A Letter From The North Wales Police

I have just received a letter from a DC Gwyn Evans of Llangefni Police Station, telling me that ‘upon reviewing [my blog] it is apparent that the allegation that the late Dr Tony Francis was subject to an investigation by Op Pallial is completely unfounded. The allegations posted on the blogs concerning Operation Pallial and Dr Tony Francis should therefore be removed with immediate effect. Should it come to North Wales Police’s attention that further false allegations are posted in the future North Wales Police will consider a criminal investigation’.

A criminal investigation into a blog which has detailed serious crime with which the police colluded over many years will be a world first, it might be worth me actually making some false allegations to bring that about.


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I have sent the following e mail to DC Evans:

Dear Mr Evans

I have this morning received a letter from you referring to my blog which asks me to remove references to Dr Tony Francis, on the grounds that the allegations that he was investigated by Operation Pallial are unfounded. I was told that Francis killed himself after being questioned, probably by Op Pallial officers, but I can’t remember directly alleging that on the blog. However, because I’ve been blogging at such high speed, I may have been careless in my phrasing and implied this. I am happy to go through my posts and clarify the matter. I have no wish to make statements on my blog which are untrue. Please give me a few days to do this, it may take a while, unless you wish to e mail me the offending pieces of text and let me know which posts they appear in which will speed things up a bit.
I note your threat to hold a criminal investigation if I post ‘further allegations’. As you are clearly reading my blog, you may have noticed that I have detailed numerous serious crimes which were committed against me and others, by Tony Francis and his colleagues. At no point were these crimes ever investigated, although some of us did report them to the police, until we were threatened with arrest ourselves if we did not leave the station immediately.
Sexual assault, assault, criminal damage to our property and perjury are among the crimes that I/others suffered. The police knew what was happening to us and were simply not interested. I cannot stop you writing me rude threatening letters or mounting a criminal investigation but you’ll look very foolish if you do.
By the way, do the libel laws not only apply to living people? Much as I am happy to correct the blog, exactly how has my blog broken the law re my comments about Tony Francis? I seem to remember that what I have repeatedly stated is that Francis killed himself after Operation Pallial was launched. Which I think is true isn’t it?
Sally Baker


I am currently working on another post which names more witnesses that I hope to post up later this evening. Unless my door is broken down by the riot squad between now and then.


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GB. Risley Remand Centre - GB. Cheshire, Warrington. HM Prison Risley. Risley Remand Centre. With writer Russell Miller, In 1981 Peter Marlow was given permission by the British Home office for the first time ever to photograph recognisable prisoners for a feature published in the London Sunday Times Magazine. Prisoners gave their consent with signed releases being filed at the Home Office. Known in the 1980’s as ‘Grisly Risley’ by prisoners Risley opened as a Remand centre for male and female inmates in 1964. A category C prison opened on the site in 1990, alongside the remand centre. Risley ceased to hold females in April 1999, and in March 2000, In September 2003, an inspection report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons criticised Risley Prison for its policy of mixing sex offenders with other inmates. The report said that sex offenders and other vulnerable inmates did not feel safe from attack by other inmates, and did not trust Prison Officers to protect them. A further inspection report in July 2006 again highlighted issues over safety at Risley Prison. The inspection found that a third of inmates felt unsafe, with "a lack of visible staffing on wings when prisoners were unlocked from their cells." The report also highlighted concerns about the prisons anti-bullying, suicide and self-harm prevention work. However the report did praise Risley for reducing the quantity of drugs that were being smuggled into the prison. In October 2008, another inspection report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons severely criticised Risley, stating that "a culture of hard drugs and violence remained rife at the prison" The prison was inspected again in 2013. The report stated that the prison was improving but there were still some areas which needed attention. Prisoners felt safe and had received support for substance misuse but too many prisoners were locked in their cells during the day Prisoners are registered on arrival prior to their court appearance. 1981 - Peter Marlow

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The Lord Hague of Richmond
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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

17 thoughts on “A Letter From The North Wales Police”

  1. 31st August 2016 was cut off date to report to National Crime Agency Operation Pallial ?

