They Think It’s All Over – It Is Now

A review of Children in Care in England and Wales has just been published. I decided to give it a wide berth when I saw that the review had been carried out by ‘experts’ from the ‘social care sector’ – I suspected that I knew what would be in that review. Unfortunately there was no escape because when I switched the radio on, the ‘Today’ programme was slap bang in the middle of interviewing the man who led the review, the Director of Children’s Social Services in Leeds. As in Jimmy Savile Central. I was not surprised when I heard that the main problem was austerity in the face of rising demand and that everyone is agreed that the child protection services are in crisis.


My posts ‘Today We Have Naming Of Parts’ and ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ discussed the case of Ceryl Wyn Davies, a pillar of the community in Blaenau Ffestiniog who was given a job as the Head of a primary school by Gwynedd County Council after he served a prison sentence for indecently assaulting children. Ceryl Wyn indecently assaulted his pupils whilst working as a Headteacher and received another prison sentence. After leaving prison he was welcomed back into the fold once more and Gwynedd County Council maintained that they knew nuzzing. Someone has now given me yet more information which suggests that Gwynedd County Council have learned nothing after the unfortunate events involving Mr Davies.

After yet another teacher from Blaenau was arrested for sex offences against children last year and Gwynedd once again used that tired old chestnut that he had ‘slipped through the net’, someone from the area put in a freedom of information request to investigate whether Gwynedd County Council were carrying out DBS checks on their staff as legally required.

They discovered that in Dec 2017, 60 staff in schools run by Gwynedd County Council were employed yet had not received DBS certificates. Gwynedd claimed that 60 risk assessments had taken place and ‘control measures’ had been put in place.

I am fairly sure that it is illegal for staff to work in jobs requiring DBS clearance until the certificates arrive. I have friends in that position and even people volunteering as Brownie and Scout leaders have had to wait until their DBS arrives before they can begin work.

My correspondent has also sent me the following information:

As you probably are fully aware, us Welsh do like our Men’s Choirs and we have a couple here in Blaenau that have done rather well for themselfs over the years
One choir is The Brythoniaid which Ceryl is linked to, the other is ‘Cor Meibion Moelwyn’ which Ceryl still to this day plays a big part in, I suppose you could say that their achievement to date is down to him (not that I want to praise the fker).
Ceryl Davies is known for his Poetic & Musical skills. He has written many songs, has made a few albums and has worked for/with Cor Meibion Moelwyn since their very beginning. 
Over the years I have heard of old members of the choir and claims and admittance of sexual abuse on more than one occasion. The latest has just hit the headlines just a few months back. He was a so called ‘pillar of the community’ as they seem to all be discribed who had not long retired from his post of post man here in Blaenau. He is currently serving a eight year stretch after his sister came forward and spoke of her rape ordeal at the hands of her brother “Gwyn Vaughn Jones”. The case was a historical one which he had always known would one day come to light. His sister had always said that whilst their parents where still alive she would continue to hide his abuse, therefore on their death she came forward and reported her brother.
Gwyn Vaughn jones is/was not only a singer but also was up there in the managerial team of Cor Meibion Moelwyn and a good friend of Ceryl Wyn confirmed by his first wife. 
I do not know any of the people or the Cors named in the above e mail, but when I lived in north Wales I was told on a number of occasions that the Cors were being used as networks by which people were concealing wrongdoing and also climbing socially, including bagging themselves jobs. I stress that not everyone in Cors did this, some members were there because they enjoyed singing, but some Cors were definitely being misused. I know one Cor leader who was furious when she discovered that some people had joined her Cor only in order to ingratiate themselves to one particular member who held a senior role in education in Gwynedd and was in a position to wield influence over employment selection panels. There was one Cor in Gwynedd in particular which people would fight to join and I was told that the reason was that it was a Cor full of of influential people and being a member did wonders for one’s career prospects.
On one occasion I saw the phenomenon in action. I was friendly with someone who sung in a Cor who became very cross when he realised that he had been befriended by  a young woman who had only done so in order to access the Cor in which he sang. It transpired that her father – a retired officer with the North Wales Police – had told her to join the Cor to get to know a member who held a very senior position in Coleg Menai (which has now merged with Coleg Llandrillo), because her father had been told that a job as a Welsh language class organiser would soon be advertised and that the member of the Cor would be deciding who got the job. The young woman did not have the qualifications or the experience required for the job and lied on her CV, but her strategy worked. She joined the Cor, befriended the big wig from Coleg Menai, got the job and was photographed at the National Eisteddfod a few weeks later with Leighton Andrews, the former AM, who was praising the Welsh language learning initiative which this young woman was by then leading. A couple of weeks before this happened, I was invited to the Cor to go and watch my friend singing. The guest of honour that evening was Dafydd Iwan.
So if anyone else wants a job at Coleg Llandrillo for which they do not have the appropriate qualifications or experience, you need to join the Cor of which Dr Ian Rees is a member, make friends with him and lie on your CV. You’ll land a job for which you’ll be paid £40k pa despite being a fairly new graduate and you can even post selfies online accompanied by a comment that you can’t be bothered to go into work, you feel like a duvet day so you’ll be pulling a sickie. Leighton will still be delighted to meet you at the Eisteddfod and praise your hard work.
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Now for the exposing of another group of pompous, vindictive charlatans. In the late 1980s there was a health scare in Gwynedd as a result of claims that there was an inexplicably high rate of gastric cancer in the region. It was suggested that the presence of so much bracken in the county might have been a possible cause – Japan also had a high rate of gastric cancer and that had been attributed to bracken in Japanese diets. I seem to remember that the fickle finger of suspicion was pointed at bracken spores in particular being carcinogenic.

The best brains in Gwynedd began investigating and in the early 1990s there were media reports that provided the explanation for the high rate of gastric cancer. The culprit was buttermilk. It had been found that elderly people who had spent their childhoods in Gwynedd and who had consumed buttermilk as children were those who had an increased risk of cancer, the theory being that the cows in Gwynedd had grazed on land infested with bracken and that the carcinogens in the bracken had passed through into the milk. People who had moved to Gwynedd as adults were reassured that this was not a problem with which they needed to be concerned and the future health of the people of Gwynedd was not considered to be at risk because of the decline in the drinking of buttermilk.

Some time after this ground breaking research received massive publicity on a UK-wide level, it was quietly admitted that the research was ‘flawed’ and that there was in fact no association at all between a childhood drinking buttermilk in Gwynedd and gastric cancer.


I have now discovered just how seriously flawed that research was and who published it. Questions need to be asked regarding how this paper was ever accepted for publication in the first place and why the work received the endorsement of one of the biggest names in 20th century epidemiology – Sir Richard Doll. I’d also like to know why on earth the researchers who conducted the research were ever allowed to continue in research, let alone end up as leading lights in healthcare research in Wales.

The paper concerned is entitled ‘Gastric Cancer In Gwynedd. Possible Links With Bracken.’ The authors are: O.P. Galpin; C.J. Whitaker, Rh. Whitaker; and J.Y. Kassab. Galpin’s and Rh. Whitaker’s affiliation is given as Ysbyty Gwynedd and C.J. Whitaker’s and Kassab’s affiliation is given as the Centre for Applied Statistics, UCNW.

The paper was published in the ‘British Journal of Cancer’, 1990; 61, pp 737-740.

The summary of the paper reads as follows:

101 histologically confirmed cancer patients at Ysbyty Gwynedd were matched by sex, age and social class to two hospital inpatients without cancer; 77 of the gastric cancer cases were also matched, using the same criteria, to a patient with a confirmed cancer of a different site (excluding the oesophagus). A questionnaire was used to determine bracken exposure and source of water in childhood. Residential and occupational histories were obtained and consumption of buttermilk, a potential vector of the bracken carcinogens, was quantified. Comparison of gastric cancer patients with the non-cancer controls indicated that exposure to bracken in childhood had an increased risk (RR = 2.34, P < 0.001) compared to no exposure and that length of residence in Gwynedd was associated with increased risk (RR = 2.46 for the duration of 61 years and over P < 0.01). Consumption of buttermilk in children and adulthood was attended by increased risk (RR = 1.61 and 1.86 respectively, the latter being statistically significant P< 0.05). Neither the residential effect not consumption of buttermilk in adulthood remained significant when considered in a multivariate analysis with bracken exposure.

Can anyone see the glaring inadequacies – indeed has anyone not seen the glaring inadequacies? There was a control group of THREE. Furthermore, not all of the patients in the study had gastric cancer. Excuse me, but this really is case of ‘for fuck’s sake’. This paper is complete hogwash – no doubt the questionnaires were just as nonsensical as the ‘statistical analysis’ was, but even if the questionnaire was perfect, this paper would still be hogwash because of the control group of three and the inclusion of someone who did not have gastric cancer.

The original version of the paper was submitted in Oct 1988, the referees gave advice and it was revised and accepted for publication in Dec 1990. Someone read this bullshit and did not notice the control group of three or the person who did not have gastric cancer. One can only imagine what the original draft of the paper was like.

The patients in this ‘research’ were diagnosed and treated at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Llandudno General Hospital. In the light of the nature of the complete fuckwits who are employed in those institutions, it is highly likely that the diagnoses were wrong anyway. One of the pathologists who has long held a senior role in the labs that were relied upon to carry out the histology upon which this research is based is Dr Avril Wayte. She is a mate of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s and is a Trustee of CAIS. Avril is married to Dr Donald Wayte, a pathologist who worked in north Wales for decades and who once gave a media interview accusing the parents of children who died of SIDS of having murdered them, on the basis of no evidence at all. Wayte’s ‘expert opinion’ was relied upon in many murder trials, including that of Howard Hughes, who is currently sitting in prison for the July 1995 murder of seven year old Sophie Hook. Many people believe that Howard Hughes is the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice – there was no forensic evidence at all which linked him to the crime. Before he was convicted of Sophie’s murder, Howard Hughes spent time in Bryn Estyn as well as that other prison of Dafydd’s, Garth Angharad and alleged that he had been abused at Bryn Estyn. He was denied compensation on the grounds that he is a convicted murderer. See post ‘News Round Up – And Murder Most Foul’.

