Lest We Forget…

The title of today’s post is blatantly cribbed from the latest issue of ‘Private Eye’ which I picked up this morning. It contains a ‘Sylvie Krin’ special, a short story – about Prince Charles of course – ‘Lest We Forget’. It’s timely – over the past 24 hours or so, there seems to have been an awful lot that has been forgotten by a great many people who are appearing in the media.

I am of course talking about the latest sex trafficking scandal that is receiving wall to wall coverage, the imprisonment of seventeen men and one woman in Newcastle for the sexploitation of under-aged girls, as well as associated drugs offences. Once more, publicity has been given to a case in which nearly all those found guilty were British born South Asians (although some were of Iranian and Turkish descent). News reports are stressing that ‘hundreds’ of South Asian men have now been convicted of this type of offence. Yes they have – but what is receiving much less (indeed often no) publicity is the huge numbers of people who are not South Asian who are being banged up for these offences as well. I am glad to say that more and more of those now elderly people who committed offences against children in care in north Wales in the 70s and 80s are gradually being imprisoned. This is receiving no media coverage. They are not South Asian. But they all worked – or associated with people who worked – with kids in care. Once more I implore people to look at the running theme – it is NOT ‘South Asian’ men. It is that vulnerable people in the care of the welfare services were the victims. I note that one of the girls in the Newcastle case had learning disabilities – as well as young people in care, the targets of sex offenders are frequently youngsters with learning disabilities or mental health problems. The National Crime Agency is now stating that this sort of offending is happening in EVERY PART of the UK – there are not South Asians living in every part of the UK, so it simply cannot only be them committing the offences.

Yet Lord Ken MacDonald, the former DPP, appeared on the ‘Today’ programme this morning – and is now being quoted by everyone and has been ‘backed up’ by Labour MP Sarah Champion – saying that society needs to be honest and admit that this is a ‘profoundly racist crime’. It isn’t. This is if anything a profoundly classist crime – the victims are usually (although not always) from disadvantaged social groups, who are on the receiving end of ‘care’ and advice from the professional classes. Wake up everyone – the forerunners of this were the organised paedophile gangs that infiltrated the children’s care system in the 70s and 80s. Those gangs whose conduct was concealed and facilitated by huge swathes of professional people employed in social work, psychiatry and the law. Who were assisted by corrupt police officers and charities like MIND and the NSPCC. Gangs who were greatly helped by councillors and politicians who would not speak out lest they ended up covered in crap in public – the politicians who in turn ensured that the extent of the problem was never reported by the media. Neither should we forget that the security services also assisted in the cover-up – to protect the politicians and a few of their own who were actually perpetrating child abuse.

So where are that lot now? Well I’ve named scores of them on this blog – they are senior politicians, some of whom are sitting in the Lords. They are senior executives of charities. They are barristers practicing in chambers specialising in ‘Human Rights’. They are judges sitting in the highest courts in the UK. They are Chairs of NHS Trusts and Boards. They are Professors of social work, psychology, nursing and psychiatry. They are Gov’t appointed Commissioners – the most outrageous example in north Wales being that of the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Arfon Jones, the man who chauffeured North Wales Police Inspector Gordon Anglesea to the venues where he sexually molested boys. Arfon is currently responsible for tackling trafficking and modern slavery in north Wales!

There has been a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth because it has been revealed that the Chief Constable of Northumbria paid a convicted child rapist £10k for information that led to the arrest of the Newcastle gang. He has been robustly condemned by – among others – ironically the NSPCC. The Chief Constable had to resort to this because of the wall of silence that is being maintained by the professions and people mentioned above. However the people named on this blog have received much more than £10k – their noses are stuck well into some very deep troughs.

Keen readers might remember the name of Lord Ken MacDonald from my post ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’, in which I detail the backgrounds of all the DPPs – all of whom have failed to prosecute numerous child abusers against whom there was much evidence. Ken was DPP between 2003-08. Ken was the first pupil barrister of Lady Helena Kennedy – who relied on ‘expert witness’ Professor Nigel Eastman in many of her cause celebres. Eastman was one of the psychiatrists at St George’s Hospital Medical School who knew about the criminal activity of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones whilst Dafydd concealed the paedophile ring that operated in north Wales. Ken’s appointment caused quite a row at the time because of the obvious conflicts of interest involved. Ken’s ultimate boss was the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith – who was a mate of Tony Blair, the then PM. Ken was a business partner of Tony’s wife Cherie Booth – they had co-founded the chambers Matrix, along with Tim Owen. Despite all the fuss, Ken’s appointment was defended by the Solicitor General at the time who was someone called Harriet Harman – who back in the 1970s had been the legal officer for the NCCL, whilst the NCCL had been affiliated to PIE. In fact Harriet even wrote a document which gives the distinct impression that she was campaigning on behalf of paedophiles whilst she was employed by the NCCL.

The Blair Gov’t defended Ken’s appointment on the grounds that it had been made by an ‘independent’ panel, consisting of First Civil Service Commissioner Lady Usha Prashar, Lord Justice of Appeal Sir Robin Auld, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Constitutional Affairs Sir Hayden Phillips and Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office Sir David Omand. So how independent were they?

Usha Prashar is a fairly standard example of someone who achieved greatness during the New Labour years – she was elevated to the Lords in 1999. Her career was based on her ‘expertise’ in race relations and equality – what else? Between 1986-91 she was Director of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, which encompassed those charities that were ignoring or concealing child sexual abuse.

Robin Auld is a member of the Athenaeum. As was Jimmy Savile, Marjorie Wallace and quite a few others named on this blog who have concealed child sexual abuse or the wrongdoing of psychiatrists who have concealed it.

Hayden Phillips was a Civil Service mandarin. He joined the Civil Service as Assistant Principal in the Home Office in 1967 and continued to travel upwards until he became PPS to Roy Jenkins between 1974-76, when Jenkins was Home Secretary. Phillips was Assistant Secretary in the Home Office between 1979-81 and Assistant Under-Secretary of State in the Home Office between 1981-86. So Hayden occupied senior positions in the Home Office during the time when it was directly managing Bryn Estyn – whilst the boys there were beaten and molested – and whilst Leon Brittan was Home Secretary. The Leon who was alleged to have been a paedophile himself and who ‘lost’ the dossier given to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP which gave the names and details of Westminster figures who were alleged to have sexually abused children.

David Omand is also a former mandarin, who began his career at GCHQ and ended up as it’s Director in 1996. After that he was Permanent Secretary at the Home Office and then First Permanent Secretary and Security and Intelligence Co-Ordinator in the Cabinet Office. Omand was among those who decided that Dr David Kelly should be pursued for talking to the media about the dodgy dossier of Iraq/WMD/Alistair Campbell fame. The David Kelly who was later found dead, having ‘committed suicide’ by making a cut to his wrist which was not substantial enough to have killed him and by taking a non-lethal quantity of paracetamol. So David Omand worked for the security services. The security services who were known to have concealed the activities of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Ken MacDonald is now a Lib Dem peer. As DPP he established the Organised Crime Division. There’s certainly a need for that now isn’t there. Although Ken’s inside knowledge concerning the reasons why will never hit the media – in 1980 he married Linda Zuck, a TV producer for an Islington-based company ‘Illuminations’. They won’t have produced anything that illuminated the paedophile ring that was known to be in operation in the children’s homes run by Islington Council at the time. Whilst the Council was led by Blair’s mate Margaret Hodge.

