months later and his conscription ended.

Krebs decided to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Top Doctor and entered the University of Gottingen in December 1918 to study medicine. In 1919 Krebs transferred to the University of Freiburg. In 1923 Krebs published his first scientific paper; he completed his medical course in December of the same year. Krebs then spent one year at the Third Medical Clinic in the University of Berlin obtaining his Doctor of Medicine degree and a medical license. By then Krebs had redirected his career goal away from that of a practising Top Doctor to that of a research biochemist. In 1924 Krebs studied at the Department of Chemistry at the Pathological Institute of the Charité Hospital, in Berlin. He was awarded his MD in 1925 from the University of Hamburg.

In 1926 Hans Krebs joined Otto Heinrich Warburg as a research assistant at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology in Dahlem, Berlin. In 1930, Warburg urged Krebs to move on and he took up the position of Assistant in the Department of Medicine at the Municipal Hospital in Altona (now part of Hamburg). The next year he moved to the Medical Clinic of the University of Freiburg, where he was in charge of about 40 patients and was at liberty to do his own research. Before a year was over at Freiburg, Krebs, with research student Kurt Henseleit, published their discovery of the urea cycle ie. the Krebs–Henseleit cycle. Together they also developed the Krebs–Henseleit buffer solution, used for studying blood flow in arteries.

Krebs’s life as a respected German scientist came to a halt in 1933 with the rise of Hitler to power. Germany decreed the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which removed all non-Germans and anti-Nazis from professional occupations. Krebs received his official dismissal from his job in April 1933 and his service was terminated on 1 July 1933. Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins at Cambridge University immediately came to his rescue and persuaded Cambridge to recruit Krebs as Hopkins’ colleague in the Department of Biochemistry. By July 1933 Krebs was settled in Cambridge with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Hans Krebs was allowed by the German Gov’t to take his equipment and research samples to England, but I don’t know why they permitted this. The equipment and samples were pivotal to Krebs’s later work, especially the manometer developed by Warburg for the measurement of oxygen consumption in tissues, it was the basis for his research. Krebs was appointed as Demonstrator in Biochemistry in 1934 and in 1935 the University of Sheffield offered Krebs the post of Lecturer in Pharmacology. Krebs worked at Sheffield University for 19 years. In 1938, the University of Sheffield opened what is now the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Krebs became its first Head and subsequently Professor in 1945.

In 1943 Krebs took over the running of the Sorby Research Institute, a research facility that operated in Sheffield during and immediately after WW II, closing in 1946. The Institute mostly carried out research into nutrition, an important consideration in wartime Britain. However, other kinds of research was also undertaken and some of the experiments were dangerous and unethical. The volunteers at the Sorby Research Institute were mainly conscientious objectors and I’m unclear as to whether they were coerced into volunteering or how informed they were with regard to the research.

The first Director of the Sorby Research Institute was Kenneth Mellanby, a Royal Society Fellow at Sheffield University. The Sorby began when early in 1941, twelve conscientious objectors were recruited via the Sheffield Pacifist Service Unit for research that would “benefit humanity”. No work that had a direct military application was undertaken since this would not have been acceptable to many conscientious objectors. The establishment was founded on the personal initiative of Mellanby and at first he was free to carry out whatever investigations he chose. Although Mellanby wished to do something for the war effort, the military of the time had no use for biologists. Consequently, Mellanby initiated what he considered useful work himself.

Kenneth Mellanby was an ecologist and entomologist who helped to found Nigeria’s first university, the University of Ibadan and was its first Principal, 1947–1953. On his return to England, Mellanby worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and then became Head of the Entomology Department at Rothamstead Experimental Station. In 1961, Mellanby founded and served as Director of Monks Wood Experimental Station, an ecological research centre in Huntingdon, England. Mellanby started the journal ‘Environmental Pollution’ in 1970.

Mellanby rather blotted his copybook by promoting the use of DDT, particularly to combat malaria. On p. 75 of his book The DDT Story, Mellanby wrote:

[The] consumption of smaller doses in the milligram range appears to be quite harmless. I know that I myself, when lecturing about DDT during the years immediately after World War II, frequently consumed a substantial pinch of DDT, to the consternation of the audience, but with no apparent harm to myself, either then or during the next 40 years. 

Kenneth Mellanby died in Dec 1993. I have been told that Mellanby contributed to the effort to ensure that my friends and I who worked in biology/medical research had such difficulty after we graduated from UCNW. The Zoology Dept at UCNW which hosted Hans Krebs’s son John Krebs, who discovered a paedophile ring, had a big interest in entomology… There were also a lot of ecologists working at UCNW while Dafydd’s gang used the institution as a vehicle for the trafficking ring. I have mentioned the most famous of them in previous posts, the Plant Biologist Prof Peter Greig-Smith. I was friends with some of the students on the MSc Ecology course which Greig-Smith used to run virtually single-handedly. Not only was Greig-Smith’s son, also Peter Greig-Smith, a Top Doc in Liverpool with Dafydd’s mates as colleagues – he was a keen birder too and published on ornithology, so he will have known John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring – but Prof Greig-Smith was formerly of Cambridge University and of the generation from which the British security services recruited. Greig-Smith knew the Cambridge botanist Prof Edred Henry Corner, who was Douglas Hurd’s uncle. See previous posts eg. ‘Additional Security Measures’ for further details of the Greig-Smith UCNW network which protected Dafydd and the gang.

Hurd was Home Secretary, 1985-89, while Dafydd’s gang were committing serious crime with impunity and fitting people like me up. Hurd had previously served as N Ireland Secretary, Sept 1984-Sept 1985, in which capacity he concealed the elite paedophile ring based in the Kincora Boys’ Home, which was linked to gangs on the mainland, including Dafydd et al. Lord Mountbatten and Sir Anthony Blunt were both alleged to have been involved with the abuse at Kincora. Hurd was an MP who was working for the security services. He seems to have had his priorities wrong. When Hurd was at Eton, he had been taught by Alan Barker, Trumpers’ husband and Trumpers boasted about using Barker’s friendship with Hurd to bag her Gov’t appointments. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers and Barker lived in Cambridge during the 1960s and 70s, when the elite trafficking ring was in operation there. Trumpers was friends with Rab Butler who at that time was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Carlo was a student at Trinity while Trumpers was hobnobbing and Rab was appointed as Carlo’s special mentor. Somehow Trumpers knew Savile and when she was a junior Health Minister, in the mid-1980s, it was she who appointed Savile to the Broadmoor management task force. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.


Some accounts of the experiments at the Sorby Research Institute raise eyebrows today. For example, in order to conduct research into the scabies mite, the volunteers needed to catch scabies and they did this by wearing the used, unwashed underwear of people who had scabies. This elicits the yuk factor very effectively these days, but in the 1940s, zoologists did this sort of thing as a matter of course. Zoologists working in a Gov’t research facility contributing towards the war effort will not have thought twice about wearing the knickers of someone with scabies and I don’t think that it is fair for us to condemn the Sorby for doing that. However, there was other research conducted at the Sorby which was questionable at the time, such as the experiment which required that blood circulation to limbs was cut off with elastic bands and other experiments which involved infecting people with malaria and doing nasty thing to people in order to investigate surgical shock. Although the volunteers who were given malaria could then be doused in DDT, so all’s well that ends well.

There were zoologists who were still carrying on a bit like this at UCNW when I was an undergrad and when John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring. There were things going on at UCNW at the time on the part of the zoologists and biochemists that were Kept Secret. I only got a whiff of them because of two friends of mine who were doing PhDs in the areas which were being Kept Secret. By the 1980s, sensitivities with regard to research on animals had begun to be noticeable, but not usually at places like UCNW. Medical schools and of course Colin Blakemore in particular were targeted (see previous posts), but not many people got very excited about the Zoology Dept at UCNW because it was mostly fish or creepy crawlies under investigation, not furry things with appealing eyes. UCNW admitted to having an Animal House with rabbits, but they didn’t publicise much more.

There was an episode of animal rights leaflets being distributed in 1984 and a very small number of students objected to some of the undergrad dissection practicals. The students were confronted very aggressively by the lecturers and were effectively told to stop moaning or leave university. Except for one student, a mature student called Ruth Manion, who as I explained in my post ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’, was led to believe that there was No Cruelty happening. The postdocs helping with the practicals were told to lie to Ruth Manion re animal dissection and research because she was not someone with whom UCNW wanted to tangle. Ruth Manion had fallen out with the Dept of Agriculture big style in her first year, then fell out with the Dept of Plant Biology, yet she wasn’t kicked about like the other students who had done that. Great care was taken not to piss Ruth Manion off. She had a baby a few months before finals and UCNW were very much more accommodating with regard to that as well and even the Top Docs were nice to Ruth Manion. I mentioned in a previous post that another student who became pregnant and refused to be coerced into a visit to the private abortionist in Chester who was risking women’s lives (see post ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’), was just abandoned by the Student Health Centre and the University, although the father of the baby was incredibly supportive and there was a happy ending for them.

Ruth Manion found out about a few things at UCNW that enabled her to wield a big stick at people and I suspect that one of those things was the presence of a lobotomist sitting in the Student Health Centre, as well as the paedophile ring that John Krebs discovered…

Dr D.G.E. Wood was a key player in the ring and he was married to Dr Chris Wood, a lecturer in the Plant Biology Dept. Other lecturers in Plant Biology as well as other Depts were married to or friends with members of Dafydd’s gang, social workers, Angels etc.

My post ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ mentioned that it was Prof John Harper, another ecologist who worked in the Plant Biology Dept at UCNW, who came to Ruth Manion’s rescue when she fell out with Dafydd’s allies in the Agri Dept. It was only after I began this blog that I discovered that at one of the times when Dafydd et al had sent up the paedophiles in distress flare, Prof Harper had published a ‘ground breaking’ piece of research – this was de rigueur whenever the gang were under investigation – with Prof Eric Sunderland. Sunderland, a posh Welshman from Carmarthenshire, was the Principal of UCNW who had been headhunted in 1984 from Durham University, a stronghold of Dafydd’s partner gang in the north east. Eric Sunderland wasn’t mad and rude as so many of the gang were but it is very obvious to me now that he was a highly effective paedophiles’ friend because he wasn’t mad and rude. Sunderland was a social anthropologist. Although biologists and social scientists are encouraged to work together these days – one of my friends is involved with such work – it is even now considered cutting edge. So it would have been very unusual for Sunderland, who was the Principal anyway, to suddenly start publishing with an ecologist. I was told that Harper was an unscrupulous man who plagiarised his research assistants’ work and did very little himself despite his reputation as a big name in ecology. Those two were up to something and it will have been related to the paedophile ring that John Krebs discovered.

The other thing that the students noticed about Ruth Manion, as well as her falling out with everyone and being treated very carefully, was that she was rather twee and had a lot more money than most people, even mature financially stable people. Ruth Manion was so refined that she ate caviar – the expensive black caviar, not the cut price red caviar that comes out for wedding anniversaries – on biology field trips. My friend Anne witnessed it. Anne was on the coach when the biologists were having their lunch and Ruth Manion was under observation (she was certainly of interest) and another student said to Anne ‘she’s eating little black balls’. Anne checked and Ruth was indeed dining on caviar. Well she didn’t buy that in Bangor. You probably couldn’t have purchased black caviar in Chester in those days, Sir Peter Morrison will have had to have picked up his supply when he was at his main residence in Belgravia.

The Peter Morrison who was abusing kids in care in north Wales. The Tory MP for Chester, Thatcher’s friend and the man who’s sister was Dame Mary Morrison, Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet, mother of Carlo, the Chancellor of UCNW. All of whom were members of the black caviar eating classes themselves.

Ruth Manion was spotted by Anne eating caviar on a coach in 1980. At the time Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. Douglas Hurd was Minister for Europe. Mary Wynch had been illegally imprisoned by Dafydd and was in consultation with lawyers to begin legal action. Jeremy Thrope – who’s wife Miriam was formerly married to Lilibet’s cousin, the Earl of Harewood and no doubt enjoyed consuming little black balls herself – had months previously walked out of the Old Bailey a free man… Previous posts eg. ‘Meet The Gwerin’ have described the panic and meltdown at UCNW at the time…

By the time that we graduated in 1984, when Ruth once more received business class treatment with regard to all aspects of her life, Peter Morrison was Minister of State at the Dept of Employment. The Secretary of State for Employment was Tom King, who as regular readers will know was the MP for Bridgwater, the constituency in which Brown and I grew up and where many of our relatives and friends still lived. Being concerned with Employment, it was of course logical that Lord King and his network did their best to ensure that Brown and I and those who supported us remained unemployed as often as possible for as long as possible. Scroungers with postgrad degrees and publications!

A Hardworking Member of Society:

The Lord King of Bridgwater
Official portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpg

Lord King’s wife Jane famously used to make one sausage roll last all evening when she and Tom made a rare appearance in the constituency. Jane’s excuse for this was that she was taking care of her figure. I suspect that it was because Bridgwater Tory Party couldn’t afford the little black balls which will have been the staple fodder for Lady Jane.

Lord King didn’t live in Bridgwater because it was a bit of a dump. He didn’t even live in Bath. He lived in Wiltshire. I have previously stated on the blog that he lived in Gloucestershire; many apologies, I need to amend that, it was definitely Wiltshire. Which was where Sir Peter Morrison’s family seat was, Sir Peter’s dad being Lord Margadale. Peter’s brother Charles was the Tory MP for Devizes. See previous posts.

Brown remembered the other day that Tom King was not one to waste his time going to constituency events or opening fetes. No, I can’t ever remember seeing a poster anywhere advertising Tom’s presence at a fete. Or indeed anything else. I spent a number of entire days as a child at Tory fund-raising events, Christmas Fairs and the like, in Bridgwater Town Hall and I think that I only ever saw King at one of them and he literally dashed through before the crowds had arrived and buggered off again. Well I stayed all day Tom. I helped put the toys in the sawdust tub for the lucky dip thing AND I hid them properly so that the other kids would have to root around to uncover them; I helped do the teas and the scones – not the sausage rolls, because your fucking wife wasn’t present so she didn’t need to be catered for; my Auntie made big stuffed toys to sell; I helped with that stall where you took a raffle ticket and in exchange got a jar of something which depending on your luck could be jam or something more exciting…

And in return your Gov’t tried to have me assassinated!

When I tell that to the young people of today they don’t believe me.

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Like John Krebs, Ruth Manion might well have discovered a paedophile ring, but I don’t think that she found out about the Secrets of the Zoology Dept though, because those Secrets involved Experiments On Big Mammals eg. calves and if Ruth had have found out she’d have gone apeshit because she was an anti-vivisectionist. Except in the cases of fish, who’s eggs are needed for consumption of course. There were Calves Hidden Away somewhere at UCNW but I never found out where. I knew someone who’s PhD involved experiments on those calves, in collaboration with a Top Doctor from Ysbyty Gwynedd. By the end of his PhD, this student was happy to confirm that They Are A Load Of Bastards at Ysbyty Gwynedd and that he would be leaving the area…

Ah the doctors they were wonderful! Even though they were Keeping Animals In Secret and doing things with which zoology students didn’t want to remain involved. Uncle Harry’s colleagues were very good at keeping the caviar consuming classes happy though.

Here’s some people whom Tom did not try to have murdered, drinking Chateau de Chasselas:

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  • Four Yorkshiremen- Monty Python - YouTube

The sex abuse ring in Yorkshire run by Jimmy Savile and his mates was linked to Dafydd’s ring in north Wales and Savile visited Bryn Estyn. One boy alleged that he was gang raped in Savile’s presence.

The Bridgwater Tories wanted Savile to make a guest appearance at one of their events – well the constituency MP wasn’t going to turn up was he, so Savile would have been the next best thing – but Savile wanted a great deal of money. I think that it was about £20k. That was in about 1972 and the Bridgwater Tories were all very shocked that the man who did so much for charidee wanted so much money, far more than they could scrape together, even with my free labour on the lucky dip bran tub. There must have been many other people who found that Savile would only attend an Event if he was given a great deal of money. Not a word of this ever found its way into the media reports about Savile. But then neither did anything about the sexual assault on kids in hospitals and the pan-European trafficking ring who were was murdering witnesses.


Perhaps Lord John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring can let us know what Secrets with regard to big sentient mammals it was that his former colleagues at UCNW were keeping? I was told by PhD students that there were Calves Who Were Hidden In Case Of Protests and because they were hidden the calves had no daylight or fresh air. A bit like the victims of the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered once they were banged up in Dafydd’s Denbigh Dungeon after raising objections.

A Dairy/Veal Farm | Kirby Mountain


To return to the father of John Krebs who discovered the paedophile ring. The MRC funded the research at the Sorby. Hans Krebs took over from Mellanby as Director of the Sorby in 1943; it was in 1944 that the MRC established the MRC Unit for Cell Metabolism Research at Sheffield University and Krebs was appointed the Director. I suspect that Krebs’s activities at the Sorby will have had something to do with the establishment of this MRC Unit. Krebs did so well out of the MRC and his laboratory became so large that it was nicknamed ‘Krebs’s Empire’.

Krebs moved his MRC empire to Oxford University in 1954 and was appointed Whitley Professor of Biochemistry, holding that post until his retirement in 1967. After retirement, Krebs continued his research and took his MRC Unit to the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at the Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford. 

Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW for many years between the mid-1950s and 1984, was a neurosurgeon who worked with the young Dafydd’s senior colleagues on Merseyside before he ran UCNW. Sir Charles as a young Top Doc had trained and worked at Oxford. Top Docs love their alumni networks, it doesn’t matter if it was a long time ago, Sir Charles’s mates at Oxford will have been busy with Hans Krebs’s mates at Oxford. Sir Charles became an Everest Hero in 1953 and Hans won a Nobel Prize in the same year! Something would definitely have been arranged in the wake of John Krebs discovering a paedophile ring and on every occasion that Dafydd sent up a distress flare as well.

Wasn’t there another Event in 1953?? I can’t quite remember what it was, but I know that it involved a lot of baroque tastelessness and some degenerates…

  • Matchbox Moko Lesney Coronation Coach real and fake
  • This England: The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Hans Krebs with wife in Stockholm in 1953. I am gratified to see that Mrs Krebs was correctly dressed for the occasion, in so far as she wore gloves which covered the elbow, although I note that she was not wearing a hat.

The Royals could always be relied upon to set an example.

A Dairy/Veal Farm | Kirby Mountain

Krebs met Margaret Cicely Fieldhouse when he moved to Sheffield in 1935. They married on 22 March 1938. Krebs later described his life in Sheffield as “19 happy years”. They had two sons, Paul and John and a daughter, Helen.

Krebs with Clementine Churchill and Frits Zernike in Stockholm in 1953. Being married to Winston, Clementine Churchill knew that a hat was desirable for such occasions, as well as gloves.