Howard was convicted of Sophie’s murder at the same time as Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends were trying to frame me for serious crimes. Just after Dafydd ‘retired’, when the North Wales Hospital Denbigh ‘closed’ – the paedophiles and their friends were in overdrive at the time.


The Gwynedd patient data used in Galpin et al’s paper was collected between 1982-87 and was given to the Cardiff Cancer Registry . So their dataset will be a joke.

The research for this joke of a paper was funded by Gwynedd Research Committee. Sir Richard Doll provided ‘support and advice at the commencement of the work’. Did Richard Doll know that a control group of THREE was being used and that one of the patients did not have gastric cancer??? Dr I. Antice Evans provided input re the questionnaires; Dr Gwilym Wynne Griffiths, Professor David Barker and Dr Peter Ellwood provided ‘helpful advice and support’.

Dr I. Antice Evans had published on bracken previously. In 1958 Dr Evans published ‘Studies On Bracken Poisoning In Cattle’ and in 1963 he/she published ‘Effects of Bracken Rhizomes On The Pig’. In 1963 their affiliation was given as the School of Agriculture at UCNW. So this was an elderly agricultural scientist who advised on the questionnaires given to cancer patients. Twenty-five years after he published work on pigs.

Dr Gwilym Wynne Griffith was the Medical Officer of Health for Anglesey and ‘an eminent epidemiologist’ would you believe. He died in 1989, before Galpin et al’s paper was published. Griffith was an old mate of Dafydd’s. Dafydd spent 1959-62 working on an ‘Epidemiological Research Project’ with Gwilym Wynne Griffith ‘on mental disorder and mental health needs in Anglesey’. According to Dafydd, this formed the basis of his future work (see post ‘Feet In Chains’).

Gwilym Wynne Griffith was the brother of Huw Wynne Griffith, a famous Presbytarian Minister and ecumenical leader. Born in 1915 in Liverpool, he was the second son of Rev’d Griffith Wynne Griffith, Minister of a Welsh Chapel in Anfield. He and Gwilym had a sister, Elizabeth Grace (BetiHunter, a social worker who died in 2007; and a brother, Douglas.

 Huw Wynne Griffith was educated in Liverpool before the family moved in 1923 to Porthmadog, where he attended the local primary school and Porthmadog County School, then Friars SchoolBangor, when his father became minister of Tabernacl ChurchBangor. Huw Griffith  went to UCNW and then Westminster CollegeCambridge. Between 1941-44 he was Secretary and then President of the Missionary Society of Westminster College. Griffith spent a year at Bala Theological College where he completed his BD. Prof J.E. Daniel, the father of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, was employed at Bala Theological College and the father of Dafydd Iwan and Alun Ffred Jones was also associated with the institution.

Griffith was ordained in 1945 and served the chapels of BethaniaFerryside and SeionLlansaintCarmarthen (1945-51) and Siloh (SeiloPresbyterian Church of WalesAberystwyth (1951-1983), Ceredigion. He married Mair Benson-Evans (19182003), daughter of Dr and Mrs Benson-EvansPrestatyn in 1945 in Rehoboth ChapelPrestatyn and they had three daughters – Nia in 1947Ann in 1949 and Gwawr in 1956. Nia at least is still alive and kicking – the others probably are as well – and is likely to be mates with Dafydd.

Huw Wynne Griffith was involved in the ecumenical witness from his college days. He served from 1939-41 as the General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement and represented Wales at the Christian Youth Conference in Amsterdam in August 1939. He represented the Presbyterian Church of Wales at the Faith and Order Conference of the World Council of Churches in LundSweden in 1952. In the 1950s he edited Yr Efrydydd and he also became Secretary of the three, later the four, Nonconformist denominations’ discussions on church unity. H. W. Griffith was invited to become Chairman of the Welsh Ecumenical Society in 1954.

In the 1960s Griffith was one of the most prominent leaders of the ecumenical witness within Wales. He served the Committee which prepared the Faith and Order plan of the Welsh Council of Churches (1963-64), and then became the Secretary of the Joint Committee of the Covenanting Churches of Wales (1965-68), responsible for the reports which were produced and published in 1968 and in 1971H.W. Griffith was Vice-President of the Welsh Council of Churches, 1966-68 and President, 1968-72. He was the Secretary of the Church and Society Committee in the early 1970s. Griffith represented the Presbyterian Church of Wales in the World Council of Churches in NairobiKenya in 1975. He was active in ecumenical activities in west Wales and joint founder of Ecwmene Ceredigion, a forum for young people.

Griffith was heavily involved throughout many years with Christian Aid and Shelter. He supported the Anti-Apartheid group in AberystwythAmnesty International and Ockenden Venture. Griffith welcomed children of refugees from Germany to Aberystwyth and he extended the hand of friendship to refugees from the 1956 uprising in Hungary. He and his wife Mair hosted many of the students who came to the colleges in Aberystwyth. 

Huw Wynne Griffith wrote articles in the Welsh-language press, in particular Y GoleuadY TraethodyddPorfeyddEcwmeneY Genhinen and Barn. He prepared a commentary for Sunday schools on the Gospel of Mark in 1953, a book of stories for children, Gyda’r Iesu (1961) and his Davies Lecture to the General Assembly of the Connexion, on ‘C.F. Andrews, Friend of Mahatma Gandhi and a Pioneer of Missionary Work’ was published in 1978.

During WWII Griffith was a conscientious objector. He died in 1993 at Bronglais General Hospital Aberystwyth. His funeral was conducted by his Minister, Revd Pryderi Llwyd Jones in Aberystwyth. Tributes were paid to him by Rev Erastus Jones and Principal Elfed ap Nefydd Roberts, two who had been involved with Huw Wynne Griffith in the ecumenical movement. He is buried in Aberystwyth Plasgrug cemetery.

The poet Gwilym Roberts summed up his contribution in an englyn inscribed on Griffith’s gravestone:

Huw fu byw i wella’n byd
Ufudd was fu i Dduw drwy’i fywyd.

[Huw lived to make our world a better place,
An obedient servant to God throughout his life]

Which he might well have been. But he’ll have known about that paedophile ring run by Dafydd and Gwynne with which his brother and sister were colluding.

Huw Wynne Griffith’s father was a preacher from Anglesey who was a graduate of UCNW. At a later date he was also a member of the Court and Council of UCNW.

Huw Wynne’s daughter is Nia Higginbotham. She uses a Wrexham address and is listed as having been a Director of: Fair Trade Wales; Meifod Consulting; Trefnu Cymundeol Cymru/Together Creating Communities.


Professor David Barker was a Top Doc and epidemiologist with an interest in botany. He was Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Southampton University and Director of the MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit, 1984-03, where he made ‘observations on the geographical relationship between neonatal and post-neonatal mortality and heart disease’. He won the GlaxoSmithKline Prize in 1994 for this work. In 2011 Barker made a BBC ‘Horizon programme’. Barker was a colleague of Sir Donald Acheson at Southampton University. Acheson was Chief Medical Officer when Thatcher was PM and it was Acheson who assisted Norman Fowler the Health Secretary in concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘Professor Prestigious And His Associates’).

I have not been able to find out who Dr Peter Ellwood is or was.


I know three of the authors of this paper. Chris Whitaker for years was the man responsible for teaching statistics to the students in the School of Psychology at Bangor University. Rhiannon Whitaker is his wife, who was one of his students. Er – a control group of THREE Chris?? Of course your  wife wouldn’t have understood that a control group of three was meaningless, because you obviously didn’t and you taught her. Rhiannon Whitaker was for a long time the Director of NWORTH, the Clinical Trials Unit at Bangor University.

I knew J.Y. Kassab as well. Dr Kassab was a grossly incompetent statistics tutor at UCNW. He was responsible for teaching first year stats to the science undergrads and I was in his class. Kassab’s teaching was utterly chaotic and his accent was so heavy that none of us could understand what he was saying. At one point he kept talking about ‘the underlying lows’. We were all asking ‘what’s a low?’. Dr Kassab then lost his rag and yelled ‘a low, a low, you know what is a low’. Then someone clicked and yelled out ‘oh, you mean a LAW’. Dr Kassab shouted back ‘yes, a low’. It was hilarious, there was no way that any of us were going to learn stats in Dr Kassab’s class. In the end, so many students went to their tutors and said that they just could not learn a thing from Kassab that one Dept – Agriculture no less – put on extra tutorials for their students. One of the tutors who held those classes, Dr Tony Chamberlain, commented that he understood that Dr Kassab gave his lectures in ‘some sort of Middle Eastern language’, which was indeed true. The other person from Agriculture who was responsible for giving the supplementary stats tutorials was the awful Prof J.B. Owen (see post ‘Not Seen Since The 80s – Carwyn’). Who couldn’t add up. One student noticed that Owen made a mistake and pointed it out to him. J.B. Owen got nasty and went into denial, the student got angry as well, was very rude to Owen and was thrown out of the class. J.B. Owen continued to make mistakes.

The Zoology students and Plant Biology students also went to their tutors in despair re Kassab and the statistics class and were simply told ‘don’t worry about it’. The fact that there was a stats exam to be passed at the end of the year was ignored. One student began singing ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’, which summed up the attitude of the college authorities – you’re all up shit creek but we are not going to address this problem.

So how did I learn stats? Brown taught me of course. The only other students who learnt anything about stats at UCNW also asked friends and relatives who were competent re stats to teach them.

Twenty years later I was in a hill walking group when I met someone who had been a forestry student at UCNW at the same time that I had done my first degree at UCNW. He said ‘oh gosh, you’ll have been in those statistics lectures then’. No-one ever forgot those lectures. It was a laugh, but the downside was that a great many ‘experts’ carrying out all that healthcare research at Bangor University do not know their arses from their elbows. Do they Chris and Rhiannon?

Not so much an underlying low but an under-lying Lowe. Anyone for Food Dudes? Pass me a Duchy Original.

