Always On The Side Of The Children

Readers familiar with previous posts will be aware that some rather surprising people have been employed as civil service mandarins with responsibilities for Gov’t Departments concerned with health and welfare. My post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’ introduced Bing Spear, who was the Home Office’s Chief Inspector in its Drugs Branch, 1977-86 and before that was Deputy Chief Inspector, 1965-77. Bing certainly kept odd company for a mandarin – his intimate knowledge of addicts down on their luck as well as of their sexual partners, their dealers and their drug habits, together with his personal friendships with Top Doctors who had a tendency to find themselves accused of dealing drugs, his transferring of a particularly ‘soft’ Inspector to cover Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s patch in north Wales and Bing’s mysterious health problems suggest that Bing was an addict himself and very likely corrupt to boot.

My post ‘Socio-Political Context of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ describes how, from 1987, an even more worrying mandarin, Brian McGinnis, was employed as Under-Secretary of State for Mental Health in the DHSS, with responsibility for high security hospitals. McGinnis was the man who was instrumental in forming the Broadmoor task force which included Jimmy Savile among its members. After McGinnis had retired and was taking on voluntary work, in 2002 Bromley Council ended his involvement with children with learning disabilities and in 2005 Croydon Council banned him from working with children.

Rupert Hughes was another mandarin from that era, the civil servant who was responsible for the Children’s Act 1989, which has since caused a great many problems. The Children’s Act was drafted and passed in the wake of the chaos of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal in 1987, but one only has to look at what is happening to ‘looked after’ children today to know that the Children’s Act has failed dismally. Rupert Hughes is described as being the ‘father’ of the Act and Brenda Hale – now the President of the Supreme Court of the UK – the ‘mother’. See post ‘In The Courts’ for further information concerning Brenda and why she is not the feminist hero that she advertises herself as being. Rupert Hughes was the Assistant Secretary of the Children’s Division in the DHSS – he joined the civil service after graduating from Oxford and initially worked in the MAFF. Later he moved to the Cabinet Office and then in 1984 he joined the DHSS. He enjoyed the support of Lord Mackay of Clashfern, the Lord Chancellor – who kept the lid on the sleaze and horror which swirled around the wife-beating drunken alleged child molester Sir Nicholas Fairbain (see post ‘More On Baroness Patricia Scotland QC – And Her Very Sleazy Friends’)  – and the Health Secretary Ken Clarke, whom I have now concluded did absolutely nobody any favours but himself (see post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’). Rupert Hughes was described as having a ‘fairly free hand’ with the DHSS. After eleven years at the top of the Children Services Division of the DHSS, years during which there was scandal after scandal involving the serious abuse of, the trafficking for sex of and even the deaths of children in care, Rupert retired in 1995. After retirement Rupert Chaired the Michael Sieff Foundation and was a Fellow of the Centre for Social Policy at Dartington, Devon, Chairing the Centre for three years. Rupert was a member of the Reform Club and his partner was Priscilla Campbell Allen. The Reform Club was traditionally associated with the Liberal Party although today is has no official political affiliation. Jeremy Thorpe was an enthusiastic member of the Reform Club.

Regular readers will know that whatever the excesses of Rupert, the problems in the UK’s child care system started a long while before Rupert got his hands of the levers of power. There have been problems with children in care being abused for decades – although in previous eras sexual abuse didn’t get much of a mention, the issue discussed was usually that of ‘cruelty’ – but things seemed to escalate rapidly in the 1970s, which saw the large scale infiltration of children’s social services right across the country by paedophiles operating in gangs which were connected with each other and who had links with paedophiles and traffickers overseas.

The person who was appointed to the top of the tree by Ted Heath’s Gov’t in 1970 was Barbara Kahan, a social worker who was the Home Office’s Deputy Chief Inspector of the Children’s Dept. At that time the Home Secretary was Reginald Maudling who ended up resigning after he was involved in a major scandal linked to large scale corruption in business dealings. When the remit for child care was taken over by the DHSS in 1971, Kahan transferred to that Dept, to work under Secretary of State Sir Keith Joseph.

Barbara Kahan was someone who was at the heart of a system that was rotten throughout her whole career and became a good deal more putrefied whilst she was at the highest level. Kahan came from a Labour Party, Methodist family and in 1939 went to Newnham College, Cambridge. Whilst at Cambridge she re-started the University Labour Club, also worked for Richard Acland’s left-leaning Commonwealth Party and joined the Peace Pledge Union. After Cambridge, Kahan undertook a social science course at the LSE.

Kahan began her career in Dudley, West Midlands, where she was a child care officer, 1948-50 – she opened the first children’s home in Dudley. After that Kahan went to work for Oxfordshire Children’s Dept, which became absorbed into the social services in 1970 at the end of her time there. In 1964 Kahan became President of the Association of Childcare Officers.

When Kahan first began her career, most child care officers were women – often women like her ie. well-educated women from middle class backgrounds, frequently with a touch of radicalism. A lot of those women will have been very genuine. However by the late 60s/70s when the very real problem of residential homes for children being literally infiltrated by paedophile gangs began to grow, women served a very useful purpose – exactly the same purpose that women serviced in abusive institutions like the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. They were there to reassure the public that nothing dreadful could be going on – certainly not sexual abuse, because women are caring and they would never collude with such activity. Sadly they did and they did so regularly.

In my own case, Dr Sadie Francis (Dr X’s wife), Janice Davies, Jackie Brandt, Maggie Fookes and Bridget Lloyd all lied about me in statements to the police and in Court because Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) et al wanted to construct a picture of me as mad, bad and dangerous to know. That is much easier if it is women making the claims of being terrified – nothing shifts the criminal justice system like A Woman In Fear. Especially an Angel. If the children of the Woman In Fear can be mentioned to the police or in Court, so much the better. When I discovered that these women  were claiming to be terrified of me, I wrote to them to apologise and to say that if anything that I had ever said or done had frightened them, I was sorry. Those letters turned up in my medical records – along with documents written by those women themselves saying that they were not frightened of me and that in Bridget Lloyd’s case she knew that I wouldn’t recognise her even if I saw her. There were also letters and memos from managers and Top Doctors (most frequently Alun Davies, the manager of the mental health services in Gwynedd and Lucille Hughes, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services) and also from the crooked solicitor in the Welsh Office – Andrew Park – urging these people to contact the police and tell them that I had threatened them and that they were terrified. It was a conspiracy involving perjury on an industrial scale and their status as women who were ‘victims’ of mine was ruthlessly used by people who were facilitating a paedophile ring.

