A Little Something To Which We Can Look Forward

Yesterday I sent an e mail to Sister Hutt, Mark Drakeford, Julie Morgan and Vaughan Gething. I received a response from Vaughan’s automated reply system, so I know that the e mail has been received. I will publish the reply (or indeed replies) in due course.

The text of my e mail was thus:

Sally Baker baker.sally1@googlemail.com

5:35 PM (6 minutes ago)

to Jane.Hutt, Mark.Drakeford, Julie.Morgan, Correspondence.Vaughan.Gething
Dear All
In 2003, despite the best efforts of my lawyer, a serious complaint that I made about my ‘care’ at the Hergest Unit, Ysbyty Gwynedd, was never resolved after Keith Thomson, then then CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, declared me a ‘vexatious complainant’ and refused to enter into any further correspondence with me.
Keith made this declaration after doing everything he could to block any investigation into my complaint but instead offered my lawyer and I ‘mediation’ to which we agreed, because we had no other option.
The three care assistants and nurse who had violently assaulted and injured me refused to attend the mediation, after being reassured by Patricia Gaskell, the ‘Investigating Officer for Litigation and Complaints’ at the NW Wales NHS Trust that they did not need to meet or speak to me under any circumstances. Alun Davies, the Manager of the Mental Health Services for the NW Wales NHS Trust, refused to attend the mediation.
So the mediation went ahead with me, my lawyer, Mrs Gaskell and the only member of NHS staff who was named in my complaint prepared to attend the mediation that was arranged at Mr Thomson’s request, Dr Tony Roberts, the Consultant Psychiatrist based at the Hergest Unit at the time who broke the law in numerous ways during my stay at the Hergest Unit and lied to the police. Tony Roberts walked out of the mediation meeting approx. three minutes after it began without making any contribution. Mrs Gaskell ran out of the room after him and requested him to return. He refused and we did not see him again.
The mediator declared the situation ‘unmediable’. We did not meet for another session because of that, although when the mediation was originally arranged at the request of Keith Thomson, we were told that there may be two or three sessions.
It was after the mediators declared the situation unmediable that Keith Thomson declared me to be a vexatious complainant.
I have a copy of the mediation invoice that was sent to the NW Wales NHS Trust and signed off by Mrs Gaskell. Steve Hindmarsh of Conflict Resolution Team, Cardiff, was paid £539-05 for holding the mediation requested by Keith Thomson that collapsed because none of Mr Thomson’s staff who had been named in my complaint would co-operate with the mediation, after having refused to co-operate with the investigation of the complaint.
In 2003 the Complaints Manager at Ysbyty Gwynedd was Caroline Frain. I have documentation in my possession demonstrating that Frain knew of complaints that staff were assaulting and injuring patients that were ignored; knew that staff were lying to police and committing perjury in Court; knew that this mediation broke down because of the flat refusal of Ysbyty Gwynedd staff to co-operate with it; knew that Tony Roberts had broken the law and was the subject of numerous patient complaints; knew that documentation was being  forged/amended after it was signed and dated.
I also have copies of memos sent between Frain and Gaskell discussing patients in derogatory terms, agreeing to lie to patients who had complained and encouraging staff to make complaints about patients to the police in order to have patients arrested when the staff concerned had previously made no complaint.
In 2003 Tony Roberts had the highest suicide rate among his female patients of any consultant in England and Wales except for someone in Camden. I am aware that at least six patients wrote to Peter Hain in his capacity as Secretary of State for Wales about events at the Hergest Unit while Keith Thomson was CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust and Hain was Secretary of State.
Not long after the mediation collapsed Caroline Frain left the NW Wales NHS Trust to ‘work in Cardiff’. As recently as 2011 Caroline Frain was employed as the Concerns Co-ordinator at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. That Board was the subject of some very serious unresolved complaints while Caroline Frain worked there (for all I know Frain might still be employed at Cardiff and Vale) and the circumstances of the death of Ann Clwyd’s husband suggested that there was a major problem there.
Richard Penketh works as a Consultant Gynaecologist at Cardiff and Vale UHB. I worked with Penketh at St George’s Hospital Medical School, 1989-90; he was a relentless sexual harasser of female staff, failed his professional exams and I was told by his colleagues was a liability ‘So we’ll send him to Wales, where we send all the really bad doctors’. When Brian Gibbons succeeded Jane Hutt as the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister, Gibbons gave Penketh an award for Excellence.
When Gibbons was Health Minister, Keith Thomson resigned as CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust. Gibbons appointed Thomson as the CEO of the NHS Trust serving Pembrokeshire soon afterwards.
Patricia Gaskell was appointed to a senior management role at the Welsh Risk Pool (the body that decides awards for NHS negligence damages) weeks after the mediation involving my complaint imploded.
Tony Roberts until some five years ago worked as a consultant psych at the Hergest Unit. There was complaint after complaint about him and more deaths. Roberts is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice.
There is also a mediator on the loose somewhere who knows that serious crimes were being committed by NHS staff in north Wales but were never investigated. As indeed does Lord Hain.
Ms Frain’s employer after her sterling service with the criminals of NW Wales ran the biggest university hospital in Wales that also trained medical students. The mediator who remained silent about the serious criminals of the NHS was also based in Cardiff.
In 2003, Jane Hutt was Health Minister, thus she has been included in the recipients of this e mail. Mark Drakeford, now FM, was Rhodri’s SPAD for Health and Social Care, thus he has been included in the recipients of this e mail. Julie Morgan’s husband was FM and Julie is now Deputy Health Minister, overseeing an NHS that is still employing most of the people named in my 2003 complaint, so I’ve cc’d her into the e mail. Vaughan Gething is the current Health Minister and so Vaughan, you’ve been cc’d in as well.
Do none of you understand the consequences of dispersing people who remained silent about such serious criminality across Wales or even simply leaving them in post? May I remind you that in the wake of the Tawel Fan Scandal in north Wales some six years ago, the staff who were accused of abusing patients refused to co-operate with the investigation. None of them were disciplined, although the nurse who blew the whistle was sacked and at one point arrested.
Sally Baker
In May 2004, the newly created quango HIW (Health Inspectorate Wales) began work, the CEO being Dr Peter Higson. Peter had been a research psychologist at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, then the General Manager of Denbigh, then the Regional Manager for the mental health services for the whole of north Wales. Peter had a breather for some two years and was then appointed CEO of HIW. Throughout his breather, Peter was a member of the North Wales Health Authority (the big regional body that oversaw the Trusts). Peter had previously worked with Keith Thomson. When Mrs Gaskell was appointed to the Welsh Risk Pool in 2003, her boss there, Mr Big at the Welsh Risk Pool, the CEO, was Gren Kershaw. Who had previously been the CEO of the North East Wales NHS Trust in its various incarnations and had worked with Peter Higson.


Meet the Faculty: Gren Kershaw

Gren Kershaw
Gren entered the Health Service as a graduate management trainee and has held a number of health management posts in Leeds and East Yorkshire.  Gren has lived and worked in North Wales since 1983, and prior to being appointed to his present post he was Chief Executive of Glan Clwyd District General Hospital NHS Trust. Gren is also the Chief Executive for the Welsh Risk Pool, which he has held for over 10 years.  He is, therefore, responsible in Wales for authorising successful claims for negligence as well as the promotion of good risk management practice.
When the North Wales Hospital closed down, the staff there were transferred to work in the organisations that preceded the NW Wales NHS Trust and the NE Wales NHS Trust.
As CEO for HIW, Peter’s responsibilities did of course include the whole of Wales’s NHS, including the Cardiff and Vale Health Board that hosted/hosts Caroline Frain and Richard Penketh – Penketh also works for the private Spire Healthcare Mr Richard Penketh– and the NHS Trust serving Pembrokeshire, the CEO being Keith Thomson.
I have enjoyed naming on this blog the numerous MPs and peers Who Knew; they all Knew Something but many of them played key roles in the tawdry affairs of the criminal Top Docs and their network. So I was delighted to read that many of this blog’s old favourites will be standing for election again in December.
The sinners in north Wales include, for Labour: Chris Ruane, Mark Tami, David Hanson and Susan Elan Jones. All of these candidates are covering Miranda’s arse as well as their own, they’re in deep and I doubt that they dare allow themselves to leave the sinking ship even if they are heartily sick of it.
Chris Ruane’s a real laugh, he grew up in north Wales, worked as a teacher in the region and has been the MP who popularised Mark Williams’s Mindfulness fraud; Chris led the charge re Mindfulness Nation, the official backing of Mindfulness by Parliament. Mindfulness Nation’s ambition is to see Mindfulness in schools, prisons, business, even the police and Armed Forces. Chris hasn’t mentioned that Gwynedd, the original land of the Mindfulness Miracle, is on it’s arse, with poverty, sky high suicide rates, a dangerous collapsing NHS, problems in the schools and a newish prison that has already seen a rooftop protest, a hostage situation, one of the biggest drug problems in any British prison… Oh and the legacy of the trafficking ring that was facilitated by the Mindfulness enthusiasts.
I see that Mark’s Oxford University website adverts are now accompanied by references to Oxford University’s China Office. Mark’s online offerings also has references to work that he is doing in Hong Kong. Mark, can you nip over today and get the Hong Kong police to do a bit of Mindfulness Meditation before the students who have occupied the Polytechnic University are gunned down by live bullets as is being threatened? Carrie Lam could learn Compassionate and Loving Kindness Meditation techniques as practiced by some of the Gang in north Wales.
David Hanson has previous in SCOPE and addiction charidees when those organisations had links with Dafydd and the Gang. Tory Tim Yeo and Carlo’s close mate Gerald the 6th Duke of Windsor were involved with some of the same organisations that employed David Hanson, sometimes when he was working for them. Once in the Commons, David soon became Miranda’s PPS. Here’s Caring David with Mark Tami doing their bit for the Doctors Ah they were wonderful, you can’t complain can you:
David’s wife Margaret See the source imagewas Vice-Chairman of the Betsi when Peter Higson was Chair and the Betsi fell off the cliff. Margaret has quietly departed from the Betsi Board but she’ll still be in action somewhere. Margaret the former Cheshire Children and Families Social Work Team Leader when the Gang ran the ring via Cheshire Social ServicesLucille HughesDr Dafydd Alun Jones; Margaret the former CEO of North East Wales Age Concern; Margaret the union rep and former Labour Parliamentary candidate for Eddisbury in Cheshire just down the road from the Duke of Westminster’s family seat; Margaret the Flintshire Councillor… Margaret is undertaking a PhD at Chester University in Older Men’s Health. Margaret was Vice-Chair of the Betsi when the Tawel Fan Scandal blew up in her face, involving the neglect and abuse of elderly patients, including men.
Those standing for Plaid in December include dear old Hywel Williams, who worked as a psychiatric social worker with Gwynne, Dafydd Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesand LucilleLucille Hughes; Tory candidates include David Jones, Official portrait of Mr David Jones crop 2.jpga solicitor who spent years working in practices with bent solicitors who fitted up targets of the Gang and defended members of the Gang.
David went to school near Wrexham when the organised abuse in the children’s homes was reaching new levels and his dad ran pharmacies Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesin the Wrexham area. So David’s dad knew Gwynne and Dafydd, not only Dafydd.
Tory candidate James Davies has a biography as good as David Jones, James is a GP in God-forsaken Prestatyn, as were his dad and his granddad before him. James is too young to have known Gwynne, it was his dad and grandfather who knew Gwynne as well as Dafydd, but James does know Dafydd, D.G.E. Wood and lots of other fun people. James will no doubt know that Dafydd’s house in Prestatyn was used for ‘clinics’ at which copious supplies of booze were available and loud party music was played. Prestatyn was the location of some of the children’s homes with the worst abuse of the kids within. The local GPs simply ignored it all. James himself didn’t even go to school with the kids from the children’s homes, James was educated at the King’s School in Chester, which I imagine will have enabled James to distance himself from the local people of his age even further.
There are other fun candidates standing in north Wales but those named above shine out like beacons.
I’ve been leafing through my documents for bits and pieces that I haven’t yet flagged up on the blog and I’ve discovered another possible worrying link between the Gang and serious organised crime. An earlier post discussed how in March 1990 I found an article in the BMJ written by a Carl Littlejohns, who gave his affiliation as the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. I was working in Bodger Chamberlain’s team at St George’s Hospital Medical School at the time and I was so entertained to see a Top Doc from Denbigh publishing in the BMJ pretending to be a Real Doc working in a Real Hospital with capable colleagues, that I wrote to Carl Littlejohns listing the many crimes that I knew by then Dafydd had committed. I signed my letter ‘A former inmate…’.
I heard no more but when I acquired my medical records years later, I found correspondence among members of the Gang after my letter had been received. It seems that Carl Littlejohns had left Denbigh by then, but his post had been opened and read by someone else, who had sent a letter dated 10 April 1990 about my letter to Laurie Wood, the General Manager of Denbigh, signing their letter ‘pp Carl Littlejohns, Senior Registrar’. The letter told Laurie that this ‘rather odd’ letter had been received, they had no idea what is was about, but that Laurie ought to know. On 11 April 1990, Alun Davies (based in Gwynedd Health Authority) had written to Laurie making reference to my ‘latest epistle’, followed by the sentence ‘Did you speak to your colleague at St George’s and if so what was the outcome?’ I can find no clue as to who that colleague was or what the subject matter re Laurie’s conversation with him was, although other documents make reference to someone at St George’s intercepting post for me that had arrived at St George’s in an attempt to find out my home address and pass the info on to Davies and Laurie at Laurie and Davies’s request.
On the copy of Davies’s letter to Laurie, there is a handwritten scribble saying ‘discussed with Alun Davies 12/4/90’.
In Feb 1990, the Gang had taken me to the High Court in Leeds no less and Keith Fearns and Jackie Brandt of Gwynedd Social Services had perjured themselves in order to obtain an injunction against me on the grounds that I was a danger to their lives. Fearns had never met me, Jackie had met me at most three times and the only reason why I had contacted Jackie was in an attempt to get answers after she had unlawfully detained me in the autumn of 1986 and refused to speak to me or answer any correspondence about the matter. Sir John Kay, a Liverpool based lawyer then judge who was an associate of the Gang, declared my letters of complaint to be ‘harassment’ although he had access to plenty of information providing the wider background of the situation and gave Gwynedd County Council their injunction. See ‘The Bitterest Pill’.
On 24 May 1990 the Gang took me to the High Court in Cardiff, where Gwynedd Health Authority requested a High Court injunction against me on exactly the same terms as that obtained by Gwynedd County Council ie. that any letters of complaint from me should be seen as ‘harassment’ and if I sent any, I should be liable to be imprisoned. Sir Malcolm Pill declined to give GHA an injunction. I have discussed in previous posts eg. ‘The Bitterest Pill’ that it was all another ruse and immediately after the hearing in Cardiff, Andrew Park, the bent Welsh Office lawyer, telephoned Alun Davies and this was followed by pow wows between Welsh Office lawyers, Gwynedd County Council lawyers, Top Docs and NHS/Social Services staff exchanging information about me in breach of ethical guidelines and often the law and brewing up another Cunning Plan…
Lord David Hunt, longstanding pal of Gwynne and Dafydd’s succeeded Lord Peter Walker, longstanding pal of Gwynne and Dafydd’s, was appointed Welsh Secretary of 4 May 1990. Hunt had previously been Minister of State in the Welsh Office under Walker and in the late 1980s had been personally sent to Gwynedd by Peter Walker to discuss the havoc that was reigning in Gwynedd Health Authority with the Chair of GHA, Noreen Edwards, as well as the inexplicably empty coffers of the Health Authority.
Noreen couldn’t explain anything, but that did not stop her continuing as Chair of the Health Authority or later sitting on the Warnock Committee. Noreen was an Angel who as a young Angel had worked in London and Birmingham hospitals before achieving great seniority as an Angel and midwife in north Wales. Noreen was also a Lt Col in the TA and occupied many other public roles, including on the RCN and the Welsh Council for Nursing.
Many Angels in north Wales were members of the TA, including Stephen Gallagher and his sidekick Andrew Parry in Ysbyty Gwynedd’s A&E Dept. Gallagher and Parry insulted patients, unlawfully refused to treat them, lied to the police and to their own managers in the wake of complaints and threatened witnesses who had witnessed their misconduct. Complaints about Gallagher continued after a Top Doctor complained about him and a note was attached to his HR file stating that his competence and integrity could not be relied upon. Gallagher continued to be employed by Ysbyty Gwynedd in a senior role dealing with members of the public.
After a string of complaints, Gallagher was named in media reports as being the last person to see a patient alive who had been refused treatment at YG A&E by Gallagher. The patient’s body was found a few hours later in the Cathedral Gardens in Bangor on a winter’s night after hours of heavy snowfall. The corpse had no snow on it. No-one commented upon this and at the subsequent inquest Gallagher stated that it was hard to help alkies such as the dead man. The dead man’s family were kind enough to thank Gallagher for ‘trying to help’ their relative. They had no idea how Gallagher routinely conducted himself when he was On Duty and no-one enlightened them.
After Gallagher had been caught on CCTV threatening me, refusing to treat me and calling the police to have me thrown out of YG, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust Martin Jones destroyed the CCTV and admitted this in writing. Within weeks, Gallagher appeared in the media, both north Wales and nationally, as a Hero. The Trust had sent out a press release claiming that Gallagher had saved the life of an Afghan boy when Gallagher had been serving in the TA. Gallagher had not saved anyone’s life, he had only made the phone call to someone competent who arrived at the field hospital to do the necessary. The patient’s confidence had been breached, X-rays had been released to the media, as well as photos of the boy and his family that could have put their lives at risk. At least Major Gallagher was able to send silly pictures to press of himself In Uniform, complete with beret, saluting a la Benny Hill. Or indeed a la Gerald Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, close friend of Carlo as well as the Gang, who occupied very senior rank in the TA when Major Gallagher was killing off alkies in Gwynedd.
Tina Donnelly, the most supportive senior Angel of a colleague that Major Gallagher et al could ever wish for, has been in the TA for many years. Tina can be found in many places on the internet, including on the website of HEIW (Health Education and Improvement Wales), of which Tina is an Independent Board Member:

Tina Donnelly



Tina is  a registered nurse, who also trained as a midwife, and completed specialist training in cardiac care, palliative care and clinical teaching/teaching. Tina was the Director of the Royal College of Nursing in Wales from 2004-18, and has also held senior management posts in the NHS. 

Tina worked for 12 years in higher education, and has worked in the Welsh Assembly Government as a Nursing Officer, advising on health and nursing policy, regulation, human resources, research, and education. 

Tina is an honorary fellow of the University of South Wales and a fellow of the Royal College of Nursing. She received a CBE for services to Nursing, Armed forces and Trade Unionism and is Deputy Lieutenant for Mid Glamorgan. In April 2019, Tina was declared as High Sheriff for Mid Glamorgan. She is also a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute.

 Many of the disastrous criminals who have destroyed the NHS in Wales are something to do with the Chartered Management Institute, even the ones who began life as Angels like Tina.
Tina has reached the rank of Col (or she had the last time that I looked, she’s probably Field Marshal by now) and visited the field hospitals in Afghanistan where Major Gallagher et al performed their heroics. Once more, there was PR for everyone involved. See previous posts, including ‘Two Dangerous, Very Dishonest Nurses’ for the gen on Gallagher, Parry, Tina et al.
Noreen’s husband was a senior figure on Colwyn Bay Town Council.
David Hunt Official portrait of David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral crop 2.jpgis a lawyer who was a student at Bristol University in the late 1960s when D.G.E. Wood was at Bristol Medical School. Hunt remained in the West Country until he succeeded Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd as the Tory MP for the Wirral in 1976, ‘organising’ for the Tory Party. Hunt knew Edward du Cann, Tom King et al. Hunt is now the senior man in ‘international legal firm’ DAC Beachcroft, that undertakes work for the MDU.
The day after the Cunning Plan was finalised in the summer of 1990 – the Cunning Plan also involved the BMA and MDU – Sir Peter Morrison was appointed Thatch’s PPS. See ‘The Bitterest Pill’.
‘The Bitterest Pill’ discusses the political backdrop to the whole situation in 1990 and how Cabinet Ministers and lawyers worked with each other for their own ends. I have also discussed how some Tories, led by Heseltine and his pal from north Wales, Westminster Swinger and friend of Dafydd and Gwynne Sir Anthony Meyer, were desperate to get rid of Thatch, as were Labour supporting Top Docs, including Bodger, Uncle Harry, Wendy Savage, Dr John Marks the Chairman of the BMA et al and that they tried to do it by using me as a football…
The High Court case in Cardiff on 24 May 1990 would seem to have been precipitated by my letter to Carl Littlejohns, although obviously the arguments in Court presented by Crispin Masterman, the barrister acting for Gwynedd Health Authority, didn’t mention that. I don’t think that Crispin mentioned my letter to Littlejohns at all; very wise of him, because I made specific allegations of Dafydd sexually abusing patients as well as providing details of his other crimes.
One of my letters of complaint written at the time of the Carl Littlejohns business has handwritten on the top ‘Next Court Case 24/4/90’. Presumably a mistake, it was 24/5/90… From what I can work out, the person who wrote that probably wrote it before I knew that I was going to Cardiff High Court on 24/5/90…
Now I know what good mates Bodger et al at St George’s were with the Gang in north Wales, I presume that the appearance of Carl Littlejohns in the BMJ in March 1990 was not a coincidence. Everyone would know that I would read that…
DATE OF OLLIE’S 1989 and 90 papers with Bodger AND others with whom I was working at St George’s?? See post ‘Too Many Pills’.
The letter to Laurie Wood signed ‘pp Carl Littlejohns’ was written on north Wales Hospital Denbigh headed notepaper, with the name ‘Tom Trevelyan’ emblazoned at the top. Trevelyan’s status was given as ‘consultant psychiatrist’. I don’t know anyone who has ever mentioned Tom Trevelyan, but he seems to be Thomas Rhys Trevelyan who is at present without a licence to practice. Tom Trevelyan is listed as living in Chichester, West Sussex, which I seem to remember is where at least one of the daughters of Dr Nita Mitchell-Heggs, the people-trafficking Occupational Physician at St George’s for so many years, went to school. Mitchell-Heggs has voluntarily given up her licence to practice since starring on this blog, as has her husband, also a psychiatrist.
Sussex is of course Bloomsbury country. Tom is an older Doc, so he’ll have been part of the lobotomy crew at Denbigh.
Tom Trevelyan qualified from Cambridge University in 1973, two years after Dr Neil Davies, Dafydd’s partner in crime at Denbigh, qualified from Cambridge. Neil Davies has voluntarily given up his licence to practice since appearing on this blog. Neil’s name is all over my documents as being a key member re the conspiracy of the Gang to have me illegally imprisoned and has been willing to pass on lies about me to third parties, but Neil Davies has only ever been charm itself to me.
Cambridge graduates are not always the geniuses that they like to think they are but they are not clueless. Two Cambridge graduates of Tom and Neil’s generation will have known exactly how illegal and indeed murderous Gwynne and Dafydd’s activities were. They certainly won’t have been publishing accounts of their crimes in the BMJ.
Dr Nigel Baldock, a GP whom I saw for a short while when I worked at Surrey University, 1988-89, in the Cancer Research Campaign team led by Prof Vincent Marks, brother of John Marks, qualified as a Top Doc from Cambridge University in 1976 . Dr Baldock was very pleasant and wasn’t insane like so many of his colleagues, but he knew that they were and after he received a friendly phone call from one D.G.E. Wood that Wood made under the cover of wondering whether Nigel Baldock had been the Baldock at Bristol University with him (no of course he wasn’t, but it broke the ice as it were), Dr Baldock clearly decided that he wasn’t getting involved with this barrel of crap. Dr Baldock has voluntarily given up his licence to practice since he appeared on this blog, although I am not convinced that he was half so guilty as the crew in north Wales and at St George’s.
D.G.E. Wood and Dafydd are still on the Medical Register and licenced to practice. If I was Nigel Baldock I’d feel like braining the bastards…
The wonderful thing about voluntarily relinquishing one’s licence or registration if one is a Top Doc is that one can no longer be subject to disciplinary action from the GMC and one’s Good Name Remains Intact.See the source image
Even Professor Bluglass will be able to explain to Judi Dench when he next bumps into her at the St James’s Singers, the elite choir of which both Bluglass and his Top Doc wife Kerry are both members and hold senior office and of which Judi Dench is Patron, that Bluglass is not on the Medical Register anymore but his Good Name Remains Intact.
Cambridge University was not only host to the famous Cambridge Spies of the 1930s and 40s and the Apostles, but after Mr Tory Party Rab Butler had retired from politics, Rab was appointed Master of Trinity College. Rab was Mentor and Special Counsellor to Carlo when Carlo was an undergrad at Trinity, 1967-70. Carlo’s presence at Cambridge coincided with the presence of many others previously named on the blog who were Of The Gang. We can now add Neil Davies’s name to the list and Tom Trevelyan’s as well.
Professor Mark Williams worked at the MRC Unit in Cambridge immediately before joining the crazy gang in north Wales.
Littlejohns was Tom’s Senior Reg. When I first blogged about Carl, he was working as a psychiatrist in Chester. Since Carl appeared on this blog, his licence to practice has disappeared. Carl qualified as a Top Doc from Birmingham University in 1982; so Carl knew Prof Robert Bluglass…
There are a few Trevelyans on the Medical Register and Tom is not the only one who no longer has permission to practice as a Top Doc, a number of them have decided that they don’t want to work as Top Docs anymore or have been told that they cannot work as Top Docs. Likewise there are a number of Top Docs called Littlejohns on the Medical Register and a surprising number of them are without a licence to practice anymore, although the Littlejohns production line of Top Docs continues. Anna Tiffany Littlejohns is the latest to qualify, from Leeds University in 2018.
When I was looking for info on Tom Trevelyan, I discovered another interesting Trevelyan, Sara. She is described as a ‘psychiatrist’ in the media, but I think that she is a psychotherapist who is not medically qualified. Sara’s certainly interesting though. Sara was originally Sarah, but dropped the h and caused quite a stir in 1980 when she married Jimmy Boyle, the Glaswegian Villain who was banged up in Barlinnie for a Gangland Murder.
Jimmy Boyle was like John McVicar, a violent gangster who Got Educated as a lifer and became a celeb. John McVicar was a protégé of Laurie Taylor when Lol and Stan Cohen gave lessons in sociology to lifers in the famous 1970s OU pioneering education for prisoners programme. McVicar became a columnist for ‘New Statesman’ and the readers were just so charmed to have a Real Life Bank Robber writing for them! Jimmy Boyle became a sculptor…
I knew a bit about Jimmy Boyle because I read his autobiography when I was a student and I told one of my friends that after Jimmy’s self-admitted violent sexual exploitation of girls and women it was a bit rich of Jimmy to complain that the screws were beating him up. My friend gave me a bollocking and said whatever Jimmy Boyle had or hadn’t done, the state should not be breaking the law while supposedly punishing him for breaking the law. I understand the point, it’s not that I think the screws should have beaten Jimmy Boyle up, its rather a matter of pots and kettles. However, I didn’t know that Boyle had married a psychotherapist.
Sara’s wedding to Jimmy Boyle took place while he was still incarcerated in Barlinnie and was one of these Ronnie Kray-esque weddings accompanied by much media coverage of the Python spoof variety ‘The bridegroom wore dressing gown and slippers and sloped off for a pint and a fag after the ceremony’. Although Sara was working as a Glasgae psychotherapist at the time of her romance and subsequent wedding to Jimmy Boyle, she didn’t meet him through her work. Sara was amazingly enough one of these women who read about a vicious criminal and was just so fascinated that she had to write to him and introduce herself. She did and after that it was Barbara Cartland all the way…Image result for barbara cartland books images
Until their divorce.
Sara appeared in the media all over again in 2017 shortly after I began this blog! Not with any new husband who was a vicious criminal, but Telling Her Story once more, precisely to Herald Scotland on 25 Feb 2017. It’s worth reading in full, but I’ll just stress the key points here. Sara and Jimmy were Happy initially but then Sara became a bit disappointed in Jimmy. He was rather neglectful and insensitive and got a bid fed up of polite Scottish life. Sara had great hopes because after Jimmy was released, in the early 1980s Jimmy established Gateway Exchange in Edinburgh ‘to help those on the edge of society through arts’.
The Grand Opening was conducted by Billy Connolly, See the source imagehe who now has Parkinson’s, Men’s Cancer and has Opened Up About His Sexual Abuse At The Hands Of His Bastard Father, once his wife Pamela Stephenson of the Much Cosmetic Surgery became a Californian Analyst and Got To The Bottom Of Billy’s Problems.See the source image They subsequently appeared on chat shows, touching each other’s hands in a light but loving way, calling each other ‘Darling’ and discussing Billy’s Pain.
Previous posts have discussed Dafydd’s Glaswegian contacts Norman and Janey Buchan and their friends: Norman the now deceased Labour MP for Paisley and his Radical Arty CND-and Anti-Apartheid Movement supporting wife Janey who became a Labour MEP and was a personal friend of Nelson Mandela as well as Billy Connolly.
On 16 Jan 2012, the BBC reported Janey’s sad death, Norman having Passed Over previously:
Anti-apartheid campaigner Janey Buchan dies aged 85.
Janey Buchan greeting Nelson Mandela at the European Parliament
Janey Buchan greeting Nelson Mandela at the European Parliament


Former Glasgow MEP and anti-apartheid campaigner Janey Buchan has died at the aged of 85. The grandmother and great-grandmother was a Scottish Labour member in Brussels from 1979 to 1994 when she retired. Mrs Buchan’s son Alasdair confirmed to the BBC that his mother had died in Brighton at the weekend. She was the wife of the late Norman Buchan, who was a Labour MP in Paisley for 26 years until his death in 1990.

Mrs Buchan was born four days before the start of the General Strike in 1926 to her shipyard worker father, Joseph Kent, and her mother Chrissie Sinclair.

She left school at the age of 14 and met her future husband when they were members of the Young Communist League. The couple both left the Communist Party in 1956 and eventually joined the Labour Party.

Mrs Buchan was a councillor on Strathclyde Regional Council from 1974 to 1979, when she was first elected to the European Parliament in the first elections, in 1979. While serving in the parliament she was a member of the culture committee. She was also involved in the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Gas Consumers Council.

Mrs Buchan’s son said she had a variety of interests, particularly South African affairs, the arts and gay rights.

If Pauline McLean, Arts Correspondent for BBC Scotland, knows how Gwynne and Dafydd’s acquaintances NHS psychiatrists Sula Wolff and her husband South African-born Prof Henry Walton amassed such an extensive collection of Art Treasures – really brilliant ones as well, Ming pieces, Rembrandts, not just Franklin Mint plates – when they didn’t inherit money and spent their entire careers Helping The Poor that when they died the collection was bequeathed to the Scottish nation AND the Scottish nation were very grateful, it was the best stash that they’d been given in years, please do let us know. Sula is considered to be one of the Top Docs who established the discipline of child psychiatry in Britain and she met Henry when they were young Top Docs at the Maudsley working with Dafydd’s mates there, as discussed in previous posts. They mixed with the best in Edinburgh and were feted by their High Society contacts, but no-one ever quite explained why two Top Docs who’s careers were only ever concerned with assisting Poor People were in demand at the best parties in Scotland. Brown and I take an interest in Poor People and it tends to keep one out of High Places rather than opening doors and it certainly doesn’t lead to the accumulation of Ming Vases. At least not in our experience.

