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My post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ described how, after Nerys, the late wife of Merfyn Jones the then VC of Bangor University who was finally hounded out of public life by the paedophiles’ friends some  five years after Nerys died in the care of Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre, was laid to rest in Llanfaglan Church, the remains of dear old Lord Snowdon also ended up there; Lord Snowdon of the Gwerin who was born in and spent his entire life living in Belgravia.

Previous posts eg. ‘Badlands’ discussed how Nerys herself was caught in the cross-fire of the paedophiles’ friends in the 1990s, when the paedophiles’ friends, assisted by ‘The Guardian’, went to war on Graham Day, a senior sociologist at Bangor University and accused Graham of racist and corrupt practices when appointing academic staff. I have never been clear exactly when the fireworks happened; I had always presumed that it was in about 1993, but it must have been a bit later than that, because an article written by Nerys in ‘Prospect’ magazine mentions that she only returned to her native north Wales from Harvard in 1994. I guess that the Gwerin-inspired chaos must have happened in approx 1996, because I think Nerys had been back in Gwynedd a while before it all kicked off.

The Gwerin were in absolute overdrive in 1996, because they knew that there was going to be a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Lest readers wonder why I can’t remember the events re Nerys and the Gwerin, it is because by 1996 my life was just one long round of having to defend myself and often Patient F as well from unfounded allegations of serious criminal offences made by the mental health services. It was of course in 1996 that we were arrested on yet more trumped up charges on the basis of the perjury of an Angel, Bridget Lloyd, which those we know and love were hoping would result in a long period of incarceration for me. We were acquitted in early 1997.

Nerys’s article in ‘Prospect’ mentioned an incident involving Nerys when she worked as a warden in one of the halls of residence at Bangor University. She had taken issue with a Page 3 style poster in one of the rooms in the Porter’s lodge and had been told by the porters to piss off, it was their office and cor blimey these feminists don’t have any sense of humour. I am someone who wouldn’t be rattled by a Page 3 or soft porn pic in a porters’ lodge, but Nerys’s article also mentioned something far more worrying: that one of the porters whom had been involved in the confrontation with her had subsequently disappeared from Bangor University after a female student made a complaint of him improperly touching her. Nerys’s article wasn’t about these matters per se, it was an article discussing ‘political correctness’, but just as Brown and Baker dared do when we mentioned a few things in our publications that we didn’t consider at all controversial at the time, the Gwerin hit the roof.

Nerys’s article was published in ‘Prospect’, Feb 20 1997. The Waterhouse Inquiry had begun the previous month.

The problem with working at Bangor University and publishing certain matters that are factual, do not involve a breach of confidence and may even have appeared in the media elsewhere first, is that because the whole region, including Bangor University, hosted a paedophile/trafficking gang for decades, those who weren’t directly involved are treading on eggshells and those who were involved are ready to gun down anyone who looks as though they might have some knowledge of what went on and who did it. Nerys gew up in Gwynedd, she knew about those we know and love and Nerys will have known that re the halls of residence, there was potential for a bigger scandal than the porter.

Dr Tony Jones, the Oliver Reed of north Wales, was the senior warden in the halls of residence and Tony Jones was very friendly with some of the members of the gang. Tony Jones was an odd man whom some people loathed and was the subject of speculation that he may have been involved in sexual activity with some of the male students, but no-one ever stated this for certain. What was certain was that he was mates with members of Dafydd’s gang, including corrupt police officers. Previous posts and comments which follow posts eg. ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley  – A Loving Tribute’ have described how Jones, a marine geologist unknown outside marine geology and mountaineering circles, was the star of a ‘This Is Your Life’ episode in Jan 1993, recorded at the end of 1992.

Tony Jones was the most unlikely person to have been of interest to the viewers of ‘This Is Your Life’. The programme was a parade of people who claimed to have been rescued from certain death by Tony Jones, who was a member of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team. The episode is available on You Tube and is worth watching; guest after guest does a little voice-over describing Their Hell when they were caught out in Snowdonia and they finish with ‘and then I saw you Tony and you saved my life that night; without you and the hospital in Bangor, I would not be here today’.

Hilarious, one of the most dangerous, corrupt hospitals in the UK, staffed and run by Dafydd’s mates, receiving free PR on prime time TV as a result of the heroics of Tony Jones. Not a word was mentioned about Jones’s racism – it was bad, Tony Jones was a white South African and not Peter Hain either, Jones used to call black students ‘niggers’ in lectures – and not a word about that jolly little joke that Jones played on a student who’d pissed him off which involved Jones’s corrupt mates in the North Wales Police wrongfully arresting the student, keeping him in the cells overnight and then kicking him out again without him being charged. All those young men who’s relationships with Tony Jones were subject to such speculation trooped on to the stage and explained to Aspel that Tony is ‘like a father to us’.

When Tony Jones who was mates with Dafydd’s gang starred with Michael Aspel on TV, the North Wales Police were investigating with regard to the presence of a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, which was concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t.

A visitor to Bryn Estyn:

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

With A Good Friend:

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb


With Another Good Friend, Who Was Chancellor of UCNW and the Nephew Of Lord Snowdon:


Michael Aspel is always the gent on TV but he was a BBC star – including of children’s light entertainment – when Savile and Rolf were molesting in dressing rooms. Aspel busied himself with, among other things, compering Miss World, thus broadcasting the girls’ vital statistics while they were in their swimsuits and chatting to them about how they wanted to travel and work with children when they did the bit in their evening wear. It was their chance to marry Bruce Forsyth if they didn’t really want to work with children.

Aspel starred in many programmes, including ‘Give Us A Clue’ and ‘Strange But True?’ and he interviewed Thatch on his ITV chat show ‘Aspel and Company’.

Michael Aspel originated in Battersea but during WW II he was evacuated to Somerset. I was always told that Aspel was sent to Bridgwater, but his wiki entry states that he went to Chard. Aspel has said that he was very unhappy during his four years in Somerset but he didn’t explain why. In London, Aspel attended the independent Emanuel School in Battersea. Battersea is in the Borough of Wandsworth. Wandsworth Social Services were facilitating the paedophile ring facilitated by St George’s Hospital Medical School and were in direct contact with Dafydd, Tony Francis and Lucille Hughes just before I was forced out of my job at St George’s in 1991. Donald Naismith, the Director of Education for Wandsworth, was known to be abusing kids in care. See previous posts.

Emanuel School has an impressive list of old pupils, including the following, who may be of interest to readers of this blog; some of them have featured in previous posts:

A nice selection of influential people there who could well understand that Fings Break when people upset the gang and thus could be relied upon to:

Aspel worked as a drainpipe-layer and gardener and sold advertising space for the ‘Western Mail’ in Cardiff. He worked as a teaboy at William Collins publishers in London and then entered National Service. Aspel took up a job at the David Morgan department store in Cardiff until 1955, then joined the BBC Welsh Drama Repertory Company before working as newsreader for the BBC in Cardiff in 1957. Aspel also acted in Cardiff, in a BBC Children’s Hour serial “Counterspy”, produced by BBC Wales and written by and starring John Darran. By the early 1960s, Aspel had become one of four regular newsreaders on the BBC.

Aspel has been married three times and has seven children. He married Dian Sessions in 1957 and they had two children and divorced in 1961. Aspel married Anne Reed, a TV scriptwriter, in 1962 and they had twin children and divorced in 1967. Aspel married actress Elizabeth Power, best known for her role in ‘EastEnders’ (they had two sons), but he left her for Irene Clarke, a Production Assistant on This Is Your Life.

My post ‘Apocalypse Now’ discussed how NHS staff and managers in the East End who had colluded with Dafydd’s partner gangs in that area and Peter Shore, who along with his wife Liz Shore, a Top Doctor at the very top of the DHSS (see previous posts), had also colluded with Dafydd et al, tapped Ken Clarke and Thatcher’s Gov’t – who had concealed the serious organised crime – for money to convert the decrepit Mildmay Mission Hospital in Shoreditch into an AIDS hospice in the late 1980s, when rent boys began dying in such high numbers. Numerous victims of Dafydd’s gang died in the Mildmay, concealed from the rest of the world. Everyone caring for them and funding their care knew who they were and that they had contracted AIDS after being coerced into sex work while in children’s homes in north Wales. Some of the EastEnders cast were Patrons of the Mildmay.

Aspel is a Vice-President of the Children’s Trust, a UK charidee for children with brain injury. He is also a Patron and long time supporter of Princess Alice Hospice, Esher.

Aspel is a supporter of Cancer Research UK; I worked for CR UK and witnessed the research fraud myself. See post ‘Oh Lordy! It’s CR UK!’. Aspel certainly seems to have touched my life on quite a regular basis. As a result of his association with CR UK, Aspel was made a Freeman of the Borough of Elmbridge, Surrey in April 2008.


My post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ details the ‘memorandum’ by a group of ‘retired people’ who ‘played prominent roles in the NHS and public life in north Wales’ which was submitted in 2008 to the Select Committee on Welsh Affairs with regard to the organisation of cross border health services services, which were at that time under discussion by Westminster and the Welsh Assembly. I mentioned in my post that every name on that memorandum was a member of Dafydd’s network; the leading name on the memo was that of Huw Thomas, the Chief Executive of Gwynedd Health Authority, 1983-96.

Huw Thomas was a paedophiles’ friend of the highest order. Huw was Chief Exec of Gwynedd Health Authority while patients were abused, died when they should not have, when documents were forged, evidence planted and NHS staff perjured themselves in Court in order to secure convictions against witnesses to the gang’s crimes. Furthermore the Health Authority coffers were inexplicably empty although the money had certainly not been spent on NHS services. In 1989 there were questions in the House about the havoc prevailing (see post ‘A Visit To Gwynedd Archives’) and a hit squad from the Welsh Office was sent into Gwynedd in a vain attempt to get the show back on the road again.

The irony was that everyone was concealing the same criminality in the Health Authority presided over by Huw Thomas and the Health Authority Chair, Noreen Edwards. The questions in the House came from Plaid MPs Dafydd Wigley and Ieuan Wyn Jones, who were friends with Dafydd and the gang. The questions were answered by the corrupt Welsh Office Minister, Wyn – later Lord Wyn – Roberts, who was er friends with Dafydd and the gang. It was David Hunt as Minister at the Welsh Office who was given the task of actually confronting Thomas and Edwards re the fuckwittery; Hunt was friends with Dafydd and the gang. At the time, Hunt’s boss, the Secretary of State for Wales, was Peter Walker. Walker was not only on board with Dafydd and the gang, but he had been associated with Beata Brookes, former social worker, Tory MEP, 1979-89 and a key player in the gang, since their days in the Young Conservatives as long ago as the late 1950s/early 60s. See previous posts. The whole of the Welsh Office which sent in the management consultants was at that very time concealing the criminality in north Wales and had been since the establishment of the Welsh Office; indeed it continued to do so. There was not one person who was not colluding. See post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’.

Huw Thomas and Noreen Edwards were not removed and after Huw retired he continued his involvement in north Wales ‘community’ life as well as his charidee work for the Aga Khan Foundation in Tajikistan. Read about Huw’s life of crime in my post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.

The memorandum was submitted the year that Nerys died in the care of Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre. At the time, Edwina Hart, the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister, was trying to impose an NHS reorganisation which would have meant that neurology/neurosurgery patients from north Wales would be referred to south Wales, either Swansea or Cardiff. When I wrote ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ I naively thought that Edwina was trying to do that because she knew that those bastards had conspired to finish off Nerys and had put her foot down. Sadly not. Edwina was scrapping with those we know and love but she was not doing it to defend the welfare and lives of anyone in north Wales; it was a shameless attempt to buy the votes of people in south west Wales, Edwina being the AM for Gower. See previous posts. Ah the doctors they were wonderful and ooh Edwina loves the NHS! Meanwhile the north Wales contingent were fighting Edwina tooth and nail because they wanted the right to continue to kill any Enemy Of The Paedophiles themselves.

As well as Huw Thomas, one of the other Leaders Of The Charge against Edwina’s plans to send potential targets of the gang to south Wales was Professor Robert Owen, the retired Professor of Surgery from Liverpool University. See post ‘In Memoriam -Professor Robert Owen’. Robert Owen was a paid-up member of the gang, a pal of Dafydd’s and was the man who in 1989 organised the cover-up of the criminality of Dafydd, Tony Francis, Gwynedd Health Authority (including Huw Thomas and Noreen Edwards) and Gwynedd Social Services, after being appointed by the Welsh Office to organise an ‘investigation’ into my complaint. See post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’.

Hansard records that questions were asked in the House about Gwynedd Health Authority on 23 March 1989. By that time, the Welsh Office had appointed Dafydd’s mate Robert Owen to organise a cover-up with regard to my very serious complaint about Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities and Gwynedd Social Services. Owen had already appointed Robert Bluglass, one of Dafydd’s mates and Dr Colin Berry, a member of one of Dafydd’s partner gangs in Coventry, to hold the ‘inquiry’ into my complaint. The rigged inquiry took place in July 1989. The inquiry was originally due to be held in the spring of 1989, as I remember March. I travelled from Surrey, where I was then living, to north Wales as requested, to find a very friendly but apologetic Prof Owen explaining that the inquiry had been cancelled at the last minute because one of the key people had been taken ill and they had not had time to contact me and tell me not to travel.

I am sure that Prof Owen told me at that meeting that it was Dafydd who had been ‘taken ill’, because I remember thinking ‘I have waited more than two years for this, I have been wrongfully arrested, Dafydd has attempted to bribe and threaten me into dropping my complaint, I have been harassed non-stop, letters have been ignored and High Court injunctions have been sought in order to try to stop me pursuing my complaint and now Dafydd has pulled a sickie at the final hour’.  I even made jokes about it in letters to Gwynedd Health Authority. Yet in his final Report Bluglass noted that I was so mad and vindictive that I had even wrongly accused poor old Dafydd when it was he, Bluglass, who had been rushed into hospital!

Bluglass, if you are still alive, would you like to comment on anything that I have published on this blog and tell me why the world allowed you to conduct yourself in this manner? You were an Expert on mental health legislation yet you were clearly incapable of following any legislation or protocol yourself.


The minions at Bangor University were unaware that the Top Doctors had ordered that Nerys be executed because Merfyn was protecting her privacy. The first that most of us knew of it was when we attended a public lecture by Lord Charlie Falconer at Bangor University in 2008; Charlie was accompanied by Betty Williams, a member of the gang and the then Labour MP for Conwy. See previous posts for the gen on the appalling Betty. Betty announced to the whole lecture theatre that she just wanted to let us all know that the VC’s wife was now very ill and was not expected to live much longer. I and my friends were gobsmacked, although we were well aware that Merfyn had been under attack from the Gwerin for at least the past four years and there was a suspicion that people at the top of New Labour had joined in the Get Merfyn Out campaign; my computer had been stolen by John McTernan’s brother-in-law in 2005 and I was being threatened constantly by the gang. See post ‘Lest We Forget’.

Whatever Betty’s motives were, it was clear that they were unrelated to supporting Nerys and Merfyn. The vicious old cow made that public announcement for no constructive purpose…

When Betty did her town crier bit, Gordon was PM. Charlie Falconer had served as Lord High Chancellor, June 2003-June 07 and Secretary of State for Justice, May 2007-June 2007, Miranda’s Gov’t having changed the constitution, which resulted in the two overlapping roles being held by Falconer . In May 2008, it was announced that Falconer had been appointed as Chairman of the AmicusHorizon Group Limited, a Registered Social Landlord and on 8 July 2008, Falconer joined US law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher as a senior counsel.

Charlie Falconer was educated at the Edinburgh Academy and Trinity College, Glenalmond. He read Law at Queen’s College, Cambridge. As did William Bingley, Dafydd’s mate, who provided armour plating for Dafydd and the gang in William’s capacity as legal Director for MIND, then Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission, then as Chair of an NHS Trust in the north west of England, as the Prof of Mental Health Law and Ethics in the University of Central Lancashire, 2000-04, as well as via his work at Cumbria University… William’s dad was Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, a NATO Commander who was Of Lord Mountbatten and the gay spies in the Admiralty (see post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’) and his mum was Lady Juliet Bingley, a social worker who, after her husband died, became a big player in MIND.

Lady Juliet was friends with Richard Crossman, as well as with Dom Mintoff, the PM of Malta who himself was a member of the Maltese Mafia. Crossman was also a friend of Mintoff. See previous posts. Lady Juliet was a second generation facilitator of the Westminster Paedophile Ring; her dad was Reginald Vick, a surgeon at Bart’s who colluded with organised abuse before Lady Juliet joined the family business. See previous posts for the full story re the Bingleys.

Charlie Falconer is the same age as William Bingley, if they didn’t actually bump into each other at Cambridge, they will have got to know each other somewhere else along the way.

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Falconer met Miranda when they were schoolboys in Scotland and then in the 1970s they shared a flat. I have mentioned previously that Miranda was a pupil of the bent barrister George Carman QC, who was not only linked with serious organised crime but who also acted for and was retained by members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring; Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Carman knew Dafydd and the gang from his days based in Greater Manchester/Cheshire before he relocated to London after successfully defending Jeremy Thorpe in 1979. I knew that Charlie and Miranda had been flatmates but I have only just found out that they were based in Wandsworth. Wandsworth Borough Council were running a massive paedophile ring across south London in collaboration with St George’s Hospital Medical School and Springfield Hospital.

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Dafydd’s mate John Tilley went to Battersea and Wandsworth in the mid-1960s, began organising  down there and became a Wandsworth Councillor – Tilley was Leader of the Council for a number of years – ready to send kids in care to children’s homes in north Wales when John Allen and Dafydd opened for business in 1969-ish. Business received a wonderful boost when John Tilley served as the Labour MP for Lambeth Central, 1978-83. The PC and street cred of Dafydd’s gang reached a peak when Tilley became a good mate of Lord Scarman, who was often photographed with black children on his knee, but who somehow missed the serious organised crime linked to a sex abuse gang which by then was running the whole of south London and was networked to gangs across the rest of the UK and into mainland Europe. See post ‘Lord Snooty The Third’.

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Dear old Lord Scarman, much loved by ‘The Guardian’, knew that up in north Wales there were two monsters, one who had until very recently been lobotomising away like there was no tomorrow.

What do you mean ‘no I don’t want to shag a horrible old man’?

  • A Short Sharp Shock Is Required!
    • This Will Teach Them A Lesson:
  • Do Ewe Mean Mari-jew-ana?


Anyone for institutional racism on the part of the plods on the beat?

The institutional racism won’t have helped, but an even bigger problem was the sex trafficking business/ child porn trade/class A drugs distribution taking place which was run by highly paid corrupt professional people, rather than rastamen on street corners.

Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville ...


While Miranda went into politics, Falconer concentrated on his legal career, practising from Fountain Court Chambers in London. Charlie learned at the knees of the best there. Previous tenants of Fountain Court are a roll call of bent judges and senior lawyers who protected Dafydd and the gang as well as the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring: Sir Melford Stevenson, Lord Scarman, Thomas Bingham and Sir Henry Brooke. See previous posts. Lord Peter Goldsmith was also of Fountain Court and was the Attorney General when the gang mounted a prosecution against me for ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies, an NHS manager, in 2002, based entirely on the perjury of some eight NHS staff. The case circulated around the Courts for nearly two years and collapsed on the first day of the trial. Meanwhile I lost my house and my job. There was no investigation into the industrial scale perjury or into the conduct of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, a friend of Dafydd’s, who presided over the mess and issued a legally invalid restraining order against me into the bargain. See previous posts…

Fountain Court became established as pre-eminent under the leadership of Sir Melford Stevenson in the 1950s and its status as part of the ‘Magic Circle’ was further cemented in the 1960s and 1970s by some of the crooks named above. 

Some five years ago, when I was sitting in the Heddfan Unit, Wrexham Maelor Hospital, wrongfully detained after being threatened at gunpoint, it was reported in the media that Edwina Hart and Theo Huckle QC, two sheepshaggers from Wales, had been received and wined and dined by the Magic Circle. Theo was the Counsel General for Wales, 2011-16, who saw every one of the 10,000 documents now in my possession, which detail serious criminality and conspiracy on the part of every agency with which I had ever had contact over 30 years re health and social care and related litigation, yet managed to maintain that there was no evidence of clinical negligence or harm to me as a result. After doing the necessary as Counsel General for Wales ie. blowing my case out of the water, Theo joined Doughty Street Chambers. See post ‘Theo Huckle QC’.

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Doughty Street Cambers undertakes criminal justice, public law, immigration, employment, human rights and civil liberties work. Doughty Street Chambers was set up in 1990 by Geoffrey Robertson QC (see previous posts), who is joint head of Doughty Street, along with Edward Fitzgerald. Other notable members include Louis Blom-Cooper QC, who concealed Dafydd and the gang’s crimes for years, particularly in his role as Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission when William Bingley was Chief Exec and St Helena Kennedy, who was a friend of and worked with Professor Nigel Eastman, one of the St George’s forensic psychiatrists who was colluding with Dafydd et al and those facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts…

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Keir Starmer (see previous posts eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’) also works at Doughty Street, as does George Clooney’s wife Amal. Amal is not the only Doughty Street barrister to have close links with the film world. Ben Silverstone is also based there.

Silverstone was born in Camden and studied English at Trinity College, Cambridge and Law at the LSE. Ben starred in ‘Get Real’ and ‘Lolita’; he appeared on the cover of ‘Gay Times’ in May 1999. His most recent film project was Jump! (2007) starring Patrick Swayze and Martine McCutcheon.

Doughty Street, which exists for the Benefit of the Oppressed:

Many of the tenants of Doughty Street are also members of the Mansfield Community and Ben has also passed through Cherie’s establishment Matrix.

Ballymurphy 1971 – Still seeking the truth 45 years on ...

In 1993, I wrote to Michael Mansfield informing him of the abuses of social workers employed by Gwynedd Social Services. I received a one line reply. The North Wales Police were at the time winding up their investigation into child abuse in north Wales, which resulted in them stating that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring operating in the region. Michael Mansfield lived in Wandsworth. See previous posts for info on Mike eg. ‘Workers’ Play Time’.


cherie blair Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image: 82939120 - Alamy

Cherie grew up in Crosby, Liverpool, an area with a high number of Roman Catholics as well as many professional people who worked with Dafydd’s network. In the 1990s, as part of an investigation into organised abuse in the north west of England, a number of staff of institutions run by Liverpool Catholic Social Services were jailed. Some of them had links to north Wales and Cheshire. See previous posts.

The Gang Of Four targeted Crosby as a winnable seat for the SDP after they based their electoral strategy on their knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Shirl held the seat, 1981-83. See post ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’

Shirl’s opportunity arose as the result of the death of the sitting Tory MP Sir Rodney Graham Page (30 June 1911 – 1 October 1981). Graham Page was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford and London University and later became a solicitor. He was a Privy Council appeal agent and a company and building society Director. Page contested Islington North in 1950 and 1951 was first elected MP for Crosby in 1953. He Chaired the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments, 1964-66. Page served in the Gov’t of Ted Heath, was appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1972 and was a Minister of State at the Secretary of State for the Department of Local Government and Development until 1974. He took a particular interest in Gov’t administration and played a significant part in the reorganisation of local government and water authorities in the early 1970s.

Page was the Chairman of the Pedestrians Association and a Governor of Tommy’s. Dr Death trained and worked at Tommy’s and knew Dafydd as well as many other Top Docs who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Death was the MP who used his private member’s bill to ensure that the Children Act 1975 ended up on the statute books which resulted in so many kids being sent to children’s homes in north Wales as well as into the hands of linked gangs. Dr Death’s kind offer was the last stage in a process that was begun and stage managed by George Thomas’s friend Leo Abse. Abse, along with his two Top Doctor brothers and many of his friends and relations, was part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’). Abse was given full support in the rewriting of legislation with regard to children in care from James Callaghan when Callaghan was Home Secretary. See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.

Graham Page was MP for Crosby, 1953-81, years of Peak Lobotomy for Gwynne at the North Wales Hospital. Page will have known about it, the corrupt professionals of Liverpool provided numerous umbrellas. Many members of the gang, including Dafydd and Lucille, were graduates of Liverpool University. North Wales heaved with Top Docs and lawyers who trained at Liverpool and they tended to be the ones in the senior positions.

Shirl lost Crosby in 1983 to Sir George Malcolm Thornton (born 3 April 1939), known as Malcolm Thornton. He was educated at Wallasey Grammar School and later attended Liverpool Nautical College. Thornton was first elected to Parliament in 1979 for the marginal seat of Liverpool Garston, gaining it from Labour’s Eddie Loyden. In the early 1980s, all seats were re-organised with the new boundaries set to come in at the next election. Liverpool Garston would lean strongly towards Labour, so Thornton sought a safer seat in Crosby. Shirl however bagged Crosby in 1981, but Thornton won it in 1983. Both Shirl and Thornton colluded  with Dafydd’s network of corrupt professionals. In 1983, Eddie Loyden won a redrawn Garston for Labour.

By 1997, the Tories were deeply unpopular and Thornton lost Crosby, by a wide margin, to Labour’s Claire Curtis-Tansley (later known as Claire Curtis-Thomas). Cherie’s autobiography discussed her delight at Labour bagging the seat from the Tories.

However did Labour manage that then Cherie?

I was fortunate to still be a free woman and thus able to watch the May 1997 General Election on TV after being acquitted earlier that year after Dafydd’s gang made that attempt at securing a conviction against me and banging me up on the basis of the perjury of the Angel Bridget Lloyd. See previous posts.

Congratulations to Ms Curtis-Thomas!


In 2007, Sir Malcolm Thornton became a Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Governors for Liverpool John Moores University. John Hamilton, Leader of Liverpool City Council, 1976-78 and then again during its years of Militant domination and scrapping with the Windbag, 1983-86 – although it was Deputy Leader Derek Hatton who did the scrapping (see previous posts) – was a Governor of Liverpool John Moores when it was Liverpool Poly. John Hamilton was a Bachelor and a schoolteacher who was enthusiastic about matters education as a local politician. Hamilton was a Quaker, like Gethin Evans, Luculle Hugh’s henchman in Gwynedd Social Services and Dr Paul Nickson of Bethesda Surgery, who ignored the crimes of Dafydd’s gang; Nickson later left Bethesda and went to work as a Top Doc in Liverpool. John Hamilton was nearly killed when his house went up in flames the month before the Waterhouse Report was published so if Hamilton ever felt like going on TV and telling the world that there were rather more people abusing kids from north Wales children’s homes than a few bottom feeding social workers and teachers, those third degree burns probably persuaded him otherwise.

Ronnie Waterhouse touched Degsy Hatton’s life. In early 1993, Degsy and two fellow Liverpool City Councillors stood trial for conspiracy in relation to their role as Councillors. Ronnie Waterhouse presided over the trial, which was held at Mold in north Wales, although Degsy and his co-defendants didn’t live at Mold and the alleged offences took place in Liverpool. After receiving a bit of helpful intervention from Ronnie, in March 1993, they were all acquitted. The trial was part of a much part of a far bigger police investigation into civic corruption in Liverpool, Operation Cheetah, which cost many millions and included investigations in the US, Ireland and Spain. Degsy and his barrister demanded that Cheetah be wound up after the acquittal of the Dafydd Three at Mold; it continued but I’m not sure how successful it was.

Malcolm Thornton served as a Merseyside Councillor before he was elected as an MP. He was a Wirral Metropolitan Borough Councillor, April 1973-May 1979 and Leader of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, 1974-77.

Lord David Hunt of Welsh Office Corruption served as the Tory MP for the Wirral and then Wirral West, 1976-97. Hunt was the son of RNVR officer Alan Hunt who was Of Mountbatten, Bingley etc and David Hunt grew up in Glyn Ceiriog, a valley in Denbighshire. Hunt went to school at Liverpool College, then studied Law at Bristol University, at the same time as Dafydd’s partner in crime Dr D.G.E. Wood trained at Bristol Medical School. Hunt was a member of the Young Conservatives in the 1960s, so he will have known Dafydd’s gang members Peter Walker and Beata Brookes. Hunt has been a senior lawyer in the international legal firm DAC Beachcroft since 1996. DAC Beachcroft handle work for the MDU, who acted for Dafydd and Tony and Sadie Francis on every occasion when they resorted to litigation against me. The MDU knew that Dafydd and the Drs Francis perjured themselves on each occasion and they also knew that my allegations of criminal conduct were supported by documentary evidence. Lord David Hunt was appointed Chair of the Press Complaints Commission in 2011, by which time the Digger had accessed my hacked e mails and various documents which disappeared from my property on three separate occasions.

See my post ‘He Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried’ for details of more Liverpool City Councillors who were in cahoots with Dafydd and the gang, including the Liberal Leader of the City Council, Sir Trevor Jones, from north Wales, who preceded John Hamilton’s 1980s stint as Leader. Jones was the key link between north Wales and Liverpool City Council.

Cherie served as Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University, 1999-2006.

Cherie’s dad was the Scouse Git Anthony Booth, the Liverpudlian actor of the Merseybeat generation of whom so many used the services of Dafydd’s gang.

The Beatles at the Normal College Bangor in Aug 1967:

While the Beatles were visiting Bangor to spend time with their Guru, their manager Brian Epstein was found dead, although he was due to join them in Bangor. Epstein was gay, used rent boys and died as a result of barbiturates prescribed by a Top Doctor, the circumstances of which were worrying. See post ‘An Appalling Vista’. Dafydd’s gang ran and staffed the Normal College. See eg. ‘Thought For The Day’.

Cilla was a songbird from Liverpool and a mate of the Beatles:

Cilla Black: The lady who gave viewers a 'lorra lorra ...

In later life, Cilla was a personal friend of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain.

Eddie Loyden (3 May 1923 – 27 April 2003) was the Labour MP for Liverpool Garston, Feb 1974-1979. However, favourable boundary changes allowed Loyden to be re-elected in 1983 and he remained MP for Liverpool Garston until he retired in 1997.

Loyden was born in 1923 into a large, working-class family living off Vauxhall Road, Liverpool. At the age of fifteen Loyden gained employment as a deck boy on a coaster, leaving his bike at the docks. His mother knew nothing of this until she received a telegram from his new employer. Loyden spent WW II in the Merchant Navy and saw many friends perish at sea. After the war, Eddie worked for the Mersey Dock and Harbour Board and became chairman of his branch of the Powers Workers Union, later part of the TGWU.

Jack Jones, General Secretary of the TGWU, 1968-78, was from Garston, Liverpool and like Richard Crossman and Lady Juliet Bingley, was a friend of Dom Mintoff of the Maltese Mafia. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’  for info re Jack Jones, including the allegations that he was a Soviet double agent working for the British security services.

Rhodri Morgan was a member of the TGWU and an MP sponsored by the TGWU.

Eddie Loyden joined the Labour Party and was elected to Liverpool City Council in 1960. He was involved in the seamen’s strike of 1966, despite Harold Wilson’s denigration of the strikers as a “tightly knit group of politically motivated men”. In 1974 Loyden was elected MP for the Garston area of Liverpool, a former traditional Tory seat. His majority was small, and he lost the seat to Malcolm Thornton in 1979 and went on to be elected as City Councillor, going on to become Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council. In 1983 he was re-elected to Parliament, and also in 1987 with a vastly increased majority. Loyden retired in 1997 and died in 2003 from Alzheimer’s.

Eddie Loyden will have known about Gwynne and the lobotomies as well.


Cherie’s colleague Ben Silverstone’s father I am fairly sure is Anthony Silverstone, an obstetrician and gynaecologist who was appointed Consultant at UCH/UCL in 1982. Silverstone specialises in gynaecological oncology. He knew Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain and Chamberlain’s wife Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain, who was one of those Top Docs who developed the cervical screening programme. Silverstone knew that Chamberlain and others were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, he knew about the medical research fraud that so many of the cancer researchers were perpetrating and he knew that there were not enough lab staff to rung the cervical screening programme and that women were being conned and put at risk.

Anthony Silverstone is listed as practising at the Portland Hospital. The Portland is a real laugh, it is the place where the likes of Posh Spice go to sprog. The Portland is very accommodating; if you are seriously underweight and frail because you have prioritised the catwalk and you can’t deliver normally, the Portland will be on hand with an elective Caesarian. Likewise if you just don’t fancy doing the vaginal delivery bit, the scalpel will be on hand. If you do want to deliver vaginally, they’ll be on for doing pelvic floor surgery AND a designer vagina while they’re down there, no problem. I have such a low opinion of Top Docs’ honesty that I do have huge sympathy with patients who decide what they want and put their order in as it were; my concern is that not only are not enough Top Docs honest enough to allow their patients to make an informed sensible choice, but the sort of thing that Posh et al order makes mainstream women feel very bad about themselves. Posh’s requirements are not framed as the excesses of a mad narcissist, they are constructed as wise choices which should be followed by all sensible women, a la Angelina Jolie’s decision to have so many healthy organs surgically removed. See previous post. Anthony and his colleagues know how crazy it all is but they’re keeping schtum.

The food at the Portland is better than many of the poshest hotels in London and there’s a nursery for the mothers who aren’t that keen on doing the having their baby with them bit while they wait for the nanny to begin work.

I’m fairly sure that it was the Portland which a few years ago was the centre of a scandal involving the death of a mother as a result of utterly inadequate care. The Posh Spices of the world don’t usually realise that while the Portland has brilliant hotel facilities, it doesn’t invest in its medical facilities to the same degree. If your labour goes seriously wrong and you need the life-saving stuff and intensive care, you’ll be transferred to an NHS hospital anyway…

Anthony Silverstone can also be found at King Edward VII Hospital, the Patron of which is Lilibet and the President, HRH the Duke of Kent. The Chairman of the King Edward VII Hospital was and might still be Lord Simon Glenarthur. Simon was also a Director of the MDU for many of the years that they so ably assisted Top Doctors involved with serious organised crime to prosecute me. Simon Glenarthur was a Health Minister who was at the Dept of Health with Ken Clarke. It was Simon who followed Thatch’s orders to buy blood products from the US, although the Gov’t was warned by the Top Docs that the products were infected and would infect NHS patients if they were used. Thatch and Glenarthur ploughed ahead regardless and thousands of NHS patients were infected with Hep and HIV, many of whom have now died. The Top Docs warned the Gov’t but not NHS patients. They were careful to ensure that they or their nearest and dearest did not receive the infected products themselves. See previous posts.

I was told recently that I was knowingly treated with infected blood products at the C&A Hospital in Bangor 1984, without my knowledge. It didn’t entirely surprise me, I knew that I had been lied to by the Student Health Centre about not being given a transfusion when I was out cold under anaesthetic. The Top Docs must really hate me after I have survived so many of their murder attempts.

I wonder if Simon Glenarthur was on a Personal Mission to seek out and destroy, having been ordered to do so by Thatch and Ken Clarke?

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...


Meet Mr Silverstone: ‘Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you’.


I’ll just have a look at your notes:

Star Citizen Raises Lods of Emone | MMO Fallout

The notes of one of Ben Silverstone’s colleagues make a stack a mile high:

Cherie Blair

Jack Straw succeeded Charlie Falconer as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord High Chancellor and was in that role when Betty and Charlie visited Bangor. Jack has featured many times on this blog, especially in my post ‘Last Man Standing’. Jack was a member of Islington Borough Council when the paedophile ring was busy in the children’s homes run by Islington Council. Before he succeeded Babs Castle as the MP for Blackburn, Jack served as an adviser to Babs and assisted her in concealing the abuse and even deaths of children and vulnerable people in the care of the NHS and Social Services. Jack was cluttering up the DHSS when Dafydd’s pals, including Lord David Ennals, were working as advisers and Ministers there. Jack knew about Dafydd’s gang and the lobotomies that Gwynne carried out on people who dared complain. Jack is a barrister and a member of Inner Temple, along with Jeremy Thorpe and the Havers Family Of Covering Up Serious Sex Offenders In High Places. Jack’s wife was a civil servant who ended up as a mandarin in the Dept of Health.

Jack Straw 2.jpg

Keith Vaz worked as a solicitor for Islington Council and then he popped up to Leicester, where another paedophile ring linked to Dafydd’s gang was in operation, where Mr Vaz was employed in a law centre funded by Leicester City Council, who were colluding with the ring. Keith soon decided that it was an MP’s life for him, after Brown had moved to Leicester to undertake his PhD. In June 1987, Keith became Brown’s constituency MP and mine as well, because I’d moved in with Brown the month previously. It was in 1987 that Dafydd and the gang conjured up their Cunning Plan to frame and imprison me, which backfired when no enough lies were told by not enough people, although the Home Office and the Mental Health Act Commission, with Louis Blom-Cooper as Chair and William Bingley as Chief Executive, were on board with the plan. See eg. ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’.

When I worked at Bangor University, I attended a public lecture given by Craig Murray, the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, 2002-04, Craig having been invited by one of the student societies at Bangor. Craig became well-known after he refused to keep quiet about human rights abuses in Uzbekistan; they were very serious abuses as well, opponents of the regime were being boiled alive and there was a system of slavery to ensure that the cotton plantations were manned. Craig complained to the Foreign Office that information given to the CIA was unreliable because it had been obtained by torture. Craig was withdrawn as the Ambassador and interrogated by British officials after he was denounced as being ‘overly focused on human rights’ and packed off to a mental health unit in London. It was Foreign Secretary Jack Straw who was behind the ending of Craig’s career as a diplomat. Craig maintained that New Labour were ignoring the dreadful regime of Islam Karimov, because the British Gov’t were seeking to get their paws on the huge natural gas reserves of Uzbekistan and other countries in that region.

My post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’ mentioned that former Gwynedd Health Authority CEO Huw Thomas worked for the Aga Khan Foundation in Tajikistan, 1999-2004. Tajikistan borders Uzbekistan as well as Afghanistan and it too has natural gas and coal reserves.

The North Wales Hospital Denbigh was managed by Clwyd Health Authority but Huw Thomas had an agreement that Gwynedd patients would be sent there:

  • Denbigh's North Wales hospital put up for sale AGAIN at £2 ...
  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


Opium poppies are big business in Afghanistan now:

The UN are very worried about Afghanistan driving the heroin market in the west. The UN which hosted Trumpers and so many other people who have colluded with Dafydd’s gang…

When Huw Thomas was busy with his charidee work just down the dirt track from all those lovely poppies, his old buddies were busy trying to frame me and have me imprisoned for threatening to kill Alun Davies. Alun Davies worked as an NHS manager under Huw Thomas for the entire duration of Huw’s time as Chief Exec of Gwynedd Health Authority. Documents in my possession show that the crooked Gwynedd County Council lawyer Ron Evans advised Davies with regard to methods of constructing me as a danger to Dafydd’s life and limb. Ron also had access to Health Authority documentation concerning me, to which he had no right. Ron did some of the forging of documents as well as Davies, Ron’s forgeries being of much higher quality.


A Parliamentary Report detailing the Work of the Welsh Affairs Committee 2008-09 informed us that as well as other matters, they dealt with:

‘The provision of cross-border health services for Wales: The Committee published an interim Report into the provision of cross-border health services in July 2008, and our final Report in March 2009. We decided to publish an interim Report on our findings in this inquiry in order to contribute to discussions in several key areas that were taking place at that time; including a proposed protocol between the Department of Health and the Welsh Assembly Government, the proposed restructuring of the NHS in Wales, and Mr James Steers’s [Professor Steers is an Edinburgh-based neurosurgeon] review of neurosciences services for Welsh patients. That the Government delayed responding to our interim Report for 6 months is unacceptable.’

It was Gordon’s Gov’t who delayed responding to the interim report. The Health Minister at the time was Alan Johnson.

‘Legal Services Commission Cardiff Office. In spring 2009, we held an urgent inquiry into the proposed restructuring of the Legal Services Commission, an agency of the Ministry of Justice which is responsible for the provision of legal aid in England and Wales. The proposed changes included a significant reduction in the operations of the Commission’s Cardiff office, the only one of its offices located in Wales, with functions being transferred to processing centres in England.

Our evidence showed that the Legal Services Commission had failed to include the Wales Office in any form of consultation regarding the proposed changes to its Cardiff office. The extent of consultation with the Welsh Assembly Government and other stakeholders prior to the announcement of the restructuring was also extremely limited. During his appearance before the Committee, Lord Bach, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, acknowledged that there had been insufficient consultation about the potential impact of the proposed changes on legal aid in Wales and said that both the Commission and the Ministry would “learn a lesson” from the experience.

We published our Report on 1 May, recommending that no change to the functions of the Cardiff office should be implemented until thorough and genuine consultation has taken place to determine its likely impact on levels of service. We were particularly concerned that the proposed changes were put forward in the context of continuing legal divergence post devolution. The Commission needs adequate expertise for interpreting Welsh legislation and must continue to provide high quality bilingual services. Despite the Commission’s assurances, we were not confident that the quality of Welsh services could be maintained from outside Wales.

The Government’s response to our Report announced that any changes to the Cardiff office would be postponed pending further consultation:

The LSC has postponed the planned removal of processing work from the Cardiff Office from 2009/10 to 2010/11. This will enable sufficient time for them to conduct further discussions with the Wales Office and the Welsh Assembly Government, to fully explain the proposals and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to maintain the quality of service for Welsh clients and providers. Both the Ministry of Justice and the LSC accept the Committee’s findings that the level of consultation on the decision to remove processing work from Cardiff was inadequate.

We welcome this outcome. However, it appears that Whitehall guidance on the consultation procedures that must be followed when dealing with devolved areas of the UK has now been misunderstood on a number of occasions. This is why we decided to conduct an in-depth investigation of the protocols relating to the devolution settlement and its observation throughout government in a new inquiry into Wales and Whitehall, which will take place in the 2009-10 session.’

By the time that Charlie Falconer came to give his public lecture on Human Rights at Bangor, he, along with Dame Vera Baird, had cut legal aid substantially. The cuts that had been implemented nearly put the only lawyer in Gwynedd who was representing clients in NHS and Social Services cases out of business. I was one of her clients. She and I attended Charlie’s lecture and we both wanted to ask him what was the point of the Human Rights legislation being expanded in the way of which he boasted when patients and clients who had suffered serious harm at the hands of the NHS and Social Services could not access the legal aid necessary to bring cases at all, yet alone under the Human Rights Act. After Charlie ended his lecture, Betty told us all that Charlie didn’t have time to answer any questions because he had to rush of to another appointment. I found out the next day that Charlie’s appointment had been wine and nibbles with a small group of trusted senior Professors who could be relied upon not to say anything like ‘you endemically corrupt lying bastard who’ll stop at nothing, how dare you turn up here to rub Merfyn’s nose in it’.