    2014 John Allen (Of Needham Market Suffolk) was convicted ?

    September 2016 the IICSA decided that Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre history should be classified as child sexual abusive. A week or so before Corrie McKeague went missing Suffolk Police in Sept 2016 recorded crime complaint re Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre then nil actioned it.

    But Operation Winter Key went on to call in Islington abuse cases.


    Winter Key also sit on the 43 child care deaths cases of Islington and Hackney cerebral palsy children at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk 1954 to 1972. Within outreach research catchment of Ida Darwin Hospital.

    Suffolk questions remain unanswered about John Allen I think. But I know I raised with Winter Key the omissions in previous inquiries re medical research in Suffolk (linked to Home Office and Royal Medico Psychological Assn and Aston Hall etc) and the implications of death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP March 1991 at his Dolphin Square Home.

    A threat of criminal inquiry seems extraordinary. If you have implied that the doctor killed himself as a result of fears of Pallial and if you believe that to be true then at Common Law you were/are obliged to report that to HM Coroner. It is called the Law and I have to wonder if the Dc has ever been familiarised with that concept.

  2. I can’t help wondering Sally – why now? In addition considering the masses of other material you have posted – why focus on Tony F. I also seem to remember there were a few anon comments from anons who didn’t like what you were posting recently – any connection? I am sure you will make the wisest decision regarding the letter.

    1. A Dc in an Anglesey village population 5000 knows what National Crime Agency did in Op Pallial ?

      There seems a history of people seeking to answer matters of fact with hypothesis.

      Rather like those who said “Nice Dr Shipman would just not do that”

      I have experienced the same. Medical records surviving in Suffolk are as rare as rocking horse manure. But I do have a Lloyd George card on which Dr Alan Lower had written some psychobabble. And J W Paulley the Ipswich Mengele had written a note after I fecked him off “It is important we all stay in touch”. (Meaning even though I put him off my case he arranged for me to still be repeat prescribed unnecessary steroids which was his and Lower area of research I now know)

      There were a good few people who thought Dr Alan Lower would benefit enormously from a smack in the gob. The pity is no one did it. And his mentor J W Paulley Mengele of Ipswich would also have benefitted from a good kicking. After all how many people did they assault with unnecessary steroids ? The nurses at Ipswich were warning patients to leave Suffolk. But the records show, just as Sally describes, the bastards kept their influence going without the patient knowledge.

      I sometimes wonder if the top doctors believe that the profession obituary lingo represents reality. “Many grateful patients” Well at Ipswich grateful patients were as rare as surviving medical records!

      1. Your comment re Dr Alan Lowler potentially benefiting from a smack in the gob reminded me of something that Mike Williams, the Charge Nurse in Bryn Golau Ward, Denbigh – and I have since been told Dafydd’s henchman but a more skilled henchman than the others – told me. Mike said that Dafydd ‘had been assaulted more than any other psychiatrist’. Dafydd also had a lot of very heavy scarring around his mouth which was obscured by his beard but definitely there. It looked like very old scarring as a result of a slashing attack with a knife. No matter what the Top Docs say, they are only very rarely assaulted. But Dafydd mixed with serious criminals, ran a paed ring and dealt in drugs. That Doberman of his was for one purpose only – to set on people.

        So I wonder who assaulted Dafydd? Because I never met anyone who had or anyone who had been charged with that offence. Everyone I knew arrested at the behest of Dafydd was charged with ludicrous silly offences which were dropped once they were safely banged up in Denbigh.

        I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Dafydd received a few kickings, people take a dim view of paedophile gangs or men who sexually assault women and always did, no matter what nonsense we are told about it ‘being different in the 1970s’. What happened to them? Broadmoor, Ashworth or Rampton I bet. Or a lobotomy from Gwynne. Dafydd couldn’t have risked prosecuting them because of the danger of a witness or relative popping up with the reason why Dafydd got a smack in the chops. It will have been all dealt with behind closed doors under the Mental Health Act and the need to protect the public from a ‘dangerous mental patient’. Just as Dafydd and Tony Francis planned for me…

        1. I was told some months ago that ‘I could not imagine’ what had been planned for me by Dafydd et al and the techniques that they had used in an attempt to bring it about.

