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Service Shenanigans has great pleasure in announcing the breaking of another Glass Ceiling. The latest ceiling to be shattered by a Lady’s Head is not as impressive as that one shattered when 25 year old Fallon Sherrock became the First Woman to win at the PDC World Darts Championship (see ‘A Glass Ceiling Has Been Broken!’), but the latest breaking of a Glass Ceiling has been achieved by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, after failing to become the First Woman President Of The USA when she never for one minute entertained the notion that Trump was going to become President, is thrilled to bits with the next best thing.

Hillary has just been appointed the First Woman Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast!

I won’t reblog the numerous links between Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband and Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang’s circle because they are legion. I’ll simply say that A Little Bird Told Me that Hillary’s New Role is all about this blog in these days of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and other cross-Atlantic connections, and one Merfyn Jones! 

Crazee Name, Crazee Guy.

Merfyn and the other witnesses to Gwynne, Bertrand, Clough and Dafydd do of course have a hotline into the upper echelons of the Democrats, via the Vietnam draft dodger who hid down at Cwm Croesor and years later resurfaced as a Democrat Senator! See the source image Should Hillary wish to add to the confusion and wild speculation by people who illegally hacked Bangor University’s IT system, read private correspondence of mine, misunderstood/read doctored/forged material/drew extraordinary conclusions from a photo of Merfyn congratulating me on receiving my PhD, I’m sure that Mrs Brady and the Brady bunch would be only too happy to entertain Hillary in Somerset!See the source image


Meanwhile, as both Hillary and Chelsea are committed to empowering women on a global basis on every level possible, I’ll let them know that Wales’s own answer to Hillary Clinton, Sister Hutt, this morning announced her latest strategy for Helping Poor Girls/Young Women. Sister Hutt and the Pink Blancmange have Allocated A Pot Of Money solely for the purpose of the purchase of sanitary towels/tampons to distribute to schools in Wales in Sister Hutt’s Fight Against Period Poverty!

Sister Hutt has been shocked to hear how many schoolgirls can’t afford the over-priced, bleached, packed in pink plastic/ribbons/emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Starter Pack’ custom built products that are making big business an absolute fortune. Sister Hutt has not launched a campaign to bring the price of the products down – the manufacturers could easily do this, companies like Eli Lilly are global multinationals who really have racked up the prices of these products on the back of a ruthless marketing campaign – and neither has Sister Hutt taken any steps at all to improve the completely wrecked economy of Wales that has left so many girls living in families with incomes low enough to worry if their daughters want to purchase these products. Which of course they do, early teens are the most vulnerable age cohort re buckling to peer pressure,  it was why the tobacco companies used to like to get teenagers smoking by the age of 16. Fags aren’t very nice really and if people aren’t smoking by the age of 16 as a result of peer pressure, they tend not to become smokers…

Sister Hutt however is not intending to simply supply the Lil-Lets etc in the school bogs a la loo paper and ensure that the girls can just help themselves to what they need. No, Sister Hutt has explained that Girls In Need will be able to ask for these products and this will Relieve Period Poverty and Overcome The Stigma Of Discussing Periods.

Sister Hutt is incredible isn’t she. Sister Hutt is obviously remembering the early 1970s when Germaine Greer famously implored women to boldly walk across restaurants with a Dr White very obviously held in their hand as they advanced towards the Ladies, rather than concealing the Dr White in their handbag. Sister Hutt, Germaine was an adult woman who was a famous academic and at the forefront of a political movement. She wasn’t 12 and being bullied by the other kids for having Happy Shopper trainers or whatever! Furthermore, Germaine also posed, naked, with her legs around her neck, Christ Almighty Sister, are you going to advice the girls to do that as well, to break down the stigma of the female body as it were? Didn’t Germaine also recommend using the C word to refer to er…

Sister Hutt is going to be in great danger of transgressing her own Safeguarding Policies at this rate; although she already has, I haven’t publicised the e mails with details of specific crimes that I have sent to Sister Hutt over the last few weeks, but the Sister is on very, very shaky grounds legally by ignoring my e mails…

Does Sister Hutt not remember the fierce rows in the 1980s that resulted from the kids who were eligible for free school meals being publicly identified, having to join a separate queue, or hand over a Voucher Of Shame in front of their schoolmates?

