A Holy Fool Among A Feast of Fools

My post ‘The Old Crowd’ discussed Penelope Gilliatt, the arts critic for ‘The Observer’ and after that ‘The New York Times’ who was married to Angry Young Man the obnoxious John Osborne and Gilliatt’s and Osborne’s network of people who facilitated and/or concealed organised abuse and serious criminality, a number of whom were close to Dafydd and Gwynne and the gang in north Wales. Penelope Gilliatt’s final years were as sad as those of some of the Empowered Service Users in north Wales, in that a depressed and alone Penelope drunk herself to death while the glamorous friends looked on. Penelope died in May 1993, shortly after the North Wales Police closed their investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, on the grounds that there was no evidence. During the course of the investigation, more than 100 complaints of the abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd had been made. A file was sent to the CPS, but Dame Barbara Mills, the DPP, did not mount one prosecution. Dame Babs and the CPS however did charge me with a Public Order Offence just before Penelope died, for Staring At A Social Worker In Safeways. See previous posts.

During that police investigation and in the months after it was closed, there was a whole spate of deaths of witnesses to the VIP paedophile/trafficking ring that didn’t exist. I am left with the impression that I was supposed to have been one of them.

Penelope Gilliatt’s first husband had been the neurologist Roger Gilliatt. Roger’s dad Sir William Gilliatt was a Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and the Princess Snap. William and Roger Gilliatt trained as Top Docs at the Middlesex Hospital, which was where Gwynne the lobotomist trained. William Gillatt worked and taught at the Middlesex after he qualified; he was teaching there when Gwynne was a student. Roger Gilliatt knew Gwynne as well, although I think that Roger Gilliatt was young enough to have just missed being Gwynne’s contemporary at the Middlesex. Roger Gilliatt died in Sept 1991, as the North Wales Police investigation was busy failing to find any evidence of wrongdoing, while throughout the investigation the corpses turned up of so many people who had encountered Gwynne in any capacity and had found his conduct – or that of those for whom he was providing services – unacceptable. See previous posts for further info on William and Roger Gilliatt.

Roger Gilliatt was a good mate of Lord Snowdon’s and was best man at Snowdon’s wedding to Ma’am Darling. Snowdon’s pal Jeremy Fry was ruled out for best man duties after Fry was convicted of importuning for immoral purposes. When Snowdon was elderly, a DNA test revealed that Jeremy Fry’s daughter Polly was Snowdon’s biological daughter, Polly having been conceived at around the time of Lord Snowdon’s engagement to Ma’am Darling. Roger Gilliatt and Jeremy Fry’s mutual friend Jeremy Thrope was considered for best man, but Buck House were a little worried that should aspects of Mr Thrope’s ‘private life’ ever become public, it might Cause The Royal Family Embarrassment. See previous posts for info on the complex domestic arrangements of the Snowdons, the Frys, Mr Thrope and their friends.

In the light of Mr Thrope openly boasting that a lot of people had slept with Ma’am Darling and a lot of people had slept with Lord Snowdon but he, Mr Thrope, had slept with both of them, I can only wonder why Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling weren’t both banned from their own wedding because there was clearly huge potential for Embarrassment To The Royal Family as a result of their presence.

Jeremy Fry and his wife lived near Bath which is where the orgies were held – they had an impressive house there – but Jeremy’s family were a Quaker family from Bristol, the family of Fry’s chocolate fame. As there seems to be a running theme of the children of those who facilitated or were involved in organised abuse carrying on the family business of the ring, I’m wondering whether Jeremy’s father, Cecil Fry, was one of the previous facilitators of organised abuse in high places. Previous posts have discussed how Quakers were involved with Dafydd and the gang and how Dafydd even wrote articles for a Quakers website a few years ago. I am sure that there are plenty of Quakers who are not involved with gangs like Dafydd’s, but two of the key members in Gwynedd, Lucille’s henchman Gethin Evans, a social work manager for Gwynedd Social Services (see eg. ‘I Know Nuzzing…’) and Dr Paul Nickson, a GP who was formerly based at Bethesda surgery, were leading lights in the Quakers in Gwynedd. After I blogged about Gethin and Nickson, I received information about Quakers involved with organised abuse in other parts of the UK. As I research more and more people with links to Dafydd and the Gwynne, I have noticed a Quaker theme among some of them.

The Quakers were of course famous for establishing the first asylums, in the spirit of providing sanctuary for distressed lunatics.

When I moved to Bethesda, D.G.E. Wood recommended Dr Nickson to me. I had no idea at the time that Wood was busy doing all that he could to cause me serious problems and was systematically sending me in the direction of people who were on board with Dafydd and Gwynne. Wood trained at Bristol University and came from a Bristol family, his father was a Top Doc in Bristol. Previous posts have named Top Doctors based at the London Hospital, one of the Westminster Paedophile Ring’s hubs, who were collaborating with and/or responsible for appointing docs right across the south of England, including in Bristol, Taunton and Bridgwater. Brown’s mum lived near Bridgwater until she was found suddenly and inexplicably dead in 2005, after telling Brown that when she pressed her ‘call for help’ alert button – which was supposed to raise the alarm at an NHS centre – there was never any response. Mrs Brown thought that the alarm wan’t working, so Brown went down to Somerset and found that it was fine. Mrs Brown had told him that she had fallen several times, that was why she was concerned when no-one had responded; when Brown found that the alarm was fine, he wondered whether his mother had told him about the falls and the lack of response to the alarm to get him to go and visit. Brown always kept in touch but Mrs Brown would have liked him to go down weekly and he didn’t have time, so he wondered if his mother had thought of a Cunning Plan. I have been told that Mrs Brown’s alarm was working, but the NHS staff had decided that it did not need to be responded to.

Mrs Brown was brought up as a Methodist but in her later years, she was befriended by some Quakers in Somerset.

I have also been told that a rather surprising last will and testament left by Mrs Brown was not the original one. Brown and his brother never suspected foul play, but for weeks now I have been receiving info telling me that Mrs Brown’s will was altered after her death.

Perhaps Lord Tom King, Thatch’s loyal Cabinet Minister who served as the Tory MP for Bridgwater, 1970-2001 and husband of Lady Jane King of One Sausage Roll All Evening (see previous posts), or Dr MacAdam, last heard of in Nether Stowey, might be able to shed light on these matters.

With regard to Wood referring me to other members of the trafficking network, in my post ‘The Old Crowd’ I discussed the ring that existed in Shropshire which was directly linked to north Wales and how one of Gwynne’s victims was based in Shrewsbury in 1985, the year that John and Helen Osborne moved to the area. Wood had a friend who was a Top Doc in Shrewsbury, a Greek analyst, to whom Wood discussed sending me in the summer of 1983. I didn’t request such a referral, it was a spontaneous suggestion from Wood and he started working on it as it were but then suddenly dropped the idea, simply telling me that Shrewsbury was a bit far and he thought that I might not hit it off with ‘a large Greek’. Wood thought that a lobotomist would be a better choice.

As for the children of the facilitators of the ring in a previous generation, Jeremy Thrope was of course the son and grandson of Tory MPs. Mr Thrope’s father was was John Henry Thorpe, a lawyer and politician who was the Tory MP for Manchester Rusholme, 1919-23. Mr Thrope’s mother, Ursula Norton-Griffiths (1903-1992), was the daughter of another Conservative MP, Sir John Norton-Griffiths, widely known as “Empire Jack” because of his passionate imperialism. Mr Thrope’s mother Ursula was a close friend of Lady Megan Lloyd-George, who was personally known to many of the older members of Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang. Mr Thrope grew up with the Lloyd George children, the two families were close.


When Penelope Gilliatt left her post at ‘The Observer’, she was replaced by Penelope Mortimer, who was married to Sir John Mortimer, the barrister and writer who invented Rumpole of the Bailey. John Mortimer was a close friend of Lord Snowdon and was also up to his eyes in Dafydd and Gwynne’s network, as was Penelope Mortimer. Penelope Mortimer’s father was a clergyman from a big family in Rhyl, north east Wales; Penelope maintained that he had molested her when she was young. See post ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ for details of John and Penelope Mortimer and their activities and network. Penelope Mortimer was a good mate of John Osborne’s final wife, Helen Osborne, who also worked for ‘The Observer’ in her capacity of being Arty. Unlike Osborne’s previous wives who had relatively short, dreadfully unhappy marriages to Osborne – two of them killed themselves – Helen Osborne was married to John Osborne for a long time, maintained that he was a lovely old boy, that the previous wives were Bitches From Hell who drove the poor man around the bend and that he had at no time under any circumstances Been Gay. Helen also took issue with anyone who did not review Osborne’s work favourably and ensured that it still received much good PR years after his death. See post ‘The Old Crowd’.

Helen Osborne had also worked as an arts critic for ‘The Observer’ and her immediate boss – and good friend – was that publication’s arts editor, Richard Findlater. Findlater also knew Penelope Gilliatt and Penelope Mortimer, because Findlater worked for ‘The Observer’ when they worked there as well.

Richard Findlater (1921–1985), was a theatre critic and biographer. He was born Kenneth Bruce Findlater Bain, but worked under the pen-name Richard Findlater. Findlater was arts editor for ‘The Observer’ and in 1963 became Assistant Editor. Findlater wrote 18 books, including biographies of Michael RedgravePeggy AshcroftLaurence OlivierRalph RichardsonLillian Baylis and Joseph Grimaldi; the definitive history of stage censorship, Banned; and an account of contemporary British theatre, The Unholy Trade.

From 1948 to 1962, Richard Findlater was married to the journalist and showbiz interviewer Romany Bain (22 March 1924-29 March 2015). Romany was a journalist and showbiz interviewer, who in the 1960s and 1970s, worked as a feature writer for ‘She’ magazine and the ‘Daily Mail’. Romany Bain was born in Carlisle to Eunice and George Bramwell Evans, a Methodist minister who, under his pseudonym Romany, later worked for the BBC as one of the first wildlife programme presenters, with Eunice as his assistant and script editor.

‘The Guardian’ published Romany Bain’s Obituary in March 2015, which was written by her son Ben:

My mother, Romany Bain, was a leading British female freelance journalist of the 1960s and 70s. She was editor of the Daily Mail’s Femail page in its earliest days and then a globetrotting feature writer for She magazine, where she specialised in film star interviews, pulling off two world exclusives with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor at the peak of their fame.

Previous posts have briefly discussed Richard Burton, the famous son of south Wales who retained strong links with south Wales even after he became Rich and Famous. Burton was one hell of a drinker and like Penelope Gilliatt didn’t seem to receive the best attention from Top Doctors. Burton suffered from other health problems as well and pegged out while only in his late 50s, from problems that would have done a Top Doc of an Empowered Service User proud. Richard Burton was of course much richer than the Empowered Service Users and died in Geneva, rather than Wrexham or Caernarfon.

Burton died in Aug 1984, the year that there was not only a grade A panic about Brown and I writing to various authorities re Gwynne, but the year in which George Thomas, by then Lord Tonypandy, the ultimate Westminster Paedophile who served as a south Wales Labour MP for decades from the 1940s and was the most famous Methodist and indeed lay preacher in Britain for many years, contracted an STI and hospitalised. There was a major panic that All Would Be Revealed about George, so his mate Leo Abse, fellow Westminster Molester and a south Wales Labour MP, told the media a pack of lies about the reason for George’s stay in hospital. The Top Docs and Angels backed the story up. See post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’.

George used the services of Dafydd and Gwynne and had spent years concealing their crimes, including when he was a Minister in the Welsh Office, 1966-68, under the Windbags’ friend Lord Cledwyn the then Secretary of State, who served as the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and also as President of Aberystwyth University, 1976-85 and President of UCNW, 1995-2000, nicely covering the Waterhouse Inquiry. See previous posts for information on Lord Cledwyn, eg. ‘The Cradle of Filth’. George Thomas then stepped into Lord Cledwyn’s shoes and served as Secretary of State for Wales, 1968-70. It was when George Thomas was Secretary of State that Health and Social Services became the direct responsibility of the Welsh Office! George reaped the rewards obviously, but the transfer of direct responsibility for Dafydd and Gwynne and the raping social workers from the DHSS to the Welsh Office was arranged when Lord Cledwyn was Welsh Secretary.

Richard Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70. Although Crossman was the King of the Swingers and very supportive of Dafydd and Gwynne, it was as he assumed responsibility for Health that in terms of Dafydd and Gwynne it was transferred to their customer and friend George Thomas. The Minister of Health immediately prior to Crossman who did have direct responsibility for Dafydd and Gwynne was Dafydd and Gwynne’s friend Sir Kenneth Robinson.

I have also found out that George Thomas was a member of the Welsh Hospital Board, who ran the North Wales Hospital before the restructuring of the NHS in the 1970s. The Welsh Hospital Board ran the other long-stay hospitals in Wales as well, including Ely Hospital when the Ely Hospital Scandal erupted in 1968. Crossman was fuming, because the Ely Scandal reflected dreadfully on the Labour Gov’t and George Thomas was in the thick of the Ely Scandal from every angle. Although lies were told in the House re We Didn’t Know, they did, including George Thomas. There had been many complaints and Gov’t officials had witnessed the mistreatment of patients on visits to Ely Hospital. Ely’s defence was ‘things are worse at Denbigh so why are you worrying about us?’

Geoffrey Howe, Ronnie Waterhouse’s friend and yet another dodgy Welsh barrister who, along with his wife Elspeth, colluded with the gang for their entire careers (see previous posts), was appointed to Chair the Inquiry into the Ely Hospital Scandal. Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ alone make it clear that Howe’s Inquiry was a huge whitewash. I hope to devote a future post to the Ely Scandal, the cover-up involved many of the same people who 20 years later were concealing serious organised crime in north Wales.

Years later George Thomas explained that ‘nursing methods’ at Ely were ‘old fashioned’. Angels dragged patients down corridors naked, punched them in the face, kicked them, bathed them by hosing them down with cold water outside…

George Thomas could remember when a former school teacher, Methodist lay preacher, a Governor of a Hospital Board and a Labour Secretary of State for Wales could serially rape 10 year old boys and still get change from three groats. And when he told the young people of today that, they didn’t believe him.

Previous posts have discussed another very culpable man who was a member of the Welsh Hospital Board, Gwilym Prys Davies, Baron Prys-Davies (8 December 1923-28 March 2017). Gwilym Prys Davies was born in the village of Llanegran, in what is now Gwynedd. He served in the Royal Navy during WW II on North Atlantic Convoys. After the war, Gwilym went to study law at Aberystwyth University, where he met Llinos Evans, to whom he would be married for over 50 years until her death in 2010. By 1956 Gwilym had qualified as a solicitor and was working at a legal practice in Pontypridd, pioneering the use of the Welsh language in the courts.

Gwilym’s political career started with Plaid, before he moved to Labour after the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement, of which he was a founder and strong supporter, failed to influence party policy. Gwilym was always a strong advocate of devolution for Wales. He was the Labour candidate in the Carmarthen by-election, 1966, but lost to Gwynfor Evans, the first Plaid Cymru MP. Gwilym went on to support devolutionists within the Labour Party with the aim of securing “political responsibility for Welsh life”, so he will have been a big buddy of the Windbags’ mate Lord Cledwyn.

Gwilym played a role in the huge deceit and stitch up carried out on the part of a number of lawyers and politicians who were colluding with Dafydd and Gwynne et al with regard to the Aberfan disaster; Gwilym secured the services of Desmond Ackner QC to represent the parents of the children caught in the disaster. People in south Wales were impressed that someone like Ackner Wanted To Help. They had no idea that Ackner had taken part in a complex serious of deals to ensure that the National Coal Board or the Labour Party was never held to account; the NCB and Labour politicians knew that the tip above Aberfan was dangerous, but they feared losing employment if the pit was shut and the collapse of support for Labour if the truth ever emerged. It was left to George Thomas to implement the final part of the swindle, when as Welsh Secretary, he raided the Aberfan Disaster Fund to pay for making the remains of the tips safe before they fell on anyone else. See previous posts.

In much the same way that I and others with mountains of evidence against Dafydd et al were constantly cheated by people who rushed off to fix up a deal for themselves in return for shafting us, because so many people would have lost their jobs or gone to prison if our cases had been properly investigated.

After John Morris, now Lord Morris of Aberavon, was appointed Secretary of State for Wales, he appointed Gwilym Prys Davies as his special adviser. John Morris was one of the biggest pals that Dafydd and Gwynne had in the Labour Party. Almost on a par with George Thomas. See previous posts.

Gwilym Prys Davies was appointed as a life peer in 1982, and was the first member of the Lords to take his oath in Welsh. So a member of the Welsh Hospital Board for all those years while the lobotomies, imprisonments in the dungeon, abduction of babies and deaths took place at Denbigh bagged a peerage just after Mary Wynch began legal action against Dafydd and the gang…

In the Lords, Gwilym Prys-Davies was opposition frontbench spokesperson for Health, 1983-87, for N Ireland, 1982-93 and for the Welsh Office, 1987-97. Just look at those dates and what was happening re Gwilym’s remit at the time… There wasn’t much Socialist or Republican about Lord Prys-Davies and he didn’t do any favours for Wales or the Welsh either.

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Prys-Davies retired from the Lords on 23 May 2015, shortly before the Macur Review was published.

Here’s Gwynedd’s own Revolutionary:

Not so much Che, as CHE, in as much as the branch of CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) in Chester was alleged to have been a front for paedophilia, so the normal gay men left.


After Richard Burton’s death, Elizabeth Taylor became an AIDS campaigner, after realising how many of her showbiz friends had contracted it. Liz was very US-based, but while Liz took the campaigning up a step over at Hollywood, in the UK, all those former kids in care, including those from north Wales, began dying from AIDS. The very same Top Docs and politicians who had protected Dafydd and Gwynne and the gang began making much of the Work For People With AIDS eg. Baroness Margaret Jay, (Jim Callaghan’s daughter) and her Top Doc husband, as well as Peter Shore and the whole of the Middlesex Hospital… See previous posts.

Burton was not the only witness that the world lost in 1984. Closer to home, Lord Maelor aka Thomas Jones – like George Thomas a former school teacher – who served as the Labour MP for the constituency that included Cwm Croesor, 1951-66, spontaneously combusted at his home near Wrexham in Nov 1984. Lord Maelor had grown up near Wrexham, trained as a teacher at the Normal College in Bangor, an institution staffed and managed by many members of the gang, which was then joined by many of those whom they trained and enjoyed wearing ladies’ clothes when he was off duty. He knew Gwynne the lobotomist as well as Dafydd and many more… Lord Maelor’s brother, James Jones, was the Labour MP for Wrexham, 1955-70, when the buggery and beating was going on down the road at Bryn Estyn. See previous posts eg. ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’ for more info re Lord Maelor and his brother.

Two months after Lord Maelor had spontaneously combusted, the 5th Lord Harlech aka David Ormsby-Gore, was seriously injured in a car crash at near Shrewsbury on the evening of 25 January 1985 and died at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital the following morning, aged 66. Lord Harlech moved in US celeb circles as a result of having served as the US Ambassador, he was in post when JFK was assassinated. After JFK’s death, Lord Harlech proposed to Jackie Kennedy but she turned him down. The stars turned out for Lord Harlech’s funeral at Llanfihangel-y-traethau, including Senator Edward Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis and other Kennedy family members. Lord Harlech was succeeded in the barony by his second and only surviving son, Francis. From the time that Lord David Harlech served as US Ambassador, members of his family were repeatedly found dead, often when still young and in terrible circumstances. The family seat was in Shropshire and some of the Ormsby-Gores who were young in the late 1960s/70s hung out with people who seemed to be running a sex abuse ring for High Society. One of the dead Ormsby-Gores, Alice, had been engaged to Eric Clapton. Francis-Ormsby-Gore lived and farmed near Harlech, rather than in Shropshire. Francis was found dead at his farm a few years ago; he had a seriously hard time, including being sectioned, convicted of a drugs offence and driving offences. Francis’s life showed every sign that he was someone who had been targeted by the gang. See previous posts eg. ’95 Glorious Years’ for further details of the many deaths of Ormsby-Gores and the obvious questions that should have been asked but never were.

1984 had started with a bit of excitement when the building in Caernarfon which housed the offices of the local newspaper spontaneously combusted, like Lord Maelor. There was nothing left of the offices, everything destroyed. Previous posts have mentioned another bit of excitement just before our finals in 1984, when Stuart Ferraris, a dentist from Beaumaris, was nearly killed in an explosion at Dickie’s Boat Yard in Bangor. Stuart’s life was saved by another Top Doc who was working on his own boat nearby. The Doc who saved Stuart was a gynaecologist who was facilitating the ring; Stuart Ferraris was a good mate of D.G.E. Wood’s. Stuart will have definitely known about the ring, but I don’t know if he was actively involved. After Stuart was blown up, Wood refused to treat one of our friends, Julian Oliver, who went up to the Student Health Centre; Julian said ‘but I’ve got finals in two weeks time’ and Wood said that he didn’t care, his mate had nearly been killed yesterday.

I’ve only just realised; Stuart Ferraris was nearly killed just after I complained about Gwynne.

Julian was engaged to Heather, a teacher training student at UCNW. Heather was very difficult and didn’t like me – or indeed many other people – but she was frank that she was less than impressed by what she had witnessed on teaching practice in schools in Gwynedd. She also said that the teacher training tutors were colluding with bad practice.

Years later, when I was working at Bangor University and the gang were causing serious grief in my direction but hadn’t yet threatened me with a gun, one of my old friends from my undergrad days made a scientific discovery impressive enough to appear in the London-based media. I contacted him and we had a natter about old times and he told me that Julian and Heather married after we graduated – I lost contact with them so I didn’t know – and they’d been happily married for years but not long before I contacted my old friend, Heather had suddenly left Julian, her career and indeed the UK and gone to Australia to work on a fishing trawler. We were both astonished because Heather was the least likely person to ever do such a thing.

Heather discovered her inner-trawler after my lawyer finally obtained my medical records when Keith Thomson, the Chief Exec of the NW Wales NHS Trust, was threatened with imprisonment by the High Court in Cardiff if he did not hand them over and I began legal action. It coincided with increasingly loud demands from some people for the police to reopen the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Miranda and the Gwerin were trying to gun down Merfyn Jones the VC of Bangor University, John McTernan’s brother-in-law had stolen my computer and my e mails were hacked and sent to journos and politicians, but I didn’t know that at the time.

One of the parts of Bangor University whose staff were unrelentingly hostile to Merfyn and held meetings about the methods that could be used to drive him out was the School of Education. The School was staffed by people who had been teachers in north Wales schools during the 1970s and 80s, when Gwynne and Dafydd ran the ring; when Heather had trained as a teacher… I trained as a teacher at Bangor University, 2000-01. Previous posts have discussed how after the gang tried to frame me for ‘threats to kill’ in 2002, the charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial because of the obvious perjury on the part of the eight or so witnesses against me. After that, some charming character wrote to the DES and told them that I was a Mentally Ill Teacher who was a Danger to kids and demanded that I be struck off the teaching register. My name was cleared by a junior Gov’t Minister, who was a friend of Merfyn’s. I didn’t know either of them at the time.

It was too much for the Gwerin, blood had to be spilt and when I turned up again to do a PhD at Bangor, it was more than they could bear… After I began this blog, I was told that it was someone from the School of Education at Bangor who declared me insane and dangerous to the DES and demanded that I be struck off. I have no idea who, but perhaps the following people, among others, should be asked if they contacted Heather, who knew me in 1984, who knew about Gwynne, who also knew that things were not as they should be in the schools in Gwynedd or on the part of the teacher trainers in Bangor:

Prof Colin Baker; his wife worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Colin knows about that gang, as does his wife. When Colin Baker started out at UCNW, he was in the Dept of Psychology. Dafyddville.

Dr Janet Pritchard, former teacher trainer at Bangor. She knew that I had begun legal action. Janet taught on Anglesey when the Gang ran riot.

Dr Prys Morgan Jones, former Dean of Education at Bangor. Prys taught at Ysgol Bryn Refail and Ysgol Sir Hugh Owen in Gwynedd when the gang ruled supreme. Prys taught Dafydd Wigley’s children and was also a friend of one of Ronnie Waterhouse’s school friends, who as an adult concealed Dafydd and Gwynne’s crimes. Prys was also a good friend of the vile Dr Stephen Williams of Waunfawr Surgery, who was a paid-up member of the Gang. Prys knew that I’d begun legal action.

Margaret Ellis-Jones. Margaret is a former tutor at the School of Education who knew that I’d begun legal action. Margaret taught in Caernarfon schools when the gang were busy in the 1970s and 80s and is a friend of Dafydd Wigley and his wife. Margaret’s husband was a senior figure in Gwynedd County Council, but I’m not sure what; he might have been Chief Exec.

Professor Gareth Williams, former Principal of the Normal College, then Prof at the School of Education. Gareth was an education adviser and I think a schools inspector for Gwynedd when the Gang were busy in the 1970s and 80s. Gareth knew that I’d begun legal action. Gareth was for a while the Chairman of the General Teaching Council for Wales, who would have struck me off if Merfyn’s friend had not have cleared my name.

Gwen Hughes. Secretary in the School of Education who’s sister was Lena Henry, the Senior Nurse Manager at the Hergest Unit. Lena perjured herself – at least twice – in an effort to have me imprisoned. Lena previously worked as an Angel at Denbigh. Lena’s ex-husband Jim worked at the Hergest Unit and before that in one of Dafydd’s ‘nursing homes’.

Another weird thing was that when the Gwerin were on the march, I was due to conduct an oral history interview with a lady on Anglesey who’s brother had worked as the SEN teacher at Ysgol David Hughes and had then become a teacher trainer in the School of Education at Bangor University. Three days before I was due to interview her she was found dead. I don’t know what the circumstances were, she obviously wasn’t found with gun shot wounds in the middle of Menai Bridge, but then those who have been bumped off because the Top Docs have lied and cheated and have not been honest about diagnoses or medication etc don’t die from gun shots.

The sadness among all this craven fuckwittery is that a member of staff at the School of Education lost her husband to suicide after the most appalling negligence on the part of the Anglesey Community Mental Health Team. One of those concerned was the dreadful Angel, the CPN Bridget Lloyd, who has been at the centre of unlawful detentions of patients, conspiracies to leave them alone with Dafydd who then Talked Sex and threatened them when they challenged him and topped it all off with perjury in an attempt to have witnesses and complainants imprisoned. See previous posts.


After Merfyn’s friend cleared my name, he was the centre of media reports stating that he had ‘allowed a paedophile to remain on the teaching register’. Er no, he had cleared the name of someone who had been wrongly accused by a gang of old paedophiles/traffickers – for the umpteenth time as well – after she refused to have sex with them many years ago. They killed one of my mates as well and tried to murder Brown and his brother. Anyone for apologising to Merfyn’s friend? Although he might take the view that I do: you’re all such a bunch of worthless spineless inadequate hypocritical tossers that an apology would be meaningless.  I was however entertained when a social worker friend of the gang denounced the man who had cleared my name as a Philanderer, in the middle of Porthmadog.

  • In the early 70s [Romany Bain] moved to the Sun, under the editorship of Larry Lamb, to write for its television page, and from there she went to TV Times, first as a feature writer then, for much of the 80s, as editor of the agony column with Katie Boyle and later, Miriam Stoppard.

Previous posts have discussed how Miriam was an Angel from a council estate in Newcastle until she discovered that trafficking ring in the North East facilitated by Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates. Within a few short years Miriam was Dr Miriam, then Celebrity Dr Miriam, married to Sir Tom Stoppard. I haven’t yet read anything about Katie Boyle, which is very remiss of me. Brown’s brother spent many happy hours laughing at the ‘Dear Katie’ letters in the TV Times when he was younger and then he gained as much from ‘Dear Miriam’. The letters were very eccentric. One Dear Katie letter sent in when Brown’s brother was an enthusiastic follower of the Dear Katie page was from a woman who had been at the butchers behind an old lady who had asked the butcher for three slices of ham and the butcher had yelled sarcastically in front of the queue ‘Having visitors are we then madam?’. The letter was sent to Katie to express horror that the butcher could be so insensitive as to take the piss out of a pensioner on a low income. Whereas we thought the notion of a witty but absolute bastard of a butcher was excellent.

Mark Drakeford and the many others who ignored a vicious paedophile gang for years and are now showing that they Stand By Girls and Wimmin by taking an interest in Period Poverty (see previous posts and comments), might also be interested to know that back in the days when Brown and I were performing our analysis of the marketing and cultural symbolism around sanitary products, Brown’s brother dug out a load of old ‘Which’ magazines from his parents’ attic dating from the era long before Claire Rayner banged on about wings in TV adverts and found that ‘Which’ had conducted one of their product tests on Dr Whites no less, as compared to other brands. The article was accompanied by a disclaimer which stated that ‘Which’ hoped that readers would not be offended by this feature, but – a la Sister Hutt and Drakeford – this was an Important Subject For All Women who needed to know which The Best Buy was.

‘Which’ had taken a whole variety of Dr Whites and had poured ox blood on them (perhaps it made sense to ‘Which’ in 1972) and then reported the results. Because the testing had been conducted in the era of massive anxiety on the part of the female population, accompanied by advertising jargon that urged people to use Dr Whites in order to ‘feel safe all day long’ (as opposed to folk like me who are Dangerous, as confirmed by Dafydd et al), the Dr Whites tested were enormous. ‘Which’ stated the dimensions and one of them was over a foot long; upon reading this, Brown’s brother yelled ‘Christ, that’s enough to stop double incontinence’. I presume that Sister Hutt and Julie Ceaușescu, not being as radical as they like to think, grew up surrounded by this sort of thing which is why they now believe that they should be imparting their Wimmin’s Wisdom, along with their Leader Drakeford’s wisdom, to the younger female population…

I hold my hands up to my own desire to spread Wimmin’s Wisdom in terms of encouraging people to view the ruthless marketing and anti-woman messages swirling around this nonsense – and of course the shameless opportunism of some seriously inadequate politicians – with a very deep cynicism…

Julie campaigned for the smug patronising old bastard Jim Callaghan when she was Young and Radical.
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Although [Romany Bain] achieved significant success in journalism, acting was actually her first chosen career. In her 20s, for several years after the second world war, she made her living in repertory. But marriage – and more specifically the birth of triplets – intervened.

She was born in Carlisle to Eunice and George Bramwell Evens, a Methodist minister who, under his pseudonym Romany, later worked for the BBC as one of the first wildlife programme presenters, with Eunice as his assistant and script editor.

An extensive network of Methodists propped up Dafydd, Gwynne and the gang. North Wales was a stronghold of Nonconformity but in south Wales, matters were considerably assisted by George Thomas’s very high profile in the Methodist Church. Harold Wilson’s wife Mary was from a Methodist family, her dad was a Minister. When Thatch was asked what the commonality between her and George Thomas was in that they could be so friendly with each other across the political divide, Thatch replied that it was their Methodism. See eg. ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’ and ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’.

After attending two Methodist schools and, briefly, Cheltenham Ladies’ College,

Pat Arrowsmith, anti-nuclear campaigner and fellow traveller of Bertrand Russell, went to Cheltenham Ladies College

my mother served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service during the second world war and worked on decoding German messages at Bletchley Park.

Previous posts have discussed how there was a contingent of people at Bletchley Park who were genuinely working on code-breaking, but there was also a contingent of posh, uneducated young women who had been placed at Bletchley by their families to show that the privileged classes were helping with the war effort. They did very little but mess around and go to London partying, as Trumpers admitted… The security services being what they were at the time ie. full of people like Richard Crossman and Asa Briggs, after the war many of the people who did the real work at Bletchley put their contacts and expertise to good use concealing the criminality of Dafydd and Gwynne. ‘Upholding national security’ being interpreted as going to any lengths at all to conceal criminality if it was being committed on the part of members of the Royal Family or those close to them.

At the end of the conflict she enrolled at Rada, and within two years was working with the West of England theatre company, appearing in a number of productions, including JM Barrie’s Dear Brutus.

Romany got down into the West Country then; Bristol, Bath, Bridgwater, Taunton…

In 1950 she was taken on by Anthony Quayle at the Shakespeare Memorial theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon as one of six female actors in a 66-strong company, appearing in small parts in Measure for Measure, Julius Caesar and King Henry VIII alongside the likes of John Gielgud, Harry Andrews, Alan Badel and Barbara Jefford.

In 1948 she had married the theatre critic and biographer Richard Findlater (born Kenneth Bain) and together they had four children, including those triplets in 1954. Motherhood put paid to her acting dreams. Within a year she was writing one-off light-hearted pieces about the efforts of raising triplets and soon found it easier to pursue a new career as a journalist. She started with a column in 1955 at the London Evening Standard before moving to the Daily Mail.

She got divorced in 1962, married the Scottish bandleader and jazz composer Tommy Watt and they had a son the same year: me. In the 60s she cemented her reputation as a leading feature writer with almost 100 celebrity interviews for She magazine. Her work also appeared in Woman, Woman’s Own and Cosmopolitan. She continued in journalism until the late 80s, and even in retirement wrote occasional travel pieces for the Observer.

The people who worked on women’s and girls magazines of that era later admitted that among the letters from readers were letters asking for help from people who had been the subject of serious sexual assault or other crime, including by well-known people. The letters were ignored. Journos concerned with showbiz reporting all knew about the activities of the now notorious sex offenders from that time eg. Savile, Gary Glitter and Rolf. I’ve been given yet more names than the ones that are commonly bandied about now, including from people that I knew/know well who provided credible first hand accounts.

She moved from London to Oxford in 1988 in preparation for retirement. Tommy died in 2006 and she lived with worsening dementia in her later years. In 2014 her life with Tommy was depicted in my memoir  Romany and Tom.

She is survived by her sons, Simon, Toby, Roly, and me, and by 10 grandchildren. Her daughter, Jennie, predeceased her.


Romany Bain’s father the Rev. George Bramwell Evens (1884–20 November 1943) was, under the pseudonym Romany (and sometimes The Tramp), a British radio broadcaster and writer on countryside and natural history matters – quite possibly the first to broadcast on such issues. The Tramp was also a Minister of the Methodist Church. The Tramp’s daughter was of the generation of people who concealed Gwynne and Dafydd’s gang…

We are told that The Tramp’s mother was the real thing, a Romani born in a vardo (gypsy wagon). His father was Salvation Army Lieutenant George Evens, a native of Plymouth, a city dominated by Michael Foot’s family, a Methodist family of lawyers and politicians who concealed and colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Micheal Foot at least being actively involved. See post ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’.
The BBC Tramp was born in Hull – in a house – and educated at two private schools, Epworth College, Rhyl (a Methodist boarding school), then Queens College, Taunton. The BBC Tramp married Eunice, the daughter of the Reverend Owen Thomas, on 1 August 1911. The public school educated BBC Tramp is most famous for his radio programmes (Out with Romany), which commenced in 1933 on the BBC’s Children’s Hour, describing travels in his own vardo (purchased in 1921, at Brough Hill Fair, for £75), with Comma the horse, his English Cocker Spaniel, Raq and his young friends Muriel and Doris.

Although the programmes were all pre-scripted and performed in the studio, the impression given was of the expensively schooled BBC Tramp and his friends going for a walk in the countryside and spontaneously discussing the plants and animals they came across. Raphael Samuel saw the programme as instrumental in making the countryside desirable for a generation of listeners.

Raphael Samuel was a Marxist historian and one of the New Left/Partisan Coffee House crowd along with Eric Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson, Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law, Stuart Hall and the crowd, many of whom hung out at Cwm Croesor. Raphael Samuel was the man behind the History Workshops at Ruskin College, Oxford. The Ruskin crowd were even more culpable than the New Left; when Raphael Samuel was busy with the History Workshops, Matt Arnold, later to became Head of Bryn Estyn taught at Ruskin and one of his students was Peter Howarth, who was given a job at Bryn Estyn by Matt Arnold. Matt Arnold died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’ in June 1994; days later Howarth’s trial for sexual assault on kids in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court, after which Howarth received 10 years in prison. At the same time, the Mental Health Act Commission failed to investigate complaints made by Patient F and I that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients. Shortly after we made the complaint, Dafydd contacted the MDU and told him that I was a danger to his life. Evidence began to be collected as to my Dangerousness… The MDU knew that Dafydd perjured himself in Nov 1994 in order to obtain a High Court injunction against me. See previous posts…

I have previously blogged about Raphael Samuel, Ruskin and all who sailed in her; John Prescott was at Ruskin when Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth were there. See eg. ‘A Study In Tyranny’. Before Arnold and Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn in 1973, they worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead and were part of the ring there, which at that time was concealed by Sunderland Councillor Ernest Armstrong, who subsequently served as the Labour MP for North West Durham, 1964-87. Ernest was the man who was so helpful when Miranda was after the nomination for Sedgefield. Ernest was succeeded in his own seat by his daughter Hilary, who became part of Miranda’s inner circle and was elevated to Baroness Hilary. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’

Raphael Samuel died on 9 Dec 1996, some three weeks before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened; Ernest Armstrong had died on 8 July 1996, weeks after the Jillings Report was completely suppressed, which was followed by William Hague announcing that there would be a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.  The Jillings Inquiry had been Chaired by John Jillings, the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services. The gang in north Wales/Cheshire had links to a gang of abusers in Derbyshire and they exchanged staff. The Jillings Report was seen only by lawyers and insurers and was then pulped, on the advice of Michael Beloff QC, the legal adviser for Municipal Mutual, the insurers of Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’. Beloff was a colleague and friend of Cherie Booth. Beloff’s dad Lord Max Beloff was a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council who had appointed Lucille Hughes as Director of Social Services and ignored serious complaints about the abuse of kids in care. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

At the time of Raphael Samuel’s death, F and I were on police bail after the Gang were in the process of trying to fit us up once more, on that occasion on the basis of the perjury of CPN Bridget Lloyd, who at the time was a member of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. We were acquitted just after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. The Hergest Unit refused to apologise and we found out that before our trial, Tony Francis had compiled a report for the Court stating that when we were found guilty, I should be sent to a secure psychiatric unit on the grounds of my extreme dangerousness.

I first met Bridget Lloyd in the autumn of 1986, when she was the Angel in charge of a psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd. I had been detained unlawfully after I had gone to YG to ask administrators to respond to my previous complaints. Lloyd refused to let me leave until I had ‘seen Dafydd’. I was left alone with him, the inevitable happened, I challenged him and he threatened me… My subsequent complaint to the Mental Health act Commission was never fully investigated once the Commission established that whoops, yes, I had been detained unlawfully by Jackie Brandt -well I had been to see my MP, Keith Best on Anglesey/Ynys Mon about my difficulties with the mental health services, what did I expect but unlawful imprisonment and a failure to investigate any matter by anyone? – who, when Bridget perjured herself in 1996, was Bridget’s colleague in the Arfon CMHT.

Bridget later moved to work with the Anglesey CMHT, where her negligence led to the suicide of the husband of a member of staff at Bangor University in about 2005. Bridget eliminates friend and foe of the gang alike. When Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council, had a breakdown later in life, Bridget was allocated to ‘help’ Ron, Ron living on Anglesey. She didn’t. Ron never worked as a lawyer again.

It was Ron Evans who kept that lot out of prison at the time of the Jillings Report in 1996. His wife Dinah, a magistrate and a now retired lecturer from Bangor University, told me that Ron had instructed all of them never to answer questions and never to discuss what they had done because it was so serious and totally inexcusable. Back in the 1990s, when Jackie Brandt et al repeatedly perjured themselves in attempts to have me imprisoned, it was Ron who, at the request of Lucille Hughes, had co-ordinated and arranged the perjury and conspiracy. Ron also fabricated documentation of a superior quality than that fabricated by the rest of them. See eg. ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ and ‘Too Many Pills’.

 Simon Barnes has paid tribute to how his father (radio) and himself (books) were drawn to natural history by Romany: “I longed to walk through the country with the all-knowing, all-seeing Romany”.

The BBC Tramp’s Commemorative Plaque in Carlisle

Here’s another BBC Tramp:

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chairman Professor ...

He didn’t do favours for Leon Brittan’s relatives a la Michael Grade and his parents were the tenants of this pub, owned by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis:
17 of the best dog-friendly pubs in North Wales - Daily Post


Eric Hobsbawm noted in his autobiography ‘Interesting Times’ that Hobsbawm’s pal Sir Clough wasn’t THAT wealthy and Clough’s ancestral home was only a rather small manor house. Clough’s house was not only by far the poshest house in the area, but he also owned Merfyn’s parents’ pub, Hobsbawm’s second home, all of the other second homes that were leased by the Welsh Blooomsbury Set and the whole of one side of Cwm Croesor as well, but Hobsbawm wasn’t impressed by that.

Meanwhile, revolution was fomented when Eric was resident in his town house, along with his revolutionary neighbours in Hampstead, including his friend Michael Foot.

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More revolutionaries were of course to be found in Primrose Hill, where Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law lived and encouraged his children to play the board game ‘Class Struggle’, to enable them to learn about Socialism.


Ralph’s board game did indeed prepare Uncle Harry’s nephews for ‘life in capitalist America’, here’s David with a friend:

  • Eric, Ralph and Raphael Samuel are all in Highgate Cemetery along with Karl Marx. Lord Snowdon of Belgravia For His Whole Life didn’t gatecrash Highgate Cemetery after he died, he gatecrashed Llanfaglan after Nerys arrived there (see post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’), but then Eric, Uncle Harry’s relatives and Raphael did not present much of a challenge to Lord Snowdon and his circle…

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories
  • Do you need a lobotomy? Lobotomy Before and After pics ...


As a Methodist minister, George Evens the BBC Tramp’s ministries included Goole; the Methodist Central Hall, Carlisle (1914–26); Huddersfield (1926–29); and the King Cross Methodist Chapel, Halifax (1929–39), after which ill health forced the BBC Tramp to give up the ministry. By the 1960s, there was a well-established sex abuse ring right across Yorkshire which of course featured Jimmy Savile and had links with Dafydd et al; the ring in Yorkshire merged into the ring in the North East of England. Judge James Pickles came from Halifax, studied law at Leeds University and had much to do with people involved with organised abuse; Pickles was also Theatrical, acting and writing plays and of course was famous for his tabloid journalism. Pickles was a member of Inner Temple, along with the Havers family, Mr Thrope et al. Pickles’s daughter Carolyn is an actress who has done a lot of work for the BBC. See post ‘Judge James Pickles’ for a fuller account of Pickles and his excesses.

