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  1. had in fact been contacted by HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds about the history of Beeches child care deaths and the Sue Ryder Home deaths that you mention.

    Perhaps Chiefie was not mindful of the common law duty to report facts to HM Coroner that may cause an inquest ?

    1991 Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died at his Dolphin Square Home. He had been writing to Police Minister Ferrers and attorney general Patrick Mayhew about both my concerns Sue Ryder Cavendish deaths 1972 and the Welsh Regional Crime Squad inquiry 1971 72 into death registration malpractice and identity theft in Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes. 71/72 This was at the time Sue Ryder and her charity trustee Airey Neave were “Releasing” 1200 men from purported post war German internment. The Welsh RCS Det sgt defied Special Branch threats and copped a suicide verdict.

    About Spring 1992 the ex RCS Dc was document burgled at a time he was being threatened by Gwent Special Branch to keep quiet. These threats had been going for some time ever since Sir John Stradling Thomas MP took up the case history 1990.

    I wrote to Suffolk Chief constable Spring 1992 to ask him to liaise with his Gwent counterpart re burglary of the ex RCS Dc and to be aware Sue Ryder had asked press to prepare obituaries for Leonard Cheshire. I suggested she was shroud waving as East Anglian Daily Times journo Phil Wisdom had found out Cheshire’s prognosis was not terminal. In fact he had notified he wished to attend 93 Dambusters memorial and that he would need no special medical support by that stage. Anyway Summer 92 and Cheshire died of a heart attack on Ryders schedule.

    So I am reconstructing, for Suffolk PCC (Not that he wants me to) what was in the Chief constable noggin when he went out forelock tugging to Henniker in 1992. Henniker BTW Stowe School with Cheshire. Henniker SOE Cairo and Popskis Private Army etc and Sue Ryder SOE.

    I don’t know if Sir John Stradling Thomas MP death was suspicious or not. But it prevented him raising parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into handling of his correspondence to Ferrers and Mayhew. Which would have been an additional complication for Suffolk Chief constable bending his knee to Henniker.

    In 2015 Suffolk PCC and Chief constable should have reported implications of Sir John’s death at Dolphin Square to Operation Midland but the wee rascals kept it quiet.

    1. Bit of trouble with my post.


      1992 Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn told about abuse and elects to keep quiet Islington Council leader Margaret Hodge moves on. Her replacement Sawyer was a long term associate and business partner of Derek Slade of the abusive St Georges School Finborough Suffolk.

      Peter Righton moved to home of Islington Suffolk project the Henniker estate in Suffolk. Righton the paedo associate of Dr Morris Fraser hence flagging up KINCORA. But hadn’t KINCORA flagged as early as 1967 re Lord Henniker and the arming of TARA and Red Hand Commando.

      Fraser had faced GMC in 1974 after child abuse convictions and been allowed to continue practicing, Legal Officer for GMC at hearing was Patrick Mayhew later Attorney General and Northern Ireland Secretary.

      That seems to be the gist of the opening that disappeared in the ether

      1. Thanks for these latest leads Richard. The name of Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile doctor who was protected by the GMC, was given to me a few days ago – I didn’t know about him previously. The Islington article is very interesting. So many of those idiotic Councillors who allowed children in care to be abused have ended up in posts with ‘disability rights’. I have always wondered whether Jeremy Corbyn knew what was happening in the Islington homes – Jeremy is nothing like the dreadful Margaret Hodge but he does have a record of hoping for the best from people who are probably not going to give it.
        I’ll do a bit of research on all these leads, esp Patrick Mayhew, didn’t realise that he had a GMC connection.

          1. All I could think when I read these comments from Keith Joseph made in 1973 after the scandal involving the deaths of children in care was ‘my how things haven’t changed’.

          2. This pdf is fantastic, many thanks. There’s a lot to follow up in here. A few quick comments – so the GMC knew that Fraser had been convicted of sexual assault on boys but continued to let him practice as a child psychiatrist – business as usual at the GMC then. So Fraser after his conviction for child abuse worked as a psychiatrist at Springfield Hospital and UCL! Now there’s a surprise. Fraser blamed the 13 year old boy whom he assaulted for seducing him! Well Dafydd told those crooks at Springfield that I was ‘attractive and seductive’ – and the crooks at Springfield announced that I was the problem! There are many similarities between Fraser’s case and Dafydd’s – in that no-one could claim that they ‘didn’t know’ – they definitely did and the victims were blamed every time. Furthermore the media and other psychiatrists continued to praise Fraser as an expert and work with him – as they did with Dafydd. Dafydd had a hotline not only to S4C, but also to certain BBC productions including Kilroy and the Vincent Kane Show – that was in the 90s when the whole bloody world knew what Dafydd was up to. Who got Dafydd on Kilroy? Vincent Kane was a BBC Wales thing and local, all sorts of folk turned up on Vincent Kane, but how did Kilroy get to hear about Dafydd as an ‘expert’? Much more latterly I was told that Dafydd’s charity CAIS was providing the ‘after care’ for some of those who had appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show. It is all utterly utterly sleazy – unscrupulous disgraced Top Doctors well-known for abusing their position being feted by the national media. Someone must know the identities of the people behind this.
            I note that Fraser was involved with an ‘alternative’ school in Italy that was actually being run by someone with Mafia connections. It’s not the Mafia, but back in the 80s and 90s there was a Steiner School in Porthmadog at which some seriously weird things were going on and in which some seriously unsuitable people were employed. I knew a few hippyish people who sent their children there. There were at least two kids in that school whose family members were sexually abusing other and were known to be doing so by the corrupt Jo Bott, former police officer and ‘safeguarding’ person for Gwynedd Social Services. A friend of mine withdrew her children from the Steiner School when she discovered that after school they were all going over to the house of another pupil where that pupils father encouraged them to get naked and ‘play games’. There is one former teacher of that school who ended up having a sexual relationship with one of her former pupils – he was by that time 18, but it is I think a little odd for a woman in her early 60s to be having sex with an 18 yr old boy whom she taught from the age of 6.

