A Whistleblower From MIND Writes…

I have received information from someone who worked for North East Wales MIND – formerly known as Flintshire MIND – from June 2014-June 2017. My correspondent is concerned that she raised very serious matters with this organisation, including workplace bullying, breach of client confidentiality and loss of clients personal data, as well as her worries with regard to the circumstances in which one client committed suicide, concerns which she maintains were never appropriately addressed.

This is not the first time that I have been contacted by an employee of MIND. I received communication from a former employee of a different branch of MIND some weeks ago, who alleged workplace bullying and collusion with this by Sara Moseley, the Director of MIND Cymru, as well as a Welsh Gov’t NHS advisor. Sara Moseley’s brother Simon is a clinical psychologist who works for the Betsi Board. The person who gave me this info asked me not to identify them on the blog because they feared retribution.

My correspondent from Flintshire has asked me to name her – she wants to go public with her allegations. She is Karen Hughes, who is a fully qualified counsellor herself.

I stress that I did not personally witness any of the events that Karen alleges happened, but Karen has sent me copies of the correspondence between her and Nicola Blackwell from Parabl/CAIS, in which Karen detailed her complaint and concerns. Nicola refers to a meeting of the Senior Management Team being held to discuss Karen’s concerns but there is no reference to any action being taken.

This is what Karen maintains happened whilst she worked at North East Wales MIND:

Karen alleges workplace bullying by Chief Officer Jenny Murphy, Wages Clerk Andrea Hurst, Counsellor Julie Scott and Volunteer Co-Ordinator Berni Durham-Jones. Karen also alleges that she was bullied at work by a former MIND employee, Sue Beckett, who left the organisation in 2015. Karen maintains that the workplace bullying started on her first day with MIND, that she reported it many times to her manager but no action was taken.

Karen has provided me with full details of the events which she maintains constituted the bullying. She put in a formal grievance which was ‘thrown out’. By this time Karen was distressed and under the care of her GP, on medication. She went on sick leave. When she returned to work Karen was suspended on full pay by Chief Officer Jenny  Murphy. Karen alleges that she was suspended for ‘spending too much time with clients’ and that Murphy told her that she needed to ‘take a course to get rid of people’. Karen walked out and did not return to North East Wales MIND.

When Karen left MIND she tells me that many of the clients and volunteers left with her – Karen runs her own mental health group. Many of them told Karen their own ‘horror stories’ regarding North East Wales MIND.

Karen also alleged that the personal data of thousands of Parabl clients were lost in an IT error. Parabl is a counselling service run jointly between MIND and Dafydd’s charity CAIS (see posts ‘Newly Discovered – Parabl!’ and ‘The Commissioning Of Parabl – And Yet More History’). I have received correspondence from a number of people alleging that they were told by the Betsi mental health services that they were not ill enough to receive a service and were referred to Parabl  – who then told them that their problems were too severe to meet the criteria for a service from Parabl.

Karen alleges that the Chair of the Board of North East Wales MIND, a solicitor called Anthony Bochenski, concealed the loss of the clients’ data and asked an employee of the web hoster to confirm that the info had been returned to MIND when it had not been and never was. Karen alleges that the info which was lost was not encrypted. Karen states that she reported the loss of this data to Parabl but no action was taken.

The most worrying allegations of Karen’s involved the death of a 26 year old male client of Counsellor Julie Scott’s who killed himself by stepping in front of a train six days after, Karen alleges, Julie told him that she couldn’t see him anymore and that there was nothing more that they could do for him.

Karen tells me that this young man had previously been a patient at the Heddfan Unit and had felt let down by many people. At his inquest in Ruthin in Sept 2016 Julie gave evidence. Julie was told by the Coroner that she should have spoken to the young man’s GP directly – Julie had made an appointment for the man to see his GP but had not spoken to the GP. The GP claimed not to know that the young man was suicidal. After the young man’s funeral, donations were made to Flintshire MIND – one presumes that his family and friends were unaware of the full circumstances of his death.

Karen maintains that the death of this young man is only the tip of the iceberg. She alleges that on one occasion Julie left a suicidal client alone in her room because she had another client due. Karen alleges that she (Karen) was told that counselling rooms were for private clients and that other clients were not afforded privacy – on one occasion Karen had to speak to a client who had suffered a miscarriage whilst they sat on a bench in a full room.

Karen alleges that Andrea Hurst, the Wages Clerk, had inappropriate access to confidential information about clients.