No-one has ever said a word about the innumerate statistical experts at Bangor University who carry out so much NHS research. Er – perhaps because Kassab’s daughter Susan was a Top Doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd? Susan Kassab went to Friar’s School in Bangor and then to medical school in London, then returned to Bangor for a while. Susan Kassab knew about Gwynne, Dafydd and the sex trafficking gang. A google search throws up a Dr Sossie Kassab who has a Harley Street practice offering homeopathic treatments for cancer. Sossie Kassab has been outed on a ‘quack watch’ website. However I don’t think that Sossie Kassab is Susan Kassab. Sossie’s CV states that she trained at Barts – I think that Susan Kassab trained at the Middlesex. Gwynne’s old alma mater. If anyone knows differently, please keep do clarify.

This farce of a paper which was mentored by the biggest name in UK epidemiology as well as by another very big name – Doll and Barker – was submitted in 1988. Which was when I was working for the Cancer Research Campaign at Surrey University. Whilst I was there, without my knowledge my data was given to Professor Nicola Curtin of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University who published it with her name on it as well (see post ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’). I had never heard of Curtin until I found the paper with her name on it as well as mine a few weeks ago. After giving my data to Nicola Curtin, Surrey University told me that my funding had run out and I was made redundant. Whilst I was at Surrey, a former psychiatrist colleague of Dr Tony Francis, Dr Peter Mcguire, decided that he would become a cancer researcher and took part in a research fraud which was exposed in 1990 and resulted in the suicide of Prof Tim McElwain (see posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’).

I have been told that Professor Martin Roth, a psychiatrist at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and the former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (see post ‘The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection?’), had something to do with these extraordinary happenings.


The laughable paper concerning bracken and gastric cancer based on a control sample of three was published in Dec 1990. The month in which Tony and Sadie Francis perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned. It was that which led to me being forced out of my job at St George’s Hospital Medical School the following month. In Nov 1990 Margaret Thatcher resigned as leader of the Tory Party following a challenge from Michael Heseltine. Thatcher’s failed leadership campaign was organised by her friend and PPS Sir Peter Morrison, a member of Dafydd’s paedophile gang.

I would ask Rhiannon and Chris Whitaker what the hell was going on, but they’re probably far too stupid to have grasped the bigger picture – after all they work with samples of three – so perhaps Heseltine will tell us, because he will definitely know. Heseltine is from Swansea, although he tries to be all posh and English.

Lord Heseltine (6969083278).jpg


There is an archive clip of ‘Spitting Image’ in which a crazed Heseltine is in the basement of a Gov’t building feeding documents into an enormous shredder shrieking ‘Goodbye my beauties’. Hard luck Heseltine, no matter what was destroyed by Gov’t, I have 10,000 highly incriminating documents in my possession.

‘Awound The Wagged Wock The Wagged Wascal Wan.’ But now you’ve been caught Heseltine you big ranker.


As for O.P. Galpin, I do not know him or her. O.P. Galpin had a letter published in ‘The Lancet’ in 1998 regarding the solution to inhumane and genocidal regimes. They believed that the moral instruction of young people was the only answer. No doubt Dafydd was the man to do this.


Paedophiles’ friends: not only did I never produce the sort of horse shit that you published – complete with its elementary errors – but my work was sufficiently good that you STOLE IT and used it to bag yourselves further funding and senior positions! Now, shut your mouths about Brown and me, stop your constant ‘how very dare yous’, do us all a favour, resign and crawl away. As the Old Gits would say – bugger off, sod off, piss off. You might also like to come clean regarding who co-ordinated all this, which happened whilst I was working in cancer research. Sir Richard Doll did his reputation no good at all by ‘advising’ a gang of paedophiles. But then Doll was a colleague of Donald Acheson’s…

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Should anyone wish to have a good laugh at the Whitakers’ lame efforts at cancer research, here’s a link to their nonsense


Rhiannon Whitaker is not a popular bunny at Bangor. A PhD student gave her the moniker The Fifth Beatle on account of a rather odd hairstyle that she sported for a long time. No-one really minded her trying to look like Paul McCartney in 1963, it was the constant smug rudeness that pissed everybody off. Rhiannon’s favourite game was to pretend to be so important that she didn’t know who the rest of us were, even those of us with whom she’d had quite extensive dealings. On one occasion I had to tolerate sitting in a multi-disciplinary research meeting with Rhiannon. She insulted everybody else on the grounds that they were historians and sociologists and then bellowed at me ‘Who are you then?’ Rhiannon knew exactly who I was, but if her memory had given her the slip, she won’t bloody well forget me now. Neither will she ever be able to sneer at the arts, humanities and social scientists again – because I can reassure them that Rhiannon does not know even the basics where quantitative research is concerned, so her success at climbing into a senior role in NHS research in Wales must have been down to another factor. Probably this one:


Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



John, Paul, George or Ringo? Is that enough for a sample on which to advise the nation with regard to any particular health risk?

  • Flickr: rhianwhit


In 2012 Rhiannon was a member of a research consortium known as the Welsh Crucible no less. In 2013 the Welsh Crucible won the ‘Times Higher Education Supplement’ award for outstanding ‘leadership’ . Rhiannon’s spiel for Welsh Crucible purposes stated that:

Rhiannon is a Chartered Statistician and Scientist who after graduating with a Mathematics degree from Bangor trained as a secondary school teacher at Cambridge University. After a career break to raise a family, a change of direction found her developing an interest in medical statistics and clinical trials. Her current research interests include trials of interventions to enhance quality of life for people living with dementia, depression and other long term conditions. A developing theme encompasses a range of child health issues building on Bangor University’s research strengths in child disabilities, autism and conduct disorders. Her methodological interests include how to bring rigorous randomised trials into community based settings such as prisons, pharmacies, care homes, schools and recreation centres. She is Associate Scientific Director for NWORTH, Bangor’s clinical trials unit.

2016 Update: Rhiannon has left Bangor University, to set up her own company and is the CEO of Whitaker Research Ltd, which provides research design, statistical and project troubleshooting services for applied health research.

She also believes that a meaningful study can be carried out using a control sample of three. I’m sure that the commissions from the NHS are rolling in.


One of the people responsible for promoting The Fifth Beatle to high office was Prof Ian Russell, latterly of Bangor University, now of Edwina Hart’s empire at Swansea University. Ian Russell caused much grief throughout his many years at Bangor. Bangor realised that they had been sold a pup when a Professor from Bangor met one of Russell’s old colleagues from York and they told him that Ian Russell was ‘an idiot’ and that Bangor were welcome to him. Ian is a healthcare researcher. Of course he is. I haven’t got time to detail the extent of Ian Russell’s fuckwittery here, but because I wasn’t a member of his research team I could have a good laugh at his excesses, rather than have to suffer as a result of them. He used to use the university photocopiers for personal business and one year he used the photocopier to produce his Christmas ’round robins’. Ian used to send photocopying through and then go to sleep in his office, so one would often find his photocopying uncollected. I found the round robins, they were great works of fiction. Ian’s round robin consisted of two pages of lies about his RAE results – his friends can’t have been academics, because the RAE results hadn’t yet been published when Ian explained that his research had been rated ‘excellent’. There were a few photos of Ian dressed up in a kilt and then an update on his hip replacement, which was as excellent as his RAE results.

The PhD student who named Rhiannon The Fifth Beatle had such problems with Ian Russell as his supervisor that he ended up suing Bangor University – as, I was told, had at least one other PhD student of Russell’s. This student told me that Russell was an incredibly selfish man who was a nightmare to deal with. The student maintained that Ian never replied to e mails no matter how urgent the matter and that in response to a formal complaint about this, Russell’s excuse had been ‘I had a cold’. Ian however expected a high level of service from everyone else. He complained bitterly about the inadequacies of the VC when the VC hadn’t replied to an e mail from Ian within 24 hours. Did the VC have a cold? No. His wife was dying of brain cancer, after the paedophiles’ friends at the Walton Centre somehow found that there was no effective treatment for her. Russell’s PhD student was appalled at Russell’s insensitivity. He’d have been really freaked out if he had known that there was a plan by Fergus Lowe and a few others – including I was told, Ian Russell – to frame the VC for a criminal offence.

Ian Russell is a lay preacher.

Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW/Bangor University throughout the glittering careers of Kassab, the Whitakers, Ian Russell and Fungus.

And this man is a Pretty Straight Kind Of Guy:

Tony Blair crop.jpg

Why did John McTernan’s brother-in-law nick my computer Blair?




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Cherie Booth QC

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Cheers, every one of us has made a fortune!


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O. P. Galpin wrote the entry for William Ernest Beer on the Royal College of Physicians ‘Lives of the Fellows’ Online.

William Beer was a consultant dermatologist in Bangor, Wales. He was born in Southern India amongst the Nilgiri Hills. His father was Assistant Director of the local Pasteur Institute and engaged in anti-rabies research. His great-grandfather, George Beer had gone to India from Devon with William Bowden where, with the assistance of their wives, they had succeeded in establishing churches, hospitals and a school.

Bill Beer’s medical studies commenced in Madras and there then followed junior hospital posts in the Vellore Medical School. Here he came under the influence of an American dermatologist, H. Gass, whose enthusiasm for the subject shaped his subsequent choice of career.

After marriage, Bill and his wife, Joan, chose to return to Nilgiri Hills to work in a mission hospital. Then, owing to a change of policy for tea estate hospitals, they decided to come to Britain. Bill was able to specialise in dermatology as a result of support from the Nilgiri mission. He initially enrolled as a full time postgrad at St John’s Hospital and was subsequently appointed senior registrar at Westminster Hospital.

Although Beer did not know North Wales, he applied for the post of consultant dermatologist for the Gwynedd region. Prior to his appointment, the task of building up a dermatology service for the whole of North Wales was in the hands of Dr Ellen Emslie who had introduced modern understanding, techniques and treatment to the area. [Shurely shome mistake – Ed.] Bill Beer was able to build on this foundation and, over the years, established a reputation for the quality of his service and professional skill. [Shurely shome mistake – Ed.]

