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A Reminder To The Amnesiacs Of The UK Police Force And MI5

Before I receive any further bollocks from dissenters who are now So Sorry About What Happened, So Glad That My Name Has Been Cleared and How I So Narrowly Escaped A Lobotomy, may I remind everyone of the letter that Brown wrote in 1984, as Wood continued to confront me with a stony face and flatly refused to investigate my complaint about Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist?

Brown’s letter to Wood contained the following:

‘…Gwynne Williams approached the consultation with considerable prejudice and after a 20 minute meeting in which no rapport was established bandied around psychiatric diagnoses on the basis of discredited psychoanalytic theory… If even half of the first hand accounts of this man’s insensitivity and incompetence are true, he should not be in his current job… Gwynne Williams has caused Sally a great deal of distress and had she seen the more competent Dr Francis in the first place, much of this distress could have been avoided… Loyalty to one’s colleagues is admirable but loyalty can be misplaced and your first duty I feel should be the welfare of your patients…’

Brown wrote the letter after I had seen Tony Francis twice, before Tony began doing and saying a few strange things, became very unpleasant and told bare-faced lies when confronted. Tony’s social skills, in 1984, were so much better than those of his colleagues that they carried him through a great deal.

Brown’s letter also reminded Wood that Brown was a little concerned at some of the comments that Wood had felt able to make about me and that ‘the rarefied atmosphere of dinner parties and squash clubs ill-prepares us for understanding other subcultures..’

The security services knew about that letter, they almost certainly had a copy themselves and just look at what followed. At the time, was Brown a man of 21, looking after his mother, his younger brother and me, on very little income, while gangsters were threatening to murder him, publishing his early academic work and taking on building work to help with our finances? No. According to Wood, Brown was an ‘unemployed sociology student’. I’m only surprised that Wood didn’t mention Brown’s Long Hair And Beard and explain that he was a Layabout.

Brown is still waiting for a reply to his letter.See the source image

The Price Is Right

As promised in my comment that followed my post ‘Vichy Warwick’, I have been inspired to write this post by the media coverage of John Allen’s latest jail sentence for the sexual abuse of kids in his care in north Wales. Allen received 14 years, but he was already serving a lengthy jail term at the time of the trial and Allen had served I think two prison sentences before that for sexually abusing kids in care. My point is that there was very little media coverage and the coverage that there was portrayed John Allen as a lone Filthy Pervert rather than one of the key figures in a multi million pound international trafficking gang that ran north Wales; Gwynne and Dafydd were two other key figures…

I have spent a day perusing some of my 10,000 documents as well as documents that others have sent me and given me permission to use, and I will name some of the many people named on my documents who have not yet starred on the blog who knew that the problem in north Wales was a lot greater than one Filthy Pervert. Some of these people subsequently reached senior roles after passing through north Wales years ago and they have no idea that I have documents mentioning their names…See the source image

Some old favourites will be discussed again in this post because after another read of documents that I had only previously had time to flick through quickly, I am left with an even greater sense of:

‘How did they get away with this?’

Even with a powerful accomplice.See the source image

I have a number of other blog posts under development that need further work, so I’ll ask readers to bear with me if I don’t provide full background details to all the events to which I refer in this post. They have virtually all been discussed in detail in previous posts, sometimes more than once. Regular readers will be well-acquainted with the basics; I want to simply flag up just how many people knew that something was terribly wrong in north Wales (and in the other areas in which linked rings/gangs were operating) and that it was so much more than one Filthy Pervert.

I’ll kick off with events from 1988, when I was working in the Cancer Research Campaign team at Surrey University, led by Prof Vincent Marks, brother of the then BMA President/Chairman Dr John Marks. John Marks was a barrister as well as a Top Doc and at the time was doing battle with Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health. Marks and Ken hated each other but they came to an arrangement whereby they’d attack me in collaboration because they were both concealing the same very serious criminality and they couldn’t beat each other…

When I was working with Vincent, the BMA were providing Tony Francis and the self-styled ‘BMA psychiatrists’ – the Gang had arranged themselves into a pressure group to lobby for my incarceration – with advice re how not to respond to my serious complaints and to instead have me convicted and imprisoned for offences that had not been committed.

Martin Roth and M&S – Marks – Thatch promoting M&S – Jewish business links – Lawsons- Keith Joseph – business – legal – medical

Previous posts mentioned that after encountering a dreadfully offensive GP in Surrey near Witley, a Michael Hudson with whom I gave up after one 20 min encounter, I registered with Dr Nigel Baldock at Grayshott Surgery on the Surrey/Hampshire border who was much more pleasant. Unfortunately Dr Baldock soon mentioned that my previous GP from Bangor, Dr Wood, had rung him up and what a nice chat they had…

Hudson was struck off some time before I began this blog; after I began blogging, Dr Baldock voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice. During the latest perusal of my documents, I discovered a short letter that Wood had written to a Top Doc in Surrey dated 11 July 1988, but the name and address of the Top Doc cannot be read on the copy due to the poor quality of the copying. This was obviously Wood’s first approach to any Top Docs in Surrey, where I had been working since Spring 1988. As was characteristic of Wood et al, the letter was written without my knowledge, not in any official capacity and was sent from Wood’s home address, at the time Tyddyn Hen Farm, Llandegfan.

Prof Peter Greig-Smith of the Dept of Plant Biology, UCNW and a colleague of Wood’s wife Chris Wood, was a neighbour of the Woods at Llandegfan. Llandegfan was a very popular village with UCNW staff and the better paid NHS workers. See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

The village was choc a block with Top Docs and academics; Lord Wyn Roberts, the Tory MP and Welsh Office Minister, the Gang’s bestest friend, came from near Llandegfan and his huge extended family lived around every corner. Wyn Robert’s father was a Methodist Minister and the family were the sort of family in which many members were in influential positions; Wyn’s brother Eifion Roberts QC was a barrister/judge. Wyn et al basically just intimidated the plebs. Wyn worked for the security services, as did Greig-Smith…

Greig-Smith was a former colleague of Douglas Hurd’s uncle, the Cambridge botanist Edred Corner (see ‘Additional Security Measures’). Hurd worked for the security services himself and served as Home Secretary, 2 September 1985-26 October 1989, during the years of enormous criminality on the part of the Gang, including in my direction. Douglas Hogg, a barrister, was Hurd’s Home Office Minister, 10 Sept 1986-26 July 1989; Hogg’s father Quintin aka Lord Hailsham had been assisting with the Gang’s criminality for decades, particularly throughout that little local difficulty the Profumo Affair. Previous posts have discussed how the whole Hogg family – including Douglas’s sister Dame Mary, his wife Sarah and their daughter Charlotte – have served the Gang loyally.

I have only just noticed that Douglas Hogg’s predecessor as junior Minister at the Home Office was Lord Simon Glenarthur, 27 March 1984-10 Sept 1986. When he was junior Minister at the DHSS, 11 June 1983-26 March 1985, Glenarthur was the Minister responsible for closing down the British lab that treated blood products to be used by the NHS that ensured they were free from infection. After Glenarthur closed that lab and ordered that ALL blood products used by the NHS should be purchased from the US, thousands of NHS patients have died from HIV, Hep B etc that they contracted from infected NHS blood products. Glenarthur was told very clearly that this would result; he went ahead nonetheless. See the source imageTop Docs are now stressing that Glenarthur was warned; yet the Top Docs didn’t tell the public either. They just ensured that blood products used by them and their families weren’t infected.

Simon Glenarthur was succeeded as junior Health Minister by Trumpers who appointed Savile to the Broadmoor task force… Trumpers also succeeded Simon when he served as the Chief Whip in the Lords, 27 May 1982-10 June 1983. Simon and Trumpers were obviously some sort of double act, foisted upon the nation by Thatch in order to inflict maximum fuckwittery and harm to the plebs. Simon has numerous business appointments, most of them concerned with aircraft/arms/military/security, but he’s been a Director of Imperial Tobacco as well.

Simon combines these with his keen interest in Healthcare. Simon became a governor of the Nuffield Hospitals in 2000. Since 2001, Simon has been Commissioner of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and since 2002 Director of the MDU. Since 2010, Lord Glenarthur has been governor and a Trustee of King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes.

Hurd’s favourite teacher at Eton was Alan Barker, who was married to Trumpers. Barker too worked for the security services. Trumpers was Thatch’s junior DHSS Minister, 30 March 1985-13 June 1987 and it was in that role that Trumpers appointed Jimmy Savile to the management task force of Broadmoor. In 1988 Savile was appointed General Manager of Broadmoor; his mate Alan Franey, an NHS senior manager at Leeds General Infirmary, was appointed as CEO of Broadmoor. Savile had been of the Gang for decades and his sex offending was widely known; he was mates with Trumpers. The appointment of Savile and Franey to Broadmoor was endorsed by DHSS Civil Service Mandarins who were mates with Savile themselves, including Brian McGinnis and Clifford Graham, both people with histories of worrying conduct. Clifford Graham lived on the Somerset Levels.

Savile absolutely did not slip through any nets; the mental health system had been colonised by organised crime, in particular paedophilia/sex abuse and Class A drug dealing, for decades and every senior person in the DHSS colluded.

The Gang had been operating a staff exchange scheme with Yorkshire for decades and in 1983, Gren Kershaw, an NHS manager from Yorkshire/Leeds, arrived in north Wales. Gren eventually become CEO of the North East Wales NHS Trust aka the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust and then Chairman of the Welsh Risk Pool (the body that determines negligence payments to those harmed by the NHS). Gren is a complete crook…

Ken Clarke was appointed Heath Secretary on 25 July 1988; he was promoted from his job as a Minister in the DHSS. When the DHSS was split into two Depts in the summer of 1988, Ken became Health Secretary and John Moore became Secretary for Social Services. Moore lived in Wimbledon, on the turf of St George’s Hospital Medical School and many of his neighbours were the better paid staff of St George’s/Springfield Hospitals, including one of the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring Bodger Chamberlain. Bodger grew up in south Wales, where his dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Bodger had a direct link to Cardiff MP Westminster Molester George Thomas, who after serving as Speaker, 1976-83, was elevated to the Lords as Viscount Tonypandy. Thomas was mates with Gwynne, Dafydd et al and used services provided by the Gang. Other members of Bodger’s family were based in Leicester a la Greville Janner. Greville’s dad Barnett began life as a dodgy lawyer in south Wales; Greville was born in Cardiff. This lot had been linked with each other for a very long time.

It was George Thomas’s good mate and protector Leo Abse, bent lawyer and Labour MP from south Wales, who was Brains behind the Cunning Plan in 1987 to fit me up and imprison me that unravelled in July 1987. See the source imageLeo’s brother Wilfred was a psychiatrist who knew Gwynne and Dafydd and who emigrated to the US to become Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Abse spent the greater part of his career in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, 1962-80.

Leo’s other brother Dannie Abse was the poet and Top Doc…

Lord Michael Havers was the Tory MP for Wimbledon, 1970-June 1987. Havers served as Grocer Heath’s Solicitor-General, Nov 1972-March 1974, See the source image Thatch’s Attorney General for England, Wales and N Ireland, 1979-June 1987. It has now been admitted that Havers as AG actively blocked the prosecution of VIP sex offenders, including paedophiles Sir Peter Hayman (a diplomat and very senior security services officer) and Cyril Smith. Thatch appointed Havers as Lord Chancellor on 13 June 1987, but Havers stood down on 26 Oct 1987 on ‘medical advice’ re health grounds. Havers continued to live for a few more years after being too ill to take the strain of being Lord Chancellor, dying on 1 April 1992. Havers was, with Nicholas Edwards – Old Nick was the Welsh Secretary, 1979-June 1987 – two of the key movers and shakers in Leo Abse’s Cunning Plan re me in 1987. Old Nick stood down as an MP in June 1987 ‘on medical advice’ because he too was at death’s door. Old Nick bounced back as a millionaire businessman within months and lived until 17 March 2018. Old Nick standing down as an MP allowed him to make a huge amount of money as a Director of companies that were given big contracts for the development of Cardiff Bay, a taxpayers funded programme that was pushed through at Gov’t level by the Welsh Office when Old Nick was Secretary of State…

I’ve now received info that both Old Nick and Havers suddenly came over all ill to ensure that they were not at the scene of the crime when the Cunning Plan re me came to fruition. The Cunning Plan was supposed to result in my imprisonment in July 1987; so Old Nick got out in June 1987. Havers scarpering was even more worrying; it seems that the Cunning Plan was relying on Havers being Lord Chancellor by the time that I was imprisoned in Risley and my dead body as a result of ‘suicide’ was discovered. I didn’t end up in Risley in July; instead Brown listened in to the phone call in Aug 1987 and heard Dafydd trying to bribe me, thus Brown raised his concerns with Alwyn Jones my Bangor solicitor and with Gwynedd Heath Authority, and I told MIND (run by Dafydd’s mates but I didn’t know that at the time) as well.  Then I placed the small ad in ‘Private Eye’ asking for info on Dafydd. So another plan was hatched to kill me, which I have been told was the King’s Cross Fire in Nov 1987. As usual with the Gang’s brainwaves, that didn’t get me but it did kill a lot of other people. I’ve had info that Havers was warned to step down and get the hell out before the Big Event.Image result for lord michael havers images

I have the names of the Top Docs who pretended that Old Nick was at death’s door, suffering from a serious but unfathomable terminal illness and I’ll be blogging about them soon, but I haven’t yet found out who declared Havers to be so ill that he had to stand down as Lord Chancellor. It was probably Bodger. Perhaps Lord Havers’ son Nigel the luvvie See the source image can let us know if his dad had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or needed an emergency hysterectomy that was incompatible with being Lord Chancellor.See the source image

Lord Havers’s sister Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was busy herself in 1988. Gwynne and Dafydd’s partners in crime in the North East had caused such havoc that it had culminated in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal and Lord Elizabeth was appointed to Chair the Public Inquiry necessary to conceal the havoc, the result of Lord John Walton, Butler-Sloss’s friend Prof Israel Cohen and other mates of Dafydd’s. Walton was President of the GMC, 1982-89, had refused to investigate my complaints about Gwynne and Dafydd and there was now an eruption on his own manor, so help from the highest quarters was needed. See the source image

Michael Havers, Butler-Sloss and their father Sir Cecil Havers, a High Court judge who was Of The Gang in the Olden Days, were all of Inner Temple. As was Ronald Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon’s dad, the barrister son of Robert Armstrong-Jones, the Top Doc/psychiatrist from north Wales who had studied at UCNW before qualifying as a Top Doc at Bart’s. Mr Thrope was also of Inner Temple.

One of those who constantly maintained that the depraved old sex offenders of the North East in business with Dafydd were Caring Doctors and Social Workers was paediatrician Jane Wynne, who was based in Leeds… Jane was happy to double up as the Independent Second Opinion when anyone dared question the sex offenders of the North East.

Jane Wynne was born in Leicester, the elder daughter of John and Margaret Wynne, a family of lefties. Her father was an agricultural economist who moved to Leeds University in the 1950s, and Jane qualified as a Top Doc from Leeds University. Jane went into paediatrics and became a registrar in Nottingham. She married neurologist Simon Currie in 1976 and worked at Leeds University as a Lecturer in Medicine.

Wynne ran clinics for disabled children and joined Dr Michael Buchanan, the ‘Leeds pioneer in the field of child abuse’. Wynne was appointed as one of the ‘new breed’ of consultant community paediatricians in 1984 at the Leeds General Infirmary, her colleague and Expert In Spotting Child Abuse Chris Hobbs joining St James’s University Hospital soon after. See the source imageJane gradually became more involved in child abuse work, while a local celeb and his mates ran the NHS in Leeds.See the source image

Meanwhile in Nottingham, City Of Ken Clarke, the Nottingham Satanic Abuse Scandal had kicked off. The social workers at the centre of the Nottingham Satanic Abuse Scandal were so crazed and ridiculous that their moral panic fell apart at the seams within weeks as the nation collapsed into laughter at the allegation that a Mr Poo Pants – as described by a small child – was at the centre of the Satanic Abuse Ring in Notts, in which late-term foetuses were eaten. Sadly no-one returned the kids who had been removed from their families speedily or pointed to the dreadful state of the local Social Services, the lunacy in Nottingham University’s Dept of Social Sciences/Social Work or the criminality prevailing in the NHS in Nottingham, backed up by the Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham Medical School. A local Tory MP being a crooked barrister who was concealing all this shit in his Ministerial positions in the DHSS/Dept of Health didn’t help.

Mr Poo Pants I Presume?Image result for ken clarke images

Butler-Sloss completed and submitted her laughable whitewash of a Report in July 1988. At the time, my complaint about the Gang to the Medical Ombudsman at the Welsh Office was finally being processed. I had no idea that Robert Owen, Prof of Orthopaedic Surgery at Liverpool University, the Medical Ombudsman appointed by the Welsh Office to organise the investigation, was a mate of Dafydd’s, lived in Colwyn Bay, had until recently worked as an orthopaedic surgeon in north Wales and was Of The Gang himself.

On 8 Aug 1988, Wood wrote to Nigel Baldock at Grayshott Surgery; this letter was sent from Wood’s surgery, Glanfa Surgery, in Bangor. At the time the surgery’s headed notepaper named Wood, E.W. Owens and George V. Kurian as practice partners. Like so many Insider witnesses, Ellis Wynn Owens has died prematurely; he qualified as a Top Doc at Cardiff in 1976. George Kurian is now practicing at Bro Dawel, Garth Road, Bangor. Kurian qualified in 1974 at Bombay University (he also clocked up membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1976 and of the Royal College of Physicians, 1976). Kurian has worked as a GP in Bangor since at least 1984.

Glanfa Surgery’s patch included Maesgeirchan, the big disadvantaged council estate on the outskirts of Bangor. Not only was the Ty’r Felin children’s home on Maesgeirchan, but some of the Gang’s henchmen as well as their victims lived on Maesg. There were teenaged sex workers on Maesg, I presume because of Ty’r Felin and the Gang, which probably accounted for the big drugs problem on Maesg as well. Maesg had one of the highest crime rates in Wales and it will have been the Gang’s work, yet that was never mentioned amidst the tut-tutting re Maesg. One part of Maesg was much rougher than the rest of the estate and had such a fearsome reputation that people on the council house waiting list would refuse offers of accommodation at the rough end.

Owens and Kurian, like Wood, knew the full explanation for the drugs, violence and presence of teenage ‘slags’ on Maesg…

Wood’s letter of 11 July 1988 to Surrey made very serious allegations about my father that were completely untrue and that I had told Wood were untrue when Wood literally confronted me with them in 1983 and again in 1984. In his letter, Wood stated his allegations as fact and indulged in pure speculation re the ‘considerably damaged personality’ of mine that had resulted from all this. Wood went on to explain in the letter that I was conducting ‘a vendetta against the local psychiatric services’.

Wood’s letter of August 1988 to Nigel Baldock was much lighter in style, stressed how he was just trying to help, told Baldock that if Baldock wanted, Wood would obtain ‘hospital letters’ [from north Wales] and invited Baldock to phone him if he wanted. Wood always had a great time on the phone, his kind offers to make himself available by phone to third parties whom I had just met were the source of much conspiracy and criminality. I can only imagine the scale of what was happening by the few lines referring to the contents of such phone calls that appear in my documentation… Baldock did not document the contents of the call, he simply noted that he had phoned Wood as invited…

I discussed in previous posts my encounter with Michael Browne, a psychiatrist at Brookwood Hospital in Surrey and Browne being so out of it and uninterested in patients that I presumed that he was either ill himself or perhaps had a serious drink problem. Just a few years later, Browne was named in a scandal involving the death of a seriously ill prisoner at Wormwood Scrubs just after Browne had left the cell after having assessed the prisoner as being fine. Browne continued to practice, although that was a high profile case with the Scrubs angrily denouncing Browne and asking how they could ever look after prisoners if, when they are that ill, the screws beg the Doc to act and he just walks away… In Court, Browne could give no explanation for the medical notes that he had made about the prisoner; Browne had lied about the prisoner’s dire clinical state.

Before I saw Michael Browne MD FRCPI FRCPEd FRCPsych DMP on 24 Aug 1988, Vincent Marks had told my senior colleague that Michael Browne was ‘excellent’. I never ever understood why Vincent had said that, but then I had no idea that Vincent was as unscrupulous as the rest of them yet alone that he was up to his neck in a Ken Clarke-Gang-Marks Brothers huge conspiracy.

The paperwork compiled by Browne gives his addresses as Brookwood Hospital, Woking and Farnham Road Hospital. Just during the year that I was in Surrey, there were a number of suicides and a scandal at Brookwood, it was clearly dreadful. When I met F two/three years later, F, who had grown up in Woking and gone to art college at Farnham, told me that Brookwood had a terrible reputation. Being near London, there was also a major Class A drug dealing and distribution scene in the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire psych hospitals.

A huge swathe of Surrey reaped the benefit of Michael Browne’s skills and did so for decades as well as Wormwood Scrubs and no doubt a few other places. He was lethal, dishonest and still not stopped when he made media headlines. Vincent will not have been the only Top Doc assuring the unsuspecting that Michael Browne was excellent…Image result for ken clarke images

Jeff Crowther, the Psychiatric Nursing Officer who appeared in Ysbyty Gwynedd in the early/mid 1980s and who colluded with so much, grew up in Guildford.

After the Michael Browne experience, I kept one more appointment at Brookwood when I was told that it would be with another doc; Browne having been the Important One who had now ‘seen’ me and passed me onto his junior doc. Unlike Browne she didn’t have the appearance of a corpse preserved in formaldehyde, she was actually alive, but she was the sort of junior doc who is to be found in bad UK psych hospitals: overseas junior doc who almost certainly was working there because she was considered not up to much and hadn’t been able to escape. I didn’t bother to make another appointment.

On 6 Sept 1988 I was admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd suicidal – I had been staying in Gwynedd – and was discharged on 7 Sept 1988. The ‘discharge’ letter to Baldock – written on 26 Oct 1988 – was seriously weird, a strange cod-psychoanalytic account of my wicked criminal plan to bring down the Caring Top Docs of the Gang that had backfired on me. I remember the junior doc who ‘assessed’ me on that occasion; he told me that I wasn’t depressed, I was just an ‘extreme’ person. The negligence and criminality that was evident of the part of others was not mentioned; by this time Brown had written to Gwynedd Health Authority raising his concern at Dafydd’s Aug 1987 attempt to bribe me into dropping my complaint in return for a place at Liverpool Medical School.

Baldock was never unpleasant but had I been a GP I would have been wondering why, in such a situation, I had not been informed of the discharge for nearly two months and why so much dreadful practice and shocking misjudgements were being ignored by so many.Image result for ken clarke images

On 5 Dec 1988 I had a walking accident in the Devil’s Punchbowl near Hindhead. I injured my ankle quite seriously and some friendly people in a nearby cottage drove me back home – I couldn’t walk – and the next day my whole leg was an impressive black/blue and hugely swollen. My housemates took me to hospital in Guildford where I was told that nothing could be done because I hadn’t actually broken my ankle, I’d torn tendons/ligaments. I was told after I began this blog that there was a great deal more that could have been done and had they done that, I would not still have a serious weakness in that ankle. It seems that the word was out that I was not to be given effective NHS treatment under any circumstances…Image result for ken clarke images

The names of the Consultants running that A&E proudly emblazoned on the documentation re my ankle are G.G. Bodiwals; M.J. Allen; D.N. Quinton. Allen and Quinton have both voluntarily relinquished their licences to practice.

On 23 May 1989 the Prudential sent a form to Nigel Baldock to complete after I made an application for life assurance as part of the mortgage that I was applying for, on the first house that I bought in Rachub, near Bethesda. I had just begun working at St George’s but not liking the south of England/London I spent as much time as possible in north Wales. Once I began this blog, info arrived telling me that the Gang even had a hand in my house purchase/mortgage; they didn’t do anything as transparent as blocking the mortgage – although had Baldock wanted he could have regurgitated the rubbish that he had been told by Wood et al and stopped me from receiving the mortgage/life assurance (instead Baldock was helpful, signing the Pru form on 12/6/89) – but I’ve been told that a spanner was thrown in the works in more subtle ways. The most obvious being a Cunning Plan to give me a permanent contract at St George’s, thus enabling me to feel that it was OK to purchase a house, the Gang knowing that I was going to be forced out of my career within little more than a year, leaving me with a mortgage to pay and no job.

I’ve also received a lot of info about people who lived near me in the Rachub area who were considered to be quite dangerous. I knew about some of this years ago, but I always viewed the Bethesda area as being rather like the part of Somerset in which I grew up. There were a lot of people around who had endured harsh and unpleasant experiences from their earliest years – at the hands of the Gang in Gwynne’s generation – and it had left its mark. I have deliberately not banged on about my former neighbours who were petty criminals on this blog because the real criminals were Gwynne, Dafydd – who came from Bethesda and had a lot of henchmen there – Ioan Bowen Rees (who lived in a grand Plas in Llanllechid, hidden from the rest of us plebs by trees), Huw Daniel (who was also in a tree-hidden Plas about one mile down the lane) etc.Image result for ken clarke images

There was one man in Llanllechid who had previously worked as a teacher in Manchester and served a prison sentence for having sex with one of his pupils. After he came out of prison he moved in with his former pupil, they had two children and moved to Llanllechid, where they ran the Rachub Post Office. The former teacher was on the sex offenders register and was known to all police, Top Docs, social workers etc, as well as many local people. I only found out about this family’s situation years later. In no way do I think that their privacy should have been breached and I’m not suggesting that any police officer should have popped over to my place for a cup of char and had a good gossip. However while unfounded rumours were spread around Llanllechid and Bethesda about me, F and other people, the history of the man who ran the PO was widely known, including by the people who were having a go at us.

Two people in Rachub who were actively harassing us, Malcolm Fox and his then girlfriend Denise Baker, were friends with the Post Office family. Fox and Baker will only have established the friendship in order to extract info and cause trouble, as indeed they did, highly effectively. Fox began a relationship with the wife of the PO man, Fox and Denise had a huge public punch-up and it was then revealed that Denise had been having an affair with a social worker down the road. The PO woman left her husband and kids to move in with Fox and Denise moved in with the man who worked as a children’s social worker on Anglesey. They lived in style, in one of the best houses in Rachub, their daughter went to an independent school at Llandudno and their cars were suitably flash. Denise completed a degree in psychology at UCNW and became a psychologist, working with Vulnerable Wimmin! She was sacked from job after job and at one point was declared to be a danger to vulnerable people. Denise’s career with vulnerable people continued for a few more years until it did finally grind to a halt, although she somehow picked up a PhD on the way – although I know that she did not do the work needed for that PhD – and became Dr Denise Baker-McClearns. Then she accused a vulnerable man in Rachub of sexually abusing her daughter. He denied the offence, there was no evidence, but the man’s wife left him and he was later found dead. Denise rode on, opened a café in Bethesda and was accused of harassing the Empowered Service User who lived above the café, as well as abusing her staff.

Denise’s ex, Malcolm Fox, took up dealing cocaine. This was no secret, but Fox still yelled abuse at F and I in public so he obviously didn’t fear a visit from the plods and the discovery of his stocks in the event of us complaining.

It really wasn’t the plebs in Bethesda who were the problem. It was an utterly rotten local ‘professional’ class who behaved appallingly, colluding with vindictive, dangerous people and were able to successfully intimidate others because people knew how difficult their lives would be if they stood up to Dafydd, Ioan, Huw Daniel and their mates. The criminals in highish places had 100% support from the criminals in the highest places, in Whitehall and Westminster. Including longstanding Gang member crooked lawyer David Hunt from Denbighshire, Minister at the Welsh Office in the late 1980s, before serving as Welsh Secretary, 4 May 1990-27 May 1993, then returning for a brief visit in the same role, 26 June 1995-5 July 1995, to sort out a little local difficulty involving Dafydd…

Hunt is a law graduate of Bristol University who was there at the same time as Wood. He is now Lord Hunt and was senior partner at the law firm Beachcroft Wansbroughs (now DAC Beachcroft) between 1996 and 2005. Hunt is now Chairman of the firm’s financial services division and is regarded as a major figure in the world of insurance and financial services. DAC Beachcroft handle work on behalf of the MDU.See the source image

People in the Rachub area who were paid/forced to do nasty things to me have DIED after the Ah the doctors they were wonderful found that they’d ‘missed’ serious illnesses, as indeed have some of those who were very supportive to me. (Lord David Hunt is, most appropriately, the Vice-President of the Holocaust Educational Trust.) Doing favours for gangsters did not get my foes very far although they feared what would happen to them if they said no to Big Dafydd. I refuse to be intimidated by corrupt, thick Top Docs, crooked officials/Councillors and spiteful little Angels.

My point as ever is where were the authorities, because the info coming into this blog indicates that the authorities knew exactly what was going on.See the source image If people can be the subject of murder plots and no-one at all helps, that suggests to me that the problem is rather greater than the petty criminals…

I have been told that the Gang had people in every bank, building society and insurance company. Including the Prudential, who did sell me expensive, worthless policies, but they didn’t just do that to me. See the source image

My former neighbours were not members of the Gov’t refusing to regulate such activities. 

Nigel Lawson served as Thatch’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, 11 June 1983-26 October 1989. Lawson went back as far as the early 1960s with the Gang’s financiers, including Edward du Cann’s old mates Jim Slater and Peter Walker. Lord David Hunt made friends with them in his youth, as well as with the Tory Gang members local to north Wales such as Tory MEP Beata Brookes.

Edward du Cann also stood down from Parliament in June 1987, but remained alive and kicking, living in style, swindling people and in business with other Gang members/associates until Aug 2017… du Cann could not possibly have not been on board with the 1987 Cunning Plan in my direction, he would never have been able to resist the temptation.

Frank Beck, the Leicestershire social worker whom Greville Janner didn’t really know that well at all once they were both questioned by the police for sex offences against children, served as a Liberal Councillor for Blaby, Lawson’s constituency, from 1983 until quite some time after Beck was placed under investigation by the police. Had Beck not been charged and subsequently jailed, his career in local politics could well have lasted decades.

The Gang had excellent diplomatic links with the Leicestershire ring. Kenneth Scott arrived from Wandsworth to work in a children’s home run by Clwyd County Council in the early-mid 1970s, undertook bugger all training in social care/work at Bangor Technical College (later known as Coleg Menai), survived complaints of abuse against him and rocked up in Leicestershire in the mid-1980s, working in a children’s home that had just waved goodbye to Frank Beck as the manager. Scott was subsequently convicted of child sex offences in the 1990s. Ronnie Waterhouse’s Report stressed that there was no link to Beck because Beck had left the home as manager some three weeks before Scott had been employed…

Ronnie didn’t account for the notion that a RING was in operation, a ring that by definition involved members mingling… But Ronnie couldn’t have worked on the basis of such a theory, because one of the Rules of the Ronnie’s Inquiry was that it would only be restricted to investigating events in venues in north Wales. Very useful if the region was the hub of an international ring, which transported children from north Wales to venues in England, Europe and even the US… The gang rape of a boy who was driven from Wrexham to a house in Chester and then returned to Wrexham was beyond Ronnie’s remit, as was the appearance of kids from Bangor in Dolphin Square, yet alone the holidays in France for the kids provided by John Allen etc.

So Ronnie was not in the least bit interested in Kenneth Scott’s travels from Wandsworth to Clwyd to Leicester, let alone my ‘assessment’ ordered by Bangor Magistrates conducted during 1987/88 by Second Opinion Dr James Earp of Leicester, who had previously visited Denbigh but Didn’t Know Dafydd. Earp had known Gwynne but forgot to tell me that. Neither would Ronnie have been interested to know that the MIND rep in Leicester told me in Aug 1987 that he had heard about Denbigh, ooh it’s terrible up there, there’s a corrupt Welsh Doctor and it’s all mixed up with Freemasonry but James Earp, he’s absolutely fine, and that William Bingley, Legal Director of MIND at their London HQ, said exactly the same but forgot to mention that he and his mum were both good friends of Dafydd and had been mates with Gwynne as well.

Ronnie did mention in his Report that Rob Evans, Lucille’s Assistant Director of Social Services for Gwynedd, had completed his degree at Leicester University, had also worked in Northampton and had been a Team Leader in Dorset before receiving a warm welcome from Lucille. Ronnie didn’t comment that Beck had worked in Leicester AND Northampton, that Paddy Ashdown of MI6 had been a Youth Leader in Dorset at the same time as Rob Evans, Paddy who knew folk who knew me, that Paddy bagged his seat in Yeovil in June 1983 as the Gang moved in on Brown and me AND that Paddy’s predecessor in Yeovil was the Tory Lord John Peyton who knew my grandpa, Edward du Cann, Tom King et al… Ronnie definitely didn’t mention that Rob Evans headed for Gwynedd and Lucille just as the 1984 Gwynne Row erupted and that for years Rob stood by and watched his henchmen/women threaten and intimidate me and perjure themselves in the High Court in attempts to have me imprisoned. Ronnie knew the presiding judges as well.

Here’s one for Ronnie in the Afterlife. John Peyton not only knew grandpa, Tom King and du Cann et al but Peyton worked with Sir Walter Turner Monckton, 1st Viscount. Walter attended Harrow School and then studied at Balliol College, Oxford. He was elected President of the Oxford Union. Monckton was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple. He served as advisor to Edward VIII during the abdication crisis and his Royal connections led to Walter’s appointment as constitutional advisor to the last Nizam of Hyderabad.

Walter worked in propaganda and information during World War II See the source imageand became Solicitor General in Winston Churchill’s 1945 caretaker Gov’t, although he refused to join the Conservative Party. After the 1945 General Election, Monckton returned to legal practice and also continued to serve as advisor to the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Walter finally joined the Tory Party after WW II and became MP for Bristol West in 1951. He was Churchill’s Minister of Labour and National Service, 1951-55. Walter was Anthony Eden’s Minister of Defence 1955–56, but was the only Cabinet Minister to oppose Eden’s Suez policy and was moved to Paymaster-General 1956–57. In 1957 Walter picked up his peerage, Dafydd qualified as a Top Doc and Walter joined the Board of Midland Bank. Lord Monckton was Chairman of Midland Bank (1957–64), President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (1956–1957), President of Surrey County Cricket Club (1950–52 and 1959–65), Chairman of the Iraq Petroleum Company (1958) – the Oil Industry was bankrolling the London Hospital, an institution run by the Gang’s mates who were in business with East End gangsters including the Krays, Lord Bob Boothby et al – Chairman of the Advisory Commission on Central Africa (1960) and Chancellor of the University of Sussex (1961–65).

Walter died in 1965 so he wasn’t at Sussex to be Shocked and Disgusted along with Asa Briggs at Merfyn and his mates throwing red paint over the VIP from America as an anti-Vietnam protest (see ‘The Wizard War’), but no doubt the grudge had already been genetically inherited by Walter’s son Gilbert.See the source image

In 1960 Walter headed the Monckton Commission that concluded that the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland could not be maintained except by force or through massive changes in racial legislation. It advocated a majority of African members in the Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesian legislatures and giving these territories the option to leave the Federation after five years.

Walter’s second wife was Bridget Monckton, 11th Lady Ruthven of Freeland, CBE, the wartime Head of the ATS counterpart in India, the Women’s Army Corps (India) and also of the Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service (WRINS).

Walter was succeeded by his son Gilbert, born of his first marriage. Gilbert was the man who genetically inherited the grudge against Merfyn, which spelt trouble for Merfyn in the next generation, because Gilbert Monkton’s daughter – who also inherited the grudge, the Gang’s grudges being dominant where genetic transmission is concerned – is Rosa, who married Dominic Lawson, Nigel’s son. See the source imageRosa was a close friend of Diana, and Rosa and Nigel’s daughter Dominica was one of Di’s bridesmaids. If I was Rosa I’d be none too happy that my mate had hit a tunnel at speed and lies were told, but Rosa still seems to be civil to Brenda, Carlo et al.

See previous posts for gen on the Moncktons and Lawsons; they are an interesting network with lots of charidee work and links with the grander associates of the Gang as well as Royals. Rosa and Dominic are high profile Catholics.


The address on the Prudential paperwork in my possession isn’t the rented flat in which I lived in London, it is my family’s house in Somerset. I remember having some strange conversations with the Prudential man in Bangor who kept finding all the options for my address in London unacceptable in terms of ooh you haven’t lived there long enough etc. That man worked very hard to ensure that I used the Somerset address on my application. I’ve been given info that someone in the Prudential wanted that address in an official capacity for no constructive purpose.

Mr Bridgy Celeb had tripped over Zany Python Graham Chapman, Tommy Leigh-Pemberton (son of Robin, the Governor of the Bank of England, 1983-93), etc, some two years before Prudential wanted to offer me a mortgage. Mr Bridgy Celeb’s celeb friends were all acquired as a result of him bumping into David Kirke of the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club. Nigella Lawson was mates with people from the Oxford DSC when she was at Oxford in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Graham Chapman sexually abused boys throughout his adult life and simply reminded the one plod who dared question him that he was a Top Doc and he was never troubled again. Chapman, the son of a Leicestershire policeman, had Trained at Bart’s so enjoyed the Armstrong-Jones Family Umbrella. Before Bart’s, Chapman undertook his pre-clinical years at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Tom King is an Emmanuel alumnus, as were/are a disproportionate number of others in the Gwynne and Dafydd support network. Chapman knew the climbing contingent in Snowdonia well; he lived in Hampstead, but was a keen climber and spent many weekends in Snowdonia. Chapman was good mates with a lot of the Top Docs at the C&A Hospital in Bangor and at Ysbyty Gwynedd, many of whom at the time were Bart’s grads, because of the Armstrong-Jones influence.

Graham Chapman developed one hell of an alcohol problem when he was still quite young and it nearly killed him. He and his mates were always frank about this, but I’d be very surprised if Zany Graham didn’t max out on Class As too; his mates did and his mates like Keith Moon were so excessive that no-one who wasn’t in the Class As scene themselves could have tolerated their company. Even when not out of his head on booze/drugs, Chapman himself was usually deeply offensive and it is a matter of wonder that he didn’t ever find himself confronted by someone who was not going to stand by and watch violent sexual abuse of vulnerable people wrapped up as Zany Pythonesque banter. I’m not sure that Chapman quite plumbed Savilesque depths, but he was on the way there. I can only presume that his knowledge of and close connections to the Toppest of Top Docs central to serious organised crime and Bing Spear, Dafydd’s corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch Civil Service Mandarin mate, left Chapman untouchable by the law.

Thatch had won the General Election in June 1987 with a bit of help from Tony Francis dealing with as many corrupt politicians as poss, while the DSC crowd found themselves befriending Mr Bridgy Celeb. Tony Francis had qualified as a Top Doc in Cardiff at George Thomas Central, knew the Windbag from his student days and was playing all politicians off against each other. Thatch came out on top of course because Tom King had a direct line to the folk who mattered as it were… Even poor old Dr Death, a member of the Gang from his student days at Tommy’s, couldn’t triumph over Thatch.See the source image

What a collection of total idiots. Thatch and Ken Clarke won the day.

See post ‘Jennifer’s Diary’ for an account of the bizarre changes in my father’s employment from the late 1980s onward that resulted from the inexplicable interest of a Nottingham businessman – the Uncle Richard of Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys fame –  in purchasing a small, ailing factory in Bridgy. The trail leads to Ken Clarke and friends. On the Bridgy level, I have received info from readers that legislation was flouted that will have needed the collusion of town planners, Councillors etc in Bridgy.

Peter Morrison served as Minister of State for Employment, 13 June 1983-2 September 1985 and for much of that time, Tom King was Employment Secretary. Morrison then served as Minister of State in the DTI, then he was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party (under Tebbs as Chairman), 10 September 1986-11 June 1987, then Minister of State at the Dept of Energy with responsibility for Oil, 11 June 1987-23 July 1990 and Thatch’s PPS, 23 July 1990-28 Nov 1990. When Thatch first became PM, Morrison was Lord Commissioner in the Treasury under Chancellor of the Exchequer Geoffrey Howe.

Re my 1989 mortgage application, I’ve been told that because the Big Boys Of The Gang were busy committing such serious crime behind the scenes, the Gang didn’t want to risk anything leading back to them. The address that the Pru wouldn’t accept on my application ie. my ‘real’ address, was in Tooting, on the territory of Wandsworth Borough Council, who were in business with St George’s/Springfield as well as Dafydd and the Gang. It seems that Wandsworth And Friends knew that they’d be called upon before too long to Share Information re my Insanity and Dangerousness. See the source imageWandsworth was Thatch’s favourite Borough led by the Tory Sir Paul Beresford, High Society dentist… If serious organised crime is on the cards, it’s important that the Biggest Mr Bigs aren’t caught. Which is probably why people have been so keen for me to name locals from Bethesda on this blog…

Can’t everyone concentrate on the real baddies?See the source image

The Pru rep who organised my mortgage application was a man called Dylan who was the mortgage advisor at Reeds Rains estate agents in Bangor. The manager of Reeds Rains lived at Llandegfan; I remember him very well, he was Gareth. His assistant whom I also got to know well was Karen. Imagine my surprise when as my life became increasingly hampered by the Gang, Karen left Reeds and Rains to begin a degree in archaeology at Bangor University. Then Karen bagged a First and stayed on for a PhD. I met Karen again when I began and then finished my PhD at Bangor. Karen was quite frosty and cold towards me which was odd because she had always been very pleasant in Reeds and Rains and I had got to know her over a period of years. Karen’s good mate in the Dept of History and Archaeology at Bangor was Dinah Evans. Dinah is married to Ron, the (now retired) crooked Gwynedd County Council solicitor who for years was the mover and shaker behind the conspiracies to imprison me. Ron was the man who when the investigations re child abuse began told everyone that they must never ever tell anyone what they had all done because it was so serious and so inexcusable…

Alwyn Jones, my Bangor solicitor who did the conveyancing for me re house purchases, was until about 1990 married to one of Ron’s colleagues, a lawyer who worked for Gwynedd CC. She was the daughter of a local policeman who busied himself in the Freemasons. See the source image

Come on the petit bourgeois criminals of Gwynedd, you’re going to have to squeal on the Mr Bigs behind you all… I’m not interested in rigged exam marks by stupid old gits in Bangor University 20 yrs ago or your bungalows and caravans, I’m intrigued as to who perceived me to be such a threat that High Court judges ended up being nobbled.

Fess up Karen!!! I want Huw Daniel, Lords Malcolm Pill and John Roch arrested,  I can’t be bothered with a craven former estate agent who wanted a part-time job teaching archaeology at Bangor, you’ve been a real chump doing the work of an international murdering paedophile gang and you won’t recover from that anyway…See the source image

‘OOH PROFESSOR JONES, I’d SO like a few hours a week teaching in the School of History, please, ooh I’ll do anything…’

Except er um oh they’ve killed Nerys you say???

Well of course we  NEVER LIKED Merfyn, ooh he was a shocker and as for that friend of his, the Philanderer… And you needn’t think that we’re impressed with him being the Guv’nor of the BBC either…

I’m out of here, I’ve heard that there’s a job going at Glyndwr University…See the source image

Along with Ken Clarke, John Moore and Trumpers in the sewer that was the DHSS, was Edwina Currie, a junior Minister, 10 September 1986-16 December 1988. Edwina Didn’t Know about Savile either. Edwina was in the throes of her extra-marital fling with John Major when she was at the DHSS. After leaving the Commons, Edwina made it public that when she was in politics it had been widely known that Peter Morrison was abusing children. Edwina was the MP for South Derbyshire, June 1983-April 1997. The Gang had an exchange scheme with abusive staff in Derbyshire and longstanding links to the ring in that county. Lord Wyn Roberts was friends with Spencer Le Marchant, Tory MP for High Peak, 1970-83, who was alleged to have been a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Spencer died at the age of 55 yrs on the Isle of Wight on 7 Sept 1986. Spencer was born in Edmonton, which is where Deb Everard the obnoxious technician of Bodger’s lived who had some sort of hold over Bodger and got away with a great deal. Everard was a Tory Councillor in Edmonton and the Gang utilised all possible networks. Previous posts have discussed the MPs of Edmonton who Served The Gang; Spencer’s Edmonton connections may have been long ago, but the Gang utilised absolutely everything…

Spencer’s wife Lucinda Gaye Leveson-Gower, was daughter of Brigadier General Hugh Nugent Leveson-Gower and his first wife, Avril Joy Mullens. Joy was later the fourth wife of Ernest Aldrich Simpson, himself the second husband of Wallis, Mrs Simpson. Gwynne and Dafydd could never have refused to work a dodgy deal with a shag-relative of Mrs Simpson as it were…

Spencer and Wyn were mates with Colin McEvedy, a psychiatrist who was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd… McEvedy’s daughter Allegra now runs the LEON chain of restaurants with Henry Dimbleby, son of David of the BBC. See the source imageMcEvedy advised his daughter on her restaurant business before he ‘committed suicide’ on 1 Aug 2005.See the source image

Edwina Currie was born into a Jewish family in Liverpool, went to the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls where she was Deputy Head Girl. Edwina will have known many of the big wigs who assisted Dafydd’s Gang in Liverpool and probably knew Lord Henry Cohen CHECK. Currie studied at St Anne’s College, Oxford. While there, Edwina lived next door to Mary Archer, Ann Widdecombe, and Gyles Brandreth‘s wife Michèle Brown. Subsequently, Edwina gained an MA from the LSE.

Edwina was a Councillor in Birmingham, 1975-86, when the Gang and Birmingham’s Mr Big, Robert Bluglass, were in business together. Numerous children from Birmingham were sent to children’s homes in north Wales; that and the associated criminality in Birmingham were such a big phenomenon that Birmingham Cllrs could not have missed all of it.

The St George’s staff Top Doc, who’s job was to get rid of whistleblowers and protect criminals was Nita Mitchell-Heggs MRCP MFOM ‘District Consultant Occupational Physician’. Nita was a psychiatrist who had trained at the Maudsley and knew the Gang. Nita wrote to Nigel Baldock on 26 Sept 1989 (Nita dictated her letter on 19 Sept 1989), asking Nigel if he thought that I was Dangerous. Nigel replied that he didn’t think I was. It didn’t reassure Nita and there was a telephone conversation between Nita and Baldock on 6 Oct 1989….

Graham Chapman died on 4 Oct 1989. David Kirke of the DSC asked Mr Bridgy Celeb to visit Chapman in hospital just before he died, so relations between everyone were well-cemented by Oct 1989. Chapman was ‘in a posh hospital in London’. I never found out which posh hospital, but the news of Chapman’s death will have travelled through Top Docs’ High Society like wildfire.

Chapman was mates with many with Gang connections, including of course fellow Cambridge Footlights Top Doc Jonathan Miller, who’s son William worked with my friend at the BBC before my friend was forced out of his job there in the early 1990s. Python Terry Jones was born in Colwyn Bay and spent his early years there, before moving to Surrey, where he attended the Royal Grammar School in Guildford, then St Edmund Hall, Oxford. The Royal Grammar in Guildford was THE place to send your sons if you weren’t going really posh eg. Charterhouse. Vincent Marks’s colleagues were prepared to kill to get their kids into the Royal Grammar School. Eric Idle came from Durham and his mum was a health visitor, on the turf of the Gang’s partner ring in the North East…

The connections go on and on, including Bill Oddie, who, being a keen birder, knew some of the birders in north Wales who knew me, Graeme Garden, who qualified as a Top Doc but never practised…

The colleague of Chapman’s squarely in the picture is John Cleese, from Weston-Super-Mare, who went to Clifton College and then Downing College, Cambridge. Cleese was friends with psychiatrist Robin Skynner, who along with his wife Prue were accomplices of the Gang. The Skynners were facilitating organised abuse and Robin was concealing abusive clergy in his Therapy Group for Clergy and their Spouses. Prue Skynner was such a good mate of the St George’s/Springfield lot that they named their Therapy Wing after Prue. Cleese was also mates with Dr Death; Cleese campaigned for the SDP and starred in party political broadcasts for them. D.G.E. Wood was a big fan of Dr Death and the SDP.

Readers might remember from previous posts that in Nov 1989, the month following Mitchell-Heggs’ letter to Baldock and Chapman’s death, Dr Chris Hunter, a mate of Dafydd and Tony Francis’s, held a Case Conference about me which culminated in Hunter declaring me to be Homicidal, Extremely Dangerous and in need of being sent to live with Mr Savile on Broadmoor. Hunter offered to prepare a Court Report saying this although I wasn’t facing any charges at the time. See the source imageI was arrested a few weeks later…

I knew nothing about any of this until I obtained the paperwork some four years ago. I had never heard of Chris Hunter or of most of the people who Gave Evidence at the Case Conference. Two names that I did recognise were those of Gwynedd social workers Jackie Brandt and Keith Fearns, who subsequently perjured themselves repeatedly. At the time of the Case Conference I had never met Fearns and had met Brandt at most two or three times, when she had unlawfully detained me in the psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd on 17 Aug 1986, which resulted in my first encounter with Dafydd…

It was Tony Francis who orchestrated the Case Conference and he began firing off letters organising it in the month before Bluglass ‘investigated’ my complaint… It was Bluglass who told Dafydd immediately after his investigation that he thought that I was a psychopath who would end in a ward for the criminally insane. Indeed, Bluglass’s mates were doing all that they could to arrange it. See ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’.

I was touched to notice that letters from Nita and her colleagues written on Official St George’s Hospital Medical School Paper loudly advertise the Patrons of St George’s: Brenda Image result for hm the queen knighting bruce forsyth imagesand HRH Duchess Of Kent. The Duchess’s husband the Duke of Kent is Brenda’s cousin. He is President of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and presents the trophies to the Wimbledon champion and runner-up. Bodger’s house was right next to the All England Lawn Tennis Club and he had doings with them.

The Duke of Kent is famed for his high profile in Freemasonry; since 1967 the Duke has been Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Duchess of Kent aka Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley was born at Hovingham Hall, Yorkshire, daughter of Sir William Arthington Worsley, 4th Baronet, and his wife, Joyce Morgan Brunner. Worsley’s mother was the daughter of Sir John Brunner, 2nd Baronet, and granddaughter of Sir John Brunner, 1st Baronet, the founder of Brunner Mond, which later became ICI. Worsley’s godparents were her maternal uncle Sir Felix Brunner, 3rd Baronet, Major Sir Digby Lawson, 2nd Baronet, her paternal aunt Lady Colegate, and Margaret Fife of Nunnington Hall.

Katharine did not receive any formal education until the age of 10. After that, she was educated at Queen Margaret’s School, York, and at Runton Hill School in Norfolk, but obtained no formal qualifications. The Duchess worked for some time in a children’s home in York and at a nursery school in London. Katharine followed her brothers to Oxford – where they were at the University – to study at Miss Hubler’s Finishing School, 22 Merton Street, devoting much of her time to music. At Miss Hubler’s, Katharine was one of only eight pupils and was instructed by three different teachers: the Principal herself, Miss Hubler, taught French literature, painting and history; a French woman taught cookery; and a Viennese lady taught music.

I had no idea that the Patron of the World Famous St George’s Hospital Medical School was educated at a Dame School, Bodger never mentioned it. See the source image

Katharine met Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, the eldest son of Prince George, Duke of Kent, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, while he was based at Catterick Camp. They married in 1961 at York Minster; the best man was Prince Michael of Kent. Princess Anne was a bridesmaid. Guests included actors Noël Coward and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as well as members of the British, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Yugoslavian, Romanian and Spanish royal families.

HRH and her husband Big Mason have three children: George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews (born 26 June 1962); Lady Helen Taylor (born 28 April 1964); and Lord Nicholas Windsor (born 25 July 1970).

Katharine had an abortion in 1975 due to her contracting German measles and in 1977 gave birth to a stillborn son, Patrick, a loss that caused her to become severely depressed, about which she spoke publicly. “It had the most devastating effect on me,” HRH told The Daily Telegraph in 1997. “I had no idea how devastating such a thing could be to any woman. It has made me extremely understanding of others who suffer a stillbirth.”

Bodger will have milked Katharine’s trauma for all that it was worth. Cilla gave media interviews on the subject of Her Heartbreak at the birth of her own premature baby who did not survive, when Bodger was in need of good PR. I’m not suggesting that Katharine or Cilla did not experience distress re these events; neither am I suggesting that they were not deserving of sympathy. It’s just that they knew that very serious complaints were made about St George’s, including the Dept of Obs and Gynae, that the Dept had been the centre of three high profile national scandals and that their Opening Of Hearts was needed to whitewash a dangerous, troubled hospital that would not get its act together no matter how low it sunk.

The Duchess of Kent converted to Catholicism in 1994, with the approval of Brenda. The Duchess explained in an interview on the BBC: “I do love guidelines and the Catholic Church offers you guidelines. I have always wanted that in my life. I like to know what’s expected of me. I like being told: You shall go to church on Sunday and if you don’t you’re in for it!”See the source image

Basil Hume, then Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, warned the Church against triumphalism over the Duchess’s conversion. Basil’s brother was the Top Doc John Hume, part of the Royal Docs’ team who managed to cock-up a very simple operation of Anthony Eden shortly after Eden had pissed off Brenda’s family, damaging Eden’s health permanently. Basil was a good mate of Jimmy Savile and was the man who bagged Savile membership of the Athenaeum, favoured club of Top Docs and VCs, during the throes of the Gwynne Row.

Basil’s sister Madeleine’s first husband was Sir John Charles, Chief Medical Officer – one of the many who Helped Nye Bring The NHS Into Being – and Madeleine later married Robert Armstrong, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service, 1979-87. Armstrong served as Principal Private Secretary to the PM, 1970-75 (Grocer Heath and then Wilson) and as Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, 1977-79, when the dreadful Merlyn Rees was Home Secretary. Rees, born in south Wales but later a graduate of the LSE who then worked as a teacher in Leeds and held a Leeds Commons seat for decades, was in the thick of Gwynne and Dafydd. Merlyn Rees even found himself a Director of Municipal Mutual, the insurers of Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police, in 1996, when Municipal Mutual hired Cherie and Miranda’s mate Michael Beloff QC to ensure that no-one ever found out the truth behind the extent of the abuse of kids in care in north Wales. See eg. ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’See the source image

Michael Beloff’s dad Lord Max was a mate of both Ioan Bowen Rees and Thatch. The Beloffs are a big family with fingers in many of the Gang’s pies; Max’s sister Norah was a journo who worked for Reuters and then the Observer, another sister Lady Anne – who died in Dec 1991, just after Cap’n Bob went overboard – was the biochemist who married Nobel winning biochemist Sir Ernst Chain… See previous posts.

Robert Armstrong is famous for being the first Cabinet Secretary who was a Roman Catholic. He covered up huge heaps of manure, even by Cabinet Secretary standards, because he had Harold Wilson’s wrongdoing to deal with as well as Grocer Heath’s, Sunny Jim’s and Thatch’s. Armstrong was the man who became famous for admitting that he was ‘economical with the truth’, admitted that he knew that Peter Morrison was molesting children but there were no national security issues, knew that Sir Peter Hayman was an active paedophile and also warned Thatch that giving Savile a K could result in ’embarrassment’ because of Savile’s ‘private life’.See the source image

Robert Armstrong knew about Gwynne and Dafydd’s ‘private’ lives as well. Image result for north wales hospital denbigh imagesThey abused and killed people Armstrong you dork, there was nothing private about any of it. Official portrait of Lord Armstrong of Ilminster crop 2.jpg

Armstrong has strong links to Somerset and when he bagged his peerage in Feb 1988 – I was offered the job with Vincent Marks in Feb 1988! – Armstrong took the title Lord Robert Armstrong of Illminster in Somerset. This is the man who is the problem, not the petty criminals of Bridgy or Rachub…

Can I have my money please Robert? Get out of this one now you old bastard…

Basil was a one-off in his family being a priest; the Humes were a medical family from Newcastle. Basil is now most remembered for concealing all that organised abuse in the Catholic Church. No-one’s mentioned that Basil’s powerbase lay not in the RC Church but in his family who ran the NHS in the North East and were of Royal Doc status.Spamalot poster.jpg

The Duchess of Kent with Sir Walter Campbell and Lady Campbell in Brisbane, 1992

In 1978, the Duchess was hospitalised for several weeks due to “nervous strain”. I presume that HRH was not admitted to Springfield or Denbigh. Reports by the BBC stated that the Duchess suffered from coeliac disease and Epstein–Barr virus, whose symptoms resemble those of ME. She stepped down from her role as head of the ME Society in the UK and has since ‘energetically’ worked with various charities and schools.

The Duchess of Kent decided in 2002 not to use the style “Her Royal Highness” and to reduce her Royal duties. Since then she has been informally known as Katharine Kent or Katharine, Duchess of Kent, although her formal style (e.g. in the Court Circular) remains HRH The Duchess of Kent. Despite her decision to stay away from public life, the Duchess continues to appear at major events including Kate and William’s wedding and other big Royal shindigs.

In keeping with her withdrawal from full Royal duties in 1996, the Duchess took a position as a music teacher in Wansbeck Primary School in Kingston upon Hull. She also gave piano lessons in a rented studio flat near her official residence at Kensington Palace. The Duchess of Kent has served as the President of the Royal Northern College of Music,

The Royal Northern College of Music know how to choose their big wigs, Sir Idwal Pugh served as their Chairman from 1988 to 1992. Sir Idwal was the corrupt Civil Service Mandarin who was a good pal of Gwynne and Dafydd, as well as George Thomas. Sir Idwal was born in Blaenau Ffestiniog but was brought up in south Wales. He went to Cowbridge Grammar School, as did Bodger and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Sir Idwal was able to do so much for the three turds – Gwynne, Dafydd and George – in particular during his time as Permanent Secretary at the Welsh Office, 1969-71, when George Thomas and then Peter Thomas aka Pedr Paedophilia were successively Secretary of State. After he left Pedr Paedophilia behind at the Welsh Office, Idwal served as one of the Top Dogs at the Dept of the Environment under Grocer Heath’s Secretary of State one Peter Walker, one the Gang’s City slickers.

Sir Idwal served as Parliamentary Ombudsman and Health Ombudsman, April 1976-Dec 1978. In that post, Sir Idwal entered into a ruse with Jack Ashley MP and staged a Case to show that the Mental Health Act could not be abused again after a lady who was unlawfully detained for a matter of days was Defended by Sir Idwal and received compensation and sympathy. Within minutes of Idwal stepping down from that post, Dafydd illegally incarcerated Mary Wynch for more than a year and Mary never ever received justice. Could it have been that Idwal knew that the Gang would move in on Mary the minute that he was out of the door? They had been in pursuit of her for ages, Mary had gone into hiding and was persuaded to emerge, only to be unlawfully arrested, detained in Risley and then incarcerated in Denbigh…

In Idwal’s retirement the world was still not free of Sir Idwal’s poison. He moved from Cardiff to Oxford and became a Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford, Idwal’s old alma mater, other alumni including Edward du Cann, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, David Lewis Davies the Dean of the Maudsley and, in a later generation, Miranda. Idwal enjoyed a late career in the City, assuming a number of Directorships, including that of the Halifax and Standard Chartered Bank.

Sir Idwal managed to notice that I had received a mortgage offer from the Halifax which would enable F and I to move to Scotland in 1998. It’s all in the documentation that I’ve been recently perusing, Forensic Angel Jackie Ehlen noted everything. The Gang hated me but they didn’t actually want me to wave goodbye to their manor, so Sir Idwal’s influence was utilised… Read about Idwal in eg. ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.

Jackie Ehlen even noted that my friend’s baby had died and I was being ‘remarkably supportive’. Of course I was Jackie, I’d known my friend since we were 12, she was Remarkably Supportive to me when the Gang were in pursuit and paid for it by being forced out of her media career by Michael Grade and Paul Fox and then her baby died at the hands of Musgrove Park Hospital in 1999, due to the gross negligence of Top Doc Robert Fox (a relation of Sir Paul? Or a relation of Dr Liam? Who knows…).

My friend’s film script was plagiarised by Stephen Spielberg as well, beat that. It was admitted, my friend was told that Spielberg had done this to many other unknown scriptwriters but Spielberg was So Big that my friend would never win in Court against him. She was told the same re Robert Fox and the dead baby, the dead baby that caused her much more distress than Spielberg plagiarising her work. See the source image

The film received poor reviews. Had my friend been allowed to use her own script, the film would have been much better. But then I saw a really mediocre book on sale in the academic bookshop in Aberystwyth that I know was plagiarised from a proposal written by Brown and me by Profs Kirsti Bohata of Swansea University Professor Kirsti Bohataand Katie Gramich Professor Katie Gramich BA (Wales) MA (London) PhD (Alberta)of Cardiff University.See the source image

For God’s sake Swansea and Cardiff, if you’re going to plagiarise my ideas, do find someone competent to undertake the work.

The Duchess was the Director of National Foundation for Youth Music, 1999-2007. In March 2004, Katharine became Patron of national charity, Making Music aka the National Federation of Music Societies, an umbrella organisation for amateur and voluntary music groups. Katharine is among the co-founders of Future Talent, a charity that helps young children with low-income backgrounds pursue a career in music.

In August 2016, the Duchess became an ambassador for Samaritans after a volunteer at the Teesside branch contacted her; the Duchess had previously been its Royal Patron, 1971-99.

There was serious trouble with regard to the Sams in Gwynedd as a result of the Sams being run by the Gang and refusing to help psych patients. Some of us had known about this for years and although some Sams volunteers had resigned in disgust and representation was made to the highest authorities at Sams HQ, no effective action was taken and not a word appeared in any media outlets re the dysfunctional crisis-ridden Bangor Sams for years. The only hint of adverse publicity emerged in approx. 2013/14 when a Young Persons Mental Health Story In The Media mentioned that they had attended Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E when suicidal, spent 20 hours left alone in an empty room and were then discharged by an Angel who told them that the psych services would not treat them but gave them the phone number of the Sams. Who refused to offer them help on the grounds that the Sams aren’t Trained to deal with psych patients.Spamalot poster.jpg

The Duchess is a supporter of UNICEF.

The Duchess served as Chancellor of Leeds University, 1966-99.See the source image

The Duke and Duchess’s eldest son George Philip Nicholas Windsor, Earl of St Andrews (born 26 June 1962), was educated at Eton and Downing College, Cambridge. A former diplomat, the Earl is a Trustee of the SOS Children’s Villages UK charity and a Patron of the Association for International Cancer Research. In April 2012, the Earl also became a Trustee of the Next Century Foundation, a charity working throughout the Middle East. The Earl is a Trustee of the Global eHealth Foundation and Patron of the Welsh Sinfonia. On 30 March 2017, the Earl was installed as Chancellor of the University of Bolton.See the source image

On 9 January 1988, St Andrews married Sylvana TomaselliSylvana Palma Windsor, Countess of St Andrews (née Tomaselli, previously Jones; born 28 May 1957), a Canadian-born academic and historian. She is usually known professionally as Dr Sylvana Tomaselli. Tomaselli was born in Newfoundland and educated in Canada and England. Sylvana married Earl St Andrews on 9 January 1988.

Tomaselli is an academic based at Cambridge; she became a Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge in 2004. She specialises in French and British political theory in the 18th century, especially the history of womanhood. See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageSee the source image

Tomaselli is the translator of Book II of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan, The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis. See the source image Tomaselli is a founding member of the European Centre for the Philosophy of Gender, Siegen, Germany and is currently Director of Studies in History Part I and Social & Political Sciences at St John’s College, Cambridge and also acts as a pastoral tutor for students of Natural Sciences at St John’s College.See the source image

Tomaselli has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Earl St Andrews and Sylvan have three children, ie. the grandchildren of Big Mason and HRH Katharine: Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick, Lady Marina Windsor, and Lady Amelia Windsor.

Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (born 2 December 1988), known professionally as Eddy Downpatrick, is the co-founder and creative director of the British fashion label FIDIR. Lord Downpatrick.jpgDiana was Downpatrick’s godmother, but she died before he got to know her well. 

Downpatrick is close to his third cousin Princess Beatrice of York and to his younger sisters, Lady Marina and Lady Amelia Windsor. His great-grandmother Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, Phil the Greek’s cousin, was the Royal family’s fashion icon in the post-war era, although I suspect that as ever with the Royals – and Kirsti Bohata and Katie Gramich – Princess Marina was seriously talked up.Beautiful Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent wearing her Bow Brooch. | Marina, Duchess of Kent's Royal Diamond Bow Brooch Prince Edward, Prince Phillip, Casa Real, Royal House, Royal Life, George Duke, Greek Royal Family, Prince Michael Of Kent, Royal Diamond

After Eton, Downpatrick enrolled at Keble College, Oxford, alma mater of Sir Peter Morrison and Keith Best. At Oxford Downpatrick was the President of the Bullingdon Club. Cameron and Boris were famously members of the Bullingdon and Call Me Dave had difficulty dealing with the bad PR when this was made public, the Bullingdon being notorious for its sole purpose of existing to enable its members to smash up bars and restaurants, members being rich enough to pay their way out of criminal prosecution. Boris has never suffered the sort of embarrassment that Call Me Dave did, probably because Boris’s other activities eclipsed his youthful adventures with the Bullingdon and he never even attempted to dissociate himself from it all.

Downpatrick wanted to join the British Army after Oxford, but had not recovered from rugby injuries.

Downpatrick seems to be a rather unlikely fashion designer. He first had the idea to launch a fashion brand while hiking in Scotland in 2009, but decided to first focus on his studies and career as a financial analyst at JP Morgan. However the pull of silk and taffeta eventually overcame the ex-Bullingdon, Rugger playing, Army aspiring, City financier Downpatrick and he left JP Morgan and began working as a fashion designer in 2016. Downpatrick launched fashion label FIDIR with Justine Dalby in 2017. The brand is a collection of outdoor-wear and accessories. Rugger Bugger Downpatrick designs handbags, wallets, sweatshirts, wash bags, and T-shirts. His designs are inspired by the Scottish Highlands.

Downpatrick’s gran’s position as the Patron of the hospital dominated by Bodger et al could have stood Downpatrick in good stead re his Fashion Label. One of Bodger’s sons was the business partner of Wayne Hemingway of Red Or Dead and Bodger sporting his Red Or Dead Doc Martens at graduation ceremonies and Top Docs’ dinners did wonders for Red Or Dead, as of course did Bodger’s friendship with Cilla and her circle. Bodger’s role in an international trafficking ring supplying meat to the Film Industry won’t have done any harm to business either. See the source image

Bodger died in Oct 2014 and I began this blog in 2016. I’ve been flattered to discover that there were people keeping tabs on me after I left my job at Bangor, was unlawfully detained in psych hospitals for many months  etc and that when word was out that I was a free woman and publishing with my former colleagues again, people knew that it was only a matter of time before I Published The Story…

I wonder if Bodger’s bereaved family needed a boost at that time what with the Don having Passed Over? Downpatrick would have already made the Big Money friendships useful to a Fashion Brand during his time at JP Morgan.

Downpatrick’s sister Lady Marina has a low profile, but his other sister Lady Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret Windsor (born 24 August 1995) is quite a megastar of a fashion model. Lady Amelia’s paternal great-great grandparents were George V and Mary of Teck. King George V’s wife Mary was the sister of Prince Alexander of Teck aka the Earl of Athlone. The Earl was Chairman of the Middlesex Hospital and Chancellor of London University; Gwynne Trained at the Middlesex and received his medical degree from London University when the Earl was Chancellor…

This sort of thing matters, not to me, but it matters to these grandiose institutions who splash the names of Royals over their headed notepaper and their PR material. It has now blown up in their faces in a very big way, yet still everyone continues to issue silly press statements of lies. What was needed was a frank admission, many years ago, that things had gone very wrong at St George’s, the Middlesex etc and steps to cleanse those institutions of criminals should have been taken. Murdering witnesses, destroying the careers of whistleblowers and appointing Royals as Patrons of yet more charidees run by these scumbags was not the answer. Neither was en masse plagiarism of other people’s work.

In 2013 Lady Amelia was presented to society at the le Bal des débutantes.

Lady Amelia is signed with Storm Model Management. In 2016 she was the cover girl for Tatler. See the source imageIn February 2017 Lady Amelia walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week and also walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s 2019 Spring collection. She was featured on the August 2017 cover of Vogue Japan. In 2018, Lady Amelia released a collaboration with Penelope Chilvers for a line of shoes, and modelled for the line in a video campaign in Spain. 20% of the proceeds from Lady Amelia’s shoe collection were donated to War Child,. Lady Amelia has worked for Chanel, Azzedine Alaia, and interned at BVLGARI.

Azzedine Alaia was a huge name in fashion, entered the business in the 1950s and I don’t have the capacity to discuss him extensively here. What did leap out at me was the info that Alaia was close to Naomi Campbell and she considered him to be a father figure to her from the age of 16. Naomi grew up in Streatham, on the turf of St George’s and in the vicinity of Madam Cyn’s brothel at Ambleside Avenue, Streatham. Madam Cyn’s establishment served as a networking venue for the more senior members of Dafydd’s Gang’s south London branch. St George’s consultants were found on the premises in every police raid but they were never mentioned, the world instead had a good laugh at the procession of peers, lawyers, judges, clergy etc who were always dug up in the raids on Ambleside Avenue.

The usual celebs have Worn Alaia, but one name difficult to surpass as an advert is Michelle Obama a regular Alaïa client. When First Lady, Michelle wore a formal black knit sleeveless dress with a ruffled skirt designed by Alaïa to the NATO dinner with heads of state in Strasbourg, France, on 3 April 2009. Also in 2009, Michelle Obama wore an Alaïa dress to the American Ballet Theatre‘s opening-night Spring Gala in New York. Michelle’s choice of fashion by Alaia, a Tunisian couturier, broke with the tradition of American First Ladies who had worn only the clothes of American designers to such events.

Have You Come Far?

Alaia was a close friend of US painter and film director Julian Schnabel, who in turn was one of Andy Warhol’s/Lou Reed’s crowd.

Julian Schnabel
Julian Schnabel (Hamptons International Film Festival 2010).jpg

Born October 26, 1951 (age 68)

Education University of Houston
Known for
Style “Plate paintings”
Movement Neo-expressionism
  • Jacqueline Beaurang
    (m. 1980; div. 1992)
  • Olatz López Garmendia
    (m. 1993; div. 2010)

Lady Amelia is a contributing fashion editor at In October 2018 Lady Amelia became the spokesmodel for British make-up brand Illamasqua. Illamasqua is owned by The Hut Group (THG):

The Hut Group
Industry Retail & Technology
Founded 2004
  • Matthew Moulding
  • John Gallemore


Area served
Key people
Products Beauty and Wellbeing
Revenue £916 million (2018) [1]
Number of employees
Divisions Retail & Technology Services


Matt Moulding
Matthew John Moulding

February 1972 (age 47)

Colne, Lancashire
Nationality British
Occupation Businessman
Known for Founder of The Hut Group
Net worth Increase £600 million (May, 2019)
Children 4

Matt Moulding (February 1972) is founder of THG. Moulding was born in Burnley, Lancashire – constituency MP Babs Castle, succeeded by Jack Straw –  and attended Fisher More High School in Colne. Moulding studied industrial economics at the University of Nottingham before going on to qualify as a chartered accountant. His father was a tarmac contractor and his mother was an antiques trader.

Matt went on to work at the Caudwell Group, where he became finance director of the distribution business, working directly with John Caudwell.

In 2004, Moulding founded The Hut Group, originally inspired from buying a CD online. He said that he recognised that selling online could be “fundamentally so much cheaper”. After investing £500,000 in the company, it took the business three years to break even, initially selling CDs online from the Channel Islands to avoid VAT. Moulding persuaded Sir Terry Leahy and Sir Stuart Rose to become early investors. Following the launch of the iPhone and rising in digital music streaming Moulding shifted his focus to selling other products online, and acquired a number of other e-commerce businesses, including, Lookfantastic, MyProtein, Zavvi, and Illamasqua. In 2014, KKR bought a 20 percent of the business. As of 2016, THG operated 100 e-commerce websites. As of 2018, the company operated 166 websites. In 2018, it was announced that Moulding would be stepping down as CEO to become Executive Chairman.

Moulding lives in Northwich, and has four children. In 2015, Moulding signed a letter supporting the Conservative Party in the 2015 General Election. According to The Sunday Times Rich List in May 2019, Matt has a net worth of £600 million. In an interview Moulding gave to The Sunday Times in July 2019, he said he earns “about £1 million” a year. Matt is a supporter of the Seashell Trust.

Matt’s former business partner John David Caudwell (born 7 October 1952) is a British billionaire businessman and philanthropist who co-founded the mobile phone retailer Phones 4u. He also invests in fashion, real estate and other industries, and Chairs Caudwell Children, a children’s charity, and Caudwell LymeCo, promoting the health of Lyme disease sufferers in the UK. Caudwell is known for being the UK’s largest taxpayer, but has taken many steps to avoid paying tax.  According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2019, Caudwell is worth £1.576 billion. On the Forbes 2016 list of the world’s billionaires, he was ranked #722 with a net worth of US$2.4 billion.

Caudwell was born in Birmingham but moved with his family as a baby to Stoke-on-Trent and was raised in Shelton, Staffordshire, and with his brother Brian attended Shelton Church of England School, and then Berry Hill High School. Caudwell become an apprentice at Michelin, and worked for several years there as an engineering foreman while gaining an HNC in mechanical engineering. Whilst working at Michelin Caudwell also ran a corner shop and started a mail order business selling clothing to motor bikers, both of which were successful.

In 1986 Caudwell became aware of the first of the then new mobile phones and discovered that there were large profit margins possible, so contacted the American handset maker Motorola to see if he could do a deal. With his brother Brian, in 1987 Caudwell registered Midland Mobile Phones as a mobile phone wholesaler, taking 26 Motorola mobiles at £1,350 each The company made a loss every month for the first two years of operations. As the company developed from a small dealership to a wholesale distributor, turnover expanded to £13 million in 1991, making it the UK’s largest independent distributor of mobile phones. Turnover increased from £13 million in 1991 to over £1 billion in 2000. In 1996 and 1997, the Caudwell Group was named the UK’s fastest-growing company for two years in succession.