Perhaps Pauline knows Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass as well. He was instrumental in establishing Compton Verney in Warwickshire, one of the finest art galleries in Europe, as discussed in previous posts. Bluglass went to Warwick School and had spent most of his career hobnobbing with Posh People in Warwickshire, but when you’re a fixture in the Art World of the stature of Sula, Henry and Bluglass, you’ll all know each other. Furthermore, Bluglass qualified at St Andrew’s University and until he made his way to Birmingham as an older Top Doc, he spent his years as a younger Top Doc at St Andrew’s and Dundee. St Andrew’s is an elite university and Bluglass is quite a networker re St Andrew’s alumni. Unbelievably, the R&A Golf Club at St Andrew’s is so posh that Top Docs and others become members to meet the right people, as did Lord Robert Kilpatrick when he retired from mainstream Top Doctoring.

Kilpatrick was worth knowing himself, he was a Scottish Top Doc from Fife and Remained Close To Mining Communities and Socialism throughout his entire life, but managed to squeeze in being Dean of Sheffield Medical School without noticing Jimmy Savile or indeed noticing that David Blunkett hadn’t noticed Jimmy Savile either (see eg. ‘The Big Questions’), then a few years as Dean of Leicester Medical School when that institution was concealing a few matters related to Frank Beck and Greville Janner, until in 1989, the GMC headhunted Kilpatrick as their Chairman to succeed Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton, just as that police investigation into Frank Beck and Greville looked as though it was getting near to interviewing them under caution. See ‘Remember Girls! Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger’.

Robert Kilpatrick arrived at the GMC in time to protect Bodger when Bodger’s pal and close colleague Malcolm Pearce was named and shamed  in the big St George’s research fraud scandal in 1994. Bodger’s name, as well as Malcolm’s, had been on the paper describing the fraud and the paper had been published in the British Journal of Obs and Gynae of which Bodger was the Editor. Nonetheless, not only did Bodger Know Nuzzing, but Bodger gave evidence against Malcolm at Malcolm’s GMC fitness to practice hearing in June 1995. See ‘Now Then…’

Malcolm produced an Expert Opinion to testify that Malcolm wasn’t just making up a load of bollocks and sending it to the Br J of Obs and Gynae, but that Malcolm suffered from, as Dafydd would call it, Manic Depressive Insanity. Malcolm was, nonetheless, like Ollie Brooke in Dec 1986, Absolutely Disgraced, Malcolm was Struck Off and his Career Was Over.

However what most people knew nothing of was that a la Ollie, Malcolm lived to fight another day. Malcolm and Bodger’s old muckers who were telling the press that they were Shocked and Disgusted by what Malcolm had done and poor Bodger had lost out on his expected knighthood, had to resign as President of the Royal College of Obs and Gynaecologists AND resign as Editor of the Br J of Obs and Gynae ALL because of Malcolm, SHOCKING, actually negotiated Malcolm a new career. As an Expert Adviser to a barrister’s Chambers who specialised in medical negligence.

If someone had been aiming to inflict a crippling kick to Bodger’s knackers they did quite well, but what with Bodger being Mr Big of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and mates with Sir George Pinker, the Royal Doc who had delivered William and Harry (see post ‘Wimmin’s Wellbeing – The Fortnum and Mason Connection’), Bodger remained friends with Cilla and other celebs, kept his NHS job and his Chair but did have to hand over as Head of Dept to New Blood, Prof Stuart Campbell from King’s College, Cambridge. Before long there was another big scandal at St George’s involving one Prof Stuart Campbell.

Sir William Asscher, the Mr Very Big of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dean/Principal of St George’s, knew that This Could Not Be Tolerated and the Academic Dept of Obs and Gynae at St George’s was closed. The Top Docs all remained there treating patients – NO WORRIES THERE ANYBODY – including Bodger and Sir William rescued the institution’s reputation by forging ahead with a Ground Breaking Merger between St George’s and Kingston University for the Benefit of Nurse Training. The snobby old buggers at St George’s went into shock, they remembered the days when St George’s was located at Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge and had Lord and Lady Lucan as patients, now they were in downtown Tooting  and merging with a sodding ex-poly!!! No-one dared admit that the Waterhouse Inquiry was nearly upon everyone, that not only was I not dead yet but I had continued to raise concerns including with the Mental Health Act Commission in Spring 1994

re Dafydd sexually abusing patients, that Brown had provided yet more evidence, oh bugger there was trouble…

A number of people at Bangor University had vested interests in Kingston Poly, including Adrian Bell, my former tutor and Richard Bentall, so a merger it was. Or Fings Might Have Broken.

Not that Asscher’s merger solved anything. There was yet another scandal at St George’s rooted in one of Bodger’s old crowd when Rashmi Varma, the Fertility Consultant, stood accused of coercing NHS patients into providing eggs for private patients. Varma found herself in front of the GMC and although she was cleared – of course she was, Varma had the dirt on the Westminster Paedophile Ring, on Bodgerand his celeb and Royal friends and she knew what had happened to me – Varma returned to her native India declaring the GMC and British medical establishment to be racist and sexist. Which in various ways they are, but that’s not why they went after Varma and Varma herself had some quaint ideas about gender, race and social status. Varma was a Brahmin and never forgot it, which is why she always called her registrar Patel, Dr Patel being of a lower caste and not worthy of respect.

After the Varma scandal, I bumped into someone from St George’s at a conference and they told me that Varma was as guilty as they come and had been making a fortune out of her scams and rackets. It was always clear to me when I worked at St George’s that Varma was up to a great many things that she should not have been, because there were clues but a veil of absolute unnecessary secrecy over everything in her domain and she was also very isolated from everyone else.

There is one person who can tell us exactly what Varma was doing: Dr Patel (also called Rashmi). Varma ordered him about, he did all the hands-on work because no-one else would have anything to do with her and although part of my job was supposed to have been based in Varma’s ‘fertility lab’, no-one would ever tell me what was going on and no-one was interested in my efforts to increase the number of sperm and egg donors. I was told that this was what the Dept wanted but everything that everyone else did suggested that no-one actually wanted this.

Varma continued to purchase semen samples from expensive private hospitals in London, the Bridge Clinic etc and without me knowing, the donors that St George’s did have, usually med students, were being told by Dr Patel that they weren’t needed, we had plenty. We didn’t!

As for donor eggs, people will donate but not if you treat them like Varma et al did. It’s more complex and time consuming than sperm donation and slightly painful, no way are people going to put themselves out only to be treated disrespectfully.

Varma so obviously had big scams going on with private clinics in London, but I never got to the bottom of it. Furthermore the malpractice at St George’s was definitely known of by others in London,both at junior and senior levels. For some reason the very snooty, very controversial and very expensive Prof Ian Craft was giving the time of day to Deb Everard, an utter moron from St George’s who was a junior lab technician who knew sod all about fertility but she did know what Bodger was doing and she knew about Ollie Brooke… The big private clinics were sending over semen samples by motorbike courier at great expense to St George’s no less while public spirited medical students were being told to sod off…

I’ll just remind readers of a few things that I discussed in my post ‘Wimmin’s Wellbeing – The Fortnum and Mason Connection’. Sir George Oinker trained at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington in the 1940s. The Queen Mum Gawd Bless ‘Er was Patron of St Mary’s at the time.

The Queen Mum with Backdoor Billy, her loyal retainer who ran a VIP paedophile ring until Billy died from AIDS on 23 Nov 2007: 

Arthur Dickson Wright, another Royal Doc, but a phenomenally drunken violent one who put his family through hell, was also a St Mary’s Top Doc of that era, although Dickson Wright rarely turned up to work a la Dafydd. Dickson Wright’s wife was told by one of her husband’s colleagues that if she ever tried to publicise the way in which her husband treated her and the kids, she’d be sectioned. Her daughter told the teachers at her grand school what was happening to her at home and received a bollocking from the school for Saying Such Wicked Things. That daughter became a barrister and developed such a serious alcohol problem by her 20s that she became unemployable, squandered her considerable inheritance and was barred from practising for misconduct. Luckily Clarissa found a new lease of life in middle age when she let a few people know that she knew what was happening to my friends and I and Clarissa became a celebrity chef, along with her mate Jennifer, who had catered for Carlo. Fame and fortune came their way and The Two Fat Ladies acquired a mass following for reasons that were a mystery to some because if anyone else had conducted themselves in the way that they did they’d have been persona non-grata. Both Fat Ladies are now dead. Jennifer Patterson died on 10 Aug 1999, in that rush of deaths in the months before the Waterhouse Report was published and Clarissa died on 15 March 2014, in the aftermath of Jimmy Savile’s death, as Operation Pallial began to haul in a few more elderly bottom feeders who’d assaulted kids in north Wales and as the Macur Review took off. See ‘Arthur Dickson Wright – An Appreciation’.

Anna Mansfield, the daughter of Radical Defender Michael, was found hanging dead in May 2014. ‘Suicide’. Exactly the same method as so many prisoners in Risley, former kids in care in north Wales or other witnesses to the Gang. Or indeed Tony Francis. People were found hanging all over north Wales, in some rather odd places as well. Not only did Radical Defender Michael know much about the Gang and their associates, but the Mansfield family home was in Wandsworth when I worked at St George’s, when Wandsworth Social Services was facilitating organised abuse and crime in collaboration with St George’s and Springfield Hospitals. Donald Naismith, Director of Wandsworth Education Authority, was an active paedophile and was networked with other people who were abusing kids in care, including people employed in the welfare services. See previous posts.

Names of Wandsworth Borough Council staff litter my documents and when Anna died, Michael Mansfield and others knew that I was just emerging from the clutches of those who had unlawfully detained me for so long. Clarissa Dickson Wright was party to the same info, Clarissa who had been at Oxford with Miranda and used to quip that she Knew Things and could end a few high profile careers overnight if she ever felt like it.

Meet Derry, pupil master of Miranda and Cherie:

Model and fashion designer L’Wren Scott was another who ‘committed suicide by hanging’ in 2014. L’Wren was married twice and at the time of her death, her partner was Mick Jagger. From 1990 to 1993 as “Lauren Scott,” she was married to British property developer Andrew Ladsky. In 1993, one month after her divorce from Ladsky, she married Anthony Brand, manager of a Prada franchise in Beverly Hills. The marriage lasted for about a year and the divorce was finalized in 1997.

L’Wren’s longest relationship was with Mick Jagger, whom she met around 2001. The couple lived in London, New York City, France and Mustique. Scott’s siblings have ‘divided opinions’ regarding Mick Jagger’s relationship with their sister. After a long period of depression, Scott was found dead by her assistant at her apartment in the Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan on March 17, 2014, two days after Clarissa Dickson Wright died. The police reported that no note was found and there was no sign of foul play. The New York City Chief Medical Examiner determined Scott’s death to be suicide by hanging. L’Wren was 49.

In January 2015, it was announced that Mick Jagger had created a scholarship fund in Scott’s name for fashion design students at Central Saint Martins. In the weeks following her death, both L’Wren’s Banana Republic collection and her higher-priced line at Barneys New York were sold out.

L’Wren left her entire estate, estimated at about US$9 million, to Mick Jagger.

One of those with whom Mick spent years discussing Uganda before getting together with L’Wren was of course Jerry Hall. Who, pre-Mick, began Ugandan discussions with Bryan Ferry in 1975, leaving Bryan for Mick Jagger in 1977. Bryan grew up in County Durham and went to the same school as Brown’s mum. Jagger and Jerry held a marriage ceremony on November 21, 1990, in Bali, Indonesia. The putative marriage was later declared null (i.e., void ab initio) by the High Court of England and Wales in London in 1999. Jerry and Jagger have four children together: Elizabeth Scarlett (born 1984), James Leroy (born 1985), Georgia May (born 1992), and Gabriel Luke (born 1997). The couple lived together at Downe House, Richmond Hill, in Greater London, which Jagger purchased in the early 1990s. They split up in 1999. Jerry cited Jagger’s infidelity as the cause of the break-up.

In 2015, Jerry was reported to have begun dating Rupert Murdoch. The couple were seen in public together at the Rugby World Cup final on November 1, 2015.  Jerry and the Digger announced their engagement with a listing in The Times on January 11, 2016. The happy couple’s big day was on March 4, 2016.

Jerry and the Digger were seen together on the final show of American Idol on April 7, 2016. Not that Jerry was new to public appearances; in 2014 Jerry performed at Glastonbury, which was where Rolf Harris starred in 1993 after he had relaunched his career as an old bloke who could take the piss out of himself now that all the kids who remembered Jake the Peg were middle-aged…

Glastonbury 1993

1993 saw golden oldie Rolf Harris perform to a Glastonbury Festival consisting of 80,000 people. Also performing were The Orb, Lenny Kravitz and the Velvet Underground. Increasingly popular, the advance tickets were sold out by mid June.

One matter that I never bothered to flag up for years was that in the early 1980s, Rolf Harris turned up to Bridgy to open Great Mills, a DIY store. I was in my late teens at the time and Rolf was such an old has-been that I and some friends went to see Rolf for what we used to call ‘a cringe’. We arrived early, stood at the front and observed Rolf. Rolf was not a very nice man. When he thought that someone wasn’t watching or listening, Rolf was rather rude, short-tempered and furthermore he couldn’t make up his own jokes, he was copying them from the comments that one of the people in our group was making. We tried to talk to the local journos who’d come to toady to Rolf and they were so unpleasant that we left the store, only to find Rolf’s Car and Chauffeur outside. So I went over to talk to him. Rolf’s chauffeur was very chatty, shared his sandwiches with me and we had a lovely conversation.

Later that day I wrote to Brown and told him all about Rolf and Rolf’s chauffeur giving me sandwiches. That letter was among those in the box in my attic that, years after the letter was written, was stolen and flogged to George Carman and Digger. No-one at the time had ever mentioned that Rolf was a Sex Pest and I didn’t know about Rolf’s Welsh connections until Rolf was denounced as a Sex Pest.

When Rolf was commissioned to paint Brenda’s portrait, I took the piss in an e mail to Merfyn and I mentioned Lucian Freud as well. Well I didn’t know that your henchmen were hacking my e mails Miranda, so I really cannot be held responsible when you all became so confused and jumped to conclusions after you read e mails sent to Merfyn. It tends to be what happens when one illicitly reads other people’s mail, but then your time as George Carman’s pupil taught you a great deal about unlawfully accessing other people’s communications, taking comments out of context and adding two and two together to make ten thousand.

Because Miranda et al hacked my e mails etc they read a great deal about the serious criminality to which I had been witness and they also read the threats and fuckwittery sent to me by those we know and love working in the NHS, Social Services and the Commons, Welsh Assembly etc.

Oh it’s all in a days work for John McTernan et al, ‘Ere, can you see if you can nick that computer of ‘ers? That office isn’t locked during the day, they’re a trusting lot and no-one will ever suspect us. Cor, ‘ave you seen the sort of things that she writes to the VC? I reckon something’s going on there if you ask me, well do you know what Botney heard when he was in that pub in Durleigh and they knew ‘er you know, she comes from down there…’

Previous posts have discussed the extraordinary evolution of the Glastonbury Festival from a small gathering of elderly hippies in the 1970s when I and my friend (who was later bothered by Jack McConnell, Michael Grade etc) paid it a visit (it was a free festival for years and then it just cost a few quid to enter) to the Global Phenomenon that it became ooh by the 1990s when the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales just would not go away. The teachers at Chilton Trinity School laughed at my friend and I when we went to Glastonbury and told us that they had friends who Knew About Music who wouldn’t ever bother to go to Glastonbury…

It is also interesting to note how Somerset and its Establishment came to embrace Glastonbury and boast about it, because in the 1970s they really did not like Glastonbury and Michael Eavis one bit and Eavis was subjected to a great deal of aggro for holding that festival, even when it was small and sneered at. But that was before some people realised how much they could benefit if Glasto became Seriously Cool and hosted the Really Big Stars who sent their kids to Eton and rubbed parts of their anatomy with the Royals.


Other models and or designers who have left this world in recent years after committing suicide when seriously depressed include Isabella Blow (who’s ‘care’ overseen by expensive Top Docs was so fucking negligent that it would have made the Hergest Unit proud), who died on 7 May 2007.

Toward the end of her life, Blow became seriously depressed and was reportedly anguished over her inability to “find a home in a world she influenced”. Daphne Guinness, a friend of Blow’s, stated: “She was upset that Alexander McQueen didn’t take her along when he sold his brand to Gucci. Once the deals started happening, she fell by the wayside. Everybody else got contracts, and she got a free dress”. According to a 2002 interview with Tamsin Blanchard, it was Blow who brokered the deal in which Gucci purchased McQueen’s label. Other pressures on her included financial problems (Blow was disinherited by her father in 1994) and infertility.

Isabella and her husband Detmar Blow separated in 2004. Detmar Blow went on to have an affair with Stephanie Theobald, the society editor of British Harper’s Bazaar, while Isabella entered into a liaison with a gondolier she met in Venice. During the couple’s separation, Blow was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began undergoing ECT. ‘For a time, the treatments appeared to be helpful.’ During this period Isabella also had an affair with Matthew Mellon; however, after an eighteen-month separation, Isabella and Detmar Blow were reconciled. Soon afterward, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Depressed over her waning celebrity status and her cancer diagnosis, Blow began telling friends that she was suicidal. In 2006, Blow attempted suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. Later that year, Blow again attempted suicide by jumping from the Hammersmith Flyover, which resulted in her breaking both ankles. Blow made several more suicide attempts in 2007, by driving her car into the rear of a lorry, attempting to obtain horse tranquilizers, trying to drown herself in a lake and by overdosing while on a beach in India.

On 6 May 2007, during a weekend house party at Hilles, where the guests included Isabella’s long-time close friend and colleague Philip Treacy and his partner, Stefan Bartlett, Blow announced that she was going shopping. Instead, she was later discovered collapsed on a bathroom floor by her sister Lavinia and was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where Blow told the Top Doc that she had drunk Paraquat. Isabella died at the hospital the following day.

Blow’s death was initially reported as being caused by ovarian cancer; however, a coroner later ruled the death a suicide. At the inquest, Blow’s sister, Lavinia Verney, stated that after she discovered her sister had ingested the poison, Blow had told her, “I’m worried that I haven’t taken enough.”

Isabella’s funeral was held at Gloucester Cathedral on 15 May 2007. Her casket, made of willow, was surmounted by one of her Philip Treacy hats as well as a floral tribute and her pallbearers included her godson Otis Ferry, that twat of a son of Bryan’s who enjoys giving the sabs a damn good thrashing. (In 2010, Bryan Ferry dedicated his Olympia album in memoriam Isabella Blow and David Williams.) Actor Rupert Everett and actress Joan Collins delivered eulogies.Opera singer Charles Eliasch sang. A memorial service was held in the Guards Chapel in London on 18 September 2007, where Anna Wintour and Geordie Greig spoke. Prince Michael and Princess Michael of Kent were in attendance.

Isabella’s friend Alexander McQueen died at 40 years old on 11 Feb 2010, Alexander too having been in a dreadful state for quite some while after a highly successful career. By the end of 2007, Alexander McQueen had boutiques in London, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Las Vegas. Celebrity patrons, including Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rihanna, Monica Brown and J-pop queens, such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, and Koda Kumi, have frequently been spotted wearing Alexander McQueen clothing to events. Björk, Ayumi Hamasaki and Lady Gaga have often incorporated Alexander McQueen pieces in their music videos.

McQueen was openly gay and described coming out at a young age by saying, “I was sure of myself and my sexuality and I’ve got nothing to hide. I went straight from my mother’s womb onto the gay parade”. In 2000, McQueen had a marriage ceremony with his partner George Forsyth, a documentary filmmaker, on a yacht in Ibiza. Kate Moss and Annabelle Neilson were bridesmaids. The marriage was not official, as same-sex marriage in Spain was not legal at that time. The relationship ended a year later, with McQueen and Forsyth maintaining a close friendship.

McQueen stated in an interview shortly before his death on his CBE in 2003: “…Why they gave me that, I don’t understand – because I wrote, ‘I am a c–t,’ on the queen’s son’s jacket!” Which one of Brenda’s children’s jackets had that honour then??

McQueen was HIV positive.

McQueen was an avid scuba diver and much of his diving was done around the Maldives.

McQueen’s death was announced on the afternoon of 11 February 2010. In the morning, his housekeeper found him hanged at his home in Green Street, Mayfair. Paramedics were called and they pronounced him dead at the scene.[1]

Lee Alexander McQueen Headstone, Kilmuir, Isle of Skye.

David LaChapelle, a friend of the designer, said that McQueen “was doing a lot of drugs and was very unhappy” at the time of his death. McQueen’s death came just days before London Fashion Week, although he was not scheduled to appear there. Dr Stephen Pereira, McQueen’s psychiatrist, said he had mixed anxiety and depressive disorder for at least three years and had twice taken drug overdoses as “cries for help”. Pereira also said that McQueen had repeatedly missed psychiatric sessions, adding that there had been “enormous difficulty in getting him to personally, physically come to appointments”. Which demonstrates how bad Alexander must have felt at the time of the ‘cries for help’ that presumably went unanswered.

Camilla Belle in a 2009 dress by Alexander McQueen, listed among “100 Best Dresses of the Decade” by InStyle magazine.

McQueen left a note saying, “Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee.” The Metropolitan Police stated that the note was not suspicious, but did not confirm that the death was a suicide. On 17 February 2010, Westminster Coroner’s Court was told that a post-mortem examination found that McQueen’s death was due to asphyxiation and hanging. At the inquest on 28 April 2010, McQueen’s death was officially recorded as suicide. McQueen took an overdose prior to hanging himself. He had taken drug overdoses in May and July 2009. Coroner Dr Paul Knapman reported finding “a significant level of cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquillizers in the blood samples taken after the designer’s death.”

Knapman is a Top Doc who trained at St George’s and for years has been wheeled out to pronounce on worrying celeb deaths. When I worked in London I was told that Knapman was ‘corrupt’. Knapman conducted the inquest on Lord Snowdon’s longterm mistress Anne Hills – who’s dad Elliott Philipp, a cousin of Sigmund Freud, was an obs and gynae who was facilitating organised abuse  – in early 1997 and anyone with any fundamental knowledge of toxicology knew that Hills could not have died by suicide in the timespan and way claimed by Knapman. See ‘Error Of Judgement?’

On 3 February 2010, McQueen wrote on his Twitter page that his mother had died the day before, adding: “RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.” Four days later, he wrote that he had had an “awful week” but said “friends have been great”, adding: “now i have to some how pull myself together”.

McQueen’s funeral took place on 25 February 2010 at St. Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge. His ashes were later scattered on the Isle of Skye at Kilmuir. McQueen’s Scottish heritage – his father was born and had ancestral roots in Skye – was evident in his life and work.

A memorial was held for McQueen at St. Paul’s Cathedral on 20 September 2010. It was attended by Björk, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, Lady Gaga and Anna Wintour amongst 2,500 other invited guests. This lot do enjoy a good knees-up after one of their own has been found dead after extended periods of deep distress during which they were effectively abandoned.

On 18 February 2010, Robert Polet, the President and Chief Executive of the Gucci Group, had announced that the Alexander McQueen business would carry on without its founder and creative director.

Robert Polet (born July 25, 1955) was the former CEO of Gucci Group and prior to that worked as the President of the ice cream and frozen foods division of Unilever. Polet moved frequently from country to country and his international experience was one of the attributes the Gucci owner, PPR, was looking for at Gucci’s CEO position. He won the 2007 Fortune European Businessman of the Year award by Fortune Magazine.

Robert Polet was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1956, went to school in Britain and the Netherlands and was sent by Unilever to Paris, Milan, Hamburg and Malaysia. Polet studied business at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in Breukelen and later obtained his MBA at the University of Oregon in 1976.

After receiving his MBA, Polet joined Unilever in 1978 where he worked until 2004 at various positions. He worked in global management, marketing and was the President of the Malaysia division and later the president of the ice cream and frozen foods division.

Polet worked at Unilever while Prof Fergus Lowe ruthlessly blackmailed Unilever into parting with much research funding in the direction of Fungus and the School of Psychology. Fungus was able to hold Unilever over a barrel because of Gwynne and Dafydd’s relationship with senior people at Unilever, in particular, Lord Leverhulme aka Philip Lever, Chancellor of Liverpool University. See eg. ‘Feet In Chains’.

Polet’s strong links with the Netherlands may also have made him vulnerable to doing deals with the Gang or having a gun held to his head by them, because of Sir William Assher and so many of his friends being Dutch, as well as the Shell association with so many of those facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

Polet joined Gucci in July 2004, the year that Merfyn became VC of Bangor University after a period of being acting VC and Miranda issued the order to Remove Merfyn Jones As VC of Bangor University.

Robert Polet is married and has two daughters, Anne-Christine and Francine.

Polet’s wiki entry tells us that ‘Never having been one to adhere to rules and protocols, Polet had on numerous occasions strayed outside the boundaries of established practices and directions given by his superiors. This attitude had helped Unilever pioneer liquid margarine, going forward with his ideas while his boss at the time was reluctant to do so. Polet credits his experiences at Unilever for helping him grow. He was directed to head operations in Malaysia when he was 35. The situation he faced was grim, laden with problems with stagnating revenues, low profits, and a dysfunctional board. Once, facing a difficult situation, he asked the Unilever head office for advice on how to proceed and was told simply to list his available options and choose the best option. Of the situation, Polet said “It’s only by going through tough experiences that you can grow.”

Polet encourages the people working under him to break rules and to go outside the box. He prefers a hands-off managing style and let his employees operate without interference. When he left Unilever, he said that he felt he no longer had the entrepreneurial freedom he required. At Gucci, Polet left design decisions to the designers of the respective departments, a stark contrast to how previous executives worked.

Robert Polet spent most of his career at Unilever as the president of the ice cream and frozen foods division of the company prior to accepting the CEO position at Gucci. Due to the stark differences between the industries, when Robert Polet took the reins of Gucci in July 2004, he was received with much scepticism and doubt in the fashion industry and was the target of several jokes in the media. Many executives in retail in New York City were confused with the choice and have stated that success in the fashion industry is forged by relationships, something that Polet was severely lacking, being an unknown in the industry.’

But Polet’s pals in Fungus’s circle knew someone who was very well-connected in the fashion industry and the world of celebs:

Some two years between Polet joined Gucci, F wrote to a few of his old contacts from his days at Farnham Art College; among them were Society Artists and the wife of a big wig in the City. F had when younger been to school with Rick Parfitt of Status Quo and as a young adult had hung out with one of the neighbours of one of the Beatles. He had a lot of interesting memories re Mick Jagger and the Stones, Hendrix, artists who then became world famous, etc.

Polet was selected by a team at PPR led by its CEO Serge Weinberg to succeed Gucci’s former CEO Domenico De Sole after PPR decided not to renew his contract despite rescuing Gucci from bankruptcy in the early 1990s. While the Gucci line has been successful, the nine subsidiary labels the company owns have been doing poorly and have been losing money. Gucci’s net income in the fourth quarter of 2003, half a year prior to Polet’s hiring, has been solely from its primary line and its growth was less than predicted.


The BBC reported that McQueen had reserved £50,000 of his wealth for his pet dogs so they could live in luxury for the rest of their lives.  The dosh for the maintenance of those dogs to live in the manner to which they are accustomed 

will not be the high risk part of Alexander’s plan. The issue will be whether any of his fairweather friends discharge their duty to the dogs without plundering the dogs’ inheritance. I can only hope that those dogs have not yet been found dead lying next to a suicide note explaining that they can’t take any more.

McQueen also bequeathed £100,000 each to four charities; these include the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in South London and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity in Burford, Oxfordshire.

On 16 February 2010, McQueen’s friend Lady Gaga performed an acoustic, jazz rendition of her hit single “Telephone” and segued into “Dance in the Dark” at the 2010 Brit Awards. During the performance, Gaga paid tribute to McQueen, by dedicating a song to him. She also commemorated McQueen after accepting her award for Best International Artist, Best International Female, and Best International Album. Gaga dedicated a song to him, titled “Fashion of His Love”, on the special edition of her third album, Born This Way.

Björk, wearing a McQueen outfit, sang her rendition of “Gloomy Sunday” at the memorial at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Various other musicians, who were friends and collaborators with McQueen, commentated on his death, including Kanye West, Courtney Love, and Katy Perry.

In March 2010, celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Annabelle Neilson, among others, paid visual tribute to McQueen by wearing his distinctive ‘manta’ dresses. ‘Manta’ dresses had been worn by celebrities such as Daphne Guinness, Noot Seear, Anna Paquin, and Lily Cole prior to McQueen’s death, and following the announcement that he had died, remaining stocks sold out despite prices starting at £2,800.

They did it all for those poor orphaned little rich dogs…

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City hosted a posthumous exhibition of McQueen’s work in 2011 entitled Savage Beauty. The exhibition was so successful that Alexander McQueen fans and industry professionals worldwide began rallying at Change.org to “Please Make Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty a Traveling Exhibition” to bring honour to McQueen and see his vision become a reality: to share his work with the entire world. The exhibition then appeared in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum between 14 March and 2 August 2015. It sold over 480,000 tickets, making it the most popular show ever staged at that museum.

Poor old McQueen remained dead.

In 2012, McQueen was among the British cultural icons selected by artist Sir Peter Blake to appear in a new version of his most famous artwork – the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover -to celebrate the British cultural figures of his life that he most admires. Peter Blake was one of the celeb crowd who lived in the Bath area, discussed in previous posts, the location of Jeremy Fry’s residence.

McQueen is also given homage in the popular MMO World of Warcraft. There is an NPC dedicated to Alexander McQueen that is a Tailoring Trainer named Alexandra McQueen.

In February 2015, on the fifth anniversary of McQueen’s death, a new play based on the designer was unveiled. McQueen, written by James Phillips, is set over one night in London and follows a girl who breaks into the designer’s home to steal a dress and is caught by McQueen. The production takes inspiration from his imaginative runway shows and will be directed by John Caird. It has been described by McQueen’s sister Janet as ‘true to his spirit’. Stephen Wight and Dianna Agron played the leading roles.

A celeb tragic death provides soooo many opportunities, as Bodger’s son the fashion designer and business partner of Wayne Hemingway of Red Or Dead no doubt knew.

At the time of Alexander McQueen’s death, he had an 80% finished Autumn/Winter collection. 16 pieces of this collection were presented during Paris Fashion Week on 8 March 2010, to a select handful of fashion editors in a mirrored, gilded salon at the 18th-century Hôtel de Clermont-Tonnerre.

Fashion editors picked his final designs. Editors said the show was hard to watch because it showed how McQueen was obsessed with the afterlife. The clothes had a medieval and religious look. Basic colours that were repetitively used were red, gold and silver with detailed embroidery. His models were accessorised to show his love for theatrical imagery. “Each piece is unique, as was he”, McQueen’s fashion house said in a statement that was released with the collection.

After company owner Gucci confirmed that the brand would continue, McQueen’s long-term assistant Sarah Burton was named as the new creative director of Alexander McQueen in May 2010. In September 2010, Burton presented her first womenswear collection in Paris.

Ah well the show must go on.

In 2016, it was announced that Jack O’Connell would play McQueen in an upcoming biographical film about his life. On 8 June 2018 the documentary McQueen written and directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui was released in the UK. It was described by Harper’s Bazaar as “among the most accurate, sensitive, and moving. Using his collections as cornerstones, the documentary features candid interviews with colleagues, friends and even family of McQueen, who was known as Lee to the people he loved.”


