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My post ‘Thought For The Day’ and the comments which followed it discussed a Jan 1997 episode of ‘Kilroy’ in which the studio audience launched angry attacks on Max Clifford. Max was appearing on ‘Kilroy’ after he had been behind media reports which named Jerry Hayes, the then Tory MP for Harlow, as having a clandestine extra-marital relationship with a man. Max was busy being shocked and disgusted at Jerry’s ‘unprotected casual sex with men’, but Kilroy’s studio guests were unanimous in their condemnation of Max, no matter from what angle they approached the story. Some residents of Harlow maintained that they had voted for Jerry and Max had no business sticking his nose in like this. Other people maintained that Max’s scoop had damaged Jerry’s wife.

As well as members of the public, Kilroy’s guests included a few old lags, including the PR guru Julia Hobsbawm and Torygraph journos Annabel Heseltine and Boris. Annabel was livid at Max for destroying the life of a good man. Annabel’s dad Michael Heseltine destroyed the lives of many more people than one good man in his desperation to become PM. As described in previous posts eg. ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ and ‘Tan yn Llyn’, Heseltine built his entire strategy for Becoming PM on exploiting his knowledge of the barrel of crap in north Wales and its links to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Heseltine in particular had known about it all for decades, as someone who grew up in Swansea, in the area of another gang with links to Dafydd et al in north Wales and then served as the Tory MP for Tavistock, 1966-74, while Jeremy Thorpe’s activities were widely gossiped about, both in the west country and in Parliament. See previous posts.

Max repeatedly stated on ‘Kilroy’ that his rationale in exposing Jerry Hayes was his desire to damage the Tory Party, because of the damage that they’d done to the NHS. Max was upfront: he wanted to help the Labour Party win the next election. Julia gave Max a lecture on ethics and told him that PR was a business involving integrity and that Max was a pariah in the PR world. Julia did not mention that her business partner in Hobsmawm Macaulay, her own PR company, was her old school friend Sarah Macaulay. Sarah Macaulay became Sarah Brown when she got married in 2000, which meant that in 2007 she became the wife of the PM . When that Kilroy programme was screened, Sarah’s Teddy Bear was expecting to become Chancellor of the Exchequer after the next election and his partner in crime Miranda was preparing to be PM. No-one was in any doubt that this was going to happen, as John Major’s Gov’t lurched from crisis to crisis. Julia’s dad Eric Hobsbawm was the Marxist historian who had spent most of his life involved with the by then old boys who had in the 1950s spawned the New Left. Eric was a regular in publications such as ‘Marxism Today’ in the 1970s and 80s and even managed to make supportive comments about the Windbag. Another big name in the New Left was Ralph Miliband, the dad of Uncle Harry’s two nephews. Between 1994 and Miranda’s election win in May 1997, Uncle Harry’s nephew Ed was working for Sarah’s Teddy Bear in the Opposition Treasury team; the Teddy Bear allowed Uncle Harry’s nephew time off from work to study for a Masters at the LSE. Uncle Harry’s nephew Ed was appointed as the Teddy Bear’s SPAD when the Teddy Bear became Chancellor of the Exchequer in May 1997. Uncle Harry’s other nephew, David, at the time of the ‘Kilroy’ programme, was Miranda’s Head of Policy.

The New Left were always scrapping among themselves but they were united in their desire to kick out the Tories as well as in their desire to see their offspring and the friends of their offspring in influential positions, preferably in Cabinet. Readers will remember that when the Teddy Bear resigned as Leader of the Labour Party and was photographed looking like death – literally, Gordon had the appearance of one who had been preserved in formaldehyde – the only two serious contenders to succeed him were Uncle Harry’s nephews who then went for each others jugulars in the battle. Ed won and once Ed was leader, Ed’s political strategy for Becoming PM was predicated almost entirely on waxing lyrical about Uncle Harry’s loyal service to the NHS. The Uncle Harry who had worked with Top Docs who knew Dafydd et al and were colluding with them, as well as some of the millionaires of Harley Street; although of course Uncle Harry’s expressed loyalty was to the contingent of Top Docs who were in the Socialist Health Association and Loved The NHS, many of whom were also concealing Dafydd and the gang eg. Julian Tudor Spart, Brian Gibbons, John Dunwoody (see previous posts)…

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No-one mentioned that Eric and Ralph had known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring as long ago as in the days when they were busy with the New Left, that they had worked in universities alongside people who were concealing it as well as colluding with the regional abuse gangs such as those in Yorkshire, Leicester, north Wales/Cheshire, Cambridge, Oxford, and the north east. No-one mentioned that Eric had for decades had a second home in Croesor in north Wales, that as a girl Julia spent a lot of time there and that the locals were suffering very badly at the hands of the gang in north Wales. See previous posts eg. ‘The Village’. Not that Eric and his friends were ever targets of the gang; indeed Dafydd et al actually proved very helpful to Eric’s circle, which included Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and Bertrand Russell. Awkward customers who blabbed or who were gestating foetuses which were proving embarrassing to other more powerful people were dealt with by Dafydd and before Dafydd, Gwynne the lobotomist. See previous posts.

Julia and Ed were never at risk of being gang raped in a children’s home and found dead when they complained and they never breathed a word to anyone else that this was what was happening to the kids of people who’s parents had not been big wigs in the New Left.

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Just to be sure that the info never escaped, Ralph, Stuart Hall and other Towering Lefties did all that they could to hinder Brown’s career because Brown was known to be mates with some Empowered Service Users near Bethesda who were witnesses to and targets of Dafydd et al. See previous posts eg. ‘Life in Cold Blood’ and ‘O Jones, O Jones’.

Then the Teddy Bear and his mate Lord Jack McConnell – who was later FM of Scotland, 2001-07 – got together to stuff over my best friend from school who knew what was happening to me, who had been at Stirling University with Lord Jack and rebuffed him after such events as Lord Jack turning up uninvited in her bed. So Lord Jack and the Teddy Bear stuffed her husband over as well while he was working at the BBC… My friends also found themselves pursued by gangsters as their careers in the media were destroyed (see previous posts eg. ‘The Turn Of The Screw’).


The discussion on ‘Kilroy’ also extended to a previous client of Max’s, Mandy Allwood, the woman who in the mid-1990s became pregnant with eight babies after fertility treatment, all the babies subsequently dying. Mandy had recently given media interviews in which she claimed that Max had done her no favours at all and had caused her much distress, which I can believe. Press reports of Mandy’s case concentrated on her less than ‘Hello!’ lifestyle, on her alleged numerous casual men friends and how some of Mandy’s mates even had the temerity to live in council houses. One member of the ‘Kilroy’ studio audience was a young woman who wasn’t famous but who had been targeted by the tabloids to which Max flogged stories and she confirmed that her life had been nearly destroyed by it all.

The audience unanimously agreed that Max was a scumbag. They also unanimously agreed though that like Max, they Supported The NHS and the Top Docs ah they were wonderful. Nobody asked which Top Docs had treated Mandy, who had allowed her to continue with a pregnancy of eight foetuses, why they were not there in terms of supporting her when all the babies died…

I worked in fertility clinics in the late 1980s and early 90s and practices were terrible; patients were lied to, deceived and knowingly flogged treatments that didn’t work. See post ‘Every Sperm Is Sacred – Particularly In Scotland’. That was in the Top Clinics in London and in university hospitals. Fertility clinics in places like Ysbyty Gwynedd had no idea at all what they were doing and I also heard first hand accounts from NHS services in Taunton which suggested that they were equally clueless. I knew other people who worked in fertility clinics who drew the same conclusion as me ie. that the field was full of sharp practice at best, con men at worst. I know of one Top Doctor who’s treatment of one patient was so disrespectful that her husband punched him in the face. There was no prosecution because Mr Jack Glatt really didn’t want the publicity, lest the rest of his patients who had also been insulted and brutalised came forward…

The go-to man for Ethical IVF was Lord Bob Winston at Hammersmith Hospital. Who knew exactly what some of his colleagues were doing. Lord Bob knew how to deal with problems, he passed them on to another team. That’s why when Lord Bob found out that his junior doctor Richard Penketh was a relentless sexual harasser, Lord Bob gave him to Lord Bob’s pal Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain at St George’s Hospital Medical School, where Chamberlain and his colleagues were perpetrating research fraud and facilitating a paedophile ring in south London, as well as colluding with Dafydd et al in north Wales (see post ‘Now Then…’) and in addition the Top Docs at Cardiff University, who had concealed the molesting of George Thomas and co for years, as well as helping Dafydd et al out of course (see previous posts  eg. ‘Oliver!’). The Dean of St George’s overseeing all this was Professor Sir William Asscher, who was a member of the south Wales Jewish community and who, before arriving at St George’s in 1988, had spent his career in Cardiff concealing the organised abuse in Wales (see previous posts). When Chamberlain found that Penketh was too much of a liability even for St George’s, it was said that Penketh would be sent to Wales, because ‘that’s what we do with all the really bad doctors’.

Richard Penketh is now a consultant at the University Hospital in Cardiff and also has a private practice at the Spire Hospital. Dr Brian Gibbons of the People Traffickers gave Penketh an award for excellence when Gibbons was the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister. Whether Penketh has repeated his St George’s extravaganza of having sex with a research assistant in the lab during working hours in Cardiff I don’t know. Unless that is what Gibbons gave Penketh the award for. Not that Penketh held the St George’s record for Ugandan discussions, that was held by one of the female registrars who had sex with I think it was seven men, whom she had never previously met, in one weekend. That was a topic of discussion even at St George’s. I don’t mind that she did that, but she was one of an extended number of dipsticks who were keeping quiet about patient harm and serious wrongdoing. I am delighted to say that she is now featured in women’s magazines as an FGM expert and she also dispenses advice as to whether teenagers need cosmetic surgery on their nether regions. Thinking of a designer vagina, 18th burfday coming up and you might be offered cosmetic surgery as a treat?? Then just go to the former colleague of a bunch of people traffickers and she’ll set you straight…


One particularly voluble supporter of the NHS on ‘Kilroy’ who was highly critical of Max was this blog’s friend Little Nell Hodge. Little Nell, as ever, was allowed to mouth off at length about everyone else’s shortcomings without anyone interrupting her and saying ‘can you explain why, when you were the leader of Islington Council, the children’s homes in Islington were infiltrated by a vicious paedophile ring, that you were told about this but ignored it and that some children were murdered and one social worker disappeared?’

Little Nell was of course the woman who identified Miranda as being a man with great potential and worthy of being the Leader of the Labour Party after the unfortunate death of John Smith in the care of the Top Docs at Bart’s, on 12 May 1994. On 9 June 1994, the Head of Bryn Estyn Matt Arnold died from an ‘unspecified blood disease’; Arnold died four days before the opening of the trial of his colleague and friend Peter Howarth and another man, Paul Wilson, for the sexual abuse of boys in care in north Wales. Howarth was convicted and sentenced to ten years, Wilson was cleared on all charges.

Howarth died ‘from a heart attack’ – like John Smith – in HMP Wakefield on 24 April 1997. The Waterhouse Inquiry had opened at the beginning of 1997 – pretty much when the ‘Kilroy’ programme was screened – but soon after the Inquiry opened, there was a break because Sir Ronnie Waterhouse was in desperate need of a holiday in Hong Kong. The need for a holiday came upon Ronnie towards the end of March, so he was away for April. While he was in Hong Kong, Ronnie bumped into Derry Irvine, he of the expensive wallpaper and they had lunch. Ronnie knew Derry because he had previously worked with him on a city fraud case, along with Derry’s delightful two junior barristers, Cherie and Miranda.

When the Kilroy programme was screened in Jan 1997, Little Nell had not yet been given the Gov’t jobs that Miranda eventually bestowed upon her, eg. junior Minister for Employment and Equal Opportunities, 1998-2001; Minister of State for Universities, 2001-03; Minister of State for Children, 2003-05…

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At the time of her appearance on the ‘Kilroy’ programme, Little Nell was the Labour MP for Barking, having succeeded Jo Richardson in the seat in June 1994, after Richardson died. Jo Richardson was on the left of the Labour Party’s and their Wimmin’s Champ, who knew about the unlawful denial of NHS abortions in north Wales, the lives being put at risk by the private abortionist(s) in Chester, the disappearance of the babies of patients in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and of course the numerous other crimes of Dafydd’s gang. Richardson said nothing and carefully failed to follow up with enquiries even when the info was staring her in the face. See eg. post ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’.

While Little Nell was selected to stand for, and then elected to, Jo Richardson’s former seat, Dafydd and the gang were complaining bitterly about me and the danger that I represented to their lives and limbs, particularly after, in the early summer of 1994, I and Patient F made representation to two Mental Health Act Commissioners and told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints against him were not being investigated. The Commissioners admitted to us that they had heard such complaints about Dafydd many times before and one of the Commissioners later told a nurse manager at the Hergest Unit, Jeff Crowther, who sat in the office with us as we talked to the Commissioners, that she head first heard these complaints about Dafydd in the 1960s. Joyce Kaye of the Mental Health Act Commission subsequently wrote to the Gwynedd Community Health Trust on a number of occasions asking for a response to our allegations, but they did not receive one. Instead, letters between Dafydd, Tony Francis et al and the senior managers of the Trust began circulating, stating that I was extremely dangerous and steps had to be taken to Protect Dafydd because everyone knew that I would soon carry out a murderous attack on him… See post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

There is another person in north Wales who was hated as much as I was by the Top Docs and like me, was arrested repeatedly and unlawfully refused all NHS care. He arrived in Snowdonia in the late 1970s and before that had begun training as a social worker at the North London Poly but withdrew after he raised concerns about the abuse and neglect of clients by Haringey and Islington Councils which he witnessed on placement. His tutors told him that students were not allowed to criticise the Councils. He made the mistake of telling people in north Wales about this, not realising that Dafydd’s gang was linked to the gangs in other regions of the UK, including Haringey and Islington. He also knew Little Nell in London because he was a Labour Party activist, although he gave up with that after he moved to north Wales because he couldn’t bear the corruption any longer. Particularly that of Betty Williams, who was welcomed into the Commons in 1997 as a rather elderly Blair’s babe. See previous posts.

Er -I wonder… I always presumed that in being selected to fight the Conwy seat, the hopeless Betty was rewarded at last for her valiant colluding with the people traffickers of Gwynedd, after all she was a Gwynedd County Councillor while the gang enjoyed themselves in Gwynedd County Council’s children’s homes. She was hardly what Miranda/Millbank/Mandy wanted though, Betty was sad and a figure of fun. One couldn’t Follettise Betty, the nylon slacks would get in the way. Don’t tell me – Betty capitalised on what she knew had happened to this man in Islington and Haringey and his friend (me) in north Wales and London… Come on Betty, fess up, did you bag your seat on the back of the attacks on us by Dafydd and the gang???


In 1992, the ‘Evening Standard’ reported yet more allegations of abuse in the Islington children’s homes, having previously reported on this matter. Its initial report was slated by Little Nell as a “sensationalist piece of gutter journalism”, although she subsequently apologised, claiming that her officials had given her false information. In 1995, the White Report into sexual abuse in Islington children’s homes confirmed that the Council had failed to adequately investigate the allegations, claiming that its doctrinaire interpretation of equal opportunities created a climate of fear of being branded homophobic. The White Report was damning, but like Waterhouse and all the other Reports into the abuse of kids in care, it still played down just how bad things were. Ian White was one of the Directors of Social Services at the time who played musical chairs, moving from troubled authority to troubled authority, colluding with the worst abuses, yet capitalising on his reputation as the Man Who Exposed Islington. A genuinely critical social worker was removed from White’s Inquiry team because she really was confronting the worst of the criminality. See previous posts.

I note that White reported in 1995. So Little Nell was selected for a safe Labour seat and bagged her place in the Commons well before before the contents of the White Report confirmed at least some of what had happened in Islington children’s homes when Little Nell was captain of the ship then. Nice timing Millbank.

In 2003, following Little Nell’s appointment as Minister for Children, Demetrios Panton went public with his allegations that he had been the subject of abuse in Islington Council care and that although he had repeatedly raised the matter, he had got nowhere. Demetrios had first complained about what had happened to him as a kid in the care of Islington Council in 1985 but he was ignored. Panton identified Little Nell’s complacency as being ultimately responsible for the abuse that he alleged that he had suffered. Liz Davies, the Islington whistleblowing social worker, simultaneously went public regarding the concerns that she had previously raised while working for the Council. Following a media campaign by several national newspapers calling for Little Nell to resign from her new post, Little Nell wrote to Panton, apologising for referring to him as “an extremely disturbed person” in an earlier letter to the BBC Chairman Gavyn Davies, which had been broadcast on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme. A formal apology to Panton was made in the High Court on 19 November 2003 by Little Nell’s barrister, together with a financial settlement of £30,000.

Gavyn Davies was one of the casualties of the Hutton Report when he resigned as BBC Chairman in Jan 2004. Readers will remember that Hutton was widely perceived to be an all-out attack on the BBC Governors by Miranda and Alastair Campbell. There was one Guvnor who refused to resign and a lot of people frothed at the mouth over his refusal to jump; it was Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University who was at the time under attack from the combined forces of the gwerin and the paedophiles’ friends, assisted by Miranda and Gordon. See previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’. Gavyn is a very rich banker who’s wife is a pal of Gordon’s and she worked as Gordon’s Private Secretary. Gavyn previously worked in Harold Wilson’s Policy Unit, 1974-76 and was an economic adviser to James Callaghan, 1976–1979. Callaghan’s daughter Baroness Margaret Jay was appointed a Health Minister by Miranda, in which role she concealed all the crap in north Wales. See previous posts. When Gavyn was appointed to the BBC, by Miranda, there were accusations of cronyism…

Gavyn went to St John’s College, Cambridge, which is where Sir Ronnie Waterhouse studied, as did a number of Ronnie’s mates and one of Ronnie’s children, Ronnie being an enthusiastic member of the alumni…

Gavyn could resign from the BBC and it wouldn’t make a jot of difference to him. He is filthy rich and a mate of the Gov’t which pretended to sacrifice him. But Merfyn – er, if Merfyn had lost his public positions in 2004, he wouldn’t have been on the streets, but he wouldn’t have carried on living it up a la Gavyn…

Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen, where Eric Hobsbawm et al had their second homes. Merfyn knew about the gang and he knew about the homicidal regional NHS and he suffered personally in 2008 when his wife died in the care of Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre. Merfyn’s late wife had previously spilt the paedophiles’ pints herself and she was never forgiven (see previous posts, eg. ‘Badlands’). Furthermore, Merfyn’s late wife’s first husband was the US sociologist Orlando Patterson, who publishes right-on things much admired by the US elite who have links to Miranda and Cherie (see previous posts eg. ‘Right To Reply’ and ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’).

Merfyn’s late wife did her first degree at the LSE. I’ve never seen a copy of Nerys’s CV but from what I can work out, Nerys will have been at the LSE at about the same time as Little Nell and a few other hypocrites who later occupied roles where they were able to conceal the fact that disadvantaged people were being trafficked by the social services or exterminated by the NHS.

So Miranda and Alastair, I’ll be doing a bit more digging with regard to that BBC scrap. I do hope that it wasn’t the first onslaught against Merfyn, before the final one in which Top Docs and others conspired to allow patients to die while he was Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in order to force his resignation and retreat from public life… See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’.


I have in my possession a copy of a letter written by Dr Tony Francis in the late 1980s which describes me as ‘extremely disturbed’ because of the ‘allegations’ that I was making about ‘doctors’, ‘even deceased doctors’. My allegations were that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that Gwynne the lobotomist had propositioned me. That letter was sent to numerous people including members of the BMA and I only learned of its existence a few years ago when my lawyers finally acquired copies of my files.

I am waiting for the BMA and everyone else to comment and, I presume, a settlement far bigger than £30k… Can you pass the hat around Little Nell?

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Little Nell was born in Egypt into a Jewish family who later came to Britain from central Europe. Eric Hobsbawm was born in Egypt into a Jewish family who later came to Britain from central Europe.


Little Nell: a fuckwitted Council Leader of very little brain who just intimidates everyone. Who concealed a paedophile ring.

Hobsbawm in 2011


Professor Eric Hobsbawm: a Marxist historian loyal to the Communist Party who was almost certainly recruited by the British security services when he was at Cambridge. Who concealed a paedophile ring.

Margaret Hodge


I was always a little chilled by Hobsbawm’s support of murderous regimes as long as they were Revolutionary and Communist. He drew the line at Peru’s Shining Path Guerrilla Army but that’s how bad one had to be for Eric to think that you’d gone a bit far. I shouldn’t really be that surprised that he kept his mouth shut about what was happening to us at the hands of Dafydd’s gang because our sacrifice was Worth It for the Bigger Quest. That’s the Eric who lived in Hampstead – people in Gwynedd kept telling me that Eric’s second home in Croesor was better than the only homes that most locals in Llanfrothen/Croesr had – and always enjoyed an acceptable level of treatment from the Top Docs, who died in the Royal Free hospital at a grand old age, in the care of the dear old NHS, as all the boats were pushed out for him…

Meanwhile in north Wales:

Bloody War stock photo

You didn't have to leave me like this stock photo

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Ending it all stock photo
‘I’ll tell you what the kids were… They were criminals, that’s what they were. Ooh on drugs as well.. Dr DA really tried with them… No-one else would have bothered…By the way Doctor, I’ve just popped in for my prescription of gluten free Bara Brith… you know that my tummy is sensitive to so many things…’
Shining Path Hammer and Sickle.svg
Oh well, Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter is a friend of Uncle Harry’s nephew isn’t she, of course her dad wasn’t going to be dumped naked on a bed and left to die in his own turds and urine a la Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Uncle Harry’s nephew dispensed words of kindness and admiration when Eric died, stating that Eric was “an extraordinary historian, a man passionate about his politics … He brought history out of the ivory tower and into people’s lives”. Which suggests that Uncle Harry’s nephew has never read one of Hobsbawm’s books; they are by any standards very ivory tower. Although ‘The New Century: In Conversation with Antonio Polito’ was of course serialised in ‘Take A Break’ magazine.
Hobsbawm was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium and his ashes were interred in Highgate Cemetary. In turd might have been a more symbolically appropriate place to have put those ashes.
On With The Revolution!
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Little Nell’s second husband was Sir Henry Hodge, the solicitor who was one of the first solicitors to be appointed a High Court judge, in 2004. Little Nell married Sir Henry in 1978, which was the same year that she divorced her first husband, Andrew Watson, whom Little Nell married in 1968. Little Nell’s and Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie Watson, is a BBC journalist who was appointed Deputy Editor of BBC News at 6 pm and 10 pm in February 2018. By Feb 2018 this blog was gathering quite a readership. One of the many things that I have blogged about was my linking up with two social work lecturers at the Royal Holloway College in London when I worked at Bangor, who, like Brown and I, had found that Service User Involvement was being used to hide serious abuse of patients. My friends at Royal Holloway told me that in London, as in north Wales, there was a huge conspiracy of silence and a massive bullying problem if anyone dared speak out. Both of them have since left the Royal Holloway. 

Little Nell looks worried.

Margaret Hodge attacks 'pathetic' bid to retrieve cash ...


It’s OK! A solution has been found! In Nov 2018, Little Nell was appointed Chair of Council at Royal Holloway College.

  • Margaret Hodge: "London needs a Black mayor" | OBV


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The ‘Kilroy’ programme was screened in Jan 1997, just as the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. The Waterhouse Inquiry had been announced by William Hague in 1996, the same year in which the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was submitted. No-one but the Council’s insurers and their lawyers ever got to read the Jillings Report at the time, not even the Councillors, because the legal adviser for Municipal Mutual, the Council’s insurers – Municipal Mutual were also the insurers of the North Wales Police – instructed that the Report should be made available to no-one at all and if the contents were leaked, Municipal Mutual should withdraw the Council’s insurance cover, leaving the Councillors themselves to personally foot the bill for compensation if any of the former kids in care sued. The Council was also told that if Malcolm King, the Chair of the Social Services Committee who had asked a few too many questions about kids being abused, did get hold of any part of the Jillings Report and divulge the contents, he should be sacked. All known copies of the Report were later pulped. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’

Shining Path Hammer and Sickle.svg


Municipal Mutual’s legal adviser who ensured the total suppression of the Jillings Report was Michael Beloff QC, a colleague of Cherie’s and a friend of both Cherie and Miranda. Beloff was a visitor to Chequers when Miranda was President of the World. Except for America of course. Michael Beloff’s dad Lord Max Beloff was a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, who was Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council throughout the years when the gang enjoyed themselves in the Council’s children’s homes unhindered. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ A number of people directly involved with the north Wales child abuse scandal were LSE graduates. Before Ioan was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, he was County Secretary for Dyfed County Council. Where a paedophile ring operated with the collusion of the welfare services and NHS which had links to the gang in north Wales.

Lord Max was a mate of Thatch’s associates in the Institute for Economic Affairs and was one of the movers and shakers behind the creation of the University of Buckingham, of which Thatch subsequently became Chancellor. See previous posts.


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Shortly after the Jillings Report was completed in 1996, Clwyd County Council disappeared after a shake-up recommended by the Local Gov’t Boundary Commission, the Chairman of which was Professor Eric Sunderland, who in 1995 had retired as Principal of Bangor University, although he was fit, healthy, lived another 20 years and continued to hold a number of roles in public life and was deeply involved with Bangor University until shortly before he died.


Shining Path Hammer and Sickle.svg


John Jillings and his team admitted that what they had uncovered in north Wales was horrific, that kids had been terribly abused since Clwyd County Council was created in 1974, that the abuse was widespread and known about by all agencies at all levels but no-one had made any effort at all to protect the kids. Jillings speculated that there had been organised abuse in north Wales as far back as the 1940s at least. Jillings flatly refused to comment on whether the panel thought that a paedophile ring was at work in north Wales.

In 2013, someone found a copy of the Jillings Report and after all those years it was made available. It was so heavily redacted that it was virtually meaningless, even to people who knew the region and the people who had been involved in the paedophile ring which of course had never existed.


Cherie and Michael Beloff QC are well-networked into the circle of London-based Radical Barristers who knew about Dafydd’s gang but kept schtum, one of which is Michael Mansfield. Michael Mansfield remained schtum even after I wrote to him about the abuses of Gwynedd Social Services in 1993. Another member of the Mansfield Community is St Helena of the Kennedys, who worked extensively with Professor Nigel Eastman of St George’s Hospital Medical School. St Helena acknowledged Nigel in her book about the injustice suffered by Wimmin at the hands of the British Criminal Justice System, ‘Eve Was Framed’ (see post ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’). Nigel Eastman was one of the Top Docs who ‘assessed’ me at St George’s Hospital Medical School in 1991, was told by his own colleagues in writing that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that they thought that Tony Francis was as well, that I wasn’t psychotic but that I had been suicidal entirely as a result of what had been happening to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang. Eastman told me to go back to north Wales because ‘they know you there’. I was not offered any sort of follow up care or any further appointments. See previous posts.

Some years ago Julia Hobsbawm held a do at the Portmeirion Hotel in Gwynedd, at which St Helena was one of the guests of honour.

Interview with Julia Hobsbawm, Author of Fully Connected


  • The clock tower and villas of Portmeirion from the grounds of the Portmeirion hotel situated on the sandy banks - Stock Image
  • Portmeirion Village Hotel, Portmeirion, Gwynedd, dusk. - Stock Image
  • portmeirion village - Stock Image

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‘Do you know, I think that Stalin probably got it basically correct, but ooh the Shining Path, well, no they wouldn’t get my vote. Now tell me Helena, what case are you working on at the moment? I am so glad that the Poor have someone to champion their cause. Have you met Sarah’s Teddy Bear? Oh of course you have, he and his mate Lord Jack been shafting Sally and Brown’s closest friends since 1986…’


The Portmeirion Hotel is lovely and it has the poshest bogs in the whole of Gwynedd and when I went there, a harpist was strumming away as well. Unfortunately though, it really was a case of me not being able to understand anything on the menu; not because it was French, I can do a bit of schoolgirl French, it was the nature of the food, I had never encountered such matter before, so I just randomly selected a few things. I’m sure that Julia and St Helena will not have found themselves faced with the same difficulty at the Portmeirion Hotel, they’ll probably have had more trouble deciphering the menu at the Penguin Cafe in Bangor, not being used to such places.


Max Clifford of course is dead now, having died while serving a prison sentence for sexual assaults on young women. I’m sure that Max was an awful man, but Julia and Annabel concealed things just as bad as Max’s crimes.

When the ‘Kilroy’ programme in question was screened, John Birt was DG of the BBC. The John Birt who was very good mates with Mandelson. Birt and Mandy had both worked at LWT together. In the early 1990s, Cilla was the biggest light entertainment star on LWT and Cilla’s ‘Blind Date’ alone was so successful that it reversed the fortunes of LWT after a difficult time. Cilla was a close friend of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School who was colluding with Dafydd’s gang as well as others. Chamberlain grew up in south Wales, where his dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Chamberlain went to Llandaff Cathedral School and returned to Wales after he retired from the NHS in 2000, when he bagged a job lecturing in the history of medicine at Swansea University, despite having been involved in a major research fraud scandal at St George’s and his Academic Unit being closed after another scandal erupted shortly after the research fraud. Following that, dear old Chamberlain’s colleagues were in the news once more after one of them, Rashmi Varma, was caught coercing NHS fertility patients to donate eggs to private patients… See previous posts eg. ‘Now Then…’

In Jan 1997, William Hague was still Secretary of State for Wales; Hague had orchestrated the cover up which was the Waterhouse Inquiry.


As for Kilroy-Silk, the host of the Jan 1997 show, well Kilroy-Silk invited Dafydd onto one of his shows as the star guest in the mid-1990s. Dafydd was wheeled out as an expert on PTSD. Michael Mansfield appeared on ‘Kilroy’ as well, but not in the same programme as Dafydd. The real laugh though is that before Dafydd decided that he needed a slot on ‘Kilroy’ was that Brown appeared on ‘Kilroy’ and a lot of people in north Wales saw him on there…

Kilroy-Silk and Dafydd’s gang go back a lot further than the mid-1990s. Before Kilroy-Silk became a TV star, Robert Kilroy-Silk was the Labour MP for Ormskirk, 1974-83 and then Knowsley North, 1983-86. Both constituencies were strongholds of Dafydd’s gang’s Merseyside branch. Kilroy-Silk left the Commons to present ‘Kilroy’, 1986-2004, then returned to politics. He then served as the MEP for the East Midlands, 2004-09. Having been elected as a UKIP candidate, Kilroy-Silk left in 2005 to found a new party which he called Veritas. He resigned as its leader later the same year and sat as an independent MEP for the rest of his term. Kilroy-Silk’s adventures with UKIP and Veritas were entertaining, but being in UKIP, Kilroy-Silk will have known Beata Brookes, a former Denbighshire County Council social worker who for years was a high profile Tory politician in Wales. Beata Brookes was a fully paid up member of Dafydd’s gang and for decades ruled supreme over the NHS and Social Services in north east Wales, as well as all the charidees for disabled people in the region. Beata was of a similar vintage to Dafydd and Lucille, she had been involved with the procuring of young people from Wales to provide sexual services in people England, including in Liverpool and London, since Macmillan’s era. See previous posts.

When Kilroy-Silk was in the Commons, he was known as someone who was constantly ingratiating himself to Sir Ray Powell, the Labour MP for Ogmore, 1979-2001, who served as an Opposition Whip. Kilroy-Silk was widely believed to be picking up tips and advice from Powell. Ray Powell was someone who built his power base on his knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the trafficking gang which supplied it, including those in Wales. See previous posts for more information about Ray Powell and Kilroy-Silk’s toadying to him.

Kilroy-Silk grew up in Birmingham and attended the LSE at about the same time as Little Nell et al… After graduating, Kilroy-Silk worked as a lecturer in politics at the University of Liverpool, 1966-74. Dafydd’s mates ran Liverpool University during those and the succeeding years and not just the Medical School either. See previous posts.



My post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ explained that after Miranda had been elected, between Nov 1997-Jane 1998, the Select Committee on Health, with regard to children being looked after by local authorities, took evidence from a substantial list of people working in the social care system and representatives of local authorities who had already been involved with the system which had long been riddled with serious abuse and neglect. I haven’t got time to review all the people and Boroughs which were listed, although I might return to them in a future post.

The Select Committee also took evidence from the then Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the DoH, Paul Boateng MP and DoH officials. Boateng has featured many times previously on this blog, as has his wife Janet. Boateng knew about the gang in north Wales; he was a solicitor working for Birnberg & Co when Birnberg & Co acted for Mary Wynch when she took legal action against Dafydd and the gang in the 1980s. Boateng became the Labour MP for Brent South in 1987, where children were neglected and abused in care. His wife Janet worked as a social worker for Lambeth while that Borough was sending kids to children’s homes in north Wales and while they were being abused in Lambeth homes as well. Janet Boateng doubled up as the Chair of the Social Services Committee, which left her deeply compromised when Tyra Henry was murdered while in the care of Lambeth. See previous posts. Esther Rantzen’s sister was a social worker in Lambeth and Esther’s sister’s boss Valerie Howarth was later appointed Chief Executive of Childline. Valerie is now Baroness Valerie. One of the Boatengs’ sons was convicted of rape a few years ago. Allegations have been made that Paul Boateng was very closely involved with child abusers in Lambeth. See previous posts.


Hansard states that in February 1998 – by which time Waterhouse had finished hearing evidence in public from former kids in care in north Wales, some of whom collapsed when they recounted the beatings and gang rapes, while they were denounced as liars only after compensation – the Select Committee on Health held a joint evidence session with the Education Sub-Committee of the Education and Employment Committee, at which evidence was taken from David Blunkett MP, Secretary of State for Education and Employment. Blunkett, memorably the father of the Little Lad which led to a great deal of trouble and Blunkett’s eventual resignation, disgraced himself in many ways when he was in Gov’t. Blunkett for years led Sheffield City Council and he knew about the organised abuse and police corruption in Yorkshire. He also knew about the gang in north Wales and presumably the gangs elsewhere and as Home Secretary oversaw the continued criminality in north Wales on the part of the gang.

Hansard informed us that in 1997-98, the Select Committee on Health utilised a number of Specialist Advisers, who were: Professor Jane Aldgate, Chair of Social Work and Director of the School of Social Work, University of Leicester; Mrs Rosemary Arkley, formerly Inspector in the Social Services Inspectorate, Department of Health; and Mr Chris Davies, Director of Social Services at Somerset County Council.


Professor Jane Aldgate obviously just had to be a Specialist Adviser on ‘Looked After Children’, holding the Chair of Social Work at the University of Leicester, being an institution which in 1998 was colluding with the trafficking gang in Leicestershire which had links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. The gang in Leicester was facilitated principally by the Social Services and the NHS, but the City Council, the police and the legal/criminal justice system were fully on board with it as well. See previous posts. In 1987-88, Dr James Earp, a Top Doctor in Leicester, concealed the criminality of Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘An Expert From England’.

Jane Aldgate features on the website of the ‘Centre for Confidence and Well-Being’, which is ‘working for cultural and social change’:

The Scottish social work services contribution to the event was led by Professor Jane Aldgate who set out the ‘Getting It Right for Every Child’  aims and programme with updates from the Highland Pathfinder Project. Jane argued that effecting the changes was still a long road ahead for all professionals involved but already clear results from innovative practices could be seen; such as 75 per cent drop in referrals from Police to the Reporter in one pilot area. Jane spent some time outlining a useful way to think about resilience. She also argued for the importance of providing special protection for vulnerable children.

One can download Professor Aldgate’s Powerpoint presentation ‘Better Support for Vulnerable Children’ from the website but it is so banal that I wouldn’t advise anyone to bother.

I’m not sure when this event starring Jane Aldgate actually was, but Aldgate had served as an adviser to the Scottish Gov’t. Lord Jack McConnell is not the only link between Dafydd’s gang in north Wales and Scotland. Ioan Bowen Rees, the former Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council was an expert on local democracy no less – that’s how he got to know Lord Max Beloff – and had many links with scholars in Europe theorising on local government, democracy and politics. Some of these were Scottish and Ioan had links with Scottish Nationalists being a Plaid activist. See post ‘Events, Dear Boy, Events’.

An online announcement by the Open University boasting of their staff who have picked up gongs, informed us that in 2007, the OU’s Professor of Social Care Jane Aldgate, ‘who is also a Gov’t adviser on Child Welfare’ was awarded an OBE for services to Children and Families. Upon receipt of her gong, Aldgate said: ‘It is very exciting news. It feels like recognition of 30 years of work. The research I do contributes to developments in policy and improving practice for children in need and in care and their families. It is an area where there is still a great deal to do. I hope this honour will help me to continue to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. The OU’s Faculty of Health and Social Care specialises in research about users of health and social care services so in a way, this honour reflects the work of the whole faculty.’

By 2007, Brown and I had begun publishing about the mental health services in north Wales.

I haven’t heard any comments from Jane with regard to the historical investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal or the Westminster Paedophile Ring or the IICSA or indeed the trafficking gangs which are now operating across the UK, targeting kids in care; most UK Social Services Depts are now being investigated by police as a result. 30 years of Jane’s contribution!

The OU website also states that: Jane has been with the OU since 1999 when she joined from Leicester University. Her main area of research is Children in the Care System and in Foster and Kinship care. Since 2004, she has acted as an adviser to the Department of Health and the Scottish Executive on policy in these areas. Jane has also designed the conceptual framework for the post-qualifying Award in Child Care for social workers in England.

It has recently been admitted by the Westminster Gov’t that the training for social workers in England, particularly re child protection, is woefully inadequate and it is currently being overhauled.


Jane’s brief biography which accompanies an online advert for a speaking engagement explains that Jane works at: The Open University and holds honorary posts at the University of Edinburgh and Queens University, Belfast. She has researched and written about a wide range of child welfare and social work issues including children’s development, family support, and services for kinship care and looked after children. Jane is currently a Professional Adviser to the Scottish Government. She is Patron of the charity, Kinsfolk Carers Edinburgh. Jane was awarded an OBE in 2007 for services to children and families.

In Nov 2007 Aldgate gave a seminar in the Glasgow School of Social Work Research Seminar Series; a recording of the seminar is available online and on the webpage there is text telling us that: ‘Professor Jane Aldgate OBE (The Open University). ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ is an integrated system of getting the right help to children at the right time in their lives through agencies working together to provide a coherent, evidence based system of assessment, planning and recording. It aims to cut down bureaucracy and help children get the service they need when they need it. It is founded on understanding how children develop to reach their full potential and the fundamental value of children’s and families’ participation in assessment and planning’.

The year previously, 2006, Jane’s reputation as an Expert became yet greater after the publication of her volume which was co-authored with Jane Tunstill and Marilyn Hughes:

Improving Children's Services Networks: Lessons from Family Centres PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Jane Aldgate

The blurb which accompanied the book told us that ‘Professor Jane Tunstill is Visiting Professor of Social Work at the Social Care Workforce Research Unit of Kings College, London and Director of the Implementation Module of the DfES commissioned National Evaluation of Sure Start. Jane Aldgate OBE is Professor Emerita at the Open University and Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.’

Jane Tunstill was a member of the Jillings Inquiry panel in north Wales and is Emeritus Professor at the Royal Holloway College, London…

Margaret Hodge


Note the title of the book co-authored by Aldgate and Tunstill – ‘Improving Children’s Services Networks’; Networks are indeed the issue. The networks are not being used to provide services or to ‘share best practice’; the networks are being used at worst to facilitate abuse and at best to protect professionals who are culpable. Furthermore Little Nell seems to be a presence in most of the networks.

Jane Aldgate has also co-authored many journal articles with Wendy Rose, an OU academic who was previously a senior civil servant advising Gov’t  on children’s policy. Aldgate and Rose co-authored the 2010 volume ‘Improving Outcomes for Children and Families’.

Er, Rotherham? Rochdale? Telford? Oxford?

When I first discovered the joys of Prof Jane Aldgate, there was a very useful profile of Jane online which outlined her whole career and named some particularly mad Top Doctors in Scotland with whom she trained and worked when she was young; however that profile has disappeared from the internet since I mentioned in my post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ that I would be blogging about Jane. I am really going to have to stop giving any clues as to whom I am investigating… Unfortunately for Jane and whoever is trying to photo shop her career history, I can remember the names of some of the mad old Top Doctors with whom Jane worked.

At the start of her career, Jane Aldgate was based in Glasgow. Dr Sam Galbraith, the neurosurgeon whom the Windbag lovingly embraced as a member of the Labour Party and was then fast-tracked into a safe Labour seat and Ministerial posts but who sadly was a complete shitbag and not the saviour that the Labour Party had hoped that he would be, was a Top Doctor in Glasgow and had spent his whole career there. Dr Sam arrived in the Labour Party when Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I just would not shut up about Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts for further information on the catastrophe that was Dr Sam and his misuse of Ministerial perks.


Jane Aldgate was one of the people who learned at the knees of John Derg ‘Jock’ Sutherland and his pals. John Derg Sutherland (23 April 1905 – 14 June 1991) was a Scottish Top Doctor, psychoanalyst and theorist, notable for his role as Medical Director of the Tavistock Clinic, 1947-68, while the Tavi was concealing organised abuse. Jock was born in Edinburgh and studied Medicine at both Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities. As a psychiatrist in Edinburgh, Sutherland undertook a training analysis with W.R.D. Fairbairn.

William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn (11 August 1889 – 31 December 1964) was a central figure in the development of the object relations theory of psychoanalysis. Ronald Fairbairn was born at the Red House, Cluny Gardens, Edinburgh, the only child of Cecilia and Thomas Fairbairn. Thomas Fairbairn was President of the Edinburgh Architectural Association. Ronald was educated at Merchiston Castle School and Edinburgh University, where he studied divinity and Hellenic Greek. In WW I Fairbairn served under General Allenby in the Palestine campaign. On his return home Fairbairn began medical training at Edinburgh. After qualifying, Fairbairn lectured in psychology at Edinburgh University and also independently practised analysis. In 1931 Fairbairn was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Fairbairn was Consultant Psychiatrist to the Ministry of Pensions, 1941-54. Fairbairn was an associate member of the British Psychoanalytical Society. He died in Edinburgh at the age of 75.

One of Ronald Fairbairn’s best known works was ‘Psychoanalytical Studies of Personality’ (1952), a collection of previously published papers. The table of contents includes:

Part Two: Clinical Papers: Chapter I: Notes on the Religious Phantasies of a Female Patient (1927); Chapter II: Features in the Analysis of a Patient with a Physical Genital Abnormality (1931); Chapter III: The Effect of a King’s Death Upon Patients Undergoing Analysis (1936).

Part Three: Miscellaneous Papers: Chapter IV: The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders (1946).

The son of this giant of analysis who pronounced on religious phantasies of female patients, on patients with genital abnormalities, on patients affected by a King’s death and on the rehabilitation of sex offenders, was the father of one of the most notorious MPs who’s presence has ever graced the House, Nicholas Fairbairn. Readers may remember my previous posts which featured Fairbairn and even if they don’t, older readers with an interest in politics will never have forgotten Nicky Fairbairn.

Fairbairn was a barrister and the Tory MP for Kinross and Western Perthshire, October 1974-83, then for Perth and Kinross until his death in 1995. Fairbairn succeeded Sir Alec Douglas Home in the seat.

.As a student at Edinburgh University and during much of the rest of his younger life, Fairbairn was a promiscuous bisexual and a very heavy drinker, but was described flatteringly as flamboyant and charismatic. As he aged it became obvious that Fairbairn was an aggressive drunk and there were instances of him being violent towards women. He lived in a castle, turned up to the Commons dressed head to toe in tartan and completely pissed to boot and was renowned for his extra-marital mistresses, one of whom tried to commit suicide by hanging herself in a public place in central London in 1981. No-one asked why this lady had resorted to such drastic measures and there was much sympathy for ‘poor Nicky’ who had been embarrassed by this madwoman.

Poor Nicky also reached his career zenith in 1981, when Krakatoa erupted after Thatch had been stupid enough to appoint him Solicitor General for Scotland in 1979. Thatch had wanted to make Fairbairn Lord Advocate, but she was told by people who knew Poor Nicky in no uncertain terms that he was completely unsuitable for high office, so Thatch gave Fairbairn the next best job and appointed Lord James Mackay of Clashfern as Lord Advocate, who wasn’t even a member of the Tory Party but Scottish Tories were a rare species at the time. Nicky found himself the centre of one hell of a row as a result of the Glasgow Rape Case, in which three young men grabbed a woman unknown to them who was minding her own business walking home through the east end of Glasgow, raped her, slashed her to bits with a razor and nearly murdered her in the process. She only survived because she was discovered and helped. The men made a full confession to the police. Fairbairn dropped the prosecution because the victim of the rape had ‘received psychiatric treatment’. She had in fact received counselling only because of the attack on her and Top Doctors then declared that she would not make a credible witness. It is standard practice to refer victims of sexual assault for counselling or psychiatric treatment and this is always used to discredit them should they make a formal complaint. The wider public were not aware of this until the Glasgow Rape Case and there was one hell of a row. For years when I was younger, like many other people at the time, I found it very upsetting that Top Doctors who had treated the victims of sex crime were always used to discredit them; there was clearly a major problem that was presented as being just an aspect of the cold heartless legal process. The legal process has to be cold, it’s a legal process not a pink pussy cat and furthermore the introduction of heart-warming victim impact statements has not proved to be a good idea. However, I continued to wonder why no Top Docs ever spoke out about the way in which their evidence was ALWAYS used. I now know that their evidence was and is designed to be used to conceal sexual abuse, it is what the psychiatric establishment has been doing from its earliest days and that is why Top Docs are inevitably involved with witnesses. It is the ultimate fix.


Nicholas Fairbairn ended up resigning but only because he breached protocol by discussing the Glasgow Rape Case with a journalist. After a media campaign, a private prosecution was brought by the victim in 1982 under ancient Scottish law. It was known as the Carol X case. All three of the perpetrators were convicted, with one sentenced to 12 years in prison. Although the Glasgow Rape Case brought public attention to the blatant and deliberate abuse of psychiatry in cases of sexual assault, sadly Carol X fared very badly. She became an alcoholic and ended up destitute and died a few years later.

Nevertheless, Fairbairn was knighted in 1988. Which was the year that Dafydd and the gang got even busier behind the scenes as I refused to withdraw my complaint. In 1988 the gang planted one of Tony Francis’s psychiatrist mates, Peter Macguire, in a Royal Marsden Hospital cancer research team funded by Cancer Research Campaign, just after I embarked upon a career in cancer research, funded by the CRC. Max Clifford raised a great deal of money for the Royal Marsden. Sadly for Macguire, it all backfired rather badly because Macguire and chums were perpetrating a research fraud which was exposed in 1991. It resulted in the suicide of their colleague Prof Tim McElwain, but Macguire et al didn’t give a stuff and other members of the team went on to become big names in cancer research and one of them in mental health research. See posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’.

I have recently been told that Dr Adrian Bell and Professor Fergus Lowe from Bangor University had a hand in formulating that particular plan to stymy my career.


Fairbairn’s immediate boss, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, was a strict Scottish Presbytarian, who consistently appointed people who had concealed organised abuse, including by Dafydd’s gang, to senior legal positions. See previous posts. Baroness Patricia Scotland, who was one of the lawyers employed at the Waterhouse Inquiry to insult the former kids in care who gave evidence and also accuse them of lying, was appointed a QC by James MacKay, he was a big fan of hers. See previous posts for details of Patsy Scotland’s career of shame and the careers of shame of many of her mates.

During a Commons debate in 1994 regarding equality of age of consent for same and mixed-gender couples, Fairbairn was called to order by the Speaker Betty Boothroyd after starting a description of the “perverse mechanics” of sodomy. Fairbairn should have asked Sir Peter Morrison, Greville Janner, Cyril Smith, Norman St John Stevas and George Thomas to have assisted him, they all had plenty of experience, including with non-consenting minors. Betty probably knew rather more about the perverse mechanics of sodomy than she let on as well, Betty having concealed the child molesting of all of the previously named politicians and who at that very time was, along with the rest of Parliament, ignoring the havoc which the criminality of Dafydd et al was causing in north Wales. See previous posts for info on Boothroyd. Fairbairn voted against equality between the genders re the age of consent in 1994, although earlier in his career Fairbairn had been a supporter of the Scottish Minorities Group. It was three members of the Scottish Minorities Group who formed PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) in Oct 1974.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 13.49.53 

PIE became affiliated to the NCCL, with which many people who later became New Labour big wigs were involved eg. Paul Boateng, Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt, Little Nell’s husband Sir Henry Hodge etc. See previous posts. Keith Hose, a leading light in PIE, subsequently held an NCCL session at a MIND conference on paedophiles’ rights, while Tessa Jowell was Deputy Director of MIND.

One of the ways in which one Hergest patient entertained himself in the 1990s was by ringing up Dafydd pretending to be a gay Scotsman, Donald MacDuff, who was in love with Dafydd. The gay Scotsman claimed to have been at Liverpool Medical School with Dafydd and before Dafydd finally realised that this was a patient having a laugh at his expense, Dafydd told MacDuff that he remembered him from Liverpool. MacDuff’s creator invented a whole fantasy world for the benefit of Dafydd, including a doctor’s surgery in Edinburgh where he worked – in Queen’s Street of course – and all the jolly japes that he and Dafydd had got up to in the dorms at Liverpool. I’ve just had a look at archive material from the Scottish Minorities Group and I note that it references remarkably similar things to MacDuff’s world; a gay centre in Queen’s Crescent (but in Glasgow rather than Edinburgh) and all sorts of people and places in Edinburgh.

There was of course a paedophile/trafficking ring in Scotland in the 1970s and 80s; Tam Paton, the manager of the Bay City Rollers and an Edinburgh-based gangster, was part of it and it stretched over into Glasgow as well. The ring involved Top Doctors and lawyers and the members were so well-protected that when complaints were made – including by a member of the Rollers – they went nowhere. In 2000, Derek Longmuir, the former drummer of the Rollers who was now in middle age, was charged with offences relating to child porn; he was working as an Angel at the time at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where he had worked since 1993, having volunteered at the Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh before he began training as an Angel in 1990. Longmuir was found guilty but got off remarkably lightly and was allowed to continue nursing. See previous posts ‘eg. ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’.

I had no idea about all this when MacDuff was ringing up Dafydd, but it might explain why Dafydd thought that he might have known MacDuff from the past or at least thought that it was worth pretending that he knew MacDuff… When Dafydd was giving evidence to Parliamentary committees with regard to his ‘expertise’ (see post ‘Feet In Chains’), I note that Dafydd listed all the ‘clinics’ which he held across the UK, including some in Scotland.


Towards the end of his life, Fairbairn came to be seen as totally obnoxious, particularly with regard to his comments about victims of sexual assault, whom he denounced at one point as ‘tauntresses’, receiving the backing of his wife. However, after the old bastard died of drink (cirrhosis of the liver) at the age of 61 in 1995, his wife revealed that he had been ferociously violent, that she had lived in terror of him and one of his favourite past-times had been to stamp on her hands in an attempt to break her fingers. Some years ago a woman came forward who claimed that Fairbairn, who was a friend of her father’s, had molested her when she was a pre-pubescent. She maintained that her father and Fairbairn were part of a paedophile ring and her father had handed her over to Fairbairn. There were the usual ‘how very dare yous’ from people whom it was known had been mates with Fairbairn, including, er, Esther.

Esther had, when younger, been one of Fairbairn’s high profile bedfellows. As with all the molesters to whom Esther is close, not only was it a matter of Esther Not Knowing – just like old Savile then Esther! – but Esther only ever thought that ‘Nicky’ was ‘utterly charming’. How Esther meets so many ‘utterly charming’ men when all anybody else meets when they bump into the same people are revolting old creeps I can’t imagine. Not only that, but the revolting old creeps are Utterly Charming and Know How To Treat A Lady in that pseudo-posh voice of Esther’s and while she gives that insincere look and clutches at that bit between her cleavage and her neck.

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb


Here’s the violent wife-beating maniac with whom Esther had sex and found Utterly Charming:


Nicholas Fairbairn married twice. First in 1962 to Elizabeth Mackay, the daughter of the 13th Lord Reay. They divorced in 1979. Elizabeth’s brother was Hugh William Mackay, 14th Lord Reay, Baron Mackay (19 July 1937-10 May 2013), a Conservative member of the Lords. Hugh MacKay was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. Lord Reay succeeded to the title upon his father’s death in 1963. He sat as an appointed MEP, 1973-79. Lord Reay subsequently was appointed as a Lords whip in 1989 by Thatch. In 1991, he was moved by PM John Major to the DTI as a junior Minister, but he left the Gov’t at the 1992 General Election.

With the passage of the House of Lords Act 1999, Lord Reay lost his automatic right to sit in the Lords. It was OK though because he was one of the 92 elected hereditary peers who remained in the Lords thanks to Miranda’s fudge, most of whom played a key role in concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Lord Reay was the hereditary Clan Chief of Clan Mackay and Lord of Ophemert and Zennewijnen in the Netherlands.

Lord Reay was married twice. His first wife Tessa, (née the Honourable Annabel Terese Fraser), was a daughter of Lord Lovat; Tessa later married Henry Keswick and they feature in my post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’). Lord Reay and Tessa had two sons and one daughter. With his second wife Victoria Isabella, youngest daughter of the late 1st Baron Bruntisfield, Lord Reay had two daughters.

An elderly Lord Reay with Lady Victoria Reay. Yes, she is his wife, not his daughter:


Here are extracts from a website which seems to have been created by an admirer of Lord Reay:

Lord Reay was a dapper man who always took pride in his appearance. Although not often in Mackay country, he cut a dashing figure in full highland dress. At official dinners, he wore the kilt with a specially made green jacket to complement the green, blue and black of the Mackay tartan. He attended the Gatherings in Edinburgh in 2000 and 2009. At the former, Lord Reay, with his wife the Lady Victoria, walked down the Royal Mile in the parade in Mackay tartan with a grand cockade in his glengarry. In 2009 he visited the Mackay tent in kilt and glengarry and spoke enthusiastically of the work being done at the Clan Mackay Room at the Strathnaver Museum in Sutherland.

Lord Reay said in a speech: “I have always had soft spot for Edinburgh, the place of my birth and still managing to hold its place as, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. I feel honoured to be amongst you. Clansmen, Clanswomen. I ask you to raise your glasses to the Clan Mackay.”

Lord Reay spent much of time between, London, the Netherlands and Lancashire. He was a keen angler and especially enjoyed fishing the Tweed. He was also an excellent shot. Lord Reay was a man of dignity and charm who combined the various disciplines of clan chief, politician and environmentalist with much grace.


Lord Reay was not much more Scottish than I am. He just had a really big dressing up box with a tartan theme.

A drappie o’ the real MacKay


Lord Hugh Reay was succeeded in the title by his elder son, Aeneas Simon Mackay, Master of Reay (born 20 March 1965), a banker, who married, on 14 January 2010 Mia Ruulio, elder daughter of Markus Ruulio of Helsinki. No doubt this Lord Reay wore tartan at the wedding between two true noble Scots. Lord Reay’s heir is his son the Honourable Alexander Shimi Markus Mackay (born 21 April 2010). Savile Row will be kept in business as a result of orders for expensive tartan suits from Highland chieftains who double up as bankers who live in London and marry women from Scandinavia for many years yet.


In 1983 Nicholas Fairbairn married his second wife, Suzanne Mary Wheeler aka Lady Sam Fairbairn, who was for 14 years the chatelaine of the 13th century Fordell Castle in Fife.

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Whilst still married to her first husband, Sam first encountered Fairbairn in Edinburgh. Soon after Fairbairn’s death she learned that he had an illegitimate son, conceived during the early days of their marriage. She subsequently sold Fordell Castle and burnt Fairbairn’s wardrobe of clothes-for-dressing-up-as-a-Scotsman. Later Lady Sam was in dispute with Fairbairn’s three daughters from his earlier marriage, whom, on his deathbed, he had cut out of his will. Her response was to give the children, including the “love-child”, £10,000 apiece and their pick of the castle’s contents – and then disappear into hiding. In November 2007 Fordell Castle was sold for £3,850,000.


To return to Nicholas Fairbairn’s eminent psychoanalyst dad’s protege. In 1935, aged only 30, Jock Sutherland was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and by this time he was networked with a whole collection of impressively mad Top Doctors and analysts. I would love to blog about them all in detail because they really are splendid, especially for those of us who encountered Dafydd. One only has to read the works of Jock and his mates in a Dafydd voice and the memories of patients screaming – often with laughter – at Dafydd’s insanities and the desperate shifting of goal posts whenever a Top Doc was caught bang to rights come flooding back. Jock’s mentors are historical figures but this lot didn’t go in for evolution. Their ideas were preserved in aspic and Dafydd et al were still regurgitating this ‘classic work’ in the 1990s, I suspect because it was so useful for discrediting witnesses to serious wrongdoing. However, I am going to have to restrict myself to blogging only about the Top Docs most closely linked to the people associated with Dafydd et al.

At the onset of WW II, Jock Sutherland moved to work in a psychiatric unit in Glasgow, expecting a wave of mentally scarred soldiers. In 1941 he briefly joined the RAMC. In 1942, Sutherland joined a team of Top Docs, predominantly from the Tavi, to develop a War Office Selection Board for Officers. Jock played a significant role in the design and methodology of material used by the Selection Board and was a major influence on the group as a whole. It is good to know that someone that mad who later protected Dafydd et al wielded made the decisions as to who became officers. It does however explain a lot in terms of nasty, not very able pieces of work like Dr Dannie Abse, whose elder brother Wilfred was a psychoanalyst who would have known Sutherland et al, becoming Army officers with huge responsibilities either during WW II or after, while they did National Service. Most of the Abse family facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and colluded with Dafydd and the gang. See post ‘O Jones, O Jones’.

Jock’s work with the crowd from the Tavi resulted in him serving as its Director, 1947-68. By the 1940s, the Tavi had become adept at concealing organised abuse by using psychoanalytic theory to tie themselves and everyone else up in knots, the Tavi having been built on rather rotten foundations from the beginning (see post ‘Thought For The Day’). In 1948, Sutherland decided that the Tavi should play its part in Nye’s new NHS, along with Dannie Abse, Uncle Harry, Julian Tudor Spart and the rest of those who spent their careers providing an umbrella for Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring while they dedicated themselves to The Poor. See previous posts.

