A Demand From Gwynedd County Council

I have received a letter from Mr E.B. Jones, Taxation Manager, Gwynedd County Council, telling me that a liability order has been granted against me, requesting £132-31 and telling me that if I don’t cough up, they will transfer the order to bailiffs, which will mean further significant costs for me, precisely: Compliance Stage £75; Enforcement Stage: £235 Sale Stage: £110 and that if the case is referred to bailiffs the Council will not intervene further.

The letter tells me that the liability order was granted on 3/11/2011 and refers to ‘outstanding council tax’ from when I lived at a property near Garndolbenmaen.

This letter refers to a liability order which Gwynedd County Council have already transferred to bailiffs – some six years ago. Although I had paid the council tax concerned. Furthermore, Gwynedd County Council didn’t tell me that they were taking me to court for non-payment of council tax. I simply received aggressive threatening letters telling me to pay the council tax which I had already paid, including further costs, because I’d been taken to court. And now Gwynedd County Council have repeated the whole sorry saga.

Gwynedd County Council were certainly very busy at the time. I received five parking tickets in Caernarfon in the space of about four weeks, although my car was breaching the rules on only one occasion. I had also received a letter demanding that I repay more than £130 in housing benefit. I had not claimed housing benefit.

These events occurred after a man who made a witness statement detailing the harassment and threats that he had seen me subjected to by the mental health services, including the Arfon Community Mental Health Team (most of whom were social workers employed by Gwynedd County Council), received a visit at home from Dyfed Edwards, the then leader of Gwynedd County Council, who told him ‘you won’t win this and when you lose your life won’t be worth living’. The man who made the witness statement later received a visit from ‘traffic police’ who, once inside his house, produced guns. He subsequently withdrew his statement which I think is what Dyfed Edwards wanted.

Why did I leave the house where I was living in Garndolbenmaen? For a number of reasons including: three break-ins to my car while it was parked on the drive (the house was halfway up a remote hill with no neighbours); a man trying to get into my house late one night who was seen off by my dog; an attempt to run me off the road twice in the same day by the same car as I was leaving my house and then again on the way to a friend’s who lived near my house; obstacles left at the end of my drive, which if I had left the house at my normal time that day (very early in the morning when it was still dark because it was winter) would have caused me to drive straight into them and crash.

Then there was the bailiff who turned up when I lived at my next address telling me that I owed money when I’m fairly sure that I did not, who threatened my landlady who was at home alone that day; the bailiff who turned up at another address going under the obviously false name of Mr Jones, an enormous ginger scouser covered in gold bling reeking of aftershave, who told me that I owed Gwynedd County Council money when I did not.

I was not the only person having such experiences. Gwynedd County Council sent bailiffs after a friend of mine, maintaining that he hadn’t paid his council tax when he had; Mr Jones also paid a visit to a single mother in Llanberis, demanding goods after Gwynedd County Council maintained that she hadn’t paid her council tax. Mr Jones threatened her, removed her microwave and told her that he’d be returning. She was terrified and left the house. Both of these people had complained about the Arfon Community Mental Health Team.

At the time that Mr Jones was busy in Gwynedd, a young woman in Deiniolen was found dead in her house, accompanied by a suicide note saying that she was in debt and was being threatened by bailiffs. I didn’t know her so I don’t know whether Gwynedd County Council and Mr Jones were involved.

The AM for Arfon at the time was Alun Ffred Jones, who was the former leader of Gwynedd County Council. Alun Ffred’s brother, Dafydd Iwan, had also led Gwynedd County Council. Dafydd Iwan doubles up as a folk singer who wrote a ‘tribute song’ to Dr Dafydd Alun Jones.