Beer’s ‘infectious enthusiasm for the practical and academic aspects of dermatology influenced many of his colleagues, not to mention the many undergraduate and postgraduate doctors who assisted him in the skin clinics’.

So that’s why, for decades, doctors have refused to work in north Wales.

Beer’s interest in dermatology resulted in many research activities and publications, eventually leading to him winning the Wycombe Prize in 1993 by the British Association of Dermatology – two years after his retirement from the NHS.

Yes, another prize for a Top Doc in north Wales, in the year that the North Wales Police closed their investigation into child abuse and concluded that there was ‘no evidence of a paedophile ring’.

Bill’s other interests included the Welsh language – he became fluent – music, gardening, astronomy and mountain walking. Both he and his wife were renowned for their hospitality and for the pastoral care that they gave to junior doctors and university students. Bill’s life was ‘profoundly influenced by a deeply held Christian faith’.

Bill was ‘tragically killed in a car accident, shortly after completing a history of the old C&A Hospital’, which, the Lives Of The Fellows Online tells us, ‘will serve as a fitting memorial to his intense commitment to the area and to his colleagues’.

That tragic accident which killed Bill Beer happened in Dec 1999. Two months before the Waterhouse Report was published. Well Dr Beer had written a history of the C&A Hospital where pretty much anything went, including prostitution on the part of the Angels.

Dafydd used to turn up at the C&A to visit patients who had attempted suicide etc.

Galpin’s name also appears in Hansard, 18 July 1990, regarding Alun Michael asking if the Secretary of State for Wales ‘will list the individuals and bodies which have commented on his proposal to reduce the number of community health councils in Wales; and how many were for a reduction and how many against a reduction’. The CHCs in Wales consist entirely of paedophiles’ friends and never raise any serious challenge to the Top Docs – many of whom sit on the CHCs – and their neglect and abuse. Thus the NHS in Wales has fought very hard to hold onto the CHCs, ‘the voice of the patients’ and the ‘NHS watchdog’.

It was Ian Grist who responded to Alun Michael’s question. Grist was a Welsh Office Minister and a very helpful one to Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’). The Secretary of State at the time was David Hunt, who served Dafydd et al so loyally in the late 80s/early 90s at the Welsh Office that Hunt was brought back as acting Secretary of State for Wales for just a few days in the summer of 1995, to lie about the North Wales Hospital having closed down. David Hunt was appointed acting Welsh Secretary 13 days before Bing Spear died. Spear was the corrupt mandarin who was the Chief Inspector of the Home Office Drugs Branch who so ably assisted Dafydd (see post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’). Sir Peter Morrison was found dead four days after Spear died. Peter Morrison’s sister Dame Mary was Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Carlo’s mum. Hunt was up and off again four days before Bing died to twiddle his thumbs for a few days until he took up the position of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on 20 July 1995, exactly one week after Morrison was found dead. See post ‘Criminals Are Getting Away With It’. William Hague became Secretary of State for Wales on the day that Hunt scarpered from the Welsh Office.

Lord David Hunt is now the Big Boss at DAC Beachcroft, a firm of international lawyers who represent the GMC.

Ian Grist provided a truly impressive list of paedophiles’ friends who responded to Hunt’s consultation re the CHCs – 184 opposed the plans for a reduction in the number of CHCs, 14 approved. The list is too long to reproduce in full in this post, but here’s the link

Look out for old favourites such as St David’s Hospital, Soroptomists International, Age Concern, Crossroads, Gwynedd Drugs Council, Quakers, Health Visitors Association, MIND, WCVA, Mencap, Town and County Councils and a number of MPs who were/are paedophiles’ friends. The Windbag’s name is not there, but Islwyn Labour Party is, so he was present in cognito. ‘O.P. Galpin, Llandudno’ is listed.


Now for a bit more info on the charidee ‘Wellbeing of Women’, which was established by Sir George Pinker, the friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s who delivered Royal babies (see post ‘Wimmin’s Wellbeing – The Fortnum and Mason Connection’).

‘Wellbeing of Women’ was formerly known as ‘Birthright’ and it was in this incarnation when, in 1986, the Harris Birthright Centre for Reproductive Medicine at the Jessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield was established, ‘offering the biggest stimulus to research into reproductive medicine the UK had seen’. I do not know why paedophiles’ friend Oinker located his Birthright Centre at Sheffield, but the Centre was bank-rolled by Sir – now Lord – Philip Harris. From what I can work out, Harris provided the funding for the Centre in 1984, the year that I first complained about Gwynne the lobotomist.

Philip Harris went to Streatham Grammar School, which suggests that he lived just down the road from where St George’s Hospital Medical School is located, which employed Geoffrey Chamberlain et al who were concealing the wrongdoing of Gwynne, Dafydd and the paedophile gang.

Philip Harris was the Chairman of Carpetrite plc and has over fifty years experience in carpet retailing. Harris left Carpetrite in 2014, sold all of his shares and he is no longer associated with the company.

Harris was also a non-executive Director of Great Universal Stores plc for 18 years, retiring from the GUS Board in July 2004. Lord Harris became a non-executive Director of Matalan in October 2004. Harris was appointed to the board of Arsenal Football Club as a non-executive Director in Nov 2005.

Lord Harris is the co-owner of the Olympic gold medal-winning horse Hello Sanctos ridden by Scott Brash in the team show jumping event at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Lord Harris and Lord Kirkham bought the horse for an estimated €2 million at the start of 2012. They are also co-owners of the horses Hello Sailor, Hello Unique and Hello Boyo.

Harris has been a donor to the Tory Party since the 1980s and was a big fan of Thatch. He also made donations to Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party. Harris is considered to be one of Cameron’s personal friends and he is  said to have played a role in convincing Cameron to contest the party’s leadership in the summer of 2005. Harris’s ties to Cameron came under scrutiny two years later when it appeared that Andrew Feldman, a political associate of Harris and a fellow donor to Cameron’s leadership campaign, used Harris’s name to claim privileges accorded to active members of the House of Lords.

Harris has contributed extensively to education and as a result, many schools and colleges (such as Harris Manchester College, Oxford), bear his name. Through the Harris Federation, many secondary schools in South London have received Harris donations. In the London Borough of Croydon, Harris helped to found the Harris City Technology College, Harris Academy South Norwood and Harris Academy Merton, Harris Academy Purley, Harris Academy Chafford Hundred, although many local residents are angered that the original name of the South Norwood site, Stanley Technical High School, was dropped in place of the Harris name.

Dafydd’s mate Prof Linford Rees lived at Purley and entertained his celebrity friends there (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). Purley was also the home of Rashmi Varma, the fertility consultant at St George’s who found herself up in front of the GMC after NHS patients complained that she had forced them to donate eggs to private patients. Varma got off, although I was told by someone at St George’s that she was as guilty as they come. Geoffrey Chamberlain did not face a GMC hearing after he co-authored the paper describing research which had never taken place, although his co-author Malcolm Pearce was struck off. But then Chamberlain was mates with Oinker the Royal gynaecologist.

Chamberlain hated Rashmi Varma and everyone knew that he was waiting to stick the knife in. I wonder why his dastardly plan didn’t work.

In recent years, the forced change to academy status has placed additional schools under the management of the Harris Federation, despite considerable opposition from Boards of Governors and parents.


In 1960, Philip Harris married Pauline Chumley. The couple have a daughter Susan and three sons: Martin (director of Tapi Carpets), Peter and Charles. Pauline was appointed an DBE in 2004 and a Deputy Lieutenant in 2005. Lord Harris has an estimated wealth of £285m.

Harris was knighted in 1985. Just after he gave all that dosh to Oinker for the Birthright Centre. The year that Mary Wynch won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and appeared in the London broadsheets. The year that I began approaching MPs regarding the problem that was the north Wales mental health services. I had written to the GMC about Gwynne the lobotomist in 1984 and they told me that they could not take any action against him.

Philip Harris was given a peerage in Jan 1996. By which time Ronnie Waterhouse knew that he would be Chairing a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, although William Hague didn’t announce this until Aug 1996. Hague became leader of the Tory Party on 19 June 1997 after receiving the backing of Thatcher. Hague was perceived as the heir to Thatch. By 1996, Gruff Rhys from Llanllechid in Gwynedd had emerged as an international rock star (see post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’). Gruff’s dad Ioan Bowen Rees was the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when business boomed for the paedophile gang within the Council’s children’s homes (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’).


By 1986, when the Birthright Centre funded by Harris was established at Sheffield, Mary Wynch had won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and was suing Dafydd et al. During 1986, Alison Taylor and I continued to raise our concerns regarding the activities of the paedophiles and their friends. On 22 July 1986, Iain Muir, Deputy Headmaster of the Bryn Alyn Community School, was convicted in the Crown Court at Mold of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16, for which he received a sentence of six months imprisonment. The victim was resident at the school for just over three years and was 15 years old when she left. During the middle months of 1986, DCS Gwynne Owen declared Alison Taylor’s complaints to be false or unsubstantiated. In Oct 1986 he sent a report to the CPS severely criticising Alison and in Dec 1986 Gwynedd County Council informally suspended Alison from her job as a social worker. In the late summer of 1986, I was unlawfully detained under the Mental Health Act in Ysbyty Gwynedd by Jackie Brandt and a Dr Perera, after being told by Alun Davies that if I didn’t drop my complaints about the mental health services I would be sectioned. Whilst I was there, Dafydd rolled up and told me to get out of north Wales and if I ever came back he’d have me arrested. In Dec 1986, I went back to north Wales and Dafydd had me unlawfully arrested and illegally detained in the North Wales Hospital.

The Harris Birthright Centre is now located at King’s College Hospital London, has been renamed the Harris Birthright Centre for Foetal Medicine and its Director is Dr Kypros Nicolaides, but I don’t know when it relocated to King’s. When I worked at St George’s I was told that a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at King’s was considered a bit excessive by his colleagues because ‘he has sex with his children’. Just to clarify, the man named as doing this was not Kypros Nicolaides, it was another fertility expert who was involved in charidee work.


