Election Campaign Update – And A Reminder

MI’ve been exposed to a lot of election campaign news today – as Plaid and Labour have both released their election manifestos, the media has been full of interviews and commentary. One of my friends attended the launch of the Labour manifesto in England although I haven’t received the low down on it all from him yet. However I have heard snippets of commentary on the news and I understand that Jeremy has pledged many more billions for the NHS and pay rises for nurses, yet has not made the commitment to reversing the Tories benefit cuts that many people were hoping that he would. Jeremy – the NHS is being grossly mismanaged and even if you give them the billions as promised that will be pissed up against a wall as well and then the Top Doctors and Associated Vested Interests will simply return for yet more. Furthermore nurses are NOT badly paid – healthcare assistants, porters and cleaners in the NHS are, but nurses are not. Tim Farron trotted out the myth of ‘nurses going to food banks’ this morning too – well if they are, they are not doing so because they can’t afford food. During one general election campaign years ago Spitting Image took the piss out of Neil Kinnock by having his puppet campaigning by simply repeatedly yelling down a megaphone ‘nurses’ – I think that everybody except for the Tories seem to be doing the same at the moment. Neil Kinnock did not win that election. Indeed he didn’t win any election, so why the media keep wheeling him out as some sort of sage to tell us all how hopeless Jeremy is I cannot fathom. Anyway sadly it would seem that Jeremy et al are too busy pursuing the votes of the more comfortably off people who work in the NHS to defend people who are becoming destitute because Crapita and ATOS have removed their disability benefits following deeply flawed ‘assessments’ by people maintaining that they are ‘qualified healthcare professionals’ when they may actually be nurses (!) or physiotherapists who have been fired from previous positions and who have no knowledge of the conditions that they claim to be ‘assessing’. But then the Top Doctors et al make more noise and are able to gain more media coverage than someone severely mentally ill sleeping in a doorway.