Hans Krebs became a British citizen in 1939. Krebs was elected to the Royal Society in 1947. In 1953 Hans Krebs received the Nobel Prize, jointly with Fritz Lipmann of Harvard. Krebs was given the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research in 1953. Krebs was elected Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, 1954–1967.  The Royal Society awarded him its Royal Medal in 1954 and Copley Medal in 1961. In 1958 Krebs received the Gold Medal of the Netherlands Society for Physics, Medical Science and Surgery. Krebs was knighted in 1958 and was elected Honorary Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge University in 1979. He was the Original Member of the Society for General Microbiology, which conferred him Honorary Membership in 1980. Hans Krebs who discovered the Krebs cycle received an honorary doctorate from 21 universities; John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring only received 16 honorary doctorates.  However John was given a seat in the Lords, Hans just had to make do with a knighthood.

In May 2017, Krebs’s Nobel Prize medal was auctioned off for £225,000 (around $351,225). The plan was to use the proceeds to found the Sir Hans Krebs Trust which would then provide funding for doctoral students in the biomedical field and support chemists who had to flee their home countries.

The University of Oxford had a building, Hans Krebs Tower, which was occupied by the Department of Biochemistry. It has now been demolished, an action which was commemorated with a photo opportunity:

In 2008 a new building for the Department of Biochemistry was constructed, on which a plaque was placed on 20 May 2013 by the Association of Jewish Refugees. The plaque was unveiled by John, Lord Krebs, who discovered a paedophile ring and the inscription reads:

Professor Sir Hans Krebs FRS 1900 – 1981 Biochemist & discoverer of the Krebs cycle Nobel Prize Winner 1953 worked here 1954 – 1967

Hans Krebs died in 1981, so he was around to help out re the crisis involving Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch, particularly after his son had discovered a paedophile ring.

The University of Sheffield has The Krebs Institute, a biochemical research centre, founded in 1988. The Krebs Institute was founded in the year that my formal complaint about those running the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered was finally acknowledged by the Welsh Office. It was also the year in which Tony Francis’s psychiatrist pal Dr Peter Mcguire decided that, like me, he was going to begin a career in cancer research, funded by the CRC. Peter Mcguire used his funding to take part in a huge research fraud which blew up in everyone’s faces in 1990 and resulted in the suicide of one of his colleagues, Prof Tim McElwain. See previous posts. In 1988 I was working in the CRC team in the Dept of Biochemistry at the University of Surrey, in a team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of Dr John Marks, the then President of the BMA. The BMA were at war with Ken Clarke in the Dept of Health but it ended in stalemate because both parties were concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophile ring which John Krebs had discovered. The BMA and Ken Clarke sank their differences for the purposes of conspiring against me, a helpful man from the BMA called A.H. Chadwick (aka Dr Andrew Chadwick) providing Tony Francis with free advice as to the best way of fitting me up for criminal offences. See previous posts.

Pity about Prof McElwain wasn’t it Ken?

By 1988, Alison Taylor had been sacked by Gwynedd County Council, but was continuing to raise her concerns about kids in care in north Wales being abused, writing to the DHSS Minister Tony Newton in Feb 1988. Alison also wrote to Carlo, but received a letter telling her that he couldn’t get involved. Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW, who’s staff were facilitating the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered and were busy colluding with numerous people to ensure that my job with the CRC came to an end after a year. I was made redundant in March 1989 because the funding for my job had run out. Unbeknown to me, my data had been stolen by someone at Surrey and given to Prof Nicola Curtin of Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, who published it under her name on and used it to raise further funding. See previous posts.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne University was an institution which had been colluding with Dafydd et al for decades, as a result of the linked ring in the north east of England, which sent staff and children to north Wales. One enormous umbrella for Dafydd’s gang was the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton. In 1988, John Walton was President of the GMC and Warden of Green College, Oxford. He bagged his peerage the following year. Walton spent most of his career as a psychiatrist and neurologist at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, with was associated with Durham University; Newcastle Medical School developed from Durham University, which kindly supplied the well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend Sir Eric Sunderland for use as Principal of UCNW, after Sir Charles Evans was finally forced to retire. By the time that Eric arrived at UCNW in 1984, he had spent many years in senior roles at Durham University. See previous posts.

In 1988, John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring was given a Royal Society Research Professorship in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford.


In 1990 the Federation of European Biochemical Societies instituted the Sir Hans Krebs Lecture and Medal, which was endowed by the Lord Rank Centre for Research. The Society of Friends of Hannover Medical School gives the Sir Hans Krebs Prize, which is worth 10,000 euros. The Biochemical Society offers Krebs Memorial Scholarship to a PhD student working in biochemistry or an allied biomedical science at any British university. As of 2014, the scholarship is worth £18,500 and is given for a year, but is extendable up to three years.

The sex abuse ring in the north east which John Walton and pals were concealing was closely linked with the ring in Yorkshire, which of course was linked to the ring in north Wales. Jimmy Savile, the major player in the Yorkshire ring, not only visited Bryn Estyn but in 1988 had been appointed as General Manager of Broadmoor Hospital by the DoH under Thatcher. The Civil Service mandarin at the DoH with responsibility for mental health services in 1987 was Brian McGinnis, who was later banned from working with children and vulnerable people. McGinnis was succeeded by Cliff Graham, in approx 1988, but I’m not sure exactly when. Cliff Graham was just as unsuitable a person to be a Civil Service mandarin with responsibility for the mental health services as Brian McGinnis was; Cliff Graham had scored political and academic Brownie points by spending a year working with Brian Abel-Smith. See post ‘The Old Devils’. Abel-Smith has featured in my previous posts; he was the LSE state bureaucrat who designed the original flawed economic basis for the NHS, refused to admit how flawed it was and spent the next few decades concealing the crap until even he could not cope with the Top Doctors anymore. As well as telling lies about the NHS, Abel-Smith and his gay partner ran a gents boutique and spent time flying to Italy to pick up the latest gear and flogging it to rock stars. Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarin, was most helpful to Dafydd’s gang with regard to oiling the wheels re the gang’s dealing and distribution of class A drugs. See previous posts.

I mentioned that Savile was initially appointed to the Broadmoor management task force by Baroness Jean Trumpington, when she was a junior Health Minister. Trumpers was a woman with many Royal links. Trumpers’ family were friends with David Lloyd George’s family, who were friends with Mr Thrope’s family…

The Secretary of State for Wales in 1988 presiding over children’s homes in north Wales which were never inspected, even after serious complaints had been made and a mental health service which just literally did whatever it wanted, breaking any law that it felt like along the way, was Peter Walker.  Peter Walker had been involved with the Tory Party since the beginning of time and as a Young Conservative in the 1950s found out about the embryonic trade in the trafficking of young people from Wales to provide sexual services to people in England. Walker got to know Beata Brookes, a UCNW graduate who worked as a social worker for Denbighshire County Council. Brookes was a paid up member of Dafydd’s gang and by the 1970s was virtually running the NHS and welfare service in north Wales. Brookes served as a Tory MEP, 1979-89 and caused the Third World War in the 1980s when she tried to bag a seat in the Commons. See previous posts.

Beata’s ambitions caused a serious rift in the Tory Party in Clwyd, because Sir Anthony Meyer, the sitting Tory MP who’s seat Beata was after, hated Brookes and challenged her dodgy practices in Court. Sir Anthony was using the services of Dafydd’s gang himself, so it was once again an everyday story of the gwerin. They all hated each other but were involved in the same criminality, which in the case of Beata and Anthony Meyer couldn’t even be sorted out by Cecil Parkinson at Conservative Central Office because he was colluding with Dafydd’s gang as well. For many years the dreadful Lord Wyn Roberts was the minion at the coal face who deflected the mountain of crap; by 1988 Wyn Roberts had written a meaningless letter in response to my very serious complaint. See previous posts for further details of the extensive mess.

Further armour plating for the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered was provided by Tony Francis’s old acquaintance from their days as students in Cardiff, a Windbag who doubled up as Leader of the Labour Party. In 1988, the Windbag was still Leader of the Opposition rather than PM, although in his desperation to become PM after the June 1987 General Election, the dear old Windbag had remained schtum about the failed attempt to fit me up for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’. The planning had begun a few weeks before June 1987 and Dafydd et al had received the help of the Mental Health Act Commission, the Home Office with Douglas Hurd in it and Risley Remand Centre, as well as numerous people from Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities. See post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ for events leading up to all this, the aftermath and the political context of the time.


In a tank Herr Thatchler leads the charge; Jock Steel and Doc “Killer” Owen are helplessly entrenched; and “Fatty” Heffer looks cynically on as “Taffy” Kinnock leads the retreat.


On 19/4/84 Thames Television screened an interview with the Windbag conducted by Alastair Burnet, with regard to the NUM strike. The Windbag talked about the intimidation of working miners by striking miners and stressed that intimidation of anyone, under any circumstances, for any reason, is wrong. The Windbag was ignoring physical violence, sexual assault as well as the framing and murder of witnesses in north Wales. Of adults as well as children as young as 12 yrs old. The Windbag’s mate Tony Francis was at the centre of it.

Burnet’s interview also included a discussion about the Windbag’s recent criticism of Thatch’s management of the NHS. The Windbag mentioned ‘the view of the BMA, the Royal Colleges, the nursing professions and the DHSS’. He explained that they all maintained that extra funding was needed for the NHS and that the NHS was ‘very unsafe’ in Mrs Thatcher’s hands. Burnet made the point that Thatch had increased spending on the NHS. Thatch did indeed increase spending on the NHS; she didn’t want to, but she was forced to because those upstanding people in the BMA, the Royal Colleges, the nursing professions and the DHSS all knew that the Top Docs were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Thatch simply could not do anything other than hand over the dosh and however much dosh the Top Docs demanded. Because Royal Personages were in the shag fest up to their necks.

The Windbag personally knew Dafydd, Tony Francis, as well as George Thomas, Ron Davies, Leo Abse… er Greville Janner…

Burnet’s interview covered education as well, which the Windbag claimed was his specialist area. Well he was a man with a really bad degree, married to a school teacher from north Wales where many teachers as well as every social worker and Top Doc were remaining silent about a sex abuse gang targeting kids and young people, he yelled ‘NURSES’ repeatedly in his election campaigning and summoned up the Spirit of Nye, OF COURSE education was the Windbag’s specialist area. In 1984, Gwynedd and Clwyd Education Authorities were wilfully ignoring the abuse of children, including special needs children who were targeted in particular. Since 1970, Lord Barry Jones had served as the Labour MP for East Flintshire. Lord Baz was a former teacher who trained at Bangor Normal College, of which the Deputy Principal was a friend of Dafydd’s. See previous posts eg. ‘Thought For The Day’ and ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’. Lord Baz had doubled up as the NUT rep for Flintshire. When havoc and complaint broke out regarding schools in Gwynedd in 1979, the Windbag used it to have a go at Welsh medium teaching. It was a paedophile ring that was the problem, not the Welsh language and the Windbag knew it.

As for FE, er Bangor Technical College was known to be appalling, bloody dreadful. Teachers who worked there freely admitted that they would never send their own kids there. Serious complaints, such as teachers not actually remaining in the class for most of the lesson, were deflected or blocked. The answer to all this? In 1983-84, a new name – Coleg Menai!! – and a renovation of the building, costing a great deal of money. The same useless old farts were employed, the same hopeless Principal remained and the problems continued. In June 1985, the WRONG CHEMICAL SAMPLES for analysis were given to the students in an A level chemistry practical exam, which resulted in every single student failing the A level. Coleg Menai served a purpose though. It ‘trained’ many of the social workers and NHS staff who then went out into the world to keep schtum about the gang which ran north Wales. It was still doing that in 2000 (see post ‘Social Work – Theory’). Then there was Cartrefle College, which also gave out social care/social work qualifications to the thugs who staffed the children’s homes in north Wales. The social work ‘tutors’ at Cartrefle College had a hotline to Lucille Hughes and Nefyn Dodd, the two people whom even the Waterhouse Report admitted were responsible for the abuse of children and would tip them off about any students who were potential whistleblowers. That’s still happening, in north Wales and elsewhere, on social work, nursing and teaching courses. I was identified as a potential whistleblower when I returned to education in 2000…

Cartrefle College became NEWI (the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education) – things will change if we give it a new name! – and then it became Glyndwr University! OF COURSE it would change when it became a university, although the ones who trained the child abusers were now Heads of Dept and sitting on the governing body. Glyndwr was involved in scandal after scandal until it came to the attention of the Home Office not so long ago and had its licence to educate overseas students removed because of an immigration fraud with which Glyndwr had been participating. Glyndwr of course received Investment – millions. For many years the Principal was Mike Scott, who had virtually destroyed De Montfort University when he was a PVC there, so obviously Mike Scott would be given his own university to play with. Mike Scott, back in the dark ages, had done a degree at one of the constituent colleges of the University of Wales, which was facilitating the abuse ring… See previous posts for Mike Scott-related adventures.

Lord Baz Jones was installed as Chancellor of Glyndwr University in 2009. Previously, Lord Baz had been President of NEWI; he was given that job in 2007.

Lord Baz served as the Windbag’s Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Jan 1989-July 1992…

It wasn’t coincidental was it Windbag? Events involving Lord Baz can be read in previous posts.


When The Krebs Institute was founded at Sheffield University in 1988, the Home Secretary was Douglas Hurd and the Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside, who had been newly elected  in June 1987, was a source of excellent PR for the Windbag’s party in many ways. He was a man who had experienced family tragedy as a boy and was viewed as an intelligent, capable, determined man, a graduate of Sheffield University himself, who had not allowed a severe disability to prevent him from pursuing a career in politics. He also had a nice guide dog who sat next to him on ‘Question Time’ who went to sleep rather than lifted his leg on Robin Day.

Blunkett’s biography of overcoming hardship without casting himself as a victim undoubtedly endeared him to a lot of people and gained the respect of many more. He pissed off disability campaigners by refusing to identify as disabled for many years, but I can understand that position. What was so unforgivable was Blunkett keeping quiet about the widespread neglect and abuse of disabled people. Blunkett kept quiet about that criminal gang in Sheffield as well, with Jimmy Savile at the centre of it. Blunkett had known about the gang for years, because Blunkett had been elected to Sheffield City Council in 1970 and was Leader of Sheffield City Council, 1980-88 and had remained as a member of the Council until 1988. Blunkett also served on South Yorkshire County Council, 1973 -77.

Blunkett knew about Savile and the gang operating in Yorkshire and he knew that they were linked to other gangs, including the one in north Wales.

The Windbag didn’t become PM in June 1987, but Blunkett became an MP, which would not have happened had the north Wales whistleblowers not been silenced, because the Westminster Paedophile Ring would have unravelled… Alison, Mary Wynch and I were the three who did things like keep writing to the GMC and to MPs, but there were many, many complaints from people in north Wales, both about the abuse of children in care and about the mental health services. Previous posts have described how, although Dr D.G.E. Wood bellowed at me that there were no concerns about Gwynne the lobotomist, this was me being completely unreasonable, I knew of two other formal complaints about Gwynne from the parents of students. I alone knew of three students who had attempted suicide after one encounter with Gwynne, goodness knows what had gone on that I didn’t hear about. The situation was so bad, that one day when I was in the Student Health Centre being shouted at by Wood and the Angel employed there, Liz Stables and told to shut up, there were no concerns, it was just me, another student arrived to complain about Gwynne the lobotomist; Gwynne had precipitated yet another suicide attempt…

Brown and I raised our concerns about Gwynne some three weeks or so before the Windbag appeared on TV with Alastair Burnet, emphasising that intimidation of people in any context for any reason is unacceptable. We were threatened by Top Docs after we complained Windbag, overtly threatened, repeatedly…

Gwynne was a disaster, a complete disaster and that was just him on one afternoon a week in the Student Health Centre. I know that in 1987, in one month alone, the GMC received five complaints about Dafydd. Some of the complaints concerned sexual exploitation of patients and deaths.

I knew some of the other people who had complained about Dafydd and Gwynne – over the years I met many, many more – and I knew that I was being lied to when people yelled at me that there had been no other complaints.

Then there were the kids in care becoming pregnant and contracting STIs, the North Wales Police recording ‘hundreds’ of ‘absconsions’ from the children’s homes, the kids sustaining serious injuries including anal injuries…

The Windbag knew about these matters, his wife’s parents were from Holyhead and they had been active in the Labour Party for decades and had concealed the abuse themselves. Glenys’s parents were mates with Lord Cledwyn, who served as the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and was one of the gang’s most loyal servants. See previous posts. One couldn’t be a Councillor or politician in north Wales and not know about Dafydd and the gang.

Just to remind you once again Windbag: George Thomas, Greville Janner, Leo Abse, Ron Davies…

Other newly elected Labour MPs in June 1987 who definitely knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Dafydd and the gang included Rhodri Morgan, Paul Boateng, Diane Abbott, Keith Vaz and Red Ken. Miranda had already bagged his Sedgefield seat on the patch of the gang in the north east in 1983, having previously worked in the Chambers of George Carman QC, the crooked barrister who was mates with many of those involved in the gangs; Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Carman had established his reputation when he defended Mr Thrope at the Old Bailey in 1979…

When Blunkett led Sheffield City Council it was considered by the Tories to be one of the extreme leftist councils and Blunkett a loony left leader. Although Blunkett always made a point of not overtly trading on being blind, when in debate with his opponents, they very obviously never felt able to be as rude to Blunkett as they were to other loony left politicians. In the 1980s, Blunkett said the sort of things that Tony Benn said, but even Tebbit wouldn’t put the boot into a blind man and there was always a kind comment about the guide dog.

It was all a bit ‘Peters and Lee’, the duo who appeared on ‘Opportunity Knocks’ in the 1970s. After they won, Hughie Green revealed that Peters was blind but had asked that the audience weren’t told because he didn’t want the sympathy vote. It wasn’t too difficult to guess that Peters was blind, because he wore those dark glasses that blind people used to wear in the 1970s and his singing partner led him on by the hand and just in case anyone was still in doubt, Peters ensured that he stared straight ahead of himself while he played the piano. As piss-taking students used to say ‘you’d never guess he was blind would you viewers?’ All Peters needed was the guide dog sitting by the piano, but that would have caused allegations that the clapometer had been rigged.

One can’t even make crass comments about Blunkett not seeing Jimmy Savile, because nobody else saw Jimmy Savile either…

The Lord Blunkett
David Blunkett MP Where Next for Welfare.jpg

While Blunkett served on South Yorkshire County Council, Sheffield’s steel industry declined.