Caudwell’s aggressive expansion with Phones 4u into the retail space created a professional rivalry with Charles Dunstone who built the other UK mobile phone powerhouse, Carphone Warehouse. Dunstone’s success was forged in the retail side of mobile, but the Caudwell empire was built on the success of wholesaling with 20:20 Distribution – which became one of the largest handset distributors in Europe – and Singlepoint, an airtime reseller for Vodafone. The dominance of 20:20 in the fast-growing UK mobile market paved the way for aggressive expansion into retail and accessories, with the development of Phones 4u and Dextra. By 2003, the Caudwell Group employed over 8,000 people worldwide and was selling 26 phones every minute.

In 2003 Caudwell sold Singlepoint to Vodafone for £405m (then $648m). Caudwell completed the sale of the wider business on 26 September 2006, when it was revealed that the Caudwell Group had been sold for a £1.46 billion to private equity firms Providence Equity Partners and Doughty Hanson. Caudwell made use of a tax allowance on the sale which limited his tax liability, stating had this not been available, he would have found loopholes to avoid paying anything.

Caudwell is also the owner of the South African F1 Powerboat racing team Caudwell Racing which has competed in the championship since 2012.

In 1999, Caudwell was appointed as the President of the North Staffordshire branch of the NSPCC and became the regional representative for the Full Stop campaign. Of the appointment, he says: “I was initially approached by the NSPCC to sponsor a cricket match. As is my way I got stuck in, took the whole thing over and was determined to raise as much money as I could.”

Caudwell founded the charity Caudwell Children in 2000. It became a national charity in 2006 and as of 2016 Caudwell is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Of the charity, he said: “I wanted to make sure that every penny that was raised would be put to the best use and spent on the children that needed it. My family puts about £2 million a year towards Caudwell Children. In addition I put in a lot of my time and I do a lot of networking. [But] the truth is my fortune isn’t enough to help all the children that need help.”

Here’s Lucille, she’s always ready to lend a hand:See the source image

Caudwell Children has proved controversial because it promotes unproven and dubious health practices and has aligned itself with anti-vaccinationists. The National Autistic Society asked Caudwell’s charity to remove claims from its website that it had the society’s support.

Bruce Forsyth was involved with Caudwell Children.See the source image

In October 2011, John Caudwell made a “significant” six-figure donation to Middleport Pottery (one of the last working Victorian pot banks in Britain) in Stoke-on-Trent, through The Prince’s Regeneration Trust. Image result for jimmy savile and prince charles imagesIn October 2012, Caudwell was one of three principal private donors for the London’s Bomber Command Memorial Appeal.

In February 2013, Caudwell became one of the first Britons to sign up for Bill Gates and Warren BuffettsGiving Pledge, which calls on billionaires to commit at least half their wealth to charity during their lifetime. Image result for jimmy savile and prince charles images

As of July 2013, Caudwell Children has raised £27 million since its inception in 2000. As a result of his charitable work and his financial success, John Caudwell now plans to give away at least half his wealth when he dies.

Caudwell key charitable pursuit is supporting Caudwell Children; See the source imagehowever, he is also a significant and regular contributor to and supporter of a number of charitable causes including the Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Marie Curie, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), Great Ormond Street Hospital and The Carers Trust, amongst others.

Caudwell still donates to the NSPCC, and undertakes regular 1,000-mile charity bike rides to raise funds for many children’s charities. On one fundraising bike ride from Lands End to John O’Groats in 2012, he raised £58,021 for Caudwell Children.See the source image

Caudwell has been awarded accolades for his philanthropic efforts. On 8 December 2012 at The Noble Gift Gala, he was presented with The Noble Gift Philanthropreneur Award by Hollywood actress Eva Longoria for his dedication to charity work.

Caudwell Properties Limited is involved in property acquisition, management and development. While much of the Caudwell portfolio is solid commercial real estate, more recently he has acquired property in Mayfair in London, the core of which is Audley Square Car Park and some surrounding buildings.

In April 2010, Caudwell donated £2,000 to Conservative MP Bill Cash‘s General Election fund. The Bill Cash who has concealed organised abuse and associated wrongdoing. See previous posts.

In 2019, Caudwell was reported to have donated £500,000 to the Conservative Party ahead of the 2019 UK General Election. John Caudwell also gave interviews stating that he and many other wealthy individuals would leave the UK if the Labour Party gained power. You have nothing to worry about John, even if the Labour Party are re-elected at any time, you’ll only have to explain that you are Connected To Bodger’s Friends The Top Docs and the Labour Party will roll over to have its tummy tickled by a donor to the Tory Party such as you. And they won’t mention the tax evasion either.See the source image

Caudwell was married to Kate McFarlane for 25 years, ending in 2001, and they had three children. He then had a relationship with violinist Jane Burgess, with whom he had a daughter. Caudwell was then in a long term relationship with Claire Johnson for 15 years, with whom he has a son. They separated in 2014.

In 2015, Caudwell claimed that 11 family members including himself, his ex-wife Kate McFarlane, their two daughters Rebekah and Rhiannon, and his son Rufus had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a tricky one but I’m fairly sure that it is not that prevalent, it’s not as if it’s the common cold where everyone in the house comes down with it.

THG is considered to be part of Andy Burnham’s Northern Powerhouse no less. Andy who as Gordon’s Health Secretary Andy Burnham2.jpgconcealed the genocide at Mid-Staffs NHS Official portrait of Baroness Golding crop 2.jpguntil a Public Inquiry could be staved off no longer, so Sir Robert Francis QC was appointed to Chair one…

The Hut Group sued Oliver Cookson over the sale of Myprotein in 2011. Cookson was sued for £15 million, with The Hut Group claiming overestimation affected the valuation of the company when they bought it. Cookson counter sued for £12.7 million claiming a breach of warranty and fraudulent mis-representation. The matter went to the High Court in London in October 2014 and after a month-long trial judgement was given by William Blair in November 2014 giving Oliver Cookson an overall net result win of £6.5m in damages. William Blair is the brother of that well-known billionaire philanthropist Miranda.

At the costs hearing in December 2014, the judge awarded a payment of just under £7.5 million to be made by The Hut Group to Cookson and the Trust in respect of all of the claims and counterclaims in the action and one third of the costs incurred by Mr Cookson and the Trust. Oliver Cookson and the Trust appealed the court’s decision to award The Hut Groups damages. The court of appeal dismissed the appeal on 22 March 2016.


After graduating from St Mary’s School, Ascot, Lady Amelia spent a gap year in India and Thailand before studying French and Italian at the University of Edinburgh. Lady Amelia was named in the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List in 2017. She was dubbed “the most beautiful member of the royal family” by Tatler. In 2011 Lady Amelia attended the wedding of her cousin Prince William of Wales to Kate.

One thing that interests me now that I know how huge Bodger’s wrongdoing was and that it was all linked to the Fashion, Modelling and Film Industry, was the contract that St George’s Hospital had with a Cosmetics Company, who purchased the placentas of the women who delivered at St George’s. Being a medical researcher I was never squeamish about things like placentas and I also knew that for some years the more expensive skin care products had often contained placenta. Rubbing placental cells on one’s skin won’t make a bit of difference, but a la the Active Liposomes and other pseudo-biological advertising material utilised by the Beauty industry, the placenta in skin cream was a seller, although women did giggle about ‘where are the placentas coming from??’ Even I wondered that, until I worked at St George’s…

The midwives at St George’s, like me, thought that the Beauty company buying the placentas was not that mind-blowing, but I bet those midwives and the Top Docs had a greater awareness than I did that St George’s would have incurred bad publicity from certain quarters if it ever became public that the placentas from new mothers were being chucked into huge chest freezers and flogged without patients’ knowledge or consent. (If there were any Magic Ingredients in placental cells that did wonders for one’s skin, the process of freezing those placentas will have destroyed them. Cells don’t like being frozen, it seriously buggers them up.) I also suspect that whichever company purchased the placentas were paying a great deal of money for them because I can’t imagine that many hospitals would have agreed to it. It had to have been Bodger’s links with the Fashion and Beauty industry that resulted in that contract…

If any readers know which company was paying Bodger good money for other people’s placentas, do let me know. Was it L’Oreal?? I think that they were one of those who pioneered placenta in their skin care products…

Readers!! The BIGGEST problem wasn’t just Bodger playing fast and loose with other people’s placentas, it was that Bodger knew as well as I did that the placentas will have made no difference at all to anyone who was purchasing expensive skin care products on the grounds that Clinical Trials had shown that this Reduced The Appearance Of Fine Lines or whatever lies were told… It was yet another research fraud endorsed by the Top Docs. Because they were making money flogging those placentas… 

Now Then. Questionable research has ‘demonstrated’ that injecting cells from foetuses into the brains of patients with certain neurodegenerative disorders effects improvement. We were told about this research when I was at Hammersmith in 1986-87; it was taking place in I think Sweden. Malcolm Alison, our course tutor at Hammersmith, told us that there was no way that anyone in the UK would ever get such research or treatment past an ethics committee… I am fairly sure that recently such ‘treatment’ for some neurodegenerative conditions has begun in the UK. What’s the betting that the mothers of the foetuses used have no idea?

This is in no way an anti-science stance. Sadly it is this gross abuse of patients that has led to the crisis of confidence in medical science, the rise of the anti-vaxxers etc. People also need to know that it is not usually the Clever Scientists who say and do anything to pursue their work; it is the Top Doctors who are more easily able to lie to patients, offer false reassurances etc, because it is so much an everyday part of their work. Scientists are much more poorly paid than Top Docs, have far less patient contact and tend to be much more anxious if it is suggested that all they need to do is lie their arses off to the patients.

Big Mason and HRH the Duchess of Kent’s  daughter Lady Helen Marina Lucy Taylor (née Windsor), was born at Coppins, a country house in Iver, Buckinghamshire. Lady Helen was educated at Eton End School in Datchet then at St Mary’s School, Wantage, and Gordonstoun. At Gordonstoun, Lady Helen was one of 20 sixth form girls at Gordonstoun.

She was called “Melons” in the popular press.

“I was slightly chubby, it was the boys at Gordonstoun who called me that. I think there are only about two people who call me that now. The original context has long gone” …”If having a pint of Tennents in the woods at Gordonstoun could be considered wild, then I was. The trouble with me and parties is I like to be in bed at 10.30. I did used to smoke but I was always terrified of drugs.”

So the ‘boys at Gordonstoun’ took the blame for the years of crude comments about Lady Helen in the British media. Good to know that teenaged boys were to blame when Helen was well into adulthood. Where’s the Campaign then Sister Hutt?

After Lady Melons – rhymes with Lady Helen, Geddit?? well no, it doesn’t, but it does if you’re a Sun Editor –  left Gordonstoun (where she had art classes), she was desperate to go to London and earn money, starting in 1984 at Christie’s auction house in their Contemporary Department.

1984, the year of the Gwynne Row! Phew, What A Scorcher! Gwynne was much worse than the mythical boys at Gordonstoun, but that was never mentioned in the tabloids. Sam Fox turned up to open the Octagon nightclub in Bangor in 1984, the venue in which Gwynedd social workers sold the kids from Ty’r Felin children’s home for sex… See ‘Local Accessories’ and ‘Are You Local?’. Then there was Conwy’s own Paula Yates, wife of St Bob who began her career as a ‘groupie’ and model for a soft porn mag…

Did the ‘boys at Gordonstoun’ force the kids from the children’s homes in north Wales to pose for porn with animals? Or was that someone else perhaps?

Lady Helen worked with the art dealer Karsten Schubert between 1987 and 1991, behind the front desk and was later credited with discovering Rachel Whiteread and Gary Hume, but confessed in a TV interview that she had turned down representing artist Damien Hirst. As Dafydd would say ‘Interesting, interesting’. I wondered who was behind the sudden success of the YBAs, including Rachel Whiteread. Lady Helen would not have the sort of knowledge or spotting skills to ever ‘see potential’ in Rachel Whiteread et al, so who was really propelling them to fame and fortune?

For 17 years, Lady Helen was a fashion ambassador and muse to Giorgio Armani. It’ll have been those boys at Gordonstoun up to no good again.

At 19, Lady Helen met Timothy Verner Taylor (b. 8 August 1963), an art dealer and the eldest son of Commander Michael Verner Taylor, RN and Susan Geraldine Percy. They married at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on 18 July 1992. The bride wore a Catherine Walker design, inspired by the boys at Gordonstoun. Giorgio Armani provided an outfit for Lady Helen’s wedding. In 1998, Lady Helen’s husband contracted Hodgkin’s disease and the Ah the Doctors they were wonderful.

Lady Helen and her husband have four children:

  • Columbus George Donald Taylor (born 6 August 1994)
  • Cassius Edward Taylor (born 26 December 1996)
  • Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor (born 2 March 2003)
  • Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor (born 21 December 2004)

Lady Helen is a Patron of the CLIC Sargent children’s cancer charity and a Trustee of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. I did say that the Ah the Doctors they were wonderful. Does Lady Helen know that the Royal Marsden were part of the big CRC/ICRF funded research fraud begun in 1988 when I was working for Vincent Marks, that involved Vincent’s mates and one of Tony Francis’s friends? It was exposed in 1990 and shortly after scandal, Prof Tim McElwain, one of those involved, was found dead. ‘Suicide. The Shame and Disgrace of it all’. Everyone else who lied, cheated and conspired, went on to hold senior positions in the NHS, cancer research or academia, except for one junior researcher who changed career. A lot of people knew those involved in that huge conspiracy, so it’s just as well that Tim McElwain isn’t alive to tell all or a lot of careers could be finished. Readers can find out more from my posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’. Obviously so many people built their careers on the back of that fraud and by keeping schtum about who organised it that not all the guilty parties are named in my posts…

Here’s a nice pic of Sir Paul Nurse:

Here’s a Little Scottish Lezzer who’s dad is a Famous Oncologist:See the source image

Meet Sir Idwal, Calvinistic Methodist and International People Trafficker:See the source image

Lady Helen is on the Advisory Board of the Glyndebourne Festival Opera after serving as a Trustee.

Lady Helen’s younger brother – Big Mason and HRH’s third child – is Lord Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan Windsor (born 25 July 1970). Lord Nicholas Windsor was born at King’s College Hospital, London. He was baptised at Windsor Castle and his godparents included Carlo and Donald Coggan, at the time Archbishop of York and later Archbishop of Canterbury. Windsor was educated at Westminster Under School and then Harrow School. Lord Nicholas later attended Harris Manchester College, Oxford,

In a private ceremony in 2001 Lord Nicholas was received into the Catholic Church. On 14 July 2011, Nicholas became an Honorary Vice-President of the Friends of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, an Anglican Ordinariate within the Catholic Church. He has voiced strong views on the issue of abortion, which he has stated is, as a societal threat, “worse than al-Qaeda“.

Lord Nicholas, you might like to have a word with your mum’s pals at St George’s on that particular matter. Bodger has Passed On now, but I’ll remind you that the Bodger whom your family launched so many lifeboats to protect, as a Nice Young Doctor working in Washington DC in the mid-1960s, conducted live experiments on late gestation foetuses, whom Bodger then killed. Bodger acquired the foetuses by carrying out illegal abortions on women in late pregnancy whom he told were in need of a hysterectomy. Most of them will have known that they were pregnant, so I assume that lies were told about the baby being dead or the women being so ill that the baby was a gonner anyway, etc. Bodger then made merry with the foetuses, who, even in those days, would have had some chance of survival if they had been cared for as premature babies rather than experimental material for Bodger to kill once he’d finished with them.

None of this was a secret Lord Nicholas, Bodger published it in one of the biggest Obs and Gynae journals in the world. He then returned to the UK and became a Leading Doctor. BTW, the stated purpose for Bodger’s experiments in Washington was his interest in developing an artificial placental system. What was Bodger still banging on about when I worked for him in 1990? Er, how he was trying to develop an artificial placental system. If Bodger was, I never saw him or indeed anyone else busy doing that.

See ‘Now Then’ for full details of Bodger’s glorious moments…

Nicholas Windsor met his future wife, Paola Doimi de Lupis Frankopan Šubić Zrinski, at a party in New York City in 1999 to mark the Millennium. They married on 4 November 2006 in the Church of St Stephen of the Abyssinians in the Vatican and Paola became Lady Nicholas Windsor. Nicholas was the first member of the English Royal family to be married there since the Reformation. As required by the Royal Marriages Act 1772, the Brenda consented to the marriage. If Brenda had said no, would the boys at Gordonstoun have been blamed?

Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor had their first child, a son, Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor, on 22 September 2007 at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, Bodger’s former place of employment. Albert is the eighth grandchild for the Big Mason and HRH Duchess of Kent. See the source image

Lady Nicholas gave birth to the couple’s second child, Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor, on 8 September 2009 at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Leopold was baptised by Angelo Cardinal Comastri in St. Peter’s in the Vatican on 29 May 2010. A third son, Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix Windsor, was born 27 May 2014.See the source image

In 2011, Windsor was appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life. He is co-signatory of the San José Articles which promote the protection of the unborn child.

In 2007, Windsor accepted the invitation to become Patron of Bromley Mind. The position is a public statement of his support for its work and he makes a practical contribution from time to time by supporting special events and fundraising campaigns. If this blog hasn’t finished off the reputation of MIND for good, Nicholas becoming Patron of the Bromley branch has.

Nicholas, Meet Bodger, at an Important Meeting, with his friend a Famous Paediatrician:

Bodger was a good friend of Brave Wendy, who was also in attendance at the Important Meeting. Brave Wendy is an abortionist who has flouted the law on abortion since her days as a med student at the London Hospital; Brave Wendy performs numerous abortions on women who have been trafficked by her friends/colleagues. Brave Wendy boasts of performing over 20 abortions on the same woman ‘if needed’. 

Meet Bodger’s boss, 1988-96, Sir William Asscher, Dean of St George’s:See the source image

Lord Nicholas’s mum was bound to have met Sir William, she was Patron of the institution that he ran.Image result for mothercare images I can only assume that HRH didn’t mention a few matters to Sir William…

Nicholas Windsor has worked for the Refugee Council in London, the DePaul Trust for the homeless and in a school for autistic children. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Centre in Washington DC. See the source imageNicholas is a Trustee of the Catholic National Library UK and The Right to Life Charitable Trust, an educational body whose goal is the full protection of the unborn child. Windsor is the Royal Patron – along with his wife Paola – of the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst, a charitable endeavour to make the historic collections of Stonyhurst College and the story that they tell more widely accessible to young people in the surrounding areas.

Nicholas Windsor wrote for the American journal First Things on the subject of abortion, an article which was entered into the United States Congressional Record by Congressman Chris Smith. He has written in the Telegraph and The Catholic Herald on pro-life issues.

Lord Nicholas’s wife:

Lady Nicholas Windsor
Paola Louise Marica Doimi de Lupis

7 August 1969 (age 50)

London, England
Children 3
  • Louis Doimi de Lupis, Count de Lupis (father)
  • Ingrid Detter (mother)
Relatives Peter Frankopan (brother)
Family Windsor

Lady Nicholas Windsor (born Paola Louise Marica Doimi de Lupis) is the daughter of Louis, Prince Frankopan, Count Doimi de Lupis, born in Split, Croatia. Lady Nicholas’s father is a member of the old Croatian and Italian nobility and came to England after WW II when the family fortune was seized by the Yugoslavian Communist Gov’t. Prince Frankopan went to school in the UK and then to Oxford University. Prince Frankopan is a barrister, a member of Middle Temple, along with Ronnie Waterhouse, Paddy Mayhew, Greville Janner, Dame Barbara Mills and others who have been so very helpful to the Gang.See the source image

Lady Nicholas’s mother, Ingrid Detter, is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Law at Stockholm University.

Lady Nicholas herself attended Cambridge under her birth name of ‘Paola Louise Marica Doimi de Lupis’ (in 1989); by 1993 her entry includes the added ‘Frankopan Šubic’, while parenthetically including her original name for clarification. The announcement of Lady Nicholas’s marriage refers to her parents as ‘Don‘ and ‘Donna’. She has one sister, Christina and three brothers, Peter, Nicholas, and Lawrence.

Paola Windsor was educated at St Paul’s Girls’ School and at Wycombe Abbey, Paola read Classics at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and took a Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (M.Phil. equivalent) at Paris IV, La Sorbonne, submitting a thesis entitled L’autorité de l’État (English: “The authority of the state”). See the source image

Paola: Next time that you feel inclined to write something on that subject, do send me an e mail because there are just so many people that I could introduce you to who have felt the boot of the state in the form of your family in their chops. Many of them died as a result, but I can find a few survivors as it were…

Paola, as Paola Frankopan, has written for The Tatler, where she is a contributing editor and for Vogue USA.

Is Paola a Satirist of huge proportions by any chance?

Paola has published an introduction to the history of the Sanctuary of Trsat (Trsatska Sveta Kuća in Croatian).

Paola’s brother Peter is having an even bigger laugh than Paola.

Peter Frankopan
Peter Frankopan.JPG
Born 22 March 1971 (age 48)
Occupation Historian
Spouse(s) Jessica Sainsbury
Parent(s) Louis Doimi de Lupis, Count de Lupis
Ingrid Detter de Frankopan
Relatives Lady Nicholas Windsor (sister)

Peter Frankopan (born 22 March 1971) attended Eton College, then completed his first degree at Jesus College, Cambridge before getting his D.Phil at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Peter is a senior research fellow at Worcester College, Oxford and Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research.

In 2002, Frankopan and his wife Jessica opened Crowley Manor, a boutique hotel and spa on a historic estate in the Cotswolds. They have since expanded their hotel chain, called ‘A Curious Group of Hotels’, to include the Portobello Hotel in London, Canal House in Amsterdam and L’Hotel Paris in Paris. The restaurant in L’Hotel Paris has been awarded a Michelin star.

Peter has served as President of the Croatian Cricket Federation and has played for the Croatian national team.

Peter and his wife Jessica, daughter of Tim Sainsbury, have four children and live in Oxford. Together, they oversee a £14 million trust funded by Jessica’s family’s supermarket fortune.

Tim Sainsbury is the youngest son of Lord Sainsbury and his wife Doreen. His elder brothers are Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, a former Chairman of Sainsbury’s, and the late Simon Sainsbury. Lord Sainsbury of Turville, the former Labour Minister for Science, is a cousin. Tim’s great-grandparents, John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann Staples, established a grocer’s at 173 Drury Lane in 1869 which became the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.

Tim Sainsbury was Conservative MP for Hove, 1973-97 and served as Thatch’s junior Minister in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 24 July 1989-23 July 1990, (under Foreign Secretaries John Major and then Douglas Hurd) and held a number of Ministerial posts in Major’s Gov’t, including Minister of State for Trade (1990–92) and Minister for Industry (1992–94). Tim was President of the Hove Conservative Association from 1998 until 2002 and was President of the Conservative Friends of Israel from 1997 until 2005. Tim is a Patron of the Tory Reform Group.  In 2019 Tim announced his intention to vote Liberal Democrat at the General Election.

Sainsbury and his two brothers funded an extension to the National Gallery at a cost of around £50 million, which opened in 1991 as the Sainsbury Wing. Tim was Chairman of the Somerset House Trust, 1997-2002 and was President of a £25m campaign for Worcester College, Oxford. He was appointed as a Trustee of the Victoria & Albert Museum on 17 December 2003 and was re-appointed on 17 December 2007. Tim Sainsbury is Chairman of the V&A’s International Council, which aims to secure major donations for the FuturePlan.

Tim has two daughters, Camilla (born 1962) and Jessica (born 1970), and two sons, James (born 1962) and Alexander (born 1968). Camilla was married until late 2015 to Shaun Woodward the MP who defected from the Tories to Labour, under circumstances that favoured the Gang, as discussed in previous posts.

Tim Sainsbury joined Sainsbury’s in 1956. In 1959 he became Deputy to Fred Salisbury (the first non-Sainsbury Director of the company). Tim was appointed Director of Estates, Architects and Engineers in 1962. When the Company listed on the London Stock Exchange on 12 July 1973, as J Sainsbury plc, his family at the time kept control with an 85% stake. Whilst his cousin, David Sainsbury, inherited his father Robert Sainsbury‘s entire 18% shareholding, Tim Sainsbury had to split his father Alan Sainsbury’s 18% stake with his brothers JD Sainsbury and Simon Sainsbury, and so they held 6% each. It is believed that Sir Robert Sainsbury gave David Sainsbury his entire shareholding (rather than split it between David and his three daughters) so that David would have more votes at the table. David only joined Sainsbury’s Personnel Department when he did not get the grades needed to pursue his ambition to become a scientist.

Tim Sainsbury stepped down from the Board in 1983 to further pursue his career in politics. In 1992 his brother JD Sainsbury retired and was succeeded as Chairman and Chief Executive by his cousin, David Sainsbury. Tesco overtook Sainsbury’s to become the UK’s largest supermarket chain in 1995. As a result, it is believed that JD Sainsbury asked Tim to re-join Sainsbury’s as a Non-Executive Director in 1995 to support David. David stepped down in 1998 to pursue a career in politics and in 1999, Tim stepped down as Non-Executive Director, meaning no member of the Sainsbury family now works for the Company. At the time Tim vowed “to remain a major and committed shareholder.” On 13 January 2006, the company was notified that Sir Timothy Sainsbury no longer has a notifiable interest in the company’s issued share capital, such interest now being below 3%. His wife, who had held the other half of his 6% stake, dropped her interest in Sainsbury’s below 3% the previous week.

When Sainsbury’s was the target for takeover bids during 2007, it is believed that Tim was unwilling to sell his remaining stake at any price, wanting to keep the company independent, as opposed to David Sainsbury, who indicated he was willing to let the Sainsbury’s Board open its books for due diligence if someone offered him a price of 600 pence per share or more. As of August 2009, Tim Sainsbury together with his wife were still thought to own just under 3% of the retailer. The Sainsbury family as a whole control approximately 15% of Sainsbury’s.

In the Sunday Times Rich List 2008 Tim’s family fortune was estimated at £1.3 billion.

Lord David Sainsbury of Turville stars in previous posts, which provide substantial details as to Lord David’s acquiring a peerage and then a job as Science Minister in the New Labour Gov’t after he donated an enormous sum to the Labour Party; how Lord David established the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health that curiously promoted New Labour’s policies and was shamelessly plugged throughout NVQ training material for mental health courses in the years around the millennium (students were told repeatedly in the course literature that they could acquire information and resources from the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health); how Lord David closed the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and began funding whole wings of research institutes carrying out ‘independent’ research into neuroscience/neuropsychology; and how Lord Sainsbury was appointed Chancellor of Cambridge University after giving a massive bung to that institution. UK Health/Science Policy – as ordered by David Sainsbury!

In the heyday of Thatch’s Gov’t, a radio phone in to Cecil Parkinson included a call from a young woman who quoted a few figures re Tim Sainsbury’s family fortune and asked Cecil how someone from such a background could ever understand the Ordinary Voter. Cecil pompoused away about how brilliant it was that Tim Sainsbury who would not need to work at all if he didn’t want to was prepared to Serve on a miniscule Ministerial salary, such was Tim’s commitment to the Man In The Street.

I would not suggest that a rich person could never be an effective, genuine MP/Minister or that a rich person would never want to serve in public life for noble reasons. However evidence re the Sainsbury family per se suggests that there was nothing selfless about their Desire To Serve; indeed they shamelessly purchased their political careers and in the case of David, bankrolled policy that they promoted as Ministers when they had no understanding or knowledge of the field at all. If David had worked at bagging the credentials for a career in science and learned some science, he would know that the nonsense promoted by his Centres and Institutions will never work as Health Policy.


Ken Clarke stood down as Health Secretary on 2 Nov 1990 and was appointed as Secretary of State for Education and Science.

With regard to my adventures as a patient at Springfield after I had been effectively hounded out of St George’s once Bodger and the BMA had colluded with Howe, Heseltine, Hurd et al and deposed Thatch, and I had been arrested shortly after on serious charges as the Drs Francis perjured themselves on a scale as never before, I was admitted to Springfield on 16 Jan 1991, after receiving a home visit from Robin Jacobson, a Springfield consultant, on 15 Jan 1991. I was discharged from Springfield on 7 Feb 1991.

One thing that I remember Jacobson telling me during that visit after I told him of the rampant abuse and criminality in north Wales was that Springfield had a reputation for excellence and there was even an office in Springfield with a patients’ right lawyer. I have mentioned this before on the blog, but I’ll flag it up again here: Springfield was SO BAD that if anyone is serious about investigating the Westminster Paedophile Ring or indeed any serious crime re organised abuse and Class A drugs in south London stemming from that time, they need to trace the lawyers staffing that ‘lawyers office’ and ask them how they managed not to raise the alarm re what was happening.

I might have stated in previous posts that I was admitted to Daffodil Ward in Springfield; it was actually Crocus Ward, I’ve re-checked the paperwork…

Atkinson Morley/Springfield Consultant Psychiatrist Tom Burns had ‘assessed’ me six months before this admission, after Nita Mitchell-Heggs, the St George’s Occ Health Physician, insisted that I see the ‘loveliest man that I know’. Tom’s manner was very different to the usual unpleasant not very bright psychiatrist and we had a nice chat. As I was telling him about Gwynne, Dafydd et al, imagine my surprise when Tom interrupted me and snapped angrily ‘You think that I don’t believe you? You think that I’m naïve don’t you? Well I do believe you, I’m not naïve and I know that this sort of thing is going on.’ Tom went on to tell me that psychiatry attracts ‘disturbed people’ and it was causing big problems. Tom reported back to Nita that I wasn’t psychotic but probably had a Paranoid Personality Disorder.

In Dec 1990, when the Drs Francis had me arrested, Tom told Nita that he didn’t think that he had anything to offer when she asked him if he’d help out. After being arrested on the basis of the lies to the police – backed up by the MDU – told by the Drs Francis in Dec 1990, just after Thatch resigned and Major became PM, my first Court appearance in north Wales after being charged with threatening to kill and threatening to commit criminal damage was scheduled for 29 Jan 1991. I’ve only just noticed from my documents that Robin Jacobson was ringing Alwyn Jones my solicitor, who told Jacobson that because I was in hospital I wouldn’t need to attend the Court hearing. Because so many lies had been told, the charges against me were changing virtually every day and Jacobson noted this on the records. Not that Jacobson acknowledged that the charges were changing because no-one could produce the evidence of my crimes. Jacobson documented that the Drs Francis were so terrified of me that they didn’t dare substantiate their allegations.See the source image

So great was their fear that the Drs Francis just made up another load of cobblers that was then faithfully documented by the MDU, Top Docs, etc although those allegations couldn’t be substantiated either…

Tom Burns remained silent throughout it all.Image result for professor tom burns images

All serious charges disappeared once I had been forced out of my job at St George’s, refused all care and support and I’d returned to live in north Wales full time. Then some more charges appeared and in April 1991 I was back in London for my guest appearance at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand!See the source image

Tom remained silent.Image result for professor tom burns images

As soon as I arrived at Springfield, Jacobson’s Senior Registrar Ruth White told me that I would not be staying at Springfield because I was a member of staff at St George’s, thus I would be transferred to the Maudsley. Ruth White was a close friend of a Top Doc in Bodger’s team whom I knew well. That Top Doc was one of the saner Docs who used to hint darkly to me that Bodger was involved in terrible things and was not the cuddly old bloke whom many people believed him to be. There were many ways in which this Top Doc would have known about the Gang; as a student she had been involved with the Anti-Nazi League and the Anti-Apartheid Movement and she was also training as an analyst. I have always presumed that she was one of the few sane people who was doing her best amidst the madness; I never ever saw her conducting herself in the way that some of her colleagues did and she was very much more level headed than most of them. She had only ever mentioned Ruth White in passing, but White was rude and hostile to me from our first meeting. I wondered if White feared that I had sensitive info about her but when I subsequently  acquired documentation and read about the cosy phone calls that White and Jacobson had held with Dafydd, Tony Francis and even Lucille Hughes before any Springfield staff had even met me, White’s unpleasantness became understandable. Springfield was in business with the Gang anyway…Image result for professor tom burns images

Angela Pumfrey, Robin Jacobson’s secretary, pp’d letters from Jacobson to D.G.E. Wood on 16 Jan 1991, although I had not been in contact with Wood for years. Angela also pp’d a letter from Jacobson to Lucille Hughes on 16 Jan 1991. Tony Francis had at some point recommended during a phone conversation to people at Springfield that if Jacobson needed evidence of my Dangerousness, he should contact Lucille. I have never met Lucille and had only ever spoken to her once in the late 1980s. I rang her and told her that I had evidence that she and Dafydd were involved with very serious crime. Lucille cackled down the phone and said ‘Crime?? Well you’d better go to the police then’ and hung up on me.

Anyone for a Top Secret Case Conference held by Dr Chris Hunter?

When the Dean of St George’s William Asscher was widowed, elderly and resident in the Vale of Glamorgan on a permanent basis, he acquired a New Lady In His Life, a long-standing family friend, Zylvia Pumfrey. See ‘A Charming Uplifting Sound…’ and previous posts. I presume that Zylvia was a relation of Angela.

I hung around Springfield for days with staff refusing to speak to me on the grounds that ‘You’re going to the Maudsley’. The Top Doc from the Maudsley eventually turned up to ‘assess’ me and explained that he had hoped to have visited me days ago but there had been a suicide on the Maudsley ward where I was due to be transferred and so the ward had been closed for the week.

The Maudsley Top Doc in question was Paul Bowden and he arrived to interview me with ‘his’ charge nurse. Bowden was OK to talk to, he wasn’t a Ruth White and at the end of the interview he told me that he didn’t think that I should be transferred to the Maudsley because I had now been at Springfield for a week, I had made friends with other patients and he thought that was important and positive.

Yet that was not what Paul Bowden told his colleagues at Springfield. There is no copy of any letter or paperwork written by Bowden in my files, but Alice Levinson wrote down what Bowden had said (Alice’s notes read as though she had transcribed a letter or a dictation from Bowden) in her notes about me…

All of these records were withheld from me until 2005, when my lawyer took Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, to the High Court in Cardiff where he was threatened with imprisonment for unlawfully withholding my medical records. However, a great many other people had been given access to my medical records and had even received copies/extracts. 

Bowden declared me to be Dangerous and in possession of a ‘Severe Paranoid Personality Disorder possibly at times Borderline’. I work by ‘splitting and projection’, no treatment had ever made a jot of difference to me – not even my stay in Dafydd’s Therapeutic Community that Dafydd told Jacobson all about – and no treatment would ever work on me. Furthermore, if I was given Therapy I would use that Therapy to cause even more damage to the world. Bowden stated that under no circumstances was I to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act no matter what happened to me or anyone else, although there was of course a danger that I would carry out a murderous attack on a third party at any point.See the source image

Bowden also told the Springfield contingent that St George’s had admitted that my confidence had been breached in so far as when I was in Springfield someone from St George’s had rung my relatives in Somerset without my knowledge ‘to see if they knew what was going on’. Bowden had told the Springfield contingent that if I complained about this breach of confidence I would lose my job. See the source imageI don’t remember complaining about it, so many unacceptable things had happened by then that it seemed to be pointless complaining about anything, but at that time, one of the Bridgy contingent snapped at me that Brown had rung them telling them that I had attempted suicide. I hadn’t but I could barely believe that Brown would ever have rung them without telling me; Brown absolutely assured me that he had not rung them and never would. There was then a row with one of the Bridgy contingent yelling at me that Brown was lying, it was definitely him who had rung.

After I began this blog I was told that the call was something to do with the security services; they’d been bugging us for years and it is alleged that a fake recording/impersonation of Brown was made, assembled from spliced previous recordings. That incident nearly caused a serious rift between Brown and me, which I presume was the rationale, Brown being the one person who always supported me in the face of the Gang and supported me as crap rained down on my head at St George’s. Brown and I also suspect that the call was preparing the ground for my body to be found thus reducing the possibility of questions being asked. Shortly after the call I appeared in the press in south London and north Wales as the star of a news story about a Scientist at St George’s Harassing Top Docs, See the source imagealthough by the time that the story was published I’d been forced out of my job anyway.

Tom still didn’t say a word even with me making headlines.Image result for professor tom burns images

Brown and I suspect that had I been found dead, it would have been against a background beloved of people like Paul Bowden and Bluglass. Mad but clever person who Could Not Be Helped by the Caring Top Docs conducts a Terrible Vendetta against the Caring Top Docs, commits crimes, is sacked from a Good Job that she had bagged as a result of her Cunning Ways and then kills herself…See the source image

Perhaps Sir Robert Francis QC, who for some years now has been the British NHS Patients’ Champ, would like to explain these events in his capacity as the MDU barrister who starred in that particular case against me. See the source imageSee the source imageMy documents demonstrate that the MDU’s own solicitor Ann Ball told the Drs Francis that they did not have the evidence to support their claims and advised them to drop the case against me. The MDU were also well aware that I was demonstrating serious criminality on everyone’s part but mine. I also had a long phone conversation (approx. 30 mins or more) in which I told Ann pretty much everything re the abuse of patients that I had witnessed in north Wales. Ann told me that the Drs Francis knew nothing about any of my ‘allegations’. Sadie wrote Ann a letter in reply telling Ann that they were Experienced Top Docs who knew a Dangerous Nutter when they saw one. See the source imageThe MDU then agreed to go ahead with the case although they had still not been presented with the evidence of my crimes…Image result for professor tom burns images

The latest perusal of my documents shows that Ann Ball was based at the MDU’s Manchester office. Despite being based in Manchester, Ann did manage to make it down to the case in April 1991 at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand in person.

Paul Bowden’s comments are very typical of psychs who claim to be dealing with Dangerous Manipulative Patients. Bowden was a famous forensic psych who worked on a lot of high profile cases, including that of serial killer Dennis Nilsen. Nilsen died in prison on 12 May 2018. Paul Bowden died in 2014, when the Macur Review was on the way.

I have a mass of documentary evidence demonstrating that Bowden was a liar who knowingly colluded with Top Docs and others whom he knew were guilty of very, very serious offences. Bowden’s motives were to demonise and discredit me and to ensure that I received no healthcare or support whatever although he knew that I would shortly be homeless and jobless. I don’t think that Bowden believed one word of what he was saying. My concern is that Bowden will have done this to other people who unlike me are not in a position to expose this chain of gangsters who had the entire mental health system rigged Image result for professor tom burns imagesto silence witnesses to serious crime perpetrated by their mates.

Now Then. I have looked again and again to ensure that I’ve got this right, but Alice Levinson’s detailed notes written under the sub-heading ‘Dr Bowden’s Opinion’ are dated 8/1/91. I was not admitted to Springfield until 16 Jan 1991. Jacobson did not pay me the domiciliary visit until 15 Jan 1991. I might even have still been in Gwynedd when Alice faithfully recorded Dr Bowden’s opinion on 8 Jan 1991. From what I remember, I was arrested in London by the Burnside and Ted Roach style detectives, detained in Streatham Police Station for what I am sure was an unlawful length of time, driven to north Wales, interviewed by police, appeared before Caernarfon Magistrates Court and then bailed to live at my shared house in Streatham, signing on bail daily at a police station in Tooting, which according to Alice’s notes was Earlsfield Police Station.

Earlsfield Police Station is located in Garrett Lane, which at least when I lived in the area, had the reputation of being the least desirable part of Tooting. I have discussed in previous posts how a Top Doc at St George’s discussed one of the patients ‘from a really scummy family in Garrett Lane’. The Really Scummy Police at Earlsfield Station must have been either as corrupt as buggery or really frightened of the serious organised crime underway in the World Leading Teaching Hospital just down the road.Image result for lavender hill mob images

I signed on bail with the Lavender Hill Mob for just a few days as Alwyn Jones, my solicitor from Bangor, tried to get me a bed in Springfield. I eventually went to the GP’s surgery with which I was registered on 14 Jan 1991 and the GP arranged the home visit from Jacobson. I’ll return to the GP concerned later in this post. Alwyn had tried to secure me a bed in Springfield before my appearance at Caernarfon Magistrates Court, but Springfield stated that there was no bed available.

I was nowhere near Alice until 16 Jan 1991 or Paul Bowden until a number of days after the 16 Jan 1991, particularly with the Maudsley suicide holding everything up. See the source image

So how DID Paul give that opinion in time for Alice to document it on my medical records dated 8/1/91? Even if Alice had meant 18/1/91 – which I think is probably what Alice meant to write, because Alice’s notes re Bowden’s opinion appear after her notes about me on admission and the ‘Plan’ dictated to Alice by Jacobson re my brief presumed time at Springfield before transfer to the Maudsley – Paul had proffered some very firm opinions about me before he had met me and before anyone at Springfield had any chance to meaningfully assess me either.See the source image

Paul Bowden

The 2014 Grauniad obituary for Paul Bowden, written by his friend and colleague of many years, Alec Buchanan, Honorary Prof of Forensic Psychiatry at the Maudsley, was informative but terrifying. Alec’s day job, or at least it was in 2011, is Professor, Division of Law and Psychiatry, Yale University Department of Psychiatry, New Haven, CT, USA. Alec and his colleague Michael A. Norko, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Division of Law and Psychiatry, Yale University Department of Psychiatry, New Haven, CT, USA, wrote this definitive textbook, published July 2011: The Psychiatric Report

The written report is central to the practice of psychiatry in legal settings. It is required of mental health professionals acting as expert witnesses in criminal cases, civil litigation situations, child custody proceedings and risk assessments. This book provides a theoretical background to psychiatric writing for the law and a practical guide to the preparation of the report. The first section addresses practical and ethical concerns, including the conduct of the forensic psychiatric evaluation, conflicts of interest, record keeping and confidentiality. The second section contains practical and detailed advice on preparing various types of report, including reports for use in criminal and civil litigation, civil commitment hearings and child custody proceedings. A final section covers special issues arising during report preparation including the use of psychological tests and the detection of malingering. This is an essential guide for anyone required to write a psychiatric report.

Other offerings from Bowden’s friend and mentor Alec include:By Alec Buchanan - Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community: 1st (First) EditionPsychiatric Aspects of Justification, Excuse and Mitigation in Anglo-American Criminal Law (Forensic Focus)Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender in the CommunityCompliance With Treatment In Schizophrenia (Maudsley Series Book 37)

Readers can while away a happy hour or so looking up other contributions to the World Of Psychiatry made by Alec and his colleagues and co-authors, who all learnt at the knee of Experts and Shared Best Practice. Paul Bowden

On what date did you assess that patient did you say Paul? Was that before or after the Suicide of your other patient? Or was it before the patient who was Assessed by you had been assessed by ANYONE other than the personal friends of a man whom the referring psychiatrist admits is sexually abusing his patients or indeed the abusing psychiatrist himself?See the source image

See previous posts for details of Buchanan’s career and others in his and Bowden’s circle…

Here’s Alec’s memories (presumably not false memories or repressed ones!) of Paul the Clairvoyant:

The career of my friend and colleague Paul Bowden, a forensic psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley hospitals in London, was remarkable for its breadth and quality. The criminal courts made extensive use of his expertise, often in high-profile trials. His experience, interests and personality helped make Paul, who has died aged 73, an effective teacher who shaped the skills and outlook of many of the senior figures within British forensic psychiatry. He was born in the Potteries, in Stoke-on-Trent. His father, Sidney, was the manager of a chemical works, his mother, Winifred (nee Sammons) a teacher. At St Joseph’s college in Stoke, Paul led the school orchestra; music, in most of its forms, remained important to him throughout his life. In 1965 he graduated in medicine from Guy’s hospital, and then trained in psychiatry at the Maudsley. He took up his first consultant post in 1977 at St George’s hospital, London, before moving back to the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley where he was to work until his retirement in 1999. Paul’s clinical responsibilities included an out-patient clinic, in-patient wards, adolescent offenders at Stamford Lodge children’s home and adults at Brixton prison. He trained doctors of all grades most of whom, like me, were learning the care of mentally disordered offenders. He was a perceptive teacher who asked the right questions and encouraged us to learn while making our own decisions. As well as being clinically extremely astute, Paul was funny and could be waspish. He made sure he was there during difficult moments, when people had to hear things they did not want to hear, or told to do things they did not want to do. With Robert Bluglass, he edited the UK’s first major text on his subject, Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry (1990). Paul wrote six of the 153 chapters himself. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry, which he founded, appeared in the same year; he ran the journal pretty much singlehandedly before I became editor in 1996. When I was his assistant, Paul would periodically put his head round the door and tell me I was doing nothing, but more colourfully. This was not true, irritated me and probably made me try harder. He was a stimulating and provocative source of original ideas.

Paul spent his retirement with Judith, his second wife, collecting books – modern first editions mostly – art and Staffordshire china. Judith, whom he married in 1997, survives him; as do the three children, Elizabeth, Thomas and Emily, of his first marriage, to Ann, which ended in divorce; and four grandchildren.See the source image


Briefly: Bowden spent his entire life in the bosom of the Gang and their mates. Stoke-on-Trent was on the patch of the big Staffs ring; all local Councillors and politicians concealed that ring, the highest profile MP doing that being Jack Ashley, the dad of Jackie Ashley the political journo who is married to Andrew Marr. Another colluder is Baroness Llinos Golding, who was the Labour MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffs, July 1986-May 2001. The Baroness is qualified as a radiographer, worked in the NHS and is currently the Patron of the Society of Radiographers. The serious problems in the NHS in Staffs are a direct result of the ring in the region; Staffs NHS was in terrible trouble as long ago as when John Major was PM, but discussion of it in Parliament was squashed and calls for investigations went unheeded. Official portrait of Baroness Golding crop 2.jpg The Baroness inherited the seat from her husband John Golding, who was elected as the Labour MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1969. John was educated at Chester City Grammar School, Keele University and the LSE. After some time working in the Civil Service John Golding took up a research job with the Post Office Engineering Union. Golding served in the Govts of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, as PPS to Eric Varley as Minister of Technology, a Labour Whip in opposition, and Minister for Employment. Eric Varley, along with his close friend – they were closer than anyone realised – Gerald Kaufperson, kept the lid on the Westminster Paedophile Ring/Gwynne/Dafydd. John Golding claimed to hate Wedgie Benn, but Eric Varley accepted a job as Chairman of Coalite plc in 1983 in order to resign his Chesterfield (Derbyshire seat) to make way for Wedgie Benn. Wedgie Benn had lost his Bristol seat and was in need of a safe Labour seat but he was needed in Derbyshire because the Gang were in pursuit of Brown and me by then. The link – or one of the links – is Penelope Piercy, daughter of Lord Gnome, my distant relative by marriage. Penelope was a Civil Service Mandarin who was Wedgie Benn’s right hand woman when Wedgie Benn was Minister of Technology in 1968. Penelope bagged a CBE in the same year. Lord Gnome was definitely colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and I suspect that he may have been rather more than colluding with it… Many female members of Lord Gnome’s family went to St Paul’s School for Girls and then Oxford, usually Somerville.

John Golding was a key figure in opposing the entryist Militant group, and especially in mobilising moderate trades union leaders to exercise their block votes to achieve this end. After he died, his writings were published under the title Hammer of the Left: My Part in Defeating the Labour Left by John Golding and Paul Farrelly, who succeeded Baroness Llinos as the MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme. In 1986 John Golding left Parliament to take up the post of General Secretary of the National Communications Union. He held this post until 1988. Golding had served as a member of the Council of the TUC. John Golding died on 20 Jan 1999. John Golding won the seat when his predecessor Stephen Swingler died unexpectedly in office on 15 Feb 1969. Swingler was one of Richard Crossman’s circle and Crossman’s diaries record the shock of Swingler’s sudden death. Swingler served in the DHSS as a Minister of State for Social Services under Crossman when the entire team were in cahoots with Gwynne and Dafydd. Swingler’s death meant that Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate David Ennals took over his Ministerial job.

Swingler was the son of Rev. H. Swingler, and was educated at Stowe and New College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1936. Like so many New College grads – including Crossman and Trumpers’ husband Barker – Swingler was recruited by the security services at Oxford. Before entering politics Swingler was a lecturer for the WEA. In the Labour landslide at the 1945 General Election, Swingler was elected as MP for the previously Conservative-held seat of Stafford. When the constituency was abolished at the 1950 General Election, Swingler contested the new Stafford and Stone seat, but was defeated by Hugh Fraser. At the 1951 General Election Swingler was returned as MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme. Hugh Fraser was Lady Antonia’s first husband, the one whom she dumped for Swearing Harold Pinter. Lady Antonia was the daughter of Lord Longford, most of who’s extended family were concealing Gwynne, Dafydd et al, that’s what the prison visiting and Christian forgiveness was all about. Lady Antonia was also a good mate of Bertrand Russell’s son, Earl Conrad Russell. Lady Antonia lives near Bodger’s mate Cathy Wilson, who was supposed to be supervising my PhD at St George’s. Cathy will know Lady Antonia; Cathy wasn’t just part of High Fuckwitted Society, she considered herself literary, believed that she was a leftie, was loaded and a terrible snob. She won’t have been able to resist Lady Antonia’s company.

Swingler played an interesting but minor part in the serial killer Top Doc John Bodkin Adams affair. On 8 November 1956, the Attorney-General Reginald Manningham-Buller handed the Scotland Yard report into Adams’ activities to Dr McRae, Secretary of the BMA. The prosecution’s most valuable document was then copied and passed to Adams’ defence Counsel. After a tip-off from a Daily Mail journalist, on 28 November Swingler (in conjunction with MP Hugh Delargy) addressed a question to the Attorney-General to be answered in the Commons on 3 December regarding Manningham-Buller’s recent contacts with the GMC. Manningham-Buller was absent on the day in question but gave a written reply stating he had “had no communications with the General Medical Council within the last six months.” M-B avoided referring to the BMA directly (despite it being named in Delargy’s question) and therefore avoided lying, though it could be argued, deliberately misled the House.

Adams was eventually acquitted of the murder of Edith Alice Morrell but was suspected by Home Office pathologist Francis Camps of killing 163 patients. Harriet Harman’s dad Harley Street Top Doc John B. Harman – who knew Gwynne and Dafydd and was the brother of Lord Longford’s wife Elizabeth – gave evidence as an Expert in defence of Adams, although Harman had no personal experience of the area in which he gave evidence. Harman was an old boy of Oundle School… When Harman retired in 1972, he became the President of the MDU. Harman was the son of two Harley Street Top Docs himself.

Harman was in the same class at Oundle as Sir Cyril Clarke, the Liverpool Medical School Top Doc who knew Dafydd. In his spare time, Clarke studied moth genetics and like all Top Docs, Clarke was such a polymathic genius that he Broke New Ground with those moth genetics. Liverpool University have proudly collected Clarke’s papers but have not explained why there are no records at all of Clarke’s data or accounts of the experimental work that led to his Breakthroughs. Clarke worked with others in the field who were exposed as lying about their research results in a big way; some of the lies have become famous in zoology as research fraud and other researchers’ work is now accepted as sounder than that of Clarke’s colleagues. Cyril Clarke knew Gavin Gatehouse, the UCNW zoologist who was my friend Anne’s PhD supervisor when she was killed by the Gang in April 1986. Anne became Gavin’s PhD student after Gavin spontaneously offered her the PhD studentship on noctuid moths; Anne had not applied for the studentship or even asked Gavin if she could complete a PhD with him. I have been told that this was a ruse to keep Anne in Bangor while the Gang worked out what to do with my friends and I, and that Cyril Clarke was something to do with the PhD studentship that Gavin bagged from NERC. See ‘A Trail Of Blood’.

Stephen Swingler was married in 1936 to Anne (née Lily), daughter of John Matthews, of Mitcham, formerly of Newcastle upon Tyne. Mitcham is in the neighbouring Borough to Wandsworth, near to St George’s and Springfield. The Swinglers had four children: Robin, Nicholas, Clare and Oliver. Anne Swingler worked in the Labour Research Department and later volunteered for Shelter Housing Aid. Both of those organisations were of Richard Crossman’s/Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law’s and their friends’ circle…

Baroness Llinos was a safe pair of hands for the Newcastle-under-Lyme seat. Not only was she the wife of John Golding, but her dad was The Right Honourable Onesimus Edwards (5 April 1897-3 May 1968), aka Ness Edwards. Ness Edwards was born in Abertillery, Monmouthshire. He started work at the Penybont colliery on 5 April 1910, his 13th birthday. By the age of 17 Ness was working at the Arriel Griffin colliery filling the role of Chairman of the local miners lodge. A trade unionist, Ness was imprisoned in 1917 as a conscientious objector. Ness was elected  as MP for Caerphilly at a by-election in 1939 and remained in the seat until his death in 1968. At the beginning of World War II Edwards was instrumental in helping Czech miners escape the Sudetenland. An associate of Aneurin Bevan and Jim Griffiths, Edwards was Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Labour and National Service, 1945-50 and Postmaster General, 1950-51. In 1925 Ness Edwards married Elina Victoria Williams, one of six children of Richard Williams, a county court bailiff, and his wife Anne, of Bridgend. Ness Edwards died at Caerphilly Miners’ Hospital on 3 May 1968, aged 71. 

Ness’s mates Nye and Jim Griffiths were instrumental in not just protecting Dafydd and Gwynne but positively encouraging them… Griffiths, the MP for Llanelli, was the first Secretary of State at the Welsh Office and seeded the rot there…

The MPs for Stafford have also long since kept schtum about the organised abuse in Staffordshire, including Tory Bill Cash. See previous posts…

The ring in Staffs erupted in the form of the Staffs Pindown Scandal in the late 1980s, the extent of which was concealed by the Co-Chairs of the subsequent Public Inquiry, Allan Levy QC CHECK and Barbara Kahan. Babs was a social worker who was married to Oxford child psychiatrist Vladimir Kahan and they had both colluded with organised abuse. Babs had been the manager of paedophile social worker Louis Minster who became Director of Social Services for Richmond-upon-Thames. The ring at Richmond run by Minster and his mates was concealed by, among others, Keith Vaz, when he was the Borough’s solicitor and Jenny Tonge FILL IN Babs was then appointed as children’s social work adviser to Keith Joseph, when Joseph was Grocer Heath’s Secretary of State for the DHSS. Joseph was the MP for a Leeds constituency and colluded with Gwynne et al from Joseph’s early days in Gov’t -Mac?? Joseph was part of the Tory Party scrapping and dealing that resulted in Thatch becoming Leader. When Joseph was taking advice from Kahan, Thatch was Education Secretary, having lunch at the Clarence and both Thatch and Tom King were ignoring the terrible problems in the Bridgwater schools, as well as those in the schools in north Wales and other regions where branches of the Gang were at work…

Babs was a big name in social work for years after the Heath Gov’t and worked at the NCB (National Children’s Bureau) with the paedophile social work academic Peter Righton, who bagged a job at Keele University. Keele is in Staffs and had quite a problem with staff and students who were Gang accomplices. Michael Mansfield is a Keele graduate; Mansfield lived in Wandsworth when I lived just down the road.

Bowden was a Guy’s graduate, as were a whole cluster of Gang members/supporters. Prof Robert Owen was an orthopaedic surgeon, a Guy’s man and by the time that I encountered Bowden, Owen had concealed the Gang’s crimes by utilising Bluglass to Chair the July 1989 ‘investigation’ into my complaint about the Gang. Bluglass is a St Andrew’s grad but after working in Scotland, by the early 1970s Bluglass was the Next Big Thing in Psychiatry at Birmingham University. His mentor at Birmingham was Bill Trethowan, into who’s shoes Bluglass stepped. Trethowan was a Guy’s graduate, as was his dad and his mum. The Trethowans ran the place. Trethowan’s dad was an orthopaedic surgeon at Guy’s who almost certainly taught/trained Robert Owen.

Sister Hutt’s dad Michael Hutt was a Tommy’s graduate but in later life held a Chair of Pathology at Guy’s. Uncle Harry held a Chair at Guy’s.

Bill Trethowan was an old boy of Oundle School, as was Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and a whole cluster of those who were Of The Gang, including Harold Wilson’s Minister of Health Sir Kenneth Robinson. Robinson’s dad was a Top Doc and his mum was an Angel. Sir Peter Scott, who served as Chancellor of Birmingham University when Trethowan/Bluglass were running things in the Dept of Psych there, was an old Oundle boy, as was David Lewis Davies, the Dean of the Maudsley when Dafydd, Bowden and many others Trained at the Maudsley.

It was a nice arrangement at Birmingham, because after Tony Francis relocated from Manchester to north Wales, his old boss/mentor from Manchester Ian Brockington relocated to Birmingham to take up a Chair alongside Bluglass! Brockington was in place just before Bluglass ‘investigated’ my complaint about the Gang!

Bowden Trained at the Maudsley just after Dafydd had Trained there. Bowden Trained at the Maudsley when Dafydd’s old boss and mentor Dr Bob Hobson was still in full swing at the Maudsley, running a huge sex abuse ring under the umbrella of community psychiatry/therapy. Robin Jacobson made a point of letting everyone know before they met me that Dafydd had Trained with Bob Hobson at the Maudsley in those happy days! See the source image

So Paul Bowden had heard the alarm blasting away very loudly. I don’t know if Bowden’s ward really had to close because of a suicide thus preventing him from arriving at Springfield to Assess me when he initially agreed, but if a convenient suicide had not occurred, this lot would have been capable of murdering a patient to ensure that they had a suicide on que.

Nita Mitchell-Heggs, the whistleblower shooter at St George’s, Trained at the Maudsley as well. So did most of the psychs who worked at St George’s/Springfield and dear departed Adrianne Reveley who was hired by the Welsh Gov’t to provide an Independent Opinion when I began litigation against the NHS some years ago. Adrianne knew many who’s names littered my medical records, she’d worked with friends of Dafydd and Tony Francis and her dad was a Top Doc who knew Gwynne’s circle. Adrianne’s dad was a Top Doc in er Staffordshire. Adrianne’s husband was a psychiatrist in Leicester. Adrianne’s former junior doc was Ben Goldacre who exposes bad science and has doubled up as a Gov’t adviser…See the source image

In 1977, when Paul Bowden took up his first consultant post at St George’s, St George’s and Springfield had already been working together in the trafficking and Class A dealing/distribution business for nearly 10 years, the arrangement having been forged by St George’s psychiatrist Paul Brett Storey in the late 1960s. St George’s was located in Knightsbridge until the early 1980s, but the Gang went into business proper with Wandsworth Borough Council, on who’s turf Springfield was, in the late 1960s, Storey establishing the link needed. St George’s already had a well-established reputation for protecting very posh criminals, as exemplified by their role in the 1960s re Jeremy Thorpe and Norman Scott. Then they hit the jackpot with Lord Lucan in 1974. Lord Lucan will have paid someone at St George’s a great deal of money to declare Lady Lucan Mad and In Need Of Sedation when she turned up with head wounds while a dead nanny lay in the basement See the source imageand Lord L scarpered.

In 1977 Bowden joined a team of psychiatrists at St George’s who were already quite mad and experienced criminals (see ‘Meet The Gwerin!’). Two psychiatrists who worked with Bowden at St George’s were Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Sex Therapist Jim Watson and his wife Sex Therapist Christine. Jim and Christine subsequently moved on to Guy’s where they established a Sex Therapy clinic. Jim and Christine taught Sex Therapy as well as practised it. One could be reassured that Jim was a Real Sex Therapist because he wore a bow tie: See the source image

By 1977, the other Depts at St George’s were coming along nicely, as well as Psychiatry. Ollie Brooke had his feet under the table in the Dept of Paediatrics and Bodger had arrived – or his arrival was imminent – in the Dept of Obs and Gynae…

Upon hitting the big time at St George’s, Bowden offered his services to Stamford Remand Home in London. Stamford Remand Home was the subject of constant allegations that the boys within were being seriously sexually and physically abused, even in an era when such matters were not discussed as frequently as they are now. Hansard records discussions in the House re events at Stamford Remand Home that caused a national scandal in the earlier years of the 1960s. The complaints continued to pour out of Stamford Remand Home as the years passed. A stint at Stamford Remand Home was the key to professional success for staff; not only did Bowden make it big, but Peter Clarke, the first Children’s Commissioner for Wales – an Office that was established on the Recommendation of Ronald Waterhouse to ensure That It Never Happened Again (although as Waterhouse emphasised, not much did happen) – began his social work career at Stamford Remand Home! Peter Clarke came from Llandudno, as did Gwynne. It’s the Sea Breeze. See the source image

Stamford Remand Home was located not a million miles away from the old BBC TV Centre at Shepherd’s Bush.See the source imageSee the source image

The psych system in which Bowden had risen to the very top was primarily run to assist criminality in high places, especially the Westminster Paedophile Ring. The Maudsley led the fray in terms of psychiatry because it had built a reputation as the leading training institution for psychiatrists. Whilst it was true that most of them passed through the Maudsley, the discipline was in such a sorry state that the reputation of the Maudsley was pure myth, there was no expertise, just a great deal of malpractice and criminals sticking together like glue.

Forensic psychiatrists were as much the business of the Home Office as they were the DHSS. Both Gov’t Depts were as rotten as psychiatry and the Top Docs knew that no-one at the Home Office was ever going to question them let alone rein them in. They did whatever they wanted but then as the business of the Home Office was also concealing or indeed perpetrating state-sanctioned crime, we should not be surprised that the Home Office enjoyed such a good relationship with a rotten medical profession, in particular the psychiatrists and pathologists.

If it is true that Leon Brittan, Home Secretary, June 1983-Sept 1985, was a child abuser himself, that epitomises the scale of the problem. However even if the allegations about Leon are untrue, he and every other Home Secretary undoubtedly concealed very grave crimes on the part of the Gang in a way that cannot be excused. For everyone like Norman Scott or in a lesser way me, who’s cases became known to the public, there were many more people who spent their entire lives languishing in some hell-hole like Denbigh or Broadmoor who were absolutely not the people that these state-bankrolled crooks like Bowden and BluglassSee the source image declared them to be. Dangerous people do exist, including dangerous people in the psychiatric system, but the judgements of Bowden et al could not be relied upon in any way. Furthermore, Once They Have Spoken, the target will not be able to persuade any Top Doc to disagree with them on an official basis, even if, a la my experience with Tom Burns, they hold a private conversation with the target in which they coolly admit that they know what the target is alleging is indeed true. It will be a case of the Price Is Right but in addition Tom et al don’t want to die and they don’t want their families to die and they know that is the bottom line.

What can be done if M See the source imageand C See the source image on Brenda’s Secret Service are personal friends with Gang members or for whatever reason will not take action against them?

After the party games with Paul Bowden, Jacobson Referred me to Prof Nigel Eastman, Image result for professor nigel eastman imagesbarrister, Top Doc and friend of St Helena’s. Or at least I encountered Eastman after I encountered Bowden. So many lies were told by so many people, I’m not sure of the exact sequence of events. Certainly Eastman received a letter from Jacobson about me either very soon after Jacobson arrived at my house on 15 Jan 1991 or it may have even been drafted before… They seemed very certain that I was not going to receive any support no matter what happened and everyone involved was happy to accuse me of being paranoid/dangerous/deluded while admitting in writing that Dafydd had described me as being ‘attractive and seductive’ and that Dafydd and, they suspected Tony Francis as well, were having sex with patients…

Nigel Eastman Image result for professor nigel eastman imageshad been told by Jacobson in a letter dated 16 Jan 1991 that Bluglass had declared me to be ‘a criminal psychopath who would end in special hospital’. Jacobson had written to Bluglass on 16 Jan 1991, but they also seemed to have had a phone conversation as well. Again I’m wondering whether all these spectacular quotes and opinions were ones that they’d prepared earlier, See the source imagebecause as far as I can see, Jacobson wasn’t faxing letters, so how could a letter to Bluglass from Jacobson dated 16 Jan 1991, result in Bluglass providing information and florid comments in time for Jacobson to include them in his letter to Eastman, also on 16 Jan 1991?  I didn’t know about these matters until I obtained my records. Furthermore Bluglass had previously told Dafydd that I would ‘end in ward for the criminally insane’, which Dafydd thought was ‘chilling’.See the source image

Although Nigel Eastman was, like Paul Bowden, one of the Biggus Dickuses who’s Opinion was sought re me because poor old Jacobson needed the advice of Someone Senior With Expertise, See the source imagethere does not seem to be a copy anywhere in my files of anything written by Eastman about me, beyond a copy of the letter from his Dept inviting me to the one and only appointment that I had with him.

I have copies of notes compiled by Alice Levinson stating that I will be discharged from Springfield Hospital with no further contact except for a ‘double appointment’ with Jacobson (a double appointment being the sum total of 30 mins) that Alice wrote very soon after Bowden met with me. Alice was a registrar but was clearly acting on instructions from someone else. Although the decision had been made to discharge me and then refer me ‘to Forensics for containment’ no less (Forensics being Nigel Eastman, the appointment with him taking place after I had been discharged with no job, nowhere to live etc), no-one told me that for a number of days, and a series of events were constructed by Springfield Hospital which seemed to have been designed to provoke me into signing myself out or providing Springfield with an excuse to throw me out.See the source image

One such occasion was the theft of my shoes by another patient, a seriously crazy elderly West Indian bag lady, who was brought in by the police as being in need of care and safety, who was left in a day room by herself overnight and utterly ignored by the staff. She disappeared of her own accord early the next morning and my shoes went with her. I didn’t complain about theft per se because I took the view that the Angels’ ‘care’ of that bag lady was so bad that theft was neither here nor there. I did press the hospital to provide me with another pair of shoes, as they were the only shoes that I had. There was much arse-iness and surliness and after a few hours I was grudgingly given a small credit note with which to buy the cheapest pair of shoes in the notorious Springfield shop, selling ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ clothes at which the patients marvelled and asked ‘Are such clothes still being made and if so who is making them and WHY??’

I found documentation in my files a few days ago relating to that incident; I note that I ‘alleged’ that my shoes had been stolen. It was stressed at the time that Springfield Took No Responsibility, I left those shoes in the day room when those shoes should have been with me, being My Responsibility. So a pair of not exactly Jimmy Choos but OK shoes disappeared into thin air to be replaced by Institutional ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Shoes’. When I arrived back at my place I found a letter from St George’s effectively sacking me. I had to settle up re rent, bills etc so there was not going to be any spare cash to buy some shoes good enough for the interviews that I was going to need to attend. Brown understands such games on the part of Those Who Help and thus I didn’t spend too long in Institutional Shoes…

Another event that nearly resulted in me leaving Springfield before I knew that there had obviously been no intention at all to ever provide meaningful help or support was The Time That I Attacked Another Patient. See the source imageSee the source imageNo of course I didn’t, she (mildly) physically attacked me and received a mouthful from me. That was my Attack. This patient’s name is written on my documents but I’m not repeating it here, she wasn’t served any better by Springfield than the rest of us were. She was a young Asian woman who came from a middle class family locally who were, it was said, friendly with Top Docs in St George’s. She was unhappy and distressed about something but she was the sort of patient who caused Angels to mutter angrily ‘She’s not ill, she shouldn’t be here, she’s faking it’. Unlike any other Malingerer, this young woman was given the time of day because her family knew the Top Docs and she had begin to do things in her community that were causing much embarrassment, such as stripping off, asking passers-by to shag her etc. She was certainly risking it doing that in Springfield…

As well as stripping off and hurling obscenities at the other patients, she also enjoyed pulling bed covers off of people and generally pissing them off. Top Docs like to pretend that all psych patients behave like this See the source image but they don’t, it is relatively unusual.

After two or three other patients had discharged themselves as a result of this patient, the Angels rearranged the ward to ensure that her bed was next to mine… When I was accused by Ruth White of Attacking this girl, I explained what had happened and mentioned that it was unrealistic to expect all to go smoothly if a person behaving thus was next to me constantly yelling obscenities, stripping off, pulling my covers off etc. According to my medical notes Ruth White explained to me that psychiatric wards can be noisy and disturbing places. See the source imageWhat happened in reality was that Ruth White et al maintained that I had carried out a Violent Assault and that as I was potentially So Dangerous, if there was one more Incident with this patient I would be discharged immediately. Other patients were told by the Ward Manager that I was Dangerous. See the source imageThey defended me and said no, it isn’t Sally who is attacking people. The Ward Manager then shouted at everyone that he wasn’t going to listen to this and walked out of the meeting that had been called by the patients to discuss the chaos prevailing.

So far, I have found only the initials of the Angels who manned that ward on my documentation, with the exception of one Angel’s signature, an S Walton. Other Angels just signed records with an indecipherable squiggle or initials. I will keep looking, because all Angels on that ward and in particular the two ward managers – a foul mouthed Ozzie called Stephanie and her mate, an older South Asian man who’s name we were only given in passing and which I can’t remember – were witness to the crime that pervaded that hospital. Which will be why they didn’t sign the records properly… The Top Docs were barely ever actually on the wards, in the event of death and an inquest, police investigation, Public Inquiry etc, it is Angels who are summoned to provide Evidence of the Patient’s Mental State, whether they had complained about anything etc. See the source imageI have read accounts of Coroners, judges etc simply accepting a hospital’s statement that signatures are illegible and they just can’t ascertain who was on duty at that particular time.See the source image

The names of Springfield staff on my documents that are clear include Mrs Dee McEvoy, Assistant Manager, Control Services. Mrs Dee handled the request for my replacement shoes.

As for the Official Paperwork used by Springfield, I note that the Standard Documentation headed with ‘Springfield Hospital’, included a tick box re ‘Mental Category’ with the following categories: ‘Mentally Ill’, ‘Psychopath’, ‘Subnormal’, ‘Severely Subnormal’. This was in Jan 1991. The Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital was Rachel Perkins, who ‘retired’ on the grounds of ill-health after a series of rapes and murders at Springfield, then constructed herself as Service Users’ Champ, bagged a seat on the St George’s NHS Trust Board as the Service Users’ Rep and subsequently joined the EHRC as the Disability Commissioner. In my case none of the boxes had been ticked by any Angel or Top Doc.

Rachel: Mentally Ill, Psychopath, Subnormal or Severely Subnormal? 

After leaving Springfield, I attended the appointment with Nigel Eastman Image result for professor nigel eastman imagesand his colleague Dr Bartlett, a female Top Doc, on 20 Feb 1991. Peter Morrison was knighted in Feb 1991 and my friend was forced out of her job at the Royal Television Society in Feb/March 1991…

I have never been able to find out who Dr Bartlett was. Eastman told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd knew me and was my doctor… See the source imageAlthough I was alleged to have been plotting to murder Dafydd et al in cold blood, they were all terrified of me in north Wales and I had ‘brought the psychiatric service in north Wales to its knees’. See the source imageAnd one unidentified Top Doc in north Wales was threatening to resign because of me.See the source image

Eastman qualified as a Top Doc from Bristol University in 1979; I think that he qualified as a barrister before reading medicine. Eastman is of Gray’s Inn a la William Mars-Jones and Lord Elwyn-Jones – two of the biggest friends of the Gang – and St Helena and Michael Mansfield.

So the essential Springfield documentation relating to the most guilty is either missing or unsigned. See the source imageAs two Attorney Generals – Michael Havers and Paddy Mayhew – a number of High Court judges and goodness knows how many Cabinet Ministers, as well as Thatch, Major and a few Lord Chancellors were on board and of course Carlo, we cannot be surprised that there is no paper trail leading to the doors of the most guilty. Because as any fule kno, Fings Break.

The various plants really were lacking weren’t they. Fings Broke for my friends constantly and Dafydd et al were never put out of action. They are gradually dying of old age now but that’s because the plants were so bloody hopeless. An awful lot of Fings Broke while the plants did sod all worrying that Fings Might Break.

The plants might as well have not been there. I can’t think of much that they saved me from. Obviously someone threw a spanner in the works re the lobotomy plan, but had the plants dealt with Gwynne and Dafydd when they should have, no-one would have dared even try the lobotomy plan.

PLANTS! Gwynne shouldn’t have been there! And if you plants were being ignored by your bosses in Gov’t, the sodding Gov’t shouldn’t have been there. Now do me a favour and deal with these sodding people.

I have discussed in previous posts how, because I was being refused all help by Springfield, I visited the GPs surgery  in Trevelyan Road, Tooting with which I was registered, only to be met with a totally offensive GP whom I had not met before. Bile was heaped upon me and she snapped that she would certainly not be treating me and would Discuss Me With Springfield. I was so fed up by now that I revisited her on 26 Feb 1991, removed the documents from her desk from which this insulting cow was gaining her Insights about me and walked out of the surgery with them. The cow pursued me down the road, all friendliness, begging me to bring the documents back. I returned to Wales permanently days later, taking the documents with me and I hid them. Little wonder there was a panic, the documents were written by Robin Jacobson and he had admitted in writing that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and he suspected that Tony Francis was as well.See the source image Although despite the written admissions re Dafydd, the conclusion of Springfield was that I had ‘Personality Problems’ and suffered from ‘Paranoia’. It’s Official, signed by a ‘JR’. (Yet another diagnosis by an unknown Springfield hand added after I left was Bipolar Disorder.) That was how I knew just a little of how serious the conspiracy was years before I obtained my records in 2005…

The lies and conspiracy simply escalated back in north Wales after 26 Feb 1991, that lot just could not meet patients in an open and transparent way, their criminality was far too serious.

Previous posts have discussed two GPs at Trevelyan Road, Penny Smith and James Le Fanu. Le Fanu is famous, he’s a media doc and for years Le Fanu was the Torygraph’s medical correspondent. See the source imagePenny Smith is still practicing but I note that Le Fanu has recently voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice. Why Us? By James Le FanuPenny Smith had a very nice manner, she wasn’t the appalling cow with whom I was in dispute, but Penny did know that her colleagues were serious criminals and that patients were in danger. My recent perusal of documents show that Penny wrote to Tom Burns on 14 Jan 1991; that was almost certainly because I visited her when I returned from north Wales and told her that I was feeling rough. Jacobson arrived for the home visit the next day. Penny did the correct things for a GP with a distressed patient, but she knew that she was working with a broken system completely infiltrated with serious crime. Image result for professor tom burns imagesWhy Us? By James Le Fanu As with GPs in north Wales, Penny Smith knew that no patients were being helped no matter how many referrals were made.

