A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?

The Welsh Gov’ts most senior civil servant Dame Shan Morgan, the Permanent Secretary, was in the news yesterday. I had a look at her CV and also at the CV of Sir Derek Jones, the Permanent Secretary who preceded her. I didn’t see anything earth shatteringly incriminating on their CVs, it was all fairly standard Whitehall mandarin stuff. However I certainly had a shock when I took a look at the previous of the Permanent Secretary before Sir Derek – Dame Gillian Morgan, Permanent Secretary 2008-12.

So had Gillian done the rounds in Whitehall, in the European Commission or in the Diplomatic Service as is the norm for a mandarin? Not at all. Gillian Morgan was a Top Doctor! Neither was Morgan a medical graduate who early in her career decided to join the civil service – Morgan was a Top Doctor until the day before she was appointed the most senior civil servant in Wales.

The Welsh civil servants have no loyalty to Wales, they are appointed by Whitehall which is why it has always been said that the civil service serving Wales is actually doing the work of the Westminster Gov’ts, who are usually very hostile to Wales. It might also explain why so many senior civil servants who have ‘served’ Wales concealed the paedophile gang which decimated the nation. But Whitehall was certainly  aiming for the bulls-eye in terms of screwing Wales when it appointed Dr Gillian.

Gillian was appointed under Gordon Brown’s Gov’t in May 2008. That was during the dying days of the North West Wales NHS Trust. I was being harassed, threatened and arrested by Martin Jones, the CEO of the Trust and Elfed Roberts, the Chairman, like there was no tomorrow. Members of the public witnessing what was going on wrote to Elfed and Martin and made statements to my lawyer. There was never an investigation into Martin and Elfed’s conduct. Staff were walking away from the North West Wales NHS Trust in droves and Martin was relying on agency staff to run Ysbyty Gwynedd – who were not being subjected to CRB checks. Patients were dying, complaints were not being investigated and litigation costs were going through the roof.

Edwina Hart, the Welsh Gov’ts Health Minister, was doing her best to confront Martin, Elfed and the Top Doctors but they virtually spat in her face. In 2011 Edwina was removed from the post and paedophiles’ friend Lesley Griffiths, a member of the Mafia of Drips, replaced her (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’).

I was told at the time that Edwina was being undermined by the Welsh civil service – could it possibly have been dear old Dame Top Doctor Gillian that this person was thinking of? Dame Gillian was sent to Wales to rescue someone the year after Edwina became Health Minister.

Immediately before Morgan was appointed to the most senior job in the Welsh civil service despite having no experience at all in the civil service, she was the Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation and had been since 2002. The NHS Confederation is the body which represents Health Trusts and Boards!

So somebody in Westminster saw fit to appoint someone who actually represented the North West Wales NHS Trust and it’s criminally negligent senior managers to run the Welsh civil service at a time when patients were being threatened, unlawfully refused treatment and were dying – and when the senior managers of that Trust were conducting a co-ordinated campaign to undermine and indeed remove the Health Minister.

Somebody needs to explain this.

Martin Jones will have known Gillian Morgan before she was given the job of Permanent Secretary. Not only will they have known each other from their mutual troughing at public expense at the NHS Confederation but they were both members of the Institute of Health Service Management -indeed old Gillian was President, 1997-98.

At the time that Morgan was Chief Exec of the NHS Confederation, their website also featured a Sue Slipman as Director of the Foundation Trust Network Service. I remember dear old Sue from her appearances on Question Time in the 1980s. Sue was one of Dr Death’s acolytes in the SDP and was the source of much entertainment because when she had been a leading light in the NUS she had been a Communist. Sue is a rather vacuous Lampeter graduate who had held a senior role in the National Council for One Parent Families and before that the NCCL, when the NCCL was busy advising paedophiles on their rights. Sue later found herself Chairing an NHS Trust but all references to which one exactly disappeared from the internet after those embarrassing revelations about the NCCL cosying up to PIE hit the media a few years ago.

Gillian’s biography mentions that she has worked as a doctor in ‘hospitals, GP practices and public health medicine’, has ‘served on a large number of national committees and working groups’ and is a member of the NHS Stakeholders Forum. She is a past President of the International Hospital Federation. Dame Abuse and Corruption is also a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. So she’ll know Dr D.G.E. Wood, the corrupt GP who concealed the paedophile gang in north Wales and assisted the mental health services in their criminal activities, who has held high office in the Royal College for many years.

It is noticeable that where information about the work of Dame Abuse and Corruption is concerned, there is an absence of a timeline – we are told that she was a Consultant and then Director of Public Health in Leicestershire, but we are not told when. However, it is admitted that at the turn of the millennium the Dame was Chief Exec of the North and East Devon Health Authority, based in Exeter. That has been a very troubled region with regard to the NHS for a very long time and one Chief Executive narrowly avoided being imprisoned (see post ‘NHS Chief Executive Collapses In Court After Being Spared Jail’). There have been problems in the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, including the hounding and eventual exclusion of Professor Edzard Ernst, because he had the temerity to produce research which demonstrated that some of the alternative therapies that the Medical School wished to promote were clinically ineffective. One of the people demanding Edzard’s head on a plate was a close friend of Prince Charles. Exeter Medical School is also fully on board with the research fraud that is MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy), perpetrated by Professor Mark Williams (see post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’).

It can therefore be assumed that Gillian was Director of Public Health for Leicestershire sometime before 2000 and presumably a Consultant in public health for Leicestershire before she was Director.

That places Gillian in Leicestershire in the 1980s/90s – when there was a massive cover-up on the part of the NHS, social services and local authority of the paedophile ring that operated in the region, two members of which were Frank Beck and Greville Janner. In 1987 Dr James Earp, the leading forensic psychiatrist in Leicester, concealed the wrongdoing of the mental health services in north Wales (see post ‘An Expert From England’).

I cannot imagine that your average Top Doctor would decide to apply for the post of the head of the Welsh civil service if they saw the advert in the Job Centre. So who told this toxic cow that the post of Permanent Secretary in Wales was about to become vacant and suggested that she apply for it? This was a highly irregular appointment and I imagine that a few eyebrows were raised when it was made.

One person who was delighted with Dame Abuse and Corruption’s appointment was Rhodri Morgan, Wales’s First Minister who was hated by Martin Jones and no doubt hated him in return – but Rhodri had a massive problem in the NHS in north Wales, was as thick as pig shit himself and desperately needed to conceal the criminality and the deaths. Furthermore Rhodri’s wife Julie Morgan is a former social worker who had been Deputy Director of Barnardo’s, which was one of the organisations to which some of the paedophiles of north Wales had links.

Rhodri stated that Dame Abuse and Corruption’s appointment was ‘a major coup for Wales’ – and then no doubt went off to sink a few pints and stick his head in the sand, thus exposing his thinking parts as George Carman would say.

We were told that Dame Abuse and Corruption would use one of Wales’s most powerful jobs to ‘deliver better public services’. So that’s why the Health Board in north Wales is now in special measures after a huge mental health patient abuse scandal and is effectively bankrupt – the old Dame certainly delivered on that one. The rest of the NHS in Wales and the social services are pretty crap as well…

Entertainingly I have found a copy of a letter that the Dame wrote to Sir Michael Scholar – someone else who knew much about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal but kept it under his hat (see post ‘So Who Was It Exactly Who Appointed The Corrupt Old Bastard?’) – in 2009 regarding the Welsh Assembly Gov’ts Strategic Plan to address violence to women and domestic abuse. Two days ago the leading story on BBC News Wales online was the serious problem of domestic violence in Wales. A few days before that it was reported that the lawyer who prosecuted the trafficking gang in Rotherham had been retained by the Welsh Gov’t to make Wales the safest country in Europe for women. Somebody obviously thinks that Wales needs him after one particular woman going under the name of Gillian Morgan was imported into Wales to assist a bunch of paedophiles’ friends.

So who could possibly have thought that it would be a good idea to send Gillian of the Leicestershire Paedophiles to help out the Welsh civil service when the wrongdoing of Martin and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales had become so high profile that it was being openly discussed by the general public?

Someone whispered the word ‘Cherie’ in my ear earlier. It was Cherie’s mate Michael Beloff QC who advised Clwyd County Council’s insurers to redact, withhold and then pulp the Jillings Report into child abuse in north Wales because what had happened was completely indefensible (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’). Cherie was of course mates with many of the Councillors in the London authorities who sent children in their care into the arms of a vicious paedophile gang in north Wales – she was also mates with the ‘radical’ lawyers who ignored what was going on. Cherie and Tony were both colleagues of George Carman who was one of the most corrupt barristers in the UK and who certainly knew about organised child abuse (see posts ‘No Ordinary Methods’ and ‘No Ordinary Methods -Supplementary Post’).

Cherie – when you became a QC you were smug enough to tell a journo that being a QC was ‘pretty smart’. Witnesses to the North Wales paedophile gang were murdered Cherie – they were poisoned, they were strung up, they were killed when cars drove into them at high speed and five of them were killed by a petrol bomb. You are not pretty smart, you are a weak pathetic woman who needed a friend like Carol Caplin, who believed in silly New Age therapies and who threw hissy fits because you felt threatened by Anji Hunter. You are also a greedy bitch who is married to a war criminal. I’ll look out for you both in the media coverage of Tessa’s funeral – who will die because the whole bloody lot of you failed to stop the rampant corruption and research fraud in the UK medical establishment, substantially because the Top Doctors were concealing the organised paedophile rings which infiltrated the whole of the UK child care system in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I hope that those free holidays at Berlusconi’s place were worth it you fucking idiots. That’s the Berlusconi who is alleged to have Mafia connections. Serious organised crime is a running theme with the Blairs and their friends isn’t it.

