A Letter From Gary Doherty, The CEO of The Betsi

I have received the ‘final response’ from the Betsi’s CEO Gary Doherty regarding my very serious complaint (the full text of my e mails to Gary Doherty and Peter Higson, the Chairman, can be read in previous blog posts). To describe Gary’s letter as inadequate is an understatement. Previous blog posts have described the numerous inaccuracies and serious unsubstantiated allegations documented upon my medical records, the inclusion of confidential information relating to other patients among records sent to me, the passing on of confidential information relating to me to someone in England who has contacted me, the admission by a member of staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd that certain records were removed from my file many years ago without my knowledge and the failure of the Betsi to release over twenty years worth of records to myself.

Gary only fesses up to two crimes. He admits that there is no evidence that I have ever ‘sexually molested a psychiatrist’ or ‘held a nurse hostage’. Gary has apologised for these entries on my records and has told me that this information will be deleted. Gary does not offer an explanation as to how such horrible allegations came to be made about me and there is no mention of an investigation or disciplinary action against the staff who recorded this ‘information’. Gary has failed to deal with any of the other numerous inaccuracies and slanders on my records – indeed he hasn’t even made reference to most of them. I complained about staff of the mental health services alleging that I had assaulted them and was ‘known to assault members of the public’ when this is not true. Gary’s response to this is that ‘there is factual evidence within the notes of a number of aggressive incidents, no inaccuracy recorded’ – this ‘factual evidence’ refers to the lies written by mental health staff. I have no convictions for assault on anyone. But my medical records maintain that I have attempted to stab people, attempted to throttle people, assaulted staff again and again and attacked members of the public. Neither has Gary mentioned why it was recorded that I had ‘absconded’ from the Heddfan Unit when I had been illegally detained there and the ward manager had told me that I was free to go.

It would appear that more than twenty years worth of records concerning me have completely disappeared. Gary tells me that records from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh have been archived and the archives have been searched but no information relating to me was found. He tells me that there are no records from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. He tells me that records from the Hergest Unit dating from 2002 have been released to me and that a ‘few letters’ dating from 1986 have been found but no ‘detailed notes’. He has sent me a copy of a letter that Martin Jones sent me when he was CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust admitting that a number of records from my attendances at Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E cannot be found – well of course they can’t, it was admitted to me that they’d been removed from my files. So where have they gone and why were they removed?

So virtually all records relating to me from 1984 to 2002 have disappeared. My request to Gary was partly experimental. It has been common knowledge that for a number of years now I have been stating my intention to one day publish my experiences at the hands of the mental health services and that is why I began this blog. I actually have a copy of the records between 1984 and 2002 that Gary claims don’t exist because in 2005 my lawyers summoned Keith Thomson, the former CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust, in front of a judge in the High Court and he was forced to hand those records over, something that he had previously refused to do. (However there were a number of documents compiled by a staff whistleblower that Thomson did not hand over – he signed an affidavit testifying that all records had been released so Thomson perjured himself on that occasion.) My lawyer has now returned my records to me – I’ve got the lot and have been using them to write this blog. So why can’t Gary find twenty years worth of records that document staff wrongdoing and law breaking? Have they been unlawfully destroyed? Or is Gary telling porkies?

Gary has made no mention at all of the fact that confidential information about me has been released to someone else. He states that he has found ‘one page’ of information among my records that refers to another patient. Well actually Gary, among the records released to me by the Betsi a few weeks ago, there are at least five pages of information relating to another patient, I’m looking at them now. And among the documents returned from my lawyers – documents that you say don’t exist – there is information relating to 18 other patients. Among the documents that Gary says don’t exist is also the document which alleged that I have been in prison for attacking someone with a knife – in his reply to me Gary simply says that there is no such allegation upon my medical records. There is, but Gary has either lost or destroyed so many of the records that he’s lost or destroyed that particular allegation.

To summarise. The staff at the Betsi will knowingly write the most damaging libellous comments on patients medical records and will refuse to remove them on the grounds that staff lies are ‘factual information’. They will pass confidential information about one to other people and fail to address this issue if one raises it in a complaint. Furthermore they will release large quantities of confidential information relating to other patients to one and will simply deny that they have done this. There will be no investigation or disciplinary action undertaken even in relation to the wrongdoing to which they are prepared to fess up. So this is Gary’s idea of ‘resolving a complaint’. (And I didn’t even bother to complain about Raj Sambhi sectioning me for months on the grounds that I was alleging serious abuse in the mental health services and that there had been a paedophile ring operating in the area – those months of my life have gone and I cannot bring them back. I was hoping however for a bit of humility from Gary, an admission that things had – AGAIN – gone badly wrong and a remedy to the scores of fallacious allegations documented about me.)

