Correction and Apology

Throughout this blog I have referred to Lord Denning as the Master of the Rolls who gave Mary Wynch leave to sue Dr Dafydd Alun Jones et al for illegally detaining her in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. I’m really sorry, but this was an error – Mary’s appeal was handled by Lord Denning’s successor, Lord Donaldson. My co-researcher and I have found it very difficult accessing information about Mary’s case, it would seem that someone somewhere would like a veil drawn over it. However my co-researcher has come up trumps and has obtained some of the original papers and transcripts. I am somewhere at present where I only have intermittent access to wifi, so I can’t correct all the Lord Denning references on the blog for a few days, but I will soon. There will also be a post giving many more details of Mary’s case and naming some more of those who seemed to have protected people in north Wales from the consequences of their very serious wrongdoing – I am following more leads at the moment. The trail regarding this very grubby business leads to the very top of Thatcher’s Government. No wonder those breaking the law and abusing us all in the 80s and 90s had no fear at all – and no wonder Dr X killed himself when Operation Pallial was launched. By the way, I think my friend was correct the other day – it was a misjudgement to give Dr X anonymity. So for those of you outside of north Wales who won’t know – Dr X is one Dr Tony Francis.

More coming soon.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Dr Tony Francis was a very moral man who stood up to injustice and abuse of power. He was a man of integrity. He was also someone I was more than happy for my young children to spend time with and in fact I had asked Tony to be Godfather to my child a few weeks before his death. I am only sad that he is not here to spend time with them now.

    His death was due to an illness he suffered from for many years and I can assure you that any inquiry happening at the time would not have been on his radar. Your insinuation that he was in any way associated with abuse or paedophilia is slanderous to the character of someone who is no longer alive. That strikes me as particularly cowardly and calculated.

    The suggestion is laughable to anyone who knew him but potentially very distressing to his family. I can only hope that other readers will consider your unsubstantiated ramblings to be as despicable as I do.

    Your readers do not have the full picture here and the picture you paint of Dr Tony Francis bears no relation to the reality of his character and the way he conducted himself.

    I am more than happy for my name to be public.

    Kate Carre

    1. I too for many years took the view that Tony Francis was basically a decent caring man who was suffering badly himself and I know of at least one other patient who felt the same, but who then acquired a full copy of his medical records – although as in my case, the NHS fought him all the way – and discovered what Tony had written and been involved in. The reason why I am publishing this after his death is that it wasn’t until after his death that my records were released from my lawyers and I read the ones compiled by Tony Francis. As the time of his death, I was in another country, in hiding, because of the appalling threats and harassment that I had received from Tony’s colleagues in the mental health services after my support for Edwina Hart. I have not accused Tony Francis of paedophilia, I have stated very clearly that he was concealing the activities of people who were involved in the facilitation of the north Wales paedophile gang and I now have thousands of documents in my possession compiled over the course of thirty years that demonstrate this. One thing that I have learnt over the past four years and after reading the documents that I now have is that if one has good social skills one can do some pretty dreadful things to people and they won’t suspect a thing…

    2. Can you enlighten readers of the way in which Tony stood up injustice and abuse of power please? Do you have evidence of where that took place ?

      1. I too would be interested to hear Kate’s evidence for this. Like Kate, for years I believed that Tony stood up to injustice and abuse of power – because that’s what he used to tell us all that he was doing. When I finally received documents that Tony himself had written – after Tony did all he could to prevent me and my lawyers obtaining them – I’m afraid another very different story was evident. I would be as disbelieving as Kate if I had not seen the letters and documents written and signed by Tony himself. He was not a nice man but was very good at hiding it. I have a close friend who for years told me that Tony Francis was a malevolent influence who had seriously damaged him whilst he was a patient of Tony’s. I am very sorry to say that I didn’t believe this person – I thought that he was holding Tony responsible for the wrongdoing of others. My friend was right and I was wrong – I have no idea what was driving Tony Francis, but he should never have been let near vulnerable people. But then neither should a lot of his colleagues.

  2. It’s interesting that you chose not to publish my comment here. Doesn’t your accusation stand up to scrutiny?

    Censoring alternative perspectives whilst attempting to smear the reputation of a deceased individual undermines the valid points you and others have to make about the mental health services in the area. Censorship also suggests that you are not interested in the truth or providing a balanced perspective to your readers.

    1. I’m really sorry, but I have only just seen your previous comment – I was busy researching and writing for future posts. I am quite happy to publish your comment.

  3. Thank you for replying to my comments. I am completely in agreement that there are big issues needing to be addressed regarding poor practice within the mental health services locally and in particular relating to the integrity of medical records.

    Of course I don’t know the content of your records and nor should I. What I do know is that Dr Tony Francis was not someone who would overlook or condone abuse of vulnerable individuals and what I can’t agree with is naming him here. We can never hear his side of the story because he is deceased. And I’m very sure that he wouldn’t compromise confidentiality by sharing details even if he were here to defend himself.