Karen alleges that Jenny Murphy the Chief Officer accused Karen of ‘poaching’ her clients, although Lynne Jones, Karen’s line manager, had explained to Jenny that clients had been referred to Karen’s support agency only when they had not managed to get through Parabl or could not afford to pay for therapy. Lynne Jones seems to have conducted herself properly at all times and from the information available to me was also struggling with the organisation and it’s practices.

Karen states that negative feedback from clients was shredded, that clients were not often given the chance to give feedback or were pressurised into providing positive feedback. Karen’s suggestion that clients should be sent feedback forms along with an SAE was vetoed.

Karen alleges constant breaches of clients confidentiality and that documentation compiled provided misleading information concerning the number of people completing stress management and mindfulness.

Karen states that she was told to offer new clients a free ‘induction’ with Flintshire MIND’s own therapy service, ‘Insight’ (now known as ‘Flintshire Talking Therapies’). She claims that this was to act as a ‘carrot’ to engage clients, but there was then often such a long wait for therapy that clients went elsewhere. Karen alleges that clients doing this were recorded as ‘refusing therapy’.

Karen makes a number of allegations about Julie Scott in particular:

That Julie was employing her ex-boyfriend to deliver stress management courses and that whilst Julie lived with this man he took class A drugs;  that Julie had attempted to manipulate Karen by telling her that if she – Julie- returned to using alcohol and class A drugs it would be as a result of Karen’s actions, as Julie considered herself to be ‘in recovery’; and that Julie was not coming into work because she was working elsewhere, namely for Open Minds in Wrexham. Andrea Hurst told Chief Officer Jenny Murphy about this, although Open Minds were not approached. Not only was Julie never asked to repay the money that she had been paid whilst working for Open Minds, but Jenny Murphy then gave Julie time off to work for Open Minds whilst she continued to be paid by Parabl. Karen also alleges that when Julie Scott was contracted to work for Parabl she was also delivering therapy for private clients of Flintshire MIND Talking Therapies. Perhaps all this explains the long waiting list for Parabl ‘therapies’.

Karen told me that she brought all these matters to the attention of National MIND but no action was taken.

Karen has told me that after she was suspended she took advice from UNISON, who reassured her that she had conducted herself properly. The matter does not seem to have been resolved however – and UNISON are obviously aware that an organisation providing ‘therapy’ to some very vulnerable people is behaving very badly.


Many thanks to Karen for contacting me. This story makes for sober reading, but I have heard about the practices that Karen details again and again. This is often the sad reality behind the media reports of yet another suicide of a mental health patient whom the mental health services had tried so hard to help but these patients are just so difficult…



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Shocking but not surprising. Mind is riddled with bad practices and bullying and should not be touched by anybody. Just look at this to see what lifes like at Mind for many vulnerable employees. https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Mind-Reviews-E805070.htm Many have got own mental health problems. My friend worked at Mind Cymru and bullied out. Interesting what you have said about Sara Moseley. Since she arrived on the scene bullying got worse I’m told. She’s even mentioned in one of the reviews. Such a corrupt organisation that should be nowhere near mental health. Well done to you and Karen for speaking out. Most won’t out of fear

    1. I was a member of mind in London when a client said the deputy manager was raping her, when some members tried to raise the issue the client who was raped was harrassed and bullied and fled from the housing she lived in managed by mind and those of us who tried to do something about it where witch hunted out.

      1. Thanks for publicising this. The stories coming out of MIND are just so bad and have been for many, many years, but there is not a word of it printed in the mainstream media and every time someone is needed to dispense words of wisdom re mental health the BBC invite MIND on. There is massive disatisfaction with MIND, they absolutely do not represent anyone with mental health problems at all.

        But why are we not surprised that none of the horror stories surface anywhere except online? Alastair Campbell is one of their ‘ambassadors’, Melvyn Bragg was President and now it’s Stephen Fry. Jo Brand and Ruby Wax are also involved with the organisation.

        Because MIND manage housing and offer the volunteering/work opportunities, they are exerting a huge degree of control over some people’s lives. In north Wales they’re running the laughable notion of the ‘recovery college’ as well – where those whose lives have been destroyed by the mental health services can be told what to do to ‘get better’ by the very people who did the damage, accompanied by input from MIND who’ve stood by and said nothing about the abuse and neglect of patients.