Hey there Smart One how does it feel to be outed on the internet by a Service User when I’m supposed to have green teeth, weigh twenty stone and be sitting in a group run by a paedophile’s friend telling me that I’m now empowered?

Cherie and Tony’s mate Alastair Campbell was the man who constructed the cock and bull story about Ron Davies’s moment of madness on Clapham Common when he’d been caught with a male prostitute called Boogie – days after Blair had told old Ron that he would be the next First Minister of Wales.

What does Blair think that Wales has done to him??? Is all this his revenge because Prestatyn produced John Prescott or something?


If the Dame’s arrival in Wales was mystifying, so was her departure. She retired in Aug 2013 on ‘voluntary exit terms’ with a pay off of approx 190k. In retirement Dame Serious Organised Crime gave a media interview in which she explained that throughout her life she had suffered from anasphasia,  an inability to picture in her mind people’s faces. Presumably she also had an inability to picture kids being battered, raped, kept in a cellar at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and then burnt to a crisp in arson attacks when they were young adults.

At the same time as questions were asked about Dame Serious Organised Crime’s gratuitous pay off, there were also questions asked of another Welsh Gov’t civil servant, Bernard Galton. Galton had been the DG for People, Places and Corporate Services and was still receiving his generous salary, despite having stepped down from that role and was due to receive an exit package. Galton explained that he was now doing the job of DG, Workforce and Organisational Development for NHS Wales. This was in 2014 – when there was a massive problem with recruitment to the Wales NHS.

Galton had a sideline as well – in June 2014 he was appointed as a non-executive director for the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Foundation Trust in Bath. Galton lives in Bath. Well he wasn’t going to slum it in Wales was he. The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases described itself as having an ‘excellent reputation for research both nationally and internationally’ and offers ‘musculo-skeletal conditions chronic pain management’ and also ‘chronic fatigue syndrome/ME fatigue management’.

For the 35 years that Iived in north Wales I found it impossible to get treatment for a musculo-skeletal problem which frequently left me in agony. I knew other people refused treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.

This is presumably why Galton lived in Bath.

After Galton retired from the civil service which blocked all attempts to improve the public services in Wale, he became a non-executive director of the Oxford Health Foundation NHS Trust. Professors Mark Williams and Tom Burns work in the mental health services in Oxford – both of them concealed the criminal activity in the north Wales NHS which was associated with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

In Feb 2016 the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments – the organisation which waves through lucrative directorship for politicians and civil servants who have recently left office – gave their approval for Galton to take on a part time role as a non-executive director in a company to pursue ‘a joint venture between three Welsh local authorities and Capita Property and Infrastructure. Galton had already accepted the post when he condescended to request the permission of the Advisory Committee – this was of course in breach of the rules but the Advisory Committee let him off this time.

The Advisory Committee also approved a role for Galton as a Strategic Consultant at Green Park Ltd. The Advisory Committee noted that Galton had dealings with Green Park Ltd whilst he had worked in the Welsh Gov’t – Green Park Ltd had landed a 1.25 million contract from the Welsh Gov’t. Furthermore Galton had sat on the decision making panel throughout the tendering exercise. The HR Senior Civil Service team had awarded the contract to Green Park Ltd – Bernard Galton was their line manager. The Advisory Committee let him off again. Bernard is also a Strategic Advisor at Sapienti Consulting – that was OK with the Advisory Committee too.


The Chairman of the NHS Confederation for the last year in which Dame Serious Organised Crime was Chief Exec of that organisation was Professor Bryan Stoten. Stoten was Chair of UKPHR (UK Public Health Regulation), the body which regulates the ‘specialist public health workforce’ who are not regulated by the GMC ie. who are not medically qualified. Which might include Dame Gangster – I had assumed that she was medically qualified but I note that is not actually clarified.

Stoten is a big name in the NHS in the Midlands. In 2001 he was appointed Chair of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and in 2006 he became Chair of Warwickshire PCT. Stoten has also been Chair of Birmingham Health Authority and Coventry Health Authority. So he knows Professor Robert Bluglass (from Birmingham) and Dr Colin Berry (from Coventry) who concealed the criminal activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’).

Stoten lectured at Birmingham University’s Health Services Management Centre, 1972-77. He was featured on their website reminiscing over his happy days there, but observed that it was ‘a pity after 40 years to see the management of the NHS in such disarray’. Well Bryan it was you who trained the collection of mindless greedy crooks and spivs who very obviously did not know how to manage anything, although they were taught how to intimidate patients who had been harmed, how to deflect complaint, how to cook the books and fiddle the stats and how to get rid of whistleblowers.

Bryan’s colleague Elisabeth Buggins was Chair of the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority whilst it was responsible for supervising Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust when an estimated 1000 people died unnecessarily there (more sober voices have suggested that many more died, although because the NHS lies about everything only the deaths of 1000 were estimated). At least 1000 deaths and patients drinking water out of vases and told to crap in their beds by Angels because they couldn’t be bothered to walk across a ward with a bedpan? No problem. Buggins was awarded a CBE in the 2008 New Years honours and in 2011 was appointed Chair of Birmingham Women’s Hospital. In 2016 Buggins resigned after it was revealed that Birmingham Women’s Hospital had a 3.4 million deficit.

Buggins Chaired the UK Organ Donation Taskforce, 2006-09. She is or was Chair of the Eastern Academic Health Sciences Network as well as of the Walsall Refugee and Asylum Seekers Support Association. She is or was Deputy Chair of Accord Housing Group and team leader of the Big Feed, as well as an Independent Reviewer for DeepMind Health. Buggins has also taught on the Patient Public Involvement module at Warwick University. She maintains that she has worked with the voluntary sector on local, national and European projects.

Buggins is or was Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands.

The Chief Exec of the neighbouring Birmingham Children’s Hospital whilst the Birmingham Women’s Hospital ran up gambling debts under Buggins’s Chairmanship was Sarah-Jane Marsh. Sarah-Jane appeared in the press looking very pleased with herself and explained that discussions were underway regarding the merger of Birmingham Women’s Hospital with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and regarding the appointment of Dame Christine Braddock, the Chair of the latter, to Chair the new merged organisation.

Braddock had not long before resigned as Principal and Chief Exec of Birmingham Metropolitan College after she was rash enough to ban the wearing of Muslim veils at the College and was faced with  9000 signature petition, the threat of a mass demo and a very big political row. In the same year Braddock was made a Dame for her services to FE. In the wake of the row over the veils Braddock stated that she was approaching 60 and had always planned to retire.

So it was good to know that Braddock suddenly found enough life left in her to become the Chairman of a major hospital as well as High Sheriff of the West Midlands and then Deputy Lieutenant.

Braddock had previous – she had been a past President of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and also ran the prison education service in the Midlands for the Home Office.

For many years there has been a major problem with corruption in many areas of civic life in Birmingham.

To return to Sarah-Jane Marsh. In Feb 2014 it was reported that Sarah-Jane, in her capacity as Chief Exec of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, had overpaid staff by more than one million – and that most of the overpayments had not been recovered.

Sarah-Jane was appointed as Chief Exec in 2009 at the age of 32. She was one of the youngest NHS Chief Execs in the UK and concerns were expressed by some that she did not have the experience for the position. In 2007 before Marsh became Chief Exec but was Chief Operating Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – responsible for the day to day management of the hospital – the hospital was criticised by the Healthcare Commission for a lack of beds resulting from bad planning.

Marsh began her NHS career as an NHS graduate trainee. One of her first jobs was as an assistant to Sir David Nicholson for six months, in 2002. David Nicholson – later the Chief Exec of NHS England – was named by the Daily Mail as the most hated man in Britain a few years ago, in the furore when the nation finally woke up to what had happened at Mid Staffs and how whistleblowers had been intimidated and hounded out, how there was a culture of dreadful misconduct and bullying within the NHS and how everyone responsible for the disaster at Mid Staffs had been promoted to even more senior roles often after having ‘retired’ with huge golden good-byes. Many of those involved were occupying the most senior roles in the UK NHS and Nicholson epitomised all that was wrong.

At the time that Marsh worked for Nicholson, he was Director of Health and Social Care for the Midlands and the East of England. He gave Marsh a reference in 2003 when she landed the job as Director of Planning and Development for Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust. Nicholson also gave Marsh a reference when she bagged the job as Chief Operating Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

In 2009 Marsh announced that she and Nicholson were getting married! Nicholson hastily reassured everyone that of course they had not been having any sort of affair when he wrote Marsh those references, but as Nicholson had lied for years about hundreds of people dying at the hands of the NHS, no-one was very convinced.

