A Glass Ceiling Has Been Broken!

As Labour Party Wimmin desperately scrap among themselves to become the First Woman Leader of the Labour Party, this blog needs to Recognise a true breaker of glass ceilings, a woman who has succeeded where Hillary Clinton has failed, a woman who has stormed a true bastion of Maleness, a woman who has achieved rather more than Nancy Astor, who was at a considerable advantage what with being very, very rich.

So congratulations to 25 year old Fallon Sherrock, the First Woman to win at the PDC World Darts Championship when she beat Ted Evetts at Alexandra Palace in London on Monday.

Fallon Sherrock

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. As for the Labour Party Leadership, after all that piss-taking re the Strong Wimmin in which I have indulged, I have of course noticed that Keir Starmer is now considered the favourite. Keir is the minority candidate, being the one in possession of testicles and a knighthood.

    Rather more concerning is Sir Keir’s previous job as DPP. Does the Labour Party really believe that Sir Keir covered himself in glory in that particular role? See ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party?’…

    Thank goodness that Miranda is back in the news today telling them where it all went so wrong.

    1. Looking at Miranda on the news earlier today I’m reminded of the old saying: ” You get the face you deserve” OMG that man is one creepy squeaky voiced apology for a man.

  2. I don’t have a TV and I haven’t got a licence either so I daren’t even watch the BBC on the laptop or they’ll be after me. Thus I haven’t enjoyed watching Miranda live on TV for ages. The only person who quoted that bit about getting the face that one deserves at me was someone with quite severe body dysmorphic disorder who was being fleeced by a private London clinic re cosmetic surgery that he didn’t need. I’ve been interested to observe that quite a few people look pretty rough despite living affluent comfortable lives, whereas people have always told me that they’re surprised that I ‘look so young’ in view of what has happened to me. My teeth have suffered, I’ve never been able to afford expensive dentistry, but although obviously decades of seriously unhealthy lifestyle and doing things like smoking heavily or being a bag lady do result in people looking rough, I’m fairly sure that much of the influence is genetic, as with longevity. I am always accused of having had ‘work done’ because I don’t look rough, which is hilarious, I’ll dye my hair but I couldn’t ever afford cosmetic surgery and even if I could, now I know what I know about the whole Top Docs industry, I wouldn’t touch it. They just prey on anxious insecure people and when they find one they make damn sure that they do all that they can to escalate their anxieties. I watched it in action at the Hergest. Rude nasty comments to outbalance any putative support of people.

    When I found out that this person I knew re you get the face you deserve comment was shelling out dosh to a cosmetic surgery clinic, I remarked to Brown that they obviously hadn’t noticed that he had body dysmorphic disorder. Oh yes they have said Brown, that’s why they’re telling him that he just needs a bit of work doing here and there…

    It’s very worrying that young people are constantly urged to ‘seek reassurance’ from Top Docs, because they will not get it, they will just be in receipt of lame stereotypes and prejudicial thinking, they’re the last people that I would ever send anyone to. I spent my entire time in the clutches of Those Who Help challenging the crap that came out of their mouths re gender roles, ideas of attractiveness, notions of health n lifestyle etc and it didn’t make one bit of difference to them. Luckily I had friends like Brown and my mate who was shafted by Michael Grade and we were well versed in critiques of crap in such spheres, but I did notice that even I couldn’t stop the constant flow of trite nonsense and ‘advice’ coming from those we know and love. Less confident or literate patients don’t have a hope in hell, they are just undermined at every turn. Brown always observed that the psychiatric services take vulnerable people and by the time they’ve finished with them they are irretrievable…

    The saddest thing is the number of their own kids who had eating disorders, mental health problems, drug/alcohol problems etc. Because I was landed with the bastards for so long, I saw their kids grow up and I marvelled at how many difficulties they developed. Then I remembered what their parents had said and done to us and I thought well, it’s not surprising that their own kids are so unhappy and damaged. I have deliberately avoided providing details of those kids, because although I’m fully aware that they used what was done to us to bag themselves jobs etc I’m not like their parents, I don’t breach confidences and I actually feel very sorry for the nonsense that they were fed as they grew up. They might have ill-gotten gains but my hands are clean, I haven’t run a sex abuse gang.

    And yes, I did notice that some of them had confidential info about me (some of which was of course made up) and digs were being made, but it doesn’t mean that I sink to their level. I don’t extract info from people and use it to try and inflict grievous psychological harm on others. I’m only sorry that so many people allowed that sort of conduct to go on around them without challenging it. But then they were happy to pass on what they knew were bare-faced lies about the Gang’s victims, so we shouldn’t be surprised. I take the view that my friend took when she was working at the Royal Television Society and was told by a senior colleague that a manager there had been convicted of sexually abusing a 10 yr old boy and ‘it was a shame that he was caught’ – If those are your values, I don’t share them and I’m not like you and I don’t want to be. It’s not Naïve, it’s called having some bloody integrity and there is not as much of it about as there should be.