I have found the name of the other partner in the practice at Trevelyan Road, whom I did meet once but I had forgotten his name; it was E. Tod. As well as being the most senior partner in the practice, Tod also held a senior academic post at the Dept of General Practice at St George’s. Tod seems to no longer have a licence to practice.See the source imageWhy Us? By James Le Fanu

See the source image

Here’s a few gems from my 1991 documents, re the adventures when I returned to Gwynedd after my ‘assessment’ by Eastman and Bartlett, jobless and with no income; no-one had told me about sickness benefits etc. I found out about sickness benefits when F told me, having met F on the Bethesda to Bangor bus and joined the group of Empowered Service Users who used to go to his house in Bethesda for coffee and Survival Advice.

My friendship with F was noted on my medical notes by Paul Nickson, the Bethesda GP, on 5/8/91, alongside the comment that I was ‘still making accusations of Dr D.A. Jones raping patients’. On 20/9/91, Nickson documented on my notes that he had telephoned Alwyn, my solicitor and Alwyn ‘will phone Dr Mawson on 23/9/91’.

Dr David Mawson was the consultant psych whom Alwyn had contacted when I returned from London to Gwynedd and no mental health ‘professional’ in any part of north Wales would agree to have contact with me because I was just so Dangerous. Dr Mawson, I was told, was based in Yorkshire. He had actually just left his job at Ashworth, with Chris Hunter et al… Mawson had resigned after the dreadful media headlines resulting from the first Inquiry into Ashworth, Chaired by Louis Blom-Cooper QC, who recommended that Ashworth be closed in the wake of the murders, rapes and beatings there. Blom-Cooper had known about that for years; in his role as Chairman of the Mental Health Act Commission, St Louis had ignored all complaints about Ashworth and of course about Dafydd, who was pulling the strings at Ashworth.

When I did eventually meet Dr Mawson, he was very pleasant and entertaining. He really was good fun and easy to talk to. He discussed with me at length the serious problems at Ashworth and attributed them entirely to the POA. The POA were bloody dreadful, but David Mawson never mentioned to me that Dafydd et al ran Ashworth… Dr Mawson disappeared off of the planet a few years after I met him; he moved to Broadmoor not long after I encountered him, starred on a TV show, was appointed to the Parole Board and was subsequently removed from the Medical Register and that was it…

Years later when I worked as a sociologist at Bangor University, I found that two of my colleagues, Catherine Robinson and John Bailey, being psychologists who trained at UCNW, knew Dr Mawson. John Bailey, a clinical psychologist, had worked with Mawson at er Ashworth. John told me that he didn’t know why Mawson disappeared but he was known to have developed an alcohol problem and severe depression.

See previous posts for Dr Mawson details…

David Mawson was of course fully on board with the Gang but had a much nicer manner. Mawson declared me to have Schizophrenia and to be in need of long-term anti-psychotics, although he flagged up that I was a clever, pleasant, likeable young lady. Not a word about Danger or Violence, but I have now realised that the Cunning Plan was to not make a total idiot of himself as his colleagues had, get me on board with a ‘This has all been a terrible cock-up but now it’ll be sorted’ line, hand me back over to the Gang, while Mawson left the scene and then the Gang would do their worst after a polite interval.

I knew that Mawson must have known about Dafydd and Gwynne, but I keep forgetting that the entire network had been warned that I had possession of those incriminating documents that I took from Trevelyan Road Surgery and they really had to work at this one…

My interest now is not in Mawson’s deceit or his role in the Cunning Plan but why the Gang shafted him. He was certainly no worse than the rest of them. Info has been sent my way telling me that the involvement of the Independent Dr Mawson was just another Cunning Plan worked out on a collective basis because of the panic ensuing after I had gained those few highly incriminating documents from Trevelyan Road, wasn’t talking about them to anyone and had secreted them… Brown and I were under surveillance so the security services knew that those documents were in my house and that Brown knew the contents.

I am told that Tiny Rowland was the ultimate mover and shaker behind events because his mega-empire was bound up with the Top Docs’ trafficking ring. Tiny owned shrinks. As well as a few other people.See the source image

Previous posts have discussed Tiny’s biography and activities in some detail, as well as those of his son Toby and Toby’s wife Plum Sykes, whom Toby married in 2005. Just to briefly recap, Toby is a ‘businessman’. Toby didn’t establish his first business until 1999, the year after his dad died. Toby’s business activities seem to be primarily online gambling, unless he has diversified… But it was online gambling – including the site – that made Toby well-known.

There is at present much trauma re the cheap n cheerful explosion in gambling now that people can just take advantage of businesses of the sort run by Toby, enabling less advantaged people to gamble themselves into the gutter, as opposed to the Good Old Days when one had to be Lord Lucan, Sir Jams Goldsmith, John Aspinall or another of the Mayfair Set and have enough dosh to spend all night in Gentlemen’s Clubs frittering away the family fortune. See the source imageEven George Carman QC found that gaming left him in dire financial difficulties which is why the Barrister to the Westminster Paedophile Ring didn’t have quite the fortune that he would have had he not spent so much time blind drunk or at the tables.

Toby’s wife Victoria “Plum” Sykes (born 4 December 1969) is a fashion journalist, novelist and socialite. Victoria Sykes was born in London, one of six children including a twin sister, Lucy, and grew up in Sevenoaks, Kent. Among her friends at Ide Hill Church of England Primary School was Rowan Pelling, who became the Editor (or “editrice”) of the Erotic Review. From there Plum went to a private secondary school, Walthamstow Hall and subsequently to Sevenoaks School, an independent boys’ school that had begun admitting girls to the sixth form. In 1988 Plum went up to Worcester College, Oxford. Plum published a short memoir of her first term at university (Oxford Girl, 2011).

Sykes’ mother Valerie Goad, a dress designer, separated from Sykes’ father Mark while Plum was at Oxford. Plum’s grandfather, Christopher Sykes (1907–1986), whom she knew as “F.G.”, was a friend and official biographer (1975) of the novelist Evelyn Waugh and son of the diplomat Sir Mark Sykes, (1869–1919), associated with the Sykes–Picot Agreement of 1916, by which Britain and France carved up the Ottoman Empire after WW I, with negative consequences. See previous posts. Plum’s 18th century forebear Sir Christopher Sykes (1749–1801), was a major figure in the enclosure movement that seized ownership of common land for private use, forcing peasants off their land, thus ensuring a supply of workers for the industrial revolution…

Plum’s grandpa’s pal Evelyn Waugh was of course the father of Auberon, right-wing journo and satirist of ‘Private Eye’ fame. Bron lived at Combe Florey near Taunton; he inherited the house from Evelyn. The Waughs were Catholics and Tory. Bron lived in du Cann’s constituency and although Bron robustly took the piss out of many things, including Mr Thrope, Bron’s loyalty remained to the Tory establishment and he never published a word about many matters of which he knew, including du Cann’s criminality, Gwynne, Dafydd, the Westminster Paedophile Ring etc. See the source imageI don’t actually know, but I suspect that Bron was mobilised against my grandfather and subsequently me. As my career was being wrecked, as well as the careers of my friends, Bron’s daughter Daisy published her First Novel to rave reviews from Bron’s colleagues and it was stressed that Daisy was a Bright Young Thing From Taunton. I was always told that Daisy went to Bishop Fox’s School – Brown’s mum used to teach there – but biographies of Daisy’s state that she went to Taunton School. As did the boy who was one of my best friends at Bawdrip Infants School…

Bron also starred in the NUS newspaper just after I graduated when the Gang was gearing up for serious war. It was at the time that the disgusting Phil Woolas became NUS President on the back of his knowledge of the Gwynne Row. Phil got as far as a Home Office Minister using his knowledge of Gwynne et al and me, as discussed in previous posts.

So Plum’s family and friends could have well been cashing in on the eruptions between the Gang and me to an even greater extent that Phil Woolas.

In 1993, Plum became a fashion assistant at British Vogue. She was featured that year, with, among others, designer Bella Freud and model Stella Tennant in Babes in London, in a photographic shoot by the American Steven Meisel (responsible in 1992 for the singer Madonna‘s controversial collection, Sex), which was produced by the rising fashion guru Isabella Blow (1958–2007). Isabella ‘committed suicide’ after severe depression and clinical negligence on the part of expensive private Top Docs that would have done Hergest proud. Isabella’s close friend fashion designer Alexander McQueen subsequently ‘committed suicide’ after er severe depression and not receiving the care that he needed. See previous posts for details.

Isabella, McQueen and Plum all knew Bodger’s son and colleagues and very probably Bodger as well.

In 1997, the year in which Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry and Diana crashed in a tunnel, Plum Sykes became a contributing editor on fashion for American Vogue, of which Anna Wintour, also British, had been Editor-in-Chief since 1988. I wonder if Nuclear Wintour knew Bodger?? This period at Vogue  inspired Lauren Weisberger‘s 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada. Sykes soon became a familiar figure on the New York social scene, being frequently described as an “It girl”.

A decade later, at 38, Sykes reflected that “when you hit 30 you lose your edge”: invited by the Times to comment on the late-1990s trend for ultra-high heeled shoes, she observed that “these weird space-age shoes look cool and trendy and are a way of getting back to some degree”, but that “this type of trend is not a classic version of beauty. Men want women to be sexy. They’d be happy if we were all [the model] Gisele Bündchen, but that’s just not fashion”.

Which were rather condemning comments of Plum’s industry. Dunno about you Plum, but I’m 57 and I don’t feel that I’ve lost my edge at all, although Bodger et al did their best to ensure that I ended up dead. Thank goodness I got away from them.

The world of New York fashion was the setting for Sykes’ first novel, Bergdorf Blondes (2004), which was one of the most successful examples of “chick lit” (or “chic lit” as some dubbed Sykes’ writing) and sold a quarter of a million copies worldwide. It took its title from the Bergdorf Goodman store in Upper Manhattan.

A second novel, The Debutante Divorcée, was published in 2006. Sykes publicised it with an array of personal appearances at stores in New York (Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Frederic Fekkai, Ferragamo, Neiman Marcus and Oscar de la Renta). The Debutante Divorcée appeared in paperback in 2007.

Some have seen Sykes’ books as lying in natural succession to Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell‘s column in the New York Observer, which was the inspiration for a highly successful television series (HBO 1998–2004). Others remarked that the story was no less than the kind of offensive vapid claptrap you would expect from a dead-eyed rich girl. Despite their satire, others have regarded them as too rooted in Sykes’ own Park Avenue “set” to be reflective more generally of women’s lives in post-9/11 Manhattan.

Having some knowledge of what underpinned Plum’s Scene, I take the view that it is seriously sad, sordid and vacuous, but Plum is not the most culpable. It’s the Top Docs everyone, they’re monsters in disguise. No-one expects anything more from Nuclear Wintour and her mates, but there is still no acknowledgement that Bodger and pals were running an international trafficking ring…

Here’s Anna, with her Problem Area on display:

Anna is allowed to display her Problem Area because she’s the Boss. In the way that Bodger was allowed to have a huge belly and bad breath or indeed be killing and torturing prem babies, and Bodger’s colleagues could Assess me without ever having met me and declare me to be Dangerous and in need of living with Mr Savile, perjure themselves in Court etc.

In 2005 Plum Sykes married British entrepreneur Toby Rowland, son of businessman “Tiny” Rowland, at Sledmere House, her family’s ancestral home in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Her dress, with an eight-foot train and hand-sewn roses, was designed by Sykes’ friend and protégé of Isabella Blow, Alexander McQueen. Plum was sometimes described as a muse of McQueen; she modelled for some of his earliest catwalk shows, as well as for photoshoots of his designs. Before her wedding, Plum wrote an article for Vogue about shopping for suitable lingerie for her wedding night, an article that included reference to a “$900 bra”. Six years later some fashion journalists – anticipating correctly the chosen designer See the source image – claimed that Kate Middleton had been inspired by Plum’s wedding dress to choose Burton to design hers for her marriage to William, although others suggested that the inspiration was that of Sara Buys to William’s stepbrother, Tom Parker Bowles.

A pity about Isabella and McQueen though.

Plum and Rowland had their first child, Ursula, in October 2006 and their second child, Tess, in June 2010.

Sykes’ twin sister Lucy, who moved to New York in 1996, became fashion director of Marie Claire, and later a designer of children’s clothes. Sykes later joked, with reference to the heiresses Paris and Nicky Hilton, that “Lucy and I were Paris and Nicky without the sextape”. Lucy Sykes married Euan Rellie, a New York-based investment banker, in 2002.

In the April 2012 issue of Vogue, Sykes writes of her three-year struggle with anxiety disorder and agoraphobia after the birth of her children, a condition which rendered her unable to work or to maintain her social life. Sykes admitted “I had visited doctors and consultants and had tests, procedures and scans, but no one could tell me what was wrong… I felt terrified, mentally and physically I was jelly. I was afraid to do anything. “Take some Xanax”, said one doctor, ‘it’s anxiety”. Sykes attended an anxiety recovery programme developed by anxiety expert, Charles Linden, which she cites as the solution that returned her to working for American Vogue and a full and active social life. In the article, Sykes says ‘I started The Linden Method… and felt better almost immediately… I took the girls to the park and pushed them on the swings, something I hadn’t been able to do for two years… now more than a year later, the anxiety has not returned.”

I do hope that Charles Linden found that business boomed after this advert starring Plum.See the source image


Now Then. Tiny Rowland died on 25 July 1998, from cancer, aged 81, midway through the Waterhouse Inquiry. The Ah the Doctors they were wonderful etc.  By July 1998, F and I were experiencing very serious grief constantly from the Gang, after we had been acquitted by Caernarfon Magistrates Court in the wake of the Gang prosecuting us following Arfon Community Mental Health Team CPN Bridget Lloyd’s lies to the police and perjury.

I must apologise to readers. Throughout this blog I have stated that we were acquitted at trial in Jan 1997; no, it was Jan 1998. The confusion arose because so many of the ‘summaries’ of events in my files compiled by lawyers etc have errors on them. Furthermore, because the Gang were constantly lying, forging, supplying false dates, names etc on documentation, it is very easy to become confused. Whilst perusing the 10,000 documents a few days ago, I found a whole batch of letters that I – and a letter that F – had written to Top Docs and NHS managers at the time and our dates and chronologies are very clear. We were acquitted by Caernarfon Magistrates in Jan 1998, not Jan 1997.

Just a few highlights. On 4 Feb 1997, Alun Davies wrote a letter in response to complaints from F and I about the constant harassment and false accusations on the part of the Gang. F had written in his letter that he didn’t want to get staff into trouble, but this was becoming ridiculous. I had mentioned in my letter that we were so sick of this that I had raised the matter with Dafydd Wigley, the MP for Caernarfon. Davies’s letter to me, dated 4 Feb 1997, actually suggested that as F didn’t want to get staff into trouble, I might like to bear that in mind with regard to my communication to Dafydd Wigley. The Waterhouse Inquiry opened in Jan 1997.See the source image

One of Dafydd Wigley’s political advisors was Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council throughout the 1980s. Prior to arriving at Gwynedd CC in 1980, Ioan had been the County Secretary of Dyfed CC. There was a ring in Dyfed directly linked to Gwynne and Dafydd. When complaints of abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd could be ignored no longer in the mid-1980s, Ioan commissioned an Independent Team to investigate, who gave Gwynedd CC a clean bill of health. The Independent Team were Senior Officers from Dyfed CC, Ioan’s former colleagues. Mark Drakeford worked as a social worker for Dyfed CC. See the source imageIoan advised on the establishment of the Welsh Assembly, being an Expert on Local Gov’t and Democracy. Ioan died on 4 May 1999, two days before the first batch of AMs were sworn in.

Throughout 1997, Ronnie took evidence in public from witnesses. Former kids in care who described the beatings, rapes etc were denounced by the world, as well as by Ronnie, as Lying Criminal Drug Addicts. All ‘professionals’ who agreed to give evidence were granted immunity from prosecution and were represented by lawyers. One such lawyer was the bent Gwynedd CC solicitor Ron Evans. One of Alwyn Jones’s colleagues was another. Another is now Judge Niclas Parry. Patricia Scotland QC, who was representing the Welsh Office, became Baroness Patricia, one of Miranda’s People’s Peers, just a few months after the Inquiry opened.See the source image

Ronnie suspended the Inquiry suddenly in the Spring, just for four weeks or so, declaring that he needed a holiday. He nipped over to Hong Kong, where he bumped into Derry Irvine and they had lunch together, marvelling that within two or three weeks Derry would be Lord Chancellor. On 24 April 1997 while Ronnie was in Hong Kong, Peter Howarth, the Bryn Estyn member of staff who on 8 July 1994 was sentenced to 10 years for the abuse of kids in care, died from a heart attack in HMP Wakefield. Howarth’s long-term friend and colleague, Matt Arnold, Head of Bryn Estyn, had died ‘from an unidentified blood disease’ on 9 June 1994, four days before Howarth’s trial opened at Chester Crown Court.

On 6 Aug 1997, a M. Jones based at 26 College Road, Bangor (the offices of the Arfon CMHT, a joint venture between Gwynedd Social Services and Gwynedd NHS), made a handwritten note stating that I had been complaining about Bridget Lloyd and Dafydd sexually abusing patients.

On 16 Aug 1997 I wrote to Alun Davies re our recent arrest and I told Davies, once more, that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients.

On 26 Aug 1997, Nerys Owen (Director of Nursing Services, Gwynedd Community Health Trust) wrote to Tony Francis, thanking him for the copy of the letter that I had written to Alun Davies. Nerys stated that F and I had written to her re a number of complaints that had not been pursued ‘one because it is unjustified and the other because they make reference to times which are out of date in terms of the policy’.

Problem solved, just Arrest Them!Image result for peter cook biased judge images

Tony Francis was demanding a Strategy Meeting…

On 31 Aug 1997 there was a crash in Paris.Image result for diana car crash images

On 13 Sept 1997, F wrote a letter to John Mullen, the CEO of Gwynedd Community Health Trust, that I do not remember ever reading before. This letter could not have been clearer. F reiterates to John Mullen that our complaints were not being investigated, that my complaints about Dafydd never were investigated, yet in Nov 1994, Dafydd was able to perjure himself in Court and even secure an injunction against us from Liverpool High Court thus. F wrote that Dafydd was known for preying on female patients, that F knew that numerous complaints had been made about Dafydd sexually abusing patients, that F knew women who had told F that Dafydd had behaved indecently towards them but no action was ever taken. In his letter, F explained to Mullen that not long previously, I had given F details of my Dafydd experiences, among them the time when I was unlawfully detained at Ysbyty Gwynedd by Jackie Brandt on 17 Aug 1986 and physically dragged into a room containing Dafydd by Bridget Lloyd, because I was refusing to see him. F mentions that I had told him that Bridget had left my arm bruised, such was the force used. Of course F also stated that once I was in the room, I was left alone with Dafydd who proceeded to Talk Sex… F’s letter explains that he was so angry at what I told him – I hadn’t previously supplied F with full details of that encounter – that he rang the Arfon CMHT and swore at a male colleague of Bridget’s. F goes on to explain that hours later we were arrested for ‘threatening Bridget’. F’s letter of 13 Sept 1997 tells Mullen that ‘we are now nervously awaiting trial’. Image result for derry irvine imagesOnce more, F asks for a full investigation from Mullen.

Mullen’s response to F’s letter seems to have been to immediately sound the alarm with a view to covering up all over again. On 22 Sept 1997, a fax marked URGENT was sent to Alun Davies re F’s letter, with the covering note of ‘urgent comments please, JFM needs to reply before Wednesday’. JFM being Mullen. There is no copy of the content of Mullen’s fax to Davies, but it comprised a number of pages…

On 22 Sept 1997 George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy, the most notorious of the Westminster Paedophiles died. 

See the source image

See the source image

On 11 Nov 1997 Robin Holden, Head Of Mental Health Nursing at Gwynedd Community Health Trust, took our phone call re Dafydd sexually abusing patients, refused to identify himself but logged all of our ‘allegations’ and Shared them with everyone else.

Robin Holden wrote a File Note on 13 Nov 1997. Holden had held a meeting with Tony Francis, Jackie Brandt, Sheila Jenkins, Helen Hughes and Sarah Horton. I have no idea who Helen Hughes is. Sheila Jenkins was a highly abusive Gwynedd social worker, a member of the Arfon CMHT, who was married to a Bangor University academic. Their daughter Sarah Jenkins was on the psychology degree at Bristol University with Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah. After graduation, Sarah Jenkins shared accommodation on Anglesey with a girl whom I knew well from UCNW, rented from D.G.E. Wood and located in the extensive garden of his house at Llandegfan. The Jenkins’ family were big Labour Party supporters. Sarah Horton was an Occupational Therapist in the Arfon CMHT. She was a good friend of a neighbour of mine in Rachub who tried to speak to Sarah about the constant intimidation that I was receiving at the hands of Sarah’s colleagues. Sarah refused to discuss the matter on the grounds of confidentiality. Sarah’s friend from Rachub showed considerable public spirit when she continued to raise her concerns with regard to two other Empowered Service Users in Rachub who were very obviously being left to die by Gwynedd Social Services. Then she obtained a job looking after learning disabled adults and was horrified at what she witnessed. She also knew of a case of one of her clients who was neglected/abused at the Hergest Unit and she was well aware of how bad the Bethesda GPs were… Sarah Horton subsequently set up a charidee on Anglesey…

The meeting was held ‘in response to a request that we review the outcome of last Thursday’s meeting at Bron Afon’. Holden noted that there was confusion because there had been two meetings last Thursday… Holden noted that Tony Francis was incredibly rude to them all, asking ‘Why don’t you use your IQ a bit?’, ‘You’re more naïve than I thought you were’ and ‘You don’t seem to know your own GNC code of practice’.

Holden noted that ‘as the meeting progressed, he seemed to settle’.

Bechod! Holden used his Nursing Experience and Skills to Settle The Consultant Psychiatrist! See the source image

Robin had a terrible time with His Patient in that meeting, ‘initially he [Tony] was adamant that he would not be RMO [Responsible Medical Officer] to her [me]’. The Patient subsequently agreed that he would remain my RMO ‘until such time as another consultant took over, but I advised that this was putting him under a great deal of stress’.Image result for male nurse with elderly patient images

I do hope that Robin told Prof Mark Williams about His Patient’s distress, Tony Francis practised Mindfulness and was mates with Mark, but still became hooked on opiates…Image result for professor mark williams images

Shortly after Mark Williams relocated from Bangor to take up a Chair at Oxford’s Dept of Psychiatry, that Dept welcomed another new Prof, one Tom Burns from Springfield Hospital. Image result for professor tom burns images


Robin Holden noted that at no time in the meeting were any new threats by me revealed, although there was a feeling by Dr Tony Francis that my ‘insulting manner always seems threatening’. Image result for professor mark williams imagesRobin stated that he would be meeting with Tony and Sadie in the morning. He later added a P.S. to his file note explaining that the meeting was subsequently cancelled following a phone call from Sadie.See the source image

Shortly after this, a notice appeared in the Hergest Unit announcing that the Mental Health Act Commission would be visiting Hergest on 21 Nov 1997 and that patients could raise matters of concern with the Commissioners if they wished. Previous posts have explained that when this had last happened in Spring 1994, F and I had complained to the MHAC about Dafydd, yet no action was taken and Robin Holden had even refused to document that we had alleged that Dafydd had sexually abused patients on the grounds that to do so would be libelling Dafydd. Days after we met with the MHAC in 1994, Dafydd planted a brick, claiming that I had thrown it through his glass door in the early hours and the police recorded this as fact. An alarm system was installed to Protect Dafydd From Me, meetings with the North Wales Police were held about the Danger that I presented Image result for paul bowden imagesand in Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained his injunction from Liverpool High Court after perjuring himself telling them all about me throwing that brick. The police and the MDU knew within days of the brick being planted that I could not have done it, I was seen miles away at the time…

On 31 May 1994, Frank Beck ‘died from a heart attack’ in HMP Whitemoor, Cambridgeshire. Labour Leader John Smith had pegged out some two weeks previously. Letters about F and I making representation to the MHAC had begun flying back and forth by April 1994.

So in Nov 1997, F and I didn’t bother to meet the MHAC. We graffitied the poster, noting that all complaints about Dafydd would be ignored. F made a supplementary notice explaining to patients that if they were feeling suicidal, they needed to tell Alun Davies and ‘he will help you do it’.

On 20 Nov 1997, Dr Chris Jones, Forensic Psychiatrist (based in Wrexham) sent a memo to Alun Davies. Chris Jones stated that further to their discussions on 8 Nov 1997, he wanted to make it clear that Tony Francis remained my Top Doc and Jackie Ehlen my keyworker ‘purely because of the difficulties with College Road [the Arfon CMHT]. I do not accept that at the current time she [me] requires treatment in conditions of medium security, nor that she is a person who meets the criteria for the Forensic Service.’ Chris Jones tells Davies that the Forensic Service will be billing the Hergest Unit for the Forensic input… Chris Jones’s letter was signed pp PA Williams and was CC’d to Tony Francis and Jackie Ehlen.

On 27 Nov 1997, Robin Holden, ‘Head Of Mental Health Nursing/Lead Manager – AMI [Adult Mental Illness]’, wrote an internal memo to Jackie Ehlen thanking Jackie for her first assessment interview with me. After F and I were arrested, Tony Francis et al banned the Hergest Whistleblower and Ella Fisk from speaking to us and we were told that the Forensic Team were taking over our ‘care’, us being so Dangerous. Jackie was the Senior Angel with the Forensic Team. Holden told Jackie ‘I was very impressed with the quality. Please feel free to seek me out if you require support with this difficult case’.

My post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’ discusses how Jackie, Sadie and Sadie’s junior doc Colin Flood (Colin Qualified in 1986 at the University of Dublin; he is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice and works as a GP in Llandudno) all lied at the inquest of Dorothy Griffiths, a patient who inexplicably died on the psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1987/88. The Coroner acknowledged that the truth had not been told, but the matter was never followed up…  I only found out years later that they ALL knew that I knew that they had lied and I had evidence that was never presented in Court…Image result for paul bowden images

Jackie’s Report of her Assessment Interview with me was dated 17 Nov 1997. She noted that F and I had just appeared before the Magistrates and pleaded not guilty. I had told Jackie ‘in a very angry, forthright and absolute way that she [I] was assaulted by Bridget [Lloyd] whilst a patient on Seiriol Ward in 1985. [It was Aug 1986.] It was on this occasion that Sally was then taken to Denbigh and was ‘placed into the hands of Dr DA Jones’. [No, I was taken to Denbigh after Jones ordered me to be wrongly arrested in Dec 1986.] Sally is quite clear in her own mind that Bridget contributed to the alleged abuse by Dr DA Jones… Discussing these events since August [our arrest] I understand that Sally received a letter from the Welsh Office stating that they were not going to proceed with investigating the complaints that she was making against DA Jones…’

The Welsh Secretary at the time that letter was written was either Ron ‘I was looking for Badgers’ Davies Rondavies1998.jpg who was at the time married to barrister Christina, Official portrait of Christina Rees crop 2.jpgnow the Labour MP for Neath, or it may have been Alun Michael, AlunMichael crop.jpgnow Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales; Alun’s son Tal is now CEO of Gwynedd CAB, Lucille Hughes being on the Senior Management Board of CAB! See the source imageThe shift re Welsh Secretary changed as it were on 24 Oct 1998 and guess what? There does not seem to be a copy of that letter from the Welsh Office in my files…

Peter Hain See the source imagewas the junior Minister in the Welsh Office throughout.

Whatever the sins of those dipsticks, we know who the real culprit will have been: George Carman’s former pupil.See the source image

As PM, Miranda appointed a Gov’t Mental Health Adviser. It was a man called Tom Burns.Image result for professor tom burns images

The Welsh Office at the very time that they were refusing to investigate my complaints were paying good money to Baroness Patricia Scotland to represent them at the Waterhouse Inquiry which they had set up under the previous Gov’t when The Hague was Welsh Secretary. Patsy aggressively cross-examined the former kids in care who gave evidence, causing some to throw up and one to collapse. If only they’d maintained their Mindfulness Practice.See the source image

Mark Williams discovered the Miracle Of Mindfulness in 1987 and his first book on the subject thanked Keith Fearns and the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. 1987 was the year of the Cunning Plan to fit me up and imprison me and it was either in 1987 or 1988 when Dorothy Griffiths ‘drowned herself in the bath’ while Jackie Ehlen was in charge of the ward and those porkies were told at the inquest…See the source image

Ollie Brooke, Prof of Paediatrics at St George’s and a good pal of Bodger’s,  was jailed at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court for child porn offences in Dec 1986; Ollie was released early on Appeal in May 1987 by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane.Image result for professor tom burns images

Jackie observed in her Report that F and I were on conditional bail until our next Court appearance in Dec 1997, after our arrest when George Thomas WAS ON HIS DEATHBED.

Robin Holden had written a letter to Bridget Lloyd dated 12 Nov 1997, confirming that Bridget was being given ‘5 days special leave on the grounds of urgent personal need to absent yourself from the area until after they [F and I] have attended Court on 17 Nov 1997. Please contact me on your return so that we can review the situation.’ Holden CC’d the letter to Alun Davies, Nerys Owen and Bruce Stephens.See the source image

The Gang certainly maxed out on Bridget’s trauma at our trial. The Court heard how Bridget was so terrified that I would attack her and ‘her young children’ that she had been issued with a personal alarm to carry with her at all times AND a safe house had been organised for her if I was acquitted.

I have a document written by Bridget that she sent to a senior NHS manager in Gwynedd just after we were arrested stating that she was not frightened of me, had only ever met me once, years ago and she was confident that I would not recognise her if I saw her.See the source image

On 16 Dec 1997 a Strategy Meeting re F and I was held in the Board Room at the Trust HQ. In attendance were: John Mullen, Nerys Owen, Tony Francis, Tony Lane (the Trust’s lawyer, based in Caernarfon), Jackie Ehlen, Keith Fearns, the Hergest whistleblower, Dr Jeremy Corson (Medical Director of the Gwynedd Community Health Trust), Robin Holden, Sadie Francis, Bridget Lloyd, Dr Chris Jones, Ella Fisk (Sister who ran the Day Centre at Hergest), Bruce Stephens (Nurse Manager of the Hergest Unit). See previous posts for details on this crowd…

Ronnie Waterhouse stopped taking evidence from witnesses in the latter months of 1997, just as Jackie Ehlen carried out her first Assessment on me with which Robin Holden was so impressed. Rob Evans, Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services with Responsibility for Mental Health, gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry and told Ronnie that the Community Mental Health Services in Gwynedd were among the best in Europe. See ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ No-one cross-examined Rob causing him to collapse, although he was telling whoppers. Rob had consistently flatly refused to take any action against Fearns, Brandt et al for harassing/threatening F and I or perjuring themselves. Before Rob held the remit for Mental Health, Rob ran the Children’s Services for Lucille…

A handwritten note attached to the guff about the Strategy Meeting mentions that our trial at Caernarfon Magistrates Court will be held on 2 Jan 1998. Our trial was held on 20 Jan 1998; this was another error in the records…

In Jan 1998, I wrote a series of letters to Alun Davies reiterating that Dafydd was sexually harassing/abusing/exploiting patients. In response, Mullen wrote to Alun Davies and asked ‘Should we deal with it as a formal complaint?’

This was the CEO of the Trust writing to the Senior Manager responsible for Gwynedd’s Psychiatric and Learning Disability Services during a Public Inquiry into the serious abuse of children in care in north Wales over decades. The Director of Gwynedd Social Services was the mistress of the man whom I was constantly naming as sexually exploiting patients. The Public Inquiry investigated the abuse of children in the child and adolescent psychiatric unit in Colwyn Bay, Gwynfa Unit and admitted that it had been serious. The children were mostly referred to Gwynfa by psychiatrists in Gwynedd and Gwynfa was managed by an Angel who had Trained at Denbigh… See eg. ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’.

So what did Alun Davies do when Mullen wondered if perhaps he should treat my letters as a formal complaint? Er, Davies wrote to Tony Francis to ask him if he thought that I might have ‘felt down over the New Year’…

On 21 Jan 1998 the day after our acquittal, I wrote to Jackie Ehlen and absolutely laid it on the line, but no, I didn’t ‘threaten’ or use ‘unacceptable language’ etc. I did mention in my letter to Jackie that Alun Davies had yelled and roared at us after the case when we simply said ‘NOT GUILTY Mr Davies, do we get an apology?’ Tony Francis yelled at F as well when F asked for an apology…

On 16 Feb 1998, Alun Davies wrote to me in response to my letter of 13 Feb 1998 on the subject of er Dafydd sexually exploiting/abusing patients, saying ‘The matters you raise are not new, I am satisfied that procedures within the mental health services in Gwynedd give more than adequate safeguards to the subject of sexual abuse of patients. I am copying your letter to Dr Tony Francis who is currently off sick.’

Tony Francis was by then in the throes of obvious serious illness, physical and mental. I am told that he became addicted to opiates, as a result of the treatment from his friend and colleague, another Gang member who dates back to the Glorious Reign Of Gwynne, Dr Christine Evans, the crude old bag who revelled in being known as the ‘Dick Doctor’. Dr Chris doubled up as charidee worker, community pub manager, local Councillor and as the net closed in, Dr Chris found herself the Chair of the North Wales Community Health Council. See eg. ‘A Charming And Uplifting Sound…’

On 27 Feb 1998, a Mrs A.G. Lloyd, ‘Headquarters Services Manager’, wrote to Alun Davies and told him – in response to my fury at our arrest and the refusal of anyone to apologise when we were acquitted – that Davies could tell me that I could always request an Independent Review under the NHS complaints procedure. That was the procedure that served me so well in 1989 when Robert Owen and Buglass got together and failed to address the serious criminality…

On 18 Feb 1998 – BEFORE A.G. Lloyd wrote to Alun Davies See the source image– John Mullen wrote to me telling me that if I was this unhappy with matters I could request an Independent Review by writing to Mr J. Mercer, Convenor of Complaints, Trust HQ, Bryn-y-Neuadd. Mullen helpfully explained that Mr J. Mercer ‘is a Non-Executive Director of the Trust Board’.

On 2 April 1998, Sharon Thompson – at that time Tony Francis’s secretary – documented that I had ‘threatened to stab Jackie Brandt’. Tony told Sharon not to worry about it.See the source image

On 8 April 1998, I wrote a letter to Bruce Stephens making a further complaint with regard to Dafydd, the sexual harassment, Jackie Brandt’s and Bridget’s key roles in my first encounter with Dafydd and the non-stop aggro and false accusations to which I had been subjected from then on.

On 22 June 1998, Alun Davies wrote to John Mullen telling him not to address a formal complaint that F and I had made ‘reiterating issues’. Er, guess which issues we were reiterating?? Copies of the correspondence were passed to Jackie Ehlen, Case Manager… F and I remained with the Forensic Team even after we had been acquitted of all charges, there was a flat refusal to treat as us Non-Dangerous.

Tiny Rowland the Tycoon who had been the Mr Big behind this lot since the 1960s died on 25 July 1998.Image result for tiny rowland images

It is striking just how many times during the first two years of the Waterhouse Inquiry, 1997 and 1998, that F and I wrote, phoned or simply said to senior figures in the Gwynedd Community Health Trust ‘Dafydd is sexually abusing patients and NO-ONE ever investigates any complaints about him’.

My post ‘An Error Of Judgement’ discusses how Lord Snowdon’s long term mistress, Ann Hills, was found dead, on the roof of her London penthouse, in a kneeling position, dressed in party gear, in the last hours of 1996/first hours of 1997. Ann’s dad Dr Elliott Philipp was an Obs and Gynae who was one of those facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring; he was a cousin of Sigmund Freud. Ann’s death was declared to be ‘suicide’ by the Westminster Coroner, the notorious Paul Knapman, See the source imagealumnus of St George’s and, I was told when I worked in London, ‘corrupt’. Any toxicologist or Top Doc would have known that Ann could not have died in the way suggested in the timescale suggested, it simply could not have happened, even Knapman, St George’s (1968) then barrister of Gray’s Inn (1972), will have known that.

I’ve only just noticed that Knapman went to Epsom College, the public school known for producing Posh Doctors, many of whom were Of The Ring. Previous posts eg. ‘I Am Passionately Committed…’ discussed Epsom School governor Dame Kathleen Raven, Britain’s Chief Nursing Officer from the late 1950s until 1972, who found herself CNO after working at Leeds with Jimmy Savile, who concealed Gwynne and Dafydd’s crimes and so much more. As Matron in Leeds, Dame Kathleen pioneered Beau Parlours, ‘comfortable rooms where a Nurse may entertain her Gentleman Friends’. Dame Kathleen’s brother went to Epsom School and became a Bart’s surgeon – Kathleen trained as an Angel at Bart’s herself – and her husband was the Prof of Dermatology at Durham. The Dame and her brother Trained at Bart’s, where Lord Snowdon’s grandfather had Trained as a Top Doc and psychiatrist. Ronald Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon’s barrister father who kept a country home near Caernarfon as well as his main residence in Belgravia, was a governor of Bart’s.

Here’s Knapman Greeting The Rebel Royal: See the source image

Is Knapman welcoming Harry to the Beau Parlour?See the source image

After years of aggro and substandard bollocks from Bethesda Surgery, F and I changed GPs. I see from my documents that we were accepted as patients at Bron Derw Surgery in Bangor on 30 May 1997. See the source imageI have blogged previously about Dr Lauren Kraaijeveld at Bron Derw, how I always found her very pleasant, how she had admitted to me that Dafydd was ‘a ‘sick wicked man’ and ‘a crook’ and that she had actually seen documentary evidence of a huge embezzlement from the NHS scam perpetrated by Dafydd, ‘I saw his signature on the cheque’.Image result for peter cook biased judge images Lauren was like Penny Smith in Tooting; she didn’t, to my knowledge, mistreat patients herself, but she undoubtedly knew that they were not safe and that her colleagues were involved with serious crime.Image result for professor tom burns images

Dr Lauren is still listed on the Medical Register as having a licence to practice and she now seems to be based at the GPs surgery in Penmaenmawr in Conwy. Penmaenmawr is near Llanfairfechan, the site of Bryn-y-Neuadd Hospital, the now closed long-stay institution for the severely learning disabled, that also received patients lobotomised by Gwynne who were completely buggered but hadn’t actually died. Bryn-y-Neuadd was seriously grim, the location of as much cruelty, dehumanisation and abuse as Denbigh and Llanfairfechan was a village in which nearly every resident’s livelihood depended upon the grisly reality behind the Happy Place that was Bryn-y-Neuadd never being admitted. After Bryn-y-Neuadd closed, some of the Angels there bagged jobs as tutors in what became the School of Nursing at Bangor University. The building itself served as the HQ of the Gwynedd Community Health Trust and then the new medium secure psych unit was built there, Ty Llewllyn. There are still patients in Ty Llewellyn who were incarcerated on the advice of Dafydd and Gwynne decades ago and as the years passed were transferred Back To Their Home Area. Guess who wields power over their lives?? See previous posts.

Dr Do Nothing Roberts tried to have me transferred to Ty Llewellyn after I Attacked Angels in Taliesin Ward, but Ty Llewellyn refused to accept me, stating that I was not a Dangerous Patient. I only know about this because I now have the documentation… I suspect the real rationale was for the Cunning Plan to swing into action and me to be Imprisoned, having been deemed Dangerous But Not Mad Enough For Ty Llewellyn. Nobody would really want me in Ty Llewellyn, not with my letter-writing habits and powers of observation.

The Penmaenmawr/Llanfairfechan area is a hotspot for Care Homes of varying quality. During the Great Genocide of the Waterhouse Inquiry/Report years, after the Day Centre at the Hergest Unit closed down and Empowered Services Users were gradually rendered destitute and turned up dead, an Empowered one whom F and I knew, Delyth, was rehoused in an old folk’s home in Penmaenmawr. No-one knew why, because she wasn’t from Penmaenmawr or even elderly, she wasn’t dementing, she just had terrible tardive dyskinesia from the Medication That Helped Her So Much, thus she looked weird and was targeted by thugs. But if you listened to what she was saying it was totally rational. She died not long after, in the Care Home. I have no idea how, someone just told me that Delyth had died in the Care Home but no-one knew details.

Not long after Delyth Passed Over, Philip Jones, with whom I had been mates in Denbigh, was found dead in Penmaenmawr, in his Supported Accommodation. George Carman and the Digger knew all about Phil, I used to write to Brown about him when I was in Denbigh and my letters were among those stolen from my house in Rachub by the builders and flogged to Carman and the Digger.See the source image

Carman and the Digger also ended up with the letter that I wrote to Brown the evening of the day that my friend Anne was killed by the Gang.

Dr Lauren Qualified as a Top Doc at Manchester University in 1985. Tony and Sadie worked at Manchester University until they relocated to north Wales in 1983; Sadie qualified as a Top Doc at Manchester. As did the genocidal Dr ‘Do Nothing’ Tony Roberts, Clinical Director of Hergest, who boasted the highest suicide rate among his female patients of any Top Doc in England and Wales except for someone in Camden. Do Nothing won that award repeatedly for many years. The Lady Killer qualified from Manchester University in 1984.

I have only recently found letters from Tony Francis to one of Lauren’s partners at Bron Derw, Dr A.R. Vaughan. My memory might be playing up here, but I don’t ever remember seeing Dr Vaughan in his capacity as a Top Doc. I know who he is because some years before I had a part-time job cleaning at that surgery, so I knew who the docs were, but I’m sure that I didn’t ‘see’ Dr Vaughan, it was always Lauren.

Francis wrote to Vaughan on 1 July 1997 and on a number of occasions afterwards. Vaughan must have known that Francis was a dangerous doctor, even I can see that from these letters… Dr A.R. Vaughan was Dr Antony Rathbone Vaughan, who qualified at London University in 1972. Dr Vaughan has voluntarily relinquished his registration with the GMC. So Dr Vaughan’s Good Name Remains and should anyone forward the documents in my possession to the GMC with an accompanying note along the lines of ‘Howz About That Then??’, the GMC will respond with an arsey letter explaining that this ain’t their problem.

On 10 Nov 1998, Tony Francis wrote to Dr Lauren telling her that F and I had decided not to move to Scotland. That was because Sir Idwal Pugh, Mr Big at the Halifax, had ensured that the mortgage offer that had been previously made on a cottage on the Isle of Ling was withdrawn… See previous posts. I didn’t tell Francis why we didn’t move, but then I had no idea that the Gang knew why we didn’t and were the reason for it. They needed us in north Wales – Idwal didn’t block a subsequent mortgage offer for a house on Anglesey – because more prosecutions would be coming our way. See the source imageTiny was dead and remaining irritating witnesses had to be kept under the jackboot.

Once we were living on Anglesey, Drs Richard and Medwyn Williams of Parc Glas Surgery, Bodorgan, ignored the madness at the Hergest Unit, although Medwyn Williams was honest enough to admit that the problems there were so great that patients were not being helped. Richard W. Williams was just unpleasant and not interested in his patients. The last letter that Tony Francis wrote about me to a GP in his capacity as my Top Doc seems to have been to Richard Williams on 12 April 1999. By 9 Aug 2000, Tony Francis had resigned – Tony left his job pretty much as the Waterhouse Report was published, but then Alun Michael (born on Anglesey) decided that he didn’t want to be FM any longer just as the Waterhouse Report was published as discussed in ‘News From Sicily’ – and Sadie had taken over as my Top Doc, Sadie writing to Richard Williams on that date.

Medwyn Williams turned up on the Community Health Council and made a lot of noise about the shite cardiology service in north Wales, but no-one would tackle the maddest and most dangerous, the sodding psychiatrists and social workers. At the time, the Drs Francis lived at Dwyran on Anglesey, not far from Bodorgan. Sadie was the consultant psych providing ‘services’ for Anglesey, so Anglesey GPs certainly knew her. Then there was the havoc in Llangefni, a small rural market town, caused by Class A drugs. Well the Drugs Team was based in Llangefni and ultimately controlled by Dafydd, who lived at Talwrn, some three miles away from Anglesey…

The house that Idwal did allow us to buy was not far from Llangefni and a few weeks after we moved in we began to experience aggro from local people involved with Class A drugs. I never linked it to Dafydd, although I knew why Llangefni was awash with heroin and coke, but I’ve received info recently that the Gang wanted me within reach of Dafydd’s addicts…

ALL local politicians knew about the crime, the chaos and the cause. As did politicians who had originally come from Anglesey but made it big in Tufnell Park. Image result for glenys kinnock images

Dr Richard Wyn Williams qualified at Liverpool University in 1972 and has voluntarily relinquished his registration with the GMC. Dr Medwyn Williams qualified at Liverpool University in 1981 and has also voluntarily relinquished his registration. I am only glad that their Good Names Remain.

The Drs’ Williams Practice Nurse knew about the Hergest, she discussed the chaos presiding there with F.

As for my complaints ‘reiterating issues’, previous posts have blogged in detail about the forged documentation, constant lies, wrongful arrests, fallacious allegations, breaches of confidentiality or simply fantasies about other patients as well as me that were sent to third parties; there was very little let-up. I won’t repeat everything here, readers will have to do a bit of cross referencing to previous posts, but the issues were reiterated because complaints were just NEVER dealt with and very often followed by another arrest of the complainant…

Just a few examples.

On 4 July 1994, Ian Rickard, Senior Nurse at the Hergest Unit, wrote to Tony Francis to ask him if he thought that I should be assessed by a Forensic Psych. I’d been Complaining again, to the MHAC and there was that Brick that I’d thrown through Dafydd’s glass door.

On 6 July 1994, Tony Francis wrote to Rickard and told him that he did not feel that me seeing a forensic psychiatrist would be helpful – after all I’d seen forensic psychiatrists before…See the source image

On 8 July 1994, Peter Howarth, a key member of staff at Bryn Estyn, was sentenced to 10 years for the abuse of boys in care in north Wales.

On 18 July 1994, Dafydd wrote to Ian Rickard, (Location Manager, Senior Nurse) re me ‘screaming abuse’ at Dafydd and ‘interfering with his car’ no less. This letter was stamped as having been received on 20 July 1994.

On 13 Sept 1994, Tom Harney (Harney was a CPN with the Arfon CMHT and was known to Empowered Service Users as ‘the alcoholic alcohol counsellor, who runs that pub near Conwy’; Harney went to work for Dafydd’s charidee CAIS when he retired from the NHS) sent a note to Alun Davies stating that ‘a female who refused to identify herself by name’ had rung complaining about Brandt at 11-15 am. Olwen W. Olwen, Senior Secretary at the Arfon CMHT, added that at 11-40 am ‘a similar phone call’ was made in which the caller accused Jackie Brandt of ‘treating patients like shit’. I can’t remember making these calls but I share the caller’s sentiments. Harney’s note was stamped as being received by Biggus Dickus on 19 Sept 1994.

On 16 Sept 1994 Rob Evans, Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services (address Pencadlys, Caernarfon) Image result for dafydd wigley images received from Keith Fearns, a ‘self-explanatory report from Bridget Lloyd, FYI’. Fearns noted to Rob ‘You may feel this has a bearing on our recent discussions and upon the legal position with regard to Mrs Brandt’. Fearns  CC’d it to Janet Hughes, Legal Dept, Social Services.

At the time, no-one would investigate complaints from F, me or indeed other Empowered Service Users, of intimidation from the Arfon CMHT. Brandt had by then perjured herself in the High Court twice, then in Bangor Magistrates Court and even after that tried to have F and I arrested again. Brandt then refused to go to the Hergest Unit if we were there, claiming that she could not be put in Danger. Gwynedd Social Services and their lawyers backed Brandt all the way. It was then stated that F and I were ‘preventing the mental health staff from carrying out their work’. We were not the only people who had made serious complaints about the Arfon Community Thugs and Perjurers, there were many, including about Brandt.Image result for walk on by the stranglers images

On 11 Oct 1994, Dafydd wrote a particularly mad letter to John Mullen regarding my alleged crimes towards Dafydd’s car (the famous Gold Range Rover), telling Mullen that he had asked the MDU to raise an injunction against me. Dafydd CC’d his letter to Keith Thomson, NHS manager. Thomson was not at the top of the tree in those days, but he became CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust a few years later, after his colleague Barry Shingles who was Tipped For The Top ‘committed suicide’ in 1999. Image result for walk on by the stranglers imagesThomson was in a league of his own, as discussed in previous posts. Thomson was a local Bangor boy who went to Friar’s School who spent a time working in NHS management in Stirling, where he got to know Lord Jack McConnell, possibly Prof Alexis Jay and other fun people…Image result for medical defence union slogan images

Dafydd had previously CC’d one of his crazy letter to the MDU, written to Ian Rickard on 7 June 1994, CC’d to Tony Francis and Dr Devakumar as well. The letter was a classic, referring to a ‘disturbance’ caused by me ‘about a month ago’ and the trauma that I had caused Dafydd ‘today’. In the letter, Dafydd reminded everyone that Prof Bluglass had predicted that I would end in a ward for the criminally insane. See the source imageImage result for medical defence union slogan imagesDafydd was certainly busy on 7 June 1994 because he wrote Rickard two letters, one of which addressed Ian Rickard as ‘Manager, Hergest Unit’. Dafydd mentioned his letter to the MDU and that he’d spoken to Sadie Francis; Dafydd’s letter referred to the Drs Francis own dealings with the MDU. This second letter of Dafydd’s to Rickard was CC’d to Sadie, Tony Francis, Devakumar and the er MDU.

What did the MDU think was going on??? Ah well, Bodger and Malcolm were in the midst of the Huge Research Fraud that would unravel during the last months  of 1994, the MDU are a very tolerant organisation re Top Docs.Image result for medical defence union slogan images

On 28 Oct 1994, Alun Davies sent a letter to Dafydd concerning my ‘allegation’ that Dafydd had tried to bribe me in Aug 1987. The letter was CC’d to Tony Francis and Ella Fisk.

On 9 Dec 1994, Laurie Wood – the former manager of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh who had become the Chief Exec of the Clwydian Community Trust – wrote telling me that in 1989 Dafydd had been ‘interviewed’ by the Medical Director of Clwyd Health Authority (Dr M. Jeffries) about the matter of a voluntary patient being kept in a locked ward ‘and stated that similar problems had not occurred since’. Laurie maintained that ‘evidence to support allegations of sexual harassment had not been produced [by me], despite being asked for on several occasions. I do not therefore feel that this should be pursued further’.Image result for professor nigel eastman images

Laurie continued re a blatant breach of confidence about me by Dafydd in public in Nov 1994 was the ‘subject of legal consideration’. Indeed it was, the law was broken ON THE ADVICE OF THE MDUImage result for medical defence union slogan images and everyone just ignored it. Laurie admits that ‘One outstanding matter relates to Dr Brown’s letter dated 6 Feb 1995 which supports the allegation of admission to medical school being used as a bribe to drop complaints in 1987. Mr Alun Davies has written to you on 28 Oct 1994, 15 Dec 1995 with a copy of Dr Brown’s letter and 9 May 1995 asking for comments on this allegation and has received no reply.’See the source image Gypsy Petulengro had been in action once more, readers will notice that NONE of the dates on Laurie’s letter are consistent!! I will return to my documents to double check, but again and again there are clues everywhere that many of the documents in my files, particularly those relating to responses to complaints, were forged and full of errors.

Among the documents is a handwritten letter re my complaints about Dafydd marked ‘For the attention of Mr Simpson’. No other info is provided, who knows who sent it and who Mr Simpson was. Perhaps it was this Mr Simpson.See the source image

On 3 Jan 1995, ‘Dafydd’ wrote a furious letter to Alun Davies after Dafydd had arrived at the Hergest Unit and seen me sitting on a chair in the foyer, telling Davies ‘I find this completely unacceptable’. The letter was signed pp B.M. Jones. The letter was CC’d to Miss Ball, Hempsons; Mr A.D. White (I have no idea who he is); Medical Director, Gwynedd; Medical Director, Clwyd; R. Hefin Davies (Chairman of Gwynedd Community Health Trust).

I suspect that what Dafydd really found completely unacceptable was my graffiti on a notice stating that Dafydd ‘was a sexually abusing git who should have been struck off years ago’. A copy of the graffitied notice was in my files.

Dafydd also wrote to Tony Francis on 3 Jan 1995 and amidst the details of the Trauma to which F and I were subjecting him re phone calls, used the forever cherished sentence ‘…[a call] ‘to my home when no-one spoke but there was a noise obviously intended to simulate a flatus’.See the source image

The Llangefni police were alerted to the Phantom Raspberry Blower giving Dafydd such a fright Image result for male nurse with elderly patient imagesand the call was traced to a phone box Image result for red phone box images in the Bangor area. Dafydd CC’d his letter about the Phantom Raspberry Blower to Hefin Davies, Ann Ball and Hempsons, John Mullen and the Medical Directors of Gwynedd and Clwyd.

It was in the mid 1990s that the Gang declared war on Graham Day, the Senior Sociologist at Bangor University and sociologist Nerys Patterson, who later married Merfyn, was caught in the crossfire. ‘The Guardian’ published an article libelling Graham, stating that he was a racist and was discriminating against Welsh people when he made appointments. Graham received abuse, grief, telephone calls from journos in London making unfounded accusations and was forever a marked man as far as the Gang were concerned. As was Nerys. Or rather a marked woman. See eg. ‘Badlands’ and ‘Murder In Samarkand’.See the source image

Peter Preston See the source imageand the Gang went back a long way… See previous posts.

On 9 Jan 1995, Peter Cook, ex-Footlights and friend of Zany Graham et al as well as the owner of ‘Private Eye’ for years, died while still in his 50s after some years of heavy drinking and not being as productive as some people thought that he should have been. Cook himself assured everyone that he was quite happy…

On 17 Jan 1995, (but dictated on 12 Jan 1995), Alun Davies sent a letter to John Mullen in response to a letter from Dafydd, that was a real gem, even by Dafydd’s standards. Dafydd had gone absolutely apeshit that Pat Capper, a receptionist at the Hergest Unit, had not Warned Him About Me. What had I done? I had no less had a dream in which I had killed Dafydd. Indeed I had, I remember saying to F ‘Christ I dreamt that we murdered Dafydd and we had to get rid of his body’. (The biggest problem in my dream was what we were to do with Dafydd’s blood. There was a lot of it and I didn’t want it splashing everywhere, so I was wondering how we could store it as they do in hospitals, because of course in Rachub we didn’t have the appropriate equipment etc.) Anyway, there was much taking the piss of ‘Ooh Sally dreamt that she murdered DA’ on the part of the patients and F thought it a truly impressive dream. A Meeting was held and Pat Capper – who had heard about the Dream – was absolutely hung out to dry for Not Warning Dafydd.

Pat Capper had however mentioned the saga to Tony Francis, who told Pat and his colleagues that he would carry out an Emergency Assessment of me at home. What was Tony’s Emergency Assessment? It was him crashing around our back garden in the dark that night, shining his torch into our bedroom window. He didn’t knock, we just heard a rumpus in the garden and saw a flashing torch, so we went out and found Tony. F said ‘Oh it’s Tony, do come in’ and he came in and had a cup of tea. Tony Francis didn’t mention anything about Assessments, he just said that he had wondered if I was OK and was passing, so had called in. His main conversation was about our stonework. We lived in a quarryman’s cottage that had previously endured naff rendering and Brown et al had uncovered the stonework underneath. Tony told us that he had recently purchased a second home at Trefor (on the Llyn Peninsula) and his stonework wasn’t as good as ours. So the Dangerous Patients invited the psychiatrist in for tea and biscuits when we found him in our garden, shining a torch into our bedroom window. We later heard that there had been a conversation at the Hergest on the part of other staff along the lines that it was a good job that we didn’t complain about that or Tony could have been in a lot of trouble…

Tony’s adventures in our garden in the dark was another incident that is logged in my files as having occurred on a number of different dates. Careful reading of Dafydd’s rant and demands for Pat Capper’s head on a platter makes it clear that the chronology is as in the above paragraphs.

Since I blogged about this story in earlier posts, I’ve been told that Tony had been in our garden for hours, that he was a voyeur and have been asked do I remember the patient who claimed that Tony had arrived at her room in the Hergest Unit late at night when she was sectioned and exposed himself to her? Yes, she was denounced as mad by everyone and although she and her parents made a very big fuss, the subsequent Investigation cleared Tony. John Mullen et al declared that Tony wasn’t in the building when the Alleged Incident happened. Furthermore the reason for this young woman’s Delusions About Tony was that her ex-boyfriend was called Tony.See the source image

Police, I am not interested in doing the job that you failed to do for years. There were HUNDREDS of complaints about this lot, HUNDREDS. Image result for red phone box imagesWe were all called liars, mad, criminals and some of us were arrested. If you knew that Tony was doing this sort of thing you should have told us, not arrested us. Why is it that now I’ve begun this blog, I’ve found out that so many people Knew? Tony said and did strange things when I first knew him and I didn’t complain because he lied about it when I challenged him and I couldn’t prove that he was lying.See the source image So I complained about matters that I could prove and I was met with a bunch of gangsters, forged documents, perjury etc. See the source imageI’m fed up with corrupt old tossers who have been embarrassed by this blog asking me to Open My Heart and Tell Everyone What Happened. You were NOT interested before OK and now I’m not interested in wasting my time with hypocrites. It is rather more important that someone finds out who is killing witnesses, including Tony Francis, Michael Mansfield’s daughter, Roger Scruton, Neil Innes etc. Because they are being eliminated…

After the panic re My Dream, Alun Davies had A Meeting with Tony Francis, Madeleine Osborn and Pat Capper. Jeremy Corson ‘was also involved in the discussions’.

Madeleine Osborn was a Consultant Psych at the Hergest who scarpered during the Waterhouse Inquiry. I told her that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and I know that the Empowered Service User who ‘alleged’ that Tony exposed himself to her was then handed over to the ‘care’ of Osborn because the Transference was causing problems. See the source imageThis Empowered Service User observed to me ‘I hate Madeleine Osborn and her bloody fuck-me shoes’. Because of these sort of comments, the Empowered Service User was dismissed as a Madwoman who was Obsessed With Sex. No, it was the STAFF who were obsessed with sex, it was why we were taking the piss out of them re such matters. While the staff ponced around talking about Uninhibited Manic Patients – which can happen – they were running a sex abuse ring that had a sideline in child porn and Class A drugs. The psychology students at Bangor University knew about this lot, THEY were laughing at the depraved old psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, but they didn’t commit their comments to paper as the patients did…

People DID know what this lot were doing, it’s how I have received so much extra info since I began the blog. It’s the oldest trick in the book; because some psych patients sometimes have some delusional beliefs, it is a free-for-all. Anyone can do anything to them and it will be attributed to Delusions. Unless the Gang want to frame a subject of gossip/rumour, then the Empowered ones are led up the garden path by the Gang and all utterances of the Delusional ones are suddenly believable. This was what underpinned the False Memory Row, how does anyone know WHAT and WHO to believe when distressed people are being told lies by people who’s word is taken as the unproblematic Truth or are the subject of lies told by those who are telling the Truth, when the Truth tellers are involved in very serious crime?

Madeleine Osborn was one of the Leaders at the Hergest and when I confronted her and said ‘Do you realise that Dr DA Jones is having sex with patients?’, she looked at me over her glasses and said ‘If I had evidence of that I would be APPALLED’. Then she strutted off in her fuck-me shoes.

Madeleine Frances Osborn is currently registered but without a licence to practice. She qualified at Edinburgh University in 1970. Which puts Madeleine and her fuck-me shoes at the centre of the action; Edinburgh was the location of the big ring facilitated by Dafydd’s mates Prof Henry Walton and Sula Wolff, who became multimillionaire collectors of Art Treasures on their NHS salaries. The ring embraced Tam Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers and was linked to the rock crowd in Glasgow via Tam Paton’s protégé Midge Ure… The psychoanalysis bit in Edinburgh sprung from Ronald Fairbairn and his circle, Gwynne’s contemporary, father of violent, alcoholic, sex abusing Tory MP and lawyer, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, one-time bedfellow of Esther and Thatch’s Solicitor General for Scotland.See the source image

Take a long, hard look at the Meaning Of Those Shoes:

Ronald Fairbairn was central figure in the development of the object relations theory of psychoanalysis. Fairbairn’s Psychoanalytical Studies of Personality (1952) is a collection of papers previously published in different reviews. The book is divided into three parts, the first being mostly theoretical, the second one clinical, and the third one concerning more general problems. The first four articles contain the largest body of the most innovative Fairbairn concepts. The table of contents entails:

  • Part One: An Object-Relations Theory of the Personality
  1. Chapter I: Schizoid Factors in the Personality (1940)
  2. Chapter II: A Revised Psychopathology of the Psychoses and Psychoneuroses (1941)
  3. Chapter III: The Repression and the Return of Bad Objects (with special reference to the ‘War Neuroses) (1943)
  4. Chapter IV: Endopsychic Structure Considered in Terms of Object-Relationships (1944)
  5. Chapter V: Object-Relationships and Dynamic Structure (1946)
  6. Chapter VI: Steps in the Development of an Object-Relations Theory of the Personality 1 (1949)
  7. Chapter VII: A Synopsis of the Development of the Author’s Views Regarding the Structure of the Personality (1951) See the source image
  • Part Two: Clinical Papers
  1. Chapter I: Notes on the Religious Phantasies of a Female Patient (1927)
  2. Chapter II: Features in the Analysis of a Patient with a Physical Genital Abnormality (1931)
  3. Chapter III: The Effect of a King’s Death Upon Patients Undergoing Analysis (1936)See the source image
  • Part Three: Miscellaneous Papers
  1. Chapter I: The Sociological Significance of Communism Considered in the Light of Psychoanalysis (1935)
  2. Chapter II: Psychology as a Prescribed and as a Proscribed Subject (1939)
  3. Chapter III: The War Neuroses—Their Nature and Significance (1943)
  4. Chapter IV: The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders (1946)See the source image

Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpeg

Dafydd’s letter to John Mullen of 21 Dec 1994 following the business of My Dream excels. Dafydd cannot convey his ‘dismay and disbelief’. He reminds Mullen that on 11 Oct 1994, Dafydd experienced a ‘threatening intrusion’ by F and me ‘into my office’ ‘this very disturbing episode which occurred’. Dafydd ‘was appalled to understand Sally was ignored with a possibility that I might have been put in hazard. I had that very morning replied to a letter from Messrs Hempsons Solicitors concerning an injunction application in total ignorance of the events occurring that I replied there was no problem.’

Until I had that Dream about murdering Dafydd!!Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpeg‘It was Dr Osborn at 6 pm which [sic] informed me of the event’. (My Dream.) She of the fuck-me shoes asked Dafydd if he wanted the police involved. ‘I wished them to be informed because they are aware of the menace which [I] poses to me and they are alert to any emergency call that I may make from my home.’

HILARIOUS!! So that’s why dissenters have been sending me transcripts of the piss-taking calls that F and I made to Dafydd, asking me if I remember them! Dafydd’s phone was Monitored Lest I Threaten Him, ready for the MDU and Forensic Experts to swing into action and cart me off to live with Mr Savile. Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpegWhen I realised that someone had recorded our calls, I knew that they would have also recorded all the other calls to Dafydd from Peter Morrison et al, asking Dafydd to rescue them from police stations etc.

Dafydd’s letter continues to grumble about my ‘increased activity’ and the ‘possible menace it caused’. Dafydd was told that Tony Francis would be visiting me later that evening to Assess me. He ended up in the garden and then came in for a cup of tea. ‘It appears that there were doubts raised whether I should be informed at all of this occurrence. [My Dream.] I found this appalling in the light of past events. I would therefore explicitly request that you ascertain what discussion took place as to whether I should be warned or not and who expressed reluctance on this point.’ Dafydd emphasises that My Dream was a ‘situation of potential hazard’ and bangs on at length about his concern that I do not always seem to be accompanied by Clinical Members Of Staff when he is in the building, on occasions he has noted that mere Administrative Members of Staff were accompanying me and this could not have been right. Dafydd CC’d his letter to the Medical Director of the NHS Trust and to the Chairman Of The Unit (whoever that might have been).

So that is what happened when a receptionist heard my friends joking about me dreaming that I’d murdered Dafydd and did not ring Dafydd, the police, Uncle Tom Cobley and all immediately to Report a Dangerous Incident.

This is why the whole of the NHS in north Wales wet themselves in terror as we yelled at them ‘He is shagging the patients you idiots, he has threatened us, he has hit us, he has joked about us having sex with animals, DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM’.

They just would not investigate any complaints about Dafydd, yet they entertained this utter idiocy from him. Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpegI await the MDU’s explanation… Image result for medical defence union slogan images

On 15 Feb 1995, Sharon Thompson – then Alun Davies’s secretary – on behalf of Alun Davies, sent Dafydd a copy of the letter that Dr Brown, a Lecturer in Psychology at Aston Business School, had written re Dafydd’s attempt to bribe me in Aug 1987.

Brown was unlawfully dismissed from his job at Aston in July 1995, days after Bing Spear and Sir Peter Morrison were found dead.

On 19 Feb 1995, Ronald Fairbairn’s son Nicholas, Esther’s old bedfellow, died of drink as they used to say in Somerset, as opposed to ‘alcohol related causes’. See the source image

On 5 March 1995, Viv Stanshall, friend of Zany Graham, Neil Innes et al – Viv had been diagnosed with manic depression years earlier and had been an in-patient in a psych hospital in the Good Old Days, so had witnessed much – spontaneously combusted at home in bed. Viv was alone in the house at the time.

On 16 March 1995, John Mullen wrote to Dafydd re my complaint of a breach of confidence. Mullen tells Dafydd that he will be ‘most grateful for the information in your latest letter from the MDU’.Image result for medical defence union images

On 7 April 1995, Mullen wrote to Dafydd to tell him that ‘We have allocated funds to improve the personal attack alarm system in the Hergest Unit’. Indeed, Ron Evans the crooked Gwynedd CC solicitor thought up the ruse of £20k being needed to Protect Dafydd From Me, I have the documentation! Dafydd could not produce one scrap of evidence that he was in danger from me or anyone else, but letters flew back and forth about that Brick – the one that the MDU knew was not my doing – and the MDU Demanded That The NHS Protect Their Client.

On 17 June 1995, Gwynne and Dafydd’s old mate David Ennals, one of the Bigguses who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring for decades, died suddenly and unexpectedly of pancreatic cancer. (There were a number of Insider deaths throughout 1995, I’m just mentioning a few in this post.)

On 21 June 1995 I received a letter from Sharon Thompson, on behalf of Alun Davies, that was CC’d to John Mullen, referring to my letter of 14 June 1995 re Dafydd sexually abusing patients. There was no investigation.

My former boss Malcolm Pearce of St George’s was struck off by the GMC in the week of the 21 June 1995. Bodger, Malcolm’s partner in crime re the research fraud, gave evidence against Malcolm and wasn’t even disciplined. No-one dared, Bodger was not just one of the Mr Bigs in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Bodger was mates with Royal Docs and friends of Royals. Malcolm was kept sweet by finding him a job in a barristers Chambers advising on er medical negligence, See the source imagelest he ever was tempted to grass anyone upSee the source image in return for dosh… The research fraud had been published by the British Journal of Obs and Gynae, a journal of which Bodger was the Editor, in 1994 at the height of the headlines re Peter Howarth’s imprisonment, when the MHAC were refusing to investigate the complaint that F and I made about Dafydd, when the brick was planted and Dafydd rushed off to the MDU and subsequently Liverpool High Court. See ‘Now Then…’See the source image

Malcolm Pearce Trained/worked at Leeds, which was from where the Ysbyty Gwynedd Consultant Gynaecologist Simon Leeson (see previous posts and comments) was working before Simon turned up in Gwynedd in the 1990s. Leeson Qualified at Manchester University in 1984 a la Do Nothing. At Leeds, Leeson worked with some real scumbags, including the Top Doc who gave a glowing reference to a gynaecologist who later starred in a major scandal re numerous botched operations on women; it had been known for years that this Top Doc was dangerous but no-one at Leeds raised concerns. Leeson is very likely to have known Malcolm, because even after Malcolm relocated to St George’s, he was a regular visitor to his old mates in Leeds and was Proud To Be A Northerner in the poncy southern elite circles of St George’s.

Jimmy Shroff, a junior doc in Bodger’s team when I was at St George’s, had previously been a trainee GP in D.G.E. Wood’s practice after Training at Bart’s. Jimmy ended his days – he died youngish of pancreatic cancer, unexpectedly in the summer of 2004 – as a Consultant Obs and Gyae in Leeds. Jimmy’s widow works for the Betsi Board. See previous posts; I have erroneously spelt Jimmy’s name as Schroff in some earlier posts. He was to be precise Jimmy Foden Shroff.

Two Top Docs who worked with Simon Leeson at Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1997/98 did not know their arses from their elbows – I now have documentation to demonstrate this. One was Ashok Damodar Harshey, ‘Associate Specialist’ to Simon. Ashok Qualified at Nagpur University in 1976 and has voluntarily relinquished his registration with the GMC, as has a Sheila Harshey, who qualified at Indore in 1972. A Ravi Harshey who qualified at Nottingham University in 2008 remains on the Medical Register. All Top Docs who read documentation compiled by Harshey knew how clueless and dangerous he was, including Simon, Tony Francis, Dr Lauren and Dr Antony Vaughan. There will have been many more… Mair Martin at the Drug Information Dept consulted by Harshey et al at Ysbyty Gwynedd will also have known how bloody hopeless they were but for some reason Mair wasn’t providing them with the best info that was available at the time. Why was that then Mair?

Previous posts have discussed Old Favourite John Chawner, an Obs and Gynae Consultant who cluttered up Bangor in the Good Old Days, when newborns were abducted from women as a result of collusion with Dafydd and Gwynne – and not just in the case of Unmarried Mothers either – and when all women in north Wales were unlawfully refused NHS terminations for any reason, but were referred on demand by the Top Docs – if of course the women paid – to the Private Abortionist in Chester who was so dangerous that Warnings Were Issued To Students who might end up in his hands (see eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf!). Chawner was in business during the years of Peak Paedophilia and was a colleague of the Obs and Gynae Consultant O.V. Jones, who doubled up as a member of UCNW Council and served as Vice-President of UCNW for some years (see ‘Meet The Gwerin!’). O.V. was busy governing UNCW when Gwynne was sitting in the Student Health Centre and when D.G.E. Wood was putting a great deal of business in the direction of the dangerous Private Abortionist in Chester…

Chawner is now very elderly indeed and has voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice but makes a nuisance of himself whenever possible. His last splash was in 2015 when Chawner and other Retired Top Docs presented a United Front in the Daily Post maintaining that the Ladies Of Gwynedd would not tolerate some new-fangled idea that was being proposed. Chawner, the Ladies of Gwynedd loathed you and your mates, but they didn’t dare speak out in public that you had abducted their babies, forced them into the hands of a dangerous private abortionist, trafficked them into sex work or sexually/physically assaulted them because they lived in an environment in which you and your criminal pals ran north Wales and they knew what would be coming their way – and the way of anyone who dared support them – if they blew the whistle on your charnel house.

Chawner was still working at Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1995 and two of his Accomplices from that era, his Senior Registrars Geraldine McSweeney and David Chui, are at present working as Top Docs. Geraldine, who Qualified at the National University of Ireland in 1983, is currently a Gynae Consultant employed by Hywel Dda Health Board and is based in Carmarthen. David Kwan Chi Chui Qualified at Leicester University in 1984. David stars on the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust:

Profile: Mr Chui is a Consultant Gynaecologist with over 16 years experience. His subspecialty interest is in Reproductive Medicine including treatments of IVF and other advanced assisted conception therapies.

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of BMA
  • Member of British Fertility Society
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

David sees Private Patients too. He advertises his presence at the Esperance Hospital, Eastbourne and at Longevity Wellness in Monchique on the Algarve as well! So like his old colleague D.G.E. Wood, David’s Gone To The Med. Interestingly enough, although I’m not a globetrotter, I do know Monchique. Back in my days as an Empowered Service User, when Brown used to give/lend F and I the money for cheap off-season holidays, we went to Monchique repeatedly, because in winter it becomes very cheap and it’s warm and there are nice rural bits. We used to go to Monchique during the mid-1990s… The Hergest Unit knew because F and I used to chat to our friends about it and F used to visit the YG pharmacy to stock up on Tablets when we were going away.

If David of the Med wants to let us all know why he never raised concerns about the organised abuse and other criminality facilitated by his colleagues in Gwynedd, a lot of us would be interested to hear the Lame Excuses. Should David Chui wish to send me a pompous letter from the MDU of a How Very Dare You nature, I’d welcome the opportunity to Share Documentation with David, the MDU and anyone else who wishes to go down the How Very Dare You route, because I really do think some answers are needed. 

F liked Portugal so much that he used to tell Tony Francis and Ella that he’d like to live there. It was me who kept saying to F ‘We can’t move to Portugal, we haven’t got heaps of dosh to sustain ourselves in Portugal for the rest of our lives… ‘ Tony Francis, Ella et al knew that F is someone who lives a much risker existence than me and if he thought that moving to Portugal would be a nice thing to do, he’d do it…See the source image

Malcolm Pearce had a series of wives/partners – as well as all the additional more casual Ugandan discussions – a number of whom were Top Docs and all of whom knew about the very unacceptable activities at St George’s. Malcolm caught Hepatitis when I worked for him and the junior docs were entertained when it was attributed to an ‘unhygienic person’ with whom Malcolm had ‘come into contact’ when he had been to Portugal for the weekend…

Dafydd used to hold Clinics in Yorkshire, in particular at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds of all places. Savile used to hang out there, it was where his body Lay In State after he died. I found out about Dafydd’s Clinics at the Queen’s Hotel, Leeds in the late 1980s and I took the piss at length. I realised that whatever Dafydd was doing it would not be Holding A Clinic in any mainstream sense, but I didn’t twig as to Savile’s involvement. See the source imageSo a lot of NHS staff in north Wales knew that I knew about the Queen’s Hotel Clinics and I even rang Dafydd when he was there on one occasion. The security services knew that I knew about those Clinics as well.See the source image

On 26 June 1995, John Redwood See the source imagestepped down as Welsh Secretary and was succeeded by David Hunt, the Gang’s very old, loyal friend. Official portrait of David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral crop 2.jpgHunt was known to be sleeping in his office during the few days that he served as Welsh Secretary in the summer of 1995, such was the pressure of work and matters that needed to be attended to.