    I’m pleased to hear that you are not accusing Dr Tony Francis of paedophilia. What you are doing however is implying that his tragic death as the result of a depressive illness was related to an inquiry on the matter, when in fact he wouldn’t have been aware of anything of the sort at that time and was categorically not involved.

    It is difficult to say more without compromising his privacy and that of his family. But I am very certain that Tony would never have knowingly allowed abuse to take place and done nothing about it let alone been a part of it himself. You are entitled of course to believe that I am misguided or somehow taken in but I am very sure that his integrity was genuine and not merely surface charisma.

    1. Hi Kate
      Thanks for commenting further. For many years I too felt about Tony Francis just like you do. For a good twenty years I believed that he was the best of a very bad bunch who felt unable to do anything about some truly dreadful practices. If I had read something like this blog ten years ago I too would take the view that ‘no, Tony will not have been involved’. I am sorry to say that he was – my lawyers obtained a mountain of documentation that had been concealed from me – at the insistence of Tony Francis himself – and it makes for very sobering reading. This is documentation written and signed by Tony himself, in which he encourages to people to perjure themselves in order to bring criminal charges against me, in which he perjures himself, in which he ignores his own legal advisors when they tell him that his conduct towards me was unacceptable, in which he networks with Lucille Hughes who was remember named in the Waterhouse Report as concealing the paedophile ring in north Wales and encourages people to ‘talk to Lucille’ for further evidence of my ‘dangerousness’ (although I have never met Lucille Hughes…). I could go on – the evidence is damning. I know that you have been friendly with Tony and his wife for a long time – I too believed that I was on very good terms with them, yet whilst they were greeting me with big smiles and maintaining that they would ‘care’ for me during a serious illness, sadly the documentary evidence compiled by Tony at the very same time tells a different story. There is a letter in the files written by Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, which actually states that its useful that I was agreeing to see Tony Francis because looking as though they were taking a ‘caring’ attitude to me (and yes, Davies did put the word in inverted commas) would stand them in good stead next time that they took me to Court. And I’m sorry to say, that’s what Tony’s ‘friendship’ towards me at the time was all about. I had witnessed terrible things in Denbigh, but they’d failed to have me imprisoned (Tony himself played a key role in those attempts) and silenced that way, so Tony spent ten years dosing me up with anti-psychotics and telling everyone that I was ‘deluded’ and that’s why my allegations against Denbigh and Dafydd Alun Jones should be ignored. I was ill at times when I was young – I had a mood disorder – for which there was effective treatment that was never ever forthcoming. In retrospect, I think that had appropriate care been offered I might have lost two years of my life to illness – but instead I lost more than ten. And when I did recover – in spite of the mental health services not because of them – I was harassed and threatened and subjected to a smear campaign. That is why I left Bangor some four years ago. I spent a year in hiding and was advised again recently that it is too dangerous for me to return to the Bangor area – I am now elsewhere. By the way, Tony also broke my confidentiality – on many occasions. I am sorry that you are coming across information about someone whom you liked and respected that you find upsetting, but I was pretty gobsmacked when I read the documentation too. I would never ever have guessed what he was doing. I thought long and hard about whether I should name him and if you read earlier posts, you’ll see that until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t. However a number of people who also suffered at his hands – like me they had been completely unaware of what he had done – told me that the wrongdoing was so great that I should name him. The information about Tony Francis on this blog is all based on documentary evidence that I have read myself – it is not based on rumour or speculation. When I heard about his death I was still in hiding – someone else who had called their lawyers in and discovered the most damning documents written and signed by Tony e mailed me and told me. I too presumed that his death was a result of the longstanding depression that he suffered. He was undoubtedly a troubled man, but nothing can excuse what those documents show that he did. Before he died, I understand that he spent time in hospital in Manchester – at the time, Brown commented that one advantage of that was that he wouldn’t have to answer questions. I thought that Brown was being terribly cynical at the time – but that was before I obtained my documents. There was a major investigation into the north Wales paedophile ring underway and it was seeking evidence on many of those people whose actions Tony was concealing or colluding with. That investigation has not stopped – it is an investigation into organised crime and corruption in judicial and political circles, it is not going to be carried out by the plods in Bangor police station or announced in the Daily Post. The UK security services have for some time under legislation relating to organised crime or terrorism been able legally to access any electronic information, intercept phone calls etc. I was told by a Human Rights Activist when I went into hiding that I was almost certainly under surveillance from the security services myself, because of the evidence that I had regarding perjury by ‘expert witnesses’ and corruption on the part of two members of the judiciary, one of whom was undertaking Royal duties in Gwynedd at the time. Now if my computer and phones were being monitored, what the security services will have had evidence of is the most appalling behaviour of the mental health services towards me and evidence of many other people coming to me for advice because they too were being stitched up in Court or were being denied treatment or harassed and threatened. They will undoubtedly also have nobbled my lawyer, which is probably why she walked out on my case after three years of very hard work and disappeared off the face of the earth. But fair play to her practice, they did forward me my files (I didn’t expect to see them again) – but I note that I was only given these files recently, after a lot of the biggest names implicated in the wrongdoing are now dead. The Betsi have ‘lost’ their copies of my files and nearly all the files relating to children who were in north Wales children’s homes in then 80s have also been ‘lost’ or were destroyed in a warehouse fire during the Waterhouse Inquiry. So I think it highly probable that the security services had a good read of mine whilst they were in the hands of the vanishing lawyer. And I’m sorry to say that Tony’s name was everywhere associated with some terrible things, at Welsh Office level. Because people like Frederick Forsyth and Boris’s dad keeping appearing in the media telling everyone how they used to work for MI5, the general public have a quaint idea of the security services employing rather eccentric, right wing men with posh voices and David Niven moustaches. I very much doubt that they do that any longer, their stock in trade is National Security and expert witnesses, lawyers, judges and politicians colluding with a vicious paedophile ring and organised crime is very much a matter of National Security. There are going to be an awful lot of people under surveillance. Furthermore it was Theresa May who ordered the reinvestigation into the north Wales paedophile ring – she is now PM and has been very scathing re the mental health services recently. Probably because she has had access to classified information telling her exactly what they have been doing. And this is a right-wing administration – they are not going to be too chuffed at the idea of all this being funded by the taxpayer via the NHS and Social Services. I have recently been given a long list of names of people in north Wales who have received substantial prison sentences for their part in the north Wales paedophile ring, yet not a word has appeared in the press. I suspect that there is a news black out in place or that a D list has been served on the press, probably because witnesses are at risk, but every indication is that the criminal investigation into those who were facilitating the paedophile ring in any way at all is definitely still active. I think it very likely that Tony Francis was under investigation, even if he hadn’t yet been formally interviewed. He was not stupid, he knew what he had done and he knew that the world was going to catch up with him. I’m sorry that my blog has shattered your image of a man whom you thought that you knew – I thought that I knew him too, but I didn’t. It is not easy when we are faced with evidence that someone whom we are close to has done terrible things – I understand that one problem police have in some investigations is convincing people who have been the target of things like murder plots that yes, they really were planning to do this to you. And Tony had been trying for a long time to do some very nasty things to me and a number of other patients. For thirty years the mental health services – encouraged by Tony Francis – said the most dreadful things about me, made constant fallacious allegations about me that nearly landed me in prison and leaned on my employers and landlords in attempts to ensure that I was jobless and homeless. I had dog crap thrown at my house and a neighbour who was a local GP admitted that he knew who did it but wasn’t going to tell me who it was (thanks Dr Graham Thomas and your lovely wife Casi who’s now going for Ordination, what helpful neighbours you were!), there was an attempt to poison my dog, my car was broken into and letters from my solicitor were stolen, someone tried to get into my house in the middle of the night, on a number of occasions there were attempts to run me off the road at speed – oh and on two occasions someone tried to set fire to my house and at one point I was threatened by a bent copper with a gun that he should not have had. And then the authorities at the University that employs Brown were sent a poison pen letter claiming that he was a ‘known paedophile’, postmarked Cardiff no less. I am not smearing anyone’s good name Kate, I have had 30 years of shit because I uncovered serious crime in the mental health services and social services – and now after a very long battle indeed I have documentary evidence of what these people did. And I’m one of the lucky ones – nearly all the other witnesses are dead.