Other patients from north Wales who had cause to complain have shown me documents relating to their own cases in which the very same techniques were used which, in some cases, involved exactly the same ‘women in fear’. One man, after months of sheer frustration at the misconduct of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team – of which Brandt, Lloyd and Fookes were members – threw a cushion across the room in their office, snapped a leaf off of a pot plant and walked out, slamming the door. The police were called, told that he had threatened the Little Women, thrown furniture about and had broken the door. He was not told that such serious allegations had been made, but Tony Francis ordered him to write to the Arfon Team and apologise for upsetting them. So he did. Years later when his lawyer obtained his files, this man discovered that his letter of apology had been attached to the fictitious account of what had happened – so it looked as if he was indeed apologising for the heinous crimes that they had alleged and documented without his knowledge.

Again and again patients in north Wales told me that this had happened to them. The stories were remarkably consistent – that patients had been insulted or physically assaulted by male staff in the Arfon Team such as Keith Fearns and Bob Ingham, only to find that after they had complained about this the police would be on their doorstep because the Little Women had made statements. Little Women whom the patients often had never heard of.

One of the internal investigations into the serious abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council revealed the key role of Irene Train, a nurse who was promoted to senior management and colluded with the most appalling conduct (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’).

The Waterhouse Report – the cover-up of all cover-ups – mentions ‘caring’ women social workers who claimed to have been ‘just playful’ when children had complained of being kneed in the groin by them, slapped around the face, forced to strip, dragged along by their hair or had even been subjected to attempts to suffocate or smother them.

They may have been women but they were colleagues of a paedophile gang. The evidence against Lucille Hughes was so damning that even Sir Ronald Waterhouse named her as knowing that a paedophile ring was in operation but failing to act. Lucille was Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s mistress.

Barbara Kahan will have known that the abuse of children in residential care was endemic. In her obituary we are told that she ‘believed in residential care’ ‘long after this approach had gone out of fashion’. Residential care went ‘out of fashion’ because it was realised that the system was brutal and attracted predators.

Whilst Kahan worked in Oxfordshire she introduced the payment of a special enhanced rate to people who fostered ‘difficult’ children. In north Wales and other regions, there is evidence that this policy resulted in callous, inappropriate people fostering numerous children because it was very profitable (see post ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’). Foster carers should be paid because it is a valuable and difficult job, but it is essential that they should be appropriately vetted. Paying sexually abusive thugs a lot of money to foster five or six children is not a particularly good idea.

Kahan’s obituary in ‘The Guardian’ observed that she never became Director of Social Services in Oxfordshire because she made ‘too many enemies’. One way of making enemies is to blow the whistle – but Kahan didn’t do this. Kahan didn’t become Director of Oxford Social Services, but in 1970 she was appointed Deputy Chief Inspector of the Children’s Dept by the Home Office. In 1970 the Home Office was directly managing Bryn Estyn, as well as Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead. Axwell Park was at that time employing Matt Arnold and his friend Peter Howarth and there were complaints of boys being abused. In 1973 Arnold and Howarth both transferred to Bryn Estyn to work – where boys were abused. Howarth later died in prison after being convicted of a number of counts of sex offences against boys in his care. In 1971 Barbara became Assistant Director of the Social Work Service at the DHSS under Secretary of State Sir Keith Joseph. The Keith Joseph who consistently refused to hold an investigation into the deaths of more than 40 children at the notorious home The Beeches.

It was Keith Joseph who took receipt of the Finer Report in 1974 – the Finer Committee sat between 1969-73 on the subject of one parent families. Barbara Kahan was a member of the Committee.

Sir Keith Joseph was a barrister who was the Conservative MP for Leeds North East, 1956-87. Right where Savile, the paedophiles and their corrupt police officer friends were busy for the whole duration of Joseph’s time in Parliament. Joseph served as a Cabinet member in the Gov’ts of Harold Macmillan, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher. Joseph was Secretary of State for Social Security, 1970-74. He was the intellectual force behind what became known as Thatcherism, but his own campaign for the Tory leadership died a death in Oct 1974 after he made a speech in Edgbaston about the ‘cycle of poverty’ among the lower orders and was rash enough to remark that what with the council house people breeding like rabbits and single mothers, ‘the balance of our human stock, is threatened’. There was outrage and he was never taken quite so seriously again. The speech had actually been written by Alfred Sherman, one of Thatcher’s gurus, which explains a lot. Papers released under the 30 year rule at the end of 2011 revealed that Joseph had considered that there should be a ‘managed rundown’ of Merseyside.

In 2014 former Tory activist Anthony Gilberthorpe claimed that whilst he was a young man he discovered that a number of Tory Ministers were holding sex parties with under-aged boys. Keith Joseph was one of the Ministers whom he named. Gilberthorpe maintained that he handed a detailed dossier about these matters to Thatcher in 1989.


I don’t think that there was any danger of Barbara blowing any whistles at all – and she obviously didn’t blow any when she reached the dizzy heights either. She remained as Assistant Director until 1980, by which time children were being trafficked to Europe by the paedophiles ‘looking after them’ and in north Wales and elsewhere were being found dead. By 1980 there had been a number of convictions of child care workers for physical assault and various sex offences in north Wales, as well as in other regions of the country – but Babs didn’t click. Babs retired from the civil service in 1980, but she didn’t put her feet up.

In 1980 Babs launched the Gatsby Project, a distance learning project for residential child care workers, and she directed the project until 1991, when it was absorbed into the Open University. It sounds great doesn’t it – except that Babs carried out the Gatsby Project with Peter Righton, who was an active member of PIE and was convicted of the possession of child porn in the early 1990s. Righton’s special interest was social work education.

Peter Righton was a leading social work teacher and academic who argued in his work that sexual relationships between adults and children were not damaging. He worked at Keele University in 1965 as a lecturer in social work and in 1968 he was appointed as a senior lecturer with, and became the Director of Education for, the National Institute of Social Work. The National Institute of Social Work was located in Tavistock Place, just down the road from BMA House. Tessa Jowell was a Fellow of the National Institute for Social Work, as of course was Babs. In 1971 Righton joined the NCB (National Children’s Bureau) and subsequently set up a unit there – he came out as gay in the same year. In 1973 Righton delivered the annual Barnardos lecture. He was also a Governor at a school for children with special needs.