Bevan famously said at a Labour Party rally in 1948: “… no amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party… So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin…’

Bevan’s comment inspired the creation of the Vermin Club by angry Conservatives, who attacked Bevan for years for the metaphor. This blog demonstrates that the Vermin Club extended to rather more than those Tories whom had displeased Nye Bevan.

  • Statue of Aneurin or Nye Bevan founder of the UK National Health Service - NHS - Cardiff town centre Wales - Stock Image
  • Nye Bevan contended that his Welsh mining constituency did not send him to Parliament to “dress up” and thus declined to wear formal attire at Buckingham Palace functions. Presumably, Bevan’s Welsh mining constituency did send him to Parliament to attend Buck House functions, go shopping in Harrods and live a notoriously self-indulgent life in the most expensive part of London.
  • The English Heritage plaque on Nye’s humble cottage in Belgravia:
  •  english heritage blue plaque marking a home of politicians aneurin 'nye' bevan and jennie lee, in belgravia, - Stock Image

  • Nye didn’t die in his humble cott in Belgravia, he died in Buckinghamshire, where he owned his farm.
  • Here’s Nye speaking in Corwen in 1952, where the farmers had a rather different lifestyle to farmers in Buckinghamshire and if they pissed the wrong people off they found themselves in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh on the receiving end of Gwynne the lobotomist’s pick. Which Nye knew all about but didn’t ever mention.


  • June 30, 2018 - London, UK. 30th June 2018. Lewisham Hospital Unison banner with a portrait of Nye Bevan outside the BBC waiting for the march through London from the BBC to a rally near Downing St to celebrate 70 years of the NHS, and to support its dedicated workers in demanding a publicly owned NHS that is free for all with proper funding and proper staffing and providing a world class services for every community. The protest, organised by the the People's Assembly, Health Campaigns Together, Trades Union Congress, Unison, Unite, GMB, British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing - Stock Image

In 1952 Bevan published ‘In Place of Fear’, “the most widely read socialist book” of the period, according to Anthony Crosland. Crosland, like Nye’s widow Jennie Lee, concealed paedophile gangs with links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. See previous posts.


From 1968 to 1974, Jock Sutherland worked at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, contributing to the training of young psychiatrists. In 1970, with Professor John Spencer, Sutherland embarked on developing advanced education and training for welfare professionals that integrated psychoanalytic theory. This led in 1972 to the formation of the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, SIHR, which became a sister ‘outpost’ of the Tavistock Clinic in Scotland and was sometimes referred to as the ‘MacTavi’. The SIHR had offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow and was finally dissolved in 2013 after over forty years of operation as a professional body.

Professor Jane Aldgate as a young welfare professional was based in Glasgow and trained/worked with the SIHR, where she learnt some dangerous nonsense.

I do not believe that absolutely everyone involved in analysis is mad and up to no good, I have been friendly with two people who were analysts. Analysis can be fascinating and insightful, but the sheer number of people involved who were/are using it as a cover for abuse is terrifying and one of my analyst friends told me that this was indeed a big problem. It is still not widely discussed in the lay press.

Sutherland published on object relations theory, group therapy and had an extensive private practice; his work in the United States played a significant part in opening up ego psychology to the object relations tradition. Sutherland will have known Wilfred Abse who knew Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist and who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see post O Jones, O Jones), as well as Freud’s pal the Welsh psychiatrist Ernest Jones, who got into trouble when he went a bit too far with female patients and managed to kill his first wife soon after their marriage by chloroform poisoning when he and a friend carried out abdominal surgery on her themselves at her parents’ home in south Wales (see previous posts). Ernest Jones was the father of Mervyn Jones, a friend of Michael Foot and Foot’s biographer (see post ‘The Wind Of No Change’). Sutherland will also have known many of the other Top Docs named on this blog who colluded with Dafydd et al.

Jock Sutherland died in Edinburgh on 14 June 1991, so he was alive and kicking – and he will have been kicking – until after the first police investigation had begun into the possibility of a paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. Jock was one of the many burying the evidence and witnesses.


Among the colleagues that Jock worked with and whose careers he fostered, were Harry Guntrip, Charles Rycroft and R.D. Laing. I have discussed Laing previously on this blog; the counter-culture guru famous for his opposition to mainstream psychiatry was responsible for a good deal of patient neglect and abuse himself.

At one point, Dafydd and his pals at the North Wales Hospital became Laingians, as did the people traffickers of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team; as with every other theory that the gang got their paws on, the Laingian phase of those we know and love was put to good use, abusing patients and concealing serious criminality. One man who was, in the words of his family, ‘left to rot’ by Dafydd in Denbigh had a wife who never stopped fighting for her husband. The Top Docs loathed her, absolutely hated her and bolstered the image of her as being nuts and an impossible woman. She was very stressed but when one knew what was happening to her husband her anxiety was understandable. Dafydd the Laingian declared that she was the cause of her husband’s problems and banned her from visiting him. So the one person looking out for this man’s interests while he was banged up in Denbigh invisible to the rest of the world and being mistreated was no longer observing and documenting what was going on… I was told by another lady who’s seriously ill adult son had been abandoned by the ‘services’ that before they finally threw her son in the dustbin, Dr Neil Davies had told this lady that she was the cause of her son’s psychosis. Neil Davies was far more credible and pleasant than Dafydd, but Neil worked with Dafydd and was fully on board with the criminality and the trafficking gang. See previous posts.

Laingian ideas of ‘let us look at who is around this patient and what they are doing to the patient’ are valuable in so far as many patients are indeed mistreated or abused by those close to them; however if the Top Doctors are running a trafficking ring and concealing abuse, Laingian notions mean that it’s party time. Genuinely caring people concerned for the patient can be named as abusers whereas those colluding with the Top Doctors are just So Concerned and Know All About the patient and are the only people who are genuinely well-motivated. Dafydd has a long and glorious history of colluding with abusive family members, I came across examples again and again.

There was a patient at the Hergest Unit who had worked with R.D. Laing and he used to tell me about his Laing-related experiences. Like all the patients at Hergest, this man was neglected and his difficulties were addressed with idiocies such as exercise classes which weren’t exercise classes or Mindfulness sessions which were making Prof Mark Williams famous, as the patients around us committed suicide at a terrifying rate. For years I thought that the negligent fuckwits at Hergest hadn’t realised who this man had been when he was younger, but I’ve recently had a rethink when, looking back, I realised that the key scoundrels eg. Dafydd, Tony Francis, Neil Davies et al ALL kept tabs on well-educated potential whistleblowers and did their best to ensure that they never recovered or returned to professional careers. Most of the Angels won’t have even known who R.D. Laing was, but Francis et al did and they knew that man had the dirt on Laing, which was probably why, when he became ill, he was abandoned and left to live in poverty and isolation in Gwynedd. See previous posts.

I have been told that some patients – including Patient F and me – were considered to be such a threat to those we know and love that everything that we were doing was being observed and noted. Previous posts have described how the senior managers of the Gwynedd Community Health Trust refused to give the Hergest Unit whistleblower a phone for his office to prevent patients contacting him, so F rang BT, told them that he was John Mullen, the CEO of the Trust and ordered a phone for the Hergest whistleblower’s office and it arrived days later. There was no discussion of invoices, or signatures, all F was asked by BT was ‘will this be on the special arrangement Mr Mullen?’ so F said ‘ooh yes please’. When we told Brown, Brown immediately said ‘you’ve uncovered a massive scam’ and pointed out that no way should BT have been distributing phones on the basis of one phone call from John Mullen, that the ‘special arrangement’ was a code for a fiddle and what was almost certainly happening was that NHS staff were charging their personal phone bills to the NHS via the ‘special arrangement’. Everyone knew that Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, was reputed to be corrupt and Brown said ‘Alun Davies et al are probably buying cars and carpets and all sorts for themselves and charging it to the Trust’. So then F rang a Mercedes specialist, told them that he was Alun Davies and guess what?? They seemed to know who Alun Davies was… Although F didn’t actually order the Merc, he just ordered the brochures.

Because no Top Docs etc ever confronted us over any of this, I just assumed that the Trust was so chaotic that those we know and love didn’t realise what was going on, although the patients all knew what F had done. Recently I have been asked ‘why do you think that you AND F were arrested a few months after F rang BT???’ Although the serious aggro began in 1994 after we both told the Mental Health Act Commission – the CORRUPT Mental Health Act Commission who’s CEO William Bingley was mates with Dafydd – that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints were not being investigated, my informant is correct, we were actually arrested soon after we found out about BT and the Special Arrangement. John Mullen’s name is all over my documents; as CEO he was failing to investigate complaints or even reply to correspondence, even after Brown sent him a letter testifying that Brown had heard Dafydd trying to bribe me. Then the man who had previously tried to kill Brown went looking for Brown again. See previous posts eg. ‘The Banality Of Evil’ and ‘A Solicitor’s Letter From North East Wales MIND’.

The security services had us all under surveillance at the time, so they knew about the Special Arrangement as well. I have also been told that those we know and love were accessing details of our bank accounts and much else besides. All our personal data and Brown’s as well  – because Gov’t corruption was involved – was made available to the paedophiles’ friends.

The PMs at the time were John Major and then Miranda and much of the action was happening in the run-up to the time when the Select Health Committee was preparing to take, or taking, evidence from Experts. The Experts who knew about the chaos in north Wales and in some cases were overseeing it.


Jock Sutherland’s mate Harry Guntrip, Henry James Samuel Guntrip (29 May 1901 – 1975) was known for his major contributions to object relations theory and school of Freudian thought. Jock described Harry as ‘one of the psychoanalytic immortals’. Harry was a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a psychotherapist and lecturer at the Department of Psychiatry, Leeds University. Not only was Leeds University part of Jimmy Savile’s HQ at the time, but William Kerr and Michael Haslam, the two psychiatrists from Yorkshire who, throughout the 1970s and 80s raped and sexually assaulted patients with the full knowledge of their Top Doc and Angel colleagues yet were never stopped (see post ‘All The Ingredients Of A Scandal’), were known to be doing this by senior staff at Leeds University. One Professor at Leeds was outraged about the situation but was told to shut up about it or he’d lose his job. A senior Angel in the region who did complain about Kerr and Haslam was demoted. People at Leeds University also knew about the wider paedophile ring in Yorkshire involving Savile, as did Uncle Harry’s nephews’ dad Ralph, who held a Chair at Leeds University, 1972-78. See previous posts.

Guntrip, being immortal, was a prolific writer and organised, critiqued and synthesised the theories of major psychoanalysts. Although he accepted many of Freud’s theories, Guntrip also advanced his own ideas and criticised Freud. He famously argued that ‘the regressed ego exerts a powerful effect on life’ and he viewed ‘the schizoid sense of emptiness as reflecting the withdrawal of energy from the real world into a world of internal object relations’. Guntrip’s personal symptoms led him to be psychoanalysed by both Ronald Fairbairn and D.W. Winnicott. Although helpful, the therapy did not cure his problem.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Guntrip worked extensively with schizoid patients who were ‘detached, withdrawn and unable to form meaningful human relations’. He delineated the following nine characteristics of the schizoid personality: introversion, withdrawnness, narcissism, self-sufficiency, a sense of superiority, loss of affect, loneliness, depersonalisation and regression.

Withdrawnness: Only a small portion of schizoid individuals present with a clear and obvious timidity, reluctance, or avoidance of the external world and interpersonal relationships. Many fundamentally schizoid people present with an engaging, interactive personality style. Only Dafydd et al can Tell The Difference. And furthermore when they say no they mean yes.

Such a person can appear to be available, interested, engaged and involved in interacting with others, but he or she may in reality be emotionally withdrawn and sequestered in a safe place in an internal world. And they really meant yes, even though they said no.

The patient’s observable behaviour may not accurately reflect the internal state of their mind. Indeed, when they said no, they meant yes. One should not mistake introversion for indifference, or no for yes and one should not miss identifying the schizoid patient due to misinterpretation of the patient’s defensive, compensatory, engaging interaction with external reality.

Guntrip defines narcissism as “a characteristic that arises out of the predominantly interior life the schizoid lives. His love objects are all inside him and moreover he is greatly identified with them so that his libidinal attachments appear to be in himself”.

David Owen

Guntrip observed that a sense of superiority accompanies self-sufficiency.

David Owen

Guntrip saw ‘loss of affect as inevitable, as the tremendous investment made in the self interferes with the desire and ability to be empathic and sensitive toward another person’s experience. These things often seem secondary to securing one’s own defensive, safe position. The subjective experience is one of loss of affect’. Dafydd diagnosed loss of affect in numerous people, it was one of his favourites. Along with a brief miniskirt and smokey grey stockings, as Dafydd explained to his secretary. Who later fell to her death from a tower block after she left Wales.

Some patients experience loss of affect to such a degree that the insensitivity becomes manifest in the extreme as cynicism, callousness, or even cruelty. The patient appears to have no awareness of how his or her comments or actions affect and hurt other people.

  • Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Guntrip describes depersonalisation as a loss of a sense of identity and individuality. ‘Depersonalisation is a dissociative defence, often described by the schizoid patient as “tuning out”, “turning off”, or as the experience of a separation between the observing and the participating ego’. Tony Francis was keen on this, but because he never explained what any of it meant, no-one had a clue as to what he was talking about.

Guntrip defined regression as “Representing the fact that the schizoid person at bottom feels overwhelmed by their external world and is in flight from it both inwards and as it were backwards to the safety of the metaphorical womb.” Such a process of regression encompasses two different mechanisms: inward and backwards. Regression inward ‘speaks to the magnitude of the reliance on primitive forms of fantasy and self-containment, often of an autoerotic or even objectless nature’. Regression backwards ‘to the safety of the womb is a unique schizoid phenomenon and represents the most intense form of schizoid defensive withdrawal in an effort to find safety and to avoid destruction by external reality, which has been conflated with the challenging parental models faced by the subject following exit from the womb upon physical birth. The fantasy of regression to the womb is the fantasy of regression to a place of ultimate safety’.

I have never encountered anyone who has even got anywhere near to feeling like this. Perhaps on one occasion one person told Harry Guntrip that they did and he wrote it all down. Probably Jock Sutherland or Nicholas Fairbairn.

Harry published a great deal of psychoanalytic theory as well as lighter tomes, such as: Psychology for Ministers and Social Workers (1949); You and Your Nerves; Mental Pain and the Cure of Souls; Middle Age (with L.J. Tizard).

Harry Guntrip also doubled up as a Congregationalist Minister and a Methodist lay preacher; Guntrip founded a new evangelical movement. The child molester George Thomas was Britain’s most famous Methodist throughout the middle years of the 20th century and in 1959 George Thomas was Vice-President Designate of the World Methodist Conference. Thomas was also a lay preacher who preached in virtually every town in Britain. My post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ detailed how Methodists across Wales, where Methodism was a dominant influence throughout the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries, facilitated and concealed Dafydd’s gang. Harold Wilson’s wife Mary was the daughter of a Congregationalist Minister which helped things along considerably, because it was under Wilson’s Gov’ts that Dafydd’s gang rapidly expanded business. George Thomas and Harold Wilson were friends and George Thomas became Secretary of State for Wales under Wilson as PM. Because Methodism is international, there were links between Methodists in the UK who were concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and those in other countries and on other continents, including in the US (see post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ and ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’). Methodism was also strong in the north of England and although Ronnie Waterhouse’s immediate family were located in north Wales, his father’s family had originated from the north of England and there were many relatives of Waterhouse living in Lancashire and Yorkshire.


Another big figure in analysis who was influenced by Ronald Fairbairn and D. Winnicott was Charles Frederick Rycroft (9 September 1914 – 24 May 1998). Rycroft studied medicine at UCL and worked briefly as a psychiatrist at the Maudsley. The Maudsley was full of quite mad Top Docs facilitating abuse even by the time that Dafydd arrived there to ‘train’ before returning to Wales in the mid-1960s and the Maudsley crowd colluded with Dafydd and his gang for the rest of Dafydd’s career. See eg. posts ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’ and ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’ Dafydd’s boss at the Maudsley, Dr Bob Hobson, facilitated the abuse of children and patients in London and when Hobson relocated to Manchester in 1974, he did exactly the same there. See post ‘The Mentor’. The children’s homes in north Wales took many kids from the West Midlands, Inner London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Manchester areas.
It was from 1975 onward that the children’s homes in north Wales really filled up as a result of the Children Act 1975, which was the result of lobbying by George Thomas’s friend, the south Wales Labour MP and crooked lawyer Leo Abse, who was given a free reign to lay the groundwork by Jim Callaghan when Callaghan was Home Secretary, 1967-70. There was a delay when the Labour Gov’t were voted out in 1970, but as soon as they were returned in 1974, Dr Death gave Abse a hand by using a Private Member’s Bill to get the Children Act onto the statute books in 1975. The Houghton Committee which led to the drafting of the Act took evidence from Dafydd’s associates; Dr Death personally knew some of the Top Docs who facilitated the ring in north Wales and of course Dr Death knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring. For the details of Abse’s huge scam to ensure that there would be a plentiful supply of children to be placed in the homes which Dafydd’s associates had already opened in north Wales, see post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.
I have mentioned previously that the Baroness of Ely’s dad the Rev Bob Morgan was Labour Leader of South Glamorgan County Council while the Council ignored organised abuse and waved through the huge scam which was the development of Cardiff Bay (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’) while Nicholas Edwards was Secretary of State for Wales; Old Nick then resigned and re-emerged later as a Director of one of the companies which benefited from the millions of pounds of public money that funded the development of Cardiff Bay. I have only recently found out that the Rev Bob – who was a social worker before he became a clergyman – was encouraged to stand as a local Councillor by one of his churchwardens, who was also the Chairman of the constituency Labour Party for Cardiff West. The Labour MP for Cardiff West at the time was George Thomas. The churchwarden couldn’t have not known that Thomas was molesting kids, everyone around Thomas knew that, people had to keep extracting him from trouble. The Rev Bob was encouraged to go into local politics in time to be elected as a Councillor for Cardiff City Council as well as South Glamorgan County Council in 1974. Which was when George Thomas’s mate Harold Wilson was returned as PM and Leo Abse began beavering away again on the Bill that would result in the Children Act 1975.
The Rev Bob was involved in charidee work with George Thomas; the whole of the medical community in Wales kept quiet about George Thomas assaulting  children and in return George Thomas carried out charidee work and Supported The NHS. The Rev Bob’s daughter the Baroness is married to a Top Doctor from south Wales.
Mark Drakeford, who worked as a social worker in Ely, the Rev Bob’s parish and who also sat on South Glamorgan County Council, now that he has become FM of Wales has just appointed the Baroness as the Welsh Gov’ts Cabinet Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language.
For most of his career Charles Rycroft had a private psychiatric practice in London. Rycroft was the second son of Sir Richard Rycroft 5th Baronet (1859–1925) and Emily Mary Lowry-Corry. Emily was the granddaughter of the 3rd Lord Belmore. The family seat of the Earl of Belmore is in County Fermanagh. County Fermanagh was the location of one of the estates of the Duke of Westminster. The 5th Duke of Westminster, Robert Grosvenor, lived at the family seat in County Fermanagh and his son Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke, spent his childhood there. Gerald the 6th Duke later based himself at the family’s estate in Cheshire. Gerald was the President of the City of Chester Conservative Association while Peter Morrison was the constituency MP and Gerald was involved with numerous organisations which colluded with Dafydd et al. Boys from Bryn Estyn were taken to Gerald’s estate for ‘work experience’ and refused to return but wouldn’t explain why. Gerald was a good friend of Carlo. See previous posts for the numerous links between Gerald Grosvenor and the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and St George’s Hospital Medical School.
The Duke of Westminster owns most of Belgravia. Until St George’s Hospital Medical School relocated to Tooting in 1980, St George’s was located at Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge and was the local hospital for Belgravia. St George’s was endemically corrupt and had a tradition of getting posh people out of trouble and even played this role with regard to Lord Lucan (see post ‘Yes, There Is Still Green Paint On The Renault…’). St George’s Dept of Psychiatry had colluded with organised abuse for years and years; Dr Desmond Curran seems to have been the person who really got the ball rolling and Curran attracted other Top Docs with the same agenda to St George’s (see post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’). Desmond Curran ‘treated’ Norman Scott when Jeremy had given Norman such a hard time that Norman had a breakdown, many years before Jeremy ended up in the dock in 1979.
Nye Bevan lived in Belgravia when dear old St George’s was at its poshest and Serving The Community. It was not a private hospital; St George’s was part of Nye’s and Uncle Harry’s NHS. The Top Docs within just hated the plebs…
After I began this blog I received an e mail telling me that Peter Morrison had almost certainly been abused as a boy by the 5th Duke of Westminster. The e mail contained information which suggested that whoever wrote it did have knowledge of the people involved and wasn’t just naming a few rich and famous people who’s names they’d seen in the media.
Charles Rycroft grew up in Dummer, Hampshire, where his family owned most of the village and his father was “the local representative of both Church and State”. Charles’s elder brother, Henry Richard Rycroft (1911–1985) served as a Commander in the Royal Navy during WW II and after the war worked at the RNVR training establishment at Hove as an instructor. Commander Rycroft will have known – or at least known of – Lady Juliet’s husband Admiral Sir Alec Bingley and many of the other people in the Royal Navy and RNVR who kept schtum about Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Kincora Boys’ Home, the gay spies in the Admiralty etc, as discussed in my post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’. Gwynne the lobotomist and Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School both served as ships surgeons in the Royal Navy/RNVR.

Charles Rycroft was educated at Wellington College and then studied at  Trinity College, Cambridge. He became interested in psychoanalysis and on applying to study analysis with Welsh psychiatrist Ernest Jones, he was encouraged by Jones to study medicine. Rycroft studied at UCL and trained at the Maudsley. He underwent analysis firstly with Ella Freeman Sharpe and then after her death with Sylvia Payne. Ella Freeman Sharpe was a leading figure in the early development of psychoanalysis in Britain and was among the most influential of the first British training analysts. Sharpe taught at the Hucknall Pupil Teachers Training College 1904-16, before moving to London to undertake analysis with Edward Glover’s brother James. In 1923 Sharpe became a member of the British Psycho-Analytical Society and had a second analysis, postwar, with Hanns Sachs.

In the 1920s Sharpe, like most of the London analysts, supported the more experienced work of Melanie Klein against the newcomer Anna Freud and Sharpe continued to show Kleinian influence into the early thirties. However, as British analysts began scrapping among themselves, during the early 1940s a series of meetings were held, the ‘controversial discussions’ and a tripartite division of training in the British Psychoanalytical Society emerged after WW II: Kleinians, Anna Fruedians and the Middle Group (later called the Independent Group). Sharpe became increasingly aligned to the Middle Group, of which Ronald Fairbairn, Donald Winnicott and others discussed in this post were also members.

Now for the fun bit. Sharpe argued in her papers ‘on sublimation for a continuous thread between compulsive symptoms indicating penance, and creative sublimations of childhood sadism. Investigating female patients who used artistic performance as a form of identification with the phallus, she also pointed out the problematic aspects of that incorporation in phantasy’.

  • Dream Analysis : Ella Freeman Sharpe : 9780946439454


We have a Lady Doctor here if you’d prefer to use your artistic performance to identify with the phallus:

  • Analysands of Hanns Sachs

I have discussed in previous posts how the people traffickers of north Wales not only maintained that they were carrying out cutting edge research – Mindfulness, DBT, research into ‘hearing voices’, into SAD etc – but would mention to the patients wonderful things which were ‘on offer’ to patients, but if ever patients responded by saying that they would be interested in taking up the offer, the ‘therapy’ or ‘intervention’ would either never materialise or if it did, it was in no way what had been described. When I first encountered Tony Francis, because I continually rebuffed his best efforts to discuss sex with me, he told me that I obviously didn’t feel very comfortable with him and if I wanted I could be referred to a ‘female Kleinian therapist’. At the time I had no idea at all that Francis was fully on board with the trafficking gang, but I was very angry that my complaint against Gwynne the lobotomist had not been investigated, that Brown and I were being overtly threatened and I had been on the receiving end of Dr D.G.E. Wood yelling at me to ‘drop it or you will find yourself in trouble’. Francis at that stage had not conducted himself in the same manner – that came later – but he did keep trying to discuss sex and after the Gwyyne and Wood experience I thought this was a little insensitive. What Francis wouldn’t do was discuss what had happened with Gwynne and the threats that Brown and I were receiving from Francis’s colleagues. So I used to chat about politics and culture with Francis instead which is how I found out how many politicians that the gang had personal links with…

I refused the offer of a female Kleinian therapist because I thought that I really did not need a Lady Doctor now refusing to discuss Gwynne and the threats with me and telling me that I had a problem with those in possession of testicles; it was so obvious that would be the next stage. After all, Wood and Francis had already declared that I had a problem with ‘elderly male doctors’, a diagnosis which was further confirmed when I refused to participate in the party with Dafydd. No, I have a problem with perverts who lie about me when I refuse their offers. Gwynne and Dafydd were in that category as well as being elderly male doctors, so the analysis was becoming blurred. The research design was deeply flawed, the young women of north Wales were not being given the option of an elderly male doctor who was not part of a trafficking ring…

When I finally realised that none of them actually knew their arses from their elbows – except for Dr David Healy who was undertaking an admirable battle against Big Pharma and the associated research fraud but didn’t ever intervene on his doorstep although he knew what was happening to us – I used to wonder who the female Kleinian therapist was whom Francis had mentioned in 1985. Because I never saw anyone approaching such a thing throughout the many years that I endured that lot and I don’t know any other patients who did either.

It was probably Dafydd in drag. By saying no to the female Kleinian therapist I missed out on a rich seam of research material and much entertainment but I won’t have missed any meaningful assistance.

  • My View by Silvio Canto, Jr.: Happy birthday to Mary "60 ...
  • Mary Hopkin was the little Welsh songbird from west Wales, where Mark Drakeford’s colleagues ran the ring which was linked to Dafydd et al.

I do hope that Tom Jones from Ponty isn’t a mate of Dafydd’s. Tom did do those duets with Cerys Matthews though and Cerys’s dad was a Top Doctor who knew about the gang (see previous posts)…

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Ella Sharpe’s attention to the role of symbolism in life and psychoanalysis has made her appear as a precursor of Jacques Lacan, who would himself pay tribute in Ecrits to “Ella Sharpe and her very relevant remarks…She is far from ordinary in the extent to which she requires the analyst to be familiar with all branches of human knowledge”. Nevertheless, ‘her sense of the concrete, the body and the material behind sublimation and the symbolic differentiates her from the more linguistic elements of the Lacanian turn’.

Jacques Lacan is so impenetrable that there has been serious debate as to whether he was simply satirising the whole field.

Ella’s pal Hanns Sachs, one of the earliest psychoanalysts, was a close personal friend of Freud. Sachs was a Jewish lawyer who attended Freud’s lectures at the University of Vienna and who subsequently spent much of the duration of WW I helping Freud continue to produce psychoanalytic journals. From 1920 onwards Sachs practised analysis in Berlin from 1920 onwards. With the rise of Hitler, Sachs moved to Boston in 1932, but remained in close contact with Freud himself. Ernest Jones considered Sachs his closest friend among the Viennese circle.

Left to right, seated: Freud, Sandor Ferenczi (see previous posts) and Hanns Sachs. Standing: Otto Rank, Karl Abraham, Max Eitingon and Ernest Jones. Photo 1922.

Sachs’ first analytic publication in 1912 was on the subject of dreams. Sachs’ later 1920 study on ‘The Community of Daydreams’ ‘explored the role of relieving guilt feelings provided by the sharing of daydreams in children, and of art experiences in adults’.

Sachs’ study of Caligula emphasised the shifting characters of those dominated by fleeting and unstable identifications; ‘his work on the female superego stressed the importance/difficulty of desexualising the superego incorporation of the father’.

I always thought that the biggest problem with Caligula was that he killed people, having been raised in a rather brutal culture, where that sort of thing was the norm. Whatever the truth of the matter, Mary Beard probably knows a lot more about it than Hanns Sachs did.

A caligula sandal. As worn by Adrian Bell actually, he was known for them…


Julia Drusilla, sister of Caligula:

Julia Hobsbawm, who knows a great deal about the trafficking ring in north Wales:
Interview with Julia Hobsbawm, Author of Fully Connected


Julia’s former business partner:

Sarah Jane Brown


Julia’s business partner’s Teddy Bear:

Gordon Brown


The Teddy Bear’s net worth, according to his wiki entry, is $15 million. Would the Teddy Bear like to reimburse me for ooh, lost earnings, lost pension and travel and living expenses when I had to flee Wales after the assaults, the threats at gunpoint…

The other day Brown – the real Brown, not the Teddy Bear – quipped that if the paedophiles’ friends find out where I am I’ll have to take up residence in the Equadorian Embassy, along with Julian Assange. They wouldn’t have me though; I’ve grassed up the worst of the Top Docs, the Embassy staff would know that if I was kipping in there, should the Ambassador need emergency medical care it would be a case of ‘ooh, I’m not sure that we’ve got a bed, tch tch, it’s the Tory Cuts, the waiting list is long but ooh now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you….’

Bloody War stock photo


Dr Edward Glover, the brother of Ella Sharpe’s analyst James, was a psychoanalyst who first qualified as a Top Doctor; it was James who attracted Edward towards psychoanalysis. Both brothers were analysed in Berlin by Karl Abraham. Edward Glover then settled in London where he became an influential member of the British Psycho-Analytical Society. Edward Glover was close to Ernest Jones.

Edward Glover has had a lasting influence on the combined field of psychotherapy and criminology, as well as psychoanalysis. Glover was co-founder of the Psychopathic Clinic, which was renamed the Portman Clinic in 1937. The Portman Clinic has been responsible for much dangerous fuckwittery, as discussed in previous posts. Glover was also co-founder of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency; the joint founder of ‘The British Journal of Criminology’ – he was co-editor until his death – and co-founder of the British Society of Criminology. Glover was one-time Chairman of the medical section of the British Psychological Society.

Criminology is not in quite such a sorry state as social work or the psy disciplines, but it is a mixed bag. The people who become big names in criminology have nearly all colluded with organised crime, including the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Because the Home Office for so many years has been at the heart of this, criminologists receiving Home Office funding really do have filthy hands and Rab Butler’s close very long association with Trinity College, Cambridge certainly assisted Dafydd and the gang. See post ‘Rab, High Table And The Founding Fathers’.

Previous posts eg. ‘Badlands’ discussed the chaos which broke out in UCNW/Bangor University in the early 1990s after the gwerin launched a full-frontal assault on a senior sociologist at UCNW when urgent distractions were required because of that North Wales Police investigation into the possibility of a paedophile ring in the region. Merfyn’s late wife was caught in the cross-fire and spilt many paedophiles’ pints in the process. One of the Professors of Sociology at UCNW at the time was Roy King, who then metamorphosed into a Professor of Criminology with his own  Criminology Unit. Roy King had waved a fond farewell to Bangor by the time that I was working with the sociologists there, but he was remembered by many. I was only ever told the same things about Roy King: that he was a total scumbag and a ferocious bully who destroyed many of the people around him. No-one ever told me that King was colluding with Dafydd’s gang but I worked out that he must have been from some of the activities of former criminology students, some of whom had undertaken projects with sex offenders and were placed in potentially very dangerous situations. One could not have supervised criminology projects, let alone research into sex offenders, in north Wales and not have been colluding with Dafydd’s gang because they ran and still run the whole region. Roy King left Bangor for a Chair at Cambridge… See previous posts.


Dr Edward Glover the Big Influence On Criminology studied at Glasgow Medical School. It is reported that as a student he was prominent in socialist politics and was involved in a revolutionary move to propose Keir Hardie as Rector of the university. There followed several years of academic medicine, Glover working first in Glasgow with the Professor of Medicine and Paediatrics and then in pulmonary medicine in London. With the outbreak of WW I Glover was appointed medical superintendent of a sanatorium for the treatment of early chest diseases in Birmingham.

Between 1924 and 1939, Glover published his first book as well as some eighteen articles on psychoanalytic subjects ranging from “Notes on Oral Character” through “The Screening Function of Traumatic Memories” to “A Note on Idealisation”.

Glover once [1931] wrote a very interesting paper in which he investigated the ways in which incomplete or inexact interpretations, and also other psychotherapeutic procedures, influence the patient’s mind…[as] artificial substitute symptoms, which may make the spontaneous symptoms superfluous. Lacan would make use of Glover’s findings to support his exploration of “The function and field of speech and language in psychoanalysis” on more than one occasion: ‘Mr Edward Glover in a remarkable paper…[suggests] not only is every spoken intervention received by the subject in terms of his structure, but the intervention takes on a structuring function in him in proportion to its form’. Thus ‘Glover…finds interpretation everywhere, being unable to stop it anywhere, even in the banality of a medical prescription’.

Glover’s “Lectures on Technique in Psychoanalysis”(1927–28) would seem to have offered a dry, neutral, asceptic classical psychoanalysis. Thus on the question of whether analysis should close with a “cooling-off” period, he followed the classical line ‘that “to the very end we continue the analytic process”, as the English analyst Edward Glover wrote in The Technique of Psychoanalysis, first published in 1928 and revised in 1955. Glover sternly continues, “In the first session we laid down the association rule, and this remains in force to the last minute of the last session 2’.

Similarly on the question of the early “deep interpretation” favoured for example by Klein, Glover argued: ‘Once the analyst departs from sparing, provisional interpretations, he not only disturbs the listening situation but has made it difficult to re-establish it’.

Glover was a ‘combative intellectual personality’ – he conducted personal vendettas against a number of colleagues – who took a ‘principled stand’ on many of the variegated controversies of the first psychoanalytic half-century, promoting a ‘pure Freudianism’.

In the late 1920s, when Freud made something of a minority stand in support of lay analysis, ‘some of the British psychoanalysts, among them Edward Glover and John Rickman, saw no harm in non-medical therapists conducting analysis, provided one kept therapy “sharply divided from diagnosis: the latter must be left to medically qualified persons”‘. Because they of course know best. Even if they are Dafydd or Gwynne.

Glover worked with Ernest Jones in the BMA in obtaining the so-called “Psycho-Analytical Charter” – ‘Edward Glover and myself had for over three years fought at heavy odds against our twenty-five bitter opponents’.

So I wonder how and why Glover and Jones triumphed over the combined forces within the BMA; Top Doctors who are not psychiatrists and analysts are very hostile to them because they know what psychiatrists and analysts are doing.

From 1934 onwards, it was Glover who led the hostility to Melanie Klein within the British Psycho-Analytic Society’, of which Glover was the Scientific Secretary. The hostility lasted for the best part of a decade until the ‘vituperative opposition from Edward Glover and Melitta Scmideberg had vanished when Glover gave up his membership of the British Psycho-analytical Society the 24th January 1944, confirmed the next 1st February’. At that point, Glover declared that ‘The British Psycho-Analytical Society is no longer a Freudian society’. The following year, the fundamental Kleinian position paper by Susan Sutherland Isaacs on “Phantasy” was publicly ‘attacked by Glover (1945)’, in the first volume of The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, where he described what he called “the Klein System of Child Psychology” as ‘a bio-religious system which depends on faith rather than science…a variant of the doctrine of Original Sin’.

In the following decade, Glover turned his fire from Klein to Jung. In his book, ‘Freud or Jung? (1956) Glover argued (incidentally) for the firm conceptual separation of art and psychopathology: “Whatever its original unconscious aim, the work of art represents a forward urge of the libido seeking to maintain its hold on the world of objects…not the result of a pathological breakdown’.

In the 1960s, Glover aroused the ire of Lacan by way of his attack on Franz Alexander’s concept of the corrective emotional experience: ‘When I read in the Psychoanalytic Quarterly an article like the one by Mr Edward Glover, entitled Freudian or Neo-Freudian, directed entirely against the constructions of Mr Alexander, I sense a sordid smell of stuffiness,…Alexander being counter-attacked in the name of obsolete criteria’.

Edward Glover died in 1972. I have included a bit of background on Edward Glover here because this is someone who influenced and trained scores of professionals who were subsequently responsible for matters such as: removing people’s children from them, detaining people in psychiatric hospitals for years on end and writing Court reports which would determine whether they went to prison, a psychiatric hospital or a high security hospital for the rest of their lives. The word of this lot had people prosecuted or not prosecuted for criminal offences. It was they who dominated the welfare services to such an extent that by the 1970s when a huge pan-European trafficking organisation had developed via the UK’s NHS and welfare state with which they colluded, no-one, no-one at all, felt able to stop them. Many of them were mad and criminal; this was known and quietly acknowledged but they could not be stopped. Even senior academics who dared take them on were threatened into silence or destroyed.

Children in care in north Wales were gang-raped, forced to have sex with animals while they were filmed, taken to mainland Europe and forced to have sex with adults in places like Amsterdam and the south of France and many of them were found dead as young adults after they had told people what had happened to them. Others died in Risley Remand Centre as young as 14 yrs old. The Risley Remand Centre which couldn’t stop kids from being found dead on the hospital wing but did employ a visiting pox doctor. See post ‘Include Me Out’.

The lambs to the slaughter were led to believe that they would be getting this:

Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpeg

What they got in reality was gross abuse facilitated by all those professionals. I know of a 12 year old girl who was trapped in one of the gangs who, when she was reluctant to have sex with a man in his 60s, was told that she was a ‘revolting white slug’. The insults and denigration continued until she decided that she would have sex with him after all. She was someone who later turned up as a student at Bangor University and told Linda Evans, the ‘student counsellor’, what had happened to her at the hands of that gang. Linda Evans’ response ensured that the student didn’t return for any more ‘counselling’ sessions.

But then Linda sat in that counselling room telling witnesses and victims of Dafydd’s gang that she couldn’t see people who were or had been psych patients and then wrote letters to her friend Dr Sadie Francis mentioning the name of the whistleblower and asking Sadie if they could meet for lunch…

Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpeg

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Hundreds and hundreds of complaints. Injuries, suicides, murders. Most of the Cabinet Ministers who ran the Gov’t Depts which oversaw these ‘services’ and failed to investigate are sitting in the Lords.

Official portrait of Lord Fowler crop 2.jpg
Official portrait of David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral crop 2.jpg

Official portrait of Mr Kenneth Clarke crop 2.jpg

Official portrait of Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone crop 2.jpg
Stephen dorrell mp -nhs confederation annual conferencepercent2c manchester-11july2011 - crop.jpg
Official portrait of Lord Howard of Lympne crop 2.jpg
William Hague (cropped).jpg


Dafydd is still on the Medical Register and Chair’s the biggest ‘substance abuse services’ charidee in Wales.

There is still green paint on the Renault.



Charles Rycroft practised as a psychoanalyst from 1947 but became disillusioned because of the rivalry between the Kleinian and Freudian factions. Rycroft was influenced by Ronald Fairbairn and D.W. Winnicott and also developed his own views.

Like many high profile Top Docs and analysts, Donald Winnicott lived in Hampstead. He was a neighbour of the family of Bronwen Pugh, who later married Lord Astor and found herself at the centre of the Profumo Affair. Bronwen’s dad was Sir Alun Pugh, a judge from west Wales, who was a leading figure in the London Welsh organisations at the time. Bronwen went to boarding school in Dolgellau, when Ioan Bowen Rees’s dad taught in the grammar school in that town. Bronwen and Ioan were very close in age and Ioan went to school in Dolgellau as well. See previous posts for info re Bronwen and Sir Alun.


Charles Rycroft was a critic of contemporary psychoanalysis, believing it to be rigid and formulaic. He believed that the ideal of rationality proposed by modern psychiatry alienated the adult from his or her creative inner processes. His work with dream analysis stressed the positive aspects of imagination and thought imagination could be beneficial to psychic development. In 1968 he resigned from the British Psychoanalytical Society, feeling that “the real power in the Society belonged to people of whose values I did not approve…their ways of conducting business and engaging in controversy were entirely alien to me”.

Rycroft was a consultant psychoanalyst at the Tavi, 1956-68 and for a period of time was an Assistant Editor of the ‘International Journal of Psychoanalysis’ and a training analyst with Laing. Rycroft was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1973.

Rycroft wrote extensively in a wide range of lay publications, including ‘The Observer’, ‘The New York Review of Books’, the ‘New Statesman’ and ‘New Society’. Previous posts have discussed Leslie Gore the Offensive Therapist and Naomi Grunfell the Mad Teacher, whom Brown met via ‘New Statesman’ in the mid-1980s and who caused us to waste much energy, time and money. I was recently told that Leslie and Naomi were both working for the security services and targeted us, what with us being lefties who would not collude with the Top Docs and their trafficking gang. John Allen advertised for staff for the north Wales children’s homes in ‘New Society’. During the 1970s and 80s most Social Services Depts in the UK became infiltrated by organised paedophile networks and they linked up to form a massive trafficking network which then branched out into Europe. By the 1980s it was a major problem and it impacted on mental health social work because psychiatry dutifully diagnosed people who complained as psychotic or maintained that they had really been abused by other people and had named Top Docs or welfare staff as a consequence of ‘transference’ and ‘projection’. Psychoanalytic theory was a gift to abusive professionals. ‘New Society’ was a publication aimed at social workers and the journos and editors were well-aware of the ghastly reality on the ground but there was simply never a word published about any of it, as there was not in the more recent social worker’s journal, ‘Community Care’.

The Leader of the Labour Party at the time who Supported The NHS, Especially Nurses:

Kinnock, Neil.jpg


The Indie’s obituary for Charles Rycroft stated that he went to school with the poet Gavin Ewart and they were lifelong friends. Gavin Buchanan Ewart (4 February 1916 – 25 October 1995) studied at Christ’s College, Cambridge after his time at Wellington College. He saw active service as a Royal Artillery Officer during WW II and worked in publishing and with the British Council before becoming an advertising copywriter in 1952. Ewart lived at Kenilworth Court in Putney and a blue plaque at Kenilworth Court commemorates this.

Ewart’s poetry was first printed when he was 17, in Geoffrey Grigson’s New Verse. He followed it up with other works such as Phallus in Wonderland. WW II disrupted Ewart’s development as a poet and he published no further volumes until 1964, although he did write the English lyrics for the “World Song” of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. From 1964 Ewart produced many collections, which included No Fool Like An Old Fool (1976)

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and All My Little Ones (1978)



‘The intelligence and casually flamboyant virtuosity with which he framed his often humorous commentaries on human behaviour made his work invariably entertaining and interesting. The irreverent eroticism for which his poetry is noted resulted in W.H. Smith banning of his The Pleasures of the Flesh (1966) from their shops’.



North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


As an editor Ewart produced numerous anthologies, including the Penguin Book of Light Verse (1980). He was the 1991 recipient of the Michael Braude Award for Light Verse. Ewart was Chairman of the Poetry Society, 1978-79. Gavin Ewart knew all the giants of poetry of the era, including Dannie Abse (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’). He will have known Harold Wilson’s wife Mary who was introduced to Poets by her friend John Betjeman (see post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’) and Ewart knew Philip Larkin, who worked at Hull University for many years where staff were concealing the abuse ring operating in Yorkshire. Larkin’s mistress of many years Monica Jones worked at Leicester University in the thick of the academics there who concealed the Leicestershire paedophile ring starring Greville Janner, which had links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. Monica and her mates were doing everything that they could to obstruct Brown when he was doing his PhD at Leicester University in the late 1980s. See previous posts eg. ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’. Dafydd’s old mentor Bob Hobson doubled up as a poet, as did Dafydd’s mate and umbrella Lady Juliet Bingley who colluded with Dafydd et al for the many years that Lady Juliet held senior roles at MIND.

Because so many middle class socialites style themselves as poets, I didn’t take much notice of Bob Hobson’s and Lady Juliet’s poetic interests until I realised how busy Dr Dannie Abse was in poetry networks, many of whom were as close to Dafydd et al as Dannie was. Dr Cathy Wilson of St George’s Hospital Medical School who was one of those concealing wrongdoing at that institution was a member of an elite literary group in central London and hung out with all the best, including Salman Rushdie and Angela Carter. Of course I do not believe that all these people were molesting kids themselves. My point is that they knew people who were and they did favours for their mates even when those mates were doing things that they should not have been doing. I watched them at work. Dafydd and the gang had access to a vast influential network of people holding senior roles in the Arts and they used that network.

How very dare you? We are Talented and related to, and friends with, even more Talented People!

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I remain impressed with how badly Sensitive Poets can conduct themselves and still retain their place in polite society. Ruth Padel is described as ‘one of our national treasures,’ in whose work ‘the journey is the stepping stone to lyrical reflections on the human condition. Padel is known for her explorations through poetry of homelessness, migration and refugees and science; for her involvement in wildlife conservation, Greece and music and for her belief that poetry ‘connects with every area of life’ and ‘has a responsibility to look at the world.’ Padel is Trustee for conservation charidee New Networks for Nature, has served on the Board of the Zoological Society of London (see previous posts for the list of offenders who have also had that honour) and broadcasts for Radio 3 and 4 on poetry, wildlife and music. In 2013 Ruth took up the Chair of Poetry at King’s College, London.

What do I remember Ruth Padel for? Her involvement in the smear campaign against fellow poet Derek Walcott because Ruth Wanted A Job. In 2009, with 297 votes, Padel became the first woman to be elected Oxford Professor of Poetry. She was elected in a media storm, triggered by photocopied pages from a university publication describing sexual harassment charges against her rival Walcott, who withdrew his candidacy. Padel denied connection with them, but commentators alleged her involvement and she resigned, saying she did not wish to do the job under suspicion. Public comment attributed treatment of Padel to a gender war, or misogyny,  a media which unfairly denigrated Padel, “justly held in high regard for her poetry and teaching.” Oxford had “missed out for the worst of reasons on an inspirational teacher; Walcott removed the decision from the electorate by his own choice; Padel should not have been made to pay for his decision to confront neither his accusers nor his past.” On Newsnight Review, poet Simon Armitage, elected to the Oxford Chair in 2016, expressed regret at her resignation. “Ruth’s a good person. I don’t think she should have resigned, she would have been good.”

The good person Padel smeared a rival because she wanted a job. But Padel comes from an impeccable background with regard to doing unscrupulous things in pursuit of personal gain while the world lauds ones goodness. Padel is daughter of psychoanalyst John Hunter Padel and is a great-great-grandchild of Charles Darwin. Her brother is historian Oliver Padel, cousins include prison reformer Una Padel, sculptor Phyllida Barlow, mathematician Martin T. Barlow and biographer Randal Keynes; her uncle is neuroscientist Horace Barlow. Padel was born in Wimpole Street where her great-grandfather Sir Thomas Barlow practised medicine. Geoffrey Chamberlain had a Wimpole Street practice, it’s where he saw the likes of Cilla, the ordinary working class girl who had a lorra lorra love for Liverpool, particularly when she lived in that Buckinghamshire mansion.

Ruth Padel’s Marvellousness continued as she evolved, Darwin-like, into an Incredible Human Being. She attended North London Collegiate School, studied Classics at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford where she sang in Schola Cantorum of Oxford, wrote a PhD on Greek poetry and was the first Bowra Research Fellow at Wadham College, Oxford aka Wadham and Gomorrah, which altered its Statutes for Ruth to accommodate female Fellows. Ruth was among the first women to become Fellows of formerly all-male Oxford colleges. She taught Greek at Oxford and Birkbeck, University of London – Eric Hobsbawm was President of Birkbeck –  taught opera in the Modern Greek Department at Princeton University, has lived extensively in Greece – which just confirms how talented Ruth is –  and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, where she sang in the Choir of Eglise Saint-Eustache Paris. Ruth’s publishing career began in 1985, while she was teaching Greek at Birkbeck College, with a poetry pamphlet.

My God, I wish that I could start a career like that by writing a pamphlet…

Ruth then left academe and writing pamphlets to support herself – so who was supporting her previously?? – by reviewing and she published her first collection (1990). From 1984 to 2000, Ruth was married to philosopher Myles Burnyeat. In 2013, she rejoined academic life when King’s College London opened their arms to this multi-talented relative of so many of those who had/have links with the many umbrella’s of Dafydd, as Operation Pallial began prosecuting elderly members of Dafydd’s gang who had previously enjoyed life-long full protection from Eric Hobsbawm’s mates in MI5 and as the Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry loomed…

Being a descendent of Darwin, the choral singer, poet and pamphleteer Ruth knows all about Science. Which is why:

‘engaged in relating poetry and science, Padel has written on cell migration for The Scientist, was a judge for the 2012 Wellcome Trust Science Book Prize and the 2005 Aventis Science Prize for the Royal Society, has written poems on genetics and zoology and her book on migration is said to connect micro-level cell migration with macro-level social migration. An interest in combining poetry, science and religion is reflected in poems on genetics debates on poetry and prayer with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury [who knows about Dafydd et al – Ed], lectures at the Royal College of Surgeons and a residency at the Environment Institute, UCL. Her poems on Charles Darwin (2009) employ Darwin’s writings, letters and journals in an unusual form of biography, addressing his life, family and science. They were received as innovative work by scientists [which scientists would they be? Sarah Jayne Blakemore perhaps? – Ed] and by the literary community as a “new species” of biography in verse, whose emotional centre is the Darwins’ marriage, shaken by divergent religious belief and the death of a daughter. The book’s staging by the Mephisto Stage Company, Ireland, was described as intensifying the musicality of the verse and dramatic interplay between the scientific and the spiritual that permeates this collection. Since Padel is a Darwin descendant, the book was also a family memoir. Her preface illuminates the role of Padel’s grandmother, Nora Barlow, who in editing Darwin’s Autobiography restored a passage in which Darwin said he did not see how anyone could wish the doctrine of hell to be true; this had been deleted by the first editor, Darwin’s son Francis, at his mother’s request. Padel’s poems connected Darwin’s loss of his mother as a child with his passion for collecting; and linked his early scientific writing with his taxidermy teacher in Edinburgh John Edmonstone, a freed slave from Guinea. Ruth inherited the art of stuffing sentient beings from her famous ancestor…

PhD students ploughing through enzyme kinetics: Don’t bother with all that nerdy stuff! Just get yourself born in Wimpole Street and years later, at a time when the Top Docs are being horribly exposed by an upstart who lived in north Wales, you too can be a Better Scientist Than Real Scientists, after publishing a poetry pamphlet. I recommend: ‘I must go down to the sea again to the lonely sea and the sky, I left my shoes and socks there I wonder if they’re dry’ along with ‘Look at all those monkeys jumping in their cageWhy don’t they all go out to work and earn a decent wage?’ You will have to throw shit at a lot of people along the way as well, but Derek Walcott is barely spoken of any more so it’s obviously a winning strategy.

Ruth Sophia Padel – A Good Egg
Ruth in Etz Hayyim B.jpg


Sir Derek Walcott – Ychafi!
Walcott at an honorary dinner in Amsterdam, 20 May 2008

It’s obvious that Derek is a Wrong’ Un, he’s not wearing an Arty Wimmin’s Scarf and he doesn’t have a brightly coloured ethnic weave blanket in close proximity.



Gavin Ewart died in Oct 1995, so he lived long enough to add to the numerous ‘how very dare yous’ when the possibility of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire was mentioned. Ewart also pegged out before the Waterhouse Inquiry was announced – although by early 1995 Ronnie Waterhouse seemed to know that he would be Chairing that Inquiry – so Gavin wasn’t around to name names had he ever felt like doing so. I don’t know the circumstances of Ewart’s death, but Sir Peter Morrison and Bing Spear, the corrupt civil service mandarin who facilitated Dafydd’s dealing of class A drugs, both died in July 1995 within four days of each other; Brown was forced out of his job at Aston University in the same month and Dafydd et al stepped up their efforts in their construction of a case against me as being so phenomenally dangerous that I needed to be incarcerated in a high security psychiatric hospital…

Dafydd ‘retired’ in July 1995, although he didn’t, he retired from NHS work but left clutching the contract for providing ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales and the general public was told that the North Wales Hospital had closed, but it hadn’t, there were still patients incarcerated out there but no-one was ever told how many and Gwynfryn, the ‘mother and baby unit’, was still open. See previous posts eg. ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’


Gavin’s pal Geoffrey Edward Harvey Grigson (2 March 1905-25 November 1985) was a poet, writer, editor, critic, anthologist and naturalist. In the 1930s he was editor of the influential magazine New Verse, and went on to produce 13 collections of his own poetry as well as compiling numerous anthologies, among other published works on subjects including art, travel and the countryside. At various times Grigson was involved in teaching, journalism and broadcasting.

Grigson was born at the vicarage in a village near Looe, Cornwall. His childhood in rural Cornwall had a significant influence on his poetry and writing in later life. As a boy, his love of things of nature (plants, bones and stones) was sparked at the house of family friends at Polperro who were painters and amateur naturalists.

The Top Doctor and psychoanalysts Robin Skynner grew up in Cornwall. Skynner was good friends with John Cleese and co-authored with Cleese. Skynner too fancied himself as a poet. Robin Skynner and his Top Doc wife concealed organised abuse. Cleese fellow performer Graham Chapman was known to be abusing teenaged boys for many years and in the early 1970s adopted a 14 yr old runaway from Liverpool, John Tomiczek, who then lived with Chapman and Chapman’s gay partner. Police inquiries about the nature of Chapman’s relationship with John were brought to an end when Chapman reminded the police that he was a Top Doctor. See previous posts. Chapman had trained at Barts, which employed Dafydd’s mates Professors Anthony Clare and Linford Rees and before that a previous generation who concealed abuse, including Lady Juliet Bingley when she was still a social worker and her father, the surgeon Reginald Vick (see post ‘The Wind Of No Change’). Chapman was personally known to people in Somerset who knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang (see previous posts eg. ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’). Chapman allowed John to do pretty much what he wanted and he, like Chapman, became an alcoholic. Chapman died in Oct 1989; John died ‘from a heart attack’ – like so many of the witnesses to the crimes of Dafydd et al – in 1992, the year in which the North Wales Police closed their investigation into the alleged paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, stating that there was no evidence of any such thing. Graham Chapman had links to north Wales via his frequent climbing trips to Snowdonia.

Cleese and Chapman were part of the Footlights group of performers who’s network included many people who were keeping quiet about organised abuse, including those like  Top Doc and self-appointed polymath Jonathan Miller – son of child psychiatrist Dr Emanuel Miller – who were called in as reinforcements to help Dafydd et al out when the police investigations began in north Wales (see previous posts).

John Cleese was also a very enthusiastic member of the SDP and they used him to front their party political broadcasts. The Gang Of Four were all fully aware of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s gang. They built their political strategy upon their knowledge of it and yet further collusion. See eg. post ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’


Geoffrey Grigson was educated at St John’s School, Leatherhead and at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University. After graduating from Oxford, Grigson took a job at the London office of the ‘Yorkshire Post’, from where he moved on to become literary editor of the ‘Morning Post’. He edited New Verse, 1933-39During WW II, Grigson worked in the editorial department of the BBC Monitoring Service near Evesham, Worcestershire and at Bristol. Dr D.G.E. Wood, who was facilitating Dafydd’s gang, grew up in a medical family in Bristol where his father was a Top Doctor and a whole network of Top Docs and others in Bristol protected the gang in north Wales.

In 1946 Grigson was one of the founders of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. Among the many people associated with the ICA was the zoologist Dr Desmond Morris, who was Director of the ICA, 1967-68, the year before John Allen took out the lease on the building which was to become the Bryn Alyn Community. Desmond Morris is best known to the general public for his socio-biological theorising which caught the imagination in the 1970s, particularly after Morris wrote his 1967 book ‘The Naked Ape’, although it has rather gone out of fashion now. However, Morris, being a high profile zoologist who undertook his PhD at Oxford, after his first degree at Birmingham University, will have known the zoologists at UCNW who colluded with Dafydd’s gang, particularly as Morris was originally an ethologist (animal behaviourist) and there were a few ethologists at Bangor. Morris specifically studied fish behaviour for his PhD and there was a fish behaviourist at UCNW, Dr Tony Pitcher.

Pitcher was deeply unpopular with his PhD students because he constantly shafted them, except for the girl whom he cohabited with. I was very friendly with one of Pitcher’s PhD students and he knew much about what happened to me at the hands of Dafydd et al. He was the partner of my friend Anne Vernon who was killed by the gang in April 1986. He shared a house with another one of Pitcher’s students, George F. Turner. George was involved in a Serious Incident as a PhD student but he wasn’t kicked out because of Pitcher’s seriously provocative conduct. Imagine my surprise when many, many years later, George returned to Bangor University as a Professor who had been headhunted by Prof Fergus Lowe, just when Brown and I had started publishing about the mental health services. Fungus was so desperate to get George to work at Bangor that a huge salary was negotiated and a job created for George’s partner, which caused much bad feeling on the part of other staff. It was only later that I was told that Fungus wanted George back at Bangor because George was a witness to what had happened to me and of course George knew about Anne as well. Fungus was the Professor of Psychology who had overthrown Dafydd’s influence in the late 1980s and had built his own equally toxic empire on the basis of his knowledge of the criminality of Dafydd et al. Fungus wasn’t as small minded as the gwerin in Bangor University, Fungus knew that Dafydd Iwan wasn’t the big fish, the big fish were those Professors of Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Obs and Gynae in the London Medical Schools who were linked to Dafydd; the Professors that Fungus knew that I’d worked with when I was a medical researcher in London after the gang killed Anne. Fungus knew that I was planning to publish the whole story one day and Fungus was also trying to overthrow Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University because Merfyn was not Of Them and Merfyn had spilt the gang’s pints, as had his wife and one of his close friends. See previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’.

Desmond Morris has a side-line as a surrealist artist and in the 1950s he produced zoology programmes for both Granada TV and BBC 2. Morris lived in Malta between 1968 and 73, which was the favoured destination for a number of the members of Dafydd’s gang, both for holidays and subsequently retirement. Lady Juliet Bingley had strong links to Malta ever since she and her family had been based there in the 1950s when her husband Sir Alec was Commander of the Mediterranean Fleet (see post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’). Lady Juliet was a personal friend of the former PM of Malta, Dom Mintoff.