    BTW, I dunno about Miranda, but Cherie is seriously inadequate. Consulting crazy lifestyle gurus, needing all that dosh, always feeling like the victim, getting jealous of Wendi Deng… I presume that Cherie still has a subscription to Jackie magazine…Or she might have moved onto Cosmo by now.

  3. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/dec/19/the-cure-review-a-nightmare-drama-about-the-mid-staffs-hospital-scandal

    Who’s next?
    An alternative Shropshire lad starring dead mothers and babies? A dark drama about a GP mass murderer who abused the trust of his patients because they felt like it? A hospital porter who a had a love affair with an ice cream cornet, a few glass eyes and some serious spingle spangle?
    Don’t you just love it blurring fact, fantasy and fiction.
    Wise Owl looks forward to these
    and more.

    1. Wise Owl I do appreciate your take on the appalling hypocrisy and the mawkish drooling over The Victims.
      I note that at least one of the Stars in this film/drama is one of Phil Redmond’s Liverpool contingent who er…

      The humbug as Boris would say is farcical. I’m receiving so much info re Ooh it was them wot did it re certain people who are guilty but not as guilty as others! This was the Top Docs, WHY didn’t MI5 stop them? When are we going to have an explanation as to why the people who TRIED to stop them were systematically hounded out of positions of responsibility? Come on, who was it, Mr Nobody as Mrs Bates used to ask us when we wouldn’t fess up at Bawdrip School?

      BTW, Mrs Bates, the much respected Head of Bawdrip School, eventually left the village because of Mr Rigg, the molesting vicar!! Indeed Mrs Bates, it is Mr Nobody, Mr Nobody did it all.

      As for people ‘remembering’ how stressed and upset I was at matters Bridgy when I was 19 or 20, yes, a murder. It seems that it did happen after all, it was recorded undercover and Carman and the Digger stole all those letters that I wrote to Brown and others telling them that I was worried there was going to be a murder.

      Oh just fuck off all of you, how stupid and vicious can you get? I told Adrian Bell, I told DGE Wood, I couldn’t cope because I was so frightened that there was going to be a murder. There was. It was covered up and then someone murdered my friend and tried to kill Brown.

      Anyone for foster children and forging evidence against me?

      MY MONEY PLEASE AND NOW. AND LET THE RESIGNATIONS BEGIN. I’m not going to the police, I’m fucking sick of it. MI5 has the evidence against TOM KING, HUW DANIEL, JOHN ROCH, MALCOLM PILL, go and fucking deal with them. And stop giving the Top Docs money. Give it to Brown, he did their sodding jobs for them.

    2. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/dec/20/mi5-informants-investigatory-powers-tribunal-lawful-serious-crimes
      What Wise Owl is looking forward to a fly on the wall documentary about serious organised crime in MI5. It’s just business and clearly a state related matter like the NHS and social care. Netherlands as a Narco state well, Blighty beats that. What’s 8 seconds equate to in terms of exchange swaps money making – criminal charges for the Governor no chance. A systems failure but at least it’s only money and not dead mothers, babies, children being ‘cared’ for by the State through the NHS and Social Services. Merry Christmas.

          1. Well Elfed Roberts is no longer there, he must have been caught embezzling the dosh and taking bribes again. The CVs of the rest of them doesn’t give me much hope though.

            There needs to be prosecutions in the NHS and of senior people as well. Sadly the system is so utterly rotten that if this happens, the crooks will all get together and ensure that it is the one honest person who is prosecuted, in the way that they kicked Merfyn Jones out as Chairman of the Betsi because Merfyn prosecuted a male Angel who threw an elderly lady across the ward, injuring her and impersonated a police officer.

            Top Docs and NHS managers are very Pavlovian. You know how if puppies aren’t trained within a certain time, they can outdo any human being in yapping to get what they want? They drop the ball at your feet and bark 100s of times until you think Oh Christ I’ll just throw the ball then, then the dog comes back and drops the ball at your feet again… Dogs who haven’t been trained when young are truly impressive, you can’t train them, they will outdo any human being in persistence.

            The senior folk in the NHS have an equally impressive persistence re screaming and screaming until they’re sick. Decades of Top Docs getting exactly what they want after they smirk at a politician and say ‘You have upset us so much that we are now discussing whether there should be a doctors strike and this will be the first doctors strike since the 1970s and patients will die, we really do not want to strike and the last thing that we want is for patients to die but the Profession is at breaking point…’ Every Cabinet Minister at that point craps themselves and the BMA get exactly what they have asked for.