  • Ian Macgregor

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ and previous posts discuss the miraculous way in which the Councillors and MPs of north east Wales, nearly all Labour, managed to extract investment for things like the Deeside Industrial Park from Thatch’s hostile Gov’t in the wake of the 6500 jobs laid off at Shotton Steel in 1980. Bryn Estyn, the Bryn Alyn Community and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were all in north east Wales. See previous posts for details of how hard people like Lord Baz ‘fought for the people of north east Wales’ and came up with the Investment on Deeside.

I do not know enough about Sheffield to know if Blunkett performed similar miracles after the steel industry collapsed. Blunkett must have done something to have pleased someone in the Labour Party as long ago as the early 1970s, because he was selected as the candidate to fight Sheffield Hallam in 1974, although he wasn’t elected. Wilson was the Labour Leader at the time, the Wilson who was a good pal of the molester George Thomas, the Wilson who’s Minister of Health, 1964-68, Sir Kenneth Robinson, was a big mate of Dafydd’s, the Wilson who rearranged the entire furniture of Gov’t to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as described in previous posts…

When Blunkett contested Sheffield Hallam in 1974, the sitting Tory MP, Sir John Osborn, held the seat. Osborn was the MP for that constituency, 1959-87. Sir John Holbrook Osborn was educated at Rugby and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He also served as an MEP, 1975-79. Osborn was knighted in 1983, the year that Brown and I came under attack from the gang and had members of the security services bothering us in various disguises.

Osborn’s time in Parliament dated back to the years which led up to the Profumo Affair, so he’ll have had some knowledge of the Naughtiness in High Places at that time. Bronwen Astor, Bill Astor’s wife at the time of Profumo, was the daughter of Sir Alun Pugh, a Welsh judge. The family lived in Hampstead, but Pugh was from west Wales, remained in touch with Wales and sent Bronwen to boarding school in Dolgellau. The father of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council during the Paedophile Years, was a Master in Dolgellau Grammar School. There was one year’s difference in age between Ioan and Bronwen. Before Ioan was appointed Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, he was County Secretary of Dyfed County Council in west Wales, where an abuse ring linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales operated. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ There was an embryonic trafficking enterprise involving teenagers from Wales to England before Profumo blew up – it was this that Beata Brookes and Peter Walker tripped over in their Young Conservatives days – and Dafydd knew about this. Lord Brecon and his daughter Lindy Price, who was married to the lawyer Leolin Price, were most helpful to those facilitating the business. The organised sexploitation of young people in west Wales was in place by the time that Carlo went to Aberystwyth University for a term to brush up on Welsh in 1968. See previous posts.

John Osborn lived through the Tory Party years of Ted Heath as well as the early years of Thatch…

Osborn took part in a Parliamentary interviews project, which supplied the following additional info about him:

John Holbrook Osborn was born on 14 December 1922 in Sheffield. He was educated at Rugby School and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and served in the war in West Africa. He married three times: Molly Suzanne in 1952; Joan Mary MacDermot in 1976; and Patricia Hine in 1989.

Osborn worked in the family business. Chairman of Hillsborough Divisional Young Conservative and Liberal Association from 1949 to 1953, he became Conservative MP for Sheffield Hallam in 1959 and held the seat until 1987. He served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and for the Colonies from 1963 to 1964. From 1975 to 1979 he was a Member of the European Parliament. During his time as an MP he was a member of several Select Committees, including Science and Technology and Education, Science and Arts. He was knighted in 1983, and retired from Parliament in 1987.

The transcript of the clip includes:

My decision to retire from Parliament? Oh, my Constituency Association had enough of me. Roland Jenkings [sic], before me, didn’t get the support of the Association and I didn’t get the support of the Association. I could have fought my Association and stood with their candidate as an independent and I might have gone back to Parliament on that basis. But I got advised to give up politics while the going is good. It’s no good being a Member of Parliament if your constituency is against you. Some people tried that, but usually burned their fingers and I was able to revert to old interests and old recreations. I played much more golf, much more tennis. And I retired properly.

During the interview, Osborn mentioned that he joined the Young Conservatives as soon as he left Rugby. After Cambridge and WW II, he undertook a management trainee course at the National Foundry College in Wednesbury and served an apprenticeship with a Birmingham firm. Osborn  focused on an industrial career and never set out to become an MP. He was asked to stand as a candidate in Hallam following the retirement of Sir Roland Jennings. There was a belief that the seat was unwinnable. Osborn had very little contact with Jennings, but did receive help and support from the Conservative Party. He was also helped by local benefactors.

Describes working as PPS to Duncan Sandys in Commonwealth Relations Office.

Duncan Sandys was one of those who was happy to be a patient and a friend of Stephen Ward, the osteopath who was the biggest scapegoat in the wake of the Profumo Affair, but once the shit hit the fan, Sandys was one of those who dropped Ward and did the ‘ooh I don’t think that I ever met him’ bit. Stephen Ward is always described as having committed suicide during his trial, but accounts of Ward’s death leave one with no doubt that he was given a shove by the Top Docs. See previous posts. 

During the interview Osborn explained that he hoped to pursue the interests of industry through his Parliamentary work and described travelling widely on industrial and Parliamentary business. He found it difficult to balance constituency, Parliamentary and industrial work and faced a conflict of interest between committee work in the Commons and dealing with local issues. Osborn’s maternal grandfather was a Conservative MP, Colonel Sir Arthur Holbrook. Osborn continued as a Non-Executive Director of Samuel Osborn & co, the family firm, while an MP. Osborn’s constituency felt that he was spending too much time on international travel and the constituency became a marginal seat. However, the felt that Osborn was a suitable candidate for overseas work. He never had ambition for high office and was able to pursue his own interests under both Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher’s leadership. He never regretted the decision to retire. Osborn’s interview concluded with a comment about not having provided successor [Irvine Patnick] with advice.

Sir John Osborn died in Dec 2015. He was around a long time to keep the lid on the criminality under his nose while he did bugger all for his constituents, held multiple political jobs, as well as his business interests and did a bit of globetrotting into the bargain.

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Osborn, who enjoyed himself while serious organised crime took over Sheffield, was succeeded in the seat in 1987 by Irvine Patnick, the Tory who coined the phrase ‘Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire’ for Sheffield City Council under Blunkett.

Sir Cyril Irvine Patnick was born in Sheffield and educated at the Central Technical School in Sheffield, followed by Sheffield Poly. A building contractor, Patnick entered politics as a member of Sheffield City Council in 1967 and later of South Yorkshire County Council. Patnick was elected after unsuccessfully contesting Sheffield Hillsborough at the 1970 and 1979 General Elections. During his time as an MP Patnick was a Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury and Deputy Chairman of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Select Committee. He left politics after he lost his seat in 1997 to the Lib Dem Richard Allan.

Patnick was on the right of the Conservative Party. He was against sanctions on apartheid South Africa, voted to reintroduce the death penalty, strongly supported Section 28 and opposed reducing the age of consent for gays. 

Patnick was the Vice-President of Sheffield’s Kingfield Synagogue, life President of Sheffield Jewish Representative Council and a former national Vice-Chairman of the British Maccabi sports and youth organisation.

Patnick was the Chairman of Trustees of The Trust for Research into Freemasonry, a charity established to support the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism at Sheffield University. This Centre has now died a death; it seems to have been closed down after being embroiled in controversy and many of the links which promise to lead one to gen online are broken.

Patnick was one of the sources for ‘The Sun’ newspaper’s lies about the behaviour of fans at the Hillsborough Disaster in its coverage of April 1989. ‘The Sun’ maintained that fans had assaulted police, urinated on dead and dying fans, had ransacked their pockets and wallets etc. Kelvin MacKenzie, the Editor, robustly defended himself at the time.

In September 2012, the publication of the Report into Hillsborough by the independent panel investigating the disaster confirmed that “the source for these despicable untruths was a Sheffield news agency reporting conversations with South Yorkshire Police and Irvine Patnick, the then MP for Sheffield Hallam”. Earlier, Kelvin had said of his coverage: “It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said”. The Daily Express also carried the story, under the headline “Police Accuse Drunken Fans” and giving Patnick’s views, saying he had told Thatch, whilst escorting her on a tour of the grounds after the tragedy, of the “mayhem caused by drunks” and that policemen had told him that they were “hampered, harassed, punched and kicked”. Following the disclosure of Patnick’s role in the story, Labour MP John Mann wrote to PM David Cameron asking that Patnick be stripped of his K for his “shameful and disgusting behaviour”. Patnick was heavily criticised by the families of the dead, with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign stating that “It needs to be remembered that this man vilified Liverpool and was part of a lying machine which shamefully damaged the reputation of those fans.” In a statement issued through the Conservative Party on 13 September 2012, Patnick accepted “responsibility for passing such information on without asking further questions. So, many years after this tragic event, I am deeply and sincerely sorry for the part I played in adding to the pain and suffering of the victims’ families”.

Sir Irvine Patnick died on 30 December 2012, without ever showing any regret in ignoring the criminal gang operating in South Yorkshire, which he knew was linked to other gangs, including to the one causing havoc in north Wales.

Patnick was awarded his K in 1994. By which time my career in medical research had been destroyed, along with those of three other witnesses to Dafydd and the gang with whom I was friends, my friend Anne had been killed, there had been an attempt to kill Brown and Brown’s brother had emigrated after being the subject of one very serious murder attempt which was followed by some others almost as serious… 

Sir Irvine Patnick


In 9 June 1994, Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died of ‘an unspecified blood disease’. On 13 June 1994 the trial of his long time friend and colleague Peter Howarth for sexual assaults on boys in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court. On 8 July 1994 Howarth was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

It was during 1994, from June onward, that Dafydd’s gang once more escalated their attempts to have me declared dangerous and banged up in a secure psychiatric hospital. This followed a meeting that I and Patient F held with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission during which we told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints against him were not being investigated. Both of them told us that they had heard such complaints about Dafydd many times before and as long ago as the 1960s. Neither the MHAC or Gwynedd Community Health Trust ever investigated our complaints. The MHAC did write to the Trust but failed to act when the Trust failed to investigate or respond appropriately.

In early Nov 1994, Dafydd had obtained a High Court injunction against me from Liverpool High Court on the basis of an affidavit which contained not one true allegation of my ‘harassment’ of him. All allegations referred to phone calls that F had made to Dafydd in which he certainly took the piss, but were not threatening. The only allegation relating to me was that I had thrown a brick through the glass door of Dafydd’s house at 3 am one night. I had not and by the time that Dafydd swore his affidavit into Court, he had been told by an Angel that I could not possibly have been at his house at 3 am that night because I had no access to a car and I was known to have been at my house near Bethesda throughout the night. Since I began this blog I have been told that no-one threw a brick through Dafydd’s door, the brick was planted and the police were subsequently called and told that I was the culprit. Dafydd was not asked to provide any evidence at all that I was responsible, by the police or by the MDU or the MDU lawyers Hempsons who acted for Dafydd. I did not even know that I had been accused until just before the High Court injunction was served on me.

Dafydd also demanded that an alarm system costing £25k be fitted in his office because of the danger that I represented to him. After I wrote to the Trust yet again asking them to investigate my complaint into the constant harassment and lies of Dafydd and others, the response of the Chairman of the Trust was to ask the Trust’s lawyers if there were any more charges that they could bring against me.Tony Francis then demanded a series of reports from forensic mental health specialists with regard to me on the grounds that I was a danger to Dafydd’s life and should be transferred to a secure unit The idea being that this would be done under the Mental Health Act, because those very public Court cases with me on trial involving the obvious perjury on behalf of Dafydd’s gang were becoming rather embarrassing…Although I was so mad that I was in need of being placed in a secure unit, at the same time I was banned from the day centre at the Hergest Unit. Well the other patients there had read that ridiculous injunction and one of them, Dave Nunn, a former lecturer from UCNW, had disappeared shortly after and no-one ever saw him again. See previous posts eg. ‘The Banality Of Evil’…

My post ‘Additional Security Measures’ discussed the first Report re Hillsborough, the Taylor Report, by Lord Peter Taylor, who served as Lord Chief Justice, 1992-96. Thatcher’s Gov’t asked Taylor to write the Report immediately after the Hillsborough Disaster. I discussed discrepancies with regard to dates on the Home Office file and the documents, a note to Douglas Hurd from Sir Clive Whitmore, the Permanent Secretary to the Home Office at the time, which suggests that Peter Taylor is being given advice on what to include in his Report and the fact that the Report which was submitted is not actually signed by Peter Taylor. I can only conclude that Peter Taylor either didn’t write that Report or that someone has been playing fast and loose with dates on documents. An incriminating note from Sir Clive was sent to, among others, David Lidington, Hurd’s special adviser at the Home Office, who then moved with Hurd to the Foreign Office. So Lidington was in the Home Office when Dafydd, Tony Francis et al were forging documents and perjuring themselves in their attempts to have me imprisoned and the Home Office, North Wales Police and Risley Remand Centre were assisting in all this. David Lidington is a member of Theresa May’s Gov’t.

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Blunkett, John Osborn and Irvine Patnick were all local to Sheffield and had lived there for many years, as far back as the 1950s. Readers might remember that Savile’s True Story involved him ‘inventing the disco’ ie. running dance halls and clubs in Yorkshire in the 1950s, which evolved into the Swinging Scene of the 1960s and then the Fuckwittery of the 1970s. After Savile died and it was obvious to even the most loyal of the Mafia of Drips that he was definitely not coming back and he was not going to get George Carman QC – who was also safely dead – to sue the arse off everyone, people began to quietly creep out of the woodwork and admit that Savile ‘wasn’t a very nice man’, that he beat the living daylights of of people at his dances and discos and he did have some unfortunate past-times which involved children or young people locked in places and therefore unable to get away from him.

Esther maintained that She Didn’t Know, in the face of all the others who Never Knew but suddenly remembered that they did know and then the world rose up and demanded that Savile’s grave was removed! That his body should not be Next To Decent People! That all those Commemorative Plaques should Go! Delete those old vids of Top of the Pops, Savile is on them!

It was Rolf next… We don’t want to see Rolf’s name anywhere! It’s disgusting!

What a load of fucking hypocrites. Now, I am waiting for Dafydd to die. Because when Dafydd Passes Over, I know that we will begin to hear just how terrible he was from people who knew him. We are going to hear some very, very unpleasant things. And I do not want to be told by any of those people that they are Sorry or Didn’t Know. I have been telling you all for years and so have other people. We have been sacked, smeared, violently assaulted and people have tried to kill us. If anyone tries to prosecute anyone else for crimes relating to me, I will do my best to derail the trial. Because what has gone on is disgusting and I don’t want anyone to do the Bring Them To Justice bit. They can’t be brought to justice, they were allowed to rape and kill people, including children and they received the full support of the British state. What I want is for someone to recover those bodies from the grounds of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Then I want the BMA, the GMC and the Royal Colleges to explain how those bodies got there. This should be followed by the dissolution of every one of those bodies and the removal of all powers from the medical profession. No more money either. The Top Docs are going to go on strike? Let them. They are a public danger, let that fucking dreadful profession go on strike, sack those that do and keep a skeleton workforce of good brave docs who are appalled at what has been allowed to go on.

There’s a lot of politicians who need to go as well because you haven’t really behaved very nobly have you…



Blunkett became a Party spokesman on local gov’t, joined the Shadow Cabinet in 1992 as Shadow Health Secretary and became Shadow Education Secretary in 1994.

After Labour’s 1997 General Election Blunkett became Secretary of State for Education and Employment. The role of Education Secretary was a vital one in Miranda’s Gov’t, after Miranda famously stated in 1996 that his priorities were “education, education, education”. As Secretary of State, Blunkett pursued conservative reforms, was ready to take on the teaching unions and determined to ensure basic standards of literacy and numeracy. Blunkett stated that he would ensure that more kids would achieve above the average level in maths. Which had every maths teacher rolling in the aisles, because it was clear that Blunkett didn’t understand the definition of average.

Blunkett: more kids CANNOT achieve above the average level in maths. If more kids achieve a higher level in maths, the average itself will be raised. That is the point of an average. You cannot have a situation in which MORE achieve the AVERAGE. Not even with New Labour fiddling the stats.

A key pillar of Blunkett’s work as Education Secretary was the introduction of Sure Start, a Gov’t programme much loved by Polly Toynbee which provided services for pre-school children and their families. In 2011 the Gov’t effectively started the abolition of Sure Start by cutting back drastically on the funds available. Polly protested that these Cuts would harm disadvantaged children because it had been Proven that Sure Start Helps Disadvantaged Children. No, every analysis of Sure Start demonstrated that it had absolutely no effect on any of the parameters measured – the parameters were the ones that Sure Start had been established to Help – with regard to children. What Sure Start was very good at was providing social support to some disadvantaged mothers. It did them a great deal of good and they loved it. It wasn’t however designed to do that. There was also a problem with Sure Start in that more advantaged women enrolled because they too wanted the goodies on offer…

In north Wales, Sure Start, like everything, was hijacked by Dafydd’s gang. Because it involved contact with those we know and love, the most disadvantaged mothers wouldn’t go near it. However, there was a group of vulnerable but tame young women who did make use of Sure Start and I knew some of them. They were approached and asked if they’d like to train as social workers! They had never imagined that they could have any sort of career, so they went for it. After they qualified, they found that if they raised concerns about the endemic abuse and neglect of clients, they would be reminded of the father of their children who had a drug problem or their own hard time when their baby was born and they became ill with severe post-natal depression and they really wouldn’t like this to become widely known would they? Sure Start provided Dafydd’s gang with a supply of nice caring young women who did not dare step out of line and blow the whistle on the most dreadful malpractice. Not even the blackmail of themselves. None of them will ever receive promotion… I suspect that by now, they will have had breakdowns with the stress of working with gangsters and abusers or left the carnage and moved into other jobs.

Blunkett also led the massive expansion in HE. Education, Education, Education. Anyone who worked in HE while Blunkett, Lord Adonis and Miranda put their grandiose plan into action and since then knows the truth behind the cooked books and the lies about ‘excellence’. HE is not quite as bad as the NHS, but if someone doesn’t do something soon it will be. I’m not going to even go here, because Brown and I published extensively on the subject and I’ll never finish the blog post if I go off at this particular tangent. To summarise, Miranda was told by sound academic sociologists that It Wouldn’t Work and indeed it didn’t. Miranda wouldn’t listen and just told lies and now Miranda’s mate Lord Adonis who wouldn’t listen either and just told lies, has admitted that It Didn’t Work and perhaps Miranda’s Reforms should be undone…

I quickly scanned an article yesterday on ‘The Guardian’ online maintaining that if Oxbridge wants to increase its proportion of disadvantaged students, then it Needs A College Especially For Them. Er, weren’t some Oxbridge colleges established for that very purpose anyway? The fact that they are not full of proles suggests that if yet another Oxbridge College For The Disadvantaged is established, that too will go the same way as the others… UCNW likes to think that it was established for the Children Of The Quarrymen. That was part of the rationale, indeed there were scholarships available and there was a desire to see the children of aspiring but unprivileged people receive a university education, but most of the students were drawn from the more privileged groups in Wales at the time. They won’t have been as grand as most of the students at Oxbridge, but UCNW wasn’t heaving with the children of those who occupied the worst jobs in the quarry. The children of the quarry owners or managers might well have been among the student body in greater numbers…That is how class domination works.