Righton was close friends with Charles Napier, a paedophile teacher who had been banned from teaching in the UK. Charles Napier worked in a number of different countries and his correspondence with Righton includes discussions between the two of them regarding the high quality and beauty of the boys that Napier was encountering in various overseas destinations. Napier ended up obtaining a senior job with the British Council in Cairo before he was removed from his post as a result of trouble with the authorities concerning his sexual activities with children. Righton was based in the UK but he made frequent trips to Europe where he met up  and kept company with under-aged boys. Righton’s colleagues explained Righton constantly keeping company with teenaged boys by making reference to his commitment and abilities with children. Such explanations for paedophiles’ behaviour were certainly used in the 1970s. I can remember two teachers at the school that I attended whose conduct in relation to children was explained thus – one of those people was very deceptive and I don’t think that his colleagues did realise that his conduct towards the girls was very questionable, but the other one was a PE teacher who was so notorious that the kids nicknamed him ‘Fiddler’. Boys would openly tell people that they didn’t want to go into the showers if Fiddler was there and I watched Fiddler chase boys around the school trying to smack their bums for non-existent crimes. The teachers at that school undoubtedly knew what Fiddler was doing – he was promoted to the post of Deputy Head and in retirement coached boys at a football club in Bridgwater. The company that Righton kept and his activities I suggest put him in the same category as Fiddler – it was obvious to everyone that he was abusing children, but everyone was tying themselves up in knots to explain why he wasn’t.

In 1982 Peter Righton helped draft the Barclay Report, Sir Peter Barclay’s Report into the roles and tasks of social workers in England and Wales. The early 80s also saw Righton link up with Babs to deliver courses in child care.

Righton contributed a chapter to a notorious book by Brian Taylor, ‘Perspectives On Paedophilia’ (1981). Righton makes it clear in his chapter that he has no problem with adults having sex with children. Another contributor to the book was Belfast child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser who was convicted of a sex offence against a child but was nonetheless allowed to continue practicing by the GMC. The GMC legal assessor who worked on Fraser’s case was Patrick Mayhew, who later became Attorney General and Secretary of State for N Ireland under Thatcher. It was Patrick Mayhew who, when he was Attorney General, backed the mounting of cases against me brought by Gwynedd Social Services (see post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’) and then by Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) (see post ‘The Sordid Role Of Sir Robert Francis QC’), in which my imprisonment was sought for contempt of Court. In both cases the witnesses had perjured themselves and I now have documents that demonstrate that their own lawyers knew this – presumably Mayhew knew it as well. Morris Fraser later worked at UCL and at Springfield Hospital, the psychiatric hospital attached to St George’s Hospital Medical School. I was a patient at Springfield when the north Wales mental health services tried yet again to have me imprisoned on the basis of their perjury – Springfield witnessed all of it and did not lift a finger to help me, either medically or legally (see post ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London…’).

Documents forwarded to me from my lawyers last year show that what Springfield staff Dr Robin Jacobson, Dr Ruth White and Dr Alice Levinson were doing were having telephone conversations about me without my knowledge with Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dr Tony Francis – Tony Francis had helpfully suggested that they should also speak to Lucille Hughes about my ‘dangerousness’. I had never met Lucille Hughes. Correspondence had passed between Lucille Hughes and the social work dept at St George’s about me without my knowledge – although I had never had any contact with the social work dept at St George’s and was never offered any. Robin Jacobson had admitted in correspondence to his colleagues that Dafydd was sexually involved with patients. Despite knowing this, Professor Nigel Eastman told me that he thought that I ought to return to live in north Wales. Where presumably I could be shagged by Dafydd and then imprisoned for offences that I had not committed.

Morris Fraser was involved with the Azimuth Trust, a charity in Cornwall which provided sailing holidays for children. Fraser was eventually featured in a TV expose – as was Righton – by which time he was living in Southampton.

By the late 1980s Righton was living in Evesham and held a senior role at the Open University. In 1991 he contributed to the review of the Charter for Children. At this point Righton was charged – and later convicted – for child porn offences. He was sacked from the team working on the Charter. Babs was interviewed about her close working relationship with Righton and maintained that he was of course an evil genius who had conned her and many others in the world of social work and how upsetting this was. Which was certainly interesting because not only had Righton spent years explaining the beneficial effects of sex with children to his colleagues, but he had admitted to at least one of them that he had been involved sexually with children but they kept it quiet out of loyalty to a colleague. Babs also mentioned that Peter Righton was gay and being a social worker she didn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of their private life.

The concept of a private life is one that is frequently deployed by professional people if others dare question their illegal or unethical conduct. Dr Tony Francis wrote furious letters to third parties about me accusing me of commenting on the ‘private lives’ of Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd. Not only were their lives anything but private – half of north Wales openly discussed their wrongdoing – but privacy is no defence against sexually exploiting patients, facilitating a paedophile ring and involving oneself in serious criminal activities. Yet according to Francis it was me who  should be investigated by the police and banged up – as should whoever gave me the info about the ‘private lives’ in question – because my comments about private lives just demonstrated how twisted and dangerous I was. I was interested to discover that in 1976 when Cyril Smith was investigated for child abuse, he wrote to the BBC expressing his concern that they might investigate the ‘private lives’ of politicians (see post ‘Dr Death’).

Other high points of Righton’s career included his role assisting with the Home Office Children’s Dept in 1970 – well Babs was working there, of course he’ll have been assisting – and his regular contributions to the journal ‘Social Work Today’, 1976-85. In some of those articles Righton promoted sex between children and adults. Righton also shared a platform with Sir Keith Joseph whilst Joseph was Secretary of State at the DHSS and was of course working with Babs.

After his conviction for child porn, outing as a paedophile and enforced retirement, Peter Righton moved into a cottage on the estate of Lord Henniker (see post ’95 Glorious Years’ for details about Lord John Henniker). Whilst Righton lived on the estate, children from Islington Council were taken to the estate for visits. There was at least one allegation that Righton had abused a child during one such visit.

In 1993 the Utting Report by William Utting noted that Righton was suspected of a ‘trade’ in young victims in Malta.

In April 1992 John Rea Price, the former Director of Social Services at Islington Council, was appointed Director of the NCB. Price had recently resigned after twenty years at Islington. Just after he resigned, the scandal of the paedophile ring that had operated in Islington children’s homes for years became public.

Babs Chaired the NCB, 1985-94 and was Vice-President, 1994-2000. Babs certainly mixed with the best. ‘The Times’, 1 Oct 1987 reported that a luncheon was held for the NCH (National Children’s Home) ‘to help children in danger and families in need’ at the Waldorf Hotel. The host was Lady Henrietta St George and speakers included Angela Rippon, Nerys Hughes and Norma Rose, the National Co-Ordinator of NCH Careline. Also present was Babs, a number of aristocrats and the wives of a variety of MPs, including David Heathcote-Amery’s wife.

Following her retirement, between 1983-99, Babs was a professional advisor to the Commons Select Committee on Social Services. So Babs advised that Committee whilst scandal after scandal in children’s social services exploded – and whilst politicians including Sir Peter Morrison, Cyril Smith and Greville Janner abused children in care. Babs advised throughout the Staffordshire Pindown Scandal, the Frank Beck Scandal in Leicestershire (see post ‘Radical Leicester And Some Other Free Radicals’), the Islington Scandal, the Lambeth Scandal, the Cleveland Scandal, the Satanic Panics in Nottingham, Rochdale and the Orkneys and the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

If I was Babs I would have concluded from this that I must have missed something during all those years at the top, not simply that Peter Righton was an evil genius who had duped me. Not Babs. No – Babs was considered such a sage that after the Staffordshire Pindown Scandal was exposed, Allan Levy QC who, in 1990 was appointed to Chair the Inquiry into Pindown, specifically requested that Babs be his Co-Chair. Not that Levy had ever met Babs or so he reassured everyone – Levy just knew about Babs’s towering reputation.

