A Reply From The GMC!

Dear Readers,

Here is the text of the e mail from the GMC, received by me this morning:

FPD Complaints & Correspondence FPDComplaintsCorresp@gmc-uk.org

11:25 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Dear Dr Sally Baker,

Thank you for your recent email which has been passed to me to answer on behalf of the senior managers within the GMC, in line with the approach taken by similar organisations were correspondence is passed to the team best able to answer it.

Your previous concerns

I was sorry to read about the issues you have faced over an extended period. I can see from checking your correspondence record that we have previously looked at concerns you’ve raised (2003, 2004 and 2012) and on each occasion we have decided there were no fitness to practise issues for us to look into.

Criminal offences

As you may be aware, the GMC are not the best placed body to investigate criminal offences. I would always urge anyone with details of criminal conduct to approach the police, in your case this appears to be North Wales Police, and contact them with your concerns and any supporting information you may have. You can contact them by ringing the police non-emergency number 101.

Advocacy support

Contacting large bodies can be difficult, so I have checked for local advocacy groups in North Wales. Depending on where you live there are contact details available via the website https://nwaaa.wales/.

GMC queries

In your letter you also ask for a meeting with a senior officer from the GMC, but I’m afraid we cannot offer this at this time.

In relation to your query about Dr Sadie Bentz Francis and Dr Anthony Chadwick I cannot find an exact match. However, if the Dr Francis is the same one who you wrote to us about in 2004, I can confirm that doctor is no longer part of the GMC register. If you’d like to check further, details of all doctors who are on the register can be seen here; https://www.gmc-uk.org/registration-and-licensing/the-medical-register/a-guide-to-the-medical-register

Mental health issues in North Wales

 I can see from your correspondence that many of your concerns are centred on mental health provision and oversight in North Wales. You may wish to contact the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board on 01248 384 194, or via email on ConcernsTeam.bcu@wales.nhs.uk if you have continuing concerns.

Alternatively, you may wish to speak to Mind Cyrmru about your views. Details of how to reach them are on their website https://www.mind.org.uk/about-us/mind-cymru/.

I hope you find this information useful. I’d be happy to answer any additional queries you may have via this email address.

Yours sincerely,

Ian McCann
Complaints and Correspondence Officer

General Medical Council
3 Hardman Street, Manchester, M3 3AW

Direct Dial: 0161 923 6344

Email: fpddecisions@gmc-uk.org

Website: www.gmc-uk.org

Working with doctors Working for patients

The General Medical Council helps to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in the UK by setting standards for students and doctors. We support them in achieving (and exceeding) those standards, and take action when they are not met.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the sender of this email, this communication may contain privileged or confidential information which is exempt from disclosure under UK law. This email and its attachments may not be used or disclosed except for the purpose for which it has been sent.

If you are not the addressee or have received this email in error, please do not read, print, re-transmit, store or act in reliance on it or any attachments. Instead, please email the sender and then immediately delete it.

General Medical Council

3 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3AW

Regents Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN

The Tun, 4 Jacksons Entry, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AE

4th Floor, Caspian Point 2, Caspian Way, Cardiff Bay CF10 4DQ

9th Floor, Bedford House, 16-22 Bedford Street, Belfast BT2 7FD

The GMC is a charity registered in England and Wales (1089278) and Scotland (SC037750)


A few very brief observations, apart from the patently obvious:

Firstly, why has this Top Docs protection racket been given charitable status?

The GMC seem to have completely forgotten about the correspondence of mine that I sent them in the 1980s and 1990s. They also don’t seem to know that there were two Drs Francis of north Wales on the Medical Register; Tony Francis is no longer on the Medical Register because he was found dead in 2012 and Sadie Francis was previously on the Medical Register, but the other day when I put Sadie’s name into the ‘check a doctor’s registration’ facility, I was simply provided with a mysterious message stating that the info was not available but that didn’t mean that the Top Doctor concerned was not on the Medical Register.

Dr Anthony H. Chadwick, who had all those meetings with Sadie and Tony in the 1980s and 90s in his capacity as a BMA rep re providing them with advice as to how to frame me for serious offences, was still in action in south Wales years after that, because he was advising on a Top Doctors’ scrap in south Wales (precisely on the matter of how many hundreds of thousands of quid that a Health Board owed a Top Doc who had behaved appallingly, been suspended and then reinstated after Tony Chadwick went to his aid) a few years ago and Tony Chadwick appeared in the media in support of the Top Doc. Tony Chadwick was on the Medical Register not that long ago, he has only disappeared into the Top Docs’ Bermuda Triangle along with perhaps Sadie – although we can’t even be sure that she’s in there because the GMC seem to know nuzzing about Sadie – recently.

As for Ian McCann’s advice re me contacting the Betsi, not only have I already been down that route fruitlessly – as Mr McCann would know if he had read all of the posts on this blog – but he obviously hasn’t been following Gwynedd resident Michael Joyce’s excellent letters to the Daily Post, in which Mr Joyce for months now has been summarising the many laws broken by the Betsi, the lies told at Board meetings, the unlawful and unsafe practices to which the Board admits yet are never addressed by the Welsh Gov’t or GMC and the figures for patient harm and deaths in the area of Wales served by the Betsi that are the worst in Wales and inexplicable in terms of demography or socio-economic factors.

Last week, the Betsi’s CEO Gary Doherty wrote an angry reply to Mr Joyce which was published by the Daily Post. Gary did not demonstrate that Mr Joyce was factually incorrect on any matter, Gary was just cross that Mr Joyce had the temerity to write to the local paper regularly re the mess at the Betsi. Juxtaposed alongside Gary’s letter was a touching brief letter from a north Wales member of the public thanking the Caring Staff of the Betsi who work so hard for low pay; the author of the letter also mentioned that during their recent stay in hospital the lunches were very good.

I am delighted to hear that they’ve finally sorted the catering out at the Betsi, but I wonder if Gary could provide that grateful patient with details of the salaries of the Low Paid Staff of the Betsi. Gary has access to all the info, from the pay rates of the porters, cleaners and care assistants, right through to the various grades of Angel, Docs and managers; if he does forward the info to the grateful patient, they might be a little surprised at what some of the Low Paid Angels are raking in. They’ll be even more surprised if Gary explains that the NHS unions senior reps are now usually offered private healthcare as part of their salary package, as are senior NHS managers, including those Fat Cats who are Angels.

Meet Grace, the very highly paid Board Secretary of the Betsi:

Grace Lewis-Parry

Following a career in nursing, midwifery and health visiting which included time spent in Australia and Canada, Grace Lewis Parry joined the Gwynedd Family Health Services Authority in 1993 and subsequently the North Wales Health Authority in 1996 as Assistant Director of Patient Care. 
In August 2001 Grace took up the position of General Manager to the Gwynedd Local Health Group based in Caernarfon and was then appointed as Chief Executive to the new Local Health Board for Gwynedd.
Grace has continued her professional development, gaining a degree from Bangor and a Masters degree from Manchester University in leadership studies.  She attended an Executive Programme on Leadership at Harvard, Boston in 2007.
As an experienced health care professional with substantial leadership, senior management and board level experience, Grace is passionate about improving health and health services.
I don’t have time here to correlate Grace’s career moves with the appalling practices in north Wales, but readers might like to quickly review what was happening to patients during Grace’s time climbing the NHS ladder in north Wales. I’ll just mention that Grace was on the Executive Programme on Leadership at Harvard when Merfyn’s wife Nerys was dying after the Top Docs found that they could do nothing for her. Nerys had previously worked at Harvard, but sadly for Nerys her ex-husband Prof Orlando Patterson still did. Orlando did his PhD at the LSE in the mid-1960s when that institution was run by Richard Crossman’s mates and churned out graduates who later joined the Radical Circles of Gwynne and Dafydd’s network. Orlando is a cultural historian/sociologist who is rated among black elites in the US. Nerys grew up in north Wales and knew all about Gwynne and Dafydd; Merfyn knew even more about them, having grown up in Llanfrothen/Croesor in a pub that his parents rented from Sir Clough at the time when Eric Hobsbawm, Bertrand Russell et al were swinging with the best of them and Gwynne lobotomised dissenters.


See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

‘Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana?’

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Orlando Patterson

Orlando Patterson, a historical and cultural sociologist, is the John Cowles Professor of Sociology at Harvard University. He previously held faculty appointments at the University of the West Indies, his alma mater, and the London School of Economics where he received his PhD. He has written on the cultural sociology of sports, especially the game of cricket. Professor Patterson is the author of numerous academic papers and 6 major academic books including, Slavery and Social Death (1982), Freedom in the Making of Western Culture (1991), The Ordeal of Integration (1997), and The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth (2015).

Research InterestsThe culture and practice of freedom; the comparative study of slavery and ethno-racial relations; the sociology of underdevelopment with special reference to the Caribbean; the problems of gender and familial relations in the black societies of the Americas; the ways that cultural processes relate to poverty and other social outcomes.

A public intellectual, Professor Patterson was, for eight years, Special Advisor for Social policy and development to Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica.  He was a founding member of Cultural Survival, one of the leading advocacy groups for the rights of indigenous peoples, and was for several years a board member of Freedom House, a major civic organization for the promotion of freedom and democracy around the world.  The author of three novels, he has published widely in journals of opinion and the national press, especially the New York Times, where he was a guest columnist for several weeks.  His columns have also appeared in Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Public Interest, The New Republic, and The Washington Post.

See the source image

See the source image

Place at Harvard for a dim corrupt Angel Who Knows About Sally Baker and much else besides, after Merfyn refused to force Dr Baker out of Bangor University unlawfully? No problem!

I’m not sure that Grace is the best advert for Harvard’s Executive Leadership Programme. Not only is the havoc prevailing at the Betsi evidence of that, but I’ve watched Grace unable to perform an analysis of very simple stats in a Board meeting. As Grace made a pig’s ear of the presentation, a senior Angel sitting next to me whispered ‘That’s not right is it, she’s got it all wrong’. Indeed Grace had got it all wrong, but the Angel sat next to me wasn’t the Board Secretary and the rest of the Board either didn’t notice that Grace had got it all wrong or didn’t dare mention it. The stats with which Grace had such difficulty were the outcomes of mothers and babies. In terms of er deaths.


When I popped over to the Betsi’s website to retrieve the info that I have reproduced above on Grace, I was interested to see that there have been a few changes at the Board of the Betsi since I last visited the site a few weeks ago. Mad Martin Jones has disappeared, although that will probably be because Mad Martin is now CEO of NHS Wales or something ludicrous.

A new Associate Board Member has arrived. Meet Ffrancon:

Ffrancon Williams

Ffrancon Williams is the Chief Executive of Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd, the largest social housing provider in North Wales. He is a fluent Welsh speaker who lives in Bangor with his wife and two sons.
He graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and spent much of his early career in a variety of posts in the manufacturing sector covering safety standard accreditation of electrical equipment, printed circuit board and fibre optic cable manufacture. He subsequently completed a post graduate Fellowship in Manufacturing Management at Cranfield University. He then spent a number of years working in senior leadership roles within the Rail Industry in the Great Western region with responsibility for maintenance of the railway infrastructure. He returned to North Wales to work for Gwynedd Council in leadership roles within their Housing department. In 2009 he lead the Housing Stock Transfer Ballot Project ensuring a fair vote for Gwynedd Council tenants regarding the future of their homes. This resulted in a positive mandate from tenants to transfer their homes to a newly formed social housing provider, Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG). He was appointed Chief Executive of CCG in 2009 and lead on delivering the tenants’ mandate and the set-up of the new housing provider which came into existence in April 2010. Since then, he has lead on improving the standard of tenants’ homes, growing the business and providing the very best of services to CCG’s tenants.
He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and currently Chairs the Stakeholder Reference Group for the Health Board.


Before Ffrancon was CEO of CCG, he was the Head Honcho responsible for Council Housing at Gwynedd County Council. CCG was the ‘social housing provider’ formed from the transfer of Gwynedd CC’s housing stock to a social housing provider ie. CCG. The ‘to transfer or not’ ballot organised by Ffrancon was widely believed to have been rigged. Ffrancon then moved with the houses, so whereas when the tenants were tenants of Gwynedd CC, Ffrancon was in charge of their houses, after the transfer of the housing stock to the newly created citizen-led CCG following the Fair Ballot Organised By Ffrancon, Ffrancon was in charge of their houses once more.