Alice Mahon, the Labour MP for Halifax, 1987-2005, was in the 1990s, presented with evidence with regard to the serious criminality and abuse of patients prevailing at Ashworth Hospital, which was run by Dafydd’s mates and also served as a prison for the victims of Dafydd’s gang who wouldn’t keep quiet. The evidence that was given to Mahon was so damning that it resulted in a Public Inquiry into Ashworth, only a few short years after the last Public Inquiry into Ashworth. One of the members of the Inquiry panel was Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass who had concealed Dafydd and the gang’s criminality in 1989, when Bluglass ‘investigated’ my complaint. One of Bluglass’s tasks was to investigate the death of a patient who had died after a beating by Angels. To assist him, Bluglass commissioned a Senior Angel of Dafydd’s from Denbigh and a Senior Angel from Bluglass’s own unit in Birmingham. The Inquiry did of course reveal the most dreadful practices at Ashworth, but Bluglass et al stressed that this was because Dangerous Patients had Taken Over The Hospital, not that Dafydd’s gang were using Ashworth as a hub for their ring, with Jimmy Savile dropping in when he felt like it. See eg. ‘Security, Security’. Alice Mahon, ever the radical, on the left of the Labour Party, a fan of Jezza and a member of the Stop The War Coalition, did nearly as much mouthing off as Bluglass about those Dangerous Patients who had Seized Control of Ashworth. Alice grew up in Halifax, had previously worked as an NHS Angel and was a trade unionist. See previous posts.

Dafydd held ‘clinics’ in Yorkshire throughout the 1980s, 90s and in the years after that as well. Some of Dafydd’s ‘clinics’ were held in the Queen’s Hotel, Leeds, which is where Savile hung out. Savile of course was famous for his Voluntary Work at St James’s Hospital in Leeds and Savile’s mate Alan Franey was a manager at Leeds General Infirmary. When Savile was appointed General Manager of Broadmoor in the late 1980s, Alan Franey was appointed as CEO. See eg. ‘Socio-Political Context of the North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

For many years, the CEO of the NHS Trust that ran Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was Gren Kershaw. The Trust underwent a number of metamorphoses and thus enjoyed different names eg. the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust and the North East Wales NHS Trust, but it was Gren at the top throughout, 1991-2008. Gren isn’t Welsh, Gren appeared in north Wales in 1983 – when Mary Wynch was almost at the door of the Master of the Rolls – after holding NHS management posts in Leeds and East Yorkshire. Gren went to school in Leeds during the 1960s and attended Lanchester Poly, 1970-73. Lanchester Poly is now known an Coventry University. Gren was a student there when Richard Crossman was an MP for Coventry. Dafydd’s gang had a partner gang in Coventry, who supplied kids and staff to north Wales. When Bluglass concealed Dafydd’s criminality in 1989 as he investigated my complaint, his fellow investigator was Dr Colin Berry, a Top Doc from Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry.

Gren’s Trust’s ‘services’ were in a terrible state: the suicide rate for men was one of the highest in the UK; the mental health services were staffed by the former staff of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and were seriously wanting; the wards for the elderly in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd were so bad that none of the hospital staff would allow their own relatives to be admitted to them; the path labs were in chaos and run by a Dr Binns-Smith who probably shouldn’t have been practising at all (see previous posts for my encounter with Binns-Smith); there were major problems with the surgical and obs and gynae services…

All of this was openly discussed in north Wales, yet in inspection reports etc there was never anything but high praise for the Trust. As ever, complaints were not investigated. Some 10 years ago, things were in complete meltdown at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Clare Wenger, a retired Prof from Bangor University, was so appalled by what she witnessed when she was admitted to one of the notorious elderly wards that she logged everything and wrote an extensive report, sending it to some 100 people in the NHS, medicine and academia. Clare received no support from anyone. She was denounced by Ysbyty Glan Clwyd as a stuck up old cow who expected special treatment. Clare then appeared in the media making the point that she had complained about the abuse and neglect that she had witnessed dished out to other patients. More insults reigned down upon Clare’s head and she was told that if the NHS wasn’t good enough for her, bloody well go private.

Clare Wenger was a retired Prof of Old Age Care who had led some of the biggest studies of old age care/well-being in the UK. Even she could not make herself heard. The irony of course is that Clare knew about the gang years ago and she knew how bad those wards were in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, but she said nothing for years either… Clare’s former PhD students, Ness Berholt and Catherine Robinson are now both Professors of Social Policy, Ness in Swansea and Catherine in Bangor. They’ve known about the gang since they were PhD students and they have never said a word. Neither did they support Clare Wenger when she raised concerns. But then Catherine bagged herself a Chair and a Research Centre by doing a deal in return for keeping quiet about what was happening to me and I am told that Ness took advantage as well. See previous posts for details of the Clare Wenger saga.

At about the time that Clare Wenger was kicking up a stink, Gren Kershaw was voted Best NHS CEO by ‘Nursing Times’. The Angels love Gren, they can do anything, even kill the patients and there’ll be no comeback. Since Gren stepped down as CEO of the Trust some years ago, the scale of the disaster has become undeniable. There have been police investigations into fraud and embezzlement by Trust managers, Tawel Fan – the biggest scandal involving the abuse of EMI patients that there has ever been in the UK – blew up, the Royal College of Surgeons denounced the surgery services at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, the obs and gynae services were deemed to be so dysfunctional and dangerous that the hit squad charged with resurrecting them set ‘achieving normality’ as its first goal (after two years, it was reported that normality had not yet been achieved)…

The Best NHS CEO in the UK didn’t have to worry, he had long left the scene of the crime. Not that Gren had gone far. He was appointed CEO of the Welsh Risk Pool, the body established by the Welsh Gov’t to authorise negligence compensation. Gren bagged that job when I began legal action against the NHS. The General Manager of the Welsh Risk Pool was Patricia Gaskill, the former solicitor for Ysbyty Gwynedd, who failed to investigate or resolve my complaint after I was violently assaulted by four NHS staff, injured and then arrested on the basis of the perjury of their colleagues. Gaskell did a good impersonation of wanting to resolve matters but claimed to be obstructed by red tape, lack of authority, lack of staff co-operation etc. I later accessed documentation demonstrating that Gaskill was instructing the staff concerned how to refuse to answer questions and had also sent a memo round asking for ‘more nurses down the police station please’ to complain about me.

After the Welsh Risk Pool imploded as civil war after civil war broke out among those NHS Leaders leading it, Gren left for pastures new. But not that new. Gren and his wife set up a NHS management consultancy business and for years now have been flogging their Expertise to the NHS in north Wales. See previous posts for more details of Gren laffs.

Gren Kershaw

Gren’s colleague from the Welsh Risk Pool also set up a consultancy business, Dee Jones aka Dr Dee Gray. Dee is a serially sacked Angel who rocked up at Bangor University and made friends with Gren, before being given a job as leading a big joint risk management project between Bangor University and the Welsh Risk Pool. After the collapse of the project due to Dee’s serious mismanagement, Dee did a deal with crooked union reps and sued Bangor University. Dee then bagged a job with Public Health Services Wales by blackmailing the NHS over what she knew that Gaskell and co had done to me. After the inevitable chaos at PHSW, Dee set up her own consultancy and the NHS, County Councils and Top Doctors have been buying her Expertise. In 2005 Dee asked me to place libellous stories in the media about Merfyn. See post ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’.

The noise about Dangerous Patients at Ashworth from Bluglass, other Top Docs, the Gov’t and Alice Mahon a occurred at the time of the Waterhouse Inquiry.

The BBC Tramp – George Evens that is, not Merfyn – retired to the pricey stockbroker belt of Wilmslow in Cheshire, a habitat favoured by many of the bent professionals who worked in Greater Manchester and facilitated the organised abuse and crime directly linked to that in Cheshire/north Wales. The BBC Tramp died in Wilmslow, leaving his wife, son Glyn and daughter, Romany June aka Romany Bain. His ashes were scattered, at his request, at Old Parks Farm, Glassonby, Cumbria, which he had enjoyed visiting over a 22-year period: in 2001, a memorial to him was erected to him there by The Romany Society.

Here’s the vardo in 2006, parked on what looks like a permanent site, in one of the most affluent places in the UK outside of Knightsbridge and Surrey:

The vardo was donated, unconditionally, by the BBC Tramp’s widow, to the forerunners of Cheshire East Borough Council (CEBC). For many years the vardo was displayed by CEBC, outdoors, in Wilmslow. In late 2012, having deteriorated badly, the vardo was restored and moved to Bradford Industrial Museum to be displayed indoors.

A 1950s Romany Society badge, depicting Raq

The Romany Society, originally formed in 1943, disbanded in 1965 and re-founded in 1996, the year that William Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry, celebrates the life and work of the BBC Tramp – who’s vardo was located dangerously near Sir Peter Morrison – with regular newsletters and an annual magazine. When the Romany Society was resurrected in 1996, its Patron was Terry Waite and its President was Romany’s daughter Romany Bain aka Romany Watts.


The Romany Society is still very much alive and kicking with regular events. A key member of the society has progressed from a vardo onto a rather flash bungalow and a photo is provided on the Romany Society’s website. When President Romany died, her son Roly succeeded her as President. Roly died in 2016 and the website announced that Roly’s brother Simon Baine was willing to become President.

The Romany Society stresses that the BBC Tramp was the BBC’s first naturalist and that his radio programmes inspired those two other great BBC naturalists, David Attenborough and David Bellamy. The PR surrounding Romany continued the fine tradition of deception at the BBC. The Tramp who spent his time in the fields foraging was a public school educated Methodist Minister who lived in a house until he purchased the vardo and parked it on a piece of rich Cheshire soil, who also frequented other rather nice affluent parts of the UK such as Cumbria.

David Attenborough’s dad Sir Frederick Attenborough was the Principal of University College Leicester, 1932-51. That institution evolved into Leicester University, which was full of people who were complicit with the ring in Leicester that had been in existence as long ago as when Frederick Attenborough ran the institution. By the 1970s, the ring in Leicester was linked to Dafydd et al and that was why Brown received so little support and indeed so much obstruction when he was doing his PhD at Leicester. See eg. post ‘Life In Cold Blood’. That David Attenborough’s towering reputation as a Naturalist remains intact is a little puzzling because Attenborough is a TV presenter rather than a naturalist or climate scientist and is a standing joke in terms of his attachment to comfy hotels and Land Rovers when he is Out In The Wild With The Animals. David Bellamy did hold an academic post as a botanist at Durham University for a long time but there was resentment towards him because he was so often on the TV rather than in the University. Bellamy had links with Bangor University and previous posts have discussed the arrival of the dreadful Louis Standen in our shared house on Anglesey in 1984. Standen’s mum was a lecturer at Durham University and a friend of Bellamy; years later Standen hit the media in terms of being Bellamy’s chauffeur when Standen was arrested. Standen’s father was the novelist Michael Standen and the family were involved in leftist activism and well-networked among anti-nuclear, anti-apartheid activists etc, including those from the 1960s clustered around Bertrand Russell et al. See previous posts for further details of the Standens.

Some books in the Romany series were written by others, including the BBC Tramp’s wife, Eunice Evens; by the BBC Tramp’s son, Glyn K. Evens eg. ‘Romany Turns Detective’; and the BBC Tramp’s friend H.L. Gee. Herbert Leslie Gee (1901–77) was a prolific writer, mostly about Yorkshire, his native county. H.L. Gee wrote under both his own name and the pseudonym Francis Gay, under which he was responsible for the annual Friendship Books (first published in 1939). Gee aka Francis Gay was, like the BBC Tramp and George Thomas, an ardent Methodist and for some of his life he lived in Bridlington on Savile’s manor; Savile was known to frequent Bridlington.

In 2006, after I obtained my medical records via the High Court and WW III broke out at Bangor University, there was a Romany Revival on the part of the BBC, with a Romany radio show dug out of the archives and broadcast. It was the only Romany broadcast available because the BBC Tramp nearly always broadcast live. A new Romany Book was published in 2007, written by Phil Shelley, Publications Officer for the Romany Society and illustrated by Ray Hollands Romany in the Lanes (Lamorna Publications).

In 2006, Merfyn the VC of Bangor University was serving as the BBC Tramp ie. Governor for Wales. The daughter of Lord Asa Briggs, VC of Sussex University, 1967-76 – a man who was concealing the activities of Dafydd’s partner gang in the Brighton area (John Allen owned brothels in Brighton where kids in care from north Wales were trafficked) – was interviewed on Radio 4 about Asa’s glorious career and told the world that Asa (who was still very much alive) had never forgotten or forgiven those dreadful Sussex students in 1967 who had staged an anti-Vietnam protest and thrown red paint over a visiting US official. One of the Sussex Three was Merfyn; I didn’t get it at the time but it was a warning shot in Merfyn’s direction as all hell broke out. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.

The BBC was in meltdown as a result of the Iraq and the Sexed Up Dossier, Alastair Campbell’s attack, Dr David Kelly’s death etc and the crap flew. Michael Grade, the man who Rose To The Top by doing favours for Leon Brittan’s relatives in 1985, which included trying to get my friend the sack from the Edinburgh Fringe (see previous posts), was appointed Chair of the BBC and the big idiot insulted Merfyn and Welsh people in general at a ‘meet the Guv’nors event’ in Cardiff. See previous posts.

It wasn’t widely known at the time, but Merfyn’s late wife Nerys had been told by Dafydd’s Top Doc colleagues at the Walton Centre that they could do no more tch tch and she died in 2008, amidst the most appalling plans to ‘blacken Merfyn’s name’ and fit him up for a criminal offence. The Gwerin openly boasted of the Cunning Plan, as did Dylan Jones-Evans, who had previously departed from his Chair at Bangor University under an impressive cloud. Dylan explained that the Cunning Plan could only be put into operation after Nerys had died because ‘we’ll look bad if we do it while she’s dying’. Dylan was selected as the Tory candidate for Aberconwy to fight the 2007 Welsh Assembly election and told the world that he only wanted to enter politics to exact revenge on those who he hated at Bangor University, including Merfyn. Days after he was selected as the Tory candidate, Dylan drank champagne with a friend, toasted ‘and now, revenge’ and stated his ambition to be FM by the time that he was 50 yrs old. Dylan forgot one crucial factor; that he needed to win the election, which he didn’t, so that was the end of that part of the Cunning Plan. The Lucky Winner at the election was yet another member of the Gwerin, former Headmaster of Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno, Plaid’s Gareth Jones.

Dylan had previously offered to ‘help’ me re my NHS battles if I cared to show him my documentation. I had enough knowledge of Dylan to know that such a course of action would not have a happy ending.

In the 1980s, Gareth Jones  had sat on one of the ‘independent’ committees which investigated the serious abuse of children in care in north Wales and had concluded that there wasn’t a serious problem. Another member of the Committee was Irene Train – do it detail, other bloke too – total cover up

The area represented by Gareth Jones didn’t fare much better in terms of its MP; Betty Williams, long-standing supporter of Dafydd and Gwynne, was the Labour MP for Conwy, 1997-2010. Miranda will never have wanted Betty as one of his Babes, but his knackers will have been twisted because Betty grew up in the bosom of the gang and knew what had happened and continued to happen to the witnesses, including me. See previous posts.

So as Nerys lay dying and the Gwerin cracked open the champers, it was obviously time for Romany to be resurrected by the BBC, although I missed the Romany bit at the time due to the action rather closer to home.

Another well-off man used by the BBC for years as a children’s entertainer, Jimmy Savile, who also lived in a vardo – or at least sexually assaulted minors in one – was not yet dead and of course no-one at the BBC Knew, they had only Heard Rumours and as Esther knows, one can’t Act On Rumours. Esther didn’t manage to act on the basis of a letter from me detailing the excesses of Dafydd et al after she launched her mental health campaign in the 1980s either.

The BBC Tramp’s friend H.L. Gee was prolific and his publications include ‘Gay Adventure’ (1948), ‘Twins At Peep-O-Day Farm’ (1950), ‘They Come To My Door’ (1950), ‘Count Your Blessings’ (1955), ‘Do You Agree?’ (1960), ‘Telling Tales’ (1962) and another 1955 volume, ‘500 Tales To Tell Again’.

The BBC Tramp’s daughter Romany Bain was married to Richard Findlater, 1948-62, with whom she had four children. Romany’s second husband was Tommy Watt, to whom she was married from 1962 to his death in 2006. Tommy Watt (31 October 1925, Glasgow-20 May 2006, Bristol) was hired as a pianist by Carl Barriteau at age 17 and served in the RAF during WW II. Tommy Watt moved to London following the war, where he played with AmbroseHarry Roy, and Ken Mackintosh. In 1955, Tommy teamed up with actor Brian Rix – I will discuss Rix later in this post – whom Tommy had met during the war, to record a demo, which eventually led to a contract with the BBC. After making appearances behind Matt Monro, Watt was hired by Parlophone for session and arranging work. In 1956 Watt put together his first big band which played at Quaglino’s, a London restaurant. Among his sidemen were Tubby HayesRonnie RossJackie ArmstrongTommy McQuaterBert Courtley, and Phil Seaman.

Tommy Watt became one of the better-known British bandleaders of the 1950s. Watt’s arrangements of Count Basie songs so impressed Basie himself that he incorporated some of Watt’s changes into his own performances. After disbanding his ensemble, Watt worked with Rix on stage shows and films. He led the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra and the BBC Big Band briefly in the early 1960s, but squabbles with management quickly ended this contract. In 1964 Watt assembled the Centre 42 Big Band, and through the end of the decade wrote for television and directed singers Tommy Cooper and Freddie Starr. Tommy Cooper is a famous son of Caerphilly and after his death it became public that he had been very violent to his wife. Freddie Starr was one of those 1970s lame celebs who was appeared with Savile and Gary Glitter at various events, was more recently accused of sexual exploitation of young people but vehemently denied it.

In 1970 Watt put together a new group to perform at the Dorchester Hotel in London, but, dissatisfied with the gig, disbanded the orchestra soon after, left music and became an interior decorator.

The Guardian’s obituary for Tommy Watt, written by Peter Vacher, supplied a bit more information:

It was through the encouragement of the actor Brian Rix, a friend made in the wartime Royal Air Force, that the pianist, arranger and bandleader Tommy Watt, who has died aged 80, began to record in the mid-1950s…. By 1963, Watt was leading the BBC’s Northern Dance Orchestra (NDO), based in Manchester, and the Centre 42 big band, which was born of playwright Arnold Wesker’s attempt to set up a popular radical arts organisation – Watt was an atheist and committed socialist.

Born into a working-class Glasgow family and educated at local schools, he left the city aged 18 with a band led by West Indian clarinettist Carl Barriteau. He trained as an RAF pilot from 1944, and after demobilisation played in London’s West End…He also played a full part in the Soho music scene.

Eric Hobsbawm’s other big interest aside from Marxist history was jazz. Eric reviewed, critiqued and published on jazz. Eric frequented the Soho jazz scene.

…his friendship with Rix was to be crucial. He wrote the music for six of the Whitehall theatre farces that Rix had staged and two of Rix’s films… He also escaped prosecution for possession of cannabis when the actor intervened on his behalf.

By now a staff arranger for the BBC, Watt also wrote for London Weekend Television, recorded a single – and turned down record producer George Martin’s invitation to help him work with a new Liverpool group, the Beatles. Later in the 1960s, with big band work dwindling, Watt worked as musical director for Tommy Cooper, played summer seasons and was briefly associated with Freddie Starr. By 1970 he was back in London, leading his own group at London’s Dorchester Hotel, for which he wrote an extensive library of arrangements – but he found its clientele had no interest in jazz.

The jazz scene was notorious for being associated with class A drug use; I’m not sure that jazz fan Ken Clarke was jacking up himself, although dear old Ken knew that the Dept of Health when he was responsible for it was facilitating organised sexual abuse and the dealing and distribution of class A drugs, but jazz musicians were in a league of their own for using recreational chemicals and they were doing it long before any other cohort. Dafydd’s network had tentacles in the jazz scene; Wendy Savage’s husband was a jazz musician, Dannie Abse was one of the movers and shakers behind the Jazz and Poetry scene in London and then there was dear old George Melly, who for years lived near Brecon and when he was on tour would offer underaged boys money to have sex with him. Top Docs at St George’s working with Geoffrey Chamberlain frequented Ronnie Scott’s. See previous posts.

It is highly likely that the interest/subsequent dissatisfaction between the Dorchester and Tommy Watt wasn’t so much Tommy’s jazz reputation but what was known to come with jazz musicians.

Watt then quit music and re-invented himself as a interior decorator, often working for theatre people to whom he was introduced by his second wife Romany Bain, an actor-turned-showbusiness journalist. In later years, Watt moved to Oxford, unable to continue his decorating work due to injury, and battled with alcoholism.

Markedly proud of his son Ben Watt – one half of the Everything But the Girl duo – he prompted his son to use jazz players like trumpeter Dick Pearce and saxophonist Peter King on his early recordings. Ben remembered how as a child, his father would wake him in the small hours after a gig, to listen to Roland Kirk or Count Basie on record. “I’m giving him an education,” he would say. Ben remembers his father as a bracing mixture of gentle charm and an abrasive sense of humour…

Tommy Watt’s son with Romany Ben Watt became famous in his own right as a member of ‘Everything but the Girl’. Benn Watt lives with his spouse and creative partner Tracey Thorn in Hampstead. They met at Hull University in 1981; after 27 years together, they married in 2008 at the Chelsea Register Office. Their twin daughters Jean and Alfie were born in 1998 and their son Blake was born in 2001.

Tracey Thorn was part of the highly ineffective Red Wedge initiative established in the 1980s with the aim of installing the Windbag as PM. Previous posts have discussed Red Wedge and the folk behind it and how it materialised when a small group of lefties with links to UCNW who found themselves targeted  by Dafydd et al in the 1980s refused to keep quiet.

One of the leaders of Red Wedge was Tom Robinson, who was a bit older than most of the others involved. Tom Robinson had an interesting youth; he was from a middle class background but encountered difficulties at school which he at least partly attributed to him being gay. He was placed in Finchden Manor in Kent, one of the alternative therapeutic school-communities run by a teacher/psychoanalyst who’s network included Dafydd, Gwynne etc. Tom Robinson has nothing but praise for his time at Finchden Manor and that’s fine by me. But the kids in the children’s homes in north Wales and the Empowered Service Users had very much worse experiences than Tom Robinson did in Finchden Manor and Red Wedge was a cynical ploy launched by people close to the Windbag to keep a lid on very serious criminality. See previous posts for info on Red Wedge, Tom Robinson and Finchden Manor.

Since 2014 Tracey Thorne has had a regular column in ‘New Statesman’, after laying dormant for many years. I did notice her resurrection at about the time of the launch of the Macur Review, but it didn’t sink in what might have been happening, even though Savile had died and the ‘allegations’ had become very public and there was the multi-layered row over the allegations made by Steve Messham, a former resident of Bryn Estyn, on ‘Newsnight’.

Tracey Thorn grew up in Hatfield and studied English at Hull, where she graduated in 1984. Hull University was one of those institutions which was colluding with the big ring across the north of England, stretching from Savile’s crowd in Yorkshire across to Lord John Walton’s turf in the North East. Philip Larkin, who spent years as the librarian of Hull University, knew something about that ring although I’m not sure if he was actively involved. Hull’s mistress Monica Jones was a lecturer at Leicester University – Larkin had worked in Leicester before he moved to Hull – and Monica Jones was part of the combined effort at Leicester University to conceal the ring in Leicester. Monica lived just down the road from Brown when Brown was a PhD student at Leicester, being hampered by Monica and her network. The Poets network were of course hobnobbing with Mary Wilson, Harold’s wife, in particular John Betjeman , whose daughter was one of the ‘Private Eye’ stalwarts… See post ‘Come Friendly Bombs’ for Mary Wilson, the poets etc.

Many high profile Labour politicians/supporters were/are graduates of Hull University, including: Prezza; Fattersley; Chris Mullin; Miranda’s former PPS David Hanson, who along with his social worker wife Margaret, was a Cheshire Councillor in the thick of the north Wales/Cheshire ring Labour Club; Tom Watson and many more. Many of them were members of Hull University Labour Club, including Hanson and Watson and of course involved with the Students’ Union at Hull, Tom Watson being President in 1992. Hull University also hosted many academics eg. John Saville, who were part of the New Left crowd, along with Eric Hobsbawm, Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law etc. Anthony Giddens, who invented the Third Way for Miranda to follow, passed through Hull University, as well as the LSE and Leicester University; no wonder Giddens wrote Miranda’s Cut Out and Keep Guide To Sociology and was appointed as Director of the LSE in 1997 when Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry.

Hull University has a tradition of appointing upstanding Chancellors as well, the current one being Virginia Bottomley.

See previous posts for a more extensive account of Hull University and those who have sailed in her.

Tracey Thorn later took an MA at Birkbeck College, University of London. Eric Hobsbawm taught at Birkbeck for many years and was President of Birkbeck, from 2002 until his death. Hobsbawm was a supporter of the Windbag and a friend of Gordon Brown. Hobsbawm’s son Andy is a musician and entrepreneur, the nature of many of Andy’s business ventures being music and the media.

When I chatted to Merfyn about Croesor and the Welsh Bloomsbury Set, Merfyn mentioned that although the second homers and their pals were mostly Oxbridge-educated, many of their own children had become artists or rock musicians. Merfyn, being the BBC Tramp, was too polite to add ‘and what a bunch of twats they all are’. Well dim problem Merfyn, I’ve done it now, I think they’ve got the message.

Romany Bain’s youngest son with Richard Findlater was the Anglican priest-clown known as Roly Bain or “Holy Roly”. Their eldest son, Simon Bain, is a journalist.

Richard Findlater married Angela Colbert in 1977. At his memorial service in 1985, Michael Foot and Sir John Gielgud led the tributes. Michael Foot was involved with the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself and his extended family which included many lawyers and politicians concealed the ring and associated crime. See eg. ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’. John Gielgud was famously convicted of an homosexual offence in the 1950s.

Romany and Richard Findlater’s son Holy Roly was David Roualeyn Findlater “Roly” Bain (18 January 1954-11 August 2016), a priest and clown who preached and performed as Holy Roly. He helped set up the organisation Holy Fools. Holy Roly was one of triplets. He attended St Paul’s School in West London, then read theology at Bristol University and Cuddeson Theological College near Oxford. Holy Roly was ordained an Anglican priest in 1978. In 1990 he spent a year at Fooltime (now Circomedia), a circus training college in Bristol and became a professional clown. Holy Roly served in parallel as an associate vicar at St Mary the Virgin Church in Olveston in Gloucestershire.

After serving as a parish priest, Bain decided to convey the Christian message through a different route, inspired by his lifelong love of clowns. His father Findlater had written a biography of the famous clown Joseph Grimaldi and as a young boy, Bain had loved the sad-faced clown  Coco. So Bain took a clown’s training and became a freelance clown-priest, presenting the Gospel message through jokes and pratfalls. Such as poor old Terry Waite.

Holy Roly performed in churches, conference halls, hospitals, schools, football fields and prisons. He would enter the venue on a unicycle, open with the invocation “Let us play!” and preach while balancing on (or falling from) a slackrope, a speciality of Bain. Like Coco, Bain performed as an Auguste, a clumsy character who is on the receiving end of water buckets and accidents and who often works as a foil to the more clever and arrogant stage personality of the white-faced clown.

According to Bain, the Auguste role allowed him to provide a mirror to everyday personalities, if it was not too exaggerated. He often took on the stock character roles of the Jester and the Vulnerable Lover. Holy Roly performed routines like juggling and egg-smashing and blew soap bubbles. According to his website, he had custard-pied ten bishops and “most were grateful – or at least happy to play”.

Bain traced the origins of his clown ministry to the “holy fools” and “feasts of fools” of the Middle Ages and quoted St Paul saying “We are fools for Christ.” (1 Corinthians 4:10). St Paul is not someone one would imagine would have embraced Holy Roly’s approach to religion.

Roly Bain was the only Church of England priest to work full-time as a clown. He once said, “That is the only sort of clowning I do: getting across the Christian message to different audiences in different ways.” Holy Roly took his act to Europe, America and Australia. He was partially supported by a non-profit organisation called The Faith and Foolishness Trust, which supports clown-priests. In 1982 Bain helped to set up Holy Fools, an organisation to support clown ministry. Bain was a member of both the College of Evangelists and Clowns International; at Clowns International he served as chaplain.

Holy Roly wrote several books: Fools Rush In (1993), Clowning Glory (1995, with Patrick Forbes) and Playing the Fool (2001), a memoir. In 1994 Holy Roly was named Clown of the Year by Clowns International and in 1999 he received Clowns International’s Slapstick prize.

Roly Bain married the former Jane Smith in 1984; they separated in 2008. The couple had two sons, Jack Bain and Samuel Bain. Roly died of cancer in Aug 2016 at age 62.

Holy Roly’s obituary appeared in the Torygraph:

The Reverend Roly Bain, who has died aged 62, was an itinerant priest-clown who performed in churches, hospitals, schools, prisons and open-air events around the country. Dressed in an outsized dog collar, size 18 boots and a red nose, Bain exported his unusual preaching method through visits to America, Europe and Australia, at one time travelling more than 38,000 miles a year. He would proceed down the church aisle on a unicycle and conduct choirs with a pink feather duster. He blew bubbles during prayers to represent God’s promises and embellished the Bible message with a fondness for wordplay. “Zacchaeus of diminutive stature, Was reduced to a state of high rapture”, ran one favoured limerick: “He climbed up a tree, Took our Lord home for tea, And gave back more taxes than Thatcher.”

The service would often culminate in Bain attempting to deliver a sermon while balanced on a slack rope – an elastic cable fixed between two pillars topped with crosses. “It is a metaphor of the wobbliness of faith,” he explained. “It is ridiculous to try and get on and stay on the rope, yet it’s a wonderful thing.” Though his humour could occasionally be subversive – he claimed to have thrown custard pies at 10 bishops – Bain enjoyed broad support from the Church. Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, was a patron of the Faith and Foolishness Trust that funded Bain’s ministry.

George Carey has stood accused of concealing sexual abuse in the C of E. Before Carey became Archbishop of Canterbury, he was Bishop of Bath and Wells. Previous posts have discussed a vicar near Bridgwater who molested children, was caught and received full protection from the Church. It transpired that he had been transferred to Somerset after numerous complaints about him molesting in his previous parish. That vicar remained in post throughout Carey’s time as Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Bain saw the clown’s work as part of a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. His inspiration lay in the holy fools who would expose the weaknesses of earthly authorities, especially in the New Year celebration of the Feast of Fools, at which the lower clergy briefly assumed power over their superiors. He also recognised the power of the clown to express vulnerability, giving the audience a space in which difficult feelings could come to light. The words of the Magnificat – “he put down the mighty from their seats and exalted the humble and meek” – were thus given life, he wrote: “and I suspect there is as much, if not more, need for this means of truth telling as ever there was”.

One of triplets, he was born David Roualeyn Findlater Bain on January 18 1954. His father was Richard Findlater, a theatre critic who had written a biography of the great 19th-century clown Joseph Grimaldi. His mother, Romany, was a freelance journalist. Aged eight David read a biography of the celebrated English clown Coco, which kindled his desire to become an entertainer. Faith initially led him on a different path, however, and after St Paul’s school in west London he read Theology at Bristol University. He continued his studies at Cuddesdon theological college in Oxfordshire and was ordained in 1978. Four years later he helped to set up Holy Fools, an organisation for those interested in the clown ministry. He resigned his parish in London in 1990 and spent a year at Fool Time (now Circomedia), a circus training college in Bristol. Having mastered juggling, high-wire balancing and the art of the pratfall, he devised his own make-up for his performances as “Holy Roly”: heavily rouged cheeks and a red nose, with a black cross on either side of the face. Like all professional clowns in Britain, his clown face then joined the official registry – made up of painted eggshells – at the Holy Trinity Church in Dalston, east London.

Roly Bain was the author of Clowning Glory (1995), a how-to guide for aspiring performers written with fellow Anglican Patrick Forbes and of Playing the Fool (2001), a memoir. In 1994 he was named Clown of the Year by Clowns International…



Tony Palmer was educated at Lowestoft Grammar School, Cambridgeshire High School for Boys and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. From Cambridge (where he was also President of the Marlowe Society), Palmer joined the BBC. Following an apprenticeship with Ken Russell and Jonathan Miller, Palmer’s first major film, Benjamin Britten & his Festival, became the first BBC film to be networked in the United States. With his second film, All My Loving, an examination of rock and roll and politics in the late 1960s, Palmer achieved considerable notoriety.

Jonathan Miller – Top Doc – dad a Top Doc – Footlights – William at the BBC – Miller contributed to the PR campaign in support of Dafydd and the gang in the early 1990s with documentary series on ‘Madness’ – some of those featured were involved with neglect/abuse of Empowered Service Users – link to Denbigh and Hergest patient – Miller – St John’s Wood – Ronnie Waterhouse – junior doc to Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir Francis Avery Jones see previous posts

In 1989, Tony Palmer was awarded a retrospective of his work at the National Film Theatre in London, the first maker of arts films to be so honoured.

Tony Palmer at Sofia international Film Festival, March 2017.

Dear, dear Larry and dear, dear Johnny have tea. Spitting ...

In addition to films, Tony Palmer has also directed in the theatre and in the opera house. After a debut at the Zurich Opera House he later directed opera in St Petersburg, in Hamburg, Munich, Augsburg, Savonlinna, Berlin and Helsinki and recently became the first Western director ever to work at the Bolshoi in Moscow. On the West End stage Palmer has directed the world premiere of John Osborne’s ‘Look Back in Anger’ Part Two, Déjà Vu. Tony Palmer also presented the BBC Radio 3 Arts magazine ‘Night Waves’, for which he won a Sony Award for best arts programme. He has published several books and has written for ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times’, ‘Punch’ ‘Life’ magazine etc. From 1967–74 Palmer was a regular music critic for ‘The Observer’. From 1969–74 he had a weekly column in ‘The Spectator’ entitled ‘Notes from the Underground’.

My post ‘The Old Crowd’ mentioned how the offensive John and Helen Osborne were particularly offensive about the critic Nicholas de Jongh and Helen Osborne pinned a “no entry” notice to the railings of St Giles in the Fields, London, at Osborne’s memorial service, naming Arnold Wesker and Nicholas de Jongh as unwelcome guests. The Osbornes seemed to not only have a problem with de Jongh because he didn’t provide the rave reviews of John Osborne’s work that were required but because de Jongh is gay and Osborne WASN’T, MOST DEFINITELY NOT and Helen would hurl invective at anyone who mentioned the business of John living with Anthony Creighton on the houseboat and the love letters to Mouse.

Nicholas de Jongh is a writer, theatre critic and playwright. de Jongh’s grew up in Hampstead where his father was a GP. So de Jongh’s father was a GP in Hampstead when every Top Doc in that part of London knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and nearly all of them were facilitating it. Previous posts have explained how Hampstead was full of wealthy intellectuals, including analysts, writers, politicians and luvvies, many of whom were actively involved with organised abuse, whatever their political leanings.

There were numerous links between that part of London and north Wales because of the presence of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set at Cwm Croesor, many of whom had their town homes in Hampstead or friends who lived there. Merfyn Jones, who grew up in Cwm Croesor knew what Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang who provided services for the Welsh Bloomsbury Set were doing to locals.

Eric Hobsbawm was the most high profile of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set. Eric’s daughter Julia is a friend and business partner of Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, Julia and Sarah having gone to Camden School for Girls together. Julia and Sarah established a PR company in the 1990s, Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications, which carried out a lot of work for the Labour Party and the trade unions. It was through that work that Sarah met Gordon and thus the Hobsbawms’ were eventually friends with the PM. That particular PM having benefited greatly from his symbiotic relationship with Lord Jack McConnell, who was at Stirling University with two good friends of mine, found out what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd et al and then shafted my friends because they stood by me. Lord Jack also benefited from Alastair Hetherington’s presence as a ‘Research Professor’ at Stirling, although many other students were seething at the shameless toadying on the part of Stirlng University to a Media Mr Big who knew bugger all about academic research and did bugger all once he was given the job at Stirling in 1982.

Alastair Hetherington was Editor of ‘The Guardian’ for the best part of 20 years until 1975; he served as Controller of BBC Scotland and in 1984 he was appointed Chairman of the Scott Trust, which owned ‘The Guardian’. Alastair’s dad was Sir Hector Hetherington, who was a Prof at University College, Cardiff and later became Principal of Glasgow University. See previous posts for further info on Hector and Alastair.

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For some reason best known to himself, Eric Hobsbawm supported the Windbag and wanted him to become PM.

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The Windbag had known Tony Francis when they were students in Cardiff; whether Hobsbawm wanted the link with a ridiculous old Windbag or the link with a ridiculous old Windbag who was striking up mutually beneficial deals with one of the Top Docs keeping the lid on Gwynne’s activities after Gwynne died in 1986 and everyone tried to pretend that he had never existed I’m not sure. Or it may have been the Windbag’s wife who was the prize; not because as the press implied at the time because she was fruity, but because her parents had been Councillors on Anglesey when Anglesey was an essential part of the ring and they were mates with Lord Cledwyn who was also concealing Gwynne lobotomising witnesses. It was Glenys’s father who via Lord Cledwyn, initially introduced the Windbag to Jim Callaghan. There was a great deal to conceal on Anglesey over and above the standard sexual exploitation which followed Dafydd wherever he went. Dafydd conducted his ‘research into incest’ on Anglesey in the early 1960s -Lord Cledwyn was the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 – and Prof Tim Miles of the School of Psychology at UCNW, who later became a Global Leader On Dyslexia, carried out his pioneering research on Anglesey in the 1960s among SEN kids. See previous posts. SEN kids in particular were targeted for sexual exploitation. Dafydd dictated what happened in the School of Psychology at UCNW until his influence was overthrown by Fergus Lowe in approx 1987.

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In 2000 when I spent a few weeks working in a very mediocre old folk’s home at Pentraeth on Anglesey, Bryn Ceirios, I encountered a resident who had been lobotomised, almost certainly by Gwynne. The two monsters who owned the home, Mr and Mrs Moffat, were completely stupid, dripped with contempt for the staff and residents and didn’t realise that I had any knowledge re lobotomies at all. The ‘old lady’ who had been lobotomised wasn’t that old; she was the youngest in the home, probably in her early 60s. She was very gentle and did the classic lobotomised bit, she just smiled benignly all the time. The appalling Mrs Moffat would snap ‘her medical records show that she was very difficult for most of her life’. I wondered at the time if she had encountered Dafydd and Gwynne when she was younger, but I didn’t know in 2000 that it was actually Gwynne who was the lobotomist… That lady had been lobotomised years after The History Of Denbigh And The Records tell us that lobotomies were no longer performed there.

I saw many dreadful things at Bryn Ceirios but I finally parted company with them when I witnessed a care assistant slap an old lady, draw blood when her nails caught the old lady’s skin and then I received a written warning for telling another care assistant about it after I had reported the matter to the Moffats and they had told me that there was nothing to be concerned about. Some two weeks after I left the Moffats’ employment, I received a letter from them threatening to take me to Court for theft if I did not immediately return the little nylon overall worth about £5 that I had been issued with when I began work at Bryn Ceirios. I wrote back and told the Moffats that as they were the ones running a home in which the residents were assaulted and injured by the staff, it was probably rather more likely that they would end up in Court than me. How wrong can one be? I have heard since beginning this blog that the Moffats joined the witch-hunt when there was an attempt to imprison me some months later followed by the attempt to have me struck off the teaching register.

OK then Anglesey, if we ignore: the SCABIES OUTBREAK at Bryn Ceirios which was concealed and lies told to the residents and their relatives about the reason for their ‘rash’; the GP WHO WROTE PRESCRIPTIONS TO ORDER OVER THE PHONE ON DEMAND from Mrs Moffat without seeing or knowing the patients; the elderly man who had nothing wrong with him at all, NOTHING, but was admitted to Bryn Ceirios for three days because his wife was in Ysbyty Gwynedd and he needed a rest who was DRUGGED UP WITH LARGACTIL after he complained about conditions at Bryn Ceirios; the elderly man who was sworn at by a care assistant and told that he ‘didn’t deserve’ kidney dialysis and should be left to die because when he was young he was violent to his family; the THEFT OF TIPS AND PRESENTS FOR THE STAFF BY MRS MOFFAT; can we at least have an explanation for the lobotomised not so old lady who was hidden away in Bryn Ceirios?

Perhaps the MP for Ynys Mon at the time could shed light on it all: Ieuan Wyn Jones, who was born in Denbigh, who’s dad was a Minister there and who knew Gwynne and Dafydd, who worked as a solicitor in north Wales – including in Ruthin just down the road from Denbigh – with all those corrupt north Wales lawyers, judges and magistrates who were colluding with the Gang. Ieuan stood for election as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh in the 1970s. Ieuan was also the AM for Ynys Mon at the time of the Bryn Ceirios Horror! And in March 2000, just after I’d left Bryn Ceirios, Ieuan became Leader of Plaid! Ieuan served as Deputy FM, 2007-11. Ieuan is an elder in his chapel.

Ieuan was married to Eirian Llwyd, who was from Prion, just outside of Denbigh, who became an Angel and midwife! She worked as an Angel in Liverpool, 1969-73 and as a midwife at St Asaph, so Eirian knew what was happening to all the babies of the Denbigh patients who were abducted and disappeared. Llwyd was a ‘proud nationalist’ and campaigned alongside Cymdeithas yr Iaith for the Welsh language during the 1960s and 1970s. Eirian also ‘promoted women’s positions in politics and helped reconfigure Plaid’s constitution in the 1980s to secure women in Plaid’s major committees’. Along with her charidee work, Llwyd established the Rhyl branch of Women’s Aid in the 1970s and 1980s. The founder of Wimmin’s Aid in Wales was of course Sister Hutt, who’s dad was a Top Doc in London and a friend of those facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Yma O Hyd!

Here’s the lovely couple who did Anglesey proud:

Eirian Llwyd, artist and wife of Ieuan Wyn Jones, dies ...