What about the social security application forms that left a whole generation of young people in the 1980s howling with laughter as the Rules explained that if you were incontinent, you could apply for Extra Help with your laundry bills, but you would have to Provide Evidence that you needed Extra Help? One of my friends observed that you’d probably have to take your soiled sheets down to the DHSS for Inspection. Someone else then asked ‘Why don’t we do this for a laugh? Tell them that we’re incontinent and see what Evidence they ask for?’

We were graduates just beginning postgrad courses Sister Hutt, we could have done that and gained much entertainment, we were not older people in dire straights who had bowel and bladder problems. Likewise, can you not remember what is was like being 12 or 13? I won’t ask Sister Hutt if she can’t remember having to negotiate society as a teen living with severe financial constraints because Sister Hutt, the LSE-educated social worker daughter of Professor Michael Hutt, highly paid Guy’s Top Doctor, was never ever the one who had to wear the cheap clothes that the others took the piss out of.

It shows Sister Hutt, it shows every time that you open your foolish, disastrous mouth and patronise or take every bit of dignity away from people whom your Gov’t have left in such difficulty.

BTW, there’s another short but excellent letter in the Daily Post today from Michael Joyce, public spirited citizen of Gwynedd, who once more has provided some stark facts re the patient harm and mortality rates in the North Wales NHS.

The one thing that the Welsh Gov’t have done since the National Assembly was created is collect huge datasets. They are excellent datasets, I used to use them when I was working at Bangor University. There will be someone in the Welsh Gov’t who can analyse those datasets even if Sister Hutt can’t. They show a terrible failure on all levels on the part of the Welsh Gov’t that has been in existence for 20 years now. Poverty, mortality, poor performance of ‘services’ in certain regions/areas (ie. those containing poor people) and a system that is ignoring a worsening situation.

Sister Hutt was among the first cohort of AMs elected to the Assembly.

Solution to all ills? A Pot Of Money, to be distributed to Those Who Are Deemed Of Being In Sufficient Need by someone in a less vulnerable situation than them. Ah well it’s the mentality that prevailed on the part of Sir George Godber and those who Helped Nye Create The NHS and the Founders Of The Welfare State.

Dr Hutt, this patient claims to be experiencing severe discomfort, such that he is unable to work. We doctors have a duty to ensure that the resources of the NHS are spent wisely and I suspect that we may be dealing with a malingerer here. Could you provide me with your professional opinion please? 

Hillary Clinton

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. They’re up and squealing loudly on BBC News Wales online this morning.

    The GPs of Gwynedd are going apeshit, those discussing the Crises on the BBC have all starred on this blog and two, Dr PW White and Dr Graham Thomas, are personally known to me.

    I won’t repeat all the PW Botha and Graham-related info from previous posts here, but I’ll emphasise the highlights.

    PW shared his practice in Menai Bridge with Dr Shah, who I was told – by the son of one of Shah’s mates – raped a patient ‘and got away with it’. Shah was the GP who crashed into my cell late at night when I had been unlawfully arrested by Dafydd, thrust his belly in my face and bellowed at me…

    PW, I used to share a house with a patient of yours! What I need to highlight PW, was that she was an undercover plant who exposed so many dreadful things about you and your mates, but as ever, the political masters wouldn’t act. The crazy teenager to whom you were prescribing distalgesic when you knew that she was drinking heavily PW, a combination that you knew could be lethal… The crazy teenager who made a complaint of rape, who couldn’t cope, who then became pregnant PW, who was told by you to stop bloody moaning, this happens to women all over the world everyday. She was denied an abortion – and didn’t have the money for the private abortionist in Chester to whom PW’s colleagues referred women on demand – so she had the baby. Of course she couldn’t cope, the baby was taken into care. She had another three children and couldn’t cope with them either…
    I watched this aghast in my 20s, having no knowledge that this was pretty good undercover officer at work, over a long time, because MI5 – or some in MI5 – wanted to nail the paedophile ring. That undercover officer showed PW White and his mates in all their crazy, dishonest brutalness. She could not have done a better job. PW White is a ‘senior GP’ in north Wales, Leading The Profession…
    PW’s son served a prison sentence for dealing and distrubting drugs. White junior was a big link in north Wales drugs. PW White wrote his own son’s character reference for the Court.