    2. Regarding Dolphin Square – that was the name of the building that was of course bandied around in the media a couple of years ago as the location of paedophile parties attended by MPs. Of course it was all pooh-poohed as fantasy by a number of high profile political figures. But interestingly enough addresses in Dolphin Square have now cropped up in my own research, about three times. A number of the people whom my investigations revealed were definitely concealing child abuse had apartments there. I was also sent info from a journalist who told me that Dolphin Square was definitely one of the locations to which the kids in north Wales were being trafficked and used for sex – Nefyn Dodd, the highly abusive manager of Ty’r Felin home in Bangor, was in direct contact with an aide of Thatchers who had a place in Dolphin Square, that was the north Wales connection. Of course a number of political figures lived in Dolphin Square, they won’t all have been involved in the abuse, but some of them like Sir John might have known about it and been threatening to ask for an inquiry – as you have previously suggested that Sir John might have before he was found dead.
      It is difficult to access hard facts and evidence about the Westminster Paedophile Ring which is why so little has been admitted by the authorities – but what is not in dispute is the appalling mistreatment of people with various types of disabilities who have died in great numbers, only for each scandal to be followed by cover-up after cover-up by politicians from all parties at the highest levels. Politicians who often seem to have been involved in robustly denying organised child abuse…

      It’s great receiving info from you because you have first hand experience of events that happened before my time – but I note that all those people who were in junior roles directly involved in concealing the events that you were a witness to in the 70s were later in very senior positions in the 80s and 90s, where they covered up yet more barrels of crap, some of those being the ones that I witnessed! This is why history is so important – it’s not sufficient to dismiss it all as ‘a long time ago’, one can trace not only patterns and methods of operation, but simply track who worked for who and in what capacity. And where a lot of those paths lead is to people who are now in the Lords or other influential positions covering up a load of crap or appointing other people who will do that…

  2. The fact remains that Sir Keith Joseph and his fob off inquiry (Based laughably on the assumption local authority institutionalised care was a model against which to measure the private Beeches.

    The fact is in 1972 Matron McGill of Sue Ryder Cavendish was reported drowned in the home lake in January 1972. An inquest in secret within Sue Ryder Home recorded a suicide verdict 3 days later. Mary McGill was a New Zealand citizen volunteer. In February 1972, while minister Sir Keith Joseph was failing to answer her complaints, a UK friend of Matron McGill went to the New Zealand High Commission. This lady had phoned Sue Ryder Home the day after the secret inquest. The telephone receptionist revealed unwittingly that Ryder was aware of the death during the night of 21 22 January 1972. Then Ryder came on the line to bollock the phone girl but did not realise she was talking “Exchange held” so Matron’s friend heard the whole thing.

    There was evidence of mass perjury at the secret inquest in fact.

    Matron’s brother and NOK was a wartime colleague of Charles Littlejohn who by 1972 was senior legal officer New Zealand Govt. The Suffolk McGill Decd case went before NZ PM.

    In March 1972 the High Commission was directed to approach Home Office to re-open the Suffolk inquest into Matron McGill Decd. In April 1972 the Suffolk Chief constable with Home Office lied in a report to NZ Govt. This in fact took NZ Govt beyond 3 months limitation to seek Judicial Review.

    I, of course, had no idea this was going on. I had refused the DI attempt to order me to destroy Matron McGill’s clothes and footwear to prevent forensic. My feet as a rookie constable did not touch after that and I resigned 3 months later at the time, I now know, Suffolk Chief constable was lying to NZ Govt.

    Plugging into this timeline the actions of the police surgeon GP makes scary reading. Increased the “Asthma preventer” steroid. Gave anti depressants too. As you know it ended up with referral to Beresford Davies who I now know was in private practice. But as consultant at Fulbourne he was also, I now know, consultant over a Sue Ryder volunteer who did the major part of perjuring to the McGill Inquest. This man was a student at Christs Cambridge and ended up with a post at Aberystwyth Uni.

    IE It is clear I survived an attempt to section me. But nonetheless was set up to be classified judgment flawed due to depression due to stillbirth bereavement and becoming too aggressive to be reliable as a police officer. Presumably the Chief constable could have said if asked this is why he concealed the NZ Govt approach from me and concealed my dissenting role from NZ Govt.

    And all along the jurisdiction between commonwealth countries was judicial cttee privy council.
    In July 1972 Barbara Castle shadow minister raised the McGill case in the Commons and shortly after that inmate at Sue Ryder Cavendish Stefania Bronk died facedown in her bath, another hasty suicide verdict. It was Clare funeral director who told me, I had resigned in April 72, in July 72 that Suffolk Police were threatening him to keep quiet about the Bronk death. I told press and reported the facts to Sir Keith Joseph.

    I now know that a New Zealand investigator John Blackie visited UK around Nov Dec 1972 and found a volunteer aide of Sue Ryder Cavendish Jan 1972 who said he was with Matron McGill when she died. He tried to get into the inquest inside Sue Ryder Home 3 days later but was physically removed by Suffolk Police.

    Keith Joseph deflected and covered up both Beeches and Sue Ryder matters.

    And as you allude to in spite of her driving role in 1972 when Barbara Castle became DHSS minister 1974 she sustained Keith Joseph’s cover up. She used OSA to try to shut me up about discharging mental patients homeless to Margate (Panorama) and the questions are still unanswered what she did about the IRA system for defrauding DHSS benefits. The IRA frauds is the question that came back to haunt Warner and Straw during MacPherson Inquiry when Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report.

    1. Re the Privy Council – I was told ages ago that too many of those involved in concealing child abuse were members of the Privy Council for it to be a coincidence. I have noticed that many whom I’ve named on this blog as being involved in the cover-up are indeed members of the Privy Council, although I haven’t highlighted that on the blog – as with being graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, there are so many falling into that category that I’d never have time to get the blogging done if I went into it in detail. However, what I was interested to note was the identity of one of the high profile Human Rights lawyers who works with the Privy Council, Lord Gifford. Gifford has made his reputation by representing prisoners on death row in places like Jamaica – the appeals against their death sentences are handled by the Privy Council. I know someone who for years has been involved in campaigning for those prisoners and she knows Lord Gifford – he has done some sterling work in that area. But like so many other leading radical lawyers eg. Michael Mansfield, Gifford has never touched cases involved with organised child abuse/abuse in psychiatry and he is close to other ‘radical lawyers’ who are associated with those Top Doctors et al who’ve been involved in the cover-up. Michael Mansfield has an impeccable reputation – but he has worked closely with both Helena Kennedy and Patricia Scotland, both of whom I have had cause to blog about re institutional cover-ups of abuse of psychiatry and organised child abuse. People like Gifford and Mansfield must know what’s being going on, lawyers have a splendid system of jungle drums.