The events comprising the Pindown Scandal occurred in Staffordshire, 1983-89. Tony Latham – a social worker who sounded remarkably like Keith Fearns of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team in that he was aggressive to clients, intimidated staff and ran a variety of businesses incompatible with a job as a social worker – had developed a ‘method’ of ‘behaviour control’ for children in care which he termed the ‘Pindown’ method. It wasn’t rocket science – Latham locked errant children in rooms by themselves in their nightclothes and frequently with no access to a bog. He didn’t just keep the children in isolation for a few hours. Or days. Or a week. The kids were locked in by themselves for months. Latham and the meatheads who worked as minions under him did this to 132 children in four different homes. Two children attempted suicide. I had information that things in Staffordshire were rather worse than even Pindown suggested. When I lived in north Wales I met a retired headmistress who had previously lived in Staffordshire and been a foster carer for Staffordshire Social Services. She fostered teenaged girls and one of them told her that she had been sexually abused by a social worker. The lady whom I met contacted the Social Services immediately and told them of her foster daughter’s allegations. Both girls were removed from her care hours later. She never saw them again. Her husband was then arrested and charged with sexually abusing the girl himself. He was remanded in prison. He was eventually found not guilty, but his wife was a headmistress – their lives in Staffordshire were over. They retired but the accusations and harassment continued – they ended up living in near hiding in north Wales.

Allan Levy QC was brought up in Lancashire and went to Hull University. He sat on the Committee for the Family Law Association, 1987-97; was a Committee Member of the Bar Council for two years; from 1988 was on the Council for JUSTICE; was a member of the Council of the Medico-Legal Society from 1990; and from 1990 until his death in 2004 Levy was the honorary legal advisor to the NCB. He also Chaired the BMA Steering Group which published ‘radical’ guidance concerning children’s and young people’s health in 2000. Levy was a supporter of the charity Young Minds and was an early advocate for the establishment of the post of Children’s Commissioner.

One of Levy’s high points was in 1987 when he acted for the official solicitor – representing the interests of a 17 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome, he took the case to the House of Lords to gain approval for the girl to be sterilised. The case caused a furore, but Levy got his way – those tubes of that teenager were ligated. In 1992 Levy Knew Best once more when he acted for the father of an adult accident victim who was a Jehovah’s Witness and refused blood transfusions. Old Levy obtained a Court Order forcing blood transfusions upon this adult with capacity.

Mark Fisher, the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central, 1983-2010, was full of praise for Kahan and Levy’s Report into Pindown. Fisher was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge and was Principal of Tattenhall Centre of Education, Cheshire, 1975-83. He was a Councillor on Staffordshire County Council, 1981-85. So I suspect that Mark Fisher might have known quite a bit about the mistreatment of children in the care of Staffordshire long before the rest of the world found out about Pindown. The paedophile ring that operated in north Wales did of course also operate in Cheshire. Fisher was Principal of that College in Cheshire whilst Sir Peter Morrison was MP for Chester and was known to be abusing boys in north Wales and Cheshire.

Mark Fisher is the brother-in-law of Tory MP Sir Michael Grylls, who was involved in the Ian Greer Associates cash for lobbying scandal in 1987 along with Neil Hamilton, Michael Brown and Peter Morrison. Hamilton was MP for Tatton at the time, the neighbouring constituency to Chester and used to attend social events with Peter Morrison. Fisher is the uncle of Bear Grylls.

Mark Fisher has been the Patron of the National Benevolent Fund for the Aged since 1986. He was a member of the BBC’s Advisory Council, 1987-97, was a Council member of the Institute of Policy Studies, 1985-97 and was Deputy Pro-Chancellor of Keele University, 1989-97.

In the Parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009 it was revealed that Mark Fisher claimed over £17k in expenses, none of which he was asked to repay. He was the MP who claimed for a bottle of Toilet Duck and a 34p Kit Kat.

In 2009 it was discovered that Mark Fisher had been receiving £67k pa from the Qatar Museums Authority for ‘advice on the development of the Museums Authority’s plans’. Fisher was required to attend three Board meetings a year.


Babs asked her old mate Peter Righton for his advice whilst she was working on the Pindown Inquiry and Righton subsequently gave evidence to the Inquiry.

Kahan and Levy’s Report as a result of the Pindown Inquiry led to a Dept of Health initiative in 1998, ‘Quality Protects’, which was going to transform children’s services. So that’s why at present twenty years after Quality Protected almost every local authority in the country has a problem with children in care being sexually exploited and trafficked, why over thirty social service departments in England are in special measures and why there’s been a documentary on ITV tonight about endemic abuse in children’s homes.

Levy Chaired the ‘Vladimir and Barbara Kahan Trust’. Like Rupert Hughes and Jeremy Thorpe, Allan Levy was a member of the Reform Club.

Allan Levy did not ever marry or have children.


Babs died in 2000 and her obituary mentioned that ‘in recent years’ she had been employed as an expert witness for solicitors representing children who had been abused in residential care. I suspected that Babs might have generated a few bob by providing this service, in much the same way that Professor Nigel Eastman and his colleagues provide expert opinions in cases in which Top Doctors with whom they have worked or are even mates have damaged or killed people. It was not for no good reason that Nigel took over from Professor Robert Bluglass as the UK’s leading forensic psychiatrist. Top Doctor for hire – chimneys swept, gardens dug, drives tarmaced, criminal misconduct/sexual abuse/deaths concealed.

In 1955 Babs married a Top Doctor herself, Dr Vladimir Kahan, a child psychiatrist based in Oxford. Babs assisted Vlad with the work for his book ‘Mental Illness In Childhood’, published by Tavistock Publications. The ‘research’ for the book was conducted between 1959-65 at West Stowell House, a unit for ‘psychotic and severely disturbed children’, managed by Babs and funded by Oxford Regional Hospital Board. Of course at that time one group of children who were routinely labelled as ‘severely disturbed’ were those children who were known to be participating in sexual activity – even if they had clearly stated that they had been coerced into that activity. Vlad died in 1981.