The sign at the entrance to the home of Sebastian Horsley

Horsley lived at 7 Meard Street, Soho, London. A sign on the door once read: “This Is Not A Brothel / There Are No Prostitutes At This Address”. Horsley himself used to boast that he put the notice up because the police were constantly trying to nick him for keeping a brothel, but a rather more banal explanation for the sign on the door is now provided on Horsley’s wiki entry.

In August 2000 Horsley travelled to the Philippines to experience a crucifixion, in order to prepare for a series of paintings on the topic. Refusing pain killers, he was nailed to a cross and passed out. The foot rest broke and he only avoided serious injury by being caught by onlookers. A film and photos of the event, as well as his subsequent paintings of crosses, were exhibited in London in 2002; the nails used for the crucifixion are currently on display in The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History together with his red sequinned suit by Richard Anderson of Savile Row and other ephemera.

In an editorial article in The Observer in 2004, Horsley described his preference for sex with prostitutes: “What I hate with women generally is the intimacy, the invasion of my innermost space, the slow strangulation of my art.” He also stated that he himself had worked as a prostitute for a while. He argued that prostitution should not be legalized, as that would take away part of its thrill.

Horsley contributed a column to the monthly Erotic Review from 1998 to 2004. In early 2006, Horsley together with Marion McBride began to run a weekly sex advice column in The Observer. Four months later, after objectionable discussions of oral and anal sex had led to numerous complaints from outraged readers, the column was discontinued. The sex/relationship advice columns in the broadsheets, including that one written by Horsley and McBride, are a little odd in that they seem to be targeted at the very emotionally frail or those who have no idea how to access better info on the subject or those who have led a rather restricted existence. If I am ever in need of such advice I don’t think that I’ll bother to ask Mariella Frostrup or Bel Mooney.

Horsley, a self-described dandy, praised his chosen home of Soho in an article in 2006, although he had grown increasingly unhappy at what he saw as the decline of Soho as a centre of loose morals and bohemian bars, bemoaning the closure of haunts such as the Colony Room. Speaking following the death of the Colony Room’s last proprietor Michael Wojas in June 2010, a week before his own death, Horsley told The Independent: ” The air used to be clean and the sex used to be dirty. Now it is the other way around. Soho has lost its heart.”

In September 2007, the Spectrum London gallery staged Hookers, Dealers, Tailors, a retrospective by Horsley. The show documented his diving in Australian shark-infested water and copiously ingesting deadly drugs. Horsley’s memoir, Dandy in the Underworld, named after the T.Rex album of same name (Horsley counted Marc Bolan as one of his idols) was published in the UK by Sceptre in September 2007 and in the USA in March 2008 from Harper Perennial.

A one-man play, Dandy in the Underworld, written and directed by Tim Fountain opened at the Soho Theatre in London on 15 June 2010, one day before Horsley’s death. In the premier production the role of Horsley (the sole character in the play) was performed by Milo Twomey.

Following his death, in 2012 many of his personal items were turned into relics and exhibited and sold at The Last Tuesday Society‘s Gallery Viktor Wynd Fine Art. The bulk of his wardrobe was given to the Museum of London by Rachel Garley, his partner and main beneficiary.

Horsley was denied entry into the United States on 19 March 2008, after arriving at Newark Airport for a book tour. Immigration officers denied his entry claiming issues of moral turpitude. A customs official said that “…travellers who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude (which includes controlled-substance violations) or admit to previously having a drug addiction are not admissible…”. After eight hours of questioning, Horsley was placed on a plane and sent back to London. Horsley had told the Associated Press that he had prepared for the visit; his one concession: removing his nail polish.

Horsley was found dead at his London home on 17 June 2010 of a heroin and cocaine overdose. A friend, the journalist Toby Young, said he believed Horsley’s death was an accident: “If it had been suicide Sebastian would not have passed up the opportunity to write a note. It’s a tragic loss of life.” In an interview in April 2008, Horsley romanticised dying “destitute in the arms of a prostitute,” though not immediately dying “if that’s alright with you.”.

Sebastian’s funeral took place on 1 July 2010, at St James’s, Piccadilly, and was attended by more than 400 mourners, among them Marc Almond and the writer Will Self. Horsley’s coffin arrived at the church in a horse-drawn hearse. Among those who paid tribute to him was Stephen Fry who spoke of his friend’s “essential sweetness” and his “brown eyes” that stopped “just short of pleading”. The coffin was carried out of the church to the strains of Marc Bolan‘s “20th Century Boy“.

At the inquest on 17 August 2010 the Westminster Coroner, Dr Paul Knapman, (who else???) decided that “[Horsley] was known to have abused drugs and to that extent he has been the author of his own misfortune.”

In spite of the robust portrayal of Sebastian Horsley as a liberal minded libertine who enjoyed himself in a way that narrow minded old farts didn’t and was hassled by the police because he openly spoke of his copious use of sex workers, there is information that Sebastian wasn’t too fussy about the age of the sex workers, or whether they were like him or had been forced into Sebastian’s orbit. I don’t know if he ever actually assaulted anyone, but Sebastian probably had sex with a lot of people who felt that they couldn’t say no but would never have been able to convince a Court of that. Prime Gwynne and Dafydd territory, I’m fairly sure that their victims will have been among Horsley’s many partners.

In 1998, Jimmy Boyle was named as a financial donor to the Labour Party, along with so many other celebs networked into the Gang’s circle. Ioan Bowen Rees’s son Gruff Rhys evolving into an international superstar, along with the children of other Gang members/associates such as Cerys Matthews, put a jet engine under the phenomenon of celebs endorsing politicians.

Jimmy Boyle now lives between France and Morocco with his second wife, Kate Fenwick, a British actress. They married in Marrakech, Morocco on 27 October 2007.

Jimmy wasn’t the only Notorious Criminal whom Sara Trevelyan got to know, she hobnobbed with Evil Myra as well. Evil Myra was a rather different kettle of fish to Ronnie and Reggie, Jimmy Boyle etc but the reasons why never emerged above the loud shouting match between everyone re Evil Myra. Evil Myra should not have assisted Ian Brady with his crimes, but Evil Myra was a teenager, was terrified of him and there is substantial evidence to suggest that Evil Myra and Ian Brady did not carry out at least some of the murders which were attributed to them. Brady did kill some young people, he was not a nice man, but the prosecution, assessment, trial and subsequent fate of Evil Myra and Brady were entirely in the hands of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates, until the day that Evil Myra and Brady died. Every one of them was of the Gang’s network.
Evil Myra and Brady’s trial was held at Chester Assizes for no explicable reason. The offences weren’t committed in the Chester area, the victims of the offences didn’t live in the area and neither did Evil Myra and Brady, and they never had. The public gallery at the trial contained a number of local student Angels from Denbigh, who Cried When They Heard What Had Happened To Those Children. It will have been grim, but then so was what was happening to Ingrid and her friend’s patients at the hands of Gwynne and Dafydd.
Ingrid Who Cried At The Trial was still working in Denbigh when I was illegally imprisoned there in Dec 1986/Dec 1987. Ingrid Cried when I told her a few home truths about Dafydd as well. Ingrid wasn’t actively abusive like some of the other Angels, but she just ran when confronted with their wrongdoing. When I reminded her that Steven Rose, one of her colleagues, had assaulted me, dragged me down the corridor and told me that it was tempting to beat me up, Ingrid said ‘Oh just forget about him’.
After I refused to withdraw my complaint about Steven Rose, the North Wales Hospital initially refused to investigate it, then told me that all Angels had reassured the hospital authorities that Rose had always conducted himself ‘in an entirely professional manner’ (the NHS Investigators are so dim that they don’t realise that ‘professional’ simply means that one is being paid for one’s services, it isn’t actually the equivalent of doing one’s job properly) and after many months wrote to me and told me that they were ignoring all further correspondence about Steven Rose because he had now left Denbigh and was working elsewhere, precisely at Park Lane Hospital.
Together with Moss Side, Park Lane made up Ashworth, the hell hole run by the Gang, mainly for victims of the Gang but the occasional sicko was housed in Ashworth as well, to reassure everyone that when the Angels murdered a patient, They had A Very Difficult Job To Do Looking After Patients Like That. Ian Brady was transferred from the prison system to Ashworth Hospital in DATE and later died in Ashworth after years of lurid headlines re Brady Playing Games With The Doctors.  Believe me, it wouldn’t be difficult with those particular doctors.
Brady was highlighted as Playing Games With The Doctors throughout those difficult years when Ashworth was the subject of two Public Inquiries, when assaults, rapes and murders were common, when the Angels set fire to the cars of the Top Docs 

and were members of the NF, when clin psys and Angels had fist-fights with each other,

when kids in care were taken into Ashworth ‘to visit paedophiles’, when porn was made on the premises and enjoyed by both the patients and the staff, when Jimmy Savile dropped by as he pleased…
And of course when the Gang repeatedly stated that I should be housed either in Ashworth or Broadmoor. It’s probably why they sent Steven Rose to work there, so I’d see a friendly face when I checked in. After all, the Angels planted a piece of broken glass for me to tread on and then stated that Rose was the Allocated Angel to Look After My Foot once it had been stitched. Of course I told him to fuck off, I wasn’t having him near my foot and that caused yet more allegations of my Dangerousness.
I think that it might have been Ingrid who allocated Rose to be my Podiatrist.
Ingrid was also the Angel who said of the boys who had been assaulted by paedophiles as arranged by Dafydd that ‘those boys’ should be ‘grateful’ to Dafydd, ‘because no-one else would bother with them’.
Another gem from Ingrid was when I faced her with ‘Have you NOTICED the conditions in here and the way in which patients are being treated?’; she responded that I should think myself lucky, it’s much worse in Risley Remand Centre. Not that I had committed any offence, I had simply been abducted and illegally imprisoned by an insane old man who crashed in at midnight to conduct a ward round only involving me, oh well, all in a day’s work for the NHS, at least I wasn’t being strung up by screws and left to die in Risley, although that was the next part of the plan but it all sort of unravelled when not enough people told enough lies…
It was Ingrid who accompanied me to Bangor Magistrates’ Court after I stood accused of Attempting To Throttle a Top Doc and Ingrid witnessed the Magistrates confirm that the complaint had been withdrawn. Ingrid then witnessed Dafydd unlawfully section me AGAIN, so although the lies of the Throttled Top Doc had now been admitted, Ingrid was one of those who took me back to the Bryn Golau Peep Show, unlawfully once more…
It was Ingrid who was subsequently ordered by Dafydd one day without warning to release me from the Peep Show, but only if I was taken by Ingrid and other Angels straight to a train station and physically put on a train to London after being told to shut my mouth about DA and that if ever I came back to north Wales again I’d be incarcerated in Risley.
That Evil Myra is enough to make any Angel Cry, even one facilitating a sex abuse Gang herself.
My post ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’ discussed the Acland baronets, a landed Devon/Somerset family of whom a number were politicians with links to the Gang. One Acland whom I did not discuss in depth (although I did provide the link to him) is Robert, a Top Doc who trained with Gwynne and Dafydd’s partners in crime at the London Hospital.


Robert D. Acland, MBBS, FRCS (June 20, 1941-January 6, 2016) was a surgeon and academic credited with being one of the pioneers in plastic and reconstructive microsurgery. He was the younger son of Richard Acland (see ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’) and his wife Anne.

Robert Acland developed one of the first microsurgical instruments, the Acland micro-vessel clamp, as well as the 10-0 nylon sutures and needles that are still used today. Robert published the first edition of Acland’s Practice Manual for Micro-vascular Surgery, aka the “Red Book”, a manual on microsurgical techniques (1997). The current edition was revised in 2000 and ‘is still an essential tool for any trainee in microsurgical techniques and fundamentals of surgical microscopes and their use’. Or so we are told.

Acland was also a clinical anatomist and became a pioneer in the field of fresh tissue dissection. From 1981 to 2011, Acland established and ran the Fresh Tissue Anatomy Dissection Laboratory for surgeons and students at the University of Louisville, the first of its kind in the United States and is considered one of the best and most respected facilities in the world.

Acland’s major published work consists of the comprehensive Video Atlas of Human Anatomy. The video atlas ‘pioneers new and highly effective techniques of anatomical videography for a clear 3-D understanding of spatial relationships. The unique dynamic and 3-D perspective was achieved using camera rotation techniques pioneered at the University of Louisville School of Medicine’. Or so we are told.

Robert Acland was born on June 20, 1941, in Exeter, England to Richard Thomas Dyke Acland, the 15th baronet of Columb John, and Anne Alford. Although Richard Acland was a member of the landed gentry, he held left-wing political views; he was a Labour MP and one of the founders of the far-left Common Wealth Party, which promoted common ownership of land, as discussed in my previous post. In 1944 Richard Acland donated the ancestral estate of Killerton to the National Trust, Killerton consisting of a manor house and several thousand acres near Exeter. As they would not be able to rely on Killerton for financial support, Richard Acland told his sons that they would have to “make it on their own by being better, not by heredity.”

Robert Acland grew up in the dower house at Killerton instead of the main manor house. He went to the village school and then to Bryanston School in Dorset. Acland trained as a Top Doc at the London Hospital, qualifying in 1964. The London Hospital was already well on the way to becoming the co-ordinating HQ for the Westminster Paedophile Ring and had been in business with Gwynne and Dafydd for years. See eg. ‘Oliver’s Army’, ‘Too Many Pills’ and ‘The Logic Of Medicine’. Lord Bob Winston also qualified at the London Hospital in 1964 Walking with Cavemenand in the mid-60s Sir William Asscher left the London Hospital for George Thomas Central at Cardiff, having qualified at the London Hospital and spent a few years there working as a junior doc and researcher. Wendy Savage had already passed through the London Hospital and would be back later on in the 1970s…

Robert Acland undertook an internship at Bukumbi Hospital in Tanzania and then continued his training as a junior doc in Northampton, Mansfield and then Oxford. In 1969 Acland spent a year as a Senior Registrar in general surgery in Swindon, where his interest in microsurgery began after he watched John Cobett perform a microvascular anastomosis.

During his time in Swindon Acland began developing microsurgical instruments but realized that to make any real progress he would need to research the matter full-time. Acland received two years of funding from the MRC to improve the instruments used in microsurgery. Acland believed that the Scottish plastic surgeon Thomas Gibson may have played a part in approving Acland’s application for MRC funding. With the funding Acland returned to the London Hospital in 1970, where he invented the “Acland micro vessel clamp,”, investigated the prevention of microthrombosis and developed smaller needles and thread for microsurgery.

Previous posts have discussed how two of the most senior academic Top Docs at the London Hospital, Prof Clifford Wilson and Sir John Rogers Ellis who were facilitating organised abuse and crime, were from the late 1960s onwards, given responsibility for postgrad training of Top Docs across all the London teaching hospitals. They also organized placements for junior docs across the whole of the south of England, including in the West Country. Ellis and Wilson had pals in key positions in hospitals throughout the south of England to assist in their expansion of the criminal empire. Their man in Taunton was Dr Brian Wykeham Webb. Domination of junior docs was achieved by a combination of infiltrating the medical students’ and junior docs social facilities eg. the Students Union, the Drama Society etc, befriending them and treating them to jollies such as fun weekends in Top Docs’ country houses interspersed with reminders that Fings Break for med students and junior docs who don’t join the crowd.

Medicine Is Of Course Tough, It Involves Many Years Of Study And Very Hard Work, But The Rewards Are Enormous In Terms Of Personal Fulfilment And The Knowledge That One Is Helping Humanity.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Previous posts have detailed Lord Bob Winston’s glorious career and his employing one of the worst sexual harassers in British medicine, Richard Penketh, whom Lord Bob passed onto Bodger Chamberlain when Lord Bob realised what a liability Penketh was. Bodger passed Penketh on again and soon Penketh found himself in south Wales, living the life of Riley as a member of Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, training for his pilot’s licence and winning awards for Excellence from the Welsh Gov’t, specifically Dr Brian Gibbons.

Lord Bob’s nearest and dearest are fun as well, I can recommend readers to look up his sister Willow, an Artist, who in 2017 not long after I began this blog, became Politically Active and set out to fight the regeneration scheme that Willow was concerned would have deleterious consequences for Millwall FC. I know that Millwall have tried to clean their act up in recent years, but it was a little ironic to see Jewish Willow, descendant of migrants to Britain, take up cudgels on behalf of an organisation once notorious for racist violence and support for fascist groups.

It makes a mockery of people cleansing Mark Twain editions of the ‘N word’ etc. But then the Winstons aren’t quite what they pretend to be.


Robert Acland commercialized his microsurgical techniques, initially approaching Ethicon, then the largest suture manufacturer in Britain with a proposal to do this. Ethicon rejected the proposal and Acland then turned to Springler and Tritt, a start-up suture company in southern Germany. Acland then undertook further training in plastic surgery at Canniesburn Hospital in Glasgow, 1972-75.

While at Canniesburn Hospital, Acland performed meticulous microsurgery operations that could last up to 14 hours. Acland’s story is that the NHS medical establishment was displeased with him taking up so much time in the operating room and thus he came to see ‘that the NHS was not the place for his perfectionism’. In 1975 Robert Acland accepted an offer to set up a microsurgery teaching laboratory at the Kleinert-Kutz Hand Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The centre had been founded by Harold E. Kleinert, the first surgeon to use microsurgery to treat hand injuries, as well as his partner and fellow hand surgeon Joseph E. Kutz. Kleinert had also established the Christine M. Kleinert Fellowship in Hand Surgery in 1960 to give surgical residents more experience with hand surgery. Kleinart realized that the Fellowship needed to improve its teaching of microsurgery and invited Acland to set up a teaching laboratory at the suggestion of Graham Lister, a plastic surgeon who had joined Kleinert’s practice and who had trained with Acland at Canniesburn Hospital.

Previous posts have discussed the Big Knobs of the Glasgow Medical Scene in detail and their capacity to conceal serious criminality on the part of their colleagues, the Biggest Knob in that category who is still very much alive and waving his knob about being Sir Kenneth Calman, Susan’s dad. Sam Galbraith, the obnoxious Glaswegian neurosurgeon whom the Windbag begged to get on board with the Labour Party by offering Sam rapid promotion to a Gov’t post, was another Glaswegian Big Knob. Sam was great PR for the Windbag – I’ve been told that the Windbag’s feting of Sam was something to do with Tony Francis and of course it happened just as I entered medical research – but Sam was not a success. He was arrogant even by Top Doc standards, couldn’t work with anyone in politics at all and ended up being threatened with physical assault by Prezza. After devolution, the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood thought that it might like Sam and he became Education Minister, presiding over a disaster when the exams boards remained in such chaos that thousands of Scottish students didn’t receive their Highers results in time to take up their places at University. Sam swore and intimidated everyone as usual but they’d had quite enough of him by then and Sam left politics, never being the boost for Labour that the Windbag dreamed that he would be, although Gordon Brown, Lord Jack McConnell and others reaped great benefit from Sam Galbraith.

Jezza is falling into the same trap now. Jezza loves Doctors and he supports them and will give them lots of money! Jezza, they don’t like you, they think that you are silly, incompetent and more importantly a push-over and push you they will. Medicine is so conservative at the higher echelons that there are not the people who would sympathise with Jezza at the top of the profession, lefties just don’t get there. The best that one finds are greedy old bastards like Bodger who are champagne socialists but the champagne has to be reserved for them rather than the plebs. The people who would be sympathetic to Jezza’s ideas of social revolution have been flattened, pushed out or daren’t reveal their colours because the rest of their senior colleagues will finish them off.

Like Hammersmith research fraudster Dame Julia Polak (see eg. ‘I Don’t Believe It!’) and Ysbyty Gwynedd’s own Vanessa Poeppinghaus, Sam Galbraith benefited from a difficult organ transplant for a complex problem and as Top Docs tend to, far outlived the plebs who had similar experiences. This phenomenon is because the Top Docs keep each other away from dangerous practitioners, rather than the superhuman status that is so often attributed to them. Sam did leave us in the end though, Sam died on 18 Aug 2014, that very dangerous year for Insider witnesses. Bodger died in Oct 2014.

Robert Acland played a key role in the founding of the University of Louisville’s fresh tissue dissection laboratory in 1981. A retired surgeon, Herbert Wald, asked Acland and two other surgeons, Harold Kleinert and Gordon Tobin, to help pay for a large walk-in refrigerator for unembalmed cadaver preservation. Acland was appointed Director of the fresh tissue laboratory in 1983 upon Dr. Wald’s full retirement and under Acland’s leadership the laboratory was substantially expanded and improved. As Director, Acland began to transition away from teaching microsurgery in favour of teaching anatomy.

Acland began making the video atlas of anatomy in the autumn of 1993. Although he had been considering such a project for years, the immediate cause was a conversation he had with a medical student, Suzanne l’Ecuyer, at the University of Louisville, after giving a lecture on the importance of anatomy in clinical practice. Acland considered the project to be his personal “Sistine Chapel”.

Acland was married three times and had four children. He married his first wife, Sarah Wood, in 1963. A fellow student at the London Hospital Medical College, Sarah became a psychiatrist and accompanied Acland when he moved to the United States in 1975. They had two children together; Beatrice, born in 1966, and Daniel, born in 1969. Acland divorced Sarah in 1983 and that same year married Susan Bishop of Louisville, Kentucky. He had two children with her; Benjamin, born in 1985, and Emily, born in 1987. He divorced Susan in 1990. In 1992 Acland married Bette Levy, a local textile artist, to whom he was married until his death in 2016. According to Sarah, as of 2016 all three wives live in the Louisville area and get along well.


Acland was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, or bile duct cancer, in September 2014. He died on January 6, 2016 at 74 years old when he died.

Robert Acland’s elder brother was Sir John Dyke Acland, 16th Baronet (13 May 1939-26 September 2009). John Acland attended the Dragon School in Oxford, Clifton College, Magdalene College, Cambridge and the University of Wisconsin. Acland married Virginia Forge on 9 September 1961. His children were Dominic Dyke Acland (born 1962), Dr Piers Dyke Acland (born 1965), and Holly Dyke Acland (born 1972). Sir John succeeded his father as baronet on the latter’s death on 24 November 1990. THATCH, ST G’s etc

Sir John Acland died on 26 September 2009 a day after being involved in a car accident near Bedford, England.

Sir John’s son and heir is Sir Dominic Dyke Acland, who is Chair of Wessex Community Assets Ltd.

This is what Dominic’s LinkedIn profile says:

Working mainly in the third sector for over 30 years, often at the interface between people and the natural world and often in urban environments, I am committed to supporting people to create a sustainable future. I am experienced in setting up new organisations and managing existing ones, developing projects and initiatives, community development and fundraising. I have a special interest in wildlife conservation, heritage, sustainable food and community enterprise.

    2 years 2 months – Chair – – Present 1 year 1 month, Devon, Dorset, Somerset

    It’s an honour to have taken on the role of Chair from Paul Sander Jackson and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with this great team driving community ownership in our area.


    • – Present 2 years 2 months

      Devon, Dorset and Somerset

      Wessex Community Assets is a community benefit society and infrastructure organisation supporting the development of community-owned enterprises such as housing, village shops and workspace across Devon, Dorset and Somerset. I take a lead on the Community Enterprise Network, a new project funded by the Barrow-Cadbury Trust through their Connect Fund to help communities launch share offers to raise the finance to realise their ambitions, and to connect groups across our area to share resources, ideas and skills.

      Freelance Consultant

      – Present 4 years 3 months

      Exeter, United Kingdom

      I provide organisations with project development and fundraising support. Current clients are Newton Abbot Town Council (fundraising for the Newton’s Place project, with £300,000 raised to date through the fundraising drive I have co-ordinated), Resonance (working on a Local Food project) and Devon Link Up/You First (working on a business plan for Broadclyst Community Farm). Recent clients include Devon County Council’s Blackdown Hills AONB team (project development for the Connecting the Culm EU Interreg project, securing a grant of £600,000 towards the £1m project) and Stover Country Park (Restoring Stover HLF Round 1 application); the Link Academy Trust (a business plan for a school farm project), Exeter’s Co-Cars, East Devon Catchment Partnership and Plymouth City Council.

    • Director


      – Present 10 years 2 months

      I am a founder Director of Exeter Local Food Ltd, a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society which established the Real Food Store in the centre of Exeter in March 2010 having raised £150k from 300 member-investors. The business provides locally-sourced and sustainable food to high-street shoppers and a cafe. See www.realfoodexeter.co.uk. I led the Real Food Store’s search for new and expanded premises in Exeter, which was forced by the planned redevelopment of the bus station, and I’m happy we’re now settled into a new store at Exeter’s Central Station and are running the cafe at Exeter Central Library.

    • Project Manager
    • Living Options Devon

      2 years 6 months

      Exeter, United Kingdom

      • I worked part-time for this user-led disability charity developing the Heritage Ability project, which supports heritage sites in the South West to become more accessible. The project, grant-funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, was the national winner of the 2018 National Lottery Awards in the heritage projects category.

      • Embercombe


        2 years 4 months

        Managing Director, 1 year 7 months

        Haldon Forest, Exeter, Devon

        I took on the new role of MD at Embercombe, a charity and a 50-acre site overlooking Dartmoor for people who want to take courageous action to change the world. This inspiring place offers residential programmes for individuals, organisations, schools and colleges throughout the year. I initiated a series of reforms to help the business become more professional and viable but after 18 months felt that I had done all that I could.

        Trustee, 9 months

        Haldon Forest

        I sat on the Board of Trustees at Embercombe, a charitable trust dedicated to inspiring people to take committed action to achieve a truly sustainable world.

        Director, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust; 14 years 1 month

        I set up and then managed the Trust for 14 years, seeing it triple in size and develop a range of wonderful projects in and around Torbay. We focused on low-carbon solutions and sustainable lifestyles, with specific expertise in wildlife management, farming and food issues, environmental education and low-carbon building. Key projects were the development of Occombe Organic Farm, the regeneration of Berry Head NNR and Cockington Country Park and the formation of the South Devon Biomass Company.

        • outh Devon Biomass Company.

        • Torbay Council

          Countryside Manager

          Torbay Council

          8 years 8 months

          I came to Torbay to set up Cockington Country Park and then moved to take on the management of the whole Countryside Service in the local authority. I then led the process of creating a new charity that would take over the land and staff of the Countryside Service. The charity launched in 1999 and I became its Director. It was a unique step at that time to transfer a whole team together with 1200 acres of land and buildings, an early example of commissioning!

          Countryside Manager

          North Tyneside Council

          3 years

          Managed St Mary’s Lighthouse Visitor Centre and SSSI and coastline along North Tyneside.

Dominic’s brother Piers is a barrister based at 12 South Square, a company that specialises in intellectual property law. Much of their business is concerned with healthcare.

Piers Dyke Acland:

Piers Acland QC

Since his appointed as Queens Counsel in 2010, Piers has successfully made the transition from leading senior junior to successful IP silk. This was reflected in his nomination at the Chambers and Partners Bar Awards as “IP/IT Silk of the Year” during his first year as Silk.

Piers has a strong patent practice covering a wide variety of technology areas.  His background in biochemistry means he is often in demand for pharmaceutical patent matters and since taking silk he has led some of the leading cases in this area.

Piers has been involved in numerous cases before all of the appropriate English courts and tribunals as well as the European Patent Office.

Piers was once again nominated as ‘IP/IT Silk of the Year’ at the 2015 Chambers and Partners Bar Awards.

What the directories say:

“If you want a Rottweiler who will destroy the opposition, he’s your man.” “He is really hard-working and excellent on the technical front. His skills in field of molecular and biotech are top notch.”
Chambers and Partners 2019

Always meticulously prepared, he has the trust of the judges and good judgement on which points to run and which to fight.
Legal 500 2018

Piers’ Education and Qualifications

University College London 1984-7; BSc (Biochemistry) First Class Hons;. Imperial Cancer Research Fund 1987-91: PhD Molecular Virology; College of Law 1991-2: Common Professional Examination Inns of Court; School of Law 1992-3: Bar Vocational Course Mansfield Scholar (Lincoln’s Inn); 1991-2; Denning Scholar (Lincoln’s Inn); 1992-3 Appointed Queens Counsel 2010



A quick scan of some of Piers’ triumphs that he advertises on his webpage I know to have involved controversial ‘treatments’, one of which was prescribed by Hergest Unit consultants that caused distressing, debilitating ‘side-effects’ yet had no clinical benefit. This was later acknowledged in the medical literature.

‘Recent & Reported Cases’ also includes:

Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc v Gilead Sciences Inc [2014] EWHC 3916 (Pat) Patent infringement proceedings brought by Idenix in relation to “Sovalidi”, a drug for treating Hepatitis C virus. Patents Court. Appeal pending.

GILEAD – cross ref


Dominic and Piers’ sister Holly Dyke Acland’s website tells us:

I am an Illustrator and designer based in the English Lake District. My portfolio is a mix of commissioned work and personal projects.

My background in fashion and textiles, love of travel and nature all influence my work. I enjoy working in a various traditional and digital mediums and have developed a mixed media style that show cases my love of illustration, pattern, bold colour and texture.


Now for further info on those who played major roles in Brave Wendy’s Battle Against The Male Medical Establishment (see eg. ‘A Celebration Of Dafydd’s Medical Training’, ‘This Is A Nightmare For All Of Us’ and ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’):


There was a Panel of Enquiry who oversaw the investigation into Brave Wendy and who subsequently Cleared Her Name after the many stressful months of Brave Wendy biting back tears, being moved by the support of her colleagues and all the flowers, while she worked until late into the night writing the letters to her lawyer etc because during the day Brave Wendy was fully occupied with the Most Important Thing To Her ie. Caring For Her Poor Bengali Wimmin Patients who refused to see male doctors so they ended up with one of the biggest people traffickers in London, Brave Wendy. In the evenings Brave Wendy had to Cook Dinner For The Kids, it’s all go if you’re one of the most essential links in Dafydd’s business.

The Panel Of Enquiry consisted of

Christopher Beaumont, Peter Howie and Leonard Harvey.

Christopher Beaumont was Chairman of the Panel of Enquiry and died in 2002. The Torygraph obituary for Beaumont was published on 16 May 2002:

His Honour Christopher Beaumont, who has died aged 89, was the retired circuit judge responsible for stirring the last significant flurry of controversy surrounding Lord Mountbatten’s rule in India; in 1992, he accused him of gerrymandering the Radcliffe Commission’s delineation of the India-Pakistan border in 1947.

Beaumont had been secretary to the boundary commission chaired by thesenior British judge Cyril Radcliffe and, like many old India hands, retained a lifelong antipathy to the last Viceroy. He once told his son not to be vain like Mountbatten, which came a surprise to the boy who, aged five, had never even heard of him.

Almost 40 years later, Beaumont was so appalled by the pro-Mounbatten line being fed to his own grandson, who had chosen the transfer of power in India as his special subject for Part II of the Cambridge History tripos, that he produced a private paper on the subject. Then, when the issue was aired in the news and letters columns of The Daily Telegraph in 1992, the Foreign Office agreed that he should reveal the effect on partition of Mountbatten’s sympathy for Nehru, the future primeminister. He recalled turning away V P Menon, a Government of India official, who had appeared at Radcliffe’s bungalow around midnight on August 11 1947. Menon claimed to have been sent by Mountbatten, but Beaumont persisted “no less politely” that this made no difference, and he still could not seeRadcliffe; Menon departed. Beaumont considered this the first attempt to ensure that the Ferozepur and Zira salient across the River Sutlej would go to India in the commission’s recommendations – which they later did. He believed that the disputed border areas were discussed at a lunch between the Viceroy and Radcliffe from which he, Beaumont, had been “deftly excluded”.