      1. Michael Mansfield does not have an impeccable reputation. His charity British Irish Rights Watch misled Rosemary Nelson tribunal. He and Imran Khan and the Lawrences knew Straw and Warner were corrupting MacPherson Inquiry and went along with it. And the cover up extended to suppression of Kent Police Authority call for inquiry into mercenaries who attacked Mandela Regime. These included the vile child rapist Parker twins of Nuneaton who Straw protected from interview under caution.

        After the Horst Kopkow PRO release impeccable intelligence sources briefed specialist journos that the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charities were always suspected of being assets of the Vatican ratlines. So the 1971 Airey Neave and Sue Ryder “Release scheme” of 1200 men from purported postwar German internment was suspect for bring Nazi war criminals to UK and providing them identities via death registration malpractice. As you have read above the Regional Crime Squad in Wales latched on to this and escalated inquiry. Special Branch threatened them. The RCS Det sgt defied them and died getting a suicide verdict. MI5 came to Gwent 1972 and were given the RCS case file. Twenty years later, after I met the surviving RCS ex DC in Gwent, either MI5 or a new Scotland Yard war crimes unit again deployed to Gwent and was trawling RCS records. While these spooks were in Gwent there was a bizarre burglary of the Registry Office, Gold Tops, Newport stealing all Newport BMD records.

        At the time Judge Stonehouse was at Newport Crown Court on a murder case (Murder of a betting shop manageress) and he had a spook minder too !

        After the Horst Kopkow PRO release a Sunday paper wanted to publish. I withdrew when it became clear they wanted to hide their intelligence sources and attribute the ratlines suspicion to me. Also when I learned the report was to describe Leonard Cheshire and Airey Neave as “True patriots”. I withdrew and nothing got published.

        The “IRA asset acquiring info of use to Soviet” in Suffolk was looking at Neaves Sue Ryder charity HQ Cavendish and the Clement Freud social scene at Walberswick. The only connection leaping to my mind was that Freud and Neave were both on the British team at Nuremberg war crimes trials. It appears that me as a rookie constable had sussed in 1971 72 a lot more than the Suffolk Police command ever did. It is worrying that the Home Office could tell Chief constable to take me down and then police surgeons and a tame but paid psychiatrist had a damned good try at it.

        The law says I remain a sworn constable in the duties charged unto death. I was the properly appointed HM Coroners Officer to Matron Mary McGill. And my duty is not yet discharged faithfully and only unto law.

        1. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Fred_Holroyd

          Mental Health was used to discredit Holroyd another chap who had crossed Airey Neave. In the film by Ken Loach “Hidden Agenda” Neave is portrayed as an MP “Alex Nevan”. Once again Neave, Kincora and right wing plots to overthrow Harold Wilson.

          At some point Dr Morris Fraser was researching the psychosomatic trigger for child asthma. The same psychopathology bullshit as Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre which is now an historic institution before Independent Inquiry Child Sex Abuse.

          In Australia the Ipswich Suffolk psychobabble was used by psychiatrists to engage asthmatic children in “Play therapy” which was in fact full bown child sexual abuse.

          1. Richard – as you have knowledge of the dirty tricks in N Ireland, I’m wondering if you have any info on those young people who in the late 1980s received substantial prison sentences for plotting terrorist activity when all they were effectively doing was camping near Tom Kings country residence? There was bugger all evidence that they were up to no good, they were the most unlikely people to ever have been recruited by the IRA and there was disbelief when they were jailed. But there was never a long fight to clear there names as there was with the Birmingham Six etc – so I presumed that they remained in prison…

        2. Did not know that about Michael Mansfield, just knew that he seemed to be keeping quiet about a lot of matters. Two more of his associates who were questionable were his former pupil Constance Briscoe who was so obviously dodgy and who was eventually jailed for perjury and of course old Arthur Scargill, with whom Mansfield was mates and established a new left wing alternative to the Labour Party which eventually died a death. Arthur Scargill spoke in Bangor about four years ago and I was gobsmacked to find that the man who was the gofer for Scargill – setting up the stage, getting the microphones ready etc – was someone known to me from my Bethesda days, a man whose extended family had not only been involved in child abuse themselves but who had colluded with corrupt doctors, councillors and the child protection team to fleece a vulnerable man. Another one of this families victims – the former boyfriend of their daughter and father of her baby – was killed in questionable circumstances after he fell foul of them and their corrupt contacts in Gwynedd Social Services. I wondered what the hell this bloke was doing hosting Arthur Scargill and I then found out that he had re-married a lady who was a candidate in the forthcoming election for Scargill’s party!
          Airey Neave seems to have been involved in some unpleasant stuff – I keep coming across his name…

        3. You mentioned the case of the murder of a betting shop manageress in S Wales. Reminds me of the wrongful conviction of Wayne and Paul Darvell for the murder of sex shop manageress in Swansea – they stayed in prison for years after being fitted up by S Wales police. Unusually, it was a psychiatrist whose evidence actually helped clear them…The investigation into police corruption that followed was a substantial one, but I don’t know if any officers were ever convicted.

  3. I do not know about the convictions of youths re Tom King late 80s. It is an interesting time to me though. I wonder if these were Wiking Jugend types ? Like the Roger Gale MP backed private cadets Kent Adventure Training Corps.

  4. Further to research detailed here Sally I have just uncovered this

    It appears Corbyn is implicated as much as other politicians and has been challenged over what he knew about abuse in Islington care homes. The hard left of the 1970’s associated openly with PIE who used Liberty to further their campaign to lower the age of consent. Gerry Adams brother is a convicted paedophile.