Dafydd Iwan’s son Llion worked at Bangor University when I did and was being targeted and bullied by his boss, an appalling woman who was Head of the School of Creative Industries, Stephanie Marriott (see previous posts). There was only one person who defended Llion from Marriott’s shocking behaviour – a Jewish lecturer who was a friend of mine. So Marriott went after the Jewish lecturer and then me. The Jewish lecturer was told by Marriott that I was ‘bullying’ her – this was after I sent an e mail to Marriott defending myself from her constant aggro. She asked him to abuse his position as a UCU rep and make a statement about my ‘bullying’ in her ‘defence’. He fell about laughing and told Marriott that he hardly thought that a Head of Dept could be ‘bullied’ by a post-doc on a short term contract.

The Head of HR, Lyn Meadows, received a visit from Marriott. Meadows rang the Jewish lecturer and told him that she ‘couldn’t be seen to be bullying Sally because she has mental health problems’ but they wanted a statement from him. The Jewish lecturer put the phone down in disgust and told me immediately what was going on. Marriott’s husband was also a UCU rep. Meadows then harassed me and my boss by e mail for the next four weeks, demanding that I meet her because she needed to discuss ‘my behaviour’. In the end I sought the advice of a bullying and harassment officer. I was also told by a third party that Meadows – who had previously been a senior manager in the Welsh Ambulance Trust – had got together with Marriott and those we know and love in the NHS to frame me and get me out of the University. Days later I received another communication from Meadows, telling me that a member of staff from yet another Dept had made a statement claiming that I had bullied and terrorised her. I produced evidence which demonstrated that this woman was lying. She was later found crying and admitted to a colleague that she had lied about me, because ‘Lyn told me to do it’. Lyn Meadows is now a member of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

While all this was going on, Alun Ffred told a third party known to me that he would ‘take Marriott out’ for bullying his nephew Llion and was going to ‘get revenge’ on Bangor University. Did Alun Ffred take Marriott out? Er, no. Marriott was needed because Lyn Meadows and Alun Ffred’s friends in the NHS and Gwynedd County Council wanted to use her to try and get me the sack. Alun Ffred instead launched a broadside attack on Bangor University as a whole, in particular trying to throw a spanner in the works of the big new arts centre that the VC had succeeded in getting the funding for. That’s the VC who’s wife had not long before died at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends at the Walton Centre (see comments after my post ‘Rivers Of Blood’).

Did Llion Iwan ever defend the Jewish lecturer who was also being targeted by Marriott and Meadows? No. Llion was delighted to have the support of the Jewish lecturer when he needed it, but soon he didn’t need it any longer because Llion landed a plum job with S4C. The S4C that his Uncle Alun Ffred had previously worked for and which also had such a close relationship with his dad.

Marriott stayed working at Bangor University for many more years.

Alun Ffred was also happy to use people whom he knew were being targeted by his own associates. There was a man called Len who worked at Bangor University who was a Plaid Councillor. I’m not sure what Len did, but he wasn’t an academic member of staff. I had no problem with Len, he was always very friendly towards me. Len knew that I had been taken an interest in the number of mediocre or frankly abusive ‘care homes’ which were springing up in Gwynedd – I was told that Dr Dafydd Alun Jones had links to some of them. Len told me that ‘Alun Ffred is very worried about it as well’ and that Alun Ffred had asked Len to ask me what I knew about the homes. So I told Len that I knew in at least one of the homes, young female residents were being violently assaulted and made to watch porn as ‘therapy’ and that on at least one occasion, a sex worker from Llandudno had been employed to provide ‘services’ for at least one resident in another home. I heard no more from Len or Alun Ffred, but I never saw any sign that Alun Ffred did anything at all about those homes. Although I bet he told the relevant people that I knew what was going on inside of them. Whether Len was part of the collusion I do not know. Len may have been yet another person ruthlessly used by ‘the Royal Family of Gwynedd’ as I was told that Dafydd Iwan and Alun Ffred liked to think of themselves.

