A Local Boy Made Good?

My post ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’ detailed the enormous quantity of money – some of it via a Coutts cheque – that fell into the hands of some people in Somerset in the late 1980s/1990s who knew what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd and the trafficking gang. I have explained that the constituency MP of the Somerset contingent was Tom King, who was personally known to one of them. King was Secretary of State for Employment, Oct 1983-Sept 1985, overseeing his Minister for State, June 1983-Sept 1985, Sir Peter Morrison, who was a member of the paedophile gang who had opened fire on me, Brown and some of our friends. In Sept 1985, Thatch appointed King Secretary of State for N Ireland, a post that King retained until July 1989, when King was made Secretary of State for Defence.

It was when King was N Ireland Secretary that he concealed the horrors of the Kincora Boys’ Home, the associated serious crime and national security risks. The high society paedophiles using Kincora had links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales and to the gang in south London which was facilitated by St George’s Hospital Medical School, Springfield Hospital and Wandsworth Social Services.

Previous posts have mentioned that some of the Somerset contingent also knew another of Thatcher’s Cabinet Ministers, John Biffen. John Biffen grew up on a farm near Combwich, about three miles away from where I lived before I left Somerset for university and he went to the village school at Combwich with one of the Somerset contingent. Biffen’s secondary school was Dr Morgan’s in Bridgwater, Biffen was there at the same time as my father.

I was always told that Biffen was a clever swotty kid who was horrifically bullied at school which didn’t do much for what would now be called his mental health. He won a scholarship to Jesus College, Cambridge from Dr Morgan’s, left Somerset and didn’t have any more contact with those who had made his life so miserable. However, Biffen did remain close to his mum and dad who carried on living at Combwich until I think they died. There were no doubt other people of whom Biffen had happier memories in Somerset with whom he did keep contact. His mum and dad knew many of the local farming families who knew me when I was a teenager.

After Cambridge, Biffen worked for Tube Investments Ltd and for a short time at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In 1961 Biffen was elected as the Tory MP for Oswestry, later renamed Shropshire North. He succeeded David Ormsby-Gore aka Lord Harlech, who been appointed US ambassador. David Ormsby-Gore was US ambassador when JFK was assassinated and many of Ormsby-Gore’s family and descendants subsequently led difficult lives which ended in violent deaths. The family seat is in Oswestry but the Ormsby-Gores also own an estate in Gwynedd. The difficulties that the Ormsby-Gores have encountered in recent decades suggest to me that they were targeted by the paedophiles’ friends. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ for further details.


Biffen was right wing and in the 1960s was a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, one of the monetarist think tanks on which Thatch based her policies. Unlike Thatch, Biffen was clever enough to actually understand the theories which were espoused. Biffen was a friend and disciple of Enoch Powell, but Biffen didn’t alienate people in the way that Powell did and was seen as the respectable embodiment of Powell’s ideas.

Before Thatch became PM, Biffen was in her Shadow Cabinet, along with Tom King and Michael Heseltine, who’s role in helping another person in Somerset who knew some of what was going on in north Wales was detailed in my post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’.

Biffen was one of those who enthusiastically backed Thatch for Tory leader in 1975. Another keen supporter of Thatch in that leadership election was Sir Peter Morrison.

Biffen was only one of three of Thatcher’s Cabinet Ministers who had not been part of Heath’s Gov’t. The other two were Nicholas Edwards, whom Thatch appointed Welsh Secretary (see posts ‘The Cradle Of Filth’, ‘Corruption Bay’ and ‘Old Nick Bites The Dust’)  and Angus Maude. Thatch really liked John Biffen, Hugo Young’s book ‘One Of Us’ maintained that she viewed him as her guru.

As soon as Thatch became PM, Biffen was brought into the leadership circle out of nowhere. His first post in Thatcher’s Gov’t was as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Hugo Young tells us that Thatch put Biffen in the Treasury to act as a restraining influence in the face of any dangerous tendencies towards Keynes’s theories that her Chancellor Geoffrey Howe might show. Young describes Biffen as being ‘the first authentic Thatcher political creation’. When Biffen was in the Treasury, Sir Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury.  Geoffrey Howe had been concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles for years – Howe had worked as a barrister on the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit. Geoffrey Howe was a longstanding friend of Sir Ronnie Waterhouse, they had first met at Cambridge.