Peter Righton wasn’t the only questionable person whom Babs worked with. Babs was the manager of Louis Minister when he worked for Oxfordshire Children’s Dept as a child care officer in 1966. Prior to that, Minster had been a child care officer in Hertfordshire for the NCH – some of those named in the Waterhouse Report had worked for the NCH. After two years at Oxfordshire, Minster was appointed as a community development officer in Liverpool in 1968. In 1971-72 Minster was Deputy Director of Social Services for Sunderland County Borough Council. At a later date, the Director of Social Services at Sunderland, Colin Smart, alerted police to the abuse of children at Witherwick House in Sunderland in the 1970s and 80s. In 1972 Minster was employed as a senior social work lecturer at Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology, Aberdeen. In 1975 Louis Minster was appointed as Director of Social Services for the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames – he remained in post until 30 Oct 1984 when he was sacked, after a full meeting of the Council which was a closed meeting due to the ‘confidential’ nature of the business discussed. Minster himself claimed that his removal was ‘political’ – the Lib Dems had taken over control of the Council 11 months previously after a long period of Tory rule. Minster received a pay off, a pension and a new post in Glasgow training social workers.

Minster may have claimed that his removal was political but a great deal had happened to suggest otherwise. Whilst Minster was Director of Social Services in Richmond, it was alleged that children in the care of Richmond were taken to the notorious Elm Guest House nearby in Barnes, where they were molested at parties. Some of those alleged to have visited the Elm Guest House were Sir Peter Morrison, Cyril Smith, Anthony Blunt, Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Hayman, Leon Brittan, Donald Naismith (the Director of Education at Wandsworth – Wandsworth Social Services provided the social workers who worked with St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield), Colin Peters QC and a number of police officers. Another alleged visitor was a man called Louis Minster.

It is alleged that the abuse at Elm Guest House began in 1977 and continued until at least 1982, when it was raided by the police. Richmond Council staff were given advance warning of the raid. Terry Earland, Head of Children’s Services at Richmond, stated that he had ‘no doubt’ that children were being abused at Elm Guest House. Because of this, Terry knew that a social worker would need to be present during the police raid, so he informed his boss Louis Minster of the need for a social worker. So if Louis was booked in to let his hair and trousers down at the Elm on that day, presumably he would be able to change his arrangements. The only surprise is that Louis didn’t double up as the social worker on duty himself.

Louis Minster was the boss of John Stingemore, the manager of Grafton Close children’s home in Richmond. In 2015 Stingemore was found dead shortly before he was due to stand trial, along with a priest, for a number of sex offences against boys as young as nine. It is alleged that boys from Grafton Close, as well as other Richmond homes, were taken to Elm Guest House to be used for sex.

The activities at Elm Guest House were the focus of Operation Fernbridge, 2013-15.

After the 1982 police raid on Elm Guest House, Carole Kasir, who ran it, was convicted of keeping a disorderly house. Police claimed that they did not find evidence of child abuse – so the warning to Louis Minster that a raid would be happening had been effective then. Carole Kasir advertised Elm Guest House as a gay rendezvous in ‘Gay News’ and elsewhere. In 1990 Carole Kasir was found dead, allegedly having committed suicide by an insulin overdose. Her friends dispute this and believe that she was murdered.

Louis retired to Malta. He lectured in social work at the University of Malta,  1988-97, then on an occasional basis until 2002. Minster also trained assistants to work on cases involving drug abuse. In Malta Louis also developed an interest in gerontology. The UN had established an Institute of Ageing on Malta and in 1989 Louis attended the Expert Group meeting as a representative of the University of Malta.

Malta would seem to be a bit of a magnet for child abusers – one of those recently arrested as a result of Operation Pallial who had abused children in north Wales was discovered living in Malta. The only thing that springs to mind re Malta for me is that Lady Juliet Bingley, who was Chair of MIND, 1979-83, whilst MIND colluded with Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales – Lady Juliet’s son William later became legal director of MIND and he then continued her sterling work in concealing Dafydd’s criminality – spent a few years living in Malta from 1959 as a result of her husband Admiral Sir Alec Bingley being Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Royal Navy. Whilst she was in Malta, Lady Juliet busied herself by setting up health and social care establishments and becoming a personal friend of the former PM of Malta, Dom Mintoff. Mintoff resigned as PM which resulted in Malta being governed directly from London. Juliet Bingley served as a ‘messenger’ between Mintoff and the Governor throughout the 70s and 80s.


There are a few familiar  names associated with Richmond-Upon Thomas – for a start Dr Alice Levinson who worked at St George’s/Springfield whilst they concealed the criminal activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles lives there and bases her private psychotherapy practice in Richmond. Levinson is too young to have been protecting paedophile gangs whilst Louis Minster reigned supreme at Richmond, but interestingly enough a Keith Vaz was the solicitor to Richmond Council in 1982. Keith also later popped up as a solicitor for Islington Council and at a law centre funded by Leicester City Council, whilst Islington and Leicester had problems with organised child abuse (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part I’).

The Chairman of the Social Services Committee in Richmond Council whilst Louis was busy was Dr Jenny Tonge – she is now Baroness Jenny Tonge. Jenny was a Richmond Councillor between 1981-90.

Jenny was born in Staffordshire and her parents were teachers. She went to Dudley High School, 1951-59 and then trained as a Top Doctor at UCL, graduating in 1964. Jenny joined the Liberal Party whilst she was at UCL. Jemmy has membership of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Between 1968-78 Jenny worked as a GP and in family planning and was senior medical officer for the Women’s Services, Ealing, 1992-96.

One thing that Top Doctors who work in what is euphemistically called ‘family planning’ do get to hear about is women and girls being coerced into sex or sexually exploited – because they’re giving out the contraceptives or dealing with the resulting pregnancies and/or STDs.

In the 1992 General Election Jenny stood as the candidate for the Lib Dems for Richmond and Barnes. It was considered the Party’s most winnable seat but Tonge was not elected. I have found a reference to a ‘blaze of publicity’ which surrounded Jenny in 1992 but I haven’t discovered what the blaze was actually about.

The person who did win the seat of Richmond and Barnes in 1992 was the Conservative candidate Jeremy Hanley – Hanley was the sitting MP, having been first elected in 1983.  Jeremy Hanley was Conservative Party Chairman, 1994-95) and openly made jokes to his Parliamentary colleagues about Peter Morrison’s homosexuality.

Keith Vaz had stood as the Labour candidate in Richmond and Barnes in 1983 – he later found a home for his talents in Leicester East in 1987, in a constituency just down the road from that of Greville Janner.

Jenny Tonge made it into Parliament in 1997 when she won the newly created constituency of Richmond Park. She was the Lib Dem Commons Spokesperson for children, 2003-04. In Jan 2004 Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy sacked Jenny from the post – not because she had spent many years sitting on a Council and then was Chairman of the Social Services Committee whilst a paedophile ring raged within that Council’s Social Services, but because she made some inopportune comments about suicide bombers in Palestine.

