A St David’s Day Celebration

There will be many references to the cultural symbols of Wales today in the media and at St David’s day celebrations ie. daffodils, leeks and harps. While there are a great many daffodils and a good supply of leeks in Wales, there are very few harps. Harps are very expensive; Dafydd’s Wigley’s wife can afford them and so can her daughter-in-law Catrin Finch, but most other people in Wales can’t. Catrin has put her investment in harps to good use by becoming Harpist To Carlo.

While a picture of a scene like this will appear in many publications today, it will not be seen in most Welsh towns or villages:


This however is spotted so frequently across Wales that it is puzzling why it is not seen along with the daffodil, the leek and the harp as a cultural symbol of all that is Welsh:

File:Spar-logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons


As well as the notion that harps are ubiquitous in Wales, another idea that will be promoted today is that of Wales consisting of a gwerin, a harmonious, classless, rural people. The people who self-identify as Gwerin are a cultural and socio-economic elite who are able to maintain their belief in a gwerin because they ignore people who are not Gwerin, such as those who were battered and raped in the children’s homes or ended up illegally imprisoned in Risley Remand Centre, Liverpool or the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Dafydd and Gwynne are/were of course Gwerin, as were/are their friends and family for whom they did favours as well as their network of corrupt professional people. As any fule kno, Gwerin speak Welsh. Being Gwerin, Dafydd and Gwynne always stressed that they were Cymry Cymraeg, but of course eminent ones of a fine pedigree, the Gwerin being all equitable like.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Sir Idwal Pugh was a member of the Gwerin and believed that God was as well. In his capacity as Parliamentary Ombudsman and Health Commissioner 1976-78, the Oxford-educated Civil Service mandarin employed by the British Gov’t who was Sir Idwal ignored the serious criminality of his fellow Gwerin.

Royal Logistic Corps officers

The reputation of the Gwerin-run North Wales Hospital Denbigh was such that one of the institution’s former Angels, David Williams, became a famous NHS union leader and served as General Secretary of COHSE, 1983-87.

David Williams rubbed shoulders with the greats from the very beginning of his career. Here he is at a COHSE conference in 1953 with Nye; David was a young Angel at the time, looking after people who had been sexually assaulted and then lobotomised:
Such was the expertise on offer at Denbigh that Famous People heard of the marvels and began to utilise the services of Gwynne and Dafydd:
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand wanted nothing more than world peace and was prepared to make sacrifices to achieve it:
When he wasn’t sitting in the road, Bertrand Russell could often be found sitting in a comfy chair:
Whether in the road, on a comfy chair, or having tea in the lovely garden of his mate Sir Clough’s plas with other aristocrats, Bertrand thought profound thoughts:
Lord Tonypandy was a Doubting Thomas who was an early member of CND and joined Russell on the marches:
  • David Williams and his pals at COHSE took a leaf out of Bertrand’s book and marched for important causes, such as, in Jan 1979 (1979 being the year in which Mary Wynch was illegally incarcerated by Dafydd in Denbigh), a pay rise:

NUPE joined in the fight for the worthy cause of a pay rise; the Angels who imprisoned and assaulted the victims of a sex abuse gang were members of COHSE and the social workers who joined in with the abuse, particularly of kids in care, were members of NUPE. Alun was a former youth worker who supported NUPE. Alun became an MP, an AM, Wales’s First Minister and then the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

GrangetownAlun Michael with one time-Welsh Government Heath Minister, Lesley Griffiths (Lesley had worked as a medical secretary in Wrexham Mealor Hospital, who’s staff ignored the abuse of kids and vulnerable adults and served as a member of a Council who’s members and staff ignored the abuse of kids and vulnerable adults), Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Councillor Lynda Thorne.

North Wales is such a land of opportunity that Alun’s son Tal, after life in the smoke in London as a local authority big wig, arrived in the Llandudno area looking for work. Tal found it very quickly and not in MacDonalds. Tal found work as the Chief Exec of the North Wales Police Authority. He is now Chief Exec of the CAB in Gwynedd.

Alun succeeded Jim in his Parliamentary seat. Jim was PM when COHSE and NUPE fought their brave battle for more dosh:

Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals was Secretary of State for the DHSS at the time:

Right wing union leader Frank Chapple called the 1979 striking Gwerin ‘terrorists’.

  •  Frank, like Dafydd, was a pal of Ronnie Waterhouse, who when he was a barrister, acted for Frank on a number of occasions. Here’s Ronnie handing the completed Waterhouse Report to Secretary of State Paul Murphy:

Ronnie’s dad was a leading Liberal in north Wales and indeed Lloyd George knew Ronnie’s father:

David Lloyd George

  • Lloyd George lived at Llanystumdwy, the village where James Morris made his home after James, a posh man from Oxfordshire, reinvented himself as a Welsh woman of the Gwerin. Jan, formerly James, is seriously impressive in many ways and was a member of the 1953 successful Everest expedition, along with Sir Charles Evans, Top Doc friend of Dafydd and Gwynne and Principal of UCNW.

    MOUNT EVEREST EXPEDITION. /nThe British expedition that conquered Mount Everest in May 1953. Standing, from left, - Stock Image

The spirit of Bertrand and the Everest Heroes inspired David Williams and COHSE onto greater things than the Winter of Discontent. In 1985, the year in which Mary Wynch won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and the Gwerin fessed up and offered a settlement – which the Gwerin subsequently refused to pay, knowing that Mary could not afford to enforce the order having been ruined by the Gwerin –  COHSE took on Fatcher. Here is one of the calls to rally the troops:

In 1985, the wider world woke up to the serious problem of children being sexually abused by members of their own family. To warn children of this possibility, a nationwide campaign took place, fronted by a video starring Rolf Harris, who boasted Welsh connections. As well as Australian ones.

Brazen Rolf Harris wanted to star in WA child protection ...

The story behind Rolf Harris's child safety film - BBC News

  • Rolf painted Lilibet. People quipped at the time that the Palace didn’t invite Lucien Freud to do it because Lucien would have insisted on painting her starkers with a whippet lying at her feet, so the Palace commissioned a paedophile instead:
  • queen Elizabeth and peadophile Rolph Harris | Freemasons ...

When Rolf held an art exhibition in Llangefni, the cultural capital of Ynys Mon, Meri Huws could clearly be seen on camera. In 1985, Meri was a social worker in Gwynedd and a leading light in the Welsh Language Society. Meri is now the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Meri Huws | Folly Farm | ZoomInfo.com

‘The Daily Post’ began its St David’s Day Special a few days ago, with a supplement featuring the children of schools in north Wales, including in Denbigh, in Welsh National Dress, as invented by Lady Llanover, a 19th century heiress who made her servants wear Welsh National Dress.

Women wearing Welsh National Dress, but they won’t have been servants using that tea set:

The Daily Post’s St David’s Day celebratory edition ran a feature on the Welsh language, starring Meri doing what she has done for years: reciting the %s of people in the various different parts of Wales who speak Welsh. It’s not taxing, it doesn’t take any ability and if you’re as thick as Meri, you don’t even interrogate the figures. That is why Meri is paid in the region of £100k pa. Wales has some of the lowest household incomes in the UK. Angels and social workers are not among them, because of the brave battles of yesteryear led by David Williams.

The brave battles took place over years and David Williams enlisted the help of those who abused patients in locations outside of Wales as well, such as at the Maudsley, which employed many of Dafydd’s mates:

COHSE Angels’ strike, Maudsley, 1988:

The Gwerin swang into action before 1988.

The COHSE Conference 1986 Report stated that ‘COHSE members are looking to turn 1987 into “No cuts year” with a large-scale centrally directed campaign to defend the Health & Social Services. That was the message from Chris Hart of Maudsley Branch… He said: ‘We are asking for a campaign run along similar lines to the political fund. He was backed by Jean Winship of Bethlem Royal, who said: ‘The public doesn’t know the true facts.’ General Secretary David Williams… went on: ‘Here is a wonderful resolution that can unite us in action in campaign. COHSE had given full support to miners in their fight and it had played an active role in other workers battles, we have supported every working class struggle there is’.

Now COHSE had the opportunity to fight united against the cuts. Conference also backed a call by Cllr Michael Walker of Hillingdon and District Branch, moving Resolution 56, to support London Health Emergency. LHE he said, was a model of how to run a campaign. And he told delegates: ‘COHSE has played an important role and we are proud of the work we have done.’ Bill Nimmo of Dumfries and Galloway played tribute to LHE, whose fame, he said, had spread far beyond London. ‘This group of people have been prepared to highlight what Thatcherism is doing to the Health Service,’ he said. David Williams, for the NEC, promised that COHSE would continue to give its support to LHE.

There London Health Emergency in 1986 constituted Prof Ollie Brooke of St George’s Hospital Medical School, a key figure in a pan-European paedophile ring, being caught and jailed.

Ollie’s friend and colleague at St George’s was Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain. Geoffrey’s father had been Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and Geoffrey had gone to Llandaff Cathedral School and Cowbridge Grammar, before UCH/UCH.