Sarah-Jane was recently appointed to lead NHS England’s maternity services transformation plan, after the revelations that women and babies have been suffering serious harm and have sometimes died in the hospitals in which TV companies film sentimental documentaries about our wonderful NHS. I’ll await the next maternity scandal – now the NHS has implemented a transformation plan it can only be just around the corner and will no doubt be even bigger and better than the one in Cumbria.

When I read the gory details of the everyday story of Mid Staffs folk when the world was after the blood of David Nicholson, I was struck by how very similar the practices of Nicholson et al were to those of Martin Jones and his mates in the North West Wales NHS Trust. I discussed with my friend Brown the possibility that Martin might have personally worked with Nicholson and learnt at his knee. Brown was sceptical and observed that from what he had seen Nicholson was the model of NHS practice anyway.

However, when we had that discussion, I didn’t realise that Nicholson and co had grown their power base from their earlier careers in the West Midlands. Martin Jones began his career as a twat in an office in Ysbyty Gwynedd and then disappeared for a short while – as  an NHS manager in Birmingham and Coventry. Martin also passed through the hands of Aston  University Business School at some point. Martin then returned to north Wales, terrorised everyone and presided over a lethal NHS Trust which exterminated vulnerable people.

When Gillian Morgan was appointed Permanent Secretary, Martin and his friends started telling people that he was going to be the next Chief Exec of NHS Wales.

Readers who follow the comments on this blog will know that Martin’s mug has disappeared from the Betsi website and that he is now Director of NHS Wales External Investigations. The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board of which Martin has been a senior executive since its formation nearly 10 years ago is currently in special measures and under investigation after a huge scandal involving the abuse of mental health patients. The problem was substantially caused by Martin Jones.

Martin will now be charged with investigating the Betsi. I urge readers not to presume that Martin will do the decent thing, declare a conflict of interest and step aside. He won’t. Furthermore, Martin’s appointment as Director of External Investigations NHS Wales will not be a coincidence. This is how the NHS works – for decades it has operated on the principle of promoting the people who have caused the problems on the basis that they will then be highly motivated and most effective at concealing the root of the problem and will either remain in denial or find a scapegoat.

Martin had already been appointed as one of the investigators into the Tawel Fan Scandal last year. Tawel Fan arose as a result of callous, untrained staff who should never have been employed routinely abusing patients (see post ‘The Tawel Fan Scandal’). The nurse who blew the whistle was suspended, arrested and received death threats. She now works elsewhere. The staff who abused the patients in Tawel Fan were not disciplined and were transferred to another mental health unit – where some months later some of them were caught abusing patients all over again (see post ‘Update On Bryn Hesketh Investigation’). They also refused to take part in a real external investigation into their conduct.

Martin Jones was Director of the Workforce for the Betsi throughout all of this.

Martin tried to punch me on one occasion. He had by then harassed me, threatened me and had me repeatedly arrested as the wider NHS looked on and did nothing. One day I was walking down a deserted corridor in the old main building of Bangor University when Martin saw me and steamed towards me at a high speed with his fist raised, but just before he belted me my friend jumped out from behind a pillar – because we knew that Martin was visiting the University that day I’d asked my friends to ensure that they didn’t lose sight of me at any point – and greeted Martin. He swerved and veered off in the opposite direction.

Thank goodness that some junior academics are braver than virtually all NHS staff and Gov’t Ministers.


Somebody had such confidence in the abilities of Dame Organised Crime to destroy Wales that she was also appointed as one of the three members of the Review set up by Jeremy Beecham in 2006 to advise the Welsh Assembly Gov’t on the reform of public services in Wales.

Jeremy Beecham was the Labour leader of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Council, 1977-94. He had been a Councillor in Newcastle since 1967. So Beecham was a Councillor in Newcastle throughout the years of serious corruption in the north east which was cultivated by and blossomed under T. Dan Smith, who was the Labour leader of Newcastle City Council, 1960-65 (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’).

Beecham went to the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and then to University College Oxford. After graduation he worked as a solicitor. He joined the Labour Party in 1959 and Chaired the Social Services Committee, 1973-77. So Beecham Chaired that Committee whilst Brian Roycroft the Director of Social Services for Newcastle sent kids in care on placements to the Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales – which was owned and managed by paedophile John Allen who was not only abusing and trafficking the kids but who also ran a child porn and drugs business (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’). Newcastle Social Services continued to send children to Bryn Alyn after complaints of abuse had been made and Roycroft also recommended Bryn Alyn to other Directors of Social Services in the north east.

Beecham has been a Council member of Common Purpose since 1989, a weird network that is well represented among people abusing their positions which is reputed to be connected to New Labour.

Beecham was a member of the Labour Party NEC from 1998 and Chaired the NEC, 2005-06.

In 1991 Beecham was appointed Chairman of the Association of Metropolitan Authorities (AMA). Many of those from the London boroughs who later became Blair’s acolytes when he was PM held office in the AMA.

In 1997 the AMA merged with the Association of District Councils and the Association of County Councils to form the LGA (Local Gov’t Authority). Who was the first Chair of the LGA, 1997-04? Jeremy Beecham of course.

In 2006 Jeremy doubled up as the LGA Vice-Chair and Chair of the LGA Labour Group. Jeremy is described as having been a member of many Boards and Committees in Newcastle and the north east. So Beecham will know the network of those who worked in the mental health services in Newcastle and who then joined Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales (see post ‘The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection’), he will also have known the dreadful Top Doctor Lord John Walton who provided a substantial umbrella for the criminals of north Wales (see post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’) and he will have known those involved in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal who provided a most useful distraction  away from Dafydd and the paedophiles of north Wales whilst Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and I were raising the alarm (see post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’). Beecham will have known about the serious abuse of children in care in Sunderland (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’) and he will have known about Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth abusing kids at Axwell Park Approved School until 1973, when they both relocated to Bryn Esytn and joined – and then greatly expanded – the paedophile gang that was operating there.

Beecham enjoyed a number of Gov’t advisory roles and in 2010 was given a peerage.

I have long been aware of the AMA and the LGA but knew very little about them, having spent most of my adult life in Wales. I was however very au fait with the WLGA – the Welsh Local Government Association. The signature of one of their senior representatives appears on every report and review which tells us how the NHS or social services in Wales is now the envy of the UK, or will be now that this Report/Review has been published or will be after the New Strategy has been implemented – the New Strategy which has been written by the bozos who wrote the last Strategy which didn’t work and resulted in scandal (see post ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’). The other function of the WLGA is to explain that the Gov’t hasn’t given them enough money and that’s why the public services are still shite. This statement appears on a regular basis in the Welsh media and punctuates the news reports re Councillors and Council officers stealing the funds or fiddling their expenses.

As with senior positions in the public services, life in the WLGA is one big round of pass the parcel. Or indeed pass the Local Gov’t crook.

The Principal Leader of the WLGA, 2008-12 was John Davies, who was leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, 2004-12.

I have seen references to a John Davies from Carmarthenshire County Council, but I’m not sure if it is the same John Davies. Carmarthenshire is another Welsh Council riding high in the public dissatisfaction stakes. Meryl Gravell, a leading light in the Council  frequently stars on the Welsh political blog Jac O The North and has a track record of insulting both her own staff and the people of Carmarthenshire. There seems to be a lot of citizen blogging in Carmarthenshire  – one blogger was taken to the High Court in an attempt to silence her. Another blog is written by Sian Caiach, a surgeon who some years ago found herself dismissed and struck off by the GMC after she reported two fellow Top Doctors for defrauding the NHS – her allegations were substantiated but one of the guilty Top Doctors was promoted nonetheless. Sian was the only person who lost her job.

John Davies was an S4C presenter in the early years of the channel and was or is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society. He spent nine years sitting on the Electricity Consumer Council and subsequently was a member of Energywatch Wales. Davies is or was a member of the Dyfed-Powys Police Authority and Chaired their Finance Committee for nine years. Davies picked up the award for the ITV Wales local politician of the year in Dec 2008.

In April 2014 John Davies was reappointed to the Board of S4C for another four year term. The appointment was made by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport under the Coalition Con Dems Gov’t, Maria Miller.

In Feb 2014 the Western Telegraph revealed that John Davies had been Council leader when unlawful payments had been made to senior Council officers – Bryn Parry-Jones the Chief Exec and another senior officer received over 50k in unlawful payments.

The Wales Audit Office – the head of which is Huw Vaughan Thomas who was the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council whilst the paedophile gang made merry in the Council’s children’s homes (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’) – said that the payments were contrary to the law and Dyfed-Powys Police were investigating.

Bryn certainly did well whilst he served the citizens of Pembrokeshire. Not only was he the highest paid Council executive in Wales for 18 years from 1996 onwards – reigning over the agricultural land and scenic coast of Pembrokeshire which includes the throbbing metropolis of St Davids with its Cathedral, Abbey and little art galleries and bijou shops is a dangerous and stressful job after all – but Bryn was also given a Council funded Porsche, which other members of his family had the use of as well as him. Bryn left his job in 2014 – and received a severance deal of 330k.

A paedophile gang operated in Pembrokeshire and there was an unrelated scandal related to the ill treatment of children in the care of the Council as well (see post ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’).