The achievement of which Charlie has been most proud over recent years is losing five stone in weight.


  • After:

Charlie is wearing Stella McCartney this season, but he remains the same amoral sociopath that he was before he became a male model.

Here’s Charlie’s side kick Dame Vera Baird:

Vera Baird

Vera grew up in Lancashire and read law at Newcastle Poly, where she was also Vice-President of the Students Union and edited and founded a student newspaper. So Vera, as a student, probably knew about the sex abuse ring in the North East which was directly linked to Dafydd’s gang and sent children and staff to north Wales. Vera was a part-time Parish Council clerk in a parish council in County Durham in the late 1970s when she lived in County Durham. Baird joined the Labour Party in 1971 and later joined the TGWU, now UNITE. She is now also a member of UNISON and of the GMB Trade Unions and a member of the Co-operative Party. All of these unions colluded organised abuse, including in north Wales and defended members involved in abuse. See post ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’.

Vera was called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn in 1975; Dafydd’s big bodyguard Sir William Mars-Jones was a member of Gray’s Inn. She first practised in the North East, setting up Collingwood Chambers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and became Head of Chambers.

Vera acted for CND and anti-apartheid protesters. Some leaders of CND knew about Dafydd and Gwynne because they lived near Bertrand Russell at Cwm Croesor. See posts ‘A Message Of Peace At Christmas’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. David’s mate Lord David Ennals was Chairman of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1960-64; David Steel, who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Dafydd and the gang’s criminality (see post ‘Man Of Steel’) was Chairman of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1966-70. Mr Thrope was an enthusiastic supporter of the AAM, as was Dafydd’s pal Professor Mervyn Susser. See previous posts.

Vera represented striking miners in 1984-85 and became a member of the Mansfield Community. Like Michael Mansfield, Vera represented rioting prisoners in Risley in 1989 but not the victims of Dafydd who were being beaten up and found dead on the ‘hospital wing’. Not a word passed Radical Vera’s lips. Or about the kids in care being visited by that pox doctor in Risley. See post ‘Include Me Out’. Vera was involved in the Emma Humphreys case, as was St Helena. They knew exactly what was happening to women at the hands of Dafydd’s gang and the Top Docs but they said nothing, not even when Emma was found dead after being prescribed a totally unacceptable ‘sleeping tablet’. See previous posts…

Mafia The Godfather Vito Corleone wallpaper | 1920x1080 ...

Vera succeeded Mo Mowlam as the Labour MP for Redcar and served as Solicitor General, 2007-10, left Parliament in 2010 and in 2012 was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumberland. See post ‘Sisters Are Indeed Doing It For Themselves’ for more info on Vera and her mates and how they have shafted vulnerable women to build their own reputations as Feminist Champs.

Baird at a 2013 Policy Exchange forum.


The Welsh Affairs Committee, 2008-09, consisted of a list of paedophiles’ friends. Readers will recognise their names from previous posts:

Dr Hywel Francis MP (Labour, Aberavon) (Chairman)
Mr David T.C. Davies MP (Conservative, Monmouth)
Ms Nia Griffith MP (Labour, Llanelli)
Mrs Siân C. James MP (Labour, Swansea East)
Mr David Jones MP (Conservative, Clwyd West)
Mr Martyn Jones MP (Labour, Clwyd South)
Rt Hon Alun Michael MP (Labour and Co-operative, Cardiff South and Penarth)
Mr Albert Owen MP (Labour, Ynys Môn)
Mr Mark Pritchard MP (Conservative, The Wrekin)
Mr Mark Williams MP (Liberal Democrat, Ceredigion)
Mr Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru, Caernarfon)

In autumn 2007 the Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health and Social Services, Edwina Hart, commissioned an Independent review of adult neurosciences led by James Steers. This External Expert Review Group published its first stage report dealing with North Wales in July 2008 with all Wales recommendations and source documents following in September 2008. The Minister has asked the North Wales Regional Director for the Department for Health and Social Services to co-ordinate the development of a costed implementation plan for the recommendations.

The North Wales Neuroscience Implementation Group, NWNIG (The Group) is established by and chaired by the Regional Director. The Group will be an organisational and professional association of statutory and non statutory partners with the aim of planning for, co-ordinating and delivering a costed implementation plan (with timescales) for the consideration of the Minister. The Group’s work will be reported to the Minister, Chief Executive of the NHS in Wales and the North Wales Health Planning Forum through the Regional Director.

Membership of the Group will consist of:

Welsh Assembly Government North Wales Regional Office

North Wales Community Health Councils

North Wales NHS Trusts

North Wales Local Health Boards

North Wales Ambulance Service

The Walton Centre

Bangor University

Wales Neurological Alliance

North Wales Public Health Service

Health Commission Wales

Leonard Cheshire Disability

MND Association

North Wales Local Government

Every one of the above bodies was/is under the control of Dafydd’s gang. They were all on board to force Merfyn out of his job as VC and indeed out of public life. See posts ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’. Nerys died in the ‘care’ of the Walton Centre and the Wales Neurological Alliance were Of The Walton Centre.

A few observations. Because Nerys was seriously ill and then died, Merfyn was given compassionate leave from his job. That allowed Professor Fergus Lowe, the Deputy VC, to wreak havoc in the University and openly tell the gwerin that they could forget about Merfyn, he was finished, it was Fungus who was in charge now. Fungus was not Of Dafydd; previous posts have explained how Fungus built his empire by overthrowing Dafydd’s influence in the School of Psychology in the late 1980s and replaced it with his own equally toxic influence. Fungus bagged huge streams of research funding by blackmailing everyone who had colluded with, and concealed the crimes of, Dafydd and the gang. See eg. ‘Feet In Chains’.

Fungus was not a clinical psychologist himself, but he ran the School of Psychology which trained the clin psychs in north Wales and as Fungus expanded the School, he particularly built up the clinical side. I presumed that was because it is where the funding and the status is these days and because there were world famous Top Docs and other practitioners who concealed the paedophile ring so Fungus could bleed some very influential people dry. I have recently been told that Fungus went all out for clinical because he knew that I was the Bangor grad who had been sacrificed to save everyone’s bacon in the late 1980s and because I was a medical researcher, Fungus gripped the medical world by the knackers as a result of that as well. Top Doctors have a lot more power and influence than behavioural psychologists, which was what Fungus was.

Fungus headhunted a lot of high profile academics from the US when he built up the School of Psychology; the Westminster Paedophile Ring had an international network, including in the US, as described in previous posts. Nerys’s own former husband, Orlando Patterson, is a sociologist at Harvard who completed his PhD at the LSE in the mid-1960s, when the whole institution was dominated by Richard Crossman’s friends who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring eg. Brian Abel-Smith and Richard Titmuss. See previous posts. A number of Fungus’s catches were Top Doctors ie. neurologists.

In 2000, I developed screaming migraines out of the blue. I self-diagnosed cluster headaches, a serious form of migraine that used to be known as suicide headaches because people would kill themselves as a result of the pain. Cluster headaches are notorious and textbooks reassure everyone that of course patients with cluster headaches are fast-tracked through the system because they still kill themselves even these days if they don’t get the right treatment. I repeatedly consulted the GP and the mental health professionals with whom I was just about still involved. I told them that I was fairly sure that I had cluster headaches. It was just one ridiculous fob off after another. Various irrelevant diagnoses. Then ‘If you had cluster headaches you’d be in the corner screaming in agony’. Er, I have been, for three days, but in the house, because I couldn’t get out let alone in the car to come here’. The saga continued…

On one occasion I was near a hospital when I had a cluster headache. I went to casualty, was sat under a bright light for four hours, insulted by an Angel, refused treatment and then discharged at 3 am. I found out that someone had previously written on my medical records that I was a drug addict feigning pain relief to access opiates. I have never taken or even requested opiates. Neurology textbooks warn that people with cluster headaches are often mistaken for addicts feigning serious pain in order to obtain opiates. The risk of that will increase if someone writes that on one’s records.

Years before that accusation I know that the NW Wales NHS Trust knew that I was experiencing cluster headaches, as did one of the US neurologists whom Fungus had headhunted. I have an e mail acknowledging it. Before I gave up entirely with the mental health services, I was seeing a Top Doc called Richard Tranter, who emigrated to New Zealand with great haste in 2011, when Operation Pallial was announced. See previous posts. Richard was one of the Top Docs who held a senior position in the North Wales Clinical School, which overlapped with the School of Psychology, some staff holding dual roles. Richard acknowledged that I had cluster headaches and told me to write to one of his friends in the School of Psychology, an American neurologist whom Fungus had paid a fortune to go to Bangor and had also created an admin job for his wife Betsy, to make a really attractive package. This man wrote me a cheery e mail, telling me that he soon hoped that I could wave good-bye to cluster headache hell and the man to whom I should ask to be referred was Dr Martyn Bracewell.

Dr Bracewell was a neurologist who worked for the NW Wales NHS Trust. The NW Wales NHS Trust, who, as described in previous posts, flatly refused me any NHS care, unlawfully. Edwina Hart told me that she could do nothing about this and she also refused to fund a private package of care. The lawyer who was acting for me in an attempt to overcome these problems couldn’t continue because Lord Charlie and Dame Vera had withdrawn legal aid for my case.

My mates looked after me, as ever. The cluster headaches faded out some three years ago. I have recently found out that when I was 20, I sustained spinal damage and Dr D.G.E. Wood, the people trafficker who was a member of Dafydd’s gang, knew from the X rays that I would probably be clobbered with cluster headaches when I was older. No-one bothered to warn me and when it happened I was unlawfully refused all treatment. Edwina Hart knew this, as did Rhodri Morgan. A lot of other people did as well, including whoever read my e mails when John McTernan’s brother-in-law and others were unlawfully accessing and hacking into my computer, as explained in previous posts. I have been told that the Dirty Digger’s people got hold of the e mails, as did Uncle Harry’s nephew.

I read a few of the e mails again today. E mails to NHS staff, lawyers and Welsh Gov’t Ministers, explaining about the cluster headaches, that I wasn’t able to get treatment, that I had been threatened and assaulted by NHS staff, as had witnesses to what was going on.. There are also e mails from other people telling me about their own appalling treatment at the hands of the NHS; threatening e mails to me from corrupt police officers; reports of patient deaths and complaints; e mails to the GMC from me that weren’t even acknowledged… Hundreds and hundreds of e mails with extensive details of serious organised crime in the north Wales NHS, facilitated by politicians and assisted by corrupt police officers…

Some of those e mails were from a friend who in the 1970s withdrew from a social work course after blowing the whistle on the neglect of clients by Haringey Council. He then worked as a youth worker in Islington; he knew Margaret Hodge and Jeremy Corbyn and he knew that kids in care were being abused. He also witnessed what had happened to me. For the last few years he has been unable to access any NHS treatment, for either mental health or physical problems. He is now in his mid-60s and his health is deteriorating. Like me, no matter what happened, they just wouldn’t treat him, even when he sustained a head injury. In 2005, a member of staff at Bangor University, Dr Dee Gray aka Dee Jones, a former Angel from Liverpool who then worked for Public Health Wales and now runs an Executive Coaching Agency and flogs her ‘expertise’ to the NHS (see post ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’) admitted to me that there was a conspiracy on the part of the NHS to refuse to treat this man, no matter how life-threatening his condition.

It will be because he blew the whistle on Islington and Haringey…


Nerys died at the hands of exactly the same network of people who were doing all that they could to ensure that I didn’t live either and are doing their best to polish off the man who saw the action in north London back in the 1970s.

Martyn Bracewell is listed as a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the School of Psychology at Bangor University. He is also listed as a neurological consultant at the Walton Centre. As Thatch would have said ‘Remember the name, Martyn Bracewell’. We all did remember the name William Hague, but not for the reasons that Thatch thought that we should.

Dr Martyn Bracewell

It’s OK Martyn, I’ll go without!! I just had years of agony, Nerys is dead. Would you like to tell us exactly which of your colleagues at the Walton Centre were responsible for Nerys’s death?

I think that I’ll ask Brown to train in abdominal surgery, just in case. He has done absolutely everything else for me that these worthless fuckers were paid so handsomely by the Gov’t to do, if ever I need my appendix whipping out, Brown can do that as well.

I must remember to ask Brown to ensure that when I do die, no member of the Royal Family tries to crowd me out of the graveyard.

Dr Martyn Bracewell


Fungus had another link in the School of Psychology to the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring in the London Medical Schools; the clinical psychologist Professor Richard Bentall who trained and worked with Dafydd and the gang is the son of the late Professor Hugh Bentall, the cardiac surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital. Hugh Bentall was involved in a major research fraud, he was given his Chair after he made a substantial financial donation to Hammersmith Hospital and his secretary doubled up as his mistress; he secured her a place to do a degree and a PhD in anatomy and then a lecturing job at Hammersmith. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Richard Bentall’s ex-wife was a UCNW Plant Biology graduate who was the daughter of Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at UCNW when the institution was a vehicle for the trafficking gang. See previous posts for more info on Richard Bentall.

My e mails that were hacked included e mails written by Richard Bentall accidentally CC’d to someone known to me which detailed complaints against junior lecturers of sexual harassment from psychology students and an admission from Bentall that it had become impossible to recruit research participants for mental health research anywhere in north Wales. I know why; it was because the mental health services were so abusive that no-one would go near them. So perhaps Richard can explain how he and his colleagues continued publishing work stating that big research studies had been carried out by Bangor University, involving hundreds of people from north Wales?

Whoever read my hacked e mails will also have read e mails concerning Dr Dawn Wimpory, a clinical psychologist based in the School of Psychology who had lied and misrepresented herself. Wimpory befriended a suicidal patient who had been refused treatment by the mental health services and then did all that she could to stop him complaining; Wimpory was using some of those who had neglected him as references and had published with some of them. The e mails also contained details regarding Wimpory befriending the patient’s ex-wife and offering to ‘help’, just as Wimpory knew that I was on my way over to photograph the terrible state of the patient’s house who had not been able to look after himself; Wimpory’s help consisted of removing all the evidence demonstrating that the patient was living in dreadful conditions which were a risk to his safety. Wimpory also made telephone calls to Angels in an attempt to extract confidential information about this patient without his consent or knowledge.

I made a formal complaint about Wimpory’s misconduct to Health Inspectorate Wales. At the time the CEO of HIW was Dr Peter Higson. My e mails were not acknowledged. Wimpory knew Peter Higson and had previously worked with him. Weeks later Peter Higson was appointed as Chairman of the Betsi Health Board after Merfyn was forced to resign, as a result of a critical report about Merfyn’s management of the Board written by er Peter Higson. Wimpory told a third party that she was delighted that Higson was back in north Wales – Higson had previously been a clinical psychologist and then the general manager of the North Wales Hospital – and that it was good news for the School of Psychology.

The hacked e mails also contained evidence of criminal conduct on the part of named probation officers in north Wales, evidence of Anglesey County Councillors’ involvement in criminality and evidence that one of the senior managers in Anglesey County Council had been caught dogging by the police but was not charged. I wonder why that might have been.


On 3 October 2008, as part of Gordon Brown’s Cabinet reshuffle, it was announced amid some controversy that Mandelson would return to Gov’t in the re-designated post of Business Secretary and would be raised to the peerage. On 13 October 2008 Mandy became Baron Mandelson. On 6 March 2009, environmental protester Leila Dean of ‘Plane Stupid’ threw a cup of green custard in Mandy’s face in protest over his support for a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Leila was cautioned on 9 April 2009 for causing “harassment, alarm or distress”.

I have surpassed Leila for being the subject of the excesses of the British state. In 1993 I had to cough up £60 after Bangor Magistrates found me guilty of causing Jackie Brandt, a Gwynedd social worker and a member of Dafydd’s gang, ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ because I had looked at her in Safeways in Bangor. Brandt made a statement to the police stating that I’d screamed and sworn at her and that she feared that I was going to attack her. She repeated the allegations on oath, admitted under cross-examination that I had in reality only looked at her and then began crying. Brandt also got her own name wrong, having regressed to childhood in front of the magistrates – that was Patient F’s theory anyway – and stated that she was called Jackie Muriel Billings. I was found guilty for looking at her.

Brandt had previously unlawfully detained me under the Mental Health Act in Ysbyty Gwynedd, where I was visited by Dafydd Who Wanted To Talk Sex and when I challenged him he threatened me. Brandt refused to answer all correspondence from me about the matter and Gwynedd Health Authority and Gwynedd Social Services refused to investigate my complaint. After a very long time indeed, the Mental Health Act Commission admitted that the law had not been followed and Brandt hadn’t even completed the necessary paperwork. There was no action against Brandt taken by anyone and after my third letter to Brandt, Gwynedd County Council raised a High Court injunction against me on the basis of the perjury of Brandt and her colleague Keith Fearns – who had never met me, spoken to me or indeed even received a letter of complaint from me and I did not know who he was – maintaining that I was a danger to Brandt as well as to everyone else who shared her office. Within months, Brandt, Fearns and two of their colleagues perjured themselves in Court again, in an attempt to have me imprisoned for breaching the injunction. See post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’.

Ron Evans, the crooked Gwynedd County Council lawyer and the dad of the civil servant who was to be Mandy’s future right-hand woman, organised the perjury and forged some of the documentation.

Brandt’s husband Andrew threatened me in public on a number of occasions and there was no action taken. One such occasion was in the Lodwig Villa dentist’s waiting room in Bangor, as described in previous posts. There were witnesses to the incident and I reported the matter to the police. I heard no more about it. When that happened, Ron’s daughter was working for Mandy. It was after Nerys had died and the paedophiles’ friends were baying for Merfyn’s blood by then.

In 2004 I was deemed to have caused Alun Davies, the corrupt NHS manager in Gwynedd, ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ by, in 2002, ringing his secretary and telling her that Davies was a fat idiot. I was at the time sectioned, in a locked ward at Hergest Unit and injured as a result of an assault by Angels. Davies made eight or none calls to the police from Jane Hutt’s offices in Cardiff demanding that I be arrested. The police refused, saying that this was ridiculous, so Davies rang again claiming that I’d threatened to kill him and he was terrified. I was arrested, charged with threatening to kill Davies and remained on bail for nearly two years. The charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial and it was back to the old favourite of causing ‘harassment, alarm or distress’. I received more than 120 hours of community service from the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, Dafydd’s mate. See previous posts.

Networking Tips from The Godfather | Kevin Monahan ...

Lord Goldsmith: the career lawyer whose advice cleared way ...

David Blunkett

In a Cabinet reshuffle on 5 June 2009, Mandelson was granted the honorific title of First Secretary of State and appointed Lord President of the Council. It was also announced that the Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills would be merged into his, giving Mandy the new title of Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and that he would continue as President of the Board of Trade. Mandy was a member of 35 of the 43 Cabinet committees and subcommittees.

A lot of people were outraged that Gordon had given Mandy so much power when Mandy had not been elected to any of the positions concerned. Ron Evans’s daughter was at his side at the time and the Digger had acquired the contents of my inbox and stacks of my documents.


The 2008-09 Report of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee also mentioned that they had dealt with matters regarding the Olympics. The Minister who was appointed by Gordon Brown with responsibility for the Olympics was Tessa Jowell. Tessa was a children’s social worker for Lambeth, a psychiatric social worker at the Maudsley when Dafydd’s mates ran an abuse ring there, the Chair of the Social Services Committee for Camden, Deputy Director of MIND and the sister-in-law of Dame Barbara Mills, the DPP who concealed so much of the criminality in north Wales. See eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’ and ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’.

Mrs Mills was DPP when Patient F and I were charged in 1996 on the basis of the perjury of the Angel Bridget Lloyd. Tony Francis prepared a Court report BEFORE our trial, recommending that WHEN we were found guilty, F should be put on probation and I should be sent to a secure psychiatric hospital. There was no apology and no investigation when we were cleared in early 1997, days after Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry. See previous posts. Mrs Mills was a member of Middle Temple, as was Ronnie.

I am talking about Tessa is the past tense, whereas my earlier posts featuring Tessa eg. ‘The London Connection’ and ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell ‘ discussed her in the present tense. This is because Tessa died a few months ago, as the result of a brain tumour, just like Nerys. During Tessa’s final weeks there was much talk of Inspirational Wimmin and Tessa raising money for bizarre as well as more mainstream cancer research/interventions. She really should not have bothered; the Top Docs finding that they just could do nothing for Tessa a la Nerys confirms my view that toadying to the Top Docs who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring is not a foolproof strategy. It isn’t worth it, they are vile and someone needs to challenge them. See post ‘Baroness Tessa Jowell – A Tribute’.


Previous posts have discussed the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who were part of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis’s and Bertrand Russell’s crowd who lived or had second homes in the Cwm Croesor area of Gwynedd eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. Eric Hobsbawm had a second home in Croesor and was friendly with Sir Clough and his wife. Hobsbawm worked for the security services.

Merfyn grew up in the village; he knew the second homers and he also knew what Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang were doing to local people. When Merfyn was an undergrad at Sussex University in 1967, he and two of his mates threw red paint over a visiting US official as an anti-Vietnam protest. The VC of Sussex, Lord Asa Briggs, one of Harold Wilson’s corrupt buddies in public life who had worked for the intelligence services during WW II and was a close friend of one of the most senior people in the British security services, was colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Briggs was holding the fort at the Sussex end of Dafydd’s ring; John Allen owned brothels in Brighton ass well as in London, to which he trafficked kids from north Wales children’s homes. Asa was greatly pissed off over the red paint episode and in 2005, when the paedophiles’ friends were trying to force Merfyn out of his role as VC (see post ‘Lest We Forget’), Briggs’s daughter was interviewed on Radio 4 about his career – although he was still very much alive and in business – and stated that Briggs had never forgiven the students who had thrown the red paint. I didn’t realise at the time, but I presume that this was a Warning To Merfyn. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.

Your father’s criminal mates ran a paedophile ring and murdered witnesses Asa Minor, if I was you I’d fuck off out of public view, never mind going on the BBC to warn Merfyn that Fings Break.

Previous posts have explained that Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter Julia is a friend of Sarah, Gordon Brown’s wife and together they ran the PR agency, Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications.

I have learnt a bit more about  Hobsbawm Macaulay from Tom Bower’s biography of Gordon Brown. Sarah Brown previously had her own PR agency, Spirit Design, which in 1992 had produced a logo for the 1000 Club in Westminster, the 1000 Club comprising those who donated £1000k to the Labour Party. It was at that event that Charlie Whelan, Gordon’s spin doctor (see previous posts) introduced himself to Sarah Macaulay. In 1993 Spirit Design was dissolved and thus Sarah embarked on the partnership with Julia Hobsbawm, whom Sarah knew from their time at Camden School for Girls.

Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications did a lot of work for the Labour Party and the trade unions. Although Eric Hobsbawm was a Marxist historian and a lifelong Communist, for some reason he supported the Windbag in the Windbag’s lame attempts at ‘modernising’ the Labour Party. Hobsbawm and the Windbag had nothing in common at all, but they were both concealing the crimes of Gwynne, Dafydd and the gang. The Windbag knew Tony Francis from their student days in Cardiff and of course the Windbag’s wife’s parents were Labour activists on Anglesey, mates with Lord Cledwyn and had concealed Gwynne’s crimes before Dafydd stoked the business of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Lord Cledwyn was the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and Secretary of State for Wales when the child molester George Thomas was his Minister in the Welsh Office. Dafydd was conducting research into ‘incest on Anglesey’ in the early 1960s and Lucille Hughes was Children’s Officer for Anglesey, 1966-69. The gang, the Gwerin and the paedophiles’ friends went back a very long way…

Previous posts eg. ‘Additional Security Measures’ and ‘Lest We Forget’ have detailed some of the many links between the staff of the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW where I did my first degree and the gang, mostly by dint of staff of the Dept being married to members of the gang.  In the General Election of 1983, Angie Gliddon, the wife of Chris Gliddon, one of the lecturers in Plant Biology, had ambitions to stand as the Labour candidate for Anglesey; I have stated in a previous post that she did stand, but I’ve since found out that she wasn’t selected. Angie Gliddon did however serve as an Anglesey Councillor; she explained their appalling conduct by them being ‘sexist men’. Presumably if Angie had admitted that the problem was that they were running a paedophile gang and that the women married to the men were accessories it would have implicated Angie and her friends, so the old chestnut about ‘sexist men’ was pulled out of the fire. Angie’s literature prepared for the selection of the 1983 General Election candidate mentioned that she was a feminist and would campaign for free nursery places for all.

In 1993, one of Hobsbawm Macaulay’s clients was a trade union who asked Hobsbawm Macaulay to organise a reception at the Dorchester for Bill Clinton. Charlie Whelan, who was by then a mate of Sarah’s, arrived at the Dorchester with Gordon, which was when Sarah and Gordon were formally introduced.

Sarah visited Millbank regularly after Feb 1994 and became acquainted with Labour’s inner circle, including John Smith. It was Sarah who arranged the publicity for the Park Lane fundraising dinner at the Park Lane Hotel on 11 May 1994, the eve of John Smith’s death. Previous posts have described how John Smith could not be revived at Bart’s after having a heart attack in his flat at the Barbican. Smith had previously had a near lethal heart attack in Oct 1988. He had experienced chest pains and had been persuaded to attend the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for a check up. Smith had an ECG and was told by a Top Doc that they didn’t think that it was his heart. Shortly after, he suffered a huge heart attack that left him in intensive care. Smith subsequently changed his lifestyle, took up mountain walking and lost a lot of weight. Then on 12 May 1994, WHOOPS…

Previous posts have explained how I was sitting in the garden of the Hergest Unit when I heard John Smith’s death announced on the radio. I called out to F and the others to tell them and behind me a window flew open and it was Tony Francis, asking for details. When I confirmed that it had been announced that John Smith was definitely dead, Francis disappeared again without finishing the conversation.

I have explained in eg. ‘The Banality Of Evil’ how in the spring of 1994, F and I met with two Mental Health Act Commissioners and told them that serious complaints about Dafydd were not being investigated, including complaints that he was sexually exploiting patients. The Commissioners admitted to us, in front of a nursing officer, that they had heard complaints about Dafydd sexually exploiting patients many times before and that the complaints reached back as far as the 1960s.

Our complaint to the Mental Health Act Commission was never investigated. The Commission did write to Gwynedd Community Health Trust, but the Trust failed to respond appropriately and the Commission did not follow the matter up. What did happen was that immediately after we met with the Commission, Dafydd told the police and the MDU that I had thrown a brick through his glass door at 3 am in the morning. I had done no such thing and there was no evidence that I had. It was quite some time before anyone even told me that I had been accused. It was however recorded by the North Wales Police and the MDU that I had thrown the brick. I have since been told that the brick was planted.

The gang was getting anxious in the summer of 1994. The Jillings Investigation into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was underway. Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died from an ‘unspecified blood disease’ on 9 June 1994. On 13 June 1994, the trial of Peter Howarth, Arnold’s long standing friend and colleague at Bryn Estyn, for sexual offences against boys in care in north Wales opened. Pail Wilson was Howarth’s co-defendant. On 8 July 1994 Howarth was found guilty and Wilson was acquitted on all charges. Howarth received a substantial prison sentence and always maintained that he was scapegoated for numerous other high profile offenders. Howarth died in prison shortly after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened, while Ronnie Waterhouse was in Hong Kong on holiday, having suddenly decided to suspend the Inquiry because he needed a break. While in Hong Kong Ronnie bumped into Derry Irvine and they had a natter over a nice meal.


Miranda became the leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994. Throughout the late summer of 1994, Dafydd remained in communication with the MDU and at the beginning of Nov 1994, he obtained an ex parte injunction against me from Liverpool High Court. There was no evidence presented to the Court of any offence on my part. Dafydd banged on about the brick and said that it must have been me because he couldn’t think of anyone else who would have done it. He had been told by then that it could not have been me because I was known to have been in Bethesda, miles away from Dafydd’s place on Anglesey when the brick was ‘thrown’. Dafydd’s affidavit detailed an occasion when F had blown a raspberry down the phone at him and another occasion on which F had told him to bend over while F stuck a hand-grenade up Dafydd’s bum and to take a deep breath and wait for the grenade to explode. On the basis of that, I was served with an injunction.

‘The Banality of Evil’ explains how throughout 2005, the Chairman of the Trust entered into discussion with a number of lawyers asking them if there was any more ways in which I could be prosecuted…


Soon after John Smith’s death, Sarah and Gordon were together on a flight from London to Edinburgh. Throughout 1994 and 1995, things progressed and they began some sort of relationship, but by Tom Bower’s account there was much stress and Gordon kept popping back to his previous girlfriend’s place in Islington to spend the night and dropping in on another woman as well. The Labour Party seem to have all been a bit obsessed with Gordon’s love life and they couldn’t cope with him being single and wanting people to keep their noses out of his  business or his reluctance to pose around in gents designer wear.

Contrast with this Example of Modern Labour Man:

London, UK, 10th May: Labour politician Lord Peter Mandelson at The Andrew Marr Show at Westminster in London, UK - Stock Image

As well as obsessing about aspects of Gordon that didn’t matter, the Labour Party had to deal with a few things that he was up to that did matter a great deal, such as planting stories in the press to undermine his political opponents. Between May and June 1996, stories appeared in the press which were designed to damage Chris Smith, John Prescott and Robin Cook, as a result of Whelan being deployed to brief against Brown’s enemies. Tom Bower alleges what others have alleged: that Gordon was a bit bonkers and very vindictive, stopping at nothing to deal with people whom he thought might block his path to No 10.

Previous posts have discussed in detail how two friends who supported me when Dafydd’s gang came after me were at Stirling University with Lord Jack McConnell, a friend of Gordon’s. Jack became very powerful in the Scottish Labour Party despite being close friends with someone who was loathed by Gordon; Jack became Scotland’s FM in Nov 2001, the year following the publication of the Waterhouse Report and just two years after being elected as an MSP. My friends were frozen out by their old crowd at Stirling soon after graduation, they found gangsters in pursuit of them, they were forced out of their careers in the media and their newborn died hours after birth as a result of serious clinical negligence. Their baby died in the same year that Lord Jack bagged his seat in the Scottish Parliament, just a few months before Ronnie Waterhouse published his cover-up. A lot of their friends at Stirling were Labour Party activists, as my friends had been; but Lord Jack and Gordon’s needs had to take priority. See eg. ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.


Tom Bower claims that by 1996, Gordon was worried about the revelation that Geoffrey Robinson had paid Julia Hobsbawm and Sarah Macaulay  £100,000k to launch their PR agency. Gordon feared that Julia and Sarah might tell a journo and he warned them, personally and through Whelan, to keep it quiet.

As mentioned in previous posts, Geoffrey Robinson was a very, very wealthy businessman who was elected as the Labour MP for Coventry North West in 1976. See previous posts. Dafydd’s partner gang ran Coventry and kids from Coventry were sent to children’s homes in north Wales; Richard Crossman of the Westminster Paedophile Ring was a Coventry MP as well.

Geoffrey Robinson owned the ‘New Statesman’ and in the wake of the Waterhouse Report, the ‘New Statesman’ published Richard Webster’s article discrediting Alison Taylor, ‘Can A Whistle-Blower Be Wrong?’. Alison sued for defamation/libel, representing herself and won. The ‘New Statesman’ later admitted that it published the article after assuming that Alison would not be able to afford to sue them. Richard Webster was the author of ‘The Secret Of Bryn Estyn’ and was someone who simply would not accept that there had been serious abuse of children in north Wales and spent much time and energy telling people this. Webster spent a lot of time in north Wales, gathering info to discredit Alison, but no-one ever found out what his source of income was.

Tom Bower’s book states that New Labour successfully wooed the City thanks to Geoffrey Robinson’s legwork. Gordon was the man who provided the lectures and speeches comparing New Labour to Bill Clinton and explained that they they would champion popular capitalism, stressing that New Labour were pro-business. Tories who converted to New Labour included Martin Taylor, the CEO of Barclays Bank and Alan Sugar, a game show host who is filmed getting out of Rolls Royces and walking into soulless skyscrapers. The grovelling had begun in 1995 and resulted in Howard Davies, the DG of the CBI, inviting Miranda to Davies’s place in Islington. Sir Howard Davies was Director of the LSE, 2003-11; he stepped down over the business of the LSE giving a PhD to Col Gadaffi’s son, after someone else had written it for him.

Ed Miliband’s father Ralph was part of the New Left crowd and knew Eric Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson and many others in the Croesor/Bertrand Russell network well. Ralph had studied and worked at the LSE with Crossman’s circle. See previous posts. Ralph’s brother-in-law Professor Harry Keen was a Top Doc at Guy’s and knew numerous Top Docs who knew Dafydd and the gang and were concealing or colluding with their criminality. See previous posts.

In 1993, Harriet Harman recruited Uncle Harry’s nephew as her policy researcher and speechwriter. Harriet’s dad John Harman was a Top Doc who knew many of the Top Docs who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts. In 1994, when Harriet Harman was moved to a new role by Miranda, Uncle Harry’s nephew stayed on in the Shadow Treasury team and was promoted to work for Gordon, then Shadow Chancellor. In 1995, with encouragement from Gordon, Uncle Harry’s nephew took time out from his job to complete a Masters at the LSE. After Labour’s 1997 landslide victory, Miliband was appointed as a special adviser to Chancellor Gordon, 1997 -2002. Sarah and Gordon got engaged in 1997. The Waterhouse Inquiry opened in Jan 1997.

Not only did Uncle Harry know the Top Docs who were repeatedly perjuring themselves, forging documents and planting evidence in an attempt to have me incarcerated, but Ralph was mates with many of the old New Left academics who were doing all that they could to wreck Brown’s career. See eg. ‘Life In Cold Blood’.

Sarah Brown did her psychology degree at Bristol University at the same time as Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins, a Gwynedd social worker who was a member of the gang and highly abusive to patients. Shelia Jenkins’ husband David held a Chair at Bangor University. Sarah Jenkins knew me because during 1984-85 she shared a house with a girl who had been a student at Bangor with me and was very friendly with one of my house-mates. Sarah Jenkins knew Brown as well. See previous posts.

Keith Thomson, one of the disastrous senior managers in the NHS in Gwynedd, grew up in Gwynedd, but spent time as an NHS manager in Stirling. After Lord Jack McConnell graduated from Stirling University, he worked as a maths teacher and served as a Councillor in Stirling. Lord Jack concealed organised abuse in Stirling. See eg. ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’.

Keith Thomson had a side-kick, Martin Jones. Martin was a UCNW graduate, who had graduated in Marine Sciences one or two years before I graduated. Martin is alleged to have failed accountancy exams and he then begun working for Gwynedd Health Authority on the NHS management training scheme. Like Keith, Martin grew up in north Wales but has served a few stints in NHS management in other parts of the UK. Martin worked as an NHS manager in Coventry. He also completed management qualifications at Aston and York Universities.

I’m not sure exactly when Keith and Martin served their time in the NHS in other regions of the UK, but Thomson’s name appears on the documents compiled about me in the mid-1990s when documents were being forged, NHS staff were committing perjury and bricks were being planted. Martin was working for Gwynedd Health Authority in the late 1980s, amid the earlier perjury and forgery…

Keith Thomson became the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust and Martin was the Financial Director when Keith was CEO. Thomson resigned in 2005 when he was threatened with imprisonment by the High Court in Cardiff after unlawfully refusing to release my medical records to my lawyers. Martin then became CEO and behaved every bit as dreadfully as Keith had.

I handed the Welsh Gov’t enough evidence to have Keith and Martin arrested. The criminality was ignored.


Richard Crossman, the Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70, a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring who used his position to vastly expand the ring, served as the Labour MP for Coventry East, 1945-74. Crossman was Assistant Editor of the ‘New Statesman’, 1938-55, then Editor, 1970-72. Crossman protected Dafydd and Gwynne and was also personal friends with people networked with the Bloomsbury Group who colonised Cwm Croesor. Crossman knew Jack Butterworth, the VC of Warwick University well.

John Blackstocke Butterworth (13 March 1918 – 19 June 2003) was a lawyer and the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick, located at Coventry. Jack graduated from Oxford and on the eve of WW II, he enlisted in the Royal Artillary, spending spent much of WW II in Scotland, protecting strategic targets from air attack. Butterworth qualified in 1946 as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn, of which Lord Denning was a member. Years later, Cherie and Miranda also became members of Lincoln’s Inn.

Butterworth became a law tutor at New College, Oxford and served as bursar of New College for the last seven years of his time there. New College was a recruiting ground for the British security services; Crossman was recruited as a student and became recruiter when he taught at New College. Crossman’s wife Anne also worked for the security services. Anne had been one of the Bletchley Park contingent, like Trumpers. Trumpers admitted herself that she did sod all at Bletchley Park and that her dad only got her the job because the upper classes needed to be seen to be contributing to the war effort. Ah the Queen Mum stayed in London throughout the Blitz to be at one with the East End, except for every single night when she and her old man were shuttled well out of London to safety, only to be shuttled back in again the next morning to Do Their Bit Against Hitler.

Whether Anne Crossman was as useless as Trumpers I don’t know, but there was much fellow feeling between the Crossmans and Trumpers’ network. Trumpers’ husband Alan Barker was taught by Crossman at Oxford and Crossman tried to persuade Barker to become an MP; an MP for any party, it didn’t matter which, Crossman just thought that Barker would make a fine MP.

It was the brainless, useless, dishonest Trumpers who entered politics rather than Alan Barker. In 1980, during the Great Panic in the aftermath of Jeremy Thorpe standing trial and Mary Wynch beginning legal action against Dafydd and the gang, Trumpers’ friend Thatch gave Trumpers a peerage on the grounds of her sterling community work, which involved making friends with Jimmy Savile, concealing the organised abuse ring in Cambridgeshire and having to resign as a magistrate after it was revealed that she was friends with the Cambridge Rapist. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers was appointed as a junior Health Minister, in which capacity she gave Jimmy Savile a place on the management task force of Broadmoor Hospital.

Trumpers knew Gwynne and Dafydd but I haven’t yet found out how; it might have been through the Lloyd George family, because Trumpers was mates with them, but she was also mates with the Royals and a lot of aristos, as well as Bill Astor’s first wife Sarah Norton…

Previous posts have discussed how Crossman and his circle of friends were members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, that many of them had worked for the security services and they used this network to conceal their sex offending and to protect the people who were framing and killing witnesses. They ran the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Social Security and the ring greatly expanded its activities when the two Ministries merged into the super-department that was the DHSS under Crossman.

Anne Crossman worked as the personal secretary to Maurice Edelman, the Cardiff-born Labour MP who preceded Geoffrey Robinson in his Coventry North West seat. Edelman was first elected as a Coventry MP in 1945, so he was present as the organised crime in Coventry grew and grew. See post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’.


Jack Butterworth married his wife Doris in 1948 and they had one son and two daughters. It was in 1963 that Jack Butterworth became the VC of the University of Warwick, one of the new universities created in the wake of the 1962 Robbins Report, remaining in post until 1985. Butterworth ‘believed strongly that his job was to select Professors who would be leaders in their discipline and that he should stand aside and let them develop their subjects in their own way (although within a tight budget). Because he had worked only at Oxford, Jack wanted Oxford’s standards of academic performance at the undergraduate level and in research. He had a belief that Warwick must maintain a balance between ‘pure’ and ‘applied’ disciplines’.

A large part of Warwick’s success stemmed from Butterworth’s cultivation of links with the rich industrial enterprises of the Midlands. One of his first creations was an industrial centre, intended as a stimulus of advanced engineering in the region. He cultivated (and earned) ‘municipal goodwill’. That will be the goodwill of those involved in the municipal corruption of Coventry, who had excellent links with Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. Robert Bluglass was from Warwick; he went to Warwick School and is an enthusiastic member of the Old Warwickians and when he was living in Solihull running the NHS in Birmingham, Bluglass involved himself in public life in Warwick. After his name was removed from the medical register some years ago, Bluglass continued his life of socialising with the posh and his role as one of the movers and shakers behind Compton Verney, one of the finest art galleries in Europe and located in Warwickshire, left Bluglass in an excellent position to do this. See previous posts.

The Bluglasses and the Butterworths will not have missed the opportunity to attend each others At Homes.

Jack Butterworth built the Warwick Arts Centre. It was Jack’s pride and joy, but has nothing on Compton Verney. Jack’s link with Miss Martin, the famous ‘Anonymous Benefactor’, represented the crucial launching pad for the project, but funds came from many sources including a contribution for the third and final phase from the about to be abolished West Midlands County Council, whose gift was steered through by a Coventry Councillor. Although a high Tory, Butterworth ‘persuaded’ a ‘left wing politician’ that his Arts Centre deserved money. Unlike anything else in Coventry, which is a very disadvantaged city. Jack traded on the ‘sympathies’ of his friends on grant-making committees to consider Warwick University when the dosh was handed out and ‘held forth without giving quarter to Ministers’ whom he happened to bump into in corridors.

I take it that Jack knew all about Richard Crossman and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which was the only reason why people tolerated this obnoxious git who did nothing at all for Coventry while he built up a university that did nothing for them either and built an Arts Centre that his mates could enjoy but would be of no benefit to people in Coventry.

I’m particularly Dave Spart on this matter because I had the Coventry-Warwick University Experience some years ago when one of my mates worked at Warwick University and I went to visit him there. He was living in Staffordshire and commuting miles because like most of the junior staff he couldn’t afford to live near the University, unless he lived in Coventry itself, which is seriously disadvantaged. Even I was surprised at the hard time that people were having in Coventry and I heard yet more a few years later when I made friends with some people who were involved with a community based in Coventry supporting refugees. They really were not benefiting from Jack’s legacy at all. Yet when one stepped onto the Warwick University campus it was a different world…

Dom Mintoff’s friend the TGWU General Secretary Jack Jones became a full-time official of the TGWU in Coventry when he returned to Britain in 1938 after his war service. Jones played a key role in organising the workforce of the West Midlands motor industry in the postwar period as Regional Secretary of the TGWU. Jack Jones was an early supporter of the Institute for Workers’ Control. While Assistant General Secretary of the TGWU and a member of the Labour Party’s NEC, Jack Jones Chaired the Labour Party policy group on Industrial Democracy.