          Not only could I imagine it, but I was telling people my fears that they were doing exactly what I have since found out that they did. Including using corrupt people from my past, whom I was avoiding like the plague, to smear me.

          For God’s sake, why didn’t someone listen to Brown and me? We must have expressed our concerns about named individuals dozens of times. We were ignored or reassured or told that I was ‘paranoid’ and that Brown was an armed revolutionary. It was when we would not stop raising concerns that the tactic of presenting us with new smiley faces who remembered their bedside manners when talking to us was employed. Documentation shows that the friendly ones with good manners had simply been wheeled out in order to convince us that Changes Had Happened. The whole bloody lot of them except for the Hergest Whistleblower were part of the same abusive set up, although I do understand that some of them had been terrorised into being part of it…

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Someone else has e mailed me privately to tell me that such a letter should never have come from a plod at Llangefni Police Station, it should have come from North Wales Police HQ and they’ve spotted a few other problems with that letter as well.

    I don’t remember ever stating as fact that Tony Francis WAS interviewed by Operation Pallial, but when I received the letter I presumed that I must have been blogging at such a rate that I didn’t take enough care with my wording. I have definitely observed that Francis killed himself after Pallial was launched and I have commented that Brown observed that Francis’s extended stay in a Manchester hospital could have been useful if Francis ‘didn’t want to answer questions’, but I’m fairly sure that I didn’t say that he was interviewed by Pallial. I have been given information about Francis that I haven’t put up on the blog because I wasn’t sure if it was true or not. I am always happy to correct info that is definitely inaccurate, but it seems that this letter may just be an attempt at further harassment…

    It won’t be the first time that the Llangefni police have hassled me without good grounds. The plods who used to be stationed down there were mates of Dafydd’s, Dafydd lives near Llangefni; I witnessed the plods cornered and terrorised by Dafydd’s drug dealers-style Doberman. I pointed out that dear old Dafydd was in breach of the law regarding that dog but I was ignored… Years ago, Elfed Roberts was the Sgt at Llangefni. Elfed Roberts was kicked out of the North Wales Police by Richard Brunstrom for corruption. Elfed was the appointed as Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust. After that Trust was dissolved when the Welsh Gov’t could bear the embarrassment no longer, Elfed was appointed as a member of the Welsh Ambulance Trust. He also became a governor of Bangor University. Elfed had me unlawfully arrested on two occasions when he was Chair of the Trust. No investigations, no action, regarding any of it.

    1. I think recently that Lambeth Council faced the possibility that “Victims” and “Survivors” may not continue to play by the rules of being far more reasonable and law abiding than their assailants ever were

      I don’t sense that this is a growing trend. Which surprises me as I thought the change to revenge might occur as the IICSA became more of a farce by the day.

      1. It is all truly an insult to victims/survivors. While there is much talk of their ‘bravery’ when someone is finally jailed, there is not a mention of just what had been ignored for the past 25 yrs since they first complained of being assaulted…

        It is all very NHS. For 20 yrs I was threatened, insulted, unlawfully imprisoned, denied NHS treatment and repeatedly called an insane dangerous liar. When my lawyer finally gained evidence that I had been assaulted and injured by 4 Angels and that every attempt of mine to report the assault was blocked (my phone was forcibly removed and locked in the Angels’ office when I tried to phone the police, I rang a friend on the ward phone and as I began telling them that I had been assaulted and injured the phone was disconnected by an Angel and then I was told that I would not be receiving visitors until I stopped telling people that I had been assaulted), the NHS Trust offered us ‘mediation’. The 4 Angels who assaulted me refused to attend, the NHS manager who refused to investigate the assault on me refused to sit in the room with my lawyer and I and then the Top Doc who did condescend to sit in a room with us walked out after 3 minutes without making a contribution and refused to return. It was agreed that the mediation ‘had broken down’. My complaint went uninvestigated.