            If the Top Docs running the NHS were the most competent, excellent, unselfish Docs in the workforce, this situation would never have evolved. They are not. They are the worst docs in the NHS, that is how the system was set up by Nye. It is a disaster, the politicians know that it beyond their control and I know that People In Authority are now in despair that in Wales Drakeford is at the helm…

            One can now only stand back and watch the show and marvel.

            I have been told by a mole that Serious Charges may soon be brought against people somehow related to my case. It won’t be my case per se because I have made it clear that I will sabotage any Court case in relation to offences committed against me because of the hypocrisy involved, but it seems that someone somewhere has finally come forward about the sex offences and the murders that were committed…

            I have no idea which case it was, but if I would not like to be Drakeford, Hutt, Morgan, Leeson, Wood, Bell or Dafydd if he’s still alive should people be charged. What they did was appalling, absolutely appalling and I haven’t detailed the worst on this blog…

            The people who bugged me and stole my letters when I was young knew exactly why I was getting so stressed when I was 19 or 20. The concerns of my friends and I were ignored. It seems that the worst that I feared happened but it was concealed… If there are charges, the headlines are going to be lurid. It’ll be seriously unpleasant, as good as Mr Thrope and Jeremy Bamber combined and I don’t want to be around when it happens.

            You did this Top Docs. You ruined the lives of some young people and people were murdered because of a gang of paedophiles backed by rich businessmen who hated my grandpa. You are disgusting, absolutely vile and if it all blows up the best thing that I can hope for is that your proud Establishment really does never recover. You’ve been taking liberties for decades now and you would stop at nothing. Not even a few murders and then offering foster kids in return for payment to the murderers. You really are fucking mad.

            Should charges be mounted and a media frenzy follow, I don’t ever want even one patronising bastard to comment about the Bravery of Brown, me or my friends who’s careers were ruined by Michael Grade. We will never forget that it was us who were not wanted, rather than the gangsters.

            I’ll have a 10 gallon vomit-bucket on hand lest anyone tries to smile at us and Make Friends…

          2. Thank you for the Kind Advice from a Helpful Officer that ‘You don’t need to kill yourself over this’.

            I can only repeat the wise words to Angels of Peter Webb, the Paranoid Schizophrenic with whom I was friends in Denbigh: Why don’t you all fuck off?

            I await my money. And look forward to the screams of the Community In Pain.

            All because no-one would deal with the Royal Lobotomist and his mad as a box of frogs partner in crime, Dafydd…

        1. Yes Wise Owl, the Welsh Ambulance Service excelled here, but if one has been keeping an eye on the activities of the Welsh Ambulance Service for the last 10 years, the serious crime with which their senior managers were allowed to get away with yet remain in post – or be rewarded with a job as HR Director at Bangor University, or a promotion with another NHS body – the assaults on patients by ambulance staff that were concealed, the acceptance of staff to the ‘service’ with previous for crime inc assault and deception, yet alone the scores of other patients who have died as a result of the fuckwittery of the Welsh Ambulance Service, this could only be expected.

          When Elfed Roberts had to be removed as Chairman of NW Wales NHS Trust – and I had sent Edwina Hart enough documentary evidence to have him arrested – Elfed disappeared from public view. Where had he gone? Edwina had appointed him to the Board of the Welsh Ambulance Trust.

          Prior to being given the job as Chair of NW Wales NHS Trust, Elfed had been kicked out of the North Wales Police for corruption.

          Another Health Board member in NW Wales had been caught nicking tonnes of slate from Penrhyn Quarry with his mates. They were jailed, he was given a place on the Health Board. His neighbours were aghast. I know why it was; Hefin Davies, the Chair of the Gwynedd Community Trust, Freemason, facilitator of organised abuse and crime, was a Director of a number of slate companies.

          The NHS in Wales has for decades been run by crooks and conmen and it all stems from Dafydd and Gwynne. ‘New Blood’ has been imported for the last 20 yrs now in a desperate attempt to stop the rail crash. The New Blood is either driven to a nervous breakdown, walks out in disgust or joins in the party. None of this is publicised, but that is what has been happening, in every case.

          I have discussed the extraordinary high rate of suicides of NHS staff in north Wales before on the blog that alone should have sparked a major police investigation. Yesterday I heard on the news that Orange in France I think has been done after 19 staff committed suicide. There was the condemnation of I think Apple in China because so many staff had topped themselves. NHS in north Wales? No problem at all. Every case has either been kept quiet or the dead person has been sleighted and smeared by their colleagues.