  4. Hi Sally, I note that you are libelling me freely! I must alert you that incredibly, every accusation that you have made against me is factually inaccurate. That is rather an unfortunate record for any career academic but especially for an experienced post doc like yourself. The reason I advised you to drop your campaigns against health service staff was and apparently still is because they are overly based on speculation. They also appear to harm you more than your targets. I felt a responsibility as a Christian and friend to speak honestly with you at a time when you were considering embracing Christianity. I know how passionate you feel and how hurt you have been. I’m not saying that there aren’t plenty of quality of care issues to address in our NHS. There certainly are, and in my way, I am attempting to improve things as a provider. You do occasionally pinpoint some systemic problems and I admire both that and your dogged intensity! I also admit that there is some distorted truth behind your personal attacks on my character but you have, like the serpent in the garden, twisted inaccuracies into lies. The problem with your approach is that you generate far more heat than light. I am not sure how you intend to solve the difficulties in providing health care in rural Wales. It seems that any comments I made – and kindness or hospitality that I extended – are now misinterpreted and used against me! For that reason, I am simply asking you to confirm your accusations or withdraw them. My main concern is trying to maintain quality Primary Care in Corwen. This includes resisting a 10% drop in practice funding, most of which we are absorbing as GPs. It does mean however that we cannot offer competitive rates to attract a junior GP to join us. I am also still involved with Community Cardiology services across North Wales and in Lesotho HIV care. This takes up most of my professional time and energy. I therefore won’t be debating dog muck accusations from 15 years ago, particularly as I don’t know who did it either! Please pass my kind regards to the amazing Brown and please be assured that I have fond memories of our shared times together. With love and best wishes, Graham