Nonetheless Jenny was given a peerage in 2005.

In Jan 2009 Baroness Jenny was appointed the Lib Dem spokesperson for health. Cleggy sacked her in Feb 2010 over bizarre allegations that in the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, an Israel Defence Emergency Aid hospital in Haiti was secretly harvesting organs. There were more fireworks in 2012 after Tonge made further remarks that were deemed anti-semitic and offensive. She ended up parting company with the rest of her party and sitting as an Independent Lib Dem. After Corbyn was elected as Labour Leader, Tonge stated that she was thinking of joining the Labour Party. The Deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson said that Jenny would be most welcome, although it seems that she wasn’t tempted. Jenny resigned from the Lib Dems in Oct 2016.

Jenny was married to another Top Doctor, the late Dr Keith Tonge, whom she met in 1959 when they were students at UCL. Keith Tonge was a neuroradiologist at St Thomas’s Hospital – the hospital that tends to accept the most privileged people as medical students. St Thomas’s is located very close to Parliament. Top Doctors at Tommy’s tend to know a great deal of sensitive information about people who work in Westminster. A stranger who follows this blog told me that sexual relationships between the staff of St Thomas’s and our esteemed representatives and their minions in Westminster are common. Whether they ever attended parties at Elm Guest House together I do not know – but Jenny and Keith would.


The MPs of other constituencies within spitting distance of Richmond-Upon-Thames are worth considering as well. Just down the road was the constituency of Kingston-Upon-Thames. The MP for Kingston-Upon-Thames, 1979-95, was Norman Lamont. Norman Lamont’s highest profile job in Gov’t was as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1990-93 in John Major’s Gov’t. Norman was famously on duty on Black Wednesday – his political advisor who had helped cause the crisis was a man called David Cameron (see post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’). Lamont was a member of the Cambridge Mafia, a group of people who knew each other from their time as members of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, who all played key roles in Thatcher’s and Major’s administrations. Other members of the Mafia include Ken Clarke, Michael Howard, John Selwyn Gummer and Leon Brittan. These people served in Gov’t with, and knew that, Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s aide and Tory MP for Chester, was molesting children. Norman Lamont was Minister for Trade and Industry, 1983-85 – he was succeeded by Sir Peter Morrison. Lamont’s father was a Top Doctor – a surgeon – who practiced in Shetland. A very influential Top Doctor had connections to Kingston-Upon-Thames – Professor Hugh Bentall. Hugh Bentall’s family own the upmarket department store in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Bentalls. Hugh Bentall was a cardiac surgeon at Hammersmith Hospital – other staff there grumbled about the enormous influence that he wielded within Hammersmith Hospital/Royal Postgraduate Medical School. When I was there in 1986/87 we were given lectures in anatomy by a woman who aroused the ire of nearly all other staff. It transpired that the root of the discord was the feeling that she had secured her job unfairly. She had been a secretary who became Bentall’s mistress. He arranged for her to do a degree in anatomy, then a PhD and then a lecturing job for her materialised…

Hugh Bentall’s son Richard knows all about Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends. Richard Bentall is a clinical psychologist who trained at Bangor and who worked at Bangor University’s School of Psychology for years. Richard Bentall knows how dreadful the mental health service is in north Wales and he knows how questionable much of the mental health research that has been conducted there is.

In 1991 it was discovered that a sex therapist called Lindi St Clair who also used the name Miss Whiplash was selling her services from a flat owned by Norman Lamont. He knew nuzzing. Norman Lamont was given a peerage in 1998. In the same year, when Spain indicated that they wanted to put Augusto Pinochet on trial for torturing and killing all those people in Chile when and after he seized power in a coup, killing Chile’s democratically elected leader along the way, Norman Lamont agreed with Thatcher that Pinochet was one of the good guys and described him as ‘a good and brave and honourable soldier’.

Surbiton is another constituency close to Richmond. The MP for Surbiton, 1983-97, was Conservative Richard Tracey. Tracey is a law graduate of Birmingham University. He was a leader writer for the Daily Express, 1964-66. Then between 1966-78 Tracey was a presenter and reporter for the BBC, working on TV and radio current affairs programmes. He then worked as public affairs consultant, 1978-83. Tracey is a JP and was a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, 2008-10. He is now the London Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth. Remember where the social work team who served St George’s was based – and the job of one of the alleged visitors to Elm Guest House?

Richard Tracey was preceded as MP for Surbiton by Conservative Sir Nigel Fisher, who held the seat between 1955-83. Prior to that Fisher had been MP for Hitchin, 1950-55. Fisher had been PPS to Gwilym Lloyd George, one of the Lloyd George dynasty from Gwynedd, members of whose extended family challenged Edwina Hart’s attempts to confront the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales (see posts ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ and ’95 Glorious Years!’ ). Sir Nigel Fisher was the father of Mark Fisher, who so admired Levy and Babs’s Report into the Pindown Scandal.


I obtained much of my information about Babs for this post from her obituary that ‘The Guardian’ published in 2000. The obituary of this deeply compromised woman who was well-networked with paedophiles equated to a hagiography. It was written by a Terry Philpot. In much the same way that Tam Dalyell churned out kind words in the event of the most unscrupulous, sleazy politicians dying, Terry Philpot busied himself stressing how recently deceased people who managed social service departments shot through with serious abuse of children were selflessly dedicated to the welfare of those in their care. Babs was of course ‘always on the side of the children’.

Who is Terry? Terry is a PR man for social workers, including it would seem those who were also child abusers. Terry  has written for ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Independent’, ‘The Tablet’ and ‘New Society’. Terry was Editor of ‘Community Care’, the in-house magazine for social workers which is so far removed from reality that it can fairly be described as delusional. John Allen used to advertise for staff for the Bryn Alyn Community in ‘New Society’.

Terry Philpot also wrote the obituary of Brian Roycroft, which appeared in ‘The Guardian’ in 2002. Brian Roycroft was ‘one of the most charismatic and influential social services directors’ – Roycroft was Director of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Council Social Services, 1971-93. Before Roycroft was Director, he had been children’s officer, Director of Education and Chief Executive of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Council for short periods of time. He had worked for the City Council since 1967 and for the three years before that Roycroft had worked in Gateshead as a children’s officer. So Roycroft will have known – if not known personally, then certainly known about – Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth whilst they were working at Axwell Park School in Gateshead and Howarth was abusing children there.

The City of Newcastle sent children on placement to the Bryn Alyn Community and continued to do so even after Newcastle police were told of allegations that children from Newcastle had been abused at Bryn Alyn. When questioned about this after the shit hit the fan over the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, Roycroft stated that thousands of children had passed through the system and he really couldn’t remember a thing about matters Bryn Alyn. Which is odd because former residents of Bryn Alyn who were sent there by Newcastle City Council remembered Brian Roycroft turning up at Bryn Alyn to open an extension. They thought that Roycroft’s memory problems were farcical because whilst at Bryn Alyn he came face to face with the dreadful conditions – but continued to send kids there.