Geoffrey was friends with Lilibet’s gynaecologist Sir George Pinker.


After he retired from the NHS in 2000, despite being embroiled in scandal after scandal, Geoffrey was given a lecturing post at Swansea University in the history of medicine. He didn’t teach or publish anything about the history of Ollie Brooke.
Professor Peter Dunn, Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain and Mr Elliot Philipp at the Witness Seminar on Maternal Care held by The History of Twentieth Century Medicine Group, 06/06/2000. Elliot’s daughter was a high class call-girl who had a long standing affair with Lord Snowdon and was found dead on the roof of her penthouse for no explicable reason in 1996.

Professor Peter Dunn and Dr Wendy Savage at the Witness Seminar on Maternal Care held by The History of Twentieth Century Medicine Group, 06/06/2000:
Professor Peter Dunn, Dr Wendy Savage
Wendy Savage was Geoffrey’s friend and a Socialist Feminist who looked after the victims of Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner gang in Tower Hamlets by performing repeated abortions on them and lecturing about their Bad Choices. Wendy is a member of the Socialist Health Association, as was Dr Julian Tudor Spart, who was descended from Foreign Nobility:
Julian Tudor Hart 2007-01-19.JPG
Dr Julian Tudor Spart of Foreign Gwerin shared a GPs practice with another member of the Socialist Health Association, Dr Brian Gibbons, AM and former Welsh Gov’t Health Minister who ignored the serious criminality in north Wales on the part of the Gwerin:
Uncle Harry was a member of the Socialist Health Association:
Camden New Journal - health - pioneer
Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law was, like Bertrand Russell, a Thinker:
Ralph Miliband
Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law was a member of the circle of Marxist intellectuals who made up the New Left. The most famous of whom was Eric. Eric had a home in Cwm Croesor as well as one in Hampstead:

Eric knew Bertrand and Bertrand’s friends, including Sir Clough and Lady Amabel. Eric’s autobiography mentioned that Sir Clough wasn’t really that rich and Sir Clough’s country house at Llanfrothen was agreeable but rather small.

  • Plas Brondanw - Wikipedia
  • Gardens @ Plas Brondanw
  • Images @ Plas Brondanw
  • Gardens @ Plas Brondanw
  • Sir Clough owned most of the cottages and farmhouses in Cwm Croesor.

No Cuts In 1987:


COHSE Angels were Trained, as they never stopped reminding the patients in Denbigh if they were challenged about their dreadful attitude and conduct:

The forcing of kids and vulnerable people into sex work by those who were Trained and Qualified had dreadful consequences from the mid-1980s onwards, when the sex workers and some of their customers/abusers began dying from AIDS. No-one knew what was happening at first, but it eventually became clear that this was causing the problems:

As well as this:

Image Search

For years Dafydd and Gwynne’s victims had been bothered by these little things, as indeed was Bertrand Russell:

A dose of penicillin, as applied by the visiting pox doctor in Risley Remand Centre, soon had those underaged sex workers back in business again.

The Top Docs realised that something more worrying was happening when so many rent boys began suffering from previously rare conditions, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma:

Picture of Kaposi's sarcoma

The horrible reality soon dawned that this wasn’t just going to kill Dafydd and Gwynne’s victims, but it would kill their customers as well, including those with Royal connections. A public education campaign was launched:

Aids. Don't Die Of Ignorance. | O'Connor-Thompson, David ...

And such was the necessity to make damn sure that those rent boys didn’t start blabbing about how they had become infected at such a tender age that charidees began catering for dying AIDS patients. The charidees were established and funded by people who had known what Dafydd and Gwynne had been doing and assisted them.

Meet Lord Peter Shore, who’s wife Dr Liz was one of the senior Gov’t Medical Officers at the DHSS:

Ken at the DHSS coughed up the money:

Cambridge Literary Festival Presents: Ken Clarke ...

  • The first AIDS ward opened at the Middlesex, where Gwynne had trained and who’s staff and governors protected him until the day that he pegged out in 1986.
  • Geoffrey Chamberlain’s wife Professor Jocelyn worked at the Middlesex:


Baroness Margaret undertook charidee work re AIDS. Margaret was Jim’s daughter:
Baroness Jay Related Keywords - Baroness Jay Long Tail ...

Margaret’s first husband Peter was a friend of Dr Death. Dr Death was a pal of many colleagues of Dafydd and Gwynne’s:

David Owen


The Trained and Qualified members of COHSE had a long tradition of Marching For Higher Pay. These are Angels from Hellingly Hospital, Sussex in 1962:

Dafydd had one of his many reciprocal arrangements with Hellingly. A patient who was witness to serious crime and then the subject of a murder attempt when he was in Hellingly moved to Bethesda and found himself fitted up by the police and illegally imprisoned in Denbigh for a year. Lady Amabel’s extended family’s country residences were in Sussex. As were the brothels to which the kids in care in north Wales were trafficked.

  • Plas Brondanw - Wikipedia
  • Gardens @ Plas Brondanw
  • Images @ Plas Brondanw
  • Gardens @ Plas Brondanw


There was a COHSE/NUPE/NALGO presence at the 1991 National Eisteddfod:

Lord Peter Thomas of Gwydir was a member of the Gwerin who was an enthusiastic eisteddfodwr. Lord Peter’s Bardic name was Pedr Conwy (Peter from Conway).

Pedr Conwy went to Jesus College, Oxford. Jesus College is a popular choice of educational establishment for Gwerin.

Jesus College Oxford educated a PM:

The Lord Wilson of Rievaulx
Harold Wilson 1 Allan Warren.jpg

As well as a corrupt judge who knew Dafydd:

Snowdonia-Active - News - Activities - Accommodation - The ...

  • The corrupt judge’s dad, Prof J.E., knew Dafydd as well; Prof J.E. was a theologian who worked at the Bala Theological College:

The dad of two other well-known Gwerin trained and/or worked at the Bala Theological College with Prof J.E.:

Alun Ffred Jones (@AlunFfredPlaid) | Twitter


Alun Ffred and Dafydd Iwan grew up in Llanuwchllyn near Bala, the home village of two Gwerin, Sir O.M. and his son Ifan, who have been immortalised in Llanuwchllyn:

Owen Morgan Edwards


When kids in care across north Wales were infected with HIV, Ioan was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council:

BBC - Blog Cylchgrawn - : Mewn powlen o eira

Ioan’s son Gruff Rhys is a superstar:

  • As is Gruff’s friend Rhys Ifans:
    Rhys Ifans 2011 cropped.jpg

Ioan grew up in Dolgellau, where his dad taught at the grammar school:

Bronwen went to school in Dolgellau as well:

Bronwen became a famous haute couture model and TV star, after which she was known as ‘Our Bronwen’, being of the Gwerin but needing to market herself to the man on the Clapham omnibus as well. When Bronwen married, she became Viscountess Astor:


The newlyweds lived in this starter home:


The corrupt judge’s dad was one of the founders/early members of Plaid, along with Saunders, who was also pal of Dafydd’s:


Saunders worked at Swansea University when Rhodri’s mum and dad were students there. Rhodri’s dad then joined the staff of Swansea, alongside Saunders. Rhodri’s brother Prys later joined the staff of Swansea University as well.

When Rhodri died, the coffin with his body inside made an entrance in the Senedd:

The coffin is carried in during the funeral of former First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on May 31 2017 in Cardiff...

 Here are some of the mourners at Rhodri’s funeral:
Labour Party politician Harriet Harman arrives at the funeral of former First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on May 31...

Former leader of the Labour party Neil Kinnock arrives at the funeral of former First Minister of Wales Rhodri Morgan at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on...

Former leader of the Labour party Neil Kinnock greets Rhodri Morgan's wife Julie Morgan during the funeral of former First Minister of Wales Rhodri...

Egalitarian Rhodri mixed with all sorts of people, but not victims of Dafydd and Gwynne obviously, they didn’t even receive a reply to their correspondence.
Prince William chats to Wales First Minister Rhodri Morgan at the Millennium Stadium Cardiff on February 4 2007 Prince William officially took up his...

Antony was someone else descended from Gwerin stock. Antony married Ma’arm Darling and as a result needed a title, so he was given a peerage and named after the highest mountain in Wales:
Lord Snowdon was born at Eaton Terrace in Belgravia:
6 bedroom house for sale in Eaton Terrace, Belgravia ...
Lord Snowdon’s taid, being a Top Doctor and of the Gwerin,
also had a country residence near Caernarfon, which was visited by the Royals and used for PR purposes:
Lord Snowdon’s taid was a Sir rather than a Lord:
Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones
Robert Armstrong-Jones 1933.jpg
For Gwerin who didn’t go to Jesus College Oxford, the University of Wales was a popular option. Lord Snowdon’s taid studied at UCNW, as did Ioan’s mum and dad.
Your student guide to Bangor University - Daily Post
Sir Ronald then undertook his clinical training at Barts, as did other Gwerin who returned to work as Top Docs in north Wales.
.Chicchi di pensieri : viaggiare leggendo "Una vita ...