I mentioned in my post ‘The Village’ that Dr D.G.E. Wood became seriously worried when Brown started publishing in 1984. A lot of people became very anxious all over again when Brown made his first TV appearance in Sept 1987. Brown didn’t have his own TV series or anything, he appeared on ‘Right To Reply’ on Channel 4 with Gus Macdonald. I was supposed to be on there as well, we were invited to appear after we wrote to Gus regarding a particularly offensive appearance that Bernard Manning had made on the BBC. I couldn’t go on tele because Gus’s invitation coincided with my first day at work at the Cancer Research Campaign labs at Nottingham University and I thought that it would look dreadful if I didn’t actually make it into work on my first day. My mates told me that it would have been really cool to have rung up the CRC labs and said ‘I’m sorry, but I’ve got a TV appearance’, but I didn’t dare. If I’d known what a tosser and a fraud Prof Robert Baldwin was (see post ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’), I’d have prioritised Gus.

I didn’t realise this at the time because I thought that Gus was just the man on ‘Right To Reply’, but Gus Macdonald was actually a very big media figure. He was a former investigative reporter and by the time that he invited us onto his programme he was a powerful media executive. Gus was also big in the Labour Party and back in the 1960s he was involved with Tribune and Michael Foot, after flirting with the International Socialists. Some of the Tribune lot were working for MI5.

Gus Macdonald was one of the first people to be given a peerage by Blair after Labour won the General Election in 1997 and he was later appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office in Blair’s Gov’t – the year after Ronnie Waterhouse published his cover-up, when people started angrily mouthing off about the whitewash. Not that any of them got a Right To Reply. Dim problem Blair, there’s this blog now.

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News Round Up, June 2 2017

The Top Doctors continue to apply the pressure for more dosh. Yesterday Mail online were reporting that the Kings Fund was warning that 4 out of 10 Trusts in England were planning to slash routine operations as managers are forced to make ‘tough decisions’. The Kings Fund surveyed the financial directors of 48 Clinical Commissioning Groups regarding their priorities for 2017/18. 63% of them were ‘concerned that they wouldn’t be able to increase spending on mental health’. Richard Murray, Director of Policy at the Kings Fund, commented that the ‘demand for services’ was ‘outstripping the NHS budget’. Dr Mark Porter of the BMA has also joined in, maintaining that more money is needed. To exemplify the crisis, it was stated that three CCGs in the West Midlands are restricting joint replacements operations until patients are in severe pain. This is the same West Midlands that hosted the illustrious Dr Ian Paterson who was recently imprisoned for 15 years after carrying out unnecessary operations on hundreds of patients. My post ‘A Top Doctor Goes To Prison’ explains how the machinations of the medical establishment, including the BMA, GMC and MDU, created a situation in which no-one felt able to stop Paterson although a lot of people knew what he was doing. The ‘independent’ Kings Fund has very close links with this establishment and is a former employer of both Niall Dickson, who was Chief Exec of the GMC for years and Ian Kennedy, who was also a member of the GMC for years, but who managed to carry out a ‘Review’ of Paterson’s activities which placed the blame very firmly on everyone but the Top Doctors themselves. Paterson’s crimes have cost the NHS £18 million in damages and costs so far – that would have paid for a few joint replacements.

The Top Doctors must be getting desperate because today they’ve enlisted the help of the big guns – the Royal College of Surgeons have Spoken Out. Guess what – they want more money. Their president, Clare Marx, has commented that large numbers of patients are waiting too long in pain and discomfort and that this is ‘the grim reality of the financial pressures facing the NHS’. The grim reality of the consequences of no-one stopping Ian Paterson – whom the Royal College of Surgeons almost certainly knew about – is also large numbers of patients in pain and discomfort as well as an unknown number of deaths (unknown because no-one’s dared do the research). To strengthen her position Marx refers to the recent bout of whinging from the Nuffield Trust. That’s the organisation that funds research on the basis of researchers personal medical histories rather than on the quality of the proposed research (please see post ‘News Updates, Additional Comments And Observations’). Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, has commented that the ‘Tories neglect and underfunding of the NHS has pushed services to the brink’. No Jonathan, what has pushed services to the brink has been decades of successive Gov’ts ignoring institutionalised corruption causing patient harm in the NHS and Labour is as guilty of this as the Tories are. Remember Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson who were told by 81 people that terrible things were happening in Mid-Staffs but still refused to hold an inquiry? So whilst patients in Mid-Staffs drank water from flower vases, lay in their own faeces and urine because nurses refused to walk across the ward with a bedpan, were assessed by unqualified receptionists and died unnecessarily, Burnham and Johnson troughed away in Westminster with the best like there was no tomorrow.

Just to remind us all exactly how committed to patient safety the dear old GMC is, they have now issued a ‘warning’ to a Dr Sunil Idicula Simon, after the death of one of his patients, 23 year old Charlotte Foster. Charlotte went to Simon complaining of back pain and breathlessness and he told her to go on a spa day. She subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest and brain damage as a result of a deep vein thrombosis and died. Charlotte had been taking Dianette, an oral contraceptive that carries a higher risk of thrombosis than other oral contraceptives and had also undergone tests that showed that she would be particularly at risk if she took Dianette. She was prescribed it nonetheless. Dr Simon failed to eliminate or confirm DVT as a possibility in Charlotte’s case, failed to put together a treatment plan for stopping the medication, failed to make a record of two consultations and on the second consultation with Charlotte failed to conduct an examination. The GMC commented on their website that Dr Simon’s practice ‘does not meet with the standards required of a doctor. He risks bringing the profession into disrepute…’ So that’s why they’ve allowed him to carry on practicing then. One can only wonder why the GMC didn’t simply forge another document to protect Simon as they did to protect the lethal Dr Tony Roberts (please see post ‘The General Medical Council And Yet Another Forged Document’). As for bringing the profession into disrepute – the GMC had done that themselves by 1990 by repeatedly refusing to take any action against Dr Dafydd Alun Jones as he and his mistress facilitated a paedophile ring and built the foundations of a drugs empire (please see post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’).

There’s been a few interesting bits of local news recently. Irfon Williams, the man with an aggressive form of bowel cancer who famously moved to England in order to obtain the drug Cetuximab and then campaigned for the same and similar drugs to be available in Wales, has died. Cetuximab didn’t save Irfon and it was very unlikely that it would have, that is why the Welsh Gov’t did not want to implement the Cancer Drugs Fund – the drugs recommended are vey expensive but more importantly do not work. Irfon had undergone 50 sessions of chemo, one round of radiotherapy and five operations – he was in a very bad way and Cetuximab was not going to make a difference. I can understand that a relatively young man facing death would want to grab hold of any chance that he could but there was a particular irony involved in Irfon’s campaign. Irfon was a mental health manager for the Betsi. Yes, Irfon was one of those who had presided over the carnage of mental health patients. Whilst Irfon achieved fame across the UK and appeared on breakfast TV, his former patients found it impossible to access treatment and a lot of them died – no-one pushed the boat out for them or reported on their ‘bravery’. They did not have a ‘TeamIrfon’ campaign to fight their corner and keep their plight in the public eye. And none of them were invited to meet Carwyn. They were left to kill themselves. TeamIrfon led a fundraising campaign to reduce the likelihood of people with cancer and their families suffering from mental health problems. So it wasn’t until Irfon himself developed cancer that he seemed to develop an awareness of the need for mental healthcare.

The ironies continue. A quick look at the Betsi website yesterday revealed that Gary Doherty, the CEO of the Betsi, has signed up to the shallow and hypocritical ‘Time To Change Wales’ campaign, to reduce the ‘stigma’ of mental illness. Yes, Gary who runs a Health Board in special measures because of institutional abuse in its mental health services that nonetheless is still positively exterminating mental health patients and who completely failed to deal with a very serious complaint from me regarding the mental health services, has signed up to an anti-stigma campaign. Part of Gary’s campaign is, unbelievably, to support staff with mental health problems. Well they could certainly never rely on the services that they provide themselves – or more accurately fail to provide – for the rest of us. To rub salt into the wound, the Betsi website has also recently provided a free plug for ‘CALL’, a ‘helpline’ offering ‘mental health support’. People I know gave up with that bloody helpline so hopeless was it – but there we are, the Betsi was reminding everyone that support for mental health problems is only a call away, 24 hours a day. Would you believe that this was the Betsi’s idea of marking ‘mental health awareness week’. Which just confirms my suspicion that bombarding the nation with this shite – and it is shite – regarding ‘fighting stigma’, ‘raising awareness’, ‘talking about it’ and ‘being mindful’ simply serves to provide a smokescreen lest anyone actually notices what is happening to people who suffer serious mental health problems, as opposed to the mildly worried and anxious. A similar smokescreen seems to be developing around serious poverty. There have been recent media allegations that ‘nurses’ and ‘social workers’ are going to food banks. Well if they are, they are doing it for rather different reasons than the rest of the people turning up there. No matter what the Royal College of Nursing or ‘Guardian Society’ tells us, being a nurse or a social worker on £30,000 pa is not exactly ‘I Daniel Blake’. Neither are nurses or social workers dying destitute, which is what is now happening to a number of people with mental health problems, learning disabilities or groups such as asylum seekers etc. Yet nurses and social workers are now being framed as the image of poverty.

Peter Read, a councillor from Pen Llyn, and Liz Saville Roberts, the Plaid MP for Dwyfor Meirionydd, have angrily condemned the shortcomings of the out of hours GP services. Whilst I am glad to see people showing concern for the plight of people living in rural Wales – who have been ignored for a very long time – this did serve to remind me that the likes of Liz and Peter have not had a word to say about the death toll among people with mental health problems in their region. In fact I happen to know that there is a young woman who is literally living in hiding on Pen Llyn after having had the most distressing experience whilst detained at the Hergest Unit – she was coerced into an abortion that she didn’t want and loaded up with ‘medication’, after being diagnosed with ‘paranoid schizophrenia’. She was also gang raped a few years ago and when the case against the rapists collapsed was prosecuted herself for wasting police time. But not to worry, we have the CALL helpline to assist people experiencing such difficulties!

