Sleeping With The Fishes

I’ve received e mails over the past week containing a few gems of information and leads for me to follow up. I can’t publish everything that I’ve received because some of the information could lead to the identification of my informants if it appears on this blog so I’m using that info for correlation purposes, but there is info that I can publish without compromising my informants.

I have been told by someone who describes themselves as a ‘lapsed Quaker’ that Dame Judi Dench joined the Quakers quite late in life. Regular readers will know that I have featured Judi here because she is the Patron of the St James’s Singers, a rather upmarket choir to which Professor Robert Bluglass and his wife belong. Since I named Bluglass as being one of those who concealed the criminality of Dafydd and the paedophiles – Bluglass also concealed serious crimes at Ashworth Hospital and on his own patch in Birmingham – Judi has made a great many media appearances for one who is losing her sight and had stepped out of the limelight. My correspondent has told me that from what they understand about the Quakers, Judi should have consulted the Elders in the light of what she now knows about Bluglass. I have been asked if I know of any abuse occurring within the Quakers.

I am not aware of any examples of Quakers personally abusing people, but I do know that one of the Quakers in Bangor, Dr Paul Nickson, was a GP in Bethesda who knew about children and psych patients being abused and that he also failed to respond to a report of child abuse. I do not know if the other Quakers were aware of what Paul Nickson was concealing, but after Paul Nickson left north Wales – he relocated to a practice in Liverpool some years ago – I found out about two worrying events involving Quakers.

One of the key targets of the paedophiles’ friends from north Wales who was a good friend of mine acquired a girlfriend who lived in Cumbria. My friend was experiencing so much grief at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends that he spent much of his time in Cumbria. He experienced an episode of quite severe mental distress up there a few summers ago and had a very bad experience with a Top Doctor who was a neighbour of his girlfriend. The Top Doctor threatened him with violence – I know of such cases in north Wales, it is not as unusual as people might think. My friend’s partner – who is well-known and well-liked in that part of Cumbria – called the police and of course the Top Doctor lied, used his status as a Top Doctor to influence the police and it was my friend who was arrested.

Now so far, this anecdote could be an Everyday Story Of Service User Folk. However there was more. The charges against my friend were dropped and it seemed that the Top Doctor then used his network of influence to harass and intimidate my friend and his partner for many months. What was particularly surprising was that the Top Doctor concerned was a Quaker and well-known among Quakers in Cumbria. My friend – like me – had always had quite a high opinion of the Quakers and was horrified to find out that the network was being used in this way.

I was still in north Wales when all this happened and my friend would periodically pop back from Cumbria and give me updates. I did a bit of googling to see what I could find out about this GP in Cumbria. I didn’t find anything about him online, but I did find a big article in a Quakers newsletter – written by one Dr Dafydd Alun Jones.

Dafydd loves religious congregations, he really, really loves them. For decades in north Wales he has made appearances at Church of Wales gatherings, at the Welsh Baptists Union and he is very well networked among the Welsh Methodist churches. He regularly addresses such audiences about the problems of drugs and mental illness. I have friends who are Anglicans, Baptists and Methodists so I know that not everyone has been duped, but some of my friends who hold office in various churches have told me that predators target congregations to access vulnerable people and it is a big problem. Churches are now supposed to have safeguarding officers – one of my friends holds this role in her Methodist Church – and their training is rigorous if it is done properly.

Why are we not surprised that Dafydd is breaking into new circles – the Quakers – now that people are so well aware of his previous?

I was never given any evidence that my friend’s terrible experiences with Quakers in Cumbria were related to Dafydd’s activities, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were. Like me, my friend goes back a long way in north Wales, he witnessed a lot, he knows names, he remembers suspicious deaths and he was framed, ended up in Walton Prison and then in one of Dafydd’s ‘nursing homes’. Dafydd is part of an organised criminal network – if I couldn’t escape their reach in Leicester and London 25 years ago, who knows how far Dafydd’s tentacles stretch now?

If Dafydd’s gang don’t manage to isolate people by spreading vicious lies about them, people will find that if they employ or befriend someone who is being targeted by the gang, or if they rent a house to them or do business with them, they will receive a visit from the boys who will frighten the living daylights out of them. I was told that this was happening by some of those who received a visit – people who had been friends with me or employed me were in tears as they told me that they had no problem with me but now they were very frightened…


Another e mail that I have received dealt with similar matters. It was from someone who some years ago was an undergrad and then a postgraduate student at the School of Psychology in Bangor University and who had a terrible time whilst he was there. I have received a detailed account of his experiences and the names of those involved and it is all very familiar. The person who wrote to me cannot understand why he was targeted, his theory is that there is something dreadfully wrong with Bangor University. His experiences have all the hallmarks of one who has fallen foul of the paedophiles’ friends. He may well have known about or witnessed something that he does not realise the significance of.

I was told how constant rumours – often contradicting each other – were spread around about him. For example that he was gay. Then that he was homophobic. Then that he was a ruthless sexual exploiter of women. Then that he was so dysfunctional that he had no friendships or relationships at all. Then that he was not ‘loving enough’ because he didn’t sleep around. He told me that tutors in the School of Psychology shunned him, that staff people in shops reacted negatively, that other students refused to have anything to do with him. Anyone who has not had the Paedophiles’ Friends Experience in north Wales might read such an account and believe that it was the belief system of a very anxious or paranoid person. It won’t be. This sort of thing happened to me and to other people whom I knew. A vicious whispering campaign, carefully planned and dripped into the ears of selected people who are known to be sensitive to the allegations being made.

Yes, the allegations will have been contradictory and ludicrous. I was variously a man-eater, a bisexual swinger, a lesbian and a sad lonely old cow who had no friends. The basis of such allegations was my refusal to enter into discussions with the disgusting Dafydd et al re matters sex so the imaginations of Dafydd et al ran riot.

Every time that a court case collapsed against me, apologists for the paedophiles’ friends would give me various reasons as to why the perjurers had been so ‘frightened’ of me that they had lied to the police. Some of the reasons given were: that I was wearing hiking boots; that I was carrying a rucksack; that I was wearing an Afghan hat; that I was wearing Doc Martens; that I had a loud voice; that I  had not said anything for a couple of hours; that I smiled at someone and walked away; that I waved at someone from a distance; that I laughed at someone; that I looked at someone but I didn’t say anything; that I was carrying a rolled up newspaper; that I had pink hair.

The only running theme that I could identify was that a bunch of completely mad people who were running a paedophile gang wanted to imprison me and would make up any old bollocks to try and make that happen. I could have spent my entire life dressed from head to toe in the most boring outfit from Next and sported a Lady Di hairstyle and those factors too would have been written down in triplicate and used as evidence as to why I was going to murder someone imminently.


The problems at Bangor University are rooted in the fact that until not so long ago the entire institution was run by Dafydd and the paedophiles. Not everyone at Bangor is Of Them – there are some really great people there, but an awful lot of people are on tenterhooks because they know people who have been ruined by the paedophiles’ friends. It had the effect of making a lot of people frightened of their own shadows. Neither are the culprits always those in the most senior positions – I watched really quite junior staff behaving appallingly towards senior staff and those senior people would not say a word for fear of a ‘bullying’ allegation. The University appointed a number of Harassment and Bullying Officers. One of the best ones, a senior lecturer, resigned on principle. The reason? She was being bullied by Prof Fergus Lowe – the toxic psychologist who built his empire on his knowledge of the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles – and Fungus’s mate Professor Lew Hardy.

The HR Dept was run by  Fungus’s minion, the monstrous Lyn Meadows, a reject from the Welsh Ambulance Service. Meadows was a vindictive liar who systematically aligned herself with the paedophiles’ friends – she is now a member of the Betsi Board.

One could see clearly that the biggest problems at Bangor University were among those groups of staff whose history was as people who had facilitated the paedophile gang – the social work tutors, the teacher trainers, the psychologists and the nursing tutors. Not all of them were involved, some of them were definitely trying to uphold standards and good practice but the ones doing that very obviously had to distance themselves from everyone else.

Those we know and love also enjoyed co-ordinating sabotage attempts if there was any indication that there might be an attempt to raise the Titanic. The School of Healthcare Sciences was run by Ruhi Behi, a former North Wales Hospital Denbigh nurse, so no wonder there was trouble there. Again and again new staff were appointed at the School of Healthcare Sciences in a vain attempt to ‘change the culture’. Again and again they were blown out of the water by Dafydd’s old servants. For years, the most conscientious student nurses dutifully reported patient neglect and abuse if they witnessed it, only to find themselves then bullied out of the School.

I witnessed a bizarre spectacle at the School of Education. The newly appointed VC sent an e mail around to say that he was coming to address the crowds and there would be tea and buns afterwards. I thought great, I’ll go. Before the big day, a curious e mail was sent to every member of the School by one of the teacher trainers explaining that there were ‘concerns’ about ‘what the appointment of the new VC means for us’, so everyone was invited to a meeting to a discuss a plan. Well not everyone – the research staff were barred from entry. The invitation was for the teacher trainers only. When the day of the VC’s lecture followed by tea n buns arrived, I was gobsmacked when, at 3-30 pm on the dot, the alarms on the watches of every teacher trainer in the audience went off loudly and the whole lot of them stood up in unison and walked out of the room. Halfway through the VC’s lecture. There were about four people left – me, my PhD supervisor, one Research Professor and the Head of School. So we had a great time with the buns, but all I could think was ‘how fucking rude, if I was the VC I would issue redundancy notices next week and shut the fucking School down’.