Sir Ronald became a psychiatrist and for part of his career worked at Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum in north London, which later became known as Friern Barnet:

Friern Hospital 05.jpg
  • Saunders became famous for setting fire to an RAF bombing school in Penllyn in his battle against an imperialist war-mongering British Gov’t in 1936. D.J. Williams and Lewis helped him.

  • Ambrose was an early member of Plaid, along with Saunders:

Guto is Ambrose’s grandson. Guto is a Tory MP:

Guto Bebb

Theresa is Guto’s party leader. Theresa organised the Macur Review which covered-up the cover-up that Ronnie Waterhouse carried out.

Theresa May


Pedr Conwy was a Tory MP and a barrister who was a member of Middle Temple, as was Ronnie.

  • Pedr grew up in Llanwrst, where his dad was a solicitor. Dafydd’s son Deiniol owns and runs a wine bar, cafe and deli in Llanwrst:


There is of course a Spar in Llanwrst as well, but that doesn’t receive the sort of PR that Deiniol’s establishment does.

  •  Llanwrst is a nice town in a nice valley which for some reason was the childhood home of a great many Gwerin who as adults were involved in very serious criminality. Nonetheless, Llanwrst continued to receive the most wonderful media coverage, as did the serious criminals who came from the town.
  • Llanwrst contains the tea shop that receives more media attention than any other in Wales; it cannot simply be because it is next to a river and covered with Ivy:
  • Gwydir Castle is at Llanwrst, a small fortress:
  • Peter comes from Llanwrst:

  • BBC News - Betsi Cadwaladr health board new chairman appointed
  • As does Peter’s sister, Ruth:
  • Ruth, picked up an honorary something or other from Swansea University. Ruth was also awarded an honorary something or other by Bangor University when Peter was a member of the governing body there.


Another high profile member of the Gwerin who came from Llanrwst was T. Glynne Davies.

1926 – 1988

T. Glynne Davies

T. Glynne was a journalist and worked for the BBC. He won The Crown in the 1951 National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst. T. Glynne, like his colleague at the BBC, Jimmy Savile, was a Bevin Boy. T. Glynne served in Malta during WW II.

T. Glynne wearing The Crown that he won at the Llanrwst & District National Eisteddfod, 1951.

Twenty-five year old Mr T. Glynne Davies is escorted by bards to the stage, between applauding crowds at the National Eisteddfod, after being announced as winner of the Crown.

Tom joined the BBC in 1957 as a news reporter and his unique voice became famous in every Welsh home. He developed into a very talented broadcaster, with his ready humour and informal style, which was very different to what was expected in the BBC at the time.

In 1963 he went to work in Mold and then to Bangor in 1970 to present the very popular morning radio programme, ‘Bore Da’. He worked on the programme for six years before moving again, this time to work for the B.B.C. in Swansea.

The Beatles

Tom interviewed the Beatles when they went with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to Bangor, on the weekend of the 25th-26th August 1967. Brian Epstein was found dead when the Beatles were in Bangor. Tom interviewed lots of pop stars and maintained that they were all “big kids” apart from Mick Jagger, who treated him with respect and was a perfect gentleman and answered all his questions civilly.

There was a destitute Empowered Service User who frequented Bethesda in the 1980s and 90s, who was treated particularly badly by the Top Doctors and social services who claimed to have worked as a groupie when she was young and to have had sex with Mick Jagger.

Tom’s opinion that Mick was a true gent received another airing in the media in north Wales in 2009, just as people began demanding that there should be a re-investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and a review of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Brown and I had begun publishing about the mental health services in Wales by then.

For some reason, Freemasonry was popular with the residents of Llanrwst.

Here’s the Bala Lodge in their regalia:

Throughout many of the years during which investigations and inquiries were held into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, Ian Mackeson-Sandbach was the most senior Freemason in north Wales. His daughter is Antoinette, a barrister and a Tory MP for a Cheshire seat.

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg

Antoinette used to be an AM for a north Wales constituency and immediately prior to that, she worked with David Jones, a solicitor, a Tory MP for a north Wales constituency and a keen Freemason. David had served as Secretary of State for Wales just before Theresa organised the Macur Review. David’s dad ran pharmacies in the Wrexham area.

Official portrait of Mr David Jones crop 2.jpg

Antoinette’s gran Geraldine was the President of the Royal College of Midwives for the Denbigh area and was heavily involved with the Anglican Church. Geraldine’s family were Gwerin who owned plantations in the West Indies.


The Sandbach family are not the only landowners from north Wales who stride the world stage. Lord David Harlech, the 5th Baron Harlech, was the US Ambassador and hung out with JFK.


  •  JFK’s sister Rosemary was lobotomised as a young woman for reasons which were never explained. Not by Gwynne, but by someone rather like him in America. Rosemary never functioned adequately again.Rosemary Kennedy
  • JFK held Ugandan discussions with many, including with Marilyn. Some people maintain that Marilyn’s death was somehow associated with her knowledge of serious wrongdoing on the part of JFK and his family.

After JFK was assassinated, Lord Harlech proposed to his widow Jackie, but she turned him down and married a very rich Greek instead.

Since Lord Harlech served as the US Ambassador, many members of his family have met violent and/or premature deaths, including Lord Harlech himself. Lord Harlech’s daughter Alice died from a heroin overdose during the Jillings Investigation after being very badly mistreated by her partner, Eric Clapton:

Paula, who like the Empowered Service User from Bethesda described herself as having been a groupie when she was young and met Bob Geldof via that route, also died from a heroin overdose, as did her daughter Peaches.
Here’s Paula with David Bowie, whose years of excess, like Mick’s, were quietly forgotten after he became a very rich businessman who socialised with other rich and often titled people.English rock star David Bowie backstage with TV presenter and wife of Bob Geldof Paula Yates at the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium London 13th...

Paula grew up in north Wales and lived in the same village as Lord Wyn Roberts, a member of the Gwerin who was involved in much criminality:
Francis was the 6th Baron Harlech. Francis farmed near Harlech and was excluded from the Lords on the grounds of his insanity, which made him even more insane. Francis had the sort of problems with the police that Empowered Service Users of rather less privileged backgrounds often encounter; he was sectioned and not long after that Francis was found dead in his house. Only vague explanations were given for Francis’s death.
  • Harlech has a Spar and Francis may well have popped in there because he didn’t lead quite such a grand life as some other members of his family.
  •  Spar Harlech © Alan Fryer cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain ...


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

18 thoughts on “A St David’s Day Celebration”

  1. I have been told that people are starting to ask questions about the framing of Patient F, the false allegations which resulted in him being denied all access to his own baby and the placing of the baby with a family containing two people who were known to have assaulted children. Then there was the dead body of a young man who witnessed all this found in the road near Bethesda just before, or during the Waterhouse Inquiry…

    I can understand that a lot of people will believe that an investigation should take place into these matters. I am not someone who thinks that serious offenders should walk away scot free, I am just rather jaded and cynical. When F endured all of this, it was widely discussed by the population of Bethesda and the surrounding villages. None of it was a secret. People told me and my friends that what had happened was appalling. The whole process was known to have been a conspiracy on the part of Gwynedd County Council, Gwynedd Health Authority, Gwynedd Social Services, the GPs in Bethesda and the North Wales Police.

    When the witness, Martin, was found dead in the road in Bethesda, hardly anyone outside of Martin’s circle batted an eyelid. People were of the opinion that it was very sad, what with Martin being a single parent to a little girl, but no-one screamed ‘he was a lodger in the house of the family who did all the dirty deals to frame F…’ The world just moved on, as it did every time that a kid in care or a psych patient was found dead.

    No-one gave a bugger. Our friends were dying and no-one gave a damn.

    At least two of those involved in the conspiracy, Dafydd Orwig and Tony Francis, are now dead. Their involvement was no secret. Jo Bott was fully involved; she was the police officer with the remit for child protection.

    It’s not that I want whoever killed Martin to enjoy a good life. It’s just that I know that they will have been, along with everyone else who put them up to it. Highly paid professional people did it all in broad daylight. Their signatures are on all of the documentation and I was arrested, as indeed was F, every time that we challenged them.

    Many of the former kids in care told the police, when they were finally contacted and asked to make statements, to piss off. One of them told a friend of mine ‘everyone knew what was happening to us, everyone’. I know exactly how he felt.

    It is an absolute sick joke. Look who is sitting in the Senedd and in Westminster. It is them, the people who ignored the complaints or who were even employed as social workers etc when it was all happening. Weren’t you Mark Drakeford and Julie Morgan.

    If F or others want prosecutions mounted in respect of offences against them and my blog helps, I am pleased. But if someone offers to prosecute anyone on behalf of me, they know what they answer will be… You treated us appallingly. I battled with you lot until the day that I left Wales. It’s finally all blown up in your face. You did this for 30 yrs and never showed one speck of regret. This is you. Nasty, corrupt, sanctimonious and seriously criminal. Live with it.