Brown and I wrote about the nonsense of Gwynedd CC’s transfer of housing stock to CCG and the fuckwittery and lies that accompanied it in one of our books published in 2012. I wonder if Ffrancon read it? We were very critical of the NHS in north Wales in that book as well and a Health and Social Care Expert whispered to me when she read the draft manuscript ‘But you’ve named names’. Indeed we did, but all the information in the book that Named Names was available in the public domain; the scandals, the deaths, the Inquiries, the Court cases…

Just before Ffrancon moved over to a Registered Social Landlord in tandem with Gwynedd’s council houses, I discovered that a number of scams were being run by Ffrancon’s staff. There were the Senior Housing Officers who were taking council house tenants to Court to evict them on the basis of rent arrears of less than £150. The evicted tenants would then be housed in B&B accommodation in Gwynedd for the homeless. Which was owned by the Senior Housing Officers who had evicted them. Gwynedd CC would then pay the rent of the evicted tenants when they had been rehoused in the B&Bs, that were charging many hundreds of quid a week.

The B&Bs concerned were those rather rundown houses opposite Morrison’s in Caernarfon and I understand that there were some in Llanberis as well. At least one Empowered Service User was found almost dead in the B&Bs opposite Morrisons and died hours later in Ysbyty Gwynedd, after her life support was switched off. The official cause of death was chronic alcoholism, beyond the help of the Hergest Unit, or her Top Doc, Richard Tranter. I know her close friend who is in possession of the suicide note that was written by the hopeless drunk who could not be Helped because she had a Borderline Personality Disorder.

The hopeless alkie when she was younger was Referred For Mental Health Care after she refused to sign a statement at the request of Gwynedd social workers saying that her dad had sexually molested her. Her two sisters did make such statements and the dad went to prison. The alkie always maintained that her dad did no such thing and they had all been threatened into lying about him. After the other two sisters made the statements requested, the alkie was identified as being Extremely Disturbed and in need of Help.

I used to work with the alkie, in 1999, in a horrifically abusive ‘care home’ in Llandudno, that I eventually realised was a trafficking organisation, Prestwood Homes. I have discussed Prestwood in earlier posts. I was later told by the alkie’s friend that Dafydd was behind Prestwood. The alkie wasn’t an alkie when I worked with her, but she was bulimic and the ‘managers’ of Prestwood, two gross old bags, had found out and told her that if they made it known that she had Psychiatric Problems, she would never get another job. So the alkie stayed working for them, increasingly unhappily.

I only lasted three weeks at Prestwood Trafficking Ltd, I was identified As A Problem In Need Of Psychiatric Treatment myself by the two gross old bags, ‘Sue and Lynda’, who were pressurising the alkie. Sue and Lynda told me that if I wished to continue working for them I should attend Support Sessions at MIND; all Prestwood clients were forced into doing this. I left Prestwood’s employment instead. I wrote two letters to Conwy Social Services detailing the abuse of residents that I had witnessed. My first letter was ignored so I wrote again. I was offered a Meeting with two Conwy Social Services officials, who demanded to know what I did for a living – by that time I was working as a teacher, but I refused to provide the name of my employers – and threatened me.

I was forced out of my teaching job a few months later. Brown believed at the time that Prestwood had something to do with it, as well as the usual suspects. See ‘Thought For The Day’.

I was later contacted by other people who had also walked out of the employ of Prestwood People Trafficking Ltd who had, variously, told staff at Coleg Menai, NHS professionals and staff at Bangor University what was happening to residents there. All concerns were ignored. Alun Davies, manager of the Hergest Unit, admitted to me that they had been told that residents at Prestwood were being abused. I told Ella Fisk, the Sister who ran the Day Centre at the Hergest Unit, what was happening at Prestwood. Rosie Waite, a neighbour of mine in Rachub at the time, was told by me what was happening there. Rosie told me that she had left social work because it was so abusive in north Wales that she could not tolerate it and was working in Bangor University library instead. Some years after I had told Rosie about Prestwood, Rosie bagged a job with Conwy Social Services as a social work trainer.

My last day on duty at Prestwood with the alkie who later lived in the B&Bs opposite Morrison’s, involved sitting with her late in the evening after she had just come back from returning a Prestwood resident to Ashworth, where the young woman had been a patient before she was transferred to Prestwood. Regan, the girl who was returned to Ashworth, was deemed to have ‘failed’ at Prestwood; translated that meant that Regan did not respond to the threats and abuse from Sue and Lynda by following their orders, instead she kept trying to kill herself.

Regan injured herself constantly and was taken to Llandudno Hospital who failed to ask why this was happening. She tried to hang herself and the alkie found her and saved her life. After that, Sue and Lynda who ‘managed’ Prestwood told the alkie that she would be Regan’s special worker because Regan had formed an attachment to her. Indeed Regan had, she fell in love with her and so when the old bags announced that Regan’s ‘failure’ at Prestwood meant that Regan would be going back to Ashworth, Regan was distraught at the idea of being separated from the alkie.

Regan was unlawfully drugged, bundled into a car with Sue, Lynda and the alkie and driven, breaking all speed limits, back to Ashworth. Regan woke up before they arrived and tried to escape from the car. She was physically dragged into Ashworth by Angels who were on standby to meet the car and the alkie told me that they all entered a room with ‘loads of senior doctors, while Regan screamed at me not to leave her with them and tried to injure herself’. The alkie was ordered to leave by the Top Doctors and the last that she saw as she walked to the car was Regan frantically hammering at the unbreakable windows screaming ‘Don’t leave me with them, don’t leave me’.

When the alkie got back to north Wales and found me still on duty, she collapsed into tears, told me what had happened at Ashworth with Regan, told me that she hated Sue and Lynda, hated working at Prestwood, but Sue and Lynda were blackmailing her over her Mental Illness (bulimia) to prevent her getting another job. I told her that I was leaving and would be going straight to the Social Services to report Prestwood.

I heard that as soon as I left Prestwood, the alkie received ‘promotion’ at Prestwood and was also enrolled into a Management Course at Coleg Menai, paid for by Prestwood.

I next saw the alkie not long before she died. She was drinking heavily, after having left her job at Prestwood. She told me that when she was in her early 20s, she had completed teacher training at Bangor University, but didn’t like teaching and had left. That was how she’d been offered the job at Prestwood.

I later heard that she had died after a few months of living in the B&Bs opposite Morrisons.

Previous posts provided further details of Prestwood. Sue and Lynda were friends with Dafydd. One of them, Suzanne Hamlett, had been a long-term alcoholic patient of Dafydd’s at Denbigh. She had been offered a place ‘for disadvantaged women’ on the psychology degree at Bangor University. After gaining a poor degree, Hamlett worked as a tutor on the counselling course at Coleg Llandrillo, where she met Lynda Holland, who’s husband  had ‘committed suicide’. Lynda was one of Hamlett’s students and they began a relationship. Hamlett was sacked for taking advantage of a student. Hamlett moved into the house in Trinity Avenue, Llandudno, that Holland had been left after her husband died and they lived downstairs, filling other rooms with Empowered Service Users, most of them from Liverpool. There was obviously a helpful Top Doctor supplying those residents…

Hamlett told the residents that she was a former Angel and had worked at Denbigh. This was known by every ‘professional’ with whom those residents had contact not to be true.

After I was threatened by Conwy Social Services and forced out of teaching, Hamlett and Holland were featured in the Daily Post! The First Lesbian Couple to marry in Llandudno. A limousine was hired and a crass huge knees-up held and the Daily Post ran a feature on ‘Sue and Lynda Hall’ being dedicated to the Mentally Ill Women whom they Helped.

After I began publishing about the mental health services some years later, Suzanne Hall was in the Daily Post once more. The old cow had died. Ovarian cancer. The Daily Post published a hagiography. Hamlett it transpired was only in her 50s; she looked much older, but that will have been because she spent decades pickled. Hamlett and Holland had been travelling the world when Hamlett was diagnosed. I knew that they were making a fortune – Hamlett boasted about it – but the cash must have been really rolling in, because in her final months, Hamlett and Holland cruised through South America – the Amazon I think -Hamlett flying back to the UK for Cancer Treatment and then resuming the luxury holiday for the Seriously Rich. Unbelievable. The Top Docs were wonderful but poor old Hamlett, Mrs Big in Prestwood People Trafficking Ltd, didn’t make it. A witness to so much gone before her time…

Hamlett had a Humanist Funeral and a Woodland Burial in a wicker casket to be fully Sustainable.

Some five years ago I was intrigued to learn that Rosie Waite had become a ‘Humanist funeral celebrant’. No, I don’t know what is going on either.

See the source image

Holland fell apart after Hamlett’s death. Holland’s daughter and her lesbian partner – there weren’t many men involved with this lot, which was odd, because the Therapy for Prestwood girls/wimmin who stated that they were gay was to force them to watch heterosexual porn and then Try It With A Man Or A Few, You Might Enjoy It, clients refusing to Engage With Therapy being sent back to Ashworth – ran Prestwood for a bit but it didn’t go well without Hamlett to threaten, manipulate and terrorise residents and the Prestwood chain of homes (there was loads of them by then) was sold.

Note To Readers In England: It’s OK, I DO understand if you find this all very difficult to believe. It is a consequence of a region run by Gwynne and Dafydd since the end of WW II.

Previous posts discuss the Mysteries Of Prestwood, including: the policeman who returned an injured client who had run away without asking how she’d sustained such serious injuries and why she’d run away; the two clients who jumped out of top floor windows after they’d been told by Sue n Lynda to kill themselves if that’s what they wanted to do, both injuring themselves, one of them breaking her back and ending up paralysed; the certificates given to Prestwood staff confirming that they’d undergone Training In Self-Harm when they had not attended the course, which was run by an Angel from north Wales; the sex worker from Llandudno who was hired to provide ‘services’ for a male resident; the orders given to residents to discuss their sexual fantasies and cuddle Hamlett ‘because that’s what normal people do’; the complete disappearance of one Prestwood resident after she told MIND volunteers at Holyhead MIND that she was being abused – this girl had been told by Hamlett that her social workers from home (Liverpool) were sick of her and Prestwood was her Last Chance and that if she Failed at Prestwood, she would be ‘driven back to Liverpool and left to die on an embankment’.

That was not the worst that I heard Hamlett say. I was in the room when Hamlett boasted that Prestwood residents know that if they threaten to hit staff, they’ll get a smack back. No clients ever threatened to hit me or as far as I know anyone else, but I witnessed a Home Manager piss herself laughing, along with Hamlett, after she had slammed Fran against a wall, grabbed her by the throat and told her that I’ll punch your fucking face in if you ever hit me…’

Fran was a young woman with learning disabilities and mental health problems who had been transferred to Prestwood from Ashworth. Fran had a boyfriend who was another Prestwood resident and other residents enjoyed themselves listening to Fran and her boyfriend having sex; this was discussed with Hamlett who encouraged Fran and her boyfriend to discuss their sexual practices with residents. All TVs at Prestwood were those hundreds of channels pay as you view TVs and Prestwood Rules were that Adult Channels were Permitted Viewing but only after 10pm at night.

Hamlett and Holland took Fran ‘on holiday to Greece’ and things became very difficult because for some reason Fran threw a wobbler and smashed up an hotel room. The police were called, Hamlett had to ‘pay the hotel and the police a lot of money for all the damage’ and the party returned home immediately.

The Greek police dismisseth us, with one very big bribe.

So, Hergest staff knew about Prestwood, the GPs in Gwynedd and Conwy knew about Prestwood, MIND worked in partnership with Prestwood, Gwynedd and Clwyd Social Services knew about Prestwood, Coleg Menai knew, Coleg Llandrillo knew and Bangor University knew. The North Wales Police knew as well, as did the Greek police. It wasn’t stopped until the Top Doctors killed Hamlett after I began publishing.

Not only did Hamlett and Holland study and work at Bangor University and Coleg Llandrillo themselves, but Prestwood staff were enrolled for courses at those institutions as well as at Coleg Menai and told their tutors what was happening. Prestwood residents were also enrolled in courses at those institutions. One girl from Prestwood on a Coleg Menai course was so sexually aggressive to the boys that they refused to sit in the class with her. There were Formal Complaints. Coleg Menai wrote to Prestwood and said that they could not accommodate this student because of her sexual aggression towards the boys. Prestwood threatened to sue Coleg Menai under the Disability Discrimination Act. Did Coleg Menai wrote back and say ‘We’ll blow the whistle on you, you people trafficking, criminal bastards?’ No. Coleg Menai crumbled and the girl who grabbed blokes’ bits constantly was taught by herself in a separate classroom.

Prestwood tried the same game with a number of local organisations providing facilities for the disabled, such as horse riding. They were told to fuck off and no, Prestwood did not sue under the Disability Discrimination Act. I’ll mention here that these were not Prestwood clients paying for activities; Prestwood identified every organisation in north Wales that offered free activities for disabled people and Hamlett enrolled residents for the goodies, while Liverpool Social Services (it was usually Liverpool) paid over £1k per week for a Placement At Prestwood.

So the solution to the alkie who had witnessed that awful scene in Ashworth with Regan was found. Switch the life support machine off. I don’t know how many people know about the suicide note, it is in the possession of an Empowered Service User who only told close friends that she found that note.