        These people were running a trafficking gang and routinely assaulted patients. Who on earth would choose to deal with such misconduct by ‘mediation’, but the NHS or social services? It is just crazy. After the mediation ‘broke down’, the aggro towards me escalated. I was threatened and insulted by NHS staff in the street and in shops and then threatened by a senior Angel when I went to A&E one day. He was recorded on CCTV threatening me. Martin Jones, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, destroyed the CCTV after my lawyer requested it. Martin admitted that he destroyed it. No investigation.

        They are untouchable, absolutely untouchable. They know it, it’s why, right from the word go, when I complained about Gwynne the lobotomist I was threatened and told that my career would be finished if I did not drop my complaint. The NHS and social services are more bombproof than the police. If a mentally ill person dies in a police cell, sometimes if good lawyers are employed, after a battle, the bereaved might actually get an investigation and a few police officers take early retirement. How many ‘service users’ have now died in the care of the mental health services in north Wales? Dozens and dozens. Never any action against anyone. Patients have died ON THE WARDS. It isn’t easy to die quickly unless one has a gun. The only way that those patients could have died is if the Angels had simply not been doing their job for an extended period of time. Shut in the nurses office chatting while a patient hangs until they are dead. Or sets fire to themselves.

        Nearly all patients are not dangerous, they have simply become ill. Go into a psych ward. You will not find mad axemen or loonies ranting like there is no tomorrow. You will find people too depressed to talk or you will find subdued distressed people, some of whom show other patients very great kindness. Most of them are NICE PEOPLE, they do not deserve to be snapped at, told to go on and do it if they feel suicidal or assaulted. The cleaners at Hergest used to tell their families and friends that they could not believe the way in which the patients were being treated. Some of the visiting ministers of religion were very worried at what was going on as well. No-one was able to make themselves heard…

        I only ever witnessed one patient ranting in a frightening manner. A young man at Hergest years ago who was ‘psychotic’ and angry and sat in his chair saying that he would smash Tony Francis’s face in. Francis was so frightened that this young man was kept in the locked ward for weeks with Francis refusing to enter. I don’t know if the young man was really psychotic, that was said of all patients who made serious complaints. But I do know that his dad was phenomenally violent to his mum and this young man had thumped his dad to save his mum. He was sectioned by Francis and was frantic at what might be happening to his mum if he wasn’t there to defend her. I know another ‘schizophrenic’ patient of Francis’s who’s dad beat his mum up. The dad died when the patient was about 30. He ‘got better’ and wasn’t psychotic anymore… I am someone who does believe that mental illness exists and isn’t always due to such stressors. But I also know that psychiatrists do not know what they are doing, frequently make matters worse and are such a disaster that they should probably have the remit for mental illness removed from them.

        In no other sphere except the Prison Service is such neglect and wrongdoing considered acceptable.

        Half of me would like to see every one of these bastards who have caused so much misery and suffering end up with a hefty prison sentence. But half of me thinks what is the point, they have killed people, those people are dead and buried and many of the offenders are as well. The world needs to face what it did to people. Children and patients who had done no wrong were killed while they screamed for help and everyone looked the other way.

        1. I am trying to write a book for the record. Leonard Cheshire Homes, what was the informed consent position of the inmates subjected to group psychiatric research commissioned by govt and conducted by Tavistock Institute ? Sue Ryder Homes. Inmates who ran away were returned to the homes by police. The widow of Maxwell Knight (Head of MI5) incarcerated in a Sue Ryder Home denied visitors … as ordered by civil servants. What happened ? The truth is the Poor Law did not end when the welfare state was created. Charities like Ryder and Cheshire simply continued the philosophy of the workhouse. The undeserving poor became research fodder for NHS Mengeles. And the Mental Health Services remained asylums with staff madder and more dangerous than inmates. The mad psychiatrists earned a few bob writing books for sociology and social work. And the madness spread.

