Wanted – Dead Or Alive

The Daily Post continues it’s obsession with the psychoactive substances Black Mamba and Spice. The online edition has another huge feature, once more alleging that ‘zombies’ are walking the streets of Wrexham, ie. people who have taken these substances. Crimestoppers is now on the case, offering a reward of £1000 to anyone who grasses up anyone else supplying these substances. A reader of the blog has e mailed me wondering why Crimestoppers are making such a fuss about Black Mamba and Spice but have nothing to say concerning the much more dangerous drugs that Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and CAIS are being paid millions to tackle but clearly aren’t.

Well, Crimestoppers has a very odd history in relation to Dafydd that not many people will know about. As with so many other things, I only found out about it by accident. When Crimestoppers was first established in 1995, they did an awful lot of advertising of themselves on TV and made much of their ‘helping the local community’ credentials. Every evening Crimestoppers would be urging the folk of Wales to report a crime, offering the possibility of a reward. By this time, I and a number of other Hergest Unit patients had heard first hand accounts that Dafydd Alun Jones was plying certain patients with drugs. We’d also heard that he was flogging favourable Court reports to extract people from trouble and I had been told by Mary Wynch that her mother had died in suspicious circumstances in one of Dafydd’s nursing homes but Mary had never been able to prove it because Jones banged her up in Denbigh for a year (please see post ‘Making Legal History – The Mary Wynch Case’). So one of the Hergest patients rang up Crimestoppers and reported Dafydd. He didn’t state that he was a mental health patient and he was an intelligent man with a middle-class accent, so it wasn’t as if someone who sounded like a nutter was on the phone. He related the details of Dafydd’s crimes – or at least those that he knew about – with relevant dates and the names of the various victims of Dafydd and also named a local man whom was one of the substance abusers being ‘looked after’ by Dafydd who also happened to be selling hard drugs to school children in Bangor. After a few weeks, the patient of Dafydd’s was still openly dealing in hard drugs and of course Dafydd was still in business, so the Hergest patient rang Crimestoppers again to ask them why they hadn’t acted on his information. They told him that they’d categorised it as a ‘hoax call’. So the Hergest patient rang Crimestoppers yet again, with more information and stated ‘this is not a hoax call’. Nothing happened and Dafydd’s ‘patients’ continued to flog hard drugs and tell other people how much they liked having Dafydd as a doctor.

Reading about Crimestoppers in the Daily Post prompted me to find out who actually runs Crimestoppers. To my amazement I have discovered that it was founded by, and is still chaired by, Lord Ashcroft, that well-known bigwig with the questionable tax arrangements from the Tory party. The Crimestoppers website provides a glowing profile of Lord Ashcroft and mentions his many books. They have forgotten to mention the book for which he is most well-known – the recent volume written by Isabel Oakeshott that was bankrolled by Ashcroft and designed to give Cameron a kick in the chops, which memorably alleges that whilst at Oxford Cameron put his penis into the mouth of a dead pig, as part of a bizarre initiation rite into a student society. The Crimestoppers website also lists Trustees and advisors – one of which is the dreadful Amanda Platell, writer of venom in right-wing newspapers who is also associated with the Tory party. Scores of the people listed have ‘QPM’ after their name – this stands for ‘Queen’s Police Medal’, something that a lot of police officers of questionable reputations seem to end up with (Elfed Roberts has one). I note that Crimestoppers is run jointly by the police and local ‘county community panels’. If any readers know who was on the ‘community panel’ for Gwynedd in 1995, do let me know…