North Wales hit the national media yesterday. A male nurse, described as a ‘sex pest’, employed in Penrhos Care Home in Pwhelli, was struck off by the NMC after being found guilty of seven allegations of misconduct which were described as being ‘racially and sexually motivated’. His activities included kissing elderly ladies, asking them to marry him, telling one of them that her mother was a whore and another one of them that ‘once you’ve had black you never go back’. Cathy Adams, the manager of the care home concerned, emphasised that there was no place for this ‘nurse’ in her establishment and described him as having ‘old fashioned views’. Just like the staff at children’s homes in north Wales whose ‘old methods’ involved punching the children, raping them, sodomising them and forcing them to have oral sex with the staff (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’). All a little bit old-fashioned. (The account of the activities of the sex pest rather reminded me of Jimmy Savile, who was regularly filmed in hospitals in the 1970s asking four year olds if they would be his girlfriend and demanding kisses from them. No wonder Esther and the rest never guessed that he was a paedophile, he was so good at disguising it.) It is interesting to read that the NMC have actually taken action against someone though. They used to be every bit as bad as the GMC. Not only did they refuse to take action against Sian Ruth Lloyd, an abusive nurse at the Hergest Unit, after she had assaulted me and prevented me from reporting the assault to the police, but when I spoke to them on the phone I was met with an incredibly aggressive man who did not identify himself but told me that once Lloyd had been cleared they would be destroying the evidence that I sent them – before that I spoke to a Rashida Conroy who made it very clear that it was barely worth answering the phone to a patient and used phrases like ‘wha’ d ya want?’ and ‘yeh, right’. At about this time the NMC refused to take action against a psych nurse in charge of an adolescent ward who was discovered viewing child pornography whilst on duty.

A reader has e mailed wondering if the public servants of Wales are getting worried. Walter Glyn Davies, a retired teacher and lay preacher, was confronted by Gareth Winston Roberts during a meeting of Amlwch Town Council and accused of secretly recording the meeting. Roberts, the Chairman of the meeting, had mistakenly believed that Mr Davies’s insulin syringe – he is a diabetic – was a recording device. Roberts has admitted that the public are allowed to record meetings but they have to ‘obtain permission’ first. Gareth Winston Roberts entertained everyone by making reference to ‘proper procedures’ that must be followed. This is Anglesey we’re taking about – it is generally believed to be the most corrupt council in the UK, some of the councillors have gone to prison and it is a regular in the Private Eye ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column. Mr Davies is considering taking the matter up with the Anglesey Council Standards Committee. Somehow I doubt that he’ll get very far. However my reader has pointed out that there is quite a bit of blogging happening in Wales at the moment providing exposes – my own blog is leading the field where the NHS and welfare services are concerned, Jac O the North is dishing the dirt on councillors and politicians and there is a blogger whose revelations so angered Carmarthen Council that their Chief Exec took her to the High Court. Another blog was brought to my attention yesterday. As the mainstream media flatly refuse to publish any of this serious corruption themselves, it looks as though a few people have found another way of blowing the whistle. I would dearly love to believe that this might be the beginning of the end for those we know and love… I am often contacted by people who are in despair after encountering our glorious mental health services and who ask me how they can actually gain help. It is a very difficult question to answer – the only psychiatrist in north Wales who seems to be both normal and know what he is doing is Dr Alberto Salmoiraghi, but I imagine that Dr Alberto must now be buckling under the pressure of thousands of desperate patients beating a path to his door. I can really only advise everyone else to start doing what Jac, me and the other bloggers are doing – go public. What is happening is outrageous and everyone is made to feel that it is only happening to them because they are just bastards. It isn’t, this is now how the welfare services routinely treat people and it has bugger all to do with ‘funding’ and ‘pay restraint’.

Of course one organ that has never been afraid to upset unscrupulous people in power is Private Eye. The latest edition has published a piece about the collapse of Food Dudes Ltd, part of the late Professor Fergus Lowe’s empire. I reported this on the blog recently (please see post ‘Updates On Previous Posts, Including Inquest Verdict’).

STOP PRESS: I have just had a quick look at BBC News Wales online – the North Wales Hospital has been engulfed by a ‘huge blaze’, there are 40 firefighters out there and the roof has collapsed. Traffic is being diverted away from Denbigh. God it’s like something out of Jane Eyre isn’t it. It’s too late Dafydd, it doesn’t matter if a minion of yours has set light to the place in an attempt to destroy evidence – I’ve got 10,000 documents in my possession and no-one knows where I am…


Updates On Previous Posts, Including Inquest Verdict

Nicola Jones, the Coroner at the inquest of Michael Bryn Jones (please see post ‘A Tale Of Two Inquests’) has returned a verdict of suicide. Ms Jones commented that ‘there should have been more effort to persuade Mr Jones to come into Hergest for a full assessment of his condition. He went to that Unit looking for help and he didn’t get it’ (well that’s been the experience of a lot of people for at least the last fifteen or twenty years). Ms Jones suggests that ‘more effort’ was needed – but it wasn’t that the Hergest Unit simply lacked in effort, Mr Jones was turned away when he went to the Hergest Unit asking to see a doctor. Robat Hughes, the ‘senior nurse’ who answered the door to Mr Jones, stated that he ‘regretted’ not asking Mr Jones whether he was already having treatment. Hughes said that Mr Jones had asked for a doctor, but Hughes told him that the doctor had gone home sick but if he went to A&E there would be doctors there. So that was the ‘help’ that Mr Jones received. Is Robat Hughes really so thick that he didn’t twig that someone turning up at the Hergest Unit in the middle of the night asking to see a doctor might have been feeling very rough indeed? The Hergest Unit have now managed to kill so many patients by refusing to help them when they turn up at the Unit that one would have thought that, in the words of Peter Higson and Margaret Hanson, the ‘learning’ would be ’embedded’ by now. Patient turns up at night asking to see doctor followed by patient being turned away leads to patient later being found dead. It’s not rocket science. But the idiocy continues – the ‘incident’ ie. NEEDLESS DEATH was ‘reviewed’ by ‘consultant psychiatrist Dr Stuart Porter’, who concluded that somebody should have taken Mr Jones to A&E and that it is good practice to follow up with a phone call. Porter hasn’t mentioned the other numerous worrying aspects of this case – that Mr Jones was well-known to the Unit, that he’d tried to kill himself five times, that his family had only weeks earlier ‘begged’ for him to remain an inpatient when he was discharged, that the family stated that they weren’t listened to and that a care plan that they maintained wouldn’t work remained in place. But Porter doesn’t seemed to have commented on all this. Lest anyone think that Stuart Porter is some sort of ‘independent expert’, let me enlighten you. Porter is a psychiatrist who also works for the  Betsi, at the Ablett Unit. The Ablett Unit that kicked a patient out, homeless and with no aftercare, on the grounds that he was ‘faking mental illness’ in order to secure accommodation and who was said by a nurse to have been a ‘foreign type’ ‘speaking gibberish’ (he was speaking in Bulgarian) who later beheaded someone because he was actually completely psychotic (please see post ‘Homicide Committed By Patient At Ablett Unit’); the Ablett where care of the elderly mentally ill on Tawel Fan ward was so bad that it was described as the worst mental health care scandal that the country had seen, resulted in the Betsi being put into special measures and is the subject of two ongoing external inquiries (please see previous posts concerning Tawel Fan). This is not the first time that Stuart Porter has been used to paper over the very big cracks in the ‘care’ provided by the Hergest Unit – both Porter and Dr David Crossley are regularly wheeled out by the Betsi to do this and they both manage to usually agree that whatever crazy diagnosis and shite care has been dished out by the Hergest, it is quite appropriate. I know of a someone who for twenty years endured the usual neglect and abuse from the Hergest Unit and as many of us have, also managed to acquire multiple different diagnoses from them – after he had made a formal complaint, the usual strategy of announcing that he had an untreatable ‘borderline personality disorder’ was employed. After begging to be transferred to a unit away from the lethal Hergest, he finally wound up at the Ablett, in the ‘care’ of Stuart Porter. It was every bit as bad as Hergest, both in terms of the facilities and the ‘care’. Furthermore Porter consulted with the psychiatrists at Hergest who had been the subject of the complaint and read all their ‘records’ (much of which were factually inaccurate) before seeing my friend. He then told my friend that he had a borderline personality disorder. However at the same time, he did give my friend the Beck Depression Inventory to complete – my friend fulfilled the criteria for serious clinical depression. Porter then said that the Beck Inventory was irrelevant. So why did Porter give it to him? As well as Porter, my friend had one meeting with Porter’s colleague, a CPN. This CPN altered the date of the meeting by e mail, then denied doing so – even though my friend then produced the e mail. When the CPN finally did manage to get it together to meet my friend, during the course of the conversation my friend mentioned that when he was at university he often used to like going barefoot (this was in the late 60s where students going barefoot was almost de rigour in some circles). On the basis of this and this alone would you believe, the CPN diagnosed my friend with a ‘narcissistic personality disorder’. My friend pointed out to Porter that this was inconsistent with the previous diagnosis and Porter’s response was that my friend had a narcissistic personality disorder ‘as well’. So my friend was suffering from: bipolar disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. All at once. But not depression, although the only appropriate diagnostic tool that had ever been employed in his case showed him to be severely depressed. But one Dr Marie Savage previously of the Hergest Unit – and at present I understand of the Ablett Unit – surpassed all others. She wrote on my friend’s medical records that he ‘has always wanted to be a woman’. How Savage managed to conclude this as she penetrated the mysteries of my friend’s psyche he did not know – and he didn’t realise that she’d even written this until his lawyer obtained his medical records after years of him being pissed about by that gang of fools. But my friend did have long hair and he sometimes wore pink climbing trousers, so it was probably based on that. I can only wonder if Marie Savage was the person who started off that notorious allegation that the Teletubby who used to have the handbag was gay. My friend observed that as well as sporting a pair of ‘wanker’s glasses’, Stuart Porter’s highly stylised attempt at playing the role of a psychiatrist ‘was so bad that it wouldn’t have landed him a part in one of Linda Snell’s pantomimes’.