    1. Thank you for this response Graham. I have taken care whilst writing this blog to only present as fact that which I have documentary evidence of or that which I witnessed myself. If I was told something but didn’t personally witness it, I have stated that clearly. If allegations were made but not demonstrated, again I have stressed that they were allegations. That guidance was applied when I wrote about my experiences with you and your wife during the course of time that you presented yourselves as my friends. I can find nothing on the blog that I have written about my experiences with you or your wife which breaches my guidelines. If you can identify anything that I have written about you – or indeed anyone else – which is untrue and you provide specific details, I will be more than happy to edit it.

      Are you writing to me in a personal capacity or as a representative of the BMA?

        1. I am not aware that I have published any lies or libels in relation to Graham Thomas anyway! I have invited Graham to let me know what it is that I have written that he believes is inaccurate, so I’ll wait to hear further details. If I have published anything about Graham – or indeed anyone – that is not true, I will be happy to amend it.

          I am left wondering whether Graham’s colleagues the Top Doctors at the BMA may have asked him to write the e mail to me – as I have documentary evidence demonstrating that many of Graham’s colleagues were involved in criminal activities I don’t expect that they’ll be foolish enough to write to me themselves. But Graham is my former neighbour and at one point cultivated my friendship whilst he was a leading light in the BMA in north Wales, so I’m wondering if perhaps he has been put up to this by someone else. I don’t think that it was a particularly good idea for Graham to have done it, yet alone make a reference to me being a ‘serpent in the garden’, it makes him sound a bit of a nutter. Furthermore Graham is one Top Doctor whom I have not accused of negligence or criminal activities, so why he has put his neck on the line in this way is a mystery – particularly as the very limited references to him on this blog were made many months ago. However as Graham is obviously reading this blog, I would like to take this opportunity of asking him why he remained silent about the abuse and neglect of patients at the Hergest Unit which he undoubtedly will have witnessed whilst he worked there as a junior doctor. I think that Graham’s immediate boss at the Hergest was Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) – if it wasn’t, I’m sure that Graham will e mail in again to correct me. The Dr Tony Francis who perjured himself and ordered other people to do so in order to frame me for crimes that both he and the other perjurers knew that I had not committed, the Dr Tony Francis who was advised by his own lawyers to stop his litigation against me, the Dr Tony Francis who killed himself a few years ago after Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. The Dr Tony Francis who I was told was under investigation himself.

          Should any other members of the BMA feel like e mailing me, I’ll be more than happy to publish their comments.

          1. My impression is that he displays immaturity. “My dad is bigger that your dad”. (Self descriptor as Christian … get god as his wing man) He launches ad hominem fallacy. Dabbles in begging the question fallacy.

            It puts me in mind of that saying “You are wrong on so many levels”. (Response “Name them”. )

            When I reported, re fraud and sabotage involving backup generators, I stated up front I doubt I have it 100% right but I would be more surprised if I am less than 80% right and that is enough.

            “Do Not Judge
            …2For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye?…”

          2. I detected a bit more manipulation than that. Graham takes his Christianity seriously and I have no problem with someone doing that, but more than one person has observed that Graham and his wife – who I have been told is now going for ordination – are unable to see when people have been damaged or even abused by Graham and his wife’s attempts to control them. Graham mentions his responsibility as a Christian – well if ever someone had a responsibility as a Christian I think that it was a doctor who knew that patients were suffering dreadfully as a result of very serious wrongdoing in the local NHS. But like all the Top Doctors do in public, Graham repackages the problems resulting from the criminal conduct of some of his colleagues and the legacy of a paedophile ring that the mental health services colluded with as ‘some systemic issues’ and the problems of providing care in rural Wales. Graham mentions the difficulties of recruiting GPs in north Wales – er, something to do with the conduct of Graham’s colleagues I think, word has got around about their toxic behaviour. As for the thirty years of threats and harassment that I endured from Graham’s colleagues – these are dealt with by a reference to the ‘hurt and pain’ that I have suffered as though it came from nowhere. It was from your colleagues Graham because some of them were criminals and many more of them remained silent even when what was happening to me became very public and very obvious. It resulted in me having to flee the region which is why you don’t know where I live anymore. I suffered hurt and pain – a great many others died.

            My experience with Graham was that of a number of other people – he seemed pleasant, intelligent and a good doctor. But then it all went a bit weird…Graham does not wear a bow tie and a pin striped suit and pompous like there is no tomorrow as some in his profession do. But he certainly didn’t like it when I told him that my lawyers had just served a High Court Order on the Chief Exec of the North West Wales NHS Trust to force him to hand over the medical records which they were unlawfully retaining and that the Chief Exec had just resigned – but when I read those records I realised why so many Top Doctors were desperate for me not to obtain them. I think it was at that point that Graham’s wife stopped speaking to me or even acknowledging my presence, although Graham himself wasn’t so obviously rude.