          Home Office Research Unit. Group research on police trainees in which “Institutionalised Racism” was a red herring to test subjects for gullibility and malleability. Eventually the whole realm was subjected to the process of promoting the research myth to bogus reality by mass hysteria. The Stephen Lawrence case. Have we heard from white girls who were at school with Lawrence ? Or white women who were in Cambridge Harriers with Lawrence ? Have we considered that Condon was Kent Chief constable when Kent based UDA were arrested 1992. When UDA came to trial 1993 Condon was Met Commissioner. Lawrence was killed in a melee largely brought about by him and his mate Brookes whose arm was restrained by a white youth. This was Day 6 of the UDA murder trial. Under Condon the UDA police witnesses were concurrently made the Lawrence case officers. ex Kent Ian Johnston was made SE Met area commander ex Kent O Connor was made Met Lawrence case monitor. Kent Ayling was made investigator for MacPherson. The new CIB3 was debriefing in Kent police stations.

          And all along Home Office kept quiet that institutionalised racism is a research purposes myth.

          And who on earth decided to designate “Black” as an “Ethnicity” or “Community”. Henry Ford ?

          Post war madness. People now give a self descriptor before an opinion. “As a proud woman of colour product of a single mother upbringing educated at a comprehensive … I am offended at Boris remarks about the burkha worn by my sisters in oppression ” Whaaat !

          The IICSA will eventually report. “Society has turned a blind eye too long, lessons will be learned” etc ad nauseum. And the madness will continue. Benefits advantages of having a kid with “ADHD” will ensure a market for chemical coshing. Social workers will continue to be mafia of mediocre. Police will continue to be dull self licking lollipops

          And people will continue to be blinded by the smokescreen of charity. If Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder were still alive they would still write prayers to inspire ordinary people and there would still be fawning admirers deluded that the big invisible mate in the sky had chosen folk like Lenny Cheshire and Sue Ryder to be inspirational saints.

          1. That pretty much sums it up. Along with a well developed system for ensuring that potential whistleblowers are removed at student stage or very early in their careers. Because what is happening is so bad that no-one can afford to allow them to reach senior levels.

            My father loathed the welfare state and I was subjected to many of his rants about its evils when I was a teenager in the 1970s. I was in that shite school at Bridgwater and father used to yell ‘do the teachers send their own kids there?’ No they didn’t, he was quite right. They sent their kids miles away to the best but non fee-paying schools in Somerset.

            The problem was that father hated the welfare state because he thought that it was peopled by lefties throwing dosh at the undeserving. The reality is much worse. It was facilitating organised crime which targeted vulnerable people. Not very bright and not very ethical people staffed it and those in the most powerful positions above them in Gov’t and the civil service backed them up all the way.

            I am seriously pissed off that religious denominations are now being constructed as child abusers, all of them. Yes, they have a lot to answer for, but can no-one see what is going on? Monks in habits, clergymen in cassocks, it’s all a bit weird and a minority sport these days.

            The real problem is the Top Doctors suckers, they knew about all of it, they have not fallen from grace and they are being given more and more power over our lives!! Who kept quiet about the injured/pregnant/distressed children? Who led specialist therapy for priests? Who wrote the reports to get the molesters out of trouble when cases got as far as the courts, or wrote the recommendations that the ‘stress’ of these ‘allegations’ had caused the poor vicar to have a nervous breakdown? It was the Top Docs! Look at these cases, dig into them and you’ll find that there was a Top Doc doing the molester a favour in every case.

            Come on BMA, where are you? You’re usually quite happy to mouth off on every other occasion.

            I note with some irony that the news this morning is boasting of a scheme in England which diverts mentally ill offenders from prison to the mental health services. If the mental health services were actually any good I’d be delighted. The mental health services do of course know the prison system well. They send seriously ill patients whom they refuse to treat to, er, prison.

            The ‘therapies’ being boasted of for the offenders are known to be ineffective. So those offenders who do re-offend will be classed as being ‘resistant to therapy’. Enter the Top Docs who are currently working so hard to demonstrate that offending is ‘genetic’ or due to ‘brain structure’. Here comes another few million from the MRC and the Wellcome Trust. Probably on it’s way to Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and her mates at UCL.