As all good Royals are, Alun Ffred was a law unto himself. At one election, a friend of mine saw Alun Ffred inside the polling booth on the day of the election, which my friend maintained was unlawful. After all, the electorate mustn’t be pressurised or intimidated…

I don’t know the full extent of Alun Ffred’s wrongdoing obviously, but I saw someone give him a public bollocking for ‘getting Wales a bad name’ on one occasion. It was Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas. I and a friend had gone to an event at Caernarfon in which Dafydd El was being interviewed about his life in politics and just as Dafydd El took his seat, Alun Ffred emerged from a seat behind my friend and I and started shouting at Dafydd El in Welsh. My Welsh wasn’t good enough to understand what was being said, but my friend with me was first-language Welsh and said that Alun Ffred was being highly offensive. After his ranting Alun Ffred walked out of the door, so presumably he hadn’t come to hear the interview. At the time Dafydd El was Chancellor of Bangor University.

Alun Ffred was not the only person busying himself with being angry with the VC of Bangor University for having the temerity to raise enough dosh for the arts centre. There was a whole contingent of paedophiles’ friends who were trying to force the VC out of the University and they were having secret meetings with the previous VC, a well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend himself, Professor Eric Sunderland (see previous posts), who was still alive at the time…

The main rep for the UCU at Bangor University, Eileen Tilley, who had a particularly chummy relationship with Lyn Meadows (see previous posts) was also happy to put the boot into the VC by being less than honest. I only ever went to one UCU meeting at Bangor, which was a meeting called by Tilley, to discuss restructuring at the University. The VC was due to attend to answer questions, but several days beforehand he told the UCU reps that he had to cancel. One of the UCU reps told me about the cancellation days before the meeting. So imagine my surprise when I turned up to the meeting to find a smug grinning Tilley greet the audience with the opening comment: ‘Merfyn Jones has not got the guts to come and face you all today, he backed out just before the meeting’. I e mailed Tilley later that day, asked her why she had chosen to lie to the meeting, challenged her about her inappropriate friendship with an unscrupulous, dishonest HR Director and then resigned from UCU.

There was another meeting as well at which the non-appearance of the VC caused a stir. An academic seminar had been organised and the VC was invited to make an opening address. When we all arrived I noticed the presence of someone who had recently written a letter to the local paper complaining about the VC’s salary. I was aware of this person’s presence on the planet because as well as having a part-time job in the University, she was a Service User. She was one of the many Service Users who’s letters on a whole range of subjects appeared in the local press – and in ‘The Guardian’ on one occasion as well – but she never uttered a word about the abuse of patients or the activities of the paedophile gang. The VC’s salary was what concerned her. She was sitting with another Champion Of The Oppressed, Wulf Livingstone, a social work lecturer. Wulf too, despite Championing the Oppressed, somehow never raised any concerns about Dafydd and the trafficking gang. But then Wulf used to work for Dafydd’s charity CAIS. Wulf went on to greater things after CAIS, he worked for the North Wales Probation Service. Some of the staff of the North Wales Probation Service abused kids in care in north Wales. Wulf then became a social work lecturer at Bangor and after that was welcomed as a senior lecturer in social work by that bastion of paedophiles’ friends at Glyndwr University.

I heard Wulf and the Service User discussing their plans to give the Fat Cat of a VC a very hard time when he arrived at the seminar, because he had Questions To Answer. Unfortunately, the VC sent his apologies for his non-appearance. Not got the guts to appear? Er no, sadly dear old camouflage had recently pegged out and the VC had to attend Eric Sunderland’s funeral.

Oh the irony!

Save Our Sausages, a VC has arrived who’s not in the pockets of a paedophile gang, we need to get rid of him and fast…


Dafydd Iwan prides himself on being all international with his activism. Dafydd Iwan, along with his guitar, has visited a number of countries containing people having a hard time to express solidarity with the Oppressed.

The Jewish lecturer, after doing everything that he could to defend Llion Iwan, was left to the excesses of Marriot once Llion bagged his job at S4C. Then people started threatening me and a witness to the wrongdoing with guns.

Yma O Hyd!

Pass us the Bara Brith. I’ll push the boat out and have a Welsh Cake as well.