In 2001, the year after the Waterhouse Report was published, Eirian decided that she’d never heard of Angels, or Midwifery, or Children or Pregnant Women or indeed Pregnant Children and she became an Artist instead.

The care assistant at Bryn Ceirios who slapped the old lady and drew blood was a few years later featured in the local press as Adult Learner Of The Year at Coleg Menai in Bangor, at about the time when people were trying to imprison me and have me struck off the teaching register. The care assistant whom I told about the assault and injury to the old lady at Bryn Ceirios which so angered the Moffats was also a student on a Health and Social Care course at Coleg Menai. She had qualified as a social worker and was working in Gwynedd by the time that the violent one was a star student.

Another care assistant who witnessed the neglect and abuse at Bryn Ceirios subsequently trained as an Angel at Bangor University.

Eirian the Angel is sadly no longer with us, having died in 2014 from cancer, while the Macur Review was being planned. One of those whose advice was utilised during the planning was David Jones, the Tory MP for Clwyd West, who was at the time Secretary of State for Wales. David Jones is a solicitor who used to work in the same practice as Ieuan in Ruthin. David Jones is also married to an Angel/midwife. See post ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’.

It’s come off the rails Ieuan, you’ve crashed it!


Richard Crossman, Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70, the ultimate Westminster Swinger who knew exactly what was going on in north Wales in terms of Dafydd and Gwynne related abuse, trafficking and serious crime, was pals with loads of the Hampstead crowd across the political spectrum eg. Bea Serota and Douglas and Peggy Jay (see previous posts). Many of the Labour supporters in Hampstead were of course members of or advisers to the post-war Labour Gov’ts; they also had a keen interest in the arts and many of their children made their careers in the arts eg. Sir Nicholas Serota, former Director of the Tate and Chair of the Arts Council for England. Nicholas de Jongh and his circles will have known/ know all of them.

Hobsbawm’s friend Michael Foot lived in Hampstead although he represented a south Wales constituency. Foot was married to film director Jill Craigie. They all knew about the molesting of George Thomas who was friends with Harold Wilson’s friend and a big vote puller for the Labour Party in south Wales.

Nicholas de Jongh served as the senior drama critic of the ‘Evening Standard’, 1991-09; he was appointed the year that the Great Stuffing Over of I and my friends occurred, which coincided with Lilibet knighting Peter Morrison and the launch of the North Wales Police’s investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. de Jongh remained at the ‘Evening Standard’ throughout the Jillings Investigation, the Waterhouse Inquiry and the aftermath, throughout the many years of flat denials that there was anything seriously amiss in north Wales. Prior to that, de Jongh had worked for ‘The Guardian’ for almost 20 years, which covered the time that the trafficking/paedophile ring which didn’t exist in north Wales went into business big time, with hundreds of children being sent to children’s homes in north Wales – including from London boroughs – mountains of complaints of abuse, wrongful arrests and convictions, lobotomies, deaths of kids in care/former kids in care/Empowered Service Users and other witnesses as well as the associated perjury, conspiracy etc.

Eric Hobsbawm of Hampstead had a second home in Cwm Croesor until the late 1970s… Michael Foot’s friend and biographer Mervyn Jones was the son of Ernest Jones, a Welsh Top Doc and analyst who knew Gwynne the lobotomist and worked with his network . See previous posts.

Throughout those years, journos on ‘The Guardian’ knew about the organised abuse in north Wales and indeed right across the UK; Peter Preston in particular in his capacity as Editor suppressed all mention of it. Instead ‘The Guardian’ relied upon the advertising revenue of the Social Service Depts – which had been infiltrated by organised gangs of paedophiles – from the pages of ‘Society Guardian’. See previous posts. The readership of ‘The Guardian’ were the people who were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Gwynne and Dafydd’s branch of it. The welfare professionals facilitating it all were Peter Preston’s bread and butter.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind trailer.jpg

In 2008, de Jongh successfully made the transition from critic to playwright when his play ‘Plague Over England’ was staged at the Finborough Theatre in Earl’s Court. Set in 1950s England, the play takes a look back at the arrest of John Gielgud for homosexual soliciting at the height of his fame. The play was an instant hit and sold out for its run at the Finborough. In 2009, the play transferred to the West End, as the demands for the police to reopen the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal became very loud indeed; Brown and I had also begun publishing about it by then.

‘Plague Over England’ was of course the phrase used by David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Viscount Kilmuir, known in Wales as Dai Bananas, when talking about male homosexuality. Dai Bananas was many things including Lord Chancellor and he was virulently homophobic; he was responsible for a huge increase in the arrests of men for gay sex offences. The irony was that Dai Bananas was one of the bent lawyers and politicians who was colluding with Gwynne and Dafydd’s gang. Dai Bananas was a personal friend of some of the members of the gang and they would seek legal advice from him whenever they wanted to kick someone in the chops; Ronnie Waterhouse was a friend of Dai Bananas, but then so was every other bent lawyer protecting Dafydd and Gwynne. See eg. ‘The Old Crowd’.

Progression in the legal profession depends upon patronage and absolutely not pissing off important people above one in the hierarchy. Here’s how it worked: Dai Bananas was a member of Gray’s Inn. Dafydd and Gwynne’s Big Umbrella after Dai was six feet under was Sir William Mars-Jones, a member of Gray’s Inn. Michael Mansfield was a very different sort of barrister to Mars-Jones and Dai, but Michael Mansfield was also member of Gray’s Inn who was a whippersnapper when Mars-Jones was a Big Name.

Mars-Jones was a farmer’s son from Denbighshire, who’s extended family had been Of The Gang locally for years; Mars-Jones’s father had been Chairman of Denbighshire County Council.

The male members of the family were Freemasons and family members were Councillors, Mayors, magistrates, held positions in the chapel etc. See previous posts. The Mars-Jones family ran the gang in north east Wales, even after Sir William made it big in London. Even after he’d done that, Sir William practised in north Wales as well as London – he was Ronnie Waterhouse’s senior colleague for years and a good friend – and served as President of UCNW, when I complained about Gwynne, when I was overtly threatened by those we know and love and when my housemate Anne, a UCNW PhD student, was killed by the gang (see eg. ‘A Trail Of Blood’). Mars-Jones was still President when I wrote to Michael Mansfield. William’s sister-in-law Dilys Mars-Jones was CC’d into letters about me by Clwyd Health Authority.

Mr Mansfield probably knew that he would be receiving a letter from me anyway. My solicitor in Bangor, Alwyn Jones, had given me Mansfield’s address at Took’s Court Chambers when I asked for it. Alwyn’s ex-wife worked as a lawyer for Gwynedd County Council, alongside Ron Evans, a crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council; it was Ron organising the perjury, conspiracy, forgery etc and who instructed the social workers to whom I wrote to Mansfield about. Ron provided this service at the request of Lucille Hughes, the Director of Social Services and Dafydd’s mistress. See eg. ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’. Alwyn’s ex-wife’s father was a Gwynedd policeman and Freemason.

Michael Mansfield’s colleague at Took’s Court was St Helena Kennedy. St Helena was friends with and was relying on the opinion of Prof Nigel Eastman of St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital for many of her cases, including those Test Cases of Wimmin’s Rights. See post ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’. Nigel Eastman had been the Top Doc who, in early 1991, when I had been unlawfully forced out of my job at St George’s, had refused to treat me and told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor and they knew me there. By the time that he had told me that, Eastman had received a letter from his St George’s colleague Dr Robin Jacobson telling him that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that he thought that Tony Francis was as well; that Dafydd had described me as ‘attractive and seductive’ and that I was suicidal because of the things that were happening to me at the hands of Dafydd and co.

Jacobson’s and Eastman’s colleague at St George’s, Oliver Brooke, the Prof of Paediatrics, had been jailed in Dec 1986 for child porn offences. Ollie was a major player in a pan-European paedophile ring, as were many of his colleagues, but he was the one who was caught. Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane released Ollie early on appeal in May 1987, after receiving numerous letters from Top Docs testifying to Ollie’s Loveliness. See eg. ‘Oliver!’

The Windbag really thought that he was going to win the June 1987 General Election and a lot of people, including all those Radical Lawyers, were desperate for a Labour Gov’t; as were many of the elitist greedy Top Docs because they do very well out of the NHS, far better than The Poor do. Ollie’s friend at St George’s, Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain – who had been my boss when I had worked there, 1989-91 – was Welsh and a Labour supporter. Chamberlain knew the gang in Wales. Chamberlain’s friend Wendy Savage was a Socialist Feminist who was Fighting The Tories as well as facilitating the ring run by Dafydd’s partners in crime from the London Hospital at Tower Hamlets. I rather got the impression from something that Dafydd said to me one day that he personally knew Wendy Savage. See eg. post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’

Wendy Savage was a member of the Socialist Health Association, along with so many Labour supporting Top Docs, including Uncle Harry, Dannie Abse – a mate of Dafydd’s, who’s brother Leo was a south Labour MP -and a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’) – and many, many more.

The Windbag was bloody hopeless and these (alleged) Socialists were criminal troughing bastards, no-one was going to risk exposing an international trafficking ring involving corrupt professionals and politicians from every party. Kids in care and Empowered Service Users could literally go hang.

If Mr Mansfield needed anymore persuading to tell everyone not to help me, there was always Max Beloff QC, a Labour-supporting Radical Barrister who’s father Lord Max was a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council. See posts ‘I Know Nuzzing… and ‘The International Language of Screaming’. Michael Beloff the colleague and friend of Cherie Booth and in 1996 the legal adviser who ensured that the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was completely suppressed and pulped. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’

All those Labour-run Councils with Labour constituency MPs had sent hundreds of kids to children’s homes in north Wales and ignored the complaints of abuse…

Michael Mansfield lived in Wandsworth. He was a neighbour of many of the staff of St George’s and Wandsworth Social Services were facilitating the trafficking ring in collaboration with St George’s and Springfield. Tony Francis, Lucille Hughes and people in Wandsworth Social Services were all writing to each other about my ‘dangerousness’ without my knowledge. Dafydd was receiving phone calls from everyone, as were two junior doctors at Springfield, Ruth White and Alice Levinson. Everyone knew that there was not a scrap of evidence for the very serious allegations being made about me; St George’s all admitted, in writing, that Dafydd was abusing patients.

The Director of Education for Wansdworth, Donald Naismith, was abusing kids in care.

The tentacles of this lot were deep into the liberal arts establishment and had firmly gripped that part of society under Harold Wilson’s Gov’t, with Dick Crossman et al; Crossman’s predecessor as Minister of Health, Sir Kenneth Robinson, Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate, Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, 1977-82. Every Chairman since has been someone who colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts. Sir Kenneth Robinson was the Labour MP for St Pancras North, 1949-70. The sex workers of north London during those years lived in the slums at St Pancras. They were the people who had been sexually exploited or coerced into sex work by Crossman’s mates at Hampstead.

Not only did Crossman and his pals love their opera, theatre etc, but the Garrick, of which William Mars-Jones was a leading light, had a membership made up of substantially people who worked in law or in the theatre. Ronnie Waterhouse was in the Garrick, as was Waterhouse’s close friend Robin Day and many other showbiz and TV people. Dafydd’s gang were of course supplying drugs and sex workers to showbiz folk.

Geoffrey Chamberlain was a good friend of Cilla Black. Cilla had made her name as a songbird in Liverpool in the 1960s when Dafydd and Gwynne were providing a service to the Mersey Stars. One of the Mersey Stars at the time was Tony Booth, Cherie’s dad. Cherie’s mum was an actress as well.

William Mars-Jones fancied himself as a thespian. When he was at St John’s College Cambridge – he went to Aberystwyth University first – Mars-Jones had been in Footlights, so there’ll have been a vast number of useful contacts made thus. Mars-Jones served in the RNVR – as did Gwynne – so was yet another who knew about Mountbatten, the gay spies in the Admiralty and everything else related to sailors that so many people did so much to keep quiet. William Mars-Jones had wanted a career as a Labour politician as the stood for election as a Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1945.

As well as running UCNW, running north Wales, running the Garrick and running Gray’s Inn, William Mars-Jones was President of the London Welsh Trust, 1988-94, so he ran the social club for all the grandiose Welsh people who had made it big in London and would never have wanted the worm in the bud back home to have been exposed. So it was a case of business as normal, Welsh cakes, Bara Brith and lovely little Welsh girls.

Here’s Nerys Hughes of 1970s ‘Liver Birds’ fame who comes from a family of upstanding Methodists in north east Wales and went to school at Denbigh (see eg. ‘           ‘) at the 2014 BAFTA Cymru awards:

In the way that St Helena was relying on Nigel Eastman’s advice to help her win her cases which would make her an Abused Wimmin’s Champ, Michael Mansfield, Gareth Pierce and the other Radical Lawyers who represented the victims of the big miscarriages of justice eg. the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, Macguire Seven who were all released during the late 1980s and 90s, relied upon doing deals with the Top Docs, corrupt lawyers and politicians who were fitting up the victims of Dafydd’s gang and colluding with their criminality. Of course I don’t want the Birmingham Six etc to still be in prison, but I don’t think that I and my friends should have been left at the mercy of a bunch of murdering gangsters because the medico-legal and political establishments were and still are so endemically corrupt that not one of them could behave in an honest transparent way towards us, let alone defend us.

I am planning to blog about those cases in which one group of innocent people who had been framed were released after many years in return for another group of innocent people being killed/fitted up/having their lives ruined. It was the security services wot did it as well. Richard Crossman was one of their most senior officers and he was rotten through and through; so as with law and medicine, the priority was to conceal the rot over which Crossman and his mates had presided. No-one is safe from the Top Docs though, the Top Docs aren’t going to go to prison for anyone. Sir William Mars-Jones died in Jan 1999, just as Ronnie Waterhouse was writing up his Report. Ioan Bowen Rees followed hot on his heels in May 1999. In 1999 my friend, one of the witnesses to what had happened to me at the hands of Dafydd et al, found that her baby didn’t survive the attentions of Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton.

When I obtained my medical records years later, I found that my friend’s baby’s death had been noted by the Angel Jackie Ehlen. I was having dealings with Jackie, a forensic psych nurse, because the Hergest Unit had refused to provide me with any other service after Patient F and I were arrested on the basis of the perjury of Bridget Lloyd, another Angel. We were Dangerous Criminals who had to be seen by the Forensic Team. Tony Francis had written a Court Report before our trial stating that when we were found guilty, I should be sent to a secure unit. We were acquitted. There was no investigation into the perjury and conspiracy, a refusal to apologise and a refusal to reinstate our previous key workers. We were staying in the hands of the Forensic Team, while yet more Evidence was gathered of our Dangerousness, mine in particular. In 1999 I enrolled for a course at the local FE college in Bangor, with a view to getting back into professional work again. That was where I met the student/care assistant whom I told about the assault on the old lady at Bryn Ceirios. I had no idea that Evidence Was Being Gathered as never before, because I just had to be shown to be Dangerous. While the Evidence Was Being Gathered, those doing the gathering were all smiles, told me that they’d be delighted to support me to return to professional work and they wrote me references which enabled me to bag a place at the FE college and then on the PGCE teacher training course at Bangor University in 2000. So why Evidence Was Gathered – untruthful evidence as well of a gossip, lies and rumour nature – and was then sent to the Dept of Education and Science in 2004 AFTER yet another case had collapsed against me because of er the perjury of Angels, a police officer and an NHS manager, I cannot fathom.

Neither do I know why the death of my friend’s baby was noted on my medical records.

In the late 1980s, a young woman called Dorothy Griffiths from Holyhead was found dead on one of the psych wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd. There had been repeated warnings that the ward was dangerous. Sadie Francis was Dorothy’s consultant and had wanted to send Dorothy to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Dorothy’s mum and dad said that they really did not want Dorothy going back there again. Dorothy was sectioned and taken to Ysbyty Gwyedd. Where she died. Jackie Ehlen was the nurse in charge of the ward when Dorothy died. No-one ever found out the truth re Dorothy’s death. The Story told by the ward staff was that they noticed that Dorothy was missing, noticed that the bathroom was locked, so Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer, broke the door down and found Dorothy dead in the bath. Jeff cried, another Angel made sure that Dorothy’s mum knew about that.

Two managers went to Dorothy’s mum’s house – I think that one was Alun Davies – to tell Mrs Griffiths that Dorothy had died. Mrs Griffiths said ‘they were awful, absolutely awful, I could not believe that they could ever behave like that to me when my daughter had died in their care’.

Sadie Francis then arrived at the house and apologised for the death. Mrs Griffiths said that Sadie was ‘lovely, really good’. I thought that about Sadie once; she left the room all smiles, telling me that she’d do her best now that I was in hospital and within hours she had made a police statement saying that she was too frightened to enter the ward because I’d threatened to kill her. I had not. No-one told me that Sadie had made that statement until I was arrested for er threatening to kill Alun Davies a few days later, on the basis of the perjury of Sadie’s colleagues…

At Dorothy’s inquest, Sadie, Jackie and Dr Colin Flood, a junior doctor, all told different stories about the medication that Dorothy had been given, how she had been given the medication and when. The lab results showed that there was no medication of any sort in Dorothy’s body. No-one asked WTF was going on. The coroner made comments about the foolishness of having bathrooms with locked doors in wards where Nutters were staying and Sadie stated that Dorothy was a ‘very disturbed lady’ – Sadie used exactly the same phrase about me in one police statement – and that Dorothy should have Gone To Denbigh and if her parents had allowed her to Go To Denbigh, all would have been well. No-one asked why Dorothy’s parents were adamant that they never wanted Dorothy to Go To Denbigh Ever Again.

Dorothy had previously had the Dafydd Experience and was found dead in a ward run by his colleagues just after Ollie Brooke was jailed. Three members of Ysbyty Gwynedd staff lied on oath at her inquest and there was nothing done.

For further details of Dorothy’s case, see post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’.

When Sadie first went to work in north Wales, she was a clinical assistant at the North Wales Hospital. A clinical assistant is what is known as a ‘non-career’ post, no Top Doc wants to be one because it means that you have been deemed as never being suitable to be a consultant. Whatever you do once you are a clinical assistant, even if you win a Nobel prize, by GMC rules, you cannot become a consultant. After a few months of being a clinical assistant with Dafydd, Sadie was given a consultant’s job at Ysbyty Gwynedd. I think that I was the only patient who realised that it was illegal and that she must have lied about her qualifications and/or experience. Then I realised that Ysbyty Gwynedd and the GMC were all in on it; the GMC holds details of all Docs training and qualifications and posts held. The GMC knew that Sadie was not eligible to be given a job as a consultant. She still got that job.

Until I wrote this blog I never told anyone that I knew about that particular DANGEROUS ILLEGAL SCAM. I also know that exactly the same scam was worked with at least two other Top Doctors in Ysbyty Gwynedd. The President of the GMC when these scams were worked and when Dorothy Griffiths died was Dafydd and Gwynne’s Big Mate, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton:

We Didn’t Know! They’re Lying To Get Compensation!

No-one even needed to have taken statements from kids in care or Empowered Service Users to have arrested that lot, they were breaking the law daily in every way possible.


In 2015 Michael Mansfield’s daughter Anna was found dead, hanging in her bathroom at home. It was presumed that Anna had killed herself and Mansfield subsequently set up the charidee SOS (Silence Of Suicide). The Mansfields hired one of Michael’s colleagues, Andrew Jeffries QC, to represent them at the inquest, where they argued that Anna’s employers had put her under undue stress and pressure; they denied this. Andrew Jeffries QC is a barrister who specialises in defending people accused of serious organised crime, including sexual offences, multiple murder and contract killing. Why Anna’s family thought they needed Andrew Jeffries and his particular expertise to represent them when they had been Bereaved By Suicide I’m not sure.

Here’s Nicholas de Jongh, who’s GP dad was a member of the Hampstead Mafia who began this nightmare back in Dick Crossman’s day:

'I'm disgusted by the old me' | From the Guardian | The ...

Following the success of his first play, de Jongh resigned from his post at the Evening Standard to pursue a full-time writing career. He has also written two books: Not in Front of the Audience (1992) and Politics, Pruderies and Perversions (2000).

Donald Trelford (born 9 November 1937) was Editor of ‘The Observer’ newspaper, 1975-93, succeeding David Astor; Trelford had been Deputy Editor under Astor, 1969-75. Trelford was also a Director of The Observer, 1975-93 and Chief Executive, 1992-93. In 1994, Trelford was appointed a Professor at the University of Sheffield; he became a visiting Professor in 2004 and Emeritus Professor in 2007.

Trelford was a member of the Council of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), 2002-08 and served as Chairman of the London Press Club. He was also a member of the Newspaper Panel of the Competition Commission, 2001-07. Trelford is a regular broadcaster and has published books on snooker and cricket and co-authored (with Daniel King) a book on the 1993 Times World Chess Championship in London between Nigel Short and Garry Kasparov.

Trelford has had three marriages. He has three children from his first marriage (the first, Sally, was born in 1965), a fourth from his second marriage and a fifth with his third wife Claire, (a former TV presenter whom he married in 2001) in 2011 at the age of 73 Trelford became a father again; he and Claire had another baby in 2014. In the last few years there have been a few media articles about Trelford being an elderly father, his last child Poppy being born in 2014 when Trelford was 76. In a Guardian article in 2015 by Roy Greenslade, who seems to be on good terms with Trelford, it was mentioned that the Trelfords now live in Majorca. A Torygraph article about why the Trelfords will be living in Spain for the foreseeable future has disappeared from the internet, which is a great shame, I’m always interested at the sudden migration of people who have known about the criminality in north Wales for decades, have made their lives and careers in the UK and gosh, they were suddenly up and off when the police looked as though there were going to take the reinvestigation of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal seriously. Disappearances Of Note included Richard Tranter, a Top Doc from the Hergest Unit (New Zealand); Rhian Angel, a Gwynedd social work team leader (Australia); Charlotte Williams, Gwynedd social worker and social work academic (Australia); and a particularly nasty Top Doc colleague of Tranter’s who was a local boy from Holyhead who’s name that I have forgotten (Australia). Others whom we know and love were also discussing emigrating but I’m not sure how many have managed it.

Trelford was interviewed by National Life Stories in 2007 for the ‘Oral History of the British Press’ collection held by the British Library. This is an extract from first part of interview, concerning Trelford’s young life:

Donald Trelford [DT] was born in Coventry in 1937. The first thing he remembers was the bombing of the city during the second world war and the burning houses. They were evacuated to county Durham where his father’s father was a coal miner. His father had been sent south in 1929 to find different work and got lodgings by Coventry City football club. This became a joint obsession for DT and his father.

His mother was terrified of the bombing…DT had a good first school where he learnt his tables and spelling…His mother’s mother was an illiterate Irish girl in service who met a handsome drover (Gilchrist) and had 14 children with him. His father’s father was a rebel, barred from the pits for a while. Then the only job he could get was as a shot firer, which was very dangerous…The Trelfords were severe Methodists…At the end of the war the family went back to Coventry and DT went to junior school. His close friends were Ricky Melville, who is still close, Raymond Stone and Jack Pilbin, both dead. Story of Ray appearing to DT on the evening after he had died in a motor accident. Jack killed himself due to gambling debts which he could not admit to… 

DT went to Bablake School… he became captain of cricket and rugby, and editor of the school magazine. He tried for colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge. Story of Tom Henn up a ladder asking DT to finish poems and answer literature questions, which he did. Then calling in his friend from Selwyn College to say that they must take DT… He went back to the school much later to give away prizes and it was in the middle of the Spycatcher injunction, in spite of which the book was being handed out.

DT’s father worked for a wholesale tobacco company, and took another job too, to pay for DT’s education…He had a great sense of duty. Story of trying to take 4 knives through security at the airport when they took him to Jersey aged about 90. DT went to the Church of England church where they had a youth club with girls. His mother was a non believer… Politically they were natural socialists and his father distrusted army officers… DT and his sister were not close as children. Bablake was a good sporting school. DT had an inspirational teacher and read a lot, books and newspapers…. EAC Bourne was the headmaster, a real authority figure.The family went to Ireland on holiday, and north Wales and Hayling Island.

In Durham they were close to the country and went for walks. In Coventry they moved after a bit to a new house, in Radford, bought for £500 in 1938 and his father was still in it in 2001… DT remembers playing cricket against Warwick when he hit a ball which damaged his father’s new (second hand) car. He was captain of sports teams and found it natural to lead. DT went into the Royal Air Force in 1956 and continued with his rugby and cricket. It was a leisurely life with overseas tours… He had a childhood sweetheart whom he had met when they were 16 and 18… Cambridge… in 1958, doing a pure literature course…

He had a serious girl friend doing maths at Newnham. FR Leavis gave lectures. Story about his vendetta with CP Snow. Selwyn College was not fashionable. John Gummer and Richard Harris were students too. DT was unlucky with his teachers and gave up going to lectures and tutorials when he could… DT worked for the post office at Christmas and sold Cleaneze brushes door to door. He also worked for the parks department in Coventry in the summer… DT edited the Light Blue magazine and wrote for Varsity on sport, observing how others did it. Michael Davie revolutionised sports pages. He became friends with Susan Hill the novelist and she introduced him to CP Snow and his wife Pamela Hansford Johnson. He wrote to Christopher Brasher, sports editor of the Observer, saying they never featured Coventry, and received a cable saying he should send 300 words by Saturday. Then he saw a sign that the Coventry Standard were looking for a reporter and got the job…

Then he heard about the Thomson newspapers graduate training scheme for which he was accepted and was sent to the Sheffield Telegraph in 1960 for the huge sum of £17 a week…They had 17 reporters under Bill Lyth. Story of a campaign to make Sheffield the centre of the universe for its steel, and hold a world fair. Their great rival was the Yorkshire Post, which made mockery of this… Jackie Gillot was on the staff and Nick Barratt who were mischievous. The paper uncovered the “rhino whip scandal” which turned into another campaign… DT learned that they were looking for an editor in Nyasaland, and he investigated…

Trelford was at Selwyn College Cambridge with John Selwyn Gummer, a member of the ‘Cambridge mafia’ which dominated Thatch’s Cabinet. The others were at Cambridge while Trelford was but not at Selwyn College. They played leading roles in the concealing of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly Ken Clarke. John Selwyn Gummer was of course at the centre over the misinformation re BSE/CJD, the Chief Medical Officer Donald Acheson also being involved in knowingly misleading the public. Acheson protected Dafydd and the gang at the same time. See eg. ‘Professor Prestigious and His Associates’.

‘The Coventry Telegraph’ published a 2015 article about Trelford’s late fatherhood. Trelford grew up in Radford, Coventry. Richard Crossman elected as the Labour MP for Coventry East in 1945, when Trelford was about 8 yrs old, retaining the seat until 1974, by which time Trelford was Deputy Editor of The Observer. Trelford became the Editor the year following Crossman’s death. Trelford will have known about Dafydd’s partner gang operating in Trelford’s home town of Coventry and he’ll have known about pre-existing abuse during 1950s and 60s which Dafydd, Gwynne and others turned into a burgeoning UK wide and eventually international trafficking business.

Trelford wouldn’t have just known Crossman as a Coventry MP but he would have had knowledge of/links with the security services, of which Crossman was a senior officer, as a journo of Trelford’s standing. Trelford would have been issued with D notices requesting him not to publish certain things and suchlike.

Trelford’s old school, Bablake, was an independent school not far away from Warwick School, the public school attended by Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass; Bluglass is older than Trelford but he is an enthusiastic member of Warwick School’s old boys’ association. Trelford remained involved with Bablake School as a Famous Old Boy and mentioned in interviews that his school played Bluglass’s old school at sports. Bluglass and Trelford are both people who spent time quaffing champagne and going to dinner parties with other people whom they thought were worth knowing, they can’t possibly have missed each other, particularly because Bluglass based himself in the West Midlands for most of his career and after he finished Top Doctoring, he opened Compton Verney, one of Europe’s finest art galleries, in Warwickshire. See previous posts. Should Bluglass miss Trelford now that Trelford has emigrated to Majorca, they can still rub noses with a little bit of effort because Bluglass has a second home in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Bablake old boys also included Leonard Lord aka Lord Bambury – cars – check re Jack Butterworth’s dodgy deals

In 1989 Trelford was named in the Pamella Bordes scandal. Bordes who had previously worked in a brothel frequented by one of Max Clifford’s associates, was simultaneously dating Brillo, then Editor of ‘The Sunday Times’, Trelford, then Editor of ‘The Observer’, Tory Minister Colin Moynihan and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Bordes had a Commons security pass arranged by MPs David Shaw and Henry Bellingham.

On 28 Aug 2006 the Indie published an article about ‘the Press Gang’, ie. the UK’s most influential influential journos; the article named Donald Trelford along with others, including Roy Greenslade. Roy Greenslade (born 31 December 1946) is Emeritus Professor at City University London and has been a media commentator since 1992, in particular for ‘The Guardian’ Greenslade writes a daily blog on ‘The Guardian’ media site and wrote a column for the ‘London Evening Standard’, 2006-16.  

Roy Greenslade was educated at Dagenham County High School (1957–63) and, aged 17, was hired by the ‘Barking and Dagenham Advertiser’. After serving a three year indentureship he joined the ‘Lancashire Evening Telegraph’ in Blackburn as a Sub-Editor before spending 18 months as a Sub-Editor at the Manchester office of the ‘Daily Mail’. 

In 1969, Greenslade entered Fleet Street as a news Sub-Editor on ‘The Sun’ which had just been acquired by the Dirty Digger. Greenslade had a brief spell with the ‘Daily Mirror’ in 1972 before returning to The Sun as Deputy Chief Sub-Editor, first with the news desk and later in the features department.

Greenslade left The Sun in 1974 to write his first book and to take a degree in politics at the University of Sussex. He worked his way through university with part-time sub-editing jobs at the ‘Brighton Argus’, ‘BBC Radio Brighton’, the ‘Sunday Mirror’ and ‘Reveille’. John Allen owned the brothels in Brighton to which kids in care in north Wales were being trafficked; journos in the Brighton area did know about it and some of them did very well for themselves by not reporting it even in 1992 when five witnesses were murdered by the firebomb in Brighton. Asa Briggs who was on board with the gang, had just finished his time as VC of Sussex University when Greenslade arrived as a student.

After graduating in 1979, Greenslade joined the ‘Daily Star’ in Manchester for six months until being seconded to the ‘Daily Express’ in London. He was soon appointed features editor of the Daily Star. It was the beginning of a meteoric rise after Greenslade’s time on the patch of Dafydd’s partner gang and the location of John Allen’s brothels…

In 1981 Greenslade returned to The Sun as Assistant Editor. He was very involved in the move from Fleet Street to Wapping. In 1986 Greenslade transferred to ‘The Sunday Times’, first running the Review Section before becoming Managing Editor (news). In Dec 1986 Ollie Brooke was jailed, I was unlawfully imprisoned by the gang for the second time, Patient F was fitted up and unlawfully imprisoned as well, Alison Taylor was writing to Gov’t Ministers and the year previously Mary Wynch had received coverage in the broadsheets after winning her appeal to the Master of the Rolls. Esther launched ChildLine in 1986 after Michael Grade suggested it.

In 1990, Greenslade was appointed as Editor of the Daily Mirror by Cap’n Bob. Greenslade departed from the Daily Mirror in March 1991 and later that year was Consultant Editor for three months to both The Sunday Times and ‘Today’. Cap’n Bob went overboard in Nov 1991, at the end of the year of the Massive Cover-Up. I had been unlawfully forced out of my career, as had other witnesses including my two friends in the media, Morrison had been given a K by Lilibet, Thatch had been deposed and Major’s Gov’t was now desperately nailing the lid down on it all. After failing to have me imprisoned after a number of efforts in the High Court during 1990, during 1991 the gang referred me to ‘independent second opinion’ Dr David Mawson, who was much more pleasant than them but nonetheless working in collaboration with them, who declared me to be mad with delusions re Dafydd and a conspiracy. See previous posts. In April 1992 the firebomb on Greenslade’s former patch in Brighton killed five more witnesses.

While Editor of the Daily Mirror, Greenslade was at the centre of a controversy after he rigged a competition in the paper to make sure it was unwinnable. He admitted his behaviour in October 2011 at a seminar at the Leveson Inquiry: ″On behalf of my proprietor Robert Maxwell I fixed a game offering a million pounds to anyone who could spot the ball and ensured that no-one won. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.″

Greenslade was media commentator for The Guardian, 1992-2005. Those years covered the Brighton firebomb, the North Wales Police investigation, the Jillings Investigation, the Waterhouse Inquiry and its aftermath. Greenslade presented Radio 4’s Mediumwave , 1993–95, years which spanned the first part of the Jillings Investigation and in 1996, the year in which William Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry, Greenslade was the launch presenter of Britain Talks Back on Granada Talk TV. He has continued to be a regular broadcaster on media matters.

After leaving The Guardian, Roy Greenslade then spent three months with the Daily Torygraph in a similar capacity before returning to The Guardian to launch a media blog and began to write a weekly media column for ‘The Evening Standard’. His column for what is now the London Evening Standard lasted for 10 years until April 2016, but he remains a contributor to the newspaper. In the context of a changing industry, Greenslade concluded his last column for the London Evening Standard with the observation: “Whatever happens, this I know: journalism, the trade I have practised for more than 50 years, must survive. Without it, democracy itself is imperilled”.

Roy Greenslade is on the board of the ‘British Journalism Review’ and is a trustee of the media ethics charity, Mediawise.

Sir Peter Morrison
Peter Morrison, British MP and Conservative Party politician.jpg

In 2003, Greenslade was appointed Professor of Journalism at City University London in succession to Hugh Stephenson.

Greenslade has been credited with coining the term: “The Hierarchy of Death” as well as writing extensively on the subject. Greenslade is also the author of three books, Goodbye to the Working Class (1976), Maxwell’s Fall (1992) and Press Gang: How Newspapers Make Profits from Propaganda (2003).

Greenslade was interviewed by National Life Stories in 2007 for the ‘Oral History of the British Press’ collection held by the British Library.

During the late 1980s, when Greenslade was managing news editor of The Sunday Times, he secretly wrote for ‘An Phoblacht’, a newspaper published by Sinn Fein, under the pseudonym George King. This was exposed by Nick Davies, a Guardian colleague and instigator of the journalistic investigation into phone hacking. I wrote to Nick Davies about the mental health services in north Wales framing and imprisoning patients who had complained; I did not receive a reply. I wrote to a number of journos about the matter at the time, including Johann Hari. Hari did not reply either. My computer was stolen by John McTernan’s brother-in-law at about the time that I was writing to journos and others about the abuses of the north Wales NHS and social services, 2005-06. When Greenslade reviewed Nick Davies’s book on his blog in 2008, he did not deny his writings for An PhoblachtGreenslade also spoke at a Sinn Féin conference in London on the 30th anniversary of the hunger strikes and he wrote an article on the same subject for An Phoblacht.

Greenslade has had a house in County Donegal for many years and is a close personal friend of Pat Doherty, the Vice President of Sinn Féin, 1988-2009 and who has been publicly named as a former member of the IRA Army Council.. Greenslade also stood surety for IRA member John Downey, one of the suspects in the 1982 bombing of Hyde Park which killed four soldiers.

Greenslade is married to Noreen Taylor, the former ‘Daily Mirror’ journalist and mother of actress Natascha McElhone.


Donald Trelford was succeeded as Deputy Editor of ‘The Observer’ in 1975 by John Cole. John Morrison Cole (23 November 1927-7 November 2013) was a journalist and broadcaster from Belfast, best known for his work with the BBC. Cole served as Deputy Editor of ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Observer’ and was the BBC’s Political Editor, 1981-92.

Cole was born in Belfast in 1927. His father was an electrical engineer and the family were Ulster Protestants; Cole identified himself as British. He received his formal education at the Belfast Royal Academy. Cole started his career in print journalism in 1945, aged 17, joining the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ as a reporter and industrial correspondent and subsequently worked as a political reporter for the paper. Cole gained a scoop when he interviewed then PM Clement Attlee, who was holidaying in Ireland.

Cole joined the Manchester Guardian in 1956, reporting on industrial issues. He transferred to the London office in 1957 as the paper’s labour correspondent and was appointed news editor in 1963. Cole headed opposition to a proposed merger with ‘The Times’ in the mid-1960s, and later served as Deputy Editor under Alastair Hetherington. When Hetherington left ‘The Guardian’ in 1975, Cole was in the running for the editorship, but failed to secure the post, ‘for reasons which may have included his commitment to the cause of unionism in N Ireland, as well as what was seen by some as inflexibility and a lack of flair.’ Unwilling to continue at The Guardian, Cole then joined ‘The Observer’ as Deputy Editor under Donald Trelford.  

It was Peter Preston who was appointed Editor of The Guardian in preference to John Cole. As an older journo, Cole undoubtedly became hugely powerful because of his knowledge of Kincora, the VIP paedophile ring there and the involvement of people like Mountbatten and Anthony Blunt; the ring at Kincora was linked to Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang and the concealing of the scandal at the highest levels was in turn used as a bargaining tool in terrorist trials, the appeals which subsequently saw so many of the victims of miscarriages of justice released and in the N Ireland peace process. Running throughout it all was police corruption at the highest levels and the involvement of the security services in serious organised crime. John Cole became a big name just as Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I refused to keep quiet about Dafydd and the gang.

However in 1975 when Preston was appointed Editor of ‘The Guardian’, the ‘establishment’ had a far bigger immediate problem than concealing Kincora; N Ireland was in the throes of a civil war and Kincora was still completely and safely under wraps. The activities of Jeremy Thorpe however were beginning to become very public; Norman Scott was desperately telling everyone he could about the threats and harassment that he was receiving, things were escalating, nothing had appeared in the media but every journo knew what was going on and in Oct 1975, Andrew Newton killed Norman’s dog and tried to kill Norman. The matter became public and the Westminster Paedophile Ring was in danger of being exposed…

I have blogged about Peter Preston in detail before, so I’ll just highlight the most salient parts of his biography here. Preston grew up and went to school in Leicestershire, the site of one of the gangs which was central to the Westminster Paedophile Ring; by 1975 all the gangs had linked up. Preston went to St John’s College, Oxford, as did the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman Sir Idwal Pugh, who came from a Gwynedd family and spent a lifetime serving the gang. Others who concealed the criminality or indeed personally benefited from it and added their own criminality to the mix included Edward du Cann. Kingsley Amis, another St John’s graduate, was part of the network. See eg. ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’.

Preston began his career on the Liverpool Daily Post, 1959-63, a publication which covers north Wales as well. The Westminster Paedophile Ring was facilitated by Top Docs and Depts of Social Services; corrupt professionals and politicians/activists on the left were essential to its functioning. The Children Act 1975 which was responsible for so many kids being handed over to the clutches of Dafydd and Gwynne or their partner gangs in Islington, Lambeth, Leicestershire, the North East of England, the West Midlands etc was the result of the work of Labour politicians, in particular Leo Abse, Jim Callaghan and Dr Death. See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.

In 1975, Harold Wilson was PM and a lot of people who were seriously disillusioned with Wilson but who couldn’t stomach the Tories were talking about Mr Thrope providing the ray of hope. Mr Thrope was a friend of Royalty as well as closely linked to Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang via his friendship with the Lloyd George family… Mr Thrope was connected to everyone and no-one could risk it all unravelling. Insider knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and those feeding it in Leicestershire, Liverpool and north Wales would be far more useful to ‘The Guardian’ in 1975 than the man from N Ireland, although the criminality involved there was gruesome. Peter Preston came to the rescue and The Guardian’s readership was made up of so many Top Docs and welfare professionals who were  providing ‘therapy’ for, incarcerating – or in the case of Gwynne, lobotomising – the victims of the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

After Tiny Rowland took over as proprietor of The Observer in 1981, John Cole gave evidence against him at the Monopolies Commission. Tiny Rowland – Lonrho – Edward du Cann See post ‘           ‘.

In 1981, Mr Jeremy Thrope was off and away from the Old Bailey and serious charges but the world was laughing and not many people genuinely believed that He Knew Nuzzing. Mary Wynch had begun litigation against Dafydd and the gang after finally getting out of Denbigh and they knew that there could be serious trouble coming their way. Thatch in Gov’t – Peter Morrison – WHAT JOB?? – Me – UCNW – Brown – under surveillance – whatever it was in 1981-82 re Gwynne – DATE OF HETHERINGTON and Stirling – UGC minibus?

The day after John Cole gave evidence against Rowland, Cole received a call from the BBC offering him the job of political editor, succeeding John SimpsonCole commented on his switch from print to TV journalism: “The invitation to have a ringside seat for what must be the most fascinating period in modern politics was irresistible.” John Cole had little previous TV experience but proved a “natural broadcaster.” Reporting through most of the premiership of Thatch, Cole became a familiar figure on television and radio. John Cole was not a ‘natural broadcaster’. There was a major problem with many people not being able to understand what he was saying and complaints about this. A lot of people never could understand Cole, even after he had been constructed – and it was a construction – as a National Treasure. ‘Private Eye’ ran a spoof ‘John Cole reports’ column for years which of course always began ‘Hondootedly…’ and was just composed of a jumble of meaningless words including completely ridiculous words like ‘tagliatelle’; the column never waned because no-one understood a bloody word that John Cole said, even after he’d been on the TV for years. John Cole was a BBC invention such as Wogan, ‘Ooh the viewers like him’. As Brown once observed, you could put any middle-aged prat on the TV at prime time and people would be watching; the people watching weren’t the media enthusiasts or young people who switch on for things that they actually like, they were older people who’d had their meal and were crashed out on the sofa watching whatever rubbish happened to be on.

Cole’s health was put under strain by the workload and he suffered a heart attack in February 1984. Returning to report on that year’s conference season, he covered the Brighton bombing, getting a “memorable” interview with Thatch on the pavement in its immediate aftermath, in which she declares that the Tory conference would take place as normal. Cole was one of the earliest to forecast Thatcher’s resignation as Prime Minister in 1990, in what David McKie refers to as “perhaps his greatest exclusive.”Donald Macintyre writes that he “did more than any single figure to create popular understanding of the turbulent 1980s”.