From 1973 to 1981, Desmond Morris was a Research Fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford. In 1979 Morris undertook a TV series for Thames TV, The Human Race, followed in 1982 by Man Watching in JapanThe Animals Road Show in 1986 and then several other series. National Life Stories conducted an oral history interview with Desmond Morris in 2015 for its Science and Religion collection held by the British Library.

Dessie concealing the activities of Dafydd and the gang apart, I’d be interested to know how he ended up being the go-to media zoologist in the first place. Morris wasn’t the most famous ethologist academically, his colleague Niko Tinbergen was a much bigger name. Did Dessie get himself on TV in the same way that so many other media-friendly academics and naturalists managed to elbow everyone else out of the way in that very over-crowded market ie. by having knowledge of the dreadful things that were being done in order to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring??

Desmond grew up in Wiltshire, where Sir Peter Morrison’s family seat was. Morrison’s father, John Morrison aka Lord Margadale, was the MP for Salisbury for many years and Morrison’s brother Charles was the Tory MP for Devizes, 1964-92.

Dessie: You might have been at the scene of the Morrison’s crimes re Wiltshire, but I note that your lucrative media contracts continued after 1986, although you were rather old hat by then. 1986. The year that Anne was killed. I’ll look forward to the cheque from you Dessie, because my career was wrecked because of your pals in north Wales. Thanks Des!

In July 1952, Desmond Morris married Ramona Baulch; they had one son, Jason. In 1978, Morris was elected Vice-Chairman of Oxford United F.C.

Desmond’s more recent contributions to the world include:

  • Peoplewatching: The Desmond Morris Guide to Body Language (2002)
  • The Naked Woman: A Study Of The Female Body (2004)
  • Linguaggio muto (Dumb language) (2004)
  • The Nature of Happiness (2004)
  • The Naked Man: A Study of the Male Body (2008)
  • Planet Ape (2009)
  • Owl (2009) – Part of the Reaktion Books Animal series
  • Monkey (2013) – Part of the Reaktion Books Animal series
  • Leopard (2014) – Part of the Reaction Books Animal series
  • Bison (2015) – Part of the Reaction Books Animal series
  • The Lives of the Surrealists (2018)

Wally (2018) – Part of the Reaction To Outdated Crap Series:

Desmond Morris
Desmond Morris (1969).jpg

Morris in 1969


Dear, Dear Dickie and David: Dad Frederick was Principal of what became Leicester University (see previous posts):

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  • Richard Attenborough dies at 90 | New York Post

Greville Janner

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

  • David Bellamy, who loves children and even adopted some more in addition to those whom he already had:
  • What Happened To David Bellamy? | Vaccination Information ...
  • Bellamy the Children’s Favourite worked at Durham University, an institution concealing the trafficking gang in the north east which supplied children and staff to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. Professor Eric Sunderland arrived from Durham University as Principal of UCNW in 1984, when Dafydd et al were in need of a more tactful and better camouflaged paedophiles’ friend than the confrontational Sir Charles Evans. The autumn term which followed Prof Sunderland’s arrival at UCNW saw a truly dreadful undergrad arrive on the forestry degree at UCNW, Louis Standen. Standen was only offered the place because his mum, Val, was a botanist at Durham who was friends with Bellamy and had contacts at UCNW. Standen moved into our house and caused absolute havoc (see previous posts). I have since been told that Louis was a gift from those we know and love.
  • Many years later Louis received much media coverage after he was arrested during a particularly bizarre anti-nuclear protest; when he appeared in Court Louis gave his occupation as David Bellamy’s chauffeur. Louis’ dad was quite a famous novelist, Michael Standen; Louis’ mum and dad were both Labour Party activists who were mates with Tony Benn and high profile figures in the world of literature and poetry. Michael Standen was also a leading figure in the WEA in the north of England. He died in 2008, I saw his obituary in ‘The Guardian’, but Louis’ mum is still alive. So perhaps she’d like to tell me why she thought that I deserved to be inflicted with the excesses of her dysfunctional son whom it transpired had raped a girl before he ever got as far as UCNW, simply because Brown and I made complaint about the lobotomist at Bangor who was part of the ring with which her family and mates were colluding. I look forward to hearing from you Mrs S. Meanwhile, I expect that you’ll be Marching for Peace or Against Racism or In Support Of The NHS Against The Tory Cuts or one of the many other Causes Close To Your Hearts that I remember your family being Passionate about. By the way, when Louis joined the hunt sabs, his idea of sabbing was to drive his Land Rover very speedily in the direction of hunt supporters in an attempt to hit them. Perhaps your fellow native of Durham who also knows all about the trafficking ring, Bryan Ferry, could employ his fuckwit of a son Otis, a Hunt Master prone to assaulting sabs, to enter a different sort of ring with Louis and we’ll all buy tickets for the Big Match. Louis can scream and swear and get completely out of control in the way that I remember so well and Otis can thrash him with a riding crop.

In 1951 Geoffrey Grigson curated a touring exhibition of drawings and watercolours drawn from the British Council Collection. Later in life Grigson was a noted critic, reviewer (for the ‘New York Review of Books’ in particular) and compiler of numerous poetry anthologies. He wrote on travel, on art (and also had a volatile friendship with the painter John Piper), on the English countryside, and on botany, among other subjects. In 1951, he was General Editor of the 13-volume About Britain series of regional guidebooks published to coincide with the Festival of Britain. After the repression of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, at the initiative of Stephen Spender, Grigson joined a group of British writers and artists who applied for visas to visit dissidents in Hungary. The visas were refused.

Many of those who protested against the repression of the Hungarian Revolution or those on the left who had bitter arguments with their former friends over the issue – it caused rifts in the Communist Party of Great Britain – knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and a few years later were the same people who colluded with Dafydd et al…

Grigson in his later life lived partly in Wiltshire and partly in a village in the Loir-et-Cherdepartement in France. He died in 1985 in Broad Town, Wiltshire, and is buried there in Christ Church Churchyard.

Grigson was the youngest son of Canon William Shuckforth Grigson (1845–1930), the vicar of Pelynt, near Looe. The inscription on Canon Grigson’s slate headstone in Pelynt Churchyard is the work of Eric Gill, 1931.

Eric Gill was a sculptor, typeface designer and printmaker who was associated with the Arts and Crafts Movement. Gill is well-known for his religious views and subject matter. Gill produced sculptures for the stations of the cross in Westminster Cathedral; a carved a statue of the ‘Virgin and Child’ for the west door of the chapel at Marlborough College; The Creation of Adam, three bas-reliefs in stone for the Palace of Nations, the League of Nations building in Geneva. Gill was made a Royal Designer for Industry by the RSA and became a founder-member of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry when it was established in 1938. In April 1937, Gill was elected an Associate member of the Royal Academy.

Gill’s only complete work of architecture was St Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Gorleston, built in 1938–39.

Eric Gill was adamantly opposed to fascism and was one of the few Catholics in Britain to openly support the Spanish Republicans. Gill became a pacifist and helped set up the Catholic peace organisation Pax. Later Gill joined the Peace Pledge Union and supported the British branch of the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Gill became a Roman Catholic in 1913 and worked primarily for Catholic clients. In 1921 he started a Catholic artists community called The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic and became a lay member of the Dominican Order.

In recent years Eric Gill has become a controversial figure after it became public in 1989 that his personal diaries revealed that he had several extramarital affairs, incestuous relationships with his two eldest teenage daughters and with his sisters and participated in sexual acts with his dog. In the wake of all that, some people didn’t quite know what to do with the religious art.


Geoffrey Grigson and his first wife, Frances, had one daughter, Caroline, a zoologist, who was married to Colin Banks. Banks was a designer who co-founded Banks & Miles, designers and typographers in 1958 with John Miles. Major clients of the partnership included the Consumers’ Association, the Post Office, British Telecom and London Transport.With John Miles, Colin Banks was the Production Editor of ‘Which?’and associated magazines, 1964-93. Banks was President of the International Society of Typographic Designers, 1988-93 and 2000-02. With his second wife, Berta Emma Kunert, Griegson had two children, Anna and Lionel Grigson. Lionel Grigson is a jazz musician, so he probably knew George Melly who was keen on underaged boys. Grigson’s third wife was Jane and their daughter is Sophie Grigson, the cookery writer. The political scientist Giacomo Benedetto is the son of Grigson’s daughter, Anna.

Giacomo Benedetto is a British Italian political scientist and holds a Chair at Royal Holloway, University of London. He previously lectured at Manchester University. Benedetto is an expert in European Union politics and has researched and published extensively on the European Parliament, Euroscepticism and the EU Budget. He has been invited to provide oral evidence on Brexit and the EU budget by the Lords EU financial affairs sub-committee of the select committee on the EU.



Dr Charles Rycroft was in the Communist Party when he was at Cambridge, where he knew Virginia Woolf’s brother Adrian Stephen; it was Stephen who stimulated Rycroft’s interest in analysis. Charles Rycroft lived until May 1998, by which time Ronnie Waterhouse had heard the evidence from the former residents of the children’s homes in north Wales and Ronnie and the world had called them lying bastards. Charles was There For Dafydd et al for many years, including throughout many of the gang’s attempts to frame me and have me banged up. Charles died soon after one of the attempts to imprison me – along with Patient F – had failed when we were acquitted in Court despite the best efforts of NHS perjurers. See post ‘A Solicitor’s Letter From North East Wales MIND’.

Adrian Stephen and his wife Karin were among the first British psychoanalysts. Stephen was the youngest of four children and the death of his father Leslie Stephen in 1904 resulted in the four siblings moving to Bloomsbury and their house there became the nucleus of the Bloomsbury Set. Stephen was also a half-brother of George and Gerald Duckworth, both of whom Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell later accused of sexually abusing them when they were children and teenagers.

George Duckworth’s grandson Anthony Nicholas George Duckworth-Chad of Pynkney Hall, near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, is a landowner and City of London businessman. He is Chairman of the Governing Body of Gresham’s School, Holt, Vice-President of the Anglers’ Conservation Association, Trustee of the Country Land and Business Association Charitable Trust and Trustee of the Rudhams Playing Fields Trust. In 1992, Duckworth-Chad was appointed High Sheriff of Norfolk and serves, or did serve, as Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk.

Duckworth-Chad’s great-uncle Gerald Duckworth founded the London publishing firm of Duckworth & Co. Duckworth-Chad agreed to become the heir of his great-uncle’s widow with the stipulation that he would add her maiden name, Chad, to his own.

In 1970, Duckworth-Chad married (Elizabeth) Sarah Wake-Walker, a granddaughter of the seventh Earl Spencer. They have three children, James Anthony de L’Etang Duckworth-Chad (born 1972), William George Christopher (1975) and Davina Alice (1978). Duckworth-Chad’s wife, Elizabeth Wake-Walker, was a first cousin of Diana, Princess of Wales and he is also reported to be a close friend of Carlo. His son James was Equerry to Lilibet, 2001-04 and his daughter Davina is a friend of her second cousins William and Harry, both of whom attended her marriage to Tom Barber at Pynkney Hall on 25 September 2004.


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  • Anyone feel like publishing a book about Lord Thomas Scott Baker, the judge from the Family Court with links to Dafydd and the gang who served as the coroner for the inquests of Di and Dodi, even though he’d never conducted an inquest before (see previous posts)? Well I challenge you to try and get a contract from a publisher for such a book. The nearest anyone can get is the serial ‘Heir of Sorrows’ written by Dame Sylvie Krin, in ‘Private Eye’.


Anthony Duckworth-Chad was a cousin of Auberon Waugh, Bron having written for the Eye himself back in the days when it was dominated by Tory public schoolboys – Shrewsbury School, where Sir Charles Evans, Michael Heseltine and many other paedophiles’ friends were educated – Richard Ingrams and John Wells, as well as their pal Candida Lycett Green, the daughter of John Betjeman and who employed Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader. Candida, her family and network of friends and colleagues contained numerous people who knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including some very posh people. Betjeman was of course big in the Church of England as well as being a friend of Harold Wilson’s wife. See post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’ for details of the wider network.


Adrian Stephen was educated at Westminster School. Among his romantic liaisons was his affair with the artist Duncan Grant, which led to Grant’s introduction to Stephen’s sister Vanessa Bell, with whom he would eventually have a (rather unusual) romance. Adrian attended Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1914 Stephen married Karin Costelloe, by then a Fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge.

Stephen was a conscientious objector during WW I, like many other members of the Bloomsbury Set and, with Costelloe, lived out the war working on a farm in Essex. Early in the war Adrian Stephen was active in the Union of Democratic Control, then later was Honorary Treasurer of the National Council Against Conscription.

Towards the end of WW I, Adrian and Karin became interested in psychoanalysis. They trained after contacting Ernest Jones and were both analysed initially by James Glover; Adrian and Karin qualified in the late 1920s. Adrian completed his analysis with Ella Freeman Sharpe.

Adrian Stephen became deeply involved in anti-Fascist activity in the 1930s. In WW II Stephen became so angered by the Nazis’ brutality and anti-semitism that he abandoned his pacifist stance of the previous war and volunteered to become an army psychoanalyst in 1939, at the age of 57. Active in promoting reforms in the British Psychoanalytical Society, 1942-44, Stephen became Scientific Secretary of the Society (1945–47) and took over the job of Editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis from James Strachey in 1946. Adrian Stephen died in 1948, but north Wales bore the brunt of the legacy of his friend and colleague James Strachey, along with Adrian’s family and network.

James Beaumont Strachey (26 September 1887, London – 25 April 1967) was a member of the Middle Group of analysts. Strachey, along with his wife Alix, translated the works of Freud into English and it is this that made Strachey so influential. His influence continued after his death, he was a huge figure in analysis.
James Strachey was the son of Lt-Gen Sir Richard Strachey and Lady (Jane) Strachey. His parents had thirteen children, of whom ten lived to adulthood.

James was educated at Hillbrow prep school in Rugby and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took over the rooms used by his older brother Lytton Strachey. At Cambridge, Strachey fell deeply in love with the poet Rupert Brooke, who did not return his affections. He was himself pursued by mountaineer George Mallory, conceding to Mallory’s sexual advances. George Mallory died on Everest in 1924, but his fellow climbers who lived longer influenced the next generation of mountaineers (see post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’), which included Top Doctor Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW (Bangor University), 1958-84, while UCNW facilitated Dafydd’s trafficking gang. Charles Evans’s friend Anne McCandless was another Top Doctor who, like Sir Charles, was rather more interested in mountaineering than she was in being a Top Doctor; Anne McCandless knew about the paedophile/trafficking ring as well, as did many of her colleagues and friends (see post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’).

James Strachey had an affair with economist John Maynard Keynes.

Strachey was a conscientious objector during WW I. He was Assistant Editor of ‘The Spectator’ – the Editor was the father of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis’s wife Amabel – and a member of the Bloomsbury Set. James married Alix Sargant Florence in 1920. Alix was born in Nutley, New Jersey in the US. Her brother, Professor Philip Sargant Florence, became an economist and married the birth control activist Lella Faye Secor. Philip lectured at Cambridge University and then became Professor of Commerce at the University of Birmingham where he remained until his retirement in 1955. By the 1970s, the University of Birmingham housed Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass and was part of the hub of civic corruption in the West Midlands. Philip lived until 1982 to fight on behalf of the network of corruption.

Roy Hattersley


Philip Sargant Florence was a friend of Robert Dudley Best, the British manufacturer deeply involved with the Modern design movement in and immediately after the interwar years. Robert took over Best & Lloyd, his father’s light industrial engineering works in Birmingham, having previously trained as a metal designer at art school in Dusseldorf. Robert Best designed the Bestlite, an iconic Bauhaus-styled desk lamp that remains in production and was used by Winston Churchill in Whitehall. Best was an early apostle of the posture therapist F.M. Alexander of the Alexander technique, campaigned for better art-school education for industrial apprentices, and was a founder of the Common Wealth Party in 1942. Best’s social circle included a group of Birmingham artists and intellectuals associated with Birmingham University.

Robert Bluglass:

Prof ROBERT BLUGLASS CBE Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry University of Birmingham Member of the Ashworth Inquiry team The team have published a damning report on the top security Ashworth - stock image

Professor Stuart Hall
Hall Stuart.jpg

Stuart Hall

Roy Hattersley

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Previous posts discussed Trevor Tunstall, an architect who worked on the Bull Ring in Birmingham and who’s later years were wrecked by Tony Francis and Dafydd’s gang. Previous posts eg. ‘The Wind Of No Change’ have provided a bit of background on some of those in public life in Birmingham who managed to not notice a great deal.

Robert Best was alive until 1984 to keep the flag of Dafydd et al flying. He mentored the economist Hilde Behrend, known for her research into industrial relations and the motivational differences between workers. Hilde Behrend was born in Berlin to a Jewish family. In 1936 Behrend moved to London and in 1941 she began studying at the LSE, graduating in 1944.

Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law Ralph studied at the LSE just before WW II. During the 1940s and 50s, the LSE hosted people like Professors Richard Titmuss and Brian Able-Smith who designed the post-war British welfare state, including the NHS. See previous posts. Their design served the most disadvantaged citizens very, very poorly, it was no more than a charter for serious abuse and neglect but no-one ever dared admit this and most people still won’t, unless they are on the right and want to use it to justify privatisation.



After graduating, Hilde taught German and French at a grammar school, before starting work as a research assistant for Philip Sargant Florence. Behrend completed her PhD at Birmingham University, before moving to Edinburgh University in 1954, to take up a post at the new social sciences research centre led by Professor John Macmurray. Hilde remained at Edinburgh for the whole of her academic career.

Behrend’s research focused primarily on labour and industrial relations, in particular the interrelationships between economics and psychology in understanding how people operate at work. She also came up with the ‘blue Monday index’ which measures the difference between Monday’s and Friday’s absence rates and how these voluntary absence varied by types of worker.

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Compare the idle sods above with this hardworking high achieving professional:

Charles Evans (mountaineer) - Wikipedia

Sir Charles Evans – famous mountaineer who was indeed a member of the first team to conquer Everest. He was working as a neurosurgeon on Merseyside at the time and Evans spending far more time exploring the Himalayas than being in the operating theatre was a standing joke. Evans eventually was forced to give up neurosurgery because he had done so little operating he was dangerous. So he was transferred to another surgical speciality instead. Charles continued his adventures up mountains. And with his job as a Top Doctor even though he often wasn’t there. Evans’s friend Anne McCandless had a similarly relaxed attitude to her day job as a Top Doctor.
Another highly paid person on good terms with Sir Charles, who never even pretended to fulfil his NHS contract because he knew that he didn’t have to, no-one was ever going to take any action. Dafydd wasn’t exploring the Himalayas, he was holding ‘private sex therapy clinics’ among other things. Including giving evidence to Parliamentary Committees on matters healthcare (see eg. post ‘Feet In Chains’), while investigations and inquiries were being held into the organised abuse in north Wales which he was facilitating:
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



Hilde pegged out in Jan 2000, one month before the Waterhouse Report was published, so she was around for many years to let us all know how to motivate the labouring classes, while she and her mates took a day off whenever it pleased them because they all had tenured posts in universities which made it nigh on impossible to sack them no matter how seriously they disgraced themselves.


Alix Strachey attended Bedales School, as did Dafydd’s mate the corrupt Top Doctor Adrianne Reveley, numerous other Top Docs and alumni who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and of course Ma’am Darling’s children (see post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’). After Bedales, Alix studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and Newnham College, Cambridge.

James and Alix moved to Vienna, where James began a psychoanalysis with Freud, of whom he was a great admirer. Freud asked the couple to translate some of his works into English, and this became their lives’ work. Looking back forty years later at this turning-point, Strachey commented in a ‘disarming passage’ to his fellow analysts on his then qualifications as a psychoanalytic candidate, as compared to modern times: ‘A discreditable academic career with the barest of B.A. degrees, no medical qualifications…no experience of anything except third-rate journalism. The only thing in my favour was that at the age of thirty I wrote a letter out of the blue to Freud, asking him if he would take me on as a student’. James continued by saying that, having spent a couple of years in Vienna, “I got back to London in the summer of 1922, and in October, without any further ado, I was elected an associate member of the [Psycho-Analytical] Society. … A year later, I was made a full member. So there I was, launched on the treatment of patients, with no experience, with no supervision, with nothing to help me but some two years of analysis with Freud”.

It was Freud who decided that “the Stracheys should become members (full) of the Society. … To be sure their conflicts have not been decided, but we need not wait so long, we can only instigate the processes which has to be fed by the factors of life”.

Freud’s enthusiasm in embracing the Stracheys is interesting. Freud certainly did embrace people who weren’t Top Doctors unlike some other analysts who were also Top Doctors themselves, but there must have been a positive stampede in the direction of Freud at the time when the Stracheys approached him. It was the Stracheys whom Freud was keen to have on board and whom he fast-tracked though. The Stracheys of the Bloomsbury Set, a circle choc full of influential, well-connected people yet who were considered by many to be rather disreputable…

James and Alix thus both become practising analysts; James subsequently began publishing his own original articles; and the two of them (in collaboration with Ernest Jones and Joan Riviere) began translating Freud’s works in earnest, as well as writings by a number of other European psychoanalysts. Their translation of Freud’s works remains the standard edition of Freud’s works to this day.

While the Stracheys were instrumental in encouraging Melanie Klein to come to England to pursue her analytic discoveries, both remained loyal to Freud at the same time and stood as part of the Middle Group between the proponents of Melanie Klein and of Anna Freud.

While accepting that “Strachey’s translation was also an act of interpretation and it has not been hard to find spots where he went astray”, the fact remains that “Freud was delighted with the work Strachey succeeded in doing”; whilst even into the 21st century “the German editions have relied on Strachey’s editorial apparatus, which should be a testimony to what he accomplished”.

James is mentioned in the text of Michael Holroyd’s biography of Lytton Strachey and in the introduction to the 1971 Penguin edition and the 1994–95 revised edition. James was the literary executor for his brother Lytton, so Holroyd saw James and Alix frequently over the five years from 1962 that he was researching and writing the first edition (published in 1967–68) of his biography of Lytton.


Sir Clough Williams-Ellis of Llanfrothen/ Croesor married Amabel Strachey. The Stracheys are a huge family and many have very similar names so trying to get to grips with the whole network is taking me quite some time. However, they all held influential positions in art/culture/literature/politics, they were on hand to assist each other and in turn they were friends with/sexual partners of/married to numerous other people who held influential positions in the arts, politics etc.

Lytton Strachey was the founder of the Bloomsbury Set and it was Lytton who was famously excessive sexually, although quite a few of Lytton’s friends and relatives worked hard to keep up with Lytton in that particular field. Not so long ago Radio 4 ran a comedy series satirising the Bloomsbury Set, ‘Gloomsbury’ and a friend of mine remarked that ‘Gloomsbury’ was ridiculous and infantile; however another friend who was au fait with what the Bloomsbury Set got up to loved it and maintained that it was spot on in terms of the excesses and petty jealousies and squabbles of a hugely self-indulgent network of people.

Amabel had immediate links to some of the Stracheys with a saner reputation than Lytton; her father John St Loe Strachey ws the Editor of ‘The Spectator’ which is how Amabel got a job writing for that publication and her brother Evelyn John St Loe Strachey aka John Strachey was a Labour MP and Minister in Clement Attlee’s Gov’t. However some of the extended family were involved with the organised abuse of children and vulnerable people and the family’s influence ensured that there were no repercussions, including for their associates in north Wales. Members of the Bloomsbury Set also attended universities famous for recruiting spies during the pre-WW II years who later were outed as double agents, including Cambridge. Previous posts have provided specific details of some examples, including those reaching right into Dafydd’s gang eg. Goronwy Rees, who served as Principal of Aberystwyth University in the 1950s.

The presence of Clough, Bertrand Russell and their friends in south Gwynedd undoubtedly was hugely advantageous to Dafydd and the gang. The original stars of the show in Croesor from the 1950s/60s have virtually all died now, but their children and grandchildren are still with us doing the ‘how very dare you’ bit should anyone try to expose the extent of the fuckwittery…

Patient F who was targeted in a major way by Dafydd et al came from a middle class family in Surrey and spent his young life with artists, rockers and alternative people, some of whom later became famous…

I have only just discovered that the Stracheys began as Somerset nobility before their mycelia found its way into the rest of the UK.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 13.49.53

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Available from Portmeirion Online:
The Prisoner Fine Bone China Mug: Been Poisoned
The Prisoner Fine Bone China Mug: I'd Rather Be in The Village

Adrian and Karin Stephen, 1914:

Photograph of Adrian Stephen with his wife Karin Costelloe in 1914, the year they were married


Clough and Amabel in old age in the 1970s:

About @ Plas Brondanw


Sir Clough studied at the Slade School of Art; as did Alix Strachey and Sir Kyffin Williams, Anglesey’s eminent artist who never married and wasn’t blessed with children.



One of the Specialist Advisers to the Select Health Committee in 1997-98 was Chris Davies, Director of Somerset Social Services. Not only did Somerset contain a number of people who knew what was happening to me in north Wales at that time along with a group of Tory and Lib Dem MPs who capitalised on it politically eg. Tom King, Paddy Ashdown, John Biffen etc (see previous posts), but there was also a trafficking ring operating in the Bridgwater area with links to Dafydd’s gang. Somerset Social Services was in a very bad way and not long after Chris Davies served as the Specialist Adviser, things began to fall apart and Somerset had to give up any pretensions that it was running a functioning social care or mental health service. I knew that there were major problems in Somerset when Chris was dispensing his advice; I knew of unsuitable people who had been passed to provide paid care for vulnerable people, I knew of Top Doctors who were concealing wrongdoing and abuse, I knew of psych patients who were being abused and neglected and I knew of a child sex offender who seemed to enjoy protection from high places, despite the police being in hot pursuit of him.


I need to nominate another person as a member of the Vermin Club, a man who had escaped my attention until someone e mailed me the other day. Introducing Professor Peter Elwood, an epidemiologist of Cardiff University. Peter Elwood goes back many years, he was a colleague of Archie Cochrane who featured in earlier blog posts. Archie Cochrane worked in south Wales when Dafydd’s gang was embryonic and he was a colleague of Professor Kenneth Rawnsley, who held the fort at Cardiff University for decades, reassuring everyone that standards and care in Dafydd’s Denbigh Dungeon were good and that Dafydd et al were providing high quality training for Top Doctors and Angels. See post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’ Kenneth also loyally trained numerous mad, abusive Top Docs himself, including Tony Francis. Whenever I become forgetful and compare what Rawnsley said was happening in psychiatry in Wales with what everyone knew was happening and ask myself ‘how did they get away with this?’, I soon remember the words ‘George Thomas’. It explains a great deal. Including this:

The Baroness Morgan of Ely
Eluned Morgan AM (28136582086).jpg


Archie Cochrane promoted robust science but for some reason he did not ensure that his junior colleagues followed his recommendations. Rawnsley et al continued to make it up as they went along. Archie also publicised the fact that rigorous analysis had demonstrated quite clearly that in the case of the younger people in a patient population under study, Top Docs were definitely doing something that was killing them. Very wisely, no other Top Doc dared follow up Archie’s surprising finding, although no-one demonstrated that he was wrong on this matter. See previous posts for further details re Archie Cochrane.

A 2016 online article published by Cardiff University boasted of the many achievements of Peter Elwood:

Elwood specialises in preventative medicine; from heart disease to stroke, and recently cancer. Implementing the first set of randomised clinical trials and evidence based medicine has been the backbone of his scientific research. In an extraordinary study, the effects of aspirin on platelets (cells in the blood) and heart disease was investigated in Caerphilly. Pioneering evidence based medicine, a long term study involving over 2,500 men was set up. The study lasted 35 years and provided data on a variety of factors affecting health and disease and was published in the Lancet.

The study was majorly successful and hit the headlines. Elwood was part of the team that found that a low dose of aspirin has beneficial effects for patients whom have had a heart attack or stroke, providing many indicators of health and disease. 

Hasn’t someone just demonstrated that low dose aspirin doesn’t confer such benefits after all??

Going beyond the study of cardiovascular diseases, it has relevance for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, coining the phrase, ‘better than any pill.’ The study highlight the importance of following a healthy lifestyle: resulting in a 60 per reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Since the release, this work has attracted much attention in medical science. Prof Elwood led the Medical Research Council in Wales and has contributed immensely to our current understanding of epidemiology and medical practice.

Informing the public on health promotion brings a chance to improve the health of this generation. How to a healthy life is a widely discussed topic in the media, and these studies have provided information on factors which affect a healthy life. Elwood strives to prolong disease free survival. By studying the mechanisms of disease and conducting randomised evidence based trials, it has been possible to explore factors which impact health and disease.

The British Medical Journal featured the study as one of the 50 most quoted medical research articles. The data collected is used by the team, and also collaborating colleagues. To build upon this knowledge, genetic analysis can be carried out and UK BIOBANK has been set up, which aims to ‘improve the health of future generations.’

Elwood continues to work on elucidating important factors of health and disease. Currently, he is working on cancer and dementia. Our society still has questions about epidemiology which ensure research continues.

Clinical practice relies on evidence to advance the study of medicine. Trials utilising the principals of evidence based medicine, which were first introduced by Prof Elwood and colleagues, provide immense understanding of epidemiology.


Perhaps Peter could answer a few questions that I’ve had for some time and which if answered will provide immense understanding of the endemic corruption in medicine and in particular the uniting of even very eminent Top Docs in the face of Any Challenge To Dafydd.

Peter, your name appeared as someone who ‘provided helpful advice and support’ to the authors of the paper ‘Gastric Cancer In Gwynedd. Possible Links With Bracken’: O.P. Galpin; C.J. Whitaker, Rh. Whitaker; and J.Y. Kassab, which was published in the ‘British Journal of Cancer’, 1990; 61, pp 737-740.

You will remember that the authors of that paper claimed to have made a massive breakthrough re gastric cancer and that upon publication the paper was the centre of worldwide media attention. Days later, it was quietly admitted that there were ‘flaws’ in the research and no-one mentioned the paper again. As I explained in my post ‘They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now’, the ‘flaws’ were indeed mighty; a sample size of THREE for the control group and not all members of the sample had gastric cancer…

The authors of the paper were associates of Dafydd’s who worked at UCNW and Ysbyty Gwynedd. Some of them were responsible for teaching stats to undergrads and postgrads at UCNW/Bangor University and some of them went on to become leading healthcare researchers and clinical trials leaders in Wales. After they had published this load of cobblers. One of the authors was the father of a Top Doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sir Richard Doll had ‘advised’ on this heap of manure and had not spotted the ‘flaws’ or that the ‘team’ were a gang of fools closely linked to a gang of paedophiles.

Would you please tell me Peter, why one of the biggest names in epidemiology in the world – Richard Doll – was prepared to be associated with this and why no-one asked him that after the paper was discredited? Can you also explain how this rubbish ever made it through the peer-review process to publication?

Previous blog posts discuss the backgrounds of everyone involved in this sorry affair – except for Peter Elwood, because I couldn’t find out who he was when I was writing those posts – including the editors of the ‘British Journal of Cancer’.

That paper was published and received world wide media attention at the very time that Tony and Sadie Francis had perjured themselves – with the full knowledge of the MDU and their barrister Sir Robert Francis QC (see post ‘The Sordid Role Of Sir Robert Francis QC’) – in an attempt to have me imprisoned. As a result I was forced out of my career in medical research, which had never involved publishing lies and subsequently appeared in a press article, as the subject matter of ‘Scientist In Court’. That’ll have been HONEST scientist in court as a result of perjury, who’d blown the whistle on a whole pyramid of abuse and crime facilitated by Top Doctors…

‘The British Journal of Cancer’ maintained that the original article was submitted in 1988. Is that true Peter? If so, when it was returned for redrafting, why did the bullshit remain in the article? Or was that article hastily concocted and published to coincide with the Scientist Appearing In Court?

Thatch had just been deposed when that journal article appeared and I was on the verge of being carted off in a Black Maria… Remember the Tory leadership contest?? All contenders were concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s part in it. John Major triumphed…

After I left my job at St George’s, the people who helped force me out were caught in a huge research fraud scandal. Including Geoffrey Chamberlain, who was a pal of Sir George Pinker, the Royal Gynaecologist who delivered William and Harry, who ignored Diana’s distress during her pregnancies and who nearly fucked up William’s delivery in a big way. See previous posts.

Diana knew about Sir Peter Morrison and a lot more besides…


August 31, 1997, during the Waterhouse Inquiry:

  • Car Crash: Princess Diana Image Car Crash
  • New conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk - CNN


Yesterday there were reports that the IPPR and Dame Someone Or Other who held senior roles in NHS England has told Theresa that the extra £20 billion that has been vomited up for NHS England on top of the usual dosh Isn’t Enough To Avert A Crisis. I didn’t think that it would be.

I’ve got an idea Theresa. Why don’t you give me an Arts Council grant to form a Wimmin’s Theatre Company and I will tour the UK with my performance of Identifying With The Phallus? It’s what the founders of psychiatry used as the keystone of the whole discipline and I cannot possibly do more damage than they have done. I’ll be a great deal cheaper, I won’t kill witnesses to serious crime or give people soft tissue infections or produce iatrogenic illness. Neither will I run a trafficking gang. It’ll be a Wimmin’s Theatre Company because we all know that Wimmin Share and Don’t Bottle Things Up, but I’m not exclusionary, men will of course be welcome as will intersex people. There is however one man whom I would prefer to give us all a very wide berth: Uncle Harry’s nephew, who worked for the IPPR as did many of his mates…

Uncle Harry’s legacy Ed. Truly a Vermin Club. Not too impressive is it?


Image - The Tally Ho - No 6 speaks his mind.png | Prisoner ...

Hwyl Fawr Carwyn, Croeso Drakeford!

Today is Carwyn’s last day as Wales’s FM, as BBC News Wales Online is currently reminding us.

Carwyn Jones

So here’s a post to pay tribute to Carwyn, FM of Wales, 2009-18 and welcome his successor who takes office as FM tomorrow, Mark Drakeford.

Carwyn’s time as FM saw many high points, but his finest hour was of course the suicide of Carl Sargeant, the Labour AM for Alyn and Deeside and Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children in Nov 2017. Carl hung himself after being suspended from the Welsh Labour Party and his job by Carwyn in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct, the details of which Carl was never given.

Carl Sargeant

The allegations were traced to some Welsh Labour wimmin spin doctors, at least one of whom has been responsible for concealing the barrel of shit that is the sex abuse gang who have run the NHS and social services in Wales for many years. Even after all these months, no-one is sure who alleged what against Carl and how much evidence there was for the allegations. Carl remains dead and his son Jack has succeeded Carl’s seat in the Senedd.

Until Carl hung himself, no-one imagined that Carwyn’s tenure could have been blighted with anything worse than the 2013 Tawel Fan Scandal, the biggest scandal involving the abuse of mental health patients that the UK has ever experienced. Tawel Fan was a truly dreadful EMI ward in the deeply troubled Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Before Tawel Fan broke, the Ablett Unit had already distinguished itself by employing a healthcare assistant who sexually abused a female patient and in his defence stated that she was a ‘time waster’ who ‘wasn’t really ill’, being someone with a ‘personality disorder’. A female patient from the Ablett Unit was murdered by another Ablett patient whom she had met in the Ablett and begun a relationship with; no member of Ablett staff had told her that he had a history of extreme violence towards his female partners. Then a Bulgarian man who was completely psychotic was discharged from the Ablett Unit, homeless and with no aftercare, only to travel to Tenerife and chop the head off of an English tourist. While in the Ablett Unit the Angels had documented that their patient was ‘talking gibberish’ ie. Bulgarian and a Top Doctor had stated that he was feigning mental illness in order to use the hospital to secure accommodation, being homeless, so they kicked him out.

Throughout these events, serious complaints made by other patients about the appalling care and conditions at the Ablett were ignored; at least one of those complaints involved one of the Top Doctors responsible for the care of the Bulgarian decapitator. Top Doctors at the Ablett Unit were used as second opinions by their mates from the Hergest Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd, when patients at the Hergest had been neglected and abused so badly that they asked to be transferred to another Top Doctor. The second opinions from the Ablett inevitably backed up their mates from the Hergest. Meanwhile, patients at the Hergest were violently assaulted and found dead, including on the ward.

Then came Tawel Fan. After numerous complaints from patients’ relatives were ignored, an Angel raised concerns when she saw one of her male Angel colleagues kicking a patient. She was ignored. So this Angel made an undercover recording of patients crawling around on floors covered with urine and faeces, while her charming colleagues swore at them and chatted about their sex lives. One patient had an untreated broken arm. The Angel gave the undercover film to the relative of a patient who’s complaints had been repeatedly ignored. They took it to the press and the scandal erupted. The Angel was sacked and later struck off by the NMC. Tawel Fan was shut down and the police were called in to investigate. A number of patients were in such poor condition that they died soon after the ward was closed. No Angels were charged or disciplined and a group of them gave an interview to ‘The Daily Post’ stating that the care in Tawel Fan was ‘excellent’ and that the relatives who complained were ‘trouble makers’.

Relatives of the Tawel Fan patients spoke of being treated with rudeness and disrespect by both Carwyn and the Health Minister at the time, Mark Drakeford.

While patients continued to die in the Hergest Unit, there were deaths of patients in another other psych unit in north Wales, the Heddfan Unit at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, including that of one patient, a policeman, who managed to hang himself on the ward.

Some months after the Tawel Fan Scandal, the Bryn Hesketh Scandal hit the media after elderly patients were abused at the Bryn Hesketh Unit in Colwyn Bay. Some of the staff involved were those who had abused patients in Tawel Fan. Once more, no charges were brought and no staff faced disciplinary action.

Psych patients were not the only people in north Wales to suffer. The maternity service at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was so dangerous and so many babies died that an outside ‘hit squad’ was called in and stated that the problems were so great that their first task would be ‘establishing normality’. No staff were disciplined, despite an admission that one Top Doctor was such an abusive bully that he was a danger to patients.

Then there was the outbreak of C. difficile in the hospitals in north Wales; the bogs on the wards which were overflowing with turds, urine and blood and left in that state for weeks; the cases of food poisoning suffered by patients which were not even documented; the police investigation into fraud and embezzlement by the managers of Ysbty Glan Clwyd…

There was much more as well, but there is not the scope in this tribute to detail it all.

Some of these events took place when Professor Merfyn Jones was Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. Merfyn’s wiki entry currently states that he was appointed Chairman in 2013; that is wrong, he was appointed in 2011. Merfyn had previously served as a Board member and was horrified at the problems which were simply being ignored or concealed. So when Merfyn became Chairman of the Betsi, he tried to address those problems, which included mounting a prosecution against an Angel who impersonated a police officer and threw an old lady in her 80s across the ward, injuring her. This Angel had some years previously unlawfully refused to treat a patient and threatened her with physical violence, but no action was taken against him. The Top Docs, managers and Angels were so outraged at Merfyn responding to patient complaints and launching investigations into staff misconduct that they organised across the Health Board, conspired to withold information from the Board and allowed patients to die, to force Merfyn’s resignation in 2013 under a huge cloud and ensure that he did not return to public life.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chairman Professor ...


The person who wrote one of the critical ‘independent’ reports about Merfyn was Dr Peter Higson, who was then appointed as Chairman of the Betsi himself. During Higson’s time as Chairman, the suicide and mortality rates rose even higher, litigation against the Health Board soared and a recruitment crisis occurred because staff simply wouldn’t take jobs in the NHS in north Wales.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board considered ...


Meanwhile in other regions of Wales, NHS staff with criminal convictions were employed, patients died of neglect in hospitals and while waiting for ambulances to arrive, ambulances which sometimes didn’t ever arrive even after the patient had died. A healthcare assistant was jailed for the rape of a disabled woman after complaints about him sexually abusing patients were ignored; one of his parents was a senior manager of the NHS Health Board which had employed him.

While Carwyn has been FM there has been scandal after scandal of residents in care homes being abused or neglected, sometimes resulting in their deaths. The case of one chain of care homes owned by a Top Doctor in south Wales was used as an example in a healthcare conference in England of extreme elder abuse which had been known about and ignored for years.

Disabled residents in receipt of community care in Wales often found that the carer who was given an hour in which to get them out of bed, washed, dressed and given breakfast simply didn’t turn up, so they remained in bed until the lunch-time carer turned up or, because they sometimes didn’t turn up either, the disabled person stayed in bed until the evening carer arrived to put them to bed.


The health and social care system is not the only part of Wales’s infrastructure which has thrived under Carwyn. There has been a constant problem with endemic police corruption. It is bad in south Wales but even worse in north Wales. On Carwyn’s watch, two police officers in north Wales were charged with assault and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. They were cleared. One of them had previously worked as a healthcare assistant on the psych wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd. The North Wales Police consistently refused to investigate complaints made by psych patients of staff abusing them.

Policing is not a devolved responsibility, so Carwyn does not have domain over the police. However, a few weeks ago, the former Chief Constable of North Wales was appointed as the new Chairman of the Betsi Board and the NHS is a devolved responsibility.

  • Q&A with North Wales Chief Constable Mark Polin - Daily Post


Throughout Carwyn’s time as FM, there have been scandals involving local authority corruption across north Wales. Dear old Anglesey County Council leads the field in this regard, one of the Councillors went to prison while Carwyn was FM; I think it was the same Councillor who went to prison years ago, before Carwyn was FM.

Wales’s universities have excelled under Carwyn’s leadership too. As well as the rampant grade inflation and plagiarism which is de rigueur in HE post-Blair, Swansea University has been beset by scandal after scandal and in the last couple of weeks the VC has been suspended. There have also been public scandals at senior management level at Aberystwyth University, Glyndwr University and Cardiff Met University.

Wales’s schools are not what they should be. Pupils from professional families often perform very well and achieve impressively in the state schools and it is pupils like this to which Wales always points as evidence of how excellent and equitable its schools are. Yet pupils in the same schools from more disadvantaged backgrounds often have dreadful experiences and outcomes, which are ignored. SEN pupils fare so badly that huge numbers of parents scrimp and save to pay for private provision. When I attended The Night With A Thousand Stars some eight years ago in Llandudno at which Carwyn was the keynote speaker, in his speech Carwyn expressed his deep concern at the standards in Welsh schools.


My mates always laugh at me because I do try to be fair to people, even those who have mistreated me or taken me for a ride. I continue to do my best to be even-handed because I have spent my whole life watching people lie, deceive and shoulder the blame for their own wrongdoing onto other less guilty or entirely innocent people and it is in those circumstances that serious endemic corruption thrives. So I’m going to be fair to Carwyn as well.

Carwyn knew just how bloody terrible things were in the troubled little nation of which he became FM in 2009, because he was Counsel General for Wales, 2007-09, when the most dreadful things were happening in the NHS, Social Services and elsewhere. Carwyn knew that he had a Senedd full of former social workers and County Councillors who had been complicit with the most appalling corruption and criminality and it was from that collection of deadbeats that he had to appoint his Cabinet.

After Carwyn became FM, he was told that I had been threatened by a policeman with a gun and was living in terror after I had called in lawyers in an attempt to deal with the harassment and threats to which people in the NHS, Social Services and County Councils in north Wales were subjecting me. Soon after this, Carwyn appointed Theo Huckle QC as Counsel General for Wales, knowing that my lawyer would be making a claim against the NHS for damages. See post ‘Theo Huckle QC’. Theo was given copies of the 10,000 documents that I now have in my possession detailing serious organised crime in every agency with which I had contact, going back as far as 1984. The NW Wales NHS Trust admitted ‘serious failures’ and ‘complete failure to provide care’. Theo asked my lawyers if I would agree to see Dr Adrianne Reveley for an independent assessment. I have now found out that Reveley was yet another dishonest Top Doctor who knew the people that my lawyer was making representation against (see post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’).

After seeing Reveley, I was violently attacked by the daughter of a local barrister in public and when I went to the police to report the assault – I had been injured and was bleeding – I was sectioned and detained in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. My injuries were not documented or treated. I had been in Wrexham Maelor for 24 hours or so when the ward manager told me that the documentation completed by the Top Doctor et al at Aberystwyth Police Station who sectioned me (see previous posts) had not been signed and I had therefore been detained unlawfully, so I was free to leave. So I did.

Wrexham Maelor then reported me missing to the the police, placed notices in the local papers, launched a man hunt and I was sectioned again on the basis of the lies of a social worker in Scotland, where I was on holiday. I ended up sectioned on various psych wards for the best part of a year, during which time I was assaulted by Angels and witnessed the law broken repeatedly. During that time, I received a letter telling me that the Welsh Gov’t legal service denied all allegations of medical negligence. I then received a letter from my lawyers, Walker Smith Way of Chester and Wrexham, telling me that the lawyer who had been handling my case had left the practice and that if I wanted them to continue with my case, would I please pay the £10,000 which they claimed that I owed them that they had never mentioned to me before. If I chose to drop my case Walker Smith Way would forget about the money. Should I wish to take up my case with another lawyer and have the documentation transferred, Walker Smith Way would want their £10k. I sent Walker Smith Way an e mail telling them that I was now homeless and jobless, detained in a psych hospital, I did not have £10k to give them and obviously I could not continue with my case. Walker Smith Way e mailed me back thanking me for paying the £10k. I heard no more. Walker Smith Way have now been taken over by Slater Gordon. I have recently been told that Rachel Vasmer, the lawyer who walked away after guns were waved at me as well as at a man who made a witness statement, is now employed as a Tribunal judge in Shropshire.

It’s called serious organised crime and it all stems from the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which had its basis in north Wales during the 1970s, 80s and 90s and was facilitated principally by the NHS, the Social Services, the North Wales Police and the legal profession. The people responsible are still running the public services in north Wales. One of those people was Peter Higson.

I don’t blame Carwyn for all of this, he inherited a huge problem. He just completely failed to address any part of it, but that was probably because he didn’t want to be found dead. Carwyn is actually far too young to be held substantially responsible for the atrocious mess, no matter how little he has done to resolve it.

There are two people however who entered Welsh politics so long ago that they can be held responsible for what happened and continues to happen, indeed they were friends with those who ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring:

Rhodri Morgan
Cropped image of Rhodri Morgan at The Celebration of the Mace 5840623762 b47ba98d73 o.jpg


The Lord Kinnock
Kinnock, Neil.jpg


Rhodri’s wife Julie is the Labour AM for Cardiff North, a former social worker and County Councillor who is a good friend of the Windbags. See post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’.

Julie Morgan AM (28066509352).jpg


The Windbag’s wife’s parents were Anglesey Councillors.

Rhodri and Julie are good friends with Jane Hutt, the Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan. Jane is a former social worker and County Councillor.

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg

The Baroness of Ely, the Labour AM for Mid and West Wales, is a good friend of the Windbags.

Eluned Morgan AM (28136582086).jpg

The Baroness’s dad was a social worker, clergyman and a County Councillor of the same generation as the Windbags. The Rev Bob entered local politics at the suggestion of one of his churchwardens, who was Chairman of the Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party. The constituency Labour MP was at the time George Thomas, the child molester. The Windbag, his wife his wife’s parents and the churchwarden of the Rev Bob’s church were among the many people who concealed the sex offending of George Thomas.


Wales’s Health Ministers during Carwyn’s time as FM were Edwina Hart, Labour AM for the Gower, Lesley Griffiths, Labour AM for Wrexham and Mark Drakeford, Labour AM for Cardiff West. Edwina was appointed as Health Minister by Rhodri, but remained in post for a while after Carwyn succeeded Rhodri as FM. Edwina received sufficient evidence from me to have had a number of senior managers and NHS staff in north Wales arrested and charged. Edwina did correspond with me and I believed that she was trying to deal with some very difficult matters. What I didn’t realise was that when those we know and love failed to stop their criminal activities, Edwina then did a back room deal and colluded with them because she was running for FM herself and didn’t want the barrel of crap exploding on her watch. Edwina and her husband had both previously served as Chairs of TUC Wales, in which capacity they had concealed criminality in the health and welfare services. Edwina was appointed Minister for Business after her stint as Minister for Health and Social Services and while in that role she gave out a business support grant to a man on Anglesey in return for him having sex with her. Edwina was a Director of Chwarae Teg, a Wimmin’s ‘economic development’ charidee which was founded by Jane Hutt.

Edwina Hart.jpg


Lesley Griffiths is a former County Councillor who worked as a medical secretary in Wrexham Maelor for 20 years (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’).

  • Lesley Griffiths AM (28170808445).jpg

Mark Drakeford is a former social worker and County Councillor, who’s adult son is currently serving an eight year prison sentence for rape. Mark Drakeford is a feminist and has already announced that he will have a 50:50 gender balanced Cabinet.


Jane Hutt, Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan, served as Health Minister while Rhodri was FM.

BBC News Wales Online reported the tributes paid to Carwyn by Wales’s other esteemed AMs. Huw Irranca-Davies, the Labour AM for Ogmore, was reported as saying of Carwyn’s legacy that it was “A more muscular government, a more outspoken government. If you look at the major reforms around curriculum development in Wales, so we not only have the highest standards of education attainment but well rounded individuals who come out of our education system, if you look at reforms in health and social care even in challenging times we are leading the UK in trying to develop a system that is seamless health and social care.”

Huw Irranca-Davies also believes that he is Wales’s ‘sexiest man’. Or it might be ‘sexiest politician’. Er, is there much competition Huw??

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg


Huw Irranca-Davies
Huw Irranca-Davies AM (27555058384).jpg

When Huw was a boy, he campaigned for his step-uncle, Ifor Davies, the Labour MP for the Gower. Uncle Ifor was Deputy to Cledwyn Hughes when Lord Cledwyn was Secretary of State for Wales in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t. Lord Cledwyn concealed the child molesting of George Thomas who was a Minister in the Welsh Office along with Uncle Ifor. Lord Cledwyn was the MP for Anglesey and a friend of the Windbags.


In her tribute to Carwyn’s legacy, Jane Hutt stated that the referendum giving the Assembly more law making powers was a “major achievement”, “because it led to us being able to take through pioneering legislation like the organ donation human transplantation act”. In the way that Wales was proud of being the first country in the world to appoint a Children’s Commissioner after the massive cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which was the Waterhouse Inquiry, Wales now cannot stop patting itself on the back for being the first nation in the UK to pass legislation stating that everyone is considered to have given permission for their organs to be donated unless they have specifically opted-out. So if you live in Wales, your body belongs to the state. There was no discussion of the citizenship implications of this legislation, just a lot of lies and made-up statistics regarding how many lives it would save. The legislation was forced through by Health Minister Edwina Hart, who was ignoring the deaths of patients as a result of neglect and abuse in the NHS, as well as the threats being made to me and the unlawful denial of NHS treatment for me.

A recent letter published in ‘The Daily Post’ by Michael Joyce from Gwynedd – Mr Joyce is a concerned citizen who has been on the ball with regard to the NHS in Wales for some years now – made the point that stroke care in Wales is so bad that more patients in Wales die from stroke than in many other countries. Mr Joyce also observed that most organs for transplant in Wales come from stroke patients.

Michael Joyce is not on the Grassy Knoll, he is an intelligent man who reads all reports, inspections, reviews etc relating to the NHS and regularly writes to ‘The Daily Post’ commenting on the living nightmare that is the NHS in Wales. His observations are never remarked upon by anyone in the Senedd.


So tomorrow Mark Drakeford will succeed Carwyn as FM. The Mark who worked as a social worker for Dyfed Social Services when a paedophile ring operated within Dyfed Social Services, the Mark who worked as a social worker in Ely when there was abuse of young people in Ely, the Mark who was a probation officer when the Probation Service colluded with the abuse of children and vulnerable people. The Mark who was a good friend of Rhodri Morgan, was Morgan’s SPAD throughout Morgan’s entire time as FM, the Mark who then succeeded Rhodri’s seat – Cardiff West, the molester George Thomas’s old stomping ground – and was Health Minister when the conspiracy against Merfyn to precipitate patient deaths and blame Merfyn was hatched.

Things are now going to unravel in Wales at a rate of knots never seen before, but Mark and the Top Doctors will continue to tell the people of Wales that everything is excellent, that their own appalling experience of the NHS was just a matter of them ‘slipping through the net’ and that if there is a problem, it is the fault of Tory Cuts. People in Wales will obediently lobby for Increased Funding For The NHS and More Pay For Top Doctors. It is not the fault of the general public; they have no idea of how endemically corrupt the political and professional class in Wales is as well as in the wider UK and they have no idea that the en masse child abuse which is beginning to become very public was facilitated by Top Doctors and that virtually all of them were complicit. The Baroness of Ely is married to a Top Doctor. I know exactly what Mark and his mates did, because I lived through it and it was my friends who died.

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The orchestra on the Titanic continued to play, even as the ship was sinking and they knew that most of the passengers were going to drown because there weren’t enough lifeboats. The lifeboats that were on the ship were prioritised for first class passengers.

Mark and his friends celebrated when he won the Welsh Labour leadership. The knees -up was probably at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay, the preferred hang out of politicians and celebs. It is very nice in the St David’s Hotel but so expensive that most people in Wales can’t afford to stay there, even for one night.

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Lifeboat for Professor Drakeford please! And throw in an organic cucumber and mint tea followed by a kale and quinoa salad with an orange tahini dressing, before he has his lavender foot massage after his Mindfulness session please.

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Meanwhile, back at HQ at Westminster, several prominent Welsh Labour politicians have urged Jezza to table a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s Gov’t, follows the decision to defer a vote on Brexit on Monday. MPs Chris Bryant and Owen Smith are among the 40 signatories to the letter to Jezza, along with Lord Hain. However, the wider Labour Party rejected calls to table a vote of no confidence in Mrs May, with Labour officials arguing it had more chance of success when the Brexit deal came back before MPs.

The husband of the PM of Denmark has said that the UK Gov’t has ‘lost its authority’. Of which his father the Windbag showed so much while he led the Labour Party for all those years when Dafydd and the gang procured children for Thatcher’s friend and Minister Sir Peter Morrison and others to use for sex while the Windbag, his wife and his wife’s family and extended network all concealed what was going on. So worrying were the accounts of the abuse of children in one of the children’s homes run by Gwynedd County Council on Anglesey in the 1980s, that Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, called in a team from another County Council’s Social Services to reassure everyone that all was well. Dyfed County Council’s Social Services to be precise, the employers of Mark Drakeford. Ioan Bowen Rees had previously been the County Secretary and Solicitor of Dyfed County Council. Prior to taking up the appointment in Dyfed, Ioan had been employed as a local authority solicitor in Cardiff. Dr Tony Francis, one of the Top Docs facilitating the abuse ring, knew the Windbag from their days as students in Cardiff.

Windbag Minor. He’s after your job Jezza. Because as any fule kno, He’s Worth It.

Labour Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock



Because You’re Worth It

The Story Behind the Legendary Phrase

Because I’m Worth It. These four words are bound to the time of their creation and yet they have proven to be timeless. They have become what the brand stands for.

Written in 1973 when a social revolution and a new spirit of feminism was in full swing, it seems clear that the phrase could only have been written by a woman. Ilon Specht was a copywriter with McCann Erickson back in 1973. She was thought of as original, unconventional, creative and independent. Fortunately, she worked on the L’Oréal account! Specht was just 23 years old when she broke new ground with an ad that was strictly from a woman’s point of view. It famously ended with the signature phrase: Because I’m Worth It!

Almost the minute the ad hit, it became clear that the last line – those four words – had struck a chord. For the first time, the message was all about what the woman thought. It was about her self-confidence, her decision, her style.

Over time, “Because I’m Worth It” has become part of our social fabric. So much so that it was the subject of a 1999 New Yorker article entitled True Colors by Malcolm Gladwell. In it, Gladwell acknowledged: “…”Because I’m Worth It®” has entered the language…and taken on a meaning well outside the stated intention.”

Because I’m Worth It was on message in 1973, and today we know that an astonishing 80% of women recognize and respond to this positive phrase and powerful sentiment. And what makes it truly beautiful is that “Because I’m Worth It” is translated into action every day by L’Oréal Paris – in its philanthropy, its products, and its thoughtful celebration of women.

 In 1973, Ioan Bowen Rees was appointed the County Secretary and Solicitor of the newly created Dyfed County Council.

Thought For The Day

Readers will probably be familiar with the ‘Thought For The Day’ spot on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme. I previously mentioned ‘Thought For The Day’ on this blog when Greville Janner’s daughter Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner did ‘Thought For The Day’ within the same few short weeks as she appeared on the ‘Today’ programme insisting that old Greville was completely innocent, that ‘he was great and he was good’ and while her barrister brother Daniel was threatening to sue the arse off anyone who repeated their allegations that Greville had molested them when they were kids. Laura and Daniel’s sister Marion Janner is a Radio 4 favourite as well, Marion frequently pops up on ‘All In The Mind’ in her capacity as a mental health campaigner, which has involved Marion promoting the ‘excellence’ of one of the abusive mental health facilities in north Wales. See previous posts.

Another regular on ‘Thought For The Day’ is Anne Atkins. Anne Atkins is of course the butt of many a joke because of her extreme disapproval of homosexuality and a number of other things that most people are fairly relaxed about these days. However Anne does discuss the necessity of compassion and charity and in the weeks approaching Christmas, Anne draws attention to severe mental illness, homelessness, poverty etc. Some of what Anne says about such issues is quite sound, but Anne utters the words in the same tone of extreme disapproval that she adopts when she discusses Sin. I get the impression that being on the receiving end of Anne Atkins’ compassion might not be very pleasant. Mark Steel once joked about the horrendous experience that he endured when the BBC booked him into the same car as Anne and he was on the receiving end of the world according to Anne. If anyone who knows Mark Steel is reading this blog post, please feel free to draw his attention to it, because I know Anne Atkins’ cousin and I wanna tell you a story…

Anne Atkins’ cousin is Mr Jim Porter, who for many years owned and was the Headmaster of Hillgrove School in Bangor; Hillgrove closed down quite recently but no-one seems to know why.