Readers unfamiliar with the Royal Family of Gwynedd will not know that they famously grew up in the village of Llanuwchllyn, near Bala, where their father ruled the roost as a result of his association with the Bala Theological College. Llanuwchllyn is famous as the birth place of Sir Owen Morgan Edwards, the Welsh historian, educationalist and writer. O.M. Edwards was very briefly the Liberal MP for Merionethshire. In 1907 Edwards was appointed as the first Chief Inspector of Schools for Wales. Another well-known Schools Inspector for Wales was J.E. Daniel, who also held a post at Bala Theological College. J.E. Daniel was President of Plaid in its early days, when Saunders Lewis was a big name in Plaid. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was a met of Saunders Lewis when Dafydd was a young man. J.E. Daniel was the father of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, who was involved in the attempt by the Hergest Unit staff to frame and imprison me when I was a PhD student at Bangor University (see previous posts).

Just as one enters Llanuwchllyn, there is a statue of O.M. Edwards and his son, Ifan ab Owen Edwards, who founded Urdd Gobaith Cymru (the Welsh League of Youth).


Owen Morgan Edwards


I always imagined that those two members of Gwynedd’s Royal Family, Alun Ffred and Dafydd Iwan, expect a statue of themselves to one day join the statue of O.M. and Ifan. Presumably to commemorate their considerable contribution to Getting Wales A Bad Name.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

10 thoughts on “A Demand From Gwynedd County Council”

    1. I hadn’t even thought of that! When one has had 30 years of such nonsense, one doesn’t ask such questions. It’s more a matter of ‘so how many more times are they going to send bailiffs over in response to a bill seven years old which I paid anyway?’

      There was much comment regarding the Wild West that was Gwynedd and the general lawlessness of the plebs. I always quite liked that about Gwynedd, people didn’t take very much notice of the law, they just did what they wanted really, blew dope, drove around in cars with no licences, let their dogs wander etc. It took me a while to realise that the reason why no-one gave a bugger was that just about every professional person in the area was colluding with, or committing, much more serious crime. Had the judges and Top Docs not been running a sodding paedophile ring, the riff raff may have had a little more respect for ‘authority’.

  1. Well there’s a very topical item on BBC News Wales Online today – the owners of Express Motors in Gwynedd are up in court for claiming thousands of pounds for journeys which were never made, on the basis of the Welsh Gov’ts free bus pass scheme for the over 60s. The company claimed the dosh from Gwynedd County Council and they then claimed it back from the Welsh Gov’t. The addresses of those in court are of the villages Bontnewydd and Penygroes. Dafydd Wigley lives in Bontnewydd and Dyfed Edwards and I think Alun Ffred live in Penygroes.

    There must have been collusion with SOMEONE in Gwynedd County Council for this scam to have gone undetected. Express Motors is a small rural company, its buses chug around Gwynedd and the situation is so local that even I would have noticed if the bus company was claiming for thousands of journeys that hadn’t been made. The over 60s do use their bus passes, they have a great time on the buses, but Gwynedd is rural, there are only so many buses going around and even if each bus was crammed full, there would still be a limit to the number of journeys.

    The Express buses could be questionable. I was on one going around the Cricieth/Porthmadog area a few years ago and I was seriously worried when I witnessed a middle aged man threatening some school boys in a very unpleasant way. The boys weren’t even misbehaving, they were just chatting and giggling and one got out of his seat and this rough looking older skinhead bloke got very, very nasty and threatened to hit one of the boys, who was only about 12. The thuggish old bloke got off the bus near a village called Fron and when he was off the bus the boys all started talking about ‘scar face’. I asked the boys if he had threatened them before and they all went very quiet. I told them that he was absolutely not allowed to hit them and asked if he’d done that previously, but they just clammed up. The driver had heard what had gone on but he didn’t intervene.