            Meanwhile understanding and sympathy for those caught in the nightmare of an endemically corrupt welfare state diminishes. Well you can’t help them can you. It’s in their blood. The Top Doctors have proved it.

  4. Re your comment re ADHD – on BBC 2 late news with ‘Evan’ another expert proclaims without qualification that the brains of children who will display symptoms are different when they are born . Now promoting that 1 in 100 children should be diagnosed not 1 in 1000 Presenter made one feeble comment that not all children can tolerate the drugs – well others can be tried until something works. So how mashed up will their brains be by the time they have been experimented on and ‘followed up’for years on end including on school files.
    Some years ago a woman told me she had had a chip inserted into her head by psychiatrists under anaesthetic – that was before magnetic stimulation and all that – have there been any reports of that kind of experimentation?

    1. Over the last two decades the ‘science’ of ADHD – if there ever was any – has been completely lost among opportunism and Chinese whispers.

      For many years ADHD was considered to be a disorder but a very rare one. Young children who were diagnosed with it were few and far between and the ‘old’ stereotype held by Top Docs was that they tended to be very bright with brains on the go all the time. The advice to parents was that drug sedation was available, but if the parents had the energy it was better to do without.

      Then things shifted considerably as huge numbers of children began to be diagnosed. Allegations of the diagnosis of badly behaved children or the children of parents with parenting difficulties began circulating, as did allegations of drug companies spotting a new market or even parents flagging up ‘symptoms’ to bag disability benefits. All these things might have been happening to varying degrees, but they would not have been had ‘professionals’ not been so eager to pathologise so many young children.

      Teachers, social workers and Angels are now taught about ADHD in their training, but that teaching is laughable. I have watched people who have no understanding of the debates and controversies surrounding ADHD, let alone the research base, impart their wisdom to teachers/social workers/Angels and what a laugh it was. In one lecture I was nearly crucified for taking a critical view. I had simply pointed out to the ‘lecturer’ – a school teacher who had been drafted in to teach on an MEd course – that the list of symptoms which she had presented the class was so long (six sheets of paper) that any child at some point in their childhood would have shown a good few of the symptoms. No-one realised that I had a background in medical research and no-one else in the lecture had such a background. One person was a psychology graduate who was deeply offended at me questioning the wisdom that was being broadcast. Everyone who sat in that class went out into the world with a Masters in ‘special needs education’, believing that they now ‘knew’ about ADHD and could ‘spot the symptoms’.

      Top Docs and people scientifically educated are often sceptical about aspects of the ADHD field. But teachers, social workers and Angels love it and it is often they who flag up a child ‘with ADHD’ which sets the kid on the path to the diagnosis.

      The only two parents whom I have known who raised the possibility of ADHD within their own children were both social workers. One kid had huge behaviour problems, his mother insisted that he had ADHD and pressurised her GP into handing over the ritalin. The GP knew that in the recent past that lady had stabbed her husband, but not fatally. I do not know why the GP didn’t resist re the ritalin and explore the possibility that the kid’s destruction and violence could have been a result of the domestic violence in his home, but then I don’t know why this student was ever allowed to qualify as a social worker and join the Anglesey Child Protection Team.

      The other person was the mother of a really lovely little boy who was what used to be called boisterous and bright. She spent her time pursuing him around the room preventing him from doing utterly harmless things whilst shrieking to the other parents ‘he’s not got ADHD, I know what you’re all thinking, he hasn’t got it’. The other parents were just thinking that she was bonkers. She’s a senior lecturer in social work.

      Once more, it’s case of a great many people not knowing their arses from their elbows.

      Regarding chips being inserted into patients’ heads – I don’t know about ‘chips’ per se, I doubt that psychiatry has got that far, even as practised by Dafydd. But back in the 1980s there was experimental neurosurgery carried out on some psych patients in which various diverse objects were inserted into people’s heads. It caused a great degree of disability and the patients involved claimed that they were never the same again. But because they were mad no-one paid much attention to their accounts.