John Cole knew damn well that the biggest factor driving the ‘turbulent 1980s’ was the extremes that so many people went to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring. I had no idea at the time that I and my friends and during the 1990s the Empowered Service Users whom I knew were so famous in the Corridors Of Power. So no-one thought to warn us that our lives were in extreme danger as some of us were killed and we were dragged through the Courts so obviously being fitted up? Obviously not, there were a great many mediocrities who needed to benefit from the bunch of gangsters who were after us for so many years:

The one thing that John Cole did not do was ‘create popular understanding’ of what was happening. For him personally it was a matter of:

Cole established a strong reputation for his “gentle but probing” interviewing style, for his political assessments and for presenting analysis rather than “bland reporting.” McKie considers him to have “revolutionised the routine broadcast reporting of politics”, while Macintyre states that he “pioneered the best in modern political broadcast journalism.” “Held in enormous affection by viewers,” Cole was trusted by both politicians and the public. He was known for “speaking in the language used by ordinary people” rather than “so-called Westminster experts” and for “articulat[ing] the viewpoint of the ordinary man or woman in the street.”

Cole retired as political editor in 1992 (aged 65), compulsory at that date, but continued to appear on TV, including making programmes on golf and travel. He also continued to appear on the BBC programme ‘Westminster Live’ for several years after he retired as political editor.

In addition to his journalistic writing, Cole authored several books. In 2007 he wrote an article for the ‘British Journalism Review’blaming both politicians and the media for the fact that parliamentarians were held in such low esteem, being particularly scathing of Alastair Campbell’s influence during Miranda’s premiership.

The media protected politicians by flatly refusing to report the worst excesses of politicians. Even the factions of the media that did such a good job of taking the piss, had a policy of not saying anything at all about the serious criminality of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. It was not always due to a fear of a libel trial; the media had concrete evidence that would have begun to expose it all but they had a symbiotic relationship with crooked politicians and the Top Docs and many of the journos were friends with those involved in the criminality. The people behind ‘Spitting Image’ had been knocking around the BBC for years and ‘Private Eye’ was founded by and employed many of those who were mates with the network around Westminster Swingers, employed Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader and was owned for years by Peter Cook of ‘Footlights’ origins.

In 1966, the Eisenhower Fellowships selected John Cole to represent Great Britain. Cole received the Royal Television Society’s Journalist of the Year award in 1991. My closest friend from school who was a witness to what had happened to me at the hands of the gang was unlawfully dismissed by the Royal Television Society in 1991. She had wanted to make a documentary about north Wales. While she was at the RTS, one of the managers there was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10 year old boy. Tony Pilgrim, one of the old farts who made my friend’s life at the RTS so difficult, commented that it was a pity that this manager had been caught…

Hondootedly the rest of them must have been quite worried after that.

After his retirement, Cole received the Richard Dimbleby Award from BAFTA in 1993. By 1993 the North Wales Police investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire had ended with the police concluding that there was ‘no evidence’. Although there had been over 100 complaints had been made about the abuse of children in care and a file was sent to the CPS, the DPP Dame Barbara Mills did not mount one prosecution… concluded – 1993 – Lord Kenyon – framing etc – MM letter

Cole privately made much out of being a supporter of the Labour Party and a believer in the trades union movement. He considered that the combating of unemployment was one of the most important political issues. Cole was a British Republican and a committed Christian, associating in the latter part of his life with the United Reformed Church at Kingston-upon-Thames. Previous posts have discussed how Kingston-upon-Thames was pretty much run by the Bentall family, who owned the upmarket department store there, Bentall’s.

Hugh Bentall was a surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital, who was involved with research fraud, was given a Chair after he made a substantial donation to Hammersmith and also bagged his secretary who was also his mistress, a place to do a degree and a PhD in anatomy and then a lecturing job at Hammersmith. See post ‘Interesting Facts’. Bentall’s son Richard Bentall is a clinical psychologist who trained with Dafyd and the gang at UCNW and married the daughter of Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at UCNW, who did her own degree at UCNW in Plant Biology and then trained as an Angel. Adrian Bell, one of the lecturers in Plant Biology at UCNW, had links to Kingston-upon-Thames and did his degree at Kingston Poly, which later became Kingston University.

Prof Ollie Brooke of St George’s Hospital Medical School was convicted of child porn offences and jailed in Dec 1986 at Kingston Crown Court, but the Court didn’t hear anything like the grim reality of the situation. Brooke’s barrister told lies about Brooke’s academic record and numerous Top Docs sent letters to the Court testifying to Ollie’s essential loveliness. Ollie’s colleagues at St George’s were facilitating an international paedophile/trafficking ring and they had direct links with Dafydd and the gang. After Ollie was jailed, the Dean of St George’s was symbolically deposed and Sir William Asscher from Cardiff was headhunted by St George’s and appointed Dean/Principal. Asscher had spent his early career at the London Hospital, facilitating the ring there which was run by a partner gang of Dafydd and Gwynne’s. Asscher spent the middle part of his career in Cardiff, where he facilitated the ring in south Wales linked to Dafydd’s gang. After I was forced out of my job at St George’s in 1991, Asscher organised a merger between St George’s and Kingston University.


Cole married his wife Madge around 1956. The couple had four sons and nine grandchildren. Cole suffered health problems in retirement including heart problems and two minor strokes. In 2009 he was diagnosed with cancer. He subsequently developed aphasia. Cole died at his home at Claygate, Surrey, on 7 November 2013.

Tributes were paid by journalists, broadcasters and politicians across the political spectrum. The PM Call Me Dave described John Cole a “titan at the BBC” and an “extraordinary broadcaster”. Uncle Harry’s nephew Ed said that “my generation grew up watching John Cole. He conveyed the drama and importance of politics.” The Scottish FM Alex Salmond – er, wasn’t he in the news not so long ago??  – said that Cole was “an extremely able journalist but also extraordinarily helpful and generous to a young politician.” Would Alex like to expand on the ways in which John Cole was so extraordinarily helpful and generous to the whippersnapper Salmond? Was John Cole even more helpful and generous to Salmond than the well-known adviser to the SNP, Top Doc Sir Ken Calman, dad of little Scottish lesbian comedian Susan, the Sir Ken who knew about the research fraud and wrongdoing of Dafydd and his wider circle and who concealed the escalating criminality in north Wales particularly when Sir Ken served as Chief Medical Officer for England and Wales, 1991-97? See previous posts for more info re Sir Ken and Susan. The BBC’s political editor at the time, Nick Robinson wrote that Cole “shaped the way all in my trade do our jobs”.

A BBC News ‘tribute’ after Cole’s death in Nov 2013 included rent a quotes from the usual sources, as well as from David Aaronovitch who worked with Cole for several years at the BBC and Heseltine, who told the BBC that he ‘looked back with great fondness to my relationship with him’.

Ginny’s husband Peter Bottomley was interviewed re his Memories Of John, who mentioned that John was so trusted by the BBC that when ‘all sorts of terrible things’ were being said about Peter Bottomley, he rang John Cole and asked Cole to quash the story and dear old Cole sent the word out to the BBC and not a word appeared, which just demonstrated that John Cole ‘was not only trusted by me but was trusted by the BBC as well’. DAFYDD – people say all sorts of things – which rumours re Peter Bottom?

PICS P Bottomley – ginny – cole

When Denis Thatcher died in 2003, Cole’s memories of Denis appeared on BBC News online. Jeffrey Archer and Lord McAlpine ‘used to hold big parties which went on late into the night at Conservative Party conferences’ – most Cabinet members would go to these parties as would political correspondents to pick up titbits – another memory of a lunch ‘for about a dozen lobby journalists where I sat on the prime ministers table for the starter and the main course and moved to Sir Denis’ table for the sweet and coffee’ – Denis talked about his business interests and how he was trying to sell grass lawns to Saudi Arabia – ‘he spoke quite well about it’ – I learned that he did have a business life quite separate to the prime minister’s life in politics…’

Nov 2013 Indie obituary for Cole written by Donald Macintyre – who as a ‘new political correspondent in 1987’ remembered chatting with Cole in car during 1987 Greenwich by-election which the SDP were predicted to win over Labour  – LOOK UP ROSIE Barnes

Macintyre commented in his obituary for Cole that Cole worked as the BBC’s Political Editor, 1981-92 at the BBC after his time as a senior executive at ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Observer’, that Cole’s sources of info knew that they would never be revealed and that Cole knew that Thatch was going to stand down… BBC journo Nick Robinson described Cole as ‘the man I learned so much from’.

David McKie’s obituary in ‘The Guardian’ mentioned Coles’s poor health after his heart attack in Feb 1984 and his close relationship with the Top Doctors who were all acutely aware of who he was; McKie also was wowed that Cole was able to make a late night news broadcast in Nov 1990 accurately stating that Thatch would be standing down in the morning…

A BBC online obituary of Cole published on 8 Nov 2013 mentioned that his Feb 1984 heart attack occurred in the Commons. So the Top Docs who dealt with Cole’s heart attack will have been at Tommy’s, at least those who treated him in the immediate aftermath. It is likely that Cole will have continued to see someone from Tommy’s afterwards as well, even if he used private care, because the Tommy’s Top Docs dominate Harley Street. Westminster figures know Tommy’s staff; Tommy’s is located next to Westminster and there is a very close, mutually toadying relationship between the two institutions.

Howe – date of speech??

Thatch – challenged by Heseltine on DATE

Chamberl et al – after me – all hated thatch too – the celebrations on resignation day – shortly after – me arrested etc –

John Cole was a republican and was on record as saying in 2011 that ‘It seems to me that the Royal Family inevitably, and without their necessarily wishing it, form the apex of a pyramid of snobbery which does a great deal of damage to British life.” Not that John ever received any information or evidence about serious wrongdoing on the part of members of the Royal Family or their mates that he failed to make public or indeed take to the police because of their position at the apex of that pyramid of snobbery. Hondootedly, John Cole Knew Nuzzing.

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Peter Morrison, British MP and Conservative Party politician.jpg

Książe Karol to pederasta powiązany z grupą wpływowych ...


‘In 1981 Tiny Rowland took over as proprietor [of The Observer] and Cole gave evidence against him at the Monopolies Commission – which resulted in a blazing row between the two men. Cole was already well known at Westminster and, the next morning, he had a call from the BBC offering him the job of political editor as successor to John Simpson.’

Quentin Letts wrote in the Mail Online, 8 Nov 2013, that …In his newspaper years, Cole was a committed Labour man. He suppressed editorial criticism of Establishment Labour figures such as Jim Callaghan, Denis Healey or Merlyn Rees…

Key figures who facilitated Dafydd and Gwynne and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring during the post-war Labour Gov’ts and who had a great deal to answer for. Merlyn Rees was Callaghan’s Home Secretary who presided over the endemic corruption which not just concealed the criminality of Dafydd et al, but facilitated it, including the wrongful arrest and unlawful imprisonment of Mary Wynch. Rees also served as N Ireland Secretary under Wilson and then Callaghan and again on his watch, disastrous decisions were made. Again and again, if one looks at who was at the helm on the occasion of certain events, including the worst miscarriages of justice of the 1970s, it was Merlyn Rees. Rees grew up in south Wales, studied at the LSE when Richard Crossman’s mates dominated that institution and was an MP for a Leeds constituency in Police Corruption and Savile Central. Merlyn Rees was listed as a Director of Municipal Mutual when they employed Michael Beloff QC to tell them how to completely suppress the Jillings Report. Rees was at the centre of the wrongdoing for years. See previous posts.

Cole is survived by his wife Madge, four sons – Donald, a Daily Mail sub-editor, Patrick, David and Michael…

Donald is still flying the flag at the ‘Daily Mail’ then; what was it in Donald’s skill set that made him such an attractive buy for the dear old ‘Daily Mail’ I wonder?

On 2 June 1995, the Indie reported James Rampton’s ‘interview’ with Cole about a forthcoming BBC documentary on 4 June 1995, ‘A Progress Through Politics’, produced by David Wilson, on Cole’s 50 years in politics. Although Cole ‘retired’ in 1992, he stayed very much in business and continued hobnobbing with all of his old colleagues and buddies and was a frequent presence at Westminster. The Indie article praised Cole’s ‘honesty’ and gave much space to Cole’s assurances that ‘most politicians’ are ‘basically honest decent people’ – mentioned by name are Harold Wilson, Geoffrey Howe, Gerald Kaufperson, Kenneth Baker and of course Thatch. John Cole and the Indie knew how much of a lie that was; not only that, but the timing of the propaganda is interesting.

In June 1995 there was melt-down in north Wales. Nicola Davies QC had just begun reviewing the paperwork of the North Wales Police re the abuse of children in order to decide whether a Public Inquiry should be held. The paperwork since 1989 was all missing. Although Nicola was reviewing the paperwork, Ronnie Waterhouse knew that he would be Chairing the Inquiry that hadn’t yet been decided upon and altered his retirement plans, taking the opportunity to spend much of 1995 on a farewell tour of his Circuit in Chester and Wales, which involved Ronnie dining with and often staying with many of those responsible for the gross failures which resulted in the criminality in north Wales. See post eg. ‘Heart Of Darkness’.

In June 1995, the Dept of Health and the Welsh Office were putting the finishing touches to the charade of Dafydd’s ‘retirement’ and the ‘closure’ of the North Wales Hospital in July. Dafydd retired clutching the contract the provide substance abuse services fir the whole of north Wales – he subsequently expanded that to the whole of Wales – and an agreement that none of the serious complaints about him would be followed up. See eg. ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’ Parts of the North Wales Hospital remained open, although the public was told that it closed in the summer of 1995. The NHS has never come clean re which patients remained there – although it is known that the ‘mother and baby unit’ stayed open – and when the institution really did close.

Dafydd and the gang – Dafydd – N Wales Hosp – Ginny – David Hunt –  NHS and me – Mullen, Hefin Davies, Tony Lane etc


The Torygraph published an obituary for John Cole:

As a consequence, he was trusted by politicians right across the spectrum. Mrs Thatcher singled him out for her first interview after the Brighton bomb — and in 1990 he was the first to break the news of her imminent downfall; the first to predict that John Major would be Prime Minister; and the first to predict (again correctly) that Major’s challenger, Michael Heseltine, would be appointed Environment Secretary in the new administration.

Cole wasn’t predicting anything, he wasn’t clairvoyant; he was receiving info from politicians and others, but most importantly from Top Doctors, the Top Doctors who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and who were, variously, employing/working with/framing/prosecuting/refusing to treat me.

Cole did what all these spineless tossers did; being a middle-aged man in poor health the big wet jelly toadied to and did deals with those Top Doctors who desperately wanted to see Thatch out but couldn’t expose her mates Peter Morrison, George Thomas and Jimmy Savile, because the Top Docs themselves were facilitating the trafficking ring supplying those three; furthermore George Thomas and Savile were mates with the Top Docs and most useful in terms of charidee and PR work.

Cole’s performance during the crisis won him the Royal Television Society’s journalist of the year award.

No, Cole’s silence about the ring, the serious criminality and what was happening to me and others won him that award from the RTS, who had just unlawfully fired my closest friend from school because she had stood by me and wanted to make a documentary about matters north Wales.

At one point he jokingly remarked that he was thinking of going ex-directory so that he did not have to take calls from cabinet ministers asking him what was going on.

What a bunch of self-important invertebrates. Hondootedly.

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  • “Dangerous” Insects and Invertebrates…and Why We Need Them!
  • Tiger Leech (Richardsonianus australis) - Minibeast ...

Even delegates to the Tory Party Conference had a soft spot for Cole. Yet ironically, had they known his true political views, they would have had all their prejudices about the Corporation confirmed. For behind his rigorous impartiality there beat an “Old” Labour heart – one colleague described him as the “last of the Stalinists”. He was a man who would, as he once confessed, have closed down Oxford and Cambridge and abolished the House of Lords.

The poor old bugger just never had the info that would have allowed him to expose the people and institutions that he loathed so much. The Tories were probably sending bouquets over to his house daily.

Here’s John and Madge Anti-Privilege, visiting friends in their council house:

Cole was a model of politeness when he interviewed Mrs Thatcher, but — as he confessed after his retirement — he found it hard to remain impartial, as he detested everything she stood for: what he saw as her lack of concern for the poor, her “enamelled certitude” and “immanent sense of being right”.

Traits that were completely alien to John Cole, who’s heart was so close to The Poor that he remained silent about them being gang raped, fitted up, illegally imprisoned and then found dead, while he hobnobbed and supped with the Top Docs who arranged it all and never had any qualms about doing this.


In one interview conducted after he had retired from the BBC, he named her as the worst Prime Minister Britain had ever had.

Was Cole a secret anarchist who arranged this perhaps?

Whether Cole’s Sources told him who was responsible for this or not, along with all the others reporting from the Corridors Of Power, John Cole failed to mention that there was some degree of collusion with at least someone from the security services with regard to this, as there was when Airey Neave and Ian Gow were blown up. The murders of Neave, Gow and Mountbatten are now discussed as the possible consequences of their involvement in organised paedophilia…

That he was able to separate the personal from the professional indicated a modesty and intellectual integrity of a kind which few political pundits have achieved before or since.

We are talking about a man who revelled in boozing and dining with a PM whom he claimed to hate and who ensured that corrupt politicians, Top Docs and lawyers involved in the most serious crime imaginable were never held to account.

When Cole retired from the BBC in 1992, it was John Major who gave perhaps the most perceptive assessment of his career: “Politicians like him, they trust him and when he presents policies, there is one thing he does that few others have ever managed to do properly. That is to set out the background to the decision and the constraints that politicians face. I think that’s earned him very high admiration.”

Cole did sordid deals with them constantly although those deals resulted in witnesses to serious crime being murdered; although he was probably sticking knives into their backs constantly, Cole didn’t ever rat on them publicly. So every unscrupulous politician had a drink with him in order to try and use him, Cole in turn used them and the Top Docs were laughing all the way to the bank.

John Morrison Cole was born in Antrim Road, north Belfast, on November 23 1927 into a Protestant Unionist family. His father owned a small electrical business. His upbringing was Presbyterian and colleagues felt that this was the key to his character.

As with the bond between George Thomas and Thatch that Thatch attributed to them both having a Methodist upbringing, John Cole will have networked with others in the Presbytarian Church; including in Wales and Scotland.

David Wilson, a BBC producer who worked with Cole, described him as “a very moral man, upright in a rather old-fashioned way. He isn’t a table-banging Paisleyite, he’s much more like Cromwell: ‘I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”’

Cole never distanced himself from Northern Ireland and would become irritated with English friends who dismissed the Irish as a lot of warring tribes.

Cole will have known a great deal about the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, 1955-64, Robert Grosvenor, who subsequently sat in the Lords, 1967-79, as the 5th Duke of Westminster. Robert was the father of Carlo’s friend Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, who was at the middle of the network of great many people directly involved with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, including Peter Morrison. I have received information that it was Robert Grosvenor who sexually abused Morrison when Morrison was a boy. See previous posts for information on Robert Grosvenor.

Robert Grosvenor died in N Ireland on 19 Feb 1979. Lord Mountbatten was assassinated on 27 Aug 1979. Mountbatten is alleged to have been one of those in the elite paedophile ring based at the Kincora Boys’ Home and although it was accepted at the time that he had been killed by Republican terrorists because he was Royal and Military, it is now being suggested that it was because of this involvement with organised child abuse. Robert Grosvenor will have known about Kincora, even if he wasn’t utilising the services on offer. The 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald, who as an adult was in the middle of those running the ring in north Wales/Cheshire, spent his early years living on Robert’s estate in N Ireland.

When Dafydd was a medical student at Liverpool in the 1950s, he visited N Ireland to meet up with Republican activists in order to learn at their knee techniques that he thought could be employed as part of the campaign against the building of the Tryweryn reservoir near Bala. See post ‘       ‘. Richard Crossman was in a senior role in the British security services at the time, so the presence of a criminal, opportunistic medical student who had only obtained his place at Liverpool on the back of the wrongdoing of which he had knowledge re Windscale and the shenanigans of Lord Ernest Marples and people in the Tory Gov’t at that time (see post ‘        ‘), in a Republican terrorist cell won’t have worried anyone because Dafydd even then was gearing up to be part of the welfare state based trafficking business that Crossman ensured blossomed.

He himself favoured the union and internment, and disliked the Anglo-Irish treaty, though he rejected narrow sectarianism and despised discrimination. But as with all his political reporting, he was careful to maintain a strict impartiality, giving due weight to both sides of the sectarian divide.

Cole was educated at the Belfast Royal Academy, but left at 17 to become a cub reporter on the Belfast Telegraph, where he cut his journalistic teeth reporting the agriculture estimates at the old assembly at Stormont.

Everyone in the pic above had some degree of knowledge about the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Jimmy Savile and north Wales.

He had his first political scoop aged 21 when he was sent to the border to interview the Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, on his way back from holiday in Co Sligo: “There was another young reporter there, but he was just doing a holiday story — asking the Attlees what they’d been doing… So [Attlee] was rather taken by surprise when I pulled out a cutting from a London paper which said that he was going to end partition and have a unified Ireland. This was news to Attlee, who denied it. ‘Get your notebook out, young man,’ he said to me. There and then he dictated his denial, in perfect paragraphs. I phoned it across, word for word, and it made the front page.”

The scoop convinced Cole that his future lay at Westminster, and in 1956 he took a job as a reporter, then labour correspondent, for The Guardian. In 1960 he won an award for Scoop of the Year after picking up a rumour that Alf Robens, a possible Labour leader, was going to be made chairman of the Coal Board by the Tories. No one in the trade union movement or the Labour Party believed it — not even Harold Wilson — but it turned out to be true.

Alf Robens maintained his position by thrashing out complex deals with people who needed to conceal their own part in wrongdoing. Robens was the fall-guy for Aberfan; he was perceived to have been publicly blamed and disgraced. In reality, Aberfan was a predictable disaster; Labour politicians in south Wales, as well as in Gov’t and the NCB and the trade unions knew that the tip was dangerously unstable and presented a great risk. They kept quiet because they feared the effect on employment in the area if the pit was closed. After the disaster there were more complex deals thrashed out between bent politicians and lawyers. Alf was blamed. He continued in public life, became the Chancellor of Surrey University days after the disaster and was then given a senior role on a Health and Safety body. No-one was prosecuted over Aberfan and the families who claimed compensation for the death of a child were asked to demonstrate that they had ‘really’ suffered from the loss. Some were deemed not to have and the compensation paid to those who were deemed to have suffered sufficiently was derisory. The overall agenda was to uphold the Labour vote in South Wales, which Harold Wilson, assisted by people like Richard Crossman and others in the security services did.

Cole worked his way up to deputy editor, then, after being pipped for the editorship, took the same position at The Observer before Lonhro bought the paper in 1981. Cole gave evidence against Tiny Rowland at the Monopolies and Mergers Commission and, when the bid was cleared, Rowland extended an ironic hand of friendship: “He fixed me with those icy blue eyes of his and said slowly ‘I shall look forward to working with you.’ I knew I wouldn’t last.”

Cole was saved the indignity of touting round for a new job when, the following morning, the BBC rang to see whether he would be interested in the job of political editor. He took it like a shot.

That job offer could never have been a coincidence.

In political interviews, Cole always played it straight, neither bullying nor sycophantic, a tactic which yielded a number of scoops. When he interviewed Mrs Thatcher after she had called the 1987 election, she was burying him in statistics when he saw “a chink for an old man to ask a woman no longer in the first flush of youth whether this would be her last election. She replied, ‘Oh no, I intend to go on and on and on.’” He saw her human side. In The Thatcher Years (1987) he wrote: “I heard of one occasion when she breezed into a meeting, slapped a file on the table and said to the assembling ministers, ‘I’m in a dreadful hurry this morning. I’ve only really got time to explode.’”

When Cole formally retired from the BBC in 1992, it was to mournful headlines. In retirement he wrote his memoirs, As it Seemed to Me (1995), in which he chronicled what politicians he knew had said or done over the years and developed the theme that the arrival of Mrs Thatcher marked the point at which pragmatic politics had given way to dogma. Disappointingly, however, he revealed little of himself. He continued to make regular appearances on television and radio, and in 2001 wrote a novel, A Clouded Peace, set in Northern Ireland.

Cole remained untouched by celebrity and lived a modest, frugal life. He avoided showbusiness parties, worked hard and continued to live in the pebble-dash house at Claygate, Surrey, that he had bought in 1956.

In other interviews Cole talked of attending the lavish knees-ups held by Tuppence and Lord McAlpine. Other residents of Claygate included Michael Aspel and Michael Palin.

People in the street would often take him for the weather man Ian McCaskill and, when asked what the weather would be, he would usually reply that it would be “sunny with a slight risk of showers”.

As I mentioned previously, John Cole didn’t impress the world as being a ‘natural broadcaster’, he was a howling joke because people on the mainland found it very difficult to understand what he was saying. So Hondootedly became a target for parody, in the way that Ian McCaskill did; once the joke has become a standing one and the target shows no sign of being upset by it and they’re still in place, they become a Well-Loved Media Figure.

Typically, John Cole refused a CBE when it was offered in 1993…

In the wake of Cole’s death, BBC News online 8 Nov 2013 quoted Nick Robinson:

…As a young TV producer on the BBC’s Sunday lunchtime programme ‘On the Record’ I worked with John on the elegant and witty sketch he wrote to summarise the week in politics. I vividly remember the vigorous debate he launched in the “green room” when, after Labour’s 1992 election defeat, the party’s young rising star argued it should speak up for consumer not producer interests. Cole challenged Tony Blair to explain why what he called “Which? magazine socialism” would succeed. The soon-to-be Labour leader must have been relieved that the BBC’s political editor had decided to retire.

Miranda knew that John Cole had all the dirt on him and John Cole knew that Miranda had played exactly the same game as he had: Miranda knew about north Wales, via his lawyer wife and colleagues and of course from Miranda’s own time working as a junior to George Carman QC and living in Wansdworth, rather than, as John Cole did, directly from the Top Docs. The lawyers who did deals with those Top Docs because they needed their second opinions etc to win their cases.

Passion and professionalism. Warmth and wit. Knowledge and insight. All ensure John Cole will live long in our memories.

Shurely shome mistake? One of the most ruthless men in journalism…

Nicholas Anthony Robinson (born 5 October 1963) is currently a presenter on the ‘Today’ programme. Prior to this he spent ten years as political editor for the BBC and he has had many other roles with the BBC.

Robinson studied PPE at Oxford University, where he was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association. Robinson spent a year as President of the Conservative Party youth group and then started out in broadcasting at Piccadilly Radio. He worked his way up as a producer, eventually becoming Deputy Editor of ‘Panorama’ before becoming a Political Correspondent in 1996. Robinson became the BBC’s Chief Political Correspondent in 1999. Between 2002 and 2005, he worked for ITV News as Political Editor, but then returned to the BBC assuming the same role. Robinson has presented programmes such as ‘Westminster Live’, Weekend Breakfast and Late Night Live on BBC Radio 5 Live and ‘Newsnight’ on BBC Two. 

TORIES – Youth – same age as us – FCS etc – Newsnight – paxo – savile – william miller –  – all the rest re bbc –

Robinson was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, in 1963, to a translator mother and a sales director father. Robinson’s mother was born in Shangai, where her German-Jewish parents fled during the 1930s fled during the 1930s. His father was of English background. His parents first met at Geneva University in Switzerland, and married three months later.

Robinson was interested in political journalism from the age of eight. He was educated at Cheadle Hulme School and University College, Oxford, where he read PPE. 

Macclesfield – chech – and cheadle h school

Cheshire – longstanding ring – Morrison, but predated him – Duke of W –

Chester – CHE branch – dafydd private clinic – abortionist – children adopted – church in chester

lots knew – corrupt professionals working in Greater Manchester – RADIO PICCADILLY??? – colluding – police, Top Docs, lawyers inc George Carman until after Thrope case – Robinson’s mum knew Top Docs?? –

Hamilton – Dunwoody

Whilst travelling in France in 1982, Nick Robinson survived a car crash in Lille France, in which the car exploded; his friends James Nelson and Will Redhead (son of Brian Redhead, an earlier presenter of the ‘Today’ programme) were killed. Robinson was “severely burned”, spent five weeks in hospital and had to defer his university place. Brian Redhead became Robinson’s mentor and later encouraged his career in political journalism, giving him a copy of  Wedgie Benn’s Arguments for Socialism for his birthday. However, Robinson’s early political affiliations were to the right.


Robinson was a founder-member of Macclesfield Young Conservatives (YC) and rose through the ranks, becoming Cheshire YC Chairman, 1982–84 and became a key activist in the North West Area organisation.

Sir Peter Morrison was the Tory MP for Chester, 1974-92; the President of the constituency party while Morrison was the MP was the 6th Duke of Westminster. Morrison’s activities with underaged boys was, certainly by the early 1990s, no secret at all among the constituency party or the local electorate. It was openly gossiped about and the Cheshire Tories had good links with north Wales as well.

Philip Pedley, as National YC Chairman, co-opted Robinson onto the YC National Advisory Committee in 1983 and appointed him National Campaign Director of Youth for Multilateral Disarmament. Robinson was elected National Vice Chairman, 1985–87 and succeeded a fellow moderate, Richard Fuller, when he was elected Chairman of the National Young Conservatives on the moderate ticket against strong right-wing opposition, 1987–88.

Because of the embarrassing activities of some elements of Thatcher Youth in the 1980s which famously led to Norman Tebbit abolishing the Federation of Conservative Students, what has been written about Nick Robinson’s youthful activism may have highlighted his ‘moderate’ Conservatism. What will have been of much more relevance to Robinson in his career as a journo will have been the presence of senior figures in the Party, including Morrison, involved in the organised abuse of children and the massive effort that was undoubtedly undertaken to keep them all out of trouble and out of the media. Then there were the numerous youthful Conservatives like Portillo who were known to be gay – if I heard about Portillo when I was living in a Snowdinia hill village, I’m sure that Nick Robinson had – but couldn’t publicly admit it because of the Party’s homophobia and support for Section 28. Meanwhile, behind closed doors….

At Oxford, Robinson was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1985. The mid-1980s were the years of excess for some at Oxford, becoming very public in 1986 when Olivia Channon, the daughter of Thatch’s Cabinet Minister Paul Channon and a member of the Guinness family, died from a heroin overdose after a party at Christ Church College. Olivia was left to die when her mates scarpered. Olivia’s friend Rosie Johnston – who wasn’t a student at Oxford University per se – was the scapegoat and went to prison. For more culpable – and far more privileged people – received laughably small fines from Oxford magistrates. David Cameron’s mother was an Oxford magistrate. See post ‘Is The Party Over Yet?’

Rosie Johnston was not as grand as some but she wasn’t a prole; her family were publishers and at the time of Olivia’s death, Rosie’s uncle Alexander Chancellor was the Deputy Editor of ‘The Sunday Telegraph’. Chancellor was the Editor of ‘The Spectator’ 1975-84. In 1993 Chancellor spent a year in the US working as an Editor at ‘The New Yorker’ magazine. In June 2014 Chancellor became Editor of ‘The Oldie’ magazine in succession to Richard Ingrams, the founder and for many years Editor of ‘Private Eye’, including when the Eye employed Ronnie Waterhouse. Ingrams and the other Eye stalwarts went to Shrewsbury School, as did Heseltine and at an earlier time, Sir Charles Evans, Gwynne’s mate who was Principal of UCNW, 1958-84. Until January 2012, Alexander Chancellor contributed a weekly column in ‘The Guardian’ published in the “Weekend” supplement. In March 2012, Chancellor began to contribute to The Spectator again. Chancellor lived in Northamptonshire, the location of Oundle School, where so many of Dafydd’s accomplices were educated, including Sir Clough and Sir Kenneth Robinson.

St Andrews Hospital in Northampton was an asylum with a dreadful reputation and the evidence from a Top Doctor at St Andrews who undoubtedly lied about certain matters was central to the DATE conviction of Jeremy Bamber for multiple murder, a man that many believe is the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice. See post ‘Family Annili.. ‘ St Andrews is now a private hospital which accepts many learning disabled patients who’s placements there are state funded and there has been scandal after scandal and a few deaths. The ‘placements’ continue. See previous posts.


Rosie Johnston’s uncle Alexander Chancellor was the father of model Cecilia Chancellor and the uncle of actress Anna Chancellor.

In the aftermath of Olivia Channon’s death, it was admitted by just about everyone that there was a culture of class A drugs excess among some students at Oxford which had been ignored.

David Cameron was at Brasenose College, Oxford, 1985-88. Previous posts have explained how, by 1987, members of the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club just happened to bump into someone known to me in Somerset who knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd’s gang. This person found himself befriended by a variety of people who were the offspring of high profile Tories and their associates. They were certainly very generous to him, trips to Japan and I think New York were provided and he then found himself in possession of a great deal of money, allegedly earned on the back of a rather eccentric business, run in partnership with people from the Dangerous Sports Club. See eg. ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’.

This is Nigella when she was at Oxford, enjoying a jape with the lads from the Dangerous Sports Club:

Nigella’s dad Nigel, as well as being Chancellor of the Exchequer and a few other things, was the MP for Blaby in Leicestershire, 1974-92, while the trafficking/paedophile ring in Leicestershire starred social worker Frank Beck, who was elected a Liberal Councillor for Blaby District Council in 1983 and retained his seat in 1987.

Frank Beck was employed by Leicestershire Social Services, 1973-86. On 29 November 1991, following a trial at the Leicester Crown Court, Beck was sentenced to five life terms for sexual and physical assaults against more than 100 children in his care. He was sentenced to a further 24 years on 17 charges of abuse, including rape. The Kirkwood Inquiry which followed Beck’s trial condemned the extreme negligence of the County Council, Leicestershire police and many others. Kirkwood made a private agreement with Greville Janner, a friend of Beck’s, not to mention Janner in his Report. Neither did Kirkwood attribute blame to the Top Doctors, although it was known that in Leicester, the psych’s didn’t see children in care themselves, they saw the social workers and gave them advice on ‘handling’ the children. See previous posts for further details re Frank Beck and the Kirkwood Inquiry and Report.

Between August 1987 and the spring of 1988, James Earp, one of the lead forensic psychiatrists in Leicester, concealed the criminality of Dafydd, Tony Francis and Gwynedd and Clwyd Social Services, as well as the collusion of the North Wales Police with that criminality. See post ‘An Expert From England’. Frank Beck retained his seat on the District Council in Lawson’s constituency in 1987. Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1983-89.

When carrying out his National Service, Nigel Lawson served in the Royal Navy, commanding HMS Gay Charger no less. In 1961 Lawson was appointed City Editor of the Sunday Torygraph and in that capacity introduced his friend Jim Slater to the newspaper, Slater writing an ‘investment’ column under the pseudonym Capitalist. Jim Slater was a dodgy businessman who was the founding Chairman of the ‘investment bank’ and conglomerate, Slater Walker, which collapsed in the 1973-75 banking crisis. Slater was an asset stripper and his businesses had a touch of the Edward du Cann about them; they often collapsed some years after they had been established leaving a lot of people out of pocket but Jim Slater would rise again and be back with another business almost immediately.

Jim Slater was, as well as a friend of Sir James Goldsmith, a mate of Peter Walker and they set up Slater Walker Securities together in the late 1950s, another venture that ended in tears for a lot of people but not Slater or Walker. Walker then served as the Tory MP for Worcester,  1961-92, after which he went to the Lords. Walker was a Tory wet who served as a Minister under Heath but was frozen out by Thatch until she appointed Walker Secretary of State for Energy on 11 June 1983, as she planned for the forthcoming battle with the NUM. There was a lot of puzzling over why Thatch had appointed a hated wet to prime position, but as I explained in previous posts eg. ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part I’, Peter Walker went back a long way in the Tory Party, having been active in the Young Conservatives as a teenager in the 1950s, where he got to know a leading light in the Young Conservatives in Wales, Beata Brookes, a UNCW graduate, a social worker with Denbighshire County Council and a friend of Lucille’s and Dafydd’s. Beata’s family were a wealthy farming family from north Wales who’s male members were Freemasons. The Brookes’s were Of The Gang back in the days when Gwynne led the Gang; at one point they hired Lord David Maxwell Fyfe, who had occupied roles including that of Cabinet Minister and the Lord Chancellor, as their barrister to take on the local County Council in a minor planning dispute re a few caravans on their land. See post ‘         ‘.

It’s the Gang all over: Touch Us And We’ll Brain You.

Beata Brookes pretty much ran health and welfare in north Wales during the 1970s, Chairing the Clwyd Social Services Committee, holding senior positions on the Family Practitioners’ Committee, the regulatory bodies for professions allied to medicine, as well as on the charidees for the disabled. Beata the People Trafficker served as the Tory MEP for north Wales, 1979-89, but defected to UKIP in her last years. For details of Beata’s glorious life of public service, see previous posts eg. ‘          ‘.

Even as Young Conservatives, Beata Brookes and Peter Walker were involved with Gwynne and Dafydd’s trafficking ring.

So Peter Walker may have been a wet but he knew damn well exactly who in the Labour Party were involved with or colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly in south Wales and who could be held over a barrel and not support the NUM strike.

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I have been gobsmacked to learn of an additional reason why Peter Walker was appointed as Energy Secretary in June 1983 by Thatch; I’ll return to it later on in this post…

Peter Walker subsequently served as Welsh Secretary, June 1987-May 1990, where he assisted the criminality of Dafydd, Beata and the Gang in every way possible and no doubt knew what to do with all that lovely money that someone was making out of that international trafficking and drugs ring. David Hunt the bent lawyer was Walker’s Minister in the Welsh Office and was wheeled out to face the crooks and shysters of Gwynedd Health Authority as they killed patients, embezzled the dosh and presided over the near collapse of Gwynedd HA in the late 1980s, while unlawfully arresting and imprisoning me and maintaining that I was 100% of the problem, not them. The Welsh Office sent a hit squad in as an attempt to rescue the Health Authority; no-one was sacked yet alone prosecuted and the chaos continued. Of course it did, Peter Walker et al were doing very nicely out of the crime empire. See post ‘A Visit To Gwynedd Archives’. David Hunt succeeded Walker as Welsh Secretary, 4 May 1990-27 May 1993 and returned to manage the Peak Dafydd Crisis, 26 June-5 July 1995. See previous posts.

Peter Walker became a Champion of the hospice movement! The hospices in north Wales and Cheshire are run by the Gang, as detailed in previous posts. Walker died – in a hospice – on 23 June 2010, shortly before Operation Pallial was launched. His son Robin Walker has been the Tory MP for Worcester since 6 May 2010.

Peter Walker’s life of crime and the many businesses with which he was involved are detailed in previous posts.


Rob Evans, a senior manager with Gwynedd Social Services who was responsible for kids in care under Lucille Hughes when the abuse of kids was endemic and who was subsequently transferred to a role as the senior manager for mental health social work, trained in social work at Leicester University. When Rob was responsible for the psychiatric social workers in Gwynedd he took no action at all in the face of complaints that the social workers were harassing, threatening and assaulting the Empowered Service Users and perjuring themselves in Court. Rob gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry and told the Inquiry that the mental health services in Gwynedd were ‘among the best in Europe’. Rob also told the Inquiry that he did not expect to work again in a professional job; after the Inquiry Rob Evans was appointed as the senior manager for Community Services on Anglesey. He remained in the post for years. Before working in Gwynedd, Rob had worked in the West Country. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

All Rob Evans had to do to bag another job after Waterhouse was to remind everyone that he knew what the Arfon Community Mental Health Team had done to me and others; although Rob could well have been given the job as their senior manager in the first place because he had previously overseen the abuse of the kids in care. I saw Rob in Tesco not long before guns were waved at me. Rob told me that if I didn’t stop ‘arrassin’ him, he would have me arrested. As I left Tescos, Keith Fearns, the Leader of the Arfon CMHT, appeared from nowhere and ‘arrassed me.


Most of the grand Tories who suddenly found themselves inexplicably drawn to the Cottage Inn near Fiddington during the mid-1980s and 1990s were Oxford grads who were running the DSC, rather than current students, but there was one Oxford undergrad among them, a student called Bill Fryer, who was I think at New College.

Did you know Bill Fryer Cameron? Hey, Cam, do you remember when Fryer took something interesting chemically and went completely psychotic and ended up being sectioned?? Then when he smacked his stepmother in the face, so she refused to have him in the house any more? Cam, you know when Fryer made that comment about sleeping with me before he’d even met me, was he just having a laugh? Cam, why did Fryer start kipping over at my father’s house, asking questions about me? Cam, do you remember the time when Bill Fryer dressed up in a gorilla suit, while the other tosspots performed the bungee jump from the Clifton Suspension Bridge and there was a car crash because the drivers were so distracted by Fryer in the gorilla suit??

Cam, do you know why, after Fryer’s pal from Somerset succeeded in killing that Bulgarian student and appeared at Bristol Crown Court in 2004, the Nice Lady Judge, Justice Hallett, directed the jury to acquit him? See previous posts. Yet at pretty much the same time, there I was, facing seven years in prison for ‘threatening to kill’ because the gang had perjured themselves! It was OK though Dave, the charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial and I was instead charged with the lowest level of public order offence, after I happily admitted that I had told Alun Davies’s secretary, over the phone, that he was a fat idiot. The corrupt judge Huw Daniel gave me over 100 hours community service. Meanwhile the Bulgarian student remained dead.

If you are as confused as I am by all this Cam, perhaps you could ask your brother, Alexander, the QC who headed the Chambers which defended Rebekah Brooks in the phone hacking trial, whether he can shed any light on it. The Rebekah Brooks who grew up in Cheshire.

Alexander Cameron QC is a member of White’s club. His father, Ian Cameron, was Chairman of White’s when Sir Peter Morrison was a member. Carlo is also a member of White’s. Cameron was, but he resigned when White’s refused to admit Ladies as members.

Cheers, here’s to a dead Bulgarian!

  • Call Me Dave’s tutor at Oxford, Vernon Bogdanor, was a friend of Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman. Bottoms Up!
  • Let’s All Drink To The
  • Death of a Clown cover.jpg
  • Here’s a Fool at a Feast if ever there was one:

There’s nothing like a great big Eton mess is there Dave?

Dave, if you are one of those who received copies of my stolen documents or my hacked e mails, could you let me know? Are they now with Rebekah or is the Digger himself in possession of them? Never mind those allegations about you and that pig’s head at Oxford Dave, I think that concealing crime on this scale is far, far more worrying.