Very expensive cars driven by Council leaders or senior Council officers were not unknown in north Wales either. There was a north Walesesque spat some years ago when someone with a sense of humour photographed Dafydd Iwan’s car parked in a disabled bay. The said car was no Reliant Robin. Not long after this, I became friendly with someone who although on a limited income drove quite a swish car – an Audi – and for some reason wouldn’t flog it to raise money. They eventually fessed up that the car belonged to Gwynedd County Council and that when they had worked for Gwynedd they had leased the car for the grand sum of one pound per week and had been allowed to continue this arrangement even after they left the Council’s employment. They didn’t have a senior job with Gwynedd either, they were a minion.

On another occasion someone pointed out a top of the range Mercedes Sports car in the car park of Bangor University and told me that it belonged to the man responsible for running Anglesey Social Services and commented that considering the state of the social services on Anglesey it was outrageous that the person running that dysfunctional shoddy outfit was driving something like that. The driver of the said car had actually turned up to the University to try to intimidate the long suffering Professor of Sociology who had been defending the social work students after they had complained of being viciously bullied whilst on placement with Anglesey Social Services. Two days later a friend rang who was rolling around laughing as they explained that the owner of the Mercedes Sports had been caught by the police having sex with someone other than his wife in the car whilst parked in a public place. The officer concerned knew immediately who he was dealing with because it was about the only such car in Llangefni. Everybody waited with baited breath for the prosecution and coverage in the Daily Post – but no, it never happened.

Dyfed-Powys Police also eventually decided not to prosecute in the case of Pembrokeshire County Council and Bryn Parry-Jones.

I read a news report this morning about a severely disabled man in Wales who is concerned that he will lose his independence because of a change in the way that his care is funded. His care is currently funded by the Independent Living Fund but soon the funds will be given to local Councils for them to purchase packages of care for clients. I am sure that the disabled man has good grounds to worry, priority will be given to a Porsche for the Chief Executive to go dogging in every time.

The present leader of the WLGA is Debbie Wilcox, the leader of Newport City Council. Debbie was appointed leader of the WLGA in June 2017 and Mark Drakeford, the Local Gov’t Secretary, was delighted to congratulate her on her appointment. That’s the Drakeford who worked as a social worker for Dyfed when the kids in care in Dyfed were being abused, the Drakeford who was a social worker and Councillor in south Wales when kids in care in south Wales were being abused, the Drakeford who was special advisor to Rhodri Morgan when the oaf Rhodri ignored complaints about serious criminality in the NHS and social services in north Wales and appointed paedophiles’ friends to senior positions. Then Drakeford the paedophiles’ friend became Health Minister himself and ignored warnings about criminality and research fraud in the NHS in north Wales. And then Tawel Fan exploded in the face of the big jelly.

Drakeford stated that he was looking forward to fresh ideas from the wimmin who are now leading some of Wales’s councils. I don’t know Debbie Wilcox but if she or indeed any other wimmin show any signs at all of having any fresh ideas, Drakeford and the paedophiles’ friends will soon manouvre them out.

BBC News Wales recently carried a report explaining that the Welsh Labour Party will soon be selecting their Deputy Leader and because Carwyn is in posession of testicles, a female Deputy has to be appointed. (When is someone going to speak up for intersex people or hermaphrodites? Feminism is tearing itself apart over the issue of transgender people, but intersex people have been with us since mankind first evolved and have endured great injustices and even harm from the good old Top Doctors, who until recently frequently sliced their genitalia off at birth and ordered their parents never to tell anyone that their baby was Not As Others.) The three shortlisted candidates are Julie Morgan, Debbie Wilcox and Carolyn Harris.

Julie Morgan was married to the pillock Rhodri and like Rhodri has spent a lifetime ignoring serious wrongdoing. Remember – Julie was a social worker in Barry and Deputy Director of Barnardo’s, which hosted paedophiles and then remained silent about it. All I know about Carolyn Harris is that she provides a source of entertainment for the writer and readers of the blog Jac O The North.

One of Welsh Labour’s wimmin in the Senedd, Julie James, is today featured on BBC News Wales giving her backing to a campaign launched by the Welsh Gov’t to break gender stereotypes. I’m not too keen on gender stereotyping myself but Julie James is quoted as saying that gender stereotyping is a result of and leads to domestic abuse and violence against women. Actually Julie it isn’t and it doesn’t. Throughout my life I have known men who have held very traditional attitudes to gender roles and they would never have used violence towards anyone yet alone a woman. I have known other men with impeccably liberal credentials who have actually been highly abusive towards women.

Julie – I know one man who flaunts his feminist and socialist credentials but who has spent decades ignoring the abuse of women and children, some of it very serious abuse. He’s called Mark Drakeford and I think that you know him well. Another such man was Rhodri Morgan, who is no longer with us but his wife with feminist principles who takes a firm line on domestic violence and child abuse still is.

As part of the campaign the Welsh Gov’t are planning adverts featuring people in gender non-traditional roles, including a male midwife.

There was a male midwife who used to work at Ysbyty Gwynedd – he lived in the same village as me, Waunfawr. He had graduated with a First from Bangor University and the patients loved him. He killed himself, leaving a note behind saying that he could longer cope with what was happening at Ysbyty Gwynedd and things were going on there which were so bad that no-one would ever believe it. His last wish was that no-one from the hospital should attend his funeral. Martin Jones was Chief Exec at the time. The Daily Post did not print a word about this young man’s death.

A number of other staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd killed themselves whilst Martin was running the hospital, including a nurse who left behind a suicide note naming the Director of HR as someone who had been bullying her and a psychiatrist who stabbed himself to death through the heart upstairs at home whilst his young family had breakfast downstairs. The psychiatrist who killed himself had believed that he had cancer and had been going to Europe for medical advice. So he didn’t feel comfortable consulting his colleagues or anyone who knew them then.

After this psychiatrist’s suicide, Kenny Midence, a clinical psychologist with the north Wales mental health services, told a concerned third party that the doctor in question was neurotic and that it wasn’t a real suicide. What was it then Midence, a murder?

Suicidal people are referred to Kenny Midence by the Betsi.

Perhaps NHS Wales External Investigations should carry out an inquiry into these staff suicides at Ysbyty Gwynedd.


Back to Debbie Wilcox. As the leader of the WLGA perhaps she could tell everybody exactly what has been going on in Caerphilly Council – there has been a long running dispute concerning allegations of serious misconduct on the part of a small number of people but involving large sums of money which seems to be unresolvable and which has consumed millions of pounds of public money.

Ron Davies – who would have become Wales’s First Minister had he not had a moment of madness on Clapham Common with a male prostitute called Boogie and who was then photographed looking for badgers in a well known gay cruising spot – is a Councillor in Caerphilly. So why has such wrongdoing been tolerated in a Council which boasts Ron Davies as a member?


I and correspondents to this blog have been entertained by the co-ordinated campaign being run by the Top Doctors recently. We were subjected to #NHSLove and now we have #PublicDuty. Anyone reading this blog will have gained an idea of just how much duty the Top Docs feel that they have towards the public. It seems that the Daily Mail recently published an article about a group of Top Docs from St George’s Hospital Medical School going on a jolly to France and there has been a Twitter storm of fuming Top Docs berating the Daily Mail. Many tweets begin with the words ‘as a consultant with 20 yrs experience’ – consultants with 20 yrs experience were working in the NHS when Top Doctors at St George’s facilitated a paedophile ring and people trafficking, also had a line in drug dealing and distribution and perpetrated a major research fraud. I witnessed it all Top Docs!

The Top Docs are being very rude about Daily Mail readers. Be warned Top Docs – Daily Mail readers vote and the Mail has more readers than your self indulgent tweets. The Top Docs need to remember what happened to the NUT in the mid 80s when they went on strike. They placed big adverts in all the newspapers featuring a fictional geography teacher called Jim who was going on strike because although he was ‘an honours graduate’ with years of teaching experience he ‘only’ earned 40k pa. Half the nation was on the dole, Wales had been decimated and there was a furious backlash against the NUT – an angry Mail reader wrote to the NUT and told them that Jim should consider himself lucky that he had a job. The Guardian published comments about the ‘wallies’ who read the Mail. Even more people became angry, the NUT lost the argument and unfortunately Thatcher won the next election. Like Jim, at the time I too was an honours graduate – I was on the dole being threatened and harassed by Top Doctors! And now I’m in hiding with 10,000 documents.


Lastly, the leading story on BBC New Wales online is a report about the extraordinarily high death rate among patients admitted to A&E at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. They’re certainly dropping like flies there – the death rate is 30.4 per 10,000 (for the year to Oct 2017) as opposed to the Welsh average of 19.4 per 10,000. Could this because of years of corruption and mismanagement and negligent callous senior staff? Not at all. According to the Betsi, it is a consequence of the high number of elderly people living in the area. Which was as I remember the reason that Harold Shipman gave for all those old dears pegging out in his surgery.

The only politician to speak out about these terrifying figures so far has been the Tory AM Darren Millar. I await the twitter mob to demand the lynching of Darren.

Surely another case for the Director of NHS Wales External Investigations – who until two months ago ran Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.








Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

48 thoughts on “A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?”

  1. #PublicDuty –

    One female patient from north Wales told me of her experiences in the Hergest Unit. Most patients in the Hergest sleep in dorms with very little personal space and only a curtain between them and the next bed. This patient explained to me how she was lying on her bed when she opened her eyes to find a male patient leaning over her, masturbating. He attempted but failed to force his penis into her mouth and then ejaculated on her. No investigation, although she was livid and of course complained to the hospital.