Brown’s mum knew about Prestwood, I told her all about it and she mentioned it in her letters to me, before she was found dead. The letters that disappeared from my property, in the batch that were stolen after the two boxes of documents stolen from my loft in the mid-1990s were flogged to George Carman and the Digger.

Just before CCG was formed, I knew a tenant of Gwynedd County Council who was being harassed and threatened by one of the Senior Housing Officers over modest arrears. I had witnessed the threats, so I rang Ffrancon’s dept to complain. One of Ffrancon’s henchmen threatened me. So I gave him the details of the scam being run by his colleagues re the evictions and B&B accommodation and also told him that I knew the truth behind a story that had been featured in the media re ‘anti-social’ tenants in Tremadog who had been evicted by Gwynedd CC for their dreadful behaviour. They were in fact Empowered Service Users who had been harassed and threatened themselves by the lying bastards alleging harassment and Ffrancon’s dept had ignored many complaints about this. I offered to contact the media re the matter and Ffrancon’s henchman backed off immediately and assured me that the matter could be resolved ‘without any need for that’. The tenant was allowed to remain in the house.

So it was a little disappointing to learn that soon after, the Gang approached this tenant, told him that ‘they’ (I understand that ‘they’ meant Merfyn Jones and the then CEO of the Betsi, Mary Burrows) ‘won’t win this and when they lose, your life won’t be worth living’ and offered this man an opportunity that he didn’t refuse. In return for hacking my e mails and forwarding the contents to the Gang and withdrawing a statement that he’d made re the threats and harassment to which he had seen me subjected, Gwilym Sion ap Gruffydd thrashed out a nice little deal with the Gang, resulting in a lecturing job for him at Bangor University’s School of Education.

Gwil is currently On Secondment with the Welsh Gov’t. While Gwil’s there, he might like to tell them all that he told me re Ffrancon and serious organised crime and the bent County Court judges that Ffrancon’s mates were using to hear the eviction cases, to ensure that tenants always lost the case.

‘Me? Gay?’

It seems so, just ask Gwil, he’s got the lowdown.

Readers may have remembered my previous posts about Mary Burrows. My perception was that she was doing her best at the Betsi and I know that she was receiving death threats. Since I wrote those posts I have been told that she doublecrossed me and did deals with the Gang, but I don’t know at what point. Mary died not long after she resigned as CEO of the Betsi in 2012. Cancer. The Top Docs did all that they could.

Get your pink bras on and run those Fund Raising Marathons ladies, it’s your only hope! Tits To Cancer! We’ll Thrash It!

All the Top Docs want is an Old Fashioned Millionaire.

See the source image

It is ironic that Mary died from cancer, because north Wales boasts an Expert In Ladies’ Cancers, one Simon Leeson. See post ‘A Cause Close To Our Hearts’. Simon arrived in north Wales in the 1990s from the Gang’s partner ring in Yorkshire. There was much dissatisfaction at the time because there were Scurrilous Rumours that girls and women were making Wicked Allegations about Top Doctors. The Wicked Allegations were of course baseless, but nonetheless Simon Leeson arrived as a Nice Young Doctor who wasn’t such an obviously offensive, drooling pervert or madman as were some of his colleagues. Sadly business as usual continued, even on the part of Simon’s junior doctors. Although I’m sure that Simon Knew Nuzzing and neither did Harvard Leader Grace, who was responsible for the running the services provided by those who were assaulting the patients at the time.

I have been passed documentary evidence signed by your junior Docs Simon. So either you’re a liar or your juniors were completely out of control. It was one of the matters that I was hoping to discuss with senior officers of the GMC, but as you can see they have refused to meet me. I wonder if they’ll change their minds if I write to them with yet more examples of things that one would have thought were totally unacceptable by any standards at all, even those of the GMC?

The last time that I saw Simon was at an IWA dinner in I think 2011. Carwyn Jones was the guest of honour and Merfyn was the MC for the evening. Mary and Simon were sitting on the same table. Simon had a face like thunder all evening and I noted that Mary and Simon didn’t speak to each other once throughout the event.

Since then, the maternity services and mental health services provided by the Betsi were deemed to be so dangerous that the Betsi has spent years in special measures. The ‘services’ are still deemed to be so dangerous – even with the NHS book-cooking – that special measures have not been lifted. So Nice Young Doctor Simon didn’t manage to make that much difference to the dysfunctional obs and gynae services in north Wales did you Simon, despite picking up all those accolades and being part of the big cancer research network linked to the London medical schools…


A new Independent Board Member has also appeared at the Betsi, who was the butt of many a joke at Bangor University when I worked there, on the basis of the unscrupulous Prof with whom she was exploring Uganda. He is a Sports Scientist and Elite Performance Expert – I understand that he does amazing things with his nose – as is his friend who has just joined the Board. The man with the infamous nose is a friend of Sexist Steve Brailsford, dad of Sir Dave.

I’ve saved the best new arrival at the Betsi Board until last. Just read the spiel that is provided by the Betsi for the new Executive Medical Director and readers will realise that there is still a great deal of green paint on the Renault:

Executive Medical Director

David Fearnley
David Fearnley is from Cardiff and graduated from the University of Wales College of Medicine in 1993.
David is one of the longest serving Medical Directors in the NHS, with 14 years’ experience as Executive Medical Director at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.
David was named as the RCPsych Inaugural Psychiatrist of the Year in 2009, received the Healthcare Financial Management Association/Academy of Medical Royal Colleges ‘Working with Finance – Clinician of the Year Award’ in 2013 and was named in the Health Service Journal’s 100 Clinical Leaders List in 2015.
His interests include medical leadership, quality improvement science, large scale transformational change and digital health. Last year, he joined the first cohort of the NHS Digital Academy and is currently completing an MSc in Digital Health Leadership at Imperial College London, with a particular interest in the digital readiness of NHS boards. He was elected Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics in 2019.
David’s national roles have included Deputy National Clinical Director for Mental Health, Associate National Clinical Director for Secure Care and Chair of the Adult Secure Clinical Reference Group (NHS England and NHS Improvement).

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If readers purchase a copy of the Torygraph today, they will see a big advert in there that has been placed by the RCN. No, it isn’t a Warning About The Tory Cuts, it is an advert telling everyone that the RCN is the union to join if one is an Angel. Presumably the RCN know that enough Angels are reading the Torygraph to make it worth paying the considerable sum that will have been required for an advert of that size.

As for the GMC’s advice re Advocacy and MIND Cymru, I presume that the GMC have one hell of a sense of humour.

See the source image


It’s OK, as any fule kno, this is the man responsible for the problems in north Wales; he stepped down as VC from Bangor University some eight years ago and was forced out as Chairman of the Betsi some two years after that. The region is on it’s arse, which just shows how wicked he is.

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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Following the Pearce-Chamberlain Research Fraud Scandal, there was much media comment, which included quotes from Top Docs who knew Chamberlain and Pearce. I have discussed how Malcolm Pearce was the fall-guy; Prof Chamberlain gave evidence against Malcolm at the GMC hearing in 1995 which resulted in Malcolm being struck off. Chamberlain had cooked up the fraud but because of his friendship with Royal Docs, he had to be kept completely in the clear.

    The media articles quoted Top Docs saying that Chamberlain was a ‘real sweetie, but naïve’ and others spoke of Malcolm as being a ‘fine clinician with a fine reputation’ and how no-one could understand why he had done this. One Top Doc quoted by name was Prof Linda Cardozo of King’s College, London. I remembered her name because she and her husband were good mates of Malcolm, but they were always bickering. Malcolm was obviously very envious of the lifestyle that the Cardozo’s enjoyed; they invited him over to see their new house with matching coloured bathrooms for each bedroom. Malcolm sat in the tea room swearing away about those bloody Cardozos. I thought ‘how very bungaloid and a caravan all this is, the whole bloody lot of them are on over £100k pa but there is still so much envy and avarice’.

    I’ve just popped over to Linda’s website to refresh my memories. Linda is advertising her private practice as well as her NHS work. Linda is a Urogynaecologist, so she knew who was responsible for the vaginal mesh scandal and she also knew whatever it was that Stuart Stanton at St George’s was doing that was alleged to be so criminal in Israel. Linda is the past Chairman of the British Menopause Society, so she knows all about the lies and the hard sell re HRT as well then. Linda herself is pictured with improbably black hair. Linda, you are much older than me, never mind the HRT, that hair isn’t fooling anyone.

    I noticed something about Linda of which I was unaware previously. Linda qualified from Liverpool Med School in 1974. So Linda doesn’t just know about Dafydd, Linda was at med school with Peter Higson’s sister Ruth Hussey, a central member of the Gang…

    Linda’s website and biography is dripping with references to Wimmin’s Health and her Expertise in this area. I echo the sentiments of one very sane secretary at St George’s re HRT: ‘I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole, look at the state of that lot’. That theory could probably be extended to every field in which Linda and her mates have poisoned with their Expertise.

    Never mind, Linda has that wonderful house – architect designed to Linda’s orders! – with the colour co-ordinated bathrooms Her caravan must really be something.

    King’s College Hospital is next to the Maudsley and is located in one of the poorest parts of London. Linda with the bathrooms was a Top Doc there when the King’s students were operating various scams including getting married for money in order to give non-British students British passports.

    Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you. It’s Different These Days, lots of Doctors are Ladies!

    Linda will have known about the trafficking ring that so many of her colleagues were facilitating. She cut her teeth re such matters in Liverpool med school in the early 1970s, when Gwynne was still lobotomising away in Denbigh.

  2. So, Farewell Peter Sissons…
    Keith’s mum never told me that you grew up in Liverpool
    When Dafydd ran that city
    But you did

    Peter Sissons was also one of the team who covered the 1987 General Election.

    It’s OK everyone, you don’t need to apologise to people like me or my correspondent Richard Haynes who also had his life destroyed by gangsters working in the medical profession. They are now completely out of control because no-one listened to us 30 years ago.

    The media is reporting that prosecutions are now to be mounted re the damage that the IRA informer ‘Stakeknife’ who worked for the Brits did; people died because Stakeknife was a bit of a loose cannon. Dafydd will have been far looser and firing many more cannonballs but he’s still on the Medical Register. He probably treated Peter Sissons.

    Dr Haynes and I await our cheques, it’s the only language that the NHS speaks.

    BTW re my friend Anne being killed in April 1986. It wasn’t only Anne that the Gang wanted to smash, it was Anne’s boyfriend. Her family didn’t know about him because Anne didn’t want to upset her mum by telling her that she was living with a man without being married to him, Anne’s mum wouldn’t have been happy. So Anne kept it quiet that they were living together and pretended that she was still living at our place. The security services knew exactly what was happening because they had both houses bugged.

    Anne’s partner didn’t only know about Gwynne, the en masse corruption in the Zoology and Plant Biology Depts in UCNW – he also knew far more than he told me – but he had done his first degree at Liverpool University, so he knew about Dafydd’s empire as well, he was mates with medical students there… He was a football fan and he knew about soccer violence being organised by far-right people who had professional jobs. He grew up in Stafford and he knew about the wrongdoing there as well…

    What will have really worried the Gang is that Anne’s boyfriend was like Brown and me, he was not afraid to challenge people involved in wrongdoing and make his disapproval clear. It’s why the other zoology postgrads used to be rude about him. One of those who was rudest about him died at the hands of the Top Docs a few months ago. Cancer; Liz Howe was in her late 50s and stayed working in Bangor after she finished her PhD and just kept quiet about Anne, me, Gwynne etc…

    Anne’s partner was also up to speed on current events, he was an Eye reader since the 6th form and of left wing views but he just couldn’t stand the twats in the Labour Party. Like me he also despaired of the idiots who ran the Students Union in UCNW.

    He got together with Anne after he split up with the girl to whom he had been engaged when he was at Liverpool. There was much nastiness from people who didn’t know the full story; his ex-girlfriend had developed some sort of severe depressive illness and the Top Docs did what they did to so many; they pissed her about and then abandoned her. So he looked after her long enough for her not to kill herself and then made the break. So the gossips now know what happened, rather than the swinging orgies that we were all supposed to be having with each other.

    One more thing. Anne’s mum was a lovely person. Because she didn’t know that Anne was no longer living with us, she actually wrote us the nicest letter that arrived just two days after Anne’s death telling us that she was thinking of us because we must be shattered, Anne being our housemate… Her daughter had died and she thought of us. She told us that she would love to see us at Anne funeral, we were all welcome.

    We all went to Anne funeral except for the student who had lived in our house who later provided a statement to the Top Docs about Anne and me being Prostitutes, in return for a plumb job with the RSPB… When we received Anne’s mum’s letter I asked him if he was coming to the funeral. He said no, Anne was dead and he couldn’t give a fuck about her mum’s feelings.

    Anne’s mum and dad donated a substantial sum of money to the Dept of Zoology in her memory; it funded a scholarship. While the staff of UCNW told everyone that Anne and I were prostitutes.