In 1981, Thatch made Biffen Secretary of State for Trade and he remained there until April 1982, when Thatch appointed him Leader of the House and Lord President of the Council. At the time, George Thomas was Speaker and busied himself molesting boys.

The role of Lord President of the Council brought with it the role of visitor to UCNW (Bangor University). When Biffen was given that position, I was a student at UNCW. I hadn’t yet encountered the trafficking gang – that didn’t happen until early in 1983 – but Brown and I had already written to Sir Keith Joseph, the Secretary of State for Education, about student finance and received quite unpleasant replies. Our letters were written from our respective universities, but Joseph made mention of the fact that both of our ‘home addresses’ were near Bridgwater. He also seemed to know that Brown and I were friends, yet we had written to him separately, neither of us mentioning the other one. Joseph sent us a joint letter in reply.

I now know that UCNW was bugged by the security services at that time – I imagine because of the Irish Republican activity in the Students’ Union and the Welsh language activism in UCNW (see post ‘Just A Language Divide?’) and I have been told that I was filmed when I volunteered at the worrying SU creche at UCNW in early 1982 (see posts ‘Criminals Are Getting Away With It’ and ‘He Got On His Bike And Looked For Work’). So Thatcher’s Cabinet knew that the daughter of people personally known to two of her Cabinet ministers was at UCNW, was of a leftie inclination and had begun observing a few things that should not have been happening but which were happening because of UCNW’s role in facilitating the trafficking ring of which Peter Morrison was a member.

In the autumn of 1982 I lodged in a house in Port Dinowic with a man who had grown up in care and had been the victim of Dafydd and the paedophile gang. I have given information that demonstrates that I was already under surveillance by the security services by then. The paedophile gang had also clocked me because they wondered who the English girl living in their victim’s house was. That led to the security services placing Brown under surveillance. Brown was at Aston University in Birmingham, which was run by Thatcher’s mate Sir Freddie Crawford, a Freemason who was part of the corruption of civic life in Birmingham. It was in early 1983 that Brown received the first murder threat from the man who later tried to fracture his skull.

It was in early 1983 when ‘T’ moved into our shared house on Anglesey and I and my house mates witnessed the complete dereliction of their duty of care on the part of UCNW and the Manpower Services Commission towards a 17 yr old girl who could not cope with living independently (see post ‘He Got On His Bike And Looked For Work’).

John Biffen remained Lord President of the Council until June 1983. By which time I was in the clutches of Dr D.G.E. Wood, who was facilitating the trafficking gang.

Biffen became Lord Privy Seal in June 1983 and remained in that position, as well as Leader of the House, until June 1987. It was in June 1987 that Dafydd and the paedophiles, in collaboration with the Mental Health Act Commission and the Home Office – which was led by Douglas Hurd at the time – planned their co-ordinated attempt at fitting me up and imprisoning me for a serious crime, a plan which fell apart in July 1987 because of the refusal of a nursing officer and a police sergeant to not tell as many lies as were required (see posts ‘Workers’ Play Time’, ‘Security, Security’ and ‘He Got On His Bike And Looked For Work’).

Willie Whitelaw succeeded Biffen as Lord President of the Council in June 1983. Whitelaw was a paedophiles’ friend of many years standing and had protected Dafydd and the gang for decades, including of course by colluding with their criminality when Willie Whitelaw was busy giving young thugs a Short Sharp Shock in his capacity as Home Secretary, 1979-83. Well you can’t get much more of a shock than being gang raped in a children’s home, framed and incarcerated in Risley Remand Centre where you’re beaten up by the screws and if you’re not found hanging ‘by suicide’ in Risley’s ‘hospital wing’ (see post ‘Include Me Out’), then unlawfully transported to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh where you are never seen again.

Here is a particularly low form of life on earth:

The Viscount Whitelaw
William Whitelaw in 1963.jpg


In 1983, after his highly successful stint as Home Secretary, Thatch gave Willie an hereditary peerage. Very few of those were given out, although another lucky recipient was Thatcher’s friend George Thomas, again in 1983:


The Viscount Tonypandy
George Thomas, Commons Speaker.png


Willie’s hereditary peerage died out because he only had daughters, whereas George Thomas’s died out because, being a paedophile who was only interested in young boys, he didn’t have any sons either. So one wonders why either of them actually wanted an hereditary peerage.