    1. abour-uncut.co.uk/2015/08/31/corbyns-silence-over-child-abuse-in-islington-is-typical-of-how-he-picks-and-chooses-his-causes/

      1. Thanks for the link to John Mann’s letter Mike. John has been campaigning on this matter rather more robustly than other politicians – some of his speech’s to the House are available on You Tube, he is very impressive and has got a good grasp of what was going on. What happened in Islington was terrible, absolutely dreadful – neither is Jeremy Corbyn the only high profile politician who has crap all over him because of the paedophile ring in Islington. The reason why New Labour moved heaven and earth to carry on the cover up was that Blair, Margaret Hodge and many members of Blair’s inner circle were all Islington Councillors when the paedophile ring was in operation in Islington children’s homes. They were indeed utter idiots, whilst they and others in the inner London boroughs played games with identity politics organised criminals took over their children’s homes.
        The reality is that NO political party was prepared to admit what had happened in children’s services right across the UK. In north Wales, the cover-up was orchestrated by the Tories in the Welsh Office but local Plaid politicians on the ground in north Wales covered up at that level. Labour MPs in north east Wales knew what was happening and kept quiet too. The Lib Dems weren’t interested in exposing it all because of the likes of Cyril Smith and his activities. You know me well enough to know that I am a leftie – but I cannot defend the many politicians who I would naturally be inclined to vote for after their cover up. They were prepared to watch people like me die or go to prison for crimes that we had never committed.
        For a while I pinned my hopes on Welsh Labour – they saw Wales suffer at the hands of the Tories who orchestrated the high level cover up in the 80s and 90s and they hated Blair’s lot. But look what I blogged about last night – Mark Drakeford, Jane Hutt et al were pathetic, hypocritical former social workers who knew what was happening as well and just couldn’t bring themselves to condemn their former colleagues. And the civil service in Wales was being ‘advised’ by some of those who had covered up the paedophile gangs when they ran local authorities.
        No political party comes out of this with clean hands. There are a small number of individual politicians who do who are drawn from across the spectrum – Geoffrey Dickens (Conservative), John Mann (Labour) and David Bellotti (Lib) who tried to help Mary Wynch. In Wales Edwina Hart took them on – Edwina’s battle was with the Top Doctors over the NHS but it was the Top Doctors and their allies who had concealed the paedophile ring who were determined to get rid of Edwina. They couldn’t risk new blood going into north Wales and uncovering what they had been up to. They successfully got rid of Edwina and she was replaced by Lesley Griffiths. Lesley was a former secretary at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, so she will have known just how fucking bad the Top Doctors were and I hoped that she’d take them on like Edwina did. She didn’t. But of course Lesley had also been a Councillor in Wrexham, it was Wrexham Council who knew about the paedophile gang on it’s patch and did nothing.
        It is a truly dire situation. People have died at the hands of the criminals behind it all and our elected representatives are either wetting themselves with fear or have their noses stuck in the trough and are living very comfortable lives in return for their silence. Meanwhile, the gangs behind it all in the 80s have evolved into organised people traffickers with international connections.
        I was chatting to a friend the other day who had been a victim of this lot back in the 90s. He told me that he didn’t think that there would be any point in putting Dafydd Alun Jones on trial now, because Dafydd is in his 80s and won’t last much longer – my friend thinks that Dafydd et al should just be named n shamed. Which is what I have done on this blog. There are indeed too many people involved in the cover up to prosecute – no-one is ever going to put Drakeford, Jane Hutt or Helena Kennedy on trial. But there are some people who should stand trial – the paedophile gang in north Wales murdered some of the witnesses. In my own case, people perjured themselves and forged documents – it is serious stuff. Unlike my friend, I believe that Dafydd Alun Jones, Lucille Hughes, DGE Wood and Alun Davies should stand trial. Martin Jones and Peter Higson as well. Dafydd and Lucille were key figures in a criminal network, DGE Wood and Alun Davies systematically set out to destroy me over many years, Martin Jones harassed and threatened me much more recently and the disgusting Peter Higson is sitting there as Chair of the Betsi Board after a career of ignoring evidence of organised crime in the ‘services’ that he was managing.
        There needs to be a trial.

        1. I’ve come to the conclusion your completely correct about the regulators GMC, CQC, H&CPC etc. They are drawn from the “professions” and lack independence. I recently looked at the recent hearings for the Social Care Council Wales and yet again see frivolous petty cases against registerants and others were there has not been a public disclosure. The later seems to happen when it involves a public organisation rather than a private provider. One of the recent cases involved a manager with a private company using inappropriate language ““I have shit scarier things than you” and “I could put you to the floor”.

          The key word in this one is “former resident” Did she really need to be struck off
          This blog is full of senior people involved in “inappropriate relationships” that could lead to extremely serious conflicts of interests !

          Here is another one that stinks of a trawling vendettahttps://socialcare.wales/hearings-content/nicola-jane-firzgerald-8635

          Then you have ones like this which is obviously so seriously embarrassing for Cardiff City Council there is no information at all
          In view of what I was recently told by a psych “Your a complainant”. It makes it quite clear what the problem is any dissent is taboo. If you raise concerns about senior powerful people you risk losing everything so no junior or middle ranking employee/registrant is going to zealously pursue any allegation that could jeopardise their career.
          Regulatory positions are obtained by networking for example their is an organisation for all Directors of Social Services in Wales and they meet regularly.
          This is even worse if your elected, trying to please all the people all of the time. today’s news illustrates this with Sarah Champion

          Ok the Sun is not the best paper to write an article about this unpalatable truth involving 1400 white girls.
          It never good to stereotype but it if you look at this logically its obvious there could be a cultural problem were marriages are arranged for life and girls are considered a financial burden and as I was told years ago the weak link in maintaining cultural heritage religion and increasing family wealth.
          What is always over looked is nature and evolution were all selfish by living since were stealing someone something else’s food, water, air etc In the Rotherham abuse case you have men from a religiously conservative sexually restrained culture surrounded by the temptations of a far more sexually unrestrained environment !!!