On 5 July 1995, David Hunt’s few days as Welsh Secretary ended and he was succeeded by The Hague. Image result for william hague images Also on 5 July 1995, Virginia Bottomley – a former psychiatric social worker (educated at St Paul’s Girls’ School and the LSE, both establishments favoured by Lord Gnome’s family – who, along with her husband Peter, had numerous links to the Gang dating back years (see previous posts), stood down as Health Secretary and Stephen Dorrell succeeded her in that post. Bottomley had been lurking around in the Dept of Health for years, she had been Minister of State in the Dept, 28 Oct 1989-9 April 1992 and was then appointed Secretary of State. As Minister of State, Virginia was responsible for providing Community Care Facilities for psych patients. She very obviously did not do this… Bottomley’s numerous influential relations include her aunt, Camden Labour big wig Baroness Peggy Jay – mother of Dr Death’s mate Peter Jay, mother-in-law of Margaret, Sunny Jim’s daughter – and wife of Baron Douglas Jay, Richard Crossman’s mate and Labour big wig in Harold Wilson’s era. The Jays and Callaghans were on board with the Gang.Official portrait of Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone crop 2.jpg

By 5 July 1995, Dafydd had ‘retired’ clutching the contract to provide substance abuse services for north Wales along with an agreement that none of the very serious complaints against him would be followed up. See ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’

In retirement, Dafydd vastly expanded his business and although patients were told that he now had no NHS work at all, in the forthcoming years, most of Dafydd’s ‘private work’ was commissioned by the statutory services, including the NHS. The world was also told that Denbigh had ‘closed down’ in the summer of 1995. It hadn’t, there were still patients there in 2000 and maybe beyond; no-one has ever provided transparent answers to matters Denbigh.

On 5 July 1995, Alun Davies wrote to me, CC’ing the letter to Ella Fisk, re my phone call to Davies on 4 July 1995 asking to meet Davies; Davies told me in his letter that he still hadn’t received replies to his letters to Dafydd re my complaints, so Davies had written to Dr M. Jeffries to ‘expedite matters’.

On 6 July 1995, ‘Alun Davies’ wrote a letter to Dr Jeffries, Medical Director, Clwydian Community Health Trust, but the letter was signed pp S Thompson. (Sharon Thompson, Davies’s secretary.) The letter states that Davies has written to Dafydd several times re my outstanding complaints but has received no response.

Bing Spear died on 9 July 1995. Peter Morrison was found dead in his house on 13 July 1995. Tiny Rowland Passed Over on 25 July 1995. Brown was sacked by Aston University in the same month; he received the letter at the end of July, but offering to pay him until Sept 1995.

On 31 Aug 1995, Alun Davies wrote to Ann Ball of the MDU solicitors Hempsons, at 75 Mosley Street, Manchester, telling Ann that he wanted my files back asap ‘which were sent to you by this office’.

I don’t know whether to flag up the breach of confidence or the thousands of documents that the MDU read – and indeed compiled themselves – that were evidence of such serious crime.Image result for medical defence union slogan images

A letter dated 6 Sept 1995 from Dr Jeremy Corson (then the Medical Director for Gwynedd Community Health Trust) to me confirmed that Clwyd NHS held Dafydd’s contract – people complaining about Dafydd were always bounced between Gwynedd and Clwyd, both refusing to accept responsibility – the letter was CC’d to Jeffries, Mullen and Davies. My complaints were still not dealt with…

On 5 Dec 1995, Sir Charles Evans, Everest Hero, Principal of UCNW, 1958-84 and mate of Gwynne and Dafydd, died.

On 19 Dec 1995, John Mullen wrote to me regarding my complaints. I was not told that ‘silent copies’ of Mullen’s letter had been sent to Dafydd, Jeremy Corson, Alun Davies and a Dr J Gib [rest of name illegible] of the MDU.Image result for medical defence union slogan images

On 17 Jan 1996, John Mullen wrote to me re my letters of 2 Sept 1995 and 21 Dec 1995 in which I had discussed physical assaults on me by NHS staff and sexual harassment from Dafydd. No, there was no investigation, but Mullen CC’d his letter to Alun Davies and sent a ‘silent copy’ to Dafydd…

The names of those refusing to investigate very serious complaints throughout the 1990s remained the same. Jeremy Corson, Robin Holden, Nerys Owen, Hefin Davies, John Mullen, Alun Davies. Keith Thomson and Martin Jones were moving up the ranks from within gathering the dirt on everyone as they went, to become the Dons of the NHS in north Wales post-millennium.

Jeremy David Corson qualified in 1979 from Bristol University. Just like Professor Nigel Eastman of St George’s AND Gray’s Inn, Prof Eastman the International Expert who flies to the US, South Africa etc to provide his Learned Opinion.Image result for professor nigel eastman images Jeremy’s name remains on the GP register and on the Specialist register ie. Public Health. Previous posts have covered Jeremy’s career in some depth; I’m delighted to report that Jeremy is still in Cardiff running his Private Consultancy, Corson Diaz Consulting Ltd, that Jeremy established in June 2001:

Public Health Consultancy and GP Locums for the last 18 years, UK and International. Previously 22 year NHS career including Director of Public Health and Trust Medical Director.

Jeremy will be raking it in providing the locum GPs across Wales in the GP desert that Wales now is, every even vaguely good GP having run screaming in terror as far away as they can because of the activities of Jeremy and all those whom he refused to take action against in the 1990s. The Pink Blancmange is quite happy for Jeremy to consume such a large proportion of the Welsh Gov’ts budget, it is a symbiotic relationship. Corson concealed the crap with which the Pink Blancmange was deeply involved himself and now the wobbly one is FM, Corson gets commissioned! The wobbly one has exactly the same business relationship with Dafydd and Lucille via their charidee CAIS.

And of course Corson knows Biggus Eastman Image result for professor nigel eastman imagesand he knows that Biggus received that letter from Robin Jacobson stating that Dafydd had described me as attractive and seductive, that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that Jacobson thought that Tony Francis was too. Jacobson also received information that I had Harassed an Eminent GP, who was also ready to supply Springfield with Evidence about me. Who was this eminent GP? D.G.E. Wood, who Qualified at Bristol University some 10 years before Corson and Biggus Eastman, who’s dad was an Eminent Doctor in Bristol.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, if Jeremy Corson Falls, it’ll be the biggest game of dominoes that British medicine has ever seen… Indeed World Medicine dominoes, Paul Bowden, Bluglass and Biggus are International. But then Gwynne was the Royal Lobotomist.

Neither must we forget another Esteemed St George’s Trained Top Doc and member of Gray’s Inn.See the source image

Corson’s equivalent in Clwyd during those happy years, Dr M. Jeffries, I’m fairly sure is Dr Mervyn Jeffries who has voluntary relinquished his registration. Mervyn must have been as old as the hills, he qualified in 1953 from Dublin. The other possibility is that M. Jeffries was Milton Jeffries, who also qualified in 1953 in Ireland and has voluntarily relinquished his registration. The north Wales mental health services employed a good number of people from Ireland, which is worrying when one considers what the ‘services’ were doing rather than looking after their patients.

In 1995, Hefin Davies, Chair of Gwynedd Community Health Trust, was merely Hefin Davies MBE. By Oct 2004, when Hefin was Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust, he was Hefin Davies  MBE OStJ JP and Deputy Lieutenant.

John Mullen, CEO of the Gwynedd Community Health Trust, was John Mullen MSc, MHSM, Dip HSM. Yet he didn’t know what to do with a number of letters clearing stating that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and providing dates, venues and circumstances of the offences…Image result for professor nigel eastman imagesSee the source image

Names Of More Witnesses:

A Sharon Price wrote to Alun Davies on 29 Sept 1994, telling him that ‘a call had been received’ from me on 28 Sept 1994, complaining about ‘Bridget treating patients like shit’. Sharon’s letter was CC’d to Rob Evans, who as any fule kno, was managing one of the best Community Mental Health Services in Europe.

Dr Ian Williams, Tony Francis’s SHO, who wrote a letter to Dr Nickson about me on 27 Oct 1994, days before Dafydd obtained his injunction by banging on about a brick that had been planted.


At the time of my first meeting with David Mawson -Sep/Oct 1991?? – the meetings took place in Alwyn’s office, me being so Dangerous that Gwynedd Health Authority wouldn’t let me onto their premises – Dr David Mawson DPM FRC Psych was still based in Liverpool, but not Ashworth. He was working as an independent consultant, using the address of the Cunard Building.See the source image

12 Nov 1991 – Mawson wrote to Dr Paul Nickson…

On 17 Dec 1991 Mawson wrote to Tony Francis. Negotiations had begun, kicked off by David Mawson observing that these consultations with a Private Doc like Mawson were costing Gwynedd NHS a fortune and there was no need for it, after all I wasn’t dangerous and Dr Mawson would be happy to advise Francis that I actually had Schizophrenia and could easily be Treated by Francis, if only Gwynedd NHS would stop refusing to treat me. I had been admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Oct/Nov 1991 with serious depression, but that was only because my neighbour had rung the Bethesda GPs and said surely this tale that I was telling about being refused all NHS treatment and arrested if I went on NHS premises couldn’t be true…

OF COURSE IT WASN’T, OOH NO WE NEVER DID!!! NO, NO, THE NHS DOESN’T DO THAT… My neighbour was witnessing the whole mess, so IN FRONT OF MY NEIGHBOUR, the NHS was overcome with Caringness and I was admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd. David Mawson was MD at a distance but I didn’t realise that another Cunning Plan was underway; See the source imagebeing Paranoid/Suspicious/Criminally Insane and Hostile with Bipolar Disorder/Schizophrenia/Personality Problems/Sometimes Borderline, Image result for paul bowden imagesSee the source imageSee the source image

I believed the Drs Francis when they told me that peace had broken out, apologised for all the High Court cases and assured me that it had all been a terrible misunderstanding.

On 14 Feb 1992, Tony Francis wrote to Mawson, who was by then based at Stockton Hall, Stockton-on-the-Forest, Yorkshire. Stockton Hall is a medium secure psych unit that at present is run by the Priory Group, commissioned by the NHS. Robin Jacobson left Springfield to work for the Priory Group, as did many of his colleagues. Stockton Hall was categorised by the CQC as ‘requiring improvement’. That can only mean that it is dreadful, the CQC consistently under-rates the degree of danger and chaos in ‘services’. Sir Robert Francis QC has sat on the CQC.

Name Of Another Witness: Dr R Kumar, Registrar to Tony Francis, wrote to Nickson about me on 12 May 1992. Dr Kumar was one of the junior docs whom Francis treated dreadfully, Angels used to joke about Francis screaming and yelling at the junior docs. One much-enjoyed anecdote was that of Francis yelling ‘Where’s that bloody house officer?’ and beginning to throw the chairs around, when a little voice piped up saying ‘I have been a registrar for three months now’. Dr Kumar I presume…See the source image

My documents state that my next admission to Ysbyty Gwynedd (with Francis as my Top Doc) was on 25/3/92; I was discharged on 5/5/92. Peace had never really broken out, it was just non-stop aggro, with various NHS staff doing a Good Cop Bad Cop routine and at the same time pursuing their own civil wars with each other.

Previous posts have provided many details and names of the Guilty over the years of me being an Empowered Service User, so I’d like to move onto the names that I have seen on the latest perusal of documents that I haven’t mentioned in previous posts or flagged up as much as I should.

New Name: A letter written to Alun Davies on 8 Dec 1994 from G. Greg?? (signature hard to decipher) of Clwyd NHS states that after Bluglass ignored the Gang’s serious criminality in July 1989 and busied himself with trivia, one of those at the time to whom the matter was Referred for Action was Dr J.L. Williams, CAMC Of Clwyd.

Now for further names on documents compiled under the reign of Keith Thomson as CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, after I had been assaulted by staff, wrongfully arrested etc. It should be remembered that Sister Hutt was Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health and Social Services, 12 May 1999-2005. The Secretary of State for Wales, 28 July 1999-24 Oct 2002 (throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry and the aftermath) was Paul Murphy; Murphy was succeeded by Peter Hain, 24 Oct 2002-24 Jan 2008.

‘Mary’, Dr Neil Davies’s secretary at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was mentioned on a note written by Sandra Phillips, Alun Davies’s side-kick, on 21 March 2003.

Caroline Frain (Complaints Manager at NW Wales NHS Trust) wrote to Sandra Phillips on 20 Dec 2002 regarding the letter from my solicitor highlighting the many laws and policies that had been flouted. Frain tells Phillips that ‘Trish [Gaskell, the NW Wales NHS Trust solicitor] reckons we should just send her a copy of the Finance Conduct Policy, even if it isn’t relevant’. My solicitor AND the Mental Health Act Commission had written to Phillips and Thomson and this was the Trust’s idea of addressing such a serious complaint.

Liars who were part of the picture, as demonstrated by my documentation, include Patrick Crossfield, ‘Senior Nurse on call’ on the night that I was assaulted in Hergest by four staff and was stopped from contacting the police. Crossfield was rung and told that I had been assaulted and was asking for the police. The Trust told me and my solicitor throughout that Crossfield was not aware that I had made a complaint of assault. He was, it was his advice not to give me access to a phone to ring the police. Alun Davies wrote to Caroline Frain on 4 Dec 2002, confirming that Crossfield was Senior Nurse on call. Everyone had access to the documents demonstrating this, including Rita Thomas, the Trust’s Claims Co-ordinator, Litigation.

Sheila V. Owen, Assistant Complaints Manager and Secretary to Investigating Officer, Nursing and Quality, wrote a memo to Alun Davies on 3 Jan 2003 and CC’d it to Patricia Gaskell, Caroline Frain, Sandra Phillips. The subject of Owen’s memo was another patient who made a very similar complaint to mine about some of the same people. NHS staff asked each other how I found out about this patient’s complaint and how long I’d known her. The Trust paid her off eventually after she had them bang to rights on so much law-breaking, wrongful arrest etc…

Sue Turner, Administration Officer, Complaints and Deaths, Mental Health Act Commission, wrote a letter to Patricia Gaskell on 14 Jan 2003. The MHAC stopped responding to me as Thomson and Gaskell flouted more and more policies and legislation. The MHAC subsequently told me that they had lost my file; copies of cosy letters between  the MHAC and the NW Wales NHS Trust are in my medical file…

Keith Thomson had written to Sue Turner on 19 Dec 2002 at Maid Marian House, 56 Hounds Gate, Nottingham.

On 10 April 2003, Paramjit Thamu, Administrator, Complaints Unit, MHAC, wrote to Gaskell; Thamu mentions her phone call to Gaskell on 27 March 2003.

E mails dated April 2003 from Caroline Frain to Jeff Pye, Head of Information Management and Technology for the Trust, demonstrate that Jeff Pye had been alerted to an e mail that I had sent to the Complaints Dept re a member of staff on duty that night among the group of those who assaulted me. My e mail had been read by Colin Ashton, Senior Engineer – Web Dept, who took the e mail out of circulation because of the allegation of assault and alerted those higher up the food chain. It was noted that my e mail was sent from my Bangor University e mail address. I’d just begun my PhD.

The Occupational Therapy student who was forced to make a statement to the police about me claiming that I’d threatened him was Michael Williams. Michael had spoken to me on the phone after I was banned from talking to the Hergest Whistleblower; the transcript of the call shows a friendly call, me upset, Michael trying to cheer me up. I was arrested hours later, charged with threatening to kill Alun Davies on 2 Nov 2002 and bail conditions ordered me not to contact Michael, Alun Davies, Alison Parry (the violent Angel who was Taliesin Ward Manager) or Sadie. The signature of Sgt P.L. Jones is on the paperwork. The case was scheduled to be heard by Bangor Magistrates on 11 Nov 2002; it eventually went to the Crown Court, but collapsed on first day of the trial due to the perjury. Michael Williams had left north Wales by then, I never saw him again.

The Home Secretary, 8 June 2001-15 Dec 2004: David Blunkett MP Where Next for Welfare.jpgThe Lord Chancellor at the time of my arrest and charging: Image result for derry irvine images

Taliesin Ward staff involved in ‘restraining’ me on 29 Oct 2002 who’s names were kept from me and thus not mentioned in earlier posts include Peter Davies, Mark Colclough, Hannah Roberts, Nicola Griffiths. No-one would give patients their full names and just declared themselves to be ‘nurses’, although on some shifts there weren’t any qualified nurses on duty, it was 100% healthcare assistants (HCAs). The wards were being run illegally and Thomson knew it. All staff knew that patients were being assaulted and that staff were being told to perjure themselves.

Dr Stephen Parry, on 28 Oct 2002, documented that I assaulted a Dr Steven. This probably meant that I had ‘assaulted’ Dr Stephen Parry; the liars and perjurers compiling the records constantly misspelt their own colleagues names, used abbreviations/nicknames etc. Countersigned by Lena Henry (Senior Nurse, Manager of the Hergest) on 30 Oct 2002.

Jane Jones, HCA, on 26 Oct 2002 documented ‘violence’ on my part. Countersigned by Lena Henry on 30 Oct 2002.

Sian Ruth Lloyd, Angel, documented ‘verbal threats and aggression’ on 25 Oct 2002. Countersigned by Alison Parry on 28 Oct 2002 and Lena Henry on 30 Oct 2002.

Gwen Bethan Roberts, HCA, documented ‘verbal abuse and hostile behaviour’ on 25 Oct 2002. Countersigned by Alison Parry on 28 Oct 2002 and Lena Henry 30 Oct 2002.

Michael Davies OT Student (the same person as Michael Williams OT student!) documented ‘verbal violence’ on 24 Oct 2002, but also noted that I was ‘suicidal and light hearted and reflective’. Who on earth was giving Michael Williams/Davies his orders?? No wonder they didn’t even know his name. Michael’s Manager JE ‘Jan’ Roberts countersigned this on 24 Oct 2002. It was further countersigned by Mark Colclough on 25 Oct 2002 and Lena Henry on 30 Oct 2002.

As Lena went through all these ‘incidents’ days later and signed them off, it was documented that the police must now be called. Just to be sure, another incident witnessed by Laurel Knight was signed by Alison Parry on 23 Oct 2002 and countersigned by Nurse Manager Mark Colclough on 25 Oct 2002.

That’ll be the Laurel Knight who began crying when she saw me in Morrisons and asked me not to tell anyone that I’d stopped to chat with her because she was being threatened by NHS Senior Managers.

Dr Antonio Portoles was one of my Victims in one documented incident. Dr Antonio stabbed himself to death in the heart some nine years later, in his bedroom, while his children ate breakfast downstairs. Dr Antonio believed that he had cancer and had been going home to Spain for consultations because he didn’t trust British docs. Kenny Midence, clinical psychologist, told Dr Antonio’s patients that it wasn’t a ‘real suicide’, Dr Antonio was a ‘hypochondriac’. It was probably more accurately described as a murder. At least they couldn’t pin it on me by then.

After the incident with Dr Antonio in 2002 – Alison Parry and others jumped upon me from a height and pinned me to the ground because I was ‘in Dr Antonio’s personal space’ – it was documented that I was arrested for breach of the peace.

Now Then. Paperwork just prior to that is really interesting. On 28 Aug 2002 it was documented that I had committed ‘arson’. The original form documenting my arson was signed by C.J. Jones, who was described as an Acting F grade Angel. Porter Kevin Roberts was mentioned as a witness to my arson. Because I hadn’t committed arson, at a later date, the documentation was altered by Anne Ward (Senior Nurse) and signed on 5 Sept 2002. Anne had put a line through all the previous names and categories of ‘risk’ on the original paperwork, replaced the names with hers and the title Ward Manager and systematically upgraded all the risk categories. ‘Severity of incident’ was amended by Anne from 1 to 4/5; ‘Likelihood’ was amended from 2 to 2/3; ‘Rating’ was amended from 2 to 8-15.

Nice one Anne, preparing the landscape for the forthcoming arrest of me for threatening to kill Alun Davies!!

Dear old Lena Henry countersigned Anne’s forgery on 6 Sept 2002.

My arson was committed when Paul Murphy was Secretary of State for Wales. By the time that documentation was being forged re my arson and other matters, Peter Hain had arrived on duty.

The police were called after my arson, but as the police found that I hadn’t committed arson or indeed committed any offence at all, they refused to arrest me. Just as well that Anne and Lena forged all the documentation after the police refused to play ball. G. Jones and Philip Jones, Fire Officer, also witnessed me not committing arson.

The arson came hot on the heels of my previous crime on 8 July 2002, when I ‘attempted to break down the door of the junior doctors room’. This crime was documented by G. Roberts and Dr Do Nothing Roberts and CC’d to All Junior Doctors, the Hergest Whistleblower, Eifion Williams, Sheena Knowles, Derlwyn Roberts and the Porters.

Sheena Knowles was the highly aggressive Nurse Manager of the Hergest Unit who told me that she had a PhD in Psychology although she didn’t. Sheena Knowles was quite mad – in the words of a polite colleague, ‘seriously ill’ – and on one occasion sized up to hit me. The Hergest Whistleblower saw it coming and got me out of the way… Sheena arrived at work some weeks later, began crying and couldn’t stop and had to be driven home by a colleague. She never returned to work. Lena Henry was then appointed to Sheena’s job! Lena had been a Student Angel at Denbigh in 1986…

Sheena Knowles was bloody awful, but her appointment indicated the scale of the problem even in 2002. No rational person would work at the Hergest and all New Blood a la Knowles, had nervous breakdowns after a few weeks. The only staff who stayed were Of The Gang. No-one else could cope with working with the Gang, they had breakdowns and killed themselves yet there was no Inquiry.

Derlwyn Roberts, I’m fairly sure was the Manager sent in to deal with the Arfon CMHT, in particular Keith Fearns, only Derlwyn went native and joined them. Of course he did, they were gangsters, people either joined them or had breakdowns and were found dead.

The document re the Circulation List after I attempted to break down the door of the junior docs room was signed by Susan J. Owen, Deputy Ward Manager on 7 July 2002. Susan Owen was killed in a car crash soon after I began my blog. Her family Raised Money for the NHS in Susan’s memory. Susan had worked as an Angel at Ysbyty Gwynedd since before the Hergest was built and had witnessed a great deal of crime. Susan Owen was usually much nicer than some we know and love, but on one occasion after Alun Davies had demanded that I be arrested, Susan told the police, in my presence, that I had to pack my bags myself ‘because she accuses nurses of pinching her things’. I have never accused Angels of Pinching My Things, I’ve stated that Angels have been guilty of much else, but I have never accused any Angel of Pinching My Things. Probably because the Angels had far more Things than I did and much more expensive Things as well.

The Circulation List re my attempt to break down the door of the junior docs room signed by the Angel who believed that I accused Angels of Pinching My Things was  drawn up following consultation with Dr Chandron and Dr Chakrabaty, as well as on-call consultant Dr Chesterman. See previous posts for Chesterman, a Forensic Psychiatrist. Chesterman Assessed me in Caernarfon Police Station one night and declared me to Not Be Showing Any Signs Of Depression, although I have never ever met Dr Chesterman in my entire life. But he has met and Assessed me and I have the documentation to demonstrate it. See the source imageGypsy Chesterman has been at the centre of three high profile scandals and miscarriages of justice in various parts of the UK after he gave Expert Evidence, so he’s doing quite well. At one point Gypsy Chesterman held an honorary academic post in the School of Psychology at Bangor University. Gypsy Laurence Paul Chesterman qualified in 1979 at London University and at present is not registered with the GMC ‘for administrative reasons’.

Following the Consultation between Gypsy Chesterman, Chandon and Chakrabaty, it was documented that I was arrested and charged with criminal damage and threatening behaviour. I wasn’t. I was arrested and taken to the police station, where I remained for hours. The police didn’t charge me because the Hergest Unit could not show that I had damaged anything, including the door of the junior docs’ room. Neither had I threatened anyone, so I wasn’t charged with that either. Or if I was, the charges quietly went away as they so often did.

Never mind, there were lots of witnesses, it was recorded that it was all witnessed by HCA Yvonne Lloyd and that was countersigned by Cheryl H.A. Williams on 7 July 2002 and Susan J. Owen on the same date. This documentation was revisited by Anne Ward at a later date and amended as well, bumping up all the risk categories.

It was after this that Chesterman visited and Assessed me in Caernarfon Police Station using his Gypsy ways. The one person who did meet me in Caernarfon Police Station that night was a totally offensive social worker, Barbara Williams, who insulted me, yelled at me when a particularly unpleasant man under arrest began hurling obscene insults at me and I told him to shut up, and also ignored a prisoner who was seriously ill in the station but denied medical help. But then Barbara was ignoring much wrongdoing in my own case. Barbara told the police that I should not be given any medical care, the police refused to arrest me because I hadn’t committed any crimes, so I left the station late at night. I had been made homeless days previously when the Arfon CMHT told my landlady’s sisters that I was a Dangerous Nutter, so I spent a few nights at the Youth Hostel in Ogwen Valley before I found somewhere to live.

Other witnesses names who appear on documentation about me (and indeed other patients who were Hergest patients in Aug 2002), include Elwyn Jones, ‘Senior Nurse on call’ and B.J. Davies. PC Dewi Wyn Thomas is documented as arresting me. Hergest patients tended to like Dewi, we all knew that he was being ordered to arrest us for ridiculous reasons by Top Docs and Angels. On one occasion in Feb 2003 after I ‘disturbed a meeting held by Mrs M. Clarke’, Dewi arrested me, drove me off of Ysbyty Gwynedd premises, let me go on the road outside saying that he was ‘de-arresting me’, but told me not to return to the Hergest Unit because they’d just tell him to arrest me again. Dewi later completed a Masters degree and I bumped into him after I finished my PhD. I asked him if he realised that things were now even worse at the Hergest Unit and he physically scarpered.See the source image

I have found a document stating that on 25-26 Oct 2002, Dafydd rang the Hergest Unit, claiming that I’d rung him from the payphone in the Hergest Unit. Dafydd ‘was fearful for his safety’. The Hergest advised Dafydd to contact the police. It transpired that there was no evidence that I had rung Dafydd from the Hergest payphone, but Dafydd Had Spoken. It might explain the huge efforts that followed to have me charged with any crime possible. Dafydd gave his phone number to the Hergest staff to be passed onto Alun Davies. 01248 371398.Image result for open all hours images

My documentation contains written admissions of staff refusing to identify themselves to patients. On 27 Oct 2002, M Stanley – I think that is Ria (or Rea?) Stanley, the Nurse Manager of the Hergest Unit, documented that there was ‘very low’ staffing levels on Taliesin Ward and that M. Stanley had ‘resorted to desperate measures to secure more staff’. The efforts were unsuccessful, so ‘Steve Edwards will have to cover Taliesin Ward, so there is only emergency cover re the bleep holder’.

Taliesin was the Intensive Care (locked) ward and at the time there were constant complaints of staff aggression and assault – the same staff were named repeatedly – so staff then refused to identify themselves; there were serious mistakes re medication, the ward was dangerous and it was chaos. Keith Thomson and Patricia Gaskell stalled constantly and failed to investigate serious complaints. A number of people wrote to the Secretary of State for Wales,  to which Thomson’s response was that they were ‘attention seekers’.

I have found some particularly interesting documents re my arrest for threatening to kill Alun Davies. Previous posts explained that Alun Davies rang the police some eight or nine times when he was in a meeting with Sister Hutt’s officials – and I think Sister Hutt herself – complaining that I’d told his secretary, over the phone, that he was a fat idiot and demanded my arrest. The police told the Fat Idiot that it would be ridiculous to arrest me for such an offence, so the Fat Idiot then rang the police telling them that I’d threatened to kill him and he was terrified. I was locked in Taliesin at the time, still injured from the Angels not assaulting me, so the Fat Idiot was clearly in immediate danger. Do Nothing released me immediately that my bruises had faded and as I walked through the exit, Do Nothing smugly told me that the police would be arresting me imminently for threats to kill…

My files contain paperwork compiled at Sister Hutt Central on the fateful day, 31 Oct 2002! A 35 page fax was sent about me to Trish Gaskell from Sister Hutt Central, accompanied by a memo timed 2 pm telling Trish that the Fat Idiot would be available on his mobile until 5-45 pm, the number being 079000 51662.Image result for derry irvine images

Christmas Came for the Fat Idiot and Sister Hutt when on 24 Nov 2002, Mr Bridgy Celeb managed to kill Kostadin Yankov, an Oxford University student, after firing him from a medieval catapult. Kostadin sustained serious injuries, was flown to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol but died shortly after arrival. No wonder the charges of me Threatening To Kill didn’t disappear into thin air as everyone believed that they should have done…

The Home Secretary, 8 June 2001-15 Dec 2004:David Blunkett MP Where Next for Welfare.jpg

Mr Bridgy Celeb was interviewed on the TV news after the accident; a friend rang me and told me that I ought to ring him because surely he’ll be in a terrible state. I thought ‘You don’t know Mr Bridgy Celeb’. Anyway she carried on, ooh he’ll be upset, so against my better judgement I rang him. Mr Bridgy Celeb told me that the deceased was ‘a Bulgarian student who didn’t have one living relative in the UK’ and he really didn’t think that anyone would be too worried about that death.

My trial at Mold Crown Court arrived before that of Mr Bridgy Celeb’s at Bristol Crown Court for manslaughter, but the Threats To Kill charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial and replaced with the lowest category of Public Order Offence. The bent Judge Huw Daniel, old friend of the Gang as was Huw’s dad Prof J.E. Daniel, roared and bellowed with fury when the prosecution told him that the Threats To Kill charges had been withdrawn. Sentencing was adjourned for Psychiatric Reports, which Daniel insisted had to be provided by the Hergest Unit, but the silly fuckers didn’t ever receive the instruction, so when I returned for sentencing Daniel roared and bellowed again but was told that this seemed to the fault of the Hergest Unit not mine, Daniel having threatened to jail me if I did not ‘co-operate with the Hergest Unit’.

So that blew up in the corrupt old bastard’s face. Did anyone actually imagine that Davies et al would be able to carry out the simplest task, even when ordered by Biggus Daniel?

Biggus Daniel sentenced me to the maximum that he could for the very minor offence, over 100 hours community service. He also issued a legally invalid restraining order against me, but no-one dared mention that in Court. Then Daniel told the journos lies about my Victims that the journos faithfully published in the local press. Mr Bridgy Celeb’s case came up at Bristol Crown Court shortly after on 7 May 2004. The Nice Lady Judge Justice Heather Hallett stopped the trial and ordered the jury to acquit, on the grounds that the accident could not have been foreseen. Heather didn’t mention that there had already been a series of accidents with the catapult, one person had broken an arm, another had broken her pelvis and Mr Bridgy Celeb was warned that he could kill someone. He did not long afterwards, but he had the good fortune to know someone who had been at the hands of the Gang for years, he had done deals with people to keep schtum about that back in the days when Zany Python Graham was still alive, then all through the St George’s years and beyond…

So Gypsy Bridgy Celeb was quite right back in Nov 2002, See the source image no-one gave a stuff about a dead Bulgarian student. David Blunkett MP Where Next for Welfare.jpgNot even Sister Hutt. But especially not Heather. See the source image

On 12 June 2003, there had been a change of shift re Lord Chancellor. Derry had clocked off and the next Lord Chancellor – Miranda’s old flatmate in their Wandsworth days – had taken over duties:

Heather: If you don’t mind me saying, now that Gypsy Bridgy Celeb is over 60, you’re the sort of Older Lady whom he might choose to have a fling with if you get my meaning Heather. Gypsy Bridgy Celeb used to boast to his mates that he ‘liked them a bit tarty’. Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpegHaving Shared A Lady With James Hewitt, I’m sure that Gypsy Bridgy Celeb would be delighted to discuss Uganda with a High Court Judge. Particularly one who stopped him from going to prison.

Heather is now Baroness Heather. Of course she is. Anyone remember this graduate of Bristol Medical School?See the source image

Heather Hallett is the daughter of Hugh Victor Dudley Hallett QPM (1919-1991), Assistant Chief Constable and Secretary General of the International Police Association. She was educated at Brockenhurst Grammar School, in the New Forest, and at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. The Baroness is a member of Inner Temple a la the Havers family, Ronald Armstrong-Jones and Mr Thrope. The Baroness is at present Vice-President of the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.

Huw Daniel, you have questions to answer you old fool, as does the MDU. Then there’s the other outstanding unresolved matters, including the illegal amending of the PNC immediately after the case re Threats To Kill collapsed to record a conviction for ‘violent disorder’ against my name and the forged certificate of indictment for ‘violent disorder’ found in the possession of Chester Crow Court, the failure of the North Wales Police’s Legal Dept (or indeed anyone else) to deal with this… The failure of every agency in possession of forged/inaccurate documentation re my Criminal Offences to amend the inaccuracies etc. Details are in previous posts.

I’ll wait to hear from Derry and Charlie Falconer then…

More names of witnesses:

19 Sept 2002: Sheena Knowles mentioned Bleep Holder Carol Jones, also a Peter Barry, in relation to my arson.

A Dr Inda chose to sit in a meeting re my arson and criminal damage although she knew that I worked as a teacher at her children’s school. Dr Inda raised concerns that she might meet me at a parents evening. My lawyer raised concerns re Dr Inda’s conflict of interest and breach of confidentiality. Concerns were ignored by the Trust. Virtually every member of staff in the Hergest Unit was invited to the meeting, it was an open invitation to all interested parties. Fearns personally rang the parents of two pupils – who were police officers – to Warn Them about me.

I also Threatened two junior docs, Dr Chandran and Dr Chakraborty (Nice Lady Doc).

A document was compiled on Aug 2002 stating that it was not in my best interests to be given access to my medical files.

9 Oct 2002: I was asking for explanations again; Caroline Frain was told by Sandra Phillips that ‘it will take a while to think up what we’re going to say to her’.

On 30 Sept 2002 Sandra Phillips faxed Gaskell 6 pages FAO ‘Claims Assistant – Legal Services, NW Wales NHS Trust’.

Alun Davies wrote to me on 10 Sept 2002 telling me that I had been granted access to my Denbigh notes (no, they’d withheld those detailing the Cunning Plan cooked up between Superintendent Roberts of Bangor Police Station, Dafydd and Neil Davies to wrongfully arrest and detain me). Once more Alun Davies refused to pursue the matter of Dafydd sexually harassing/exploiting patients, on the grounds that the alleged incidents happened many years ago and have been the subject of prolonged correspondence… Davies had ‘nothing further to say’ on the subject.

One of the assaultive HCAs Michelle Shaw worked for Central Nursing Agency, NW Wales NHS Trust. Shaw worked shifts in the Hergest and at Ysbyty Penrhos Stanley. Michelle Shaw and her partners in crime provided signed statements about their assault on me – I’d Attacked them – on 15 Jan 2003. The assault – or my Attack – occurred on 25 Oct 2002. Keith Thomson simply ignored repeated correspondence about the matter for weeks. Keith Thomson and his successor as CEO of the Trust, Martin Jones (previously the Trust’s Finance Director), were known to rely on agency nurses for the Hergest, who were told that if they ever raised concerns, they’d not be employed again. The agency staff were costing a fortune and there was widespread suspicion that Keith and Martin had a financial interest in the agency.

In Jan 2003, the Assistant Director of Nursing for the NW Wales NHS Trust was Mrs Eleri Hugheston-Roberts. Eleri now seems to work for Anglesey County Council. By Nov 2011, Eleri was the Acting Business Manager of the Gwynedd and Anglesey Local Safeguarding Children Board. Until May 2011, the Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health and Social Services was Edwina Hart; she was succeeded by Lesley Griffiths who Helps The Mums (see ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce).

I’ve received info that Eleri bagged her job as the Acting Business Manager after a deal with Edwina, who had ensured that none of my increasingly serious complaints re the constant intimidation, wrongful arrests, unlawful refusal to treat me etc on the part of the NHS in north Wales were being acted upon, although Edwina pretended that they were. The Counsel General for Wales at the time was Carwyn Jones, who subsequently became FM. Yesterday the BBC announced to the world that Carwyn has just been appointed Prof of Law at Aberystwyth University. Carwyn stated that his appointment is a ‘great honour’. Carwyn Jones Alwyn Jones and so many of the local solicitors and barristers who colluded with the Gang or were key members of the Gang – including Sir William Mars-Jones and Lord Elwyn-Jones – were Aber grads. No hard feelings Carwyn, you have a wife and children and you don’t want them to die on any operating tables in the future or find that although the Ah Doctors are wonderful, there’s nothing that they can do a la Nerys. So I’m giving these absolute bastards a kicking, they’ve been after me for decades and all I did was complain about a lobotomist who ran a paedophile ring; I didn’t even complain about the worst aspects of Gwynne’s conduct, just the libel and forged documentation…

In May 2011, Edwina became the Welsh Gov’t Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science. In that role, Edwina entertained the citizens of Anglesey by providing a business support grant to a man on Anglesey in return for sexual favours from him. Did Ugandan discussions underpin Eleri Hugheston-Roberts’s appointment in any way? I think we should be told.

A Justin Hugheston-Roberts in a barrister of Gray’s Inn who works on the Midland Circuit from Chambers at 3 Temple Gardens.

Dr Varadarajan Srinivasan was a 2002 witness. There is a curious brief scribbled note (undated) among my documents with Dr Srinivasan’s name next to the initials GMC. I suspect that this is a reminder to Gaskell or someone to get on to the GMC to cover arses. Previous posts have discussed how many Docs working for the Trust (including Sadie) were working in roles or at a senior level when they did not fulfil the legal criteria re qualifications; the GMC knew about these cases and colluded. It was likely that Dr Srinivasan should not have been working in his job and that it was feared that I might have found out and be intending to raise the matter, so the GMC were alerted… There were also staff employed by the Trust with serious criminal convictions who had not been CRB checked, it was chaos.

Original nursing notes written on 25 Oct 2002 signed by Alison Parry were scribbled out and rewritten by an unidentified person. The rewrite mentioned Dr Srinivasan and also that I ‘was pounding a glass door with such effort that I [the unknown scribe] was afraid that it would collapse.’ On 15 Jan 2003 Dr Sirinivasan signed a statement maintaining that I had made no complaint of assault to him. No wonder the GMC were alerted…

On 14 Feb 2005, I came across a Top Doc with Traditional Rural Rosy Red Cheeks working in Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E under the name of Dafydd’s son Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd. Applecheeks treated me – very unusually, at the time I was being met with aggression and threats of arrest when I went near the NHS, that’s why Applecheeks left an impression one me – and signed the records as Dyfrig ap Dafydd. The Doc who treated me and who was wearing Dyfrig’s ID badge was DEFINITELY NOT Dyfrig ap Dafydd! I have no idea who he was, a young Welshman with a north Wales accent, friendly and pleasant, but not Dyfrig. Applecheeks had rosy cheeks, blond hair and was quite tall and well-built. This is Dyfrig as featured on the CAIS website See the source image they were not the same Doc. I think that Applecheeks was much younger than Dyfrig as well. Dyfrig Morgan ap Dafydd is on the Medical Register as having a licence to practice and being on the GP register. Dyfrig works as a GP on Anglesey; he Qualified from Newcastle in 2002, on the manor of Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton, where anything goes. I wonder if Dyfrig actually passed any exams?? Dyfrig’s wife Tracy, who also Qualified from Newcastle in 2002, is on the Medical Register and is a GP. There is another Dr ap Dafydd on the Medical Register, Derfel Morgan ap Dafydd, who qualified at the University of Wales in 2005 and is listed on the Medical Register as a Clinical Radiologist. One of Dafydd’s kids when he was about 10 had very blond hair. I wonder if Applecheeks is Derfel who was still a student when he was On Shift in YG in Feb 2005 who wanted to earn extra dosh so an arrangement was made with Keith Thomson?

Dr Derfel Morgan ap Dafydd stars on the website of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, as their Consultant Radiologist and Training Programme Director:

Dr Derfel ap Dafydd is a Consultant Radiologist with a special interest in imaging of the Head & Neck and imaging of the urological system. Dr ap Dafydd obtained  his medical degree at Cardiff University in 2005. As an undergraduate he also obtained a 1st class degree in Medical Genetics. He completed his general physician’s training and MRCP at Bart’s and the Royal London. After concluding his radiology training at Imperial, he obtained further sub-specialty training in oncological imaging at the Royal Marsden. He was appointed as a consultant in 2016 and is now the imaging lead for the Head and Neck unit and Renal unit, and performs ultrasound guided biopsies of the neck and of soft tissue sarcomas. As Training Programme Director, he is the educational lead for the Royal Marsden Radiology Training Programme. He is the principle trial radiologist for the Head and Neck and the Renal research units. Particular areas of active research include intra-oral ultrasound guided Trans-oral Robotic Surgery, Ultrasound guided intra-tumoral injection of Immunotherapy and post radiotherapy MRI evaluation of the prostate and pelvic floor.


So Derfel specialises in Brains and Genitalia and has a big interest in computer software. If Derfel is anything to do with Dafydd, that’s quite worrying. Derfel has a heavy internet presence, he’s all over the web; Derfel undertakes much private work and advertises his presence at Chelsea and Kingston-upon-Thames.

Perhaps Dr Pauline Cutting who Led the YG A&E Dept with its crazy, violent, perjuring Angels (see eg. ‘Two Very Dangerous, Dishonest Nurses’) could enlighten us re Applecheeks. Particularly as Applecheeks’s notes about me on 14 May 2005 were written on Official NW Wales NHS Trust/Ysbyty Gwynedd Notepaper with Pauline Cutting’s name printed on it.

Pauline Cutting Qualified at Liverpool University in 1976. Like Dr Chris the Dick Doctor, Pauline has undertaken much charidee work in war-torn countries Abroad. Pauline was congratulated for this on TV by Jimmy Savile. When I met Pauline Cutting I asked her what Savile was like in real life; this was before he died and the Sort Of Truth began to emerge. Pauline told me that he is ‘a very, very odd man, but he is genuine about his charity work’.

There’s a lovely photo online of Pauline and Savile cuddling two Children From The War-Torn Middle East, but one has to pay to use it, so if I post it here it’ll just disappear. In true Gang-style, Pauline began her charidee work and received good media PR at times of crisis for the Gang: Dr. Pauline Cutting, OBE FRCS, … a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons since 1983, Pauline Cutting obtained widespread experience working in hospitals in Liverpool and London. In November 1985, she volunteered to work in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon…’

So Pauline leapt into the role as Humanitarian Hero as the Gwynne War was underway, I’d begun communicating with the Welsh Office and the first explosion from Tony Francis followed by lies had recently occurred; Mary Wynch’s case had received national media coverage in the summer of 1985.

In April 1987, Pauline’s dad Alan Cutting starred on TV: Press interview with Alan Cutting, father of Pauline Cutting, British surgeon, who has returned to the UK following breaking of a siege by Lebanese Shi’ite Amal gunmen in the Bourj Al-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon where she had been trapped for five months.

This interview came hot on the heels of this: Report on a meeting between UK Foreign Secretary, Geoffrey Howe, and Amine Gemayel, President of Lebanon, at the Dorchester Hotel, London. Press interview with Howe and Gemayel’s political advisor…

That’s the Geoffrey Howe, Welsh barrister who had concealed the criminality of the Gang for decades and was a close friend of Ronnie Waterhouse…

So Pauline was on a Party political mission as well as a generally political one. Peter Morrison was Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party, 10 September 1986-11 June 1987.See the source image

On 2 Jan 1988, Pauline’s book was released:

In Feb 1988, I was offered the job with Vincent Marks’s CRC team at Surrey University. Peter Morrison served as Energy Minister with responsibility for Oil, 11 June 1987-23 July 1990.

Pauline starred in the March 1992-March 1993 Granada TV series ‘Extraordinary People’ (see previous posts for details of the friendships between the Gang and big wigs of Granada, in particular Sidney Bernstein):

Series 1 Episode 2 “Return To The Camps” 17 March 1992 Pauline Cutting
Part one of surgeon Dr. Pauline Cutting’s visit to the Lebanon and the Gaza Strip’s Palestinian refugee camps.
Series 1 Episode 3 “Return To Gaza” 24 March 1992 Pauline Cutting
Part two of surgeon Dr. Pauline Cutting’s visit to Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Spring 1992: when I was stuck in the psych ward of Ysbyty Gwynedd for weeks making friends with other patients who had been grossly abused by the Humanitarian Hero’s colleagues, including the girl who had been passed around the junior gynaes for sex who arranged her two abortions that followed themselves and the young gay man whom Dafydd was trying to persuade to undergo gender realignment surgery. I had also become friends with F…

Pauline’s mate, UCNW marine geologist Anthony Stewart Gervaise Jones, an RAF Team Mountain Rescue Hero who was always ready with a bit of PR for Pauline et al in the A&E at Bangor, was the unlikely star of Aspel’s ‘This Is Your Life’ in Jan 1993; Tony Jones was filmed with Aspel at the very end of 1992. Tony Jones was an overtly racist South African who enjoyed referring to niggers in the presence of black students and was Bangor’s answer to Ollie Reed, getting drunk with The Lads and having his buttocks tattooed, wrestling naked in mud etc.

Jones was famously unable to cope with girls and women but I never knew whether that was just because he genuinely lived in a world in which the only women were tomboys/sporty or whether something more worrying was at work. Jones’s close relationships with young male students were the subject of gossip, although as Aspel explained ‘he’s like a father to them’. Not if Tony didn’t take a shine to the male students he wasn’t; Tony Jones was famed for his vindictive campaigns against certain students and I knew one student very well who was hounded out of hall (Jones was Senior Warden) for no good reason by Tony Jones. Then there was the time that Tony Jones, ‘for a laugh’, persuaded some of his bent copper friends to wrongfully arrest a student and keep him in the cells overnight before releasing him without charge.

I never knew whether Tony Jones was just odd or whether the more worrying allegations were true; he was undoubtedly friends with a Gang of sex offenders, but after I began my blog I was told that Tony Jones WAS sexually abusing boys… Tony Jones died shortly before I began this blog. Cancer, but Ah his old mates the Doctors – Pauline’s colleagues at Ysbyty Gwynedd – were wonderful…

Tony Jones did enjoy being photographed/starring in the media.

Tony as a Young Butch Aberystwyth Student:See the source image

Tony, Rescuing Someone:See the source image

Tony Receiving A Gift From The Lads When He Was Ailing:

See the source image

Tony Receiving A Commendation From A Man In Uniform:See the source image

See previous posts for info on Tony Jones, his TV stardom and other activities.

This episode of ‘Extraordinary People’ followed Pauline’s mini-series:

Series 2 Episode 2 “On A Knife Edge” 16 March 1993 Terence Lewis
Heart surgeon Terence Lewis of the Royal London Hospital’s work is followed, as well as the NHS in general.

So Pauline’s adventures were followed by the adventures of Brave Wendy’s colleagues! In the month that F and I were charged after Jackie Brandt told a pack of lies to the police… The Royal London Hospital was pretty much run by the Oil Industry…See the source image

Pauline I’m fairly sure knew Zany Graham Chapman as well, Chapman was mates with the A&E Docs in Bangor in particular. Pauline’s been the stalwart in A&E in Bangor for years now.

My post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’ discussed the ‘Taking Liberties’ programme screened by BBC Two on 5 March 1991,’Who Will Listen To Mary Wynch?’. The producer was Rhonda Evans and the series producer was Elizabeth Clough, who until recently was the partner of Jeremy Paxman.

So the media interest that followed Mary winning her case before the Master Of the Rolls in July 1985 was eclipsed by the Gang’s propaganda.


Dave Wood HCA, who was one of those who assaulted me on Taliesin, said in his statement that he’d worked at Hergest for 10 yrs. There were numerous complaints about Wood, in particular from female patients who found Wood in their rooms in the middle of the night. He had previously been obliged to leave a job with children/young people after he flushed one of the kids heads down the bog. For a laugh like. 

Dr Srinivasan qualified in 1996 from Bangalore. He is currently licenced to practice and is on the GP register. Perhaps the GMC could let me know why the Trust needed to have a word with them about Dr S in 2003…

Those who conspired with Keith Thomson not to investigate my complaint after I, once more, tried the Independent Review NHS complaints route, included Lay Reviewers and Lay Advisers, ‘selected from a list approved by the Welsh Govt’. The Independent Review Secretariat Officer was Mrs Margaret Roberts, PO Box 125 Mold. Margaret’s phone number was 0170 411514015; I wasn’t ever given Margaret’s number, but it was given to staff at the NW Wales Trust who were on excellent terms with Independent Margaret. When I first contacted Independent Margaret’s outfit, Lay Reviewer Mr T.N. Davies suggested that before I went down the Formal Route, Mediation (aka local resolution) should be tried. My solicitor and I agreed; previous posts have detailed how the first Mediation (on 7 May 2003) by a Professional Mediator (Steve Hindmarsh), arranged and funded by the Trust, collapsed because all staff refused to attend Mediation – on the advice of Gaskell – except for Do Nothing, who walked out of the Mediation after approx. 3 mins before contributing, refusing to return. The Mediator announced the situation unmediatable. After yet more abuse, aggression etc from the Trust, my lawyer was referred back to Independent Margaret for yet more negotiations. The Lay Reviewer once more suggested Mediation to my lawyer and I. We actually agreed (God we were mugs). Keith Thomson then told us that all staff had refused to co-operate with the Mediation. My lawyer’s jaw hit the floor at this point.

If only I had possession of these documents then, I could have told my lawyer that it was Avril Davies, a member of NW Wales NHS Trust staff, who TOLD THE LAY REVIEWER to advise us to go for mediation… Independent Margaret had ASKED THE TRUST what they wanted to do.

Avril Davies was an old lag, Avril had for decades worked as the Mental Health Act Senior Administrator for Hergest and she was in that role before Hergest was built. It was Avril who knew how flagrantly the Act was being flouted/misused, Avril who told the lies in the face of complaint etc. Re Dafydd’s fuming mentioned above about ‘the intrusion’ of F and I into his office; it starred Avril. F and I had received so much crap and were so fed up of the refusals to investigate Dafydd, that one day when he arrived we followed him into his office and Occupied The Office. Dafydd sat there buzzing his alarm shouting ‘Assistance Assistance, Security Security’ and we were reciting as many of his crimes as we could think of, following each one with ‘BASTARD’. ie. Mary Wynch – BASTARD. Mary Wynch’s Mother – BASTARD. Margaret Richards – BASTARD. We managed to list some six crimes and yelled BASTARD after each one before Avril burst into the Office, shouted at F and me ‘THAT IS ENOUGH, GET OUT NOW’, so we left the office but then began laughing because we wondered which crimes Avril Davies feared that we were going to end up mentioning in public before she shut us up. The police were called and Avril provided a wonderful statement describing how we were ‘towering over Dr Jones’ and he was ‘looking pale and terrified’. Avril also claimed that F had said to me ‘He’s nothing but an old shit’. No, F didn’t say that, it must have been Avril Projecting Her Own Feelings Onto Others (as F subsequently told her), Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpegwhat F did say to me was ‘Come on Sally, he’s an old man looking at his grave, let’s go’.

On 14 Feb 2003 ‘Reet’ aka Rita Thomas, the Trust’s Complaints Co-ordinator, Litigation, documented that Anne Louise Ferguson (lawyer) had advised that if a High Court injunction was ‘needed’ against me, documentary evidence would be required. Ferguson gave the successful example of another patient whom I knew years ago who had a really bad time at the hands of the Gang after daring to complain about Dafydd when he was banged up in Denbigh. This man was in Court as often as I was and there were constant attempts to imprison him. He opted for jury trial on one occasion when the Gang really went in for the kill and cried with joy when they returned a verdict of not guilty and shook hands with every juror. The Daily Post maxed out on the Nutter Who Got Away; well Daily Post, that man was under attack for YEARS from the Gang, they put him through hell. So you go and ask Anne Louise Ferguson  to fess up why they did what they did to him, because I’ve got documentary evidence here.


Anne (she’s actually Anne-Louise) can be found on the NHS Wales website:

Anne-Louise Ferguson MBE

Managing Solicitor/Director of Legal and Risk services

Anne-Louise is Director of Legal and Risk Services and of Welsh Risk Pool Services.
She began her legal career as a trainee in Manchester. She moved to London to join Le Brasseur and Bury, a leading firm in the field of clinical negligence after which she moved to Wales and worked for the Welsh Office in the period after the introduction of Crown Indemnity for all hospital employed medical staff.  In 1996 Anne-Louise was appointed Managing Solicitor of Legal & Risk, but retains a caseload of complex cases involving severely neurologically damaged babies.
Anne-Louise is legal adviser to the Welsh Risk Pool; acting as chairman for the Claims and Concerns network is also an accredited mediator.
In her spare time Anne-Louise enjoys yoga and singing. She is also Governor of Ysgol Bro Morgannwg, a Welsh speaking school in Barry, despite being a beginner at speaking Welsh.
Anne-Louise Ferguson


Emma Jones
Telephone: 02920 903748

After Gaskell left her role as NW NHS Trust solicitor, she was appointed to a senior position at the Welsh Risk Pool. The Chief Exec of the Welsh Risk Pool was Gren Kershaw, Gren Kershawformerly the CEO of the North East Wales NHS Trust. Gren arrived in north Wales in 1983, an NHS manager from Leeds, Savile Central.

Reet also consulted Morwen Edwards, ‘out of hours solicitor’ re me on 14 Feb 2003 See the source imageand Kate Elis-Williams was consulted too. Elis-Williams was a member of the NW Wales Trust Board. Elis-Williams ended up as the Finance Director of the Trust and when the NW Wales NHS Trust finally sank and was replaced by the Betsi Board, it was rumoured that the Board members were at each others throats and Elis-Williams knifed all of them. It was alleged that Elis-Williams ran off with what was left of the Trust’s funds. Then Elis-Williams’s son registered for the law degree at Bangor University.

Other witnesses to my Crimes at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Feb 2003 which culminated in PC Dewi Thomas arresting me but who have not previously been named on this blog included a Liz Madine and John Potts.

On 8 Sept 2003 an e mail conversation took place between Gaskell, ‘Trish’ and Reet: Trish e mailed Reet and said ‘I have prepared the letter and disclosures for Kevin to collect, subject to Cenwydd confirming that the letter is OK (will be tomorrow). Please amend if necessary and can you ring Kevin to come and collect the letter and copies – tell him to park properly this time!!!!!’

Reet replied to Trish: ‘I have left a message earlier re Case Ref as he is not available today- I’ll ring him tomorrow with this if that’s OK and yes I will remind him to park properly!! Cheers [At this time, there were constant problems with patients (including me) being subjected to heavy fines if their cars were even parked ay Ysbyty Gwynedd improperly even in a minor way. I found out that not only were Enemies Of The Gang being targeted, but the two parking attendants employed by the Trust were running a racket and pocketing the money, after striking a deal with the Gang to harass Enemies by fining them constantly.]

Trish to Reet ‘re Sally Baker, Police Request’ – Cheers, Jan is copying the documents and if you can print out the letter, I’ll sign it, pending Cenwydd’s approval’ [I don’t know who Cenwydd is, perhaps they could  drop me a line and introduce themselves, having rifled through my undies.] Reet replied with ‘No probs, will do.’

Other names on the documents dated in 2003 include Reet’s colleague Janice Lee-Williams, Claims Legal Assistant, Legal Services.

Hillary Challen, Mental Health Occ Therapist, is named as is Hillary’s colleague June Edwards.

A Dr Oberholzer was consulted about me without my knowledge on 23 Oct 2003. Oberholzer has been the subject of a number of serious complaints and at one point was suspended by the GMC. He returned to work, only to play a central role in the death of an in-patient at the Hergest Unit. The negligence was dreadful, the patient was a popular local man and his parents were interviewed in the media re the possibility of legal action against the NW Wales NHS Trust. It didn’t go anywhere and Wayne Morris was just another Schizophrenic who died in the care of the Hergest Unit. At one point Wayne lived opposite F; it was after they had been neighbours that Wayne’s dead body was found on the railway tracks after he had left Hergest ‘to go for a walk’. Wayne grew up in Birmingham and insisted that he was a witness to a big paedophile ring targeting teenage boys in Birmingham; it was those Delusions that caused Wayne to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Wayne was loaded up with anti-psychotics but the Delusions didn’t go away, much to the chagrin of the Hergest staff.

Dawid Johannes Oberholzer Qualified at the University of Pretoria in 1971, although he didn’t obtain his full registration until 1980. Oberholzer is currently in possession of a licence to practice. The three other Oberholzers on the Medical Register all for various reasons to do have licences to practice.

On 23 Sept 2003 Gaskell wrote to Paramjit Thamu at the MHAC and told her that my complaint was being handled under the New Welsh NHS Complaints Procedure!

On 15 Dec 2003, T.N. Davies wrote to my lawyer apologising for the delay but explaining that ‘the Secretariat was endeavouring to engage an independent psychologist to undertake mediation re my complaints… a significant number are of a non-clinical nature. I therefore propose to engage an Independent Senior NHS Trust Administrator to mediate on the particular complaints in order to progress the matter in some way. Mrs Gaskell has agreed to this proposal. The appointed person will meet separately with your client and Trust staff.’

A fax was sent to Gaskell from Margaret but there is no copy of the fax in my files.

Alun Davies wrote Gaskell a letter dated 19 Jan 2004, thanking her for sending him copies of letters from me of 12 and 13 Jan 2004. Davies wrote ‘I am as I am sure you are, rather concerned at the terms of the restraining order imposed by the Court on 5 Jan. [Davies is referring to the legally invalid order issued by Huw Daniel, after the Threats To Kill charge was withdrawn. Daniel issued an order stating that I should be arrested if I entered NHS premises. It was invalid, the whole Court knew this, but I had no legal aid, couldn’t afford a lawyer to fight the nonsense and was by that time fed up with Judges breaking the law in open Court, the Gang being caught perjuring themselves and assaulting me with impunity, so I just thought sod this, one day I’ll publish the lot.] Because of the terms she now obviously feels able to resume her campaign… ‘

I was being harassed, threatened, followed around Bangor, Caernarfon, Llanberis and catcalled by Davies’s sodding henchmen/women, and my medical records were being sent to third parties while colleagues of mine at Bangor University were receiving phone calls from NHS staff telling them that They Knew All About Me And I Was Dangerous, that’s why  my ‘campaign’ continued.

On 5 Feb 2004, Alun Davies wrote to Gaskell demanding that the Top Doc at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd (in the neighbouring NHS Trust, managed by Gren KershawGren Kershaw) should ‘promptly’ return my medical records to the NW Wales NHS Trust for ‘filing’. The NW Wales NHS Trust had refused to treat me, declared me Vexatious yet they demanded the right to keep my files, because in Davies’s opinion ‘in view of the outstanding complaint and outstanding issues as the notes are obviously an important reference point’. Yes and they can pop in and out and remove documents or rewrite them or add a few more forged ones…

Sadly the Top Doc at YGC, Neil Davies, agreed to Alun Davies’s law-breaking and conspiracy but then Neil Davies was fully on board  with Dafydd and had been back in Dec 1986 when I was unlawfully imprisoned in the Bryn Golau Peep Show. When Denbigh closed, Neil Davies relocated to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. I didn’t know that Neil Davies was Dafydd’s paid-up accomplice because the documents written by Neil Davies clearly demonstrating this were unlawfully withheld from me…Gren Kershaw

For much of the time, Alun Davies kept my medical records at home with him; Davies documented this. Just unbelievable.

On 11 Feb 2004, Gaskell wrote to Alun Davies, CC’ing her letter to Tony Jones, Exec Nursing Director and Bethan Nickson, District General Manager. Tony Jones’s PA was Roz Pegler, yet another witness to so much crime. Gaskell thanked Davies for his letter of 6 Feb 2004 and confirmed that she’d written to Anne Louise Ferguson seeking her advice after I had turned down the ‘offer’ of mediation – although Gaskell admits that Sadie and Do Nothing had both refused to attend mediation, so it was fairly obvious why I’d refused to waste my time with it once more – and told Gaskell that I was taking a complaint to the GMC…

On 25 Feb 2004, Keith Thomson declared me to be a Vexatious Complainant and as such would not respond, beyond a simple acknowledgement, to any more complaints from me. Nothing at all had been properly investigated, let alone resolved. The Official Vexatious Complainant’s documentation was completed and signed by Gaskell and Bethan Nickson, District General Manager (Quality and Clinical Assurance) on 24 Feb 2004 and countersigned by Thomson and R.A. Jones, Nursing Director on 25 Feb 2004.

I don’t know Bethan Nickson, but it’s almost certain that she was something to do with Dr Paul Nickson. Nickson’s wife when I knew Nickson in Bethesda in the 1990s was Jenny, but she might have had a different ‘official’ name. I heard years later that Jenny left Paul Nickson and he married again, so Bethan might have been his new partner. I think Nickson’s children were too young to have joined the Gang in a senior capacity by 2004 and I only remember him having a son, Harry.

Gaskell had kickstarted the Vexatious Complainants Procedure on 18 Feb 2004 by sending a request to Invoke The Procedure to Thomson, R.A. Jones and Bethan Nickson. All of whom had very good reasons not to want any complaint of mine investigated. Gren KershawAlthough Gaskell had already on 11 Feb 2004 written to Alun Davies and Sandra Phillips attaching a draft copy of a letter to me classifying me as a Vexatious Complainant.

Sadie Francis was on board as well. She sent an internal memo to David Prichard, Executive Director of the NW Wales NHS Trust on 13 Feb 2004, thanking Prichard for sending her a copy of correspondence addressed to Gaskell re my phone calls and letters from me. ‘I write to inform you that on 9 Feb 2004 I was contacted by the police…I have had no further communication from her [me] since the e mail of 29 Jan 2004 and a telephone call on 2 Feb 2004 which was possibly from her. Thank you to everybody for help in this matter’. The letter was stamped as received by the Trust on 19 Feb 2004 and CCd to Thomson, Gaskell, Alun Davies, Do Nothing.

David Prichard was for years the Clinical Director of Ysbyty Gwynedd/the NW Wales NHS Trust. When I finally obtained my medical records in 2005, there was a note stuck to the top of them signed by Prichard simply saying ‘This patient must be stopped’. Image result for the godfather images

Prichard retired suddenly as I finished my PhD. He left north Wales and no-one knew where he went, which surprised everyone because Prichard had been such a central figure in the North Wales NHS. David Robert Prichard has voluntarily relinquished his registration with the GMC. What a Great Loss to Medicine! Prichard Qualified at Edinburgh University in 1973.See the source imageSee the source image

Why did I e mail and phone Sadie in the midst of the saga? Because she had bumped into me in public, was as friendly as could be, told me that she had heard that I was well on the way with my PhD, asked if I had got back together with Brown or were we just good friends, told me that she had retired and said that she was glad that everything had worked out so well and she was very sorry that it had ended badly with Hergest. THEN Sadie said that she had heard that Brown and I were planning a book on the mental health system and she guessed that ‘we will be in it’. So I wrote her a friendly e mail (dated 30 Jan 2004) when I got home, apologising for ever having thought badly of her and Tony. I then did try to ring them – THEY had given me their home number – and I was only saved from the Trap because when Sadie answered the phone, the recording device that they had wired up was malfunctioning and I heard whirring and whistling and Tony saying in the background ‘Is it her? Is it her? Make sure that thing’s working’. So I hung up…

The copy of the e mail that is in my files and was given to the police is so friendly and chatty AND includes references to Sadie extending the hand of friendship to me, that for the police to be Warning People about me because of that e mail should probably have been a cause for an investigation into conspiracy by itself. My e mail also mentions the terrible problems that F was encountering, although I failed to mention that he had been ABANDONED BY THE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES COMPLETELY AND WASN’T COPING. I sent my e mail to Sadie’s NHS e mail address – she was still doing some locum work – and Sharon, a secretary, forwarded it to Sadie’s own e mail address. So Sharon read the Terrifying E Mail as well…

A Rob Lewis was sent a copy of my e mail to Sadie.

The last contact that I had with Sadie before I bumped into her and then sent her the Terrifying E Mail, was a letter that she had sent me via my lawyer on 2 April 2003 after I notified Keith Thomson that his ‘service’ was too dishonest and dangerous to use and I wanted a referral to another Trust. Sadie wrote to my solicitor saying ‘I should be grateful if you could give Sally my sincere best wishes for her in the future’.

Another witness to the Brewing Of The Plot in Jan 2003 was a Nikki Frandinand (or a similar surname); Nikki sent a fax to my lawyer on behalf of Keith Thomson.

A document simply dated Jan 2004 written by Caroline Frain notes that Gaskell ‘spoke with Alun Davies yesterday regarding SB’s recent letter about there being an orchestrated campaign to try to get her put in prison. Alun denied that there was any orchestrated campaign or that there was the feeding of any info into any channels. He stated that there was no evidence of this. Although he pointed out that there was evidence that staff generally were scared of SB and when they saw her they would complete several incident forms if she approached them or harassed them in any way’.

Freud's couch, London, 2004 (2).jpeg

On 1 March 2004, my solicitor received a letter from Lay Reviewer pp T.N. Davies, stating that unless the Independent Review Secretariat hears directly from me, no further action will be taken. CC’d to Lay Advisor and to CEO NW Wales NHS Trust.

On 24 March 2004 Tony Jones (R.A. Jones, Nursing Director) wrote a note to Gaskell on the matter of Independent Margaret and told Gaskell ‘I have just made one or two minor amendments’.

On 24 March 2004, Independent Margaret wrote to me about my request for an Independent Review re the North East Wales NHS Trust (my request related to the North West Wales NHS Trust, but there are errors everywhere in my files). Independent Margaret thanked me for my letter of 13 March 2004 re my request for an Independent Review with regard to my complaint against the North West Wales NHS Trust and told me that ‘Mr T.N. Davies was the Lay Reviewer considering your original request for an Independent Review and he referred the matter back to the Trust for further local resolution which unfortunately did not prove successful.’ Indeed not, due to 100% non-cooperation from the NW Wales NHS Trust. ‘I have therefore appointed another Lay Reviewer Mr K. Naughton and Mr B. Jones as Lay Adviser to consider your complaint… I enclose a leaflet on how a complaint may be referred to the Ombudsman… I am now seeking your permission that all relevant documentation can be disclosed to the new Lay Reviewer and Lay Adviser. If your complaint contains clinical issues, copies of the same documentation will need to be sent to an Independent Clinical Adviser who will be selected and appointed from the Welsh Assembly Gov’ts approved list…’

I might as well have told Independent Margaret to ask the Windbags, George Carman, Rupert Murdoch or indeed any one of the hundreds of people with whom my medical records, including the lies and the forged bits, had been shared. Independent Margaret gained permission from me to send the records to even more Gossips of the Parish.

An O. Brookes was witness to the lunacy from Independent Margaret et al; on 22 Jan 2004, O. Brookes wrote to my lawyer on behalf of Lay Reviewer T.N. Davies, thanking her for her letter of 20 Jan 2004… My lawyer had written to T. Neil Davies thanking him for his letter of 16 Jan 2004 advising that mediation could now be arranged through Gaskell and asks if T.N. Davies if he could treat this as a matter of urgency. On 16 Jan 2004 T.N. Davies wrote to Gaskell recommending Independent Mediation. Davies CC’d his letter to Richard Jones, Lay Adviser; Thomson and Paramjit Thamu, Admin, Complaints and Deaths Unit, MHAC.

Independent Margaret’s letter continued ‘Please note… free independent support at this next stage of the NHS complaints procedure from your local CHC… the Chief Officer’s name is Mr D.G. Owen and he can be contacted on 01286 674961.’

Previous posts discussed Mr D.G. Owen and his Independent Support. I discovered Glanville Owen sitting in his office in Pepper Row, Caernarfon. He told me that Gwynedd CHC was not responsible for complaints about hospitals. I then found out that it was, so I returned to Glanville and he denied ever having told me that the CHC was not responsible for complaints about hospitals. Glanville was subsequently as obstructive as possible while handling my complaint and after more than a year of utter fuckwittery of Independent Support involving Glanville and his minions, Glanville stated that there was nothing further that he could do to investigate my complaint.

Years later I discovered that Glanville’s previous job had been Deputy Director of Gwynedd Social Services from the mid-1980s onward, with direct responsibility for managing children’s homes. (See eg. ‘I Know Nuzzing…’) Glanville was Lucille’s right hand man. At the Waterhouse Inquiry, Glanville told Ronnie that it was everybody else’s fault, he might have been the Senior Manager responsible for children’s homes but that didn’t mean that he was to blame and anyway he was leaving his job and he wasn’t ever going to work again. Glanville was recycled as Chief Officer for Gwynedd CHC soon after he Gave Evidence to Ronnie. When Gwynedd CHC metamorphosed into the Brand New Betsi Cadwaladr/North Wales CHC, imagine my surprise to find out that one of the members of the New CHC was er Glanville. Glanville was still up and running when Dr Chris the Dick Doctor became Chair of the CHC years after the Waterhouse Inquiry, although Glanville was by then an elderly man equipped with two hearing aids.

Glanville was one of the Ancients from Pwllheli and a graduate of Liverpool University, before completing postgrad work at Nottingham University and then a late career Management Course at Birmingham University, to enable him to be parachuted in as Lucille’s henchman in the mid-1980s when Alison Taylor was blowing the whistle.

Independent Margaret told me in her letter that ‘The Lay Reviewers’ response at this stage is to decide whether an Independent Review Panel should be convened. This is done in consultation with the Lay Adviser and after seeking appropriate clinical advice’.

Independent Margaret’s letter was CC’d to Chief Exec, NW Wales NHS Trust; K. Naughton, Lay Reviewer; B. Jones, Lay Adviser.

See the source image

One of my documents dated 1 March 2004 notes a telephone call from Independent Margaret’s senior colleague Eileen Habbijam re me in which Eileen told an unknown person that ‘neither the Secretariat or the Lay Reviewer should take any further action unless we hear direct from the complainant’. There was also a handwritten unsigned note supplying the names of Independent People, including Abigail Charles, Health Services Ombudsman; Abigail’s phone number is supplied, 029 20 394621.

On 24 March 2004, Independent Margaret also wrote to Keith Thomson telling him of my request for an Independent Review of my complaint. My letter to Independent Margaret’s Independent Secretariat asking for an Independent Review was dated 13 March 2004; it was stamped by the Independent Secretariat on 16 March 2004. The complaints process saga had begun in Oct 2002…

On 13 March 2004 I sent Thomson copies of the letters that I’d sent to the GMC. That was how the GMC found themselves in possession of a forgery purporting to be my letter of complaint about Do Nothing dated 17 July 2003. I must congratulate the GMC, it was a very high quality forgery, but certain clangers gave the game away (see ‘The General Medical Council – And Yet Another Forged Document’). Furthermore the copy of the forged letter held by the GMC was not signed by me or anyone else.

The forged letter from me was compiled months after the Reforming President of the GM Sir Donald Irvine (who Trained at Durham/Newcastle) stood down, Sir Donald who had given the GMC a damn good shake-up after a series of scandals, the biggest and best being Harold Shipman. After Sir Donald, Standards Had Been Raised and It Could Never Happen Again! The apology to the victims of Harold Shipman was still on the GMC’s website when the GMC refused to investigate my complaints and one of their minions told me on the phone that they were far too busy to waste time with the likes of me.Image result for General Medical Council Logo

I wrote a further letter to the GMC on 6 March 2004. Of course nothing at all was done at any time, although when cars were trying to run me off the road and a gun was waved at me a few years later I e mailed the dear old GMC repeatedly.Image result for General Medical Council Logo

On 31 March 2004 Kenneth Naughton, Lay Reviewer, wrote to me to introduce himself and tell me that he had received my case papers on 25 March 2004 and that ‘I have been selected from a list of independent lay people held by the Welsh Assembly Gov’t and have no connection with any of the parties referred to in the complaint. I will be consulting with another independent person called a Lay Adviser from the same list. I will contact you again once I have had an opportunity to consider the papers and discuss them with the Lay Adviser’. CC’d to Chief Executive NW Wales NHS Trust; Lay Adviser.

On 2 April 2004, Independent Margaret wrote to Keith Thomson, acknowledging his letter of 29 March 2004 and telling Keith ‘I have forwarded a copy to Mrs Eileen Habbijam, Manager of the Independent Review Secretariat in Wales for her attention. I have also copied your letter to Mr K. Naughton, Lay Reviewer and Mr B. Jones, Lay Adviser, for their information’. CC E. Habbijam, K. Naughton, B. Jones.

On 29 Nov 2004, I wrote to Abigail Charles, of the Heath Service Ombudsman’s Office, not knowing that Abigail was on excellent terms with Independent Margaret and the NW Wales NHS Trust.

Another witness’s name is that of Mrs Rhonwen Lloyd Lewis, who’s name appears on a document dated 3 Nov 2004. I have no idea who she is.

Manon Gwilym, Investigating Officer for Litigation and Complaints knows all about the wrongdoing, Keith Thomson wrote to Manon re my ‘lengthy correspondence’ in Oct and Nov 2004.

I was not the only person to notice unsuitable staff employed at the Hergest Unit. Not only was I insulted in Safeways café by Michelle Shaw and her mate Gwen Bethan Roberts AFTER they dumped a whole tray of used crockery on my table and sat next to me, following them entertaining themselves by telling the girl on the till that I was a Nutter (I hadn’t even made a complaint about them, I was having lunch), but on 6 Aug 2004, I saw Hergest HCA Neville screaming and hurling abuse at a customer in Safeways car park because the customer had parked in a disabled space. Neville didn’t need the space himself, he didn’t have domain over the car park, he just yelled abuse at another customer. A group of chavs gathered round and began taking the piss calling their mates over to come and watch this bloke going mad in the car park. Neville was the member of Thomson’s staff who at one point supplied a statement to the police about me, after grabbing hold of my coat and trying to drag me along when he saw me in Tesco…

The conduct of Hergest staff was a matter of wonder openly discussed in the Bangor area. They were unhinged thugs who harassed people in the community when they were off duty.Image result for General Medical Council Logo

On 20 April 2004 Keith Thomson wrote to me telling me that he had disclosed all case notes to me, there were no more. Keith was concealing about 15 box files of my notes, he was forced to hand them over in 2005 or face being imprisoned for contempt by the High Court in Cardiff.