Both Blair and Cherie have been on Radio 4 today. An interview with Blair by Peter Hennessey was broadcast this morning. Blair spent a lot of his time talking about how much he’d enjoyed acting, both at school and at university. We noticed your penchant for acting Tony – as well as for lying. In particular, lying to the House. Then Cherie was wheeled out for the ‘World At One’ to talk about modern day slavery and trafficking! Cherie was given quite a lot of time to bang on about her concerns and she talked about Albanians, Romanians, people from the Far East, Vietnamese, nail bars, domestic workers and child labour utilised in carpet production. What she did not mention were the criminals in the 70s and 80s who abused children in care and trafficked them into prostitution, whilst fuckwits like Tessa Jowell and Margaret Hodge who were later elevated to high office by Cherie’s own husband ignored their activities. Neither did Cherie mention that a number of recent prosecutions identified that service users and homeless UK citizens were being trafficked into forced labour and prostitution. Just like the service users at Prestwood Homes were (see post ‘A Convenient Arrangement With The Private Sector’). Those service users who’s pleas for help were ignored by the police, by MIND, by their social workers…

I think I can understand why the National Crime Agency is now investigating cases of modern slavery in every town in the UK, even if the causes of this are a mystery to Cherie.

Despite being committed to human rights, Blair and Cherie now both run consultancies in which they charge a great deal of money to dispense advice to some particularly nasty dictators.

A further irony of the coverage on ‘the World At One’ concerning modern slavery was the advice that people who know about such matters should ring Crimestoppers – as the Hergest Unit patient described in previous posts did, repeatedly, in the late 90s, giving details of the criminal activities of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, only to be accused of making hoax calls.

Whilst I am delighted to see that some of those named on this blog whose past activities suggest that they have information of interest to Inspector Knacker are finding themselves in hot water – Meri Huws’s grand post is about to be abolished by the Welsh Gov’t and it looks as though Baroness Patricia Scotland of Corruption won’t last much longer as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth – this all absolutely stinks. The payment of £10k to a rapist is trivial when compared to the scale of the collusion of so many others who even have the temerity to appear in the media discussing the Serious Problem of Human Trafficking. What did they expect to happen when they concealed the forced prostitution of vulnerable people by organised criminals thirty years ago? Did Margaret Hodge, Patricia Scotland and Tessa Jowell think that the paedophiles and their associates were all going to revert to a law abiding existence when Maggie, Patsy and Tess took their seats in the Lords after so generously assisting those scumbags in their activities?

As for ‘but we didn’t know’ – yes you did, all of you. I told you. Alison Taylor told you. Mary Wynch told you. We wrote and we wrote and we wrote. We wrote to MPs, to Ministers, to Secretaries of State, to the GMC, to Inspectorates of Social Services, to Chief Constables and we even contacted the media. Alison was sacked, I was hounded out of jobs and harassed and Mary and I were arrested and illegally imprisoned. And you lot moved heaven and earth to conceal all of it. Whilst the bodies of young people after they had given evidence about the abuse that they had suffered in care kept turning up and five such people died in an arson attack on a building as they attended a party to which they’d all been invited (see post ‘The Silence of the Welsh Lambs’). After which the body of the man who had allegedly ‘confessed’ to starting the fire was discovered.

And I’m sitting here along with 10,000 documents detailing much of the criminal activity signed by the criminals’ own hands – waiting for an explanation as to why a forged document purporting to be a letter from me turned up in the possession of the GMC, why a forged certificate of indictment was found in the possession of the north Wales Court service and why the Police National Computer record relating to me was falsified several times.

Well? Anyone? Exactly how fucking stupid are all you High Court Judges and Human Rights barristers, many of whom have crawled into the Lords? Lady Hale? Cherie? Helena?





Yet More Crime And Punishment

The Daily Post Online today is running one of it’s regular shock horror stories regarding that which the hard pressed staff of the Betsi have to tolerate as they go about their daily heroics: ‘Sexual Abuse, Violent Attacks and Verbal Insults – The Crimes North Wales NHS Staff Suffer’. The article explains that ‘new figures reveal the extent of the appalling offences committed against NHS workers’. We are told that NHS staff in north Wales have been ‘attacked’ more than 7000 times since 2012, according to ‘shocking figures’ released as a result of an FoI request. In 2013 there were 1929 incidents and over the next three years there were more than 1700 incidents each year.

It sounds terrible doesn’t it. But these thousands of incidents do not represent the numbers of convictions – they are figures supplied by the Betsi, not the police. Neither have they been confirmed by any other body. I happen to know that the Betsi employs a very elastic definition when it uses the phrase ‘attack on a member of staff’. The statistics for such ‘attacks’ include instances of psychotic or learning disabled patients swearing – not even necessarily swearing AT staff, but merely swearing in their presence. It is entirely at the discretion of Betsi staff whether they report ‘attacks’ on them and some of those staff are known to be reporting the most trivial of incidences – particularly if the patient involved has made a complaint. I know of staff employed in the Hergest Unit who were routinely complaining of being ‘attacked’ by patients as a means of getting themselves out of trouble when the staff themselves were the subject of complaint. I know of a number of patients – including me – who were accused of ‘assaulting’ or ‘attacking’ staff after they had complained about being assaulted by staff themselves. Most of these complaints involved the same staff. Furthermore I have compared my own medical records with the records of some of the patients who contacted me after they too had been wrongly accused – the same phrases had been used about all of us by the same staff. Those staff were working to a script. In no case that I know of were the staff involved disciplined – yet there was complaint after complaint about them.

The problems with certain members of staff in the Hergest Unit reached a peak in the years before the North West Wales NHS Trust was abolished, when Keith Thomson and then Martin Jones were CEOs there. (Details of the violence and aggression that I encountered and that I witnessed other patients being subjected to can be read in my posts ‘Who Is In Need Of Restraining?’ and ‘The Real Story Behind These Figures…’.) Both Thomson and Jones were constantly briefing local newspapers about the problems of staff being attacked by mad psychiatric patients – they were undoubtedly doing this because a number of patients were consulting lawyers and writing to politicians after having been violently assaulted by staff in the Hergest Unit. A now retired member of staff from Hergest told me that they were convinced that evidence against some patients who had dared complain had been fabricated and that some patients had been wrongly convicted as a result.

There is one former member of staff from Hergest who was a willing accomplice in all of this – a nurse called Gareth Phillips. Gareth retired from nursing as a result of ill health, but was offered the post of RCN rep. It was Gareth who was happy to provide comments to local papers about the shocking number of attacks on Ysbyty Gwynedd staff. I knew Gareth for years whilst he still worked as a nurse – I never witnessed Gareth abuse anyone himself, but he certainly knew that some of his colleagues were behaving appallingly. And he knew that some patients were being arrested and fitted up for offences that they had not committed, after hospital staff had lied to the police. Furthermore Gareth knew that this had happened to me. Someone else knew about this as well – Gareth’s wife Penny, who also worked as a nurse at the Hergest Unit. I have mentioned in previous posts how under the regimes of Keith Thomson and Martin Jones, there was an exodus of the better staff from Hergest. I met one of those people after they had escaped to work in another part of the Trust and they told me that both they and their spouse (who was also a nurse) had been stuffed over and forced out of their jobs – interestingly enough after one of them warned the authorities at Ysbyty Gwynedd that the conduct of staff towards the patients was making the Hergest Unit unsafe. This person remarked that the Trust however had ‘looked after’ Gareth Phillips when he became too ill to work, by giving him a job as RCN rep. This person also mentioned that the Trust ‘looked after’ Bob Ingham when Ingham became too ill to work. Ingham was a notoriously aggressive CPN with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team – on my first meeting with him he dragged me down a corridor after telling me that he was someone else and I know of another patient who was threatened with assault in his own home by Ingham when Ingham was making a ‘home visit’. So Keith and Martin were ‘looking after’ staff who agreed to keep silent about abuse and produce propaganda for the media and even staff who were abusive themselves. The people who did not get looked after were staff raising concerns about the level of aggression to which patients were subjected. Martin Jones is at present the Director of Workforce for the Betsi. Are we surprised that florid figures about attacks on Angels are still being bandied about?