            I cannot help but suspect that Graham’s loyalty to his colleagues takes priority over the welfare of the patients in north Wales. He is of course in a position to prove me wrong by making a statement to the police regarding what he witnessed as a doctor working in the Hergest Unit and elsewhere.

            Now this next bit IS pure speculation: Graham’s father worked for many years as the vet in Brecon. Vets always know all the farmers in the area. Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, is married to a farmer in the Brecon area. It would be improbable if Graham’s dad didn’t know her personally. When the BMA declared war on Mary Burrows, the former Chief Exec of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board who was trying to clean up re the local Top Doctors, it was Kirsty Williams who helped the BMA. At that time one of the leading lights in the BMA in north Wales was Graham.

  5. Richard seems a bit confused Sally – he flags up a potential libel case but interestingly backs off when you repeat you have documentation to prove what you write by reminding you of fond memories and wishing you love and best wishes. It reads more like a combination of his personal contribution together with whoever from BMA or others he is chatting to and who are waiting to try to catch you out somehow. Is there a hint of veiled threats by ‘alerting you’ that he is claiming your account is factually incorrect? the blog harms you more than others -how? your academic credentials are compromised how?. and the mention of the amazing Brown just grates a bit – He needs to respond to what you actually claim rather than lead astray with personal information about you.

    1. You’ve made a slip Lydia, the man accusing me of libel isn’t Richard, it’s Graham, specifically Dr Graham Thomas who now practices as a GP in Corwen, north Wales.

      I had a friend staying over when I received Graham’s message and she too thought that the message was an attempt to threaten me and that Graham had been put up to it by his colleagues – after all I have documents signed by them explaining in detail how they are going to frame me, so they certainly can’t send messages accusing me of libel, but Graham is a former neighbour and for a while I thought a friend. Graham also doesn’t have a reputation in the mud as so many of them do, so what better than to get a nice young doctor who can remind me that I was once friends with him to e mail me?

      The comment suggesting that I am compromising myself academically will be another attempt at manipulation. Graham knew me whilst I was doing my PhD – he knew that my first career had been wrecked by those we know and love and when I began my second PhD years later I achieved a degree of fame in north Wales by being the fastest student that the university had ever had completing their PhD. Genuine friends were delighted for me but the poor old Top Doctors had shit all over them – they had spent 20 yrs telling everyone how mad and dangerous I was and then I started appearing in the Guardian called Dr, they really couldn’t bear it. Graham knows that I value high quality research so was no doubt hoping to try and put me off my stride by implying that my blog is letting me down and ooh everyone will be sneering at me…

      Graham knows Brown as well. Graham, Brown and I spent many hours discussing the shortcomings and malpractice of the mental health services, so I know much of what Graham witnessed. I’m not detailing it here, because that would be an abuse of trust, no matter what insults Graham chooses to throw at me. Furthermore Graham at one point invited Brown and me to give a lecture to a group of GPs in Gwynedd about our research plans re mental health care. We had hoped that some of them would be interested in participating in the research. I fear that what actually will have happened after the meeting ended is that our plans will have gone straight back to the highest echelons at the BMA because there were two capable academics who were in danger of publishing what was really going on.

      It is really very sad. I am quite sure that when Graham and his colleagues began their careers as medical students they were all intelligent, idealistic people who never thought that they would end up remaining silent about a barrel of shit like this. But the British medical establishment is a deeply corrupting institution.

  6. I get really upset about GPs doing the ‘I’m Dad bit’ – you should be chastened by your failures to do your job and I’m not talking about QOF or CQC inspections etc.
    Questions of principle and matters of spirit yes, so Dr Thomas would you care to comment on my allegations posted in the shithouse blog. Let someone tell me I am wrong, misguided, ill informed or malicious. NO, none of the above.
    Dr Richard Haynes

    1. The region of the NHS in which Graham has practiced for many years has a bankrupt Health Board in special measures currently subject to an external investigation after serious abuse of mental health patients was revealed. The region has an astronomical suicide rate and some of the worst health outcomes in Europe. The online version of the local paper, the Daily Post, usually carries two stories EVERY DAY concerning the gross failures of the regional NHS (there’s an account today from an elderly man who has given a blow by blow account of his wife’s deeply distressing death in a local hospital). As Graham mentioned in his comment, doctors do not choose to work in north Wales and there is a crisis in the recruitment of GPs. Graham’s colleagues have constructed me as their biggest problem…

      It is quite extraordinary, as is Graham’s claim that I have libelled him. One of my friends is wondering whether the BMA are going to fund a libel case against me on behalf of Graham in an attempt to have this blog taken down. After all Graham is the best of a very grubby bunch – so they might be planning to send the Clean Skin to war on their behalf.