This, he reflected, brought grave discredit on both Radcliffe and Mountbatten, who was supposed to have no knowledge of the boundary award. However, in subsequent private correspondence, Beaumont made it clear there was no pressure relating to the more controversial award of most of Gurdaspur district to India, which ensured that the Indians had a land route to Jammu and Kashmir.

The son of a solicitor, Herbert Christopher Beaumont was born on June 2 1912 at Wakefield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Christopher grew up at the family home of Hatfield Hall, and was educated at Uppingham and at Worcester College, Oxford, where he read History. On coming down from university he suffered a double blow with the deathsof his brilliant younger brother, while climbing in Snowdonia, and his father.

He joined the Indian Civil and Political Services in 1936, serving as a district officer in the Punjab. Refused permission to join the Armed Forces during the war, he was appointed Radcliffe’s private secretary, the day afterRadcliffe’s own appointment.

After independence, Beaumont entered the Foreign Service and was posted to Vienna. However, he was soon keen to return home and determined to switch to the law. Called to the Bar by Inner Temple in 1951, he entered chambers in Leeds, at 37 Park Square, to practice in general common law.

Inner – Lord Snowdon’s father; Mr Thrope; The Havers Clan

Leeds – Savile – Northern Circuit – James Pickles – George Carman until he successfully defended Mr Thrope and then relocated to London; Geraint Morgan QC, the Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83

As an advocate he was always well-prepared, good on the detail, andforensic in his cross-examination, which he laced with a dash of irony; but he never patronised juries. In 1962 he was appointed as a Metropolitan stipendiary magistrate, a post with the attractions of a salary and a flat on King’s Bench Walk in theTemple. For the next decade he sat at Bow Street, Marlborough Street and Clerkenwell and also served as deputy Coroner for Westminster.

Central London – Westminster – Knightsbridge – St George’s turf

Appointed a circuit judge in 1972, he presided over cases at the Old Bailey aswell as in the Crown Courts of the North East.

From Old Bailey to Lord John Walton HQ in the North East – will have known Cardinal Basil Hume’s family of Top Doctors from the North East and that Basil’s sister was married to Lord John Hunt, Cabinet Secretary under Harold Wilson and Ted Heath – Hunt came from Minehead and went to school near Bath – Basil Hume introduced Jimmy Savile as a member of the Atheneaum in 1984, the year that I complained about Gwynne – Atheneueam is the club of choice for Top Docs and Vice-Chancellors

Tough but fair, with an old-fashioned sense of justice, See the source image

he believed the individual had a right to be defended by the law.

Unless they had been targeted by some seriously criminal Top Docs of course. In which case the response to even the most solid evidence will have been See the source image


His no-nonsense approach to punishment earned him the affectionate nickname of “Basher Beaumont”.

So he wasn’t ‘tough but fair’ then, he was sadistic and probably corrupt, that tends to be the translation of ‘no- nonsense’ in judiciary speak. It always has been in the case of Huw Daniel.

To ill-prepared counsel he could be quite fearsome, but he was generally well-liked and respected.

At least by the toadies who wrote his obituaries.

He was a member of the Parole Board from 1974 to 1976.

The other Lord John Hunt?? Sir Charles Evans’s Everest Hero friend?? CHECK DATES

After stepping down from the bench in 1985,

Just as Brave Wendy’s Battle commenced. By


1985, hundreds of kids in care from the North East had been sent to children’s homes in north Wales; numerous complaints about serious abuse were ignored. In the North East itself, the abuse of kids in care was being concealed. Colin Smart, Director of Sunderland Social Services, did expose it, had his career ruined and was put into a corner legally and pressurised into accepting a not very big settlement in return for not making any more that he knew public. Colin is following the organised abuse revelations but still cannot publicise any more than he has already.

Chris Mullin, a Labour MP for Sunderland, led the battle to free the Birmingham Six during the 1980s while he too concealed organised abuse of kids in care in Sunderland. The lawyers and Top Docs who worked on the big miscarriages of justice cases, including the Birmingham Six, did deals never to take a case for me (and no doubt others) against Dafydd in return for co-operation from lawyers, Top Docs and judges, with their other cases.

Beaumont served as a temporary resident magistrate in Cyprus and was chairman of the Police Appeal Tribunal from 1988 to 1996.

Remember the sorry state of British policing during those years… They also cover the years when the Chief Constable of the North Wales Police refused to co-operate with the first police investigation into the abuse of kids in care in north Wales/Cheshire.

After retiring finally aged 84, he devoted himself to travelling, tending his vegetable garden and reading Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Evelyn Waugh and P G Wodehouse.

Beaumont was appointed MBE in 1948.

He married, in 1940, Helen Smail, who bore him a son and two daughters.

1985, hundreds of kids in care from the North East had been sent to children’s homes in north Wales; numerous complaints about serious abuse were ignored. In the North East itself, the abuse of kids in care was being concealed. Colin Smart, Director of Sunderland Social Services, did expose it, had his career ruined and was put into a corner legally and pressurised into accepting a not very big settlement in return for not making any more that he knew public. Colin is following the organised abuse revelations but still cannot publicise any more than he has already.

Chris Mullin, a Labour MP for Sunderland, led the battle to free the Birmingham Six during the 1980s while he too concealed organised abuse of kids in care in Sunderland. The lawyers and Top Docs who worked on the big miscarriages of justice cases, including the Birmingham Six, did deals never to take a case for me (and no doubt others) against Dafydd in return for co-operation from lawyers, Top Docs and judges, with their other cases.

Beaumont served as a temporary resident magistrate in Cyprus and was chairman of the Police Appeal Tribunal from 1988 to 1996.

Remember the sorry state of British policing during those years… They also cover the years when the Chief Constable of the North Wales Police refused to co-operate with the first police investigation into the abuse of kids in care in north Wales/Cheshire.

After retiring finally aged 84, he devoted himself to travelling, tending his vegetable garden and reading Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Evelyn Waugh and P G Wodehouse.

Beaumont was appointed MBE in 1948.

He married, in 1940, Helen Smail, who bore him a son and two daughters.

Professor Calder: “His retirement will leave a very considerable void as he will be sorely missed by his clinical and academic colleagues, trainees and by a very large number of patients who have benefited from his care and expertise.”/ends

Notes for editors
Biography Professor Peter Howie

Born in Aberdeen
Father appointed to Chair of Bacteriology in University of Glasgow in 1951 entailing a move to Glasgow
Attended High School of Glasgow then University of Glasgow Medical School, graduating MBChB in 1963
Trained in obstetrics and gynaecology at Western Infirmary and Queen Mother’s Hospital, Glasgow 1970 awarded Astor Foundation Research Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists to pursue v important work on blood coagulation disturbances in context of obstetric complications.
Lecturer then senior lecturer at Royal Infirmary and Royal Maternity Hospital of Glasgow.
1978 clinical consultant in MRC Reproductive Biology unit at University of Edinburgh 1981 Professor Obstetrics and Gynaecology University of Dundee 1990-93 Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Currently chairman of Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education.
Other appointments include chairman of WHO task force, member of General Medical Council, member of MRC Systems Board and Chairmanship of Scottish Cancer Co-ordinating Advisory Committee.

University of Dundee, Press Office, Feb 2002:

Professor Peter Howie retires

photo of Prof Howie

A celebratory dinner to mark the retiral of Professor Peter Howie was held in the Bonar hall last month hosting a full house of colleagues and friends from his long and distinguished career. Colleagues from all over Scotland gathered to honour a man who has not only made his own mark as an academic, clinician and researcher but has also been a mentor to countless younger colleagues and medical students.

Professor Howie joined the University of Dundee in 1981 when he said that it was still possible to get a parking space at Ninewells. Serving the University as Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, dean and deputy principal under four University principals, he has seen and often been the catalyst of major developments in medical education.

He played a part in the establishment of the biomedical research centre, the first of the cancer appeals and the recruitment of capable scientists to pioneer the research that Dundee has since become renowned for. The famous cancer appeal slogan – Help Dennis beat the Menace – came from Howie’s own pen with a skill for words and humour honed in his early days as a junior doctor writing pantomimes for patients in Edinburgh. His fellow writer and long time colleague Professor Andrew Calder of the University of Edinburgh said of him at the retiral dinner: “He has been a clear thinking and caring clinician with a keen interest in the advancement of obstetrics and gynaecology both by clinical and laboratory research and by high quality clinical training and practice. He has been a guide and mentor to a large number of younger colleagues as well as to countless medical students who have been infected by his enthusiasm for obstetrics and gynaecology.”

Professor Calder also paid tribute to Peter Howie’s “fine human qualities”. He is blessed with a delightful sense of humour which is reflected in his qualities as a raconteur�”

Sir Alan Langlands described Professor Howie’s remarkable contribution to the University of Dundee. “He developed true excellence in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology and then as dean and deputy principal he worked with others to raise standards in the medical school to new heights. He created a new faculty of medicine, dentistry and nursing and also achieved true integration with the school of life sciences, unleashing the world ranking research which is now recognised in Dundee.”

Sir Alan referred to his “rare combination of compassion and empiricism.” He continued: “I think it would be fair to say that he has contributed more to the development of effective young clinicians in Scotland over the past few years than any single other person. His “inspired chairmanship” of the Scottish Council for postgraduate medical and dental education has driven partnership across institutional and professional boundaries.

Peter Howie has given his life to his profession and to public service. He and his wife Dr Anne Howie have contributed an enormous amount to the life and work of the University and we wish them well for the future.”

Professor Andrew Calder ended by saying “His retirement will leave a very considerable void as he will be sorely missed by his clinical and academic colleagues, trainees and by a very large number of patients who have benefited from his care and expertise.”

Professor Howie will be carrying on his work with the Scottish Council after retirement and as chairman of Tenovus Tayside.

June 4 2011: Courier.co.uk

Professor Peter Howie, retired obstetrician and former Dean of Dundee University Medical School, pays a personal tribute to Jacqui Wood, who was buried this week.

Jacqui Wood was so vibrant and full of life that it is hard to believe that she is no longer with us. Meeting Jacqui always made you feel better.

Her total dedication to what she believed in was inspiring. Her cheerful optimistic personality was uplifting. Her deep caring concern for her fellow human beings was humbling and heart-warming.

Jacqui Wood was a very special person.

Carol Jacqueline Kitching was born in Bradford in 1945 and her father, who was a teacher, took the family first to Somerset and then to Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire. On leaving school, Jacqui became secretary to the directors of a building company.

Aubrey, who fell in love with her, complained that she was always working late because she was so conscientious. They married in 1966 and, when Sarah and then Rachel came along, Jacqui devoted herself to being a mum. As the children grew up, she became increasingly involved in voluntary work.

Her much loved grandfather and father both died of cancer and this was a major factor in Jacqui making cancer research her particular focus. She baked loads of cakes but the children rarely got any because they were always for the fete or the sale of work.

When she and Aubrey moved to Dundee in 1986, Jacqui immediately became involved with the Cancer Research Campaign and was chair of the local fund-raising committee on four occasions. But it was a meeting of Dundee Rotary Club that was to shape the rest of her life.

In the early 1990s, Dundee University had great strength in life sciences doing basic research in cancer. The university decided to exploit this by developing an additional cancer research base at the Medical School in Ninewells Hospital where cancer patients were being treated.

To lead this initiative, they wished to recruit Professor Roland Wolf and his team from Edinburgh. Roland, who already had research links with Dundee, said that he would come if “state of the art” laboratories were made available. The price tag was £1 million.

When half of the money had been identified, the principal Michael Hamlin, asked Pat McPherson if he would lead a public appeal for the balance. Pat said that he would bring his business experience and work in the background, but he needed someone with charisma to be the public face of the appeal.

When Pat saw Jacqui and heard her speak at the Dundee Rotary Club meeting, he knew immediately that he had found the right person for the job.Unbeatable teamJacqui and Pat made an unbeatable team. They recruited enthusiastic volunteers and got full support from the city council, the DC Thomson press, trusts and benefactors; but above all, Jacqui won over the ordinary people of Tayside to the cause.

Jacqui may have been born in Bradford, but Dundee took her to their hearts. The huge success of the Ninewells Cancer Appeal is now history. There were fun runs, coffee mornings, sponsored silences and students had their heads shaved in pubs; one elderly lady who met Jacqui in the street opened her purse and asked her to take what was there.

The generosity of the people knew no bounds. In leading the appeal, Jacqui set a number of golden rules. Every penny went to the Ninewells Cancer Appeal and none to the fund-raisers.

Every donation was equally important irrespective of its size. Warm letters of thanks had to be sent out immediately. She was prepared to go anywhere, at any time to receive a donation. Her photo appeared regularly in the papers with Dennis and the now famous slogan of “Help Dennis beat the Menace”.

The first Ninewells Cancer Appeal not only met its target but exceeded it; the extra funds were used to launch the second and third appeals which brought clinical research scientists to Dundee and strengthened the science base. Further projects have followed in bowel, skin and throat cancer, in leukaemia and in surgical treatment.

The Ninewells Cancer Appeal has raised £17 million and its work continues to the present day.SignificanceIt is difficult to overstate the significance of what Jacqui achieved. When Jacqui started the appeal, Ninewells had relatively few active researchers. Recently, the medical school has brought their active researchers all together in one division which numbers five hundred people.

Dundee’s research has made a huge contribution to the world-wide progress being made against cancer. The income from research grants and commercial spin-out companies is crucial for the Tayside economy.

Dundee’s reputation for excellence in cancer research is a source of pride for the university and the city. None of these achievements would be as well advanced as they are today without the very special contribution of Jacqui Wood.

The cancer research appeal was not Jacqui’s only achievement. In England she was invited to become a magistrate. When she came north, she retrained for Scotland and served on the bench in both Dundee and Angus, gaining a reputation for being both firm but fair.

When she was on the Ninewells Hospital Trust as a non-executive director, she started “Keyhole Kate,” this shop in the concourse is staffed by volunteers and raises funds to provide additional comforts for patients.

She was a member of the board of Dundee College, was a trustee of the Leng Charitable Trust and president of Inner Wheel in Dundee.

In between all these activities, she gave over 220 pints of blood as a donor. She did all these things with grace and charm, motivated by a desire to help her fellow citizens.

It was inevitable that honours would come Jacqui’s way. She received honorary degrees from the universities of Dundee, Abertay and St Andrews; she was awarded the MBE and was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of the City of Dundee. She was made a life governor of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, now incorporated into Cancer Research UK of which was a founder member.

She always insisted that she accepted these honours, not for herself, but on behalf of the team that gave her so much loyal support.

We will remember Jacqui Wood, not just for her achievements, but also for the type of person she was.

Her dedication, her energy and her determination (dare I say her thrawn determination) were legendary. After one parachute jump for cancer research, she decided one jump wasn’t enough; on the third jump she broke both ankles. After treatment at DRI she was soon out directing affairs from her wheelchair.

She had the most extraordinary powers of persuasion. When she fixed her gaze on you and gave her little smile, you knew resistance was pointless. Once you agreed to her request, she just wrinkled her nose and said “Oh you are such a luv!”

She once told Roland Wolf that he was coming with her to receive a donation in Arbroath at a “clootie dumpling” supper; when Roland asked what a “clootie dumpling” was, he was told, “don’t worry, you will find out when you get there!” It was an evening Roland would never forget.

She had a marvellous ability to relate to people from every walk of life. Her laugh and her smile put people at their ease and she always seemed to manage the right word. She loved company, thrived on special events and was always well dressed for the occasion. No wonder she attracted such loyal support from those around her.

But above all, she cared deeply for other people. Even when she herself was ill and had to go to Ward 32, her first question would be how everyone else was. This deep concern for others was shown in the loving attention which Jacqui and Aubrey gave to Muriel and Pat McPherson when they needed it most.

From where did Jacqui Wood get her inspiration and strength?

Undoubtedly, Pat McPherson had a huge influence on her as they shared the belief that, one day, the menace of cancer would be overcome.

Jacqui got much strength from the loyal support of those who worked with her day by day and helped her when the going got tough.

She also valued hugely the love and support which she got from the whole community in her adopted home of Tayside.

Her whole family were central to her life; she could not have achieved what she did without Aubrey who loved her, believed in her and supported her every step of the way.

But Jacqui also had a strong faith manifested in her being an elder here in St Andrew’s Church. She believed in a Being greater than the earthly things around her; she knew that she was going to a place to meet loved ones who had gone before and where she would wait for loved ones who would come after.

If we listen carefully, I am sure we can hear these words from above “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

It was inevitable that honours would come Jacqui’s way. She received honorary degrees from the universities of Dundee, Abertay and St Andrews; she was awarded the MBE and was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of the City of Dundee. She was made a life governor of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, now incorporated into Cancer Research UK of which was a founder member.

She always insisted that she accepted these honours, not for herself, but on behalf of the team that gave her so much loyal support.

We will remember Jacqui Wood, not just for her achievements, but also for the type of person she was.

Her dedication, her energy and her determination (dare I say her thrawn determination) were legendary. After one parachute jump for cancer research, she decided one jump wasn’t enough; on the third jump she broke both ankles. After treatment at DRI she was soon out directing affairs from her wheelchair.

She had the most extraordinary powers of persuasion. When she fixed her gaze on you and gave her little smile, you knew resistance was pointless. Once you agreed to her request, she just wrinkled her nose and said “Oh you are such a luv!”

She once told Roland Wolf that he was coming with her to receive a donation in Arbroath at a “clootie dumpling” supper; when Roland asked what a “clootie dumpling” was, he was told, “don’t worry, you will find out when you get there!” It was an evening Roland would never forget.


She had a marvellous ability to relate to people from every walk of life. Her laugh and her smile put people at their ease and she always seemed to manage the right word. She loved company, thrived on special events and was always well dressed for the occasion. No wonder she attracted such loyal support from those around her.

But above all, she cared deeply for other people. Even when she herself was ill and had to go to Ward 32, her first question would be how everyone else was. This deep concern for others was shown in the loving attention which Jacqui and Aubrey gave to Muriel and Pat McPherson when they needed it most.

From where did Jacqui Wood get her inspiration and strength?

Undoubtedly, Pat McPherson had a huge influence on her as they shared the belief that, one day, the menace of cancer would be overcome.

Jacqui got much strength from the loyal support of those who worked with her day by day and helped her when the going got tough.

She also valued hugely the love and support which she got from the whole community in her adopted home of Tayside.

Her whole family were central to her life; she could not have achieved what she did without Aubrey who loved her, believed in her and supported her every step of the way.

But Jacqui also had a strong faith manifested in her being an elder here in St Andrew’s Church. She believed in a Being greater than the earthly things around her; she knew that she was going to a place to meet loved ones who had gone before and where she would wait for loved ones who would come after.

If we listen carefully, I am sure we can hear these words from above “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Post Thumbnail

Howie – elected as a Fellow of the Royal Soc of Edinburgh in 1991

Extract from Glasgow University website re the Dept of Obs and Gynae:

One of the proudest claims of Glasgow obstetrics and gynaecology is the impact it has had beyond the West of Scotland.

The catalogue of Glasgow trained clinicians and academics who have dominated the specialty in these islands and beyond include Professors Sir Dugald Baird (Aberdeen, a champion of social obstetrics and family planning, alongside Ian Donald (see below).

The other giant of mid-20th century British obstetrics (albeit their views on therapeutic abortion could not have been more different), and Baird’s successor was Iain McGillvray.

Other Professors  include

  • James Walker (senior) and Peter Howie (Dundee)
  • Andrew Calder and Jane Norman (Edinburgh)
  • Hugh McLaren, Henry Kitchener and Martin Whittle (Birmingham),
  • Gordon Stirrant (Bristol) who gave evidence in favour of Brave Wendy as discussed in a previous post 
  • Charles Douglas and Gordon Smith (Cambridge)
  • John Bonnar (Dublin)
  • Stuart Campbell (Kings College London) – passed through St George’s on his travels and worked with Brave Wendy’s mate Bodger 
  • James Scott and James Walker junior (Leeds)
  • John Mcvicar (foundation chair in Leicester)
  • James Neilson (Liverpool)
  • Hugh Robinson (Melbourne)
  • Donald Gebbie (foundation chair in Nairobi)
  • Jake Russell (Newcastle), and David Barlow (Oxford).

Many more make up a vast catalogue of prominent NHS consultants across the land…

leonard Harvey – cons obs n gynae, rugby

Leonard Paul Harvey is listed as a Director of:

Healthwatch Warwickshire C.I.C. appointed Dec 2017 (listed as retired)

BUPA, Sept 1995-Sept 1998 (listed as consultant obs/gynae)

BMA, July 1994- July 1998 (listed as gynaecologist)

Gordon bourne – regional assessor in obs for north east thames region. expert witness called by tower hamlets ha ‘for the prosecution’ at enquiry in feb 1986


Gordon Bourne, The Man Behind The Mason:


For those of you who don’t know, or even don’tknowof,GordonBourne(andtherecan’tbe many); he was the first Pro Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex. He was a Pro who made manychangesandimplementedmanynewideas. Healwaysdidwhathethoughtwasbestforour Province,ratherthannecessarilydoingwhathe wastoldbyGrandLodge,somaybeIshouldhave namedthisarticleafteroneoftheMattDamon films-“TheBourneSupremacy”or“TheBourne Legacy”,orevenwithregardtoaparticularissue “TheBourneUltimatum”. Thefollowingisavery,veryabridgedaccountof themanyhoursIspentwithGordon. Icouldhave filled the entire magazine with his stories and wouldstillhaveneededtoeditlotsout. Iwasgreetedatthedoorbyaquietlyspokenladywhoofferedme a cup of tea. No biscuits or cakes this time but I did stay long enoughtobeofferedseveralcupsaswellaslunchandifIhadn’t neededtogettoameetingI’msureIwouldhavebeenoffered dinneraswell! Q: Wherewereyoubornandwheredidyougrowup? A: IwasbornatMaidensleyFarminDerbyshireon3June1921. The farm had 87 acres, with a bit of everything – crops, geese, chickens,everythingonewouldneedtoliveon. Therewereno tractors,justhorses. Therewerenoshops,soyoucouldn’tgoout andbuyanything. Mymother,whowasaLondoner,usedtoteachmeandmyolder brotherastherewerenoschools. WhenIwaseightIremember thedoctorcomingouttotreatmyfather,andIwassoimpressedby thismanIdecidedthereandthenthatIwantedtobecomeadoctor. Afterabouteightyearswemovedtoamuchbiggerfarmthathad abeautifulhouseandweusedtodojobsaroundthefarm,riding thehorsesaroundthefieldsandcuttingallthenettlesandbrambles down. BythenIhadtwosisters. AtonestageIrememberhavingabdominalpain,soIwenttosee thedoctorandhetoldmeIhadAbdominalTuberculosis-therewas notreatment! Iwastoldthattheonlythingtodoishaveplentyof freshair-noexercise,justfreshair. SoweputatentoutsideandI livedouttherefortwoandahalfyears. Istartingreadingalotas therewasnothingelseIcoulddoandaftertwoandahalfyearsthe doctorsaidIcouldgobackinthehouse. WhenIwaslivinginthe tentmyyoungerbrotherwasbornandhewasalmostlikeasonto me,Iusedtoteachhimeverything-Itaughthimtowalk,Itaught himtoreadandlateronwhenIwasbetterweplayedcricketand didallsortsofthingstogether. Thenonedaytherewasthistragic, disastrous accident – it happened inside the house, there was a terriblescream. MotherandFathertookhimtothelocalgarage whodrovethemtoDerbybuthediedinmymother’sarmsonthe waytothehospital. Onedayamancametothehouseandaskedmeafewquestions about the farm, a week later my parents told me I had been acceptedintoAshbourneGrammarSchool. Asitwasadistance away I became a boarder. I played Rugby and Cricket and thoroughlyenjoyedmytimeatschoolandIhadtotallyforgottenmy Tuberculosis. I then learned to run quite well, once a week we woulddocrosscountryrunning. Thepainusedtocomebackbut mybrothertoldmeitwouldgoifIjustkeptrunning,soIdidand graduallyIcoulddomoreandmore,threethenfourmiles. Atthe schoolsportsdayIwonthemile. Thefollowingyear,whenIwas18, IwasplayingCricket,RugbyandShootingallofthemforDerbyshire SchoolboysandIcompetedintheSchoolboysMile,whichwasfor thewholeofEnglandandIwon-Iwassopleasedwiththat.

IpassedmyMatriculation,whichIwassoexcitedaboutbecause that meant I could go and do medicine. I remember telling my MotherIwantedtogotoEdinburghtostudymedicineandshesaid “no, you’re not going” and I said “I want to” and she said “no, you’renotgoingtoEdinburgh,you’regoingtoBarts”. “Whatis Barts”Isaid,“BartsisthebiggestteachinghospitalinLondon,one ofthebiggestintheworld,ithasoneofthefinestmedicalschools intheworldandthat’swhereyou’regoing”. Ifoundoutmuchlater inlifethatmymotherhadbeenanurseatBartsforafewyears. So IappliedtoBarts,wentforaninterviewandmuchtomysurprise,I wasaccepted. IonlyappliedbecauseMothersaidso;Ididn’tthink Ihadahopeinhell! ButthenwarwasdeclaredandBartswasevacuatedtoQueen’s College Cambridge. I was written to and told to come to Cambridge. Iwoulddoclinicalstuffinthemorning,goingdownto LondoninanAmbulancetopickuptheinjuredpeopleetc.,and thendidthemedicalteaching. Ieventuallysatmyexams,qualified anddecidedtogohome,asIhadn’tbeenhomeforalongtime. ButIwastold,noyou’renot,you’regoingtotheHertfordCounty Hospital-thisafternoon! AsamedicalstudentintheArmywith thewarnotover,youhadtodowhatyouweretold. IwastoldIwas goingtobetheHouseSurgeon,forayear-notimeoffforawhole year. Ididn’treallyknowanythingbutIlearnedquicklyandaftera yearIcoulddomostoperations. AfterthatIwentbacktoDerbyshiretoseemyparents,soIapplied forajobasanAssistantSurgeonattheDerbyshireRoyalInfirmary whichIgotandIwasinchargeofcasualty. ThisiswhereImetmy wife. Myfatherin-lawthensaidthatIneededtogetmySurgical Fellowship,sobacktoLondonwewent,foundabedsitandlooked forajob(takingbloodfortwodaysaweek)togivemeenough moneytolive. IgotmyfullFellowshipandIwasnowqualifiedas much in surgery as anyone else in the country and from the extensiveearlytrainingIhad,Iwasprobablyasgoodasurgeonas anyone. IthendecidedtogotoAmerica,peoplesaidtheywerebetterthere -Ididn’tbelieveit,butiftheywere,Ihadtogo. SoImanagedto getascholarshipandIwenttoHarvard. IwasatHarvardforayear, IwroteabookwhileIwasthereandtheymademeaProfessor. WhenIcamebackIreturnedtoBartswhereIwroteanumberof books,mainlyaboutsurgery. Onewasonlyallowedtowritebooks forthemedicalprofession,notthegeneralpublic. Ifyouwereinthe medicalprofessionyouwerenotallowedtowritebooks,newspaper articlesorgoontheradio-youwouldbestruckoff. SoIdecided towriteabookaboutpregnancy,tobepublished-itwasn’tforthe medicalprofession,itwasforpregnantwomen,sotheywouldknow whatwasgoingtohappentothem,whatwasnormal,whatwasnot normal. Iwasfuriousbecausethesewomenneededtoknowwhat washappeningtothem. IknewifIwroteitIwouldbestruckoff, butIpublisheditanywayandIwasstruckoff.

So,afterbeingstruckoffIwenttotheBMAtoaskaboutmystudents andconvincedthemtoletmecarryonteaching. TheytoldmeIcould carryonteachingbutIcouldn’tdosurgery. Iconvincedthemthat surgerywaspartofmyteaching,sotheysaidIcouldcarryondoing surgeryaspartofmyteaching,butcouldn’tdoanyotherprivate workinObstetricsorGynaecology. Wesurvivedonsomesavings and what my wife was earning, but after nine months when the moneystartingrunningoutIwrotetotellthemIwasstartingmy privateworkagain;Ididn’tgetareply,soIstartedworking! IfinallyretiredwhenIwas72. Q: Whathobbiesorinterestsdidordoyouhaveoutsidemasonry? A: Iusetodoalotofshooting-Clays,TargetandGame. Iusedto shootTargetsforEngland. LaterinlifeIbecameinterestedinFly FishingwhichiswhyIbecameinvolvedintheMTSFC-MasonicTrout &SalmonFishingCharity(nowcalledTheMasonicFishingCharity)for peoplewithspecialneeds. Q: Whatexcitesyou? A: I became one of the best surgeons in the land because I was workingforthebest-that’sexciting. WhenIwasteaching,ifoneof mystudentsdidsomethingperfectly-thatwasexciting. Anythinginthecountrysideexcitesme,thewildflowers,theanimals. Q: Whatannoysyou? A: Whatannoyedmethroughlife,whichIsawtimeandtimeagain, wasthirdratesurgery-thatannoyedmebeyondcomprehension. WhenIwasworking,about18%ofoperationswentbacktotheatre becauseofcomplicationsduetocarelessness-Ineverhadonego back. AsusualIposedsomequickfirequestions: Q: FilmorTheatre? A: Theatre-Opera. Q: Yourfavouritedrink? A: Gin&TonicoraglassofChablis. Q: Favouriteseason? A: Spring Q: Talkradioormusic? A: Talkradio-I’minterestedinpolitics. Andtofinish,IaskedGordontheusualfamiliarquestions. Q: Ifyouwereonadesertisland,whatbookwouldyoutake? A: ThecompleteworksofShakespeare.

Q: Whatwouldbeyourluxuryitem? A: Ireallydon’tknowandI’lltellyouwhy. I’vehadaveryinteresting life,therearen’tmanypeoplewhohavecomefromnothingandhad thelucktogotogrammarschoolbecauseIknewafewquestions about the farm when the man came round, to get to the finest Universityasfarasmedicineisconcernedandtolearnfromthebest. IwasextremelyfortunatetogotoAmericawhenIdid,andgoto Harvard. I’mluckytohavebeengiventheprivilegetoshootforEngland,to playRugbyforEnglandSchoolboysandplayCricketfortheCounty. I’mfortunatetohaveafabulousfamilyandI’mfortunatetohavelived tothisage,althoughitcatchesupwithyoueveryday! • • • • • Gordonthankedmeforbeingsokindandcourteous(I’veneverbeen describedasthatbefore-maybehewasexpectingaJeremyPaxman styleinterview!!) Overthecourseofourconversationsherecalledthingsthatmade himlaughandthingsthatmadehimcry,butonethingthatstood out,evenwithcommentslike“Iwasprobablyasgoodasurgeonas anyone”,wasthathewasveryhumble. Heputsalmosteverything down to his good luck. He was the best because he was lucky enoughtobetaughtbythebest-HewasluckytohavegonetoBarts -HewasluckytohavegonetoHarvard,etc.etc. MostoftheconversationoverthemanyhoursIspentwithGordon was‘offtherecord’andat95heisstillasforthrightandoutspoken about Freemasonry as he ever was in his professional life. I like peoplewhosaywhattheythinkandtherewasagreatdealonwhich weagreed. IonlywishIhadbeenaroundwhenhewasPro. Heisa fascinatingmanandhashadanincrediblelifeandfromwhatIhear fromothershewasagreatPro,thelikeofwhichwewillprobably neverseeagain. IcouldhavelistenedtohimalldayandIverynearly did,butitwasanenormouspleasure. Thefollowingarejustsomeofhisachievements: FellowshipoftheRoyalCollegeofSurgeons MembershipoftheRoyalCollegeofGynaecologists RegistrarattheMiddlesexHospital – SeniorRegistraratStBartholomew’s(Barts) ObstetricTutorintwoleadinghospitalsinAmerica – ResearchFellowatHarvardUniversity ResearchFellowshipfromtheNationalInstituteofHealthBethesda,WashingtonDC AdvisortoKingFaisalofSaudiArabia Amazingly,healsofoundtimetowrite19medicalbooks. Thebook ‘Pregnancy’,which causedhimtobestruckoffisstillthegotobookforexpectantwomeneverywhere.