    As for Graham, Graham is, unlike PW, Shah etc, an intelligent man who knows what being a good Doc involves. However for years now Graham has done all that he can to protect criminal Docs in Gwynedd. Graham was a junior Doc at Hergest, he witnessed the most appalling abuse of patients and Graham himself was on the receiving end of Tony Francis’s mistreatment of junior docs. I never understood why Graham ever went to work in north Wales. Graham is an Aberdeen grad, his dad is the vet in Brecon, Graham’s wife is from Yorkshire and her dad is American, WHY were they in north Wales with the criminal idiots?? Graham arrived as a junior Doc in north Wales in the 1990s as the police investigations began. I and others told Graham of serious crimes committed against us by his colleagues. Graham was never threatenng to us, but he went straight back to the criminal colleagues and let them know who the Grasses were, who we were naming and who was the biggest threat to the Docs cartel in north Wales. Graham used to be the BMA young docs rep…

    Graham opposes abortion on conscientious grounds. I have no problem with that, some people genuinely feel that abortion is wrong and that they cannot take part in it. But Graham is ignoring/concealing other very serious criminality… Previous blog posts have discussed Aberdeen University, the corruption within and the longstanding link to the Gang. Dugald Baird at Aberdeen was famous for carrying out illegal abortions. So many that it showed up in the stats… Of course he wasn’t stopped, Dugald was knighted and ran Aberdeen’s NHS for years…

    PW and Graham are once more banging on about the Staffing Crisis in the NHS in north Wales. They know as well as I do that it is nothing to do with Funding, it is because no-one will work with the criminal docs who are known to have completely colonsed the NHS in north Wales.

    So Graham, why did a competent young doctor like you take a job with the sex offending and drug dealing docs in north Wales when they finally came under police investigation? Because no other junior docs would go near north Wales at the time…

    1. Graham’s dad was an active Lib Dem. Being the age that he is, Graham’s dad when younger, was a Liberal. Graham’s dad knew about Mr Thrope et al. Mr Thrope’s activities spilt over into Wales and not just because Mr Thrope was mates with the Lloyd Georges, Gwynne and Dafydd etc. Norman Scott at one point lived in mid-Wales. In the region of Graham’s dad. It was there that one member of the Liberal Party, appalled at what was going on, contacted big wigs in the Liberal Party, only to be told by Lisa Nandy’s granddad to sod off. The Liberal MP who was contacted by Norman’s concerned landlady was Emlyn Hooson. Emlyn was the MP for Montgomeryshire for yrs. He was married to the daughter of a local big landowner, who knew everyone in the rural scene, including vets. Emlyn grew up in a farming family from Denbigh. Emlyn went to school in Denbigh and as a barrister, he defended a teacher from Gwynedd whom had repeatedly sexually abused his pupils. Emlyn came out in support of this man in 1985, when Tony Francis got very nasty with me, when Nicholas Eden died from AIDS etc…

      All the Docs and MPs knew that there was a paedophile/trafficking ring in north Wales, all of them.
      I am heartily sick of the shit thrown at me and others who dared complain by people who knew damn well that we were not liars or criminals, in fact we didn’t ever complain about the worst that happened to us and we didn’t know that even worse was happening without our knowledge!

      I am not without sympathy for anyone who is dragged into crime via drug addiction, booze, destitution or indeed for people who are sexually attracted to children, are desperate for help and can’t get any. The people who I find most detestable are well-paid professionals who lie repeatedly, conspire with what they know is very serious criminality and knowingly inflict huge damage on anyone with the guts to challenge their criminal colleagues/friends.

      Graham, you are a clever man who could be a good doctor, you are not a crazy old loony like Dafydd or as thick as pigshit like PW. You and your wife have no excuses at all for colluding with the appalling people who’s welfare you chose to prioritise above the victims of serious crime.

  2. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/04/tv-mystic-derek-acorah-dies-aged-69
    Wise Owl was entertained to note the prominence placed on the death of a TV celebrity who professed psychic capacity and an understanding of matters spiritual, but who Wise Owl has never heard of.
    The only other mystic in popular consciousness was Meg, who did a turn at the Nag’s Head or similar on a Friday night dealing with dead grannies and missing jewellery.
    Anyway, for those with understanding and capacity- atypical skills even, a new opportunity exists with Dom in No. 10 to reimagine Whitehall and clean out the cupboards.
    Derek could of course apply post-mortem which would be handy, no drain on the Public purse.
    Anyway back to the same old about owning one’s actions and the past always being present.
    Inevitable, just patience.