UCNW was radical in that it admitted a very big proportion of women as compared to other universities at the time, but no matter what Jane Hutt believes, virtually all those women will only have been radical in that they supported women like themselves to gain a university education. Not many will have been fighting for the servants to bag a degree. It is why university expansion was embraced in the 1960s, so all those people who hadn’t previously gone to university could have a greater chance…After the 1960s expansion in HE, the proportion of people in the relevant age cohort going to university rose to almost 10%… There still weren’t that many children of quarrymen among them, but there were more than before.


Blunkett’s ignorance with regard to education and social sciences hasn’t held him back.

In July 2013, Sheffield University announced that Blunkett had become a Visiting Professor in the Department of Politics, in the world’s first Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics. In 2014, Blunkett was invited to become a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. In May 2015 Blunkett accepted a Chair in Politics in Practice at Sheffield University. In June 2015 Blunkett agreed to become Chairman of the Board of the University of Law. In addition to his other work with charidees, Blunkett was also Chairman of the David Ross Multi Academy Charitable Trust from June 2015 to January 2017. In 2017 Blunkett received an Honorary Doctorate for services to Gov’t and Education from the University of Huddersfield.

Blunkett introduced the teaching of citizenship in schools in 1999, arguing that “We want to ensure that there’s a basis of traditional knowledge that’s available to all children.” Blunkett is currently the President of the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT). Citizenship goes down well in some schools with intakes of more middle class pupils, but gosh it’s a joke in a lot of schools. The teachers hate teaching it, the kids take the piss and from what I saw in Holyhead School in 2000, it was the equivalent of Religious Education when I was at school. It shouldn’t be a joke, it doesn’t have to be a joke, but it is. Because the kids and teachers are all far more worried about getting the exam results that are needed to show that the school isn’t Failing.

Is it not extraordinary that all that is needed now to achieve Chairs and senior positions in education is to have kept quiet about Jimmy Savile? Where that comes in terms of being a good citizen I will leave to Blunkett for clarification. He is after all the expert on such matters.

When Harold Shipman killed himself, Blunkett commented that he’d get the champagne out. So why did you ignore Dafydd then Blunkett?


When he was Education Secretary, Blunkett launched Learning and Skills Councils, created Job Centre Plus and had responsibility for the EOC, as well as establishing the Disability Rights Commission. Ah, so THAT’S why Blunkett ignored the abuse of ill and disabled people by Dafydd’s gang!

When he subsequently became Home Secretary, Blunkett was also responsible for the Commission on Racial Equality – all three of these bodies were incorporated later into the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Which has provided job opportunities for Rachel Perkins and Ann Beynon…

In 1999, Blunkett proposed that sex education should not be pursued until children have left primary school at 11, reportedly arguing that childhood, the “age of innocence”, should not be compromised by “graphic” sex education. In 2000, while attempting to cool opposition to the proposed abolition of Section 28, Blunkett issued guidelines on the importance of ‘family values’ in teaching children sex education.

A paedophile ring under his nose…

Dafydd’s charidee CAIS provides Safeguarding Education for children.

Blunkett is a Vice President of the RNIB and a Vice President of the National Alzheimer’s Society and has close links with a range of other charities (local to Sheffield and nationally) including those relating to substance abuse and breast cancer and is a Patron of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion.

I have never felt so included as when a gang of paedophiles made fallacious allegations against me in order to have me thrown out of teaching. At least the Philanderer was Included in the kicking when he was named as having let a paedophile remain on the teaching register. Then Merfyn’s wife was Included when she died at the hands of the Top Docs. Merfyn himself was Included a few years later when he was hounded out of public life by Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’. My PhD supervisor and his wife were Included as well, they got it in the neck for supporting me and ended up taking early retirement to get away from the unpleasantness.

Here’s a few things for Lord Blunkett of Inclusion to consider. The Philanderer once worked down’t pit and I’m fairly sure that his dad did as well. And they lived in a council house. Merfyn’s two grandfathers were quarrymen in Gwynedd. I think that Merfyn’s parents moved into a council house after they gave up running the pub that was owned by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who so enjoyed the services of Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd. See previous posts eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. As for me Blunkett, well I lost my house during the extended period of time between the gang of paedophiles making fallacious allegations against me and the Philanderer clearing my name. An old lady invited me to lodge with her, but the gang of paedophiles rang her relatives up and told them that a dangerous nutter had moved in with her. The old lady and her daughter told their relatives that they liked me and didn’t want me to move out because they were frightened of two neighbours who had stolen from them and offered to give the old lady’s daughter – who had mental health problems and learning disabilities – ‘sex education’. The gang of paedophiles told the elderly lady that if I continued living in the house, the old lady and her daughter would be refused Services. So two farmers offered to let me live in a caravan on their farm. I loved it there, they were great and I lived there for quite a while. Gwynedd Social Services subsequently put every one of their great-grandchildren on the At Risk register. Their adult grandson was beaten up so badly in Caernarfon that he nearly died from his injuries. His wife’s baby died in the ‘care’ of Ysbyty Gwynedd – well at least that wasn’t one child who was on the At Risk register. I moved into a rented house only to find that it had previously been deemed as unfit for human habitation; the person who rented it to me later revealed that they were friends with a Hergest Unit Angel and asked me to stop telling people what had happened to me at the Hergest Unit. Then I got dog crap thrown at my door. The Top Doctor who lived next door to me admitted that he knew who had done it but he refused to tell me who. He used to work at the Hergest Unit. His wife is training to be a Lady Vicar. They joined the Anglican Church because they were kicked out of the Chapel. I moved out of the house that was unfit for human habitation when the back door fell out of its frame because of the amount of rotten wood and the landlord came over and nailed it shut. I moved into another house in another village and was threatened by yobs. The man living opposite said that they were causing havoc but the local policeman was corrupt and wouldn’t challenge them. That policeman then told me that if I said anything to the yobs, he’d arrest me. A friend told me to get the hell out of there, because not so long ago a girl had been violently raped and nearly died but that policeman refused to investigate and although he was then investigated himself, no action was taken against him. I moved elsewhere only to be threatened with a gun. A policeman was holding it at the time.

Thanks for the Inclusion Blunkett, it’s certainly been an experience.

Blunkett is also a long-standing Patron of The Micro & Anophthalmic Children’s Society, the UK’s only charity supporting families of children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. Blunkett is also a former Honorary Chair of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA-UK) Advisory Board and was until March 2015, Chairman of the not-for-profit International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA).

In October 2010, Blunkett proposed the creation of a ‘Yorkshire Parliament’ giving autonomy to the historic county with a similar funding formula to the Welsh Assembly’s devolved budget, which would entitle Yorkshire to annual budget of around £24 billion. The Yorkshire Parliament could give it all to Jane Hutt’s baby Chwarae Teg and of course MIND, like the Welsh Gov’t does.

One of Blunkett’s main interests is volunteering and community service. In 2011 he published a pamphlet calling for a National Volunteer Programme, which received a wide range of support, particularly among Third sector organisations. CAIS will be on board I’m sure. Since then, Blunkett has commenced putting together and becoming a founder of the Future For Youth Foundation, which sought to tackle high levels of unemployment in young people and which concluded its work in the summer of 2015.

In September 2012 Blunkett published In Defence of Politics Revisited, where he set out a range of proposals to increase faith in, and improve the working of, democratic politics. I’ve got a very obvious suggestion as to how to begin the long hard journey back to democratic politics Blunkett…

Blunkett sits on the Board of the National Citizen Service Trust, a voluntary community service programme for 16 and 17-year-olds. From 2013 to 2014 Blunkett Chaired a Parliamentary Inquiry with the Charities Aid Foundation into how giving to charidees could be boosted. This reported in June 2014, making recommendations ranging from the inclusion of a ‘social action’ section on UCAS forms to the creation of a post-careers advice service, for those who are retiring but wish to continue giving in their community. This led to the National Citizens Service Act coming into law in 2017.

Oh God, Blunkett’s been responsible for yet more legislation.

Between June 2013 and May 2014, Blunkett led a review into local oversight of schools and the raising of standards for the Labour leader Ed Miliband and the Shadow Education Secretary. Ed will have been keen to ensure that all children achieve above the average standard in maths as well. It’s what Uncle Harry would have wanted. The ‘Blunkett Report’ was published in May 2014 and called for the creation of new independent Directors of School Standards to operate between local authorities. These Directors would focus on bringing greater coherence to the process of school creation, raising standards and improving local accountability.

Accountability? I’d like to see some, particularly with regard to those Cabinet Ministers who were part of Miranda’s Gov’t.

In June 2014, Blunkett announced he would not be contesting the election in the following year, stating that he had realised he would not be returning to the frontbenches. In his letter he wrote: “it is clear that the leadership of the Party wish to see new faces in Ministerial office and a clear break with the past”. Well that was one very welcome spin-off from Jezza and John McDonnell’s takeover.

In 2013, Blunkett joined the Advisory Board of global wealth consultancy Oracle Capital Group, continuing in that role to 2017. Blunkett had found his true home.

In 2017, Blunkett resigned from his role as Chair of the David Ross Education Trust, one of Britain’s largest Multi-Academy Trusts, sponsored by Carphone Warehouse founder David Ross. Blunkett resigned along with several others at the Trust before the publication of a critical Ofsted report reporting unclear governance at the Trust where “trustees did not hold directors and leaders to account with sufficient rigour” and below-average pupil attendance. Not that Blunkett would understand what ‘below average’ meant…

Blunkett was appointed Co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review in 2018 alongside former MP Eric Pickles, after not having held the man from Carphone Warehouse to account with sufficient rigour. Blunkett didn’t hold Jimmy Savile to account let alone the man from Carphone Warehouse.


In January 2009, Blunkett married Margaret Williams, a Top Doctor in Sheffield.

Blunkett has also co-authored a number of publications including Building from the Bottom (1982), published by the Fabian Society and Democracy in Crisis (1987), published by Hogarth, which described the battle between local and central Gov’t in the Thatcher years. He has also contributed chapters to many books relating to politics and social policy and has also produced research papers with the University of Sheffield. Other publications include “Ladders Out of Poverty” in 2006 and “Mutual Action, Common Purpose” in 2009 (relating to the voluntary sector).

Outside politics David Blunkett enjoys a career as a popular conference and after dinner speaker. His booking agency JLA state that his speech topics include “The Political Landscape, Overcoming Adversity, Social Responsibility and Diversity.”  David Blunkett has also given lectures and contributed to debates at the Institute of Art and Ideas. 

Blunkett was featured on the Channel Five documentary series ‘Banged Up’ in 2008. I very nearly was, for a very long time because of the gang of paedophiles whom Blunkett has spent his life ignoring. One victim of Dafydd’s gang who is now banged up for ever such a long time because Blunkett increased his prison sentence to a whole life tariff when Blunkett was Home Secretary is Howard Hughes, who, back at the time of the angry protests that there was a VIP paedophile ring at work in north Wales which had been concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t, was convicted of the murder of Sophie Hook, a little girl in Llandudno. There was no forensic evidence against Howard Hughes, none. He was convicted because the police knew that he was a wrong’ un and a convicted child sex offender made a statement claiming that Hughes had given him details of how he had raped and killed Sophie. Hughes did make a statement to the police himself but because Hughes has learning difficulties and can’t read and write, he has no idea what he said in that statement. A great many people now believe that Howard is the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice. Everyone involved in Howard’s care as a child, in his education and in his care as an adult as well as the investigation into Sophie’s murder was a member of Dafydd’s gang. Howard was in Bryn Estyn when he was a boy and put in a compensation claim for the abuse that he says that he experienced there. It was rejected because he had been convicted of murdering Sophie. See previous posts…


The Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council when Blunkett was Leader was Alan Billings. When in 1993 the Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brant famously perjured herself – for the third time – in relation to yet another complaint that she’d made against me (see previous posts), before she began crying in the witness box and admitted that she’d lied to the police, when the Chairman of the magistrates asked Brandt to give her name, she said ‘Jackie Muriel Billings’. I started laughing and Patient F said ‘Brandt’s regressed to childhood, she thinks that she’s in front of the Headmaster’. I wonder if Jackie Muriel Billings is any relation of Blunkett’s mate?

Alan Roy Billings (born 7 October 1942) is an Anglican priest who is currently the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Billings was born in Leicester in 1942. The Leicester which had a long-standing organised abuse problem and which had become part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring by the 1970s with which Greville Janner was involved. By 1987, Top Docs in Leicester were linked with Dafydd’s gang and were concealing their criminality (see post ‘An Expert From England’). In the 1990s, the Kirkwood Inquiry into the Leicester ring admitted that the police, Leicester City Council, Social Services, the education system and the NHS had all colluded with the abuse of kids in care. It was later revealed that Kirkwood had made an agreement with Greville Janner not to name him in the Report.

Billings’s father worked at Imperial Typewriters and his mother at Byfords Hosiery. He was educated at Wyygeston Grammar Schools for Boys, Leicester. Billings studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1962-65. He also holds a Certificate in Education from Bristol University and degrees from Leicester University and the New York Theological Seminary. 

Cambridge was of course the centre of an elite ring which became famous as a result of the activities of the Cambridge spies, but the shenanigans in Cambridge continued long after the spies had gone elsewhere. Dr D.G.E. Wood trained at Bristol University and had many corrupt contacts there. Dafydd’s gang’s umbrella Lord David Hunt read law at Bristol at about the same time as Wood was a medical student there and remained in Bristol after graduation ‘helping’ the Tory Party in the south west.

By the time that Billings was Blunkett’s side kick, the gangs across the UK had linked up to form a big pan-European trafficking ring. Billings’s biography would have provided him with ample opportunity to have had contacts with numerous people involved. Rob Evans, Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services who oversaw the abuse and neglect of kids in care and psych patients, trained at Leicester. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

Billings trained as a priest at Lincoln Theological College. He was ordained deacon and priest in Leicester Cathedral and was curate at St Mary, Knighton, Leicester. Previous posts have named clergy in Leicestershire who colluded…. Billings was an elected member of Leicester City Council for three years.

Billings served as a parish priest in Sheffield at St Silas, Broomhall and St Mary, Beighton. He then became Head of Religious and Social Studies at Broadway School, Barnsley, before returning to parish ministry as Vicar of St Mary, Walkley. Billings was a member of Sheffield City Council while he served as a parish priest. Billings was Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, 1975–86 and was a member of the governing body of Sheffield City Polytechnic.

Bear in mind the recent acknowledgement of just how much organised abuse was concealed by the Anglican Church.

Billings was a member of the Archbishops’ Commission on Urban Priority Areas which produced the report ‘Faith in the City’ in 1985. Thatch’s Gov’t had became very hostile to the Anglican Church by then and that report caused further aggro. The Church had once been seen as the Tory Party at prayer but during the 1980s, the Gov’t was denouncing the Church as a load of Commies, Tebbit used to be rude to Bishops on ‘Question Time’ and Thatch famously described Bishops as ‘cuckoos in the nest’. There was no shortage of clergy who were frank that they were deeply concerned at what the Tories were doing, at their crass greed and materialism and their willingness to see swathes of Britain in hardship, but like Footie, the Windbag etc, the C of E couldn’t inflict the crippling blow to Thatch by going public on Thatch’s friends Peter Morrison, Jimmy Savile, or Norman St John Stevas etc, because the Church was colluding with the very same criminal activity. Successive Bishops of Bangor as well as many other clergy in Wales were mates with Dafydd and the gang, including Gwilym Williams, who became Archbishop of Wales. See previous posts. Even Rowan Williams of Sensitive Intelligent Thoughtfulness knew what was going on in north Wales…

I continue to be astounded at how very silly all these people were. An international crime syndicate who murdered witnesses was at work and these stupid buggers constantly made excuses as to why the most serious of complaints needed not to be properly investigated or acted upon. As for ‘we didn’t realise how serious this problem was until recently’, well you definitely did realise in places like north Wales, Leicester and Yorkshire, one really couldn’t miss people like Dafydd and Jimmy Savile, claiming to not notice them is the equivalent of not noticing a nuclear missile in one’s back garden.

Billings was Vice Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford, an Anglican theological college, and Director of the Oxford Institute for Church and Society (1986–92). Billings became Principal of the West Midlands Ministerial Training Course and Acting Principal of Queens College, Birmingham, an ecumenical theological college, 1991-4. He then returned to parish ministry as Vicar of St George’s, Kendal, Cumbria.

Billings was an honorary Senior Research Fellow of Lancaster University and Director of the Centre for Ethics and Religion, 1994-2007, researching ‘the contribution of inter-faith activities towards community cohesion and the attitude of 15 year olds to people of another faith in North West mill towns’.

Billings has held a number of positions in the public sector. He was a Board member of the Funding Agency for Schools (1997-9); a Schools Adjudicator (1999-2006); a member of the Home Office Community Cohesion Panel (2002-4). Billings was a Board member of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (2004–11), Chair of the Cumbria Courts Board and a member of the England Committee of the Big Lottery Fund (2007–13).

Billings has been a contributor to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’. The BBC certainly know how to select the folk to do that, Laura Janner-Klausner has had a go and Anne Atkins is a regular. Laura and Ann both know a great deal about concealing abuse, Laura in Leicester and Anne in north Wales (see post ‘Thought For The Day’).

Billings is a Fellow of the RSA and an Emeritus Canon of Carlisle Cathedral.

In 2014 Billings was selected as the Labour Party candidate for the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner by-election, to replace the former PCC and Rotherham Borough Councillor, Shaun Wright, who was forced out after it became clear that he had been complicit with the trafficking gang in Rotherham. Billings received just over 50% of first preference votes on the first ballot and was elected, although the turnout was 14.8%. Which suggests that in the wake of the revelations that a vicious criminal gang had worked Rotherham for years targeting kids in care and that the police and the Councillors had known all about them, the public were a little disillusioned with elected representatives.