One thing that I heard this morning was Leanne being interviewed on the ‘Today’ programme. Leanne was being given a grilling by – I think Sarah Montague – who was having a good sneer at Plaid’s performance as compared to the SNP and who was also highlighting what was alleged to be the very personal tone of a Plaid party political broadcast screened last night. I didn’t see it, but Montague was maintaining that words such as ‘cruel’ and ‘vicious’ had been used to describe the Tories. Leanne stood by the broadcast and reiterated her opposition to ‘cruel Tory policies’. I note that the Plaid manifesto also makes reference to the Tory party being ‘cruel and reckless’ and states that only Plaid can protect Wales against the Tories. I do not disagree that many of the Tories policies are cruel and reckless, but Leanne and some – although not all – of her colleagues would appear to have enforced some pretty cruel practices themselves. Such as tabling and signing an Early Day Motion to prevent the closure of a ‘hospital for mentally abnormal criminals’ that in reality was an establishment owned and managed by a man who qualified as a solicitor but who was struck off for embezzling clients funds and who owned a number of other schools and children’s homes where children made allegations of sexual and physical abuse. And it would seem that a number of the ‘mentally abnormal criminals’ housed in this ‘hospital’ had complained about being sexually assaulted whilst they were resident in children’s homes in north Wales. (Please see post ‘Further Information On Garth Angharad Hospital’.) One of the people who signed that Early Day Motion was Ieuan Wyn Jones who is Plaid’s candidate for Ynys Mon. As for being reckless – well Leanne attempted to derail a criminal investigation into the paedophile ring that operated in children’s homes in north Wales, by appearing on TV and suggesting that witnesses should talk to her rather than the police on the grounds that she was a woman. (So was Lucille Hughes who was the Director of Gwynedd Social Services and named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that the paedophile ring was in operation in the children’s services but failing to do anything about it.) Now witnesses to the activities of that paedophile ring are quite thin on the ground because so many of them have been found dead. A number of them died all at once when a fire broke out in a building in Brighton after they’d been invited to a party there – a fire that was allegedly started by a Trevor Carrington, but no-one can be certain because he was found dead shortly after as well. Traces of an accelerant such as petrol were found at the scene. Not everybody at the party died, some jumped to safety although they were impaled on railings below. Cruel and reckless? Yes I’d say that inviting people to a party in a building with no fire escape and then throwing a petrol bomb into that building was pretty bloody cruel and reckless – as was trying to interfere with a criminal investigation into the people who had probably done that. As for protecting the Welsh nation from the Tories – one of my posts regarding the Mary Wynch case (‘A Few Of The Relevant Politicians Re Mary Wynch’) demonstrates very clearly that it was Tories at the highest levels of Thatcher’s and Major’s administrations that were ensuring that there was no investigation into what happened to Mary at the hands of the north Wales mental health services – and Plaid were keeping quiet about what was happening too. Regarding Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, he who was illegally imprisoning people and sexually exploiting patients – he was a former Plaid candidate. There are constant allegations that bigwigs were using the children’s homes in north Wales as brothels – a number of Tories have admitted that Sir Peter Morrison, MP for Chester and Thatcher’s PPS, as well as one time deputy Party Chairman, molested under-aged boys and there are witnesses who allege that he was known to have visited children’s homes in north Wales. The picture that emerges of the 80s and 90s is that of Tories at the top of the food chain calling the shots whilst Plaid effectively kept a lid on it all at the local level. No-one defended Wales from the Tories, they wrecked the nation. I note that Leanne popped up on Questions To The First Minister after lunch as well, berating Carwyn about the state of the mental health services at the Betsi. These are the mental health services that employ a nurse that is on such good terms with Leanne’s colleague the dreadful Hywel Williams that he held one of his election victory parties at her house – the same Hywel who literally turned his back and walked away from constituents who approached him about the malpractice of the mental health services or who wrote them rude e mails. (Do you remember the e mail that you sent to me Hywel? The one that simply read ‘You have your opinion, I have mine?’ Did you think that I didn’t know that you were a former psychiatric social worker, that you were on Dafydd Alun Jones’s twitter feed and that you were actively mates with some of the people who were abusing us?) Prior to appearing on the ‘Today’ programme, Leanne made a much publicised light-hearted appearance with Victoria Derbyshire, filmed in a car, during which I understand that Leanne discussed the symptoms of her menopause. Presumably she thought that she was on ‘Woman’s Hour’, where discussing one’s periods or menopause (depending upon one’s vintage) is obligatory before one moves on to damson jam and smashing the glass ceiling. (I used to wonder why ‘Woman’s Hour’ was so lame until I read about the shite that rained down upon Jenny Murray’s head for daring to take the Germaine Greer view that a man who has had his penis surgically removed isn’t actually a woman – it virtually got her the sack.) Leanne also stated that with regard to Theresa May, ‘I don’t know what she is’. Sadly Leanne, she’s a Prime Minister – she’s not a very good one, but at least she has stated her intentions to abolish the Mental Health Act which has been used to incarcerate people who have dared complain about the mental health services or who have been sexually assaulted in children’s homes and if they still won’t shut up load them up with so much ‘medication’ that it renders them incapable or even kills them.

Then Adam Price popped up on the ‘World At One’ – he spoke very well and didn’t bother to discuss the state of his hormones/reproductive organs once, he stuck principally to economics. God there must be so many people in Plaid who regret the thrashing of Leighton Andrews in that last Assembly election… Incidentally, there was a news item in the Daily Post yesterday which reported the imprisonment of a man who had attempted suicide. He had shot himself in the foot – I think he must have been taking lessons from Leanne…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Oh they love imprisoning patients who attempt suicide and tell them how there “services” provoked it I’m one of them. They also saw fit to ignore embezzlement theft harasment of a female tenant and illegal entry and use of a building belonging to a bank and subject to a bankruptcy order. Denial of diagnostic advice of an independent medical professional and adult safeguarding concerns too but that’s all ok as long as the negligence and abuse of a patient is silenced and their wonderful staff or organisation can carry on uninhibited. It’s no wonder a rogue surgeon can carry out bogus breast cancer opporations to increase his wealth for God knows how many years !!!
    Come on Jezza gives us more money for pensions and litigation since lawyers are expensive and usually Tories who can tell the truth unless paid off handsomely !!!!
    Even Tory MPs are starting to listen to patients now a very worrying development for the NHS hiarachy who are only intrested in the next lucrative post on the all expenses paid merrygoround !!