    1. I’ve never heard of Derek Acorah either Wise Owl, but I note that he was the host of ‘Most Haunted’. It’s not a TV programme that I’ve ever watched but I knew someone who was involved with one episode. He’s a man who owns a café in Snowdonia, very chatty and hospitable, well-known. He’s high profile locally and has been in Snowdonia years. One day when I was chatting to him I mentioned the comedian Julian Clarey. The café owner told me that he had been on ‘Most Haunted’ with Julian Clarey and Clarey behaved very badly behind the scenes, rude and unpleasant. I only knew this café owner as a customer, he wasn’t the other café owner who I was very friendly with in Llanberis, so I only have the word of someone whom I didn’t know that well re Clarey. However, I do know that Julian went to a prestigious boys school that had a big bullying/sex abuse problem. When Julian first did stand-up, he talked about the school and how dreadful it was. As Julian became famous he stopped discussing that school. At about the time that the police investigations into big paedophile rings began…

      Julian’s dad was I think a police officer and I think that his mum was a probation officer. I suspect that Julian was told to shut up or his career would end.

      1. Just checked – according to Julian’s wiki, his dad was a policeman and his mum a probation officer, but he was brought up in Teddington by two older sisters. Jim Griffiths lived in Teddington, certainly towards the end of his life. Griffiths was one of the movers and shakers behind Gwynne and Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, the MP for Llanelli for years and Harold Wilson’s first Secretary of State at the newly created Welsh Office in 1964. Jim Griffiths is considered to be the man who seeded the rot at the Welsh Office, he was as corrupt as they come. Griffiths died in 1975, when Clarey was about 16 or 17…

        I went to see Julian Clarey live in London in 1988, when I was working for Vincent Marks at Surrey University and Ken Clarke, Tony Francis et al were doing deals over me, when I was bugged, under surveillance, my post stolen etc. I told everyone that I’d been to see Clarey because he was very funny. I remembered in particular that he took the piss out of James Anderton, the homophobic Chief Constable of Greater Manchester. Anderton banged on at length about Poofs and Whores and how he hated them but Anderton was in fact corrupt as they come and running a rotten force, the corruption linked to Freemasonry. Anderton’s men were on board with Dafydd and Gwynne and the Freemasons of the North Wales Police. Tony Francis worked with the Manchester lot before he relocated to north Wales in 1983. Tony Francis was given info about my enjoyment of Clarey’s piss-taking of Anderton. In 1988, Vincent Marks’s colleagues began the big CRC/ICRF funded research fraud that was exposed in 1990 after which Prof Tim McElwain was found dead. One of the fraudsters was Tony Francis’s former colleague and pal from Manchester, Peter Maguire. Maguire was a psychiatrist but in 1988 received funding from the CRC to take part in the fraud…

        Jim Griffiths was in cahoots with all the biggies of that ring, including Lord Elwyn-Jones from Llanelli, who was still alive when I was telling people about Julian Clarey’s comments re Anderton. Mandelson had by that time been bagged by the Labour Party to turn Kinnock into an electable PM. Mandy was headhunted from LWT, Mandy knew the celebs and media folk who were linked in with Top Docs like Cilla. Tony Francis was feeding info to Kinnock’s office and also to George Carman, who until 1980 lived in Cheshire, worked in Chambers in Manchester and was mates with corrupt police officers. Carman was mates with media folk and had a close relationship with one of the presenters of Crimewatch.

        You really can’t imagine the scale of the sewer, I bet that Clarey was told to keep his mouth shut. BTW, Ben Elton’s dad was a Prof at Surrey, Lewis Elton was friends with those who shafted me. Ben was a graduate of Manchester University, he knew my friends who were wrecked by Michael Grade et al. Ben was told to keep quiet as well and just look how famous Ben became… Ben, Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry, the big, big stars of that generation of alternative comedians. Guess who my friends knew in the early 1980s before Michael Grade got to work on them?