  7. We are gripped by folly. That is to proceed as if people who have been part of the problem can be part of the solution. Part of the problem is otherwise caring folk who nonetheless walked by on the other side.

    1. I do not know how great swathes of those who are passing by on the other side live with themselves. I’m not talking about the Dafydds and the DGE Woods and the Lucilles and the Higsons and the Martin Jones’s, they are deeply unpleasant completely amoral people who have been at the heart of the sickness that has gripped north Wales for decades. I mean people like Graham and his colleagues – the huge numbers of people who from every other angle are rational decent people but who know the seriousness of what has happened and continues to happen but remain silent.

      It is interesting to listen to the students who are unprepared for what they are going to encounter in the hospitals and GPs surgeries – they come out with the most insightful comments. I knew a group of student nurses a few years ago from Bangor University, some of whom did placements at the Hergest Unit, the hub of the institutional madness. As well as the usual tales of neglect, abuse and bullying, one of them told of how they witnessed a truly dreadful Angel ‘assessing’ an elderly withdrawn gentle man. The Angel recorded that the elderly man was ‘hostile and aggressive’ – which was interesting because for a long time now most of the staff in the Hergest have constructed all their patients as mad, bad and dangerous. The students were chatting among themselves as to how such an obviously ludicrous comment could have been made on the assessment and one young woman observed that ‘the staff have lost touch with reality’. Which is completely true. There has been an institutional madness in the NHS in north Wales which has been brewing away for years and those in the system just do not realise that they have completely lost it and they cannot be the ones to rescue the service.

      The only time that they hit planet earth is when one of their own children falls ill. Christ almighty, they certainly don’t let them go to the Hergest or the other such establishments that they run themselves. They’re just for other peoples children, not their own. I think it’s best summed up as ‘snobbery and violence’.

  8. Sally I can’t find the post just now but you mentioned Sophie Howe and asked who was the Minister for social Justice and Local Government before 2007? It was I think Dr Brian Gibbons who retired in either 2009 or 2011 to spend more time working with patients here and abroad. Which enabled son of the Kinnock clan to take over his seat in Aberavon? Dirty politics -maybe.

    1. Ooh thanks. My appeal for info re Sophie Howe was in a comment. God, Gibbons – that utterly corrupt shite of a Top Doctor who knew that patients were being abused, framed and were dying in north Wales and who wrote to me saying ‘this correspondence is over’ when I told him that none of my complaints had been investigated by the NHS and that I now had documentary evidence of serious criminal activity in the NHS and social services in north Wales. I read that the appalling Gibbons had returned to Ireland. He must be an even worse doctor than those whom he allowed to abuse patients for years in north Wales. Can you imagine any Health Minister closing down a conversation from a patient who has been damaged by the NHS, was being openly threatened and harassed and then gained documentary evidence of serious crime on the part of NHS and social services staff??? Well yes perhaps you can – Jane Hutt, Lesley Griffiths and Mark Drakeford ignored those we know and love as patients died. They are just disgusting aren’t they, they should be named and shamed in the press, not allowed to continue to drone on in the Senedd and draw their salaries at the tax-payers expense.

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Kinnocks were involved in a dirty deal somewhere. The whole family just seem to really piss people off, even people loyal to the Labour Party. The allegations are always the same – troughing, lining their own pockets and securing comfortable numbers for their own. Stephen Kinnock sent his daughter to Atlantic College, which is probably the most expensive school in Wales – I accept that people have the right to do that and Atlantic College is a good choice if you want an international school, but Kinnock misled everyone about it and tried to portray his daughter as a non-privileged prole. Rachel Kinnock was a member of Ed Miliband’s ‘Top Team’ – I think that says it all! As for old Neil, he constantly kept popping up on TV having a go at Jezza and telling us all how Jezza could never win a General Election – when exactly did Kinnock win one of those? He fell over into the sea in front of photographers, he made a pillock of himself in a stadium at Sheffield, he provided endless material for Private Eye and Spitting Image, he ranted at Derek Hatton and all his flunkeys banged on about his ‘oratory’ and when Thatcher resigned he ‘paid tribute’ to the wicked old cow. But no, I do not remember him winning an election.

      There is just a constant bad smell around the Kinnocks. I am absolutely sure that they knew about those we know and love and somehow used it to their own advantage, but the only obvious link is that Glenys was from Holyhead and worked as a school teacher.

  9. I imagine Jezza will need to keep an eye on the ambitious Stephen Kinnock -who married a princess did he not – nevr went near Aberavon until there was a seat set up for him to wriggle into although good riddance to Brian who was probably needing to get away when ‘conversation closed’ was not happening. How often that phrase is used……

    1. Well if Gibbons, Lesley Griffiths and Drakeford as well as all the other fuckwits who completely ignored what was happening to me and others as we begged for help had actually had the decency to even REPLY to us and if the BMA and the paedophiles’ friends had not hounded out Mary Burrows and Edwina Hart who were trying so hard to improve things, they wouldn’t have this blog to deal with! In the end I bloody well took the gloves off, did a bit of research and found that the mountain of dung was much bigger than I realised and involved many more people – and I’ve also uncovered their sins going back decades.