          Vaughan Gething has just found the solution to the Crisis (and it is a crisis or more accurately a bloody catastrophe) to the Top Docs’ criminality in Wales. Guess what it is? More money of course! The Top Docs who have been refusing to work because they have to pay tax on their enormous pension pots are now going to not have to pay tax. This only applies to Docs on over £110,00 pa. So the highest paid group of people in Wales, the poorest nation in the UK, now do not have to pay tax because they have been on strike and made it clear to Drakeford that they will stand by while even more patients die and the media will blame the Low Pay. The junior docs still have to pay tax – not that there are many of them in Wales, the NHS in wales is damn near untouchable by British grads, Vaughan goes for overseas docs who have no idea of what they are going to face when they arrive – but the senior older consultants won’t.

          I now look forward to Drakeford Sitting Down At The Table with the few very rich businessmen in Wales (the Cardiff crowd who are only in Wales because the Welsh Gov’t gives them huge subsidies to set up business there) and telling them, George Osborne-style, that they do not have to pay their taxes.

          Cleaners, porters, Health Care Assistants and indeed Angels in NHS Wales still pay their tax. Some of those who are ‘beneath’ Angels in the pecking order are so badly paid that they claim top-up benefits if they have children to make ends meet. But the most highly paid people in the NHS and indeed Wales ie. the Toppest of the Top Docs? They are now tax-free.

          I look forward to UNITE and UNISON going absolutely apeshit about this because it is outrageous. But I doubt that they will say a word; McClusky and Dave Prentis have been on board with the Top Docs and senior managers’ criminality for years now.

          I urge every genuinely low paid NHS employee in NHS Wales – there are plenty of them, a whole army of cleaners, caterers, HCAs etc – to make as much of a stink as possible. They are being fleeced, absolutely fleeced. Ask any patient now who was the best when they were in hospital – it is so often one of the lowest paid, they have the most face to face patient contact. And for the Empowered Service Users it was always their support worker. The badly paid support workers who were kicked about, disrespected and not allowed to access patient records or attend ward rounds etc. The patients loved them, nice helpful people who had a real bond with the Empowered ones. The Psychs were usually hated, the Angels just not very good and the social workers were loathed. Who’s hours and jobs were cut when the NHS had yet another crisis? The support workers. So all patients no longer had their one friendly face who went in to their house for two hours a week, often the only visitor, to help them clean, to take them shopping etc.

          I know why the support workers were kicked out. It was because they were witnessing the abuse and neglect of patients and were talking about it. The Unqualified Support Workers were often grads from Bangor University or alternative people with brains and sensitivity, or local mothers and they were gawping at the brutality and abuse to which their clients were being subjected. So they were dispensed with. The effects on the Empowered ones was disastrous but the only records of their ‘progress’ once the support workers were gone were compiled by the Top Docs, the Angels and the hated social workers…

          The mortality stats told us all we needed to know. The mortality stats that the general public do not access and would not know how to interpret.

          That is how Empowered Service Users were exterminated without anyone commenting. The NHS got rid of the support workers who were keeping them out of destitution and indeed alive.

          This is why no Gov’t can do anything for all those people, often over 75 yrs themselves, struggling to look after disabled or elderly relatives. Journos keep asking why the Social Care Crisis has not been Solved. It really is because all the dosh is going to the Top Docs. The BMA is the most powerful union in the UK and it will not allow the plebs to be paid. There is no decent education programme for social carers, no decent pay and conditions, no respect for them and as a result although lots of excellent people begin work as carers they go, leaving thugs and unsuitable people in the work force. Anyone who has ever worked in a home or an agency knows exactly what is happening.

          Furthermore, go and chat to all those nice young people who begin working as support workers or HCAs. A lot of them take those jobs because they think that they might like to train as Angels soon. They take one look at what is going on and decide that no, they don’t think that they will be an Angel after all…

          Drakeford and Vaughan are dangerous, positively dangerous. They have knowingly and deliberately turned Wales’s NHS over to criminals and still the general public are not told the truth re the catastrophe on the ground.

  4. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/gp-told-wrexham-mum-you-17290591.amp
    Apologies for exploring this ‘case’ further. So temporary HR Director Trafford Council – not an empowered service user.
    Daughter 4th year medical student who correctly identified the problem in the car park ie life threatening illness who communicated her concerns to ambulance and medical staff to no effect.
    It feels to me that someone wanted this woman dead but maybe I’m just too cynical.

    1. https://www.weightmans.com/people/simon-goacher/
      Partner of the carpark death case #lessons learned, is an experienced lawyer.
      So it’s not looking good for the rest of us if given the capacities of the supporting players still resulted in death following the failure to follow national clinical protocols. This despite a nod from a medical student and the weight of a senior lawyer.

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