      1. Odd things happen. And some will never be explained. I remember an Aldermaston contract for JIB electricians. Ex Royal Engineers who had fought in Falklands etc were turned down. Some time later contracting on door entry systems some house basher slow moving sparkies with flu like symptoms always yawning. One day they were speaking about a contract they did in Aldermaston. How they turned up every day .. sat in a cabin and the cables and fittings never turned up. So they did nothing but sit in the cabin. Then the contract ended. They had no industrial experience had never served in military and had never previously had a contract requiring security clearance.

        An ex Royal Engineer asked the slow moving snuffly men if they had developed that flu during the Aldermaston contract. Yes.

  5. Dear Sally,
    I had no idea when I read your first blog that you and I had so much in common.
    I had a Partner who is a Cambridge University Doctor and I too underwent an awful lot with the Police too.
    I am not as brave as you to confront them by myself as you have done. I fear the things they do behind my back to much.
    You are an amazing Lady Sally.

    1. Hi Sharron
      Thanks for your message and thanks for all your e mails with the detailed information re your battles with the mental health services, the police and the courts.

      Gross abuses of mental health patients are very much more common than most people believe. The law is broken regularly, so regularly that many of those working in mental health don’t actually know the law. They never need to – they get away with it every time by dismissing all complaint as the misperceptions of seriously distressed people or that old favourite Violent Mental Health Patients. They lie, they lie constantly, safe in the knowledge that the world will see them as Angels if anyone does get as far as the media. They’ve been getting away with it since the establishment of their profession.

      The case of Thomas Orchard was in the media again two days ago. Thomas was a man diagnosed with schizophrenia who died at the hands of the police in Exeter Police Station (see previous posts). That station is directly opposite Exeter University, which boasts of expertise in Service User Led research. When I applied for a job there I was told that I had Insufficient Experience (er, four books and over 20 journal articles??). At another interview at Exeter two months later for a job with a related team, reference was made to this blog (I had only just started it then, there was no swearing, no piss-taking and I had not named anyone who had not already been convicted…); the result of that interview was me being an excellent candidate but another candidate’s ‘skill set more closely matched our requirements’. Whistleblowers need not apply. So I thought OK, my real work will be this blog, I’ll make a living however I need to, eg. casual work etc and I’ll put the whole harsh reality on this blog and name every one of the bastards.

      Last night BBC news reported the case of the 19 yr old man who in the care of the police broke his neck, sustained spinal injuries and is now in a vegetative state. Police officers have been sacked but not prosecuted. Police were sacked re Thomas Orchard but as I remember were not convicted.

      At least the police in such incidents do get dismissed. Angels and Top Docs don’t. There is usually not even an investigation. They are killing people and have been for years. No wonder psych patients are treated like crap and the ‘services’ never improve.

      Thanks for the compliments Sharron, but I wasn’t entirely alone in fighting them; I had Brown by my side from the beginning. That is the only reason why I am still alive. A small number of other friends stood by me too, but they lived a long way off and were under attack themselves. Everyone else abandoned me to gangsters, although I do keep receiving messages from someone who is very angry about this blog and tells me that I am a liar and of course they never abandoned me!!!

      Oh yes they did. I remember being told to stop phoning them because they were busy (I had phoned them three days running while the mental health services were doing their worst); I was told on the phone that I had made my bed and could lie in it and the person who answered the phone refused to go and get the one more sympathetic person in the house to the phone; and as the mental health services perjured themselves repeatedly I was told that I must have done something to end up in so much trouble…I will no doubt now receive more messages from the harassing headless chicken which will be not worthy of a response…

      To answer your questions in one of the e mails Sharron, I am not in a hospital at the moment and if I was I am sure that I would not be allowed this laptop to blog about them all! And I didn’t ever actually go to prison, but the Top Doctors did try very, very hard. Then it was documented upon my medical records that I’d been to prison for ‘attacking someone with a knife’ anyway. I repeatedly asked them when, which prison I went to, how long my sentence was, who was the presiding judge, but answer came there none. No-one would agree to amend the record, so it is still on my medical records that I’m a jailbird. And that I tried to murder Dafydd, that I have stabbed people, strangled people, held an Angel hostage…

      They write our histories Sharron! These insane, fuckwitted, semi-literate criminals are the ones who write what will be said in any court case or inquest. Even if like me you’ve written four academic books and a stack of journal articles. Because they’re Trained and we Don’t Know Our Own Minds and we’ve got Insufficient Experience. When we are not Paranoid and Hostile with a Grudge that is.