Anyway Porter ‘reviewed the incident’ and the Betsi have now ‘changed their procedures’, offered their ‘sincere condolences’ to Mr Jones’s family and ‘fully accepted’ the findings of the Coroner. So we’ll wait for the next catastrophe at the Hergest and another review by the man sporting a pair of wanker’s glasses whose only observation after the Hergest Unit sends the next suicidal person off into the night to their death will no doubt be that everything was basically OK, but perhaps they could have made a follow up phone call. By the way after his encounter with Porter and his glasses, my friend gave up with north Wales psychiatry and went abroad for the care that he needed.

My blog post ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy’ detailed the research fraud, plagiarism and other dodgy dealings of the late Professor Fergus Lowe, of Bangor University’s School of Psychology. Fungus’s claim to fame was the ‘Food Dudes’ programme, designed to promote healthy eating in children (Fungus himself lived on a diet of coke and crisps). So great was the success of Food Dudes that Fungus established a company, Food Dudes Health Ltd. I have just read on BBC News Wales that it has gone into liquidation with debts of £1.2 million, and that the creditors include a number of public health bodies and councils in England, who are owed more than £800,000. Is this the beginning of the end of the Myth that is the School of Psychology? I think that the practices of that ‘world leading School’ would be revealed in all their horror if anyone bothered to take a long hard look at the development of the phenomenon that is ‘Mindfulness’ as developed by Professor Mark Williams – readers may begin this process by reading my post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’. One can only marvel that an academic empire was built on foundations as rotten as this – and Plaid are so impressed with both this and the dear old Hergest Unit that they think it’s worth developing into a medical school…



He’s Not The Messiah – He’s A Very Naughty Boy

There is often a perception among laypeople that ‘studying psychology’ gives one great insight into the human condition. However I have been impressed with the number of dysfunctional people that I have encountered, one in particular, who have studied psychology and participated in impressive quantities of wrongdoing. The man that I’m thinking of is the late Professor Fergus Lowe, the former Senior PVC and Head of the School of Psychology at Bangor University.

Fergus Lowe died not so long ago and was well-known to many people who have passed through Bangor University in the last three decades on the grounds of being, as memorably described by my friend Brown, ‘a highly effective shit’. I know that I had prior warning from Brown regarding Lowe, but even so I was interested to watch a lot of people toady to Fergus and do his bidding no matter how unsavoury that was. A lot of people were doing this simply because they were terrified of him – for some reason best known to himself, at one point Fergus decided to cultivate the company of one of the lecturers in the psychology dept whose teenage son knew someone whom I used to be friendly with. The teenager told my friend that Fergus had started calling in uninvited at their house and that his father was too frightened to stop these visits because he was both ‘in awe of’ and ‘frightened of’ Fergus, whom this man believed was a ‘true psychopath’. I didn’t start observing Fergus and the dynamics that surrounded him until about 2003, by which time he had achieved a very senior position in the University. The official narrative regarding the ‘respect’ that there was for Fergus in some quarters was his success in turning the psychology dept in Bangor from a semi-derelict house (which was how I remembered it in the 1980s when I was a student) to what was allegedly one of the best psychology depts in the UK and even considered to be pretty good in the global rankings. In more recent times, the psychology dept has become known as one of the depts in Bangor packed with international ‘research stars’, many of them having been head-hunted by Fergus in his attempt at world-domination. This always impresses people, but there is a reason why it tends to be overseas academics in Bangor psychology rather than big names from the UK – UK psychologists knew Fergus and would not work with him. A big name in the British Psychological Association whom Brown knew was approached by Bangor in about 2005 in an attempt to head-hunt him and this man told Brown that he would never go to Bangor as long as Fergus was involved with the University. Brown’s contacts also enlightened me as to the source of one of Fergus’s big ‘successes’ that financed the grand building currently housing Bangor’s psychology dept, the Brigantia Building – namely an enormous amount of funding from Unilever some years ago. Fergus did not land this grant through his talents and hard-work. He landed that grant by systematically stuffing over everyone else who was on the team, approaching the funders and making fallacious allegations about his colleagues’ incompetence or misconduct. He was so successful in this regard that he ended up netting the grant himself.

I heard many first-hand accounts of Fergus’s wrongdoing and it seemed quite wide-ranging. There were constant allegations of dishonesty, plagiarism and research fraud. One person friendly with someone I know well told me how his friend withdrew from a PhD in the school of psychology when Fergus told her to fabricate research results. She tried to refuse and Fergus’s response was ‘the trouble with you is that you always want to tell the truth’. She withdrew from her PhD and now freely tells everyone that academics are ‘liars and cheats’ – a consequence of having Fergus Lowe as a PhD supervisor. There was an event involving Fergus that has gone down in the history of Bangor, an event remembered by a lot of women in the area who are now in early middle-age and whose children used to attend the University nursery. That nursery was used by Fergus for research purposes and it was actually where he carried out the research – if indeed he did carry out the research that he claimed, one can never be sure, it was Fergus after all – that made him famous, the ‘Food Dudes’ project, an initiative aimed at promoting healthy eating in children. Ironically at the time when Fergus was receiving glowing tributes for this work in the media and he was giving interviews about the importance of healthy eating, whilst Governments were using that research as a basis for health policy, I used to watch Fergus pop down to Morrisons in Bangor to buy his lunch – a bottle of coke and two packs of crisps. Every day without fail. However it wasn’t Fergus’s own taste for junk food that landed him in trouble with the mothers of Bangor. It was the fact that somehow they had discovered that their children were being ‘experimented on’ without their knowledge let alone their permission. The kids had all been entered into clinical trials without parental consent – trials which involved some kids being fed a bad diet, whilst others received the nice healthy fruit as promoted by Food Dudes. The middle class mums of Bangor hit the roof when they found out that their kids might have been the ones being fed crap at the nursery and in an attempt to defuse the outrage and rumours rocketing around the area, the parents were invited to a meeting with Fergus in the University Council Chamber, where he was supposedly going to reassure them that nothing untoward had happened. I know three parents – two mums and a dad – who actually attended that meeting and they said that there was uproar. The dad said that when he challenged Fergus, Fergus became so aggressive that he thought that he was going to hit him. What is so entertaining though, is that as one of the mums said ‘Fergus forgot that there is nothing like an angry mother’ and I was told that this was one occasion on which Fergus ended up literally fleeing from the room faced with a gang of furious women…

It was not only Fergus’s research that was dodgy, his teaching practices weren’t much better. In order to attract ‘world-class’ researchers to Bangor, Fergus struck very favourable deals with them, which included them having to do very little teaching to enable them to just get on with their research, which would of course be the factor that pushed Bangor psychology up the league tables. But at the same time, Fergus knew how profitable undergrads were and was determined to pack them in. So hundreds of students would be enrolled every year. From what I saw there were two groups of psychology students at Bangor. There were very bright ones who wanted careers in psychology and who had gone to Bangor because they knew that it was a highly ranked dept. Then there were a number of rather fragile troubled students who had often experienced the glorious mental health services and were now ’empowered’ to go to university. They were choosing psychology because they believed that this would enable them to ‘understand myself’, confusing it with psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. They were positively encouraged to do this by the mental health services, because they were then categorised in a box ticked ‘recovered’. No-one told them that the psychology degree at Bangor was nothing to do with psychotherapy/psychoanalysis – Bangor has a huge emphasis on behavioural psychology and the course also involved topics such as biochemistry and of course statistics. (At one point Bangor was scandalised because the statistics module in the psychology dept was being taught by a man who was of the ‘hippy’ community in Bethesda who had a very obvious drug habit and was regularly seen cultivating the company of girls below the age of consent, herding them into taxis and then disappearing with them. There was very great concern expressed by a lot of people that the University saw fit to employ this man – I was told that Fergus was quite happy to do so because he paid him a pittance. The scandal only came to an end when the ‘stats lecturer’ turned up to work after having taken LSD and started playing Jimi Hendrix to the students on the grounds that if they listened closely they’d understand stats in an instant. This was too much even for Fergus and the stats lecturer was employed no more.) The fragile students with mental health problems or no previous qualifications used to encounter great difficulties and would usually withdraw at the end of the first year having found themselves completely unable to cope academically and would often end up feeling very bad about themselves. Fergus knew that this was happening but didn’t mind at all – he’d netted a years worth of fees from them. Furthermore, I got the impression that there wasn’t much time in the psychology dept for students who might be struggling – at one point I discovered that a two tier system was in operation in that dept, which involved a select few of the very high achieving students being identified and approached in their second year and asked to join an elite group, who would then enjoy extra tuition etc. Which was great if you were part of that group, but what about the others – they were paying the same fees and they weren’t told in advance about this two tier system. However, even the very academic students often became disillusioned with the psychology dept. Because Fergus was expecting so little in the way of teaching from the Big Names, the students were taught by postgrads. This is of course a common practice, but usually this is done partly to enable the postgrads to gain lecturing experience. Fergus however rolled out this system en masse – hundreds of undergrads would be packed into the biggest hall in the university, with a postgrad virtually wetting themselves with anxiety on the stage in front of them, trying to give a lecture when they were insufficiently experienced. This happened so frequently that the students who had gone to Bangor to work with famous people would realise at the end of three years that they’d barely met any of these famous people. There is however one high profile academic in the school of psychology who does seem to take an interest in students and whom the students all loved, that is Professor Guilluame Thierry. I have heard fantastic things about him – but he is the only well-known person in psychology whom I hear the students praising.