    1. Thanks to the readers who are sending me the news report about Lord Ahmed being charged with sexual assault/attempted rape; I’d missed it, I’ve been busy on the blog.

      I did enjoy the reader’s comment who observed that Lord Ahmed might be a Lord but he is still of the right ethnicity to be arrested and charged. The right gender as well. Those unbelievably twisted Lady Doctors as they sent girls and women into the clutches of men whom they knew were members of a sex abuse gang, or the Caring Angels and social workers who were only too happy to lie their arses off in Court about being just so terrified when that nasty Male Patient threatened them, got away with it for years. Never ever questioned. She was Only Trying To Help and furthermore that Patient Was Stopping Her Helping Other People!

      A gang of serious sex offenders who killed witnesses. Every Service User and their family and friends knew what the truth was. The Caring Professionals were hated, absolutely hated. It was all put down to the Paranoia of Mental Patients. The complaints and indeed the injuries as well were simply ignored. Even the ruptured anus of a boy in care.

      1. Labour Party latest:
        A la the Spare Rib collective in a previous time, the Labour Party continues to rip itself apart over accusations and counter-accusations that various people or groups within are anti-semitic. Not that large numbers of Labour Party members have joined groups like Combat 18 in great numbers, they are not burning synagogues down, refusing to employ Jewish people as the Observer newspaper refused to until the 1960s because Nancy Astor, that Strong Woman and breaker of glass ceilings, did not like Jewish people one bit; their manifestations of anti-semitism are rather more subtle.

        Tom Watson is anti-semitic because he has asked people with complaints of anti-semitism to contact him, thus Tom has Undermined and Polluted the processes of the Labour Party. He has probably caused confusion, but er where is the evidence that Tom is anti-semitic? Then there’s the whole of the Hackney Labour Party. They’re anti-semitic because, pissed off at this accusation, they have issued a statement of no-confidence in Labour MPs who have, they allege, unfairly branded them as anti-semitic. So Stella Creasy is disgusted with their anti-semitism. You won’t win this one Hackney Labour Party, it’s like being a Paranoid Schizophrenic, having a Borderline Personality Disorder or being a witch, once the accusation has been made, your denials will simply serve to demonstrate that the allegations are true.

        Meanwhile Working Class Jess from Brum, who’s family are NHS management consultants and who’s mum was one of the most senior people in the NHS Confederation, has landed herself in trouble again by mouthing off, but as usual with Jess, the outrage isn’t over the daftest thing that she said, it is with regard to the more sensible things.

        Jess got the onions out in her latest Passionate Outburst in the Commons as, on the verge of tears, she begged Theresa To Do The Right Thing. The Right Thing re Brexit, which as far as I could see, didn’t have a great deal to do with the subjects of Jess’s Passionate Outburst. Jess’s Passionate Outburst involved her discovery that there is ONE midwife to cover her whole constituency; that her constituents are having to use foodbanks in the neighbouring constituency; that other homeless constituents of hers have been kicked out of their accommodation in a Travelodge to make way for Crufts guests who are coming to Birmingham.

        It transpires that Jess’s info re the midwives is incorrect. Jess should have been able to check that what with her family profession. Furthermore I am waiting for someone, when Jess does one of her NHS tear-jerking routines, to tell Jess that if the NHS is in a sorry state, it is the result of her family and those like them, who made a great deal of money out of an abusive failing giant and routinely denied that there was anything wrong apart from the Low Pay of those who worked within it.

        Jess’s allegations re the foodbanks are being met with scepticism. No everyone, Jess will have been telling the truth on that one. There is now a benefits system which involves a substantial group of people being put on Universal Credit which BY DEFINITION does not give people enough to live on. It has been calculated and designed to not give people enough to live on and furthermore, they have to wait an obligatory five weeks before they are not given enough to live on. That’s if the system works at its best; many people wait far longer before they are given not enough to live on. Now WHAT are they supposed to do?

        If it is untrue that people need foodbanks, why are there now so many of them? Are they there for a laugh? Are the people going through ritual degradation to obtain a few tins of tomatoes and a packet of spaghetti doing it because they’re a bit bored and want to spend a few hours toadying to a well-paid welfare professional in order to receive the voucher that will entitle them to three days worth of tomatoes and pasta from a foodbank several miles away to which they will walk because they won’t even have the bus fare?

        It is horrible Jess, but you’re onto a loser trying to get through to everyone, because most people are not at the foodbank and such is the brutality of society that if they are not, they are not in the least bit concerned about people who are. They don’t have any idea of the reality of their lives; they’ll have read the media reports of people Abusing Foodbanks and selling the food for drugs or frittering away the hundreds that they’ve received from social security and they’ll believe it. They won’t know that the food from foodbanks is just worth pennies and wouldn’t buy you any drugs even if you wanted to use it for that purpose and they won’t know that the benefits system is inequitable and really is leaving some people destitute.

        I don’t know Jess’s constituency of Yardley, it may be that most people there are OK; it borders Solihull, so it probably is quite a comfortable place. Jess mentioned that the foodbank that her constituents were going to was in either Sparkhill or Sparkbrook, I’ve forgotten which. Those constituencies are not Solihull… I do know Sparkbrook, I blogged about it the other day. Brown lived there, his neighbours had the most horrific experiences and Fattersley, their MP for so many years, was far too busy writing columns about fine dining and claret to give a stuff.

        I have spent most of my life telling better off people what happens to some people and they either don’t believe me or tell me that those people don’t matter and don’t vote, so no-one’s going to worry about them. That’s your problem Jess, even your party, long ago, gave up being interested in those having the hardest time. They really do not have anyone to speak for them, which is how they ended up being raped and battered by the staff of the NHS/social services to whom you pander and no-one even investigated.

        As for the accusation that the homeless are being moved out of their hotels to make way for Crufts, yes I can believe it. There’ll be whole families crammed in one room of the Travelodge that the Council has booked at a bargain rate and when the posh dogs arrive, the prices will go up and the homeless will be booted out.

        In the late 1980s I used to watch the Crufts posh dogs being transported around on the trains and the posh dogs would be having an extra pamper in the very railways stations where the Empowered Service Users or kids in care who’d been trafficked were dossing. I was told that I was only shocked by such things because I was from north Wales and I was a naive idiot. No St George’s staff, I knew what was happening to those about whom you didn’t give a fuck but you were not going to listen to me were you.

        Jess, be brave and make a speech in the House re how the sort of people about whom you have dared show concern are routinely treated by NHS staff. Brown and I watched it for years. Chavs are not deemed worthy of respect. As for midwives in Birmingham, Brown knew a young woman who’d grown up in care in Birmingham, was of course shagged by those who cared and was left alone in hospital to deliver the baby by herself at the age of 15. The midwives didn’t think that she was worthy of them. Listen to what people who have had babies young or who have been in or are in ‘care settings’ say about their lives. It is grim and they are not all Lying To Get Compensation.

        1. I’m reading Tom Bower’s biography of Jezza at present. I’ve finished the chapter which describes the hell that was prevailing in Islington when the children’s homes hosted the ring connected to Dafydd’s gang. It was as bad as north Wales: children found dead, children trafficked abroad, gangs of paedophiles in every home, two social workers screaming as loudly as they could ‘look at what is happening’ only to be ignored by everyone.

          Jezza, the local MP, famously refused to respond to the two whistleblowers and of course it was Little Nell Hodge who was Council Leader throughout it all. When the scandal could be denied no longer, Little Nell took up a new career with Price Waterhouse as an accountant. Jezza and Little Nell have received many an internet kicking for their collusion, but no-one has flagged up the fact that this nightmare was ignored by every mainstream newspaper. The Islington Gazette reported it all and UK journos did know what was happening…

          Something really hit me in the chops as I was reading. Events in Islington were happening in parallel with those in north Wales; I knew that intellectually but it was only while reading Tom’s account that it hit me: Jezza, Little Nell and Jack Straw were not the most culpable. There was someone who was correlating the serious organised crime in Islington and north Wales and who concealed the whole lot: the Windbag.

          The Windbag who’s wife’s parents had been Councillors on Anglesey, was mates with everyone up there including the local MPs. The Windbag who was friends with Tony Francis.

          The abuse had of course begun pre-Windbag, but the Windbag was Labour Leader when it became so public that it could not be ignored. He knew what was going on, he knew every bloody detail and he was friends with and even relations of some of those involved.

          I was just wondering the other day why the Windbag wasn’t deposed long before he was finally dispatched. He was utterly hopeless, but he stayed the big wally, after every election failure the old Windbag stayed.

          Can Peter Mandelson, who was busy modernising at the time, tell us why?

          Someone else knew all about Islington and north Wales. Miranda. Waiting in the wings. He lived in Islington…

          1. After I blogged about F taking on Gwynedd Social Services and Provident, someone’s asked me if I remember F and ‘the school in Bangor’. Ah yes, I do! It had escaped my notice: another reason why the gang really hated F. F confronted Friar’s School about their lack of care re certain teenagers. F himself had attended a prep school in Surrey and he had no idea how some state schools treat the ‘no-hopers’ and he was deeply shocked when he found out. He knew a girl of 14 with academic difficulties who was being seriously bullied and was gradually going off the rails. The problems were ignored by Friars.