    But then there was the bus driver who drove the bus between Bangor and Ysbyty Gwynedd in the 1990s who used to hurl abuse at the Hergest patients who were on the bus. I was told that there had been many complaints but bugger all happened to him because his dad owned the company. The company was based in Pwhelli and at the time the Hergest patients were given bus passes by Gwynedd County Council. So they were insulted and the man who insulted them got paid for doing this by Gwynedd County Council. He didn’t just have a go at Hergest patients, he went for the elderly as well, he had a problem with them too.

    ‘We’re the paedophiles’ friends, you can’t get us.’

    Meanwhile havoc prevails in Plaid. Some want Leanne removed as leader. I have always been a little worried by Leanne because before she was an AM she was leader of the National Association of Probation Officers, at a time when that organisation colluded with the abuse of children and vulnerable people in Wales. However, Leanne has done just what Plaid wanted her to do – she told them that she’d win the English-speaking Rhondda for them and she has, although no-one thought that she would. So now they want to chuck her out, although in the run-up to the last election Plaid touted Leanne as a real heroine. Leanne seems to be getting the Theresa May treatment – ‘ooh you are wonderful please be our leader, we love you’. When no-one votes for the party because everyone’s sick of politicians its ‘ooh its your fault, bugger off’. Surely Leanne and Theresa must have better things to do than be kicked by the paedophiles’ friends for doing what they were asked to do by them?

    Liz Saville Roberts and Hywel Williams want Adam Price as leader. Adam Price is a rare thing, he is a politician with a brain. So he must know what some of his fellow travellers colluded with… Liz was someone who made a furious speech about the cover-up that was the Macur Review and she seems to do a lot of leg work and grafting for her constituents, but I do wish she’d go for the jugular of the paedophiles’ friends who have wrecked the NHS in north Wales. Hywel Williams is a former mental health social worker who used to appear on Dafydd’s twitter feed. Hywel has also appeared in photo-shoots with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Yma O Hyd! Rhun ap Iorwerth is standing for leader. Rhun used to work for the BBC and Michael Grade insulted him when Grade arrived in Cardiff for a ‘meet the governors’ public meeting. Rhun was very polite and restrained in the face of provocation. He probably just thought that Grade was a big pillock.

    Elfyn Llwyd is backing Rhun ap Iorwerth for the leadership. Elfyn Llwyd is a barrister and the former MP for Meirion Dwyfor. Rhun might like to ask Elfyn if he knows why Elfyn’s election agent Merfyn Hughes, who was a senior social worker with Gwynedd County Council, was found dead in suspicious circumstances after confronting the people traffickers of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Elfyn Llwyd was President of Gwynedd Law Society when nearly every lawyer in Gwynedd was colluding with the paedophile gang. Justice for Merfyn! Come on Elfyn, spit it out, how many people are usually found dead in someone else’s garden, having lain there undiscovered for ages, having ‘fallen asleep’ after ‘falling down an embankment’???

    ‘We didn’t know.’

    Leanne has the support of Arfon Jones, police and crime commissioner for North Wales. Arfon is a former policeman, who when a young constable, chauffeured Superintendent Gordon Anglesea to the venues where he molested boys in care. Arfon knew nuzzing.

    Llyr Gruffydd is backing Adam Price. Llyr described Dafydd’s ‘nursing home’ Ty Gwyn as a ‘beacon of excellence’. My friend was in there and walked out after two days saying that it was a ‘mediocre boarding house’ which wouldn’t provide him with vegetarian meals and told him to walk into Llandudno to buy takeaways. Dafydd charged several thousand quid a week for a bed at the beacon of excellence. And the patients had to share rooms. ‘Peer support’.

    Readers in England: I’m not just having a laugh, these things did all really happen. The dead body of a senior social worker really was found in someone else’s garden and we really were told by the coroner at Caernarfon that he had ‘fallen asleep after having fallen down the embankment’ and because it was a bit chilly that night he’d died from hypothermia. Dewi the coroner didn’t explain how the dead social worker had carefully concealed his corpse behind a greenhouse, hidden from the gaze of passers-by or the owners of the garden.