But Fergus was running yet another scam among all this. Most postgrads like to do a bit of teaching because it enables them to supplement their PhD studentships. However I was told that Fergus was grossly underpaying them. One brave soul decided to challenge him about this and I think that she also tried to encourage everyone to join a union as well. No-one would back her up – they were far too frightened – so she went to see Fergus to confront him about the exploitation that was happening. She told me an extraordinary tale – that as he saw her approaching his office, Fergus marched out of his room screaming and swearing at her, grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her down the corridor. I asked her if there were witnesses to this and she told me that people were coming out of their offices to see what the racket was about but when they saw what was going on, every single one of them retreated back into their office and shut the door. The same person also told me of another Fergus-related outrage. She had been invited to a conference in Chester as part of the psychology team with Fergus. She went out for the evening in Chester and had a really bad experience – a man attempted to rape her. She fought him off and managed to get back to the conference venue where she encountered Fergus. She was very shaken and told him what had happened. He commented that she was obviously alright now and went off elsewhere with the others leaving her alone for the next few hours. Attempted rape of one of the researchers? Fergus didn’t bat an eye-lid. Interestingly enough, although this person was a good researcher and remained in the school of psychology to pursue further work after her PhD, she was never promoted. Even more interestingly, I discovered that she was actually writing the publications of some of the professors in the psychology dept only to find that they were taking her name off the work when they submitted it for publication. So that’s how the senior staff in the psychology dept built up such impressive publication lists…

Although I knew that Fergus did this sort of thing and encouraged other people to conduct themselves like this as well, I always wondered how he’d got such a foothold in the University initially. About ten years ago I found out. During Thatcher’s administration there had been one round of university funding cuts that were particularly savage and had almost destroyed certain universities like Aston and Salford. Another university that had come under attack – although I don’t know why – was Bangor. There was a fear that the University was actually going to be closed down, but in the end it just suffered the closure of a number of depts, including philosophy, drama and maths. Psychology was also earmarked for closure and at that time Fergus was an unknown junior lecturer there. When he realised that the dept was about to be closed down, Fergus hit on a stroke of genius – he arranged a conference at Bangor and invited B.F. Skinner, the famous American behaviourist, to the conference. He then told Skinner that the dept was earmarked for closure and generated an enormous amount of publicity. Behaviourism was becoming very unfashionable by then, so Skinner was delighted to find another behaviourist – Fergus – and campaigned with him to prevent the closure of the dept. A number of people were very grateful to Fergus for this, because he saved their careers, as well as his own, and they have remained loyal to him ever since, although they know exactly how great the wrongdoing has been.

So whose  bacon did Fergus save? Well where mustn’t much to the Bangor psychology dept in those days, but there was a dyslexia unit – which was actually very good but which Fergus wasn’t involved with – and there were a few PhD students. But there was also a clinical psychology course. That course was training the students who were being sent on placement to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh – and they were witnessing what was going on out there. One of those students told me in the late 80s that if you were any good, you just finished your training, left north Wales and got as far away from Dafydd Alun Jones and Denbigh as possible. But there were some people who didn’t do that – and some of these deeply compromised people are hiding around north Wales at the moment.

I had been told back in the late 1980s that Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was wielding influence in the psychology dept in Bangor and had attempted to embezzle thousands of pounds from the University to pay for his daughter, Dwynwen, to attend a private college in England. I was told that Dwynwen had failed to get onto the clinical psychology course, so Dafydd was sending her to England privately but decided that someone else could pay for it. I was told that someone in Bangor University had stopped Dafydd doing this and that this was actually the end of Dafydd’s influence in the University. What I didn’t know was that this person was Fergus Lowe. Dwynwen was doing a PhD in the psychology dept at the time and it was widely alleged that she had only been given the place because of Dafydd’s influence – I was told that her finals results would never have been good enough for her to be accepted for a PhD but as is his usual practice, Dafydd worked a fiddle. Fergus was seething and is remembered for refusing to speak to Dwynwen whilst she was a postgrad there. So a lot of people were very grateful when Fergus slayed Dafydd, particularly the person whose salary Dafydd tried to steal to fund Dywnwen’s education. But that person’s salary was actually earmarked to fund a job for her at Denbigh – this person wanted to do clinical psychology and the training involved an obligatory stint as an assistant in a psychiatric hospital. That person did indeed take up the job at Denbigh – and was appalled at what she witnessed. She decided not to do clinical psychology after all – I suspect because of what she witnessed at Denbigh – but stayed in Bangor to do a PhD in the psychology dept. She still works in Bangor University today. I got to know this person very well a few years ago because I worked with her. Whilst I worked with her I was being threatened, harassed and arrested by Martin Jones and Elfed Roberts et al at the North West Wales NHS Trust. This person knew all the details and indeed read the threatening letters that Martin was sending me. At one point she observed of Martin that ‘he’s not going to stop this is he’. After hearing about one of the (many) attempts to imprison me she commented that ‘you wouldn’t have survived a prison sentence and you weren’t supposed to’. And after Martin tried to have me arrested for making a ‘hoax call’ when I was ringing Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E seeking medical advice, she responded ‘that was done to try and make you look like a fuckwit so no-one would ever believe a word that you say again’. This person also knew how corrupt the local psychiatrists were – when I told her that Dr Richard Tranter of the Hergest Unit had documented upon my medical records that I was being bullied at work by the University rather than documenting that my health was suffering because Martin Jones and Elfed Roberts were having me arrested constantly, she was good enough to describe the allegations of me being bullied at work as ‘bollocks and Richard knows that’.

So there is someone else as well as me who witnessed the abuses that took place at Denbigh, who knows about Dafydd, who knows about the wrongdoing of Fergus Lowe although he saved her salary from the ever-hungry jaws of Dafydd and who knows the lengths that Martin Jones, Richard Tranter and Elfed Roberts were going to in order to try and discredit me and conceal the abuses at the Hergest Unit. This person also knows the reality behind Professor Mark Williams and the miracle that is mindfulness and along with Fergus Lowe held mindfulness in utter contempt, but knew that it was making Mark Williams and Bangor University famous as well as a lot of money. Indeed Mark Williams was this person’s manager at one point. This person also knew about the various local abusive psychiatrists such as Laurence Chesterman and Marie Savage being involved with the psychology dept and pretending to be following ‘research interests’ when they clearly weren’t. Furthermore, this someone also knew that a nurse who had done a PhD in Bangor’s psychology dept was being falsely presented at Ysbyty Gwynedd as a ‘clinical psychologist’ and was carrying out ‘assessments’ that only clinical psychologists are permitted to do. There was one thing that this person did know that I didn’t however – on one occasion after we had finished discussing the activities of the dreadful Dafydd, I mentioned dear old Dr Peter Higson, the current Chair of the Betsi, former clinical psychologist at Denbigh, lecturer at Bangor psychology dept and currently member of Bangor University Council. This person told me that Higson was a big mate of Fergus’s and ‘he didn’t shag the patients but he did shag the students’. As readers may have gathered I knew this person very well and I was quite upfront with her that I was writing to the Welsh Gov’t about the things that had happened to me at the hands of the mental health services and that one day I intended to publish the whole story. What I didn’t realise at the time was that this person was gathering as much info as she could from me and I suspect was informing those we know and love of my every move – because unbeknown to me she was co-authoring a book with Richard Tranter and was also busy doing deals with psychiatrists such as Rob Poole to establish the Centre for Mental Health and Society at Bangor University. When she heard that the dreadful Raj Sambhi had imprisoned me at the Heddfan Unit no doubt she thought that I was finished and no threat to any of them anymore.

So who is this totally unscrupulous person who is now working with people whom she knows concealed the sexual abuse and illegal detention of patients, who knew about the scams that passed for ‘research’ in the psychology dept and who knew that Martin Jones and Elfed Roberts were doing their best to frame me in an attempt to imprison me but nevertheless co-authored a book with the man who was writing lies on my medical records in an attempt to cover their tracks? Step forward Professor Catherine Robinson, who sadly it would seem did pretty much anything to get herself a Chair at Bangor University. The irony is that when Catherine was awarded that Chair I sent her an e mail congratulating her and saying that I was glad to see someone getting a Chair without behaving like a shit. Little did I know….I always wondered why she never replied to that e mail. Oh well, the good thing about not having a job in a university Catherine is that you can publish whatever you want and you don’t have to kowtow to er, criminals.

Sadly I believe that Catherine and her ilk are the legacy of Fergus. A psychologist who has now retired from Bangor University observed that Fergus did indeed stamp out the influence of the dreadful Dafydd from Bangor University, but he just replaced it with his own toxicity. A generation of academics were not mentored properly and were led to believe that the only way to advance yourself was by bullying, cheating, deception and by keeping absolutely silent even when you know that terrible things are happening. Someone used the phrase ‘dangerous deference’ to me the other day – I think it’s an affliction affecting many in north Wales (and the NHS generally). Fergus is now dead – although no-one seems to know what he actually died of, who knows another psychopathic psychologist might have killed him – but the effects of him live on. After Fergus was made Senior PVC, there was a big problem because no one else from the psychology dept wanted to step into his place as Head of Dept, because they knew that he’d be constantly on their back. Eventually the post was filled by one Professor Oliver Turnbull. I know of two incidents involving Turnbull. One involved him attempting to coerce an artist from Bethesda into selling one of her artworks priced at £10,000 to him for £800. He tried this because he’d noticed that she was participating in the trials run by the psychology dept in order to supplement her income, so he struck up a conversation with her in order to assess just how poor she was. When he realised that she was struggling for money, he offered her a pittance for the painting that he was after. She refused and was surprised to be told by Turnbull that ‘you’ve got to sell it to me because you’ve got no money so you’ve got no choice’. She had no money but she did have principles so she walked away. The other incident involved Turnbull and the Bangor psychology dept appearing in Private Eye a few years ago. A student in the psychology dept at Bangor had complained of being sexually harassed by one of her teachers. Turnbull had written a rather inappropriate e mail, questioning whether this student really had been harassed or whether she was just a weak student and should they therefore remove her from the course. Unfortunately for Turnbull, he cc’d the e mail to a number of people including the student herself by mistake. Someone took the e mail to Private Eye and Turnbull disappeared on gardening leave for a few months. However he reappeared eventually – and I understand that he is now PVC for Teaching and Learning at Bangor no less.