          Equate this to the North Wales abuse and NHS/ LA/ medical environment. Closed networking, political correctness, regulatory codes, performance, financial security, low risk etc Low risk if you keep your head down and crawl up the slimy pole patronising of those two steps higher. If a social psychopath happens to be that person you will let him continue his clime. I stepped into to a Face book post were someone I know is a nice guy was getting “mobbed and trolled ” over statical comments the other day. Supporting him when everyone else was denigrating him turned it round resulting in an apology and quite an understandable reason when the poster explained his situation. Hence an other facet of human nature … the herd mentality it’s far easier to stand on the fence than confront extremism by yourself !!!!

          1. The function of the regulatory bodies that you mention is undoubtedly to crush dissent and silence whistleblowers. The state of the ‘professions’ that they regulate and the degree of malpractice and misconduct that is routinely found within those professions are so grave that even a quick look at the cases of ‘misconduct’ that they are choosing to pursue demonstrates that there will be another reason for bring those charges, because the cases being pursued are undoubtedly not the cases of the most serious misconduct. I have previously blogged about a few of the cases that you’ve provided links to. I also devoted a post a few months ago to the people who sit on Social Care Council for Wales – that organisation is a joke, as are most of the people sitting on it. I have had much experience of the GMC – when I first encountered them I presumed that their hands were tied by their own narrow rules; the next time that I encountered them I presumed that they simply didn’t believe what I was telling them; then next time I presumed that they couldn’t act because at that time I didn’t have documentary evidence of my allegations. Since then my lawyer discovered a forged document in the possession of the GMC – namely a letter purporting to be from me. I have also found out that the GMC themselves knew that the people who I made representation about were variously sexually abusing patients, participating in criminal activities and were undoubtedly a danger to patients. The GMC is not simply a stuffy organisation inclined to believe doctors rather than patients, it is nakedly corrupt. I am still waiting for someone to explain how a forged letter allegedly from me found it’s way into their possession. The wrongdoing that I have documentary evidence of is so serious that it is easily enough to land a few people in prison. I’m here blogging about it with an increasingly large readership whilst the GMC et al pretend that I don’t exist! It is farcical. If the GMC had documentary evidence that patients had forged documents and perjured themselves in an attempt to convict innocent doctors you bet that there’d be a criminal trial. You are quite right that positions on those bodies are obtained by networking – that is the real purpose of the seminars, the conferences, the away days – no one learns or teaches anything at those events, it is about meeting people who can help you advance yourself. Minh Alexander, a psychiatrist who was dismissed for whistleblowing has written about ‘clubability’ being a key factor in gaining promotion in medicine.
            As for Sarah Champion – I’ll be blogging about her resignation and the accompanying media comment later on today…

      2. I am in touch with Professor Liz Davies of Islington Survivors. Islington Gazette seems interested in following up its recent Mayor Sandy reports with a piece about the 40+ child care deaths, in Hackney and Islington care, at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk 1954 to 1972.

        I am beginning to suspect the history is too complex for the investigative journo to run an easily digestible piece.

        IMO this is because it seems it was Shadow DHSS minister Barbara Castle who “Put up” Islington MP O Halloran and Hackney MP Clinton Davis to ask their 1972 Beeches child deaths questions in the house.

        Mrs Castle was already pursuing minister Sir Keith Joseph about the death of volunteer New Zealand Matron McGill at the Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish Suffolk and her criticisms of Sue Ryder appalling care standards.

        I would take a stab that Mrs Castle in Dec 1971 was enthralled by Willy Brandt Nobel Prize acceptance speech. But that she was curious at the non mention that Brandt was working with Sue Ryder and her MI6 MP charity trustee Airey Neave to “Release” 1200 men purportedly held in German postwar internment.

        On Feb 17th 1972, having been blanked by DHSS minister Sir Keith Joseph since the death of Matron McGill at Sue Ryder HQ Suffolk 22.1.72, A Mrs Walker visited New Zealand High Commission. And she got in contact with shadow minister Mrs Castle.

        Certainly by April 1972 Mrs Castle would have known that Home Office lied to Matron McGill’s New Zealand Govt and that DHSS Minister Keith Joseph was covering up … IE Mrs Castle had DHSS Minister Keith Joseph and Home Secretary Reg Maudling in her sights. And Airey Neave and a chap called Sir Eric Berthoud.

        What I would like to know is why Mrs Castle opened a new front involving Suffolk by putting O Halloran and Clinton Davis up to asking DHSS minister Keith Joseph about the long history of Beeches child care deaths.

        Then why, when she became DHSS minister 1974 with advisers Jack Straw and Norman Warner, she sustained Keith Joseph’s cover up having conveniently lost all her Sue Ryder/Matron McGill Decd records ?

        I also wonder if Newport MP Roy Hughes had told her about the Welsh RCS Det sgt who defied Special Branch threats and escalated inquiry into Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder Homes re GP death cert fraud and associated UK identity theft ? The Det sgt dying and copping a suicide verdict. MI5 taking the RCS case file.

        The RCS discovery that Special Branch were snooping on and reporting to MI5 on police inquiry into Ryder and/or Cheshire has more implications. Not least Jimmy Savile abuse at Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds. Abuse in an MI5/Special Branch orchestrated unlawful police no go area. And no one spotted a thing !! Perhaps the spooks shoulda gone to Specsavers

        1. Thanks for the new names and bits of info Richard. Have looked up Michael O Halloran who was MP for Islington before Jeremy Corbyn. O Halloran was an Irish Roman Catholic from a manual working background who became increasingly out of step with his constituents as Islington filled up with the ‘loony left’ and the well-heeled. He was a staunch anti-abortionist and on one occasion maintained that he had been beaten up by a group of female constituents (in 1977). He eventually joined the SDP. Whether he knew about the paedophile ring – or would even have had the capacity to act in the face of a problem like that – I do not know. The obituaries of his from the broadsheets are very sneering about his abilities. Clinton Davis was MP for Hackney Central 1970-83 and is still alive and in the Lords. He was given a peerage in 1990. Clinton-Davis was a lawyer with a north London practice. He was a Minister under Wilson and Callaghan and was one of the old guard whom Blair retained as a Minister when he was elected in 1997. I note that Blair had been involved with Labour politics in Hackney South and Shoreditch before he was elected for Sedgefield – I didn’t realise that, I thought he was on the fringes at Islington with Margaret Hodge et al. Blair tried to get elected onto Hackney Council in 1982 but failed. Blair only ever gave people jobs who were useful to him and a lot of the lawyers in Gov’t that he hung out with did some very questionable things. Blair won’t have made room for Clinton-Davis for no reason. I can’t find any clues though that Clinton-Davis had a key roles in concealing child abuse or abuse od disabled people. His interests were unrelated to either field – he was a European Commissioner, Minister of State for Trade under Blair, heavily involved in British Jewish life and Chair and then President of the British Refugee Council. I am wondering however if he was being rewarded for his silence of many years ago – until 1971 he was a Hackney Councillor and Chair of the Social Services Committee! So he will have known about the children and other people who were placed at risk…