Brown’s mum died suddenly and unexpectedly in her cottage in Stogursey probably on the evening of 10 Oct 2005; her body wasn’t found for a while. Call Me Dave became Leader of the Tory Party on 6 Dec 2005.

Here’s Call Me Dave and his mates in the Bullingdon Club at Oxford. ‘The Guardian’ and others years later made much of this photo and Call Me Dave admitted to ‘dreadful embarrassment’.

  • Not half as bad as this though Dave, but ‘The Guardian’ didn’t print a word did they?


Nick Robinson’s first position in broadcasting was at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, which he took up while recovering from his injuries. He joined the BBC in 1986 as a production trainee and later worked extensively as a TV and radio producer for a variety of shows including ‘Newsround’ and ‘Crimewatch’. Sue Cook, a former presenter of ‘Crimewatch’ was, while she was working on the programme, in a deep and meaningful relationship with George Carman QC, which, in view of Carman’s role as a bent barrister who was mates with gangland figures and was colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Jimmy Savile, Dafydd’s gang and much other serious organised crime, was worrying. See previous posts.

Nick Ross, another ‘Crimewatch’ presenter went to Wallington Country Grammar School; my housemate Anne who was killed by the gang in 1986 went to Wallington Girl’s Grammar. Anne’s mum was a primary teacher in the area. Ross studied psychology at Queen’s University Belfast, was Deputy President of the SU at Queen’s and a leader of the student civil rights movement in 1968 and 1969. Ross started in journalism by reporting on the violence in Belfast for BBC N Ireland. Hondootedly Nick Ross will have known other journos who, like him, knew about the allegations swirling around Kincora and the subsequent stages of the N Ireland Peace Process which were brokered upon the necessity to continue to conceal events at Kincora.

Here’s Mo, a Cuddly Caring Woman, the poster girl for the Peace Process, after all those years of living and working in the North East, including representing a constituency in the region, while Dafydd’s partner gang led by folk like Lord John Walton caused such problems there:

Mo Mowlam | History TV

See previous posts for details of Mo, her city slicker husband whom Miranda used to tempt financiers into the Labour Party, as well as the lies that Mo, her Top Doctor and Miranda told about Mo’s state of health, which was far worse than the electorate knew. I haven’t had time to find out whether Lord John Walton played a role in whatever went on with Mo and her brain tumour; the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne will have been involved somewhere along the line, being the Mr Big of neurology and neurosurgery in Newcastle.

Nick Ross has played a major role in extensive BBC fuckwittery for many years, too extensive to detail here. I am more interested in how far Nick has spread his talents and who his fellow travellers are.

Ross has served on several government committees, including the Committee on the Ethics of Gene Therapy, the Gene Therapy Advisory Committee, the NHS National Plan Task Force, the National Crime Prevention Board and the Crime Prevention Agency Board. He was a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 1999–2005 (a collection of shysters with links to Dafydd and the gang, as discussed in previous posts) and a member of the Council’s Working Party on Ethics of research involving animals (2003–2005).

Ross is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a non-executive Director of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He has been a member of the Committee on Public Understanding of Science, Chairman of the  Royal Society Prizes for Science Books (twice), Guest Director of the Cheltenham Science Festival, chairman of the National Road Safety Committee of ROSPA and is an affiliate of the James Lind Alliance. He is Chairman of the Wales Cancer Bank Advisory Board, President of several charidees including HealthWatch, and a Trustee of Crimestoppers, of Sense About Science and of the UK Stem Cell Foundation. Nick Ross was a member of the Ethics Standards Advisory Panel for onCore (the UK tissue bank), and an adviser to Crime Concern and Victim Support. Ross served as an Ambassador for the WWF, 2004–11.

Ross is President of the Kensington Society and a Patron of Prisoners Abroad (a registered charity which supports Britons detained overseas), and a range of other charities including the Animal Care Trust, British Wireless for the Blind Fund, Heartbeat, the Jewish Association for the Mentally Ill, the Kidney Research Aid Fund, the Myasthenia Gravis Association, the National Depression Campaign, Missing, NICHS, the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association, Resources for Autism, SaneLine, the Simon Community Northern Ireland, and Young at Heart.

Readers who are interested in such matters might remember that some of the organisations with which Ross is involved were established by mates of Dafydd and the gang, or were/are managed by them. There are so many links that I’ll just mention: Top Doctors, Imperial College, Health and Wales, Keith Best (Prisoners Abroad), Marjorie Wallace (SaneLine) and remind everyone that in the 1990s, a Hergest patient repeatedly rang Crimestoppers reporting the most serious crimes committed by Dafydd as well as members of the gang. He provided names, details, locations, dates etc. Crimestoppers failed to act on any of it and when he asked them why, he was told that his calls had been recorded as hoaxes. He stressed that they were not and supplied further info. He was told that no more calls of his would be even noted. Crimestoppers worked on a regional basis and he was speaking to a representative from Crimestoppers north Wales. See previous posts.

Nick Ross works as a Chairman and moderator for corporate and government meetings. Nick’s wife Sarah Caplin wife is the secondary founder of ChildLine, was Deputy Secretary of the BBC and also a senior executive with ITV. The couple have three sons: Adam, Sam and Jack.

Nick and Sarah know nuzzing, they have only ever heard rumours and as their colleague Esther – who is Sarah’s cousin – knows, you can’t act on rumours.

Jimmy Savile abuse claims: Esther Rantzen tells This ...

Crimestoppers can’t even act on detailed first hand witness accounts if the criminal being grassed up is Dafydd. Just a few days ago, Nick Ross Blasted the ‘foolish’ detectives who ‘hampered’ the investigation into the murder of Jill Dando. I don’t know the foolish detectives in question, but if I was them I’d be inclined to ask Nick just how foolish one has to be to consistently involve oneself in charidee work with Dafydd’s friends and ignore reports of Dafydd’s role in serious organised crime because his friends have declared them to be hoax calls.

Sarah Caplin left ITV in March 2011 as part of a reorganisation of senior management. However, her departure was alleged to be related to claims that she bullied members of staff within her department. I was told years ago that Sarah’s cousin Esther was the most frightful workplace bully who was loathed at the BBC. After departing from ITV, Caplin subsequently helped cousin Esther set up The Silver Line, a charidee for older people, where Caplin is Director of Policy and Communications. Esther’s PR vehicle ChildLine did of course come into being as the result of a suggestion from Michael Grade, not long after Grade tried to have my friend sacked from the Edinburgh Fringe for refusing to do a fiddle for Leon Brittan’s brother Samuel.


The other Nick who also hondootedly knows much about matters Dafydd, Nick Robinson, then became an Assistant Producer for ‘On the Record’ and he was Deputy Editor of ‘Panorama’, 1993-96. Ronnie Waterhouse’s mate Robin Day was of course the ‘Panorama’ stalwart for many years. NAME who grew up near Llangollen was Deputy WHAT for ‘Panorama’, DATES and knew Dafydd and the gang. NAME returned to live near Wrexham in DATE and made documentaries for S4C, but not documentaries exposing the crimes of the gang obviously.

In 1995, whilst Robinson was at Panorama, Nick Robinson wrote an internal BBC memorandum asking how an interview with PM John Major could be defended in the run-up to the Scottish local elections. When leaked, this gained attention from the Labour Party who perceived it as the legitimised denial of equal time in the run-up to local elections.

Two men in suits, stood on a grassy field in front of a Gothic style building. There is a tree on the left side, and microphone and recording equipment in the foreground on the floor.Robinson interviewing Michael Portillo for BBC News in July 2001, who was a completely heterosexual Tory for many years until one day he remembered that he had partaken of a number of gay relationships after all and according to my source in Snowdonia, was a regular at gay clubs in Manchester and London. See previous posts.

In 1996 Nick Robinson became a political correspondent, presenting Weekend Breakfast and Late Night Live on BBC Radio 5 Live. He’ll have noticed William Hague announcing the forthcoming Waterhouse Inquiry in that year. In 1997 Nick covered the General Election for BBC Radio and he’ll have known that the Waterhouse Inquiry was underway in north east Wales, not a million miles away from Nick’s old manor of Cheshire. In October 1999 Robinson became BBC News 24’s chief political correspondent and also presented ‘Westminster Live’. In the run-up to the 2001 General Election, Robinson started keeping a daily diary of the campaign. Entitled The Campaign Today, it later became Newslog and continued to be updated until Robinson left the BBC. When he returned in 2005 he began a new blog with the same name.

Robinson left the BBC in 2002 to join ITN as the political editor of ITV News. Robinson stayed with ITN for three years and caused a major stir early in the 2005 General Election campaign, when a Labour Party poster was unveiled. The poster claimed that the Tories would initiate cuts of £35 billion to public services if elected; Robinson challenged Miranda, claiming that the poster was misleading, which forced Miranda to admit the £35 billion figure was “disingenuous”. Later on in the election campaign, Labour announced that Miranda would be making “the most important speech of the campaign” on immigration, with a specially invited audience. Robinson asked Miranda why there were only white people in the audience, and Miranda pointed out a single Asian man to disprove Robinson. Later, Robinson stated: “We know that the big two parties carefully select audiences to give a particular appearance. Is it a great controversy to point this out? That’s informing the audience.” On election night, Robinson joined presenters Jonathan Dimbleby and Alastair Stewart to reveal the results with political analysis.

I like it when Nick Robinson challenges dishonest politicians, but as Nick clearly has a brain, plenty of nerve, has followed politics for a very long time now and, being of the same vintage as my friends and I, will remember and know much of what we remembered and knew from our younger years, I cannot understand why Nick has not asked some rather more challenging questions. Nick just could not have missed what was happening in the Tory Party in Cheshire in the 1980s when he was  leading Thatcher Youth in that region. He’ll have heard about all the women from north Wales going to Chester to pay for abortions because the Top Docs in north Wales conspired to prevent anyone from accessing NHS abortions, he’ll have known about Peter Morrison and the kids in care from north Wales being sold for sex in Chester etc. In the 1980s, north Wales was viewed by people in Cheshire as the back end of beyond, the site of truly extraordinary happenings; Nick will have heard about some of it and as a political journo just a few years later he’ll have known what it was all about. Nick might even have heard about the infamous corruption on the Chester and Wales Circuit and some of the cases, including mine in the early 1990s. Furthermore, if I knew that the mad old bugger Dafydd was frequenting Chester and holding ‘clinics’ at the Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital, I’m sure that Nick did. Dafydd is not someone who goes under people’s radars.

Gay men from Cheshire were sent to the North Wales Hospital to be treated for homosexuality, years after gay sex had been decriminalised. They knew about the North Wales Hospital in Cheshire, in fact they knew about it in Liverpool. Not just Dafydd’s partners in crime, but people in general.

By the way Nick, one of my friends knew you but I don’t know whether it was from your Tory activism or from the BBC.

As for Nick working with Jonathan Dimbleby, Jonathan Dimbleby is a friend of Carlo’s. Carlo, in turn, as well as being a good mate of Savile’s, was a good mate of the 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, who lived at his estate in Cheshire and was the President of the Chester Conservative Association when Peter Morrison was the constituency MP. Boys from Bryn Estyn were taken to Gerald’s estate for ‘work experience’, refused to return but wouldn’t explain why. Jonathan and Nick will remember when Gerald was named as a client of that incredibly expensive escort agency in the US. Gerald was obviously happy to show the colour of his money when he wanted to buy sex. Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW throughout all those years when Dafydd had control of the Dept of Psychology and when the institution was used as a vehicle for the trafficking gang.

Robinson left ITN and was appointed as the BBC Political Editor in August 2005, replacing Andrew Marr. See previous posts or info on Andrew and his wife Jackie Ashley, the daughter of Jack Ashley, a Labour MP for the Stoke-on-Trent area, who held the seat while the Social Services in Staffordshire facilitated a ring liked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales which also brought the regional NHS to its knees; as usual nothing was admitted as the death rate soared and a major scandal erupted years later. See previous posts.

Robinson continued his provocative approach to journalism, and on more than one occasion had run-ins with powerful politicians. During Miranda’s visit to Israel in 2006 to discuss the Lebanon War, journalists were asked not to bring up the ongoing rift with Gordon. Nonetheless Robinson asked a difficult question on the feud between Gordon and Miranda. Robinson was criticised for distracting from the main issue of the conference, but he argued that “I’m paid to ask questions … particularly at a time when there are incredibly serious allegations … I react very badly to organised attempts to stop journalists asking questions.” 

I wish that you’d asked Miranda a few more questions Nick. Perhaps about the war on Merfyn Jones from forces within the BBC as well as from Miranda’s Gov’t and of course about Dylan the High Profile Welsh Conservative’s Cunning Plans re Merfyn. Merfyn was Guv’nor of the BBC, I’m sure that you knew who he was, even if you took the Michael Grade view that Welsh people can be insulted in a way that would lead to someone losing their job if the same comments were made about a Jewish person or indeed just about any other cohort. It’s OK to be racist about the Welsh in the same way that in these days of the acceptance of regional accents, its OK to not accept Bristol or West Country accents. People with Norfolk accents get a bad time as well. But John Cole and Adrian Chiles are there to reassure us that regional accents are OK.

Nick could also have asked questions about the constant wrongful arrests of me. I know that it was openly discussed in Gwynedd but I have been reassured that it was openly discussed in other rather grander places as well. Nick will have known about the Stirling Connection, Lord Jack McConnell, Gordon, Sarah and the Hobsbawms as well… And indeed Savile. As for the shenanigans at the Welsh Assembly… Plenty of fodder for difficult questions there, particularly as political editor Robinson worked on Radio 4’s Today programme, ‘The Daily Politics’ and ‘Newsnight’.

Robinson has also appeared as a guest on other TV programmes, including ‘Children in Need’, ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘Top Gear’. Nick will know all the disingenuous hypocrites then, including Jo The Strong Woman who gives the Boys a bollocking on HIGNFY, but forgets to explain that she worked as a psych nurse cheek by jowl with colleagues of Dafydd’s and was a rep for COHSE, the union which numbered among its members people who abused and neglected patients. See previous posts.

Robinson has made several documentaries, including The Prime Ministers, a 16-part biographical series for BBC Radio 4. I imagine that Nick had to fail to discuss many aspects of the biography of those Prime Ministers, including Thatch’s close friendship with at least two active paedophiles. Yes, she knew, definitely, she was warned and in the case of Peter Morrison she appointed him as her PPS after the warning. The day before the crooked Welsh Office lawyer Andrew Park wrote to members of Dafydd’s gang with his Cunning Plan to compile a ‘dossier’ of my ‘activities’ in order to achieve rather greater success re his attempts to have me imprisoned. See post ‘Too Many Pills’. Thatch was told about Savile as well, but still her lobbying for his K continued.

To use a phrase coined by Dafydd, as far as I can see Nick it all equates to A Serious Moral Collapse. Just what were you all thinking of? Over so many years, in so many ways, involving so many people?

It was announced on 9 July 2015 that, beginning that autumn, Robinson would become a presenter on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Nick Robinson has been criticised for allegedly reporting with a pro-Conservative bias and Miranda’s pit bull Alastair Campbell was identified as a key offender. I doubt that Alastair bothered Nick Robinson too much, he was far too busy causing problems for Merfyn . In a 2005 interview with David Rowan, the UK Editor of ‘Wired News’, Nick insisted “that his involvement [with the Conservatives] ceased twenty years ago”.  It’s not so much your political allegiances that worry me Nick, it is the fact that you have a great deal of knowledge about very serious crime, some directed at my friends and I, that you never raised concerns about, even when the world’s media carried ludicrous denials from so many people re organised abuse in north Wales linked to a big sex abuse ring that was the subject of a cover-up at the highest levels of Gov’t.

On 20 October 2010, following a live ‘BBC News at Six’ report outside Parliament covering the 2010 Spending Review, Nick Robinson silently took the anti-war, anti-cuts placard that had been waved directly behind him throughout, broke it in two and stamped on it. Afterwards, another protester, who had climbed the steps of the gantry where the BBC were broadcasting to film the protest on a mobile phone, said: “You should be ashamed of yourself, mate. Shame on you!” Robinson replied “I’m not remotely ashamed of myself. Why should I be ashamed of myself?” He wrote in his blog afterwards: “I lost my temper and I regret that. However, as I explained afterwards to the protesters who disrupted my broadcast, there are many opportunities to debate whether the troops should be out of Afghanistan without the need to stick a sign on a long pole and wave it in front of a camera”. Some days later, Robinson read out a jokey ambiguous “letter of apology” on the ‘Have I Got News For You’ broadcast on 4 November 2010. Strong Woman Jo Brand was an HIGNFY favourite by then, someone else who, along with Nick, should be ashamed of herself and for rather more than destroying placards. But they won’t feel in the least bit ashamed, if they were prone to that they would never have been complicit with such wrongdoing.

On 11 September 2014, as part of the coverage of the Scottish independence referendum, Nick Robinson had a dispute with SNP Leader Alex Salmond. The previous day Robinson had reported that Lloyds Bank and RBS would be moving their registered offices from Scotland to London in the event of a “Yes” vote. In the exchange. Robinson asked Salmond two questions: the first about the economic impact of RBS moving its headquarters; the second, more general, about why to trust a politician when CEOs of certain companies advised against independence. In his response, Salmond answered both questions over a 5 minute period, then in 2 minutes 14, as Robinson heckled Salmond’s answer he raised points about how the BBC had obtained market-sensitive information. A report was shown on all BBC evening news programmes later that day as part of which Robinson stated Salmond had not answered his question but had instead chosen to lay accusations against the BBC despite this part of the exchange represented the minority of the exchange. The full exchange was posted many times on social media. The BBC received complaints from viewers over the implication that Salmond had not answered a question put to him; there was a protest in Glasgow, in which between 1000 and 2000 protesters called for Robinson to be sacked. The BBC responded: “The BBC considers that the questions were valid and the overall report balanced and impartial, in line with our editorial guidelines.”

The BBC should have explained to the protesters that Nick had a great deal of knowledge about serious crime on the part of many, including the collusion with nearly all of it by SNP adviser Top Doc Sir Kenneth Calman, who’s daughter Susan is a BBC favourite. See previous posts… The BBC was not going to sack Nick Robinson. I wonder what they’ll do with him now that I’ve published this?

In November 2014, Robinson was covering the count of the Rochester and Strood by-election. He was seen smiling whilst posing for a photograph with Jayda Fransen, candidate and Deputy Leader of the far-right party Britain First. Robinson denies all connections to Fransen and would later claim that he had assumed she was a staff member at the count seeking a “selfie”. However it has since been revealed that Fransen was in fact wearing a prominent badge saying “candidate” at the time.

Robinson met his wife Pippa, a relationship counsellor – not as much clout as a Top Doc but in an excellent position to gain knowledge and quietly radiate her possession of sensitive info and it also means that Pippa will be networked into at least some of the therapy crowd – at university and they married in 1991. They have three children: Harry, Will and Alice. Nick is a lifelong Manchester United fan and enjoys sailing and the theatre. I haven’t had the scope to blog extensively but about the Manchester football scene yet, although I have mentioned that Keith Fearns was involved with youth football when he was young and living in Manchester. It makes one wonder what the huge success of Manchester United was predicated on during the 1990s when they were feted as superstars and Becks n Posh were receiving invites from Miranda, which is never a good sign. Nick Robinson is also fan of the rock band ‘Queen’; his ringtone of one of their songs interrupted a discussion during ‘Daily Politics’ in 2014. Freddie Mercury… AIDS… Brian May married to Ange from EastEnders… Ange supporting the work of the Mildmay re HIV/AIDS, the Mildmay that was funded after Ken Clarke had his arm twisted by Peter Shore, husband of Dr Liz Shore, both of the Shores having been mates of Richard Crossman who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the patients of the Mildmay being the rent boys who had

In early 2015 Robinson underwent surgery to remove a bronchial carcinoid tumour; he returned to work at the BBC on 13 April 2015, as part of the BBC’s coverage of the 2015 General Election and beyond.


Another media big wig who passed through ‘The Observer’ and knows much about north Wales as a result of his visits to Snowdonia for climbing purposes is Roger Alton. I have spoken to people living in Gwynedd who are witnesses to the crimes of Dafydd et al and even some who have been targeted themselves who personally know Roger Alton as a result of his climbing visits to Snowdonia.

Roger Alton (born 20 December 1947 in Oxford) was formerly Editor of ‘The Independent’ and ‘The Observer’ and Executive Editor of ‘The Times’. Altonwas educated at Clifton College in Bristol and Exeter College, Oxford. He joined the Liverpool Post’ on graduation, a newspaper which covers north Wales as well and was for years under control of the Gang and moved to ‘The Guardian’ five years later as a sub-editor.

Alton was Editor of ‘The Observer’, 1998-2007. Under Alton’s editorship, The Observer’s editorial view supported the invasion of Iraq. He resigned on 24 October 2007 after “a bitter falling-out with senior figures at the title’s sister paper, ‘The Guardian’ and left The Observer at the end of 2007. Previously Alton was arts editor and G2 editor of ‘The Guardian’. In April 2008, Alton was confirmed as the new Editor of the Indie, beginning work on 1 July 2008. He also wrote a fortnightly sport column in ‘The Spectator’. Alton resigned from The Independent in April 2010 when the paper reverted to its former Editor, Simon KelnerOn 24 May 2010, Alton was appointed Executive Editor of ‘The Times’ succeeding Alex O’Connell. Alton began at ‘The Times’ on 28 June 2010 and left in 2015.

In July 2011, Roger Alton gave an interview with Channel 4 News in which he lambasted members of the website Mumsnet for campaigning against the News of the Screws. Some members of the website had campaigned against the newspaper after it was revealed that the News of the World employees had hacked mobile phone voicemail messages, including those of murdered teenager Milly Dowler and, allegedly, victims of the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Alton turned his anger on members of the public who campaigned against these practices, labelling the Mumsnet members “fair trade tea” drinking, “organic shortbread” eating “yummy mummies.”  It is irrelevant if they are Roger, the problem was the appalling practices of Rebekah and the Digger, not anyone’s taste in food and drink.

 Roger was married to Helen Lederer; Helen moved on from a media big wig who refused to report on the wrongdoing of Top Doctors to an actual Top doc and is now married to GP Chris Browne. Helen Margaret Lederer (born 24 September 1954) emerged as part of the alternative comedy boom at the beginning of the 1980s. Among her TV credits are the BBC Two sketch series ‘Naked Video’ and BBC One’s ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. 


Helen Lederer was born in Carmarthen to an English mother and Czech-Jewish father. Her father was born in 1926 in Czechoslavakia and many of her relatives did not survive the Holocause. Helen was raised in Eltham, south east London and was educated at Blackheath High School and the Central School of Speech and Drama. Helen also studied at the University of Hertfordshire. Lederer wrote and performed in Radio 4’s In One Ear produced by Jamie Rix, son of Brian Rix – with Clive Mantle and Nick Wilton, which won the Sony Award for best comedy and progressed to the TV version called Hello Mum.

Lederer established a stand-up act at the Comedy Store in London (see previous posts for the history of the Comedy Store) and then won minor parts in episodes of ‘The Young Ones’, which had been written by her Comedy Store contemporaries Ben Elton and Rik Mayall. Helen would be linked with this scene for the rest of the 1980s, with a supporting role in ‘Happy Families’ and numerous appearances in related shows and live performances.

I have detailed in previous posts the links between the 1980s alternative comedy stars and people who were protecting the gang in north Wales and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring. Ben Elton’s father and uncle were senior academics who worked with people who really pushed the boat out to keep a lid on everything. My friends who were forced out of the media because of their support for me used to meet Ben Elton, Stephen Fry et al  at events like the Edinburgh Festival before Michael Grade, Jonathan Miller et al sent out the ‘search and destroy’ instruction, along with Lord Jack McConnell… See eg. ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.

Helen Lederer broke from the Comedy Store wing of the alternative scene in 1986 to take part in the BBC 2 sketch show ‘Naked Video’ which had originated without Lederer on the radio in Scotland.

In the 1990s, Lederer was recruited by her old contemporaries Mayall and Adrian Edmondson to play supporting roles in two episodes of ‘Bottom’. Simultaneously, she starred in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, joining forces again with Jennifer Saunders. Lederer had previously worked with Saunders and her comedy partner Dawn French – who as a teenager lived on Anglesey and went to Holyhead School as detailed in previous posts – in their sketch show ‘French and Saunders’, as well as Happy Families and the ITV sitcom ‘Girls on Top’. She also guest-acted in the Gregor Fisher sitcom ‘The Baldy Man’. 

Lederer has always been a guest or supporting actress on programmes devised by or starring her alternative comedy contemporaries. As a presenter, Lederer has hosted and voiced lifestyle, religious and children’s programmes. She has appeared on numerous radio panel games including ‘The News Quiz’ which is barely ever broadcast without Dafydd’s umbrella Sir Ken Calman’s daughter featuring and writes columns for newspapers and magazines. 

Lederer was one of eight celebrities who spent a week learning Welsh in an eco-friendly chic campsite in Pembrokeshire for the S4C series cariad@iaith:love4language shown in July 2011.  Operation Pallial was launched in 2011. The North Wales Child Abuse Scandal was linked to Pembrokeshire, staff between the two rings were exchanged and concealed each other’s criminality. Not everyone involved with Welsh language activism and learning are Of The Gang, but some of the highest profile are…

Lederer appears in the 2018 short film To Trend on Twitter in aid of young people with cancer charity CLIC Sargent with fellow comedians Reece ShearsmithSteve PembertonDavid Baddiel and actor Jason Flemyng.

Lederer has has a daughter, Hannah Lederer-Alton, with Roger Alton. Helen Lederer is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and the Eve Appeal Gynaecological Cancer Charity.

Helen’s daughter Hannah Lederer-Alton featured in the TV series ‘Echo Beach’.  

James Rix writes and produces comedy, is married to Helen Rix and they have two grown up sons Ben and Jack; James and Helen live in Tooting, down the road from St George’s.

James Rix’s father Brian Norman Roger Rix, Baron Rix (27 January 1924-20 August 2016) was an actor-manager, who produced a record-breaking sequence of long-running farces on the London stage. His one-night TV shows made him the joint-highest paid star on the BBC. He often worked with his wife Elspet Gray and his sister Sheila Mercier, who went on to feature regularly in ‘Emmerdale Farm’.

After his first child was born with Down syndrome, Brian Rix became a campaigner for disability causes, among many others. On the back of his reputation as a campaigner, Rix entered the Lords as a crossbencher in 1992.

Rix was born in Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, the youngest of four children. His father, Herbert Rix, and Herbert’s two brothers, ran the shipping (and subsequently oil) company in Hull founded by his grandfather Robert Rix. Rix had an interest in cricket and only wanted to play for Yorkshire in his childhood. He did play for Hull Cricket Club when he was 16 and after the war for the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the Stage and the Lord’s Taverners. When Rix was at Bootham School, York, his ambitions changed.

His elder sister Sheila became an actress during his school days, and Rix himself developed the same ambition to go on the stage. All four Rix children had become interested in the theatre because of their mother, Fanny, who ran an amateur dramatic society and was the lead soprano in the local operatic society. Brian and Sheila became professional actors. Sheila Mercier, as she became known, played Annie Sugden for 25 years in ‘Emmerdale Farm’, having worked regularly with her brother in the Whitehall farces in the 1950s and 1960s.

Rix became a professional actor when he was 18, on deferment from service with the RAF, with Donald Wolfit‘s Shakespeare Company. His deferment was extended and he gained his first weekly repertory experience with the White Rose Players at the opera house in Harrogate. From there he went into the RAF, eventually ending up as a volunteer Bevin Boy working down the coal mines near Doncaster. Jimmy Savile of Yorkshire extensively boasted about his own time as a Bevin Boy.

After the war, Rix returned to the stage, forming his own theatre company in 1947 as an actor-manager, a career he was to pursue for the next 30 years. He ran rep companies at Ilkley, Bridlington and Margate and while at Bridlington, in 1949 he became engaged to Elspet Gray, an actress in his company, and six months later they married. They were together, domestically and professionally, for 64 years, until her death in February 2013, often appearing alongside each other. In 1950 the newly-weds toured together; the Whitehall Theatre management ran Rix’s productions there for the next 16 years, before he moved to the Garrick Theatre. Rix’s farces for BBC TV also began at the Whitehall.

During the next 18 years, Rix presented more than 90 one night only TV farces on the BBC. In the early 1960s, Rix was the highest-paid actor (along with Robert Morley) to appear on BBC TV. Alongside the regulars from his theatre company, Rix appeared in these TV productions with such names as Dora BryanJoan SimsIan CarmichaelJohn Le MesurierPatrick CargillFabia DrakeSheila HancockWarren MitchellThora Hird and Francis Matthews. Rix also appeared in 11 films.

It was in Reluctant Heroes, the first Whitehall farce – written by Colin Morris, later known for his dramatised television documentaries – that Rix’s reputation for dropping his trousers as part of his act began. Rix lost his trousers at least 12,000 times in the 26 years that he was on stage in the farces. In all, seven playwrights were spawned by the Whitehall farces – Colin Morris, John Chapman, Ray Cooney, Tony Hilton, Clive Exton, Raymond/Charles Dyer and Philip Levene. Other writers of note who worked for Rix on television included Christopher BondJohn Cleese and Barry Took.

Ronald Bryden (in the  ‘New Statesman’) wrote of Rix and his company in 1964 after the opening of the fifth Whitehall farce, Chase Me Comrade:

There they are: the most robust survivors of a great tradition, the most successful British theatrical enterprises of our time. Curious that no one can be found to speak up wholeheartedly for them – no one, that is, outside enthusiastic millions who have packed every British theatre where they have played. … It’s particularly curious considering the current intellectual agitation for a theatre of the masses, a true working class drama. Everything, apparently, for which Joan Littlewood has struggled – the boisterous, extrovert playing, the integrated team-work, the Cockney irreverance of any unselfconscious, unacademic audience bent purely on pleasure – exists, patently and profitably at the Whitehall. Yet how many devout pilgrims to Stratford East have hazarded the shorter journey to Trafalgar Square to worship at the effortless shrine at the thing itself? How many Arts Council grants have sustained Mr Rix’s company? How many Evening Standard awards went to Dry Rot? How many theses have been written on the art of Colin Morris, John Chapman and Ray Cooney? The time has come surely to fill the gap.

No theatrical awards were ever forthcoming. Nevertheless, Rix and his company broke the record for the longest running farce team in the West End. Rix’s Aldwych farces ran for more than 10 years, while Rix himself went on for another 16 years. Rix also had a particularly long and fruitful relationship with the director Wallace Douglas and with the set designer, Rhoda Gray (Elspet’s sister), who created the setting for practically all of Rix’s productions, both in the theatre and on TV.

In 1967, Rix moved on to the Garrick Theatre. The larger stage gave him the opportunity to try his repertoire scheme, several productions, each one being played on different days or weeks, thus giving the actors the chance to play a variety of roles – or even to have a night or two off. Rix tried with three farces – Stand By Your BedouinUproar in the House and Let Sleeping Wives Lie – but as this was a commercial venture, without any state subsidy, it proved too expensive to run and Rix was forced to keep Let Sleeping Wives Lie on at the Garrick and transfer Uproar in the House, with Nicholas Parsons playing Rix’s role, to the Whitehall. Let Sleeping Wives Lie enjoyed a further two-year run with Leslie Crowther, Elspet Gray, Derek Farr, Andrew Sachs and Rix playing the lead roles. After the first year, Rona Anderson took over from Elspet Gray.

After Let Sleeping Wives Lie finished at the Garrick it went on a short tour before opening for a summer season at the newly restored Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare. Rix played the first four weeks and then Leslie Crowther returned and played the last six. Meantime the cast of Rix’s next West End production travelled up by train every day to rehearse in London, returning in the late afternoon for their evening performance.

Rix’s next play, also by WHO Pertwee, was Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something! with Alfred Marks (followed by Moray Watson) playing the libidinous government minister. The play was turned first into a television series for HTV, Men of Affairs (with Warren Mitchell as the minister) and then into a film (starring himself, Leslie Phillips and Joanna Lumley). After that, in 1973–74, came a panto season at the New Theatre,  Cardiff. There were two more farces to come however, A Bit Between the Teeth (with Jimmy Logan and Terence Alexander) at the Cambridge Theatre and then, back at the Whitehall, “Fringe Benefits” (with Terence Alexander and Jane Downs). After 26 years of almost continuous performance in the West End, on 8 January 1977, Rix gave his final performance to a packed house at the Whitehall Theatre.

Having retired from performing, Rix joined Cooney-Marsh Ltd – a theatre-owning and production company – run by Ray Cooney, Laurie Marsh and Rix himself. Ably assisted by his former stage manager and now PA, Joanne Benjamin, Rix was responsible for obtaining productions for various West End theatres including the Shaftesbury, the Duke of York’s, the Ambassador and the rebuilt Astoria. which opened with the award-winning ‘Elvis’, starring P. J. ProbyShakin’ Stevens and Tim Whitnall. Rix and his partners were also responsible for re-opening the Billy Rose Theatre in New York, renaming it the Trafalgar and opening with a big hit – Whose Life Is It Anyway?, starring Tom Conti. Whilst in this post, he also presented (with his daughter, Louisa) the BBC TV series, Let’s Go. This was the first British programme to be created specifically for people with a learning disability and ran from 1978 until 1982.

In 1980 Rix became the Secretary-General of Mencap (then the National Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults, shortly to become the Royal Society). He returned to performing and the stage intermittently in later years, among other things playing Shakespeare on BBC Radio, directing a play with Cannon and Ball  and playing his favourite big band jazz on Radio 2.

From 1986 to 1993, Rix served as Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain’s Drama Panel, while Mystic Mogg was Chairman of the Arts Council of GB. Mystic Mogg had been running various things for years by then; he worked for the security services dating back to the era when Richard Crossman did as well, so Mystic Mogg wasn’t going to be hampering Dafydd’s network. See previous posts re Rees-Mogg.

The official narrative with regard to Rix’s time at the Arts Council was:

Rix was an active Chair of the Arts Council Disability Committee raising the profile and perceived importance of arts and disability issues within Arts Council decision-making. When Rix took office the Drama Panel was male-dominated, but by 1993 there was gender parity on the panel. He achieved a significant shift in funding priorities; while maintaining support for national and regional building-based theatre companies, he actively supported the work of small-scale experimental touring companies – including theatre for young people and for the black and minority ethnic communities – and new writing projects.

Rix’s approach meant he was able to cut through bureaucratic constraints. Before Rix’s first budget-setting exercise for the Drama Panel, panel members and other members of the Arts Council had intended to fund the British-Asian theatre company Tara Arts, but no-one had been able to source the sum required. Rix however proposed that the biggest national companies were stood still, so releasing money not only to fund Tara, but also allow fresh small-scale developments and then saw that this was delivered through Panel and Council. Such willingness to take on the establishment marked his term of office.

A ‘constant champion’ of the interests of drama companies and theatre workers, Rix’s seven year term of office meant that, even in a period of Thatcherite public-funding stringency, no theatre building for which he had responsibility was closed, while the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds was able to open (succeeding the Leeds Playhouse) with vastly increased capacity. Meanwhile, the number of touring companies, which had been falling before Rix’s arrival, increased from 22 to 33.

In 1993 at a retreat at Woodstock, the Council agreed that the Drama budget should be disproportionately reduced in the face of across-the-board cuts to the Council’s budget and the money allocated to other less popular art forms. Rix resigned as a matter of principle, which created a negative public reaction and after a campaign – led behind scenes by Rix’s Drama Director Ian Brown and publicly by Drama Panel members – the cut was reinstated.

Rix and his wife, Elspet became involved in the world of learning disability, when, in December 1951, the first of their four children Shelley was born and diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. There was no welfare support for such children and little education. The only offering the state made was a place in a Victorian era run-down hospital where patients were left to their own devices for hours on end. The Rixes were determined to try to do something to better matters and became involved with various charities fighting to do the same. Among these roles, in the early 1960s, Rix became the first Chairman of the Special Functions Fundraising committee at the National Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults, later known as Mencap. Both his personal experience and his leading position as a fundraiser in the field led to Rix applying for the job at Mencap. He later became Mencap’s Chairman in 1988, after he retired from showbiz in 1987. In 1998 Rix became Mencap’s President, an office he held until he died.

While in the Lords as a crossbencher, Rix  was one of the most regular attenders in the House and every year introduced numerous amendments to legislation, mainly that associated with health, social welfare and education. He found the length of time required to change legislation very frustrating. In 1994 Rix introduced a Private Member’s Bill, ensuring that local authorities would provide short-term breaks for carers and cared-for. The Bill easily passed through the Lords, but could not even achieve a first reading in the Commons. Rix tried again when New Labour were elected in 1997, but again to no avail. Eventually, 12 years after Rix’s Private Member’s Bill, short-term breaks sneaked through in an Education Bill, introduced by the then Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls.

The extent of Rix’s involvement can be seen by looking at the some of other legislation altered in the same year as the Education Bill (2006). Rix’s amendments to the Childcare Bill extended statutory childcare provision for children with a disability from 16 to 18 years old, whilst changes to the Electoral Administration Bill resulted in people with a learning disability being able to vote freely.

Rix discovered in the mid-1990s that the legislation regarding SERPS had been altered under Thatch. The original act had ensured that widows and widowers would receive the full SERPS addition to their state pension if their spouse died first. The change in legislation halved the amount received. Rix campaigned to restore the original payment and after a number of years arguing the point with the New Labour Gov’t, he succeeded.

Amongst Rix’s many activities, he was the Co-Chairman (with Tom Clarke CBE MP) of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Learning Disability; Chairman of the Rix Thompson Rothenberg (RTR) Foundation which provides small grants for projects serving people with a learning disability; and President of the grant making Friends of Normansfield and Richmond Foundation. Rix was also a constant supporter of the Rix Centre at the University of East London, which develops and disseminates tools and training for multi-media advocacy to enhance the lives of people with a learning disability. Rix also served as the first Chairman of the Arts Council Monitoring Committee on Arts and Disability as well as founding and Chairing the charity Libertas (working alongside Sir John Cox and Rix’s son, Jonathan), which produced audio guides for disabled people at museums and other places of interest. Subsequent legislation in which Rix played an important role made this charity redundant.

Rix was President of the Roy Kinnear Memorial Trust, Chairman and founder (with Dr David Towell of the King’s Fund) of the Independent Council for People with a Mental Handicap and was Patron of RAIBC, the charity working for radio amateurs with disabilities. Rix gave up smoking in 1950 and subsequently became a founding member of ASH (Action of Smoking and Health).

Rix and Elspet Gray had four children, the producer and children’s author James “Jamie” Rix, Jonathan Rix, actress Louisa Rix and Shelley Rix. Shelley Elspet Rix died in July 2005 in Hounslow. Elspet Gray died on 18 February 2013.

Brian Rix became a radio ham at the age of 13 and became a life Vice-President of the Radio Society of Great Britain in 1979. He was also president of the Friends of Richmond ParkIn 1970 Brian Rix was President of the Lord’s Taverners and he continued his love of cricket as a member of the MCC and Yorkshire CCC.

In August 2016, Rix announced that he was terminally ill and called for the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia for those dying in severe pain. This was a significant departure from his previous position, as Rix voted against the Assisted Dying Bill in 2006. Rix died on 20 August 2016.

Rix was given a K in June 1986 for his services to charity.

Rix was Vice Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, 1987-97. He was the first Chancellor of the University of East London, 1997-2012 and subsequently the Chancellor Emeritus.

Rix was awarded five honorary fellowships, including the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as receiving an Honorary College Fellowship of Myerscough College. He has also received numerous awards including: The Evian Health Award (1988), Royal National Institute for Deaf People Campaigner of the Year Award (1990), ‘The Spectator’ Campaigner of the Year Award (1999), Yorkshire Society – Yorkshire Lifetime Achievement Award (1999), UK Charity Award (2001), Lifetime Achievement Award for Public Service – British Neuroscience Association (2001) and the ePolitix Charity Champions Lifetime Achievement Award (2004).

