A Direct Threat From MIND In Haringey

I have received a further e mail from David Pascall CBE, Chair of MIND in Haringey. Mr Pascall CBE had told me that because I have not published in full his earlier e mail to me – which was the subject of my post ‘An E Mail From MIND In Haringey’ – he is now going to take legal steps to have my blog taken down. I have just e mailed Mr Pascall CBE to explain that if I did publish his e mail as requested it would make him look very stupid indeed and that my invitation to him to use my blog to describe the way in which MIND in Haringey helps the local community should be interpreted as an opportunity for a free advert. This offer to Mr Pascall CBE remains open. I wonder whether he will actually utilise it or whether he will continue to threaten a Service User who repeatedly told national MIND that psychiatrists in north Wales were sexually abusing patients, concealing a paedophile ring and assaulting patients and who has now blogged about it and who has also blogged about clients of Prestwood Homes – a front for a people trafficking organisation – telling MIND reps that they were being held captive and abused, only for MIND to ignore them.

I await further threats from David Pascall CBE.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Obviously you are not bound to publish “In full” or in part his email.

    But I think you should email him explaining why his emails do not meet your editorial standards.

    If he wants to “Take legal action” then he has to obey the pre-action protocol of the civil procedure rules. If he disputes facts you have published then he should set out these facts and what he believes the truth to be and why. If he disputes opinion as beyond fair comment then he must argue that.

    My beef with MIND is that in 1975/76 they were the dog that did not bark after 1975 Panorama about the mental patient discharged with a single rail ticket to Margate in another county where he arrived homeless. And I have questioned why MIND did not champion the cause of the vulnerable mentally ill. Was it a quid pro quo given Tony Smythe of MIND associations such as with PIE and Peter Righton ?

    On your blog you have added information about coach loads of mental patients being dumped in seaside “Section 37” National Assistance Act 1948 private care homes. I have set out the fact that many of these homes, in the same way as Sue Ryder at Cavendish, registered in the lowest category to avoid requirement to employ qualified staff.

    On the basis of my experience, including facing threat of OSA charges (Minister Barbara Castle etc) MIND does not have a good reputation to lose. But that is my individual opinion.

    I think a chap called Robinson was Labour Health Minister in 1966 when Dept of Health commissioned the Tavistock Institute to conduct group psychiatric research on inmates of UK Leonard Cheshire Homes. These people were not mentally ill but were researched on by a psychobabble outfit with no informed consent. And MIND was silent.

    Dr Nini Ettlinger in 1972 wrote of Sue Ryder “The charity is not so much about loving patients as about loving Sue Ryder loving patients”. A sentiment I have found applies to most charity. Executives who are narcissistic who get very sulky when their self licking lollipop activity does not win universal approbation.

    1. Thanks for this Richard. If David Pascall really wants me to publish his original e mail I will – but for his sake I don’t think that I ought to! It makes him look like a pompous aggressive bastard and although he claims that I was ‘defamatory’ he does not point to one ‘defamatory’ comment in my post. There are no defamatory comments. The info about him and the Trustees that I published came straight off their own website. I was factually wrong on one issue – Madeleine McGivern is no longer a Trustee. But their own website stated that she was! I have now clarified this on my blog. Should David Pascall begin legal action against me I think that it is going to do him and MIND very great damage. Like you, I don’t believe that MIND have a good reputation to lose. I don’t think that Mr Pascall ought to draw any more attention to MIND or indeed to what I have published about them! I can’t actually understand why he is going down the path of threatening legal action – not only have I not published anything that isn’t true, but I’ve offered him space on the blog to promote the work of MIND in Haringey. I am always happy to correct factual inaccuracies but I can’t really do much in response to allegations of defamation if I haven’t defamed anyone AND I’ve offered them a space of their own.

      1. For libel etc the tests include that what is stated is untrue but capable of belief by a reasonable person and tending to harm the reputation.

        I don’t know if Mr Pascall has consulted the officers of Haringey MIND and the overarching charity MIND whose mission vision binds the local charities ?

        1. Well if Mr Pascall consults the Legal Officer of national MIND let’s hope they give him rather better advice than they’ve given others in the past. When William Bingley was Legal Officer and Dafydd Alun Jones unlawfully imprisoned Mary Wynch for a year and fleeced her of her property and money, Bingley told everyone that MIND were helping Mary but actually they weren’t – because MIND were in receipt of funding from Gwynedd Health Authority and Dafydd wrote to MIND and told them that if they supported Mary he’d make sure that their dosh from Gwynedd ended. I gave Bingley even more info about Dafydd’s wrongdoing – Bingley told me that Dafydd was a psychopath and that if I even visited north Wales I’d be harassed by him. Bingley did not act upon any of the info that he’d been given. A few years later he became Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission and colluded with Dafydd and co in their law-breaking. Many years later I wrote to the Legal officer of MIND again and supplied them with details of Hergest Unit staff assaulting patients and perjuring staff to secure convictions against patients who’d complained. MIND did not act on the information.

