Correction and Apology

Throughout this blog I have referred to Lord Denning as the Master of the Rolls who gave Mary Wynch leave to sue Dr Dafydd Alun Jones et al for illegally detaining her in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. I’m really sorry, but this was an error – Mary’s appeal was handled by Lord Denning’s successor, Lord Donaldson. My co-researcher and I have found it very difficult accessing information about Mary’s case, it would seem that someone somewhere would like a veil drawn over it. However my co-researcher has come up trumps and has obtained some of the original papers and transcripts. I am somewhere at present where I only have intermittent access to wifi, so I can’t correct all the Lord Denning references on the blog for a few days, but I will soon. There will also be a post giving many more details of Mary’s case and naming some more of those who seemed to have protected people in north Wales from the consequences of their very serious wrongdoing – I am following more leads at the moment. The trail regarding this very grubby business leads to the very top of Thatcher’s Government. No wonder those breaking the law and abusing us all in the 80s and 90s had no fear at all – and no wonder Dr X killed himself when Operation Pallial was launched. By the way, I think my friend was correct the other day – it was a misjudgement to give Dr X anonymity. So for those of you outside of north Wales who won’t know – Dr X is one Dr Tony Francis.

More coming soon.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I've been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner - who also became a sociologist - as someone who had experienced 'considerable success'. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead - he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this 'successful man' was notorious - he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist...

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  1. Dr Tony Francis was a very moral man who stood up to injustice and abuse of power. He was a man of integrity. He was also someone I was more than happy for my young children to spend time with and in fact I had asked Tony to be Godfather to my child a few weeks before his death. I am only sad that he is not here to spend time with them now.

    His death was due to an illness he suffered from for many years and I can assure you that any inquiry happening at the time would not have been on his radar. Your insinuation that he was in any way associated with abuse or paedophilia is slanderous to the character of someone who is no longer alive. That strikes me as particularly cowardly and calculated.

    The suggestion is laughable to anyone who knew him but potentially very distressing to his family. I can only hope that other readers will consider your unsubstantiated ramblings to be as despicable as I do.

    Your readers do not have the full picture here and the picture you paint of Dr Tony Francis bears no relation to the reality of his character and the way he conducted himself.

    I am more than happy for my name to be public.

    Kate Carre

    1. I too for many years took the view that Tony Francis was basically a decent caring man who was suffering badly himself and I know of at least one other patient who felt the same, but who then acquired a full copy of his medical records – although as in my case, the NHS fought him all the way – and discovered what Tony had written and been involved in. The reason why I am publishing this after his death is that it wasn’t until after his death that my records were released from my lawyers and I read the ones compiled by Tony Francis. As the time of his death, I was in another country, in hiding, because of the appalling threats and harassment that I had received from Tony’s colleagues in the mental health services after my support for Edwina Hart. I have not accused Tony Francis of paedophilia, I have stated very clearly that he was concealing the activities of people who were involved in the facilitation of the north Wales paedophile gang and I now have thousands of documents in my possession compiled over the course of thirty years that demonstrate this. One thing that I have learnt over the past four years and after reading the documents that I now have is that if one has good social skills one can do some pretty dreadful things to people and they won’t suspect a thing…

  2. It’s interesting that you chose not to publish my comment here. Doesn’t your accusation stand up to scrutiny?

    Censoring alternative perspectives whilst attempting to smear the reputation of a deceased individual undermines the valid points you and others have to make about the mental health services in the area. Censorship also suggests that you are not interested in the truth or providing a balanced perspective to your readers.

    1. I’m really sorry, but I have only just seen your previous comment – I was busy researching and writing for future posts. I am quite happy to publish your comment.

  3. Thank you for replying to my comments. I am completely in agreement that there are big issues needing to be addressed regarding poor practice within the mental health services locally and in particular relating to the integrity of medical records.

    Of course I don’t know the content of your records and nor should I. What I do know is that Dr Tony Francis was not someone who would overlook or condone abuse of vulnerable individuals and what I can’t agree with is naming him here. We can never hear his side of the story because he is deceased. And I’m very sure that he wouldn’t compromise confidentiality by sharing details even if he were here to defend himself.