General public: You are quite right to be disillusioned. Can I just point out that the biggest problem is with the Top Doctors and they have STILL not been named as culpable? Who did you think gave the girls abused by the gang in Rotherham contraceptives and abortions? Who saw the injuries on those girls which were so severe that they needed medical treatment? Who was ‘counselling’ those ‘disturbed’ girls ? Some of the girls were seeing child psychiatrists. The girls were being gang raped, left naked on moorland in the middle of the night and one of them was told by the gang that they would set her alight. The girls were terrified, as were their parents; they didn’t just tell the police about this, they told Top Doctors. Top Docs hear much, much more than the police do, because people tell Top Docs things that they do not tell the police. It is the biggest mistake that people are making; the Top Docs cannot be trusted, they are as endemically corrupt as the police and Councillors and furthermore they are refusing healthcare to people who refuse to shut up about this sort of thing… Yet all we ever hear is that a gang of Asian taxi drivers and curry house owners have Done It Again. So have the Top Docs but no-one’s mentioned that…

Now for the entertainment. Alan Billings had the task of holding the South Yorkshire Police force to account during the searching of the home of Sir Cliff Richard and the aftermath of the Professor Alexis Jay and Louise Casey Reports into Child Exploitation in Rotherham and the conclusion of the Hillsborough inquests into the death of 96 men, women and children at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in 1989. The police were probably astounded that their old pal Alan Billings was asking them questions about matters which he had agreed with them to ignore for years.

Prof Alexis Jay ignored organised abuse herself while she was on her way to being Scotland’s most senior social worker and was also responsible for accusing innocent people of ludicrous crimes which resulted in the Orkney Satanic Abuse Scandal. Alexis was appointed to the Top Job in Scottish social work by FM Jack McConnell, who er concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and shafted two of my friends in the process, who had been at Stirling University with him. See previous posts.

Whether Alan Billings has yet been tasked with holding South Yorkshire Police to account for colluding with Jimmy Savile for decades – some officers were personal friends of Savile’s and Savile’s flat was the meeting place for one of the police Community Crime Prevention initiatives – I do not know. Alan Billings may not have ever met Jimmy in person, what with Jimmy’s hectic schedule of visiting Carlo and other Royals, spending Christmas at Chequers with Thatch, appearing on TV constantly, raising money for charidee, running Broadmoor and sexually assaulting children and psych patients, Savile might not have been able to fit Alan in.

Alan Billings also helped secure Home Office funding for South Yorkshire Police to continue their investigation into the disappearance of Ben Needham as a toddler on the Greek Island of Kos. How did Alan Billings manage to loosen the purse strings of the Home Office to resurrect that case, which is very old and has no leads, absolutely none…

Billings is seeking to build bridges between the South Yorkshire Police force and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, agreeing in 2016 that an archivist should be appointed to put the archives in order, employed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Police! If you remember, Orgreave was that occasion on 18 June 1984 on which you battered the living daylights out of striking miners and then falsified evidence, maintaining that it was you who had been assaulted by them. I remember it well, because one person who told me that ‘those bloody miners should be shot’ was Liz Stables, the Angel who worked in the Student Health Centre. Liz was facilitating the trafficking ring run by Dafydd et al with which you colluded! Shortly after telling me that the miners whom you battered to bits should be shot, Liz had row with me when I once more tried to raise the matter of Gwynne the lobotomist and she told me that she wanted no more to do with me and would never speak to me again. Liz was mates with Dafydd. Liz’s son Gareth, who was at primary school when Liz assisted a gang of traffickers, became a Top Doc and in 2006 was working as a Top Doctor in Leicester.

In preparation for the confrontation with the NUM which Thatch knew was inevitable, Thatch effectively created a national police force; older readers will remember that police from across the UK were mobilised and shunted around the country to police the pickets. Thatch also had special facilities built in the Cabinet Office, which allowed microphones to descend from the ceiling, enabling Thatch and the Cabinet to speak directly with Chief Constables across the UK.

Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress, Brown and Baker are complaining about a gang of sex offenders again…

Call a meeting of COBRA!! Let the microphones descend, Thatch and Leon Brittan want to speak to Sir Philip Myers, HM Inspector of Constabulary NOW. The Sir Philip who, when Chief Constable of North Wales until 1982, was 100% complicit with Dafydd’s gang; some of Myers’s officers were abusing the kids as well as people in custody, including psych and learning disabled patients. When they weren’t fitting up people who had complained about Dafydd and the gang that was. Sir Philip’s successor presided over a force just as bent and he too refused to co-operate  with investigations into the crimes of Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘Top Of the Cops’. Sir Philip would have had a lovely conversation with Leon Brittan when the microphones descended, he could have asked him if the allegations about Brittan abusing kids in care were true and he could also have advised Leon Brittan on the destruction of all those Home Office files concerned with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and organised abuse…

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo
Sir Philip Myers, the first Chief Constable of North Wales, a force created from the merger of a number of pre-existing corrupt forces.
‘A Copper’s Copper.’
Sir Philip Myers


When the old bastard died, the bent officers of north Wales turned out in force to give him a good send off and carried his coffin on their shoulders:

  • Hundreds turn out for funeral of former chief constable ...
  • Hundreds turn out for funeral of former chief constable ...


I’m sure that Alan Billings will find great success with his building bridges initiative, he spent years building bridges with numerous people involved in a crime syndicate and Yorkshire suffered badly.

In April 2016 the Hillsborough inquests returned verdicts of unlawful killing. South Yorkshire Police and its Chief Constable received immediate criticism as a result of which Billings suspended him, citing an erosion of trust and confidence. This was challenged in the High Court by way of judicial review when the suspension and later dismissal were both found to be unlawful. Billings appointed the Deputy Chief Constable of Durham as the new Chief Constable from November 2016. The Durham which hosted the gang linked to Yorkshire and north Wales, with which the police had colluded…

Billings married Veronica Hardstaff in 2007, a former Labour Councillor on Sheffield City Council and MEP for Lincolnshire and Humberside South, 1994–99. He was previously married to Daphne Thomas, 1966–93 and Linda Woodhead, 1994-2002.

I used to hear a great deal about Professor Linda Woodhead, although I’ve never met her. I was very friendly with a theologian when I worked at Bangor and as any fule kno, a lot of theologians are mad and theologians also treat each other very badly; they are almost the equals of social workers in that respect. So if one knows a theologian who is not mad – the ones who are not mad are usually very nice, they have to be to tolerate their colleagues – one hears some extraordinary things. I used to hear extraordinary things about Linda Woodhead, who since 2006 has been Professor of Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University. I was involved in sociology of religion and I noticed that Linda Woodhead’s work was not that good, yet she had a towering reputation. My theologian friend enlightened me and explained that Linda was pretty hopeless but Linda was a lady with very sharp elbows who knew Very Influential People, but I wasn’t told who. Linda Woodhead published a book on alternative spiritualities some years ago which was held in great contempt by other academics, because the arguments were just so weak and the methodology so flawed. Linda’s whole argument had been based on a limited sample of older affluent people in Cumbria, who were doing things like yoga and Tai Chi, but who were certainly not representative of the general population. When I asked my theologian friend why on earth Linda Woodhead chose that rather rarified ‘community’ in Cumbria for her sample, he explained ‘because she has a second home there and those posh women are her friends’.

Despite this book going down in history as a laughing stock, Linda’s career carried on most impressively. In 2007, the AHRC/ESRC were given a big stream of funding for a Religion and Society Programme. There were a small number of theologians who applied to become Director of the Religion and Society Programme ie. the person who would have a lot of power in determining which academics received funding. One of the applicants was a Professor from Bangor University, who was one of the theologians at war with other theologians. My theologian friend said to me ‘we all know who’s going to be appointed Director, it’ll be Linda Woodhead’. A few weeks later, the announcement was made; Linda of the laughable book based on her posh mates in Cumbria would be leading the decisions re the allocation of funds…

In 2012, at the end of the research programme – no-one from Bangor got a penny did they Linda, although an application from a woman called Baker and her colleagues was rated as alpha plus and worth funding – Linda appeared on BBC News after being asked to explain why she had allocated so many millions to weak projects when other more highly rated projects had been refused funding. It was one of the biggest rows that there had ever been over the mismanagement of academic funds. It didn’t stop Linda, she continued to be invited onto ‘Sunday’ on Radio 4, as one of the UK’s leading sociologists of religion.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Linda was given millions of pounds to distribute to her friends just two years after her ex-husband’s old mucker David Blunkett resigned as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, after having been Secretary of State for Education and Science and then Home Secretary. Previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’ explained that there was a co-ordinated effort to remove the VC of Bangor University, Merfyn Jones, from his job after he was appointed in 2004. War had been declared because Merfyn, his late wife and one of his friends, the Philanderer, who was a junior Minister in Miranda’s Gov’t, had challenged Dafydd’s gang. No 10 was involved in the Get Merfyn campaign.

Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen, near Croesor, on the turf of Dafydd’s gang. He watched what they did to people in his community at first hand. While Linda’s ex-husband and Blunkett kept quiet about the activities of their partners-in-crime in South Yorkshire and did very nicely for themselves, as did their ex-wives.

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One of the junior academics at Bangor University came under fire in a big way from other theologians; it was the man who told me about Linda Woodhead. He was headhunted by Warwick University because he was indeed an excellent researcher. Warwick used his publications to boost their RAE results, then made him redundant. He was offered a five year contract at Glyndwr University. While at Glyndwr University, he was accused of ‘inappropriate’ relationships with students. The allegations were not upheld but he was forced out of his job anyway. I do not know where he’s now working. The Glyndwr University which is managed and governed by people who colluded with Dafydd and the gang in previous years. See post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’

The theologian who has had his career wrecked by those we know and love co-authored publications with me and witnessed what Dafydd and the gang did to me before I fled north Wales. He knew that I and another witness had been threatened at gunpoint. He was also witness to Dafydd’s crimes from three other sources as well, but just as he never broke my confidence, I’m not going to break his…

Linda: My theologian friend never actually told me that it was Blunkett who was doing you so many favours, he simply told me why you had chosen such an inappropriate sample for your silly book and that everyone knew that you were going to be allowed to give all that AHRC/ESRC money to your mates. Neither did he say ‘Linda Woodhead knew about Jimmy Savile and about Dafydd, as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring because she was married to one of the people who allowed Savile’s empire in Yorkshire to get bigger and bigger and bigger…’

Linda Woodhead MBE
Linda Woodhead.jpg

Linda Jane Pauline Woodhead has been described by Matthew Taylor, Director of the RSA as “one of the world’s leading experts on religion”. 

Matthew was Miranda’s Head of Policy when Miranda was PM. Matthew’s dad is the sociologist Laurie Taylor, who like Linda knew a great deal about Dafydd’s gang but in an earlier era. Matthew’s mum was Anna Coote, who was Deputy Editor of the ‘New Statesman’ and held office with the NCCL when the NCCL was affiliated to PIE and campaigning for paedophiles’ rights. See previous posts for more gen on the Taylor-Coote network.

Linda Woodhead was born in Taunton and grew up in rural Somerset.

Like me, although I was born in Wellington, a smaller town a few miles away from Taunton! Linda is two years younger than me.

Linda attended Bishop Fox’s Comprehensive School in Taunton.

Hey Linda, did you know Heather Pashley? I was at junior school with her and her brother Martin. Their parents were a bit posher than everyone else’s and were part of the group of parents who refused to let their children go to school in Bridgwater, where that paedophile ring with links to Dafydd’s was at work. Heather’s mum and dad wanted her to go to Bishop Fox’s – it was a popular choice for people escaping Bridgwater schools. Heather went to King Alfred’s in Highbridge for quite a while, but I think that she might have passed through Bishop Fox’s as well. Unless they refused her a place.

Linda, Linda, did you know Auberon Waugh’s daughter Daisy? She was at Bishop Fox’s wasn’t she and she’s about our age. Auberon knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring back in the 1960s when he was a right wing journo and a wit on ‘Private Eye’. Daisy became famous soon after I graduated! I went down to London to visit my friend from school – my friend who had her media career destroyed by Michael Grade, Paul Fox and others because she supported me while I was under attack from the gang in north Wales – and she asked ‘do you know this girl from Bishop Fox’s who reckons that she’s a novelist?’ It was Daisy Waugh! There she was, the centre of a gushing feature in the Torygraph!

Here’s Bron, a high profile Tory. The dad of the genius Daisy who became famous while the gangsters who supplied children for sex to Thatcher’s Ministers and others were after my friends and I:

Auberon Waugh

Ronnie Waterhouse used to work as a libel reader for ‘Private Eye’. They were given the Jeremy Thorpe-Norman story in the 1960s but refused to print it.

Linda and Daisy: Thorpe tried to murder Norman. He tried to fucking kill him. Oh, hang on, the gang tried to kill Brown and me as well. And they did kill my friend Anne…

Never mind, Daisy wants a job as a novelist and Linda wants a job as a Professor!

Daisy and Linda:

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Norman, who recently has been named as a Gay Icon:

  • Jeremy Thorpe 'hitman' to be questioned by police after ...
  • Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dies - BBC News

Brown’s mum used to teach at Bishop Fox’s, but she taught there when it was still a grammar school, before Linda’s time. Brown’s mum was found suddenly and unexpectedly dead in her house in Stogursey in Somerset in 2005. Brown’s dad had been found suddenly and unexpectedly dead during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Brown’s mum and dad split up when Brown was older and Col Brown lived in Bristol with his new wife. Bristol was probably not the safest place for Col Brown to have been living. But then Mrs Brown wasn’t that safe in Stogursey was she Dr MacAdam, particularly after she found that whenever she used her emergency alarm which was connected to the NHS lest she needed to summon help, it was never answered…

Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you…

When is the British state going to publicly admit that the medical establishment has been in the grip of serious organised crime and is not safe for witnesses?

After hobnobbing with people at Bishop Fox’s who could be used when she was older, Linda went to Richard Huish Sixth Form College in Taunton. That used to be Huish’s Grammar. My friend from junior school Philip Slocombe went there! Like Heather Pashley’s mum, Philip’s mum didn’t want him going to school in Bridgwater. I haven’t been in touch with Philip for years, but I did write to him a few times when I was at UNCW. Philip was doing an accounting degree at, er Sheffield University… I took the piss out of him because he joined the Federation of Conservative Students. Philip’s brother David went back to Bridgwater after he graduated and married a girl whom he’d known at school, Melanie Davies. Melanie’s dad was Gilbert Davies, a policeman! I don’t know if Gilbert Davies was one of the corrupt officers causing havoc in Somerset at the time, but if he wasn’t he’ll have been one of those who was so frightened of what his colleagues were doing that he kept quiet. I know that, because Ann Bradnor’s dad, PC Bradnor from Nether Stowey, told a relative of mine that he’d be found dead if he told anyone what was going on it was so bad…

Class A drug dealing and organised child abuse. Top Doctors from Taunton were involved. The dad of one of the Docs involved – a retired Top Doc himself – told someone else that I know that he was terrified because ‘these people are killers’.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


The last that I heard, David Slocombe was working for Somerset County Council as their Transport Director or something. Gilbert Davies the policeman died a few years ago. He was probably gunned down while buying the groceries in Nether Stowey, because it’s a good 25 years since PC Bradnor was living in fear and those we know and love have still not been stopped.

Never mind that the older generation of professional people in Somerset were petrified as they saw the county engulfed in white collar crime during the 1980s, it was onwards and upwards for Linda! Linda studied Theology and Religious Studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and graduated in 1989. Linda undertook her first post as Tutor in Doctrine and Ethics at Ripon College, Cuddeston,Oxford, 1988–1992. In 1992, Linda moved to Lancaster University. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Uppsala University in 2009 and also a Doctor of Letters. Linda was awarded an MBE in the 2013 for rigging the AHRC/ESRC funding stream and helping to put the boot into my theologian friend Emyr.

Linda has been married to Alexander Mercer since 2007 – God knows who he is, I’ll look him up, he’s bound to be Mr Big – and lives between Glasgow and Lancaster. Whether Linda still has her lakeland cottage in one of the most expensive and desirable areas of the UK I don’t know.

Linda Woodhead co-founded the Westminster Faith Debates with former Home Secretary Charles Clarke in 2011. Operation Pallial reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal in 2011. The appalling Charles was Home Secretary, 2004-06, succeeding Blunkett. That’s when things really began escalating at Bangor University….

Charles was the Windbag’s loyal minion, working as his researcher and then Chief of Staff, 1981-92, when the Windbag was serving Tony Francis and Dafydd’s gang. Clarke was the Labour MP for Norwich South, 1997-2010, so he knows more than a bit about the excesses of Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals and his friends in Norwich and the surrounding area as described in my post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’.

Which is probably why on 20 Sept 2010 it was announced that Charles Clarke had been appointed Visiting Professor to the School of Political, Social and International Studies at the University of East Anglia, for an initial period of three years. Since November 2010, Clarke has also been Visiting Professor of Politics and Faith in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University, joining Miss Moneybags of Corruption in the Ivory Towers. Clarke is a Council Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Clarke is a non executive Director of LJ Create a company which “sells computer and teaching equipment to schools”.

Charles Clarke introduced the idea of the “too difficult box”, an explanation of why politicians often opt out of taking action to fix many serious political issues. It is focused on UK politics but the book suggests that the principles apply to other countries. Clarke originally expounded his ideas in a series of lectures at the UEA in 2011. In 2014, he launched the book The ‘Too Difficult’ Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can’t Crack. The introduction, conclusion and a chapter on immigration is written by Clarke. The rest of the book contains individual chapters (edited by Clarke) by past or current politicians or political commentators – each chapter covering a specific political issue considered to be in the too difficult box. Some reasons Clarke gives explaining why politicians find some issues too difficult to deal with are: difficulty identifying the problem; difficulty identifying the solution; difficulty working out how to implement difficulty overcoming vested interests; existing legal constraints; the lengthy process required to bring in legislation; and a lack of political energy. Or it could just be that the Top Docs are involved in serious organised crime and Charles doesn’t want to die because he knows damn well that’s what has happened to some witnesses who’ve refused to shut up.

For one who was going to do the work of a murderous state, Charles was off to a good start. Charles was the son of Civil Service mandarin Sir Richard Clarke. Charles Clarke was born in London and attended the fee-paying Highgate School where he was Head Boy.

Highgate School

Lord Snooty/Gallery | Albion British Comics Database Wiki ...

Clarke then read Mathematics and Economics at  King’s College, Cambridge where he also served as the President of the Cambridge Union.

Kings College - Cambridge | Places I've Been-favorite ...

Being the prole that he was, Charles Clarke was a member of the Broad Left faction and served as President of the NUS, 1975-77. Clarke had joined the Labour Party. Clarke was the British representative on the Permanent Commission for the World Youth Festival (Cuba), 1977 -78. I think that Mandy went on the same trip.


My how things have changed:


Charles: the point of being a hairy leftie when you are a student is to Change It, not join the bastards when you finally get into Gov’t. DUH!!!

Che once said ‘let the world change you and you can change the world’. Er, OK Che, I’m still waiting for these big wallies who had your picture on their walls 50 yrs ago to change the world, having followed your advice and allowed the world to change them. They’ve got distracted along the way and have put everything in the ‘too difficult’ box, while they get on with more important things.