If the figures being produced were accurate, anyone spending any length of time in any of the hospitals run by the Betsi would have witnessed at least one of these ‘attacks’. I have spent much time in their hospitals – the only thing that I ever witnessed that came anywhere near to an ‘attack’ was an acutely psychotic patient throwing a book at a psychiatrist which hit him in the face. Even that incident could probably have been avoided if the psychiatrist concerned, the dreadful Raj Sambhi, had built up any sort of rapport with his patients. He didn’t – he walked onto the ward for twenty minutes once a week and spoke arrogantly to distressed patients who barely knew who he was. With the exception of that incident I have never witnessed any patient physically attack any member of staff. I have witnessed an awful lot of rudeness towards members of staff, I have witnessed patients shout and swear at members of staff – but as with Sambhi and the book, many of those incidents were obviously a result of patients being treated very disrespectfully themselves. I have asked other people who have spent a long time in hospitals in north Wales if they have ever seen ‘attacks’ on staff and they haven’t either. One of them, like me, had witnessed an assault on a patient in the Hergest Unit by staff, but had only ever witnessed disorientated or distressed patients shouting or swearing at staff.

The Post article includes a comment from Gwenfair Jones, a Wrexham County Councillor who worked as a community nurse for twenty years before she retired two years ago. Gwenfair states that ‘it’s terrifying to think of the risks that NHS staff face every day at work’. She then relates an account of how a colleague was responding to a patient when someone tried to get in her car and having failed to do that, jumped on the bonnet. Gwenfair doesn’t state that it was the patient who did this, so presumably it was someone else – who actually might have been confused or distressed rather than out to attack the car driver… There is simply not enough info from that anecdote to suggest that it is an example of the terror that NHS staff face every day as a result of their work.

Gwenfair also mentions that when the NHS followed it’s lone working policy, staff were issued with alarms. Well I know of a situation in which the issuing of a piece of equipment to be used as an ‘alarm’ was ruthlessly used by the managers of the Gwynedd Hospitals NHS Trust and their partners in crime in the Arfon Community Mental Health Team in an attempt to frame a patient. In the mid-1990s I was prosecuted at the insistence of Gwynedd Hospitals NHS Trust for allegedly making an obscene and threatening telephone call to Bridget Lloyd, a CPN with the Arfon Team. I did not make this call. Florid statements were made about me to the police by Bridget Lloyd about her being terrified of me, indeed so frightened that the Trust had issued her with a mobile phone to carry with her when she went out in order to enable her to ring for help should she meet me and I attack her. There was also a statement made in Court by the Trust that I represented such a risk to Bridget and her ‘two young children’ that the Trust had organised a safe house for them should I be found not guilty. I did not even know that Bridget Lloyd had young children. I was found not guilty. Whether dear old Bridget and the kids then took up residence in the safe house I do not know, but when I requested an apology for being denied access to NHS hospitals during the course of this malicious case I was told very firmly that I would not be receiving an apology. A few months ago my lawyer forwarded me the documentation relating to this case. Among all the documents was a memo that Bridget Lloyd had written herself to her managers saying that she had only met me once or twice, that it was many years ago and that she was sure that if I saw her I would not recognise her. That memo was written before the case against me went ahead – it was also written at about the same time as her statement about the risk that I presented to her and her children and how she was ‘absolutely terrified’ of me.

Bridget didn’t mention on the memo the circumstances in which she had met me years previously. I met Bridget Lloyd when I had been illegally detained in Seiriol Ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd after I refused to drop my requests for a copy of my medical records. Bridget was the nurse in charge of the ward. I challenged Bridget over my illegal detention, as well as over the threats that I had received from Alun Davies, the manager of the mental health services – and over the mistreatment of other patients that I was witnessing. Bridget told me that ‘someone’ had decided that I ‘should be here’ and that no-one was being abused or illegally detained. Yes they were Bridget and you knew it. Now, off down to the police station with you to provide a statement giving the details of who it was who ordered you to perjure yourself in court in an attempt to secure a conviction against me.

The article in the Post makes a reference to the case of a man called Christopher Bambrough, who was jailed some months ago after ‘threatening to knock out a nurse’ at Wrexham Maelor. Sounds nasty doesn’t it. The facts of the case are that Bambrough had gone to Wrexham Maelor seeking help for mental health problems but had been refused such help and had been told to go and make an appointment with his GP. He became distressed and shouted a few rash comments that people were going to get hurt. OK, so a man whom it is admitted had mental health problems went for help – and was effectively told to piss off. Knowing just how damn near impossible it is to now access mental health care in north Wales I can imagine how desperate and frustrated that man probably was. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had made umpteen visits to his GP and the local hospitals trying to get help – I have witnessed people doing this and it is quite clear that there is no way that they will get treatment. Because the mental health services are no longer permitted to refuse to assess or treat people, the technique used in north Wales is now to send them from pillar to post, around and around in circles, with everybody refusing to treat them and telling them to see someone else.

So who was it who imprisoned a mentally ill desperate man for shouting a few rash things in the direction of the Angels? It was Judge Niclas Parry, who when he was merely solicitor advocate Niclas Parry, represented one of the most vicious of the paedophiles at the Waterhouse Inquiry (see post ‘This Is What Happened To Nicola, Niclas, Merfyn, Joan and Kathryn’ for details of Parry’s glorious career, his shameful role in the Waterhouse Inquiry and his kid-glove handling of two other people involved in organised crime). Parry told Brambrough that ‘hospital staff will be protected by the Courts’. Yes, along with paedophiles and drug dealers thanks to Old Nick being on the bench.

Daily Post Online makes reference to the police ‘having to be’ called out to ‘attacks on staff’ 591 times in the last five years. I wonder what the opinion of the police is regarding those call outs – because when I still lived in north Wales I was told quite frankly by a police officer that they were sick to death of the Hergest calling them out to deal with trivial situations that the staff should be dealing with themselves. But this has been happening for decades. When Dafydd Alun Jones et al first began having me arrested in the 80s there was an officer called Sgt Tim Evans who was known to be telling people that the whole situation was farcical – a bunch of pompous braying consultants were on the one hand telling Sgt Evans and his colleagues that they were ‘experts’ and Had To Be Listened To, but on the other hand were ringing the police on an almost daily basis because I was refusing to drop my complaints about the mental health services and continued requesting copies of my own records. I was told that Sgt Evans noted just how much more than the police that bunch of fuckwits were being paid yet were demanding that the police clear up their mess. As an example of the sort of thing that the Top Doctors were doing, I have in my possession a document which is a copy of a letter written by Top Doctor Sadie Francis, backed up by her mate from the Arfon Team the appalling social worker Sheila Jenkins, complaining about me walking into a room at Ysbyty Gwynedd ‘carrying a rolled up newspaper’. Francis and Jenkins demanded that the police be called in case I was ‘concealing a knife’ in the newspaper.  I could have been storing weapons grade plutonium in the rolled up newspaper but I wasn’t – these crazy allegations with absolutely no grounds were being bandied around about me (and a number of other patients) constantly.