    I knew of another case in which a young woman with mental health problems and learning difficulties had some sort of negative sexual experience with a male patient in Hergest – her family complained but were not satisfied with the response from Ysbyty Gwynedd.

    Both of the above incidents occurred whilst the Hergest Unit was run by the North West Wales NHS Trust when Martin Jones was CEO.

    1. #PublicDuty –

      Top Doctor Ben Goldacre has sent out an anti Brexit tweet referring to ‘old people and racists’.

      Christ almighty, no wonder the elderly are dying at such a high rate in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd A&E if this is the attitude.

      What is Ben’s solution to old people and racists I wonder? Euthanasia?

      Life with the Top Doctors is becoming rather like that scene in the Life of Brian where the on-lookers in the crowd listening to ‘the sermon on the mountain’ end up saying things like ‘he’s having a go at the flowers now’.

      Oh well, blessed are the cheese makers and of course the manufacturers of all dairy products. Just don’t risk your necks at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd A&E, they have some irrational prejudices there.

      1. ‘Blessed are the meek’ – ‘ooh that’s nice, because they’ve had one hell of a time of it.’

        They certainly have if they were kids in care or psych patients in north Wales.

        1. #PublicDuty

          Linda Hughes – Martin Jones’s secretary whilst he was CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust. Linda knew that Martin was failng to investigate serious complaints from patients, that he was lying to just about everybody and that he was holding two categories of Board meetings, meetings which were publicised and run according to NHS procedure and other secret meetings which were not publicised and from which the general public were unlawfully barred. It was at the secret meetings that the important stuff was discussed.

          Linda wrote the threatening letters to me that Martin dictated.

          Linda knew that Martin was flouting the law with regard to just about every matter possible. Time to grass him up Linda. My documents have got your name on them…

          1. # PublicDuty

            Dora Carter and Kitty Stephens, two secretaries who worked in the psych unit of Ysbyty Gwynedd before Hergest Unit was built. Dora Carter was Tony Francis’s medical secretary and typed some of the letters which Francis wrote detailing the plans to frame me for serious offences for which there was no evidence.

            Kitty Stephens witnessed Dafydd Alun Jones raise his fist to me and only put it down again when I reminded him that Stephens was standing next to him and constituted a witness.

            Carter and Stephens knew that patients were being abused.

  2. #PublicDuty

    Pat Capper, a fantastic receptionist who worked for the psych service at Ysbyty Gwynedd for years and was worth more than any Top Doctor. I do not know one patient who had a bad word to say about Pat.

    She was terrorised and intimidated by Martin Jones and the gang and in the end was prevented from helping patients.

    Grass them up Pat – Dafydd, Keith Thomson, Alun Davies, Martin, the whole bloody lot of them. I’ve got the incriminating documents and you know as well as I do that they should stand trial.

    1. Dr Bob Tresman who was bullied into being totally ineffective by Francis, Dafydd et al. Dr Tresman was involved in the research fraud into Seasonal Affective Disorder carried out at the Hergest, but he was just the fall guy.

      Blow the whistle on who was behind it Dr Tresman, they treated you appallingly.

      1. Nigel Stenett-Cox, clinical psychologist employed at North Wales Hospital Denbigh in 1987.

        Was used by Dafydd to try and extract info from me. Nigel knew that I and other patients were illegally held at Denbigh. He will have known about the patients who were kept in the cellar and I bet he knew about the paedophile ring too.

        Nigel Stennett-Cox worked in Leicester in 1983 with the team who were concealing the paedophile ring with which Frank Beck and Greville Janner were involved.

        Your name is on my documents Nigel, time for you to make a statement.

        1. The vile Kathy Jones and Caroline Frain. Two complaints officers at Ysbyty Gwynedd who refused to investigate serious complaints or reply to patients correspondence. Did Martin Jones’s bidding.

          1. Madeleine Osborne, another Top Doctor who ran away screaming from the Hergest Unit when she could bear no more of the insanity.

            Also Bruce Napier, a very pleasant clinical psychologist who was used by the staff at the Hergest to confront Dafydd because the others were too frightened to do so. Bruce Napier disappeared from north Wales not long afterwards.

  3. Neil Cheshire, a dysfunctional miserable sod of a clinical psychologist who treated patients like dirt.

    Cheshire knew about everything – the paedophile ring, the patients in the cellar at Denbigh, the sexual abuse of patients, the abducting and illegal imprisonment of the victims, the horrific bullying of staff who were not corrupt.

    Time’s up Cheshire.

    1. Dr Smeeton, GP working in Leicester in the late 1980s. Told me that he did believe me about the criminal activity in north Wales. I provided him with full details. Smeeton found the same solution as Prof Tom Burns – he made an excuse to stop treating me.

      Smeeton will have known about the paedophile ring in Leicester as well, which the mental health services in Leicester were concealing.

      1. When I told Smeeton that Sgt Morgan of the North Wales Police had been set up and sacked for trying to protect me, Smeeton told me that he thought that the police could look after themselves.

        Well Smeeton, Sgt Morgan was prosecuted for a sex offence and sacked. Not one Top Doctor was.

        1. In about 1994/95 as the univestigated complaints about Dafydd mounted up and patients who asked questions were subjected to more and more intimidation – a lot of patients would be sectioned for saying the wrong thing but the mental health services favoured way of trying to silence me was to have me repeatedly arrested – there was a plan to section a patient that I knew, but not very well. He was a former lecturer in English Lit from Bangor University called Dave Nunn.

          The mental health services had been getting particularly nasty with him and had actually ordered Dave not to leave the UK when he had planned a trip to Austria. I doubt that they had the legal powers to make such a demand. One morning we all rolled up to the day centre in the Hergest Unit – this was before the NW Wales NHS Trust shut it down although it was the one ‘service’ that patients found really helpful which was why Alun Davies the abusive mental health services manager was so keen to shut it down – and a reception committee of ‘professionals’ were there to greet Dave and informed him that they would be ‘assessing’ him with regard to sectioning him later that morning.

          To pass the time Dave came and sat with my friends and I after he noticed that we were pissing ourselves laughing at something. We were actually laughing at some statements that Dafydd had made about me to the police and Liverpool High Court copies of which I had acquired that morning. They were so florid – even by the standards of Dafydd – that I shared them with the other patients who were all au fait with Dafydd’s activities. Dave read the statements and joined in the fun.

          Dave was then ordered in to see the assessing Top Doctors and during the ‘assessment’ he quoted at length from the ludicrous statements that Dafydd had made about me.

          All talk of sectioning Dave stopped immediately. He was delighted of course. But interestingly Dave disappeared from north Wales shortly after and none of us ever saw him or heard of him again.

          What did you do with him then Top Doctors after he read the Dafydd files – a man with a level of education and intelligence whom you knew could be a very damning witness if he recovered from his illness?

          1. One reason why we all laughed at Dafydd’s statements – apart from his crazy allegations about me being a potential serial killer – was because of the rather archaic stylised language that Dafydd used, which was so odd that we were reading the statements out in a Dafydd voice for a laugh.

            Years later I read the memoir of John Stalker, the retired senior detective from the Greater Manchester Police who was famously investigated for corruption. At points in Stalker’s book he used exactly the same words and phrases that Dafydd had used in his statements about me.

            Stalker had contacts in the North Wales Police. And a most approriate name. See posts ‘Top Of The Cops’ and ‘A Stalkers Network’…

            Elfed Roberts, the former North Wales Police officer who later became Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust, was Facebook friends with retired officers from Greater Manchester Police.

  4. So many of the people you name are still on the registers of professional bodies as qualified to practice. Unless somehow they discover your alternative ‘register’ of those who should have been kicked out and locked up people will have no option but to accept referrals to them by those in the same networks. In areas where nepotism and cronyism are rife – when oh when will it ever end?

    1. None of them were ever struck off Lydia. The appalling Arfon Community Mental Health Team were sacked by the only CEO in the North Wales NHS who tried to clean up, Mary Burrows, for abusing and neglecting patients, but they all just set up in private practice.

      This is what the consequences are when serious complaints are not ever investigated.

      I am receiving e mails from people who have been grossly abused by ‘mental health professionals’ in north Wales and they feel so bad about what has happened to them that they have asked my advice but begged me not to tell anyone what has happened to them. I am not going to break their confidence, although I have made it clear that these ‘professionals’ should actually be prosecuted for what they have done. The name of one ‘professional’ has now been given to me three times by people unknown to each other who have all had very similar terrible experiences with him.

      1. In the mid 1990s I and a friend spotted Dafydd walking through Bangor accompanied by a very obviously vulnerable middle aged woman who looked as though she had learning disabilities – she was holding his hand. A few days later someone expressed concern to me that this lady was the latest to be exploited by Dafydd but no-one knew who she was.

        It seems that Dafydd’s MO for years was to incarcerate young women in Denbigh for long enough to destroy their lives and then to offer them a job as his nanny or housekeeper. By 1987 five patients made statements to MIND saying that they had had sex with him. At one point two female patients were cohabiting with him.

        The Angels and Top Doctors of north Wales used to joke about it.