In 1981, whilst Trade Secretary, Biffen allowed Murdoch to buy ‘The Times’ without reference to the Monopolies Commission. According to Woodrow Wyatt, who helped persuade Thatcher to ensure this, the Commission ‘almost certainly would have blocked it.’

As Leader of the House, Biffen used the guillotine to cut short debate on the  European Communities (Amendment) Act 1986. The paedophile gang which Biffen concealed preferred to use firebombs to achieve their aims (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’).


Biffen’s image as an economic dry mellowed during his time in Gov’t and he made blunt public calls for greater moderation in Gov’t policy. In 1980 Biffen warned the country to prepare for ‘three years of unparalleled austerity’. In 1981 Biffen gave a speech to a fringe meeting at that year’s Conservative Party Conference in which he claimed that far from cutting public spending, the Gov’t had increased it by two per cent since 1979 and that the Gov’t was part of an all-party consensus in favour of the welfare state and public spending: ‘We are all social democrats now’, Biffen concluded in his speech.

Biffen’s comments regarding public spending were of course correct. Despite all the rhetoric, Thatcher’s Gov’t did not cut public spending. The austerity discourse was used to promote other agendas and to reconfigure the economy. Britain was the neoliberal experiment in Europe.

On 9 Feb 1986 Biffen claimed that Toryism was ‘not a raucous political faction’ and after the Conservative Party’s losses in the 1986 local government elections and poor performances in the two parliamentary by-elections held simultaneously, Biffen was interviewed on ‘Weekend World’ by Brian Walden on 11 May as the Gov’ts spokesman. He called the results ‘Black Thursday’, said the Conservatives needed to fight the next general election on a ‘balanced ticket’ and that ‘no-one seriously supposes that the Prime Minister would be Prime Minister throughout the entire period of the next Parliament’. This alienated him from Thatcher and resulted in his being dropped from the Cabinet after the 1987 General Election. This was no surprise, in that Thatcher’s Press Secretary Bernard Ingham had already famously called Biffen a ‘semi-detached’ member of the Cabinet. Thatcher in her memoirs described Biffen’s desire for a balanced ticket as ‘foolish’ and ‘a recipe for paralysis.’ In the month after his sacking, Biffen criticised Thatcher’s Gov’t as a ‘Stalinist regime’.

In June 1997 Biffen was given a peerage. By which time the Waterhouse Inquiry was taking evidence from the victims of Dafydd and the gang. The accounts of the most horrific abuses led Dafydd’s targets to be denounced as liars who were only seeking financial compensation.

Biffen remained unmarried until he was 48 yrs old, when he married Sarah Wood. He had one stepson, Nicholas Wood, a correspondent with the ‘New York Times’ and ‘International Herald Tribune’, as well as a stepdaughter, Lucy.

John Biffen was an anxious man who suffered from a number of health problems, including severe depression, for which he was treated by Top Doctors. So as was so often the case, this leading light in a Cabinet of absolute bastards who were prepared to see people die rather than admit to what Morrison and others were doing, had major vulnerabilities himself. No wonder John Biffen couldn’t stand up to a bunch of gangsters being facilitated by the Top Doctors. Biffen died in 2007, after suffering from kidney failure for many years.


Brian Walden noted that Biffen was the ‘most honest’ politician that he had interviewed. Biffen must have fessed up to Walden about the Westminster Paedophile Ring then and the murder of the house mate of the daughter of someone with whom he went to school.

Biffen’s obituary in ‘The Guardian’ stated that Biffen ‘was one of the cleverest politicians of his generation and one of the nicest. He was probably the best leader of the house (1982-87) in living memory during the most contentious and abrasive years of Margaret Thatcher. He was increasingly in temperamental and intellectual disagreement with her, but he managed to get Thatcherism’s business done with a humour that half-consoled an opposition which grew very fond of him. When he, most famously, opposed Thatcher’s plans for a poll tax, it was the fatal end to a career that he never greatly cherished…as leader of the House from 1982 to 1987, he gave Thatcher outstanding service and provided the government with an urgently needed human face. He once described himself in that office as “an unashamed boss’s nark”, but it is doubtful if she thought of him in such a light’.

Oh I’m sure that Thatch knew that she was dealing with a complete jelly, even if he was a very much more intelligent jelly than the other jellies with whom she surrounded herself.

