Time For Resignations…

My previous posts ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’, ‘My Gangland Family’ and ‘By Popular Demand – Or Request?’ discussed Lord Gnome’s grandson, Mark Piercy, a graduate of New College, Oxford and a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn a la Richard Crossman’s father Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, Lord Denning, George Carman, Miranda and Cherie.

Mark’s wife Vivien is a lawyer too. This is how Mark Piercy and Co Specialist Family Law Solicitor Vivien Piercydescribes himself on his firm’s website ‘Piercy & Co, Family Solicitors’:

Mark Piercy practised as a barrister for many years, specialising in all aspects of family law including finance and property issues in divorce proceedings, cohabitation property cases, children cases and inheritance claims. He has extensive experience of advisory work, drafting pre-nuptial and separation agreements, court proceedings and advocacy at all levels. viz comic legal advice man pubHe has appeared in a number of reported cases in the Family Division.

Mark has dual qualifications as solicitor and non-practising barrister, having been admitted as a solicitor in order to form the specialist firm of family lawyers, Piercy & Co, with his wife Vivien Piercy. He now practises exclusively as a solicitor with higher rights of audience as a solicitor advocate. He is a trained collaborative lawyer and an accredited specialist of Resolution.

Amongst the reported cases in which Mark has appeared as an advocate are the following:

P v P [2007] 2 FLR 439: Wardship jurisdiction concerning the temporary removal of children for the purpose of education

V v V (Contact: Implacable hostility) [2004] 2 FLR 851: a landmark case in which the High Court transferred residence to a father as a result of the mother’s repeated breaches of contact orders

Re B (Wasted costs: Abuse of process) [2001] 1 FLR 843

K and A (Local authority: Child maintenance) [1995] 1 FLR 688

W v W (A minor: Custody appeal) [1988] 2 FLR 505

Appointments and Memberships: Mark is a member of Lincoln’s Inn and the Inner Temple. He has appointments as legal adviser to the Institute of Actuaries and legal assessor to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health and Care Professions Council and the General Optical Council. He is an accredited specialist of Resolution with particular specialisms in Advocacy, Divorce Financial Provision, Cohabitation. Private Children Law and Financial Provision for Children. He is also a member of the Family Law Bar Association.

Publications/Lectures: Mark has published articles in Family Law on the subject of Cohabitation and Property Rights and Intractable Contact Disputes. He has also lectured on family law issues and on evidence and procedure in contested proceedings.

Mark was a Scholar at Oxford University and is M.A (Oxon). He was a Hardwicke Scholar of Lincoln’s Inn. He was called to the Bar in 1976 and was admitted as a solicitor in 2007


Mobile: 07766024229

39 Carson Road Dulwich London SE21 8HT
020 8766 6805  mark@piercysolicitors.com

This is Mark’s wife:

Piercy and Co Specialist Family Law Solicitor Vivien Piercy

Vivien Piercy originally practised as a barrister specialising in family law. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1997 and is now dually qualified as a solicitor and non-practising barrister. She has extensive experience of all aspects of divorce and cohabitation , and the related children and financial issues connected with relationship breakdown, and undertakes her own advocacy in suitable cases. Vivien is committed to a non-confrontational approach and to finding alternatives to litigation wherever possible.viz comic legal advice man pub

After graduating from University College London, Vivien worked for other law firms specialising increasingly in family law before setting up her own specialist family law practice in 2001.

She is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel, an accredited specialist of Resolution, a trained Mediator and a member of the Inner Temple.


Mobile: 07917484749


Mark and Vivien’s home page tells us:

It is our aim to give clients a personal, efficient and affordable service. As accredited specialists of Resolution we are committed to resolving family law disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way, designed to preserve the dignity of all concerned and to encourage agreement. As former practising barristers we have the experience and expertise, where necessary, to conduct cases effectively through court proceedings, thereby providing our clients with a comprehensive service and significant savings in costs.

Mark and Vivien’s page entitled ‘About Us’ declares:

Piercy & Co is a specialist family law practice based in Dulwich and Central London.

We cover all aspects of family law including:

  • Marriage and cohabitation.
  • Divorce and separation.
  • Pre-nuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements.
  • Preservation of family assets and preventing their removal and dissipation.
  • Investigation of trusts, private companies and pensions.
  • Financial settlements.
  • Children: residence, contact and parental responsibility agreements and orders.
  • Children: removal from the jurisdiction.
  • Civil partnerships.
  • Rights of dependants to financial provision following the death of their partner, spouse, parent or other family member.
  • Enforcement and variation of court orders.

As family lawyers we understand the emotional and financial impact of relationship breakdown and adopt the Resolution Code of Practice which aims to minimise areas of conflict and to resolve disputes in the best interests of the family. Where proceedings are unavoidable, we are able to provide in-house advocacy, giving our clients the benefits of continuity in the conduct of their cases and significant savings in costs. The firm has excellent connections with specialist Counsel and experts in all related disciplines, including forensic accountants, pension experts, property valuers and lawyers in other jurisdictions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an efficient, responsive and personal service and a high level of expertise. Appointments can be arranged at our office in Dulwich or, if more convenient, in central London at 2 Harcourt Buildings, Inner Temple, London EC4. In either case, office hours are flexible and charging rates competitive.

I’m surprised that non-confrontational committed to resolution Mark and Vivien haven’t left a message on my blog what with me being family! How about it Mark and Vivien, I do have 10,000 documents with evidence of serious organised crime over ooh more than 35 years…

Mark and Vivien: GANGSTERS aren’t you Mark and Vivien? 10,000 documents Piercys…

Mark and Vivien Mr H, a terrible pair! The Lucan side of the family! The Philanderer ought to write Miranda a thank you letter for blocking his peerage. Christ, one wouldn’t want to be in the Lords with the fucking Piercys in there…See the source image

By Popular Demand – Or Request?

I have so much that I want to follow up on the blog that some people and events I very much wanted to prioritise have been put to one side. However readers have been asking me to cover various matters, some of those matters being ones that I had intended to cover by now but haven’t yet found the time to do so. Thus I’m starting this post in response to popular demand/request. I use both the words demand and request; some readers know that for a number of years at Bangor University, my boss was Prof Howard Davis. When Howard was a Whippersnapper he didn’t incite the wrath of Asa Briggs by throwing red paint aroundSean Linehan, left, and Merfyn Jones in the presence of Asa’s Important Visitor sent from Lyndon B. Johnson, or even piss off Lord Jack Butterworth’s friend Richard Crossman by occupying Warwick University’s Registry, breaking open Lord Jack’s filing cabinets and discovering secret files on himself See the source imageas well as highly incriminating evidence re the source of funding for Warwick University Ltd. Image result for Warwick University Ltd: Industry, management and the universities, E. P ThompsonHoward however did manage to disgrace himself in a rather more dignified way.

Howard and his colleagues collectively comprised the Glasgow Media Group and they dared publish a 1976 volume entitled ‘Bad News’, detailing their robust analysis of media news reports that demonstrated substantial bias in Impartial News Reporting. Howard et al didn’t merely look for Evidence of the sort satirised by Spitting Image a la the Trevor McDonald puppet ending the TV news bulletin with the words ‘And don’t forget – Vote Conservative’; they conducted an analysis of the language and coding used in a whole variety of media outlets reporting The News. The Glasgow Media Group found numerous subtleties that favoured the Govt position/the position of dominant cohorts. Brown knew all about Howard’s work years before I even thought of working with Howard, because Brown’s PhD was based on the work begun by the Glasgow Media Group.

One of the examples of Howard’s findings that Brown told me about when I was still studying for a first degree in biology was the consistent reporting of industrial disputes by TV news reporters in which the Unions ‘Demand’ but Management ‘Requests’. Such techniques reached extremes when Thatch appointed people like Marmaduke Hussey as Chair of the BBC, 1986-96 – Hussey’s wife Lady Susan Hussey See the source imageis Prince William’s godmother, Lady-in-Waiting to Brenda and sister of Somerset aristo William, 13th Earl Waldegrave, who’s career in politics dates back to Grocer Heath and his bottom, served as a Tory Cabinet Minister including as Secretary of State for Health, 2 Nov 1990-10 April 1992, Dr Dafydd Alun JonesSt-George s-Hospital.jpg(see previous posts) – to senior roles in the UK media, extremes that reached farce when the Tories began redefining words commonly used by English speakers. One memorable example being Tebbs ensuring that the words ‘old fashioned’ were placed in front of the words ‘trade unions’ constantly. Thatch’s Govt were also very successful in encouraging the description of themselves as a ‘radical’ Govt after they realised that too many people were calling them a ‘reactionary’ Govt.

The work of Howard and his colleagues received much praise from some quarters but they were denounced as publishing ‘academic claptrap’ by one commentator. Howard et al then pissed even more people off by publishing another volume of academic claptrap, ‘More Bad News’ (1980), then they attempted world revolution by publishing yet more academic claptrap ‘Really Bad News’ (1982).

The irony was that Howard’s academic claptrap was so effective at illustrating propaganda techniques, that the Tories and their bedfellows themselves used Howard’s academic claptrap to ensure that future propaganda was even more effective by utilising subtle bias. As everyone who works with Howard knows, he is the most tolerant man on earth who has an extraordinary ability to not blow a gasket, even in the face of severe provocation from Gangs of Gigglers and he took the hijacking of his work by those whom he had exposed in his stride. He did warn me that this sort of thing was an occupational hazard, which has enabled me to not blow a gasket myself when I have seen media reports and even legal cases recently that do seem to have been a response to this blog. When Gigglers plagiarised my work while being as rude and dismissive as possible about me, Howard cheerfully used to tell me to take it as a compliment.

Prof Howard Davis: Famed for maintaining his status as a Global Leader In His Field whilst Fungus Lowe ensured that the School of Social Sciences was located in a crumbling building. Howard’s own office had windows sealed shut as a result of a buggered-up painting of window frames job and the central heating in Howard’s office was often adjusted to ‘high’ thus ensuring that Howard was roasted alive. When the heating was turned off without notice in very cold weather, Howard worked in his office wearing his coat and scarf. Howard had no control over the temperature, God knows who was doing it, none of us ever found out who worked at Temperature Central.

As Howard persevered with his loyal followers showing the Spirit Of The Blitz, water began to drip through Howard’s ceiling, onto his desk. Howard moved his desk slightly, rang the School of Social Sciences secretary with the Request (Howard being Management): ‘Brenda, could you possibly bring a bucket up to my office, there is water coming through the ceiling’. Brenda supplied the bucket and we continued to meet in Howard’s office dressed to suit whichever microclimate was prevailing in the office on the day in question.

As any fule kno, Howard had an excellent collection of books, as did his colleagues Ian and Graham, but Howard’s books were neatly arranged on his shelves in alphabetical order, thus enabling students and junior researchers to pay a visit to Howard’s library, even during inclement weather as organised by Fungus, and thus easily select whichever book Howard was happy to lend them.

Then there were the interesting fungi that were growing in the seminar room in Howard’s crumbling outhouse. Brenda who supplied the bucket to collect the water dripping through Howard’s ceiling, sent out an informative e mail with a bit of info, naming the fungus (as opposed to the Fungus) and explaining that it was the fruiting body that could be seen on the ceiling of the seminar room. So the staff and students of the School of Social Sciences learnt a bit of mycology as well as sociology.

As Fungus diverted all financial resources into the Bangor Business School in their grand building down the road from Howard’s crumbling outhouse -the Business School with its carpets, watertight ceilings, rooms with windows that opened, even a hot drinks machine in the corridor as well as the café, the restaurant, the lifts – and then ordered Howard’s admin staff to work in offices located in the Business School rather than in Howard’s outhouse, ensuring that if Howard wanted to speak to the School of Soc Sci admin staff he had to go on a ten minute walk, imagine how we laughed when students from the Business School began to turn up at Howard’s office, inquiring about postgrad work because ‘Howard is so much more helpful than our Professors’.

Fungus had thought of everything. Once Business School students began nipping over inquiring about postgrad work with Howard, Fungus ordered the University support staff not to assist the School of Social Sciences staff to set up their stall at the postgrad fair, because the Business School needed the support. I only found out about this when I told Howard that I’d organise the School of Social Sciences stall at the postgrad fair and I e mailed to arrange for help to lug all of our displays, posters, leaflets, stall etc over to the hall in the main building – a short work down the road – and received an incredibly rude e mail telling me that the staff will be far too busy setting up the Business School’s display, can’t I ask my boss Howard to help. I replied saying that I’m sure that Howard would if I asked but it would seem a curious use of the time of a senior Prof to ask him to double up as support staff. In response I received an e mail that screamed ‘So a senior Prof is superior to us then is he? Very democratic from a sociologist!!!’ Somewhat aghast I forwarded the e mail to our other Prof and asked ‘Have you seen the e mails that I am receiving?’. He told me not to take the bait, there was a Cunning Plan afoot with a view to complaining about that Bully Baker who has been put up to it all by that Elitist Bastard Howard Davis.  So I did ask Howard if he’d help with setting up our staff at the postgrad fair, he said yes, a load of helpful students offered to help as well and on the big day there was the Social Sciences Collective out in force to answer the many inquiries from Business School students who wanted to er work with Howard at postgrad level. The queue of Inquirers at our stall was the longest of any of the stalls. We also had two Profs – Howard and Ian – to answer students’ questions. The Business School’s stall was in a little bit of difficulty because not one member of academic staff condescended to make an appearance and the stall was staffed by the Grendel who had written the rude e mails to me and her mate. Who were not graduates themselves and could not advise.

A Soc Sci PhD student thought up a witty slogan re the Vulgar School Of Money and Materialism being defeated at our hands and I thought that it would be nice if I added that in Latin on the bottom of all of my e mails. So naturally I asked Howard if he could translate. I was gobsmacked to be told by Howard, he who speaks English, Welsh, French, German, Russian and a bit of Bulgarian, that he didn’t speak Latin. I told him that I was amazed and Howard explained that he chose to do Greek instead of Latin at school.

Pothos, lira, dan angsa (inv 6253 MANN).jpg Apollo (Ἀπόλλων, ApóllōnGod of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty, and archery. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin brother of Artemis. Both Apollo and Artemis use a bow and arrow. In myth, Apollo can be cruel and destructive. He is often accompanied by the Muses. His most famous temple is in Delphi, where he established his oracular shrine. His signs and symbols include the laurel wreath, bow and arrow, and lyre. His sacred animals include roe deer, swans, and pythons. Some late Roman and Greek poetry and mythography identifies him as a sun-god, equivalent to Roman Sol and Greek Helios.


This blog does not take orders from either The Unions or Management, but it is inspired by people who have had a bellyful of the Gang as well as people who take the piss. Thus I am responding to both popular Demand and popular Request rather than one or the other.

The most popular demand/request over the last few days has been for me to blog about David Tree, the grandson of the Giant of Theatre Max Beerbohm. David Tree has been mentioned in recent posts, as the husband of Mary Vick, the sister of Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggling friend Posh Bird Lady Juliet Bingley. Juliet was the wife of Mountbatten’s colleague Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, both of them being the parents of Towering Figure Of MIND, Radical Empowering Giggler William Bingley.

Lady Juliet’s dad was Bart’s surgeon Reginald Vick. The Vicks were a very grand family, land-owning baronets who became lawyers, Top Docs and entered other professions in which Giggling could make a contribution. See eg. ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’.

David Tree was therefore the son-in-law of Reginald Vick, who ruled the roost at Bart’s when Lord Snowdon’s granddad, Bart’s Trained physician and psychiatrist Robert Armstrong Jones, was still a recent memory, when the Old Goat’s son-in-law, Bart’s Trained Sir Tom Carey-Evans, was still alive and when Lord Snowdon’s dad, barrister Ronald A-J, was a governor of Bart’s. Tom Carey Evans was the nephew of Lord S’s granddad. Gwynne’s Giggles had already begun before Tom died in 1947.

Lady Juliet was a personal friend of Maltese Mafia boss Dom Mintoff, who served two terms as Malta’s PM, as well as Giggler Richard Crossman, Harold Wilson’s Cabinet Minister and UK Spy Chief. TGWU Leader and alleged KGB double agent Lord Jack Jones was also mates with Crossman and Mintoff. Lady Juliet and Crossman (and no doubt Jack Jones as well) were part of the Web Of Corruption – their particular role being corrupt deals re building NHS facilities in the UK as well as healthcare facilities overseas  (see eg. ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’) – that resulted in the T. Dan Smith-Poulson Scandal in the 1970s, very little of the Web Of Corruption ever being exposed. No-one dared, it all hinged upon the organised abuse/trafficking of kids in care, NHS patients, child porn and Class A drug distribution on the part of Top Docs as part of the deals struck by architects, town planners, corrupt Civil Servants, Cllrs, politicians et al, substantially using public funds to fuel the trade.

David Tree (15 July 1915 in London-4 November 2009), born Ian David Parsons, was an English stage and screen actor from a distinguished theatrical family whose career in the 1930s included roles in numerous stage presentations as well as in thirteen films produced between 1937 and 1941, among which were 1939’s Goodbye Mr. Chips and two of producer Gabriel Pascal‘s adaptations of Shaw classics, 1938’s Pygmalion, in which he portrayed Freddy Eynsford-Hill, and 1941’s Major Barbara, in which he was Charles Lomax.

Tree was born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, the son of theatre critic Alan Parsons and actress Viola Tree, the daughter of renowned Victorian actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. David Tree’s first exposure to the stage came at the age of six, when he played a bear in his mother’s 1921 revival of The Tempest at the Aldwych Theatre in London and continued through his childhood years, as exemplified by his portrayal, at the age of 11, of Lieutenant Spicer in a January 1927 production of Quality Street. David Tree spent a year studying drama at the Old Vic before joining the repertory company at Oxford Playhouse, where he remained for three seasons and, by March 1937, was at the Embassy and Savoy theatres, playing in The Road to Rome. In 1938, David Tree performed at the Intimate Theatre, at Regent Park’s Open Air Theatre, at the Gate Theatre Studio and at the Q Theatre. In 1939 David performed at the Strand Theatre during February and, during March, played Christopher Hatton in Drake at the Coliseum Theatre for King George‘s Pension Fund for Actors.

Tree entered films in 1937 and played in films such as that year’s Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel and in the following year’s Pygmalion, which had special significance for Tree, because his grandfather, Herbert Beerbohm Tree (Herbert was a real Giant Of Theatre, the Gang will have done anything for Herbert’s son-in-law) originated the role of Henry Higgins in the play’s initial English language production in 1914. The film’s producer, Gabriel Pascal, cast Tree’s mother, Viola, in the role of social reporter Perfide, giving Tree a final opportunity to work with his mother. Ill with pleurisy, Viola died at the age of 54, five weeks after Pygmalions 6 October 1938 London premiere.

Tree supported Robert Donat in 1937’s Knight Without Armour and performed in Donat’s Goodbye, Mr. Chips in 1939. At the start of the 1940s, he had four releases, French Without Tears, Return to Yesterday, Just William and Major Barbara, but shortly after putting his film career on hold to aid the war effort, he lost his left hand in an explosion during service with S.O.E., while training French resistance fighters in Scotland. The war came to an end during Tree’s extended recovery and he chose to retire from acting and pursue life as a gentleman farmer.

David Tree’s sister-in-law Lady Juliet Bingley was fuelling the Giggles with Gwynne, Dafydd et al while she was Cunningly Disguised as a social worker and mover and shaker with MIND. After graduating from the LSE, Lady Juliet started work in 1945 as a medical social worker (or Lady Almoner as the job title was in that era) at Armstrong-Jones Central, Bart’s, but gave up this career in 1948 when she married NATO Commander Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, Fifth Sea Lord, 1954-57 and a colleague of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Sir Alexander Bingley
Nickname(s) Alec
Born 15 February 1905
Died 28 September 1972 (aged 67)
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch Royal Navy
Years of service 1918–1963
Rank Admiral
Commands held Allied Command Channel (1961–63)
Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth (1961–63)
Allied Forces Mediterranean (1959–61)
Mediterranean Fleet (1959–61)
Flag Officer, Aircraft Carriers (1958–59)
HMS Eagle (1952–53)
HMS Nabaron (1945)
HMS Biter (1944)
HMS Slinger (1943–44)
Battles/wars Second World War
Awards Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath
Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Juliet Bingley (m. 1948)

The Bingleys’ family home was at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire and they were neighbours of many other Posh Gigglers and constituents of MPs dedicated to Gwynne’s Giggles.

Lady Juliet outlived her husband by many years, surviving until Jan 2005, so Juliet was on the scene in 1972 when the Playboy organisation purchased Stocks House in Hertfordshire, to use as a Training Camp for the Bunnies, as a venue for shagfests and for use as the residence of Hugh Hefner’s business partner Victor Lownes III, as discussed in ‘Behind The Scenes With Lord Wigley and Those Perfect Slaves’. Stocks House was a Georgian mansion located outside Aldbury and the location of the 1978 25-hour party (to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Playboy magazine), when guests and Bunny Girls were allowed upstairs to Stocks’ many bedrooms. Parties at Stocks House were attended by a number of celebrities of the day including Peter Cook, John Cleese, Christopher Reeve, Jack Nicholson, Keith Moon and Tony Curtis. Some shots in the music video for the 1982 song “Our House” by Madness were filmed at Stocks House. The house and swimming pool also featured on the cover of the 1997 Oasis album ‘Be Here Now’.

The Bingleys were stationed in Malta between 1958 and 61 and that is when they became good friends with Dom Mintoff and the Maltese Mafia. When Sir Alec was posted as Commander in Chief at Portsmouth, Juliet ‘worked to improve’ the Naval Family Welfare ServicesSee the source image

Sir Alec retired in 1963, as Supermac’s Govt was clobbered by the Gay Spies In The Admiralty/John Vassall Scandal and then the Profumo Affair. Sir Alec died suddenly on 23 Sept 1972 and Lady Juliet sprang into action once more, resuming work as a medical social worker, taking a part-time post at St Mark’s Hospital, London. St Mark’s specialised in intestinal disorders and Lady Juliet supported patients whose lives were affected by these disabling conditions. After Sir Alec’s retirement Juliet became involved with the National Association for Mental Health (now MIND) – an organisation run by Gwynne, Dafydd and their friends – and was its Chair 1979–1983 and did of course hand over the baton re being a Mental Health Champ to her son William Bingley See the source image who was Legal Director of MIND, then CEO of the Mental Health Act Commission, before moving into NHS governance/senior management, academia, NHS management consultancy and charidee work for The Poor in South Asia.See the source image

In 1979 Lady Juliet was one of the founders of the then National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s, now Crohn’s and Colitis UK. Juliet was appointed MBE in the 1991 New Year Honours, “For services to St. Mark’s Hospital, City and Hackney Health Authority”. Brenda’s 1991 New Years Honours were almost as offensive as Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours in terms of rewarding those who had concealed Giggles and associated crime, as discussed in ‘The 1995 Club’. Lady Juliet was a link in serious organised crime on an international level. I know what Lady Juliet’s work at MIND was all about and her Building Of Hospitals in Malta, but I’m wondering why she took such an interest in people with intestinal disorders. I can only presume that it was related to Top Docs’ dodgy research and deals with Big Pharma. I can’t imagine that Lady Juliet would be particularly keen to embrace people who had to go to the bog 20 times in one hour and sometimes didn’t make it in time, she won’t have been inviting them over to Hoddesdon for drinks.


Ronnie W – Garrick – mars-jones – law n luvvies – footlights crowd

Peggy Ashcroft

Having inherited a Victorian schoolhouse and three cottages in East Hertfordshire,  David Tree converted them to dwellings. Tree’s property was known as Baas Manor Farm. Having met Lady Juliet’s daughter Mary Vick, of Rickmansworth, on an underground train on the last day of the war, Tree introduced himself and, within a short time, asked her to marry him. Starting a farm where none had been before, they raised, in turn, bees, ducks, cows and Landrace pigs, the descendants of which he exhibited at the Royal Show where Tree broke all records by winning 1st prize in every category.

The family home of Lady Juliet and Admiral Alexander Bingley was in Hertfordshire and my post ‘       ‘ discusses how a number of constituency MPs of that county were so close to Gwynne and Dafydd that it was unlikely to be a coincidence. Shirl was of course the MP for Hitchin in Hertfordshire, 15 October 1964-8 February 1974 and Hertford and Stevenage, 28 February 1974-7 April 1979. Shirl was a useful idiot who colluded with the Gang and who’s first husband Bernard Williams was an Oxford don who worked for the security services and who, being a Philosopher, knew Bertrand Russell’s crowd. See eg. ‘How Sweet To Be An Idiot’. Pre-Bernard, Shirl Stepped Out with Peter Parker, another MI5 man who became WHAT of British Rail – WEDGIES BOOK – other job??

Shirl was a Somerville alumnus who was part of the crowd at Somerville while Giggling Bloomsbury Group Top Doc Dame Janet Vaughan was Principal of Somerville, 1945-67, as discussed in ‘Is It Because I Is Megan?’ eg. Thatch, Esther, Margaret Jay and Lord Gnome’s female relatives, including his second wife Veronica, my father’s cousin (see ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’) who married into the Lucans as discussed in ‘Except You’re A Bird’. Shirl was one of that era’s silly vain old bags who were selected as candidates for all parties (who’s male relatives were usually working for the security services) because Politics Needed Women.

It was a con trick and as someone commented to me yesterday, ‘they were usually selected as candidates because they were useless and pliable’. Which was the conclusion that I had drawn. Young attractive women but small c conservative, very tame, middle class who would bang on about how terrible it was the We Women had been held back by The Men while telling less advantaged women what to do, the theory being that they would be more likely to Believe Another Woman. Sadly it worked; these stupid dangerous idiots ruthlessly promoted to other women a range of failed ideas/interventions/institutional structures from cod liver oil, antenatal and baby clinics, nursery education, Family Planning, sterilisation/hysterectomies/HRT for no good reason, various baby and childcare theories, it was endless and all about Gov’t control, not about women’s and children’s health.

The huge scandals that are only now becoming public – including the transporting of British children to Australia to lives of slavery and of course organised abuse – would not have been possible without a Dame Edith or a Shirl or a Thatch to patronise women voters but in a different way to male politicians. Sunny Jim kissed middle-aged working class women whom he had never met before on the cheek and told them to Vote Labour On Thursday Dear, while Thatch leant forward into their personal space and said in a breathy affected voice ‘You Know My Dear, Men don’t know like us do they?’

BTW do any readers know if that tale that did the rounds re Thatch Being A Very Understanding Woman In Person, the story about the young waitress who spilt the soup over Thatch, who was mortified but reassured by Thatch ‘My Dear you mustn’t worry at all’ ad nauseum, was a Saatchi and Saatchi initiative? I heard that first from Mrs Brady but I don’t think it was witnessed at the Clarence, it was a story that did the rounds in the wake of public anger over Thatch’s activities as PM.

Richard Shattock, an academic who worked in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW (Richard Shattock was from Bristol and a Tory, but I don’t know if he was a relation of David Shattock, the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset who picked up a gong in Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours Of Shame), and the appalling Nita Mitchell-Heggs, People Trafficking Occupational Health Officer of St George’s, both told me the same tale re Thatch, when they tried to do the ‘You’re a Student Grant See the source imageSee the source image who knows sod all about politics’ bit. I didn’t bother to continue the argument See the source image because everything I was saying was being dismissed by two people who didn’t seem to actually realise that I had been at the scene of so many crimes re leading Tories…

Footage of those we know and love in action shows very clearly that the politician who did have a very pleasant engaging style with the public and it seems at all times was in fact Wedgie Benn. I have big reservations about Benn because he knew about the Top Docs and the Giggles and did not stop them, but Tony Benn was able to chat away to a whole range of people from all walks of life and he did not patronise them or get nasty if he was challenged. The media was so hostile to Benn that I suspect if there had been times when he was offensive in public, we’d never have heard the end of it. Wedgie Benn absolutely did not conduct himself a la Sunny Jim and the bastards – or Thatch – and it’s why people liked him. Benn also had a very entertaining take on the characterisation of him by so many as a wild-eyed dangerous loony.

Nobody ever had to Tell A Story about how they’d been told by One Who Knows that Benn was a nice bloke in Real Life, because that was the impression that he gave. His children haven’t been caught trying to bring about a Military Coup in Equatorial Guinea la Stinker Thatcher; Hilary was a Blairite but that’s as scandalous as things became and Benn openly discussed how his good relationship with Hilary overcame Hilary’s support for Miranda.

Wedgie-Benn’s engaging and entertaining style seems to have disguised something terrible underneath. Although Wedgie was working for the security services (see previous posts), so a la Eric Hobsbawm, I always bear in mind that Wedgie might well have been All Cunning re those regular visits to Tommy’s to have cups of tea with them there. If Wedgie was being All Cunning and was trying to put the Gigglers out of action he was spectacularly ineffective…

Re Shirl, I have been very remiss. Because Shirl built her reputation by dining out on her mother being Vera Brittain, I have missed the serious offender that was Shirl’s dad. Shirl’s dad explains much.

Sir George Edward Gordon Catlin (26 July 1896-7 February 1979) was an English political scientist and philosopher. A strong proponent of Anglo-American co-operation, Catlin worked for many years as a Professor at Cornell University and other universities and colleges in the United States and Canada. McMaster University Libraries hold Catlin’s correspondence archive and the body of some of his works.

Catlin was born in Liverpool, the son of George Edward Catlin (1858-1936), an Anglican clergyman. He was educated at St Paul’s School and New College, Oxford, one of the favourite recruiting grounds for the British security services. Richard Crossman was recruited at New College shortly after Catlin. See the source imageIt was at New College that Catlin converted to Roman Catholicism after his wartime hiatus.

Catlin volunteered for military service in the early months of the First World War, but was rejected, and spent most of the war working for the liquor traffic department of the Central Control Board. However, Catlin became a soldier in the last months of the war, fighting on the Western Front in Belgium.

After the war Catlin received his M.A. at Oxford and won three major prizes, including the Gladstone Prize and the Matthew Arnold prize in 1921 for his essay on the political thought of Thomas Hobbes entitled Thomas Hobbes as Philosopher, Publicist and Man of Letters. Catlin took up the relatively new field of political science. This was better established in the USA and at the invitation of the historian Wallace Notestein Catlin began lecturing at Cornell University where he had the close association of Carl Becker. There he completed his doctoral thesis, published in 1926 entitled The Science and Method of Politics. Catlin was an Assistant Professor of Politics at Cornell by the age of 28 and subsequently twice Acting Chairman. In 1926 Catlin was appointed to be the Director of the National Commission (Social Research Council) to study the impact of prohibition in the United States. His conclusions were subsequently published as a book.

Catlin was a strong proponent of Anglo-American co-operation, even to the extent of advocating an organic union between the two countries. Catlin published Anglo-Saxony and Its Tradition in 1939. He also had ambitions to be directly involved in British politics through the Labour Party.

Now Then. Between 1928 and 1931 Catlin was attached to the personal staff of Sir Oswald Mosley. This was a period before Mosley had made his final break with the Labour Party to become openly fascist. So Shirl’s dad knew my grandfather as well as Clough’s brother-in-law, John Strachey of Giggles.

Shirl, do you know why so many people were told about my Nazi grandfather by your associates, when your dad was working with him at the time? Or are you still too busy banging on about your mum’s achievements to have time to explain this particular conundrum?

In 1929 George Catlin assisted H.G. Wells, Arnold Bennett, and others in establishing The Realist magazine. Catlin was an unsuccessful Labour candidate in two general elections: 1931 in Brentford and Chiswick, and 1935 in Sunderland. From 1935 to 1937 Catlin served on the Executive Committee of the Fabian Society. Shirl inherited the gene for being on the Executive Committee of the Fabian Society, See the source imageit’s a dominant gene in the Catlins.

During the 1930s Catlin travelled extensively. He visited Germany, where in 1933 he witnessed the trial of Dimitrov for allegedly setting the Reichstag fire, a forewarning of what Nazism was to become. Don’t mention Oswald and Diana for God’s sake, I don’t expect George remembered knowing them… George went to Soviet Russia for a prolonged examination of the newly established Communist regime there and to Spain during the height of the Civil War. George called in at all the right places then. During this period Catlin wrote a large number of articles as a journalist, mostly for the Yorkshire Post. He served on the campaign team of Presidential candidate Wendell Willkie during 1940 and his subsequent book, One Anglo-American Nation appeared in 1941.

George Catlin was an early advocate for the independence of India, after meeting Mahatma Gandhi in 1931 in London. He visited India in 1946 and 1947 and published a tribute to Gandhi after his assassination, In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi (1948).

It’s really great that George never made any political misjudgements like so many other political activists of that era. Here’s Ghandi with his two Giggling friends, memorably denounced as ‘persons of low morals’ by the US security services:See the source image

In 1947 Catlin lectured in Peking. He served as Provost of Mar Ivanios College in India for 1953–54 and as Chairman and Bronfman Professor in the Department of Economics and Political Science at McGill University between 1956 and 1960. Catlin was a founder of the Movement for Atlantic Union, which was established in 1958. He drafted the constitution of the Paris-based Atlantic Institute, founded in 1961. Catlin was also a member of the Pilgrims Club of Great Britain.

George’s autobiography, on which he had worked sporadically since the end of the First World War, was finally published in 1972 as For God’s Sake, Go.

In the 1970 Birthday Honours, Catlin was knighted for services to Anglo-American relations.See the source image

Catlin married the English novelist Vera Brittain in 1925 after a courtship that began as a correspondence. She was pursuing her own career as a writer in Britain and the marriage endured many Atlantic-wide separations. They went on to have two children, John Edward Jocelyn Brittain-Catlin (1927–1987), whose memoirs, Family Quartet, appeared in 1987; and Shirl,  Shirley Williams (born 1930).

After Vera Brittain’s death in 1970, Catlin married Delinda Gates (1913-2002) in Chelsea, London in 1971. He died in Southampton, Hampshire on 7 Feb 1979 at the age of 82. At the time, his dim daughter was Sunny Jim’s Secretary of State for Education, there were organised abuse rings in many schools such as in north Wales and Bridgy and I and my friends were in one such bear pit being targeted by teachers who objected to my grandfather whom they had never known. Shirl ignored the serious problems in such schools and also refused Dafydd Wigley’s request – which was no more than a charade anyway – to hold a Public Inquiry into Sir Charles Evans’ mismanagement of UCNW, such was the chaos presiding…See the source imageGeorge was buried alongside his father at St James the Great Church, Old Milverton, Warwickshire.

Looks like you’re even more culpable than I have previously accused you of being Shirl! Now I know why you refused to respond to any of the serious complaints about schools in places like Bridgy or north Wales, yet alone about UCNW. And why you managed to not notice that John Allen, Gwynne and Dafydd were mass producing child porn when you worked as a Home Officer Minister, 1969-70 and held the remit for obscene publications.

Shirl is a Giggler of the finest pedigree! It explained the next stage of her career after she excelled at the Dept of Education.Four of the UK’s leading Gigglers, one of them clearly labelled in the image above.

A reminder of the Giggling Nightmare that has lasted so many years:

The Baroness Williams of Crosby
Regius Professorship Lecture (15648721150).jpg
Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords
In office
7 June 2001 – 24 November 2004
Leader Charles Kennedy
Preceded by The Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank
Succeeded by The Lord McNally
President of the Social Democratic Party
In office
7 July 1982 – 29 August 1987
Leader Roy Jenkins
David Owen
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by John Cartwright
Secretary of State for Education and Science
In office
10 September 1976 – 4 May 1979
Prime Minister Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Fred Mulley
Succeeded by Mark Carlisle
Paymaster General
In office
10 September 1976 – 4 May 1979
Prime Minister Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Edmund Dell
Succeeded by Angus Maude
In office
5 March 1974 – 10 September 1976
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Roy Hattersley
Shadow Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection
In office
4 May 1973 – 5 March 1974
Leader Harold Wilson
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Sally Oppenheim-Barnes
Shadow Home Secretary
In office
19 October 1971 – 4 May 1973
Leader Harold Wilson
Preceded by Jim Callaghan
Succeeded by Roy Jenkins
Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Services
In office
19 June 1970 – 19 October 1971
Leader Harold Wilson
Preceded by Dick Crossman
Succeeded by Barbara Castle
Minister of State for Home Affairs
In office
13 October 1969 – 23 June 1970
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Victor Collins
Succeeded by Richard Sharples
Minister of State for Education and Science
In office
29 August 1967 – 13 October 1969
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Goronwy Roberts
Succeeded by Alice Bacon

Parliamentary Representation
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
1 February 1993 – 11 February 2016
Life peerage
Member of Parliament
for Crosby
In office
26 November 1981 – 13 May 1983
Preceded by Graham Page
Succeeded by Malcolm Thornton
Member of Parliament
for Hertford and Stevenage
In office
28 February 1974 – 7 April 1979
Preceded by Constituency established
Succeeded by Bowen Wells
Member of Parliament
for Hitchin
In office
15 October 1964 – 8 February 1974
Preceded by Martin Maddan
Succeeded by Ian Stewart
Personal details
Shirley Vivian Teresa Brittain Catlin

(1930-07-27) 27 July 1930 (age 89)
London, England

Political party
Alma mater

Interestingly enough, Shirl was appointed Secretary of State at the DES when Chilton Trinity School began filling up with teachers who were very hostile to me – not that they were pleasant to the other kids – and constantly commented on what ‘your family’ is like, including the crazed sex obsessed RE teacher Mr Freeman who arrived in Somerset from Reading, hated Somerset and everyone in it, moved in near my auntie and uncle, caused havoc in three different churches for a number of reasons including his Ugandan discussions and surpassed himself when he punched a girl at Chilton in the face and broke her cheekbone. See ‘Except You’re A Bird’. See the source imagePrevious posts have discussed how the Headmaster, Bill Francis, was constantly protected by high echelons in the Labour Party, in the face of very serious complaints from parents to Somerset Education Authority and the local (Tory) MP.

Shirl would have done anything to have got rid of Thatch wouldn’t you Shirl? Except dealing with a gang of old paedophiles, some of whom were personally known to Thatch. As well as to Shirl. They were in the schools Shirl, it was your responsibility and you most certainly knew about it. Shirl first dipped her toe into Education as Minister during 1967-69; massive inequality in schools Shirl, I had begun school by then and I remember it well. Very few kids from my primary schools went on to any sort of education after 16 let alone 18, particularly after they’d had the Bridgy secondary school experience.

Then there were the allegations of unfair practice in the 11 plus when that still existed in Somerset ie. until approx. 1973. I had previously dismissed this as conspiracy theory on the grounds that it would have been difficult for the fiddles alleged to have taken place. The fiddles were via a different method; one such fiddle being to not tell certain kids that this was an important external exam, thus allowing them to play about and not bother to complete it. The other fiddle was being executed at an individual level by the Headteachers: the child who had officially failed the 11 plus but was given a place at the grammar school anyway if their family were teachers and knew the Heads. One such family who found out about this were a family who joined Bridgy Tories thinking that Tom King et al might be the circle for them but scarpered after months, appalled at what Tom King and his mates were doing.See the source image

Shirl implemented comprehensives – although Thatch as Education Secretary oversaw the creation of more comps than Shirl did – and the schools in Bridgy all became much worse. The Bridgy schools became comps when Thatch was the Grocer’s Education Secretary. It was when Thatch held that role that Mrs Brady had lunch with her. After standards re schools in Bridgy fell even further, the entire professional classes of Bridgy shipped their kids out of the town for their schooling. Thanks Shirl, I was one left in there!

Shirl began Giggling before she got near Parliament. Shirl was educated at various schools, including Mrs Spencer’s School in Brechin Place, South Kensington; See the source imageChristchurch Elementary School in Chelsea; Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth; and St Paul’s Girls’ School for Posh Birds. During the Second World War, Shirl was evacuated to Minnesota in the United States for three years. Even the Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er and the Firm didn’t nip over to the US to Escape, although Mr Thrope and Greville Janner were exported across the Atlantic a la Shirl, lest anyone suggest that they had to get in the Anderson Shelter with the plebs. The Royals famously Suffered In The Blitz so that the Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er could Look The East End In The Eye. They’d have been quite cross in Vallance Road See the source imageif they’d known that the Royals were being driven out to the safety of the home counties every night.

While she was an undergraduate and Open Scholar at Somerville College, Oxford, Shirl was a member of the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS) and toured the USA playing the role of Cordelia in an OUDS production of Shakespeare‘s King Lear directed by a young Tony Richardson. VANESSA?? In 1950, Shirl became the first woman to Chair the Oxford University Labour Club.

Lord Gnome’s second wife Veronica went to St Paul’s School for Posh Birds as well as Somerville; St Paul’s for Posh Birds followed by Somerville was the preferred educational pathway for Gnome’s female relatives, although a few rebelled and went to Badminton, the LSE and St Hugh’s College, Oxford. See ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’. The Principal of St Hugh’s, 1962-73, was the archaeologist Dame Kathleen Kenyon, one of Lord Kenyon’s extended family of Gigglers. Dame Kathleen grew up in Bloomsbury, went to St Paul’s School for Posh Birds and Somerville a la Gnome’s wife Veronica et al. Dame Kathleen’s father Sir Frederic Kenyon was a biblical scholar and Director of the British Museum. See eg.’ Is It Because I Is Megan?’

Whether any of Gnome’s family ever passed through Mrs Spencer’s joint for Posh Toddlers in South Kensington I have no idea.

After graduating, Shirl was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and studied at Columbia University in New York City. On returning to Britain, Shirl began her career as a journalist, working firstly for the Daily Mirror and then for the Financial Times, along with Samuel’s brother. For details of Shirl and Sam’s bosses on the FT, the aristocratic Hare family ie. the Lords Blakenham who were part of the Pearson publishing empire, see ‘Except You’re A Bird’. In 1960, Shirl became General Secretary of the Fabian Society.

Shirl, Mr H, See the source imageanother name of an offender for you! See ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’.

I’m telling Mr H about Mrs Spencer’s School for Posh Toddlers; look Mr H, this is Brechin Place:Image result for Brechin Place South KensingtonObviously the Catlin/Brittain household will have been equitable re Gender, thus Shirl was indistinguishable from her male peers at Mrs Spencer’s: See the source image

From the mid-1960s David Tree was a leading commercial lily grower and humorously chronicled his successes, failures and adventures as a post-war farmer in the autobiography, Pig in the Middle (Michael Joseph, 1966, reprinted by Noble Books, 2006). The book became the basis for the 1975–78 sitcom The Good Life, for which Tree received no royalties or credit, except for recognition from cast member Felicity Kendal. Because of Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggling friends in film and media, rather more significance can be attributed to lame TV sitcoms than many viewers realised. ‘The Good Life’ was in the heyday of Savile’s era at the BBC.

Felicity Kendal’s co-star in ‘The Good Life’ was Richard Briars who was one of the guests on the 7 Dec 1983 ‘This Is Your Life’ episode that starred George Thomas, as detailed in previous posts. George Thomas who had before his political career worked as a school teacher in London and Cardiff, after training at Southampton University. Thomas held office in the NUT and via Southampton University knew a number of crooks who were linked to Lord Denning and other facilitators of the organised abuse, including Labour MP Horace King aka Lord Maybray-King. See post ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’.

Briars was introduced on ‘This Is Your Life’ as a good mate of George Thomas who knew Thomas through their charidee work for children. Felicity Kendal and her bum were the partner of playwright Tom Stoppard, he who began his career working for the Bristol-based ‘Western Daily Press’ and was first married to Dr Miriam. Dr Miriam was an Angel from a council estate in Newcastle until she found out about Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggling partners in Newcastle/Durham, led by Lord John Walton et al; Miriam soon became a medical student, then a junior doc, then a media Top Doc. I used to think that Miriam hit fame and fortune because Tom knew about the Giggling. No, Tom hit fame and fortune because Miriam knew about the Giggling. Tom split up with Felicity and her bum and is now married to Sabrina Guinness, who famously turned down an offer of marriage from Carlo because she knew what she’d be letting herself in for if she said yes. Miriam is the auntie of Baroness Oona King the Oppressed, who went to school with Uncle Harry’s nephews and Duw it was hard. See previous posts.

Previous posts discussed Penelope Keith, the Posh Bird from ‘The Good Life’, who lived in the area of Witley, near where I used to live in Surrey and how there was a whole collection of Stars in the locality, including Giggler Terry Scott, who died on 26 July 1994, the month after Matt Arnold died ‘from an unidentified blood disease’, the same month in which Peter Howarth was jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing kids in care in north Wales. Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994; Miranda’s old mate the Labour MP for a Co Durham seat Ernest Armstrong had concealed Howarth and Arnold when they were Giggling at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead during the 1960s before they relocated to Bryn Estyn in 1973. Bodger and Malcolm Pearce staged their research fraud during the summer of 1994 but were exposed very soon afterwards (see ‘Now Then…’) and by July 1994, Dafydd had planted that brick that I threw through his glass door at 2 am in the morning and the MDU were carefully fabricating evidence,  in collaboration with the Gang and the Welsh Office bent lawyer Andrew Park, to demonstrate that I was a danger to Dafydd and all other Top Docs. See ‘The Price Is Right’.

Although the likes of Penelope Keith and Terry Scott lived in the Witley area, the local GP was dreadful on the one and only time that I encountered him. I later presumed that it was personal as it tended to be with Top Docs and me but some years ago I found out that he’d been struck off. He certainly should have been, but I’m intrigued as to why the GMC took action against him and not those who were even worse. The account of Terry Scott’s death suggests that the Top Docs gave him a little push. See previous posts.

The Gang’s control of swathes of the media was put to good use for PR purposes in the 1970s; at the time the Gang were rapidly expanding the Giggles.

Linford Rees south Wales – Bart’s – Angharad – Poldark – Cornwall – Christopher Cazenove posh luvvie – brother in Brenda’s guards – Angharad – Alan Bates – then David McAlpine – all dead – Bart’s Angels n Docs – dynasty crowd via cazenove

In 1961 David Tree became a founding member of the Hoddesdon Society “set up to protect the town from tower blocks and excessive development that did not fit in with its historic architecture”, remaining the Society’s President for a number of years. The Bingley family home was at Hoddesdon – all crashing out at David Tree’s place perhaps??

In 1973, Tree’s friend, director Nicolas Roeg, persuaded him to return to the screen in Roeg’s horror film Don’t Look Now, playing the role of an ineffectual headmaster. The Tree family manor provided the exterior and interior for the opening sequences as did his lake, where the red anoraked girl drowns. Tree was deeply contented in his home life, his 63-year marriage and his passionate interests in gardening, natural history, ecology, history and the career of his renowned grandfather. David Tree died at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City three months after his 94th birthday, leaving his wife, Mary, daughters Belinda, Gay and Vicken, and son James. Another daughter, Susie, died in 1989.

Welwyn Garden City  was the location of a big Smith Kline and French plant, which had excellent contacts at Hammersmith Hospital/Royal Postgraduate Medical School in the 1980s. When I was doing my MSc there, 1986-87, we went on a three day course at SKF at Welwyn Garden City. Previous posts have discussed the heavy management and the regime of fear under which researchers worked at SKF. The scientist who led our three day course had previously worked at Guy’s and had almost doubled his salary when he left Guy’s for SKF. Although he was terrified of upsetting his bosses and wanted to Rise Higher in SKF himself, I heard some two years later that SKF HQ suddenly closed his whole Dept and made everyone in it redundant, including him. After I began this blog I was told that it was because of me having noticed a few matters during that three day course and subsequently refusing to buckle to pressure from the Gang in spite of High Court cases. SKF closed everything down linked with what I had remembered from Hammersmith and the Oppressed former Guy’s researcher.

It was the SKF toxicology teratology unit that was closed, one wonders what they had to hide there…

David Tree is fondly remembered in the autobiographies of fellow performer James Mason (Before I Forget, Hamish Hamilton, 1981), with whom he appeared in the supporting cast of Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and actor-turned-documentary-maker Kenneth Griffith (The Fools Pardon, Little, Brown and Company, 1994).

David Tree’s daughter Vicken Parsons, Lady Gormley (born 1957), is a British artist, mostly painting in oils, but also making sculptures. Her works are displayed in Tate Britain, and are in the collections of the Arts Council and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. She attended the Slade School of Fine Art, in London. She is represented by Alan Cristea Gallery, London and Ivorypress, Madrid.

Parsons’ solo exhibitions have included Galerie Christine König (Vienna), Kettle’s Yard, the Alan Cristea Gallery, and Tate St Ives.


Parson’s work has also been exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Tate Modern, Southampton City Art Gallery and Kunsthalle Mannheim.

Vicken’s husband is sculptor Sir Antony Gormley, O.B.E. Vicken met Gormley while attending the Slade, and they married in 1980. She also worked as his assistant. Gormley said of her:

For the first 15 years she was my primary assistant. She did all of the body moulding… I think there are a lot of myths that art is made by, usually, lone men… I just feel so lucky and so blessed really, that I have such a strong supporter, and lover, and fellow artist.

Sir Antony Mark David Gormley, (born 30 August 1950), is a British sculptor. His works include the Angel of the NorthSee the source image a public sculpture in Gateshead in the North of England, commissioned in 1994 and erected in February 1998; Another Place on Crosby Beach near Liverpool; and Event Horizon, a multi-part site installation which premiered in London in 2007, around Madison Square in New York City, in 2010, in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2012, and in Hong Kong in 2015–16.

In 2008 The Daily Telegraph ranked Gormley number 4 in their list of the “100 most powerful people in British culture”.

Gormley was the youngest of seven children born to a German mother and a father of Irish descent. His paternal grandfather was an Irish Catholic from Derry who settled in Walsall in Staffordshire. The ancestral homeland of the Gormley Clan (Irish: Ó Goirmleadhaigh) in Ulster was East Donegal and West Tyrone, with most people in both Derry City and Strabane being of County Donegal origin. Gormley has stated that his parents chose his initials, “AMDG”, to have the inference Ad maiorem Dei gloriam – “to the greater glory of God”. Gormley grew up in a Roman Catholic family living in Hampstead Garden Suburb as did Harold Wilson. Mandy came from that part of the world too. Image result for peter mandelson imagesGormley attended Ampleforth College, the Benedictine boarding school in Yorkshire, before reading archaeology, anthropology and the history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1968-71. He travelled to India and the Dominion of Ceylon/Sri Lanka to learn more about Buddhism between 1971 and 1974. After attending Saint Martin’s School of Art and Goldsmiths in London from 1974, Gormley completed his studies with a postgraduate course in sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, 1977-79.