Regular readers might remember that Hillgrove and Mr Porter have featured on this blog before, because I worked as a teacher there, 2001-02. I was forced to leave my job when Keith Fearns, the leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and a leading light in Dafydd’s gang, paid Mr Porter a visit, told him that I ‘carried knives and scissors in my handbag’, declared me a danger to the pupils and ordered him to sack me. Mr Porter told me that he told Fearns that there had never been any concerns about me but Mr Porter then received a series of phone calls from parents of pupils demanding that the dangerous biology teacher whom they had been told that Hillgrove were employing should be dismissed. I told Mr Porter that I’d step down to save the school from any further difficulties. At the time, my friends maintained that I should have sued Mr Porter for unfair dismissal, but I took the view that Mr Porter had been threatened by a bunch of gangsters and they were the biggest problem, not him. I still do take that view, but I have received more information since my earlier posts about Hillgrove School and Mr Porter.

I explained in previous posts that Hillgrove School was a small private school which attracted pupils who’s parents wanted them to attend a Christian school, or who had special needs/other problems and who’s parents had removed them from local state schools in despair at the lack of provision, or who wanted a private education for their children but couldn’t afford a public school. There were a small number of children at Hillgrove School who were there because there were difficulties in their families and their parents feared scrutiny if the kids went to a state school. I really liked the kids at Hillgrove and I enjoyed teaching there; however I did know that some of the children had parents who were paid up members of Dafydd’s gang which is why I knew that there would be trouble when Keith Fearns knocked on Hillgrove’s door.

One of the Top Doctors who was abusing and neglecting patients at the Hergest Unit had children at Hillgrove; another Top Doctor from Ysbyty Gwynedd who’s child was being abused by a family member was a Hillgrove parent; two social workers who’s children showed every sign of being abused sent them to Hillgrove; one little boy told me that he was frightened to go to MacDonald’s in Bangor because his mum’s boyfriend worked there and he’d threatened the little boy with a gun; a corrupt police officer also had children at Hillgrove, as did a mental health patient who worked in the sex trade and who now works as an Angel in north Wales. Another boy was known to have parents who were involved with Triads. These matters were open secrets within the school and the wider community. The circumstances that those kids were living in were ignored by the whole of Gwynedd and if Mr Porter had even tried to make referrals to the child protection team, he’d have been destroyed because the people abusing those kids were colleagues and friends of the endemically corrupt child protection team.

There were two teachers who condemned Mr Porter for keeping quiet about the plight of those children, but that was because they didn’t like Mr Porter and his wife and had a personal vendetta against them. One was Wendy Massey, who had knowledge of one of her former neighbours who’s life had been destroyed by Dafydd’s gang and the other was Sally Atkinson, who was a personal friend of Malcolm and Judy Stammers, two Gwynedd social workers who had spent their whole careers working with the gang, including Dafydd at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when that was still open. See previous posts. Sally Atkinson’s father was John Webster, a lecturer at Bangor Normal College, an institution which had colluded with Dafydd’s gang for decades. Sally had done her own degree at the Normal College. Other teachers at Hillgrove had links with those we know and love. Mrs Charlesworth was the neighbour of Dr Adrian Bell, who taught me in the School of Plant Biology when I was an undergrad at UCNW, 1981-84. Bell’s colleagues were all fully on board with Dafydd, two of them were married to people who were members of the gang and it was Bell who flatly refused to act when I told him that Brown was receiving murder threats in 1983. One of Bell’s colleagues was having sex with local school girls. See previous posts. Mrs Charlesworth’s husband had spent his working life teaching at Coleg Menai, the FE college in Bangor, another very troubled institution which colluded with Dafydd’s gang.

I didn’t take legal action against the Porters, but my lawyer tried to deal with Fearns and took the matter up with Gwynedd Social Services. My lawyer and I had a meeting with Glyn Hughes, the Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services and Martin Davidson, the senior manager responsible for mental health, Fearns’s boss. Glyn Hughes admitted that Fearns had acted without authority, had breached confidence as well as told bare-faced lies, had failed to follow any policies and had broken the law. My lawyer asked what Glyn was going to do about the matter and Glyn openly laughed at us and told us that he would be doing nothing. Glyn drew our attention to published guidelines which stated that Glyn had the authority to act but if he choose not to, we could challenge his decision in Court. Glyn then had another good laugh, observed that as I had now lost my job I would not be able to afford to challenge him in Court. My lawyer and I left. See previous posts, eg. ‘Behind The Scenes Regarding Those Legal Happenings’ and ‘Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?’

I later found out that Martin Davidson was married to Nonn Williams, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services and that Nonn had appointed Davidson to his position.

Shortly after Fearns had paid a visit to Mr Porter, the gang attempted to fit me up for ‘threating to kill Alun Davies’ after I told the secretary of Alun Davies, the corrupt, law-breaking senior NHS manager of the NW Wales NHS Trust, over the phone, that he was a fat idiot. See previous posts eg. ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’.

Alun Davies made eight or nine phone calls to the police in the course of one day, complaining about being called a fat idiot and demanding my arrest. The police told Davies that it would be ludicrous to arrest me for such an offence, so Davies rang them back and told them that I’d threatened to kill him and he was living in fear. When Davies made those phone calls, he was sitting in the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff with Jane Hutt, the then Minister of Health and Social Services and her officials. I was sitting in a locked ward in the Hergest Unit in Bangor, having been sectioned, with visible injuries after having been assaulted by four staff who had refused to document my injuries or allow me access to the police to report the assault. When the bruises faded, I was released with no aftercare and within an hour of arriving home the police arrived and I was arrested for threatening to kill Davies.

Jane Hutt is the daughter of a Top Doctor from Tommy’s and a former social worker, who founded Welsh Wimmin’s Aid, served as a Councillor on South Glamorgan County Council and who has failed to respond to complaints about organised abuse and neglect in every position that she has ever had.

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Years later when I finally obtained copies of my files, I found a handwritten note from Martin Davidson, indicating his involvement and interest in the charges which had been brought against me. See previous posts. I knew nothing about Davidson and the only time that I have ever met him was when, along with Glyn Hughes, he refused to take action against Fearns. After the ‘threats to kill’ case collapsed against me, someone referred me to the DES as a ‘dangerous teacher’. The letter that I received from the DES told me that I was now under investigation with a view to striking me off the teaching register. It contained numerous inaccuracies and fallacious accusations and I challenged the DES. I was then told that my name had been cleared but that if I ever wanted to teach again, I would have to undergo a psychiatric assessment, carried out by the people who had perjured themselves in Court in an attempt to have me imprisoned for ‘threats to kill’ and who had broken the law by leaning on Mr Porter. By the time that I received that letter, I had begun a PhD at Bangor University.

Within weeks I discovered that my name had actually been cleared by a junior Gov’t Minister, who was then named in the media as ‘having allowed a paedophile to return to teaching’. That Minister was a friend of Professor Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University who subsequently came under attack from the gang himself, aided by people in No 10 (see previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’). I didn’t know Merfyn when I received the letters from the DES and I didn’t know that the Minister who cleared my name was a friend of the VC (Merfyn was actually the acting VC until 2004, when he became the VC). The remit for reviewing teachers’ fitness to teach who were under investigation was then taken away from the Minister and given to the Social Services.

The Porters found themselves at the centre of a storm a few years later when they were prosecuted under Health and Safety legislation, after a kindergarten pupil, Kian Williams, fell in the playground, sustained a head injury and died. Kian in fact died as the result of an infection that he contracted while in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where he was taken after he fell, not because of his head injury. Kian’s grandfather from Bethesda, who had raised the little boy, told the Porters that he’d never win against the NHS, so he was going to sue them instead. Neither did the HSE mount a prosecution against Alder Hey. The case was heard in the corrupt environs of Mold Crown Court and Mr Porter was found guilty.

Kian’s parents appeared in the media holding hands and crying, explaining that they had been devastated by Kian’s death. A documentary entitled ‘Remembering Kian’, which featured Kian’s mum on a tropical holiday, was screened explaining how she was Coming To Terms With It. Throughout it all, no-one mentioned that Kian’s parents had split up before he was born and he had been brought up by his grandparents since he was a baby.

On the anniversary of Kian’s death, his Grieving Family left flowers on the pavement outside of the school gates. Mrs Porter emerged to take the flowers inside, only to find a Daily Post photographer lying in wait, who then took pics which subsequently appeared in the Daily Post, accompanied by the story of the Callous Murdering Porters Removing Flowers.

The Porters subsequently appealed against their conviction and won. I took the view that was fair and just; lots of people called me a mug ‘after the way that they treated you’, but I still took the view that the biggest problem was, as ever, the Top fucking Doctors. Kian died as a result of medical negligence at Alder Hey, a hospital run by Dafydd’s mates. Furthermore, two members of the Porters’ family were mental health patients in Gwynedd and as with everyone who received Help from the Top Doctors, their lives had been turned upside down. One of the Top Doctors involved was Dr Tony Francis. Mr Porter’s father had been a senior Top Doctor at Rampton Hospital. I could understand why the Porters had no stomach for a scrap with the Top Doctors.

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One further point. The pastoral care at Hillgrove School was definitely no worse than at any other school in north Wales and in some regards a good deal better, as was supervision of children in the playground at break times.

After I left Hillgrove, they employed a new teacher, the wife of Peter Field, the retired Head of the School of English at Bangor University. Peter Field had worked at UCNW since the 1970s, when Dafydd’s gang ran the institution and used it as a vehicle for their trafficking business. One of Peter Field’s colleagues was Prof Tom Corns, who’s wife Pat Corns was a social worker for Conwy Social Services and a member of the gang. Tom Corns’s son is a Top Doctor. See previous posts and comments. Corns and Field had also been colleagues of Dave Nunn, an English Lit academic at Bangor who’s life was destroyed by the gang, who became a Hergest Unit patient and who disappeared off the face of the earth shortly after he read the crazy affidavit about me that Dafydd swore into Liverpool High Court in Nov 1994 in order to secure an injunction against me. See previous posts eg. ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

More recently, I was told that soon after the Porters moved to Bangor, one of their sons had a relationship with Nefyn Dodd’s daughter. Nefyn and June Dodd were the managers of the Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor, where the children were beaten, raped, starved, forced to work in local businesses for no pay at all or for a pittance and trafficked and sold for sex at local venues, as well as further afield, including at Dolphin Square (see previous posts, including ‘Are You Local?’). Gwynedd Social Services were so impressed with Nefyn Dodd’s management abilities that they appointed him to oversee several other children’s homes in Gwynedd as well as to directly manage Ty’r Felin. See eg. post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ Nefyn Dodd was a friend of Dafydd’s. I have been told that the Dodd’s daughter was abusive to the kids in care and that she inflicted real emotional damage on the Porters’ son.

Since my previous posts about Hillgrove and the Porters, I have received information that the coven was far bigger and more organised than I realised. Readers will have gathered that everyone mentioned so far was either part of Dafydd’s gang, colluding with the gang, or deeply compromised by their links with them.

Not long before Fearns paid a visit to Hillgrove, I found out that a special needs pupil at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen in Caernarfon was being violently abused by his stepfather. I followed child protection procedures and contacted the special education needs co-ordinator at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, whom it transpired was the boy’s form teacher. She was rude and hostile, seemed to have no knowledge of child protection procedures and told me to ring back after she’d spoken to the boy concerned. She later told me that the boy was not being mistreated and that he and his friend who had told people that he was were ‘liars’ and ‘pilferers’. I subsequently found out that she had asked the boy in front of the class whether his stepdad was beating him. The boy had ran away from home to escape his stepdad. The neighbours knew what was going on but they thought that the ‘school was dealing with it’. I was also told that there were dealers of class A drugs going into the grounds of Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, terrifying the younger kids and that the teachers were shutting themselves in the classrooms when the dealers appeared and leaving the kids outside with the dealers of whom the younger kids were petrified.

Then there was a massive scene at Hillgrove School in which Caroline Coppock, the drama teacher, who had undertaken teacher training at Bangor University with me, had a public scrap with the Porters, in front of the kids and was sacked, again in front of the kids. It was chaos.

Because I was a newly qualified teacher in a small school with no mentor, I was taking advice – or should I say ‘trying to take advice’ – on these matters from the tutors in the School of Education at Bangor University. I have now been told that everyone get together and conspired to force me out of teaching, because I was reporting abuse of kids after having blown the whistle on the abuse of patients. I don’t know who exactly reported me to the DES; I am told that it was most likely to have been either Margaret Ellis Jones or Dr Prys Morgan Jones. Both were tutors at the School of Education, having spent years working as teachers in Gwynedd schools. Prys worked at Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen and Margaret is married to a senior official in Gwynedd County Council. Prys is also a personal friend of Dr Stephen Williams, an utter shitbag of a Top Doctor who was one of those who unlawfully refused me NHS treatment. Prys and Margaret are both on good terms with Dafydd Wigley, another person who ignored pleas to act re Dafydd and the gang. Prys was a friend of J. Gwynn Williams, Professor of Welsh History at UCNW, 1963-83 and Vice-Principal of UCNW, 1974-79, when Dafydd et al reigned supreme. J. Gwynne Williams was a childhood friend of Sir Ronnie Waterhouse. Williams was the son of a Wesleyan Minister and it was Williams who persuaded Waterhouse to become a lay preacher.

Lost in Care abuse report recommendations reviewed - BBC News


Thought For The Day: Jesus Christ.

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  • Godfather - Horse Head In The Bed Scene - YouTube

It has also been suggested to me that my getting the job at Hillgrove in the first case was part of a massive sting. I was previously shortlisted for many teaching jobs but was always turned down at the last minute. On at least two of those occasions, I know that people who knew what had happened to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang did deals to bag themselves promotion and prevent me getting the job, one such person being Helen Connell, who’s parents were both later left to die by the Top Docs nonetheless as witnesses to what happened to me and others in the 1990s when we all lived in Rachub. See previous posts. Another young man who bagged a teaching job over me was later forced to resign after having sex with one of the pupils. There is nothing like sound judgement is there. Whether the Porters went as far as to offer me a job in order that they could then bring an end to my career a la St George’s Hospital Medical School in 1989 I don’t know, but I imagine that the gang held a champagne party when I got the job at Hillgrove because the Porters were in such a vulnerable position with regard to them.

No-one comes out of this with any credit. Everyone knew that there was very serious abuse of children occurring and had been for a very long time and that the same people were involved in both perpetrating and concealing it over many years. I have always tried to be understanding with regard to just how frightened many people are of that vicious, murdering gang, but my sympathy does not extend to people who abuse my trust, lie and conspire to have me forced out of employment, then fitted up for serious criminal offences and subsequently declare open war on the VC who dared give me a job once I had completed a PhD. A war that culminated in Top Doctors allowing patients to die after Merfyn was appointed Chairman of the Health Board because those we know and love were determined to force him out of public life with his reputation in tatters. See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’.

Dr Stephen Williams needs to be taken down to the police station in handcuffs because he and his mates have a lot of questions to answer.

Now fess up invertebrates and stop your pompousing around Gwynedd as well-respected men/women because you were all no more than long term allies of a gang of paedophiles and traffickers. There is more still to come on this blog.

The Revenge of History: The Battle for the 21st Century


Thought For The Day: Wheels Within Wheels Or Flies Drawn To The Same Incestuously Corrupt Shithouse?

As for Caroline Coppock, well she did a nice little deal and bagged a job at Coleg Menai where one of her colleagues told me that she was disastrous but seemed to be bomb-proof.

The irony is that if I had appeared in front of the General Teaching Council, any decision would have involved Professor Gareth Roberts, who was then a big wig at the GTC. Professor Roberts was Head of the School of Education at Bangor University and before that he was Principal of Bangor Normal College and an adviser to Gwynedd Education Authority. I have been told that Gareth Roberts waded into the bun fight to help the gwerin as well, but I’m not sure at which point. Another name that has come my way is that of Nan Bate, a magistrate in Gwynedd who’s father was the Toppest of Top Doctors in Gwynedd for years in the Pre-Cambrian era.


Now for Mr Porter’s cousin, Anne Atkins (born 1956), the broadcaster, journalist and novelist.  One of Anne’s novels is entitled ‘On Our Own’. Indeed Anne, the targets of the gang whom your cousin knows all about, is no doubt very frightened of and took orders from when he unlawfully forced me out of my job, have known for years that we are on our own.

 Anne Atkins was born at Bryanston, Dorset and moved to Cambridge at the age of three when her father, David Briggs, became Headmaster of King’s College School. Anne went to Byron House School, the Cambridgeshire High School for Girls and the Perse School for Girls. Rosalind Runcie, the wife of Archbishop Robert Runcie and Angela Rumbold, the Tory MP, are both alumni of the Perse School for Girls. Robert Runcie concealed organised abuse in the Anglican Church and Angela Rumbold was one of those MPs who’s constituency was in the area served by St George’s Hospital Medical School when the staff were facilitating Dafydd’s crimes as well as the south London trafficking gang and Angela colluded with that gang. See previous posts.
After school, Anne went to the Decroux School of Mime in Paris and studied harp under Solonge Renie. If Atkins takes her harp playing seriously, she will know Dafydd’s Wigley’s wife Elinor Bennett and the Wigley’s daughter-in-law Catrin Finch, both very well-known harpists. Dafydd Wigley went to Hillgrove School himself, but many years before the Porters took it over. Atkins studied English language and literature at Brasenose College, Oxford and then trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. The Webber Douglas Academy has trained many big names, including Angela Lansbury, Julian Fellowes, Antony Sher, Donald Sinden, Hugh Bonneville, Minnie Driver, Amanda Root, Julia Ormond and Terence Stamp. Dafydd has many links with luvvies; not only were the kids whom the gang trafficked providing sexual services for luvvies but Dafydd’s mate Professor Linford Rees was the father of 1970s siren Angharad Rees, who married Christopher Cazenove, Cazenove ending up in Hollywood starring in ‘Dynasty’ (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). Julian Fellowes, as well as being ridiculous, has links to those we know and love and Terence Stamp’s links with those associated with Dafydd are discussed in my post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’.

Atkins started her acting career at St George’s Shakespeare Theatre in Tufnell Park. Tufnell Park is in the Boroughs of Islington and Camden, the Councils of which facilitated organised abuse via the Social Services and NHS. Both Councils had numerous Councillors who ended up with senior roles in public life including in Cabinet, particularly under New Labour and continued concealing organised abuse when they were  in Gov’t. One such person was Jeremy Corbyn, who is a big supporter of Mark Drakeford, the former social worker who had just been elected the new Leader of the Welsh Labour Party and will be Wales’s next FM. Jane Hutt is a big mate of Mark’s and was at his side throughout his leadership campaign. The Windbags live in Tufnell Park.

Anne’s career moved increasingly into writing until her last theatre appearance at the National Theatre in 1991. Anne really will have rubbed noses with the biggest and best at the National Theatre, including folk like Sir Ian McKellen (see eg. post ‘The Village’). Until the mid-1980s, UCNW had a Dept of Drama which produced a number of graduates who later became famous, including Frances Barber and John Sessions. Then there is the former UCNW English student Danny Boyle, the former partner of Frances Barber. See previous posts. Danny began to receive a great deal of media coverage after Operation Pallial re-opened the investigations into the abuse of kids in north Wales. Who could forget Danny’s opening ceremony for the London Olympics? A celebration of the NHS – Angels bouncing on beds with children! When Danny was a student at UCNW, kids who complained about being gang raped and filmed while being forced to have sex with animals were imprisoned in a dungeon at the North Wales Hospital by Dafydd and kept locked in there by Angels. Dame Judi Dench is a pal of Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass, who concealed Dafydd’s criminality for years, including in 1989, when Bluglass was called upon to investigate my own complaint about Dafydd et al (see post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’). The Redgraves have links with Dafyyd’s associates and the network of  actors linked to Dawn French – French lived near Holyhead as a teenager – know about Dafydd’s gang as well, as did Mike Leigh’s Working Class Radicals from Liverpool and the actors who were based in Manchester. Then there is the generation of younger Welsh actors such as Rhys Ifans, Ioan Gruffudd and Matthew Rhys, who’s parents and parents’ friends were personal mates with members of Dafydd’s gang. See previous posts. It goes on and on…

Thought For The Day: ‘We’re The Paedophiles’ Friends And You Can’t Get Us.’


Anne Atkins is an Anglican who grew up in an influential Anglican family and she is married to an Anglican clergyman. Professor Mark Williams, who perpetrated the Mindfulness research fraud when he worked as a clinical psychologist with Dafydd’s gang in the 1980s in Bangor, is an Anglican clergyman and Honorary Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. Before Mark Williams worked at Bangor, he worked at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit at Cambridge University. John D. Teasdale, one of Williams’s fellow researchers re the Mindfulness scam, was based at Cambridge University. See post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’. Prys Morgan Jones was a big admirer of Mark Williams.

Atkins was The Daily Telegraph’s first agony aunt, 1996-2000. The Waterhouse Inquiry was announced by William Hague in 1996, began in 1997 and the Waterhouse Report was published in Feb 2000. Press reports constantly stressed that the witnesses who claimed to have been abused in children’s homes in north Wales could not be believed. Atkins also writes for ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Mail On Sunday’, the ‘Daily Mail’, the ‘Evening Standard’, ‘Country Life’ and the ‘Daily Express’. Journos, Editors and the owners of these publications knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the role that Dafydd’s gang played in it but they didn’t publish a word. Amanda Platell is someone who calls the shots in The Mail group; Platell was appointed William Hague’s Press Officer in 1999, just in time for the publication of the Waterhouse Report and remained until 2001, after the worst of the fall-out had been handled. That post really launched Glenda’a career. See post ‘Did Glenda Occupy A Key Role In Keeping It All Out Of The Media?’ ‘The Guardian’ was always far more interested in pandering to its considerable readership of professionals working in health and social care and netting the advertising revenue from Social Services Depts which had been infiltrated by paedophile rings to have published anything about Dafydd et al. ‘The Guardian’ gave Dafydd et al a considerable helping hand when the gang declared open season on a senior sociologist at Bangor University in the early 1990s, by publishing false allegations that he was discriminating against Welsh people when he made staff appointments (see previous posts eg. ‘Badlands’).

Atkins presented The Agony Hour series for Channel 5, Watch Your ****ing Language for Channel 4 and Why People Hate Christians for BBC Radio 4 and frequently comments on programmes such as ‘Question Time’, ‘Any Questions?’ and Today.

In 1996 Atkins used her slot on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day to attack Anglican bishops for supporting a celebration in Southwark Cathedral marking 20 years of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement. Her opinions prompted the Church of England’s first ever complaint about the programme.

Thought For the Day: Dafydd’s gang targeted boys in particular and coerced them into sex work providing services for adult gay men. Pre-pubescent boys as well as those in their early teens were targeted. At the same time, Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist subjected gay men in consenting relationships to ‘aversion therapy’ in order to cure them, years after male homosexuality had been decriminalised. In the early 1990s Dafydd told at least one young gay male patient that he should have gender realignment surgery. The teenager had given no such indication that he wanted this.


In 1998 the Press Complaints Commission ruled that an article written by Atkins in ‘The Sun’ objecting to Gov’t proposals to make the age of consent for homosexuals equal to that for heterosexuals broke the industry’s Code of Conduct. In the article Atkins stated that “this is not opinion: it is fact. The life expectancy of a gay man without HIV is a shocking 43 years” and “a gay man is, alarmingly, 17 times more likely to be a paedophile than a straight man”. The PCC ruled that these were not proven facts and that she had been misleading the readers. The Sun apologised.

Many of the boys abused and trafficked by Dafydd’s gang died before they were 30, from HIV/AIDS as well as suicide and murder. There is no evidence at all that ‘a gay man is 17 times more likely to be a paedophile than a straight man’ and I cannot understand how anyone working on ‘The Sun’, even the tea lady, could have passed such rubbish for publication.

In November 2007, Atkins defended a motion for free speech on BBC 2’s ‘Newsnight’ when the Oxford Union invited right-wing figures David Irving and Nick Griffin to speak: “When you say that the majority view is always right I think that is a deeply dangerous and disturbing thing to say. I am not for a moment saying that I agree with David Irving or Nick Griffin but I am saying that once you start having truth by democracy you risk silencing some of the most important prophets we have ever had.”

Thought For The Day: Re ‘silencing’ people Anne. In the interests of democracy, rather than prophets, would you now like to write an article or make a broadcast about the sex abuse gang in north Wales with which your cousin Jim colluded?

A prophet who never has a problem drumming up media coverage:

6. Professor Mark Williams | World Harmony Run


In September 2008, Atkins prompted complaints after offending the people of Norfolk on BBC Radio 4. In a Thought for the Day broadcast about compensation culture, she said: “No more chestnut trees lining the streets of Norwich, in case the conkers fall on your head – as if that would make a difference, in Norfolk.”

I question the existence of the compensation culture. Some people are indeed very successful at extracting compensation out of organisations, particularly the employees of the public services. In north Wales many such cases of which I know were won because the person claiming for compensation quietly blackmailed the organisation with their knowledge of serious criminality which had resulted in harm to members of the public. However, Anne might like to take a long hard look at the levels of compensation awarded to people who are wrongfully imprisoned, harmed by the NHS, the police or other public services, or have their compensation determined by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board; the compensation is usually derisory. In terms of people suing for harm sustained in the mental health system, nearly all claims fail. As indeed do most of the claims made by people who experienced sexual abuse while in the care of the social services as children. Some two weeks ago, Flintshire Council stated that so far, a total of £14k had been paid in compensation to people who were abused as children in care in north Wales. £14k Anne. For decades kids were beaten, sexually assaulted, gang raped, forced to take part in the production of child porn including with animals and coerced into working in the sex industry. Many of the kids involved are now dead.

Over 30 years, I have endured abuse, threats, slander and libel, assault, damage to my property, wrongful arrest and illegal detention, unfair dismissal repeatedly, unlawful denial of all medical care and one of my friends was murdered. I have 10,000 documents providing evidence of serious organised crime in every agency with which I had contact. I am now in hiding after being threatened with a gun. I have never received a penny in compensation Anne, not even from your cousin.

The senior North Wales Police officer Gordon Anglesea was awarded nearly £400k in compensation in 1994 for libel damages after ‘Private Eye’ and others named him as abusing boys in care in north Wales. Weeks after the judgement, Mark Humphrys, one of the young men who named Anglesea, was found dead. In 2016, Gordon Anglesea was imprisoned for historical sex offences against boys in care in north Wales. Anglesea did not have to repay his jackpot. Although he died in prison a convicted sex offender, Anglesea’s widow Sandra continues to receive his police pension.

As for Anne’s comment about ‘people from Norfolk’, as someone who grew up in Somerset I was well-used to people making similar noises about my friends and I, particularly some of the people who taught me at school. I was more highly qualified than most of my detractors by the time that I was 21 and I would have been more highly qualified than all of them by the time that I was in my mid-20s had a gang of corrupt professional people not ruined my career. I heard comments about kids from north Wales being thick and inbred made by members of Dafydd’s gang. Anne Atkins is in no position to sneer at anyone; she was born into privilege, received an expensive education and is still stupid enough to believe made up statistics about gay men and their tendency to be paedophiles. Stick to the harp and Parisian mime Anne, because you know bugger all about male sexuality.

In October 2012, Atkins drew condemnation for a Daily Mail article published under the headline, “I haven’t handed over a sex offender to the police – because I was told in confidence”.

Anne’s cousin didn’t hand over sex offenders to the police either; he was terrified of them and they were paying him money to teach his children. He sacked me instead because he wasn’t frightened of me. I wouldn’t always hand over a sex offender to the police myself; one reason would be that in North Wales there would be a high risk that if one did, their victim would be targeted in order to silence them, including by the police. I detailed in my post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’ what happened when I did report an abduction and attempted group rape of a young woman in Birmingham. I have a complete lack of confidence in the ability of any UK authority to deal with sex offences. They just cannot do it, any of them. I would even go as far as to advise most victims of sex crimes not to even bother to ‘seek help’ from the recommended sources, the help will almost certainly make matters much worse and swathes of the ‘helpers’ are colluding with sex offenders. In north Wales, Dafydd’s gang used confidential information about people whom they thought may have previously been victims of sex crimes to target them all over again. It’s a nasty business and it is this bad because so many professional people have used their positions in fields such as the theatre, the Church and the media to shield sex offenders haven’t they Anne?

‘And now we have ‘Thought For The Day’ with Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner…’

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I find Rabbi Laura impertinent myself.


Anne Atkins’s father, John Davidson Briggs (born 1917) (known as David Briggs), was born in Norwich, son of Canon George Wallace Briggs and Constance Barrow. George Wallace Briggs served as a padre in the Royal Navy and as a clergyman in Norwich, Loughborough; Canon of Leicester Cathedral; and then as Canon of Worcester Cathedral. The gang in Leicestershire of which Greville was a part dated back at least until the 1940s. By the 1970s, there was an organised abuse gang in Worcester but I don’t know how far back that gang stretched.

One of Briggs’s godfathers was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Randall Davidson, 1903-28. David Briggs sang in King’s College Choir both as a chorister, 1927-31 and as a choral scholar, 1936-39. Briggs attended Marlborough College and then studied at King’s College, Cambridge. Briggs sang in the first broadcast Christmas Eve carol service from King’s College Chapel in 1928 and continues to sing in a church choir, although he has now passed his 100th birthday.


David Briggs was interviewed by Mishal Husain in A Celebration of Christmas Carols broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 25 December 2013, thus making his broadcasting career span 85 years. He was again interviewed on the BBC ‘Today’ programme on 24 December 2015.

In 1940 Briggs married Catherine Mary Lormer, a mathematics teacher whose students would include Sir Andrew Wiles, who later proved Fermat’s Last Theorem and Professor Sir Timothy Gowers of Cambridge University. David and Caroline Briggs’s children are Johnny, who farms in Wales; Professor Andrew Briggs; Catherine, who teaches the visually impaired; and Anne Atkins.

As a conscientious objector, David Briggs was drafted into the Pay Corps, which he hated, so his father, who was then Vice-Dean of Worcester Cathedral, negotiated him a transfer into the Medical Corps. However, it became a requirement that members of the Medical Corps had to bear arms, an order which he refused to obey on the grounds that he would not bear arms that he would not use, and faced the possibility of court-martial, but this was withdrawn after the order was found to be against the Geneva Convention and for the rest of WW II, Briggs continued as a corporal, being ineligible for promotion or decoration as a conscientious objector. He took part in the Normandy landings and help set up a field hospital, 102 British General Hospital near Bayeux, where he formed a choir of about 25 Top Doctors and nurses which subsequently performed in different parts of Normandy.

Briggs was well-networked with vintage Top Doctors. Clergymen caught molesting children have long since been assisted by Top Doctors. The Top Docs have always been happy to silence the distressed kids who had ‘nervous breakdowns’ without explanation and write a letter of reference in support of the molester, taking a sympathetic view of their ‘problems’ and attribute it to ‘hormones’, ‘stress’, an ‘unhappy marriage’ etc, while stressing how much good they have done the world and how dreadful it would be if the police were to become formally involved in this matter. By the 1960s, psychiatrists were organising ‘therapy groups’ for clergy with ‘marital difficulties’, which suggests that the Dirty Vicar was quite a common species. One such person who did this was Dr Robin Skynner, a big pal of John Cleese. See previous posts.

We had a Dirty Vicar in Bawdrip, the village where I lived for a few years as a child. The kids at school used to recite a rhyme: ‘There was a young lady from Tod/Who prayed for a baby from God/But it wasn’t the Almighty/Who crept up her nightie/It was the vicar the dirty old sod’ and we all thought that it was particularly brilliant because We Knew About Mr Rigg. So did the Bishop of Bath and Wells, a delegation of furious parishioners went to see him.

  • Wells Cathedral and City

The Bishop told the delegation that The Church Would Deal With It. Rigg was still the vicar of St Michael and All Angels after I had graduated. Furthermore Rigg had been sent to Somerset because he’d previously crept up a few too many nighties in Lincolnshire. Rigg was the only vicar in his family, he came from a legal family ‘with Judges in it’. Rigg’s time at Bawdrip may well have overlapped with George Carey’s incumbency as the Bishop of Bath and Wells, the George who is now fondly remembered as having concealed the sex offending of Bishop Peter Ball, Carlo’s pal, when George served as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bishop George, whom Brown’s mum used to describe as being ‘as weak as water’:

Archbishop Carey 2006 crop.jpg


After Rigg molested one of the kids in his parish, she was admitted to hospital, where she was visited by Rigg, who molested her again in the hospital. An Angel caught him, called the Top Doc and Rigg was Referred to a Top Doc in Bridgwater. Who explained that Rigg molested kids because Rigg and his wife ‘had a brother and sister relationship’. Brown commented that was hardly an excuse for molesting kids; furthermore it was not surprising that his wife didn’t sleep with Rigg, not only was he a child molester but the marriage was arranged by her father who was friends with Rigg and she was many years younger then the old git with Judges In The Family. There was a happy ending though, Rigg’s wife was appointed Brown Owl and Rigg used to give the girls lifts to Brownies. See previous posts and comments for more J.F. Rigg-related fun as well as for information about three other legendary Somerset vicars, Father Applegarth, Mr Pengelly and the Rev Ballard, who were a source of great entertainment to Brown, Brown’s brother and I in our youth. We just took it for granted that vicars in Somerset were completely mad.


In early June 2014, David Briggs recalled some of his experiences from this time in a radio interview given in a brief BBC D-Day anniversary presentation. While in the Medical Corps Briggs formed and conducted an a cappella choir.

From 1946 Briggs taught at Bryanston School, Dorset. With his wife’s help and the boys’ labour, he built the Greek Theatre at Bryanston which led to the Greek summer school which is now held there every year. In 1959, following a short hiatus, Briggs became Head of King’s College School, Cambridge, a position he held until his retirement in 1977. During his tenure he turned the school co-educational. The school’s Briggs Building is named after him.

The zoologist Michael Swann is an alumnus of King’s College School, Cambridge. Swann was appointed as Chairman of the BBC Governors, 1973-80, by Ted Heath who admired the no nonsense way in which Swann, as Principal and VC of Edinburgh University, 1965-74, had dealt with student protests, particularly with an upstart called Gordon Brown. Having cut his teeth on reigning in the man who later became PM on the back of his own knowledge of senior politicians concealing the crimes of Dafydd et al (see previous posts), Michael Swann failed to notice Jimmy Savile hanging about in the BBC, the Savile who was a pal of Dafydd’s. Swann became Lord Swann in 1981, in the wake of Thatch being safely in No 10, Jeremy Thorpe getting clean away with it all and Mary Wynch having been unlawfully imprisoned by Dafydd. Swann also served as VC of York University, from 1979 until 1990, the year of his death. Swann’s brother Hugh was cabinet maker to Lilibet; his Uncle was Brigadier Vivian Dykes, Chief Combined Secretary British Joint Staff Mission Washington, 1942; his stepfather was Sir Sydney Castle Roberts, Secretary of Cambridge University Press and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge; and his brother-in-law was Monsignor Graham Leonard. Michael Swann knew zoologists at UCNW who were colluding with Dafydd’s gang. See previous posts.

During his time in Cambridge, David Briggs became a close friend of conductor, organist and composer Sir David Willcocks and of the Rev Professor Owen Chadwick.

Owen Chadwick was an Anglican priest, who studied at St John’s College, Cambridge and in 1964 became a honorary Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge. Ronnie Waterhouse went to St John’s College, Cambridge and was delighted when one of his offspring followed in his footsteps to St John’s College, Cambridge. Chadwick held two Chairs at Cambridge, was Master of Selwyn College, 1956-83 and VC of Cambridge University, 1969-71.  He also lectured at Oxford University. Chadwick was President of the British Academy, 1981-85.

When Chadwick was VC of Cambridge University, he ‘guided Cambridge through turbulent times in the late 1960s, including the Garden House riot in 1970′. The Garden House riot was the only serious disturbance at Cambridge during the student protests; it resulted in police action and criminal charges against students, yet there were allegations, which Chadwick denied, that the riot had been incited by senior members of Cambridge University.

Chadwick was elected President of Cambridge University RFC in 1973.

Chadwick Chaired the Archbishops’ Commission on Church and State (1966–1970), known as the Chadwick Commission, which recommended that Parliament should pass the regulation of the church to a General Synod rather than disestablishment. The General Synod has consistently concealed even the most serious criminality on the part of the clergy and some members of the General Synod, such as Selwyn College, Cambridge graduate John Gummer, also concealed organised abuse, as well as that by Dafydd et al, as Cabinet Ministers. Gummer read History – Chadwick held Chairs in History at Cambridge – and was part of the Tory Party’s ‘Cambridge Mafia’, ie. Ken Clarke, Leon Brittan, Norman Lamont and Norman Fowler. They led the field with regard to colluding with Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts.

Chadwick was also a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, 1978-94. Lord Lloyd Kenyon aka Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon was a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, 1953-88. Lord Kenyon was a major umbrella of Dafydd’s throughout the years of Peak Paedophilia. Kenyon’s son Thomas was known to be sexually abusing at least one boy in the care of the social services in north Wales. When Thomas was caught red handed, the boy was prosecuted after Thomas made a complaint of theft against him – among the stolen items were Polaroid porn shots of Thomas and the boy – and sent to a detention centre. Thomas faced no action. Thomas died of HIV AIDS in 1993; his father died just a few weeks apart from him. Lord Kenyon held numerous roles, including that of President of UCNW, 1947-82; Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority; a member of the North Wales Police Authority; the most senior Freemason in North Wales; Director of Lloyds Bank (see previous posts, eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’).

Owen Chadwick was Chancellor of the University of East Anglia, 1984-94. The linguist Andrew Radford worked at UEA, 1975-76, then at Oxford University, 1976-78, then at the University of Essex and then he turned up at UCNW in 1980, where Radford remained as Prof and Head of Linguistics until 1989, before returning to the University of Essex. Radford was infamous at UCNW for being a puerile old git who shagged undergrads on a vast scale. Not only that, but Radford supplied his colleagues at Bangor with the full details of his encounters with students and the authorities at UCNW were fully aware that there was a direct correlation between the students who received Firsts and those who had shagged Radford. Radford was so excessive that he won’t have just taken up such past-times once he arrived in Bangor, he’d have been doing that for years and nothing was said about it when he applied for his next job.

As far as I knew, Radford’s student bedfellows were consenting, but his activities did greatly upset some undergrads, one being a girl who was my neighbour in hall in the first year at UCNW. She became very obviously quite distressed, sought help from the Student Health Centre and guess what? She was sent to Gwynne the lobotomist. After one encounter with Gwynne she was so distressed that she attempted suicide. She was taken to the North Wales Hospital, by which time her mum, who was an Angel in Shrewsbury, had hit the roof and made a formal complaint about Gwynne. As with me two years later, it was Tony Francis who was called upon to reassure everyone that Gwynne had been dealt with and This Will Never Happen Again. The girl’s mum told Francis that her daughter was under no circumstances to return to the Dept of Linguistics. Radford wrote to Tony Francis to tell him that there was no reason why this young woman could not continue as one of his students. No-one confronted Radford or Gwynne, the whole mess was constructed as this student over-reacting ‘because she was ill’ and in the words of Dr D.G.E. Wood, ‘wet’. Francis declared that she was just a ‘weak person’. Years later the girl concerned killed herself, under the ‘care’ of Francis’s former colleagues in Manchester, who had scandalously neglected her for years.

My former neighbour did become seriously depressed, but she should never have been sent to a lobotomist who was running a trafficking ring and someone should have addressed Radford’s behaviour, because it was completely out of hand. I don’t know if there were any other disasters as a result of students not being able to cope with the atmosphere in Radford’s Dept of Linguistics, but I know that at least three students tried to commit suicide after encountering Gwynne. This was not the students, it was him, he was fucking catastrophic and everyone knew it.

I have been told that I was particularly feared by the gwerin/paedophiles’ friends in terms of my potential whistleblowing activities because of the killer info on my CV: ‘BSc II(i) Agricultural Botany, UCNW, 1981-84’. I am informed that people seeing this, even those who knew nothing about me, immediately thought ‘Oh God, the years of Sir Charles Evans, Gwynne, Andrew Radford, Gordon Farley,  John Wilson, John Farrar, Dafydd’s paedophile ring… etc etc’.

So the answer was to wreck career after career of mine and tell the world that I and my close friends were absolute bastards.

Andrew Radford was an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1964-68, remained at Trinity to undertake his PhD and then stayed at Trinity as a Research Fellow until 1975.

Dr Prys Morgan Jones was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge at pretty much the same time as Radford. Prys and Ronnie Waterhouse’s friend Prof J. Gwynne Williams was Chair of Welsh History at UCNW when Radford was busy with the undergrads and when my former neighbour tried to kill herself. The other person who knew what happened was Professor of Theology at Bangor, Eryl Wynn Davies, who at the time was a junior lecturer and the warden for our hall. Eryl is a Cambridge graduate as well, but I can’t remember which college he attended.

Here’s one of Eryl’s books:

Media of The Immoral Bible


There was an elite paedophile/trafficking ring at Cambridge. Whether Radford was part of that or whether he was just a pillock I don’t know.

All of these people knew that there was exploitation and abuse of young people – including very young people, children well below the age of consent – in north Wales and Cambridge. They also knew that lies were being told about me because I had challenged Dafydd and Gwynne, the leaders of the pack. There was no ‘grey area’ with people like Dafydd, Gwynne and Radford, their misconduct could not have gone unnoticed or been open to different interpretations.

When Radford left Bangor in 1989 it was under a very big cloud indeed. Did Radford’s career end? Of course not. He relocated to the University of Essex as Prof, served three terms as Head of Dept and one as Dean. Radford retired in 2013 and since then has been Professor Emeritus. My former neighbour from hall is still dead.


While I was googling Eryl’s book just now, I came across another Eryl Davies, Eryl Oliver Davies (22 December 1922 – 31 May 1982), who was a Welsh teacher and school inspector and was Chief Inspector of Schools for Wales from 1972 until his death in 1982. During 1972-82, Dafydd’s gang were abusing kids across north Wales. There was also abuse of kids in west Wales and south Wales. The kids in children’s homes and SEN kids were very much more vulnerable than kids from comfortable homes without difficulties, but what was happening to some kids was so extreme that Eryl Oliver Davies could not have missed it. In 1979, there was a huge row about ‘standards of schools in Gwynedd’ on which the Windbag tried to capitalise. Being the Windbag, he made it a Welsh language issue. It wasn’t a language issue, it was that bloody gang again, the gang who’s members were personal friends of the Windbag’s wife, her parents and her parents’ mate Lord Cledwyn, who was the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and Secretary of State for Wales, 1966-68, (see post ‘How Much Greater Is A Man Than A Sheep?’). Anglesey is generally agreed to be the most corrupt Council in north Wales and that is some achievement; the rot goes back years. Dafydd’s mistress and partner-in-crime social worker Lucille Hughes worked as the Children’s Officer on Anglesey, 1966-69 and Dafydd himself carried out ‘research into incest’ on Anglesey in the early 1960s.


  • BBC News | WALES | 'Visionary' Lord Cledwyn tributes
  • Lord Cledwyn of Penrhos von Brian Denman at ...
  • Neil Kinnock Lord Kinnock Labour politician 1984 image by ...

The most corrupt Council in Wales Windbag and probably the most corrupt in the UK. Councillors went to prison and become Councillors again when they had been released, Councillors became millionaires from bribery and corruption in the Planning Dept, children in care were hung from ropes in barns and thrashed… Your wife’s parents were Councillors on Anglesey. 


Eryl Oliver Davies was born in December 1922 in Merthyr Tydfil and went to school in Methyr before attending Jesus College, Oxford. I have explained in previous posts (eg. ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’) how Jesus College is and was the ‘Welsh’ Oxford College, which educated many of those who later occupied senior positions which they used to conceal the crimes of Dafydd and the gang. Dafydd’s mate the corrupt judge Huw Daniel went to Jesus College, as did Huw Daniel’s father, the Schools Inspector, theologian and President of Plaid, J.E. Daniel, whom Dafydd knew when Dafydd was young. Professor Gareth Roberts of the Normal College, Bangor University and General Teaching Council went to Jesus College, as did Harold Wilson. Wilson was not Welsh, but when he was PM Wilson moved heaven and earth to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring, of which Dafydd’s gang was a branch. Wilson was close to the child abuser George Thomas, the south Wales Labour MP who later became Speaker of the House. George Thomas grew up in the Rhondda near Methyr Tydfil. Thomas was known to be abusing children in south Wales, had links with Dafydd’s gang and Eryl Oliver Davies will have known George Thomas, everyone did. See previous posts eg. ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’.

Eryl Oliver Davies served in the South Wales Borderers and the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry during WW II. After WW II, Davies began teaching at Bradford Grammar School. There was organised abuse in Bradford and the wider Yorkshire region stretching back many years and by the 1960s/70s, the Yorkshire ring, in which Jimmy Savile was a major figure, had linked up to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales.

After teaching in Bradford, Davies before became a schools inspector in Wales, becoming Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales in 1972, just as Dafydd and John Allen’s business of children’s home in north Wales began to take off. The inspection of children’s homes was a responsibility of the Welsh Office and even the Waterhouse Report admitted that the Welsh Office just didn’t bother to inspect most of the homes in north Wales regularly, even after complaints of serious abuse. The Secretary of State for Wales, 1970-74, was Lord Peter Thomas, under Heath as PM. Thomas was Chairman of the Conservative Party, 1970-72. Eryl Davies was appointed Chief Inspector for Schools in Wales in 1972, but presumably he achieved seniority in the years just before that. George Thomas was Secretary of State for Wales, 1968-70. George Thomas had worked as a teacher in south Wales before he entered the Commons in 1945. The Secretary of State for Education, 1970-74, was Thatch. Thatch and George Thomas were good friends, despite the political divide; Thatch maintained that their Methodism was the basis for their friendship. George Thomas was also very close to the Jewish community in south Wales, among whom Greville Janner’s father Barnett Janner grew up (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’).

Sir Lawrence Byford was Inspector of Constabulary for the region which included north Wales and then Chief Inspector of Constabulary, 1983-87. Byford’s responsibilities covered the North Wales Police from the late 1970s, during which time the North Wales Police were fully on board with Dafydd’s gang. Byford was educated at Leeds University and served with the West Riding Police, 1947-68. He then joined the senior management of the Lincolnshire Constabulary, on Thatch’s home territory, serving as Chief Constable, 1973-77. See post ‘Top Of The Cops’. Byford’s son Mark also went to Leeds University and later rose up through the BBC, becoming Deputy DG. Mark Byford was one of the BBC bigwigs who didn’t notice Jimmy Savile assaulting kids on BBC premises. The Savile who had ruled Yorkshire for decades, who had a flat in Leeds and who was mates with corrupt police officers in Leeds, as well as being mates with Dafydd’s gang.

Eryl Oliver Davies was also a member of the School Broadcasting Council, the Schools Council and the Open University Advisory Committee for Wales. The Open University was famously one of Harold Wilson’s flagship achievements; Wilson delegated the task of establishing the OU to Lord Goodman, Wilson’s friend and crooked solicitor and Jennie Lee, Nye Bevan’s widow. The Planning Committee for the OU was packed with people close to Wilson who were concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and associated criminality, including that of Dafydd et al.

One such person was Lord Fulton, Principal of University College, Swansea, 1947-59 – the employer of Rhodri Morgan’s father as well as of Dafydd’s buddy Saunders Lewis. Then Fulton was VC of the University of Wales, 1952-54 and again between 1958-59. In 1959 Fulton was appointed Principal of University College Sussex, which became the University of Sussex in 1961. He remained there until 1967. Another of Wilson’s mates on the Planning Committee of the OU was Lord Asa Briggs, Vice-Chancellor of Sussex University, 1967-76 and Chancellor of the OU 1978-94. Briggs was a Cambridge graduate who grew up and went to school in Keighley near Bradford and worked in Intelligence at Bletchley Park during WW II. Briggs was a close friend of Howard Smith, who became DG of MI5 in 1979. In 1967, Briggs was outraged when three Sussex students threw red paint over a visiting US official as a protest against the Vietnam War and nearly 40 years later in a Radio 4 interview, Briggs’s daughter stated that her father had never forgiven them. One of the students was Merfyn Jones, who later became VC of Bangor University. Briggs concealed the Sussex end of Dafydd’s and John Allen’s trafficking ring – kids from children’s homes in north Wales were trafficked to brothels owned by John Allen in London and Brighton – and Briggs will have known that Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen, a village in the area ruled by Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang, with the local people suffering quite considerably at their hands (see previous posts eg. ‘The Village’). Briggs didn’t die until 2016, which meant that he and his mates in the security services were around a very long time to cause trouble. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ for the story of the red paint, Asa’s previous, Lord Fulton etc.

If anyone knows whether Asa Briggs was any relation to the Briggs’s in Anne Atkins’ wider network, please let me know.


Eryl Oliver Davies died on 31 May 1982 at the age of 59, in post. I have no idea what the circumstances of Davies’s death were but 59 years is not a great age for a professional person and Dafydd and the gang were under pressure in 1982 because Mary Wynch was on her way to the Master Of The Rolls. The different factions of the gwerin were pursuing a civil war at UCNW and were trying to oust Sir Charles Evans; they didn’t manage to do that but they did throw Lord Kenyon overboard. He was replaced as President of UCNW by Sir William Mars-Jones, another one of Dafydd’s huge umbrellas and a friend and colleague of Ronnie Waterhouse. See previous posts eg. ‘Meet The Gwerin!’.


Owen Chadwick’s brother Henry was Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge. Peterhouse was famous for interesting behaviour on the part of lecturers and students, including parties where men dressed as women, used women’s names and participated in japes. Michael Portillo was one who did so. The Portillo whom I was told when I lived in Bethesda was a regular at gay clubs, the Portillo who denied being gay until one day he remembered that he had been sexually involved with men after all and after that remembered that he’d felt obliged to deny it because Thatch’s Tory Party was so homophobic. That was when they weren’t concealing the crimes of Dafydd et al who were procuring boys as sexual partners for leading Tories such as Sir Peter Morrison and Norman St John-Stevas. See previous posts eg. ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’.

Whether Owen Chadwick was any relation of A.H. Chadwick aka Dr Andrew Chadwick of the BMA who so helpfully assisted Tony Francis, Dafydd et al during the late 1980s/early 1990s in their industrial scale perjury in the multiple attempts to have me imprisoned I don’t know.


David Briggs’s sister – Anne Atkins’ aunt – Audrey Ruth Churchill (née Briggs) (1920–2005) worked at Bletchley Park, 1942-45, after graduating from Cambridge. Baroness Jean Trumpington aka Trumpers worked at Bletchley Park, but being Trumpers she did no work, although she ensured that she got to know everyone who was worth knowing. Trumpers was later a fixture at Cliveden – Trumpers’ friend from Bletchley Park Sarah Norton was Bill Astor’s first wife – including the orgies involving the Royals, Gov’t Ministers, call girls and Russian spies which led to the downfall of Macmillan’s Gov’t. Trumpers’ lived in Cambridge for many years, including during the late 1960s and throughout the 70s, when her husband Alan Barker was Head of the Leys School. She served as Mayoress of Cambridge and was involved with the Cambridge Tories. Trumpers was a pal of Rab Butler, who was at the time Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’. The high spot of Trumpers’ life cam in the late 1980s, when as junior Health Minister, she was responsible for appointing Jimmy Savile to the management task force of Broadmoor Hospital. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’. After working at the Leys School, Alan Barker became Head of University College School, where Harold Wilson’s sons went to school. Trumpers used to entertain Wilson and Mary to tea (see post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’).

In 1946 Audrey Ruth married former SOE Officer Major Oliver Churchill. Oliver’s brother Peter Churchill also served in the SOE and their brother Walter was a Battle of Britain ace. Oliver and Peter’s father, William Algernon Churchill, who died in 1947, was a British diplomat and art connoisseur. Oliver Churchill was educated at Stowe School and King’s College, Cambridge.

William Algernon’s wife was Violet (nee Meyers), a classical singer from an influential Birmingham family. Violet’s brother Walter Meyers was a Top Doctor who died young in 1901 and her sister was Stella Churchill who died in 1954. Stella was also a Top Doctor, well-known medical psychologist and psychotherapist who specialised in Wimmin’s Health. Stella was a Girton Girl who subsequently qualified as a Top Doc at the London School of Medicine for Wimmin, which was established in 1874 and the first British Medical School to train wimmin Top Doctors.

London School of Medicine for Wimmin, Hunter Street.


Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was Dean (1883-1903) while the school was rebuilt, became part of London University and was consolidated with the Royal Free Hospital.

Royal Free Hospital – School of Medicine for Women, Hunter Street.

In 1896, the School was renamed the London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine for Wimmin. In 1894, the Indian feminist Dr. Rukhmabai qualified as a Top Doctor after attending the London School of Medicine for Wimmin. The number of Indian women students steadily increased so that by 1920 the school, in co-operation with the India Office, opened a hostel for female Indian medical students.

In the early 1980s, there were feminist protests outside of the Royal Free Hospital as a result of the sheer number of wimmin who were so unhappy with their childbirth experiences there. In 1987 I had a bizarre interview at the Royal Free and during the course of the interview, one of the panel divulged information that could have only come from Dafydd or Tony Francis. Duncan Orme, the Students Union Welfare Officer at UCNW who concealed Dafydd’s gang and the havoc that Gwynne the lobotomist was creating, was rewarded for this by a place on the NHS management training scheme, although Duncan ended up with the Third and, I was told, failed his accountancy exams. Duncan’s first post was at the Royal Free. The semi-literate and innumerate Duncan ended up as the Financial Director of one of the lethal, bankrupt and troubled NHS Trusts in Staffordshire. See previous posts for the gen on Duncan.

In 1998, the London Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine merged with UCH’s Medical School to form the UCL Medical School.

Dr Stella Churchill held posts as a Top Doctor at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, the Victoria Hospital for Children and the Italian Hospital, before being appointed anaesthetist to the British Red Cross Hospital at Netley. She was Assistant Medical Officer for Health for Maternity and Child Welfare at Bermondsey, 1920-22, and First Assistant then Deputy Medical Officer for Health for St Pancras, 1922-24. Stella served as the President of the Maternity and Child Welfare Group of the Society of Medical Officers of Health and on the Council of the Save the Children Fund.

There was great poverty in all these areas of London in which Stella was working and contrary to popular myth, the role of Top Doctors in such places was not to selflessly Help The Poor by applying liberal values. The Top Docs were judgemental, usually held the poor to blame for their own difficulties and Wimmin Top Docs were employed to tell their much poorer wimmin patients what to do. Top Docs were fully aware of child prostitution and organised abuse and they were complicit with it. They also played a major role in the transport of huge numbers of children from slums in British cities, including London, to Australia, where the kids led lives of slavery and sexual abuse. The parents of the children were persuaded to hand them over by being told that their kids were going to lives of great opportunities. When the kids in Australia grew up and tried to trace their families, they were obstructed as much as possible by the Australian and British authorities and if they persisted they were told that their parents were dead.

Stella Churchill retired from public health work, became interested in medical psychology and was appointed psychotherapist to the Tavistock Clinic and the West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases. The dear old Tavi began on rotten foundations back in 1920 and many of the crazed analysts who featured in previous posts passed through there. There was a problem from the outset with the Tavi concealing the abuse of children or less powerful people by more powerful people, some of whom were personally known and on good terms with the Tavi. Stella will have had a sound training in discredited psychoanalytic theory and victim blaming, just like Gwynne and Dafydd were still relying on decades later.

The Pioneering Woman Stella Churchill took a strong interest in infertility, STDs and was a member of the Eugenics Society, serving on its Committee from 1931.

  • Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
  • Stella lived at Strand Green House, Chiswick, from about 1923–32 where her house guests included the writer ‘Elizabeth’ Mary Beauchamp, sculptor Joseph Armitage and author Margaret Kennedy, who used Strand Green House in her book The Constant Nymph.


Stella Churchill opened the first local child welfare clinic at Strand on the Green School.

Stella wrote many books on maternity and child welfare, including the 1925 volume ‘The Hygiene of Life and Safer Motherhood’, Edited by Sir W. Arbothnot Lane, Sir William Wilcox, Sir R. Armstrong-Jones, Sir B. Bruce-Porter, Dr E. Sloan Chesser, Dr Stella Churchill, Dr Caleb W. Saleeby et al.

Sir R. Armstrong-Jones was a Welsh psychiatrist and the grandfather of Lord Snowdon, who married Ma’am Darling. R. Armstrong-Jones was the son of a Congregationalist Minister from Caernarfonshire. Armstrong-Jones went to school in Porthmadog and Wrexham, then studied at UCNW and at Bart’s. He married Margaret, the daughter of Sir Owen Roberts (O.M. Roberts), an educationalist from near Bala. See previous posts.

Sir R. Armstrong-Jones’s grandson Tony, Lord Snowdon, enjoyed himself with recreational chemicals and sex workers of both genders, being bisexual. See previous posts. Ma’am Darling’s Top Doctors were Ann and Peter Dally, who were known to be flogging class A drugs and helpful Court reports to anyone rich enough to afford their services. See post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’. Ann Dally’s drug dealing was facilitated by the corrupt Home Office Drug’s Branch mandarin Bing Spear, who was providing the same assistance to Dafydd. In his old age, Lord Snowdon was one of the bedfellows of Marjorie Wallace, who became a mental health campaigner and established the charidee SANE when it was clear that the North Wales Hospital Denbigh was earmarked for closure. Marjorie’s campaigning message was that nutters needed to be kept locked up and furthermore they wanted to be. I wrote to Marjorie in 1988 and gave her a full account of Dafydd’s crimes. Marjorie did not reply. See post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’. Lord Snowdon’s family seat was near Caernarfon and he used to pop up to north Wales.


Lord Snowdon: The commoner who wed the King's daughter ...


From 1925-32 Stella Churchill represented South East Southwark on the London County Council. She was Parliamentary Labour Candidate for Hackney North in 1924 and for Brentford and Chiswick in 1929.