I remember the war at the Birmingham British Leyland plant between Red Robbo and Thatch’s man Michael Edwardes well. See previous posts.

Anyone for bringing Thatch down?

  • Derek Robinson British Leyland union Leader aka Red Robbo ...
  • Derek "Red Robbo" Robinson Union Leader at British Leyland ...
  • Strike Industrial Revolution | - Images ...
  • Red Robbo obituary - 1927 - 2017: Former trade unionist ...

They only needed to have blown the whistle on Jack Butterworth and his mates in the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

I do keep telling everyone that the Comrades and Brothers and their Sisters too were solid supporters of Dafydd and Gwynne. As was the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

  • "Free Nelson Mandela" poster | Poster, Nelson Mandela ...
  • How British pop song helped free Nelson Mandela -

It was ‘The Specials’ who recorded ‘Free Nelson Mandela’. The Specials were from Coventry and very recently, Terry Hall, the lead singer gave media interviews about being the victims of a paedophile gang when he was at school… Other ‘Specials’ favourites included ‘Gangsters’ and ‘If You Have A Racist Friend…’

‘It doesn’t matter, it’s only happening in North Wales.’

The Institute for Workers’ Control was founded in 1968 by Tony Topham and Ken Coates, the latter then a leader of the International Marxist Group. The Institute drew together shop stewards and militant workers to discuss workers’ control of production.

  • Here’s Karl Marx, through to the final of Python’s ‘Communist Quiz’; Karl was answering questions in an attempt to win a Beautiful Lounge Suite.

Primrose Hill, habitat of Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law:

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The Third World:

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Deiniolen. | Old slate village. | Hefin Owen | Flickr

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  • Photos of Ty Ganol, Carneddi, near Bethesda, Gwynedd

The Institute grew out of the Workers’ Control Conferences organised from 1964 by ‘The Week’ and the Voice and the Centre for Socialist Education. From around 100 at the first meeting in Nottingham, the figure grew to some 1200 in 1969. The Institute won sponsorship from a number of trade union leaders, including Hugh Scanlon. In the later opinion of the International Marxist Group’s journal, the Institute over-accommodated to its sponsors and failed to organise its supporters: “only 26 people attended the AGM in 1970 and affiliation and membership fees have been maintained at a very high level.”

Kenneth Sidney Coates (16 September 1930-27 June 2010) Chaired the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and edited The Spokesmanthe BRPF magazine launched in March 1970. So he wasn’t going to touch Dafydd and Gwynne and their network of crime, what with Bertrand using the services so helpfully provided by Gwynne and Dafydd in north Wales…

Coates was born in Leek, Staffordshire and was brought up in Worthing, West Sussex. When called up for national service in 1948, Coates chose to become a coal miner rather than be conscripted into the  British Army ie. he was a Bevin Boy. As was Jimmy Savile, who never stopped banging on about it and how he kept in touch with other Bevin Boys. Savile used every contact he had to aid his offending; the Bevin Boys will have been put to the same use.
In 1956, Coates began his sociology degree at Nottingham University. The Social Sciences Dept at Nottingham hosted a number of social policy specialists and social workers occupying senior academic positions who had facilitated the most serious organised abuse. See post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’.

Coates had joined the Communist Party of Great Britain, along with Eric Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson and so many others in Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law’s circle. Ken Coates left the CPGB following the breach between Stalin and Tito, whom he defended. After the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, Coates and Pat Jordan became the focal point of a group of Marxists with a developing interest in Trotskyism. After attending the fifth world congress of the Fourth International in 1958, of which they were very critical, Coates played a central role in founding the International Group, forerunner of the International Marxist Group.

Coates also played leading roles in END (European Nuclear Disarmament), of which E.P. Thompson was the principal mover and shaker. See post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. E.P. Thompson had a second home in Croesor and held a Chair at Warwick University…

Coates contested Nottingham South in 1983 as  the Labour Party candidate, but lost. Coates was a Labour MEP, 1989-99 and spent five years as President of its Human Rights Subcommittee.

You forgot to mention something Ken!

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


In 1989, a junior psych nurse whom I knew who was becoming traumatised and disillusioned with what she saw happening to her patients told me that she could not understand why it was being written in to all the much boasted about human rights legislation, even at European level, that this legislation did not apply to psychiatric patients detained under the Mental Health Act. She knew about Dafydd and Denbigh and we had many a good chin wag. We could not understand why psych patients were being systematically excluded from the legal protection that was now being extended to convicted prisoners, illegal immigrants etc…

cherie blair Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image: 82939120 - Alamy

Right to a family life? Er not if you’ve been banged up in a secure psych unit without trial or conviction on the uncontested evidence of Dafydd and his mates. Right to life? Er sorry, it was the ‘side effects of the medication’ or a ‘life threatening situation’ and the Angels ‘had to restrain’. The taser that killed the patient? Another life-threatening situation again, we didn’t know that the patient had a dodgy heart, ooh he went at the Angels and police officers like a madman!

Just take a look at the pieces of legislation. Empowered Service Users have no protection at all, none. That is why they provided such fertile hunting ground for an international trafficking ring.

While Coates was an MEP, he was in contact with Vadim Zagladin, one of Gorbachev’s advisers, about the idea of a joint meeting between the European Parliament and the Supreme Soviet. Coates persuaded the European Parliament to explore the possibility of such a joint meeting, as a practical way of exploring Gorbachev’s call for a ‘common European home’ and supporting his democratic reforms.  Eduard Shevardnadze, the Soviet foreign minister, visited the European Parliament, and said he would be willing to be present at a joint meeting. Coates visited Zagladin in Moscow, who offered a four-point programme of stages for realisation of the Joint Special Session, as it came to be known.

Leon Brittan


Ken Coates pioneered a number of initiatives to help focus the institutions of European civil society, beginning with a Pensioners Parliament and also including a Parliament of Disabled People and two Europe-wide conferences of unemployed people.

Meet Dr Rachel Perkins, who held a seat on the EHRC as the Commissioner for the disabled:

Rachel Perkins was Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital while the institution facilitated an organised abuse ring across south London and had direct links with Dafydd’s gang and colluded with their criminality. At Springfield, patients were raped and murdered and a member of staff was murdered as well. The death of the staff member was the event which eventually led to a Public Inquiry, at which it was concluded that Springfield was in such a bad way that it could not be rescued.


Ken Coates strongly supported the Delors programme for full employment in Europe and became rapporteur of the Parliament’s Temporary Committee on Employment, which carried two major reports with almost unanimous support of the European Parliament.

Coates was the co-author, with Tony Topham, of the official history of the TGWU, among numerous other books on poverty, political philosophy,  democratic and humanistic socialism, social and economic issues, peace and disarmament as well as on democracy and human rights. He also continued to support the democratic left in Eastern Europe, and was a member of the advisory board of the ‘Novi Plamen’ magazine.

In the early years of the millennium, the people traffickers of Gwynedd Social Services began hitching rides on the EU collaborative projects that were being run by the social scientists at Bangor University. Social workers who had participated in the violent abuse and framing of psych patients attended seminars with German sociologists and social work professors and Shared Their Knowledge, explaining that the community mental health services in Gwynedd were among the Best In Europe. Patients at the time were dying destitute in Gwynedd and were being hauled off to prison on the basis of perjury and fabricated evidence. I worked with the same German academics some years later and just thought ‘you have no idea of what that lot were doing to us, no idea at all…’

The problem is Merfyn Jones! He’s given a PhD place and now a job to a Dangerous Nutter! We’ve sent him her medical records to Prove It, but look, look, She’s Still THERE!!!

Ken Coates was ‘special Professor’ in the Department of Adult Education at Nottingham University, 1990–2004. In 1987, I worked for Prof Robert Baldwin’s team at the Cancer Research Campaign labs at Nottingham University. Baldwin was perpetrating a massive research fraud with a US drug company. It was widely known, both in Nottingham University, in the CRC, among the Top Doctors in Nottingham and among the staff in other Big Pharma companies, including in Boots, which of course was based in Nottingham. A lot of people loathed Baldwin and the junior staff were just escaping from his lab as soon as they could, but no-one stopped him. See post ‘Oh, Lordy, It’s CR UK’. The VC of Nottingham University at the time, Professor Basil Weedon, an organic chemist, undoubtedly knew what Baldwin was doing. See previous posts…

Ken’s fellow revolutionary Pat Jordan (17 July 1928-1 September 2001) was a British Trotskyist who was central to the founding of the International Marxist Group. Jordan was born in Chelsea, the son of an electrical engineer. On 21 October 1950 he married Leonora May Comrie, but the marriage was annulled in 1958 and she went on to marry Rodney Kay-Kreizman.

Jordan was a full-time organiser in the Communist Party of Great Britain in Nottingham, but he left the party with Coates after the invasion of Hungary in 1956. After a brief period working with the Socialist Review Group in 1956, they joined the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) in 1957. Jordan edited the RSL’s paper Socialist Fight before leaving to form the International Group in 1961. From 1964 to 1968 Jordan edited and printed ‘The Week’ at his tiny bookshop at 4 Dane Street, Nottingham.

A short-lived reunification of Jordan’s International Group with the RSL in 1964 ended early in 1965, partly in protest at the RSL’s support for the expulsion of members of the Socialist Labour League from the Wandsworth Labour Party. Working with Tony Southall, Charlie van Gelderen, Ken Coates and a group students from Nottingham University, Jordan relaunched the International Group, which became the International Marxist Group in 1968.

In the 1970s Jordan worked full-time for the International Marxist Group as its National Secretary and then for the Fourth International, when he helped in the work of the Africa Commission. In 1985 he was struck by a chronically disabling stroke and removed from active political involvement. Jordan died in August 2001, eight months after the publication of the Waterhouse Report that was designed to be the final nail in the coffin of the bodies of all the victims of Dafydd’s partner gangs in Wandsworth, Nottingham, Coventry etc that no-one, no-one at all, knew about.

Michael Mansfield - Wikipedia

Professor Chamberlain


















I remember reading this free plug that the Daily Mail provided for Chamberlain’s son’s fashion business, ‘Red Or Dead’. I noticed that they referred to Chamberlain as Sir Geoffrey, yet when the research fraud scandal involving Chamberlain and his colleague Malcolm Pearce blew up in 1994 (see eg. ‘Now Then…’), it was stated that it cost Chamberlain his expected knighthood. So did the Mail just make a slip? Or was Chamberlain known to be a dead cert for the K and it disappeared at the very last minute?

Pat Jordan’s obituary written by Steve Cohen in ‘Revolutionary History’ has an overwhelmingly sad tone to it:

Pat Jordan died alone in a nursing home in Lincoln on 1 September 2001, having lived there since suffering a stroke in 1986. The loneliness and isolation of his death were very different from the vibrancy of the period in 1968, when one newspaper described him as ‘the most dangerous man in Britain’. This somewhat hyperbolic, apocalyptic description was a response to Pat’s position as Secretary of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign at a time when that campaign was able to organise demonstrations of over 100,000 strong, and when it was part of a global movement which eventually helped force the Americans out of Vietnam. It is doubtful whether anyone else in the nursing home knew he had once been perceived (and to an extent correctly perceived) as a danger to the world order – in spite of the fact that his room was stuffed with openly displayed revolutionary literature. Though Pat died largely forgotten, his positive role in the VSC should never be forgotten to history.

We should also remember Pat’s work in building the International Marxist Group. The IMG has been generally trashed by history as being some sort of ultra-left studentist indulgence. Pat’s death is an opportunity to provide a more positive appraisal of the organisation. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how revolutionary comrades, in this case one who was central to the major political campaign of his day, can become personally marginalised in old age and infirmity, whilst still retaining a socialist identity…

The fact that it has fallen to myself to write this critical dedication/portrait, and not to some of the bigger luminaries from his past in the IMG or VSC in itself, shows the isolation in which Pat’s life ended. As far as I know, the only person prominent in both these organisations who has written an obituary is Tony Southall (who himself unfortunately died shortly afterwards). This was in the October 2001 issue of Socialist Outlook, the journal of the last surviving remnant of the IMG – the International Socialist Group. There has been no public meeting to commemorate Pat Jordan’s life. Whilst in Lincoln, he was visited by very few of his old comrades – one who did visit him was Charlie Van Gelderen, who would travel up from Cambridge, but who is also now dead…

They all died during or shortly after the Waterhouse Inquiry…

Pat Jordan was born in Chelsea, London, on 17 July 1928. He had a brother Peter, who was eventually to become a plastic surgeon…

There’s the clue everyone!! They really are not very nice at all and they will bump off anyone who is a witness.


Pat spent the last years of his life before his stroke as a revolutionary militant in Hackney Labour Party – doing what other revolutionary militants were then doing in the Labour Party (in my view, for what it’s worth, knocking their heads against brick walls).

And telling us all that the doctors they were wonderful…

Within the party, he was active in the campaign which fought against the local council on the ‘Three Noes’ – no rate increases, no rent increases, no cuts.

I suspected as much…

He participated in Irish and Palestinian solidarity work. History sometimes has a way of coming full circle, or at least half-circle. Four decades after quitting the Revolutionary Socialist League (the Militant tendency) and whilst still disagreeing with most of its politics, he helped set up Labour Against the Witch-hunt to campaign against its expulsion from the Labour Party – though by this stage the RSL was denying its own existence and had become the organisation that dare not speak its name. At the time of his stroke, Pat had put himself forward to the local party for selection as a Councillor for Hackney.

The Borough which was sending kids in care to Dafydd et al in north Wales, while Wendy Savage the Socialist Feminist performed repeated abortions on the gang’s victims in Tower Hamlets, explaining to the world that she was Supporting these chaotic, dysfunctional women who made Bad Choices. See post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’

When I visited Pat in his last years in Lincoln, he was not in a good way. He had completely lost his short-term memory. However, he had memories of the longer term – not least his days in the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, and his meetings with Jean-Paul Sartre in Paris to coordinate international events. His spirit remained unbroken, and he evinced no self-pity about his physical condition, or about his personal or political isolation. His somewhat stoic view seemed to have been that as a revolutionary the system was eventually going to get him – either through its armed bodies of men or through a stroke. I think he would have preferred it was the armed bodies of men! But best of all he would have preferred to have seen the triumph of the revolution. But then, wouldn’t we all?

You could have if any of you had shown the least bit of concern for the sheepshaggers in north Wales. You were occupied with rather more important matters.

  • Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill, London Borough of Camden, London, England, United Kingdom - Stock Image

Rhett Butler


As with a number of New Labour stalwarts, in his teenage years, Mandy was a member of the Young Communists League, although he later became a member of the Oxford University Labour Club. Mandy was an undergrad at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 1973-76. St Catherine’s has a close association with New College, Oxford. See post ‘A Study In Tyranny’. In the late 1970s Mandy became Chairman of the British Youth Council. As Chair of the BYC, he was a delegate in 1978 to the Soviet-organised World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana, Cuba, where with several future Labour Cabinet colleagues, Mandy – together with future IUSY President Hilary Barnard, Charles Clarke, Richard Corbett and Trevor Phillips – ‘successfully frustrated agreement on a distorted Soviet text on youth in the capitalist countries’.

Mandy was elected to Lambeth Borough Council in September 1979 but stood down in 1982, disillusioned with the state of Labour politics. Presumably not because of the en masse abuse of kids in care in Lambeth. Mandy then worked for some time as a TV producer at LWT, where he formed a friendship with his then boss John Birt.

In the early 1990s, Cilla’s ‘Blind Date’ was the biggest money spinner for LWT. Cilla’s pal Geoffrey Chamberlain used to stress that he was a supporter of the Labour Party.

The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour


Jack Butterworth’s period as VC of Warwick was not without controversy, particularly regarding his opposition to the establishment of a Students’ union. Above the main bar of the Students Union building at Warwick University there is an inscription quoting him as saying “The Students’ union shall never have its own building”. Jack’s period of office included the student protests beginning in the late 1960s. During the Warwick Events, in which Merfyn played a major role being the Chairman of the Socialist Society at Warwick, where he was a postgrad at the time (see previous posts), Butterworth’s office was occupied and files rummaged through. The students found that secret files on themselves had been compiled and evidence that Butterworth was doing a lot of things that he should not have been doing. The protests were supported by E.P. Thompson, who later wrote his book ‘Warwick University Ltd’ about the Events, as a result of which Thompson resigned from his post at Warwick. Butterworth had appointed E.P. Thompson himself.

Butterworth’s other passions were the Association of Commonwealth Universities, an organisation devoted to providing assistance to anglophone universities in developing countries, of which he was Chairman for 10 years; and the Foundation for Science and Technology of which he became Chairman in 1990, subsequently holding the position of President until his death. Butterworth was also the Chairman of Midland Community Radio, the consortium which successfully bid for the Independent Radio franchise for Coventry and Warwickshire. The radio station launched as Mercia Sound in 1979 and became the most successful commercial radio station in England in terms of audience figures.

Butterworth was given a seat in the Lords on retirement from Warwick University in 1985, the year that Mary Wynch hit the media after winning her appeal before the Master of the Rolls re Dafydd and the gang. In the summer of 1985, I first contacted MPs and Ministers re the gang; I did not realise that Tony Francis had contacted them first, as soon as he thought that I would raise my concerns with Parliament. Butterworth sat as a Tory peer.

portrait at half length of an old woman with coiffed, light golden brown hair, wearing jewellery, dressed in a dark suit, hands crossed, against a cloudy backdrop

Jack Butterworth died in June 2003, so he outlasted the Waterhouse Report and was around to give a helping hand there. ‘The Guardian’ published an obituary for him:

The death of Lord Butterworth of Warwick, at the age of 85, marks the departure of the last of that group of vice chancellors who had the opportunity in the early 1960s – offered to no one else in the last 50 years – of founding a university from scratch on a greenfield site. The group included Lord Fulton at Sussex…

Lord John Fulton passed through everywhere necessary to play a leading role in concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. He studied at St Andrews University, Bluglass’s alma mater and then Balliol, which hosted Ted Heath, Denis Healey and Woy Jenkins all at the same time. Fulton lectured at the LSE and Balliol and became a good friend of Harold Wilson during WW II.

Fulton was Principal of University College, Swansea, 1947-59 and served as VC for the University of Wales, 1952-54 and 1958-59. He preceded Asa as Principal/VC of the University of Sussex, 1959-67. Fulton was Chairman of UCCA, 1961-64. Dafydd’s gang were accessing info from UCCA in order to target sixth formers who had applied to university. Fulton was a member of the OU PLanning Committee, 1967-70. He became involved in university policy making overseas, including in Malta, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Hong Kong, and in 1962, Fulton Chaired the committee that established the new Chinese University of Hong Kong.

From 1962 to 1965, Fulton was Chairman of both the BBC and ITA Committees on adult education. He served as a BBC Governor, 1966-71, serving twice as Vice-Chairman, 1966-67 and 1968-71. Wilson invited Fulton to Chair the Committee on the Civil Service in 1964. Reporting in 1968, it included the creation of a Civil Service College as one of its 158 recommendations. In 1968, Fulton’s international work continued as he became Chairman of the British Council, serving until 1971.

The Godfather Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Butterworth, or “Jolly Jack” as he was known, was born in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, went to Queen Elizabeth’s grammar school, Mansfield and won an open scholarship to Queen’s College, Oxford…After wartime service in the Royal Artillery, he returned to the chambers of Rupert Cross, but but was soon back in Oxford as fellow in law (1946-63) and bursar (1956-63) at New College…

In the late 1950s, it became apparent that more university places were required in Britain…the university grants committee (UGC) encouraged cities and regions to bid for new foundations. Most came from committees headed by archbishops or hereditary peers; only from Coventry was there a bid led by industrialists, trade unionists and Labour city councillors.

At the age of 43, Butterworth turned down the vice chancellorship of the new University of Lancaster to take on Warwick…He brought some very untraditional ideas to Coventry: he believed that the university had to combine academic excellence with a strong orientation towards the local and regional community…

When the UGC resisted, the university starting engineering, Butterworth persuaded industry to protest – and when it ignored Warwick’s bid to create a business school, he raised the funds to establish one anyway. He and Lord (Billy) Rootes, founder of Rootes Motors in Coventry and Chairman of the local promotion committee, were an extraordinary fundraising combination and established a tradition at Warwick that success could not be achieved on government funding alone…

William Edward Rootes, 1st Baron Rootes (17 August 1894 – 12 December 1964) was a British motor manufacturer. He opened his first car sales agency in 1913, leading to the eventual formation of the global Rootes Group. During WW II Rootes supervised the manufacture of aircraft, engines, the supply of military motor vehicles and armoured fighting vehicles. Rootes was knighted in 1942 for these services and for organising the reconstruction of bomb-damaged Coventry by the Luftwaffe on 14–15 November 1940. In the 1950s, Rootes became a leader of Britain’s export drive and Chaired a committee to found Warwick University, with a vision of academic links with industry.

William (Billy) Rootes was born in Kent, attended Cranbrook School and on leaving school in 1909 was apprenticed to the Singer car company. Billy left Singer in 1913 to start his own car agency. Rootes married his first wife, Nora Press, in 1916. The marriage produced two sons, William Geoffrey Rootes (1917–1992) who served as Chairman of the family business (at that time a subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation and renamed as Chrysler United Kingdom), 1967-73 and Brian Gordon Rootes (1919–1971) who also held a succession of senior positions within the company, 1937-67.

In 1958, Billy Rootes bought Ramsbury Manor, Wiltshire. The family seat of Peter Morrison’s family was in Wiltshire; Morrison’s father Lord John Margadale had been the Tory MP for Salisbury, 1942-65 and Morrison’s brother Charles was the Tory MP for Devizes, 1964-92. The Morrison virtually ran Wiltshire. See previous posts.

Billy Rootes died in 1964. It had been intended that Rootes would be the first Chancellor of Warwick University; he is commemorated there by the Rootes Social Building, Rootes student residences, Rootes Grocery Store and the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund.

Billy Rootes’s son (William) Geoffrey Rootes, 2nd Baron Rootes (14 June 1917-16 January 1992), commonly styled Geoffrey Rootes, inherited his father’s business empire in 1964. He was the Chairman of Rootes Motors (1964-67) Chrysler UK (1967-1978) and of Britain’s National Economic Development Council, 1968-1973. The National Economic Development Council was loathed by Thatch and finally abolished by John Major, but it played an important role during the Wilson and Heath years in deciding Gov’t business strategy and investment. The son of the man who was involved with so much corruption linked to the Westminster Paedophile Ring was appointed Chairman when Harold Wilson was PM…

The Godfather Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Geoffrey Rootes was educated at Port Regis, Harrow and Oxford. He married his wife, Marian, on 15 August 1946. Their children were Sally Hayter Rootes and Nicholas Geoffrey Rootes, the 3rd Baron Rootes.

[Butterworth] remained a remarkable picker of professors, persuading selection committees to make controversial choices of people who went on to become academic stars and build international reputations at Warwick…

Butterworth was a great vice chancellor not just because of his vision, but because of his enormous commitment and enthusiasm for the task. He and his remarkable wife Doris gave the best parties in the university, filling the lodge with a bewildering mixture of academics of all ages and seniority, industrialists, local politicians and students…

His ambition for Warwick’s success and his willingness to take risks – coupled with a shrewd management of its finances – drove the university forward. Perhaps his crowning achievement was the Warwick arts centre, built entirely from private monies, with its complex of theatres, concert hall, cinema and art gallery right in the heart of the campus and attracting sometimes 2,000 visitors a night from all over the west midlands…

He was also sometimes a controversial figure. He fell out badly with student and staff radicalism in 1970 over allegations, never substantiated, of industrial interference in the university, and over his invitation to Margaret Thatcher in 1984 to open the university’s science park…

Throughout this period, he also played a significant role outside the university – as a Coventry magistrate

Dafydd’s gang will have greatly appreciated that particular contribution to public service.

a managing trustee of the Nuffield Foundation, chairman of the inter-university council for higher education overseas and of the body responsible for trades union negotiations with universities’ employees. He sat on numerous significant committees. On his elevation to the House of Lords in 1985, he played a full part on the science and technology select committee, and chaired the Foundation for Science and Technology.

But Butterworth’s lasting contribution must be his 22-years at Warwick, and only a few days before his death, he attended an alumni event in the Lords, hosted by one of his most distinguished professorial appointments, Lord Robert Skidelsky…

Robert Jacob Alexander, Baron Skidelsky (born 25 April 1939) was a boarder at  Brighton College, 1953-58. He read history at Jesus College, Oxford, a college with very strong Welsh links, which educated many of the people in senior professional roles who colluded with Dafydd and the gang eg. the corrupt judge Huw Daniel as well as Daniel’s father, J.E. Daniel, who knew Dafydd when Dafydd was a medical student and newly qualified Top Doc. Harold Wilson was a graduate of Jesus College. See previous posts. From 1961 to 1969, Skidelsky was successively a research student, senior student and research fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Skidelsky held a research fellowship at the British Academy. In 1970, he became an Associate Professor of History in the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Skidelsky was Professor of History, Philosophy and European Studies at the Poly of North London, 1976-78. In 1978, he was appointed Professor of International Studies at Warwick University, where he remained, although he joined the Economics Department as Professor of Political Economy in 1990. Robert Skidelsky was appointed Professorial Fellow of the Global Policy Institute at London Met University. Skidelsky has been an honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, since 1997. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1994.

Skidelsky co-authored on globalisation with Vijay Joshi, a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford. Edward du Cann and Kingsley Amis are both graduates of St John’s College, Oxford who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Dafydd’s gang. One of the biggest protectors that Dafydd’s gang had was Sir Idwal Pugh, a mandarin who served in the Welsh Office and then as Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and allowed the gang to do whatever they wanted. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.

Skidelsky was originally a member of the Labour Party. He became a founding member of the SDP, where he remained until the Party’s dissolution in 1992. On 15 July 1991 he was created a life peer and in 1992 he became a Tory. Skidelsky was made Chief Opposition Spokesman in the Lords, first for Culture, then for Treasury affairs, 1997-99, but was removed by Conservative Party leader William Hague. In 2001, Skidelsky left the Conservative Party for the cross benches. He was Chairman of the Social Market Foundation (see previous posts), 1991-2001.

In September 2015, Skidelsky endorsed Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign in the Labour Party Leadership election.


An extract from Jack Butterworth’s Torygraph obituary told us that:

In 1970 Warwick dons passed a motion of no confidence in Butterworth after the publication by a young but influential member of staff,

That was E.P. Thompson

of a pamphlet which alleged that Butterworth had allowed the university to become dominated by business interests and that he had attempted to “bribe” a former Professor of Mathematics by promising him additional accommodation for his department if he would stop supporting students in their demands for their own union building. Butterworth kept his cool; none of the allegations was ever substantiated and the row eventually blew over…

With regard to the ‘allegations’ against old Butterworth that were ‘never substantiated’, Richard Crossman was pals with Jack and Doris and they received a few mentions in his ‘Diaries’, as did the Warwick Events and the documents that E.P. Thompson, Merfyn and their mates discovered in the Registry. Crossman was a little concerned at what Butterworth had been up to…

From 1964 to 1999 he was a governor of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Which will have brought Butterworth into contact with numerous luvvies who had links to those in Dafydd’s wider network, including Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Judi Dench, who is Patron of the St James’s Singers, the elite choir in which Robert Bluglass and his wife Top Doctor Kerry Bluglass sing. See previous posts…

On Feb 20 1970, Crossman noted in his diary that he visited Rugby School to give his ‘usual address’ to the boys and after drinks ‘and a very good dinner’ with the then new Headmaster, James Woodhouse, Crossman got into conversation with a ‘very keen young man who teaches economics to the fifth form and has just got himself made the Labour candidate for Warwick and Leamington’. It was J. T. Watkinson. ‘He was full of the story of Warwick University, where the students have been holding a sit-in in the Registry and have broken open the files and found that Jack Butterworth has been corresponding with industrialists in Coventry and America, discussing his staff and undergraduates in a most undesirable way. I am in two minds about this. I deeply feel that no one can run a university or a Ministry if private files are broken open and people are allowed to see confidential letters. On the other hand I have also felt for a long time that Jack Butterworth would kowtow to industrialists with no kind of scruples about academic independence because he wants them to give money to the University. A lot of his staff rather suspected him of this and in the political climate there is at Warwick the discovery of these letters seemed to clinch this suspicion. Yet the manner of their discovery makes life absolutely impossible’.

So even the unscrupulous Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman who was letting Dafydd and Gwynne do whatever they felt like thought that Jack Butterworth’s practices were a little beyond the pale.

A footnote in Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ informs us that the demos at Warwick spread to Oxford and then onto other universities, where students raided university offices in search of files on the political activities of students. On Feb 27th, the university VCs met representatives from the NUS, led by their President, Mr Jack Straw. As a result of the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee of VCs and Principals, the VC of Durham University, Sir Derman Christopherson, announced that in future, details of a student’s academic record would be open to the individual concerned. He added that in his own mind he was quite certain that no university kept files on the political or religious affiliations of students.

At the time that Jack met the VCs, Sir Charles Evans was Principal at UCNW and Dafydd and the institution was a vehicle for the trafficking gang. Sir Derman’s institution at Durham was colluding with Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East and employed a social anthropologist, Eric Sunderland, who grew up in Carmarthenshire, was networked into the gang and would become a PVC at Durham. In 1984, Professor Sunderland responded to the distress flares sent up by the gang and became the Principal of UCNW on the retirement of Sir Charles. Distress flares were going up all over the place because I had complained about Gwynne the lobotomist, who was sitting in the Student Health Centre at UCNW doing things that he should not have been doing. Eric then continued denying and concealing what Gwynne and the gang were doing.

In 1984 I wrote to the GMC about Gwynne who told me that my complaint about him fell outside of their remit. The President of the GMC at the time was Lord John Walton, Dafydd’s and Gwynne’s mate, who was a psych and neurosurgeon and pretty much ran Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, which was of course linked to Durham University. Walton knew Gwynne and he also knew Sir Charles Evans, Sir Charles being a former neurosurgeon himself.

Walton was President of the GMC, 1982-89 and during that time the GMC ignored numerous very serious complaints about Gwynne and Dafydd, including complaints relating to unlawful imprisonment, sexually improper behaviour, abuse, neglect and deaths. There were five complaints in one month alone about Dafydd. Walton knew that they were running a trafficking ring, because he was facilitating the linked branch of that ring in the North East. Walton was appointed President of the BMA in 1980, when Mary began her litigation against Dafydd and the gang, was shortly in place as President of the GMC as well and in 1984 was appointed President of the Royal Society of Medicine, just to ensure that the fortress was impenetrable.

Walton was given a peerage in 1989, when Alison Taylor and I would not shut up and Alison had written to Thatch, Carlo and other Ministers. 1989 was the year in which I was offered the job at Westminster Paedophile Ring Central, St George’s Hospital Medical School, as a trap to ensure that I would be forced out of medical research permanently. See previous posts for info about Walton and his service on so many Lords Committees, including the Medical Ethics Committee, which he Chaired in 1993-94.

The Late John Smith
John Smith 1992.jpg

Dafydd, who obtained an injunction against me in 1994 from Liverpool High Court on the basis of no evidence at all, although his affidavit did discuss his anus:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


In 1993, the North Wales Police terminated their investigation into allegations that a a VIP paedophile ring was operating in north Wales/Cheshire and was being concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t, stating that there was no evidence of this.

The Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne:

Knighted in 1979: Anyone Remember Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch?
The Lord Walton of Detchant.png

The Only Way Is Ethics.

Dafydd will be holding one of his clinics in Prestatyn next week should any patients require an appointment:

  • TV with Thinus: Programming note: The Only Way is Essex ...
  • I AM NOT A MORON (Or; F*ck 'The Only Way is Essex') - Mum ...


In 1984 Jack had succeeded Babs Castle as MP for Burnley and was continuing to conceal the criminality of Gwynne, Dafydd and the gang, as Jack had done for many years.

It’s All Merfyn’s Fault! Kick Him Out!

Lord Walton Fellowship Fund - Muscular Dystrophy UK

Lord John Walton knew the Global Leaders In Neurosurgery at the Walton Centre as well, the Global Leaders who were associates of Dafydd’s gang and who found themselves unable to offer Nerys any effective treatment, despite all the Global Leading.

Now Don’t You Worry My Dear, We’ll Look After You.


J. T. Watkinson, the teacher at Rugby who had the dirt on Jack Butterworth and had a good gossip to Crossman about it, was John Taylor Watkinson, (25 January 1941-21 September 2004). He was educated at Bristol Grammar School before reading PPE at Worcester College, Oxford. Lord Asa Briggs, defender of the Brighton end of Dafydd and John Allen’s business empire, was Fellow of Worcester College, 1945-55 and Provost of Worcester, 1976-91.

From graduation until 1971 Watkinson taught at Rugby and thereafter was called to the Bar, where he practised on the Midland Circuit. As did this crooked old sod, who worked in Chambers in Nottingham before being elected as a Tory MP for an affluent constituency in Nottingham, who subsequently did battle with the BMA, loathed them, but couldn’t win because they were all concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so he came after me and those who knew me instead. See eg. ‘Jennifer’s Diary’. 

Official portrait of Mr Kenneth Clarke crop 2.jpg

John Watkinson was the Labour MP for Gloucestershire West, Oct 1974-1979. Watkinson was on the right of the Labour Party. He joined Dr Death in October 1981 and contested Gloucestershire West under those colours in 1983 and 1987.

Watkinson died from cancer in 2004, the year that Dafydd and the gang hoped to see me imprisoned for a substantial time for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’. His obituary in ‘The Guardian’ stated that:

...Although a good constituency MP, Watkinson made the mistake of taking minor parliamentary jobs. He was parliamentary private secretary at the home office, first to Roy Jenkins and then Merlyn Rees.

Both of whom colluded with Dafydd and the gang. Woy was a Westminster Swinger himself and Chancellor of the Exchequer when Crossman ran the DHSS.

He was also rapporteur on human rights in the council of Europe and the Western European Union. These posts provided few headlines in constituency newspapers. The Thatcher tide in the 1979 general election replaced him by [Paul] Marland, and Watkinson went to work for BBC TV as a financial reporter.

He reappeared in the political world in 1981 when more than 40 Labour MPs and ex-MPs publicly defected to the SDP under the leadership of the Gang of Four. Like most of the others, Watkinson was pro-European and critical of the leftwing postures and union domination of Michael Foot’s Labour party, and, although he twice carried the flag for the SDP in Gloucestershire West, in 1983 and 1987, he did not seriously threaten Marland’s hold.

He returned to the law, becoming a solicitor in 1986, and also a director of a Chepstow firm, Interconnect Communications. From 1992 he became a specialist adviser on telecommunications to a score of newly emerging countries, largely on the basis of his 1987 book, UK Telecommunications Manual.

He is survived by his wife Jane, two sons and two daughters. 

Paul Marland, Watkinson’s Tory opponent, married Caroline Marland, the Caroline Marland who was at one time former managing director of Guardian Newspapers Ltd.

Anyone for Supporting Our NHS?

Literary Festivals.Hundreds of annual Book Festival ...

 A memorial service was held for Jack Butterworth on 24 November,
2003 in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel. Canon W.B. Norman officiated. The Hon
John Butterworth, Jack’s son, read from Shakespeare’s Cymbeline and Lord
Peyton of Yeovil gave an address.

John Wynne William Peyton, Baron Peyton of Yeovil, (13 February 1919 – 22 November 2006) was the Tory MP for Yeovil, 1951-83, preceding Paddy Pantsdown in that seat. Peyton was an early and leading member of the Monday Club. He served as Minister of Transport in Heath’s Gov’t, 1970-74. He was a candidate for leader of the Conservative Party in 1975, losing to Thatch.

It was the crooked Tory MP for Taunton, Edward du Cann, who was involved with precipitating the leadership challenge to Heath. Peyton will have known du Cann and Peyton will have known my grandfather as well, the West Country Tories were all well-acquainted. Peyton will also know whatever David Hunt’s ‘services to politics in the West Country’ were which resulted in Hunt of Dafydd And The Gang receiving a gong before Hunt ever became elected to the Commons. Neither did Hunt represent a West Country constituency when he was elected; he represented the Wirral, part of Dafydd’s Merseyside arm. See previous posts.

The cheerleader for Thatch in the Tory leadership campaign was Sir Peter Morrison.

 John Peyton was educated at Eton and as a member of the Eton Officer Training Corps, he was a member of the honour guard within the grounds of Windsor Castle at the state funeral of King George V in 1936. He read law at Trinity College, Oxford from 1937, but took a commission in the 15/19 Hussars on the outbreak of WW II.
Peyton was sent to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force, but was captured in Belgium in May 1940 and spent 5 years in German PoW camps. Peyton was liberated by American troops in 1945. His brother was killed at St Nazaire in 1942, which was of course the scene of the alleged War Picture Library heroics of Micky Wynn,a friend in a High Place of Dafydd’s gang and the father of Lord Newborough. See post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’.

Peyton studied law while confined and was called to the Bar in 1945. He accompanied Sir Walter Monckton, adviser to the Nizam of Hyderabad to India in 1946 and 1947, in the run up to Indian Independence. Peyton will therefore have been party to the shenanigans of, or at least the allegations re the shenanigans of, Lord Louis Mountbatten. See post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.

Peyton became a broker at Lloyd’s of London in 1947 and then pursued a political career.

Peyton married twice. He married Diana, daughter of Douglas Clinch, in 1947, but was divorced in early 1966. They had two sons, one of whom died young and a daughter. He remarried on 27 July 1966, to Mary Cobbold, daughter of Colonel Humphrey Wyndham (also her second marriage). Peyton unsuccessfully contested the safe Labour seat of Bristol Central for the Tories in the 1950 General Election, before being elected for Yeovil in 1951. He was PPS to Nigel Birch, a junior defence minister, 1952-58.

Nigel Birch aka Lord Rhyl was the Eton education Tory MP for Flintshire and then West Flintshire, 1945-70, who was one of those who brought Macmillan down after Profumo. Which was the height of irony; Dafydd’s embryonic activities had something to do with Profumo and Nigel Birch had quite a lot to do with Dafydd. It was Nigel Birch who as a ‘friendly gesture to a fellow old Etonian’ supported Sir Anthony Myer as the Tory candidate to succeed him in the seat in 1970.

After more than a decade as the MP for West Flintshire, Myer did battle with Dafydd’s mate Beata Brookes and the local Tory Party was nearly destroyed in the process. Meyer’s subsequent stalking horse challenge to Thatcher’s leadership paved the way for her disposal a few years later. However, Sir Anthony was a Westminster Swinger himself and only bagged the seat on the turf of Dafydd and Gwynne because of Nigel Birch’s act of kindness. Meyer was so distant from Tory policies at the time that he could not find a seat anywhere else. He had previously served as the Tory MP for Eton and Slough… A constituency just like Flintshire, obviously. See previous posts.

The Godfather Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Sir Anthony Meyer was also something to do with Heseltine and Heseltine’s attempt to become PM by throwing hissy fits and thus precipitating the Westland Crisis in the mid-1980s. Westland involved an ailing business in Yeovil and various people who knew what was happening to me at the hands of the gang all capitalised on it, including Janet Mitchell, an engineer at Westland with whom I used to play when I was young. See previous posts…

The Godfather Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Heseltine was from Swansea and the first Commons seat that he held had been in Devon, so like Peyton, Heseltine knew about Mr Thrope and Mr Thrope’s links to Dafydd and co in Wales.

Peyton served as Parliamentary Secretary to Richard Wood and Frederick Erroll, the Ministers of Power, 1962-64. There will have been links to the Profumo Affair there because the whole Gov’t was embroiled…

Peyton remained Opposition Spokesman on power until 1966.

Peyton was in office when the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board collapsed; he privatised British Rail’s travel agency, Thomas Cook & Son in 1972; and made helmets compulsory for motorcyclists.

Peyton became Shadow Leader of the Commons in Opposition. Peyton was Shadow Minister for Agriculture in Thatcher’s Shadow Cabinet and was offered the position of Minister of Transport after Thatcher’s 1979 victory, but refused to return to his old office and became the only member of the Shadow Cabinet not to secure a Ministerial position in the new Gov’t.

Peyton stood down from the Commons at the 1983 General Election. He was created a life peer on 5 October 1983. That will have been to do with whatever happened at UCNW which was as consequence of Dafydd and Gwynne. Something big happened in about 1982 although I haven’t found out what precisely – I suspect that it was the death of a student – but it was the reason for a spate of gongs for those Who Knew.

Peyton was Chairman of the British subsidiary of Texas Instruments, 1974-90. He also held positions with the London and Manchester Assurance Company, Trusthouse Forte and British Alcan Aluminium, of which he was Chairman, 1987-91. British Aluminium owned a site at Dolgarrog in Gwynedd but closed it in 2002.

Peyton was Treasurer of the Zoological Society of London, 1984-91. So Peyton the Monday Clubbing industrialist took up zoology in the year that I began sharing a house with zoology students at UCNW, one of whom, Anne Vernon, was killed by the gang in 1986. Ronnie Waterhouse had an interest in zoology as well, but I think that Ronnie’s involvement with the London Zoo might have begun before I made friends with zoologists. Before I arrived at UCNW, Dafydd and the gang nearly destroyed the life of Dr Bill Hemming, one of the lecturers in the Dept of Zoology at UCNW. See previous posts.

Peyton wrote a biography of Solly Zuckerman in 2001, Solly friend of Ronnie Waterhouse that is, Solly who was one of the head honchos at the London Zoo… See previous posts.

Peyton was survived by his second wife, Mary and his daughter and surviving son from his first marriage.