On 20 April 2004, Pat Capper sent a message to Sheila Owen CC’d to Sandra Phillips confirming that ‘all correct, is there anything you want me to do now?’, in response to a communication from Sheila on 20 April 2004 asking Pat to write to me telling me that all case notes had been disclosed to me, there were no more. Someone had even helpfully drafted the reply for Pat.

On 21 April 2004, ‘Sheila’ (perhaps Sheila V. Owen??) sent a 4 page fax to Independent Margaret, with a covering note describing it as an ‘unsigned letter from SB (me) from 2/11/02’. I have no idea what this document was or if it was from me, because there’s no copy provided in my file.

On 21 April 2004 Kenneth Naughton, Lay Reviewer, wrote to me refusing to convene an Independent Professional Review, suggesting that I write to the Health Service Ombudsman for Wales. I did and it was spectacularly unfruitful. The Health Service Ombudsman at the time was Adam Peat, but Adam’s sidekick whom I dealt with, Geraint Jones, was as good as the rude offensive staff of the General Nursing Council who snapped at me down the phone that When Sian Ruth Lloyd’s name had been cleared,See the source image the documentary evidence that I had provided ‘in support of my complaint’ ‘would be destroyed’. See previous posts for details of Rashida Conroy and her team at the General Nursing Council… Geraint Jones the Investigator and Adam Peat’s Office conducted business in a similar manner. Correspondence was ignored for weeks on end, if I phoned Geraint just stalled and when I finally confronted Geraint re the very serious nature of the wrongdoing at the North West Wales NHS Trust, Geraint was so unpleasant and threatening that I only wished that I had recorded the call. Not that it would have mattered, MI5 were bugging my phone, they heard Geraint in action, as well as Rashida and her colleagues. After many, many months I received a letter from Biggus Peat telling me that an investigation into my complaint ‘would not be in the public interest’. Biggus didn’t deny the scale of criminality that had been demonstrated, Gren Kershawhe merely decided that it wasn’t in the public interest to investigate the activities of a scandal ridden Trust with sky-high mortality rates on the part of patients, one of the highest staff sickness rates of any NHS Trust in the UK, huge bills for locum and agency staff and staff regularly topping themselves. It was well into 2005 by the time that the Ombudsman’s Office and I had finished with each other.

Before his appointment as Ombudsman, Adam Peat had previously served as a Welsh Office civil servant. See the source imageAfter his stint as Ombudsman – it was revealed that Adam was only investigating a small proportion of complaints, although one could only approach the Ombudsman if one’s complaint had been deemed serious enough for Keith Thomson et al to have pushed out all boats to blow it out of the water – Adam became the Big Boss of Magna Housing, a huge Housing Association covering much of the West Country. Image result for heather hallett imagesMost online references to Adam disappeared after he starred on this blog.

Geraint outlived Adam in terms of Ombudsmen, Geraint was still in the New Style Ombudsman’s Office recently. The New Style Public Service Ombudsman for Wales, Nick Bennett, is the son-in-law of a Gang member from Anglesey who has been giving loyal service for decades now. There is much dissatisfaction with Nick Bennett as Ombudsman and it has been noted that Nick receives more complaints about the NHS in north Wales than any other matter. See previous posts for details of Adam, Geraint, Nick and Nick’s in-laws.See the source image

On 24 Sept 2015, Geraint, as an Officer of the Ombudsman’s Office, produced a Factsheet for the General Public re Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW). HIW was created in the early years of the millennium and the first CEO was Dr Peter Higson. Higson readers may remember was a psychologist who Trained at UCNW, then spent years as a Research Psychologist at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, before becoming General Manager. Peter then became General Manager of the whole of the metal health services in North Wales before becoming CEO of HIW. Peter Higson failed to investigate my complaints (as well as those of many other people) as General Manager of Denbigh, as Regional Manager of the psychiatric services and as CEO of HIW.

In 2013, Peter was called upon by the Welsh Gov’t to Investigate the Deficits of Merfyn Jones in his capacity as Chairman of the Betsi. Peter wrote a damning Report and Merfyn resigned. Peter Higson was then announced as the new Chairman of the Betsi. Immediately after the announcement, HIW was, it was admitted by the Welsh Gov’t, not fit for purpose. Peter was the only CEO that HIW had ever experienced. Previous posts (and frequent news items) chartered the way in which the Betsi fell over the edge of a cliff in Peter’s safe hands. Not that Peter was ever worried, he was appointed as a governor of Bangor University, continued with his work as Director of Cartrefi Cymru (a housing and support charidee for the learning disabled), continued running his Psychology Consultancy and continued working as an Expert Opinion. For years Peter was a member of the North Wales Health Authority. Peter stood down as Chair of the Betsi not that long ago. Last year Peter was appointed as a member of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.

Can anyone let me know if Peter Higson is on the GMC yet? Surely such an appointment is only a matter of time See the source imageif it hasn’t happened already. Peter’s sister Dr Ruth Hussey Trained as a Top Doc at Liverpool, Qualifying in 1979, worked as a GP, then specialised in Public Health rising to the Very Top re Public Health in the North West of England. Ruth subsequently spent time as a Gov’t Top Doc in Whitehall at the Dept of Health, only to return to Wales as the Welsh Gov’ts Chief Medical Officer in 2013. Gren KershawRuth was Honoured by Bangor University while her brother sat on the governing body of that institution. Ruth has been held up as a Role Model For Wimmin in Wales. See previous posts eg. ‘Topsy and Tim’ and ‘A Celebration Of Dafydd’s Medical Training’ for further details of Peter and Ruth.

There will surely be fuck-me shoes sported, but I can’t find any full length pics of Ruth. Here’s a pic of Ruth Being Honoured by Swansea University: Image result for dr ruth hussey images

On 28 Sept 2004, Alun Davies wrote In Confidence to Mr S. Atkinson, Child Protection, Dept Education and Science, Mowden Hall, Staindrop Road, Darlington DL3 9BG. Davies thanked Atkinson for his letter of 26 Aug 2004 who had asked Davies for information about my work, having been told by an Unidentified Gossip that I was a Dangerous Mentally Ill Teacher. Davies told Atkinson that his info about me was ‘very limited’ and ‘hearsay’ – that’ll be why Davies and his mates personally rang parents of my pupils, rang my PhD supervisor and sent my medical records to Merfyn the VC, because they just knew so little about me and it was all hearsay – and that ‘Our understanding is that she worked as a teacher in Hillgrove School around 2001 and as a Lecturer at Coleg Menai more recently. She may also between times have worked at a secondary school in the Rhyl area’.

Where was I when Davies sent this info to S. Atkinson? I was doing my PhD in Bangor University, sharing an open plan office with Dee Jones aka Gray, Dee’s two colleagues Esther and Christos (as well as with other people), who were undertaking a Risk Management project in collaboration with NHS Wales. Dee’s partner leading the NHS side of the project was one Patricia Gaskell and Biggus Dickus of the project was Gren Kershaw. Gren KershawTheir Project Meetings were held in our office and the drinks and nibbles would be laid out on the table immediately next to my desk. Trish’s colleague John Bowles, the Risk Manager for Ysbyty Gwynedd, used to leaf through documents on my desk, read the contents on my computer screen etc in order to try to intimidate me. Trish radiated iciness as she walked past me, refusing to even say hello…

One of the secretaries in the Dept in which I did my PhD was Lena Henry’s sister. One of the Profs in the Dept was married to someone who worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd. The Dept also ran an MSc that was popular with er employees of the NW Wales NHS Trust. One morning I arrived for work to find an Angel who had years ago insulted and threatened me having a cup of coffee with my PhD supervisor after dropping in to ask him for advice re the bullying that she had received from her NHS colleagues. Indeed she had, they gave her a terrible time but a gang of sex offenders aren’t very nice really and she’d worked with them since the late 1980s. Gren KershawShe subsequently married Kenny Midence and continued to work for the NHS in Gwynedd. Some of my PhD sessions re IT, stats etc were group sessions with Angels doing degrees at Bangor. Jackie Ehlen was one of them.

I was surrounded by NHS staff from the day that I began my PhD, they suddenly all decided that they wanted advice from my PhD supervisor or to do a postgrad course with him/his colleagues and no, it wasn’t ever me that was rude to them. Their rictus grins were plastered onto their faces as they greeted me. ‘Hello!! I hear that you’re doing a PhD now! Gosh, you have done well!’ Then they’d trot off and tell a few more people that They Know All About Me. The rudest I ever became was after too many comments of ‘Gosh fancy you DOING A PhD!!’ was to simply remind them that once I had walked away and escaped from their fucking criminal, crazy colleagues, I had simply returned to what I had been doing – a PhD – in 1990, before their mates had ruined my life… It was no great mystery.

That’s how little Alun Davies knew about me!

When Steve of the DES wrote to Alun Davies, the Secretary of State for the DES was dear old Charles Clarke. CharlesClarke2014.jpgSee previous posts for info re the Pig Clarke; his dad was a Civil Service Mandarin in the Days Of Gwynne and Charles was Chief of Staff of the Windbag’s Office, Feb 1981-92, when Tony Francis was sending the Windbag’s Office confidential documentation – fact/fiction/fantasy/forged – about me.Image result for general medical council logo images Come on Clarke, fess up, all absolutely unacceptable and furthermore the Windbag never even became PM, because Tony Francis was doing deals with Thatch’s pals in Somerset at the same time. Gren KershawIn Dec 2004, Clarke became Home Secretary and what a mess there was. Clarke was a Hackney Councillor, on the turf of the London Hospital, with Brave Wendy and Gwynne and Dafydd’s other partners in crime facilitating the trafficking ring there.

The letter that Davies received from Steve Atkinson was addressed to the NW Wales NHS Trust, Hafod Las, Llangefni, which was the Anglesey Team’s HQ, an odd address to use. It was the office of Ella Fisk, with whom I was still on good terms.

Steve’s e mail was provided: and his phone number: 0870 0012345  Steve told Davies that the Sec of State CharlesClarke2014.jpghad received a report from the North Wales Police about me following a conviction for pursuing a course of conduct which amounted to harassment [my conviction was for a lesser charge, a Gossip had got it wrong] Image result for general medical council logo imagesand that I had received psychiatric care for approximately 18 years. The DES had to consider action under Sec 142 of the Education Act 2002…

A handwritten addition on Steve’s letter reads ‘open to Kenny Midence, psychology, 2002’. I knew much about Midence but he was never involved with all that Care that I received.

I was touched to note that the DES Logo was ‘Creating Opportunity, Realising Potential, Achieving Excellence.’CharlesClarke2014.jpg

Charles Clarke et al wanted to strike me off the teaching register, me being Dangerous and Mentally Ill, although I demonstrated clearly that porkies had been told about me by er criminals. It was Merfyn’s friend the Philanderer, then a junior Education Minister, who cleared my name. I only worked out that the Philanderer had been the Name In The Frame when he was denounced on BBC News as having let a paedophile remain on the teaching register. I had no idea that the Philanderer was a mate of Merfyn’s, but when I worked out that he was the man who had cleared my name, I wrote to say thank you to him and told him that if the Final Decision had been left to Social Services and Top Docs, I would never have been cleared. I told the Philanderer that I did appreciate my name being cleared, although I was now doing a PhD and looking to an academic career. The Philanderer wrote me a nice letter back, saying that he was glad that things were going better for me, but he didn’t mention that he knew Merfyn.

Shortly after the Philanderer cleared my name, Miranda’s Gov’t announced that Ministers would no longer have any responsibility in assessing the suitability of those with Mental Illnesses being Assessed re working with Vulnerable People in eg. teaching. The responsibility now lies entirely with a panel of Social Workers, who may take advice from Top Docs. When I heard that I realised that I had experienced a very lucky escape but felt for anyone else in teaching whom the Gang went after. Within a few years, the New Labour Gov’t announced that ALL jobs involving Contact With Vulnerable People – Including Adults – will be subject to the guidance re school teachers. Then it was announced that ALL university lecturing jobs would fall into this category because by definition, ALL university students were now classed as Vulnerable People.

Anyone out there who has ever blown the whistle on organised abuse facilitated by Top Docs and Social Workers? Miranda and Gordon have ensured that you will never work in a professional job again. Take a look at job adverts these days for professional positions; virtually all of them have refence to Vulnerable People, even the most unlikeliest ones. Neither will you be able to work in a low paid job as a care assistant, support worker etc. You’ll be able to get a job as a cleaner, on the tills, in a burger bar etc.

I have a BSc, an MSc, a PGCE and a PhD as well as a good publication list. I am available for dog walking should anyone wish to employ me. I have no regrets at all Miranda and I never ever will. You unleashed a nightmare upon the UK that is now rebounding across the globe. I invite anyone who has ever had trouble with that sodding Gang and their network to use my blog for background info. Lest people fear ‘they’ll pulverise me in Court if I try to take a case against them’, indeed they will try to. But you can take it from me that if you dig, you will uncover lies, bribery, corruption, conspiracy, forged documentation, conflicts of interest, evidence withheld, the lot. If anyone has genuinely told the truth about that lot and has been under attack and smeared, be my guest, go for their jugular, because it is they who are the lying criminals not their victims. But don’t fall for any nonsense about Going For Help to Get Over The Trauma. The well is poisoned, there is no-one in the Helping Professions who will stand up to them without being ruined themselves.

What an irony; I told the Philanderer that things were all OK, because I’d left teaching and begun a PhD. The Gang then moved into Bangor University with me. The Top Docs are now killing them.

On 21 Dec 2004 Rita Thomas, the Trust’s Complaints Co-ordinator, Litigation, received a telephone call from DC Baker of the North Wales Police (phone number 370333 ex 2301) telling her that there was insufficient evidence to charge any staff with offences against me.

On 5 Jan 2005 Kenneth Naughton declared that ‘my concerns were matters for the police and the Trust’s determination to class me as a vexatious complainant was in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Welsh Gov’t.’

Someone else who witnessed so much fuckwittery in Ysbyty Gwynedd whom I remember well was Mrs Gillian Jones, the Trust’s FOI officer. My documents detail Gillian’s letter to me of 14 Jan 2005 re Access To Health Records thanking me for my e mail dated 13 Jan 2005. Mr C. Griffiths, Caldicott/Data Protection Officer, was also party to communications. By the time that I was in touch with Gillian re accessing my files, I was met with lies, more lies and yet more lies, but that was so obviously on the orders of Keith Thomson. When I arranged to meet Gillian to be told the lies made up by Keith Thomson, I was told that I had to be accompanied by PC Dewi Thomas at all times, me being so Dangerous. So I sat in a few meetings with Gillian being told lies while I tried to be polite and ignore the idiocy of the situation. Chit chat with Gillian revealed that she was a graduate of Bangor University who had obviously enjoyed some good Gossips about me. I subsequently found out that like everyone who worked for Keith Thomson, Gillian had been threatened and intimidated, was terrified of Thomson and was desperately looking for another job. I then found Gillian online, networking with other NHS workers on a Gissa Job basis.

Gillian et al knew about the request from the GMC’s Rebecca Townsley, Caseworker, Fitness To Practice Directorate – e mail – asking for my medical notes pertaining to my treatment at the Hergest Unit from Jan 2002 until the date of Rebecca’s request. The request was sent to Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Medico-Legal Dept and the notes were requested by 13 Sept 2004. I had signed the consent form to release the records – to be leaked/amended/copied and sent to any interested parties – on 6 March 2004. Of course there was no action taken against any Top Doc. Not even Dr Andy Jones, who was a violent wife beater, caught repeatedly having sex with other members of staff on hospital premises and while he was working as a psychiatrist in the Hergest Unit lost his children to the care of the Social Services on the grounds of extreme neglect and his wife was taken into care for her own safety. Andy had been very violent to a previous partner, who left him and banned him from contacting their son. I knew all about it because for years I lived next door but one to Andy. So he was appointed my Doctor by Sadie Francis when Andy worked as her junior doc after I was sectioned, to ensure that Andy’s story re my Dangerousness was the Official One. Andy was only quietly struck off years later when I told a GP that I had the lowdown on the fate of Andy’s second wife and children…

Andy worked at Hergest alongside another SHO who worked for Sadie, JoeJohn Vattakatuchery. JoeJohn witnessed everything. A Dr Sudhalan’s name is also on my records of 2 July 2002. Dr Babu Hussein was SHO to Sadie in July 2004 and in Nov 2002 was SHO to Do Nothing. Dr Hussein had a habit of quietly appearing on the ward when a patient was about to get a kicking; his presence was appreciated because it stopped the violence. I met Dr Hussein at a later date and asked him why he didn’t grass his colleagues up. He told me that he was a junior overseas doc and Do Nothing and Keith Thomson would have destroyed his career. He will have been right. Dr Hussein is now working as a GP I think and he is a senior doc. Time for Dr Hussein, who seemed so much better than his colleagues, to come forward. Do Nothing and his colleagues were killing people.

Docs more guilty than Dr Hussein include Dr Alwyn Parry, out of hours GP on call on 7 Jan 2003, who refused to treat me after speaking to Andy Jones and Do Nothing. Dr John Morris Jones, out of hours GP on 7 Jan 2003, was told that I was ‘suicidal ++++’ and slammed the phone down on me when I gave my name; documents show that Andy had told Morris Jones had I had ‘set fire to the Hergest Unit on my last admission’ and Do Nothing sent one message if I rang the out of hours GPs: Do Nothing. John Morris Jones is a lay preacher and was the GP in Penygroes. Morris Jones was on duty with GP Dr Karine Oldale who was much nicer than Morris Jones. Karine was the Doc who assessed me as ‘suicidal ++++’ but handed My Case over to Morris Jones and was on her way out of the office when he slammed the phone down on me. Karine was told by Andy not just that I’d set fire to the Hergest, but that I had injunctions  out against me ‘from one consultant psychiatrist, two medical directors and the Arfon CMHT’, and I was not to be treated by anyone. John Morris Jones noted ‘advised to take no action, as known troublemaker’. He went off duty on 8 Jan 2003 at 00-53 am. The message that I was ‘suicidal ++++’ was passed to colleagues at 7-21 am. Even then the advice was ‘Not to follow up’.

Dr Alwyn Parry Qualified at the University of Wales in 1988; Dr John Morris Jones Qualified at Cardiff in 1983. They both Trained at Cardiff when the place was run by George Thomas’s mates and every Top Doc and academic there was concealing organised abuse, as well as that of Gwynne and Dafydd. Most med students at Cardiff dreaded going on placement in north Wales and told each other never to take jobs there. Gren KershawAlwyn Parry and John Morris Jones were highly unusual; whatever could have attracted them to working in a region run by a Gang of murdering old paedophiles?See the source image

Dr Alwyn Parry is a GP at the Llanberis Surgery. That place is notorious, people were going all over the area to escape that practice. I know another person who, like me, gained documentary evidence of serious organised crime at Hergest, only to be called to a meeting with the entire Llanberis practice and told that only one GP there would agree to treat him. This was later denied when the practice was faced with a lawyer. There are also allegations that for years, Llanberis Surgery was involved with massive scams re prescribed drugs.

One of the senior partners at Llanberis is Sonia Maxwell. Her dad was the appalling Terry Maxwell, Clinical Director of the North Wales NHS Trust for years, friend of Gwynne and Dafydd, but one of those who drove Tony Francis to a breakdown; not that Maxwell did it to protect patients, it was a personal feud. Maxwell was a heart-lung specialist and was at the centre of a series of scandals re the wrongdoing of his colleagues, but he never took collective responsibility. See the source imageMaxwell was a Liverpool University graduate and they rang Sonia up and offered her a place to do medicine there ‘because they know her dad’ before she even applied to university. Not that Sonia wanted the place, she went to either the Middlesex a la Gwynne or UCH, a la Bodger. I’ve been told that Sonia has quietly made things difficult for people who supported me; See the source imageshe should be grateful that I’m not a vindictive bitch like her, because one member of her family has massive vulnerabilities because of people like Dafydd don’t they Sonia?

Sonia’s mum was one of the famous Two Old Trollops who provided such entertainment to those of us who lived in the Llandegfan area in the 1980s. How I laughed when I was working at Bangor University years later and someone rang me and told me to go to the Management Centre NOW because one of the Two Old Trollops was in there having coffee ‘and she looks exactly the same as ever’. She did too, it was like Groundhog Day, the same variation on a beehive, the red lipstick and sour look, shiny red sandals that were too dated to even pass as fuck-me shoes…

Both Old Trollops and Terry Maxwell have Passed Over in recent years. Sort of since I began this blog. Terry, loving husband of an Old Trollop.

See previous posts for Maxwell clan information and how Sonia’s sister was the only waitress not to be swindled out of her wages by the landlord and landlady of the Gazelle Hotel on Anglesey, because Terry knew that the ring was in action down there and that the landlord Ken Moulton was flashing at the schoolgirls who were waitressing, so when they tried to fiddle Sonia’s sister, Terry threatened to sue them… When Ken and Barbara Moulton swindled me, Tony Francis told everyone that it was my fault because I was so unpleasant.See the source image

Karine Oldale Qualified at London University in 1994. She is a partner GP in D.G.E. Wood’s old practice in Bangor. Karine arrived in Bangor AFTER all the dreadful media headlines about an alleged paedophile ring operating in the region. See the source imageNorth Wales was obviously the place for Karine, as she filled Wood’s boots. As well as her own no doubt.

John Morris Jones made headlines in 2017 when he announced his Retirement and local celebs – including Hywel Williams, Plaid MP for Arfon and a former psychiatric social worker who originated in Pwllheli and detained people in Denbigh in the Good old Days when Gwynne and Dafydd were busy – were pictured with Vaughan Gething, Welsh Gov’t Health Minister, looking miserable because now that Jones had Retired, there was no Welsh speaking GP in Penygroes. Of course there should be access to be Welsh-speaking GP, most of Penygroes speak Welsh as their first language, but John Morris Jones was so dangerous that the village would be better off with a Foreigner who didn’t leave them to die. After my encounter with him, I enquired about Jones and I was told that he is an absolute bastard and Penygroes was full of people who had lost relatives because of him. No good GPs will work in north Wales because of the presence of John Morris Jones and his mates. See the source imageAnyway, Jones is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice, so if Hywel Williams MP wants to consult a dangerous sadistic doctor who refuses to treat people in an emergency, then be my guest Hywel, perhaps you can tempt Jones out of retirement if you ask the Pink Blancmange to offer GPs even more than £100k pa and a huge tax free pension pot available at the age of 55. Hywel has a much younger wife and small children and from what I know of Hywel’s wife she’s far too competent to risk her kids’ wellbeing with Docs like John Morris Jones and I don’t blame her.

A Dr Peter Jones, out of hours GP, on 8 May 2003, noted that there was to be ‘no follow up’ when I rang…

Neither could I gain treatment at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, even once my ‘care’ had been transferred there. As Dr Paul Wright SHO to Dr Neil Davies on 7 Nov 2003 found out. Paul was actually very nice, as was his SHO colleague. After chatting to me, they went off to make arrangements. Dr Wright and his colleague returned looking terrified and told me that they were very sorry, ‘this was not an ideal situation’, but they had been told that the only Doc who could take decisions re me was Do Nothing, although Dr Wright did realise that my care had been transferred to his own boss, Dr Neil Davies. I was told, but very nicely by Dr Wright and his colleague, that I had to leave, because they had been ordered by Do Nothing not to treat me under any circumstances. I explained that I had not had sleep for some 36 hours and they were asking me to drive 30 miles back home. They just looked terrified. See the source imageI drove back home putting myself and everyone else in danger.

This is why there was such a high suicide rate in north west Wales. It really was not Only Me. This was how they treated people and it showed up in the death rates.See the source image Nobody put a stop to it.


I don’t know where Gillian Jones and so many of her colleagues are now; if they kept schtum they’ll have reached High Office in the Public Sector. They all knew how serious the criminality of their senior colleagues was and that people were dying. See the source imageWhen Thomson appeared before Cardiff High Court later in 2005 and was threatened with jail for unlawfully withholding my records, his workplace victims knew that they had hit the jackpot.

Awight Gillian! Don’t tell me, a sexually injured corpse was found in Keith Thomson’s swimming pool and ever since it’s been a case of ‘I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell…’ if your promotions and salary rises don’t keep coming.

It was Social Worker D. Owen who took me to Taliesin Ward on 25 Oct 2002…

What was I dealing with throughout these Crazee Days? Among other things, the Ghost of Professor Michael Hutt Past of Guy’s Hospital, a colleague of Uncle Harry, Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates Sex Therapist Jim Watson and Child Psychiatrist Gerard Vaughan and so many more…

Here is the text of an e mail that I sent Jane Hutt on 24 Oct 2019; I have still not received a reply or a reply to subsequent e mails that I have sent to Jane with further information:

Sally Baker

Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 8:45 AM

to Jane.Hutt
Dear Ms Hutt
Can you please explain why, during your period of service as Health Minister for the Welsh Gov’t, I was: assaulted and injured by four NHS staff whilst detained in a locked ward in the Hergest Unit; denied access to the police to report the assault; arrested and charged myself for ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, him being in a meeting with your officials in your office when he made numerous calls to the police demanding that I be arrested because of the imminent threat to his life. At least eight NHS staff perjured themselves. The threats to kill charge was withdrawn on the first day of my trial.
While you were Health Minister, I was unlawfully denied access to my medical records. My lawyer subsequently obtained them by summoning the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust before the High Court in Cardiff and among the 10,000 documents released is evidence of serious organised crime, including conspiracy, throughout my many years of dealing with the NHS in Wales and in other regions of the UK. There is also written confirmation that those who repeatedly sectioned me, including when you were Health Minister, were facilitating sexual assaults on patients.
None of my complaints were appropriately investigated at any time.
Should you wish to discuss this with me in person, I would welcome the opportunity, particularly as, so far, the GMC have refused to meet me. So I have had no explanation at all from anyone so far Jane.
After so many years of waiting for answers, I trust that you will reply to this e mail speedily.
Sally Baker

See the source image

A Bit Of Fanny Batter

Service Shenanigans has great pleasure in announcing the breaking of another Glass Ceiling. The latest ceiling to be shattered by a Lady’s Head is not as impressive as that one shattered when 25 year old Fallon Sherrock became the First Woman to win at the PDC World Darts Championship (see ‘A Glass Ceiling Has Been Broken!’), but the latest breaking of a Glass Ceiling has been achieved by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, after failing to become the First Woman President Of The USA when she never for one minute entertained the notion that Trump was going to become President, is thrilled to bits with the next best thing.

Hillary has just been appointed the First Woman Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast!

I won’t reblog the numerous links between Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband and Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang’s circle because they are legion. I’ll simply say that A Little Bird Told Me that Hillary’s New Role is all about this blog in these days of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and other cross-Atlantic connections, and one Merfyn Jones! 

Crazee Name, Crazee Guy.

Merfyn and the other witnesses to Gwynne, Bertrand, Clough and Dafydd do of course have a hotline into the upper echelons of the Democrats, via the Vietnam draft dodger who hid down at Cwm Croesor and years later resurfaced as a Democrat Senator! See the source image Should Hillary wish to add to the confusion and wild speculation by people who illegally hacked Bangor University’s IT system, read private correspondence of mine, misunderstood/read doctored/forged material/drew extraordinary conclusions from a photo of Merfyn congratulating me on receiving my PhD, I’m sure that Mrs Brady and the Brady bunch would be only too happy to entertain Hillary in Somerset!See the source image


Meanwhile, as both Hillary and Chelsea are committed to empowering women on a global basis on every level possible, I’ll let them know that Wales’s own answer to Hillary Clinton, Sister Hutt, this morning announced her latest strategy for Helping Poor Girls/Young Women. Sister Hutt and the Pink Blancmange have Allocated A Pot Of Money solely for the purpose of the purchase of sanitary towels/tampons to distribute to schools in Wales in Sister Hutt’s Fight Against Period Poverty!

Sister Hutt has been shocked to hear how many schoolgirls can’t afford the over-priced, bleached, packed in pink plastic/ribbons/emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Starter Pack’ custom built products that are making big business an absolute fortune. Sister Hutt has not launched a campaign to bring the price of the products down – the manufacturers could easily do this, companies like Eli Lilly are global multinationals who really have racked up the prices of these products on the back of a ruthless marketing campaign – and neither has Sister Hutt taken any steps at all to improve the completely wrecked economy of Wales that has left so many girls living in families with incomes low enough to worry if their daughters want to purchase these products. Which of course they do, early teens are the most vulnerable age cohort re buckling to peer pressure,  it was why the tobacco companies used to like to get teenagers smoking by the age of 16. Fags aren’t very nice really and if people aren’t smoking by the age of 16 as a result of peer pressure, they tend not to become smokers…

Sister Hutt however is not intending to simply supply the Lil-Lets etc in the school bogs a la loo paper and ensure that the girls can just help themselves to what they need. No, Sister Hutt has explained that Girls In Need will be able to ask for these products and this will Relieve Period Poverty and Overcome The Stigma Of Discussing Periods.

Sister Hutt is incredible isn’t she. Sister Hutt is obviously remembering the early 1970s when Germaine Greer famously implored women to boldly walk across restaurants with a Dr White very obviously held in their hand as they advanced towards the Ladies, rather than concealing the Dr White in their handbag. Sister Hutt, Germaine was an adult woman who was a famous academic and at the forefront of a political movement. She wasn’t 12 and being bullied by the other kids for having Happy Shopper trainers or whatever! Furthermore, Germaine also posed, naked, with her legs around her neck, Christ Almighty Sister, are you going to advice the girls to do that as well, to break down the stigma of the female body as it were? Didn’t Germaine also recommend using the C word to refer to er…

Sister Hutt is going to be in great danger of transgressing her own Safeguarding Policies at this rate; although she already has, I haven’t publicised the e mails with details of specific crimes that I have sent to Sister Hutt over the last few weeks, but the Sister is on very, very shaky grounds legally by ignoring my e mails…

Does Sister Hutt not remember the fierce rows in the 1980s that resulted from the kids who were eligible for free school meals being publicly identified, having to join a separate queue, or hand over a Voucher Of Shame in front of their schoolmates?

What about the social security application forms that left a whole generation of young people in the 1980s howling with laughter as the Rules explained that if you were incontinent, you could apply for Extra Help with your laundry bills, but you would have to Provide Evidence that you needed Extra Help? One of my friends observed that you’d probably have to take your soiled sheets down to the DHSS for Inspection. Someone else then asked ‘Why don’t we do this for a laugh? Tell them that we’re incontinent and see what Evidence they ask for?’

We were graduates just beginning postgrad courses Sister Hutt, we could have done that and gained much entertainment, we were not older people in dire straights who had bowel and bladder problems. Likewise, can you not remember what is was like being 12 or 13? I won’t ask Sister Hutt if she can’t remember having to negotiate society as a teen living with severe financial constraints because Sister Hutt, the LSE-educated social worker daughter of Professor Michael Hutt, highly paid Guy’s Top Doctor, was never ever the one who had to wear the cheap clothes that the others took the piss out of.

It shows Sister Hutt, it shows every time that you open your foolish, disastrous mouth and patronise or take every bit of dignity away from people whom your Gov’t have left in such difficulty.

BTW, there’s another short but excellent letter in the Daily Post today from Michael Joyce, public spirited citizen of Gwynedd, who once more has provided some stark facts re the patient harm and mortality rates in the North Wales NHS.

The one thing that the Welsh Gov’t have done since the National Assembly was created is collect huge datasets. They are excellent datasets, I used to use them when I was working at Bangor University. There will be someone in the Welsh Gov’t who can analyse those datasets even if Sister Hutt can’t. They show a terrible failure on all levels on the part of the Welsh Gov’t that has been in existence for 20 years now. Poverty, mortality, poor performance of ‘services’ in certain regions/areas (ie. those containing poor people) and a system that is ignoring a worsening situation.

Sister Hutt was among the first cohort of AMs elected to the Assembly.

Solution to all ills? A Pot Of Money, to be distributed to Those Who Are Deemed Of Being In Sufficient Need by someone in a less vulnerable situation than them. Ah well it’s the mentality that prevailed on the part of Sir George Godber and those who Helped Nye Create The NHS and the Founders Of The Welfare State.

Dr Hutt, this patient claims to be experiencing severe discomfort, such that he is unable to work. We doctors have a duty to ensure that the resources of the NHS are spent wisely and I suspect that we may be dealing with a malingerer here. Could you provide me with your professional opinion please? 

Hillary Clinton

How Sweet To Be An Idiot

The death has been announced of comedian Neil Innes. Innes died unexpectedly, in his sleep at his home in France; he has featured on this blog. Innes worked with Zany Graham and Monty Python as well as Paul McCartney, and Roger McGough and the other Mersey poets. Innes’s most well-known recording was with the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, ‘I’m The Urban Spaceman’. Innes’s recordings of ‘When A Cabinet Minister Resigns’ and ‘How Sweet To Be An Idiot’ are even better. See the source image

Neil Innes was an Insider witness to the Gang in numerous ways.

Neil Innes played at Theatre Gwynedd in Bangor in 1984; one of the students who shared our house went to see Innes and went for a drink with him afterwards.


After recent blog posts I decided that this blog needs to pay a Special Tribute to a much bigger idiot than Neil Innes, a frequent star of this blog but an idiot who needs to be highlighted yet again. I am talking Shirl, who’s claim to fame is being the daughter of Vera  who penned ‘Testament Of Youth’.See the source image

I have discussed Shirl’s first husband Bernard Williams in previous posts. Bernard was a Moral Philosopher, BernardWilliams.jpga pompous Oxbridge don who worked for the security services. Shirl’s early beau was Peter Parker, who later became Chairman of British Railways Board, 1976-83, when that organisation was a national joke. Later in life Shirl married US academic Richard Neustadt. It was while Shirl was married to Security Services Bernard that she magically rose up through the Labour Party.

Bernard graduated from Balliol in 1951, Balliol also hosting Grocer Heath, Woy and Denis Healey at about the same time as Bernard. Bernard was a Fellow of All Souls and taught at New College until 1959. He then passed through UCL and was a visiting Prof at Princeton in 1963. Between 1964 and 1967 Bernard was Prof at Bedford College, London, who’s biggest star was Liberal peer Earl Conrad Russell, Bertrand Russell’s son. Bedford College also hosted some tame medical sociologists who took orders from Gwynne and Dafydd, See the source imageone of whom, George Brown, had worked with Dafydd’s mates at the Maudsley as a young researcher.

In 1967 Bernard was appointed Prof at Cambridge and a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Bernard dumped Shirl to explore Uganda with another posh woman in the mid-1970s.

In 1979 Bernard became Provost of King’s College, Cambridge, retaining the position until 1987, nipping over to the University of California, Berkeley in 1986 as visiting Prof. In 1988 Bernard declared that he could no longer endure the poverty of life as a Cambridge Moral Philosopher, it really was to much to expect him to scrape by like this and he joined the Brain Drain to the US, the University of California, Berkeley, being prepared to tolerate Bernard again.See the source image In 1990 Bernard returned to the UK like the proverbial bad penny, muttering about the deleterious effect that California had exerted upon his sons. Bernard resumed his former life as part of the British underclass as Prof at Oxford and Fellow of Corpus Christie. Bernard returned to the UK in time for the Top Docs, security servicesSee the source imageSee the source image and discontented Tories See the source imageSee the source imageto orchestrate Thatch’s downfall, See the source imageusing my friends and I as the footballs to do this.

Perhaps Bernard was needed to help with the collective effort to have me detained at Brenda’s pleasure and lobotomised. Dissenters keep reminding me that a discreet spanner was thrown in the works and they Saved My Bacon. Yes dissenters, I have worked that out, but my point will always be had you not all been rolling over for these absolute bastards for so long, that lot would not have been in position to have even tried such a trick…

Where were you when so many were imprisoned and died? Where were you to stop the University Hospital in Cardiff lobotomising and subsequently killing Lena Zavaroni on 1 Oct 1999, then lying about the circumstances of her death?

The CMO for the British Gov’t at the time of the New Operation that Lena and her family were told by her GP could Help Her re her longstanding eating disorder and depression, and at the time of her death was Liam Donaldson. Donaldson had been the Top Doc responsible for the Northern Regional Health Authority that presided over the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, 1987-88, which was the result of Dafydd’s partner ring in the North East.See the source image Liam Donaldson was born in Middlesborough, on their manor.

Donaldson qualified as a Top Doc at Bristol University in 1972; Dr D.G.E. Wood was some two years ahead of Donaldson’s cohort at Bristol. Wood was from a medical family in Bristol, his dad was a Top Doc there and continued to live in the Bristol area long after Wood had moved to Bangor. Donaldson undertook an MSc in Anatomy at Birmingham Medical School, Robert Bluglass’s domain, in 1976.

Donaldson served as Chief Medical Officer, 1 Jan 1998-31 May 2010, succeeding Sir Ken Calman.

Between 1994 and 1998 Donaldson was Regional Director for the NHS Region of Northern and Yorkshire and prior to that Regional Medical Officer and Regional Director of Public Health for the Northern Regional Health Authority. Donaldson began his career as a surgeon before training in public health.

Donaldson is Visiting Professor in the University of Leicester’s Dept of Epidemiology and Public Health, See the source imageand also holds an honorary Chair of Applied Epidemiology at Newcastle University. On 1 August 2009 Donaldson became Chancellor of Newcastle University, Sir Liam Donaldson.jpgreplacing Lord Patten, who stood down after 10 years in office.

Donaldson is also Chair of the World Alliance for Patient Safety, which was established by the Director-General of the World Health Organization in October 2004.

Liam Donaldson held the post of Brenda’s Honorary Physician during the mid-1990s. In 2002 Liam bagged his K.See the source image

In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam has produced a number of major reports, including:

  • Supporting doctors, protecting patients (1999) Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Stem cell research: Medical progress with responsibility (2000)
  • An organisation with a memory (2000) See the source image
  • The expert patient: a new approach to chronic disease management for the 21st century (2001)
  • The removal, retention and use of human organs and tissue from post-mortem examination (2001)
  • Getting ahead of the curve: a strategy for combating infectious diseases (2002)
  • At least five a week: Evidence on the impact of physical activity and its relationship to health (2004)
  • Good doctors, safer patients: Proposals to strengthen the system to assure and improve the performance of doctors and to protect the safety of patients (2006)Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Safety first (2006)Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Bearing good witness: Proposals for reforming the delivery of medical expert evidence in family law cases (2007)Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Liam’s papers are now archived as one of the special collections of Newcastle University.See the source image
  • Although Liam and the NHS in England bear some responsibility for Lena’s death – it was a GP in England who told Lena about the New Operation that could Help Her – at the time of Lena’s New Operation, her death and the lies told by University Hospital Cardiff after Lena’s death, the Welsh Assembly had been up and running for well over a year and was responsible for Health. The Welsh Gov’t’s FM was Alun Michael and his Minister for Health was Sister Hutt.See the source image


Security Services Bernard retired in 1995/96, before The Hague announced the Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, but remained a Fellow of All Souls…

Bernard served on several Royal Commissions and Gov’t Committees: the Public Schools Commission (1965–1970), drug abuse (1971), gambling (1976–1978), the Committee on Obscenity and Film Censorship (1979), and the Commission on Social Justice (1993–1994). During this time, Gwynne, Dafydd, Bodger, Hamid Ghodse et al expanded their business of kiddie sex, porn and Class A drugs..

Mary Warnock , one of Bernard’s Oxford Moral Philosopher colleagues who had long followed orders from Top Docs of the Gang, described Bernard’s Report on Pornography in 1979, as Chair of the Committee on Obscenity and Film Censorship, as “agreeable, actually compulsive to read.” It relied on a “harm condition” that “no conduct should be suppressed by law unless it can be shown to harm someone,” and concluded that so long as children were protected from pornography, adults should be free to read and watch it as they see fit. The Report rejected the view that pornography tends to cause sexual offences. Two cases in particular were highlighted, the Moors Murders and the Cambridge Rapist, where the influence of pornography had been discussed during the trials. The Report argued that both cases appeared to be “more consistent with pre-existing traits being reflected both in a choice of reading matter and in the acts committed against others.”

I agree completely that adults should be free to view porn made by consenting adults that does not harm anyone. I too am unconvinced that porn causes otherwise harmless people to sexually assault others. The problem with Mary, Bernard et al is that they followed orders from the Gang who were coercing people, including kids, into the porn and sex trade and killing witnesses. The Gang did rather more than explore Uganda with consenting adults.

The Gang themselves played a major role in the cases of the Moors Murderers and the Cambridge Rapist. The Gang were responsible for pegging a few extra murders onto Brady and Hindley that they had probably not committed, protecting the real murderer (s). Brady and Hindley also proved useful when the Gang needed to remind everyone of how Evil Nutters were whenever there was adverse publicity coming in the direction of the Gang. Ian Brady was transferred from prison to Dafydd’s empire of Ashworth just as Ashworth was the subject of dreadful publicity re the abuse and murder of patients by Angels.

Most of the inmates of Ashworth were victims of the Gang, so a Real Evil Murderer was put in there to ensure a good supply of tabloid articles re the Cunning Ways Of Evil Nutters who Play Games With The Doctors. Likewise, Gang’s friend Lord Longford – who’s daughter Lady Antonia was a friend of Conrad Russell – drawing attention to the case of Evil Myra by requesting that in the name of Christian forgiveness she be released from prison, gave everyone an excuse to foam about Nutters Who Kill Children and best of all the tabloids could print that mugshot of Evil Myra once more.

Lord Longford at the same time was concealing the rape, trafficking and murder of kids and Empowered Service Users. Lord Longford was the Uncle of Harriet Harman; Harriet’s Top Doc dad, Lord L’s brother-in-law, knew Gwynne and Dafydd.

Evil Myra:See the source image

Evil Harriet:See the source image

Trumpers, Thatch’s Minister of Health who was the Minister personally responsible for appointing Savile to the management task force at Broadmoor in 1987, had been given a peerage by Thatch in Feb 1980, although the only job that Trumpers had ever held was as a shop assistant in Peter Jones when she was young from which she was sacked for colluding with a shoplifter. Baroness Trumpington 2011.jpgTrumpers was however very posh, very rich, a friend of many aristos and for years had been a Tory activist. Trumpers had also married a Master at Eton who was friends with Douglas Hurd. After Eton, Trumpers’ husband Alan Barker was appointed Headmaster of the Ley’s School, Cambridge and during Barker’s time as Head, Trumpers became friends with Rab Butler, then Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and served as a Cambridgeshire Cllr and was Mayor of Cambridge, 1970-71. Trumpers was also a magistrate and was obliged to resign because of the matter of her being friendly with the man whom it transpired was the Cambridge Rapist who had struck fear into the area for quite some time before he was caught.

Trumpers’ other good works in Cambridge (and elsewhere) included fund-raising for Addenbrooke’s, work with Troubled Girls, Unmarried Mothers, Women Prisoners and Mentally Ill Women. Guess how Trumpers knew Savile? Trumpers knew Tuppence and Lady Mary Archer and she will have known Bernard and Shirl as well.

Alan Barker was recruited into the security services by his tutor Richard Crossman when Barker was a student at New College, Oxford. Crossman encouraged Barker to stand for Parliament but it was the idiot whom Barker married who ended up as a Parliamentarian instead. See the source imageWhich was remarkably similar to the Bernard and Shirl situation. When Crossman chatted to Barker about standing for Parliament, Crossman explained to Barker that it didn’t matter for which political party Barker chose to stand, just that Crossman would like to see him in Parliament.

Can we assume that in the way that the Little Women in north Wales in their capacity as Angels, social workers, Nice Lady Doctors etc played a crucial role in facilitating the crimes of their male sex offending colleagues, that Crossman – one of Britain’s Spy Chiefs or indeed possibly THE Spy Chief -who spent most of his time living it up in London clubs or at the opera or theatre while ruthlessly pursuing sexual encounters with a range of people who weren’t too keen on him – hit on the idea of the wives of his recruits as Lady MPs? It was Crossman who provided the biggest umbrella for Gwynne and Dafydd in Parliament, Crossman who served as a Coventry Labour MP, 1945-70. If one knows where to look there are clues that Richard Crossman was probably the source of the rot in the British security services. He was a personal friend of Dom Mintoff, the PM of Malta who was a Maltese Mafia boss and a lot of Crossman’s mates were possible KGB double agents.

I suspect that Richard Crossman was murdered by a fellow MI5/MI6 agent in the form of a Top Doc after fears that he could land someone in trouble. Crossman died on 5 April 1974, following health problems that could have been easily managed, at a not very great age, not long after he left Parliament. Harold had won the Feb 1974 General Election, but only by a whisker and there would be another one in Oct 1974.

In the later months of 1974, a DTI Report in the wake of the collapse of Keyser Ullman bank of which du Cann was a Director, criticised du Cann as ‘incompetent’; another company of which du Cann was Director collapsed as well, leaving creditors owned a huge sum of money. It didn’t stop du Cann running businesses but it did stop him becoming Tory Leader and he was obliged to support Thatch for Leader instead…

A DTI Report into Lonrho followed that was published in 1976, which exposed the dreadful business practices of Tiny Rowland, du Cann, Sandys et al but didn’t result in them leaving the world of business. I haven’t had time to blog about the 1976 DTI Report into Lonrho is detail, but the Report was revisited a number of times over the following 20 yrs by people concerned at the business practices of Rowland et al and I note that no-one can understand why there were not prosecutions brought by the SFO. My grandfather died in 1976 and after his death there was confusion as to why there was so little left in his bank because he expected to leave a considerable amount of money behind. After I began the blog I was told that du Cann’s men robbed grandpa blind once he was too incapacitated to manage his money. He banked at Lloyd’s, but I don’t know the details of the shares, investments etc that were alleged to have disappeared.

I’ve never been that interested in the missing dosh because I know so little about that field but I do know that the shite, dangerous, crooked Top Docs were wrecking grandpa’s health. Drs Leighton and Butler from Nether Stowey. Leighton was later struck off, so he must have done something seriously terrible to someone who mattered.

Tiny and the international criminals are the people who unleashed the forces of hell upon my grandfather, my father and then me Labour Party and Top Docs, because grandpa denounced them as crooks. Just read some of the material available online re exactly what Lonrho was doing: theft, slave labour, not to mention the trafficking…

Let’s see you defend Tiny and Lonrho now you bloody idiots.See the source imageSee the source image

The lunch at the Clarence was held sometime in 1974, I’m fairly sure; it was when Thatch was still the Grocer’s Education Secretary, so it must have been very early on in 1974.


As for Bernard and Mary Warnock’s efforts re the 1979 Report on Obscene Publications – n 1979 – 78?? – Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon – HERE

Bernard died ‘from a heart attack’ on 10 June 2003, just after I began my PhD and just as the attempt to frame me for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’ fell apart in the face of so much perjury and as the Philanderer cleared my name after someone from the School of Education at Bangor University tried to have me struck off of the teaching register. Mr Bridgy Celeb was awaiting trial for manslaughter. So Bernard wasn’t around to blab should little things begin hitting each other.See the source image


After 1981, Shirl was forever associated with Dr Death and the Gang of Four, a source of such great entertainment that Shirl’s previous was eclipsed. Dr Death had trained and then worked as a junior doc at Tommy’s, one of the epicentres of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. In addition, Dr Death had been the Research Reg of Dr William Sargant, the maddest, most dangerous psychiatrist in London, a man who is such an embarrassment to British medicine that they are writing him out of history. Sargant was so bad that even in the 1950s the London County Council tried to rein him in, but no, the Top Docs were having none of it. The solution was exactly the same as the proposed solution re Dafydd in the late 1980s; Sargant was confined to one ward at Tommy’s and kept away from everyone else, in the way that Dafydd was confined to treating patients on Anglesey as well as ‘just’ the  addicts… Sargant was infamous for his crazed dangerous experiments on patients that killed a high number of them. Dr Death was the Research Registrar, he carried out the experiments…

Everyone in medicine knew who Death had worked for pre-politics and although a great many people detested Dr Death, no-one ever breathed a word. William Sargant also regularly used Class A drugs and amphetamines that pushed him over into psychosis. Everyone who worked with Sargant knew that.

Dr Death launched the SDP in the aftermath of Mr Thrope and as Mary Wynch made her way to a lawyer and began litigation… Previous posts have discussed how the Gang of Four based their entire electoral strategy on concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. The seats that Shirl, Woy and Bill Rodgers targeted in 1983 were all highly sensitive seats re Westminster organised abuse. Dr Death stayed put in Plymouth, the city of the Foot dynasty and in an earlier era Nancy Astor, all of whom were involved in the…

The SDP sprang to life on 26 March 1981 with the Limehouse Declaration. The birth of the SDP came at a time of National Celebration. Carlo and Di had been Photographed Together and Carlo had proposed on 6 February 1981! Lady Diana had accepted, but their engagement was kept secret for the next few weeks. The engagement became official on 24 February 1981 and on 25 Feb 1981, Di moved out of her ‘flat’ that her mum had purchased for her as an 18th birthday present that Di shared with her mates where they bopped to Duran Duran, while Carlo pondered on Laurens van der Post.See the source image

At the time cynics observed that Di was being used in a desperate (but for a while very successful) attempt to breathe fresh air and good PR See the source image into a very tarnished monarchy post-Ma’am Darling, Roddy Llewellyn and Lord Snowdon. Mr Thrope’s wife Miriam was the former wife of Brenda’s cousin the Earl of Harewood; Mr Thrope had been a close friend of Swinger Ma’am Darling and Bisexual Swinger Lord Snowdon (Mr Thrope was a bedfellow of both) since a young man. Lord S and Mr Thrope were good friends with Top Doc Roger Gilliatt – Lord S’s best man when he married Ma’am Darling – who knew Gwynne. Roger’s dad Sir William taught Gwynne when Gwynne was a med student. Sir William was the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne.

After Di had been on the scene for a few months, people forgot how deeply unpopular the Royal Family became in the late 1970s, largely as a result of Ma’am Darling’s life of partying on Mustique with Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Charlie Tennant the Society Heroin Addict et al, while Ma’am Darling remained on the Civil List. See the source imageAt the time no-one in the media dared mention Backdoor Billy and his VIP paedophile ring, although the rather odd people who were cluttering up Buck House and other Royal Residences as servants See the source imagewere discussed widely and everyone in certain circles knew about the Royals and the VIP sex abuse ring.

Shirl’s previous matched much of what Dr Death, Woy, Bill Rodgers and Shirl collectively threw at the world.

Previous posts have discussed Shirl’s time as Minister of State at the Home Office, 13 Oct 1969-23 June 1970, under Wilson’s Home Secretary Woy, part of Shirl’s remit being to peruse porn re the Obscene Publications remit. Shirl’s autobiography mentions her despair at the spectacle of women in skimpy undies, so presumably the Obscene Publications Squad – which at the time was known to be endemically corrupt – had a real laugh when they sent Shirl the undies pages from the Gratton’s catalogue and told her that it was porn. Meanwhile John Allen, Gwynne, Dafydd, Ollie Brooke et al were forcing children in care and/or patients to pose for porn, including group porn, gay porn, bestiality etc and exported it across Europe.

After such exemplary performance it could only have been promotion for Shirl and between 10 Sept 1976-May 1979, she served as Education Secretary under Sunny Jim. In 1979 Dafydd Wigley asked Shirl to order a Public Inquiry into Sir Charles Evans’ (mis)management of UCNW, such was the havoc prevailing. Shirl of course refused, she didn’t dare say yes because she knew damn well that the chaos was a result of Dafydd, Gwynne et al using UCNW as a vehicle for their trafficking Gang. Shirl had been earlier in her career a colleague of Goronwy Roberts, Goronwy Roberts.jpgthe MP who preceded Wigley as the MP for Caernarfon. Goronwy was a graduate of UCNW, worked as Youth Education Officer for Caernarvonshire, 1941-44 and in 1944 was appointed lecturer in Youth Leadership at University College, Swansea. Goronwy was elected to the Commons as a Labour MP in 1945. He held various offices in north west Wales, including as a Caernarfonshire County Cllr and had been one of those facilitating the Gang back in Gwynne’s early days. Goronwy grew up in Bethesda, as did Dafydd.

Goronwy served as Minister of State in the Welsh Office, 1964-66, under Jim Griffiths, the first Welsh Secretary in Harold Wilson’s newly created Welsh Office. Jim Griffiths was the Labour MP for Llanelli, 1936-70 and had previously been a trade unionist for coal miners pre-the NUM; Griffiths was President of the South Wales Miners Federation, 1934-36. Not only did Mandy Rice-Davies come from Llanelli, but so did Lord Elwyn-Jones, People Trafficker In Chief and, like Bernard, an officer for the security services, who served as Wilson’s Attorney-General, 1964-70 and Wilson’s/Sunny Jim’s Lord Chancellor.

Of course Shirl was not going to establish a Public Inquiry into the havoc at UCNW. Sir Charles Evans was a former Merseyside Top Doc who was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd and worked for the security services himself and the wrongdoing was so great that it couldn’t have been concealed by a rigged Inquiry. So after the Gwynne Row of early 1984, caused by me complaining, a Solution was found. Sir Charles retired and was replaced by Prof Eric Sunderland, a PVC from Durham University, who was a friend of Lord John Walton, Chair of the GMC, who refused to investigate my complaint against Gwynne, Walton’s friend and indeed Charles Evans’s friend as well. Even better, Eric Sunderland grew up in Carmarthenshire, in the same area as Jim Griffiths and near Lord Elwyn-Jones. Eric didn’t want to be Principal of UCNW when the distress flare was sent up, he had to be Persuaded. I now realise how Eric was Persuaded.See the source image

All I can say Ma’am is See the source image


Jim Griffiths was a mate of Richard Crossman, Nye and Morgan Phillips. Morgan was Gen Secretary of the Labour Party and father of Gwyneth Dunwoody, a Strong Woman, who like Shirl, was the daughter of a Famous Pioneering Feminist, Baroness Norah and colluded with Gwynne and Dafydd, as had Gwyneth’s mum and dad.

Gwyneth bred with another branch of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Nice Young Doctor John Dunwoody and they produced the Pedigree Offspring Tamsin, Tamsin Dunwoody.JPGwho served as the AM for Preseli Pembrokeshire, May 2003-May 2007. Guess whose crimes Tamsin concealed as a colleague of Sister Hutt et al?

Tamsin has always boasted that she ‘trained in the NHS and worked in London hospitals for 15 years’ but Tamsin never says what she trained and worked as. She isn’t a Top Doc and if she was an Angel we’d have never heard the end of it, so I wonder if Tamsin was a loathed NHS manager? Tamsin was born in Devon, her mother being the MP for Exeter, 1966-70 before the MP for a Cheshire constituency, Feb 1974 until her death in 2008 and Tamsin’s father being the MP for Falmouth and Camborne, March 1966-June 1970.

Before John Dunwoody was elected as an MP, he worked as a Top Doc in Devon. The Dunwoodys were cluttering up Devon when my father was farming there and I was a baby. Mr Thrope was down the road.

Richard Crossman was desperate for John Dunwoody to become DHSS Secretary and even Labour Party Leader, but for some reason Dunwoody left politics and returned to Top Doctoring in London, both as a GP and as Chairman/Director of the most important of the Health Authorities/NHS Committees serving the hubs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

John Dunwoody died in an accident at his home in France on 26 June 2006, when Tamsin was sitting in the Senedd concealing a mountain of dung, Pledging Her Support For The NHS.

Shirl served as a Labour Party colleague of Gwyneth and John Dunwoody and knew them well.

Goronwy Roberts was Deputy Leader of the Lords, Dec 1975-May 1979. He died on 23 July 1981, shortly after the SDP was up and running.

Shirl was also a Labour Party colleague of so many other MPs representing north Wales who were Of The Gang, including Bertrand Russell/Clough’s constituency MP, 1951-1966, Thomas Jones aka Lord Maelor, a former school teacher who relaxed in ladies clothes when off duty. Lord Maelor spontaneously combusted at his home near Wrexham in Nov 1984. Shirl knew Lord Maelor’s successor as Bertrand’s constituency MP, Will Edwards, a flash media-friendly crooked Gwynedd solicitor who was the son of an Anglesey tenant farmer. Will was struck off by the Law Society in 1987; the official reason was that he was nicking clients’ money, which he will have been. Will was in reality struck off because of something to do with the attempt to frame and imprison me and it won’t be because he tried to stop it. Thomas Jones’s brother James Idwal Thomas served as the Labour MP for Wrexham, 1955-70 and was at the scene of the crime re the Wrexham children’s homes. Idwal, like Lord Maelor, trained as a teacher at Bangor Normal College and taught in north Wales before becoming an MP. Idwal died on 18 Oct 1982.

Idwal was succeeded as the MP for Wrexham by Tom Ellis. Ellis was born Denbighshire and  went to Ruabon Grammar School near Wrexham. In 1957 Ellis was appointed manager of the nearby Bersham Colliery. Ellis took further studies at UCNW and the University of Nottingham. Tom Ellis was a President of Wrexham Fabian Society. Shirl was a leading light in the Fabian Society. Ellis was one of the founding members of the SDP with Shirl et al. He is believed to have voted for Michael Foot as Labour Leader in order to hasten the disintegration of the Labour Party. Tom Ellis remained as the MP for Kiddie Sex Parties Central  until 1983. Tom Ellis was also an MEP, 1975-79. 

Ellis was one of three Welsh MPs to join the newly created SDP (the others were Jeffrey Thomas and Ednyfed Hudson Davies) and he was elected to serve as the President of Welsh Social Democrats. As with so many the SDP MPs, the three Welsh SDP MPs were highly culpable re Dafydd and Gwynne.


Like Shirl, Dafydd Wigley was well aware that the serious problems at UCNW were a direct result of the Gang, as was everyone else. None of them wanted a Public Inquiry so Dafydd Wigley made a point of requesting that Shirl hold one, knowing that Shirl would refuse, thus allowing Wigley to look like a man who wanted to get to the bottom of what his colleagues in Parliament and so many of his friends in Gwynedd were fully on board with. Wigley had been fully on board himself for decades, he was standing (unsuccessfully) as a Plaid candidate back in the 1960s when Dafydd was, as well as Ioan Bowen Rees, who later served as CEO of Gwynedd County Council throughout Peak Paedophilia .

Ioan joined Gwynedd CC in 1980, after there was no danger of a Public Inquiry; in 1979 Ioan had been running Dyfed County Council, facilitating a ring in West Wales that was directly linked to the Gang in north Wales… Dyfed formerly known as Carmarthenshire. In the 1980s when there were so many complaints about the abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd that Ioan was obliged to act, he commissioned an Independent Investigation by a team of Senior Officers from er Dyfed CC. Ioan’s old mates subsequently gave Gwynedd CC a clean bill of health and Lucille Hughes was delighted to confirm that there were no problems re the abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd. Ioan’s rigged investigation took place when I was a student at UCNW and No Problems were found during that period of time when I encountered Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and complained about him…

Lord Maelor See the source imagespontaneously combusted weeks later.

When Shirl refused to hold a Public Inquiry into the management of UCNW in 1979, Mary Wynch, who had previously been employed as a Secretary in the Dept of Agriculture in UCNW, was illegally imprisoned in the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. Furthermore Mary had lived in Caernarfon, opposite Sgt Tim Evans of the North Wales Police, who was frequently called upon to arrest me and was one of the officers involved with the North Wales Police’s investigation (1990-92) into a possible VIP paedophile ring in North Wales and Cheshire, but the NWP found no evidence of such a thing. They did their best to look for Clues, although the Chief Constable of North Wales, David Owen (there’s something about the name) refused to co-operate, the Home Secretary Ken Baker refused to impose an external Chief Constable who would co-operate and the paperwork was missing/muddled up/unsorted.

As well as Tim, WPC Jo Bott Looked For Clues. She didn’t find any either, although during 1993 as Gwynedd’s Child Protection Officer, Jo was happy to act on fallacious allegations about F, refuse him access to his baby, place the baby with a family containing two known child abusers, refuse to act on F’s concerns about their previous, threaten me and reward those who told the lies required with North Wales Housing Association new builds in an area of their choice. Three houses were handed over in exchange for lies about F, negotiations being assisted by Dafydd Orwig, resident of Bethesda, Gwynedd County Cllr, retired lecturer from Bangor Normal College. Which was where Lord Maelor and his brother had trained as teachers and was run by the Gang. Dafydd Orwig had stood as a Plaid candidate back in the days when Dafydd (THE Dafydd) and Dafydd Wigley were trying their luck as well.

WPC Jo Bott advanced as Ken Clarke succeeded Ken Baker as Home Secretary. The Cunning Plan re F was hatched under Ken Baker, but the threats, harassment, misuse of social housing, bribery, corruption etc took place substantially on Ken Clarke’s watch. The key witness, Martin who lodged with the conspirators while it was all happening, was found dead in the road near Bethesda in the run up to the Waterhouse Inquiry, or just after it opened. When Michael Howard was Home Secretary.

Another Bangor Normal College-trained teacher later found fame as a character in 1970s TV favourite ‘It Ain’t Half Racist Mum’.See the source image

Prof Stuart Hall’s corruption of the title of that sitcom is quite apt for a series starring someone linked to Dafydd Orwig.

The Posh One in ‘The Liver Birds’ went to school at Denbigh and her family knew Dafydd and Gwynne!See the source image

Her mum in ‘The Liver Birds’ was Mrs Slocombe, who doubled up as the possessor of the famous Pussy in ‘Are You Being Served?’See the source image

As one of Dafydd’s foul-mouthed relatives once yelled at me, no-one is going to take any notice of a Nutter like me, Dafydd knows Really Famous People.See the source image See the source imageThen Dafydd’s ex-wife yelled at me to ‘Sod off you silly cow’. The cause of the upset was me interrupting one of Dafydd’s Private Clinics in Prestatyn at which there was loud party music and plenty of booze.See the source imageSee the source image


One of the key aspects of Mary Wynch’s litigation was that Dafydd had cheated her out of her money and property, the property being the house opposite Sgt Tim Evans’s house. See the source imageMary and Tim Evans were both constituents of Dafydd Wigley.

As Education Secretary, Shirl was also responsible for schools and FE. Shirl was at the helm when concern was raised re the brutality towards certain pupils in Gwynedd that was constructed as a Welsh language issue, the Gwynedd schools being substantially Welsh medium. The Windbag tried to get on board with the dissatisfied parents, but he too presented it as a language issue. But as Glenys and her family from Holyhead had been Labour Party activists and personal friends with bent solicitor Cledwyn Hughes, the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79, who was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd and colluded with organised abuse on Anglesey – Lucille had in the 1960s been the Children’s Officer for Anglesey – the Windbag couldn’t possibly declare the real problem to be a vicious paedophile ring facilitated by virtually every professional person in north Wales.

Cledwyn served as Harold Wilson’s Welsh Secretary, 1966-68; Westminster paedophile George Thomas was Cledwyn’s Minister of State and succeeded Cledwyn as Secretary of State, 1968-70. Goronwy Roberts who preceded Dafydd Wigley as MP for Caernarfon was a big mate of Cledwyn.

George Thomas was a huge vote puller in south Wales and shared platforms with Harold Wilson when Harold rocked up in south Wales to campaign. One reason why George had such appeal in south Wales was his status as a Methodist lay preacher and his high profile in the Methodist Church. Thomas served as Vice-President of the Methodist conference. Cledwyn was the son of a Methodist Minister; Goronwy Roberts was the son of an elder in the Welsh Presbytarian Church. The Posh One from ‘The Liver Birds’ is from a Methodist family in North East Wales and her brother is a Methodist Minister in the region.

George Thomas was a schoolteacher in south Wales as well as in London before he was elected as MP for Cardiff West in 1945. Thomas was active in the NUT.

Glenys was a schoolteacher.

George Thomas was very hostile to the Welsh language which alienated many people in the north and west of Wales; he was also a great Royalist in the face of a degree of antipathy towards Brenda et al in north Wales. Although Lord Cledwyn was an early proponent of devolution and a Welsh speaker – his mate Goronwy supported him on these issues – the Windbag was not a Welsh speaker and opposed devolution. The devolution issue divided the Welsh Labour Party for years.

It was through Glenys’ parents that the Windbag met the big wigs of the Labour Party. He was introduced to Sunny Jim at Glenys’s mum and dad’s house, although Sunny Jim was the MP for a Cardiff constituency in south Wales, where the Windbag himself was born and grew up.

Shirl served as the Labour MP for Hitchin (Hertfordshire), 15 Oct 1964-28 Feb 1974; Hertfordshire and Stevenage, 28 Feb 1974-3 May 1979; and as the SDP MP for Crosby, 26 Nov 1981-9 June 1983.

Shirl knew all about George Thomas’s sexual assaults on children, as did all of her Parliamentary colleagues and of course Shirl knew about Gwynne and Dafydd and their rapidly expanding empire throughout her years as Education Secretary and the SDP years that followed.

Shirl’s Hertfordshire constituency was in close proximity to the constituencies held by Gwynne and Dafydd’s Tory mate Lord Balniel: Hertford, May 1955-Feb 1974 and Welwyn Hatfield, Feb-Oct 1974. Balniel became a life peer on Jan 1975 and then inherited his fathers multiple earldoms in Dec 1975. Thus Robert Alexander Lindsay, 29th Earl of Crawford and 12th Earl of Balcarres, KT, GCVO, PC, DL (born 5 March 1927), styled Lord Balniel (a courtesy title) between 1940 and 1975, Chair of MIND (known as the National Association for Mental Health), 1963-70, was a lovely plebeian friend for Gwynne and Dafydd, Lord Balniel only having the interests of the poor wretches banged up and lobotomised at the centre of his aristocratic Scottish heart. The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres was a good friend to have, being Premier Earl of Scotland and Chief of Clan Lindsay, as Gwynne was lobotomising away like there was no tomorrow and Bertrand was Marching For Peace.See the source image

George Thomas attended the early CND activities – CND being founded by Bertrand Russell and Canon John Collins – but didn’t persist with CND as a high profile activist.

Lord Balniel was in the audience of NAMH members when Enoch Powell, Macmillan’s Health Minister, announced his commitment to closing every asylum in Britain after his 1961 visit to the North Wales Hospital that had so appalled him. Powell’s horror and declaration of intent to close Gwynne and Dafydd down was sadly another bit of well-planned deceit. Supermac knew that there was great concern over Gwynne and Dafydd et al and the sewer emanating from them led to the door of Bertrand et al as well as to Supermac’s Gov’t and indeed Supermac’s own wife and son. The John Vassall/Gay Spies In The Admiralty Scandal had just blown up and Profumo was brewing.

Such was the anxiety, that Supermac himself had popped up to Denbighshire to do a bit of personal campaigning for the Tories in the early 1960s when there wasn’t even an election on the horizon. At this time, Maurice Macmillan was bankrupting my father because of grandpa’s opposition to Edward du Cann, the Tory MP for Taunton, who was one of the City men directly linked to Gwynne and Dafydd’s business, as was du Cann’s friend and business partner, Duncan Sandys, Churchill’s son-in-law. Diana Churchill, Sandys’ wife, committed suicide – or that is the official story – on 20 Oct 1963.

du Cann, Sandys, Tiny Rowland and the rest of the Lonrho crowd were denounced by Grocer Heath as the unacceptable face of capitalism, but Shirl, Security Services Bernard or indeed anyone else didn’t mention the trafficking facilitated by Gwynne and Dafydd. Not that anyone had mentioned it during the Profumo Scandal either, when suddenly no-one knew Stephen Ward, although Sandys had been Ward’s friend and patient and Stephen Ward had painted Phil the Greek’s portrait.

So a Cunning Plan was hatched, in which Enoch Powell would visit Denbigh, be Shocked and Disgusted in public, return to London and make a Rousing Speech, a Rivers Of Blood of Psychiatry, to an audience of people who were Concerned about Psychiatric Patients. Conservative MP Enoch Powell speaking in Birmingham in 1970. Precisely NAMH, which was entirely run by Gwynne and Dafydd’s friends. Lord Balniel ensured that he was present for Powell’s Rousing Speech and then led the objections a la ‘but if you close the asylums the patients will be distraught, it’s their home!’. It worked a treat, Powell rewrote his Hospital Plan and edited out all mention of closing asylums and the subject was forgotten about. Powell remained as Health Minister throughout the Profumo Scandal and didn’t breathe a word re Gwynne and Dafydd’s role in it.

Powell has recently been named as a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Early in his Commons career, Lord Balniel was the PPS for Henry Brooke, Home Secretary. Henry Brooke was reviled by the labour Party and Enlightened Others as the old bastard who had allowed Ruth Ellis to hang. There were a number of other people equally responsible, including Bodger’s constituency MP Michael Havers, who blamed Henry Brooke. Brooke, along with Havers and their critics in the Labour and Liberal Parties, all colluded with Gwynne and Dafydd. Brooke’s wife Barbara, the daughter of a Minister of Religion in south Wales, was particularly culpable, being a Posh Lady of Hampstead who sat on NHS Boards, Nursing Committees and took an interest in Children’s Welfare and the education and training of welfare professionals. Henry and Barbara gave rise to a Tory dynasty that produced judges, Tory Cabinet Minister Peter Brooke and a son-in-law who was a Top Doc at St George’s.

In 1966 Dafydd was named in ‘The Times’ at the centre of a patient neglect and abuse scandal, on that occasion not re lobotomies, illegal imprisonment or sexual abuse but was what probably the first Community Care scandal. Dafydd decided to take a lead re Community Care – Dafydd was a leading light in MIND himself by then – and he instructed a load of coaches to arrive at Denbigh and profoundly frail, institutionalised patients were herded onto the coaches – they had been given no warning – and were bussed out to Community Accommodation ie. cheap B&Bs in Rhyl and other locations on the north Wales coast. The patients were found a few weeks later, starving and lice ridden. No doubt a few of them had died as well.

This was of course used as evidence that of course Denbigh couldn’t be closed down, just look at what had happened to those patients in the Community. It stopped discussion of closing Denbigh for years.

No-one commented on the obvious: that Gwynne and Dafydd could not be trusted to look after vulnerable people in any circumstances and they should have had all such responsibility removed from them.

The Top Docs played that game again in later years whenever closure of Denbigh was on the cards. The Angels were telling me when I was in Denbigh in Dec 1986 that the patients ‘will suffer if this place is closed because there are no facilities in the community’. Indeed there weren’t, because despite the DHSS at periodic intervals since the early 1960s ‘ring-fencing budgets’ to develop community facilities for psych patients, the NHS repeatedly spent the money on other groups of patients, even when legislation dictated that the dosh was for psych community care facilities. No-one was ever disciplined or sacked and the money did not have to be repaid. The law and NHS budget policy was simply flouted again and again by the same people.

The truth was that everyone in the NHS knew that the psychiatric system was warehousing victims and witnesses to organised abuse and there had to be prisons going under the rubric of ‘care’ available to silence people.

In Wales, the DHSS budget was robbed again in the late 1960s/early 1970s, by George Thomas. Brian Abel-Smith, the Gov’t DHSS economist, a Prof from the LSE and one of Crossman’s old mates, allocated money for new  hospitals in north and west Wales as well as for community facilities to prepare for the closure of Denbigh. George Thomas grabbed the lot to build the flagship University Hospital in Cardiff, as a crowd pleaser for the Labour voting population of south Wales. Thomas and Sunny Jim held Cardiff seats. No-one else got anything. See ‘The Great Stink’.

Brian Abel-Smith expressed his disappointment in a 1974 DHSS Report that the facilities in Wales proposed by him hadn’t materialised, but stopped short of saying ‘that robbing bastard George Thomas has sold the most needy down the river again’. Not that Abel-Smith dared; he was a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, ran a gents boutique with his gay lover and flogged Italian clothes to the Stones and the Beatles. Abel-Smith had been propping up Gwynne and Dafydd for years, as well as George Thomas.

Once more, NHS cash was plundered and it was nobody’s fault. Furthermore, George Thomas built a nice new bungalow for he and his mother next to the University Hospital Cardiff.See the source image


Lady Juliet Bingley succeeded Lord Balniel as Chair of MIND. Lady Juliet was an LSE-trained social worker who’s dad was Reginald Vick, a Bart’s surgeon who dominated Bart’s throughout the middle decades of the 20th century. Bart’s and all who sailed in it were rendered beyond the law as a result of Lord Snowdon’s psychiatrist grandfather Robert Armstrong-Jones having trained at Bart’s after studying at UCNW and Lord S’s dad, barrister Ronald Armstrong-Jones, being a governor of Bart’s. In 1955 Ronald A-J was appointed as a Lord Chancellor’s Visitor ie. one of those who visited asylums to ensure that patients’ rights were being upheld and that they were being Cared For properly… Ronald A-J resigned as a Lord Chancellor’s Visitor in 1963, the year of the Profumo Affair, on his own Top Doc’s advice, when it was realised that All The Travelling would be too much for him. Conservative MP Enoch Powell speaking in Birmingham in 1970. So Ronald was out of the fray by the time that the Profumo Affair was resulting in demands for resignations and explanations. Ronald died at his country home near Caernarfon on 27 Jan 1966.Goronwy Roberts.jpg

Lord Bill Astor died from a heart attack in the Bahamas on 7 March 1966. Supermac’s wife died from a heart attack on 21 May 1966. So a few key characters were out of the way by the time that Harold Wilson was re-elected as PM on 16 Oct 1966.

Nye who Brought The NHS Into Being and was nearly universally loathed by the Top Docs who viewed him as a jumped up sheep shagger who had reached well beyond himself, had already died on 6 July 1960. Nye who had a lot of dirt on a great many people and was one for not knowing his place.

Lady Juliet gave up her work as a social worker when she married Posh Man Admiral Sir Alec Bingley. Bingley served in the Second World War on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet. He went on to captain the aircraft carrier HMS Slinger in 1943, the aircraft carrier HMS Biter in 1944, and the Mobile Naval Air Base HMS Nabaron in 1945.