    1. Hi Mike
      Yours is not the only story that I have heard where people with mental health problems have been imprisoned for trivial offences or on the word of people who have demonstrably lied whilst at the same time serious offences against the person imprisoned were ignored. I’m afraid I know of too many such cases for it to be coincidence – people are undoubtedly being stitched up and having their livelihoods destroyed if they begin to expose wrongdoing and corruption in sectors like the mental health services or child care services. The breast surgeon who is now facing jail for unlawful wounding exemplifies that people do know that things are going badly wrong in the NHS/welfare services – people knew what that man was doing, concerns had been raised by his colleagues but were ignored. I see that hundreds more victims of his have now come forward. The Tories are indeed the only ones speaking out about the excesses of the NHS, but they are making the mistake that they always do – this is not a problem rooted in a health service that is publicly funded and free at the point of delivery, it is a problem with a totally corrupt medical establishment. They run the private sector as well as the NHS! The rogue breast cancer surgeon maimed private patients as well as NHS patients. The Tories will not resolve this substantial problem by introducing a privatised system of medicine. They need to tackle the naked corruption that has pervaded the whole of medicine and the associated legal field. Labour won’t do it, because the NHS is a sacred cow and they CANNOT admit how wrong it has gone – but all the Tories want to do is privatise it so the rogues who are doing so much damage will become even richer. There is no-one speaking for the patients. The only solution is to begin prosecuting healthcare and welfare staff – whether they are in the state or private or indeed voluntary sector – who have harmed or killed patients. Legal action also needs to begin against bodies like the BMA, MDU and GMC for knowingly putting patients at risk.

  2. I’ve been expecting you to mention this case which confirms to me your correct about private practice been corrupted because the system runs in conjuction with NHS practitioners. This surgeon was in private practice when this happened actually charging for his incompetence. However previous concerns during his NHS career were covered up and he was able to side step into private practice when his NHS failures became unconcealable. It’s clear a regulatory problem but the size and sacred status of the NHS provide the power base for these organisations. Everyone makes mistakes it not a perfect world but as we have both discovered complain and dissent however small results in completely disproportionate vendetta campaigns which destroy and even kill the plaintiff who they purport to serve. This is a truely Stalinistic culture far worse than that of the US medical litigation culture. The tail is wagging the dog it was endemic in the other industries nationalised after the War yet ironically state intervention was necesary and effective during the War. Power corrupts statism doesn’t work. However monoploys present their own problems …primarily greed.
    It’s a cultural and regulatory failure but too many disaffected people listen to the NHS propaganda.
    I have had a small but very positive experience from a psych in Rhyl recently but still no services or acceptance of concerns or vexatious criminal action.

    1. I don’t think that abusive practitioners side step into private practice once their NHS failures are discovered – they are there in the private sector anyway. Some of the dishonest expert witnesses named on this blog such as Robert Kehoe and Adrianne Revelley are lurking away in Harley Street. Although some figures do have their powerbase in the NHS, the real power lies with those involved with organisations like the BMA, GMC, MDU. They are calling the shots, it is they who resist regulation and protect corrupt and abusive practitioners. The networks of some of those people are mindblowing. Take Lord Glenarthur for example. He is the Director of the MDU and a Governor of King Edward VII Hospital in London. He appeared in public when Princess Middleton was a patient there suffering from acute pregnancy-induced sickness, after that nurse committed suicide when two Australian Radio DJs rang up the hospital for a laugh pretending to be the Queen. A sidekick simply barked at the TV cameras ‘This is Lord Glenarthur’ (‘Lord’ obviously being his forename), which translated as ‘We’ve got a very powerful mate to get us out of this barrel of shit’ – Lord didn’t even say anything on camera, he just stood there looking Very Important. Lord then wrote a stiff letter to the company that employed the DJs, they were crucified in the press and there were then a series of stories given to the media concerning the ‘psychiatric problems’ of the nurse who killed herself. What Lord never managed to explain was why this elite hospital wasn’t paying a receptionist and was leaving the nursing staff to take telephone calls and why the regime at his hospital was so terrifying that the nurse killed herself after a minor slip-up. Subsequent press coverage revealed that the nurse was working her arse off in Lord’s hospital, commuting on a weekly basis from her home in Bristol, not earning very much and being subjected to much pressure. The working conditions of this nurse were never critically examined. So who is Lord? Well he is actually called Simon but obviously prefers to be addressed as Lord, he is one of the few hereditary peers in the House of Lords and he sits as a Conservative. In 1983 he was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the DHSS under Thatcher. He has scores of company directorships, was educated at Eton and has links to elite Army regiments. Of course when Lord was Under Secretary of State for the DHSS, the various paedophile rings busy in children’s homes – including in north Wales – were being afforded protection at Parliamentary level and there was a big problem in the DHSS itself as the senior civil servant who was a paedophile and a mate of Jimmy Savile’s was in place. And all sorts of terrible things were happening to patients in special hospitals. I of course possess documents demonstrating that at least from 1986 onwards the MDU were working very hard to conceal the criminal activities of psychiatrists in north Wales and were supplying them with legal advice and barristers in order to try to imprison me for crimes that they knew that I had not committed. I’d be most interested to hear Lord’s comments about this matter should he happen to be reading this blog. Should Lord try to tell me that it was all a very long time ago – as dear old Professor Bluglass CBE did when I confronted him about his wrongdoing – I’ll remind Lord that the man who did the MDUs dirty work, Sir Robert Francis QC, is still very much with us and has subsequently been used to conceal the most appalling behaviour in the NHS. Robert Francis didn’t get to be a Sir by working in the NHS, he got to be a Sir by working for the likes of Lord. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was very obviously not fit to practice and neither was Dr Tony Francis – but because they were concealing a paedophile ring with connections to at least one of Thatcher’s aides (who was almost certainly known to Lord as well), they were protected by the MDU and its ilk and were allowed to carry on wrecking the lives of people in north Wales. The NHS alone would never have afforded them that sort of protection.