        Not that anyone knew of course – and it was agreed by all that I was a twisted cow for requesting an investigation.

  5. Geoff Leigh was a Bangor businessman who in the 90s ran an accommodation agency and who swindled both landlords and tenants. He swindled me and two other people that I knew.

    Leigh was later murdered by his gay lover, a man many years younger than him.

    Last summer I received an e mail for a former resident of Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor who told me that Leigh used to visit teenaged boys there and had relationships with some of them.

    Mr Leigh had a hobby. He was the DJ for Ysbyty Gwynedd’s hospital radio. He did the Sunday Morning Christian show.

    1. I can understand that readers from outside of North Wales might think that I am having a laugh with them.

      I’m not. This really did all happen. It was why the former kids in care were in despair when they were called liars at the Waterhouse Inquiry.

      This really happened to us, everybody knew and they completely ignored it.

  6. Frankly Sally – re people might think you are making things up – it would not be possible to invent such a record – truth is ‘stranger’ than fiction. There are people all over the country who could give horrendous accounts of abuse but will keep silent out of fear of retaliation but not I imagine, although who really knows ,to the extent that’s gone on in N Wales. People who still reply on ‘services’ for drugs or whatever are in a terrible bind – the ‘ME TOO’ campaigners are in a better position than those who write to you – they cannot have their children removed or be threatened with compulsory detentionm and medication. Perhaps the ‘eco-therapist’ you mentioned could be persuaded to make a sculpture of Martin Jones waving his fist. It was disgusting I agree to see some manager on the news claiming that the number of elderly frail people who live in N Wales are responsible for horrendous number of deaths in the emergency dept’. Elderly and mentally frail in N Wales – how frightning…

    1. The outpourings of the Me Too campaigners and the other oppressed affluent middle classes really are pissing me off now. Rich Hollywood woman after rich Hollywood woman coming forward to explain what a hard time they have had. The US is a country where the maternal mortality rates among some groups of disadvantaged women are some of the highest in the world – because those women can’t afford healthcare so they are dying of things like eclampsia. I have been turning the radio off to avoid this self indulgence by spoilt narcissistic women who show no sign at all of being interested in the massive disadvantage that others are living with.

      I braved Radio 4 news this lunchtime, only to hear Jane bloody Garvey of Woman’s Hour fame banging on about how the group calling themselves the BBC Women are fighting for equal pay. The BBC Women don’t seem to include the women who are cleaning the building for minimum wage and probably at 3am as well, or the canteen ladies or indeed anyone who is earning less than 100k.

      Garvey explained that she knew that they were privileged women but at least people were now discussing this ‘at the bus stop’! Er, no Jane, it tends to be low income people on buses and I really don’t think they’re going to be pontificating on your salary. By the way BBC Women, why DID you keep quiet about Jimmy Savile? Or Stuart Hall? Or the fact that old Esther was ignoring the letters from people who’d been abused by the mental health services or child care system?

      A lawyer then came on and explained that we need to move towards equal pay for work of equal value. I think the BBC Women had better stop right now – nearly everybody in the country is doing a job of greater value than Tess n Claudia or the Woman’s Hour presenters…

      But they are a feather bedded lot. John Humphreys was pissing himself laughing this morning because Greggs are doing a Valentine’s meal for two for 15 quid and it’s all a bit council house, sausages on sticks and things. Well if you are a teenager in Wrexham and you don’t have much dosh and you don’t have a car and you’ve got your first girlfriend, a meal for two in Greggs would be quite a good idea. They’re not on John Humphreys salary so they’re not going to be booking a table at The Ivy. Although that’s probably best avoided anyway because the big idiot Michael Grade goes in there.

      Humphreys comes from Splott in Cardiff, it’s not as if he doesn’t know that some people aren’t on BBC salaries. I bet the Greggs Valentine’s meal will go down a treat in Splott.

      Then it got really intolerable because after the Jane Garvey Deprivation Narrative, Harriet Harman of Equality came on. The Harriet who spent all those years ignoring the abused and trafficked kids on her doorstep. I could bear no more and switched the radio off again.

  7. The Chairman of the bench at Bangor Magistrates Court in the early years of the 1990s. He was Gwynfor someone, a retired bank manager from Holyhead who had comedy Denis Healeyesque eyebrows.

    People who crossed the path of the paedophiles’ friends were dealt with very harshly by Eyebrows. Eyebrows was on the bench when I was fined 60 quid for staring at a social worker in Safeways in 1993, the social worker in question being Jackie Brandt, whose colleagues were manning the paedophile gang in Gwynedd.

    When I told people this they used to claim that I MUST have done more than stare at her. I did not. I was in Safeways in Bangor shopping and so was she. She left the shop, contacted the police and told them I had screamed and sworn at her and that she thought that I was going to assault her. No one else in the shop remembered seeing or hearing anything. Nonetheless I was charged and appeared before Bangor Magistrates.

    Brandt turned up as the prosecution witness, got in the witness box and regressed to childhood, telling Eyebrows that her name was Jackie Muriel Billings. Then she remembered that she was called Brandt these days. Under cross examination from my solicitor Jackie Muriel Billings told the court that she could remember exactly what I had said, I had screamed at her that she was a fucking, a fucking, a fucking… then she screamed ‘I’m sorry I can’t remember’.

    My solicitor asked her if she had asked for help from shoppers or staff. Jackie Muriel Billings admitted that she hadn’t. My solicitor then suggested that I hadn’t actually said anything to her at all. Jackie Muriel Billings squealed ‘agreed’. She followed this up with ‘she was looking at me. Like she is now’. My solicitor then reminded her that ‘everyone is looking at you now’. Jackie Muriel Billings let out a loud wail and started crying.

    OK, I did start laughing at this point, because it was so bloody farcical.

    Eyebrows fined me 60 quid for causing Jackie Muriel Billings alarm and distress.

    I later found out that Dr Sadie Francis entered upon my medical notes that when I was fined I ‘stormed out of the court swearing’. God knows where that came from, Sadie wasn’t in the court and I was too busy laughing. It was probably another scenario dreamed up by Jackie Muriel Billings and relayed back to the paedophiles’ friends.

    The only reason that I ever knew Billings/Brandt was that she had unlawfully sectioned me in Ysbyty Gwynedd after I refused to drop a complaint. My complaint about her unlawfully sectioning me was never investigated either.

    I later found out that within weeks of unlawfully sectioning me, Brandt had unlawfully sectioned someone else who had complained as well. Their complaint was met with Brandt lying her arse off too.

  8. Shortly after fining me 60 quid for looking at someone, Eyebrows ordered the deportation of an overseas student from Bangor University for stealing a credit card.

    Eyebrows was reported in the Bangor and Anglesey Mail as saying ‘this is what we call organised crime and we won’t tolerate it in Bangor’.

    When Brown’s brother and I read this we had a particularly good laugh because Brown’s brother said ‘organised crime? Thats the Mafia isn’t it?’

    We didn’t know that Dafydd WAS involved with organised crime. But I bet that Eyebrows did.

    That was about a year before someone tried to murder Brown’s brother, after he had accompanied me to Denbigh to try and get some answers from the hospital authorities re Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends.

  9. I have often wondered whether the two attempts on the life of Brown’s brother were the result of a practical joke that we played on Dafydd after Denbigh refused to answer our questions and then Alun Davies, the manager of the mental health services, followed us as we drove away.

    We had worked out that Dafydd was into something serious because of the extreme threats that I was receiving to ‘shut your mouth about DA’ but we didn’t know how serious. So we thought that it would be entertaining to send Dafydd an anonymous note saying ‘fly, all is discovered’ and see if he left town. He did keep a very low profile for a while. So then we sent him another note saying ‘we know Jones and soon the world will know too’. We had a very merry few days rolling around laughing. And then someone tried to kill Brown’s brother. Then someone tried to kill him again a few months later. He emigrated shortly after.

    1. I continued to have problems with Jackie Brandt.

      On one occasion she saw me in Ysbyty Gwynedd and made a statement about me ‘prowling around’.

      She then told the hospital managers that if I wasn’t banned from entering the hospital she would refuse to attend meetings or ward rounds there. I had done nothing at all to warrant such a ban and even the old crook Alun Davies had to admit that. So Brandt refused to go to the hospital and patients joked about Brandt ‘banning herself’.

  10. Some months after she banned herself from Ysbyty Gwynedd, Brandt saw me in Bangor shopping on a busy Saturday morning. Her husband Andrew Brandt shook his fist at me. They then sent a letter to my solicitor claiming that I had ‘harassed’ Brandt whilst she was shopping and threatened to bring charges against me.

    My solicitor sent a letter back in legalese telling them to piss off.

    Throughout it all Brandt’s colleagues battered and raped kids in the children’s homes and trafficked kids down to London and abroad for sex. Kids were found dead. No one asked why the local social workers were quite mad.

  11. I saw Brandt’s husband again in about 2010. I was in Lodwig Villa dentists in Bangor and had had a tooth out. I had a gob full of cotton wool and a numb jaw and I was paying at the reception counter when I heard a commotion behind me. It was Andrew Brandt, shouting and yelling and waving his fist – again, after all those years – at me. There were tons of witnesses and the dentist got me out of the back door.

    I made a complaint to the police and to Gwynedd Social Services. I did not receive replies.