            The girl told F that one day she and her pal were in Bangor dodging school and the Headmaster walked past. So they ducked behind a car. He saw them anyway and walked on past saying nothing. F was later told by a teacher ‘we don’t want her here, that’s why we didn’t say anything, of course the Head saw her’. F was horrified and told a few too many people that he was appalled that a teenaged girl could be in Bangor hanging around with speed freaks and sexually exploitative men while Friars ignored it.

            Friars were known for taking the same attitude to the kids in care. They’re troubled and difficult, we don’t want them. Yes they will have been difficult, but that was because they were being trafficked for sex by those fine upstanding professional people who’s own children were treated very differently by Friars School.

          2. https://islingtonsurvivors.co.uk/the-beeches/

            The Suffolk Free Press which I think is sister paper to Islington Gazette recently refused to pursue the Islington Gazette expose’ of former Islington Cllr Sandy Marks. She belonged to a paedo group called Fallen Angels and was Chair of Social Services when Suffolk Chief constable visited Lord Henniker in 1992 re Peter Righton and Islington Suffolk Project.

            The Suffolk journo Tom Bristow I think said there was no reason to believe the number of child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth was 43 deaths. Mmmmmm how about read the Islington Gazette cuttings ???

          3. Thanks for the link Richard.

            All the kids in care abuse scandals were bad, but the Islington and North Wales scandals were so bad that people with no prior knowledge could be forgiven for thinking ‘this just cannot have happened, surely there must be exaggeration here’. There isn’t exaggeration and there weren’t Lies To Get Compensation, the children’s social services and mental health services in those areas were taken over by mobsters and they were mobsters who numbered nice middle class professionals among them. The Councillors and MPs knew what was happening and then the MPs were given seats in the Lords and the Cllrs became MPs. They are still with us!

            The abuse in both areas went back years; some of the cuttings in the link that you’ve sent are from the early 70s. Just like in north Wales. Professionals and politicians of more than one generation were involved. The criminality was so enormous and involved so many people that there are just layers and layers of people who will not say a word about it and a great many people who will do anything, anything at all, to silence the surviving witnesses.

            The mobsters in Islington made up the New Labour Gov’ts. The mobsters in Wales still run every part of the country.

            I always knew that in north Wales every social worker and every NHS professional knew something about what went on, even if they weren’t actively involved. I knew that every police officer and lawyer and Councillor knew something about it, even if they weren’t directly involved. I knew that every teacher must have had some knowledge, but maybe it was vague…

            Until I began this blog and of course began receiving more info, I had no idea how many of the above didn’t just know what went on, but were prepared to lie and shaft anyone who dared speak out in a desperate attempt to save the skins of the whole region, as virtually every professional person had been complicit. No wonder WW III was declared on Merfyn when I appeared in Bangor University and began doing a PhD. The place was heaving with people who had bagged jobs there by keeping schtum. There were a few academics in Bangor, Merfyn included, who just seemed so nice and so fair but were nonetheless hated. No-one had a good word to say for them and I knew that at least some of what I was told about them were lies. I now realise that they were the academics who had refused to play ball with the mobsters…

            This lot are disgusting, truly disgusting. I am receiving more and more info re me: how mobsters pretended to make friends with me to extract info and then relayed it straight back to Dafydd Central; how terrible references were written for me by members of the gang in Bangor, while the people writing them greeted me like an old friend and wished me the best with my career; how downright lies were spread – that I was a thief no less, I was a prostitute, quite extraordinary stuff and of course a Danger To Children; it just goes on and on. All because these people had comfortable jobs based on them keeping schtum about a murdering paedophile gang.

            So I will remind Prof Catherine Robinson, Dr John Bailey, Dr Prys Morgan Jones, Dr Janet Pritchard, Margaret Ellis-Jones, Prof Andy Edwards, Prof Gareth Edwards, Dr Adrian Bell and others that witnesses were murdered, some of them my friends. Children of 11 were gang-raped and forced to have sex with animals for the European child porn market. Other people disappeared. I do hope that you can live with your collusion, because I had no idea as to the degree of your involvement. I know now, it has been made very clear to me. You’d have been better off telling the mobsters that I was unaware of how many vultures were circling, that I was open and hard working and just trying to get back to normal after my life had been wrecked by gangsters. But you were on the side of the gangsters weren’t you.

            As for Graham Day, no he isn’t Satan incarnate, like me he stood up to the bastards. Howard Davies is not a ‘cold male academic’, he was an excellent boss and he must have despaired at your depravity. John Fazey knew how fucking horrible you all were but he’s polite and open and kept giving you second chances when he should not have. And no, Merfyn wasn’t in brothels when Nerys was dying, Merfyn isn’t a ‘hopeless historian who only got where he did because of who he knows’, that is your strategy… Neither did Hefin Gwilym ‘abuse clients’ when he worked as a social worker, he was the one social worker who didn’t, that is why people were told that about him…

            Fuck off, crawl under a stone and stay there. This blog has now acquired a sizeable readership and if any of your other victims wish to supply info to the police about you and those whose crimes you were/are concealing having read info on this blog, I wish them all the best. None of you should ever have been given any of your jobs and you know it. You bagged those jobs on the bodies of innocent people who, unlike you, had the guts to stand up to a gang of sex offenders and big time dealers in class A drugs, so let’s stop worrying about hippies in Bethesda blowing dope. Witnesses lives were ruined, absolutely ruined, while you all strutted about tut tutting at people who were ‘stressed’ or ‘chaotic’. Try having a bunch of gangsters trying to murder you tossers and see how un-stressed you feel then.

            Of course I did notice the er surprise that you all registered when I finished my PhD. The fastest PhD that a student in the University of Wales had ever done as well. So oh it must be crap! Let’s have a read. Oh gosh no its not crap. Oh well of course SHE didn’t do it did she, it must have been written by Brown…

            It is fucking endless isn’t it. She got a brain, she works hard, we’ve done everything we can to stop her career and now she’s the best published junior researcher in the university. There’s only one solution, kill Merfyn’s wife.

            Jesus Christ…

            Now you’ve got this blog you mediocre cheating tosspots. Any of you fancy applying for Welsh Assembly Funding from Jane Hutt for yet another lame, uninspired project which tells us all what we already know and produces nothing original at all? At least then there’ll be no danger of the public services in Wales improving. Meri Huws can carry on reciting the %s of people in different areas of Wales who speak Welsh and spouting bollocks about hearts and minds and a living language, the schools will continue their downward slide and the Initiatives will make no difference, job creation in Gwynedd will continue to mean a Pot Of Money leading to six low paid jobs over the summer serving coffee to the tourists, the County Councils will still have no money to employ carers for the most seriously disabled people although they will continue to receive a hefty block grant from Gov’t and the mortality rates in Wales will be among the highest in Europe.

            And tomorrow it will rain over Bethesda, as Jean-Paul Sarte would have said.

            I’ll get the paint stripper, there’s more green paint on the Renault, several more coats have appeared overnight, I saw a member of Welsh Wimmin’s Aid running away from the scene of the crime earlier…

          4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/michael-alison-550011.html

            Alison the minister under Keith Joseph who diverted the ca;;s for Beeches Ixworth inquiry into a psychobabble exercise re difficulty of placing children in care homes far from home.

            An odd cove but I see his Ridley Hall Cambridge background and wonder if he was associated with Mervyn Stockwood the vicar at Cambridge Uni until he became Bishop of Southwark. As Bish he mentored the dreadful Revd Nick Stacey. (Later the head of kcc social services who forbade child abuse complaints from being passed to police).

            Nick as you know was tied up with saintly Barbara Kahan and Peter Righton in Gatsby project. And Nick’s successor as head KCC social services was Norman Warner wo had been adviser with Jack Straw to Babs Castle when she sustained Keith Jospehs cover up re 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth.

            Norman seems to have done damn all to expose his predecessor Nick cover up of child abuse. But his position now seems to be his inquiry found childrens homes in Birmingham were run by paedos but considerate Norman said nowt earlier (such as 1992) as lesser mortals were not ready to hear ?

            What should be remembered is that calls in Commons in 1972 for care inquiries West Suffolk were two. Beeches Ixworth and Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish. And who were founding trustees of Sue Ryder MI6 Harry Sporborg and AIREY NEAVE. Both puppet masters of Mrs Thatcher. And that makes me wonder what was really influencing Alinson and Keith Joseph and later Warner, Straw and Castle to cover up 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth.

          5. Thanks for reminding me of Michael Alison; he served as PPS to Thatcher but goes largely unrecognised as someone who must have been involved in the cover-up re Dafydd, North Wales and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Alison was a Churchman as well and one of those who was sitting on bodies banging on about sex n violence and porn while Dafydd’s gang and Prof Oliver Brooke were trading in kiddie porn on an industrial scale.