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo

Here’s a clue as to how Lowe Lord Charles was prepared to stoop on his journey to change the world. Lord Charles was elected as a local Councillor in the London Borough of Hackney, being Chair of the Housing Committee and Vice Chair of Economic Development, 1980-86. Not only was Dafydd’s gang in partnership with the local Councillors and MPs in Hackney, sending kids in care into the arms of John Allen and Dafydd’s gang in north Wales and concealing their deaths from AIDS in the mid-late 1980s, after they had returned as rent boys (see eg. post ‘Apocalypse Now’) but it was in 1986 that Dafydd’s partnership gangsters went after my friends when they were living in Bethnal Green and me as well, when I stayed there with them. See previous posts eg. ‘The Turn Of the Screw’.

John Allen and his dummy Lord Charles:

Ray Allen and Lord Charles | Portraits in Celluloid ...

Lord Charles challenge Top Docs who are running a sex abuse gang when he finally becomes Home Secretary? No, he’s not going to do that. He knows that those of us who did were denied painkillers even for cluster headaches and kidney stones and somehow couldn’t access medical care for the most serious of conditions or found that there was ‘nothing they could do’, as Merfyn’s wife found when she became seriously ill and encountered Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre. She died. Dafydd’s colleagues discovered their astonishing inability to Help – only being one of Europe’s leading neurological centres – after Merfyn’s friend the Philanderer had cleared my name in the wake of the paedophile gang falsely accusing me and trying to have me struck off the teaching register. In 2003-04. When the Secretary of State for Education and Skills was er Charles Clarke. The Philanderer was a junior Minister in the DES and was subsequently named in the media as having let a paedophile remain on the teaching register. No, he had cleared my name after a gang of paedophiles had perjured themselves ALL OVER AGAIN in an attempt to wreck my life and yet another career.

You knew what they were doing Clarke you big lump and you knew when you were a Councillor in Hackney. If you were working undercover against them you were pretty bloody hopeless. My friend Anne is dead, my friend’s baby is dead, Brown’s mum and dad are dead, Merfyn’s wife is dead and as for the mortality stats in disadvantaged areas of the UK… Thousands and thousands of unnecessary deaths because the Top Docs are out of control, they have spent years fabricating research data, nothing works anymore and you just will not deal with them. Ooh you might become ill yourself and if you complain you’ll meet the same fate as Merfyn’s wife. Well you’ll die anyway you stupid sod, they’ve wrecked the NHS and the whole bloody system has collapsed. Are you going to take a leaf out of Robert Mugabe’s book, destroy the nation’s infrastructure, lie about it constantly and then go abroad when you need medical care?

Who was the Chairman of the Labour Party when I was initially wrongly accused, before the Philanderer later cleared my name? Charles Clarke. Who was Home Secretary when eight people, including NHS Angels, a police officer and Top Doctors, perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned? After four Angels had assaulted and injured me? David Blunkett. Who was Home Secretary when there was no investigation into any of it, even the misconduct of the presiding judge, the corrupt Huw Daniel – who’s dad was friends with Dafydd – and the false allegations that he supplied to journalists with regard to me that later appeared in the media? Blunkett.

Blunkett. Who gave a Good Citizen’s Award to a woman in Gwynedd who intimidated mental health patients and who’s friends threatened people into silence when a member of her family raped a girl of six yrs old. Blunkett.


Blunkett’s associate Linda Woodhead has ‘studied neo-Hinduism, Christianity, spirituality and Islam in Europe. Her work examines the relationship between religions and social change, especially in modern times.’

Some of Linda’s contributions to academia include:

An Introduction to Christianity (2004), Christianity: a very short introduction, (2005) and Religions in the Modern World (2nd ed. 2009) consider the development of religions over time by examining how they confirm or challenge power relations in wider society. Using this approach Woodhead explains why churches have declined in modern Europe but not elsewhere.

The Spiritual Revolution (co-written with Paul Heelas, 2005) is based on the ‘Kendal Project’ – this is the book that Linda wrote after she interviewed the neighbours at her second home – and ‘documented the growth of alternative spirituality and the relative decline of churches and chapels’. Yoga in Kendal. As practised by Linda’s mates. What’s the follow up study going to be then Linda, house prices in Windermere? Organic cafes in Ambleside?

In Religion and Change in Modern Britain (co-edited with Rebecca Catto, 2012) and Everyday Lived Islam in Europe (co-edited with Nadia Jeldtoft et al., 2013) Woodhead showed ‘how new ‘post-confessional’ ways of being religious have eclipsed a traditional ‘Reformation style’ of religion in Britain and more widely since the late 1980s’.

If anyone needs to do a bit of confessing it’s Linda and her ex-husband.

‘Woodhead’s work on religion, identity, and power is developed in articles on religion and gender, Muslim veiling controversies, governance of religious diversity, religion and politics, religion and law. Her conceptual approach to religion is systematised in ‘A Sociology of Religious Emotion’ (co-authored with Ole Riis, 2011) in a schema which integrates religion’s bodily, ritual, emotional and cognitive dimensions.’

Woodhead is a regular feature and comment writer on religion for ‘The Tablet’, ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Observer’. She has appeared on BBC One’s ‘The Big Questions’ and Radio 4 programmes, including PM, ‘Thought for the Day’and ‘Thinking Allowed’. Matthew Taylor’s dad Laurie the paedophiles’ friend does ‘Thinking Allowed’ so Linda will be well-in there. See previous posts for other mates of Dafydd’s gang who have starred on ‘Thinking Allowed’.

Linda has has written a major report for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Dr Rachel Perkins who was the Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital when the staff there abused patients, facilitated the south London part of Dafydd’s gang and when patients murdered members of staff and each other, sat/sits on the EHRC. As did/does Ann Beynon, a who studied at UCNW when the institution was run by Dafydd and the gang but failed to raise concerns even when she became President of NUS Wales. Ann did however establish GaySoc during that time. GaySoc at UCNW was very strong when I was an undergrad – I am just a few years younger than Ann – and when I first heard other students saying that it was a dreadful group I thought that it was reactionary homophobia and I couldn’t understand it among people of my generation. Then I realised that GaySoc at UCNW was involved with Dafydd’s gang and was, like the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in Chester was alleged to be, a front for organised abuse… Ann Beynon has sat on the Council of Bangor University for many years and is married to Leighton Andrews, who is the former Welsh Gov’t Minister for Education. Leighton is a former UCNW student himself and he’s not as thick as some of the other idiots who have remained silent about Dafydd, so there’s no excuses for Leighton really. Ann Beynon is the Former Chief Exec of BT Wales and is now a big wig on Severn Trent Water. See previous posts for details re Leighton and Ann…

Linda Woodhead was invited to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos in 2013. She probably led them in the Mindfulness sessions that they will have needed to relieve the stress between the drinks and the dinners.


Charles Clarke’s father was the Civil Service mandarin Sir Richard Clarke. Clarke was educated at Christ’s Hospital, London and Clare College, Cambridge, where he was sixth wrangler in 1931. Clarke sat the examinations of the Royal Statistical Society in 1932.

Clarke worked for the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association, 1932–33. He was then on the staff of the Financial News (later taken over by the Financial Times) until 1939 and devised the Ordinary Share Index, now the Financial Times Ordinary Share Index.

During  WW II, Clarke served in the Ministries of Information, Economic Warfare and Supply and Production, and with the  Combined Production and Resources Board in Washington, 1942–43. He joined the Treasury in 1945 and was its Second Permanent Secretary, 1962–66. Clarke was then Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Aviation in 1966, then at the Ministry of Technology until 1970, retiring from the Civil Service in 1971. From 1973, he was a Vice-President of the Royal Institution. Richard Clarke died in 1975.

In 2004, Charles Clarke became a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society ‘to acknowledge its contribution to education and in memory of his father’, who had been a statistician.

I’ll provide a few clues as to why Charles’s too difficult box is so big. Charles’s dad was one of the Cambridge spies of the 1930s, some of whom achieved fame for being gay and double agents. Charles’s dad, like Bertrand Russell, was a Cambridge mathematician and a wrangler no less and Charles’s dad knew Russell. Russell and others known to Charles’s dad were members of the Welsh Bloomsbury Group who were friends of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and had second homes in Croesor and used to drink in Merfyn’s parents’ pub. Merfyn knew that some of them were involved in abuse and sexploitation and that they were calling on the services of Dafydd and Gwynne to get them out of trouble if need be. Merfyn doesn’t talk openly about this, but everyone who knows where Merfyn grew up and knows that his own parents weren’t wranglers on the Hearth Rug at Cambridge with Bertrand et al will know that Merfyn knows all about them. Charles Clarke’s father knew Eric Hobsbaswm, who was another second homer at Croesor, who’s daughter Julia and her friend Sarah Macaulay formed a PR company which worked for the Labour Party. Eric Hobsbawm, like Charles’s dad, was not an idiot like the Windbag, but lent his political support to the Windbag’s bandwagon. After the Windbag went nowhere, the great hope was Miranda, who was followed by Gordon. When Gordon was Chancellor of the Exchequer, he married Julia Hobsbawm’s mate Sarah, so in 2007, the Hobsbawms were friends with the PM. Who was doing his best to bring down Merfyn, along with many other paedophiles’ friends, because the whole bloody lot of them were in hock to Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts…

Furthermore, Charles’s dad was a mandarin throughout Profumo, Ted Heath etc. Whether Charles’s dad was a member of the ring and abused children himself I have no idea. But he was friends with them and he concealed their crimes, even the murders.

You really have been incredibly stupid Charles and if you couldn’t sort this out you should have left politics. You are a maths graduate and unlike Blunkett you can count. You saw the datasets relating to the NHS, the suicides and mortality rates and you knew the abyss to which they were pointing. I don’t care whether your dad was a paedophile or not; what I do care about is that a gang of murdering sex offenders now have a grip on the NHS because too many entitled idiots like you wanted to be Cabinet Ministers although you knew that you could not do it.

Just fuck off all of you. You cannot allow people to die because of what you fear will be revealed about your dad or Uncle Harry.


Blunkett was succeeded as Leader of Sheffield City Council by Clive Betts, who I think was the member of Corbyn’s team who got stuck in the mud at Glastonbury and couldn’t get back for a Shadow Cabinet meeting. The Tories and Corbyn’s opponents loved it. I’m of the opinion that Betts really should have organised his festival going to give him plenty of time to get back to work, but being in the mud at Glastonbury is nothing in comparison to colluding with a load of gangsters. Which sadly Clive Betts will have done if he ran Sheffield City Council during the Savile era. But then Jeremy was the MP for Islington while the paedophile gang caused havoc there and he ignored the warnings of whistleblowers. Jeremy had previously worked for NUPE, the union which represented many of those who were involved in the abuse. Jeremy’s former election agent was the business partner of a man who was jailed for the abuse of school boys. Read the previous posts for details…


I haven’t seen any news today, I’ve been busy with the blog since first thing this morning. I did notice yesterday that The Priory Group could be facing a fine of millions after the death of a teenager in their care. There is loud screaming about the deficiencies of private hospitals. I don’t think that The Priory is up to much either, but The Priory is staffed by former NHS Top Docs and Angels, who all trained in the NHS. They have taken their bad practice to The Priory with them. In previous posts I named some of the Top Docs at St George’s who colluded with Dafydd et al and were facilitating the pan-European trafficking ring, who then went to work at The Priory. They included Dr Robin Jacobson and Dr Adrienne Key. Adrienne Key is now the Head of Eating Disorders for The Priory Group. Adrienne Key boasts that she trained at St George’s with Professor Arthur Crisp, a global leader in anorexia. All the St George’s Top Docs claimed to be global leaders. I know why Arthur Crisp had such good recovery rates among his patients. It was because he ordered them to eat and if they were so ill that they just wouldn’t, he discharged them and refused to treat them again. Some of them will have died. The Angels knew that this was how Crisp achieved his wonderful results, it was one of them who told me what he was doing. No-one busted the myth of Crisp the Global Leader. They watched seriously ill teenagers refused treatment and sent home to die. One consequence of sexual abuse for some people are eating disorders. Crisp’s colleagues were running a paedophile ring. Now which patients do readers think were refused treatment by the Global Leader? See previous posts for further information about Jacobson, Adrienne, Crisp et al.

By the way, it was the NHS who sent that girl who died into the care of The Priory, the NHS are commissioning The Priory to provide ‘services’. In the way that they allowed Arthur Crisp to provide ‘services’ until the old git retired and his side-kick Adrienne took over… Who learnt at the knee of Arthur and along with him was facilitating a paedophile ring…

Tom Burns was another psych at St George’s who was facilitating the ring in south London and Tom admitted to me that he believed what I was saying about Dafydd et al. Tom is not working at The Priory. Tom now has a Chair at Oxford University. As does Professor Mark Williams, who was formerly a member of Dafydd’s gang in north Wales.

The result of years of consigning things to the ‘too difficult’ box…


I also noticed that Ed has written some sort of report on how to solve the housing crisis. I hate to tell you this Ed, but if you’ve decided to make housing your forte, rather than the NHS in the wake of my blog posts about your Uncle Harry and his mates, you might have to rethink, because I’ve just taken delivery of Richard Crossman’s Diaries, the famous ones that dished so much dirt on those Labour politicians of your dad’s era that there were attempts from other Labour politicians to prevent their publication…

Meanwhile I’ll wait for a few of the many people who decided that they deserved to be PM but had to keeping putting things in the ‘too difficult’ box to answer a few of The Big Questions…



The Mrs Mills Experience

In my post ‘Bernard Levin And Jonathan Miller Talk Bollocks’ I discussed the TV series ‘After Dark’ which received much hype during the late 1980s and early 90s and constantly featured people who were concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including that part of it which was run by Dafydd and the gang. These people were invited on ‘After Dark’ because so many of the discussions were about people having a hard time. I discussed the episode of ‘After Dark’ on 9 March 1991 which really pushed the boat out by tackling the subject of Satanic Abuse. Among the collection of dipsticks appearing on that edition of ‘After Dark’ who had colluded with rather less exotic abuse was Jean Graham Hall, a posh lady who was described as a ‘judge’. My post ‘Bernard Levin And Jonathan Miller Talk Bollocks’ and  a comment that I left after that post gave further details of Jean Hall’s career.

Jean’s previous included campaigning on women’s rights; working as a probation officer; from 1965, sitting as a magistrate at Tower Bridge and then Bow Street Courts; sitting as a Deputy Judge at Quarter Sessions and from 1971, as a County Court Judge. Hall was the first woman to sit in criminal work with a jury. She was a member of Gray’s Inn, Secretary of the British Association of Residential Settlements, a member of the International Federation of Women Lawyers and Patron of the Multiple Births Committee.

Jean Graham Hall Chaired the Committee on Statutory Maintenance Limits, 1966-1968. It was Roy Jenkins, as Harold Wilson’s Home Secretary, 1965-67, who asked Jean Graham Hall to sit on that Committee. Woy spent his career not just concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring but positively facilitating it, as Home Secretary – Woy was Home Secretary twice – and in every other role that he held. See previous posts eg. ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’

On 2 May 1968 Hansard recorded that Mrs Lena Jegerasked the Secretary of State for the Home Department [at that time Jim Callaghan] what action he proposes to take to implement the recommendations of the Report of the Committee on Statutory Maintenance Limits’. Mr Oakes ‘asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what proposals he has to remove the statutory limits of maintenance of matrimonial orders and affiliation orders, as recommended in the Report of the Graham Hall Committee.’ Elystan Morgan replied with ‘The Government accept the main recommendation of the Committee that statutory limits on orders for maintenance of wives and children made by magistrates’ courts should be abolished, and intend that amendments to this end should be proposed to legislation now before Parliament. Other recommendations of the Committee require further study. The recommendations relating the Income Tax treatment of “small maintenance payments” are a matter for my right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer’.

The matter being discussed is of course maintenance payments for women and children after divorce. Because the plight of some women and children after divorce had been so dreadful, a lot of people during the 1960s built their reputations upon their contribution to improving the lot of divorced women. Lord Denning is the most famous example; the one thing that everyone knew about Lord Denning was that he did so much for divorced women. In many ways he did; but the thing that my generation remember Lord Denning for is, after doing his bit for divorced women, he turned down the appeal of the Birmingham Six, not because he believed that they were guilty, but because if their convictions were overturned, it would mean accepting the ‘appalling vista’ that numerous police officers, prison officers, forensic scientists, lawyers and Top Doctors had lied and lied and conspired to frame six innocent men. Which of course they had. Denning turned down the appeal of the Birmingham Six who languished in prison for many more years before it was finally admitted that they were entirely innocent.

See previous posts for further details of Lord Denning’s excesses and the case of the Birmingham Six.

It was Michael Mansfield QC who represented five of the Birmingham Six at their second successful appeal in 1991. The Mansfield Community knew that the Birmingham Six had been stitched up by exactly the same people who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s partners in crime. It is laudable that the Mansfield Community fought so hard for the Birmingham Six, but they refused to help the other victims of the bunch of corrupt professional people who wrecked the lives of the Birmingham Six: the kids in care and psych patients who were being abused and trafficked by them…

The Birmingham Six had a terrible time. Witnesses to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s gang were murdered. While St Helena built her reputation on being a Wimmin’s Champ.

Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws


The Mansfield Community were/are not the only bunch of prize opportunistic hypocrites. My post ‘Bernard Levin And Jonathan Miller Talk Bollocks’ discussed Sir Jocelyn Simon, the mad old bugger who ended up as a Law Lord on the basis of concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the criminality of Dafydd et al, who also was most concerned for the welfare of divorced women and children. Jean Graham Hall herself spent a lifetime doing Dafydd et al favours, while Helping Women and Children.

Furthermore, the Help for the divorced women wasn’t as extensive as was claimed. Some divorced women did benefit, but like so much legislation Which Helped, years after the pioneering efforts of Jean Graham Hall and Lord Denning et al, there were still women who even after escaping violent marriages and being awarded fair maintenance payments, were still in dire straits because their ex-husbands just didn’t stump up the maintenance. If the ex-husband was a grade A scumbag, Jean Graham Hall et al were going to need to do rather more than they did to help the former wife…

When I was a teenager I had a female relative who constantly shrieked at me that women should get married because if they merely lived with the bloke, the man could leave them and the kids ‘and not pay a penny’. Brown asked her why she thought that there was so many divorced women who were living in poverty because their ex-husbands hadn’t paid the maintenance as ordered by the courts…

I am now 56 years old and every time that Dafydd’s gang wrecked my life, it was Brown who handed over the dosh to get me on my feet again. Thanks Brown! I never had to take you to court once and I never would have done so anyway. Ooh I was a shocker and Brown was ten times worse…

An Oppressed Wimmin’s Champ: 


Baroness Helena Kennedy QC:
Helena Kennedy, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws


Let’s have a closer look at Lena Jeger who in 1968 was showing her commitment to wimmin and children.