    One more thing. Because of the dissatisfaction among the zoology postgrads re certain PhD supervisors, there were quite a few of them who didn’t bother to finish their PhDs, particularly if they landed a job that didn’t need the PhD. There was a standing joke about the ‘runners’. There was a list of Runners up in the postgrads tea room in the Zoology Dept. One runner was Jon Turner; there was a John Turner who wasn’t a Runner, he stayed in Bangor at became a Prof. The Runner Jon Turner negotiated a very highly paid senior job for himself at Manchester University, running their IT system. Anne’s boyfriend knew how he negotiated that Nice Little Number as well..

    Manchester, the institution that concealed Gwynne and Dafydd. Tony Francis arrived in north Wales in 1983. After a few years working at Manchester University.

    Anyone else want to gossip about my friend Biggus Dickus?

  3. Anne’s brother had a nervous breakdown after she was killed and her sister was so distraught that she called off her wedding. Yes, the Gang timed it brilliantly, Anne’s sister was getting married in a few weeks. God knows what happened to her, because she worked in the NHS…

    It’s incredible what the murder of a prostitute by Top Docs can cause.

    1. People are observing that those we know and love are still ‘very quiet’ about me after having been so voluble for so many years.

      It’s because there’s a New Methodology. It is no longer a matter of screaming that I am mad, a liar, a thief, a prostitute and They Know All About Me because Their Sister Works At The Hospital. The methodology now is rather more impressive and an excellent reflection of the enormity of what went on in north Wales and elsewhere. The media is full of those who benefited from this slaughter promoting their latest ventures. Ben Elton has come out of mothballs (and back from Australia) for a 2019 tour. Ben’s everywhere in the media at present! Max Boyce is back in north Wales gigging! The stars of Corrie are almost permanent resident of north Wales at present and feature daily in the north Wales press. Even Ffrancon was in the Daily Post yesterday, accompanied by glowing comments. Ffrancon is sponsoring an Award at the Bangor University Business Awards! The Daily Post told us that CCG is now to be called ‘Adra’. Presumably because CCG has now acquired such a terrible reputation – I had heard! – that the usual solution is to be employed: a change of name. Ffrancon will still be in control so in a few years, after much litigation and scandal, get ready for Adra to metamorphose into something else, under the leadership of that man with so much experience in the field, Ffrancon…

      Mark Watkin Jones was in the Post too, Mark has Retired at 50 yrs old and was delighted to tell the Post that ‘the business’ is now worth £350 million. I know a lot of people in Gwynedd au fait with Mark’s business practices who will not be particularly chuffed to hear that news. Mark did mention that Watkin Jones never build their buildings themselves, they always commission other builders. So that’s why the many people who spent good money on Nice New Houses only to find huge cracks appearing in the walls after 6 months couldn’t sue Watkin Jones per se; it was always someone else’s legal responsibility. The only person whom I knew who ever Got Satisfaction after their newbuild began falling down was related to businesspeople who were even more Watkin Jones than Watkin Jones. I was told that heavies from Manchester arrived and told the ‘Builders’ that ‘We know where you live, we know where your kids go to school, SORT THIS OUT’. Major repairs on the defective ‘Watkin Jones newbuild’ began immediately…

      Mark himself went to Friars School, which is where the Gang sent their kids (or the members of the Gang who Didn’t Believe In Private Education, the teachers, social workers, lecturers and some Top Docs); the kids from Maesgeirchan who were targeted by the Gang also went to Friars…

      I was always told that there was a widespread belief that the Watkins Jones empire was built on the back of Freemasonry. They certainly liked Mark W-J at Bangor Business School. Mark is of course The Son of the original Watkin Jones, but it is under Mark that the company grew from a small builders into a FTSE listed giant… Over the last 30 years really… How did that happen then Mark?

      The Daily Post quoted Mark as saying that Watkin Jones built the Victoria Doc development at Caernarfon and the big development at St Asaph. Being me I thought ‘Well thanks for that info Mark, I’ll investigate further’. Other BUILDERS might have translated that as ‘Fings break’. Perhaps builders who stole those documents of mine that ended up in the hands of the Digger and George Carman. Or the builder who’s mum and dad, also builders, witnessed what the Gang did to me and others in the Bethesda days, offered a statement years later and then died soon after…

      Bethesda was full of builders or building labourers, I knew more of them than quarry workers. They had a bit of a boom in the 1980s and 90s because of the ‘European money’ that was available to renovate the quarryman’s cottages, it was great, ALL the terraces were transformed from heaps with outdoor bogs to really nice little houses. The hippies and Empowered Service Users who’d actually managed to hang on to a house lived in them, as well as retired quarrymen. The houses are now selling for £100 k and the last time that I went to Carneddi, there was barely a hippy or an Empowered Service User in sight. It was the younger staff of the NHS and Bangor University living in those cottages.

      Rachub still seems to be in a sorry state though, which is weird because Rachub was Superior to Carneddi, Gerlan and Bethesda in the 1980s and 90s…

      As well, such are the mysteries of Builders, Housing, Huge Amounts Of Grant Funding, Witnesses to Serious Crime, Ffrancon, Gwynedd County Council, Dafydd’s old mates at Bethesda where Dafydd originally came from…

      ‘Desert Island Discs’ on Sunday interviewed an Inspirational Woman, who talked about being Homeless at 15 yrs old and repeatedly talked about Not Having Food In Her Belly and the Degradation of rifling through bins for food, ooh the degradation, people would look at you and you’d just Feel So Degraded.

      Eeh she had it tough, the rifling of the bins that I knew of (the bins behind Safeways in Bangor) was a Group Activity, undertaken by the Empowered Service User and The Poorer Students Community, so there wasn’t much Degradation In Isolation, it was the spirit of the Blitz.

      As the Radio 4 Inspirational Woman’s story continued it became clear that this was a PR initiative for John Bird of Big Issue fame. The John Bird who knew how many homeless were former kids in care who had been forced into sex work by the Gang and related rings… Just google Lord Bird and have a look at his CV…

      The Inspirational Woman is now drinking Chateau de Chasselais and is the Chief of a Fire Service, so she’s inspirational in many ways. Including for the Fire Brigades Union that has starred on this blog in recent months. I googled her and I found her Twitter with photos of her that must have been the most photoshopped pics of a middle aged woman ever. Even more of a joke than Lulu with that smooth early teens face and old ladies hands. The Inspirational Woman looked about 16, with huge pink pouting lips and enormous doe eyes. So that’s what Firemen look like these days. They used to be notorious for getting pissed and watching porn between call outs and their initiation ceremonies in which they ripped each others clothes off and pissed on each other. Included the new female recruits. Anne Jones the north Wales Labour AM and good mate of the Gang never mentions that, although she used to work for the FBU. She’s also shut up about the NHS now that Merfyn is no longer there to blame for the genocide.

      Anyway, re Inspirational Stories, can I just say that although I appreciate the compliments re this blog and me Sharing My Life Story, I didn’t ever want to do the Inspirational Woman bit because I am most definitely not. I did this to expose the absolute genocide that took place in north Wales with the knowledge of all professional people in the region over decades, that successive PMs built their careers upon. There is barely anyone left to talk about what happened to us. They are nearly all dead or have been damaged so badly by the Help, that they could never ever write a blog like this. It’s them who need the sympathy, not me.

      This matters, because the younger Professionals who colluded with those bloody gangsters are now in senior roles running the NHS and the social care system and indeed the country. And just look at the mess.

      I never expected to include any personal bits of my biography on this blog, I only ended up doing that because so much info came in after I began blogging, telling me that so much of what happened to me was because of my Tory grandfather taking on Edward du Cann and the split in my family re who colluded with du Cann when it became clear that the rewards would be great if they did and who held out and refused to toady to crooks.

      There is much more and much worse that I could write about those who colluded, but I’m not going to. My grandfather and father are dead, they died dreadful deaths and for all their faults they were the people who refused to collude with du Cann and then the Gang. I know damn well who is still alive although I haven’t seen them for years….

      Gwynne and Dafydd’s bread and butter was doing deals with abusive family members of their targets. It’s who everyone wanted running the NHS, its who they’ve got. Thatch built her Cabinet on it and Tom King was transformed from a ruthless nobody to a Big Beast Of British Politics. The whole bloody lot of them could have been arrested years ago, but no-one wanted to know, no-one.

      1. Thank you to one reader for the list of names of the (then young) men known to me who were supportive and sympathetic to me in the wake of Gwynne and the Gang; yes, I did know, every one of them was subjected to a vicious smear campaign re their ‘appalling attitude to women’. It was systematic; if you were male and you defended girls/women against that gang of sex offenders you were roundly trashed by the sex offenders and their accomplices. Who used their female accomplices to do the slandering, didn’t they Dee Jones/Gray and Stel Farrar?

        Male psych patients who dared confront the sex offenders of the Gang were finished in terms of their reputation, they were either paedophiles or sex offenders. Bridget Lloyd knows all about that, as does Ella, Dr Heinersdorff, Sadie and so many other Caring Lady Professionals; they either made up the lies themselves or failed to challenge the lies when they heard them repeated. This was how innocent people went to prison or were found dead.

        I’ve also been reminded of something else that someone unknown to me knows about, presumably because the house was bugged at the time. The day that I was visiting Somerset and the Birmingham Six were let out of prison, after all those years. The TV was on and I think it was Paddy Hill, the angry one who made the blistering attack on the bent criminal justice system, was given full coverage. I dared to say that I was so glad that they were finally out, what a disgrace this was. One of the Bridgy contingent snapped ‘Well they weren’t Sunday School teachers were they?’ I responded with that was not a reason to frame them for terrorist offences… Immediately afterwards, the TV ran a trailer for a miscarriage of justice programme about someone else who had been fitted up. Another member of the Bridgy contingent snapped ‘Oh so we’ve got to hear about another rogue now have we’.

        My correspondent noted that those two were thought that it was fine to frame innocent people were among those who lied about me to the Gang and their associates, lies that were used as part of the ‘evidence’ re my Insanity and Dangerousness… Yes, I did suspect that they would be among those who did!

        But then Gareth Pierce, Michael Mansfield et al who made their reputations on the back of those famous miscarriage of justice cases were the lawyers who refused to touch cases of anyone who were targeted by the Gang in north Wales. The biggest irony of all is that I was working at St George’s in the aftermath of the Birmingham Six case and David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep – a fan of the SDP/Lib Alliance – said angrily ‘The lives of those men have been ruined, completely ruined’. Indeed David, that’s why you then did all that you could to trash me, you knew how effective smears and fit ups are.

        Even 30 years later when you produce concrete evidence of serious organised crime on the part of those in the Highest Echelons, you just have yet more poison spat at you. Or you get what I got on occasions, including from Sadie and Alun Davies, when I had them bang to rights: ‘Oh SHUT UP’.

        Read the extracts from the Waterhouse Report. THAT is why I was being told to OH SHUT UP. But as any fule kno, those kids ‘Were no angels were they’.

        I provided the GMC with a few written lines detailing serious sexual assaults carried out on patients in north Wales by doctors whom I named. The reply that I received was the one reproduced above. The docs that I named I note have ‘voluntarily removed their names from the Register’. They have also left north Wales. God knows where they are, but they’ll be living in another part of the UK or even abroad as a ‘retired doctor’ and they’ll have a nice lifestyle, they’ll be in local community groups – probably as leading lights, being an Oh A Retired Doctor Has Just Joined Us! – and having several overseas holidays per year.

        Dee Jones/Gray knew who at least one of them was, she was mates with their friends. That’s the Dee who smugly told me that a certain psych patient in north Wales would never be given NHS treatment even if he was at risk of death. As Dee knows, he’s an aggressive nutter who Is A Threat To Wimmin. Which is weird, because I know him as a man who blew the whistle on the abuse of kids in Islington and then complained about the way that I was being treated in north Wales. Furthermore Dee, he also complained about a sexual assault by male Angels on a teenaged girl who was sectioned in Hergest. That was the final nail in his coffin wasn’t it Dee?

        I will be approaching the GMC again…

        I’ve also been told that as well as Sue Collick, Merfyn’s PA when he was VC at Bangor, being persuaded to do deals with people with no positive intent, ‘the PA before Sue’ was as well. I did wonder about that at the time; I always found her very pleasant and she’d been Merfyn’s Secretary for years, long before he became VC. Then she had a huge row with him and walked out, over what seemed to me was a very big misunderstanding on her part. She was made a Wonderful Offer of a job by Gwynedd Social Services, that later turned out to be a bloody nightmare… She told people that resigning from her job with Merfyn was the biggest mistake that she’d ever made. She grew up on Anglesey and her mum was a police officer…

        I have no idea whether that secretary or indeed her mum realised that she was being used, but at one time I was quite friendly with her and we exchanged e mails on a regular basis. I need to tell her that when the brother-in-law of John McTernan, Miranda’s Head of Policy, nicked my computer and then my system was hacked again afterwards, her e mails will have been among those that Miranda et al read. I understand that the Digger got hold of them as well.