    The paedophiles’ friends just do what they want in north Wales. And everybody watches in silence.

    One of them is Chairing the fucking Health Board. Quite unbelievable.

  12. Caroline Bertalot. Used to work as a ‘sex therapist’ in north Wales. Unless you were a man. There was no sex therapy available for men or boys anywhere in north Wales, as was noted in the Jillings Report.

    Would a region whose mental health services and social services were hosting a vicious paedophile ring targeting boys dare provide a psychosexual counselling service for men?

    Women got sex therapy though. Even if they explained very firmly that they didn’t want it. They got it from Dafydd, from Gwynne the lobotomist, from Neil Cheshire, from Tony Francis, there were plenty of opportunities for women to be asked about sex…

    The paedophile ring targeted mostly boys, but the mental health services had a line sending young women into sex work for adult clients….

    Ready to make a statement Bertalot?

    1. In about 1992 there was an unusual patient sectioned on the psychiatric wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd, just before Hergest was built. Those wards were for adults but the patient in question was a 14 yr old boy with an eating disorder. He was a patient of Sadie Francis’s and was sectioned for a very long time, although his weight wasn’t THAT low.

      The Angels were very aggressive with him and very unsympathetic because he was a boy who had been involved with drugs and petty crime. He was in care and I think came from Holyhead. Just the sort of kid that the paedophile gang targeted…

      1. Before I met the boy from Holyhead whom I suspect might gave been a victim of the paedophile gang, I met another young male patient – he was 19 – who was sectioned in the psychiatric wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd. He was very good friends with the young woman who had been unlawfully detained by Jackie Brandt. This young man had told staff that he was gay.

        He was referred to Dafydd who told him that he should have what was referred to in those days as a sex change. This young man was horrified – he was gay and had not mentioned anything about being trans. But he did have long blonde hair, so I suppose that it all made sense to Dafydd.

        1. After 30 years of dealing with these nutters, by about 2007 the only way that I felt that I could secure my safety was to carry a voice recorder with me if I went near the NHS. I knew of at least one other patient who was doing this as well, but he had a concealed device.

          I was quite upfront that I was recording all interactions to protect myself from assault and false allegations from NHS/social services staff.

          I received a letter from Martin Jones telling me that if I entered Trust property with my recorder he would have it forcibly removed from me. Which would be of course completely unlawful. But what did that lot care about obeying the law…

          1. The supply of mad law breaking social workers was endless.

            Some 20 years ago there was a woman in Gwynedd who was rounding up older frail farmers and was taking them to the Hergest Unit to be sectioned on the grounds that they had ‘developed schizophrenia from the sheep dip’. Not only was this a complete misunderstanding of the neurological problems that can result from organo-phosphates but the poor bloody farmers didn’t have much wrong with them anyway.

            Not only did no one stop this woman from abducting mentally healthy old men, but someone suggested that she should train as a social worker. She was accepted into the course at Coleg Menai in Bangor. One tutor identified that this student was completely unsuitable, but her concerns were ignored. Shortly before her final exams this student called the police and demanded that they arrest a woman who was shopping in Bangor because she was a child abuser and they were a social worker. The grounds for the accusation was that the woman had shouted at her child. The police were so concerned that they made representation to Coleg Menai.

            A couple of weeks later this student qualified nonetheless and joined the paedophiles’ friends in Gwynedd Social Services.

  13. Not that one is any safer if one is on Anglesey.

    Before she was accepted onto the social work course at Coleg Menai, one of the social workers with Anglesey Social Services had an enforced stay in the Hergest Unit after she stabbed her husband. For what it’s worth the diagnosis was schizophrenia. But not as a result of sheep dip.

    The last I heard she was a member of the child protection team.

  14. If this was all happening in an episode of Little Britain it would be very, very funny.

    Sadly it is all horribly real.

    Dafydd even doubled up as a Welsh speaking Papa Lazarou.

  15. There’s a splendid phot of Dafydd the daft showing him cutting a big cake with a golden sword (something to do with Cais I think) – time to fall on your swords you lot

    1. Yes I saw that one a few weeks ago. CAIS – well Dafydd – threw a huge bash and Dafydd got dressed up in full formal dinner gear with dickie bow and cumberbund. He could barely stand up the last time I saw him – about 8 yrs ago, he was in Bangor Tesco no less – and he looks like he’s having great trouble staying vertical at the CAIS party.

      Dafydd’s always been one for a big piss-up, for years he held grandiose parties at his place in Talwrn, but it didn’t seem to be professional people who went, it was the henchmen that Dafydd employed in his criminal empire. One such person was a care assistant who used to work at Mark Bailey’s nursing home in Menai Bridge, Ceris Newydd – she was really impressed with Dafydd. A student whom I knew at Bangor University used to work shifts with her at Ceris Newydd – she was mistreating the old dears there. I don’t think that any decent person would have anything to do with Dafydd, he is just so far beyond the pale.

  16. Then there was the little girl who at the age of three was out and about by herself in the streets until about midnight in a Gwynedd town, which used to worry the neighbours.

    Not that anyone ever threatened her parents with social services action – her mum ran an alternative therapy clinic and was mates with the Top Docs and social workers…

    1. The boy of 15 who was sleeping in the railway station at Holyhead because he was homeless. The teachers at Holyhead School knew about it and were very worried – but the school was run by a fuckwit called Margaret Chantrel assisted by an even bigger fuckwit called Gerald Hewitson. They had no respect for the pupils, the pupils’ families or the teachers, they certainly weren’t going to listen to any concerns about the welfare of one of the kids.

      1. Do you want me to continue with this Top Docs et al?

        Or are you going to wake up from your deep deep slumber and admit that the problem is not Carwyn or indeed even Jeremy Hunt, it is a much, much deeper malaise than that…

        Oh – and next time that a young woman tells you that terrible things are happening in the mental health services in north Wales, instead of spending decades threatening her, wrecking her career and even killing some of the people who knew what happened to her, STOP THE ORGANISED CRIMINAL NETWORK BEHIND IT ALL.

  17. The Top Doctors have ordered junior doctors to refuse to report errors after the recent striking off of a junior doctor who made a whole series of very serious mistakes which resulted in the death of a little boy with Downs syndrome. They have also established a fund for her, to enable her to mount a High Court challenge regarding her removal from the Register.

    The Top Docs have done exactly what I maintain that they have always done to win their battles with Gov’t – they are knowingly putting patients at risk.

    How can any of them now pretend that they have any real interest in promoting an open and transparent culture in the NHS or in putting patients welfare first?

    No matter how much loyalty they want to show to a colleague, no matter how stressed or pressured they believe that they are and no matter how much they hate Jeremy Hunt, co-ordinating a campaign to encourage each other to fail to fess up when they have harmed or killed someone is not the way to win this battle.

    How do they think the parents of the dead little boy feel?

    You’ve lost it Top Docs. It is now official – you’re dangerous. But some of us have known that for a very long time.

  18. Havoc in NHS Wales as well. The Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has asked for a ‘grown up conversation’ regarding the future of the NHS Wales.

    That is one thing that I can guarantee is not going to happen. Perhaps Vaughan could have had a grown up conversation with me when I wrote to him about the ever deepening slurry pit that is the Betsi Health Board, rather than getting a minion to send me a vacuous reply reiterating policies which were not working and are still not working. Perhaps Vaughan should have held a grown up conversation with Mark Isherwood when Mark made an impassioned speech about the catalogue of scandal and deaths at the Betsi in the Senedd recently and ended it by simply stating that this cannot go on. Vaughan’s response was to accuse Mark Isherwood and Darren Millar – another AM who has raised great concern about events at the Betsi – of ‘talking down’ the NHS.

    You won’t get a grown up conversation Vaughan. You have pandered to the remnants of a paedophile gang who are killing their patients from the day that you stepped into the Assembly and in your previous life you were a lawyer who worked for a firm which handled work from the trade unions who provided them with free legal advice when they abused or killed the people whom they were paid to care for.

  19. The current flash point for NHS Wales is not so much the trail of death and destruction at the Betsi but the proposed changes to the NHS in Pembrokeshire. The action is at the Withybush Hospital – there has been trouble at the Withybush Hospital for years.

    But what can we expect?

    When the disastrous law breaking book-cooking patient slaughtering Chief Exec of the NW Wales NHS Trust Keith Thomson resigned hours after my lawyers subpoenaed him to appear in Court in Cardiff and he was ordered to hand over all the incriminating documentation concerning my case that he had unlawfully withheld, Keith appeared in the Daily Post announcing his ‘retirement’, went underground for a few months and then reappeared leading the Health Board in Pembrokeshire. Keith subsequently retired again – no doubt because another bomb went off somewhere. Only Keith didn’t really retire, he was retained as an advisor to the Health Board in Pembrokeshire.

    Not that Keith ever waved goodbye to north Wales where he had inflicted such damage. As recently as four years ago the old crook was involved in property transactions with Alun Davies, the corrupt manager of the mental health services in Gwynedd who had served so loyally under Keith, shutting down the best services, bullying out whistleblowers, failing to investigate complaints, lying about patient harm and deaths…

    A previous NHS Chief Exec in Pembrokeshire was Trevor Purt. Who left under a very big cloud – and then arrived at the Betsi! Which he left under a very big cloud not long after his arrival. Trevor then returned to his home patch in England and it was subsequently revealed in the media that NHS Wales continued to pay his massive salary although he was working in NHS England.