Those who walked out had spent glorious years working in local schools whilst the paedophile ring enjoyed themselves and then they bagged jobs as teacher trainers in Bangor.

The School of Education at Bangor University contained many members of staff who had worked at the Bangor Normal College, the teacher training institution which had previously merged with the University. My post ‘Killing Floor – I Know Cos I Was There!’ details the stitching up of a Hergest patient, F – who had knowledge of serious wrongdoing – and the death of a witness. Dafydd Orwig was one of those involved in the fit up – Orwig was a retired lecturer from Bangor Normal College and a Gwynedd County Councillor.


There were a number of scenes such as that of the mass rudeness of the teacher trainers of the School of Education and the message was always the same – we’re the paedophiles’ friends, we call the shots and we will bring down anyone who challenges us.


I have purchased a book online – at a very low price I stress – written by some of the paedophiles’ friends who have featured on this blog. The book was published in 1994, so I expect that it was written sometime between 1991-93 – the people who wrote it are not known for their speed and productivity. So the idea for this book probably arose just at the time that the North Wales Police launched their first investigation into the abuse of children in care in north Wales. Now why would the paedophiles’ friends have had an overwhelming urge to write the tome ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ just at that time? The book was produced by CCETSW (Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work), published by the University of Wales Press and is a companion volume to a work on anti-oppressive practice no less. Yes, the paedophiles’ colleagues and friends were keen on the notion of anti-oppressive practice.

The editors of ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ are Rhian Huws Williams, Hywel Williams and Elaine Davies.

Rhian Huws Williams is a former star of this blog. She trained as a social worker at UCNW (Bangor University) in the 1970s when UCNW was completely under the control of Dafydd and the paedophiles. Rhian has spent her whole career in the bosom of the paedophiles. After graduating from UCNW, she did a Master’s degree at Aston University which was an essential requirement for paedophiles’ friends of Rhian’s generation and she then spent many years working among the paedophiles and their colleagues at progressively higher levels.

In 2001 Rhian was appointed CEO of the Care Council for Wales. That was the body entirely composed of paedophiles’ colleagues and friends which was going to transform social work in Wales post-Waterhouse. Rhian remained in that post until 2016.

In Oct 2010, Rhian was appointed as a member of the Independent Commission on Social Services for the Welsh Gov’t. So Rhian is the Welsh Gov’ts idea of ‘independent’. Rhian was appointed by the Minister for Health and Social Care – which will have been Edwina Hart.

Edwina, no wonder your attempts at dealing with the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales didn’t get very far if you appointed Rhian to your ‘Independent’ Commission. But then Edwina was deeply compromised by all those years in the trade unions. Everyone had everyone else over a barrel and they all knew about the bodies out at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh.

Latterly Rhian has been involved with Welsh language education for adults.

Rhian is a Trustee of the ‘Living Room’ – that’s a Dafydd-venture in Cardiff, associated with CAIS.

Rhian Huws Williams – the woman who epitomises the rot in social work in Wales.


Rhian’s co-editor of ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’, Hywel Williams, is of course the MP for Caernarfon. Hywel is the former Director of Social Work at Bangor University and before that he was a psychiatric social worker in north Wales. Hywel has a track record of being very rude to the service users who he is of course keen to empower. The other co-editor of ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ was Elaine Davies. I don’t know Elaine Davies, but she is a Welsh language specialist in the field of health and social care.

The people who wrote contributing chapters include Gwilym Prys Davies, Delyth Morris and Glyn Williams.

Gwilym Prys Davies – Lord Prys-Davies – was one of the best friends that Gwynne, Dafydd and the paedophiles had. A bent lawyer who trained at Aberystwyth, Lord Prys-Davies was a member of the Welsh Hospitals’ Board – as a result of his interest in ‘the welfare of the elderly and mentally ill’ – when Gwynne was lobotomising women who said yes or indeed no to sex with the wrong people and while Dafydd subjected gay men to ‘aversion therapy’ whilst running a paedophile gang which targeted young boys. Prys-Davies was Chairman of the Welsh Hospitals’ Board from 1968 until 1974, when the Board’s responsibilities were taken over by the Welsh Office. When paedophiles’ friend Lord John Morris was appointed Secretary of State for Wales in 1974, Lord Prys-Davies became his special advisor. So guess who continued to conceal the abuses of Gwynne, Dafydd and the paedophiles?

Prys-Davies left John Morris’s staff in 1978 to spend four years on Ecosoc, the European Community’s social and economic committee.

After he was elevated to the Lords in 1982, Lord Prys-Davies was Opposition frontbench spokesman for Health, 1983-87; for N Ireland, 1982-93; and for the Welsh Office, 1987-97. Throughout it all he uttered not one word of explanation for the dead bodies of former kids in care and psych patients that turned up so often in north Wales.

Prys-Davies was, at various times, President of the University of Wales, Swansea and the Honourable Society of Cymmorodorion; Vice President of Coleg Harlech; and Welsh Chairman of the National Playing Fields Association.

Prys-Davies was one of the paedophiles’ friends who sat on the Home Office/Welsh Office working party concerning the establishment of a fourth Welsh language television channel and who twisted old Thatcher’s arm whilst her friend Sir Peter Morrison molested kids in care in north Wales and elsewhere. A mutually convenient arrangement – you get S4C and you bloody well silence all those complaints up in north Wales…

Prys-Davies joined Plaid as a young man but left in 1949 and joined Labour. He was one of the founders of the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement, a Welsh socialist alternative to Plaid which produced pamphlets and the newspaper ‘Y Faner Goch’ (The Red Flag). The comrade continued to maintain  his silence about Peter Morrison and the bodies out at Denbigh.

Prys-Davies was one of the presenters of the BBC Welsh language programme ‘Cenedl Holt’.

Before he went into politics, Prys-Davies was a solicitor in Pontypridd. He knew that George Thomas was a child molester (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’).


Paedophiles’ colleague Dr Delyth Morris aka Duckula wrote a chapter in ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ with her mentor, the much loathed paedophiles’ friend Glyn Williams (see post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’).

The timing of the writing of that book and the people involved speaks volumes.


During those years in which ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ was being written and published, the School of Psychology in Bangor University underwent great expansion as Fergus Lowe netted huge amounts of funding from Unilever and other organisations. The Fergus who also knew how many people were concealing the paedophile ring in north Wales and those bodies at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh.

There is a chapter in ‘Social Work and the Welsh Language’ written by Wynford Bellin, a social psychologist based in Cardiff.


Well suckers, I’ll be interested to hear your explanation for a number of incidents in the School of Psychology that I have been told happened between 2000-10. Here’s an extract from one of the e mails that I have received:

‘I only vaguely knew Fergus Lowe: He appeared only once to give a lecture during my time as a student. However, I had heard he was not a nice person. I had a friend who had tried to tell him of being bullied but got very short shrift. I also had another friend studying a PhD who said Fergus was over competitive because during staff football matches he would regularly kick all of the opposing team in the shins. It is interesting to read of Ed Ingram. Ed would write books for publication that publishers wouldn’t accept. One of these was an illustrated children’s story which featured a young girl losing all of her clothes. The same PhD student friend saw the book and said it was bizarre and that no publisher would ever go near it. Ed Ingram was given some protection by Alun Waddon, who I think had been a lecturer in the Psychology department since before Fergus Lowe arrived. Waddon would make strange sexual comments during lectures. For instance, during one lecture he made oddly lewd comments about the sexual behaviour of students at halls of residence. Then at another lecture he explained to a lecture hall of mostly young women that he would do odd jobs around the house or in the garden in exchange for sex with his wife. The students were very disapproving. Comments like this seemed fairly regular but were not really an issue. Then in his final year before retirement at the end of 2002, he delivered a lecture on child abuse, at the end of which he told a lecture theatre of about 85 students that they could all go downstairs into the computer lab and look at images of the sexual abuse of children on the internet. This is not an exaggeration or distortion. I witnessed all of these events and know that they occurred as I am describing them. The students were in shock but Waddon seemed unconcerned. I am still incredulous that this ever happened. I just cannot get my head around what he was thinking to make this seem like a good idea. He must have known this sort of behaviour was illegal. Alun Waddon took early retirement in summer 2003. The story that I heard was that his wife, a clinical psychologist, found that he was having an affair with a student and gave him an ultimatum of retiring or she would leave him. After what happened to me I am wary of believing any stories circulating in Bangor and am prepared to keep an open mind. However, the story does seem consistent with his behaviour. Waddon died from cancer around the end of 2008 and the university then named a lecture theatre after him: The same lecture theatre where he had told students they could look at images of the sexual abuse of children.’


Ed Ingram has featured on this blog before – he lived in Bethesda and was known even among the hippies as ‘Filthy Ed’, because he was, literally physically filthy (see post ‘He’s Not The Messiah – He’s A Very Naughty Boy’). Ed spent most of his life completely out of his brain on recreational chemicals and was married to a long suffering woman called Jane, who had starred in hard core porn films. Jane was actually a very nice person and most of Bethesda felt very sorry for her – she died of cancer when not that old a few years ago. I witnessed Ed herding schoolgirls – young schoolgirls as well, not 15 or 16 year olds – into taxis in Bangor and driving off with them.

Ed was notorious but like the Anglesey heroin addict described in my post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’, he faced no challenges at all despite his very obvious unacceptable conduct. Fergus employed him as a statistics tutor for the psychology students for years despite many concerns raised about Ed being let loose on 18 year old undergrads. Even years after Ed was no longer employed by the University he could be seen in the library, going in and out of lecture theatres etc. In the end Ed went very conspicuously mad – he was also obviously suffering from quite serious malnutrition and lived out of bin liners. But still he’d be sitting in the University library and not a word was said. He died some years ago but I don’t know the circumstances.