        1. Ah yes, I remember the fuss, but the interesting thing is that it didn’t end his career did it? Clary lost his reputation as a wit because the fisting Normal Lamont comment was just sort of crude rather than genuinely funny, which Clary in his early career was. He wasn’t bombed out of polite company, he continued, but in a much naffer line of comedy.

          I’m fascinated by what media folk get away with. It was understandable re Cilla because no-one ever publicised that Cilla was best mates with a bunch of gangsters facilitating sexual assaults on children and vulnerable people, but Barrymore was on the scene when a sexually injured corpse was found in his swimming pool. If that happened to me I’d be finished, I wouldn’t be back on prime time TV after a polite interval in which I went into Therapy and shed a few tears in public.

          1. Having said that, one doesn’t have to be as famous as Barrymore to remain in polite society if you just conceal what happened to me re the Gang. I fell about laughing earlier today when I thought of Mrs Brady and her pals the Bridgy social workers, one alleged concealed murder, the harbouring of a wanted criminal, the digging up of a corpse from a graveyard and death caused by firing someone out of a catapult. Surely someone could commit another murder and make it a hat trick? If they did I’m sure that their insights re my Insanity and Dangerousness would just be deemed all the more valuable.

  3. Thanks to readers for the info coming in about Graham and his Christian friends and his Nice Lady Wife who is now either training for ordination or has completed that training. The info is interesting but I have rather worked out by now that most of the many people – like Graham – who over the years approached me seemingly in the spirit of friendship were only yet another trap because they all had a vested interest in protecting a paedophile gang! I could have done with the info years ago, not now that I’ve mapped all the links between them! In spite of the constant foul rumours, they approached me because they knew that I approached other people with openness and non-prejudice, I needed to know how deeply unpleasant they were years ago, not now!

    And please dissenting police officers, just stop asking me to Report The Serious Crimes against me that it seems were filmed and shared. I couldn’t really have told more people what was happening in north Wales could I and you really were not interested!

    As for F, can I remind you all that not only did F report the mistreatment of boys in children’s homes in Bangor, he also raised concerns about George Melly offering money to underaged boys in Bangor to have sex with him and he reported the attempted buggery of a 10 yr old boy by an adult to FOUR GPs, the Hergest Unit, the Community Mental Health Team, to Gwynedd Social Services and to WPC Jo Bott, the Gwynedd child protection officer. The offender admitted the offence. No action was taken, instead F was accused and denied access to his baby. The offender offended again a few months later. F and I were arrested a few days after F reported the offender once again.

    So I’m supposed to go to the police about various matters am I? I wouldn’t advise anyone to waste their time with the police or the NHS. Just stop asking me to waste more of my life engaging with these worthless, horrible, criminal people when they did what they wanted to God knows how many people over decades. I’m more interested in sociology and political history.

    If the police have arrested Adrian Bell, I do hope that they’ve installed a Stannah Stair Lift in the prison to get him up and down the landing, because he’s about 80 now.

    Now stop urging people to put themselves in danger by Sharing, Asking for Help or Going To The Police. Eight High Court cases in one year. Two High Court cases in the first four months of the following year. Extensive perjury exposed in every single case. Lies told about me, forged documents sent to numerous people, vile unsubstantiated allegations made about the few people who were defending my interests. Why would any sane person go near any of you again?

    Can I have my money now police who are So Sorry?

    1. If anyone ever hauls Dafydd in for questioning, can I ask that the police who question him post the film of the interrogation on You Tube? It’ll be fun for all of those of us who witnessed his pomposities and idiocies for years; ‘Ewe don’t expect me to discuss it with a layperson like ewe do ewe?’, ‘Of course I know that convicted criminal, ewe meet lots of people as a psychiatrist’, ‘I’m sorry that ewe appear to be dying, but I must get home for my tea’. I made the last one up, F and me enjoyed ourselves imagining what Dafydd would say if he came across a car crash and was asked to help as a Passing Top Doc.