‘Bunch of murderous sex traffickers? Anything you say and would you like me to take a large Coutts cheque down to Biffen’s parents’ neighbours in Somerset?’


‘The Guardian’ also observed that Biffen ‘was cooler about repeated tax cuts than might have been expected, and found himself in alliance with Peter Walker (minister of agriculture 1979-83 and energy secretary 1983-87) in resisting the public spending axe.’

Walker was Secretary of State for Wales, 1987-90, where he did of course provide Dafydd and the paedophile gang with outstanding service (see post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’). It was while Walker was Welsh Secretary that those who lived down the road from Biffen’s parents found themselves bumping into members of the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club, who then gave them lots of money (see post ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’).

Walker had been Minister for Agriculture when Dafydd unlawfully incarcerated Mary Wynch. Before Dafydd had her arrested and imprisoned, Mary had been working as a secretary in the Agriculture Dept at UCNW, which was run by Dafydd’s mates. Despite the laughably low academic standards in the Agri Dept, one of their staff, Richard Howarth, found himself as an advisor to Thatch. Howarth’s star dropped very suddenly out of the sky after Peter Morrison was found dead in 1995.


‘The Guardian’ believed that Biffen ‘had, indeed, considerable sympathy for working people, appropriate to a Baldwinian Tory. Indeed, as he grew older, he seemed at times to have more in common with middle-of-the-road Labour, at least in terms of ethics, than with the party whose radical rightwing roots he had watered. He had, interestingly, a high and affectionate regard for Neil Kinnock…’

Well as both Biffen and the Windbag were sitting in the corner wetting themselves in the face of the serious organised crime which had colonised the whole of Wales it is hardly surprising that they found so much in common.

My father was a high Tory who used to wonder why John Biffen went dangerously red. Gosh, if only I had known it was because Biffen was colluding with a bunch of paedophiles who were targeting Brown and me. Tom King knew that though. John Biffen is dead, but dear old Tom is still alive!

Baron King of Money Changing Hands In Return For Silence: as you gained your Commons seat partly on the back of the hard work that my grandpa – my HONEST grandpa who took the piss out of the Freemasons and told you that Edward Du Cann was a crook – put in on behalf of the Tories in Bridgwater, would you like to tell us all that you know, before you and the Lady Jane of One Sausage Roll To Last All Evening shuffle off this mortal coil?

When we were witnessing the extraordinary events involving ‘T’, King was Secretary of State for the Environment. So he will have had domain over many of the things which were central to the interests of the UCNW Depts of Zoology (who employed T) and Plant Biology (who ignored our pleas for help in the face of what she was doing).

I will do a bit more digging with regard to King’s responsibilities and decisions while he was in the Dept for the Environment and indeed why Tom King, who knew bugger all about the environment, was appointed to that post. King was appointed on Jan 6 1983. T moved into our house just weeks later.

I was told a few days ago that T was yet another gift to me and my friends from the security services, along with Leslie Gore, Naomi Grunfeld, Diane Foxhills, Donna Maria Morgan and Denise Baker-MacClearns (see previous posts), but I didn’t believe it. Looks like that once more, things were worse than I presumed.

Up until now I had believed that we encountered T, a crazy teenager who ran us ragged, stole from us and exhausted us just when we really didn’t need it, because we had a bit of bad luck. It seems not. So I won’t bother to protect her identity any longer. Patricia Margaret Edwards aka Trishles, you owe me your rent from many, many years ago. And the clothes of mine which you nicked. The Zoology Dept owes our house mate an apology for threatening to throw him out of the Dept because of Trishles’s crimes and Dr Adrian Bell is looking like a bigger and bigger dipstick with each day that passes. I told him about the chaos surrounding Trishles and aas ever my concerns were ignored. D.G.E. Wood knew about Trishles as well. When Adrian Bell seemed to think that it was fine that we were being robbed blind by a member of UCNW staff – Bell’s wife Alison was the rep on the UCNW Senate for the technical staff and Trishles was a trainee technician – I asked Wood for help. I didn’t realise that Wood was facilitating a sex trafficking gang, so it is hardly surprising that help or advice was not forthcoming.

So even in the wake of the security service’s own agent showing up the inadequacy of UCNW and the MSC, the paedophiles’ friends weren’t stopped. A house of students was just bled dry and subjected to much aggro.

‘We didn’t know.’