  • Lena May Jeger, Baroness Jeger (née Chivers; 19 November 1915-26 February 2007) was the Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras, 1953-59, succeeding in the seat from er her husband. Whom she had not divorced, he had died. Lena served as the Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras again, 1964-79. In 1979 Lena the wimmin’s champ was given a peerage: the year that Mary Wynch was illegally incarcerated in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and in which Jeremy Thrope stood trial for incitement and conspiracy to kill Norman Scott.
  • Lena was born Lena May Chivers in Yorkley, Gloucestershire. Her father was a postman. Lena was educated at Southgate County School in north London, and went on to Birkbeck College. Readers who are fully awake will remember my post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’ about Eric Hobsbawm, President of Birkbeck from 2002 until his death in 2012, who spent most of his academic career at Birkbeck and was well-networked with many paedophiles’ friends who made use of the services of Dafydd and the gang.

Eric’s daughter Julia Hobsbawm was a school friend of Sarah Macaulay and they established Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, a PR company which handled a great deal of work for the Labour Party and trade unions. Sarah Macaulay became Sarah Brown some years later and in 2007 found herself the wife of the PM.

When Lena was doing her bit for Wimmin in 1968, the Captain and his crew were swinging.

  • Lena served as Vice-President of the NUS.
  • Lena joined the Civil Service in 1936, initially in HM Customs & Excise. During WW II she worked at the Ministry of Information and the Foreign Office. A fluent Russian speaker, Lena edited the British Ally, a newspaper published by the British Gov’t in the Soviet Union.She also worked at the British Embassy in Moscow. In 1948 she married Dr Santo Jeger, a GP who had been the Labour MP for St Pancras South East since the 1945 General Election.


  • Here’s Lena, the Doctor’s Wife who, like Uncle Harry, Supported Nye’s NHS:

Charles Frith - Punk Planning: The British Establishment ...

  • George Blake
  • Lena left the ‘Civil Service’ in 1949 and worked for ‘The Manchester Guardian’, 1951–55.
  • Nye Calling, Nye Calling…


  • Lena had narrowly lost her Parliamentary seat in 1959 to the Tory Geoffrey Johnson-Smith. Geoffrey Johnson-Smith was yet another person who did Dafydd and the gang a massive favour. Geoffrey Johnson-Smith was involved in the legal action against the Church of Scientology in 1970, which the Church of Scientology lost and caused their reputation much damage. No matter how crazy the Church of Scientology was and is, the circumstances of the litigation was worrying. The Church of Scientology were maintaining that psychiatrists were involved in criminality, child abuse and carrying out damaging experiments on patients. This was all true and it wasn’t just Dafydd doing it. There was massive abuse happening and the Top Docs were sticking together like glue to ensure that no-one was held to account. Sir Kenneth Robinson, Harold Wilson’s Health Minister, 1964-68, who was a friend of Dafydd’s and the President of the National Association for Mental Health (MIND) during the 1960s when Dafydd was a leading light in MIND, teamed up with Geoffrey Johnson-Smith in the litigation against MIND, although Robinson and Johnson-Smith were political opponents. Ronnie Waterhouse was involved in the case – he did not act for the Church of Scientology – and the barrister who acted for the Church disappeared at some point after the trial and was never seen again.
  • Every account that I have read of the case involving the Church of Scientology and Robinson/Johnson-Smith suggests that the trial was rigged. The Presiding judge was yet another crook who had colluded with Dafydd and the gang for years. The effect of the trial was to ensure that no-one ever dared make the allegation that psychiatrists were involved in child abuse and crime again.

Sir Geoffrey Johnson-Smith (16 April 1924 in Glasgow – 11 August 2010) served as an MP, 1959-2001, with only a brief interruption in the 1960s. He was also a TV presenter. The barney between the Church of Scientology and Dafydd and his colleagues was sparked off by ‘a question’ that Johnson-Smith just happened to have asked, all casual like, on TV. How Very Dare Yours and Fireworks followed and it all ended up in Court.

Johnson-Smith went to Charterhouse School and then joined the Royal Artillery. He studied at Lincoln College, Oxford and in his final year he joined Robin Day in a debating tour of the US, run by the English-Speaking Union. Robin Day and Ronnie Waterhouse were lifelong very close friends from their student days.

After Oxford, Johnson-Smith joined the British Information Services, serving in San Francisco where he met his wife, Jeanne, an American Top Doctor, whom he married in 1951.

Johnson-Smith was a presenter of the BBC magazine programme ‘Tonight’ in the late 1950s. Shortly before the 1959 General Election, Cliff Michelmore, Tonight’s presenter, had a hernia operation and Johnson-Smith was promoted to co-host the show for six weeks. His profile was thus at its highest when the election was called and it was in these circumstances that on 8 October 1959 he ousted the Lena as the Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras South by 656 votes.

In the Commons, Johnson-Smith was rapidly promoted to the position of PPS to Ministers at the Board of Trade; in 1962 he moved to the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance. Johnson-Smith’s parliamentary career was interrupted in October 1964 when Lena won her former seat back again.

Johnson-Smith briefly returned to TV, freelancing for the BBC and Rediffusion’s religious programmes. However, he returned to the Commons the following year at a by-election in the safe Tory seat of East Grinstead in East Sussex. When that constituency was abolished for the 1983 General Election,  Geoffrey was returned for the new Wealdon constituency in East Sussex and held that seat until he retired at the 2001 General Election.

Sussex was part of Dafydd and John Allen’s crime empire. Kids in care from north Wales were trafficked to brothels in London and Brighton. Sussex was crawling with accomplices of Dafydd’s, as long ago as the  early 1960s.

Alec Douglas-Home quickly appointed Johnson-Smith an Opposition Whip, and when Ted Heath became leader in the summer of 1965, he made Johnson-Smith a party Vice-Chairman. When Heath came to power in 1970 he kept Johnson-Smith at Central Office. Soon afterwards Iain Macleod died suddenly, the Party Chairman Anthony Barber took his place and Johnson-Smith became acting Chairman. Johnson-Smith was never in the running for ‘the top job, despite his popularity among Conservative ladies and in April 1971 he became Under-Secretary for Defence for the Army.

Johnson-Smith later gained credit by launching a ‘successful campaign on behalf of haemophiliacs who had been given infected blood’. I’d like to know when his campaign met with success because those people were knowingly given infected blood by the NHS and the matter has still not been settled. Thousands of people have already died. Johnson-Smith’s wiki entry states that he ‘fought a long battle to curb the Church of Scientology. The Church had its headquarters near East Grinstead and in 1970 he endured a six-week libel case before a jury vindicated his stance’. Another view is that the Church found out about the extent of the wrongdoing of Dafydd and his network which is why they infiltrated MIND. Robinson and Dafydd realised that the game was going to be up for an awful lot of people who, particularly in that era, the general public would never have associated with the gang rape of children, so a plot was hatched with some buddies of Dafydd’s to lead the Church into litigation, knowing damn well that a pal of Dafydd et al was going to be Presiding over the trial. The Scientologists were hammered and after their lawyer disappeared off the face of the earth, rather than request an investigation, Ronnie Waterhouse and his mates spread a completely unsubstantiated rumour that the lawyer had scarpered after embezzling money. It is rather more likely that he had been murdered. See previous posts for further details.

After Bloody Sunday in January 1972, Johnson-Smith mounted an uncompromising defence of the Parachute Regiment: “It is bad enough for our troops to have to run all the perils and be shot at by gunmen without having their pain increased by smears in this House.”

In November 1972 Heath moved Johnson-Smith sideways to the Civil Service Department, with the remit of sharpening presentation of Gov’t policy. His time there was dominated by the Kenneth Littlejohn affair, which halted Johnson-Smith’s rise through Gov’t.

In August 1973, Kenneth Littlejohn – an ex-paratrooper who had been discharged for theft and jailed for robbery – and his brother Keith were sentenced in Dublin for their roles in a £67,000 bank hold-up. They claimed that the robbery was part of a British intelligence operation in the course of which they had infiltrated the IRA. The Littlejohns produced a letter from the Ministry of Defence confirming that Johnson-Smith had, in 1971, met Kenneth Littlejohn, then using the name of Austen, to receive information – later found to be bogus – about the IRA’s sources of arms. The Minister had reported what he was told to the “relevant authority”. The Littlejohns claimed that following the meeting – which took place while Kenneth Littlejohn was on the run from the West Midlands police – they were recruited as spies.

The MoD stressed that the meeting had been arranged by the Defence Secretary, Lord Carrington and that Johnson Smith had behaved with complete propriety. But the revelations were an embarrassment to Heath’s Gov’t . Labour pressed hard for an inquiry, but Carrington resisted. When the Conservatives lost power in 1974, Johnson-Smith left the front bench, never to return. His ‘integrity was not in doubt’ – he was immediately appointed to the Select Committee which set up the Register of Members’ Interests – but a ‘small cloud’ was left hanging over his judgement.

MI5: What you do next time in your attempt to trap a mad old doctor involved with serious organised crime who has the backing of sex offenders in Parliament is this. You establish a religious body that does exactly what the Church of Scientology did in terms of finding out the extent of Dafydd’s criminality and then infiltrating MIND, but next time you ensure that it is an entirely rational Church, not one that is bonkers. The plan will then work. You also need to prepare for an almighty wailing and gnashing of teeth from ALL Top Docs, co-ordinated by the BMA. You don’t give into them. No matter how loud the thcweaming and no matter how often they are thick, you let them continue. It won’t matter if they strike, because you can organise a skeleton workforce of good doctors who are fucking sick of this lot to run the services which really are life-saving and essential and there aren’t many such services. It will do no-one any harm at all if the legions of abusive fuckwits stop their Screening and the Mental Health Support etc because none of it is clinically effective anyway and a lot of it is actively harmful.

P.S. You should have done this a very, very long time ago. The nation really has been taken for a ride in every way. Stopping Geoffrey Johnson-Smith from becoming PM wasn’t enough.

The Kenneth Littlejohn affair was still rumbling on when Heath called a snap election in Feb 1974. Johnson-Smith fought a skilful media campaign, but could not prevent Heath losing.

When Thatch became Leader of the Tory Party, she asked Johnson-Smith to oversee media activities at Central Office alongside a ‘fellow TV professional’, Gordon Reece. Reece is the man credited with performing the Thatch makeover/transformation. Reece will have known that close friends of hers were paedophiles, but he concerned himself with far more important matters such as her hairstyle and trying to make her voice less off-putting than it was.

After Thatch’s 1979 victory – Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned in the North Wales Hospital at the time – Johnson-Smith  joined the 1922 Executive Committee and Chaired the Party’s backbench Media Committee. From 1980 to 1996 Johnson-Smith Chaired the Select Committee on Member’s Interests, having to field embarrassing questions about the business activities of Mark Thatcher.

Johnson-Smith specialised increasingly in defence. From 1985 he Chaired the military committee of the North Atlantic Assembly and from 1987 to 1997 he led the British delegation. For six years Johnson-Smith Chaired the Conservative backbench Defence Committee.

Johnson-Smith was knighted in 1982 as the political establishment hastily rearranged the furniture in an attempt to reassure everyone post-Mary Wynch that It Couldn’t Happen Again. It was in 1982 that the north Wales gang first spotted me as a potential target and began trailing me. Johnson-Smith was sworn of the Privy Council in 1996, the year that William Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry, although that Inquiry had been organised by 1995, because Ronnie Waterhouse altered his plans in a highly convenient way…

1996 was the year in which Dafydd and the gang desperately laid plans to fit Patient F and me up for a criminal offence which involved their usual methods – perjury, forgery etc – but the added extra was that I was to be incarcerated in a high security hospital instead of being imprisoned, because people eventually come out of prison…

Geoffrey Johnson-Smith died in 2010. He remained alive and kicking to help Dafydd et al out of many a corner.


  • Lena Jeger regained her seat in the 1964 General Election, when it was renamed Camden, Holborn and St Pancras South in 1974. In 1979, when Lena was off to the Lords, Dobbo retained the seat for Labour. Dobbo of course was appointed Secretary of State for Health when Miranda became PM in 1997, but Dobbo was too thick to conceal all the crap which had built up under the likes of Dr and Mrs Jeger, Uncle Harry et al, so Miranda was obliged to give Dobbo his marching orders as Health Secretary in Oct 1999 and replaced him with Alan Milburn. Milburn was someone who spent his entire life in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, where the gang linked to Dafydd’s gang and which supplied Dafydd with children and staff had operated for decades. Alan Milburn’s wife is a Top Doc, a psychiatrist, which Miranda would have seen as an added plus. See previous posts. For details of Dobbo’s deceit, favours for Dafydd et al and general hopelessness, see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’.


  • We’re in familiar territory: that of the long-standing trafficking ring in Camden which was in partnership with Dafydd et al by the 1970s, while Dobbo, then a Camden Councillor, colluded with it, as did all the other Camden Councillors, many of whom became big names in New Labour eg. Tessa Jowell, David Mills, John Mills (see previous posts) and of course Dame Babs Mills, who doubled up as the corrupt DPP, 1992-98, who, as well as helping Dafydd et al in every way possible, ensured that the sordid business which surrounded the framing of the Birmingham Six and the failure of anyone in Gov’t to admit this until they’d lost decades of their lives and one of them had died, was to remain Secret for so many years that even the children of the framed men will definitely be dead before anyone can access any of the documentation. See post ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party?’
  • The cosy relationship between Dafydd’s gang and the residents of Camden went back much further than Dobbo and pals. Previous posts eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’ described how numerous members of the Bloomsbury Set based in the Camden area were regular visitors to and even had second homes at Croesor, in what is now Gwynedd, throughout the middle decades of the 20th century. This was a result of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a landowner who lived at nearby Llanfrothen, marrying Amabel Strachey, a member of the family at the heart of the Bloomsbury Set. Eric Hobsbawm had a second home at Croesor while his main residence was in Hampstead. Harold Wilson lived in Hampstead, as did Michael Foot and scores of the Top Docs and analysts that were concealing organised abuse…
  • Lena Jeger served on the Labour Party’s NEC, 1968-1980 and was Chair of the Labour Party, Oct 1979-Oct 1980. 1979: Mary Wynch and Jeremy Thorpe… And a peerage for Lena of course.
  • Lena knew all those other Wimmin’s Champs in the Labour Party – some of whom sat on the NEC – who ignored the fact that the Top Docs of north Wales had conspired to deny all women in the region access to NHS abortions, years after the Abortion Act 1967 had been passed, referring women instead to private abortionists in Chester, at least one of whom was so dangerous that they were known to be risking women’s lives. Women who dared request an NHS abortion were sent to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh to be ‘assessed’ by Dafydd, after which they would be refused an abortion anyway. However they didn’t leave Denbigh with their babies and I am waiting for all these Caring Top Docs and Wimmin’s Champs to tell me where those babies went. See previous posts eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’.
  • Lena was created a life peer as Baroness Jeger, of St Pancras in Greater London, on 11 July 1979. Jeremy Thrope had been cleared of all charges against him on 22 June 1979.
The Baroness Jeger

Harold Wilson, who formed a minority Labour government in the wake of the failed Heath-Thorpe coalition talks in March 1974.

Harold was good friends with George Thomas, the south Wales Labour MP who was in the Commons, 1945-83 and then sat in the Lords until his death in 1997. George Thomas was widely known to be sexually assaulting boys. Parliament and the Top Docs were instrumental in concealing this.

The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff, PM of the UK, April 1976-May 1979
James Callaghan.JPG
  • Jeremy Thorpe leaving the House of Commons after his election - Stock Image
  • Jeremy Thorpe MP and wife Marion Thorpe portrait 1979 Devon 1970s UK HOMER SYKES - Stock Image
     Jeremy Thrope and wife Miriam: portrait 1979.

Throughout Mr Thrope’s long and unnecessary ordeal, we were of course reminded that Miriam was formerly married to Lilibet’s cousin, the Earl of Harewood. See previous posts.

  • May 05, 1979 - Jeremy Thorpe arrives at the Old Bailey: Arriving at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) for - Stock Image
  • Jeremy Thorpe giving a speech in Newbury during the campaign for the 1974 General Election. - Stock Image
  • Jeremy Thorpe with Jimi Hendrix after concert by The Jimi Hendrix Experience at Royal Festival Hall guitar tuxcedo - Stock Image
     Patient F had many interesting things to say about Hendrix. See eg. posts ‘Killing Floor – I Know Cos I Was There’ and ‘An Appalling Vista’. By the 1990s, the Hergest Unit staff were dismissing it all as the rantings of a madman. But Dafydd supplied kids and drugs to Hendrix’s circle and Dafydd was the man who in the mid-1980s completely destroyed F’s life and his credibility, after F was framed for drugs offences and then for arson…

Ronnie Waterhouse found no evidence of a VIP paedophile ring in operation in north Wales/Cheshire. The surviving witnesses were sitting in the Hergest Unit, barely aware that Ronnie was holding his exhaustive inquiry into the matter…

  • Jeremy Thorpe and Liberal Part Promotional Matchbook - Stock Image
  • Jimi Hendrix The Jimi Hendrix Experience with Jeremy Thorpe leader of the Liberal Party back stage at the Royal - Stock Image
  • 1968 - A study of Mr. Jeremy Thorpe © Keystone Pictures USA/ Live News - Stock Image
  • Our Cyril Smith story came out in 1979. What followed was ...

I saw up close how an establishment closed ranks over the ...

George Thomas, Commons Speaker.png
  • In the Lords, Lady Lena served as Opposition spokesman on Health and then on Social Security. Of course she did, within a few months of Lena getting through the doors, Mary Wynch had started legal action against Dafydd and the gang.
  • Paedophiles in distress, paedophiles in distress…
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Lena was the first peer to take the Chair at the Labour Party conference, at Blackpool in September 1980.Ambulance | - Images Galleries With A Bite!

  • Ambulance - Wikipedia
The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff
James Callaghan.JPG


Lady Lena continued to write occasional pieces for The Guardian between 1964 and 2003, particularly obituaries.


Dobbo said of Lady Lena’s career, “She pursued causes which may have become fashionable now, but were highly controversial when she espoused them.” No Dobbo, there was nothing controversial about climbing onto the Wimmin and Children bandwagon when everyone, including Lord Denning, was doing it. What would have been controversial, had the general public known about it, was Lady Lena Fighting For Wimmin and Children while concealing a paedophile gang procuring children for Gov’t Ministers and others…

Jeger was on record as believing that MPs should “give a lead to public opinion and not always follow it.” In other words they had sex with children while huffing and puffing about the evils of child abuse and keeping quiet when witnesses were framed and imprisoned or murdered.