Gordon Bourne’s comprehensive guide to pregnancy, revised by Malcolm Gillard to take account of modern practice and attitudes. This book for expectant mothers provides information on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, together with guidance and reassurance.

Bourne Past Pro Provincial Grand Master/Past Grand Superintendent Passed to the Grand Lodge above on 5 November 2017 LITE


Gordon was born on 3 June 1921 at a farm in Derbyshire. His father was a tenant farmer and his mother served with the Red Cross during the First World War, receiving an MBE. His mother taught Gordon and his brother at home as there were no schools nearby. When Gordon was eight he contracted Abdominal Tuberculosis and the ‘cure’ for this was fresh air, so he lived outside in a tent, day and night, for the next two and a half years. Gordon was granted a Scholarship to Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School at Ashbourne in Derbyshire and became a boarder. It was a school that not only paved his way into a future career in medicine but enabled him to excel in sport, playing rugby, cricket and shooting, all for Derbyshire Schoolboys. In September 1939 Gordon was preparing to go to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, but unfortunately war was declared and Gordon was relocated to Cambridge to help with the wounded. He was then posted to Hertford County Hospital where he combined the roles of House Surgeon, Casualty Officer and Obstetrician and after the war he spent two years training as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in a Hospital for the war wounded in Southgate. It was here that he met his future wife, Eileen. They were married in King’s College Chapel in Aberdeen on 20 November 1948 and in 1950 they moved back to London. While working in St Bartholomew’s he achieved Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. This was followed by success in examination for Membership of the Royal College of Gynaecologists. He became Registrar at the Middlesex Hospital, then Senior Registrar at St Bart’s, during which time he was granted the Nuffield Travelling Scholarship which in 1958 enabled him to work as an obstetric tutor in two leading hospitals in the United States and a Research Fellow at Harvard University. To top it all he attained Research Fellowship from the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Washington DC, with the rank of Associate Professor. Further honours followed in 1961 when, back in the UK he was appointed Arris and Gale Lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to St Bartholomew’s and then to St Luke’s Hospital for Clergy in 1963. Through his work at Harvard he wrote his first medical book which was published in 1961 and he went on to publish a further 17 medical books, at the same time penning numerous professional articles and lectures. In 1964 he was granted Fellowship of the Royal College of Gynaecologists. During this extremely busy part of his life he still managed to fit in ‘some’ masonry. On 16 October 1950 Gordon was initiated into Liversage Lodge No. 5027 in Derbyshire. On 8 July 1953 he was Exalted into his father’s former Chapter, the Chapter of Truth No.731. Freemasonry obviously appealed because he went on to join Rahere Lodge No.2546, the Lodge of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and Rahere Chapter No.2546, he was also Advanced into Abernethy Lodge of Mark Masons No.569 and went into the chair in 1962 and 1964. He joined Quadratic Lodge No.1691 and was Master in 1969 and 1976. Gordon’s career moved into a new direction between 1964 and 1966 when he worked as an advisor to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. His brief was to advise on the possibility of the structure of a maternity health service in that country. This was followed by Directorships of the American Hospital in Beirut and the American run Awali Hospital in Bahrain from 1966 to 1970. Back in the UK, with no thoughts of slowing down he was appointed to the staff of the Royal Masonic Hospital, where he worked with patients every Wednesday until his retirement in 1988. Meanwhile his masonic career in Middlesex was progressing. He was appointed as Provincial Grand Warden in 1977.

From 1979 to 1987 he served as Assistant Provincial Grand Master and from 1987 to 1989, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. On 9 May 1989 he was installed as the first Pro Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex at Freemasons’ Hall by RW Bro Hon Edward Latham Baillieu, Deputy Grand Master and served in this capacity until 1996. Concurrently he was also appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Middlesex serving the office from 1984 to 1986. On 20 March 1987 he was installed as Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at Freemasons’ Hall by The Most Excellent Companion the Rev Preb C E Leighton Thomson TDMA and remained in this office until retirement in 1996. And to list a few more: Perfected into Belgrave Chapter Rose Croix No.121 in November 1969. Joined St Christopher Chapter Rose Croix No.274 and Enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign on 9 July 1988. A Founder and 1st General of the Middlesex Sovereigns Chapter No.1063 when it was consecrated in October 1993. Enthroned as Inspector General for the District of Middlesex at an Emergency Meeting of St Christopher Chapter Rose Croix No.274 in April 1996 until December 2000. Joined Middlesex Installed Mark Masters in 1978 and served as Master in 1994. Joined Sir Francis Burdett Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.181 in 2008. And there are many, many more, including, of course, the Lodge named in his honour, Gordon Bourne Lodge No.9388. Gordon also found time to become a Liveryman, joining the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers in 1963. He was elected to the Court in 1968 and served as Master in 1983. He was Chairman of Governors of the Hatcham Schools from 1978 to 1982 and the Elstree Schools from 1988 until 1994. In 1984 he retired from the National Health Service mainly because he could not agree with many of the new ideas being introduced into hospital management. He finally retired from private practice in 1991. Later in life he became interested in fly fishing and became involved in the MTSFC – Masonic Trout & Salmon Fishing Charity (now called The Masonic Fishing Charity) for people with special needs. It was Gordon who actually made Middlesex the Province it is today. When he was made an Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 1979 absolutely nothing happened in the Province other than the Annual Meeting. (I was Master of my Lodge that year). At that time the Provincial Grand Master was RW Bro Arthur Hollins who had been in post since 1973. In 1981 he appointed His Honour Alan Trapnell as his Deputy PGM and then when he stood down in 1982 it was fully expected that His Honour would take over. However, Grand Lodge decided that HRH Prince Michael of Kent should be PGM of Middlesex, consequently Alan Trapnell unexpectedly remained as Deputy PGM. Gordon told me, that VW Bro Trapnell, either because he was never summoned or invited to meet HRH, or due to the fact that he was so piqued at not being promoted to PGM, never contacted Prince Michael or communicated with him in any way, and just ran the Province himself. I understand that the Provincial Grand Secretary, Alfred Gann, was the only person who communicated with the Prince but other than that HRH had nothing to do with his Province. In those days no one visited the Lodges, unless for a special event such as a Centenary Meeting. When VW Bro Alan Trapnell stood down in 1986 Gordon was appointed as Deputy PGM. He was then advised by a senior mason at Grand Lodge that he must make contact with HRH by writing to him seeking an appointment, which he duly did. Subsequently, he was invited to meet with the Prince and that established a pattern that all of us who have followed Gordon as Pro Provincial Grand Master have benefitted from since that time. As Deputy PGM and Pro PGM Gordon’s achievements were numerous. He started the Annual Provincial Service of Thanksgiving; the Visiting Officer Scheme, along with the reporting system and the recommendations for appointments and promotions; seminars for a variety of officers such as WMs & Principals, in addition to the very successful MGO & PGO Club. I am sure there are many more such ‘firsts’ but these all lifted the Province and many were adopted by other Provinces. It is my personal opinion that Middlesex is what it is, solely due to Gordon’s enthusiasm and drive. When I was an active officer, I accompanied him on several occasions, and over the years I watched him consecrating lodges, making field promotions and mixing with all the brethren at the PGO Club. I had the greatest admiration for the man, for to me he is, or was, the epitome of Freemasonry. Whenever I had a problem, when I was Pro, it was Gordon I turned to for advice, hence he became my mentor and a very good friend. Gordon was a master of planning and timing right to the end, for it was on Sunday 5 November at 4pm, just as we were singing the very meaningful words of the Closing Ode at the Provincial Service at Guildford Cathedral, Gordon passed peacefully away. Roger Croome With thanks to Alan Holton (deceased) for some of this information. Supplied pic of Gordon and Roger Croome with HRH Prince Michael of Kent at the Masonic Fishing Charity Day.

A lodge in Staines, Middlesex, has been named after Gordon, the Gordon Bourne Lodge.

The Middlesex Mason’s website also advertises this:

The Gordon Bourne Bursaries: Middlesex Masonic Charity supporting student midwives.

Judith Sunderland, Programme Manager, Midwifery, and W. Bro. David Chambers, Correspondent Trustee MMC, sign a Gift Agreement between City, University of London and the Middlesex Masonic Charity to provide bursaries for midwifery students.

The Trustees of the Middlesex Masonic Charity have for some time been considering how best to honour the memory of R W Gordon Bourne, PProPGM, the Mason who brought the charity into being after the 1998 Festival.

As an obstetrician and expert on childbirth R W Bro Bourne was renowned in the field of ante and postnatal care so the Trustees decided it would be most appropriate to support students of that valuable profession.

The City, University of London, new home of the old Barts Nursing School, was delighted that the Middlesex Masonic Charity agreed to provide financial support to City’s Division of Midwifery by way of bursaries to second and third year midwifery students.

The bursaries are named ‘The Gordon Bourne Bursaries’ in honour of our Past Pro Provincial Grand Master.

On signing the agreement Mrs Sutherland said the bursaries will make a considerable difference to midwifery students at City, who are facing increasing financial burdens after the NHS abolished government bursaries leaving students reliant on the student loan system and the subsequent debt.

The University will select and announce the recipients of the bursaries in early Autumn and provide MMC with further reports as to their progress

About the Division of Midwifery at City, University of London –

City, University of London has over 120 years’ experience educating midwives, having previously been known as the St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery and as it is now, within City’s School of Health Sciences.

Ranking 2nd in London for midwifery education by the 2018 Guardian League Table, City offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at pre and post-registration levels, as well as an extensive portfolio of training courses for workforce development.

Passionate academics are made up of registered midwives with a diverse range of experience over many specialist areas within the midwifery profession, with many actively involved in research.


counsel for tower hamlets ha – ian kennedy qc

and james badenoch

1 Crown Office Row, London. Call: 1968; QC: 1989

James Badenoch QC was pupil to John (later Mr Justice) Alliott, and Harry (Lord) Woolf at 1 Crown Office Row where he has practised ever since. He has specialised for over 25 years in clinical negligence, medical law, and professional discipline. He took silk in 1989. He has appeared in a succession of major cases in the House of Lords, The Privy Council, The Court of Appeal, The High Court, The GMC and The GDC. He acts for Claimants and Defendants.

Listed for many years in the principal directories as one of the foremost practitioners in the fields of clinical negligence, professional discipline, and personal injury.

Clinical Negligence:

James is a Patron of the charidee Action Against Medical Accidents.

AvMA was originally established in 1982 as Action for the Victims of Medical Accidents following public reaction to the television play Minor Complications by AvMA’s founder Peter Ransley.

The name was changed in 2003 to Action against Medical Accidents.

Since its inception, AvMA has provided advice and support to over 100,000 people affected by medical accidents, and succeeded in bringing about massive changes to the way that the legal system deals with clinical negligence and in moving patient safety higher up the agenda in the UK.

The legal reforms of Lord Woolf and the creation of agencies such as the National Patient Safety Agency and Commission for Health Audit and Inspection (now the CQC) followed years of AvMA raising these issues and campaigning.

AvMA is also responsible for making clinical negligence a specialism within legal practice, and continues to accredit solicitors for its specialist panel and promote good practice through comprehensive services to claimant solicitors.

AvMA has gone on to be the leading voice for patients on patient safety and justice matters.

The charity was chosen as the National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) partner in developing the Patients for Patient Safety and Patient Safety Champions projects. (The NPSA has since been abolished and its functions transferred to NHS England).

AvMA’s research into implementation (or otherwise) of Patient Safety Alerts by the NHS created a storm and was a wakeup call to make monitoring and regulation of the NHS more robust.

AvMA helped scores of families affected by events at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, campaigned for the public inquiry which eventually happened, and were a core participant in the inquiry.

AvMA are extensively quoted in Sir Robert Francis QC’s report and most of AvMA’s suggestions were taken up in his recommendations. Most notably, AvMA’s arguments for a statutory duty of candour were supported by Sir Robert and this strengthened the charity’s arm in trying to persuade the Government to accept it which, after a struggle, it did.


Other Patrons include the Hon Life President Peter Ransley (WHO HE); Dame Professor Donna Kinnair; Baroness Masham of Ilton; Dr Umesh Prabhn; James Titcombe. DETAILS

Trustees include one Rachel Vasmer:

Rachael Vasmer

Rachael Vasmer

Rachael Vasmer is a former solicitor specialising in clinical negligence for in excess of 20 years and a Deputy District Judge of the First Tier Tribunal – Social Entitlement Chamber since June 2002 and full time District Tribunal Judge of the First Tier Tribunal – Social Entitlement Chamber since November 2011. She is also a legally qualified member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation and War Pension Appeals Tribunals.

Rachael has suffered from substantial orthopaedic problems since a sports injury to her left knee at the age of 15 and is now an above knee amputee. Rachael’s first-hand experience of pursuing a clinical negligence claim relating to medical treatment has fuelled her interest and desire to be a part of AvMA and its work.

Rachael is married with two sons.

Rachel Vasmer as regular readers know, used to work in Chester for Walker Smith Way, clinical negligence specialists. Rachel was handling my negligence action against the NHS until I was threatened by a policeman with a gun, as was a witness. The witness rang Rachel and told her that he was withdrawing his statement in support of me and after a conversation with people in the NW Wales NHS Trust would now be making a statement in support of them. Rachel advised me to contact the police. I told Rachel that as it was the police who were threatening people at gunpoint I doubted that would be productive. Shortly afterwards I received a letter from Rachel saying that she would no longer be working on my case as she had been offered a job as a judge and had accepted. Rachel told me that she was transferring my case to another partner in Walker Smith Way.

I was then violently attacked and injured, in front of witnesses, by the daughter of a local barrister. When I went to Aberystwyth Police Station to report the injury, I was unlawfully sectioned by the healthcare staff who were summoned by the police to look at my injuries. I did not escape from the clutches of the mental health services for more than a year. While I was sectioned, I received a letter from the Welsh Gov’ts Legal Services telling me that they were denying all allegations of negligence. I then received a letter from Walker Smith Way telling me that they were no longer prepared to handle my case but if I wished, they would hand over my files to another solicitor of my choice if I paid then the outstanding bill of £11k. No-one had told me that I owed anyone £11k, so I wrote back and explained that, adding that as I was now homeless, jobless and illegally held in a locked ward I was in no position to give anyone £11k. I received an e mail thanking me for paying my bill of £11k.

When I finally emerged from the extended period of unlawful imprisonment, I found that Walker Smith Way had disappeared while I had Been Inside and had been taken over by Slater Gordon. Slater Gordon had destroyed all the hard copies of my files and every other bit of evidence that had been in the possession of Walker Smith Way. They had however digitised most of it and I then had to beg a snotty ‘legal executive’ to recover electronic versions of my own files that Slater Gordon had illegally destroyed. After much argument and many weeks, I did eventually receive copies of many interesting documents, 10,000 of them. I also had other documents secreted before I was captured and that is the material that I used to write this blog…

When Rachel was handling my case, she was due to go into hospital for major surgery and I suspect that is the reason why Rachel decided to use an Expert Witness who knew some of the staff at the Hergest Unit, not challenge this or any of the barefaced lies that Robert Francis Kehoe wrote in his Expert Report (see post ‘An Expert In Resistant Service Users’) and then ran away from my case altogether. Rachel knows that Fings Break and she didn’t want to die on the operating table. I understand Rachel, but presumably Fings Can Still Break now that you’re a judge, which doesn’t bode well.


The website of a company called Badenoch and Clark advertises the services of:

James McLeod

Public Sector Executive Search


  T 07523 044455

  E Contact me

  L Connect on LinkedIn


Public Sector
Public Sector Board Appointments
James has 15 years experience of recruiting the top talent in to the public sector. In addition to his delivery of board appointments in the sector, James is responsible for the implementation and management of Badenoch & Clark’s NHS search strategy nationwide, specialising in the appointment of Execs/VSMs, Chairs and Non-Executive Directors.James has partnered with NHS organisations providing senior management and board level support to Chairs, Chief Executives, Directors of Governance, Company Secretaries and Council of Governors. Whilst continuing to build on his long-standing relationships in the public sector, James manages a high-performing research and delivery team who provide specialist support across the breadth of the country and the team has built a reputation and identity around honesty and integrity whilst providing detailed market insight and career advice.
These qualities, apparently effortless, were underpinned by long hours of work with his patients and their families as well as at his desk. Equally at home with sick car workers from Cowley as with important personages in Oxford (and they with him), he had a natural talent for discovering covert consequences of an illness and in dealing with them. It was astonishing to his colleagues that he could combine all this with so much advisory and committee work at which he also excelled – locally in Oxford, for government departments, for the Royal College of Physicians and other medical schools. He was in demand as an examiner in medical trials and a key figure in the planning of new clinical schools in Cambridge and as far afield as Sultan Qabooe University in Oman.
All this combined with college and university responsibilities would have exhausted a lesser man. If such a load of labour and age did not wither him, he did sometimes look as though it had.

Badenoch came up to Oriel College, Oxford, in 1938 and attended the wartime Clinical School at the Radcliffe Infirmary. There he was awarded a prestigious Rockefeller Student’s Fellowship which took him to Cornell Medical School in New York in 1941. His return took some three months, his ship repeatedly setting out and returning, with one episode of rescue from the icy Atlantic. He reappeared in Oxford with a hint of an American cadence in his speech to become Professor Leslie Witts’s house physician in the Nuffield Department of Medicine in 1943 and to marry Anne Forster a year later.

Military service then separated them and took him as medical officer of the West African Rifles to Nigeria and the Gold Coast (Ghana) before his return to Sevenoaks in command of the military hospital there. After he was demobilised in 1948, his father’s death led to a short period in the family practice at Leyton in London until he returned in 1949 to Witts’s department as a Research Fellow.

He could have continued a fine career in academic medicine but was drawn instead to clinical work. His opinion became widely sought and this led to a move from the academic unit to an NHS consultantship in the United Oxford Hospitals in 1966. Before that he had made his mark as a teacher in the young clinical school as its Director of Studies between 1954 and 1965.

In the late 1960s and 1970s the demands on his time as a clinician were supplemented by an almost overwhelming load of committee work, on the Board of Governors of the United Oxford Hospitals, later the Area Health Authority, and most importantly on the planning committee of the New John Radcliffe Hospital.

His clinical practice remained a huge commitment in which his devoted patients were never allowed to be aware of the pressures under which he worked. Despite long hours, he always found time for family, for interests in photography and ornithology and for a pre-work ward round of the contents of his greenhouse usually beginning at 6am or earlier.

There were important contributions to the university too at this time. He became a Fellow of Merton College in 1965, its Subwarden in 1976-78 and Emeritus Fellow in 1987. He was Pro-Proctor of the university in 1967- 68, when his son James took his BA in law.

After his retirement in 1985 the pace hardly slackened. Badenoch served on the General Medical Council in the 1980s, as an urbane chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, of the committee of inquiry on the outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease in Stoke-on-Trent and of the Committee of the Department of Environment concerning contamination of water supplies by cryptosporidiosis. Generations of overseas doctors had reason to thank him for his care of their postgraduate teaching when he was the Hans Sloane Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

John Badenoch’s family origins were in Badenoch country around the upper strata of the Spey and in Banffshire. He showed the characteristics of the best of the north-east Scot, thorough, infinitely patient, compassionate, wise and with a great human touch. He was at his happiest in the family home at Portsoy in Banffshire, where he is to be buried.

J. G. G. Ledingham

John Badenoch, physician: born 8 March 1920; Director, Clinical Studies, Oxford University 1954-65; Consultant Physician, Oxfordshire Health Authority 1956-85; University Lecturer in Medicine, Oxford University 1956-85; Kt 1984; Emeritus Fellow, Merton College, Oxford 1987; married 1944 Anne Forster (two sons, two daughters); died 16 January 1996.

Munk’s Roll:

John (Sir) Badenoch .8 March 1920 d.16 January 1996
Kt( 1984) BA Oxon( 1941) BM BCh(1943) MRCP( 1949) MA(1952) DM(1952) FRCP(1959) FRCP Edin(1982)

Known as one of the best of generalists, John Badenoch taught several generations of medical students at Oxford University. He was to become director of clinical studies and was later a consultant physician at the Oxford group of hospitals and a university lecturer. His Oxford career, and his career in medicine, began in 1938 at Oriel College. The war prevented him taking an honours degree and he stayed in Oxford for his clinical training. He was one of some sixty students, many evacuated from London hospitals, welcomed by Alec Cooke to a clinical school, revived in 1940 after sleeping for 140 years. In 1941 a Rockefeller student fellowship took him to Cornell University Medical School in New York. He returned to Oxford as Leslie Witts’ [Munk’s Roll, Vol.VII, p.618] house physician in 1944. Military service in Nigeria and Ghana followed, initially with the West African Rifles and later as a major in command of a two hundred bedded hospital. He returned to head a small unit for the care of sick officers in Kent. After demobilization in 1948 he spent a few months in his father’s general practice in Leyton, an experience which influenced his broad general consultant practice in later years.

He rejoined Witts as a graduate student in 1949, studying with Sheila Callender mechanisms of anaemia in malabsorptive states, as one of the first to use radioisotopes and gastric biopsy in clinical investigation. This distinguished work formed the basis of his Goulstonian lecture in 1960. He followed Sidney Truelove in organizing teaching in the young clinical school in 1954 and continued as director of clinical studies until 1965. Increasing requests for his opinion from Oxford’s general practitioners led to a move from the Nuffield department to an NHS consultantship and a large and demanding private practice. Work began earlier and finished later and later. Not someone ever to show his feelings beneath an urbane exterior, it was a wonder to his colleagues that he didn’t show more evidence of exhaustion than he occasionally did. Not content with such a busy clinical life, he also became increasingly occupied in committee work at which he excelled. There was scarcely a committee in Oxford (and there were many of them) on which he did not serve. In the early years the most important committees were the ones planning the John Radcliffe Hospital and the new clinical school at Cambridge.

John Badenoch was very much a college man, both at Merton and in the Royal College of Physicians. In the former he was a fellow from 1965 and sub-warden in 1976, in the latter an examiner for the MRCP, chairman of the examining board, procensor, censor, senior censor and ultimately Hans Sloane fellow from 1986 to 1991. After retirement he served on the GMC and was a much respected and wise chairman of the fellowship committee of the British Heart Foundation, of the joint committee on vaccination and immunization, of the committee of enquiry into the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Stafford and another concerned with contamination of water supplies by cryptosporidium.

How did he do all this and remain a family man with hobbies in photography and in ornithology? There must have been an overwhelming drive to hard work, perhaps inherited from his ancestors from the north east of Scotland. He was not an easy man to know – always calm, measured, and somewhat inscrutable to his colleagues. He married Anne Forster in 1943. They had two sons and two daughters.

J G G Ledingham

Brave Wendy’s book tells us that a Mr Conlin was the barrister instructed by the Medical Protection Society to represent all of the London Hospital Top Doctors who gave evidence at the enquiry. That shows the MPS in a rather poor light because every Top Doc in the London Hospital knew about that trafficking ring, every single one. How many were working at the London Hospital who really did not like what Brave Wendy and her pals were doing but didn’t say a word lest they were shot dead in the Blind Beggar when the place was packed and no-one saw anything I have no idea.

I was told when I was at St George’s that more than a few junior docs who had trained at the London Hospital loathed Brave Wendy but no one actually clarified why, beyond comments of ‘she’s disgusting’ and ‘she goes too bloody far’. I was told by one junior doc that her mate had been in the lecture in which Brave Wendy had literally got her tits out. When Brave Wendy was hitting the headlines during 1985/86 there sympathetic press stories mentioned that Brave Wendy had been subjected to terrible rumours and slander with regard to such personal matters as ‘allegations of her promiscuity’. No-one would give a stuff about that in a medical school, it’s noticed if you are not promiscuous rather than if you are. Brave Wendy was doing far more worrying things.

I think that Mr Conlin who was retained by the MPS during Brave Wendy’s battle was Geoffrey Conlin who died in 2007, at the age of 68. His death was announced in the Torygraph:

Geoffrey David on 8th March 2007 aged 68 years. Beloved husband of Caroline, father of Nicholas, Elizabeth, Geoffrey and Jamie. Private funeral service ? memorial service to be announced. Donations to Barristers Benevolent Association c/o Chelsea F/D, 260b Fulham Road, SW10 9EL. 0207 3520008.


Merfyn’s wife knew that the Top Docs were leaving her to die in 2007 and it was in 2007 that Charlie Falconer and Betty Williams rolled up at Bangor University to enable Charlie to give a public lecture and Betty took the opportunity to let the audience know that Nerys was so ill that she was not going to survive, although Merfyn and Nerys had been keeping it private. What does one do with someone who does something like Betty did? It’s quite difficult to respond to such an act isn’t it. Hey everyone, Merfyn’s wife is dying. Ooh don’t tell me that it was supposed to be kept quiet, I thought that you all knew…

Oh well Betty’s mates have done some pretty disgusting things to other people that I know as well as to me, it’s Bettyville.

Geoffrey’s son, also Geoffrey Conlin, can be found on the website of HFW:

Geoffrey Conlin, Partner at HFW and Foreign Consultant at CAL


Praça Floriano 19 – 25º andar
Rio de Janeiro
CEP: 20031-924
Brazil Office Telephone:+55 (21) 3550 9010Direct Dial (Brazil): +55 (11) 3179 2902 geoffrey.conlin@hfw.comDownload VCard

Talk to Geoffrey about

More about Geoffrey

Geoffrey is a partner of HFW and a foreign consultant to CAL Advogados in Brazil. He is an English lawyer and is registered as a foreign lawyer with the OAB in Brazil. He has been based in Sao Paulo since February 2013. Geoffrey acts mainly for international insurers, reinsurers and brokers, based in Europe and Latin America (Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries). He specializes in resolving complex, cross border claims, principally arising from property and business interruption (onshore and offshore), casualty, marine and D&O risks.

Geoffrey is recommended in the Chambers Latin America directories, with clients highlighting his ‘very direct knowledge and understanding of the local markets besides all the insurance coverage issues’ and ‘his good feel for what clients need during insurance and reinsurance disputes’. He is also recommended as one of Brazil’s ‘exceptional practitioners’ in Who’s Who: Brazil 2017. Geoffrey is a member of BILA (British Insurance Law Association). He has presented on insurance and reinsurance related issues in the UK and in various countries in Latin America.

Geoffrey is editor of HFW’s interactive map of insurance and reinsurance law in Latin America: http://www.hfw.com/insurance-latin-america-map/.

Geoffrey is qualified in England and Wales.


One person whom Wendy thanks in her book providing the account of Wendy’s Battle With The Male Medical Establishment who ‘read parts of the manuscript and made suggestions comprehensively and fast’ was David Widgery.

David Widgery (27 April 1947-26 October 1992) was a Top Doctor as well as a Marxist writer and activist. Widgery was born in Barnet and grew up in Maidenhead, Berkshire. In 1965, Widgery met Allen Ginsberg, then visited Watts, where he encountered the civil rights movement, followed by Cuba. On return to Britain, he trained as a Top Doc at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School, an institution under the control of the Gang, who’s highlights include killing Reggie Maudling, offering the hopeless Duncan Orme a place on the NHS graduate management training scheme in return for him keeping schtum about Gwynne’s activities in the Student Health Centre at UCNW and ensuring that Eric Hobsbawm received star treatment until the very end of his long life, including little extras such as a selection of Hobsbawm’s favourite broadsheets delivered every day to his bedside.

David Widgery’s early writing as a junior doc was published in New Statesman and Oz magazine. Widgery became co-editor of Oz during 1971 but he wasn’t one of those who stood trial and was insulted/imprisoned by the dreadful old git Sir Michael Argyll. Widgery went on to publish prolifically under the name Gerry Dawson as well as his own, in a variety of outlets, in particular Marxist theoretical ones. Widgery is rather Julian Tudor Spart; his writing is impressive and he is the sort of person whom, when I was young, I loved and believed was really needed in medicine. I had no idea at all that they were just such frauds and didn’t only ignore what was happening to my friends and I but were part of it because if anyone listened to us, Widgery et al would have been finished and their mates would have been in prison. Widgery knew all about that international paedophile/trafficking ring run by Dafydd and Gwynne and their partners in crime at the London Hospital.

Widgery joined the International Socialists in 1967, remaining in the group when it became the Socialist Workers Party in 1977. He began working at Bethnal Green Hospital in 1972, and later in the decade he published his first book, The Left in Britain, 1956–68. Widgery contributed to Ink, Time Out and City Limits, New Statesman, Socialist Review, International Socialism and New Society.

David Widgery presented a paper at the ninth symposium of the National Deviancy Conference in Sheffield (7–8 January 1972) on “The Politics of the Underground”. His books include The Chatto Book of Dissent (1991), an anthology of dissident writings co-edited with Michael Rosen, Some Lives!: A GP’s East End (1991), the story of his experience as a Top Doctor in London’s East End, The National Health: A Radical Perspective, and Beating Time (1986), an account of the Rock Against Racism movement of the late 1970s.

One of the Top Doctors in Bodger’s team at St George’s had been active in Rock Against Racism when she was a medical student. She didn’t like Bodger but wouldn’t ever tell me why and although she was much saner and nicer than most of her colleagues, she knew what they were doing and remained silent. She was also a personal friend of Ruth White, one of the most abusive psychiatrists at Springfield Hospital, who was the key vehicle – at least in my case – between Springfield and north Wales. Although White was sent a letter by her consultant Robin Jacobson admitting that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients, that Jacobson believed Tony Francis was as well and that Dafydd had as a young Top Doc worked in league with Bob Hobson at the Maudsley, White was consistently hostile and rude to me, refused to even speak to me after three or four days of me being ‘her patient’ and, I found out years later, was holding telephone calls with Tony Francis and Lucille Hughes in order to receive evidence of my ‘dangerousness’.

When I began this blog, Ruth White was a consultant in Worcestershire; I think that she is one of the Top Docs who knew me who has now died, although she will have only been in her late 50s or so.

Widgery came to an unfortunate end himself aged 45. He was found dead and excess alcohol, barbiturates and pethidine were found in his bloodstream, ‘but it is not known whether this was an accidental or intentional overdose’. In the light of what so many close to Widgery were doing, I think it highly likely that Widgery was murdered; he went out in pretty much the same way that so many other witnesses to Gwynne, Dafydd and John Allen did. If they were former kids in care or Empowered Service Users their blood was full of booze and smack; if they were middle class, it was barbs and the sort of narcotics to which professional ‘drug users’ have access. I can find no record of any of Widgery’s comrades asking the questions that they should have.

David Widgery died on 26 Oct 1992, during the first police investigation into the existence of a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. In April 1992, the Brighton firebomb killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. The man who was alleged to have confessed to NHS staff that he ‘started the fire’ was killed after a lorry hit him on a country road days after the fire. Two of the survivors of the firebomb died over the next few years; one from a ‘heroin overdose’ shortly after he gave evidence against John Allen in Court. See post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’.