 I have been aware for some time that although Brian Rix was perceived to have been a tireless champion of learning disabled people, he knew that his efforts were not bearing the fruit that was claimed. His account of being offered no more for his daughter when she was little other than a dreadful institution was undoubtedly true; parents at that time were also often told to ‘forget’ about that child once they’d institutionalised him/her and go and have another one.
Yet when Rix caused outrage in 1987 by publicly denouncing the decision of Lord Justice Dillon who had ordered a learning disabled girl of 17 to be sterilised lest she become pregnant – Rix stating that the teenager was to be ‘spayed like a bitch’ – my only surprise was that anyone had even bothered to obtain permission from the Court of Appeal and that Brian Rix hadn’t made it clear that this was damn near routine practice  in many areas of the UK, even in 1987 and in most cases no-one bothered to go anywhere near a Court. I know that it was happening in north Wales to vulnerable people, I knew two woman who HAD undergone such procedures who didn’t even have learning disabilities, they sat in the Hergest Unit with me. There had been no Court case and although it was true that there would have been a risk of pregnancy, that was because they had been sexually exploited by the staff at Denbigh and at least one of them was sexually exploited by the staff in her ‘care home’, which was the favoured location for patients of Dafydd’s. Lord Justice Dillon will have known what was going on as well, the routine of ‘lies to the patients, we’ll do anything that we feel like no matter how disastrous the consequences’ continued apace.
Sir George Dillon was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, exactly the route taken by Richard Crossman, although Dillon was more than 10 years younger. New College was a recruiting ground for the British security services and it is likely that Dillon was Of Them. Dillon was a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as was Crossman’s High Court judge father, Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, as well as Lord Denning, George Carman, Cherie Blair and Miranda. George Dillon became a High Court judge in 1979, the year that Mary Wynch was unlawfully imprisoned by Dafydd and the year that Mr Thrope was acquitted at the Old Bailey, while invective was heaped upon Norman Scott by the presiding judge, Joseph Cantley. See previous posts. George Dillon served as a Lord Justice of Appeal, 1982-94. Just look at what was happening to us at the hands of the Gang in north Wales during those years.
Brian Rix Was Shocked?? He couldn’t have missed what was happening to a whole variety of vulnerable people at the hands of those Caring for them. But if he’d have spoken out about the harsh reality, he wouldn’t have ended up in the Lords or even heading so many charidees.
I have included so much detail of Rix’s stage/showbiz career in this post to give an idea of how extensive his contacts were and how many of them were linked to organised abuse, some having featured in previous blog posts. Brian Rix was unusual for a luvvie in that he was very orientated to making a lot of money in a conveyor belt way, the sort of MacDonalds of theatre. I don’t know what Rix stated his political allegiances to be, but I presumed that he was a Tory. Whatever his politics, Rix spent years conducting business on Jimmy Savile’s turf, his line of business was one that was using the services of Dafydd and Gwynne’s trafficking gang and his charidee work was being lauded at the very time that Savile’s was. Rix must have known what was happening and I suspect that was the reason for much of his success. He mouthed off about certain matters eg. the spaying of the bitch in 1987, but kept schtum about everything else.
By the way, in 1987: I was writing to numerous people about Dafydd and the Gang, including charidee bosses, following the gross abuses that I had witnessed and experienced. Alison Taylor was writing to Gov’t Ministers. Mary Wynch had won her case, been awarded compensation and had Clwyd Health Authority laughing in her face and saying well we’re now simply not going to pay it unless you take us back to Court and enforce payment…
Time for a high profile Court case to show that the Difficult Decisions are thought about long and hard, which is the actual line that was spun to me on every occasion that I raised concerns re Dafydd and the Gang with authorities. ‘These decisions are very difficult and sometimes mistakes are made’. The decisions are indeed difficult which is why they should never ever have been left to a gang of sex offenders who had been caught again and again and again but were never held to account. Mistakes were not sometimes made, EVERYTHING that the Gang did ended in catastrophe, everything. The situation is so bad that although I accept that some people do sometimes need decisions about them made by other people, all legal powers and responsibility must be removed from the Top Docs and Social Services, they just cannot do it and will not stop abusing their positions. I am not a one-off, I have just managed to obtain the evidence of what they did, over more than 30 years, until the day that I just scarpered and went into hiding. This is what they do to people and it needs to stop.
 Brian Rix was President of Mencap from 1989 until his death in Aug 2016. That was the month that I started this blog, although I don’t know whether that is significant. What a fantastic source of PR Lord Rix was. So why have campaigners on behalf of people with learning disabilities, such as Dr Sara Ryan and Mark Neary, who’s own children suffered, uncovered such a mountain of abuse, harm and deaths? Why did Lord Rix never make far more noise re the matter of entrenched institutional discrimination by the NHS towards learning disabled people; the ‘do not resuscitate’ notices placed in the medical records of people without anyone but NHS staff knowing? The prosecution of patients who became distressed and swore at staff? The use of physical force against terrified, confused patients? The now almost mass incarceration of learning disabled adults in ‘rehabilitation’ units, often against their wishes and the wishes of their nearest and dearest? The hate crime to which so many of them are subjected? Sara Ryan discovered that, in one NHS Trust alone, Southern Health, there had been hundreds of deaths of learning disabled and mentally ill patients and in nearly every case there was no investigation. Sara began digging after her own son died in the care of Southern Health and she was met with the usual hostility and denial. Like Gren Kershaw in north Wales, the Chief Exec of Southern Health had bagged Leadership awards.
Learning disabled people are still dying on average decades before other cohorts, except of course people with serious mental illness. Any legislation that Lord Rix did manage to pass will be flouted and there will be no come-back.
Take a look at the dates on which Lord Rix was given his gongs and fellowships and who gave them to him. It’s quite obvious what was happening.

E.P. Thompson was one of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who had a second home at Cwm Croesor for many years, although he fell out with his neighbour Eric Hobsbawm over the suppression of the Hungarian uprising by the Soviets. Thompson knew that scores of people on the left, including those involved with anti-nuclear campaigning, anti-apartheid activism and many other matters, were simply ignoring what was happening to vulnerable people in north Wales at the hands of the gang, as well as the en masse abuse and exploitation of kids in care, psych patients etc across the UK. See post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.

E.P. Thompson held a Chair at Warwick University and joined the students in the Warwick Events, which included an occupation of the Registry by the students. The students discovered that the University authorities had been keeping secret files on the students, which recorded matters such as their political activities. They also discovered documentary evidence that Jack Butterworth, the VC of Warwick, had been doing dodgy deals with big business in the UK – particularly with the motor industry in the midlands – and the US in order to acquire dosh for the University. Warwick University and the Gov’t maintained ‘Jack Knew Nuzzing…’ in public, but Richard Crossman, a good friend of Butterworth’s, fessed up in his ‘Diaries’ that the evidence was undoubtedly there that Jack had done a lot of things that he should not have done but everyone was now in a dreadful position because of the way in which the evidence had been obtained. E.P. Thompson resigned his Chair at Warwick over the matter and wrote his book ‘Warwick University Ltd’ about it all. See previous posts.

One of the Warwick students who led the Events was one of Thompson’s postgrads, Merfyn, who later came under fire from Miranda when he was VC of Bangor University. Merfyn was Chairman of the Socialist Society at Warwick University. The world went apeshit over Merfyn and his mates when they had the temerity to find evidence of Jack’s dirty deals and his secret files on the political activities of Merfyn and his mates. Over 10 years later I discovered a disgusting old lobotomist in the Student Health Centre at UCNW, complained and then found that he and his mates were fabricating medical records with regard to me and that was just the beginning… Because I refused to shut up about it, in 2003 when Merfyn gave me a place at Bangor to do a PhD and then a postdoc job following that, the Welsh Assembly Gov’t and the Westminster Gov’t gunned him down.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Events that I’ve staged by writing this blog Miranda et al! Merfyn discovered documentation concerning his political activism, I discovered documentation demonstrating that Gwynne and Dafydd wanted to explore Uganda with me and when I said no thanks they decided that I and all of my mates  must be destroyed. Merfyn knew what that lot were up to when he was busy being a leftie student, but Merfyn came from the part of the community in Gwynedd who were used and abused by Bertrand Russell and his crowd, rather than from the cohort who did very nicely out of them. As did Merfyn’s late wife Nerys, who didn’t survive her encounter with the Top Doc mates of Dafydd in 2008.

You’ve now had the kicking that you so richly deserve bastards and there’s more to come. You don’t ruin the life of someone because as a 21 year old student she said no to a fucking lobotomist running a trafficking ring and you don’t kill the wife of the VC because he refused to unfairly throw the same woman out of the university years later and then walk away pretending that the carnage is All Because Of Him while you Stand Together With Wimmin and Empower Service Users.

Mary Kaldor’s dad Nicky was Dick Crossman’s personal economic adviser when Crossman was Secretary of State at the DHSS. Nicky Kaldor many mentions in Crossman’s ‘Diaries’; Kaldor was a good friend of Crossman’s, and was central to Wilson’s Gov’t. Wilson’s economic strategy was based on the advice of Kaldor and Tommy Balogh, while Woy Jenkins, another Westminster Swinger, was Chancellor. Tommy Balogh was also a big mate of Crossman’s and Crossman was so keen for Balogh to remain in a key role with access to restricted information when Harold Wilson subsequently tried to freeze Balogh out, that Crossman wangled Balogh a peerage. Tommy Balogh was married to Penelope Balogh, a psychoanalyst who was er facilitating organised abuse. Penelope Balogh dwelt in Primrose Hill, along with Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law Ralph. Uncle Harry was a Top Doc who was mates with many who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Ralph was mates with the same crowd but via Hobsbawm’s and Thompson’s leftist circles. The descendants of that crowd include Harriet, Ed, David and of course Julia, Gordon’s wife’s friend.

Nicholas Kaldor, Baron Kaldor (12 May 1908-30 September 1986), born Káldor Miklós, was a post-war Cambridge economist. He was born Káldor Miklós in Budapest and was educated there, as well as in Berlin, and at the LSE where he graduated in 1930. Kaldor subsequently became an assistant lecturer, lecturer and then Reader at the LSE. Between 1943 and 1945 Kaldor worked for the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and in 1947 he resigned from the LSE to become Director of Research and Planning at the Economic Commission for Europe. Kaldor was elected to a Fellowship at King’s College, Cambridge and offered a lectureship in the Economics Faculty at Cambridge University in 1949. Kaldor became a Professor at Cambridge in 1966.

From 1964, Kaldor was an adviser to the Harold Wilson’s Labour Gov’t and also advised several other countries. Kaldor was considered, with his fellow-Hungarian Thomas Balogh, one of the intellectual authors of the 1964–70 Wilson Gov’ts short-lived Selective Employment Tax (SET) designed to tax employment in service sectors while subsidising employment in manufacturing. On 9 July 1974, Kaldor was given a peerage. 

Kaldor was invited by then PM of India, Jawaharlal Nehru (see previous posts), to design an expenditure tax system for India in the 1950s.

After the publication of Keynes General Theory many attempts were made to build a business cycle model. The models that were built by American Neo-Keynesians such as Paul Samuelson proved unstable and they could not describe why an economy should cycle through recession and growth in a stable fashion. The British Neo-Keynesian John Hicks tried to improve the theory but most people thought that Hick’s theory was a poor way of explaining the cycle because it relied on artificial, exogenous constraints. Kaldor, however, had invented a fully coherent and highly realistic account of the business cycle in 1940. Kaldor’s theory was similar to Samuelson’s and Hicks’ in that it used a multiplier-accelerator model to understand the cycle, but differed from Samuelson’s and Hicks’s theories because Kaldor introduced the capital stock as an important determinant of the trade cycle. This was in keeping with Keynes’ sketch of the business cycle in his General Theory.

Following Keynes, Kaldor argued that investment depended positively on income and negatively on the accumulated capital stock. Kaldor in effect integrated Roy Harrod‘s ideas about unbalanced growth into his theory….

Kaldor’s non-linear business cycle theory overcomes the difficulty that many economists had with Roy Harrod‘s growth theory. Many of the American Neo-Keynesian economists thought that Harrod’s work implied that capitalism would tend toward extremes of zero and infinite growth and that there were no dynamics that might keep it in check. Robert Solow eventually created the Solow Growth Model in response to these perceived problems…

Solow was working with an erroneous and underdeveloped theory of the business cycle that he had taken over from Samuelson. By the time Solow was working on his growth theory, the Cambridge UK economists had already satisfactorily laid out a self-limiting theory of the business cycle that they thought was a reasonable description of the real world. This is one of the reasons that the Cambridge economists were so hostile in their reaction to Solow’s growth model and went on to attack it in the Cambridge Capital Controversy of the 1960s. The ignorance on the part of the American economists’ knowledge of Kaldor’s model also explains why the Cambridge  Post-Keynesian economists found the ISLM model favoured by the American Neo-Keynesians to be crude and lacking.

All these people developing theories and claiming them to be superior to a previous theory reminded me of Ms Anne Elk, popularised by Python, who famously formulated Anne Elk’s Theory On Brontosauruses ie. “All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end.” Furthermore, as Anne Elk stresses, “That is my theory, it is mine and belongs to me, and I own it and what it is, too.”Monty Python - Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss ...

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  • Monty Python - Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss ...
The Lord Kaldor’s Theory:

In the standard accelerator model that stood behind Samuelson’s and Hicks’ business cycle theories investment was determined as such:

This states that investment is determined by exogenous investment and lagged income multiplied by the accelerator coefficient. Kaldor’s model modified this to include a negative coefficient for the capital stock:

Nicholas Kaldor.jpg

I was gobsmacked to discover a few years ago that I too have invented a theory and people have been good enough to acknowledge it as my theory – or rather Baker and Brown’s theory – and it is our theory and no-one else’s. It is the concept of ‘aspirational habitus’ which we introduced while we were publishing work that was developed from my PhD and it has found its way into academic literature and has been credited to us. We didn’t even make demands a la Anne Elk, so that was a nice change from the usual plagiarism followed by a bucket of slurry over our heads.

Nicky Kaldor was married to Clarissa Goldsmith, a prominent figure in Cambridge city life and they had four daughters: Penny Milsom, a former Islington Borough Labour Councillor; Katharine Hoskyns, who has stood as a Labour candidate for Westminster City Council; Frances Stewart, Professor of Economic Development at the Oxford University and Mary Kaldor, E.P. Thompson’s fan. See previous posts for further details of Kaldor’s daughters.

Nicky Kaldor died in Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire.

Kaldor’s wife Clarissa was a pal of Richard Crossman and was WHAT when Crossman was at the DHSS.


An admirer of one of E.P. Thompson’s circle also features in the latest edition of the ‘London Review of Books’, Susan Pedersen, who has written a long article of praise for Eric Hobsbawm. Pedersen mentions that Hobsbawm was ‘driven out’ of Cwm Croesor by the forces of Welsh nationalism but does not venture further with regard to the driving out of the Hobsbawms. I was told by a number of people that the Hobsbawms were indeed eventually faced with great hostility at Croesor which is why they finally have up and went, but Pedersen is unaware that although nationalism was the stated reason, the aggro developed as a result of a variety of interacting factors, a major one being the huge and very obvious disparity in income and social status between Hobsbawm, his friends and the local people. Another overarching problem was that sadly Hobsbawm’s friends were involved with a vicious paedophile/trafficking ring which was facilitated by Dafydd, Gwynne and other members of a local elite who destroyed anyone who dared complain about sexually assaulted by that lot. As the distress escalated and the infrastructure of the region didn’t develop as it should, Dafydd et al manipulated the public view of the ’causes’ and blamed it on English Incomers. Had Hobsbawm and his mates spoken out against that gang instead of concealing the crime themselves in pursuit of their own political ends, local people would have been able to see very clearly who and what was causing the problems.

But there we are, Julia Hobsbawm’s friend ended up a PM’s wife and Eric found himself hosting the PM to dinner and that is what is important. The poor sods in Gwynedd remained under the yoke of the gang and there was no solidarity shown at all with them by the Revolutionaries no matter how often their names were emblazoned across the covers of ‘New Statesman’ and ‘Marxism Today’. Hobsbawm, Raphael Samuel and E.P. Thompson were on virtually every edition when I was doing battle with Dafydd and the Gang.

Susan Pedersen (born August 31, 1959) is a Canadian historian and a Professor at Columbia University. Pedersen’s interests include 19th and 20th century British history, women’s history and settler colonialism.

The Third World:

Where the People Who Matter Live:

Born a Canadian citizen and raised in Japan, Pedersen received her B.A. (1982) from Radcliffe College – where Bertrand Russell’s daughter, Lady Katharine Tait studied (see previous posts) – and both her M.A. (1983) and Ph.D (1989) from Harvard, where Pedersen was also a Professor and served as Harvard’s Dean of Undergraduate Education. In the latter position, Pedersen defended Harvard against charges of excessive grade inflation, a big problem in the media as well as in academia.

Michael Grade Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

Pedersen joined the Columbia faculty in 2003. Among her works is a biography of Eleanor Rathbone., one of who’s family, Jenny Rathbone, is sitting in the Welsh Assembly saying nothing at all about the gang of crooks who are causing so much patient harm in Wales’s health and social care services. See previous posts. Pedersen recently completed a book on the mandate system of the League of Nations; in 2005 she was awarded Guggenheim Fellowship to assist with research on this project. Susan Pedersen was Bosch Fellow in Public Policy at the American Academy in Berlin for Spring 2009.

Susan Pedersen’s other works include:



There were yet more advisers to Richard Crossman when Crossman was running the DHSS entirely for the benefit of the Westminster Paedophile Ring whom I have yet to feature on this blog: Dr Death’s mates David Marquand and John Mackintosh. Dr Death, Marquand and Mackintosh were a trio of whippersnappers who wowed Crossman. Although they did not hold Ministerial posts when Crossman began tapping their wisdom, Crossman followed their recommendations on major matters. It was Dr Death who had advised that the Ministry of Health and the Dept of Social Services should be merged to form the superdepartment, the DHSS. The result was a Dept which was very powerful, able to ask for a lot of dosh from Woy Jenkins the Chancellor and was accountable to no-one even when it was demonstrated that it had been directly responsible for criminality and patient deaths. Dr Death, Marquand and Mackintosh were kept hanging around for longer than they wanted before Harold Wilson gave them Ministerial jobs and Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ note how cross that Dr Death was when his true worth went unrecognised. The story of Dr Death’s life really, but at least he continued giving instructions to Richard Crossman even though Death wasn’t a Minister.

What Dr Death got away with was incredible. When he was a junior doc at Tommy’s he worked as the research registrar to William Sargant, a man who even by the standards of the time was considered dangerously unhinged who carried out crazy experiments on his patients which killed a lot of them. Sargant was so bad that he has been air-brushed out of many contemporary medical textbooks. See eg. ‘Dr Death’ for details. Dr Death carried out those experiments with Sargant, yet at no time throughout his long career of being hated by nearly everyone, did any of Death’s political opponents have the guts to make public what Sargant and Death had done to their patients. But then no-one mentioned that Death personally knew some of those we know and love in north Wales.

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‘And now Lord Owen, before I ask you that inevitable question ‘Did never becoming Prime Minister mean that your entire life was wasted and meaningless’, only to have you bite my head off in reply, I’ll ask you how many patients you killed in collaboration with William Sargant and whether it was Gwynne whom you knew in north Wales, Dafydd, or both?’

No, that question was never asked.

Dear old Peter Hennessey turned up at Bangor University to give a public lecture when Merfyn was under serious fire from so many quarters and I went to Hennessey’s lecture. I did enjoy it, but Hennessey subscribes entirely to the Great Man Theory of History and believes that History is made only as a result of the decisions of the series of dickwits and idiots to whom he toadies; Hennessey takes no account of schools of thought influencing ‘leaders’, of wider societal and economic shifts, indeed Hennessey ignores History while he attempts to analyse it.Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

During his lecture Hennessey made a very pointed comment about the student activists of his youth and declared that they were ‘tossers’ then and they still were. Most people in the audience knew of Merfyn’s youthful activism. When Hennessey rolled up at Bangor, it was known that I had begun my research into the Welsh Bloomsbury Set at Croesor.

I’ll leave you to chat to your friend Dr Death Lord Hennessey, I’m sure that you’ll have a lovely time together.

Professor Peter Hennessey became Lord Hennessey in Oct 2010.

David Ian Marquand (born 20 September 1934) was born in Cardiff; his father was the Labour MP, Hilary Marquand. Hilary Marquand was also born was in Cardiff and educated at Cardiff High School and at University College, Cardiff, graduating in 1924. Hilary subsequently spent two years in the United States as a Rockerfeller Foundation Fellow. Upon his return to the UK Hilary was a lecturer at Birmingham University, 1926-30 and Professor of Industrial Relations, University College, Cardiff, 1930-45. Hilary was Director of Industrial Surveys of South Wales, 1931-36 and a Member of the Cardiff Advisory Committee UAB. He spent a year in the USA studying Industrial Relations, 1932–33 and was Visiting Professor of Economics at Wisconsin University, 1938–39. Hilary Marquand worked as a Civil Service mandarin at the Board of Trade, 1940–41, in the Wales Division of the Ministry of Labour, 1941–42 and in the Ministry of Production, 1943–44.

Hilary Marquand was from a staunchly Conservative family,but joined the Labour Party in 1920 and the Fabian Society in 1936. Marquand was the Labour MP for Cardiff East 1945-50. George Thomas was elected as the Labour MP for Cardiff Central in 1945 and Callaghan was elected for Cardiff South in the same year. There was a reorganisation of Cardiff constituencies in 1950; George Thomas and Callaghan were re-elected to Cardiff seats and Hilary Marquand was elected as the Labour MP for Middlesborough East and retained the seat until 1961.

Marquand held a number of Ministerial positions in Attlee’s Gov’t including that of Minister of Health, January-October 1951. Marquand had been appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1949, so he was in King George NUMBER?? privy by the time that he was needed to keep his mouth shut about the horrors at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and of course the horrors that were nearly as bad in Whitchurch Hospital, near Hilary’s family home, Ely Hospital etc etc. Because everyone is trying to pretend that Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist has never existed, there is very little info available on Gwynne, apart from a short obituary that I found just before I began this blog which seems to have disappeared as well now. So I’m unsure of the precise date of Gwynne’s arrival at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh; Gwynne served as a Top Doc in the Royal Navy for a period of time before Denbigh, so he’ll have arrived at Denbigh during the latter part of the 1940s or in the 1950s.Lord Mountbatten Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements ...

Denbigh had a terrible reputation even for its time, so Gwynne’s desire to work there tells us all that we need to know about the Royal Lobotomist. Gwyyne’s mate and umbrella Lord John Walton was operating – literally – in the North East of England, where Marquand was a constituency MP.

Following Labour’s 1951 General Election defeat, Marquand was a prominent member of the Shadow Cabinet, under NAME and then Hugh Gaitskill.

Hilary Marquand undertook lecture tours for the British Council in India, Pakistan and Ceylon, 1952-53, in the West Indies, 1954 and 1959 and in Finland, 1957, and was a representative at the Assemblies of the Council of Europe and Western European Union, 1957–59. He was Deputy Chairman of the National Board for Prices and Incomes, 1965–68. Hilary Marquand was an Honorary Member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Hilary Marquand resigned his Middlesborough seat in 1961, supposedly because he was unhappy at the infighting within the Labour Party. It was in 1961 that Enoch Powell, then Minister of Health, paid that visit to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, was so horrified at what he saw that he told them that he’d put an immediate stop to it, but was told very firmly by someone ‘Leave it Enoch, Gwynne ain’t worf it…’ Business continued as normal for Gwynne and Dafydd and indeed for Bertrand Russell, Lord Snowdon etc.

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The Profumo Affair didn’t blow up in public until DATE, but the shenanigans were being openly discussed and were a source of fascination and entertainment among journos and others for quite a while before it all became public and the names of those involved were known. Dafydd and Gwynne et al had been trafficking people from Wales to England to provide sexual services in the years before Profumo and they were implicated in the scandal although not ever named. At the time of the Profumo Affair, Lord Astor was married to his third wife Bronwen. Bronwen was the daughter of a Welsh judge, Sir Alun Pugh. The family home was in Hampstead, but Sir Alun had grown up in Carmarthenshire. Bronwen was educated at a boarding school in Dolgellau. Ioan Bowen Rees’s father was a teacher in Dolgellau Grammar School. There was one years difference in age between Bronwen and Ioan. Bronwen was a real star in Wales and things got better and better until Profumo, after which the Astor family scapegoated her, declared that she was a Welsh slapper on the same level as Mandy Rice-Davies and Christine Keeler and ejected her and her children from Cliveden. David Astor, the Editor of ‘The Observer’ at the time worked hard to limit the damage done to his family. See previous posts.

Marquand resigned his seat to take up the post of Director of the International Institute for Labour Studies, in Geneva and the consequent by-election in Middlesborough was won by the Labour candidate Arthur Bottomley, who gets a mention in Richard Crossman’s ‘Diaries’.

Hilary Marquand served in Geneva until 1965, so was out of the UK until the Profumo Scandal had blown up, blown over, resulted in the removal of two Tory PMs and put an end to a sequence of Tory Gov’ts. Hilary returned to the UK the year after Harold Wilson had been elected. The Harold who, like Miranda, rearranged the entire furniture of Gov’t around the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the associated criminality.

Harold Wilson famously had an excellent relationship with Lilibet, it is said that Lilibet got on better with Harold Wilson than any other PM. When I was growing up, my father used that as an example of how very bad Lilibet’s judgement was because as any fule kno, Harold Wilson was a crook. Furthermore my Tory activist grandfather proffered the same opinion, the Tory grandfather who freaked Bridgwater out by turning down a knighthood and refusing to go to a Buck House garden party… The same Tory grandfather who wouldn’t become an MP himself because of the toadying to worthless people which was involved, who helped make Bridgwater a safe Tory seat only to see the unprincipled slimebag Tom King take the seat in 1970, the Tom who did so well under Thatch, after I went to Bangor and encountered those we know and love. The Tory grandfather who denounced Edward du Cann as being a crook years before it became evident that Edward du Cann was a crook…

Lord King and Lady Jane of the One Sausage Roll To Last All Evening: I’m in the process of investigating events of 1961-63 in depth. The Devon farmer who lived at Mr Thrope Central who was swindled by Harold Macmillan’s son? Then received the bizarre letter from Theodore Goddard, the posh London solicitor of whom he’d never heard, offering him the price of his farm if he’d just move out for a few months and give Theodore’s clients the use of the farm for an unspecified purpose but to ask no questions and then move back in again? Flash men coming down from London with suitcases of money, telling him that he was an idiot for not taking the dosh? He won’t have known that Theodore Goddard was solicitor to Bertrand Russell and was always on hand when Bertrand wanted to do deals with Top Doctors to have members of his family declared insane/disinherited etc… See previous posts.

The Great Train Robbery took place a few months later and a similar farm was used as the hide-out. Look at the network of lawyers used by Ronnie Biggs et al… look at the allegations that they had help from people in high places who were never identified… Well with the likes of Tory politicians Lord Bob Boothby shagging both Harold Macmillan’s wife AND Ronnie Kray as well as goodness knows however other many people because Lord Bob did enjoy his rent boys after all…

I think you ought to join Dafydd in throwing yourself off of Bangor Pier Lord King. Jane can use a sausage roll as a lifebelt. Serious organised crime King, at Gov’t level. Two students targeted because they were from Tory families and had begun to dig into the unpleasant things that they were noticing, particularly when one of them was targeted by a gang of old sex offenders in Bangor and who could remember a great deal about Somerset from her childhood, so was placed under surveillance by MI5 along with her friends, because she wouldn’t discuss matters with a bunch of thick, sex crazed old Top Docs who were encouraging patients to lie anyway…

Gwerin and others! I know that you smugly congratulated yourselves on pumping me for info but you didn’t know anything about this did you or about the other links that I have not yet blogged about? Or Lord Denning etc etc?? MI5 did but you didn’t. Can I predict the sound of the familiar mantra of ‘Ooh I didn’t know about that…’ coming from the north Wales direction? No you fucking didn’t idiots, you are well out of your depth now. But there we are, you decided that like other people who played fair, I could be used, abused and shafted and look what has happened…

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So Hilary Marquand, scaffolder to Gwynne and Lord John Walton, made himself scarce in 1961, because no-one quite knew how Profumo was all going to end…

Hilary Marquand died in Nov 1972 at Hellingly Hospital in Sussex, where he had spent the previous two years. In which case that was a rather sad end for Hilary. Hellingly has featured in previous posts, it was a very bad psych hospital in which Patient F was banged up in the late 1970s. F told me of experiences at Hellingly nearly as bad as Denbigh experiences. Angels encouraged angry tough patients to have punch-ups with anxious passive patients while the Angels treated the matter as a spectator sport and F himself was the subject of a murder attempt by a ‘psychotic Teddy Boy’ when F was in Hellingly. F had been sectioned but after the Teddy Boy tried to kill him, F was discharged with no follow-up because the Top Doc responsible told F that the Teddy Boy had openly stated his intent to kill F when he got the chance and that the hospital staff were not able to keep F safe. Hellingly had links with Dafydd and from what F told me, his fitting up and illegal imprisonment at the hands of Dafydd and the gang not long after his stay at Hellingly may well have been a result of what F had witnessed in Hellingly as well as F’s knowledge of rock star-related criminality in the late 1960s and 70s.

Even if Hilary Marquand had been seriously ill and needed 24 hour care, a family like his could have found a better option than Hellingly, which performed the same function as Denbigh: the silencing of witnesses to serious criminality in High Places. Which of course Hilary Marquand was, he had been at the centre of the said criminality and the cover-ups, but I wonder why he was seen as a threat when he was older?

Hilary’s daughter Diana Marquand – David Marquand’s sister -is a Senior Social Worker and provides the following information about herself on LinkedIn:

  • Leader of End Ecocide UK campaign Eradicate Ecocide;  – Present 8 years 6 months

    [Diana is based in South West Wales and seems to be associated with Swansea University, an institution that for years has been run by Rhodri Morgan’s family.]

    Hosting events across he UK especially Wales to raise awareness about environmental and social justice issues. Currently campaigning for Bill of Rights for Mother Earth and a crime of ecocide so that those who do not respect the Earth’s right to a sustainable existence can be brought to justice.

  •  Guardian ad Litem

     – 4 years

    CAFCASS was in pieces, all the social workers who worked for CAFCASS knew that it was in meltdown; it was in the sort of state that the NHS is in north Wales, with staff having breakdowns and people leaving posts after less than a month and CAFCASS being unable to recruit anyone else. This was an agency responsible for supplying evidence to Courts re the best interests of children in the event of relationship breakdowns and the Gov’t didn’t dare admit the extent of the chaos.

  • Social Services: Kent, East Sussex: working as Senior Practitioner, Manager, Trainer.

     27 years

    So Diana worked for East Sussex Social Services, who colluded with Dafydd and John Allen while John Allen trafficked kids in care to brothels in Brighton, even after the firebomb in April 1992 thrown into a building in Brighton where a party was underway killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. A witness who survived was later found dead after he gave evidence against John Allen in court. See post ‘The Silence of the Welsh Lambs’.

    Diana will have known how dreadful Hellingly Hospital was.

    I am now too old to remember exactly when I worked at various different places: I resent being told by my computer that I worked for a “Company”: I will resist any corporate take over of the public sector till the day I die.

    Far better that vulnerable people are abused and harmed backed up by the full might of the state instead of capitalism. The wonderful thing about Dafydd and the gang was that they combined both.

  •  Activities and Societies: Joined CND in my teens and almost expelled from school for distributing badges and info. After Cambridge went to L.S.E, very politically active during the 60s and 70s, anti war, anti apartheid… Brought up in a very political household – my dad was an economist and Labour MP, my maternal great grandfather was founder of the radical Welsh newspaper: “Llais Llafur” (the voice of Labour) – I am particularly interested in how we create social change – and please can we work together to create a co-operative, compassionate, non discriminating society.

    Diana Marquand went to Wimbledon High School – Wimbledon which housed so many staff from St George’s Hospital and was represented by Sir Michael Havers MP in the Commons – completed a degree in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University, 1961-64 and then went to the LSE.

    Because Diana was an offspring of Hilary Marquand and involved with CND and leftist activism in the 1960s and 70s, she’ll have known Bertrand Russell and the Welsh Bloomsbury Set, including the social anthropologist Isabel Emmet, who married a man from Croesor, knew all about Dafydd and Gwynne but never uttered a word. See eg. ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’

    Diana has written a further touching little spiel on LinkedIn as well:

    Well – all I want to do, quite simply is change – not the world, because that needs be preserved and nurtured in its unique, diverse and wonderful state – what I want to do is to change the way that most people in power seem to think about it – that it is a thing, a commodity, to be exploited, used, sold, bartered, and all too often trashed. So much of what we consume is packaged in plastic, and so much of that end up in the oceans where it stiffles the plankton, and kills sea birds including the great and wonderful Albatross; the character with seemingly extraordinary powers in the poem “The Ancient Mariner”. Read the poem: it is an omen for us: when the albatross dies there is: “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”.

    So: let us please recognise our common humanity, open our hearts to each other, get rid of this addiction to money and profit, live simple, sustainable lives and appreciate with awe the wonder of this world which is our only home- and let’s just enjoy it, shall we, and enjoy each other’s company.

    The company whom Diana who is trying to save the world has spent her entire life keeping wrecked the lives of my friends and I and indeed even finished some of those lives off. ‘Common Humanity’ Diana: excludes kids in care and Empowered Service Users doesn’t it?

Hilary Marquand was a neighbour of Rhodri Morgan’s family when Rhodri was a boy and the Morgans and the Marquands socialised together. Marquand was an academic with clout who spent time at elite institutions in the US in receipt of funding for visiting scholars. As a young meatheaded idiot with political aspirations, Rhodri Morgan spent time as a visiting scholar at an elite US institution. Could these events be in any way related?

Rhodri is sadly no longer with us, having died on 17 May 2017. Morgan collapsed in the evening while cycling near his home. Police and paramedics were called to the scene and he was pronounced dead. Rhodri was as thick as yak-shit but he did know where the bodies were buried. At the North Wales Hospital mostly. Ah the doctors they were wonderful but not in May 2017. No wonder Julie Morgan does nothing but extol the virtues of the NHS and demand more dosh for them, she won’t dare piss them off now.

David Marquand’s younger brother was the film maker Richard Marquand, Richard Marquand worked for the BBC but it most well-known for directing the 1983 film ‘Return of the Jedi’. Richard suffered a stroke and subsequently died on 4 Sept 1987, shortly before his 50th birthday, at a time of peak panic for the Westminster Paedophile Ring, having managed to get Ollie Brooke out of prison on early release at his appeal in May, they were calling in reinforcements from all corners. See post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’.

Richard’s son James Marquand is described in his wiki entry as being a ‘Welsh film editor and director’ and the grandson of Lord Elwyn-Jones and his wife Pearl ‘Polly’ Binder. Lord Elwyn-Jones was an essential part of Dafydd and Gwynne’s business empire. Elwyn Jones was a bent barrister from Carmarthenshire who served as the Labour MP for West Ham for many years; he was Harold Wilson’s Attorney General, 1964-70 and then Lord High Chancellor, 1974-79, in Wilson’s and Callaghan’s Gov’ts. Elwyn Jones was Lord Chancellor when Mr Thrope walked away from the Old Bailey a free man and when Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned. Elwyn-Jones was the Windbag’s Shadow Lord Chancellor when Richard Marquand pegged out prematurely. Elwyn Jones subsequently made a nuisance of himself doing the gang’s work in the Lords. Polly Binder was an Artist who loved the quaint poor people of the East End. Elwyn and Polly’s son Dan is a social worker and also an Artist based in the East End. See previous posts for info on Lord Elwyn-Jones, Polly and Dan.

I’m not sure exactly who married who which resulted in James, Richard Marquand’s son having Elwyn and Polly, People Traffickers To The Stars, as his grandparents, but Richard died at a time of great anxiety for that ring.

David Marquand was educated at Emanuel School in Battersea, London, Magdalen College, Oxford, St Antony’s College, Oxford and at the University of California, Berkeley. Marquand was the Labour MP for Ashfield (a Nottinghamshire constituency) 1966-77.

Previous posts eg. ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’ described the huge research fraud that was taking place at the Cancer Research Campaign Laboratories at Nottingham University for years, with the knowledge of many in the CRC and Nottingham University. My post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ discusses the social work academics and social scientists at Nottingham University who spent their careers facilitating organised abuse, including those who were mates with Dick Crossman. Ann Craft, who, along with her husband Dr Michael Craft, worked in north Wales in the 1970s ended up with a senior academic post at Nottingham University. In north Wales, Michael Craft carried out research into incest with Dafydd and Ann helped people with severe learning disabilities in the hell hole which was Bryn-y-Neuadd to explore their sexuality and then supported them in their sexual relationships. See post ‘The Old Devils’. The madness at Nottingham erupted in the Satanic Panic there in the late 1980s.

Ken Clarke was a Nottingham-based barrister and a constituency MP for the city and assisted with the general craziness.

David Marquand resigned his seat to work as Chief Adviser (1977-78) to his mentor the Westminster Swinger Woy, who had been appointed President of the European Commission. During the 1970s split between ‘Croslandite’ and ‘Jenkinsite’ social democrats within the Labour Party, Marquand was part of the Jenkins group and joined Dr Death in the SDP when it was founded. Marquand sat on the SDP’s national committee, 1981-88. Previous posts eg. ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’ describe how the Gang of Four based their entire political strategy upon their knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and who had done what to conceal it.

Dr Death and his mates conjured up the Limehouse Declaration in early 1981, after Mary Wynch began litigation and Dr Death’s mates in north Wales knew that things could get very, very difficult for them. I am fairly convinced that Death, ever the opportunist, saw his chance and also knew that he’d have massive support from many who would also be sunk if the Westminster Paedophile Ring unravelled. Look at the background of the politicians who joined the SDP; they were some of those in the thick of the cover-up re organised abuse. Furthermore, the SDP targeted and was massively appealing to health and welfare professionals. Because I was so young when the SDP was busy, I just presumed that this was another example of the Top Docs closing ranks with their own, even a shite like Dr Death and hordes of readers of ‘The Guardian’ believing that there’d be more dosh for the NHS if the SDP reigned supreme. A careful look at what was going on and who was involved suggests that it was far more than that.

Dr Death was a pal of Richard Crossman who was a senior officer in Britain’s security services and prioritised the right of him and his mates to have sex with people who didn’t really want to have sex with them. A high price was paid by some who refused.

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When the SDP merged with the Liberal Party to form the Lib Dems, Marquand remained with the successor party until rejoining the Labour Party in 1995, following the election of Miranda as Labour leader. In October 2016, it was reported that Marquand had left Labour once more, and had joined Plaid Cymru.

Marquand’s academic career began as lecturer in Politics at Sussex University – he’ll probably have found it worth his while toadying to Asa Briggs then – and included the occupancy of two Chairs in Politics, first at Salford and then at Sheffield and finally as Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford. Salford and Sheffield Universities were both institutions where many were on board with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Salford was located on the turn of the ring run by the Top Docs and others in Greater Manchester, who had a direct link to Dafydd’s gang. Tony and Sadie Francis worked in Salford before they relocated to north Wales; Dafydd’s buddies Professors Hugh Freeman and Mervyn Susser and Dr Michael Tarsh organised things in Salford for years (see previous posts) and then they were joined in 1974 by Dafydd’s mate from the Maudsley, Bob Hobson (see post ‘The Mentor).

Salford University accredited the worthless qualifications given out to abusing social workers who ‘trained’ at Cartrefle College, Wrexham and social work students from Salford who reported the abuse of children in north Wales when the students were on placement were ignored. See previous posts.

Sheffield University worked very hard indeed not to notice the crime empire with Jimmy Savile at its centre on their doorstep and it now hosts David Blunkett as a Professor, who managed to run Sheffield City Council for years, then serve the area as an MP, occupy a number of Cabinet posts including that of Home Secretary and still know nuzzing. See post ‘     ‘.

Mansfield College chooses its Principals well. Following David Marquand, the Principal of Mansfield College, 2002-11, was Top Doctor Diana Walford. Walford came from Liverpool, went to the Calder High School for Girls, qualified as a Top Doc at Liverpool University and worked as a junior doc at Liverpool Royal Infirmary, 1968-69, then at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington 1969-70 and spent the year 1970-71 at Northwick Park Hospital, worked elsewhere until 1975, at which point she returned to Northwick Park to work. In 1976 Walford began her career in the DHSS as a Gov’t Medical Officer when she joined the Medicines Division, where she remained until 1979.  Walford was Principal Medical Officer in the Scientific Services Equipment Building Division, 1979–83 and Senior Principal Medical Officer and Under-Secretary in the Medical Manpower and Education Division, 1983–86. Walford spent the academic year 1986–87 on sabbatical at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. On Walford’s return to the Dept of Health, she took up the post of Senior Principal Medical Officer and Under-Secretary in the International Health Microbiology of Food and Water and Communicable Diseases Division. From 1989 until 1992, Walford was Deputy Chief Medical Officer of England and Medical Director of the NHS Management Executive. Walford was Director of the Public Health Laboratory Service, 1993-2002.

Here’s the translation: Diana Walford trained at Liverpool University and worked as a junior doc in Liverpool in Dafydd and his mates ran medicine in Liverpool. She is a bit younger than Dafydd, but trained alongside the hordes of Top Docs who then worked in north Wales and were part of Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang. Walford’s research interest at Northwick Park was very similar to that of Dame Sally Davies, the present CMO who will take up the position of Master of Trinity College Cambridge in October of this year (see post ‘       ‘); Diana and Sally know each other of old and have worked together. Diana Walford held senior positions in the DHSS/Dept of Health during the years when the DHSS concealed the most serious criminality on the part of Dafydd et al, including organised abuse and class A drugs offences. Walford was at the scene of the crime when the Gov’t purchased infected blood products from the US and used them to treat NHS patients, knowing that those patients would be at risk of contracting hepatitis and later, HIV. The Gov’t lied repeatedly about this and has still not told the whole truth. Walford knows that the cancer screening programmes are in chaos and have been from the outset and that most public health initiatives have been completely ineffective, except for the anti-smoking advice. Walford will have known about Jimmy Savile’s crimes against NHS patients.

I note that Walford disappeared to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for the academic year 1986-87 to complete a Masters. I too was supposed to be doing the very same that academic year; my place was unlawfully withdrawn with no warning just weeks before I was due to begin the course, after D.G.E. Wood found out that I’d been offered a place.


Diana Walford has been married to Arthur Walford since 9 December 1970. Arthur is Company Secretary of BUPA. His wife was for years at the very top of the NHS colluding with serious crime.

St Helena Kennedy followed Diana Walford as Principal of Mansfield College, St Helena remaining in post, 2011-2018. St Helena was on board just after Operation Pallial opened then; Diana arrived at Mansfield College before the dust had settled after the publication of the Waterhouse Report.


David Marquand is currently a Visiting Fellow, Department of Politics, Oxford University and Honorary Professor of Politics, Sheffield University.

David Marquand’s writings are based upon issues surrounding British politics and social democracy. He is widely linked to the term “progressive politics” and the concept of a “progressive dilemma” in British politics, although he has since distanced himself from the term (if not the ideas it represents). Marquand has written extensively on the future of the EU and the need for constitutional reform in the UK.

In the aftermath of Labour’s 1979 defeat, Marquand wrote “Inquest on a Movement: Labour’s Defeat and Its Consequences” for the July 1979 issue of ‘Encounter’. He argued that it was the influx of middle-class radicals into the Labour Party during the interwar years that had transformed Labour from a trade union pressure group into the main progressive party. All of its leaders since 1935 and many of its most prominent members had come from this class, crucially shaping the party’s ethos. However, with Labour moving to the left in the 1970s, Marquand believed that the party was becoming intolerantly proletarian and attached to an old-fashioned socialism. This change in the party was symbolised by the election of Jim Callaghan as Party leader in 1976, the least intellectual of the candidates. Marquand wrote that Labour had “outlived its usefulness” as a means to progressive social change and that middle-class radicals needed a new platform for their ideas. For this article Marquand was awarded (jointly with E.P. Thompson) the George Orwell Memorial Prize for 1980.