      2. Hi Chris This is awful. I cannot believe what I am reading but I believe every word of it. These people need to be brought out into the public arena. A client of mine has told me about her abuse at the hands of a man employed by Flintshire Mind a few years ago and is still suffering now. The Chief Officer decided to just let this man go………as you do along with missing money!

  2. We seem to have reached and developed a whole lot of unacceptable and apathetic traits now , both from our carers and our professional bodies .regarding our standards within our care in the community establishments which of course are overseen by our N H S .No amount of low funding excuses can make up for bullying and mismanagement that appears to have been going on here …if we have square pegs in round holes they have to be retrained or relocated…a quality of life is sometimes all a mental person has…if they do not provide that with compassion and feeling then they are in the wrong profession……and eventually their consciousness will find them out… In Solidarity

    1. Thanks for your observation. I wholeheartedly agree.

      Low funding and staff shortages can make looking after vulnerable people very difficult – I remember well the times that I worked in homes for the elderly owned by people who just would NOT pay for sufficient numbers of staff or indeed appropriate supplies (which included in one home on Anglesey incontinence pads and latex gloves would you believe, we were told to cope without them in a home full of residents with dementia). But I never resorted to hitting anyone, insulting and abusing them or ignoring their distress.

      There is no excuse for seriously neglecting and abusing patients. Or indeed knowingly lying about them in court in the hope that they’ll end up in prison because they’ve complained. Jeremy Hunt is never so bloody awful that he is an excuse for some of what has been happening. Furthermore it’s been happening for a long time, before Jeremy Hunt was even elected.

  3. Having used this service I cannot fault them. All staff do a tremendous job in my experience. It seems Mrs Hughes has a personal grievance and maybe she should seek to resolve her concerns using a more ethical and professional approach. I am surprised to read she is a qualified counsellor and I certainly wouldn’t consider engaging in counselling with someone who is prepared to try and bring down one of the most valued organisations in Flintshire. There are 2 sides to every story. Keep up the good work MIND

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have published it because I do not wish to stand accused of only publishing comments that are consistent with my own experiences.

      But I do think that I should explain to my readers that your e mail address is the very same e mail address that was used by one of the people who sent me an account of their own truly appalling experiences with MIND.

      If you’d like to e mail me and tell my why you have suddenly changed your opinions re MIND so drastically I’d be interested to hear your explanation.

      Or have you hacked into the account of the member of your staff who wrote to me? Because if you have, what you gave done is seriously unlawful. But then so was colluding with Top Doctors who ran a paedophile ring.

  4. I smell a rat with that ‘anon’ post from an apparent service user at Flintshire Mind. I know from personal experiences that Mind will stop at NOTHING to protect their bad paractices from being divulged. I applaud you Sally for querying this.

    Forgive me but that posting does not read to me like it has been posted by a service user – more likely somebody at Flintshire Mind masquerading as one! Either way it is not on! Mind are experts in discrediting any former staff who have challenged them. Their favourite trick is to blame the person’s mental state which is highly ironic – and indeed dispicable – for a mental health charity

    The poster says that he/she is ‘ surprised to read she is a qualified counsellor’ – why? After all wasn’t she a former employee performing a counselling role. Surely Flintshire Mind check the qualifiactions of anyone they take on into this role…or not? Given it is Mind the later wpould of course not surprise me at all.

    My advice to the poster is that Mind should put their own house in order before trying to bad mouth any person brave enough to speak out about their dreadful bd paractices

    1. I am fairly convinced that the message was not written by the person who sent the original e mail from that address. The style of writing is completely different, the words used, spelling etc. Like you, I get the impression that the second message reads as though it has been written by somebody from MIND trotting out stereotypical propaganda.

      I have not e mailed the person who sent me the original e mail to check because I think the most likely explanation is that their e mail account has been hacked by the person who sent the second message singing MINDs praises. No doubt all their e mails are being read by the fan of Flintshire MIND.

      1. wow serious unlawful practice indeed. I hope funders in Wales are taking note. The Welsh Government pump serious amounts of cash into Mind Cymru every year – scarce money that could be better spent elsewhere on mental health care that people need NOT lining the pockets of Mind. It’s high time a wholesale review of their activity in Wales was undertaken

        1. Totally agree with every word. Who would I speak to do you think to get the ball rolling on this?
          The Chief Officer of Flintshire Mind took 6 months off sick, came back on a phased return and then proceeded to give herself a pay rise, agreed to by the trustees. There is enough money but it is spent in the wrong direction. Like you said, lining the pockets. At Flintshire Mind they have a Wages Clerk giving out advice about mental health – seriously!

  5. Yes the damage limitation anon is pretty formula. Reminds me of letters Sue Ryder wrote for East Anglian Daily Times in false Polish names for fictitious grateful residents.


      I’ve checked as you requested. Yes, they have hacked your account. I’m not sure that ANY of your e mail accounts will be safe if they’ve resorted to this, which is why I haven’t replied to you by e mail.

      I’m not actually sure what you do now – what they have done is illegal and you will undoubtedly have protection in law, but I don’t know if it’s a matter for the police or whether it falls under the remit of the civil courts. You need to not use the e mail address that you used to send me that first e mail, that’s the account that they are using – and you probably need to choose a new address which does not have anything related to you in it at all, such as name or date of birth.

      If you want me to put up any more info on this blog, just let me know.

      1. My e mail box is filling up with messages from the MIND whistleblowers account which I now know was hacked by the person writing in support of Flintshire MIND.

        I received a message earlier from the whistleblower with their new address telling me that the matter of the hacked account has been reported to the police.

        I will not be posting up any further messages from the account that has been hacked but I will be keeping them to assist the police investigation.

  6. It’s funny how people love to write these “whistleblower” posts these days, but fail to grasp what makes a good whistleblower post…
    I am not related to this story in any way, but I do happen to know someone who was mentioned in this hit-piece, who contacted me to release some of the stress that is being put on by this careless writing.
    I have to say I know this person (who I won’t name) because there is just no way this person would behave in any way, shape, or form that is being described in this article.
    But let’s take a step back, and see what makes a good whistleblower post, and I think I can capture that in one word: Evidence.
    “Alleges” and “Maintains” seem to be the building blocks of this writing, all which could have been backed up with screenshots and scans of supporting evidence… If that is present?
    Everybody here now seems to be distracted by some hacking of an email address, for which again there is no hard evidence given (one can easily look at the raw headers of an email and see which IP address sent it), but after two or three comments, it seems like this community doesn’t fuel itself on evidence, and truth, but on the simple phenomenon of echo chambers, and observation bias.
    Now, I am not saying the email address isn’t hacked, or that this would be highly illegal, but there is something else you may want to consider…
    There are other laws in the UK, laws that I am intimately familiar with since someone launched a grudge campaign against me once…
    Writing articles like these, with no supporting evidence present, is considered libel, slander, and defamation, which in the UK is taken very seriously, even if this happens online.
    You might want to familiarize yourself with the penalties for this kind of case, should it come to that, and should you lose it (which you will if you can not provide a big mountain of evidence for your claims).
    You mentioned people by name directly, and after Googling these people, your article is now popping up, still only 7th page, but no less you are impacting any future job prospects for these people, based on allegations and hearsay.
    Again, defamation and slander laws will only worsen for the assaulter if job prospects and the means to make a living are being put in danger.
    I understand that there are problems in the health-care system, and I understand that you have a huge history in this area, and I am not demeaning that in any way, but you are not fighting a system or a company in this article, you are attacking people personally and directly, without any proof whatsoever, all based on the word of an ex-employee (who, by the way, started a rival business), and you don’t consider for one second the underlying reasons for why this person is approaching the story this way.
    This is very dangerous behavior and flat-out terrible journalism.

    I am posting this comment with my full real name, my real email address, and my real website, so you don’t have to speculate about hacked accounts, and I shall remain curious whether or not you will green-light a comment like this.

    1. Thank you for this. I am familiar with the law.

      I have stated quite clearly on this blog that I have documentary evidence for everything that I state as fact – many things I have witnessed myself. I do use the word alleged in every case in which I am writing about the experiences of someone else that I did not witness. I think that is quite fair.

      I also have possession of many documents from whistleblowers that I have not mentioned on this site because I have no intention of putting people in danger.

      I am not quite sure why you have taken the trouble to write to me if this blog is of such poor quality. By the way, I’m not a journalist and gave no wish to be – my published work is academic.

      I have not yet received any threats to sue me for defamation, libel or slander. I’ll let you know if I do.

    2. I have evidence! Plenty of it and whoever you are protecting, then you really do not know them that well. The evidence I have is on paperwork, I have people willing to speak up. And I see Sally has given you the green light Daniel Owen………you really have no idea what it is like to work for a company as corrupt as Mind or any company affiliated with them. I am not afraid to name names unlike you but one ex-employee left over 200 paracetamol tablets on my desk 02/06/2015 in full view of people with suicidal tendencies passing through the office. How would you like it to come in to find these tablets on your desk???????? Before you pass judgement on me, maybe get your facts straight. and as for libel and slander, what have I said that is not true????? Parabl agreed with me that over 1/3 of clients had ‘refused’ therapy. Nicola Blackwell told me that herself. The missing disc with thousands of clients personal information on it which was NOT encrypted, disappeared. And as for my rival company – again get your facts straight – my company puts clients first – second and third. We do not participate in anything which gives any trustees the reason to blow their own trumpet. Maybe you need to ask about the sexual abuse which was covered up a few years back when Flintshire Mind employed a man (whose name I do know) abused a client and stole money. This client is now part of my group and has campaigned to Mind to help he/she.

    3. I’m just responding to the somewhat bizarre outpouring by Daniel and wholly concur with what Sally has posted in response – totally correct in every way!

      So Daniel, just a few points in response

      Firstly, it is clear from a simple google search that you are a friend/acquaintance of Jenny Murphy who is the Director of NEW (Flintshire) Mind and who has been accused in this blog post of conduct that is not what one would expect in a mental health charity.

      Secondly, people in Wales are becoming increasingly aware of the bullying and bad practice of Mind Cymru and their associates. Bullying of this magnitude wrecks people and many peoples lives have been ruined in the process. Mind are very powerful and very cunning and devious in the way the respond so let me tell you that it takes ENORMOUS courage for any whistleblower to speak out against Mind. That’s why people in the first instance afraid to speak out which is why MIND gets away with so much. If someone is brave enough to speak out then they fear repercussions by giving their names. I can tell from people I know connected with Mind in Wales that is fact not fiction!
      And of course when someone does speak out the words allegations etc are used NOT because they are lies but for all the reasons you state. I can tell you Daniel there is stacks of evidence about MIND’s bullying and bad practice and it is only now that people feel able to stick their heads above the parapets to talk about it publicly. I for one who cares about mental health, justice and the like am thankful for these whistleblowers. So rather than make silly veiled threats about libel law which we all are aware of use your energy and skills to persuade MIND about the need to put their own house in order

      1. Thank you so much for letting us know who Daniel is. I have just had to delete an unpleasant but silly message from him. He may become quite a problem. If he does, the police will be sent in the direction of Flintshire MIND – again…

    4. You say in the beginning of the above post ‘that you are not related to this story in anyway’ but you have had or are having a relationship with the Chief Officers daughter. You apparently ‘filmed’ her music videos for her. You have lied Daniel about how you know a person involved in this. She is not just a ‘friend’ but quite easily could have been or is going to be a family member.

  7. No evidence in the form of attachments or screen shots has been published on this blog. False allegations cleverly worded are not evidence. Nobody would or should waste money suing when the obvious defence would be ‘no reasonable person would believe it’.

    1. So if it’s all so ridiculous WHY are you wasting your time leaving comments on this blog?

      Neither do I intend to be told what to publish here by you Anon. Not that I would ever publish copies of people’s medical records and other documents that have been sent to me in confidence anyway…

    2. They are far from false. Keep it up Flintshire Mind! And why wouldn’t a reasonable person believe it? Now I am being bullied yet again by trying to discredit me……..what next? saying I have mental health issues?

    3. So what about ‘unreasonable people?’ Who gave you the right to discriminate against people? Are you judging people now? If you are a solicitor of some sorts you should know that I would not have ‘gone public’ if I had no proof. Like I keep reiterating on this blog, I worked in that toxic office and heard and saw things that I really shouldn’t have. How do you think I know so much? Cleverly worded false allegations? Really? You also have proof of that then? No I doubt it very much.

  8. Karen and Lydia –

    Thank you for defending this blog and of course your own positions, but I suspect that the dreadful Daniel and Anon are simply trying to rile, manipulate and upset us.

    Anyone who has read this blog knows exactly how much evidence there is.

    I do not think that we shoud allow ourselves to be distracted by these two pillocks – I certainly have better things to do.

    If they wish to leave meaningful comments I’m happy to publish them. But if poor old Daniel writes another ‘liar, liar, pants on fire, my dad’s bigger than yours’, he will find that his worst nightmare will come true and I will indeed ‘block’ him…

      1. I’m really sorry Lydia, I have been busy on another post and I didn’t realise what was happening.

        He seems to be evading the usual blocking mechanisms. Mind you, perhaps we should just let him rant – he’s not a very good advert for Flintshire MIND is he!

  9. For goodness sake Daniel – get a grip – now I can’t make my mind up who it is you know, either Murphy or Durham-Jones??? I was encouraged by my line manager to submit a grievance against the staff at Flintshire Mind. She too had also witnessed the bullying and made a statement to corroborate that which included written evidence about every staff member in that office. Your friend, her colleagues etc etc. The grievance was minuted and submitted April 2017 but you see the Chief Officer threw it out because the Wages Clerk has the Chief Officer by the balls so to speak. She knows things about her which would not be best received by the public or the trustees. Since leaving I have learnt so much about Murphy and the rest of the staff and what they truly are capable of. I have volunteers willing to speak out about what they went through whilst spending time there. I have a client who was abused by someone who was enlisted to ‘care’ and employed by Flintshire Mind and she/he is willing to shout this. Have you any idea what it is like to be vulnerable Daniel? Having a mental illness alongside being told ‘off’ by the volunteer co-ordinator or the Chief Officer for using the ‘wrong pen’, or putting a plant in the ‘wrong’ place. Being told time and time again that they are ‘just volunteers’……just stop and imagine for one minute regardless of who you are defending. I asked Sally to print my name because I have nothing to be ashamed of or reproach myself for. I have enough evidence about your friend to backup my statement. If I didn’t I would have posted anonymously. The evidence I have concerning Parabl and Flintshire Mind and the wrong-doings are on paper and backed up by witnesses. A lady who was left in the therapist’s room feeling suicidal judging by her CORE score refused to come back to Mind. The therapist decided her next client was more important. This lady is still in contact with me – I appreciate you want to defend your friend but also think that even our ‘friends’ wear a different mask in the workplace.

  10. Daniel I reported the bullying to National Mind and Mind Cymru last year and also to the BACP. Since leaving Flintshire Mind I have been in contact with clients/volunteers who are still frequenting the centre, to be told how they have also been treated. They are slowly but surely keeping their distance. I have made a complaint to North Wales Police and made a statement with supported evidence as back-up. I went through the correct ethical and professional procedures to hit a brick wall because Mind only cares for themselves, no-one else. They told me to contact National Mind, which I did, who then told me to contact Mind Cymru, which I did, to be told by them to contact the trustees of Flintshire Mind. How do I contact the trustees of Flintshire Mind when I was privy to the Chairman Anthony Bochenski covering up the missing Parabl disc? If he is capable of that, then what else? I also have, like I have said a copy of an e-mail sent from J Murphy to Andrea Hurst which outlines ‘whistle blowing’ on Hurst’s part against J Murphy. Like I have already said, people become different when they are in work and maybe fear for their jobs. Please be wary of defending your friend when you do not know the full story. I also have more information about your friend from other people which lends itself to some direct inappropriate unprofessional conduct indeed.

  11. Karen – thank you for exposing this very flaky organisation.

    My inbox is filling up with shit from Daniel – no wonder whistleblowers are afraid to be identified if they are harassed by this scroat if they dare raise concerns.

    He really has told us all that we need to know about MIND and the way that people are treated by them.

  12. Daniel, having read Karen’s further posts it is pretty clear that there are serious issues with the operation at Flintshire Mind/ North East Wales Mind. Sad fact is that I can believe all of this as I have heard it so many times about the way Mind operates. It is laughable that it was suggested that Karen reported the concerns to Mind/Mind Cymru. These are the biggest bullys of them all who spend all their time trying to discredit whistleblowers rather than to fix their corrupt organisation. The fact is that through blogs like Sally’s people are able to bring up serious concerns about the way these fake charities operate. You are just doing the usual thing that Mind does – discredit the likes of Karen at all costs in order to protect the bullys who run Mind who by the way they operate clearly have no interest for the mental health of anybody. I really hope Stephen Fry is proud of the organisation he presides over

  13. Daniel I really don’t mind if you disappear or not. If you wish to keep checking this blog, then feel free. The police said that I should go through the correct channels which I did and ended up back where I started from. I have also contacted the Charity Whistleblowing Commission. They have copies of the emails which clearly states bullying towards me and they too have contacted Mind Cymru as far as a I am aware. This was last June. My union rep at Unison is also in receipt of the emails and the statement I made, along with further information about the Social Support side of Flintshire Mind and how they have conducted themselves. Have you asked your friend for a copy of the grievance I submitted last April? Have you asked her about the 200 paracetamol tablets that were left on my desk? I am a champion for mental health having suffered for many years on and off and supporting my husband after his father took his own life. When I see and hear and unfortunately find myself on the receiving end of behaviour like this, it saddens me to think that I was an employee of such a filthy organisation with morals akin to scum. Unlocked cabinets with people’s personal information contained within them, staff members looking for Parabl clients on Facebook, a volunteer being made to climb a staircase to collect toilet rolls while being in agony and struggling so much (this was J. Murphy insisting), receiving public money and using it in other outlets, this incompetence goes on and on and on at the expense of vulnerable people. I am unaware if you have ever been bullied Daniel (hope that you haven’t) but you are not in the frame of mind to get out your phone recorder because you never know when it will come. You just make notes/logs each day and make clear what has happened. You go home crying and dreading the following day in work. I remember one day a young woman came to the centre very distressed and I saw her on a bench outside. J. Murphy had filled the rooms with paying counselling clients. She had miscarried the day before and asked to speak to someone. A volunteer receptionist approached Berni Durham-Jones about it as I was having my lunch to be told ‘just give her a leaflet’. The volunteer kept reiterating that the lady was highly distressed. So I stepped in and spoke with her. This is the level of ‘care’ on offer in that place. The following day I was called into J Murphy’s room along with the counsellor J Scott to be told that ‘I need to go on a course to get rid of people’. This meeting was not minuted and I had no representation. I started to cry and ran downstairs to be consoled by the volunteers. I went back upstairs to be told ‘ I was spending too much time with clients’. So please if you are keeping this blog alive Daniel, keep on posting. The more their names are mentioned, the higher up on Google they will find themselves.

  14. Daniel I am not a competitor of any description. My group does different things and has different ethics and morals than Flintshire Mind. Our trustees know every individual member and their needs. We have 2 drop in’s in Flintshire and have different contacts, are funded by different outlets and help people to make decisions and empower themselves. We help them to ‘live’ not to go on a six week course so we can tick a box which makes us look great for potential future funders. Why don’t you come along to one of our Drop in’s and then you can see and hear for yourself about Flintshire Mind? The offer is there. 1pm-4pm Grosvenor Hall, Mold every Saturday and once a month in Saltney, Flintshire.

  15. This blog is read by politicians and journalists.

    I really hope that they have noticed that I and my correspondents are being insulted and harassed because we dared publish an account of grossly unprofessional practice from a former member of staff at MIND.

    This organisation receives millions in public funding, sits on Gov’t advisory committees and has luvvies as ‘ambassadors’.

    The true face of MIND – an idiot called Daniel.

    Of course, if I was a politician I’d be standing up in the House wailing about wimmin being harassed on social media. But I’m not. I am someone who has dared write a blog exposing what is actually happening to people in receipt of ‘heath and social care’.

    1. Well said Sally and if you did decide to confront the powers that be, I would be right there at your side shouting just as loud.

      1. Karen – please can you e mail me via your new address, the one that wasn’t hacked by MIND? I’d like to chat about how we deal with the rat that is trying to sabotage this blog. It goes without saying that there would be little point in contacting MIND!

    2. Daniel is telling me that he has plenty of time on his hands and his friends are now going to join in the harassment as well.

      MIND are in receipt of taxpayers money to deliver services to people with mental health problems.

      Would anyone like to give me a firm figure as to how much the Welsh Gov’t have given Daniel’s friends to provide ‘services’?

  16. Daniel, your friend conducted an unprofessional relationship with a client 5 years ago. This too was hidden for your friend to carry on working for Flintshire Mind. Please stop trying to be the ‘winner’ of every argument. Fact – your friend works for Flintshire Mind/North East Wales Mind so the link is there already – you are defending her but in the realm of knowing her personally – I worked with her – this is so very different.

  17. Daniel

    I must say your previous comment just put a smile on my face ‘Why is everyone allowed to speak their opinion, but me?’ I think if you go back through the threads you will see that your voice has been the loudest of all? And I’m intrigued that if you live in Paris how can you know more about working in Flintshire?NE Wales Mind than a former employee????

    1. He can make comments because he had or is having a relationship with the chief officers daughter no less – yet again another link to Mind!!