            Keith Joseph is so culpable; I know that he has been named on some internet sites as an abuser himself. My documents don’t contain evidence of that but wherever the gang was, there was Joseph. He was an MP for a Leeds constituency run by Jimmy Savile and corrupt police officers; he appointed Barbara Kahan as his social work adviser when he was Secretary of State for the DHSS under Heath and thus Babs reached the highest levels of Gov’t, Babs who with her husband was definitely facilitating organised abuse; Joseph went back years in the Tory Party and was there throughout ever scandal and cover-up including Profumo; he was Secretary of State for Education while I was at UCNW and Brown was at Aston and were put under surveillance by MI5, UCNW and Aston being run by corrupt gangs. Joseph was a barrister and member of Middle Temple like Ronnie Waterhouse and before he became an MP he was Chairman of the family firm, Bovis, so he was a rich man. He was also involved in Jewish charitable causes and like Janner’s and the Abse’s involvement in those causes, Joseph won’t have been doing it for entirely charitable reasons.

            As you know, I’ve been receiving info for a while now telling me that I was targeted by a gang operating in Bridgwater before I went to UCNW and tracked there by them. I have also been told that there might have been a even greater motivation to get me, not only because Brown and I were lefties from Tory families so were traitors, but because my grandfather challenged Tory Party corruption, in particular that of Edward du Cann, the MP for Taunton. I’ve just noticed when Joseph was appointed as Secretary of State for Education; it was the week before I began my degree at UCNW. Joseph was in place for Fresher’s Week 1981! Thatcher’s Cabinet all knew that UCNW was a vehicle for Dafydd’s gang, which was connected to the gang in Bridgwater and the rest of the nationwide network.

            I was told that some of the links between the Bridgwater gang and north Wales ring were teachers and as you know I was told that one of those under suspicion is the man who was Head of Science at Bridgwater College. Brown and I knew that he was friends with a molester but we just presumed that he had no idea that the molester was a molester. They were in a photography club together in Bridgwater and when I was chatting to Brown about it the other day, Brown said that those sort of clubs even in Bridgwater were often a front for porn production and they would hire ‘models’ for their ‘photography club’.

            I never had this teacher under suspicion as a molester, but what Brown and me both remember about Bridgwater College was the hostility towards certain students, one of them being me. We have always put it down to class bias; they had great trouble accepting that kids with Somerset accents whom they considered to be not quite ‘nice’ could be academically able. We just got grief, were told that we wouldn’t pass A levels and get to university, then there was a sort of rewriting of history when we did, ‘ooh well we knew that she was clever even if we didn’t say that at the time’. It was much the same in Bangor, a load of petit bourgeois people systematically discriminating against kids who weren’t their own but who were often more able.

            It was ridiculous, particularly in my case after I took on Gwynne and the gang. I was told at every stage in my life that I would fail and when I didn’t there was just a load of sour faced gurning and comments of ‘well I am surprised that she’s been able to do that’. I’m just fed up with them now, they oscillated between being horrible and being ludicrous and when I had that nasty habit of doing well in exams at university level, they just told lies about me to ensure that I didn’t get jobs or was sacked from jobs when I did. On the occasions when I confronted shitbags with the myths that they had perpetrated about me, the best that I ever got would be ‘ohh I didn’t know that’. I used to feel like saying ‘well bloody well ask before you go mouthing off then’, but I didn’t bother because it was fairly obvious that they knew that there was more to the lies that they had been told but they deliberately didn’t ask…

            As with the They’re All Telling Lies To Get Compensation discourse, there’s not much that you can do with people who have sunk this low and I’m not going to put up some of the info on this blog that some people want me to. I was friends with the girl who was molested by the man who was friends with the Bridgwater College lecturer, she went through a bad enough time without me naming her here. I remember her with great fondness, if she wants to make a complaint herself that is fine by me, but I’m not discussing her private life here. The police knew that there were rings of abusers operating, it is appalling that after all these years I am receiving info from people telling me that they watched it all, they knew who was being targeted, they knew that networks of professional people were involved and that data about the targets was being harvested from databases like university admissions, Top Doc records and school files. Half the info on those records isn’t true anyway, they made it up as they went along…

            I don’t care how many people are now saying to me ‘ooh do you know what they did to you, do you know what they were planning, shocking’. I don’t remember any help at the time! What was happening to me and others could hardly have been more public. I’m not interested in going to the police about these fucking horrible people, it’s not as if we weren’t all doing that for years only to have abuse hurled at us or for us to be arrested. If someone else wants to prosecute them for what they did to them I’ll have a laugh at Dafydd in the dock, but I’m not doing it. Brown and I have had nothing but tons of dung thrown at us for years, I don’t want the ‘help’ of the people who did it.

            They are the vilest people; Brown was once asked by a Caring Sharing colleague ‘Ooh Brian why do your friends have so many problems?’ It’s because he didn’t drop us when gangsters came after us that’s why! I have also been told that no-one can understand why a middle aged Professor like Brown is so poor. No, Brown isn’t making Bad Choices because he is Chaotic and Dysfunctional, Brown has for years shared his salary with me and others who were left destitute by the highly paid professionals of the welfare state!! It’s called being a wonderful friend and it’s not something that a Top Doctor or a social worker would even begin to understand. So stop carping, stop pretending that you all Want Justice and fuck off because I am just not interested. I am interested in writing a blog re the history, politics and sociology that underpinned this nightmare.

            As for the police, go and recover those bodies from the grounds of Denbigh and find out what has happened to all the other students at UCNW who had their lives wrecked by a lobotomist and a thick as yak-shit pompous GP who was a major criminal. You can’t undo what they put Brown and me through and you can’t bring back my friend Anne or Stephen Bagnall, whom they killed in cold blood in public, so stop pretending that you want to Make Amends. You don’t troughers, you really don’t.

  2. I’ve been reminded of something else as well that I’d missed. The death of another witness during the Waterhouse Inquiry.

    F was a big pal of a taxi driver who lived near Ysbyty Gwynedd. F got to know the taxi driver when he drove F and I to the airport on a few occasions. It’s OK gossips of Bangor, I knew what you all said about us going on holidays: I’ll just explain that it was Brown who paid for them!!! DUH!!! Thought you’d have clicked, after all it was Brown who helped me out on EVERY occasion when the gang left me penniless and homeless. We didn’t have to Lie To Get Compensation to pay for our holidays; Brown offered us the money if I could find off peak bargains so that’s what we did.

    Anyway, because we went for the off-peak bargains, we used to go on winter holidays, so the taxi would arrive at our place in Rachub in the winter, late at night in the dark, to get us over to the airport in the early morning. I’ve been told that it was all noticed and relayed back to Dafydd HQ. F got to know the taxi man very well after that and they’d chat away about allsorts. The taxi man was English but I can’t remember where from. He was found dead. It was in the local newspaper, his wife was interviewed. Everyone commented on what a nice friendly bloke he was and how said his death was. Unlike kids in care, the taxi man wasn’t found hanging and he wasn’t an Empowered Service User, so he wasn’t found dead on the railway line/in the Straits etc. He died while being Cared For by Ysbyty Gwynedd. Like so many…

    I am touched by how many questions the Gossips of Gwynedd asked each other about my personal circumstances when all those bodies kept turning up yet the causes of death did not elicit the same fascination.

    There was another taxi man with whom F was friends as well. This taxi man’s step son was in the hands of Dafydd. He told F that Dafydd was completely nuts and he was getting his son out of Dafydd’s hands as soon as possible. Gwynedd County Council subsequently went into dispute with this man and took his taxi licence away. So he rented a little shop. He went out of business. Before I fled Bangor he was cleaning in Morrisons. Bet he’s been forced out of that job now as well. Big Dafydd and the Gossips will have seen to it.

    Meanwhile look who’s sitting on the Health Board and raking in over £100k pa in the senior management jobs… Grace Lewis-Parry, Craig Barton, Mr Pleming and many others who know about matters discussed on this blog…

    1. ‘Under Milk Wood’, ‘The Singing Detective’ and ‘Cider With Rosie’ are nothing compared with Big Dafydd and The Gossips, absolutely nothing. Those famous works only had a bit of shagging and the occasional murder, not a huge paedophile/sex abuse ring with international connections and the constant deaths of witnesses, the main culprits being the Top Doctors and their associates.

      Hilarious. ‘ooh who’s the man in leather trousers who visits her?’ Brown, why don’t you just ask if you want to know? ‘ooh what does he do then, does he work?’ He’s a Professor you fucking fools, he has a brain. ‘So who’s that other man, ooh he goes in there as well’. Brown’s brother, who did you think? ‘Ooh there’s another man as well, who’s that then?’ He’s my friend you daft buggers, the gang have rendered him homeless, he helped me when the gang left me for dead so now I’m helping him…

      They are priceless aren’t they, absolutely priceless, even when I had been stuffed over by them for the umpteenth time I was never tempted to accept money to lie about people in Court or keep quiet about murders. But that’s why I haven’t got a job as an Angel.