    1. Alun Davies, the former manager of the Hergest Unit, once stated that I was ‘creating a bad smell’. I’m surprised that anyone could even get a whiff of me what with all the dead bodies of service users and even staff…

      Someone should develop a brand of super-strong air-freshener specifically for use in north Wales.

    2. The police officer who gave laughable evidence to the inquest on Thomas Merfyn Hughes, enabling Dewi Prichard Jones to give an insane explanation for Mr Hughes’s death, was Detective Inspector Brian Kearney.

  2. After all this time!!!!!! Gwynedd County Council – as Anon says previously why???????? What would be more worrying for you is the fact that they know where you are living as you did mention that they had sent you a letter. You have stated previously on the blog that you are ‘in hiding’ and that for the first time in 25 years you are living worry and stress free and are not being hounded by those awful people.

    1. Yes I too was concerned that I had received this letter, because it means that those we know and love who caused me grief by breaking the law with impunity for all those years have tracked me down. I am in hiding but I have always been acutely aware that because I was dealing with state corruption, state databases could be used to find me. I know previously that corrupt cops accessed the DVLA computer; I have mentioned that my record on the PNC was illegally altered on more than one occasion to show crimes against my name for which I have never been convicted; the Top Docs really made hay with info from my medical records; my CV was used by the Top Docs to blacklist me re jobs in medical research.

      Brown too moved house after he had been targeted years ago by a girl called Shar Ewbanks who began a relationship with him but we have now been told was a present from the security services. Shar turned out to be bonkers and abusive; then Shar’s long-lost son called Matthew appeared who was a member of Combat 18. They began behaving very aggressively towards Brown who gave them their marching orders. Then Shar got herself elected as a BNP Councillor and hit the headlines. Brown knew that as a Councillor Shar would have access to Council databases and would use them to track him down, so he had to move house. Shar arrived in Brown’s life in about 1994 – just when all hell was breaking loose in north Wales, with Peter Howarth from Bryn Estyn going to prison for abusing the boys, with other abusers dying of HIV, Bing Spear the corrupt civil service mandarin who was mates with Dafydd being found dead and of course dear old Dafydd et al doing all they could to have me banged up. Shar came to stay at my place in Llanllechid and ‘purchased’ an art work off someone with whom I lived and never paid for it. Within weeks Shar was threatening and abusing Brown, the Nazi son had turned up and Brown realised that he had real trouble on his hands.

      In the face of this sort of thing, Brown and I came to accept that we could never escape the surveillance of the security services, but the letter from Gwynedd suggests that the paedophiles’ friends have STILL not been reigned in. So where does this leave all these promises that the authorities are now going to do all they can to pursue old sex offenders? It confirms my suspicion that all they are doing is going after a few old buggers whom they previously helped to make themselves look good, while the big wigs have been allowed to die before this sudden urge to ‘bring people to justice’ has come over everyone.

      I heard much ranting on the ‘World At One’ re the alleged poisoning of the Brits by Russian agents and ooh Britain won’t let Mr Putin get away with this, they’ll show him. Well the British security services can’t cope with Alun Ffred, Dafydd Iwan, Dafydd Alun Jones and Gwynedd fucking Council, I really don’t think that Putin will be quaking in his boots. He’ll be far too busy riding naked across the steppes on horseback anyway. Putin’s agents are probably the sort of Service User Agents that I have been recommending to fight Dafydd et al on this blog, they’ll be far better than the gay Cambridge spies with Royal connections that MI5 specialise in.

      Hey MI5, we’ve trained with the best, in Bethesda, being attacked, stuffed over, having people try to set fire to our houses and being left to live in shoe box in’t middle of t’road by the paedophile gang… You don’t get us with CVs which include a stint as Keeper Of The Lilibet’s Pictures and Director of the Courthauld Institute. We can do the hard graft, unlike the Cambridge Spies. Gissa job! Gardens dug, chimneys swept, research papers and books written…

      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharon_Ebanks

        And Searchlight on the case too. 1994 is also the year of the Tutu Commission of Inquiry re 3rd Force mercenaries attacking transitional Mandela Regime. It was later in 90s Andrew Gilligan with Sunday Telegraph began to take an interest in Thanet aspects of this but ended up writing a soppy wee piece about Combat 18 connection with Ulster terrorism IIRC.