One boy from Newcastle who was sent to Bryn Alyn maintained that he was threatened at gun point by a staff member demanding sex. Now you won’t read about that in ‘Community Care’ – or indeed in the Waterhouse Report.

The man who sent kids from Newcastle into the arms of John Allen’s organised crime network in north Wales was a very big name in social work. He was President of the Association of Directors of Social Services and Thatcher appointed him as a European Social Commissioner.

Roycroft’s most famous client was Mary Bell, the 10 year old who killed two small boys in 1968 – Mary was from Newcastle. Gitta Sereney wrote an acclaimed book about Mary Bell, ‘Cries Unheard’. The book contains extracts of interviews that Mary gave as an adult about her time in care. Mary maintains that on one occasion she was taken on a day trip by her social worker and plied with alcohol. Sereney makes a point of saying that the social worker had emphasised that this had never -indeed could not have – happened. Sereney makes comments about how children’s memories play tricks on them. Whereas the memories of Directors of Social Services don’t function at all when they are asked why they’ve been handing kids over to a branch of an international paedophile ring.

In his obituary of Roycroft, Philpot observes that Roycroft was born into his job – literally. His mother and father were houseparents at the NCH home in Frodsham, Cheshire. Brian Roycroft trained as a social worker at Birmingham and Leeds Universities. In 1957 he became a child care officer in Hertfordshire, in 1961 he was appointed assistant area officer for London County Council’s children’s dept and then in 1964 he went to the north east to join the paedophiles up there. A lifetime of networking and continuous professional development!

Roycroft continued with his giving after retirement. He Chaired a local Housing Association that he founded and was also Chair of the Alzheimers Disease Society. It continued after his death – Roycroft left dosh in his will which was used to establish the Brian Roycroft Fund. Mike Worthington, Chair of the Fund, described Brian as ‘an inspirational leader’. Not ‘a friend and business associate of one of the country’s most dangerous paedophiles’.

Whilst Roycroft was Director of Newcastle Social Services, the Sunday Times magazine reported that other Directors of Social Services voted Roycroft ‘the Director’s Director’.

I have described many of the links between the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales and the north east in previous posts eg. ‘The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection’. I previously mentioned abuse at an institution in Durham, the Aycliffe Centre (it seems to have undergone several name changes during its long and unhappy history). So whilst researching for this post I was fascinated to discover that Derek Brushett, a Children’s Inspector for the Welsh Office, had worked at a former approved school, Aycliffe Secure Remand Centre/Community Home. Brushett had been the Deputy Headmaster at the educational part of the establishment, 1967-74. Could a network facilitating these sorts of connections explain why Matt Arnold at Bryn Estyn earned more than his manager in Clwyd County Council and was known to have a hotline to the Inspection Dept at the Welsh Office and would only take his instructions from them?


So in the face of all this, Babs Kahan only ever had the interests of the children at heart. She somehow missed the presence of a pan-European paedophile ring – which was well on the way to developing into an international ring – under her nose. One which blossomed during the years that she occupied some of the most senior positions in children’s social work in the UK. Politicians and diplomats named in the House as child abusers by Geoffrey Dickens and crucial information re the abuse of children by politicians and others lost by Leon Brittan whilst he was Home Secretary (see post ‘A UK Network’), the conviction of Oliver Brooke Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s for the possession of child porn (much of it from Europe), the presence of a brothel catering to interesting sexual tastes just down the road from St George’s which included Top Doctors, judges, politicians, clergymen, lawyers and peers among its clients (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’) and scandals in children’s social work blowing up all over the UK repeatedly involving people popping abroad to work or go on holiday or indeed owning properties abroad. Oh – and nearly everyone who blabbed subsequently being found dead. Babs and her colleagues didn’t notice a thing.

International child sex trade facilitated by professional people including politicians, some of whom were paedophiles themselves? What absolute nonsense. As for those sick evil fantasists claiming to have been sexually abused by eminent people – well they should be prosecuted. Broadmoor’s the place for people like them. As Jimmy Savile knew…

All together now – ‘We didn’t know…’


There will be another post regarding events in the north east of England coming soon, looking specifically at the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal and those professionals involved.




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Islington Council seems still to be proposing to hold a QC led inquiry aimed at answering whether the 1995 White Inquiry had a dent in its integrity because former Cllr Sandy Marks had concealed that she belonged to a paedo group called Fallen Angels.

    The basis for council leader Richard Watts wishing to exclude the 43 child care deaths history (Beeches Ixworth) must include HIS assumption that inquiry, arising from that tragic history, did not have a dented integrity The inquiry raised by Sir Keith Joseph (that never actually looked at the Beeches deaths at all) in 1973 to be assumed as having an undented integrity in spite of Sir Keith Joseph and the Kahans.

    1. They all just have so much to hide Richard.

      Have spent a bit of time this morning checking out the moral panic about ‘dangerous psychiatric patients with personality disorders’ that blew up a few years ago – remember when the Gov’t wanted to change legislation to detain anyone who was deemed to have a personality disorder even if they had committed no crime EVER?

      I remember it being one of the brainwaves of the Blair Gov’t – but when did Blair et al suddenly identify a need to lock up hundreds of ‘disturbed’ patients? It was just as the Waterhouse Report was published – and people were beginning to make a lot of noise about children in care having been abused and the involvement of politicians in this. We know what happened to people who witnessed that barrel of shit – they were diagnosed with personality disorders and told that they were dangerous even if there was no evidence – or they were found dead.

      Since Blair came up with those proposals it has been admitted that women patients in Broadmoor were usually there because they had been molested – and Jimmy Savile was in there abusing them a bit more. I know that it wasn’t Blair who put Savile in there, that was the doing of Jean Trumpington, but Blair knew about it all and built his empire on the knowledge of who did what re the Westminster Paedophile Ring. My suspicions were reinforced watching old news clips – a Health Minister called Alun Milburn was there talking about all these dangerous patients… Once Blair got into office there was a huge pathologising of mental health patients – and as this blog has shown, every position involved health n welfare or laws relating to that was occupied by someone keeping the lid on child abuse and the associated abuses of mental health patients.