Here’s the Pioneering Lady Doctor Breaking the Glass Ceiling in 1924:

Meet a then-medical student who was influenced by Stella’s work as an Older Pioneering Lady Doctor:
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
This crooked lawyer, Labour MP and best mate of George Thomas was also influenced by Dr Stella and psychoanalytic theory:
Leo Abse videos
How about putting Dr Stella on an historical Woman’s Hour Power List then Jenni?
There were many other Pioneering Wimmin who trained at the London School of Medicine for Wimmin, who no matter what Jenni Murray believes did as much damage to their female patients as many of those in possession of testicles did. In some cases they did more, because gendered conduct is a bugger like that.
Meet typhoid Mary. She was an Irish cook, so she ended up in a great deal more trouble than Pioneering Wimmin Doctors did when they screwed up.
Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary).jpg
There’s a Lady Doctor who works at Ysbyty Gwynedd who undertook a charidee mission with this man. She swore blind to me that he ‘is a very odd man’, but is ‘completely genuine’ in terms of his motivations. But then Dr Pauline Cutting knew about Dafydd and the gang as well…
Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...
Dr Stella Churchill was married to Sidney John Alexander Churchill, often referred to as Sidney J. A. Churchill, a diplomat, art connoisseur and author. In 1880, Sid joined the Persian Telegraph Department of the Indian Civil Service, where he gained an extensive knowledge of the Persian language and of Persia. He then served as British Consul in Persia (1886–94) and was in attendance on the Shah of Persia during his visit to England in 1889. Sid followed that up with postings as Consul in Surinam and French Guiana (1894), Palermo (1898–1909) and Naples (1909–12); then as Consul-General in Naples (1912–18) and Lisbon (1918–21). In 1901, Sid was entrusted with the last message from Queen Victoria to Prince Philippe, Duke of Orleans. Sid died aged 59 in 1921, in Levallois-Perret on his way to England.
Sir Sid certainly did well for someone married to a Lady Doctor who was Helping The Poor. He was a collector of Renaissance and Oriental manuscripts and of jewels, bronzes, pictures and other antiques while in Persia and Italy. After his death Sir Sid’s extensive personal collections were auctioned at Sotheby’s, who advertised ‘The extensive and interesting collection of continental & Near Eastern works of art, textiles & embroideries, Italian and Sicilian objects of vertu, knives, forks, spoons, silver and enamels and the valuable and well-known collection of peasant jewellery, the property of the late Sidney J. A. Churchill, Esq’.

From 1880–94, Sid collected Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Hebrew manuscripts for the British Museum (Vol. IV of their Persian Catalogue of Manuscripts is almost entirely devoted to the ‘Churchill Manuscripts’); collected art objects in Persia for the Victoria and Albert Museum under Gen. Sir R. M. Smith and also researched the history of gold and silver work in Italy, especially the Two Sicilies. His Lady Doctor wife spent her life working in the Third Sicily with others who were Helping The Poor.

Sir Sidney wrote many books, particularly on Italian goldsmiths, in both English and Italian. He also had letters relating to artistic matters published in ‘The Burlington Magazine’. 

Sidney and Stella had a son George and their daughter was the archeologist Ruth Plant, 1912-88, who studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, Bertrand Russell’s friend (see post ‘So Who Was Angry About What?’) who owned the Brondanw estate at Llanfrothen/Croesor and who’s many posh friends with second homes on Clough’s estate knew about Dafydd and Gwynne and who sometimes made use of their services (see previous posts), studied at the AASA, but years before Ruth. Clough will have known Ruth though, as a well-known architect who had a practice in London during Ruth’s years as a young architect.


Audrey’s Ruth Briggs’s oldest son is Toby Churchill (born 29 June 1947), a disabled entrepreneur. Toby founded a company manufacturing communication aids for people who cannot speak. He was born in Cambridge, where he has lived for all of his life and educated at the Perse School, Cambridge and the University of Bath. In 1968, aged 21, Toby became disabled and lost his speech after contracting  encephalitis. Dissatisfied with the rudimentary communication aids then available for people who cannot speak, he designed the first Lightwriter for his own use and, after meeting other people with similar needs, started to manufacture them. Toby set up Toby Churchill Limited in 1973 to manufacture portable text-based communication aids. The company won a number of awards including a British Design Award in 1969, a DTI Languages for Export Award in 1996 and the Queen’s Award for Export in 1995 and 1996.

Soon after partially recovering from his disabilities Toby designed an adapted car for his own use, able to be controlled entirely by his left hand.

Toby’s inventions appeared four times on BBC’s ‘Tomorrow’s World’ during the 1970s. He also set up a wine importing business, a property rental business in France, a super car rental business and was consulted by Cambridge City Council over the design of a public toilet. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Toby’s inventions sound brilliant and I am glad that he has benefited from them, but as with all the media stories that the Top Doctors are currently putting out with regard to us now being in an era of ‘personalised medicine’ with drugs which are ‘tailored to the patient’s DNA’, I haven’t seen any evidence of these innovations and advances trickling down to the mass of the population. Most of the disabled people whom I have encountered are living restricted lives and are worried sick about their benefits being withdrawn, if indeed that has not already happened. There are cases in the UK of physically disabled people being moved into care homes against their wishes because the local authority has refused to pay for the home carers that they need. Other disabled people are giving up jobs that they enjoy because the payments for their assistants have been withdrawn. I don’t see any people whizzing along on the sort of scooter that Stephen Hawking had or driving a Tobyesque car which can be controlled by one hand. But then I’m not a relative of Anne Atkins’ who lives in Cambridge. Before the Top Docs put out anymore PR pieces about smart drugs that interact with one’s DNA, perhaps they’d like to stop the Top Docs in north Wales from exterminating vulnerable people and alert the nation to the fact that the only human contact that some severely disabled people have is the carer who comes in four times a day for half and hour to do the basics at top speed. And if I know anything about Ysbyty Gwynedd, the Angels will still be incapable of getting a bedpan to an elderly patient who’s on the other side of the ward.


Here are a few extras to consider in the light of the information provided in this post so far.

Cambridge University features very heavily among the Atkins’ family and the extended network who were concealing some terrible things while adopting a superior grandiose position. Some of those involved were at Cambridge, or knew people who were, in the late 1920s and 30s. There is also mention of art connoisseurs and Cultured people of noble birth who rub noses with Royalty. It’s all rather Sir Anthony Blunt, who as well as being a Trinity College graduate, a distant relative of Lilibet, cluttering up Buck House and spying for the Ruskies, was also an old Queen who was a member of the elite paedophile ring based at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast which had links with Dafydd’s gang. Blunt was famously one of the Cambridge spy ring who were members of the Cambridge Apostles. Most of the Apostles came from Trinity College or King’s College.

Rab, Master of Trinity. The extent of his fuckwittery and wilful ignoring of something terrible growing and growing in an endemically corrupt Home Office, criminal justice and mental health system may be read in my post ‘Rab, High Table And The Founding Fathers’.

Rab Butler Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Believe me, they knew, they definitely knew…


There has always been a great deal of fuzziness as to how many Cambridge spies there were; being spies, they couldn’t be believed, so who knows how many there were, but what is certain is that Trinity College and King’s College bred British agents and double agents at that and they will have recruited future generations of agents from younger students.

I know of two definite links to Wales: Goronwy Rees, the Principal of Aberystwyth University, 1953-56, worked for MI5, was a good friend of Guy Burgess and came under suspicion of being a KGB agent. Goronwy’s father was a Calvinist Methodist Minister at Aberystwyth, although they moved to Cardiff when Goronwy was a boy. Goronwy lived in Aberystwyth in his final years. See post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’. Goronwy’s brother was Ronnie Waterhouse’s pal, the High Court judge Geraint Rees. Eric Hobsbawm was an Apostle when he was at King’s College, Cambridge. Eric was one of those who knew Sir Clough and had a second home at Croesor.

Eric’s daughter Julia has spent her life doing ridiculous things like running PR companies and being a Professor of Networking at the LSE. Julia Hobsbawm hit the big time with her PR company Hobsbawm Macaulay in the early 1990s. The Macaulay bit of Hobsbawm Macaulay was Sarah Macaulay, who later became Sarah Brown when she married Gordon, as in Gordon the PM who was up to his neck in undermining Merfyn Jones and destabilising Bangor University. Gordon was mates with the dreadful Lord Jack McConnell, who was at Stirling University with my best friend from school, pursued her, was rejected in favour of the man whom my friend later married and from then on wily old Jack used his knowledge of what was happening to me in north Wales to freeze my friends out of polite company, trample on them while they were under attack from gangsters and climb to the top of Scottish politics, becoming FM in 2001, the year after the Waterhouse Report was published. See previous posts, including ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.

Lord Jack toppling over:

  • Jack McConnell slams polemic independence debate - The ...


Never mind the grief that I’ve been put through Gordon, what about all the patients whom the Top Docs allowed to die when Merfyn was Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, in order to force his resignation?

Gordon Brown

  • Here’s Julia. Julia’s dad knew that I was doing some digging because I wrote to him about Croesor and he would have known that I had come across the paedophile ring.
  • Julia Hobsbawm - Wikispooks
  • Here’s Sarah! She does a lot for charidee. Especially for Wimmin and Children.

  • Who is Sarah Macaulay? | Kterrl's Favorites

I was watching some old clips of Kilroy yesterday, searching for the clips of Dafydd when he made guest appearances on there in the 1990s, when the gwerin sent up a distress flare and guess what I found? I found a clip with Julia Hobsbawm on Kilroy! Annabel Heseltine was on the same clip. Julia and Annabel were both sporting angry red lipstick – warning plumage – and were very angry with Max Clifford, who was also on the show, because Max had laid a sting and outed Jerry Hayes, the Tory MP for Harlow, as having clandestine liaisons with men/boys. Annabel shrieked that Max had ruined a good man’s career and Julia told Max that PR was not about sleaze and deception, PR was, would you believe ethical. Really Julia??? The clip was from a Kilroy show in Jan 1997. The beginning of the year in which Waterhouse would listen to the horrific tales of life in the north Wales children’s homes and denounce it all as a pack of lies, the year that Dafydd’s gang were beavering away behind the scenes trying to get me incarcerated in Broadmoor with Jimmy Savile.

Max defended himself by saying that he had outed a Tory hypocrite because he was supporting Labour being so very angry ‘about what the Tories had done to the NHS’.

Max later went to prison for serial sexual assaults. Annabel’s dad repeatedly used his knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd’s gang to try and become PM. And as for Sarah – er, didn’t she know a man who was soon to be the Labour Gov’ts Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time?

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is The Most Disgusting Of Them All??

Tony Blair 2.jpg

Cherie Blair in Trento.jpg

Gordon Brown official.jpg

Happy 50th birthday! Julia Hobsbawm on the power of ...

Sarah Jane Brown

Would Sarah Jane Brown a ‘British campaigner for global health and education, founder and President of the children’s charity Theirworld, the Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education and the co-founder of A World at School’ like to tell us whether all those NHS deaths were worth it?

She couldn't go on stock photo

In 2008 Sarah became the global patron for the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood. You dumb bitch Sarah, you lost your own child, so you made sure that the lethal maternity services in north Wales, in Shropshire, in Morecombe Bay and elsewhere continued to kill mothers and babies so that your husband could have a job that he wasn’t very good at. Oh and my friend’s baby died as well. Not because like your Jennifer there were serious problems, but because she was my best friend, she was a witness and the Top Docs killed her baby out of criminal neglect to send out a message, just as they did when they found that there was nothing that they could do for Merfyn’s wife when your husband had just become PM…

Bloody War stock photo


Hey Dafydd, all you need is a bit of red lipstick and you’ll be on the Woman’s Hour Power List too!


Gwilym Williams, graduate of Jesus College, Oxford and the Bishop of Bangor, 1957-82 and Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82, was one of those complicit with Dafydd and the gang who used his knowledge of Dafydd et al procuring children for Tories such as Sir Peter Morrison and Norman St John-Stevas to overcome Willie Whitelaw’s and Thatch’s resistance to establishing S4C. The succeeding Bishop of Bangor, Cledan Mears, was also a big mate of Dafydd’s. See previous posts.

Dafydd’s gang in north Wales/Chester were linked with the gang at Cambridge. In 1997 – the year of the Kilroy clip! – there was a big paedophile trial at Chester Crown Court. The presiding judge was Dafydd’s mate, the corrupt Huw Daniel, graduate of Jesus College, Oxford himself. The police asked Daniel not to lift the order concealing the identity of a small number of defendants, because it would jeopardise a forthcoming trial of Mr Bigs. Huw ignored the police’s request and lifted the order, thus sabotaging the trial. The trial of one man went ahead, Keith Laverack. Laverack was the former Director of Cambridgeshire Social Services. He had worked in children’s homes in Cheshire during the 1970s and then in Cambridgeshire. Laverack was found guilty and Daniel made a rousing speech which must have had a few creeps masturbating in the aisles, waxing lyrical about Laverack’s ‘perverted lusts’. The no nonsense judge received a round of applause from the gallery. The Big Boys got away. See previous posts. Should Laverack have ever wanted to become a supergrass and name the Big Boys, he wouldn’t have been much use, because the defence would have squealed loudly about him being a convicted sex offender who couldn’t be believed.

Huw Daniel was one of the barristers working in Chester and Wales during the 1970s and 80s who concealed the abuse of the children for which he jailed Laverack years later.

The Paedophiles’ Friend:

Dr Laurence Chesterman – Behind The Facade – Service ...


Jesus College, Oxford, For All Your Networking Needs:

  • Gladly Lerne, Gladly Teche: Gaudyamus
  • Jesus College, Oxford | Dreaming Spires | Pinterest
  • Jesus College Oxford by Derek Green - Digital Photographer


Fancy Cross-breeding With a Bit of Trinity College, Cambridge?

  • Trinity Great Court - Wikipedia
  • Trinity College, Cambridge - Wikipedia
  • The Great Court Trinity College Cambridge University ...
  • Concert: Friends of T.


Professor Fergus Lowe, who overthrew Dafydd’s influence in the Dept of Psychology in the late 1980s and built his own empire which was just as toxic, as well as desperately forging links with US universities, also worked very hard at partnering with Cambridge University academics ie. people like Simon Baron Cohen, who in turn had worked with some very questionable people themselves (see previous posts). The Ground Breaking Work at Bangor on dyslexia by Prof Tim Miles was carried out on children on Anglesey in the 1960s. Er, yes. When Lucille was Children’s Officer on Anglesey and Dafydd had just finished his ‘research’ on incest  on the island.

In terms of Anne Atkins’ cousin arriving in a very Welsh part of Wales to run a small private school when he and his wife were very hostile to the Welsh language and were very rude about Wales and Welsh people, the Porters stated that they took Hillgrove over in 1975. Which was the year that the Leo Abse-inspired Children Act arrived on the statute books and opened the floodgates for Dafydd and the gang, as hundreds of children were removed from their families and sent to live with the paedophile gang. The sort of children that ended up in the hands of Dafydd and John Allen were not the sort of children who went to Hillgrove. If any readers know why Anne’s network took root in Bangor in 1975, please do let me know.

I was not the only teacher unlawfully forced out of my job at Hillgrove; another teacher was as well, at exactly the same time as me. I was very friendly with her and we always used to go for a coffee after school. Those we know and love knew that we were friends. She was in a very violent marriage and every time that she threatened to leave her husband he’d tell her that if she did, he would tell Hillgrove School that she was a ‘drug addict’ and get her the sack. The only drugs that she was addicted to were benzodiazepines that her GP had prescribed in order to help her cope with the maniac whom she was living with. When Fearns came after me, Hillgrove School received a phone call from my friend’s husband informing them that she had a ‘drug problem’. The ‘diagnosis’ was backed up by a letter from a Top Doctor who had prescribed the drugs… My friend lived in Llandudno. Another part of Dafydd’s empire. I was told about a year later that my friend did leave her husband once she lost her job at Hillgrove because she had nothing to tie her to north west Wales anymore. She ended up homeless as the toe rag of an ex-husband caused problems everywhere that she went.

Perhaps Anne Atkins is thinking of a donation to St Martin-in-the-Fields this Christmas for their homelessness work? It’s a Christmas tradition, then when normal programmes resume, everyone goes back to ignoring the homeless once more or blaming them for not having somewhere to live.


Now for a little bit of background about Bangor Normal College, the teacher training college which merged with Bangor University in 1996, which if anything was an even bigger stronghold of the paedophiles’ friends than UCNW/Bangor University and Aberystwyth Universities.

The Normal College Y Coleg Normal was an independent teacher training college, founded in 1858. It was created through the efforts of the British and Foreign School Society and through Sir Hugh Owen and was funded by £11,000 raised through subscription and £2,000 of Government money. Sir Hugh Owen (14 January 1804 – 20 November 1881) was the main founder of Aberystwyth University. Hugh Owen was born on Anglesey and moved to London at the age of 21 to work as a solicitor’s clerk. He went to work for the Poor Law Commission in 1836, eventually becoming its Chief Clerk in 1853.

Owen became involved in the British and Foreign School Society in London and in 1843 published an open letter to the people of Wales, advocating the need to establish British and Foreign schools in Wales. As a Nonconformist, Owen supported the idea of non-denominational day schools. In 1843 he was instrumental in the appointing of an agent for the British and Foreign schools Society in North Wales and then in South Wales at a later date.

In 1846 Owen became honorary Secretary of the Cambrian Educational Society and published another letter advocating the establishment of schools in Wales. His campaign led to the establishment of a number of schools, but highlighted another problem: a shortage of trained teachers. In 1856 Owen was one of the founder member of a movement to establish the Normal College at Bangor for teacher training. His vision included another teacher training college in South Wales, one specifically for women in Swansea and a university for Wales. In 1863 a committee was formed to raise the funds to establish a University for Wales in Aberystwyth. By 1872, the University opened. It was not financially stable and Hugh Owen retired in order to raise funds, to clear the debt, and secure the future of the University.

Owen was briefly a member of the London School Board, elected to fill a casual vacancy in April 1872. He stood down at the November 1873 school board elections.

Owen saw the need to improve the education in intermediate schools, so that there were suitably qualified entrants for the new University. At the National Eisteddfod in Caernarfon in 1880, he read a paper to members of the Society of Cymmrodorion on Intermediate Education in Ireland and Secondary Education in Wales. This eventually led to the passing of the Welsh Intermediate Education Act of 1889.

I mentioned earlier in this post and I have discussed in previous posts the background of Professor Gareth Roberts who served as Principal of the Normal College, until it merged with Bangor University, when Professor Roberts then became a senior member of staff in the School of Education. Gareth Roberts was formerly an adviser for Gwynedd Education Authority when the paedophile gang was operating via the social services, the NHS and the educations services. Gareth Roberts must have noticed what I always noticed and what I have been told constantly by a whole variety of people of different generations and backgrounds ie. that many schools in north Wales served able kids from stable backgrounds very well and the kids achieved impressive things, but swathes of kids with difficulties were just abandoned. They were the kids who were usually the ones being targeted by the gang. Friar’s School in Bangor seems to have run a distinct two-tier system. The paedophiles’ friends who worked as lecturers, teachers, social workers, Top Docs, public services managers, police officers, Angels etc sent their children there and they followed in their parents’ footsteps and formed the local elite of the next generation. Then there were kids from the Maesgeirchan estate, including those who were in the clutches of the gang, who were just thrown away. I know of one man now in his 40s who dad went to prison, his mum upped and left and the kids just lived in the house by themselves with the older teenagers of them family looking after them. They never went to school again and Friar’s didn’t even ask where they had gone. I know of another girl who was being abused who started playing truant and I was told ‘Friars don’t give a bugger, they don’t want her there’. She didn’t go to school after she was 15. Some of these kids were difficult – although not all of them – but there was a complete abdication of responsibility. Schools advisers and inspectors knew this was happening but didn’t enquire further. That is how people can claim to have had no knowledge of a vicious trafficking gang.

I also heard a lot of stories from men who are now over the age of about 40 who described quite severe physical punishment in schools in Gwynedd, of the sort that had died out in most other parts of Wales and England. The official accounts of life in the children’s homes in north Wales and the schools attached to the homes often mention that ‘there was a cane in the Head’s office, but it was only used sparingly’. These were kids who were being kicked, beaten, seriously physically injured, gang raped, sold for sex and used for child porn. Don’t tell me that the cane was used sparingly.

Menai Williams was the Deputy Principal of the Normal College when Gareth Roberts was the Principal. Menai worked at the Normal College for many, many years, she was there as long ago as 1959 when she was a lecturer and warden of the halls. Menai was from a high profile Liberal Nonconformist family who personally knew the Lloyd Georges. Menai was involved with the UNA and when she organised a one day event on drug abuse in about 2005, Dafydd was the keynote speaker…

When the gwerin began to organise to overthrow Merfyn, the former members of staff of the Normal College were particularly enthusiastic (see previous posts).

Aled Griffiths was a Normal College lecturer as was Meri Huws. Aled aka the Buffet Slayer is a regular on this blog. His father was a Minister on Anglesey; Aled’s twin brother Huw was a grossly incompetent solicitor who used to sit in Bangor Magistrates Court in the 1980s and 90s and watch me and other people fitted up by the gang. Aled’s sister Gwenan Carrington was the Director of Gwynedd Social Services when they completely imploded and his wife Joanna was the Director of Conwy Social Services while Prestwood People Trafficking Ltd set up shop in the Conwy area. See previous posts. Meri is infamous (see previous posts), in the 1980s she worked as a community social worker on Maesgeirchan where the Ty’r Felin children’s home was located when the kids were being sold for sex at various locations including Dolphin Square (see previous posts ‘Are You Local?’).

Another ex-Normal College lecturer was Sian Ashton who was very aggressive and expected anyone in possession of ovaries to bang on about the wicked ways of Men and make lame jokes about being in need of chocolate and a massage, but Sian had a cult following because she hated Meri and there would be some impressive swearing and screaming when the two met.

My post ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’ discussed Dafydd Orwig, a former Normal College lecturer who was also a Gwynedd County Councillor. Dafydd Orwig played a major role in the framing of Patient F, denying him access to his child and ensuring that the child was raised by a family containing two child abusers. Dafydd Orwig liked to believe that he ruled supreme over Bethesda.

A Community Leader! They tend to act in their own best interests rather than anyone else’s. How were people told to find Dafydd Orwig’s house if they wanted to see ‘that Councillor who fixes everything?’ ‘It’s that really big newer house next to all the others in Braichmelyn’.

Everyone else’s houses:

  • Braichmelyn, Bethesda, North Wales 2 bed cottage for sale ...
  • Braichmelyn, Bethesda, North Wales 2 bed cottage for sale ...


Many moons ago Dafydd Orwig stood for election as a Plaid candidate. Yma O Hyd!

Dafydd Orwig was listed as a company director for Antur Dyffryn Ogwen cyf and for the WJEC. Yes, he’ll have had domain over the qualifications. WJEC was the exam board which failed to take action when John Owen, the drama teacher who abused his pupils for years in Pontypridd, had them writing explicit sex scenes for the exam. See post ‘Yet More Inglorious Bastards’. Other pupils refused to go to the drama practical because John Owen was keen on pupils getting a bit naked when they were acting and of course he liked the romantic scenes… Rhodri Morgan’s old mam worked for the WJEC for years, so Rhodri reassured himself that there wasn’t a problem.


Previous posts discussed the case of Ceryl Wyn Davies, who trained at the Normal College and just kept on getting caught abusing the pupils. It was OK though, Gwynedd Education Authority would re-employ him and then Ceryl would get caught again… It was alleged that Ceryl was getting away with this because of a close relative in Gwynedd County Council…


According to wiki, ‘renowned’ students and lecturers from the Normal College included:

Owain Owain (11 December 1929 – 19 December 1993) a Welsh novelist, short-story writer and poet. He also founded Tafod y Ddraig (The Dragon’s Tongue), which became the Welsh Language Society’s main voice from its birth in the 1960s to the present day. Meri Huws was Chairman of the Welsh Language Society when she was working as a social worker for Gwynedd.

Re Owain: ‘Having worked as a nuclear scientist in Windscale for a few years, he returned home to Wales in 1956 with his wife Eira, and settled down in Bangor to raise a family of four children, one of whom was Robin Llwyd ab Owain’. Owain Owain was a member of Mensa International and was the first secretary of the Bangor branch of the Welsh Language Society. Owain also sketched the society’s logo (a red dragon’s tongue).

Readers might remember that dear old Dafydd worked at Windscale before he realised that his true vocation was as a Top Doctor and embarked on a degree in medicine at Liverpool University (see post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’). Dafydd discovered something at Windscale that he used to wield power over people in High Places for the rest of his career. As well as the safety breaches at the plant and the cover-up by Macmillan’s Gov’t after the 1957 fire, in ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’, I explained why I believe that Dafydd also found out about other matters that the Macmillan Gov’t and indeed all subsequent Gov’ts would rather keep quiet, almost certainly matters Cliveden and related activities. Owain Owain would have been au fait with it as well.

Dafydd Iwan stated that Owain Owain ‘inspired my generation and laid down strong foundations on which the Welsh Language Society was built’. I am completely sympathetic to language campaigning, the attitude towards Welsh from some non-Welsh speakers is appalling and reflects a complete ignorance towards linguistic diversity, history and basically the rest of the world, but I have seen  Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s gang use the language repeatedly as an excuse for perpetrating the Rule Of The Gang and excluding anyone who has spilt the paedophiles’ pints. There is very obviously a great deal of cross-fertilisation between the Welsh Language Society and Dafydd’s cylch and the roots of the Welsh Language Society explain why. It was Dafydd and his mate wot established Cymdeithas. Dafydd is not a sound base on which to establish anything.

Owain’s son Robin Llwyd ab Owain (born June 1959) won the Chair at the National Eisteddfod in 1992 at Mold. In 2013, Robin was appointed Wikimedia UK’s first Wales Manager. His poems have been read on television by actor Rhys Ifans, who since he was young, has been a friend of Gruff Rhys from the Super Furries. Gruff Rhys is the son of Ioan Bowen Rees, who was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile gang was doing its worst in Gwynedd’s children’s homes. A great many of the Young Welsh Talent which suddenly emerged amidst much hype during the years of the Waterhouse Inquiry had parents of friends who’s parents were directly involved in facilitating Dafydd and his network (see post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’).

Owain has written for television and radio. As well as writing poetry, Owain has also written and published over 100 songs including a number which have been sung by Bryn Terfel: ‘Brenin y Ser‘ (‘The King of The Stars’) and ‘Pedair Oed‘ (‘Four Years Old’) which is sung by Rhys Meirion.

On 1 July 2013, Owain was appointed the first Wales Manager by Wikimedia UK. His role aims to expand Wicipedia Cymraeg (Welsh Wikipedia) and the English Wikipedia’s coverage of Welsh topics. As part of this programme, the Welsh Assembly contributed financially to the training of new editors. In relation to Owain’s appointment, Jon Davies, Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK, said: “Robin’s appointment as our Wales Manager is a vital part of our outreach strategy. Wicipedia Cymraeg is the world’s most popular Welsh language website and we are proud to support the Welsh language.”

Owain had previously worked as a head teacher for over 13 years, but I don’t know at which school. Wherever he worked, Owain will have know something about the gang, you couldn’t miss them. From 2000-08 Robin ran a software company (Cyfrifiaduron Sycharth).


Ryan Davies (22 January 1937 — 22 April 1977) was a popular Welsh entertainer of the 1960s and 1970s. He was born in the Carmarthenshire village of Glanamman, was educated in Bangor and at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Ryan Davies’s first professional appearance was in the National Eisteddfod in Aberavon in 1966. He was quickly recognised by BBC Wales. Davies made his name on Welsh language TV shows such as the sitcom Fo a Fe. The Head of Light Entertainment, Meredydd Edwards, brought together Ryan with Ronnie Williams as a double act and the pair had immediate success, first in their Welsh-language television show Ryan a Ronnie, which also launched them onto the concert and cabaret circuit across Wales.

Performing with Margaret Williams in 1967

Ryan and Ronnie’s show went down so well that it was moved to BBC 1 and broadcast in English, winning them a much wider audience and three series were shown between 1971 and 1973. Ryan and Ronnie were the first comedians ever to make TV series in Welsh and English and were considered to be the Welsh answer to Eric n Ernie.

Ryan Davies had a simultaneous solo career as a singer, pianist and songwriter and starred as “2nd Voice” in the 1972 film ‘Under Milk Wood’ with Richard Burton. Ryan’s song “Pan Fo’r Nos yn Hir” has been recorded by other performers, including Rhydian Roberts on his 2011 album Welsh Songs: Caneuon Cymraeg and the Whitland Male Voice Choir on their centenary album “A Hundred Years of Song”.

In 1975, the duo split, the official reason being Ronnie’s ill-health. However, it was Ryan who, in 1977, died suddenly of an asthma attack while visiting friends in New York.

Ryan married his childhood sweetheart Irene and they had two children, Bethan and Arwyn; Arwyn has been an actor in the Welsh TV serial Popol y Cwm since 1993.

John Lasarus Williams (29 October 1924 – 15 June 2004), known as John L, worked at Bangor Normal as a lecturer and stood for election as the Plaid candidate for Anglesey on two on occasions (see post ‘How Much Greater Is A Man Than A Sheep?’). Williams was born in Llangoed on Anglesey but lived most of his life in nearby Llanfairpwll. In his youth, John L was a keen footballer and he also worked as a teacher. His activism started when he campaigned against the refusal of Brewer Spinks, an employer in Blaenau Ffestiniog, to permit his staff to speak Welsh. This inspired John L to become a founder of Undeb y Gymraeg Fyw and through this organisation he was the main organiser of Sioe Gymraeg y Borth (the Welsh show for Menai Bridge).

Williams was a long-serving Gwynedd County Councillor. 


Selwyn Griffith (1928 – 10 August 2011) was a Welsh language poet and the Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod, known by the bardic name Selwyn Iolen. Selwyn Iolen was born in Bethel, near Caernarfon in 1928 and lived in the area throughout his life. He was educated at Bethel Primary School and Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Caernarfon.

Griffith worked as a local government officer for Gwyrfai Rural District Council for 18 years before pursuing a teacher training course at Bangor Normal College. He went on to teach in Ysgol Cadnant Conwy, Ysgol Penybryn Bethesda, Ysgol Llanberis, Ysgol Dolbadarn and as Headteacher of Rhiwlas Primary School.

Selwyn Iolen was elected a member of the Gorsedd in 1973, along with all the other mates of Dafydd’s who were members. Selwyn won the Dyffryn Conwy National Eisteddfod Crown in 1989 and served as Archdruid between 2005 and 2008, he also officiated as Archdruid at the 2009 Eisteddfod due to the illness of Archdruid Dic Jones.


Hafina Clwyd (1 July 1936 – 14 March 2011) had a weekly column in ‘The Western Mail’. Mair Hafina Clwyd Jones was raised on a farm at Llandyrnog, about three miles away from Denbigh. She will have known what was going on inside the North Wales Hospital. Hafina’s family were Welsh speakers and she undertook teacher training at Bangor Normal. Clwyd moved to London at age 21, to work as a teacher. There she co-founded a Welsh literary club, and was an officer of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. 

After returning to Wales in the late 1970s, Hafina edited a community newspaper in Ruthin (Y Bedol) and a national weekly newspaper, Y Faner. She was on the Ruthin Town Council from 1999 until the year she died, and served a term as Mayor of Ruthin (2008–2009). She was recognised with an honorary fellowship at Bangor University in 2005, “for services to journalism.” Don’t mention the paedophile ring, even if you live just down the road from the dungeon where the victims are incarcerated.

Clwyd published eleven books, mainly essay collections, including Clichau yn y Glaw (1973), Defaid yn Chwerthin (1980), Clust y Wenci (1997) and Prynu Lein Ddillad (2009). Her works also included an edition of her own diaries from young womanhood, Buwch ar y Lein (1987), an autobiography, Merch Morfydd (1987), and a local history, Pobol sy’n Cyfri (2001). She also edited Welsh Family History: A Guide to ResearchHer last book, Mynd i’r Gwrych: Dyddiaduron, 1993–1999 (2011) was published posthumously.

The running themes were probably ‘we didn’t know’ and ‘only one died’.

Clwyd’s first husband was Andrew Hawks and she her second husband, fellow teacher Clifford Coppack, in 1971. Whether he is any relation to Caroline Coppock – who may actually have been Caroline Coppock – I don’t know. Clwyd was widowed in 1997. Hafina Clwyd died in 2011, age 74.

Other obituaries provide further information:

Hafina Clwyd (Jones)…the eldest of four children…She was educated at Ysgol Gwyddelwern, Bala Girls’ Grammar School and Ysgol Brynhyfryd, Ruthin. She trained as a teacher at the Normal College, Bangor and, in 1957, went to teach in London, eventually becoming head of department in a comprehensive school. For a while she led a bohemian way of life with gusto. She was a strong feminist, amongst many things she supported was the campaign for legalised abortion after the death of her flatmate in the hands of a back-street abortionist.

Hafina kept remarkably silent about the Top Docs of north Wales who organised to ensure that women in the region couldn’t access NHS abortions even years after abortion was legalised, thus forcing women into the hands of the ‘private abortionist’ in Chester who was putting their lives at risk. The other alternative was checking into Hotel Dafydd at Denbigh where one’s baby would magically disappear… See previous posts. Shouldn’t a feminist have said something about the trafficking ring which Dafydd was running? Oops, forgot, none of the strong feminists said a word did they, not one of them; and they were very cross when I mentioned it as well.

She worked as a secretary for Plaid Cymru MPs for a while. She married a pathologist called Andy Hawks in 1965 – a Top Doc! She definitely wasn’t going to mention the words Dafydd and Gwynne –  but she fell in love with Cliff Coppack, a widower with two children, whom she married in London in 1971. She returned to the Vale of Clwyd on 1st January 1980 and settled in Ruthin. 

Mary Wynch was embarking on legal action against Dafydd and the gang in 1980. Hafina the Strong Feminist and Journalist wasn’t tempted to cover the story then..

She was editor of Welsh Family History: A Guide to Research and also gave significant support to the joint authors of a substantial volume on the history of the Ruthin rugby team.

Whole families were destroyed by Dafydd and Gwynne… Hafina should have encouraged a volume about Wrexham Rugby Club. It was used as a recruiting ground for staff of Bryn Estyn who then abused the boys.

She became a member of the Gorsedd in 1960, receiving the white robe in 1992. She was made an honorary Fellow of Bangor University in 2005. She was also a member of the Welsh Academy.

She was a committed journalist. Catrin Stevens commented that she was ‘among the most enduring champions of the Welsh language press’.

Not mentioning the paedophile gang at any time throughout the endurance.

She wrote a regular column for Y Faner from 1962 to 1986 when she became editor of that remarkable weekly journal until its demise in 1992 and she was forthright in expressing her views on the decision to kill it.

Hafina will have known Kate Roberts, the Welsh novelist who grew up in what was then Gwynedd, married a man who was widely alleged to have been gay and moved to Denbigh, where Kate and her husband ran a small publishing house, publishing among other things, Y Faner, to which Kate contributed regularly. Kate was a Plaid activist and trained and worked as a teacher; Kate Roberts was someone else who knew Dafydd and managed to ignore the abuse ring that he ran under her nose. During the Waterhouse Inquiry and just after the publication of the Waterhouse Report, someone realised that Kate was even more of a genius than had previously been realised and the publishers that she and her husband had owned – they were both dead by then – republished all her novels, in order that Wales could enjoy its Woman Literary Genius who knew a great many people who were involved with Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘Feet In Chains’.

Kate Roberts – Brenhines ein Llên (The Queen of our Literature)
Kate Roberts

The Queen’s Friend: 

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



She wrote a weekly column for the Western Mail and continued to contribute until a few weeks before her death from cancer. She also wrote weekly the radio column for Y Cymro. Readers of Y Wawr were treated to a regular and rich diet of her diaries. She also contributed to Yr Enfys and the Transactions of the Historical Societies of Denbighshire and Meirionethshire. From 1983 to 1988, she was editor of Y Bedol, the Welsh-language community newspaper of Ruthin and its surrounding areas and then she became an advisory editor until her death. 

Don’t mention the paedophile gang in any of these outlets either.

She served in many organizations, councils and societies, with remarkable energy. In London, during the golden age of Welsh culture in the city, she was active with the Drama Society, Clwb y Cymry, Aelwyd yr Urdd, Denbighshire Society, Y Cymmrodorion and the Book Club (which led to the establishment of the Welsh Books Council).

A paid-up member of the gwerin in London. Hafina will have known Dafydd’s mate Sir William Mars-Jones, from a farming family in Denbighshire but who made it big as a High Court judge in London. The Welsh Books Council has a full complement of paedophiles’ friends (see previous post).

When she came to Ruthin and to the heart of Welsh life, she threw herself into it. In addition to her major and longstanding contribution to Y Bedol, she was a member of the local Cylch Darllen, chair of Denbighshire Historical Society and secretary of the Ruthin Local History group. She established the Clwyd Family History Society. She was a link between the University in Bangor and extramural history classes in the town. She was also an active supporter of Ruthin Civic Society.

Just don’t mention that gang of paedophiles…

She supported Plaid Cymru for many years but turned to the Liberals, her husband, Cliff Coppack’s party, after she received an anonymous and disparaging letter from an alleged Plaid member.

Someone got fed up of Hafina, so she defected to Dr Death’s side. Well Dr Death did know Dafydd et al, so Hafina could have found herself at home in the Liberals – Lib Dems. David Steel was a Presbytarian and spent years dismissing Cyril Smith’s activities as Cyril having only ‘spanked a few bare bottoms’. Well if it’s no big deal David, perhaps you should have volunteered for regular bare buttocks spanking a la Cyril and of course Dafydd, wearing as ever, his baby doll nightie with nae panties…


She was a longstanding town councillor and was mayor of Ruthin in 2008-9 when she also opened the new Craft Centre. For fifteen years she was one of the Centre’s team and took enormous pleasure in its work. 

She lectured to many societies over the years, especially on tracing ancestry and family history. She had taught scripture early in her career but, during her time in London, she abandoned the faith of her childhood and became a Humanist.

Hafina had a change of heart then, as with defecting from Plaid to Dr Death. Again, she will have been in good company, previous posts have mentioned many of Dafydd’s web who were/are humanists.


In 2011, Dr Tudor Ellis, a former lecturer at the Normal College published a hagiography of the Normal College and those within, ‘Bywyd Normal’ (‘Normal Life’). 2011. The year after Brown and I began researching the recent history of Croesor and the year that Operation Pallial reopened the criminal investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Might these things have been related?

Tudor Ellis’s book mentions a few more famous names who studied at the Normal College, including: Windsor Davies (star of ‘It Ain’t Half Racist Mum’) (see previous posts); Lord Barry Jones, the teacher and Flintshire NUT leader which will have been very useful when people began bellyaching about that non-existent paedophile gang, many of their non-existent crimes being committed in Flintshire, who then became the Labour MP for Alyn and Deeside, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales under the Windbag – just when I and my mates were all having our lives ruined by the gang – and ended up a Lord and Chancellor of Glyndwr University (see previous posts eg. ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’); and John McBryde, ‘father of the Rugby international, Robin’.

It’s OK, we’ve got the message – ‘We’re The Paedophiles’ Friends, You Can’t Get Us’.


  • Robin McBryde Photos Photos - South Africa v Wales Press ...
  • Robin McBryde : Wales Senior Team | Management Profiles ...


Rituals Of Blood: The Consequences Of Slavery In Two American Centuries (Frontiers of Science)


Anne Atkins has a brother, yet another member of the family with incredible talents and numerous links to those we know and love. (George) Andrew Davidson Briggs (born 1950) is Professor of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. He was born in Dorchester and educated at the Leys School, when Trumpers’ husband was the Head. Andrew Briggs studied physics at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 1968-1971. So like Mandelson, who studied at St Catherine’s, Oxford, 1973-76, Andrew Briggs will have come under the influence of Alan Bullock who recruited students for the security services. See post ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

Briggs undertook his PhD at the Cavendish Laboratory, 1973-76 and then studied Theology at Ridley Hall and Queen’s College, Cambridge, 1976-79.

After finishing his first degree, Andrew Briggs taught Physics and Religious Education at Canford School, Dorset, 1971-73. After working as a researcher at Cambridge during 1979, in 1980 Briggs moved to Oxford as a Research Fellow and then Lecturer in Physics at St Catherine’s College. In 1999 Briggs was given a Chair at Oxford. In 2002 he was elected to the newly created Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. From 2002-2009 Briggs was Director of the Quantum Information Processing Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration and EPSRC Professorial Research Fellow.

Since 2010 Andrew Briggs has also been responsible for the preparation and evaluation of grant proposals to Templeton World Charity Foundation, a philanthropic foundation for discoveries relating to the ‘Big Questions’. The Templeton is an odd foundation; it offers very, very big grants to academics who do indeed want to answer the Big Questions and the Templeton Foundation states that they want academics to approach questions of spirituality with science. The Templeton Foundation was founded by John Templeton, a banker who acquired a great deal of money from somewhere.

In 2010, Brown, I and a team from Bangor submitted a bid to the Templeton Foundation. We had a big interdisciplinary team, including social scientists, a psychoanalyst, health care specialists, theologians, the lot. No, we didn’t get shortlisted, but we didn’t think much about it; we just presumed that the Templeton only wanted to fund academics coming from quite a specific theological angle, although we did wonder who the peer reviewers were. Well I know now. Mr Porter’s cousin!

When John Templeton died, his son John Templeton jr took over the Foundation. John Templeton jr -who has recently died himself – was a paediatric surgeon, precisely Chief of Paediatric Surgery at the Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia. Things are becoming clear now – Anne Atkins’ brother, Top Doctor…

John Templeton jr’s daughter Heather Templeton has now taken over the Foundation.


Here’s a Big Question for the Templeton Foundation. Are you aware of exactly what Andrew Briggs and his family have been complicit with? My second Big Question is: do you really think that having been wallowing in this slurry pit for his entire life Andrew Briggs is a suitable peer reviewer to assess research proposals which are concerned with matters ethical and spiritual? Even if his cousin Mr Porter is a creationist?

Thought For The Day: The Templeton Foundation – They’re With Dafydd!!

Desmond Tutu is someone who has received the Templeton Prize. He might need to return the blood money.

Andrew Briggs has initiated a large number of research projects and related activities around the world, in topics such as spiritual discovery through science, science as a component of theology, the power of information, freedom and free enterprise and character development.’

Strange but true


There has been criticism of the Templeton Foundation, as it has funded climate change denial. Many scholars ‘have raised concerns about the biased nature of the awards, research projects and publications backed by the Foundation’. According to Guillaume Lecointre of the French National Center for Scientific Research, the Templeton Foundation has links with fundamentalist Protestantism, is openly creationist…’ The Templeton Foundation has had links with the Discovery Institute, an American conservative and creationist think-tank…

Professor Briggs’s many awards include:

  • 1984 Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford
  • 1992-2002 Professeur invité, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  • 2002 Visiting Professor, the University of New South Wales
  • 2003 Professorial Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford, and Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford
  • 2004 Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • 2005 Guest Professor, State Key Laboratory for Nanotechnology, Wuhan, China
  • 2011 Member Academia Europaea
  • 2013 Member International Society for Science and Religion
  • Peer Review College of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council; Fellowships Committee of The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851; Engineering Review Panel of the Newton International Fellowships; Board of Management of the Ian Ramsey Centre; Advisory Board of the McDonald Centre; Board of Electors to the Wilde Lectureship in Natural and Comparative Religion; Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers and Freeman of the City of London; Editorial Board of Science & Christian Belief; International Board of Advisors of the John Templeton Foundation.


Rituals Of Blood: The Consequences Of Slavery In Two American Centuries (Frontiers of Science)



Thought For The Day – We’re The Paedophiles’ Friends And You Can’t Get Us…

Anne Atkins says cannabis shattered the life of her ...


Oh do piss off Atkins you judgemental old hypocrite and take your extended family of clergy and scholars surrounded by Paedophiles And Spies In High Places with you.


The Bay Of Pigs Invasion

My post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ made reference to Hansard’s record of the Select Committee on Health’s Second Report on children in local authority care. The record dates from sometime in the late spring/early summer of 1998. It was compiled during the Waterhouse Inquiry shortly after the former kids in care in north Wales were called liars and gold diggers by Ronnie Waterhouse and numerous lawyers as the victims of a violent paedophile gang  recounted their experiences, in public, of being beaten and gang raped by Dafydd’s associates. Some of them found recalling their time in children’s homes in north Wales so distressing that they collapsed while giving evidence.

The Waterhouse Inquiry was an enormous whitewash and it is clear that even today, ‘looked after’ children are anything but looked after, as police investigations into trafficking rings targeting kids in care are underway across the UK as well as all the historical investigations into institutional organised abuse, including Operation Pallial in north Wales. Things have been in a bad way for a very, very long time.

The record in Hansard also mentioned that the Predecessor Select Committee on Health took evidence regarding looked after children from a variety of sources between Feb and April 1997. One of those from whom the Predecessor Committee took evidence was the then Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Health (DoH), Simon Burns MP.

Sir Simon Hugh McGuigan Burns (born 6 September 1952) was the Tory MP for Chelmsford, 1987-2017. Burns succeeded Norman St John-Stevas as MP for Chelmsford. When I worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School, 1989-91, I was told by another medical researcher who worked at St George’s and who was active on the gay scene that St John-Stevas was known to be ‘holding spanking parties with little boys’ and that no-one could understand ‘how he is getting away with it’. Harvey Proctor had been named in the media in relation to gay sex offences by then, although at the time the allegations were not that Harvey Proctor had assaulted children. The Harvey stories were always of Harvey being involved in interesting sexual activities with other gay men, not ‘little boys’. Harvey stood down as the Tory MP for Billericay in 1987 after pleading guilty in May 1987 to gross indecency after having sex with consenting men between the ages of 17 and 21 in his flat. The age of consent for gay men in 1987 was still 21. In May 1987, Proctor was fined a total of £1,450. The offences for which he was convicted can now be expunged on application. In recent years Harvey Proctor has angrily denied allegations that he abused and violently assaulted any boys under the age of 16. Proctor has held press conferences, published a book and begun legal action against the police as a result of the allegations of child abuse.

When I worked in medical research, I was told that Jimmy Savile was abusing children by three different people as well as hearing about St John-Stevas. Edwina Currie, Gyles Brandreth and others have admitted that it was openly discussed that Sir Peter Morrison, the Tory MP for Chester, was abusing children. No-one ever prosecuted Savile or Morrison, although both of them were informally ‘spoken to’ by the police.

Morrison’s sister, Dame Mary Morrison, was Woman-of-the Bedchamber to Lilibet and Norman St John-Stevas was famously a loyal monarchist and enjoyed a close relationship with the Royal Family, in particular Princess Margaret. Soon after his elevation to the Lords in 1987, photographs of St John-Stevas in purple bedroom slippers appeared in ‘Hello!’ magazine while he lounged in the bedroom of his Northampton rectory with a signed photograph of Princess Margaret prominently displayed. 

St John-Stevas was a prominent Roman Catholic. He went to St Joseph’s Salesian School, Burwash, East Sussex and then the Catholic school Ratcliffe College in Leicester.He was active in the Young Conservatives and a speaker on Conservative and Catholic platforms. The paedophile gang operating in the Leicester area which had links to Dafydd et al by the 1970s is thought to have developed from very long-standing organised abuse in Leicestershire. Joe Orton grew up in Leicester and had been having gay sex with men from an early age (see previous posts). Joe Orton was just four years younger than St John-Stevas.

St John-Stevas was elevated to the Lords while Brown and I lived in Leicester, during that exact period of time when Dafydd and the gang tried to frame me for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’ (see previous posts eg. ‘Workers Play Time’). The plan backfired when a nursing officer didn’t tell as many lies as required and when a police sergeant refused to play ball and I was instead charged with a minor Public Order offence. An opinion from Dr James Earp, a forensic psychiatrist in Leicester, was sought for the Court case. Earp concealed the criminality of Dafydd and the gang (see post ‘An Expert From England’). Just a few years later Earp was the centre of the scandal after James Rudman, a convicted murderer, escaped from Earp’s secure unit as a result of what must have been help from an insider. It was then revealed that Rudman only escaped a prison sentence in the first place as a result of the assistance of some helpful lawyers and Top Doctors who had also briefed him with regard to a loophole in the law, which he sought to use after he escaped to ensure that he would never be returned to the secure unit. See post ‘Gwlad y Menig Gwynion’.

After St John-Stevas left school, he was for six months enrolled at the English College, Rome, a seminary for the Roman Catholic priesthood, but found that he had no vocation, although he remained a lifelong Catholic. He then read law at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. As an undergraduate, St John-Stevas served as President of the Cambridge Union in 1950. He also studied at Christ Church, Oxford University and was the Secretary of the Oxford Union. St John-Stevas obtained a PhD  from London University  and a Doctorate in Juridical Science from Yale University.

St John-Stevas was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1952. Ronnie Waterhouse was a member of Middle Temple and was also called to the Bar in 1952.

St John-Stevas was appointed as a Lecturer at Southampton University (1952–53) and King’s College London (1953–56). Senior members of the Faculties of Medicine and other Faculties at Southampton and Leicester Universities knew Dafydd and the gang and colluded with them. George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy, the Labour MP from south Wales, Speaker of the House and Thatch’s friend – whom it has now been admitted molested children over decades and was never held to account – trained as a teacher at what became Southampton University. The legal profession in Leicester concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al.

St John-Stevas taught at Christ Church, Oxford, 1953–55 and at Merton College, 1955–57. He also lectured in the US and held a visiting Professorship at the University of California, Santa Barbara; a fellowship at Yale Law School, 1958; a Fulbright award; and a Fund for the Republic fellowship (1958). 

In the later stages of PM Ted Heath’s Gov’t, St John-Stevas was a junior Minister in the Dept of Education and Science, under Thatch when she was the Secretary of State. He served as Minister of State for the Arts, 1979-81 and was Leader of the Commons at the same time. Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned by Dafydd and the gang and began legal action against them while St John-Stevas was Leader of the Commons.

St John-Stevas was Chairman of the Royal Fine Art Commission, 1985-99. He also served as Master of Emanuel College, Cambridge, 1991-96 and concerns were raised when several of St John Stevas’s friends were caught naked at night in the Fellows Garden swimming pool. Other critics alleged that St John-Stevas spent too much time with a small clique of public school educated young men ‘who were favoured with introductions to Royalty and captains of industry, to dinners at White’s, private theatrical performances at the Master’s Lodge and long, affectionate letters’.

Sir Peter Morrison was a member of White’s. David Cameron’s father Ian was Chairman of White’s at the time. Prince Charles and Prince William are also members.

White's club


For 50 years Norman St John-Stevas had ‘a close friend’, merchant banker Adrian Stanford, but claimed to be “celibate” or “chaste”. However in Nov 2009, St John-Stevas abandoned the habit of a lifetime and married his Gay Partner Adrian Stanford in a civil ceremony. In the same month Lord St John drew up a will with Mr Stanford as the main beneficiary. Had they not become partners in the eyes of the law, St John-Stevas’s estate would have been taxed at 40% on everything above the £325,000 threshold, leaving a potential bill of up to £1.2 million. So by not giving up chastity for the last three years of his life, St John-Stevas saved Stanford a great deal of money. There was no mention of small boys who had not been chaste being left a few bob in the will.


Simon Burns was a junior Minister in the DoH in 1997 under Secretary for State for Health, Stephen Dorrell, who was in post 5 July 1995-2 May 1997. Burns was in the DoH while the staged managed cover-up which was the Waterhouse Report was being micromanaged, as was Dorrell. Previous posts eg. ‘A Solicitor’s Letter From North East Wales MIND’, ‘The Banality Of Evil’ and ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ give details of how throughout 1995, 96 and 97, staff of the mental health services in north Wales constantly lied to the police, perjured themselves and fabricated documentation in repeated attempts to have me and other patients convicted of serious offences after we had made serious complaints about Dafydd and other abusive staff. No complaints were ever investigated. In Nov 1994 Dafydd obtained an injunction against me from Liverpool High Court based on an affidavit sworn by Dafydd which detailed a series of phone calls that Patient F had made to him, none of which were threatening and one of which simply consisted of F blowing a raspberry at him. The only incident involving me was Dafydd’s statement that I had thrown a brick through a glass door of his house at 3 am one night. I hadn’t, there was no evidence that I had and I have now been told that Dafydd et al planted the brick to frame me. That injunction was used as evidence that I was ‘dangerous’, constituted a threat to Dafydd’s life and needed to be placed in a high security hospital. Copies of documents now in my possession demonstrate how many mental health staff knowingly lied about F and me and how the lawyers acting for the NHS and social services knew that they were lying and encouraged them to do this. The Chairmen and CEOs of the various NHS bodies in north Wales knew that perjury was occurring, that documents were being forged and evidence was planted. They were on fully board with all of it and on occasions asked lawyers if anything more could be done to prosecute me.

I am unsure as to how long Burns was a junior Health Minister for, but Dorrell was at the scene of even more crimes than Burns was when Dorrell was Secretary of State for Health.

Dorrell – and very probably Burns – was in the DoH when the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council was submitted in 1996. The Jillings team admitted that the abuse of kids in Clwyd had been serious, endemic and inexcusable and had probably been built on a foundation of organised abuse in north Wales stretching back at least as far as the 1940s or 50s but the Jillings team refused to say whether they thought that a paedophile ring was in operation in north Wales.

John Jillings was the retired Director of Derbyshire Social Services. There was a long-standing paedophile ring in Derbyshire with links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. See previous posts eg. ‘That’s Entertainment’. Another ring with links to Dafydd’s gang existed in Staffordshire, which was being concealed by staff at Keele University. Jane Tunstill, one of the Jillings team, held a Chair of Social Work at Keele. Years after the Jillings Report, Charlotte Williams relocated from Bangor University to Keele University, where Charlotte was given a Chair. Charlotte grew up in Bethesda, worked as a social worker in north Wales and for many years was Director of the Social Work course at Bangor University. The gwerin hated Charlotte and gave her a very bad time, but Charlotte knew as much about Dafydd and the gang as they did. Charlotte made a name for herself by writing about her Identity As A Black Welsh Woman Who Didn’t Speak Welsh. She said not a word about Dafydd’s gang and when Operation Pallial was launched she buggered off to Australia. See previous posts.

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No-one anyone apart from the Clwyd County Council’s lawyers and insurers were able to read the Jillings Report which was heavily redacted anyway, because the legal adviser for Municipal Mutual, Clwyd’s insurers – they were also the insurers for the North Wales Police – ordered that the Report should be witheld from everyone, even Clwyd County Councillors. All copies of the Report were pulped and it was only when one copy was discovered lurking in a corner somewhere in 2013 that anyone other than a lawyer got to read the few words which were not redacted. Municipal Mutual’s legal adviser who ensured that the Report remained unread and was then pulped was Michael Beloff QC, Cherie Booth’s colleague and a friend of both her and Miranda. Beloff was a visitor to Chequers when Miranda was PM. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’.

Throughout Dorrell’s time as Secretary of State and while Burns was a junior Minister in the DoH, the out of hours service for mental health emergencies provided by the Arfon Community Mental Health Team was an answerphone telling patients to ring back when the office was open. The office closed at 5 pm every weekday – in reality the phone was never answered after 4 pm – and didn’t open until after 9 am in the mornings. The office was closed all weekend. Even if Gov’t Ministers chose to believe that the numerous complaints of patients being threatened, abused or assaulted by mental health staff in north Wales were the fantasies of the mad, they could have rung the ’emergency service’ themselves at 5 pm on a Friday and listened to the recording telling them to ring on Monday after 9 am. Patients were killing themselves constantly because there was no service. Ministers would have access to the suicide statistics; parts of north Wales had some of the highest rates of suicide in the UK.

After years of raising serious concerns about the Arfon CMHT, I was finally offered a meeting with Rob Evans, the Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services who oversaw this bunch of thugs, to discuss my complaint. Evans refused to discuss my complaint with me and instead gave me a tutorial on ‘changing social work practice’. Years later I accessed the documentation relating to this meeting. Before he met me, Rob Evans had asked the leader of the Arfon CMHT, Keith Fearns, what Fearns had wanted Evans ‘to do about’ me. Fearns had replied ‘lock her up’. Evans told Fearns ‘that will not be possible’. Fearns had repeated ‘lock her up’. Evans documented that he was leaving his job the next day and could not ‘resolve’ the situation.

Rob Evans gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry in 1997 and told Ronnie Waterhouse that the Arfon Community Mental Health Team were providing ‘probably the best mental health service in Europe’. Why was Rob Evans giving evidence to Waterhouse? Because for many years Rob Evans had been responsible for the children’s homes in Gwynedd, when the children in those homes were raped, beaten and found dead. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ After Rob’s sterling service abusing children, he was appointed to run the community mental health service in Gwynedd. It has been suggested to me that Rob was appointed as senior manager of the mental health services because a well-educated articulate mental health patient repeatedly raised her concerns about the abuse of patients and refused to withdraw her complaints when she was threatened. Rob Evans had trained in Leicester, when a paedophile ring linked to the one in north Wales operated in Leicester.

Just after Dorrell became Secretary of State for Health, the general public were told that Dafydd had retired and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh had closed down. Dafydd had not retired; he left his NHS job after it was agreed that if he did so, the many very serious complaints against him would not be followed up. However, as part of the deal, Dafydd was then given the contract to provide ‘substance abuse services’ for the whole of north Wales via his charidee CAIS. See post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’ Dafydd then rapidly expanded the remit of CAIS and CAIS now provides: substance abuse services for the whole of Wales; talking therapies in partnership with MIND; accommodation for service users; work schemes; counselling for Top Doctors who are addicts; services for Forces veterans; ‘service user involvement’ for the whole of north Wales; sex education for children; and courses for FE colleges and universities. Dafydd is receiving millions from the Welsh Govt, the DWP, the MoD LIBOR fund and many other bodies in return for these scams (see eg. posts ‘The Story Behind £1.5 Million’, ‘George Osborne Enters The Picture’ and ‘So this Is What £4.9 Million Buys’).

Neither had the North Wales Hospital closed down in the summer of 1995. Gwynfryn Ward, the ‘mother and baby unit’, at least, remained open for quite some time and Clwyd Health Authority never came clean about when it did finally close down.

The man who had previously threatened to kill Brown and had then tried to fracture his skull, was known to have gone in search of Brown again in 1995-96, but didn’t manage to find out where he was.