        I dunno if it was a step up from the heady days when Searchlight and Janner etc attributed storm damage in Jewish cemeteries to Nazi activists. Perhaps the blackshirts did a rain dance that got outa hand.

        1. Yes, that’s Shar, hilarious, I see wiki has the full details of her political career after she used and abused Brown! It was a real laugh when Shar first turned up in the Council chambers, she had about 12 mobile phones which all played right wing patriotic tunes which would go off during meetings. Like most far right Councillors, Shar couldn’t actually cope with the democratic procedures, so her career as a councillor didn’t last very long.

          Of course, when we knew her, we had no idea that Shar was another present from the security services. She told Brown that her grandad was black and that she was deeply ashamed of this; that she’d grown up in care in Birmingham, was abused in children’s homes, had her first baby at 15 and was left to give birth alone. We believed her because of course Brown and I knew that such things were happening to kids in care, so MI5 got the background spot on. Of course they did, they knew what was happening to those kids.

          What really really pisses me off Richard is that while I can understand that Brown could have been put under surveillance if for example anyone believed the vile rumours that those we know and love were spreading about him – basically that he was a sex offender – not only did they know that none of it was true anyway, but they really fucking exhausted us. Shar had a boy of eight called Josh who was very seriously disabled. Brown looked after him, when Brown first met Josh, Josh was phenomenally violent, had a phobia of using the loo so was still in nappies, no-one could cope with Josh, certainly not Shar. Brown looked after him, provided a very calm stable environment, Josh’s violence came right down, he would play with Brown and even started calling him dad. So MI5 then ordered Shar to cause havoc in Brown’s life. Er – what about the welfare of an eight year old disabled boy who for the first time in his life had a good step-parent?

          Let me guess what the problem was MI5. Josh was attending the ‘flagship’ Jubilee Centre in Birmingham – where the staff were fuckwits and did not know how to look after the kids. And Brown challenged them didn’t he? They tried to threaten Brown with lawyers, he was attending high level meetings and they were crapping themselves because a competent academic had found out the truth about the Jubilee Centre.

          Oh well don’t worry Jubilee Centre, Brown told me what a fucking joke you were, but no-one will ever listen. One educational psychologist at the Jubilee Centre wrote an ‘expert report’ on Josh which actually said ‘Josh likes baking cakes’. And Brown said ‘my granny could have written that and she left school at 12.’ We were pissing ourselves at the ‘expertise’ of the Jubilee Centre. Then there was Josh’s ‘medication’ – huge doses of anti-psychotics – Josh was not psychotic – which were leaving him massively sedated and giving him painful muscle cramps. The poor kid was in physical agony, so he would be screaming and yelling. Thus the Top Docs and Jubilee Centre would stress how mad Josh was and how he needed more ‘medication’.

          No wonder people were trying to murder Brown.

          While all this was happening, Dafydd et al were trying to have me transferred to Broadmoor and Brown was my only lifeline.

          Come on everyone, even if you don’t give a shit about the attempts to kill Brown and me, how can you ever explain the pawn that was Josh? Eight years old. Full of haloperidol. Abused and terrified. Until Brown came along. So you tried to fucking murder him.

          Anyone for arresting a few geriatric paedophiles to make us all feel better?

          Josh will be in his 30s now. Probably drugged and completely ruined in some appalling ‘unit’, for which a social services dept will be paying £4000 k per week for his ‘care’.

          1. When Shar was in Brown’s life, John Major was PM. Michael Howard was the Home Secretary.

            Major and Howard are still alive. Would they like to comment re this use of the security services?

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