A Letter From The Betsi – Jan 11th 2017

I have just received a letter from the Betsi ‘Concerns Team’ thanking me for my e mail that they received on Jan 4th 2017 (please see blog post ‘Formal Complaint Made To The Betsi’) and offering their ‘sincere apologies’ for the distress that I have experienced. My ‘first point of contact’ whilst my complaint is being looked into is a Mr Gareth Davies-Jones.

The letter tells me that ‘we take confidentiality seriously’ – which is obviously why for years staff from the mental health services in north Wales felt able to casually gossip about me to my neighbours and even telephoned my PhD supervisor and employers (please see blog post ‘A Town Called Malice’). The letter explains that in order to investigate, they will need to access my medical records – but ‘please be assured that only people immediately dealing with the investigation will be able to look at your notes’. Which is certainly interesting, because back in 2008-09 when Martin Jones (former CEO of the North West Wales Trust) had taken to writing me increasingly threatening, aggressive letters, there was information in some of those letters that suggested that Martin had accessed my medical records, which, as a non-clinical member of staff, he should not have.

Now here’s the Betsi’s get-out clause – investigating my complaint ‘may involve speaking to staff and seeking clinical opinion’. Presumably this will be the staff and ‘clinical opinion’ that constantly lied, misjudged and misrepresented me, giving rise to this complaint in the first place. They will of course therefore be investigating themselves.

The Betsi have also been kind enough to include with this letter a leaflet from the Community Health Council – which tells me that the Community Health Councils are ‘independent statutory organisations that represent the interests of the patient and the public’ in the NHS. They claim to be the independent NHS ‘watchdog’ and ‘provide a free and independent advocacy service’. I have watched the Community Health Councils in north Wales collude with the abusive mental health services since 2003. One member of the CHC is a retired psychiatrist from the Hergest Unit, another is a retired surgeon from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. A recent addition to the CHC is the former LibDem AM Eleanor Burnham – her wiki entry states that she was a member of Denbigh Hospital Mental Health Tribunal. That’s the same Denbigh Hospital that made legal history when a patient successfully sued for unlawful imprisonment, due to abuse of the Mental Health Act (please see blog post ‘Making Legal History – The Mary Wynch Case’) and subsequently illegally incarcerated me. I suspect that other abuses of the Mental Health Act will also have occurred there. I note that Eleanor’s wiki entry also states that her early career was in ‘social services management’ – would that be for the social services in north Wales that is now known to have had a paedophile ring operating within it’s childrens services? Of course if the CHC had ever done the job that it claims to do, the Betsi wouldn’t be in this mess anyway. I cannot help but feel that the ‘independent watchdog’ is more of a yapping Jack Russell, making much noise but not actually achieving very much.

I note that I have not yet heard anything further regarding the medical records of mine that it was admitted had ‘been removed’ by staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd (please see blog post ‘An E Mail To The Betsi Chairman’).

I don’t really hold out much hope regarding this ‘investigation’ by the Betsi. All I can do is publicise the whole process in order to illuminate the abuses of mental health staff in north Wales – which appear to be rampant – and the complete lack of accountability.