Oh for God’s sake MI5, what did you think that you were doing? Can I have all the money that you have screwed out of me over the last 30 yrs please? Only please don’t pay me with a Coutts cheque, I don’t want to be associated with them.


John Biffen might have believed that Bernard Ingham was ‘the sewer not the sewage’, but I conclude that everyone involved was a complete turd.

I note that Biffen was sacked by Thatch in the post-election reshuffle of June 1987. Well he had served his purpose, as had his friend, the foolish old Windbag. They had all kept schtum about Dafydd and the paedophiles in the hope that it would win them the election. Thatch was the one who benefited.

Thatch won the election on 11 June 1987. On 11 May 1987 the Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane heard the appeal of Professor Oliver Brooke, the Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s Hospital Medical School, who in Dec 1986 had been imprisoned for the possession of child porn. Lane compared Brooke’s collection of child porn to a collection of cigarette cards and allowed his appeal. Brooke was released in June 1987. Brooke was a key figure in a pan-European paedophile ring.


18 Nov 1987, the King’s Cross Fire, which I missed by a few hours, having been delayed:

301 Moved Permanently


Biffen was ‘a quietly convinced high Anglican’.

The Guardian’s obituarist told us that ‘John Biffen was not temperamentally suited to leadership, dominance or bitter partisan fights…He was a very good thing and is remembered with gratitude.’

When the manager of the Hergest Unit Alun Davies refused to investigate my complaints about Dafydd, before Davies bellowed at me to ‘put up and shut up’, he told me that a lot of people thought that Dafydd was ‘a very good thing’. Well a gang of old paedophiles at Westminster did and no doubt they were very grateful to the fat idiot Alun Davies as well.


The Torygraph’s obituary of Biffen reminded us that Biffen ‘admitted possessing a “keenly developed sense of meanness”‘.

I haven’t had time to research the backgrounds of those who wrote Biffen’s obits, but they will have known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring, all the journos did.


John Biffen was at various times a director of Glynwed International, J Bibby & Sons, the Rockware Group and Barlow International. He was a Trustee of the London Clinic, 1994-02 and was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Shropshire in 1993.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. John Biffen Was a Trustee of The London Clinic, 1994-2002. It could well have been the clinic which treated Biffen for his many health problems – John Smith had pegged out in the arms of Bart’s in 1994, so Biffen might have not wanted to risk his neck with the NHS as One Who Knew but who had become marginalised.

    However I do note the dates of Biffen’s term of office as a Trustee. By 1994 there were loud demands for a public inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and although Hague didn’t announce that there was to be one until 1996, Ronnie Waterhouse was altering his retirement plans by 1994-95 and well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend Prof Eric Sunderland was deciding to stand down as Principal of UCNW to make way for not at all camouflaged paedophiles’ friend Roy Evans in 1995. Not that Eric was twiddling his thumbs or bored of public service – in his capacity as Chairman of the Local Gov’t Boundary Commission, Eric had ordered the reorganisation of local authorities which was to result in the disappearance of Clwyd County Council in 1996, days after the Jillings Report was submitted. The Jillings Investigation was launched in 1994.

    By 2002 the paedophiles’ friends had deluded themselves that the voices yelling ‘massive cover-up’ re Waterhouse could be ignored now. It was in 2002 that the GMC forged a document purporting to be a letter from me. It was in 2002 that I was charged with ‘threats to kill’ on the basis of the perjury of Alun Davies and a horde of Angels and that Davies was telling everyone who would listen that I was going to be imprisoned for seven yrs. In 2002 I lost my home and my job as a result of that attempt to fit me up.

    The London Clinic is a private healthcare organisation based in central London. It is one of England’s largest private hospitals. Although it maintains several consulting rooms in the traditional doctors’ street of Harley Street, the main hospital site is on the corner of Devonshire Place and the Marylebone Road.

    The London Clinic was established in 1932 by a group of Harley Street doctors. It is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. In 2006 it had a gross income of £75 million, making it one of the 100 largest charities in the UK. About 15% of its earnings come from overseas patients.

    It has 250 beds, 17 theatres and an intensive care unit. Its cancer centre has cyberknife and image-guided radiotherapy. In November 2015 it secured a £65 million revolving credit facility from HSBC which will be used to increase theatre capacity, boost technology investment and renovate the radiology and intensive care facilities.