          Talking of Leeds, I presume that reason why the BBC made PR documentaries about St James’s Hospital in Leeds was Savile’s links there. I wonder about other possible links that Savile had in the Leeds/Yorkshire NHS – the Kerr/Haslam scandal happened there. Kerr and Haslam were two psychiatrists who raped and sexually exploited female patients for years and absolutely everybody knew about it – it was just like the North Wales Hospital. People who dared raise concerns were demoted or threatened with the sack. Kerr and Haslam were untouchable and it only ever all came to light about 15 yrs ago. I have blogged about it, but there must have been reasons unknown to me why they enjoyed as much protection as Dafydd and Lucille. I keep wondering if they were connected to Savile. One other thing – Dafydd had a Yorkshire/Leeds connection. He used to hold ‘clinics’ at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. Which is of course where Savile used to hang out. I’m sure that the wrongdoing in Leeds/Yorkshire NHS was far greater than has ever been made public.

          1. Going off track a bit. Leeds General Infirmary in 1987 was where we stripped down one of the 3 hospital backup generators. On the way back to Kent with the genny rotor on the truck my colleague ex Petbow Generator Chief GMBU shop steward suddenly confessed to having orchestrated sabotage of the production welds. Rotor pack to shaft welds.

            Petbow (Later Cummins) decided to protect market share and not issue a product warning/ recall. So I tried to make a crime compliant to Kent Police but Leeds Infirmary would not back it. In fact Petbow sent contractors to strip down the other two gennies at the hospital and they too had nobbled rotor pack weld failures. Petbow repaired free again. The hospital said they got their gennies fixed free so would not issue a warning to remaining NHS !

            I included the company fraud and sabotage complaint in my warnings to Kent Police to review Deal Royal Marines Barracks security. They did not do this and on 22.9.89 a terrorist bomb killed 11 Royal Marines there. CID were seen stealing evidence at the bomb scene and overheard exempting Reliance Security from the bombing inquiry.

            In 1998 at my request REME Corps Secretariat ran a records check on one of the Reliance guards (Police had never checked) and then REME called in MOD Police. The man had a false army record that Reliance had been duped by. He was also a long term associate of the alleged Petbow saboteur.

            This, along with the IRA methods for defrauding benefits, was all in the 1997/98 Kent Police Authority call for inquiry and report that was suppressed by STRAW.

            When Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry was disciplined 1995 for moonlight bodyguard work on plod time and falsifying plod duty records. No inquiry into source of the bodyguard work. Was it International Bodyguard Assn who worked for Charlie Kray at Croydon an associate of Kenny Noye and Clifford Norris ? The IBA founded by unlawful use of Deal Royal MarinesBarracks 1976 to 1983. Actually keyholders for the barracks !! The IBA reported 1982 direct to MI5 by Brigadier Mike Harvey … oh and lookee here Kent Police the report to MI5 absent from the list of security reports in the Admiralty Board report to govt !!

            The Area Commander SE Met in charge of Lawrence case and Det sgt Davidsons disciplinary 1995 was ex ACC Ops KENT Police Sir Ian Johnston. Mmmm one of the ACPO ranks with Condon in KENT when they failed to protect the Royal Marines at Deal and refused to record crime complaint of sabotage consistent with IRA terrorist plan the “Garland Plan”.

            It never ends Sally. I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry. But they are happily constrained by their terms of reference. Which appear to be bring Home Sec head of Det sgt Davidson on a plate and/or cover everything else up including the conduct of the Lawrences and their advisors and Nation of Islam supporters and Mandela the wily old IRA ally.

          2. It is bloody incredible isn’t it – people undoubtedly scrabble their way to the top by silently blackmailing others regarding their own wrongdoing. Going back to your NHS adventures for a minute – my own interest has been the concealing of patients harm/malpractice and research fraud, but the NHS seems to be riddled with corruption in all areas. The non-clinical managers in north Wales can best be described as a bunch of crooks, but I’ve seen and heard glimpses of theft and malpractice in other parts of the NHS as well. Years ago when I was doing an MSc at Hammersmith Hospital, some ‘workmen’ strolled into the doctors residences and told them that they’d been ordered to take all the TVs away for checking and if necessary repair. They were thieves and they nicked the lot. They must have had inside info to do that. A friend in the catering business who used to be based in London told me that huge quantities of grub and equipment was being stolen from St Georges Hospital catering dept, enough to run the businesses of the people who were stealing it all.
            I’d like to know more about the corruption involved in the Lawrence case. It’s very sad, I was using Doreen Lawrence as an example of an honest member of the Lords! (By the way, I seem to remember that Doreen Lawrence was a social worker – social worker in London, she’ll have had dirt on plenty of people…) But as you said in a comment a few days ago, I’ve now been fighting for justice for 30 years – I have incriminating documents signed by the criminals own hands, I can demonstrate misconduct in public office, perjury and neglect so severe that patients died and wide-scale collusion with the GMC, the NMC, the CQC, the Mental Health Acts Commission and the involvement of corrupt expert witnesses and corrupt lawyers and judges! Has there been any inquiry? Of course not. Because I have consistently refused to enter into corrupt deals with anyone.

  5. http://nyenquirer.uk/disappeared-cover-conspiracy-theory-x/

    Some interesting research from Nigel Ward. As I have described above. Barbara Castle had the DHSS minister Keith Joseph and Home Secretary Reg Maudling by the gonads in the Matron McGill Decd case. Yet chose not to close but to open a new front. Using Clinton Davis and O’Halloran.