David: You weren’t radical. You were intellectual in a way that Sunny Jim wasn’t and I enjoyed the writings of your mate E.P. Thompson’s friends, but you were so keen to hang on to your privileges that you would not make public a dreadful scandal, involving members of the Royal Family and others whom you claimed to loathe which would have been the end of them if it had become public. Instead you colluded with them because you and your families were involved and benefited. Just look what you did to me and my friends when we gained the evidence…

Originally a tentative supporter of New Labour, Marquand has since become a trenchant critic, arguing that “New Labour has ‘modernised’ the social-democratic tradition out of all recognition”, even while retaining the over-centralisation and disdain for the radical intelligentsia of the old “Labourite” tradition. He is one of 20 signatories to the founding statement of the democratic left-wing group Compass.

See previous posts for details of my wholly negative encounter with Lisa Nandy and Compass when I bothered to go down to London from Bangor to a Compass event after Compass BEGGED for support. Dear old Compass are still sending me e mails inviting me to their events and asking me if I’ll be part of the Progressive Movement. Compass, you don’t want me and I’m not wasting anymore of my time with you or your horrid self-interested, not very bright Leaders such as Lisa. Who’s mum and dad both worked and lived in Leicester when Greville Janner and Frank Beck were busy and like Lisa’s mum and dad’s colleagues, Lisa’s mum and dad concealed it all. But then Lisa’s grandfather Lord Frank Byers, the Chief Whip of the Liberal Party, hurled abuse at Norman Scott when Norman Scott told him what Mr Thrope was doing to him. See previous posts.

In August 2008, Marquand published an article in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper which was seen by some as being complimentary about Tory Leader Cameron. Marquand called Cameron not a crypto-Thatcherite but a Whig and argued that Cameron “offers inclusion, social harmony and evolutionary adaptation to the cultural and socio-economic changes of his age.…”

Marquand is not what one would call principled is he? Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues in 2008, Top Docs who were networked into Marquand’s previous mate Dr Death.

Marquand was among 30 people to put his name to a 28 April 2010 letter to The Guardian – “Lib Dems Are The Party of Progress” – in support of the Liberal Democrats at 2010 General Election, but withdrew this support less than a month after the election. Ooh where did Marquand move onto I wonder?

This was the letter to which Marquand was a signatory:

The Liberal Democrats are today’s change-makers. They have already changed the election; next they could drive fundamental change in our political and economic landscape.

Some of us have already pinned our colours to the Liberal Democrat mast. For others, the decision to back the Liberal Democrats in this election is a difficult one. Long-standing party loyalties, even in a less tribal world, are not easily suspended. But May 2010 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape politics for the better. It must be seized.

Richard Reeves, John Kampfner, Professor Noreena Hertz, Susie Orbach, Shazia Mirza, Camilla Toulmin, Brian Eno, John le Carré, Henry Porter, Alex Layton, Gordon Roddick, Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Philip Pullman, David Aukin, Nick Harkaway, Lisa Appignanesi, Francis Wheen, Alan Ryan, Raymond Tallis, Julian Baggini, Jeanette Winterson, Rodric Braithwaite, Richard Dawkins, George Monbiot, Ken Macdonald, Philippe Sands, Misha Glenny, Anthony Barnett, Richard Sennett, David Marquand

 So where did Marquand go next? He rejoined the Labour Party and came out in full support of Uncle Harry’s nephew.

In 2016, Marquand joined Plaid. An ITV news report on 21 Oct 2016 discussed Marquand joining Plaid and back living near Cardiff. The report included quotes from Rhun ap WHAT and Hywel Williams re their delight at being joined by the intellectual eminence who is David Marquand. Rhun and Hywel know all about Dafydd and the Gang, Rhun having gone to school with the children of D.G.E. Wood and many others and Hywel having previously worked as a psychiatric social worker with the Gang. Hywel was the guest at the Gang’s ‘Remembering Sheila’ celebration, at which thanks was given for the life of the perjuring people trafficking cow Shelia Jenkins, a Gwynedd social worker who’s patients were left destitute and committed suicide. Hywel had his photo taken with the surviving members of the Gang and a lovely write up about the amazing work of Sheila and the Gang appeared in the local paper. The celebration took place while the Gang were having me wrongfully arrested and had declared war on Merfyn and they were also threatening and harassing Bangor students who had complained about them. The Gang hired facilities at Bangor University to hold their celebration. Sheila was a Therapist.

David Marquand was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 1998. He is recognised by the newly opened Marquand Reading Room at his old school, Emanuel School in London. OLD EMANUELS HERE – inc Aspel


The third member of the troika who advised Richard Crossman as to how to ensure that the DHSS was a watertight vehicle for facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring along with Dr Death and David Marquand was John McKintosh, who, unlike Dr Death and Marquand, is no longer with us. John McKintosh died on 30 July 1978 – JEREMY CHARGED??? MARY WYNCH

John Pitcairn Mackintosh (b. 24 August 1929) was a Scottish Labour Party politician known for his advocacy of devolution, at a time when it was anathema to the Labour leadership and for his pro-Europeanism. He advanced the concept that Scots could be both Scottish and British and indeed European.Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

Mackintosh was born in Simla, India and brought up in Edinburgh. He was educated at Melville College, the University of Edinburgh, Balliol College, Oxford and Princeton University. Mackintosh was Senior Lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 1961–63 and became Professor of Politics at the University of Strathclyde.

Mackintosh was elected MP for Berwick and East Lothian in 1966. In the Feb 1974 General Election he lost his seat to the Tory Michael Ancram, but regained it merely months later at the Oct 1974 General Election. Later in life, Mackintosh became Chair of Politics at Edinburgh University, where he balance his duties in the Commons with teaching students.

GORDON – Sula etc

Ancram et al

Mackintosh wrote widely in the academic press and had a regular column in ‘The Times’ and ‘The Scotsman’. He was an accomplished broadcaster and lecturer, appearing regularly on TV and giving public lectures. He was also the Editor of ‘The Political Quarterly’and Chairman of the Hansard Society.

John Mackintosh died in office in 1978, aged 48. His successor in the resulting by-election was John Home Robertson.

Mackintosh’s agent, Gerald O’Brian, recalled at his memorial service that Mackintosh, “only once lost his temper with me when I caused him to miss a constituency General Management Committee meeting – it was the only one he ever missed”.

Mackintosh was a forceful proponent of devolution and famously said in the Commons in 1976 : “People in Scotland want a degree of government for themselves. It is not beyond the wit of man to devise the institutions to meet these demands”. The late Donald Dewar, FM of Scotland, said of John Mackintosh’s lifelong belief in devolution:

“His ideas had a lasting influence. ….[He] was a powerful advocate for devolution…John was something of a prophet, a mighty champion of reform at a time when constitutional change was not an approved and certainly not a fashionable cause. At the core he always placed democratic control, the empowering of the people. He did not base his argument on nationalism. It was not the glorification of the Nation state. It was never Scotland right or wrong. His vision was good government, an equitable democracy, that borrowed, elevated, created opportunity for the citizen.”

  • Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

DONALD ET AL HERE – ref to previous posts

An annual memorial lecture was founded by ARTHUR GREENAN, his friends in the constituency and colleagues in Edinburgh University. The Lecture is held, alternating between East Lothian and Edinburgh University. Past speakers have included: Lord Jack McConnell; John Kenneth Galbraith; the Windbag, John Smith, Donald Dewar and Gordon Brown.The continued salience of Mackintosh’s thinking on Scottish devolution has also been underscored in The Scotsman by Iain Gray, former Leader of the Scottish Labour Scottish Labour Party. Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

After his death, two volumes of essays were published: Mackintosh on Scotland edited by Henry Drucker (1982) and Mackintosh on Parliament and Social Democracy edited by David Marquand (1983).Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses



Now, as promised, I’ll review in more details the Ministers of Health and others with responsibility for concealing the criminality involving Gwynne, Dafydd, the North Wales Hospital and the Gang before and during Profumo and in the aftermath of the scandal, as the mess snowballed and more and more people became part of the network covering it all up, which they chose to do by resorting to yet more crime.

The Minister of Health, 1957-59, in Macmillan’s Gov’t while Gwynne lobotomised pre-Profumo was Derek Colclough Walker-Smith, Baron Broxbourne, (13 April 1910-22 January 1992), known as Sir Derek Walker-Smith, Bt, 1960-83. Derek was the son of Sir Jonah Walker-Smith (1874–1964), the Tory MP for Barrow-in-Furness, 1931-45. Sir Jonah was succeeded in the seat of Barrow-in-Furness by Labour’s Walter Monslow (died 12 October 1966). Born in Wrexham, Monslow joined the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, becoming its organising secretary. Monslow also joined the Labour Party, serving on Wrexham Rural District Council for some years until 1937. Wrexham was held by Liberal Aled Roberts, 1931-35 and in 1935, Labour’s Robert Richards won the seat. PREV POST ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’

It is accepted – and was acknowledged by the Jillings Panel of Investigation in 1996 – that organised abuse has existed in north Wales as far back as at least the 1940s. Bryn Estyn opened in DATE  Headmaster – the old boy – DATES

When Walter Monslow first stood for the Commons in 1935, he tried, unsuccessfully, to get elected for Newcastle-upon Tyne Central. Monslow was elected as the Labour MP in 1945 for Barrow-in-Furness, holding the seat until he retired from the Commons in 1966. On 15 June 1966, Monslow was made a life peer; he died four months later, aged 71.

Cumbria – WILLIE W – Penrith and the Border- may 1955-1983 – Willie, Trinity College Cambridge – short sharp shock – the best brains of the security services –David Cameron doesn’t have a Willie – and it shows - Telegraph

CORRELATE DATES – Willie Lord Pres of Council – Windbag’s mate Lord Cledwyn President of UCNW – AFF??

Derek Walker-Smith was educated at Rossall School and Christ Church, Oxford. He became a barrister, called to the Bar by Middle Temple in 1934; Ronnie Waterhouse was a member of Middle Temple. Walker-Smith was still alive when I complained about Gwynne to UCNW and the GMC, when the Gang unlawfully imprisoned me in 1986/87, during the subsequent cover-up involving the Welsh Office and the Top Docs, throughout my time working at St George’s, during most of the High Court cases against me and when the North Wales Police launched their investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales and Cheshire. The Tories were in power throughout all of this and I know now that the extraordinary happenings were being orchestrated at Cabinet level.

Barristers other than Waterhouse who were known to Walker-Smith were on board with the Gang. Charles Evans was still Principal of UCNW when I encountered Gwynne; Evans had been appointed Principal in 1958. Evans had previously been a neurosurgeon working in Liverpool; he trained at Oxford. Evans was known to other neurosurgeons and to people outside of the field because of his status as an Everest hero. Lord John Walton was the Chairman of the GMC who refused to investigate my complaint. Walton was networked with and propping up Gwynne when Walker-Smith had been Health Minister years previously. Walker-Smith was Vice-Chairman of the Inns of Court Conservative and Unionist Society and became a QC in 1955.

Walker-Smith was the MP for Hertford, 1945-55 and East Hertfordshire, 1955-83. He was Vice-Chairman of the 1922 Committee, 1951-55. Walker-Smith held Ministerial positions, including Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1956–57 (under Harold Macmillan the Chancellor of the Exchequer), then at the Board of Trade, 1955–56 and 1957 and at Health, 1957–59.

REMEMBER Crossman in chgarge at sec servs now

Walker-Smith was created a baronet in 1960, after he’d protected Gwynne, Dafydd, John Walton et al in his capacity as Minister of Health in Macmillan’s Gov’t. On 21 September 1983, Walker-Smith was given a peerage and became Baron Broxbourne. Mary Wynch was on her way to the Master of the Rolls and D.G.E. Wood was telling Brown and I that he wanted a ‘specialist opinion’ with regard to me; by that time Wood had suggested that I visit his mate in Shrewsbury before abandoning that idea and began working on sending me in the direction of Gwynne instead. Ros – Shrewsbury – Havoc in n Wales with the Gang – allegations and complaints from all directions – investigation into Gwynedd children’s homes – Dyfed officers – Tony and Sadie Francis had arrived – Nice Young Doctors – Bluglass wrote Mental Health Act -Brown graduated – living with me on Anglesey and me under surveillance – Trishles – Leslie Gore – Wood trying to split us up

JOBS – Morrison – King

Derek Walker-Smith’s life barony became extinct on his death in 1992 while he was succeeded in the hereditary baronetcy by his son Jonah. Sir Jonah Walker-Smith, who had two children: Daniel Walker-Smith, who is listed as Director of Argonaut Communications Ltd and a daughter, Charmian. Charmian provides a few details regarding her work history on Linked In and states that she has been the media officer for the Stroke Association, 2012-present. THE SAB!!

Charmian’s previous includes: Event Producer, Guardian News and Media, March 2007-Aug 2012; Event Manager, World Trade Group, 2005-07; Conference Producer, Emap, 2003-05. Charmian undertook a Masters in Social Policy at the LSE, 2010-12. She lists Volunteering Experience as:

  • Image for Ambassador


    Civil Rights and Social Action: Delivering the campaign presentation to communities, schools, local faith groups to raise awareness and educate people about the extent of poverty globally and what they can do to combat it.

    Charmian alss lists on LinkedIn an Advanced Diploma in Communications Studies with the CAM Foundation, resent as well as an Advanced Diploma in Public Affairs with the CIPR, 

    Charmian lists a number of groups with which she is associated membership of which is clearly essential for Global Ambassadors who are fighting world poverty, including Lobbyists International Gov’t Relations, Lobbying and Public Affairs; the Motivating Millions Network; the Conference Club Best Networking Group for Conference Professionals; Public Service Transformation Academy – Sponsored by RedQuadrant; Public Procurement Show 2011; B2B Event Marketing Tribe; Guardian Social Enterprise Network; PR Place.
  •  Charmian’s grandfather Derek Walker-Smith was preceded as Minister of Health by Dennis Forwood Vosper, Baron Runcorn (2 January 1916-20 January 1968), who served briefly as Minister of Health in 1957 in Macmillan’s Gov’t. Educated at The Leas, Hoylake, Marlborough College and at Pembroke College, Cambridge Vosper first worked with Wilson, Vosper & Coltart, Ships Store & Export Merchants, in Liverpool. Vosper was commissioned into the Cheshire Regiment (TA) in April 1939 and served until the 1950s.

Vosper served as the Tory MP for Runcorn, Cheshire, 1950-64. He held office as Conservative Whip, 1950–1954; as a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 1951–54; Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Education, October 1954-January 1957; Minister of Health, 1957, from which he resigned owing to illness in September 1957. Vosper was Leader of the Parliamentary Delegation to the West Indies, 1958. He returned to Ministerial office as Joint junior Minister at the Home Dept, 1959–60 and then served as Minister of State for Home Affairs, 1960–61, under Home Secretary Rab Butler in Macmillan’s Gov’t. Vosper then served as Secretary for Technical Co-operation, 1961-63.

Vosper was appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1957, created a life peer in 1964 and died in Jan 1968. Vosper’s time in the Lords was spent when Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson was concealing the crime in north Wales. Vosper was also involved in the maiming of the Church of Scientology when the Scientologists alleged that Dafydd and Gwynne were involved in child abuse and crime. I will return to this in a future post. 

The Minister of Health who preceded Vosper was Robert Turton, who has featured on this blog before but I’ll revisit his highlights here. Robert Hugh Turton, Baron Tranmire (8 August 1903-17 January 1994) came from north Yorkshire and was educated at Eton and Balliol. Turton was a barrister who became a member of Inner Temple in 1926. He served as the Tory MP for Thirsk and Malton, 1929-Feb 74. From December 1955 to January 1957 Turton served in Anthony Eden’s Gov’t as Minister for Health, a post then outside of the Cabinet but of Cabinet rank and was appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1955. Turton was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1962.

Turton grew up in and then served as the MP in a region with a longstanding abuse ring which by the 1960s had become organised crime with links to Savile, the gang in north Wales and Westminster. The criminality was being concealed by among many other people, alumni of Balliol, which included Ted Heath, Denis Healey and Woy Jenkins, as well as by Turton’s fellow members of Inner Temple. Inner Temple certainly had a few big hitters; the Havers clan were all members of Inner Temple.

Sir Cecil Havers was the daddy of them and became a member of Inner Temple a few years before Turton. Sir Cecil’s son Michael Havers subsequently became a member of Inner Temple and it has been admitted that Michael Havers, in his capacity as Thatch’s Attorney General, blocked prosecutions of Westminster and Whitehall figures accused of sex offences, including against children. Havers served as the Tory MP for Wimbledon, where a great many of the Top Docs and other staff of St George’s Hospital lived, including Geoffrey Chamberlain and his family. Sir Cecil’s daughter Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was a member of Inner Temple and saved the bacon of Dafydd and Gwynne’s partners in crime in the North East in 1988 when she concealed the extent of and true reasons behind the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal. Peter Preston’s ‘The Guardian’ published many flattering articles about the Wimmin’s Wisdom of this corrupt old bag while she concealed a huge empire committing very serious crime against children and others. See post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And the Culprits Were Named’.


Mr Thrope

Simon Hughes

Robert Turton was Minister of Health while appalling abuses continued at the North Wales Hospital as a result of Gwynne’s activities, Dafydd having not quite joined the party at that time. The criminality at the North Wales Hospital was such that it was concealed at Gov’t level, even if Ministers such as Turton were not MPs in the region. Bertrand Russell moved to to Cwm Croesor in 1955, the year in which Turton was appointed Health Minister and therefore added to the need to conceal what was happening at Denbigh. When Anthony Eden resigned as PM on the advice of Top Doctors on 9 Jan 1957, Macmillan did not reappoint Turton as Minister of Health; Vosper, Gwynne’s colluding mate from Runcorn, was appointed instead, although Vosper was only in the post for nine months before he resigned on the grounds of illness in Sept 1957.

There was a lot of resigning on the grounds of illness as a result of Top Doctors’ advice going on here. I’ll expand on the details.

Sir Anthony Eden’s premiership as was great difficulty by Nov 1956 as a result of the Suez Crisis. Eden was determined to continue as PM and went on holiday to Jamaica. While he was away from London, Eden’s Chancellor Harold Macmillan and JOB TITLE Rab Butler worked to manoeuvre Eden out of office. ‘The Observer’ accused Eden of lying to Parliament. On his return from Jamaica on 14 December, Eden still hoped to continue as PM. In what was to be Eden’s final statement to the Commons as PM on 20 December 1956, he told MPs that “there was not foreknowledge that Israel would attack Egypt”.  Papers released in January 1987 demonstrated that Eden had lied to the House and had lied again in his statement of 20 Dec 1956.

Eden resigned on 9 January 1957, after his doctors warned him his life would be at stake if he continued in office. The historian John Charmley  wrote that “Ill-health … provide(d) a dignified reason for an action (i.e.. resignation) which would, in any event, have been necessary.” The historian Victor Rothwell wrote that “mystery persists” over exactly how Eden was persuaded to resign, although the limited evidence suggests that Rab Butler, who was expected to succeed him as PM, was at the centre of the intrigue. Rothwell writes that Eden’s fevers were “nasty but brief and not life-threatening” and that there may have been “manipulation of medical evidence” to make Eden’s health seem “even worse” than it was. Macmillan wrote in his diary that “nature had provided a real health reason” when a “diplomatic illness” might otherwise have had to be invented. David Carlton (1981) WHO HE even suggested that Buck House might have been involved, a suggestion discussed by Rothwell.

As early as spring 1954 Eden had been indifferent to cultivating good relations with the new queen, Lilibet. Eden is known to have favoured a Japanese or Scandinavian style monarchy (i.e. with no involvement in politics whatsoever) and in January 1956 he had insisted that Nikita Khruschev and Nikolai Bulganin spend only the minimum amount of time in talks with Lilibet. Evidence also exists that Buck House were concerned at not being kept fully informed during the Suez Crisis. In the 1960s, Eden’s wife Clarissa was observed to speak of Lilibet “in an extremely hostile and belittling way” and in an interview in 1976, Eden commented that he “would not claim she was pro-Suez”.

Although the media expected that Butler would get the nod as Eden’s successor, a survey of the Cabinet taken for Lilibet showed Macmillan was the nearly unanimous choice and he became PM on 10 January 1957. Shortly afterwards Eden and his wife left England for a holiday in New Zealand.

Eden also resigned from the House of Commons when he stood down as prime minister.  Despite a series of letters in which Macmillan almost begged him for a personal endorsement prior to the 1959 General Election, Eden only issued a declaration of support for the Conservative Government. Eden retained much of his personal popularity in Britain and contemplated returning to Parliament. He finally gave up such hopes in late 1960 after an exhausting speaking tour of Yorkshire. Macmillan initially offered to recommend him for a viscountcy, which Eden assumed to be a calculated insult and he was granted an earldom (which was then the traditional rank for a former prime minister) after reminding Macmillan that he had already been offered one by Lilibet. Eden entered the Lords as the Earl of Avon in 1961.

In retirement Eden lived in Broad Chalke, Wiltshire. MORRISON. 

In July 1962 Eden made front-page news by commenting that “Mr Selwyn Lloyd has been horribly treated” when the latter was dismissed as Chancellor in the “Night of the Long Knives“. In August 1962, at a dinner party, he had a “slanging match” with Nigel Birch, who as Secretary of State for Air had not wholeheartedly supported the Suez Invasion. In 1963 Eden initially favoured Hailsham for the Conservative leadership but then supported Home as a compromise candidate.


I have failed to mention in previous posts that two more of the Lucky Winners in the 1976 Giveaway as things looked bleak for Mr Thrope – the Giveaway saw George Thomas become Speaker of the House and of course Carlo was made Chancellor of the University of Wales, what with the University of Wales’s major role in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, particularly that of the colleges of Aberystwyth and Bangor – were Selwyn Lloyd and Asa Briggs, who both bagged peerages 1976. It was on 16 March 1976 that Asa’s mate Harold decided that he didn’t want to be PM anymore and stated that he would step down on 5 April. Harold subsequently shuffled off to the Lords DATE. Harold had of course gone to Jesus College Oxford, the college where so many of the Gang’s members in high places in Wales studied. Mr Thrope resigned as Liberal Party Leader on 10 May 1976. The consequences were Sunny Jim, good friend of the paedophiles, installed as the Labour Leader and PM on 5 April 1976 and David Steel, another friend of the paedophiles, installed as Liberal Leader on 7 July 1976. The whole shaky set-up only stayed on the rails as a result of deals between accessories to crime who hated each other, leading to things like the Lib-Lab Pact. DATES See previous posts.

Selwyn Lloyd was a loyal friend to Dafydd and Gwynne. Lloyd was the Tory MP for WHERE, DATES. BRIEFLY – long knives etc

Nigel Birch aka Lord Rhyl – Tory MP for Flintshire and then West Flintshire , 1945-70 – Sir Anthony Meyer

Anthony Eden was Chancellor of Birmingham University, 1945-73. By the early 1970s, Dafydd’s mate Bluglass had joined the Top Docs at Birmingham University who were facilitating a ring there which was in partnership with Dafydd and the gang in north Wales. Eden was the Tory MP for Warwick and Leamington Spa, 1923-57. Bluglass came from Warwickshire, went to Warwick School and as an adult played an active role in High Society in Warwickshire.

Eden’s occasional articles and his early 1970s TV appearance were an exception to an almost total retirement. He was even accidentally omitted from a list of Conservative PMs by Thatch when she became Tory Leader in 1975, although she later went out of her way to establish relations with Eden, and later, his widow.

In retirement Eden corresponded with Selwyn Lloyd, coordinating the release of information and with which writers they would agree to speak and when. Rumours that Britain had colluded with France and Israel appeared, albeit in garbled form, as early as 1957. By the 1970s they had agreed that Lloyd would only tell his version of the story after Eden’s death (in the event, Lloyd would outlive Eden by a year, struggling with terminal illness to complete his own memoirs).

On 5 November 1923, shortly before his election to Parliament, Eden married Beatrice Beckett, who was then 18. They had three sons: Simon Gascoigne (1924–1945), Robert, who died fifteen minutes after being born in October 1928, and Nicholas (1930–1985). 

The marriage was unhappy, with both parties conducting affairs. By the mid-1930s his diaries seldom mention Beatrice. The marriage finally broke up under the strain of the loss of their son Simon, who was killed in action with the RAF in Burma in 1945. Between 1946 and 1950, whilst separated from his wife, Eden conducted an open affair with Dorothy, Countess Beatty, the wife of David, Earl BeattyIn 1950, Eden and Beatrice were divorced and in 1952, Eden married Churchill’s niece Clarissa Spencer-Churchill, a nominal Roman Catholic who was fiercely criticised by Catholic writer Evelyn Waugh for marrying a divorced man.

Evelyn’s son Auberon was a Tory who wrote for ‘Private Eye’ and for other publications including ‘The Sunday Torygraph’ and ‘The Spectator’. Auberon lived at Combe Florey near Taunton, he had known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring for years and I’ve been told that he knew about the Gang coming after me as well. Auberon’s MP was my grandfather’s old foe Edward due Cann, but I don’t know what Auberon’s view of du Cann was, but Bron was a high Tory who would never have wanted Thatch to fall. See previous posts for info on Auberon Waugh and his family. Eden’s second marriage was much happier than his first had been.

Eden’s life had been touched by the Top Doctors years before they told him to resign or he would die. Eden had an ulcer as early as the 1920s. His life was changed by the Top Doctors during an operation on 12 April 1953 to remove gallstones; his bile duct was damaged, leaving Eden susceptible to recurrent infections, biliary obstruction, and liver failure. The physician consulted at the time was the Royal Physician, Sir Horace Evans, 1st Baron Evans. Three surgeons were recommended and Eden chose the one that had previously performed his appendectomy, John Basil Hume, surgeon from Bart’s. Eden suffered from cholangitis an abdominal infection which became so agonising that he was admitted to hospital in 1956 with a temperature reaching 106 °F (41 °C). Eden required major surgery on three or four occasions to alleviate the problem which suggests that John Basil Hume repeatedly got it wrong.

Royal Top Doc Horace Evans, 1st Baron Evans (1 January 1903-26 October 1963) was the son of musician Harry Evans, Evans left his studies in music at age 18 years to pursue a career in medicine. With Sir Arthur Ellis of the London Hospital Medical College, Evans worked on Bright’s disease and on the relationship between nephritis and hypertension. ASSCHER

Evans was the personal physician to King George VI and conferred with Sir Clement Price Thomas during the King’s illness and famous lung surgery in 1951. Peter Hennessey, the man who has built an entire career on toadying to failed politicians who colluded with a gang of old paedophiles, has declared Horace Evans to be the last of the great physicians. Hennessey tends to make statements of this sort about clapped out old MPs, but him saying this about Evans simply shows that Lord Hennessey Knows Nuzzin; Anthony Eden never fully recovered from the attentions of Lord Horace and his colleagues after Lord Horace referred him for that operation in 1953.

One of Evans’s daughters died ‘in an accident at a young age’ – she was electrocuted – and both Evans and his wife died in 1963, leaving the barony extinct.

Horace Evans was born and grew up in Dowlais near Merthyr Tydfil. His younger brother, Hubert was a diplomat and Ambassador to Nicaragua, 1952-54. Horace’s family moved to Liverpool when his father was offered the role of conductor of the Liverpool Welsh Choral Union and thus Horace Evans was sent to Liverpool College, the institution that also educated David Hunt, the crooked lawyer who was at Bristol University at about the same time as D.G.E. Wood was, who then gave such good service to the Tory Party in the West Couspent many years in the Welsh Office as a Minister and then Welsh Secretary under Thatch and then Major concealing the crime in north Wales. David Hunt FINISH

Following the death of Horace’s father, he took up studies at the Guildhall School of Music at the age of 12 and subsequently went to the City of London School. By the age of 18 years, Horace decided on a career as a Top Doc and studied at the London Hospital Medical College, 1921-28. Evans became an assistant to the medical unit at the London Hospital and by 1929, Evans had developed a close connection with Sir Arthur Ellis and Clifford Wilson. Evans’s first attempt at the MRCP was not successful and he had to retake in 1930. During the same year he acquired a MD. His first job was as house physician to Sir Arthur and he was supported by Sir Arthur right from the beginning of his career.

ELLIS – refer to wilson – check dates

Horace Evans worked in posts in surgery, obstetrics, anaesthetics and pathology. By 1933, Evans was the Medical Unit’s Assistant Director. He was selected as assistant physician at the London Hospital in 1936 and by 1947, Evans was full physician. The research carried out by Evans and Sir Arthur was presented by Sir Arthur in the Croonian lectures of 1941 at the Royal College pf Physicians WHO WAS PRESIDENT??


Horace Evans continued his career at the London Hospital and served as Physician to Queen Mary in 1946-53, following the death of Royal Doc Lord Bertrand Dawson of Penn. Lord Dawson has gone down in history as having deliberately hastened the death of King George V; Dawson was the subject of jokes re his habit of killing patients. Dawson admitted giving King George V a bit of a shove and even other Top Doctors no long try to defend Dawson. The question that needs to be answered is why Dawson killed George V, because the rationale given was ridiculous, even by the standards of a Top Doc. Dawson was not questioned about his actions and his career and social status were unhindered. See post ‘The Old Crowd’ for further details of Bernard Dawson and his descendants, many of whom occupy high profile positions in politics, public life and showbiz.

Horace Evans succeeded Lord Dawson the King Killer as Royal Doc at the recommendation of Lord Webb-Johnson, then President of the Royal College of Surgeons. Between 1949-52, Lord Horace was Royal Doc to Queen Mary’s son, King George VI – husband of the Queen Mum – and was Royal Doc to Lilibet, 1952 OR 1957-63. CHECK


Funnily enough, on 1 July 1957 Horace was created Baron Evans, of Merthyr Tydfil. George Thomas grew up in the south Wales valleys not far from Merthyr Tydfil and for his entire life was protected by the politicians, Top Docs, lawyers, union officials and the Methodist Church in south Wales. George Thomas was mates with Dafydd and the gang in north Wales – Gwynne was in place at Denbigh by 1957, the year of Eden’s resignation fibe years after he had been damaged as a result of medical advice supplied by Horace Evans. – EVANS!! – resignation of Health Minister Vospers as well – Dafydd shortly followed on


Horace Evans was part of the team who looked after King George VI during his ill health with lung problems and up until his death in DATE

The gallbladder operation of Anthony Eden in 1953 – ultimate decision, taken by Eden, was that John Basil Hume, surgeon from St Bartholomew’s Hospital was to perform the surgery in 1953. Hume had previously performed Eden’s appendectomy. It is agreed that the initial operation resulted in biliary tract damage, a complication well recognised at the time, and much corrective surgery was needed later by Richard Cattell, again a recommendation of Evans. That the surgery should be done in the US was objected to by Winston Churchill, who felt that if the king had his operation on a “kitchen table’,” Eden could at least have his in a London hospital, but Evans and Cattell visited them at No 10 and agreed the transfer abroad. During the Suez Crisis, Evans was consulted on numerous occasions by Eden. On Eden’s visit to New Zealand in 1957, Evans made notes for doctors should he require medical assistance whilst abroad:

His general health during the past year has been maintained with extensive vitamin therapy—sodium amytal gr 3 and seconal enseal gr 1.5 every night and often a tablet of Drinamyl every morning. These treatments have only become really essential during the past six months. Before his rest in Jamaica the general condition was one of extreme over-strain with general physical nerve exhaustion, and at this time he seemed to be helped by rest, some increase in the sedation and Vitamin B.12 therapy’.”

Evans married Helen Aldwyth Davies in 1929. She was the daughter of a former High Sheriff of Glamorganshire who spent much of life unwell. The younger of their two daughters died by accidental electrocution. Both Helen and Horace Evans died in 1963; Horace was unwell in his later years, requiring major abdominal surgery in 1962. Never fully recovering, Evans died on 26 Oct 1963 at the age of 60 years, when the barony became extinct; Harold Macmillan had resigned as PM eight days previously.

Horace Evans has been widely quoted as the “last of the great physicians”. In a speech in 1958 he stated:

“Have you noticed how your patients watch you with an intensity rarely given, even to an actress? Every word you utter, every action you make has a special significance for good or ill, which carries an impression perhaps undreamed of. A sick patient is peculiarly sensitive to any word or action which is not completely sincere. The slightest suggestion of any insincerity can create frustration and despair.’

Many of the controversies may never be solved. Evans was of a time where “patient’s secrets went to the grave with them”.

Horace Evans was unwell in his later years, requiring major abdominal surgery in 1962. Never fully recovering, he died in 1963 at the age of 60 years.

Horace’s daughter Jean Rosemary Evans married Eric Anthony Hathorn; their children were James, Helen and Charles Hathorn.

An online 2012 entry for Hampstead Parish Church reads: Arranged by Jean Hathorn in loving memory of her husband Eric Anthony Hathorn (1929 – 2008) and her son James (‘Jamie’) Horace Vans Hathorn (1966 – 2003). Eric and Jamie had a long association with Hampstead and the parish church.  The family lived in Netherhall Gardens from  1966 until Eric’s death. This arrangement includes the colours of the Grenadier Guards with whom Eric served in Malaya during his National Service and thistles to remember his Scottish roots. The deep red roses are in loving memory of Jean and Eric’s eldest and adored son James, who was a lawyer and also a choirboy for many years at Hampstead Parish Church and who left a wife and baby son.

In recent years Jean Hathorn has hosted recitals at her house in Hampstead.

The Royal College of Physicians ‘Lives of the Fellows’ online supplies a biography for Horace Evans, written by Richard R. Trail. Trail is a chest/TB physician, as was Dannie Abse, one of the Top Docs who heroically facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring throughout his career (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’. Richard Trail was certainly determined to do a good job when he wrote the obituary for Lord Horace, extracts from which are below:

b.1 January 1903 d.26 October 1963
KCVO(1949) Baron(1957) GCVO(1959) MB BS Lond(1928) MD Lond(1930) Hon DSc Med Coll New York(1959) MRCS LRCP(1925) MRCP(1930) FRCP(1938) Hon FFR(1953) Hon FRCS(1961)

The death of Lord Evans in October 1963 cast gloom over the following Comitia of the College. No more would we see his tall, slightly stooping figure, and behind the lightly horn-rimmed glasses the alert but kindly eyes that inspired confidence in patients and assured a welcome to every colleague. Few men carried high honours so gracefully.

Horace, son of Harry and Edith Evans, was born at Dowlais, near Merthyr Tydfil, where his father, a distinguished organist, conducted the famous choir and almost willed his son to follow him when he sent him at the age of twelve to the Guildhall School of Music. But at eighteen Horace entered the medical school of the London Hospital. By 1929 he [was] registrar to assistant to the medical unit, in which post he did the valuable work with Arthur Ellis and Clifford Wilson on high blood pressure and nephritis that merited his appointment as assistant physician in 1933 and physician in 1947.

He was to hold many other appointments: he was physician to the Royal Masonic,

That says a great deal

the Royal Buckinghamshire, and Poplar Hospitals,


and consultant to King Edward VII Sanatorium and to the Royal Navy.


In 1944 he became physician to Queen Mary, in 1949 to King George VI, and in 1952 to Queen Elizabeth II; to each he became much more than a doctor: a valued friend, for to the clinical acumen of Lord Horder he added the great charm of Lord Dawson.

Lord Dawson of Regicide

In a crisis he was imperturbable, never offering an opinion that was not a constructive contribution. At heart a simple man, he had that uncanny flair for understanding the personal factor in every individual illness that is more valuable to the patient than laboratory aids to diagnosis.

Top Docs of Horace’s generation were often keen to stress that they had no need to concern themselves with matters such as lab results or other new-fangled ways. All they had to do was tower over the patient – who would have already spent hours waiting for the arrival of the Top Doc, after being ordered by a senior Angel after breakfast to be in their nightclothes sitting by their bed because Doctor will be coming to see you – surrounded by intimidated and quaking medical students and dispense as few as three lines of wisdom ie. banal and trite reassurance. The Horaces didn’t have to do very much at all, the work had already been done by the Angels and junior docs, the Horaces usually had scant knowledge of the patient and all decisions had already been made by someone lower down the food chain. The Horaces rubber stamped the decisions and the entire hospital staff did everything possible to ensure that the patient believed that the Horaces had personally spent ages poring over their medical records, thinking deeply and then using their years of clinical wisdom to either discharge the patient as Better or keep them hanging around in complete ignorance for another week.

This same attitude to his fellow-men explains why he was happier in the sociable company of clubs and good dinners than in committees;

Horace’s preference for getting pissed and dining rather than working was a reflection of his warmth and interest in the rest of the human race

he always enjoyed the dinners at the Society of Apothecaries of which he was Senior Warden at the time of his death.

Top Doctors dinners are among the best available. There is a great deal of expensive booze as well which is always the main attraction and is also of great symbolic value. Wine Club at St George’s was virtually an obligatory part of one’s job there and WW III was declared on me because I didn’t join. I was among the first of the PhD students at St George’s to attend the first meeting re the establishing of the Postgrad Research Society. There were not many of us there, but at the second meeting the attendance was much better, because Prof Chamberlain had sent up a crate of wine to show his support for the Postgrad Research Society. Now had Chamberlain and the rest of his colleagues been not fabricating their research, not running a trafficking ring and not cultivating a culture of vicious work-place bullying throughout the institution, the crate of wine would have been the icing on the cake. As it was the crate of wine simply attracted the very people that we really did not want at the Postgrad Soc; those turds who were building their careers by toadying to the traffickers and getting pissed with them at dinners. By the end of the meeting, they had appointed themselves to every official post and the coup was complete. I did not return to Postgrad Soc and within weeks everyone was ripping each others throats out over petty personal squabbles while jockeying for position and status. It’s what tends to happen if megalomania is positively encouraged among the babies by example and supplying crates of wine rather than fostering an active and supportive research culture.

He was, however, a regular attender at the meetings of the Medical Society of London; he was Lettsomian lecturer in 1949 and president in 1954.

Horace occupied prime position in the Medical Society of London while the London Top Docs were facilitating organised abuse that would become an international trafficking ring within 10-15 years.

At the College he was examiner, Councillor and Senior Censor, and in 1955 delivered the Croonian lectures. He rendered other valuable services as a trustee of the Wolfson Foundation, as vice-president of the Heart Foundation, and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Royal Air Force and of the Board of Governors of the London Hospital.

The Top Docs of the London Hospital were one of the hubs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and by the 1960s were in partnership with Dafydd and Gwynne. Previous posts have identified and discussed many of the Top Docs involved and I have been trying to identify who the Governors of the London Hospital were, because they undoubtedly were behind it all, as Top Docs facilitating abuse were systematically appointed to senior positions at the London Hospital and were then given responsibility for crucial matters affecting the whole of London or even the whole of the south of England eg. in the case of Sir John Ellis and Clifford Wilson who were responsible for postgraduate medical education across the whole of London. But then Lord Brian Flowers, although a physicist rather than a Top Doctor, wielded huge power in London University, at Imperial College and then throughout the whole University and every decision taken by Flowers positively encouraged research fraud, patient harm and embedded and expanded the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Flowers grew up in Swansea, retained close links with that city and Wales and was undoubtedly protecting the small fry in Wales when evidence was gained of serious crime. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’ for details of Flowers’ background.

When Geoffrey Chamberlain retired from the NHS, despite being involved in scandal after scandal after scandal at St George’s, he was appointed to a lecturing post in the history of medicine at Swansea University, in 2000, the year that the Waterhouse Report was published.

In 1929 he married Helen Aldwyth Davies, daughter of a former High Sheriff of Glamorganshire. He bore the tragedy of the death of the younger of their two daughters and the distressing illnesses of Lady Evans with the same fortitude that he showed in his own final illness. Horace Evans was truly a great man.

The Dictionary of Welsh Biography supplies this additional information about Horace Evans: It was through his influence that the Royal College of Physicians was moved from Trafalgar Square, having attracted the magnanimous financial support of the Wolfson Foundation towards the cost of erecting new buildings at Regent’s Park…The University of Wales conferred on him an hon. D.Sc. degree and he was made a freeman of his native town in April 1962. He was not keen on open-air activities apart from horse-racing, on which he was an authority, and he often visited Monte Carlo.
Residents of Merthyr often drop in here:


If I hadn’t have turned down the opportunities offered by Dafydd and Gwynne, perhaps I too could have gone to Monte Carlo. Going to Monte Carlo with Dafydd would certainly be an experience, he used to crash his car three times when he drove between Anglesey and Denbigh, he’d have been lethal in a place like Monte Carlo.

Here’s Horace, the last of the great Top Doctors, Merthyr Tydfil’s own son who like all the other Top Doctors, will have been Doing It For The Poor. In Monte Carlo.

John Basil Hume –

John Basil Hume was a surgeon and lecturer in anatomy, who trained and mainly worked at Bart’s. As well being an examiner in anatomy for the Royal College of Surgeons and a Professor, lecturing in particularly diaphragmatic hernia, John Hume is most commonly remembered for performing Anthony Eden’s bile duct operation in 1953.

John Basil Hume was born on 29 September 1893 in Whitby and went to Bootham School in York. He qualified in medicine from St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1911. Following his first house post in 1916, Hume was posted to East Africa with the RAMC. He remained in East Africa until the end of the war. In 1919 Hume returned to Bart’s to demonstrate anatomy, which he continued until 1923. In 1920, he passed his MBBS with honours and a distinction in medicine from London and acquired the FRCS.

From 1923 to 1926, Hume was appointed Chief Assistant to Sir Holburt Waring, a period during which he spent some months also gaining experience in general surgery and urology with surgeons Hugh Cabot and Frederick Amasa Coller at Ann Arbor, Michigan. After spending his first two consultant years at St Andrew’s Hospital, Dollis Hill, Hume moved to Finchley Memorial Hospital in 1927 as an appointed surgeon. He completed two years as the museum’s curator and an extra year as an anatomy lecturer at Bart’s. He also became an examiner in anatomy for the Royal College of Surgeons and lectured on the anatomy of the diaphragm and diaphragmatic hernia as a Hunterian Professor. Waring retired in 1931, leaving Hume to take up an assistant surgeon post, followed by full surgeon in 1946. Hume remained in this post until retirement in 1958, after which he continued to lecture in anatomy until 1967. In addition, he held surgical posts at University of London, serving on the Senate for 17 years, as Chairman of the External Council for 11 years and as Deputy Vice-Chancellor, 1964-66.