Peyton’s obituary was published in ‘The Guardian’ in Nov 2006 and was written by John Biffen, the Tory MP for Oswestry and then North Shropshire 1961-97. Dafydd and John Allen’s business extended as far as Biffen’s constituency. Not only did the ring in Shropshire have links to Dafydd’s gang anyway, but John Allen established a children’s home in the county. The family seat of Lord Harlech, the Ormsby-Gores, is near Oswestry and the number of members of that family who, since David Ormsby-Gore – Biffen’s predecessor in the seat – served as the British Ambassador to the US when J.F. Kennedy was President, have died young or in traumatic/violent circumstances suggests that some nasty people have a big problem with them. Francis Ormsby-Gore, who lived on his farm near Harlech rather than at Oswestry, certainly had all the hallmarks of being under attack from the gang. See previous posts eg. ’95 Glorious Years!’

John Biffen went to school with my father and grew up on a farm about three miles away from my grandparents house where I spent my teenage years; the Biffen’s farm was about half a mile down the road from my other grandparents house and my aunties as well. John Biffen’s parents were still living at the farm when Biffen was in Thatch’s Cabinet. Biffen’s parents lived in Tom King’s constituency, the King who knew relatives of mine and who was involved in much skulduggery in the attempts to shaft Brown, me and my friends. Brown and my friends also grew up in King’s constituency and still had families living there.

Biffen was Lord President of the Council, which therefore meant that he was the visitor for UCNW, April 1982-11 June 1983. Which is certainly interesting, because it was during that time that Brown began receiving murder threats when he was at Aston University, was held hostage in his room by the man who sent the murder threats while the man trashed his room and told Brown that he’d be back again. My tutor at UCNW, Adrian Bell, told me that things like that don’t happen, wouldn’t let me in his room again and ordered me to see Dr D.G.E. Wood, Dafydd’s mate in the Student Health Centre, who ignored what was happening to Brown as well. Brown graduated in May 1983 and moved in with me because it was far too dangerous for him to stay in Birmingham. By then we were being seriously hassled by weird people whom I now know to have been undercover officers. See previous posts.

Biffen is dead, so I wonder if Lord Tom King can explain what was happening at the time?

John Biffen was a paid up member of the Thatcher fan club for a while but then fell out with her. See previous posts eg. ‘A Local Boy Made Good?’ for further info on Biffen.

Peyton’s obituary in the Indie mentioned that he was insulting to Ted Heath, that Heath didn’t like him, that ‘Peyton was never a respecter of persons, and he would not move a millimetre off his chosen course to procure advancement, or even respect’ and that ‘it was solely the advocacy of William Whitelaw that got him a job in government’ when Heath was elected PM. Willie Whitelaw knew all about Gwynne and Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring back to the time of Lord Mountbatten, the gay spies in the Admiralty and of course Profumo. Whitelaw covered up for that lot for years in numerous roles, including as Home Secretary, Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord President of the Council and Deputy PM (see previous posts) and he will have known whatever Peyton’s former boss Nigel Birch was doing with Dafydd’s gang as well. Willie will have known that Heath’s personal friend and Top Doc Sir Brian Warren, as well as Warren’s Top Doc wife and their colleagues were running the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’.

Willie had to do a lot of favours for people who had the dirt of Dafydd and Gwynne, when Thatch renegaded on her promise to establish S4C, Willie was visited by a delegation of three Welsh language activists, all mates of Dafydd and Gwynne’s, who reminded Willie of a few things. There was an immediate U turn and S4C was given the go-ahead. One of the three who visited Willie was Alwyn Roberts, a Gwynedd County Councillor and a PVC at UCNW (see previous posts eg. ‘Meet The Gwerin!’) – Willie served as Lord President of the Council, which brought with it the role of visitor to UCNW, so he knew what Alwyn and his mates were up to – and another was Gwilym Williams, the Bishop of Bangor and the Archbishop of Wales. Willie wasn’t going to argue. See post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.

The obituary noted that many people were puzzled by Peyton’s sudden interest in zoology in 1984.

Peyton’s Indie obituary was written by Patrick Cosgrave, who was friends with George Thomas and maintained after Thomas’s serial sexual assaults on boys and teenagers were made public that he had no idea and didn’t believe it anyway. See previous posts…
Among others at Butterworth’s memorial service were:
Lady Butterworth (widow), Dr and the Hon Mrs Timothy Walker and Mr and
the Hon Mrs John Burley (sons-in-law and daughters), Miss Sophie
Walker, Miss Polly Walker and Miss Beth Walker and Miss Emma Burley
(granddaughters), Professor Thomas Messinger. The Turkish Ambassador, Viscount Brentford, Viscountess Montgomery of
Alamein, Lord and Lady Archer of Sandwell, Lord Blaker, Lord Brougham
and Vaux (representing the Conservative Peers), Lady Hylton, Lord and
Lady Chorley, Lord Cope of Berkeley, Lord Craig of Radley, Baroness
David, Lord and Lady Elton, Lord and Lady Griffiths of Fforestfach,
Baroness Hooper, Renee Lady Iliffe, Lord Jenkin of Roding (Foundation
for Science and Technology).
Lady Joseph, Lady Kings-Norton, Lord May of Oxford, Lord Morris of
Aberavon, QC, Lord and Lady Nathan, Baroness O’Neill of Bengarvie
(Nuffield Foundation), Lady Peyton of Yeovil, Baroness Perry of
Southwark, Lord and Lady Quinton, Lord Renwick of Clifton, Lord and
Lady Shaw of Northstead, Lord Skidelsky, Lady Thorneycroft, Lord
Waddington, QC, Lord Walton of Detchant, Baroness Warwick of

Lady Mawhinney, Sir Humphrey Potts, Sir Christopher and Lady Slade,
the Hon Mrs Edwards, the Hon Sir Simon Orr-Ewing, the Hon Mrs Robins,
the Hon J Cumberledge, Professor Sir Kumar Bhattacharyya (representing
Warwick University), Lady Balcombe, Sir Geoffrey Cass (Royal
Shakespeare Company) and Lady Cass, Sir Anthony Cleaver, Sir Patrick
Cormack, MP, Sir Brian Follett, Sir Ronald Halstead, Sir Robin Ibbs,
Sir Peter and Lady Lachmann, Lady Landau, Lady Layfield, Sir John and
Lady Maddox, Sir John Mason, Sir Richard Morris, Sir Jeremy Morse,
Councillor Kevin Gardner and Baroness Gardner of Parkes.

The Treasurer of Lincoln’s Inn, Judge Hubert Dunn, QC, Mr Charles
Perrin (New College, Oxford), Mr and Mrs Anthony Ansell, the Rev Dr C
Barrett, Mr Anthony Beevor, Mr David Bentley, Professor and Mrs Derek
Burke, Mr Alan Cameron, Mr and Mrs Peter Carter, Mr and Mrs Terence
Coghlan, Judge Coles, QC, Mr Alistair Cooke, Mr and Mrs William Davis,
Mr Richard de Ste Croix, Mr Brian Eyre, Judge Elizabeth Fisher, Mr
Arthur de Frisching, Dr Dougal Goodman, Mr and Mrs Raymond Greenburgh, Mr S Hall, Mr and Mrs David Hall.

Professor Ian Hall (Bloomsbury Society), Miss Sonia Proudman, QC, Dr
Robert Hawley, Mr Jonathan Henty, Mr and Mrs Derek Higgs, Mr Keith
Lawrey, Professor and Mrs John Martin, Mr Patrick McHugh, Mr David
Moorhouse, Mr Andrew Peck, the Very Rev John Petty, Mr and Mrs John
Richardson, Dr and Mrs Geoffrey Robinson, Mr Geoffrey Robinson, MP,
Mrs Brenda Price, Mr and Mrs T Royle, Mr Anthony Tomei, Dr Peter

Mr Hillary Bauer, Mr and Mrs Michael Boreham, Dr A Bourne and Dr F
Steele, Mr John Bradford, Mr and Mrs Allan Bradley, Mr and Mrs Stephen
Burley, Mr Michel Elves, Mr and Mrs Paul Fielder, Mrs Julia Hanford,
Mr and Mrs Joe Henson, Mr Keith James, Mrs Venice James, Mr and Mrs
Stephen Jay, Mr Ian Kershaw, Mr Hommy Khosrowpanah, Mr Namuk Korhan,
Mr Ugur Karagozlin, Miss Gulfem Vezirogen, Mr and Mrs Peder Lund, Mrs
C A Mannion Watson (Head of Kingsley School) with Mrs Penny Birt
(Governor) accompanied by Mr Colin Birt, Mr Ken Olisa, Mr David
Roodyn, Mr and Mrs Ian Rodger, Mrs P D Rosenberg, Mr Mark Savage, Mr P
R Sherratt and Dr J M Sherratt, Ms Elaine Smith, Mr and Mrs Glenn
Start, Mr Carl Teper, Mr Darrell Thompson-Schwab and Countess Pusich,
Mrs Audrey Wilkerson and many other friends and former colleagues.

Readers might notice how many of these names were friends of Dafydd and the gang and how many of those umbrellas and friends of the gang had no obvious links to Butterworth or Warwick University. Field Marshal Montgomery for instance?? The real giveaway of course is was the presence of Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne…
Richard Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ contain a few other gems re Jack and Doris. On April 26 1968 Crossman noted that he lunched at Courtaulds Ltd with Ronald Kerr-Muir, a Director of Courtaulds and Chairman of the Social Services Sub Committee of the CBI ‘to whom Jack Butterworth first introduced me to at Warwick University’. Kerr-Muir had been with Courtaulds Ltd since 1946, was its Director, 1958-71. He was a member of the Council of Warwick University from 1961 and Treasurer from 1965 until his death in 1974. Kerr-Muir was Deputy Chairman of the Meat and Livestock Commission, 1973-74.
 Crossman found that Kerr-Muir and his fellow Directors were ‘terribly upset because that morning news had leaked from New York that George Brown was joining the Board. Crossman remarked that the Board already had ‘a constellation of politicians’, including Rab Butler, David Eccles, Douglas Jay…
Rab Butler was Mr Tory Party, throughout the middle decades of the 20th century. After his career in the Commons, Butler was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. It was through that he became a friend of Trumpers. Butler was Carlo’s mentor when Carlo was at Trinity College. Butler concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring, the elite sex abuse ring at Cambridge and established the Home Office Research Unit which, during the 1970s, commissioned and funded research by academics who tripped over Dafydd’s gang and other organised abuse rings constantly, but remembered never to mention this; they became some of the UK’s leading academics, particularly in criminology, as a result. See eg. post ‘Rab, High Table and the Founding Fathers’. Rab married into the Courtauld family.
Douglas Jay was the husband of the dreadful Peggy Jay, one of the female accessories to the organised crime ring that was in Camden and served as the posh partners of Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang in north Wales, the link between the two rings being the Welsh Bloomsbury Set. See post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’. Douglas Jay was a Cabinet Minister in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t who served as the Labour MP for Battersea North, 1946-83, which was of course on the manor of Dafydd’s partner gang which operated in Wandsworth. Douglas and Peggy Jay’s son Peter was a friend of Dr Death; Peter married Jim Callaghan’s daughter Margaret. See previous posts…
George Brown was a high profile Labour politician who was high profile for being an alkie. At one point it looked as though the Labour Party Leadership was a choice between Harold Wilson or George Brown and it was observed by a Labour colleague that it was between a crook or a drunk. See previous posts.
Crossman was able to say to Kerr-Muir that he had told Harold Collison that the CBI would have every detail of the Gov’ts pension plan in advance and that ‘I intend to have no secrets whatsoever reserved for the bill. In my experience as a Minister so far, telling the truth and trusting people always pays if you want to get them on your side.’
Well had I been a Minister, that would have been my central principle, but absolutely nothing about Crossman or the contents of his ‘Diaries’ suggest that telling the truth and trusting people even featured in his list of priorities. Crossman was a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and he used his Gov’t position and his senior position in the British intelligence services to expand the ring and protect everyone involved, although he knew that the most serious crimes, including against children, were being committed. Crossman was well aware that he had, as it were, infected the whole of the medical profession and the Social Services with appalling dry rot.
Richard Crossman
Rhett Butler
Furthermore because Crossman was C or M or X or whoever the Top Dog was, lying his arse off routinely will have been his stock in trade, so this accomplished conman would of course be lying when he gave Kerr-Muir that pep talk about telling the truth and trusting people. It came out of the mouth of every Top Doctor that I encountered as well and they rivalled Richard Crossman in the ‘you can tell that they are lying because you can see their lips moving’ stakes. Of course they did: they were the Top Docs who had run the ring when Crossman was at the DHSS or had trained at the knee of those who had.
Crossman would have been on safe ground dropping the name of Lord Harold Collison to use as a stooge; Collison was a farm worker who entered Labour Party politics via the trade union movement and was Chairman of the Supplementary Benefits Commission, 1969-75, along with Crossman’s swinging friends. Collison would have known what they were using the DHSS for. See post ‘The Bitterest Pill’.
When I wrote that post I thought that Collison must have been quite shocked at the past-times of Crossman and co. I have been reminded of the number of agricultural workers and farmers in Somerset and Wales who were linked to organised abuse in some way. It will have been the access to databases that was the crucial factor: Collison had served as a senior union rep with different agricultural unions and then held roles in organisations associated with agriculture. Crossman’s lot excelled at gaining access to data unlawfully and they’ll have had a great time with agricultural databases just as they did with NHS, social services, schools, colleges and university databases.
Harold Collison died on 29 Dec 1995. By that time, Ronnie Waterhouse knew that he was going to be Chairing a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, although as part of the smoke and mirrors tactics, William Hague didn’t announce it for many more months. Furthermore, Nicola Davies QC, who had carried out a review of the North Wales Police’s paperwork concerning the abuse of kids in care – the paperwork from 1989 onwards was all missing – had stated earlier in Dec 1995 that a Public Inquiry would not be in the Public Interest. There would obviously be howls of outrage at this decision, so Nicola saying that before Hague announced the Inquiry would then make it look as though John Major had Listened and given the people what they wanted. Meanwhile Ronnie Waterhouse, friends of so many involved with the abuse, had been told months previously to alter his retirement plans and conduct a farewell tour of his circuit, the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit, which would allow him to wine and dine with everyone in public life who were culpable re the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. See post ‘Heart Of Darkness’.
It also gave Tony Francis, Dafydd et al time to make further allegations without foundation against me with a view to having me banged up in a secure hospital without trial. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.
Harold Collison was dead by the end of 1995, along with Sir Peter Morrison and Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office mandarin who had been so helpful to Dafydd… See previous posts.
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On Cct 26 1968 Richard Crossman had his American publisher, Michael Bessie and Bessie’s wife Cornelia staying over at his place and Crossman recorded in his diary that the previous evening, Crossman, Bessie and Jack Butterworth had a ‘great talk’ about the anti-Vietnam protest that was planned for Oct 27 1968. That was of course the huge protest which began in Trafalgar Square and ended up outside the American Embassy. The protest became very violent, mounted police charged the protesters, 86 people were injured and 200 arrested.
On oct 25 1968, the LSE, which was run and staffed by Crossman’s friends, many of whom were advisers or researchers working on commissions for Harold Wilson’s Gov’t (see previous posts), had been seized by the students, in order to make it ready as a place of refuge for the Vietnam demonstrators. Crossman noted that a few days earlier the Cabinet had discussed the planned demo, including the refusal of Jim Callaghan, then the Home Secretary, to have ‘troops even standing by behind the scenes, because the police think they can manage it. The police plan to let the students sit down in Whitehall and go on sitting there for ever’. That is not what the police did on the big day itself…
The Thoughts of Chairman Crossman were recorded in his diary:
‘What does this demonstration represent?. Is it as Jack Butterworth was asking last night, that a small hard core of revolutionary, so-called Che Gueveraists are organizing and stimulating anarchy and violence? Or is it really rooted in student discontent with authority or in protest against western democracy? All I know is if I had to choose between being a Minister in a Labour government however unpopular and a university VC, it would be a far more anxious job now to be a VC. Whatever we say about the particular reasons for the student thing I am sure it is centred in a hard core of professional troublemakers….’
I’ll let readers know who one of the so-called Che Guevaraists who went on that demo in 1968 was. It was the man who later became so-called VC of Bangor University and after that the so-called Chairman of the Betsi Health Board, the man who’s so-called wife died years later at the hands of the so-called Experts at the so-called Walton Centre because she and the so-called Merfyn had pissed off that bloody paedophile gang who were involved in the hugely corrupt practices of Crossman’s associates in the West Midlands, including Jack Butterworth.
As for the so-called VC being a professional troublemaker, well according to gang member Dr Tony Roberts who had the highest suicide rate among female patients of any Top Doc in England and Wales except for Camden no less, I am a known troublemaker. If I was a professional one I’d have become a VC obviously.
We are troublemakers, they are a gang of sex offenders who murdered witnesses.
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‘And you tell that to the young people of today and they don’t believe you.’
‘Dr Dafydd Alun Jones is a highly professional man’: Alun Davies circa 1987
‘It’s time for you to put up and shut up’: Alun Davies, 1997, after yet another Court case against me had collapsed and I asked when my complaints against Dafydd et al would be investigated.
A So-called Che Guevaraist and a Professional Troublemaker:
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chairman Professor ...
[Shurely shome mishtake? – Ed]
In his entry for Oct 28 1968, Mao Tse-Crossman has stopped doing his Daily Mail bit, although that was the day on which this all kicked off in central London:
  • Grosvenor Square 1968 Stock Photos & Grosvenor Square 1968 ...
  • Vietnam War Protest 1968 Stock Photos & Vietnam War ...
  • Grosvenor Square 1968 Stock Photos & Grosvenor Square 1968 ...
  • Grosvenor Square 1968 Stock Photos & Grosvenor Square 1968 ...
There were estimated to be 30,000 marchers and 5000 demonstrators accumulated outside of the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square.
Crossman doesn’t write a word about it in his entry for that day, although he records that in the evening, he and his wife went to ‘a splendid buffet supper party given by Harold Lever and Diane, who looked like a delicious toy princess…She can’t have produced three children and still look so beautiful…’
The loins of C were stirring once more…
Lord Harold Lever was a barrister, a member of Middle Temple along with Ronnie Waterhouse, a Governor of the LSE and Labour MP for Manchester constituencies, 1945-79. Harold Lever was a member of the Court of Manchester University, 1975–87. Harold Lever was a Manchester MP throughout the years that Dafydd and Tony Francis’s partners in crime ran the abuse ring in Manchester; Tony Roberts and Tony Francis previously worked with the gang in Manchester before relocating to north Wales. Dafydd’s old boss Dr Bob Hobson who ran the ring at the Maudsley for years relocated to Manchester in 1974 and led a team based at Manchester University. See post ‘The Mentor’.  Tony Francis was a member of the team while Lever sat on the Council of Manchester University and Tony Roberts trained at Manchester University while Lever was on the Council.
Harold and Diane lived in a 22-roomed apartment in Eaton Square, Belgravia.  
The Natural Habitat of Troublemakers:
The Third World:
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Harold’s brother Leslie Maurice Lever, Baron Lever (29 April 1905-26 July 1977) was the Labour MP for Manchester Ardwick, 1950-70. Educated at Manchester Grammar School and Leeds University, Leslie Lever was a solicitor and poor man’s lawyer between 1928 and the advent of Legal Aid in 1948. Leslie served as Lord Mayor of Manchester, 1957–58, attending 2,700 official engagements. He was knighted by Popes John Paul XXIII and Paul VI, as well as by Lilibet in 1970 for his philanthropic work. He died in Manchester in 1977, aged 72.

Leslie and Harold’s sister and two other brothers were all lawyers.

George Carman QC was based in Chambers in Manchester and worked on the Northern Circuit until he relocated to London after successfully defending Mr Thrope.

Geraint Morgan QC, the Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83, practised as a barrister and Crown Court Recorder on the Northern Circuit, which was unusual for a Welsh speaking lawyer living in Wales and having been educated at Aberystwyth University, although Morgan did study at Trinity Hall, Cambridge and London University as well. The roads between Denbigh and Manchester and the surrounding area weren’t very good then either.

The Godfather Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Harold Lever died on 6 Aug 1995. Geraint Morgan had died the month before Harold, on 2 July 1995. Bing Spear died on 9 July 1995. Peter Morrison was found dead at his house in Belgravia on 13 July 1995. Brown was made redundant from his job at Aston at the end of July 1995.
 Geraint Morgan was born in Liverpool, went to Bedford School and served in the Royal Marines in WW II. His first go at a seat in the Commons was in 1951 when he stood as the Tory candidate for the constituency which included Croesor and Bertrand Russell’s turf. In 1955 he stood against Harold Wilson in Huyton. Morgan was a member of the Lord Chancellor’s Committee on the Recovery of Judgement Debts for four years from 1965 – the Lord Chancellor was at the time Lord Gardiner, who also served as Chancellor of the OU – and gave sterling service as a member of the Investiture Committee of the Prince of Wales in 1968-69.
So a posh man who was born in Liverpool, educated at a private school in Bedford, who spoke Welsh, English and several European languages as well, had studied at Aberystwyth, Cambridge and London Universities, who had done his Lord Mountbatten bit in the forces and was a patriotic Welshman who was a Welsh language champion as well as a Tory, in the early 1950s had an overwhelming desire to become an MP for rural Wales, his first choice being the manor of Bertrand Russell, his next idea being Harold Wilson’s seat and then finally plumped for being the democratically elected representative for the thugs and sex offenders who sexually assaulted, beat and occasionally murdered the victims of Bertrand Russell and others.
Somebody really was desperate to ensure that Dafydd and Gwynne remained in business weren’t they.
Sir Charles Evans: Everest Hero, Principal of UCNW: Died on 5 Dec 1995
Charles Evans (Mountaineer).jpeg
Institutions like the North Wales Hospital, To Test For Insanity, used to ask new admitted patients ‘What happened in 1953?’ Patient F was still asked that in the late 1970s, so he took the piss. There was a choice of two correct answers: the first ascent of Everest and the Coronation of Carlo’s mum of course!
Bangor University seems to be at the centre of the universe.
For further info about the Lord Lever and Geraint Morgan QC, see previous posts…
 Crossman’s diary tells us that as well as Harold Lever and his fruity wife, ‘also at the most distinguished gathering’ on the evening of the Grosvenor Square Riot, was Mary Wilson and William Rees-Mogg, the then Editor of ‘The Times’. Crossman had his ‘first real talk’ with Mystic Mogg and found ‘this goggle eyed intellectual rather sardonic and amusing’. Mystic Mogg did of course live in Somerset and his son Jacob now occupies the family seat…
 On Oct 29 1968, there was a meeting of Cabinet. Crossman congratulated Sunny Jim on his handling of the Vietnam demo, which Crossman describes as a ‘largely unproactive demo’ and Sunny Jim was known to have congratulated the police on their successful policing and a the non violent demo as soon as it was over. So Sunny Jim and the members of Wilson’s Cabinet obviously attended a different demo to the one in which people were charged by mounted police and sustained serious injury…
Crossman noted re Sunny Jim, that ‘no doubt it has added even more to his strength, building him up as the only alternative to Harold Wilson’. When Callaghan was Home Secretary, he gave Leo Abse every assistance that Abse needed to rewrite the legislation re children in care, which enabled hundreds of children to be sent into the clutches of Dafydd and John Allen and other linked gangs. See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.
Sir Charles Evans – Top Doc Who Played An Essential Role
Charles Evans (Mountaineer).jpeg
 On May 8 1970 Crossman spent the day with Nottingham City Council. They enjoyed ‘a great lunch in the vast, palatial Edwardian town hall’. Crossman sat ‘beside an enormous, boring Mayor’. [It was the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, W.G.E. Dyer]. ‘There was Nottingham enjoying itself, over excellent food and drink, but God, it was heavy going…’ Crossman then ‘went off to put up plaques at a couple of health centres’ and then he ‘drove on to Coventry to address the annual dinner of the [Royal] College of Midwives, with Doris [Butterworth] who is their President…’
So Doris would have known all about the unlawful conspiracy between Top Docs in north Wales making it impossible for women to access NHS abortions, years after the 1967 Abortion Act had been passed, indeed as recently as the late 1980s, yet being able to access abortion on demand from a dangerous private abortionist in Chester who was knowing to be putting lives at risk. Doris would have known what was happening to the babies of all the pregnant women being admitted to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, as well as those who became pregnant while they were patients there… Doris would have known that girls in care of 13 and 14 were becoming pregnant in north Wales… See post eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’.
Doris will have also known Geraldine, the aunt of the Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach, who was President of the Royal College of Midwives Denbigh branch… See previous posts.
 Online biographies of Doris Butterworth explain that she was a charidee and community worker for 40 yrs and was involved in the task of transforming Warwick’s mental hospital at Hatton. There is information available on Hatton, but it won’t be reliable. However, it was known that ‘the hospital was overcrowded for over 20 years between 1945 and the late 1960s. A step in the right direction during that time however was the building of Nuffield House in partnership with the Nuffield Foundation. These were rehabilitation units which were in essence a halfway house between the wards of the main hospital and a typical suburban home and were supervised but not totally controlled by staff. Between 1978 and 1994 Central Ajax F.C., currently of the Midland Football League, played home matches on the site. After services were transferred to St Michael’s Hospital, the hospital itself was officially closed on 31 July 1995.’

The Nuffield Foundation is a charitable trust established in 1943 by William Morris, Lord Nuffield, the founder of Morris Motors Ltd. Morris also founded the Nuffield Trust and Nuffield College, Oxford. He took his title from the village of Nuffield in Oxfordshire, where he lived. William Morris was raised to the peerage as a Viscount after he was raised to the peerage as a Baron.

Statue of the Viscount Nuffield in Guy’s Hospital; Uncle Harry was a consultant and Prof at Guy’s.

In May 1938 a serial blackmailer, Patrick Tuellman, tried to kidnap Morris for a £100,000 ransom. But Tuellman had an accomplice who betrayed his plan to Oxford City Police. The force briefed Morris and planned to catch Tuellman in the attempt. Morris took a keen interest in the preparations and insisted on attending every meeting. On 28 May police ambushed Tuellman in Cowley in his car. Officers found him to be in possession of two automatic pistols, ammunition and items of disguise. Birmingham Assizes tried Tuellman and on 22 July 1938 convicted him. He served seven years’ penal servitude. 

How much of that bit of Lord Nuffield’s biography we can believe I am not sure.

The Nuffield Trust, formerly the Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust is registered with the Charity Commission and is a company limited by guarantee registered in England. The Patron is the Princess Snap, Anne, Princess Royal. The Chief Executive of the Trust is Nigel Edwards, expert adviser with KPMG’s Global Centre of Excellence for Health and Life Sciences and a Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund. The Chair of the Board is Andy McKeon.

Readers may remember that in a previous post, I mentioned that my Tory activist grandfather went into the Nuffield Hospital in Taunton in the mid-late 1970s, after he had a stroke to give my gran a rest and uncovered a prostitution racket being run by the Angels there. He made a complaint, demanded to phone the police and two Top Docs contacted his relatives and told them that they would certify him if the complaint wasn’t dropped immediately; they insisted that he should leave the hospital immediately but still kept the money that he had paid in advance for his planned stay. We were later told that the prostitution racket at the Nuffield in Taunton had been going on for ages.

Ah the doctors they are cheating, lying, swindling, criminal bastards.

Dafydd used to hold clinics at the Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital in Chester. Carlo’s friend the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, was a Committee member of the Nuffield Hospitals from 1995 until his death in 2016. The Duke was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association while Sir Peter Morrison was the constituency MP. The Duke had many interests, but particularly matters agriculture and drug/alcohol abuse and of course the welfare of children… See previous posts.

Jack Butterworth was of course a managing Trustee of the Nuffield Foundation, so the ‘improvement’ of the hospital at Hatton by Doris will have been another dodgy deal brought to the world by Jack Butterworth, friend of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Doris’s efforts at Hatton – the only account that I can find of them is one stating that through gentle persuasion, Doris encouraged volunteers onto the wards, so Hatton was obviously given a wide berth then a la Denbigh – led to Doris being appointed as Chair of the National Association of Voluntary Help Organisers. Doris was also President of The Women’s Council, ‘which promotes Friendship between women of Asian countries and the UK and improves the care of children with disability and their families within their own communities in Asia’. Doris has made a significant contribution to Warwick’s philanthropic endeavours. She has been a constant supporter of fund raising initiatives since the University’s outset.

Doris was a Director of the Independent Schools Council, as well as a governor of a number of private schools.

Jack and Doris’s daughter is Anna Elizabeth Blackstock Walker (born 1951). 

Walker became Chair of the Office of Rail Regulation on 5 July 2009. In this role, Walker was the IRG-Rail Chair for 2013; the members of IRG-Rail consist of the independent Regulatory Bodies of twenty-one countries inside and outside the European Union. She stepped down from this role in 2015. Anna Walker has been a member of Consumer Focus since 1 October 2008.

Now this is what I am more interested in:

Anna Walker, the daughter of a man in public life who was participating in serious corruption in HE, in healthcare and in civic life involving Gov’t and industry and who was a friend of the man who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and protected Top Docs and other NHS and Social Services professionals in north Wales perpetrating organised abuse and associated serious crime, served as the Chief Executive of the Healthcare Commission, April 2004 – March 2009. In March 2009 the Commission was abolished and its functions in England were broadly subsumed by the Care Quality Commission.

In 2005, the Heathcare Commission published a Report following an inspection of the mental health services run by the NW Wales NHS Trust. There was quite a long delay between the inspection and the publication of the Report. The inspection had been carried out by the Commission for Health Improvement, the organisation which preceded the Healthcare Commission. By that time, that the CHI conducted the inspection, the ‘services’ run by the NW Wales NHS Trust were in meltdown. There had been numerous deaths of patients, including some on the wards of the Hergest Unit. I had been arrested on the grounds of the perjury of NHS staff and another patient had killed himself in Altcourse Prison after he too was arrested and charged after staff lied. I and a number of other patients had made complaints about staff violence, none of which were investigated. The same staff were named repeatedly by patients as having assaulted them. A number of patients and relatives had written to AMs, MPs and the Secretary of State for Wales. Patients were also consulting lawyers

The NW NHS Trust at the time had the highest suicide rate among women of any area in England or Wales except for Camden.

I was told the other day that the Hergest Unit was assessed as being the most dangerous psych unit in the UK for five years in succession.

When the CHI visit was announced, I and at least two other patients met with the inspector – an Angel wearing a name badge  – and told her of our experiences. We found out months later that two staff whistleblowers had also met with the inspector and told her in no uncertain terms that the Hergest Unit was dangerous, that patients who complained were being prosecuted on what the whistleblowers suspected was fabricated evidence, that the senior managers of the Trust were not investigating complaints and that their statements about the ‘services’ on offer and the quality of those services could not be believed.

The staff of the Hergest Unit and the staff of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team hated each other so much that they refused to speak to each other.

The subsequent Report, many many months later, from the Healthcare Commission re the mental health services provided by the NW Wales Trust was a wonder to behold. It praised the ‘excellent’ relationship and joint working between the Hergest Unit and the Community Mental Health Teams. It talked of caring compassionate staff and the high levels of patient satisfaction. It talked of the transparent no-blame culture that prevailed at the Trust, enabling staff to raise concerns to which the Trust then responded.

One of the patients who met with the CHI inspector commented that reading this Report ‘is like reading about a completely different hospital’. They asked for an appointment with the Healthcare Commission but were told that the Report had now been completed and there would be no further discussion. I was told the same when I contacted them. The two staff whistleblowers were shocked at the contents of the Report, because they claimed that they had made it clear to the CHI that the ‘services’ were dangerous, abusive and that what was being claimed by senior managers at the Trust was simply untrue.

Brown quipped at the time that the contents of the Report will have been a result of the quality of the dinner to which Alun Davies treated the inspector. It was worse than that. The contents of the Report were a result of the Chief Exec of the Healthcare Commission being the daughter of the friend of the man who in a previous generation had concealed the crimes of the mental health services in north Wales. The people causing the havoc at the NW Wales NHS Trust in 2005 were the juniors of or the children of the crowd whom Crossman protected. In the case of some people in public life in north Wales, they were the same people.

The whitewashing of a dangerous, troubled Trust run by white collar criminals steeped in corruption is worthy of scrutiny. The CHI was established by the Health Act 1999. It was ‘the first organisation ever to assess the clinical performance of NHS hospitals in England’ and it was a ‘non-departmental public body sponsored by the Dept of Health, 2001-04. It’s Chair was Top Doc Dame Deirdre Hine.

Deirdre trained at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff, graduating in 1961. Deirdre worked as a Top Doc at Cardiff’s Royal Infirmary. She worked with Sir William Asscher in Cardiff, who was concealing the crimes of George Thomas and Dafydd’s gang, as was the whole of the Cardiff medical scene. Asscher was headhunted to become Dean of St George’s in 1988, after the previous Dean was deposed in the wake of Professor Oliver Brooke being jailed. Asscher went to St George’s to conceal Ollie’s colleagues, the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, who were still busy there. Tony Francis worked as a medical student and junior doc at Cardiff Royal Infirmary.

Deirdre trained in public health medicine, becoming a specialist in community medicine in 1974. Public health docs and ‘community medicine’ practitioners are always in an excellent position to conceal organised abuse because they have responsibilities across different specialities, they have feet in many camps and they work with other institutions that will also be colluding eg. schools, colleges, social services, prisons etc. Previous posts eg. ‘Houseparty’ and ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ explained how the roots of public health medicine as a discipline are to be found among the Docs who concealed abuse, including the Westminster Paedophile Ring. It was Dafydd’s mate Professor Jerry Morris who designed and established the course at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for public health specialists ie. the community physicians.

Like psychiatry, public health is a low status speciality and a lot of Docs don’t take it seriously. Like psychiatry, this is probably because they know what is involved and they don’t want to be party to it, which, as with psychiatry, leaves the field wide open to the unscrupulous and incompetent.

Deirdre became a community physician in 1974, the year before the Children’s Act 1975 ensured that hundreds of kids were sent into the hands of Dafydd’s gang and gangs linked to his. The Children Act 1975 was of course the work of Leo Abse, who was George Thomas’s close friend and who’s brothers Danne and Wilfred were two Docs who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Leo was given a free reign by Jim Callaghan, when Callaghan was Home Secretary. Callaghan was an MP for Cardiff constituencies, 1945-87. Before he was ever elected, Callaghan had got to know Harold Laski at the LSE, the man who mentored Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law Ralph, Lady Juliet Bingley and that generation of LSE grads/staff who capitalised on Richard Crossman’s links with them all and on their knowledge of Crossman’s role in the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Deirdre became Principal Medical Officer for the Welsh Office in 1984, which was the year that I complained about Gwynne and wrote to the GMC. In 1984, George Thomas was hospitalised with an STI and lies were told to the press by Leo Abse to conceal this, backed up by the Top Docs. The Top Doc ignoring all complaints about Dafydd, no matter how serious, was Duncan Egdell, the community physician for Clwyd Health Authority. Egdell’s equivalent in Gwynedd was also ignoring complaints; he made the excuse that it was Egdell’s responsibility to investigate because Dafydd’s contract was held by Clwyd. Complaints were simply ignored and it was the community physicians directly responsible for that; patients with concerns were told to write to them…

Deirdre knew Egdell – as well as everyone else – and she knew just how serious the criminality which was ignored was. Deirdre was well rewarded with colluding; in 1985 she was appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Wales. 1985 was the year that I contacted Keith Best at the Welsh Office. It was also the year that Mary Wynch won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and appeared in the London-based broadsheets, making legal history. Deirdre became Chief Medical Officer for Wales in 1990, the year following Bluglass’s Welsh Office-organised cover-up of my complaint. By 1990, Deirde had overseen a great deal of very serious crime and continued to do so as Andrew Park, the bent lawyer from the Welsh Office and Ron Evans conspired with Dafydd, Tony Francis et al to frame and imprison me…

Thus Deirdre arrived with an impeccable background as the Chair of the CHI.

The Chief Exec of the CHI was Dr Peter Homa. Homa started work in the NHS in 1979 as a hospital porter, after which he commenced the NHS National Management Training Scheme in London in 1981. Peter Homa was Chief Executive at Leicester Royal Infirmary in 1989, when it was one of two national pilot hospitals ‘to achieve significant improvement in both the quality and efficiency of patient care’. While the whole of the Leicester medical profession concealed the ring involving Greville and Frank Beck… Homa was appointed a CBE in the Lilibet’s Birthday Honours in 2000 for ‘contributions to the health service’, just a few months after the Waterhouse Report was published.

The CHI was abolished on 31 March 2004 and replaced by the Healthcare Commission, Chaired by Jack Butterworth’s daughter. The glowing Report about the butchers and sex offenders of the NW Wales NHS Trust was then written. Whether they even looked at the notes compiled by the stooge of an inspector sent by Deirdre months previously I do not know. I and the others who gave evidence to the stooge remember the inexplicable length of time between the inspection and the Report and how no-one could explain what the delay was.

Homa was appointed as the first Chief Executive of the Healthcare Commission but resigned from the post in April 2003, just weeks after being appointed, at the request of Sir Ian Kennedy, who had been appointed as shadow Chairman of the Healthcare Commission in Dec 2002. Deirdre was traumatised at the resignation:

I am saddened and concerned to learn that Peter Homa is not now to take up his post as chief inspector of the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection, to which he was appointed only weeks ago.

“It is a serious setback for CHAI [the original acronym for the Healthcare Commission] to have lost a chief officer of Peter’s calibre at this early stage of its life.

“I have had the privilege of working with Peter as my chief executive for the past three and a half years.

“During that time we have broken new ground in establishing, for the first time, a body to which the NHS is required to account for the quality of the service it provides to patients.

“It is my view, and that of the CHI commissioners, that Peter’s personal qualities of leadership and integrity and his unrivalled experience and expertise in the management of NHS organisations, and of CHI, made him the obvious and ideal choice for the chief inspector post in CHAI.

“We feel that he will be very difficult to replace in this role. He remains the much admired and respected Chief Executive of CHI.”

Major contribution

Dr Gill Morgan of the NHS Confederation, which represents health service managers, said: “Peter Homa made a major contribution to NHS management and we are sad to see him go. We hope he will continue to contribute to the service and that his talents won’t be lost.”

She added: “It is important that momentum will be maintained and we hope that this setback will not interrupt the transition to the new organisation at this crucial stage.”

Dame Gill Morgan was Permanent Secretary to the Welsh Gov’t, 2008-12. Morgan was Chief Executive of North and East Devon Health Authority at the turn of the millennium, based in Exeter where her husband was a teacher at Exeter School. She has also been Director of Public Health for Leicestershire…Morgan was President of the Institute of Health Services Management in 1997-98 and is a past President of the International Hospital Federation. From 2002 to 2008 Morgan was Chief Exec of the NHS Confederation. Gill Morgan retired on 31 August 2012.

Morgan served on a large number of national committees and working groups and was a member of the NHS Stakeholder Forum. Morgan was also one of the three members of the review team led by Sir Jeremy Beecham set up in 2006 to advise the Welsh Assembly Gov’t on the reform of public services in Wales. See previous posts.


CHAI is scheduled to start work in April next year. It will be responsible for carrying out inspections and ensuring standards are being maintained in NHS organisations across England and Wales.

It will take over the work of CHI, the Mental Health Act Commission, the National Care Standards Commission and some of the work carried out by the Audit Commission.

[Miranda abolished the Mental Health Act Commission, maintaining that it would be replaced by a more robust body. I had er written to a few people about the MHAC failing to protect patients from abusive practitioners…I’m sorry to say now that some of those e mails were written using my Bangor University PhD student e mail account. It will have been noticed. Particularly because my e mails were being hacked and read by the security services anyway.]

Sir Ian was appointed shadow chairman of CHAI in December last year.

Peter Homa went on to become Chief Executive of St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust in November 2003. He was an assessor in the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry. Homa was Chief Executive of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, 2006-17.

Sir Ian Kennedy was said to have had ‘a clash of personality’ with Peter Homa and that’s why Homa had to go. Kennedy, when he gave Homa the boot, had just finished Chairing the Inquiry into the Bristol Heart Surgery Scandal, which resulted in the damning of one of the surgeons, James Wisheart. Readers might remember that after I blogged about that, I received an e mail from Andy Wisheart, James’s son, telling me that his dad had been unfairly scapegoated. I left a comment on the blog telling readers this and interestingly enough, I mentioned the way that Merfyn was set up and blamed and stated that if Andy or anyone else wanted to write a piece for the blog, or send me info re any scapegoating process, I would definitely put it up on the blog.

Miranda: You saw my comments to Lord Patel, your stooge whom you installed as Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, you read my references to the deaths in north Wales and the framing of patients. You knew that I had copies of those documents demonstrating that Patel’s staff lied to patients and that the MHAC were concealing serious organised crime. You are sick Miranda, seriously twisted, as well as being a sociopath.

I feel the hand of history upon my shoulder! Pity about Nerys AND all the others.

War Crimes re Iraq?? What about War Crimes In Wales?

Ian Kennedy was appointed as Chairman of the shadow Healthcare Commission in Dec 2002. Which was just a few weeks after I had been charged with ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’ after Angels and others perjured themselves. I’ve got a copy of the memo written by Patricia Gaskell the Ysbyty Gwynedd solicitor Miranda: ‘more nurses down the police station to complain about [me] please’.

Tony Blair crop.jpg

In 2005, when Anna Walker, Butterworth’s daughter, drafted that ludicrous Report, Dafydd and Lucille, who’s criminality Butterworth’s friend Crossman concealed, were running the charidee which had been commissioned by the NW Wales NHS Trust to provide ‘substance abuse’ services.

Anna’s mum Doris Butterworth was of course the President of the Royal College of Midwives when girls and women with inconvenient pregnancies were banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and their babies disappeared. Some of those women are still alive and furthermore Anna, I knew one of them. Although you probably knew that I was friendly with that particular witness anyway, so effective are the jungle drums. She was found dead in her house just after I was forced out of my teaching job and charged with ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’.

Brown’s mum was found dead in her house in 2005…

Bangor University is responsible for training social workers, Angels and clin psychs and had to work with the NW Wales NHS Trust/Social Services with regard to this. The Gwerin and paedophiles’ friends had declared war on Merfyn by 2005 and were openly stating that they would force him out of his job as VC. The biggest problems were among the School of Education who employed former teachers in north Wales and the Schools of the University who employed NHS staff and former NHS staff.