Throughout 1992, more and more allegations were being made that kids in care in north Wales had been seriously abused and London based journos were taking a big interest.

1992 September The Observer published an article in which Darren Richard Laverty appears to admit participating in the ‘Gang rape’ of a young girl, who was also in care in North Wales

1992 13th September The North Wales Care Home Abuse Story is published by The Observer newspaper on it’s front page

1992 17 Sept – Two young men in north Wales allege on TV that Gordon Anglesey abused them when they were in care in north Wales. Another former kid in care in north Wales rang the police after he saw the programme…

On 7 Oct 1992 a Radical Defender published a Ground Breaking book.Eve Was Framed: Women and British JusticeThis is a personal criticism of the British legal system, its courts, its judges, its procedures. It takes women as the key example, showing how they have been adversely affected by images of women held by both lawyers and jurors, discussing recent debates and cases such as the Sara Thornton case, the Kennedy rape trial as well as the lesser known daily business of the court. Its scope is wide, ranging from the difficulties faced by women as lawyers to the problems of women who kill, but it also engages with the recent loss of confidence in the police and the courts generally and makes some strong recommendations for the future.


Widgery was found dead the year after I was duped into believing that peace had broken out between the Drs Francis and I and that I was now ‘their patient’ facing no aggro. I did not realise that another Cunning Plan was being formulated. Eve Was Framed: Women and British JusticeF was also about to be shafted all over again when David Widgery died. F was rendered homeless, destitute and had his new baby placed with child abusers who were paid to lie about F – wimmin as well as men – in Dec 1992. The plan was well-advanced by the date of Widgery’s death.Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice

I wonder if Widgery was planning to go public on something? He won’t have given a stuff about the people killed by the Brighton firebomb or F or me or indeed any other targets, but Widgery was Political and Wendy, Bodger, John Marks and the other leftie Top Docs had wanted to use my case to bring down the Tories; they succeeded in getting rid of Thatch but they just ended up with John Major instead, because Ken Clarke et al blackmailed the Top Docs over their own criminality, as St Helena knew.Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice

Paul Beresford HERE dentist  – leader of Wandsworth Council, working in partnership with St Georges AND Dafydd, Francis and Lucille – all on my documents – most of Thatch’s Cabinet were Beresford’s patients – Beresford the Tory MP for WHERE, DATES

Mr Hayes and F?? Frank and Jenny? PIC – GAIL!!

Widgery could well have had huge ambitions to bring Major’s Gov’t down and a lot of people would have been very anxious lest everything unravelled; after all John Major was concealing the trafficking ring, murders and serious organised crime in the British NHS Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justiceas well.

Sept 1992 – Black Wednesday – Major’s Gov’t in trouble, rapidly becoming very unpopular, battles of Europe breaking out

but it will have been the police investigation in north Wales wot did it and the increasing number of people coming forward with allegations and big names in the media taking an interest…

St Helena’s first husband was NAME; in DATE St Helena married Iain Hutchinson, a Top Doc (surgeon).


One obituary described David Widgery as “a radical humanist intellectual on permanent loan to revolutionary socialism.”Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

  • Widgery, D. (1976), The Left in Britain, 1956-68 (Peregrine Books)
  • Widgery, D. (ed) (1980), The Book of the Year: September 1979 to September 1980 (Inklinks)
  • Widgery, D., The National Health: A Radical Perspective
  • Widgery, D. (1986), Beating Time
  • Widgery, D. (1989), Preserving Disorder (Essays on Society & Culture) (Pluto Press)
  • Widgery, D. and Rosen, M (eds) (1991), The Chatto Book of Dissent (Chatto)
  • Widgery, D. and Shelton, S. (1991), Some Lives!: A GP’s East End, London: Sinclair Stevenson.
  • Widgery, D. (1991), Marketa Luskacova: Photographs of Spitalfields (Whitechapel Art Gallery)

Lord Elwyn-Jones – Lord Chancellor, DATES, – Gwynne n Dafydd Mr Big – East End MP, DATES, – his son Dan Jones is a social worker and artist based in Spitalfields.

David Widgery 1947 – 1992, Writer, Journalist, Doctor and Activist – An Obituary by Michael Rosen

David Widgery“We have seen through the fancy dress of modern capitalism”: David Widgery

Firework displays have the power to illuminate, shock and delight. Our heads are constantly turning to catch the next flare-up. David Widgery was a walking November the Fifth. He could not and would not be tied down to a one-track life. For a generation of London’s East-Enders he was “Doc”, the GP at the end of hours in the waiting room or the GP who belted round the housing estates of Tower Hamlets. But he was also the spirit that raged at the evidence that the diseases he was diagnosing were really cankers growing out of lousy housing, hazardous work and lack of money.

His brilliant and last book Some Lives! (1991) charts the excruciating cases and conditions on his rounds, but in typical outbursts of wit and learning interleaves these with a political walk-round the East End.

I first saw him on the platform at the London School of Economics in 1968, doing what he always did, firing off disparate examples of the iniquities of capitalism, matched by stirring, but equally disparate instances of resistance. He could zoom through rack-renting in Liverpool 9, or murder in Ian Smith’s Salisbury, and a moment later remind us of students on the Streets of Berlin or striking night cleaners in London W1. “We have seen through the fancy dress of modern capitalism,” he said, “and found the irrational violence and the hopelessness at its core” – and that was a medical student talking. We nodded, looking at his cropped hair.

But this was the same Widgery who could recite André Breton’s Surrealist manifesto; who wrote articles on “Fleet Street’s Chain of Fools” on psychedelic paper in Oz, which he was later to edit; and who fell for Allen Ginsberg. In his fighting collection of 20 years of newspaper articles, Preserving Disorder (1989), he says, “I’m glad I heard Hendrix live, but gladder to have marched with the dockers to the gates of Pentonville Prison.” He was also glad to have done the same against bombs, for miners against Gulf wars and for hospitals.

For some, the Widgery cocktail was a bit too heady. The organisation he devoted himself to all his adult life, the International Socialists – later to turn itself into the Socialist Workers Party- did not always see how his personal liberationist stand – with its shades of Rimbaud, Shelley and R.D. Laing – slotted into Leninism. But, as he wrote in 1989, “Without ’68 and the SWP I would, no doubt, in the conventional manner of the educationally upwardly mobile, be ensconced in the Department of Community Medicine of a cathedral town with my children down for public school and a sub to the SDP.” “Nor”, he adds, “am I prone to the depression which seems near-terminal among so many socialist intellectuals now becalmed in sophisticated nihilism.”

The flip-side saw him delighted that he had irritated Julie Burchill with the book Beating Time (1986), his fizzing collage-account of the Rock Against Racism movement of the late Seventies. He rooted for the rebels of rock, Seeing in a Peter Tosh or an Elvis Costello a glorious popular shout for change. He gobbled up fiction, history, politics, theatre, cabaret, music and poetry and then would surprise us with a new enthusiasm – his hero in the lndependent magazine’s “Heroes and Villains” column turned out not to be Trotsky, Bessie Smith or Lenny Bruce – all in his pantheon – but the free-verse American poet William Carlos Williams.

In our collaboration on The Chatto Book of Dissent (1991), we spent many hours choosing past heroes – people who burst out of their shackles and opposed the ways and means of the powerful. He wanted to be one of them, with them. I like to think he would have rushed round to my house on a Sunday morning with this obituary, marked with his illegible black squiggles, saying, “We can’t leave out Widgery.” We won’t.

He is survived by his partner Juliet Ash and their daughter, Annie. Another daughter, Molly, died soon after birth nine years ago.

Michael Rosen

David John Turner Widgery, writer, journalist, doctor and activist, born 27th April 1947, died London 26 October 1992

From the website of Marxists.org, a contribution from Chris Harman:

Dave Widgery:
Carrying the spirit of revolt

(7 November 1992)

Obituary: Dave Widgery – Carrying the spirit of revolt, Socialist Worker, No.1316, 7 November 1992, p.13.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

DAVE WIDGERY, who died last week, will be missed by the whole left, particularly by supporters of the Socialist Workers Party.

He joined us in the late 1960s as a young medical student, and was still attending meetings of our Hackney South branch shortly before he died. His books, especially his last one, Some Lives, are an inspiration both for older socialists and those who have discovered the left with the recent rise of anti-Tory anger.

Dave first became involved in political activity at a time when the great post war boom, which created so many illusions among people about capitalism, was only just beginning to flicker. Like many others of his generation, his rebellion was at first very much a cultural one, influenced by the American “beat” writers like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. But a visit to the US in 1965 brought home to him the harsh realities of racism, of oppression, of the material deprivation of many people’s lives under capitalism – and of the inability of the non-violence preached by people like Ginsberg to deal with these things.

Back in Britain he was soon active in the rising movements among students and against the Vietnam War. He realised, however, that students alone could not change the world anymore than non-violence could, and committed himself to the International Socialists – the predecessors of the Socialist Workers Party. It was a commitment that remained with him through all the ups and downs of the next 25 years.

He continued to write for the magazines of the sixties cultural underground like Oz. But his pieces swam against the “counter-culture” stream, rejecting the idea that you could challenge the system by changing your lifestyle.

“The hippies are about as much threat to the state as people who put foreign coins in gas meters”, he wrote in the paper Black Dwarf. He insisted in Oz, “To wait for a revolution by Mao or Che or comprehensive schools or BBC2 is to play the violin while the Titanic goes down, for if socialists don’t take theory back into the working class there are others who will.”

This was not just idle talk on his part. His flat in Chapel Market in north London was the centre of activity for the Angel International Socialist branch. We held our weekly meetings there, distributed papers for selling outside Mount Pleasant post office, dispatched groups to leaflet the pubs for the Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign, fly posted for the strikes against Labour’s planned anti-union laws, gathered to produce a special one page issue of Socialist Worker when the authorities and police shut down the London School of Economics.

Dave’s political commitment did not die with the movements of the sixties.

THROUGH THE seventies he was active as a junior hospital doctor and then as a hard working East End GP, around the first ever wave of health workers’ strikes in 1973. He helped produce the rank and file Hospital Worker paper and was active in the long campaign against the closure of Bethnal Green Hospital. When the British Nazis began to achieve major success in 1976 and 1977 and there was a horrendous series of racist killings in the East End, Dave threw himself into the fightback. He came on counter-demonstrations which broke up Nazi marches in Wood Green and Lewisham. He threw himself heart and soul into Rock Against Racism, the campaign that drove the racists out of the music industry and youth culture.

He continued to contribute not just his energy but his writing to the left. He was an unpaid member of Socialist Worker’s editorial team as it achieved real influence within the working class in 1973-4.

Later he wrote a weekly column as well as innumerable articles (often under the name Dr Gerry Dawson) on issues ranging from health and capitalism to the Russian poet Mayakovsky. On top of this he produced five books in 15 years as well as contributions to New Society and the British Medical Journal.

Like most people on the left Dave was shaken and confused by the Tories’ gains in the early and middle Thatcher years. But he had nothing but disdain for those middle class intellectuals who created their own version of the Thatcher myth and embraced “designer socialism”.Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice

DAVE, LIKE any good socialist, did not always agree with everything the leadership of the party told him. His vision of revolution involved more than the humdrum tasks of socialist organisation. But he knew those tasks had to be done. Twenty five years after becoming a revolutionary socialist he continued to sell this paper, taking a regular five copies a week, and to attend weekly meetings when he could.

He wrote three years ago: “Without ‘68 and the SWP I would, no doubt, be ensconced in the Department of Community Medicine at a cathedral town with my children down for public school and a sub to the SDP.” He added, “Nor am I prone to the depression which seems near-terminal among so many socialist intellectuals now becalmed in sophisticated nihilism.”

That is why only a fortnight ago he was still agitating for action against the Tomlinson Report and marching for the miners. That is why so many of us will mourn him as one of those who carried the spirit of revolt of the sixties through to the revolutionary decade of the nineties.

British medicine is so very small c conservative and so elitist (even these days) that David Widgery will have been simply viewed by most of his colleagues as quite mad, probably so mad as to not to be any sort of threat at all no matter how much he espoused revolution. David Widgery remained a Top Doctor throughout it all because everyone knew that he was never going to grass anyone up for professional misconduct; he was killed by gangsters with whom he and his Top Doc colleagues were friends and in business, Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justicerather than frightened Conservatives who thought that Dave was a Dangerous Revolutionary.

Andrew Jebb CHECK

John Wyn Williams was the lawyer who defended me during the case. After Huw Daniel had done his best, I gained possession of very incriminating evidence demonstrating the degree of wrongdoing and conspiracy that had taken place, particularly on the part of NHS staff. I had a meeting with John Wyn Williams with regard to seeking a barrister’s opinion with a view to suing the NHS and other parties involved. John Wyn Williams was very pleasant and seemed quite supportive of this course of action but somehow it never went anywhere.

John Wyn Williams was good enough to warn me that I needed to know that he was married to a mental health Angel who worked at the Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, but he only told me this after he had been working on my case for some while. YGC was managed by a different Trust See the source imageand I had never had a bad experience with the Ablett Unit or YGC. Or rather not at that point. I did soon afterwards and furthermore it was only many years later that I discovered that Dr Neil Davies, the senior Top Doc in terms of psychiatry at the Ablett Unit was fully on board with the conspiracy and there were signed notes and documentation in my files demonstrating this. See the source imageThe Ablett Unit hosted a number of other former Denbigh staff as well as a number of staff who had left the Hergest to work at the Ablett.


Anyone for looking hard at the circumstances of Barry Shingles’ ‘suicide’ all those years ago?

‘Open Democracy’ published on 28 Oct 2012 an article written by David Hayes, ‘David Widgery, 1947-92: Against Oblivion’.

It is twenty years since the premature death of David Widgery, a singular radical who combined a prolific writing and political life with work as a medical doctor in London’s East End. A man always “alive to things” is recalled by David Hayes.

A short walk north of the River Thames, at a point where it makes an enormous arc from Limehouse’s renovated wharves around the gleaming towers of the Canary Wharf financial complex, a modest wooden plaque on the wall of St Anne’s church commemorates David Widgery, a prolific writer and tireless libertarian socialist who worked for two decades in London’s working-class East End as a medical doctor before his death on 26 October 1992 at the age of 45.

This reverent alcove in the shadow of one of the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor’s six London churches, consecrated in 1730, seems an incongruous setting for a singular radical whose writing straddled the late-1960s underground paper Oz (which he briefly edited after the imprisonment of colleagues in the 1971 obscenity trial) and the British Medical Journal, whose activism stretched from involvement in pioneering anti-racist, gay and feminist movements to loyal-if-critical membership of the (Trotskyist) International Socialists (which became the Socialist Workers Party in 1976-77), and whose intellectual interests ranged from Vladimir Mayakovsky to André Breton, Bessie Smith to CLR James and his fellow physician-writer William Carlos Williams.

In several ways, though, it is also a fitting location. The overhang of other towers, Poplar’s council-housing blocks of the 1960s, whose broken lifts and musty stairwells Widgery navigated over many years of ministering to local residents (and of listening to their stories, as recorded in his last book, Some Lives! A GP’s East End [1991]; the proximity of further landmarks of the area’s rich ethical politics, from Limehouse town hall and former library to the philanthropic sailors’ mission that provided temporary refuge to generations of arrivals at the nearby port (and in 1960 – a shade too early even for the precocious Widgery – hosted the fourth conference of the Situationist International); the presence of Hawksmoor’s odd pyramid in the church garden, which eerily prefigures the downriver monumentalism of the 1980s (it was perhaps designed for, but never placed in, the gothic-style church tower, the second tallest in Britain after the Westminster parliament, which helped guide navigators at one bank of the Thames as Greenwich’s Time Ball did at the other).

This corner of a corner of London was variously Widgery’s workplace, heartland, reference-point, subject and inspiration: the local foundation of a boundless, restless persona that, in addition to sustaining the daily discipline of a practitioner’s life in the NHS while coping with the severe legacy of the polio he had contracted in the epidemic of 1956, embraced and championed with unmatched gusto the new horizons of possibility – cultural and experiential as well as political – released in the 1960s. (His close friend David Phillips described the young Widgery as “magnetic” and said he had “that blend of sex and danger”. The painter Jock McFadyen, a patient, was, as quoted in Iain Sinclair’s Hackney: That Rose-Red Empire, pithier: “A posh leftie, basically. There’s a lot of that about…”). In a testing, exhilarating age of personal self-creation, flaws and fire welded.

On the up

Here he is, for example, on Jack Kerouac, a teenage inspiration:

“To read Kerouac when you were 15, scrabbling through the Ks of Slough Public Library, was a coded message of discontent; the sudden realisation of an utter subversiveness and licence. He legitimised all the papery efforts of a child writer, dream books, pretend novellas, invented games, planned and described walkouts. He expressed a solution to the pentupness, exitlessness of youth, that feeling of wanking off inside all the time. Everyone I know remembers where they were when they read On the Road, whether newly expelled from school, public librarians (trainee) in Hammersmith, car park attendants in Dorking, knowledgeable Eisenhower drunks or hospital porters, because of the sudden sense of infinite possibility. You could, just like that, get off out of it into infinite hitchhiking futures. Armed only with a duffle coat, you could be listening to wild jazz on the banks of the Tyne or travelling east-west, across the Pennines. Mostly we never actually went, or the beer wore off by Baldcock High Street and you were sober and so cold. But we were able to recognise each other by that fine, wild, windy prose and the running-away motif that made so much sense.”

It’s characteristic that this extract from the long essay “The Kerouac Connection“, published in Oz in 1969 (well worth reading as a counterpoint to the copious puffery that now attends Walter Salles’s evidently super-shallow film) was written when Widgery was barely 22.

Here he is on Sylvia Pankhurst, the suffragette turned East End campaigner for the working class and left-communist critic of Leninist centralism:

“My interest, affection, it’s hard not to call it love, for Sylvia Pankhurst has grown over the last five years spent practicing as a doctor not half a mile from her old home in the Old Ford Road. East London is different now, studded with tower blocks and fenced with corrugated iron. But curiously the same. Still solidly proletarian, still the sweatshops and street-fights and rent strikes and plenty of old lady patients who remember ‘our Sylvia’ with a twinkle. Still the migrants, speaking Bangla Deshi rather than Yiddish, still the dole queues, longer now than ever. And still a revolutionary socialist minority, of which I’m part, spouting at street corners, dishing out leaflets, spreading union membership, occupying hospitals due for closure. Sometimes I feel Sylvia’s presence so sharply, it’s like a political ghost leaning over my shoulder to look with anger and compassion at the wheezy infants and cooped up young mothers and panicky grannies who live in the council blocks the Labour Council has had the nerve to name after Shelley, Morris and Dickens.” (“Sylvia Pankhurst, Pioneer of Working Class Feminism“, Radical America, May-June 1979).

And here he is on the “Carnival against the Nazis” in April 1978, part of the “rock against racism” movement of the period which Widgery celebrated in his written-on-the-wind book Beating Time:

“The sheer size of the march was the first surprise, especially in a country which has never experienced fascism first hand and whose anti-fascism is therefore bandaged up with national patriotism. But the carnival stood comparison with the high points of the nuclear disarmament and Vietnam movements and was certainly the biggest anti-fascist rally since the Thirties. In class terms it was a blast too. The white working class youth, the universally maligned and largely unemployed, the punks and soccer fans and skinheads and school kids, largely outside any political organization, had got there under their own steam. And the black youth, cagey at first, turned up too. My workingclassometer registered the march as markedly more proletarian than anything since the big Industrial Relations marches of the early Seventies and with the average age about 15 years younger. This is not to knock the British lower middle class’s capacity for organised moral outrage, from the Turkish Atrocities through CND to My Lai, but to record that anti-racialism is no longer an optional foreign policy issue. Modern immigration is about imperialism coming home, race in the capitalist nations of old Europe is now a working class, street level matter, a critical element shaping modern class conciousness.”

Raphael Samuel, the protean historian and teacher, and fellow archaeologist of East End lives and currents (albeit from a different political milieu) confirmed Widgery’s judgment in describing this gathering in Hackney’s Victoria Park as “the most working class demonstration I have been on, and one of the very few of my adult lifetime to have sensibly changed the climate of public opinion.”

Alongside such essays (available thanks to the sterling work of the Marxists Internet Archive, and published in the above cases by Einde O’Callaghan) are Widgery’s books, both single authored (including his collection of essays, Preserving Disorder [1989]) and the edited anthologies (The Left in Britain, 1956-68 [1976] and The Chatto Book of Dissent [1991], with Michael Rosen). If much belongs to its moment, it can also be read as a rich record of the ideas, hopes, and energies of an honest, full-hearted participant in a generation’s struggles. It was surely in this spirit that Raphael Samuel referred to Widgery as an “archivist for the future”.

In the mix

In what proved to be Widgery’s last decade, Britain was dominated by the social and economic transformations taking place under Margaret Thatcher’s government, with east London one of the areas where change – from deindustrialisation and demolition, through depopulation and immigration, to financialisation and gentrification – was most visible and its effects on everyday life most acute. As the optimism of the late 1960s and even the mobilisations of the 1970s were becoming ever more distant, he sought to make the best sense possible consistent with his ideology of what was going on around him, while finding his work, patients and immediate locality a reassuring source of political meaning.

Many scattered blogs, archives and memoirs of turbulent years record Widgery’s activism and unique persona; those worth reading include Michael Rosen’s warm obituary and David Renton’s political overview, while Michael Fitzpatrick and Paul Foot’s appraisals say as much about their authors as the subject. His medical philosophy and association with the East End is considered at length in a fine book by Patrick Hutt (with Iona Heath and Roger Neighbour), Confronting an ill Society: David Widgery, general practice, idealism and the chase for change (2005). Hutt gave a talk on Widgery in 2008 as part of local commemorations in Tower Hamlets (the wider district of which Limehouse is part) of the sixtieth anniversary of the NHS,

Stephen Gallagher and Andrew Parry at Ysbyty Gwynedd celebrated that particular anniversary by hurling abuse at me, refusing to treat me and threatening two members of the public who were horrified at what they witnessed. The Welsh Gov’t received detailed accounts of the events but the Health Minister Edwina Hart maintained that she had done all that she could… No-one was ever held to account. At the time, Bodger was in his retirement job as a lecturer in the history of medicine at Swansea University, a post that Bodger was offered and accepted in 2000, the year of the publication of the Waterhouse Report. Bodger and his wife Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain relocated from Wimbledon to the Gower, where Bodger and Jocelyn continued to host the At Homes for which they were renowned in London.

Edwina’s constituency was the Gower and she is considered to be part of the ‘Swansea Mafia’. Rhodri, who was still FM in 2008, is a member of a family who have effectively run Swansea University for decades. Rhodri was the MP for Cardiff West before the establishment of the National Assembly for Wales, George Thomas’s former constituency. In 1988, Rhodri was part of the Windbag’s Shadow team and sat in Energy, along with Miranda. Cherie shared George Carman’s Chambers until 1988. I have been told that Tony Francis sent confidential documentation about me to the Windbag/the Windbag’s team, including Bluglass’s 1989 Report into my complaint about Dafydd et al.

The Windbag and in particular his wife were personal friends of some members of the Gang and after they lost the 1987 General Election in spite of their Faustian pact with the Top Doctors, the Labour Party were smarting.

It was in 1988 that Miranda was ‘spotted’ as a Future Leader, while I was working at Surrey University in the team led by BMA Chairman Dr John Marks’s brother, as the BMA advised Tony Francis, Dafydd and others as to how to refuse to investigate my complaints and to frame me for offences that it was freely admitted I had not committed.

Other Labour Party names in the frame throughout this period include Charles Clarke (see previous posts) and dear old Michael Meacher (see ‘       ‘), the Labour MP for Oldham West, 1970-97. Meacher was a graduate of New College, Oxford, a recruiting ground for the British security services (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’) and then worked as a researcher and lecturer in social administration at the Universities of Essex and York.

York hosted a far-right Conservative Society with which a number of men later named as child abusers were involved. Harriet Harperson was a student at York; she knew about that crazy Conservative Society but er Harriet’s dad was a Top Doc who was mates with Gwynne, Dafydd, Bodger et al.

Meacher wrote a volume on the treatment of elderly people in mental hospitals and what he found was so grim that he just abandoned the poor sods. Meacher was a junior Minister under Wilson and Callaghan, including a junior Minister in the DHSS, 1975-76, so he concealed the same criminality as did his colleagues Battling Babs Castle, Jack Straw and Gwynne and Dafydd’s good mate David Ennals. Meacher went on to hold roles as the Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Security, 1983-87 and the Shadow Secretary for Social Services, 1989-92. Meacher was an ally of Tony Benn, someone else who concealed the extensive crap and had since before my Posh Relative by marriage Civil Service mandarin Penelope Piercy worked for Benn when he was Wilson’s Minister of Technology. See post ‘Lord Gnome COMPLETE)

Meacher’s wife Molly was a social worker with interests in Mentally Ill People and Drug Abuse. Molly studied at York University and then London University, where she gained her CQSW in 1980. Molly worked as a social worker in north London. Perhaps on Little Nell’s manor in Islington? Or in Haringey? Or Camden, the habitat of the idiot Tessa? See eg. ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’, ‘The London Connection’ and ‘Tessa – OBIT POST’? Gwynne and Dafydd were working with partner rings operating in all of these areas of north London…

Molly also worked for the Mental Health Foundation which covered a multitude of sins.

Moll was a Board member, Deputy Chair and then Acting Chair of the Police Complaints Authority, 1994-02.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 2004 Moll was appointed Chair of the East London and City Mental Health Trust and between 2007-12 was Chair of the East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Molly is President of the Haemophilia Society and since 2016 has been Chair of Dignity in Dying.

Since 2011 Molly has been Chair of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 1979, the year in which Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned by Dafydd, Molly published ‘New Methods of Mental Health Care’. Well those new methods worked a treat, in 1986 Dafydd unlawfully imprisoned me. Most appropriately in 1991 Molly authored ‘The Mentally Disordered Offender’, presumably when she noticed all those mentally ill people in prison for bizarre and trivial offences or having not committed any offences at all. 1759706Unless the inspiration for Molly’s volume was the Mentally Disordered Offender who is the writer of this blog and was perceived as quite a threat to this bunch of crooks in the early 1990s.

Molly is married to Lord Richard Layard (see previous posts) who conjured up the ‘happiness’ nonsense. Why look at complex structural problems when we can just spout shite about happiness or Mindfulness? Truly therapies for neoliberalism!

Molly was Chair of the Clinical Ethics Committee of the Central and North West London NHS Trust, 2004-08. Ruth Runciman was Chair of the Central and North West London NHS Trust for over 10 years, retiring in 2013.

Ruth Runciman was Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, 1994-98. In Spring 1994 F and I met two members of the MHAC when they visited the Hergest Unit and told them of the many serious uninvestigated complaints about Dafydd and the numerous first hand accounts of female patients who claimed to have been sexually harassed by Dafydd or to have had sex with him. One of the Commissioners laughed. We asked him why he was laughing and he told us that he was laughing in despair because he had heard this so many times before. A few hours after our meeting finished, Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer who had sat in on the meeting told us that the other Commissioner, an older lady, had told him that she had been an inspector of psychiatric hospitals years ago and on an inspection of Denbigh she had been told exactly the same thing then.

Our complaints re Dafydd remained uninvestigated and the Gwynedd Community Health Trust refused to even document them on the grounds that to do so would be libelling Dafydd. Dafydd’s mate William Bingley, the son of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lady Juliet Bingley, was Chief Exec of the MHAC. The Bingleys were mates with Lord Mountbatten, Richard Crossman and of course David Ennals and Tessa Jowell, as leading lights in MIND.

Since blogging about the MHAC ignoring the concerns that F and I raised with them in the Spring of 1994, I’ve had info that the visit of the MHAC to the Hergest Unit was a Trap laid for F and I; because our complaints were being ignored, it was known that we would ask to see the MHAC if they paid a visit to the Hergest Unit and offered to discuss patients’ concerns and thus Dafydd’s mates on the MHAC would find out how serious the complaints that we were prepared to make to the MHAC would be and presumably if we mentioned the names of any of the patients who had spoken to us being far too frightened to communicate with the MHAC themselves. Lest the MHAC Told DA What We Had Said.

Over to you Ruthie!

Shortly after F and I met with the MHAC, Dafydd planted the brick that he claimed that I had thrown through his glass door in the middle of the night… 1759706The injunction from Liverpool High Court followed in Nov 1994, the only true allegation in Dafydd’s affidavit being the account of the raspberry that F had blown down the phone at Dafydd months previously.

Runciman was Chair of the MHAC whilst it ignored the physical and sexual abuse of patients in Ashworth Hospital, including unexplained patient deaths, one of which was investigated by Robert Bluglass, assisted by a Senior Angel from Clwyd Health Authority (see post ‘Security, Security’).

Ruth spent more than three decades involved with the CAB. Lucille Hughes was involved with the CAB at senior management level in Wales and more latterly, so has Tal Michael (see previous posts), the son of Labour MP, AM and Wales’s former FM, Alun Michael, one of the old crowd who grew up in north Wales and went back as far as Gwynne’s day and resigned as FM literally as the Waterhouse Report was submitted to Paul Murphy, Welsh Secretary. See ‘News From Sicily’.

Ruth established a CAB in Wormwood Scrubs. Dafydd and Gwynne’s old mate from the Maudsley Dr Paul Bowden was one of the Maudsley psychs who also served as a forensic psych for Wormwood Scrubs. Bowden was a mate of Bluglass. See previous posts. Michael Browne HERE

Runciman was an early Trustee and then Chair, 2000-06, of the National AIDS Trust. So Ruthie too, along with HIV/AIDS specialists Baroness Margaret Jay and her second husband AIDS Top Doc Michael Adler (Margaret was previously married to Dr Death’s good mate Peter Jay), kept schtum about the number of rent boys with AIDS who had been abused and trafficked by Gwynne and Dafydd.

Ruth was a founder of the Prison Reform Trust in 1981, worked on drug misuse as well and is also a Trustee of the Pilgrim Trust.

Ruth is married to Garry, Viscount Runciman, so is actually Viscountess Runciman. Ruth is far too modest to use that title, she just calls herself Dame Ruth instead.

Garry Runciman is a Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. Garry is a Cambridge Apostle and was President of the British Academy, 2001-05. Garry was invited by the Governor of the Bank of England to serve on the Securities and Investments Board, from which he retired in 1988. Garry Runciman Chaired the Royal Commission on Criminal Justice, set up out of concern for miscarriages of justice, 1759706perpetrated by his wife’s mates among others.

Garry’s Royal Commission resulted in the establishment of the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the first Chair of which was Thatch’s mate Sir Freddie Crawford. Freddie the VC of Aston University when Brown was a student and lecturer there and who forced Brown out of his job at Aston in July 1995 after Brown provided evidence that Dafydd had tried to bribe me.

Freddie Crawford had an off the rails son who used to boast that he could get away with pretty much anything because of who his dad was; Crawford junior was A Charmer and used to manipulate the Angels whom would end up looking after him when he had landed in another Fine Mess 1759706from which his dad had to extract him. Crawford junior was later found dead ‘from a heroin overdose’ in an hotel in Israel.

There was a major row when Crawford was appointed Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Commission because of his involvement in Freemasonry. Birmingham had a major problem with police corruption associated with Freemasonry. The Gang in north Wales were networked to corrupt professional people in Birmingham 1759706and Freemasonry was a running theme.

See ‘A Vintage Crop’ for details of Michael, Molly, Ruth and Garry and their circle.