    In 1975 Panorama did the expose’ of Labour discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts. Mrs Castle 1976 became aware, through my correspondence, that I had been a PC appointed HM Coroners Officer in the McGill Decd case 1972. That I had become a DHSS clerk after a period of temporary death in 1972. And that I wanted the 1972 DHSS ministerial file on the McGill Decd case. She must then have authorised Official Secrets Act charges against me along with Labour attorney general.

    Her advisors were Straw and Warner as you know.

    And it appears that the loophole being exploited by IRA to defraud benefits on a lucrative scale was not sealed up. In 1997 inquiry and report into this was called by Kent Police Authority. IE Inquiry into the role played by Home Sec Jack Straw and his Home Office adviser Warner when they were DHSS ministerial advisers. Jack Straw suppressed the inquiry called by KPA and thus corrupted MacPherson Inquiry being conducted by Kent Police. Unlawful Straw and Warner Judges in Own Cause and conspiracy to pervert justice.

    1. Thanks for the link Richard, there’s a lot of useful articles within. I remember the Poulson and T Dan smith scandal but only vaguely, I was still in primary school when all that was going on, but I knew that it was huge and implicated cabinet ministers. Your link confirms my suspicions that something massive was going on in Yorkshire and that it was connected to child abuse and probably the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Not only did Kerr/Haslam happen in Yorkshire, not only did Dafydd Alun Jones have doings there but Yorkshire is also the stomping ground of Robert Kehoe who lies in expert witness reports. Kehoe was also Assistant Medical Director in Airedale when a scandal involving a nurse killing patients happened. So that’s why he’s ended up with a Harley Street practice and is Medical Director of Cygnet Healthcare then! EVERYTHING points to a barrel of shit in Yorkshire involving corrupt psychiatrists involved with concealing child abuse. I am also wondering if Dafydd got himself onto prime time BBC programmes like Kilroy via a Savile connection…


        At the time black racist activist Lee Jasper arranged for the Lawrences to meet visiting Mandela two weeks after Stephen Lawrence was killed, weren’t real white neo Nazi mercenaries preparing (In Kent ?) to attack transitional Mandela Regime ? In 1994 there was a Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry into the mercenary attack. And in 1995 Tim Rayment of Sunday Times dug up the bodies of some of their black South African victims. Tim turned in Tyrone Chadwick. But also with Tim were the vile child rapist Parker twins of Nuneaton who were mercenaries with Ronnie Deuster and Chadwick. Somehow without passports Chadwick and the Parkers got back to UK escaping South Africa custody.

        So they got back to UK in 1995 and successfully defied extradition. Who had the contract to train and brief the mercenaries ? The paramilitary live fire training front International Bodyguards Assn had some sort of contact or contract with a group “South Africa Assault Scouts” Yes the IBA who had a client Charlie Kray at Croydon.

        But this year I reported new information (to me) to Kent Chief constable. The mercs were briefed to go to Fort Hare Uni for expert support to mount an eco attack against Mandela regime.

        At the time the former senior eco systems lecturer at Fort Hare, your Bangor Uni colleague Dr Shaun Russell, was with British Council. Tragically in 1996 Dr Russell’s wife and daughter were murdered in the horrific Chillenden hammer murders Kent. In spite of the 1997 Kent Police Authority call for inquiry and report re Deal Barracks, IBA, Merc attack on Mandela etc Kent Plod never flagged this history up as a line of inquiry in either the Chillenden murders or the murder of Ken Speakman retired MI5 stalwart of the paramilitary styled 6th Thanet Gun Range.

        This is the hardy perennial pattern. Kent Plod feckup. Deal Bombing. Then they cover up venomously. Then consequences of the coverup manifest and then they cover up more.

        Look at the number of ex Kent ACPO ranks who held sway over or influence with Lawrence case. Condon, Johnston, O Connor, Ayling and Phillips. Five of the bent Kent coverup merchants.

        With over 20 black victims in South Africa of real neo Nazi thugs … look at yer Doreen Lawrence and yer Ros Howells and yer Lee Jasper and his mates the IRA supportive SWP. Suddenly over 20 black lives didn’t matter at all !!! It was inconvenient to their propaganda cause based on hijacking the Lawrence case.

        The bus stop in Well Hall Road had been scene of a number of recent gang fights. Even if Lawrences blood did get on Dobson’s jacket (which I doubt) was it from an earlier fight ?

        In fact when Mandela applied unlawful political pressure for arrests two weeks after the killing it was Det sgt Davidson leading the team who arrested Dobson. And he told the Dobsons he knew it was not Dobsons jacket in Well Hall Road in April 93. Had he seen the CCTV footage Met kept concealed for the next 24 years. He told the Dobsons that house dust forensics would make the defence. But back at the nick Dobsons jacket had the defence forensics dust brushed off.

        At the private prosecution by the heavily backed Lawrences the matter of Davidsons disciplinary was concealed. mmm breach of adverse disclosure law by the “Fighter for Justice” Doreen and Co Met did not tell CPS and that means the CPS also broke disclosure law at the 2012 prosecution.

        A demoted Met sgt admitted unsealing and tampering with evidence but was excused giving evidence in 2012 because he thought the shame would make him suicidal. The leader of the miracle blood forensics on Dobsons jacket was Roy Green pretty much discredited over his blood spatter evidence to Dr Kelly inquiry.

        But Doreen calls it justice. Her friend Mr Straw strangled out justice for 11 Royal Marines and over twenty black victims of mercenaries in Mandela Regime. All so the propaganda could continue of the innocent black youth killed by white racists and his murder investigated by white racist officers etc etc ad nauseum. Emphasise Stephen was a good student and keen to become an architect (Lee Jaspers sell to middle England).

        Who were the other four blacks in Lawrences gang at Lewisham that day ? Was one from a family with a member now serving 35 years for drugs related murder ? And just try asking and the roof falls on you. Was Doreen’s adviser Ros Howells an associate of Anjem Choudhary ? No answer but loads of resentment at daring to ask. Was that how the violent nation of islam climbed aboard the Lawrence roadshow to attack white suspects and the police ?