    I understand that the Baroness of Ely has sent out a tweet declaring that there should be no ‘cuts’ to the NHS. The NHS which is being fleeced by crooked insiders and already consumes 49% of the Welsh Gov’t budget. The NHS which foots the bill for the salaries of grossly incompetent dishonest senior execs and continues to foot the bill after they have resigned twice and gone to work in England.

    The Baroness might have money to burn and access to the subsidised booze and grub in the House of Lords dining facilities – she’ll be able to claim 300 quid per day just for turning up there – but the rest of Wales doesn’t.

    A Top Doc from Pembrokeshire has demanded that the whole population of Wales should have access to a consultant led obstetrics unit within a twenty minute travelling time. Which is not possible in a rural country with mountains in the way. That Top Doc knows as well as I do that the answer is to transfer women with high risk pregnancies to consultant led units and allow women with low risk pregnancies to deliver at midwife led units or, if you’ve got the midwives available, at home. It’s what happens in most of the rest of the world and I think it’s what happens in rural Scotland as well – women on the Hebrides go to the mainland if complications are involved.

    What is completely pointless is demanding that all women have access to consultant led units when no-one will even be honest enough to admit it if those units are unsafe and mothers and babies are dying – which they were at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Maelor.

    Tweet that Eluned.

    1. The property deal mentioned in the last comment was the arrangement that Keith Thomson would rent a flat that Alun Davies owned in Colwyn Bay.

      I was reminded why some of the paedophiles’ friends might want to live in Colwyn Bay whilst Operation Pallial was re-opening the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal by an e mail that I received this morning asking me why so many crooks lived in Colwyn Bay when it was the location of the HQ of the North Wales Police. The North Wales Police who had a big pronlem with corruption within its ranks and famously concealed the paedophile gang that operated in north Wales.

      Superintendent Gordon Anglesea lived in Colwyn Bay until he was jailed for child abuse.

      Nigel Berry, the former Denbigh nurse who was the manager of the children’s mental health unit at Colwyn Bay where children were battered and raped, lives at Colwyn Bay and is a leading light in the Freemasons there.

      David Jones MP – who spent years sitting in the courts of north Wales watching the paedophiles and their friends frame innocent people – has his office in Colwyn Bay. David is a Freemason. As were many in the North Wales Police.

      Huw Vaughan Thomas the National Auditor for Wales –
      – who was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council whilst the paedophile gang was busy within and who had previously worked with Dafydd and the paedophiles in Denbighshire County Council – lived in Colwyn Bay and might still live there.

      Professor Robert Owen, the former Medical Ombudsman for Wales who concealed the criminal activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles and went into battle to help them again when Edwina Hart dared challenge them when she was Health Minister, lived/lives at Colwyn Bay.

      It all happens at Colwyn Bay.

      They pop over and visit each other as well. John Stalker the Greater Manchester Police officer investigated for corruption whose colleagues were mates with Elfed Roberts – the sacked North Wales Police officer who then became Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust – used to drop into Colwyn Bay to see his pals there.

      Prof Robert Owen co-ordinated the defence of Dafydd and the paedophiles from his home address in Colwyn Bay rather than his office.

      No wonder Alun Davies purchased a flat in Colwyn Bay and let it out to Thomson. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NHS footed the bill for it either, the senior managers of the NHS in north west Wales were working a fiddle with BT when John Mullen led the Trust and Alun Davies had been appointed to high rank by then.

      1. When Alun Davies mismanaged the Hergest Unit and Keith Thomson caused havoc as CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust, a psychiatric nurse called Gareth Phillips worked for the Trust. Gareth was married to another psychiatric nurse who also worked for the Trust, Penny.

        Gareth and Penny had been mental health nurses in Gwynedd for many years and I remember Gareth working in the psych wards at Ysbyty Gwynedd before Hergest was built.

        I did not ever see Gareth or Penny mistreat any patients but they witnessed all the wrongdoing detailed on this blog and remained silent. I do know of at least one occasion when Penny lied to protect Bob Ingham, an abusive CPN who worked with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Slob Ingham dragged me along a corridor leaving me bruised in 1988 and I know of one family in Bethesda who locked him out of their house because on the previous ‘home visit’ Slob had threatened to punch his patient.

        As the Hergest Unit became increasingly unsafe in the hands of Davies and Thomson, a psychiatric nurse who had worked in Gwynedd as long as Gareth and Penny warned the NW Wales NHS Trust that somebody was going to be killed at the Hergest Unit if something didn’t change quickly. She was subsequently victimised by the management and left her job.

        This nurse was married to another psychiatric nurse who worked for the NW Wales NHS Trust. In middle age, the husband of this whistleblowing nurse developed musculoskeletal back problems – as did Gareth Philips.

        The husband of the whistleblower was told that he was no longer fit to work as a nurse, was forced out of all paid employment and ended up on sickness benefits. Gareth was offered a deal to work as the RCN rep as his buggered back meant that he could no longer work as a nurse.

        Gareth subsequently appeared in the local media discussing the problem of violent mental health patients in north Wales.

        I was told that Gareth was offered the RCN role as a result of him and Penny never speaking about the extensive misconduct and abuse of patients which they had witnessed.

        Slob Ingham was also on the NHS’s books as a nurse who had been given special consideration because he was ‘ill’. As well as being a violent drunk, Slob perjured himself in Chester Court in the hope of having me imprisoned.

        Slob was married to an occupational therapist at the Hergest Unit who was not a violent drunk and I imagine must have had a very difficult life with him. If any patient raised the issue of Slob’s aggression and violence towards patients, they would be met with staff saying ‘SSSHHH, that’s Jan’s husband’.

  20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_Stacey

    He, when Kent director social services. was on cttee of a charitable trust advertising for a researcher on “Disturbed children” in residential care. Also on cttee was a bod from Islington Social Services and ………. PETER RIGHTON.

    I am pleased Kendall House survivors have nailed Staceys wiki entry. Didn’t report abuse complaints because children could be so manipulative. Shades of Richard D North and Richard Webster ?

    I see that Stacey was an associate of person of interest (Beeches Ixworth deaths and Sue Ryder deaths) Bishop Mervyn Stockwood.

  21. Interesting stuff Richard and useful for a post that I am working on at the moment. I note that in Kendall House, teenaged girls were drugged, straitjacketed and physically and sexually abused – but no-one knew because ‘disturbed’ children can be ‘manipulative’. As Dafydd and the paedophiles were ready to tell everyone.

    What always interested me was while senior folk were allegedly so confused where actually identifying the abuse of Dafydd et al was concerned, people like the cleaners spotted it straight away. When I was doing my PhD I was friendly with the lady who cleaned my office. She didn’t know that I’d experienced the glorious Hergest Unit myself but one day she let on that she used to be a cleaner there. And she said to me ‘they don’t look after the patients properly there, if they think they’re not going to get better, they leave them to kill themselves’.

    I remember it well.

    Likewise Bethesda was full of hippies who thought that working in a children’s home might have been a useful thing to do. They saw what went on and they told me – and I heard it repeatedly – ‘those fucking social workers are cruel to the kids, they are beating them and making them work in dodgy businesses for no pay’.

    Two Bethesda hippies went to train as nurses in Ysbyty Gwynedd. They left. They didn’t even have to tell me why.

    You cannot work in those establishments or that line of business and ‘not know’ what is happening. Anyone who says that they didn’t know is lying.

    I have written on this blog about how both Martin Jones and Dafydd went to hit me but dropped their fist at the last minute when they realised that someone was watching. They might as well thump the patients – there could be 15 witnesses and if they work for the NHS or social services no-one will have seen a thing.

    On one occasion Dafydd did hit me. Not very effectively – he ran past me when I was demanding answers, roared in my face ‘go away’ and as he went past his arm flew out and he hit me on my arm. I followed him, cornered him and said ‘so now you’ve actually hit me’. The result? A receptionist on the phone to Bangor police shouting ‘we’ve got trouble here’, the police turning up and both the receptionist and Dafydd’ s private patient – who saw quite clearly what had happened – making statements about how frightened they all were of me. Followed by an appearance in Bangor Magistrates Court, where Eyebrows et al heard once more how terrifying I was.

    That incident happened whilst the North Wales Police were investigating the possible presence of a paedophile ring but could find no evidence at all.

    On many other occasions I challenged the likes of Dafydd and the paedophiles friends when they had done or said something completely unacceptable – or unlawful – in front of witnesses. The response every time was for the witness, usually an Angel or social worker, to stand there with a rictus grin on their face or to look at their feet. Sometimes they’d walk out of the room. It would then be followed by everyone agreeing that I really was very dangerous and people would be ‘warned’ about me.

    Spineless, absolutely spineless the lot of them.

    If young women are being arrested on the orders of Dafydd but never prosecuted, taken under cover of darkness to the North Wales Hospital and are kept in a cellar I think that there might just be a problem. Furthermore some people were taken to Denbigh and were never seen again.

    For God’s sake someone, get out to that place and start digging up the grounds, it’s not rocket science. People died out there.

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