Months after Patricia Gaskell wrote that memo requesting more Angels down the police station to tell lies about me please, Dee Jones, a serially sacked Angel from Liverpool and Meri Huws, a former Gwynedd social worker who was by then Head of Lifelong Learning at Bangor University, were given a big research grant to work in collaboration with Patricia Gaskell, who by then had been appointed as Chief Exec of the Welsh Risk Pool, the body set up by the Welsh Gov’t to ‘assess’ claims from patients who were suing the NHS. I had just begun legal action against the NW Wales NHS Trust. The Chairman of the Welsh Risk Pool was Gren Kershaw, who had previously been the Chief Exec of the NE Wales NHS Trust, which ran the lethal Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Prior to that, Gren had been an NHS manager at Jimmy Savile Central in Leeds. See previous posts.

After I finished my PhD, Dee Jones asked me to plant damaging stories in the media about Merfyn. Dee later sued Bangor University, by using her knowledge of what had happened to me at the hands of the gang and a corrupt UCU rep, Eileen Tilley, who also hated Merfyn and was doing deals with others who were trying to force Merfyn out, including those in the NHS. Dee now runs an ‘executive coaching agency’ and flogs her expertise to the NHS… See post ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’.


By the time that I met with the inspector from the CHI, I had been forced out of school teaching as a result of libellous allegations made to my former employer by staff of the mental health services. See post ‘Thought For The Day’. Serious charges brought against me by the Trust had resulted in a trial collapsing on the first day. More unsubstantiated allegations were then made about me in an attempt to have my name removed from the teaching register. My name was cleared by a junior Gov’t Minister who is a friend of Merfyn’s and a former student of Warwick University who took part in those Events and found the documents demonstrating that Anne Walker’s dad had been a naughty boy…

There was only one solution! Appoint Jack Butterworth’s daughter as CEO of the Healthcare Commission in the wake of an inspection of the NW Wales NHS Trust conducted by Deirdre and get Anna Walker, nee Butterworth, to write the Report!

Then kill Merfyn’s wife.

The north Wales NHS was at war with Merfyn by the time that Walker was appointed CEO of the Healthcare Commission.


Andy Wisheart: My offer stands re a piece about your father on this blog. This is dreadful, your father was judged by a thoroughly rotten man, Ian Kennedy, who was doing the work of another thoroughly rotten man, Miranda, who removed a CEO of a public body to replace him with the daughter of Jack Butterworth, who’s wrongdoing had been exposed by Merfyn and his friends years ago, to enable the daughter of Butterworth to conceal the criminal activity of a bunch of gangsters who were after Merfyn’s blood because he had given me a place to do a PhD. Then they killed his wife.


Anna Walker went to Oxford High School and then Benenden. Dr Adrianne Reveley went to Benenden, as did Ma’am Darling’s children. Adrianne Reveley was a corrupt psychiatrist who was networked into Dafydd’s circle, whom the Welsh Gov’t legal services requested carry out an Expert report on me when my lawyers began legal action against the NHS some years ago. See post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’ for an account of mine and Brown’s adventure with Adrianne and for the background on Adrianne and her many old friends from Benenden, a school which has recently been the subject of allegations that pupils were abused and that a Posh People’s ring was in operation at the school. Adrienne died not so long ago, very quickly, from a condition that usually takes many years to kill someone. But then she was rash enough to be treated in King’s College Hospital by her colleagues who were concealing serious organised crime.

One of Adrianne’s sons is a lawyer in the Civil Service, the other one is a neuropsychologist. Adrianne’s husband is a psychiatrist in Leicester, where there was a ring with close links to Dafydd’s gang, which involved the Labour politician Lord Greville Janner.

Anna Walker attended Bryn Mawr College in the US, a women’s liberal arts college in Pennsylvania with strong links to north Wales, some of the founders of Bryn Mawr having come from Gwynedd.  Bryn Mawr was originally a Quaker College. Lord Jack Butterworth was entering into dodgy deals with American industrialists, so Anne no doubt received a warm welcome in the US.

After Bryn Mawr, Anna went to Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, alumni of which include Benazir Bhutto, Michael Gove, Nigella Lawson (who’s dad knew about that ring in Leicestershire), Josie Long and Ann Widdecombe (who knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Dafydd’s gang through her close links with the Anglesey Conservatives).

Anna Walker worked for the British Council, 1972-73, beginning her post the year after her dad’s mate Lord John Fulton had stepped down as Chairman of the British Council. Anna worked as a civil servant, 1975-94, mostly in the DTI. So Anna will have known all about the Westland Crisis in which the DTI played the starring roles. Anne will also have been at the DTI when Sir Peter Morrison was a Minister there, Sept 1985-Sept 1986. My house-mate Anne Vernon was killed by the gang in April 1986.

Anna Walker was Deputy Director-General, Oftel, 1994-97. Then Anna was Director-General for Energy at the DTI, 1998-2001; Mandy was Secretary of State for the DTI during 1998. Do you know Ron Evans’s daughter by any chance Anna? Perhaps you sought a bit of advice from her when you had to conceal the legacy of her dad while you did your bit at the Healthcare Commission. Walker was Director-General for Rural Affairs at the Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2001-03, so there would have been plenty of scope for Anna to continue her father’s good work in rural areas such as Wales and Somerset in that role. Then in 2004 Anna was need at the Healthcare Commission, where she remained until 2009. During which time Brown’s mum told us anecdotes about her emergency NHS alarm never being responded to and then she was found dead… The friend of mine from school who found Brown’s mum’s body then had a great deal of difficulty with Top Docs herself…

Readers will remember the catalogue of disaster that were the UK’s health services while Anne was at the Healthcare Commission and how many very troubled Trusts were, like the NW Wales NHS Trust, given glowing reports after inspections. The bombs began exploding at the centre of excellence that is St George’s Hospital when Anna was in post.

In 2009 it was a new challenge for Anna when she was appointed as Chair of the Office of Rail Regulation, where she remained until 2015. That went well didn’t it Anna. Anna returned to that area where she made her most valuable contribution, health, in 2009, when she became Chair of Young Epilepsy, a post she held until 2016.

Anna’s dad really did not like Merfyn and Merfyn’s friend who exposed Anna’s dad’s corruption and his secret files on people.

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Anna was CEO of the Healthcare Commission when NHS staff declared that they would hound Merfyn out of his job and when his wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s mates. Miranda was PM when Jack Butterworth’s daughter was appointed to lead the Healthcare Commission and Gordon was PM when Nerys died. Jack Straw’s wife was a Civil Service mandarin in the Dept of Health.


Anna Walker is married to Timothy Edward Hanson Walker (born 27 July 1945), a retired mandarin. He served as Director General of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, 1995-98 and Director General of the Health and Safety Executive, 2000-05. From 2006 to 2012, Timothy Walker was the Third Church Estates Commissioner, one of the most senior lay people in the Church of England. Timothy’s record almost equals that of Anna’s…

In 1969, Tim Walker married Judith Mann; she died in 1976. Together they had one daughter. In 1983, he married Anna. Together they have two daughters.

In 1998, Timothy was appointed a CB in recognition of his service as Director-General of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate. Did Lilibet actually know what was happening at the Home Office re immigration at the time?

Jack, Anna and Timothy, I can only echo what F used to yell at the thugs and accomplices of Dafydd’s gang when they did the most appalling things to him: I suggest that you read your New Testament.


One person who knew the ins and outs of the sordid deals between Anna’s dad, Richard Crossman, Harold Wilson and Dafydd and Gwynne was of course Marcia Williams aka Lady Falkender, who had that much observed ‘huge power’ over Harold Wilson and who was given a peerage when Wilson resigned ‘for reasons that no-one understood’, although Marcia never managed to speak in the Lords. Marcia can no longer give us the full story, although I provided as much of it as I could a couple of weeks ago. Because about two weeks ago Marcia died, but her death was only made public some three days ago.

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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Captain Swing And His Crew

My post ‘The Vermin Club’ discussed a piece of pure propaganda on behalf of the NHS in the form of an episode of ‘Kilroy’ which was broadcast in Jan 1997, just as the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Every guest on the show – with the exception of the members of the general public – knew a considerable amount about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring. As they scrapped and argued between themselves the studio guests only agreed on one thing: Ah, the doctors they were wonderful! One of the guests was the PR guru Julia Hobsbawm. Julia’s business partner at the time was Sarah Macaulay, who in 1997 officially became Gordon Brown’s other half. Which was just as well because there were unkind comments being made about Gordon being single and into middle age. I don’t know why, but British politics can’t cope with unmarried leaders, perhaps people just never forgot Ted Heath, who was a Bachelor and not blessed with children. Sarah and Gordon married in 2000 and in 2007 Julia’s mate from school was the PM’s wife!

Sarah’s Teddy Bear did some pretty disgusting things on the way to No 10, including cooking up a plan with his mate Jack McConnell to shaft two of my closest friends who knew what had happened and continued to happen to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang, who had been at Stirling University with Lord Jack. See previous posts.

Not that Julia will have needed Sarah and Gordon’s mate Lord Jack to tell her what had happened to me or indeed the others targeted by Dafydd et al, because for years, until she was in her teens, Julia’s family had a second home in Croesor, south Gwynedd, an area in which the locals were suffering badly at the hands of the gang. The Hobsbawms didn’t suffer themselves being among the circle of friends of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the Anglo-Welsh aristocrat who owned the Brondanw estate at Llanfrothen/Coresor and who’s network made use of the services of Dafydd et al themselves.

Sir Clough’s mates were known as the Welsh Bloomsbury Set, as so many of his older friends had been members of the original Bloomsbury Set. Sir Clough married Amabel Strachey and via Amabel had a vast collection of friends and relatives who were famous names in the arts, medicine, politics, psychoanalysis, literature. See post ‘The Vermin Club’. Clough used to let his cottages out to them to use as second, or sometimes permanent, homes. The presence of Bertrand Russell down the road at Penrhyndeudreath added to the fun. It also made Dafydd et al completely untouchable.

Among Clough’s extended network there were people involved in organised abuse and even more who were knowingly concealing it because their family and friends were involved. See post ‘The Vermin Club’.

There are people who were brought up in the Croseor area who’s fathers were members of Clough’s network; sometimes this was an open secret but I imagine that there were a great many others who had no idea who their fathers were. There is at least one documented case of one of the dumped wives of one of Clough’s mates being hauled off to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when her pregnancy became inconvenient to the man who had abandoned her. She stayed there until the 1980s when she was by then in her 60s, at which point she was rehoused in the community, the community being Betws-y-Coed, well away from anyone who might remember what had happened to her. What happened to the baby was never explained but a great many babies of Denbigh patients disappeared without explanation.

Posh people with a penchant for having sex with a whole variety of other people, sometimes with children? Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd nearby who’ll do anything at all to ingratiate themselves to the rich and powerful, even illegally imprisoning the victims of sexual assault in a dungeon and then lobotomising them? No wonder Dafydd was able to build an empire supplying the Westminster Paedophile Ring on the back of it all.


Previous posts (eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’) have detailed how Merfyn Jones, the former VC of Bangor University and then the Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, came under attack from the combined forces of the gwerin, the paedophiles’ friends and a range of politicians, bolstered by No 10 when Miranda and then Sarah’s Teddy Bear were resident in there. Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen and knew what was happening in the area.

While I’m sure that Merfyn received quite enough crap from the gang when he lived at Croesor, he certainly came under attack from one of the gang’s big boys in England, Harold Wilson’s friend Lord Asa Briggs, the then VC of Sussex University, in 1967, after Merfyn and two of his friends staged an anti-Vietnam protest against a visiting US official which involved throwing red paint over him. Briggs’s daughter spoke about the incident years later just after Merfyn had been appointed VC of Bangor and told Radio 4 that her father had never forgiven the students who had done this, although Merfyn wasn’t mentioned by name. Briggs was very much alive at the time – he didn’t die until quite recently – and Merfyn was also a member of the BBC Board of Governors at the time of the interview, so it was a fairly obvious warning of what was in store for Merfyn. Furthermore Merfyn had really pissed them all off by giving me a place to do a PhD at Bangor University and then allowing me to remain there as a postdoc. My PhD supervisor was bullied out of his job at Bangor University, as was his wife and then amassed forces turned on Merfyn. Anyone remember Hutton? Merfyn was in the middle of it. I’ll be blogging about that soon…

Asa Briggs and many others colluding with Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring had worked for the security services and were utilising that network to cause trouble.

The extremes that this lot were prepared to go became clear when Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues in 2008… Things did not get any easier. When Merfyn was appointed Chairman of the Betsi Board in 2011, the Top Docs, senior managers and others conspired to allow patients to die in order to create a scandal and force Merfyn’s resignation and removal from public life. The gang’s plan came to fruition in 2013 when Merfyn resigned after a scandal. See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’.

When dealing with the gang, I am always reminded of Monty Python’s Piranha Brothers, Doug and Dinsdale, who, like Esther’s Gentleman Friend Nicholas Fairbairn the violent drunken sex offender (see post ‘The Vermin Club’), Are Absolutely Charming and Know How To Treat A Lady. On one occasion, Doug and Dinsdale arrived at a target’s house to collect their protection money and when their target was asked if he’d ever considered going to the police, he said that he was about to do that until he noticed that the member of Dinsdale’s gang holding the thermo-nuclear device was the Deputy Chief Constable. The former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales, Clive Wolfendale, is CEO of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS.

Doug and Dinsdale nailed people’s ears to the floor and sawed people’s heads off but there were never any complaints about the Pirhana Brothers, because those who had been brutally assaulted really liked Doug and Dinsdale and anyway they knew that they had deserved it. The Piranhas ran a prostitution racket and a porn empire. Dinsdale suffered from depression and when he was ‘very down’, he imagined that a giant hedgehog, Spiny Norman, was following him.

I love the Piranha Brothers, they are just like Dafydd et al and I have long been a fan of Spiny Norman. The irony is that Graham Chapman was networked into Dafydd’s gang and John Cleese was friends with some of the Top Docs concealing Dafydd’s crimes. But perhaps that is how Python were able to characterise Dafydd et al so well, in the same way that they could accurately play pompous lawyers and Top Docs, having trained for those professions themselves…


Julia Hobsbawm’s father, Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm (9 June 1917 – 1 October 2012) was a Marxist historian who wrote on the rise of industrial capitalism, socialism and nationalism. His best-known works include his trilogy ‘The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848’, ‘The Age of Capital: 1848-1875’ and ‘The Age of Empire: 1875-1914’, as well as ‘The Age of Extremes’ and an edited volume that introduced the idea of “the invention of tradition”. Such as this:

Welsh, Traditional dresses and Traditional on Pinterest


Hobsbawm was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to Leopold Percy Hobsbaum ( Obstbaum), a merchant from the East End of London who was of Polish Jewish descent and Nelly, who was from a middle-class Austrian Jewish family background. Hobsbawm’s early childhood was spent in Vienna and Berlin. A clerical error at birth altered his surname from Hobsbaum to Hobsbawm. Eric grew up speaking English as his first language.

In 1929, when Hobsbawm was 12, his father died and he started contributing to the family income by working as an English tutor. Upon the death of his mother in 1931, he was adopted by his maternal aunt, Gretl, and paternal uncle, Sidney. Hobsbawm was a student at the Prinz Heinrich-Gymnasium Berlin (today Friedrich-List-School) when Hitler came to power in 1933; that year the family moved to London, where Hobsbawm enrolled in St Marylebone Grammar School (now defunct). St Marylebone Grammar was proud of its tradition of educating the children of professional families who had experienced a downturn in their financial circumstances.

St Marylebone’s Grammar alumni include many well-known academics, politicians, Top Doctors and lawyers. One former pupil who’s life unravelled after he received Help from the Top Doctors is Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant. After being sectioned in a secure unit in London some years ago, Adam Ant was interviewed on the ‘Today’ programme and tried to talk about what had happened to him in that unit. John Humphrys silenced him when Adan said ‘let me tell you what is happening in those places’ by telling Adam that he was ill and angry at the time and will have had a distorted view. No Mr Humphrys, you need to listen; assaults are common and patients are sometimes dying with no investigations held into those deaths. It doesn’t matter how ill or angry Adam was, you really need to listen to him because the brutality and inhumanity in some psych units is breathtaking. Adam was silenced even more effectively after appearing in Radio 4, by a Top Doc who obtained a Court Order preventing Adam from going on tour or speaking to the media, because Adam was so fragile that he was at high risk of killing himself if he spoke to the media and looked foolish.

This is outrageous. Someone is desperate to stop Adam Ant talking about something that he very much wants to discuss in public. I note that his friends had him transferred from an NHS hospital to a private unit because they were horrified at what was happening in the NHS hospital.

Adam Ant was at the centre of the 1980s pop scene which involved many celebs who didn’t behave too honourably and who are now much older, much richer and really do not ever want anyone to know what they were doing in those days. They’ve started to peg out as well: eg. Steve Strange – who was originally from Wales – and George Michael, even though they are not that old… See previous posts for further details re Adam Ant aka Stuart Goddard, Steve Strange and others.


The novelist Patrick O’Brian (born Richard Patrick Russ) attended St Marylebone’s Grammar, 1925-26; O’Brian lived in Croesor, 1946-49. O’ Brian is best known for his Aubrey-Maturin series of novels set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, Radio 4 ‘did’ one the other day. One of the older residents of Croesor told me that O’Brian was remembered as a rather mysterious man, so much so that no-one ever really knew who he was. This is backed up by published information about O’Brian; there is much confusion about his identity and biography. However, this seems to have been the result of other people alleging things about O’Brian and him not bothering to clarify matters. What is known is that he was the son of a Top Doctor in Buckinghamshire and claimed to work in the intelligence services during WW II, a claim backed up by a number of other people.

O’Brian is remembered in Croesor for his 1952 novel ‘Testimonies’ – published in the UK as ‘Three Bear Witness’ – which is a novel set in Croesor and features the people of Croesor, only thinly disguised. People in the village enjoyed identifying themselves and their neighbours in the book.

In 1949 O’Brian and his wife Mary moved from Croesor to Collioure, a Catalan town in southern France, where they remained until Mary’s death in 1998. When in Collioure, O’Brian got to know Pablo Picasso, who also lived there and O’Brian wrote a detailed and comprehensive biography of Picasso. O’Brian spent the winter of 1998–99 at Trinity College, Dublin and died there on 2 January 2000.

Until people in Croesor told me about Patrick O’Brian, I’d never heard of him, but I was familiar with his stepson, Nikolai Tolstoy. In 1989, Nikolai Tolstoy was sued by Lord Aldington aka Toby Low, for libel, after Tolstoy had published allegations that Aldington had overseen war crimes during his time as an officer in the British Army. The case received a great deal of publicity and Aldington won and was awarded £2 million in damages and costs, the biggest ever sum by a long way at the time. The case was highly political, Aldington was the former Chairman of the Conservative Party and although Tolstoy actually produced much evidence to back up his allegations, the British judiciary were not going to allow someone to claim that Aldington, who had served as Chief-of-Staff to Field Marshal Alexander, was a war criminal. It was admitted that British officers had indeed done what Tolstoy alleged, but it was a case of I Know Nuzzing as far as Aldington was concerned.

The claims about Aldington were made by Tolstoy in a pamphlet distributed by Nigel Watts, a man in dispute with Sun Alliance, of which Aldington was Chairman, on an insurance matter. Although Tolstoy was not the initial target of the libel action, he insisted in joining Watts as defendant because, Tolstoy later wrote, Watts was not a historian and so would have been unable to defend himself. After Tolstoy lost, he delayed payment by appealing to 15 courts in Britain and Europe and the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the size of penalty violated his right to freedom of expression. Documents subsequently obtained from the MoD suggested that, under Gov’t instructions, files that could have had a bearing on the defence case might have been withdrawn from the Public Record Office and retained by the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office throughout the run-up to the trial and the trial itself. Just like some of those disappearing medical records of mine! Tolstoy sought to appeal on the basis of new evidence which he claimed proved that Aldington had perjured himself. This was ruled inadmissible at a hearing in the High Courts of Justice, from which the press and public were barred and his application for an appeal was rejected.

Because Tolstoy just could not be allowed to win this case.

British state: please can you stop backing up criminals all the way to the High Court because they have compromised the rest of you? Even if Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain was friends with Sir George Pinker, the Royal gynaecologist and incompetent old fool who delivered Prince William and nearly cocked that up? If you can’t find a reliable Top Doc to deliver the heir to the throne there’s not much hope for the rest of us is there? Chamberlain ran a paedophile ring and experimented on live, unlawfully aborted, late gestation foetuses and then killed them (see post ‘Now Then…’) Excuse my naivety, but I think that should take priority over his Royal links when evaluating him.

In July 1995, the ECHR decided unanimously that the British Gov’t had violated Tolstoy’s rights in respect of Article 10 of the Convention on Human Rights. This decision referred only to the amount of the damages awarded against him and did not overturn the guilty verdict of the libel action. Tolstoy refused to pay anything in libel damages to Lord Aldington while he was alive; it was not until 9 December 2000, two days after Aldington’s death, that Tolstoy paid £57,000 to Aldington’s estate.

Tolstoy is not a member of the SWP, he is a Russian nobleman, Chancellor of the International Monarchist League, toured with the Monday Club and stood as a Parliamentary candidate for UKIP. The High Court even shafted him. They really are making themselves look rather foolish aren’t they.


Top table L to R: Christopher Arkell & Lord Nicholas Hervey (standing), Gregory Lauder-Frost (speaking to Arkell), Countess Georgina Tolstoy, Count Nikolai Tolstoy (under painting) and Lord Sudeley, at the Russian Monarchist League Annual Dinner in 1990.

Lord Nicholas Hervey had a very bad time and was found hanging dead in Chelsea in 1998, aged 36. Hervey’s mother was the only child of the 8th Earl Fitzwilliam; she was 13 years old when her father died in a small aircraft crash that also killed his intended second wife, Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington, sister of JFK, in 1948. Hervey’s parents married in 1960, his father for the second time, his mother for the first. His father was Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol and was once tagged “Mayfair’s No. 1 Playboy,” in a series of “life story” articles he wrote after serving a gaol sentence for a jewel robbery, a crime he claimed he had committed for a dare.

Nicholas Hervey was the second heir to the title and estates of the Marquess of Bristol, after his elder half-brother John the 7th Marquess, the only child of his father’s first marriage. Hervey’s father’s final marriage was to his Private Secretary, Yvonne Sutton and with her he had three further children, Frederick Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol and two daughters Lady Victoria Hervey and Lady Isabella Hervey.

Nicholas Hervey was educated at Eton, Yale and the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. He was a member of the Turf Club. His sister Helena attended Bristol University. Hervey was a leading member of the International Monarchist League. Through the League, which his father had subsidised for many years, he was introduced to numerous right-wing conservative activities. 

In 1983, Lord Nicholas was diagnosed as with mild schizophrenia which was treated ‘with medication’. In 1986, he graduated from Yale and, in 1991, voluntarily underwent treatment in a clinic. In 1991, Nicholas was forced to declare bankruptcy due to lawyers’ debts of £38,000, which his Trustees refused to fund. His mother, who in 2003, was estimated to be worth £45,000,000, did not act to prevent the bankruptcy, which immediately preceded his entry into a clinic. She subsequently declared that “he was never himself again” after the clinic stay. Nicholas had severe depression. His landlady said that “he was a recluse in the sense that he was heavily sedated and slept all day – a typical schizophrenic. [No, just a typical person dosed up by the Top Docs] He was very quiet…He was a nice guy, but very ‘out of it’. Nobody visited him here, except sometimes we would hear someone come and take him out to dinner.” Lord Nicholas Hervey was found dead in his Chelsea flat on 26 January 1998 at the age of 36, ‘having hanged himself’. He never married and had no children.

Jan 1998. Ronnie Waterhouse had finished hearing the evidence from the former residents of the children’s homes in north Wales, who were denounced as liars because they were criminals and drug addicts or told that they weren’t credible witnesses because they had been diagnosed with mental health problems. Ronnie had begun writing the whitewash…

I do not know if Nicholas Hervey knew anything about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, but his half-brother John did because John had slept with quite a few of the kids who were forced into sex work by Dafydd’s gang. Nicholas didn’t follow a lifestyle anything like John’s, but they were close and got on well. John died less than a year after Nicholas. So he was out of the way by the time that the Waterhouse Report was published as well.

John Hervey, 7th Marquess of Bristol aka John Jermyn or John Bristol, has starred previously on this blog. John Jermyn inherited approx £35 million and blew most of it before he died, substantially on drugs. He was addicted to cocaine and other drugs, served several jail sentences for possession and was a promiscuous gay who boasted of having slept with thousands of rent boys, sometimes for an incredibly low rent as well eg. just handing over a fiver to the boy in care. John Jermyn was HIV positive by 1986 and many of those with whom he had sex would have been infected by him.

During the 1970s, John Jermyn lived in London, then Monte Carlo and then  Paris. By the end of the decade, he had moved to Manhattan. In May 1983, Jermyn was arrested on suspicion of trafficking $4 million of heroin and moved from New York back to the family seat at Ickworth House, Suffolk. Over the following years, John continued to conduct himself as a tosser, crashing helicopters and cars, firing shotguns at people while screaming that they were ‘fucking peasants’ and cursing the National Trust, to whom he had handed his estate over but of course still lived there himself in style, as is usually the deal with the NT. In 1988, the Marquess was imprisoned for a year in Jersey for cocaine possession and trafficking; a contemporary report said he was spending around £25,000 a year on the drug. He was released in April 1989.

The poor old House of Lords, by then under threat of reform, generally disliked the Marquess as his behaviour was damaging the House’s reputation. They don’t need to worry about that post-Miranda, just look at who is in there now…

By the early 1990s, friends were concerned about the Marquess’s addiction to drugs, particularly since multiple prison sentences had done nothing to alleviate it. He was deported from Australia in April 1990 and charged with drug possession in November 1991 and March 1992. In June 1993, Jermyn avoided a jail sentence by being ordered to attend a rehab clinic after helpful intervention from Top Docs, but snorted coke in the Court building and then travelled to the South of France instead. He was sentenced to 10 months in an open prison and he was released after five. He was arrested again in September 1994 for possession.

On 9 January 1999, the Marquess complained of a stomach ache and dizziness and spent most of the day in bed. The following morning, his butler went into his room and found he was not breathing. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was attempted and an ambulance called. This arrived about 11:30 am, when paramedics concluded that he had died.

While ‘there were rumours that the Marquess had died from AIDS’, having contracted HIV in 1986, the Coroner recorded that he died of “multiple organ failure due to chronic drug abuse”. There could have been some very difficult questions asked re all those kids in care had the world been told that John Hervey had died of AIDS one year before the Waterhouse Report was published. A postmortem examination showed traces of cocaine, as well as several legal drugs, in his system. John’s agent said that despite years of ill health through drug abuse, he was greatly shocked by John’s death. I’m more shocked at the lack of investigations into John’s brother’s death. Lord Nicholas was left to die by the Top Docs, or he could even have been killed by someone else, like some of the ‘suicides by hanging’ of witnesses in north Wales. 

After John Jermyn’s death, it was revealed that he had been a friend of Andy Warhol. So Jermyn knew about US celeb gay sex excess in the late 1970s, which was even more impressive than his own. The San Franciscan Baths were a staple topic of conversation and wonder among UK Top Docs and medical researchers during the 1980s. ‘Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you.’ That was not what was said out of the patient’s ear shot…

John Jermyn spent most of his life at the family seat in Suffolk. He was born in 1954, so was embarking upon his life of rent boys and class A drugs bolstered by helpful Top Docs in the late 1960s/early 70s. Before John Allen arrived in north Wales and opened Bryn Alyn in the late 1960s, Allen had been based in Suffolk. As was the dangerous experimenting Dr John W. Paulley and his wife, Deirdre, who’s ‘clinic’ provided ‘help’ for people with ‘psychological disturbances’. Paulley was one of the founders of the University of Buckingham, closely associated with Thatch, the IEA and was an associate of Lord Max Beloff, friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council and one of those at the heart of the rot. Lord Max’s son is Michael Beloff QC, a former colleague of Cherie’s and friend of both Miranda and Cherie. Beloff was a visitor to Chequers when Miranda was PM. See post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’ for details of the numerous terrifying tentacles of these very unsavoury people. Suffolk was  hosted organised abuse with which Lord Henniker’s name constantly crops up and an associate of Jeremy Corbyn’s from Islington Council was jailed for abusing schoolboys at St George’s School in Suffolk. Kids in care from Islington were being sent on visits to Henniker’s estate in Suffolk, where Peter Righton, the social work academic who was convicted of child sex offences, rented a cottage. See previous posts.

Because Lord Nicholas had predeceased him, John Jermyn was succeeded by his half-brother, Frederick Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol. Bristol’s godparents include King Fuad II and his former wife, Queen Fadila of Egypt, Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, Prince Nikita Romanoff of Russia and the Countess of Dundonald. He was educated at St Maur School in Monaco, Sunningdale School, Eton College and the University of Edinburgh. After leaving university in 2002, he moved to Estonia where he lived for seven years and managed a Baltic property fund. He is currently the CEO and founder of property investment platform Brickowner.

Lord Bristol is Patron of several organisations, including the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust; the Athenaeum, Bury St Edmonds; and the Friends of West Suffolk Hospital. He is Vice President of Friends of the Suffolk Record Office, Trustee of General Sir William Hervey’s Charitable Trust, and founder, Trustee, and Chairman of the Ickworth Church Conservation Trust.

Gwrych Castle is a country house near Abergele, north Wales. The castle was last open to the public in 1985 and thereafter it started to decline. It was bought in 1989 by Nick Tavaglione, an American businessman, for £750,000, but his plans to renovate the building were not carried out. The castle was extensively looted and vandalised. It is currently open for guided and self-guided tours but part of the site is closed due to some dangerous parts of the castle.

During the period of Tavaglione’s ownership, historian Mark Baker campaigned for the castle to be brought back to its days of glory – a campaign that Mark started when he was twelve years old. Baker was instrumental in forming the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust who lobbied Conwy County Borough Council to compulsorily purchase the property, eventually placing enough pressure on the American owner, who put it up for sale in March 2006.

City Services Ltd, trading as Clayton Homes and Clayton Hotels, bought the castle in January 2007 for £850,000, after it failed to reach its £1.5 m reserve price at the 2 June 2006 auction. On 30 April 2007, Clayton Hotels announced a 3-year project, costing £6,000,000, to renovate the castle and convert it into a 90-bedroom 5-star hotel, creating 100 jobs. The project was subject to planning permission, but had the support of the Trust. Clayton Hotels spent about half a million pounds on its plans, clearing the site and rebuilding areas. After Clayton Hotels was placed in administration, new developers obtained fresh planning permission in November 2012 from Conwy County Borough Council for the castle to be converted into a luxury hotel. On 13th June 2018, Gwrych Castle and its estate was sold to Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, enabled by a grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund.

Mark Baker (born 16 April 1985) is an architectural historian who became a Welsh Conservative Party Conwy County Borough Councillor in May 2017. Baker was educated at Rydal Penrhos School, Colwyn Bay, then at Bangor University, 2003-06 and then he completed an MA and PhD at Cardiff University. Baker was made a member of the National Trust Committee for Wales in 2009 (later renamed the Wales Advisory Board). In 1997, Baker founded ASFOG (A Society For the Friends of Gwrych). The organisation changed its name in 2001 to Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust and became a registered charity. Baker was made the youngest honorary life member of SAVE Britain’s Heritage as a result of his efforts with regard to Gwrych Castle. Among Mark Baker’s many adventures, he contributed to the appearance of Plas Teg near Mold on ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Country House Rescue’, Channel 4 in July 2015. His volume A Royal Home in Wales: Llwynywermod was the first book to explore the history of Carlo’s home in Wales, which he had purchased in 2006. The book was commissioned by the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust. In March 2013, Baker was appointed historical researcher for the S4C TV series, Y Plas. In November 2013, to coincide with the broadcast of the TV series, a book titled Y Plas: The Story of the Welsh Country House was published, co-authored by Baker, Dewi Gregory and Sian Price. 

Baker worked with US singer and musician Linda Lamb on a collection of songs based on the poems of Margaret Sandbach of Denbighshire, which was released as an album in 2012. With the aid of an Arts Council Wales grant, Baker and Gregory wrote a book based on Margaret’s life, published in 2013. 

In 2012, Baker led a Cardiff University archaeological dig at Plas Brynkir, Dolbenmaen. Since 2006, Mark Baker has been developing artistic collaborations with a variety of artists for work with historic sites. Notably, Ceri Leeder of Eglwysbach, Conwy, has worked several times with Baker, providing the cover images for ‘Llwynywermod: A Royal Home in Wales and Plas Brynkir’, Dolbenmaen. Antonia Dewhurst has also had a long-standing collaboration with Baker and her photography has been featured in ‘Margaret Sandbach: A Tragedy in Marble’ and ‘Ink, Y Plas: The Story of the Welsh Country House’. North Wales artist, Liz Bolloten, contributed several paintings of Plas Brynkir, which were featured during an exhibition at Golan, Dolbenmaen, Gwynedd, in December 2014.

In 2014, Baker collaborated with Marc Rees for ‘The Artwork of J. Walkter Richards’, which had been discovered by Baker in 2013, was featured in displays throughout Llandudno for the duration of the LLAWN02 festival. On 1 September 2008, Forgotten Welsh Houses was published, sponsored by the Georgian Group and SAVE Britain’s Heritage. To coincide with this release, the Georgian Group commissioned Baker to research and write Welsh Country Houses Illustrated. Baker has been involved with the restoration of Hay Castle, Hay-on-Wye and has presented at the Hay Festival.

OK. The network of gwerin and paedophiles’ friends associated with Gwyrch Castle and Mark Baker is so impressive that they are worthy of a blog post in themselves. I simply cannot do justice to them here, so I’ll just make a few observations:

Jac O’ The North’s blog has provided some excellent exposes of the massive scam which is the ‘restoration of historic properties’ industry in Wales. It usually involves relatively well-heeled people with not very impressive academic backgrounds in archaeology doubling up as historic preservation charidees and then milking public funds for their ‘restoration’ projects while picking up lucrative sidelines such as media work. Mark Baker has a degree in archaeology from Bangor University, which he completed in the School of History in Bangor which heaved with gwerin who had links to people involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and who subsequently took part in the Plot To Overthrow Merfyn, although Merfyn had previously been Head of School and was very helpful to many of them. Baker was doing his degree while the Revolution was being planned.

Conwy County Borough Council is a hot bed of corruption and gwerin and for decades was one of the hubs facilitating organised abuse in north Wales. The Director of Conwy Social Services was Joanna Griffiths, who is married to Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer, a lecturer at Bangor University who was at the centre of the Get Merfyn posse. The Slayer’s sister is Gwenan Carrington, who as Director of Gwynedd Social Services presided over neglect and abuse and the Slayer’s brother Huw is a grossly incompetent solicitor who used to sit in Bangor Magistrates Court in the 1980s and 90s and watch victims of the gang fitted up. That’s just the Slayer’s immediate family; his friends are legion and just as impressive and include Hywel Williams, the Plaid MP for Arfon, a former psychiatric social worker who worked with Dafydd et al and then became the Director of the Welsh medium social work course at Bangor University. See previous posts for more information on all of these people.

Mark Baker went to Rydal Penrhos School, which has not only been the subject of a sexual abuse scandal dating back to the 1980s, but has many high profile alumni who are wheeled out as reinforcements when the gang are under investigation again, as they have been since 2011. The star of the show from Rydal is William Roache aka ‘Ken Barlow’ from Coronation Street; Roache’s son Linus went to Rydal as well. William Roache was appointed Patron of St David’s Hospice when Alun Davies became CEO of St David’s Hospice. Davies took that job after decades of NHS senior management posts in the mental health services in Gwynedd when the suicides and scandals at the Hergest Unit could no longer be concealed or blamed on any other manager. Davies is the man who has featured so often in previous blog posts in terms of his forging of documents, perjury, bullying of staff etc. Davies is famed for his charidee work in north Wales which I was told years ago was a cover for his corruption. St David’s Hospice was established and run by the paedophiles’ friends and still is (see post ‘The CEOs Of St David’s Hospice’). Why Ken Barlow ever agreed to touch that gang of crooks who were directly involved with the abuse of children and psych patients I cannot fathom, but then Marcus Brigstocke, Paul Merton and Phil Jupitus were all happy to put on a fund raising concert when asked by Davies. See previous posts. Davies told me that if I attended any charidee event organised by St David’s Hospice, he would have me arrested. He said that not long after his previous attempt to have me imprisoned on the basis of his perjury and the perjury of seven of his NHS colleagues had fallen apart on the first day of the trial.

The National Trust are not only well-known for their scams to assist the owners of stately homes, but Dafydd’s gang have been on good terms with the National Trust for years. Penrhyn Castle, owned by the National Trust, used to run a summer work scheme in the 1980s, which offered low paid casual jobs to local ‘disadvantaged’ people, overseen by Wing Commander I.H. Panton, who ‘understood’ mental illness. Everyone on the scheme were victims of the gang, who chatted away in front of the Wing Commander about their wrongful arrests and imprisonment and assaults at the hands of Dafydd and those we know and love. They did have a laugh there, I heard all about it (see previous posts), but it was certainly a very effective way of isolating and containing a group of witnesses to the most serious crimes. There was only one thing that the workers in the garden of Penrhyn Castle never did: they never accepted an invitation to go up the clock tower with Johnny Banana. Because Johnny Banana tried to sexually assault people if they went up the clock tower with them. Johnny Banana was as famous as Dirty Dick. Dirty Dick wasn’t working in the gardens at Penrhyn Castle, Dirty Dick used to travel on the buses around Caernarfon. I was never in receipt of the gen re Dirty Dick, but I did know all about Johnny Banana and a few other people famed for their degeneracy, all of whom had learned it at the hands of Dafydd et al. They weren’t born like it, no matter what crap is spouted about Genes and Neural Pathways.

The National Trust have now come out of the closet re being part of Dafydd’s gang and Lucille Hughes works – or was working – at Penrhyn Castle. See previous posts for more National Trust links with Dafydd et al, including those at the highest levels of the NT.

S4C is run by the gwerin and paedophiles’ friends and Arts Council Wales is pretty much in the same category, which leaves a very big question mark over the head of Professor Dai, Owen Smith’s dad, who has been a leading light in the Welsh Arts Council for years.

Margaret Sandbach, the ‘renowned poet and novelist’ from Denbighshire, who is a subject of interest – as is her house – from Mark Baker, Linda Lamb and Arts Council Wales, is the ancestor of some even more renowned people, including Antoinette Sandbach, the Tory MP for Eddisbury and a former Tory AM.

Stained Glass Window Depicting Margaret Sandbach:

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg

Stained Glass Window Depicting Antoinette Sandbach:

The poet and novelist Antoinette Sandbach had spent her whole career working as a criminal barrister in London until she was suddenly overcome with hiraeth as demands began to be made for the police to reopen the criminal investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Antoinette rushed back to north Wales to take a low paid job on the family farm – as she later explained to ‘Cheshire Life’ – and hey presto within weeks she found herself working in the law practice of David Jones, Tory MP for Clwyd West, who along with the Slayer’s brother, used to sit in Bangor Magistrates Court in the 1980s and 90s and watch Dafydd et al fit up their victims. Soon Antoinette found herself sitting in the Senedd as an AM ‘representing the farmers of north Wales’, but she was soon up and off to a Westminster seat in Cheshire, where she is presumably representing farmers even richer than her dad.
Antoinette’s dad, Ian Mackeson Sandbach, was another renowned poet and novelist, who served as the most senior Freemason in north Wales throughout the years of murders of witnesses and the Waterhouse Inquiry. Antoinette’s grandma, Geraldine, was President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives and oversaw the illegal abortions and the abduction and disappearance of the babies of the rape victims who found themselves in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Other ancestors of Antoinette’s were renowned slave owners in the West Indies as well as poets and novelists. See previous posts for further details of Antoinette and her renowned ancestors and post ‘The Right Honorable David Jones MP’ for more background on David who, like Antoinette’s dad, is a Freemason with many close friends who are dishonest, who found it in his heart to give Antoinette the farm labourer a job as a lawyer.
The jewel in the crown of Baker’s efforts is, I note, Carlo. Furthermore, Baker played a central role in that Dolbenmaen project just when I was living some four miles down the road from Dolbenmaen. While I lived there, someone let themselves into my car at night on several occasions, someone got into my house while I was out and one night when I was in bed, a man tried to get in through the front door. My dog saw him off which was the only reason that I even knew that anyone was on the property. In the winter I used to leave the house for work before dawn, but one day I was delayed. When daylight broke, I found a collection of obstacles and a piece of nylon string stretched across the end of my drive and had I not been delayed, I’d have driven into all of it in the dark. Then there was the man driving at speed who tried to run me off the road one morning just after I’d left the house…
I don’t know why the horse’s head didn’t turn up in my bed, perhaps the poets and novelists behind it all were too busy applying for an Arts Council Wales.


I have no idea who Mark Baker’s colleague Antonia Dewhurst is, there was a butchers in Bangor called Dewhurst, she’s probably the heir to the butcher.


In 1998 John Jermyn sold his right to occupy the East Wing of Ickworth House. After his death in 1999, the 8th Marquess vigorously criticised the National Trust for not reselling what would have been the remaining term of that leasehold to him, arguing that John Jermyn could only sell his own life interest, not that of his descendants. This was disputed by the National Trust who have since converted the East Wing into a hotel. However, in 2009 Sir Simon Jenkins, the National Trust’s new Chairman, stated, “I think it is in our interest for the Marquesses of Bristol to be living there.”