I think that the Hergest Unit were aware of Ed Ingram – if only because he spent many evenings at the Douglas Arms Hotel in Bethesda along with Dr Bob Tresman, a psychiatrist who worked at Hergest. The landlord of the Douglas, Geoff, was a magistrate who was friendly with a number of bent coppers (see post ‘Killing Floor – I Know Cos I Was There!’).


Alun Waddon was for a long while the admissions tutor for the School of Psychology. Alun Waddon was also the warden for Neuadd Rathbone, the then girls’ hall of residence. A well-known psychiatric patient called Trevor Tunstall – another target of the paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘There’s Going To Be A Hog Roast…’) – who was friends with many of the students, was constantly thrown out of Rathbone by Waddon when the students invited Trevor to go up and see them. Trevor used to tell me that Waddon was a mate of Dafydd’s and was harassing him. To my regret I didn’t ask more – I had no idea when Trevor used to grumble about Waddon’s alleged activities that there was a link between Dafydd and Waddon.

The School of Psychology employed Prof Mark Williams, the man behind the Mindfulness research fraud (see post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’); Dr Neil Cheshire; Prof Bob Woods; Prof Richard Bentall; Dr Mike Jackson; Dr Peter Higson; Bruce Napier. They have all been involved with ‘treating’ mental health patients in north Wales. Mark Williams and Richard Bentall are very big names internationally and Peter Higson is the Chair of the Betsi. They all knew about Dafydd and the paedophile gang.

Perhaps one of them could tell me more about Waddon’s generous offer to students to view child abuse images…

There was another big name who made his reputation at the School of Psychology in Bangor – the dyslexia expert Prof Tim Miles. A lot of people really liked Prof Miles – indeed I liked Prof Miles, he had a lovely manner – but after Prof Miles died, I found out that Prof Miles carried out his groundbreaking work re dyslexia among special needs children on Anglesey. They were some of the children who were abused by the paedophile gang. Tim must have at least suspected what was happening to some of those kids – his colleague Anne Cook must have had some idea as well.

‘We didn’t know.’ You did, you absolutely did. You might not have all known the extent of it or the details, but you all knew that terrible things were happening to some young people. Because it was ignored, by the late 1980s it had snowballed into serious organised crime with international links and grasses were being found dead. Which was when people simply became far too frightened to speak out.

Of course there was one thing about Dafydd that some local people knew about and remarked upon – his links with the IRA. When I was first told about this, I didn’t believe it. Years later I found out that it was indeed true (see post ‘A Network Stretching Back Decades…’).


I know that I am very rude about the Mafia of Drips who have feathered the nests of themselves and their families by colluding with Dafydd and the gang, but in terms of the normal, decent people who just wanted to live quietly, get on with their jobs and enjoy family life, yes I can see why they didn’t take on a gang of paedophiles with links to gangsters and the IRA…

Backed up by Thatcher’s Gov’t and the whole of the legal and medical establishment.


Previous posts have mentioned that back in the 1980s, the Student Health Centre at UCNW (Bangor University) was staffed by Dafydd’s mates who were actively assisting the sex trafficking ring. My posts ‘Disability Support’ and ‘Just A Language Divide?’ described how all branches of ‘student support’ at Bangor for decades have been run by the paedophiles’ friends. I mentioned that whilst in north Wales there is an abusive mental health service that flatly refuses to treat many people, an organisation called Medra provides free counselling sessions for staff of Bangor University and the public services (see post ‘The Bodies Beneath Canary Wharf’) in north Wales. Bangor University also has a counselling service for students – many students use it because the mental health services are so crap.

However, those targeted by the paedophiles’ friends were also refused assistance from the counselling service. I tried the counselling service when I was doing teacher training and explained to them that I was now being refused all mental health services, despite the best efforts of my lawyers. I had a very odd experience with the counsellor, a woman called Linda. The minute I that mentioned the Hergest Unit, she told me that I could not use her service because I was a client of the mental health services. I repeated that I was not, I had been unlawfully refused treatment. Linda gave a patronising smile and told me that she could not give me a ‘service’.

I now have a copy of a letter that Linda wrote to Dr Sadie Francis – without informing me – the day after that I went to see Linda. Linda told Sadie that I had been to see her and she understood that Sadie knew me. Linda then wrote that it would be good ‘to do lunch’ with Sadie to ‘catch up’. I’d love to know what the ladies who lunched discussed when they did catch up…

But then Linda was doing some strange things in that counselling room. I knew another student who went to see Linda and found Linda profoundly unhelpful. This student had been sexually abused when she was 12 years old by James Wharram, who offered ‘work experience’ to numerous school kids at his dolphin centre in the West Country. She told me that Wharram was abusing ALL the girls who went to stay there. She told me that after she confided in Linda, Linda made her feel so uncomfortable that she did not go back for another appointment.

I had heard of James Wharram years before. One of my friends went down to work at his dolphin sanctuary just after she graduated from Bangor in marine biology in 1984. He sexually harassed her and she made a complaint to another member of Wharram’s empire. They told her that the problem had been resolved. Interestingly enough, when Wharram was confronted he told them that he had ’emotional problems’ and that my friend had ‘exploited them’.

Linda – my friend was 21 when she was bothered by James Wharram, but your client was 12 when Wharram molested her. He molested hundreds of kids over a period of years. What did you do after you found out about it? Send a letter to him asking him if he could do lunch with you?

I can only imagine how many accounts of criminality and abuse that Linda listened to before she closed down the conversation and made sure that the witness did not return.

By the way Linda, James Wharram is still alive and is now based in Cornwall. Look at his website – he offers sailing adventures in catamarans and explains that he ‘is a legend’. Well I certainly never forgot hearing about him. James’s website bangs on about his adventures in Polynesia. He used accounts of those adventures to excuse his sexual activities with girls of 12 and 13. He told them that in Polynesia, it was normal for an ‘older man’ – like him of course – to have relationships with younger women to induct them into the mysteries of sex…

Linda was told about James Wharram in 2001. She might have heard about him before then for all I know, but she definitely knew what he was doing in 2001.


After Sadie Francis retired as a psychiatrist from the Hergest Unit, she enrolled for a creative writing course at the School of Lifelong Learning at Bangor University. The Head of School at the time was Meri Huws, who in the 1980s was employed as a social worker by Gwynedd Social Services on the Maesgeirchan estate in Bangor when the kids at the Ty’r Felin children’s home on Maesgeirchan were abused by the paedophile gang. The School of Lifelong Learning had close links with Student Services and the counselling service. Meri Huws used to work at Bangor Normal College.

Just how vile are you lot?


The e mail that I received regarding the School of Psychology mentions a number of other people in that School who my correspondent felt were doing some worrying things. Unlike Ed Ingram and Alun Whaddon, I have no knowledge of the people named in this next extract:

‘There was a small religious contingent within the Psychology department who were amongst the nastiest people that I met during my time at Bangor. They were extremely judgemental and ready to attack others. Terese and John Bird were from the US and both worked in the Psychology department, as a manager of the computer labs and a junior teacher respectively. They had been involved for years with the religious cult the Moonies while in the US and then fled to the UK. However, although they superficially appeared normal there thinking was disturbed. They meant well but they were heavily involved with gossip. Terese once suggested that I was a paedophile after I inadvertently played a CD by a pioneer of electronic music, Aphex Twin, as it contained a brief moment of swearing. My mother laughed when I told her this, but these people were so demented that it was worrying. The worst of all was Mike Beverley, who still works at Bangor. He was a religious minded bigot who looked for people to attack because it made him feel more righteous. He had a habit of telling students who visited him for pastoral care that they should just put their hands together and pray. Unfortunately, by her own admission my supervisor believed absolutely anything he said’.


I know that there are Mormons in Gwynedd, one Mormon who works at Bangor University is a former social worker. There was also a group of Mormons who used to visit patients in the Hergest Unit. The staff were hostile to the Mormons but weren’t allowed to refuse them entry if the patients wanted to see them. I took the view that the Mormons were probably not as damaging to the patients as a lot of the mental health professionals were.


Mormons are often viewed with suspicion because they are a minority faith – other minority faiths encounter the same problem – but in Bangor there was unpleasantness at the heart of the Church in Wales. Bangor Cathedral was so seriously dysfunctional – or in the words of a friend ‘a cold and heartless place’ – that a number of clergy moved away, unable to withstand the battering.

I imagine that once more, the problems at the Cathedral will be rooted in the activities of Dafydd et al. Gwilym Williams, the former Bishop of Bangor and Archbishop of Wales – who was also a theology lecturer at UCNW – knew about the paedophile gang and concealed their crimes (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’).


I have previously mentioned those we know and love who cluttered up the School of Theology at Bangor for so long and made so many people’s lives so miserable (see post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’). I have been told that the School of Theology had a long and glorious tradition of employing senior members of staff who treated people dreadfully. So imagine my surprise when I found out that one of Sir Ronnie Waterhouse’s oldest and closest friends was Professor J. Gwynne Williams, the Professor of Welsh History and Vice-Principal at UCNW. J. Gwynne Williams was the person who wrote the first history of UCNW. Ronnie Waterhouse went to school with him and they remained close friends. J. Gwynne Williams became Chairman of University of Wales Press and President of the National Library of Wales, positions favoured by paedophiles’ friends. J.Gwynne Williams’s wife tutored many local people in Gwynedd who when they were older occupied key roles in academia, education etc…

I am wondering if J. Gwynne Williams was a relation of T. Gwynne Williams, the lobotomist. North Wales was dominated by a number of influential local families, with tentacles everywhere. According to Ronnie Waterhouse’s autobiography, J. Gwynne Williams was at school with him in Flintshire and I think that T. Gwynne Williams grew up in Llandudno, but they could well have been cousins or related to each other in another way.