      1. The BMA have triumphed! Their campaign to supply free tampons and sanitary products to NHS hospital patients has resulted in success and the BMA have announced that as a result of this policy change, wimmin can ‘recover in dignity’. It doesn’t really compensate for the sexual assaults, deaths through gross negligence and the perjury does it BMA?

        While I would agree that in a wealthy society such as ours, tampons etc should be supplied to NHS patients along with other basics such as bog roll, soap, running water etc, people who show their radicalism and commitment via arguments about tampons have always made me laugh.

        When I was an undergrad, there was the campaign to remove VAT from sanitary products and the mafia of drips who kept quiet about so many horrors all joined in. Fiona Woolmer, the UCNW Women’s Officer – who was a gift to the people traffickers of Gwynedd as the stupid cow refused to investigate complaints about the gropers in the Student Health Centre and obediently supplied undergrads with info on how to access the dangerous private abortionist in Chester who was putting lives at risk because the Top Docs of north Wales were unlawfully refusing all NHS patients abortions – wrote features in the UCNW student mag about the outrage that was VAT on sanitary products in the student mag. At the time there was VAT on food as well…

        Fiona wrote that ‘all women HAVE to buy these essentials’. Brown and I caused outrage by writing in explaining to Fiona that these ‘essentials’ were not available pre-WW II, that they could be seen as a commercial rip-off and that wimmin were being subjected to a advertising campaign of pseudo-medical lies. eg. ‘Lil-lets were designed by a doctor’, ‘Dr Whites’ etc… Our letter was not printed!!

        When Fiona led her campaign, there was an undergrad at UCNW who became pregnant. She refused to have an abortion and her boyfriend stood by her. They were abandoned by everyone, no help at all from Fiona Woolmer or anyone else. They stuck to their guns and she had a little boy, I think they called him Simon, born just before his mum’s finals.

        It’s all for Wimmin!! One member of the BMA who has been leading the free tampons in the NHS is that well-known feminist Dr Phil ‘dad of daughters’ Banfield, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from north Wales. Phil’s ‘service’ is currently in special measures because so many women and babies were dying…

        If it’s all the same to you Phil, I’d be happier buying tampons in return for a safe NHS that didn’t employ people traffickers and then offer them 100% protection.

        There will be someone at the BMA who can read datasets, so one wonders why they said nothing about the sky-high mortality rates in the maternity services in Shropshire. A few days ago angry patients walked out of the ‘review’ when they found out that the Royal College of Obs and Gynae were ‘overseeing’ it. The patients were of the opinion that the Royal College were part of the disaster; the Royal College responded with their very best Now Don’t You Worry Dear, We’ll Look After You, Now Shut Up About That Birth Injury, You’ve Got Free Sanitary Towels’.

        The Royal College will have trained those responsible for the Shropshire horror and those responsible will have included Members and Fellows of the Royal College. The Royal College set and marked the exams sat by the Top Docs and decided who qualified. The Royal College ignored what was happening to the women and babies in Shropshire. No wonder the patients walked out.

        I would urge no-one to be fooled by the BMA’s campaign for free Lil-lets, it is laughable. Neither is this a problem of naughty male doctors. Feminist Hero Wendy Savage was fond of telling lay audiences and the media that a small minority of male obstetricians ‘hated women’ and enjoyed seeing them in pain which is why they took up obs and gynae. Wendy was performing repeated abortions on the victims of Dafydd’s partner gang in Tower Hamlets at the time. She was friends with Geoffrey Chamberlain who was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile ring. Prof Chamberlain’s public image was that of the group of male obstetricians who, under the Savage Top Doctor Classification, ‘loves women and children and wishes that they were women’. Prof Chamberlain was married with, I think, five children. His wife Jocelyn was protecting the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

        It’s not a matter of male/female/intersex or Labour/Tory/ or indeed NHS/private. It is a matter of a deeply corrupted profession that is in such a bad way that no-one dares speak the truth regarding the depth of the rot. There are good obstetricians, both male and female. I watched some of them in action at St George’s: they would very discreetly stave off the disasters about to be caused by their insane, dishonest, dangerous colleagues. Sometimes they didn’t manage to do it. No-one said a word when a disaster happened. Their careers would have been finished if they had spoken up.

        You can give out as many free Lil-lets as you want Phil Banfield, it will not improve matters and it won’t make the 10,000 documents in my possession disappear. People tried to kill me because I refused to have sex with a lobotomist sitting in a Student Health Centre and his mates and they did kill one of my friends who knew about it. Fiona Woolmer might be intimidated by thick as pig shit Top Docs who are involved in serious organised crime but I’m not and your colleagues should never have believed that I would be.

        The Labour Party’s War On Tom Watson continues. Can I remind everyone in the face of the War On Tom that it was Tom who some six years ago stood up in the House and made that speech about the Westminster Paedophile Ring? Tom had known about it for years of course; he probably found out about it when he was at Hull University in the Labour students’ society… But he did make the speech, although he was ordered to make a grovelling apology afterwards, I think to Leon Brittan’s wife…

        Tom didn’t name any Top Doctors. More and more people re their involvement in organised abuse are being named on the internet and less frequently in the mainstream media. No-one is naming Top Doctors. Ollie Brooke did have help from the inside you know! When he was convicted, hundreds of letters of support for Ollie were sent to the judge from his Top Doctor colleagues…

        Never mind the organised crime and protection of a key figure in an international paedophile ring, we’ve got free tampons…

        Why was Prof Ollie at ST GEORGE’S then BMA??? Why, of all the paediatric depts in the UK, was Ollie at St George’s? Who appointed him? Ollie, the paediatrician who was given a Chair in his 30s at St George’s?? And who were the Top Docs who wrote those letters to Lord Chief Justice Lane demanding Ollie’s release? Apart from Geoffrey Chamberlain of course…

        1. Remember the natural childbirth debates of the 1980s that occupied so many acres in ‘The Guardian’ etc? The endless articles about male control of birth and the lies about the wise women midwives of yesteryear? Many of the authors of those articles knew what Ollie, Chamberlain etc were doing. Not a word was published.

          Prof Ann Oakley. Feminist medical sociologist: research interest includes wimmin’s health and gender in healthcare. Ann’s dad was Prof Richard Titmuss of the LSE. Titmuss was a pal of Richard Crossman and Brian Abel-Smith who ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring with Dafydd and Gwynne….

          Nearly 40 years after the rows about childbirth in the UK, nothing has improved. Geoffrey Chamberlain was one of the academics who conducted the annual British birth surveys…

          The childbirth guru Sheila Kitzinger will have known about the involvement of Top Docs in organised abuse and she’ll have almost certainly known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well. You couldn’t work in the field and not know. Sheila’s daughters are well-known feminist academics…

          You need to start saying something everyone!

          1. One reason why Sheila Kitzinger may have kept schtum was her early academic career as a social anthropologist. She studied at er Ruskin, along with those we know and love and at St Hugh’s, Oxford. Sheila will have known social anthropologist Isabel Emmett and Bertrand Russell’s circle at Croesor.

            Then there was Sheila’s job as a Prof at the OU in the 1980s, when Stuart Hall was there…

            I’ve only just found out that Sheila went to Bishop Fox’s School in Taunton… She was a pupil of the generation before Brown’s mum taught there of course.

  3. I’m delighted to say that Jane Hutt the Wimmin’s Friend and Wales’s own Trailblazer never lets us down. I have received an e mail telling me that Ursula Masson, Merthyr-born Feminist Historian, is to be commemorated by one of Jane’s Purple Plaques for Remarkable Women. This is only the second Purple Plaque so far, the first in the series went to Val Feld, a middle class woman from Caernarfon who ignored a gang of vicious people-traffickers and the harm that they inflicted upon their victims, female and male, while Val bollocked on about her fight against sexism and bagged herself a seat in the Senedd, where she still kept quiet about the abuse of the most oppressed. Val was a mate of Jane’s. As no-one outside the Women’s Archive of Wales has ever heard of Ursula Masson, I presume that she too is a mate of Jane’s. That’s the criteria for being a Remarkable Woman.

    I saw Ursula Masson speak a few times. No she wasn’t earth shattering and from what I remember she took about 30 yrs to finish her PhD and was one of the clique of wimmin who wondered why their Women’s Archive was on its last legs with an ageing membership but they are so profoundly hostile to other people that it is hardly surprising that they are becoming extinct. Yes it is very sad that Ursula died from cancer and no doubt her friends and family thought that she was great, but Jane just doesn’t seem to realise how alienating and insulting it is for her to be erecting Purple Plaques to her non-achieving mates when there are so many women in Wales doing so many valuable things in various arenas who just get on with it while Jane Pays Tribute to her friends.

    Anyway, the Purple Plaque is going to be unveiled by Jane, Julie Morgan and Dawn Bowden, all wimmin who have seriously pissed their constituents off, Dawn by tweeting photos of herself on a foreign holiday while many of her constituents in one of the poorest parts of south Wales are living in shoe box in’t middle of road. Dawn used to be from Bristol until she decided that she wanted to be an AM. Her husband stood as the Labour candidate for Arfon and he didn’t mention a word about the genocide in the NHS up there.