    I’m pleased to hear that you are not accusing Dr Tony Francis of paedophilia. What you are doing however is implying that his tragic death as the result of a depressive illness was related to an inquiry on the matter, when in fact he wouldn’t have been aware of anything of the sort at that time and was categorically not involved.

    It is difficult to say more without compromising his privacy and that of his family. But I am very certain that Tony would never have knowingly allowed abuse to take place and done nothing about it let alone been a part of it himself. You are entitled of course to believe that I am misguided or somehow taken in but I am very sure that his integrity was genuine and not merely surface charisma.

    1. Hi Kate
      Thanks for commenting further. For many years I too felt about Tony Francis just like you do. For a good twenty years I believed that he was the best of a very bad bunch who felt unable to do anything about some truly dreadful practices. If I had read something like this blog ten years ago I too would take the view that ‘no, Tony will not have been involved’. I am sorry to say that he was – my lawyers obtained a mountain of documentation that had been concealed from me – at the insistence of Tony Francis himself – and it makes for very sobering reading. This is documentation written and signed by Tony himself, in which he encourages to people to perjure themselves in order to bring criminal charges against me, in which he perjures himself, in which he ignores his own legal advisors when they tell him that his conduct towards me was unacceptable, in which he networks with Lucille Hughes who was remember named in the Waterhouse Report as concealing the paedophile ring in north Wales and encourages people to ‘talk to Lucille’ for further evidence of my ‘dangerousness’ (although I have never met Lucille Hughes…). I could go on – the evidence is damning. I know that you have been friendly with Tony and his wife for a long time – I too believed that I was on very good terms with them, yet whilst they were greeting me with big smiles and maintaining that they would ‘care’ for me during a serious illness, sadly the documentary evidence compiled by Tony at the very same time tells a different story. There is a letter in the files written by Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, which actually states that its useful that I was agreeing to see Tony Francis because looking as though they were taking a ‘caring’ attitude to me (and yes, Davies did put the word in inverted commas) would stand them in good stead next time that they took me to Court. And I’m sorry to say, that’s what Tony’s ‘friendship’ towards me at the time was all about. I had witnessed terrible things in Denbigh, but they’d failed to have me imprisoned (Tony himself played a key role in those attempts) and silenced that way, so Tony spent ten years dosing me up with anti-psychotics and telling everyone that I was ‘deluded’ and that’s why my allegations against Denbigh and Dafydd Alun Jones should be ignored. I was ill at times when I was young – I had a mood disorder – for which there was effective treatment that was never ever forthcoming. In retrospect, I think that had appropriate care been offered I might have lost two years of my life to illness – but instead I lost more than ten. And when I did recover – in spite of the mental health services not because of them – I was harassed and threatened and subjected to a smear campaign. That is why I left Bangor some four years ago. I spent a year in hiding and was advised again recently that it is too dangerous for me to return to the Bangor area – I am now elsewhere. By the way, Tony also broke my confidentiality – on many occasions. I am sorry that you are coming across information about someone whom you liked and respected that you find upsetting, but I was pretty gobsmacked when I read the documentation too. I would never ever have guessed what he was doing. I thought long and hard about whether I should name him and if you read earlier posts, you’ll see that until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t. However a number of people who also suffered at his hands – like me they had been completely unaware of what he had done – told me that the wrongdoing was so great that I should name him. The information about Tony Francis on this blog is all based on documentary evidence that I have read myself – it is not based on rumour or speculation. When I heard about his death I was still in hiding – someone else who had called their lawyers in and discovered the most damning documents written and signed by Tony e mailed me and told me. I too presumed that his death was a result of the longstanding depression that he suffered. He was undoubtedly a troubled man, but nothing can excuse what those documents show that he did. Before he died, I understand that he spent time in hospital in Manchester – at the time, Brown commented that one advantage of that was that he wouldn’t have to answer questions. I thought that Brown was being terribly cynical at the time – but that was before I obtained my documents. There was a major investigation into the north Wales paedophile ring underway and it was seeking evidence on many of those people whose actions Tony was concealing or colluding with. That investigation has not stopped – it is an investigation into organised crime and corruption in judicial and political circles, it is not going to be carried out by the plods in Bangor police station or announced in the Daily