Sir Peter Morrison was found dead in his house on 13 July 1995. He was in his early 50s and ‘had fallen’. Bing Spear, the corrupt mandarin from the Home Office Drug’s Branch who had for many years facilitated Dafydd’s booming business in dealing in class A drugs, died on 9 July 1995. Brown was forced out of his job at Aston University in July 1995.

Stephen Dorrell wasn’t just sitting on a pile of dung in north Wales. He was concealing serious wrongdoing at St George’s Hospital Medical School and in the NHS in Staffordshire, as well as in a number of other very troubled NHS institutions and regions. The Secretary of State is responsible for private healthcare as well and Dorrell was well-aware of the scams in operation at many fertility clinics and other areas of private medicine.

People at the highest levels of Gov’t knew precisely what was happening in north Wales.


The Tories obviously knew that Simon Burns could be trusted with matters NHS, because David Cameron appointed him as Minister of State for the Health Service, 12 May 2010-4 September 2012, under Secretary of State for Health under Andrew Lansley.

An Oct 2012 interview with Burns published on the ‘Total Politics’ website tell us that:

He had, though, a very challenging couple of years as minister of state for health. He was the minister guiding the Health and Social Care Bill through committee – not once, but twice. It was particularly onerous, but he stuck with it because he says: “It was the right thing to do. The health service needs to evolve to put patients at the centre, and one simply has to do one’s job.”

There was much opposition from many quarters to the Health and Social Care Bill, with critics all maintaining that it would lead to big US healthcare companies being contracted to run NHS services. The Tories hotly denied this and Cameron even adopted the Service User Empowerment discourse to justify the Bill. What has happened since the proposals became enshrined in law? Er, big US healthcare companies have been contracted to run huge swathes of the NHS.

One such company is Cygnet, which is rapidly expanding in the UK mental healthcare field. The Medical Director of Cygnet was/is Dr Robert Francis Kehoe. In 2005 Kehoe was paid a great deal of money by the Legal Aid board to provide an ‘independent’ opinion on my case. I spent about 30 mins being interviewed by Kehoe at his private clinic in Yorkshire. He asked only a few very superficial questions. He had access to the 10,000 documents that I now have with evidence of industrial scale perjury and conspiracy within the NHS, social services, police, courts, criminal justice system, probation service, Mental Health Act Commission etc. Kehoe also had statements from a number of people who had witnessed me being harassed, threatened and unlawfully refused treatment by NHS staff.

Kehoe took about five months to write the report. When it arrived it was very brief and full of factual errors. The names of different key people had been confused eg. Kehoe confused Keith Fearns, the leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team with Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust. Kehoe had stated that Brown was a ‘mental health professional’ with whom I had become ‘infatuated’. Yet Kehoe had been provided with a detailed statement from Brown explaining that he had met me in the lower sixth, we had been a couple for nine years and had spent several years living together. Kehoe maintained that the statement provided by my PhD supervisor could not be believed because he was a ‘naive academic’ whom I had duped and manipulated. Kehoe recommended that the Hergest whistleblower should face disciplinary action for ‘colluding’ with me and that my lawyers were colluding with me as well. Kehoe stated that I should not be allowed to work as a teacher because if I had a row with another teacher, I might set fire to the school. I’ve done that loads of times obviously. Kehoe finished by saying that I was a psychopath who was dangerously anti-social and that this had been demonstrated by me telling him that I hated Keith Fearns. Indeed I do, Fearns is a deeply unpleasant man and he is also a member of a trafficking gang. Kehoe also noted that I had ‘reddish hair’. That was about the only thing that he got right, I had dyed it a few days previously and the red was beginning to wash out.

When Brown read Kehoe’s report, Brown said that not only was it very obviously compiled with the assistance of someone at the Hergest Unit, but the sort of errors that the report contained suggested that it had not been written by a Top Doctor, but a junior member of staff, perhaps a junior nurse. Which I found an interesting suggestion, because I was told a few years after ‘Kehoe’ wrote that report that a nurse at the Hergest Unit was indeed writing some of the ‘expert’ Court reports which were being signed by consultants.

See post ‘An Expert In Resistant Service Users’ for details of Kehoe-related fun.

I wanted to publish Kehoe’s report with a commentary, but my lawyer told me that I was not allowed to do so, it could only be used for the Court. Neither could I do Kehoe for perjury because he didn’t actually swear the report into Court. The report was to enable the Legal Aid board to decide whether I could have further Legal Aid to continue with my case. Because of what Kehoe had written, the Legal Aid board refused further funding and we had to stop the case. Which is exactly what Kehoe had intended.

Then I found out that Kehoe’s business partner had previously been a colleague of one of the Top Doctors at the Hergest Unit who had been the subject of a very serious complaint from me. After that, Kehoe’s business partner turned up as a lecturer in the Dept of Law at De Montfort University, where Brown works.

One of Kehoe’s Cygnet clinics specialised in ‘resistant service users’. Another UK Cygnet clinic hit the media a few years ago after it was alleged that every young mother who was sent there for an ‘assessment’ had her baby removed from her care and fostered or adopted on the recommendation of a Top Doctor. The social workers who referred the mothers to Cygnet and the Top Docs were being paid handsomely for their ‘assessments’.

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Kehoe has expanded into Harley Street now. Business must be booming!

There is also great concern about the number of private hospitals in the UK, again often owned by US healthcare companies, which are offering ‘assessment placements’ for young adults with learning disabilities, who have been removed from their families against their wishes. There have been numerous cases of abuse and even deaths and families who wanted to publicise this have been served with High Court orders preventing them from discussing the case with anyone. Some family members have been imprisoned when they have refused to keep silent. The placements cost thousands of pounds a week and it is all paid for by the local authority. The social workers are paid for conducting their ‘assessments’…

The Priory Group now have a huge slice of the NHS mental health care market. There have been many complaints and a number of deaths. Dr Robin Jacobson, who was working at St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital in 1991 while those institutions were facilitating a trafficking gang in south London, colluded with Dafydd et al in north Wales, yet documented upon my medical records that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that he suspected that Dr Tony Francis was as well, more recently went to work at the Priory, Roehampton. Jacobson’s St George’s/Springfield colleague in 1991, Dr Adrienne Key, became the Clinical Lead for Eating Disorders at the Priory Group. See previous posts.

After Gwynfa Unit, the children’s and adolescent’s mental health unit in Colwyn Bay run by Dafydd’s colleagues where patients were violently and sexually abused (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’), closed down, a replacement unit, Cedar Court, was opened. It was run by one of Dafydd’s ex-wives. Cedar Court referred ‘difficult’ patients to the Priory. Cedar Court was closed down after a particularly damning inspection following complaints from the families of patients. See previous posts.

My post ‘Feet In Chains’ details how Dafydd and the gang grasped the opportunities afforded by the NHS and Community Care Act 1990 to open facilities where patients were neglected, abused and fleeced. The Gov’t knew all about the criminality of Dafydd and the gang by then; indeed after Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I had complained about the most serious abuses, the Gov’t colluded with Dafydd, then passed legislation which he used to expand his business. How did I know that Dafydd spotted opportunities presented by the 1990 Act in particular? Because in March 2008, Dafydd submitted evidence to Parliament in his capacity as an ‘expert’ with regard to the facilities that Gordon Brown’s Gov’t needed to provide for people suffering from PTSD. In 2008, havoc was breaking out in north Wales as a result of Dafydd’s gang intimidating me, my colleagues and even the VC of Bangor University, Merfyn Jones, who’s wife died while in the ‘care’ of Dafydd’s associates at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. The Welsh Gov’t knew all about all of this but failed to protect me or other witnesses from serious intimidation. The gangland tactics continued until I fled north Wales in 2012. See previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’.

As well as opening up the NHS to the commissioning of ‘services’ from the big US private healthcare companies, the Health and Social Care Act 2012 led to other organisations such as charidees and ‘not for profit’ social enterprises delivering services for NHS patients. In north Wales, Dafydd’s charidee CAIS made a partnership with Dafydd’s old mates in MIND and they are now delivering ‘talking treatments’ for NHS patients in north Wales, under a number of different names, including ‘Parabl’. There have been many complaints about the services on offer from CAIS, MIND and Parabl and the suicides of patients in north Wales continue. See previous posts.


My encounter with the corrupt Harley Street psychiatrist Dr Adrianne Reveley (see post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’) took place on Lansley and Burns’s watch, as did the incidents in which I and another witness were threatened by policemen with guns.

The Westminster Gov’t were involved in the collusion with Dafydd’s gang as well, they were the driving force behind it, although Health is a devolved responsibility.

Andrew Lansley and Simon Burns knew exactly what was going to happen when they implemented the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Lansley received massive flak from his own party when the Top Doctors started thcweaming and thcweaming until they were thick, which as I told everyone at the time was most unfair; Lansley was only doing what they had all told him to do.

In 2015 Lansley was rewarded for taking all the blame with a peerage.

The Lord Lansley
Official portrait of Lord Lansley crop 2.jpg

Lansley’s looking at me in a funny way in that photo.

I grew up near a village called Stogursey which is one of the Somerset villages which became gentrified. It didn’t used to be twee, Stogursey was Rough and one of the pubs there, ‘The Greyhound’, was positively dangerous. Brown’s family lived in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Stogursey and Col Brown never recovered from a press report that he read of an incident at ‘The Greyhound’ in which one drinker had been prosecuted after repeatedly banging the head of another drinker on the pavement outside. When asked why he had violently attacked another drinker, the assailant replied ‘He was looking at I in a funny way’. Had Col Brown attended the schools that Brown and I attended, he would have known that in Bridgwater as well, looking at someone in a funny way could have serious consequences.

The Top Doctors and Lansley have got this blog to deal with after looking at too many Empowered Service Users in a funny way. And then ensuring that they were fitted up and imprisoned or killed. A gift from someone who grew up in Somerset and then spent most of her adult life in north Wales Lord Lansley! A bumpkin crossed with a sheepshagger who has a brain as well, no wonder you all hated me.

Here’s a great big Eton Mess:

The Lord Lansley
Official portrait of Lord Lansley crop 2.jpg
Simon Burns has no regrets though. ‘Total Politics’ informed us that:
Although Burns passionately believes the policy itself was right, he acknowledges that communicating this was difficult. The reforms were complex and not easy to put in a soundbite, and, he believes: “In hindsight, I should have brought the issues down to a simpler level when I talked to people, so they understood what we were doing was to improve care and to raise standards.”
He did not, he feels, get across his personal passion for the healthcare system in the UK, which is more evident when he speaks about the US. A facet that drew him to JFK was the president’s passion for equitable healthcare. “One of the overriding convictions of my political make-up is a free health service. Roosevelt talked about the four freedoms, including freedom from fear. I think there’s a fifth freedom – freedom from fear of a medical bill dropping on your doormat that will destroy your family’s finances and your life. America has not had that. There’s something obscene about the greatest economic power in the world, with all its wealth, having around 40 million middle-class Americans without health insurance.”
So why did Burns’s Gov’t legislate to enable rapacious US healthcare companies who have done such damage in the US to colonise the NHS?
These emotive words should make it clear, even to the Labour Party, that this was not a man with intentions of destroying the NHS.
I am rude about the NHS but that’s because it is institutionally corrupt, not because it is ‘socialised medicine’. Burns’s Gov’t has undoubtedly ‘destroyed the NHS’ in so far as so much of it is now run by private companies.
But Burns has no time for Labour’s behaviour, even though he regards Andy Burnham as a friend.
He would. Burnham and Burns both concealed the scale of the NHS disasters at Mid-Staffs, in north Wales, at St George’s and in other places, they are not going to fall out.
“They have cynically misrepresented and distorted what is happening,” he says. “They have no scruples about misrepresenting the facts if those facts don’t fit their agenda.”
Indeed they have. Just like the Tories, the Lib Dems, the Scottish Nats and Plaid have done. Because no-one dares take on the Top Docs, lest Fings Break…
He cites the fall in waiting times as a clear example. He also feels that Labour has failed to offer a realistic, alternative policy, which has led to debates in the Commons running the government’s way.
The Tories and Labour cooked the books in exactly the same way.
However, he aims his sternest criticism at the vested interests in the NHS. Many of the arguments, he feels, were misrepresented by trade unions, politicians and the Royal Colleges. His ire, however, isn’t targeted at the usual suspects in Unite or UNISON, but rather at the BMA and Royal College of GPs, whose role he describes as “fairly negative and irresponsible in certain areas”.
Yes, they are fucking terrible. Because they know that whatever they do, even running a trafficking ring and allowing whistleblowers to die by refusing them all care and treatment, they will not be prosecuted. Burns and his colleagues had enough evidence to prosecute members of the BMA and the Royal College of GPs when Simon Burns was a Health Minister in 1997 and again when he was Minister, 2010-12, on the grounds of my case alone. In spite of this, everyone colluded with the Top Docs because what was happening was so bad that no-one dared admit it. Burns could have had Dr D.G.E. Wood, a leading light in the Royal College of GPs and the man responsible for training GPs in north Wales, as well as a number of Wood’s colleagues, banged up for years. He could have had more than a few members of the BMA, including several Chairmen and Chief Execs, banged up. I’ve got the evidence and if anyone had investigated my complaints properly they’d have seen the evidence as well. Furthermore had Burns et al not performed a massive cover-up with the Waterhouse Inquiry, more members of the BMA and Royal College would have gone to prison because Top Docs were in it up to their eyeballs… But that would have involved Burns admitting what a few politicians and friends of the Royals were doing as well…
He continues: “You must remember that when we published the white paper there were parts of the BMA that were quite happy with it.” 
They were, the troughers saw the potential for even more troughing.
So what changed? “I believe that the BMA leader was under pressure from more radical hard-line members. They became determined to see nothing good in the proposals. The irony is that they had a special conference last summer where they voted for outright opposition to the Bill, and the next day voted in favour of clinical commissioning. Funny that, isn’t it?”
Not in the least. The BMA have told Gov’ts what to do ever since Nye created the NHS and wrote into its very essence that the BMA would dictate terms and conditions for Top Docs employment. They tell the Gov’t what they want and they get it. They wanted the parts of the Health and Social Care Bill that would make them even richer, but not the ‘hard crap’ as Cameron would say if he were a Top Doctor. Clinical commissioning has made some doctors multimillionaires, they love it, of course they said yes. It was designed to make them millionaires, because Burns and his colleagues wanted the Top Docs to accept the Bill. So they bagged the money and thcweamed and thcweamed until they were thick anyway.
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Previous posts and comments on this blog have discussed in detail many other events that occurred during the time that Simon Burns was a Minister in the DoH, including my lawyer Rachel Vasmer dropping my case after guns were waved at her client and the Top Docs’ conspiracy to allow NHS patients in north Wales to die in order to force Merfyn Jones, the previous VC of Bangor University, out of his job as Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (see post ‘The Point Is To Change It’).

In 2011, Operation Pallial had reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. In 2012 Dr Tony Francis killed himself. At the time Theresa May was organising the Macur Review into the Waterhouse Inquiry. The Macur Review was yet another heavily redacted cover-up…

Then there was my unlawful detention at Wrexham Maelor Hospital and Parkhead Hospital in Glasgow for months and months and the subsequent complaints which were never investigated, at the same time as another key witness became seriously clinically depressed yet was unlawfully refused all care and treatment by the NHS in north Wales and told that it was his choice if he killed himself…See previous posts.


Born in September 1952 in Nottingham, Simon Burns was educated at Christ the King School in Accra, then Stamford School, Lincolnshire, before going up to Worcester College, Oxford, graduating in 1975. 

Burns maintains that his interest in politics was ignited by American politics, in particular JFK’s Gov’t in the early 1960s. Before Oxford, Burns spent nine months in the US working for Senator George McGovern’s ultimately unsuccessful 1972 Presidential campaign against Tricky Dicky.

‘Total Politics’ gives us the lowdown once more:

...He has a library of 7,000 books – around 2,000 of them are about the Kennedys and another 2,000 about US politics…lost interest in his studies at Oxford University due to his involvement in student politics and as a result got a third-class degree…[his] future career choice was made early on. The morning of 23 November 1963 was momentous for 11-year-old Simon Hugh McGuigan Burns; that was the day he decided that he wanted to be a politician…“My whole life from that point on was geared towards achieving that ambition in the shortest possible time.” The previous day, President John F Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. From that single tragic event, Burns’ love affair with US politics and the Democrat Party began. It continues as strongly today as it ever did.

…His parents were Conservatives, but his father in particular, being in the military, didn’t have much time for politicians of any description.

Consequently, young Burns didn’t have a great deal of exposure to politics…He didn’t see a television until he was nine, but when he did begin to see the news, it had a profound impact on him…Burns, specifically, became absolutely captivated by JFK and his Camelot administration.  He remembers: “As you looked around the world you had a prime minister in Britain who was about 69, a president in France in his mid-70s and a chancellor in West Germany in his 80s. He [Kennedy] had a glamorous family, and conveyed the impression that you could actually do something in politics to improve the lives of citizens. I thought that was cool, and decided that public service would be fantastic.” the time Burns was 14, and had joined the Conservative Party, his parents began to take it more seriously. Why, however, having been inspired by a Democrat, did he decide to join the Tories?…“You can’t just say that, because you’re a British Conservative, so you have to be a Republican…Turn the clock back to the 1970s, and the Democrat Party went from the liberal Kennedy wing right through to the out-and-out racists in the Southern states. The Republican Party had its liberal wing…

Despite the reasonable explanation, it did make him an oddity in the Conservative Party of the 1990s. “I’m a Democrat, and proud,” Burns re-affirms. “But it was a lonely place in the 1990s as a Conservative MP; no-one else shared my views. They found it either endearing or nauseating.

No matter how endearing or nauseating the Tories found Burns, they made use of him in the DoH when psych patients in north Wales were being found dead on a weekly basis.

I was rather pleased that, by 2008 – and I have George W Bush to thank for this – a majority of the parliamentary party would have voted for Obama if they could. So we were all Democrats then.”

As a young man, his fascination and love for the US and all things Democrat continued. He worked at a garage after his O-Levels, aged 16, to raise money to go to the US. His parents made him save the £65 he could take abroad – in those days, there were foreign currency limits – while they bought the return air ticket. “I literally spent three months travelling coast to coast, border to border, on a Greyhound bus – it was fabulous.” Having enjoyed it so much, and having taken his A-Levels and applied for Oxford, he filled the nine-month gap before the academic varsity term began by working in the US for Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern.

Based in Detroit, he spent his time as a “dogsbody”, writing on envelopes and doing the menial campaigning necessary in a non-computerised election campaign. Burns’ efforts were in vain, however – McGovern was heavily defeated by Richard Nixon. “It wasn’t a successful campaign, but we won the argument, even if we lost the vote”, he says.

He then picked another loser in the Democrat primaries, supporting Ted Kennedy against Jimmy Carter. One detects that his decision, to some extent, was based on a loyalty to the Kennedy name. In February 2012, Burns, via a friend, met Carter in Atlanta at a dinner at his home. He continued: “Having been a firm supporter of Ted Kennedy, I was slightly perplexed as to what I would make of Jimmy Carter when I met him but he was absolutely captivating. He was fascinating.”

Carter must have enjoyed the encounter, as Burns and his son Bobby (named, inevitably, after Bobby Kennedy) were invited back to dinner on the Saturday. However, the text invitation did not arrive on the BlackBerry until they were on their way back to the UK. “Sadly, we stood up a former president of the United States – unintentionally, of course.”

Loyalty is something that is precious to Burns…he has never rebelled against the party whip in all his time in the Commons, and doesn’t have a great deal of time for those who do…

“The only people who benefit are your political opponents. Also, if you vote against your party the whole time it devalues your influence when you really do care about something important.”

In this respect, he was once described as: “A good swimmer, usually with the tide… a pragmatist with an instinctive feel for the winning side.” I put this to him, and the fact that he has progressed from wet Conservative to Thatcherite, to Major loyalist, and adapted to four party leaders. His response is firm: “I take that as a compliment. Loyalty used to be the secret word of the Tory Party.”

In many ways, Burns’ natural affinity for loyalty found its outlet in his long service as a whip, both in government and opposition. He’s done the job on and off for 25 years, and it’s clearly something he enjoyed immensely. Apart from foreign affairs (vis-à-vis North America) and health, the Whips’ Office is probably the place he most enjoys being in politics. Now, he has joined his best friend in politics, former Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin, at transport.


Sir Patrick McLoughlin was born in Stafford in 1957. He was educated at the Cardinal Griffin Roman Catholic School in Cannock, Staffordshire and Staffordshire College of Agriculture. From 1974, he worked for five years as a farm worker and after 1979, worked underground at the Littleton Colliery in Cannock. He was a member of the NUM and became an industrial representative for the NCB’s Western Area Marketing Department. As with the majority of the Staffordshire miners, McLoughlin did not observe the NUM’s 1984-85 strike and later came to national attention when he stood up at the 1984 Conservative Party Conference to announce that he was a working miner. He moved from underground belt attendant to Area Marketing representative in September 1985, five months after the end of the strike.

McLoughlin was elected as a Councillor on the Cannock Chase Disctrict Council, 1980-87 and was a Councillor on Staffordshire County Council, 1981–87. In 1982, McLoughlin served as the Chairman of the National Young Conservatives.

So a man who grew up, lived and worked on the territory of the Staffordshire paedophile ring which was linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales achieved an impressive promotion within the NCB after the end of the Miners’ Strike, which Thatch won, using Peter Walker to organise the strategy. See previous posts. Walker knew all about Dafydd and the gang and had done for years. When he was young, Peter Walker knew Beata Brookes, a one-time social worker for Denbighshire County Council and leading Tory in north Wales who served as an MEP for Wales, 1979-89 and was a friend of Dafydd and Lucille and a key member of the gang. After Brookes graduated from UCNW in the 1950s, she obtained a scholarship from the State Department to study politics in the US. Walker and Brookes both held senior office in the Young Conservatives when Dafydd’s trafficking business was in its infancy but was building on the pre-existing flow of young Welsh people to England to provide sexual services for sometimes rich and famous people. See eg. posts ‘On The Occasion Of The 70th Birthday Of HRH Carlo’, ‘Only One Died’ and ‘The Wind Of No Change’.


McLoughlin almost certainly had links to the hopeless dysfunctional Dept of Agriculture at UCNW as well, the staff of which were fully on board with Dafydd and the gang and one of whom, Professor Richard Howarth, bagged himself a job as an adviser to Thatch on the back of it all. See previous posts. Beata Brookes’ family were farmers/landowners in north Wales who were  prominent in the agricultural community, as was Lord Kenyon who had been President of UCNW until 1982 and who’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was known to be sexually abusing at least one boy in care in north Wales. Lord Kenyon was variously a JP, Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority, a member of the North Wales Police Authority, a Director of Lloyd’s Bank, the most senior Freemason in north Wales and much more. See previous posts. Another member of the landowning/farming network was Ian Mackeson-Sandbach, who became the most senior Freemason in north Wales himself and was in the role throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry. Sandbach’s daughter Antoinette worked as a criminal barrister in London, until the gwerin sent up a distress flare and she returned to north Wales and very soon found herself a Tory AM for Wales, 2011-15. Since 2015 Antoinette has been the Tory MP for Eddisbury in Cheshire. The biggest name in agriculture in the region was Carlo’s friend, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, who was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association while Sir Peter Morrison was the constituency MP. Carlo was the Chancellor of UCNW at the time. See previous posts.

In 1983 there was the most impressive scrap within the Tories in north Wales when Beata Brookes tried to bag a Westminster seat and Sir Anthony Meyer stopped her. Both Brookes and Meyer were part of Dafydd’s gang but they hated each other. The fight got as far as Conservative Central Office who refused to become involved such was the minefield and Meyer ended up resorting to the Courts to prevent Brookes from becoming the candidate for the Westminster seat which they were both targeting. Meyer’s fight in 1983 eventually led to him standing as the stalking horse candidate against Thatch in 1987; Meyer expected his pal Heseltine to join the competition as the ‘real’ challenger, but Heseltine didn’t. However, Meyer weakened Thatch, allowing a stronger challenge from Heseltine which eventually led to Thatch being deposed, although it was John Major who became Leader. Throughout all the shenanigans, everyone involved used their knowledge of Dafydd and his associates for their own personal benefit. See previous posts.


Walker also used his knowledge of Dafydd’s gang and their accessories, as well as of the numerous colluding politicians from across the political spectrum dating back years, to win the Miners’ Strike.


In Nov 1985, Carlo and Diana were Shotgun Ronnie’s guests at a White House gala dinner and Diana famously danced with John Travolta:

  • Travolta Dress: The Story Behind the Dress Princess Diana ...

When Diana was whirling around the floor of the White House with Travolta, Brown and I were being threatened by the Top Doctors and I had raised concerns about their conduct with the GMC and Keith Best, the Tory MP for Anglesey and a Welsh Office Minister who was colluding with them himself. See previous posts. Mary Wynch had won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and Alison Taylor had been subjected to disciplinary action by Gwynedd County Council after raising her concerns re the mistreatment of children in care.

In Nov 1985, Peter Morrison was a Minister in the DTI. The Westland Affair had begun which pivoted around a Somerset helicopter company, for who Janet Mitchell, a girl whom I knew when I was a child worked, who had found out some of what was happening to me in north Wales and ensured that she benefited as a result of the collusion of various politicians. See post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’. Sir Anthony Meyer’s buddy Michael Heseltine used the saga as the launchpad for his eventual attempt to become Leader of the Tory Party and a number of other west country politicians joined in the party as well and Meyer also used the Westland Affair to his advantage. Tom King, the MP for Bridgwater who knew relatives of mine in Somerset, also maxed out on his knowledge of my encounters with Dafydd’s gang and by Nov 1985, King was N Ireland Secretary. When King was given that job, my father thought that King had somehow pissed Thatch off and had been handed a poisoned chalice. No, it was because King knew about Dafydd’s gang and their links to Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast and because the ring at Kincora involved the Highest Paedophiles In The Land, including Sir Anthony Blunt and it is alleged Lord Louis Mountbatten, Kincora was the essential bargaining tool in all discussions re N Ireland.

Sir Patrick Mayhew was the Solicitor-General who played a key role in the Westland Affair. Mayhew had previously been the barrister who worked for the MDU and who in the early 1970s, ensured that the paedophile child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser continued to practice, after he had sexually assaulted a child. Fraser was based in Belfast and was involved with Kincora. He later moved to the mainland and worked at Springfield Hospital and UCL. Mayhew became Attorney General and in that role authorised a number of prosecutions of me for contempt of court, although he knew that Tony and Sadie Francis and social workers employed by Gwynedd had perjured themselves. Mayhew subsequently served as N Ireland Secretary, 1992-97.

The offer of the US company Sikorsky to buy the ailing Westland Helicopters and the willingness of the Westland management to accept the offer was central to the punch-up over Westland.

I don’t know whether Shotgun Ronnie knew about  Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring because Shotgun Ronnie had a brain like a sieve and called Di ‘Princess David’, but a lot of people in the US, including people in both the Democrat and Republican Parties, did know and some of them had personal links with Dafydd’s gang.


McLoughlin was elected as the Tory MP for West Derbyshire in 1986. He served as the PPS to Angela Rumbold, Minister of State at the Dept for Education and Science, 1987–88 and then to David Young, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, 1988–89. Rumbold’s constituency was part of the area served by St George’s and she concealed the wrongdoing there and organised abuse at other places (see previous posts); David Young had been responsible for the Manpower Services Commission, which ran a scheme at UCNW employing local teenagers and young people. They were not mentored or supported appropriately and one MSC trainee, aged 17, ended up in serious debt, pregnant and returned to live with her parents. See previous posts.

McLoughlin served as a junior Minister in the Dept of Transport, 1989-92; then as a junior Minister in the Dept of Employment, 1992-93; he was then moved to the DTI.

So in 1986, as the gang opened fire on my friends who were witnesses to what had happened to me in north Wales, as well as on me, McLoughlin was elected as the MP for a constituency on the patch of another ring with close links with Dafydd’s gang. My house mate Anne Vernon was killed by the gang in April 1986. McLoughlin was elected on 8 May 1986. Professor Oliver Brooke, a paediatrician from St George’s Hospital Medical School was jailed in Dec 1986 for the possession of child porn; Ollie and the gang will have known that Ollie was in trouble by the spring of 1986.

The gang moved in on my best friend from school and her husband in 1986. They subsequently found themselves forced out of their media careers and pursued by a bunch of gangsters (see post ‘The Turn Of The Screw’), while the same thing happened to me. When my friend had been at Stirling University, one of her crowd had been Jack McConnell, who became FM of Scotland in 2001. Jack – now Lord Jack – turned up in my friend’s bed one day without her permission. After my friend and her husband graduated,  they moved to London and shared a flat with others from Stirling and when I first went to London in Sept 1986 I lived at the flat as well. Dafydd and the gang were, unbeknown to us, targeting us by then. The Stirling crowd all began to freeze my friends out and one of them, Julia, was really unpleasant to me. Julia’s partner at the time was John O’Farrell, the Labour supporting comedian, who later wrote jokes for Miranda and Gordon. The Gordon who was big mates with Lord Jack. Gordon’s father was a Minister in the Scottish Presbytarian Church. The Presbytarian Church derived from the Methodist Church and the two Nonconformist churches are closely linked.

Meanwhile, Brown was under fire as a PhD student at Leicester University, which was packed to the rafters with people concealing the gang in Leicester which included Greville Janner, with links to Dafydd’s gang.

It was in 1986 that Patient F was framed for drugs offences and arson after being punched in the face by a police sergeant in Gwynedd and was then detained in Risley Remand Centre, before being transferred to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and held unlawfully there for a year. Patient F had previously challenged social workers over the abuse of kids in Ty Newydd children’s home in Bangor. Until 1979 Patient F had lived in Surrey and had been part of the art/rock/hippie scene among some people who later became famous. When he was in Risley, a detective from London arrived to interview him, but F couldn’t understand what the detective wanted to know about. The detective became angry, told F that he was fucking mad and threw him back in his cell. I suspect that detective was after info relating to Ollie Brooke and his crowd in London. F’s father-in-law was a society dentist in Surrey and was friends with many Top Doctors, including some in Harley Street. He hated F and I have recently been told that F’s father-in-law’s deals with Dafydd were central to what happened to F. While F was in Denbigh, he contacted the drugs charidee Release and a rep came up from London to see him. F told me that the rep was very pleasant but told F that there was nothing that he could do to get F out of Denbigh. I know that the rep must have known about Denbigh’s dreadful reputation, he will have noticed that F was not as mad as was being maintained by Dafydd et al and that F was being held illegally. Release shared a premises with PIE and since I began the blog, I have been told that the reason why the rep from Release went to see F was to assess the situation re F’s knowledge of matters child abuse and criminality and to report back to Paedophilia HQ.

Shotgun Ronnie’s administration made much of America’s War On Drugs, which began with Tricky Dicky’s administration and was still in full swing when Monica’s sexual partner was POTUS. Dafydd’s gang were involved with the massive dealing and distribution of class A drugs and the Home Office knew this, because their corrupt mandarin Bing Spear was facilitating it until he died in 1995. The Welsh Office’s now retired pharmacist mandarin Carwen Howell knows a lot about Dafydd as well, as does her mate, who is a retired Gov’t Top Doc who knows Lucille from Soroptimist International. See previous posts.


McLoughlin became an Assistant Whip in 1995 and was appointed a Lord Commissioner in 1996. After the Conservative Party’s 1997 he remained in the whips’ office in opposition, becoming the Deputy Chief Whip in 1998. McLoughlin was promoted to Chief Whip by Cameron in 2005. McLoughlin has also served on many select committees. He was sworn of the Lilibet’s Privy in June 2005.

The West Derbyshire constituency was abolished at the 2010 General Election and McLoughlin was elected to the successor seat of Derbyshire Dales. McLoughlin was the Govt’s Chief Whip and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury in the Con Dem coalition Gov’t. 

In September 2012, McLoughlin was appointed Secretary of State for Transport. Soon after his appointment he had to cancel the award of the InterCity West Coast franchise due to major technical flaws in the bidding process. As Transport Secretary, McLoughlin oversaw large-scale Gov’t investment in rail following the years of rail privatisation. From 2014–19, £38 billion of improvement works were planned, including Crossrail, the Thameslink Programme, electrification of the Great Western Mail Line and the Northern Powerhouse scheme to boost transport links in the North of England. In 2017, construction began on HS2. In 2015, McLoughlin said “So the argument has been won. HS2 will be built, the full ‘Y’ network, from London to Birmingham and Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds. HS2 will change the transport architecture of the north. But it will also change the economic architecture.” In November 2013, McLoughlin made a speech praising the impact of the privatisation of British Rail, saying that “Privatisation sparked a railway renaissance. Since 1993, passenger journeys have doubled in the UK to a level not seen since the 1920s. On a network roughly the same size as 15 years ago, today our railway is running 4,000 more services a day. And rail freight has grown by 60%. Revenue is up more than £3 billion since privatisation, almost all of it due to higher passenger numbers rather than fare rises. Safety levels are at an all time high. Punctuality is at near record levels. And passenger satisfaction is up by 10% over the past decade.”

In December 2015, McLoughlin announced the winners of the Northern and TransPennine Express franchises, saying “Arriva Rail North and First TransPennine Express went far beyond our requirements with exciting, ambitious plans that will make a real difference to customers, and – coupled with our commitment to push ahead with electrifying the vital TransPennine route – will help the region realise its full economic potential, ensuring it has a modern 21st century transport system.”

I don’t know whether Patrick McCoughlin has actually noticed what is happening on the railways at present, but if he hasn’t someone needs to tell him and then he can explain what his friends in the rail companies did with the billions and billions of pounds that he gave them.

McLoughlin oversaw the beginning of the £15 billion road upgrade package to improve routes and add lanes.

Patrick McLoughlin was one of the senior Tory MPs who was told of Nigel Evans MPs drunken gay groping tendencies but didn’t respond to concerns.

After Cameron resigned as PM in June 2016 because he didn’t want to do all the hard crap and Theresa took over, she appointed McLoughlin Conservative Party Chairman in July 2016. McLoughlin became Sir Patrick in the 2016 PMs Resignation Honours ‘for political and public service’. McLoughlin stepped down as Chairman of the Tory Party in January 2018 and also resigned as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. McLoughlin had been under pressure to resign from colleagues in the Conservative Party over the disappointing performance of the party in the 2017 General Election and various issues with the most recent party conference. Presumably the one where the set fell apart as Theresa tried to give her speech, but wasn’t able to because she couldn’t stop coughing. It was entertaining but shouldn’t the police have just moved in on camera and arrested McLoughlin and Theresa for their part in colluding with and concealing a murdering trafficking gang for the best part of 30 years?

McLoughlin is married to Lynn, whom he employs as a Senior Parliamentary Assistant on a salary up to £40,000. His son James is also employed by the Conservative Party as a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister.

Crime certainly pays.

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…Burns continues to run into what might be described as local difficulties. He had to apologise after an organisation called Walking With Giants got involved in his ongoing spat with Speaker John Bercow. Burns did not want to cause them any offence – but does he still think Bercow is a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf”?

“I don’t usually change my mind once I’ve said something,” he responds emphatically. Apparently, the antipathy between them goes back to when Burns was Bercow’s whip, and they had quite a few run-ins….

…he can often be found having a fag beneath the Speaker’s apartment. His smoking habit still causes great hilarity among his colleagues; as a former health minister, he shouldn’t be indulging in such unhealthy practices. He doesn’t know how many he smokes per day, but adds: “It’s never more than a pack. I’m not a hypocrite, as I have nothing to do with smoking policy in the department. I support the smoking ban, and I’d like to give up, but I find it difficult because I’m obviously weak-minded…

Burns is in good company. Angels smoke like chimneys. Top Doctors don’t, but they do have very high rates of alcoholism and drug addiction. Furthermore, they are many treatments that Top Docs enthusiastically recommend for their patients but avoid at all costs themselves because they know how damaging or ineffective they are. Then there are the lethal Top Docs to whom they send their patients but never members of their own families eg. Dafydd or the Top Docs in Gwynedd who were known to be sexually assaulting patients. In the 1980s and 90s there was an arrangement among the Top Docs that their own children would never be admitted to the paediatrics ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd because the ward was known to be dangerous. It was, like Dafydd, for Other People. I say ‘dangerous’, because that was what was always whispered. Was it perhaps a case of a danger presented by child molesters?

Despite the ups and downs of the ministerial job, Burns still loves what he does. After all, it was his involvement in politics that made, very recently, one of his dreams come true. Burns is not just a Democrat: he’s also a Clintonista. In fact, it wouldn’t be stretching the point to say he adores Hillary Clinton. He’s been to New Hampshire to campaign for her in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter. And he still hopes – and believes – she will be president.

My post ‘I Passionately Believe…’ detailed how successive General Secretaries/CEOs of the RCN have consistently concealed malpractice and misconduct in the NHS, as well as the organised abuse of children and vulnerable people, including that perpetrated by Dafydd’s gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring. The CEOs of the RCN colluded with the criminality and used their knowledge of it to benefit their members and of course themselves. The CEOs who were most successful at holding politicians over a barrel such as Dr Peter Carter became very powerful in the trade union movement in the UK and pursued successful careers in public life, clocking up gongs and seats on influential Committees and Boards. These highly paid political negotiators consistently reminded the general public that they were Just Nurses who wanted the best for people’s babies and grandmas and they usually ensured that the media learnt about their personal backgrounds of Hardship. A new high was reached when Beverley Malone was CEO of the RCN, 2001-07. Beverley was appointed the year after the Waterhouse Report was published when the brutality and inhumanity in the NHS in north Wales had to be seen to be believed and witnesses – including me – were being constantly arrested on the basis of the perjury of NHS staff, including Angels and were forced out of professional careers lest anyone who was not a half destitute criminal might be able to bear witness to the serious criminality.

In the UK, Beverley Malone made much of her status as li’l black girl from the deep south raised by her grandmammy who regularly saved her from the jaws of the KKK. The reality was somewhat different. Beverley had begun her career in psychiatric hospitals in the US when there was scandal after scandal with regard to the abuse of patients, real ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ stuff. Beverley had certainly thrived in those abusive institutions, she received promotion after promotion and ended up in senior management and academia. In 1986 Malone was made Dean of the School of Nursing at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, an historically black university and was then appointed Vice Chancellor in 1994. In North Carolina, Malone also served on a number of public bodies, including the Governor’s Task Force on Nursing Shortage, the North Carolina Commission on Health Services and the Board of Directors of the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. Malone served as President of the American Nurses Association (ANA), an organisation representing 180,000 Angels throughout the United States, 1996-2000. President Bill Clinton appointed Malone as a member of the US delegation to the  World Health Assembly, the governing body of WHO (World Health Association), in 1998 and 1999.

Malone served on Bill Clinton’s Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and in March 1998 she was appointed to the Health Care Quality Measurement and Reporting Committee. She also represented U.S. nurses in the Congress of Nurse Representatives of the International Council of Nurses and served on the Board of Directors of the National Patient Safety Partnership, a collaboration with the Dept of Veterans Affairs, the AMA (American Medical Association) and other national health care organisations.

So in 2001, in the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report – and as the Mid-Staffs scandal and God knows how much more NHS wrongdoing was being suppressed by Miranda’s Gov’t – a pillar of the US mental health establishment who rose up the ladder during the time of the most serious abuse of psychiatric patients in the US relocated to the UK and was appointed to lead the RCN.

In 2000, the year that the Waterhouse Report was published, Malone was appointed by Clinton as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health within the US Dept of Health and Human Services, the highest position that an Angel had ever held in the US Gov’t.

The British and US healthcare establishments are closely intertwined and have been swapping both Top Doctors and methods for concealing wrongdoing and quashing dissent for generations. Some of those directly involved with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal had links with the US medical/nursing establishment.

Beverley’s wiki entry tells us that re Beverley becoming the Gen Sec of the RCN – the largest professional union of nursing staff in the world – Clinton is said to have smoothed the way politically by “having a word” with Miranda and Gordon.

 ‘Ah have sinned’. And you lied Bill. You are by no means the only one who has.
Bill Clinton.jpg

Bill finally fessed up to Ugandan discussions with Monica in August 1998. Throughout the 1990, a series of women alleged that Bill had harassed or even sexually assaulted them. Bill maintained that they were all a bunch of liars. Which is what he initially said about Monica.

Miranda had his own share of political embarrassment just as Bill had all that trouble in the late 1990s, in the form of Ron Davies, the Labour MP for Caerphilly and the Secretary of State for Wales, when Ron encountered the legendary Boogie when Ron had his Moment Of Madness on Clapham Common. Ron was forced to resign in Oct 1998 which threw a spanner in the works because Miranda – and the rest of the Labour Party – had taken it for granted that Ron, who had spent his entire life since his early 20s ingratiating himself to the corrupt old bastards in the Labour Party in south Wales who were concealing the crimes of George Thomas and Dafydd and the gang, would soon be be the First Minister in the National Assembly for Wales, the creation of which was imminent. When the National Assembly opened its doors in 1999, Miranda imposed Alun Michael upon Wales as FM, rather than Rhodri Morgan, who was the favoured choice of Welsh Labour. Michael and Morgan had been colluding with Dafydd et al for as long as Ron Davies had. See post ‘News From Sicily’.

After Ron had Been Caught With Boogie, half of south Wales observed that ‘everyone knew about Ron’ and had done for ages. The only person who claimed that he hadn’t known about Ron was Rhodri Morgan, although Rhodri had previously been told that Ron had been cottaging at various locations across Wales including at Castle Gate no less, the most popular tourist spot in Cardiff. See post ‘Cottaging At Castle Gate’. Ron hit the headlines all over again a few years later when he was caught Looking For Badgers at a popular dogging spot. It’s not a problem Ron, when Dafydd was caught in the women’s dorms at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh at 2 am in the morning, he was of course conducting a ward round as any fule kno. Dafydd used this excuse repeatedly for years and it worked every time.

By 1999, Dafydd, Tony Francis and the rest of the gang were constantly referring me to forensic psychiatrists because they were trying to construct as case that I was so dangerous that I needed to be banged up in Broadmoor with Jimmy Savile. My best friend from school, my friend with whom I had stayed in Bethnal Green in Sept 1986 who found herself and her husband frozen out by Jack McConnell’s friends, pursued by gangsters and then forced out of their careers in the media, had a bad time in 1999 as well, when her baby died at the hands of Musgrove Park Hospital. A Top Doctor whom she knew through her family told her that it had been inexcusable negligence but there was no point her even trying to sue because this man knew that the staff were all preparing to lie on oath. Imagine my surprise when years later, along with all the documents that I acquired in which the Top Docs and others had lovingly detailed and signed their plans to fit me up for a criminal offence as well as other criminality on their part, the Forensic Angel Jackie Ehlen had made notes about the death of my friend’s baby.

Jackie Ehlen had been one of the senior nurses on duty many years previously in Ysbyty Gwynedd when a young female psych patient was found dead on the ward. No-one ever got to the bottom of what happened, because Jackie, Dr Sadie Francis and Dr Colin Flood all lied at the inquest. See post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’.


The Top Doctor under who’s neglect my friend’s baby died was Robert Fox. ‘Remember the name’ as Thatch once said of William Hague, ‘Robert Fox’.

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

In 1999, when my friend’s baby died, Lord Jack had just been elected as an MSP. In Nov 2001 Lord Jack was FM of Scotland! See previous posts for details of Lord Jack’s dirty dealings, who supported him and the sex abuse scandals which he ignored on his way to the job as FM. It was Lord Jack who appointed Professor Alexis Jay as Scotland’s most senior social worker. Alexis had been responsible for the Orkney Satanic Panic, which resulted in innocent people being accused, children removed from their parents for years and compensation being paid when it became clear that Alexis was just bonkers really. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’. Alexis is now Chairing the IICSA.

When Tony Francis et al were denouncing me as dangerous and constructing a forensic profile for me in  the late 1990s, Gordon was Chancellor of the Exchequer and his friend Jack was rapidly heading for the job as Scotland’s FM. Gordon was PM when the campaign to force Merfyn Jones out of public life reached new heights. Gordon was PM when Merfyn’s wife died under the care of Dafydd’s mates at Walton Hospital, when the gwerin planned to fit Merfyn up for a criminal offence, although David Cameron was PM by the time that the Top Doctors and gwerin conspired to allow patients to die while Merfyn was Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to force Merfyn to resign and leave public life.

One Top Doctor who knew about Dafydd and the gang and indeed worked with some of those with whom Dafydd was mates was Prof Harry Keene, better known to readers of this blog as Uncle Harry. Uncle Harry’s nephew became Labour Leader after Gordon stepped down.

If you and Justine have any more children Ed, for God’s sake don’t go to Musgrove Park for the birth.

Here’s Uncle Harry’s other nephew, who wanted to be Labour Leader but lost out to Uncle Harry’s nephew, with an admirer:

David Miliband dragged into Hillary Clinton email scandal ...

Uncle Harry’s other nephew moved to the US when he did not become Labour Leader and is now President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee in New York City. Uncle Harry’s other nephew had been to the US before, when he studied at MIT. Uncle Harry’s nephew had also been to the US, when he was a visiting scholar at Harvard. Michelle and Barack studied at Harvard.

Merfyn’s late wife, who died under the care of Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre just when the combined forces of the Gwerin and the Paedophiles’ Friends were desperate to force Merfyn out of his job as VC of Bangor University, had worked at Harvard. Her ex-husband is a Harvard Professor of Sociology who is a member of an elite group of right-on black professionals in the US. See post ‘Right To Reply’.

Is It Cos I Is Black?

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No, It’s Because You’re A Complete Shit.

Other members of that elite are the Obamas and Beverley Malone. Merfyn’s ex-wife grew up in Gwynedd so she’ll have known about Dafydd’s gang. Uncle Harry’s nephews’ dad Ralph knew about the gang as well and was one of the network of leftist academics who tried to wreck Brown’s career, along with Professor Stuart Hall. See previous posts. Stuart Hall was feted in the UK as a Black Professor. Hall was born in Jamaica, as was Merfyn’s late wife’s ex-husband.

Young, Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present (Hardback)

Old, Mediocre and Rotten Through and Through.

Now fuck off the lot of you.

  • The Clintons, Old, Medicore and White, both studied at Yale Law School in the early 1970s. I don’t want to be Empowered by you Hillary, I just want you to stop screwing the rest of the world over.

Last May, William Hague arranged for [Simon] Burns to meet Clinton in the Foreign Office once the formal sessions were over – with one condition. Duly, the meeting took place in a corridor outside the room where a press conference had just finished.

William Hague was Secretary of State for Wales when Burns was Minister of Health in 1997 and ignoring the genocide in north Wales. It was William Hague who orchestrated the Waterhouse Inquiry. Hague became Leader of the Tory Party as a result of the gratitude that so many of his fellow Tory politicians felt towards him after he covered up serious organised crime, a pan-European trafficking gang and the suspicious deaths of numerous witnesses.

They chatted about New Hampshire and other matters, and then Hague turned to Burns and told him it was time to deliver. Burns immediately hitched his sleeve up – to display his much-loved Hillary Clinton watch. Clinton shrieked, her secret service men stepped in, and Burns was then marched downstairs by Clinton to show the watch to her chief of staff…


The man on who’s Presidential campaign Simon Burns worked, George Stanley McGovern (July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012) was the US Senator from South Dakota, 1963-81, who ran for President against Tricky Dicky in 1972.

McGovern was born in the farming community of Avon, South Dakota. His father, the Rev. Joseph C. McGovern, was Pastor of the local Wesleyan Methodist Church and was the son of an alcoholic who had immigrated from Ireland. George’s mother was Frances. Joseph McGovern’s often received potatoes, cabbages or other food items instead of his very limited salary and the family lived on the edge of the poverty line for much of the 1920s and 1930s. George was influenced by the currents of populism and agrarian unrest and by the “practical divinity” teachings of John Wesley.

McGovern enrolled at Dakota Wesleyan University, which is affiliated to the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is a member of the World Council of Churches, the World Methodist Council and other religious associations. The World Methodist Council is a consultative body and association of churches in the Methodist tradition. Affiliated organizations are the World Fellowship of Methodist and Uniting Churches, the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies, the World Methodist Historical Society, World Council of Confederation of Methodist Youth, the World Council of Methodist Men, World Methodist Council of Teens, the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women and The General Commission on Archives and History.

Throughout the 19th century and for the first half of the 20th century, Wales was dominated by Methodism. The legacy was that many people in senior positions in Wales in the late 20th century were from Methodist families and were practising Methodists themselves, including scores of the politicians, lawyers, Top Doctors, academics and other professional people who facilitated and concealed the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and the associated Westminster Paedophile Ring. The Methodists who did this were highly influential in the Methodist Church, had international links including with Missionaries and were involved in organisations such as the World Methodist Council. See post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’.

I was told that Dafydd’s trafficking business had begun when Dafydd procured prostitutes for members of chapels in north Wales from female patients in the North Wales Hospital. Dafydd was on excellent terms with the Methodist Church, as well as the Baptist Church, the Church in Wales and even the Quakers. See post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’.

The most famous Methodist in the UK throughout the middle years of the 20th century was the child molesting Labour MP George Thomas, who was a good friend of Harold Wilson. Harold Wilson’s wife Mary was a Congregationalist herself and well-networked within the Methodist Church. See post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’. Harold and Mary concealed Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring throughout their whole political careers, including the years when Harold was PM and supporting US President Lyndon Johnson’s efforts with regard to the Vietnam War. Jim Callaghan and his wife continued the cover-up when Callaghan succeeded Wilson as PM, although Callaghan hated George Thomas (see post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’).

In 1959 George Thomas was Vice President Designate of the World Methodist Conference. As well as links to the US through religious organisations, Thomas and others linked with Dafydd’s gang and the Westminster Paedophile Ring had numerous links with professional people in the US. George Thomas’s closest friend was the Labour MP Leo Abse, a crooked lawyer from south Wales, who threatened and bribed victims of George Thomas’s sex offending into silence (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’). The Abse family contained many lawyers and Top Doctors. Leo Abse and his two doctor brothers Dannie and Wilfred were all facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and they knew Dafydd and other members of the gang. Wilfred Abse was a psychiatrist who emigrated to the US; he was Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was also Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, 1962-80. Wilfred Abse became world famous as a young Top Doc in 1941  when he participated in the examination of the Nazi leader Rudolf Hess. Wilfred’s sister Hilduh also emigrated to the US. See post ‘O Jones, O Jones’.

Top Doctors, lawyers and academics have international networks and there is an exchange of these groups between the US and the UK. Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School who was colluding with Dafydd’s gang in 1990-91, had as a young Top Doctor worked as an obstetrician and gynaecologist at the George Washington Hospital, 1965-66. While Chamberlain was there he conducted experiments on live late gestation foetuses whom he then killed. Chamberlain’s work broke all ethical boundaries and the foetuses were aborted illegally under US law at the time. It was no secret that Chamberlain had done this, he published the work in the ‘American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ in March 1968. Yet no-one said a word, even when in 1986, Professor Oliver Brooke, Chamberlain’s friend and colleague at St George’s, went to prison for the possession of child porn. See post ‘Now Then…’ Ollie Brooke was Mr Big in the pan-European paedophile ring which Dafydd et al and staff at Bangor University were very much a part of, yet he was released from prison early by Lord Chief Justice Lane in the summer of 1987, just when the General Election was taking place. Reports of Ollie’s case in the media suggested that he was a sad man with just a few indecent pictures. He wasn’t, Oliver Brooke imported and exported child porn on a huge scale and it was known at St George’s that the cupboards in his offices were full of child porn. See previous posts eg. ‘Oliver!’. Dafydd’s gang forced the kids in care in north Wales to pose for child porn including porn featuring animals.

Even when Chamberlain and his colleague Malcolm Pearce were involved in a huge research fraud scandal in the mid-1990s, Chamberlain’s previous in terms of experimenting on babies whom he then killed was not mentioned, neither was his collusion with a gang of paedophiles. He even got off scot free with regard to the research fraud; Pearce took the blame for all of it and was struck off, although Pearce was then quietly given a job as a legal adviser to a firm of medical negligence lawyers. Chamberlain continued as a Top Doc although he had to wave goodbye to the expected knighthood. Chamberlain’s friendship with Cilla Black and Sir George Pinker, the Royal Gynaecologist who delivered Prince William continued (see previous posts) will no doubt have helped and when Chamberlain retired from the NHS, he was given a lecturing job at Swansea University, just after the Waterhouse Report was published. See previous posts.

The School of Psychology at Bangor University was the most international part of Bangor University. Everyone marvelled at the Famous US Professors that migrated across the Atlantic to fill posts at Bangor. When Brown and I began publishing about the abuse of mental health patients in north Wales, one of the Famous Americans working in the School of Psychology appeared in the ‘Times Higher Education Supplement’ telling the world how great it was working at Bangor University and that the School of Psychology was a ‘hidden gem’. Another Famous American from Princeton University was as rude to me as he could be on every occasion that I saw him.

Professor Fergus Lowe built the School of Psychology entirely upon blackmailing and bribing people who knew about the role that Dafydd and Bangor University had for years played in the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Feet In Chains’. Professor Princeton and his mates weren’t in Bangor in the days when Fungus did that, but they did know that patients were still being scandalously abused, neglected and were dying, they knew that Fungus was terrorising any dissenters and that he was conspiring to bring down the Vice-Chancellor who was desperately trying to clean up and they probably knew that Fungus was involved with research fraud and plagiarism. But Gee, they weren’t going to worry about that bloody junior sociologist and her eccentric friend from De Montfort University. Except that someone was so worried about us that they were trying to kill us.

  • Tony Blair's staff 'lobbied' Obama project to win £3m aid ...


Another article appeared in ‘The Times Higher’ at about the same time that Mr America was advertising the merits of Fungus, a completely inexplicable article as well. It was a spread explaining that Professor David Southall  was a true hero who’s career and reputation were being ruined by Vindictive People. Readers might remember David Southall as the Top Doctor paediatrician who found himself in a great deal of trouble some 10 years ago as a result of allegations that Southall had accused innocent parents of abusing their children. Southall’s pal Top Doctor Sir Roy Meadow was also a paediatrician who accused parents of abusing and killing their children and a number of mothers were jailed on the basis of Meadow’s evidence. They were subsequently released from prison when it was discovered that Meadow had made up statistics in his ‘evidence’. Meadow had also invented a New Mental Illness from which he maintained that the Killer Mothers were suffering, Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. Which was seriously weird because Meadow was not a psychiatrist. The most famous innocent victim of Meadow’s was the solicitor Sally Clark, who never recovered from being wrongfully imprisoned and died some years later. Meadow had worked as paediatrician at St James’s Hospital in Leeds throughout the 1970s and 80s. Which was where Jimmy Savile ‘volunteered’. The Savile who knew Dafydd and who witnessed a sexual assault on a boy at Bryn Estyn for pleasure. When Southall saw Sally’s husband interviewed on TV, he accused him of the murders of their two children instead. These were the actions of a madman, not a competent doctor. A letter in support of Southall signed by many psychiatrists and paediatricians was sent to the UK press explaining that child abusers are Manipulative Clever People and Dedicated Top Doctors must not be subjected to the sort of witch hunt that David Southall had been.

During the 1980s and 90s, Southall worked in Staffordshire, where the paedophile ring linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales was facilitated by the Social Services and the NHS (see post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’). At least one man who was married to a Headmistress who blew the whistle on the abuse of children in care was framed for sex offences himself and imprisoned. He and his wife went into hiding. Years later their adult daughter who was living in north Wales was refused care for serious mental health difficulties.

Blair 'was about to tell Murdoch of Wendi meetings - then ...


Merfyn’s late wife was caught in the crossfire when the gwerin opened fire on a senior sociologist at Bangor University in the early 1990s. There were police investigations into the abuse of kids in care in north Wales and allegations appearing in the media that there was a VIP paedophile ring at work in north Wales/Cheshire which was being concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t. As a distraction, the gwerin made false allegations that the senior sociologist was discriminating against Welsh speakers when he appointed staff and ‘The Guardian’ were happy to publish the lies, which resulted in a smear and hate campaign against him which the gwerin sustained for many years. See post ‘Badlands’.

In 1994, David Southall was given The Mary Gray and William W Cobey Award from the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute, University of Maryland and in January 1995 he received the Annenberg Center Apnea of Infancy Award. Walter Annenberg was a businessman and philanthropist whom Tricky Dicky appointed as the US Ambassador to the UK, 1969-74.

Southall was reported to the GMC but cleared. Meadow was struck off but reinstated after he appealed. Sally Clark is still dead.

See previous posts for further details re Southall and Meadow.

David Southall and Roy Meadow were paediatricians of the same generation as Ollie Brooke. One Top Doctor who had a letter published in the media explaining how Manipulative and Clever paedophiles are and that Top Doctors have much experience in Detecting Them and Protecting Children was Dr Elinor Kapp, the wife of Dafydd’s and Tony Francis’s friend Professor Kenneth Rawnsley of Cardiff University. Elinor Kapp was involved with a medical charidee established by George Thomas. See post ‘A Discovery of A Whole New Galaxy…’ Rawnsley colluded with Dafydd and the gang for years and Rawnsley also worked with Professor William Asscher who was appointed Dean of St George’s Hospital Medical School after Ollie was jailed. Asscher continued concealing the rest of the trafficking gang at St George’s, which had been in existence for many years, many of whom had links to Bangor and to the US. See post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’.


For goodness sake Michelle, I’m one woman with a blog and I’ve managed to expose much of this cesspool. What is wrong with the rest of you? Or indeed with the ‘Times Higher Education Supplement’?

Blair 'was about to tell Murdoch of Wendi meetings - then ...