        Bugger me, we’re all famous!

        Now police officers on Anglesey, I don’t know what benefits accrued to you, but they’ll have been sod all as compared to Miranda’s billions. BTW Merfyn’s wife died because of it all. But at least you’ve got a bungalow and a caravan. Best of luck when you next become ill and experience the Ah the doctors they were wonderful. You may well find that as in the case of Ieuan Wyn Jones’s wife – a former Angel! – ah bechod, she’s gone, although they did all that they could…

        Ieuan Wyn Jones and his wife came from Denbigh and he was Anglesey’s AM on the back of deals done over me. Ieuan was still AM when Merfyn came under attack… Your wife is dead Ieuan you bloody idiot, did you really think that they wouldn’t turn on you if they got worried enough?

        Should David Hole be reading this, he’ll probably remember the time that we were in the tea room reading about Operation Spanner, the ‘Perverts Trial’ that made history in terms of entertainment at St George’s. Operation Spanner saw the prosecution of a group of gay men who were sado-masochists. It was memorable, one man who ‘was particularly interested in penises’ (the correct word for the plural of penis is penes but never mind) was a ‘nuclear missiles designer’ and another man sandpapered somebody else’s testicles. There was controversy because all the men were consenting adults, there had been absolutely no coercion yet they received hefty prison sentences. The thing that caused the biggest row was that there were I think just two men who were into bestiality and were prosecuted for having sex with ‘a range of farmyard animals’ – David Hole just roared with laughter at that – but received lighter sentences than the sado-masochists. The dreadful Mandy Leigh and I agreed on something for once ie. they were the only people who should have been prosecuted, on the grounds of animal cruelty. Then we had a conversation about a psychiatry textbook -I think that it must have been David Stafford-Clark’s notorious volume – in which a teenaged boy was designated a psychopath and sent to Broadmoor after having sex with a dog.

        A few months ago I received info that Operation Spanner arose from two men who tried to blow the whistle on John Allen in north Wales. They were gay and into S&M and the police fitted them up. Then the police spiced up the case a bit by adding some bestiality, to ensure maximum Shock and Disgust. I was refusing to drop my complaints about Dafydd and the Gang at the time. Dafydd and the Gang who forced kids to have sex with animals for the purposes of making child porn. Oliver Brooke, the Prof of Paediatrics at St George’s, who had served a prison sentence for kiddie porn was by that time out of prison and publishing with Hole’s boss, Geoffrey Chamberlain and others from St George’s. David Hole knew Ollie Brooke and told me that he’d left St George’s years ago…

        David Stafford-Clarke knew Gwynne, Dafydd and the St George’s lot…

        I’m Shocked and Disgusted that such Rogues could ever have got away with it.

        If any of the men convicted in Operation Spanner want to do a bit of digging re their case, it might be worth their while. Because they went to prison as the net looked like it was closing in on the Gang in north Wales, Ollie’s mates and Greville Janner…

        I haven’t seen any documentary evidence of this, but I’ve been told that John Redwood was something to do with the distraction technique that was Operation Spanner…

        If St Helena knows anything about all this, I think we should be told…

        1. I’d love to blog in detail re Operation Spanner, but I doubt that I’ll have time. What I do know is that the police behind it were the corrupt Met Obscene Publications Squad who began their investigations re Spanner in 1987. One of those advising some of the Squad in terms of video nasties etc was Guy Cumberbatch, Brown’s former tutor at Aston, who was one of those who ensured that for his PhD, Brown ended up at Leicester, rather than Birmingham…

          Guy was one of those who put the rumour around that Brown ‘couldn’t be trusted with children’. Brown cynically observed that was a bit rich coming from Guy because Brown spent a great deal more time looking after Guy’s young daughter than Guy did. No, Brown wasn’t molesting her, Guy had a mistress, spent most of his time with her, so Guy’s wife was effectively a single parent and Brown helped out…

          Guy’s wife Mary was a teacher in Leicester and must have known about the ring. Mary was Welsh but I can’t remember where she was from. I got to know Mary in 1983; DGE Wood’s accomplice the Angel in the Student Health Centre Liz Stables, was most interested in the Cumberbatch’s when she heard me refer to their daughter, who had a Welsh name, that is very unusual in England. Liz’s own son Gareth became a Top Doc. He’s a consultant in Leicester.

          Guy and Mary’s daughter has I have heard changed her name and disappeared. That might just save her life.

  4. Adam Price, the leader of Plaid, is featured in ‘The Guardian’ declaring that England should make reparation to Wales for wrecking the country and leaving it in poverty. Adam’s analysis is correct, no matter how much the Tories used to bang on about Benefits Culture in Wales, for hundreds of years, resources were systematically extracted from Wales by Welsh labour paid a subsistence income (if that) and sent to England, the nation that kept the profits.

    Over the last 30 years, when there has been nothing to take from Wales any longer, England has exported its expensive needy citizens to Wales; one does not have to be Welsh Nash to notice how many areas of Wales are now full of people from England who are elderly, chronically ill, disabled or massively vulnerable in some way and unable to work, who were positively encouraged to live in Wales because England did not want the financial burden. It’s about looking after people, not insulting them because they are vulnerable; England won’t do it and Wales can’t afford this policy of England’s…

    Plaid has traditionally been a party of, in socio-economic and cultural terms, a Welsh middle class/local elite, many of whom maintain that they are of the Gwerin. Literally. Most of them are not of the Gwerin – Leanne Wood is unusual in that she is not of that traditional Plaid cohort herself and the ‘English Marxist’ Leanne has faced hostility from factions of the Gwerin because of it – they are the equivalent of the 19th century Welsh ‘middle class’ who worked as eg. quarry and mine managers and oversaw the plebs at the bottom of the heap. In north Wales, they made/make up many of those who facilitated the Gang…

    So I’ll await my reparation from Dafydd, Dr Duckula Morris, the Beasleys, Dafydd Iwan, Alun Ffred etc then Adam. They owe me a great deal of money…

    If Adam wishes to recommend some reading to his fans re the Guardian, Merfyn Jones has written a lot about this subject, as did his mate the Philanderer – before the Philanderer went into politics and was barred from the Lords by Miranda. Then there’s the Father Of Twins, he wrote on the subject as well, another one of Merfyn’s Disgraceful Friends. Plaid hate all three of them, but perhaps with Adam now so desperate, they’ll open their minds a bit…

    Can I just advise Guardian readers to not bother with Deirdre Beddoe? I have spent years trying to be generous but have come to the conclusion that there was bugger all there but her gender, thus those Bastard Men were ordered to make a place in ‘Llafur’ and such journals for her…

    One of the most impressive writers on socio-cultural Wales in the 1980s has been buried by the Wimmin and the Big Names. I tracked him down a few years ago, he is an American social anthropologist who wrote really brilliant stuff when he lived in Bethesda in the 1980s… A man called Graham Day is pretty impressive as well, but as any fule kno, it’s best not to mention him. Or a lady called Nerys.

    Anyone for Funding? Well you won’t fucking get it if you’re any good because you’ll show the Beasleys and their mates up and you’ll end up back in the US publishing on post-Soviet anthropology because Dafydd isn’t calling the shots there. Although he might be by now.

    Social policy for Wales? ‘We will encourage a bottom up approach embracing Diversity and Inclusion in which No Citizen Is Left Behind’. If anyone actually dares demonstrate the many ways in which Wales (and the rest of the UK) is run by affluent, professional people who benefit from this Policy themselves while the plebs are killed by the NHS, trafficked by the social care system, diverted into Educational Paths that will bar them from the most influential positions and jailed when they simply can’t cope with neoliberal capitalism, they’ll find themselves out of a job and if they’re really lucky, threatened by a gun.

    As any fule kno, the Correct Response when one is addressing an audience of Health and Social Care Professionals in Cardiff and an Angel in the audience pops up her hand and mentions that she knows about that study in north Wales involving depressed patients that has no strategy at all built in for patients who become ill or even suicidal during the study, is to smile and say ‘Mmmm’. Isn’t it Catherine? What you do not do is take the Baker Approach and say ‘It’s bloody appalling isn’t it, but then that particular study has many flaws…’

    If one follows the Correct Response, one will then receive Big Funding and a Book Contract with the Top Doctor running the flawed study and then a job as a Welsh Gov’t Adviser. If one follows the Baker Approach, one will have a gun waved at one and a few years later when one’s blog acquires a following, Adam Price will repeat to the Guardian word for word what one published in a book with Brown some years ago…

    I don’t mind Adam, I’ve taken it as a compliment, but you all pretended to ignore that book at the time and the Wimmin were quite frankly rude to me about it!

    BTW I heard on Radio 4 yesterday that an apology has been given to someone in New Zealand on behalf of Captain Cook. I was a little surprised to hear this; Captain Cook was quite a long time ago now and not only are most of his victims and even their great-great-great grandchildren dead, but Captain Cook was not the apologising sort. In fact Captain Cook pissed so many people off to such an extent that he was murdered, disembowelled and his flesh roasted. Would anyone like to apologise to him?

      1. It tends to be politicians and celebs who double up as ‘activists’ who ignore matters such as that Richard. The general public often proffer exactly such insights. On one of my infrequent visits to the pubs in Bethesda back in 1989, I met a young man, born and bred in Bethesda, who was working in the quarry and after the conversation of those with whom we were sitting had turned to the evils of Lord Penrhyn, this man observed that at school he had heard nothing but how badly the English treated the Welsh but ‘in those days’ ‘it was the same everywhere’, the English treated their own poor badly as well. He was quite right but his opinion wasn’t given the space in the local media as that of Dafydd Orwig et al…

        It’s taken me a very long time to realise the extent of the truth of your comment to me some months ago re if you really do take on powerful forces you will not be allowed to pass as it were. I remember with reference to Doreen Lawrence, you asked me how long I’d now been fighting, still ignored and you observed that Doreen wasn’t quite what she pretended to be yet she had all the media coverage and the peerage…

        I have taken an interest in many matters that I haven’t had time to discuss on this blog in terms of the Oppressed Breaking Through and the sadness is that virtually all those who do, compromise and often in a very big way. This blog has written much about the Sisters and Suffragettes who were not quite as people imagine, about Lord David Pitt the Black BMA Chairman and many others who frankly sold out. It is the same story again and again, ‘the first black headmistress in Cardiff’, ‘the first Black magistrate in the UK’, it just goes on… The reality is if you really rebel you will be pretty much alone. It took decades for the case of the Somali man from Cardiff wrongly hanged by Gwynne’s mates in 1952 to become a National Cause. His white widow was ousted from polite society from the moment that she married him and no-one at all listened as she yelled as loudly as she could that he was innocent and they’d killed him…

        I have various privileges in terms of being intelligent, well-educated etc but I was given a very hard time because I stood up for the plebs against some deeply corrupt professional people. If I couldn’t make myself heard re what was happening to the Empowered Service Users, no-one could.

        I have been entertained to watch the growing clamour to defend Sexually Harassed/Abused Wimmin from those who were never previously exercised about such matters as this blog named more and more guilty parties re north Wales! But have you heard one word about the Top Docs? No! The Feminism being expressed is all about Getting a Smear, hilarious, now there’s a backlash for me!

        This morning, The Guardian has a report about the Discrimination and Harassment faced by Wimmin barristers. I’m sure that it exists and I expect that in some cases it is gross. But it will be nothing to what the victims of Dafydd and Gwynne suffered. Even now St Helena’s colleagues are tinkering at the edges. Are their concerns with Serious Organised Crime at the Bar? Er no. They want ‘non-binary’ bogs, ‘time off for childcare’ and ‘breastfeeding facilities’. The latter two demands are salient but would be best met by a substantial revolution in attitudes towards children and anyone who looks after them rather than lobbying from Wimmin barristers. At least when female barristers are sucessful they can afford a nanny. The woman (or man) working in Tescos can’t.

        It was Miranda, the husband of a high profile woman barrister, who forced the mothers of small children out to work when the kid was three, if they were on benefits. Miranda’s Glorious Vision was for the mother of the 3 yr old to work on the till for bugger all money, while another woman paid bugger all was paid to look after the child of the woman working on the till. It was nonsensical and caused great upset to mothers and toddlers. The Wimmin barristers said nothing about the idiocy.

        I woke up early this morning to hear an interview on World Service with yet another Woman concerned about Sexual Violence. Radio 4 and the World Service have one of these features on every day now. The Woman interviewed seemed to have read the Cosmo Guide To Feminism, sort of ‘beginning to get there but leaving a great deal to be desired’. She talked about the fashion industry, eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, ‘products’ ruthlessly sold to young women to promote weight loss etc.