          1. Eskimo “I am hearing about your awards for charity. Your queen has honoured you. But are you altruistic mate ?”

            MIND Executive “Of course Eskimo”

            Eskimo “Well how come your Queen got to hear about you then ?”

          2. Dear old MIND Cymru are leading the BBC News Wales today Richard. They’re ‘rolling out’ yet another scheme, this time ‘Blue Light Champions’ to allegedly support emergency workers. Emergency workers do of course work in very stressful conditions but they’re rather better at dealing with that stress than the likes of MIND. One major role of the emergency services these days is mopping up the blood of the mentally distressed who are unable to obtain help. MIND have not said a word. Dunno how successful their latest campaign will be though – after all they have bloggers to harass and threaten, they might not have sufficient time and energy to put into their campaigns.

  2. Once upon a time Leonard Cheshire charity came up with “Enable the disabled”. Oh oh. Then along came ATOS and stopped the enabled disabled benefits.

    MIND marketing had already spotted the market growth built on benefits advantages. ADHD diagnoses rose exponentially as ADHD kids copped claimants an extra £50 a week.

    Mindful MIND toddled off to High Court to argue that enable the disabled should not apply to their client base. To argue for a benefits advantage for mental illness over physical disability. An exercise in increasing market share really.

    Now MIND recognise the stress of being a blue light worker. Which is ironic given they didn’t recognise stress in reduced or nil benefits physically disabled ? Or in patients prescribed stress in a bottle .. corticosteroids.

    Every charity should be working towards its own redundancy. Leonard Cheshire, for example, 80% of their homes unfit for purpose. They should be working towards a society in which the desperation, leading victims to even be inmates of these 80% unfit homes, is expunged. But charity does not work like that. They constantly seek to invent new roles for themselves. “Ullo ullo ullo blue light folks … you need us you know.”

    Leonard Cheshire sustained the poor law, workhouse, into the welfare state and copped a goodly amount of direct payments from benefits for their inmates. I wonder if they opened a new income stream by submitting their inmates to Tavistock psychiatric research commissioned by Dept of Health ? In 1972 the inmates of LeCourt Cheshire home revolted. This led to disabled human rights movement.

    “Care like Jo” was Jack Straw’s son’s spin to exploit the death of Jo Cox MP. To whip up the sort of admiration Savile once enjoyed. But what was “Caring like Jo” ? Executive pay and exes to attend conferences to talk about the caring charity scams.

    1. Charities themselves used to sometimes be quite genuine about wanting to see no need for them anymore – they still all repeat that mantra, but you are right, nearly all of them now are well aware of the gravy train that they’ll be able to hitch a ride on if they play their cards right and don’t upset Gov’t, which is now where much of their funding comes from. The problems that you describe are substantial in the big international NGOs – like the one that Jo Cox worked for (I think she was policy director for Oxfam). Now Jo Cox may have been lovely, she might actually have been one of the good ‘uns, I don’t know because unlike all these people who Care Like Jo, I’m happy to admit that I didn’t know her. But some of those NGOs have been responsible for enormous problems in the developing countries – but no-ones allowed to level criticism because they’re NGOs so the must be nice people. Like the UK charities there’s a big chunk of people beavering away in them busily building a career with far bigger ambitions than helping people having a hard time.
      The ADHD benefits scam was encouraged by ‘professionals’ – they knew that many of the kids ‘suffering’ from ADHD had social problems related to social disadvantage, but rather than doing anything that would really help them or their families which would take time, effort and an admission of welfare professionals failure, the help forthcoming was an extra £50/week. To a family on benefits this would of course have been welcome, but at the same time it disguised the multiple ways in which those families had been let down by the statutory services.
      Yes, MIND are working very hard at expanding their client base, hence the touting about of the ‘1 in 4’ figure – which is now metamorphosing into ‘1 in 3’. Yes, the whole nation needs MIND. Whilst MIND abandon the real cohort who are in desperate need of someone to take up their battle – the severely mentally ill who are isolated, alone, far too ill to work and can barely function. But they don’t look as good in the media as a 18 year old girl who has been diagnosed with ‘anxiety and borderline personality disorder’ but after counselling is feeling so much better and is now at university because everybody has just been so supportive.

  3. You describe the situation perfectly.

    Vicarious caring gravy train.

    In 1972 Dr Nini Ettlinger called for Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charities to be absorbed into NHS. She wrote that Ryder should not be able to accept into her hands vulnerable people. Pretty much a diagnosis of Munchausen by proxy on the charity founders.

    I laugh about the MOH disciplinary my ambulanceman dad got after he knocked out the male social worker who spat on his ambulance forecourt. Dad dragged him by ankles through the offending globule. The MOH said “Card I take a very dim view of this. Am I to understand we give you so little work you resorted to creating your own casualties”

    But it is a metaphor in a way for how the charities operate.

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