The World Methodist Conference employed two part-time Secretaries, 1951-61. They were Dr E. Benson Perkins of the Methodist Church in Great Britain and the Rev Elmer T. Clark of the Methodist Church in the US. During 1961-66, two full time Secretaries were employed by the World Methodist Conference: the Rev Lee Tuttle of the Methodist Church in the US and the Rev Max W. Woodward of the Methodist Church in Great Britain. In 1966, the full-time Secretary located in Europe became the Geneva Secretary and the full-time Secretary in the US became the General Secretary of the World Methodist Conference. The Rev Lee Tuttle of the United Methodist Church was the Gen Sec of the World Methodist Conference, 1966-76. The Rev Dr Joe Hale of the United Methodist Church was Gen Sec, 1976-91. The Rev Dr George Freeman from of the United Methodist Church was Gen Sec, 1991-2011.

I don’t know why in 1966 the United Methodist Church in the US gained dominance in terms of providing the Secretary General of the World Methodist Conference, but 1966 was the year in which George Thomas was appointed to a Ministerial position in the Welsh Office in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t. The Secretary of State for Wales at the time was Cledwyn Hughes aka Lord Cledwyn, who served as the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79, was friends with Glenys Kinnock’s parents and colluded with Dafydd and the gang for many years. See post ‘How Much Greater Is A Man Than A Sheep?’. Lord Cledwyn served as President of Bangor University, 1995-2000, throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry.

It was in 1966 that it was suggested that the Welsh Office ought to become responsible for Health and Social Services as well. In 1968 this happened. George Thomas was appointed Secretary of State for Wales in April 1968 and remained in post until June 1970. The Welsh Office failed to respond to any concerns that children and psych patients were being abused in north Wales. Children’s homes remained barely inspected or uninspected even in the face of the most serious complaints or staff going to prison for assaults on children.

Dafydd’s partner in crime John Allen acquired the property that became Bryn Alyn in 1968. Their accomplice John Tilley, who later became the Leader of Wansdworth Council and Labour MP for Lambeth Central, arrived in south London in 1966 and began preparing the ground for children in care from south London to be sent to children’s homes in north Wales where they would be abused and trafficked into sex work. See post ‘Lord Snooty The Third’.

While Tilley, Dafydd and John Allen prepared to open for business, Harold Wilson’s Gov’t made plans to relocate St George’s Hospital from Hyde Park Corner, Knightbridge to a new flagship building incorporating a new hospital and medical school in Tooting, in the Borough of Wandsworth. A paedophile ring was already in existence at Wandsworth, facilitated by Springfield Hospital. St George’s at Hyde Park Corner was a bastion of elite Top Doctors serving the elite of Belgravia, who were concealing wrongdoing on the part of some very rich people, including those involved in the Lord Lucan case. See post ‘Yes, There Is Still Green paint On The Renault…’. So the elite criminals of Knightsbridge were brought together with the paedophile gang of south London. The man who carried out the mechanics of this was Top Doctor Sir Peter Storey. See post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’. St George’s relocated to Tooting in 1980.

Meanwhile, in south Wales, George Thomas as Secretary of State organised a flagship facility for the Top Doctors as well, the Heath, the combined University Hospital and Medical School in Cardiff. George Thomas diverted so much money into the Heath, that the planned investments in hospitals in the rest of Wales couldn’t take place. See post ‘The Great Stink’. So the rest of Wales had bugger all but Dafydd, but probably suited George Thomas et al very well. Cardiff had facilities for the better off people and dense population with votes, north Wales became the site of a huge abuse ring with no-one taking any interest in what was going on.

Obviously Dafydd and John Allen needed to get the kids into the children’s homes that opened up all over north Wales, kids and their families would never have chosen to go and live with a gang of paedophiles, but that was taken care of by George Thomas’s friend Leo Abse. In the mid-1960s, Abse started campaigning for and then organising a change in the legislation with regard to children who didn’t live with their families. Abse was helped in this by Jim Callaghan when he was Home Secretary, 1967-70. Callaghan and his wife Audrey were already by then concealing child abuse, including in north Wales. Abse organised the establishment of the Houghton Committee, which took ‘expert evidence’ from Dafydd and his mates and a Bill was drafted. Matters were delayed a little when Ted Heath won power in 1970, but as soon as Labour returned to Gov’t under Harold Wilson in 1974, Leo Abse was assisted by Dr Death, then the Minister of State for Health, who used a Private Members Bill to get the Children Act 1975 onto the statute books. See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’. Hundreds of children were subsequently sent to children’s homes in north Wales. Business boomed.

Death never became Secretary of State for Health, although he made much of his status as a Top Doctor, as did his fan club. Dr Death knew a great deal about the criminality of the Top Doctors. He trained at Tommy’s and then worked there as William Sargant’s research registrar before he was elected as the MP for Plymouth Devonport in 1966. William Sargant was the maddest, most sadistic psychiatrist outside of north Wales and conducted crazy experiments on patients which resulted in many of them dying. Sargant was bad, even for his time and medicine is now trying to pretend that William Sargant never existed. See post ‘Dr Death’. After he retired from politics, Dr Death was still describing Sargant as a hero and a brave lion of a man. It speaks volumes of the weak craven political class that although Dr Death was loathed by many, no-one ever pointed the finger at him and said ‘I am going to publicise who you worked for and how many of your patients died’. Ah, but Tommy’s was full of the Top Doctors with Harley Street practices, including Peter and Ann Dally, who flogged drugs and then wrote helpful Court reports to get rich people out of trouble. See previous posts, eg. ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’. One of the Dallys’ patients was Princess Margaret. Ann Dally’s selling of class A drugs was facilitated by Dafydd’s mate, Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office mandarin. Ann Dally also performed illegal abortions for money when she was a junior Top Doctor at Tommy’s. Dr Death knew what Dafydd and the gang were up to and he was a personal friend of some of those involved.

Dr Death grew up in Plymouth, Devon, the county in which Jeremy Thorpe was an MP, Death’s parents were Welsh and he spent his summers in south Wales as a boy and then he worked as a Top Doctor at Tommy’s. Dr Death’s family in Wales were Methodists. He’d have known more about the Westminster Paedophile Ring than nearly anyone else on the planet.

I’ve been a bit slow here. Er, so WHO sent Dr Death – or at least facilitated his entry – into politics then??? A Corrupt Young Doctor arrives in the Commons in 1966, just as Dafydd et al are preparing the ground for the trafficking business. Owen’s predecessor as the MP for Plymouth Sutton was the Tory Ian Fraser. Prior to Ian Fraser, the MP for Plymouth Sutton was Jakie Astor…

Plymouth, a city run by the combination of the Astors and the Foots…

Come on Dr Death, you’re already 80, you haven’t got long left to cough. I note that you joined the Vauxhall branch of the Labour Party in 1960 two years before you qualified as a Top Doctor and you joined the Fabian Society in the same year.

This man had recently qualified as a Top Doctor and already knew about Ugandan discussions in High Places, including in Harold Macmillan’s circle (see eg. posts ‘On The Occasion Of The 70th Birthday Of HRH Carlo’ and ‘Rejoice!’), when he was at Liverpool Medical School (see post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’) as well as the sex offending of George Thomas, as of course did Dr Death…

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



In the Feb 1974 General Election, Dr Death didn’t stand for Plymouth Sutton again, instead he stood for the adjacent seat of Plymouth Devonport, winning by only 500 or so votes. I haven’t found out why Dr Death suddenly felt like a change of constituencies, but there will not have been a noble reason for it. Death was the MP for Plymouth Devonport, Feb 1974-92. Dr Death won Plymouth Devonport from the incumbent Tory, Baroness Joan Vickers.

Vickers was born in London on 3 June 1907, the eldest daughter of Cecil Vickers, a stockbroker, and his wife, Lilian, a social worker. Her father’s London stockbroking firm counted Edward VII as one of their clients and a subsequent stockbrokers set up by Vickers’s father, Vickers da Costa, had Winston Churchill as a client. Her brother, Ralph Vickers was later Senior Partner of the firm.

Vickers was educated in Surrey and in Paris. She trained as a Norland Nurse, working in the Margaret Macdonald and Mary Middleton Hospital, Notting Hill and was active in politics in Battersea and Islington. She was presented at court by Mrs Winston Churchill in 1926. She hunted in Leicestershire, served with the Red Cross in South East Asia and was Area Welfare Officer of the Social Welfare Department in Malaya. She was later Chairman of the Anglo-Indonesian Society. She served as a London County Councillor, 1937–45 and was UK delegate to the Status of Women Commission of the UN. As was Jimmy Savile’s mate Trumpers (see post ’95 Glorious Years!’).

Seeking a career in politics, Joan Vickers went to see Winston Churchill. He told her he deeply disapproved of women in politics but advised her to wear a pretty hat and join the London County Council. In 1936 she was elected a Member of the Ladies’ Grand Council of the Primrose League. In 1937 Vickers was elected to the London County Council, representing the Norwood division of Lambeth, serving until 1945. In 1939 she was nominated by the British Red Cross to serve as Divisional Secretary, Lambeth Division and in 1940 similarly for Southwark. However, during WW II, Vickers was often abroad, repatriating prisoners of war.

Investigations into the paedophile ring in Lambeth have concluded that like the ring in north Wales, the murderous gang operating in the area with links to Dafydd et al from the 1970s onward, could be traced to organised abuse in Lambeth as long ago as the 1940s.

Vickers worked for 14 months with the Red Cross in Indonesia, four years in Malaysia as a Social Welfare Area Officer in Negri Sembilan, Malacca and Johore. She was nominated a member of the Legislative Council in Negri Sembilan. She was a founder member of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, and started the work in Malaysia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.

More specifically, in August 1945, Vickers signed up to serve as Chief Welfare Officer, S.E.A.C. with the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John. In September 1945 she arrived with six other women in Batavia, primarily to help British troops but working not only in British hospitals but also in Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese hospitals. Vickers left in November 1946, ‘having given great help to troops and medical units’. From there she went to Malaya where she served as Area Welfare Officer, Department of Social Service from January 1947 to May 1948. Vickers visited Singapore, New Zealand and Australia in the summer of 1948.

At the 1955 General Election, Vickers was elected as the MP for Plymouth Devonport, defeating the Labour candidate, Michael Foot, by 100 votes. She defeated him again in 1959 by the greatly increased majority of 6,454. Her seat was always marginal, but she held it in 1964, 1966 and 1970.

Vickers was a dedicated constituency MP. During her years as an MP, she not only addressed numerous women’s issues, but also spoke on defence issues and was a zealous supporter of the Commonwealth, always keen to entertain visiting Parliamentarians, Parliamentary clerks from abroad, and overseas students. She was a UK delegate to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the Western European Union, 1967-74. Every year she was elected by all parties to a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. She sat on the UK COSA Committee. She was a working member of the International Friendship League. In her life as an MP, she visited all the major Commonwealth countries for conferences and most of the Caribbean countries, including Guyana and Belize, as well as Fiji, Tonga and Ceylon. She was on the committee of the London Centre, to which members came from India and Jamaica.

After losing her seat to Dr Death, she was created a life peer on 27 January 1975.


After Dr Death had served as a Minister of State in the DHSS, 1974-76 and helped Wilson’s Secretary of State Barbara Castle conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s part in it, he was a Minister in the Foreign Office, 1976-77 and then the PM Callaghan appointed him Foreign Secretary in Feb 1977. Dr Death recommended to Callaghan that he should appoint Dr Death’s friend Peter Jay as Britain’s Ambassador to the US, which Callaghan did.

There was much criticism of the appointment because Jay did not have a suitable background for such a post and he also happened to be married to Margaret, Callaghan’s daughter. Margaret’s mother, Audrey, had first colluded with the organised abuse of children when she had served on the London County Council, before it was the GLC. Audrey was also involved with Great Ormond Street Hospital – made famous by Jimmy Savile who ‘volunteered’ there – and Chaired the Governors of GOSH for 30 years, as well as involving herself with fundraising. Peter Jay served as the US Ambassador, 1977-79. Peter Jay’s father, Douglas Jay, was the Labour MP for Battersea North, 1946-83. Battersea is a neighbouring Borough of Wandsworth and John Tilley was busy in Battersea as well as Wandsworth when Dafydd and the gang were preparing to open their doors to kids from across the UK. Douglas Jay was President of the Board of Trade, 1964-67, under Harold Wilson. Jay was a graduate of New College, Oxford, a favourite recruiting ground for the British security services. Jay bagged his peerage in 1987, when Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I were all under attack, as were my friends who were witnesses to what was happening in north Wales. Peter Jay’s mum Peggy joined the Labour Party and was recruited by Herbert Morrison, Mandy’s grandfather, as a London County Councillor from 1934. She represented Hackney, then Battersea South and finally Battersea North. Later, Peggy was elected to the new GLC before losing her seat in 1967. She left the Labour Party in 1981 to join Dr Death in the SDP, but returned to the Labour Party shortly before her death in 2008. Peggy was the last survivor of the “Hampstead middle-class Labour grandes dames” whom Morrison had groomed to take over the LCC. That was not a good idea of Herbert’s, although his grandson did very well out of the legacy of those foolish old bags who helped create an international trafficking ring.

Peter Mandelson.jpg

Before Mandy did his best to make the Windbag a credible potential PM, Mandy worked for LWT. In the early 1970s, Jay became the principal presenter of LWT’s ‘Weekend World’. Jay was mates with John Birt, who was at LWT; Mandy also became good mates with John Birt. Peter Jay was subsequently founding Chairman of TV-am, but everyone soon started scrapping and Jay was ousted by his friend and Co-director Jonathan Aitken. See previous posts.

Peter Jay also worked as Chief of Staff to Cap’n Bob.

Jay was a non-executive Director of the Bank of England, 2003-09.

Jay’s mother Peggy’s son-in-law Rupert Pennant-Rea is a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. Her niece is Virginia Bottomley, a former psychiatric social worker who, as Minister of State in the DoH, 1989-92 and then Secretary of State for Health, 1992-95, concealed all the crap in north Wales and elsewhere…See previous posts for details of Ginny’s many links with those we know and love as well as the links with them of her many friends and relations.

When Jay’s wife Margaret was in the USA, she met journalist Carl Bernstein, who had helped expose Watergate, with whom she had a much-publicised extramarital relationship in 1979. The Jays divorced in 1986 after 25 years of marriage. In 1994, Margaret Jay married AIDS specialist Michael Adler, who had been Chair of the National AIDS Trust when she was its Director. She retained her surname from her first marriage. Adler and Jay both knew that many of the rent boys who died from HIV/AIDS in the 1980s were kids in care in north Wales who had been infected when they were forced into sex work. Baroness Margaret Jay was later appointed Minister for Wimmin by Miranda and a Health Minister once she rocked up in the Lords. Jay was given her peerage in 1992, the year that the North Wales Police closed the investigation of abuse of kids in care in north Wales, stating that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. The Baroness was Health Minister while the Waterhouse Inquiry was taking place. Miranda had his arse covered from all angles.


Methodism was closely aligned to the Liberal Party in Wales. Liberal statesmen such as William Gladstone and David Lloyd George were Methodists; Ronnie Waterhouse’s family were well-known Liberal Methodists who knew David Lloyd George and his family. See previous posts eg. ‘I Told You I Was Trouble’.

The daughter of a well-known Liberal Methodist family who personally knew Loyd George’s daughter Lady Megan was for many years the Deputy Principal of the Normal College in Bangor. The Normal College was a teacher training college and many of the staff knew about the trafficking ring, as did many of the students who worked as teachers across Wales, particularly north Wales, when the gang was busy.


The Principal of the Normal College, Professor Gareth Roberts, was from another Methodist family and worked as an adviser to Gwynedd County Council’s Education Authority during the paedophile years. The Normal College merged with Bangor University in 1996, the year that William Hague announced that the Waterhouse Inquiry would be held. Many of the staff of the former Normal College were involved in the subsequent efforts to undermine Merfyn Jones and remove him from public life.

One of the lecturers from the Normal College, Dafydd Orwig, who was also a Gwynedd County Councillor and before that a Councillor on the predecessor body to Gwynedd County Council, was involved in the removal of Patient F’s baby on the grounds of false allegations and the placing of the baby with a family containing two people with a history of assaults on children. See previous posts.

There was a lady who lived in Bangor during the 1990s who had formerly been married to a lecturer from the Normal College who had left her with their daughter and set up home with one of his students. This lady was very bitter and very angry, but when I found out what was happening to her I could understand why. She was receiving the full Gwynedd Social Services Experience; false allegations that she was abusive to her daughter, the smear campaign and character assassination among local people, hassle with her benefits etc. She always maintained that her ex-husband had mobilised his mates and that was what was behind it all. The Social Services who had wrecked her life explained that her difficulties were due to her being ‘chaotic’. They were behind the entire chaos.


Isaac Foot who was President of the Liberal Party in 1947 was Vice-President of the World Methodist Conference, 1937–38. Isaac Foot served as the Liberal MP for Bodmin, 1922-24 and 1929-35 and was Secretary for the Mines, 1931-32, in Ramsay MacDonald’s Gov’t. Isaac Foot was a good friend of Nancy Astor, the MP for Plymouth Sutton, 1919-45. Nancy was an American citizen who was born in Virginia and after divorcing her first husband the American socialite Robert Gould Shaw II moved to England and married Waldorf Astor, who maintained that he was an English aristocrat although he was born in America and named after an American salad, as ordered by the American man on ‘Fawlty Towers’:

Waldorf Salad


After the marriage, the Astors moved into Cliveden, a wedding gift from Astor’s father. Nancy couldn’t have received the usual wedding present of some Marks & Spencer towels because she was rabidly anti-semitic, so much so that the newspaper which the family owned, ‘The Observer’, would not employee Jewish people, even in the 1960s. ‘The Observer’ however did employ Norah Beloff, the sister of Lord Max Beloff, the Lord Max who was mates with Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council when Dafydd’s mistress Lucille Hughes was the Director of Gwynedd Social Services and the paedophile gang made merry in the children’s homes in Gwynedd and Clwyd. Lord Max was one of those involved with the creation of the UK’s first private university, the University of Buckingham, Thatch’s favourite university of which she served as Chancellor. See previous posts. Lord Max was the father of Cherie and Miranda’s pal Michael Beloff QC, who ensured that no-one ever got to read the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’).

Nancy Astor was friends with the US Ambassador to Britain, 1938-40, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, the father of JFK, the famously lobotomised Rosemary and their seven siblings. Kennedy requested that surgeons perform a lobotomy (one of the earliest in the U.S.) on Rosemary in 1941. Various reasons for the operation have been given, but as lobotomies often did, it left her permanently incapacitated. Rosemary died in 2005 at age 86. Rosemary’s name “was never mentioned in the house,” according to Janet Des Rosiers, Kennedy’s secretary and mistress of nine years. Dr. Bertram S. Brown, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, said later that Joseph called his daughter Rosemary mentally retarded rather than mentally ill in order to protect JFK’s reputation for a Presidential run and that the family’s “lack of support for mental illness is part of a lifelong family denial of what was really so”.

Dr Bertram Brown like many Top Doctors is happy to talk about the reluctance of a previous generation to admit to mental illness in the family, but lobotomies were frequently performed on people who’s were saying and doing things that other more powerful people did not like. After lobotomies had been brought into complete disrepute, their defenders maintained that is someone had been clinically depressed for 30 years, trying a lobotomy was justified. That does not explain why so many lobotomies were performed on women who were known to have been molested or had a pregnancy which was inconvenient to other people. That was certainly the case with Gwynne the lobotomist at the North Wales Hospital. In fact the first Top Doctor that I had a discussion about lobotomies with was Dafydd’s accomplice Dr D.G.E. Wood. I had no idea at the time that Wood was running the trafficking ring with Dafydd et al and I didn’t know about Gwynne and the lobotomies at Denbigh, I had just read a great deal about lobotomies per se and chatted extensively to Brown about them, who knew a lot more than me. When I started to discuss lobotomies with Wood and I challenged some of his assertions, he closed the conversation down with ‘well I don’t think that either of us know enough about it to have this discussion’. A few months later he sent me to er, Gwynne the lobotomist…

You might not have known enough about it Wood but Brown and I did, which is why you went into overdrive when we complained about Gwynne. Wood might have been ignorant and stupid but he did know that Gwynne had spent an entire career banging up victims of the trafficking gang which the Top Docs were facilitating and then lobotomising them if they still didn’t shut up.

The Chancellor of UCNW when the trafficking ring was using that institution as a vehicle and when a lobotomist was sitting in the Student Health Centre was HRH Carlo. Alison Taylor wrote to Carlo in the late 1980s and told him that children were being abused in north Wales. She received a reply from Carlo’s office saying that he could not get involved.

Carlo: Can you please explain the presence of a people trafficking lobotomist at UCNW, because as Chancellor, you were very much involved…


Various US criminals alleged that Joseph P. Kennedy was involved with bootlegging during prohibition.


In 1931 Bobby Shaw, Nancy Astor’s son from her first marriage, was arrested for homosexual offences. Bobby had serious mental health and drink problems. Nancy Astor’s friend Philip Kerr, the 11th Marquess of Lothian, suggested that ‘the arrest might act as a catalyst for him to change his behaviour, but he was incorrect’. The Hergest Unit were still trying out Philip Kerr’s methods 70 years later and they weren’t working then either. Bobby killed himself after his mother’s death in 1964. Like so many of the Hergest patients who were subjected to the same catalyst. It’s a remarkably effective way of getting rid of witnesses to serious crime.

After Bobby Shaw was arrested, Gertrude Ely, a Pennsylvania Railroad heiress, offered to provide a guided tour to Moscow for Lady Astor and Bobby. Bobby made many flattering statements about Stalinist Russia. Some of Nancy’s conservative supporters feared she had “gone soft” on Communism. Tories felt that her son’s praise of the USSR served as a coup for Soviet propaganda.

As well as Bobby from her first husband, Nancy had five children by Waldorf: William Waldorf Astor II aka Bill Astor, Nancy, David, Michael and Jakie. Nancy Astor was famous for treating all of Bill’s wives badly. Bill married three times, first to Sarah aka Sally Norton. Bill dumped Sarah once she had produced an heir, then he married a girl called Phillipa, but he dispensed with her speedily and married Bronwen Pugh, the daughter of a Welsh judge, Sir Alun Pugh. Bronwen was brought up in Hampstead, but she went to boarding school in Dolgellau. Sir Alun grew up in west Wales where organised abuse had existed for a long while and subsequently boomed when Dafydd et al went into business with the likes of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council when Dafydd’s mistress Lucille was Director of Social Services and the paedophile gang made merry in the children’s homes of north Wales. Bronwen was virtually the same age as Ioan, who went to school in Dolgellau himself; Ioan’s father was a school teacher in Dolgellau Grammar School. Sir Alun was active in London Welsh Societies.

Bronwen was married to Bill Astor when the Profumo Affair blew up in the face of Harold Macmillan’s Gov’t. The scapegoats who had the worst deal were Stephen Ward who committed suicide and seemed to have been helped to do that by the Top Doctors and Christine Keeler, who went to prison for perjury, although she was terrified and had been threatened by a gangster. Bronwen was reconstructed as a Welsh slapper who was little better than the call girls whom everyone had enjoyed shagging for years and was kicked out of Cliveden with her children. The people who’s names were kept out of it all were the ‘members of the Royal Family’ who had also attended the parties at Cliveden. See previous posts eg. ‘On The Occasion Of The 70th Birthday Of HRH Carlo’, ‘Rejoice!’ and ‘In Memoriam – Bronwen, Lady Astor’.

David Cameron’s wife Sam’s mum is married to William Waldorf Astor III, Bill Astor’s son by Sarah Norton. When she was a young woman, Sarah Norton was a good friend of Baroness Jean Trumpington aka Trumpers, who continued to attend the orgies at Cliveden even after Bill Astor had dumped Sarah and as Health Minister was the genius who appointed Jimmy Savile to the management taskforce of Broadmooor Hospital. See previous posts.

Nancy Astor’s friend Isaac Foot was a member of a well-known political family Plymouth in Devon. Isaac Foot established the family solicitors company, Foot and Bowden. The Foots were a Methodist family and Isaac had five children, four of whom entered public life:

Sir Dingle Foot went to Balliol and was President of the Oxford Union. He became a barrister and was a member of Gray’s Inn, as was Dafydd’s mate Sir William Mars-Jones, who was of the same vintage as Dingle. Dingle was called to the Bar or admitted as a solicitor or practitioner in Ghana, (1948), Sri Lanka (1951), Northern Rhodesia (1956), Sierra Leon (1959), Supreme Court of India (as a Senior Advocate) (1960), Bahrain (1962) and Malaysia (1964). He also appeared regularly in the Courts of Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Nyasaland and Pakistan. In addition, Dingle Foot had been regularly engaged in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council since 1945. Dingle Foot was the Liberal MP for Dundee, 1931-45 and then the Labour MP for Ipswich, 1957-70. Dingle was Solicitor General for England and Wales, 1964-67, under Harold Wilson. Dingle Foot died in June 1978, in an hotel in Hong Kong, after choking on a bone in a chicken sandwich. I don’t know if there were any witnesses to that death, but a great many people will have heaved a sigh of relief. In June 1978, it looked very likely that Jeremy Thorpe was going to be charged with incitement and conspiracy to kill Norman Scott, after Andrew Newton the hitman who had shot Norman’s dog and tried to kill Norman had sold his story to a newspaper when he came out of prison. Dafydd and the gang were in hot pursuit of Mary Wynch and things were unravelling at UCNW, as warring gwerin demanded the resignation of Sir Charles Evans, the Principal. See post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’. Dafydd Wigley, the Plaid MP for Caernarfon, asked Dr Death’s mate Shirl, the Education Secretary at the time, to hold a Public Inquiry into the management of UCNW, but Shirl didn’t. Which was just as well for Dafydd Wigley because he was on board with the gang as much as everyone else was.

Hugh Foot aka Lord Caradon, went to St John’s College, Cambridge, which is where Ronald Waterhouse studied. Foot was President of the Cambridge Union and President of the Cambridge University Liberal Club. Hugh Foot’s enjoyed a long career in the diplomatic service. He served in Mandatory Palestine and during WW II Foot was appointed as British Military Administrator of Cyrenaica and served as Colonial Secretary of Cyprus, 1943-45. After WW II, he served as Colonial Secretary of Jamaica, 1945–47, Chief Secretary for Nigeria, 1947–50 and Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of Jamaica in 1951-57. Foot returned to Cyprus as the last Colonial Governor and Commander in Chief, 1957-60. In 1961, he became British Ambassador to the United Nations Trusteeship Council. After Harold Wilson was elected PM in 1964, Foot became Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and British Ambassador to the UN, 1964-70. Foot joined Lilibet’s Privy in 1968. After his retirement, Foot became a Visiting Fellow at Harvard and Princeton Universities.

In 1964 Foot was granted a life peerage as Baron Caradon the title referring to Caradon Hill on Bodmin Moor, not far from Trematon Castle, his country home. Peter Bessell, the Liberal MP for Bodmin, 1964-70, was the man who maintained that Jeremy Thorpe had discussed murdering Norman Scott with him and Bessell also demonstrated that Thorpe had been making payments to Norman. But like everyone who’s evidence suggested that Thorpe was as guilty as they come, at Thorpe’s 1979 trial, Justice Cocklecarrot just insulted Bessell. Hugh Foot was an active freemason.

Foot married Florence, who predeceased him in 1985. They had three sons and a daughter together: Paul Foot, the investigative journo of a leftie persuasion who worked for, among other organs, ‘Private Eye’, ‘The Mirror’ – including when Cap’n Bob was at the helm – and ‘The Guardian’, yet who never investigated anything that touched on Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring and who was a member of the SWP; Sarah Foot, who was also a journo; Oliver Foot, a charidee worker who led Project Orbis International and Benjamin Foot, the only one of Hugh Foot’s children who is still alive.

Paul Foot’s son John Foot is an historian who has held Chairs at UCL and Bristol University; his son Matt is a solicitor and his son Tom is a journo.

Sarah Foot was a journo and a socialite who boasted of interviewing the wife-beating piss artist George Best – who was networked to Dafydd’s associates and received a liver transplant courtesy of King’s College Hospital, about which many lies were told (see previous posts) – and Cliff Richard – a friend of Cilla’s who was in turn friend’s with Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain. In 1988, the year after Chamberlain’s mate Ollie Brooke was released from prison, Sarah began training as a social worker, just when all those scandal about the abuse of kids in care began hitting the media, particularly re Cleveland and north Wales. Sarah was headhunted by Derriford Hospital Plymouth to work in their Dept of Neurology and she also worked at St Luke’s Hospital in Plymouth. Jonathan Frappell, who worked at St George’s under Geoffrey Chamberlain, went to work at the Derriford Hospital (see previous posts). Sarah was married to a British Army officer who served in N Ireland during the Troubles.

When they were children, both Sarah and her brothers Paul and Oliver lived in Kingston Jamaica, where there father was the last Colonial Governor. They mixed with local people a great deal, including the black community and retained life-long friendships and ties to Kingston and Jamaica.

Oliver Foot was an actor and charidee worker who established Orbis International. Oliver studied at Goddard College, Vermont before returning to England to attend a drama studio in Ealing, London. In 1971, Foot, with his wife Nancy and a group of other friends, set up the Footsbarn Theatre Company in Cornwall. In the mid-1970s, Foot became a born-again Christian while staying with the L’Abri Fellowship in Hampshire. Foot was an active member of Grace Community Church in Morval, near Looe.

Dafydd’s mate Professor Linford Rees was the father of Angharad Rees, the 1970s siren who starred in ‘Poldark’, which was filmed in Cornwall. Angharad was married to Christopher Cazenove who starred in ‘Dynasty’, so a whole new world of celebrity contacts opened up for Dafydd. See post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’.

Oliver was the Chief Executive of Orbis International, the flying eye hospital, 1982-87, becoming President, 1987-95 and again, 2004 to his death in 2008.

After his departure from Orbis, Foot worked for Air Jamaica and Sandals Resorts as a Vice-President of Public Affairs, 1996-2004. Splitting his time between Jamaica and the UK, Foot used his contacts in the press to significantly raise the profile of Air Jamaica, Sandals and Jamaica at large to the people of the UK.

During 1998 – after the former kids in care had given evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry and had been denounced as liars – in partnership with the Jamaican Government, Oliver Foot started a chain of coffee shops called Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Shops Limited (Jamaica Blue). The flagship location opened in Mayfair, London, in mid-January 1999. Jamaica Blue sold and used Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and served locally supplied Jamaican foods, cakes and crafts; Air Jamaica transported all the coffee at a discount price and even flew shipments of Jamaica’s own St Catherine’s peak spring water. Most of the staff were of Jamaican descent or had a Jamaican connection. Many high-profile customers frequented the location including Red Ken, Suggs, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Joe Strummer and the rocksteady musician Alton Ellis. Foot set up the shop ‘not to make money but to help the small coffee farmers in Jamaica who were suffering due to a surplus of Blue Mountain coffee created by financial instability in Japan, the main purchaser of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee’. Bechod! In the end, the location was poorly chosen and the overheads were too high. Jamaica Blue closed its doors in late 2001. So the farmers were stuffed, what with the Posh of Mayfair not being able to pop into Right-On Ollie’s for a coffee. But at least the Waterhouse Report had been safely submitted to Miranda’s Secretary of State for Wales, Paul Murphy, who knew Ollie’s dad’s Uncle Michael, Leader of the Labour Party and MP in south Wales when Dafydd and the gang were doing whatever they wanted in north Wales, of old.

Many of those rockers had links with Dafydd’s associates. I was surprised years ago when I heard that Joe Strummer of ‘The Clash’ had moved to the area of Somerset where I grew up and where I still knew people. Strummer died suddenly on 22 December 2002 in his home at Broomfield, aged 50, the victim of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. 

Give ‘Em Enough Rope
The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope.jpg


The Guardian’s obituary for Oliver Foot stated that ‘He was a true child of the 1960s and everything that came with that. John Lennon and Bob Dylan supplied the soundtrack to his rich and varied life, during which, in addition to his work with Orbis, he was, at one time, a farmer, actor, theatre director, discotheque manager, political public relations executive, cowboy, evangelist, preacher, Arts Council member, and consummate spin doctor for Jamaica and the Caribbean’ and that he left the theatre in 1977 to ‘move into political public relations, establishing a lobbying service in Westminster’. There might have been a need for one, Norman Scott’s dog had been killed and then the gunman had tried to kill Norman and Dafydd and the gang were in hot pursuit of Mary Wynch… Oliver then returned ‘to the US in 1980, where in New York he represented, among other organisations, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union’.

Ollie died in a south London hospital in 2006, of heart failure. Ah the doctors they were wonderful! But they slipped up there. Just as Brown and I began publishing about north Wales and the mental health services.

    Oliver Foot’s brother Benjamin is all heart as well, he is the Director of Save The Children Nigeria. Benjamin is the only one of Hugh Foot’s children who is still alive.

Hugh Foot died in Plymouth, aged 82, on 5 September 1990.

Hugh’s brother Lord John Foot married an American, Anne (Bailey Farr) in 1936 and they had a son and a daughter. He was educated at Bembridge School on the Isle of Wight – as was his brother NAME – and went on to Balliol, where he was President of the Oxford Union following in the steps of his elder brother Dingle. After graduation he joined the family law firm before serving in the Wessex Division and also on the HQ Staff of the 21st Army Group during WW II. After WW II John rejoined the family law firm and subsequently became the senior partner there following the death of his father in 1960.

John Foot stood as the Liberal candidate for Parliament four times but was unsuccessful. He remained in the Liberal Party during the long period of its post-war decline and was given a peerage in 1967 for no good reason. Unless of course it was for the usual reason – he Knew but was Keeping Quiet. 

John Foot served as Chairman of the UK Immigrants Advisory Service, 1970-78 where he did not hesitate to criticise Harold Wilson’s Gov’t for the inadequate fulfilment of their pledges to the persecuted Kenyan and Ugandan Asians. He was also a robust environmental defender of Dartmoor against the expansionist ambitions of Plymouth Council. Not a word about Dafydd however or George Thomas.

John Foot died aged 90 on 11 October 1999, survived by his wife and children. He lasted long enough to see the part of the Waterhouse Inquiry where the former kids in care were called liars when they gave evidence then.

John’s brother Michael Foot, was the Labour MP for Plymouth Devonport, 1945-55 and Ebbw Vale which became Blaenau Gwent, 1960-92. Foot was the famously hopeless Leader of the Labour Party, 1980-83. People of my age remember Footie as the old bloke who waved his stick about and had that little dog called Dizzie and who was regularly mauled by Thatch. However as previous posts have detailed (eg. ‘Oh, No! It’s the Pathetic Sharks…’) Footie when younger was quite lively, with links to the security services and such interesting sexual habits that his wife Feminist Film Maker Jill Craigie told him that if he had ‘additional needs’, he was quite welcome to indulge them but she didn’t want to hear about it. Which rather reminds me of the Scotsman who rang Dafydd and told him ‘Now I don’t know your inclination and I don’t care…’, but he was ringing Dafydd to tell him that he wasn’t to hurt this Scotsman’s gay cousin  MacDuff again.  Footie also enjoyed outdoor sex on Hampstead Heath and was frank that he let every newspaper baron know that if a word was published about Footie’s Ugandan activities, everybody would hear about the equally interesting Ugandan discussions of Lords Rothermere, Beaverbrook etc. I admire Footie for facing those bastards down but sadly Footie was also concealing Dafydd’s gang and the mass sexual abuse of children and vulnerable people. Had I known what Footie was doing at the time – including his contribution to the wrecking of the lives and careers of my friends and I – I’d have nipped over to Hampstead (as a Socialist who represented south Wales, of course Footie lived in Hampstead) – and kneed the old git in the knackers and if he started his ‘oratory’ ie. ranting, I’d have kneed him again in the knackers, harder.

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Footie had links to numerous Top Docs including those in north Wales. The whippersnapper to Footie, the Windbag who succeeded Footie as Labour Leader, knew Tony Francis when they were both students in Cardiff and was married to Glenys from Holyhead, who’s family were Labour Party activists and had been colluding with Dafydd and the gang since the dawn of time

Footie was Leader of the Commons and Lord President of the Council, April 1976-May 79, which meant that he was also the visitor for UCNW. Footie was in post when it was decided that Carlo would be appointed Chancellor of UCNW, throughout the time that havoc broke out in UCNW with the gwerin trying to depose Sir Charles Evans, the Principal (see post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’) and Footie’s colleague Shirl refusing to hold a Public Inquiry into the chaos. Meanwhile Dafydd and the gang ran the institution. The traumas at UCNW coincided with Andrew Newton trying to murder Norman Scott and all that followed… See post ‘Only One Died’.

My post ‘Britain In Agony’ describes the knots that the Labour Party tied themselves up in when Michael Meacher, an MP who was seen as a rather more acceptable leadership contender from the left than Tony Benn, sued ‘The Observer’ for libel when he was trying to align himself with Labour Party members who were concealing abuse and criminality in the NHS for political gain, at the time that Brown and I refused to keep quiet about Gwynne and the gang in north Wales.


Wales and the south west of England were not the only Methodist strongholds in the UK. Methodism was a strong force in the North of England, including Durham, where Brown’s mum came from and which became a stronghold for Miranda and his inner circle. The North East was the location of the paedophile/trafficking gang linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales which supplied Dafydd with staff and children. Brown’s mum was found unexpectedly dead in 2005, after Brown and I had begun appearing in the press discussing the mental health services. It was in 2005 that the brother-in-law of Miranda’s policy adviser nicked my computer.


Michelle Obama was brought up as a member of the United Methodist Church, as were the rest of her family, the Robinsons.


I have been receiving e mails asking me how I have found out all of the information that I have put up on this blog. It has involved a lot of hard work but it is not rocket science. I have simply drawn on my own documentation and experiences, documentation to which other patients have allowed me access and information from archives, electronic sources etc, all of which is in the public domain. If Michelle and Barack wanted to write a blog like this they could have, but because they wanted to become First Lady and Mr President they didn’t. Michelle and Barack have access to the security services and police files. They know that many of those in High Places, including those with whom they have wined and dined and befriended have been involved in the events that I have blogged about.

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  • Tony Blair's staff 'lobbied' Obama project to win £3m aid ...
  • Tony Blair introduces prospective client Victor Ponta to ...


That is why Michelle has written a silly book about her first kiss with Barack and bangs on about having Imposter Syndrome. Indeed she has, she keeps telling us all that she’s Committed to Empowering Girls and Wimmin, rather than a personal friend of people who concealed criminals who inflicted enormous harm on Girls, Wimmin and Boys and Men as well.


It was of course not only Methodists who colluded with this slurry pit. Recent admissions with regard to the en masse sexual abuse which was concealed for decades by the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church have left organised religion  shattered and Men’s sexuality pathologised. No-one has mentioned that medicine has been at the centre of this conspiracy and that Strong Wimmin have been willing accessories.


In late 1940 or early 1941, McGovern had a brief affair with an acquaintance that resulted in her giving birth to a daughter during 1941, although this did not become public knowledge during his lifetime. In April 1941 McGovern began dating fellow student Eleanor Stegeberg. During his sophomore year, McGovern won the statewide intercollegiate South Dakota Peace Oratory Contest with a speech called “My Brother’s Keeper,” which was later selected by the National Council of Churches as one of the nation’s 12 best orations of 1942.

McGovern’s studies were interrupted when he served in the US Army Air Forces during WW II, during which time he flew 35 missions over German-occupied Europe. After WW II, McGovern returned to Dakota Wesleyan University and finished his degree, graduating in 1946.

McGovern switched from Wesleyan Methodism to less fundamentalist regular Methodism and began divinity studies at Garrett Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, a graduate school of theology of the United Methodist Church. He preached as a Methodist student supply minister at Diamond Lake Church in Mundelein, Illinois, during 1946 and 1947. In late 1947 McGovern left the ministry and enrolled in graduate studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, where he also worked as a teaching assistant. He received his MA in history in 1949.

McGovern then returned to Dakota Wesleyan, became a professor of history and political science and continued pursuing graduate studies during summers and other free time. McGovern received his PhD from Northwestern University in 1953. McGovern left his tenured post at Dakota Wesleyan University to become Executive Secretary of the South Dakota Democratic Party, the state chair having recruited him after reading his articles. McGovern considerably strengthened the South Dakota Democratic Party. From 1954 to 1956 McGovern was on a political organisation advisory group for the Democratic National Committee.

McGovern was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1956 and re-elected in 1958. After a failed bid for the U.S. Senate in 1960, he was a successful candidate in 1962. McGovern was an exemplar of modern American liberalism and was outspoken in his opposition to the growing U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The McGovern-Fraser Commission fundamentally altered the Presidential nominating process, by greatly increasing the number of caucuses and primaries and reducing the influence of party insiders. The McGovern-Hatfield Amendment sought to end the Vietnam War by legislative means, but was defeated in 1970 and 1971.

Throughout his career, McGovern was involved in issues related to agriculture, food, nutrition and hunger. Having relinquished his House seat to run for the Senate, McGovern was available for a position in JFK’s new 1961 Gov’t. McGovern was picked to become a special assistant to JFK and the first Director of Kennedy’s high-priority Food for Peace program. As the first Director of the Food for Peace program 1961-62, McGovern oversaw the distribution of U.S. surpluses to the needy abroad and was instrumental in the creation of the UN-run World Food Programme. McGovern resigned his post in July 1962, wanting to resume his electoral political career. Kennedy said that under McGovern, the Food for Peace program had “become a vital force in the world”, improving living conditions and economies of allies and creating “a powerful barrier to the spread of Communism”.

Give ‘Em Enough Rope
The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope.jpg


After the election of JFK as President, Lord Harlech aka David Ormsby-Gore was appointed as British Ambassador to the US; he retained the post until 1965. David Ormsby-Gore was born in Westminster, the second son of William Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech, a Conservative politician, and Lady Beatrice Edith Mildred Gascoyne-Cecil. His maternal great-grandfather was British PM Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. David was educated at St Cyprian’s School, Eton and our old friend, New College, Oxford. 

In 1939 David was commissioned into the Royal Artillery (Berkshire Yeomanry Field Regiment). After WW II his father handed over to him all his land and Ormsby-Gore farmed the 400 acres (1.6 km²) of the Woodhill Estate, Oswestry. In 1948 he was commissioned a Major in the Shropshire Yeomanry, but left in 1950.

At the 1950 General Election, Ormsby-Gore he was elected MP for Oswestry, which he remained until 1961. Under PM Anthony Eden, he served as a junior Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nov 1956-Jan 1957 and under PM Harold Macmillan, Lord Harlech was Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, 1957-61. After the election of JFK, he was appointed British Ambassador to the US on 18 October 1961. Harlech had to take the Chiltern Hundreds on 1 June, so that he could resign from the House.

John Biffen succeeded Harlech as the Tory MP for Shrewsbury, the John Biffen who was a member of Thatch’s Cabinet, who went to school with my father and who grew up on a farm about three miles away from where I lived as a teenager. John Biffen’s parents continued living at their farm after their son was in the Cabinet. For more information on Biffen, see previous posts, including ‘A Local Boy Who Made Good?’

Ormsby-Gore knew JFK well from his time in London, where his father Joseph P. Kennedy had served as American Ambassador. Like Macmillan, Ormsby-Gore was distantly related to Kennedy and had a closer relationship than did Macmillan with the President-elect and his brother Robert. Six months after Kennedy took office Ormsby-Gore was in Washington DC. He supplied Kennedy with a stream of advice and was almost a resident at the White House, being more a friend of the family than a mere Ambassador. After JFK’s assassination there were rumours of a romance between Ormsby-Gore and Jacqueline Kennedy. In 1968 he proposed marriage to her, but, she did not accept. Ormsby-Gore was one of the pallbearers at Robert Kennedy’s funeral. Under Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration, relations were more formal but remained excellent; Ormsby-Gore maintained his position after Harold Wilson was elected as PM in 1964.

The extent of Ormsby-Gore’s influence over the Kennedy administration is disputed. Unable to persuade the American government to agree with the British line over Yemen and the Congo, or to proceed with either a negotiated settlement with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev over Berlin or the Skybolt ballistic missile programme, he nevertheless played a significant role in the Cuban Missile Crisis and ensured that Britain’s views were taken into account by the American Gov’t.

The friendship between Ormsby-Gore and Macmillan with JFK helped secure the first Test-Ban Treaty in 1963. Macmillan and Ormsby-Gore had been attempting to achieve a test-ban treaty with the Russians for the past ten years and won Kennedy over through letters from Macmillan and frank discussions between Ormsby-Gore and Kennedy. They convinced him to act like a statesman and conclude Test-ban treaties with Russia and not fear being branded as an appeaser by political opponents in the United States.

According to the Duchess of Devonshire, who travelled with the British delegation to Kennedy’s funeral in November 1963, Macmillan’s successor as PM Alec Douglas-Home had wanted to appoint Ormsby-Gore as Foreign Secretary, but RAB Butler had insisted on having this post as a condition of serving under Home.

Ormsby-Gore retired as Ambassador in 1965, a year after his father died, and took his seat in the Lords briefly also holding the position of Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. He also had a successful career as a television executive, founding HTV and served as President of the British Board of Film Classification. Lord Harlech had an active interest in the avant-garde, and for nearly ten years, beginning in 1969, was patron of the Institute for Research in Art and Technology.

Lord Harlech married Sylvia Thomas, who died in a car accident on 30 May 1967. Before she died, they had five children: Julian Hugh Ormsby-Gore (1940–1974), who died of gunshot wounds, an apparent suicide; Jane Teresa Denyse Ormsby-Gore (b. 1942), who was said to have had an affair with Mick Jagger during the 1960s; Victoria Mary Ormsby-Gore (b. 1946); Alice Magdalen Sarah Ormsby-Gore (1952–1995), who became engaged to Eric Clapton in 1969 – Sarah and Clapton lived together for five years, but did not marry and she subsequently died of a heroin overdose in 1995, on the day before her 43rd birthday; and Francis Ormsby-Gore, 6th Baron Harlech who died in 2016.

In 1968, Lord Harlech proposed to the widowed Jacqueline Kennedy. Jacqueline declined his offer of marriage in a letter, writing: “If ever I can find some healing and some comfort — it has to be with somebody who is not part of all my world of past and pain … I can find that now if the world will let us”.

On 11 December 1969, Lord Harlech married Pamela Colin, an American. The wedding was attended by Ma’am Darling, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Earl and Countess of Drogheda, the Earl and Countess of Airlie, The Countess Gowrie, Lord and Lady David Cecil, Sir Fitzroy Maclean, J.J. ‘Jakie’ Astor and Michael Astor.

Lord Harlech and Pamela had one daughter, Pandora Ormsby-Gore (b. 1972).

Lord Harlech was seriously injured in a car crash at near Shrewsbury on the evening of 25 January 1985 and died at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital the following morning, aged 66. Senator Edward Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis and other Kennedy family members attended his funeral in Llanfihangel-y-traethau. He was succeeded in the barony by his second and only surviving son, Francis.

The Ormsby-Gores owned land in Gwynedd as well as their family seat in Shropshire and the media in north Wales are fond of talking about the ‘curse of the Ormsby-Gores’. If one looks at the biographies of the Ormsby-Gores since Lord Harlech returned from his stint as Ambassador to the US, it is clear that there was no ‘curse’ on the family before Lord Harlech had that job. There was no-one being wiped out at a young age or dying in violent tragic ways. Once Lord Harlech returned from the US, that happened to nearly every member of his family. The mortality rate of the Ormsby-Gores equates to that of families who have been Helped by the Social Services or mental health services in north Wales. Furthermore the Ormsby-Gores die in the same way; they are killed in road accidents, or they are found dead from gunshot woulds or overdoses having ‘committed suicide’. Francis Ormsby-Gore lived on the family farm near Harlech and he lived there throughout the years that I and other witnesses were being targeted by the gang. Francis was a Lord, but he had similar experiences to the rest of us. He was prosecuted for trivial offences, then the charges became more serious; the police always seemed to be on hand to catch Francis; he had alcohol/drug/mental health problems; he was sectioned; he was found dead in his house in Gwynedd for no explicable reason. Francis’s friends talked of a nice man who had suffered unbelievably because his close relatives were being found dead constantly. Francis was also frozen out of the Lords, because he was Mad. Well he can’t possibly have been madder than some of those whom I have outed on this blog. What did Francis really enjoy? The Lords. Francis liked farming as well, so various authorities made damn sure that became difficult for him as well.

Francis, like his relatives, was said to be ‘unlucky’. That was said about me, about Brown, about all of my friends who were being targeted by a vicious criminal gang. They worked very hard to ensure that we were ‘unlucky’. I now have documentation to show just how hard they were working…

Read about Francis and the other Ormsby-Gores in previous posts eg. ’95 Glorious Years!’ and take a long, hard look at the sort of bad luck that they had.

Give ‘Em Enough Rope
The Clash - Give 'Em Enough Rope.jpg


Here’s Francis, you can tell that he’s unlucky and guilty with it just from one glimpse:

'Popular and colourful' Lord Harlech dies aged 61 - BBC News



Sir Patrick Dean succeeded Lord David Harlech as the British Ambassador to the US; Dean served as the Ambassador, 1965-69. Patrick Dean was in post when Merfyn Jones, as a student at Sussex University in 1967, along with two of his friends, threw red paint over a visiting US dignitary as a protest over Vietnam. The VC of Sussex at the time, Asa Briggs, was outraged and Briggs’s daughter stated in an interview with Radio 4 in approx 2005 that Briggs had never forgiven the students who threw the red paint. Briggs worked for the security services, he was a favourite of Harold Wilson and he was concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. He knew that Merfyn came from Llanfrothen, where Gwynne and Dafydd were causing havoc. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ for further details. Briggs only died in March 2016, so the old bastard was alive and kicking when Merfyn came under attack as VC of Bangor University, when his wife died at the hands of the Top Doctors and when the Top Doctors slaughtered patients to force Merfyn to resign as Chairman of the Betsi Health Board.

A paedophiles’ accomplice and a nasty piece of work, but blessed with good luck:

Asa Briggs


Someone else who’s good luck never ran out:

  • The Iron Lady – UK Election Series (Master Thread)


Sir Patrick Henry Dean (16 March 1909 – 5 November 1994) was Permanent Representative of the UK to the UN, 1960-64 and British Ambassador to the US, 1965-69. He was also a Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Patrick Henry Dean was born in Berlin to Top Doctor Henry Roy Dean (1879–1961), a Professor of Pathology at Cambridge University. Henry Roy Dean’s wife – Patrick’s mother, was a member of the high profile medical family from N Ireland, the MacCormacs. Patrick Dean was the grandson of Dr Henry MacCormac and the nephew of Sir William MacCormac.

Professor Henry Roy Dean studied at New College, Oxford, then at Tommy’s. He held Chairs at Sheffield, then Manchester, then Cambridge Universities. From 1929 to 1954 Henry Dean was Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge (he was a Fellow there since he arrived in Cambridge in 1922) and VC of Cambridge University, 1937-39. Dean was also Chairman of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, 1941-56; a member of the MRC; founder of the East Anglian Pathologists Club; and Secretary of the Pathological Society, 1920-54.

Jane Hutt, who served as the Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health and Social Services, 1999-2005, at the time of the publication of the Waterhouse Report and when numerous NHS staff employed by the North West Wales NHS Trust perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned for ‘threats to kill’, is the daughter of Michael Hutt, a pathologist at Tommy’s. Jane Hutt worked as a social worker, moved to Wales and established Welsh Women’s Aid, an organisation which colluded with Dafydd and the gang from its very beginning. When Hutt was Health Minister, serious complaints about the criminal conduct of NHS and social services staff were not investigated. Reports of child abuse to schools and the social services were not followed up.

Max Barrett aka Dr A. M. Barratt, Dean’s student, was a morbid anatomist and histologist at Cambridge University and an honorary consulting pathologist to the United Cambridge Hospitals and to the East Anglian Regional Hospital Board. The Barrett Room at Addenbrookes Hospital is named in his honour. Barratt undertook his clinical training at the London Hospital Medical School, an institution that was colluding with organised abuse and was a partner of Dafydd’s gang.

Max Barrett was a keen botanist and he was provided with his own set of keys to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. He often made histological examinations of the field fungi he carefully preserved and recorded for his collection and gave some valued opinions on rare fungi during meetings of the British Mycological Society. Barrett will have known the academics in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW who were assisting Dafydd and the gang during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. One of the lecturers was married to Dafydd’s mate Dr D.G.E. Wood and another was married to Isobel Hargeaves, a Gwynedd social worker who later took part in the Mindfulness research fraud perpetrated in the 1980s by Professor Mark Williams, who was based at Bangor and a colleague of Dafydd’s at the time. Williams’s Mindfulness has been particularly embraced in the US in recent years, by organisations that have brought Mindfulness into complete disrepute by people who are serious about meditation.

The Professor of Ecology in the Plant Biology Dept at UCNW, Peter Grieg-Smith, was a former colleague of the Cambridge botanist Prof Edred Henry Corner, who was Douglas Hurd’s Uncle. Hurd colluded with the most serious criminality in north Wales when Hurd was Home Secretary. Hurd was a close friend of Trumpers’ husband Alan Barker – Barker had taught Hurd at Eton – and Trumpers’ boasted that Barker used his influence with Hurd to bag Trumpers a role with the UN Commission on Women. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’.

Trumpers was involved with the Tory Party in Cambridge and served as Mayoress of Cambridge during the 1970s. She knew Tuppence and Mary Archer, who lived in Cambridgeshire and like Mary, Trumpers was involved with Addenbrookes Hospital.  Tuppence went to prison in 2001 for perjury, as a result of lying in the 1987 trial when Tuppence sued ‘The Daily Star’ for libel. Lady Mary lied in the 1987 trial as well, but she was never charged. One of the key witnesses due to give evidence at Tuppence’s trial in 2001 was Monica Coghlan, the prostitute whom Tuppence had denied having sex with. Monica died as a result of a car crash just before Tuppence’s trial was due to open. Before she died, Monica told people that Tuppence had ruined her life. Other people talked of Monica’s sad life and her bad luck. Despite serving a prison sentence for perjury, Tuppence is a Lord and his wealth is estimated at $200 million. Such a lucky man! Lady Mary is even luckier, she didn’t even go to prison. When Tuppence was giving evidence in the libel trial in 1987, I made some references to the trial in a letter to Gwynedd Health Authority, who were trying to imprison me in the month that Tuppence’s case was heard. When I acquired copies of my medical records a couple of years ago, I noticed that every reference that I made to Tuppence’s trial had been underlined, with no explanation of why.

Tuppence grew up in Somerset and after he left Oxford University he joined  the United Nations Association as its Chief Fundraiser, but left under a cloud when it was noticed that there were numerous discrepancies in Archer’s expense claims. The former Deputy Principal of Bangor Normal College was involved with the UNA for years and when I was doing my PhD, she and the UNA arranged a day of lectures and discussion on drug abuse. The key note speaker was Dafydd, who’s professional status and background was misrepresented on the literature promoting the event. See previous posts.

For full details of the adventures of Tuppence and Lady Mary as well as their links to Dafydd and his associates, see post ‘Tuppence And His Fragrant Wife’.

There was a particularly elite abuse ring in Cambridge because of the presence of Cambridge University – it seems to have been the ring that Jonathan King was involved in when he was younger. In 1997, Dafydd’s pal the corrupt judge Huw Daniel sabotaged a big paedophile trial in which a number of men were due to be tried, by sending one man, Keith Laverack to prison for a very long time after making a speech about Laverack’s perverted lusts and ignoring a police request to conceal the names of the others who were due to stand trial. Laverack had abused kids in care in Cheshire and Cambridge during the 1970s. He was the former Director of Cambridge Social Services. So Laverack went to jail for a very long time, was publicly denounced as a monster and a load of others got off. Should Laverack have ever felt like naming the other members of the ring, their defence would be that Laverack could not be relied upon because he is a paedophile with perverted lusts. See previous posts.

You can always rely on Huw Daniel!! Long sentences for victims of Dafydd’s gang who’ve been fitted up, Mr Bigs get clean away.

Max’s Barrett’s mother, Alice Mary (née Ashford), was the daughter of the Rev. Charles Ashford, the Congregational Minister at Thaxted for 19 years

Max Barrett was the father of Roger Barrett – aka Syd – a founder member of Pink Floyd. Syd Barrett was the famous acid casualty who left Pink Floyd,  was diagnosed with severe mental illness and dropped out of the limelight. Syd’s good friend was Pink Floyd original David Gilmour. Gilmour was a big mate of Roy Harper, who was a regular visitor to Bangor in the 1970s and early 1980s. Roy Harper was recently charged with historical sex offences against an underaged girl; Harper robustly denied the offences and was found not guilty. David Gilmour played a crucial role in getting the 16 year old Kate Bush a recording contract after she had been turned down by record labels. Gilmour had the magic touch and hey ho, once Gilmour was involved, Kate did her A levels while Gilmour and his friends beavered away behind the scenes and a contract from EMI came forth, with a considerable advance. Kate used the money to enrol in interpretive dance classes taught by Lindsay Kemp, David Bowie’s former teacher and a mime course. Then the 19 year old Kate, ‘she’s so natural, we’ve never seen anything like this before, gee she’s done it all by herself’, became an overnight pop sensation.

Kate’s dad was a Top Doctor, Robert Bush, a GP who practised in Plumstead. When Kate first became famous, there was only one celeb who constantly referred to Kate’s Top Doctor dad and that was Jimmy Savile. Kate’s family were Roman Catholics who lived near Bexleyheath. Ted Heath was the MP for Bexley, 1950-74, then for neighbouring Sidcup, 1974-83 and then Old Bexley and Sidcup, 1983-2001. Norman Scott’s mother worked as a cleaner at Bexley Conservative Club when Jeremy was discussing ways of murdering Norman. The Tory MP for Bexleyheath, Feb 1974-97, was Sir Cyril Townsend. In 1968, Townsend was appointed as personal assistant to Ted Heath, the Party Leader.

  • The Iron Lady – UK Election Series (Master Thread)

Kate Bush suddenly came out of a decades long retirement in 2014. The Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry was underway at the time and there was much squealing that there was no need to go digging it all up again. When Lady Justice Macur’s Review was published in 2016 it was so heavily redacted that no-one could make much sense of it. However what was made public was Macur’s opinion that she had found no evidence of significant failings in the Waterhouse Inquiry. The last of Macur’s six recommendations was to advise caution in re-opening previous inquiries.


Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



Sir Cyril Townsend was a member of the Select Committee on Violence in the Family, and, concerned about child sex abuse, was the sponsor of the Protection of Children Act 1978, which he introduced as a private members bill in 1977. Up in north Wales, the children’s homes were swelling with kids from across England and Wales who had been removed from their families, often because their families were deemed to have abused them. I know of psych patients in north Wales who were repeatedly told that they had been abused by named family members, even when the patients insisted that they had not. One father went to prison after Gwynedd Social Services extracted ‘confessions’ from two of his daughters. The third daughter maintained that he had done no such thing and was told by the Hergest Unit that she had a borderline personality disorder. She died a few years ago in Ysbyty Gwynedd, as a result of ‘alcohol toxicity’. Except that her best friend found a copy of the suicide note, still has it but has never shown it to anyone but other Empowered Service Users, because she’s a psych patient herself and knows what happens to those with evidence.

Syd Barrett died in 2006 and his sister Rosemary Breen stated that contrary to popular belief, Syd had not suffered from severe mental health problems since the 1980s, although he did spend some time in a private “home for lost souls”- Greenwoods in Essex – but claimed that there was no formal therapy programme there. Some years later, Barrett agreed to sessions with a psychiatrist at Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge, but Breen claimed that neither medication nor therapy was considered appropriate. One of the senior Angels at the Hergest Unit, Ella Fisk, trained at Fulbourn. Ella wasn’t a sociopath like so many of her colleagues were, but she knew that patients were being abused, she never blew the whistle and when she was told what was happening by the patients, she explained it away. I’m sure that Ella was terrified of her managers and the Top Doctors, they were barking mad and serious criminals, but she definitely knew what they were doing. Dr Edward Beresford Davies, the Top Doctor who made Fulbourn famous as a forward thinking therapy centre is yet another Top Doctor who was later exposed as not being quite what his public image was. Beresford Davies was approximately the same age as Gwynne the lobotomist and like Gwynne, qualified at the Middlesex Hospital. See previous posts for further information on Beresford Davis and Fulbourn.

Ella was one of the staff at the Hergest Unit who gave therapy to patients. When Ella was told repeatedly by patients that Dafydd was sexually propositioning or exploiting them, she stated that there was no evidence for that and no-one could act on rumours. Well there weren’t six witnesses to every incident Ella, but that’s because we were shut in rooms with him by ourselves and if we stated that we did not want to go near him, your colleague Bridget Lloyd refused to let us out of the hospital until we had been shut in a room with him by ourselves. Furthermore the security services had those rooms bugged, the encounters were recorded but the state protected Dafydd, not us.


After Cambridge, Sir Patrick Dean was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn – Cherie Booth is a member of Lincoln’s Inn – and he attempted to secure a career at the Bar in London, but was unsuccessful and as a result he joined the Civil Service. Dean became a legal adviser to the Foreign Office. He also served as an adviser during the Nuremberg Trials of and to the British Control Commission in occupied Germany. Lord Elwyn-Jones, a key player in ensuring that Dafydd and the gang were able to continue and expand business unhindered, was involved in the Nuremberg Trials. See post ‘Lest We Forget’.

As British Ambassador to Washington, Sir Patrick Dean was occupied with difficulties over Vietnam and British military commitments East of Suez. Sir Patrick Dean died in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey in 1994. It is likely that Dean knew that man who owned most of Kingston-upon-Thames, Professor Hugh Bentall, the surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital, who was involved in research fraud and who purchased himself a Chair. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Hugh was the father of Richard Bentall, who married the daughter of Eifion Jones, the former Dean of Science at UCNW, a key member of Dafydd’s gang. Richard Bentall did his clin psy training with Dafydd’s gang and later became famous as a Radical Psychologist. See previous posts.

Sir William MacCormac was the son of Dr Henry MacCormac, a Victorian physician who corresponded with the likes of John Stuart Mill. Sir William spent 20 years working a a surgeon at Tommy’s and in 1987 was appointed surgeon to the Prince of Wales. He served as a surgeon in South Africa in the Boer War and in 1901 was appointed surgeon to King Edward VII. Sir William’s nephew was another Dr Henry MacCormac,who was a dermatologist at the Middlesex Hospital, while Gwynne the lobotomist trained there. The dermatologist Dr Henry MacCormac’s son was Sir Richard MacCormac, the modernist architect and founder of MJP Architects.

The MacCormacs were based in Co Armagh, which was the preferred residence of the 5th Duke of Westminster, Robert Grosvenor. Robert’s son, the 6th Duke, spent his childhood at the Armagh family seat. See previous posts. The 6th Duke was Carlo’s friend who had so many links to Dafydd’s gang and Sir Peter Morrison. This blog received information a few weeks ago that as a child, Peter Morrison was abused by Robert Grosvenor.


McGovern announced his candidacy for the 1972 Presidential campaign on January 18, 1971. His campaign manager was Gary Hart. The front runner for the Democrat nomination was Edmund Muskie, but he subsequently fell victim to a poorly organised campaign, an over-reliance on party endorsements and Nixon’s “dirty tricks” operatives. As Muskie’s campaign funding and support dried up, Hubert Humphrey became McGovern’s primary rival for the nomination, with George Wallace also in the mix. After the April 25 primary in Massachusetts, McGovern was the front runner. Wallace’s campaign in effect ended when he was seriously wounded in a May assassination attempt. McGovern appeared to clinch the nomination in June.

However, Humphrey’s attacks on McGovern as ‘too radical’ damaged McGovern’s poll standing against Nixon. McGovern became tagged with the label “amnesty, abortion and acid,” supposedly reflecting his positions. McGovern ran on a platform that advocated withdrawal from the Vietnam War in exchange for the return of American prisoners of war and amnesty for draft evaders who had left the country. McGovern’s platform also included a 37 % reduction in defence spending over three years. He proposed a “demogrant” program that would give a $1,000 payment to every citizen in America, intended to replace the welfare bureaucracy and complicated maze of existing public-assistance programs; it nonetheless garnered considerable derision as a poorly thought-out “liberal giveaway” and was dropped from the platform in August.

An “Anybody But McGovern” coalition, led by southern Democrats and organised labour, formed in the weeks following the final primaries. McGovern’s nomination did not become ensured until the first night of the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. Divisive arguments over the party platform followed and what resulted was arguably the most liberal one of any major U.S. party. On July 12, 1972, McGovern officially won the Democratic nomination. A hurried process to pick a vice presidential running mate followed. McGovern was turned down by his first choice, Ted Kennedy, as well as by several others, and thus he selected, with virtually no vetting, Senator Thomas Eagleton. On the final night of the convention, procedural arguments and a prolonged vice presidential nomination process that descended into farce delayed the nominee’s acceptance speech. As a result, McGovern delivered his speech, “Come home America!”, at 3 am, reducing his TV audience from about 70 million people to about 15 million.

Just over two weeks after the convention, it was revealed that Eagleton had been hospitalised and received ECT during the early to mid-1960s (years later, Eagleton’s diagnosis was refined to bipolar II disorder). McGovern initially supported Eagleton, in part because he saw parallels with his daughter Terry’s battles with mental illness and stated publicly, “I am 1,000 percent for Tom Eagleton and have no intention of dropping him from the ticket.” However an increasing number of influential politicians and newspapers questioned Eagleton’s ability to handle the office of vice president or questioned the McGovern campaign’s ability to survive the distraction. The resulting negative attention – combined with McGovern’s consultation with preeminent psychiatrists, including Karl Menninger, as well as Top Doctors who had treated Eagleton – prompted McGovern to accept Eagleton’s offer to withdraw from the ticket. It remains the only time that a major party vice presidential nominee has been forced off the ticket.

Five prominent Democrats then publicly turned down McGovern’s offer of the vice presidential slot: Ted Kennedy, Abraham Ribicoff, Humphrey, Reubin Askew and Muskie. Finally, McGovern named US ambassador to France, Sargeant Shriver, a brother-in-law of JFK. McGovern’s reneging on his initial expressed support for Eagleton made him look an indecisive opportunist and is considered to have been one of the worst gaffes in presidential campaign history. McGovern himself would long view the Eagleton affair as having been “catastrophic” for his campaign.

McGovern speaking at an October 1972 rally in Houston during the final weeks of the campaign

The campaign did not go well for McGovern. Nixon did little campaigning; he was buoyed by the success of his visit to China and arms-control-signing summit meeting in the Soviet Union earlier that year and, shortly before the election, Kissinger’s somewhat premature statement that “peace is at hand” in Vietnam. Top Republican figures attacked McGovern for being weak on defence issues and “encouraging the enemy”; Nixon asserted that McGovern was for “peace at any price” in Vietnam, rather than the “peace with honour” that Nixon said he would bring about. The McGovern Commission changes to the convention rules marginalized the influence of establishment Democratic Party figures and McGovern struggled to get endorsements from figures such as former President Lyndon Johnson and Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. The AFL-CIO remained neutral, after having always endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate in the past. Some southern Democrats, led by former Texas governor John Connally, switched their support to the incumbent president Nixon through a campaign effort called Democrats for Nixon. Nixon greatly outspent McGovern.

Nixon directly requested that his aides use Gov’t records to try to dig up dirt on McGovern and his contributors. McGovern was publicly attacked by Nixon surrogates and was the target of various operations of the Nixon “dirty tricks” campaign. The infamous Watergate break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in June 1972 was an alternate target after bugging McGovern’s HQ was explored. The full dimensions of the subsequent Watergate scandal did not emerge during the election; the vast majority of the press focused on McGovern’s difficulties and other news, rather than the break-in or who was behind it and a majority of voters were unaware of Watergate. In the end, Nixon’s covert operations had little effect in either direction on the election outcome. On 7 Nov 1972, Tricky Dicky won one of the biggest electoral landslides in US history.

Colored map

County-by-county results of the election, shaded by percentage won: Nixon in red, McGovern in blue.

McGovern remained in the Senate after losing to Nixon, although he was scarred by the enormous defeat. His allies were replaced in positions of power within the Democratic Party leadership and the McGovern and his wife Eleanor were not publicly introduced at Democrat Party affairs that they attended. On January 20, 1973, a few hours after Nixon was re-inaugurated, McGovern gave a speech at the Oxford Union that talked about the abuses of Nixon’s Presidency; it brought criticism, including from some Democrats, for being ill-mannered.

Nixon resigned in August 1974 because of the Watergate scandal. McGovern subsequently observed that President Ford’s subsequent 1974 pardon of Nixon was difficult to understand, given that Nixon’s subordinates were going to prison.

In the 1974 US Senate election, McGovern faced possible political peril because of his having neglected the state during his long Presidential campaign. An Air Force pilot and Medal of Honor recipient, Leo K. Thorsness, who had just been repatriated after six years as a POW in North Vietnam, publicly accused McGovern of having given aid and comfort to the enemy and of having prolonged his time as a POW. Thorsness became the Republican nominee against McGovern. However, in a year in which Democrats were advantaged by the after-effects of the Watergate scandal, McGovern won re-election in November 1974.

Following the victory, McGovern harboured thoughts of running in the 1976 Presidential election, but the Democratic Party wanted nothing to do with him then or later. Unfamiliar and uncomfortable with Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter, McGovern secretly voted for Ford. 

McGovern’s Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs expanded its scope to include national nutrition policy. In 1977 it issued a new set of nutritional guidelines for Americans that sought to combat leading killer health conditions, ‘Dietary Goals for the United States’ or the “McGovern Report,”. The recommendations proved controversial with the cattle, dairy, egg and sugar industries, including from McGovern’s home state. The McGovern Committee guidelines became the predecessor to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued by the Centre for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

In the 1980 Senate election in South Dakota, McGovern was one of several liberal Democratic senators targeted by the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), which put out negative portrayals of McGovern, focusing on McGovern’s support for pro-choice abortion laws. In November 1980 McGovern was solidly defeated for re-election by his Republican opponent, James Abdnor. McGovern became one of many Democratic casualties of that year’s Republican sweep, “Reagan Revolution.”

In 1979, over in the UK, Thatch had been elected and subsequently established that special relationship with Shotgun Ronnie.

McGovern remained active in politics and in January 1981 he founded ‘Americans for Common Sense’. The group sought to rally liberals, encourage liberal thinking and combat the Moral Majority and other new Christian right forces. In 1982 he turned the group into a political action committee, which raised $1.2 million for liberal candidates in the 1982 US congressional elections. McGovern shut the committee down when he decided to run for President again.

McGovern also began teaching and lecturing at a number of universities in the U.S. and Europe and was a Professor at the University of New Orleans, 1981-82. McGovern also began making frequent speeches, earning several hundred thousand dollars a year.

McGovern attempted another presidential run in the 1984 Democratic primaries, outlining a ten-point program of sweeping domestic and foreign policy changes. Because he was not seen as a threat, competitors did not attack his positions and media commentators praised him as the “conscience” of the Democratic Party.

McGovern talking with the Mayor of Boston, Raymond L. Flynn, in the mid-1980s

McGovern had little funding or staff, although he did garner critical funding from some celebrities and statesmen. He came in third behind his former campaign manager Gary Hart and former Vice President Walter Mondale and withdrew from the campaign, later endorsing Mondale, the eventual Democratic nominee. McGovern hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ in April 1984. 

McGovern’s name was placed in nomination at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, where he delivered a speech that strongly criticised President Reagan and praised Democratic unity. He received the votes of four delegates. He went on to actively support the Mondale–Geraldine Ferraro ticket, who suffered a landslide defeat.

During the 1980s McGovern was a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, a ‘progressive’ think tank in Washington, D.C. 

McGovern had made several real estate investments and became interested in hotel operations. In 1988 the McGoverns bought, renovated, and began running a 150-room inn in Stratford, Connecticut. It went into bankruptcy in 1990 and closed the following year. In 1992 McGovern’s published on the experience, writing that “I … wish that during the years I was in public office I had had this firsthand experience about the difficulties business people face every day. That knowledge would have made me a better U.S. senator and a more understanding presidential contender.”

McGovern became President of the Middle East Policy Council (a nonprofit organisation that seeks to educate American citizens and policymakers about the political, economic and security issues impacting U.S. national interests in the Middle East) in July 1991; he had previously served on its board since 1986. McGovern held this position until 1997.

On the night of December 12–13, 1994, McGovern’s daughter Teresa fell into a snowbank in Wisconsin, while heavily intoxicated and died of hypothermia. Press attention followed and McGovern revealed that his daughter had battled alcoholism for years and had been in and out of many treatment programs. He authored an account of her life published in 1996, presenting an unsparing view of the depths to which she had descended, the torment that he and the rest of his family had experienced in trying to help her and his guilt about whether the demands of his political career and the time he had spent away from the family had made things worse for her. McGovern founded the Teresa McGovern Center in Madison to help others suffering from alcoholism and mental health problems.

In April 1998 McGovern began a three-year stint as the US Ambassador to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture, serving in Rome, having been appointed to the post by President Bill Clinton. The announcement that Clinton was choosing McGovern for the role had come on February 19 and McGovern’s appointment become official on March 10. 

In an effort to meet the UN’s goal of reducing the number of hungry people in the world by half by 2015, McGovern began working with fellow former Senator Bob Dole to persuade the Senate to support his efforts.

The George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Nutrition Program was created in 2000, funded largely through the Congress and would go on to provide more than 22 million meals to children in 41 countries over the next eight years. In August 2000 Clinton presented McGovern with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in recognition of McGovern’s service in the effort to eradicate world hunger. In January 2001 McGovern was asked to stay on at the UN post by the incoming George Dubya Bush administration. His stint concluded with a termination of mission on September 28, 2001.

In October 2001 McGovern was appointed as the first UN global ambassador on world hunger by the World Food Programme, the agency that he had helped found 40 years earlier. He remained in this position until his death. McGovern was an honorary life member of the board of Friends of the World Food Program. McGovern also served as a senior policy adviser at Olssen Frank Weeda, a food and drug regulatory counselling law and lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., where he specialised on issues of food, nutrition, and agriculture.

In October 2006, the $8.5 million George and Eleanor McGovern Library and Center for Leadership and Public Service was dedicated at Dakota Wesleyan University, for which the McGoverns had helped raise the funds for. The dignitaries in attendance were led by Bill Clinton. McGovern’s wife Eleanor was too ill to attend the ceremony and she died on January 25, 2007. McGovern continued to lecture and make public appearances, sometimes appearing with Dole on college campuses. From around 2003 to 2005, McGovern owned a bookstore in his summer home in Montana. 

McGovern was an outspoken opponent of the Iraq War and in 2006 co-wrote the book Out of Iraq: A Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now. In January 2008 McGovern wrote an op-ed in the ‘Washington Post’ calling for the impeachment of Dubya and Dick Cheney, saying they had violated the U.S. Constitution, transgressed national and international law, and repeatedly lied to the American people. The subtitle of the article read “Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse.” In the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination campaign, McGovern first endorsed Hillary Clinton but later switched to Obama after concluding Clinton could no longer win.

On October 16, 2008, McGovern and Dole were made World Food Prize laureates.

McGovern’s seventh book (as author, co-author, or contributing editor) issued in the first decade of the 2000s, Abraham Lincoln, was published by Times books and released at the end of 2008. Throughout 2009, McGovern embarked on a book tour, including a prominent visit to the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. By January 2012 McGovern was promoting his latest book, What It Means to Be a DemocratMcGovern’s 90th birthday was celebrated on July 19, 2012, with a Washington event hosted by World Food Programme USA and attended by many liberal Democratic politicians, along with South Dakota’s Republican Senator John Turner. On July 27, 2012, McGovern’s son Steven died at age 60, after a long struggle with alcoholism.

McGovern died at the age of 90 on Oct 21 2012. President Obama paid tribute to him as “a champion for peace” and a “statesman of great conscience and conviction.” At a memorial service in Sioux Falls, Vice President Joe Biden eulogised McGovern, addressing McGovern’s World War II service and his opposition to the Vietnam War, saying to his family, “Your father was a genuine hero…. Had your father not been in the Senate, so much more blood, so much more treasure would have been wasted.”

On July 26, 2015, the ‘Argus Leader’ a South Dakota newspaper published an article detailing the extensive files on McGovern compiled through the years by the FBI, which revealed that J. Edgar Hoover had a direct interest in the FBI monitoring of McGovern.

Staffers who worked on McGovern’s 1972 campaign alongside Simon Burns became influential within the Democratic Party. Campaign manager Gary Hart staged his own presidential runs in 1984 and 1988. Future President Bill Clinton, with assistance from Hillary, had managed McGovern’s campaign operations in Texas. Hart both embraced and moved away from aspects of his past affiliation with McGovern, while Clinton, and the Democratic Leadership Council of which he was a part, explicitly rejected McGovern’s ideology. There was however a legacy in terms of staffing, as the Clinton White House was full of former “McGovernites.”

McGovern’s campaign manager Gary Warren Hart (born Gary Warren Hartpence; November 28, 1936) was the front-runner for the 1988 Democratic Presidential nomination until he dropped out over allegations of an extramarital affair. Hart represented Colorado in the US Senate, 1975-87.

Hart was born in Ottawa, Kansas and raised in the Church of Nazarene, Hart attended the Church-affiliated Bethany Nazarene College (now Southern Nazarene University) in Oklahoma, 1954-58. He met his wife, Oletha “Lee” Ludwig, there and they married in 1958. Initially intending to enter the Nazarene Ministry, he attended Yale Divinity School, graduating in 1961 and then Yale Law School, graduating in 1964.

Hart became an attorney for the US Dept of Justice, 1964-65 and was admitted to the Colorado and District of Columbia Bars in 1965. He was special assistant to the solicitor of the US Dept of the Interior, 1965-67. Hart then entered the private law firm of Davis, Graham & Stubbs in Denver, Colorado.

After managing McGovern’s unsuccessful campaign against Nixon, in 1974 Hart ran for the US Senate, challenging two-term incumbent Republican Peter Dominick. Hart won and got a seat on the Armed Services Committee and also served on the Environment and Public Work Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. From 1975 to 1976, Hart was a member of the post-Watergate Church Committee that investigated abuses by the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI and the Internal Revenue Service. Hart served as the Chairman of Senate Subcommittee on Nuclear Regulation. He flew over the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor several times during the nuclear accident and led the subsequent Senate investigation into the incident.

In 1980, Hart sought a second term. In something of a surprise, his Republican opponent was Colorado Secretary of State Mary Estill Buchanan, who attacked Hart hard for supporting the Panama Canal Treaties and for backing then-President Jimmy Carter in 80% of his Senate votes. Hart won, but only by a narrow margin.

On December 2 1981, Hart was one of only four senators to vote against an amendment to President Reagan’s MX missiles proposal that would divert the silo system by $334 million as well as earmark further research for other methods that would allow giant missiles to be based. The vote was seen as a rebuff of the Reagan administration.

Hart co-sponsored the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984, which was signed into law. This protected Silicon Valley chips from cheap foreign imitations. Similar legislation had been proposed in every Congress since 1979.

Conservative Republican Senator Barry Goldwater remarked of Hart, “You can disagree with him politically, but I have never met a man who is more honest and more moral.”

Hart, like Walter Mondale and Jesse Jackson, was pro-choice on the issue of abortion. 

Hart (on the right) accepting his US Naval Reserve commission from Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidalgo, December 4, 1980

Citing the increasing likelihood of an armed conflict in the Persian Gulf and his reluctance to “stay in the Senate and authorize and appropriate funds to send young men like my son off to fight that war,” Hart applied for a commission in the US Naval Reserve’s Standby Reserve in the late 1970s. He was over the statutory age limit of 38 and had not amassed any prior military experience; moreover, in contrast to his stated rationale, this category “would not be called up immediately in the event of a mobilization.” By mutual agreement, Hart and US Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidago deferred the consideration of the request until the aftermath of the 1980 election. His application contained an incorrect birth date that he had used inconsistently on official documents for 15 years.

Following his re-election, Hart received an age waiver from Hidalgo and was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps on December 4, 1980. Although Hart sought to be commissioned in the grades of lieutenant commander or commander, Navy Judge Advocate General John S. Jenkins advised Hidalgo to commission Hart at the lower rank because he “didn’t bring to the program anything that was so unusual that we could recommend appointment at a higher grade.” However, the then U.S. Navy Senate liaison officer John McCain, who cultivated a close friendship with Hart in that capacity, presaging his own political career, maintained in a 1984 interview that a field officer appointment would have been “appropriate.” Following ten days of active duty with the US Sixth Fleet in August 1981, Hart was promoted to lieutenant on January 1, 1982. Pundits suggested that Hart’s appointment was a cynical political manoeuvre designed to “clear the biographical decks” for the 1984 presidential election in an era when military service was perceived as a tacit prerequisite for the Presidency.

Gary Hart in San Francisco in 1984

In February 198 Hart announced his candidacy for President in the 1984 Presidential election. At the time, Hart was a little-known Senator and to counter this, he started campaigning early, months before the primary. This strategy attracted national media attention. Hart ended up as the main challenger to Walter Mondale for the nomination and appeared to have the momentum on his side.

Hart could not overcome Mondale’s financial and organisational advantages, especially among labour union leaders in the Midwest and industrial Northeast. Hart’s campaign was chronically in debt, to a final count of $4.75 million. Hart’s ideas were criticised as too vague and centrist by many Democrats. Shortly after he became the new front runner, it was revealed that Hart had changed his last name, had often listed 1937 instead of 1936 as his birth date and had changed his signature several times. This, along with two separations from his wife in 1979 and 1981, caused some to question Hart. Hart admitted in an interview that he was going through a ‘midlife crisis’ and was neglecting his family. Hart was also not close to his children, often leaving his wife to raise them completely alone. He and his wife briefly dated each other casually during their second separation in 1981. The Harts had begun divorce proceedings but had stopped them after reconciling. Hart and his wife later stated that the separations, caused by too much time spent apart due to politics, only strengthened their marriage. The Harts have remained married for almost 60 years.

By the time the final primaries concluded, Mondale had a considerable lead and superdelegates voted overwhelmingly for Mondale at the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco on July 16, making him the Presidential nominee. Hart, already aware that the nomination was all but Mondale’s after the final primaries, lobbied for the vice presidential slot on the ticket, claiming that he would do better than Mondale against the President, Shotgun Ronnie. Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro instead. 

Mondale was later defeated in a landslide by Shotgun Ronnie. Many felt that Hart and other similar candidates, younger and more independent-minded, represented the future of the party. Hart had refused to take money from Political Action Committees (PACs) and as a result he mortgaged his house to self-finance his campaign. He was more than $1 million in debt at the end of the campaign.

Gary Hart speaks at Cornell University in late 1987.

Hart declined to run for re-election to the Senate, leaving office when his second term expired, with the intent of running for President again. On December 20, 1986, Hart was allegedly followed by an anonymous private investigator who alleged that Hart had been followed to a woman’s house, photographed there and left sometime the following morning. This allegation would ultimately cause him to suspend his planned Presidential campaign, although Hart was the clear front runner for the Democratic nomination in the 1988 election. Hart officially declared his candidacy on April 13, 1987.

In late April 1987, The Miami Herald claimed that an anonymous informant contacted the paper to relate that Hart was having an affair with a friend, provided details about the affair, and told the Herald that Hart was going to meet this person at his Washington, D.C., townhouse on May 1. As a result, a team of Herald reporters followed Donna Rice on a flight from Miami to Washington, D.C., then staked out Hart’s townhouse that evening and the next Saturday, and observed a young woman and Hart together. The Herald reporters confronted Hart on Saturday evening in an alley about his relationship with Rice. Hart replied, “I’m not involved in any relationship,” and alleged that he had been set up.

The Herald published a story on May 3 that Hart had spent Friday night and most of Saturday with a young woman in his Washington, D.C. townhouse. The Heralds reporters at some point learned that the New York Times was planning to feature the story with the quote on Sunday, incorporated it into their story and the two articles appearing on the same day ignited a political firestorm. On Sunday, Hart’s campaign denied any scandal and condemned the Heralds reporters for intrusive reporting. 

The next day, Monday, the young woman was identified as Donna Rice and she gave a press conference also denying any sexual relationship with Hart. Hart insisted that his interest in Rice was limited to her working as a campaign aide. The scandal spread rapidly through the national media, as did another damaging story about angry creditors of the $1.3 million debt Hart had incurred in his 1984 campaign. Media questions about the affair came to dominate coverage of Hart’s campaign. Polling of voters was favourable to Hart. Nearly 64% of the respondents surveyed thought the media treatment of Hart was “unfair”, and 70% disapproved of covert surveillance by the media. A little over 53%  responded that marital infidelity had little to do with a president’s ability to govern. Time magazine had similar results: of those polled, 67% disapproved of the media writing about a candidate’s sex life and 60% stated that Hart’s relationship with Rice was irrelevant to the Presidency. When queried about the matter, Cuomo remarked that there were “skeletons in everybody’s closet.”

On May 8, 1987, a week after the story broke, Hart suspended his campaign after the Washington Post threatened to run a story about a woman Hart had dated while separated from his wife and his wife and daughter became similar subjects of interest for tabloid journalists.

Hart identified the invasive media coverage and its need to “dissect” him, as his reason for suspending his campaign. Hart paraphrased Thomas Jefferson and warned, “I tremble for my country when I think we may, in fact, get the kind of leaders we deserve.” Hart later recalled, “I watched journalists become animals, literally.”

The unprecedented nature of the investigation and reporting on Hart’s personal life was widely noted and reported at the time; the New York Times said the situation “will certainly provoke a needed debate on his contention that the system has gone out of control.”

Having withdrawn from the Presidential race, Hart left for Ireland to spend time away from the media with his son. He rented a cottage in Oughterard, although he remained in contact with key members of his team. What news did filter out was that he was not excluding a return to the race. 

His campaign Chairman, Patricia Schroeder, jumped into the race following Hart’s withdrawal, but soon after withdrew herself at a press conference on September 28, 1987. In December 1987, Hart returned to the race, declaring on the steps of New Hampshire Statehouse, “Let’s let the people decide!” Hart warned, “We could lose more young Americans unnecessarily in the Persian Gulf.” He initially rose to the top of the polls nationally and second behind Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis in New Hampshire, but was soon confronted with more negative stories about prior debts from his 1984 campaign. After the Super Tuesday contests on March 8, Hart withdrew from the campaign a second time.

In October 2018, Raymond Strother claimed that Lee Atwater, the head of the Republican National Committee, confessed to him that he orchestrated a photo where Rice was shown to be sitting on Hart’s lap, as part of an attempt to bring Hart down.

A Miami Herald editor who participated in the paper’s initial Hart scandal stories disputed the possibility of a conspiracy theory involving Lee Atwater as published in the Atlantic Magazine.

After his Senate service and Presidential races, Hart resumed his law practice. He remained moderately active in public policy matters, serving on the bipartisan US Commission on National Security/21st Century, also known as the Hart–Rudman Commission, commissioned on behalf of Bill Clinton in 1998 to study U.S. homeland security. Hart acquired a D Phil in politics from Oxford University in 2001; while at Oxford, he was a member of St Antony’s College.

Hart gave a speech before the American international law firm Coudert Brothers on September 4, 2001, exactly one week before the September 11 attacks, warning that within the next 25 years a terrorist attack would lead to mass deaths in the United States. Hart met with aviation executives in Montreal, Canada, on September 5, 2001, to warn of airborne terrorist attacks. The Montreal Gazette reported the story the following day with a headline, “Thousands Will Die, Ex-Presidential Hopeful Says.” On September 6, 2001, Hart met with National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to urge, “You must move more quickly on homeland security. An attack is going to happen.” In a subsequent interview with Salon. com, Hart accused President George Dubya Bush and other administration officials of ignoring his warnings.

In late 2002, urged by former Oxford classmates, Hart began testing the waters for another run for the Presidency, launching a website at and a related speaking tour. After a few months of speaking, Hart decided not to run for President and instead endorsed Democrat John Kerry.

Since May 2005, Hart has been a contributing blogger at HuffPost. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Hart also sits on the Advisory Board of Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based international relief and development agency. Since January 2006 Hart has held an endowed Professorship at the University of Colerado. Hart is an Honorary Fellow of the Literary & Historical Society of University College Dublin. He is an Advisory Board member for the Partnership for a Secure America, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to recreating the bipartisan centre in American national security and foreign policy. Hart currently sits on the board of directors for the Energy Literacy Advocates. He founded the American Security Project in 2007.

Since retiring from the Senate, Hart has emerged as a consultant on national security and continues to speak on a wide range of issues, including the environment and homeland security. He has been a visiting lecturer at Oxford University, Yale University and the University of California. Hart is Chair of the US State Dept’s International Security Advisory Council, Chair of the US Defence Dept’s Threat Advisory Council, and Chair of the American Security Project. He was Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council for the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Co-Chair of the U.S.-Russia Commission, Chairman of the Council for a Liveable World and President of Global Green, the U.S. affiliate of Mikhail Gorbachev’s environmental foundation.

In October 2014, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry named Hart as the new US Special Envoy for N Ireland. In a statement, Kerry called Hart “a longtime friend” and said he was “a problem-solver, a brilliant analyst, and someone capable of thinking at once tactically, strategically, and practically.”


Simon Burns will have known about Dafydd and the gang in north Wales and about the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring by the time that he first stood, unsuccessfully, for election to Parliament in 1983, in the north Wales constituency of Alyn and Deeside. The constituency was in the heart of Dafydd’s north Wales empire and held between 1970 and 2001 by the Labour MP Barry Jones, a former school teacher who trained at Bangor, served as the President of Flint County NUT and later became Lord Barry, on the basis of no achievements at all except for keeping quiet about the trafficking ring which surrounded him. In 2007 Lord Baz became President of Glyndwr University and in 2009 he became Chancellor. Glyndwr is a troubled institution which was originally Cartrefle College and gave social work qualifications out to the thugs who staffed the children’s homes of north Wales.


From 1975–80, Simon Burns was political adviser to Sally Oppenheim (now Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes).

Sarah A. Oppenheim-Barnes, Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes (née Viner; born 26 July 1928) was the Tory MP for Gloucester, 1970-87. Born in Dublin and raised and educated in Sheffield where her father worked as a diamond cutter, Viner was educated at Lowther College and worked as a social worker in London before entering politics. Oppenheim-Barnes will have known Posh Society Woman Lady Juliet Bingley, who trained as a social worker and subsequently spent many years at the top of MIND colluding with Dafydd and the gang, as did Lady Juliet’s son William. See previous posts. Oppenheim-Barnes will also have known social workers-turned Tory politicians Beata Brookes and Virginia Bottomley who also colluded with Dafydd and the gang.


Oppenheim-Barnes was Minister of State for Consumer Affairs in the DTI, 1979-82, her boss being the Secretary of State for Trade, which during those years were John Nott, John Biffen and then Lord Cockfield.

John Nott was the sour-faced Secretary of State for Defence of Thatch’s who saw Britain through the Falklands war and famously walked out of a TV interview when Ronnie Waterhouse’s closest friend Sir Robin Day told Nott that he was a ‘here today gone tomorrow’ politician. It could have been worse Nott, Day could have mentioned this man, because he most certainly knew about him:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Nott was born in Devon and served as the MP for St Ives, 1966-83. He served as an officer with the 2nd Gurkha Rifles and served in the Malayan emergency after a period with the Royal Scots. Nott studied at Trinity College, Cambridge and was President of the Cambridge Union Society. He was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1959. Nott lives on his farm in Cornwall.

Anyone remember Jeremy Thorpe and how the whole of political society in the west country knew about his activities?

In 1985, Nott became Chairman and Chief Executive of the banking firm Lazard Brothers. He was Chairman of Hillsdown Holdings, a multi-national food company, the Canadian firm Maple Leaf Foods, Deputy Chairman of Royal Insurance and other companies. Nott was an adviser to APAX Partners and Freshfields.

Nott’s son, Julian, is a film composer, screenwriter and director, most famous for writing the scores for the Wallace & Gromit and Peppa Pig animated short films. Nott’s other son, William, works for an international oil company in London. Nott’s daughter, Sasha, is married to the Tory MP for East Devon, Hugo Swire.


Arthur aka Frank Cockfield was born in 1916, studied at the LSE and was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1942. Cockfield joined the civil service and worked for the Inland Revenue. He then went into business, becoming Finance Director of Boots, then MD and Chairman, 1961-67. Cockfield was a member of Selwyn Lloyd’s National Economic Development Council, 1962-64; Cockfield left Boots to become an adviser to the Conservative politician Iain Macleod on taxation and economic matters and was President of the Royal Statistical Society, 1968-69. Macleod died shortly after the Conservatives took power in 1970, but Cockfield went on to advise Anthony Barber, Macleod’s successor as Chancellor of the Exchequer, until 1973. He then served as Chairman of the Price Commission, 1973-77.

After the 1983 General Election, Cockfield became Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. In this role he had no specific departmental responsibilities, so he effectively became an adviser and a sort of one-man think-tank to Thatch. Lord Cockfield resigned from the cabinet in September 1984 to join the European Commission as Commissioner for Internal Market, Tax Law and Customs under Jacques Delors and a Vice-President of the first Delors Commission. He was expected to follow Thatch’s eurosceptic line, but became a driving force in laying the groundwork for the creation of the Single European Market in 1992. Only a few months after he arrived in Brussels, Cockfield produced a mammoth White Paper listing 300 barriers to trade, with a timetable for them to be abolished. He was not selected to serve a second term and was replaced by Leon Brittan.

After leaving the Commission in 1988, Cockfield became a consultant for accountants Peat, Marwick, McLintock. He was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold II of Belgium in 1990. Frank Cockfield died in 2007. One obituary summarised his career thus:

Francis Arthur Cockfield, politician, businessman and civil servant: born Horsham, Sussex 28 September 1916; called to the Bar, Inner Temple 1942; Director of Statistics and Intelligence to the Board of the Inland Revenue 1945-52, Commissioner of Inland Revenue 1951-52; finance director, Boots Pure Drug Co 1953-61, managing director 1961-67; Adviser on Taxation Policy to the Chancellor of the Exchequer 1970-73; Kt 1973; Chairman, Price Commission 1973-77; created 1978 Baron Cockfield; Minister of State, HM Treasury 1979-82; PC 1982; Secretary of State for Trade and President, Board of Trade 1982-83; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1983-84; Vice-President, Commission of the European Communities 1985-88; married 1943 Ruth Simonis (one son, one daughter; marriage dissolved), 1970 Aileen Mudie (died 1992); died Oxford 8 January 2007.

Extracts from Cockfield’s obituaries shed more light:

...the sheer length of his career as an adviser on tax packages to the Conservative Party is tribute to the enormous value put on his advice.

Even before he became a leading adviser to the party, he had already had a distinguished civil-service career, mainly with the Inland Revenue, and, gravitating to the private sector, had risen to be managing director of Boots. He was 62 and a peer before he became a front-line politician, serving as Minister of State at the Treasury, 1979-82, as the last Trade Secretary before the office was subsumed in the Department of Trade and Industry, 1982-83, and finally as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1983-84.

Boots wielded great influence in Nottingham and in Nottingham University. Professor Robert Baldwin of the Cancer Research Campaign Laboratories in Nottingham University was involved in a huge research fraud with a US drug company during the 1970s, 80s and 90s and this was widely known about in Nottingham University, including by the Vice-Chancellor 1976-88, Professor Basil Weedon, who was a chemist with close links to big pharma. Weedon had worked at Imperial College, along with many other people who perpetrated and/or concealed medical research fraud as well as Dafydd’s gang and their associates. The daddy of them all was Lord Brian Flowers who became VC of both Manchester and London Universities and remained loyal to the paedophile gangs of Wales, Flowers being a son of Swansea himself. See previous posts. Baldwin’s fraud was also known about by the CRC and other academics working in cancer research. See previous posts, including ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’.

Sir Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury, 1979-81, while Cockfield was Minister of State in the Treasury.

Margaret Thatcher then ordered him to Brussels as Vice-President of the European Commission, a free- market counter-balance to Jacques Delors, whom she had reluctantly accepted as President. The two men worked well together and Cockfield was instrumental in persuading Delors to put the creation of a single European market ahead of plans for a single currency. The Single European Act of 1985, although not solely the product of Cockfield’s drive and imagination, was the crowning achievement of a long and highly successful career.

...Arthur was educated at Dover Grammar School and the London School of Economics, where in addition to his BSc (Econ) he obtained an LLB. He joined Customs and Excise in 1933 and claimed to have been the author of PAYE. From 1945 he was Director of Statistics and Intelligence and served as a Commissioner of the Inland Revenue, 1951-52.

In 1953 he left the Civil Service to become finance director of Boots, from 1961 its managing director. In 1962 he was appointed to the National Economic Development Council, serving until 1964 and he also served on the Council of the CBI.

He was then drawn into Edward Heath’s policy exercise for the Conservative Party and was the most active member of the group looking at taxation. He came up with an imaginative scheme for a wealth tax that would replace other forms of taxation on capital, but it proved unacceptable to the Shadow Cabinet. Nevertheless his advice and expertise continued to be valued and he was a major architect of the proposals that went into the final report and which were implemented by Tony Barber in the 1971 and 1972 Budgets. By then Cockfield had been appointed Adviser on Taxation Policy to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

When the Heath government decided that it must control both prices and incomes as a means of controlling inflation in face of entry into the EEC, Cockfield accepted the chairmanship of the Price Commission in 1973. It was some measure of the climate of the times that both Cockfield and the minister to whom he worked, Geoffrey Howe, were free-marketeers and proto-monetarists, driven by the apparent urgency of the situation to compromise their beliefs.

Howe was a Welsh barrister who was a close life-long friend of Ronnie Waterhouse. Howe concealed the criminality of Dafydd and the gang throughout his whole career, as did Howe’s wife Lady Elspeth who occupied numerous roles in public life, including on the Equal Opportunities Commission. See previous posts.

Cockfield resumed his role as an adviser to the Conservative Party as a key member of the Economic Reconstruction Group that Howe as shadow Chancellor set up to consider public expenditure, tax reform and economic strategy. When the Conservatives returned to power in 1979, Cockfield, who had been given a peerage in 1978, became Minister of State at the Treasury, taking charge of the Inland Revenue and leaving his mark on tax-reforming budgets.

Howe as Chancellor came to treat Cockfield as “a uniquely valuable, all-purpose ‘mobile’ reserve” until in 1982 he was appointed to the Cabinet in his own right as Secretary of State and President of the Board of Trade. He spent little more than a year there before the department was merged with Industry. After the general election in 1983, Cockfield was made Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, but after 15 months he stood down to go to Europe as the Vice- President of the European Commission.

Cockfield was unsure whether he wanted the job and had to be persuaded by his wife to take it. It was to be the crown of his career. While it may be wrong to see it as a critical turning-point in the history of the EEC, there is little doubt that the single-market initiative with which Cockfield was closely identified changed the context in which many other policies were to be shaped and drew other countries towards membership of the European Community. The move which he and Delors engineered restored momentum to a community that was at risk of stagnating.

In the round of consultations that Delors had undertaken with member governments, he had offered four options to relaunch the community: institutional reform, monetary union, closer co-operation in defence or an economic revival based on completion of the internal market. His personal preferences favoured the first two, but the last attracted the greatest degree of consensus; Delors was still hankering after monetary union as late as April 1985.

In the carve-up of responsibilities at the start of the Commission, Cockfield persuaded Delors to give him not only the internal market portfolio, but also financial institutions and company taxation, the customs union and indirect taxation, and he also fended off the formation of explicit policy linkages between his programme and those proposed by other Commissioners. It was a remarkable “land grab” and it enabled Cockfield to put his own stamp on the single-market initiative.

He was influential in the decision to lay down a deadline of 31 December 1992 for the completion of the market; and can also be credited with persuading Delors to adopt the high-risk strategy of framing a full single-market programme in advance, rather than allowing it to emerge piecemeal: as Cockfield recalled,

It was essential that we had a properly structured programme covering all the vital elements of the internal market. It was no good proceeding as previous Commissions had done by picking out subjects that happened to catch the eye of particular member states. It had to be the lot.

In the brief interval between the Brussels (March 1985) and Milan (June) meetings of the European Council, Cockfield and Delors managed to produce a massive, detailed, but elegantly shaped programme of no fewer than 283 measures which they thought necessary to the operation of a “frontier-free Europe”. It was prefaced by a statement of the underlying philosophy and every single proposal had its own time schedule attached.

Well aware that, by moving quickly, he could shape decisively the way others conceptualised the single-market project, Cockfield claims that “it was the sheer speed with which I produced the White Paper that allowed ‘the tide’ to be taken at the flood”. The immodesty is not uncharacteristic, but probably justified, as is his claim that, by publishing the White Paper two weeks before the European Council, he hoped to “give heads of government sufficient time to read the document and appreciate the immense importance of the opportunity being opened up” but not to “give their officials enough time to pick it to pieces”.

The rapid preparation and launch of the White Paper at a press conference successfully shaped the policy agenda and locked governments into considering something definite. Almost certainly, however, the key proposal that ensured success was the adoption of qualified majority voting on all measures envisaged by the Single European Act. Close on 300 had been envisaged and by 1992 90 per cent had been embodied in European legislation.

Cockfield’s later efforts to move towards harmonising indirect taxation in particular met with opposition, particularly from Nigel Lawson, and it was not a great surprise when Thatcher decided not to appoint him for a second term. Cockfield was furious. Instead he took up an appointment with Peat Marwick McLintock as an adviser on European affairs, 1989-93, but as a patron of the Federal Trust he continued to contribute to the public debate, co-authoring Network Europe and the Information Society (1995) and re-issuing his earlier call to complete the internal market, Europe without Frontiers (1988), in a revised form. The European Union: creating the single market (1994) was his own account of the making of the Single European Act.

In the House of Lords he was in general a loyal supporter of the Conservative cause, arguing strongly for the enlargement of the European Union…

Cockfield was a man of formidable intellect, but inclined to be dismissive of other people’s ideas if they ventured into fields that he regarded as his own. Lawson tended to keep him at arm’s length but earlier Conservative Chancellors valued what Tony Barber described as “his experience and inventive mind”. Howe has described him as “a polymath” while his chef de cabinet in Europe, Andrew Cahn, thought him “a phenomenal organiser and a phenomenal brain”. His exceptional memory and mastery of detail underpinned the broad sweep of his ideas and in their pursuit he displayed both zeal and quite exceptional tenacity.

Thatcher began as a great admirer and for a brief period he managed to get on well with her as well as with Delors, a man with whom he had a remarkable affinity. But she came to think he had gone native. In fact she was greatly mistaken in thinking him “a natural technocrat of great ability and problem-solving outlook”.

Lord Cockfield – a predator who saw great opportunities in Europe…


Cockfield’s obituary in ‘The Guardian’ provided more gems:

...spent a period as chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster before beginning a four-year term as vice president of the European Commission in 1985. There he was largely responsible for the creation of the single European market.

…. In 1938, he joined the Inland Revenue…On the outbreak of the second world war, most of the department was evacuated to Wales. Cockfield was one of a small, central staff retained in London, and here his remarkable talents attracted wide attention. His promotion was meteoric: assistant secretary before he was 30, in 1951, he became commissioner, two ranks from the top, at 35.

Cockfield remained in London, but he’ll have found out a lot about happenings in Wales from his colleagues. Rapid promotion cometh…

he went into industry. He joined Boots as its finance director in 1953 and went on to become managing director from 1961 to 1967. He developed close contacts with the Conservative party, and when they returned to power in 1970, he was appointed adviser on taxation policy to the chancellor of the exchequer, and in 1973 chairman of the Price Commission.

...No one who witnessed them could forget his encounters with the occasional muddleheaded British minister at a council meeting in Brussels. Speaking with the authority of the Recording Angel, and in his slow, Dalek-sounding voice, with a slight pause between each word, he would say such things as, “I am surprised that the minister has made such a statement. Surely even a cursory reference to the Income Tax Act of 1948 – which I had some hand in drafting – Section 198, sub paragraph 13 (F) would have shown him that …”

And I am surprised that no-one ever reminded Cockfield of what was happening at Nottingham University and within the drug companies with which they were so friendly.

...His achievements in industry and his knowledge of administration were widely respected. But some of his business colleagues found his manner authoritarian, and among his colleagues in the cabinet, who had gone through the mill of by-elections, he tended to be regarded as more of a technocrat than a grassroots politician.

Had Cockfield been born in France, with its respect for intellectual brilliance and the tradition of an authoritarian technocracy, he would have become one of the central pillars of the governing class. So his move to Brussels turned out to be an inspired choice…Cockfield was far from being regarded as a Euro-enthusiast. The prevalent view in Whitehall was that Thatcher had sent a dour and elderly Eurosceptic to clip the wings of an overweening bureaucracy.

Then everything changed. Cockfield became converted to the European cause, and no zeal can match that of the convert.

Why ever would that have been?

His sector was the internal market. He and Jacques Delors (then president of the commission) had decided that the creation of a single market was the next major step in the community’s development. For this, as a lawyer, businessman and administrator, Cockfield was uniquely qualified. He saw at once that previous, piecemeal attempts to bargain among member states about the reduction of non-tariff barriers were doomed to be inadequate; the problem had to be tackled comprehensively.

He produced in June 1985 a white paper listing nearly 300 barriers, ranging from technical standards and health regulations to public purchasing, which needed to be abolished if a genuine single market were to be created. Against every barrier was set what needed to be done and a timetable. The paper was agreed by the European council. Cockfield saw to its implementation with thoroughness and zeal. As he came to the end of his term in office, the heads of government, meeting in Hannover in June 1988, concluded that “This major objective has now reached the point where it is irreversible, a fact accepted by those engaged in economic and social life.”

His conversion did not go unobserved by Thatcher. Shortly after the publication of the white paper, they had their first clash. Cockfield explained that the harmonisation of indirect taxation was deliberately specified in the Treaty of Rome. There followed this dialogue (recounted in Cockfield’s 1994 book The European Union: Creating the Single Market): Thatcher: “It was not.” Cockfield: “It was.” Thatcher: “It was not.” Cockfield: “It was.”

A private secretary was then asked to fetch a copy of the treaty. Cockfield asked him to read out Article 99. “The commission shall present proposals for the harmonisation of indirect taxes …” Thatcher was silent. After his first four years she did not continue him in office. Cockfield was bitterly disappointed but made no complaint.

The creation of a single market was the greatest achievement of the first half-century of the unification of Europe. Without Cockfield’s knowledge and thrusting energy this immensely detailed and challenging venture might well have run into the sand. Yet those who worked for him in the commission found that he was far from the dour martinet of legend. Devoted to his second wife, Monica, a choreographer, who died in 1992, and drawn by her to an appreciation of the arts…

A dancer?? Just like Kate Bush? Anyone for ‘The Young Generation’, ‘Pans People’, ‘Hot Gossip’ etc etc…

He will long be remembered in Brussels, with both affection and respect, as one of the great public servants of a uniting Europe.

Affection and respect?? He was a horrible old bugger.

He is survived by his son and daughter from his first marriage.



Sally Oppenheim-Barnes was Chairman of the Tory Party, 1973-74 and also served as Chairman of the National Consumer Council. I used to roll around laughing at things like the Consumer Council when I was young, because it was always people like Esther saying ‘So we rang the gas board’ or Lynne Faulds Wood being scandalised by a rip-off. Then during the 1980s and 90s, Consumer Champions took on a new remit. They began to take an interest in health matters. Esther and Lynne started campaigning, yet at no time did they provide any meaningful analysis of the serious entrenched problems in medicine or the NHS. It was just a matter of being Passionate and Committed and Running a Campaign. People who have now been identified as abusers were involved in some of those campaigns. In recent years, people with a background in Consumer Rights have been appointed to Inspectorates of Health and Social Care. This is not going to end happily. Identifying neglect and abuse of vulnerable people and implementing improvement is not the same as recommending the best value-for-money washing machine.

Sally Oppenheim-Barnes is Jewish. Here is a photo of Sally with other well-known Jewish people, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Winston, Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Jeffrey Archer:

Frederick Forsyth, Robert Winston, Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Jeffrey Archer, and Sally Oppenheim. Artist: Sidney HarrisStock Photo


I’m not sure about Frederick Forsyth, but the others in this picture all know about Dafydd and the gang and concealed their criminality.

Oppenheim-Barnes was the MP for Gloucester. Tom King, the MP for Bridgwater, hated Bridgwater so much that he lived in Gloucestershire.

In the 1970s, there was a paedophile ring operating in the Bridgwater area with links to Dafydd’s gang. One of the ‘spotters’ working for the ring who lived in King’s constituency was an American man. Local people didn’t like him because he was thought to be very dodgy and was also a drug dealer. Villagers wondered how a man from America who seemed so questionable was living in England without being subject to investigation. Someone should ask Tom King, because the gang of which that man was a member was being afforded protection by the Gov’t of which Tom King was a senior member.

There is a splendid archive clip from 1974 available of Sally Oppenheim having an argument with the then young feminist academic Juliet Mitchell over Women’s Lib. Sally Oppenheim bangs on about young gels today losing their charm and Juliet Mitchell obviously knows that she is speaking to a complete idiot. Sadly Juliet Mitchell’s circle of feminist academics didn’t publish a word about the widespread abuse of girls and women, yet alone boys and men, by the welfare system either.

During the discussion with Juliet Mitchell, Sally Oppenheim sounds remarkably like Joanna Lumley still does. Joanna Lumley is always happy to dispense some wisdom about girls today looking so pretty and being obviously so very attractive to gentlemen but you know they have lost so much of their charm and their femininity. And Joanna should know, because she’s a woman with a breathy voice who has Brains as well as charm, femininity and the qualities of a sex bomb for the older man.

Well Joanna, my sort of man is the hero of Viv Stanshall’s masterpiece ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’, in which the hero ‘Sir Henry, ever the gentleman, offers his seat to a lady in a public convenience…’

Joanna Lumley is involved with numerous charidees, many of which are mental health or children’s charidees which have been complicit with abuse.

Sally Oppenheim-Barnes was created a life peer in Feb 1989. Her son Philip Oppenheim was the Conservative MP for Amber Valley in Derbyshire, 1983-97. Between these years, Oppenheim and his mother served simultaneously in the House of Commons.


Phillip Arthur Charles Lawrence Oppenheim was born in Lambeth in 1956 and was educated at Harrow and Oriel College, Oxford. Oppenheim was unexpectedly elected with the largest swing in the 1983 General Election as the Tory MP for the one time safe-Labour coal mining seat of Amber Valley. During his time in Parliament, Oppenheim served in various Ministerial posts in both Thatch’s and Major’s Govt’s and was also the parliamentary aide to Ken Clarke, 1996-97. Clarke spent years colluding with and concealing the crimes of Dafydd’s gang and the related gangs in other parts of the UK, including at St George’s, particularly when he was in the DoH and the Home Office. Clark tried to become Leader of the Tories on the back of it all, but William Hague used the same strategy more successfully. While in Parliament Philip Oppenheim supported animal welfare issues and opposed fox hunting. As a Treasury Minister, he toughened restrictions on imports of endangered species and introduced tax breaks on less-polluting fuels. As a trade minister, Oppenheim resisted efforts by the fur lobby to loosen restrictions on imports of trapped fur.

Before entering Parliament, Oppenheim was a businessman, founding an information technology company which was sold to Reed Elsevier.

After leaving Parliament in 1997, Oppenheim became a columnist for  the Digger’s ‘The Sunday Times’ and other newspapers. He has criticised new Labour’s spin culture, along with what he saw as the corrupt sale of peerages. Obviously the Tory Party have never resorted to such practices.

Baroness Oppenheim Barnes Stock Photos & Baroness ...


Philip Oppenheim is founder and managing director of the Cubana bar and restaurant in London and is credited for introducing Mojitos to the UK from Cuba in the 1990s. He is also a founder director of Waterloo Quarter, a business-public alliance which aims to improve Waterloo. Oppenheim trades directly with Cuba, importing rum and coffee and is also a Director of Alma de Cuba coffee, a Cuban coffee brand owned by The Cuba Mountain Coffee Company, which has a project to help mountain coffee farmers in Cuba.


From 1980–83, Sally Oppenheim’s former adviser Simon Burns was a journo and served as a Director of What To Buy for Business magazine, before working for the Policy Executive of the Institute of Directors, 1983-87.

Burns has been active in domestic politics since 1970, when he was a founder member of the Rutland and Stamford Young Conservatives. So Simon was one of the Young Conservative successors of Peter Walker, Beata Brookes and co. Rutland was in the Leicestershire region, where Greville Janner was involved in the longstanding paedophile ring there. Greville and his father Barnett were high profile Jewish politicians, as was Simon Burns’s one-time boss, Sally Oppenheim-Barnes.

Burns was a Committee member, Political Action Officer and Secretary of Oxford University Conservative Association, 1973-75 and a member of the Oxford Union. Burns was Treasurer for Southfields Ward and an Executive Council member of Putney Conservative Association, 1977-81. In 1986, he was elected Chairman of Avonmore Ward, Fulham Conservative Association.

Burns was sworn of Lilibet’s Privy in February 2011.

Burns was opposed to Brexit. In 2013 Burns voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, as is only reasonable for someone who has steadfastly ignored a trafficking gang who targeted underaged boys to provide services for adult gay men.

In 2007, Burns persuaded the House of Commons Administration Committee, then being a member, that parliamentarians should have “priority access” to services within the Parliamentary Estate. In practice, this meant that MPs and Peers could avoid queues for shops, restaurants, bars, computers, photocopiers and even toilets by “pushing in” ahead of visitors or staff. The so-called “queue jumping rule” provoked cross-party opposition from Commons staff and other MPs but Burns trenchantly defended the proposal.

On 3 April 2008, Burns was involved in a collision with a cyclist as he drove out of the Palace of Westminster gates into Parliament Square. The cyclist, Major Stuart Lane, was thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle and broke two vertebrae in his neck “which could have hindered his Army career”. In February 2009 Burns pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving and was fined £400 with £200 costs at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

In June 2010, Burns was forced to issue what one journalist described as “a grovelling apology” after calling Commons Speaker John Bercow a “stupid sanctimonious dwarf”. In November 2011, Burns compared members of the campaigning group 38 Degrees to zombies.

In January 2013, Burns, when the Minister overseeing rail fares, was revealed as having been making use of a ministerial car instead of travelling the 35 miles from his home in Essex to London by train. He claimed this was because he was not allowed to read sensitive papers on the train, but his claim was immediately contradicted by the Cabinet Office, although it was conceded that reading Red box matters in such an environment was not advisable. The cost to the taxpayer was estimated to be £80,000 per annum.

The Lord Lansley
Official portrait of Lord Lansley crop 2.jpg

Burns is a second cousin of David Bowie, although he has never met him. Burns tried to arrange a meeting with Bowie in 2012, but Bowie refused to meet Burns, stating that he wasn’t famous enough. Bowie used to have sex with underaged girls and boys and take drugs alongside the proles, but he developed refined tastes many years ago, which was why he then only had sex and took drugs on Mustique with Ma’am Darling and Roddy Llewellyn and in Berlin and Switzerland in luxury.

Simon Burns was given a knighthood in 2015 “for parliamentary and political service”.

Despite his conservative views, Burns is a “proud” supporter of the more liberal-leaning US Democratic Party. Citing the big tent nature of American political parties, he argues “You can’t just say that, because you’re a British Conservative, so you have to be a [U.S.] Republican. American politics isn’t contained in that way. Turn the clock back to the 1970s, and the Democrat Party went from the liberal Kennedy wing right through to the out-and-out racists in the Southern states. The Republican Party had its liberal wing – people like John Lindsay, Chuck Percy and Nelson Rockefeller”.

Richard Nixon
Richard M. Nixon, ca. 1935 - 1982 - NARA - 530679.jpg

Richard Nixon was considered to be well beyond the pale when it was revealed that he had resorted to bugging and burglary. That is exactly what the security services did to Brown, me and my friends and indeed far worse than that. We weren’t running in Presidential elections, we were just a group of students who had complained about the members of a criminal trafficking gang who were killing people and who had direct links to the Royal Family and successive Westminster Gov’ts. A great many people knew what was happening and they stood by and watched or joined in and used the results to further their own interests. No-one has ever been held to account.


John F. Kennedy


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