    Nuala Close is the only matron. There are 750 members of clinical staff and some student nurses in training.

    After an inspection in December 2014 by the Food Standards Agency the organisation was given only two stars – the only hospital in London to perform so poorly. After a further inspection in June 2015 it was awarded 5 stars. Someone had a word with the Food Standards Agency then.

  2. Lib Dem Norman Lamb has stated that universities are not addressing the matter of research fraud and that a ‘watchdog’ should be established with regard to such matters.

    Norman Lamb is rather braver than most of his colleagues, he has previously said something at least about the abuse and neglect of vulnerable people at the hands of the NHS and social services, but he is not brave enough.

    Research fraud is a massive problem and from what I have seen the biggest problem is among health and social care researchers. Early modern literature scholars don’t go in for research fraud on such a grand scale because there’s only a small grant to visit some archives at stake, but if you’re a Top Doctor and you hit the big time, your grant capture will run into millions, you’ll be advising Norman Lamb and his colleagues and if you are really lucky you’ll bag a seat in the Lords.

    Norman, a watchdog will never, ever reign in this problem. Who will sit on your watchdog? Let me guess. Lord Robert Winston? St Helena Kennedy? Baroness Ruth Deech? You only have access to the people who have closed their eyes and looked the other way for years in the face of the most monstrous abuses. The people who have colluded with the wrongdoing are the very people whom you have appointed to public positions, the system has positively selected for them. I could personally give you a list of names of sound, honest academics known to me who could do a really brilliant job on your ‘watchdog’, but you won’t have heard of any of them. They are quietly beavering away in not at all elite universities, being trampled under foot by those fabricating their research whom you have heard of, because you’ve invited them to the Commons or onto NICE committees etc.

    It’s the inevitable result of decades of rot Norman, of deliberately rewarding unscrupulous cheats and liars and sneering at people who choose not to conduct themselves in this way. Oh and a huge part of the problem is also politicians who state the policy which is to be followed and THEN look for the ‘research’ to back it up. They’ll soon find someone who’s ‘research’ is demonstrating that their policy will work.

    Want to make people ‘take responsibility’? Need a bit of research to show that people with severe mental health problems are in prison or dying destitute because they won’t ‘take responsibility’ rather than the fact that the welfare services are crap and abusive? Easy – you ask Mark Williams and Richard Layard to spout guff about living in the moment and national happiness. At the same time you also invite a few equally dodgy people along to talk about foetuses of the criminal classes being programmed for a life of crime before birth and the dysfunctional MRI scans of the brains of people who are seriously distressed and Bob’s your uncle. Or more accurately Lord Bob Winston is Chairing your Ethics Committee.

    Norman, Mark Williams’s Mindfulness has got to be one of the biggest, most successful, audacious research frauds of the last century. It beats Piltdown Man or Pearce and Chamberlain hands down. Parliament LOVED Mark Williams, you invited him back again and again and again, you gave him millions of quid, you even set up a cross-party Parliamentary Mindfulness group and banged on about the Mindfulness Nation. His patients in north Wales were mostly all dead and his colleagues, whom he had cited on his early work, were the colleagues of a paedophile gang. You all knew about the paedophile gang in north Wales. The Waterhouse cover-up took place 1996-2000. You were at that very time embracing Mark Williams.

    Mark Williams’s own publications talked about him discovering the miracle of mindfulness in Bangor in the late 1980s. You all knew what was happening in Bangor in the late 1980s, but Parliament covered it up. You could have just looked at the suicide stats or the stats relating to complaints about the NHS, or the health outcomes, or the number of children running away from children’s homes, or the number of patients sectioned in Denbigh on 1 yr sections, or the number of psychiatric patients appearing in court or the deaths in the hospital wing of Risley Remand Centre…

    The datasets collected by Gov’t would have told you that Williams was not working miracles in Bangor in the late 1980s. But you did not want to know. What you wanted was a cheat of a vicar cum psychologist with a beatific smile who banged on about loving-kindness and compassion. Which is what you got. Williams’s own colleague David Healy was busy uncovering the disgusting practices of the drug companies ‘clinical trials’. David Healy is famous but he’s not popular. Most clinicians in north Wales won’t speak to him. Even David Healy didn’t go public on that paedophile gang and the mindfulness scam.