        It then became evident that the Feminist being interviewed was some sort of celeb/DJ. She seems to be famous for Speaking Out and has been involved in twitter spats with the Kardashians and suchlike. She caused a rumpus by sending a tweet saying that the pockets of the Kardashians are ‘lined with the blood and diarrhoea of girls’. I thought ‘What an excellent line, but surely it would be better directed at the GMC and BMA when I think of what they did to us in north Wales when we were young?’

        Anyway, I’ve googled her. She is Jameela Jamil. Her CV tells me me that Jameela is only Speaking Out about certain people yet knows very much more about very more toxic influences than the Kardashians. But Jameela doesn’t want to stop being offered media interviews or indeed all work at all and she certainly doesn’t want to be refused all medical care.

        So if it’s OK with Jameela, I’ll use her line about pockets being lines with blood and diarrhoea of girls to the GMC, because the medical establishment are very much more guilty here than the Kardashians. As Jameela knows.

        I am still waiting for Radio 4 and the World Service to express their deepest concern that the GMC see no Fitness to Practice issues with named Docs who are known to have sexually assaulted named patients, committed perjury, conspiracy and broken the law in so many other ways. Somehow I don’t think that the BBC will be broadcasting such material. They haven’t yet managed to explain Jimmy Savile yet have they…

        But they have broadcast Jameela saying that she was the victim of multiple rapes and realises now that the Patriarchy was behind it all. Wendy Savage talks about the Patrirachy, she did when she was part of Dafydd’s trafficking network as well. Wendy was one for breastfeeding facilities as well. I’m sure that she has now progressed onto non-binary bogs.

        What I did hear on the radio as well is a huge sexual abuse scandal that intrepid reporters have exposed. In Iraq. On the part of Muslim clerics.

        For God’s sake don’t mention the GMC, BMA and MDU. I’ve mentioned them once or twice but I think that I’ve got away with it…

        Their pockets are lined with the blood and diarrhoea… and more than a few corpses as well, the corpses of people who died slowly, in agony because the Top Doctors arranged matters to ensure that would happen… A lot of people knew what was going on but no-one stopped it. Including the people now giving Jameela work opportunities and media space.

        1. After joining Ancestry UK I have found out quite a lot. The grandfather I never knew was in a family which had the mass eviction at Denaby Main circa 1903. Their Irish ancestry must have resonated as police wore cutlasses for the evictions of striking miners. The Bag Muck Strike.

          I am on the waiting list now for late mum’s Barnardos records. So I may get to find out where she was tortured and abused.

          Doreen Lawrence adviser black activist Ros Howells back in 98 wanted me to “Admit white people had felt superior for centuries”

          In Wales they constantly blame “The English” for all their woes.

          They even learn it in school with drivel like “The English defeated the Welsh and imposed tax called tithes to support their church which was not supported in Wales”

          No wonder they spout drivel and pray on their knees and prey on their neighbours, live poor die rich how did that happen.

          I had to smile because a friend in Suffolk is still fighting the Suffolk Tithe War.

          1. There are myriad ironies and complexities Richard.

            The Anglican Church in Wales is known as the Church in Wales as opposed to the Church of England; there is a difference, I think that it actually counts as the Church in Wales being disestablished, although theologians might correct me on that point. There is definitely a difference between the C of E and the Church in Wales. However the Anglican Church in Wales was as much on board with organised abuse and Dafydd as Chester Cathedral was…

            The Marquess of Anglesey served as a churchwarden in a tiny little church near to his family seat. That was seen by some people as a point in his favour, that he was actually bothering to make an active contribution to the local parish church. I can understand that interpretation, but the worrying thing about the Bishops of Bangor was that they were all mates with Dafydd and the Gang, particularly Gwilym Williams, who was Archbishop of Wales as well. Gwilym Williams was Bish of Bangor when the Marquess was serving as a churchwarden on Anglesey. The MP for Anglesey was Cledwyn Hughes, friend of the Windbag’s in-laws, who introduced the Windbag to Jim Callaghan. And the Anglesey Conservative Party had as a key mover and shaker the Marquess of Anglesey. The Anglesey Tories were such good mates with Ann Widdecombe that they begged her to be their MP. Just to ensure that all angles were covered re the Gang, Gwilym Williams was at Jesus College Oxford with Harold Wilson.

            Best of luck to anyone on Anglesey who complained about the Gang then! No wonder when I did exactly that in 1985, Tony Francis rang Keith Best the MP BEFORE I got to Best’s surgery! Francis had probably also rung his old mate from their days at Cardiff University, the Windbag…

            There was a standing joke on Anglesey, the Dirty Vicar of Benllech, it rivalled anything that Benny Hill conjured up. The Vicar of Benllech got away with a great deal until he finally made headlines. I don’t think that his tastes were for children, the Dirty Vicar of Benllech just enjoyed himself with the ladies of the parish. Then there was the clergyman in the Diocese of Bangor whom Lady Vicars claimed was a Sex Pest and that there had been many complaints but the Cathedral folk just couldn’t get their heads around it to sort it out… Bangor Cathedral was known to be utterly dysfunctional and spiteful, although there are some very nice Anglicans in the area. I can only presume that it all stems from Dafydd as usual. The people who should be running things won’t be, the pillocks will have the upper hand. I was told years ago that the bangor Cathedral lot would never dare take on Dafydd. I was also told that the corrupt Judge Huw Daniel was frightened of Dafydd’s dealers and wouldn’t touch them lest he was found dead. Well his father was killed two days after Dafydd and Saunders Lewis made their famous public lecture that led to the founding of the Welsh Language Society, Huw knows that Fings Break.

            Malcom Cherret, one of the zoology lecturers from Bangor – Cherrret was Of The Gang, he was a Durham graduate – died a few years ago and was buried at St Tegfan’s Church, old Llandegfan. That was down the road from where I used to live and I really pissed the former vicar off by refusing to join in a witch-hunt gainst some neighbours who were targetsof Dafydd… Word got round immediately!

            This lot need to wake up to the price that they are paying for colluding with gangsters… Had they not done that, they might have protected local kids, teenaged girls and young women from at least two very serious predators in that village. But no, they wanted a bungalow and a caravan… Even when one of their own daughters suffered the consequences.

            Have they all had their brains removed?

  5. Thanks for the reader’s enquiry re me contacting a private detective in an attempt to find out what he was involved with that made him untouchable. It was in the autumn of 1987, after the attempt to bribe and blackmail me, frame me etc. I couldn’t get anywhere with Clwyd or Gwynedd Heath Authorities or the GMC or indeed MPs and the Welsh Office and certainly not the police. I had been told extraordinary things about Dafydd re the sex with numerous patients, his wife leaving him for one of his patients who was then found hanging, that he was one of the wealthiest people in north Wales yet no-one seemed to know where his money was going etc. One person who was an ‘outsider’ re Wales told me that no-one would touch him no matter what he did, ‘he has some sort of power over everyone in north Wales and the whole medical establishment but I don’t know what it is…’

    Dafydd was obviously into something big and serious and because by then he was so obviously a danger to me, I did ring a private detective who cheerily offered to get all that he could on Dafydd, but of course his fee was way beyond the reach of Brown and me. I never told anyone that I’d contacted that man, I put the small ad in Private Eye for info on Dafydd because I couldn’t have ever afforded the private detective. I know now that our phone was being tapped, which is how someone found out about that to ask me about it…

    When I rang the private detective, Douglas Hurd was Home Secretary. Whoever listened to the tap will have heard Dafydd at his best (or indeed worst); confessing to crime, trying to bribe me, threatening to have me imprisoned in Risley, joking about sex with animals, yelling down the phone when he lost his temper etc…

    Hurd was the nephew of a Cambridge botanist who was a friend of the Prof in the Plant Biology Dept at UCNW, who was part of Dafydd’s circle. Douglas Hogg, son of Lord Hailsham, who’d been protecting that lot since Profumo, was a Minister at the Home Office under Hurd.

    Janner and Frank Beck were under police investigation and Brown and I were living on their patch in Leicester.

    A few weeks later the King’s Cross fire happened which I’m told wass an attempt to kill me.

    Hurd, you were the bloody Home Secretary and you were not supposed to be doing this sort of thing. BTW, why didn’t you raise questions when your daughter-in-law fell to her death from a height, supposedly as the result of the most unlikely suicide in the history of Western Civilization? Weren’t you concerned that she was probably murdered? Do you have confidence in your own Top Doc Hurd? You’re an idiot if you do. Can I have my money please Lord Hurd? the Home Office isn’t supposed to kill people who refuse to have sex with vile old doctors running trafficking gangs. You knew exactly what was happening because we were under surveillance constantly.

    Hurd, was it you who ordered the bent former forensic scientist Adrian Bell into action? Did he frame innocent people when he worked for the Home Office? Apart from lying about my friend Anne and me of course?

  6. Douglas’s daughter-in-law wasn’t the only Hurd to meet an untimely death. His wife Judy died in 2008 at the age of 58, Ah bechod, the doctors did all that they could.

    Before he was elected as an MP in1974, Hurd was Grocer Heath’s Private Secretary. So if Douglas ever joins in the How Very Dare Yous re the allegations that the Grocer was a child abuser, we’ll still be none the wiser, because Douglas is not an honest man. In fact Douglas is really bloody dangerous; he knew that Dafydd was as well.

    Exactly where is Hurd’s head? It’s irrelevent that he’s an old Etonian, from two generations of Tory MPs, an officer and a gentlemen, was at Cambridge with the Cambridge Spy Ring; Gwynne and Dafydd forced kids to have sex with groups of old men and animals. Come on Douglas, that’s not the British Way Of Doing Things Is It?

    Well say something then man, you were the bloody Home Secretary, even if your favourite teacher at Eton was married to a friend of Jimmy Savile who gave him that job as the manager of Broadmoor…

    Douglas? Douglas??? Come in Hurd, are you receiving me? Anal rape of 12 year olds Douglas and a lobotomy in adulthood for those who complained, it’s not really what being Home Sec is supposed to be about is it?

    In retirement, Douglas has taken an active role in organisations concerned with er crime prevention and national security. Does the Rottie join in with the parties and drinks after the Board meetings Douglas?

  7. The BBC have reported that the biggest haul of drugs ever has been interrupted in an operation between the Dutch and UK police. This follows the biggest haul of drugs that was interrupted at Fishguard the other day. Dafydd’s prices will be going through the roof at this rate, the shelves at CAIS will be completely empty. Dafydd, you’ll need to get your supply from another country, they’ve got wise to you in Holland. Just set up a direct line to Columbia, you can arrange for it to come straight over from Columbia to Talwrn.

    1. F used to quip that Dafydd had contacts in Columbia. It stemmed from Dafydd trying to be insulting to me in 1989 when I bought my quarryman’s cottage in Rachub. Dafydd said ‘I hear ewe’re going to be living on Maesgeirchan… I mean Rachub’ (Maesg was a council estate at the wrong end of the tracks in Bangor, Maesg was stigmatised; the irony re Dafydd trying to be offensive is that his patients/victims lived there, including the kids at the Ty’r Felin children’s home who were being trafficked to Dolphin Square.) I told F about it when we met and exchanged Dafydd-idiocies. F used to enjoy himself doing a Dafydd-voice saying ‘I hear ewe’re going to be living in the sewers of Bogota, I mean Rachub’.

      F’s comments re Bogota were dismissed by the Hergest staff as yet more evidence of F’s insanity, although as with all the piss-taking in a Dafydd-voice, the staff knew damn well that the piss-taking stemmed from Dafydd’s excesses.

      F composed a rap song about Dafydd, the chorus was ‘No Ill-Will, Wobble Your Buttocks’, but I don’t think that the Caring staff had a clue as to the origin of the chart-topper No Ill-Will, Wobble Your Buttocks.

      So I’ll let them know that it was based on the phone call that Dafydd made in 1987 when he tried to bribe me into dropping my complaint in return for a place at Liverpool medical school; when I failed to accept the bribe, Dafydd was a little non-plussed and rang off after saying ‘Ewe know, I bear ewe no ill-will’.

      F, my mates and I used to just scream with laughter at the idea of Dafydd bearing me no ill-will. The ‘wobble your buttocks’ bit came from the huge wobbly buttocks encased in nylon slacks possessed by one of Dafydd’s partners in crime who managed a ‘care home’ in Llandudno. There were constant injuries to the Empowered Service Users in the home, they ran away, people raised concerns with the Social Services and even the police, but the nylon-clad buttocks wobbled on and yet more Empowered Service Users were sent to be Rehabilitated and abused. And F sang ‘No Ill-Will, Wobble Your Buttocks’.

      No-one Knew about Dafydd or the person who possessed those wobbly buttocks abusing patients, no-one.