Sir Simon was the Editor of ‘The Times’, 1990-92, during the first police investigation into the possible existence of a paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, while I was dragged through the High Court and had my career ruined, as did my friends and when the gwerin declared war on Graham Day, the senior sociologist at Bangor University and were assisted by ‘The Guardian’ publishing lies about Graham. See post ‘Badlands’. Sir Simon has a second – or some allege that it is a third – home at Aberdyfi in Gwynedd. Aberdyfi is a very nice place but because it is so nice, no local people can afford to live there. Houses in the surrounding countryside are cheaper, but still too expensive for many locals because there is very little work in the area, except for summer jobs in the cafes and hotels serving drinks to Simon and his friends. Not so long ago Simon penned an article in one of the broadsheets explaining that people’s offspring have no right to live near their parents, if the area is too expensive for them that’s just hard luck. Simon’s own children will be able to afford to live next to one of their dad’s multiple homes, even the one in Aberdyfi. The cleaners that the Jenkins’ clan will need can be bussed in from Dolgellau or Machynlleth, the houses there are just about still affordable. Much of the cleaners’ wages will go on the bus fare, but they can always claim Sliding Scale Universal Credit Which Makes Work Pay. Sir Simon can continue to write articles explaining why he has the right to price them out of their place of origin and be paid a hefty whack for doing so.

Just before I left Bangor University, Sir Simon was made an Honorary Fellow at the Graduation Ceremony of Dysfunction. Merfyn had given up and gone and the Registrar Dr David Roberts did a fantastic job of presiding over the ceremony without letting the new graduates know that anything was amiss, although the gwerin were letting bombs off everywhere. Key gwerin and paedophiles’ friends hogged front row seats and glowered at my friends and I throughout the ceremony; and the Buffet Slayer had conspired with the gwerin to receive an award for Teaching Excellence, so students could be heard yelling ‘Aled fucking Griffiths has been given a Teaching Fellowship, he never even turns up to give us our lectures’.

Sir Simon was given his Fellowship by the loathed Stephanie Marriott, Head of the School of Creative Industries. Marriott was a nightmare, she ferociously bullied a Jewish lecturer and so obviously tried to block his promotion; he could have brought a case for both racial and sexual harassment had he so chosen. Marriott also tried to block my salary when part of it was for a joint project carried out with the Jewish lecturer, by refusing to sign the required paperwork and then made a complaint of bullying against me when I challenged her about it. Marriott’s complaint about me involved her leaning on another member of staff to lie about me and they later fessed up and ended up in tears. Marriott’s husband was one of the UCU reps and a Committed Marxist.

Marriott targeted another member of staff as well as the Jewish lecturer and I, Llion Iwan. Her conduct towards Llion was appalling and the Jewish lecturer was one of the few who was brave enough to say this publicly. Llion’s father is Dafydd Iwan and his uncle is Alun Ffred, who was then the Plaid AM for Arfon. Alun Ffred publicly announced to third parties that he would get rid of Marriott. We all waited in hope. It didn’t happen. What did happen was that Alun Ffred joined the War On Merfyn. Alun Ffred co-ordinated with Elfed Roberts and others in this. Elfed was a member of Bangor University’s Council and was the Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust who unlawfully refused me NHS services and repeatedly had me wrongfully arrested. Elfed had previously been the Assistant Chief Constable of the North Wales Police but left under a big cloud re allegations of corruption. See previous posts. Marriott never moderated her behaviour and Llion left Bangor University for a plum job at S4C. Alun Ffred formerly worked for S4C in senior roles and Dafydd Iwan is a good mate of S4C as well.

Marriott was given a job as a senior academic at Bangor University despite being very obviously unsuitable for it and in possession of a laughably mediocre CV. While Marriott was Head of the School of Creative Industries at Bangor, outstanding young academics were turned down for jobs and hopelessly inadequate people appointed. It became so obvious, that media academics in other universities were asking if there was someone with an agenda to wreck Bangor’s attempts to build on their Creative Industries/Media base. Indeed there was and Marriott had been sent as the vehicle to do this. Whether Marriott knew that I’m not sure, she was so dim and nasty that she could destroy a university all by herself uninstructed.

This was the problem Dafydd Iwan/Alun Ffred:

Gordon Brown official.jpg


Marriott had previous as a long-serving mediocrity at Stirling University which was under the domain of Gordon’s pal Lord Jack McConnell – who has been shafting my friends who were at Stirling University as students with Lord Jack since they graduated – so someone thought that Bangor University could do with her…

See previous posts for more Marriott, Sir Simon and Lord Jack fun…


On 11 May 2018 Sir Simon’s mate Lord Bristol married Meredith Dunn, an American art consultant, in a Roman Catholic wedding at the Brompton Oratory.


Eric Hobsbawm, the father of Gordon’s wife’s friend and business partner, attended King’s College, Cambridge from 1936, where Eric was elected to the Cambridge Apostles.

Bertrand Russell and the philosopher G.E. Moore joined the Apostles as students, as did John Maynard Keynes, who invited Ludwig Wittgenstein to join. Wittgenstein did not enjoy it and attended infrequently. Russell had been worried that Wittgenstein would not appreciate the group’s unseriousness and style of humour. Wittgenstein was admitted in 1912 but resigned almost immediately because ‘he could not tolerate the level of the discussion on the Hearth Rug’; although they took Wittgenstein back in the 1920s when he returned to Cambridge. Wittgenstein ‘also had trouble tolerating the discussions in the Moral Sciences Club’.

Bertrand Russell was known to be a sexual predator and demanded that Top Doctors certify his son John when John stated that Russell was having sex with John’s wife. It was subsequently revealed that Russell and John’s wife had an affair. Russell was much bothered by close family relatives who were a great trial to him because of their madness, including his granddaughter Lucy, who burnt herself to death in her late 20s, after suffering from schizophrenia for years. As a child, Lucy had spent a lot of time in the care of Russell after Russell declared that Lucy’s dad John was far too mad to bring up his own daughter. When she was in her teens Lucy told people that her grandfather’s behaviour towards her was upsetting her, including the way that he kissed her. Lucy acquired a boyfriend when she began university and Russell did his best to break the relationship up. He then cut Lucy off completely, emotionally and financially, which was when Angels and Top Doctors realised that Lucy had schizophrenia. After Lucy’s death, Russell explained to everyone that Lucy had killed herself as a peace protest. Lucy’s friends stated that Lucy was in a terrible way and had been for years. I haven’t read the view of the Top Doctors on Lucy’s suicide, they probably didn’t even notice it. See post ‘So Who Was Angry About What?’

Bertrand Russell had the symptoms of tertiary syphilis. Whether anyone noticed when they were all on the Hearth Rug or at the Moral Sciences Club I don’t know.

The Apostles became well known outside Cambridge in the years before the WW I because of so many members of the Bloomsbury Set were Apostles who had enjoyed activities on the Hearth Rug together, including Keynes, Leonard Woolf, Lytton and James Strachey, G.E. Moore, E.M. Forster and Rupert Brooke.

I don’t know whether Dafydd was ever invited onto the Hearth Rug, but a Hergest Unit patient rang him up pretending to be from the Daily Mail wanting to write a feature on him. Dafydd was up for it and it was explained that the Mail would like a photo of Dafydd. Naked on a bear skin rug, looking rather coy. Dafydd slammed the phone down.

The Apostles came to public attention again following the exposure of the Cambridge spy ring in 1951. Three Cambridge graduates with access to the top levels of British Gov’t – Guy Burgess, an MI6 officer and Secretary to the Deputy Foreign Minister, Donald MacLean, Foreign Office Secretary and Kim Philby, MI6 officer and journalist – were eventually found to have passed information to the KGB. Burgess was an Apostle. In 1963, Michael Straight, also an Apostle, admitted to a covert relationship with the Soviets and named Anthony Blunt, MI5 officer and art adviser to Lilibet, as his recruiter and a Soviet spy. Blunt acknowledged his own treason. Several other Apostles have been accused of being Soviet agents, including Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild, who was a friend to both Burgess and Blunt. In the 1930s when Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were elected as Apostles, the membership was mainly Marxist. Goronwy Rees, who served as the Principal of what became Abersytwyth University for a short time in the 1950s, was linked with the Cambridge spy ring and has been outed as a double agent himself, although some of his friends and relatives robustly denied this. Goronwy’s brother Geraint Rees was a High Court judge in Wales and one of Ronnie Waterhouse’s network. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.

Anthony Blunt was knighted in 1956, but was stripped of his knighthood in 1979 after Thatch publicly named him as a spy, his confession having been kept secret before then. Amidst the muddy waters of the investigations and inquiries into the VIP paedophile ring that operated at the Kincora Boys’ Home, one of the few things that has been acknowledged was that Anthony Blunt was part of it. Another person definitely involved was Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile child psychiatrist who was allowed to continue practising after appearing in front of the GMC in the wake of a conviction for molesting a boy. The barrister involved in Fraser’s case was Patrick Mayhew, who, years later as Attorney General, authorised the prosecutions of me for contempt of court on the basis of the perjury of Tony and Sadie Francis and others, although the MDU and Ann Ball, the solicitor representing the Drs Francis, knew that they had perjured themselves.

Dr Morris Fraser subsequently relocated to England and worked at Springfield Hospital, the mental health unit attached to St George’s Hospital Medical School and UCL. I was forced out of my job at St George’s as a result of charges brought against me my Tony and Sadie Francis; when the charges were withdrawn in early 1991, the contempt of court case in the spring of 1991 was brought against me. I had recently been a patient at Springfield Hospital, was discharged with no follow up care and told to go back to north Wales ‘because they knew me’ there, by Professor Nigel Eastman. Nigel Eastman is a friend and colleague of St Helena Kennedy and St Helena pays tribute to Nigel in her book ‘Eve Was Framed’.

She's something of a cunt, ain't she doc?

  • The Piranha Brothers pt. 2 - YouTube
  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


In Dec 1986, Professor Oliver Brooke, a paediatrician at St George’s was jailed for the possession of child porn. Ollie was a key figure in the pan-European paedophile gang of which Dafydd et al were part. Ollie’s mates, one of which was Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, remained at St George’s facilitating the gang.

  • The Piranha Brothers pt. 2 - YouTube
  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


In the late 1980s, a group of Wimmin established a charidee called WISH, (Women In Special Hospitals), to support and campaign on behalf of wimmin in high security hospitals. WISH publicised the fact that huge numbers of those women had been the victims of sexual assault and were only in high security hospitals because they repeatedly tried to kill themselves and mainstream hospitals had refused to treat them, but WISH remained silent about the number of those wimmin who had been sexually abused as children in care or in the mental health system itself. WISH also remained silent about the assaults on those wimmin while they were in the high security hospitals. They did not raise any concerns when Jimmy Savile was appointed to a senior management role in Broadmoor Hospital and they did not speak out about Savile assaulting patients in Broadmoor, even when two female patients killed themselves as result. See previous posts eg. ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’. Some of the victims of Dafydd and his gang were sent to high security hospitals and from the late 1980s onward, Tony Francis, Dafydd et al maintained that I should be placed in a high security institution and gathered ‘evidence’ without my knowledge in an attempt to achieve this.

St Helena was involved with WISH. When the Presiding judge in the spring 1991 contempt of court case against me – which was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, only the best for me – refused to jail me, as I left the Court, I was waylaid by a group of Wimmin protesters, including some who were working with WISH. They asked for my support with regard to a case that was being heard in a neighbouring court that day involving Sara Thornton. The Thornton case was a famous one; Sara Thornton killed her husband, Malcolm Thornton, a violent policeman and received a substantial prison sentence. St Helena represented Sara and managed to get her released on appeal, but not at the hearing which took place when I was at the Royal Courts, that appeal was unsuccessful. The case made St Helena’s name as a Wimmin’s Champ, because St Helena successfully argued that in the case of someone like Sara, provocation needn’t necessarily be the victim blowing a gasket on the spot, it could be the cumulative effect of sustained violence and abuse. The case was highly contentious, with opponents of St Helena pointing to Sara’s own long history of violence and much evidence suggesting that her husband was a scumbag but that Sara had in fact carried out a well-planned premeditated murder. See previous posts.

The protesting Wimmin in The Strand won’t have known about my case, but I’m fairly sure that St Helena did. I am not someone who wanted to see Sara Thornton languish in prison for years, but what’s the betting that representing the former wife of a violent – and almost certainly corrupt – police officer was going to be easier and more fruitful for St Helena than speaking up about what was happening to me or any of those Wimmin (or indeed men) who were sitting in high security institutions because they had complained about a Top Doc or a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring? Dafydd’s gang ran the high security Ashworth Hospital, where one patient was beaten to death by Angels. The murder was investigated by Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass, who’s investigating team consisted of a senior Angel from his own clinic in Birmingham and a senior Angel from Clwyd Health Authority who was facilitating Dafydd’s gang himself. See previous posts.

Ashworth was the centre of two Public Inquiries during the 1990s. It was admitted that there were serious problems and severe brutality towards patients, but it was all blamed on Dangerous Mental Patients, not a trafficking gang facilitated by the Top Docs who were running the hospital. See previous posts eg. ‘Security, Security’.


In 1993, I wrote to Michael Mansfield QC about the abuses of Gwynedd social workers. I received a one sentence reply. St Helena worked in Took’s Court Chambers with Michael Mansfield. Michael Mansfield worked on cases involving terrorist cases with solicitor Gareth Peirce. Gareth Peirce worked for Birnberg & Co, who represented Mary Wynch in the early 1980s, when Mary sued Dafydd and the gang and won the first part of her case. See previous posts for info re Gareth Peirce. Then the legal world abandoned Mary and left her to be ruined by Michael Howard when he was Home Secretary (see post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’).

Julia Hobsbawm maintains contact with people in north Wales with whom it is worth her while to maintain contact and at one of Julia’s dos at the Portmeirion Hotel some years ago, St Helena was a guest of honour.

Previous posts have discussed the corrupt Independent Advocacy Association which was the Patients’ Voice at the Hergest Unit. The IAA refused to support patients making serious complaints because ‘the Health Authority funds this service’. At the time the suicide rate for women in that geographical area was the second highest in England and Wales; the highest was for Camden. One of the Independent Advocates who’s head was stuck particularly deeply into the sand – which was why she was appointed to select and train new advocates – was a woman called Marilyn. Marilyn subsequently had a breakdown, after her own partner committed suicide. In the wake of the distress and scandal, Marilyn was found a new job, as a Senior Advocate at Broadmoor Hospital. While Savile was still running the place. Savile visited both Ashworth and Bryn Estyn – one boy at Bryn Estyn alleged that Savile was present when the boy was subjected to a gang rape – both institutions run by Dafydd’s gang.


I would very much like to know who arranged that job for Marilyn. Does anyone from WISH happen to know?

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With regard to this genocide supported by the extreme fuckwittery of friends of Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter, Eric the Revolutionary remained silent. Eric who’s main home was in er Camden – but the posh bit, Camden consists of two worlds –  and who’s daughter went to Camden High School for Girls with Sarah Brown. Julia and Sarah weren’t the sort of wimmin who were killing themselves while in the care of the mental health services in Camden.

St Helena is a Roman Catholic who grew up in Glasgow and since 1986 has been married to surgeon Iain Hutchison; Miranda made her Baroness St Helena in 1997 and she sits as a Labour peer.


She's something of a cunt, ain't she doc?

  • St Helena is Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University; she was preceded by Lord Robert Winston, another New Labour peer who knows all about the research fraud perpetrated by his colleagues at Hammersmith Hospital, as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly the branches facilitated by Dafydd and the linked gang at St George’s. Somebody needs to find out what is going on at Sheffield Hallam University. St Helena’s appointment as Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University was announced in Nov 2018.


Corrupt Professional People linked to Dafydd’s network: When you are in need of yet another public appointment, feel free to send me details of your most sordid deeds and I will be happy to blog about them. Yet another role as Patron of a dodgy charidee working for abused wimmin or children or a Chancellor of a university with matters to hide will not be far away. If you supply me with evidence of your direct involvement with child abuse or sex crimes in High Places, I can probably get you a peerage if you haven’t already bagged one. You won’t even have to have sex with me a la Lords Rennard and Lester.


Hobsawm received his PhD from Cambridge University and served with the Royal Engineers and the Army Educational Corps during WW II.  Hobsbawm’s first marriage was to Muriel Seaman in 1943. They divorced in 1951. His second marriage was to one of his students, Marlene Schwarz, with whom he had two children, Julia and Andy. Hobsbawm also had an out-of-wedlock son, Joshua Bennathan, who died in November 2014.

In 1947, Hobsbawm became a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, eventually holding a Chair, 1970-82 and was then appointed an Emeritus Professor in 1982 and served as President of Birkbeck from 2002 until his death.

Birkbeck is part of the University of London and for years Lord Brian Flowers reigned supreme at London University. Flowers grew up in Swansea, remained loyal to his old muckers in Wales and oversaw the rampant research fraud and serious organised crime which pervaded the London Medical Schools during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. See previous posts.

Hobsbawm was a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge, 1949-55. Hobsbawm claimed that there was a weaker version of McCarthyism that took hold in Britain and affected Marxist academics: “you didn’t get promotion for 10 years, but nobody threw you out”. Hobsbawm ‘was also denied a lectureship at Cambridge by political enemies and, given that he was also blocked for a time from a Chair at Birkbeck for the same reasons, spoke of his good fortune at having got a post at Birkbeck in 1948 before the Cold War really started to take off’.

Conservative commentator David Pryce-Jones questions the existence of such career obstacles. So do I. Eric Hobsbawm was never hampered in the way that I was or my friends, including Brown. Indeed Brown was hampered by Uncle Harry’s dad, Prof Stuart Hall and other pals of Eric’s. Eric was an Apostle. Apostles of Eric’s vintage keep being outed as spies and double agents. Now Eric could have caused a great deal of trouble and precipitated the People’s Revolution that he claimed to desire so greatly if he had said a few things about matters Dafydd et al. He didn’t. Ever. Instead Eric did very nicely for himself, as did those in his immediate family and they became friends with the PM, while Eric moaned on about a career hindered by the Establishment. Which included a secure comfy job and then bit of a wait until he was given his Chair, but he wasn’t ever destitute, lobotomised or imprisoned was he? Eric was one of the most famous historians in the world, President of Birkbeck and he always got his work published. Eric’s claim to have been the subject of a witch-hunt by the Establishment is about as credible as Dafydd Iwan’s claim that MI5 were after him. No, they were after us.

Empowered Service Users?

Interview with Julia Hobsbawm, Author of Fully Connected

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David Miliband


  • Meet Timmy Hobsbawm-Miliband:


Hobsbawm helped found the journal ‘Past & Present’ in 1952. Hobsbawm was a visiting Professor at Stanford in the 1960s and in 1978 he became a Fellow of the British Academy. He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2006. Merfyn’s late wife Nerys who died under the care of Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre after she, Merfyn and one of Merfyn’s friends had spilt the paedophiles’ pints, was the ex-wife of Orlando Patterson, a Harvard Prof of Sociology who is popular with black elite groups in the US; Orlando is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (see posts ‘Right To Reply’, ‘The Bay of Pigs Invasion’, ‘Thought For The Day’ and ‘The Vermin Club’).     


Hobsbawm retired in 1982 but stayed as visiting Professor at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan, 1984-97. He was from 2002 until his death Professor Emeritus in the New School for Social Research in the Political Science Department.

Hobsbawm’s writing focused on the analysis of the political French Revolution and the British Industrial Revolution and saw their effect as a driving force behind the predominant trend towards liberal capitalism today. Another recurring theme in Hobsbawm’s work was social banditry, which Hobsbawm placed in a social and historical context, thus countering the traditional view of it being a spontaneous and unpredictable form of primitive rebellion.

Outside of his academic writing, Hobsbawm wrote a regular column (under the pseudonym Francis Newton, taken from the name of Billie Holiday’s communist trumpet player, Frankie Newton) for the ‘New Statesman’ as a jazz critic and from time to time about popular music such as with his “Beatles and before” article.

Previous posts have detailed the adventures that Brown and I had with Leslie Gore the Offensive Therapist and Naomi Grunfell the Mad Teacher whom Brown met via ‘New Statesman’, who I have been since told were working undercover for the security services and sent to cause us maximum bother in 1984-85, when the Top Docs opened fire on us.

I have also discussed the man in Bangor who was offered money by George Melly to have sex with him although he was underage, when Melly the Jazz Legend stayed in Bangor after a gig at Theatre Gwynedd. This man’s dad was a prison officer who was ferociously violent towards him and as a young adult, George Melly’s target became involved with the really sordid end of the local drugs scene. So had he ever appeared as a witness re George Melly, he’d have been yet another ne’er do well who could not be believed. After a lifetime of media profiles characterising George Melly as a colourful character who was not afraid to discuss his open marriage or bisexuality, George Melly retired to Brecon. His sexual adventures with kids never received a mention, although he cheerily said in one interview not long before he died that there was nothing like the joy of feeling a young boy’s thigh. A la Savile’s boasts about handing a runaway girl over to the police but only after he’d spent the night with her first heh heh heh, it was simply ignored. But then so were Dafydd’s ‘jokes’ about having sex with animals and group sex with patients. Heh heh heh, as Dafydd chuckled at the time.

George Melly retired to the Brecon/Abergavenny area. There were people linked to Dafydd’s gang in that area and one of them was convicted for sexual assaults on kids in care from north Wales, who would be taken down to the Brecon area for holidays. Other people who retired to that area included: Adrianne Jones, the former Director of the City of Birmingham Social Services which placed kids in care in children’s homes in north Wales and who then acted as a social work adviser to John Major’s Gov’t and as an adviser to the Waterhouse Inquiry panel; Baroness Eirene White – daughter of the Principal of what became Aberystwyth University – the Labour MP for East Flintshire, 1950-70 and Deputy Speaker of the Lords, 1979-89. Lord Chief Justice Thomas Bingham, who did many a favour for Dafydd et al, lived nearby at Boughrood, Powys. See previous posts for the background on Adrianne, Eirene and Tom.

Billie Holiday’s 1939 classic ‘Strange Fruit’, originated as a poem written by Jewish-American writer, teacher and songwriter Abel Meeropol, under his pseudonym Lewis Allan, as a protest against lynchings.

Meeropol cited this photograph of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, August 7, 1930, as inspiring his poem.

‘We didn’t know.’

Another name on the jazz scene Who Knew About Dafydd et al was Dr Dannie Abse the Top Doc and poet, who’s whole family were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly his brother Leo, a south Wales Labour MP from a Jewish family and a close friend of the child molester George Thomas (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’). Labour Party-supporting Wimmin’s Champ and Top Doctor Wendy Savage was married to a jazz musician; Wendy was a friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain at St George’s Hospital Medical School, who was perpetrating research fraud and concealing the trafficking ring at St George’s as well as Dafydd’s gang in north Wales (see eg. post ‘Now Then…’). Wendy worked at the London Hospital in Tower Hamlets which was the location of another gang linked to Dafydd et al. See previous posts. Some of the Top Docs at St George’s favoured Ronnie Scott’s as a place in which to hang out.

Other well-known jazz fans include:

Kenneth Clarke

as well as this social bandit, photographed smacking someone in the chops while on the election campaign trail in north Wales, after he’d been traumatised by an egg hitting him on the shoulder:

Prezza: it was only an egg, politicians are natural targets for eggs, bottles of ink, purple flour etc. It’s not as if you were 14 and being gang raped in Bryn Estyn was it?

Prezza came from north Wales and studied at Ruskin College at the same time as Matt Arnold taught at Ruskin and Peter Howarth studied there (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’). Arnold and Howarth both worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead, where boys were abused. The paedophile gang in the area was concealed by Ernest Armstrong, MP for North West Durham, 1964-87. Ernest was succeeded in the seat by his daughter, Hilary Armstrong, now Baroness Hilary, who was a member of Miranda’s inner circle. Miranda was pals with Ernest as well; Ernest helped Miranda the London barrister, pupil of the corrupt George Carman QC who was concealing Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, end up in that safe seat in Sedgefield. In 1973, Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn where they helped run the trafficking ring. Arnold died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’ on 4 June 1994. On 13 June 1994 Howarth’s trial for a series of sex assaults on boys in care in north Wales began. Howarth was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison on 8 July 1994. Miranda became leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994. See previous posts.

From May 1994 onwards, after I and Patient F met with two Mental Health Act Commissioners and told them that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that serious complaints were not being investigated, Dafydd, Tony Francis and the gang really began busting a gut to have me charged with a criminal offence, anything at all would do and they continued to write letters to third parties about my ‘dangerousness’. See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

In Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained an injunction against me from Liverpool High Court on the grounds of no evidence at all. Dafydd’s affidavit detailed a number of phone calls that F had made to him, in which F certainly took the piss but wasn’t threatening – one such call simply consisted of F blowing a raspberry down the phone at Dafydd or as Dafydd explained ‘impersonating the sound of a flatus’ – and an allegation from Dafydd that I had thrown a brick through his glass door at 3 am in the morning. I hadn’t and there was absolutely no evidence that I had. I have since been told that no-one threw the brick, Dafydd et al planted it, told the police that I had thrown it and this was recorded as fact. I wasn’t even told about it at the time. See previous posts ‘The Banality Of Evil’. Dafydd was represented by the MDU and they knew that there was no evidence against me.

Much more recently, I have been told that when Dafydd et al were gathering evidence of my murderous qualities, they contacted people who were known to me at school and at Bridgwater College where I did my A levels, who then willingly made statements about me, because they were associated with the gang which was operating in Bridgwater in the 1970s and 80s and linked to Dafydd’s. I’m not going to bother to spend time on these people, although some names have been given to me. It is utterly ludicrous; my school was not a posh one, it was a deeply troubled school where some kids were assaulted by some teachers and it hit the media on a few occasions in the wake of such incidents. What can be said of anyone who listens to the word of a gang of paedophiles in north Wales who were under investigation at the time and a related gang of clapped-out old teachers in Somerset who were working in a school with such a terrible reputation that virtually all professional people living in the catchment area did anything possible to send their kids to another school? Thirty-six statements I have been told. I couldn’t give a stuff, just look at who made them.

The only person whom I will name is Dr Lyn Branson, a particularly vile physics teacher from Bridgwater College. Brown’s mum used to look after Lyn’s little boy Ben, so Lyn Branson knew a great deal about what was happening to us in north Wales. Lyn had post-natal depression after having Ben which is how Brown’s mum ended up looking after him, so Lyn knew the Top Docs well. They certainly didn’t do her much good, but if they’d leaned on her she’d have never stood up to them. Brown and I were gobsmacked to find out some five years later that Lyn Branson knew a tutor at Newcastle University who was Brown’s brother’s tutor at the time and that Brown’s brother had been discussed with everyone. Brown’s brother was a witness to what had happened to us in north Wales, we were good mates with him and he used to come up and stay with us. Brown’s brother found this tutor so difficult that he withdrew from the course. After seeing conditions in Denbigh for himself (see post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’), Brown’s brother was the target of a number of murder attempts. He eventually emigrated.

The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was concealing the gang in the north east linked to Dafydd et al, particularly Newcastle Medical School. The University and the city were substantially run by Lord John Walton, a corrupt Top Doc who Chaired the GMC, 1982-89 and the BMA, 1980-82, served as Warden of Green College, Oxford, 1983-89 and as the President of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1984-86. See previous posts. Walton was a mate of Dafydd’s and kept Dafydd et al out of trouble for years, as well as Dafydd’s colleagues who had previously worked in Newcastle, including Dr Neil Davies, Professor Bob Woods and Professor Mark Williams.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

After I was shafted at Surrey University where I worked in the Cancer Research Campaign team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of the Chairman of the BMA at the time, John Marks – John Marks was doing battle with Ken Clarke when I worked for Vincent and the BMA were also giving legal advice to Tony Francis, Dafydd et al as to how to prosecute me although they knew how serious their wrongdoing was – my research was plagiarised and given to Professor Nicola Curtin at Newcastle, who subsequently published it with her own name on it. Curtin was not part of our team and neither was she one of the teams whom we were partnering. I have no idea why Vincent Marks decided that Nicola Curtin needed to be assisted by receiving my data; did Lord John Walton demand that data Vincent and was Fergus Lowe from Bangor involved, because he usually was at the root of such skulduggery? Newcastle was desperately building an empire on the back of its Global Leading Medical Research. Nicola is one of the Global Leaders at Newcastle, although I only found out about her being given my data relatively recently. At the time that my data was given to Nicola, one of the Profs at Newcastle who was researching lung cancer was funded by the tobacco industry. He was a mate of Professor Sir Nicholas Wright at Hammersmith Hospital, who was leading a team there involved with research fraud. Nick Wright’s research has been substantially funded by the CRC – now known as CR UK – and Nick also holds senior roles in CR-UK. See post ‘Oh, Lordy! It’s CR UK’ for further details of Nicola, Nick and their colleagues.

Professor Hugh Bentall the Famous Surgeon at Hammersmith was also involved in colluding with research fraud. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Hugh Bentall is the dad of Professor Richard Bentall, a clinical psychologist who trained at UCNW with Dafydd and the gang and who married the daughter of Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at UCNW, who was one of those colluding with the gang. Eifion’s daughter was a Plant Biology graduate of UCNW who then trained and worked as an Angel and taught for the OU and WEA. Richard Bentall has held Chairs at Bangor University, Liverpool University and Manchester University. See previous posts.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

Not only did Prezza study at Ruskin alongside two of the biggest abusers in the UK, but Prezza then completed a degree at Hull University, an institution concealing the Yorkshire gang which had links to Dafydd’s gang and others. Prezza served as the MP for Hull East, 1970-2010, although why the big meathead was ever selected as the candidate in the first place I’d like to know. Prezza crowned his achievements by being Deputy PM, 1997-2007 and then joined the St Helena, Lord Bob et al in the Lords in 2010, as a result of Sarah Brown’s Teddy Bear giving Prezza a peerage in the dissolution honours. They let anyone Who Knows in the Lords these days, even those too stupid and inarticulate to make speeches.

Prezza with Dennis Skinner Who Also Knows and was another student at Ruskin College (see previous posts):

Skinner and Prescott at the 2016 Labour Party Conference

Dennis is not such a Beast that he ever blew the whistle on the gang in Derbyshire, where he was an MP – along with Edwina Currie, Margaret Beckett and her Caravan and Tony Benn – who were exchanging social care staff with Dafydd’s gang.
Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

On 7 May 2006, ‘The Sunday Times’ quoted Linda McDougall, wife of Austin Mitchell, as saying that in 1978 Prescott had pushed her “quite forcefully” against a wall and put his hand up her skirt as she opened the door for him to a meeting in her own house just after her husband became an MP; Prescott had not met McDougall before. Don’t worry Linda, it’s the traditional Neanderthal Greeting on Introduction to a Lady. Did you know that your husband Austin kept quiet about the paedophile gang in Hull just like all of his colleagues did? See previous posts.

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Other Hull University alumni in the Labour fold who concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al are David Hanson, PPS to Miranda in the years following the Waterhouse Report and when Dafydd’s gang had yet another go at framing me, that time for ‘threatening to kill’  – Hanson’s wife Margaret was a senior social worker for families and children for Cheshire Social Services when Dafydd’s gang ran riot in north Wales and Cheshire – and Tom Watson, Fattersley, Frank Field, and Chris Mullin. See previous posts. Labour MPs Kevin McNamara and Jon Trickett are also Hull graduates. Anthony Giddens who invented The Third Way for Miranda to follow is an alumnus of Hull, as is Nick Hardwick who after an entire career in the criminal justice system concealing the criminality of Dafydd et al became engulfed in scandal as Head of the Parole Board because the mess was so great (see previous posts). Allan Levy QC, who was also directly involved in concealing organised abuse including that linked to Dafydd’s gang, was an alumnus of Hull. Then there were the Hull University staff Who Were Involved, including the poet Philip Larkin (see eg. post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’). Larkin’s mistress Monica was as bad as old Larkin; when not participating in those well-publicised spanking sessions with Philip, Monica worked at Leicester University where for years she kept the lid on the gang there which starred Greville Janner and was er directly linked to Dafydd et al. Monica lived down the road from Brown when Brown was being hampered by Uncle Harry’s nephew’s dad et al and Monica joined in the party. Jacob Brunowski, the father of Professor Lisa Jardine who really pushed the boat out to collude with the Top Doctors (see previous posts), was a member of staff at Hull, as was Richard Hoggart who was linked to a group of scholars who concealed Dafydd and linked gangs and the Marxist historian, John Saville, who was part of Hobsbawm’s network.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

The current Chancellor of Hull is not a Labour politician, she is a Tory who as a Health Minister and then Heath Secretary oversaw the concealing of some of the worst criminality in north Wales and elsewhere; it is the frequent star of this blog, former psychiatric social worker and long time ally of abusive Top Docs, Virginia Bottomley.


The Top Doctors (see post ‘An Expert From England’) and Leicester University Medical School were particularly active in concealing the gang in Leicester and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Dickie and David Attenborough’s dad Frederick was the Principal of what later became Leicester University and Leicester University have dined out on famille Attenborough ever since. See previous posts. Lord Robert Kilpatrick, after many enjoyable years as Dean of Leicester Medical School overseeing the facilitating of the trafficking ring in Leicestershire, was then asked to become President of the GMC, 1989-95, just when Dafydd et al were in need of a Friend In A High Place. Kilpatrick remained at the top of the GMC batting all those complaints into the long grass and was President when the Chamberlain-Pearce research fraud scandal at St George’s erupted. Kilpatrick certainly got out and about and made friends with lots of influential people, partly via his membership of posh golf clubs. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


Among the many other fun people who worked at Leicester University at the time of Greville et al entertaining themselves with kids in care was Lisa Nandy’s dad, Dipak (see previous posts). Having Dipak as a dad isn’t as good as having Uncle Harry as an uncle, but Lisa had an ace up her sleeve; her granddad was Lord Frank Byers, the Liberal Party’s Chief Whip who, years before Jeremy Thorpe found himself on trial at the Old Bailey, was a member of the secret inquiry held by the Liberal Party into Thorpe’s past-times. Lord Frank Byers was so offensive to Norman Scott during the hearing that Norman walked out and went to the police, where he made a lengthy statement detailing all of his allegations against Jeremy. I expect that Lord Byers thought that Norman was a Nancy Boy. Lisa’s credentials are such that she was deemed acceptable by Uncle Harry’s nephew to be wheeled out as the Labour Party’s Asian Woman. Those very white homophobic genes from Lord Byers’ were quietly disregarded. Anthony Giddens passed through Leicester University, after his student years at Newcastle, on his way to being Director of the LSE and Miranda’s fave sociologist. See previous posts.

People at Leicester Poly must have known about Greville and friends as well, because the whole of Leicester was run for their benefit. Because Brown only worked at that institution years later by which time it was De Montfort University, I don’t know much about Leicester Poly in the 1970s and 80s, but when I lived in Gwynedd, at one time my neighbours were a retired senior academic from Leicester Poly and his family. They didn’t get on very well with everyone else; they were very high church and felt the need to try and encourage others in this which I can understand if they considered that they were onto a good thing, but the neighbours often weren’t interested so bad feeling developed. However I did make friends with their adult son who lived with them after having been diagnosed with mental health problems as a young man when he was at university. Nasty rumours were put around the local area and everything that he did was pathologised; he liked walking and used to walk into Caernarfon rather than go on the bus, so this was taken as a sign of him being a mad ‘loner’ and ooh possibly dangerous. He wasn’t, he was a very nice man but he had been subjected to so much hassle and grief that he just kept away from everyone. Some years before I knew him, he had been the subject of false allegations from some girls at Friars School, Bangor. Teachers and police were involved yet no-one could produce any evidence that he had done anything that he should not have.

Friars School educated many of the children of the gang; professionals living in Bangor often sent their kids there and the paedophiles’ friends had an iron grip on Friars school; the Normal College, which was run by the gang (see post ‘Thought For The Day’), trained many of the teachers at Friars. My neighbour’s son who was accused lived in a village near Caernarfon which was run by the gwerin; the GPs were paid up members of the gang and Dafydd Iwan lived in the area, while his son Llion told people that his mum was one of the few true ‘locals’ in the village. I expect that’s why people like my neighbour and I were the centre of false allegations was it Llion?? We can’t trace our genes back to the woolly mammoths of Waunfawr? Neither can your mother but she doesn’t know enough about molecular biology to understand that. As for your father appearing in the TV programme where they Tested His Genes and traced his line back to the Ancients Of Gwynedd, I’m sorry to say that they didn’t, he was conned, in exactly the same way that he would have been if they’d read his palm or got out the crystal ball.

I can see a Gwynedd County Councillor…and a corrupt judge who’s father was friends with the father of the Gwynedd County Councillor…and Liverpool Medical School is visible as well…

Dafydd Iwan is known for being a folk singer as well as the former Leader of Gwynedd County Council. In a previous post I discussed a group of folkies who used to play in the King’s Arms in Bangor during the 1980s. Among them was a mental health Angel and a lecturer at the Normal College who had previously taught at Friar’s School. That Angel definitely knew about the paedophile ring and I bet that the Normal College lecturer did as well. Friars School was a two tier establishment; not only did the kids of the gang members go there but so did the kids from Maesgeirchan, which was where the Ty’r Felin children’s home was located, which was trafficking kids to a variety of places, including Dolphin Square. See post ‘Are You Local?’ Maesgeirchan had one of the highest crime rates of any council estate in Wales and it was rough there, at least in one notorious part of Maesgeirchan. No-one ever seemed to ask why the crime and social problems on Maesgeirchan, in a corner of Gwynedd, were even worse than on bigger, urban estates in other parts of Wales.


Nigel Lawson was the Tory MP for Blaby, Leicestershire, 1974-92. Greville Janner’s social worker mate Frank Beck, who in 1991 was convicted of hundreds of offences against kids in care in Leicestershire throughout the 1970s and 80s and was jailed for life, was elected in 1983 as a Liberal Party Councillor to a seat on Blaby District Council, which Beck successfully defended in 1987.

Loughborough was within the area covered by the Leicestershire paedophile ring. Stephen Dorrell served as the Tory MP for Loughborough, 1979-97; Dorrell was Health Secretary under John Major, 1995-97, during the rising panic in north Wales as investigations continued and the desperation to convict patients, including me, reached new heights. See previous posts. Since 2010, the bland and dim Nicky Morgan has been the Tory MP for Loughborough. Some of Nicky’s older constituency party activists and constituents will have known about the ring. Morgan is a corporate lawyer who joined the Conservative Party as a teenager in 1989. She was the Chair of Wessex Young Conservatives, 1995-97, during which time Nicky knew some of those who knew what was happening to me in north Wales. Nicky was Vice-Chair of Battersea Conservatives, 1997 -99. Battersea was within the area served by the gang linked to Dafydd’s gang which operated out of Wandsworth Social Services/St George’s Hospital Medical School.

All aboard! When the general public start becoming sceptical about the claims of the Men Of Science and the Hampstead crowd refuse to have their kids vaccinated, the lid on the worst of the Top Docs still won’t be blown off because Eric the Revolutionary and his Bohemian Radical Friends are here to help!

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


Eric Hobsbawm published numerous essays in various intellectual journals, dealing with subjects such as barbarity in the modern age


North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums

silvae: Eric Hobsbawm

Bertrand Russell Quotes On Education. QuotesGram

the troubles of labour movements and the conflict between anarchism and communism. Among Hobsbawm’s final publications were Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism (2007)

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


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As well as On Empire (2008) and the collection of essays How to Change the World: Marx and Marxism 1840–2011 (2011).


Hobsbawm joined the Sozialistischer Schülerbund (Association of Socialist Pupils), an offshoot of the Young Communist League of Germany, in Berlin in 1931 and the Communist Party in 1936. He was a member of the Communist Party Historians Group from 1946 until its demise and subsequently President of its successor, the Socialist History Society until his death. The Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 led most of its members to leave the British Communist Party – but Hobsbawm, unique among his notable colleagues, remained in the party.

Hobsbawm signed an historians’ letter of protest against the Soviet invasion of Hungary and was strongly in favour of the Prague Spring. Hobsbawm was later a leading light of the Eurocommunist faction in the Communist Party of GB that began to gather strength after 1968, when the CPGB criticised the Soviet crushing of the Prague spring and the French CP failed to support the May students in Paris. Hobsbawm’s Marx Memorial Lecture, “The British Working Class One Hundred Years after Marx”, delivered to a small audience of fellow Marxists in March 1978, was published in ‘Marxism Today’ in September 1978; Hobsbawm argued that the working class was inevitably losing its central role in society and that left-wing parties could no longer appeal only to this class, a controversial viewpoint in a period of trade union militancy.

In 1978 Mary Wynch had gone on the run and was in hiding from Dafydd and the gang; she was finally apprehended, unlawfully arrested, detained illegally in Risley Remand Centre and then held in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh for a year, illegally, by Dafydd. Footie was the Leader of the Labour Party at the time, a left wing scholarly MP with numerous links to those we know and love as well as to those in Hobsbawm’s circles. Not only did Footie know about the sex offences of George Thomas, but as a young man Footie had many interesting encounters himself. Reports never appeared in the press because Footie had worked as a journo and made it clear that if anything appeared about him, the world would get to know what press barons Lords Beaverbrook and Rothermere had been up to. See previous posts. Footie’s wife didn’t ever provide details of the ‘additional needs’ that she told third parties that Footie indulged in with her permission, part of the agreement being that she didn’t want to hear about them; Footie himself just referred to the fun that he used to have on Hampstead Heath, so nothing too dreadful was ever admitted in print. One is however left with the impression that something was happening which could never have been admitted to and was being kept from the public by a process of mutual blackmail. Like Hobsbawm, Footie lived in Hampstead. Hobsbawm’s autobiography refers to sexual encounters in a rather Michael Foot sort of way; Hobsbawm discusses visiting prostitutes well before he was out of his teens and there were obviously other activities as well. It’s worth mentioning in this post because of who Hobsbawm was friends with and what else I know that he kept quiet about.

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Hobsbawm supported the Windbag’s transformation of the Labour Party from 1983 and, although not close to the Windbag, he came to be referred to as “Neil Kinnock’s Favourite Marxist”. The Windbag knew Tony Francis from their student days in Cardiff and the Windbag’s wife’s parents had been Councillors on Anglesey who had concealed the early years of Dafydd’s abuses as did Lord Cledwyn, the Labour MP for Anglesey, 195-79, who was a big mate of the Windbag’s in-laws and served as Secretary of State for Wales with George Thomas as his junior Minister. See post ‘How Much Greater Is A Man Than A Sheep?’.