      Kinnocks wife is or was Prime Minister of I think Denmark. I don’t have a problem with that but Stephen Kinnock can hardly claim a long-standing love of and devotion to Wales – he’s spent most of his adult life abroad troughing from EU coffers like his mum n dad. He only returned when a safe seat was made available! Bet he squeezed a good local candidate out as well – there was probably a hard working local who’d beavered away for years who was hoping to be selected and a fucking Kinnock came along.

      I’d be interested to know how granddad Kinnock ever rose to the top of the Labour party – he is so fucking dim and he was known as an utter wally when he was at University. I know bits and pieces of Welsh Labour history but I don’t actually know the ins and outs of his rise and rise. I just get the feeling that there is probably real sleaze and dirty tricks there somewhere. No-one likes the Kinnocks, no-one respects them, a lot of people in north Wales really loathed Kinnock because he opposed devolution but even people whom you’d expect to have at least a grudging respect for him don’t. He was on the receiving end of a great deal of snobbery, being termed ‘the Welsh windbag’ and a ‘thick Welsh boyo’ by Anglo-centric snobs, but it isn’t just the Daily Mail and high Tories of the Telegraph who loathe him. Everyone hates him and his extended family.

      1. Lydia – just found out that it was Hywel Francis who held the seat before he made way for Stephen from the first family of troughing. Hywel Francis was special advisor to Paul Murphy when Murphy was Sec State for Wales – it was Murphy who took receipt of the Waterhouse Report and remained silent… Murphy also did a stint as Secretary of State for N Ireland. And he was removed from one of his jobs at great speed and replaced by Peter Hain but no-one knows why. Last summer I received e mails alleging that Murphy had been involved with terrible things but I never received any further corroborating evidence so I’ve never published any of it.

        Stephen Kinnock didn’t even go to university in Wales – he went to Cambridge and then went to Europe to do postgrad work. His feet barely touched Welsh soil until Hywel made room for him. After he was elected I remember this supposedly flattering profile of him in one of the broadsheets commenting how ‘committed’ he must be to actually ‘live in a flat in Aberavon’ for several days a week. You mean the poor flower has to live like a normal person for a couple of days a week? As opposed to being married to the Prime Minister of Denmark and whatever property comes with that job whilst his snout is deep in an EU bucket?? And I bet he’s got the best flat in Aberavon as well, he’s not going to be slumming it.

      2. I laughed like hell when a valleys labour zealot said “Kinnock hewn from valley rock” And a cockney voice shouted back “Yeah peppermint flavour with gobby pratt written through the middle”

        1. I’d really like to know how such a wally thrived. His generation of Labour men in Wales were very tough – a friend of mine who knows much more about Welsh Labour history than me described them as having ‘heads of bone’, aggressive, very difficult men (and they were nearly all men). The older generation when Kinnock was young included notorious names such as George Thomas and Leo Abse – both later investigated for child sexual abuse. George Thomas’s reputation is in the mud, there is even a campaign to have the name of a pub in s Wales changed because it was named after him, people are trying to forget that he ever existed. So the likes of Thomas and Abse et al dominated in the south and in the north there was Gwynne the lobotomist, a young Dafydd and the paedophiles friends. When he was young Kinnock was framed as being on the left, but he moved to the right – if indeed he ever had any ideologies at all. He is written about as having ‘dealt with’ Militant – but he didn’t. He just shouted at Derek Hatton at a conference. Militant – at least in Liverpool – were involved in a right barrel of shit, Hatton was described to me as a ‘fucking gangster’ by a Liverpudlian Labour activist at the time. In politics you use that sort of info against people behind the scenes to shut them up. But there were bombs going off constantly on Kinnocks patch – and Thatcher thrashed him in the Commons. Everyone knew that there were people in Thatcher’s Gov’t who were abusing kids and many of those kids were coming from north Wales. But no-one said a word because they were so fucking compromised themselves – that will have included Kinnock.

          The only direct connection that I ever came across was that a Top Doctor and paedophiles’ friend who worked with Dafydd et al in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and then presided over the slaughter at the Hergest Unit knew Kinnock when the Top Doctor was a medical student in Cardiff and Kinnock was in the NUS. I’d always presumed that this Top Doctor just had a passing acquaintance with Kinnock, but documents in my possession show that the Top Doctor was using every connection that he had to conceal the activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles friends. I think that he had many more close contacts with many more people than I ever knew about – and he was using them.

          Kinnock and Glenys will definitely have sat on the same amount of shit that everyone else did, but there must be more – for some reason this utter idiot was assisted to the top although throughout there was massive dissatisfaction with him. And now the big wally has established a dynasty – which is resented by everyone, particularly back in Wales. His mates are dipsticks as well – about the only person who fesses up to being mates with him is the hideous and dim Eluned Morgan – someone who mysteriously bagged a peerage despite having achieved nothing, except for making friends with the Kinnocks.