While at the Slade, Gormey met Vicken Parsons, who was to become his assistant and, in 1980, his wife, as well as a successful artist in her own right. Gormley said of her:

For the first 15 years she was my primary assistant. She did all of the body moulding… I think there are a lot of myths that art is made by, usually, lone men… I just feel so lucky and so blessed really, that I have such a strong supporter, and lover, and fellow artist.

The couple have three children, a daughter and two sons.

Gormley’s career began with a solo exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1981. Almost all his work takes the human body as its subject, with his own body used in many works as the basis for metal casts. Gormley describes his work as “an attempt to materialise the place at the other side of appearance where we all live.” Many of his works are based on moulds taken from his own body, or “the closest experience of matter that I will ever have and the only part of the material world that I live inside.” Gormley’s work attempts to treat the body not as an object but a place and in making works that enclose the space of a particular body to identify a condition common to all human beings. The work is not symbolic but indexical – a trace of a real event of a real body in time.Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.28.06The 2006 Sydney Biennale featured Gormley’s Asian Field, an installation of 180,000 small clay figurines crafted by 350 Chinese villagers in five days from 100 tons of red clay. The appropriation of others’ works caused minor controversy and some of the figurines were stolen in protest. Also in 2006, the burning of Gormley’s 25-metre high The Waste Man formed the zenith of the Margate Exodus.

In 2007, Gormley’s Event Horizon, consisting of 31 life-size and anatomically correct casts of his body, four in cast iron and 27 in fiberglass, was installed on top of prominent buildings along London’s South Bank, and installed in locations around New York City’s Madison Square in 2010. Gormley said of the New York site that “Within the condensed environment of Manhattan’s topography, the level of tension between the palpable, the perceivable and the imaginable is heightened because of the density and scale of the buildings” and that in this context, the project should “activate the skyline in order to encourage people to look around. In this process of looking and finding, or looking and seeking, one perhaps re-assess one’s own position in the world and becomes aware of one’s status of embedment.”

Critic Howard Halle said that “Using distance and attendant shifts of scale within the very fabric of the city, [Event Horizon] creates a metaphor for urban life and all the contradictory associations – alienation, ambition, anonymity, fame – it entails.” Thus spoke a member of the Dada Meinhof Gang.See the source image

In July 2009, Gormley presented One & Other, a Fourth Plinth commission, an invitation for members of the public, chosen by lot, to spend one hour on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square in London. This “living art” happening initially attracted much media attention. It even became a topic of discussion on the long-running BBC radio drama series The Archers, where Gormley made an appearance as himself. In 2012, Gormley began making sculptures that could be termed as “digital-cubism”. Through solid steel cubes the human form is rendered into an array of different postures and poses, boldly standing in a white gallery space. In March 2014 Gormley appeared in the BBC Four series What Do Artists Do All Day? in an episode which followed him and his team in their Kings Cross studio, preparing a new work – a group of 60 enormous steel figures – called Expansion Field. The work was shown at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern.

In May 2015 five life-sized sculptures, Land, were placed near the centre and at four compass points of the UK in a commission by the Landmark Trust to celebrate its 50th anniversary. They are at Lowsonford (Warwickshire), Lundy (Bristol Channel), Saddell Bay (Scotland), the Martello Tower (Aldeburgh, Suffolk), and Clavell Tower (Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset). The Dorset sculpture was knocked over into Kimmeridge Bay by a storm in September 2015. On 6 September 2015, Another Place saw its 10th anniversary at Crosby Beach, Liverpool. See the source imageTalking of their 10th birthday:

I’m just delighted by the barnacles!

Every time I’m there, just like any other visitor, you’re encouraged to linger a bit longer seeing the tide come in and how many of them disappear. And then you’re encouraged to linger further until they’re revealed again.

In September 2015, Gormley had his first sculpture installed in New Zealand. Stay are identical cast iron human form sculptures, with the first installed in the Avon River in Christchurch’s central city and the other sculpture to be installed in the nearby Arts Centre in early 2016.

Gormley is a Patron of Paintings in Hospitals, a charity that provides art for health and social care in England, Wales and N Ireland.

In 2017 Gormley curated Inside, an exhibition at the Southbank Centre, London, presented by Koestler Trust showing artworks by prisoners, detainees and ex-offenders. In addition Gormley judged their annual category prize, also on the theme ‘inside’.  


In 2019 Gormley repopulated the island of Delos with iron ‘bodyforms’ with the unprecedented site-specific exhibition SIGHT. Organized and commissioned by NEON Organization and presented in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades this project marked the first time that an artist took over the archaeological site of Delos since the island was inhabited over 5,000 years ago and is the first time a contemporary art installation has been unanimously approved by the Greek Archaeological Council of the Ministry of Culture to take place in Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Talking about this exhibition Antony Gormley stated “I treat the body as a place encouraging empathic occupation of that which lies the other side of appearance: what it feels like” He installed 29 sculptures made during the last twenty years, including 5 new works specially commissioned by NEON Organization, both at the periphery and integrated amongst Delos’s archaeological site and museum animating the geological and archaeological features of the island.

In 2020 it was confirmed that Gormley would be “lending” a sculpture to Kirklees Collage to sit atop its new building at Pioneer House in the town of his birth, Dewsbury, as part of a major redevelopment in the town.

In 2017 the Royal Academy invited Gormley to consider the possibilities of virtual reality (VR). In 2019 in collaboration with astronomer Priyamvada Natarajan he produced a VR experience called Lunatick which allows the viewer to seemingly travel through space to the Moon and fly over its surface, based on images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Which sounds like a variation on F’s 1993 satire on the Young British Artists: F suggested that he should suspend a dog turd on a wire, which would revolve around a lightbulb, call it ‘Turd Eclipsing The Sun’ and enter it for the Turner Prize. I and other Empowered Service Users were keen for F to do this, but he refused, declaring that he wouldn’t sell out to the ridiculous but that idea was an example of how bloody silly the YBAs were.

Years later the Philanderer upset The Critics with his comments on Art. As reported by the Indie on 31 Oct 2002:

The culture minister Kim Howells launched an intemperate attack on the art world’s most controversial contest yesterday, accusing this year’s Turner prize contenders of producing “conceptual bullshit”. He had attended a private viewing of the four shortlisted artists at the Tate Britain – and left a note in the gallery expressing his views. The exhibits include a retelling of a pornographic film in pink letters, a Perspex ceiling in coloured bands and a giant black block entitled The Thinker.

Mr Howells, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, told The Independent: “If this is the best the British art establishment can come up with, then God help us … And the final insult was to walk through a room of Francis Bacons and Henry Moores that exuded artistic ability and humanity.” In a withering signed note left on a message board at the gallery, he said: “It’s cold, mechanical conceptual bullshit … The attempts at contextualisation are particularly pathetic but symptomatic of a lack of conviction.” See the source imageMr Howells denied he was out of touch with modern art. The Turner prize, open to British artists under 50, has been repeatedly dismissed by critics. Last year, it was won by Martin Creed for a light flashing on and off in an empty room and Tracey Emin was shortlisted in 1999 for an unmade bed complete with soiled sheets.
One of those responsible for Discovering Turner Prize Winning Young British Artists, including Rachel Whiteread, was Posh Bird Lady Helen Taylor See the source imagewho works in Posh Galleries. Lady Helen began life as Lady Helen Windsor; she is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. See the source imageThe Duchess of Kent is (or was) the Patron of St George’s Hospital, along with Brenda, the Duke’s cousin.

The Duke of Kent holds a senior role in just about every organisation imaginable, far too many to detail here. So I’ll just mention that he has served as Royal Patron of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn since 2001, a position previously occupied by his father. Lincoln’s Inn of which Lord Denning and George Carman were members, as are Miranda, Cherie and Gnome’s grandson Mark Edward Pelham Piercy (see ‘Except You’re A Bird’ and ‘Time For Resignations…’).

Prince Edward
Duke of Kent (more)
The Duke of Kent (cropped).jpg
Born 9 October 1935 (age 84)
3 Belgrave Square, London, England
Full name
Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick
House Windsor
Father Prince George, Duke of Kent
Mother Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark
Military career
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1955–1976 (end of active service)
Rank Field Marshal
Service number 443787
Unit Royal Scots Greys
The Duke is an enthusiastic Freemason. The Duke was initiated into Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 on 16 December 1963, and was elected its Worshipful Master for 1965 and 1966. Having been appointed Senior Grand Warden in 1966, the Duke was elected as Grand Master the following year, and was installed on 14 June 1967 during United Grand Lodge of England’s 250th anniversary celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall. The Duke is the 10th, and longest-serving Grand Master of UGLE, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales. In December 2013, the Duke celebrated 50 years as a Freemason. In October 2017 he presided over the tercentenary celebrations of UGLE, marking the 300th anniversary of the founding of the original Grand Lodge, one of two which merged to form UGLE in 1813. The main ceremony was held in the Royal Albert Hall, in the year which also marked the Duke’s 50th anniversary of installation as Grand Master.See the source image
See ‘The Price Is Right’ for full details of Lady Helen’s career in Art and supporting Top Docs and for the activities of her extended family in supporting Top Docs and Bodger’s trafficking ring.

Mr H Image result for kim howells images is known for his part in causing trouble at Hornsey Art College when a Whippersnapper. How about it Mr H, ‘Turd Eclipsing The Sun’, if F still refuses to do it himself perhaps we can obtain his permission for someone else to put the satire into practice? Meanwhile, here’s an Old Master to keep us all going:

F used to tell me that Francis Bacon had a very sordid private life (to use Dafydd’s phrase), involving drink and drugs to excess, much Omosexual sexploitation of more vulnerable people and a bit of violence thrown in.
Re Henry Moore, Sir Clough and Amabel’s daughter Susan Williams-Ellis who after marriage became Susan Cooper-Willis, trained under Henry Moore at the Chelsea School of Art. Susan established Portmeirion Potteries Ltd in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, relocating to that area with her husband Euan. Susan is known for her popular ‘Botanicals’ range, as well as for moving from the heart of High Cultured Welsh Bloomsbury Giggles at Plas Brondanw to the site of a linked organised abuse ring nearly as big, concealed by all local Cllrs, politicians etc and propped up by an utterly corrupt police force, as well as by the local HE institution (Keele University), which resulted in the collapse of the regional NHS and a child abuse scandal, of which the enormity of either was never admitted.See the source image

Gormley won the Turner Prize in 1994 with Field for the British Isles. He was quoted as saying that he was “embarrassed and guilty to have won…In the moment of winning there is a sense the others have been diminished. I know artists who’ve been seriously knocked off their perches through disappointment.”

Gormley has been a Royal Academician since 2003, and was a Trustee of the British Museum from 2007 to 2015. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Institute of British Architects, honorary doctor of the Universities of Teesside, Liverpool, University College London, and Cambridge, and a fellow of Trinity and Jesus Colleges, Cambridge. In October 2010, Gormley and 100 other leading artists signed an open letter to the Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt protesting against cutbacks in the arts.

On 13 March 2011, Gormley was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance for the set design for Babel (Words) at Sadler’s Wells in collaboration with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet. He was the recipient of the Obayashi Prize in 2012 and is the 2013 Praemium Imperiale laureate for sculpture. Gormley was knighted in the 2014 New Year Honours for services to the arts. For Room, Gormley received the 2015 Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture.

In 2019, the Royal Academy held an exhibition filling its thirteen main galleries with Gormley’s works, including some new (designed to fit the space), some remade for the gallery and some of his early sculptures, with two rooms of his drawings and sketchbooks.

Gormley’s auction record is £3,401,250 for a maquette of the Angel of the North, set at Christie’s, London, on 14 October 2011. See the source image


By Popular Request, I now introduce Professor Colin Crouch. People have been asking me about Colin Crouch, but I’m not sure why specifically. I don’t know Prof Crouch but he gained a following among Apollo’s students and researchers at Bangor University when I was working for Apollo. Apollo knew Colin Crouch; I think that Colin Crouch was one of the examiners for Apollo’s PhD. We loved Colin Crouch, Apollo recommended that we read Colin’s ‘post-democracy’ work and then Colin Crouch published ‘The Strange Non-Death Of Neo-Liberalism’, that was the book that so many of Apollo’s followers read when I worked at Bangor. Had I continued working at Bangor with Apollo, I would have wanted to pursue the sort of work that Colin Crouch was publishing.

Now I might need to apologise to Prof Crouch, because it is possible that he paid a price for Apollo’s followers admiring his work. Colin Crouch was speaking at one of the conferences that we attended with Apollo and we went to listen to him. If I was the Man In The Pub, I would say of Colin Crouch’s lecture ‘That was fucking brilliant that was’.

Colin Crouch spoke on human rights and the abuse of this concept by global capitalism. Colin Crouch discussed how HR lawyers who advised Govts on HR legislation were the very same HR lawyers who were advising big corporations on their Human Rights. Colin stated that people like the Digger See the source imagewere at the time (some 11 years ago) employing those HR lawyers advising Govts on how organisations like News International can claim Human Rights. See the source image I remember that Colin simply stated News International will get those Human Rights and we will then be in very dangerous territory…See the source image Anyone remember Tessa Jowell’s husband International Lawyer David Mills not having to go to prison after he took a bribe from Silvio? Or how one of the Strong Wimmin – they are myriad, they are legion – didn’t have to go to jail either because no-one’s allowed to put Christine Lagarde in prison?

Christine Lagarde
(Christine Lagarde) New ECB Chief Lagarde to address plenary for first time (49521491927) (cropped).jpg
President of the European Central Bank
Assumed office
1 November 2019
Vice President Luis de Guindos
Preceded by Mario Draghi
Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
In office
5 July 2011 – 12 September 2019
Deputy John Lipsky
David Lipton
Preceded by John Lipsky (Acting)
Succeeded by David Lipton (Acting)
Kristalina Georgieva
Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
In office
19 June 2007 – 29 June 2011
Prime Minister François Fillon
Preceded by Jean-Louis Borloo
Succeeded by François Baroin
Minister of Agriculture
In office
18 May 2007 – 18 June 2007
Prime Minister François Fillon
Preceded by Dominique Bussereau
Succeeded by Michel Barnier
Minister of Commerce
In office
2 June 2006 – 15 May 2007
Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin
Preceded by Christian Jacob
Succeeded by Position abolished
Personal details
Christine Madeleine Odette Lallouette

1 January 1956 (age 64)
Paris, France

Political party Union for a Popular Movement (before 2015)
The Republicans (2015–present)
Other political
European People’s Party
Spouse(s) Wilfred Lagarde
Eachran Gilmour
Domestic partner Xavier Giocanti
Children 2
Education Paris Nanterre University
Sciences Po Aix
*Lipton served as Acting Managing Director from 2 July 2019 – 12 September 2019 while Lagarde was on leave.

We all enjoyed this See the source image but Rebekah Came Back To The Digger – in the way that the woman in the TV ad Came Back To Dr White’s – after the dust had settled and she’d Had The Baby that was the cause of her leaving the Digger’s employment, rather than the phone hacking, bribery, corruption and sharing that former police horse with Call Me Dave. Furthermore I think Rebekah’s baby was a surrogate baby wasn’t he/she? So the maternity leave won’t have been needed on exactly the same grounds as usual…

I was so wowed by Colin Crouch’s lecture – he was brilliant, it was the most thoughtful lecture that I’d heard at a conference – that I e mailed Brown and told him all about. I also told Merfyn about it in an e mail. I am very sorry Professor Crouch, I had no idea that Miranda’s minions were hacking my e mails or that a Giggler would subsequently steal my password, download thousands of e mails, drafts of research proposals, journal articles etc and bribe/blackmail people with them. Gwilym ap Gruffudd,

Gwilym Ap Gruffudd

Remember The Name!

I haven’t been told exactly what Punishment Beating was experienced by Colin Crouch in return for Apollo’s team admiring him, but I can imagine that Human Rights lawyers who are good mates with Global Capitalists who routinely breach other people’s human rights felt quite threatened by Colin Crouch. As any fule kno, when Colin Crouch was a Whippersnapper, he was involved with the LSE student rebellion; Colin Crouch wrote the volume ‘The Student Revolt’ about this. That book was on my shelf in my office at Bangor, the Gigglers will have noticed. At the time of the LSE rebellion, Richard Crossman’s mates, the highest profile being NHS Economics adviser Giggler Brian Abel-Smith, See the source imagewere running the LSE. Gnome’s family had fingers in the LSE pie, Sister Hutt is an LSE alumnus, Nerys, Merfyn’s late wife, studied at the LSE as did her first husband, the favourite of Black US elites, Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson. There was a contingent from the LSE who were after Merfyn’s blood when Apollo was recommending Colin Crouch to us. This LSE alumnus (who’s old dad was Of The LSE as well) sought to make capital from the aggro: See the source image

Previous posts have explained that Mick – a customer of Brian Abel-Smith’s Gents Outfitters – was an LSE student See the source imagewho knew about all that Giggling among Richard Crossman’s crowd. Of course, one of the HR lawyers who advises Govts and Global Capitalists also completed her degree at the LSE:See the source image

Colin Crouch, Who Woke Up To The Nightmare before many others:

Colin Crouch
Colin Crouch - Festival Economia 2013.JPG

Colin Crouch in 2013

Colin Crouch, FBA (born 1944) is an English sociologist and political scientist. He coined the post-democracy concept in 2000 in his book Coping with Post-Democracy. Crouch gained his BA at the LSE and his doctorate at Nuffield College, Oxford. In 1969, Crouch began work as a Lecturer in Sociology at the LSE. See the source imageFrom 1972 to 1973 Crouch was a Lecturer at the University of Bath. From 1973 to 1985 he was Lecturer and Reader in Sociology at the LSE. Then, from 1985 to 1994 Crouch was a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and Professor of Sociology at the University of Oxford. From 1995 to 2000 Crouch was Curator of their Bodleian Library. From 1995 to 2004 Colin Crouch was Professor of Sociology and Chaired the department of Political Science at the European University Institute of Florence. From 2005 until 2011 Crouch was Professor of Governance and Public Management at Warwick Business School. In 2005, Colin Crouch was elected fellow of the British Academy. Since 2011 Crouch has been Emeritus Professor at the International Centre for Governance and Public Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He is also an External Scientific Member of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne.

Crouch coined the term “post-democracy” in 2000 in his book Coping with Post-Democracy. It argues that states are conducted by fully operating democratic systems (elections are being held, governments fall and there is freedom of speech), but the application of this democracy is progressively limited. A small elite is making the tough decisions and co-opts the democratic institutions. Crouch developed the idea in an article called Is there a liberalism beyond social democracy? for the think tank Policy Network and in his subsequent book The Strange Non-Death of Neo-Liberalism. The term appeared to define a running evolution within democracies during the 21st century and is polemical because it calls attention to recognized democracies losing some of their foundations and evolving towards an aristocratic regime.


  • The Student Revolt, Bodley Head, London 1970
  • Class Conflict and the Industrial Relations Crisis, Heineman, London 1977
  • (Ed. with Alessandro Pizzorno) The Resourgence of Class Conflict in Western Europe Since 1968, 2 Volumes. Macmillan. London 1978
  • The Politics of Industrial Relations, Fontana 1979
  • Trade Unions: The Logic of Collective Action, Fontana 1982
  • Industrial Relations and European State Traditions, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1993
  • (Ed. with Wolfgang Streeck) The Political Economy of Modern Capitalism: Mapping Convergence and Diversity, (1997)
  • Post-democracy, Polity Press, Cambridge 2005, ISBN 0-7456-3314-5
  • The Strange Non-death of Neo-liberalism, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken 2011, ISBN 978-0-7456-5221-4
  • Making Capitalism Fit for Society , Polity Press, Cambridge 2013, ISBN 9780745672229
  • The Knowledge Corrupters. Hidden Consequences of the Financial Takeover of Public Life, Polity Press, Cambridge 2015, ISBN 9780745669854

Colin Crouch would have been vulnerable to the Jack-straw boot of Abel-Smith and his Giggling mates because when Apollo’s followers were admiring Colin Crouch, Colin Crouch was a Prof at Vichy Warwick, which at the time was ruled by the Ruthless Prince Of Social Scientists Who Sell Out To Neoliberalism, Nigel Thrift. Details of Nigel’s Vicious Attack on someone else from Bangor who Challenged The Gang  can be read in previous posts eg. ‘Vichy Warwick’.

Motto: Travail, Famille, Patrie
“Work, Family, Fatherland” Sir Nigel John Thrift, DL FBA FAcSS FRSGS (born 12 October 1949 in Bath). In 2016 Thrift became Executive Director of the Schwarzman Scholars, an international leadership program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is the former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick, having served in the position from 2006 to 2016.

Born in 1949, and educated at Nailsea School, south west of Bristol – my father was born at Nailsea – Thrift then studied geography at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and did his PhD at the University of Bristol. Thrift has held posts at numerous universities, including the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, the University of Wales, Lampeter, the University of Bristol, and the University of Oxford.

In 2005 Thrift was appointed VC of the University of Warwick, taking up the position in July 2006. He intended to retire at the end of the university’s 50th anniversary year in 2015, but extended by a month to the end of January 2016. Thrift was knighted in the 2015 New Year Honours for Services to Higher Education.

The highlights of Nige’s Services To Higher Education:

At Oxford, Thrift served as head of the Life and Environmental Sciences Division before becoming Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research. In interviews, he hints that his time at Oxford was less than satisfying.

Thrift’s role as Vice Chancellor at Warwick saw him launch several new initiatives, boosting the University’s presence in London (an expansion of the Business School in The Shard building) and overseas (through a strong partnership with Monash University, and with plans to develop a campus in California). Warwick is now ranked in the world’s top 100 universities, and in the top 10 in the UK. During Thrift’s tenure, job cuts to those without sufficient research income in the Medical School and Life Sciences were controversial and provoked acute resentment. The incongruity between Thrift’s progressive writings and his corporatisation of the University has been noted by commentators. This translates as ‘Nigel Thrift is an absolute ruthless bastard who is taking orders from Govt’. (My mate who worked at Warwick told me that, while Miranda was hacking my e mails.)

Thrift was a Chair of a section of the British Research Assessment Exercise (Main Panel H, 2005–07 and member, 2001 Panel for Geography), Chaired the Industry Commission on Higher Education (2012-) and the IPPR Commission on the Future of Higher Education.

The IPPR, as explained in previous posts, is a rather lame, allegedly left leaning think tank that was established by the Windbag and friends, that serves as a job creation scheme for the adult offspring of Labour Party Royalty, before they bag their safe seats. See the source imageThose we know and love have all Passed Through The IPPR. See the source image

In the financial year 2011–12, Thrift’s salary rose by £50,000 (21%) to £288,000.

Some students claimed that the pay raise was unjustified in light of Warwick’s performance in international university league tables, but their protests were rebuffed. In June 2013 when a pay rise of £42,000 (to £316,000) was announced,

a small number of students again protested. The grounds were that the raise went against university cutbacks to staff and student support/bursaries. In the same year, English Professor and outspoken critic of the corporatisation and marketisation of Higher Education, Prof. Thomas Docherty, was controversially suspended for some months for ‘insubordination’ in 2014.

Thrift’s pay increase of £16,000 announced in December 2014,

was again met with protests. On 3 December 2014 police used CS spray to tackle protests at the University of Warwick, after a security guard was assaulted (two protestors, including a student were later prosecuted). Thrift issued a written statement that denounced the alleged violence. This was rapidly followed by a petition calling for Thrift’s knighthood to be rescinded, with over 350 signatures.

Ken Sloan, Warwick’s then Registrar, stated that Thrift has been “targeted personally and directly” by students, including being spat on and verbally assaulted near his home.

In no way would I support such activities Ken, but Merfyn’s wife was left to die by the Top Doctors and Merfyn was forced out of public life following a ruthless campaign of hate. Because unlike Nige, Merfyn and his mate the Philanderer didn’t take orders from Gigglers. BTW, why was one of the best Profs that Nige had in the Warwick Business School put out to grass in 2013 while Nige moved on to CHINA?? Let me guess…See the source image

Readers know that although I gained great entertainment from Miranda and others who stole my letters, hacked into my e mails etc and jumped to conclusions because I made jokes to Apollo, Merfyn et al about BAAPS, Little Strappy Sandals, the Krankies being Swingers etc, there was a downside. Including the deaths of so many witnesses. I’ll leave it to Miranda, Cherie and their friend from Lincoln’s Inn the Hon Mark Edward Pelham Piercy to explain those deaths.

If Prof Crouch was pushed into retirement by Sir Nige of Beijing because Apollo’s team were wowed by his work, I’ll just let him know that because I worked in biomedical research and witnessed so much Giggling and I have those 10,000 documents, I can try to do what Prof Crouch would be able to do so much better than I if he too had worked with Bodger et al ie. I can link the Top Docs and MDU who were bankrolled by the Oil Industry at the London Hospital back in the 1960s, with the growth of Giggles and the merger of those interests with Big Pharma, Life Sciences and the City. It’s really interesting Prof Crouch, it is definitely what happened, but it’s so big that it will take me a while to map it all. The pattern is very clear; Oil – Bankers – the Wellcome Trust and other Altruistic Health Organisations – Big Pharma. Those sectors ended up with the same group of Big Bosses as those who ran Healthcare and it was all propped up by the NHS that is Beyond Criticism. Neoliberalism would not have been possible without the Top Docs and their Big Mates who will smack you in the mouth if you say a bloody word See the source image How about supporting people who complain about a Royal Lobotomist making indecent suggestions next time World?See the source image


Lord Gnome -Harrison n C – ERIC Miller


Big Labour Name Larry Whitty who was Wedgie-Benn’s Private Secretary at the Ministry of Technology, knew Gnome’s daughter Penelope Piercy, Penelope being the Under-Secretary for the Minister of Technology, including Wedgie-Benn. Penelope bagged her CBE in 1968, while Wedgie-Benn was Minister of Technology, 4 July 1966-19 June 1970, so someone was happy with Penelope’s efforts. Gnome William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy died on 7 July 1966.

The Lord Whitty
Official portrait of Lord Whitty crop 3.jpg
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
In office
12 June 2001 – 10 May 2005
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Bob Ainsworth
Succeeded by The Lord Bach
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Roads
In office
28 July 1998 – 11 June 2001
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by The Baroness Hayman
Succeeded by David Jamieson
Government Whip
In office
7 May 1997  – 28 July 1998
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by The Lord Lucas
Succeeded by The Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
21 October 1996
Life Peerage
Personal details
Born 15 June 1943
Political party Labour
Alma mater St John’s College, Cambridge

Born in 1943, Whitty was educated at Latymer Upper School – PETER WALKER!! – and graduated from St John’s College, Cambridge in Economics. Whitty worked for Hawker Siddeley Aviation from 1960 to 1962 and at the Ministry of Aviation Technology, 1965-70. ELWYN EDWARDS.

Whitty was employed by the TUC, 1970-73 and the General Municipal Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union from 1973 to 1985. In 1985, Whitty became the General Secretary of the Labour Party, a post he held until 1994. Whitty was part of the reforming leadership of the Windbag.  So there’s two more names for you Mr H! Larry Whitty and the Windbag.See the source image Although you might have noticed them cluttering up the Labour Party…Image result for i didn't know you cared imagesSee the source image

The Lord Kinnock
Start campagne voor Europese verkiezingen van PvdA (Rotterdam) Neal Kinnoch , k, Bestanddeelnr 932-9811.jpg

Kinnock in 1984
Vice-President of the European Commission
European Commissioner for Administrative Reform
In office
16 September 1999 – 21 November 2004
President Romano Prodi
Preceded by Erkki Liikanen (Budget, Personnel and Administration)
Succeeded by Siim Kallas (Administrative Affairs, Audit and Anti-Fraud)
European Commissioner for Transport
In office
16 February 1995 – 16 September 1999
President Jacques Santer
Manuel Marín (Acting)
Preceded by Karel Van Miert (Transport, Credit, Investment, and Consumer Protection)
Succeeded by Loyola de Palacio (Parliamentary Relations, Transport and Energy)
Leader of the Opposition
In office
2 October 1983 – 18 July 1992
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
John Major
Preceded by Michael Foot
Succeeded by John Smith
Leader of the Labour Party
In office
2 October 1983 – 18 July 1992
Deputy Roy Hattersley
Preceded by Michael Foot
Succeeded by John Smith
Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Science
In office
14 July 1979 – 2 October 1983
Leader James Callaghan
Michael Foot
Preceded by Mark Carlisle
Succeeded by Giles Radice
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
28 January 2005
Life peerage
Member of Parliament
for Islwyn
Bedwellty (1970–1983)
In office
18 June 1970 – 20 January 1995
Preceded by Harold Finch
Succeeded by Don Touhig
Personal details
Neil Gordon Kinnock

28 March 1942 (age 78)
Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales

Political party Labour
Glenys Parry (m. 1967)
Children 2, including Stephen
Alma mater Cardiff University

I can remember much ranting against Miranda for removing Larry Whitty as Gen Sec of the Labour Party; Miranda replaced Whitty with Tom Sawyer (see previous posts for details of Tom). The anti-Miranda faction of the Labour Party were livid and used this as an example of Miranda’s undemocratic ways. Not only was Whitty not worth saving – he was on Gigglers business, but then so was Tom Sawyer  – but he didn’t Suffer, Larry ended up in the Lords.

In his role with the Windbag, Larry Whitty ‘progressed a wide-ranging agenda including the modification of internal rules, a shift towards a national membership scheme, the expulsion of Militant See the source image and, following the 1987 General Election defeat, the internal Policy Review’. See the source imageWhitty’s period as General Secretary meant that he oversaw two General Elections (the later in 1992) Image result for the north wales hospital denbigh imagesand the election of John Smith and Miranda as Leaders of the Labour Party. Whitty’s period as Gen Sec of the Labour Party oversaw the unfortunate death of John Smith on 12 May 1994 when the Top Docs of Bart’s were Ah wonderful but just couldn’t save him. Peter Howarth was awaiting trial for the sexual abuse of kids in care in north Wales when Smith pegged out. Howarth’s senior colleague and long-time friend Matt Arnold died on 9 June 1994, four days before Howarth’s trial opened at Chester Crown Court. A the time Gwynedd Community Health Trust were refusing to investigate the complaints that F and I had made about Dafydd sexually exploiting patients, as were the Mental Health Act Commission (CEO: William Bingley). See eg. ‘The Price Is Right’.

On the evening of 11 May 1994, with around 500 people present, Smith made a speech at a fundraising dinner at Park Lane Hotel, London, saying “The opportunity to serve our country – that is all we ask”. At 8:05 a.m. the following morning, whilst in his Barbican flat, Smith suffered a fatal heart attack. His wife phoned an ambulance and he was taken to Bart’s where he died at 9:15 a.m., having never regained consciousness. On 28 April, a fortnight before his death, Smith had visited the same A&E Dept to campaign against its proposed closure as a result of Tory Cuts. The Top Doc who had served as Smith’s tour guide, Professor Mike Besser, tried unsuccessfully to save Smith’s life.

The Secretary of State for the Dept of Health at the time was LSE alumnus, former psychiatric social worker Virginia Bottomley, the MP for South West Surrey, after she succeeded the seat on 4 May 1984 when the previous MP died in office on 10 March 1984, one Maurice Macmillan. F grew up and went to Farnham Art College near and in that constituency, (see previous posts), Maurice having been the constituency MP when F was in his later teen and 20s.

Bottomley’s numerous influential relations include: her husband, Peter, Giggling MP and C of E stalwart; her aunt the Camden Labour big wig Baroness Peggy Jay – mother of Dr Death’s mate Peter Jay, mother-in-law of Margaret, Sunny Jim’s daughter – and wife of Baron Douglas Jay, Richard Crossman’s mate and Labour big wig in Harold Wilson’s era and many more as discussed in previous posts. Ginny is hard to beat in terms of being an MP with influential relations. Ginny’s daughter Cecilia is a Top Doc, a gynaecologist, based in London, who Trained with the Gigglers and has worked for the NHS and privately.

Virginia’s incumbency at the Dept of Health is noted for Virginia not forging (as it were) ahead with closures of the big London hospitals as proposed. Instead Virginia closed hospitals in Wales, but not Denbigh, although the world was told in the summer of 1995 that Denbigh had shut. No, parts of Denbigh remained open until at least 2000, but the NHS and Govt has refused to ever clarify which patients remained at Denbigh.

By 5 July 1995, Dafydd had ‘retired’ from the NHS, clutching the contract to provide substance abuse services for north Wales along with an agreement that none of the very serious complaints against him would be followed up. See ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’ In retirement, Dafydd vastly expanded his business and although patients were told that he now had no NHS work at all, in the forthcoming years, most of Dafydd’s ‘private work’ was commissioned by the statutory services, including the NHS.

Previous posts eg. ‘The 1995 Club’ have discussed my theory See the source image that a contingent from the security services and the police WERE trying to close in on the Gigglers from the mid 1980s, but after the 1995 Genocide sent out the message loudly clearly that Fings Break, a la the Python assault on the castle with the rude Frenchman who told King Arthur Of The Britons that his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries, the command was changed from ‘Charge’ toSee the source image

The biggest Fing Wot Broke had broke on 12 May 1994 when the Gigglers killed the man whom everyone knew would be the next PM. Us Empowered Service Users were therefore left with those murdering bastards and people were paid to keep quiet and/or lie about us. The Romans really didn’t do a great deal for us because they didn’t want to be killed by the Top Docs.

No-one was going to touch Dafydd and the Gigglers again and every Principled Person in Parliament knew it.

No To NHS Cuts! Bart’s is associated with the London Hospital and the partnership arrangement meant that may consultants at the London – including some of those at the centre of the staged civil war starring Brave Wendy (see eg. ‘This Is A Nightmare For All Of Us’) – held joint posts with the London Hospital and Bart’s.

I see absolutely No Cuts at all:See the source image

The Tale Of Brave Sir Robin who Bravely Ran Away.See the source image So people need to stop telling me that I was the only one who stood up to the Gang; in terms of Empowered Service Users and the families, HUNDREDS of people complained, HUNDREDS. No-one would act on those very serious complaints because those In Authority were far too busy running away. See ‘The Price Is Right’. People were KILLED and still those who upheld the law bravely ran away. So don’t ever tell me that the Romans tried to help us, because they didn’t. They bravely ran away from an insane old gangster Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesand then arrested F and I when we rang him up and took the piss out of him. No-one helped us, no-one. I Know.

Like her Tory colleague at the time John Biffen, Virginia has held roles with private healthcare companies.

The Lord Biffen

John Biffen
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
In office
11 June 1983 – 13 June 1987
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Baroness Young
Succeeded by John Wakeham
Leader of the House of Commons
In office
7 April 1982 – 13 June 1987
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Francis Pym
Succeeded by John Wakeham
Lord President of the Council
In office
7 April 1982 – 11 June 1983
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Francis Pym
Succeeded by William Whitelaw
Secretary of State for Trade
In office
5 January 1981 – 6 April 1982
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by John Nott
Succeeded by The Lord Cockfield
Chief Secretary to the Treasury
In office
4 May 1979 – 5 January 1981
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Joel Barnett
Succeeded by Leon Brittan
Shadow Secretary of State for Industry
In office
19 November 1976 – 4 May 1979
Leader Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Michael Heseltine
Succeeded by Eric Varley
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy
In office
15 January 1976 – 19 November 1976
Leader Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Patrick Jenkin
Succeeded by Tom King
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
3 June 1997 – 14 August 2007
Life peerage
Member of Parliament
for North Shropshire
Oswestry (1961 – 1983)
In office
9 November 1961 – 8 April 1997
Preceded by David Ormsby-Gore
Succeeded by Owen Paterson
Personal details
William John Biffen

3 November 1930
Combwich, England

Died 14 August 2007 (aged 76)
London, England
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Sarah Wood (m. 1979)
Alma mater Jesus College, Cambridge

Mr Bridgy Celeb was in the possession of a great deal of money and celeb friends when Virginia bravely ran away and when she lied about having closed Denbigh.

Tony Francis was of course passing confidential/inaccurate/forged documentation about me to the Windbag’s office during Whitty’s reign. I had no idea that Gnome’s relatives were playing a role in the skulduggery. In 1988 when Miranda was a member of the Windbag’s Shadow Energy Team – Shadowing Peter Morrison among other members of Thatch’s Energy Team he was observed receiving mysterious packages hand-delivered by courier a la his former pupil master George Carman.

It was when he was in the Shadow Energy Team that Miranda was identified as A Future Leader Of The Labour Party. See the source image Gnome’s grandson – Penelope’s nephew –  is the Hon Mark Edward Pelham Piercy, son of 2nd Baron Piercy, Nicholas. The Hon Mark is a graduate of New College Oxford and a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn viz comic legal advice man pub a la Richard Crossman’s father Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, Lord Denning,  Carman, Miranda and Cherie…

Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994.See the source imageSee the source image

See the source image

Whitty was the European Co-ordinator for the Labour Party from 1994 to 1997.

The Windbag became Labour Party Leader as the result of a backroom deal thrashed out by Clive Jenkins and Moss Evans.viz comic legal advice man pub Clive Jenkins was the slimebag who headed the union which became MSF and represented NHS professionals who were not Top Docs or other practitioners, who witnessed the Top Docs Giggles and criminality but who were quite powerful enough to gain the upper hand in the medical establishment. Jenkins and his fellow travellers thus gained huge political muscle. They colluded with the Giggles to strengthen their own position. This was also the basis of Red Ken’s power; Red Ken had worked as a lab technician at the Chester Beattie Cancer Institute CHECK and started a branch of the union there. Jenkins and Red Ken had the dirt on many Top Docs…

I was told once I began this blog that the Windbag being crowbarred in by Jenkins and Evans – against the wishes of many in the Labour Party – as Labour Leader on 2 Oct 1983 was something to do with me; I presumed that it was related to my presence by then at UCNW, and Brown and I living on Anglesey, Land Of The Tribe Of Glenys. The death threats and serious aggro from the Gang began in Jan 1983. ASTON – Elwyn!! Feb 1983 – Trishles and other presents from the security services –

By Oct 1983, after I began to recover from serious depression throughout which D.G.E. Wood had done nothing constructive, Wood dropped the suggestions that I should consult the psychotherapist who was the ‘large Greek’ in Shrewsbury but soon began banging on about another experienced psychotherapist who it transpired was the Royal Lobotomist. John Biffen’s constituency was the one that neighboured the constituency containing Shrewsbury. Biffen succeeded the seat after Lord David Harlech stepped down as the constituency MP.

Lord H with Jackie Kennedy; Lord H proposed after JFK was assassinated but Jackie turned him down and subsequently married a Greek with a large bank balance.  

Lord H died on DATE Jan 1985 in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, after his car crashed. The only surviving children of Lord H are Jane Ormsby-Gore – Mick’s ex – and OTHER ONE?? they had a penchant for being found dead in unfortunate circumstances. See post ‘      ‘.See the source image


Veronica et al snooping around just after I got together with Brown in May 1980 – then making a nuisance of themselves at granny’s funeral in late 1981?? early 1982?? Penelope had been busy –

Francis and Sadie – relocated from Manchester to north Wales in 1983 – Francis was being used to cover up complaints about Gwynne before I encountered him, then did the same re my complaint – Francis knew the Windbag from Cardiff University – Francis arrived with the other Nice Young Doctors to provide the illusion of Improvement and Change because there were so many complaints and so much trouble re Gwynne, who dated back to Gnome’s William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercyheyday.

Fattersley – from Yorkshire – elected as the Windbag’s Deputy – Sparkbrook – Bluglass and the ring in Brum – Fattersley’s wife – education n schools

1984 – Frank Byers – dead- Maurice Mac – dead – Ioan Lyonel dead – Ann Clwyd

Wedgie Benn – Bristol seat – DATES – boundary changes – Labour Party moved mountains to ensure that he was elected for the safe Derbyshire seat of Chesterfield on 1 March CHECK 1984 – Eric Varley fiddle -VARLEY – HAD BEEN Benn’s PPS for short while in 1969 when Benn was Minister of Technology – JIM GRIFFITHS and the coal crowd in the Labour Party – NUM dispute – Brown working on the reporting of the NUM strike by the mass media – Maurice Mac – died 10 March 1984,  Maurice had been the MP for Halifax, 1955-64, – Sadie’s family friend Shirley Summerskill succeeded Maurice in the seat – Shirley stood down from the Commons in 1983 CHECK – Edith Summerskill – a Giggler who was junior Minister to John Strachey at Ministry of Food DATES – Edith in Lords after DATE – died on ??


Whitty was created a life peer on 21 October 1996 as Baron Whitty, of Camberwell in the London Borough of Southwark. Just a few weeks before Whitty received his peerage, The Hague announced that Ronnie would be the Chair of the Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Whitty and Ronnie Waterhouse both being alumni of St John’s College, Cambridge.

From July 1998, Whitty was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Dept of Environment, Transport and the Regions with responsibility for roads and road safety issues. This Dept was of course Prezza’s domain, Prezza who came from Prestatyn. PARENTS – Prezza serving the drinks – Prezza at Ruskin when Matt Arnold was teaching there and Peter Howarth was his student; Prezza was President of the Ruskin Students’ Union – then MP for Hull Of Giggles – esp Philip Larkin – Kingsley Amis and du Cann his mates at St Johns College Oxford – IDWAL PUGH

The Lord Prescott
John Prescott on his last day as Deputy Prime Minister, June 2007.jpg
Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office
2 May 1997 – 27 June 2007
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Michael Heseltine
Succeeded by Nick Clegg (2010)
First Secretary of State
In office
8 June 2001 – 27 June 2007
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Michael Heseltine (1997)
Succeeded by The Lord Mandelson (2009)
Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions
In office
2 May 1997 – 8 June 2001
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by John Gummer (Environment)
George Young (Transport)
Succeeded by Margaret Beckett (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)
Stephen Byers (Transport, Local Government and the Regions)
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
In office
21 July 1994 – 24 June 2007
Leader Tony Blair
Preceded by Margaret Beckett
Succeeded by Harriet Harman

Shadow Cabinet positions
Shadow Secretary of State for Employment
In office
21 October 1993 – 21 July 1994
Leader John Smith
Margaret Beckett (Acting)
Shadowing David Hunt
Michael Portillo
Preceded by Frank Dobson
Succeeded by Harriet Harman
In office
26 October 1984 – 13 July 1987
Leader Neil Kinnock
Shadowing Tom King
Lord Young of Graffham
Norman Fowler
Preceded by John Smith
Succeeded by Michael Meacher
Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
In office
23 November 1988 – 21 October 1993
Leader Neil Kinnock
John Smith
Shadowing Paul Channon
Cecil Parkinson
Malcolm Rifkind
John MacGregor
Preceded by Robert Hughes
Succeeded by Frank Dobson
In office
31 October 1983 – 26 October 1984
Leader Neil Kinnock
Preceded by Albert Booth
Succeeded by Gwyneth Dunwoody
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy
In office
13 July 1987 – 23 November 1988
Leader Neil Kinnock
Shadowing Cecil Parkinson
Preceded by Stanley Orme
Succeeded by Tony Blair
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
8 July 2010
Life Peerage
Member of Parliament
for Kingston upon Hull East
In office
19 June 1970 – 12 April 2010
Preceded by Harry Pursey
Succeeded by Karl Turner
Personal details
John Leslie Prescott

(1938-05-31) 31 May 1938 (age 81)
Prestatyn, Flintshire, Wales

Political party Labour
Pauline Tilston (m. 1961)
Children 2
Education Ruskin College
Alma mater University of Hull
a. ^ Office vacant from 27 June 2007 to 11 May 2010.
b. ^ Office vacant from 2 May 1997 to 8 June 2001.
c. ^ Office vacant from 27 June 2007 to 5 June 2009.


I can only hope that as an associate of the Lucan side of my family (see ‘Except You’re A Bird’), Two Jags wasn’t involved in the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery, as discussed in ‘My Gangland Family’. If he was, Two Jags no doubt distributed the Foundation Garments that were stolen from that train to the Womenfolk of the Labour Party.See the source image Choose something for Pauline Prezza, I’m sure that the Lucans will offer you one at a discount!

– the Beast of Bolsover – Ruskin grad – Labour MP for that Derbyshire seat, DATES, also an alumnus of Ruskin – Margaret Beckett and her Caravan – Derbyshire seat – Lincoln – DATES – Manch grad – DATES – Francis and Sadie etc

From 1997 Lord Whitty was a Lord-in-Waiting (Gov’t Whip) covering education and foreign affairs.

Waterhouse Inquiry – Jan 1997 -Ann Hills death just before it began – See post ‘Error Of Judgement’.

Peter Howarth died – April 1997 in HMP Wakefield – Ronnie dined with Derry Irvine –

31 Aug 1997

George Thomas – death -22?? Sept 1997 – same day as that fax re F’s letter  See ‘The Price Is Right’.

Penelope Piercy died on 27 Dec 1997. F and I were awaiting trial – Bridget Lloyd – acquitted in early Jan 1988

Whitty became Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at DEFRA with responsibility for Farming, Food and Sustainable Energy in June 2001, serving in this position until the General Election of May 2005.

Whitty was appointed as the first Chairman of Consumer Focus in July 2007. Consumer Focus was the statutory organisation campaigning for a fair deal for consumers in England, Wales, Scotland, and, for postal services, Northern Ireland. Consumer Focus was created through the merger of three organisations – Energywatch, Postwatch and the National Consumer Council (including the Scottish and Welsh Consumer Councils) – by the Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007.

Larry Whitty is married, with two sons from a previous marriage. He is the brother of Geoff Whitty, a former Director of the Institute of Education, London University.

Geoffrey James Whitty (31 December 1946-27 July 2018) was an economist and Professor for Equity in Education at the University of Newcastle, Australia and who was also a Director of the Institute of Education, University of London. RING IN NORTH EAST

Born in 1946, Whitty was educated at Latymer Upper School and graduated from St John’s College, Cambridge. After postgraduate study at the Institute of Education, Whitty became a Lecturer in Education (sociology and social studies) at the University of Bath in 1973. TRAINEE TEACHERS IN BRIDGY

In 1981, Geoffrey Whitty became a Lecturer in Urban Education at King’s College London before becoming Head, Professor and Dean of Education at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England) in 1985. BRISTOL POLY – two of my friends were students there from 1981-85 – letters stolen and sold to the Digger and George Carman

Phyllida Parsloe – PVC Bristol Poly – DATES??

In 1990, Whitty became Professor of Policy and Management in Education, Goldsmiths College. In 1992, Whitty became Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education, Institute of Education. In 2000, Whitty became Director of the Institute of Education and finished his term at the end of 2010; the current Director is Becky Francis.

Professor Whitty was Chair of the British Council‘s Education and Training Advisory Committee. Whitty’s main areas of research and scholarship are the sociology of the school curriculum, education policy, teacher education and health education. Whitty directed ESRC-funded research projects on the impact of education policies, such as the assisted places scheme, city technology colleges and changes in initial teacher education. Geoff Whitty’s most recent project was an evaluation of Education Action Zones.

Whitty was appointed CBE in the 2011 Birthday Honours.


Another Name for Mr H:

Sir Anthony Part, A Civil Servant whom Gnome’s daughter Penelope knew; like Penelope, Part served Wedgie-Benn, Part being Permanent Secretary to Benn when Benn was Secretary of State for Industry, 5 March 1974-10 June 1975.

I have found a summary of Anthony Part’s life compiled from his autobiography ‘The Making Of A Mandarin’. Part was born into a well-to-do family in 1916. His grandfather had made his fortune in industry in Lancashire, then moved south where various members of the family established the General Trading Company, the Sloane Rangers’ favourite shop. Part’s parents divorced when he was 14 yrs old. He was educated at Harrow and Cambridge University. Part joined what is now the Dept of Education in 1937 as an Assistant Principal. He had never seen a state-funded school so asked if he could visit some and was told ‘No, because if you were to visit some schools you might begin to think you knew something about it and that would be very dangerous. The HM Inspectors are your advisers on the ground.’ Just before WW II, Part was appointed Assistant Private Secretary to a Minister in the newly formed Ministry of Supply. In 1940 Part was called up and served in the Intelligence Corps under General Montgomery at Alamein (see previous posts for discussion of Bernard Montgomery and his very odd lifestyle which suggested Giggles or at least barely repressed Giggles that left a legacy). Part was promoted to Lt Col but was then received a letter telling him that there was no further place for him at the HQ of 21 Army Group. Part attributed this to his having developed a ‘fierce efficiency’ that was preventing a ‘happy ship’. A few years after the war, having returned to Education, Part spent a year in the USA, supported by a Harkness Fellowship. While there, he was knifed, near his heart, by the son of a friend who thought that he was an intruder in his house. After recovering from that, Part contracted TB and was unable to work for well over a year. Part was considered a good networker and believed that if you’re going to get involved with a continuing operation with a number of different organisations, it greatly increases your chances of success if you have made friends with the key people in these organisations. Part was also a great proponent of ‘teams of mixed skills’. Part was in due course appointed Deputy Secretary (now Director General) in which role he was keen to improve the professional standing of school teachers. Part made little progress and subsequently commented that ‘had they succeeded  or even made substantial progress … the standing and attitudes of teachers would over time have been constructively transformed. The opportunity missed was matched later on by the destructive attitude of Mrs Thatcher’s Govt towards Local Education Authorities. The impatience at the inefficiency of a few… was allowed to escalate into an denigration of local authorities as a whole.’ Anthony transferred to the soon to be enlarged Ministry Of Works in 1963 where he worked closely and effectively with a wide range of professions – engineers, architects etc.

The Ministry of Works was formed in 1940 to organise the requisitioning of property for wartime use. After the war, the Ministry retained responsibility for Govt building projects. In 1962 it was renamed the Ministry of Public Building and Works, and acquired the extra responsibility of monitoring the building industry as well as taking over the works departments from the War Office, Air Ministry and Admiralty. The Chief Architect of the Ministry, 1951-70 was Eric Bedford. In 1970 the Ministry was absorbed into the Department of the Environment (DoE), although from 1972 most former Works functions were transferred to the largely autonomous Property Services Agency (PSA).