Ronnie mentions that J. Gwynne Williams’s father was a Nonconformist Minister, which would have made him very influential in the region.


The toxic influence of the paedophiles’ friends probably explains some of what I and my friends witnessed when we were undergrads at UCNW in the 1980s but couldn’t understand. There was a lot of bad feeling in the science depts between the technicians and the academics. There were some truly pompous old farts who treated the technicians dreadfully, so one could understand the resentment, but certain technicians not only wielded much power but behaved terribly themselves.

A notorious man called Bill Neville who was employed as a photographic technician for the biological sciences turned down all requests to take any photos for anyone. We discovered that not only did Bill Neville rarely come into work but the rest of the staff knew about this. They dealt with it by simply not asking Bill Neville to do anything. A zoology technician called Emyr was nakedly racist and refused to help overseas students/visiting academics. Emyr was loathed but he wasn’t challenged. A technician in the School of Plant Biology called Idris did come into work but took delight in claiming that he was ‘closed’ whenever anyone went to him with a request. Emyr’s boss Peter Brindley was a real charmer. Brindley accused me of theft when I was a student. I proved my innocence. Did I get an apology? Of course not. He just walked away pompousing. Many years later when the paedophiles’ friends were doing their best to unseat the VC who was not Of Them, I was told that Brindley was one of those leading the charge.

In 1985 there was a crisis in the Zoology Dept. They needed a new IT system and only one technician had the knowledge to develop it. He refused to lift a finger unless he was paid £7000. So the University paid up. I and my friends were baffled. How could he just refuse to do the crucial job for which he was paid, demand an extra £7k and actually receive it?

I and my friends experienced a taste of Technician Power when we were students in 1983. A girl moved into our shared house on Anglesey who was on a Manpower Services Scheme placement with the technicians at UCNW. We found out within weeks that she was a nightmare. She stole from us, lied constantly, refused to contribute to bills and didn’t pay her rent. She made a false rape allegation against a young man in Bangor after she’d been out drinking one night and general chaos broke out. She then disappeared with some of my clothes, owing us a considerable amount of money. We realised that we probably weren’t going to see our property and dosh again, so we decided that at least we’d have a laugh out of it.

We made some spoof ‘wanted’ posters and put them up around the University. We got into a great deal of trouble. There were threats to throw us out of the University – one of our friends was threatened with expulsion from the Zoology Dept although he wasn’t involved in any way and didn’t even know that we’d put the posters up. The over-reaction was seriously weird – it was known that the girl owed us money and her supervisor knew that she had made a false allegation regarding a serious crime. Furthermore, we found out that she’d been in trouble at work. She had lied about giving the research animals food and water and some of them had died. She had also gone out one lunchtime, purchased booze, got completely bladdered in the Zoology Dept and had to be carried out of the building by workmen because she couldn’t walk. As undergrads we thought that all this was uproariously funny, but as a middle aged woman I now wonder what was going on in terms of staff management in UCNW.

The only connection that I can think of between this girl and the vengeance that was wreaked upon us, was that during the short time that she lived in our house we discovered that she was being treated very negligently – such that her life was being put at risk – by one of the Top Doctors, Dr P.W.White of Menai Bridge. I was so worried that I told the Student Health Centre what was going on. It was the worst thing that I could have done. I had no idea that a cartel of Top Doctors operated in north Wales, but I now know that P.W. White was a good mate of Dr D.G.E. Wood and the pair of them were as corrupt as they come.

So chew on this P.W. White et al. I know that when P.W. White’s son was imprisoned for drug dealing, the ‘letter of reference’ testifying to his good character which was given to the judge ‘from a local doctor’ was written by none other than his own father – Dr P.W. White.

Subsequent to his son being jailed, P.W. White appeared in the ‘Daily Post’ stating that obese children should be taken into care on the grounds of neglect.

P.W. White is one of the fattest doctors in north Wales.

You want more Dr P.W.White? I also know that Dr K. Shah, who was involved in my unlawful arrest and imprisonment along with Dafydd (see post ‘Hippocratic Oath Or Hypocritic Oaf?’), was a partner in your practice for years.

Dr K. Shah had another business as well – he owned Brig-y-Nant, a very mediocre old folks home in Bethesda. His wife Mrs Shah – I don’t think that she had a first name – ran it. My friend worked there as a care assistant and witnessed Mrs Shah screaming at an old lady that she’d ‘put her in a cold bath’ if she didn’t shut up. Then there was the old lady who was injured but wasn’t taken to hospital. She did receive medical attention and it was recorded in the incident book that she was ‘seen by a doctor’. You’ve guessed it – that doctor was Dr K. Shah. He probably completed the death certificates as well.

The locals in Bethesda used to warn people not to put their old folks in Brig-y-Nant.


The Shahs lived in a particularly grand house on the Menai Straits in so-called Millionaire’s Row between Menai Bridge and Beaumaris. Shah used to go boozing in The Gazelle Hotel and one night he saw a group of young women students in there and one of them was wearing a long floaty dress with Doc Martens. Shah told everyone that she’d obviously bought a lovely dress but couldn’t afford the shoes to go with it.

We really howled with laughter at that one.

I did not howl with laughter some years ago when someone told me that Shah had been accused of a serious sexual assault but that nothing had ever been proved against him.


In terms of nursing homes, there was also St Tysilio, a big dementia home that was built at Llanfairpwll and owned by one of the Top Docs at Ysbyty Gwynedd. It came highly recommended – well the Top Doc owned it didn’t he. Until tales began emerging of the bad care and neglect of patients…


There was an old folks home in Menai Bridge, opposite Tony and Sadie Francis’s house. It was eventually converted into a Chinese Restaurant which was the best thing that could have happened to it. The owner was an alcoholic and the Matron – a woman who called herself Wendy but was really called something else – was a former nurse from the C&A Hospital in Bangor. Wendy’s career at the C&A had come to an abrupt end when she was caught having sex with a male patient in his bed on the ward. That was too much even for the C&A Hospital. So Wendy got a job running the old folks home for the alkie in Menai Bridge. Where Dr D.G.E. Wood had some patients. Not that he’d ever out his own parents in there, he told his colleagues that. Wendy and the alkie were only good enough for other people’s relatives.

At the Bangor end of the Menai Suspension Bridge, there was another old folks home, Ceris. I worked in Ceris for a couple of terrible days in the early 1990s. The Matron was a Sister Bean. Sister Bean knew what she was doing because she was Qualified. Sister Bean was a Registered Angel, whereas the woman who owned the home – Mrs Murphy – was only an Enrolled Angel, so Sister Bean ruled the roost. It was Sister Bean’s idea that there should be a Confused Room. The Confused Room contained four elderly ladies who were in various stages of dementia. One of the elderly ladies had virtually paralysed limbs and a serious problem with eating and swallowing. She should probably have been fed by tube or at least liquids. Sister Bean handed me a plate of sandwiches and told me to give them to her. I realised that this was going to be difficult so I explained to Sister Bean that the old lady couldn’t chew and couldn’t swallow. Sister Bean cheerily told me to just force the sandwiches into the old lady’s mouth and she’d soon swallow. Not wanting to choke a member of the Confused Room to death, I declined to do this. So Sister Bean did it instead. Christ Almighty.

The irony was that the old lady who was being put at risk of choking to death on a daily basis was the former Mayoress of Bangor. Many of the other residents were local big wigs as well. I discovered that the former Headmaster of Friars School was being neglected at a dreadful nursing home on Anglesey and Bryn Mel Manor, where Lady Janet Douglas Pennant ended her days, would not have been used as a place of rest by anyone who knew some of what was going on there.

Surely the paedophiles’ friends must have realised by now that by running the whole of north Wales as their personal fiefdom and systematically hounding out all competent people puts them at very high risk of abuse when they hit old age and find themselves frail and vulnerable…


I lasted two whole days at Ceris before I got the hell out of there. I heard about the aftermath though, because one of my mates was still working there. Sister Bean gave her verdict on me. I was ‘rather strange’. Well yeh, I wasn’t going to choke an old lady to death by force-feeding her sandwiches. My friend soon left as well, being rather strange herself. By that time Sister Bean had found a suitably non-strange member of staff, Jenny Messenger. Jenny was a Registered Angel and a mature student at Bangor University, working with the paedophiles’ friends the social work tutors. Jenny Messenger told everyone that Mrs Murphy didn’t know what she was doing, only being Enrolled, but Sister Bean was Registered and was ‘excellent’.

Jenny Messenger then moved to Rachub and joined in the harassment of me by the paedophiles’ friends. She married a man who held yoga workshops and who caused a number of women a degree of anxiety as a result of his constant offers to give them massages, but after less than a year Jenny and he split up. I don’t know whether that was anything to do with massaging other women.

Ceris is now called Ceris Newydd and is part of the empire owned by the shark Mark Bailey – it featured in my post ‘Are There Dark Forces At Work – Again?’. I’ve not heard of any attempts at Death By Sandwich at Ceris Newydd, but there have been complaints of poor care, the employment of unsuitable staff and Mark Bailey not paying people. I’m surprised that Mark has got away with it all, because there is a barrister who lives – or lived – in Menai Bridge who knew what was happening at Mark Bailey’s establishment. The barrister is called Jonathan – I don’t know his surname – but his auntie was in Ceris and Jonathan witnessed the lot. Or could Mark’s relationship with Jonathan be the very reason why Mark’s business has expanded and expanded recently to the surprise of people who worked for him fifteen years ago and who knew that the builders had walked off the site because they hadn’t been paid and that there were threats to cut the utilities off because Mark hadn’t paid them either?