The Windbags’ friend Lord Cledwyn was certainly served by some colourful characters while he was Secretary of State for Wales. As if George Thomas wasn’t enough for him, Lord Cledwyn’s PPS was William Edwards, the Labour MP for Merioneth, 1966-74. The constituency of Merioneth encompassed Llanfrothen and Croesor. William Edwards was a bent lawyer who studied at Liverpool University at about the same time that Dafydd and Lucille were students there and subsequently embezzled his clients’ money; not that William Edwards had much time for his clients, what with them being a load of boring old farmers from Bala rather than snappy dressing, ‘flamboyant’ lawyers who nicked the funds. See post ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’.Edwards was succeeded as the MP for Merioneth by Plaid’s Dafydd Elis-Thomas, whom everyone takes the piss out of because he accepted a seat in the Lords and is openly seen being a good deal more polite than he should be to members of the Royal Family.

One of the communists who was somewhat disillusioned with Eric Hobsbawm’s brand of Revolution who used to live at Croesor told me that Dafydd El was unfairly maligned and that he accepted a seat in the Lords because he wanted to be in a place in which he could actually help his constituents, being pretty bloody fed up at what was happening to some of them. Dafydd El has not yet been caught stealing other people’s money and as far as I know he hasn’t been protecting Dafydd’s gang; in fact I was in the audience when Dafydd El raised his deep concerns in a public lecture at what was happening to patients in the Hergest Unit. Which is probably why a rumour was put around that Dafydd El was shagging Meri Huws, the notorious former Gwynedd social worker who was a member of Dafydd’s gang in the 1980s… Sorry to disappoint Dr Dee Jones aka Dee Gray who fuelled the fire, but Dafydd El was one person whom seems to have had rather more sense than to Risk Everything by discussing Uganda with Meri, even if Rhodri Morgan, Andrew Davies and Alan Pugh did just that. That’s the Dee who used her knowledge of what Dafydd’s gang were doing to gain well-paid NHS job after NHS job that she could not do and after seeing Brown and me in the media discussing the mental health services asked me to place an untruthful story about Merfyn Jones in the media. Dr Gray is now a management consultant who flogs her expertise to NHS Trusts and County Councils. Dee began her career as an Angel in Liverpool, then completed a law degree at Liverpool Poly, so she was off to a flying start. See post ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’.

Before the citizens of Croesor elected Dafydd El, they certainly had some excitement with their MPs. The MP who preceded the thieving lawyer William Edwards was Thomas William Jones, who became Lord Maelor. Lord Maelor was a teacher who trained at the Normal College in Bangor who served as the Labour MP for Merioneth, 1951-66, when the Captain and his friends were swinging at Croesor. Lord Maelor came to an unfortunate end in Nov 1984, when he died in an overnight fire at his home near Wrexham, the area in which he grew up and the constituency for which his brother James was the Labour MP, 1955-70, while the kids down the road at Bryn Estyn were being so horribly abused. 1984 was when it was all kicking off in north Wales: Brown and me were refusing to withdraw our complaint about Gwynne the lobotomist and were being threatened by D.G.E. Wood et al; Mary Wynch was fast heading towards the Master of the Rolls; and Alison Taylor was given a formal warning by Gwynedd County Council, then reporting injuries to kids in care to the police, only to be told that her concerns were unjustified. At some point in 1984 George Thomas ended up in hospital because of an STI and there was a panic lest all became public. The Top Docs kept their mouths shut and Leo Abse told a pack of lies to the press as a cover story (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’). It was concluded that the fire which killed Lord Maelor was begun by a ‘smouldering cigarette’, although there was no evidence for this at all… See post Slaves, Perfect Slaves’ for further details of the MPs who represented the constituency which covered the Croeser area and some of the extraordinary events with which they were involved.

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October 1984! Remember this:

The BBC News reports of Michael Buerk (pictured) on the Ethiopian famine sparked the aid relief movement.
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  • Bob was married to Paula, who grew up and went to school in north Wales, lived in the same village as Lord Wyn Roberts who colluded with Dafydd and the gang and as a teenager became a groupie and a porn model! Where is Paula now? Er, six feet under, along with the man whom she left Bob for and her daughter. Dafydd must have had a little chuckle as he heard the news of each death. Wyn Roberts must have been mighty relieved as well.

Gee, how did St Bob et al get Fatcher’s Gov’t to Support The Cause when they were initially so hostile??

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb



Hobsbawm and the crowd down at Croesor were academics or professionals, but being Revolutionaries, they encouraged their own young adult children to follow Other Paths, including in the rock music industry.

Lord Maelor was not the only person Who Knew with close links to Croesor who met a nasty, untimely end which very obviously was not a result of the official explanation. In 2010, retired Gwynedd social worker Thomas Merfyn Hughes who lived in Croesor was found dead in someone’s else’s garden in Llanfrothen, at the bottom of an embankment. Mr Hughes’s body was concealed from view and lay undiscovered for many, many hours; he had last been seen alive leaving the Brondanw Arms in the small hours, walking home. It was concluded at the inquest that Mr Hughes had fallen down the embankment, decided to have a nap and had frozen to death in the cold winter’s night while he was snoozing, presumably before hiding his body. Only Coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones could have ever conjured up such a scenario and only in Gwynedd would he never have been questioned about this lunacy.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

When Mr Hughes was found dead, the PM was the husband of Julia Hobsbawm’s friend Sarah.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature



I encountered Thomas Merfyn Hughes in 2005. The thugs of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team were refusing to give me access to files on me – which they should not have had anyway because I had never been ‘on their books’ – and Mr Hughes had recently been appointed their line manager. I was told by a colleague at Bangor University that Mr Hughes ‘was doing his best to sort that lot out’. Mr Hughes kindly confirmed to me that the Arfon Team were breaking the law and as they wouldn’t hand the ill-gotten gains over, he would go and collect the file himself. Which he did and he sent me copies. Within the file there were huge quantities of personal information about me to which the Arfon Team should never have had access, including info about a physical health condition unrelated to mental health, as well as my PhD and career, as well as information about Patient F, which they also should not have had access to. As well as numerous inaccuracies and lies. The thug and perjurer Keith Fearns was leader of the Arfon Team when Mr Hughes confronted them. See previous posts.

Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature

Mr Hughes had previously acted as the agent for Elfyn Llwyd, who succeeded Dafydd El as Plaid MP for the constituency covering Croesor, 1992-2010, after Dafydd El went to the Lords. Llwyd is a solicitor and barrister whom I was told was ‘very, very dodgy’ who served as President of Gwynedd Law Society, 1990-91, when virtually every lawyer in Gwynedd was on board with Dafydd’s gang and I was being dragged through the High Court on the basis of the perjury of Drs Tony and Sadie Francis. Not only did their lawyers know that they had perjured themselves, but so did my solicitor, Alwyn Jones of Bangor, who was married to a lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council. Alwyn’s wife worked with Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council, who in 1990 conspired with Lucille Hughes and the Arfon Team to frame and imprison me for contempt at Chester Court. See post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’. Ron is married to Dinah Evans who is a magistrate and worked as a lecturer in the School of History in Bangor University. Their daughter is a lawyer who joined the civil service and worked as Peter Mandelson’s aide. Elfyn Llwyd is an Aber graduate and trained at Chester Law College. He is married to Eleri Llwyd, a folk singer. Dafydd Iwan, the former Leader of Gwynedd County Council, is a folk singer.


Hobsbawm’s interventions in the Windbag’s remaking of the Labour Party helped prepare the ground for New Labour and Miranda, whom Hobsbawm later derisively referred to as “Thatcher in trousers”. Miranda based his politics on Anthony Gidden’s ideas. The Anthony Giddens who had worked in the Sodom and Gomorrah that was Leicester University when Eric’s network colonised the institution.

All Eric ever needed to have done was to blow the whistle on Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring which were busy under his nose and they’d have all come tumbling down…


Until the cessation of its publication in 1991, Hobsbawm contributed to the magazine Marxism Today. A third of the 30 reprints of Marxism Today‘s articles that appeared in The Guardian during the 1980s were articles or interviews by or with Hobsbawm, making him by far the most popular of all contributors.

I used to read ‘Marxism Today’ when Hobsbawm and others were regulars in there. I could not understand why, among all the concerned articles written by theorists focusing on Oppression and Abuse of State Power, that there was never any attempt to publicise what was happening in the NHS in north Wales; even I could see, as a young woman, that it was scandalous in terms of the abuse of state power.

In addition to his association with the CPGB, Hobsbawm also developed close ties to the largest Communist Party in the western world, the  Italian Communist Party (PCI). He developed contacts with Italian left-wing academics and intellectuals in the early 1950s and Antonio’s Gramsci, whose work was a key influence on some of Hobsbawm’s work. Hobsbawm spoke favourably about PCI general secretary Enrico Berlinguer’s strategy of Historic Compromise in the 1970s, seeking rapprochement with the RC Church and the Christian Democrats, providing passive support to the latter in Gov’t in order to bring the Communists into the political mainstream, by accepting Italy’s position as a member of NATO.

From the 1960s, Hobsbawm came to recognise that his political hopes were unlikely to be realised and he no longer advocated “socialist systems of the Soviet type”. Until the day of his death, however, he remained firmly entrenched on the Left, maintaining that the long-term outlooks for humanity were ‘bleak’.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


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Gordon Brown


“I think we ought to get out of that 20th-century habit of thinking of systems as mutually exclusive: you’re either socialist or you’re capitalist, or whatever,” Hobsbawm stated in regards to the emergence of a new historical system…One of the worst things about the politics of the past 30 years is that the rich have forgotten to be afraid of the poor…”

There was a solution when the rich became afraid of the poor, a drastic one which Eric knew all about but somehow never managed to publicise:


North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums

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For years Hobsbawm was severely criticised by many because of the perception that he was an apologist for the abuses of Stalin and the Soviet Union. Hobsbawm continued in his own sweet way until finally his critics were deafening and he responded, including with this:

I have never tried to diminish the appalling things that happened in Russia, though the sheer extent of the massacres we didn’t realise…In the early days we knew a new world was being born amid blood and tears and horror: revolution, civil war, famine—we knew of the Volga famine of the early ’20s, if not the early ’30s. Thanks to the breakdown of the west, we had the illusion that even this brutal, experimental, system was going to work better than the west. It was that or nothing.

With regard to the 1930s, Hobsbawm wrote that

It is impossible to understand the reluctance of men and women on the left to criticise, or even often to admit to themselves, what was happening in the USSR in those years, or the isolation of the USSR’s critics on the left, without this sense that in the fight against fascism, communism and liberalism were, in a profound sense, fighting for the same cause. Not to mention the more obvious fact…that, in the conditions of the 1930s, what Stalin did was a Russian problem, however shocking, whereas what Hitler did was a threat everywhere.

Hobsbawm claimed that the demise of the USSR was “traumatic not only for communists but for socialists everywhere”.

Hobsbawm stated that constitutional monarchy in general has “proved a reliable framework for liberal-democratic regimes” and “is likely to remain useful”.


In the late 1980s, Alison Taylor wrote to Carlo and told him that kids in care were being abused in north Wales. Carlo’s office wrote back saying that Carlo ‘could not become involved’ in the matter. At the time Carlo had been the Chancellor of UCNW for more than 10 years. UCNW was facilitating the trafficking ring and employing many of those directly involved. The Principal himself at UCNW, Eric Sunderland, had received complaints about Gwynne the lobotomist and others – including my complaint – and because students were repeatedly attempting suicide, it has to be concluded that the highest authorities at UCNW had failed to deal with the trafficking ring operating within the institution.

Charles, Prince of Wales


Carlo was appointed Chancellor of UCNW in 1976, when the gwerin at UCNW began to rip each other’s heads off as levels of panic reached a high. In Oct 1975, Andrew Newton shot Norman Scott’s dog dead and then tried to shoot Norman. The press did not initially cover the story, but their reticence to report ended in January 1976 when Scott, in court on a minor social security fraud charge, claimed he was being hounded because of his previous sexual relationship with Thorpe. This statement, made in court and thus protected from the libel laws, was widely reported. On 16 March 1976 Newton’s trial began at Exeter Crown Court, where Scott repeated his allegations against Thorpe despite the efforts of the prosecution’s lawyers to silence him. Newton was found guilty and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, but did not incriminate Thorpe. Jeremy Thorpe was friendly with members of the Royal Family and used to boast that he had slept with both Ma’am Darling and her husband Lord Snowdon. Thorpe’s second wife Marion had previously been married to the Earl of Harewood, a cousin of Lilibet’s. Thorpe had grown up with Lloyd George’s family and was friendly with them as well, who were still very influential in north Wales.

There was a fear that the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the role of Dafydd et al in the ring would be blown open, Harold Wilson resigned and The Heir To The Throne rocked up as Chancellor of the University which was running the racket… See previous posts.

At Jeremy’s trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder, key evidence was not made available because of ‘the embarrassment’ that it would have caused the Royal Family. Thorpe’s barrister was George Carman QC, Miranda’s former pupil master. Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988.

  • Such was the threat to Dafydd et al, that a belt and braces approach was adopted and in 1976 George Thomas was appointed Speaker of the Commons.

The supply of casual sexual partners was not the only thing at risk if Dafydd et al were to be exposed; the supply of class A drugs to the rich and famous could have been interrupted as well, because Dafydd, Drs Ann and Peter Dally and the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarin Bing Spear were doing a great job on that front. The Dallys boasted of their role as Top Docs to Ma’am Darling. See previous posts eg. ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’.

In 1981, when the diplomat Sir Peter Hayman was named in the House by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens as having been found in possession of porn – including child porn – yet had not been prosecuted, the Speaker, who did his best to prevent further discussion of the matter in the House, was George Thomas. Hayman’s solicitor was Sir David Napley. Napley acted for Jeremy Thorpe when Thorpe was finally charged and for Greville Janner when Janner was interviewed about the abuse of kids in care in Leicestershire in the early 1990s.

  • I have only just discovered that Jeremy Thorpe was Chairman of the Political Committee of the UNA and kept this position after his trial until the mid-1980s, when Parkinson’s disease caused him to retire from public life. After graduating from Oxford, Jeffrey Archer worked as a fund-raiser for the UNA. The former Deputy Principal of the Normal College in Bangor, Menai Williams, was involved with the UNA. In 2005 Menai and the UNA arranged a one day conference on drug abuse in Bangor and Dafydd was the keynote speaker. Menai’s family were a high profile Liberal family and she knew Megan Lloyd-George. See post ‘Thought For The Day’.


Eric Hobsbawm was quoted as saying that, next to sex, there is nothing so physically intense as ‘participation in a mass demonstration at a time of great public exaltation’.

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Although Hobsbawm did receive savage criticism for his stance on Stalin and the Soviet Union, he nonetheless received universal praise across the political spectrum into the 21st century, which is surprising because by that time Hobsbawm’s generation of Marxist historians were being ridiculed and the word ‘Marxist’ had become an insult. In 2003,’The New York Times’ described Hobsbawm as “one of the great British historians of his age, an unapologetic Communist and a polymath whose erudite, elegantly written histories are still widely read in schools here and abroad”. James Joll wrote in ‘The New York Review of Books’ that “Eric Hobsbawm’s nineteenth century trilogy is one of the great achievements of historical writing in recent decades”. Ian Kershaw said that Hobsbawm’s 1994 book, ‘The Age of Analysis’ consisted of “masterly analysis”. Meanwhile, Tony Judt, while praising Hobsbawm’s vast knowledge and graceful prose, cautioned that Hobsbawm’s bias in favour of the USSR and communism in general and his tendency to disparage any nationalist movement as passing and irrational, weakened his grasp of parts of the 20th century.

Eric left Croesor in the late 1970s as a result of the hostility towards him and his family; he wrote about this in his autobiography ‘Interesting Times’ and I have been told that he was not exaggerating. There was naked aggression towards the Hobsbawms from some other people in the Croesor area which caused Eric to go. He took a second home in the Brecon/Hay-on-Wye area instead. However, Eric spent many years in Croesor and was friendly with many of the left/radical crowd who either knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring or were actually involved in it and he was friends with Sir Clough and the Stracheys network, including Bertrand Russell.

Even years after he left Croesor, unlike other people who were too thick to see how big this scandal was, Eric Hobsbawm knew just how much power and influence could be wielded by someone like him who could list numerous high profile politicians, aristocrats, members of the Royal Family and their associates, figures in the arts, academia, media, music, literature and directly link them with the most serious crimes against children and vulnerable people which were facilitated by those at the top of the legal and medical establishment. I am in the same position but I haven’t got a daughter who’s a PR guru who is mates with Gordon Brown’s wife and I’ve always made it clear that I take the piss out of people like Eric who used their info in the way that he did. That is why people were trying to imprison and kill me throughout the years that Eric, that elderly Commie, was receiving nothing but praise across the board…

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While Eric was being hailed as a hero in spite of those embarrassing comments in support of Stalin, another Marxist historian, of the generation who followed Eric, was under serious attack from the friends of Eric’s daughter and her pal Sarah Brown – Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University.

Merfyn knew as much about that paedophile ring as Eric did; Merfyn had spent his youth watching his neighbours destroyed by Gwynne and Dafydd with Eric and his mates Being All Radical while that was happening. Instead of capitalising on that and dining at the trough, Merfyn had challenged the paedophiles’ friends and then given me a place to do a PhD and postdoc jobs. Who was constantly accused of dining at the trough by the gwerin? Merfyn. Is Merfyn in the Lords? No. Is his friend, the Minister in Blair’s Gov’t who cleared my name in 2004, after I was wrongly accused by the gang and there was an attempt to have me struck off the teaching register and branded a danger to children? Er, no. Instead he was named in the media as a Minister who let a paedophile return to teaching. When Miranda produced his list of toadies-for-peerages after he waved goodbye in 2007, this Minister’s name was very obviously missing and media reports stated that Miranda didn’t trust him, what with him being a bit Welsh with a penchant for taking the piss. Well he’d have had a great time in the Lords, there’s no shortage of material in there. Then I was told by a former social worker who had been given the most appalling time by the gwerin but who obviously felt that Dinsdale and his mates were far too much to take on, that ‘Merfyn’s sinister friend is a philanderer’. Not the gwerin ever nailed her ear to the floor; not at all, they were a great bunch really and anyway she deserved it and was thankful.

  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


If only he’d have been running a gang of paedophiles, the Philanderer and his friend Merfyn would be in the Lords and dining at the trough right now. They could have a lovely time sitting next to the Baroness of Ely, St Helena, Lord Bob etc.

Contrast that Philanderer with the shameless toadying of a gang of paedophiles in the direction of the Man Who Knows and do you know his daughter is friends with Sarah Brown!!!, British historian David Pryce-Jones charged that Hobsbawm, as a professional historian who has “steadily corrupted knowledge into propaganda, and scorns the concept of objective truth”, was “neither an historian nor professional.” After reading Age of Extremes, Kremlinologist Robert Conquest concluded that Hobsbawm suffers from a “massive reality denial” regarding the USSR and John Gray described Hobsbawm’s writings on the post-1914 period as “…highly evasive. A vast silence surrounds the realities of communism, a refusal to engage which led the late Tony Judt to conclude that Hobsbawm had ‘provincialised himself’. It is a damning judgement”.

Hobsbawm was a very, very able historian. I never knew him so I have no idea as to the reasons for his vast silence with regard to a murderous regime, but Hobsbawm maintained a vast silence about a few other matters closer to home as well, along with many other people:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


In a 1994 interview on BBC TV with Michael Ignatieff (whose grandfather and great-grandfather were Ministers of the Czar prior to the Bolshevik Revolution), Hobsbawm stated that the deaths of millions of Soviet citizens under Stalin would have been worth it if a genuine Communist society had been the result. The following year, when asked the same question on Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ that is if “the sacrifice of millions of lives” would have been worth the future communist society, Hobsbawm replied: “That’s what we felt when we fought the Second World War”, repeating what had already been said to Michael Ignatieff, “now people says we shouldn’t had World War II” because of the massive number of deaths, but in fact, at the time, “very few people ended up by saying ‘we think it was wrong [to fight] in World War II'”, as World War II was worth fighting.

Which is an incredibly simplistic answer from someone like Hobsbawm, who would have had an excellent knowledge of the complexities of the politics which preceded WW II, of the many powerful figures who knew what Hitler was doing but decided that they were not going to stop him and of course with regard to anti-semitic sentiment which, far from being a preserve of the Nazis, was widespread among many people in many countries.

Tony Judt opined that Hobsbawm “clings to a pernicious illusion…that if one can promise a benevolent outcome it would be worth the human cost. But one of the great lessons of the 20th century is that it’s not true…he appears blind to the sheer scale of the price paid. I find it tragic…” Neil Ascherson believes that, “Eric is not a man for apologising or feeling guilty. He does feel bad about the appalling waste of lives in Soviet communism. But he refuses to acknowledge that he regrets anything. He’s not that kind of person.” Hobsbawm himself, in his autobiography, wrote that he desires “historical understanding…not agreement, approval or sympathy”.

Hobsbawm was criticised for never relinquishing his Communist Party membership. Arthur Koestler and others left the Party after seeing the friendly reception of Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop in Moscow during the years of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939–1941), yet Hobsbawm stood firm even after the Soviet invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, though he was against them both. Arthur Koestler was someone else who lived in a house in Croesor that he rented from Sir Clough, 1945-48/9. During that time Koestler become a close friend of George Orwell.

In his review of Hobsbawm’s 2002 memoirs, Interesting Times, Niall Ferguson wrote:

The essence of Communism is the abnegation of individual freedom, as Hobsbawm admits in a chilling passage: “The Party . . . had the first, or more precisely the only real claim on our lives. Its demands had absolute priority. We accepted its discipline and hierarchy. We accepted the absolute obligation to follow ‘the lines’ it proposed to us, even when we disagreed with it . . . We did what it ordered us to do….Whatever it had ordered, we would have obeyed….If the Party ordered you to abandon your lover or spouse, you did so.”

Consider some of the “lines” our historian dutifully toed. He accepted the order to side with the Nazis against the Weimar-supporting Social Democrats in the great Berlin transport strike of 1932. He accepted the order to side with the Nazis against Britain and France following the Ribben trop-Molotov Pact of 1939. He accepted the excommunication of Tito. He condoned the show trials of men like Laszlo Rajk in Hungary.

In 1954, just after Stalin’s death, he visited Moscow as one of the honoured members of the Historian’s Group of the British Communist Party. He admits to having been dismayed when, two years later, Khruschev denounced Stalin’s crimes at the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party. When Khrushchev himself ordered the tanks into Budapest, Hungary, Hobsbawm finally spoke up, publishing a letter of protest. But he did not leave the Party.

Hobsbawm let his membership lapse not long before the Party’s dissolution in 1991. In his review of Hobsbawm’s memoirs, David Pryce-Jones accuses him of actually supporting the invasion of Hungary:

[H]e carefully makes sure not to quote the letter he published on 9 November 1956 in the Communist Daily Worker defending the Soviet onslaught on Hungary: “While approving, with a heavy heart, of what is now happening in Hungary, we should therefore also say frankly that we think the USSR should withdraw its troops from the country as soon as this is possible.” Which is more deceitful, the spirit of this letter, or the omission of any reference to it [in his memoirs]?

In those memoirs, Hobsbawn wrote: “The dream of the October Revolution is still there somewhere inside me…I have abandoned, nay, rejected it, but it has not been obliterated. To this day, I notice myself treating the memory and tradition of the USSR with an indulgence and tenderness.” Reviewing the book, David Caute wrote: “One keeps asking of Hobsbawm: didn’t you know what Deutscher and Orwell knew? Didn’t you know about the induced famine, the horrors of collectivisation, the false confessions, the terror within the Party, the massive forced labour of the gulag? As Orwell himself documented, a great deal of evidence was reliably knowable even before 1939, but Hobsbawm pleads that much of it was not reliably knowable until Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin in 1956.”

Reviewing Hobsbawm’s 2011 How to Change the World in the ‘Wall Street Journal’, Michael Moynihan argued:

When the bloody history of 20th century communism intrudes upon Mr. Hobsbawm’s disquisitions, it’s quickly dismissed. Of the countries occupied by the Soviet Union after World War II—”the Second World War,” he says with characteristic slipperiness, “led communist parties to power” in Eastern and Central Europe—he explains that a “possible critique of the new [postwar] socialist regimes does not concern us here.” Why did communist regimes share the characteristics of state terror, oppression and murder? “To answer this question is not part of the present chapter.” Regarding the execrable pact between Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, which shocked many former communist sympathizers into lives of anticommunism, Mr. Hobsbawm dismisses the “zig-zags and turns of Comintern and Soviet policy,” specifically the “about-turn of 1939–41,” which “need not detain us here.” In one sense, Mr. Hobsbawm’s admirers are right about his erudition: He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Marxist thought, specifically Italian communism and pre-Soviet socialist movements. But that knowledge is wasted when used to write untrustworthy history.

Reviewing the same book, Francis Wheen argued: “When writing about how the anti-fascist campaigns of the 1930s brought new recruits to the communist cause, he cannot even bring himself to mention the Hitler-Stalin pact, referring only to ‘temporary episodes such as 1939–41’. The Soviet invasion of Hungary and the crushing of the Prague Spring are skipped over.”

David Evanier, in an article published in the American neocon magazine ‘The Weekly Standard’, called Hobsbawm “Stalin’s cheerleader”, writing: “One can learn almost nothing about the history of communism from Hobsbawm’s Interesting Times – nothing about the show trials, the torture and execution of millions, the Communist betrayal of Spain.”

If Eric failed to mention that, he wasn’t going to worry about the gang rape of children, bestiality, child porn, the framing and murders of victims and witnesses and the lobotomies happening around him in north Wales. Particularly when his rather dozy daughter and her friends had left school,  needed careers and the Labour Party was in desperate need of assistance as well because things weren’t going too well under Footie, who when younger had indulged in interesting sexual activities himself and then the Windbag. Neither was it going to end with those two bozos; there was a Bright Young Star and Future Leader of the Labour Party in south Wales who had to be considered as well:

Ron Davies

By the time that Julia’s pal Sarah had got together with her Teddy Bear, Ron was Secretary of State for Wales and considered himself and was considered by everyone else to be a dead cert as First Minister of Wales once Wales had been persuaded to vote Yes in the Devolution referendum in Sept 1997. It all unravelled on that night in Oct 1998 on Clapham Common with Boogie… After which the whole of south Wales confirmed that everybody had Known About Ron, except for Rhodri Morgan who Didn’t Have Any Idea and Didn’t Know What Cottaging was, so Lesley Griffiths explained the mechanics of it to him in impressive detail. Particularly for someone who had Helped The Mums when she was a Wrexham Borough Councillor and a medical secretary in Wrexham Maelor Hospital for all those years but Didn’t Know about Bryn Estyn herself. According to Rhodri, Lesley explained that when Men Like Ron go cottaging, one of them stands with their feet in shopping bags while they are doing the business in the cubicle, so that if a policeman comes in and shines his torch under the door, all he sees is one pair of feet and some shopping bags and his suspicions will not be aroused and he will go away. Because obviously the police don’t know about the shopping bags trick, not even policemen like Gordon Anglesea, who were members of Dafydd’s gang. I didn’t know about the shopping bags until I read Rhodri’s autobiography, but I knew about Dafydd and I knew that kids in care were being abused and I knew that Wrexham Maelor was a dangerous hospital full of dishonest staff who were on board with Dafydd, so I wonder how that bit escaped Lesley while she was party to the shopping bags deception??? Particularly as Lesley worked in a Dept in Wrexham Maelor Hospital concerned with STIs. How does a rather dim former medical secretary end up as the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister???

Spiny Norman | Brian Smith | Flickr


Not only did all of south Wales fess up to Knowing About Ron after the Boogie-related explosion, but some of south Wales were brave enough to say that Ron was a nasty piece of work who was relentlessly aggressive and hostile to female colleagues. Ron was a man who had been around a long time. He was a Councillor in south Wales in his early 20s and was elected as the MP for Caerphilly in 1983. When Wales was swinging thanks to Dafydd and the gang… Before becoming an MP, Ron was an adviser to Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority, while Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority ignored complaints of the Pontypridd drama teacher John Owen’s sexual abuse of his pupils. John Owen took part in youth drama groups, concerts, Eisteddfodau and was the driving force behind well-loved S4C teens programmes, such as ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ Owen molested away for years until he was finally charged on a number of counts and was found dead in 2001, days before his trial was due to open. See post ‘Yet More Inglorious Bastards’.

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  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


Ron Davies’s ex-wife Christina Rees is a barrister and since 2015 has been the Labour MP for Neath. I wonder if she knew about the shopping bags, because she won’t know about Dafydd, no-one does, except for the patients who rolled around laughing at him, rang him up taking the piss, drew cartoons, portraits etc and openly discussed him having group sex with patients.

Female Impersonator | Tumblr


All sizes | Spiny Norman | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

In the early hours of 1 October 2012, Hobsbawm died at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Julia confirmed that he died of pneumonia, while suffering complications of his leukemia. She said:

He’d been quietly fighting leukemia for a number of years without fuss or fanfare. Right up until the end he was keeping up what he did best, he was keeping up with current affairs, there was a stack of newspapers by his bed.

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

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After Hobsbawm’s death, Uncle Harry’s nephew called him “an extraordinary historian, a man passionate about his politics…’


One of Hobsbawm’s fellow travellers in the New Left who also had a second home at Croesor but who fell out with Hobsbawm in a big way when Hobsbawm remained in the Communist Party after the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, was E.P. Thompson. Thompson was famous for his work ‘The Making Of The English Working Classes’, which as Brown once observed, ‘was what made him E.P. Thompson’.

Edward Palmer Thompson (3 February 1924 – 28 August 1993) was the leading figure in the European Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (END) and was a regular in outlets like the ‘New Statesman’ during the 1980s, where events such as this were advertised:

Homage to E.P. Thompson | Portside

The 1980s… the ‘New Statesman’, Leslie Gore the Offensive Therapist, Naomi the Mad Teacher, ‘Marxism Today’…

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The 1980s… Uncle Harry’s nephews’ dad and his buddies trying to hinder Brown’s career…

Although Thompson left the Communist Party in 1956 over the Soviet invasion of Hungary, he nevertheless remained an “historian in the Marxist tradition”, calling for a rebellion against Stalinism as a prerequisite for the restoration of communists’ “confidence in our own revolutionary perspectives”. Thompson was a vociferous left-wing critic of the Labour Gov’ts of 1964–70 and 1974–79, which were of course the Gov’ts of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan who not only concealed Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, but legislated to ensure that Dafydd et al could expand business and remain untouchable. See eg. post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’. Like Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson knew about Dafydd’s gang operating under his nose at Croesor and I have found no record or memories from people who knew Thompson that he ever tried to chuck a spanner in their works. Thompson was an early and constant supporter of CND before leading END in the 1980s. George Thomas was involved with CND at its beginning, although he later drifted away.

E.P. Thompson was born in  Oxford to Methodist missionaries. My post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ discussed the facilitating of Dafydd’s gang by Methodists in Wales and elsewhere, including Methodist missionaries. So many of them were involved that those who were not would have known about it. My post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’ detailed Harold Wilson’s wife’s – the daughter of a Congregationalist Minister herself – network of poets and literary folk who assisted with the effort with regard to ensuring that Dafydd et al were never hindered or exposed. Thompson’s father, Edward John Thompson was alive until 1946, which was the year after George Thomas, by then already one of the most well-known Methodists in Britain, was elected as the Labour MP for Cardiff Central.

E.P. Thompson and his dad both wrote poetry.

Thompson attended The Dragon School in Oxford and Kingswood School in Bath. During WW II, Thompson served in a tank unit in the Italian campaign. Following that, Thompson studied at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where he joined the Communist Party of Great Britain. In 1946, he formed the Communist Party Historians Group with Christopher Hill, Hobsbawm, Rodney Hilton, Dona Torr and others. In 1952 they launched ‘Past and Present’. 

Thompson launched the dissident Marxist journal The New Reasoner in the summer of 1957. The publication would merge to form New Left Review in 1960.


After Khruschev’s ‘secret speech’ to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956, which revealed that the Soviet party leadership had long been aware of Stalin’s crimes, Thompson (with John Saville and others) started a dissident publication inside the CP, called The Reasoner. Six months later, he and most of his comrades left the party in disgust at the Soviet invasion of Hungary. 

Thompson remained what he called a “socialist humanist” and the ‘New Reasoner’ sought to develop a democratic socialist alternative to what its editors considered the ossified official Marxism of the Communist and Trotskyist Parties and the managerialist Cold War social democracy of the Labour Party and its international allies. The New Reasoner was the most important organ of the New Left. The New Reasoner combined with the ‘Universities and Left Review’ to form the ‘New Left Review’ in 1960, though Thompson and others fell out with the group around Perry Anderson, who took over the journal in 1962. The fashion ever since has been to describe the Thompson et al’s New Left as “the first New Left” and the Anderson et al group, which by 1968 had embraced Tariq Ali and various Trotskyists, as the second New Left.

The People’s Front Of Croesor:

E P Thompson at 1980 protest rally (cropped).JPG


Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


The Croesor People’s Front:

  • Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Thompson subsequently allied himself with the annual ‘Socialist Register’ publication. With Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall, he was one of the editors of the 1967 May Day Manifesto, one of the key left-wing challenges to Wilson’s 1964–70 Labour Gov’t.

Raymond Williams was a cultural theorist who also wrote novels, including ‘Border Country’, which was so boring that I never finished it, although that might have been due to shortcomings on my part. Whenever I read biographical descriptions of Raymond Williams’s childhood with all the info about the working class male culture and the identity which wasn’t quite Welsh but not quite English either, I am reminded of the ‘Private Eye’ spoofs of such literary figures which used phrases such as ‘a rough tough puff poof’. Which it seems was true of more than a few of the rough tough puffs from Northern Working Class Male Roots or similarly framed backgrounds.

The Lord Briggs
Asa Briggs.jpg

Great backstory Asa, as Uncle Harry’s nephew would no doubt tell you. Pity that you were a total scumbag.


The challenge from the May Day Manifesto failed because no-one mentioned the war:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


George Thomas, Commons Speaker.png
Roy Jenkins 1977b.jpg


North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums



The Making of the English Working Class had a profound effect on the shape of British historiography, and still endures as a staple on university reading lists more than 50 years after its first publication in 1963. Writing for The Times Higher Education Supplement in 2013, Robert Colls recalled the power of Thompson’s book for his generation of young British leftists:

I bought my first copy in 1968 – a small, fat bundle of Pelican with a picture of a Yorkshire miner on the front – and I still have it, bandaged up and exhausted by the years of labour. From the first of its 900-odd pages, I knew, and my friends at the University of Sussex knew, that this was something else. We talked about it in the bar and on the bus and in the refectory queue. Imagine that: young male students more interested in a book than in gooseberry tart and custard.

Robert Croll has forgotten that this was Sussex and Asa ruled supreme, the male students will have had rather more on their minds than gooseberry tart and custard.

In his preface to this book, E.P. Thompson set out his approach to writing history from below:

I am seeking to rescue the poor stockinger, the Luddite cropper, the “obsolete” hand-loom weaver, the “Utopian” artisan, and even the deluded follower of Joanna Southcott, from the enormous condescension of posterity….they lived through these times of acute social disturbance, and we did not. Their aspirations were valid in terms of their own experience; and, if they were casualties of history, they remain, condemned in their own lives, as casualties.

Thompson’s thought was ‘original and significant because of the way he defined “class.” By re-defining class as a relationship that changed over time, Thompson proceeded to demonstrate how class was worthy of historical investigation.’ So was what Dafydd and Bertrand Russell were doing down the road from E.P. Thompson’s second home in Croesor, never mid the deluded follower of Joanna Southcott, there were hundreds of deluded followers banged up in the North Wales Hospital who were worthy of a bit of Thompson’s ‘history from below’.

With ‘The Making Of The English Working Classes’, Thompson ‘demonstrated the power of an historical Marxism rooted in the experience of real flesh-and-blood workers’. Thompson wrote the book while living in Siddal, Halifax, West Yorkshire and based some of the work on his experiences with the local Halifax population. But not on those who had doings with Jimmy Savile who even then had quite a crime empire on his hands, with which some people at Leeds University were colluding. By the 1970s at least, when Thompson had his second home in Croesor, Savile had close links with Dafydd’s gang, was visiting children’s homes in north Wales and was present on the occasion of at least one gang rape of a child. E.P. Thompson worked at Leeds University until 1965. Uncle Harry’s nephews’ dad held a Chair at Leeds University, 1972-78.

Thompson left the University of Warwick, where he worked, 1965-71, in protest at the commercialisation of the academy, documented in the book Warwick University Limited (1971). Warwick University probably weren’t too chuffed with E.P. Thompson, because not only did he dish the dirt on them with that book, but some of his postgrad students took part in the Warwick Events, in which students discovered secret files which the University had compiled on them, raided the files, held protests and generally caused trouble.

Two of those involved in the Events were Merfyn and the Philanderer. The Brexit Bulldog David Davies was also a student at Warwick at the time, but being a Tory (even in those days), I presume that Davies did not participate in the Events. However, the Brexit Bulldog is one of the many who has dined at the trough on the back of his knowledge of Dafydd et al and the Westminster Paedophile Gang. See previous posts.


E.P. Thompson continued to teach and lecture as a visiting Professor, particularly in the United States.


However, Thompson increasingly worked as a freelance writer, contributing many essays to ‘New Society’, Socialist Register and historical journals. ‘New Society’ was a magazine aimed primarily at social workers, which not only employed the corrupt Inner London probation officer who knew about Dafydd’s gang’s London arm, Geoffrey Parkinson, as a columnist (see post ‘Only One Died’), but it also published adverts for staff in John Allen’s children’s home in north Wales. Allen had already served a prison sentence for assaulting kids and numerous complaints had been made about the abuse of kids in north Wales on placement from Councils who were advertising for their senior managers of Depts of Social Services in ‘New Society’.


In 1978, Thompson published The Poverty of Theory which attacked the structural Marxism of Louis Althusser and his followers in Britain in New Left Review (famously saying: “…all of them are Geschichtenscheissenschlopff, unhistorical shit”). His comment would have been appreciated by Dr Delyth Morris aka Duckula, a former Gwynedd social worker who was given a PhD and then a job as a sociology lecturer which she couldn’t do at UCNW by the gwerin. As well as plagiarising my work – and no doubt other peoples – Duckula denounced Althusser as being ‘a load of old rubbish really’. But I don’t think that was because Duckula thought that Althusser and his followers were Geschichtenscheissenschlopff, I think it was because Duckula didn’t understand a word of it. Althusser famously murdered his wife supposedly while suffering from manic depression and was imprisoned, but some years after the outpouring of sympathy, another version of events became public which maintained that Althussser was a highly abusive man who’d been beating up his wife for years and after he murdered her he utilised his pals in the French elite to ensure that he was treated less harshly than would be normally expected.


During the late 1970s, Thompson acquired a large public audience as a critic of the then Labour Gov’t’s disregard of civil liberties; his writings from this time are collected in Writing By Candlelight (1980). Not a word about Mary Wynch or the North Wales Hospital Denbigh though, which must have been the ultimate examples of the Labour Gov’ts disregard for civil liberties.

From 1981 onward, Thompson was a frequent contributor to the American magazine ‘The Nation’.

From 1980, Thompson was the most prominent intellectual of the revived movement for nuclear disarmament, revered by activists throughout the world. In Britain, his pamphlet Protest and Survive, a parody on the Gov’t leaflet ‘Protect and Survive’, played a major role in the revived strength of CND.

CND had a substantial following in north Wales, places like Bangor and Blaenau Ffestiniog were Meccas for CND because of the number of hippies and alternative people living there. I knew some of the people involved and I used to frequent the left wing bookshop in Bangor – called the Information Centre and then it changed its name to Rainbows – and loads of the associated crowd were active in CND and going to protests at Greenham etc. Brown’s dad got very cross with me when we were watching TV at his place and I saw a girl I knew from the Information Centre being arrested at Greenham. I said ‘ooh I know her, she’s from Bangor’  and Col Brown said ‘well could you ask her to go and protest in Red Square then’. He had a point, she wasn’t even going to protest outside of a Top Doctor’s surgery or Gwynedd Social Services HQ, she’d never have risked her neck in Red Square. But then E.P. Thompson didn’t protest outside Lucille Hughes’s office either. None of the Information Centre lot ever mentioned the activities of Dafydd and the gang, but they did know that all was not well. I heard rumours of ‘terrible cruelty’ to kids in care, kids who had been left virtually destitute and to fend for themselves could be seen around the region and there were whispers that Denbigh was a really horrific place. A lot of the Information Centre lot gradually drifted away, but a few remained and got jobs with MIND, and Wimmin’s Aid and then some even became social workers…

It’s just as well that I wasn’t involved with CND, I’d have wanted to protest in Red Square and they’d have all grassed me up to the authorities, scarpered, stood by while I was arrested and sent to a Gulag and then they’d have become members of the Politburo.

I know where else Wimmin CND activists came across victims of Dafydd et al: in Holloway, when they were imprisoned for protesting. Some of them published accounts of making friends with distressed traumatised women in Holloway who very obviously should not have been in prison and some of the campaigners mentioned that huge numbers of women in prison were mentally ill. Not one of them ever published an account in which they discussed how many of their fellow prisoners had been abused in children’s homes or in psych hospitals. They will have been told about this because the CND protesters made a point of showing solidarity with other prisoners as a result of one technique being used by the screws to isolate CND protesters, which was to tell the other prisoners that they were stuck up cows or baby batterers. The CND activists were fully aware that this was going on so they made efforts to befriend other prisoners. Even if you are perceived as posh, you cannot spend more than a few days in a prison or psych hospital and not be told what has happened to people at the hands of the professional classes and welfare services; it is the spirit of the Blitz and if you are friendly you will hear many things, particularly if it’s clear that you will listen and not accuse whoever you are talking to of lying. Welsh language activists also knew what had happened to other prisoners at the hands of the Top Doctors.

There is only one such activist whom I know to have published about the abusive mental health services in north Wales and that was Angharad Tomos, who wrote an account of the shite ‘care’ that she received herself at the Hergest Unit. I acknowledge that many of those activists would never have had an article on the abuse of people at the hands of the Top Docs accepted by any mainstream publication, but huge numbers of them were working in jobs and careers which were colluding with the abuse completely or were even involved in the abuse themselves. Not many Gwynedd social workers voted Tory and supported nuclear weapons.