          1. Lydia –
            Gibbons was the AM for Aberavon, rather than the MP. Gibbons stood down in 2011 and his seat in the Senedd was taken by David Rees. I’d love to know what the straw was which broke the corrupt old bastard’s back in 2011 – he certainly won’t have stepped down as a result of a flood of integrity.

            Gibbons is a member of the BMA, the Medical Practitioners Union and UNITE. Oh and the Socialist Health Association! In what way was refusing to deal with the remnants of a paedophile ring who were embezzling funds, threatening, harassing, assaulting and framing patients whilst wiping out vulnerable people SOCIALIST??? The paedophiles’ friends are the most highly paid people in north Wales – they occupy all the managerial positions. And they supplied boys for the likes of Sir Peter Morrison, there’s nothing socialist about any of them.

            It is well known that Glenys trained and worked as a primary teacher. Glenys has an interest in education and children’s welfare.
            Glenys is Patron of a children’s charity, SNAP Cymru. SNAP Cymru was founded in 1986 and works closely with social services, social care providers and Third sector partners. In the 80s and 90s Wales had a major problem with the physical and sexual abuse of children in care. This abuse was perpetrated by the bodies with which SNAP Cymru works closely with. ‘Partners’ of Snap Cymru include CAB. Lucille Hughes, the former Director of Gwynedd Social Services, who was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but failed to act, is involved with the senior management of the CAB in Wales.

            Between 2010-16, one of SNAP Cymru’s Trustees was Dafydd Norris Ifans.

            Dafydd Ifans completed his CQSW at Cartrefle College, Wrexham. The Waterhouse Report named a number of social care staff responsible for abusing children in north Wales who completed their CQSWs at Cartrefle College.
            Dafydd Ifans worked in the North Wales Probation Services for 10 years – this service colluded with the paedophiles who operated in north Wales.
            Between 1993-95 Dafydd Ifans was Principal Officer in Gwynedd Social Services. He was responsible for line managing three children’s homes in Gwynedd – children’s homes in which children were being abused. Ifans’ senior manager was Lucille Hughes.
            In 1995 Ifans was appointed Service Manager for Children and Family Services for Conwy County Borough Council.
            Further details of Ifans and his child abusing colleagues in Gwynedd Social Services can be read in my blog post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’
            Between 2015-17 Dafydd Ifans was a Trustee of Denbighshire CAB.
            Dafydd Ifans has been involved with the Clwyd and Alyn Housing Association – which employed at least one person who was accused of child abuse and named in the Waterhouse Report, as well as at least one former nurse from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, which was concealing the paedophile ring in north Wales.
            Dafydd Ifans is currently listed as a Director of Gofal and Thrwsio Conwy A Ddinbych. Another Director is Gwenan Carrington – who was formerly Director of Gwynedd Social Services, post-Lucille. Under Gwenan’s leadership an utterly damning inspection report was compiled about Gwynedd Social Services, which concluded that the social services were not capable of improvement. Gwenan eventually departed – and turned up as Director of Community Services for Anglesey County Council. There is now much concern about community services on Anglesey. Gwenan’s sister-in-law Joanna Griffiths was until recently Director of Conwy Social Services – so Dafydd Ifans will know her as well, having previously worked for Conwy Social Services…

            What next for Glenys – a place on the Board of CAIS, along with Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Lucille?

            There will be a blog post starring the Kinnocks coming soon.

          3. Correction:

            A previous comment about Peter Mandelson stated that he was a Councillor in Lambeth in the 90s – that was incorrect. Mandelson was a Councillor in Lambeth between 1979-82. Right at the time that children’s homes run by Lambeth Borough Council had been infiltrated by paedophiles – and at the time when Lambeth Council were sending children in care on placement to north Wales. Where they were abused because a paedophile ring was in operation in the children’s homes in the region. Lambeth Council has now paid millions in compensation to people who were formerly in the care of their children’s services on the grounds that not only were the children abused but Lambeth Council knew that they were being abused but took no action.

            Peter Mandelson was appointed Director of Communications for the Labour Party in 1985 – he was Neil Kinnock’s favourite candidate for the post.

            Patricia Hewitt was Neil Kinnock’s Press Secretary. The Patricia Hewitt who had led the NCCL when it was affiliated to PIE. Hewitt later was elected MP for Greville Janner’s former constituency in Leicester – where a paedophile ring was in operation. Which involved Lord Greville Janner.

            Neil Kinnock was a member of the Welsh Hospitals Board 1969-71. The Welsh Hospitals Board was responsible for managing the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Where in the late 60s and early 70s patients were physically and sexually abused by the staff, lobotomised and subjected to ‘aversion therapy’ for homosexuality, although homosexuality was by then not illegal. At the same time, the North Wales Hospital was used to conceal a paedophile ring that primarily targeted young boys.

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