To return to the Technician Power at UCNW. I can only assume that all the scams were somehow linked to Dafydd and the paedophiles. I suspect that the technicians had knowledge of what was being concealed and because no-one was particularly pleasant to them they went to war.


There is a point that it is worth making re the network of abusers in north Wales. There is much ‘awareness raising’ at the moment – both on a global level and locally in Wales – about misogyny and the sexual harassment and abuse of girls and women. There is a great deal of #Me Too happening. Whilst I am glad to see that there are efforts being made to challenge appalling attitudes and conduct towards women, the key targets of Dafydd’s gang were boys. John Allen’s Bryn Alyn Community produced boy prostitutes en masse and exported them to England and to Europe. Girls and young women were abused and exploited as well, but the big money and big business was in the rent boys.

I am fairly sure that no matter how much we young women were all revolted by Gwynne, Dafydd et al, it was easier for us to deal with than those boys. I and my friends rolled around laughing at Dafydd’s hopes, but things will have been very much harder for the 13 and 14 year old boys who were being beaten and gang raped by John Allen et al. Boys of that age are massively sensitive to ‘gay’ behaviour anyway – particularly in the 1970s and 80s when homophobia was the order of the day. I very much doubt if there was much taking the piss out of John Allen et al. The boys just ran away constantly to escape the buggery and the beatings – and were then returned by the police, some of whom were members of the paedophile gang.

As for naive notions that the boys had kindly women to confide in ie. the house mothers of the homes – the house mothers were usually married to the men who were abusing the boys. Then there were the other female Angels whose very presence was used to demonstrated that there were Caring People about – such as one of the most senior Angels in Clwyd Health Authority, Irene Train, who knew exactly what was going on, who sat on internal investigations and who concealed the serious abuse of children (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’).

It was the Mrs Trains who were the Matrons whom people dream of re-introducing to NHS hospitals on the grounds that they knew how to do a good hospital corner on a bed and kept everyone in line. In reality, if there was malpractice and corruption in hospitals, the matrons were part of it. Someone I knew who was a student nurse at Ysbyty Gwynedd in the early 1990s told me that the cadre of senior nurses there were appalling, bullying corrupt idiots who were complicit with patient abuse and neglect. However they always made sure that they wore their hats – my friend used to call them ‘trifle-heads’ because the hats were so ludicrous – and never allowed anyone to call them by their first names. Mrs Train would have been proud of them.

Meanwhile Dafydd was left alone in side rooms with young women patients whom he’d taken a shine to after they had been unlawfully arrested and detained…


Until very recently there was absolutely no provision in north Wales for boys or men who had sexual problems or who had been abused. No-one would have dared make such provision for fear of what would have emerged.

The boys targeted by the paedophile gang had no-one, absolutely no-one. They ended up in Risley Remand Centre or Walton Prison where many of them killed themselves.


The man who has e mailed me about coming under fire whilst he was a student in the School of Psychology commented that most people turned their backs on him when he sought help or protection. Yes, they will have. Targets of the Dafydd and the paedophiles’ are ignored when they tell anyone of the extreme harassment that they are receiving; if they demonstrate that lies were told in an attempt to have them imprisoned they will be told that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ or a ‘different perception’; if they are explicitly threatened that is simply ignored as well and when people try to break into their houses or cars try to run them over they are told that they must calm down because they are stressed. Some of the people saying this are Of The Paedophiles’ Friends, but a minority of these people are actually nice people but very frightened because they know damn well who will be behind the hate campaign.


So at how much risk to the great and good put themselves when dealing with people who murder other people? Not much. Ronnie Waterhouse’s autobiography describes a trial over which he presided in the 1990s. It involved murder charges against members of a Hell’s Angels chapter and there was a fear that someone might take a pop at old Ronnie before he passed sentence. Ronnie goes into quite some detail regarding the security measures. There were police snipers positioned on the roof of the court and security everywhere. Fortunately for old Ronnie no-one did try to kill him, but no-one was going to take any chances.

A few years ago the international gangster Nicholas Hoogstraten was going to be put on trial in the UK for tax evasion. The trial was abandoned because the probability of the judge being assassinated if the trial went ahead was considered so high that it was decided that the risk could not be taken. Hoogstraten never stood trial and later emigrated to Zimbabwe where he worked as an advisor to Robert Mugabe.

Hoogstraten owned huge swathes of Brighton. The building in Brighton which was firebombed and resulted in the deaths of five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’) was said to be owned by Hoogstraten.


When Ronnie Waterhouse Chaired the Waterhouse Inquiry at Ewloe, there were no police snipers on the roof. Named witnesses gave evidence in public against a bunch of murdering gangsters whilst being called liars by Ronnie and the numerous lawyers who represented Dafydd’s mates. Witnesses collapsed whilst giving evidence and other witnesses were so distressed that they had to be helped out of the building. A Helpline – run by colleagues of the paedophile gang – had been set up and one person who availed themselves of help from the Helpline was found dead.

But old Ronnie wasn’t in any danger so there were no police snipers.

No wonder nobody ever saw anything, heard anything or knew anything about a paedophile ring in north Wales.


There is a Hell’s Angels chapter near Colwyn Bay. Local are terrified of them and wonder why they have felt able to establish their clubhouse just down the road from the HQ of the North Wales Police. The Hell’s Angels probably don’t feel that they have anything in the slightest to worry about. And if someone gets shot and needs a sawbones to patch them up who can be relied upon not to squeal to the police, there’s Dafydd not a million miles away.


North Wales is a region blighted by decades of organised crime with which the most unlikely people are involved.


The ‘Daily Post’ has reported that a member of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, the body behind the North Wales Growth Bid, has stated that north Wales ‘must stand on its own two feet’ and ‘take responsibility for itself’. So who is the man who is sending out this rather Top Doctoresque message to a region which has been wrecked by the paedophiles’ friends? A successful local businessman who is expanding and providing opportunities for local people perhaps? No. Of course it isn’t. It is Iwan Trefor Jones, Corporate Director at Gwynedd County Council.

Iwan Trefor Jones certainly has a lot to answer for. In 2010 Wales Online reported that he had been appointed as Vice Chair of Agored Cymru, the organisation ‘which develops qualifications to meet the needs and priorities of all learners in Wales’.

Iwan was already Gwynedd County Council’s Director for Children and Young People; Chair of the Children and Young People’s Partnership in Gwynedd; Chair of the Children’s Safeguarding Board for Gwynedd and Môn; Chair of the Gwynedd and Môn Skills Group; and Director of the Careers Wales North West Wales Board.

You haven’t been that successful in your many roles have you Iwan?

With a record of failure this great, Iwan Trefor Jones could only have been of course a member of the Welsh Government’s Wales Employment and Skills Board.

I heard much about Iwan Trefor Jones some twelve years ago. I knew someone in Bangor University who had received a smallish grant to establish a programme to encourage local young people in Gwynedd to set up their own businesses. This young woman worked very, very hard and had considerable success with her project. The outcomes were excellent by every measure, but Iwan Trefor Jones and one of his mates on Gwynedd County Council, a Dewi, had a very big problem with this young woman and her project. As a result of his role in Gwynedd County Council, Iwan had considerable power over the project that this young woman was running. She was harassed, undermined and bullied by Iwan Trefor and Dewi in every way possible. Then the funding for her project was stopped. Because her contract of employment was held by Bangor University, her employment continued but the execution order had been given by Iwan Trefor – she Had To Go. She was transferred to the School of Lifelong Learning where she was isolated and undermined. She became pregnant and was unlawfully dismissed whilst she was on maternity leave. She later successfully sued Bangor University. Another case of misogyny in the workplace by a sexist old dinosaur with testicles? Not really. The Head of School of Education who unlawfully dismissed her was Janet Pritchard, who was most definitely female. I was told that Janet was confronted regarding the chaos over which she presided and responded by stating that she was retiring in a few weeks so didn’t care anyway.

Janet Pritchard spent many years as a school teacher on Anglesey. She must have known something about the activities of the paedophiles’ friends.

I never found out exactly why Iwan Trefor demanded the execution of a young woman who was actually very successful at what Iwan Trefor claimed to want to encourage, but I understand that it was related to Iwan Trefor not liking her family. When her life was being made impossible by Iwan Trefor Jones, this young woman told me ‘my dad’s told me that we can’t do anything about Iwan Trefor, he virtually runs Gwynedd County Council’.

So having destroyed the region, Iwan Trefor is now telling the people whom he has kicked in the chops for years to stand on their own two feet.

Shortly after Iwan Trefor destroyed this young woman’s career, he was embroiled in a scandal. A huge amount of money from Gwynedd County Council had found its way into an enterprise in Porthmadog which had imploded weeks later and no-one could explain where the money had gone. Iwan Trefor had signed the cheque.

As for Iwan’s mate Dewi who had also been involved in the sabotaging of my colleague’s career – Dewi went to prison not long after for embezzling thousands of pounds from the Post Office that he ran near Porthmadog.

If any readers know how the scumbag that is Iwan Trefor Jones gained so much power in Gwynedd County Council, please do let me know. It will undoubtedly be as a result of his family connections. Who’s your dad then Iwan Trefor?