In 1968, Part was appointed Permanent Secretary at the Board of Trade. His Dept was then subsumed into the DTI whose challenge lay in its very wide policy scope. Grocer Heath as PM and his Secretary of State at the DTI, John Davies, were, in the view of Part: as clear and confused as many of their predecessors and successors when it came to defining their industrial policy.  ‘Disengage from industry’ was one message.  ‘Act like Great Britain Ltd’, ‘Support the defence industries’ and ‘Maintain regional investment grants’ were others. 

All in this together – John Davies – had been DG of CBI – Grocer Heath parachuted him in as MP for Knutsford at Giggles Central in DATE because the Grocer was so desperate to have Davies in his Cabinet – Davies’s son Frank Davies is the Canadian music producer (see previous posts) – Poulson – T Dan Smith etc and the ‘Web Of Corruption’ – built up over years, especially as a result of Anthony Part – ALL doing deals with Gwynne and Dafydd- Part was one of the Mr Bigs who was never named in the Poulson scandal – the sacrifices were Poulson, Andy Cunningham and T Dan Smith – although all were provided with comfy lives after prison. NAME Scottish Civil Servant?? Reggie Maudling was only one really shafted – Lord Lambton scandal connected to this lot, Lambton rescued as well. Another big name in the Civil Service in the thick of this was Civil Service Mandarin Dame Evelyn Sharpe. As well as of course Dafydd’s mate Bing Spear at the Home Office Drug’s Branch… The Lord Denning-Baring-Hampshire County Council-Southampton University corruption was part of Sir Anthony’s domain.

Another tribute now to a Lady Civil Service Mandarin who, with corrupt Dame Evelyn Sharpe and corrupt Dame Mary Smieton, was one of the first three Wimmin to break the glass ceiling of the Civil Service: Introducing Mildred Riddelsdell. Mildred was a real hoot, she was one of the most senior Mandarins who worked for Dick Crossman when Crossman was doing everything possible to ensure that Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggles expanded unhindered. Surely Mildred and Penelope Piercy will have known each other…

Dame Mildred Riddelsdell DCB CBE (1 December 1913-25 July 2006), with “Dame Evelyn Sharp at Housing and Dame Mary Smieton at Education, she was one of the first women to reach the pinnacle of the Civil Service”.  Mildred was born at the Old Registry, Llandaff, Glamorgan, the second of the three daughters of Harry Joseph Riddelsdell (1866–1941), sub-warden of St. Michael’s College, Llandaff, and his wife, Maud Riddelsdell, née Butt (c.1870–1943). Bodger came from that part of south Wales, Bodger attending Llandaff Cathedral School before Cowbridge Grammar. Mildred graduated from Bedford College, London, now part of Royal Holloway, University of London. Earl Conrad Russell, Bertrand’s son, lectured at Bedford College for many years.

Riddelsdell was Assistant Secretary, Ministry of National Insurance from 1945 to 1950, and Under-Secretary, 1950-65, during which time, she was on loan to the United Nations, 1953-56. In 1945, Mildred had a crucial role in creating the contributory benefits system created by the incoming Labour Govt that was to be central to the welfare state. Mildred will have known Attlee and Gnome.

The Ministry of National Insurance was one of the Ministries that eventually merged into the DHSS. Like Mildred, the Mandarin Kenneth Stowe spent years of his career at the Ministry for National Insurance – they worked together and Stowe will have known Gnome as well – Stowe being one of the guiltiest Mandarins in terms of facilitating and concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and associated criminality until he died in 2014. CHECK.

Stowe was so useful to the rotten state that he was ‘borrowed’ from the DHSS to serve as Permanent Secretary for N Ireland, DATES. Stowe’s obituaries mentioned the Troubles and his near-miss as the result of a bomb during his time in N Ireland, but Stowe will really have been needed to conceal the VIP ring at Kincora Boys’ Home. Stowe’s service to criminal Top Docs continued after his career in the Civil Service ended. CANCER RESEARCH – HERE  See previous posts for info on Stowe.

Riddelsdell was Secretary, of the National Incomes Commission, 1962-65. Riddelsdell was Under-Secretary, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance in 1965, and Under-Secretary, Ministry of Social Security in 1966.Mildred was Deputy Secretary, DHSS, 1966-71, and Second Permanent Secretary, 1971-73, and only the third woman to rise to the grade of Permanent Secretary. As a Woman who did everything possible to serve Crossman and then the Grocer’s Secretary of State at the DHSS Sir Keith Joseph, Mildred probably shouldn’t have bothered with her career of Formidable Womanhood in a Govt Dept dedicated to expanding organised abuse on an international scale and concealing the deaths of witnesses.

Mildred was the Chairman, Civil Service Retirement Fellowship, 1974-77.

In 1958, the year in which Dafydd began his career as a Top Doc at Denbigh having Qualified in 1957 and finished his house year, Mildred was made a CBE. In 1972, Mildred was the first woman to be appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the Bath. 1972: Bryn Estyn DEATHS – H

Mildred never married. She died on 25 July 2006, following a stroke at the Old Prebendal House nursing home in Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire.

Guardian obit by Tam Dalyell –

Mildred Riddelsdell, civil servant: born Llandaff, Glamorgan 1 December 1913; Assistant Secretary, Ministry of National Insurance 1945-50, Under-Secretary 1950-65, on loan to UN 1953-56; CBE 1958; Secretary, National Incomes Commission 1962-65; Under-Secretary, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance 1965; Under-Secretary, Ministry of Social Security 1966; Deputy Secretary, Department of Health and Social Security 1966-71, Second Permanent Secretary 1971-73; DCB 1972; Chairman, Civil Service Retirement Fellowship 1974-77; died Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire 25 July 2006.

‘A terribly noble and nice woman” was how the diarist and Secretary of State for Health and Social Security Richard Crossman described one of his key civil servants, Mildred Riddelsdell. Crossman maintained, correctly, that she was often noble on the part and for the benefit of her department.

As Crossman’s Parliamentary Private Secretary who between 1968 and 1970 attended many meetings across a table with Riddelsdell I can confirm that she was a terribly nice woman. But of course she was a great deal more than that. Alongside Dame Evelyn Sharp at Housing and Dame Mary Smieton at Education, she was one of the first women to reach the pinnacle of the Civil Service, and on sheer merit, coupled with detailed, grinding hard work to get on top of her brief – and no brief was more complex than that of the pensioner.
Robin Wendt, then Crossman’s civil service Principal Private Secretary, recalls Riddesdell as “highly intelligent, level-headed, modest, socially aware and concerned – a forerunner of a highly talented generation of women civil servants”.

Mildred Riddelsdell was born in 1913, the second child of the Rev H.J Riddelsdell – at that time studying at Llandaff College but later to become the Vicar of Wiggington in Oxfordshire and Bloxham. She had excellent grounding, for which she was ever grateful, at St Mary’s Hall in Brighton, where favourable terms were given to talented children of the clergy and this gave her entrance to Bedford College, then the women’s college of London University.

In 1936 she passed the civil service exam and opted for the Ministry of Labour. Her niece Mary Miller says that she kept to the end of her life pictures of Ernest Bevin, whose character and politics she greatly admired, though she was discretion itself when it came to revealing what party politics might be her choice. She would admit to being a child of the Beveridge Report and certainly played her part in the detailed work which led to the setting-up of the National Health Service.

She was to spend three formative years in New York at the United Nations between 1953 and 1956 on loan and using her pensions expertise for the benefit of international staff at the UN. Having returned to the department, she was again seconded in 1962 to be Secretary of the National Incomes Commission for three years.

I first came into contact with her at the end of September 1968 when Richard Crossman was made Secretary of State of the new combined Ministry of Health and Social Security. My first recollection is of how grateful he was for Riddelsdell’s briefing when he went with her and his Minister for Social Security, David Ennals, to confront the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Roy Jenkins, in his lair in the Treasury. If ever a civil servant knew how to handle treasury ministers and officials to the advantage of her department, it was Mildred Riddelsdell, combining tact with mastery of her case.

She bore the heavy end of the stick in the transfer from her old headquarters in John Adams Street, a quarter of an hour’s walk from Downing Street, to Elephant and Castle, which might have been Outer Mongolia, involving as it did both distance and traffic jams.

Riddelsdell had her moments with Crossman. Crossman’s diary for Thursday 4 September 1969 r

“While we were in the Lakes a red box arrived on the Saturday, but this wasn’t much good because I had frantic difficulty in getting a key posted up, which only arrived on our last day, the Tuesday. When I opened the box I found that Miss Riddelsdell had done exactly what I had told her not to do and had written a paper firmly committing me to a 1.3 [per cent] contribution rather than a 1.25 contribution. I telephoned her and she said, “Oh, I am so sorry. It is a real misunderstanding, I must apologise.” A few years ago I would have been furiously saying that these bloody civil servants deliberately deceive the minister but I don’t say that any more.

“I simply know Miss Riddelsdell assumed that I, being intelligent, would want what she wanted, and therefore she heard me say what she wanted me to say and misunderstood me.” Mildred Riddelsdell was loyal to ministers, but perhaps even more loyal to departmental wisdom. On Monday 8 September 1969, the complex contributions row had not subsided. Crossman again:

“I went out of the room and Miss Riddelsdell said, “Well, Secretary of State,” in a rather breathless way, “it certainly worked, didn’t it? I couldn’t believe it when you asked me to write the paper that way. We couldn’t write in 1.4 with any conviction but it worked.” She had a naughty glint in her eye as if to say, “To think that the Chancellor of the Exchequer could fall for such a simple device as that.” It only indicates what the political negotiation is and that the papers put up between ministers are political in a sense that civil servants, particularly, I think, civil servants in Social Security, find it hard to understand. I don’t think it would be true to say that all civil servants are like this, that nobody ever battles in a calculated way, but she was excited by this naughtiness and pleased that her Secretary of State had been so successful.”

 It was part of Riddelsdell’s charm that she could be naughty for the most

upright and worthwhile of causes. On train journeys or in the ministerial car she could be very amusing and perceptive in her judgements. She was the antithesis of the stuffy civil servant, other than when the occasion demanded it.

I laughed like a drain on 3 November 1969 when she quite improperly told me about the meeting that Crossman had had flanked by herself, Douglas Overend, David Ennals and John Atkinson with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the senior Treasury mandarins. She said to me in a po-faced way with a twinkle in her eye. “You know, Tam, it was like visiting Mussolini and his advisers.”

Towards the end of the 1966-70 Labour government Crossman described Mildred Riddelsdell as a really outstanding and able civil servant of deep personal integrity. He wanted her in 1969 to succeed Sir Clifford Jarrett as Permanent Secretary of the department. This was stymied by Sir William Armstrong, who told Crossman, “I shall have to consult some of my friends.” In early December Armstrong, then head of the Civil Service, came back to Crossman and said:

 “We have consulted. Miss Riddelsdell is good at policy but she couldn’t manage the ministry. You will have to have somebody from outside.”

In fact Mildred Riddelsdell was to become Second Permanent Secretary in 1971 at the request of the incoming Conservative Secretary of State, Keith Joseph (who had consulted Crossman). She retired in 1973 on her 60th birthday.

The following year she became Chairman of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship, an indication of the high regard in which she was held by the cognoscenti.

‘The Guardian’ obituary for Mildred was written by her former junior colleague Michael Partridge:

Mildred spent her early years in her father’s rectory in Oxfordshire not far from her later home at Prebendal Court, Shipton-under-Wychwood. She went to St Mary’s Hall, Brighton, at an early age and then to Bedford college, London. She entered the Ministry of Labour in 1936 and was Ernest Bevin’s private secretary during the war.

In 1945, as an assistant secretary, she was one of four civil servants selected to introduce family allowances and establish a new Ministry of National Insurance and system of contributory benefits. It was a big achievement to draft and secure parliamentary approval for lengthy and detailed acts and regulations, devise procedures, recruit and train thousands of staff in hundreds of offices throughout the UK, and deliver the changes successfully, all in three years. From its humble beginnings in a few rooms, the new ministry rapidly became one of the biggest, with a budget that is still the largest in Whitehall.

Mildred was an under-secretary at the age of 36, a striking achievement in a world dominated by men when promotion was very much a matter of seniority and women normally had to resign if they married. She was seconded to the United Nations from 1953 to 1956, for which she received the CBE, and was secretary to the Prices and Incomes Commission from 1962 to 1965. On her return to the ministry she was promoted to deputy secretary, a post she held until 1971, when she was appointed second permanent secretary, responsible for all social security matters, in what had by then become the Department of Health and Social Security.

Her ability to analyse complex problems with speed and clarity appealed to ministers. She cut to the heart of a subject and presented issues and solutions succinctly and forcefully. She was impatient with those who prolonged discussion when the answers were clear, at least to her, which could be disconcerting to the less gifted. She had a high sense of propriety, and expected it of others. On one occasion, she silenced her loquacious and overbearing secretary of state, Richard Crossman, who asked why he could not describe the Conservative graduated pension scheme as a “swindle” in his white paper, by replying with great moral indignation, “Because that would be wrong.” When I reminded her recently of that incident, she said:”He really was a frightful man.”

I met Mildred in 1960, when I joined the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance as a young assistant principal. She was my first under-secretary, in charge of family allowances and industrial injuries, on both of which I worked. I recall being summoned to her room and asked to write a note on how some benefits might be reformed. She outlined the background and the problems, told me what sources to consult and indicated possible solutions, all in 10 minutes, in crisp tones. I realised that she could have dictated the note herself in half an hour, and that, if I could only remember what she was saying when I got back to my desk, she had practically done it for me.

Shortly afterwards I found myself the private secretary to the permanent secretary, an intimidating Scot named Sir Eric Bowyer, who had been in the post for many years and had great experience. But even he was intimidated by Mildred. He held a meeting with his deputy secretary and five under-secretaries every Friday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm to discuss the ministry’s problems in a discursive haze of tobacco smoke. Mildred had been on a secondment and, one Friday, Sir Eric said: “Mildred returns next week. We shall have to smarten up and sharpen up our act.” Sure enough, that Friday the atmosphere was crisp and clear, as Mildred resolved all the issues with a few pithy comments, and the meeting was over by 4pm.

My wife Joan and I visited Mildred in her retirement. She remained as alert and crisp as ever. She used to quiz me when I was permanent secretary: “Has the department any problems, Michael? Tell me.” And she proceeded to offer suggestions for solving them within minutes, making me feel like her young assistant again. Once when I was working at the Home Office for Douglas Hurd, her local MP, she told me she was going to a public meeting he was holding that evening. I advised Douglas: “If a white-haired lady asks you a question, be very careful.” He told me later that she did and he was.

Mildred was admired, respected and loved by her staff. She remained mentally alert to the end and lunched with her friend Mary Smieton until the latter died 18 months ago. An eavesdropper would have heard the two, one over 100 and the other over 90, dissecting trenchantly the policies and performance of governments and civil servants.

Mildred’s admiring colleague Michael Partridge was featured on the website of Middlesex University on 16/7/2015:

Former senior civil servant and chairman of the Middlesex University Board of Governors Sir Michael Partridge has today been awarded an honorary degree. He was presented with the award at the University’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday 15 July.Formerly Deputy Under-Secretary of State responsible for the police department in the Home Office and Permanent Secretary of the Department of Social Security, his career as a senior civil servant spanned 35 years.

Michael PartridgePinner-based Sir Michael joined the Board of Governors at Middlesex University in 1993 and took the position of Chairman from 1997 to 2001.  Currently a Pro Chancellor for the University, he has seen several changes over his time at Middlesex, including moving from 14 campuses to a single one in Hendon, north London, which he describes as “most impressive”.

For many years, Michael was also the voluntary senior treasurer of the Methodist Church nationally, and, since retiring, he hasn’t stopped, now filling his time serving as chairman of pension schemes and school governing bodies, and as a non-executive director for a number of companies and charities. Speaking of being presented with the award, he said: “I am delighted and honoured to be receiving an honorary degree from Middlesex University with whom I have had a long association going back over twenty years. The University has gone through some radical changes, and attained great achievements that have transformed it into the success it now is.  Long may that continue.”

Middlesex University Vice-Chancellor Professor Michael Driscoll said: “Sir Michael is a pro-chancellor of the University.  He served as a member of the Board of Governors for two decades and during his time as Chair of the Board of Governors he was a key figure in helping bring Middlesex into one campus and make it the well-established University that it is today. We are delighted to have had Michael on the stage rather than in the audience this year and present him with this well-deserved award.”

The Chairman of Governors at Middlesex University is a criminal aren’t you Partridge? Do the students know?

During his 35 year civil service career, Partridge oversaw the splitting of DSS’s responsibilities between a raft of executive agencies, including the Child Support Agency and the Benefits Agency. The department was folded into the larger Department for Work and Pensions in 2001.
Partridge also served as deputy under-secretary at the Home Office between 1987 and 1988 – Michael Partridge – concealed much police corruption when he was at the Home Office – not just in north Wales re F and me et al but in the Met and Greater Manchester – details HERE


Sir Anthony Part visited Australia ‘as part of effort to assure the Commonwealth countries that they would not be forgotten if and when the UK joined the European Community’.

In 1974, Part’s Dept ‘was torn apart again’ and Part took charge of the Dept of Industry, reporting to Tony Benn. The Official Line is that Benn and Part did not get on, but Benn did nothing to expose the enormous criminality; he tried to use it for his own ends. Part had more experience of doing that, having been running that particular show since 1968 and effectively prior to 1968 in his previous roles. It was alleged that Benn was surprised to find that Sir Anthony was on first name terms with trade unionist Len Murray.

Sir Anthony retired in 1976 and embarked on a private sector career as a non-executive director of six businesses.  He died in 1990. 

Eric Bedford the Chief Architect of the Dept of Massive Civic Corruption, 1951-70, was responsible for London’s most famous phallic symbol:

Eric Bedford, CVO, CBE
BT Tower-1.jpg

Lector si monumentum requiris circumspice
Born 8 November 1909

Died 28 July 2001 (aged 91)

Worcester, England
Nationality United Kingdom
Alma mater Thornton Grammar School
Occupation Architect
Buildings BT Tower

Eric Bedford‘s most famous work is London’s BT Tower. In 1961, construction began on what was then known as The Post Office Tower, with Bedford as Chief Architect and G R Yeats, senior architect in charge. Completed in 1961, with a height of 177 metres (581 ft), it became London’s tallest building. Born in Yorkshire, and trained as an architect in the Midlands, Bedford joined the Ministry of Public Building and Works in 1936. In 1951, he was appointed the Ministry’s youngest ever Chief Architect. Shortly after, Bedford had an important role in the design of Brenda’s Coronation, for which he was subsequently made a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

Bedford retired in 1970 and lived abroad for some years before dying in 2001. As the architect responsible for one of London’s most iconic buildings, Bedford achieved surprisingly little recognition in his lifetime, or afterwards, his obituary in The New York Times describing him as; “the British government’s anonymous chief architect, whose works were visible to millions but whose name was scarcely known”.

Bedford was born on 29 August 1909 near Halifax in Yorkshire. He was educated at Thornton Grammar School and then undertook an architectural apprenticeship in Leicester. In 1934 he won a RIBA medal for his design for a railway terminal. Two years later, Bedford joined the Ministry of Public Building and Works and, after WW II was appointed its youngest ever Chief Architect. At Brenda’s Coronation Bedford had responsibility for significant elements of the overall design, including the Coronation Arches.

The BT Tower was designed to withstand nuclear attack, and in 1971 it was relatively undamaged by an bomb placed in the tower’s revolving restaurant by the Angry Brigade. In addition to the BT Tower, Bedford oversaw or undertook a number of other important governmental commissions; both within the UK and overseas.

After retiring to France to be near his daughter, Bedford returned to England following the death of his wife in 1977. He lived for many years in the village of Hanley Swan near Malvern, Worcestershire. Bedford died in a nursing home in Worcester in 2001.



Sir Anthony Part’s pal The More Sensible Trade Unionist Len Murray is discussed in previous posts; Len was one of Gwynne and Dafydd’s circle.

The Lord Murray
of Epping Forest
General-Secretary of the TUC
In office
Preceded by Vic Feather
Succeeded by Norman Willis
Assistant General-Secretary of the TUC
In office
Preceded by Vic Feather
Succeeded by Norman Willis
Personal details
Lionel Hodskinson

(1922-08-02)2 August 1922
Hadley, Shropshire, England

Died 20 May 2004(2004-05-20) (aged 81)
Loughton, Essex, England
Nationality British
Political party Labour
Other political
Communist Party of Great Britain
Heather Woolf (m. 1945)


Children 4, including David Murray

Lionel Murray, Baron Murray of Epping Forest, was born in Hadley, Shropshire, the son of a young unmarried woman, Lorna Hodskinson, and was brought up by a local Angel, Mary Jane Chilton. Len attended Wellington Grammar School in Shropshire and read English at Queen Mary College, London, but left after a year because of the emphasis on Anglo-Saxon language. Len briefly became a teacher but found he was ‘unsuitable’; whether that was because of the emphasis on Anglo-Saxon language is not a matter of record but it would be interesting to know why Len was deemed unsuitable at a time when teachers were allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted to kids without question and needed only a basic level of education unless they were teaching at an elite school.  After being deemed unsuitable for teaching, Len then joined the British Army.

Murray was commissioned in the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry in April 1943 and took part in the Normandy landings on D-Day. Six days later, Murray was badly wounded and in October 1944.

Len Murray worked at an engineering works in Wolverhampton as storekeeper, before leaving to sell The Daily Worker on street corners and joining the Communist Party. Whilst selling The Daily Worker, Len encountered his former headmaster, who informed him he was wasting his time. Determined to improve himself, shortly afterwards Murray gained a place at New College, Oxford where he graduated with in PPE under tutors including Dick Crossman and Sir John Hicks

Len the Spy, recruited by the biggest Gigglers in the service!

Murray began work as a manager for a Liverpool catering firm. He was a Trades Union Congress (TUC) employee from 1947, when he joined as an assistant in the Economics Dept. Seven years later he was promoted to Head of the Dept. Len was elected Assistant General-Secretary of the TUC in 1969. Len became General Secretary of the TUC in 1973, leading it during the Winter of Discontent and the subsequent confrontations with Thatch’s Govt.

Murray married Heather Woolf, a nurse, in 1945. The couple had two daughters and two sons, the younger of whom, David, pursued a successful career in the RAF. They lived in Loughton, Essex.

Murray served as a TUC officer until his retirement in early May 1984, three years early. Len retired as the Gwynne Row escalated, in the month in which Prof Eric Sunderland replaced Sir Charles Evans as a Cunning Plan on the part of Gigglers, Carlo and others to keep the lid on Gwynne’s Giggles.

Len Murray, like George Thomas, served as a Methodist lay preacher. Active involvement in Methodism was advantageous in Wilson’s Labour Party; George Thomas pulled in the votes in south Wales because of his very high profile in the Methodist Church and Mary Wilson of course had excellent Methodist credentials, being the daughter of a Methodist Minister. Gwynne and Dafydd’s Gigglers infiltrated all the main religious denominations but had a particularly tight grip on Methodism because of the historical dominance of Nonconformity in Wales. Nonconformity was also strong in the West Country and the North of England, and of course Methodists went across the world as Missionaries. The Gigglers had access to a vast network thus. Part of the Labour Party famously maintained that it owed more to Methodism than Marxism. Even Red Wedgie-Benn stressed his Nonconformist heritage. See eg. ‘There’s Methodism In this Madness’ and ‘Come Friendly Bombs’.

Len Murray died in hospital on 20 May 2004 from emphysema and pneumonia. It was in 2004 that Merfyn became VC of Bangor University after a period of time as acting VC and the gates of fuckwittery opened as Miranda and so many others hit the roof. It was in 2004 that the Philanderer cleared my name when an Unidentified Gossip from the School of Education at Bangor University tried to have me struck off the teaching register and the Philanderer was Named n Shamed on Radio 4 for having ‘let a paedophile remain on the teaching register’. See ‘The Price Is Right’. The Philanderer has probably been fitted up for the fortuitous death of Lord Murray Of Flattening Pakis Who Get Above Themselves as well.See the source image

Len Murray was appointed OBE in the 1966 New Year Honours, 1966 being a good year for honours for Insider witnesses to Profumo, or at least for those who didn’t die in that year a la Bill Astor (7 March), Lady Megan Lloyd George (14 May), Dorothy Macmillan (21 May) and Gnome (7 July).

Len was sworn of the Privy Council in 1976 and was created a life peer as Baron Murray of Epping Forest, of Telford in the County of Shropshire, on 14 February 1985 as the Gwynne-related panic grew so large that people had temporarily pretended to me that It Had All Been Forgotten. It had been forgotten to such a degree that Nicholas Eden, a Giggling customer of Gwynne’s who was suffering from AIDS, resigned from his job in Thatch’s Govt as Minister in the Patrick Jenkin-led Dept of the Environment on 27 March 1985. Eden died on 17 Aug 1985, by which time the pretence was over and Tony Francis was at war with me.

Previous posts discussed how Len Murray was the Union Baron who sold the original Grunwick strikers down the river; before amassed opportunists climbed aboard the Grunwick bandwagon, the Grunwick staff who began the dispute in Aug 1976 had a cause far worthier than most who began disputes in that era. They were a small group of very poorly paid South Asian woman – led by Devshi Bhudia – who had been treated dreadfully, with the law being flouted in a way that would have made Dafydd proud. Len advised them very badly – he would have known that they were going to be flattened if they followed his advice – and Shirl spent a short time manning the barricades in a highly tokenistic way to show how much she cared about Wimmin. Then everyone walked away and the Indian Ladies who had relied upon Len to defend their rights See the source imageviz comic legal advice man pubwere absolutely shafted. But Brenda let Len into the Privy Council in 1976 so something good came out of it.

Grunwick was an excellent example of how the trade union and Labour movement absolutely would not effectively support the most oppressed in Britain no matter how worthy their case; they really were not interested and were not there to fight for the most vulnerable people. Or people having a hard time outside of Britain either. 

The Murray Hall in Loughton was named after Len and a blue plaque to him was unveiled on the family house, 29 The Crescent, in January 2019. That obviously neutralised the effects of this blog about Len’s mates.

It’s just as well that Someone Cared even if the rest of us didn’t know it Image result for i didn't know you cared images because things became yet more farcical when Len’s son Dave took up the family tradition of Fighting For The Downtrodden.

David Murray
Born 1960 (age 59–60)
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch Royal Air Force
Years of service 1980–2013
Rank Air Vice Marshal
Service number 8023715
Commands held Defence College of Police and Personnel Administration
RAF Halton
Battles/wars Bosnia
Sierra Leone Civil War
Awards Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Relations Len Murray, Baron Murray of Epping Forest (father)

Air Vice-Marshal David Paul Murray, (born 1960) is a retired senior Royal Air Force officer. Dave served as Defence Services Secretary in the Royal Household, 2010-12. Dave Murray was commissioned into the Royal Air Force on 27 March 1980. Murray served as station commander at RAF Halton and then at Worthy Down before becoming garrison commander at Winchester and then commandant of the Defence College of Police and Personnel Administration. Murray served on operational tours in the Falkland Islands, on UN peace-keeping duties in Bosnia and Sierra Leone. Dave also served in Africa, Australia, Cyprus and Germany. He became Assistant Chief of Staff Training in the RAF in 2006 and Head of Ministry of Defence Personnel Strategy and Programmes in 2009 before he was promoted to Air Vice Marshal in 2010 and appointed as Defence Services Secretary and Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel). Murray led the Diamond Jubilee Armed Forces Parade and Muster in 2012.

Having been appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 1996 New Year Honours and an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 1999 Birthday Honours, Murray was invested as a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) for his services as Defence Services Secretary in October 2012. Dave officially retired from the Royal Air Force on 21 January 2013.

In October 2012, Murray became Chief Executive of national Armed Forces charity SSAFA. Previous posts eg. ‘Feet In Chains’ have discussed how SSAFA is one of the charidees who Referred Clients to Dafydd. As I have clarified on the blog, the higher echelons at SSAFA do and did know what a charlatan/criminal Dafydd is. SSAFA is a big charidee with people at the helm who were in a position to know exactly how much complaint, controversy and litigation had surrounded Dafydd yet they Referred numerous people to Dafydd’s Clinics, Care Homes etc.

Field Marshall Edwin Brammall was Vice-President of SSAFA; Dwin Brammall served in the same regiment as Tom King, the King’s Own Rifles. Although Dwin was years older than King and ended up as Chief of the Defence Staff, as in medicine there can exist a loyalty between members of the same regiment that overrides caution, or in the case of King and Lord Brammall, basic sense.

Dwin Brammall’s brother Ashley was a Labour politician who remained good friends with his old pal from Oxford, Grocer Heath, in spite of their political differences. Ashley Brammall also spent years in leading roles at ILEA, when ILEA sent scores of kids into the care of north Wales children’s homes. See previous posts. THE OTHER SSAFA – name See post ‘      ‘.

As Chief Executive of SSAFA, Dave Murray led an organisation with an annual turnover of more than £55m, 900 paid staff (mainly medical professionals and social workers) and over 7500 volunteers, providing practical support and assistance to more than 50,000 people each year, from D-Day veterans to young soldiers wounded in Afghanistan. Those Paid Medical Professionals and Social Workers knew exactly who that £55 m was going to and what sort of service Dafydd offered to his patients. 

Dave Son Of Len was appointed Chief Exec of SSAFA shortly after Tony Francis was found dead, when I had gone into hiding for the first time after an encounter with a policeman with a gun.

In September 2016, Dave Murray was appointed controller/Chief Executive of the RAF Benevolent Fund. Founded in 1919, the RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF’s leading welfare charity supporting serving and former members of the RAF as well as their families. Annually, the charity spends over £18m supporting more than 41,000 members of the RAF family. Dave’s previous as SSAFA would suggest that the RAF Benevolent Fund should not trust his judgement even if Dave did lead Brenda’s Diamond Jubilee Armed Forces Parade and Muster in 2012.

Air Vice Marshal Dave, Dafydd is a gangster and you are an idiot having anything to do with him, even if Brenda and Carlo asked you to help out. As with Carlo’s deep and meaningful friendship with Jimmy Savile, it was not a good idea.

Furthermore Air Vice Marshall Dave, if you can explain why, when I was 14, Paul McCartney was posing for a porn mag, a Pop Legend who had a reputation to lose, yet never a word has been published about this outside of the porn industry, please do enlighten me. Even more intriguing was that the razzle starring Mr McM ended up in a disused garage in my back garden and no-one ever admitted to knowing how it got there. Not really what one expects from the composer of the Frog Chorus is it?See the source image


1968-76: Cabinet Ministers with whom Anthony Part worked as their Mandarin in terms of Board of Trade/DTI: Tony Crosland, 29 August 1967-6 October 1969; Roy Mason, 6 October 1969-19 June 1970; Michael Noble; 20 June 1970-15 October 1970; John Davies, 15 October 1970-5 November 1972; Peter Walker, 5 November 1972-4 March 1974; Tony Benn, 5 March 1974 – 10 June 1975; Eric Varley, 10 June 1975-4 May 1979.

Tiny Rowland throughout it all! Frederick Erroll as well…

Notes and Swearies: Many of the crooks whom worked in collaboration with Anthony Part re huge corrupt trade deals have featured in detail in previous posts, so I’ll just Share the Most Important Bits once more and introduce Salient New Info.

Tony Crosland was a Giggler of the highest order; Crosland Giggled with many at Oxford, including Woy, at Oxford and remained Close to Woy throughout their adult lives, including after Crosland married his wife Susan. I haven’t yet finished reading Woy’s biography due to pressure of work, but amidst all the Giggling and the claret, Crosland as a rough, tough, puff poof – as Richard Ingrams would say – looms large. Crosland would zoom off to Woy’s place in his Sports Car, dressed snappily and he and Woy would bore the world as Two Handsome Young Men About Town… They even zoomed around south Wales in that Sports Car and gosh mouths gaped open. The local plebs were still stunned years later:See the source image

Crosland was born at St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. His father, Joseph Beardsall Crosland, was a senior official at the War Office, and his mother, Jessie Raven, was an academic. Both of his parents were members of the Plymouth Brethren. His maternal grandfather was Frederick Edward Raven (1837–1903), founder of the Raven Exclusive Brethren and Secretary of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Crosland grew up in North London and was educated at Highgate School – as was Charles Clarke, the Chief Of The Windbag’s Office when the Windbag was in receipt of leaked/forged/inaccurate documents about me from Tony Francis (see previous posts) – and at Trinity College, Oxford. After graduating in Classical Moderations in Greek and Latin Literature, Crosland served as a paratrooper in Europe during WW II, from 1940. After the war, Crosland returned to Oxford University and obtained a degree in PPE; he also became President of the Oxford Union. Crosland became an Oxford University don tutoring Economics. Notable people whom Crosland taught at Oxford included Tony Benn, Norris McWhirter and Ross McWhirter. Which makes Crosland a Record Breaker!!See the source image

Crosland married Hilary Sarson in November 1952, divorcing after five years, though the marriage had effectively ended after a year. Crosland had numerous Giggles with other women. He remarried on 7 February 1964 to Susan Catling, an American from Baltimore resident in London whom he had met in 1956. Susan Crosland was a successful journalist and writer. Crosland wasn’t blessed with children from either marriage, although Susan Crosland had two daughters from a previous marriage. Crosland persuaded his step-daughters to abandon their elite private schools to attend Holland Park Comprehensive. If it was good enough for Uncle Harry’s nephews and Baroness Oona and indeed good enough to employ Bryan Ferry as an art teacher…

Anthony Crosland
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
8 April 1976 – 19 February 1977
Prime Minister James Callaghan
Preceded by James Callaghan
Succeeded by David Owen
Secretary of State for the Environment
In office
5 March 1974 – 8 April 1976
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Geoffrey Rippon
Succeeded by Peter Shore
Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
In office
19 June 1970 – 5 March 1974
Leader Harold Wilson
Succeeded by Margaret Thatcher
Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning
In office
6 October 1969 – 19 June 1970
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Anthony Greenwood (Minister of Housing and Local Government)
Succeeded by Peter Walker (Minister of State for Housing and Local Government)
President of the Board of Trade
In office
29 August 1967 – 6 October 1969
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Douglas Jay
Succeeded by Roy Mason
Secretary of State for Education and Science
In office
22 January 1965 – 29 August 1967
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Michael Stewart
Succeeded by Patrick Gordon Walker
Minister of State for Economic Affairs
In office
20 October 1964 – 22 January 1965
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Office Created
Succeeded by Austen Albu
Economic Secretary to the Treasury
In office
19 October – 22 December 1964
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Maurice Macmillan
Succeeded by Office Abolished
(Eventually Jock Bruce-Gardyne)
Member of Parliament
for Great Grimsby
In office
8 October 1959 – 19 February 1977
Preceded by Kenneth Younger
Succeeded by Austin Mitchell
Member of Parliament
for South Gloucestershire
In office
23 February 1950 – 26 May 1955
Preceded by Constituency established
Succeeded by Frederick Corfield
Personal details
Born 29 August 1918
St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, England
Died 19 February 1977 (aged 58)
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Political party Labour
Alma mater Trinity College, Oxford

When Crosland was Secretary of State at the DES – Ernest Armstrong – a Sunderland Cllr who then served as MP for Durham WHAT, DATES, used his influence with Crosland to conceal Matt Arnold’s and Peter Howarth’s Giggling at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead – Ernest -Miranda in Sedgefield – Ernest’s daughter Hilary succeeded Ernest in his seat – Hilary became part of Miranda’s inner circle and bagged her peerage in DATE.

The ongoing campaign for comprehensive schools in England and Wales gained a major boost when Crosland was at the DES with Circular 10/65, which as a statute rather than a Government Bill was controversial at the time, although a Govt motion in favour of the policy had been passed in January 1965. Crosland’s policy gained approval from local government; by 1979 over 90% of pupils were in comprehensive schools. In her biography published in 1982, Susan Crosland said that her husband had told her “If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to destroy every fucking grammar school in England. And Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Crosland was a keen football fan and an avid viewer of the TV show Match of the Day. He insisted on taking the then American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a well known football fan, to Blundell Park to watch Grimsby Town play Gillingham in April 1976 when the two met for the first time. In December 1976, when Kissinger bowed out after the Republican defeat, he went with Crosland to watch a football match at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers

See the source image Who won the cup final?

According to John P. Mackintosh, Wilson’s and Sunny Jim’s Govts were dominated by Crosland’s views on equality: ‘Crosland’s ideas continued to be almost unchallenged and dominated the Labour Govts of 1964–1970. […] [T]he Labour Government which came into office in 1974 edged back towards a Croslandite position. […] [I]f any ideas or policies could be said to have characterised Mr Callaghan’s very matter-of-fact and cautious government, they were the continuation of an approach which Crosland had set out in 1956…’ See the source image Crosland and his wife bought a converted mill at Adderbury in Oxfordshire in 1975, as well as having a home at Lansdowne Road in Notting Hill. It was at Adderbury that Crosland suffered a massive cerebral haemorrhage on the afternoon of 13 February 1977 whilst working on a paper on the Rhodesian situation. Image result for tiny rowland images That evening, Crosland had intended to complete a major foreign policy speech on détente. The speech was subsequently delivered by his successor, Dr Death, to the Diplomatic Writers Association on 3 March 1977.

Tony Crosland died at 58 yrs old in the Radcliffe Infirmary hospital, Oxford, on 19 February 1977 after being in a coma for six days. Harold Wilson had resigned suddenly on 5 April 1976; Harold who served in Attlee’s Govt and knew Gnome. On 10 May 1976, in the wake of Norman Scott’s allegations – they had only received media coverage because Norman had been prosecuted over a minor social security fraud and his defence necessitated the Court being obliged to listen to Norman’s account, Mr Thrope partly being the cause of the ‘fraud’ and ‘The Sunday Times’ publishing an article trashing Norman entitled ‘The Lies Of Norman Scott’ – Mr Thrope resigned the Party leadership, “convinced that a fixed determination to destroy the Leader could itself result in the destruction of the Party”.

Mr Thrope – Lady Megan Lloyd George’s godson – like Tony Crosland, was an alumnus of Trinity College, Oxford.The new Liberal leader, David Steel, appointed Mr Thrope Party Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, with responsibility for European issues. Mr Thrope lobbied the Govt hard for legislation to introduce direct elections to the European Parliament; at that time MEPs were appointed by member nations’ Parliaments.

By-election losses eroded and finally removed Labour’s small majority and in March 1977 Sunny Jim was in danger of losing a confidence vote that would have precipitated a General Election. Opinion polls indicated that an election at that time would have been equally disastrous for the Labour and Liberal Parties; to ensure mutual survival, a “Lib–Lab pact” was agreed, whereby in return for certain policy concessions the Liberals would support the Govt. In the various debates related to the unresolved issue of Rhodesia, Mr Thrope pressed for the involvement of representatives from the African nationalists, in the form of the Patriotic Front, in negotiations for a peaceful settlement to the long-running Rhodesian Bush War.Image result for tiny rowland images

Although the press was generally quiet after Thorpe’s resignation, reporters were still investigating him. The most persistent of these were Barry Penrose and Roger Courtiour, collectively known as “Pencourt”, who had begun by believing that Thorpe was a target of South African intelligence agencies, until their investigations led them to Peter Bessell in California. Bessell, no longer covering for Thrope, gave the reporters his version of the conspiracy to murder Scott, and Thrope’s role in it. Pencourt’s progress was covered in Private Eye, to Thorpe’s extreme vexation; when the pair attempted to question him outside his Devon home early in 1977, Mr Thrope threatened them with prosecution. See the source image

Mr Thrope’s relatively peaceful interlude ended in October 1977 when Newton, released from prison, sold his story to the London Evening News. Newton’s claim that he had been paid “by a leading Liberal” to kill Scott caused a sensation, and led to a prolonged police investigation. Throughout this period Mr Thrope endeavoured to continue his public life, in and out of Parliament. In the Commons on 1 August 1978, when it appeared certain Mr Thrope would face criminal charges, he asked the Attorney-General what sum of capital possessed by an applicant would prevent him from receiving legal aid. The next day Mr Thrope made his final speech in the House, during a debate on Rhodesia.Image result for tiny rowland images Image result for peter hain images Readers may choose to believe if they wish, the transparent tissue of odious lies that streamed on and on from his disgusting, greedy, slavering lips. That is Entirely A Matter For You. But I am in possession of 10,000 documents that should have put this lot in prison years ago.

others – here

John Davies
JohnDavies OfficialConservativePartyPhoto-Jan1973-byDerryMoore.jpg
Shadow Foreign Secretary
In office
11 April 1976 – 6 November 1978
Leader Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Reginald Maudling
Succeeded by Francis Pym
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
In office
5 November 1972 – 5 March 1974
Prime Minister Ted Heath
Preceded by Geoffrey Rippon
Succeeded by Harold Lever
President of the Board of Trade
In office
15 October 1970 – 5 November 1972
Prime Minister Ted Heath
Preceded by Michael Noble
Succeeded by Peter Walker
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
In office
15 October 1970 – 5 November 1972
Prime Minister Ted Heath
Preceded by Post established
Succeeded by Peter Walker
Minister of Technology
In office
28 July 1970 – 15 October 1970 See the source image Penelope Piercy: Mandarin at the Ministry of Technology
Prime Minister Ted Heath
Preceded by Geoffrey Rippon
Succeeded by Position abolished
Director of the Confederation of British Industry
In office
30 July 1965 – 15 October 1969
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Campbell Adamson
Member of Parliament
for Knutsford
In office
18 June 1970 – 6 November 1978
Preceded by Walter Bromley-Davenport
Succeeded by Jock Bruce-Gardyne
Personal details
Born 8 January 1916
London, England
Died 4 July 1979 (aged 63)
London, England
Political party Conservative


Entry from Wedgie-Benn’s diary, 27 April 1974:

At 11-15 the Prime Minister of Malta, Dom Mintoff, and the Maltese High Commissioner came to see me. Dom said he hoped that the new relationship with the Labour Government would be cordial. He described projects they were promoting in Malta: shipbuilding with the support of the Arab countries, possibly the development of large tankers; a £70m project with Libyan, Kuwaiti and Saudi money, which the UK would be welcome to join in; a cement project the Germans were interested in; perhaps diesel engines or hydraulic pumps or aluminium production. He thought that the UK technical assistance proposal offering up to £1m would be a useful point of entry. He indicated his great anxiety about defence cuts which might affect the Malta base. We agreed, because the Foreign Office, the Department of Trade and the Overseas Development Ministry were present, that a broadly based mission should go and look at it. But of course my official briefing was wildly antagonistic towards Malta. I was told the problem was that, after their talks had failed years ago, the Tories had written off Mintoff. He was thought completely unreliable. As we left I told Mintoff I admired his skill in keeping an island of 300,000 going by getting support from all over the place; and how the Common Market looked so big and bureaucratic. He said life looks much more difficult when you are at the bottom end of the scale. Mintoff is a very good negotiator and an attractive guy. Extremely difficult – but then you can’t survive if you are the PM of Malta without being difficult’.

Readers might remember from earlier posts that after I discovered that Richard Crossman and Jack Jones – along with Lady Juliet – were popping over to Mintoff’s place in Malta for extended free holidays and Harold Wilson ensured that these jollies were never reported in the British press, Brown told me that the really big Q was what trade deals Britain was thrashing out with Malta.

Now we know Brown! Dom went into business with Britain in a huge way under Wilson and Sunny Jim. From 1974, the year in which Dr Death helpfully used his Private Members Bill to ensure that the new Children Act as designed entirely by George Thomas’s mate Leo Abse and Gwynne and Dafydd’s friends (see eg. ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’) reached the statute books in the form of the Children Act 1975, resulting in so many kids across Britain being taken into ‘care’ by rings of paedophiles who had infiltrated the Depts of Social Services. The recent Local Authority re-organisation and the creation of ‘generic’ Depts of Social Services to cater ‘for the whole family, from cradle to grave’ greatly assisted the criminality.

What a bloody nightmare. Lady Juliet was a personal friend of Mintoff and when the old cow died in 2005 the proud obituaries discussed how Lady Juliet had acted as a communication channel between Dom and the British Govt when Dom had lost his position as Malta’s PM but was still An Important Man. Lady Juliet who knew Gnome’s wife/widow Veronica.

The Maltese Mafia Boss. The 1970s Labour Govt embraced him warmly although the ‘official briefing’ was to have no dealings with him.See the source image

I note that Dom suggested that Britain might like to contribute ‘aluminium production’ to the cosy trade deals. Anglesey Aluminium was the biggest employer on Anglesey for years, with the exception of Wylfa nuclear power station. Previous posts explain how Liz Stables, Dafydd’s mate who worked as the Angel in UCNW Student Health Centre with D.G.E. Wood the People Trafficker – Wood from a Bristol medical family – left her previous job at Anglesey Aluminium to work at UCNW in 1983/84, replacing the previous Angel who was just so unpleasant that I refused to return to the Student Health Centre if I had to deal with her. Liz was much more friendly and chatty; one of her topics of conversation was how badly UCNW paid and treated her as compared to Anglesey Aluminium, that UCNW had renegaded on promises etc. Wood was constantly battling with UCNW authorities on Liz’s behalf. I always wondered why Liz ever left her job at Anglesey Aluminium; she remained very friendly with them, was on the phone to them constantly and her mates from AA used to arrive at the Student Health Centre to socialise with her.

There was obviously a great deal at stake in that little Student Health Centre in the back end of beyond in Bangor.See the source image Carlo: appointed Chancellor of UCNW in 1976. Good for business Carlo? All complaints about that Royal Lobotomist could be met with a See the source image and the destruction of their careers and lives?

Another few names for the Philanderer there! See the source image A load of fucking gangsters running the NHS. They might have particularly hated me but Veronica and Lady Juliet John-Biffen.jpgdid not do it all only to nobble grandpa’s favourite grandchild! An international trafficking ring as an integral part of huge trade deals that the British Govt knew involved children and vulnerable people being snared and trapped by the welfare state. That was why we could be found dead and no-one gave a bugger. No lie or smear was too great to blame the victims of crime for their own assaults or murders.

You’re an absolute disgrace UK State, there were so few people who really were prepared to stand up for us. See the source imageMole has further reading and digging to do but will be bringing more names and details to readers of the blog soon.Image result for ratty and mole imagesSee the source image

My Gangland Family

I must apologise to the Philanderer. See the source imageIn my post ‘Except You’re A Bird’ in which I explained that my posh relative by marriage Lord Gnome’s son and heir Nicholas, 2nd Baron Piercy, married into Lord Lucan’s family, I stated that I would not be able to find any other such impressive relatives who led lives of grime. I am so sorry Mr H, I have realised that OF COURSE I can, but not any as posh as the Lucan side of the family. There are more names to name!

Happy to oblige Mr H!See the source imageSee the source image

Only my closest friends know this – Brown and probably four others at most – but I had an uncle (now deceased) who staged the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery, in about 1971 or so, after Mrs Brady had begun to make friends with Tom King et al. The man who led the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery was my Uncle John; not father’s brother John who hated the Lucan side of the family, but Mrs Brady’s brother John, who, until I was in my mid-teens, lived in Bridgy, at a place known as Parkway. Parkway was a row of petit bourgeois houses opposite the Cellophane factory. The houses were highly sought after by people who wanted a Nice House at a very good price because they were damn near unsaleable, being directly opposite Cellophane with its noxious fumes.

Mrs Brady herself was not party to the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery. Indeed when she discovered what had gone on she was seriously pissed off, because the spoils of the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery had been stored at our house – some had even been offered to Mrs Brady at a Good Price – after Uncle John told Mrs Brady a cock and bull story about the proceeds of the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery being supplies of Ladies Foundation Garments acquired by Uncle John from a mail order company See the source imagethat had flogged extra stock to him cheaply.

My sister and I arrived home from school delighted to find boxes of girdles to play with, while Mrs Brady sat in silence with a face like thunder. It was once father arrived back from work that we heard the explanation; Uncle John had lied to Mrs Brady in order to store stolen girdles at our house while the police were still searching for the proceeds of the crime. The girdles had ‘been stolen from a train near Bridgwater’. As teenagers, Brown and I just wept with laughter at the idea of Uncle John and his mates robbing a train full of girdles. See the source imageIt was so funny yet so terribly embarrassing that I only ever told the story to very close friends, including to Anne, my friend who was killed by the Gang in April 1986.

The problem with the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery was of course that Uncle John had unidentified partners in crime, who decided that stolen goods could be hidden at our house, because no-one was going to touch Mrs Brady what with her being mates with Tom King et al. Image result for john biffen imagesI never knew who the other members of the gang were and I don’t think that Mrs Brady or father found out. But when I was at UCNW, our house on Anglesey was bugged by MI5 while Anne, Brown and I were roaring with laugher at the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery.

There were other worrying matters re Uncle John from Parkway being involved with unscrupulous people, matters that I have been asked about since beginning this blog, but no-one’s mentioned the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery. They do however seem to know about a few other things, related to the Top Docs.

Uncle John had three children, two of a similar age to us and another boy who was born later, after John had moved away from Bridgy, a cousin whom I never met. John’s two older children knew us well, they came to tea, to birthday parties etc, but they weren’t like us. They were both ‘indoors children’, they had lovely new bikes but weren’t allowed to go out on them, they never got muddy, had pets etc, because John’s wife Cynthia was very anxious about their safety. Cynthia caused much aggro in the wider family, she was very difficult – I think because she was unhappy and probably clinically depressed – and keen on visiting Top Docs who absolutely were not doing her, or the children, any good.

In fact Medicines prescribed to Cynthia during one of her pregnancies were, it was admitted years later, the most likely cause of her son being born with quite serious disabilities. He wasn’t a Thalidomide baby, but he was deaf and had other disabilities. He had a very bad time as a boy, he was mercilessly picked on by other kids, his deafness was disputed for years by Top Docs and teachers, and instead he was deemed to be ‘backward’. He was deaf, he couldn’t hear what was being said in class… When he was about 12, it was finally realised by the Top Docs that he was DEAF!! So then my cousin was ordered to attend a ‘special school’ in Bridgy, where he had the living daylights kicked out of him by the pupils with other special needs who had er been abused by the Caring Ones.