One role held by Dame Ruth that I failed to cover in ‘A Vintage Crop’ is that of Chair of the UK Drug Policy Commission. The Dame was Chair of the MHAC when Dafydd vastly expanded his drug dealing and distribution business and then ‘retired’ in the summer of 1995 clutching the contract to provide Substance Abuse Services for the whole of north Wales. Dafydd continued with his huge Private Practice and also Expert Witness work. He agreed to retire on condition that none of the very serious complaints about him would not be followed up, including mine. See ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’

The website of the UKDPC is well worth a visit as they used to say on Blue Peter, many friends of this blog are there. Lord Kamlesh Patel was a Commissioner and Trustee, 2007-07; Kamlesh is a friend of Baroness Patsy Scotland and served as Chairman of the MHAC himself before it was abolished by Miranda. Kamlesh was Chair of the MHAC when the MHAC lied to me, told me that they had lost my file when they had not, failed to investigate complaints of criminal staff misconduct in north Wales and as the deaths at the Hergest Unit went through the roof. Miranda knows that I caught Kamlesh red-handed 1759706because I e mailed Kamlesh about a few matters and Miranda’s henchmen read my e mails when they hacked my inbox. See my posts on Baroness Patricia Scotland for info on Kamlesh, his previous is impressive.

Prof Colin Blakemore also sits as a Commissioner; Colin who knew some of the Top Docs at St George’s/Springfield when I worked there and who’s daughter, Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is now a Prof of Psychology at UCL and carrying out Wellcome Trust-funded research with Professor Mark Williams re Mindfulness. Sarah-Jayne is responsible for er Wellcome Trust funding at UCL and as a PhD student and postdoc was mentored by a number of those in Dafydd’s circle. See previous posts.

Top Doc Baroness Ilora Finlay of Llandaff also sits as a Commissioner. Iolora has been based in Cardiff for most of her career, held posts that involved her concealing the Gang’s wrongdoing and was on good terms with Tony Francis. Baroness Ilora’s Speciality is Palliative Care and like Molly Meacher, Baroness Ilora is keen on Dignity In Dying. Or so she tells us. See previous posts…

Vivienne Parry of Medical Ethics and the Media also sits as a Commissioner of the UKDPC… See previous posts for info on Vivienne.


Ruthie and Garry’s son David Walter Runciman (born 1 March 1967) is Head of the Dep’t of Politics and International Studies and Professor of Politics at Cambridge University and a fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

Runciman was born and grew up in St John’s Wood, North London – Jonathan Miller lived/lives there, as did Ronnie Waterhouse, Paul McCartney and the the Dickson Wrights. Vanessa Feltz is also a resident. and grew up there. David Runciman’s father, mother, and paternal grandfather and great-grandfather all attended Cambridge. He was educated at Eton and went on to study at Trinity College, Cambridge.

David Runciman is the great nephew of the historian Sir Steven Runciman. David Runciman is heir to his family’s viscountcy. He is married to the food writer Bee Wilson. Bee is the daughter of A.N. Wilson…

David Runciman began writing for the London Review of Books in 1996 and has written dozens of book reviews and articles on contemporary politics since, for the LRB and a number of other publications. In October 2014, David was appointed Head of the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge. He was preceded in this position by Andrew Gamble and Geoffrey Hawthorn.

Since 2015, Runciman has hosted a podcast, Talking Politics, with Professor Helen Thompson. The podcast convenes a panel of academics from the University of Cambridge and elsewhere to speak about current affairs and politics. Guests have included Thomas Piketty, Judith Butler and John Lanchester.

In July 2018 David Runciman was elected Fellow of the British Academy (FBA).

At least part of the explanation for the cosy relationship between the Aristocratic Runcimans and a gang of sex offenders in north Wales was Prof Peter Greig-Smith, Cambridge graduate and friend of many other Cambridge grads/security service agents, who held a Chair in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW for decades and lived at Llandegfan on Anglesey. See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

whose future as an integrated public body is even more in question than when Widgery was moved to write The National Health: A Radical Perspective (1978).Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

It seems certain that Widgery, who would today only be 65, would have continued to be a frontline defender of free and universal medical care. After the death of his and his partner’s baby daughter, he found consolation in the NHS: “In the 1980s, policy dominated by the philosophy of possessive individualism still allows a different set of values to flourish. And it makes manifest the spirit of human solidarity which is at the core of socialism, and which our present rulers are so concerned to eradicate.” At the time he died, he was preparing to take up a one-year sabbatical at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine and to write a history of medical care in the East End.

The Director of the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine (at UCL) was for a number of years Prof Roy Porter, who came to a premature and tragic end. Roy Porter was brilliant but he avoided certain areas of the history of medicine like the plague, not only because Roy knew about Gwynne, Dafydd etc but because when the investigations and inquiries began in north Wales, Gwynne’s, Dafydd’s and Tony Francis’s mates in Manchester eg. Prof Hugh Freeman and John V. Pickstone, called upon the help of Roy Porter in their efforts with regard to rewriting their own histories, as discussed in previous posts.

Where his left-libertarian politics would have taken him is harder to say, though in the early Thatcher period he was fond of quoting the trade-union leader Tom Mann: “we intend to become more dangerous as we grow old.” Dr Dafydd Alun JonesAnd he would surely have embraced new media with characteristic zest as another vehicle to think through a present determinedly resistant to revolutionary-romantic idealism.

The increasing association with locality in Widgery’s last years is reflected in his contribution to the revival of the Hackney Literary and Philosophical Society, involvement with Hackney Empire, and becoming the subject of a documentary film, Limehouse Doctor (1993),

One notorious Limehouse Doctor of who’s wrongdoing Widgery knew:

which focused on his work at the Gill Street Health Centre. He also became part of the acclaimed Czech-born photographer Markéta Luskacová’s portfolio of a changing East End, an image now in the National Portrait Gallery.

A subtle political refocus amid the larger retreat of the left is suggested by his remark: “[Being] radical today is about fighting to keep hold of what we already have…Dr Dafydd Alun JonesTo hold the ground and fight for aluminium frames, meals on wheels and high blood pressure screening in the present context is pretty damn revolutionary.”

David Widgery’s public life belongs to many worlds: medicine, far-left and working-class politics, the underground and avant-garde, anti-racist and gay and feminist activism, Dr Dafydd Alun JonesLondon’s East End and its layered histories. The pulse of his work continues to beat, its verve undiminished, its spirit uncaptured, even as the great river sweeps so much of its era into oblivion.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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    1. It’s exactly what I’d expect Wise Owl! Just look at all those we know and love who have been facilitating the organised abuse that is now causing such Shock Horror who were/are experts in organised abuse!

      I’ve been busy with new material since yesterday so I haven’t had time to comment on the ironies now emerging from every skirting board, but what a laugh!

      Has anyone actually looked at the track records of these Shocked and Disgusted people who are now dropping Randy Andy like a hot cake? KPMG, er not really known for their integrity are they. KPMG, as well as McKinsey, are always wheeled out to conceal NHS crap, KPMG know of worse than Jeffrey Epstein and they’ve concealed it as well. Outward Bound, it was established by Randy Andy’s dad’s mates and a number of them were mates with Gwynne and Dafydd. It was what north Wales was all about, mountains, sea, lakes, rivers, ooh what a great experience for Troubled and Disadvantaged kids!! Some of them had a great time, but others were molested on the adventure holidays or residential character building courses…

      The University of Huddersfield. Can I ask them to take a long hard look at their academic staff? They have a criminologist there who did her first degree and PhD at Bangor University who was academically very weak but no threat to anyone in the middle of those interviews with sex offenders and other dodgy people so it was an academic career for her! At Huddersfield University. She only ever insulted those of us who Challenged the Gang and would drop into Bangor and ask us if we’d managed to get another postdoc contract yet while letting us know that she was now Senior Lecturer. She rocked up to one party on Anglesey and pointedly asked one senior member of staff who had been given a really bad time by the Gang ‘if the management’ of his dept ‘was still grossly incompetent’. Oh fuck off Cara, by the way your own boyfriend at Bangor was widely alleged to be a sex offender while you did that PhD on sex offenders, people were hooting with laughter. Furthermore Graham supervised your PhD when Roy King dropped you like a stone so why you decided to insult Graham I have no idea. Oh of course, Graham was fair game, the Guardian had libelled him, so it was open season.

      There’s a criminologist/sociologist who when young was hot stuff and worked with Stuart Hall et al whom it is alleged was destroyed by Huddersfield University, but I don’t know why. Randy Andy is only their latest mistake.

      I was fascinated to hear Dame Louise Casey bollocking on about Epstein, Andy etc on Radio 4 yesterday. Dame Louise banged on like the ignoramus that she is emphasising that we should not be calling the girls ‘teenagers’, they are CHILDREN, we need to get the language right. Dame, they are legally minors but if I know anything about teens they do not appreciate being called children. Calling them teens in no way diminishes crimes of sexual assault on them you foolish old bat.

      The Dame then stated categorically that Children who are the victims of these crimes Feel Worthless. Do they Dame? All of them? In my experience human beings vary, including in their responses to having been the victims of sex crimes. Do you not think that this sort of Speaking For All People Involved because I’m the Dame is what causes the ‘services’ to be so utterly crap, indeed damaging?

      Dame, I never felt worthless throughout my long battles with the Gang, I felt furious, I felt frustrated that I knew there were so many people who knew that I wasn’t a liar and when I wrote this blog and people began telling me that did I know what so and so did in 1984 or whatever, my reaction was often ‘Yes I knew and I told people but no-one was interested’ or ‘That was so much worse than even I suspected, why the fuck didn’t someone tell me??’

      But no, Dame L, I never felt worthless. I had to tolerate the most appalling comments about me, about Brown, F, and many more of my friends and if I had ever felt worthless I’d never have withstood it. I took the same view as Brown with the worst of these people: you are so worthless that you sneering at me is no more than the cattle in that field doing that thing where they give you a hard stare over the hedge. I couldn’t give a fuck if an Angel who I know is also working as a prostitute and blackmailing her clients is openly shrieking with laughter every time I try to contribute to the conversation, I just thought that she was a bloody moron and I didn’t much care that other Angels were sneering at me for working as a cleaner either.

      The best I had was ‘Isn’t it strange that with all your degrees you can’t get a proper job?’ No it wasn’t strange at all, unlike the rest of north Wales I refused to roll over for a gang of sex offenders or take part in vicious attacks on other people who were under threat. If people want to make fools of themselves by sneering at one of the best junior researchers that Bangor had, who had already clocked up a good record in medical research re publications and a postgrad degree from an elite London medical school despite being framed by a gang of criminals and instead they drool over the achievements of people who, after four years produce a rather mediocre PhD, despite help from so many people and an easy existence, I can’t do much about it. It does sadly mean that Bangor University has never been what it could and should be, because I was by no means the only person who was treated like that. None of it made me feel worthless.

      Anyway, this is the Dame who Wrote The Report About The Terrible Abuse In Rotherham, that was facilitated by Docs, no the Dame didn’t name one of them. It is the Dame who was appointed to ever senior roles by Miranda who is at the centre of institutional abuse and the denial that it exists, the Dame that wrote the saddest joke of an attempt at a Sociology Report that any Gov’t senior official has ever written that caused hilarity online. It is also the Dame who, after being let loose on Troubled Families (not very effective were you Dame??), in her media appearances actually talked of families in which Mental Illness, Incest and Joblessness are causing havoc. No-one screamed with laughter in the studio. Can you imagine someone who is Tsar for Troubled Families believing that while keeping the coal in the bath, the psychotic plebs are all shagging their family members?? Are they all crazy because of Reefer Madness then Louise? Or is it Genetic? It was hilarious, I think the Dame had been reading the psychiatry studies of the 1960s that stated incest was only prevalent in Slum Families in which the Living Quarters of the boys and girls wasn’t separate. Dafydd and his mates wrote those studies, do have a read of them, they are jaw-dropping. Chris Almighty Dame do you know anything about the history of the Royal Family or indeed the nobility??

      BTW Wise Owl, I note that Brexit is going to cause a shortage of Alzheimer’s drugs. Barbara Windsor, Peter Higson and indeed Randy Andy, who are finding it so difficult to Recollect various things at the moment, will suffer…I do hope that the highly paid Top Docs will discover a New Therapy, I’m sure they will, there’s a miracle every day at present, so why Brexit will scupper them I cannot imagine. No doubt a wily market trader will just go abroad with a van a la the duty free tobacco in the 1990s, buy a load of Alzheimers drugs on the black market, come back to the UK and flog them. Someone could set up those big stores on the other side of the channel that used to flog booze to Brits on day trips to France, only they can flog Alzheimers drugs.

      The Top Docs are even turning up on Farming Today now, there was one on this morning, a Top Doc near Guildford, only the richest part of the UK outside of Belgravia, moaning on about people needing to pay extra tax for their NHS. Presumably that does not include the Top Docs who are currently on a work to rule because their pension pots are so big that they’re refusing to pay the er tax bills that have accumulated. It’ll be the workers in Pizza Express and Macs or Sports Direct who’ll have to pay. The Top Docs will do their usual and refuse to treat patients unless they’re let off the extra tax and the professionals of Guildford will all use a sharp accountant to avoid the extra. The poor sods on the zero hours contracts at Tesco will be told to pay for the NHS, it Needs Resources. Then they’ll be arrested if they swear in the presence of an Angel the next time that they’re left on a trolley in A&E in agony for 12 hours.

    1. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/child-sex-abuse-inquiry-bridlington-3553298?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&sfns=mo
      So I sent an email to a colleague of Alex Jay at the University of Strathclyde marked to please forward with links to Wheels within wheels and my comments.
      So I think that along with everybody else that I wrote to they might have the ‘heads up’ on Brid. Needless to say she didn’t get back to me, a bit like Robert Francis QC c/o The Porters, Lincoln’s Inn.
      Mind you I was a bit cheeky, presumptive even, suggesting that he may be required to Chair another Public Inquiry.

    1. ‘How has this been tolerated for so long ? It is horrific.’
      What an appropriate adult response to death and injury.
      So, what sort of number is 243?
      Keep your head down. Fuck right off.

      1. Wise Owl,

        Sorry to come back to me again but if the response to an undergrad who, along with her boyfriend, makes a serious but polite, non-aggressive complaint about a retired lobotomist who is sitting in a Student Health Centre – a man who has already been the subject of numerous very serious complaints from students and their parents – is to destroy the students career, as well as those of any of her friends who supported her, to kill the one witness who can’t be smeared or discredited and to then buy off absolutely everyone who knows what has happened (which turns out to be a great many people because the lobotomist has spent decades running a sex abuse gang serving Royals and other VIPs) and then try and murder her via the NHS, the result will not be a pretty sight.

        By the 1980s, the NHS already had a culture so brutal that there was very little effort needed to find NHS staff at all levels in any part of the UK to treat me appallingly because I had Dared Complain about a man who was Once Important. No-one even believed the stories of my Violent Attacks and Dangerousness that they all told each other, it’s on my records again and again over 30 years. ‘She is known to be Violent and to Attack staff but I have surprisingly always found her to be pleasant and communicative’. Only Tony Francis and Dafydd had Seen My Murderous Attempts so Everyone Knew, although most of those people didn’t like Dafydd and Francis and were documenting that I had indeed had ‘very bad experiences with some doctors..’

        If after decades of this, the senior managers and a few of their Angel and Top Doc accomplices are caught, red handed and beyond dispute, perjuring themselves, conspiring, planting evidence and having me wrongly arrested AT LEAST FIVE TIMES, it really is time for someone to sit down with me and say ‘We really are sorry, this should never have happened, now how do we put this right?’

        They won’t do it. Instead I had more insults, complete silence or informal comments from two insiders ‘It’s a mess’ and ‘The situation is unresolvable’. It was Prof Catherine Robinson who made the latter comment, Gov’t adviser on mental health and social policy. The situation was unresolvable because so many of Catherine’s senior colleagues were serious criminals who just would not leave me alone and were openly telling people this. They also told people that We Will Never Treat Her, no matter what happens. They will never treat me because THEY have been caught repeatedly in a serious criminal conspiracy. The Welsh Gov’t Would Not Intervene.

        My case is extreme I know, but the point is that we have an NHS that is capable of doing this because when I was 21 I complained about a retired doc who was known to be abusing patients on a huge scale. So I had to die, that was the bottom line…

        It’s a laugh that people are telling me that I ought to go into politics and become a health advisor. When I was younger that is exactly what I wanted to do. However can I ask my fan club to ask themselves how they think that I actually feel about what has happened to me at the hands of the British state? I’m not one for doing the My Hell As A Woman bit re The Guardian, because I tend to take the piss even in dire situations, but if you were me, would you actually want anything at all to do with these people who over nearly 40 yrs have simply tried to murder me? Do you think that you might just enjoy watching them stew, as you hear about yet another one of their accomplices who has undoubtedly been killed by one of their own? I don’t rate Margaret Hodge’s chances too highly at the moment…

        The public need to take on board the horror of this and kick these worthless creatures out, not give them more money and tell them how great they are.

        Meanwhile I am owed a great deal of money aren’t I Gov’t…

    2. Thanks for these links Wise Owl.
      What does have to happen before people realise what is actually going on? The NHS has had a toxic culture for decades and it pervades most of the NHS. If someone works or is treated where a toxic culture does not prevail they are lucky. If this Trust in Shropshire has admitted to 40 babies dying, the real number will be far higher. The NHS lies constantly, routinely and under all circumstances.

      The Expert upon whom they are relying to Get To The Bottom Of This is Donna Ockenden. Donna was the Expert who was commissioned by the Betsi to Get To The Bottom Of The Tawel Fan Scandal. Donna wrote one hard hitting Report, then was due to follow up with another as she intended to explore the whole mental health scene in north Wales. Donna invited contributions from anyone who had experienced the horrors of the north Wales NHS. I contacted her, spoke directly to her and she told me that she would like to meet me in person, with her investigating colleague, a consultant surgeon. She asked me to send her my evidence before we met. I and another person sent Donna evidence of serious organised crime, sexual assaults on patients, violent assaults, the threats at gun point, perjury on the part of NHS staff etc.

      I subsequently received an e mail from Donna cancelling our meeting. I heard no more. Months later Donna appeared in public, in front of TV cameras, stated that Things Had To Change At The Betsi, It Was Now Time For Action, Not Words. Donna left and never returned. The relatives of the patients in Tawel Fan who had been abused or even died because of the abuse and neglect said that they’d never felt so let down as by Donna as she walked away.

      No-one, no-one, from inside the NHS can put this right. The NHS is in a terrible state, a really really bad way. If teams of perverted old Docs running sex abuse gangs in London and north Wales can operate in collaboration unhindered for decades because everyone is either on board with them or far too frightened to pipe up even when patients are going to prison as a result of conspiracy or are being found dead, that demonstrates the scale of the problem.

      It is not ordinary public citizens who are in denial, when something happens to them or their families/friends they freely discuss how horrified they were. It is a massive conspiracy of better off people who work in the NHS or are doing quite nicely from it. Poor people, disabled people or chronically ill people are being ignored and left to die while less needy people are still getting all sorts of non-essentials, even Viagra, Prep etc. Of course I don’t want gay people to die from AIDS, but do they realise that other people in far worse situations cannot get even basic care? Doctors themselves are having multiple organ transplants in situations where other patients would be refused. Look at the stats for docs living after those operations; they live years longer than other people. It is NOT because they Take Responsibility! It is because they receive better care and their mates inside medicine keep them away from mad dangerous docs.

      No docs sent their own children to Dafydd, that was for the rest of us.

      It is just disgusting, it doesn’t matter how much old hypocrites like Michael Marmot bang on about Health Inequalities, there is no real desire at all to tackle them. The NHS is not so much racist and sexist but very very classist. It doesn’t think of itself as that because as a whole NHS staff hate people like Jacob Rees-Mogg, but the NHS attitudes I would say are worse than most of what Jacob comes out with. NHS staff usually have an utterly nihilistic attitude to the mentally ill, to the learning disabled and to plebs. It seeps out all over the place, as a whole the NHS does not give a stuff about them. The NHS has a culture that sympathises with and reflects a certain sort of person that one finds working in the NHS at reasonably senior levels. Not cleaners or porters or canteen staff or even healthcare assistants but not Harley Street Docs.

      The sort of quite well off but not actually Rich so they don’t see themselves as well off semi-professionals or professionals. The degree level educated people but who can’t cope if they come across a real swot like me. The sort of liberal minded people who hate Thatch but find me Very Left Wing You Know, a Bit Too Extreme I’d Say. They can cope with people like themselves very well but they are very bad at coping with the sort of people who really need the NHS. If someone is inarticulate or is from a different culture – not even fully veiled Somalis, I’m thinking manual working blokes who don’t change nappies! – they really do have trouble with them.

      The staff who are really good at dealing with those groups or indeed the staff who don’t panic, who don’t wrinkle their noses if an Unsavoury Person turns up, are not the staff that are promoted or put in the jobs that need them. Promotion in the NHS is entirely about concealing wrongdoing, wielding power over those lower down the pecking order and being utterly up your own arse Because I’m Qualified You Know. Just talk to the Angels who now log jam Health Boards at senior levels. They are usually dreadful and their own staff loathe them as well. The problem is not Angels Having Degrees, that is an excellent idea, it was that the degrees were not rigorous, they were from the beginning designed to ensure that not very capable people already in the system of the mindset to be Worthy Of Senior Management Positions In The NHS passed those degrees! Angels with ability have just walked away in their droves at the fuckwits who are systematically promoted.

      Likewise Top Docs who are not the sort of Top Docs that I insult on this blog; they are in despair at the idiocy that is allowed to reign when there are people like them who are clever, erudite, well qualified and know what they are doing. They are instead ruled over by tossers. It has caused huge resentment and there is now a pitched battle with Top Docs just getting arsey for the hell of it because they do feel disrespected by their mediocre bullying colleagues bagging the goodies or the elevated Angels with a Business Studies MA or the dreaded NHS manager.

      Everyone in the NHS knows that this is happening, that all professional groups are at each others throats and that the bollocks that pours out of Public Health Wales, NHS Providers, Policy Documents and all the others hitching a free ride on the NHS has sod all to do with medicine and they cannot believe that this continues while patients die.

      Brown summed it up a few years ago. He witnessed an entertaining scene in a hospital in England. Some urine or vomit or something had spilt, not infectious, just messy. There were so many people scurrying around making statements about who’s job it was to clean it up, it not just being spilt sugar or chocolate and there was a debate about ‘Oh who shall we ring? Who’s Responsibility is this? Well shall we ring Housekeeping??’ Brown said to me that the debate took over 30 mins but ‘What no-one would do was clean up the mess’.

      I saw a similar low level scene years ago when I was working in a mediocre yet costly ‘Nursing Home’ near Bangor. An elderly man had really bad sores all around his penis and testicles and the sores were supposed to be treated with non-specialist but soothing cream every few hours or he was going to be in agony. Most of the care assistants knew exactly what to do and they were fine. Yet one day I was in the room when this woman was just making such an issue about Having To Touch Him There, she was literally yelling ‘I’m not going to touch THAT’. I just thought Oh for God’s sake, he’s an elderly man, in bloody agony, bedridden, in a sodding nursing home and you can’t cope with a willy that has serious sores on it, not herpes or anything, just sores because his skin was frail, thin and had been irritated. The old bloke started yelling back at her, can you blame him?? and that was it, That Old Man Has Been Very Rude and Aggressive, all diligently recorded On The Notes…

      Staff in hospitals are generally better trained than care assistants in ‘care homes’, but the fuckwittery prevailing in both systems can be very similar. They are systems that cannot cope with human beings or human variation, running on a tick box culture that has systematically employed and promoted people who rigidly implement that culture even if it just doesn’t work… The people being promoted to senior levels THINK that they are Trained and Qualified, but they are too dim and authoritarian to know when they are getting it badly wrong…

      The best example in the Betsi is Grace Lewis Parry. Grace is a rather thick Angel/Midwife who Learnt Her Trade in Gwynedd when the ring was blossoming and documents were forged, patient assaults were never investigated and bad practice was rampant. Grace copied it because she was Trained and Qualified and This Is How Its Done and then more recently someone was daft enough to pay for Grace to go on a Leadership Course at Harvard. Grace now thinks that she is a Leader. Grace has been Board Secretary for years now. Look at the state of the Betsi Board. I and others gave Grace details, blow by blow accounts, of Serious Abuse Of Patients. Grace’s only response was to say to us ‘Those are strong words, strong words’. Well yeh Grace, sexually and physically abusing the patients are serious crimes.

      Anyway, Grace has a Title, a Professional Hairstyle, she is Dressed Professionally and Appropriately and she talks about being Passionate and Committed to Improvement. She’s on well over £100 k pa and she doesn’t know her arse from her elbow. She has never been taught and she is now the Leader, so the poor old Betsi is in quite a hole. Grace doesn’t even know what she is doing wrong and because she’s a Harvard Leader she will not be listening to her desperate, enraged Junior Staff…

          1. This is wonderful Wise Owl, thank you so much! There are so many Adams out there that this one had escaped my notice! Yes, Adam has followed the standard route for the Highly Successful Healthcare Manager; promoted after every huge disaster and damning report, never held to account, travelled to the notorious hotspots (ie. Yorkshire/West Midlands region/Wales), given the title of Professor in the absence of any track record that is usually required for that title and then popped over the Middle East to run a huge Healthcare business there!

            Brown told me for years that in the case of these sorts of NHS managers, nothing else matters but one’s friendships with Gov’t Ministers, nothing. I found a fantastic blog yesterday written by someone who doesn’t like the Labour Party in Wales, but the interest for me re that blog was that the writer really had mapped ALL the NHS execs in Wales who were simply friends with the Welsh Gov’t or had once worked for them. There were always quips in Wales that to bag a senior job on an NHS Board you had to be mates with the Welsh Gov’t and of course Tories were enraged because by that criteria they didn’t have a hope… I have no problem with people being Labour, but the rampant corruption is just outrageous. I also have some knowledge of how that crowd have conducted themselves in their not so private lives. It ranges from entertaining to just sordid. They certainly can’t run an NHS.

            BTW, the Auditor who caught Adam Cairns with his trousers down, Huw Vaughan Thomas, has caught many with their trousers down or even off, but Huw will never stop their rise to the top. Because Huw is an experienced sewer dweller himself. Huw is a Durham graduate, served in the Dept of Employment as a civil servant with Tom King and Peter Morrison, travelled through the corrupt Councils of Wales and served as CEO of Gwynedd County Council as the ring raged; Huw succeeded Ioan Bowen Rees as CEO and did nothing at all to stop the abuse of kids…Huw was at the helm through some of my worst experiences with Gwynedd CC… Huw then took over as National Auditor when the previous one was jailed for child porn offences. Huw is married to Enid Rowlands, a pal of Peter Higson. Enid’s been in a few scandals herself, nepotism, conflict of interest, disappearing funds, the usual, but its never held Enid back. She’s been on the GMC, on BUPA, on the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, everywhere one would want someone with a track record as bad as Enid’s!

            Huw wrote one of the two Reports that forced Merfyn out as Chair of the Betsi. The second Report forcing Merfyn out was written by Peter, Huw’s wife’s friend. Huw, Peter and Enid all concealed organised abuse and crime. Merfyn didn’t. That is why Merfyn no longer occupies an NHS governance role.

            It must have been awful for Merfyn, but Merfyn’s time on the Betsi Board was quite a successful experiment to test the hypothesis of whether the NHS wants someone in a senior role who understands the region, the history, the principles of public service, who is not from a privileged background, who has never been named in a conflict of interest or disappearing money scandal and who has not concealed sexual assaults and serious criminality. The NHS do not want someone like that. Out, Out, Damn Merfyn, we want Peter Higson.

            I’ll investigate Adam and his pals further…

      1. Senior political adviser to First Minister Jack McConnell 2001-2005. So is that really with this tit for tat was about?
        Apologies to families of the dead children, sadly that fact hasn’t changed. Politicians use some pretty unpleasant levers.

        1. No-one’s dared mention the name Sir Ken Calman yet then Wise Owl! Or indeed Lord Jack or the many other guilty parties.

          What a load of spineless tossers. If these wankers really wanted to ensure that NHS staff ‘have the confidence to speak up’ they wouldn’t consistently promote the scumbags who suspend them, tell them that they are mentally ill, or ‘upsetting colleagues’ ‘by their behaviour’ and then drive them out of their jobs or indeed careers.

          McConnell’s lapdog Freeman needs to resign not bang on about ‘having compassion’. She’s another spineless windbag who didn’t dare argue with a Top Doctor.

          So when is Little Scottish Lesbian Susan Calman next going to be given lots more free PR by the BBC? Susan’s dad is probably the most powerful man in Scotland and he’s been calling the shots in the Glasgae NHS (and indeed the wider Scottish NHS) for a very long time…

          1. Unbelievable, I had to turn off the radio at 6-30, Susan Calman came on!
            Before I got as far as the off button, I heard Susan begin her usual spiel of ‘me and my wife’ and then tell listeners that she gets nasty comments from people who ask her why she has to go on about being a lezzer all the time and having a wife and she insists on doing this because there are so many people who believe that LGBT people don’t exist or are nasty or ‘dangerous’. Susan, thankfully its a very long time now since I’ve come across someone in the UK who thought that LGBT people are ‘dangerous’, but I used to know a gang of criminals who were appallingly homophobic while sexually assaulting children of the same sex as themselves. They were a paedophile Gang run by two Docs whom your dad knew Susan. Your dad was appointed Gov’t Chief Med Officer on the basis of his ability to conceal their crimes.

            I don’t want anyone to think that you and your wife are dangerous because you are lesbians Susan, but I loathe your father for concealing serious crimes against me and other people who kept themselves out of prison by telling people that we were er dangerous. Your dad knew that was going on, he knew that people were forging documents about us, he knew that they were perjuring themselves, he knew the whole lot and he knew about the sexual assaults on patients in north Wales that were being filmed for pornographic purposes as well.

            Come on Sir Ken, where are you??

            Susan is not responsible for her dad’s actions but she wouldn’t have the career that she has if Sir Ken was not Susan’s dad. You’re not a self-made woman are you Susan? Can you please tell your dad to come clean about matters in Glasgae’s NHS that are now becoming public and why he concealed them?

  2. Hi Sally,

    With the Prince Andrew Scandal in the headlines, some of your readers may be interested to know the names in Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal address book.

    Ghislaine Maxwell being the duke’s longtime good friend and a suspected child trafficker and child abuser currently sought by US prosecutors and (reportedly) the FBI.

    Often erroneously billed as ‘Jeffrey Epstein’s black book’, the address book is not quite that.

    Many of the VIPs listed would, in fact, have been friends with Ghislaine (and/or her father Robert Maxwell) for many years prior to Ghislaine’s ‘teaming up with’ the late Jeffrey Epstein to run their alleged entrapment and Kompromat operation together, as apparent equal partners.

    So it might be safest to assume that, while the contacts book (or ‘black book’ as the media refers to it) lists the friends and business associates of both Maxwell *and* Epstein, many of the names will have had a longer and deeper history with Maxwell(s). And, conversely, some will have had a longer and deeper connection to Mr Epstein.

    Doubtless many of the VIPs whose names are listed in the ‘black book’ will claim (and some already have) that their acquaintance with Ghislaine Maxwell and/or Jeffrey Epstein was ‘slight’. In some cases this will be an accurate defence.