The squealing from Alder Hey continues and although the Top Docs there stress that they need police protection, I note that ‘The Guardian’ is reporting that somewhat irregular activities have been uncovered at Alder Hey. It is reported that ‘unauthorised doctors’ have been found to be working in the hospital and misbehaving themselves. It is stated that the ‘unauthorised doctors’ are from ‘Europe’ – I think ‘The Guardian’ will find that Alder Hey itself is located in ‘Europe’ – and a number of other foreign countries.

Alder Hey is not the only hospital which has been employing Top Doctors who are not what they claim to be. Some years ago – on one occasion when I actually received treatment at the A&E in Ysbyty Gwynedd – I was treated by a cheery young junior doctor who was unusual in that he had a strong north Wales accent. (Most of the Top Docs at YG are overseas Docs because UK graduates won’t work there, such is its reputation.) The young man’s name was Dyfrig. Some months later I managed to access my medical notes and I had quite a surprise when I saw that the full name of that young doctor was Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd. Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd is Dafydd’s son. I breathed a sigh of relief that Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd obviously did not realise who I was. But then I found a photo of Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd – there’s a photo of him on the CAIS website. He is not the young man who treated me. The young man who treated me had blonde hair and distinctive rosy red cheeks. Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd has dark hair and is quite a bit older than the young man who saw me in YG.

Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd is not a name like Dr John Smith. There will not be two of them.

So who was the young man who was masquerading as Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd in YG? At the time Martin Jones was the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust and Elfed Roberts was Chairman. I knew that Martin was not carrying out CRB checks on staff and I also knew that he was employing staff who had convictions for violent offences. I was also told that Martin was being blackmailed by staff who had found out about the extent of some of his wrongdoing.

So were you also employing people who were using fake ID or indeed other people’s ID then Martin?

Professor Robert Owen worked at Alder Hey for years. Professor Robert Owen concealed the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’).


The Godfather written on a black background in stylized white lettering, above it a hand holds puppet strings



Are There Dark Forces At Work – Again?

I have previously blogged about individuals who have been targeted by some very unpleasant people and who have been undermined in their communities by the spreading of malicious gossip, or hounded out of their jobs, or even imprisoned on trumped up charges if they have crossed the paths of certain people in north Wales or raised concerns about abuse, neglect or criminal behaviour in the health and welfare sector.

Daily Post online is reporting that Plas y Bryn, a care home in Bontnewydd, has been closed down after a series of damning reports by the CSSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales) and that the North Wales Police are currently interviewing former members of staff. It would seem that very serious allegations have been made concerning neglect at the home and there are even suggestions that residents lives were at risk. Now I was very worried upon reading this – because I am wondering whether Plas y Bryn has been targeted for some reason by the CSSIW.

Concerns were first raised about Plas y Bryn in November 2015. Two close friends of mine had an elderly relative who was a resident at the home at the time and they were completely baffled by the mention of ‘concerns’. Their relative had been at the home for many months, they visited her regularly and they told me that they had seen nothing but kindness, patience and good care at Plas y Bryn. Their relative was not an easy patient – she was very elderly and frail, with dementia and a high anxiety level, who was prone to lashing out with her walking stick. She had previously been in another establishment which had not been able to cope with her at all and they had asked my friends to remove her from their care. My friends had been worried that her difficulties would result in her being refused care from every home in the region, but were delighted with Plas y Bryn. Could they have been duped by Plas y Bryn and missed neglect and abuse? Unlikely – one half of this couple had spent his whole career as a healthcare professional himself and had only recently retired. He would have undoubtedly noticed neglect or abuse and he would have said something. He and his wife visited their elderly relative virtually every day, knew the staff at the home and had witnessed day to day life there over quite a long period of time. When CCSIW announced that it had ‘concerns’ about Plas y Bryn, he tried to find out exactly what the concerns were. He told me that no-one was ever able to point to anything genuinely wrong, but that CSSIW seemed to have conducted a box-ticking exercise and pounced upon some extraordinary ‘deficiencies’. One was that residents were being called by their first names. He pointed out that these were elderly residents with dementia who were very disorientated – I remember my friend commenting that CSSIW seemed to expect the elderly residents would like to be treated as a ‘rather pompous middle-aged person’ would wish to be responded to if they were, for example, in a shop, ie. spoken to in a formal manner. He felt that CSSIW were missing the fact that these were confused, frail, vulnerable people who needed kindness and warmth. The other ‘concern’ that CSSIW had about Plas y Bryn was that on the day that they ‘inspected’, a small number of the residents were having their meal in their rooms on a tray. CSSIW maintained that this was bad practice and that the residents should have been eating in the dining room. Yet the residents concerned had ASKED to have their meals in their room that day and at least one of them had been feeling too frail to go into the dining room. So it would seem that Plas y Bryn was subjected to further inspections, was closed down and there is now a police inquiry all hinging upon some very flimsy ‘evidence’.

So what is going on? I cannot help but wonder whether Plas y Bryn has been targeted. I am wondering this because I know that genuine neglect, abuse and sloppy practice is endemic in ‘care homes’ in north Wales. In 1999/2000 I spent a year working as a care assistant/support worker in care homes in north Wales and what I saw was dreadful. I have already blogged about the worst that I saw, at Prestwood Homes (please see post ‘A Very Convenient Arrangement With The Private Sector’). I reported the abuse at Prestwood myself, to the office at Conwy which was responsible at the time for registering Prestwood – not only was no action taken, but I was threatened. Although it is now many years since I spent that twelve months working as a care assistant, most of the homes that I worked in are still in operation and I know people who worked as care assistants in two of the homes concerned as recently as five years ago and standards were no better.

Throughout the year that I worked as a care assistant, there was only one home that I would be happy to recommend. That was a home in Llanfairpwll run by a nurse who had two children, who wanted a career based at home for her children’s sake. She was lovely, knew how residents should be looked after and was providing a really good environment. I did not see anything in that home that concerned me. However what I did discover was a resident there who had previously been a resident of one of the poor homes that I had worked in – this resident’s family had removed her from the home, after the resident had been terrorised by the woman who owned and ‘managed’ the previous home after the family had complained. So who was that? Let me introduce the dreadful Mrs Moffat, who along with her husband Mr Moffat (I don’t think that they had forenames), owned and ran Bryn Ceirios, a home at Pentreath on Anglesey.

A lot of the care assistants at Bryn Ceirios were actually quite good, but one of the first things that I was told when I started working there was that Mrs Moffat dominated her husband, was a real monster and had no respect for her staff at all. That was certainly true and was most evident at Christmas, when nearly all the residents and their families gave tips in the form of money or tins of sweets to Mrs Moffat for the staff. The staff had joked to me before about what would happen – that Moffat would keep the whole lot for herself. And indeed she did, she did not pass on any of the presents and tips to the staff. The staff were not the only people disrespected by Moffat – the residents were in the firing line too, but they often did not realise it. Shortly after I began work at Bryn Ceirios, there was an outbreak of scabies there and many of the residents experienced an infestation. The Moffats ordered all the staff not to use the word ‘scabies’, not to tell the residents or their families that the home was infested, but to refer to ‘a rash’ – and not to let on as to how many residents actually had ‘a rash’. None of those residents or their families had any idea what the mysterious ‘rash’ had been caused by. It got worse. There was a lot of day to day bad practice which was based on care assistants just not being trained properly. There was one frail old man who one day said to me ‘I’ve had enough of people telling me what to do’. I started talking to him – up until this time I had been told that ‘his mind had gone’, so I was interested to see that it obviously hadn’t – and I asked him what his job had been before he retired. He had been a headmaster. Even better than that, this elderly man whose mind was gone then explained that prior to going into teaching, he had done a PhD in organic chemistry at Manchester University. A few days later I witnessed another care assistant dressing him and saying ‘good boy’ as he put his arm into the correct sleeve of his jumper. That particular care assistant was offered a place on the nursing degree at Bangor University a few weeks later. Let’s hope that they managed to teach her something, although I doubt that she’s managed a PhD in organic chemistry, unlike the good boy who’s mind had gone.