My cousin’s difficulties were one of the reasons that he used to come to ours. He had such a bad time at school that he would come to tea at ours and have first choice of TV programmes etc. We didn’t go to his school or live near his tormenters, so he could come to our parties and not get thumped. His older sister Linda was nothing like us at all, but didn’t have disabilities. Linda wore hair ribbons, nice dresses etc, liked watching TV – ‘Magpie’, See the source imagenot even ‘Blue Peter’, Linda liked the pop musicians etc that went with ‘Magpie’ – was very good at homecrafts and spent her time knitting, crocheting, sewing, rug making etc. The syndrome that really baffled us was that Auntie Cynthia was very 1950s with Linda and from her early teens Linda was robustly encouraged towards her future of Marriage; things got seriously weird when Linda told us that she was collecting for her ‘bottom drawer’. We didn’t know what on earth she was on about, so Mrs Brady explained that a bottom drawer was a collection of things that one needed when one got married. It just sounded so terrible that I couldn’t understand why Linda was even bothering.

Now Then. When I was about 15 or so, Uncle John and his family moved to Swindon in Wiltshire, where they had purchased a seriously impressive house. Uncle John worked for the Post Office and the explanation was that he’d received a promotion. When I was older I realised that in terms of his level of education etc, Uncle John couldn’t have had a very senior job with the Post Office, so the dosh must have come from elsewhere. Girdles perhaps… Lulu really wasn’t going to be wearing that lot was she…

This is where it becomes worrying and fits in with the questions that I have been asked re Top Docs. Linda did get married a la the bottom drawer business, when I was about 17 – she was a bit older than me – and she married a man whom everyone said was very nice, but much older than her. He was the manager of a leisure centre place in Swindon. Linda became pregnant and was delighted; I think when I was at UCNW. Linda had twins, the birth went very badly, one of the babies died and I was told that Linda was damaged as well. I remember thinking at the time that things had gone terribly wrong with that birth for late 20th century Swindon.

I’ve now been told that it was the Revenge Of The Gang, they knew that Linda was my cousin. I hadn’t seen Linda for years, I didn’t  go to her wedding, but the Docs do enjoy misusing databases. Furthermore, Dr Martin, the Top Doc whom we very rarely saw because father kept us away from such people where possible, but did see on one occasion for a pink sugar lump with a polio vaccine soaked into it and once for measles, worked from a surgery in Parkway. Although Parkway per se was petit bourgeois, it was on the road that led into Sydenham estate, the ‘rough’ part of Bridgy, housing the people whom Tom King and the Top Docs pissed all over in a substantial way. Particularly in terms of Sydenham School, a brutal, seriously bad school in which what would now be identified as an abuse ring was in operation.

Linda got married shortly after I met Brown, there was aggro re who had and hadn’t been invited to the wedding; Brown and I marvelled at how keen some people were to wreck my cousin’s wedding day, the rows not being anything to do with Linda.

Then Uncle John died; I think it was after Linda had the difficult birth. He developed cancer when he was still in his 50s and I remember my granny being very upset when he did die, re you don’t expect your children to die before you… John I think must have died when I was at UCNW. Cynthia came into the possession of a great deal of money after his death that was explained away as John’s Post Office pension. I don’t think it could have been, the PO is not that generous…

I never saw Uncle John and his children again after they left Somerset, but I did hear about them, see photos etc.

The people reminding me of this death and destruction, as well as the money sloshing about, have asked me to remember that John moved to Swindon. Swindon is famous for being awful, I’d never want to move to Swindon, but it is of course in Wiltshire, Land Of Sir Peter Morrison’s Family Seat. Peter Morrison’s brother Charles was Tory MP for Devizes in Wiltshire, 1964-92. The Morrison family virtually ran Wiltshire.

Swindon was the origin of Diana Dors, the gangster’s moll who was considered rather unsavoury by many in the West Country, but the Western Daily Press and HTV were always on about Diana Dors.She had a fling with Bob Monkhouse among others. See the source imageI have mentioned in previous posts that Dors died of ovarian cancer on 4 May 1984, as the Gwynne Row escalated, just after I’d been transfused with infected blood at the C&A Hospital in Bangor. Prof Eric Sunderland arrived at UCNW to replace Sir Charles Evans as Principal in the wake of the Gwynne Row. So if anyone knows of any connection between Diana, 1950s Sex Goddess

Diana Dors
Diana Dors in I Married a Woman trailer.jpg

Dors in I Married a Woman trailer, 1958
Diana Mary Fluck

23 October 1931

Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Died 4 May 1984 (aged 52)

Resting place Sunningdale Catholic Cemetery
Other names Diana d’Ors
Education Colville House, Swindon
Alma mater London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
  • Film actress
  • TV actress
  • TV personality
  • singer
Years active 1947–1984
Children 3, including Mark Dawson

and Eric Sunderland, I’d be interested to hear it. No doubt the Philanderer would as well. Here’s Eric with the Other Lady In His Life, Mrs Pat Sunderland: 

I have previously discussed Diana Dors’s husband the Hellraiser Alan Lake, who was found shot dead on 10 Oct 1984. ‘Suicide’. Hellraiser Alan was born in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire – the site of a big abuse ring linked to the Gang – on 24 November 1940. He studied acting at RADA and began to work in television roles in 1964. Hellraiser Alan is best known as the third husband of Diana Dors, whom he met on the set of the 1968 television series The Inquisitors. Hellraiser Alan was initially not keen on Dors; his reaction on finding that he would be working with her was, “Oh no, not Madame Tits and Lips!”, See the source imagebut within days, they had fallen in love and were married on 23 November 1968. Their stormy marriage produced a son, Jason David (1969-2019). The pair worked together in the early 1970s, on stage in plays such as Three Months Gone, in which Dors received her best critical reviews since Yield to the Night

In July 1970, Hellraiser Alan was involved in a pub brawl for which he was sentenced to 18 months in prison, although he was released after serving a year. His friend, the Hellraising singer Leapy Lee – best known for his Hit ‘Little Arrows’ See the source image– was sentenced to three years for stabbing the pub’s relief manager. Which is rather like Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits stabbing a publican. Hellraiser Alan was a keen horseman and on his release from prison Dors presented him with a mare called Sapphire. In 1972, Hellraiser Alan was unseated when Sapphire ran into the bough of a tree. He broke his back and initially it was thought he might spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair; however, the Hellraiser was walking again within three weeks. So a Top Doc got that badly wrong. After leaving hospital, unable to work while he recovered, and in severe pain, the Hellraiser began drinking heavily. Dors said of him at this time: “alcohol had unleashed a monster, uncontrollable and frightening”.

The Hellraiser began hallucinating and experiencing psychotic episodes, but was diverted from drinking after becoming a Roman Catholic, also convincing Dors to follow him in adopting the faith. In 1974, Dors was rushed to hospital suffering from meningitis and the Hellraiser fainted when he was told that she might not survive the night. In 1975, within months of her illness, at the age of 43, Dors became pregnant with their second child and was advised by doctors to have an abortion, but because of her newly-adopted religion, and regret at two previous abortions, decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. She miscarried, which led the Hellraiser to return to heavy drinking.

For the remainder of the 1970s, the Hellraiser’s once promising acting career was reduced to appearances in low-budget comedy films and small parts in television dramas. However, in 1974, he had a significant role in the Slade vehicle Slade In Flame, and also as John Merrick in the first episode of the TV series The Sweeney. Both the Hellraiser and Dors attended the film premiere at the Metropole Theatre, Victoria, London, on 13 February 1975.

Slade, a band from the West Midlands, were managed by Don Arden, Sharon Osbourne’s dad. See the source imageThere is no attempt on the part of anyone to deny that Arden was a gangster, shooters, the lot.See the source image

In 1980, the Hellraiser and Dors separated for a time, although they were reconciled when the Hellraiser promised to undergo treatment for his alcoholism. His acting work became less frequent in the 1980s and Dors’ health began to deteriorate. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1982, and died in May 1984. The Hellraiser immediately burnt all of Dors’ clothes, and fell into a depression. On 10 October 1984, five months after Dors’ death and 16 years to the day since they had first met, the Hellraiser took their teenage son to the railway station, returned to his Sunningdale home, and took his own life by shooting himself in the head in their son’s bedroom. He was 43.

The Hellraiser’s roles included Herrick in the Doctor Who story Underworld; and parts in Cluff, Redcap, Sergeant Cork, The Saint, Public Eye, The Avengers, Department S, Dixon of Dock Green, The Protectors, Z-Cars, Softly, Softly: Taskforce, Crown Court, The Sweeney, Angels, Target, Hazel, Strangers, Blake’s 7, Juliet Bravo, The Gentle Touch, Hart to Hart, and Bergerac.

In 1969, the Hellraiser recorded a pop single, “Good Times”/”Got To Have Tenderness” (the former a cover of a song written by Harry Nilsson), which was released by Ember Records.

Swindon was also the constituency of Labour MP Francis Noel-Baker. Francis Noel-Baker has featured in previous posts; he was the son of Lord Philip Noel-Baker, who’s wife Irene was a friend of Virginia Woolf and who’s long-term mistress was the Old Goat’s daughter, Lady Megan Lloyd George. Philip Noel-Baker, his wife and Lady Megan, were of Giggles and knew Gwynne and Dafydd, in Philip’s capacity as a Social Butterfly, via the United Nations Association and as a Labour MP. Philip Noel-Baker represented Coventry, 1929-31, then Derby and then Derby South, 1936-70, on the location of the Gang’s partner ring in Derbyshire. Noel-Baker was given a peerage in July 1977, one of Brenda’s Silver Jubilee Gongs.

By the 1960s, Coventry was part of the Gang’s empire but there was trouble there years before that. Richard Crossman was a Labour MP for a Coventry constituency, 1945-70; not only would crime and Giggles be wherever Crossman was, but he’ll have been selected for an area in which crime and Giggles needed to be maintained and officially denied. Previous posts have discussed how Backdoor Billy, the Queen Mum’s Loyal Retainer Gawd Bless ‘Er, came from Coventry and was writing to the Palace from the age of 10 inquiring about opportunities as a pleb with the Royal Household. So someone had told a 10 yr old in Coventry about such a career possibility; Backdoor Billy went on to great things, running that rent boy ring from his position within the Royal Household – the boys were supplied by Gwynne – and eventually dying from AIDS.

Like Philip Noel-Baker, Sir Spencer Le Marchant, a bisexual Giggler, served as an MP for Derbyshire, ie. the Tory MP for High Peak, 18 June 1970-9 June 1983. Le Marchant was a friend of Lord Wyn Roberts, MP for Conwy, 1970–1997, Thatch’s poodle at the Welsh Office (and then Major’s once Thatch had been deposed) and a Giggling friend of Gwynne and Dafydd. Wyn worked for Intelligence during WW II and then in broadcasting, before his election to the Commons in 1970.

In 1955 Spencer married Lucinda Gaye Leveson-Gower, daughter of Brigadier General Hugh Nugent Leveson-Gower and his first wife, Avril Joy Mullens. Avril was later the fourth wife of Ernest Aldrich Simpson, himself the second husband of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, whose affair with King Edward VIII led to the 1936 abdication crisis.

Duchess of Windsor 
Wallis Simpson -1936.JPG

Spencer stood down from the Commons in 1983 and died on the Isle of Wight, aged 55, on 7 Sept 1986. Mrs Simpson died on 24 April 1986; my friend Anne was killed by the Gang within days of Mrs Simpson’s death.

Top Doc psychiatrist Colin McEvedy was a good friend of Spencer’s and Wyn’s. McEvedy was the son of another Top Doc. He took bugger all interest in his own kids throughout their childhoods, being far too busy fabricating his academic work, but when they were adults he helped his daughter Allegra set up her chain of restaurants, Leon, with David Dimbleby’s son Henry. One of their business partners was interviewed on the radio the other day explaining that with this Coronavirus Crisis, Leon would be donating all of its profits to the NHS. It was the cheating, fleecing and misuse of the NHS in the first place that resulted in the Leon chain, so Allegra et al have obviously decided to Give Back what wasn’t theirs. While they’re about it perhaps they could send me a sizeable payment as well, Allegra’s dad and his mates did some fairly disgusting things in my direction. Colin McEvedy committed suicide on 1 Aug 2005, days after I received my PhD. No, Colin didn’t chuck himself off of Bangor Pier as F once told Dafydd to do, deeply traumatised that I’d bagged a doctorate; as far as I can work out, his Top Doc mates lied to him about his own health, leading McEvedy to think that he was far more seriously ill than he was. McEvedy then killed himself thinking it was curtains for him anyway, or he was poisoned. See previous posts for gen on McEvedy and his family and friends.

Wyn, Spencer and McEvedy were all mates with Mark Birley, friend of Sir Jams Goldsmith. Mark and Sir Jams were both in business with the Gang. Mark opened the London nightclub Annabel, named after Annabel Goldsmith, who doubled up as a partner of both Mark and Sir Jams. Sir Jams was a friend of Lord Lucan, my relative by marriage, and his mates, who were bankrolling the Gang, and Mark provided the venues in which the Gang did some of their business. 


Lady Annabel Goldsmith
Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart

11 June 1934 (age 85)

Nationality British
Mark Birley
(m. 1954; div. 1975)
Sir James Goldsmith
(m. 1978; died 1997)
Children Rupert Birley
Robin Birley
India Jane Birley
Jemima Goldsmith
Zac Goldsmith, Baron Goldsmith of Richmond Park
Ben Goldsmith
Parent(s) Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry
Romaine Combe

Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart was the daughter of Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, who later became the 8th Marquess of Londonderry, and Romaine Combe, the daughter of Major Boyce Combe, from Surrey. The Londonderrys were an aristocratic family from Ulster and Durham; the 8th Marquess owned much land in mid-Wales as well, in one of the areas served by a Health Board of which Lord Kenyon was a Director before the local authority NHS reorganisation in 1974. After that, Lord Kenyon became Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority…

The 8th Marquess was famously drunken and excessive and a Giggler of the highest order. The Giggling was inherited from his father, Charles the 7th Marquess, who was a Giggling Ulster Unionist politician:

The Marquess of Londonderry
7th Marquess of Londonderry.jpg
First Commissioner of Works
In office
18 October 1928 – 4 June 1929
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
Preceded by The Viscount Peel
Succeeded by George Lansbury
In office
25 August 1931 – 5 November 1931
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald
Preceded by George Lansbury
Succeeded by Hon. William Ormsby-Gore
Secretary of State for Air
In office
5 November 1931 – 7 June 1935
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald
Preceded by The Lord Amulree
Succeeded by The Viscount Swinton
Leader of the House of Lords
In office
7 June 1935 – 22 November 1935
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
Preceded by The Viscount Hailsham
Succeeded by The Viscount Halifax
Lord Privy Seal
In office
7 June 1935 – 22 November 1935
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
Preceded by Anthony Eden
Succeeded by The Viscount Halifax
Personal details
Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart

13 May 1878

Died 10 February 1949 (aged 70)
Mount Stewart, County Down
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Ulster Unionist
Children Lady Maureen Vane-Tempest-Stewart
Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry
Lady Margaret Vane-Tempest-Stewart
Lady Helen Vane-Tempest-Stewart
Lady Mairi Vane-Tempest-Stewart
Parents Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry
Lady Theresa Chetwynd-Talbot
Alma mater Royal Military College, Sandhurst

The 7th Marquess held political office when Gwynne was Training at the Middlesex Hospital. The Chairman of the Middlesex Hospital and the Chancellor of London University – Gwynne’s Qualification was from London University – was the brother-in-law of King George V, the Earl of Athlone aka Prince Alexander of Teck, Queen Mary’s brother.

The 7th Marquess will have known that other Giggler who served as an Ulster MP, Robert Cavendish Grosvenor, the 5th Duke of Westminster, who, a reader of this blog told me, molested Sir Peter Morrison when Morrison was a youth; Morrison was alleged to have been the 5th Duke’s bitch as it were.

The Duke of Westminster
Lord Lieutenant of Fermanagh
In office
7 February 1977 – 19 February 1979
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by Thomas Scott
Succeeded by Viola, Duchess of Westminster
Member of the House of Lords
as Duke of Westminster
In office
25 February 1967 – 19 February 1979
Preceded by Gerald Grosvenor
Succeeded by Gerald Grosvenor
Member of Parliament
for Fermanagh and South Tyrone
In office
2 September 1955 – 15 October 1964
Preceded by Philip Clarke
Succeeded by Marquess of Hamilton
Personal details
Robert George Grosvenor

24 April 1910

Died 19 February 1979 (aged 68)
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Children Leonora Anson, Countess of Lichfield
Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster
Jane Innes-Ker, Duchess of Roxburghe
Parents Lord Hugh Grosvenor
Lady Mabel Crichton
Residence Eaton Hall, Cheshire
Ely Lodge, Enniskillen
Occupation British Army officer and politician
Awards Efficiency Decoration and clasp (TD)
Military service
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch/service  British Army
Years of service 1938–1960
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Unit 11th (City of London) Light Anti-Aircraft Brigade
City of London Yeomanry
North Irish Horse
Battles/wars World War II

Carlo’s close friend the 6th Duke of Windsor, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, was the 5th Duke’s son and previous posts have discussed at length the numerous close connections between the 6th Duke, St George’s Hospital, Gwynne and Dafydd. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association when Peter Morrison was the constituency MP. Peter Morrison served as the MP for Chester, Feb 1974-92. Morrison persuaded Thatch to run for the Leadership of the Tory Party in 1975 and played a big role in organising her campaign. He organised Thatch’s leadership campaign again in 1990, when Hezza challenged her, which resulted in John Major replacing Thatch in Nov 1990.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor’s daughter Lady Edwina is married to TV Historian Dan Snow, the great-grandson of Olwen Lloyd George, the Old Goat’s daughter! Lady Edwina is a Prison Reformer and Philanthropist, so she meets a lot of victims of Gigglers in that line of work and her husband Dan lets us know the Real Facts Of History.

The 9th Marquess of Londonderry, Alistair, as a student, ran a jazz band called the “Eton Five”. His first wife, whom he married in 1958, was Nicolette Elaine Katherine, daughter of Michael Harrison, a stockbroker, and his Latvian-born wife Baroness Maria Koskull. Nicolette, Lady Londonderry, gave birth to two daughters: Lady Sophia (b. 23 February 1959) and Lady Cosima (b. 25 December 1961, who married Lord John Robert Somerset, third son of David Somerset, 11th Duke of Beaufort).

Nicolette also gave birth to a son, Tristan, who was once but is no longer styled Viscount Castlereagh, because Lord Londonderry later proved that Tristan was not his biological child, but that of singer Georgie Fame. The Londonderrys divorced in 1971. Lady Cosima would later claim that her biological father was actually Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the former PM. Nicolette married Georgie Fame in 1972; they later had another son, James. Nicolette committed suicide on 13 August 1993 by jumping off Clifton Suspension Bridge. I told Sister Ella Fisk at the Hergest Unit that death was suspicious but Ella reassured me it wasn’t. It was suspicious, porkies were told and furthermore they were told while Mr Bridgy Celeb was being feted by Tory Rich Tossers and Celebs. See ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’. F and I were convicted in Bangor Magistrates Court on the lies of Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt in July 1993. E.P. Thompson, who had for years kept a second home at Croesor and knew much about the Giggling of Gwynne and Dafydd, died on 28 Aug 1993. E.P. had retired back to his place of origin, Halifax, a constituency held by Maurice Macmillan, 1955-64 and then the family friend of Sadie Francis, Labour MP  Nice Lady Doctor Shirley Summerskill, until 1983.

When Nicolette died, Michael Howard was Home Secretary. Howard is married to 60s Model Sandra Paul, who’s first husband was Robin Douglas Home. While Robin and Sandra were splitting up, Robin discussed Uganda with Ma’am Darling. Ma’am Darling who also had a fling with Mick Jagger, a shag relative of Bryan Ferry via Jerry Hall. As Home Secretary, Howard – a crooked barrister from Llanelli – finally shafted Mary Wynch and had a lot to do with the aggro received by F and I.See the source image

Robin Douglas Home, a jazz pianist, was found dead on 15 Oct 1968. ‘Suicide’.

Georgie Fame began his career as a Red Coat at Butlin’s Pwllheli. Even back then the Gigglers had seen the potential at that holiday camp. Led Zep famously wrote their 1971 release ‘Stairway To Heaven’ at a cottage near Machynlleth owned by Robert Plant’s parents. The cottage was unrenovated but by that time, alternative people had begun to move into the area and were exploited as much as possible by Gwynne and Dafydd. Image result for led zep stairway to heaven machynllethCult TV series ‘The Prisoner’ was filmed at Sir Clough’s village Portmeirion in 1966 and 67 (see eg. ‘A Nauseating Sight’ and ‘Under Suspicion’) and it was Giggles ahoy and into Hollywood as well from then on. The Plants’ cottage at Machynlleth was near (or it might even have been on) the estate owned by Nicolette’s father-in-law and near the area served by the NHS Health Board of which Lord Kenyon was a Director.

Nicolette’s husband Lord Londonderry’s second wife was Doreen Patricia Wells, former principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, whom he married in 1972; they divorced in 1989. They had two sons, Frederick Aubrey Vane-Tempest-Stewart (born 6 September 1972), and Lord Reginald Alexander Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b. 1977), who is married to Chloë Belinda Guinness (born 29 April 1976); the couple have one child.

Mark Birley’s son Robin Birley married Bryan Ferry’s former wife Socialite Lucy Helmore. Lucy was found shot dead on 23 July 2018. ‘Suicide’.  Lucy was born in Shropshire Image result for john biffen imagesand her father worked for many years at Lloyd’s of London. Bryan Ferry grew up in Durham and went to the same school as Mrs Brown, but a few years after Mrs Brown.

The Lord Noel-Baker
Philip Noel-Baker 1942.jpg
Minister of Fuel and Power
In office
15 February 1950 – 31 October 1951
Preceded by Hugh Gaitskell
Succeeded by Office Abolished
Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations
In office
7 October 1947 – 28 February 1950
Preceded by The Viscount Addison
Succeeded by Patrick Gordon Walker
Personal details
Philip John Baker

1 November 1889
Brondesbury Park, London

Died 8 October 1982 (aged 92)
Alma mater Haverford College
King’s College, Cambridge
Awards Nobel Peace Prize

Philip Noel-Baker’s relationship with Lady Megan and other high profile Liberal MPs and his leading role in the disarmament movement took him within Bertrand Russell’s circle of Gigglers, as well as politicians from the West Country. See eg. ‘Is It Because I Is Megan?’ Philip was an enthusiastic Olympics champ/organiser at the same time as General Lonsdale, one of the Browns’ neighbours in Stogursey, a retired Army Officer who worked for the security services and was very much of the Establishment (see ‘He Was Looking At I In A Funny Way…’); they will have known each other.

Philip Noel-Baker also had doings with Sir Richard Acland, from Devon, who’s estates included land on the Devon side of Exmoor and the Somerset side at Holnicote, not that far from where Brown and I lived in Somerset.

Sir Richard Acland, Bt
Richard Acland.jpg
Born 26 November 1906

Died 24 November 1990 (aged 83)
Title Acland Baronetcy of Columb John
Term 9 June 1939 – 24 November 1990
Predecessor Francis, 14th Baronet
Successor John, 16th Baronet
Spouse(s) Anne Stella Alford
Parent(s) Francis Acland

Richard Acland was of Gigglers in all directions. I have discussed Richard Acland and his family/political activities in previous posts eg. ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’ and ‘Is It Because I Is Megan?’ but he’s so interesting and had his fingers in so many pies, that he’s worth revisiting. Richard Acland’s parents were Gigglers Sir Francis Dyke Acland, 14th Baronet and Eleanor Margaret Cropper. Sir Francis Acland was the Liberal MP for Richmond, Yorkshire, 1906-10; Camborne in Cornwall, 1910-22; Tiverton in Devon, 1923-24 and North Cornwall, 1932-39. Sir Francis held Govt office in the Liberal Ministry of H. H. Asquith. Lady Eleanor Margaret Acland was a Liberal politician, a suffragist and served as President of the Women’s Liberal Federation.

Richard Acland was educated at Balliol, Oxford a la Maurice Macmillan and undoubtedly knew Maurice. Acland was elected as the Liberal MP for Barnstable, Mr Thrope’s future turf, in 1935; Acland was a barrister of Inner Temple a la Mr Thrope and Lord Snowdon’s father. Acland was one of the founders of CND with Bertrand Russell. Acland helped launch the Popular Front in December 1936, although his politics changed course subsequently. In 1942, Acland broke from the Liberals to found the socialist Common Wealth Party with J. B. Priestley and Tom Wintringham, opposing the coalition between the major parties.

Common Wealth Party
Founded 26 July 1942
Dissolved 1993
Ideology Socialism
Common ownership

During WW II, the new party showed signs of a breakthrough, especially in London and Merseyside, winning three by-elections. However, the 1945 General Election was a severe disappointment. Only one MP Ernest Millington, was elected, and other figures left, some joining the Labour Party. Acland himself lost his seat in Putney. See previous posts…

J.B. Priestley was a Giggler and he and his wife were the closest friends of Old Nick Edward’s parents, Old Nick being Thatch’s criminal Secretary of State for Wales, 1979-June 1987 and at the helm when the Gang initially came in my direction with their flagrant law breaking.

Acland then joined Labour and was selected to fight the Gravesend seat following the expulsion of the Labour MP Garry Allighan from the Party for making allegations of corruption. Acland won Gravesend in November 1947. Back in Parliament, Acland served as Second Church Estates Commissioner 1950–51. In 1955, Acland resigned from Labour in protest against the Party’s support for the Conservative Govt’s nuclear defence policy, and lost Gravesend standing as an independent the same year, allowing the Conservatives to take the seat.

In 1944, on the grounds of his belief in public ownership, Richard Acland sold his estates at Killerton in Devon and Holnicote in Somerset to the National Trust for £134,000 (2011 equivalent £13.5 million). This decision led to disagreements with his wife and the possibility of separation, but they eventually reconciled; Anne Acland, before depositing her letters, destroyed all those relating to this period of disagreement, between mid-summer 1942 and January 1943. Corresponding with the National Trust, Acland said: “I am not giving you all my property. I am keeping some of it to live on, some of it to buy a house, and some of it I am giving to Common Wealth. With what is left I pay off as much of the debts as possible [these being £21,000 death duties on his father’s estate, and £11,000 accumulated debt, equivalent to circa £3 million in 2011], and then hand over the rest to you, leaving you, I regret to say, to look after what is left of the debts.” This deal was not publicly known; “in widespread publicity from which the National Trust and the Aclands emerged glowing with virtue, the entire transaction was portrayed as a gift” and “the Aclands held on to… eighteenth-century family plates and dishes, portraits and landscapes, a group of family miniatures, an early nineteenth-century piano… they were able to buy a nice house in Hampstead at 66 Frognal Street; there was to be an education fund for the boys; and Common Wealth received about £65,000, allowing it to win two more by-elections.” Additionally, Acland retained some rights, including the gift of the living at the parish church, and entitlement to shooting (“to be arranged as to suit the convenience of the shooting tenants”) and fishing. Acland’s sons were in later years displeased with the loss of the estates; the heir, John, left a 1994 document at Devon Record Office outlining “how he had made many requests that his mother ‘should explain to me why the Killerton and Holnicote estates had been given to the National Trust in the 1940s’… John found on reading [the letters between his mother and father] that she had destroyed all the documents from the critical period at the end of 1942… His note continued: ‘Anne only talked to me once, in 1989, about the gift of the estates… her principal contention was that she and Richard had been in complete agreement at every stage.’ Perhaps all this secrecy, the denial of the story, was an attempt by Anne and Richard to protect themselves from the rage of their children.”

Anne Acland was an architect who would very likely have known Sir Clough or those architects in his circle; the Strachey baronets originally came from Somerset.

Soon after leaving Parliament, Acland took a job as a maths master at Wandsworth Grammar School with effect from September 1955. The organised abuse ring which Gwynne, Dafydd et al in collaboration with St George’s/Springfield/Wandsworth County Council would subsequently greatly expand, was already present in Wandsworth. Ernest Bevin, who came from Exmoor and began his political activism as a teenaged trade unionist in Bristol, became the General Secretary of the TGWU and was the Labour MP for Wandsworth Central, 1940-50. Bevin held office in the wartime Coalition Govt and served as Attlee’s Foreign Secretary. Bevin knew Gnome as well as Acland.

Ernest Bevin
Ernest Bevin MP.jpg
Lord Privy Seal
In office
9 March 1951 – 14 April 1951
Prime Minister Clement Attlee
Preceded by Christopher Addison
Succeeded by Richard Stokes
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
In office
27 July 1945 – 9 March 1951
Prime Minister Clement Attlee
Preceded by Anthony Eden
Succeeded by Herbert Morrison
Minister of Labour and National Service
In office
13 May 1940 – 23 May 1945
Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Preceded by Ernest Brown
Succeeded by Rab Butler
Member of Parliament
for Woolwich East
In office
23 February 1950 – 14 April 1951
Preceded by George Hicks
Succeeded by Christopher Mayhew
Member of Parliament
for Wandsworth Central
In office
22 June 1940 – 23 February 1950
Preceded by Harry Nathan
Succeeded by Richard Adams
General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union
In office
1 January 1922 – 27 July 1945
Preceded by New office
Succeeded by Arthur Deakin
Personal details
Born 9 March 1881
Winsford, Somerset, England
Died 14 April 1951 (aged 70)
London, England
Political party Labour
Florence Anne Townley (m. 1906)
Children 1

The Old Goat and Lady Megan had lived in Wandsworth when the Old Goat had not been resident in No 10 as PM.

Richard Acland was a senior lecturer in education at St. Luke’s College of Education, Exeter, between 1959 and his retirement in 1974. DUNWOODY.

Acland died in Exeter on 24 Nov 1990, at the age of 83. BODGER, THATCH etc Cunning Plan – old nick info

Richard Acland’s brother Geoffrey Acland, became a leading figure in the Liberal Party.

Geoffrey Acland.jpg

Arthur Geoffrey Dyke Acland (17 May 1908-14 September 1964), known as Geoffrey Acland, studied at Rugby School, Trinity College, Cambridge, and the University of Grenoble. From 1954 to 1956, Geoffrey Acland was the Chairman of the Liberal Party. Acland married Winifred Julian Dorothy Fothergill in 1932, and they were the parents of six children and subsequently grandparents to many.

The Aclands will have known Lord Gnome, being Liberal politicians of Gnome’s vintage. The other salient fact is that along with J.B. Priestley, Acland and Tom Wintringham, the other key mover and shaker in the Common Wealth Party was Vernon Bartlett, MP for Bridgwater, 1938-50,  preceding my grandpa’s friend Sir Gerald Wills in the seat. Grandpa moved to the Bridgwater area I think not long before Bartlett was elected. Grandpa’s first house in the Bridgwater area was in Wembdon, now the twee suburb of Bridgy, but in the 1940s it was a village on the outskirts of Bridgy. Wembdon has long been where the Better Classes lived – the older houses in Wembdon had servants’ quarters unlike most other parts of Bridgy-  and there would have been people in Wembdon in particular who were involved in politics, public life etc.

Born at Westbury, Wiltshire, Bartlett was educated at Blundell’s School in Tiverton and became a journalist, working for the Daily Mail, and later as a foreign correspondent for The Times. In 1922 Bartlett was appointed Director of the London office of the League of Nations, after which he worked as a news reporter for BBC radio. He did not have his BBC contract renewed after his coverage of Hitler’s decision to leave the League of Nations in 1933 was deemed too sympathetic. In 1933 Bartlett joined the News Chronicle and was its diplomatic correspondent for twenty years, including a period in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

Bartlett was elected for Bridgy  as an Independent Progressive candidate, advocating a Popular Front opposed to appeasement in a by-election on 18 November 1938. In 1942, Bartlett, Richard Acland, J. B. Priestley, and others established the socialist Common Wealth Party. In the 1945 General Election, Bartlett held his Bridgy seat, standing as an Independent. In 1950 Bartlett joined the Labour Party and retired from Parliament. In 1954 Bartlett also retired from his work with the News Chronicle and moved to Singapore, where he was both political commentator for the Straits Times and also South East Asia correspondent for the Manchester Guardian. Bartlett died on 19 Jan 1983, when Brown first began to receive death threats as the Gang moved in on us.

Vernon Bartlett’s fellow traveller Ernest Millington will have known my grandfather long before he moved to Somerset. Millington died on 9 May 2009 and his obituary was published by ‘The Guardian’:

In the article below we were wrong in saying that at the time of his recent death he was the oldest former MP, having been born on 15 February 1916. In fact, his surviving elders include James Allason (born 1912), Reader Harris and Michael Foot (born, in that order, 1913), and John Freeman (born 1915).

On 26 April 1945, Wing Commander Ernest Millington, who has died aged 93, won a sensational victory for the radical Common Wealth party in the Chelmsford byelection. In overturning a Conservative majority of 16,624, and winning by 6,431 votes, he signalled the shift in public opinion that led the Labour party to pull out of the 1945 wartime coalition government and win a landslide victory in the 5 July general election. He was again returned, with a 2,080 majority, the only Common Wealth candidate to retain his seat.

When the 29-year-old Millington first took his seat, he was the youngest MP in the House, which had been elected in 1935. The general election due by 1940 had been postponed. His death marks the passing of the last survivor of that wartime parliament and the oldest former MP.

He first arrived at the Commons with his newly awarded Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon inexpertly self-sewn on to his uniform. A Conservative MP, who was a squadron leader in the RAF police, approached. “You are improperly dressed,” he told Millington. “If you are talking to me as an RAF officer,” Millington replied, “take your hand out of your pocket and address a senior officer as ‘Sir’. If you are addressing me as a fellow MP, mind your own business and bugger off.” He did.

Millington was born in Ilford, Essex. His mother was literary-minded; his father was a martinet, a decorated former regimental sergeant-major who became a print union official. Ernest won a scholarship to Chigwell school in Essex, where he was the poorest boy, and was fitted out with games kit from the lost property bin. He excelled, with three higher school certificates, but had to leave at 16. Later he would study at Birkbeck College, London University.

Birkbeck home of Eric Hobsbawm for much of Hobsbawm’s career.

He left school because his father expelled him from home after he heard him address a crowd from a street- corner soapbox on behalf of the Labour League of Youth, alongside Ted Willis, the latterly ennobled creator of Dixon of Dock Green. Homeless and penniless, the boy found a clerk’s job. He was sacked when his employer heard him evangelising for ethical socialism at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London.

My grandfather did the Speaker’s Corner at Hyde Park bit.

He joined the Labour party – and was expelled in the late 1930s for supporting the Communist party-backed anti-fascist popular front. In 1937 Millington married Gwen Pickard, whom he met at a Workers Educational Association meeting. War was looming, and, by then an accountant with an electrical concern, he joined the Territorial Army. By July 1939 he was a Royal Artillery second lieutenant. His father took to referring to “my son, who is an army officer”.

An invitation to volunteer for the RAF sent him from tedious searchlight duties to primary training on Tiger Moth biplanes. The pilot officer was then posted, as an instructor, to an aerodrome outside Grantham, Lincolnshire. There, he rented a house for his family. The nearby grocery store was owned by one Alfred Roberts, whose daughter, the future prime minister Margaret Thatcher, sometimes served in the shop.

Anyone for lunch at the Clarence? Millington was MP for Chelmsford in Essex, 1945-50, when Thatch was frantically making friends with Tories in Essex,especially in the Colchester Tory Party, on the look-out for a suitable husband and a future Commons seat.

Later came a posting to Bomber Command and to Lancasters. While still a flight lieutenant, he went to an RAF conference at which he was the only officer present below the rank of wing commander, but also the one with the most operational experience. He disagreed strongly with plans advanced at the meeting, which he maintained would result in heavy casualties. This was noted by Air Vice-Marshal Sir Ralph Cochrane, commander of 5 Group, Bomber Command. Cochrane made him a squadron leader on the spot, promoted him to wing commander a few days later and posted him, in October 1944, as commanding officer of the new 227 squadron, based at Balderton in Nottinghamshire. A remarkable 30 Lancaster sorties followed, with raids ranging across Germany, Czechoslovakia and the Romanian oilfields, and taking in the bombing of Panzer tank groups during the Battle of the Bulge at Christmas 1944.

By early 1945, the nation’s thoughts had turned to postwar plans. William Beveridge had produced his great social security plan in 1942, and in that year too Sir Richard Acland, 15th baronet and an immensely rich Devon landowner, abandoned the Liberal party and formed the Common Wealth party. Its objectives were common ownership, democracy, and morality in politics. The party ignored the electoral truce by which the three big parties would not oppose the successor byelection candidate to a dead or retiring MP, and Common Wealth nominees made a good showing, winning by-elections in 1943 and 1944.

When Chelmsford’s Conservative MP, Colonel J McNamara, was killed on his way home from Italy, a scratch group of Common Wealth supporters set about finding a candidate. Millington’s views were well known in the area, and a deputation met him in a railway station waiting room. Ten minutes was all the time he could spare, and they made him their candidate there and then. The newly radicalised middle class rallied to his side, along with industrial workers who had moved into the area. The result was a left-wing victory in traditional Conservative territory.

In the 1950 election, when he stood as the Labour candidate, he lost to the Conservative Hubert Ashton. Finding a job, particularly with his politics, was not easy, and there were no pensions for former MPs. After a spell as a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman, he re-joined the RAF in 1954 as a flight lieutenant. Controversy followed when he was accused of fraudulently “misapplying” £25 2s 3d. He denied the charge but was dismissed.

He then trained as a teacher. He was head of social education at Shoreditch comprehensive school, east London (1965-67), and then headed Newham council’s teachers’ centre (1967-80).

Right on the turf of the Gang’s partners in crime, Brave Wendy, the Krays, Bob Boothby, Peter Shore, Ian Mikardo, the whole crowd.

He later retired with his second wife to the Dordogne.

Millington wrote several books. His autobiography, Was That Really Me?, was published in 2005. He is survived by his second wife, Ivy Robinson, and the four daughters of his first marriage, which ended in divorce in 1974.

Ernest Rogers Millington, politician, pilot and teacher, born 15 February 1916; died 9 May 2009


Sir Richard Acland and his wife Anne had four sons, including John Dyke Acland and Robert D. Acland.

Sir John Dyke Acland, 16th Baronet was the eldest son of Sir Richard Acland, 15th Baronet and Anne Stella Alford. John Acland attended the Dragon School in Oxford, Clifton College, Magdalene College, Cambridge, and the University of Wisconsin. Acland married Virginia Forge, daughter of Roland Forge, on 9 September 1961. His children were Dominic Dyke Acland (born 1962), Dr Piers Dyke Acland (born 1965), and Holly Dyke Acland (born 1972). He succeeded his father as baronet on the latter’s death on 24 November 1990. Acland died on 26 September 2009 a day after being involved in a car accident near Bedford, England.


Francis’s His great-grandson, Chris Acland became the drummer for shoegaze band Lush.

REST HERE – the plastic surgeon hERE

Philip Noel-Baker died on 8 Oct 1982.

Francis Edward Noel-Baker (7 January 1920-25 September 2009) son of Philip Noel-Baker was born in London, educated at Westminster School and King’s College, Cambridge and served with the Intelligence Corps in World War II. Francis N-B was first elected to the Commons in the Labour landslide at the 1945 General Election as MP for Brentford and Chiswick. Francis lost his seat in 1950 but returned to Parliament in 1955 as the Labour MP for Swindon. Francis resigned his seat in March 1969, by taking the Chiltern Hundreds.

In 1971 Francis N-B left the Labour Party in response to the Party’s opposition to British membership of the EEC. Old Nick was elected as the Tory MP for Pembrokeshire in Grocer Heath’s General Election win a la Wyn Roberts, the former constituency of the Old Goat’s son Gwilym Lloyd George, who ended up in the Tory Party himself. Gwilym was of Giggles and Old Nick was parachuted into Pembrokeshire by the British security services to continue the Giggles, not to put a stop to them. Old Nick and his family were Gigglers themselves and furthermore Gigglers from a long line of Giggling clergy, including a few famous Giggling Bishops and even a Giggling Archbishop. See ‘In The Spirit Of The Goat’.

Howard Masterman – Bishop of Plymouth HERE

My post ‘ ‘ discussed how Roger Hollis, the alleged former DG of MI5, 1956-65, was accused of having been a double agent, when Thatch was PM. After an enormous See the source image Thatch droned on about Service To This Country and Hollis being Beyond Suspicion. That post of mine explains how Roger Hollis, from Somerset and, like Old Nick, from a family of clergy, was using his position in MI5 to protect Gigglers, including Giggling clergymen. Hollis’ father, the Right Reverend George Hollis, was Bishop of Taunton. His mother was a daughter of a Canon of Wells Cathedral.

Roger Hollis married Evelyn Swayne on 17 July 1937 at Wells Cathedral, with his father performing the ceremony. She was the daughter of a solicitor from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. The couple had one son, Adrian Swayne Hollis. Hollis’s son, Adrian (1940–2013), was a classical scholar and Grandmaster of correspondence chess, and was British Correspondence Chess Champion in 1966, 1967 and 1971. Philosopher Martin Hollis (1938–1998) was his nephew. His elder brother, Christopher Hollis (1902–1977), was a Conservative MP for Devizes from 1945-55. Roger Hollis’s nephew, Rt Rev Crispian Hollis, is a Roman Catholic bishop, and his grand-nephew Charles Hollis (grandson of Christopher Hollis) joined the Foreign Office in 1984, serving in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

One of the Giggling clergy whom Hollis protected was Mr Rigg, the vicar of Bawdrip, in Tom King’s constituency. Mr Rigg’s Giggling was notorious and it resulted in a delegation of furious parishioners visiting the Bishop of Bath and Wells who blamed the Giggling on Brown Owl aka Mr Rigg’s wife. Brown Owl was a humourless old bat but as Brown quipped years later she was married to Mr Rigg and furthermore it was an arranged marriage, Mr Rigg having been a mate of Brown Owl’s dad and Brow Owl being hitched up to Rigg, a middle aged man, when she was very young. Mr Rigg continued his Giggling with the permission of successive Bishops of Bath and Wells, including George Carey, who was so useful re the Giggles that Thatch personally put his name forward for Archbish of Canterbury, with the encouragement of her aide, Michael Alison. George became Archbish of C in DATE.

OLWEN – lg

Bishop George – as Mrs Brown always called him – concealed Giggles and wrongdoing on the part of many more clergy in Somerset than just Mr Rigg (see eg. ‘He Was Looking At I In A Funny Way…’) and in recent years it transpired that Bishop George was the man who in 1993 pushed the boat out to help Carlo’s old pal, Bishop Peter Ball, who had been Giggling so much with one boy that he later killed himself. Carlo was entirely sympathetic to Peter Ball’s predicament, Ball’s story being that he had been guilty of a ‘misjudgement’ and was now being ‘harassed’ by someone described by Carlo as a ‘beastly man’. So Carlo made a Duchy cottage available to Peter Ball, at Aller, on the Somerset Levels, not a million miles away from Bridgy.

In 1993 F and I were convicted in Bangor Magistrates Court on the basis of the perjury of Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt. Of Harassment.

Bishop Peter Ball went to Queen’s College, Cambridge, as did John Biffen. There is two years difference in age between them. After graduating from Cambridge in 1954, Peter Ball entered Wells Theological College in 1954 and received two years of training in preparation for ordination.

Peter Ball
Bishop of Gloucester
Diocese Diocese of Gloucester
In office 1992–1993
Predecessor John Yates
Successor David Bentley
Other posts Bishop of Lewes
1977–1992 (area bishop: 1984–1992)
Ordination 1956 (deacon)
1957 (priest)
Consecration 1977
Personal details
Born 14 February 1932
Died 21 June 2019 (aged 87)
Denomination Anglican
Occupation Bishop, monk
Alma mater Queens’ College, Cambridge
Criminal status Released on licence in February 2017
Conviction(s) 8 September 2015 (guilty plea)
Criminal charge Misconduct in public office, Indecent assault,
Penalty 32 months in prison

I had a real laugh when I read the transcripts of Peter Ball’s Defence; Ball had so obviously been using the Gwynne and Dafydd Cut Out N Keep Guide For Molesters Who Get Caught, the phrases used by Ball were identical to those used by the Gang about me.

Carlo, I would understand completely if you had genuinely believed that Ball had been unfairly accused, but you ALL knew that he had been molesting! You knew that Gwynne et al were, how can you defend your conduct? We were all subjected to arrests and years of intimidation because we dared complain about people whom you knew HAD behaved as we alleged.

By 1993 Mr Bridgy Celeb was being feted by the Rich n Famous – substantially of the Tory Party but a few celebs were thrown in as well See the source imageSee the source image– and was receiving Coutts cheques. On the first occasion that this happened, it had to be explained to Mr Bridgy Celeb that it was a real cheque, but you won’t find a branch of Coutts in Bridgy. Or even in Taunton, because it was ‘The Queen’s Bank’. See eg. ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’.

Mr H,See the source image I think we’ve got the Mrs Big behind it all!!!

Re Bishop George, it was well worth him keeping schtum about the Rev J.F. Rigg and his Giggles, because Mr Rigg only arrived in Bawdrip

Church of St Michael and All Angels
St Michael and All Angels Church, Bawdrip (geograph 4906439).jpg

in the late 1960s/1970 after he had been obliged to leave his previous parish as a result of so many complaints abut those Giggles. Mr Rigg wasn’t from a clergy family a la Old Nick ad Roger Hollis, Mr Rigg was from a family of ‘lawyers and judges’. From Lincolnshire precisely. I discussed some of High Society in Lincolnshire who had a hand in protecting Rigg in eg. ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

Thatch of course grew up in Lincolnshire. The constituency MP for Thatch’s home town of Grantham, 1951-79, was Tory Joseph Godber. Joseph Godber worked for the security services and stood down as the MP for Grantham in 1979, when he knew that Thatch was a definite for PM. Joseph didn’t go far, he nipped off next door into the Lords.

The Lord Godber of Willington
Joseph Godber 1970.jpg

Godber in 1970
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
In office
5 November 1972 – 4 March 1974
Prime Minister Edward Heath
Preceded by James Prior
Succeeded by Fred Peart
Minister of Labour
In office
21 October 1963 – 16 October 1964
Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home
Preceded by John Hare
Succeeded by Ray Gunter
Secretary of State for War
In office
27 June 1963 – 21 October 1963
Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
Preceded by John Profumo
Succeeded by James Ramsden
Member of Parliament
for Grantham
In office
26 October 1951 – 4 May 1979
Preceded by Eric Smith
Succeeded by Douglas Hogg
Personal details
Born 17 March 1914
Died 25 August 1980 (aged 66)
Nationality British
Political party Conservative

Joseph was the brother of Sir George Godber, who also worked for the security services. George was a Top Doc, who was educated at New College, Oxford, a la Richard Crossman and other Spies We Have Known. Like Crossman, Godber was recruited to MI5 by New College don Herbert ‘HAL’ Fisher, a Giggling member of the Bloomsbury Group who served as President of the Board of Education in the Old Goat’s 1916-22 Govt. HAL persuaded George to embark on a career in Public Health, as did Dashing Young New College Don Richard Crossman and thus George was off to the London Hospital to Train as a Top Doc. The elitist penny pinching bastard spent a few years giving the malingering plebs a hard time and then achieved sainthood when he Helped Nye To Bring The NHS Into Being. Godber was Govt CMO, 1960-73, a very good mate of Crossman and spent the rest of his life helping Gigglers stay out of prison. Godber lived to more than 100 yrs old and he was still a member of the MDU viz comic legal advice man pubwhen his 100th was celebrated. It was dear old Godber who was one of the key drivers behind all the aggro that came my way until the day he died on 7 Feb 2009.

I’ve known for ages that Godber concealed Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggles, but of course it was Godber who also ensured that Bodger and Brave Wendy – Wendy who, like Godber Trained, (and subsequently worked) at the London Hospital – were never hampered.

Brave Wendy’s Ordeal  at the hands of the Male Medical Establishment ended in June 1986, after months of Biting Back The Tears While She Cooked The Kids’ Dinners – Brave Wendy’s Ordeal having begun in 1985 – with the help of Bodger, who gave Expert Evidence on her behalf and thus helped clear Brave Wendy of professional incompetence. There were mutterings about Bodger being a good mate of Brave Wendy’s but Wendy dealt with those particular Scurrilous Allegations with a See the source image and a Dafydd-esque Reminder ie. ‘Of course I know Bodger, we professionals will know each other, but for goodness sake we’re Doctors, would we really ever let an improper relationship cloud our judgement in a Public Inquiry?’

Both Godbers went to Bedford School, an institution popular with the families of security services officers; they were there with Geraint Morgan, the bent barrister who served as Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83 and so many others. Including Paddy Ashdown. See eg. ‘Cymro 007’.

We should bear in mind that the London Hospital was run by the Oil Industry  (see eg. ‘Except You’re A Bird’) and, being in the East End, was the location of the worst Top Docs’ gangsters ie. the Krays and their associates. Ronnie Kray exploring Uganda with Bob Boothby while Boothby was having an affair with Dorothy Macmillan and any number of sex workers of both genders at the same time as being mates with the Queen Mum Gawd Bless ‘Er, led to a toxic mix. In addition, the London Hospital worked in partnership with Bart’s, Armstrong-Jones Central, many consultants at the London holding joint posts with Bart’s as well. See the source image


Francis Noel-Baker later joined the SDP  and later still the Conservative Party.

In 1948, Francis acted covertly for the British Gov’t inside Francoist Spain. His report “Spanish Summary” with a foreword written by his father’s mistress Lady Megan Lloyd George, then the Labour MP for Anglesey, had a huge influence in shaming the British and other Govts and worldwide organisations for allowing Francoist Spain to remain undefeated in Europe until the Spanish transition to democracy. Francis and Lady Megan didn’t manage to mention the contingent who fought in/supported the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War and were involved in Gwynne’s Giggles/the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including George Thomas’s friend Leo Abse, the crooked lawyer who was Brains behind the Gang’s Cunning Plan in 1987 to fit me up and frame me for Attempting To Stab A Doctor.