Lena Jeger suffered from poor health in her last years. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. She was treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital for cancer and died, aged 91, on 26 February 2007. She had no children. Jeger lived to a grand old age, not because of the Royal Marsden, which in the late 1980s/early 1990s had been part of a massive cancer research fraud (see previous posts), but because of her socio-economic status and her never being treated by Dafydd. If Lena had have had children, they will not have ended up in a children’s home in north Wales. That was for Poor People whom Nye and Uncle Harry Helped.


Lena, being the People’s Baroness, was the subject of touching obituaries when she pegged out. Here are highlights from the tribute, penned by Dobbo, which appeared in the ‘Camden New Journal’, entitled ‘Lena Jeger, MP who turned poetry of ideals into practice’:

LENA Jeger, my predecessor as MP for Holborn and St Pancras South, was one of the most influential politicians never to serve as a minister and more influential than most who have. Brave and decent


in both her politics and her private life, she took up causes which are now accepted by almost everyone. 

Once those causes had popular support…

The thing about Lena is that she took up these causes when they were unpopular,

No she didn’t Dobbo

when their advocates were mocked and derided. With unflinching commitment, she joined with others to give a lead to public opinion and make popular the abolition of capital punishment, the legalisation of abortion,

DOBBO!! You’ve forgotten about north Wales…

equal rights and equal pay for women,

Have you seen how a lot of women who aren’t Baronesses are treated and what they earn Dobbo?

the ending of apartheid, providing decent homes for all,

You can tell that Dobbo was a member of Miranda’s Gov’t. The railway station in Lena’s/Dobbo’s own constituency was notorious for homeless people kipping in there and teenagers who had run away from ‘care’ selling sex. I’ve seen more than a few Empowered Service Users in there as well.

anti-racism and the independence of Cyprus as well as warning of the dangers of smoking. 

Smoking is not a good idea Dobbo, but nearly all Empowered Service Users do it because there are sectioned for months on end with literally nothing to do but smoke. So smoking was banned on their wards. There was nothing to replace it and the incidence of self-harm went through the roof. Please someone, section Dobbo for six months, in a ward with no garden, where he is never allowed out even for a breath of fresh air, load him up with anti-psychotics and take his fags away from him. At least we’ll hear no more from him when he’s released, his life will have been destroyed and the rest of us will get a bit of a break.

She did all this with a never-ending supply of human warmth and earthy humour.

Oh dear God…

The people of our area elected Lena Jeger as their representative for almost 30 years, starting as a St Pancras councillor from 1945 to 1959 and as a member of the London County Council from 1951 to 1954. She served as our MP from 1953 to 1979 except when she was briefly and narrowly ousted in 1959

The rich people of Dobbo’s area at the time were sexually exploiting and abusing the poor people of Dobbo’s area, so they’d have been delighted to have Lena as their representative. The poor people will have been in such a bad way that many of them won’t have made it down to the polling station to vote and there will have been many others who had no idea that their People-Loving Lady MP was right behind the folk making their lives so difficult. If I didn’t realise the extent of the collusion until I researched for this blog, the people of Dobbo’s area definitely won’t have known. Everyone works very hard to ensure that they are kept completely in the dark.

by a Tory, not for any fault on her part, but because the local Labour Party was in chaos. 

However did that happen? As Lena was the constituency MP, was it perhaps something to do with her?

A member of Labour’s National Executive in 1960/1961 and then from 1968 to 1981, she was chair of the Party in 1980 making a brilliant job of chairing the Annual Conference in that difficult year. 

A VERY difficult year: Mr Thrope and his wife Miriam had left crap all over the political establishment, Mary Wynch was obviously going to sue Dafydd and the gang and Sunny Jim had not yet buggered off to make way for a new Labour leader, although everyone was sick of the bastard and had voted for Thatch. Footie was installed as the Leader of the Labour Party once Lena had stepped down as Chairman of the Party. Footie and his extended family of lawyers and politicians – who for years ruled the city of Plymouth – colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see post ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’) and Footie himself when younger was suspected of being involved in sexploitation/abuse himself. He certainly knew about Dafydd and worked very hard to ensure that Dafydd continued his life of crime. See post ‘Oh, No! It’s The Pathetic Sharks’.

After retiring from the Commons in 1979, Lena became Baroness Jeger of St Pancras and served as an active member of the House of Lords

By 1979, David Williams, an Angel who trained at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh in the mid-20th century, held office in the upper echelons of the NHS union COHSE. Williams was General Secretary of COHSE, 1983-87. Williams began working for COHSE full-time as a regional officer in 1955. In Yorkshire, the site of Savile’s gang which linked up with Dafydd’s gang. In 1962 Williams joined COHSE Head Office as National Officer, then became Senior National Officer and was then appointed Assistant General Secretary. In 1983 he became General Secretary…

David Williams Chaired the Whitley Council in 1977. The Whitley Council decided upon pay levels for staff in the NHS and it was truly loathed. It was the Whitley Council which was responsible for keeping pay in the NHS so low – nurses managed to escape the clutches of the Whitley Council eventually which was why their pay became so much better in the late 1980s compared to the pay of other NHS staff who were not doctors. It was the excesses of the Whitley Council which led to the empty laboratories in NHS hospitals in the 80s and 90s. Fancied being a histopathologist in the NHS? Well you’ll have needed postgrad qualifications but the dear old Whitley Council dictated that you would be paid £6k pa.

David Williams was active in the Labour Party and served on the Labour Party’s NEC 1981-83. In 1983 he was elected to the General Council of the TUC. After he retired as General Secretary of COHSE in 1987 Williams became an occasional advisor to WHO (World Health Organisation).

A COHSE website mentioned that David Williams was ‘still campaigning for the NHS in 2016’. There is a photo online of Williams with Nye Bevan taken in 1953. So this thug who worked with some of the most abusive criminals in the UK dedicated his life to the NHS.

When Jeremy Thorpe was busy with underage partners and rent boys in the 1950s and 60s, David Lloyd George’s family were still massively influential both in the Liberal Party and in north Wales. Jeremy Thorpe’s family were very friendly with the Lloyd Georges and the children of the two families played together. Ronnie Waterhouse came from an influential Liberal family in north Wales; his father was a Liberal MP and a friend of Lloyd George.

until this was curtailed by [Lena’s] failing health in recent years.

Even the Top Docs couldn’t do anything after all those years of faithful service…

The daughter of a postman in the Forest of Dean, Lena did a degree in English and French at Birkbeck College. She joined the civil service. During the Second World War, she served in the Ministry of Information and later in Moscow as deputy editor of a British propaganda newspaper the British Ally. 

It’s called working for the security services Dobbo and Lena continued to do it until she died. The security services were the source of much assistance to Dafydd et al and the propaganda continues until the present day. Read ‘The Guardian’ and you’ll soon see what I mean.

She had an outstanding way with words both as a speaker and a writer,

Dafydd once told me that I had a ‘way with words’ and for years Patient F used to repeat this comment in the wake of me getting the better of someone in an argument. Dafydd was a very dangerous man, but he has no idea of the entertainment that he provided for so long to so many.

going on to write for the Manchester Guardian and becoming a distinguished columnist for the Guardian as it later became. 

Along with Polly Toynbee of the SDP.

Once when Harold Wilson, referring to Marx, said that the problems of modern Britain weren’t to be resolved by the theories of someone lying dead in Highgate Cemetery, in her next column, drawing on local knowledge, Lena’s riposte was that they certainly were as Michael Faraday was buried there and we wouldn’t get very far without electricity.

Michael Faraday didn’t have his ideas taken up and misapplied by a gaggle of over-privileged fuckwits. The satirist Willie Rushton used to appear on ‘Celebrity Squares’ and make political jokes about Thatch and the Tories that went over the heads of the audience and one day he repeated the old Arthur Askey quip ‘Have you read Marx? Yes, my knickers are too tight’ and the audience was silent because they didn’t know who Marx was. So Bob Monkhouse helpfully led them in the forced laughter. I might dress up as a cleaning lady and gatecrash a meeting of the Hampstead Labour Party with Tulip Siddiq in attendance and make Arthur Askeyish comments about Marx and Engels. Then when Tulip gets snotty I’ll start quoting from Bourdieu – I’ll practice it in Welsh as well beforehand – and watch Tulip’s reaction.

In 1948, Lena married the MP for South East St Pancras, Dr Santo Jeger who, following boundary changes, became MP for Holborn and St Pancras South in 1950. Dr Jeger was a passionate advocate of a National Health Service and the need for public health measures, including school milk and decent housing conditions.

Of course he was. While he ensured that the organised abuse of kids and vulnerable people continued apace and that senior Top Docs were very well-paid and continued to dictate their own terms and conditions to Gov’t.

Lena chaired the St Pancras Borough Housing Committee.

Anyone for taking a long hard look at the state of housing in St Pancras after Lena had worked her magic?

When Santo Jeger died in September 1953, Lena was narrowly selected as Labour’s candidate for the by-election which she duly won on her 38th birthday. She used to regale us with stories of that by-election. Canvassing a woman in a flat in a block in Camden Town, she launched into the great left-wing issue of the day – German re-armament and the threat that it posed to international peace and security. When she paused for breadth, the constituent asked “Did you come up in the lift?” “Yes dear”, said Lena. “Stinks of piss doesn’t it?” said the woman. “Yes dear,” said Lena. “Can’t you stop ’em pissing in the lift?” asked the woman. “I don’t think I can,” said Lena. “Well,” said the woman, “if you can’t stop them pissing in our lift, how can you expect me to believe you can stop the German’s re-arming?”

That is a salient point and only smug bastards like Lena and Dobbo could have used it to laugh at the folly of constituents. Lena couldn’t stop people pissing in the lift, she didn’t stop a people trafficking ring and I very much doubt that she had anything to do with the German’s re-arming or not.

On another evening, she was canvassing on the edge of Soho with Frank Pakenham, later Lord Longford.

Frank Packenham used his Commitment To Prison Visiting to find out exactly who was witness to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and ensure that they remained silent or unheard. His huge extended family – which included Harriet Harman – assisted him in these efforts. See post ‘Comedies Of Menace’.

Most of the flats in the run-down Georgian terrace were occupied by prostitutes. The great man, innocent as ever, had no idea what was going on.

Longford knew exactly what was going on and he probably knew the names of their customers.

They struggled up to the garret flat and as they were canvassing her, its occupant spotted a professional colleague and client coming up the stairs.
She enquired: “How are you doing tonight Meg?” to which Meg replied: “He’s the seventh tonight so I am doing pretty well but these stairs are killing my feet.” Pakenham looked puzzled when Lena laughed her head off – just as she did when re-telling the story.

The Georgian terrace was ‘run down’, so those prostitutes were not making a very good living. They will not have been high-class call girls with control over their own situations. They had probably been driven into prostitution and poverty in the first place by Those Who Helped and Lena didn’t give a bugger about them. Her priority was to protect the people who benefited from the situation of those prostitutes…

Before her maiden speech just over 52 years ago Lena was advised to devote it to ‘women’s issues’. In the event, she talked about the threat of nuclear war, of what it would mean to her constituents and pointed out afterwards to her critics that peace and war, life and death were just as much women’s issues as they were men’s.

Indeed they are, but Lena was not going to stop a nuclear war… As her constituent who made the observation re the lift being used as a urinal knew.

Lena was starting off as she meant to go on, undeterred by the establishment, the rich and powerful, speaking up for people in need and, most of all, for women.

Except for the ones who had to use the lift which was sodden in urine or those forced into prostitution and living in poverty.

She believed that politicians and Parliament often had to give a lead to public opinion and not always follow it.

Lena was a fine example of that philosophy.

So it was that, in a substantially Roman Catholic constituency, she campaigned for abortion rights for women and was proud to be one of the sponsors of the 1967 Abortion Act.

And remained completely silent when every Top Doc in north Wales flagrantly breached the law with regard to that Act until approx 1990.

Having advocated independence for Cyprus, she didn’t start backing off from that cause when British troops were facing EOKA (the Cypriot freedom movement which wanted union with Greece) and her friend Archbishop Makarios was exiled to the Seyshelles.

Hanging out with Archbishop Makarios was the thing to do if one was a troughing hypocrite of the Labour Party of that era. The man who probably did more than anyone to enable Thatch to destroy the trade union movement when she was elected, Clive Jenkins, impressed people by popping over to Cyprus to have lunch with Archbishop Makarios. Clive Jenkins was the Chelsea dwelling champagne swilling leader of the ATMS who was the ultimate example of the arrogant, power hungry union baron of the 1970s. Jenkins was absolutely loathed by the Tories but they failed to identify why Jenkins had become so powerful. It wasn’t because he was a miner holding the country to ransom. Jenkins led the union which represented the scientific and professional staff of the NHS. They had inside info about the crimes of the Top Docs and being professional people they knew how serious the wrongdoing was and how to use their knowledge. Jenkins came from south Wales as well and knew about George Thomas, Dafydd et al… No wonder he remained in the face of so many wanting to see the back of him. If ever anyone marvelled at how an idiot like the Windbag ever became leader of the Labour Party, let me just remind you that it was Clive Jenkins who fixed that for the Windbag and the Windbag’s mum was an Angel working in south Wales. See post ‘I Warn You…’

She contributed a large section to the 1962 Penguin book ‘Common Sense About Smoking’ at a time when the liars employed by the tobacco industry were still denying any connection between smoking and ill health.

The tobacco industry did employ liars, but Sir Richard Doll, the epidemiologist who demonstrated the link between tobacco smoking and lung cancer, lied in other areas of his research, worked with other Top Docs whom he knew to be lying and was involved in a pack of lies published by some members and associates of Dafydd’s gang in Dec 1990, when the gang were once more trying to construct themselves as world-leading Top Docs in an attempt to detract from demands for their crimes to be investigated. It blew up in their faces when the gang publicised their nonsensical ‘research’ in the media, yet no-one ever asked Richard Doll to explain his involvement in it. See previous posts eg. ‘They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now’ and ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Man Kids Did You Kill Today?’.

Her friend Barbara Castle

Castle was as ruthless a liar as they come and she played a leading role in concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Dafydd’s gang and the deaths of numerous disabled children in state care. Battling Babs who hated private medicine used private medicine herself when she tried to become pregnant but couldn’t.

always emphasised the part Lena played in the campaign for women’s rights and equal pay when reactionaries did nothing but mock the whole idea – in other words when it was “politically correct” to be against equal rights, not just for women but also for anyone who wasn’t white or wealthy.

Look at which women have benefited from the campaign to support women’s rights and equal pay Dobbo. It is middle class professional women. They have done very, very well out of it. Including professional women who are not white. Do you think that the thousands of women working in low paid jobs on zero hours contracts have benefited from the campaigns for women rights and equal pay? They and very often the men working alongside them earn so little that they have to claim benefits to make ends meet.

Even if you analyse the data for university educated women – more women now go to university than men – the women who are from the more disadvantaged backgrounds who complete degrees at former polytechnics earn far less than the women from professional high income families who complete degrees at Oxbridge or Russell Group institutions.

The issue is more one of class than gender Dobbo. Posh women have better lives than disadvantaged men. Posh black women have better lives than poor white men.

Furthermore, I was a kid who was schooled in a disadvantaged area who against high odds got to university and began a career in medical research, where very few people came from schools like mine. My career was wrecked because I blew the whistle on the criminal gang that you and Lena used to get yourselves into Parliament. The media careers of two of my closest friends – from middle class families but not moneyed families, so they didn’t go to ‘good’ schools either –  were wrecked by Jack McConnell and his pals because they supported me.

You are not just ignorant and innumerate Dobbo, you are a liar and a hypocrite.

Frank Dobson: ‘Sir Keir Starmer will be a fine minister in ...

I feel proud and fortunate to have succeeded such a worthwhile predecessor and I felt flattered when, although we were never particularly close, she tipped me off some time before it was made public that she intended to step down.

They needed a useful idiot to follow the act that was Lena…

Lena is an example to all elected representatives and, most particularly, Labour ones. The peroration of her speech which opened the 1980 Labour Conference is worth repeating.
She said “We have to take the poetry of our ideals and translate it into the prose and practicalities of everyday life.

My post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’ discusses many of the Sensitive Poets who colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Harold Wilson’s wife Mary and Dr Dannie Abse, brother of south Wales Labour MP Leo Abse…

“We have to combine our personal attitudes with a collective effort towards the achievement of freedom and world peace.

Not so much pissing in the lift as pissing in the wind…

Do not let us forget that this is the context of our work this week and now – let the work begin.”

Work?? At a Labour Party Conference?? They pompous away on the platform like there’s no tomorrow, get pissed and make a spectacle of themselves dad-dancing.

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Dobbo summed up his tribute to Lena in the ‘Camden New Journal’ with the words ‘Good advice for Labour on how to conduct the forthcoming elections for Leader and Deputy Leader’.

The forthcoming elections to which Dobbo referred resulted in Gordon becoming Leader/PM and Harriet becoming Deputy Leader. It wasn’t going to end happily was it.


‘The Guardian’, of course also waxed lyrical about their former member of staff when Lena pegged out. Here are a few gems from the obituary, which were penned by Lena’s mate Battling Barbara Castle:

‘…appearances were deceptive. She was short and chubby with an easy laugh, and her sense of humour made her congenial company for her left-wing friends. But her pleasant manner hid a shrewd mind and strong political beliefs…was associated all her political life with…a stimulating London borough comprising the literati of Bloomsbury at one end and the tenants of the large blocks of working-class flats at the other. The lively, not to say stormy, meetings of the local Labour party were a good training ground…

A training in how to abuse and exterminate poor people. Not much to boast about really is it.

The words ‘he was a one of a gang of old paedophiles who sexually assaulted children in care and forced vulnerable people into sex work and I helped him’ did not appear in any of Lena’s sensitive pen portraits of her colleagues .

But her roots always tugged her back to St Pancras, where she had been elected to the borough council in 1945. In this capacity, she met and worked with a fellow socialist, Dr Santo Jeger, who had been elected MP for Holborn and St Pancras South in the same year. They married in 1948. Santo Jeger had always been a dedicated advocate of the principles of the NHS, establishing his practice in a deprived area of the East End.

Uncle Harry worked in the East End as a GP at that time…

From him, Lena learned about the inner workings of the health service, and her enthusiasm was further fired by her friendship with Aneurin Bevan, then Minister of Health, and his wife, the MP Jennie Lee.

Oh I thought that we’d get to this soon. Lest readers are still under any illusions about Nye and Jennie, here, once again, are Nye and Jennie coming home from Fortnum and Mason because they didn’t have a Spar in their street in Belgravia: