A Vampire At Glyndwr University!

The Daily Post is tremendously excited after discovering that a senior lecturer at Glyndwr University is an ‘expert’ on vampires, has published on the subject and even appeared on daytime TV. The Post has got it’s teeth into this story because a PhD student of the lecturer concerned is claiming compensation for ‘work related stress’ and is maintaining that there is a ‘health and safety issue’ at stake. Allegations have been made that after a lecture on vampires, a student cut themselves and licked the cut to taste the blood.

I’ll declare an interest in this story now. The lecturer concerned is Dr Emyr Williams and I know Emyr very well. I became friends with him when were both doing our PhDs at Bangor University and I remained close friends with him for years although I haven’t seen him recently because I was forced to leave north Wales after extreme harassment from the paedophiles’ friends. Dr Emyr Williams is not and never has been a ‘vampire’, as the lurid story in the Post speculates. Emyr is a psychologist of religion and his first degree was in theology. His PhD was actually on the beliefs and attitudes of people attending Bangor Cathedral, but Emyr is very bright, very inquiring and he also became interested in the beliefs of people who follow alternative spritualities -and yes, there are people in the UK who claim to be vampires. Emyr is now one of the leading authorities on this. That has nothing to do with being a vampire. Glyndwr University were very keen to employ Emyr – the institution is seriously short on high achieving academics and they bit his arm off when he showed an interest in working there. Emyr is also a whizz at stats, which very few academics are unless they are actually statisticians. This means that Emyr can spot bad research when he sees it or research that is trying to mislead and there is a lot of that about. As for ‘work related stress’ – if there is work related stress at Glyndwr and from what I used to hear there was always plenty of that, it will not be emanating from Emyr. He shows a concern for the well-being of his students and colleagues way beyond that usually found in universities. Indeed that is how I became such good friends with Emyr. Whilst the paedophiles’ friends harassed and threatened me, spread vicious rumours about me, rang up my PhD supervisor and dripped poison into his ear, drove cars in my direction very fast very carelessly and then had me arrested because the Chair of the North West Wales NHS Trust Elfed Roberts was ‘fed up’ of my complaints about the mental health services and was cross because I had pink hair and had called his ludicrous car a penismobile, Emyr was the best friend that one could have had. He could see exactly what was going on and like the Hergest Whistleblower and a few others who stood by me, reassured me that the appalling behaviour of these people said nothing about me.

It speaks volumes about Glyndwr that it is Emyr who has found himself at the centre of a storm there. Glyndwr University is a troubled institution and it has been for years. There are a number of other academics there who like Emyr are high performing both in terms of their research and their teaching, but Glyndwr has found itself at the bottom of the league tables ever since it was created but they don’t have enough staff like Emyr. Glyndwr has tried to construct itself as an institution which is vocationally based, but there are massive problems with that claim as well. I don’t know anything about the engineering side of Glyndwr, but I do know about the ‘health and social care’ side – we’re back to the paedophiles’ friends again. The institution is teaming with ‘experts’ in health and social care who have previously worked in or been very well aware of the practices of the dreadful ‘services’ in north Wales and their penchant for neglecting and abusing patients. But none of them will say a word. My post ‘Last Man Standing’ details the background of Dr Wulf Livingstone, a senior lecturer in social work there – Livingstone knows so much about the misconduct of the ‘services’ that he probably should make his way to the police station and give a statement. A few years ago Glyndwr was running a ‘substance abuse’ course for people who wanted to work with drug users. Except that it seemed that people with the backgrounds and skills necessary for that work were being turned down for places – whilst places were offered to people who were drug users themselves. Why are we not surprised? The ‘substance abuse’ business in north Wales is dominated by CAIS, the ‘charity’ run by the paedophiles’ friends Dafydd and Lucille and some of their ‘peer support workers’ are dealing to their ‘clients’. As Brown observed, no-one in north Wales would want a drugs worker who could actually do the job properly, because they’d see straight through CAIS and get more than a few of them arrested.

Glyndwr University has a history from which it has not escaped. It was previously known as NEWI, the North East Wales Institute and before that, Cartrefle College. Read the biographies of the paedophiles and their friends as described in the Waterhouse Report – again and again they had ‘trained’ at Cartrefle College. The thugs on the ground battering and sexually assaulting the kids in care in north Wales had qualifications from Cartrefle College but their managers frequently had qualifications from Bangor University, Liverpool University or Salford College of Technology. The lawyers and judges who protected them all were often graduates of Aberystwyth and the Top Doctors sitting on the heap of shit were frequently graduates of Liverpool Medical School. There was a very obvious pattern. Somebody was employed at Cartrefle College giving qualifications to that bunch of monsters – and that somebody will have been subsumed into NEWI when it was formed and then into Glyndwr University. Even if they are now retired, it will be the usual phenomenon – they’ll still be in touch with former students and associates who will not yet have retired, they’ll be pulling the strings and back-scratching and everyone will be quietly reminded of exactly how many reputations and careers will go tits-up or indeed how many now elderly people could die in prison if the vow of silence is broken. What happened in children’s homes in north Wales is now receding into history, a lot of the politicians and judges involved are dead and those we know and love are fully aware that if they can keep the lid on it for another ten years or so they’ll be home and dry. Pensions and reputations intact. Of course nearly all the kids who were in the homes and the patients of the paedophiles’ prisons – the North Wales Hospital and Garth Angharad – are now dead, having met unfortunate premature deaths.

People living and working in north Wales have long since been fascinated by the tales of madness and serious mismanagement that leaked out of Glyndwr University. The centre of the most florid stories was Professor Mike Scott, the former Vice-Chancellor. People looked on in wonder and asked each other how much longer the chaos could be allowed to continue – staff told stories of Mike Scott giving crazed lectures to the staff en masse, of Scott telling barefaced lies and of rumours that the University was known to be virtually bankrupt but Scott nonetheless was spending like a drunken sailor on bizarre plans. One of the most notorious was Mike Scott’s plan to establish a ‘corridor of knowledge’ – he purchased some sheds along the side of a road in Wrexham in pursuit of this plan, but somehow it never really got off the ground. One of the Biggest Mysteries in north Wales also involves Mike Scott – whilst it was widely alleged that Glyndwr was flat on it’s back breathing it’s last financially, Mike Scott purchased the Racecourse which was next to the University for nearly two million quid – no-one could work out HOW. Allegations of financial corruption flew…He paid a lot of money for the sheds as well. Even people who only fleetingly met Mike Scott never forgot him – someone who shook hands with him described it as like shaking hands ‘with a wet fish’. But then I discovered that Scott had previous. Before being given his own university to destroy, he had been a PVC at De Montfort University – and had really screwed up there. Whilst Scott was at De Montfort he announced plans to establish an ‘axis of knowledge’ passing through three countries (I think the countries involved were England, Wales and Ireland), a bit like Hitler’s expansionist plans a few decades ago. People marvelled at how, after the DMU years, Scott was ever actually given any sort of job at NEWI, let alone given responsibility for running the place. It was alleged that NEWI was such a train wreck that the Welsh Gov’t were desperate for it to ‘merge’ with another institution, but no other college would touch them with a barge pole. Whilst he was wreaking havoc in Wrexham, there was another truly fascinating anecdote circulating about Mike Scott. Some of the older staff at Bangor University claimed to know the man who failed Mike Scott’s PhD in times past. I was told that Scott had done a PhD in English years ago, but he failed his viva and had to resubmit, which is why so many at Bangor looked on in horror at what he was allowed to do in Wrexham.

I know that readers will be fully aware that much of this can be interpreted as academics sneering at other institutions and their alleged follies and of course an awful lot of that goes on. Brown always used to say ‘when you work in a university you hear the most appalling things about people and you must never believe a word of it. But you must never be naïve enough not to listen’. But the reason that there was so much interest in what was going on in Wrexham was that someone somewhere was allowing this to happen – and public money was being squandered on a very large scale. Where was the accountability?

So what about the governance of Glyndwr University? Let’s take a look.

The current Chancellor of Glyndwr University is Trefor Jones CBE; he took up the post in Jan 2016. Trevor is described as having a ‘long and distinguished relationship with NEWI’ – he was their Chair. Trefor Jones was the Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd 2001-2012. He took his duties seriously – when HM the Queen and went to visit Flint, Trefor met her at Flint station! (Flint station is a dreadfully grotty place, I’m gobsmacked that Her Maj ever agreed to alight there.) Readers will understand why my interest was piqued when I saw that Trefor had been appointed to this post – this blog is full of the names of the paedophiles’ friends who ended up as Lord Lieutenants or Deputy Lieutenants. So who is Trefor?

Trefor Jones grew up in Rhyl and started his working life as an apprentice at what is now called Airbus at Broughton. He eventually became Chair and CEO of Pilkington Optronics. In 2000 Pilkington won a contract worth millions to supply the Royal Netherlands Army. I note that the new Vice-Chancellor of Glyndwr, Professor Maria Hinfelaar, is described as a ‘Dutch national’. Now that could well be of no significance – but continue reading this post.

Trefor has many varied interests. He was or is Chairman of the North Wales Area Committee; was or is the Chair of Celtec; was or is a member of the Welsh Industrial Development Advisory Board; was or is the Chair of the North Wales Economic Forum; was the Deputy Chair of the WDA (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’ for background on the infamous WDA); he was or is the Chair of Clwyd Justices Advisory Committee; he has just stepped down from his role as Chair of St Kentigerns Hospice. Now perhaps he is, as the local media reassures us, simply a man who has dedicated his life to public service in north Wales. But guess what else Trefor was? He was a member of Clwyd Health Authority. So Trevor knew that Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist of the North Wales Hospital were unlawfully banging people up who crossed the paths of the paedophile gang. Trefor will have been one of the people who ignored the numerous complaints about patients being assaulted, sexually abused and fleeced of their money. He was part of the Health Authority that did not investigate complaints about those matters. As a member of that Health Authority he will have known the other people named on this blog who as members of both the Health Authority and Clwyd Social Services were directly involved in concealing the abuse in children’s homes in Clwyd. After the abolition of Clwyd Health Authority, Trefor continued with an NHS role – he was Vice-Chairman of Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust. So he will have had domain over those notoriously dreadful wards for the elderly in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd then.

Trefor had fingers in many pies and was at the top of one of the biggest businesses in north Wales. He is someone who could have spoken up about the wrongdoing. But he didn’t.

More about those pies. When Trefor was appointed Lord Lieutenant, the Clerk to the Lord Lieutenant Colin Everett – who doubled up as CEO of Flintshire County Council – announced in Jan 2009 that Tefor had appointed numerous Deputy Lieutenants. Among them were Judge Roger Dutton, Lady Susan Langford, Michael Peters and Professor Mike Scott. Lady Susan Langford is President of St Kentigerns, the hospice of which Trefor has just stopped being Chairman! Lady Susan’s husband, Lord Geoffrey Langford, is a Patron of St Kentigerns. Michael Peters I believe is better known as Mike Peters, the rock star from the band The Alarm. Mike Peters and his wife Jules are probably the most effective PR people that Ysbyty Glan Clwyd has. Mike Peters famously developed testicular cancer and has spent the years since raising money and extolling the wonders of the hospital which saved his life. Presumably the Top Doctors didn’t tell Mike that testicular cancer has a very low mortality rate and that nearly all patients survive, even if they are treated in a hospital with a reputation as bad as Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. A recent press release informed us that Jules has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. I think that someone ought to tell her just how big the problems are in YGC and give her the chance to be treated elsewhere, because breast cancer has a much higher mortality rate than testicular cancer. As for Professor Michael Scott – well we know all about him…

So who sits on the governing body of Glyndwr University? I had a look at the University website and the Governor’s Register of Interests 2016/17 and this is what I discovered. The governors include:

Celia Jenkins. In 2013 Celia was the High Sheriff of Clwyd. She was originally from Cheshire – the stomping ground of Sir Peter Morrison MP and all those who kept quiet about him molesting children (see post ‘    ‘). Celia is the Deputy Chair of the North East Wales Magistrates Bench, the Chair of the North East Wales Magistrates Panel, a member of the Wrexham Youth Justice Management Board, a member of the Lord Chancellor’s Committee for Clwyd and a member of the Executive Committee of the League of Friends Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Foundation Hospital. Celia’s spouse is a member of the Council of Chester University and a Board Member of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. Previous posts have mentioned people involved in the abuse of children in north Wales who trained at Chester College – which became Chester University – and the paedophiles’ friends who were or are involved with the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, including the daddy of the biggest cover-up, Sir Ronald Waterhouse.

Barrie Jones. Barrie is the Editorial Director of NWW media – he joined the ‘family owned Board of Directors’ in 2010. This is the North Wales Weekly News Group, which published illustrious local titles including the North Wales Weekly News and Wrexham Leader. Barrie worked for those newpapers back in the 80s. When those papers had a penchant for printing flattering articles about Dr Dafydd Alun Jones rather than what was really happening inside of the North Wales Hospital. I very much doubt that the victims of the paedophiles’ were given much of a voice in those titles either. Barrie is involved with the journalism course at Glyndwr!

Gill Kreft. Gill is married to the well-known Mario Kreft and they own the Pendine Park empire, a substantial business involving care homes for the elderly and those with dementia. Gill is listed as a Director and shareholder of a number of the businesses that she and Mario run. She is also a Director of DBS Disclosures Services Ltd, a Director of Gwarchod Properties Ltd and a Trustee of the Social Care Institute of Excellence. The Social Care Institute of Excellence is now a standing joke in the wake of recent revelations as to the reality of much ‘social care’ in the UK. Gill also has a role with the Academy of Care Practitioners Ltd and Care Forum Wales.

Gill’s husband is very high profile in Wales and appears in the media regularly raising concerns regarding the lack of funding for social care. He certainly sounds much more compus mentis than many other people involved in that area of business in north Wales, although I don’t know anyone who’s ever worked for him so I don’t know what the reality is. His business is certainly very substantial and seems to be expanding rapidly, in spite of his pleas of living on the breadline and being unable to afford to pay his staff anything higher than the legal minimum. I note that Gill lists her interests as opera and exotic travel, such a viewing mountain gorillas. Opera and luxury holidays to the Virunga National Park don’t come cheap. I doubt that the care assistants at Pendine Park can afford such pastimes.

Rebecca Maxwell. Corporate Director of the Economy and Public Realm at Denbighshire County Council. In 2003 was Head of Children’s Services for Stirling Council. Prior to this, Rebecca had a ‘thirteen year career in the NHS in a variety of strategic and operational roles in England and Scotland’. Advisor to the North Wales Economic Ambition Board.

Paul McGrady. Has lived in Wrexham since 1977 – he was there when the paedophile gang in the Wrexham children’s homes was doing it’s worst than. Paul works at Wrexham County Borough Council as an accountant. That’s the Wrexham County Borough Council who were involved in the fiddle that I have previously blogged about which ensured that Dafydd and Lucille’s charity CAIS landed the contract for ‘service user involvement’ across the whole of north Wales then. Paul has previous – in 2005 he was Head of Finance and Assests for Denbighshire County Council. Denbighshire County Council has featured on the blog previously regarding irregularities in the funds – on some occasions the funds weren’t there. In 2015 Paul was appointed a Director of CCG, the ‘social landlord’ that was formed when the housing stock of Gwynedd County Council was transferred. The CCG who continues to employ the same staff who fiddled and embezzled when they were employed by the housing dept in Gwynedd County Council (see post ‘News Round-Up, March 24 2017’), the CCG that is the subject of constant serious complaints and media exposes.

Judy Owen. Judy is a Trustee/Director of St Kentigerns Hospice – that’s right, the hospice from which Trefor has just stepped down as Chairman! Judy joined Pilkington P.E. Ltd in 1973 and progressed to the role of site accountant. So she was an employee of Trefor’s then – and was responsible for the dosh. In 1999 she left Pilkington to work for Euro DPC at Llanberis, where she became finance director. I used to live near Euro DPC and they became a legend. When they first opened their doors in 1991 or 1992, they placed big adverts in the local papers telling local people how many ‘opportunities’ would be available. The employment situation in the area was dire, so everyone – including me – beat a path to their door. What a shock we had. The ‘international biotech company’ who had told the world that there would be well-paid managerial and scientific jobs in Llanberis was indeed seeking managers and scientists, but they had no intention of paying managers and scientists professional salaries, at least if those managers and scientists were local. I was offered the grand sum of £6000 pa after replying to an advert for scientists with postgrad qualifications and experience and the son of someone else I know was offered a similar pittance when he applied for a managerial position. When I asked why they were offering their scientists and technicians such poor pay they cheerily told me that the ‘market rate’ in Gwynedd dictated the salaries on offer. Euro DPC also had a plant in Oxford – where people doing exactly the same jobs as in Llanberis were paid very much more. I knew of one person who moved from Gwynedd to Oxford to do exactly the same job for much higher pay. Because Euro DPC paid sheepshaggers less. I that bet Euro DPC received ‘funding’ from the WDA to set that plant up in Llanberis as well. Do you want to tell us what was going on in that company Judy? Euro DPC played fast and loose with Health and Safety as well. One of the students that I did teacher training with in 2000/01 was partially blind. She’d been a chemist at Euro DPC in Llanberis, there’d been an accident and chemicals had got into her eye – there was no first aider on the premises and a manager refused to take her to Ysbyty Gwynedd for a check up. She suffered damage to her sight.

Phil Storrow. Phil is Head of a Dept at Glyndwr. He used to work at British Aerospace, just like Trefor. Phil is also a Director of Optic Glyndwr Ltd and of Glyndwr Innovations Ltd. So he is a Head of Dept at Glyndwr, a Director of two businesses owned by the University and a member of the University’s governing body – having previously worked for a company that the University’s Chancellor is associated with. Phil is also a Trustee of the Chester Childbirth Appeal. I don’t know what that is all about – although no doubt Trefor Jones will be involved somewhere – but the Countess of Chester Hospital has received an awful lot of bad publicity recently after it was revealed that the care was shite and a number of babies died unnecessarily. But then the maternity care at that hospital was not what it should have been for many years, but no-one piped up.

David Subbachi. Yet another Magistrate – David has sat on the Wrexham and Denbigh Benches for twenty years and was Chair of the Denbigh Bench. He is a former member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for North Wales on the selection and recruitment of Magistrates and a member of the Welsh Bench Chair’s Forum as well as the National Council for Magistrates’ Association. David’s career was spent as a civil servant in the Valuation Office Agency. He is a governor of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd Wrexham and a former governor of St Mary’s RC School, Wrexham. David’s wife is Chair of Offa Community Council.

Vincent Ryan. He was born and educated in Wrexham, but he won’t have been one of the kids who grew up in a children’s home there. He has a law degree from Cardiff University and in 1981 joined Allington Hughes Solicitors, becoming a partner with the firm in 1988. He stayed until 2009. So he was a local lawyer both whilst the paedophile ring raged and throughout the Waterhouse cover-up then. Which explains why he’s the Chair of Trustees of the Wrexham Diocesan Protection Management Committee. Vincent is an employment judge at employment tribunals.

Brian Everett. Brian has spent his career in UCU (Universities and Colleges Union). He is an employment judge in employment tribunals as well. Brian is a Director of Bevere H Consulting and the Chair of Wrexham RC Diocesan Safeguarding Commission. He is also a Trustee of the CAB. As is Lucille Hughes, the woman who was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but failed to act, whilst she was Director of Gwynedd Social Services. Brian is Trustee and Chair of the Charles Lloyd Foundation.

Neil Ashbridge.  Neil is a non-executive Director of Cartrefi Conwy and Vice-Chair of Disability Wales. He is a member of the Liverpool Cathedral Finance Committee; a member of Liverpool Hope University’s Executive Advisory Board; a member of Oxford University’s Business Economy Project Advisory Board; a member of the Welsh Industrial Development Advisory Board; a Director of the Board of West Cheshire and North Wales Chamber of Commerce; the Chair of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

Professor Sandra Jowett. Sandra is Vice-Chair of the National Open College Network; a non-executive Director of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust; an Emeritus Professor at the University of Cumbria. Her son works for KPMG, London.

Tim Mitchell. Tim is a Director of McLintocks, Wrexham; a Director of the recently formed North Wales Crusaders Rugby League team, based at Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium; the Hon Sec of the Chester and North Wales Society of Chartered Accountants.

Askar Sheibani. A Director of Deeside Business Forum Ltd; Group CEO Comtek Network Systems Ltd; a member of the Alyn and Deeside Constituency Labour Party.

Dr Colin Stuhlfelder. Colin is a Senior Lecturer in the Built Environment at Glyndwr University. He is also a Board member of Riverside Mersey North Housing Provider.

Emma Perrin. Emma’s spouse works at Airbus Operations at Broughton. Trefor’s former employers.


Well, there we have it. Perhaps I ought to open a competition for readers to see who can spot the highest number of conflicts of interest among that lot – before anyone does yet more research on the organisations that I’ve mentioned. The over-riding impression is of a group of people many of whom have worked for or with Trefor Jones or are involved in charitable causes or local authorities with which he has connections and who are in a position to do favours for or benefit from Glyndwr University. Many of whom are involved in the criminal justice system, which must be a dream for the paedophiles’ friends who are still cluttering up the region.

One further point about the organs of government at Glyndwr University. They have a senior member of staff, James Dawson – who has a famous brother-in-law. Dawson’s brother-in-law is John McTernan, the Rottweiler and former Director of Political Operations for Tony Blair! I have blogged about how Dawson left his previous job at Bangor University under a cloud after trying to steal a number of computers. One of which was mine, with lots and lots of info on it concerning the wrongdoing of the north Wales mental health services and how Blair’s Gov’t was keeping that as well as many other mental health scandals quiet (see post ‘When Showbiz Meets Politics’).


Having had a taste of what Trefor Jones got up to in his roles as Lord Lieutenant and Chancellor of Glyndwr University, I thought that I’d check out what might have been going on at St Kentigerns Hospice, where he was Chairman until literally a few days ago. I prioritised identifying who are Trustees and Patrons.

Trustees include:

Lady Susan Langford, the President. I have provided details re Susan earlier.

Judy Owen, Treasurer. That’s the Judy described earlier – who used to work as the accountant for Trefor’s company and then worked as the finance director for the dodgy Euro DPC.

Professor Mari Lloyd Williams. Mari is a Top Doctor specialising in palliative care who works at the University of Liverpool North West Cancer Centre. She has served on the fitness to practice and professional conduct committees of the GMC; on the HEFCW (Higher Education Funding Council for Wales) and UKHEAC committees 2006-12; was appointed by the Welsh Assembly Gov’t to the Review of Governance in HE in Wales; was a member of the Advisory Group under Chair Sir Adrian Webb into the Future of Higher Education in North East Wales; Chairs the Tenovus Cancer Charity Psychosocial Grants Committee. With all those connections to healthcare research and HE, presumably Mari could help Glyndwr University out if she wanted to. She’s also been in a position to decide what fate should befall the dreadful Top Doctors of north Wales should the GMC ever decide to place any of them in front of a Tribunal.

David Gozzard. David is a retired Consultant Haematologist from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, a position that he achieved in 1988. He was Clinical Director of Pathology and was Medical Director of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust – Trefor was Vice-Chairman! After the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust evolved into the North Wales NHS Trust – yet another reorganisation in a desperate attempt to stop the regional NHS killing people and it’s staff/managers siphoning off NHS funds – David became Medical Director of the new organisation. David was also Chair of the North Wales Medical Committee 2001-04.

Having been Clinical Director of Pathology in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, David might be able to clear up a long-standing puzzle. In the summer of 1991 I had one of my many Bizarre Experiences. I had moved back to north Wales to live and I applied for a job in the path labs of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. I was called for interview and faced a panel of three people. One man was someone from IT who was obviously the brightest on the panel but was the most junior in the hierarchy in terms of jobs, the other was a senior person from the lab staff – could it have been David Gozzard? – and the other was a most extraordinary man, even by the standards of north Wales, a Top Doctor called Binns-Smith. I should have realised that I was in for a fun time, because before I was called in for the interview I was sat in a waiting area near to some workmen who were working on the ceiling. An enormous man with a huge belly, no jacket, open-necked shirt and no tie emerged from an office nearby and started bellowing at the men working on the ceiling, hurling insults about the ‘average British workman’ no less. I presumed that he must have been their foreman, particularly as he was in possession of the stereotypical builder’s bum as his trousers started to descend whilst he yelled at the workmen. Then I noticed that not only were his trousers descending, but his flies were undone so in total quite an expanse of ancient white Y fronts were on display. He turned to me and asked if I was waiting for interview – this man it transpired was Dr Binns-Smith, head of pathology ay Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

I followed Binns-Smith into the interview room with him still bellowing about British workmen. As I sat down, one of the others on the ‘panel’ gave me a very strained smile and simply said ‘portent’. Binns-Smith didn’t respond, but then introduced me to the IT man, making a joke about him being so lowly in the workforce but of course ‘everybody calls him the boss’. Binns-Smith commented that he had noted from my CV that I had a postgrad degree from and had worked in the London medical schools. He then launched into a rant about how his son had applied for a place in the London medical schools but had been rejected by all of them and the trouble was that medical schools were full of ‘cabbage patch socialism’ (whatever that is) and that his son’s teachers had advised him to apply for other courses after clearing but he wasn’t having his son doing an ‘arty farty’ course. This man was clearly both mad and offensive and was obviously embarrassing the other ‘interviewers’ who sat there without saying a word. I did wonder what his son was like – could he perhaps actually keep his trousers up, unlike his father? Was he as obnoxious as dad, or was he truly oppressed, having been told by his father to apply for medicine when he wasn’t able to gain the high grades needed? After about ten minutes of this, I decided that I really didn’t want to work for this lunatic, so I told Binns-Smith that I was leaving. As I walked out, I heard him bellowing at the other two men ‘gentlemen, this interview is over’. I expected the mother of all insulting letters afterwards, but I never heard another thing. I asked around, but no-one I knew was acquainted with Binns-Smith. Unlike Dafydd who regularly hit the media, I never saw any references to Binns-Smith in the local papers either. I have tried googling him since then, but nothing. Some years after my encounter with him, I did of course start hearing stories that Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was every bit as dangerous, corrupt and mismanaged as Ysbyty Gwynedd and that people were being misdiagnosed and dying when they shouldn’t have been. In the light of who was running their pathology dept I cannot say that I was surprised. Binns-Smith wasn’t the average British workman but he was only marginally worse than the average north Wales Top Doctor. If David Gozzard gets to read this blog and fancies meeting up, I’d dearly love to hear the many anecdotes that I know will have circulated around Ysbyty Glan Clwyd about that man.

St Kentigerns Hospice has a number of Patrons, one of whom is Colonel Lord Geoffrey Langford, Susan’s husband!  Lord Langford was identified as being 100 years old in an article about him a few years ago, so I’d be surprised if he was still alive. He spent his career in the British Army and inherited the family seat at Rhuddlan from a member of his extended family who had died without children. He married a number of times, the last time in 1975 to Susan. Who was then Susan Denham from Wrexham. I presume that Susan is quite a bit younger than Colonel Lord. Colonel Lord’s heir was listed as being his son, Owain Grenville Rowley-Conwy, who married a Joanna Featherstone. I presume that Owain is now Lord Langley. I note that after Trefor Jones finished his stint as Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd, the next Lord Lieutenant was someone Featherstone. It just has to be one of Joanna’s relatives doesn’t it.

One recent media article reporting that Trefor Jones was standing down as Chair of St Kentigerns after seven years mentioned that St Kentigerns was ‘saved’ solely by Trefor a few years ago when it faced bankruptcy. There were no details of how Trefor raised the money needed to save it – which will have been considerable. Trefor won’t have had it in his piggy bank. Perhaps Judy Owens – the Treasurer of St Kentigens, the former accountant of Trefor’s company and the former finance director of Euro DPC – might like to tell us.


I’m going to terrify readers a bit more now. Whilst I was searching for info on Trefor – I’ve only carried out a very brief search, God knows how much else I’d find if I spent a few days on it – I cam across Trefor’s name in Hansard no less. Trefor’s name appears in a document that was prepared in March 2008 and submitted to the Welsh Affairs Committee when the Committee were considering the provision of cross-border health services for Wales. The document is entitled ‘Memorandum Submitted By Huw Thomas And Colleagues’ beneath which are the words ‘submission from a group of retired people who have played a prominent role in the NHS and public life in North Wales’. The document is a lengthy, furious response to the proposals by Edwina Hart, the then Minister for Health, to redirect elective neurosurgery patients away from The Walton Centre in Liverpool to the Morriston Hospital in Swansea. I hadn’t seen this document before, but I remember that row very well. It happened as the Top Doctors and their associates in north Wales were doing their utmost to bring Edwina down. They really loathed her. The charge from the GPs was led by Dr Eamonn Jessup, who at the time was displaying a Facebook group on his Facebook page entitled ‘higher pay for doctors’. Dr Richard Tranter, lately of the Hergest Unit, was telling his patients that Edwina wanted patients referred to the Morriston because it was near her constituency. Tranter was also telling his patients to write to their AMs and MPs to complain about the NHS. Did Tranter ever tell patients to do this some years previously when the Hergest Unit were framing patients who had complained and presided over one of the highest suicide rates in the UK? No, he only did it when the Top Doctors began their co-ordinated campaign against Edwina.

The ‘memorandum’ bangs on at great length, presenting what it believes is a clinical case for continuing to refer patients to The Walton Centre. I note that the memorandum isn’t only fighting on behalf of The Walton Centre – it is also angrily maintaining that patients should not be referred to Cardiff and that referrals from north Wales should continue to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Broadgreen Cardio-Thoracic Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary Cardiac Centre and Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Gobowen (spinal injuries and specialist orthopaedics).

Now there are a great many arguments for and against sending patients from north Wales to either the north west of England or to Cardiff or Swansea for complex specialist treatment. But what I’m interested in is who signed that ‘memorandum’ along with Trefor. Because I recognised a lot of those names. Many of them are names that can be found on the early medical records of mine that my lawyer had to go to the High Court to extract. They are the names of people whom I had never met and in many cases whom I did not know existed – but they were all part of the effort to have me either banged up in a secure hospital on the grounds of my ‘dangerousness’ which was predicated entirely on statements made by Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) which they knew were untrue, or prosecuted for offences which they knew that I had not committed. Many of the names were also advising on how not to investigate my complaints concerning the criminal activities of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, Dr Tony Francis and the staff of Gwynedd Social Services. Francis, Jones and Gwynedd Social Services were at the time facilitating and concealing the paedophile ring. I also recognised some of the names from archive material dating from the late 80s – they were the names of the people who were running Gwynedd Health Authority so badly that the Health Authority was bankrupt, the Welsh Office had sent a hit squad in and David Hunt, the Secretary of State for Wales, was writing letters to them himself.

The following names were the names that I recognised:

Dr Cedric Davies, former Director of Public Health Medicine, Gwynedd Health Authority. Cedric was on very chummy terms with Tony Francis and was part of a plot to incarcerate me in the Caswell Clinic in south Wales – although I was living and working in London.

Noreen Edwards, former Chairman of Gwynedd Health Authority. Noreen was cc’d into most letters about me. David Hunt wrote to Noreen Edwards regarding the ‘crisis’ in Gwynedd Health Authority – which had been caused by her and her mates.

Professor Robert Owen, former Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital Gobowen and Professor of Orthopaedics at Liverpool University. Robert Owen was the Medical Ombudsman for the Welsh Office who organised the cover-up led by Professor Robert Bluglass after I complained about the criminal conduct of Dafydd et al (see post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’). I now have documents demonstrating that doctors who were not part of my complaint and whom I was no longer being ‘treated’ by were communicating with Robert Owen without my knowledge, outside the parameters of the ‘investigation’ and were communicating with him about this at his home in Colwyn Bay. (By the way on an earlier post I stated that Robert Owen was a surgeon and prof at Cardiff – I had always presumed that, because I met him in Cardiff and of course the letters from him had a Cardiff address on them, although it was obviously the Welsh Office’s address. The info in this post concerning Owen’s affiliations to Liverpool University and the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital was supplied by Owen himself in the ‘memorandum’.)

Dr David Roberts, former Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Gwynedd Health Authority. David Roberts was cc’d into letters about me.

Hilary Stevens, former Chairman, Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust. I used to see Hilary in action when she was a member of the Betsi Board when the Betsi was first formed. She certainly wasn’t as mad or as obnoxious as many of those we know and love, but Hilary obviously didn’t have a grip on the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust. Was this because Hilary was a normal human being who was unable to control a load of criminals, some of whom had concealed a paedophile ring? Or was Hilary a smiling devil with better social skills than the rest of them?

Professor Eric Sunderland, former Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University and Lord Lieutenant of Gwynedd. Professor Sunderland always struck me as being very establishment but not barking mad or corrupt. But he did run a University full of the paedophiles’ friends with Gwynne the lobotomist working in the Student Health Centre. Perhaps Eric was someone else who was surrounded by monsters whom he couldn’t control. Either way, he can’t have been completely Of Them because he never received a knighthood. Which everybody expected him to. I was told that Eric and his wife were deeply hurt by this lack of recognition and that Professor Sunderland Not Being Given A K was another north Wales conundrum. He should have taken it as a compliment – he obviously wasn’t friendly enough with the paedophiles’ friends. And if he’d been a child molester himself, he’d have been given a peerage and admitted into the highest echelons, along with Greville Janner.

Huw Thomas, former Chief Executive of Gwynedd Health Authority. Huw wrote me inane – and in the end rude – letters and failed to investigate the most serious of complaints. He was also writing the paedophiles’ friends letters about me – he was much friendlier to them than he was to me. Huw was Chief Exec of Gwynedd Health Authority at the time of the ‘crisis’ when David Hunt had words with Noreen.

The signatures of people unknown to me are:

Dr Pat Barry, former Consultant Anaesthetist, Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Mr Michael Crumplin, former Consultant Surgeon, Ysbyty Maelor.

Mr Chris Davies, former Consultant Surgeon, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

Dr Harry Edwards, former Consultant Anaesthetist, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Chair of Welsh Medical Committee.

Dr Ellen Emslie, former Consultant Dermatologist, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

Annwen Carey Evans, former High Sheriff, Gwynedd.

D.B. Carey Evans (no position given – presumably a nobody who was simply related to the High Sheriff, which was obviously quite enough to turn them into a somebody.)

Elizabeth Colwyn Foulkes.

Sir William Gladstone, former Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd.

Dr Jeffrey Green, former Consultant Cardiologist, Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Michael Griffiths, former Chairman, Clwyd Health Authority and Chairman, Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust.

Dr Idris Humphries, former GP and Chairman of Welsh General Medical Service’s Committee.

Mr O.M. Jonathon, former Consultant Surgeon, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

Professor David Jones, former Chief Nursing Officer, Gwynedd Health Authority and Professor of Nursing, Sheffield University.

Mr David Jones, former Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ysbyty Gwynedd and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London.

Dorothy Keddie, former Assistant Director of Nursing, North Wales Health Authority.

Mr Hywel Oliver, former Consultant Surgeon, Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Bill Owen, former Director of Finance, Gwynedd Health Authority.

Dr J. Gwyn Thomas, former GP and Chairman of Welsh Branch of Royal College of General Practitioners and Provost of Merseyside and North Wales Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr Mari Thomas, former GP and Chairman of MENCAP Wales.

I do not know the above named, but I know from the positions that they were so proud to have held that they, variously, bankrupted a Health Authority, worked as leading Top Doctors in hospitals with appalling track records where serious mistakes were made which led to patients being maimed or killed, worked in a region where learning disabled people lived in dreadful conditions and were referred to as ‘cabbages’ by the managers of the ‘services’ supposedly caring for them, obstructed any attempts to improve services and declared all out war on patients who dared complain.

All of this lot who signed the ‘memorandum’ knew that terrible things were happening in the surgical depts of the local hospitals. They probably knew that the paediatrics dept of Ysbyty Gwynedd had such a dreadful reputation that there was an arrangement among local doctors that their own children would not be admitted there. Many of this lot also knew that there was a madman running the region’s psychiatric hospital, that he was sexually exploiting patients, that he was unlawfully incarcerating anyone who crossed the path of him or his criminal associates – of which there were many – and that some of those illegally incarcerated were literally never seen again. Oh and a lot of them will have known that a paedophile gang was operating in the children’s homes and that when the kids weren’t being beaten, starved or forced to work as free labour, they were being raped and buggered. This motley crew destroyed the fabric of north Wales – how did they believe that they had the right to send this foolish rubbish to Parliament and demand that they be listened to?

So why were this bunch of moribund old gits so desperate to get rid of Edwina and continue to send patients to hospitals where they had connections? Was it that they feared losing control of the vice-like grip that they had over the region and  – as with the employment of new staff from elsewhere  – they dreaded anyone uncovering evidence pointing to what they had done? Myself, I keep pondering on a truly nightmare scenario. I witnessed patients who were undoubtedly left to die after complaining about this shower – it was very obviously supposed to have happened to me as well. A number of us who refused to keep quiet have existed for years whilst being completely unable to access ANY medical treatment for any medical problem, no matter how painful or life threatening. We have found vicious rumours spread around the region about us and we found ourselves turfed out of jobs in bizarre circumstances. When we investigated, a member of the Cylch was always involved. People with businesses found themselves going out of business, even if they had previously been highly successful.

Some years ago, just before this almighty row erupted between Edwina and the paedophiles’ friends which hinged upon The Walton Centre, I knew of two people in north Wales who both developed brain tumours at about the same time. One was married to someone who was known to have had a bellyful of the paedophiles’ friends and would dearly have liked to see them brought down. The paedophiles’ friends themselves were doing everything that they could to shaft this person. The other person was a former social worker who had worked in this role when the paedophile gang were on the loose and undoubtedly knew what was happening. Both of these people were referred to Walton. The former social worker was operated on, made a slow but good recovery and still socialises with the paedophiles’ friends in retirement. The spouse of the person who was being targeted by the paedophiles’ friends was told that their tumour was inoperable and they subsequently died. Maybe that tumour was inoperable – but how would anyone ever know? I was told many things for many years – but once my lawyer obtained my medical records I discovered criminal conduct that shocked even me, I discovered that Top Doctors whom I always rated as being better than their colleagues and whom I liked and thought that I got on with well were ruthlessly using the fact that I trusted them to extract information about me and even people close to me in order to do as much damage to us as they could. I also found that the only two people who had actually dared stick their necks out to protect me had lost their jobs within months – after one was prosecuted and convicted of an indecent assault.

These people were involved in serious organised crime for years. And Edwina Hart knew all about – because I told her what was happening to me, as did a few other people. No wonder she wanted to put these fuckers out of action and stop them referring patients to their mates.

So to all the relatives of the people that they killed – have this blog as a free gift. I’ll name every single person whom I know was involved. Even those who spent time supping with HM the Queen. In fact, particularly those who spent time supping with HM the Queen.

The story dominating the news reports on the radio today has been the announcement that Alison Saunders (the DPP) is ordering the CPS to  prosecute trolls who send hate mail to others on social media. Female MPs in particular are waxing lyrical about this and Luciana Berger has been wheeled out on every news bulletin to tell us all how many nasty messages she gets and how they affected her mental health. I know that public figures -especially women – can be targeted by some deeply unpleasant people. Jess Phillips went public months ago on some of the online messages that she was receiving and read a few of them out – graphic descriptions of the various sexual tortures to which these sad bastards wanted to subject her. It is deeply, deeply unpleasant and it is not acceptable. But just look at what those we know and love have got away with and Alison Saunders and previous DPPs did nothing. In spite of the fact that back in the 90s, thousands and thousands of witness statements were taken and hundreds of people were identified as having abused children in care in north Wales. As for Luciana and her mental health – at one point Luciana was Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesperson on mental health. I was seriously underwhelmed by her complete failure to speak out about what actually happens to people in the mental health system. They die Luciana. Particularly if they have grown up in care and start talking about what happened to them.


There would seem to be many vampires in north Wales, particularly at Glyndwr University. But Dr Emyr Williams is not one of them. Emyr is a high achieving academic, someone who does not put himself first constantly and is a man of integrity. What on earth would north Wales want with one of them, it is hardly surprising that the writs are flying and the Daily Post is in overdrive.




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

29 thoughts on “A Vampire At Glyndwr University!”

  1. Thank you, once again, for an interesting, thought-provoking and insightful piece. The description you’ve given of the woeful ‘governance’ of Glyndwr University is spot on.

    And yes, no-one really thinks Emyr is a vampire. The Daily Post does love a good headline even if it can’t get its story straight. Hang on though – this didn’t come from the Daily Post but the Sunday Times?

    Were they so short of news in the ‘silly season’ that they went with such an obviously wacky story? Let’s just hypothesize for a moment. The Sunday Times is given leaked documents and they can’t publish the details of those documents for legal reasons. They can see it is an important story to tell by the number of signed student statements but they don’t know quite how big it is. There must be a proper journalistic word for it but how about publishing a story which means we can still claim we mentioned it first, can be very easily refuted as a ’your word against mine’ so they don’t get into too many legal difficulties, but that gains a lot of publicity so that other affected students feel they can finally come forward and the full extent can be gauged? How about a 12 inch high depiction of Bela Lugosi? A story saying ‘Please get in touch if you’ve ever had a problem with Emyr Williams’ just isn’t going to work. So far, the latter part of this hypothesis seems to be working.

    So yes, I’d agree, Emyr’s public persona is that of a charismatic, handsome, witty, intelligent and engaging man. The vast majority of people he has ever come into contact with are no doubt horrified by the news story and realise it is silly. But it isn’t the vast majority that is the issue here. The small (tens at the moment), but gradually growing, number of students that have come forward from the last 5 or 6 years at Glyndwr are the important ones. Emyr isn’t a weatherman, children’s TV presenter or aging DJ but he is certainly a charismatic, handsome, witty, intelligent and engaging man to most people but not others. Without giving the game away in terms of the evidence to come out shortly, does this ring any bells?

    So Emyr is not a monster in the vampire sense. He is a monster in a much more common and, unfortunately these days, everyday sense.

    1. No, of course I will not moderate your reply out of existence. You might be surprised to know that the only comments that I have not posted up are those which contain info about people which would put them in danger – and a completely batty comment from the Chair of MIND in Haringey which would have made him look like an utter wally if I had posted it up.

  2. P.S. And I suspect in the interest of the ‘truth’ that you so often call for you will ‘moderate’ my reply out of existence. You always claim to want people to be able to speak freely and bring those with power over others into question – show it now.

    1. Your comments re Emyr’s ‘public persona’ – handsome, intelligent, witty, engaging – are the only part of Emyr that I ever saw. I knew him very well for years and I saw no evidence at all that he was ugly, unintelligent, dull and not-engaging. You mention that there is still ‘evidence to come out’ regarding Emyr. I’ll be interested to see what that evidence is and who has provided it. I know that even our friends can surprise us and be involved in matters of which we knew nothing, but I’m also acutely aware that ‘evidence’ produced to land somebody in very deep shit can be fabricated. At one point, people who concealed the north Wales paedophile rung stood up in court and gave ‘evidence’ against me in an attempt to land me in prison. I now have documents written and signed by them that demonstrated they knowingly lied about me. To the police and in court. And Emyr was one person who knew exactly what that lot were like. So I’ll wait for the evidence against Emyr to be produced.

  3. Just found this video http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-27380224/real-vampires-exist-says-glyndwr-university-lecturer
    If this is his personal interest so what but to have it pursued as academic research does destroy any credibility or respect, but Glyndwr University does have a reputation for accrediting mickey mouse subjects into degree courses. I recall being told fifteen years ago that they were not running a HND/Degree Civil Engineering courses because they had less than ten people on the current course and could get ten times as many on Art/Media studies and Health and Social care courses and consequently more funding . It struck me as a case of the tail wagging the dog with the popularity of courses with students, dictating demand rather than industry and strategic nation need.
    Incidentally the main campus of NEWI was Plas Coch (formerly Aston College), the old Yale six form college and Art School on the junction of Bradley road with Kelserton in Deeside and Cartrefle just being other campus the later being near Bryn Estyn and focusing on teacher training.
    What a coincidence that the bizzare and grossly prejudicial “safe guarding lead” Hillary Pepler who has stolen mail and packages from me and instigated a police harassment warning for raising legitimate concerns about her fitness to be a non executive director at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital Oswestry was formerly a governor at Glyndwr, a director at Glyndwr Optics, the former CEO of the North East Health Authority, a Chirk town councillor and a member of the CHC.
    Wheel within wheels or flies drawn to the same incestuously, corrupt shit house ??!!??!!!
    All coincidental conflicts of interest of course ???????

    1. Emyr’s research does not destroy academia’s credibility, his work has been misrepresented by the media – if one is interested in serious research it’s very hard to convey that in the sort of 5 minute slots that you get offered on TV. If you try and write something they usually then edit it to make you look like a dipstick. Emyr’s line of research sprang from his interests in the psychology of religion – what people believe, why that might be, what their orientation is towards other aspects of their life, is there any correlation between certain personality characteristics and religious beliefs etc etc. He did some very sound work on Christianity and the different denominations, but increasingly people are claiming an interest in alternative spiritualties and that is how Emyr became involved. He is a first rate social scientist – unusually for a psychologist, he is a very good sociologist as well – he has had a traditional education in theology and he is fully bilingual. Glyndwr do not have many academics as good as Emyr, it is very sad that his work has been portrayed as whacky, not serious, only for people who don’t have the ability to study other matters. His ability with statistics rivals any of the pure scientists that I’ve met. He has also had a very traditional training in literacy, he is a far better writer than most academics. Take it from me, he is pretty good and if he was working in Oxbridge he would be surrounded by people with the ability to understand his work – I was worried for him when he took the job at Glyndwr because I suspected that he would not receive the recognition that he deserves.
      The problem with Glyndwr – or indeed any university – isn’t that they might teach a Mickey Mouse subject, it is that they might teach ANY subject very poorly. Glyndwr is a troubled institution, it has difficulty attracting and retaining good staff. I have no problem with Mickey Mouse subjects – after all, I’m a sociologist, but I have two degrees in the biological sciences as well – and one of the highest performing academics in Bangor University is Nathan Abrams, a media studies specialist, another subject dissed as ‘Mickey Mouse’. There is also a first class medieval English scholar at Bangor, Sue Niebrowski and my a number of my former sociologist colleagues are excellent. Subjects are never Mickey Mouse if they are researched and taught to a high standard. At Glyndwr that often does not happen and that is the problem. Your point about student numbers on courses is correct – more students want to enrol for arts/humanities/health and social care than engineering and because the Gov’t marketised the university system, the universities will make places for the popular subjects because the money follows the students.
      I don’t know Hilary Pepler, but now I have researched the north east Wales network I am appalled to find nepotism and conflict of interests as bad as I witnessed in Gwynedd. You are right, it is just a merry-go-round, with people circulating around on the County Councils, the CHC, the Glyndwr Board of Governors, various charities, the NHS and social services and of course the magistrates bench. The ones at the top of the food chain become Lord or Deputy Lieutenant. And they all have spouses who are doing exactly the same. I cannot help but agree with your analysis that it is an ‘incestuously corrupt shit house’. No wonder no part of our society functions properly.

  4. So drinking blood means your a vampire and going to become a self harmer, hmmmm I didn’t knw eating black pudding made me a extreme risk ????????
    Time we banned vegans from education ????

  5. Sorry to say I watched the video link and was totally unimpressed. Plonker was my impression TBH.

    “I wanna study yetis I heard there are thousands of them or maybe I read it in a book. ”

    True story. Jimmy worked with us as a bouncer. One weekend he was coming out with a lot of jargon. His younger brother (also a bouncer) explained “Jimmy is up to something. he was clearing out old books from a London library and nicked some of the leather bound ones as they would look good on his bookshelves. A decorative item. Trouble started when Jimmy started reading them.”

    Jimmy enthusiastically took up the story “I had an enlightenment. I sussed that sociology is like fashion. old styles come back as modern styles but the pratts don’t suss it is not new at all see ? What I had nicked was books full of 19th century sociobabble. I am getting it at me finger tips”

    How Jimmy conned the probation service he had a CQSW is a mystery. But he was taken on to run the juvenile offender scheme. His biggest fear was talking to a county council sociobabbler when one was on their own. As in that situation the individual might ask Jimmy wtf he was burbling on about with his leading edge theory. Jimmy explained that as long as there was more than one sociobabler they would meekly pretend to understand his bullshit.

    During the day we might drop in on Jim and his young offenders would make coffee. Jimmy’s lectures in “Social skills” were a tonic (How to fiddle social as a morally defensible alternative to mugging old ladies) Jimmy introduced adventure training (Young offenders doing all the camping work while Jimmy went fishing and drove the mini bus) Jimmy introduced IT skills (Jimmys pirate video scam) and Jimmy introduced woodwork and machining (Jimmys mini IKEA operation)

    Although Jimmy was partial to bullshitting about recidivism incorrigible rogues etc he was surprised about 12 years into his employ to be told that his juvenile scheme had the lowest recidivism rates UK and probably the commonwealth. And it had been decided he should be given secretarial support and lecture on his methods. Jimmy social skills and how to get away with it had bitten him on the arse. Jimmy resigned after 13 years exemplary probation service. He knew the game would be up as soon as he gave a lecture and some sociobabbler in the class would respond to the invitation to ask questions and Jimmy would finally come clean it was all bullshit based on 19th century books.

    What brought this to mind was a thought, an image really, of your mate buying books off Jimmy. “I got books about the huge numbers of witches if you fancy witchfinder general work ? I got books on vampire law still with us as the laws of distress which featured in my social skills teaching to juvenile offenders about outwitting bailiffs.”

    Jimmy is a true story.

    1. I haven’t actually seen the video upon which the world is judging Emyr. But I was a close friend of his for approx. six years and I co-authored with him. If you want to google my academic publications, you will see that one also has the name Williams on it – that’s the one that he wrote with me and Brown. I know what his academic ability is and I’m not judging it from a video that has been made by somebody else for a purpose unrelated to writing an academic paper. Often when I co-author with people I have to virtually rewrite what they have drafted. I never had to do this with Emyr – he got it right first time and the work was always done to the deadline. When we submitted our paper we were not even asked to make amendments. By the way, something else that none of you will know is that whilst he was still a post-doc, Emyr was approached by one of the biggest names internationally who requested Emyr’s permission to use some of his work. Not work on vampires before you all get over-excited, but work on the sociology of religion. You may not think that’s important because the UK has become secularised, but across huge swathes of the world religion is a big factor in peoples lives. The security and diplomatic services are feeling the lack of specialist academics in religion and theology – lest you hadn’t noticed, we are facing quite a problem with people killing other people under the umbrella of religious belief.
      Regarding your Jimmy anecdote – I can believe it, but I’m not sure that it tells us anything more than people working in the probation service are unable to spot a fraudulent academic. That tells us more about the people working in the probation service than it does about the status of sociology as a discipline…

  6. I met some one that believed in the vampire myths and legends and blew his bubble by explaining it was based on a work of fiction in the late 19th Century by Bram Stoker who wrote his book after reading about Vlad the Impaler a 16th century despot who ruled the Wallachia area of the present day Romania. This particular bloke was also into Death Metal and a fan of Cradle of Filth to such an extent he wore black Gothic regaler and a shirt emblazoned with “death row inmate” at his registry office wedding !!!!! He was quite a disturbed, unpleasant anti authority character. A very self centred character, ripe for extremist indoctrination of any sort. It’s like the old joke ..my only religion is football …Manchester FC. All harmless until it becomes extreme exemplified by the unquestionable belief in Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump and Islamic fundamentalism that their besotted followers possess no matter how ridiculous or dangerous some of their rhetoric is!!! This is the essences of the “problems” we are discussing here, an inability to deviate from an insular mind set.
    The history of witchcraft is an excellent example of this that is still prevalent in sub Saharan Africa
    The craze took on new strength in the 15th century, and in 1486, Heinrich Kramer, published the Malleus Maleficarum (the ‘Hammer against the Witches’). This coincided with advent of the printing press making it a best seller and resulting in witchcraft legislation here and elsewhere in Europe. The book explained the unexplainable resulting in avid royal followers such as James I.
    I’m sorry Sally but if the research of “academics” such as Dr Emyr Williams is considered equal or more relevant than that of pure science engineering etc we would still have “witchcraft legislation” Psychological and social analysis has perpetuates the persecution of those suffering from developmental and mental health problems with those in public power indoctrinating the majority into the belief they always know best. Yes it maybe of fringe interest and worthy of literature artist study but surely his efforts and public remuneration sough be spent on research and education that benefits the majority ……..ie The refusal of those in public service to admit failure and why centralist beliefs indoctrinate them when every individual is different, or on a lighter note obsession with the Premier League and their wags ?
    He has set himself up for ridicule but what can you expect when some one has spent his adult life surrounded by a clique of self glorified clowns living in a feather bedded bubble ????
    I’m sorry for the cynicism but feel there is some truth in the old expression …those that can do …while those that can’t …lecture. A generalisation but unfortunately true in many cases !!!!!

    1. You have presumed a number of things about Emyr that are simply not true. I’m not going to detail his personal circumstances on a public forum, but let’s just say he has in no way spent his life in a feather bedded bubble – he has overcome a mountain of crap as big as the ones that you and I hade to wade through. You haven’t read his research so you are simply not in a position to judge whether it it beneficial to the majority or not – I have read his research and certainly some of it has far wider applications and is potentially more beneficial than much of the ‘applied’ research that is published. Why are you assuming that Emyr is not completely sympathetic to those oppressed by society and it’s institutions? Why on earth should it follow that an academic with his research interests would never understand the persecution of people with developmental and psychological problems? You have got to be careful before you leap to such conclusions – or you could end up like the twat of a social worker who wrote into the Guardian stating that me and Brown were simplistic naïve academics with no understanding of mental health! Likewise, there are some people working in universities who could not hack it in other fields – but some are they because they want to be there and they are actually very good at what they do. You know nothing about Emyr, his life to date or his background, so you are simply not in a position to make the many assumptions that you have made.

  7. Richard I can identify with your “Jimmy” story I’ve met similar characters …bullshit baffles brains !?! It’s how fraudsters work the film “Catch me if you can” based on a true story shows how we are all taken in by first impressions and face value.
    Further to my earlier comments about Dr Emyr Williams setting himself up for ridicule, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has been naively encouraged to pursue his fringe interest by colleagues maliciously hoping he could face allegations of being a crank. It’s the oldest trick in the book to used against someone who is always sees the best in others, is well intentioned and universally liked triggering resentment in those with low self esteem for the most innocuous incident ????

    1. Mike, I can only repeat that you cannot meaningfully comment on a man whom you do not know and have never even met. Neither can you meaningfully comment on the dynamics between him and his colleagues – because you do not know any of them either! Neither has Emyr set himself up for ridicule – other people have chosen to judge him on the basis of bugger all evidence in the wake of a rather flaky employment tribunal involving Glyndwr University. Anyone on earth can potentially be ridiculed by anyone else on the basis of gross misjudgements – which is actually why we should acquaint ourselves with a bit of knowledge before making assumptions about other people, their psyches or their relationships with others. I am reminded of how back in about 1981 the whole of the UK believed that a pretty young thing called Diana was deeply in love with one Prince Charles and that they were in a state of absolute bliss. We now know that Diana had a serious eating disorder, was incredibly unhappy and had only met Charles 13 times before they were married. That was the ‘fairytale romance’. And the ‘happy first pregnancy when she was blooming’ nearly came to a sticky end when she chucked herself down the stairs at Buck House so pissed off with the in laws was she. We cannot know people after watching a clip of them on TV.

  8. Years ago I came across a chap who worked as a PI. Reputedly ex Special Branch. He had been hired to re-investigate a murder. Very soon he came up with it was a masonic ritual killing known as letting virgin blood. He said the police had missed the significance of leyline intersections where the body was left etc. He said the police had missed the significance of the masonic vampire ritual. What a font of knowledge he was. I noticed too he was the source of stories in the Sunday press. Black masses in remote village churches and with photos of hoods in woods. In among all this Aleister Crowley stuff he generated other ideas like vengeful French Resistance, in a vampire masonic cult, culling ex members of UK SOE who had protected Nazis from war crimes trials by thieving and destroying records as the Allies re-took Europe. He was a most excellent muddier of waters.

    I wouldn’t read too much into Intelligence Services wanting to recruit a chap. After all they approached Jimmy (?) Have the Intelligence folks approached your mate after his video performance ?

    Sally on the one hand you defend your friend (And thus the activity you co authored), you urge others not to leap to judgment but in the same breath dismiss on the basis of one comment a County Council Probation team as not up to the job of spotting Jimmy at his bullshitting best. I would expect that someone who has bathed in the light shone by an excellent statistician would have seen the significance that Jimmy, sans any academia input, outperformed the professionals. You have the advantage of me telling you some of how he did it.

    It struck me when invited to report to Chris Huhne’s post Jap tsunami review of UK civil nuke security and resilience that if job evaluation was applied.

    “How many people, in worst case, would be harmed if you get it wrong ?”

    “Earth’s population”

    If we apply such tests to your chum we readily see he is indulged at public cost to play trivial pursuits. As he collects “Ologies” in which he never meets the right or wrong test of consequence.

    We are all a mangle of biochemistry and wiring. What I saw on the video was a puppy who wants his very own lamp post but expects someone else to make it light up. We will have to disagree on this chap.

    1. We can disagree – but I knew him very well for six years and the people who have commented upon him on this blog have never met him. I know that we can never fully know anyone, but I at least have met him and worked with him! I have no idea if the intelligence services have approached Emyr, but I do know that when I was being threatened and harassed by some very nasty people involved in serious crime, Emyr gave excellent advice. Yes I am aware that I dismissed a probation service without meeting the people involved – but I have met many people who worked in probation and I also have known a number of people who provided their ‘training’. I was not impressed, by either the probation officers, their trainers or their training.

  9. Harry on the club door was late middle age and born without a neck it seems. An East Ender ex docker very empathetic to the punters “Don’t starve for England mate fiddle the social”. Harry’s head emerged straight from his massive shoulders. Had he been born without cervical vertebrae ? Or in his docker days had he overdone carrying crates on his noggin ?

    Harry was well worth listening to. At the seaside a lot of our trade was transient, coach parties, stag runs etc. Harry explained that when looking at a crowd of fifty lads from a coach trip you must not look at fifty as a unit. You must apply the “Rule of 8”. “Pecking orders see” said Harry “Break em down to teams of 8 natural human hunting party size. Size of a section in Army I did national service !” “Nah you gotta see if you got an ape 8 or a naughty monkey 8 see” “Naughty monkey pecking order is two goers, two backers, two wankers, two stirrers. Don’t stand looking at the crowd wiv yer arms crossed looking fierce. First you see the stirrers. They move around the club more and flit back to report to the goers shit they think will impress em.. Like theres some right goers over there. So you spot the stirrers and see where they flit back to. Then you see where the team sets up and you clock the goers. That is who you put out first if there is trouble Those dahn the pecking order think the fight is moving and so move with it like they glued to the goers. You throw out the fight see. You don’t wanna feck about like police and grab random bodies while the fight grows. Get yer goers. Police are pratts. Bouncers are professionals. A group of 8 with one goer is an ape group. You identify the goer and as you walk around have a laugh with him get him onside job done. It is the monkey group wiv two goers you get yer trouble. Now witching hour is five past one in the morning. That is the time the fight alarm goes off more than any other. It stays the same summertime and wintertime. So working wiv yer DJ he takes the mood to love before five past one. Basically man goes out if I don’t f-ck something I’ll f-ck someone see ? Five past one is the time he flicks from f-ck to fight. So keeping the possibility of a f-ck going cuts down on trouble”

    We had “Intelligence led bouncing” IE we drove round the resorts before opening and noted the coach numbers, operators addresses and seating capacities. When doing age checks then you compare driving licence addresses to coach operator addresses and map the build up of stag runs in the club. You keep a count of male and female in the “Griff book”. And in there too you map where the teams of 8 are located around the club.

    Harry a plumber in the black economy would have never believed in his shoulder dwelling head he had PhD level of anthropology and sociology knowledge. I always remember an underaged girl coming to club door for help after gang rape on beach by Persians. We called Police. When they arrived they almost mocked the girl “You don’t look 15 dressed like that” etc. Harry said quietly to police “Always remember in our work they are all our children” And the police fell silent. “Police are c-nts” Harry informed us later.

    I would hate to study human behaviour as a pseudo- academic subject. That is akin to study without observation and experience.

      1. Mike and Richard – I have now woken up properly from the exhaustion of several days intensive research and blogging and I have finally watched the video clip! It was pretty much as I expected – Emyr is trying to communicate the essence of a body of research exploring how people who identify themselves as ‘vampires’ and join organisations with other people who identify as ‘vampires’ see themselves, the world around them and their relationships with other people. He also mentions work exploring how ‘vampires’ are portrayed in popular media. He has to do this in about 10 minutes to an audience who know nothing about the field and the previous work in that field – or indeed know nothing about the psychology and sociology of religion and the background of those disciplines. There is nothing in the video clip that causes me to feel outraged! The only point on which I would take issue with Emyr is his reference to the ‘vampire killing’ on Anglesey some years ago. This was the murder of an elderly lady – there are plenty of indications that the teenager convicted of that murder is the subject of a serious miscarriage of justice and whoever did it is probably still on the loose somewhere. I understand that the accusations of ‘vampirism’ levelled at the boy who was convicted stemmed from an ‘assessment’ carried out by a particularly lame Hergest Unit nurse during which the teenager mentioned that he liked watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV. As most of the nation’s teenagers did at the time. I have blogged about this case in my post ‘Family Annihilation’.

  10. To go back to my original comment. Unfortunately, it isn’t the ‘vampire’ element of his research at Glyndwr that is actually the main subject of the current investigations into him. It has much more to do with his ‘interactions’ with female students. The newspaper article is meant for another purpose, as I mentioned.

    Isn’t it rather surprising that Glyndwr have not put out the usual sort of statement that ‘we stand by our man, he will be strenuously denying all accusations, he carries on working tirelessly for us in the meantime’ sort of thing? So far absolutely no comment from them at all because they are well aware there is no point. By the way – Glyndwr Security staff cleared out his office at the University a couple of weeks ago ….

    1. I have no knowledge at all of any allegations or investigations into Emyr regarding his interactions with female students. I do know that no such concerns were ever raised about him during his years at Bangor or his time at Warwick University. I also know that false accusations can be made against completely innocent staff in universities and that it can be very hard for them to defend themselves if the accusations involve very unpleasant allegations of sexual misconduct. I know of one male university lecturer who was supporting a female student with clinical depression and other problems. He had been left to do this because the student health service was shite. One night she rang him at midnight, told him that she was suicidal and asked him to ring her back which he did. He talked to her for a while and she then rang off saying she was OK now. The next day she made a complaint of sexual harassment against him – he was cleared. However he was then subjected to vicious and insane rumours, such as that he followed female students into the loo and masturbated in cubicles next to them. No-one was ever able to produce a shred of evidence that this happened but many students ended up believing it. I know a professor who’s senior managers were sent an anonymous letter stating that he was a ‘known paedophile’. This letter was sent to the university after this professor had provided a witness statement to a lawyer regarding the threats and intimidation that he had seen me subjected to at the hands of people who were concealing real paedophiles. University staff do sometimes behave improperly – but they can also be the subject of false allegations. If Emyr has left Glyndwr I imagine that he has probably breathed a sigh of relief…
      PS. The managers of universities with weak reputations very often do not defend their staff in the face of allegations – their position is marginal and they are frightened of bad PR. They will even pay students compensation knowing that their staff have been wrongly accused. Glyndwr’s silence cannot be taken as an indication of either guilt or innocence.

      1. I agree with you entirely – word of mouth accusations can be false, cruel and circulated as gossip to deliberately discredit people. Verbally, rumours can spread with no concrete evidence.

        In terms of evidence in today’s world, however, social media messages from your registered account don’t just disappear into the ether, they remain recorded by the recipient as very clear evidence.

        Unfortunately Emyr doesn’t seem to realise that a method used to talk to girls ‘secretly’ really isn’t secret if the recipient decides to use them as evidence.

        Emyr has left Glyndwr but your comment suggests he may have had some choice in that – the reality is that the choice was made for him.

        1. All I can repeat is that I have no knowledge of allegations about him during his time at Glyndwr – but he was certainly never suspected of such behaviour during the years that I knew him. He had a circle of friends both male and female and no-one ever felt uncomfortable around him. You are right in that social media messages remain, so we’ll just have to wait to see if the young women involved do produce any evidence and if they do what Emyr’s explanation is. The choice for him to leave Glyndwr may have been made for him, but it’s a troubled place not knowing for treating staff particularly well…

  11. Sounds like my assertion is correct then other wise the normal denials would have taken place. Eccentric behaviour yes but basically petty accusations.

    They cherry pick, focusing on the PC frivolous and ignore what is potentially serious as these recent cases show …you don’t have paedophiles working in senior positions in local authorities:-


    You always have though investigations about abusive violent staff in the Welsh NHS:-
    It’s just a coincident that his father was a senior manager of course ?!?!

    Young women are always the victims of sexual abuse :-

    These cases have received publicity in the last month. Isn’t it time society recognised that some of those in “minority victimisation groups” may be there because they are perpetrators hiding their abusive behaviour????

  12. Hi Sally I was replying to Capel 18’s comments “Isn’t it rather surprising that Glyndwr have not put out the usual sort of statement that ‘we stand by our man, he will be strenuously denying all accusations, he carries on working tirelessly for us in the meantime’ sort of thing? So far absolutely no comment from them at all because they are well aware there is no point. By the way – Glyndwr Security staff cleared out his office at the University a couple of weeks ago ….” Public services always refuse to comment and if your face fits denials involving senior staff are the first reaction in any large organisation. It all about proportionality and being reasonable!
    Lets be fair even in the NHS staff are subject to genuine vexatious complaints by the public?
    As I write the 5pm news reports of a women being given 10 years for fictitious claims of rape and sexual abuse …so how many others have got away with this ? As I have stated before extremism is the enemy …fact, logic and proportionality are lost in the witch hunt.
    I’m in no doubt both yours and my concerns seem incredible to the friends, family, colleagues and patients of those involved. I’m sure Wayne Beesly was liked by colleagues. It would be interesting to know if WCBC have vetted them ??

    1. Yes, I did realise that you were replying to Capel 18. I have no idea if Emyr is guilty as charged but people prone to sexual misconduct have usually built up a track record by the time that they are Emyr’s age and it is usually the subject of open gossip. I will honestly be very surprised if Emyr has been up to no good with female students because there was never a hint of that for the many years that we worked and socialised together. Thanks for the previous links – it is quite incredible what goes in the field of health and welfare, those three stories are dreadful. Yes false allegations can be brought against NHS staff but unless your boss is Alun Davies or Martin Jones and they want to get rid of you for the wrong reasons, the allegations don’t get very far, because of the phenomenal level of aggression that the NHS subjects complainants to. It’s why the stereotype of patients suing the NHS for easy money is so offensive – patients are pretty good really and if they suffer they nearly all say ‘I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else’. They only resort to litigation when they have been completely shat on and it has been made clear to them that they are of absolutely no consequence and even their questions won’t be answered. I tend to be very supportive of the idea of litigation where the NHS is concerned because it is true that they just do not understand any other language – you hear this from patients repeatedly, even after a loved one has died in the wake of criminal negligence. The NHS will not learn until they are forced to face serious consequences – prosecutions are probably better than litigation, because even if they get sued they just take the view that the taxpayer will foot the bill anyway. People will continue to die and records will continue to be fabricated until they know that in the event of this sort of thing their offices will be visited and trawled by the police and if necessary they will be arrested and questioned.

  13. Sally I would focus on the middle link since there are suspicions his behaviour was not investigated because his father was in a senior health board position.
    As we know they are perfect otherwise they would never have reached the dizzy heights of public service!!!??!!
    Mistakes, concerns whatever should be a means to improvement but those in public service management are obsessed by empire building and justifying their existence. They become institutionalised. Very few understand the real purpose of their existence because have never been involved in wealth creation. Big Pharma and other suppliers have been milking the NHS gravy train for years because it is underwritten by the Government and taxpayer. Even the MOD has been reigned in over open ended defence procurement costs. The Health budget has increased exponentially since its formation in 1948. Funding has only ever been reduced by one government and that was Callahan’s Labour administration in 1977-79 simply because they were forced to due to impending national bankruptcy and the bail out by the IMF. This is an enigma to JC’s Labour party and NHS management. It’s not anti litigation action that saves money but procurement, employment, infra structure etc. Funding could be increased over night by removing final salary pensions and early retirement ( possibly above a certain pay band? ). I believe retirement can be 50 at years old if you work in Mental Health ( because its more demanding???).

    Locum and agency staffing costs ridiculous amounts and is remunerated at far higher multiples of the standard hourly rates than temporary staff in other industries. Why ??? probably the union/regulatory organisations lobbying. Obviously what i say is heresy to those who benefit, but this is what has to happen in any private company facing administration. Usually non essential administration is one of the first sections of a company streamlined but the opposite happens in the NHS. A well publicised example is Tata Steel in South Wales. It’s laughable when you consider the huge public outcry over MP’s expenses …600 odd MPs is a drop in the ocean compared to the numbers in NHS and LA management.

    I can see the day when A&E patients, bleeding and screaming in physical pain are told to shut up and stop bleeding on the floor before they receive “treatment”.
    Yes crazy in the real world, but this is already what happens to those in mental turmoil regardless of NICE guidance to the contrary.

    1. Thanks for the middle link, I hadn’t seen that story before you sent it to me – yes, the son of Abertawe Morgannwg Health Board’s Mental Health Director accused by patients three times of sexual assault, complaints ignored and then he murders someone. Unbelievable. And this case hasn’t even received that much publicity! It’s a horrific case, can you imagine how much of a high level political row there’d be if someone in a field other than mental health and learning disability care in the NHS had done this? Abertawe Morgannwg has of course known to be in a mess for years – when the dreadful Angela Hopkins, Director of Nursing at the North West Wales NHS Trust, finally pissed off after overseeing patient abuse she took up a job as Director of Nursing at Abertawe Morgannwg! I presume that this case happened on her watch. She has since returned to north Wales, was given a Chair of Nursing at Bangor University and now does consultancy work for her old mates in the Betsi.
      Mental Health staff used to be allowed to retire at 55 – abusing the nutters was just so stressful it aged one so much – but that has been stopped now.
      I don’t think that the lack of experience of ‘wealth creation’ is the problem in the NHS. There are plenty of people who have been involved in business who are now involved with running the NHS, but they are not the right sort of business people. They are not wealth creators, they are what the social scientist Andrew Sayer calls ‘wealth extractors’. They see the public sector as one big trough that they and their mates can stick their snouts in and that is indeed what has been going on. None of them could run a regular small or medium enterprise that has to be run carefully and properly – they are either corrupt local people who fancy themselves as bigwigs a la governors of Glyndwr University who just commission their equally corrupt local mates in true north Wales NHS tradition or they are blood sucking venture capitalists who move from sector to sector draining the resources – they have moved into healthcare now and it’s been a real bonanza for them.
      There is one reason why the Gov’t cannot control the NHS – it’s the BMA, as simple as that. They tell Gov’ts what to do – all Gov’ts. Because no Gov’t will ever dare admit how unsafe the NHS actually is, the BMA sit there in negotiations effectively saying ‘give us what we want or fings might get broken…’ Yes, they are not above threatening the Gov’t with behaving so fucking badly that patient care will suffer and people could even die. And they know damn well that they’ll never be exposed, that no-one dares expose some of what they have done and they’ll lap up the good publicity in their capacity as nice caring doctors as they appear on prime time TV expressing concern for the future of the NHS. Meanwhile in north Wales they concealed a paedophile gang with links to organised crime and the region is still living with the legacy of that.

  14. Sally, I’ve unfortunately found out how hollow and snide colleagues of your friend can be and how an ex governor behaves on rumour …reference my earlier post. I’m fully au fait how those who fear direct confrontations can manipulate those who are weak and sit on the fence until its safe to hop off on the side of the herd, to achieve there bidding . Richard summed it up eloquently in just the same way I have personally sussed and curtailed bullies. Your correct none of us is qualified to pass judgement on Dr Williams without having met him….in doing so were falling into NHS behaviour lol. As I stated my comments are a generalisation I don’t believe in stereotyping I hope he isn’t guilty by association …the denigrating bloggers and hope its an opening to a far more illustrious institution than Wrectam University.

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