The Cunning Plan began in the early months of 1987 when Old Nick Edwards was still Secretary of State for Wales, Old Nick of the Security Services, who was educated at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Dr Santo Jeger – Baroness Lena

Leah Manning – MP for WHERE DATES – went to St John’s School in Bridgwater. Which was one of the schools in which my deaf cousin suffered.

While he was an MP, Francis Noel-Baker advocated reforms to moderate the influence of outside interests in Parliament. In 1961 he published an article in Parliamentary Affairs warning that “the door, in fact, is wide open for a new form of political corruption, and there is an uneasy feeling in Parliament and outside that its extent could be much greater than the known or published facts reveal”. Indeed, Francis helped open that door and took advantage once it was opened.Before his death in 2009 Noel-Baker was one of the few surviving members of the 1945 Parliament, the others being Giggler Michael Foot and John Freeman. The Foots were a family of Giggling lawyers viz comic legal advice man puband politicians from Plymouth, which also hosted Nancy Astor as a Tory MP and Dr Death as, well himself. Previous posts discussed Bishop of Plymouth Howard Masterman HERE

Noel-Baker married in 1947 (dissolved 1956), Ann Saunders. In 1957 he married secondly Barbara Sonander, who died of skin cancer in 2004. Four sons and a daughter from his two marriages survive him, and a son predeceased him.

The Noel-Bakers owned a big estate in Greece, where the family spent much time. Previous posts have discussed how Francis Noel-Baker’s two sons were learning disabled and at the mercy of Top Docs in Britain who were encouraging their mother – Francis’s first wife, Ann – to institutionalise the children and forget about them. Which was the standard practice at the time. Philip Noel-Baker was horrified on the grounds that were this to happen, his grandchildren would be treated cruelly because that was the norm in such institutions. Philip moved heaven and earth to give the boys a better life and the only way possible was to bring them up on the family estate in Greece, which he did. I can understand why, but throughout it all, not one Noel-Baker or Lloyd George publicised the abuse of the people in the institutions in which they were determined Francis’s boys should not end up. Instead they offered their Full Support For The NHS and Gwynne and Dafydd.

Previous posts discussed how grandpa’s old foe Edward du Cann, Tory MP for Taunton, 1956-87, who was one of the City men bankrolling the Giggles spent his later years on Cyprus owning and running vineyards, despite being finally bankrupted in the early 1990s and as ever with du Cann, owed a great deal of money which was never paid. D.G.E. Wood has been holding Clinics on Cyprus now for years. In the summer of 1983, when Wood first told me that I needed Psychotherapy, he told me that he had a good friend in Shrewsbury to whom he wanted to refer me. Wood suddenly changed his mind after some two weeks and told me that it was a bit far to travel for me to see a ‘large Greek’ whom he thought that I might not get on with and a far better idea would be to for me to see someone locally. Wood then went silent on the matter, until I was up and functioning again when in the winter of 1983/84, he told me that he would not treat me any more unless I agreed to see an excellent psychotherapist who had enjoyed considerable success whom he knew. It was Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist.

The family seat of the Barons Harlech was near Shrewsbury. John Biffen – who went to primary school with Mrs Brady and to Dr Morgan’s Grammar in Bridgy with my father, and father’s brother, my Uncle John – succeeded Lord David Harlech in his Shropshire seat in Nov 1961. Most of David Harlech’s children famously died prematurely in horrible or sad ways. One of the last two still standing is Jane Ormsby-Gore, who had a relationship with Mick Jagger. Lord Harlech himself died in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital on 26 Jan 1985, after a car accident near Shrewsbury. Lord Harlech’s family were of Giggles.

As US Ambassador, 1961–1965, Lord Harlech was in post when JFK was killed. Lord Harlech’s family were old friends of the Kennedys. Lord H subsequently had a relationship with Jackie Kennedy and in 1968 proposed to her. See the source imageJackie said no and married that rich Greek bloke instead,

Aristotle Onassis
Aristotle Onassis 1967cr.jpg

Onassis in 1967
Aristotle Socrates Onassis

20 January 1906

Died 15 March 1975 (aged 69)

Resting place Skorpios Island, Greece
Nationality Greek
Citizenship Greek and Argentine
Education Evangelical School of Smyrna
  • Shipping tycoon
  • businessman
Athina Livanos
(m. 1946; div. 1960)
Partner(s) Maria Callas (1959–68)
Children Alexander Onassis
Christina Onassis
Relatives Athina Onassis (granddaughter)

although she remained on good terms with Lord H and came over, with other Kennedys, for his funeral.

Lord H did marry again, on 11 December 1969, to American socialite Pamela Colin, daughter of a Manhattan top corporate lawyer, herself a London resident editor of Vogue and then food editor of the British Vogue. The wedding was attended by Ma’am Darling,the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Earl and Countess of Drogheda, the Earl and Countess of Airlie, The Countess Gowrie, Lord and Lady David Cecil, Sir Fitzroy Maclean, J. J. Astor and The Hon. Michael Astor. Lord Harlech and Pamela had one daughter, the Hon Pandora Ormsby-Gore (b. 1972).

Lord Harlech was a good friend of Sir Clough and was a guest at Clough’s 90th birthday party in 1973, at Portmeirion. See ‘Educational Excellence For All’.

Who was D.G.E. Wood’s ‘large Greek’ psychotherapist friend who was based in Shrewsbury in the summer of 1983? Wood was part of a people trafficking Gang, so I think we should be told.See the source image

When one considers the Swindon Events, we need to remember that Gnome’s son Lord Nicholas Piercy married into the Lucans See the source image and that Nicholas’s son, James Pelham Piercy QC, was a graduate of the Spy School, New College, Oxford and a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn, a la Richard Crossman’s dad Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, Lord Denning, Thatch, George Carman, Miranda and Cherie. viz comic legal advice man pubI trust that Legal Advice was dispensed to many re the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery and other matters.

Neither should we forget how many of the key players were educated at Somerville College, Oxford, including Thatch, father’s cousin Veronica who was Lord Gnome’s second wife and many other female relatives of Lord Gnome, including his daughter Penelope Piercy, a Civil Service Mandarin who was one of the Top Bitches for Harold Wilson’s Minister Of Technology, one of which was Wedgie Benn. Benn was preceded by Frank Cousins in that role. Penelope picked up her CBE in 1968, just as Wedgie Benn succeeded Frank Cousins, so Penelope was rewarded for Services Rendered before Wedgie Benn took up that particular baton.

Frank Cousins – HERE

Uncle John who led the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery did not go to Dr Morgan’s with John Biffen and father. He passed the 11 plus, but Mrs Brady’s parents couldn’t afford the uniform and Dr Morgan’s wouldn’t admit pupils if they weren’t wearing the correct uniform, thus there was a form of socio-economic selection in place although Morgan’s prided itself on no longer being a fee-paying school by that time. So Uncle John from Swindon became a Girdle Robber instead of a professional gambler bankrolling an international trafficking ring whom St George’s helped spring when he murdered the nanny and tried to kill his wife.See the source image

If only Mrs Brady’s parents had been able to afford that uniform, things could have been so different for Uncle John the Girdle Robber…Image result for john biffen imagesSee the source image


Except You’re A Bird

As any fule no, the TV sitcom ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ was based on the novel of the same name by Peter Tinniswood. Tinniswood also wrote ‘Except You’re A Bird’. I was a Bird when I was arrested in Streatham by Burnside of the Met in Dec 1990 at the behest of the lies of the Drs Francis and then taken to Streatham Police Station, where I encountered Burnside’s daft mates, Roach et al. What with me being a Bird, Roach boasted to me of his days serving in the North Wales Police, beating up lads in Bethesda, throwing them in Llyn Ogwen and still being assured of a conviction if Geoff Was On The Bench. That was Geoff Davies, former landlord of the Douglas Arms Hotel in Bethesda. Geoff was a corrupt Tory magistrate who was friends with, among others, Dr Bob Tresman, a psychiatrist at the Hergest Unit who was appointed as F’s Top Doc when F refused to waste his time with Dafydd any longer. Dafydd who grew up in Bethesda and was mates with Geoff  and bent coppers.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

My post ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ reproduced that Viz favourite, the photo of a bloke kissing a bird’s arse. Here it is again: 

In response to the question posed by that Viz reader, I am happy to confirm that the bird in the photo is me and the bloke kissing my arse was one of the many customers of the brothel run and staffed by my friend Anne Vernon, who was at the time a PhD student in the Dept of Zoology at UCNW, and I. I can’t remember the name of the customer who’s kissing my arse in the photo, there were so many, but the photo was taken by Brown at one of the regular At Homes held in our house at Old Llandegfan during which such scenes were commonplace. As John Farrar and Adrian Bell were happy to explain to so many people, having been told all about it by Peter Jackson, a botany student who shared our house and was given a plum job with the RSPB in return for his Loyal Service to the Gang after Anne was murdered by them in April 1986, days apart from the death of Mrs Simpson of the Abdication Crisis Fame.

Although Pete bagged his dream job See the source image in return for supplying Bell et al with details of the sordid daily existence of Anne and I, Pete was an excellent birder but in the 1980s if one wanted a paid role in botany, zoology, conservation etc, such jobs were so rare that one needed that extra little something to bring to the table, as those who knew Anne, me and our circle discovered that they had, in terms of telling lies about us or just keeping very quiet indeed after Anne was killed.

Thus were the careers of Adrian Barnett, Christine Lippai, Liz Pulford, Pete Howlett and others who have previously starred on this blog made. Previous posts have discussed how Pete Jackson knew the big names in birding while he was still in north Wales, including Tony Soper and Bill Oddie, and that it was Bill Oddie who entertained the birding world with his observation that ‘All birds have two legs, have you ever seen a bird with four legs?’ in the face of the plonkers so familiar to birders who declare ‘Interested in birds ay?? I bet you are, but the ones with two legs…’

Had Burnside and Roach known that I shared a house with members of Bangor Bird Group, no doubt a lame comment along those lines would have been made. I presume that Burnside and Roach did notice that I had two legs, rather than four. I’m not sure that the Top Docs all knew that, in the way in which so many entertaining diagnoses were pulled out of the Tombola after it was given yet another spin in the face of the latest arrest and High Court case, surely one of them at some point declared me to be a four legged animal rather than a human being.

There was one Bird at UCNW who was mates with Pete et al who didn’t have two legs, in fact she didn’t have any legs at all, she became famous for that. She arrived at UCNW in possession of two legs, but after she came off her bicycle on Glanrafon Hill, right outside the C&A Hospital, she was taken in there by public spirited people for Treatment. The Top Docs screwed up so badly that within months her initially injured but not beyond repair leg had been amputated after two cock ups on the surgery front and then the cock ups somehow managed to adversely affect the other leg that had not suffered injury in the crash and that leg was amputated as well.

The case of that student was so well-known that it was the reason why all students were telling each other not to go near that hospital, go home if you need a hospital. The security services knew, they’d bugged UCNW, what with Sir Charles Evans the Principal working for the security services while running the ring and our conversations re the horror stories pouring out of the C&A Hospital, as well as those relating to the mental health services and other Health and Welfare efforts in Gwynedd, being listened to by MI5. See the source image

When in April 1984 I was admitted to the C&A and subjected to the unnecessary general anaesthetic and transfused with infected blood after – according to info received after I began this blog, also being gang raped under aesthetic by Top Docs who didn’t need to be in the theatre and shouldn’t have been and were fully gowned and masked to conceal their identities – the suturing of my arm, my mates were all worried because I was in the bloody lethal hospital…

Zany Python Graham was mates with them all at the C&A, Zany Graham being a frequent visitor to Snowdonia for climbing weekends, Zany Graham also being a Bart’s Trained Top Doc a la Lord Snowdon’s granddad Robert Armstrong Jones from north Wales and Sir Tom Carey Evans from north Wales, the Old Goat’s son-in-law. Robert Armstrong Jones studied at UCNW before Bart’s and became a high profile psychiatrist and medical superintendent of Colney Hatch Asylum, later known as Friern Barnet, in north London. Tom was married to Olwen, the Old Goat’s daughter and Tom eventually became medical superintendent of Hammersmith Hospital and established the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith. Tom’s uncle was Lord Snowdon’s granddad. Tom Carey Evans died on 25 Aug 1947, Lord Snowdon’s granddad died on 30 Jan 1943 and even Lord Snowdon’s dad, Ronald Armstrong-Jones – a barrister who was a governor of Bart’s – had died at his country home near Caernarfon on 27 Jan 1966, but Snowdon and Olwen were very much alive in 1984 and that was a considerable problem.

Tom Carey Evans’s dad Dr Robert Davies Evans was a Top Doc based in Blaenau Ffestiniog and was one of the 19th c Top Docs who worked in the hospital for the men of Oakeley Quarry there. See post ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’. As discussed in that post, the quarrymen spent whole careers in the quarry, beginning at 14 yrs old. The March 1964 issue of ‘CABAN’, the magazine of Oakeley Quarry, ran as its main feature ‘Sir Keith Joseph Meets The Slate-Makers’ the coverage of the visit, on Jan 18 1964, to Oakeley Quarries by Sir Keith Joseph, Minister of Housing and Local Gov’t and Minister for Welsh Affairs. CABAN names a number of Welsh Office officials that were in Keith Joseph’s party.

In Jan 1964, Keith Joseph was of course the Minister in Alec Douglas Home’s Tory Gov’t; the Welsh Office wasn’t established by Harold Wilson until he took office on 16 Oct 1964. So how could the Welsh Office officials named have been in Keith Joseph’s party? The Welsh Office didn’t exist in Jan 1964. I’m wondering if there was a sleight of hand at work and by the time that CABAN, March 1964, was distributed the Welsh Office had come into being and the people who had been in Joseph’s party who subsequently secured posts in the new Welsh Office were listed as being present and the roles attributed to them were their new Welsh Office roles.

The newsletter blurs the roles of those present at Joseph’s visit, not mentioning that they were a combination of Tories in power when Joseph visited the quarry and officials who would be working in Wilson’s newly created Welsh Office by the time that the newsletter was published, by an outfit called Mitre, who used a

Although Keith Joseph’s visit to Oakeley Quarry was clearly designed as a big morale booster, with Joseph praising the workers and declaring the slate produced to be wonderful, Oakeley Quarry closed not long after Joseph’s visit.

The message is: Gigglers In Control, no matter which Party is in power. Furthermore even the Oakeley Quarry newsletter is published by someone based at a barristers in London. Keith Joseph’s visit occurred in the sunset of the scandal-ridden series of Tory administrations led by Eden, Supermac and then Douglas Home. Wilson took power on 16 Oct 1964 and his Gov’t was served by virtually entirely the same Gigglers, including many who subsequently worked in the Welsh Office. Wilson appointed Giggler Jim Griffiths, MP for Llanelli, 5 April 1936-18 June 1970, as the first Secretary of State for Wales. Jim’s Labour Party Giggling colleague People Trafficker In Chief Lord Elwyn-Jones grew up in Llanelli, Image result for lord elwyn jones images the town from where Mandy Rice-Davies originated. Jim Griffiths’s Civil Service Mandarin at the Welsh Office was Giggler Sir Goronwy Daniel, who was married to Valerie, the Old Goat’s granddaughter, Valerie being the daughter of Richard Lloyd George, 2nd Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor. Valerie’s mother was Roberta McAlpine, daughter of Sir Robert McAlpine, 1st Bart.

Valerie’s brother was Top Doc Archibald Douglas McAlpine. McAlpine was born in Garscadden, Glasgow, on 19 August 1890, the only son and eldest of three children of civil engineering contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, 1st Baronet (1847–1934) and his second wife Florence Margaret Palmer (1850–1910). Douglas Qualified in 1913 from Glasgow University. During World War I he served in the RAMC and then as a Surgeon Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. Douglas was appointed neurologist to the Middlesex Hospital in 1924. Douglas McAlpine’s students at Middlesex Hospital included Gwynne and Paul Sandifer, who made his name as the Father Of Paediatric Neurology in Britain.

Previous posts have discussed Paul Sandifer, colleague of Gwynne and student of Douglas the hybrid of the Lines of the Old Goat and McAlpine, but this is so worrying that I’ll remind everyone of what needs to be known. After Qualifying at the Middlesex, Sandifer worked at the Middlesex as house physician under Douglas McAlpine, as well as under the founder of UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Alan Moncrieff and the TB specialist R. A. Young. Moncrieff was one of the Big Names in British Paediatrics who Trained and Mentored Ollie and his generation of Paeds… See previous posts for details of Alan Moncrieff and colleagues.

Sir Robert Young was another big name who knew Gwynne via the Middlesex Hospital and was used as one of the many umbrellas. Sir Robert Arthur Young, CBE, FRCP (6 November 1871-22 August 1959), was born in Hilborough, Norfolk, the only son of William Young, a labourer, and his wife, Hannah Elizabeth Ann (née Fairs). His mother was illiterate and signed the registration of his birth with her mark. Young however, was educated at Westminster City School and King’s College, London, graduating in 1891. Young trained as a Top Doc at Middlesex Hospital and also became a Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries. Young carried out postgraduate work in Vienna and then returned to London to work as a house physician at the Middlesex Hospital and Brompton Hospital, and also later at the King Edward VII Sanatorium at Fenhurst, near Midhurst, Sussex. Young established a private practice in Harley Street, continuing there long after his retirement from the Middlesex Hospital in 1936, which made him a very wealthy man. Young advised on the treatment of King George VI’s lung cancer in 1951, the surgery on the King being carried out by Welsh Top Doc based at the Westminster Hospital Sir Clement Price Thomas and his team. Price Thomas was used as an umbrella himself for many after the successful surgery on the King which was followed by the King steadily going downhill until he died five months later. See ‘Successful Surgery On King George VI!’. At various times Young also served as Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology, Warden of the Medical College, Pathologist, and Museum Curator at the Middlesex Hospital. An excellent suit of armour for Gwynne.

Young Chaired the National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. He was appointed CBE in January 1920 for his work in WW I and was knighted in 1947, the year in which Tom Carey Evans died.

In 1935, Paul Sandifer was appointed house physician to George Beaumont and Clifford Hoyle at Royal Brompton Hospital. In 1936, he returned to Middlesex Hospital to become a casualty medical officer. In 1937, Sandifer worked at the Maudsley Hospital and obtained a Diploma in Psychological Medicine. The Maudsley and its D.P.M. remained a laughing stock until well into the 1960s, by which time it had worked very hard indeed to build up a few myths about itself and thus remained a laughing stock slightly more discreetly. In 1937, the Maudsley was staffed by some truly mad, dangerous Docs with whom no other Docs wanted to work, including those Docs with close links to the Top Docs who played a role in the Nazis extermination programme, as discussed in previous posts. The Maudsley was considered untouchable by Docs with any sort of reputation to maintain.

Sandifer then became house physician and later senior resident medical officer at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery until the outbreak of World War II. A la the Maudsley, the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery was a joke – but not quite such a joke as the Maudsley – until a Nice Young Doctor called Roger Gilliatt spent a few years working there, Roger Turning It Around and then migrating to the US, where everything that he touched there became a roaring success as well. What was the cause of Roger’s Midas Touch? Er, he had Qualified at the Middlesex and was a friend of Gwynne. Obviously that conferred many benefits in itself, but Roger was also the son of Sir William Gilliatt, the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne. When Roger Grew Up he became a good friend of Lord Snowdon and acted as Snowdon’s best man when Snowdon married Ma’am Darling. Snowdon did suggest two best men before thinking of Roger: Jeremy Fry of the Quaker Chocolate Empire, who lived near Bath, but he Wasn’t Allowed, having been convicted of propositioning Men For Sex; and Mr Thrope, but he Wasn’t Allowed either, because he’d been boasting that he had discussed Uganda with Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon, whereas the rest of their circle had only discussed Uganda with one of them. Mr Thrope always was above himself. Roger was called upon for the Big Day and thus scandal was avoided. 

During World War II, Sandifer worked as a neurologist in Sector 5 of the Emergency Hospital Service. He later became a neuropsychiatrist at the rank of Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force. He continued to work for the RAF until 1951. Sandifer therefore will have known John Cleese’s friend Giggler Robin Skynner, also a psychiatrist who served in the RAF at that time. Skynner’s wife, psychiatrist Prue, was a Giggler of such repute that St George’s Hospital named their family therapy wing after her. 

In 1946, Sandifer became Assistant Physician at the Maida Vale Hospital for Nervous Diseases and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. In 1948, Sandifer became a neurologist at Mount Vernon Hospital and Radium Institute. From 1948 until 1953 Paul Sandifer served as neurologist to the Oxford Regional Hospital Board. The Oxford RHB was run by Richard Crossman’s mates – Crossman was an Oxford don and an Oxford Councillor in the 1930s years before he became an MP-  which was just as well, because hidden down the road from the Dreaming Spires were some shameful things, including the NAME  Hospital.

Rosemary Rue was a Lady Doctor with a physical disability who was openly discriminated against to such an extent by her colleagues that she found herself unemployable as a Top doc at one point and worked as a schoolteacher. Rosemary’s fortunes took a remarkable turn for the better after she bagged a job as a minion to the Top Doc running NAME, near Oxford. Such horrors were being concealed there in the face of Richard Crossman’s DHSS publicising the Marvellous Work of Rosemary’s boss, that Rosemary herself began bagging very senior jobs in NHS governance. It helped that when Rosemary was working at NAME, she was an Unmarried Mother in a relationship with a Darkie Doctor, who was punched in the face by one of their senior Top Doc colleagues who was outraged that the Darkie was shagging a White Bird, the sky was the limit for Rosemary after that. Rosemary became a Role Model for Nice Lady Doctors and ended her career as a Dame and the only Lady Doctor to be appointed by Ken Clarke as a regional NHS manager in Ken’s NHS Shake-Up. Very wisely, Rosemary and the Govt ensured that as Rosemary climbed higher and higher, Oxfordshire remained within her domain. See eg. ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’

Gwynne’s mate who was the senior Top Doc administrator in Oxfordshire – NAME??

In 1953, Sandifer established the Department of Neurology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, becoming one of the first official paediatric neurologists in the UK. Sandifer syndrome was named in Paul’s honour by his former student, Marcel Kinsbourne. MARCEL

In 1939 Paul Sandifer married Sheila Anderson, an anaesthetist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. They were not blessed with children.

Paul Sandifer died on 29 Dec 1964, at a time when a number of Insider witnesses to the Giggles of Profumo and the Gay Spies in the Admiralty Scandals of the previous years dropped. Churchill’s daughter Diana committed suicide on 20 Oct 1963. Diana had been married to Duncan Sandys who outlived her by decades. Sandys was a Giggler of the highest order who as MP for the Streatham area got the party going in that part of London to such an extent that William Shelton, Madam Cyn, Bodger, Ollie et al were able to build on Sandys’ solid foundations, Sandys also being a business partner of Edward du Cann, Tiny Rowland et al. See post ‘Under Suspicion’). See the source imageSee the source imageLord Bill Astor died from a heart attack in the Bahamas on 4 March 1966 and Dorothy Macmillan died from a heart attack on 21 May 1966.


Douglas McAlpine served as a Brigadier in the Royal Army Medical Corps as an adviser in neurology to the South East Asia Command during WW II. In 1953, McAlpine was the leading light in the formation of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain. His book Multiple Sclerosis (1955) was recognised as the authoritative study of the disorder and was revised and updated in subsequent editions. After retiring from the NHS McAlpine worked for the World Health Organization on demyelinating disorders.

Gwynne’s mate Douglas McAlpine was the Authority On MS and to a substantial extent still is. MS is still considered one of the Illnesses That Needs To Be Beaten and Top Docs are Working Hard to do so. As with Cancer, one can only wonder whether a little more progress would have been made if a Giggling mate of Gwynne’s circle of cheats, liars, criminals and fraudsters had not been bed blocking the MS field of research and treatment for so many years.

Douglas McAlpine married Elizabeth Meg Sidebottom (d. 1941) in 1917. The marriage produced two children:

  • Robert Douglas Christopher McAlpine (born 14 June 1919, d.2008), a diplomat and Managing Director of Baring Brothers, 1969-79. This Robert McAlpine was something to do with the Lord Alexander Baring who was at the centre of the bribery and corruption starring Gwynne’s mates Richard Crossman, Lord Denning and Sir Donald Acheson, as well as George Thomas’s mate Horace King, with regard to the developing of Hampshire during the 1960s, including the town of Basingstoke, Southampton School of Medicine and a number of NHS hospitals. Brenda’s close friend and racing manager Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon, or Porchey to Brenda, also played a crucial role. See ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’.
  • Florence Mary Scott (born 24 August 1922).

Douglas McAlpine secondly married Diana Christina Dunscombe Plummer (d. 1981), daughter of Bertram Plummer, on 3 July 1945. The marriage produced one child:

  • Alastair Bertram McAlpine (born 23 Apr 1946).


Dafydd sat out the Profumo Affair Training at the Maudsley with the Gigglers running the big ring there, notably Dr Bob Hobson. See ‘The Mentor’. Dafydd made the contacts needed to vastly expand Giggles in north Wales and in 1964 was promoted to a Consultant’s post as Denbigh. Having now obtained his Diploma In Psychological Medicine and Trained with the best at the Maudsley. Dafydd thus knew how to do the Hands, just like Sir Martin Roth See the source image which is all that was needed. As well as the ability to say in a grave voice ‘Ewe do realise that ewe are suffering from manic depressive insanity?’ and when faced with gales of laughter from the Patient, to rediagnose Dementia Praecox a la Emil Kraepelin and Eugen Bleuler, but to record that on medical records and in the Court Report for Bangor Magistrates but not tell me, because had I heard that at the time I’d have laughed even more and done a Dafydd voice spouting bollocks once more.

The lethal sex offending fuckwits who staffed the C&A were Global Experts In A&E Medicine You Know – Zany Graham was always happy to tell people this – the C&A being located near Snowdonia and thus greatly experienced in Serious Injury. Well they should have been, the surgeons in north Wales had all the practice re orthopaedic and trauma surgery that surgeons could ever have needed to have become outstanding, but the evidence was everywhere that they were anything but.

Professor Robert Owen worked as an orthopaedic surgeon in north Wales during the 1970s before being appointed as Prof of Orthopaedic Surgery in Liverpool. Robert Owen was the Medical Ombudsman for Wales finally appointed by the Welsh Office to organise an investigation into my complaint after Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities had finally stopped completely ignoring my complaints. Robert Owen’s skilful rigging culminated in the ‘investigation’ which was carried out by the Gang’s mates Robert Bluglass and Colin Berry in July 1989 that resulted in the Gang’s serious criminality being concealed and Bluglass offering them tea and sympathy for being Caring People pushed to their limits by my ‘harassment’.

Robert Owen grew up on a farm near Pwllheli and wanted to become a vet until a friend of his parents told him when he was at Pwllheli Grammar School that he should go to Guy’s to read medicine, which Owen did. For the rest of his career, Owen served the Gang. I suspect that, like Leo Abse’s family, Robert Owen’s family were already Of The Gang and a la the Abses, they wanted children who were docs, lawyers or politicians, because the Gang could really make use of them. The Gang liked bankers as well, which was another popular career option for able kids in north Wales of that time. Including one boy made big from Pwllheli:See the source image

Pwllheli produced many other valuable Gang members, including psychiatric social worker and subsequently Plaid MP, Hywel Williams. Hywel was born in Pwllheli in 1953 and received his education at Ysgol Troed yr Allt, Pwllheli Grammar School and then Ysgol Glan y Môr. Hywel studied Psychology at Cardiff University before qualifying as a social worker at UCNW in 1977/78. Hywel was a mental health social worker in the Dwyfor area (the part of Gwynedd that covers the Llyn Peninsula), served by Gwynne and Dafydd (as was the whole of north Wales), before joining the Centre for Social Work Practice at UCNW in 1985. Hywel was a project worker at the Centre, specialising in developing practice through the medium of Welsh, developing a host of short courses available in Welsh for the first time, as well as producing and editing numerous books and training packages with his colleagues, including the first ever social work vocabulary in Welsh. Hywel was appointed Head of the Centre in 1993.

In 1995, Hywel Williams left to work as a freelance lecturer, consultant and writer in the fields of social policy, social work and social care, working primarily through the medium of Welsh. For the next six years, he worked for a variety of universities and colleges in Wales and abroad, as well as working for public bodies, charities, private companies and local and central government, including spending time as an adviser to the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee. Hywel Williams has been a member of numerous professional bodies in relation to social work and training, and was also spokesman for the Child Poverty Action Group in Wales. Thanks to Hywel, victims of the Gang could be assaulted, raped, illegally imprisoned and die in Risley after being framed by Hywel’s colleagues in Welsh, English or bilingually. Although Gwynne and Dafydd provided these services through the medium of Welsh as well as English, Peter Morrison, Lord Snowdon and Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon only utilised the services in English. In 2001 Hywel was elected as the Plaid MP for Caernarfon.

In 1984, Glanville Owen was appointed Lucille Hughes’s Deputy Director of Social Services for Gwynedd with responsibility for children’s homes; Glanville grew up and went to school in Pwllheli, although he graduated from Liverpool University, is also an alumnus of Nottingham University and was working for the NCH in the Manchester area before Glanville was appointed Lucille’s Deputy, after completing a management course at Birmingham University to prepare him for his new role facilitating a gang of old paedophiles at a Senior Level.See the source image

Wales was famous for exporting teachers and preachers across the world, but by the 1960s, the Gang needed grander people than poorly paid teachers and Ministers. In times of Serious Crisis in Modernity, the Gang needed Hands. See the source imageImage result for terry hands images

Because most Top Docs choose to read medicine as teenagers, numerous medical careers are the result of suggestions (or great pressure) from family and family friends, which is why there are so many uninterested and jaded docs. By the time that they have qualified, many Top Docs realise that this is not the career for them, but it’s a five year degree and the pressure is on from all sides to stay as a Doc, particularly if it was the ambition of the Doc’s family. St George’s was full of already disillusioned med students from South Asian families who’s parents had told them to do medicine and loyalty prevented the students/junior docs from giving it up. Academic schools also produced many unwilling med students once medicine increased in academic status in the 1970s and 80s, and Jewish families were keen for the kids to become Docs as well.

Docs who have been unwillingly pressed into medicine by enthusiastic but non-criminal families have a difficult time, but the swelling of the numbers of medical students during the 20th c by children from families Of The Gang was disastrous. The general public never suspects a Doc of serious crime; the most appalling vista held by the general public is that there are bad eggs in medicine who for some puzzling reason are not removed. A cartel of criminal Docs on a scale so substantial that it has caused the serious intractable problems that has dogged the NHS since its creation? No-one outside biomedical sciences would ever imagine the prevailing situation.See the source image

Robert Owen remained a ‘Guy’s man’ for his entire career after Qualifying there and was part of the network of other Guy’s men, including William aka Bill Trethowan, who’s family virtually ran Guy’s. Trethowan’s dad was an orthopaedic surgeon at Guy’s who I presume taught Robert Owen. Bill Trethowan Trained at Guy’s at the same time as his mum, who thought that studying medicine alongside her son would be an interesting way to pass a few years. Bill Trethowan became a big figure in psychiatry on an international scale. For years Trethowan led psychiatry at Birmingham School of Medicine until in DATE Trethowan handed over the reins to the Bright Young Whippersnapper whom he had been mentoring for years, Robert Bluglass, Trethowan taking up a post as TITLE. Trethowan was one of Sir Clough’s network of old boys from Oundle.

Trethowan held nearly every Important Role in the British Medical Establishment that there was to hold and was Chair of the GMC fitness to practice committee that in the mid-1970s allowed Belfast-based psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser to continue practising after he had been convicted of sexually assaulting a child. Fraser was an active paedophile who had been involved in Treating children at Kincora and was the centre of flattering media profiles during the 1970s re his Fantastic Work for the Children Of The Troubles. Morris Fraser subsequently moved to mainland Britain and worked at UCL and Springfield Hospital, the mental health unit attached to St George’s. Morris Fraser then established a charidee in Cornwall, the Azimuth Trust, providing sailing adventures for adolescents.

In early 2016, when it began to be known that I was preparing to begin this blog, there was a flurry of media interest in the Shocking Story Of How Morris Fraser Paedophile Top Doc’s Molesting Was Covered Up. Here’s just one of the reports (BBC, 31 March 2016):

Dr Morris Fraser: Paedophile psychiatrist worked with children after abuse conviction, study finds.

Royal Victoria Hospital Dr Morris Fraser was the senior psychiatric registrar at the Royal Victoria Hospital’s child guidance clinic

A new study has found that a doctor in Belfast was able to continue working with children after he had been convicted for child abuse in the 1970s. Dr Morris Fraser was the senior psychiatric registrar at the Royal Victoria Hospital’s child guidance clinic in Belfast. He also wrote the book ‘Children in Conflict’, about how the Troubles in Northern Ireland affected children. The study into Fraser’s activities was produced by academic Dr Niall Meehan.

It highlights a catalogue of failures by the authorities that enabled Fraser to remain on the medical register despite being convicted twice – in 1972 in London and in 1974 in New York – for child abuse. As a result, Fraser continued to have access to vulnerable children and to sexually abuse them for a period of about 20 years.

Dr Meehan said the General Medical Council, London’s Metropolitan Police and the Royal Ulster Constabulary did not tell the Royal Victoria Hospital that Fraser had been convicted of child abuse. He added that Fraser’s victims required justice, and the onus is now on the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in England and Wales to investigate how the authorities’ dealt with Fraser.

There are serious concerns over how the authorities dealt with Fraser, Dr Meehan said. “The Goddard inquiry, which is looking into child abuse in Britain, must look at the interaction between abuse in Northern Ireland and abuse in Britain,” he said. “The police should have told the hospital when they detected Fraser’s abuse in 1971,” he said. “It must be surely assumed that Fraser was allowed to continue his work in return for providing some form of services to the authorities. These are very serious concerns – the point is the authorities must answer for this.” It is understood a Freedom of Information request regarding Fraser was turned down in 2015 for reasons of national security. Dr Meehan said that fuelled the suspicion that “he was working for the authorities in some way. People talk about these matters being in the past but the victims of this abuse are alive – these are matters of the present,” he added. “Children were abused while the authorities knew that they were being abused.”

Richard Kerr, who now lives in Texas, was one of Fraser’s victims. He was about 12 years old when he was first taken to the psychiatrist’s clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital along with his sister. On his second visit, he was alone. “He asked me to stand up and take my shorts down,” Mr Kerr said. “For some reason, within a minute, he had some sort of Polaroid camera. He started taking shots. “He said not to worry – he’s a doctor. But I felt embarrassed.” Two years later, Richard was sent to Kincora boys’ home, the centre of an abuse scandal between the late 1950s and early 1980s. Richard, who was abused at the home, felt increasingly isolated and vulnerable. He said those in positions of power exploited vulnerable children. “The only people I knew were my abusers and the only thing I had to do was to try and please them, because I had no one else to turn to,” he said. “They used me to go out to other locations and be with different men. Back then, no one believed me. I didn’t think anyone would believe me. They use your troubled past against you.”

A few quick comments. Dr Meehan knows as well as I do that the Morris Fraser story was the tip of the huge iceberg and the cover-up re Fraser involved the entire medico-legal establishment, as well as all HE establishments in N Ireland and most on mainland Britain. Those working with Fraser didn’t need to be told of his conviction, he was allowed to continue working because he knew of Bigger Names than him. That is also the reason why Fraser was back in the media in 2016 when people knew that I was about to go into action. Fraser the Scapegoat for two far more serious offenders. The Royal Lobotomist and his assistant/successor:Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Niall Meehan will have known at least some of the story for years so one wonders why he remained so quiet. Here’s the biggest problem Niall:I’ve got 10,000 documents that could have put Morris’s protectors in prison decades ago Niall but no-one’s ever shown any interest. Including you!

Can I reassure any targets of Morris Fraser that one didn’t need to have a ‘troubled past’ for it to be used against one? They literally chose kids and young people whom they liked the look of and certainly by the 1980s they were so used to doing whatever they pleased that they just made up a Troubled Past involving any old bollocks. I’ve read plenty about my own Troubled Past that ranges from defamatory to offensive to just plain laughable. My fictional Troubled Past still remains detailed on my 18 files of records, that’s how Troubled my Past is. My younger years weren’t easy but that was because a gang of state-backed Villains In High Places targeted me when my grandpa dared challenge them. The biggest laugh about my records is that the things that did cause problems for me aren’t mentioned on there. Not that I want them to be, why would I want that gang of fools even considering what was important to me when I was younger?

At Morris Fraser’s GMC hearing, the MDU barrister was Paddy Mayhew, who served as the Tory MP for Tunbridge Wells, 28 February 1974-2 May 1997, was Thatch’s Solicitor General, 13 June 1983-13 June 1987, Attorney General for England and Wales and for N Ireland, 13 June 1987-10 April 1992 and authorised all those prosecutions of me in the High Court during 1990 and 91 on the basis of Top Docs’ perjury, most of them when I was working at St George’s or as a patient in Springfield.  After Paddy’s stint as AG, John Major appointed Paddy as N Ireland Secretary, 10 April 1992-2 May 1997. Days after Paddy became N Ireland Secretary, the Brighton firebomb killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal (see ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’). Paddy took up his seat in the Lords on 12 June 1997. The old bastard died on 25 June 2016, as I began appearing on internet fora discussing abuse and neglect in the NHS, just before I began this blog. In 2019 Paddy’s son Jerome was elected to Parliament as a Tory MP…

Paddy Mayhew was one of only five Ministers (Tony Newton, Kenneth Clarke, Malcolm Rifkind and Lynda Chalker are the others) to serve throughout the whole 18 years of the Govts of Thatch and John Major. This represents the longest uninterrupted Ministerial service in Britain since Lord Palmerston in the early 19th century. Which makes them See the source image

Paddy was of Middle Temple a la Pedr Paedophilia, Ronnie Waterhouse, Geoffrey Howe, Patrick Jenkin, Greville Janner and Mrs Mills, who, as DPP, 1992–1998, didn’t mount any prosecutions as a result of the North Wales Police investigation into an alleged VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire which ran from 1990 until Sept 1992, although over 100 complaints were made and the CPS sent a file to the DPP.

Those to whom we waved goodbye during the NWP investigation that found no evidence of any paedophile ring included Olwen Carey Jones (died 2 March 1990), Sir John Stradling Thomas (died 29 March 1991) and Jimmie McAlpine (died 6 Nov 1991). All Gigglers. Sir John, who had served as a Welsh Office Minister under Old Nick, alongside Wyn Roberts and Keith Best, died at his Dolphin Square flat hours before he was due to deliver a speech on allegations that VIPs/politicians had been abusing children. See ‘The Grotesque Chaos Of Barcelona’. Jimmie McAlpine, the Chairman of the family construction business, lived in Denbighshire and was President of Wrexham Golf Club, whose members – including senior North Wales policeman Gordon Anglesea – were abusing kids in care. The boys from Bryn Estyn were forced to work as caddies for members of Wrexham Golf Club. Jimmie died in hospital in Wrexham.

Jimmie was the cousin of Robert Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green aka Alistair McAlpine, Thatch’s mate and Tory Party Treasurer throughout the years of Thatch as PM, who raised enormous sums for the Tory Party.See the source image

Other Guy’s men included Dafydd’s old pal Jim Watson the Sex Therapist who Trained at the Maudsley, worked as a Sex Therapist at St George’s before moving on to work as a Sex Therapist at Guy’s and Tommy’s. Jim’s wife was also a Sex Therapist and they worked together. Jim and his wife didn’t just provide Sex Therapy themselves, they Trained other Sex Therapists.

Top Doc Gerard Vaughan, after Training at Guy’s and the Maudsley, was from 1958 until 1979 Consultant in charge of the Pioneering Model Of Excellence that was the Bloomfield Clinic at Guy’s Hospital, the children’s psychiatry clinic. As befits a Caring Top Doc who Helped Troubled Children, Vaughan was not only a Freemason and a mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s, but was the hard right Tory MP for Reading, (and then Reading South and Reading East), 1970-97 and one of the few Tory MPs who did try to privatise the NHS.

During Grocer Heath’s Govt, Vaughan was PPS to Francis Pym, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 2 December 1973-4 March 1974. Pym the Tory Wet who, with Posh Ian Gilmour, was always thought to be a little more principled than the Thuggish element of the Tory Party. Sadly they weren’t… 

Look at the positions held, with the dates; Pym could not have been principled, by definition:

The Lord Pym
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
6 April 1982 – 11 June 1983
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Lord Carrington
Succeeded by Geoffrey Howe
Lord President of the Council
In office
14 September 1981 – 5 April 1982
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Lord Soames
Succeeded by John Biffen
Leader of the House of Commons
In office
5 January 1981 – 5 April 1982
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Norman St John-Stevas
Succeeded by John Biffen
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
In office
5 January 1981 – 14 September 1981
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Norman St John-Stevas
Succeeded by The Baroness Young
Paymaster General
In office
5 January 1981 – 14 September 1981
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Angus Maude
Succeeded by Cecil Parkinson
Secretary of State for Defence
In office
4 May 1979 – 5 January 1981
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Fred Mulley
Succeeded by John Nott
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
In office
2 December 1973 – 4 March 1974
Prime Minister Edward Heath
Preceded by Willie Whitelaw
Succeeded by Merlyn Rees
In office
19 June 1970 – 2 December 1973
Prime Minister Edward Heath
Preceded by Bob Mellish
Succeeded by Humphrey Atkins

Shadow Cabinet positions
Shadow Foreign Secretary
In office
6 November 1978 – 4 May 1979
Leader Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by John Davies
Succeeded by Peter Shore
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
In office
19 November 1976 – 6 November 1978
Leader Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by John Peyton
Succeeded by Norman St John-Stevas
Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
In office
4 March 1974 – 19 November 1976
Preceded by Norman Buchan
Succeeded by Michael Jopling
Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
In office
4 March 1974 – 29 October 1974
Leader Edward Heath
Preceded by Merlyn Rees
Succeeded by Ian Gilmour
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
9 October 1987 – 7 March 2008
Life peerage
Member of Parliament
for South East Cambridgeshire (n.b.)
In office
16 March 1961 – 11 June 1987
Preceded by Gerald Howard
Succeeded by Jim Paice
Personal details
Francis Leslie Pym

(1922-02-13)13 February 1922
Abergavenny, Wales

Died 7 March 2008(2008-03-07) (aged 86)
Sandy, Bedfordshire, England
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Valerie Daglish (m. 1949)
Children 4
Parents Leslie Pym (father)
Education Eton College
Alma mater Magdalene College, Cambridge
n.b. Cambridgeshire (1961–1983)

I note that Pym was born in Abergavenny and died in Sandy, Bedfordshire. The RSPB had a big HQ at Sandy and I think that Pete Jackson’s plum number with the RSPB involved initial Training at Sandy.

The Lord Fowler
Official portrait of Lord Fowler crop 2.jpg

When Thatch became leader of the Conservative Party on 11 Feb 1975, Gerard Vaughan became her Health Spokesman. Vaughan became a Minister in the DHSS under Patrick Jenkin after Thatch became PM in May 1979. Vaughan did not get on with his new boss, Norman Fowler, who replaced Jenkin on 14 Sept 1981, approx. two weeks before I arrived at UCNW for Freshers Week. In 1982, Vaughan was transferred to the post of Consumer Affairs Minister. When he discovered that Joan Ruddock, then the Chair of CND, was also Head of his local CAB, Vaughan threatened to halve the Govt’s contribution to CABs across the country. The uproar that followed, from the thousands of voluntary workers in the CAB and from their Conservative MPs, forced Vaughan to retreat during an angry Commons debate in April 1983. Vaughan was dropped from the Govt in 1983 and given a K in 1984, the year of the Gwynne Row. From the back benches, Vaughan served on the Education Select Committee, 1983-93  and the Science and Technology Select Committee, 1993-97.

Previous posts discussed the activities of Gerard Vaughan, including this scrap between him and Ruddock. Joan Ruddock was a security services plant; the CAB, by the time that Ruddock was Head of the branch in Vaughan’s constituency, was run by the Gang. Lucille Hughes has been part of the senior management of CAB for decades.  This bunfight between Vaughan and Ruddock was some sort of scrap between members of the Gang, but I haven’t got to the bottom (so to speak) of it. The April 1983 row in the Commons took place just before Brown sat his Finals, when the threat to his personal safety in Birmingham was so great that he was spending as much time as poss at our house on Anglesey. Wood and Bell just would not respond to how serious the situation was… Bell had by April 1983 coerced me into seeing Wood, but only quite recently. Brown stayed with us in Llandegfan once teaching stopped at Aston and just returned to sit Finals, so he was probably at our house when Gang member Vaughan faced the Forces Of Other Gang Members in the Commons.

It wasn’t just the cheesemakers who were blessed…

Since I blogged about the Vaughan vs Ruddock Gang Civil War, I’ve been told that once more, the scrap was related to Bridgy, Bangor and me. The person who told me this asked me if I remembered Mr Freeman at Chilton Trinity School and where he had come from…

Kids at Chilton would never have forgotten Mr Freeman. I did blog about him in previous posts but I hadn’t made the Gerard Vaughan-Reading link that my informant knew about. Mr Freeman was a very confrontational RE teacher who arrived to work at Chilton School when I was about 14. RE was an absolute joke at Chilton, what were very obviously the maddest teachers were given the remit, other teachers openly sneered at them and I remember causing trouble when I argued in a class debate that RE was disrespectful to children from Christian backgrounds because the RE teaching at Chilton turned it into a subject of mockery.

I had a good friend who’s parents were Baptists, who took their faith seriously and my (very quiet) friend had observed to me that RE, Chilton-style, was just embarrassing. She didn’t dare pipe up in public because of the howls of derision with which kids from families who weren’t involved with organised religion (ie. most of the kids in that school) greeted any mention of Religion. Other faiths just weren’t mentioned and I caused gales of laughter from the rest of the class when I was 14 by saying that I’d like to ‘do’ Paganism and Buddhism…

So Mr Freeman turned up when I was 14, by Special Invitation of Bill Francis, the dodgy Headmaster who was running a spotting Gang linked to Gwynne and Dafydd, as discussed in previous posts eg. ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’. Mr Freeman came from Reading and had been teaching in a school there. His remit at Chilton was to Turn Around RE. When I heard about this I thought ‘brilliant’. As did some other kids. We should have known better, nothing worked at Chilton, including Mr Freeman. He was even worse than the other RE teachers, he was just dreadful. From the first lesson, Freeman told us that his previous school had been far superior to Chilton – I’m sure it was, but Freeman’s critique wasn’t in any way diplomatic and it was integrated with personal attacks on the people of Somerset and the pupils of the school – and he was truly appalled at What He Found In RE At Chilton.

It was all weird because the enormous problems in the school stemmed from Bill Francis, who seemed to be a big fan of Mr Freeman. Then there was a real row because the cash-strapped, falling apart at the seams Chilton School saw MONEY being allocated to Mr Freeman’s RE empire. Money spent on bizarre things like new blinds for the windows. Freeman also boasted that when he was Begged To Join the Staff at Chilton School, he Dictated His Salary and Terms Of Work.

So the entire teaching force at Chilton – except for Bill Francis and his very small tight Mafia of substantially teachers from Wales from where Bill Francis originated – were up in arms against Mr Freeman and the kids were taking the piss out of him en masse. Mr Freeman was so unpleasant that even the well-behaved kids in the top stream – of which there weren’t many – took the piss out of Mr Freeman.

I have explained in previous posts how Mr Freeman hit disaster just as I left the school in summer 1979 when he punched a girl – a well-behaved girl – in the face, breaking her cheek bone. Her parents pressed charges. Freeman starred in the tabloids and was presented as a Gentle Giant pushed beyond endurance by the brats of Bridgwater. He wasn’t, he was a very odd, very unpleasant man.Image result for lord tom king images

Did the teachers at Chilton admit that they loathed Freeman and he had alienated the entire school? No. They Supported Their Colleague In The Face Of Those Bastard Kids. Freeman stood trial for assault when I was at Bridgwater College doing A levels and was acquitted. Message to the Plebs: We do what we want to you, we can even break the cheekbones of the well-behaved kids and get away with it.Image result for lord tom king images

Freeman gained further kudos as a Saint by publicising his Nervous Breakdown re the Prosecution, ooh it’s been terrible, I’ll never be the same again. Which certainly gave me a good laugh because I lived near Mr Freeman so I heard about what he was doing during the tea and sympathy. Image result for lord tom king imagesMr Freeman had been kicked out of one local church – Nether Stowey – for unclear reasons, had then tried Cannington Church, where one of my close friends at school went with her parents, but left there – and had therefore joined Fiddington and Stogursey Churches, both under the domain of a different vicar ie. OUR VICAR!! Mr Pengelly. See previous posts eg. ‘He’s Looking At I In A Funny Way…’ for gen on Mr Pengelly and the other dysfunctional vicars of Somerset and eg. ‘And The Raven Was Called Sin…’ for info on senior clergy in Somerset who were directly linked to Roger Hollis, the alleged MI5 chief who stood accused of being a double agent, this being angrily denied by Thatch. What was true was that Mr Rigg, the molesting vicar of Bawdrip, Tom King’s constituency, was protected by people in High Places, including Top Docs and Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, but also Thatch, because Mr Rigg – from ‘a family of lawyers and judges’ – had a long history of molesting and had been transferred to Bawdrip from Thatch’s home county of Lincolnshire when his conduct had become intolerable, as discussed in eg. ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

Mrs Brady was a regular at Fiddington Church and Brown’s mum went to Stogursey Church. Mrs Brady told me the Story Of That Poor Teacher Who’s Life Is Now Ruined… Mrs Brown some months later told me something else. That Mr Pengelly was in meltdown because Mr Freeman was Carrying On with a lady in the choir, both parties being married but not to each other and there was much upset. Mr Freeman eventually left the Church after much unpleasantness and in the mid-1980s Mr Pengelly observed to Mrs Brown that he had never so badly misjudged a character as Mr Freeman in his entire life. Image result for lord tom king imagesMr Pengelly should have asked the kids at Chilton about Mr Freeman…

As ever, I had never considered that the extraordinary Mr Freeman was anything to do with the war on parts of my family by Edward du Cann and the Gang. I did know that Mr Freeman really did not like me and he didn’t like me from the outset, before I’d taken the piss, said anything controversial etc, but Mr Freeman hated all of us, absolutely all of us, so I didn’t read anything into his obvious hatred of me. Neither did I wonder about Mr Freeman being part of that sudden influx of Chilton teachers – who were so hostile to me – into the Fiddington area where we lived, miles away from the school, in villages in which previously Bridgwater teachers had not lived, and cluttering up my out of school existence, as discussed in the comments following my post ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’.