Post. The UK security services have for some time under legislation relating to organised crime or terrorism been able legally to access any electronic information, intercept phone calls etc. I was told by a Human Rights Activist when I went into hiding that I was almost certainly under surveillance from the security services myself, because of the evidence that I had regarding perjury by ‘expert witnesses’ and corruption on the part of two members of the judiciary, one of whom was undertaking Royal duties in Gwynedd at the time. Now if my computer and phones were being monitored, what the security services will have had evidence of is the most appalling behaviour of the mental health services towards me and evidence of many other people coming to me for advice because they too were being stitched up in Court or were being denied treatment or harassed and threatened. They will undoubtedly also have nobbled my lawyer, which is probably why she walked out on my case after three years of very hard work and disappeared off the face of the earth. But fair play to her practice, they did forward me my files (I didn’t expect to see them again) – but I note that I was only given these files recently, after a lot of the biggest names implicated in the wrongdoing are now dead. The Betsi have ‘lost’ their copies of my files and nearly all the files relating to children who were in north Wales children’s homes in then 80s have also been ‘lost’ or were destroyed in a warehouse fire during the Waterhouse Inquiry. So I think it highly probable that the security services had a good read of mine whilst they were in the hands of the vanishing lawyer. And I’m sorry to say that Tony’s name was everywhere associated with some terrible things, at Welsh Office level. Because people like Frederick Forsyth and Boris’s dad keeping appearing in the media telling everyone how they used to work for MI5, the general public have a quaint idea of the security services employing rather eccentric, right wing men with posh voices and David Niven moustaches. I very much doubt that they do that any longer, their stock in trade is National Security and expert witnesses, lawyers, judges and politicians colluding with a vicious paedophile ring and organised crime is very much a matter of National Security. There are going to be an awful lot of people under surveillance. Furthermore it was Theresa May who ordered the reinvestigation into the north Wales paedophile ring – she is now PM and has been very scathing re the mental health services recently. Probably because she has had access to classified information telling her exactly what they have been doing. And this is a right-wing administration – they are not going to be too chuffed at the idea of all this being funded by the taxpayer via the NHS and Social Services. I have recently been given a long list of names of people in north Wales who have received substantial prison sentences for their part in the north Wales paedophile ring, yet not a word has appeared in the press. I suspect that there is a news black out in place or that a D list has been served on the press, probably because witnesses are at risk, but every indication is that the criminal investigation into those who were facilitating the paedophile ring in any way at all is definitely still active. I think it very likely that Tony Francis was under investigation, even if he hadn’t yet been formally interviewed. He was not stupid, he knew what he had done and he knew that the world was going to catch up with him. I’m sorry that my blog has shattered your image of a man whom you thought that you knew – I thought that I knew him too, but I didn’t. It is not easy when we are faced with evidence that someone whom we are close to has done terrible things – I understand that one problem police have in some investigations is convincing people who have been the target of things like murder plots that yes, they really were planning to do this to you. And Tony had been trying for a long time to do some very nasty things to me and a number of other patients. For thirty years the mental health services – encouraged by Tony Francis – said the most dreadful things about me, made constant fallacious allegations about me that nearly landed me in prison and leaned on my employers and landlords in attempts to ensure that I was jobless and homeless. I had dog crap thrown at my house and a neighbour who was a local GP admitted that he knew who did it but wasn’t going to tell me who it was (thanks Dr Graham Thomas and your lovely wife Casi who’s now going for Ordination, what helpful neighbours you were!), there was an attempt to poison my dog, my car was broken into and letters from my solicitor were stolen, someone tried to get into my house in the middle of the night, on a number of occasions there were attempts to run me off the road at speed – oh and on two occasions someone tried to set fire to my house and at one point I was threatened by a bent copper with a gun that he should not have had. And then the authorities at the University that employs Brown were sent a poison pen letter claiming that he was a ‘known paedophile’, postmarked Cardiff no less. I am not smearing anyone’s good name Kate, I have had 30 years of shit because I uncovered serious crime in the mental health services and social services – and now after a very long battle indeed I have documentary evidence of what these people did. And I’m one of the lucky ones – nearly all the other witnesses are dead.

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