  3. In this particular case surgeon Ian Paterson was able to slip in to private practice because although he was suspended by one NHS trust another employed him and ignored concerns.

    “a report found Paterson’s managers at the Heart of England NHS Trust ignored complaints against him because they “preferred good news to true news”..” It appears the case against him comes from concerns by colleagues at the private hospitals he later worked at.

    The NHS is the power base because it trains them, obviously it is also a regulatory failure but their power base is the NHS because most medical professionals work in the NHS. Competition gives regulation in its mere nature while a monopoly or nationalised institution is naturally inclined to deny failure because it has no competing benchmark which is the usual objective of a business seeking a overwhelming market position. Alternatively a state run entity is inclined towards hubris, apathy, inefficiency and bureaucracy because of its government underwriter . How many senior NHS staff have you ever met are right of centre in their political orientation. Everyone is inclined towards self interest and self preservation few people put this before the greater good ..most of all politician who know denationalisation of the NHS would be akin to a suicide self destruction statement. It is more difficult to have a non polarised discussion on extensive NHS reform than it ever has been on benefit reform. The Blair government acknowledged an overwhelming need for this to happen but struggled to implement it we now have hard left Labour leadership that is pledging to turn the recent benefit reforms back to a system that was heading to inevitable unsustainablity and the sort of austerity and social turmoil faced in Greece.
    What I find remarkable is the extent some in the medical profession will go to in hiding failures which is indicative of something very wrong.
    It is human nature in fact nature its self to protect your family, social group and existence so one Doctor is inevitably going to protect another but there comes the point were you have to consider your ethical and moral beliefs above this loyalty to your colleagues in the same way an accessory or witness to a murderer should. It fact it has been said an accessory to murder is worse than the commissioner of murder.
    I don’t believe for a second the NHS, politics or public service is full of selfish, abusive, paedophile bad people but in the same way a victim of a miscarriage of justice keeps protesting their innocence, at a personnel cost to themselves (longer sentence and lack of parole) some one should start seriously investigating the truth. Obviously this is far harder in a mental health scenario because some of those they are dealing with are extremely mentally ill.
    It’s like everything else in life there needs to be impartiality, balance, proportionality and compromise. Extremism is the enemy …!!!

    It sounds as if the NHS has not yet taken action against him????