      1. Dafydd couldn’t laugh properly, I never ever heard Dafydd do a proper laugh. Sometimes he’d do a contrived laugh and say ‘heh, heh, heh’, such as when he said to me [after I’d been PROMOTED to research FELLOW at Surrey University and I questioned one of Dafydd’s insane conclusions), ‘ewe don’t make diagnoses, ewe’re just a lab technician’, so I said ‘I’m not actually’ and Dafydd retorted ‘well ewe could be if ewe tried, heh, heh, heh’. And one day Dafydd went into maniacal laughter after screaming at me in Welsh down the phone; I didn’t know any Welsh at the time but from Dafydd’s demeanour (to use a word of which Dafydd himself was fond when lying to the police and in Court about Dangerous Patients), I presumed that the abuse was sexual insults.

        However usually Dafydd made jokes to people and instead of a laugh, he’d clench his green teeth together and let the air out between them at speed, making a hissing noise. Dafydd didn’t just reserve this for me, it was his usual version of a laugh, he did it a lot when he was giving the addicts their prescriptions for Class As that were then dispensed by the pharmacy of Ysbyty Gwynedd; Dafydd would make a transparent excuse for the transaction of dubious legality and do the hissing through the teeth as he handed over the ticket for the goodies.

        So F did much hissing through his teeth a la Dafydd, usually after making an insane Dafydd-esque comment in a Dafydd voice.

        It was all politely ignored by Caring NHS staff. A Day Centre full of patients exchanging anecdotes re Dafydd’s excesses and grossness, openly discussing Mary Wynch and ‘When Dafydd murdered Mary Wynch’s mother’, singing songs about him, doing Dafydd voices, hissing through their teeth, making comments about Dafydd wearing his baby doll nightie with nae panties, Dafydd having an extension sheath that reaches to Cardiff, etc. Right through the Waterhouse Inquiry.

        Only one member of staff ever directly commented on one occasion when she heard me say to another patient ‘Jones is bloody raping people’. Rea Stanley the Senior Angel at Hergest told me that I ‘must not say that because it is not true’.

        Yes it was true Rea.

        No-one Knew Anything. Obviously Dafydd’s extension sheath got as far as Cardiff but not over to Mold, where Ronnie was holding the Inquiry that never mentioned Dafydd because Dafydd Was Nothing To Do With That At All.

        Jack Straw was Home Sec at the time. Jack, if we had sent you a photo of Dafydd wearing his baby doll nightie, nae panties AND the extension sheath that reached to Cardiff, while he was flogging Class As and hissing through his teeth, would we still all have been arrested for ludicrous reasons constantly?

        Years later, one of the nicer members of staff at Bangor University said to me when they got to know me ‘It was an open secret that DA Jones was sexually abusing patients, an open secret. Eveeryone in the NHS knew it and so did all the social workers’. I never told anyone about that comment or who made it, but I did ask that person ‘Did they DEFINITELY all know?’ and I was told that one could not have worked in Health and Social Care in north Wales and not known, it was ‘discussed constantly among staff’.

  8. Johnson & Johnson have had to fork out £8 million for a patient who suffered undesirable ‘side-effects’ from one of their anti-psychotics. Which certainly interested me, because that was one of the drugs that one of Britain’s leading pharmacologists Richard Tranter was prescribing for patients at Hergest, who also developed that ‘side-effect’. So why has the case been taken against Johnson & Johnson and not the prescribing Doc as well? The Docs were told by Johnson & Johnson about that side-effect, its on the literature distributed by Johnson & Johnson and Tranter knew because I heard him discussing it…

    The Extinction Rebellion has caused much distress in the Lords, last night ‘Today In Parliament’ broadcast a speech by a peer who was livid that the protest had caused such congestion in Westminster that people were delayed getting home, so he went for dinner and the restaurant had ONLY ONE TABLE LEFT. Then Betty Boothroyd, friend of George Thomas and so many other old molesters, banged on about how she had to Step Over A Protester and ooh we protested properly in my day… I have a copy of Betty’s autobiography which contains a photo of Betty and her mate Jo Richardson sunning themselves Abroad in the era when that was quite a luxury. Jo was mates with Gwynne’s Gang. Betty is now Marvellous For Her Age, a la the Queen Mum, Trumpers and Gracie Fields. Had George Thomas not died during the Waterhouse Inquiry, he too would be Marvellous For His Age. As are Dafydd and Lucille.

    Ann Clwyd, who grew up near Denbigh, went to UCNW and stood as the Labour candidate for Denbigh when the Labour Party asked her to stand because they wanted more Wimmin MPs, has been maxing out on her Longstanding Interest and Support for the Kurds.The Kurds have indeed had a bad time historically, everyone likes bombing them or kicking them out of regions, but if Ann Clwyd knows them so well, she will know that there is a cohort of Kurds in which honour killings were a problem. Indeed, when Islamophobes accused Muslims of Honour Killings, the defence was ‘This is not Islam, it is cultural and practised among some Kurds’. Some of the high profile cases of Honour Violence in the UK have featured Kurds. Life’s tricky like that as Ann knows, after all the Woman In Politics never uttered a word about the Wimmin banged up in Denbigh being shagged by Dafydd and lobotomised by Gwynne when they complained about it.

    Strong Woman Ann Clwyd held that well-publicised undergropund sit-in at a colliery when Mary Wynch and I were being ignored re our complaints about Gwynne and the Gang.

    Thanks to the reader who has sent me a transcript and asked me if I remember it. Yes, it’s the Sex Tape that Tony Francis recorded in late 1984 when he told me that he wasn’t recording sessions with his patients. I saw the tape recorder in the corner of the room in motion and remarked on this. Francis told me that it was a self-hypnosis tape that he had accidentally left on that he had been using earlier. Francis tried to Talk Sex to patients constantly as well, not as crudely as Gwynne or subsequently Dafydd, but Francis was Talking Sex as much as the others were. But it has been made very clear to me by now that someone undercover recorded all of them Talking Sex, forging documentation, assaulting patients, conspiring to frame people, yet we were left with them for decades while the corpses of the unlucky who didn’t survive all The Help were found regularly. Whoever had access to those recordings knew that I and other people were subjected to great pressure in an attempt to get us to name innocent people as sex offenders then… But no-one thought to stop this.

    The business of phone hacking is in the news again. A tabloid journo, Dan Evans, who went to jail has popped up to sway that the full truth was never revealed. I’m sure that it wasn’t. Dan grew up in Denbighshire. Perhaps he can supply more details of Gwynne and Dafydd’s crimes, I know that I only know about some of them. How did Dan from Denbighshire build his career in journalism I wonder? Indeed, why was it Dan from Denbighshire who went to jail when so few others did? Guto Harri waded into the hacking debate as well. Guto is the son of a Top Doc friend of Gwynne and Dafydd… Guto Harri has never been to prison; neither did his dad or his dad’s friends.

    I heard Black Rod banging on the door on Radio 4 and the swain within pretending that they weren’t going to let Black Rod enter. Black Rod seems to be female at present. In the early 70s, Python performed a sketch that was a satire on teen madness for The Beatles, featuring Parliamentary Groupies. The Groupies were interviewed and asked Who Was Their Favourite and one of them shyly said ‘I like Black Rod’.

    I keep trying to find a copy of that sketch but it seems to be much less readily available than other Python clips, which is a pity. Particularly as just a few years ago, the son of a Black Rod from yesteryear admitted that he had sexually abused teenaged boys after picking them up at the notorious Meat Rack in central London, which was where the boys trafficked by Gwynne and Dafydd ended up being flogged to VIPs. I think that the son of Black Rod had served a prison sentance but he freely admitted that he and others were indeed part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring that doesn’t exist. But then so was Nicholas Fairbairn, son of Gwynne and Dafydd’s colleague the Edinburgh analyst Ronald Fairbairn. Nicholas Fairbairn is a former bedfellow of Esther, who was a rising BBC star when the Parliamentary Groupy was on the BBC admiring Black Rod. John Cleese and Zany Graham Chapman will have known of Ronald Fairbairn if they didn’t actually know him personally. Cleese’s mate Robin Skynner knew Fairbairn.

    1. Just noticed that the Daily Mail reported the Black Rod’s son story last year. I missed the update…

      The Black Rod concerned was Admiral Sir Frank Twiss. His son was Roddam Twiss. Dolphin Square was involved. Roddam claims to have been operating in collaboration with Mervyn Greenway, the son of the 3rd Baron Greenway. Roddam also claimed to have had a hand in building the career of the musician Limahl.

      1. Roddam came across Limahl at the nightclub Heaven. It was our friendship with a man in Birmingham who used to compere at Heaven that caused the Gang to become over-excited about Brown and me.

        Roddam’s mate Mervyn Greenway was Tiny Rowland’s stockbroker, Tiny the friend and business colleague of Edward du Cann…

        Roddam’s dad Admiral Frank Twiss knew Gwynne and Dafydd’s protectors, including Lord Carrington. He’ll have known the Bingleys as well and Sir Norman Denning…

        Frank Twiss died in Jan 1994, most conveniently for the Gang…
        At least Twiss was over 80 when he died. Mervyn Greenway was only 58 when he died on 18 April 2001. Some three weeks before I finished teacher training at Bangor, as the Gang were already formulating yet another Cuunning Plan…

        Roddam is on record as saying that he won’t name names re the Westminster Paedophile Ring because it will hurt the families of the dead. That is true Roddam, but I know the families of the other dead who were smeared, brutlaised and killed because the dead who’s families you are protecting wanted to have sex with people who didn’t want to have sex with them and they didn’t want to go to prison either. Can you guess which families of which dead my own sympathies lie with Roddam?

        But then I would say that wouldn’t I.
        Ooh the brazen hussy, How Very Dare She, Taid did so much for the NHS…

  9. So another plaque is to be erected in Wales to commemorate yet another Privileged Woman! This time it’s a plaque to Lady Megan, daughter of the Old Goat Lloyd George. Who recommended that Lady Megan, one of the most privileged women in the UK, be commemorated for being a Woman Of Achievement? The Baroness of Ely, another mediocre woman who has ignored the plight of women less privileged than she is and who also only achieved her Role In Politics because of who her dad was. The Baroness’s dad wasn’t PM, he was the Rev Bob, a friend of the molester George Thomas.

    The Baroness is married to a Top Doc who knows much of the wrongdoing that I have discussed on this blog.

    I don’t need a plaque Eluned, just an explanation if you and your husband could possibly stump up one of those.

    I can only hope that the littering of Wales with plaques commemorating women who only achieved their positions because of their male relatives and who then trampled on other women, stimulates people to do a bit of reading and discover the reality that underlay the myths about Lady Megan et al.

    The Baroness et al still haven’t clicked re how insulting and alienating this is to women who aren’t Of The Baroness And Sister Hutt.

  10. Good to see yet more NHS Crisis Headlines today. The CQC have admitted that a small % of mental health services are wholly unacceptable, that learning disabled people are having a hard time and that most A&E departments are ‘failing’. Ever since it’s establishment the CQC have consistently ignored the worst problems and given excellent reviews of dangerous services. So we can assume that if the CQC are admitting to these ‘failings’, the true situation is very, very bad. We have been told that the A&E disaster exists ‘despite an injection of cash’. That’s because the problem cannot be remedied by an injection of extra cash or indeed by remaining in 100% denial…

    Meanwhile William and Kate continue to conduct themselves offensively by spouting crap about health matters, even when they are, as at present, in Pakistan. William has commented that disadvantaged people often don’t have a ‘stable health platform’. Wills might have forgotten this, but his mother was married to the heir to the throne and the birth of her first baby was so badly mismanaged that William nearly lost a few million brain cells, Diana suffered needlessly and had a fear of getting pregnant again; she suffered from post-natal depression, bulimia and crashed into a tunnel and died before she was 40. The whole range of Docs and therapists to whom Diana had access didn’t seem to provide a stable health platform. But then neither have most of the lame idiots who’s Initiatives and Interventions William has Praised.

    William and Kate have been filmed extensively in Pakistan with Imran Khan. That’s the Imran who was formerly married to Jemima who’s family were directly linked to the St George’s Docs and the Gang who were facilitating organised abuse and trafficking. The Imran who was Chancellor of Bradford University when some people in that institution were colluding with the huge trafficking ring in Bradford that has been in the news so often over the past few years. Then it transpired that the Bradford Cannibal Crossbow Killer, who murdered and dismembered a few sex workers, was a Criminology PhD student at Bradford University. Two Bradford academics had just made contact with me to work collaboratively on mental health and other matters. We had exchanged a lot of info by e mail re the deaths of Empowered Service Users when John McTernan’s brother-in-law nicked my computer. Then Imran was appointed Chancellor of Bradford University.

    The TV coverage of William’s and Kate’s trip to Pakistan stressed that Kate’s dress was Lovely. It was, it was a wonderful dress, but fighting poverty and poor health in Pakistan takes more than a Lovely Dress. A start would be to stop colluding with people and organisations who have inflicted great harm on disadvantaged people.