  18. Daniel I believe this also to be a form of bullying – harassing me for something which does not belong to you. Would you like me to set up a Skype connection at one of our drop in’s say next week? Then you can speak to us directly and hear for yourself? We cant this week as we are having a fayre. It sounds like you have plenty of time on your hands so instead of me replying back to you via this blog, you could ‘see’ us next week? I do have lots of things I need to get on with this week, today in particular. Also I like your tenacity, maybe put it to better use by helping people? Research the MIND organisation here in the U.K. Look on Glassdoor reviews. Look up the Mental Health Resistance Network – they are able to inform you of loads of misdemeanors regarding who your friend works for.

    1. Ok, a Skype call it is!

      I would be super happy to do this and talk to you directly. Really, I did not mean to bully you, and truthfully I respect the way that you communicate without trying to stifle, so yes, I would love to talk to you, and you will find me a lot more pleasant than in this comment section.
      Really, all I voiced initially was a simple opinion, I truly don’t see why I needed the deletion treatment. I have NEVER and WILL NEVER make any statements about how MIND operates because I know nothing about it, but it seems nobody wants to hear this…

      1. Daniel I wholly appreciate your defense of your friend – you really are very loyal. When the powers that be decide to ignore someone who has been employed and spent time being bullied there, you tend to be left with no further option only to ‘go public’. I am very sorry that your friend has been named in this, but what I witnessed whilst working at Flintshire Mind/North East Wales Mind was a great deal of mis-management. I was dealt many unfavourable blows from staff who were ‘above’ me and in turn this also had an effect on the clients I was trying to help everyday. They could not understand why I was not available to speak to – maybe I am too ‘giving’ but that is part of who I am and if I can help someone, anyone, then I will try my hardest. Plenty of collusion was afoot between other staff members against me and this was witnessed by volunteers. Basically, Flintshire Mind/North East Wales Mind is run by many lazy individuals who work the least possible hours, get paid large amounts for it and blaze in the glory of helping people when in fact they are only helping themselves to the funding pot for their wages. Unfortunately this goes on across the country. Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s so to speak. Gaining funding for doing so little. Putting people who experience mental health issues on courses just so they can ‘prove’ to the funders that so many people have been ‘cured’.

  19. Sally just to let you know – Daniel has been or is in a relationship with the Chief Officer’s daughter. He has ‘filmed’ her music videos so all becomes even more clear now. Another link to Mind even though he clearly states he knows nothing about them or what they stand for, the link is still there. He has also threatened me with repercussions via my email so this along with the hacking is making for even more grotty reading and links to the country’s worst mental health charity.

    1. Thanks for letting me – and the readers of this blog – know. His e mails are nasty and manipulative and are clearly designed to cause as much upset as possible without reaching the threshold of the Malicious Communications legislation.

      Whistleblowers and anyone complaining of abuse seem to be under attack at the moment- Vaughan Gething made public comments to the BBC about users of social media who dare criticise the NHS, there is full media coverage today re the alleged ‘fantasist’ who is now going to be prosecuted after alleging that he was abused by politicians and Greville Janner’s daughter was on top form this morning on Radio 4 and now Daniel Janner is demanding that someone who made allegations against Greville is prosecuted.

      All you’ve done is blow the whistle on dangerous abusive practices at MIND and look what has happened!

      I know that you have been very patient with Daniel and offered to meet and skype him but I think that you are better off having nothing to do with this nasty, intimidating piece of work.

      He seems to have evaded the comments blocking facility – if he continues to litter this blog with his comments I’ll have to disable the whole comments facility while we ask the police to investigate, because he is undoubtedly threatening you.

      1. Yes Sally thanks for that. I have his emails where he clearly states I will ‘regret’ what I have done.
        I actually do feel threatened by him and yes I have tried my best to calm him down but with no luck. Maybe the police should be involved a little more.

      2. Karen – I really do think you ought to report this matter to the police ASAP. You have given Daniel details of the counselling/drop in sessions that you run and when are where they are. He has threatened us both with action from his ‘friends’ and he knows where you are. Don’t believe his fantasies about living in Paris, he’s probably in his mum’s bedroom in Prestatyn seething that his partner’s scam of an organisation has been exposed. This is not a man in distress, this is a predator.

        1. Karen – contact the police now, please. I have kept the mountains of shite that I have been receiving from Daniel all afternoon for evidence.

          MIND in north Wales colluded with a paedophile gang and at least two of the people who did that are still involved with MIND in north Wales. We are not dealing with pleasant people here.

          1. The e mail that I’ve just received from him will probably be enough to bring charges.

            The police can contact me via my e mail address or the blog and I will forward everything that I have received from the odious Daniel.

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