    Jane’s been speaking out about Period Poverty as well, it was on BBC News Wales: no woman should have to go without these basics. Can I challenge Jane to think a bit more deeply? I mentioned in my comment the medicalisation of sanitary protection for marketing purposes eg. ‘Lil-Lets were designed by a doctor’ – Jane’s dad or Uncle Harry probably, they’ll have made a fortune – ‘Dr Whites’ etc. Wasn’t Jane ever exposed to the criticism of the bleaches and toxic chemicals that were used in their manufacture? What about the hard sell of deodorised tampons then Jane? They were seriously nasty, but there was the marketing, busy screaming at wimmin that they didn’t want to pong Down There did they, so they went and purchased the toxic crap and then health warnings had to be issued… Then there were those pink ones – you could tell they were designed for us ladies! – with plastic applicators, thousands of them were washing up on the coast. In the end a major environmental campaign was launched begging women not to buy the sodding things.

    Are you interested in the Panty Liners Debate Jane? I and my mates watched with fascination when we were young as Panty Liners were advertised. We rolled around laughing, surely these were not going to sell in any quantities? What exactly was the point of them? The packets enlightened us: ‘for EVERY DAY’. Wimmin you are so disgusting that you need a barrier between your bits and your own undies, let alone the outside world. The Panty Liners were soon flying off the shelves in vast quantities. Then came the modifications: the legendary wings of course and I understand that they are now available in different colours to match one’s undies…

    OK its not up to me to tell another person how to spend their money, but the point that I’m trying to make Jane is that not only does the marketing of these products undermine women but many of them are substantially over-priced, environmentally disastrous and an example of ruthless 20th century capitalism rather than the putative ‘feminine hygiene’.

    I was of the generation of schoolgirls who’s sex education was provided by a visiting school nurse who was sponsored by the Tampax corporation. I was 14 Jane and I and my mate could see that this lady was here to sell us something… I’m sorry to say that we are recidivists. The same friend is now 56 and she is so pissed off with capitalist excesses that she told me a few months ago that she is buying as little as possible because she doesn’t want to prop up such a worthless insane destructive structure.

    What will we do if the female population stops purchasing Panty Liners? They must be an essential pillar of the economy now, in the way that Gordon Brown told us that the economy would only recover after the banks collapsed if we all went out and spent like drunken sailors. Then Tessa lobbied for the Super-Casinos…

    Is Tessa going to receive a Purple Plaque? At least people have heard of her even if it is for the wrong reasons.

    1. In East Anglian press recently was an Inspirational Woman report. An ex senior plod IIRC. But she described what it was like when she was first brought to Ipswich as a child in the days of no blacks no dogs no irish. They were in private rented as there was a shortage of council houses after the war. But her dad and uncles all had allotments. And of course the older Ipswich readership were thinking “There was also a shortage of available allotments after the war so the borough treated those blacks more than fairly”

      She did well in her education “Oh so no one denied her an education then while her dad and uncles had allotments”

      And though it was not the intended effect the older readership were left wondering what the hell the woman had done to be inspirational.

      I have a mental image of Ab Fab screaming “She doesn’t have to actually be inspirational darling she’s black !!”

      The country is mad as a bushell of bollocks.

      1. They really piss me off Richard because they are doing so much damage to the causes that they claim to be supporting. These silly old trouts who hang onto Hutt’s coat tails constantly ask ‘why do young women not call themselves feminists?’ It is because of them!! Not only do young women not want to do what their mums did, even those young women with good relationships with their mums, but Hutt etc have alienated so many that people don’t even want to be seen to be in their camp as it were.

        I have watched this cadre of Inspirational Wimmin for years and their conduct is shocking. The whole Cause is a vehicle to promote themselves and their friends at the expense of other women as well as men. Look at the way that they have used EVERYTHING to assist them and their friends. Jane’s Purple Plaques are being given to her mates. Their jobs offers, their research grant support, their Wimmin’s Support Groups, their Mentoring For Wimmin, take a look at the lucky winners, it is so obvious what is going on. The same happened with the Labour Party All Wimmin Shortlists. Harriet Harman and Blair ruthlessly used that to parachute in their pals or lackeys. Democratic process followed by constituency parties was over-ruled. Harman even tried to oust a local young woman trade union rep who had been chosen by her own constituency on the grounds that Harriet’s mate, that woman from the BBC who won the sex discrimination case and who wanted to be a Labour MP, had been discriminated against by the constituency on the grounds of ‘age’! They will use anything, anything at all, to grab everything for themselves. Men are really pissed off but are howled down if they protest and young women are bullied by these old cows, blatantly bullied. I have seen the way that they treat the women PhD students and postdocs, in the name of the old trouts being Inspirational Wimmin and it is shameful.

        These are usually the 60s generation daughters of the upper middle classes, when they were girls there were gender stereotypes prevailing and many of their mothers were obliged to leave careers when they married, but they were still some of the most privileged members of society. Harman and Hutt, as the daughters of wealthy Top Docs, had far more opportunities open to them and much more comfortable lives than working class boys of their generation. The first divisions in feminism arose from working class women saying to the Hutts ‘you are freezing us out and only addressing the needs of middle class women’. They have moved on now to patronising and alienating working class women and they are positively abusive to those having the hardest time.

        I am someone who does actually like literature, the arts etc and the sort of pursuits that this crowd follow, but they are so cliquey and hostile that it’s a case of, as one of my friends said, ‘I like going to the theatre but there are such awful people dominating it that I’m put off’. It’s the same at the opera. I was leaving an opera do in Cardiff on one occasion and as everyone was waiting for buses and taxis there was a group of high spirited teenagers and they weren’t actually being aggressive or threatening to the opera buffs, but they were cheekily saying ‘ooh so what have you seen in there then’ and ‘how much did you pay’, sort of taking the piss out of the ‘snobs’. No-one would talk to the teenagers! They wouldn’t even say ‘oh we saw such n such, it was great’. Instead they all froze, looked right through the teenagers and radiated an aura of ‘sod off chavs, we don’t even acknowledge your existence’. The teenagers definitely were NOT being nasty, no-one was going to get a smack in the chops or a barrage of awful abuse, they were just a group of young people. They’ll have had their every prejudice re ‘opera snobs’ confirmed by those daft old buggers who wouldn’t talk to them.

        The Lower Classes do notice when people respond to them as though they are turds! When people won’t chat if they sit next to them on a bus or whatever. Hutt et al really are the stereotype of the ‘stuck up woman’, they are not the radicals that they think they are.

        I have been told that the same game ie. ‘jobs for us and our mates’ is being played in the arena of black politics, but I know far less about that field. I have noticed however that it is Baroness Oona King who bags all the jobs or Baroness Patricia Scotland or failing that Baroness Valerie Amos. They haven’t done a great deal for all the other Wimmin of Colour who are cleaning offices in central London at 4 am in the morning but can’t afford to live near the offices that they are cleaning. I also have two Polish friends who were subjected to the most obvious racism but they were Polish so that was OK. One of them sat on the Board of a charidee and was told by Jane Hutt herself that the charidee needed to have ‘more ethnic minorities’ on its board. The Polish person observed that Jane hadn’t noticed that she was an ethnic minority, she was er Polish…

        While on the subject of idiocy, I read a BBC news report this morning about a Lib Dem MP who is getting batey over sexist pricing and is going to use the gender discrimination laws to have a go at companies who price ladies razors and deodorants higher than mens. Yes, it needs legislation to tackle that, rather than customers saying ‘its OK, as you’ve priced the pink coloured razors twice as high, I’ll walk to the men’s end of the aisle and I’ll buy the green ‘men’s’ disposable razors for half the price’. I’ve been doing this for years and if the assistant shows me the pink razors when I ask where the razors are, I always explain that I don’t want the over-priced pink ones, can she please show me where they keep those gillette ones with the green handles, the big bags of them for about £5, they’ll do me fine…

        Now if you excuse me Richard, I must go and change my Panty Liner, the instructions on the box recommend that you change them regularly so as to ensure that you waste even more money on consumerist anti-woman crap that no-one on earth needs. Then I’ll flush it down the bog along with some Clean Wipes impregnated with lots of disinfectant to block up the sewers and kill the fish when it all finally ends up in the ocean. Meanwhile dog walkers will be fined 200 quid if their dog craps under a tree, even a tree which is not in a children’s play area or on a pavement. Dog turds are biodegradable, Panty Liners aren’t, but that doesn’t appear on the packets.

        Allways with wings. It sums it up. You need to spend your money on this rubbish and wrinkle your nose with disgust in the presence of people who don’t. Allways.

        1. Thanks to the Top Doctor who has sent me the journal articles about medical research fraud, it is very much appreciated because I haven’t had time to do the literature search for those articles but I did know that they were out there…

          I hope to do a dedicated post about the subject soon and thank you for telling me of your own experiences too.

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