      A reader sent me the news story from Oz yesterday in which the Oz Gov’t have apologised to the thousands of Ozzies who were horrifically abused in institutions for years. My reader has observed that no-one has lost their pension. No, they won’t. There was a lot of tears and holding hands which is essential for all such occasions, but no-one will lose their very comfy life although this scandal has been known about for many years and everyone in power did all they could to prevent it becoming public.

      By the way, thousands of poor, usually slum kids from the UK were transported to Oz where they were used as slaves and sexually abused. Who transported them? It was the NHS and Social Services. It was still happening as recently as the late 1960s. A load of kids from Cardiff went. The people who did it are still alive. I’m waiting for the hand holding and tears, but there is Resistance and the UK Gov’t haven’t publicly fessed up yet. They are too busy in-fighting because Theresa’s own party have been Very Rude to her and she is a Woman. She also travels with armed bodyguards in an armoured vehicle, but according to Yvette Cooper Theresa is a Woman and thus those with testicles who were Rude constitute a public danger to Wimmin.

      Not all the kids transported to Oz by Nye’s Pride and Joy were orphans, although when they grew up they were told that they were. A lot of them were just from very poor families. Their parents were told to give them up because they would be going to a life of opportunity. Their parents had no idea what was happening to them.

      But then as the doors of Denbigh slammed shut behind so many, Dafydd et al reassured the world that it was For The Best and those incarcerated would be Helped.

      Please keep up everyone, this fucking nightmare hasn’t ended, the guilty are still running the ‘services’ and are sitting in Parliament.

      1. Very brief example of the writing of our histories not previously mentioned on this blog:

        Glimpsed briefly an Angel’s account of a Violent Incident involving me from my records a few days ago. The Angel had documented that as part of my Violent Attack on them, I had yelled ‘TWAT’ and had headbutted their knee. My recollection is that I did indeed yell TWAT as they raised their knee to meet with my face.

        Take a look at the Waterhouse Report. Social worker Mari Roberts was accused by one boy of trying to suffocate him. Mari explained that she just put her hands over his mouth and nose ‘being playful’. Manager’s wife June Dodd was accused by one boy of kneeing him in the knackers. June didn’t how how it all came about but she did remember on one occasion that somehow when that boy was Playing Up, her leg shot out in the melee and it made contact with his groin.

        It is constant, absolutely constant. In the Hergest Unit, the de-escalation techniques of the Angels were boasted about and documented. In reality the de-escalation techniques consisted of Angels screaming at distressed frightened patients and when the patient became even more distressed, without any notice, four Angels would land on them and pin them to the floor for twenty minutes. All complaints were met with the same response: this patient was Threatening and Aggressive and a Threat to Themselves and Others.

        Now how likely is it that a woman in a locked ward headbutted – using her face – the knee of one huge male Angel who’s hobby was The Gym, while two other Angels had hold of her so that she couldn’t move? Not 50 yrs ago, just Wrexham Maelor Hospital approx 5 yrs ago. A couple of weeks after I had been heard phoning my friends and telling them that everything seemed to be OK in the Heddfan Unit. It wasn’t once the PR bit had been done.

        In the last two years, two patients have been found dead in the Heddfan Unit. One teenaged girl patient went to a detention centre after Pullling The Hair of Angels.

        ‘We do not have CCTV in patients bedrooms for reasons of privacy’. So that is why in the Hergest Unit on Taliesin Ward after a Violent Incident, patients were placed in their rooms to Calm Down. Where their distress and self-harm after being violently assaulted would have been recorded if there was CCTV in there.

        People have slowly woken up to the fact that some police do behave like this. So do Angels and at Hergest it became so bad that it was commented upon by many that the police were usually nicer than the Angels…

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