The Betsi told the Daily Post that their staff receive ‘violence and aggression training’ and ‘de-escalation’ training. That ‘training’ leaves a lot to be desired. It is delivered by staff who have learnt their own aggression at the knee of the north Wales mental health services – for many years, the man who ‘trained’ the local Angels in ‘control and restraint’ was a nurse from the North Wales Hospital, the institution in which victims of the North Wales Paedophile Ring were illegally imprisoned. More latterly the ‘training’ was delivered by the dreadful Alison Parry, the highly abusive nurse responsible for running the highly abusive Taliesin Ward. I have watched the Angels from the Hergest Unit use their ‘training’ – it involves jumping on patients from a height for no good reason and pinning them to the floor for twenty minutes. As for ‘de-escalation’ – well after Alun Davies, the former manager of the Hergest Unit, refused to answer questions from either me or my lawyer regarding Parry and co carrying out assaults on me, I asked Davies in person when he was going to reply to my lawyer’s letters. He stood in a corridor at Hergest and bellowed ‘shut up’ at me repeatedly. My lawyer suggested to him that this was rather unacceptable and she received a letter from Davies saying that he was using ‘de-escalation techniques’ and that they were so good that a psychiatrist had complimented him on them. I can only presume that the Top Doctor in question was actually taking the piss out of him, but Davies was far too thick to realise.

In addition to boasting about the ‘training’ that their staff receive, the Betsi told the Post that all three of their District General Hospitals have police and security on site. I have known some of the ‘police on site’ at Ysbyty Gwynedd. One of them was really good, a very nice man with an excellent relationship with the patients. This however was ruined because the Hergest staff kept telling him to threaten to arrest the patients, instead of allowing him to talk to them. On one occasion this resulted in him having to threaten to arrest a young female psychiatric patient in the locked ward at Hergest because she kept dialling 999. Yes, the Hergest staff wanted a psychotic teenager taken out of a locked ward where she was sectioned anyway, arrested and charged for dialling 999 for bizarre reasons. That policeman ended up leaving that post – and I can see why. After he left he was replaced by a Scouse Thug who threatened me over the phone when I rang the hospital to inform them that I would be attending the hospital in person to deliver a statement from a third party who had witnessed hospital staff lie about me in order to have me arrested. I’m sure that the authorities at YG thought that the Scouse Thug did a great job.

As well as on site police and security, a Betsi spokesperson also explained to the Daily Post that they employ a ‘violence and aggression case manager’. Yes, I’ve heard about this person – they’re the one whom I was told actively encourages staff to demand that patients are prosecuted even if staff don’t want to press charges. Interestingly enough, the Betsi spokesperson does admit to the Daily Post that it is ‘important to recognise’ that the figures provided ‘may not reflect the actions of some patients who may not intend to be deliberately aggressive and may act in this way by extent of their conditions’. So that’s them fessing up then. But nonetheless they were still happy to release these ludicrous misleading figures – which even they admit aren’t a true reflection of the situation.

Intriguingly, the Betsi states that there is a National Memorandum of Understanding across Wales between the police, the CPS and the NHS on how to ‘support staff’ following incidents of violence. Readers who have followed my posts about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and the associated cover-up will remember that it involved the police, the CPS and the NHS…Those bodies understand each other very well in north Wales – and if Old Nick is on the bench, there’s even more understanding…

People who have been following this blog for a while will also remember my posts describing the scores of errors, fallacious allegations and downright lies that I discovered entered upon my medical records. Highlights include entries that I ‘had held a nurse hostage’, ‘was in prison after attacking someone with a knife’ and had ‘sexually assaulted a psychiatrist’. What’s the betting that these lurid allegations have added to the statistics that the Betsi have made up? Despite protracted correspondence with Gary Doherty, the CEO of the Betsi, I have been unable to persuade them to remove the dozens of lies from my records. Gary did agree to remove the references to me sexually assaulting a psychiatrist because he admitted that never happened – I note that Gary did not carry out any investigation into how these gross slur ever found it’s way onto my records and that no-one was disciplined for writing it. Gary has refused to amend anything else – although I can prove that the comments are not true – on the grounds that his staff told him that these things had happened and thus they must have happened. Furthermore Gary is now stating that twenty years worth of my records don’t exist because he can’t find them. I have copies here with me which my lawyer obtained previously, but no, according to Gary those records don’t exist.

How can anyone believe any statistics at all collected by this bunch of lying dipsticks?

Another former star of this blog featured in the Post article – Tina Donnelly, the Director of the RCN in Wales. Tina warns that these attacks on NHS staff affect recruitment. No Tina, what is affecting recruitment in the Betsi is the dreadful standard of care that is known to exist up there – good nurses do not want to work with negligent abusive people – and the brutal treatment of whistleblowers. The nurse who blew the whistle on the Tawel Fan scandal was sacked, wrongfully arrested after being subjected to malicious allegations and has received death threats. The staff who abused the patients in Tawel Fan were subjected to no disciplinary action at all. Donnelly has sat in the RCN throughout scandal after scandal in north Wales – including Tawel Fan – and has done nothing to take action against her members who are abusing their positions. I have read plenty of her semi-literate articles in the Welsh media demanding higher salaries for her members, or indeed banging on about the way in which they spend every waking hour at work being viciously attacked by unhinged patients, but I have not yet read any condemnation from her concerning poor standards of care on the part of some Angels. Indeed Donnelly seems to be quite close to two particularly unpleasant Angels employed at Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E – Stephen Gallagher and Andrew Parry. Please read post ‘Two Dangerous Very Dishonest Nurses’ for details of Gallagher and Parry’s lies, threats and dishonesty. Donnelly ‘serves’ in the Territorial Army along with Gallagher and Parry. For further details of Donnelly’s contacts and questionable background, see post ‘Oh To Be In Receipt Of Academic Honours’.

At the end of the article, the Daily Post chips in with their ‘opinion’. The Post maintains that ‘people join the NHS because they care…good decent human beings who want to make a difference…the vast majority of them aren’t in it for the money…these same decent people are routinely subjected to violence and verbal abuse – sometimes racist or sexual… [the offenders] should forfeit their right to free NHS treatment in the future…’

Now most people do indeed join the NHS for the right reasons – but there is a very big problem in north Wales. Until very recently a vicious paedophile ring operated throughout the region and it was concealed and facilitated by the mental health services. A lot of the people involved are still working in the mental health services – indeed one of them is the Chairman of the Betsi – and this has left a toxic legacy. These were not ‘caring’ ‘decent’ people and furthermore they were not subjected to violence and verbal abuse, they lied on oath in order to discredit people who were complaining about their own malpractice and abuse. They are using the same techniques now in a desperate attempt to detract from the train wreck that is the NHS in north Wales. I will remind the Daily Post of what happened at Tawel Fan – elderly patients were found to be crawling around naked on floors covered in faeces and urine; one patient had an untreated broken arm; staff swore at patients, trapped them in their beds by placing furniture on top of them and discussed their sex lives. Some of those patients died as a result of the neglect and abuse that they endured. The ward was shut down and the Board was placed in special measures after the Welsh Gov’t admitted institutional abuse of patients. It was the worst mental health scandal in recent years in the UK. And which newspaper carried ‘interviews’ with those staff, interviews in which staff insulted the patients and their relatives? The Daily Post.