    I can’t stop William and Harry yelling ‘yah boo sucks’ at the presence of this blog, but I do know that it will blow up in their faces sooner or later; not because I will arrange it, but because they are consistently promoting the work of irresponsible, if not dangerous, people. Although of course when that happens, the Palace will issue a statement a la Andy and Jeffrey Epstein or Carlo and Jimmy Savile, that They Didn’t Know and Are Shocked and Disgusted.

    The Palace has recently stated that the Royals find all Abuse and Human Trafficking Abhorrent. I am still waiting for Carlo to drop me an e mail explaining why he therefore remained Chancellor of UNCW for so many years when Gwynne and a People Trafficking Team colonised the Student Health Centre there and ruined my life after I complained about them.

  11. The Daily Post has been reporting on the Crisis in the GP service in north Wales. GPs surgeries on Anglesey are closing at a rate of knots, even for north Wales standards and a meeting has been held attended by Albert Owen, the Labour MP for Anglesey and the Chair of the Council for the Royal College of GPs. Who is none other than this blog’s old friend Dr PW White, friend of DGE Wood, the man who’s practice partner Dr Shah, a mate of Dafydd’s, thrust his belly in my face late at night in a cell in Bangor Police Station and, I was told, subsequently raped a patient. PW Botha dates from Gwynne’s day. PW’s son was jailed for a substantial drugs offence a few years ago. A local Doctor wrote to the judge explaining that the defendant was from a ‘good family’. The local Doc providing this character reference was PW himself. He didn’t even have to ask Dafydd to do it, he wrote to the judge about his own son and the judge Considered It re sentencing.

    PW Botha, pal of Dafydd, has a son who is a big time dealer in north Wales. Why does that not surprise me?

    Now why does Albert think that in spite of the crock of gold offered by Drakeford, no-one at all will work as a GP on Anglesey and very few will work as GPs in other parts of north Wales? There is still one GP on Anglesey though, it’s Dafydd’s son, Dyfrig.

    Albert, you have lied to the electorate for years, you know as well as I do that no good doctor wants to go near the criminal sex offenders who continue to dominate medicine in north Wales. Good doctors will not be bribed Drakeford, all you’re going to get are mates of the Gang, they’ll bite your hand off for the massive golden handshakes!

    One feels very sorry for the poor sods in north Wales who have put up with this crap for so long and are NEVER told the truth re why nothing works in their region.

    In the last week, the excellent Michael Joyce has had two more letters published in the Daily Post, once more analysing the mortality rates in north Wales and the ‘performance’ of the region’s NHS. Mr Joyce highlights that, according to EVERY standard, every guideline, every policy, every target, the Betsi Health Board’s services are categorised as ‘Not Safe’. Yet Drakeford and Gary Doherty the Betsi CEO simply add the line ‘So we can ensure that services are safe’ to every response, including those responses in which they quote the data themselves that define services as being unsafe.

    How are the citizens of north Wales ever supposed to navigate their way through so many layers of bullshit, deception and lies?

  12. More news from the Betsi Board as reported by BBC Wales.

    Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) has confirmed it is paying £1,990 a day for an “interim recovery director”. It described the sum as “market rate for this level of expertise”. It is Plaid AM Llyr Gruffydd who has publicised this. It is certainly worth publicising but Llyr has known about the disaster at the Betsi for years now and will not admit how deep the rot goes. Llyr is only ever able to talk about the Hard Working Staff Who Do Their Best, as though the catastrophe in the north Wales NHS has just been visited upon it by a malevolent ghost for decades now. Although in a way it has been, it’s the Ghost of Gwynne. I might dress up as Gwynne on Hallowe’en to join in the spirit of things as it were.

    Llyr highlights that this splashing of cash on nonsense is happening ‘as nursing staff were told that paid 30 minute shift breaks could be cut in a bid to save £25,000 a month.’

    Llyr said it raised questions for Board bosses.

    The Board confirmed it was employing Philip Burns, through healthcare consultancy firm Hunter Healthcare, on a nine month contract worth £360,990.

    A Freedom of Information request by Mr Gruffydd to BCUHB revealed it had also taken on a further four temporary directors from consultancy firms. It has set aside a budget of £538,440 for those individuals, it added.

    It’s all been endorsed by the Welsh Gov’t. Led by FM Drakeford, who’s career before politics was as social worker, probation officer, then an academic specialising in social care/health policy at Cardiff, in which capacity Drakeford served as Rhodri Morgan’s SPAD for the NHS and Social Services and then as Rhodri’s SPAD for everything.

    Drakeford succeeded Rhodri’s seat when Rhodri stood down in 2011, rapidly became Health and Social Services Minister and then FM.

    So this one’s firmly down to you then Drakeford. The Board has been in special measures since 2015, there have been Turn Around Teams, Management Consultants, Mentoring, Specialist Support, Injections of Cash after Injections of Cash, Bail Outs and then yet more Bought In Consultancy.

    Much of the Expertise that has been bought in by the Betsi has been provided by their useless, abusive, former staff who took early retirement and then set themselves up as Consultants.

    Drakeford knew what was happening to me at the hands of the thugs, crooks and psychopaths who have run the NHS in north Wales for decades when he was Rhodri’s SPAD some 20 years ago. I am told that Drakeford provided Advice on how to shut me up and shaft me further.

    RESIGN DRAKEFORD, RESIGN NOW. At least if you do that, you’ll be able to spend more time visiting your adult son who is in jail serving a long sentence for the violent rape of a young woman.

    Perhaps Llyr would now like to compile the figures for the number of avoidable deaths that have occurred since Drakeford became Rhodri’s SPAD…

    Then Llyr can tell me why he walked away from a friend of mine who, some seven years ago, was left destitute and to die by the mental health services in north Wales, after I asked Llyr to take up his case.

    After that, Llyr can explain why he sat in a public meeting at which threats and abuse were hurled at Merfyn Jones and Mary Burrows when Merfyn TRIED to hold a dialogue with the public about the best way to bring the Betsi back from the edge of the abyss. Those yelling and threatening were an organised mob who had been bussed in on the orders of an NHS union rep; I arrived early for the meeting and I witnessed the stage managing of the entire event.

    The media did not print one word about the disgraceful behaviour of this rent-a-mob, who claimed to be ‘angry patients’ Worried About Cuts. Christ Almighty, if Empowered Service Users had done that On The Ward When they were Being Cared For, they’d have all been arrested, up in Court and denied all future NHS care under the Zero Tolerance Policy.

    Llyr is a former Youth Worker. He grew up in West Wales and went to Aberystwyth University. He has been Head of the Welsh Council for Voluntary Organisations, the umbrella group for the corrupt charidees, mostly run by Dafydd, that collude with the Gang and milk the taxpayer for every penny possible.

    Dafydd is a long-standing supporter of Plaid, as are his family. Hywel Williams, the MP for Arfon, is a former psychiatric social worker who worked at Denbigh. Llyr is younger than Hywel, but Llyr is surrounded by older colleagues who were part of the regime that ignored the Denbigh Dungeon, the lobotomies, the sexual assault and beatings of unlawfully imprisoned patients etc.

    People really do need to wake up here. North Wales has one hell of a problem, it is in terrible trouble. Of course I don’t think that the Angels who are still employed at the Betsi should be charged for their breaks while idiots of management consultants are paid millions, but Llyr et al need to fess up that there are so many abusive, criminal staff – and not just managers – at the Betsi – that good staff have virtually all haemorrhaged away.

    Good staff will not work there Llyr, they will not work with people who abuse patients, or who have a history of colluding with sexual assault; they won’t work with mad aggressive Docs, Senior Angels and managers who have driven staff to suicide, they will not do it. North Wales is now a complete no-go area, ALL NHS staff in other parts of the UK know about it…

    Where did you all think it would end when hundreds of complaints about patient abuse were ignored, when patients who refused to be intimidated were fitted up in Court, when the highest suicide rates among patients AND staff in the UK were ignored?

    What did you think would happen when Martin Jones, the CEO who presided over I think SIX staff suicides and utter chaos for the patients was PROMOTED to the position of the man at the top of the NHS Wales investigations unit??? Did you think that was a SOLUTION??? Oh we’ll put Martin there, he’s tried to hit Sally Baker at a public event in the University, he’s had her wrongfully arrested four times, he’s lied repeatedly, he’s destroyed CCTV footage of her being threatened by Angels and unlawfully refused treatment, we’ll put Martin at the top of the NHS Wales Investigations Unit!!!

    Martin’s mate Elfed who was Chair when Martin was CEO had already been kicked out of the North Wales Police for corruption, so he was then appointed Chair of the NHS Trust. When i sent Edwina Hart enough evidence to have Martin and Elfed arrested. Martin was given a new job at his old salary level in the newly created Trust and Elfed was quitely appointed to the Welsh Ambulance Trust Board! Oh guess what, the Welsh Ambulance Board is mired in er scandal and chaos.

    Who is on the current Betsi Board? Er one Lyn Meadows aka Nylon Trousers, formerly of the Welsh Ambulance Trust. Before that Nylon Trousers was a Director of an NHS Trust on the Wirral when she was named in Hansard as helping three Top Docs commit fraud and screw money out of the NHS…

    No problem, Nylon Trousers is a lying cheat, send her to Wales to run the NHS there!!

    Nylon Trousers’ colleague on the Betsi Board is Dis-Grace Lewis-Parry, Dis-Grace was Big Nurse in Gwynedd back in the 1990s when patients were assaulted, stitched uo in Court, documentation was forged, evidence was planted and er staff killed themselves. Dis-Grace was given a free gift of a Harvard Business School MA a few years ago, so obviously Dis-Grace was elevated even higher. Dis-Grace has been Board Secretary for years now, she can’t analyse mortality rates, she lies to patients, when faced with reports of staff assaulting and inuring patients Dis-Grace tells them that they’re using ‘strong words’ and Dis-Grace’s biography on the Board website says that she is ‘passionate about improvement’. Dis-Grace is a grossly incompetent, ruthless, patient abusing, people trafficking midless slapper, how about that for Strong Words then Dis-Grace? And she’s on far more than £100k pa.

    Oh for fuck’s sake, you stupid, weak, DANGEROUS idiots, all you could do was gloat after you set Merfyn up and he resigned, your lackies plagiarised my work and then chuckled smugly when I left town at gunpoint and just look at what is happening…

    Llyr, a gang of old paedophiles can’t run an NHS no matter how many lies you tell about their Caring and Expertise, they just can’t do it.

    Ah Taid Williams did so much for the NHS but they weren’t there for him… [Get’s out onion and cries.]

    I’ll get ready for a Hallowe’en celebration. All I need is trousers with the crotch down by the knees, Brylcreem, plastic teeth and I’ll approach Dis-Grace with my lobotomy pick. If I then do a quick change I can don my Dafydd costume. I’ll drop my trousers and wave a dildo at Dis-Grace to Bring Alive The Denbigh Atmosphere.

    The Good Old Days! Bechod, it was all OK before Merfyn Jones arrived. Or indeed before I Told Lies About Gwynne.

    1. And Llyr described Dafydd’s Nursing Home ie. mediocre boarding house where patients had to share rooms, where there was no qualified Angel and no veggie food as a Beacon Of Excellence. Llyr, I knew someone who had stayed in that Beacon of Excellence and we just pissed ourselves laughing at your phrase. That place was terrible Llyr, Dafydd couldn’t get any good staff to work there, three weeks and they fled. Rather like the Betsi really.

      I look forward to Llyr booking in for Dafydd’s Sex Therapy. Go on Llyr, if it’s fieldwork and you sort of realise that you will have a bizarre experience, it’ll be quite entertaining.

      Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana?

      1. When Nylon Trousers was Unmasked as having swindled the NHS on the Wirral, it was a topic of conversation in Bangor University, where Nylon Trousers was the truly disastrous HR Director. One of my mates quipped that whatever she had spent the money on it certainly wasn’t trousers and someone else observed that just demonstrated what a good criminal Nylon Trousers was. ‘If you see bling, give us a ring’ as the police were saying at the time. We didn’t see bling, we just saw Nylon Trousers.

        Nylon Trousers’ mate Elfed had bling though, Elfed had the notorious penismobile with a personalised number plate. There wasn’t much point giving the police a ring, Elfed had been kicked out of the police for corruption a few years earlier but he was still mates with loads of his old colleagues. Elfed had been the Sgt in Llangefni in the 1970s, just down the road from Dafydd’s. Elfed reached the position of Acting Assistant Chief Constable before he was kicked out.

        Elfed’s former colleague Clive Wolfendale, the Deputy Chief Constable, retired a few years ago. Clive is now CEO of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS.

        No doubt another plane loaded with goodies will be flying into Llangefni from Columbia any day now.

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