Mr Freeman didn’t move to Fiddington per se, he moved to Nether Stowey some two miles away, but he did buy a house right next to the workplace of my favourite auntie, who lived in the same village as Mr Freeman. The one auntie who was really kind and got things just right for her nieces and nephews, who wasn’t a nutter or who did ridiculous things, who was remarkably normal for my world at the time. An auntie with a difficult husband, who was quite vulnerable in some ways and who was well known and popular locally. Freeman moved right into her personal space as it were.

Auntie Janet’s difficult husband Uncle Peter had, like father, been at Dr Morgan’s School in Bridgy with John Biffen, Image result for john biffen imagesThatch’s Cabinet Minister and the Tory MP for Oswestry who succeeded Lord David Harlech in that seat. Biffen was MP for Oswestry – the family seat of the Harlechs was nearby – during the years in which David Harlech, who preceded Biffen in his Commons seat and so many of his children died in bizarre/unfortunate/tragic circumstances. David Harlech was Maurice Macmillan’s brother-in-law, Maurice being married to David’s sister Katharine. Biffen was elected to the Commons in 1961, the year before Maurice began swindling my father.

Gwynne and Dafydd’s ring extended to Shropshire; John Allen owned a home in Shropshire and staff were exchanged between Shropshire and north Wales. Previous posts have discussed how the molesters of Castle Hill School in Shropshire were exposed, prosecuted and jailed after Yorkshire TV suddenly abandoned filming for a documentary about abuse of kids in north Wales for a documentary about Castle Hill. Ralph Morris, the (unqualified) Headmaster of Castle Hill and his staff were abusing kids, but it was nothing compared to what was happening in north Wales. Morris was jailed amidst much publicity and Shock Horror media reports about him being a Well Known Figure in Ludlow. Indeed, Ralph had to be publicised and ruined because Ralph knew of such serious dirt on so many people grander that local businessmen and officials in Ludlow. 

Lord Harlech and Jackie Kennedy: Image result for lord harlech and jackie kennedy imagesLord H asked Jackie to marry him after JFK was assassinated but Jackie Spurned Lord H in favour of that rich Greek bloke.See the source imageLord H’s family were old friends of the Kennedys. As well as of the Royals, Ma’am Darling having been one of the guests at Lord H’s first wedding. Ma’am Darling who put it about a bit, including it was alleged in the direction of Mick Jagger and definitely in the direction of Robin Douglas Home, nephew of PM Alec, Robin who was Carrying On with Ma’am Darling when his marriage to 1960s Model Sandra Howard was breaking up. Sandra put it about a bit as well and eventually married Michael Howard, a bumptious shite of a barrister from Llanelli, who as John Major’s Home Secretary finally ruined Mary Wynch after she had demonstrated her allegations re a crooked ring of lawyers and Top Docs to be correct. Michael Howard was Home Secretary when a few unlawful things were happening to F and I as well and when the Gang declared war on Graham Day, the senior sociologist at Bangor University, the war in which Nerys Patterson was caught in the crossfire. Nerys, graduate of the LSE who married Harvard sociologist Orlando See the source image who did his PhD at the LSE in the mid-1960s. See the source imageNerys subsequently married the Philanderer’s friend Merfyn, so they were in the firing line as well. See eg. ‘Badlands’.Image result for lord harlech and jackie kennedy imagesImage result for i didn't know you cared images


-Kenyon –


Biffen’s parents continued to live at their farm some two miles away from the house in which I lived as a teenager when their son was a Cabinet Minister. Biffen knew Mrs Brady as well as my father; he went to the same primary school as Mrs Brady and the Biffens’ farm was just down the road from Mrs Brady’s parents house, where she was born and spent her life until she was 14.

I went to school with the grandchildren of a man whom the Biffens employed as a farm worker and who John Biffen stated in his autobiography remained his ‘eyes and ears’ in the local area when Biffen was in Cabinet. See the source imageThe grandchildren were good fun, they lived on a farm in a nearby village; there was however one boy from the family who worked as a window cleaner and gardener and was a problem, such a problem that when I was in my late teens he was the centre of very serious allegations of either the attempted rape or the rape of an older woman who had employed him at her house. It was the talk of the area but he was never prosecuted. His younger sister, whom I knew very well from school, when in her 40s, was rendered completely paralysed, only able to communicate by moving her eyes, after neurosurgery went wrong. That was a convenient slip of the knife; it will have been a Bristol surgeon I presume. See the source imageShe was a mother of children, having married a boy with whom I went to school, who was himself the son of another farmer from the area. I only heard about this some three years ago when I went to visit a friend from a village near the Biffens and caught up on the news. It was presumed that I had known about the dreadful surgical accident for years. All the people in this network knew Mr Bridgy Celeb as well as me and all of my relatives.

The older brother of the boy who married the girl who is now paralysed and can’t communicate was one of Mr Bridgy Celeb’s circle when I was still in Somerset. He didn’t get on with his father and the word locally was that the father was seriously cruel to him, made him work on the farm without pay etc. It was openly discussed, the boy got into terrible trouble when he came camping with us in the Quantocks one day when I was at Bridgwater College. Some months later, the boy went to a party at the house of one of Mr Bridgy Celeb’s mates, down the road from my parents’ house. His dad the aggressive farmer turned up to drag him back home and a gang of men known to Mr Bridgy Celeb violently assaulted him as punishment for the way in which their mate was being treated at home. The farmer was I was told quite seriously injured, he got a real beating. I don’t know what happened to the older boy, it was the younger son who stayed on the farm and married the girl who is now paralysed. The young man who lived in the house where the beating took place was the boy who, when we were teens, with me, had found the child porn and porn starring Paul McCartney hidden in the old shed in our paddock. I was told after I began this blog that he had received money in return for providing Evidence of my insanity See the source imagefrom when I was living in Somerset. Then there was his business venture near Nether Stowey using migrant workers kept in slave-like conditions so bad that even the most reactionary in Somerset were commenting ‘He’s treating those immigrants really badly up there’. See previous posts.

The immigrants were housed in sheds down the road from Mr Freeman’s house…

That farmer wasn’t the only farmer who sustained serious injury in an assault that didn’t result in a prosecution. There was another farmer – the adult son of an older farmer, who was due to inherit a substantial farm, I think in the Holford area – who was known locally as being a bit odd but not in a way that seemed to worry anyone, who was nearly killed. No-one admitted knowing what it was about, he was a mate of Mr Bridgy Celeb and I met him at a birthday party held for Mrs Brady, when I was working at St George’s I think. A few years later I was told that he had been found in his car, virtually dead, after being attacked by unnamed assailants. People did seem to know who they were but no-one was saying anything.See the source image

Does Tom King know why these well-known farmers in his constituency were the subjects of near-murders yet not a word appeared in the media and no police investigations or prosecutions followed? 

My post ‘The 1995 Club’ discussed the genocide of Insider witnesses in that year as well as Brenda’s Birthday Honours List in which so many Gang members, accomplices or just those who needed to be bribed to keep quiet, were given gongs of varying status. Lord Harlech’s daughter Alice Ormsby-Gore, the former fiancée of Eric Clapton – who dumped Alice after, by Clapton’s own admission, treating her appallingly See the source image – was found dead in April 1995, ‘in the shabby bedsit in which she lived in poverty, the heroin syringe still in her arm’ a la quite a few others who tangled with the Gang. Alice’s sister Jane is a former bedfellow of Mick;See the source image Jane is one of the few of David Harlech’s children who is still alive.  I did notice but didn’t comment in ‘The 1995 Club’ that Joan Ruddock was one of those honoured in Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours Of Shame. For Joan’s services to Politics. I seem to have missed Joan’s huge contribution during all her years with CND activists who were facilitating abuse or indeed her years with Labour Party big wigs and Wimmin who were receiving forged documentation about me. Joan bagged an even bigger prize in 2012, the year in which Tony Francis died, for services To Public Life and Politics; she became Dame Joan.Image result for lord tom king images

Joan Ruddock
Joan Ruddock.jpg

Joan was born in Pontypool, Land Of Leo Abse and Woy, went to Pontypool Grammar School for Birds, then Imperial College where she studied Botany and Chemistry. Joan resigned as Chair of CND in 1985 and from 1987 until 2015 served as the Labour MP for Lewisham Deptford, on the turf of the Gang’s partner ring. Dame Joan succeeded John Silkin in the seat, John Silkin The Future Leader Of The Labour Party of Royal Labour Silkins. Dad Lord Lewis Silkin was a corrupt Labour lawyer, a London County Councillor from 1925 and MP for Peckham, 1936-50. Lewis was a Minister in Clement Attlee’s Govt from 1945 until 1950, bagged a peerage in 1950 and a Companion of Honour in 1965. John’s brother Sam was the corrupt Labour lawyer, Councillor on Camberwell Borough Council, 1953-59, then MP for Dulwich, 15 Oct 1964-9 June 1983, as well as Wilson’s and Sunny Jim’s Attorney General for England, Wales and N Ireland, 5 March 1974-4 May 1979. Sam worked in partnership with the Chief People Trafficker: Image result for lord elwyn jones images John Silkin was the corrupt lawyer and Labour MP for Deptford and then Lewisham Deptford, 4 July 1963-26 April 1987. Another brother Arthur, was a Civil Service Mandarin.

John Silkin was one Labour MP who was on the horizon when I was a teenager because he was Sunny Jim’s Minister at MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), 10 Sept 1976-4 May 1979. Prior to that Silkin, had a highly incriminating CV and not one that suggested anything remotely agricultural:

Crooked solicitor John began his political career as a Councillor in Marylebone, Top Docs and Harley Street Central 1962-63, as the Profumo Affair gripped the nation, while Dafydd hid down at the Maudsley, learning to do the Hands. See the source imageOnce in Parliament, John Silkin was Treasurer of the Household, 11 April 1966-4 July 1966; Harold Wilson’s Chief Whip and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury, 4 July 1966-30 April 1969; Minister of Public Buildings and Works, 30 April 1970-19 June 1970; Minister of State for Local Govt and Planning, March 1974-10 Sept 1976. The latter post was in the Dept of the Environment while Peter Shore was Secretary of State.

Peter Shore the Cool Giggler who went to school with the Beatles, the East End MP on the Gang’s turf who Supported Brave Wendy. See the source imageBut as Mandy Rice-Davies would say ‘He would wouldn’t he’, because People Trafficker Peter Shore was married to People Trafficker Dr Liz Shore, a Nice Lady Doctor who was Deputy Chief Medical Officer by the time Crossman was Giggling at the DHSS. During the 1990s, Dr Liz was still busy; she was responsible for the postgrad training in most of the London teaching hospitals in north London. When I arrived in London in Sept 1986 to begin my MSc at Hammersmith, I initially crashed at my mates flat in Bethnal Green, in Peter Shore’s constituency. Previous posts have detailed the threats and aggro from BNP members and a serious sex offender that we experienced there.  I was working for Bodger when Dr Liz took charge of medical postgrad work in great swathes of London.

I shouldn’t be surprised; Dr Liz Wrong as she was known before she married was a Giggling Top Doc from an influential family and after Peter Shore went to Quarry Bank School with the Beatles, Shore went to Trinity College, Cambridge. If he wasn’t working for the security services himself, some of his best friends were. Including this one:

At the Dept of the Environment, Peter Shore’s special adviser was none other than Giggler LSE Prof Brian Abel-Smith, who had served Richard Crossman so loyally, then Babs Castle at the DHSS, but in despair at the ever increasing mess in the NHS that Abel-Smith had helped create and could not sort out, he gave up on the DHSS and popped over to Shore’s domain to Advise there. On Poverty, Housing, etc, having been so successful at Helping Poor People at the LSE, at the DHSS, at the World Health Organisation etc. Brian the NHS Guru’s other Passion was his gentleman’s outfitters which he ran with his gay partner. So enthusiastic were they that they’d nip over to Italy to choose the best styles and fabrics in person. Well their customers numbered Mick Image result for Mick Jaggerand Warren Beatty, Mick’s Mink Thong was rather more important than the plebs in Wales who never who never stopped bloody moaning and as for their taste in jackets, Brian of the Silk Italian Boxer Shorts was APPALLED.Sean Linehan, left, and Merfyn JonesImage result for roger mellie man of the tellie images

And this one’s no better than he ought to be:See the source imageSee the source image

Should readers need further convincing that John Silkin was Of The Gang, not only did he serve in the RNVS a la Edward du Cann and the Gigglers while Gwynne was a Navy Top Doc, but Silkin was an alumnus of Trinity Hall, Cambridge and of the group of such alumni who Dedicated Their Lives To Giggles eg. John Tilley, Geoffrey Howe, Norman Fowler, J.B. Priestly. I have no idea what was going on at Trinity Hall, Cambridge but Gwynne’s Future Gigglers accumulated there in a way that is improbable. Maurice Macmillan was at Balliol with loads of Gigglers who became PMs and Cabinet Ministers, but Balliol was the institution of choice for grandiose young men who had decided at the age of 14 that they were going to be PM. Jesus College, Oxford has such strong Welsh links that the grander Welsh members of the Gang would be expected to have been teenagers who would have applied there. But Trinity Hall, Cambridge isn’t a high profile college. Why were Gigglers In Chief there?

John Silkin was the Dairy Industry Arbitrator, 1986-87. John Silkin died in office on 26 April 1987, as I was writing many letters to authorities about the Gang, the month before Ollie Brooke won his appeal against sentence heard by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane and as I was coming to the end of my MSc at Hammersmith.

It was in 1987 that Peter Shore extracted dosh from Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health to convert the defunct Mildmay Mission Hospital in Shoreditch into an AIDS hospice where Ah the Victims could die shielded from public view, what with The Stigma. Thus so many former kids in care died in invisibility at the Mildmay, funded and Cared For by the very Gigglers who had been in business with Gwynne and Dafydd. The Mildmay enjoyed support from many, including Ange from EastEnders, who is married to Rock Legend Brian May from Queen. The Mildmay hosted a few celebs with AIDS as well which enabled them to justify conditions of security worthy of Fort Knox. One such celeb was rumoured to be Freddie Mercury. See ‘Apocalypse Now’ for details of the Mildmay and other posts eg. ‘The Bodies Beneath Canary Wharf’ for the Docklands Regeneration that obliterated the former scenes of crime in Newham – Brave Wendy’s stomping ground – and eg. ‘International Finance, With Thanks To Gwynne’ for further discussion of how global capitalism grew from the City financiers who were bankrolling the Royal Lobotomist…

All aboard for Giggles and now there’s a fruity Radical Lady to replace those Men!See the source image

Still not convinced anyone? Then consider this: Sam Silkin was a graduate of er Trinity Hall, Cambridge. In 1938, Sam Played Two First Class Games Of Cricket, one for Cambridge University Cricket Club and one for er Glamorgan Cricket Club. Lest anyone suspect that Sam might have had redeeming qualities:

Sam was called to the Bar in 1941. On 18 March 1946, Silkin, with the military rank of Lieutenant Colonel, presided over the Double Tenth war crimes trials at the Supreme Court Building in Singapore. Twenty-one Japanese Kenpeitai were accused of torturing 57 internees, resulting in the deaths of 15. On 15 April 1946, after a hearing lasting 21 days, eight were sentenced to death by hanging. Three others received life imprisonment, one a sentence of fifteen years, and two were given prison terms of eight years. Seven were acquitted.

In 1963, See the source imageSilkin was raised to the rank of Queen’s Counsel. Sam Chaired the Society of Labour Lawyers. 

Sam bagged his peerage on 13 May 1985, after Tony Francis went weird on my friend – from Shrewsbury in er Shropshire –Image result for john biffen images and I within the same week. Nicholas Eden, a Giggler who had been a customer of Gwynne and Dafydd’s and who had been a member of Thatch’s Govt, was dying from AIDS and on 23 March 1985 had resigned from his job as Minister in the Dept of Environment under Secretary of State Giggler Patrick Jenkin. Nicholas died on 17 Aug 1985. By which time Michael Grade and Samuel Brittan were demanding my friend’s head on a plate – my friend who’s family’s farm was near Cannington, some four miles away from John Biffen’s mum and dad’s place – because she had refused to do a fiddle for Sam Brittan to secure him tickets and hotel accommodation for the Edinburgh Fringe when both had sold out weeks previously. Michael Grade wrote Sam a letter describing my friend’s ‘rudeness’ as appalling and told Sam that he would definitely get him into the Fringe no matter what.

Grade: My friend’s ‘rudeness’??? In what way is ‘Dear Samuel Brittan, Thank you very much for your request. Unfortunately all tickets have sold out and all hotel accommodation is fully booked. I am very sorry that we cannot accommodate you’ APPALLING RUDENESS???

Did my mate write ‘Dear Samuel Brittan, Your brother the Home Secretary is protecting a gang of sex offenders and paedophiles who are making my friend’s life such a misery that she’s come over to my place to ask what the hell she should do about them??’ Image result for john biffen imagesNo, she didn’t.

But then after my friend was intimidated and threatened in the flat in Bethnal Green – the constituency MP being Peter Shore – after the Stirling crowd who shared the flat froze her out because Jack McConnell wanted to be a Big Labour Man, after gangsters pursued her to the next address in Archway, THEN she reported the matter to the Islington Harassment Officer, was told that she was in danger and would be rehoused, so she was. In Peckham, at the time Harriet Harperson’s constituency – Harperson who’s Top Doc dad was of Oundle, Tommy’s and Gwynne and from 1972 served as President of the MDU  – where her flat was burgled within three weeks of moving in and where she was told that if she went out at night she’d be Yuppy Taxed ie. mugged. Why did word get around that she was a Rich Yuppy? Er somehow it was put about that she Owned A Posh Flat and was cluttering up a council flat in Peckham.

The truth: Her grandpa AND her partner’s mum and dad both gave them £5k towards buying a flat on a mortgage. The mortgage was so fucking high – AND rocketed further because of the interest rate changes at the time – that they couldn’t afford to live in their own ONE BEDROOMED FLAT. So they let it out to a genuine yuppy couple who could afford it, while the rent didn’t cover the mortgage. They sold the flat later at a huge loss. As Jack McConnell knew, so why he told those vicious lies to third parties that put my friend at physical risk, one wonders.

At least I was only holding At Homes.See the source image

At Bethnal Green, a genuinely Posh Block Of Flats just down the road from my friends’ place, went up for sale. St Geldof went to look around one with a view to buying. Did he get Yuppy Taxed or even Filthy Rich Mugged because his Bird grew up in Conwy, knew about the Giggles and Lord Wyn Roberts’ role in the Giggles? No. Although St Geldof’s Bird, her new partner when she left St Geldof and her daughter paid a high price for knowing about the Giggles.

The Lord Roberts of Conwy
Lord Roberts of Conwy 2012.png

Furthermore, at Peckham, my friend was hit by a car driven by a heroin addict out of her head on smack at the time of the accident. My friend was injured but not badly. The addict was not charged. When my friend went to a GP in Peckham to have her injury assessed, his first comment was ‘Getting ready to sue then are you?’ My friend had no intention of suing anyone, she was injured. The same GP later prescribed her a medication that would have harmed her if she had taken it at prescribed. She and her partner tried to change surgeries and were told that no other Top Doc in the area would accept them, ‘their lists are full’.

You’ll be glad to know Harriet, that we were so used to useless abusive Docs that my mates said to me ‘So we are stuck with the Dr Constable of Peckham’. Dr Constable was the notoriously hopeless GP in Stogursey who prescribed heroin (it must have been unlawfully, Constable won’t have had a Home Office licence a la Dafydd) and killed a few patients, yet sacked Dr Matthews from his practice because Matthews was too bad even for Constable. Col Brown roared with laughter when that happened because he didn’t think that a GP could have lower standards than Constable.

Stogursey was some three miles from John Biffen’s farm and Biffen went to school with kids from Stogursey. When Biffen was All Grown Up a la the Daily Mail – and Showing Off His Curves – he was a Director of the private London Clinic. The London Clinic was the establishment that helpfully provided the Expert Evidence that in DATE, Jack Straw accepted demonstrated that Thatch’s friend General Pinochet Image result for john biffen imageswas too ill to face extradition to Spain, where someone wanted to put him on trial for human rights abuses, as discussed in previous posts. viz comic legal advice man pubAfter being kicked out of Dr Constable’s practice, Dr Matthews joined the Nether Stowey practice and was consulted by Mrs Brady when father had what was very obviously a heart-attack. Matthews maintained that ‘It’s definitely not your heart’. I told father to go to another doc, Matthews was DANGEROUS and Mr Bridgy Celeb yelled abuse at me for Slandering Matthews. viz comic legal advice man pubI gave Mr Bridgy Celeb a few facts re Dr fucking Matthews, because I presumed that Mr Bridgy Celeb just didn’t believe me. Since blogging about this previously, I’ve been told that Mr Bridgy Celeb knew that Matthews etc were Of Dafydd’s Network and the last thing that anyone wanted was me warning father.

As any fule kno, those who live by the Top Doctors die by the Top Doctors. Sam Silkin croaked on 17 Aug 1988. When I was working for Vincent Marks, brother of John Marks, Chair of the BMA, in Vincent’s CRC funded team at Surrey University. Ken Clarke was in battle with John Marks, couldn’t win because both were involved in the same crime, so they used me to get both of themselves out of the crap. The BMA continued to give Tony Francis free advice re how to refuse to answer my complaints and to frame me for criminal offences and Ken’s criminal accomplices in Nottingham caused havoc re my father’s employment. See eg. ‘       ‘.

Meanwhile, Vincent’s mates at the Royal Marsden, with Peter Maguire, an old pal of Tony Francis, perpetrated a huge research fraud funded by the CRC and ICRF, which was subsequently exposed and when it was, Prof Tim McElwain, one of the team, was found dead. All others involved in the fraud, except the most junior member of the team who changed career, went on to become big names in medical research. Vincent’s team also plagiarised my work and gave it to Prof Nicola Curtin in Newcastle, of whom I had never heard, who published it under her name, as well as mine, without anyone ever telling me. See ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’. Happy to Name Criminals Mr H!See the source image[That’s enough Jack McConnell – Ed.]

Sir Samuel Brittan (born 29 December 1933), the older brother of Leon, was the first economics correspondent for the Financial Times, and has since been a long-time columnist. He is member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a non-profit organisation that stands accused of climate change denial. Samuel Brittan was born in London to Rebecca (Lipetz) and Joseph Brittan, a Top Doctor. His parents were Lithuanian Jews who had migrated to Britain before World War II. Brittan was educated at Kilburn Grammar School, a former state grammar school in the London Borough of Brent See the source image (now a state comprehensive school known as Queens Park Community School), followed by Jesus College, Cambridge, where he was taught by Peter Bauer, Milton Friedman and Harry Gordon Johnson.


John Biffen completed his degree at Jesus College, Cambridge; Biffen was three years younger than Sam and was influenced by the same Thinkers who taught Sam at Jesus College. viz comic legal advice man pubBiffen was also influenced by bullying at school that was so gross it was remembered by Mrs Brady decades later. Biffen was the worm that turned…

Prince Ludwig the Indestructible was bullied at school:See the source image

Ludwig was as I remember tormented by being called ‘Greasy, greasy, spot, spot’. John Biffen was violently tortured and assaulted, and stopped travelling on the school charabanc because of the risk to his physical safety. I felt rather sorry for Biffen when I heard first-hand witness accounts of what happened to him but his colleagues should have been able to restrain him when he took revenge against the plebs on a national level.

See the source imageHappy to name names Mr H!John-Biffen.jpgYou never saw a bow tie like that in Bridgy, not unless someone was having dinner at the Clarence. Should former Ministers banned from the Lords by Miranda – at least the Philanderer didn’t have to sit next to Lord Biffen once Biffen had bagged his peerage in June 1997, seven months into the Waterhouse Inquiry, weeks before F and I were arrested on the perjury of Angel Bridget Lloyd (see ‘The Price Is Right’) – require further details of the Plebs Of Combwich/Otterhampton/Stogursey who tormented Biffen, ‘Ooh he had asthma as well, he couldn’t breathe, we were worried that one day it would kill him’, if he sends me an SAE, I’ll send him some leaflets a la Dr Miriam.See the source image

In 1961 Sam Brittan was appointed economics editor at The Observer holding the post until 1964; until 1983, when Tiny Rowland bought the ‘The Observer’ was owned by the Astors. Editor David Astor worked hard to ensure that the sordid role of his own family in the Giggles of the Profumo Affair was minimised in reports that appeared in ‘The Observer’. In 1965 Brittan was appointed as an advisor at the Department of Economic Affairs. UNDER WHO?? In 1966 Brittan was appointed as an economic commentator at the Financial Times.

Brittan was a member of the Peacock Committee on the Finance of the BBC, 1985-86.

Brittan received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 1985, the year of his hissy fit in the direction of my friend. Brittan has been awarded the Orwell, Senior Harold Wincott and Ludwig Erhard prizes. In 1993, Brittan was knighted ‘for services to economic journalism’.

Samuel and Leon are cousins of Malcolm Rifkind, who served as Scottish Secretary, Transport Secretary, Defence Secretary and Foreign Secretary under Thatch and John Major; all three are cousins once removed of producer Mark Ronson. Brittan was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Essex in 1994. See the source image

Now Then. Wedgie Benn’s diary records a lunch that Wedgie Benn attended on 21 Jan 1973 with Important People. The lunch was held by the Iranian Ambassador ‘in honour of Harold Wilson’. Wedgie wrote: ‘The Ambassador is a bit of a playboy, has racehorses and so on’. Others at the lunch included Harold, Sunny Jim, Ted Short, Eric Varley, Gerald Kaufperson, Lord Greenhill the Permanent Secretary at the Foreign Office and Martin Charteris, Brenda’s Private Secretary. The Grocer’s Govt was nearing the end of its time and Wedgie Benn commented re his conversation with Charteris that Brenda ‘has been busy thinking about dissolutions and how to handle them’. The Tories at the time were desperate to get rid of Grocer Heath and the scrap re his successor was underway. CHECK DATES – MILK STREET MAFIA – GRANDPA – LUNCH WITH THATCH AT CLARENCE??

At the lunch, Wedgie Benn was sitting next to Alan Hare, then the Managing Director of the FT, Samuel Brittan’s senior colleague. Alan Hare died in the 1995 genocide, on 10 April 1995. See the source imageSee the source imageJohn-Biffen.jpg

In 1981, Biffen allowed the Digger to buy The Times and The Sunday Times without reference to the Monopolies Commission. See the source imageAccording to Woodrow Wyatt, who helped persuade Thatch to ensure this, the Commission “almost certainly would have blocked it”. viz comic legal advice man pubWoodrow features in previous posts; he was a mate of Bertrand Russell and a visitor to Clough’s place at Llanfrothen, served as the Labour MP for Birmingham Aston, 1945–55 and Bosworth in Leicestershire, 1959–70. Woodrow was mates with Clough’s brother-in-law John Strachey, who was closely associated with Oswald Mosley when Mosley, Strachey (and my grandfather) were campaigning during the early 1930s re unemployment among working class men. John Strachey’s early political career was in the ILP; then he founded the New Party with Oswald Mosley, split with Mosley, became a Communist, left the Communist Party by 1940 and returned to the Labour Party.

Strachey served as MP for Birmingham Aston, 1929-31 (serving as Mosley’s PPS 1929-May 1930) and then for Dundee constituencies 1945-July 1963. Robert Bluglass Qualified at St Andrews in the later part of the 1950s; med students and docs at St Andrew’s also undertake placements in Dundee, the two institutions are affiliated. Bluglass spent his years after Qualifying at St Andrew’s/Dundee; he relocated to Birmingham at some point in the latter years of the 1960s.

Strachey served in Attlee’s Govt, as Minister for Food, 27 May 1946-28 February 1950 and Secretary of State for War, 28 February 1950-26 October 1951. As the Minister for Food, Strachey’s junior Minister was Pioneering Feminist Nice Lady Doctor Giggler and friend of Sadie Francis’s family Dame Edith Summerskill. WARRINGTON HERE-

At one point in his life, John Strachey had a substantial ‘nervous breakdown’ and went into analysis for three years; James and Alix Strachey were leading figures in analysis at the time, having translated Freud’s works into English. See previous posts. John Strachey died on 15 July 1963, while Dafydd was at the Maudsley learning how to do the Hands. See the source image CHECK DATES – Stephen WARD

At Magdalen College, Oxford Strachey had a ‘very close relationship’ with Bob Boothby. If Boothby was involved that will have been a Ugandan relationship a la Boothby’s relationships with Dorothy Macmillan, Ronnie Kray and many others, some of the others provided by Gwynne and Dafydd.

The Official Story re the Krays never being apprehended by the Law until DATES is that a few years earlier, the Mirror had published an article mentioning a few of Bob Boothby’s activities. Harold Wilson’s corrupt legal adviser (and close friend) Lord Arnold Goodman – Goodman was a friend of Nye and Jennie Lee, and helped Jennie get her pretty little head around establishing the Open University – proffered advice re the article. viz comic legal advice man pubBoothby then flatted the Mirror, Damages were paid and the Editor?/ CHECK Hugh Cudlipp SPELL was removed and thus Sir Joe Simpson, the Met Commissioner, didn’t dare touch Boothby’s friends the Krays for a few more years. By which time all who needed protection from any flying crap when Ronnie and Reggie were apprehended had been issued with plastic macs and umbrellas.

The added extras that were not publicised: An agreement was made. Joe Simpson needed an excuse not to go after the Krays, who were causing havoc. Joe was unusual for a bent copper in that he was a Posh Copper. Joe was one of Clough’s circle of old Oundle boys and a barrister of Gray’s Inn. On board with Giggles. The person who could not be allowed to be touched by the law was Harold Macmillan’s mum, Dorothy Macmillan, who was having an affair with Bob Boothby for decades. Not because she was married to the PM/former PM, but because her dad was Victor Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire. (The Devonshires provided the dosh that established St George’s Hospital, back in the 18th century.) This was admitted at a Private Function by the Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er, who was a friend of Bob Boothby. The Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er explained that Dorothy’s conduct was considered scandalous and as the daughter of a Duke, it had to be concealed. As did the activities of the Queen Mum’s Loyal Retainer, Backdoor Billy, who was running a rent boy ring, the boys being supplied by Gwynne and Dafydd. Backdoor Billy from Coventry. Coventry MPs included Richard Crossman and Philip Noel-Baker, who was of Giggles. Noel-Baker married into the Bloomsbury Group, to NAME, WHAT of Virginia Woolf and for many years enjoyed the services of his mistress Lady Megan Lloyd George, Mr Thrope’s godmother. Lord Goodman was the first lawyer to advise Mr Thrope when he was charged. Sir David Napley and George Carman then took over.

Coventry is the slummy bit of the Nice County Of Warwickshire, in the way in which Bridgy was the slummy bit of the Nice County Of Somerset. Bluglass grew up in Warwickshire and returned after he had Trained at St Andrews and spent a few years as a junior doc there. Bluglass is part of High Society in Warwickshire, as was Richard Crossman. Bluglass went to Warwick School, who played team sports against Rugby, as well as NAME, the school attended by Donald Trelford, who was never going to report on Giggles while he edited ‘The Observer’. Neither was Brillo.See the source image

Hugh Cudlipp SPELL was not a Broken Man after the scrap with Bob Boothby, he continued having a great time, but then he would wouldn’t he because he was HAROLD /CROSSMAN LINK HERE – and Cudlipps wife HERE



Woodrow Wyatt had an eclectic mix of friends, including the Digger, Thatch and the Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er. Woodrow was very close friends with Thatch by 1979 and as PM, she took advice from him. viz comic legal advice man pubThe friendship began when Thatch became Tory Leader in 1975; she arranged a meeting with him and he was immediately won over by the talents of Thatch. Woodrow worked as a journo, including for ‘Panorama’ and wrote a bigoted column for the News Of The Screws, The Voice Of Reason. Mr Panorama was of course Liberal barrister Robin Day, Ronnie Waterhouse’s closest friend from their days as new graduates. Geoffrey Howe was a good friend of both of them and as young marrieds, the Waterhouses and Howes holidayed together, with other friends, including Robin Day.

HOWE – Gwynne n Dafydd HERE etc

In June 1957 Woodrow Wyatt visited South Africa under apartheid for Panorama. Although education for black South Africans was outlawed, Wyatt filmed the illegal schools in Soweto and he also interviewed black leaders. He later wrote that their treatment was “worse than that of slaves in Ancient Athens or Rome” and that his programme was “the first time that millions in Britain got a glimpse of what life was really like in South Africa: paradise under a live volcano”. Eric Louw, the South African Minister of External Affairs, made an official complaint to the British government about Wyatt’s programme.

After Wyatt’s programme on Communist vote-rigging in the AEU, Jock Byrne gave Wyatt documents containing evidence that since the war Communists had controlled the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) by falsifying votes. Wyatt received the permission of Ian Jacob to make a Panorama programme on union democracy in the ETU. This was broadcast on 9 December 1957 and Wyatt brought to light that Les Cannon had been defrauded of his election to the ETU’s Executive by Communist vote-rigging. As union rules prohibited union members from discussing union affairs in public, ETU members on Wyatt’s programme had their faces hidden. In January 1958 Wyatt wrote an article on the subject for the New Statesman. In July 1961 Justice Win of the High Court declared that the 1959 election for the ETU’s general secretary was fraudulently won by the Communist Frank Haxell and that Byrne was the general secretary.

Ronnie W – mates with ETU, acted for them – check

In the mid-1980s Woodrow played a key role as Murdoch’s fixer in brokering negotiations with the electricians’ union, aiding News International to move to Wapping. He set up a newspaper and printing business with his third wife, which soon failed. On 31 August 1986 the Press Council censured Wyatt for an article he wrote in his “Voice of Reason” column. Wyatt said that although Britain’s Asian and black population were “generally well behaved”, a substantial part of the latter were “lawless, drug-taking, violent and unemployable”.

After Thatcher’s fall in 1990, Wyatt supported John Major. However, he temporarily dropped his support for Major after he sacked his Chancellor, Norman Lamont, in 1993. Wyatt helped Lamont write his resignation speech. NORMAN – dad was a Top doc who was mates with Douglas Black – St Andrews link – ollie etc

Woodrow was knighted in 1983 and was created a life peer on 3 February 1987 with the title Baron Wyatt of Weeford. PEEP SHOW !! exact dates

Wyatt died on 7 Dec 1997. See previous posts for Woodrow info.

Woodrow’s series of interviews with Bertrand Russell were published in 1960: See the source imageBertrand will have been sending out the orders from Penrhyndeudraeth as usual.Image result for penrhyndeudraeth 1950s images

If Russell were still with us and speaking his mind, I’d be able to ask him why his London-based solicitor, Theodore Goddard, wrote to my father – who’d never heard of Theodore Goddard – when father was being pushed into bankruptcy by Maurice Macmillan (who’s mum was shagging Bob Boothby) during 1963-64, and tried to entice my father into what father and Mrs Brady knew was obviously serious crime. When father said no, Theodore’s blokes turned up in Devon with, literally, cases of used notes and told him that he’d never get another offer like this. viz comic legal advice man pubSee eg. ‘       ‘. John Biffen succeeded Lord Harlech in his Shropshire seat on 9 Nov 1961. See the source image

Biffen bagged his peerage on 3 June 1997, six months after Ronnie Waterhouse launched his Inquiry…

TERRY PARSONS Dafydd. Did you know him? When father was being hassled by Theodore and crazy rumours were being spread, Terry Parsons, who knew my father as it were, buggered off to Oz, amidst wild speculation that he and father had been Up To No Good together. Terry returned a few years later, but no-one was ever charged, arrested etc, particularly not Maurice Macmillan, who had demonstrably swindled a great many people. 

The Indie’s obituary for Alan Hare:

After a distinguished career in the service of his country first as a soldier, then in what he referred to always as the “Foreign Office so called” both during and after the Second World War, Alan Hare became chairman of the Financial Times in 1978, overseeing the paper’s all-important decision to print in Frankfurt and become “Europe’s Business Paper”.

Throughout his very varied career, Hare discharged his duties with a patrician, almost languid, charm which belied a sharp intellect and remarkable courage. During the war he was parachuted into Albania as a member of Brigadier “Trotsky” Davies’s mission. Betrayed by partisans and ambushed by the Germans, Hare only escaped after a grim chase across snow-bound mountains. Ravaged by frost-bite, he was the sole survivor of Davies’s ill-fated attempt to bring the discipline and turn-out of the parade ground to the isolated valleys of the Balkans. He remained far longer than either reason or compassion would have dictated, tending to the wounds of a fellow British officer. He was later awarded a Military Cross.

Characteristically, Hare took an optimistic line and another British officer in Special Operations Executive (SOE) found him in a half-submerged cowshed, recovering quite cheerfully, his unmistakable voice bringing back memories of Oxford dinners, tours of Burgundy and heated political discussion in London night-clubs.

Alan Hare was born in 1919, a son of the fourth Earl of Listowel, the head of an Anglo-Irish family burnt out in the troubles. Hare’s conventional education at Eton and then New College, Oxford, imparted little of the stuffiness which invested some of his contemporaries. Commissioned in the Irish Guards on the outbreak of war, he transferred as technical officer to the Life Guards. Here he derived satisfaction from the discovery that members of the Household Cavalry jumped into their unfamiliar new tanks more readily if the order shouted was “Mount” rather than a more modern command. 

After his distinguished service with SOE in Albania, he found his knowledge of that country in demand. Today it is easy to forget how pertinent the eastern Mediterranean was to Britain’s interests immediately after the war. Significant colonies still existed east of Suez; Albania stood almost at Britain’s imperial jugular. The failure of the British SOE missions during the war to influence or prevent Communist regimes which took over in the Balkans directly affected British and then Nato foreign policy. In this Cold War world Hare’s knowledge was invaluable. In the Balkans and elsewhere, Hare brought his considerable intellectual gifts to bear on a range of security issues. While others developed an almost constipated approach to security, Hare mastered an opaque conversational style which a colleague at the Financial Times later, with some sense of frustration, described as “producing the most fascinating convoluted sentences, to which one had to pay close attention in order not to get lost”.

Once, after concluding one of these to the bemusement of a journalist, he administered a typical coup de grace in the form of a helpful pause followed by a benign smile and the words, “I always believe that, when you cannot unravel, you must ravel.”

‘You will Leon, you will.’

Inevitably, throughout his time at the FT there were those who were eager to claim he owed his position only as a result of the Pearson family connections: Viscount Blakenham, the present head of the Pearson family and chairman and chief executive of Pearson plc, which owns the paper, was both Hare’s son-in-law and nephew. But this suggestion did little justice to the facts, or the reality, of being involved on a professional level with members of one’s family.

From the FT Hare moved to the chairmanship of Chteau Latour, then another Pearson concern in the Eighties. Here his avuncular style and natural love of France played a significant part in increasing the fortunes of this famous first-growth claret at a time when competition fuelled by investment in new technology meant that even Latour could not afford to rest on its laurels. Ably assisted by his wife Jill, whom he had met and married in a whirlwind romance at the end of the war, Hare was the perfect host, though he never allowed his palate to be spoilt by this exposure to great wine, often praising lesser-known clarets, much to the chagrin of wine snobs.

He was a committed Anglican and a Samaritan always ready to help those less fortunate than him,  but could be brisk with those he felt were mischievous. During an official visit to Albania towards the end of his life he noticed his car being “tailed” by an unknown limousine. No escort had been requested and there was a fear that some old Communists might not have forgotten old scores. Hare’s reaction was instant. When his car stopped, to the great surprise of the fellow passengers he got out, strode boldly towards the unfamiliar car and shook hands with the driver and asked if he could be of any help. This saw off any threat and from then the “tail” kept its distance. As he faced the debilitating effects of cancer, Alan Hare remained calm and cheerful. A firm believer in progress, he nevertheless remarked that from his perspective in life at the end of a remarkable innings everything could be summed up, to paraphrase Pagliacci, in the phrase “La commedia stupenda”.

Alan Victor Hare, diplomat and businessman: born 14 March 1919; MC 1942; served Foreign Office 1947-61; managing director, Financial Times Ltd 1971-78, chief executive 1975-83, chairman 1978-84; director, Pearson Longman Ltd 1975-83; director, Economist Newspaper Ltd 1975-89, deputy chairman, the Economist 1985-89; married 1945 Jill North (one son, one daughter); died London 10 April 1995.

The criminal/lethal Top Docs in Somerset who wiped out so many of the locals -including virtually every member of my family whom I got on well with – were based at Nether Stowey, the village to which Mr Freeman moved from Reading. As was Dr Leighton, grandpa’s Top Doc who shortly after grandpa’s death managed to get himself struck off which was certainly a rare event. Why Leighton was struck off I never found out. He was hopeless but not as downright criminal as his colleague the infamous Dr Matthews, Dr Matthews who’s wife set up in business as a Private Psychiatrist no less when Mrs Matthews was no such thing, she didn’t even have a medicine degree. As Mrs Brown observed. See previous posts.

Auntie Janet’s workplace at Nether Stowey closed down not long after Freeman arrived, so Janet bagged a new job, as a receptionist in Cannington Health Centre! Patients escaping the dangerous criminals at Nether Stowey Health Centre were registering at Cannington Health Centre in their droves, but then dangerous criminals arrived to work at Cannington as GPs…

Janet worked at Cannington Health Centre with the mum of one of my school friends, the girl who’s family were Baptists. We were in the same A level class for biology at Bridgwater College when Janet and Alison’s mum worked together, and Mr Freeman was still a matter of discussion. In Sept 1981, Alison went to Bristol Poly and subsequently became an NHS Lab Scientist and married a man in the same profession. When I was in my final year at UCNW, Alison’s future husband was offered a senior NHS job at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I lost touch with Alison just before she married and moved to Cambridge, but previous posts have explained how her letters to me when she was at Poly and I was at UCNW were stolen and flogged to the Digger and George Carman. Alison’s letters contained references to serious misconduct in the NHS in Bristol…

Those surgeons Miranda, Alison knew what was going on didn’t she?? As did the man she married, he worked at Bristol in a slightly more senior role than Alison.

If Freaky Freeman – as the kids named him – was anything to do with the fuckwittery emanating from du Cann and rogue security services officers snooping around, it might explain a matter of entertainment for the Chilton kids. When Freeman took up the RE baton, he declared that RE wasn’t just about Learning The Bible, it was about Morality and he wished to discuss such matters with us. Again initially there were those of us who thought that would be a worthwhile venture. But it was Mr Freeman.

Guess what Mr Freeman did, or tried to do? Mr Freeman Talked Sex. But in a rather odd way. We did ‘do’ sex education at Chilton and I took the view that it wasn’t done half so badly as so much else at Chilton. We tended to only be told what we had already picked up from elsewhere, but some myths were dispelled. But Mr Freeman did extra Sex with us and I’m not sure that Mr Freeman’s Sex was part of the official School Sex Education programme. I remember being quite embarrassed at Freeman’s extraordinary sudden lapses into Sex Education and I think other kids were as well. Freeman had a curious interest in tampons for example and a la much else with Freeman, it was all seriously weird.

The Morality Lesson of Freeman’s that caused more hilarity than the Sex which was just embarrassing, was Mr Freeman’s Warnings On Alcohol. Mr Freeman was Teetotal and whilst Chilton wasn’t full of drunkards, most of us hadn’t received formal Lectures From A Teetotaller. To illustrate the Evils Of Alcohol – Mr Freeman drank Non-Alcoholic Wine himself – Mr Freeman gave us a slide show of What Happens When People Get Drunk. It was fantastic, the kids were rolling in the aisles. Mr Freeman’s slides were of a really out of hand party held by suburban, middle class, middle aged people, pissed out of their heads, really, really pissed, stripping off their party gear, Beckoning For Sex, it was hilarious, the kids were yelling out ‘Do you often go to parties like this Sir?’, we’d never had such a laugh.

Obviously as an adult I wonder what was Freeman up to, but there was one thing about Freeman’s pics at the time that made me wonder. Freeman had a slide of a drunk woman Dancing On The Table. Literally. And he told us that when people get drunk They Dance On The Tables. Now I knew a lot about drunken people Dancing On The Tables because throughout our childhoods, Mrs Brady assured my siblings and I that People In Pubs Got Drunk And Danced On The Tables. I don’t think that Mrs Brady had ever been to A Pub per se, she went to hotels, restaurants, Tory luncheons etc but I think the pubs in which people were Dancing On The Tables were Pubs, not places with dining rooms attached.

Because my father never went to Pubs either, when I was young, I didn’t question that People In Pubs were Dancing On The Tables and when I went past Pubs I was wowed at what would be going on inside. Mr Bridgy Celeb, being older than us, was so intrigued at Pubs and all within, that he went into one. He did not find anyone Dancing On Tables and just to ensure that he hadn’t stumbled into the only Pub in Somerset where they weren’t Dancing On The Tables, Mr Bridgy Celeb began frequenting Pubs and he reported back that People In Pubs do not Dance On The Tables, in fact Pubs are run by grumpy old landlords who kick people out for doing far less than Dancing On The Tables.

Mr Bridgy Celeb had a row with Mrs Brady over the subject as she continued to insist that she HAD SEEN PHOTOS, she Knew that In Pubs, People Danced On The Tables. Mr Bridgy Celeb provided the best evidence ever: that the tables in Pubs are so small they would collapse if someone Danced on them. Which is of course quite true, I never took to Pubs in the way that Mr Bridgy Celeb did, but I’ve been in a few and I’ve never seen Dancing On The Tables either or indeed tables robust enough to sustain such activity.

Mrs Brady and Mr Freeman are the only people whom I ever met who believed that People In Pubs Danced On The Tables, so where the photos that Mrs Brady saw and Mr Freeman’s slides came from I’d be interested to hear. If readers know, please do tell me. Mrs Brady had already briefed us on the Dancing On The Tables bit before Freeman turned up at Chilton and Mr Bridgy Celeb had found out the Truth before Freeman arrived as well.


Re Guy’s Men. Sister Hutt’s dad Prof Michael Hutt Trained at Tommy’s a la Dr Death, worked for many years in Uganda, most appropriately, then returned to a Chair at the merged Guys and Tommy’s. Uncle Harry was of course a Guy’s Man. Sister Hutt’s dad died on 29 March 2000, the month following the Waterhouse Report. Sister Hutt must be a bit daft with her blind support of the Top Docs, her own father was killed by his colleagues. I don’t like the people who contributed to my father’s death, See the source imagewhat is wrong with Sister Hutt?See the source image ‘I’m thick, unprincipled and very dangerous, but I’ll do anything for a job as a Welsh Gov’t Minister. As will my friend.’

The C&A Hospital closed in 1984, weeks after I experienced Gumby Surgery there and a Fantastic New Hospital opened at Penrhosgarnedd, Ysbyty Gwynedd. Managed and staffed by exactly the same Gumbies who had run the C&A. Ysbyty Gwynedd was built at very much the same time as Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and the architects used for both hospitals were the same people. North Wales roared with laughter in the months and years following the opening of these Flagships as more and more fundamental flaws became evident and bits began dropping off the buildings such that within 10 years, More Money Was Needed to replace these shite ‘old’ hospitals ooh the underfunding is such a problem.

The design faults at YG and YGC I seem to remember included the mortuary next to the kitchens and the furnace for burning the bits of patients that had been surgically removed needlessly not meeting legal requirements. I also suspect that other things went into that furnace that would have horrified the world had it been known. Like dead babies perhaps, babies who had either died during the many childbirth cock-ups in Bangor or babies who it was ensured didn’t survive their first hours of life because of the identity of the father and Christ there’s blood tests, DNA tests, all sorts now and even those teenagers in care knew about that.See the source image

Previous posts have discussed the rampant corruption central to the commissioning and building of NHS hospitals in the UK that took off with a vengeance in the 1960s as a result of Richard Crossman and his very chummy relationship with the celeb architect Richard Llewelyn-Davies who’s company  Llewelyn-Davies, Weeks, Forestier-Walker, and Bor designed Milton Keynes. Richard and his wife Patricia aka Annie L-D both became Labour peers and Annie, in her capacity as Chief Whip in the Lords, kept the lid nailed down on the Giggles in the NHS while Richard bagged all those lucrative contracts from Govt, in particular for NHS developments. Northwick Park Hospital is famous for being a Richard L-D creation, but there was so much more.

Richard L-D and his partners were so famous that their fingers were in a great many architectural pies with many colleagues, incuding those who were in the web of corruption made famous by the T. Dan Smith and Poulson Scandal, the web of corruption being so vast and involving so many Important People in so many respected positions – Gwynne and Dafydd were the sleaze bags at the heart of it – that T. Dan Smith, Andy Cunningham and John Poulson were the only scapegoats who were jailed. It is worth remembering that McAlpines were a huge building company as was Bovis, Keith Joseph’s family’s business.

Crossman’s diaries compiled while he was at the DHSS, some years before the T. Dan Smith-Poulson Scandal, recorded his meetings with T. Dan Smith and their conversations regarding the building of the NHS Flagship Hospital/Medical School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton was the Top Doc who ruled over the ring in Newcastle/Durham.

‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ discussed the DATES Tod Report – TOD mate of WHO?? that recommended the building of new medical schools in Leicester, Nottingham and Southampton. These were all centres of Giggles that at the time didn’t have med schools. When those med schools were built, Gigglers Of Quality were appointed as Deans, lest standards were in danger of rising. The first Dean of Leicester was CRAMOND??  Cramond was succeeded by Lord Robert Kilpatrick, who Qualified at St Andrew’s a la Robert Bluglass and who held senior posts at Edinburgh University, and eventually arrived as Dean of Leicester School of Medicine to succeed Bill Cramond, after Kilpatrick had served as Dean of Sheffield School of Medicine at Savile Central.

Kilpatrick was headhunted from Leicester by the GMC as their President in 1989. In 1990

The Lord Mayhew of Twysden
Lord Mayhew of Twysden.jpg

Greville Janner and Frank Beck were interviewed by the police re sexual assaults on kids in care in Leicestershire. Kilpatrick’s colleague at Leicester, forensic psychiatrist Dr James Earp, had in 1987/88 concealed the Gang’s crimes when he compiled an Expert Court Report re me.  Earp told me that he didn’t know Dafydd; he had known Gwynne but didn’t mention that.

Earp was at the centre of a national scandal in Aug 1993 regarding a Murderer, James Rudman, who had escaped from Earp’s Secure Unit with Inside Help. Not only was Earp remarkably relaxed about the matter, even when interviewed on TV, but a close reading of the history of the case suggests that the Murderer was assisted by a group of bent lawyers and Top Docs when he initially stood trial at Leicester Crown Court after stabbing his wife to death in 1991 and was diverted into Earp’s care rather than prison. Psych units are not usually the Soft Option as believed by the editors of right wing newspapers, but they are if the Dangerous Patient is the beneficiary of a deal struck with criminal Top Docs. Murderer Rudman was sent into the warm embrace of James Earp in Aug 1992 by Mr Justice McCollough.

Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was Treated in the secure ward at Denbigh in the early 1970s after he set fire to the YMCA hostel in Birmingham in which he had been living. Most people Helped by Denbigh – particularly by the secure ward – were found dead not long afterwards, or subsequently lived lives of destitution, but Thomas thrived. Thomas thrived to such a degree that when he was caught red-handed sexually using an underaged boy in Psychiatric Care in July 1979 – the month following Mr Thrope, the godson of the Old Goat’s daughter Lady Megan, Walking Free From The Old Bailey, while Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned in Denbigh by Dafydd, being Helped – the boy was sent to a detention centre for Robbery, but Thomas faced no charges. The property Robbed included Polaroid porn pics of Thomas and the boy, which were destroyed by the police because they was Obscene Sarge. Thomas died from AIDS in early 1993; Lord Kenyon Image result for lord kenyondied on 16 May 1993, two months before F and I were convicted in Bangor Magistrates Court on the basis of the perjury of Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt. Jackie was one of those who’s earlier criminality was concealed by Earp…

On 28 Aug 1993, E.P. Thompson in died in Halifax, having retired back to the area in which he grew up. EP had a second home at Croesor for years and led the People’s Front Of Croesor, falling out with Eric Hobsbawm, who also had a second home at Croesor but who led the Croesor People’s Front. Before the civil war began, See the source imageThompson and Hobsbawm had been high profile figures in the New Left during the 1950s, along with Prof Stuart Hall, Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law Ralph and a variety of other Commies working for the security services, some of whom prioritised Giggles.

E.P. Thompson – Warwick – VC was Crossman’s friend Lord Jack Butterworth – Lady Doris – Merfyn and the Philanderer – members of the People’s Front Of Croesor –

The Chancellor of Warwick during the Events was Denbighshire-born Viscount Cyril Radcliffe:

The Viscount Radcliffe
Sir Cyril Radcliffe.jpg
Lord of Appeal in Ordinary
In office
Personal details
Cyril John Radcliffe

30 March 1899
Llanychan, Denbighshire, Wales

Died 1 April 1977 (aged 78)
Nationality British
Antonia Mary Roby Benson (m. 1939)
Alma mater University of Oxford

Cyril John Radcliffe, 1st Viscount Radcliffe, GBE, PC, QC, FBA was best known for his role in the partition of British India. He served as the first Chancellor of the University of Warwick from its foundation in 1965 to 1977.

Radcliffe was born in Llanychan, Denbighshire, the son of an army captain. Radcliffe was educated at Haileybury College. After WW I, Radcliffe attended New College, Oxford as a scholar, graduating in 1921. HAL Fisher – Crossman – Godber – DATES??

In 1922 Radcliffe was elected to a prize fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford. He won the Eldon Law Scholarship in 1923. Radcliffe was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, a la Lord Snowdon’s dad, the Havers family, Mr Thrope et al and joined the chambers of Wilfred Greene, later the Master of the Rolls.

During World War II, Radcliffe joined the Ministry of Information becoming its Director-General by 1941, where he worked closely with the Minister Brendan Bracken. He returned to the bar in 1945.

Radcliffe, a man who had never been east of Paris, was given the Chairmanship of the two boundary committees set up with the passing of the Indian Independence Act. He was faced with the task of drawing the borders for the new nations of Pakistan and India in a way that would leave as many Hindus and Sikhs in India and Muslims in Pakistan as possible. Radcliffe submitted his partition map on 9 August 1947, which split Punjab and Bengal almost in half. The new boundaries were formally announced on 14 August 1947, the day of Pakistan’s independence and the day before India became independent of the UK.

Radcliffe’s efforts saw some 14 million people – roughly seven million from each side – flee across the border when they discovered the new boundaries left them in the “wrong” country. In the violence that ensued after independence, estimates of loss of life accompanying or preceding the partition vary between several hundred thousand and two million, and millions more were injured. After seeing the mayhem occurring on both sides of the boundary, Radcliffe refused his salary of 40,000 rupees (then 3,000 pounds). He was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire in 1948.

In 1949, Radcliffe was made a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, sworn of the Privy Council, and created a life peer as Baron Radcliffe. Unusually, he had not previously been a judge. viz comic legal advice man pub In the 1940s and 1950s Radcliffe Chaired a string of public enquiries in addition to his legal duties and continued to hold numerous trusteeships, governorships and chairmanships right up until his death. Radcliffe Chaired the Committee of Enquiry into the Future of the British Film Institute (1948), whose recommendations led to the modernisation of the BFI in the post-war period. From 1957 Radcliffe was Chairman of the Radcliffe Committee, called to enquire into the working of the monetary and credit system. The Committee published the Radcliffe report which suggested reforms on how monetary policy is run. In 1962 Radcliffe was made an hereditary peer as Viscount Radcliffe, of Hampton Lucy in the County of Warwick. Supermac gave that peerage out before Profumo splattered everyone and as Dafydd scuttled off down to the Maudsley to learn how to do the Hands. See the source image

Lord Radcliffe married Antonia Mary Roby, daughter of Godfrey Benson, 1st Baron Charnwood and former wife of John Tennant, in 1939. He died in April 1977, aged 78. Radcliffe wasn’t blessed with children had and the viscountcy of Radcliffe became extinct on his death. Anthony Eden died on 14 Jan 1977, once more falling foul of the Top Docs’ lies and deceit. The only puzzle is how they didn’t manage to kill Eden previously, they certainly had enough goes at it.

Andrew Newton – Mr Thrope – DATES ??

‘Vichy Warwick’ – that toady who rigged the GMC interviews inc Trethowan

EP’s wife Dorothy was a Prof of History at Birmingham University – VC ROBERT HUNTER ??  – The Chancellor of Birmingham University, 1973 to 1983, was Sir Peter Scott of Clough’s circle of ex-Oundle boys a la Bill Trethowan. Scott was the multi-talented son of Scott Of The Antarctic, Sir Peter being an ornithologist, See the source image, conservationist, founder of Slimbridge the wildfowl reserve in Gloucestershire, founder of the WWF, See the source image artist and BBC children’s favourite, who was another person loathed by my grandfather for reasons never explained.

TV zoologists, David Attenborough and Peter Scott:

Dickie and David – pics – L Univ:

 Others in Clough’s old Oundle boys circle included – Harriet’s dad – MDU – David Lewis Davies – Sir Cyril Clarke – Kenneth Robinson – Micky Wynn – Benjy?? –


Halifax – Shirley Summerskill – Sadie – prev Maurice Macmillan DATES

Maurice – Balliol – Paddy etc


By the time that James Earp hit the headlines in Aug 1993, he had been promoted to the role of Director of Forensic Services for the Trent Region, which was rather more than he had been when he helped Jackie et al out in 1987/88.

Lord Robert Kilpatrick:See the source image

Lord Robert Kilpatrick succeeded Lord John Walton at the GMC. Walton who was President of the GMC in 1984 when the GMC refused to investigate my complaint about Gwynne.


‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ also discussed the barrel of shit that lay behind the development of Southampton Medical School and the rapid development in parts of Hampshire, in particular Basingstoke, that were the result of corrupt deals with Richard Crossman on the part of Lord Denning’s mates running Hampshire County Council, including Lord Alexander Baring Of Money And Banks, George Thomas’s mate Lord Horace Maybray-King and Brenda’s close friend and manager of her racing stables, Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon, aka Baron Porchester, ‘Porchey’ to Brenda.

Richard Llewelyn-Davies died aged 68 in Bart’s on 27 Oct 1981, just weeks after I arrived at UCNW. Previous posts discussed how in her later years, Richard Llewlyn-Davies’s widow Annie L-D was in a relationship with Lord Cuthbert aka Cub Alport and how what was effectively a co-habitation was kept a secret because, according to Cub, Annie was a Labour peer and he was a Tory and ooh there’d have been Disapproval and Talk. This is nonsense, MPs and peers very often maintain close friendships across political divides, and did especially in that era, because politicians often had much more in common in terms of their schools, universities, regiments, cultural interests etc than their politics and that was what sealed friendships. People like Bertrand Russell, Woodrow Wyatt et al were Posh People who found it fascinating that someone was a Communist, but not really crucial to a friendship.

When Richard Crossman recruited for the British security services when as a don at New College, Oxford, he asked recruits which political party they felt like joining once they were in the security services. Their choice didn’t matter one jot to Crossman, although he was elected as the Labour MP for Coventry East on 5 July 1945 and subsequently held roles in Wilson’s Govt, including as DHSS Secretary of State, 1 November 1968-19 June 1970. Crossman ensured that the Giggles at Denbigh continued, he was the UK Spy Chief who was a Bisexual Westminster Swinger, Giggles were a priority for Crossman. Wilson did know that so one wonders why Wilson appointed Crossman as the first Cabinet Minister to run the newly created Super Dept that was the DHSS, a huge Dept formed by the merger of the Ministries of Health and Social Services, with numerous Whitehall staff all aboard the Giggles. The situation was rendered even more farcical by Crossman running the DHSS as a drop-in/job centre for his mates from the LSE and their wives and friends, and their wives and friends in turn. All one had to be to offered an advisory role at the DHSS was turn up and say ‘Hi, I’m a friend of Dave’ a la gate-crashing a party in the 1980s and Crossman would be delighted to meet one. See previous posts eg. ‘Houseparty’.See the source image

The sort of folk who were part of the Court Of Dick Crossman tended to hate Top Docs but Gwynne’s Giggles were the bread and butter of so many people that lobotomies and medical experiments it was for the Poor whom the LSE was committed to Helping. The legacy remains today. See the source imageThe MDU has now been bolstered by other vested interests that were a natural consequence of evolution, See the source imageas a result of Young Radicals enrolling at the LSE as students in the 1960s and holding sit-ins when the Squares that were the Giggling friends of Richard Crossman ran the place, only to be followed by More Radicals.


OAKLEY HERE – Vichy Warwick

Previous posts have discussed Lord Cub Alport and his connections to the Giggles. Cub was Tory MP for Colchester, 24 February 1950-16 February 1961 and very influential in the Tory Party. Thatch ingratiated herself to the Essex Tory Party when she worked in that county in the days when she had set her sights in a career in politics and was meeting as many Important People as possible. Thatch loathed Cub and sent messages to minions who were setting her up with Dining Companions and Nice Young Men telling them to keep Cub away from her.

Alport was educated at Haileybury College, Haileybury, Hertfordshire and graduated from Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1934. He was elected President of the Cambridge Union the following year. Alport was a tutor at Ashridge College, Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, 1935-37. During WW II, Cub served in the British Army as an officer in the Royal Welch Fusiliers and the King’s African Rifles, and was General Staff Officer 1 of the East Africa Command, 1944-45. The Royal Welsh Fusiliers are the Gang’s own special regiment. Tom King served in the King’s African Rifles.

Cub became a member of Middle Temple in 1944.

Alport was an Assistant Secretary for the Conservative Party Education Department, 1937-39 and Director of the Conservative Political Centre, 1945-50. Cub held Colchester for the Tories from 1950 until 16 February 1961, when he was created Baron Alport, by a life peerage. On Cub’s elevation to the peerage, the Colchester constituency was held by the Conservatives in a by-election by Antony Buck.

Alport served in Eden’s and Supermac’s Govts. He was Assistant Postmaster-General, 1955-57, junior Minister for Commonwealth Relations, 1957-59  and Minister of State for the Commonwealth Relations Office, 1959 and 1961. From Dec 1955 until July 1960, Selwyn Lloyd, bestest friend of Lady Megan, Gwynne and Dafydd was Foreign Secretary. He was succeeded in the post by Alec Douglas Home. Cub Alport was invested as a Privy Councillor in 1960. He held the office of British High Commissioner to the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, 1961-63. Alport was appointed High Steward of Colchester in 1967 and Deputy Lieutenant of Essex in 1974.

In 1945 Cub married Rachel, the great granddaughter of George Bingham, 4th Earl of Lucan. The marriage produced three children, two girls and one boy.

It was on 8 Nov 1974 that John Bingham the 7th Earl Lucan disappeared after St George’s Hospital provided Lucan with valuable bugger off and never be seen again time by denouncing Lady Lucan as Mad when she arrived at St George’s with head injuries ranting about her husband trying to kill her, while a dead nanny lay in the basement. Obviously no-one could be expected to react to such nonsense and Lady L was already a Known Psychiatric Case. As indeed was I after one encounter with Gwynne that resulted in my complaint; it was documented on my records by an Angel at the C&A Hospital who had never met me before and without my knowledge in April 1984, as I waited for the operation under the needless general anaesthetic. See the source imageLady L was a Known Psychiatric Case after she had been Treated by a Top Doc who’s fees were paid by Lord L who had called the Doc in because his wife was Mad, evidence of Lady L’s Madness being her allegations that Lord L was emotionally and physically abusive. The Nice Top Docs ensured that Lord L gained custody of his children when he and Lady L divorced, Lady L being Unfit due to her Madness. Lady L did not regain custody of her children even after her husband disappeared and a corpse was found in the basement. Well she was Mad, those kids might have been At Risk with her.

It was in 1974 that St George’s established their Dept of Paediatrics and in 1975 appointed as the Head and Prof Nice Lady Doctor Baroness June Lloyd. Lloyd was a paediatrician who had spent years working with the facilitators of Giggles in all the best places. Lloyd was born in Kashmir, where her father was a Major in the Royal Indian Army Service Corps. She remained in India until 1936, when her family returned to England. Lloyd was educated at the Royal High School in Bath and Qualified as a Top Doc at the University of Bristol, a la D.G.E. Wood. Lloyd worked in South Shields, Bristol, Plymouth, Oxford, Manchester and Durham, but didn’t get very far until she became research assistant to facilitator of Giggles Otto Herbert Wolff in Birmingham. June Lloyd taught at the University of Birmingham from 1958 to 1965, specialising in metabolic disorders in children. In 1965, June Lloyd followed Wolff to Great Ormond Street Hospital and the associated Institute of Child Health at University College London where Lloyd became a Senior Lecturer, later a Reader and finally Professor before being appointed Head of Paeds at St George’s. As Head of the new Dept of Paeds at St George’s, June appointed a Talented Top Doc to the Dept as a Consultant who soon was appointed to a Chair, one Ollie Brooke. In 1985, June returned to Great Ormond Street as Nuffield Professor of Child Health, I suspect because she might have realised that Ollie Brooke was in deep doo-doo. Ollie was Discovered accidentally when a technician went to retrieve something from his office, opened a cupboard and found it stacked with child porn. For once someone at St George’s conducted themselves properly, refused to keep quiet and Ollie’s two offices in the medical school were searched. Every cupboard was full of child porn. Things re Ollie moved at a snail’s pace, because Top Docs pull out all the stops when they are in the crap, it’s not as if they are a distraught suicidal Empowered Service User who can be snapped at that they have Made Their Choices. Ollie’s trial took place in Dec 1986 – he pleaded guilty on the first day – so his child porn library in St George’s could well have been discovered by Jackie the technician in 1985.

I never understood why Jackie wasn’t murdered in her bed after exposing Ollie. Jackie still worked at St George’s when I was there and she wasn’t under fire in the way that I was. She was very down to earth, hard working, always on the go and not at all a pretentious wally like so many. The only thing that I did notice was Jackie was keen to have a family but suffered repeated miscarriages. She was in the Care of Bodger’s team, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more to Jackie’s miscarriages than the mysterious condition of which the Finest In Obs and Gynae failed to fathom. Even so I take the view that Jackie got off lightly, I never understood why she hadn’t been trampled underfoot. The rise and rise of the dreadful June Lloyd, an incompetent, callous princess of a Lady Doctor who treated her young patients and their parents dreadfully because she Cared So Much and was usually at war with her equally dreadful colleagues, is detailed in ‘Too Many Pills’. Like so many of her colleagues, June resorted to a bit of research fraud to help her CV along.

As befitting a Nice Lady Doctor who developed an international paedophile ring by appointing a Prof whom she knew would really get the party started at the Dept of Paeds in St George’s, June Lloyd was the first female President of the British Paediatric Association, 1988-91 and was a Vice-President of the Royal College of Physicians, 1992-95. Lloyd retired from practising medicine in 1992.

The Role Model for WimminOfficial portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpg

Baroness June Kathleen Lloyd
Lady June Lloyd of Highbury.jpg

of course clocked up Honours:

  • Appointed a DBE in 1990
  • Honorary DSc from Bristol University in 1991
  • Honorary DSc from Birmingham University in 1993
  • Awarded the James Spence Medal in 1993
  • Life peer as Baroness Lloyd of Highbury, of Highbury in the London Borough of Islington in 1996.

A severe stroke before June’s introduction to the House of Lords prevented her from taking her seat until 1998. See the source imageHer resulting disability left her unable to become an active member of the House. June Lloyd died on 28 June 2006, aged 78. Baroness June had never married. Her brother, Philip Lloyd, was a Commander in the Royal Navy.

Bodger rocked up at St George’s hot on the heels of June Lloyd, Bodger having worked with many of June’s former colleagues, including at Great Ormond Street and having spent many years in the RNVR. 

St George’s Dept of Psychiatry was well ahead of June and Bodger, Desmond Curran and pals had been building that up for years and in the late 1960s had established a partnership with Springfield Hospital. That initiative, which brought together the talents of those running a dumping ground for the abused and dispossessed in the poor area of Tooting See the source imageand those of the Top Docs based in Knightsbridge serving rich criminals, was the work of Peter Brett Storey, as detailed in ‘Meet The Gwerin!’

Storey established the partnership at the same time as John Allen opened the Bryn Alyn Community and Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate John Tilley arrived in south London and began organising in the Councils there, becoming a Wandsworth Borough Cllr in 1971 and soon became Leader of Wandsworth Borough Council. Tilley was Labour MP for Lambeth Central, 1978-83. When he lost his seat, Tilley subsequently worked as chief economic adviser to the London Borough of Hackney and for 11 years as Parliamentary Secretary to the Co-operative Union. From 2000 to 2002, Tilley headed the Parliamentary Office of the Co-operative Group. Tilley died in Dec 2005, a few months after I had received my PhD as the Gang became increasingly hysterical. Cancer. Bechod. The Ah the Doctors will have been wonderful but…

The Director of Education for Wandsworth, Donald Naismith, was an active paedophile. Wandsworth Council supplied the psychiatric social workers who served Springfield. When St George’s relocated from its Hyde Park Corner site in the early 1980s into its new Flagship multimillion pound site in Tooting, Wandsworth Council had been working with the psychs of St George’s using Springfield as the dumping ground for their patients for more than 10 years. There was no new psych hospital built when St George’s relocated to Tooting. The other specialities had fantastic facilities at the new St George’s Tooting site and the psychiatrists themselves had a lovely suite of offices in the new Medical School, but the psych patients were housed in Springfield Hospital, a crumbling, badly neglected old building set well away from St George’s that had no more facilities than Denbigh but didn’t have the views of the hills or the architectural splendour. Springfield was just a dump in the part of Wandsworth that had not become gentrified, unlike the bit of Wandsworth where Michael Mansfield was living at the time.See the source image

Someone planned that all very carefully.

Wedgie Benn noted in his diary that on 3 July 1973, he and his wife Caroline went to Keele University to watch their son Stephen graduate. Wedgie observed that they were asked to participate in the ‘most revolting prayers: praying to Almighty God to see that a suitable supply of qualified manpower was there to run society’. I take Wedgie Benn’s point, but more worrying was that Keele was facilitating the big ring in Staffordshire and was choc a block with academics who to varying extents were Gigglers. Michael Mansfield is a graduate of Keele, as is Alun Michael.

Wedgie Benn noted in his diary that the Chancellor of Keele was Ma’am Darling, ‘a stubby, dull, ageing princess’. Who used the services of Dafydd’s mate, Dealer To The Stars Dr Ann Dally, who, a la Brave Wendy, was a Victim Of The Male Medical Establishment when Dally was, effectively, busted by the police. It all ended well, the GMC were obliged to suspend her but Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton was Chairman, Dally Appealed and such Appeals are heard by the Privy Council. Dally was reinstated and like Brave Wendy – the Two Wimmin Supported each other – Dally won her appeal and thanks to the Privy Council, she was back in business. Like Dafydd, Dally provided a Full Service for her Patients: Court Reports, toys for their children, midnight visits to cells etc. When she was younger, Dally also did Illegal Abortions at Tommy’s – no questions asked if you had the dosh – and Porn. See previous posts…

F used to tell me that the Royals had a Dealer and I thought that he was just being excessive. F swore blind that there was a Royal Dealer, but he didn’t know who it was. I’ve found out, it was Ann Dally.See the source image

John Tilley as Labour MP for Lambeth Central, 1978-83, reigned on the patch of Guy’s and the Maudsley and made friends with Lord Scarman See the source imageduring Scarman’s Inquiry into the 1981 Brixton Riots…

St George’s had previous in helping serious criminals. When Norman Scott suffered a breakdown in the early 1960s as a result of Mr Thrope’s activities, Mr Thrope was kind enough to pay for Norman’s Treatment by St George’s own Expert In Sexual Deviance, Desmond Curran, one of the Top Docs who established the nest of vipers that was the St George’s Dept of Psychiatry. Curran was called upon to Treat Norman, the victim of a series of offences committed by Mr Thrope even back then before Mr Thrope had begun holding discussions with his mates re the best way to murder Norman.

In 1945 Cub Alport married Rachel, the great-granddaughter of George Bingham, 4th Earl of Lucan. The marriage produced three children, two girls and one boy. THE Lord Lucan, a relative of Rachel’s, was part of the Clermont Club crowd who were bankrolling Gwynne’s Giggles, including Sir Jams Goldsmith, John Aspinall and Jimmie McAlpine’s son Bobby, who took over as Chair of the McAlpine empire. See eg. ‘The Cash Box’.

Now Then. Readers know that Liberal peer Lord William Piercy, a student at the LSE in Ancient Days and then a lecturer there, was my distant relative by marriage and that Lord Gnome was friends with many Gigglers. Although Lord Gnome was a Liberal peer when he was raised to the peerage in 1945, he was mates with many across the political spectrum and had worked for Labour’s Clement Attlee when Attlee was Deputy PM. I have discussed before that my father’s cousin Veronica was Gnome’s secretary and then married him when he was elderly, many years older than Veronica. They married in 1964 and Gnome was killed in a crash on his motorbike on his way into the Lords on 7 July 1966.

‘Only One Died’ discussed Veronica’s work as a probation officer in London when the Gang had control of the probation services there and how Veronica did something of which my father was very critical ie. had a Little Black Boy From A Slum to live with her in her house in Knightsbridge for an extended length of time while his mum was in jail for arson, treated him as her own and then handed him back when his mum came out of prison and didn’t really continue contact. Father was critical from what would now be considered to be all the relevant angles ie. breaking of bonds, culture clash/shock, boundary transgressions etc.

Because I knew that social workers and probation officers of Veronica’s vintage often did such things – there was no accountability, if they felt like doing something worrying they just did it – I thought that Veronica was probably no worse than her colleagues and of course in those days social workers and probation officers were often Posh Women who Helped The Poor a la Lady Juliet Bingley. That was before I did the digging for this blog and realised that Giggles were nearly universal and it really was all about Posh People doing favours for each other and not being concerned at the rampant sexual exploitation because others were just plebs anyway. Clement Attlee was of course a social worker before he became a politician. Lucille Hughes wasn’t of Knightsbridge but she was of the same era as Veronica, as was Lady Juliet, Beata Brookes and so many more mates of Gwynne and Dafydd. Who were themselves of Veronica’s vintage.

I have been told that Veronica met Lady Juliet…

My post ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’ discusses Gnome’s career, his family and their circle. I mentioned how many female members of Gnome’s family – like Veronica – went to Somerville College, Oxford, often after St Paul’s School for Posh Birds. A few rebels went to the LSE. Gnome’s daughter Penelope Piercy was a Civil Service Mandarin who worked for Harold Wilson’s Ministers of Technology, one of whom was Wedgie Benn. Penelope bagged her CBE in 1968.

Amidst all the glamour and Giggles of Gnome and his family, the presence of so many Somerville and LSE grads eclipsed something else.

Now Then. Here’s some more Names for the Philanderer as promised in ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’. Lord Gnome’s son and heir, Nicholas Piercy, who became the 2nd Baron Piercy, was educated at Eton and King’s College, Cambridge. Nicholas married Oonagh Lavinia Bayley, the daughter of Major Edward John Lake Bayley and Violet Mary Bingham. Violet Mary was the daughter of Rear Admiral Richard Bingham and Mary Elizabeth Cole. Violet lived from 1880 until 1932. Her sister Edith lived from 1881 until Dec 1960. Richard Bingham was the son of Field Marshal George Charles Bingham, the 3rd Earl Lucan.

Meet The Family:

The Right Honourable
The Earl of Lucan
Lord and Lady Lucan.jpg

With his wife in 1963
Born Richard John Bingham
18 December 1934
Marylebone, London, England
Other titles
Disappeared 8 November 1974 (aged 39)
Status Declared dead 3 February 2016
Other names Lucky Lucan
  • Banker
  • Professional gambler
Title 7th Earl of Lucan
Predecessor George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan
Successor George Bingham, 8th Earl of Lucan
Veronica Mary Duncan
(m. 1963; died 2017)
Children 3, including:
George Bingham, 8th Earl of Lucan
Lady Camilla Bloch
  • George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan (father)
  • Kaitlin Elizabeth Anne Dawson (mother)
Military career
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1953–55
Rank Second lieutenant
Unit Coldstream Guards

Gnome’s son and heir married into Lord Lucan’s family. Nicholas’s mother-in-law was the granddaughter of the 3rd Earl Lucan. It gets better. Lord Nicholas Piercy’s son Mark Edward Pelham Piercy (born 1953) went to Shrewsbury School a la Sir Charles Evans, Hezza and the ‘Private Eye’ crowd, then to New College, Oxford and became a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn. Along with Lord Denning, Thatch, George Carman, Cherie and Miranda. 

I’ll just reiterate the basics re Gnome once more:

The Lord Piercy
Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Piercy in 1945, by Walter Stoneman
President of the Royal Statistical Society
In office
Preceded by Sir Ronald Fisher
Succeeded by Egon Pearson
Personal details
Born 7 February 1886
Died 7 July 1966 (aged 80)
Spouse(s) Mary Pelham (m. 1915 d. 1953)
Veronica Warham (m. 1964)
Children 4
Alma mater London School of Economics

William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy CBE (7 February 1886-7 July 1966) was a British economist, civil servant, businessman and financier. He is best remembered as Chairman of the Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation from 1945 to 1964.

Piercy was the only son of Edward Piercy, of Hoxton, Middlesex – better known as ‘Oxton, dahn the East End, of the Krays – and his second wife Mary Ann Margaret (née Heaford). His father was killed in an industrial accident in 1893. Piercy was educated locally, but left school at the age of twelve to join Pharaoh Gane, timber brokers, as an office boy. He studied at night and in 1910, aged 24, he became a full-time undergraduate student at the LSE. Gnome graduated B.Sc. in 1914 and was for a time a lecturer in history and public administration at the LSE.

During WW I, Gnome worked for the Inland Revenue, was a member of the Allied Provisions Export Commission and a Director of the Ministry of Food. For his services he was made a CBE in 1919. After WW I Gnome became trading General Manager of Harrisons & Crosfield Ltd and joint Managing Director of Pharaoh Gane, and in the early 1930s he was one of the organisers of the first unit trusts. Between 1934 and 1942 Gnome was a member of the LSE. During WW II, Gnome rendered the Govt great service, notably as Head of the British Petroleum Mission in Washington D.C., as Principal Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Supply and the Ministry of Aircraft Production and as Personal Assistant to the Deputy PM Clement Attlee. On 14 November 1945 Gnome was raised to the peerage as Baron Piercy, of Burford in the County of Oxford.

From 1945 to 1964 Gnome served as Chairman of the Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation, which was set up to provide means to smaller businesses in the United Kingdom. He was also a Director of the Bank of England from 1946 to 1956 and Chairman of the Wellcome Trust from 1960 to 1965. Gnome also served as President of the Royal Statistical Society from 1954 to 1955. Gnome was a Governor of The Peckham Experiment in 1949.

Lord Piercy married, firstly, Mary Louisa, daughter of Thomas Henry William Pelham, in 1915. They had one son and three daughters. After his first wife’s death in 1953, he married, secondly, Veronica, daughter of Mrs Ann Warham, in 1964. He died in July 1966, aged 80, and was succeeded in the barony by his only son Nicholas.

Titles, styles and arms

  • 1886-1919: William Piercy
  • 1919-1945: William Piercy CBE
  • 1945-1966: The Right Honourable The Lord Piercy CBE

Gnome’s Coat Of Arms:

Coat of arms of William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy 
Piercy Achievement.png
Issuant from a bezant in front of two spears in saltire points upwards Proper a demi-lion guardant Sable charged on the shoulder with a pierced mullet Argent.
Per fess indented Gules and Argent in chief three pierced mullets Argent in base a lion rampant guardant Sable.
Spes In Deo
Order of the British Empire

My posh corrupt relatives were of Giggles, the security services, Lord Denning and they married into Lord Lucan’s family. I’m not sure that I can beat that in terms of any further Posh Relatives, but I do have more blogging to do… I hope that the Philanderer is suitably impressed. Happy to oblige Mr H, here’s another picture of a bloke kissing a bird’s arse. See the source imageUs Plebs need to show solidarity in the face of Lord Lucan’s friends and relatives. One of which is me of course,

The Right Honourable
The Earl of Lucan
Lord and Lady Lucan.jpg

With his wife in 1963
Born Richard John Bingham
18 December 1934
Marylebone, London, England
Other titles
Disappeared 8 November 1974 (aged 39)
Status Declared dead 3 February 2016
Other names Lucky Lucan
  • Banker
  • Professional gambler
Title 7th Earl of Lucan
Predecessor George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan
Successor George Bingham, 8th Earl of Lucan
Veronica Mary Duncan
(m. 1963; died 2017)
Children 3, including:
George Bingham, 8th Earl of Lucan
Lady Camilla Bloch
  • George Bingham, 6th Earl of Lucan (father)
  • Kaitlin Elizabeth Anne Dawson (mother)
Military career
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1953–55
Rank Second lieutenant
Unit Coldstream Guards

but only by marriage.

Previous posts have discussed another bankroller of the Gigglers, Wyn Roberts’s friend Mark Birley – – Annabel – Jams – Georgie Fame’s wife – death AUG 1993 – Robin Birley – Bryan Ferry’s ex wife – found shot dead DATE –

Psychiatrist Colin McEvedy – Wyn’s friend – also friend of Spencer Le Marchant – Derbyshire ring – Mrs Simpson link



SWINGLERS – dates of death – also NHS – John golding – July 1986

I Didn’t Know You Cared

Previous posts have discussed how the Philanderer, in his capacity as a Minister in the Dept of Education, cleared my name in 2004 after the Gang tried to have me struck off the teaching register in the wake of their failure to frame me for threatening to kill Alun Davies. I had until now thought that the Gang tried that little trick in 2002 or 03; I’ve discovered that it was 2004. I was nowhere near a school at the time because I was mid-way through my PhD and that was too much for the Gang to bear. So they came after me yet again. The Philanderer paid a price for refusing to collude with the Gang in that Miranda subsequently refused him a peerage. Sadly other people paid an even greater price; Merfyn Jones has been a close friend of the Philanderer since they were students and Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of the Top Docs of the Walton Centre (Dafydd’s mates) a few years later.

I had no idea at the time that the Philanderer was a good mate of Merfyn’s, but I do remember that the Philanderer was one politician who raised concerns with regard to the flooding of disadvantaged parts of Wales with Class A drugs. Neither did I have any idea that the Philanderer knew that Dafydd and the Gang were responsible for that. Unlike F and I, the Philanderer wasn’t an Empowered Service User in Gwynedd in 1994-95, so he didn’t witness exactly what was happening on the ground re the Gang and how mountains were moved in High Places in the NHS to keep Dafydd in business, unhampered, free from investigation no matter what he did, while he and his henchmen openly flogged Class A drugs in his ‘Clinics’ at Ysbyty Gwynedd to ‘patients’ from England, south Wales etc.

My post ‘Educational Excellence For All’ mentions the policy documents produced by the Welsh Labour Party in 1995. ‘Educational Excellence For All’ was the title of the Welsh educational policy approved in May 1995 by the Wales conference of the Labour Party. The devolution proposal entitled ‘Shaping The Vision’ was also approved in May 1995. Both documents then received the stamp of approval from the Labour Party NEC.

So let us see how The Vision Was Shaped.

My post ‘The 1995 Club’ reproduced Brenda’s Birthday Honours List of that year. It names a great many of those who ensured that Dafydd not only remained in business but expanded, and that those of who had dared complain were threatened, assaulted, arrested, denied benefits to which we were legally entitled etc. This post will follow up a few of those who were rewarded by Brenda for allowing this to happen after the Gang suffered the trauma of seeing two of their men jailed, in July 1994 (Peter Howarth) and Feb 95 (John  Allen).

On 9 July 1995 Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch Mandarin who had been at the very top of that ‘service’ for decades and ensured that the Substance Abuse Services of the UK were substantially gangs led by Top Docs who were dealing and distribution drugs running that business in tandem with sex abuse rings targeting kids in care/psych patients, died. On 13 July 1995 Sir Peter Morrison was found dead at his home in Belgravia. Thus the two biggest Insider witnesses were out of the way. In July 1995 Brown was forced out of his job at Aston University.

This post is a present for the former MP for Pontypridd,  who knew what those absolute bastards were doing as they starred in the media lapping up praise for Helping People and saw their salaries increase substantially and their status as living saints cemented.

See the source image

Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours List contained numerous Health and Welfare names, including some directly responsible for the control and regulation of drugs. This blog has already named a few, including Carwen Wynne-Howells, the now retired chief pharmacist at the Welsh Office, who’s mate is the now retired Welsh Office Lady Doctor who is a pal of Lucille Hughes, the retired Welsh Office Lady Doctor and Lucille both being in Soroptimist International. Carwen is active in the Feminist Movement, has a home in Pembrokeshire and a flat in Cardiff Bay and enjoys international travel See the source imageparticularly if the flights and accommodation are paid for by a Wimmin’s Rights organisation.

On 7 Feb 2004, Carwen and her mates had a letter published in ‘The Guardian’:

The Consumers’ Association has questioned plans to expand the role of pharmacists (Poor advice given by pharmacies February 3).

We want all patients to receive high quality care from their pharmacists. But it would be unwise to use this small survey to make sweeping assumptions about professional standards in the 11,000 pharmacies in Great Britain. Six million people visit pharmacies every day. Developing community pharmacy is central to health strategy. The benefits include improved access to care for minor ailments and management of some chronic illnesses; and medication reviews for people on long-term therapy. And the first pharmacists will shortly be prescribing in their own right. People can be confident in the ability of pharmacists. They now complete five years of training before qualifying to practise. Subject to legislation, from 2005 they will undertake continuing professional development to remain in practice. Registration of pharmacy support staff will be introduced from 2005.

Dr Jim Smith Chief pharmaceutical officer for England; Bill Scott Chief pharmaceutical officer for Scotland; Carwen Wynne-Howells Chief pharmaceutical officer for Wales

‘The Guardian’ also published these letters on the same day, on the same subject:

Independent research shows most customers trust the care and advice they get from pharmacists. But as the professional and regulatory body for pharmacists, it is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s role to protect the public from poor practice, and we have undertaken to investigate the findings made in this survey with the pharmacists concerned. See the source imageIf Which? will put us in touch with the 35 pharmacies where service fell short, we will help them learn from any mistakes that might have been made.
David Pruce
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

I have worked for the NHS, for nearly 35 years, and I have never felt so abused See the source image(Reid to smash NHS cartel, February 5). Most of us work very hard to get our patients seen in outpatients promptly and then operated upon as soon as possible. To suggest that consultants are trying to keep control of their lists “to booster their private incomes by making their waiting times longer” is frankly insulting. The vast majority of consultants wish to keep ownership of their lists to maintain the personal responsibility that comes with it as this is the key to a good doctor-patient relationship. See the source imageDr Reid’s approach, if continued in this fashion, will lead to many more exits from the NHS.
Peter McDonald
Harrow, Middx

Previous posts have discussed the chaos that I witnessed at first hand in north Wales in 2004 as a result of downright dangerous and negligent prescribing by Top Docs in north Wales, including Gigglers with whom Carwen was friendly. A number of deaths resulted, from overdoses – deliberate and accidental – as well as from ‘side-effects’ of ‘medication’. The mortality stats said it all but thanks to the ever creative coroners – in particular Dewi Pritchard Jones in Gwynedd – no inquests ever returned verdicts of Death By Dangerous Prescribing. The dealing and distribution of street drugs was soaring and in north Wales everyone knew who was doing that; it was the people working for Dafydd’s charidee CAIS, with the blessing of the substance abuse ‘professionals’ in the NHS and Social Services. Dafydd’s dealers were prioritised in terms of being able to access social housing, benefits, services for ‘disabled people’ and caused havoc when they bagged places at colleges and universities. Any staff of those institutions who dared confront them would be subjected to complaints of ‘bullying’ and if that didn’t work, outright intimidation. The effect on other students was dreadful; I was told by one student who was friends with one of these henchpeople of Dafydd’s who had been confronted by a Prof at Bangor for selling Class A drugs on the premises that the Gang wielded influence with the funding bodies and authorities, and that Prof would find that his funding for PhD students would disappear. I openly mocked the notion that one of the senior Profs who had an unblemished reputation re personal conduct and one of the best reputations in his field on an international level was going to lose funding for PhD students because he’d confronted a postgrad who was flogging Class As in the Dept and had threatened other students, as had one of their mates (a student was told by an Intimidating Thug that if she didn’t shut her mouth they’d shut it for her).

The threat to the Prof Came To Pass, but not by an obvious route. Some two years after this Prof held his ground re his challenge to the thugs and gangsters who were cluttering up his Dept, arrangements for PhD students in his field were ‘reorganised’ by the Welsh Govt, such that all postgrads funded by the ESRC – the main funding body – in his subject area would now only be allowed to study at one university in Wales, no matter where they had applied to study. That university was Cardiff and I’m fairly certain that the Welsh Govt Minister who made the decision was Leighton Andrews. Leighton is married to Ann Beynon and they are both alumni of Bangor. Ann Beynon was a governor of Bangor University and a relative of the student who boasted to me that the Gang were going to ensure that the ESCR would no longer fund the work of the senior Prof at Bangor.

Not that Leighton received much thanks if he was behind the dirty deal; one of the beneficiaries of the deal who doubled up as a Prof at Cardiff used a public lecture on the theme of Social Sciences In Wales to do nothing but deliver a personal tirade towards Leighton. Was one of the architects of the dirty deal re ESRC funded students the Ale Twat, acting on orders from his political masters in Westminster Labour Party?See the source image

So the wider picture after the Vision Had Been Shaped was extraordinary. Drug dealing postgrads working for CAIS who never finished their PhDs were able to influence funding streams for senior Profs in Wales. The Prof in question had such a good reputation internationally that the Gang looked as though they would be scuppered by the continued applications from overseas postgrads funded by non-ESRC sources to work with this Prof. So what happened? His overseas PhD students – who had a habit of being outstanding and wining international awards – found that when it was time for their vivas, they were being examined by people who had no knowledge at all of their  PhD area.

The finest example of this was a Czech social worker who completed a PhD on er Czech social work practice. One of her examiners was an English social policy specialist who had never undertaken any international work and wasn’t a social worker either, English or Czech. The Englisher who didn’t understand this PhD that she examined demanded that the Czech student rewrite the thesis because as any fule no, this thesis is nonsense. The English social policy specialist had completed both of her degrees at Bangor, had never worked at any other institution, her field was Social Care Policy in Wales and her own work was funded almost solely by the Welsh Govt.

The congratulations for the Shaping Of the Vision regarding targeting the funding steams of Profs who had spilt the Gang’s pints must ultimately go to Prof Sir Ian Diamond, who was in the salient position of authority at the time of the Gang calling the shots with regard to ESRC funding. Ian has starred on the blog before, but I’ll give him another outing here, particularly as since he featured on the blog, Ian has been appointed the UK’s Chief Statistician! Well there’s one way of dealing with the soaring mortality rates of poor people in the UK, health outcomes re cancer for all social classes that are now among the worst in western nations although our NHS is the Envy Of The World and British Top Docs Lead Cancer Research On A Global Basis; just give Ian the job of Doing The Nation’s Stats.

Ian Diamond
Ian Diamond - Safeguarding 2018 Conference - 45407817751 (cropped).jpg

Ian Diamond at the Safeguarding 2018 Conference
Principal and Vice Chancellor of
the University of Aberdeen
In office
1 April 2010 – 31 July 2018
Preceded by Sir Duncan Rice
Succeeded by George Boyne
Personal details
Born 14 March 1954 (age 66)
Kingskerswell, Devon
Spouse(s) Lady Diamond (Jane)
Residence Aberdeen
Alma mater London School of Economics
University of St Andrews
Profession Statistician

Ian completed his BSc (1975) and MSc (1976) in economics at the LSE in the era when Westminster Swinger and Security Services Chief Richard Crossman’s mates ran that institution. In 1981, Ian received his PhD in Statistics from the University of St Andrews, who’s very snooty med school educated so many of the Finest, including Robert Bluglass, Sir Douglas Black and Sir Douglas’s son Andrew, Gigglers all. Robert Bluglass of course being a beneficiary of Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours List, bagging his CBE.

Last night I considered the question ‘In view of Bluglass being the Mr Big in the trafficking ring re forensic psychiatry in Britain only picking up a mere CBE in Brenda’s Birthday Honours Of Shame, what on earth had those who bagged peerages and Ks done??’ I think we should be told.

Here’s Compton Verney, one of the finest art galleries in Europe, substantially owned by Robert Bluglass, who in the world of International People Traffickers in 1995 wasn’t the biggest player by a long way:

No wonder a pleb from Ponty who was mates with Merfyn See the source imagebegan caring very much as to where the Class As drowning Wales were coming from.

Ian Diamond became Principal of the University of Aberdeen in 2010, replacing Sir Duncan Rice. Ian announced in August 2017 that he would retire from this role – I’d been blogging for exactly one year by then, so Ian probably realised what might be coming – and was succeeded in the post by George Boyne in August 2018.

Sir Ian’s previous appointments include Chief Executive of the Economic and Social Research Council, 2004-09; Chair of the Research Councils UK Executive Group, 2004-09; and until 2004, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Southampton, where Sir Ian had spent most of his career. Sir Ian is/was Chair of Lloyds Banking Group Foundation for England and Wales and Visiting Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford. Sir Ian has been Chair of British Universities and Colleges Sport; Chair of the Department for International Development Research Advisory Group, 2018; Chair of Plan International UK; Chair of the Council for Mathematical Sciences; and a Board Member of UK Research and Innovation; UK Statistics Authority; the Population Investigation Committee; and Aberystwyth University. Ian stepped down as Chair of Edinburgh College of Further Education on his appointment as National Statistician. Sir Ian was formerly a Trustee of the Iona Cathedral Trust, WWF UK, the National Centre for Social Research, UCAS and the British Academy, as well as Chair of the Social Security Advisory Committee, 2018–2019.

Ian’s departure from the University of Aberdeen led to a pay-related scandal; he was paid £282,000 over a supposed notice period where he was, in fact, not working for the University anymore.

Sir Ian has authored or co-authored seven books and Govt reports, contributed to a further 34, and authored over 100 academic papers. In 2016 he led a review of University finance in Wales which was commissioned by the Welsh Govt, which recommended that grants towards tuition fees should be replaced with support for living costs instead. Ian’s Recommendations replaced the previous arrangements that had been recommended by er Merfyn when Merfyn was appointed as SPAD to Welsh Govt Education Minister, one Leighton Andrews.

At the time I assumed that Merfyn had been given that job by Leighton because Leighton valued his input. Which might have been true, but someone did comment to me the other day ‘Once Merfyn had been appointed SPAD and thus had to step down as VC of Bangor University, you and everyone who dared support you were flattened’. Yes I did notice that the Gang had a field day when Merfyn went off to Higher Office, but so many spanners were being thrown into so many works that I didn’t like to do anything as simple as Blaming Leighton Andrews. Particularly as Miranda and Gordon were breathing down everyones necks. As of course was Theresa May, who began her political career as a Cllr for Merton, 1986-94, where she was Chairman of Education, 1988–90 and Deputy Group Leader and Housing Spokesman, 1992–94. Theresa was famously the daughter of a C of E vicar and grew up in East Sussex, Land Of Asa Briggs and John Allen’s brothels to which kids in care from north Wales were trafficked. Between 1977 and 1983, Theresa May worked at the Bank of England, and from 1985 to 1997, at the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) as a financial consultant. Theresa served as Head of the European Affairs Unit, 1989-96 and Senior Adviser on International Affairs, 1996-97, in the organisation. In May 1997 Theresa was elected Tory MP for Maidstone, four months after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened.

Merton was the neighbouring borough to Wandsworth and was served by St George’s Hospital. Theresa was elected a Cllr in the year in which Ollie Brooke was convicted and imprisoned. I lived in Merton for just three weeks or so in May 1989 when I first took up the job at St George’s – while Theresa was a Merton Cllr – before I found a house share with other young people. St George’s staff accommodation fixed me up with lodgings with an elderly couple in Merton, Gladys and Nick! They were East Enders who had moved to Merton, very kind and hospitable, but they were two old dears who wanted me to be in by 7 pm for tea etc. I could see that things would become difficult if er Brown wanted to stay…

Bodger’s team all took the piss re Gladys and Nick, ooh you won’t have any freedom as a single adult there etc and then when I told Bodger’s crowd that I’d found a house share nearer the medical school anyway, there were jokes re Gladys and Nick will be distraught that I was moving out. Sadly they were, they were really hurt, so I had to do my counselling bit and went back to see them a few times…

Local pensioners were appearing on the staff accommodation list of a hospital that was facilitating a paedophile/trafficking and Class A drug dealing ring. Those at St George’s responsible for the infrastructure such as staff accommodation knew that the institution was run by gangsters.

My adventures with Gladys and Nick were in my letters to Brown which were later stolen and flogged to the Digger and George Carman. Theresa May official portrait.jpgGladys and Nick were elderly in 1989, but they had adult children who should still be alive and thriving. I suggest that someone finds out whether they are indeed OK.

People tend to be frightened of the Mafia,

Geoffrey Chamberlain
Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain, 6 June 2000.jpg

Chamberlain in 2000
Geoffrey Victor Price Chamberlain

21 April 1930

Hove, Sussex
Died October 2014
Nationality British
Education Cowbridge Grammar School, University College London
Known for President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 1993–1994
Medical career
Profession Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
Institutions St George’s Hospital, Tooting
Notable works
  • Obstetrics by Ten Teachers
  • Home Births: The Report of the 1994 Confidential Enquiry by the National Birthday Trust Fund

even Welsh Govt Education Ministers with a sense of humour who were not reluctant to tell the Education Establishment in Wales  that Educational Excellence For All absolutely had not been achieved, even all those years after the Vision Was Shaped.

Oh well, as we stand back and Gawp At The Mess, Leighton and Merfyn can have a good laugh and now say probably quite fairly that It is nothing to do with them. They were ignored, then opposed, loathed and kicked out, to be replaced by one who had been telling Cardiff University and then the Ale Twat what to do for many, many years and who’s early career had been as a social worker for Dyfed County Council when Dyfed CC was facilitating a big ring linked to Gwynne’s Giggles.Ioan Bowen Rees was County Secretary of Dyfed CC from 1974 until he relocated to Gwynedd CC in 1980 as County Sec/CEO.

Sir Ian Diamond’s appointment as National Statistician, in succession to John Pullinger, was announced on 6 August 2019 and he took office on 22 October 2019. Sir Ian is married to Jane. Sir Ian is also a qualified football referee, which excuses everything and was obviously the deciding factor when the interviews for the job of National Statistician were held. The panel had a very difficult choice to make, all three shortlisted candidates were EXCELLENT, but Sir Ian was, in addition, a qualified football referee and thus able to bring Something Extra to the office of National Statistician. Furthermore, although Candidate Two had a stronger CV, was not in bed with a load of gangsters and knew how to add up, HIS SHOES WERE DIRTY.