But there were worse things than the extreme patronising of intelligent old men happening at Bryn Ceirios. At one point an elderly lady was admitted. She was very chatty and outgoing, made friends with all the residents and freely explained to staff that she had come into the home because her husband had had a stroke and was in Ysbyty Gwynedd – she was in Bryn Ceirios for respite and company whilst her husband recovered. Her husband made a good recovery within days but was not considered strong enough to go home, so it was then arranged that he would come into Bryn Ceirios as well. Neither half of this couple had any mental health problems – the old lady had no health problems at all but was just shaken because of her husbands stroke and when the husband arrived it was clear that he had made a good recovery but was left with immobility in his leg. The husband was no fool actually and had a dangerous tendency to Question Things which did not go down well. This couple had a shared bedroom but during the day the husband identified a very obvious problem. The sitting rooms at Bryn Ceirios were, unbelievably, gendered. Men in one, women in the other. Even if the men and women were married to each other. The man who had had the stroke was told that he could not sit with his wife, he had to sit in the men’s sitting room. Unsurprisingly he pointed out that this was bloody ridiculous, they had been married for 50 years. His wife ended up in tears, begging the Moffats to allow them to sit together. No. There were Rules. The elderly man got very angry and rang his adult children to complain about the situation. Mrs Moffat then decided that he was a Serious Problem and spent a lot of time telling the staff that this man was very difficult indeed. He wasn’t – we all got along with him fine, he just wanted to sit with his wife during the day. Then something extraordinary happened. Mrs Moffat rang the GP who serviced that home, described the ‘difficulties’ that this man was causing – and a prescription for chlorpromazine was despatched. The ultimate chemical cosh. For a perfectly healthy man who wanted to sit with his wife of 50 years. The GP didn’t even visit this man – but I never saw this GP visit anyone, Moffat just used to ring him and tell him whom she wanted drugged and he’d oblige. The elderly man was then told that he’d been prescribed ‘medication’ by the GP – he presumed that it was related to his stroke and was not enlightened further. He was subsequently dosed up and of course told everyone how bad he was then feeling. Which was presented as evidence to his wife that her husband was ‘ill’. God knows what happened to the poor sod in the end, I never saw how this appalling process played out because I left shortly after. I left when I witnessed something even worse than a healthy man being dosed up with anti-psychotics by a doctor whom he’d never met because he wanted to sit next to his wife. I witnessed an assault on a patient that was so severe that it drew blood. I was paired with another care assistant and was putting an old lady into bed. The old lady was another Difficult Patient in the Moffat’s hall of shame, because although she was in her 90s she had all her wits about her. The Moffats ran a regime whereby the Difficult Patients were freely discussed in a less than professional way and a sort of weird atmosphere was built up around them, in that they were Known To Be Difficult, even if there was no other evidence than the Moffats saying so. (I suspect that a very similar process was at work in the Hergest Unit, directed at all those patients with Borderline Personality Disorders.) The care assistant whom I was working with didn’t like the Difficult Patient because she was Difficult and the care assistant was being quite slapdash in the way that she was preparing the old lady for bed. The old lady protested – and the care assistant slapped her. Right in front of me. Furthermore, the care assistant’s nails had caught the old lady’s arm and torn the skin. She was bleeding. The old lady yelled at me ‘she’s hit me, don’t leave me alone with her’, which I obviously had already decided that I wasn’t going to. So I tended to the injury and then settled the old lady into bed. This happened just before the shift ended for the day and as I went to leave the building, the care assistant who had assaulted the old lady grabbed hold of my arm and said ‘ere, don’t tell Moffat what happened’. Not only did I think fuck you, of course I’m going to tell her, but the old lady now had a plaster on, so it was obvious that she had sustained an injury. When I arrived home, I rang the Moffats immediately. Mrs Moffat answered and I explained that I had witnessed the other care assistant slap the resident and draw blood. Moffat replied ‘oh but [name of resident] is very difficult’. So I explained again that the other care assistant had HIT HER. Moffat then said ‘it was only a scratch’. I wondered if someone had beaten me to it in telling Moffat about this incident. So I explained again – the care assistant had slapped the old lady causing an injury. Moffat then said ‘you’ll have to speak to Mr Moffat’ and he came on the phone. He told me to meet him in the office first thing the next morning. So I presumed that he would be requesting details of the incident. When I arrived, I found the care assistant who had assaulted the old lady already in the office. Moffat was very angry. With me. Because did I realise that this care assistant was having a difficult menopause and that the old lady was Very Difficult? I responded that no I didn’t know anything about someone else’s menopause, I was concerned because an elderly lady had been slapped and injured in front of me. (What a menopause had to do with it I do not know – I have now experienced one myself and I did not slap or injure anyone whilst it was occurring.) Moffat continued. He was Deeply Concerned about me – I had told another care assistant about this (I had, I wanted some advice as to what the procedure was in such circumstances) and I had Broken Confidentiality. So I was given a Verbal Warning. The woman who had inflicted the injury was not investigated further – presumably the menopause explained everything – or given a verbal warning herself. I left a few days later because I decided that I really did not want to work for these monsters any longer. However I had committed Another Serious Crime. All the care assistants at Bryn Ceirios were issued with a dreadful little blue apron to wear because the Moffats wouldn’t fork out for proper uniforms. Within about two weeks of leaving Bryn Ceirios I received a wonderful letter from Mr Moffat, written in the sort of language that he obviously imagined that a solicitor would use, telling me that it had come to his attention that I had not returned my ‘tabard’, that this constituted theft and if that tabard was not returned immediately, he would be issuing County Court proceedings against me. So I wrote back suggesting that there are better ways of dealing with people than threatening them and that as he was the one running a home where residents were assaulted and injured by the staff if anyone was going to end up in Court it would probably be him. I heard no more. However, there are two other memories that I have of Bryn Ceirios. That residents were all ordered to eat their meals in the dining room. On one occasion an elderly lady felt too ill to come down, but an order was issued by Moffat – she had to come down for lunch. The CSSIW would have been proud of Bryn Ceirios. One other memory was of another resident, an elderly lady who sat in the corner all day and smiled and was very compliant. However Moffat freely explained to everyone that this old lady had been Very Difficult all her life – which was why she had been lobotomised. Probably at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh by Dr T. Gwynne Fucking Williams. Oh – and an observation. This lobotomised lady wasn’t THAT elderly – she was one of the younger residents there. And that was in 2000. So someone had performed a lobotomy on her many years after lobotomies ‘had stopped’. Which is another factor that makes me think that Dr T. Gwynne Fucking Williams and Denbigh were involved. It is also interesting that the lobotomised one ended up in that particular home – a home run by monstrous vindictive people who had a tame GP on tap who never asked awkward questions. Pentraeth is near Llangeni. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones lives just outside Llangefni. And his son Dyfrig ap Dafydd is also a GP – near Llangefni.

After leaving the dreadful Bryn Ceirios, I worked for a few weeks at Ceris Newydd, a home at Treborth, part of the Fairways Care empire. Ceris Newydd didn’t have a Moffat owning and running it, it had one Mark Bailey. Mark wasn’t quite as stupid as the Moffats in that he understood what he had to say to people to convince them that he was running an OK establishment. Except that he wasn’t. He didn’t run a home containing people who had been lobotomised or dosed up with anti-psychotics for wanting to sit next to their own wives, but Mark just would not waste money on essentials like staff (well he had his own lifestyle to sustain – he drove a ludicrously expensive sports car, lived in one of the most expensive properties on Anglesey at the time and liked his man-jewellery). So there were never ever enough staff to see to the residents needs, which meant that corners were cut and certainly the residents emotional needs were completely ignored, even in the most extreme of circumstances. Such as bereavement. Whilst I worked at Ceris Newydd, there were two pairs of residents who shared rooms. One were a husband and wife team and the other were an elderly brother and sister. The elderly brother and sister’s story was a real snapshot of life from a bygone era. The brother had learning disabilities and his sister was a few years older than him. Their mum had died when the brother was four and the sister was about twelve. Their father had simply told the sister that she now had to look after her brother. And she did – she left school, she never married, her whole life had been devoted to looking after her brother. When she was elderly and had needed care, her brother had moved into the home with her because he was completely emotionally dependent upon her. Whilst I worked at Ceris Newydd, the husband of the husband and wife couple died and the sister of the brother and sister couple died. There was no time for any member of staff to spend even two minutes with the bereaved. These were people who had spent decades together, yet that home was so short-staffed it was made quite clear that our job was not to waste time talking to residents – we were told not to. The widow left behind when her husband died was completely distraught – and the brother left behind when his sister died was just utterly confused (the night after her death he was saying that he was worried about her because she would be alone in heaven and what would she do without him, which as Brown observed showed what a very good job she had done of looking after him for all those years). But no-one spent any time with them at all, or indeed were allowed to. A few years after I left, I noticed that Mark Bailey did try to rectify this – he appeared in the local media launching an ‘innovation’ for north Wales in which he invited local people to volunteer to act as ‘befrienders’ for the residents, because he’d noticed that one problem with the elderly was that they get lonely! Yes Mark, because you won’t employ sufficient staff to even have a brief conversation with the residents. So presumably Mark decided that local people could work for him for free.

Mark Bailey did have a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way. One PhD student that I knew who also passed through Ceris Newydd as a care assistant observed that Mark was rather like the sort of contestants that turn up on ‘The Apprentice’, a rather glib spiv full of get rich quick schemes which tended to involve exploiting other people. Mark did not build that business up himself, he inherited it from his parents and as far as I could see whilst I was working there, he was not the businessman that his parents had been. Mark seemed to end up in a lot of scrapes – whilst I worked there he had started on an ambitious plan to build a new dementia wing but I noticed that building seemed to have stopped. I was told that the builders had walked off the job because Mark hadn’t paid them. There were also a few close shaves with other bills as well – on a number of occasions the home was put on alert because there was a threat that supplies might be stopped as a result of Mark owing large sums of money to suppliers. It was rumoured that Mark was in very deep financial trouble and was nearly bankrupt. Not that the staff had much sympathy – there seemed to be a very great dislike for Mark among them, far more than the usual resentment that can exist towards an employer. There were signs that things were not as they should be, but I could never quite work out what Mark was doing that caused people to loathe him so deeply. There were odd staff dynamics, in that he was placing inappropriate people in senior positions. There were a number of very good staff there, but they didn’t seem to exert any influence or get promotion, that was a preserve of truly dreadful people. For example there was a ‘senior care assistant’ employed who always seemed rather aggressive and unpleasant. I wondered if she had hidden qualities – but I then discovered that she was actually a well-known thug from Bangor who struck fear into the hearts of her neighbours and was alleged to have assaulted some of them. Then her husband arrived – who was very obviously not suitable to work with vulnerable people. It transpired that he had recently been sacked from his job as a bus driver – for assaulting another member of staff. So he joined his wife in the care assistant trade. This couple had a number of small children. The other carers at Ceris were alleging that the children were neglected and I wondered if this was a reflection of the unpopularity of this couple. But a few weeks later the children were taken into care – because they were being neglected. Mark continued to employ their parents as carers. (This couple reared their ugly heads again a couple of years ago when one of their kids – who had now been returned to them from local authority care – assaulted the son of one of my friends. My friend went around to try to sort it out ‘between parents’, only to be met with a torrent of abuse from the woman whom I had known as the ‘senior care assistant’. Later that day, the senior care assistant and a posse turned up on my friend’s doorstep, alleged that she’d assaulted a child herself and threatened her with physical violence. My friend locked herself in her house for safety – only to be visited later that day by the police to be told that she was under investigation for child abuse. My friend works as a music therapist with children and was then suspended from her job. She was eventually cleared, but it was quite extraordinary how much grief the senior care assistant managed to cause before my friend was out of hot water.) Another thing that caused Mark Bailey a degree of trouble was his penchant for having affairs with female care assistants.