Thompson was, with Ken Coates, Mary Kaldor and others, an author of the 1980 Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament, calling for a nuclear-free Europe from Poland to Portugal, which was the founding document of European Nuclear Disarmament. Confusingly, END was both a Europe-wide campaign that comprised a series of large public conferences (the END Conventions) and a small British pressure group.

E. P. Thompson speaking to anti-nuclear weapons protesters in 1980. At a very safe distance from Red Square.

Thompson played a key role in END and CND throughout the 1980s, speaking at many public meetings, corresponding with hundreds of fellow activists and sympathetic intellectuals and doing more than his fair share of Committee work. He had a particularly important part in opening a dialogue between the west European peace movement and dissidents in Soviet-dominated eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, for which he was denounced as a tool of American imperialism by the Soviet authorities.

Thompson wrote dozens of polemical articles and essays during this period and edited a collection of essays opposing Shotgun Ronnie’s Strategic Defence Initiative, Star Wars (1985). Dr Adrian Bell, a plant biologist at UCNW used to bang on about Star Wars and what an outrageous waste of money it was and how appalling Thatch was. Adrian was facilitating Dafydd’s gang and two of his colleagues were married to members of the gang. You didn’t ever think of blowing it all wide open then Adrian??? You’d have stopped Thatch in her tracks and the ripples would have hit Shotgun Ronnie as well, what with that Special Relationship. Thatch’s Gov’t facilitating a paedophile ring with a side line in class A drugs and the Home Office complicit with the whole lot, right at the point when Ronnie was ramping up his War On Drugs…  That’s the Adrian who ignored me when I told him that Brown was receiving murder threats from the gang, the Adrian who knew that at least two other students had been targeted by the gang and were receiving threatening visits from corrupt members of the Drug Squad. Breaking into students’ houses at night, grabbing the girls as they tried to run away, forcing them into admitting to crimes by threatening to stitch them up for serious offences if they didn’t… After graduation, the more robust girl was found a plum academic job in America by Adrian’s colleague Dr Chris Wood who was married to Dr D.G.E. Wood, the corrupt GP who was a mate of Dafydd’s – but her dad was a journo on the Torygraph, so something had to be worked out!!! – and her pal, who by the time we graduated was a total wreck and in the ‘care’ of Wood at the Student Health Centre, was found a job in Australia, by Wood, who ORDERED her to leave the UK. She crumbled, began crying hysterically and Wood announced that he’d had enough of her and they wouldn’t be helping her again… A few weeks later Wood yelled at me ‘to leave Bangor, forget about everything that has happened her and make a new life for yourself’. I did leave in 1986 to to an MSc at Hammersmith Hospital. The gang sent sex offenders and nasties after me and then tried to kill me. Within four years, their mate in London, Nigel Eastman, ordered me to go back to north Wales…

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It’s make your mind up time! Do you want Sally Baker in north Wales refusing to shut up? Or do you want her in London refusing to shut up?


If any readers know who it was in the Royal College of GPs who appointed Wood as the person responsible for GP training in north Wales – and they made him the Royal College’s Treasurer! – please do let me know. I suspect that there may be a correlation between that and trainee GPs flatly refusing to take training placements in north Wales! Wood’s father was a Top Doc in Bristol, but I don’t know how Top of the Docs he was, whether he was a pompous mediocrity who made it big by involving himself in serious organised crime or someone who held a senior role as a result of other methods.

  • The Piranha Brothers pt. 2 - YouTube
  • Capturing the Krays: A 'Legend' feature


In 1948 E.P. Thompson married Dorothy Towers, whom he met at Cambridge. A left-wing feminist historian, Dorothy was Professor of History at the University of Birmingham, another outpost of Dafydd’s network and one which not only housed Robert Bluglass but Professor Stuart Hall and friends as well.

The Thompsons had three children, the youngest of whom is the award-winning children’s writer, Kate Thompson. Thompson died at the age of 69 in Worcester.

Thompson’s older brother William Frank Thompson (1920–1944), was also a member of the British Communist Party during World War II. Frank Thompson parachuted into fascist-occupied Bulgaria as part of a “Phantom Brigade” during Operation Mulligatawny. There, he supported the resistance as a liaison officer. Frank Thompson was captured and on 10 June 1944 he was executed. His body was buried in the War Cemetery of Sofia. E.P. Thompson and his mother wrote There is a Spirit in Europe: A Memoir of Frank Thompson (1947). Frank Thompson was also a friend and confidant of Iris Murdoch, the philosopher and novelist. Murdoch will have been yet another useful contact to use when the gang needed reinforcements.


Leszek Kolakowski wrote a very harsh criticism of E.P. Thompson in his 1974 essay “My Correct Views on Everything”. Tony Judt considered this rejoinder so authoritative that he claimed that “no one who reads it will ever take E.P. Thompson seriously again”. Kolakowski’s portrait of Thompson elicited some protests from readers and other left-wing journals came to Thompson’s defence. 

Wade Matthews argued in 2013: ‘[Since his death] interest in Thompson has waned…Today, Thompson’s histories are viewed as old-fashioned, while his socialist politics are believed extinct. Class is considered neither a fruitful concept of historical analysis nor an appropriate basis for an emancipatory politics….At the beginning of the twenty-first century, then, Thompson seems out of place. …certainly part of his distinctiveness lay in his literary style and tone. But it also lay in the moral quality which undergirded his histories and his political interventions.’

Thompson’s class analysis is needed now more than ever, as is a genuine history from the bottom. The problem with Thompson – as well as with Hobsbawm, Uncle Harry’s nephews’ dad, Stuart Hall and so many of their fellow travellers – was not that their socialism was wrong or is of no value anymore, it is that they were prize hypocrites and colluded with serious crime for personal benefit at worst and weak at best. When I chatted to people in Croesor who remembered that contingent of second homers, again and again I was told ‘they were friendly to us and nice to chat with; but we had nothing, nothing at all; their holiday homes were better than the only homes that we had; they played at being peasants, they played at chopping the wood outside in the cold and then went back to Hampstead…’ Harsher views were that they were ‘complete idiots’ and a few people were so resentful of them that by the 1970s relationships were very strained and some local people were openly hostile to them.

Mary Kaldor’s obituary for E.P. Thompson published in the Indie in Aug 1993 give us some idea as to how Thompson et al saw themselves:

WHEN THE dust settles from the end of the Cold War, EP Thompson will be viewed, along with Mikhail Gorbachev and Vaclav Havel, as one of the key individuals who influenced the course of events in the 1980s…Thompson… ensured that the energies of the peace movement were directed at ending the Cold War and not just at getting rid of nuclear weapons. ‘We are going to stop those piffling cruise missiles, you know, on land if not on sea,’ he wrote to a friend in 1981. ‘What we have to do is seize this moment of mass consciousness to move directly into the structures of the Cold War themselves, the blocs behind the missiles. We have to keep to some very large and simple ideas – like remaking Europe and putting peace and liberty together.’…His career as a peace activist went back to the early 1950s when he was secretary of the West Riding Federation of Peace Organisations and editor of the Yorkshire Voice of Peace. He joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament when it was founded in 1957…he drafted the European Nuclear Disarmament (END) Appeal which became the mobilising document for literally millions of people all over Europe. The signatories include Olof Palme, Vaclav Havel, Jiri Dienstbier, Baerbel Bohley, Rainer Eppelman…’We must commence to act as if a united, neutral and pacific Europe already exists. We must learn to be loyal, not to ‘East’ or ‘West’ but to each other, and we must disregard the prohibitions and limitations imposed by any national state.’

In short, he engaged himself in everything from the administrative minutiae of choosing the design for badges, or the structures of particular committees, to the high politics of the ideological struggle not only with the political leaders and military planners of the West but also with peace committees and ‘disarmament’ specialists of the Warsaw Pact. He had the distinction of being denounced both by the spokespeople of the Western establishment and the Soviet establishment. END, said Georgi Abatov, the Director of the US-Canada Institute, confidently, is well-known to be ‘a CIA affair’.

Thompson and END succeeded in breaking the identification of the Western peace movement with the Soviet Union once and for all. The integrity and non-alignment of the peace movement was decisively established. This meant that the campaign against cruise missiles had to be taken seriously, as a genuine moral protest. It also created the basis for the strategy of detente from below, of communication between citizens, which became the central strategy of parts of the peace movement after the deployment of cruise missiles in 1983. Undoubtedly, the constant pressure on officials, the public and private support for harassed peace and human-rights activists in East Central Europe, the network of correspondence, clandestine meetings and relationships, encouraged and helped to provide space for the growing numbers of independent groups that were to burst into the open in the autumn of 1989. Thompson was extraordinarily prescient about what he was doing. In his pamphlet Beyond the Cold War, written in 1982, he envisaged an East-West confluence of popular movements of peace and human rights…

Thompson has not yet received the public recognition he deserves for his part in ending the Cold War…
‘This is the most serious political work I have ever done or will ever do in my life,’ he wrote in the same letter, quoted above, ‘It won’t last long. If we succeed a little, the politicians will move in and take if off us.’

The mark of EP Thompson’s success is that his ideas of linking peace and human rights and of reuniting Europe, which seemed so Utopian in 1980, were on the lips of nearly every politician, East and West, 10 years later.


While he was saving the world, E.P. Thompson failed to deal with Dafydd.

Lucille Hughes

E.P. Thompson himself was in possession of a fine head of hair and no doubt used it as a bargaining tool when dealing with the Nuclear Threat.

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Eric Hobsbawm seemed to have been the brunt of the worst of the bad feeling in Croesor; yet even people who more sympathetic to him remembered that Eric refused to use his holiday cottage until Clough, who owned all the properties in question, had improved it and installed an indoor bog. It was remembered that Eric’s neighbour was a single parent with five kids who did not have an indoor bog, although Clough was her landlord as well. Hobsbawm himself viewed the aggro as being solely the result of race hatred whipped up by Plaid; Hobsbawm was vehemently opposed to any nationalist sentiment, but many people of his generation who lived through what happened in central Europe in the middle years of the 20th century were. Most of the second homers in Croesor vacated the area when Sir Clough’s grandson, Robin Llywelyn, evicted the second homers, stating that he would rent to local people only. Robin had aligned himself with Plaid and deeply offended many of his grandfather’s old friends who’d rented the cottages for decades. They argued – correctly – that in the case of Croesor, they weren’t occupying houses desired by locals, Croesor is a lovely valley but there was and is no work there and the local kids all moved away as they grew up. More background is given in previous posts eg ‘The Village’.

The elephant in the room was of course Dafydd et al. By the time that Robin Llywelyn pledged his support for Plaid, Dinsdale ruled supreme and was destroying the whole region, but there was the panic re Jeremy Thorpe… Some of the wider network of the Stracheys and their many friends and relatives were involved with the abuse of kids and many many more of them knowingly concealed that abuse and the whole bloody lot of them were colluding with Dafydd et al: Clough’s lot, the second homers, Robin and Plaid. Everyone. The poor sods being targeted by the gang were completely on their own


It was the Partisan Coffee House in Soho that is considered to have given rise to the New Left. The cafe was set up in 1958 by the historian Raphael Samuel with the help of Hobsbawm and Stuart Hall and was intended to support Samuel’s socialist History Workshop Journal as well as to fund the magazine Universities and Left Review. Initial investors included the actor Michael Redgrave and the Observer’s theatre critic Kenneth Tynan.

A feature about the Partisan Coffee House appeared in ‘The Observer’ Online in 2017. Michael Berlin was staging an exhibition remembering the Partisan Coffee House and ‘The Observer’ was called upon to give it a free plug. We were told that:

Among its regulars were social and cultural theorists Stuart Hall and Raymond Williams, as well as the film-maker Lindsay Anderson, the novelist and Nobel laureate Doris Lessing and the folk singer Peggy Seeger. “It was a beacon of a certain kind of non-aligned leftist politics that we think of now as the New Left,” said exhibition curator Michael Berlin, a historian at Birkbeck, University of London. “Much of the thinking went against all the orthodoxies, so these people were rejecting Stalinism, and distancing themselves from what Britain was doing in Africa – and Kenya in particular – and they were against the acquisition of nuclear weapons.”

Berlin, a specialist in London’s cultural history, ‘came across photographer Roger Mayne’s unused images of the coffee house on a forgotten contact sheet stored in the vaults of Bishopsgate Institute’s library in the City of London’ and that was the beginnings of the exhibition.

The cafe marked a moment in social history,” said Berlin. “It was here that the CND’s ‘Committee of 100’ was named and the first Aldermaston marches were arranged. The cafe staged a series of debates and it was part of the effort to get the Labour party to put disarmament into its manifesto, which it failed to do. Samuel’s History Workshop movement was an attempt to popularise the study of history, so that the people themselves were contributing to it.”

Anderson, the director of If….notable fans of the Partisan Coffee House included Quentin Crisp, the author of The Naked Civil Servant, the poet Christopher Logue and the singer Rod Stewart. The designer at Penguin Books, Germano Facetti, was responsible for several magazine covers, while the influential graphic designer Desmond Jeffery created the in-house menus and posters.

I know that Special Branch officers used to come in and play chess so that they could listen in to the conversations,” he told the Observer.

With regard to the associates of this lot who were ignoring or even involved in organised abuse and sexual exploitation, Special Branch studiously failed to follow the trail…

“Mayne’s photographs are a great record of the first coming together of many of the people behind the counter-cultural revolution that was to come in the 1960s,

The counter-cultural revolution, one of who’s stars was R.D. Laing; who not only failed to stop Dafydd et al abusing their patients en masse but who provided them with yet more excuses when complaints were made. See previous posts eg. ‘The Vermin Club’.

and the genesis of organisations like the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Some of the images are quite obviously set up, but Mayne may have been there with his camera on more than one occasion as there are some evening shots.”

Lessing was a frequent speaker at the cafe, but Mayne’s photographs reflect women’s more usual backroom role. “They were present, but this was a place of its time, so it was run by men. A lot of the hard work was done by women though, and many of them went on to be part of the new wave of feminism,” said Berlin.

Some of the women of that generation have written about the way in which the men got on with the revolution while they made the coffee. This theme crops up so frequently that it obviously was present. Yet even the women of that generation who did end up articulating intelligent ideas challenging gender stereotyping, patriarchal oppression and even discussed how the alleged sexual revolution which accompanied the availability of the contraceptive pill simply opened up a new dimension of sexual exploitation of women who were now coerced into unwanted sexual encounters without having the reason of refusing because of the fear of an unwanted pregnancy did not utter a word about the large scale abuse and trafficking of kids and young people in care contexts. Why? Because the funding for so much of the ‘research’, the publications and the jobs for those feminists who were going into action came from the left-leaning Councils or charidees which were colluding with the abuse. It is why the wimmin’s groups of the GLC and other Metropolitan Boroughs – including Leicester City Council – would not touch anything or anyone who were raising concerns re the abuse of children or vulnerable adults. Educational institutions were on board as well, no-one dared rock the boat. It was like trying to have journal articles published today discussing the abuse of psych patients; if you word your article carefully you will get it accepted by some of the braver sociology journals but you won’t get anything at all about serious patient abuse published in a health or social care journal.

I saw how it worked on the ground. Vulnerable adults eg. with learning disabilities or mental health problems, were ‘supported in their relationships’ or were given ‘advice’. People even tried doing that to me; I had a Masters in medical sciences, why on earth would I discuss sex or contraception with a groper or the colleague of a groper??? With kids in care or kids being targeted at school it came under the umbrella of informal sex education. Girls of 14 and 15 were told that they were being ‘sensible’ if they went on the pill. This could fairly be said in circumstances where a girl had established a genuine non-abusive relationship and it would be preferable to an unwanted pregnancy, but in the cases that I knew of that was not what was happening. The Sensible Girls were being grossly exploited by some very unpleasant men, some of them well into middle age. The Top Docs handing out those contraceptive pills knew exactly what was going on and they also knew when they were preparing kids in care ‘for action’ as it were. The Top Docs knew that what was going on was illegal and that the kids were not being given the time and opportunity to voice concerns if they really didn’t want to do this. Girls refusing to join the party were pathologised in various ways. The favourite technique was not, as might be expected, used by boys who wanted to get their leg over. It was from Top Doctors and Angels who were understandably and frequently told by girls of 15 that they did not want to go on the pill because it involved a vaginal examination. They were mocked. Ooh you women are all so silly. No, they weren’t ‘silly’, they weren’t ‘ashamed of their bodies’, they just didn’t want that sort of encounter with a strange man – and some of those involved were very strange men – and their instincts in nearly every case were right. Neither was The Lady Doctor the answer either, because they were fully complicit with those trafficking gangs and like the pill were there to take away someone’s rationale to say ‘I really am not going to get involved with this or indeed even this conversation, now fuck off’.

I did not ever see one daughter of a Top Doctor or Angel or social worker subjected to this. Their children were supported and protected and treated with dignity and respect. This happened to Other People’s Children, in the way that Other People were Referred To Dafydd. No-one, no-one at all, dared to publicise what was happening. People certainly knew because if you chatted to people you heard about it and after I began this blog people whom I didn’t know when I was in north Wales e mailed me and told me that they had witnessed this in Gwynedd as well.

In her autobiography, Jenny Diski wrote of how, when she moved in under the wing of Doris Lessing, Doris spent virtually her whole time in her study writing and pretty much ignored Jenny, except for on one point: she took Jenny to a Top Doctor to acquire some sort of prehistoric form of contraception, a cap or something (no, I have never actually encountered one, but I know about them theoretically and have heard witness accounts). Jenny didn’t have a boyfriend and was rather bemused by it all. It came in useful though, she was shagged within weeks as word got round that Jenny, who had been in a psych unit at the age of 14 and had been abandoned by her parents, was living at Doris’s place. Another writer of Jenny’s vintage who was in the same situation observed that the welfare system didn’t know what to do with a kid who’s parents had simply abandoned her. It still doesn’t, although it is what the welfare system is supposed to be there for and it has had 70 years of practice now…

In her later years, Claire Rayner did of course Open Her Heart about her own experiences of being sexually exploited and abandoned by her parents when young and ending up in a psychiatric institution in her mid-teens. Rayner received much praise for her Bravery but no-one mentioned that Rayner had followed a career as an Angel in the NHS, including posts in senior roles, in hospitals which were facilitating abuse rings. Claire Rayner knew what was going on and she kept quiet. Had she not kept quiet, Rayner would not have been offered work as a journo or invited to appear on TV, let alone sit on Gov’t Committees. Claire was such a safe pair of hands that Miranda invited her to advise on the problem of the mentally ill women prisoners in Holloway, which had become a national scandal by the late 1990s. Claire found the solution. They would be transferred to high security hospitals where they could receive ‘specialist treatment’. Many of them had already been in high security hospitals, where they had been severely abused and their abusers had then transferred them to Holloway, which why they had been driven completely mad and spent all day injuring or trying to kill themselves. So back they all went to live with Mr Savile and not a word of their dire journeys through life was made public. Claire’s fellow adviser on the Final Solution was St Helena of the Kennedys. See posts ‘The Wretched Of The Earth’ and ‘The Compassion Centre’.

Claire and St Helena were Helping the Holloway Wimmin at the time that the Waterhouse Report was published.



[Michael Berlin] suspects the name “partisan” was chosen for its rebellious cachet and because it carried a hint of the respect around at the time for the Yugoslavian partisans who had fought the Nazis under Tito. “It represented an alternative lifestyle that appealed to beatnik outsiders. It was a moment of youthful optimism in a very dark time,” he said.

Beatnik outsiders who ended up joining in with the genocide…

But far from supporting the journal, the coffee shop lost money and eventually closed in 1962. “The old shop is next to Private Eye’s building in Carlisle Street. At the time it had a strikingly modernist stripped pine interior, but it has been converted into offices now. It was the home of a PR company for a while,” said Berlin.

I have read The Eye for years, but it wasn’t until Ian Hislop took over as Editor that anything re Dafydd et al appeared, although Richard Ingrams, John Wells and Candida Lycett Green certainly knew about Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Jeremy Thorpe, many years before Jeremy appeared in the dock. See post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’. The Eye used to employ Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader.

In a grim joke, the lettings agency now in charge of the site mentions the coffee house in its details for the property. A boldly radical 1950s venture has become a quirky commercial selling point.

And Robin Llywelyn, who evicted his grandfather’s posh bohemian friends to house the natives in the name of Plaid, subsequently used Balfour Beatty to manage the properties. See post ‘The Village’.


Regulars at the Partisan Coffee House in Soho, London in 1958.
Regulars at the Partisan Coffee House in Soho, London in 1958. 
The PR piece in ‘The Observer’ advertising the exhibition of the lives of the youthful Eric and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law as organised by Michael Berlin appeared in April 2017. By which time this blog was gathering steam as well as readers and I had made it clear that I would be writing the history of Dafydd and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh from the bottom up a la E.P. Thompson.
EP Thompson
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Eric and friends were international in many dimension, Eric alone being Jewish and having grown up in Egypt, before moving to central Europe, before moving to London and then kipping on Dafydd’s manor.


Julia Hobsbawm (born 15 August 1964) is a ‘writer and speaker on Social Health and modern connectedness’ and the author of Fully Connected: Social Health in an Age of Overload (Bloomsbury paperback 2018). She is Honorary Visiting Professor in Workplace Social Health at Cass Business School, Editor-at-Large for Arianna Huffington’s global wellbeing portal ‘Thrive’ (I have no idea what a wellbeing portal is) and a columnist for Strategy + Business Magazine. An entrepreneur who founded the knowledge networking company Editorial Intelligence in 2005, she was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2015.

Julia attended Camden School for Girls and then the Poly of Central London (now the University of Westminster), leaving without qualifications in the early 1980s. Not that the lack of even a booby prize from the Poly of Central London held Julia back, she bagged a job as a TV researcher before moving into PR. Julia is a Patron of the Facial Surgery Research Foundation and the Zoe Sarojini Trust, a charidee educating girls in South Africa.

Julia founded Julia Hobsbawm Associates in 1992, subsequently Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, in collaboration with her pal from Camden High School for Girls, Sarah, who later married the Teddy Bear. Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications existed between 1993 and 2001. Between 2002 and 2005, Julia ran Hobsbawm Media + Marketing Communications. She launched Editorial Intelligence in 2005.


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Only One Died

My post ‘On The Occasion Of The 70th Birthday Of HRH Carlo’ discussed the career of Vivian Lewis aka Lord Brecon. Lord Brecon was an unknown Councillor from rural South Wales who in 1957 was suddenly appointed to fairly high office, Minister of State for Welsh Affairs and given a peerage by Harold Macmillan. There was much confusion in London as to why this Welsh know-nothing who had arrived in London wearing, of all things, a tweed suit, had been elevated. The answer was that Lord Brecon, through contacts that he made at a very young age in the Welsh Conservatives, the Young Conservatives and elsewhere, had found out that children and vulnerable young people from Wales were being trafficked (although that word would have not been used at the time) for sex work to England, where some of them were providing sexual services to Westminster figures, the landed gentry and were even rubbing noses as well as other organs with the Royals. When he was young Lord Brecon had encountered Beata Brooke, who was a Denbighshire social worker and a key member of Dafydd’s gang, as well as Peter Walker, who served as a Cabinet Minister in both Heath’s and Thatch’s Gov’t and who as Secretary of State for Wales, June 1987-May 1990, was one of those who played a crucial part in concealing the serious criminality in north Wales.

Once Lord Brecon was given the job as Minister of State and his peerage, he became one of the inner circle of Tories who was used to conceal the wrongdoing of Dafydd et al, although when Brecon first discovered what was going on Dafydd was only just entering the business; the trafficking ring was already in place, but Dafydd greatly expanded it and took it to a pan-European level.

Lord Brecon and his wife Lady Brecon enjoyed a number of public appointments as did their friends and the cronyism and nepotism which was evident resulted in much criticism.

This blog has placed much emphasis on how the children of those who have been involved with Dafydd’s gang or concealing the crime do seem to do incredibly well for themselves even in the event of them having no obvious abilities or aptitude. Furthermore many of them find themselves in senior positions in health and welfare or they go into politics. Vivian Lewis’s family were no exception. His daughter Lindy Price had a glorious career in public life and clocked up numerous senior roles in the NHS and in penal reform, as well as in other fields.

Lindy Price died in June 1999, she waved everyone a fond farewell seven months before the Waterhouse Report was published.

Nicholas Edwards aka Lord Crickhowell, was Thatcher’s Secretary of State for Wales, May 1979-June 1987, who concealed Dafydd’s gang’s crimes and waved through the development of Cardiff Bay which involved millions of pounds of public money, then resigned as Secretary of State only to pop up not so long after as a Director of one of the companies which made a fortune from contracts developing Corruption Bay (see posts ‘Corruption Bay Special’ and ‘Old Nick Bites The Dust’). Old Nick knew Lindy and wrote her obituary for The Indie:

Lindy Price may have inherited her sense of duty from her father Lord Brecon,

Is that really a genetic trait???

who was appointed Minister of State for Welsh Affairs in 1957 by Harold Macmillan after many years of service in local government. If that was so, she was to outdo even him in the breadth of her involvement in public affairs

As we shall see, Lindy was such a safe pair of hands that she popped up everywhere.

and the energy with which she pursued her very varied interests.

There was a great deal of wrongdoing to conceal when Lindy was busy in public life.

Only in her failure to fulfil a dream that she might follow him into politics was she less successful.

I haven’t found out yet why Lindy didn’t make it into the Palace Of Westminster.

After Cheltenham Ladies’ College and the University of Poitiers, and before her marriage to Leolin Price QC,

Lindy had a pretty elite education then. I will come onto Leolin Price QC shortly.

she worked at Conservative Central Office

At the heart of the cover-up.

and in the Office of the British Consulate General in New York. In the decade that followed her marriage, during which her four children were born, she found time without any neglect of her family to immerse herself in a range of activities involved with the prison service and education.

I doubt that Lindy did all the washing, cleaning, cooking and childcare herself. The Lindys of the world don’t, because the prison service and education system needs the talents of the offspring of people who concealed a vicious criminal gang, those services being full of the victims of the gang who’s crimes were concealed.

First, she became a prison visitor at Holloway (1964-74);

Holloway did not contain serious criminals, it contained severely disadvantaged women, many of whom had been abused in children’s homes or in the psychiatric system by Lindy’s dad’s mates. The prison visitor system was saturated with people like Lindy, people who were closely associated with Dafydd’s gang and their associates and who were prison visitors for one reason only ie. to keep organised abuse – which was happening on a vast scale – and other criminality on the part of professional people quiet. It doesn’t matter whether the prison visitor was Lord Longford (see post ‘Comedies Of Menace’), Baroness Jean Trumpington (see post ’95 Glorious Years!’) or Lindy, that was the explanation for the presence of so many posh or well-connected ‘do-gooders’ in penal reform or prison visiting.

I have a distant relative (although I imagine that she’s dead now) who was a Posh Lady or became a Posh Lady after marrying a Liberal peer and she worked as a probation officer in the 1960s and 70s. My father used to be very rude about her and at the time I thought ‘oh father’s off again, having a go at anyone whom he perceives as being dangerously pink’, but of course my posh relative knew about Jeremy Thorpe and she’ll have known what was happening to her clients as well. She also did some rather weird things without anyone questioning it. For example one of her clients was sent to Holloway for arson, so my posh relative took this lady’s little boy in and he went to live at her place in Knightsbridge while his mum was banged up. The reason why my father was so critical was that when the little boy’s mum came out of prison, he went back to live with his mum in very difficult circumstances and my posh relative just stopped all contact with him. So an East End kid spent two years kipping in Knightsbridge and living with a member of the House of Lords and then it was ‘oh well goodbye then’ and he was returned to a very difficult life with a mum who of course had set fire to somewhere because she had serious mental health problems.

This anecdote is yet another example of the complete lack of accountability in the probation service. My posh relative wanted a toy so she got one. At that time – the early 1970s – the North Wales Probation Service were fully on board with Dafydd’s gang. Children were removed from their families and handed over to a gang of paedophiles. If the kids complained of being repeatedly sexually assaulted, they were framed for criminal offences and sent to Risley Remand Centre, even kids as young as 14 yrs, where many of them died (see post ‘Include Me Out’). Everyone in politics, in health and social care and in the legal profession knew that this was happening and no-one stopped it.

Official portrait of Mr David Jones crop 2.jpg

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MI5: When you had Brown, me and the rest of us under surveillance, you knew about my posh relative. I last saw her in 1982 when my grandmother died. Dafydd’s gang killed my friend Anne in 1986. There was no effort by anyone to protect us, even though you knew that we were all being targeted and that I hadn’t even tried to pull strings via my posh relatives. Furthermore I have also been given stacks of info re the bankruptcy of another relative of mine who, like my father, took the piss out of Lady Veronica and just believed that his life and business unravelled because he had a lot of bad luck. Particularly after he moved to Beddgelert in Gwynedd. No I’m not going to put details up on the blog, because he has at least one son who still lives in north Wales and frankly it seems to have been common knowledge that every relative of mine with whom I was on good terms was targeted and ruined whereas the unscrupulous ones found themselves doing very well for themselves. To use Dafydd’s phrase, there seems to have been a serious moral collapse on the part of a great many.

The Houses of Turds:


The site of a Serious Moral Collapse:

MI5 and MI6 Thames-side headquarters could be moved into ...


it was characteristic of her [Lindy] that this initial step was not to join some distant committee, but to go where real knowledge could be acquired, sometimes of the most painful kind, and where her warm and generous spirit would have the most effect. That same generous spirit led her to become a godmother to a child born in prison who was subsequently adopted.

Bloody hell, just like Veronica my posh relative. Of course Lindy et al went ‘where the real knowledge could be acquired, sometimes of the most painful kind’, Lindy needed to know exactly who knew that Sir Peter Morrison et al was holding sex parties with children, because obviously a Referral to Dafydd would be required, followed by the destruction of the careers and reputations of any professional relatives or friends of theirs. I presume that once the godmother bit had been done – ‘Your’re a very special client of mine!’ – and the baby had been adopted (against the mother’s wishes?), Lindy headed for the hills. Or Lindy might even have used her status as that child’s godmother to gain info about the child and keep tabs on the situation as the child grew up, particularly if that awkward mum started bellyaching after she came out of prison.

Can someone please tell me what Britain’s security services consider their remit to be? Brown’s dad always stressed that the British Army’s allegiance was to the Crown, not the Gov’t, which was obviously why someone killed him before the Waterhouse Report was published after his son had spilt the pints of Dafydd’s gang who were supplying kids to the brother of one of Lilibet’s Women-of-the-Bedchamber. I really would have thought that ‘national security’ would have covered a murderous paedophile gang killing senior army officers and Vice-Chancellors wives, even if it didn’t matter about the Empowered Service Users dropping like flies.

I never met the Liberal peer whom my posh relative married. He died when I was young; obviously being the country cousins, we had very little to do with the posh relatives, they just turned up in Somerset in the event of funerals and such occasions. His death got a bit of publicity because he used to ride his motorbike into the Lords and one day he was killed in a road accident on the way into the House, I think on Westminster Bridge.

Thorpe became Liberal Leader in Jan 1967. Discontent against Thorpe’s leadership was being voiced within a year of his election, culminating in June 1968 when disaffected senior party members combined with Young Liberals in an attempt to depose him. Thorpe had just married Caroline Allpass and was abroad on honeymoon when the plotters struck.

Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dead after Parkinson's ...

The Liberal Party did badly in the 1970 General Election and Thorpe only just hung onto his seat in North Devon. Ted Heath secured a 30-seat majority. After the Liberals’ poor election performance Thorpe came under fire, but such criticisms were stifled when, ten days after the election, Caroline Thorpe was killed in a car crash. Caroline was not known as a reckless driver and no-one could find any obvious reason for her losing control of the car. Thorpe was heartbroken because he was devoted to the beautiful young Caroline, who was very popular in north Devon and provided a useful cover while Thorpe was having numerous casual liaisons with young men and had already discussed killing Norman Scott whom Thorpe believed presented a risk to his chances of becoming PM. Distraught at Caroline’s death, Thorpe built a monument to her memory.

The monument to Caroline on Codden Hill, Bishop’s Tawton. 

By early 1972, with Caroline’s monument erected, Thorpe was firing on all cylinders again and looking forward to being PM. Jeremy was lucky enough to find love again once that phallic symbol was up on Codden Hill and in March 1973 he married Marion, memorably immortalised by Peter Cook as ‘Mr Thrope’s wife Miriam’ who ‘has stood by him throughout this long and unnecessary ordeal’.

  • Ched Evans guilty of rape. | SixCrazyMinutes - Liverpool ...

Miriam was Marion Stein, Countess of Harewood, who’s previous husband was George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, son of Mary, Princess Royal; grandson of King George V; nephew of kings Edward VIII and George VI; and a cousin of Lilibet, mother of Carlo. Jeremy already had Royal connections, his proud boast was that he had shagged both Ma’am Darling and her husband, Lord Snowdon.

  • David Lloyd George, Thorpe’s earliest political hero:
Lady Megan Lloyd George, Thorpe’s godmother


The Lord Cledwyn of Penrhos, who succeeded Lady Megan as MP for Angelesey
Cledwyn Hughes 1965.jpg

Two good friends of Cledwyn: 

The Lord Kinnock
Kinnock, Neil.jpg
The Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead
Baroness Kinnock.jpg
My post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’ described the in-fighting between the gwerin who ran UCNW in the 1970s/early 1980s and how the gwerin reached fever pitch in 1979, which was the year that Mary Wynch was imprisoned by Dafydd, although Dafydd and the gang had gone in pursuit of Mary before then; because Mary had gone into hiding, Dafydd et al didn’t actually have her unlawfully arrested and imprisoned until 1978-79. UCNW was facilitating Dafydd’s branch of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. By 1979, the gwerin were doing everything possible to force Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW out – although Evans was made of stern stuff and did not retire until 1984 – and in 1982 the gwerin succeeded in forcing the resignation of Lord Kenyon, the President of UCNW. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas was known to be sexually abusing boys in care in north Wales.

It was in October 1975, that John Newton, who claimed to have been paid to murder Norman Scott, made a bungled attempt to shoot Scott that resulted in the killing of Scott’s dog Rinka. Newton was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, yet the press remained muted, possibly awaiting the bigger story that they hoped would break. Their reticence ended in January 1976 when Scott, in court on a minor social security fraud charge, claimed he was being hounded because of his previous sexual relationship with Thorpe. This statement, made in court and thus protected from the libel laws, was widely reported. Over the years, Scott had made several attempts to publicise his story, but no newspapers were interested. ‘Private Eye’ decided in late 1972 that the story “was defamatory, unproveable, and above all was ten years old”. ‘Private Eye’ used to employ Sir Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader. Waterhouse was from a well-known Liberal family in north Wales and the Waterhouses knew the Lloyd Georges and they also knew Jeremy Thorpe.

On 16 March 1976 John Newton’s trial began at Exeter Crown Court, where Scott repeated his allegations against Thorpe despite the efforts of the prosecution’s lawyers to silence him. John Newton was found guilty and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, but did not incriminate Thorpe. The scandal brewed and on 10 May 1976, amid rising criticism, Thorpe resigned the Party leadership. The new Liberal Leader, David Steel, made Thorpe Party spokesman on foreign affairs, with responsibility for European issues. Wilson had suddenly and unexpectedly retired as PM in April 1976 – I am fairly sure because of something related to this lot and Wilson fearing that the Westminster Paedophile Ring was going to become horribly public – and been replaced by Jim Callaghan, a friend of Lord Cledwyn and both of the Windbags. Thorpe lobbied the Gov’t hard for legislation to introduce direct elections to the European Parliament; at that time MEPs were appointed by member nations’ parliaments.

In October 1977, John Newton, released from prison, sold his story to the London ‘Evening News’. Newton’s claim that he had been paid “by a leading Liberal” to kill Scott caused a sensation and led to a police investigation. Throughout this period Thorpe endeavoured to continue his public life. In the House of Commons on 1 August 1978, when it appeared certain he would face criminal charges, Thorpe asked the Attorney-General what sum of capital possessed by an applicant would prevent him from receiving legal aid. 

On 4 August 1978, Thorpe, along with three others, was charged with conspiracy to murder Norman Scott. Thorpe was additionally charged with incitement to murder. After being released on bail, Thorpe declared his innocence and his determination to refute the charges. Although Thorpe remained North Devon’s MP he withdrew almost completely from public view. The trial, which lasted for six weeks, began on 8 May 1979 and on 22 June 1979, all four defendants were acquitted of all charges. The judge’s summing up was considered to be so biased that the wall to wall satire began. Mary Wynch was safely locked up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh for the duration of the trial and it’s aftermath. But then I was unlawfully arrested and illegally imprisoned by Dafydd just before Professor Oliver Brooke appeared at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court charged with the possession of child porn.

When Mary’s case hit the media, Dafydd was interviewed on TV and asked what the bloody hell he thought that he was doing. Dafydd replied ‘I found myself in this bizarre situation and I was only trying to help’. When I complained about Dafydd unlawfully having me arrested and imprisoned, he explained that he had found himself in this bizarre situation and he was only trying to help. Dafydd made those comments some three years apart. The President of the BMA on both of the occasions that Dafydd found himself in a bizarre situation and could only help by unlawfully arresting and imprisoning someone was Dr John Marks and the Chairman of the GMC on both occasions was the bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton.

He just has no idea how he finds himself in these bizarre situations:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Would the Baron and Baroness Windbag be able to shed any light on the matter? Particularly as Lord Windbag and Tony Francis, Dafydd’s colleague, knew each other from their student days in Cardiff. Tony Francis was one of those who responded to the paedophiles in distress flare in the early 1980s and took up a post as a consultant psychiatrist in north Wales, to contribute to the illusion that Things Had Changed in the north Wales mental health services.
No wonder the gwerin were scrapping like there was no tomorrow in UCNW. Furthermore Carlo had become Chancellor of UCNW in 1976, just as things began to get exciting.
As for Lindy Price:
Similarly her membership of the Parole Board for England and Wales (1969- 74) and as a co-opted member of the Inner London Probation Committee (1971- 79) could in no way be regarded as sinecures.


You bet that those positions won’t have been sinecures, ensuring that people kept their traps shut will have taken much time and effort and a great many insincere smiles and hugs. Dafydd’s mates were on the Parole Board as well, Robert Bluglass, Colin Berry, David Mawson, they all were given a seat (see previous posts). Lindy will have known my posh relative if Lindy was a member of the Inner London Probation Committee and my posh relative knew that I was at UCNW and that Brown was at Aston, so I’m sure that the paedophiles in distress flares were going up all over the place, particularly as I arrived at UCNW just as Mary Wynch began her litigation against Dafydd.

The shocking state of the Probation Service illuminates a mystery from my younger days. In the 1980s, ‘New Society’ used to run a column called ‘Tailgunner Parkinson’ written by an inner-London probation officer that was grossly offensive and littered with derogatory comments about his clients, particularly the female ones whom Tailgunner seemed to think would be willing to have sex with him if he had ever wanted to stoop that low. Tailgunner Parkinson was in reality Geoffrey Parkinson and I read up on him the other day. He caused great problems in the probation service but not for the right reasons.

In 1977 Geoffrey Parkinson was suspended from work when it was discovered that he was encouraging his clients who had been involved with serious crime to move into less serious crime as a sort of dose reduction therapeutic activity. After he ended up in hot water, Parkinson claimed that he’d only said this as a joke. I suspect that Parkinson was actually as corrupt as fuck and running some sort of crime empire in partnership with his clients. Parkinson seemed to engender a Dafydd-like situation, in that the service was torn apart over him, with a loyal fan club maintaining that he was a fantastic bloke who performed valuable work with a difficult group of people and other people saying that the world of probation needed to divest itself of Geoffrey Parkinson as soon as possible.

When Geoffrey Parkinson was suspended, Dafydd’s gang was doing a roaring trade and numerous children from inner London Boroughs were being sent to kids homes in north Wales and then trafficked back down again to London a few years later as sex workers.

Geoffrey Parkinson continued to write for ‘New Society’ after he was suspended from work – he was of course reinstated again – although some readers complained about him being given space to air his insults. ‘New Society’ was the magazine for social workers and in spite of the articles written by people weeping over the state of Fatcher’s Britain, many of the readers were part of the trafficking gangs which had infiltrated social work. ‘New Society’ was the preferred publication for the placing of vacancies for senior management posts in Social Services Depts and adverts for staff to work in children’s homes in north Wales also appeared in there, some of those adverts being personally placed by John Allen who by that time had already served one prison sentence for the abuse of children but had nevertheless opened the Bryn Alyn Community and gone into business with Dafydd.

Geoffrey Parkinson died in 2014. In all he worked as a probation officer for over 30 years. He was never promoted and after he was suspended he was ‘banished’ to Woolwich ‘as far away from HQ as possible’. A non-dysfunctional service would have either have got rid of Geoffrey Parkinson or put him in the middle of HQ to enable them to keep a close eye on him. But HQ were trading with Dafydd as well but probably not quite so blatantly as Geoffrey Parkinson was, so HQ certainly couldn’t have afforded to have let Parkinson near the organs of government.

Geoffrey Parkinson

My father, Geoffrey Parkinson, who has died aged 87, was a dedicated officer with the Inner London Probation Service. He had a passion for his work and was determined to stay on the frontline for as long as he could. Along with his probation work, though, he also wrote prolifically. Using his wit and the inspiration of his Methodist upbringing,

Not all Methodists are child molesters but Dafydd’s gang operated very successfully through the Methodist Church, partly as a result of George Thomas being the most famous Methodist in the UK for many, many years and partly because north Wales was a stronghold of Methodism. George Thomas and Thatch were close friends despite their political differences, because as Thatch explained, they were both Methodists.

Geoffrey wrote plays for radio, many of which were produced and aired by the BBC throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Probation officers aren’t on the minimum wage but they are not highly paid…
remaining in the family home in Sutton, Surrey, which became very cluttered.

In 1992 he met Carole Seymour-Jones, and they married in 2012. Carole and three stepchildren survive him, as do my sister, Jane, brother, Paul, and I, along wi