    Nevertheless, the fact that entries for some Extremely Important People include multiple private mobile and home numbers and personal email addresses – as well as home addresses – leaves open the possibility that *some* of the relationships suggested by the contents were rather more substantive & significant.


    N.B. This ‘black book’ has been posted online in its entirety by a score of different individuals in various different countries; however, some of the copies I’ve seen online are the redacted version. The above link is an unredacted copy, which is more useful for identifying where the VIPs concerned were based geographically during the period of their acquaintance or friendship with Maxwell/Epstein, and with which companies they were employed at the time.

    There are no privacy issues here as far as I’m aware, as the address book was compiled by Ms Maxwell and Mr Epstein a considerably long time ago (between one and two decades ago).

    As such, the telephone numbers and email addresses will be long, long out of date.

    Moreover, the unredacted ‘black book’ has been online and openly viewable by the public (worldwide) for many months or years, now, as far as I’m aware. The hosting sites have not been shut down or cautioned, despite them having displayed the information for many months or years.

    One merely posts the link here as a service to help readers find the content again easily, should they be interested in examining the listings. In short: posted here for information purposes only. Categorically no guilt of any party is implied.

    Many of the names have featured on this blog. Nevertheless, everyone listed in the address book is wholly innocent of any connection to Maxwell or Epstein, criminal or otherwise, unless legally adjudged to be otherwise.

      1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50496539
        ‘Stepping back from public duties’ & willing to work with law enforcement agencies. That’s another smoking gun for forensics to work on.
        So if it’s a Royal Household disciplinary suspension from Honourable Duty will he advise the Government that the cash from the Civil List be stopped.

        1. Thanks for this Wise Owl. So Brenda hasn’t abdicated but Randy Andy has!
          Before everyone opens the champers, it has occurred to me that now Randy has stepped back from his public duties, it’ll be a re-run of Ma’am Darling ie. a luxurious existence without the bothersome business of the scrutiny that there probably should be re the sleazier parts of it. Will Andy continue his dodgy business deals but just in secret now?

          I’ve been so busy that I haven’t done as much Andy-digging as I should, but his business contacts were so unsavoury that one would have liked the spotlight on them eg. Col Gaddafi’s son who purchased his PhD from the LSE.

          Likewise Cap’n Bob’s daughter and Jeffrey Epstein. I had one quick scan of just some of their pals today, including the activities of their lawyers and it was all rather Dafydd in terms of ‘however could anyone have NOT seen what was happening here’? I gather that the writs are now flying in all directions…

          For all those people who don’t have access to the sort of lawyers that one needs to deal with an international trafficking ring backed up by the British medical establishment: Don’t feel that you have to join in the Guardian-esque My Hell misery memoirs As A Woman etc but don’t be afraid to challenge the bastards. The one thing to remember that if you are dealing with the sort of scum that I dealt with for so long, when you are rudely told that there have been no other complaints and ‘Why is it only YOU’ who seems to ‘never get on with their doctors’ don’t believe a bloody word of it. They have done it to other people again and again and have got away with it by lying, by intimidating, by behaving even more appallingly…

          And can I ask the people who keep trying to persuade me to provide details of various events that I have not made public to please stop trying to manipulate me into doing so? I write what I chose on this blog, not what hypocritical guilty people ask me to write and as the police seemed to be well aware of the things that I have chosen to publicise as well as those that I haven’t, I’d appreciate an explanation for their collusion with such serious crime for so long…

          And of course I want my money.

          1. This is going to be fun Wise Owl! Because so many people knew about those dead babies and concealed it and thus more babies died, the fur will certainly be flying now as everyone points the finger at everyone else! The MDU and layers of lawyers will never have been so busy. It’ll be like the Waterhouse Inquiry; everyone culpable will have at least one lawyer and probably a QC to represent them for which they will not have to personally foot the bill. The parents who lost babies will at best have a few hours of Legal Aid to cover a local duty solicitor to do the absolute basics.

            There’ll probably be a Sackler-blaming-esque process now in which professional very culpable people indeed will maintain that they were ‘duped’ into believing that killing babies was a risk-free process and take legal action against someone else…

            Its a real laugh watching such processes but deeply frustrating that no-one yells in public ‘You’re one of the world’s leading fucking Top Doctors who gives evidence in the High Court and YOU are now claiming to have been duped/set up/a victim. WHY have you then spent decades telling people seriously ill, in poverty, who’s lives were ruined by your fucking criminal mates that they Made Choices, they Didn’t Take Responsibility, they Might Have Been Ill But Ooh They Had Capacity…

            These bastards are the only ones who suffer every time, in the way that a Gang of old sex offenders were ‘harassed’ by me and needed Mindfulness Meditation, scented candles and a footspa to get them through their daily grind of conspiracy and perjury.

            I’m enjoying watching them beginning to fall apart and start hitting each other, but what a price has been paid for these vile, stupid, vain, unprincipled tossers to lead the lifestyles to which they believe they are entitled…

            I haven’t heard back from Sister Hutt et al yet! I was forwarded another bit of interesting info earlier today so I hope to be sending another behind the scenes e mail to a rather culpable person tomorrow…

            Can I ask readers to please keep an eye on the posts? I’m sure that some of the text above disappeared as I was writing it! There is so much info coming in that I just cannot do justice to it all. Please keep it coming, it’s all good stuff, I do use it all to build up the picture even if I can’t actually blog in detail about everything that I’d like to…

  3. Uuuummmm yes obviously a tad outdated – not many politicians on there – but I did note one Hugo Swire amongst all the celebs (old boy Heseltine too). He has actually stood down for this election? Coincidence? Things maybe could get embarrassing? What has he got to hide?

  4. Maybe he just borrowed some money to pay back his expense claims? He appears to enjoy a bit of luxury. He was a foreign affairs minister and married Sir John Notts ( former minister in Thatch Gov) daughter – lots of contacts there.
    Being a Eurosceptic I am not quite sure of his reasons for standing down at this election.

    1. Emily, do you remember John Major’s son marrying the page 3 girl? There was a bit of nudge nudge wink wink comment at the time, but even back then I thought that it was rather an odd match for a PM’s son, in particular a Conservative conformist PM.

      It’s not that I am horrified at the idea of respectable people marrying Actresses a la Lily Langtrey, but the world of page 3, even then, was known to be rather sordid. Not the nudity, but the aggressive, utterly unscrupulous practices of the newspapers that ran those pics, the concerns that at least some of the girls had described sexual assaults/coerced encounters, lies, deceit, attempts to force them into porn.

      Just look at what is now emerging… I now know that Dafydd was involved.

      I need to read up on Major junior’s wife! Wasn’t she called Emma Noble or something similar??

      Emily, one thing that I hope for in the wake of the Randy Andy, Maxwell etc sewer – although it is probably a vain hope – is that people finally stop admiring people simply because they are Filthy Rich. I don’t mean that I would like resentment to build against anyone who through genuine hard graft has built up a business, but that vile 1980s culture of one’s critical faculties flying out of the window when someone with a lot of money appeared has grown and grown such that it is now standard practice to not even decide to give them a wide berth even when it is clear that they are crooks of enormous proportions. At one time, mainstream people avoided gangsters and crooks, they didn’t want to be caught up with them. They are now celebs and are feted.

      I’d also like to see a far greater expose of another syndrome that also grew with Thatcher and never stopped after her decline ie. passing off deception and using one’s relationship with people in Gov’t to then be commissioned to mismanage Gov’t funded services as being ‘business’ or ‘entrepreneurship’. These people are not ‘businesspeople’ and the sort of bizarre outfits that are Serco, G4S, Crapita, in which friends of Gov’t Ministers are given lots of money and guaranteed ‘contracts’ despite cocking up everything they are paid to run have nothing in common at all with businesses. The dear old NHS excels. How much was down the drain because of that notorious NHS IT system that never happened? £30 million or something? The ‘business’ who was given the ‘contract’ could never have delivered it, there was nepotism all the way and it should have been stopped long before £30 million was written off.

      I was fascinated in the 1980s and 90s to notice that no-one actually flagged up the dreadful climate that those years provided for real businesses. They struggled and collapsed because Gov’t practices actually favoured huge multinationals and deception. Yet the Tories successfully banged on about being the Party of Business. The stats for genuine businesses showed exactly what was happening, they were going bankrupt. There was a bit of publicity when Heseltine’s huge enterprise fessed up to, as a policy, never paying the bills of the small potatoes until several months had elapsed on the grounds that the small potatoes couldn’t afford to do anything about it and with any luck they’d have gone bankrupt before Heseltine actually paid which would save him a bit of cash but the en masse cheating, deception, and gobbling up of huge amounts of Gov’t subsidies that passed for ‘business’ was never truly exposed. Then Blair came along and took that to be what running a business is all about…

  5. Readers,
    PLEASE can I ask people to save and share the posts as I blog?? Some 10,000 words disappeared from the above post earlier, I’ve reblogged it all but I’m worried that it’ll disappear again overnight! It was all the info about Robert Maxwell’s network, the Acland barristers and Top Docs, Billy Connelly, Jimmy Boyle etc.

    I’ll continue working on the post above tomorrow. BTW I’ve just noticed that Piers Acland is in Lincoln’s Inn, the same Inn as Lord Denning, George Carman, Cherie and Miranda…

    1. Have only just read this report Wise Owl. While Salmon’s conduct if it was as described is highly unacceptable, it is bugger all compared to what certain Top Docs et al did consistently over years. It was all filmed undercover and I continue to wonder why no-one has not just dumped that footage a la WikiLeaks on the internet in this flurry of Shock and Disgust.

      I am getting a little fed up of people asking me if I know ‘what they did to you’. Yes I do remember much of it, I was sort of there at the time and on a number of occasions there were witnesses, just as I witnessed gross misconduct towards other people. I seem to remember that at the time we were either Misunderstanding What Happened, Being Silly, Over-Reacting or Lying To Get Compensation. Those events are now a source of Shock and Disgust although at the time, No-One Knew.

    1. https://www.gmc-uk.org/ethical-guidance/ethical-guidance-for-doctors/candour—openness-and-honesty-when-things-go-wrong/the-professional-duty-of-candour
      So will the surgeon be referring themselves to the GMC or so as not to suggest complicity with this ‘ unusual case’ will the Oxford Medical Director do it for them?
      Doctors always talk about ‘cases’, most others talk about people whether dead, damaged or alive.
      The game has changed, but sadly it never was a game.

      1. Come on lawyers surely you might reasonably argue that this is a case of manslaughter or even corporate manslaughter by the Oxford hospital.
        Anyone else in theatre? Fess up and self- refer to professional regulatory bodies, anaesthetist, operating department practitioner, theatre nurses, recovery nurses, theatre manager, operations director, clinical risk management lead etc. etc.
        Wise Owl has spent a lot of time in theatre. I wonder if the anaesthetist does the private work for the surgeon with the same ODP and theatre nursing staff ? There will have been junior surgeons and anaesthetists and trainee ODPs and theatre nurses.
        They will all have known that the surgeon had fucked up.
        So come on lawyers for the families. Liability has been acknowledged, they paid up, but not enough because this was corporate manslaughter and harm and no one has been to Court.

        1. This was the point that Brown and I made about the research fraud perpetrated by Malcolm Pearce that only Malcolm was responsible for. Malcolm claimed to have performed a world first, the transfer of an embryo from an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus from the Fallopian tube and to have subsequently delivered the baby at full term. No-one Knew that Malcolm hadn’t done this!! Hilarious. Where were the mother and baby? Where were all the theatre staff? Who assisted Malcolm with the operation and delivery?

          More to the point where are all the many NHS staff in north Wales who were told and were present when patients were sexually assaulted and or propositioned by the Gang?

          I’m fed up with the mass abdication of responsibility on the part of health and care staff, there are some instances in which there are no witnesses and it is just one person’s word against another, but what has gone in north Wales and elsewhere with No-One Knowing is bloody ridiculous. ALL NHS procedures and processes are TEAM EFFORTS, plus the fact that there is no confidentiality, means that most people know most things about many patients. If No-One Knew re north Wales, I’d be interested to know how just in my case alone, so many people knew exactly what to do or say in my presence that they knew would cause me anxiety or distress, but because I’m not a Guardian reader I didn’t flounce about banging on about Trigger Events. So perhaps those culpable would like to Fess Up as to their sources of info.

          Howard, Merfyn, Graham, Ian, John, Nathan, Marta et al NEVER did it Bangor staff, so how come the likes of Dee, Esther, Catherine, Gwen, Beryl, Ann Hopkin with the Ridiculous Thong, Eileen Tilley with the Tatty Grey Thong, Nylon Trousers, Ainsley and others whom we know and love did it consistently? It was just so fucking obvious that Someone’s Friend/Relative From The Hospital had enjoyed a good Fanny Batter-style gossip…

          Think yourselves lucky that Empowered Service Users have more integrity than you did, there was a great deal that I could have mentioned re aspects of your own biographies but I don’t scrape the barrel like you lot do. Instead I just had a good laugh at those Thongs that exerted an interesting effect when between aging buttocks clad in tight nylon slacks.

    2. I was amused by this Wise Owl. I’m so glad to see that it was Oxford’s fault and Cardiff Suffered as a result! The Cardiff that has featured on this blog recently and will soon feature again…

      Meanwhile a group of women have won a class action against Johnson & Johnson over the vaginal mesh business. I am delighted that they are getting somewhere with that particular matter, but once more not one Doc has been named, it is that anonymous naughty drug company. Which docs carried out the clinical trials and deemed the mesh to be suitable, after such disastrous consequences? That mesh will have been something to do with Bodger’s network, the urogynaecologists all knew each other, worked together and never blew the whistle on each other no matter how serious their misconduct. Someone knows who the Top Docs behind the mesh were, so come on, let’s have their names.

      Another matter in the news is that of the notion of ‘double jeopardy’, ie. someone being tried twice for the same offence. Some Radical Defenders are maintaining that the law should be changed to allow what is known as double jeopardy because Sex Offenders are Getting Away With It. I am very glad that double jeopardy is not allowed in British law, because it was the only thing that stopped the Gang having yet another go at me after one trial against me collapsed. The Gang wrote to the CPS, demanding the right to have another go at me now that ‘more witnesses’ had come forward ie. a new crowd of NHS staff who had been ordered to lie after the perjury of the previous crowd had become obvious…

      The examples of Sex Offenders who Got Away With It because of the ban on double jeopardy cases is not convincing. They Got Away With It because people were weak, stupid and refused to act on the mountains of evidence, just as they did in north Wales. If double jeopardy is allowed, it’ll be Empowered Service Users who are tried for the same offence repeatedly until a jury returns the correct verdict, it won’t be one of Randy Andy’s friends.

      Dafydd et al are still in business and that is nothing to do with the rules around double jeopardy. It is because even in the midst of the Me Too the Shock and Disgust, there are a lot of spineless hypocrites who Won’t Name A Doctor. Particularly one as dangerous as Dafydd. We were left with them for decades so don’t tell me that anyone gave a fuck because they didn’t.

      1. Furthermore, I’m sorry to say that a huge chunk of text has disappeared from the above post again this morning. Much of the info about Billy Connolly, Pamela Stephenson, Jimmy Boyle and Evlynn Smith. More might have disappeared as well, text is vanishing so often that I can’t keep up with it.

        OF COURSE everyone wants Offenders Brought To Justice.

        Sorry but I don’t have time to reblog the info about Billy, Pamela et al yet again. It is all available in the public domain and I have other matters that I need to prioritise… They’ll all be on TV again next week anyway, discussing how Abhorrent Sexual Abuse is.

  6. Dear Readers
    I do hope everybody had a good read of the info about Robert Maxwell’s mates, Billy Connolly, Pamela Stephenson, the whole crowd AND the Top Doctor friends of Susan Calman and her dad Sir Ken, because another 20,000 words has disappeared from the post. I have added a bit more about the Gucci link to Dafydd, which is what I was doing when half the post disappeared.

    I can’t see any point persisting with this, the text is disappearing as fast as I write it..

    I see that the Royals have taken a leaf out of the book of so many others and are now hitting each other as they flail around blaming anyone but themselves for the mess. Fergie has tweeted that Andy is One Great Principled Guy (Fergie, the evidence is that he isn’t), Carlo ordered Brenda to ‘sack’ Andy lest Andy Damage The Royals (Carlo, you and that lobotomist are what started all this off) and God knows where Phil is, no-one’s seem him for months. He’s probably died and no-one’s told us. Fergie rocked up in an expensive car to attend a Crisis Meeting with Andy, Brenda drove past in another expensive car and all of them were protected by Armed Police.

    It is a laugh, but what is very clear is that none of them have a clue what to do now they’ve been exposed, the advice that they are being given is backfiring; but then these are folk like the Top Docs, they were allowed to do exactly as they wanted as long as they dressed well and kept up a front for the public and endless lies and PR meant that even when half of them became involved in serious organised crime and sexual assault not a word ever emerged about it.

    I’ll have my money if that’s OK with you Carlo. I’ve also compared the crucial dates re Carlo’s Support for the sex offending Bishop Peter Ball; parallels what the Gang were doing to shaft me exactly. The criminal friends of the Royals were all linked together…

      1. Interesting row over naïve comments made by the Yorkshire Police Wise Owl…

        I’m glad that a few people challenged the police’s quaint notion that children were falling into the hands of criminals by making the wrong ‘choices’. The choices discourse has been of great use to corrupt or negligent professionals, every psych patient I know who was abused or neglected, even those who died of criminal negligence, made the ‘wrong choices’. When staff using that discourse were caught doing things they shouldn’t, there were very different reasons given for their lapses, including of course Dafydd and Tony Francis…

        If we lived in a perfect world, the Yorkshire Police could perhaps give kids lots of info and some of those kids could stay safe. But what if you’re a kid like I was, at 12 yrs old, living in an isolated rural house, no access to fashion, pop concerts, trendy clothes etc but instead you’re swotty and you like animals and a paedophile who is a spotter for Dafydd’s Gang moves in down the road as your grandpa is dying, sent by Edward du Cann, a crooked MP whom your grandpa exposed and stopped becoming PM and thus was never forgiven??

        Stuart the paedophile tempted me in as it were with his goats, his herbs (I liked gardening and rural things when I was 12) etc and although Stuart held conversations with me that I now know were highly questionable, Stuart didn’t actually do anything untoward physically. I had no idea that he only didn’t because he had probably worked out that I wasn’t going to succumb as it were, but my name was then passed on and the Gang trailed me all the way to University when they then moved in big style… No-one even told me that Gwynne, Dafydd et al were tied up with Stuart until I began this blog…

        Certain teachers on board with the Gang at my school treated me badly and lied about my activities, they targeted my closest friend as well, then it all passed onto Bridgwater College where there were other staff involved with the Gang. At the time I was just wanting to pass A levels and go to university, I wasn’t exactly thinking about Serious Organised Crime and trafficking gangs.

        When the Gang did eventually try it on as it were, I said no and bloody hell just look what happened…

        When Brown and I were young we were adventurous in terms of intellectual ideas, politics, meeting interesting people etc but we NEVER were involved with serious crime or even showed any signs that we would be complicit with serious crime. Unfortunately some people whom we had known in Somerset were, so the Gang made contact with them and they all got together to smear us and literally force me back into the Gang’s clutches.

        How could I have ever protected myself from that lot a la the advice from the Yorkshire Police? If Top Doctors, police and others take the word of people involved in serious crime to use to discredit innocent people who are blowing the whistle on er serious crime, making the right choice is going to be very difficult indeed for an adult, let alone a child.

        I do keep saying this: Brown and I were two intelligent young people with postgrad qualifications in medical research and health policy. Yet we were systematically trashed by corrupt professional people who had been the subject of hundreds and hundreds of serious complaints themselves.

        F’s former troubles were subsequently used to smear me as well. F did pursue a different lifestyle to me when he was young, but even so, F too had to be lied about, smeared and fitted up for serious offences to make him look a lot more unsavoury than just a dope smoking hippy and artist once F had complained about boys in care in Bangor being abused by social workers…

        I’ve received a lot of info about the mean tricks played on F by the Gang, but I’m not going to blog about it because it is so vile that it would not be fair on F. Like some of the partners whom Brown had, F was rendered vulnerable to that lot because he was fragile, had been seriously ill and was duped into believing that Top Docs weren’t quite as bad as they are. So they prescribed him Medication that was slowly poisoning him and told him not to listen to me when I warned him and they also dripped poison into his ear about me, Brown and other friends of mine.

        F was also encouraged by those we know and love to believe that someone who was a great danger to me and was an accomplice to serious crime only had my best interests at heart and thus he gave her info in good faith that was misused to cause harm to various people. How was F ever supposed to navigate through that minefield? He was lied to, lied about, misled and exploited and it was ALL a set-up by the Top Docs.

        In the face of extensive corruption on the part of Top Docs, lawyers and judges, it is very hard for even the most blameless of people to ‘stay safe’…

        Some months ago I received info that a conversation in Somerset had been recorded undercover back in the 1990s in which it was explained that all would be well because I was going to be ‘killed off’ and thus would not be a problem anymore! I think that I was supposed to be Traumatised when I was told this but actually I laughed because I could just picture the culprit saying that. But someone knew about that conversation just as they knew about everything else. No worries there then!! Oh well never mind, at least Dafydd and Francis took Evidence about my Insanity and Dangerousness from someone who had dug up a corpse from a graveyard and kept the skull as a trophy.

        I am so glad that Brown, Brown’s brother, Mrs Brown and me were the only problem in all this. And then of course F.

        1. Can the dissenting police officers please stop telling me that after they found out what was being planned in the 1990s They Knew That They Had To Stop It?

          Because as far as I can see you didn’t stop anything. Please stop fucking lying to me dissenters, I was there, you didn’t stop ANYTHING. Who’s written this blog exposing them all then? A dissenting police officer Who Had To Stop It All or er me?

          Is it any wonder that I take the piss so much? You’re HOPELESS, just HOPELESS. Known loonies involved with serious organised crime in Somerset were in cahoots with the Gang, were harbouring a conman WHILE he was the subject of a Radio 4 Face The Facts documentary, with Radio 4 declaring that no-one knew where he was; well I did, as the programme was broadcast I rang Somerset to ask them ‘Do you know who is the subject of a Radio 4 expose RIGHT AT THIS MINUTE??’

          Yes, they were listening to the programme and having a really good laugh at the pig-shit thick cops who had been ringing them up, knocking on their door asking where Kirke was, Ooh of course they didn’t know. Just to add to the fun, David Kirke had sent the coppers a book called ‘Catch Me If You Can’ or something, from the same bookshop as his Christmas Gift to his mates in Somerset. The orders were placed at the same time and the coppers knew about the book sent to Somerset, they rang Somerset and Made Enquiries.

          I made that phone call from the house that I shared with a junior doc and his wife in Streatham, when I and the junior doc worked at St George’s. Thatch was then forced out as PM and just weeks later I was arrested and taken to Streatham copshop, detained for an unlawful length of time on the basis of yet more perjury by Tony and Sadie Francis. One of the coppers in the station joked to me about his time with the North Wales Police and being friends with bent magistrates in Gwynedd and how they beat up the defendants and chucked them in Llyn Ogwen but no-one ever asked questions.

          I was charged in Bangor with very serious offences and bailed back to London…

          In Dec/Jan 1991 I sat in Springfield Hospital and made friends with a patient who had had a nervous breakdown after being raped by an Inspector at Scotland Yard; she worked at Scotland Yard, she had been his secretary. She was treated like shit by Springfield and told that she wasn’t facing up to her problems because she told them that she was too frightened to go home, where he had raped her.

          Wendy the Nasty Bitch Senior Nurse of Springfield: Audrey was too frightened to go home because the Scotland Yard rapist and his mates KNEW WHERE SHE LIVED!!

          Oh wake up everyone, ALL the Springfield staff were on board with Serious Organised Crime, the whole bloody lot of them. Virtually everyone I was mates with in Springfield had been the victim of or witness to serious crime and then been declared mad, it was appalling.

          As for David Kirke, he led the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club. Nigella Lawson had been a member when she was at Oxford just a few years before the shenanigans with the book to the coppers.

          Kirke passed himself off as an Oxford don, he wasn’t, he had years earlier been a student at Oxford and got a Third. He went back to Oxford a lot because he cultivated the undergrads. Oxford University authorities knew what he was doing, they knew he was on the premises and they knew that he was a criminal, just as Bart’s Hospital entertained Kirke’s mate Zany Python Graham Chapman, as Graham molested teenaged boys.

          Kirke did go to prison in the end, although it was a light sentence thanks to a Top Doc declaring him to have Manic Depression. He didn’t, Kirke was just a conman. Kirke’s family were judges and lawyers, but I don’t know which ones exactly; Kirke was a false name…

          If anyone knows who Kirke’s family are, please let me know. The Somerset crowd knew, Kirke’s family were most cross when he was jailed, getting them all a Bad Name! That must have been why their Names were never made public, although my name was after the Drs Francis perjured themselves in Dec 1990, my name appeared in the London newspapers and the north Wales ones.

          ‘Scientist In Court!’

          Sir Robert Francis QC, the Champion of Mid Staffs and the Patients’ Voice was the prosecuting barrister.

          So how does Radio 4 broadcast a programme about a crook who is in hiding, while he is actually near to the crazy gang in Somerset, while I am working for Bodger and I phone the crazy gang from my rented house with my junior doc housemate listening to the call and saying ‘Gosh what’s all that about then?’

          Oh the police didn’t know anything at all but Ooh she’s mad, LOOK UP IN COURT AGAIN FOR HARASSING DOCTORS…

          Oh yeh and when I was in Springfield, as a result of the conspiracy involving criminals from Somerset and Oxford, Bodger and his mates, bent lawyers, judges, Top Docs and the politicians who wanted to get rid of Thatch, I rang St George’s HR Dept to say that I was very sorry but I wouldn’t be in work because I was in Springfield. I was told that Bodger was very upset that I had not told him that I was IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL it would ‘only have been polite you know’.

          Well as Bodger helped arrange the whole thing I don’t think I really needed to tell him where I was. Perhaps I should have let Geoffrey Howe, Heseltine and Major know where I was as well, after all they’d used it all to get rid of Thatch so obviously they needed to know as much as the coppers who were arresting and framing me needed to know where David Kirke was. When he was in Somerset with the people who were giving info to Francis et al.

          It’s all quite a laugh in hindsight, little old me and Brown, sneered at, disrespected and penniless playing a Major role in Thatch’s downfall and then me being sent back to the sex offenders of north Wales where people tried to burn my house down and told the world that I was Violent and Dangerous…

          But please don’t tell me that the police Knew That They Had To Stop It because they didn’t even tell me until I began writing this blog!

          Can I have my money please?

          1. David Kirke, born 1945, went to Wellington College and Corpus Christie, Oxford.

            Tuppence used to claim to have been to Wellington College, but I think that was another Tuppence lie, I think that Tuppence went to Wellington School, the less posh establishment in Somerset.

            After the Bulgarian student died at the hands of Mr Bridgy Celeb and pals, 2004 saw a flurry of media articles about Kirke, including one in the Torygraph. Mr Bridgy Celeb was mentioned as well. All the journos writing those articles knew about me and the Gang. It was why I suspect Kirke’s mates stressed that everything was fine until that pleb from Bridgy ‘who wasn’t an Oxford man’ (he was a Sydenham School man who left without any qualifications) joined the Dangerous Sports Club.

            Never mind Lord Snooties, it was you who BEGGED him to join and promised him the earth, took him on those free holidays, gave him the Coutts cheque etc etc while that big fool Kirke tried lying to me down the phone and another tosser from their crowd said that he’d join me in bed the next time that I was in Somerset…

            No-one knew, no-one. Except the police, the whole of Somerset, the media, the Tory Party and so many more.

            This lot could never have done it without the Criminal Top Docs. Because no-one would believe that the Top Docs were lying about all of us.

            Anyone for giving the NHS more money?

  7. Uncle Harry’s nephews both went to Corpus Christie. Uncle Harry was on board with Bodger et al in the Cunning Plan.

    They were sexually assaulting children Ed, it was very nasty stuff. No matter how much you wanted to be PM you should not have had anything to do with them.

    1. Indeed. I’m wondering how Sir Ken Calman and the other Big Knobs of Glasgae NHS managed not to know about this. Probably in the same way that they Didn’t Know about the abuse of patients and criminality of staff in Parkhead Hospital in East Glasgow when I was unlawfully detained there for weeks and weeks in 2013.

      I wrote to the Glasgow Health Board and received a two line ‘Thank you for letting us know how you feel’ reply. I wrote repeatedly to the Parkhead authorities and got nowhere. A Mental Health Advocate walked out of the door when I told her that patients were being assaulted. Then I wrote to the Westminster MP, Alistair Carmichael, a Lib Dem, who was the Secretary of State for Scotland in the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government. I only heard back months later, by which time I had been transferred from Parkhead to Wrexham Maelor, illegally, on the say-so of Parkhead. It took Wrexham many more weeks of believing that I must have miraculously recovered from my Severe Psychotic Illness that Parkhead swore blind that I had before they finally let me go. As I left Wrexham Maelor, the Angels told me that Carmichael had replied to me but ooh we forgot to give you his letter…

      When I was in Parkhead, I and other patients watched TV night after night in which politicians all agreed that there were no problems in the NHS in Scotland. I and the other patients pissed ourselves laughing. We watched Angels stealing from the pharmacy in the early hours, we watched them assault patients, we discovered that the ward TV had been tuned to the pay as you go porn channels by a member of staff, it was a fucking joke.

      The reason why Parkhead was ignored was that all Scotland would talk about was the new flagship Southern General Hospital in Glasgae, the biggest healthcare investment in Western Europe. Susan Calman’s dad knows all about it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Gwen Edwards-Jones who was a jobbing psychiatrist from Hergest who ran away during the Waterhouse Inquiry, was the Clinical Director of Southern General! I’d love to know how that happened, perhaps Susan’s dad can enlighten us.

      Gwen was living in style on the banks of Loch Lomond. For some reason her entire family, including children, had cut her off. No-one will tell anyone why, just that Gwen did something so dreadful that none of them will forgive her.

      When I eventually got my medical notes, I found that Gwen had written all over them back in the late 1990s that I must not be treated and if I arrived at any NHS hospital in north Wales ‘the police should be called to deal with’ me. Gwen was never my Top Doc and I have never met her.

      I knew one patient of Gwen’s in Hergest very well. He had a high regard for Gwen, and in his own words ‘I quite fancied her actually, I told her and we chatted about it and she said it was absolutely fine’. Gwen then invited him to her house at Loch Lomond when she left Wales. (That’s how I know where she lives.) He was refused all NHS care in north Wales once Gwen went and he became suicidal and went to see her.

      Her new husband was very friendly, invited him in and they had a chat. He told me that when Gwen saw him ‘she looked as though she’d been beaten around the head with a baseball bat’. Operation Pallial had just begin arresting elderly offenders from north Wales and Tony Francis had killed himself.

      After my friend left Gwen’s place, Gwen called the police and made a complaint of a patient Harassing her. The police had a long chat with him and decided that while they were very worried about his welfare, he had not been harassing anyone. They drove him to a Scottish hospital where he received urgent care. Once the crisis had passed the Scottish Top Docs told him that as he wasn’t resident in Scotland, he would be transferred to Hergest. Hergest flatly refused to accept him.

      I contacted a number of politicians about it all, including Llyr Gruffydd Huws and Aled Roberts (now the Welsh Language Commissioner). None of them would take up the case.

      Its the Top Docs. They were the most important people running the ring and if you grass you will be left to die. The whole bloody nation is terrified of the Top Docs, including the honest Top Docs.

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