        “Institutionalised Racism” was a red herring concept used in group psychology research on police trainees 1971 to test for gullibility, malleability and compliance. It is a myth that the hijacked Lawrence case was used to promote to bogus reality via mass hysteria as masochistic middle class whites queued up to bathe in the mythical waters of collective white guilt.

        1. All this info re the Lawrence case is new to me – but Jack Straw would be capable of using anyone and anything to further his own ends and cover up crap somewhere else. I’d be interested to know not only how his son ended up leading the stay in Europe campaign before the recent referendum when he was barely out of nappies, but how he bagged a CBE for being on the losing side. Which reminds me – a few hours ago I read the pearls of wisdom of a Joe Dromey, senior research fellow at the IPPR. Would that be the son of Jack Dromey and one Harriet Harman, the Harriet who believes that she is oppressed because she never became PM? The IPPR certainly have some interesting recruitment practices – I applied for a job as a research fellow with them a few years ago but I didn’t even receive an acknowledgement. Odd – after all, I was well-qualified in terms of what they were asking for and although competition for such positions is stiff, I have never actually not even received an acknowledgement in response to a job application before. Could it have been anything to do with me appearing in the media critiquing New Labour’s HE and mental health policies and naming Alistair Campbell???? WHOOPS! If only my mum was Harriet…
          I do remember the case of Dr Shaun Russell’s family being attacked in Chillenden though. Shaun always struck me as amazing, what had happened was dreadful but he was able to appear in the media with no bitterness or self-pity and talk rather more intelligently than anyone else about the hopeless ‘care’ system that had wrecked the life of the man who was convicted of the attack on his family. I have always suspected that Michael Stone was innocent though – and a lot of other people suspect that as well, although I think people didn’t dare say it in public at the time out of respect for Shaun and Josie. I met Shaun once whilst I was out walking in Snowdonia and we got talking about the gross shortcomings of the mental health services, but I didn’t discuss Michael Stone with him, as I hadn’t met him before and I guessed that he was probably fed up of being asked about the case. I know that in an attempt to conceal their mistreatment of Michael Stone the mental health services lied to the media – when Shaun mentioned this, they lied again, denying that they had lied and implying that Shaun had lied instead. They are beyond belief.

          1. Kent Police visited me and left via my front yard where I split logs. My log splitting hammer went missing. Five minutes later a detective from Chillenden murder was at my door saying someone had claimed I matched the efit. I understand Kent Plod played the same intimidation trick on another complainant against police. Nick a hammer and hint it can be dabbed with DNA evidence.

            The detectives then went to my wife’s place of work saying loudly her husband is a suspect in Chillenden murder.

            When a copy of our phone bill came through I saw what phone calls were made on the day of the murder. One was to our doc. So I phoned surgery and found I was attending an urgent copd exacerbation appointment at time of murder. So my solicitor said don’t tell plod let’s see how far they try to pursue this. But I never heard from plod again.

            My friend Bill who closed down the gun range adjoining his property in 95 he had an abuse of process action 2010 against Kent Plod. An astonished court heard how his son had been stopped and issued document producers 80 times a year for 15 years. During which both his son and his daughter (A Pfizer scientist) faced malicious prosecutions all thrown out on Judge directions. Judges rollicking CID in open court for conspiring with known criminals to bring malicious charges against Bill’s family.

            While this was going on senior Kent Plod had mocked Bill “We couldn’t get away with this if you were black especially if your name was fecking Lawrence”.

            A standard question in a murder inquiry is if anyone might wish to cause harm. The mercenary attack should have been flagged up under this category for two reasons

            (1) Fort Hare Uni

            (2) Bill had followed 6th Thanet Range users prior to 1995 to Ringleton Manor which was owned by Adscene millionaire Harry Lambert. There he saw vehicles from the various businesses that used 6th Thanet Range. Some sort of meeting of range users was going on. A few hundred yards from the later Chillenden murder scene.

            Bill copped a malicious warrant raid in about 1996. 16 officers ostensibly looking for stolen car radios. But in fact seizing a number of bags of misfires and empty cases Bill had picked up on his land … evidence that prolific 9 mm fire had taken place on land adjoining the quarry gun range. This would have been the uzis in use at range including by the squads of unidentified Saudis.

            The Army Colour sgt who saw off duty Kent Plod training the Saudis at the range ? He got a phone call from a member of Kent Police Authority ” If you want a political future in Thanet after leaving Army be aware you are talking to the wrong people about the gun range. Meaning Richard Card”

            When the ex colour sgt tried to make crime complaints he was visited by Thanet plod telling him his wife had just been arrested for trying to snatch a baby. Quid pro quo he shuts up about the range and charges against his wife go away. So ex Colour sgt shut up.

            The Pc Coroners Officer who saw senior CID steal evidence at 1989 Deal Barracks terrorist bomb scene. Discreditted by being given counselling and an early retirement. A Pc member of 6th Thanet Gun Range tried to raise concerns… same story counselling sessions and discredited.

      1. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/pervert-twin-raped-six-year-old-midland-6288339

        Here the victim waived anonymity. You see Kenneth wangled an alibi get out ? Well what sort of inquiry did Warks plod make for CPS when Walter Bealby for Kenneth Parker declared an alibi defence ?

        So I wrote to the judge after the case. In June 1979 50 lbs of gelignite was dug up next to a railway line at Nuneaton. So wasn’t Kenneth already remanded to custody ? And what happened to application to Attorney General under Explosives Substances Act 1885 ? And if he was in custody before June 1979, a time IRA were using a helicopter to survey quarries in area suitable for explosives thefts, his time to parole had started ticking ? And at one third sentence to parole he was in fact free in 1980 during the window of the charges for child rape. PLus he was definitely free by New Year 1980/81 because he was present when his twin stabbed and wounded a man.

        The Judge did not reply but directed that the issues I raised should be addressed by CPS and CCRC. Next I heard Kenneth Parker was reported dead in France !

        And it wasn’t just Kenneth Parkers custody and parole and probation records going missing for a 1979 offence Nuneaton. A far more notorious case happened there too … I will fetch a linkie which will interest you re secure hospitals.

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