When Hume was recommended by Horace Evans to perform the biliary tract surgery on Anthony Eden, Hume was 60 years old and trusted by Eden in light of his previous appendectomy that Hume had performed on Eden many years before. It is acknowledged that the operation went badly wrong and that Eden subsequently underwent corrective surgery in the US. There has been much published – including by Dr Death – with regard to the effects on Eden’s health of the cock up at the hands of Hume. No-one can quite explain why it happened, especially as it was a major cock up. Hume’s wiki entry suggests an explanation:

‘Churchill’s constant reminders to Hume on how eminent the patient was, contributed to his [Hume’s] agitation, requiring an hour to calm down and resume poise prior to carrying out the surgical procedure. What happened in the operation at the London Clinic has been debated and it is likely that his nervousness caused the knife to slip and cut the common bile duct. Later, Eden went to Boston to have corrective surgery performed by Richard Cattell’.

No Top Doc would believe this explanation re such a serious and basic error. John Hume was a very experienced surgeon, a bile duct is an obvious structure, by the standards of surgery, there is no great finesse or skill required and I would imagine that cutting the bile duct is in the league of what the NHS categorises as a ‘never event’ ie. it should NEVER happen. Such as being sexually propositioned by a lobotomist when one is 21 and then being subjected to 35 years of grief from gangsters who are mates of his after one had complained. It wouldn’t matter what Churchill had said to Hume about Eden’s elevated social status, Hume already knew Eden and had previously chopped away at him about without coming over all nervous like. 60 year old surgeons don’t suffer from nerves like that, surgery is their job, they are quite blase about it.

Eden’s corrective surgery was performed by Richard Cattell in Boston, at Churchill’s urging. Did Churchill dare not risk Eden’s health with one of that network of Top Docs again? It was a small and incestuous circle of people who had trained together or trained each other, revolving around a few key big wigs who were Top Docs to the Royals. Royals who didn’t get on very well with Anthony Eden.

The London Clinic – HERE – Biffen – Pinochet

Hume married Marjorie Poole in 1925 and lived in Hampstead with their four daughters. He was a keen fly fisherman and enjoyed travel. Following a long illness, ‘which robbed him of his enjoyment of his final years’, Hume died on 2 March 1974, at the age of 80. MONTH AFTER HAROLD BACK IN AS PM


John Basil Hume who inexplicably left Anthony Eden forever maimed and weakened was the brother of Cardinal Basil Hume. Cardinal Basil has featured in previous posts. Basil Hume is these days most famous for having concealed sexual abuse and for having nominated Jimmy Savile as a member of the Atheneaum, the club which is favoured in particular by Top Docs and senior academics. After the Revelations which followed Savile’s death, the Atheneaum stressed that no-one had really wanted that dreadful little oik from Top of the Pops in their club, although of course They Didn’t Know, but by club rules if they had voted not to have accepted Savile after Basil nominated him, Basil would have been obliged to have resigned his own membership. Obviously the Top Docs being the gents that they are, they couldn’t put Basil in that position, so Jim was in. Presumably the Top Docs Didn’t Know about the extent of the organised sexual abuse in the Catholic Church either.

Jim did of course already know quite a few of the Top Docs in the Atheneaum, he’d socialised with them and undertaken charidee work for causes supported by them or on behalf of their institutions. When Jim was appointed to those management positions at Broadmoor, initially to the management task force by Trumpers when Trumpers was a Health Minister in Thatch’s Gov’t and then as the General Manager of Broadmoor, the negotiations were held over a series of dinners in the Atheneaum, attended by Jim, some of the Dept of Health Civil Service mandarins who were facilitating organised abuse and by Jim’s mate Alan Franey. Alan was an NHS manager at Leeds General Infirmary who ended up as Chief Exec of Broadmoor. The Leeds which numbered among its MPs at the time Thatch’s intellectual mentor Sir Keith Joseph CHECK   Edwina Currie attended some of the soirees in the Atheneaum as well, in her capacity as a junior Minister in the Dept of Health. Edwina who grew up in Liverpool when Dafydd’s gang ran that city, who served as a Tory Councillor in Birmingham, 1975-86 – while Dafydd’s partner gang in Birmingham led by Bluglass and co were in business – and who was the Tory MP for South Derbyshire, 1983-97, on the location of yet another paedophile/trafficking ring linked to the gang in north Wales.

Edwina was right behind having Jim as the General Manager of Broadmoor, because the Angels at Broadmoor were completely out of control; they were embezzling dosh, lying about their hours and constantly going on strike. Jim told Edwina that he’d deal with the Angels by blackmailing them in terms of telling them that he would use his media contacts to place stories in the tabloids about them if this continued and Edwina was seriously impressed. The Angels at Broadmoor were also beating the living daylights out of the patients, sexually assaulting them and there had been a number of deaths of patients that other patients maintained were murders, some by the Angels. Most complaints were never investigated and of the few that were, hardly any were upheld. See post ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

Edwina and the Dept of Health also knew that although some of the male patients in Broadmoor had committed very serious crimes, most of the women hadn’t. The most common reason for women being admitted to Broadmoor was that they constantly tried to injure or kill themselves and other psych units refused to treat them. At the time, staff at Broadmoor admitted that nearly all of those women had suffered sexual assault. They did not explain that many of those assaults had happened to the women when they were kids in care, or had been inflicted by the staff when the women were in the mental health system.

Furthermore, many of the patients detained in Broadmoor had not been found guilty of any crime in a Court of law. They had been sectioned by Top Docs in mainstream psych units, then transferred to Broadmoor under the Mental Health Act, on the basis of ‘evidence’ that they had no idea had been gathered and presented about them. Which documents in my possession make clear is what Dafydd, Tony Francis et al were trying to do with regard to me.

In Broadmoor in the 1980s and 90s, the female patients were used to provide ‘therapy’ for the male patients who were sex offenders. The female patients were ordered to have relationships with them in order to give the male sex offenders experience of relationships. This was no secret, it was openly admitted by the Broadmoor staff as part of the ‘programme’ in Broadmoor. It was openly admitted that on admission to Broadmoor, all patients were stripped naked and forced to bath in disinfectant, in front of numerous Angels (actually members of the POA), had delousing solution applied to their hair and were then marched naked, by a gaggle of Angels down a long corridor into a reception room. This was documented admission policy. Including for patients who were suicidal, had been convicted of no offence and had a history of serial sexual assault.

We Didn’t Know About Savile.

Oh yes you did, it is why he was put there. The high security hospitals were used to silence – indeed destroy – the witnesses to organised abuse and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. People were sent there on the basis of ‘evidence’ from Dafydd, Tony Francis, Bluglass and their buddies, the evidence is all over my medical records. Former kids in care from north Wales were in Broadmoor.

Furthermore, although the Gov’t knew that many Broadmoor patients had not been convicted of any criminal offences, that was never made clear to the general public. Whenever the Gov’t was confronted with evidence of the appalling brutality of the routine at Broadmoor, Ashworth and Rampton, the excuse was always the same: these are the most Dangerous Criminal Psychopaths in the UK. Some of them were but many of them were not. Even among Dangerous Criminal Psychopaths, who in the 1980s needed to be bathed in disinfectant and be routinely deloused? Particularly people who had been transferred from another psych unit or a prison, which they virtually all had.

One of Jimmy Savile’s habits which was used to let us all know how Evil he was and how he had Groomed The Nation and Abused In Plain Sight and Duped Esther, was his washing of his bits in TCP after he’d sexually assaulted someone. Now where did Jim get that idea from?? The Dept of Health Guide to Healthy Living perhaps?Ken Clarke

Diaries Volume II: 1992-1997 by Edwina Currie – review ...

Or perhaps from somewhere else?

Książe Karol to pederasta powiązany z grupą wpływowych ...

Basil Hume’s sister Madeleine was married to Lord John Hunt, the Civil Service mandarin who was cabinet secretary – dates –  – Westminster Paedophile Ring. do essentials here. See previous posts for full details on Lord John Hunt.

The father of John Hume and Basil Hume was Top Doctor Sir William Errington Hume. He has starred previously on the blog, but I’ll outline the most important features of his biography again here.

Sir William Errington Hume (14 July 1879, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  – 1 January 1960) was a physician and cardiologist. After going to school at Repton, William Errington Hume studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge. William Hume then completed his medical training at the dear old London Hospita and after that he completed an MD at the University of Cambridge. When at the London Hospital, he clerked (ie. worked with patients but as a student rather than junior doc) for Lord Bertrand Dawson, the Killer of King George V. Sir William held junior posts at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle until he worked his way up as a full physician. Sir William retained the post of consulting physician until his retirement in 1939. He also held the Chair of Medicine at Durham University for several years before WWII. 

After retiring in 1939 from the Honorary Staff of the Royal Victoria Infirmary, William Hume became a cardiologist at the Newcastle General Hospital and helped to initiate a Regional Cardiovascular Department there. From 1950 onward Hume suffered increasingly from arthritis. He was knighted in 1952.

William Hume was the originator of the Cardiac Club, which in 1937 became the Cardiac Society of Great Britain and Ireland, then in 1946 the British Cardiac Society and in 2006 the British Cardiovascular Society.


The Hume family have a long tradition of Top Doctoring. William’s father George Haliburton Hume (1845–1923) was surgeon to the Newcastle Infirmary. In 1918 William Hume married Marie Élisabeth Tisseyre, eldest daughter of a colonel in the French Army. William, a Protestant and Marie, a French Catholic, had two sons and three daughters. Their elder son was George Haliburton Hume aka Cardinal Basil Hume and their younger son was the surgeon who nearly finished off Anthony Eden. John Hume worked as a Top Doc in Sunderland, but I’m not sure when exactly. William and Marie Hume’s eldest daughter Madeleine Frances Hume married Sir John Charles, a Top Doctor, who served as the Gov’ts Chief Medical Officer.  

Sir John Alexander Charles (26 July 1893-6 April 1971) himself was the son of John Charles, also a Top Doctor, who practised in Stanley, County Durham. John Charles the father of Sir John Alexander Charles was also a JP. Sir John Charles’s early education was taken at St Bees School and then the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In 1916, Charles qualified as a Top Doc at Newcastle University and in 1925 took a Diploma in Public Health at Cambridge University.

It was in 1947 that Sir John Charles married Madeleine, the eldest daughter of Sir William Errington Hume, [Professor Emeritus of Medicine in the Durham University,] and they had a son and a daughter. Lord John Hunt was Madeleine’s second husband.

During WW I Charles worked in the RAMC. He was posted to France, Belgium and later Italy. After WW I, Charles worked with the British Army of the Rhine, during its early establishment. Charles was appointed Assistant Medical Officer of Health for Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1928, becoming a TB officer at the City Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

[Charles later became an Assistant Medical Officer of Health for the county of Wiltshire. WHEN?? ]

Charles returned to Newcastle in City Hospital for Infectious Diseases in 1928, being promoted to Medical Officer for Health in 1932.

Charles moved to London in 1944 as Deputy Chief Medical Officer where he assisted with the planning of the NHS. Sir John Charles was another who was Doing It For The Poor. Charles served as Chief Medical Officer, 1950-58. WHICH PMs – and Min of Health?? LOOK UP GODBER

When Charles succeeded Jameson  WHO HE in 1950, he became the first CMO to be appointed to the Home Office as well as the Ministry of Health and Dept for Education. Sir John Charles was the first in that long noble line of CMOs who ignored the neglect and abuse of people by Top Docs and others in prisons, schools, children’s homes etc, including in north Wales. It has been suggested that Charles was kept in his post as CMO after Civil Service rules dictated that he should have retired at age of 65 in 1958 as a result of him being content with the Ministry’s weak stance on smoking. It will have been for reasons far more worrying that condoning smoking.

Charles had a particular focus on WHO (World Health Organisation) and was Chairman of the Board, 1957-58. In 1959 Charles was President of the Twelfth World Health Assembly and Chairman of the Fourth Expert Committee on Public Health Administration in 1960. After Charles finally retired, he was appointed as a senior adviser to the WHO secretariat in Geneva, a position Charles held almost until his death in 1971. While in Geneva, he worked on the preparation and publication of the second and third editions of the World Health Situation Reports.

In 1962 Sir John Charles received the Léon Bernard Foundation Prize of WHO for his contributions to medicine. In 1970 he was selected as the second Jacques Parisot Foundation Lecturer to the World Health Assembly. 

The Royal College of Physicians ‘Lives of the Fellows’ online published a biography of Sir John Charles:

b.26 July 1893 d.6 April 1971
Kt(1950) KCB(1955) MB BS Durh(1916) DPH Cantab(1925) MRCP(1927) MD Durh(1930) FRCP(1935) Hon Dr of Hygiene Durh(1951)

John Charles was born at Medomsley, Co. Durham. He was the son of John Charles MD (Glasgow), JP, who practised for many years in Stanley, Co. Durham. His mother was Margaret Dewer, daughter of Eng.-Cdr. Alexander Dewar RN, who died in 1912 at Aberdeen.

Charles was educated at St. Bees School and the Royal Grammar School at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, followed by the University of Durham College of Medicine, where he qualified in 1916. After three house appointments at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, he served as a captain in the RAMC (Special Reserve) in France, Belgium and Italy from 1917; and from 1919 to 1924 with the Army of Occupation in Germany. In 1925, after taking a DPH at Cambridge, he became assistant tuberculosis officer and resident physician at the City Infectious Diseases Hospital at Newcastle; then assistant county medical officer of health for Wiltshire; returning to Newcastle in 1928, where he became medical officer of health in 1932.

He transferred from local to central public health in 1944, when he was appointed as second deputy to the Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Sir Wilson Jameson; the other deputy being Sir Weldon Dalrymple-Champneys.

See previous posts for further details of these Top Doctors. CHECK _ WILSON J??

A colleague in the Ministry of Health wrote in an obituary notice (Lancet 17.iv. 1971) that Wilson Jameson “brought Charles to London early in the negotiations for a National Health Service, partly to relieve him of some routine work, but chiefly to deal with some of the more Machiavellian characters involved, with whom the extrovert Jameson feared he would fail. This Charles did with outstanding skill and he was the natural successor when Jameson retired in 1950.”

Some of those who were Doing It For The Poor were famed for their scumbaggery and great efforts had to be made on the part of many to establish the NHS among the warring Top Docs, politicians and civil servants. Charles will have had to have been kept on board because he knew where the bodies were buried and the war between people Doing It For The Poor did not end with the establishment of the NHS. It must have been this that ensured John Charles hung around after retirement age rather than that business of the smoking.

Also his unusual success in Newcastle in achieving collaboration between the health department, hospitals and general practitioners had singled him out as a possible collaborator in constructing a national health service.

The Newcastle that was rife with civic corruption and organised abuse which exploded in the T. Dan Smith, Poulson and Andy Cunningham scandals of the early-mid 1970s, as discussed in previous posts; or at least the tip of the iceberg exploded. The rest of the iceberg was so sordid, so dreadful, involved so many at the top of High Society and of course the Westminster Paedophile Ring that no-one dared touch any of it. It had all been built in to the NHS from the very beginning.

In 1950 he became the first chief medical officer to the Home Office, in addition to his other two appointments.

His ten years’ service as CMO were years of consolidation of the National Health Service and of reconstruction after the war. Clinical medicine was becoming a much greater concern of the Ministry of Health than before the NHS Act and problems such as the relation of cigarette smoking to lung cancer were beginning to emerge. A controversy in which Charles suffered a defeat, which left a serious scar, was the international effort to control heroin by abolishing its use in medicine. Naturally he supported the World Health Organization’s efforts to this end, but he failed to achieve agreement in this country.

The international effort might have been a little more successful had everyone, including John Charles, not refused to touch Dafydd and his associates who became big players in the dealing and distribution of class A drugs. Of course Dafydd is in a league of his own, but there was also Dr Ann Dally, Dealer to Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon, Tony Francis’s former colleague Hamid Ghose and his buddies at St George’s/Springfield Hospital and the en masse collusion of many more ‘drugs specialists’. See previous posts.

In the summer of 1984 when D.G.E. Wood and all were refusing to respond to my complaints about Gwynne in any way and threats began to rain down on my head, the Heroin Problem in Gwynedd had become such a worry – and a shock – to local people that the Bishop of Bangor, Cledan Mears, called a public meeting to discuss the matter. Brown and I attended. It was a real laugh; the key note speaker was Dafydd – we didn’t know Dafydd at the time but we could see that he was an idiot – and a local senior detective (who I imagine will have been a member of the gang). The audience was full of furious teachers and parents who were bemoaning the lack of police officers in Gwynedd, after they’d all been called away to police the NUM picket lines. There was one member of the audience who sounded as though she actually knew something about the roots of the problem who mentioned the economy of certain countries which had become dependent upon the production of class A drugs, Shotgun Ronnie’s disastrous policies which were making matters worse as well the collusion with all of this by Thatch’s Gov’t. Cledan Mears told her that these concerns were well beyond the scope of this meeting and she was ignored from then on. See post ‘        Amber Rudd,          ‘ for full details.

Cledan Mears was of course fully on board with Dafydd’s gang and the North Wales Police were renowned for their corruption, in particular the drug squad. Patient F and others maintained that the drug squad were hassling and framing dope blowing hippies while colluding with big time dealers of class A drugs. By 1984, Dafydd had been north Wales’s drugs and alcohol Expert for a number of years and Sir Philip Myers, the corrupt as fuck Chief Constable of the North Wales Police, 1974-82, had sat as the police rep on the Advisory Council of the Misuse of Drugs. After Myers stepped down as Chief Constable, he served as HM Inspector of Constabulary, 1982-93. Just look at what happened when Philip Myers was put in charge of anything… Neither did Myers have any excuse for the rot in the North Wales Police; the North Wales force was a new creation established in 1974 from a merger of the previous forces which covered the region. Meyers had previously been the Chief Constable for Gwynedd and had been at the top of the tree for years. Meyers went to school in Wrexham and earlier in his career had served with the Shropshire and then the West Mercia force. John Stalker, accused of corruption himself, always maintained that Myers and the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester James Anderton were corrupt, exerted power via Freemasonry and were causing havoc in N Ireland. See post ‘Top Of The Cops’.

Re the allegations and counter-allegations of police corruption: it could well have been the Anglesey County Council syndrome, as in when I asked someone in the know re Anglesey Councillors ‘so which ones are really the corrupt ones?’ only to be told ‘they all are, there is not one there who is not completely corrupt’.

Philip Myers was knighted in 1985, the year in which Mary Wynch won her case at the Court of Appeal. Mary’s case demonstrated endemic police corruption in north Wales.


When he retired in 1960 [Sir John Charles] could look back on ten years of sound, solid achievement which, if not spectacular, was exactly what was needed at that time.

Gwynne was lobotomising like there was no tomorrow, victims of sex offenders were kept in a dungeon at Denbigh and things were so bad out there that in 1961, when Minister of Health Enoch Powell paid his official visit to Denbigh and was shown the best wards there, he told the reception committee ‘I will not allow you to do this to people’, returned to London and declared that he would close every asylum in Britain. Powell was stopped in his tracks from forces higher than him. Business at Denbigh continued as usual.

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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


But retirement by no means saw the end of his public activities which henceforth were largely in the international field. He had travelled to all the Scandinavian countries and to the USA while he was Deputy CMO, and he was President of the Executive Board of the WHO in 1957-58 and of its Twelfth Assembly at Geneva in 1959. (There are gramophone records deposited in the College Library of his speeches on both these occasions, which have been used for instructional purposes for the WHO Secretariat).

Sir John Charles was obviously in competition with Dafydd when Charles had those gramophone records deposited in the College Library; on DATE Dafydd was at the side of Saunders Lewis, one of the founder members of Plaid (along with J.E. Daniel, the father of the corrupt judge Huw Daniel), when Lewis made his famous broadcast regarding his concerns for the future of the Welsh language, ‘TITLE’. It was Dafydd, a member of Plaid who later stood for election to the Commons as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh in DATES, who recorded Saunders Lewis’s speech. See eg. ‘Tan yn Llyn’.


Meanwhile, Dafydd and Gwynne were running a trafficking business based on forcing the more disadvantaged young people in north Wales to provide sexual services for some very grand English people, who viewed mainstream Welsh people as cave-dwelling sheep-shaggers. DATE – SPEECH – PROFUMO??

In 1960, [John Charles] was Chairman of an expert committee on public health administration and in 1963, Chairman of the health committee of the UN Conference on the Application of Science and Technology to the Developing Countries. In 1962 he received the Léon Bernard Prize of WHO for his contributions to social medicine, and in 1970 he was selected as the second Parisot Lecturer to the World Health Assembly.

Quite soon after his retirement, he became a senior adviser in the secretariat of WHO, serving in that capacity almost until his death in 1971. There his chief work was in the preparation of the second and third Reports on the World Health Situation – an invaluable and lasting memorial to him, though anonymous – but his vast knowledge of international health, his willingness to lend a hand with any problem and his quiet modesty made his contribution to WHO indispensable, as was shown by the constant renewal of his temporary appointment.

Charles’s chief written works, apart from his annual report as MOH of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and as Chief Medical Officer to the Ministry of Health [‘On the State of Public Health’, 1950-59], were the numerous and important lectures he was invited to deliver, including the Bradshaw Lecture and the Harveian Oration at the College. He liked writing and took great trouble over it. (It is said that, when President of Durham University Union he once wrote every article in one issue of the Union’s magazine himself!)

That will have established a precedent for Charles’s future style of practice.

Whether it was meticulously careful minutes or erudite articles on medical history the produce was stylish, exact and polished.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Charles was a Councillor of the College in 1944-47 and 1954-56, and an Examiner in Public Health for the College and for a number of universities.

Charles – known to his friends either as John or Alec – was a short, dark, clean-shaven, rather thick-set man, with a modest, diffident manner, in total contrast to his predecessor at the Ministry, Wilson Jameson, who was a large, hearty extrovert. He spoke softly and sometimes gave the impression of timidity or a wish to evade the issue, but this was chiefly due to his self-effacing modesty.

And of course his terrible shyness, his heart of gold and his intellectual brilliance, which resulted in the unfortunate impression gained by so many that Charles was not answering some very difficult questions.

He had a retentive and formidable memory; his knowledge of public health was immense, and his advice was always informed and sound, if on the cautious side – so necessary in a Civil Service adviser. He got on well with administrative (non-medical) civil servants and with his own staff. He also understood and liked foreigners – one of his closest office friends at Geneva was an Egyptian. His industry, devotion to duty, knowledge and scholarship were obvious, but it required intimacy and an unofficial relationship to bring out other facets in Charles’s nature – his kindliness, hospitality, wit and warm heart.

What did I say?? Sir John Charles: the key facilitator of an enormous trafficking ring rooted in serious civic corruption was Called To Westminster by WHICH PM?? because his contribution to the establishment and future of the NHS was essential. CROSSMAN – Sec Servs – running theme.. JOB WHEN CHARLES CALLED TO LONDON??

His main interests outside his work were music of all kinds, reading thrillers and dining out with friends – and he always turned first to the sporting pages of a newspaper.

He married in 1947, Madeleine Frances, daughter of the late Sir William Hume, CMG, MD, FRCP, Professor Emeritus of Medicine in the University of Durham (Sir William Hume is believed to have been the first Censor of the College to come from the provinces), by whom he had a son and daughter.

I have not yet found out who John and Madeleine Charles’s children are. If any readers know, please do keep me informed. This biography of Sir John Charles the Trafficker was written by one NM Goodman.

Richard Barley Channing Cattell, the Top Doc who performed the corrective surgery on Anthony Eden after Sir John Charles’s brother-in-law John Hume nearly killed Eden, was the Director of the Lahey Clinic, now known as Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Cattell had an international reputation and operated on many non-American patients as well as Eden.

Cattell was born 21 March 1900 in  Martins Ferry, Ohio, graduated from Mount Union College and subsequently moved to Harvard to study medicine. Cattell’s family were Quakers; his uncle was the surgeon Dick Brenneman . After training at St Luke’s Hospital in New York and at the Lahey clinic, in 1927 Cattell became part of the clinical staff. The founder of the clinic, Dr Frank Lehay, died in 1953, resulting in Cattell becoming the new Director. Cattell retained this position until illness caused him to retire in 1962. DIED SEPT 64 CHECK DATES RE MACMILL, EDEN etc

Cattell served as Governor and Regent at the American College of Surgeons, as President of the Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association and as Director of the Massachusetts division of the American Cancer Society.

Winston Churchill and lord Moran‘s wishes that reconstructive surgery be performed in London, Horace Evans, 1st Baron Evans managed to persuade further surgery under Cattell in the United States. CHECK AND INTEGRATE

Cattell was married to Agnes Campbell Matsinger. They had two daughters and three sons. When he died at age 64 years, Cattell also had nine grandchildren.

Anthony Eden wasn’t only buggered up surgically by Horace Evans, John Hume et al, the Top Doctors also prescribed Eden Benzedrine, which is of course amphetamine. Because Eden was ripped to the tits on it he suffered the expected side-effects during his premiership and throughout the Suez Crisis ie. insomnia, restlessness and mood swings. Eden’s speed habit is now commonly agreed to have been a part of the reason for his bad judgement while PM. The Thorpe biography, WHO HE however, denied Eden’s abuse of Benzedrine, stating that the allegations were “untrue, as is made clear by Eden’s medical records at Birmingham University, not yet [at the time] available for research”. QUE

The resignation document written by Eden for release to the Cabinet on 9 January 1957 admitted his dependence on stimulants: “… I have been obliged to increase the drugs [taken after the “bad abdominal operations”] considerably and also increase the stimulants necessary to counteract the drugs. This has finally had an adverse effect on my precarious inside,” he wrote. However, in his book The Suez Affair (1966), historian Hugh Thomas, quoted by Dr Death, claimed that Eden had revealed to a colleague that he was “practically living on Benzedrine” at the time. Dr Death probably knew who was prescribing it and Death will also have known that no-one will have warned Eden about the side-effects, particularly as the Top Docs don’t seem to have worked too hard to keep him in good health. 

In December 1976, Eden felt well enough to travel with his wife to the United States but after reaching the States his health rapidly deteriorated. PM Jim Callaghan arranged for an RAF plane to fly Eden home. Eden died from liver cancer in Salisbury on 14 January 1977, aged 79.

MR THROPE – Check Details – and Mr Steel – and Harold Wilson’s resignation – correlate all dates – also Selwyn Lloyd’s death

Eden was survived by his wife Clarissa. At his death, Eden was the last surviving member of Churchill’s War Cabinet. Eden’s surviving son was Nicholas Eden, 2nd Earl of Avon, known as Viscount Eden between 1961-77.

Nicholas Eden, 2nd Earl of Avon (3 October 1930-17 August 1985) succeeded to the earldom on the death of his father in 1977. Having risen to the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Green Jackets, Lord Avon served under Thatch as a Lord-in-Waiting (Gov’t Whip), 1980-83, as a junior Minister in the Dept for Energy, 1983-84, under Secretary of State Peter Walker, Dafydd’s and Beata Brookes’s friend and then as a junior Minister in the Dept of the Environment under Secretary of State Patrick Jenkin. Patrick Jenkin was Thatch’s Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1979-81 and as well as concealing the crap in north Wales achieved notoriety for his comment that if God had wanted equal rights he wouldn’t have created man and woman. Jenkin was a barrister and a member of Middle Temple who was a friend of Ronnie Waterhouse. Jenkin’s son Bernard and Bernard’s wife Ann are both Tory peers. Bernard is a friend of Richard Curtis of ‘Blackadder’ fame (see previous posts); Curtis is married to Emma Freud, the daughter of Liberal Party molester Clement. Curtis and Bernard Jenkin had an ongoing joke that caused Curtis to make reference to the name ‘Bernard’ in so many of his scripts. It’s why in one episode of ‘Blackadder’ Nursie stated that her real name was Bernard.

Tony Robinson who played Baldrick in ‘Blackadder’ also starred in ‘Time Team’ with Mick Aston. Brown’s mum knew Mick Aston and they used to write to each other regularly. Brown’s mum was also a loyal correspondent of Terry Pratchett. Not a lot of people know that. The security services do obviously because they had everyone who knew what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd et al under surveillance. Brown’s mum was found suddenly and unexpectedly dead in her house in 2005, not long after I received my PhD and when Miranda had declared war on Merfyn, the VC of Bangor University.

Professor Mark Williams was appointed to a Chair in Cunning at Oxford University after perpetrating the research fraud which was Mindfulness at Bangor University, where Williams worked with Dafydd, Tony Francis and the rest of the gang. See post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’. Mark waved a fond farewell to Bangor – although not completely, he still retained a branch of his Mindfulness empire in the School of Psychology at Bangor which was left in the safe hands of Rebecca Crane – at about the time that the Waterhouse Report was published, or just afterwards.

Professor Tom Burns has a Chair in the same Dept at Oxford University as Mark. Tom Burns spent many happy years working as a psychiatrist at St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital/Atkinson Morley Hospital while Dafydd’s associates ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring there. When I worked at St George’s, the people trafficking occ health physician Nicky Mitchell-Heggs, a psych herself, ordered me to see Tom, ‘the loveliest man’ that Nicky knew when I refused to cut my ties with north Wales and drop my complaint about those we know and love. Tom was very pleasant and friendly but about halfway through the consultation, as I was telling him about Dafydd et al, stopped me and said angrily ‘you think I’m naive don’t you? You think that I don’t know that this sort of thing goes on? Well I do’. Tom then told me that he believed everything that I was saying about Dafydd et al, that psychiatry ‘attracts disturbed people’ and that it was a very big problem. I thought ‘well this is refreshing’ and the consultation got a bit easier. I never heard from Tom again which was odd. When I finally received my files all those years later, Tom had written to Nicky Mitchell-Heggs after that consultation saying that I wasn’t psychotic but I might have a paranoid personality disorder. In Dec 1990, not that long after I’d seen Tom, when the Drs Francis had perjured themselves, had me arrested and demanded my imprisonment, Mitchell-Heggs had written to Tom about me again. Tom had told her that he didn’t think that he had ‘anything to offer’ me at that time. Beyond an international trafficking gang presumably, to whom I had repeatedly said no… Tom was offered his own Chair in Cunning at Oxford University after the er Waterhouse Inquiry… See previous posts for more info on Tom, including the TV programme which exposed Tom the Loveliest Man Who Nicky Mitchell-Heggs Knows and his Team er abusing and mistreating patients at Springfield Hospital. It didn’t hold Tom back, he still bagged that Chair in Cunning at Oxford and was appointed a Gov’t adviser in mental health by Miranda.

Nicholas Eden resigned his Ministerial post at Patrick Jenkin’s Dept in 1984, before Eden’s death from an AIDS related illness in Aug 1985 at the age of 54. Widely known to have been gay, Lord Avon was unmarried and his titles died with him.

At Energy – Sec of state = Peter Walker!! appointed by Thatch in June 1983 in preparation for clash with NUM-

Wood – begun pressurising me into seeing Gwynne when Nicholas Eden was a Minister in Walker’s Dept. Brown subsequently worked on the Miners’ Strike and press project – before Eden died?? CHECK – they knew about Brown – March 1984 – Peter Morrison – June 83-Sept 83 – Minister of State in Dept of Employment – Secretary of State – Tom King!! – Mansfield’s wife Yvette Vanson – doc in Miners’ Strike – MM got to know Scargill, subsequently defended him in Court – EDEN DIED AUG 1985 – CHECK – MINERS STRIKE?? – MORRISON N JOB??

17 Aug 1985 Nicholas Eden’s death – ROS and ME – 1985 – suddenly discharged – about April/May – that row with AFF re the med notes – Best in the summer – Arthur Scargill down to size – late August??

Nicholas Eden resigned from his Ministerial post under Secretary of State Patrick Jenkin at the Dept of the Environment in March 1984, on the grounds of ill health. I first raised my concerns about Gwynne the lobotomist in March 1984. 

Cardinal Basil Hume nominated Jimmy Savile for membership of the Atheneaum in 1984….


To summarise the frantic rearranging of the furniture at the Ministry of Health during the last half of the 1950s. When Eden resigned as PM, Robin Turton was not invited back by the new PM Macmillan as Health Minister. Macmillan appointed Dennis Vospers, the Tory MP for Runcorn??) in Cheshire instead, but Vospers only served as Minister of Health for nine months. Vospers then resigned himself on the grounds of ill health. Vospers was succeeded as Macmillan’s Minister of Health by Derek Walker Smith in DATE 1957. Walker Smith lasted as Minister of Health until DATE.

All of these Ministers of Health were concealing the criminality of Gwynne and then Dafydd as well, once Dafydd arrived on the scene. They continued to conceal the criminality for the rest of their careers; Derek Walker Smith’s descendants are still flying the flag. Yet for some reason, Turton and Vospers were removed hastily by Macmillan. Derek Walker Smith was considered a safer pair of hands re serious crime in high places. Turton reappeared in Macmillam’s Gov’t as a Minister in the Home Office and lived until 17 Jan 1994 to Lend A Hand. Vospers bagged a peerage in June 1966 and died in 1968.

It was in 1966 that Dafydd starred in ‘The Times’ at the centre of a big patient abuse scandal at the North Wales Hospital. Dafydd was a leading light in MIND at the time, as was Lord Balniel aka Robert Lindsay and Dafydd and Gwynne were also mates with Sir Kenneth Robinson, Harold Wilson’s Minister of Health at the time.

Derek Walker-Smith was the Tory MP for Hertford; when he stepped down in 1955, he was succeeded as MP by Robert Lindsay, aka Lord Balniel, who was then retained the seat for the Tories until Feb 1974. Balniel then held the seat of Welwyn and Hatfield, Feb 1974-Oct 1974. Balniel’s former seat, Hertford, became Hertford and Stevenage in Feb 1974 and was held from Feb 1974-1979 by Dr Death’s mate Shirl, Daughter Of Pioneering Feminist Vera Brittan no less. Who as Education Secretary in 1979 refused requests from Dafydd Wigley to hold a Public Inquiry into the management of UCNW by Sir Charles Evans, such was the chaos prevailing. Although it’s just as well for Dafydd Wigley that Shirl didn’t hold an Inquiry, because Wigley’s mates were part of the problem. As well as Shirl and a great many other people. See previous posts for gen on Shirl.

Eeh, who’d have thought that Shirl, being a Strong Woman and the daughter of an Even Stronger Woman, would collude with a trafficking ring serving up fresh meat to the upper classes???

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: Monte Carlo ( Monte-Carlu ). A voyage ...

In 1975, Lindsay inherited the family titles and became the 29th Earl of Crawford and the 12th Earl of Balcarres. Although Lord Balniel was definitely in the Commons for the best part of 20 years until he became an Earl, or rather two Earls, when he ascended to the Lords. I am confused. Was Lord Balniel not a real Lord and thus they let him into the Commons? Or have I missed something obvious? Robert Lindsay was called Lord Balniel from 1940…

Hansard provides the following information with regard to Robert Lindsay and his numerous aliases:

  1. Baron Balniel of Pitcorthie 1975 –
  2. 29th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres 1975 –
  3. Earl of Crawford December 13, 1975 – November 11, 1999
  4. Earl of Balcarres December 13, 1975 – November 11, 1999
  5. Baron Wigan of Haigh Hall December 13, 1975 – November 11, 1999
  6. Lord Lindsay and Balneil December 13, 1975 – November 11, 1999
  7. Lord Lindsay of Balcarres December 13, 1975 – November 11, 1999
  1. Baron Wigan of Haigh Hall December 13, 1975 –
  2. Earl of Balcarres December 13, 1975 –
  3. Earl of Crawford December 13, 1975 –
  4. Lord Lindsay and Balneil December 13, 1975 –
  5. Lord Lindsay of Balcarres December 13, 1975 –

I am lost, this is more confusing than the many names of Grey Gowrie.

Robert Lindsay has starred in previous posts; he was a friend of Dafydd and Gwynne’s and served as President/Chairman of MIND (then known as the National Association for Mental Health), when Dafydd was a leading light in that organisation. Lord Balniel was knocking about as an MP who took an interest in matters Health when Richard Crossman was running the DHSS. Crossman wasn’t very impressed with Balniel but never really opposed him… Balniel was providing a useful service by concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring so Crossman wouldn’t have wanted to stop that. Lord Balniel was a member of the audience to whom Enoch Powell delivered his ‘Water Towers’ speech after his visit to Denbigh in 1961, in which Powell declared his intention to close all asylums; Balniel and his mates from MIND didn’t like that idea one bit. They will have reported back to Dafydd and Gwynne…

Sir Kenneth Robinson succeeded Lord Balniel as President of MIND. Sir Kenneth was Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate who served as Minister of Health, 1964-68, until Harold Wilson replaced him with Dick Crossman. Dafydd’s friend Lady Juliet Bingley replaced Robinson as President of MIND; Lady Juliet and her husband Sir Alec Bingley – HAVE I DONE SIR ALEC IN THIS POST YET? – lived in Balniel’s constituency. Lady Juliet’s dad was Reginald Vick, a surgeon at Bart’s for the middle decades of the 20th century. Reginald Vick knew the surgeons discussed above and he will also have known Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones, grandfather of Lord Snowdon, who was a Bart’s-trained Top Doc and psychiatrist who grew up in north Wales, went to UCNW before qualifying as a Top Doc at Bart’s and had his country home near Caernarfon, where Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling used to crash.

Lady Juliet was a social worker who trained at the LSE when Richard Crossman’s mates dominated that institution. Lady Juliet carried out her student social work placement in Liverpool, with Liverpool Personal Services. Dafydd trained at Liverpool University and after graduating from UCNW, Lucille Hughes completed social work training at Liverpool University. Dafydd’s gang had close links with Liverpool Social Services. After qualifying, Lucille spent part of her career working as a social work team leader in Cheshire, although most of her career was spent in social work in north Wales.

After qualifying at the LSE, Lady Juliet worked as a social worker at Bart’s as well as at St Mark’s Hospital in London.

Sir Alec and Lady Juliet’s son William Bingley trained as a solicitor and later became Legal Director of MIND, then Chief Exec of the Mental Health Commission, then Chair of an NHS Trust in Lancashire and also held senior academic roles at the University of Lancaster and at Cumbria University. William and his wife ran a consultancy company which flogged its services to the NHS – William’s conflict of interest with regard to this forced him to resign as Chair of the NHS Trust in Lancashire. Some three weeks later, on 31 July 2011, William died in a fell walking accident in Cumbria. Operation Pallial had just been launched.

William Bingley was colluding with Dafydd throughout his entire career, despite his claims to have Supported Mary Wynch and his words of support for me when I met him in London in 1987. William Bingley, like Michael Mansfield, was probably straight on the phone to Dafydd and Tony Francis every time that I contacted him. William was Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission when the Commission failed to respond to serious concerns about the gang in Wales made by me, Patient F and others and when Dafydd’s mates who ran Ashworth Hospital continued running the abuse ring IN the hospital and among other things, beat a patient to death. William did of course know what was happening in Broadmoor and Jimmy Savile’s role in it all.

William and his wife, a psych Angel, set up a charidee to help Poor People in the Pakistan region. See previous posts for full details re Bingley and his family.

Just to reassure readers that this was truly a case of ‘Worse, It Couldn’t Be Any Worse?’, Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones’s son, ie Lord Snowdon’s dad, was a barrister,  Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones.

‘Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’.

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I did the ‘Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’ bit on Tony Francis once, when he yelled at me ‘you’re only making it worse for yourself’ after I returned to Ysbyty Gwynedd to complain about the first time that I’d been unlawfully detained there and encountered Dafydd Talking Sex. After I did the ‘Worse, how can it be worse?’ and yelled Jehova three times, Francis snapped ‘It can get very much worse’. If Francis had not killed himself in 2012 I could congratulate him on that piece of information and admit that yes, until then, the gang had only killed my housemate, lost me two places on postgrad courses and illegally imprisoned me once. My, how much more there was to come!! All because I had complained about Gwynne, Lobomist to the Royals and Aristocracy when Anthony Eden’s son was in Gov’t but suffering from AIDS…

Lord Snowdon’s dad Ronald the barrister was a member of Inner Temple, along with the Havers family, Jeremy Thrope, Simon Hughes etc. Ronald served as a Governor of Bart’s and in 1955, was appointed a Lord Chancellor’s Legal Visitor, whose function is to visit mental patients in hospitals and at home to ensure they are properly cared for and money allocated by the Court of Protection is properly applied and managed for their care.

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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Ronald Armstrong-Jones retired from his post as Legal Visitor in 1963, upon medical advice. Yes, it was yet another resignation/retirement on the advice of the Top Doctors! The Lord Chancellor’s office issued a statement on Armstrong-Jones’s retirement: “His doctors have advised him that the constant travelling involved in the duties of the office is likely to be inimical to his health in the future.”

profumo – extensive gossip during 62 – in jan 1963 –soviet spy recalled – who tried to sell story –  – Health Minister july 1960- 18 oct 61 = powell  – PM = mac until 18 oct 1963

Dafydd had was appointed a consultant at the North Wales Hospital in 1964, the year that his mate Sir Kenneth Robinson was appointed Minister of Health by the newly elected PM Harold Wilson.

Robin Turton died in 1994-  n Walker Smith died in 1992 – Vospers died in 1968

When I worked at Bangor University someone called Douglas Turton worked there. Douglas was one of the theologians and he also had a background in counselling. I have been told that he may well have been a relation of Robin Turton.

Robin Turton stepped down as an MP in 1974, by which time Savile and the north Wales gang’s criminality was booming; Lord Snowdon had also used the services of Dafydd and Gwynne and the gangs had linked up into a huge network. Turton was needed to continue the cover-up. Turton didn’t die until Jan 1994, so he was still alive when his colleagues in the legal establishment were doing their best to fit me up in Court repeatedly. Turton will no doubt have been available for advice if needed. Turton died at the beginning of the year in which Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, had finally ruined Mary Wynch, although Mary had won every part of her case. April 1995 was the last time that Mary’s case was mentioned in the House or indeed anywhere else. See post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’. In 1994, Peter Howarth, who had worked at Bryn Estyn and before that Axwell Park in Gateshead, stood trial for sexually abusing boys in his care in north Wales; his senior colleague and friend Matt Arnold died in June, days before Howarth’s trial opened.




Mark Carlisle – succeeded Vosper for Runcorn – MR RISLEY – GRAYS INN – lived in Dolphin Square in 1970s – Sec State Ed n Science 1979-81 – peerage in 1987

Clare Short – civil servant under him, the one whom she said she could do better than… Home Office – married Alex Lyons – in the middle of it

Carlisle died July 2005


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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…