After the war, Bingley was appointed Deputy Director of Air Warfare. He went on to be Chief of Staff to the Flag Officer (Air) and then Commander of the aircraft-carrier HMS Eagle in 1952. Bingley was appointed Fifth Sea Lord and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Air) in 1954 and Flag Officer, Aircraft Carriers in 1958. He was made Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet and NATO Commander Allied Forces Mediterranean in 1959 and then Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth and Allied Commander-in-Chief, Channel in 1961. Bingley retired in 1963.See the source image

Alec Bingley was a colleague of Lord Louis Mountbatten and the Bingleys knew Louis and Edwina Mountbatten, identified as Persons Of Low Morals by the FBI. See the source imageConservative MP Enoch Powell speaking in Birmingham in 1970.

The Bingleys also knew about those Gay Spies in the Admiralty. Lady Juliet was a personal friend of Maltese PM Dom Mintoff, a leading member of the Maltese Mafia. The Bingleys lived in Malta for a time and when there Lady Juliet ‘built hospitals and facilities for elderly people’. These were deals backed by the British Gov’t. So what did Britain do in return for Dom and the Maltese Mafia? I can’t be certain, but the Mafia – including the Maltese elements of it – famously ended up controlling the gambling scene in the UK. The Krays were notorious for their interests in gambling, the Krays who were also on Gwynne and Dafydd’s payroll and part of the Gang’s empire in the East End, facilitated by the London Hospital and East End Labour MPs including Lord Elwyn-Jones, Ian Mikardo and Peter Shore.

Peter Shore’s wife Dr Liz was a Top Doc from a family of influential academics. Dr Liz was a Gov’t Top Doc who for years throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s was at the very top of the Gov’t Medical Service, including as Deputy CMO. In the 1990s, Liz Shore was responsible for the postgrad training of Top Docs across huge swathes of London. Peter Shore grew up in Liverpool and went to Quarry Bank School of John Lennon fame…

Richard Crossman was mates with Lady Juliet and they were both friends with TGWU baron Lord Jack Jones, who was also a good friend of Dom Mintoff. Lord Jack – who grew up in Liverpool – was accused of being a KGB double agent, as was Ian Mikardo.

After Sir Alec died on 28 Sept 1972, Lady Juliet became involved with MIND, succeeding Lord Balniel as Chairman. Lady J already had previous with Gwynne and Dafydd’s circle, as a social work student in the early 1950s she had been on placement with Liverpool Personal Services. In the event of the accusations of the abuse of kids in care in north Wales in the 1980s and 90s, Liverpool Personal Services supported some of those accused and even convicted of serious abuse.

Sir Alec and Lady Juliet’s son William Bingley was a Queen’s College, Cambridge graduate who then attended the City of London Poly and trained as a solicitor. William became Legal Director of MIND in 1983. When my problems with the Gang escalated in 1987, the rep in Leicester MIND advised me to go and see William Bingley in London. The man in Leicester MIND told me that he had heard of Denbigh, that ‘there is a doctor up there who has everything sewn up for himself and it’s all tied up with Freemasonry’. The same man assured me that everything in psychiatry in Leicester was absolutely fine…

I spent quite a while with William Bingley who told me that he’d never met Dafydd but he had been told that he was like a ‘very charming psychopath’, that Dafydd was dangerous, out of control and that MIND had supported Mary Wynch and as a result Dafydd had threatened to withdraw MIND’s funding from Gwynedd Health Authority. I had no idea that William and his parents knew Gwynne and Dafydd – William must have met Dafydd, he probably had dinner with him on occasions – and that William had written the Code of Practice to accompany the new Mental Health Act 1983, after being asked to do this by the Dept of Health. Bluglass had written the Mental Health Act 1983 after Mary’s case to show that it Could Never Happen Again. I was meeting William because Dafydd had Done It Again, to me.

William told me that there had been numerous complaints to the GMC about Dafydd, including five in one month, that many of them involved deaths and that my complaint was trivial in comparison.

The President of the GMC, 1982-89: The Lord Walton of Detchant.png

William then told me never to go to north Wales again because if I did, Dafydd would undoubtedly have me arrested. I thought ‘sod that for a game of soldiers, I’m not being intimidated by that old idiot’, but I did wonder what it was that Dafydd was doing that made him so untouchable.See the source image

In 1990, William Bingley was appointed as CEO of the Mental Health Act Commission. Dafydd continued to flout all legislation. At Ashworth, the murder of a patient who was beaten to death by the Angels was investigated by one Professor Robert Bluglass, assisted by a Senior Angel from Bluglass’s Secure Unit in Birmingham and a Senior Angel who worked for Clwyd Health Authority with er Dafydd. Ashworth was the subject of two Public Inquiries during the 1990s. The first Inquiry was Chaired by Louis Blom-Cooper QC, the er Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission.

William sat on numerous Gov’t Committees, including the Committee that led to the NICE guidelines on the management of violent patients in in-patient facilities.

After I was violently assaulted and injured by four Angels/care assistants when sectioned at the Hergest Unit in 2002, refused access to the police to report the assault, told that I had Attacked Angels and was then arrested for Threatening To Kill Alun Davies, I contacted the MHAC. There was no response. I contacted them again and I was told that they had no record of my correspondence with them. When I received my medical records in 2005, there was all the paperwork between the MHAC and the NW Wales NHS Trust relating to my letter to the MHAC, demonstrating a very cosy relationship between the MHAC and the Trust.

In 2003, I contacted MIND HQ in London and gave them details of the assaults, the perjury etc. I received a letter from their Legal Dept which read ‘Dear Sally, What you need to do is look through the yellow pages and find a solicitor’. That was the end of the advice. I then rang MIND Cymru and spoke to Ruth Coombs, Director of MIND Cymru. I told her that I wanted to discuss the abuse of patients in a psych unit in north Wales. Ruth asked me what the name of the unit was. When I replied ‘the Hergest Unit’ Ruth whispered ‘Oh my God’ and hung up. There had been deaths on the wards in the Hergest Unit, but Steps Were Being Taken, a member of the MHAC was attending Trust Board meetings.

I have just discovered the joy of Ruth’s LinkedIn profile. It explains a great deal.

  • Head of Wales

    Equality and Human Rights Commission

    – Present2 years 9 months


    Leading a great team to Make Wales Fairer

  • Head of BHF Cymru

    British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cymru

    – Present 4 years 7 months

    Cardiff, United Kingdom

    External face of British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cymru. Co-ordination and collaboration of teams working in Wales. Policy and Advocacy.

  • Mind Cymru

    Mind Cymru

    10 years 9 months

    • Manager for Influence and Change

      10 years 9 months

      Cardiff, United Kingdom

      Managed the all Wales external relations function, influencing Welsh Government policy and legislation, including advising the National Assembly for Wales Health and Social Care Committee.

      Engaged stakeholders to embed their views in the MC Manifesto, which influenced the manifestos of three of the main political parties in Wales and the Programme of Government.

      Co-produced Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010. Co-authored Talk to Me 2, the National Strategy for Suicide and Self-Harm Reduction for Wales.

      Effectively project managed Welsh Government Section 64 funding, securing funding in four 3-year funding cycles from 2005 to maintain and develop core work in Wales.

      Developed the business case for strategic rollout of Mental Health First Aid on behalf of Welsh Government. Successfully secured successive contracts, resulting in over 13,000 people trained.

      Developed a media protocol for Wales, raising the profile of the organisation in broadcast, print and online media, making it the organisation of choice for journalists for comment and research.

      Influenced academics and funders to ensure all research proposals to the Mental Health Research Network (Cymru) demonstrate co-production with service users and carers.

      Acting Director

      5 months

      Cardiff, United Kingdom

      Managed Mind Cymru staff and volunteer team of 30 and led organisational strategic review.

      Supported the Wales Committee to take strategic decision with regard to partnership working in the context of new governance arrangements. Planned Development Days to achieve change.

      Secured buy in from the Management Committee to explore collaborative working with external partners to develop anti-stigma work, leading to Time to Change Wales.

      Worked collaboratively with another director to develop and project manage Mind’s approach to wellbeing.

      Sabbatical Monitoring and Evaluation Trainer

      Mitengo Women Association

      3 months

      Chongwe Zambia

      Developed a Strategic Evaluation Framework, and co-ordinated the long term planning, strategic activity planning and individual work plans to have greater synergy and higher impact.

      Trained staff and volunteers in monitoring and evaluation, and how it supports them to demonstrate the impact of their work.

      Successfully led funding bid to the Office of the US President (PEPFAR) whilst on sabbatical, doubling the capacity of the organisation.

      Analysed research data and produced report recommendations for educating young people in HIV and AIDS awareness.

      Trained as trainer in Gender Based Violence, then trained community leaders.


      Palmerston Primary School

      3 years 9 months

      Barry, United Kingdom

      Led a team of 40 staff to successfully deliver national and local teaching and learning objectives.

      Achieved Investors in People.

      Developed and implemented a new appraisal, learning and development framework for teaching and support staff.

      Contributed to the development of teacher training in Wales, as Steering Group Member for the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

  • Headteacher

    Treforest Primary School

    2 years 5 months

    Pontypridd, United Kingdom

  • Deputy Head

    Garth Primary School

    3 years 7 months

    Maesteg, United Kingdom

  • Teacher

    London Boroughs of Islington and Hackney

    5 years

    London, United Kingdom


  • University of Wales Institute Cardiff

    Master’s Degree Education Distinction

    • ion

    • Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd

      Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd

      National Professional Qualification for Headship

    • St. Michael’s Theological College

      Certificate in Practical Theology Lay Reader Training Merit

    • South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education

      Post Graduate Certificate of Primary Education Specialisms Science, Special Educational Needs

    • Bangor University

      Bangor University

      Bachelor’s Degree Economics Honours

      • St Padarn’s Institute

        NSM Theology/Theological Studies ordained deacon 29 June 2019

        Training for ordained local ministry

      Volunteer Experience

      • Lay Reader

        Rectorial Benefice of Whitchurch

        Civil Rights and Social Action

        The particular work of the Reader is to teach the Christian faith.
        We communicate the faith by proclaiming the word; helping people learn and grow as Christians; preparing and leading worship; caring for the people we serve. Readers equip others to witness locally and wherever Christians work or have influence.

        Our particular role is to enable worshipping communities to make connections between faith, ordinary life and world concerns. A big challenge but a rewarding one.

        Non Stipendiary Deacon The Church in Wales

        The Church in Wales

        – Present 7 months

        Civil Rights and Social Action

        serving in the Parish of Roath Cardiff


      • ASIST

        Community Mental Health

        City & Guilds Level 3

      • Counselling Skills

        Levels 1 and 2

      • Mental Health First Aid

        Train the Trainer

        Btec Level 4

      • Diploma in Social Media for Business


      • Train the Trainer Gender Based Violence

        The Director of MIND Cymru who replaced Ruth Coombs is Sara Moseley. Sara’s brother Simon is an NHS clinical psychologist in north Wales. His name was on my medical records, although I’ve never met Simon… Sara is also an Independent Member of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board…

        Trowbridge Technical College

        Ordinary National Diploma Business Studies

      • Ruth Coombs was in Trowbridge in the late 1970s. At that time I was friends with a boy in Somerset who’s family had moved from Trowbridge a few years previously. He had a sister who was living in a residential facility for troubled children. His parents were becoming increasingly concerned about what was happening to the kids – they were under 16 – there. They were acquiring a great deal of money from the staff somehow, far more than any state allowances for ‘pocket money’ would have provided and they were being positively encouraged by the staff to spend their money on booze, fags and drugs. The accounts we heard of life in this children’s home just baffled us at the time although they seemed to be true; I presume that it was the sort of facility that John Allen and Dafydd ran.
      • Some months after my encounter with Ruth Coombs on the phone, I appeared in the media discussing the sorry state of the mental health services in north Wales. MIND contacted me and asked me if I’d like to Help Them..
      • #RottenState

Bingley held the Chair of Mental Health Law and Ethics at the University of Central Lancashire, 2000-04 and also carried out work for Cumbria University. Bingley was a Non-Executive Director of Morecombe Bay NHS PCT, 2000-06. Anyone remember the spate of dead babies at Morecombe Bay, entirely the fault of three dangerous midwives who always covered each others arses and no-one would confront them? Bingley was then Chair of the North Lancashire NHS PCT. He resigned after a row when it was revealed that the Trust had commissioned Bingley’s own consultancy to carry out work for the Trust. Three weeks later, in Aug 2011, Bingley died as a result of a fell walking accident.

Never one to miss an opportunity, William and his wife Helen, a psych Angel, established a charidee, the Abaseen Foundation, that delivers Healthcare to disadvantaged people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (formerly the North West Frontier, Pakistan).

William was survived by his wife, two daughters and a stepdaughter. I expect they are Gov’t Anti-Slavery Tsars.

The Bingley family home was in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire. Lena Zavaroni lived in Hoddesdon for the last years of her life and the New Operation that could Help Lena was arranged via Top Docs in Hoddesdon.


Re Frank Beck: Born in Salisbury, Beck was raised in Thornton Heath, Croydon and left secondary modern school without any qualifications. Beck spent three years working on a farm before joining the Royal Marines. Beck spent ten years as a Royal Marine, serving in Borneo and Aden and attaining the rank of Sergeant. Emerging with an honourable discharge and campaign medals in June 1969, Beck turned down officer training and chose instead to train as a social worker.

Beck subsequently obtained employment with Northampton Social Services and went on a training course at the Stevenage College of Further Education, where he acquired a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work (CQSW) and a Home Office Letter of Recognition in Child Care. Lucille Hughes has a Home Office Letter of Recognition in Child Care, it is obviously what one needs to get ahead in a paedophile ring. Beck gained employment with Leicestershire Social Services in August 1973. He started work on 1 September and served as Officer-in-Charge of three Local Authority children’s homes until his resignation in March 1986. The children’s homes concerned were The Poplars Children’s Home, Market Harborough (1973-75); Ratcliffe Road Children’s Home, Leicester (1975-78) and The Beeches Children’s Home, Leicester Forest East (1978-1986)

In March 1986, Beck’s career in Leicestershire was ended by a complaint of sexual abuse made by two male residential social workers at The Beeches, who claimed that Beck had made advances toward them during staff supervision sessions. Beck was suspended from duty and subsequently handed in his resignation rather than subject himself to investigations under the Council’s protracted disciplinary procedures and risk dismissal.

Beck’s resignation letter implicitly admitted the truth of the complaints (while at the same time calling them ‘overstated’). “I cannot say how sorry I am”, he wrote.

Following temporary employment as a security guard, Beck later attempted to resurrect his social work career with ‘Reliance Social Care’, an agency supplying staff to Social Services Depts in London. A reference was supplied to them by Brian Rice, the Director of Leicestershire Social Services who had replaced Dorothy Edwards in 1980 and which gave a positive appraisal of Beck’s abilities in working with young people, with only a suggestion that the agency might wish to discuss with him the exact reasons for his resignation. Dorothy Edwards had thought very highly of Beck and once observed ‘Whatever he is doing, he’s doing it very well’. Rice’s reference also enabled Beck to gain a post at the Woodcock Hill Children’s Home in Brent and he later moved on to Hertfordshire, where he was accused of sexual relationships with two clients, one an adolescent boy.

The complaint that finally led to Beck’s last arrest came from a young mother who had formerly been in Beck’s care at the Ratcliffe Road Children’s Home. In 1989, she made disclosures of historical abuse suffered under the Beck regime, whilst attending parent-craft meetings run by her social worker at the Regent Street Nursery in Loughborough, Leicestershire. The social worker took these allegations to the police and helped pave the way for Britain’s largest investigation into institutionalised child abuse (it was subsequently surpassed by the North Wales investigations). Police took statements from nearly 400 children in an operation which lasted for two and a half years, conducted by more than 30 police officers. Under the direction of the Leicestershire Constabulary, various other police authorities traced and interviewed former children in care across four continents.

At approximately 7.35 am on 14 April 1990, police officers executed a warrant of arrest at Beck’s home in Braunstone, Leicester and informed him that he was being arrested after an investigation into sexual misconduct in Leicestershire children’s homes during the 1970s and 1980s. Beck is said to have replied, “Oh Jesus … No!”, and spent the next eighteen months on remand.

April 1990 – HIGH COURT CASES n ME

Frank Beck swore blind that Leicester Labour MP Greville Janner abused children with Beck and that Beck was left to carry the can for many people. Greville denied this and reassured everyone that Beck was no more than a casual acquaintance. Beck and Greville were interviewed by police in early 1990. Janner’s lawyer Sir David Napley was so sure that Janner would be charged that he had already retained George Carman QC, Miranda’s former pupil master and Cherie’s colleague in Chambers until 1988. In the event Janner wasn’t charged and he received a round of applause from his fellow MPs on his next appearance in the House.

It has been subsequently admitted repeatedly that Greville should have been charged and the CPS have not been able to explain why he wasn’t.

Frank Beck received five life terms and an additional 25 years in prison on 29 Nov 1991 for the violent and sexual abuse of over 100 kids in his care during the 1970s and 80s. Beck is alleged to have murdered a boy with two of Beck’s mates but the death was explained as the boy running away from care and committing suicide.

Leicester University concealed the ring in Leicestershire, in particular the Schools of Medicine, Social Sciences and Education, for generations. Leicester University dines out on its former Principal being Sir Frederick, dad of David and Dickie. See the source imageDr James Earp, the senior forensic psychiatrist in Leicester, concealed the Gang’s crimes during 1987-88. Earp knew Gwynne and by the early 1990s had been appointed Director of Forensic Psychiatry for the entire Trent Region. William Bingley had told me that James Earp was ‘a good conservative, honest psychiatrist’. The man in Leicester MIND told me that Earp was ‘a good bloke’.

Rob Evans, Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services during the 1980s and 90s, completed his first degree at Leicester University and then worked in Northampton, before becoming a Team Leader in Dorset and relocating to Gwynedd in 1983.

Rob was initially Lucille’s Senior Manager with responsibility for Children. Rob shared an office with Terence James, a social worker who arrived at the Bryn Golau Peep Show when I was illegally imprisoned there to ‘assess’ me and give Dafydd an ‘independent opinion’. Terence lied to me, about me and colluded with Dafydd’s criminality. NHS staff then spent years concealing Terence James’s identity from me. After sharing the office with Terence and managing Gwynedd County Council’s abuse of children, Rob Evans then became Gwynedd Social Services Senior Manager for Mental Health. After constant perjury, intimidation, harassment and the occasional assault from members of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, in the mid-1990s I had a meeting with Rob which I thought was to discuss my complaint about the Arfon CMHT. Instead Rob gave me a lecture on Changing Social Work Practice. Years later when I received my records, I found Rob’s notes. Immediately before he met me, Rob had asked Keith Fearns, the Leader of the Arfon CMHT, what Fearns wanted ‘done about’ me. Fearns had replied ‘lock her up’. Rob told Fearns that was not possible. Fearns repeated ‘Lock her up’. Rob noted that there was no resolution to the situation and that he was leaving this job tomorrow anyway.

Rob gave evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. He told Ronnie that the Community Mental Health Service in Gwynedd was ‘probably among the best in Europe’, but that he had stepped down from his job and never expected to work again. After the Waterhouse Inquiry had ended, Rob was appointed Director of Community Services for Anglesey.

Rob wasn’t the only person to get lucky after he gave evidence to Ronnie Waterhouse. Rob’s colleague Glanville Owen, the Deputy Director of Social Services for Gwynedd, who, like Rob, had direct management responsibilities for the children’s homes, told Ronnie that he had stepped down and didn’t expect to work again. Imagine my surprise when I went to see the CEO of Gwynedd Community Health Council, the ‘Patients Watchdog’ and it was one Glanville Owen. After yet more scandal, the Gwynedd CHC was abolished and replaced by a Brand New CHC, covering the whole of North Wales, with reps from every region. The rep for North West Wales was er Glanville Owen. Glanville was still there the last time that I looked in 2011. He told Ronnie in 1997 that he was never going to work again.

The Waterhouse Report related the sorry story of Kenneth Scott, a care worker in a children’s home run by Clwyd County Council. Scott had been the subject of complaints that he had abused kids in care. No action was taken. Scott had arrived in Clwyd in the 1970s from a job with kids in Wandsworth. Scott undertook a bit of part-time Training at Bangor Technical College. Scott left his job in Clwyd after a few years and in the mid-1980s began working in a children’s home in Leicestershire managed by Frank Beck. In the 1990s, Scott was finally convicted of abusing kids in care.

One name associated with the NAMH throughout the 1960s/70s  along with Lord Balniel and then Lady Juliet was Sir Kenneth Robinson, Shirl’s Labour Party colleague. Kenneth Robinson was President of MIND for many years. Robinson was the son of a Top Doc and an Angel and one of the former Oundle School boys, as was Sir Clough, who formed that very distinctive cluster of people who reached senior roles in their careers in medicine/public life in the 1960s, who protected/facilitated Gwynne and Dafydd’s criminality.

Kenneth Robinson served as Harold Wilson’s Health Minister, 1964-68; Minister for Planning and Land, Nov 1968-Oct 1969; Chair of the Arts Council of Great Britain, 1977-82. Kenneth Robinson was also Chairman of English National Opera, 1972-77 and of the GLC’s London Transport Executive, 1975-78. Robinson was facilitating the Camden end of Gwynne and Dafydd’s empire. He was the Labour MP for St Pancras North, 1949-70; before that he was a St Pancras Borough Cllr, 1945-49. Robinson’s fellow Labour Cllrs and MPs for that area of London included GP Dr Santo Jeger – a fellow traveller of Julian Tudor Spart and Uncle Harry – and his wife Lena, subsequently Baroness Lena. Santo and Lena were Reds Under/In Beds, mates with the big names of LSE Socialism, including R.H. Tawney and of course buddies of Eric Hobsbawm.

The intellectual credentials of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates in that circle cannot be bettered. As with those who passed through Cwm Croesor for varying lengths of time during the middle decades of the 20th century, one can only stand back and marvel. If you are me and you have encountered Gwynne and Dafydd, you can only just look at the giants of 20th Socialism and wonder ‘What were you doing?’ It’s not as if Gwynne and Dafydd could have put on a better display for the Important Intellectuals, Hobsbawm et al undoubtedly knew what a pair of vile old criminals those two were and no-one could ever fail to notice that Dafydd was just bonkers but not in any endearing way.

See the source image

Church of Scientology – fixed libel case – Crossman


Previous posts have discussed the excesses of the Bridgwater schools in the 1970s and how virtually every middle class person did a great deal to ensure that their own kids avoided the nightmare, even in that era where moving house to live in the catchment area of the Right School was virtually unheard of. Some of the small rural primary schools in Somerset at the time – notoriously Stogursey School and, while, the appalling Mrs Fels was Headmistress, Chedzoy School – were also terrible.

I went to Chedzoy and although as children, we understood that we didn’t like Mrs Fels and her husband, when I was older I began to realise just how culpable someone was in allowing those two anywhere near kids. Mrs Fels was paying older teenagers/young men for sex, her husband broke the arm of a 15 yr old girl after trying to sexually assault her, both Fels’ were alkies and they embezzled dosh from the school on a grad scale. In those days they were what was described as ‘cruel’ to children.

Newcomers would arrive in the area and look on aghast at what was happening in the schools. They did make representation to the authorities only to find that they got nowhere. Earlier posts have discussed that the problem was actually organised abuse in Bridgwater, linked to Gwynne and Dafydd’s rapidly expanding empire. Bridgy had an unscrupulous MP, Tom King, who was on board…

I was acutely aware of two running themes after I was 12: that some teachers hated me because my family were known to be Tories and seemed to have been told lies about my grandfather, yet other teachers (most obviously at Bridgwater College) were loath to admit that I had any academic ability because I had a Somerset accent and I had gone to that dreadful school where all the kids are hopeless…

I just put it down to bigotry until I started this blog and the info began coming in that this was a campaign of hate co-ordinated by du Cann and his big mates because grandpa constantly denounced them as crooks. I’ve been told that some people didn’t know that lies and smears were being employed but other people definitely did, that the campaign fed into local Cllrs, MPs and trade unions… When I encountered the Gang proper as a young adult, complained and refused to shut up, it was more than anyone could bear and then all the rats back in Somerset were contacted lest the whole matter unravelled. Where would all those union leaders and Cabinet Ministers have been then?

Although my own experiences at school had a uniquely bizarre twist because of grandpa’s historic war with du Cann, what I remember most was seeing a lot of other kids grossly mistreated/abused/bullied and enduring a very unhappy time. Too many teachers seemed to delight in adding to it.

Such were the problems in the Bridgy schools that the Dept of Education did know about it. Shirl was Secretary of State for the DES throughout my time at Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater. Shirl had previously served as Minister of State for Education, 29 Aug 1967-13 Oct 1969, so she was in office during the Fels’ regime at Chedzoy School and nothing could have excused what was allowed to go on there, BernardWilliams.jpgeven by the standards of rural Somerset of the time. Those years saw the sudden death in office on 31 Oct 1969 of Gerald Wills, the MP for Bridgwater for whom my grandfather campaigned – Wills was replaced by King – and other strange unexpected deaths of West Country MPs, enabling them to be replaced by scumbags eg. David Webster, the Tory MP for Weston-Super-Mare, who died aged 45 in a ski-ing accident in Austria on 7 Jan 1969. Webster was succeeded as MP by Sir Jerry ‘Jerry’s Always Drunk’ Wiggin, another Tory known to my family in Somerset. Jerry bagged the nomination as Tory candidate in preference to Tom King. Fortunately for Tom King, Gerald Wills pegged out a few months later and Tom had another chance! Eton-educated Jerry’s son Eton-educated Bill Wiggin rocked up to do a degree at UCNW, just after I graduated! Bill served in the TA as an undergrad at Bangor – along with Keith Best, MP for Anglesey and many other mates of Dafydd’s – then pursued a career in the City before becoming a Tory MP himself in Herefordshire.

I presumed that Bill Wiggin’s career trajectory was as a result of recent history ie. Gwynne-related events in 1984, but the panic and trauma re Somerset seems to have really begun in the late 1960s when MPs began dropping dead to be replaced by those who loyally served Thatch…

The deaths and selection of scumbags to replace the MPs as they dropped happened when Grocer Heath was Tory Leader and the cesspit that was du Cann, Thatch et al were scrapping as to who should succeed the Grocer. Meanwhile in north Wales the industrial scale production line for rent boys reached new heights. All backed by Big Ruthless Capitalism and the security services.BernardWilliams.jpg

The Head of Chilton Trinity School in Bridgy was a Welshman, W.C. Francis aka Willie Franco and previous posts have discussed the dreadful state of affairs at Chilton under Franco. He was incompetent, unpleasant, the subject of very serious complaints by parents and such was the bad feeling towards him on the part of the staff that virtually every teacher at Chilton resigned from the NUT on the grounds that they would not belong to a union that numbered this man as a member. Franco was also a Labour Party Cllr in, I think, the Highbridge area. There were many comments from adults about Franco’s personal conduct being entirely inconsistent with someone who believed that he was a committed socialist.

The en masse NUT resignations of teachers at Chilton Trinity School were known throughout Somerset and at the highest levels of the teaching unions.

Let us look at the life and times of some of the big hitters in teaching who knew a great deal about the havoc in Bridgwater. I have known for years that these hopeless old hypocrites ignored what goes on in troubled schools, but as ever I had no idea of the contribution to their careers that I made as I got older and was bugged while telling my mates at university what I had witnessed when I was younger. Once the Gang moved in on me, the careers of this lot were assured. They were of course concealing the paedophile rings in north Wales/Cheshire, Islington, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Belfast, Leicestershire, Norfolk, the West Midlands… No wonder the big teaching unions loathed private schools; if all parents living in those areas had the money to buy their kids out of the brutal, failing system, the state schools run by their members would have had barely any pupils left in them.

Frederick Frank Jarvis CBE (born 8 September 1924), President of the NUS, 1952-54 and General Secretary of the NUT, 1975-89. Jarvis served as President of the Trades Union Congress in 1987, the first Oxford graduate to hold that position.

As a child Jarvis attended Plaistow Secondary School in what was then the County Borough of West Ham in Essex. Lord Elwyn-Jones was the Labour MP for Plaistow, DATES, At the start of World War II, the Jarvis family moved to Wallasey on the Gang’s turf of Cheshire/Merseyside. Jarvis  attended Wallasey Grammar School and joined the Progressive Youth Movement. Later in WW II, Jarvis joined the Army.

In 1947, Jarvis went to University of Liverpool for a Diploma in Social Sciences and obtained a BA in PPE at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. St Catherine’s was closely linked to New College, Oxford, the recruiting ground for the British security services; BernardWilliams.jpgPeter Mandelson is a St Catherine’s graduate. See ‘A Study In Tyranny’. Jarvis married Anne Colegrove, herself a Vice-President of the NUS, in 1954.

In 1951 Jarvis fought the safely-Conservative seat of Wallasey on behalf of the Labour Party, but was defeated by the incumbent, Ernest Marples, a man doing deals with the Gang himself via corrupt commissioning in his role as a Minister. Marples also used the Gang’s sex worker services. Marples was disgraced as a Minister and F’s mum took part in a public protest against him. Dafydd found out about it… See ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’.

Jarvis remains a lifelong supporter of West Ham United Football Club. A keen photographer, Jarvis had an exhibition of his work at the TUC Centre in 2010 in aid of the North London Hospice.

In 2014 Jarvis published his autobiography You Never Know Your Luck.Conservative MP Enoch Powell speaking in Birmingham in 1970.

Jarvis was appointed CBE in the 2015 New Year Honours.

Named after Jarvis and his late wife, the Fred and Anne Jarvis Award was established in 2007 and presented annually by the NUT. Originally for individuals outside the NUT who have campaigned tirelessly for children and young people, in 2017 the award was given to an NUT member. From 2019 the award has been presented by the National Education Union, which has succeeded the NUT. For a list of winners of the Fred and Anne Jarvis Award see List of Fred and Anne Jarvis Award winners.

Doug McAvoy (2 January 1939-12 May 2019) was General Secretary of the NUT, 1989-2004, succeeding Fred Jarvis.

A teacher, McAvoy was Secretary of Newcastle-upon-Tyne NUT See the source imageand became a member of the National Executive of the NUT in 1970. McEvoy was appointed Deputy General-Secretary designate in 1974, a post that he held until he became the first directly elected General Secretary in 1989.

Lord Baz – NUT succeeded Baroness Eirene – Cliveden !!

The NUT had a reputation for left wing militancy. The Tories hated the NUT, particularly Thatch’s Gov’t and Thatch’s micromanagement of schools was excused by the excesses of the NUT. No-one in any unions or indeed the Gov’t mentioned a word about the organised abuse rings operating in some of Britain’s schools. As in most Cabinets, Thatch’s Cabinets were a round of musical chairs. Previous posts have mentioned Ken Baker who served as DES Secretary when the Gang were after us, assisted by Eric Sunderland and Freddie Crawford, the VC of Aston. Baker was dealing with Eric and Freddie, he won’t have wasted his time gossiping to a teacher from Bridgy, but it was all being fed back via unions, Cllrs, local MPs etc. Thatch’s Cabinet were notorious for their control freakery and their misuse of the security services.

None of these posturing fools banging on about their different politics/policies and knifing each other in the back did anything to stop serious organised crime gripping the state infrastructure although they could see the casualties for themselves: the more disadvantaged kids/Empowered Service Users. The solution was to blame the victims when they were targeted by gangsters and for the posturing fools to distance themselves, claim to know nuzzing and to keep their own kids well away from the schools that they knew were causing such damage to pupils.

Because of the en masse resignations from the NUT, most of the teachers at Chilton Trinity School were members of the NASUWT. The NASUWT resulted from the 1976 merger of the National Association of Schoolmasters (NAS) with the Union of Women Teachers (UWT) and the Scottish Schoolmasters’ Association. This was largely a consequence of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, which made it unlawful to exclude from membership on grounds of gender. Thus the NAS/UWT evolved, the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers.

The NAS/UWT took part in long-running industrial action between 1984 and 1986, in support of a pay claim and the retention of the Burnham Committee (the pay review body for teachers). Ken Baker was Education Secretary, DATES and in other roles played a big part in the framing of F and the rampant criminality in north Wales.

Both the NAS/UWT and NUT lost members to the less militant Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) and Assistant Masters and Mistresses Association. PAT was a right wing union but not many teachers seemed to be aware of that. I was surprised when, as our cohort were registering for our PGCE at Bangor in 2000, all the teaching unions had their stands there yet there was no info at all about those unions. The student next to me said ‘Ooh, Professional Association of Teachers, they sound good’. So I told the students not to join PAT if they didn’t like the Tories, PAT is a Conservative union. I didn’t say this because I was trying to scupper PAT, I said it because so few of those teacher training students knew anything about the unions that were asking them to join up.

But then when on teaching practice in schools on Anglesey, 2000-01, I encountered teachers of 20 years experience who weren’t fully aware of who Chris Woodhead was. They thought that he was called Chris Wood and wondered what the rows at Gov’t/union level re Chris Wood were all about. The union reps knew who he was, but as with the crap that the general public are told about the NHS, teachers, yet alone parents, are not often presented with the info that they need.

Previous posts have discussed the chaos prevailing in Holyhead School in 2000. Every teaching union in the UK knew about it, every politician in Wales did and so did every teacher trainer. It was substantially the fault of a dreadful Headmistress and her two utter twats of Deputy Heads. The staff had become completely alienated, parents were withdrawing their children literally in hundreds and sending them to schools in Bangor. The kids were blamed, the parents were blamed, the classroom teachers were blamed and problems encountered by students on teaching practice were blamed on the students. Everyone knew that the principal cause was the Senior Management team yet they were not removed. A few years later Holyhead School effectively collapsed.

Glenys Kinnock and Albert Owen, the Labour MP for Anglesey at the time, were used to keep Holyhead School’s flag flying through the Disaster and Denial Years, with a dash of Dawn French. Famous Old Pupils! No support for teachers, parents or kids, just a refusal from everyone in authority to acknowledge that things were very bad in Holyhead School.

Terence Anthony Casey CBE (6 September 1920-18 March 1987) was General Secretary of the NASUWT, 1975-83, representing most of the teachers who taught me at Chilton. Casey was educated at Holy Cross School in Ramsgate, then qualified as a teacher at Camden College. BernardWilliams.jpgDuring World War II, Casey served with the Royal Army Education Corps as a teacher. From 1946, Casey worked in state schools in London and he joined the NAS. In 1956, Casey became the Headteacher at St Joseph’s School in Maida Vale. He became increasingly active in the NAS and negotiated for it to have a representative on the Burnham Committee from 1961, a role that Casey held from then until his retirement. Casey also served as the NAS President in 1962/63.

In 1963, Casey was elected as General Secretary of the NAS. In this role, Casey encouraged the formation of the Union of Women Teachers and developed a close alliance between the two, before in 1975, he led a strongly contested merger of the two unions. Casey became General Secretary of the new union, the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT). From 1978, Casey also served as Vice President of the International Federation of Free Teachers’ Unions and Treasurer of the European Teachers’ Trade Union Committee. Casey had a poor working relationship with Fred Jarvis, his opposite number at the rival NUT.

Shirl described Casey as “aggressively masculine” and believing that men had superior minds to women. What a pity that Shirl didn’t do a little more to deal with Casey when she held Gov’t roles in Education, because Casey led the union to which virtually all the mediocre teachers at my shite school in Bridgwater belonged, having been threatened into joining by Ray Stanlake, the wolf in sheep’s clothing who was in contact with the Gang… BernardWilliams.jpgShirl knew that the teachers at our school were engaged in a civil war and that the kids were caught in the crossfire. Bill Francis had his own agenda and was facilitating an abuse ring but because Ray Stanlake didn’t like Bill Francis and wanted the upper hand, he too was working with the Gang and had most of the staff on his side.

I witnessed Mr Stanlake threatening a teacher when I was about 15. It was confusing for me because Stanlake went to great lengths to present himself as my ally against a hostile Bill Francis, but I did notice that Stanlake had terrified this teacher. It was Brown who told me two years later that just about everything Ray Stanlake said and did to me and other kids whom he cultivated was aggressive, nasty and undermining, disguised as ‘help’ that had backfired through the inadequacies of other people or jokes that we knew were hurtful but Stanlake pretended that he didn’t know were vicious. Brown summed up Stanlake’s attitude as ‘I can do whatever I want to you lot and there’s nothing that you can do about it’.

We were in the middle of this while the idiot Shirl was Education Secretary. Neither was Chilton Trinity School the worst school in Bridgwater. Sydenham School was appalling, but it was only the kids from Sydenham estate who went there so no-one gave a bugger…

Meanwhile in north Wales a huge paedophile ring targeted the more disadvantaged kids in every school in the region. Some of the teachers in the schools attached to the children’s homes went to prison for assaulting the kids but still no-one woke up.

Casey retired from his union posts in 1983 and served on committees including those of the Catholic Education Council and the Voluntary Sector Consultative Council. Casey was appointed CBE in the 1977 New Year Honours.

Frederick Albert Smithies (born 12 May 1929) succeeded Casey as Gen Sec of the NASUWT, holding the post from 1983 to 1990.

Smithies was born in Lancashire and educated at St Mary’s College, Blackburn See the source imageSee the source imageand St Mary’s College, Twickenham, qualifying as a teacher. Naomi Grunfeld, one of the undercover security services officers who caused Brown and me much bother in 1984 whom we met via the small ads in ‘New Statesman’, was In Disguise as a postgrad student at St Mary’s College, Twickenham…

Smithies taught in Accrington until 1960, then moved to Northampton. Smithies joined the NAS and was elected to its National Executive in 1966, remaining on the body after the merger forming the NASUWT.

In 1976, Smithies was elected as Vice-President of NASUWT, then, later in the year, as the union’s Assistant General Secretary. In 1981, Smithies was promoted to Deputy General Secretary and he was elected as General Secretary in 1982, taking up the post early in 1983. While in post, Smithies also served on the General Council of the Trades Union Congress and the Executive of the International Federation of Free Teachers’ Unions. Smithies retired from the NASUWT in 1990, although he remained honorary Treasurer of the International Federation until 1993.

Nigel Ronald Anthony de Gruchy (born 28 January 1943) the Biggest and Best Teaching Union Baron of the lot succeeded Smithies as Gen Sec of the NASUWT in 1990, the year in which the Gang dragged me through the High Court repeatedly while Bodger et al negotiated to bring Thatch down, while Mr Bridgy Celeb found himself in possession of a lot of money and friends with the Rich n Famous. In 1990 Security Services Bernard returned from California!

Nigel attended De La Salle College on Jersey and then the University of Reading. After a few years teaching English in Spain and France, during which time de Gruchy received qualifications in French from the University of Paris and the Alliance Française, he completed a PGCE at the University of London. de Gruchy became a teacher at St Joseph’s Academy, Blackheath in London, rising to become Head of Economics and also joined the NASUWT, first being elected to its National Executive in 1975.

In 1978, de Gruchy became the full-time Assistant Secretary of the NASUWT, then in 1983 he became Deputy General Secretary and in 1990 was elected as General Secretary of the NASUWT.

As leader of the union, de Gruchy opposed the introduction of the National Curriculum. His opposition was a major reason why the Labour Party, on coming to power, commissioned the Dearing Report into education. De Gruchy also opposed the introduction of literacy and numeracy hours, and rejected a posited merger between the NASUWT and rival teachers’ unions. He retired as General Secretary in April 2002, but maintained connections with the union, writing History of the NASUWT 1919–2002: the story of a battling minority, which was published in 2013.

Such was Nigel’s impact on the ground that when I was doing teacher training 2000-01 and Nige was still Gen Sec of NASUWT, when I tried to elicit discussion re the National Curriculum imposed by Gov’t – as students we were asked to reflect and discuss etc – I was met with blank or baffled looks. Nige, the teachers didn’t give the National Curriculum a second thought. Their headspace really was not in the politics of teaching, not at all and except for the union reps, they probably didn’t even know who Nige was. They knew that things were going wrong on the ground and that they were unhappy at work because of that but they had not even begun to unravel that layers of fuckwittery that had led to the mess.

On retirement from the NASUWT, de Gruchy served as President of the TUC in 2003, the year in which there was a conspiracy on the part of the NHS in north Wales, assisted by some senior figures in education, to fit me up and imprison me. The criminal case collapsed on the first day of the trial and then the Philanderer cleared my name when there was an attempt to strike me off the teaching register. Nige, do you know who it was who told the BBC that the Philanderer had allowed a paedophile to remain on the teaching register? Because that wasn’t quite the case was it? Although Nige probably doesn’t need to apologise to the Philanderer for Miranda refusing him a peerage after he defended me, the Philanderer probably doesn’t want to be in the sodding Lords, he’d have to sit next to Shirl et al.

What a lovely time the Philanderer would have in the Lords! It would be a case of Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’:

Our universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding,
In all of the directions it can whiz;
As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know,
Twelve million miles a minute and that’s the fastest speed there is.
So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure,
How amazingly unlikely is your birth;
And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere out in space,
‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth!’See the source image

de Gruchy was succeeded as President of the TUC by Roger Lyons. Roger Lyons was one hell of a star, as discussed in previous posts. Roger Lyons was the General Secretary of MSF from 1992, the union substantially made up of NHS workers, who’s corrupt reps wielded a great degree of power because of what they knew was happening at St George’s Hospital Medical School and other World Leading Hospitals in Britain. Roger was re-elected leader of MSF in 1997; of course he was, the Waterhouse Inquiry had begun. When MSF merged with the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union to form Amicus in 2002 Roger subsequently became one of the Joint General Secretaries of Amicus. Roger is set up for life… Until the Top Docs bump him off.

In 2007, de Gruchy was chosen as Secretary of the Orpington Labour Party. He fought Orpington as the Labour candidate in both 2015 and 2017, being defeated on both occasions by the Tory incumbent Jo Johnson.

Eamonn Rory O’Kane (21 August 1945-22 May 2004) was born in Belfast to a Catholic family. O’Kane studied at St Malachy’s College and Queen’s University, Belfast. He spent a short time at Cardiff University, where he got to know the Windbag, before returning to Belfast at the start of The Troubles to become a teacher at St Patrick’s College, Belfast.

O’Kane joined the Northern Ireland Labour Party (NILP) in Newtownabbey, and was briefly also active in People’s Democracy. By the early 1970s, O’Kane was prominent in the “Workers’ Association for the Democratic Settlement of the National Conflict in Ireland”, a group linked to the British and Irish Communist Organisation, which was influential in the Newtownabbey NILP. In 1972, O’Kane was one of nine Workers’ Association members who chained themselves to radiators at the Department of External Affairs in Dublin, calling for the Irish Gov’t to recognise Northern Ireland. His bail was paid by Conor Cruise O’Brien, but all nine were later convicted of forcible entry. In 1977, O’Kane became the first President of the Campaign for Labour Representation in Northern Ireland, which advocated that the British Labour Party organise and stand candidates in N Ireland.

O’Kane joined the NAS which in 1975 became part of the NASUWT. He gradually rose to prominence, being elected as Secretary of the Belfast branch in 1974, then to the National Executive in 1979, as Chair of the salaries committee in 1982, and President of the NASUWT in 1987. Within the union movement, O’Kane was known as a right-winger, and was often critical of the policies of the rival NUT.

In 1990, O’Kane ran in the election to become General Secretary of the NASUWT. He was defeated by Nigel de Gruchy, but de Gruchy supported O’Kane’s subsequent successful campaign to become his Deputy. In 2002, O’Kane succeeded de Gruchy as General Secretary, and immediately negotiated a merger with the NUT and Association of Teachers and Lecturers. This merger was opposed by de Gruchy, and the union’s conference voted against it.

O’Kane died from cancer in May 2004, still in post. O’Kane knew about the VIP ring based Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast with which Lord Mountbatten, Enoch Powell and Anthony Blunt were alleged to have been involved. Kincora was directly linked to the Gang and Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile child psychiatrist was allowed in the mid 1970s by the GMC to continue practising after he was convicted of a child sex offence treated kids at Kincora. The MDU barrister who represented Fraser at the GMC hearing was Patrick Mayhew, the Attorney General who authorised all those High Court cases against me, in which the MDU advised the perjurers. After his term as AG, Mayhew became John Major’s N Ireland Secretary of State. Morris Fraser subsequently moved to mainland Britain and worked as child psych at UCL and Springfield Hospital, the psych unit attached to St George’s…

Mr Bridgy Celeb was cleared of manslaughter at Bristol Crown Court on 7 May 2004, after the very helpful Lady Judge Mrs Justice Heather Hallett – now Dame Heather – stopped the case and ordered the jury to acquit on a technicality. O’Kane died two weeks later.

Don’t worry all those who have flung shit at Brown and I for so long and been as obstructive as possible throughout our entire careers the Top Docs are now killing you. Forget about apologies, they’ll be meaningless. Your stupidity is now clobbering you rather than just the people against whom you pursued personal vendettas.

I don’t know if Eamonn O’Kane was any relation of Colm O’Kane, the Angel who rose to the top of COHSE after working at the notorious Aston Hall Hospital in Derbyshire with the infamous Dr Kenneth Milner, who molested and assaulted kids under the umbrella of Therapy a la Frank Beck and who facilitated the ring in Derbyshire  Power To The People, Working People, Lest We Forget, Never Forget, Jeremy Corbyn, Quote Life, Creepy Stuff, We Need, Common SenseSee the source imagethat exchanged staff/victims with the Gang. Colm couldn’t fail to end up at the top of the trade union movement, not only did he witness what Milner was doing but as a student, Colm had studied with John Hume, the SDLP Leader who bagged the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in The N Ireland Peace Process! See the source imageSee previous posts…

Torygraph obit: 4 May 2004

Eamonn O’Kane was born in Northern Ireland on August 21 1945, and was educated at St Malachy’s College, Belfast, and Queen’s University. During 20 years as a teacher in secondary and grammar schools in Belfast, he became an activist in the NASUWT, helping to make it the largest teachers’ union in Northern Ireland. He was elected the Northern Ireland representative on the union’s National Executive. O’Kane represented the union on the Burnham Committee, and was President of the NASUWT in 1987-88. He served as Deputy General Secretary from 1989, and took over the top job from Nigel de Gruchy in April 2002.See the source image

Always a moderate in political terms, O’Kane believed that more could be achieved for the profession if unions worked with the government rather than against it, and last year he strongly criticised the National Union of Teachers when it threatened to boycott national curriculum tests. In 1987 he argued at his union’s annual conference that teachers should be entitled to elect their own school heads.

Eamonn O’Kane, who enjoyed opera, walking and reading, especially history, died of cancer in a hospice in London. He is survived by his second wife, Daphne, and by his two daughters from his first marriage.

O’Kane’s Guardian obituary, written by Nigel de Gruchy:

Eamonn O’Kane, who has died of cancer aged 58, had been general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) since 2002. A teacher for 20 years, his trade unionism was firmly routed in his long classroom experience. Despite the brevity of his office, he managed to achieve a groundbreaking national agreement with the government on teaching conditions. See the source image

Born into a politically active Belfast family from the Catholic side, Eamonn was educated at St Malachy’s College, Belfast, and graduated from Queen’s University in 1968 with a degree in economics and history. The following year, he got a job teaching those subjects at the local St Patrick’s secondary school. He joined the then National Association of Schoolmasters, which merged with the Union of Women Teachers to form the NASUWT in 1975. He was attracted to the NASUWT because of its strictly nonsectarian approach to the troubles in Northern Ireland. A lifelong Labour party member, he was prominent in the Campaign for Labour Representation in Northern Ireland.

With his passion for debate, and at no small risk to his personal safety, Eamonn helped negotiate the association through a political minefield, condemning violence from whichever quarter it emanated. As a result, NASUWT recruited from both sides of the Northern Ireland divide and became the largest teachers’ union in the province.

Having served in many local positions, including the Belfast branch presidency in 1974, he was elected to the national executive in 1979. He became chairman of the salaries committee in 1982, and was the chief architect of the NASUWT’s distinctive salary policy of collegiality, which promoted the central importance of the teacher in the classroom.

In 1987, he became union president, again in turbulent times, as the two years of long and bitter strikes over pay ended and the new Conservative education secretary, Kenneth Baker, abolished the Burnham Committee, which dealt with teachers’ pay.

I knew Eamonn as a friend and union colleague for more than 25 years. We shared the same philosophy of firm, but responsible, trade unionism; we campaigned together for better arrangements for determining teachers’ pay, and eventually succeeded with the establishment of the Teachers’ Pay Review Body in 1991.

Eamonn was a strong believer in the value of social partnership between unions, government and employers. Despite several fine speeches to the TUC in the 1980s, he was disappointed not to receive greater support for the concept, battling against the odds under the Thatcher governments.

Our friendship was never threatened by the fact that we were rivals for the union general secretaryship after Fred Smithies retired in 1990. I was lucky enough to win the job, but I was delighted to persuade Eamonn to apply for the deputyship, which I would be vacating.

In that role, he provided support and wisdom, playing a crucial role in the union’s continued success through the 1990s – including our high court victory over the Tory government-inspired challenge by the London borough of Wandsworth against our boycott of excessive workload and the national tests in 1993, and the continuing campaign against being compelled to teach extremely violent and disruptive pupils.

Our friendship survived the perhaps premature move he made to secure a merger with the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers soon after he became general secretary designate in 2001, upon my impending retirement. It was the first time we had disagreed on any major issue, but we continued to have calm and civilised exchanges about it. It was typical of Eamonn’s courage that he was prepared to argue the case, even though he knew many opposed it. In the event, our 2002 conference put a firm break on his proposals.

It is a sad irony that a social partnership with government, including significant elements of Eamonn’s favoured collegiate approach, has at last begun with recent developments on teachers’ salaries and the national agreement on standards and workload. He deserved to live longer to see so much of his lifelong work come to fruition.

Eamonn combined a first-class intellect with wide interests in literature and music, particularly opera, a deep understanding of British and Irish politics and history, a marvellous sense of humour and an outstanding ability to articulate a case, either from the platform or in writing.

He is survived by his second wife Daphne, also a teacher and NASUWT activist, and two daughters, Adrienne and Catherine, from his first marriage, to Geraldine, who also survives him.

Eamonn Rory O’Kane, teacher and trade unionist, born August 21 1945; died May 22 2004

So, Nigel de Gruchy, who wrote that obituary knew that Eamonn not only had all the crap on Kincora and Belfast, but also on the ring at Wandsworth, run with Bodger and the crowd from St George’s and Springfield, starring Ollie Brooke, Morris Fraser and Donald Naismith, the Director of Education for Wandsworth, who was an active paedophile and known to be abusing kids in care. The Wandsworth ring was in direct partnership with the Gang, the names of the guilty and the letters between them are among my documents.

Your Bernard BernardWilliams.jpghas a lot to answer for Shirl, it’s just as well that he pegged out the month after I began my PhD – Eamonn O’Kane lasted another year! – or he might find himself being asked questions.

Christine Mary Keates (born 10 October 1951) grew up in Stoke-on-Trent, on the manor of the big ring in Staffordshire that eventually led to the implosion of the NHS in that region. Among the many who concealed that ring was Stoke-on-Trent Labour MP Jack Ashley – Parliament’s first Minister for Disability –  who’s daughter Jackie, a political journo who was President of Lucy Cavendish College, Oct 2015-Oct 2018  See the source imagemarried Andrew Marr. See the source imageChristine Keates attended Thistley Hough Girls’ School, a girls’ grammar school now called Thistley Hough Academy, before studying Archaeology and History at the University of Leicester, See the source imagethen completing a PGCE at the University of Birmingham.See the source image

From 1974 until 1998, Keates worked as a teacher in Birmingham. Keates was active in NASUWT, becoming Assistant General Secretary in 1998, See the source imageDeputy General Secretary in 2001 and General Secretary in 2004. At the time, Keates was the only woman to lead any of the 10 largest unions in the UK.

As leader of the NASUWT, Keates initially pursued a policy of co-operation with the Labour Gov’t, signing a workload agreement,See the source image in contrast to the rival NUT. However, Keates was highly critical of the Conservative-led Govts from 2010 onwards, working with the NUT to oppose changes which she described as an “unparalleled vicious assault” on teachers.

Keates also serves on the General Council of the TUC.

Leicester – ring – Bham –


[Mr Thrope discussions]

REMEMBER -stennet-cox – Leicester – Denbigh – Norfolk – francis from Norfolk – ennals, prior etc

Shirl – her second husband – and the latest

In 1987, following annulment of her first marriage, she married the Harvard professor and presidential historian Richard Neustadt. Neustadt died in 2003. Shirl has a daughter, Rebecca, a stepdaughter, and two grandchildren, Nat and Sam. Shirl is a Roman Catholic, and attends Church every Sunday. – Crosby vote-puller – Cherie

Shirl’s second husband Richard Elliott Neustadt (June 26, 1919-October 31, 2003) was an American political scientist and served as adviser to several Presidents.

Neustadt was born in Philadelphia of a family of Swiss origin. Neustadt received a BA in History from the University of California, Berkeley in 1939, followed by an M.A. from Harvard University in 1941. After a short stint as an economist in the Office of Price Administration, Neustadt joined the U.S. Navy in 1942, where he was a supply officer in the Aleutian Islands, Oakland, California, and Washington. Neustadt then went into the Bureau of Budget (now known as the Office of Management and Budget) while working on his Harvard Ph.D., which he received in 1951.

Neustadt was the Special Assistant of the White House Office, 1950-53, under President Harry S. Truman. During the following year, Neustadt was a Professor of Public Administration at Cornell, then from 1954–64, taught government at Columbia University, where he received a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award in 1961.

It was at Columbia that Neustadt wrote the book Presidential Power (1960; a revised edition titled Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents: The Politics of Leadership appeared in 1990), in which he examined the decision-making process at the highest levels of government. Neustadt argued that the President is actually rather weak in the U.S. government, being unable to effect significant change without the approval of the Congress, and that in practice the President must rely on a combination of personal persuasion, professional reputation “inside the Beltway“, and public prestige to get things done. 

With Biggus’s book appearing just before the election of John F. Kennedy, Biggus soon found himself in demand by the President-elect, and began his advisory role with a 20-page memo suggesting things the President should and should not try to do at the beginning of his term. See the source imageDuring the 1960s, Biggus Dickus continued to advise Kennedy and later Lyndon B. Johnson.

Biggus was a Professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, where he taught as a popular professor for more than two decades, officially retiring in 1989, but continuing to teach there for years thereafter. Biggus also served as the first Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics (IOP), which was founded as “a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy that engages young people in politics and public service.”

Biggus’s first wife, Bertha Cummings “Bert” Neustadt, died in 1984; in 1987, Biggus married Incontinentia Buttocks, who also served on the faculty at the Kennedy School of Government as Professor of Electoral Politics. I wondered how someone as dim as Shirl bagged those prestigious roles at Harvard as well as Biggus for a husband, but I didn’t realise that Shirl’s first husband was a Spy supporting Gwynne and Dafydd. Biggus Dickus was a recipient of the 1988 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, See the source imageco-authored with Ernest May.

After Biggus’s retirement he served as an advisor to Bill Clinton and as Chairman of the Presidential Debates Commission.

THAT DAFT ANGEL FROM THE CLINTONS – the senator who crashed out at croesor – Orlando as well

One of Biggus’s closest students was a young Al Gore. Gore’s interest in politics was reignited by a junior seminar taught by Biggus in 1968 on the presidency. In the course, Gore role-played President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Gore arranged to have private tutorials with Biggus during his senior year, meeting with Biggus two hours weekly.

Biggus died in London on 31 Oct 2003 after complications from a fall. Biggus left a daughter, Elizabeth, and a granddaughter. His son, Richard, predeceased him in 1995.

BIGGUS – knew about Lord Harlech n the ring, Rosemary K and the lobotomy – Tricky Dicky n Watergate – exposed by the bedfellow of Sunny Jim’s daughter Margaret Jay – Peter Jay and Dr Death – Shirl in the thick of them – Bernard, Asa – Asa knew Denis Healey – Asa had a big problem with Merfyn after the Vietnam protest even when Merfyn was VC – Asa covered up John Allens brothels in Brighton – Bertrand Russell knew the US intellectual crowd – Miranda n Cherie were always toadying to Clintons and then the Obamas –

Cuban missile crisis – Bertrand sent the pompous message to the president – according to Eleri’s dad, it was Bertrand’s minion who sent the message, Bertrand just took the credit

Shirl’s Glorious Career reached new heights after she encountered Biggus Who Advised Disgusting Presidents.

In 1988, Shirley Williams moved to the United States to serve as a professor at Harvard‘s Kennedy School of Government remaining in the post until 2001, and thereafter as Public Service Professor of Electoral Politics, Emerita. Nonetheless, she remained active in politics and public service in Britain, the United States and internationally. During these years, Williams helped draft constitutions in Russia, Ukraine, and South Africa.

She also served as director of Harvard’s Project Liberty, an initiative designed to assist the emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe; as a board member and acting director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP). Upon Shirley Williams’ elevation to the House of Lords in 1993, she returned to the United Kingdom and continued a more public life, but has maintained a close association with Harvard University.

Life peer[edit]

Having previously turned down a DBE offered to her by the then Prime Minister Jim Callaghan,[6] Williams was created a life peer on 1 February 1993 as Baroness Williams of Crosby, of Stevenage in the County of Hertfordshire,[7] and subsequently served as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords from 2001 to 2004. Baroness Williams remained an active member of the House of Lords and regularly spoke from the floor of the House until her retirement.

Among other non-profit boards, Williams was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the European Union‘s Comité des Sages (Reflection Group) on Social Policy,[8] the Twentieth Century Fund, the Ditchley Foundation, the Institute for Public Policy Research, the Nuclear Threat Initiative. She also served as President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as Commissioner of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament and as President of the Cambridge University Liberal Association. Williams served as United Nations Special Representative to the Former Yugoslavia (with American politician Lynn Martin). Williams was also an attendee of the 2013 and the 2010 Bilderberg conferences in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, and Sitges, Spain, respectively.[9]

In June 2007, after Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair as Prime Minister, Williams accepted a formal Government position as Advisor on Nuclear Proliferation provided she could serve as an independent advisor. She remained a Liberal Democrat.

Her interest and commitment to education continued, and she served as Chair of Judges of the British Teaching Awards.

Williams was a member of the Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation, established in October 2009.[10]

Williams was originally opposed to the Health and Social Care Bill, describing it as “stealth privatisation” during 2011.[11] The government made some changes to the Bill, described by Williams as “major concessions”,[12] but dismissed as “minor” by the Labour commentator Polly Toynbee.[13] Williams urged Liberal Democrats to support the amended Bill during the conference in March 2012,[14] saying “I would not have stuck with the bill, if I believed for one moment it would undermine the NHS.”[15]

Williams spoke against gay marriage in the House of Lords, saying that “equality is not the same as sameness. That is the fundamental mistake in this Bill” and that woman and men “complement one another” so that marriage between people of the same sex should not be called marriage, but should have “different nomenclature”.[16] In late 2015, she announced her intention to retire from the House of Lords.[17] On 28 January 2016 she made her valedictory speech in the chamber and on 11 February she officially retired in pursuance of Section 1 of the House of Lords Reform Act 2014.[18]

In the 2017 New Year Honours, Shirl was appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honour for “services to political and public life”. See the source imageThe nation is just so much the better for Shirl’s Thoughts and Intervention. And tomorrow it will rain over Bethesda.See the source image

Vichy Warwick

My post ‘We’re Not Bloody Well Having It’ discussed NHS trade unionists who colluded with Gwynne, Dafydd et al and used this to Campaign For The NHS, for pay increases etc while concealing patient harm and even death. I reproduced the transcript of an interview with Bill Dunne, a COHSE rep; I have been told that Dunne was a security services plant but like most of their plants Dunne blended in well but didn’t stop the crime. The interview with Dunne is in Warwick University’s archive; it was one of a series of interviews conducted by Warwick academics in the course of work on the welfare services, trade unionism and related subjects. Warwick academics were conducting these interviews during the 1980s, when the Westminster Paedophile Ring was causing havoc in the UK welfare services and was being concealed by Gov’t, Whitehall, all political parties, the medico-legal establishment and numerous academics…

It was during those years when Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I yelled as loudly as we could and wrote to numerous people in authority but were ignored, although hundreds of complaints were being made about the abuse of children and psych patients in north Wales. Then there was Wandsworth, Islington, Lambeth, the North East of England, N Ireland, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow and so many other areas…

Westminster molester George Thomas bagged a Viscouncty in 1983, Sir Peter Morrison, Cyril Smith and it seems Leon Brittan as well were busy, as of course were Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall etc. Then there was the matter of Ollie Brooke…

No-One Knew.

Warwick University is at Coventry, on the location of the West Midlands ring that operated in partnership with the Gang. In 1989, when Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass ‘investigated’ my complaint and concealed the extensive criminality, he was assisted by Colin Berry, a psychiatrist from Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry.

The interview with Bill Dunne was conducted in 1982 by Mick  Carpenter. Mick has been Emeritus Professor at Warwick since his retirement from the Dept of Sociology at the end of December 2013. Warwick is considered to have one of the best Depts of Sociology in Britain, made particularly famous by Germaine Greer’s presence there in the 1970s. Mick’s webpage tells us that he:

‘continues to be research active and was Joint Work Package Leader on Policy (WP8) for the FP7 MYPLACE project that ran until May 2015 ( He is also Principal Investigator for the research into the history of interventions to improve a deprived area of Coventry, Hillfields, since the 1970s, as part of Work Package 2 ‘The Historical Context’ nested within the wider ESRC funded Imagine project (

Mick is also continuing to support a number of PhD students through to completion as part-time tutor.

Mick’s research interests were initially the history of health policy and community care, especially the role of public sector trade unions. He later became active in supporting community-led research in Coventry aimed at tackling poverty and inequality through the Coventry Partnership. Throughout his career he has worked collaboratively with those seeking to achieve greater social justice and equality.

His publications include Working for Health: the History of COHSE, 1987, and Normality is Hard Work: Trade Unions and the Politics of Community Care, 1994, both published by Lawrence and Wishart. Management, Work and Welfare in Western Europe, co-authored with Steve Jeffreys, was published by Edward Elgar in 2000. The results of the SEQUAL project research were published in: Mick Carpenter, Stuart Speeden and Belinda Freda (eds) ‘Beyond the Workfare State: Labour Markets, Equality and Human Rights’, Policy Press in 2007. He edited the ‘Community Development Journal’ from 2009-2015.’

Mick hasn’t ever piped up about the organised abuse within the West Midlands, in the NHS or in any other context, although one can’t conduct the sort of work that Mick does and not find out about that. Mick Carpenter is a good sociologist and as with GPs, good community sociologists know when Top Docs and other welfare workers are abusing patients/clients/involved in serious crime.

The other material in the Warwick archive that I am particularly interested in is the collection of interviews with members of the GMC. This blog’s favourites are there, so many who were mates with Gwynne and Dafydd, as well as a few other GMC members whom I have yet to blog about. I was planning to blog about these interviews, but I have realised that as I have covered the neglect and criminality of the GMC thoroughly in previous posts, the person whom really needs to be discussed is Prof Margaret Stacey, the Warwick University academic who conducted the GMC interviews and subsequently published on the esteemed old GMC and how basically it is OK, if only it would use PC language and have more Wimmin and ethnic minorities on its committees.

As always, I didn’t begin with the view that Margaret – known as Meg – Stacey realised that she was interviewing people whom she knew had facilitated the abuse of children, worked hard to ensure that dangerous, criminal Top Docs had remained on the Medical Register and in senior positions, because it is possible to interview some of that crowd and have no inkling at all that they are on board with such activities. However after I read a bit about Meg’s biography and career, I realised that she undoubtedly knew what was going on. Prior to beginning her work on the GMC, Meg had been in an NHS role in which she concealed the crimes of Gwynne and Dafydd; I’ll discuss this later in this post.

Meg began taking an interest in the GMC as Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I began raising concerns. Warwick records state that Meg’s project on ‘Regulating British Medicine’ ran from 1981-89, but the interviews all seem to have been carried out after Jan 1985 and they began in earnest once Ollie Brooke appeared in Court in Dec 1986. I suspect that Meg only began this work after the crap started flying and as is sometimes the case with overtly political and expedient research, an earlier date has been provided, all wily like.


As we shall see, Meg had such strong links with the Gang that she will have known about Mary and Alison and she almost certainly knew about me. Meg did know about Brown, through his own work as a social scientist and via the Gang’s network on the left/ in the social sciences that went gunning for him from early 1983 onwards…

  • These are the people whom Meg interviewed for her GMC study and the dates on which she conducted the interviews:

    Patrick Benner, 22 May 1987

     The Gang were in the midst of their Cunning Plan to frame and imprison me shortly after the General Election, which unravelled when not enough people told enough lies in July 1987. I’ve been told that George Thomas’s bent lawyer pal Leo Abse, the Labour MP for Torfaen, was Brains behind the Cunning Plan. Abse’s brother Dannie was the Famous Poet and Top Doc and their other brother Wilfred was a psych who had been a colleague/pal of Gwynne’s before Wilfred emigrated to the US in the early 1960s, becoming a Prof of Psychiatry there. Leo’s sister also emigrated to New York in the 1960s and made her life there. The Abses were a big family, many of whom were lawyers and Top Docs and they all stayed in contact with and were loyal to each other.

In June 1987, I had just moved in with Brown in Leicester, where Brown was doing his PhD. Keith Vaz was elected as the Labour MP for our constituency on 11 June 1987. Greville Janner held his seat for another Leicester constituency. Greville’s dad Barnett had held the seat before him. Barnett had originally come from Cardiff, where, like Leo Abse, he had practiced as a lawyer. The Abses and Janners knew each other, as Labour lawyers and through the Jewish community, as well as via the south Wales connections.

Bodger Chamberlain, Ollie Brooke’s mate and protector, grew up in a south Wales family; his dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Bodger’s wife, Top Doc Prof Jocelyn Chamberlain, worked at the Middlesex Hospital, Gwynne’s alma mater, the entire institution protecting Gwynne until the day that he died in the latter part of 1986, just before Ollie was jailed in Dec… Other close relatives of Bodger lived in Leicester…

Dafydd had me wrongfully arrested and unlawfully imprisoned in the Bryn Golau Peep Show in Dec 1986. When I checked dates on documentation, I realised that by the time that I was admitted to the Peep Show – as with all abducted targets, I was taken to the Peep Show in the middle of the night undercover of darkness by Bill Dunne’s fellow ambulance workers in north Wales – it was the same date on which Ollie pleaded guilty and was jailed. 18 Dec 1986. I had been arrested on 14/15 Dec, but because I was being circulated around between hospitals, police stations, being unlawfully held for so long, by the time that the Angel in the Peep Show booked me in, it was the early hours of the day on which Ollie appeared at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court.

I was in the middle of my Masters at Hammersmith Hospital at the time; Kingston was virtually owned and run by Prof Hugh Bentall, the cardiac surgeon at Hammersmith, who’s son Richard was working as a clin psy with Dafydd et al at UCNW. Richard was married to the daughter of the Dean of Science at UCNW. Everyone involved was mates with the Gang and had known Gwynne. Documentation in my possession shows that the Gang were ringing my tutor at Hammersmith, Dr Malcolm Alison, without my knowledge and exchanging info/Cunning Plans…

  • Throughout it all, Tony Francis was leaking info and documents, including forged documents, to the Windbag’s office, as well as to Plaid via my solicitor Alwyn Jones, who was mates with Ieuan Wyn Jones, the Plaid candidate for Ynys Mon, who won the seat in June 1987. Ieuan was born in Denbigh, where his dad was a Methodist Minister; they knew Gwynne and Dafydd. Ieuan’s first attempt at Parliament was as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh in 1974…

    Ieuan’s wife Eirian Llwyd came from Prion, a small village on the outskirts of Denbigh. Eirian worked as a midwife in Liverpool and then in north Wales. Eirian was involved with Welsh Wimmin’s Aid, in Rhyl, a stronghold of the Gang. Lots of low income people with mental health and drug problems, targeted by the Gang in numerous ways. Sister Hutt ruled Welsh Wimmin’s Aid from HQ in south Wales, at George Thomas Central.

    It was in 1987 that Prof Mark Williams, then working at UCNW, discovered the Miracle Of Mindfulness. Mark Williams was working with the Gang and some of the most abusive Gang members who doubled up as Gwynedd social workers eg. Keith Fearns, Judith Soulsby and Isobel Hargreaves (Isobel was married to Ralph Oxley, a botanist who taught me at UCNW, DGE Wood’s wife being a botanist who also worked with Ralph at UCNW), co-authored those early publications or were thanked/acknowledged by Mark.

    Mark’s original fieldwork was conducted with patients of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, notorious for threatening and assaulting their patients, perjury, forging documentation etc. Discovering the Miracle of Mindfulness with Fearns and the Gang has taken Mark Williams a long way.

    Prior to joining the Gang at Bangor, Mark worked with the Gang’s partners in crime in Cambridge and Newcastle. Mark is an Anglican clergyman as well, so he managed to miss a great deal re the organised abuse of vulnerable people who approached him for Help.

    S S Chatterjee, President of Overseas Doctors Association, 6 Oct 1988.

    In Oct 1988 I was working for the CRC team at Surrey University, led by Prof Vincent Marks. Vincent was the brother of BMA Chairman John Marks, who hated Ken Clarke and the Tories, but they were both in the same slurry pit, so they colluded over me and were both involved in Cunning Plans to damage me as well as the few people who stood by me. While I was working for Vincent Marks, the BMA were supplying Francis and the Gang with advice as to how to refuse to investigate my complaints and frame me for offences that the BMA knew had not been committed. Gwynedd Health Authority even paid Francis’s expenses to Cardiff for the meetings with Anthony Chadwick, the corrupt Top Doc who doubled up as the BMA adviser.

    John Marks was, with Bodger, one of a big group of Labour supporting Top Docs who wanted to bring the Tories down. Not being able to do that, they contented themselves with working towards deposing Thatch, with the help of Ken Clarke, Heseltine and Anthony Meyer. They were given much help by Tom King, who was in cahoots with Tony Francis, Francis playing everyone off against each other and knowing that people in Somerset who knew what was happening to me knew Tom King.

    Meg’s interviewee in Oct 1988, Dr. S. S. Chatterjee, is ‘an Indian who has been treating patients in Britain for 29 years and is a consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. He is also the Chairman of the Overseas Doctors Association in the UK.’ Not only was SS Chatterjee working in the hospital in which Tony and Sadie Francis worked until the summer of 1983 when they relocated to north Wales, but documents and literature show that SS Chatterjee worked closely with colleagues from Leicester. Leicester employed a great many Indian/overseas doctors. They did know about the ring and they knew that there was a substantial problem with forced marriages, which resulted in a lot of teenage girls running away from home.
  • I worked in an old people’s home in Leicester with a girl who’s older sister had scarpered and a lot of my colleague’s friends were in the same situation. GPs in Leicester and London openly joked to me about the absence of girls of 20 and over in British South Asian communities ‘because they’ve all run away from home by then’. As with organised abuse, it was either ignored or the subject of cynical quips.
  • The mum of this washing machine salesman sat on Leicester City Council, which colluded with the ring: 
  • Valerie Vaz, the sister of the washing machine salesman and, like him a lawyer, has been the Labour MP for Walsall South since 2010. Valerie Vaz MP - official photo 2017.jpgValerie arrived in the Commons during those three years approx. 2008-2011 when there was an influx of Gang associated into the Commons and the Welsh Assembly (see ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’). In 1984 – the year in which I encountered Gwynne and war was declared – Valerie qualified as a solicitor. Valerie set up her own legal practice, Townsend Vaz, and ‘worked on legal issues for local gov’t in London’.

    Prior to arriving in Leicester – first to work in a Leicester City Council-funded law centre before becoming an MP – Valerie’s brother Keith worked as a solicitor for Richmond Borough Council and then Islington Borough Council. Both Borough’s children’s homes  were hosting paedophile rings linked to the Gang. After Jezza Corbyn, an Islington MP, became Labour Party Leader, Valerie was appointed to his Shadow Cabinet. Prior to being elected to the Commons, Jezza worked as rep for NUPE, the union that represented a great many social workers. Some of those known to be abusing kids in north Wales were shop stewards of NALGO and NUPE, the two unions who, together with COHSE, merged to form UNISON. Jezza grew up in Shropshire; the Gang were operating a ring there even in Jezza’s youth. John Biffen, who went to school with my father and who’s parents farmed about three miles down the road from us and joined Thatch’s Cabinet, was elected as the MP for Oswestry in 1961; Biffen succeeded Tory Lord David Harlech the seat. The Harlechs were part of the Posh Spectrum of the Gang. Other neighbouring gentry in Shropshire were on board with the Gang as well, most notably Lord Lloyd Kenyon and family, Lord Kenyon who preceded William Mars-Jones as President of UNCW.

    In 1987 Valerie worked as a presenter for BBC TV’s Network East. Valerie has served as a Deputy District Judge in the County Court on the Midlands and the Oxford Circuits. Valerie was a Councillor in the London Borough of Ealing, 1986-90 and the Council’s Deputy Leader, 1988-89.

    When I was undertaking my MSc at Hammersmith, 1986-87, one of the students on our course lived in Ealing, a mature student, a Jewish dentist who’s Queensway practice had a lot of HIV+ patients. She openly expressed her horror at the malpractice and corruption prevalent at Hammersmith and was friendly with one Iraqi student who was being treated terribly by Nick Wright and Malcolm Alison. She also knew what was happening to me at the hands of the Gang. I liked that student, but I knew that her loyalty to her friends, many of whom were Jewish Docs, lawyers etc would mean that she would never blow the whistle on what was happening at Hammersmith. I wrote about all of this to Brown and my letters discussing it all were among those stolen in the 1990s from my house in Rachub and flogged to George Carman QC and the Digger.

    In Nov 1987, the King’s Cross fire killed over 30 people; the cause was never found. I have been told that it was supposed to have killed me; I was due at the station at the time of the fire but changed my plans.

    HOMOPHOBIA ALERT: Brown and I used to quip that it was most appropriate that Rosie’s dentist’s practice for gays was located in Queensway. OK Uncle Harry’s nephew and friends, do remember to tell everyone that as well as being anti-Semitic and racist, Brown and I are homophobes as well. I haven’t had that particular smear thrown back at me yet, but there’s plenty of time yet.