As Peter Cook (Insider witness who died in Jan 1995) used to quip ‘Herman’s Hermits never had dirty shoes…’See the source image

Sir Ian ascends, a la the proverbial lark:

  • 1999: Elected to the UK Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS)
  • 2000: Clifford C. Clogg Award from the Population Association of America
  • 2005: Honorary Fellowship of Cardiff University 
  • 2005: Fellow of the British Academy (FBA)
  • 2006: Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (DLitt) University of Glasgow
  • 2009: Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE)
  • 2012: Elected Burgess, City of Aberdeen
  • 2013: Knight Bachelor, “for services to social science and higher education”Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • 2013: Commissioned as a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) of Aberdeen
  • 2014: Appointed Deputy Lieutenant, City of Aberdeen
  • Honorary Degrees: Cardiff, Glasgow

My post ‘The Price Is Right’ detailed how when I was doing my PhD at Bangor University between 2003 and 2005, I shared an open plan office which gradually filled up with NHS staff who constantly dropped in to ask my PhD supervisor for advice or even if they could do a PhD with him, while leafing through papers on my desk, reading whatever was on my computer screen etc or greeting me with variants on the phrase ‘Gosh fancy YOU being here doing a PhD!!! I’m doing one now as well!’. Some of them were Angels who had Cared For F and I when we were being mistreated by the Gang back in the 1990s and our complaints about Dafydd et al were met with us being arrested.

One of those doing a PhD with my supervisor who was not someone I had known previously – but who knew people whom I had known – was Avril Kale, a senior tutor at the Welsh School of Pharmacy in Cardiff. Avril was very chatty and pleasant but I was not the only one who noticed that Avril was barely numerate, was remarkably unconcerned about matters such as the explosion of Class A drug use in rural Wales and ‘didn’t believe’ David Healey’s very robust expose of Big Pharma’s manipulation of clinical trials data. I’ve been rude about David on this blog because he didn’t blow the whistle on the madmen/women with whom he worked at the Hergest Unit whom he knew were mistreating us, but David Healey cannot be accused re his expose of that Big Pharma data, he got it right and no-one has ever demonstrated that David fiddled his own data. Even after David exposed them repeatedly, Top Docs – including his own colleagues – continued to prescribe as though David had never become famous via his work in that field. See the source image

Don’t worry about it Avril, Senior Tutor at the Welsh School of Pharmacy, you can barely add up, John Fazey had to virtually write every page of your PhD for you because you were not capable of work at postgrad level, you just carry on telling everyone that David Healey is talking nonsense and remind everyone that you are Senior Tutor at the Welsh School of Pharmacy who was also responsible for the Continuing Professional Development of pharmacists.

It is terrifying, the general public TRUST this lot. When an Empowered Service User who hadn’t received a university education heard me marvelling at Avril’s basic lack of knowledge in her own field and a la the scientific method, I was told ‘Of course Avril knows what she’s doing, she’s the Top Tutor in Pharmacy at Cardiff’. Exactly. Top Tutor in Pharmacy at Cardiff and responsible for Continuous Professional Development of Pharmacists in Wales. 

Among the people whom Avril knew who also knew me was Mr Roberts, who back in the 1980s and 90s was the Chemist In Bethesda. Mr Roberts was very highly thought of in Bethesda, because he was just so much nicer and better informed than the idiots of GPs who were located in the building directly opposite his chemists. I have discussed in previous posts how one could watch patients leaving consultations with Drs Mithan/Nickson/Jones/Heinersdorff, swearing away saying ‘That bloody doctor is hopeless, I’ll go and ask Mr Roberts’.

F and I always asked Mr Roberts, one wasn’t openly insulted and if he didn’t know the answer, he would try to look it up. Mr Roberts seemed very good but he was a local Bethesda boy, he had gone to school in Bethesda and the Gang ruled that town and the surrounding area. Dafydd grew up in Bethesda. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones I always wondered how Mr Roberts ever survived with those bastard Top Docs looking so inadequate as compared to him, until after I left Bethesda I was told that Mr Roberts had been seriously ill, he had family problems, he had sold his house and his chemists shop.  I next bumped into Mr Roberts in Tesco, he was working in the pharmacy there and Avril would pop over to visit him when he was at work…

When Carwen Wynne-Howells and her mates wrote that letter to ‘The Guardian’- while Avril was spending much time in the open plan office with me while John Fazey had to spoon feed her to a greater extent than any of his other postgrads – the Ale Twat was FM and Sister Hutt was the Welsh Govt Health Minister.See the source image The Pink Un was the Ale Twat’s SPAD re Health and Social Care.

Throughout it all Dafydd flogged Class A drugs as well as Expert Opinions For The Court when his customers had been prosecuted and were facing prison sentences. Dafydd’s usual strategy was to assure the Court that this patient was suffering from PTSD and a Bed was available for them in one of Dafydd’s Nursing Homes. Dafydd and his Beds were so notorious that during F’s MacDuff Period, many of the calls to Dafydd concerned Beds. In particular, inquiries as to whether a Bed was available for someone suffering a bizarre psychiatric syndrome never seen before which had developed as a result of an equally bizarre Traumatic Event. Dafydd was always happy to answer the phone even in the wee hours, after all someone might need a Bed.

The brilliant thing about Dafydd never having learnt anything about medicine or psychiatry during his Training but instead only learning how to do the Hands a la Sir Martin Roth See the source imageSee the source imagewas that Dafydd would listen for quite a while to extraordinary symptoms and scenarios before deciding that it was F and then slam the phone down in a temper. This was how Dafydd missed a few genuine callers, as I discovered when one of Dafydd’s nearest and dearest screamed abuse at me and told me that I’d made a few calls that I definitely had not and neither had F. Dafydd had not just missed out on some celebrity criminals in distress but journos were in pursuit of him as well. I wonder what they thought when Dafydd’s kids screamed ‘Fuck off you stupid mad bitch’ at them as they did if they knew (or thought) that it was me?

So Dafydd learnt the hands and words/phrases such as ‘process psychosis’, ‘manic depressive insanity’, ‘presents great menace to myself’ and that favourite of the Ancients, ‘dementia praecox’, from which I was suffering in the 1980s, as recorded on my notes by Dafydd. And in a Report for Bangor Magistrates Court as well, in the days when the Right Honourable David Jones MP was still working as a solicitor in Bangor, sharing an office with corrupt solicitor of the Gang who fitted F up with regard to the Predators, (Huw) Elwyn Jones.

The term “dementia praecox” was first used in 1891 See the source imageby Arnold Pick (1851–1924), a Professor of Psychiatry at Charles University in Prague. Pick’s brief clinical report described the case of a person with a psychotic disorder resembling hebephrenia. German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin (1856–1926) popularised it in his first detailed textbook descriptions of a condition that eventually became a different disease concept and relabelled as schizophrenia.A monograph by Eugen Bleuler on dementia praecox (1911)

Writing on the back of a female patient “DEMENCE PRECOCE” (French for “dementia praecox”)

So I’ll wait to hear from all those people who were happy to receive documentation forged and/or inaccurate concerning me written by Dafydd and his colleagues and then shared the contents with other Gossips of various parishes. Of course I also await communication from the MDU who, over many years, supplied solicitors and barristers free of charge to this crowd in their many attempts to have me imprisoned. Other people I knew who had been trashed by the same people did go to prison and more than a few of them were found dead in their cells. ‘Suicide’.

By such clinical experience was Dafydd able to diagnose the first ever case of PTSD ‘in a little clinic in Dolgellau’, in a patient who had been referred to Dafydd’s little clinic in Dolgellau by his GP in England who thought that Dafydd might be able To Help, the patient suffering curious symptoms not seen before, which it transpired had been brought on by late-onset Trauma developed by the patient as a result of his WW II experiences Flying Over The Pyrenees (presumably in a biplane named Pussyfucker as featured in the popular cartoons drawn by F with Dafydd in the cockpit a la Amy Johnson) in order To Escape The Hun.See the source image

Bluglass’s second home is in the Pyrenees, perhaps the Veteran was delivering a load of crack in Pussyfucker in time for Bluglass’s next At Home with Judi Dench et al.

Radical French Thinker Pierre Bourdieu grew up in the Bearn, an area of the Pyrenees. People from the Bearn – a bit like people from north and west Wales – had a distinctive dialect/language, a sub-culture rather different from that in wider France and because of the poverty and limited opportunities in the Bearn, they emigrated across the world, some becoming famous. Previous posts mentioned how many of them began crawling out of every corner to help the Gang after I joined a sociology group specialising in Bourdieu, and Brown and I began publishing on Bourdieu, including a paper in which we drew similarities between life in Y Fro Gymraeg in the mid 20th c and the Bearn.

It was Pierre Bourdieu who declared Miranda to be the most dangerous man in the world.See the source image

Ah well Gang, Gwerin, Radical Voices and Bankers Of The World, had you not United in the face of me and forced me out of my job at Bangor, I would still be sitting there writing books and articles about rural Wales, utilising Bourdieuisian analyses. It’s what I loved doing and really wanted to do, but because you just would not let me, you’ve got this blog instead.

Do you perhaps regret your actions?

I love old Pierre’s work, but like many Radical Voices, he wasn’t all that he was cracked up to be. Bourdieu died on 23 Jan 2002, but his legacy remains and not only in his work. Bourdieu was married to Marie Claire Brizard and this is their son:

Emmanuel Bourdieu
Emmanuel Bourdieu.jpg

Emmanuel Bourdieu in 2008
Born (1965-04-06) 6 April 1965 (age 54)

Paris, France
Nationality French
Education École Normale Supérieure
Occupation Writer philosopher
Parent(s) Marie Claire Brizard
Pierre Bourdieu

Emmanuel Bourdieu (born 6 April 1965 in Paris) is a French writer, playwright, film director and philosopher. He is the youngest son of Marie Claire Brizard and Pierre Bourdieu. While a student at Lycée Henri-IV, Emmanuel met Denis Podalydès who belonged to the drama club of Lycée Fénelon. An alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm), Emmanuel completed a PhD in philosophy. He taught philosophy courses at the University of Bordeaux III and was assistant in linguistics at the University of Paris VII. Emmanuel participated in the Cerisy conference on “American Philosophy.”

During Emmanuel’s studies, he met Jeanne Balibar and Arnaud Desplechin, with whom, together with Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Devos, Denis and Bruno Podalydès, he created the group of young filmmakers and intellectuals called ‘Rive Gauche’.

Emmanuel Bourdieu began his writing career in the theatre with the play Tout mon possible (All I Can) and Je crois (I Believe), put on in 1998 by Denis Podalydès. He then wrote for film with Arnaud Desplechin (My Sex Life… or How I Got into an Argument, Esther Kahn, A Christmas Tale), Nicole Garcia (Vendôme) and Catherine Corsini (The New Eve).

Emmanuel started directing in 1998 with a short film called Venise (Venice), followed by Candidature (Candidacy) for which he won the Prix Jean Vigo (2001) and the César Award for Best Short Film (2003). His first feature film was released simultaneously in cinemas under the title Vert Paradis (Green Paradise) and broadcast on Arte as Les Cadets de Gascogne. It is based on the sociological work of his father in The Bachelors’ Ball: The Crisis of Peasant Society in Béarn. In 2006, Les Amitiés maléfiques (Poison Friends) received the Grand Prix of the Critics at Cannes Film Festival.

As an actor Emmanuel appeared in the 2004 production Le Pont des Arts by Eugène Green, playing a spectator at the Noh performance. He was Director of Photography in th 2001 production Les Trois Théâtres (The Three Theatres) by Emmanuel Bourdieu.

Summary of Emmanuel’s work:

As short film director:

  • 1998: Venise (Venice)
  • 2001: Les Trois Théâtres (The Three Theatres)
  • 2001: Candidature (Candidacy)
  • As a feature film director:
  • 2003: Vert Paradis (Green Paradise)
  • 2006: Les Amitiés maléfiques (Poison Friends)
  • 2006: Mascarade (Masquerade)
  • 2008: Intrusions
  • 2013: Drumont, histoire d’un antisémite français (Drumont: The Story of a French Anti-Semite) – historical TV movie about Édouard Drumont
  • 2016: Louis-Ferdinand Céline – adapted from Milton Hindus‘ 1950 book on French author Louis-Ferdinand Céline
  • As writer or co-writer:
  • 1996: Parce qu’il est comme ça (Because It Is Like This)
  • 1997: Les Grands Esprits se rencontrent (The Great Spirits Meet)
  • 1998: Tout mon possible (All I Can)
  • 2002: Je crois (I Believe), staging by Denis Podalydès
  • 2007: Le Mental de l’équipe (The Mind of the Team) by Emmanuel Bourdieu and Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, staging by Denis Podalydès and Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, Théâtre du Rond-Point
  • 2010: Le Cas Jekyll (The Jekyll Case) by Christine Montalbetti, directed by Emmanuel Bourdieu and Eric Ruf, Théâtre national de Chaillot
  • 2013: L’Homme qui se hait (The Man Who Hates) by Emmanuel Bourdieu, directed by Denis Podalydès and Emmanuel Bourdieu, Théâtre national de Chaillot.
  • Mes parents (My Parents), 3-volume boxed set by Serge Lalou, Richard Bean and Emmanuel Bourdieu (8 April 2005)
  • Je crois (I Believe) by Emmanuel Bourdieu (26 February 2002)
  • Esther Kahn (Bilingual scenario) by Arnaud Desplechin and Emmanuel Bourdieu (Sep 2000)
  • 2001 Prix Jean Vigo to Candidature
  • 2003: Candidature, nominated for the César Award for Best Short Film
  • 2003: Vert Paradis: Prize of the international press at the Festival of Geneva 2003
  • 2006: Les Amitiés maléfiques: Grand Prix of the International Critics’ Week


The most popular option re Beds Offered By Dafydd in 2004 were Beds At Ty Gwyn, the Nursing Home in Llandudno for Veterans Suffering From PTSD aka The Mediocre Boarding House With An Unlawfully Inadequate Ratio Of Qualified Staff On Duty, Charging Several Thousand Quid A Week For A Shared Room, Always Funded By Local Authorities Or The NHS. See the source imageTy Gwyn became too much of a notorious scam for even the Welsh Gov’t to agree to fund and thus Ty Gwyn Faced Closure in 2005. Dafydd went apeshit and organised one of his Campaigns to ensure that he was able to continue to Help People. One who supported Dafydd and Ty Gwyn was the Plaid AM Llyr Huws Gruffydd . Llyr Llyr Gruffydd AM (27889492780).jpggave an interview to the media describing Ty Gwyn as a Beacon Of Excellence. Llyr!! The Ancients, upon who’s Wisdom Dafydd drew in 1986/87, conflated their diagnoses of Dementia Praecox with Syphilitic Insanity. As to whether that was one of the many diagnoses applied to me, you’ll have to ask the Windbags. The Gang knew that I questioned them and I took the piss, so they won’t have told me. It is highly likely that Gwynne’s Giggling client Bertrand Russell had tertiary syphilis when he was older though… Those whom Bertrand had infected were Treated by Gwynne.

I’m not sure whether this Diagnosis has also gone into the bin in the way that those used by Dafydd in 1986 had by 1950, but it used to be believed that syphilis led to a symptom in children known as Hutchinson’s Teeth. I Knew About Hutchinson’s Teeth when I was ooh about eight years old. The Security Services will have told Dafydd. The Security Services knew exactly how I knew about Hutchinson’s Teeth; our house had a good supply of 1950s Nursing Textbooks and being a swot I used to read them. It was how I was able to think ‘Christ Almighty’ years later at some of what came out of the mouths of Gwynne, Dafydd and their meat-headed associates. Nursing Textbooks as used in Taunton in the early 1950s you utter fools. That is how hopeless the Experts Of Denbigh were.

The crazy and abusive Hugh Jolly used to work at Taunton and other Devon and Somerset Hospitals in the 1950s, as discussed in previous posts eg. ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’. Jolly’s rise to fame and fortune as the Child Care Guru of the (allegedly) Child-Centred Liberal 1970s might seam extraordinary in the face of the first hand accounts of his authoritarianism, terrorising of colleagues and sheer brutality towards his young patients and their parents, but it makes more sense when one considers that during Jolly’s reign as the Expert On Children, Gwynne and Dafydd were vastly expanding the Giggles and the entire child protection system of the UK had been infiltrated by paedophile rings. Furthermore, the Flagship that was St George’s Hospital opened its Dept of Paediatrics in 1974, appointed facilitator of Giggles Baroness June Lloyd as Head of Dept and June immediately appointed Ollie Brooke as Consultant and soon Prof. See ‘Too Many Pills’.

Hugh Jolly had worked with all the key Gigglers who cluttered up institutions such as Great Ormond Street, St George’s, Guy’s, Tommy’s etc and he had been THE Senior Paediatrician (and for years the only full-time one) serving the entire West Country during the 1950s when Mr Thrope began Giggling in Devon. The clincher will have been Jolly having worked as a junior doc under Royal Paediatrician Sir Wilfrid Sheldon, no-one was going to expose Jolly…Here’s a reminder once more of the euphemistic account of Hugh Jolly’s career as summarised by Munk’s Roll Royal College of Physicians Lives Of The Fellows:

Hugh Reginald Jolly

b.5 May 1918 d.4 March 1986

MRCS LRCP(1942) MA MB BChir Cantab(1942) MRCP(1948) DCH(1949) FRCP(1965)

Hugh Jolly was probably better known to the general public than any other living doctor. He was born in the Isle of Man, where his father was a Reverend Canon and reputedly an excellent speaker, an ability that Hugh inherited and utilized to the full. Hugh was educated at Marlborough College and Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge, where he was in the water polo team,

Merfyn’s old foe (see eg. ‘The Wizard War’) Spy Chief of Giggles Asa Briggs was an alumni of Sydney Sussex College. By the time that Hugh Jolly had become the Child Care Guru for the 70s, Asa was VC of Sussex University – as well as a mover and shaker of the Open University and a big wig of Worcester College, Oxford – and was one of the Gang’s umbrellas in Brighton, where John Allen owned the gay brothels to which boys in care in north Wales were trafficked. Asa was a mate of Harold Wilson’s and also Denis Healey. Healey was of a similar vintage to Asa and both of them grew up in the Bradford area. Asa lived to an old age, as did Healey and the enormity of the crime that they concealed for so many years See the source imagewas yet another factor that guaranteed further denials and cover-up. As did the elevation of Hugh Jolly to the status of Britain’s Best Loved Media Doc. No-one dared tell the truth once that had happened.

before proceeding to the London Hospital.

The London Hospital Trained many of the foremost Gigglers – including Sir William Asscher, Lord Robert Winston and Brave Wendy – as discussed in previous posts. The London Hospital was located in the East End and the staff were facilitating crime and Giggles on a major scale from its beginnings because of the market for child prostitutes etc on the doorstep. My posh relative by marriage Gnome grew up as a kid in ‘Oxton in the East End in the late 19th c and Bettered Himself, studying at the LSE. See ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’.

The Lord Piercy
Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Sir George Godber, like Asa Briggs, a senior officer in Britain’s security services, Trained at the London Hospital. Godber was a substantial problem, after he been recruited to MI5 when he was at New College, Oxford by the then young Giggler Richard Crossman and older Giggler HAL Fisher, who had served as VC of Sheffield University and in the Old Goat’s Govt, and was a member of the Bloomsbury Group (see previous posts eg. ‘The Vermin Club’). Godber was ‘encouraged’ by Crossman to pursue a career in public health ie. was a security services plant and ensured that when Godber Helped Nye Bring The NHS Into Being in Godber’s capacity as Deputy CMO, the Top Docs dictated terms and conditions and the abuse and crime that already existed in the British welfare services were enshrined in the NHS from the beginning. An added extra was that having Helped Create The NHS, the absolute bastard Godber achieved the reputation of a Saint, not an elitist criminal who protected other elitist criminals.

The Lord Piercy
Lord Piercy 1945.jpgImage result for i didn't know you cared images

When Crossman was Harold Wilson’s Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70, Godber Image result for george godberwas CMO (1960-73). Gwynne and Dafydd acquired armour plating as a result. Godber was CMO throughout the Gay Spies in the Admiralty/John Vassall Scandal and Profumo…

Even worse was that Godber’s brother Joseph also worked for the security services and on 26 Oct 1951 was elected as the Tory MP for Grantham. Joseph tactfully stood down from the Commons at the May 1979 General Election, when he knew that a famous former resident of Grantham would become PM. Joseph was then given a peerage. See previous posts.

Both Godbers attended Bedford School, a school that has educated many people who as adults worked for the security services, including a great many senior figures in Britain’s Armed Forces. Bedford describes itself as a school with many pupils from Forces families but it is (or was) in fact a school for security services families. My post ‘Cymro 007’ discusses Bedford School’s old boys, which include Geraint Morgan QC, bent barrister of Giggles and Gray’s Inn, who served as Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83. Paddy Pantsdown also went to Bedford School.

Like Asa and Healey, George Godber made old bones, dying on 7 Feb 2009 at over 100 yrs old. Godber was a member of the MDU until virtually the day he died and furthermore he was busy trying to shaft me as well, as one who remembered that Gwynne had existed.

The Oil industry ran the London Hospital as a consequence of the influence of Sir Henry Tizard (see previous posts) and was calling the shots there by the 1950s. William Asscher only bagged a place to Train at the London Hospital after his father, an exec for Royal Dutch Shell, Had A Word. By that time, the London Hospital was part of the empire run by the Krays and Bob Boothby et al, who were in partnership with Gwynne and Dafydd. Bob Boothby served as the Tory MP for TITLE, DATES, so the Giggles became yet louder with the advent of North Sea Oil.

By the later years of the 1960s, two senior Top Docs at the London Hospital – Sir NAME Ellis  and Prof Clifford Wilson – were given the remit for arranging postgrad education and placements for junior docs across most of the London teaching hospitals. Placements were arranged across the whole of the south of England, including the West Country, via a network of Top Docs who acted as satellites for Ellis and Wilson. Their Man In Taunton was Dr Brian Wykeham Webb. The loyalty of junior docs was bought by enjoyable jollies and social events. Med students and junior docs who didn’t accept the bribes were frozen out. See eg. ‘Oliver’s Army’ and ‘TITLE’.

[Hugh Jolly] used to recall that even as a student he was fascinated by paediatrics, so much so that he would run the two miles from his teaching hospital to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney, in order to arrive for the rounds on time – chewing sandwiches on the way.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hackney hosted Gigglers of note Robin Skynner, John Cleese’s friend who came from Cornwall and was networked to Gwynne and Dafydd et al, and Andrew Skarbek, who Giggled in Hampstead with Private Patients as well as eg. at UCL. Skarbek was married to Marjorie Wallace who in 1987 founded SANE, the charidee to Help Nutters by keeping them locked up because that’s what they really wanted, after I began complaining about the Gang. Marjorie and Skarbek Giggled with a great many themselves, in Marjorie’s case Lord Snowdon and Tom Marjerison. Marjerison SPELL worked for the security services and founded ‘New Scientist’ and WHICH TV ?? Marjorie began her own career as a Campaigning Journalist of the Insight Team on ‘The Sunday Times’.

See eg. ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ and ‘Error Of Judgement’ for info on Marjorie.

‘The Sunday Times’ Insight Team had in their previous incarnation been the staff of DETAILS – See ‘          ‘.

[Jolly] qualified with the Conjoint and MB BChir in 1942. This was during the 1939-45 war and post-qualification jobs had to be few before joining the Services. Hugh’s were at the London, and included that of children’s house physician to Maitland Jones and Doyne Bell.

See previous posts…

He then joined the RAMC, serving in the United Kingdom, Normandy and North West Europe; ending his service with the rank of captain and dermatologist to the Allied Forces in the Netherland East Indies, a specialty he quoted as being invaluable in his subsequent career.

After the war he renewed his acquaintance with paediatrics as house physician to Wilfrid Sheldon, later Sir Wilfrid, the first Royal paediatrician,

See previous posts

at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. There was immediate empathy between them and they shared an enthusiasm for a clearer understanding of children’s illnesses, as well as a sense of humour and a lifelong love of gardening. Hugh Jolly realized that to be a ‘whole’ paediatrician he needed a knowledge of paediatric surgery, and at considerable personal and financial sacrifice (he was poor in those days) he opted to postpone promotion and become a house surgeon at the same hospital before climbing the usual medical ladder to senior registrar. In November 1951 he was appointed consultant in Plymouth; the first full-time paediatrician in an area which included large parts of Devon and Somerset as well as the whole of Cornwall.

PIC Skynner See eg. post ‘     ‘.

Plymouth – Foots – Astor – Dr Death – Pardoe – Liberal s – Dunwoodys

There were only part-time paediatricians in Taunton and Truro, between Bristol and Land’s End. For the first three months he elected to become a ‘resident’ again, at the Children’s Hospital, Cincinatti. Back in Plymouth, only a man of his enormous energy could have achieved so much. His new ‘cubicalized’ ward attracted innumerable admiring visitors, even from abroad. He broke the isolation of children in hospital by encouraging parents to live in with their children, as well as by daily visiting. He also established combined clinics, then a novel concept, with orthopaedic and ear, nose and throat colleagues, which were of mutual benefit and helped his adult specialist colleagues to a better understanding of children.

I commented in ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’ that this account of Hugh Jolly humanising children’s wards in the West Country at that time I knew was untrue. Since I wrote that post I’ve been told that Mrs Brady knew Hugh Jolly. I realised that she would know of Jolly, because Mrs Brady worked as a paediatric nurse in Taunton, Bridgy and Weston from approx. 1950 until she married in 1957 or so, but I have been told that she worked with him. Mrs Brady never mentioned Jolly’s name to me but I can remember her talking about a senior paediatrician who ran the ENT clinics when she was nursing who was just appalling with the kids, who would be shouting and yelling at them as they were screaming because he was so bad with them, so he would then bellow at the kids parents to ‘Shut this child up’…

Hugh Jolly found fame and fortune media-wise after my grandfather took on du Cann etc and soon after the lunch at the Clarence. Jolly was a Giggler and a rigged career for him as an Expert would be classic Gang methodology, particularly in view of his Royal Top Doc connection.

If Mrs Brady knew Hugh Jolly, that would explain further the sheer bloody panic when Brown and I challenged Gwynne, Wood et al. They couldn’t have been sure whether I had remembered Jolly’s name…

Hugh made over 400 domiciliary visits annually, always with the general practitioner (the limit for payment was 200 visits), and he found time to visit prisoners in Princetown gaol to talk to the pre-release groups about the problems they would have to face on return to family life, and also to understand better the criminal mind.

Princetown on Dartmoor wasn’t the sort of prison that would have ever held pre-release groups; it was a brutal, feared prison and the inmates didn’t see the light of day for years.

During his first 10 years as a consultant he attended a vast number of medical meetings, where he always made penetrating and usually apposite remarks. In later years they were often more controversial. At this time he also managed to be honorary secretary of the paediatric section of the Royal Society of Medicine. There were no motorways to London then, so he travelled by car in the small hours. He infuriated his junior staff by doing a full ward round at about 4 a.m, with only the frightened night sister, before leaving for London. When the juniors came on duty at the normal time they had to sort out the myriad instructions left by ‘the boss’. They got their own back: Jolly crept in for his usual morning round, but this time he found his whole staff standing strictly to attention in starched white coats, or nurse’s uniforms.

Small wonder that in 1960 he was invited to join Doyne Bell at Charing Cross Hospital, London. In 1965 he became paediatrician in charge at Charing Cross, a post he retained until he retired in 1983. He turned his energies to the handicapped, and the child development centre at Charing Cross is a fitting memorial.

Charing Cross facilitated organised abuse, via its Obs and Gynae Dept, as well as it’s notorious Gender ID Clinic in the 1980s and 90s (see ‘R.I.P Julia Grant and Many More…’) and, if Jolly was there, via everything that he touched as well. Handicapped kids were the most vulnerable to the Saviles of the world.

Dame Josephile Barnes was one of the Nice Lady Doctors facilitating abuse at Charing Cross. Josephile was married to Sir Brian Warren, who was Grocer Heath’s close friend and personal physician. Image result for ted heath yacht imagesWarren refused to work in the NHS, he worked as a GP from a private practice in Belgravia. See the source imageWarren also served as a Westminster City Cllr when St George’s Hospital was still located at Hyde Park Corner, on the Council’s turf and when St George’s Top Docs (and Lady Lucan) were Westminster City Cllrs. See previous posts, including ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’ for info on Barnes and Warren.

Seekers of the Secrets of Grocer Heath and the Westminster Paedophile Ring – Sir Brian Warren’s your man! As well as many other Eminent Top Doctors.See the source image

He was also medical adviser to the Chailey Heritage Hospital. Generations of medical students flocked to his ward rounds and outpatients, as indeed did swarms of visitors – including many from overseas.

From 1961-62 he was seconded as professor of child health to University College, Ibadan, Nigeria. This fired his interest in the child health problems of the developing world, which continued until his death.

Harold Scarborough – CHECK

Jolly was probably the most widely travelled paediatrician. He would often suggest alterations to the running of a service which were clearly common sense, but sometimes his enthusiasm to improve a situation blinded him to local difficulties Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesso that his efforts were counterproductive. Not surprisingly, his ideas would either be so welcome that he was invited to return or the reaction would be ‘Never again!’

No-one ever publicised the Never Again occasions while Jolly’s books were robustly promoted in the media and when he made TV and radio appearances…

Hugh was particularly welcome in Australia where he was a member of the Panel of Assessors, National Health and Medical Research Council, as well as adviser to ‘Parents’ Centres’ and the Nursing Mothers’ Association. His views on bereavement were movingly set out in a broadcast in Sydney in 1977 and later published: ‘Loss of a baby’, Aust.Paediatr.J. March 1978.

He examined abroad at the Universities of Benin and Nsukka, Nigeria; at Singapore and Riyadh, and at home for the Universities of Glasgow, Liverpool Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesand London, as well as for the MRCP and DCH. As always, he demanded high standards which earned him a hawkish reputation, Other appointments included the Tropical Medicine Research Board, Medical Research Council, the advisory council of the British Society of Music Therapy, the editorial board of Excerpta Medica, the Bureau of Overseas Medical Service, the Down’s Children Association, the National Association for Hospital Play Staff, Nuclear Weapons FREEZE, Family Planning Association, Exploring Parenthood, and the Institute for Social Inventions – See the source image

all examples of his catholic interest in wide areas of child care which was reflected in his departments both in Plymouth and at Charing Cross. Psychiatrists, psychologists and play therapists (Hugh was one of the first to introduce the latter) cooperated with him to establish a free and happy atmosphere where previously the rigidity of departments geared to adults had been the rule.

His first book, Sexual precocity, Springfield,111.,Thomas, 1955, gave the clearest understanding of the problem at that time

Giggles on the part of Jolly’s colleagues and others

and was a culmination of his thesis for MD Cantab, which won him the coveted Raymond Horton Smith prize. There followed a succession of books and articles, nearly all written in the small hours – sleep hardly seemed necessary.

A la Dafydd that will have been explained by euphemistic colleagues as mania. It was probably chemical stimulants as it was with Thatch.

His student textbook Diseases of children, Oxford, Blackwell, first appeared in 1964; the fifth edition, in collaboration with M Levene, appeared in 1985 only shortly before his death. Its universal popularity speaks for its clarity and explains why it was translated into other languages. Even more widely successful was his Book of child care, London, Allen and Unwin, 1975, which ran to four editions and appeared in six other languages. His regular column in The Times during the 1970s culminated in collected articles (c.1973) entitled Common sense about babies and children, London, Unwin Paperbacks, 1983 and More common sense about babies, London, Pelham (also Sphere), 1978.

Jolly facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring; witnesses were lobotomised, imprisoned and murdered. The Times.svg

From 1966 until 1981 ‘The Times’ was owned Roy Thomson

The Lord Thomson of Fleet
Roy Thomson Cropped.jpg
Personal details
Roy Herbert Thomson

5 June 1894
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Died 4 August 1976 (aged 82)
London, England
Resting place Toronto
Edna Annis Irvine
(m. 1916; died 1951)
Children 3, including Kenneth
Known for Established radio station CFCH (1931), acquired Timmins Daily Press (1934), successful newspaper and other media entrepreneur.

In 1934, Roy Thomson acquired his first newspaper. With a down payment of $200 he purchased the Timmins Daily Press, in Timmins, Ontario. He began an expansion of both radio stations and newspapers in various Ontario locations in partnership with fellow Canadian, Jack Kent Cooke. In addition to his media acquisitions, by 1949 Thomson was the owner of a diverse group of companies, including several ladies’ hairstyling businesses, a fitted kitchen manufacturer, and an ice-cream cone manufacturing operation. By the early 1950s, Thomson owned 19 newspapers and was President of the Canadian Daily Newspaper Publishers Association, and then began his first foray into the British newspaper business by starting up the Canadian Weekly Review to cater to expatriate Canadians living in Britain. Roy Thomson aspired to a peerage, similar to the press barons of the UK, and moved across the Atlantic, settling in Edinburgh.

In 1952, Thomson bought The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh from its impecunious owners. In 1957, Thomson launched a successful bid for the commercial television franchise for Central Scotland, named Scottish Television basing it in the Theatre Royal, Glasgow . It became highly profitable, with Thomson describing it as a “permit to print money” (often misquoted as a “licence to print money”). In 1959, Thomson purchased the Kemsley group of newspapers, the largest in Britain, which included The Sunday Times. Over the years, Thomson expanded his media empire to include more than 200 newspapers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. His Thomson Organization became a multinational corporation, with interests in publishing, printing, TV and travel. In 1966, Thomson bought The Times newspaper from members of the Astor family., who had politically dominated Plymouth Of Hugh Jolly’s Giggles for years.

In the 1970s, Thomson joined with J. Paul Getty in a consortium that successfully explored for oil in the North Sea. PIC

A modest man, who had little time for pretentious displays of wealth, in Britain Roy Thomson got by virtually unnoticed, riding the London Underground to his office each day. Nonetheless, Roy made his son Kenneth promise to use the hereditary title that he had received in 1964 in the aftermath of the Profumo Affair, if only in the London offices of the firm.

On 29 July 1916, Thomson married Edna Annis Irvine (1895-1951) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Edna A. Irvine was the daughter of John Irvine and Rebecca Caldwell. Thomson had three children: Kenneth Roy Thomson (1923–2006), Irma Jacqueline Thomson (b. 20 October 1918) and Phyllis Audrey Thomson (b. 6 July 1917).

On 22 February 1951, Thomson’s wife Edna died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1952, Thomson moved to Edinburgh. As of 1964 and 1965, Thomson owned a residence near Port Credit, on Mississauga Road.

In 1976, Thomson died in London, England. A plaque was placed in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral.

After Thomson’s death in 1976, his son Kenneth Thomson became Chair of Thomson Corporation and inherited the baronial title becoming the 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet. With the Thomson operations now principally again in Canada, the younger Thomson did not use his title in Canada though he did so in Britain, and used two sets of stationery reflecting this dichotomy. In any case, as the peerage title he had was inherited, it did not debar him from retaining his Canadian citizenship, and he never took up his right to a seat in the pre-1999 House of Lords.

Roy Thomson Hall, one of Toronto’s main concert halls, is named in his honour as the Thomson family donated $5.4 million to its construction. Thomson Student Centre at Memorial University of Newfoundland, was named in his honour. It opened 25 May 1968, by the Right Honourable Lord Thomson of Fleet, Chancellor of Memorial University of Newfoundland from 1961 to 1968.

In the 1964 New Year Honours, it was announced that Thomson would be elevated to the peerage as a Baron “for public services”. On 10 March 1964 he was made Baron Thomson of Fleet, of Northbridge in the City of Edinburgh. See the source image In order to receive this title, it was necessary for Thomson to acquire British citizenship, as the Canadian Govt had made it common practice since 1919 to disallow the conference of titular honours from the sovereign on Canadians. However, the Canadian Citizenship Act between 1947 and 1977 stated that any Canadian who became a citizen of another country through means other than marriage would cease to be a Canadian citizen. Thus, Thomson lost his Canadian citizenship in the process.

Roy Thomson was appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) in the 1970 New Year Honours.

Roy’s son Kenneth:

The Right Honourable
The Lord Thomson of Fleet
Kenneth Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet.jpg
Born September 1, 1923

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died June 12, 2006 (aged 82)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Alma mater University of Cambridge,
St. John’s College, Cambridge
Occupation Chairman, Woodbridge Co. Ltd.
Net worth Increase $19.6 billion USD (2006)
Spouse(s) Nora Marilyn Lavis
Children 3, including David and Peter
Parent(s) Roy Thomson
Edna Thomson
Website thomson.com

Kenneth Thomson was first educated at Upper Canada College before going up to St. John’s College, Cambridge, where he received a degree in economics and law. RONNIE Waterhouse During World War II, Thomson served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Following the war, he completed his education and entered the family business.

However, Thomson never used his noble title as 2nd Thomson in Canada or took up his seat in the House of Lords. In a 1980 interview with Saturday Night magazine, he said, “In London I’m Lord Thomson, in Toronto I’m Ken. I have two sets of Christmas cards and two sets of stationery. You might say I’m having my cake and eating it too. I’m honouring a promise to my father by being Lord Thomson, and at the same time I can just be Ken.”

Ken succeeded his father as Chair of what was then a media empire made up of extensive newspaper and television holdings. The Thomson family also owned a controlling stake in the Hudson’s Bay Company from 1979 to 1997. The Thomson media empire added The Globe and Mail in Toronto to The Times and Sunday Times in Britain and The Jerusalem Post in Israel. Under Thomson, the corporation sold its North Sea oil holdings and sold The Times to the Digger’s News Corporation and the Jerusalem Post to Conrad Black‘s Hollinger Inc.

Woodrow wyatt??

The Globe and Mail was combined with BCE‘s cable and television assets (including CTV and The Sports Network) to form Bell Globemedia, controlled by BCE with Thomson as a minority shareholder. The company then sold all of its community newspapers to become a financial data services giant and one of the world’s most powerful information services and academic publishing companies. Today, the company operates primarily in the US from its HQ in Stamford, Connecticut. In 2002, The Thomson Corporation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as “TOC”.

According to Forbes magazine in 2005, the Thomson family is the richest in Canada, and Lord Thomson of Fleet was the fifteenth richest person in the world, with a personal net worth of US $17.9 billion. Between the time of that report and his death, he jumped six positions to ninth with assets of almost $22.6 billion.

Over the past fifty years, Ken distinguished himself as one of North America’s leading art collectors and has been a major benefactor to the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2002, Ken paid the highest price ever for a Canadian painting when he purchased Paul Kane‘s Scene in the Northwest: Portrait of John Henry Lefroy. At a Sotheby’s auction that year, Thomson purchased Peter Paul Rubens‘ painting The Massacre of the Innocents for £49.5 million (CAD $117 million).

In 1956, Thomson married Nora Marilyn Lavis (July 27, 1930-May 23, 2017), a model. They had three children: David (b. 1957), Lynne, who changed her name to Taylor (b. 1959), and Peter (b. 1965). Lynne Taylor, a one-time actress and film producer, became known for her lawsuit against Christie’s auction house, when in 1994 she bought urns supposedly from Louis XV of France that were discovered instead to be 19th century reproductions.

In 2002, Ken stepped down as chairman of Thomson Corporation, installing his elder son, David. Ken retained his positions as Chairman of The Woodbridge Company, the family’s holding company, which owned a controlling share of Thomson Corporation. Following Ken’s retirement from active business, he donated to the Art Gallery of Ontario nearly 2,000 art works worth more than US $300 million, representing the finest private art collection in Canada. Ken’s gift contained masterpieces by renowned Canadian artists plus those from his collection of European works of art dating from the Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century, including RubensMassacre of the Innocents.

In his final years, Ken lived at 8 Castle Frank Road in the Rosedale area. He died in 2006 at his Toronto office of an apparent heart attack.

Ken’s son David:

The Lord Thomson of Fleet
Personal details
David Kenneth Roy Thomson

12 June 1957 (age 62)

Nationality Canadian and British
Spouse(s) Mary Lou La Prairie (1988–1996)
Laurie Ludwick (2000–2006)
Domestic partner Kelly Rowan (2007–2008)
Severine Nackers (2014–present)
Children 6
Parents Kenneth Roy Thomson, 2nd Baron Thomson of Fleet
Nora Marilyn Lavis
Relatives Roy Thomson, 1st Baron Thomson of Fleet (grandfather)
Edna Thomson, Baronness Thompson (grandmother)
The Hon. Peter John Thomson (brother)
The Hon. Kathy Thomson (sister)
Alma mater University of Cambridge
Selwyn College, Cambridge

Selwyn coll- Dr Death??

Thomson started his business career as a junior associate at McLeod Young Weir in Toronto. He left the firm to enter the family business, working in a number of positions in companies controlled by the Thomson family. Thomson was manager of The Bay store at Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke, and President of Zellers. In an effort to develop his independence, Thomson founded the real estate firm Osmington Incorporated, owned and operated outside of the Thomson empire. Osmington acquires and manages commercial real estate assets on behalf of institutional shareholders.

In 2010, Osmington sold its stake in eight retail properties to the Canada Pension Plan for $336 million. Osmington is a major investor in FarmersEdge, a precision agriculture company. Osmington is also a partner in True North Sports and Entertainment, owners of the National Hockey League‘s Winnipeg Jets and the Bell MTS Place in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, who during this COVID-19 crisis, have refused to pay any out of work employees despite closure of the arena. Osmington is redeveloping the retail space of Toronto’s Union Station. Thomson’s investment activities are managed through Toronto hedge fund Morgan Bay Capital, which he created with long-time financial advisor, foreign exchange trader and consigliere, Patrick M. Phillips, vice president of Woodbridge, the Thomson family holding company.

According to a plan devised decades ago by Thomson Corporation founder Roy Thomson, when Kenneth Thomson died (in June 2006), control of the family fortune passed on to David.

Following Thomson Reuter’s sale of a controlling stake in its financial business in 2018, Thomson expressed frustrations working in the family business. He is currently engaged in discussions with family members to leave the family business, Thomson Reuters, to focus on his own art and real estate activities.

Thomson is a noted art collector and owns works by Rembrandt, J. M. W. Turner, Paul Klee, Hammershoi, Edvard Munch, Patrick Heron, Joseph Beuys, E. L. Kirchner, and Egon Schiele. Thomson owns the world’s largest collection of paintings and drawings by John Constable. In an interview with Geraldine Norman in The Independent in 1994, Thomson said he bought his first Constable drawing at 19, giving the seller “an oil painting in exchange and quite a lot of money”. Norman described him as a “fanatical collector”, and Thomson described how he “fell in love” with Constable’s style as a young child. In his 20s, Thomson stunned the art world with two monumental purchases. In 1984, he acquired J. M. W. Turner’s spectacular ‘Seascape: Folkestone”, for a record £7.3 million (£21.8 million in 2017) from the sale of the collection of noted British art historian Kenneth Clark. The following year, Thomson, 27, broke another world record when he bought Rembrandt’s monumental “Christ Presented to the People”, from 1655, for a record £561,000 (£1.7 million in 2017) at Christie’s London, when the Duke of Devonshire sold the Chatsworth Collection in one of the largest auctions of the time. Thomson sold both masterpieces within a few years during the 1980s financial crisis.

In 2002, Thomson and his father paid a world record price of $76.7 million to acquire Rubens’ “Massacre of the Innocents“, now the centrepiece of the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2012, Thomson shattered records buying a painting by Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi, “Ida Reading a Letter”, paying the highest price ever for a Danish artist. In 2012, Thomson broke the record for the most expensive 18th-century British watercolour when he paid £2.4 million for a small landscape by John Robert Cozens.

Thomson is an active acquirer of Canadian art. In 2007, Thomson paid $1.8 million for a face mask, the highest price ever paid for a single piece of Native North American art. And in November, 2016 he paid a record C$11.2 million to buy a painting at auction by Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris entitled “Mountain Forms”.

Thomson operates his collecting activities through his personal Thomson Works of Art. Thomson also funds the Archive of Modern Conflict, based in London. Specialists within the archive purchase photography collections worldwide and also run a book-publishing arm, AMC Books, which has a Canadian imprint, Bone Idle Books, based in Toronto.

David Thomson is the father of six children from four different mothers. With his first wife, Mary Lou La Prairie, he has two daughters: Thyra Nicole and Tessa Lys. With his second wife, Laurie Ludwick, Thomson has one son, Benjamin, born after Thomson left the marriage. With the actress Kelly Rowan, Thomson has a daughter.

Kelly Rowan
Kelly Rowan.jpg

Rowan at The Canadian Film Centre’s cocktail reception on March 9, 2011, in Beverly Hills, California
Born October 26, 1965 (age 54)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 1984–present
Children 1

With his partner Severine Nackers, an employee of Sotheby’s in London, Thomson has two daughters, Ottilie, born in 2015, and Elodie, born in 2018. None of the children live with their father. Thomson was estranged from his eldest daughter, Thyra, for five years, with Thyra eventually suing her father over mismanagement of the family trusts. The case was settled out of court in 2017. Thomson lives alone in a private residence that also houses an underground art gallery, in Rosedale, Toronto. Three of his children live in London, UK, where Thomson retains several homes.

Thomson has rarely given interviews to the press and maintains a low public profile. “The only substantial interview he has given was to James FitzGerald, who wrote a book about the elite private school (Upper Canada College) they both attended in Toronto”, according to a July 3, 2006, article in The New York Times. “In his comments to Mr. FitzGerald 12 years ago, David had little positive to say about many people in the business world”.

David’s younger brother is Peter John Thomson (born 25 April 1965), a Canadian rally race car driver with Thomson Motorsport, and a venture capitalist. Peter Thomson and his wife, Diana, have one daughter. Peter Thomson began rally racing in 1986. Races won by Thomson include:

  • Participated in WRC Corona Rally, Mexico 2006
  • Canadian National Champions 2005
  • Ontario National Champions 2005
  • North American Rally Cup Group N Champions 2003
  • Ontario Performance Rally Champions 2003
  • 1st at 2002 Silverstone Black Bear Rally
  • 1st in Group N at 2002 STPR Rally


Two new books appeared the year before [Hugh Jolly] died: The First five years and The Grandparents’ handbook, London, Pagoda Books, 1985.

Brave Wendy’s Battle with the Male Medical Establishment – my complaints  – row with Francis – Nicholas Eden dying from AIDS

In his later years he concentrated on bereavement and greatly influenced obstetricians, paediaticians and general practitioners to react more sympathetically to parents of stillbirths and miscarriages. He also drew attention to the problem of the dying child. It was not surprising that the British Paediatric Association elected him an honorary member in 1985. He was also an honorary member of the section of paediatrics of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Through his numerous writings in medical and lay journals, and in newspapers, and by his appearances on television and his talks on radio, Hugh sought to establish a wider understanding of his patients: of their health, their behaviour, their illnesses and anxieties. This naturally involved parents and he was never happier than when talking through their difficulties. As a parent, it is unpleasant to hear oneself upbraided, but Jolly never spared the feelings of others if he believed he was acting in the best interests of his patient, whether the latter be newly born or a tyrannical teenager. He recognized that this upset parents, even to anger, but he would argue passionately in defence of his stance.

Hugh Jolly was tall, with a slightly stooping, lolloping gait, a shock of hair and usually a large bow tie. He drove himself hard and fast, and all who worked with him; this included his cars. He was indomitable and indefatigable. Even when ill, and in a wheelchair, he flew to Berlin to fulfil lectures he had promised. He was equally energetic in his leisure pursuits whether gardening, breeding budgerigars and peacocks, or water skiing and, later, gliding. Even when on holiday his thirst for knowledge continued, especially in regard to historic buildings and their treasures, which just had to be visited no matter how long the drive. Passengers were allowed no ‘stops’, not for food or even calls of nature – at least, not until pleas were desperate.

Professor Sir Peter Tizard allows me to quote from his address at the Service of Thanksgiving at All Souls, Langham Place, London on 14 May 1986: ‘And what of Hugh as a person? First, he was a man of high principles, but he did not wear his conscience on his sleeve. Next, he was a man of boundless energy and boundless vitality. In his dealings with children and their parents he was a model of patience and the unhurried approach. As a friend he was always good company and always good humoured, and he never took offence even when deliberately baited. I generally attacked him on the elegance of his clothes – large bow ties, white dinner jackets and so on – or on the successful opening on TV, or in the Press, of his spring or autumn advertising campaign. All this needling Hugh accepted with amusement and good-humoured tolerance.’

Peter Tizard – OVERVIEW HERE

In everything he did his wife Geraldine supported him devotedly. Equally, he was devoted to her, his three children and latterly, while he was so sadlyill, his grand-daughter.

Jolly’s DEATH – March 1986 – Anne – Mrs Simpson

Jolly’s legacy lived on in the many Top Docs and others who had worked with him who then achieved Eminence themselves. Upon achieving Eminence after working with Jolly who had been responsible for such wrongdoing, the Show Had To Go On.

From the website of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the details of a Top Doc who Trained Under Jolly and who found himself President of the Royal College of Paeds and Child Health in 2000, the year of publication of the Waterhouse Report and the year in which Bodger relocated to the Gower to take up a little retirement job as Lecturer in the History of Medicine at Swansea University (see ‘Now Then…’):

Professor Sir David Hall

Former RCPCH President
James Spence Medallist

Start year of presidency: 2000 

End year of presidency: 2003

Year James Spence Medal awarded: 2004

David Hall’s pre-clinical training was at King’s College, London, where he met his future wife, Susan, in the pharmacology lab; and his clinical training was at St George’s Hospital. He was awarded the University of London Gold Medal and was appointed house physician to Dr Peter Baker at Mayday Hospital in Croydon.

David and Susan spent a year as interns in Canada, where rotations through the Charles Janeway Children’s Hospital determined his choice of career. On return to the UK, he worked in paediatric audiology at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, followed by an SHO appointment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hackney. In 1973 he and his wife took up a three year contract at the Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg.

At Baragwanath, in addition to paediatrics and neonatology, he spent six months in paediatric neurology, and this stimulated his interest in childhood disability. On return to the UK he was appointed senior registrar in child development to Dr Hugh Jolly, at Charing Cross Hospital. Many patients were referred from child health clinics with a diagnosis of developmental language disorder, developmental dyspraxia or autism. The diagnostic criteria were imprecise and David began to question the value of screening. Susan studied vision screening in child health clinics for her Master’s thesis in epidemiology and together they published a paper on infant vision screening. Subsequently she co-founded the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, and they collaborated closely throughout their careers.