      1. I note that England and Scotland have also announced that they too have taken up cudgels against Period Poverty and are distributing sanitary products to girls in schools. From what I can understand, England and Scotland have avoided the Sister Hutt solution in which the dispossessed have to put their hand up in class, explain that they can’t afford Ladies Things, so please can they be given some free supplies, unless anyone else knows differently of course…

        However, as with Sister Hutt, the English and Scottish solutions have been flagged up as Fighting Stigma. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned but I’d suggest that an equally important fight would be against er poverty. The same households who are needing to equip their daughters from the DES budget are also in receipt of food from the Trussell Trust etc. This is not about Fighting Stigma, this is about ruthless people who have forced other people into dire financial straits dressing their actions up as Feminism.

        BTW, I know that the boys from low income families won’t need the Ladies Things but has anyone wondered how they’re coping in families too poor to afford the basics?

        Can there please be a conversation about why so many girls are refusing to go to school because of factors relating to poverty? Schools are not the most sensitive of places and if this has become such a big problem that the DES have reacted to it, that means that there are a great many pupils who’s families are seriously struggling. The Trussell Trust have become part of the national landscape in recent years and food is actually more of an essential than custom-made Ladies Things. What has the nation come to?

        PS. Old bats and old buggers Fighting Stigma. School girls today DO discuss Periods Without Stigma, but not with you. They discuss them with the people whom teens have always discussed sensitive personal matters: their friends.

    2. Re Graham friend of the Gang and his Nice Lady Wife. They caused much grief and trouble some years ago as a result of their charidee work in Lesotho, in particular with people infected with HIV. Allegations flew and Graham asked my advice on how one deals with people telling smearing one’s name. Oh the irony! I told Graham that all that one can do is grit one’s teeth, continue as normal and wait for the truth to become obvious because in the case of slander, if one attempts to deny it, one will simply be faced with people shrieking ‘Trying to get your side of the story over now then are you??’ and declaring one even more guilty…

      What Graham did in the end was publish a job lot of leaflets advertising ‘Dr Graham Thomas’s Trip To Lesotho’ and distribute them across Gwynedd.

      I never knew what the truth of was the allegations made about Graham and his Nice Lady Wife; I knew one of the leading lights in the charidee of whose members had made the accusations about Graham and Casi, but this man knows how to conduct himself and would never break confidentiality and tell me what was going on. It was actually my former PhD supervisor; it has been suggested to me by others that Graham and Casi’s activities may well have been an attempt to cause him problems what with him refusing Gang instructions to force me out of Bangor University.

      The charitable work in question was conducted as a result of Dolen, the Wales-Lesotho link. There have been Top Docs and others from Wales for years now involved with charidee in Lesotho; I understand that it sprung from the South African/Peter Hain/Desmond Tutu connections.

      Readers might have noticed the news reports yesterday stating that although Harry and Megan are emigrating and Harry is pulling back from some Royal Work, he intends to remain fully involved with his Lesotho HIV work for Children. Lesotho is a small place, Harry’s crowd in Lesotho will know the people with whom Graham and Casi worked. Perhaps Harry can let us know what went on and why that was yet another Community Project from which Graham Of The BMA was asked to resign?

      While he’s about it, can Harry find out why no-one from the West’s Helping Charidees really flagged up the damage that was being done as a result of Thabo Mbeki’s refusal to fund HIV/AIDS drugs on the grounds that Traditional Herbs could do the trick just as effectively? Thousands and thousands died as a result. That’s the Thabo who was at Sussex University with Peter Hain. Merfyn Jones turned up as a student there as well, but Thabo had finished his course by then, although Thabo was still around the University being All Radical. Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate John Allen was in business in Brighton as well and Asa Briggs Head of MI5 was ruling supreme as VC of Sussex.

      1. I’ve only just realised that the legendary Hartley Shawcross was Chancellor of Sussex during the Asa era. Hartley was the dreadful old Gwynne and Dafydd accomplice who like Elwyn Jones and Maxwell Fyfe made his reputation on the back of his involvement in the Nuremberg trials. Hartley was a crooked Attorney General and played a role in ensuring that serial killing Top Doc John Bodkin Adams Got Away With It. Hartley’s first wife ‘committed suicide’ and another wife – he had quite a few – ‘died in a riding accident’. Or rather her horse came back without her and her dead body was subsequently found.

        Hartley’s son William does Good Work, and has been a leading light in the Charidee Commission.

        See previous posts for gen on the Shawcrosses, the dead wives and the many progeny.

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