Information Regarding Another Death – Oct 28th 2016

A report has appeared on BBC News Wales that Eloise Parry, a former Glyndwr University student, has received a posthumous award

There was much media coverage of Ms Parry’s death – she had taken dinitrophenol, purchased online, in order to lose weight and it had killed her. Most of the media coverage concentrated on the unpleasant way that Ms Parry died, on the dangers of ‘diet pills’ containing this substance and on the availability of such pills online. However, it would seem that the north Wales mental health system was also involved in Ms Parry’s problems. After her death, an anonymous friend of Ms Parry’s commented publicly on the lack of help available to Ms Parry

There are familiar themes here – that Eloise had ‘begged’ doctors for help, a call for an investigation into the care that Eloise had received, that everyone was very aware of her problems and that staff had been told that Ms Parry could no longer keep herself safe.

I note that the Wrexham Maelor Hospital was ‘unable to comment’ – as they are so often unable to do so after one of their patients has died in unfortunate circumstances among allegations of lack of care. I also note that Eloise actually died in Shrewsbury Hospital after driving herself there for help. So presumably Eloise is yet another person who was in the care of the north Wales mental health services but whose death will not appear in any statistics related to the mortality of patients in the care of the north Wales mental health services.