Stories Featured On This Blog Appear In Private Eye

I’ve just read the latest copy of Private Eye and I see that there is some overlap between the contents of this blog and the Eye. In my post ‘News Round-Up, March 24 2017’, I featured the story of 12 yr old Dai Ifor Jones, who is renting a garage that he owns, which he purchased for £13,000 from his ‘pocket money’ which he’d ‘saved up’ – to Beaumaris Town Council. The Mayor of Beaumaris, Gwen Evans-Jones, happens to be Dai’s mum. The Eye have got wind of this and the story is featuring in their ‘Rotten Boroughs’ column.

I’m a regular follower of The Eye’s column Medicine Balls. In the current edition of the Eye, their correspondent Dr Phil Hammond is discussing whistleblowing in the NHS and how, despite the much publicised Freedom To Speak Up Review and the appointment of Freedom To Speak Up ‘guardians’, the system is still rotten and does not protect whistleblowers. Hammond gives the example of Dr Henrietta Hughes, the Freedom To Speak Up guardian of the Care Quality Commission – and points out that she is housed within and beholden to the CQC, leaving her deeply compromised in her work with whistleblowers who are complaining about the CQC. Hughes has also arbitrarily capped her caseload at 20 per year – which is going to leave a lot of whistleblowers unprotected – and has opposed law reform. Hammond presents evidence suggesting that Hughes is actually taking instructions from the Department of Health in Westminster anyway. Hammond also quotes the case of a Freedom To Speak Up guardian who has been jailed for fraud, Jon Andrews. Andrews faked his CV to obtain employment as Chair of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Torbay Care NHS Trust, Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust and Chief Exec of St Margaret’s Hospice, Taunton. Which confirms my suspicions that something is very wrong with the NHS in the south west of England, as described in my post ‘A Brutalising Training’.

However no-one should be in the least bit surprised that NHS England’s efforts at protecting NHS whistleblowers are so lame and utterly ineffective. The NHS is so riddled with abuse, neglect and corruption that it cannot afford to support whistleblowers. I don’t think that it was any coincidence that the man appointed to Chair the Freedom To Speak Up review and to make recommendations following this review was one Sir Robert Francis QC. Francis for many years worked as a barrister on behalf of the Medical Defence Union and many years ago was employed by a psychiatrist in north Wales in an attempt to imprison me – because I would not stop writing letters of complaint alleging that serious abuses and criminal activity was happening in the north Wales mental health services. Francis read my letters because they were given to him as ‘evidence’ of my ‘harassment’ – my allegations were so serious that he should actually have asked the police to investigate rather than be demanding my imprisonment. For the full story of how my life was touched by Robert Francis during my battles with a bunch of crooks who’s associates were also concealing a paedophile ring, please read blog post ‘The Sordid Role of Sir Robert Francis QC’.

Hammond mentions that it is shameful that the BMA is not supporting the case of Dr Chris Day, an NHS whistleblower. Previous blog posts have described how the BMA supported psychiatrists in north Wales in their numerous attempts over years to have me imprisoned – the BMA were fully aware of the allegations that I was making and they were fully aware that there was not a shred of evidence regarding the ‘assaults’ and ‘violent attacks’ that psychiatrists in north Wales were stating that I had committed in their affidavits. There was criminal conduct on the part of mental health staff and perjury on an industrial scale and the BMA knew it. The last thing that the BMA will ever do is support a whistleblower.