Until the 1990s, people working in and managing children’s homes in north Wales were believed to be kindly avuncular folk working for modest salaries looking after ‘tearaways’, ‘naughty boys’, ‘disturbed teenagers’, ‘young thugs’, ‘streetwise kids’ or ‘criminals’. We now know that they were actually starving, beating and raping those kids before forcing them into prostitution and delivering them to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. When those kids told people what was happening to them they were discussed in exactly the same terms that the Post is using to discuss people whom they believe are ‘attacking’ noble selfless NHS staff.

As for people forfeiting their right to free NHS treatment – there are at present people in north Wales, particularly people with mental health problems, who CANNOT access the care that they need and to which they are legally entitled. Sometimes this is because the ‘service’ has collapsed and doesn’t exist to provide treatment, but a number of people have been subjected to a co-ordinated campaign to ensure that they will not be treated under any circumstances – because they complained about a fucking paedophile gang.

As for staff not being in it for the money – no many of them are not. But some undoubtedly are. This blog has exposed a number of scams being runs by NHS staff and those scams have been designed to line their own pockets. It is difficult to find highly paid work in north Wales and no-one but the Betsi is going to pay Martin Jones and his ilk £130,000 pa and Martin knows it. Which is why he is still sitting on that Board after years of disaster wearing cufflinks that cost as much as some people earn in a week. Martin with his rather poor degree (you weren’t up to much when you were at Bangor University were you Martin), Martin who is rumoured to have failed accountancy exams, Martin with his Mickey Mouse qualification in ‘Innovation and Change’, Martin who when he was CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust flew first class to America on NHS expenses and lived it up with his mates for no good reason. Martin is most definitely in it for the money.

Although the Post article is about the NHS in north Wales, there is a link to an interview with someone employed by Cardiff and Vale UHB. That’s the Cardiff and Vale UHB that employs a consultant gynaecologist who many years ago was frozen out of the London circle because he was a relentless sexual harasser (see post ‘Every Sperm Is Sacred – Particularly In Scotland’).

Newsflash: Just appeared on the Daily Post website – a female paramedic with the Welsh Ambulance Service in north Wales has been convicted of assaulting another young woman. The ‘caring’ ‘decent’ NHS worker had ‘trained’ in the Army Medical Corps. Probably alongside Donnelly, Gallagher and Parry. She’s been travelling around in the back of an ambulance in a green jumpsuit for the last two years whilst the likes of the Daily Post told us that she was some sort of superior being.

As for all this talk of ‘decent’ people, in the early 1990s I attempted to enter Menai Bridge police station to make a complaint about a Top Doctor – one of those who was facilitating the paedophile ring – threatening me. What can only be described as a Ginger Pig in a sergeants uniform confronted me and told me that if I entered the police station he would arrest me. I told him that I had been threatened and I wished to make a statement. The Ginger Pig told me that he was here to protect ‘decent’ people like the Top Doctor and if I didn’t get out of Menai Bridge immediately he’d arrest me. He then pursued me as far as the Menai Suspension Bridge insulting me and told me to do everyone a favour and throw myself off the bridge. When I got home I rang Menai Bridge police station in an attempt to discover the identity of the Ginger Pig. Another policeman answered – whom I knew, because I had met him previously in Bangor Police Station after the Top Doctors had of course had me arrested. He was called Kelvin, he was nothing like the Ginger Pig himself, but he would not tell me the name of the Ginger Pig and he wouldn’t take down a complaint about him. On another occasion I tried to make representation about the Top Doctors and their harassment to an inspector in Bangor Police Station, an Inspector Beedham. As with Kelvin, Inspector Beedham didn’t conduct himself in the manner of the Ginger Pig, but no, he wouldn’t take a complaint about the Top Doctors either.

Sgt Tim Evans, Kelvin and Inspector Beedham all witnessed what was happening to me at the hands of the Top Doctors and Gwynedd Social Services. I now have possession of the documents that demonstrate that the Top Doctors et al perjured themselves repeatedly and ordered their minions to perjure themselves repeatedly, in order to conceal a paedophile ring. Come on Tim, Kelvin and Inspector Beedham, get your statements prepared and can you tell us who the Ginger Pig was as well….


I have mentioned in this post and in previous posts just how serious the wrongdoing of staff in the Hergest Unit and Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E was – unlawfully refusing people treatment, threatening patients, assaulting patients, lying to the police about patients, lying on oath, encouraging others to lie on oath etc. I have detailed how Alun Davies, Keith Thomson and later on Martin Jones simply did not investigate complaints (not just mine either – I knew of others who had terrible experiences whose complaints were never ever investigated). After Thomson wasted months of my and my lawyer’s time in a deliberate attempt not to investigate a series of assaults on me by his staff and their malicious allegations about me to the police, I tried the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. At that time the Ombudsman for Wales was Adam Peat. Getting a response out of Peat to my complaint was like pulling teeth, so in the end I rang his office. I didn’t speak to Peat himself, I spoke to his sidekick – who was either a Gethin or a Geraint, I can’t remember which. And guess what – he insulted and then threatened me. Just like the NMC did when I tried to make representation to them about Sian Ruth Lloyd’s misconduct. Now I was getting pretty used to this sort of behaviour from the Top Doctors and Angels, but this was the Ombudsman’s office…

Shortly after my brush with Adam Peat’s sidekick, I received a reply from Adam himself. He had decided that he wasn’t going to investigate my complaint against the North West Wales NHS Trust. Not in the public interest. (This was at a time when the North West Wales NHS Trust had the second highest suicide rate among women in England and Wales.) I mentioned this later to a Welsh politician who was honest enough to tell me that there was a major problem with the Ombudsman’s office, in that Peat was choosing not to investigate an awful lot of very serious complaints. I now have the documentation relating to that period of time – evidence of perjury and perverting the course of justice, the altering of medical records, a forged document allegedly written by me found in the possession of the GMC, evidence of dishonesty on the part of the Mental Health Act Commission, the illegal interference with my record on the Police National Computer and the forging of a certificate of indictment on the part of the Courts among much other wrongdoing.

Looks like Adam had knowingly ignored some very, very serious stuff.

Adam Peat retired as the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales in April 2008. His final report before he retired covered the period 2007/08. This report showed that despite a 10% increase in complaints that year, the number upheld by the Ombudsman remained roughly the same. Out of 1420 complaints, Peat only upheld – either whole or in part – 139. He did not investigate 975 complaints. Of the complaints that Peat did uphold, 19 became public interest reports. So Peat was ignoring an awful lot of problems – and nearly all the 1420 complaints will have been a result of very serious problems because one cannot approach the Ombudsman until one has exhausted all other avenues of complaint and even then there are so many hurdles to overcome that no-one would ever get as far as the Ombudsman unless they had a real grievance.