However, the sparks really flew when a new care assistant arrived who seemed to have a backstory of oppression and abuse on multiple levels. At first everyone was very sympathetic because she sounded as though she’d had a really hard time. She told us that she was starting a new life in Wales after escaping domestic abuse in Ireland (although she had an English accent), but she hadn’t yet managed to extract her children from the care system where she had been obliged to place them whilst she escaped her violent husband. After a very short time however, it became clear that this young woman was not always particularly truthful. A very competent night nurse, whom I shall call P, who worked at Ceris began to have worries about this young woman. P was pretty sure that she had stolen money from a resident and had successfully blamed someone else. P told me that she was going to make enquiries and keep an eye on the new arrival from Ireland. Within a few days, P had found out that the woman from Ireland had recently been released from prison, although she didn’t know what for, but that was why her children were in care. P then discovered that the woman from Ireland had most definitely stolen from another resident and once more had successfully lied to blame someone else. At this point I resigned from Ceris because I was due to start teacher training and wanted a break before beginning the course. Two days later I received a phone call from Mark Bailey, asking me if I could just come back and do one extra shift because he was short-staffed and desperate because he had had to sack someone. I did the shift and a couple of days later received a phone call from P. She was deeply upset – it was her that Mark had sacked. P couldn’t understand why she had been sacked but it seemed that some unfounded allegations had been made about her. I only worked at Ceris for a few months but during the time that I was there, P was undoubtedly the best member of staff that they had. But I am wondering if that was the problem – a couple of weeks before she was sacked, P had dared make it known that she believed that the care at Ceris was so poor that it constituted abuse. She was also onto the woman from Ireland who seemed quite skilled at deceiving people and blaming them for her own wrongdoing…  I didn’t see P again and I never got to the bottom of why she was sacked. But I did bump into the jailbird from Ireland a few years later – in the library at Bangor University. She had enrolled on the nursing degree! I also saw an article about her in a local paper – she had won an award as someone who had ‘overcome barriers’ and returned to learning after escaping domestic abuse. As well as P, there was another nurse at Ceris whom I always thought was very good but who never received any recognition – a lot of the other staff didn’t like her. Because she was black. Although she was actually a qualified nurse, she was working as a care assistant. Because she was African – she couldn’t be trusted with a job as a nurse obviously.

Some seven years after I left Ceris Newydd I made friends with a student who was working as a care assistant there. We exchanged anecdotes – and it seemed that nothing at all had changed since I left. My student friend had observed one ‘team leader’ who was employed there with some concern. She was the same person who had begun ‘on trial’ just before I left. She was a qualified nurse rather than a care assistant, but her registration had lapsed so she was working as a care assistant whilst she worked towards re-registration. She was very intimidating towards the residents and didn’t ever take their wishes into account. This became quite a problem – because she wanted to start waking them up and giving them breakfast at 4am. The rationale behind this was that if all the residents could be ‘done’ by 5-30am, she’d have time for a breakfast herself before going off shift. Whilst I worked at Ceris, she was somewhat constrained because the other staff wouldn’t agree to a 4am start to the residents day, but by the time that I was swapping anecdotes with my student friend a few years later, this woman had been appointed a team leader – and those residents were fed their toast and porridge at 4am. There was one other thing that I remembered about this woman – she was a friend of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and used to relate tales of attending parties at his house…

Despite all this, Mark Bailey still seems to be very much in business. A few months ago I read a big PR piece in a local paper about his quality product and how he has now expanded his business with the addition of Ty Cariad and Glyn Menai, two dementia centres. He’s also won numerous awards at something called the ‘Carers Awards Ceremony’ in Cardiff over the past couple of years and is in partnership with Professor Bob Woods of Bangor University’s School of Psychology! How Mark has achieved all this within a few years of being nearly bankrupt, whilst shagging the staff and employing criminals as well as a big pal of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones I would be most interested to know. I presume that the next step is indeed an TV appearance alongside Lord Sugar and Lady Karen Brady (who did of course begin her career working for a pornographer, but that doesn’t get mentioned these days).

The mysteries of the old folk’s business in north Wales don’t end with Mark Bailey and Fairways Care. There is also the alarming tale of Bryn Mel Manor near Llandegfan. Bryn Mel Manor opened it’s doors back in the 1990s and virtually immediately alarm bells rang. The building is lovely, it’s an old manor house that overlooks the Menai Strait and I suspect that it was the building rather than the standard of care that lured the residents in. The people who owned Bryn Mel Manor also owned an insurance business in Menai Bridge and did not seem to have any experience in healthcare so the sudden acquisition of Bryn Mel Manor caused people to sit up and take notice. From the start, Bryn Mel Manor had interesting employment practices. I responded to an advert for care assistants there shortly after it opened – I went for an interview and was told that I’d be given a two day trial. Which sounded fair enough. So I laboured away for two full days as a care assistant. Then I returned to see the ‘matron’ who had interviewed me to ask if I’d got the job, only to be told that I now had to fill in an application form – which could only be obtained from the ‘office in Menai Bridge’ (ie. the insurance part of this family’s business). When I went to the office I was told that I couldn’t have an application form. I asked why not and I was told that they didn’t have any vacancies at that time. So I asked for the wages for my trial. I was told that they didn’t pay people for their trial. I went away presuming that I must have just been a really crap care assistant and they were too polite to tell me. But then I started meeting other people who had also been for a work trial at Bryn Mel Manor, who had also not been paid because they were ‘on trial’ – and who had then been told that there were no vacancies. It rather appeared as though Bryn Mel Manor had found a way of acquiring free labour. I shared my experiences (as they say in the health and social care world) with a few more people and I then discovered someone who’s wife had taken a job as a night nurse down there. She had walked out after a matter of weeks maintaining that the owners of Bryn Mel Manor were interested in money and nothing else and standards of care were not what they should be. That was twenty years ago, but Bryn Mel Manor remained in business until very recently. Some five years ago, a new graduate from Bangor with whom I was friendly took a summer job – at Bryn Mel Manor. I didn’t warn him because it was such a long time since the business of the unpaid work trials and non-existent vacancies that I assumed that the place had changed hands since then. It hadn’t. But things were dire. My friend did actually get paid – and there was a real vacancy. In fact there were as much overtime as he wanted because Bryn Mel Manor couldn’t get anyone to work for them. So he was busy that summer. But Bryn Mel had fallen on hard times. Such hard times that they couldn’t afford latex gloves for staff when they were changing doubly incontinent patients. Then there was a shortage of incontinence pads themselves. Then there were no incontinence pads at all – although there was still plenty of incontinent patients. Then the hot water supply was discontinued – because the owners of Bryn Mel wanted to save money. So my friend was washing doubly incontinent elderly frail people in cold water. Then Bryn Mel asked my friend if he could double up in the kitchen washing plates, for the same pay (minimum wage). He said yes – and was gobsmacked to find that the plates were washed in cold water too. Then came the ultimate – his shifts were arranged so that he first of all changed and washed the doubly incontinent with cold water and no gloves, then he’d go into the kitchen and wash the plates in cold water. After a week of ‘bottoms and plates’ he could bear no more of this insanity and resigned. After he resigned, he was so concerned at what he had seen at Bryn Mel – as well as bottoms and plates he’d witnessed elderly people with dementia hitting each other because no staff at all had been trained in the care of aggressive patients – that he contacted the Older People’s Commissioner regarding standards at Bryn Mel. That’s the Older People’s Commissioner who the Welsh Government reassured us all would stop neglect and abuse in old peoples homes. They did not respond to him. However he suspects that they did receive his concern. Whilst he was at Bryn Mel he became particularly fond of one resident and used to take him for a spin in his wheelchair after he finished bottoms and plates duties. When he told this old man that he was leaving, the old man asked him if he’d stay in touch. The old man used to spend weekends at home and it was arranged that my friend would go to the old man’s home at weekends for a chat and to take him for a walk. After a couple of weeks of this, one weekend my friend called for the old man only to be met with his wife who was very upset. She asked my friend if he had reported Bryn Mel to the Older People’s Commissioner. He felt that he couldn’t lie, so he admitted that he had. The old man’s wife told my friend that he’d caused a lot of trouble and she didn’t want him visiting her husband again because he was still a resident at Bryn Mel. So someone at Bryn Mel knew that they’d been reported – of course nothing was done at all about my friends concerns, but it did rather sound as though pressure had been put on the old man and his wife not to have any further contact with a whistleblower. Whilst all this was happening, the Older People’s Commissioner was making regular TV appearances urging people to come forward if they know of cases of elder abuse or neglect. Bryn Mel Manor has now closed down. It wasn’t closed down by force, the owners decided to close it down – they’ve recently flogged the building. And I bet they’re quids in after twenty years of being part of the caring sharing social care industry.

So in the face of all this, why did the CSSIW target Plas y Bryn, why has it been shut down and why have the police been called in?