    Dentists everyone, think Frank Khalatschi, who was married to Jenny, who later married Michael Angelis, luvvie and ex-husband of Gail from Corrie. Jenny was a relative of someone who knew me very well; another relative of Jenny’s had a fling with Mr Bridgy Celeb and then – as well as a number of other people – James Hewitt.  Then there was Park Lane dentist Sir Paul Beresford, who before becoming the MP for Croydon Central and then Mole Valley, was elected as a Tory member of Wandsworth Borough Council in 1978 and served as Leader, 1983-92, when it was Thatch’s flagship Council and in partnership with Bodger, Ollie et al, Springfield Hospital and Lucille Hughes, Dafydd and Tony Francis. Most of Thatch’s Cabinet were patients of Paul Beresford. Tony Francis’s old mate from their days as junior docs in Cardiff, Hamid Ghodse, was Springfield’s International Expert on Drug Abuse while Ghodse’s team were dealing in and distributing Class As… F’s former father-in-law, whom F loathed, was a Surrey society dentist – think Paul Beresford and his predecessor as MP for Mole Valley, Ken Baker – with mates in Harley Street and conspired with the Gang to have F fitted up and imprisoned in 1986. Bodger and co had Harley Street practices, thus Bodger’s famous patient who became his friend and was always happy to give a media interview if Bodger needed PR; Bodger even received a plug on Desert Island Discs!

    In 1987, Queensway was more well-known as that part of London housing Ozzies  rather than Queens. Paul Beresford is a New Zealander.

    Tony Sadler, one of Bodger’s consultants who was working at St George’s when I was there, May 1989-Dec 1990, lived at Ealing.

    In 2001, Valerie began working for the Gov’t Legal Service, the Treasury Solicitors as well as the Ministry of Justice. It was the Treasury Solicitors and the Ministry of Justice who were so often called upon to advise re squashing any complaints or claims re the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

    The Leicester ring was directly linked to the Gang. In the latter part of 1987, I was referred to Dr James Earp, a Top Doc in Leicester for the Court Report demanded by Bangor Magistrates’ Court – for a very minor offence, because the serious case had collapsed after the perjury of an overseas doctor. Earp knew Gwynne and was part of the Leicester Medical School crowd who were protecting Frank Beck and Greville. The Dean of Leicester Medical School, 1989-95, was Lord Robert Kilpatrick, a Scottish Top Doc who had previously worked at Edinburgh University and then been Dean of Sheffield Medical School, Jimmy Savile Central. The GMC headhunted Kilpatrick as Chair when they realised that the police had been investigating Beck and Greville and charges were expected.

    Kenneth Scott, who arrived to work in a children’s home in the 1970s in Denbighshire/Clwyd – after having worked very briefly with children in Wandsworth in the early 1970s – left his job with Clwyd County Council and subsequently, in 1986, took a job in a children’s home in Leicestershire that had been run by Frank Beck. There had been complaints that Scott was abusing children in north Wales. No action was taken. Scott was subsequently convicted of the abuse of kids in the Leicestershire home.

    Michael Taylor, a former Franciscan friar, arrived to work as the manager of a children’s home run by Denbighshire County Council in the early 1970s – in 1973/74 Denbighshire became Clwyd County Council – from a reception centre for children in  Islington. Complaints from boys in Taylor’s care that he’d abused them were dismissed by Taylor’s seniors in Clwyd Social Services and Taylor was offered a job in an FE College in Cheshire. While Taylor was waiting for his accommodation that was provided by the College to become available, another children’s home manager for Clwyd County Council complained about Taylor sexually abusing boys. No action was taken. Taylor was finally convicted of abusing boys in the early 1990s.

    See previous posts for full details re Kenneth Scott and Michael Taylor.

    In 1983 Frank Beck was elected as a Liberal Cllr for Blaby, Nigel Lawson’s constituency. Frank was re-elected in 1987; he missed the subsequent Council elections because he was arrested and jailed…

    John Biffen’s first role in Thatch’s Cabinet was as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, May 1979-Jan 1981; John-Biffen.jpgPeter Morrison was a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury at the same time. Both served under Ronnie Waterhouse’s lifelong friend Chancellor of the Exchequer Geoffrey Howe. Nigel Lawson succeeded Howe as Chancellor, 11 June 1983-26 October 1989. Lawson was a longstanding friend/business colleague of Edward du Cann’s mate/business colleagues Jim Slater and Peter Walker. Lawson, du Cann, Walker, Slater and du Cann’s pal/business colleague Mr Big Tiny Rowland were bankrolling the Gang and they all went back to the late 1950s together. Edward du Cann succeeded Churchill’s son-in-law Duncan Sandys as Chair of Lonrho. Sandys had been a good friend and a patient of Stephen Ward until the Profumo Affair blew up and everyone decided that they’d never met Stephen Ward. Stephen Ward wasn’t around to contradict them after 3 Aug 1963 because he ‘committed suicide’ during his trial, most conveniently dying the day that the guilty verdict was returned against him.

    It’s the Gang all over isn’t it. Before I worked with the sociologists at Bangor University, during the Gang attack of the 1990s which resulted in Graham Day being libelled by ‘The Guardian’ and Nerys Patterson – who later married Merfyn getting caught in the crossfire – the Gang encouraged a member of UNCW staff to take liberties in the way that they did, failing to turn up to work, fiddling whenever possible etc. They then turned on him when investigations began, dropped him and he attempted suicide. Graham was one of those who mopped up the blood. No wonder Graham was forever a target, he was supposed to have let the Insider witness die in traditional Gang style. See eg. ‘ Badlands’.See the source image

    Stephen Ward doubled up as a society portraitist as well as an osteopath and a Procurer Of Common Prostitutes. How he managed to paint so many pictures of all those who had Never Met Him, including Phil the Greek, I cannot understand.

    The 1992 Kirkwood Report into the Leicestershire ring after the jailing of Frank Beck stated that Leicester City Council and Leicestershire Constabulary had been guilty of the most appalling negligence. Kirkwood stated that the psychiatrists in Leicestershire hadn’t seen the children in their care, but instead they had given supervision sessions to the social workers who were abusing them. Yet there was no criticism of Leicester Medical School or the Top Docs. Andrew Kirkwood QC interviewed Greville during the course of his Inquiry but made an agreement with Greville that he would not be mentioned in the Report.

    Andrew Kirkwood also played a key role in the 1987-88 Cleveland Inquiry, the cover-up of the criminality of the Gang’s partners in the North East, Lord John Walton’s crowd. The Chair of the Inquiry was Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, sister of Lord Michael Havers, Bodger’s constituency MP and Thatch’s Attorney-General who admitted to blocking prosecutions of VIP sex offenders… Lord Elizabeth left a glowing Tribute on the website of Gwynne and Dafydd’s friend Prof Israel Cohen, one of their accomplices in Newcastle. Lord Elizabeth explained that Issy’s recommendations re the Treatment of Disturbed Children – including sending them to live in children’s homes in north Wales – could always be relied upon by Judges…

    Havers and Lord Elizabeth, like their dad Sir Cecil Havers, a Gang friend in a previous generation, were members of Inner Temple, along with Mr Thrope and Ronald Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon’s dad…

    Greville was a member of Middle Temple, as was Ronnie Waterhouse and Geoffrey Howe. Ronnie was a close friend and colleague of his old pupil master Sir William Mars-Jones, who was President of UCNW, 1982-94. John Biffen served as the visitor for UCNW, April 1982-June 1983. Mars-Jones grew up in a farming family near Denbigh who had run Denbighshire for decades. M-J’s dad had been Chairman of Denbighshire County Council and the M-J males were all leading Freemasons. Sir William had stood as the unsuccessful Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1945. William M-J worked for the security services. His family in Denbighshire continued to hold roles as Councillors, Mayors, in the Methodist Church etc. William’s sister-in-law Dilys was CC’d into correspondence about me between Clwyd Health Authority managers and officials after I complained about Dafydd. Dilys may well have been a member of Clwyd HA but even if she was, she should not have been CC’d into that correspondence.

    William practiced in Chambers on the Chester and north Wales Circuit as well as in London. He lived in London, in Gray’s Inn, of which he was a leading member. William was also a near permanent resident of the Garrick, with so many other judges, luvvies and TV folk, including Ronnie Waterhouse’s good mate Robin Day.

    We should not be surprised that the BBC was so obviously deeply in cahoots with the Gang; the Gang was being protected, indeed facilitated, by the security services – or many people in the security services – and the BBC was of course always secretly run by the security services. Many of the Gang’s bestest friends -eg. Lord Wyn Roberts, Lord Charles Hill etc had worked in ‘broadcasting’ after working in Gov’t propaganda in WW II. Gwynne and Dafydd were mates with and protected by some of those who had built their reputations on the propaganda of WW II eg. the two stars of the Nuremberg Trials, David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Lord Kilmuir and Lord Elwyn-Jones. Churchill was the PM who gave those two, as well as other mates of Gwynne and Dafydd, all the powers that they needed to run a paedophile/trafficking ring.

    Re the Propaganda Geniuses. As with the Special Powers that the Gang had to Get Through To Disturbed Patients and See Into Their Minds ie. unlawful surveillance followed by violent and sexual assault, forging and planting of evidence, perjury etc, the Propaganda wasn’t rocket science. They just yelled at stupid gullible people, people with their own crimes to conceal or unscrupulous politicians on the make ‘Sally and Brown are Racists, Fascists, Anti-Semites and Brown is a Known Paedophile’. Bingo, the Propaganda Worked!

    Who was the source of so much of what was Known about Brown and me? Er a fan of Enoch Powell who was pretty bloody racist on many matters, a dyed in the wool Tory who had lunch at the Clarence with Thatch in 1974…Should Uncle Harry’s nephew and his mates need any further policy advice, Thatch’s lunch companion also maintained that the Troops in N Ireland shouldn’t mess about with rubber bullets, they should use real ones. That suggestion caused a bit of friction with a relative from N Ireland who was hardly a Guardianista herself…

    Because psychiatry in north Wales was considered virtually untouchable by Top Docs who had a choice re jobs, nearly all the junior psychs in the region as well as a few senior ones were overseas Top Docs. There was one overseas Top Doc at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bobby Kurian, who seemed much better than most of his colleagues and was well-liked – Bobby was treated very badly by the Gang – but most of the other overseas Docs Of The Gang were obviously virtually unemployable.

    The Top Doc who illegally detained me in collaboration with Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt, in Aug 1986 – the subject of my first complaint to the Mental Health Act Commission (and of course a complaint to the GMC) – Dr Pereira, was an overseas doc who behaved appallingly. He screamed and yelled at me and misquoted the law, but the biggest problem was that his English was very poor. Psychiatry is based on communication and as Pereira so obviously couldn’t understand what I was saying, I asked Brandt to get me an English speaking Doc. She giggled and said ‘We haven’t got one’. Pereira subsequently sectioned me AFTER an English speaking Top Doc – Tony Francis – literally stuck his head around the door and told Pereira to sign the documentation. The next day, on the ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Dafydd arrived. I refused to see him. I was told that I would not be released until I agreed to speak to him. I was left in a room alone with Dafydd. He tried to Talk Sex, I challenged him and he then told me to get out of north Wales and that if I continued to complain I would be arrested. In Dec 1986, the excuse to arrest me was that Pereira had made a complaint to the police that I had ‘attempted to throttle’ him. The charges were withdrawn once I was unlawfully imprisoned in the Bryn Golau Peep Show.

    The Gang told everyone that I was a racist and that was why I had complained about and ‘tried to throttle’ Peirera. In response to my complaint, Alun Davies told the MHAC that Pereira’s English was ‘good’. Some months after telling the MHAC that, Peirera was sacked by Gwynedd Health Authority for gross incompetence and because his English was so poor. Peirera’s difficulties were such that he was unable to secure another job as a Top Doc. I have since wondered if the Gang made damn sure that Pereira was out of circulation lest he ever blew the whistle on events with me in order to defend himself, because Periera was acting on orders…

    The MHAC asked Alun Davies why no social work report had been submitted by Brandt when I was sectioned. Brandt explained that it was an Emergency and thus she had not written one. The section under which I was allegedly detained WAS the emergency powers one, a social work report is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT. I was held in a ward with a load of other patients who had also been detained illegally, both in Aug 1986 and then again in Dec 1986/Jan 1987.

    The Gang routinely abducted and imprisoned targets, they NEVER concerned themselves with the legal niceties. The MHAC knew this, the Welsh Office knew it, the DHSS knew it. There was complaint after complaint, naming the same people and detailing the same MO. MPs including Wyn Roberts, Dafydd Wigley, Keith Best and Ieuan Wyn Jones were repeatedly told by constituents that this was happening. It was ignored. It continued after Mary Wynch had made legal history by suing Dafydd for illegally imprisoning her and after I wrote to every appropriate authority re my case.

    As for my racism, just read my earlier posts re what I witnessed Prof Sir Nicholas Wright and his side-kick Dr Malcolm Alison et al doing to overseas students/Top Docs at Hammersmith Hospital, or the comments made about overseas and ethnic minority staff by their White British colleagues at St George’s…

    Dr Non-Racist Dafydd Alun Jones misspelt Pereira’s name on every piece of documentation as ‘Dr Pariah’. Or perhaps Dafydd and his secretary were having a little joke there?

    Two other overseas Top Docs at Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Hergest Unit who were the subject of many very serious complaints were Dr Devakumar and Dr Quasim Ijaz. Devakumar was witnessed by third parties, staff included, challenging a patient to a fist fight in a ward round. Among the many complaints about Ijaz was that he sexually assaulted a patient. One of the gynaes in Ysbyty Gwynedd who was known to be sexually assaulting – and injuring – patients was a Black African Top Doc. ALL complaints about these docs were attributed to racism.

    The NHS needs to understand that if a very troubled region hosting a sex abuse ring is unable to employ British medical grads because no-one wants to work there – or indeed no good overseas grads want to either – so they employ abusive or incompetent overseas Docs and ALL complaints about them are met with allegations that the patients are Racist Bastards, there will be bad feeling based on race among the local population. There was in north Wales and it was inflamed by so many abusive, criminal, overseas docs…

    There was one very good overseas Top Doc working at the Hergest Unit in 2001-02. He witnessed the abuse of patients and I met him socially many months later and asked him why he didn’t blow the whistle. He told me that he was a junior overseas doctor, that the Gang would have made counter-allegations against him and he would have been struck off. I absolutely believed him and I noticed that at the Hergest Unit, this Top Doc had a habit of quietly just appearing when a patient was in danger, which was the method used by the Hergest whistleblower if he thought that a patient was about to be assaulted. They knew that they were known to be Off Message re the Gang and that just their presence on the scene might stop an assault.

    Then there were the Hergest staff who told third parties that F was a racist. This was because F and I had found a young black South African student from Bangor University in distress in the Hergest Unit and F had begin talking to her. F’s mum was South African so F began telling the student that he knew South Africa, his mum was South African. F then tried to reassure the girl that he knew about the political situation in S Africa, he didn’t like the regime there, so please don’t think that he’d be hostile to her. Pat Capper, the Hergest Unit receptionist, began shouting at F to get out of the room – a public waiting room – NOW and stop this conversation. A huge row erupted IN FRONT OF THE STUDENT, so much for sensitivity. I then discovered that she had been assaulted by someone, was hidden away at Hergest and THAT was the reason why the staff didn’t want anyone speaking to her. She was Sent Back Home within days.

    Would Pat have behaved like that if Wales’s own White African Freedom Fighter had uncovered a barrel of shit being concealed in an NHS waiting room? Can the NHS now spread a vicious rumour about Peter’s Racism? BTW if Peter would like to give everyone the name of the Black African Top Doc who was assaulting patients in YG in the mid-1990s, a lot of people would like to know. Patients were not told his name, but his colleagues – including Big White Chief Simon Leeson See the source image– knew what he was doing. Then there were the two Indian junior gynaecologists employed at YG in the early 1990s who were sexually exploiting a young British White psych patient, who had recently graduated from UCNW; each one of them made her pregnant and arranged the terminations – that she didn’t want – themselves. She was admitted to the psych ward at YG before each termination lest she refused. White British GP Dr Lyndon Miles – a Sheffield University grad– was her GP; Lyndon had worked with White Welsh Gwynne and White British D.G.E. Wood in the Student Health Centre in UCNW. White British Tony Francis (a Cardiff grad) and then White British Sadie Francis (a Manchester grad) were her Top Docs who refused her all NHS care after she and I both told third parties what was happening to the other one, us having made friends after meeting each other in hospital.

    This was a case of abusive overseas Top Docs working with abusive White British Top Docs and the excuse not to investigate complaints against the abusive overseas Top Docs was one of ooh it’s all the fault of Racist Bastards.

    Perhaps Asian Woman Lisa, who’s dad Dipak, an Expert on Race and Race Relations who worked as Leicester University, would like to give us her pearls of wisdom on the matter.

    Valerie and washing machine salesman Keith are descended from the Famous Missionary Sir Joseph Vaz. There was a tradition of Methodist Missionaries from north Wales going to South Asia, some of them returning – or who’s children or friends returned – to work in north Wales. One missionary most directly involved with the Gang was Presbytarian Prof/Rev Alwyn Roberts, one of the last Welsh missionaries to Mizorum. Alwyn Roberts was Principal of Pacchunga University College in Mizorum, Jan 1961-Sept 1967, returned to Gwynedd and became a Gwynedd County Cllr as well as PVC of UCNW. Alwyn Roberts was originally based in the Dept of Social Sciences at UCNW but he then established the extra-mural dept that became known as the Dept of Lifelong Learning. That Dept was choc a bloc with Gang associates and the Head of Dept was Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom.

    The Crack had been a student at Aber when Carlo undertook his stint at Aber to learn Welsh before the Investiture, then in the 1980s the Crack worked as a Gwynedd social worker, her patch including Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor, where the kids were being trafficked, including to Dolphin Square. The Crack broke a glass ceiling in the 1980s when she became the First Woman to Chair Cymdeithas (the Welsh Language Society). The Crack worked at Coleg Menai in Bangor, at an FE college in Dublin and at Bangor Normal College before rocking up to destroy the Dept of Lifelong Learning.

    Two leading Nonconformists in Bangor were Dr Bill Beer, a Top Doc (dermatologist) and his wife Joan. Bill was born in the Nilgiri Hills in southern India to a missionary family originally from Devon and qualified at the Madras Medical College in 1950. Bill’s father had run the local Pasteur Institute in the Nilgiri Hills. Bill’s interest in dermatology began during house jobs in Vellore. He was later the only doctor at a mission hospital where his wife, Joan, was Treasurer  and support from the mission eventually enabled Bill to study at St John’s Hospital, London. From there Bill Beer moved to the Westminster Hospital and after a while there, his boss at te Westminster suggested that Bill might like to apply for a job at the C&A Hospital, Bangor. The Beers knew nothing about Wales and had no connections there, but Bill was most enthusiastic. Bill took up the job as Consultant Dermatologist at the C&A Hospital in Bangor in 1965 and the Beers played a leading part in NHS/UCNW/Non-Conformist life in Gwynedd (their Church being Penrallt Baptist Church) for the rest of their lives. Bill Beer retired from the Dermatology Dept in 1991, but he continued to attend and contribute to meetings. In 1993 Bill Beer won the Wycombe prize for research on atopic eczema and psoriasis. Bill maintained his private practice and acted as a locum consultant until a few weeks before his death as the result of a car crash on 10 Dec 1999, just before the publication of the Waterhouse Report. I think that Joan Beer is still alive and busy at Penrallt…

    Penrallt is a Church dominated by staff of Bangor University/the NHS/Social Services and a great many students go to Penrallt, both overseas and home students.

    Methodism was so big in north Wales, the north of England and the West Country, that unsurprisingly the Gang is tangled up with Methodists at every turn. George Thomas is the name that everyone mentions, but Thatch was brought up as a Methodist before she was obliged to pretend to be an Anglican to Get On In The Tory Party and Harold Wilson’s wife Mary was the daughter of a Methodist Minister which Harold played for all it was worth. Tony Benn stressed his family affiliation to Methodism and that Methodism and Socialism underpinned the Labour Party rather more than Marxism.

    Westminster Hospital was the institution of choice for many students/Top Docs from south Wales who were facilitating the Gang/Westminster Paedophile Ring. Dannie and Leo Abse trained there and the institution was completely protected by the presence there of Sir Clement Price Thomas, from Merthyr Tydfil, who was the Royal Doc to Brenda’s dad, King George VI. The Abses were Jewish and Dannie’s autobiography stresses that George Thomas, being a Methodist, had a great affiliation for the ‘Jewish boys’ whom Thomas taught when he was still a school teacher… There are commonalities in values between Methodism and the Jewish community, but what this lot were more interested in was building a criminal network and they used whatever they could to do it. Mark Williams expanded the base by combining Christianity with Buddhism.


    Phillip Connell, Deputy Screener and Preliminary Screener for Health, 28 May 1987.

    Here we go, this interviewee of Meg’s was a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne. Here’s Philip’s life according to Munk’s Roll ‘Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Physicians’ online – now rebranded as ‘Inspiring Doctors’ – and they don’t come anymore Inspiring than this:

    Philip Henry Connell b.6 July 1921 d.26 July 1998

    CBE(1986) MRCS LRCP(1951) MB BS Lond(1951) DPM(1956) MD(1957) MRCP(1969) FRCPsych(1971) FRCP(1976) Hon FRCPsych(1992)

    Philip Connell was a highly influential figure in the British drug policy arena over the crucial period, from the mid-1960s onwards, when drug misuse in the UK began to slide out of control. In his many official roles he advised on every facet of drug policy, writing position papers, memos to ministers and chairing numerous important committees. He was a consultant adviser on drug misuse to the Department of Health, and, for six years, from 1982 to 1988, he chaired the government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. For many years he was a prominent figure on WHO expert committees.

    Connell entered medicine a little late and did not qualify until the age of 29. He undertook his post-graduate psychiatric training at the Maudsley Hospital, arriving there in 1953, in the days when Aubrey Lewis was professor of psychiatry and D L Davies the dean of the Institute of Psychiatry. Connell was for a time Davies’s registrar.

    [Sir Aubrey was the maddest of all at the Maudsley, an early Big Name there who violently assaulted students and docs who disagreed with him and was probably the reason why psychiatry at the Maudsley was avoided like the plague. David Lewis Davies was Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry (part of the Maudsley) at around the time that Dafydd Trained at the Maudsley. David Lewis Davies was so desperate for Trainees that it was admitted that he accepted all applicants, including Dafydd. Davies, like Dafydd, was an Alcohol Expert. Davies built this reputation on the back of his Pioneering Research Into Alcohol Dependent Patients. His sample size was less than 10 and he later discovered that most of them weren’t alkies anyway. No-one blew Davies’s cover, although the truth is in the archives available to anyone who looks. What was probably responsible for Davies’s career success was his status as one of the old Oundle boys who were part of Bertrand Russell’s/Sir Clough’s circle. Davies had the added advantage of also being a St John’s College, Oxford grad with other Gang associates, including Edward du Cann, Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin and corrupt Mandarin Sir Idwal Pugh. Davies only trained as a Top Doc after pursuing his real interests at St John’s College. See previous posts.]

    During the period of his Maudsley attachment [Connell] completed his MD on amphetamine psychosis, later published as a Maudsley Monograph [Oxford University Press, 1958]. This was a heady achievement for a young man and his name was made. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesHowever, at that point there were no academic posts available for Connell at the Institute. Instead he went to Newcastle to take a consultant position in child and adolescent psychiatry.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

    In 1963 he was recruited back to the Maudsley as consultant in charge of the adolescent unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, with responsibilities for the Brixton child guidance clinic.

    It was then that happenstance took over. Adolescents were at that time misusing amphetamines and other drugs. Suddenly the government badly needed advice on the development of clinics for the treatment of drug use. By virtue of his MD, Connell was an expert in amphetamine misuse and was able to give his advice to government.

    In 1968 Connell established an out-patient clinic for heroin users at the Maudsley. For some years the Maudsley and other similar London clinics prescribed heroin generously as the front-line treatment. ‘Six and six’ would mean six grains of heroin and six grains of cocaine as a day’s ration. Connell’s contemporary analyses of the benefits and drawbacks of heroin prescribing today speak to a vanished world, but they offer insights of continuing importance.

    At the same time Connell established his in-patient base as the drug dependence clinical research and treatment unit at the Bethlem. The many demands on his time meant that he never personally returned to research, but under his leadership the unit at the Bethlem became an important clinical research centre, particularly so when Michael Gossop was appointed there to a senior research position. John Strang was one of Connell’s registrars and took over the drug consultancy at the Bethlem and Maudsley when Connell retired in 1986.

    [See previous posts. With all these Towering Figures it was a case of crazy old hypocrites who were in various disguises flogging Class As to patients whom were being abused by them and/or their colleagues/friends.]

    The list of Connell’s honours and appointments is legion. He was president of the Society for the Study of Addiction, vice-president and honorary fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, chairman of the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence and preliminary screener for health for the GMC. In 1986 he was awarded the CBE.

    He was a man of vastly good judgement – he went for practical solutions, avoided extremes and never over-reacted. But besides those qualities of mind there were also qualities of personality which contributed greatly to his success. He was a big man with a big presence who was by nature engaging and courteous. He was also determined, hard-working, ambitious, and also unpretentiously compassionate. Put that intellect together with those personal propensities and the combination was formidable.


    This Tribute to an Inspiring Doctor was written by Griffith Edwards, one of the maddest, most dangerous ‘Addiction Specialists’ at the Maudsley who was er a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s (see previous posts).

    Arthur Crisp, former Chairman of GMC education committee, 28 Feb 1989.
  • Meg’s interviewee Arthur Crisp was St George’s/Springfield’s resident Expert In Eating Disorders. An Angel at Springfield admitted to me that the only reason for Arthur’s success was that if patients – mostly adolescent girls/young women – ‘don’t eat, they’re out and he won’t treat them again’. Neither would anyone else because they Didn’t Progress even with Prof Crisp and he’s the best. So Crisp refused to treat ill patients, many of whom subsequently died, being Difficult Cases. Eating disorders are often linked to sexual abuse. Crisp wiped out girls with eating disorders in an area on which an international trafficking ring was operating.

    One 19 year old girl, Shani, in the Bryn Golau Peep Show, a patient of Dr Neil Davies’s, was Transferred to Crisp’s unit For Help. Shani was returned to the Peep Show, where I met her, where she was fallaciously accused by Tony Francis of breaking into and robbing a pharmacy. When Shani refused to confess to that, she was prosecuted for ‘assault’. The assault in question arose when Betty the OT lady pissed Shani off in the way in which those Who Care are so skilled, so Shani threw a ping pong bat and ball against the ball. They bounced off and one of them hit Betty. Assault. Shani was from Rhyl, had tried to commit suicide in the Peep Show and they were bloody desperate to get her convicted for something. One wonders what Shani had witnessed… She will now be in her early/mid 50s, if she is still alive…

    One of Crisp’s proteges, Adrienne Key, was a junior Doc on Daffodil Ward, Springfield, when I was there, Jan-Feb 1991. Previous posts discussed Adrienne in those days, marching through the ward, slamming doors in patients’ faces, refusing to even respond to the ‘Hellos’, then shutting herself in the Angels’ office. If patients persisted, Angels would emerge and shout at them to Leave Dr Key Alone. Adrienne now has a Harley Street clinic and is Head of Eating Disorders at the Priory group. Adrienne was a med student at St George’s when Ollie was arrested.

    Adrienne was the junior doc who starred with a senior colleague, Tom Burns, in a Channel 4 documentary in the 1990s, ‘Minders’, designed as a PR piece for Springfield. I’d like to thank those responsible for ‘Minders’ because they dared include footage of what was actually going on at Springfield, including the appalling neglect and intimidation of patients, the breaching of legislation etc. Gosh there was a row. Tom Corns complained to Channel 4 and demanded to appear on ‘Right To Reply’, declaring that the coverage was biased – no Tom, it was JUST how I remember Adrienne and the Angels conducting themselves at Springfield – and Tom memorably stated on TV that he and his colleagues are Caring People but C4 ‘made us look like the Gestapo’.

    Think yourself lucky that they didn’t film those of your colleagues who were shagging children Tom.

    Not that it did Tom any harm, Tom bagged a Chair at Oxford a few years later, by which time Mark Williams had bagged a Chair at Oxford as well and Tom was then appointed as Miranda’s mental health adviser. Tom has Retired now, but still managed to Chair an NHS Trust in Camden until recently, advise Gov’ts etc.

    In 1989 I had a private conversation with Tom and gave him details of exactly what was going on in north Wales, naming Gwynne, Dafydd etc. To my astonishment Tom didn’t call me a liar, instead he got very cross with me, told me that I must think that he was ‘naive’ not to know about that, that he believed everything that I was saying, that he knew this was happening and that ‘psychiatry attracts disturbed people’ and it was causing very big problems. After I began this blog, I was sent extracts from that private meeting with Tom. The room had been bugged and someone had listened to everything…

    So Tom was subsequently promoted to a Chair at Oxford and was appointed as Miranda’s adviser. The Home Office has responsibility for authorising MI5 surveillance. When I had that conversation with Tom, David Waddington, yet another bent barrister of Gray’s Inn with a history of working with the Gang (see ‘The Bitterest Pill), was Thatch’s Home Secretary. Waddington and then this man were Home Secretaries throughout 1990 and 91 when all those High Court cases were brought against me on the basis of extensive Gang perjury:Official portrait of Lord Baker of Dorking crop 2.jpg

    Tom was very much like Mark Williams in that he had a lovely manner, was competent and intelligent and no-one would ever have believed that he was working with violent sex offenders who were occasionally killing witnesses. Yet he was and he admitted it, in private, to me. Official portrait of Lord Baker of Dorking crop 2.jpgTom never came forward during any police investigation or Public Inquiry. Tom was a good friend of Nita Mitchell-Heggs, the Occ Health physician at St George’s; Nita was a friend of Bodger and Nita’s role was to shoot whistleblowers… Nita who Trained as a psych at the Maudsley and was married to another psych and who’s daughter is now a GP in the south of England… See previous posts.

    Tom Burns Trained at Cambridge and was there at the same time as Neil Davies. Unlike so many who decided that they didn’t want to be Top Docs any longer after seeing themselves on this blog – including Nita and her husband – Tom is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice.

    Ken Baker served as John Major’s Home Secretary, 28 November 1990-10 April 1992, which perfectly spans that period of time when F was befriended by the predators who were of the Gang’s network who fleeced him of his money and property, hijacked his baby and made fallacious allegations about him in return for goodies negotiated by Gwynedd Social Services, the Top Docs, the North Wales Police and others, after F had split up with his wife, when his mother had died and while the Gang’s usual Prioritising Of The Most Needy Patients was evident ie. total abandonment.

    Ken Baker was Home Secretary during the launch and throughout much of the North Wales Police’s investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire for which they found not a scrap of evidence… F had challenged Gwynedd social workers about the mistreatment of boys in care at the Ty Newydd children’s home early in the 1980s, before he was fitted up for Class As and arson.

    #RottenState: Arrest this man now.Official portrait of Lord Baker of Dorking crop 2.jpg

    See previous posts…

    Geoffrey de Deney, Clerk to the Privy Council, 25 Mar 1987

    Sir Geoffrey Ivor de Deney KCVO (8 October 1931-2015) was a civil servant. Sir Geoffrey was educated at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and then carried out National Service as an officer in the North Staffordshire Regiment. de Deney subsequently joined Brenda’s Civil Service. After a career in the Home Office, he served as Clerk of the Privy Council, 1984-92.  de Deney was made Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in Brenda’s 1992 Birthday Honours. In 1990, Sir Geoffrey was awarded the New Zealand 1990 Commemoration Medal. After retirement from the Civil Service in 1992 de Deney worked as the first Chief Executive of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. That’ll have been a gift to Top Docs who transfuse patients with infected blood, lose them on the operating table etc.

    Other alumni of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, include Robin Day, Terry Jones of Python fame, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and Keir Starmer QC. Paxo is a Fellow of St Edmund Hall by Special Election.

    Among the Principals of St Edmund Hall was that good friend of the Gang, Judge Stephen Tumim (Principal, 1996-98) who cunningly disguised himself a la the Gang’s friend Lord Scarman as Not Being Like Other Judges.

  • Now Then. Look who served as Principal, 2009-18:

    Professor Keith Gull CBE FRS FMedSci (born 29 May 1948) is a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. Gull was the Principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford from 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2018, succeeding Michael Mingos.

    Gull was educated at Eston Grammar School and King’s College, London where he graduated with his BSc in 1969  and followed with a PhD in 1973. On completion of his PhD, Gull moved to a lectureship at the University of Kent. Gull held a personal Chair at Kent when he moved to the University of Manchester where he spent the 1990s involved with the development of the School of Biological Sciences as Head of Biochemistry and Research Dean. Gull moved to Oxford in 2002. Gull was Chairman of the Biochemical Society (1999–2002) and is a Trustee of Cancer Research UK. Keith Gull’s most cited peer-reviewed scientific papers are on Trypanosoma brucei  and Trypanosoma cruzi. More recently, the Gull laboratory has worked on Leishmania.

    After nine years as Principal Professor of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, Gull retired at the end of the 2017-18 academic year and was succeeded by Kathy Willis.

    During his tenure as Principal of St Edmund Hall, Gull was alleged to have exploited college finances by claiming £500 in “Christmas presents” and “gifts” between November and December 2015, and £185 on a desk lamp in November 2017. Gull defended his Christmas expenses claims, but not the desk lamp claim.

    In 2010, Gull attracted criticism by his students and the national press for the decision to spend £15,000 on a college snowdrop garden amid budget cuts. He defended the decision, claiming the snowdrops will be “fantastic”, but apologised for the way in which it was made.

    In 2015, Gull declined requests to clarify the status of claims made by Bongbong Marcos, son of Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos, about whether he finished his degree at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

    Among numerous prizes, fellowships and other awards, Keith Gull was awarded the Marjory Stephenson Prize from the Society for General Microbiology (1996), was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (1999), elected Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2003 and was appointed a CBE in the 2004 New Year Honours list for services to microbiology. Keith Gull holds an honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Kent. His certificate of election to the Royal Society reads:

    Gull was elected a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) in 2010.

    Not only does Keith Gull know the mycologists at UCNW who supervised my project on fungal hyperparasitism for my Finals – Richard Shattock and Dave Shaw – but I think that I have met Keith Gull. When I was seeking an exit from the excesses of Bodger et al, I applied for other jobs and was shortlisted and interviewed for all of them. Yet by the time that I arrived at the interview there were always very odd dynamics prevailing. It was obviously someone writing me terrible references, but I didn’t know who. After I began this blog, I was told that it was Adrian Bell from UCNW.

    I was interviewed for a biochem job at Manchester by two academics, both male and as had become routine by then, I had received a friendly letter of invitation, a request for the names of references and then when I turned up for the interview I was met with frostiness and heard no more after I left.

    Professor Gull, were you that big bloke with a black beard, wearing jumper and sandals? Or were you the other one? Whichever one of them you were, how I laughed at your snottiness when that huge scandal broke at Manchester University, you know that one involving the Prof of Organic Chemistry – I think that it was the Prof of Organic Chemistry rather than you Keith! – who literally stole all the money from that substantial research grant to build himself a splendid house just minutes away from the University building… Everyone knew what he had done, it received headlines across the world, let alone the UK, but Manchester University rode on!

    Anyone for a Northern Powerhouse with a Globally Leading University Regenerating The Region?

    Don’t mention the War, I did once or twice but I think I’ve got away with it…

    Manchester University not only hosts the proud Manchester School of Medicine, but it also hosts a famous Dept of Sociology which until 2014 employed one of the biggest names in UK sociology, Mike Savage. I used to go to the Manchester Sociology seminars and mini-conferences. I did enjoy them but I was interested to hear at one of the events when Mike Savage presented his data re a revisiting of Bourdieu’s work correlating social class, occupational groups and cultural interests, that amidst this complex extensive analysis, Mike Savage had not included people who didn’t own cars. When I asked why, he replied that there were so few of them that they weren’t worth including in the analysis…

    Mike subsequently moved to the LSE, with his protégé, Real Working Class Sociologist Lisa McKenzie who grew up on St Anne’s in Nottingham, a Council Estate and who had a baby with a Black Man when she was a teenager. Lisa is now working at Durham University. I hope to God that Lisa has acquired a car or Mike won’t be that inclusive any more…

    Mike was the man who published the British Social Class in the 21st Century survey some three years ago – Lisa worked on that survey as well- which received huge publicity while quiet voices were saying ‘Savage has got this wrong but no-one saying that is being given media coverage…’

    Anyone for going on public transport in these days of Climate Change Emergency?

    These days Mike is on the Hay Festival Circuit, so it doesn’t matter if he gets things wrong, Jenni Murray won’t notice.

    When I was still attending the Manchester Cultural Sociology events, UK universities were all bagging themselves Professors of Creative Writing. Manchester employed Marxist big wig Terry Eagleton. Terry Eagleton, like so many of the famous academics on the left working for Manchester University, said not a word as Manchester University led the way in evolving into a Brutal Neoliberal HE Institution that had forgotten what HE was supposed to be all about.

    Manchester University then tried to force feminist academic Sheila Rowbotham out. The row was presented as discrimination against Wimmin. It was rather more age discrimination with a dose of ‘We don’t want an old leftie from the 60s cluttering up Manchester, I mean we’re a STEM UNIVERSITY!!!’ Sheila’s fan club did defend her but not very effectively. At the time I received an e mail relating to another Manchester University outrage from someone asking what could be done to stop Manchester from going ahead with the outrage. I responded with a few details about one of the governors of Manchester University that, had UCU had chosen to use the info effectively, would have finished Manchester University off. No-one uttered a word… Mike Savage rocked up at the LSE shortly after I sent that e mail.

    While Manchester was paying Terry Eagleton a handsome sum as their Prof of Creative Writing, Bangor bagged Philip Pulman who offered his services free of charge, being an old friend who had gone to school with Merfyn…

    Don’t take any notice anyone, they’re small, Welsh and crap, MANCHESTER, MANCHESTER OOH MANCHESTER… 

    Oh do fuck off Manchester, I’ll just remind you of the name GWYNNE… He wouldn’t have survived without you and Brenda protecting him.


    Martin Draper, former GMC Registrar, 12-13 Dec 1986. 

    Meg interviewed Draper one/two days before Dafydd had me unlawfully arrested and some five days before Ollie appeared at Kingston Crown Court and pleaded guilty… Kingston, the town owned and substantially run by Prof Hugh Bentall of Hammersmith Hospital, represented in the Commons since 1972 by Tory MP Norman Lamont, Norman’s dad being a Top Doc who knew Big Daddy of Manchester Medicine and Gwynne Protection Sir Douglas Black.

  • The cherry on the top was Lord Peter Rawlinson, Recorder for Kingston. Peter Rawlinson went back to the same ark as Gwynne, being Supermac’s Solicitor-General who helped out during the Profumo Affair.


    Meg’s interviewee Professor Archibald Duncan, member of various GMC committees (undated):

    Archibald Alexander McBeth Duncan, FBA, FRHistS, FRSE (17 October 1926-20 December 2017) was from 1962 to 1993 Professor of Scottish History and Literature at the University of Glasgow. On giving up his Chair, Duncan became Clerk of Senate and Dean of Faculties, retiring from the University in 2000. Since 2001 Duncan has been Emeritus Professor of Scottish History and Literature.

  • Archibald Duncan grew up in Edinburgh, attended George Heriot’s School, then Edinburgh University, then Balliol, Oxford where he stayed on to teach. Balliol, alma mater of Grocer Heath, Woy, Denis Healey and so many more. In 1951 Duncan was appointed as a lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast; he relocated to Edinburgh University in 1953. In 1963 Duncan received his Chair at Glasgow University. Duncan became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1979 and a Fellow of the British Academy in 1985.

Archibald Duncan was sitting on GMC committees when I was making representation about Gang members. Archie wasn’t a Top Doc, but he had spent his career in Universities dominated by Top Docs facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring – including analyst Ronald Fairbairn, dad of the crazed drunken molester and bedfellow of Esther Nicholas Fairbairn, Prof Henry Walton and his wife Dr Sula Wolff who accumulated a multi-million pound art collection including Ming pieces and Rembrandts while working as NHS Top Docs Helping Troubled Children, and adviser to SNP  FMs Sir Ken Calman – as well as educating all those future Cabinet Ministers and PMs…

Archibald could have delivered a crippling kick in the knackers to those Top Docs, or told Gordon Brown, Donald Dewar et al to bloody well develop a spine and put a stop to the criminality but no, Archibald wouldn’t have been invited for drinks and become a Fellow of the British Academy would he had he done that.

And Little Scottish Susan wouldn’t be able to participate in a TV dancing competition while wearing Little Strappy Sandals:

Lest there is still anyone who believes that I am cherry-picking and ooh it’s only a few bad eggs, while I was reading about Archie, I came across a Top Doc with a similar name to Archibald, who deserves a bit of space on this blog in respect of his Loyal Service to the Gang who’s obituary was published in the Indie:
  • Archibald Sutherland Duncan, obstetrician, gynaecologist and administrator, born Darjeeling 17 July 1914, Lecturer and part-time Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Aberdeen University 1946- 50, Senior Lecturer Edinburgh University and Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to Western General Hospital Edinburgh 1950-53, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the Welsh National School of Medicine University of Wales 1953-66, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist United Cardiff Hospitals 1953-66, Adviser in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to Welsh Hospital Board 1953-66, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Medical Education Edinburgh University 1966-76 (Emeritus), married 1939 Barbara Holliday, died Edinburgh 1 October 1992.
  • One might  believe that during its 250 years the Faculty of Medicine in Edinburgh had experienced most pressures, but with the establishment of the National Health Service in 1948, the need to plan clinical teaching between two employing authorities – the university and the NHS – introduced new administrative problems.
  • In 1965, as an experiment, the university appointed an Executive Dean to its Medical Faculty. That the experiment worked was due to the man they chose – Professor Archibald Duncan – who, over a decade became, in the Vice-Principal’s words, the ‘driving force in Edinburgh medicine’, laying the ground work for its present standing as one of the top clinical academic centres in the UK.
    British deans do not have the authority to ‘hire and fire’, but have to influence events by good management and diplomacy; in these Archie Duncan excelled. His load of paper and committee work was massive not only within the faculty, central university and health authorities, but also with national bodies, for he was deeply involved in broader aspects of medical education and the quality and ethics of health care. But he never appeared harassed and was always prepared to stop to listen, whether to staff or students; for he was a natural counsellor, always sensitive more to the needs of others than to his own. And all felt much the better for his counsel. To him, it was more important that a task should be completed than that he should receive the credit. But credit came his way with the conferment of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1984, a rare honour for a member of faculty.
  • The foundations of this remarkable character were laid in Darjeeling, where his early years were spent as one of three sons of a Church of Scotland missionary; an upbringing which endowed him with the classless humility which endeared him to all. He came to Edinburgh for his education at Merchiston Castle School, and later its university (graduating in medicine in 1936), where, as he was already tonsured and neither smoked, drank nor played sport, he was regarded by some as rather ‘holy’, but to those who knew him he was great and amusing company – always in control of his moods, his only show of temper being a twitching of the lip and a few beads of sweat on the cheek. And, as was later proved by his war service as a naval surgeon, his courage and resolute character were not in doubt. He spoke little of the lives he protected during the evacuation of his sinking ship, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, nor of the support which he gave to young aviators during his later service with the Fleet Air Arm (Squadron A26) in north Africa, particularly during the retreat from Benghazi. He remained loyal to the senior service, his preferred drink being pink gin (Plymouth, of course), and took great joy in dining with the Royal Naval Medical Club in the Painted Hall in Greenwich. His early training with Professor RW Johnstone led Duncan to specialise in obstetrics – he became a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, Physicians, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Following clinical academic posts in Inverness, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, he was appointed in 1953 to the chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff, where he first brought academic influences to bear on that speciality.
  • During his student days, Duncan met Barbara Holliday, the flatmate of his flatmate’s sister. They married in 1939, establishing a lifelong partnership and creating a most hospitable home. No small part of his success in Edinburgh was due to the welcome which they gave to those appointed from elsewhere. The Duncans had no family of their own but they were true parents to many young people from all parts of the world in whose memory their kindness and consideration will long remain.

    Attentive readers will remember from previous posts that obs and gynae in Aberdeen when Archibald Duncan worked there before relocating to Cardiff was dominated by Sir Dugald Baird, a man who pioneered ‘abortion for social reasons’. Translated this meant that Dugald routinely performed abortions on women from low income backgrounds because he didn’t like the idea of Poor People having children (Dugald himself had five kids). Dugald aborted so many low income foetuses – this as when all abortion in the UK was unlawful – that it showed up in the stats in the Aberdeen region. Those low income foetuses were terminated if their parents wanted them as well. Lady Baird, Dugald’s wife, Sat On Committees, lest any poor sod tried to circumnavigate Dugald’s malign influence.

    Illegal abortionists in the UK – including Dr Ann Dally who Helped Very Rich Drug Addicts (Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon were among Dally’s ‘patients’) and Brave Wendy Savage – happily explained that Sir Dugald was their Role Model. What they were doing was completely unlawful, known by all other Top Docs, many of whom thought it appalling, but no-one stopped it. Dally and Brave Wendy were involved in other serious organised crime as well.

    Ironically, many of those who were using Dugald as their role model, such as Dally’s colleagues at Tommy’s in the 1950s, were only performing those abortions for social reasons on women who er paid… But then that was the situation that prevailed across the whole of north Wales until the late 1980s: unlawful denial of NHS terminations for any reason but if women stumped up the fee, it was abortion on demand. North Wales was infamous for this yet it was carefully avoided in all Parliamentary debates, including by David Steel and Wimmin’s Champs on the left.

    So it was Archibald who learned at the knee of Dugald and then arrived in Cardiff in 1953 who pioneered the blood and guts that was evident on the ground in north Wales until I was nearly 30… In 1965/66, Dugald buggered off to Edinburgh University, an institution with more prestige and power than Cardiff, but he kept his hands on the tiller re obs and gynae in Wales as Gwynne and Dafydd expanded business because who knows what would have unravelled if there had not have been someone Pompous at Edinburgh to yell How Very Dare You in the face of difficult questions.

    I am someone who believes that abortion should be available on demand in the early stages of pregnancy. My point here is not to point the finger at women who have had abortions, it is that Dugald, Archibald, Dally and Brave Wendy were flouting every law that existed with regard to their practice, they were CRIMINAL Top Docs and that was exemplified by their attitude of ‘I’ll damn well perform as many abortions as I want on whoever I want and I’ll charge as well if it suits the circumstances, although what I am doing is completely unlawful and an imprisonable offence’. This lot gave seminars, lectures, conference presentations and published their activities. They made no attempt to conceal what they were doing. None of them were ever charged. Archibald Duncan was still working at Cardiff when Tony Francis began his Training there.

    Well I am glad that someone benefited, someone who’s dad knew damn well what was happening. Other Scottish lawyers built their political careers on ignoring the rampant criminality and Fighting To Change The Law. 

    The Boy David’s political bedfellow Dr Death trained and worked at Tommy’s when Ann Dally et al were performing all those unlawful abortions. Why do older Nice Lady Doctors remind us all that ooh when I was young in the 1950s, virtually every gynae bed was occupied by a woman who had undergone an abortion? Well partly because there was a roaring trade and the Nice Lady Doctors weren’t just repairing the damage that the Backstreet Abortionists Had Inflicted.

    I went to see the film ‘Vera Drake’ and virtually the entire audience was comprised of Older Wimmin who worked in Health and Social Care in Gwynedd, I recognised many of them. I’ve only just twigged that ‘Vera Drake’ was released in 2005, after Brown and I began publishing about the mental health services and Miranda was after Merfyn’s knackers.

    Ooh I help girls dearie…

    I’m so busy following so many themes on this blog that it only dawned on me last night why Sir Dugald the Slayer Of Low Income Foetuses at Aberdeen and all who were affiliated to him did exactly as they wished; it was Lord Bob Boothby of course, Tory MP for East Aberdeenshire, 1924-58. Lord Bob the Degenerate who shagged Supermac’s wife Dorothy for years, while having affairs with Ronnie Kray and a whole variety of sex workers of both genders supplied by Gwynne and Dafydd. Lord Bob Boothby who was mates with the Queen Mum Gawd Bless Er, the Queen Mum who had observed that of course Lord Bob’s activities would always be kept out of the press because Dorothy Macmillan was the daughter of the Duke of Devonshire and the Duke would be compromised if this ever got out…

    Bob Boothby’s activities were substantially responsible for the untouchable status of the Krays for so long. A bent Met Police Commander in the form of Sir Joe Simpson, one of Sir Clough’s Oundle School crowd, didn’t help. At Magdalen College, Oxford, Lord Bob’s ‘close friend’ was Evelyn John St Loe aka ‘John’ Strachey, brother of Sir Clough’s wife Lady Amabel. John of the substantial Ugandan-exploring circle himself. John Strachey was a friend of Oswald Mosley and a member of Mosley’s New Party, split politically with Mosley in 1931, joined the Communist Party of GB, then served as a Labour MP for two Dundee seats, 1945-63. Strachey was Minister for Food in 1946 and Minister for War in Clement Attlee’s post-WW II Gov’t.

    My grandfather almost certainly knew John Strachey when her was young and my posh relative by marriage Lord Gnome’s family definitely did. John Strachey died prematurely, in office, after a spinal operation on 15 July 1963, at the height of the Profumo Affair. Stephen Ward’s trial opened on 22 July 1993 and he ‘committed suicide’ on 3 Aug 1963.

    The judge who presided over Stephen Ward’s trial, Sir Archie Pellow Marshall didn’t last much longer; he died on 20 June 1966. Dorothy Macmillan beat Sir Archie to the pearly gates, she died on 21 May 1966. However, first out of the traps was Lord Astor himself, he nipped over to the Bahamas and died ‘from a heart attack’ a la Dorothy, on 7 March 1966.

    Dafydd is still with us, as far as I know. Gwynne did pretty well too, Gwynne lasted until the latter part of 1986 and Supermac died just a few weeks after Gwynne. Phil the Greek is nearing 100 and managed to get back home from Lord Glenarthur’s hospital for his turkey on Christmas Day.

    Why anyone bothers to toady to this lot I do not know. If they bumped off Lord Bill Astor and Dorothy Macmillan, they had no loyalty to anyone.

    Bob Boothby’s influence in the Aberdeen region will have impacted hugely on North Sea Oil and everything associated with it. Boothby pre-dated the gold mine in the North Sea, but he lived until 16 July 1986, so will have had a big hand in it when the bonanza began. Lord Bob pegged out just as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine unlawfully withdrew my place on the MSc in Medical Microbiology weeks before the course was due to begin. Luckily I saw an advert for the MSc at Hammersmith just days later and they offered me a place immediately!

    Bob Boothby’s influence will have been something to do with Brave Wendy’s turf of the London Hospital being run by the Oil industry. Readers might remember that Brave Wendy was Cleared by the rigged Inquiry into her ‘Professional Incompetence’ just as Lord Bob Boothby pegged out…

    Ollie Brooke was awaiting trial when Lord Bob Boothby died.

    The Oil industry’s influence over the London Hospital began pre-North Sea Oil. Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates William Asscher, Peter Tizard et al wielded influence as the children of families who were big wigs in Shell-Mex pre-North Sea Oil, but those Oil families running the London Hospital won’t have surrendered their power with the discovery of North Sea Oil and the utilisation of that rather than from the sources in the Middle East. I’ll be doing further digging. This shitfest of people-trafficking Top Docs also explains all that fuming re Thatch’s use of North Sea Oil revenues to remain in power while following a disastrous economic policy meaning huge bills for so many unemployed, yet no-one managing to stop Thatch from wasting the revenue.

    It was of course Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Frederick Erroll – educated at Oundle, old school of Sir Clough and so many of Gwynne and Dafydd’s crowd – and then Trinity College Cambridge – the Cheshire Tory MP from 1945 until 1965, a big name in the CBI and other powerful bodies re industry, who as Minister of Power under PM Douglas-Home managed to rush through (before the impending General Election) the grant of licences to private companies wishing to extract gas from the North Sea before the Labour Party got in there. Frederick Erroll held many company Directorships but most important was his Chairmanship of Consolidated Gold Fields.

    Erroll had served as President of the Board of Trade in Supermac’s Cabinet, being appointed in 1961 as the parties at Cliveden were swinging with Royals, Russian spies, MPs and peers and teenagers supplied by Gwynne and Dafydd and Gay Spies In The Admiralty enjoyed themselves as well. Erroll’s overseas visits ‘promoting exports’ took in Africa, South America, Japan, China and in 1962, the Soviet Union. Following a friendly meeting with Nikita Khruschev at the Kremlin, Erroll and his wife went to Siberia, becoming the first British representatives to go there during the Cold War. Mrs Erroll was asked at short notice to give schoolchildren a talk on a typical day in the life of an English child.

    See previous posts…

    Here’s extracts from the wiki entry of a fraudulent lying cheating Top Doc who was a big mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s:

    Hugh Bentall FRCS (28 April 1920-9 September 2012) was a British surgeon who pioneered open-heart surgery. Hugh Henry Bentall was educated at Seaford College and studied medicine at Armstrong-Jones Central, Bart’s. After graduating Bentall worked as general surgeon at the North Middlesex Hospital (where he assisted in Britain’s first successful pulmonary embolectomy and in the first successful surgical correction of Oesophageal atresia) and at the London Chest Hospital where he specialised in thoracic surgery. Bentall then joined the Royal Navy and served in Britain and on the hospital ship Empire Clyde.

    Bentall was Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital from 1955 to 1985. In 1959 Bentall and his team, with Bill Cleland as the lead surgeon, were invited to visit the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow where they carried out five open-heart operations, watched by more than 200 of the Soviet Union’s leading surgeons.

    I don’t know about Bentall’s other work, but the Pioneering Ops that he showcased in Moscow were the result of a research fraud carried out with other members of Bentall’s team in order to flog a Very Expensive Machine That Goes Ping invented and marketed by one of the team. Obviously Bentall et al were performing the operations but they lied about the survival rates and outcomes and the necessity of the Very Expensive Machine That Goes Ping was questionable. Nevertheless after the Moscow performance – that was reported in the world’s media, including in Pravda – the orders for the Very Expensive Machine That Goes Ping flooded in from medical schools across the globe. See ‘Interesting Facts…’

    In 1962 Bentall performed an operation to repair a “hole in the heart” which was filmed for the BBC TV series Your Life in Their Hands. In 1966 Bentall devised a procedure to treat a patient with Marfan syndrome, replacing the aortic valve and ascending aorta in a single operation, now known as the Bentall procedure and is widely used.

    Bentall taught at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School/Hammersmith Hospital from 1959 as Lecturer, from 1962 as Reader and from 1965 as Britain’s first Professor of Cardiac Surgery. He retired in 1985.

    Bentall was a very rich man, the family owning and controlling much of Kingston-upon-Thames. 

    Lamont’s predecessor as the Tory MP for Kingston who took orders from Bentall and his mates was Lord John Boyd-Carpenter. In Dec 1955, Boyd-Carpenter was appointed Macmillan’s Minister of Pensions and National Insurance, holding the role until July 1962. Thatch served under Boyd-Carpenter as Parliamentary Under-Secretary, her first Ministerial job, from October 1961; thus Boyd-Carpenter was Thatch’s boss in Thatch’s first Ministerial job. Thatch remained forever loyal to Boyd-Carpenter, for whom she worked during those crazy Gay Spies In The Admiralty and Cliveden days.

    Boyd-Carpenter was a Balliol graduate, a barrister and member of Middle Temple and the son of Tory politician Archibald Boyd-Carpenter. The Boyd-Carpenter family had a long tradition of holding influential positions in the British Establishment, with close connections to Royals both in Britain and overseas. John B-C bred and his children and grandchildren secured roles in which they were able to help the Gang. See previous posts.

    Thatch was married to a millionaire businessman with investments across the world. Other reminders: Adrian Bell of the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW was a graduate of Kingston Poly before becoming a corrupt forensic scientist employed by the Home Office. Just before I encountered Adrian, one of his students at UCNW had been Hugh Bentall’s daughter-in-law, who was also the daughter of the Dean of Science at UCNW. Her husband Richard Bentall was a clin psy, working with Dafydd, while Gwynne sat in the Student Health Centre.


    Lord Bob Boothby and the North Sea Oil connection finally explains for me Thatch’s decision to appoint Sir Peter Morrison as the Energy Minister with responsibility for Oil, 11 June 1987-23 July 1990. I have wondered for months why Thatch would have appointed her biggest liability to such a crucial role and who was being blackmailed by who over what exactly. I knew that it was Dafydd-related but I couldn’t quite work out the chain of criminals involved, although I do know where the chain of criminals eventually led.

    Morrison’s Secretary of State at Energy was first Cecil Parkinson and then John Wakeham, who served as Energy Secretary, 24 July 1989-11 April 1992. John’s term of office spanned the destruction of my career in medical research by Bodger et al, all those High Court cases brought against me by the Gang, events at Springfield as well as the shafting of F by the Gang.

    Wakeham’s wife Roberta was killed in the Oct 1984 bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton. He remarried Alison Ward who had worked as Thatch’s Secretary. Wakeham served as Visitor to UCNW, 10 Jan 1988-24 July 1989, succeeding Willie Whitelaw in that role. Wakeham was born in Godalming, Surrey and went to school at Charterhouse before Christ Church, Oxford. Wakeham knew all the movers and shakers in Surrey as a boy then – his parents will have as well – long before he met yet more Important People at Oxford.

    Now then. John Wakeham was a Director of Enron, 1994-2001. Enron that collapsed in bankruptcy amid scandal re accounting fraud, insider dealing etc. Three Enron execs went to prison but, to paraphrase Dafydd, someone wasn’t in prison who should have been in prison.Neither was Lord Wakeham the only person in that category.

    I’m hoping to return to the subject of Enron in a future post, I have only quickly scanned a few names but I can see some familiar networks…

    Anyone for Bodger and Brave Wendy?

    John Wakeham served as Chancellor of Brunel University, 1998-2012 and is now Emeritus Chancellor. Wakeham was Chancellor of Brunel when that institution hosted Prof Peter Beresford, the Only Professor Who Was A Service User, as Peter touted himself in the social worker’s in-house magazine ‘Community Care’. Peter didn’t only incur the wrath of other academics who were Service Users but weren’t claiming academic privilege by that means but Empowered Service Users – including me – became increasingly pissed off at Beresford’s refusal to speak out about the serious abuse of Empowered ones by social workers and the NHS, as he was appointed to Gov’t committee after Gov’t committee…

    I have discussed Peter previously on this blog; he is a former social worker, as is his wife Suzy Croft. Peter constructed himself as a Service Users Champ after he experienced depression, ended up on tranx and didn’t work for a few years. After Peter reinvented himself as a Service Users Champ, Brunel gave him his own Centre for Citizen Participation. More recently Peter fell out with Brunel – he sued them for disability discrimination after he refused to work evenings and weekends! – and he upped sticks and moved to Essex University…

    At one point I was receiving furious e mails from Peter’s friends, demanding that I stop being so rude about the Service Users Movement and telling me that I had to realise that Peter Could Help Me. Then I discovered that Peter was ensuring that Brown and I weren’t receiving funding from bodies or getting published in journals over which Peter wielded influence…

    I wondered who at Brunel was backing Peter Beresford. I have discussed culpable VCs on this blog previously, including Stephen Swartz, but I had no idea that Thatch and Peter Morrison’s old pal Lord Wakeham was playing his part in Peter Beresford’s appointment as the Person To Speak For Empowered Service Users…

    Peter Beresford helps Service Users dearie.

    I was told that it was Miranda who was using Peter Beresford to silence Brown, me and others… Of course Miranda would want a puppet who absolutely silenced those who knew about neglect and abuse in the welfare services in HE, because a key plank of Miranda’s HE and Inclusion policy was to coerce Empowered Service Users into work or FE/HE. I saw for myself what this meant in reality; vulnerable people ill-prepared for education were coerced into college and universities by the abusers of the mental health services. The box was then ticked that they had been Rehabilitated and were In Work, Education or Training. Many of them couldn’t cope, subsequently became ill and left their Work, Education or Training, only to find that they were denied Benefits or Care because they were now Better. In north Wales a number ended up in prison.

    The universities didn’t have the infrastructure to support such vulnerable people in such great numbers and it was all concealed at Gov’t level. The first paper that I published with Brown was on this subject and of course it caused a row…

    Beresford as Service Users Champ was obviously a team effort between Miranda and Thatch’s mates, including Wakeham.

    Miranda, the Digger, Ed and everyone else who read my hacked e mails will have seen the exchanges between Peter’s friends and I. I was quite tolerant in the face of such persistent harassment, accusations and rudeness really wasn’t I Ed?

    In 1996, Brunel University awarded Thatch an honorary degree and the students were so outraged that the ceremony was held in the Lords rather than at the University.

    Peter Beresford appeared as the Gov’ts Official Service Users’ Champ from nowhere really, just as the Waterhouse Inquiry was drawing to an end and I began teacher training. Immediately before the Gang tried to frame and imprison me for Threatening To Kill Alun Davies…

    Peter Hain’s earmuffs have slipped…


    Every politician in the Aberdeen area and every VC and Chancellor of Aberdeen University will have been culpable with regard to Sir Dugald, Bob Boothby and all that spiralled out from them.

    Alex Salmond was MSP for Aberdeen East, 2011-16. The Alex Salmond story began long before then. Alex studied at St Andrew’s University, Prof Robert Bluglass’s alma mater, in the early 1970s. In 1978, Salmond entered the Government Economic Service as an Assistant Economist in the Det of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland, part of the now defunct Scottish Office. Two years later he joined the staff of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where he worked for seven years, initially as an Assistant Economist. In 1982 Salmond was appointed Oil Economist, and from 1984 he worked as a Bank Economist as well as continuing to hold the position of Oil Economist. While with the Royal Bank, he wrote and broadcast extensively for both domestic and international outlets. He also contributed regularly to oil and energy conferences. In 1983, Salmond created a “Royal Bank/BBC oil index” that is still used.

    Salmond became active in the SNP when he joined the Federation of Student Nationalists at the University of St Andrews in 1973. His conversion is generally credited to his then girlfriend, Debbie Horton, an English student from London, who was Secretary of the St Andrews University Labour club. After an argument in December 1973, she told him: “If you feel like that, go and join the bloody SNP”. The next day Salmond did. The following day he and a friend attended the sparsely populated AGM of the University branch of the Federation of Student Nationalists. Being the only two fully paid-up members of the SNP at the university, they were duly elected President and Treasurer. Although a left-winger at the time that he joined, Salmond had considerable doubts as to whether or not the Labour Gov’t would legislate for a devolve Scottish Assembly.

    Salmond started his political life as a committed left-winger inside the SNP and was a leading member of the socialist republican organisation within it, the 79 Group. He was, along with other group leaders, suspended from membership of the SNP when the 79 Group was banned within the larger party. In 1981, he married Moira French McGlashan, then a senior civil servant with the Scottish Office.

    Following the SNP’s National Council narrowly voting to uphold the expulsion, Salmond and the others were allowed back into the party a month later, and in 1985 he was elected as the SNP’s Vice Convener for Publicity. In 1987 Salmond stood for Parliament in Banff and Buchan and defeated the incumbent Conservative MP, Albert McQuarrie. Later that year Salmond became Senior Vice Convener (Depute Leader) of the SNP…

    I won’t say anymore here about Salmond’s rise (and more recently fall), but previous posts have discussed Scottish politics, including the SNP, the civil servants and their activities, the Scottish Office and leading lights such as Stalin’s Granny aka Helen Liddell.

    I’ll just emphasise here, once more, that Little Scottish Susan’s dad Sir Ken was not only the Toppest Doctor in Scotland for years but doubled up as an adviser to the SNP as well as to the SNP Scottish Gov’t. Sir Ken served as the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, 1989-91 and then for England and Wales, Jan 1991-Dec 1997. Sir Ken was in post throughout so much serious crime and then remained throughout the first year of the Waterhouse Inquiry, when Ronnie took evidence from criminals who were reminded that they were Lying To Get Compensation.

    Ken Calman was in the middle of the barrel of crap, he is an oncologist who was mates with/a colleague of the cancer research fraudsters of Hammersmith, Nottingham, Surrey, Manchester etc, who were concealing and facilitating Gwynne, Dafydd, Bodger, Ollie et al. His sodding daughter is dancing around on TV only because of that.

    Sir Ken voluntarily surrendered his license to practice after he starred on this blog. Thus, like Bluglass and so many others, Sir Ken cannot now face disciplinary action from the GMC but his Good Name Remains Intact. These people ran an international trafficking ring and harmed the health of thousands with their en masse research fraud, the whole lot of them should have faced charges decades ago.

    When I was doing my MSc at Hammersmith 1986-87, there was a girl from Aberdeen on the MSc who, like so many of the students, was appalled at what we were witnessing at Hammersmith. Because the Top Docs and tutors were all a bit bonkers there, I actively avoided getting pissed in the medical school bar etc with them. Just before finals, I commented to the girl from Aberdeen that perhaps I’d missed out by not being more sociable; she replied that I was quite right to keep out of it, it was far worse than I realised, the racism, double dealing and wrongdoing at Hammersmith was shocking and she would not be taking a job in a London medical school because of that. The student from Aberdeen had chosen to follow the career path that she had originally intended, as a clinical trials organiser for Big Pharma. A lot of the students were aiming for that because those were well-paid yuppyish jobs in the 1980s as opposed to short-term contracts on a pittance in universities. I remember that before we finished the course, the student from Aberdeen was offered a very good number with Big Pharma. Of course she was, she had all that info re wrongdoing at Hammersmith and she knew what was happening to me re the Gang… I can’t remember her surname, but she was Helen…

    Come on readers, access the list of 1987 graduates from the Experimental Pathology MSc at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School/Hammersmith, EVERYONE knew something about the research fraud, criminality and wrongdoing…

    There was only one Hammersmith student who didn’t receive offers of wonderful jobs in the weeks before we finished the course. Like me, he seemed to be getting turned down for job after job, yet he was absolutely fine academically. Derek Bingham from N Ireland. He was quieter than the others and I don’t think that he did the boozing bit either…

    As far as I can work out, everyone on that course was bribed with a splendid job to keep them quiet. They will now all be leaders in research or at the top of Big Pharma. Unless they’ve been found dead of course.

    You want more readers? After Norman’s predecessor as MP for Kingston, Bentall Central, John Boyd-Carpenter mentored Thatch in her first Ministerial role, Boyd-Carpenter himself served as Paymaster General/Chief Secretary to the Treasury under Reggie Maudling, Macmillan’s and then Douglas-Home’s Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    Reggie bagged that job after Macmillan had kicked out from his Cabinet the bestest mates of Gwynne and Dafydd in the Night Of The Long Knives in July 1962, one of them being Chancellor Selwyn Lloyd. Selwyn was fuming and caused trouble for the rest of his life, quite substantial trouble, Selwyn having served in Anthony Eden’s Cabinet and thus had dirt on everyone. Reggie was never forgiven and his resignation as the Grocer’s Home Secretary when he was named as a Director of one of John Poulson’s companies was enjoyed by many, Poulson having been disgraced by then in the big T. Dan Smith/Poulson civic corruption scandal of the early 1970s.

    Now then, the hypocrisy knew no bounds. The reason why Dan Smith/Poulson was only the tip of the iceberg and T. Dan Smith, Poulson and Andy Cunningham lived to fight another day after they came out of prison, was that their whole empire was intricately linked to Gwynne, Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. It stretched as far as Wandsworth and Southwark – T. Dan Smith and Poulson had business relationships with those Boroughs – and right into the Civil Service, who’s corrupt Mandarins were facilitating the big public service contracts with the companies controlled by T. Dan Smith, Poulson et al.

    T. Dan Smith, as Leader of Newcastle City Council, had wined and dined with Richard Crossman, who was then Secretary of State at the DHSS, in order to get Crossman to agree to the building of the flagship NHS hospital in Newcastle.See the source image

    Andy Cunningham’s son John, a Durham University grad, became a Labour MP for a Cumbrian constituency and rose to the top of the Labour Party; many backed John Cunningham as a future Leader.

    The ring in the North East See the source imagewas behind the Lord Lambton Scandal on Grocer Heath’s watch as PM. Lord Lambton was using the services of call girls provided by Gwynne and Dafydd. Lord Lambton’s daughter Lucinda married Perry Worsthorne, for years a Sunday Torygraph stalwart. The Torygraph who’s ultimate Leader for decades was Bill Deedes. Deedes who was a personal friend of Denis and Thatch and who had known Thatch since they were both Young Tories in the 1950s looking for safe seats. Bill Deedes became the Tory MP for Ashford in Kent and served in Macmillan’s Cabinet… See ‘Shurely Shome Mishtake’.

    This lot were all still around when I was doing battle with the Gang. Lord Lambton ‘resigned disgraced’ but he didn’t give a bugger, he carried on having a great time, Lambton moved to Italy and lived in style there until he died on 30 Dec 2006.

    Reggie Maudling was the one sacrificed. Reggie ‘turned to drink’, became a hopeless alkie whom the Doctors Could Not Help ooh but They Tried and died in the Gang-controlled Royal Free Hospital on 14 Feb 1979, while Mr Thrope was awaiting trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder. Reggie was a crooked old git and will have been one of the many who had it in for my grandfather and father -Maurice Macmillan was a Minister in the Grocer’s Gov’t 10 years after swindling and bankrupting father – but Reggie wasn’t any worse than the rest of them. They were all bloody appalling and it was the Top Docs underpinning their criminality.

    Big Daddy John Boyd-Carpenter died on 11 July 1998. In the summer of 1999, just as Ronnie Waterhouse was finishing the final draft of his Report that had been shown to Insiders Who Mattered, the dead body of William Maudling, son of Reggie, was found at the foot of a block of flats in north London. ‘Suicide, William jumped’. A helpful policeman told the media that William had all the privileges that one could want, went to Westminster School, became an accountant, but Threw It All Away by becoming a heroin addict and was well-known among the lowlife of Kentish Town. The plod attributed it to William not being able to cope with the Shame that his dad had brought upon the family.

    I very much doubt that much of what was published by the media about William was true. It was the Gang, they were after the Maudlings and I know how that lot conducted themselves and the lies that they told. I was never involved with their Class A drugs and sex work no matter how hard they tried to force me into those circles and just look to what they resorted. I was a swot who spent most of my time studying or working until I received all that Help… Or was I a Shy Prostitute with a criminal record longer than Reggie’s arm?


    As well as the Indie, the BMJ also published an obituary for Archibald the Low Income Foetus Slayer of Aberdeen, Wales and Edinburgh which provided a few details that didn’t appear in the Indie. The BMJ mentioned that Archibald’s Fine Work with the MRC led to the establishment of the MRC Reproduction Biology Unit in Edinburgh. That Unit became a famous Global Leader and when I was working at St George’s, the resident pain in the arse, Cathy Wilson’s Posh Side-Kick Mandy Leigh, had a good sneer when she bumped into a girl with whom she’d been at school who was working at the MRC Reproduction Biology Unit in Edinburgh and Mandy was able to rub it in that she was on a much higher salary that than the woman at the MRC Unit. I have mentioned previously on the blog that St George’s worked some sort of fiddle with the Wellcome Trust to secure Mandy a much higher salary than anyone else but I have no idea how they did it. Mandy’s dad was a former Gov’t scientist of some sort and her brother Charles was a merchant banker, but I don’t know who the Leighs were. Just that they hobnobbed with aristos and that Mandy was as much of a crushing, name-dropping snob as Cathy.

    When Mandy bumped into the girl from her old school who was working at the MRC Unit in Edinburgh, Mandy smugly remembered that at school she had hated this girl – Mandy went to a girls public school that, in the 1970s/80s, still operated a fagging system – and Mandy gave her a very bad time, Mandy being the resident Flashman. So Mandy kicked her in the chops once more as a junior researcher by letting her know how much bigger Mandy’s salary was…

    If Mandy’s target is reading this and wants to do a bit of digging re the fiddle that Bodger and Cathy did to bag Mandy so much more dosh than anyone else while behaving appallingly, be my guest and do let me know the result. Because re results, Mandy was thrown out of one degree course before rocking up at King’s College, London to have another go on their physiology degree, yet was bagging more goodies than us hard-working folk who didn’t fail exams and get thrown off degrees. But then Mandy didn’t complain about the Royal Lobotomist.

    Archibald Friend Of Dugald and Gwynne was Associate Editor of the ‘British Journal of Medical Ethics’ and Consultant Editor of the ‘Journal of Medical Ethics’ as well as Joint Editor of the ‘Dictionary of Medical Ethics’.

    Archibald was Chairman of the Scottish Council on Disability. Although Archibald ‘retired’ in 1976, with that degree of criminality to conceal he couldn’t possibly leave the field. Thus Archibald was Chair of the Lothian Health Board and General Assessor on the Council of Edinburgh University Court.

    Archibald died suddenly from a stroke, thus his obit appearing in the BMJ of 9 Jan 1993.

    Previous posts have discussed Tam Paton, the gangster who managed 1970s/80s pop bands, most famously the Bay City Rollers. Paton was based in Edinburgh, was known to be a big time Class A dealer and have a taste for boys/young men. Paton is alleged to have been running a big paedophile ring; there were numerous complaints but the Lothian Police never really did very much about the sexual assault allegations, although Paton was done for drugs offences. Even the Rollers, who in later life gave police statements re Paton, found that their complaints were not acted upon. After I began this blog, one of the early members of the Rollers – he left the band before they became famous – died in a house fire.

    Readers might remember that in 2000 Derek Longmuir, formerly the Rollers’ drummer, was done for child porn offences. Derek was working as an Angel at the time, at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. The evidence against Derek was overwhelming, although as with Ollie Brooke, Derek was only prosecuted on sort of specimen charges. Derek was convicted but got off very lightly indeed. The regulatory authorities re Nursing took no action against him and Derek later returned to working as an Angel. Derek went into Nursing after he volunteered at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.