So who was Peat, the man who decided that it was best to ignore thousands of complaints, even ones involving serious corruption in the NHS, social services, police, court service and probation service – for which he was paid £135k pa? Well between 1998 and 2003, Adam Peat was a senior civil servant in the National Assembly of Wales. For the previous nine years he had been Chief Exec of Tai Cymru, the body funding and regulating the housing association movement in Wales. Now my worries about Peat were always that he had prevented an investigation into such serious wrongdoing in the NHS – but his activities re housing are just as worrying. He had spent all those years involved with Tai Cymru, yet as Ombudsman he was responsible for investigating housing problems. Indeed, housing problems were something that he took a very big interest in – during his time as Ombudsman, one of his reports was devoted to housing allocation and homeless provision. So not only was Peat suppressing complaint into criminal activities in the NHS, but he had massive conflicts of interest as well.

So where is Adam Peat now? He’s back in the housing business! Adam Peat OBE is now Chairman of Magna Housing. Magna Housing is a community based housing association located primarily in Dorset and Somerset and provides over 8500 homes to let and 350 shared ownership homes. It’s annual turnover is in excess of £36 million. There is a notice on Magna’s website explaining that Magna has a confidential reporting process for employees to report serious concerns relating to trafficking and modern slavery. This organisation has a Chairman who suppressed a complaint about people involved in organised crime, namely a paedophile ring that was trafficking young people into prostitution. I wonder what’s going to happen if a Magna employee does report modern slavery or trafficking?

One of the blogs that I follow is Jac O The North. I don’t share the political views of Jac and most of his correspondents, but Jac does an excellent job of exposing corruption in Wales. There has been much on Jac’s blog concerning housing associations in Wales and the very odd things that seem to be happening in them. For example, the very great difficulty that some people even those who have lived in Wales for years have obtaining housing association properties. Many of Jac’s correspondents have written in with anecdotes of serious offenders from England somehow succeeding in obtaining housing association properties in rural Wales after they have been released from prison. A lot of those offenders have been sex offenders – and there was even a case in which yes, a whole paedophile ring were rehoused in Wales from England. When I first started reading these accounts, I presumed that these were the sort of myths one hears which don’t bear much relation to reality – along the lines of Theresa May’s anecdote to the Tory Party Conference about the terrorist who couldn’t be deported because his pet cat allowed him to use the Human Rights Act to remain in the UK. ‘I am not making this up’ said Theresa. It turned out that she was. However, it seems that Jac and his correspondents really are not making things up – sex offenders and people known to be involved with organised sexual abuse are being housed in rural Wales despite having no previous connections with the region at all. And it is happening too frequently for it to be a consequence of the general movement of people who choose to relocate. What if, as well as the network of corrupt people in the NHS, police, social services and legal services facilitating organised child sexual abuse and associated people trafficking, there were a few of them working in the housing association sector?

What do you reckon Adam?




The Real Story Behind These Figures…

The Daily Post online is running a shock horror feature based on figures that they have accessed via an FoI request claiming that thousands of staff over the past few years at the Betsi have been ‘assaulted’ by patients. The NHS in north Wales has a history of claiming that the region is packed with aggressive nutters who regularly launch unprovoked attacks on selfless NHS staff. This impression is reinforced in the areas of the local hospitals which are accessed by the public which are now liberally covered with posters screaming at the patients about ‘zero tolerance’ and what will happen if they ‘assault’ staff.

Now if this were actually happening I’d be completely sympathetic to the presence of these notices and to the presence of the security guards and police officers that now populate NHS buildings. However after three decades of ‘using’ (although very often not by choice) the NHS services in north Wales – and the mental health services at that, the site of so many of these alleged incidents – I have never witnessed a patient assault a member of staff. I have witnessed patients shout and swear at staff, but these have usually been disorientated, distressed people who were deemed to have been sufficiently so that they’d been detained under the Mental Health Act. The nearest to an ‘assault’ that I have seen in thirty years was when the dreadful Raj Sambhi imprisoned me in the Heddfan Unit for months on end because I was daring to maintain that there was serious neglect and abuse in the mental health services and that a paedophile ring had operated in the region. At one point Sambhi strutted onto the ward in his usual manner and a patient – who was obviously very disorientated – threw a book at him and it hit him in the face. But that patient threw things around constantly – he threw a scalding hot cup of tea over me when I was standing in the lunch queue and I bet that hasn’t appeared in any statistics. I was asked if I wanted to prosecute him – of course I didn’t, I wanted the ward made safe. That didn’t happen and when I pointed out that patients were not safe in that ward I was told ‘well you didn’t want to prosecute him’. What good would prosecuting a psychotic sectioned man have done? He needed better care and the ward needed better staffing and organisation. And Sambhi needed to get to know his patients and make appropriate decisions, not just to appear on the ward once a week for twenty minutes and have no idea of who and what he was dealing with.

However what I have witnessed in the last thirty years is staff assaulting patients. I have been assaulted by staff myself on a number of occasions at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and the Hergest Unit and I have witnessed it happen to other patients. I have also been told by patients that they have witnessed assaults on other patients by staff as well. On every occasion, these incidents were followed by staff claiming that it was the patients who had assaulted them and that they had then ‘restrained’ the patient and it was documented as such. The staff are compiling the records, so it is hardly surprising that incidents of them assaulting patients are documented thus. In Taliesin Ward, the locked ward of the Hergest Unit, patients were denied access to the police if they wanted to make a complaint against staff who had assaulted them and even visitors were prevented from entering that ward until the patient had effectively agreed to stop maintaining that they’d been assaulted. Injuries to patients inflicted by staff were not documented. The ward manager of Taliesin at the time was a woman called Alison Parry, who used any excuse possible to jump on top of patients and pin them to the ground. The patients on that ward were being abused by the staff and everyone knew it. Keith Thomson, the CEO of the North West Wales Trust at the time, admitted in writing to my lawyer that complaints of aggression against staff were ‘common’. There was obviously a very big problem with those staff rather than the patients. Furthermore I now have documents that demonstrate that one senior nurse in the Hergest Unit, Anne Ward, altered paperwork in the wake of an ‘incident’ involving me to grossly exaggerate the ‘incident’ after I had made a complaint. Full details of the aggression and misconduct of staff on Taliesin Ward can be read in my blog post ‘Who Is In Need Of Restraining?’

I note that a spokesman for the Betsi has stated that ‘we employ our own security staff’. Exactly – the security staff are employed by the Betsi and they are capable of being as dishonest about the staff’s conduct towards the patients as the staff are. The security staff can also behave appallingly and they are never questioned. Some years ago there was a report in the local media concerning a member of security staff who had been on duty at A&E in Wrexham Maelor. This man had made comment about the disgraceful behaviour of the patients in A&E who had failed to help a man who had died in the waiting area. However, the story contained a number of clues as to what had actually happened. The security man had been ‘on duty’ and had watched the man who had later died ‘slumping’ in his chair. He had ordered him to stop slumping. The man had then slumped over completely and had nearly fallen off his chair, so the security man had got hold of the man and pulled him upright. The man was found to be dead shortly after. So a patient died in an A&E waiting area, in front of a security man who had manhandled him as he was dying. Where were the staff? And why didn’t the security man call the staff for urgent help? Yet all this was blamed on the other patients. It is hardly surprising that the other patients didn’t intervene – there was an aggressive bastard of a security man on duty whom they had all witnessed manhandling someone. They also probably believed that as they were sitting in an A&E dept, staff would be attending to patients in need – isn’t there a thing called a triage system?