Gary, I can hear the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales calling…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. This Mental Health Services has ignored 5 attempted suicide by myself and my husband since moving here in 2015! My husband in 2017 ended up in A & E because our then GP refused to come out to see him as he was extremely poorly which later found to be Sepsis and Pancreatic. Then whilst on Hospital Nurses broke into my Husbands Locker where controlled pain relief drugs were kept! The Lies the hidden TRUTH the meeting held with Andy Roach Gary Dougherty myself my husband and our Mental Health Advocate (who they completely ignore as a witness to everything that’s happened to us in this Country) HOW do Mental Health and this NHS and also Social Services get away with it? We have received our files with Pages upon pages from these Authorities missing? Mental Health have bullied us to an extent I have now reported the Manager to the NMC what’s been put in our medical records from them and the NHS are slanderous and they get away with it! I have reported these people to the police as I did WITNESSING Nurses breaking into my husbands locker but the lies and untruths and slanderous comments about us led the Police to NFA the case! I actually eye witnessed nurses breaking into my husband locker after searching for his key & found it and went in and brazenly the sister came to us hours later and gave the key back to us! Gary Dougherty did nothing the Mental Health team who was suppose to support us the manager turned on us supporting the nurses and said if we behave aggressively or abusively we will be removed!!! My husband was potentially dying with Sepsis and Pancreatic of which he waited 15hrs for Antibiotics and fluids and STILL Gary Dougherty and Directors twisted things and slandered us when we didn’t do anything! I have reported the above authorise for hate crimes towards us after having in writing a character statement about us stating Accusations and rumours about us a being branded about when not true so I will see WHAT if anything the police do after NFA the locker break in.
    We have lived here 4 years and our records show two very different people to what this country has said about us to what is in 40+ years worth in England! There should be a group of people who have suffered as we have with the NHS, Social Services/Council, Mental Health and take out a collective legal case out against these Authorities! I have wrote to Parliament about what we have endured here, wrote to Mr Drakeford & Vaughan Gething and just get brushed off but it seems this has been ongoing for yrs how has the Ombudsman who have had millions of complaints because everyone I speak to say the Council is corrupt the NHS is and I am thinking HOW on earth has this been allowed to continue all these years!
    I will wait until I here what if anything the police will do and even requested an injunction! I have wrote to the ICO because between these Authorities they have shared data as per character statement slandering us and I have NEVER had a criminal record in my life! This Mental Health has made us out to be aggressive and abusive to an extent the Manager at MH told people to see us in pairs when we can barely move most days because of our conditions however luckily now our new GP hasn’t listened to the slanderous comments made by MH and the GP SEE’S US on our own! Even this MH Manager saw me on his own whilst bullying us telling others to see us in pairs it’s disgusting and none of this should be happening!

    1. Hi

      Many thanks for this.

      All that I can say is that I am so sorry that you and your husband have been victims of these absolute monsters as well. You are far from the only ones. EVERYTHING that you mention in your e mail is bog standard for the NHS in north Wales, it is their MO and has been since I first encountered them in the mid-1980s and the pattern was well-established by then.

      It is a reign of terror and hate and has been for decades. The same people – or their children or former students/juniors – have run the show since the days of Gwynne the Lobotomist. It is a disgrace and well-known in medical circles outside of Wales; the BMA, RCN, RCM, GMC and every Gov’t have propped the Gang up and protected them. You might win a trivial case against them in Court, but if you expose the extent of the criminality, you will be shafted by virtually any lawyer and expert witness whom you approach. There are a few lawyers who have taken them on in the past but then they were screwed over themselves.

      It is what made me go public with this blog after 35 years of trying to protect my privacy and other peoples privacy as well. I will not keep quiet about this any longer, I watched far too many people destroyed and then witnessed the smug chortling of the Gang and their acolytes.

      North Wales is a complete no-go area for any decent welfare professional. They will not go there. Gary Doherty is just the last in a line of New Blood who arrived, realised what he was dealing with and has not been able to effect change.

      There was one NHS Chair who could have dealt with them: Merfyn Jones. He is local to north Wales, knew those bastards of old, an intelligent, honest man who, with one of his mates and his late wife, had been challenging those scumbags for years. Two of the biggest mobsters, Peter Higson and Huw Vaughan Thomas, wrote ‘Independent’ Reports damning Merfyn after he had been set up by the Gang and they forced his resignation as Chair. Just look what has happened since Merfyn has gone.

      The final nail in Merfyn’s coffin was when he mounted a prosecution against a 17 stone thug of a male Angel who threw an old lady across the ward injuring her and who also impersonated a policeman. That man had previous for this sort of thing. After Merfyn suspended him and prosecuted him, the NHS unions AND the Gang united and demanded Merfyn’s head on a platter. The old lady who had been chucked across the ward and injured died soon after the Care she received from that Angel.

      Those fucking staff of the north Wales NHS have been abusing and assaulting patients for years, they know no other way! They ‘trained’ at the knee of others who did the same and there is no understanding. If you challenge them, you’ll be told ‘That was just a little slap’. Or, when I reported an assault on an old lady that drew blood, ‘That little scratch???’

      They really are clueless. They grope, they take liberties, they grab hold of your fucking hand and if you say ‘Excuse me, what DO you think that you are doing???’, you will be met with gurning and ‘I was just trying to be comforting that’s all’. Should you then explain exactly what they were doing when being ‘comforting’, there’ll be shrieks of ‘I’m a trained Nurse’ or ‘I’m a Doctor’ and ‘You are abusing NHS staff, that’s what you are doing’.

      They have been filmed undercover for years such was the concern. Every public institution in north Wales was wired, understandably. I have received blow by blow accounts of incidents that I witnessed and remember well. But no-one stopped them.

      Thugs? The NHS has got ’em. And everyone works damn hard to ensure that they stay. Their mouths are stuffed with yet more gold every time that they stamp their feet and the trough just becomes deeper.

      1. Time never heals such organisations. What is required is action.

        Kent Police, Suffolk Police, Thanet District Council and Suffolk NHS same thing.

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