    Tam Paton was manager of Slik, a Glasgae-based teeny band of which Midge Ure was a member, before Midge became a Real Rock Star. Midge of 1984 Band Aid fame, with St Geldof, husband of Paula who grew up in north Wales and went to primary school in Lord Wyn Jones’s home village.

    The elite paedophile/sex abuse ring in Edinburgh of which Paton was believed to be a member was so obviously the one which Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates Ronald Fairbairn, Henry Walton, Sula Wolff etc were facilitating. Senior Scottish lawyers were part of it as well and not only Nicholas Fairbairn.

    See previous posts…

    As ever when I read the BMJ, I found lots of other titbits, just on the same page as Archibald’s obituary. There was the obit of Top Doc Traugott Gumpert, who had worked as consultant physician and cardiologist at the Royal Hospital Sheffield, 1936-68. So Gumpert knew about Jimmy Savile and the rest of the wrongdoing in Sheffield that was concealed by Top Docs, politicians and the usual suspects. Sheffield was part of the big Yorkshire ring that exchanged staff and did business with the Gang as long ago as the 1950s. T.E. Gumpert had gone to school in Sheffield and trained at Sheffield University so he can’t have not noticed what was happening around him.

    Gumpert’s wife Joan was a Top Doc; Joan pegged out all of a sudden in 1987. Traugott and Joan had a daughter and two sons, one who became a neurologist and the other a surgeon! Those kits had little kits and Traugott’s BMJ obituary mentioned that he had 10 grandchildren ‘one of whom is a medical student’. The others who weren’t medical students are unlikely to be working in Spar. Gumpert is an unusual name, it won’t be difficult to locate the extended clan who’s ancestor Didn’t Know About Savile.

    Here’s a few clues from Munk’s Roll to get interested readers started:

    Ernest John Wallace Gumpert

    b.13 December 1934 d.28 April 2010

    BChir Cantab(1960) MB(1961) MRCS LRCP(1961) MRCP(1967) FRCP(1979)

    Ernest John Wallace Gumpert (‘Wally’) was a consultant clinical neurologist and neurophysiologist in Sheffield. Born in Sheffield, his father Traugott Ernest Gumpert was also a consultant physician [Munk’s Roll, Vol.IX, p.215]. He came from a medical family; his uncle was William Davidson Wallace [Munk’s Roll, Vol.VIII, p.521], his mother was a medical practitioner, his brother James Robert Wallace Gumpert was a surgeon and his late sister was a nurse at Guy’s Hospital. Educated at the Ley’s School in Cambridge, he studied medicine at Queen’s College, Cambridge and Guy’s where he initially did house jobs. For a while he worked with a surgeon, Lord Brock [Munk’s Roll, Vol.VII, p.62], who had operated on him when he was 17, repairing a coarctation of the aorta with a prosthetic tube graft. A revolutionary operation at the time, Gumpert was to become Brock’s longest survivor.

    After Guy’s he began to specialise in neurology and moved to the National Hospital in Queen Square as academic registrar. He then returned to Sheffield as Ryder Briggs research fellow and honorary senior registrar in neurology to the United Sheffield Hospitals. Eventually he was appointed consultant clinical neurologist and neurophysiologist, retiring in 1995.

    In Sheffield he set up the department of clinical neurophysiology. He was also chairman of the Encephalography (EEG) and Clinical Neurophysiology Education Board Examination Committee and secretary of the EEG Society of Great Britain. An examiner for the Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board (PLAB), he was also on the appeals tribunal for wounded service personnel. He helped to set up the Sandygate Clinic (later the Claremont Hospital) which was run by the Sisters of Mercy. The clinic gave free treatment to those disabled by chronic neurological diseases and he was created a Knight Commander of the Order of St Sylvester by Pope John Paul for this work.

    With a thriving private practice, he was often consulted as an expert on the persistent vegetative state. He appeared on the television programme Panorama in a controversial broadcast which discussed the possibility of reversing post-traumatic brain damage. After the Hillsborough football disaster of 1989 he was greatly involved in the treatment of the victims.

    Among many important scientific papers on neurology and electroencephalography, the seminal one was published jointly with Adrian Upton as ‘Encephalography in diagnosis of herpes-simplex encephalitis’ (Lancet, 1970, 1, 650-2).

    He was a member of the Leander Rowing Club and enjoyed cricket and music.

    In 1958 he married Joanna née Belsher, the daughter of Alfred, who was a solicitor. When he died, after a long and bravely born struggle with prostate cancer, Joanna survived him with their two sons, daughter and eight grandchildren.

    QUICK OBSERVATIONS: I won’t bother to discuss the many relatives named in the obituary who were Of The Gang’s Circle, or Lord Brock who was a Famous Giant Of Medicine, but I will note that Wally went to Ley’s School in Cambridge, of which Trumper’s husband Alan Barker was Headmaster during the late 1960s/70s. Trumpers who as Thatch’s Health Minister was the One Who Appointed Jimmy Savile to the Broadmoor management task force which resulted in Savile becoming General Manager of Broadmoor in 1988. Trumpers knew Savile from her work with Troubled Girls, Psychiatric Patients and Prisoners. Trumpers was also a big mate of Rab Butler, then Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Ley’s alumni stick together, as do former Ley’s teachers. Ley’s educated numerous sons of the Posh including overseas Royalty and there is a close association between Ley’s School and High Society in Cambridge. Before Ley’s, Barker was a Master at Eton – that’s how Trumpers and Barker were so close to Douglas Hurd, Hurd was one of Barker’s pupils at Eton who was close to Barker – and after Ley’s, Barker was Head of University College School, Hampstead. Two former pupils were Harold Wilson’s sons. It was all one big happy family, no matter what the alleged political differences were. See previous posts.

    Wally trained at Guy’s, so will have been forever after a Guy’s man, along with Gang member Prof Robert Owen and so many others… Those who trained and qualified at Guy’s remained as loyal to Guy’s as those who worked there, such as Uncle Harry, Sister Hutt’s dad and Dafydd’s crazy mate  from the Maudsley Sex Therapist Prof Jim Watson and Jim’s wife, another Sex Therapist. Biggus Watson and his wife passed through St George’s on their way from the Maudsley to Uncle Harry’s place of employment.

    It wasn’t Guy’s that assured Wally’s future though, it was that spell at the National Hospital at Queen’s Square, with Roger Gilliatt, Lord Snowdon’s close friend and best man! Roger, son of Sir William Gilliatt, Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne, William Gilliatt who worked at the Middlesex Hospital and taught Gwynne. Roger Gilliatt trained at the Middlesex as well and knew Gwynne. Roger Gilliatt, Mr Thrope, the bisexual swinger Jeremy Fry (from the West Country Quaker Fry’s Chocolate Family)  and Lord S were all good mates. The National Hospital at Queen’s Square was a bit of a joke until Roger Gilliatt worked there and from then on it was a Global Leader. Roger Gilliatt moved to the US and obviously being ‘Gee are you a friend of The Queen??’ led a very successful career in neurology in the US. Anyone who worked with Roger was on solid ground…

    Wally moved from Lord Snowdon Central to Jimmy Savile Central and spent the rest of his career Not Knowing. 

    Just don’t mention Penny, Roger Gilliatt’s first wife, arts critic for ‘The Observer’ and then the ‘New York Times’, film-maker etc. Northumberland-born Penny – her dad was a barrister who was big in the BBC in the North East, where Lord Lambton’s ancestral seat was located -had a fling with John ‘Look Back In Anger’ Osborn, who in turn had a fling with many other people of both genders. Penny and Osborn married, Brenda’s clan never forgave the Slut for Cheating On Poor Roger and Penny subsequently found herself drifting into depression and alcoholism, dying in the early 1990s because the Ah the Doctors were wonderful but there was no Helping Penny. Previous posts discuss the huge circle who discussed Uganda with Penny, Osborn and Osborn’s multiple partners/wives and their partners… Most paths lead to Gwynne and Dafydd.

    There is a Joanna Gumpert who is a social work academic based in Australia who worked in collaboration with Marywood University in the US. Joanna Gumpert was publishing a lot about rural social work practice between the late 1990s and 2004…

    A Ben Gumpert is a CPS solicitor who was involved in the prosecution in a human slavery case in Luton; no of course no Top Docs or social workers were prosecuted by Ben, it was the usual suspects…

    James Robert Wallace Gumpert is a vascular surgeon (he has probably retired by now) who was based in Brighton. In the 1980s, James Robert Wallace Gumpert was involved with the Sussex Stroke and Circulation Fund, raising money, purchasing machines that go ping etc.

    Here’s the Official History as provided on the SSCF website:

    The Sussex Stroke & Circulation Fund is a registered charity raising money to fund research and provide equipment to help with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with vascular disease in Sussex. It was set up in 1980 by Mr Philip Sommerville, the first vascular surgeon in Brighton, with the help and encouragement of a former patient, Mrs Helen Liwicki. They were joined at the outset by Mr Robert Gumpert and Mr Colin Strachan, both Brighton vascular surgeons, and by Dr John Rees who, with Colin Strachan, set up the first service for carotid vascular disease in Sussex. Mrs Jennifer Redman was the first sonographer who provided the invaluable laboratory diagnostic.

    Since 1980 we have raised over £1,000,000 from voluntary sources.

    The charity has raised over £1,000,000 to provide vascular services at both the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

    In recent years the Charity has supported the development of a Vascular Assessment Unit in Worthing & Southlands Hospital as part of regional vascular service for Sussex. We also produce information leaflets for people with vascular disease and those about to undergo amputation. We also support research and education of healthcare workers involved in the development and delivery of Vascular Services.


    John Allen trafficked kids from north Wales children’s homes to brothels he owned in Brighton. Vascular Surgeon Gumpert was busy in Brighton in April 1992 when the Brighton Firebomb killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. See ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’. 1992 was a rather better year for Surgeon Gumpert and the SSCF; in 1992 they opened their Vascular Laboratory. Obviously with the sort of progress made by Top Docs, the PR and fundraising continued and in Nov 2000 the SSCF opened the Vascular Assessment Unit…

    As any fule kno, stroke and vascular care in the UK is still not what it should be and in Wales it still is dreadful. Some five years ago, the Royal College of Surgeons produced an utterly damning Report about the vascular surgeons of north Wales that didn’t mince its words. The Report denounced the vascular surgeons in north Wales – based at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd – as running a dangerous service entirely for their own needs, irrespective of the harm caused to patients. The surgeons had flatly refused to relocate to other parts of north Wales because they liked living in the Colwyn Bay area. So there was still only a thin and patchy service in North West Wales, provided by the vascular surgeons who, when they felt like it, popped over to Ysbyty Gwynedd to hold a clinic. The Royal College made it clear that patients were dying because of these bastard vascular surgeons.

    The bastard vascular surgeons had a Secret Helper of whom the general public were unaware. Dr Christine Evans aka Dr Chris, retired urological surgeon, a mate of Gwynne, Dafydd and Tony Francis. Dr Chris doubled up as a Prestatyn Councillor and explained on her blog that no-one was going to tell her mates at YGC what to do. Dr Chris mobilised. Dr Chris got herself elected as the Chair of the North Wales Community Health Council aka the Patients’ Voice and did everything she could from that position to ensure that the Killer Vascular Surgeons of YGC were allowed to continue in their own sweet way. Merfyn was Chair of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board at the time and I watched Dr Chris do everything possible to intimidate and undermine him and any Board members who supported him.

    I and another Empowered Service User made representation after representation to Dr Chris and the CHC re the abuse and neglect of psych patients. We were ignored. I didn’t tell Dr Chris that I knew that she was a friend of Tony Francis. Sadie Francis was elected as a member of the CHC. As was former Lib Dem AM Eleanor Burnham, a Wrexham-born former Social Services manager in north Wales who had sat on Mental Health Review Tribunals for the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Yet another CHC member was Glanville Owen, who in the 1980s had been Lucille Hughes’s Deputy at Gwynedd Social Services, managing the children’s homes…

    This was the Patients Voice in north Wales. They had run a paedophile ring.

    Dr Chris didn’t even sit through the Board meetings that she ‘attended’. She stayed for the first 20 mins, gave Merfyn his orders and then buggered off.

    While protecting the Killer Vascular Surgeons of YGC, Dr Chris continued to receive good media PR from her charidee work in Syria, from her role in running ‘The Raven’, a twee community pub (‘The Raven’ received a Royal visit from Carlo and Camilla) near her house in Clwyd – an area now so expensive that no locals could afford to live there – and from her role in Campaigning for the rights of trangender people ie. Jan Morris, an old friend of Sir Charles Evans, former Principal of UCNW. Jan worked for the security services, as did many others in the 1953 Everest Team with Jan, Charles Evans etc.

    Previous posts eg. ‘A Charming, Uplifting Sound…’ discussed the excesses of Dr Chris and the numerous complaints re her appalling crudeness to patients – men and women – who were referred to her for urological/uro-gynaecological problems. Dr Chris knew Bodger’s mate at St George’s, Prof Stuart Stanton of Serious Organised Crime in the UK and Israel…

    The Royal College of Surgeons DID produce a hard-hitting Report about the sins of Dr Chris’s mates at YGC. Yet Dr Chris continued to act as an examiner for the er Royal College of Surgeons, attend their conferences and play a major role in Royal College life…

    No-one managed to shift those sodding vascular surgeons, they are still playing silly buggers now and patient outcomes in north Wales are still dreadful. The other day there was a plaintive letter published in the Daily Post from a concerned patient re the terrible service for vascular patients in North West Wales. They rightly pointed out that patients are having to travel miles to access care and that the service at Ysbyty Gwynedd is not what it should be. The author of the letter demanded that the Wonderful Vascular Surgeons at Ysbyty Gwynedd be given More Money…

    The author of the letter will have been genuine. They will have discussed that bloody awful service with the Angels and Top Docs and they will have been lied to. The same happened to F, I and other patients years ago when the Day Centre closed down at Hergest. We campaigned to keep it open, a move I still defend because there was nothing else for patients, nothing at all. What we didn’t know was that the Angel who ran the Day Centre, Ella Fisk, was, without our knowledge, one of the staff who was colluding with the very serious crimes against us; the evidence is all over my documents. We had no idea at all that Tony Francis was as dangerous as he was. He was clearly ill and cracking up but that was probably because of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Tony did discuss his health problems with us. He attributed them all to interstitial cystitis, a very painful condition that I think he did have. He praised his Top Doc to the skies – Dr Christine Evans. I have found out that as a result of Dr Chris, Tony became addicted to opiates. Dr Chris knew that Tony had become quite seriously ill, was a danger to patients AND addicted to opiates. She never said a thing. It seems very likely that Tony was also sexually abusing patients and even kids in care…

    Dr Chris the Dick Doctor (as she liked to be known) knew enough to stop Tony Francis from practicing. She didn’t. The Royal Colleges and GMC knew all about this. So Dr Chris was despatched to Syria to carry out charidee work and lodged into the CHC as the Patients’ Voice along with other guilty parties.

    What chance do patients have of ever meaningfully contributing to debates re their local NHS when they are fed so much manure by so many layers of criminals from so many fields of vested interests?

    See previous posts for info re CHC adventures and those involved…

    And for info on Wicked Dictator Bashar al -Assad Of Syria, who before he was a Wicked Dictator was a Nice Young Doctor working in a London hospital networking with other Syrian docs – including those at Hammersmith, St George’s etc – and was even Raising Money for Syrian causes. Bashar was doing his postgrad training in London at the Western Eye Hospital, that subsequently became part of the Imperial College NHS empire, as did Hammersmith. I have been told that there was Panic In High Places when Bashar began bombing and killing because of my memories re the overseas students and Top Docs whom I met when I worked in London…

    Surely People In Charge, you should have been more concerned at Bashar’s Lady Wife continuing to enjoy shopping trips to Harrods AFTER Bashar became a Wicked Dictator? Never mind, we’ve got Plucky British Top Docs such as Dr Chris to conduct Mercy Missions to Syria!


  • According to GMC records, Wally Gumpert and his brother the Brighton-based surgeon both relinquished their registration. I can find no trace of the Gumpert who was the med student mentioned in the obituary of Granddad Gumpert. Perhaps they realised that the game was up before they ever reached the starting line and never bothered to register.
  • Another obit on the same page as the BMJ’s tributes to Archibald and T.E. Gumpert was that of Patrick Joseph Sweeney. Sweeney was the first consultant physician to be appointed to the Fermanagh County Hospital in 1950. Robert Grosvenor, the 5th Duke of Westminster, father of Carlo and Peter Morrison’s pal Gerald Grosvenor, served as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, 1955-64. Robert Grosvenor made his main home at the family seat in N Ireland and Gerald spent his early years there before he went to school at Sunningdale and then Harrow, although as an adult, Gerald’s main home was Eaton Hall, the Grosvenor estate in Cheshire. Previous posts have explained the correspondence received by me alleging that as a boy, Peter Morrison was sexually abused by Robert Grosvenor and that was the probable cause of Morrison’s own problematic sexuality.
  • Patrick Joseph Sweeney trained at University College Dublin and as a Nice Young Doctor worked at the Royal Victoria and West Hampshire Hospital – on Lord Denning’s home territory -and was a registrar at the General Infirmary in Salisbury. Peter Morrison’s father John Morrison aka Lord Margadale was the Tory MP for Salisbury, 1942-65 and the Morrison family seat was in Wiltshire; the Morrisons virtually ran the county. Peter Morrison’s brother Charles was the Tory MP for Devizes. Sweeney was a dermatologist a la Bill Beer of the C&A Hospital, Bangor, Bill who suddenly rocked up in Gwynedd in 1965 from the Westminster Hospital after his boss there suggested that Gwynedd might be in need of Bill’s talents.


Archibald Duncan’s wife Barbara Holliday may very well have been something to do with Sir Frederick George Thomas Holliday, CBE, DL, FRSE (22 September 1935 – 5 September 2016), Acting Principal of the University of Stirling, 1973-75, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University, 1980-90, and Chair of Northumbrian Water, 1993-2006. Holliday was a marine biologist who knew the crowd at UCNW.

Holliday completed his BSc in biology at the University of Sheffield where he studied under Sir Hans Krebs, Nobel Prize-winner, graduating in 1956. Sir Hans became famous for discovering the Kreb’s Cycle. Sir Hans has a son, John, who became a Lord. John Krebs was a mediocre zoologist/ornithologist until he went to work as UCNW in a fairly junior capacity and discovered a paedophile ring. It took John a lot further than his dad’s discovery of a crucial metabolic biochem pathway.

Holliday’s National Service, 1956-58, was spent on defence vessels and at the Marine Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1958, he joined the Civil Service having been appointed a scientific officer at the Marine Research Laboratory. In 1961, Holliday joined the University of Aberdeen as a lecturer in zoology. In 1967, he joined the newly created University of Stirling as Professor of Biology. He served as Deputy Principal of the University in 1972, and was its Acting Principal, 1973 -75. In 1975, Holliday returned to the University of Aberdeen where he had been appointed Professor of Zoology.

In 1980, Holliday became Vice-Chancellor and Warden of Durham University. Professor Eric Sunderland was one of his PVCs at Durham. See the source imageDuring his time as VC, Holliday expanded Durham University through the building of the Queen’s Campus in Stockton-on-Tees; this would later expand further and now consists of two colleges (John Snow College, Durham and Stephenson College, Durham). In 1990, Holliday stepped down and retired from academia, being succeeded as Vice-Chancellor and Warden by Evelyn Ebsworth. I have discussed Ebsworth (as well as Holliday) in previous posts; Ebsworth may have been a relation of Lyn Ebsworth, one of the senior managers in Gwynedd County Council in the early 1980s, when Gwynedd CC was in utter chaos, managed and run by a gang of old paedophiles… See ‘I Know Nuzzing..’

Having retired from academia in 1990, Holliday joined the Joint Nature Conservation Committee as its Chairman. Holliday resigned from the committee in 1991, in protest over the government’s “failure to consult the committee before introducing the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act”. This Act created the Scottish Natural Heritage but also allowed land-owners to appeal against the creation of a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The loathed, completely incompetent Prof of the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW, J.B. Owen, arrived at UCNW in the early 1980s from Aberdeen. Owen led a Dept at UCNW that, entertainingly observed by a fellow student of mine, ‘hates SSSIs’. It was true, the noticeboard in the Agri Dept at UCNW was regularly covered in press clippings re the evils of SSSIs. This was odd – the hatred of the Agri Dept for any sort of environmentally sensitive form of farming was one of the reasons for the exodus of so many of their students to the Depts of Plant Biology and Zoology – because although J.B. Owen et al claimed to have an affiliation to agri-business, they were so hopeless that the children of the big estate farmers on the Agri degree at UCNW observed that if their parents were as clueless as that bunch of old farts they’d be bankrupt… Indeed, the laughable College Farm owned by UCNW and run by the geniuses of the Agri Dept went bankrupt. Twice. While British agriculture was in receipt of generous subsidies…

Nonetheless, Prof Richard Howarth, the Agri Dept’s resident agricultural economist, bagged a position as economic adviser to Thatch. Although I understand that Howarth has my presence at UCNW to thank for that, rather than any ability ever shown by him. But then the stellar careers of Fungus Lowe, John Farrar and so many other Bangor-based Leaders Of Academia are all down to me as well. As indeed are more than a few careers of those in Big Pharma and Medicine, not to mention Politics. As Dafydd said in one of his injunctions re the phone calls from MacDuff, they are ‘too numerous to particularise’.

Ewe don’t expect me to discuss it with a layperson like ewerself do you Miranda?

Frederick Holliday joined the Board of Directors of Northumbrian Water in 1991. He was elected its Chairman in 1993. During Holliday’s leadership, he expanded company’s coverage until it provided water for the North East of England. It was also a period of upheaval with the company being bought by Lyonnaise des Eaux, a French company which later merged with another to become Suez; Northumbrian Water was sold in 2003, becoming once more British owned. Holliday stepped down as Chairman in 2006.

Frederick Holliday died on 5 September 2016, a few weeks short of his 81st birthday, at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, after a stroke. Some three weeks after I began this blog.

Holliday met his wife Philippa when they both worked at the Marine Research Laboratory in Scotland. They married in 1957 and had two children together. Holliday’s daughter Helen is a veterinarian and his son Richard is an engineer.

Holliday was born in Rubery, which at the time of Holliday’s birth, was in Worcestershire. As Birmingham expanded, Rubery came to be counted as Birmingham. Robert Bluglass’s clinic ie. his prison for the victims/witnesses of sex offenders was located in Rubery. Bear with me on this…

Frederick Holliday was succeeded as Principal/VC of Stirling University by Sir William aka Bill Cramond. Cramond was a psychiatrist who was Of The Gang. Cramond was VC of Stirling, 1975-80 and Stirling was considered to be in a very sorry state when Cramond took over as Principal. Which begs questions about Holliday’s ‘leadership’ that seem to have politely never been asked even when Holliday bagged his K in 1990…

Now Then. The Indie published an obituary for Cramond, in 2004, written by Tam Dalyell, the aristocratic Labour MP, ‘a man of independent thought’, who worked for MI5 and was recruited back in the days when MI5 were recruiting Richard Crossman, Dafydd et al:

William Alexander Cramond, psychiatrist and university administrator: born Aberdeen 2 October 1920; Physician Superintendent, Woodilee Mental Hospital, Glasgow 1955-61; OBE 1960; Director of Mental Health, South Australia 1961-65; Professor of Mental Health, University of Adelaide 1963-71; Principal Medical Officer in Mental Health, Scottish Home and Health Department 1971-72; Professor of Mental Health and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Leicester University 1972-75; Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Stirling University 1975-80; Director of Mental Health Services, New South Wales 1980-83; Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Flinders University 1983-92 (Emeritus); AO 1994; married 1949 Bertine Mackintosh (one son, one daughter); died Adelaide, South Australia 7 June 2004.

That Stirling University has an assured place among well- regarded British universities is in significant part due to the wise and constructive vice-chancellorship of the distinguished psychiatrist William Cramond.
In 1975, when Cramond took over the reins, the future of Stirling University was in peril. Over dinner in 1974, so serious a scientist as David Phillips (later Lord Phillips of Ellesmere), then Professor of Molecular Biophysics at Oxford University, told me that his advice was to close four British universities – one of which he named as Stirling – and concentrate resources elsewhere. Moreover, Stirling was uniquely vulnerable. In 1972 there had been a royal visit. The students had been cooped up indoors in cafeterias with access to alcohol. One student, looking malign, but actually benevolently sozzled, approached the Queen bottle in hand, and the threatening picture went round the world. The name of Stirling was besmirched. Potential donors had second thoughts. The infant university, founded in 1967, had lost its gifted first Secretary, Harry Donnelly, and then, in 1973, its Vice-Chancellor Tom Cottrell, the much-respected chemist, died of a stroke brought on by stress. Fred Holliday, later Vice-Chancellor of Durham, stood in. The Appointments Committee looked far and wide for a vice-chancellor who could rescue the dire situation (I know because my father-in-law, John Wheatley, the Lord Justice Clerk, was Chairman of the University Court). In Bill Cramond they found their man.
William Alexander Cramond was educated at the rigorous Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen and at Aberdeen University, See the source imagefrom where he volunteered in 1940 for military service. He was posted to the Third Battalion of the Tenth Gurkha Rifles in India. After a year training for war against the Japanese, he was stricken by polio and returned to Aberdeen University.

His first senior job was as Physician Superintendent at the Woodilee Mental Hospital outside Glasgow between 1955 and 1961. He and his wife, Bertine, also a psychiatrist, had a chance invitation from a visiting Australian for him to become Director of Mental Health for South Australia, which he did for four years before becoming Professor of Mental Health at the University of Adelaide, 1963-71. Tempted back to Britain by the offer of a post  as Principal Medical Officer in Mental Health in the Scottish Home and Health Department, he returned to academia as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Leicester University. His inaugural lecture, “Prescription for a Doctor”, attracted national attention:
Sometimes people decide on medicine as a career because of personal illness, or the sickness or death of a much-loved family member. Sometimes success in a course of first aid in the Scouts or Guides is the spark that kindles the flame. More rarely nowadays is there a long family tradition of producing doctors.
But what, he asked, of the unconscious motives?
The first I would mention is the early, normal unconscious identification of the child, boy and girl, with a mother. She seems to be the source of compassion, mercy, nurturing, succouring, healing and comforting. So these values attributed to her are incorporated in the growing child and a choice of profession where they can be acted out is made. Or again there is the theme of curiosity about the body. I guess as children we have all played at being doctors, and for some of us these simple, superficial examinations of the other’s body in a rather furtive and secretive way become in reality “Let’s be a doctor” in later life, where the final answer to the question of what is really inside is given..Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

[Freud was of course a user of Class As. He prescribed himself ‘six and six’ and a bit more when his clinical judgement deemed it to be in his best interests.]

Cramond was a champion of many causes. He opposed all forms of restriction, overt or covert, on the entry of women into medicine. While it was true that many never fulfilled their academic or professional potential in terms of the obtaining of higher qualifications or of research output, the quality of their work was as high as that of their male colleagues Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesas was their conscientiousness. Cramond concluded:
I ask myself my criterion of a good doctor and it is this. Is this the man or woman that I would ask to look after my wife and children, mother and father? If we can answer that question in the affirmative and can apply this to our graduates then Leicester town and gown will have done well. This must be our steadfast goal and in time our achievement.
Perhaps Cramond’s most important legacy was his careful work published in the Journal of Psychiatric Medicine, The Lancet and the British Medical Journal on the care of the dying.
Leaving Stirling in an infinitely healthier situation than he found it, in 1980 he returned to Australia to become Director of Mental Health Services for New South Wales and, finally, 1983-92, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Flinders University, South Australia.


Translation: Cramond was a leading light in the Westminster Paedophile Ring; just take a look at that CV, it could not be better! Born and educated in Lord Bob Boothby Central, Bill Cramond was Biggus Dickus who was headhunted back from Oz by Grocer Heath’s Gov’t to advise the Home Office under Reggie Maudling, the DHSS under Keith Joseph under the umbrella of the Scottish Office under Gordon – later Lord Gordon – Campbell. In addition, Bill Cramond was appointed Dean of Leicester University… Cramond was not a Caring Doctor, this man was a total bastard; he was Superintendent of an asylum in Glasgae in the 1950s. Cramond was one of those who brutality was so dreadful that R.D. Laing built an eccentric career writing about it, successfully disguising his own abuse of patients because anything was better than Bill Cramond and his mates…

Cramond, a man who battered, shocked and lobotomised the victims of paedophiles/sex offenders into submission, was appointed VC of Stirling because a pissed student upset Brenda in 1972 and Something Had To Be Done About That Bloody University….

Cramond knew Gwynne and Dafydd… And Roger Gilliatt.

Cramond’s Work In Australia, will I suspect, have involved some of those child migrants who were transported from the slums of Britain by the British Gov’t, assisted by er Cramond and his colleagues, to lives of slave labour and sex work in Oz…

Other obituaries of Bill Cramond tell us that he was the son of an Aberdeen civil servant and that Bill initially studied Agriculture at Aberdeen. Before running Woodlie Hospital, Cramond worked at another hell-hole, Kingseat Hospital, outside Aberdeen. When he was responsible for mental health in Scotland, Carstairs was under Cramond’s jurisdiction. Carstairs is the high security psychiatric hospital in Scotland with a reputation worse than any high security hospital in England. Carstairs was reputed to be dreadful with less chance of the truth re murders of patients being exposed as at Ashworth, Broadmoor or Rampton. Cramond was the first Dean of Leicester Medical School, serving 1972-75, before taking up his appointment as Principal of Stirling.

Cramond’s son I think is Stephen Cramond, the Electronic Content Manager at Melbourne University; Stephen was previously the Electronic Resource Librarian at Adelaide University.

Previous posts have mentioned that Keith Thomson, the criminal CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust had spent a few years as an NHS manager in Stirling before returning home to Gwynedd. I knew that Thomson had palled up with Lord Jack McConnell, but the presence of Bill Cramond in Stirling will have provided Thomson with limitless scope for criminality. After Thomson was corned by my lawyer in 2005, he ‘retired’ from his post at the NW Wales NHS Trust, only to be appointed as CEO of the NHS Trust in Pembrokeshire by Brian Gibbons, the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister.

With regard to the Terrible Upset suffered by Brenda on her visit to Stirling University in Oct 1972 under a previous Principal/VC – Tom Cottrell – it was actually a student protest about the deficits of facilities at Stirling, then a new university. There was panic at British Establishment level because of that era of student militancy and worse eg. the activities of the Angry Brigade and of course serious civil disorder in N Ireland.

In Oct 2012 BBC News online Remembered the occasion:

After the celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee another Royal anniversary is about to be marked. Forty years after an infamous incident in which the Queen was booed during a visit to the University of Stirling some of those who took part in the protest will gather in the city. The disruption to the Royal visit on 12 October 1972 led to headlines around the world and disciplinary action against 24 so called ring leaders. The students were protesting about poor facilities in social areas in what was a relatively new institution.

Ken Ferguson was a communist student in 1972 and admits booing the Queen. He told BBC Newsnight Scotland: “I booed – certainly yes. Stirling was a new build university. When I came here in 1972 it was still a building site and there was a tremendous dearth of social space for students which was a hot issue among the almost 2,000 students who were here at the time.”

“When it was announced that the Queen was going to visit us in October of 1972, the expense and the pomp and all the cleaning up and painting of signs and so forth that goes with a royal visit caused much resentment.”

As the Queen and her royal party made their way through the university building there was shouting and one student was later charged by the university authorities with drinking from a bottle “which act was abusive and discourteous to the Queen and her accompanying party”.

That story found its way onto many newspaper front pages. One, from the Scottish Daily Express, read: “Fury over Louts”.

Writer Harry Reid said the incident left the university campus “a very bitter and divided place. The whole thing dragged on and that lovely campus became completely split.”

Ken Ferguson said: “It was the 1970s, we were in a place of academic and intellectual inquiry and you are getting flung out because you protested because the Queen was here. It was quite bizarre.”

Harry Reid told the programme there was a feeling amongst some that the incident “symbolised a society that was beginning to break up”.

The charges against the 24 students were later dropped. Some of the students of the time will gather in Stirling this Saturday to look back at a day few of them are ever likely to forget.


Old footage of the student protest in Brenda’s presence shows a sizeable and noisy demo but Brenda was as usual surrounded by flunkeys and was at no time in physical danger. One can only marvel at the silliness of various authorities in the manner in which they chose to deal with a student demo. In the light of what we now know, the Shocked and Disgusted contingent should have considered themselves damn lucky that Backdoor Billy and the paedophile ring weren’t mentioned or indeed Gwynne and the lobotomised witnesses.

Tom CottrellSee the source image died ‘from a heart attack’ at his home in Stirling at the age of 49 on 2 June 1973. Which is rather worrying.

Prof Tom Leadbetter Cottrell DSc FRSE (8 June 1923 -2 June 1973) was an influential Scottish chemist. He is best remembered as a co-founder and first Principal of the University of Stirling, and founder of the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling.

Tom was born in Edinburgh the son of Lily and Allin Cottrell, a lecturer in chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Tom attended George Watson’s College and then studied chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 1943. From 1943 until 1959, Tom  worked at the Nobel Division of ICI, based at Ardeer working on the manufacture of explosives. In 1952 he was awarded the Meldola Medal by the Institute of Chemistry.

From 1959 until 1965 Tom was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1960, his proposers including James Kendall and Mowbray Ritchie. From 1965 Tom became involved in the creation of the University of Stirling both physically and in terms of creating its administrative structure. The University was sited just north of Stirling, centred on Airthrey Castle but this was too small to serve as much more than simply a focal point within the University. Cottrell’s office in these years was in the Garden Cottage of the Castle’s estate.

In 1967, on completion of the essential core buildings of the university, Tom became the first Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling and immediately began promoting the arts at the University.

Cottrell was a appreciator of fine art and established a substantial collection of Scottish art for the University, beginning with the acquisition of 14 paintings by John Duncan Fergusson from his widow, Margaret Morris.

Margaret Morris was a choreographer/ballet dancer as well as a Ugandan discussing member of High Society. Members of Margaret’s Arty Circle, based in Chelsea, included Augustus John, Jacob Epstein, Katherine Mansfield, Ezra Pound, Siegfried Sassoon, Wyndham Lewis and Charles Rennie Mackintosh This group, after WW I, were involved in organising a Labour Party connected collective known as the ‘Arts League of Service’ which aimed to bring the arts into everyday life. Margaret trained as a physiotherapist at Tommy’s in 1930 Margaret Morris (dancer) in the 1920s.jpgand then combined physiotherapy with dance, boosting the credibility of the ‘Margaret Morris Movement’,  which became influential. In 1972, at the age of 81, Morris was asked to train the dancers in the musical Hair at the Metropole Theatre, Glasgow. In 1973 the ‘Margaret Morris Movement’ film was made by the Scottish Arts Council. Margaret Morris died in Glasgow on 29 February 1980, aged 89.

Tom Cottrell was married to Marie; they had two sons, Allin and John.

‘Brenda has been Offended’. The VC keeled over and died the following year.

Here’s a Serious Criminal who doubled up as President of UCNW:See the source image

Here’s a Serious Criminal who doubled up as Principal of UCNW:Image result for sir charles evans images

Here’s another Serious Criminal who doubled up as a Principal of UCNW:See the source image

Here’s A Rebellious Pleb Who Had To Go:See the source image


Lord Gordon Campbell was Scottish Secretary throughout Grocer Heath’s time as PM. Campbell as completely escaped the attentions of this blog until now, so here’s the essentials.

The Lord Campbell of Croy
Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland
In office
4 March 1974 – 13 June 1974
Leader Edward Heath
Preceded by Willie Ross
Succeeded by Alick Buchanan-Smith
In office
23 January 1969 – 19 June 1970
Leader Edward Heath
Preceded by Willie Ross
Secretary of State for Scotland
In office
19 June 1970 – 4 March 1974
Prime Minister Edward Heath
Preceded by Willie Ross
Succeeded by Willie Ross
Member of Parliament
for Moray and Nairn
In office
8 October 1959 – 8 February 1974
Preceded by James Stuart
Succeeded by Winnie Ewing
Personal details
Gordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell

(1921-06-08)8 June 1921
Quetta, British India

Died 26 April 2005(2005-04-26) (aged 83)
London, England
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Nicola Madan
Children 3
Alma mater Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Profession Diplomacy
Military service
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch/service  British Army
Years of service 1939–1947
Rank Major
Unit Royal Artillery
Battles/wars Second World War
Awards Military Cross

Gordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell, Baron Campbell of Croy, MC, PC, DL (8 June 1921-26 April 2005) was born in Quetta, British India (now in Pakistan), the son of Major General James Alexander Campbell and was educated at Rockport School in Holywood, County Down, then at Wellington College before joining the Royal Artillery in 1939. Campbell fought in the Second World War with the Royal Artillery from 1940, winning the Military Cross and Bar. Invalided out in 1947 with the honorary rank of major, Campbell served the Foreign Office in New York and Vienna until 1957.

Elected to Parliament in 1959, Campbell served as MP for Moray and Nairn until February 1974 when he was defeated by Winnie Ewing of the SNP. Campbell served as a Government Whip, 1961–62; Lord Commissioner of the Treasury – under Macmillan’s Chancellor Selwyn Lloyd, a good mate of Gwynne and Dafydd – and Scottish Whip, 1962–63; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland, 1963-64. Campbell was Opposition Spokesman on Defence, 1967–68 and a member of the Shadow Cabinet, 1969-70.

Campbell was Secretary of State for Scotland during the whole of Grocer Heath’s Gov’t. During Campbell’s term in office the issues of fishing and oil led to him losing his Moray coastal seat to the SNP. Gov’t papers from 1970 released under the 30 year rule reveal how the Scottish Office was prepared to have a “weaker and less efficient national fleet” to enable the UK to sign up to the controversial Common Fisheries Policy. On oil in 1972 Campbell was against any move to pump oil revenues directly into the Scottish economy despite the Grocer asking Gov’t Depts to explore such an arrangements to help revive Scotland’s economy with “its own resources”. Further papers from 1974 revealed how he proposed “exceptional measures” to force Shetland Islands Council to accept an oil terminal without financial benefit to the islands.

The Shetlands that was the childhood home of Big Granddaddy Sir Douglas Black – who believed that he was a socialist and was Chief Scientist at the DHSS under Sunny Jim – who’s family were friends with that of Norman Lamont, the Tory son of the surgeon on Shetland, who was elected as the MP for Kingston in 1972. It was the SNP that benefited from this scrapping, a party with a powerful Glasgae-based Top Doc as a high profile supporter. Little Scottish Susan’s dad knew Butcher Cramond.

After being defeated by Winnie Ewing of the SNP at the February 1974 General Election, Campbell was made a life peer as Baron Campbell of Croy in 1975. Chairman became Chairman of the Scottish Board in 1976, and was Vice President of the Advisory Committee on Pollution at Sea from 1976 to 1984.

Campbell married Nicola Madan, daughter of Geoffrey Spencer Madan and his wife Marjorie Noble, and had three children.

  • Hon. Colin Ian Calthrop Campbell b. 1950
  • Colonel Hon. Alastair James Calthrop Campbell b. 6 Jan 1952
  • Hon. Christina Marjorie Campbell b. 1953.

The Campbell family lived at Holme Rose at Croy in the Nairn Valley. In 2019, the property was put on the market for £2.3 million.

Bill Cramond was succeeded as Principal/VC of Stirling University by Sir Ken Alexander, an economist. Sir Ken didn’t hang around at Stirling for long, he was only Principal, 1981-86. Sir Kenneth John Wilson Alexander FRSE (14 March 1922-27 March 2001) was born in Edinburgh, the son of William Wilson Alexander. He was educated at George Heriot’s School and University College, Dundee. Alexander was Professor of Economics at Strathclyde University, 1963–80. Alexander was invited by Harold Wilson’s Gov’t to Chair a review of the future of adult education in Scotland. Alexander’s subsequent 1975 Report Adult Education: The Challenge of Change recommended creating a wider community education approach by linking adult education more closely with youth and community work, in order to be able to engage more people in lifelong learning. This led to the creation of Local Authority community education services. It was those services in particular that were subsequently often managed/staffed by the foot soldiers of organised abuse rings, I suspect because those courses often attracted rather more vulnerable (and often slightly older ie. in their 20s) students than traditional universities, which in the mid-1970s were still educating the more privileged social cohorts of young people who had performed well academically at school.

In 1976 Alexander was seconded as Chairman of the Highlands & Islands Development Board. He served as the Principal of Stirling University (1981–86) and then Chancellor of Aberdeen University, 1986–96. Alexander was Vice-President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1993–96.

Alexander received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in September 1995. He married Angela May Lane in 1949.

The Guardian’s obit for Ken Alexander told us more:

With the death of the economist Sir Kenneth Alexander at the age of 79, Scotland has lost one of its modern heroes; his contribution to its academic, business and cultural life went far beyond his daunting list of chancellorships, directorships and chairmanships.

One of the many robust academics who left the Communist party after the Hungarian uprising of 1956, he became a pillar of the Scottish establishment, without ever acting as though he thought he had risen. His appointments often looked like poisoned chalices, but so surefooted was he that he left every organisation in better shape than he found it in.

Born in Edinburgh, Alexander was a scholarship boy at George Heriot’s school and, after second world war service in the RAF, attended the Bonar School of Economics in Dundee, where he was the first economics student to get first-class honours in the London University external examinations (1949).

Research at Leeds University (1949-51), and lectureships at Sheffield (1951-56) and Aberdeen (1957-62), led, in 1963, to the chair of economics at Strathclyde and the chance to establish, from scratch, a department in a brand new faculty.

In his inaugural lecture, Alexander likened his fellow economists to “drunk men staggering from one static equilibrium to another”; his own path was to set up the first economics degree in Scotland based on mathematics and the modelling of continuous processes. He was no ivory-tower scholar, and used to advise young members of staff that the important thing was not to get it “right” but to get it “wrote”.

In line with this practical approach, he believed in close links with industry, so, when the industrialist Ian Stewart suggested a bold experiment, Alexander was ready. By 1966, the Fairfields shipyard in Govan was in dire straits. To bring the sit-in led by Jimmy Reid to a close, Stewart and Alexander got the workers to give up restrictive practices in return for guaranteed employment. Though there was a certain amount of cheating, Fairfields survived; indeed, of the 30 yards once on the Clyde, it is one of the tiny handful still in operation.

Thus Alexander became a director of Fairfields (1966- 68) and of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders (1968-71), and chairman of Govan Shipbuilders (1974-76). The experience bore fruit in his books The Economist In Business (1967), Productivity Bargaining And The Reform Of Industrial Relations (1969), and, with CL Jenkins, Fairfields: A Study Of Industrial Change (1971).

He took on another tough task as chairman of the Highlands and Islands Development Board (1976-80), a body not expected to survive Thatcherism. But it is still there, and the highlands have even developed some momentum.

When Alexander moved to Stirling University as principal and vice-chancellor (1981-86), it was reeling from the notorious foul-mouthing of the Queen Mother by some drunken students – and was everyone’s favourite to fall victim to the surplus of university places. But under him, it recruited the Wang computer company, and grabbed a distinctive role in new subjects and approaches to education. It has gone from strength to strength.

From 1986-96, Alexander was chancellor of Aberdeen University, where, in its quincentenary year, he saw the realisation of his long-held dream, the foundation of the Elphinstone Institute for the study of the culture of the north-east of Scotland.

His one notable defeat came in 1990. When British Steel threatened to close the remains of the Scottish steel industry, he was put forward as a potential workers’ director. His platform was that he would go along with closure as Ravenscraig if the accounts confirmed that it was making a loss. But, at the AGM, the redoubtable Sir Robert Scholey saw him off; despite waving hard, Alexander was unable to catch the chairman’s eye, and was thus unable to deny the charge that he was a wrecker come to save the Scottish steel industry at any cost.

His directorships included Scottish Television and the Stakis Organisation, and he held a wide array of public-sector posts. He was particularly proud of the Alexander Report (1973), the guiding light for community learning in Scotland, which marked the culmination of his three years as chairman of the Committee on Adult Education in Scotland. In the cultural field, he was chairman of the Edinburgh Book Festival (1987-91), and piloted the Scottish National Dictionary Association safely into the electronic age.

As a teacher, he was still receiving manuscripts from students 40 years after they graduated, and as a man, he was utterly lacking in pomposity. He could light up a room with his presence, had a tune composed in his honour by the legendary accordionist Jimmy Shand, and was proud of following the distinguished literary academic David Daiches, poet Norman McCaig and composer and ethnologist Hamish Henderson as the fourth life member of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society. He is survived by his wife Angela, whom he married in 1949, a son and four daughters.

•Kenneth John Wilson Alexander, economist, born March 14 1922; died March 27 2001.


Kenneth Wilson’s pre-1956 days in the Communist Party will have brought him into contact with many in Sir Clough’s/Bertrand Russell’s circle, including E.P. Thompson, Eric Hobsbawm and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law. Hobsbawm was one of those who remained in the Communist Party throughout many of the events that caused many others to leave. It was one of these occasions that resulted in E.P. Thompson falling out with Hobsbawm. Hobsbawm pissed a lot of people off until he was well into old age by his staunch defence of Stalin.

Strathclyde University was the domain of Dafydd’s old mates Sam and Joan Curran. Sir Sam Curran was a physicist who completed a BSc and PhD at Glasgow University and then a second PhD at the Cavendish Lab in Cambridge, ending up as a Prof at Glasgow University. In 1944 Curran joined the Manhattan Project – the allied atom bomb building programme – at the University of California, Berkeley. Post WW II, Curran returned to Glasgow to work and then, between 1955 and 1959, worked at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, working on the British H bomb. In 1959, Sam Curran was appointed Principal of the Royal College of Science and Technology, which in 1964 became Strathclyde University. Sam was the first Principal/VC and remained in post until 1980.

Sam’s wife Joan Curran was a Lady Scientist Who Helped In The Fight Against The Nazis, along with her husband. Joan was born Joan Strothers, in Swansea, the daughter of an optician. Joan went to Swansea Girls High School and after Newnham College, Cambridge, ended up working in the Cavendish Lab, with Sam. If Sister Hutt has not already erected a Plaque to commemorate Joan Curran, I suggest that she does so as a matter of urgency. Joan Curran is famous for her work on anti-radar devices that were used to baffle The Hun in WW II. In the late 1940s, Joan was part of the Tizzard Mission, along with Gwynne and Dafydd’s other mates including John Cockcroft and Mark Oliphant, Oliphant being the Leader of the Tizard Mission. The Tizard Mission was a jolly to the Radiation Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Henry Tizard, the father of Prof of Paediatrics Peter Tizard, who was one of Ollie Brooke’s circle. Henry Tizard was one of those who was responsible for the London Hospital being run by the Oil Industry and the security services.

For details of the extraordinary situation that resulted, in which some of the Passionate Anti-Nuclear Campaigners, led by Bertrand Russell, were sexually exploiting the same people as some of the Clever Scientists who had worked on nuclear weapons, all services being provided by Gwynne and Dafydd, see previous posts eg. ‘The Two Cultures Of Organised Abuse’.

Sam and Joan Curran had three sons who completed PhDs. They also had a daughter, Sheena, who was born severely mentally handicapped, so Sam and Joan set up the Scottish Association of the Parents Of Handicapped Children, later known as ‘Enable’, which became a sizeable organisation. Like Brian Rix, the father of a mentally handicapped daughter, the Currans became Leading Campaigners for the Disabled whilst working alongside and maintaining friendships with people whom they knew to be abusing, neglecting and even killing disabled people, including mentally handicapped children, who have always had a very raw deal. Brian Rix used his Expertise in dropping his trousers on stage to Help The Disabled and the Currans used their Expertise in building nuclear bombs.See the source image

Is it surprising that Gwynne and Dafydd had a field day?

Later, when Joan was a member of the Greater Glasgow Health Board and the Scottish Special Housing Association, the needs of the disabled were always at the forefront of her mind, and she did much to promote their welfare. She took a close interest in the work of the Council for Access for the Disabled and helped improve the range of facilities, especially for disabled university students.

While her husband was Principal of Strathclyde University, Joan founded the Strathclyde Women’s Group and became its President. During WW II, the Polish 1st Armoured Division had been based in Scotland, establishing ties between the community and Poland. Joan promoted a special relationship with the Technical University of Lodz, and also devoted care and attention to the children’s hospital of that city. Later Joan established the Lady Curran Endowment fund for mostly overseas students.

Sir Sam died in Feb 1998. Lady Joan, terminally ill with cancer, unveiled a Plaque to commemorate him, before dying herself in Feb 1999, one moth after the ruthless old spy Sir William Mars-Jones, who ensured that this lot got away with so much yet were hailed as National Heroes and Disabled Champs.

Lest the landscape needed to get worse, Sam Curran’s brother was Top Doc Robert Curran. Robert was born in Wishaw in central Scotland, the son of John Hamilton Curran, ex-foreman of the local steelworks, and his wife Sarah Carson Crowe. Robert Curran was educated at Wishaw High School then studied Medicine at Glasgow University graduating in 1943. From 1945 until 1947 Curran served as a Top Doc with the Royal Army Medical Corps in India. From 1950 to 1955 Robert Curran lectured in Pathology at Glasgow University. In 1955 he became Senior Lecturer in Pathology at Sheffield University before being appointed to a Chair at Tommy’s in 1958, just as Ann Dally, Dr Death et al were Transitioning from Nice Young Medical Students to Nice Young Doctors. In 1966 Curran took up the Chair of Pathology at Birmingham University, retaining it until 1986.

Robert Curran was in the ascendant at Birmingham University at the time of the 1978 Smallpox Outbreak at Birmingham Medical School that resulted in the death of medical photographer Janet Parker and very likely Janet’s dad as well, but the dishonesty of the Top Docs dealt with that difficulty. Henry Bedson, the Head of the Birmingham Smallpox Lab subsequently committed suicide by cutting his throat in his garden shed. Henry was discovered and taken to Birmingham Accident Hospital so how he managed to die in their care days after the throat-cutting incident no-one managed to explain. Henry also left behind an improbable sounding suicide note that was used to great effect by other Top Docs when constructing the official narrative of a Brilliant Doc Hounded To Death By The Ignorant, Particularly Trade Unions.

The Birmingham Smallpox Outbreak was a repeat performance of another smallpox outbreak in the same lab at Birmingham Medical School in 1966, that mercifully did not result in any deaths, although a number of people did contract smallpox. So they did it all again 10 years later and the result was catastrophic. Both outbreaks were the consequence of hopelessly inadequate labs for handling something as lethal as smallpox, dangerous day to day practices and Top Docs rebutting repeated warnings that they could kill someone if things weren’t tightened up by reminding everyone that they were Top Docs and as D.G.E. Wood told me when I complained about Gwynne, ‘You’re not allowed to complain about him, he is answerable only to himself’, now sod off.

All senior staff with responsibility for the Birmingham Smallpox Outbreak, except of course for Henry Bedson who died, remained in their jobs and some fancy footwork of the usual variety at Gov’t level – spanning both Sunny Jim’s and Thatch’s Gov’ts – assisted by a public Inquiry led by microbiologist R.A. Shooter – Shooter was very critical indeed so the Shooter Report was kept under wraps until the rigged HSE prosecution of Birmingham University at Birmingham Magistrates Court in Oct 1979 had returned the required verdict ie. that the University was not guilty of causing Janet’s death – ensured that no-one was blamed except for the deceased. By the time that the obligatory debates in the House etc took place, Thatch was PM and Patrick Jenkin was DHSS Secretary. Birmingham Medical School continued as a World Leader with Robert Bluglass and a multitude of other horrors in it. See previous posts for the full story…

In Aug 1981, Janet’s widower Joseph Parker received £25k compensation for her death. The case had been brought by Janet’s union, the ASTMS, led by Clive Jenkins. ASTMS of course became MSF and Lord Clive knew that things at Birmingham were so much worse than Joseph Parker will have ever realised. It was Lord Clive who, with his mate Moss Evans, was responsible for the Windbag becoming Labour Party Leader… Clive knew what Bluglass himself was doing let alone the rest of them.

Robert Curran was President of the Royal College of Pathologists, 1981-84, AFTER the Smallpox Scandal on his doorstep, but then Robert was mates with the Biggus Dickuses at Hammersmith who subsequently taught me during 1986-87 and all the other Biggus Dickuses. Robert also knew who had covered up what re the Smallpox Outbreak. Robert was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh but resigned in October 2000. Robert Curran died on 5 September 2006.


Ken Alexander’s address book as well as the presence of Bill Cramond at Stirling might explain why, in the early 1980s, as UCNW was overcome by crisis and chaos and a new Registrar was required, the offer of that post was extended to a senior academic from Stirling. The agreement unravelled for reasons at present unknown to me and Dr Gwyn Roberts was appointed Registrar instead.

Gwyn Roberts was the man with whom I had a brief but bizarre encounter post-Gwynne. I made an appointment to see Gwyn Roberts – no I did not tell him that Gwynne was making indecent suggestions to undergrads – I explained that I had evidence that Gwynne had lied on documents about me, lied about that when challenged by me and then forged documentations and lied about that. I had no idea that Gwyn Roberts was 100% on board with Gwynne,See the source image so I was very polite and respectful, not rude or accusing re a conspiracy, but Gwyn Roberts just went bonkers, he hit the roof and threw me out of his office. Which was some achievement, I’d only been in his office for about 3 mins when he threw me out, following me out of the room ranting…

My best friend from school was a student at Stirling University, 1981-85, while Sir Ken Alexander, who succeeded Gwynne’s mate Bill Cramond, was either VC of Stirling. My friend was a contemporary of Lord Jack McConnell, whom my friend found in her bed without permission. Lord Jack ruthlessly manipulated their crowd from Stirling when he realised that my friend was an old buddy of mine who knew what the Gang were doing to me. Lord Jack and Gordon Brown collaborated See the source image and Lord Jack became FM of Scotland just after the Waterhouse Report had been published.

My friend was targeted by Gits In High Places when she was still at Stirling anyway, after, in 1982, Sir Ken Alexander appointed Alastair Hetherington as a Research Prof of Media Studies at Stirling although Hetherington had no academic or research experience. Furthermore Hetherington was barely ever in the University. Hetherington’s appointment was widely seen as Ken Alexander toadying to Important People.

Hetherington was a Corpus Christie Oxford graduate who had worked in the Intelligence Corps during WW II and from 1953 until 1975 was Editor of ‘The Guardian’. ‘The Guardian’ broadly supported Harold Wilson, although Hetherington’s closest political friend was the Liberal Leader Jo Grimond, of Mr Thrope et al. Hetherington put much effort over his 20 yrs as Editor of The Grauniad in trying to bring about Liberal-Labour collaboration in order to keep the Tories out of office. Though Hetherington was initially against America’s involvement in Vietnam, after meeting with American military commanders on a trip to Saigon he changed The Guardian’s stance opposing the conflict, a move that generated much internal staff dissent. Asa Briggs probably gave that order.

In 1975 Hetherington’s friend Michael Swann, then Chairman of the BBC, offered Hetherington the job of Controller of BBC Scotland. Michael Swann was a zoologist who knew the Gang at UCNW. From 1965 to 1974, Swann was the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Edinburgh University. In 1968, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by the University of Leicester. During his term as Principal, he encountered difficulty with students led by Gordon Brown who had been elected as Rector of the University. Swann received a knighthood in the 1972 Birthday Honours, having the honour conferred by Brenda herself on 5 December 1972. Swann was Chairman of the Governors of the BBC, 1973-80, having been appointed by Grocer Heath who admired Swann’s Strong Leadership re dealing with Gordon. That ended well, Gordon became PM by accumulating the dirt on them all.

Michael Swann was created a life peer as Baron Swann on 16 February 1981. In 1980 Swann became Provost of Oriel College, although he resigned after nine months. Swann was also Chancellor of the University of York from 1979 until his death in London on 22 September 1990, at about the time of (or just after) that High Court case in Cardiff that the Gang brought against me, all records of which have disappeared off of the planet. The case in which Jeff Crowther was the only witness, Ian Murphy QC defended me and the judge made rather Mandy Rice-Davies jokes in Court. It seems that Gwynedd Health Authority at the same time applied for a Court order as the first step to having me detained at Brenda’s pleasure but they didn’t get it. Well why would anyone have told me about this, let alone kept records of such serious wrongdoing?

Alastair Hetherington was also Chair of the Scott Trust, 1984-89, that owned ‘The Guardian’.Image result for eric hobsbawm images

Hetherington’s time at BBC Scotland was fairly disastrous, so the offer from Kenneth Alexander at Stirling was useful. Among the many with whom Hetherington clashed in his role at the BBC was Labour MP Helen Liddell aka Stalin’s Granny,  in the Scottish Office. Stalin’s Granny is not that popular herself in any circles including the Labour Party… See previous posts.

My friend and other Stirling students wrote to ‘The Scotsman’ protesting about Hetherington’s appointment as Research Professor of Media Studies at Stirling and there was a big row. After I began this blog it became clear that, as with the row about Gwynne, the back room machinations re the students who publicly objected to Hetherington were far greater than any of us knew… The Hetherington row blew up not long before D.G.W. Wood began pressurising me to encounter Gwynne.Image result for eric hobsbawm images

Hetherington retired to the Isle of Arran, Lord Jack’s place of origin, in 1989. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and died on 3 Oct 1999, nicely out of the way before the Waterhouse Report. Willie Whitelaw had died on 1 July 1999, Ian Bowen Rees had died on 4 May 1999, William Mars-Jones had died on 10 Jan 1999.

Alistair Hetherington was the son of Sir Hector James Wright Hetherington(21 July 1888-15 January 1965) who was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, 1927-36 and Principal of the University of Glasgow until 1961. Hector Heatherington studied at the University of Glasgow and at Merton College, Oxford. He was appointed Lecturer at Glasgow in 1910 and Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield in 1914, before becoming Professor of Logic and Philosophy at University College Cardiff in 1915. Hector worked in the Secretariat of the 1919 International Labour Conference of the League of Nations in Washington, D.C.. In 1920, he moved to University College Exeter as Professor of Philosophy and Principal of the College, and returned to Glasgow in 1924 as Professor. In 1927, Hector became Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, but returned to Glasgow again in 1936, as Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Hector served in this position for 25 years, retiring in 1961. He served as a Trustee of the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust and, ex officio, of the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, 1936-61. Hector was a Trustee of the Nuffield Foundation from 1943 until his death, serving as Vice-Chairman from 1961. In 1942 Hector visited the US as a British visiting adviser to American universities on wartime academic policy. In 1943 Hector became Chairman of the Committee of British Vice-Chancellors and remained as Chairman or Deputy Chairman until 1952. As a member of the Award Committee of the Commonwealth Fund he travelled widely, particularly in the US and Canada, to promote links between British Universities and those in other countries. From 1930 to 1932 Hector was a member of the Royal Commission on Unemployment Insurance and in 1938 was appointed as Chairman of the Royal Commission on Workmen’s Compensation. From 1940 to 1948 Hector Hetherington was a member of the National Arbitration Tribunal and from 1951 to 1959 he was a member of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal.

Hetherington married Mary Ethel Alison Reid (1886-1966) in 1914, with whom he had two sons. The elder son, Scott, became a senior civil servant in the Scottish Office, while the younger son, Alastair, went on to become Editor of The Guardian. Hector retired in 1961 to Edinburgh. He was a member of the Athenæum – the Pall Mall club favoured by Top Docs and VCs – the Royal Scottish Automobile Club and Glasgow Golf Club. Hector served as a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Glasgow, and was made a Freeman of the City of Glasgow in 1961.

So Sir Hector taught many of the senior colleagues and protectors of Gwynne and Dafydd or ran the universities that did that. Hector was a member of the club that was so notorious as the Top Docs socialising venue that in the 1980s it served as the location of the dinners over which Savile was offered his job as General Manager of Broadmoor by the most senior Mandarins at the Dept of Health, with Health Ministers such as Edwina Currie dropping into the Athenaeum to join the Dept of Health parties.
Savile became a member of the Athenaeum in 1984, after the Gwynne Row; Savile was nominated by Cardinal Basil Hume. After Savile’s death, the Top Docs swore blind that they Didn’t Know about Savile, although they did consider him rather vulgar for the Athenaeum but it would have been So Rude to have turned down Basil’s friend as a member.
Basil Hume was from a medical family in Newcastle. His dad was Sir William Errington Hume, who reigned over Newcastle/Durham Universities before Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton See the source imageheld that remit and Basil’s brother Top Doc John Hume was the friend of Royal Doc from Merthyr Tydfil, Lord Horace Evans. Hume operated on Anthony Eden when Eden was Churchill’s Foreign Secretary and made an inexplicable basic error that bugged Eden’s health for ever. Eden’s performance as PM was impaired by the damage inflicted by Hume and Eden was forced to resign as PM after Horace Evans prescribed Eden amphetamine, racked up the dose and didn’t tell Eden that the cause of his symptoms.
When I complained about Gwynne, Eden’s son Nicholas was a Minister in Thatch’s Gov’t – under Energy Secretary Peter Walker – slowly dying from AIDS. Peter Walker was a mate of Edward du Cann and one of the City men who had bankrolled Gwynne and Dafydd’s business for years. See the source imageWalker had been appointed Energy Secretary by Thatch to flatten the NUM; at the time Brown was working on a project re the media reporting of the NUM strike. Nicholas Eden was openly gay and had utilised services provided by Gwynne and Dafydd.
Basil Hume’s sister Madeleine’s first husband was Sir John Charles, one-time Chief Medical Officer. Her second husband was Lord John Hunt of Tanworth, Cabinet Secretary, 1973-79. John Hunt 1971.jpgHunt and Wilson were alleged to have rigged the appointment of Basil Hume as Archbishop of Westminster in 1976. John Hunt came from Minehead in Somerset, the location of Mr Thrope’s committal hearing after he was charged with incitement and conspiracy to murder in 1978. Hunt was a Roman Catholic who went to Downside School, near Bath.
Jeremy Fry of the Bristol Quaker and chocolate family lived at Bath and held his famous orgies there, at which Ma’am Darling and Lord S were guests. In his older years, DNA tests confirmed that Lord S was the biological dad of Jeremy’s daughter Polly. Polly was conceived at about the time of Ma’am Darling and Lord S’s engagement. Mr Thrope and Roger Gilliatt were also big mates of Jeremy Fry.
Gissa Job:See the source image
Basil Hume died during that 1999 rush, on 17 June. Not that the nightmare ever ends; when Baroness Brenda Hale was appointed President of the Supreme Court in 2017, her mate St Helena explained that Baroness Brenda was so Alternative that she was a member of the Athenaeum See the source imagenot the Garrick. A bit like Theresa May having a reputation for being Daring because of those kitten heels.
The Johnny Rotten of the Judiciary:Baroness Brenda Hale.jpg
Lord Jack of Cashing In On Generations Of Crime:
I have recently received information (see comments below this post) that my friend was known to the security services when she was at school with me and that she was already targeted by the time she went to Stirling. I don’t yet know if she was targeted simply because she was my close friend and knew about grandpa, Stuart the paedophile whom du Cann et al sent after me when grandpa was dying etc or whether she was targeted at Chilton Trinity School along with others by the spotters who were working for Dafydd’s Gang among the teachers at that school.
My friend was offered her place at Stirling through clearing; I already had my place at UCNW months previously and bagged the grades needed. My friend was supposed to be going to Cardiff but being a party animal er didn’t get the grades needed. The blog is receiving info that my friend ending up at Stirling with all that came with it was substantially the work of Tom King…
Whether Lord Jack knew who my friend was when she arrived as a fresher at Stirling I don’t know. Jack had graduated by then but was still around because he was President of the SU at Stirling; he was in her bed without her permission within days of Freshers’ Week. I have explained in previous posts that she told me all about it by letter, her letters to me being among the documents that were stolen from my house years later and flogged to George Carman and the Digger. She also told me all about Stirling’s Proud History Of Taking The Piss Out Of Brenda…
When Carlo and Di visited Bangor soon after I arrived at UCNW, I went to view the Royal Visitors – no I didn’t get pissed or disgrace myself – but I did write to my mates about it, including my friend at Stirling. She wrote back saying that she was delighted to hear that I’d seen the Royals, but surely I should have gone along to ‘jeer at Charles n Di’… I’ve been told that MI5 actually noted that comment in the correspondence and that Alastair Hetherington arriving at Stirling as a Prof in the Dept in which my friend was a student was probably something to do with me.
Ma’am: If you don’t mind me saying, I think that you were over-reacting somewhat. There was scarcely a need for the skills of a lobotomist because my mate made a joke like that was there??
Neither should we forget that Brown’s younger brother was offered a place at Newcastle on the physics degree after I had graduated from UCNW. He made some good friends at Newcastle – although there were those murder attempts after Brown’s brother came on that visit to Denbigh with me in 1987 and we saw the terrible state of Stephen Bagnall and Stephen asked us to help him – but he withdrew from the degree after two years mainly because he had a deeply unpleasant tutor. We were astounded to discover after Brown’s brother had left Newcastle that the obnoxious tutor was a close friend of Lyn Branson, an obnoxious physics teacher at Bridgwater College who had taught us all and delighted in being as nasty to students as possible. At the time we thought that it was just a horrible coincidence, but after I began the blog the info arrived…
Not only does the finger point at teachers in Bridgwater as well as admissions tutors in various universities, but the UCCA database was obviously being accessed and misused by the Gang, in the way in which NHS and education datasets etc were as well. I’ve been told that the Gang also used DHSS/benefits/NI databases, confidential info from banks, building societies etc, everything really. The UCCA applications and references written for sixth formers were being passed around, as were subsequent job applications and associated refs. It was just a free for all and any misconceptions or even bare-faced lies that had been documented were happily shared with anyone who wanted to discredit/target/blackmail/bribe third parties.
Well Gang, can you guess which bits that you read about me were true and which bits weren’t??? It must have been very confusing for you! The documentation that I have managed to get hold of is so inconsistent and contradictory that there must have been some real corkers doing the rounds about everyone who came into contact with that Gang.
Media academic Colin MacCabe, always known as a flash ruthless git, passed through Strathclyde University as Prof and Head of English, 1981-85, in which capacity Colin came across my friends when they were students at Stirling. Colin’s rapid rise to international megastar followed. He is currently a distinguished professor of English and film at the University of Pittsburgh. When Colin was a young leftie, after his first degree at Trinity College, Cambridge and postgrad work at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris (1972–73), following courses by Louis Althusser, Etienne Balibar, Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida, in 1974 Colin was elected a research fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, Tom King’s old college, where Colin remained from 1976 until 1981 as a university assistant lecturer and also became a teaching fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Tom won’t have understood a word of Althussar, but don’t worry Colin, that really won’t have mattered. See previous posts…
The first journal article that Brown ever had published was in the ‘Journal of Radical Philosophy’, on er Althussar. Brown wrote it at our house in Llandegfan while he was receiving murder threats. I told D.G.E. Wood when it was published and Wood looked like thunder, which I thought was a rather odd reaction. I attributed it to Wood being a Daily Mail reader. At the time Brown had a subscription to ‘Screen’ as well, one of the editors of which was Colin MacCabe.
Miranda’s Cabinet Minister John Reid was an alumnus of Stirling and also joined the party.
A fest of utterly unprincipled politicians, all cashing in on Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist… With the help of the Radical Voices.See the source image
Re Ken Alexander who in 1986 was appointed VC of Aberdeen University. My friend from UCNW (and our former housemate at Llandegfan) was in 1986 offered a place to do his PhD at Aberdeen, having been shafted by the Dept of Zoology at UCNW. In 1984, before finals in May, my friend had been offered a studentship and place at UCNW to do his PhD with Cliff Rankin in the Dept of Zoology. After finals, Rankin suddenly blew my friend out and told him that he’d given the studentship to someone else, a girl with whom Rankin was having an affair. Rankin was well-known for this sort of back-stabbing. It was too late for my friend to apply for studentships to begin his PhD in Oct 1984, so he went to Oz and worked on a sheep ranch for a year.
During that time my friend wrote to me and told me that he was in terrible trouble, someone was trying to blackmail him, but he didn’t give me details… That letter was also stolen years later. Brown read the letter as well. When my friend returned to the UK, he was offered a place to do his PhD at Aberdeen University; he wrote to me from Aberdeen as well and yes, the letter was later stolen too. I don’t know if my friend received the PhD offer before or after Ken Alexander became VC of Aberdeen.
In Dec 1990, when I was being forced out of my job at St George’s and my friend who had studied at Stirling was being forced out of her job at the Royal Television Society, my friend who had completed his PhD in Aberdeen was working for a drug company in Kent. He was having terrible trouble there, being kicked about by fuckwits, in particular Top Docs. We were all ringing each other up at the time discussing what was happening to us at work. Our calls were bugged.See the source image
I haven’t given the name of my friend who ended up doing his PhD at Aberdeen on this blog although people have said that he bagged his now very successful career in university senior management by doing some sort of deal over me. Well if he did, it took him a long time to buckle and who was there to support him? When we were undergrads he was threatened with expulsion from UCNW for something that he didn’t do and knew nothing about, he was then screwed over by Cliff Rankin, our friend Anne was killed and he was then given a kicking in the drug company in Kent. Where was the support for him or indeed for any of us? We were all under surveillance while being targeted by gangsters, don’t blame a young man in his 20s for finally crumbling when NO-ONE helped us.
In 2018, Lord Jack was appointed Chancellor of Stirling University… Perhaps Lord Jack thought that this blog was going to go away.
Stirling University’s Chancellor during the years that saw so much action, 1979-88, was Sir Harold Montague “Monty” Finniston (15 August 1912-2 February 1991), a Scottish industrialist. Monty was born in Govanhill, Glasgow. He attended Allan Glen’s School. Monty Finniston read metallurgical chemistry at the University of Glasgow, where he gained his PhD and then lectured in metallurgy. Monty spent WW II in the Royal Naval Scientific Service, seconded to the Chalk River Laboratories in Canada working on the application of nuclear power to submarines. After the war Monty worked in Canada, and then was appointed Chief Metallurgist at the Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell, 1948-58.
It was during those years that Dafydd worked as a minion at Windscale (described by Dafydd as his career ‘as an atomic scientist’) and made the contacts that recognised Dafydd’s talents which caused him to be hand-picked by the security services as a suitable accomplice and eventual successor to Gwynne. Dafydd was plucked from Windscale and propelled into Liverpool University in 1952, qualifying as a Top Doctor in 1957, beginning his trajectory that saw Dafydd described by the ‘Bangor and Anglesey Mail’ in the mid-1990s as Europe’s Leading Forensic Psychiatrist. That caused the Empowered Service Users such entertainment that it could only have been bettered if we’d known that Dafydd also claimed to have been an Atomic Scientist. F could have rung him up and asked Dafydd if he could help us build a nuclear missile.
Dafydd had left the scene of the crime by 10 Oct 1957, the occasion of the accident at Windscale that resulted in the famous Windscale Fire. However, the safety breaches, shortcuts and fuckwittery at Windscale that led to the fire was known to Harwell quite some time before Oct 1957. Windscale ignored warnings. Of course they did, they were daft enough to employ Dafydd, they were used to high risk practices. Even better, in the early 1960s Supermac continued to suppress the cause and the effects of the Windscale Fire because he was concerned that the US would freeze Britain out of it’s nuclear development plans if the idiocy at Windscale was known. By that time Dafydd had joined Gwynne in the international trafficking ring that was supplying services to Mac’s friends, relations and colleagues, including for the knees-ups at Cliveden.
Little wonder that Supermac feared that the US wouldn’t trust the UK to be part of their nuclear programme. The only surprise is that the Americans weren’t too busy laughing at Dafydd’s role as James Bond to make a decision re allowing Supermac to join in the nuclear weapons-related fun; it is farcical, but then everything related to Dafydd is.
The main culprits re selecting Dafydd for action on Brenda’s Secret Service:
Indeed not Maxwell-Fyfe, the Top Doctors killed you and your mates as well you stupid old gits.
Monty Finniston initiated and oversaw a wide-ranging research programme into the many metallurgical problems associated with nuclear reactor design, involving uranium fuel elements, their light alloy cladding, and reactor containment vessels. In 1958 Monty moved to North-East England to become Director of the Nuclear Research Centre newly founded by the Newcastle engineering firm C. A. Parsons. When enthusiasm for atomic power waned in the early 1960s, he persuaded Parsons’ board to convert the Centre into International Research and Development Ltd. (IRD), a wide-ranging contract engineering research company.

Monty was Vice-President of the Royal Society, 1971-72. He became Chairman of British Steel Corporation in 1973, and was knighted in the same year. British Steel was a football in Wales, at Shotton in Flintshire, where the steelworks was a big employer and of course at Port Talbot where it was just about the only employer. Port Talbot next to Neath, the location of Neath Farm School, a place even more terrible than Bryn Estyn, where boys who refused to keep quiet about Gwynne and Dafydd’s ring in north Wales were sent and forever silenced. Throughout Peak Paedophilia, the MP for Neath Port Talbot was Labour’s Donald Coleman. Coleman pegged out in office on 14 Jan 1991 – some two weeks before Monty pegged out on 2 Feb 1991 – and was succeeded as Labour MP for Neath Port Talbot by Freedom Fighter Peter Hain on 4 April 1991… The bodies remained buried at Neath… See ‘The Managers Of The Abattoir’.

Readers might remember that I appeared at the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in April 1991, after the Drs Francis had perjured themselves yet again. No-one from Alwyn Jones’s solicitors’ practice was ‘available’ to attend Court with me – although the Gang had requested my imprisonment – although the MDU solicitor from Hempsons, Anne Ball, managed to attend the hearing. Perjury had been committed and the MDU and Hempsons knew it, I am in possession of documents demonstrating that the MDU, Hempsons and Anne Ball told the Drs Francis that they did not have the evidence to back up the allegations that they were making about me.

Not that it mattered, St Helena was in a neighbouring Court,