The Betsi have told the Post that ‘many areas are covered by close circuit TV, which acts as both a deterrent and a source of evidence should events take place that lead to criminal charges’. When Ysbyty Gwynedd was still managed by the North West Wales NHS Trust, I was accused of threatening staff in the A&E dept, by a senior nurse called Stephen Gallagher, who had actually threatened me and refused to treat me. CCTV recorded the whole incident. My lawyer wrote to the then CEO of the Trust, Martin Jones, to request the CCTV evidence so we could establish whether it was Gallagher or me telling the truth. Martin Jones wrote back and stated that the CCTV footage had been destroyed. My lawyer established that the footage had been destroyed after I complained that Gallagher had threatened me. I was threatened by another senior nurse at Ysbyty Gwynedd on the same day, one Alan Roberts. Again Martin Jones maintained that I was the problem. My complaint against Roberts was never investigated because Martin refused to co-operate with the investigation. Some years later Alan Roberts hit the local media because he had ended up in court – he had assaulted a patient, an old lady in her 80s. Further information about the conduct of the dreadful Gallagher and Roberts can be read in my post ‘Two Very Dishonest and Dangerous Nurses’.

The Betsi have told the Post that ‘we employ a Violence & Aggression Case Manager to support and assist staff who have been subjected to threatening or aggressive behaviour. Where a serious assault has taken place we always support staff who wish to bring a prosecution’. So staff wishing to make allegations against patients have a whole infrastructure to assist them. Patients wishing to make complaint have no-one and are denied access to the police.

The Betsi do admit however that ‘it must be remembered that significant number of incidents reported are not gratuitous but can be a result of patients’ conditions, for example following anaesthesia or when suffering an acute episode of a chronic illness.’ So ‘significant numbers’ of these incidents are not actually patients being wilfully aggressive at all.

There is something else that should be remembered regarding the Betsi  statistics regarding ‘assaults’ on staff. These figures include ‘verbal assaults’. In other words, not an assault at all but someone speaking to a member of staff in a way that they do not like. It’s the staff compiling the records, its the staff who decide whether they have been subjected to unacceptable rudeness, so a ‘verbal assault’ is pretty much in the eye of the beholder, the member of staff. So this is how we get to hear that there have been thousands of assaults on staff…

I am not the only person who has noticed all this. Since starting this blog I have received correspondence from other people who tell me that very serious allegations were made about them by NHS staff when they had made complaint. Some of these readers have published their experiences in the ‘comments’ section of the blog.

So we have a situation in which staff – particularly mental health staff – seem to routinely make allegations that it is they who have been assaulted if ever a patient dares to complain about staff aggression and misconduct. And there are some ‘nurses’ employed in the region who are to be frank, thugs. One more thing. Even if staff lies don’t stand up in court – as in my case when the Hergest Unit tried and failed to have me imprisoned for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’, the manager of the Hergest Unit – there are yet more tactics that can be resorted to. Certificates of indictment can be forged and the PNC interfered with, as happened in my own case. The North Wales Police Legal Division are currently investigating – full details can be read in my posts ‘Interesting Happening In The Legal System’, ‘Even More Confusion Regarding Those Legal Conundrums’ and ‘An Update On Those Legal Conundrums’. By the way, despite enormous efforts, the mental health services did not ever succeed in their attempts to imprison me. I do however know of other mental health patients who have ended up in prison on the ‘evidence’ of NHS staff. Interestingly enough they claimed that staff had lied. Some of those patients died in prison and are not in a position to access their documents and blog about it all.


An Update On Those Legal Conundrums

Blog posts ‘Behind The Scenes Regarding Those Legal Happenings’ and ‘Even More Confusion Regarding Those Legal Conundrums’ detail how I was charged with ‘threats to kill’ after I told the secretary of Alun Davies (manager of the Hergest Unit) over the phone that he was a fat idiot, how that case against me was subsequently withdrawn and how I was instead charged with behaviour likely to cause ‘harassment, alarm and distress’. I also described how more recently I discovered that someone had forged a document alleging to be the original indictment, altered the record on the Police National Computer – several times – and had recorded an invalid scrap of paper given to me by the judge who presided over the ‘fat idiot’ trial, Huw Daniel, as being a ‘restraining order’. The blog posts explain how I found out about all this when I received an inaccurate DBS certificate – and also how Martin Jones (former CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust and present ‘Director of the Workforce’ of the Betsi) seemed to know that my record had been altered in 2009. As the amended DBS record is still inaccurate – the DBS are now telling me that the record shows that I was charged under the Protection From Harassment Act when I wasn’t and that I was ‘originally’ charged with ‘violent disorder’ when I wasn’t (‘violent disorder’ was never on the cards at any point) – I contacted the DBS team again today. They referred me to the Data Protection Officer at Information Standards and Compliance, North Wales Police. Here is the text of the e mail that I sent them:


Dear Sir/Madam
I have been advised to write to you by the DBS disputes service.
Last autumn I applied for a DBS certificate. When it was eventually sent to me, there were a number of inaccuracies on it. It stated that I had been convicted of ‘violent disorder’ in 2003 and had been issued with a ‘restraining order’. I remember this case well. I was not convicted of ‘violent disorder’, I was convicted of an offence under Section 2 of the Public Order Act, the lowest category of offence (the wording was something like behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress). At no time during the case or since was I issued with High Court papers regarding a restraining order. After sentencing, the presiding judge, Huw Daniel, literally issued me with a piece of paper extending my bail conditions – although I wasn’t facing any further charges. As I left the Court, an unidentified man told me to take this piece of paper to my solicitor because it was legally invalid.
At the same time as writing to the DBS disputes team, I wrote to Chester Court, who subsequently sent me a copy of the original indictment, a certificate stating that I had pleaded guilty to violent disorder at Caernarfon Crown Court.
The DBS disputes team have now replied to me, having checked information on the PNC and the Trial Record. They have admitted that I do not have a conviction for violent disorder, but have told me that I was originally charged with violent disorder, but this was dropped and I then pleaded guilty to ‘harassment’ under the Protection From Harassment Act. This is still incorrect. I was originally charged with ‘threats to kill’ and that charge was withdrawn and replaced with a charge under Section 2 of the Public Order Act. At no time was a charge of ‘violent disorder’ even mentioned. Or a charge under the Protection From Harassment Act. My lawyer has recently returned documents from the police relating to this case and these documents confirm that I was charged under the Public Order Act. And to add to the confusion, I have in my possession a print out from the PNC from some four years ago which states that I was convicted of ‘violent disorder’ – which the DBS are now admitting is not true.
So at one point, the PNC was saying that I was convicted of violent disorder when I wasn’t and yet is now saying something different. There is also a document in existence purporting to be the original indictment which is inaccurate. So it rather looks as though someone has interfered with the PNC and forged a document. And having done that once, has then interfered with the record again to ensure that it stated that I had been convicted of an offence under The Protection From Harassment Act – which is still untrue. There is yet another mystery. The DBS record states that I was convicted in 2003 and sentenced in 2014. I was convicted and sentenced a few months apart, sentencing was in 2004. I was nowhere near a Court in 2014.
So someone has interfered with my record on a number of occasions. I do not know who has done this, but I do know that whoever it was has committed a very serious offence. I have discussed all this with the DBS disputes team and they have now advised me to contact you.
Could you please investigate all this. If necessary I can scan and send you copies of the forged ‘indictment certificate’ and the documents that my lawyer returned recently showing that I was charged under the Public Order Act.
Please do let me know how we now proceed.
Many thanks.
(Dr) Sally Baker
I received an e mail back after I sent this, telling me that Data Protection can’t deal with it so they have forwarded my e mail to the Legal Dept.
I do hope that someone in the North Wales Police’s Legal Dept can shed some light on all this. It is all very confusing. However, considering that I have been blogging about this since receiving the original inaccurate DBS certificate, what it looks like to me is that:
1. After I was convicted of calling Alun Davies a fat idiot, a PNC record of ‘violent disorder’ was entered and the Certificate of Indictment was forged to record an offence of ‘violent disorder’. Martin Jones somehow knew about this and let it slip in 2009, realised what he’d done and has since then kept quiet about it.
2. Someone involved in all this read my blog entry regarding me discovering that the PNC record was inaccurate and altered it again, this time to ‘harassment’ – but under the Protection From Harassment Act and then tried to cover their tracks by recording that I was originally charged with ‘violent disorder’ and that’s how the mistake had happened. (I haven’t yet worked out why such a ludicrously incorrect ‘date of sentencing’ was also put into the PNC, but I have only been thinking about this for the last 30 mins. I’m hoping that more info might become available that illuminates it.)
And as for the dreadful Huw Daniel, his legally worthless scrap of paper remains on my record as a ‘restraining order’, despite the fact that no-one can produce any genuinely lawful Court Order.
Just before writing this post, I had a quick read of the Daily Post online. It reported that a homeless man had been prosecuted for being in possession of a can of pepper spray to defend himself from attack (I can believe that he might have felt that he needed this, opportunistic attacks on homeless people are frequent) and that another homeless man has been sent to prison for stealing a glass of orange juice. Meanwhile, there is someone working in some part of the court/police system in north Wales who some years ago forged a legal document and entered incorrect information into the police national computer and who much more recently amended information on the police national computer and then entered more incorrect information. Oh and a judge who knowingly gave out a worthless bit of paper that was then recorded as a Court Order. (But then in the Perry Mason stories, it was often the judge who’d done it.) And a senior executive at the Betsi seems to know something about all this. Can the police possibly now pull in both ‘His Honour’ Huw Morgan Gruffydd Daniel (former representative of HM the Queen in Gwynedd) and Martin Jones for questioning? Or will that only happen when Huw Daniel and Martin are living in a cardboard box around the back of Morrison’s, eating out of date food and steal a glass of orange juice after having gone without a drink for a few days?

Even More Confusion Regarding Those Legal Conundrums

Blog Posts ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’ and ‘Discussions On The Minibus – And A Revealing Letter’ describe how the Hergest Unit attempted to frame me for ‘threats to kill’ after I’d told Alun Davies’s secretary that he was a ‘fat idiot’, how this charge was eventually withdrawn and how I was eventually convicted of ‘harassment’ likely to cause someone ‘alarm and distress’. Some years later I discovered that my police record had been altered to show a conviction for ‘violent disorder’. Blog post ‘Behind The Scenes Regarding Those Legal Happenings’ describes how I discovered that my record had been altered and my recent battle with the Court Service based at Chester Crown Court to get to the bottom of this. Chester Court claimed that the original record stated that I’d been convicted of ‘violent disorder’, that the original records from the trial had been destroyed but sent me a copy of the original Certificate of Conviction, which stated that I’d pleaded guilty to ‘violent disorder’.

I also wrote to the Disclosure and Barring Service regarding the inaccurate record and yesterday I heard back from them. The mystery deepens. The DBS has agreed that the original DBS certificate sent to me in autumn, recording a conviction for ‘violent disorder’, was indeed inaccurate and they have agreed to amend it. The letter that the DBS have sent me states that they have ‘liaised with [the] PNC Bureau, who have in turn contacted Chester Crown Court who provided a copy of the Trial Record Sheet and the original Indictment from Caernarfon Crown Court…although the original charge was one of Violent Disorder, [I] subsequently pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of Harassment – Put In Fear Of Violence, under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997’.

Now I was not charged with ‘violent disorder’ at any point, I was originally charged with ‘threats to kill’. And when the charges of ‘threats to kill’ were withdrawn, I wasn’t charged under the Protection of Harassment Act, I was charged under Section 2 of the Public Order Act. And I wasn’t charged with putting anyone in fear of violence, I was charged with causing ‘alarm and distress’. So the record is wrong on all counts. But there’s another glaring inaccuracy as well – the dates supplied by the DBS are all wrong. There is a mention of the ‘original conviction’ being on 8/7/03 and the ‘final sentencing’ being on 5/1/14. The final sentencing was actually in July 2003 not the original conviction, and where the 2014 date has come from I do not know, I was nowhere near a Court in 2014. I have other documentation in my possession and newspaper archive material stating that the final sentencing was in July 2003.

There is another very obvious inconsistency here. The DBS claim to be working on the basis of information from the PNC, the Trial Record Sheet and the original Indictment. So how did Chester Court, a few weeks ago, manage to send me a copy of the ‘original Certificate of Conviction’ showing a conviction for ‘violent disorder’? How was this certificate ever compiled and indeed when? And at some point, not only was an inaccurate Certificate of Conviction fabricated, but the rest of the record was altered as well – I was charged under the Public Order Act, not the Protection From Harassment Act and among the documents returned to me by my lawyers recently were copies of the original police and solicitor’s records at the time that Hergest insisted that the police brought these charges against me, demonstrating that I was charged under the Public Order Act. So when was that part of the record altered? And I have print-outs from the PNC dating from some four years ago that show a conviction for ‘violent disorder’ – so someone was interfering with the PNC as well as the Court records.

But there is yet another matter to be clarified. As described in my previous posts, on the day that I was sentenced, the judge presiding over this travesty, the dreadful Huw Daniel, literally scribbled a few words on a piece of paper extending my bail conditions (which prevented me from contacting the staff at or going to the Hergest Unit) – although I wasn’t facing any further charges. As I left the Court, an unidentified man approached me and told me to take the piece of paper to my solicitor because it wasn’t legally valid. At no time on that day or since was I issued with a High Court Injunction preventing me from contacting staff at or going to the Hergest Unit. (However on a number of occasions after that Court case, Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, took delight in bellowing at me that if I went to the Hergest Unit ‘you’ll get five years in prison’.) But the letter from the DBS tells me that the court has provided a copy of ‘the Restraining Order….issued on the date of the original conviction on 08/07/03, prior to the final sentencing on 05/01/14 and was done so on an indefinite basis…’ So the copy of this mysterious ‘Restraining Order’ has an erroneous dates on it as well. Despite Alun Davies’s enthusiasm for the idea of me being imprisoned for five years if I went to the Hergest Unit, before he emigrated to New Zealand in a hurry a few years ago, Dr Richard Tranter, a psychiatrist formerly employed at the Hergest Unit, repeatedly told me that there was no restraining order preventing me from going to the Hergest Unit.

So it would seem that the PNC record relating to me has been altered on more than one occasion, that Court records were altered and fabricated and that Judge Huw Daniel managed to produce a restraining order that never was with an inaccurate date on it. What on earth has been going on? Oh and I am fully aware of how very serious the offences committed by whoever has done this are…

I will be communicating further with the DBS and the Courts and will report back on this blog.