    1. Hi Mike
      Yes most doctors do work in the NHS, but the majority of those are junior doctors. Junior doctors are kicked about, bullied and exploited. They have no power or control at all and they are well aware that one bit of dissent from them and their career will be over. Of course there are senior doctors working in the NHS as well and many of these are active in private practice at the same time. I repeat what I have said in a previous comment. The real power in medicine lies with bodies such as the BMA, GMC and MDU, peopled by the likes of ‘Lord Glenarthur’ and these bodies are establishment through and through, they are really not overflowing with folk who are that interested in the welfare of your gran who’s using the NHS and what is happening to her at their hands. Private practice entertains abusive doctors just as the NHS does – dear old Dr Dafydd Alun Jones has had an extensive private practice for years and the GMC were receiving serious complaints about him – from private patients as well as NHS ones – as far back as the 1980s. This was a man who was writing dishonest court reports, was prescribing whatever drugs his drug abusing patients requested, was sexually exploiting patients and was assisting in the concealing of a paedophile ring – as well as illegally detaining people in the North Wales Hospital. The GMC have never taken any action against him. His private patients, as well as his NHS ones, have been put at risk for decades. The private sector conceals as much shit as the NHS does. You also need to take into account where your information is coming from. The Telegraph is doing a fine job at the moment of revealing just how scandalously bad parts of the NHS is and how many horrors have been covered up. I am vey glad that they are doing this but the Telegraph is the organ of the Tory party – they are fully committed to the privatisation of healthcare and in England have already flogged off huge parts of the NHS to private providers, many of which have past and present Tory politicians on their Boards or as investors. No wonder we’re hearing how bad the NHS is from the Torygraph! They are not admitting that the same failures are happening in the private sector, perpetuated by the very same people. This is why NO-ONE is speaking for the patients – the Tories are speaking for the private healthcare industry and Labour are speaking for vested interests in the NHS. The patients are lost in the middle. One anecdote about one individual doctor – a Dr Adam Osborne, brother of the former chancellor George, a darling of the Torygraph. Adam Osborne was reported to the GMC some years ago for illegally supplying drugs to prostitutes. The GMC did not strike him off. There was remarkably little media coverage. Last year Adam Osborne was in the shit with the GMC once more. He had been sexually involved with one of his patients and had threatened and harassed her when she indicated that she was going to go to the GMC about him. Once more, the illicit prescribing of drugs was involved and the involvement of prostitutes. Adam Osborne’s wife, also a doctor, was also involved in the threats and harassment of this patient. Finally the GMC struck Osborne off – everyone who knew what he was up to simply observed that this should have been done first time around. As far as I know Osbornes wife has not yet been subject to action from the GMC. Adam Osborne was a psychiatrist in private practice. I do not remember seeing the story covered in the Torygraph. The Torygraph also employs a medical correspondent on a regular basis, a Dr James Le Fanu. Le Fanu was a GP in the GPs surgery that I used to be registered with in south London. That GPs in that surgery also had positions in the academic department of General Practice at St Georges Hospital Medical School. The St Georges Hospital Medical School that employed a professor of paediatrics, Oliver Brooke, who was a paedophile who was eventually imprisoned. The St Georges Hospital Medical School that employed the psychiatrists who colluded with Dafydd Alun Jones as he and his colleagues perjured themselves in an attempt to imprison me for ‘crimes’ that I had not committed. James Le Fanu was not my own GP, but his colleagues were party to what was happening to me. It is highly improbable that Le Fanu did not know of the sort of malpractice that was going on at St Georges but he certainly never writes about it in his Torygraph columns – instead he does a good impression of a rather staid old family doctor who can be trusted to care for his patients and challenge the socialist nonsense that pervades the NHS. As I have described in detail in my blog posts, many more of those doctors at St Georges who colluded with Dafydd Alun Jones as he concealed a paedophile ring are also involved in private practice, particularly with the Priory Group. The Priory Group that are now contracted to provide nearly half of all mental healthcare for NHS England. And of course the biggest fucking liar that I have encountered, Dr Robert Kehoe, who prepared a report for a court case that he knew was full of inaccuracies and major porkies, is medical director of Cygnet care, another private company that is moving into the UK health market. Kehoe also has a Harley Street practice. Further details of Kehoe’s activities are described on the blog. You are right that not every doctor in the NHS is corrupt, negligent and concealing paedophile gangs, people trafficking and drug abuse – but the some of the ones running the show are and this is a very big problem. Other people at the top of the medical establishment are fully paid up – literally – to the Tories plans to privatise the NHS. So that is why the Torygraph are taking such an interest in NHS failures at the mo.

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