    Geoffrey Chamberlain was exposed in 1994 as being party to a huge research fraud. He did not even appear before a fitness to practice tribunal. He continued working as an NHS obs and gynae consultant until he retired in 2000. Whereupon he was given a lecturing job at Swansea University – in the history of medicine no less.

    Parliament wanted a gang of cheats Norman and that is what you have got. I know why politicians are now finally bothered. It’s because the problem is now so endemic that the affluent professional classes are also dying as a result of the scams and bad practice. Thirty years ago it was just the dispossessed. Well, there is no remedy. You are now going to die at the hands of a corrupt health and care system along with the Empowered Service Users. You have driven every honest person out of all areas of responsibility.

    Best of luck with your watchdog!!

  3. Many thanks to the reader who’s sent me the link to the John Cleese interview on ‘Newsnight’, in which Cleese explains that he is emigrating to the Caribbean because he doesn’t trust the British press, particularly re their coverage on Brexit. Er, neither do a lot of us John, but I don’t see the connection between that and emigrating to the Caribbean.

    Before John Cleese waves a fond farewell to dear old Blighty, perhaps he’d like to tell the police everything that he knew about his fellow zany Python Graham Chapman and the underaged boys whom Chapman used for sex routinely, Graham’s links to Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dafydd’s associates in north Wales and at Bart’s, Graham’s relationship to David Kirke and the Dangerous Sports Club (I know about some of it, but there will be a lot more that I don’t know) as well as the links between Cleese’s old mates Dr Death and Robyn Skynner and Dafydd et al. Because I know for a fact that the all of these people were connected to each other.

    I know that I repeatedly state that the historical investigations currently being conducted by the police are a farce, a waste of time and the height of hypocrisy and indeed they are. It was the police and the British state who allowed those sex trafficking rings across the UK to operate with impunity, the only reason we are hearing so much about ‘achieving justice’ is to salve the conscience of a corrupt professional class. You cannot bring my friend Anne back police, she died a long time ago, you knew that she was being targeted, she was completely innocent and she was murdered because she was my friend in whom I’d confided and MI5 heard the lot as they bugged our house. She’s dead, you knew that it was going to happen and you protected the people who did it.

    However, in the tradition of surreal madcap zany Pythonesque humour, I do think that the nation should be treated to the sight of Cleese – who trained as a barrister and who spent so many years ingratiating himself to Top Docs involved in serious crime – making a statement about the people traffickers whom he befriended, wrote books with and who’s theories he drew upon when he told the rest of us what to do or indeed who to vote for (Dr Death and the SDP).

    I honestly have no interest in seeing any of you in prison Cleese, it is a pointless exercise, I don’t hold with these jailings of geriatric sex offenders who were assisted by the state for decades, it is insulting to people like me whom they tried to murder. But I do think that for the sake of all those people who died out at the North Wales Hospital and who’s bodies are concealed there, that everyone should now come clean about what happened. Because those people endured years of being spat at by the whole world, of being mocked, of being reminded on a daily basis that they were mental patients, that no-one was going to listen to them and did they realise how foolish they looked. They knew that none of that was true. Some of the people who facilitated their deaths picked up knighthoods and peerages.

    No doubt when Mr Cleese gets to the Caribbean, he’ll marry a lady of 25, tell the world that this is true love and how he’s never been happier. Five years later they’ll divorce, she’ll take him to the cleaners and he’ll be back on tour with a line in jokes of the ‘my wife’s fat and ugly and she’s cost me millions’ type. A sort of Footlights version of Les Dawson.

    If I was a very rich, elderly SDP supporter, I’d ask myself why a woman of 25 would want to marry me before I went down the aisle with her.

    John: young women laugh at old men who try their luck, believe me, they really do. It’s what got my friend Anne killed, it was the hours that we spent screaming with laughter at the idea that I would be interested in a 70 yr old lobotomist with a liberal coating of Brylcreem, wearing a pair of trousers with the crutch down by his knees. We just fell about at the very idea. We’d have had even more of a laugh over Dafydd, but the traffickers had murdered Anne by the time that I had encountered Dafydd and his dandruff. When you were younger, you knew this. There was that scene in Fawlty Towers in which Basil accidentally groped a young Australian guest and left oily handprints on her boobs and Sybil came in and asked ‘Basil, do you really think that a girl like this would be interested in a brillianteened old stick insect like you?’…

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