      So THAT’S why St Helena Kennedy and the Wimmin suddenly stopped highlighting the plight of women in secure psychiatric units – not that Helena had ever been very honest in her dealings with them at the best of times, what with her being mates with Nigel Eastman. Is it nice in the Lords Helena? Wining and dining with your mate Lady Brenda Hale of Hypocrisy, troughing away at the Atheneaum when you get bored in the Palace of Westminster? Spouting shite on Woman’s Hour about your feminist beliefs after you turned your back on desperate people whom you knew had been banged up by the crooks that you worked with because they had evidence against people in high places? Oh – Helena – do YOU know anything about all those Broadmoor deaths ‘from the medication’, including the death of Ms Gibbons, originally from Pembrokeshire when a paedophile ring was loose in the region? You’re married to a fucking Top Doctor, I’m sure that he can do the stats even if you can’t and explain to you that all those deaths in an institution in which people are under constant surveillance really was quite inexplicable.

      There’s another post soon to come about Blair and the gang, I’m following up a few more leads at the moment.

      1. Here’s ‘One To Watch’ as the lame broadsheets say when they write flattering articles about their friends in politics –

        Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn since 2015. Tulip’s been in the slurry recently because she cannot bring herself to confront the Bangladeshi Gov’t over various justice/human rights issues. Everyone knows why – it’s because Tulip’s aunt just happens to be Prime Minister out there. The rest of her relatives in Bangladesh hold pretty grand positions as well. I can reveal rather more about the dreadful Tulip however.

        Not only is Tulip a close relative of the rulers of Bangladesh, but she’s very closely linked to the paedophiles’ friends as well. Tulip is a Board member of UNITE, the union which provides free legal advice to health and welfare staff who abuse their clients and a Governor of the cesspit which is Camden and Islington Foundation NHS Trust. Tulip was previously a Cabinet member of dear old Camden Council, a favourite destination of the paedophiles’ friends and worked for Philip Gould Associates, the wanky business run by one of Blair’s best mates.

        Better than all that, Tulip was special advisor to that very good friend of the paedophiles, dear old Tessa Jowell! Before launching herself into her political career bigtime, Tulip worked with Oona King – Baroness Oona these days – who was Vice-Chair of the All Parliamentary Group on Bangladesh! Ooh – has the delightful multi-talented Tulip had a bit of help with her career from Tony’s Cronies perhaps?

        Oona should have been watched herself. Like Tulip she flags up the ‘little woman of colour from a disadvantaged background’ for all it’s worth. Disadvantaged??? Don’t make me vomit. Baroness Oona is the niece of Miriam Stoppard – the rich patronising Top Doctor who wrote books telling other women how to stay alive during the menopause and edited the ‘Dear Miriam’ problem page in one of the tabloids which provided a whole generation of teenagers with entertainment – who was married to probably even richer playwright Tom Stoppard. The Baroness’s dad was an academic who spent much of his time abroad but when he was in the UK he worked at Keele University – which employed paedophile social work tutor Peter Righton – and Lancaster University. The disadvantaged Baroness went to school with the two Miliband tossers – who also pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps what with their dad being one of the country’s leading intellectuals and them holding his memorial service at St Tommy’s Hospital for Aristos – and then onto York University where she joined the Socialist Workers Party. The Baroness told people when she was at school that she wanted to be Prime Minister, so she knew who to ingratiate herself to as she embarked on her plan – paedophiles’ friend Glenys Kinnock of course. The Baroness worked for Baroness Glenys in the European Parliament. Baroness Oona also worked for Glyn Ford MEP, the Leader of Labour in the European Parliament. Glyn spent the years 1976-84 working at Manchester University and during that time was a Councillor for Tameside. Social workers employed by Tameside Council were among those named in the Waterhouse Report. In 1996 Glyn published with Glenys Kinnock.

        Oona the Disadvantaged was political organiser for the GMB, southern region, in the mid 90s. Just as some GMB members were being investigated for their part in the organised abuse of children.

        Oona was MP for Bethnal and Bow, 1997-05. Oona succeeded the seat after Peter Shore retired. The Peter Shore who kept quiet about the abuse of kids in care – Oona became MP just as the Waterhouse Inquiry got going. Kids in care from east London were among those sent to north Wales…

        Oona’s ambitions to be PM were scuppered in 2005 when George Galloway took her seat off her. Oona waxed lyrical about Galloway’s dirty campaign. Your own hands aren’t that clean Oona – and you didn’t help yourself by being a Blaite shite who supported a war that most of your constituents vehemently disagreed with.

        In 2010 Oona stood for the nomination as Labour’s candidate for the Mayor of London, against Red Ken. Lord Kinnock of the Gravy Train backed her. She lost.

        In 2011 Oona picked up her peerage and stuck her snout in the trough along with the best of them.

        In 2012 Oona was elected to the Board of Blair’s pressure group Progress.

        The Baroness has worked as Chief Diversity Officer for Channel 4 and as Diversity Director for You Tube.

        Oona – ‘diversity’ is not achieved by replacing over-privileged indulged white people with over-privileged indulged people from other ethnic backgrounds.

        Oona is married to Tiberio Santomarco, a film producer whom she met when they were both working in the European Parliament – how diverse is that!

        Whilst researching the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, I came across a documentary screened by Channel 4 which claimed to tell the ‘truth’ about the Scandal. It foregrounded the views of the nutters who had caused that crisis – who had connections to a paedophile gang – and allowed them time on the documentary to smear innocent people all over again and stated a number of medical ‘facts’ which were simply not true. This documentary was screened in 1999 – whilst everybody was waiting for the Waterhouse Report to be published.

        So who was the influential paedophiles’ friend at Channel 4 then?

        Media folk at Channel 4 are not the only people who have given New Labour politicians and their friends who have concealed a paedophile ring a bit of free publicity and buried bad news.

        I found out today that the editorial director of the Sunday Times is one Eleanor Mills. Eleanor Mills is the daughter of David Mills, from his first marriage. David Mills’s second marriage was to Tessa Jowell. Tessa and David’s son’s partner is a lady called Ella. She writes a rather boring food blog – Deliciously Ella – which is constantly plugged by the Sunday Times. In April 2015 the Sunday Times named Tulip Siddiq as a ‘rising star’ of the Labour Party. David Mills’s brother John Mills was involved with Camden Council for years and is a major donor to the Labour Party.

        Everyone in the equation lives in fucking Camden. ‘Neighbours… Everybody Needs Corrupt Neighbours…’

        Tulip has named her political heroine as Barbara Castle. Does Tulip know that Barbara Castle was incredibly promiscuous and concealed the deaths of over forty children in care when she was Secretary of State for the DHSS? Deprived children that is – genuinely deprived children, not relatives of Prime Ministers and millionaire Top Doctors who wouldn’t know deprivation if it punched them in the face. Which I would quite enjoy seeing if it were ever to happen.

        Tulip is a feminist who cares about children and human rights. As does Oona. And Tessa. Tulip has a young child. No doubt their name is already down for Eton and the Labour Party leadership.

  2. Another tour de force Sally – thank you. Just a snippet A young GP, Cressida Amiel ,not in the TOP Doctor category but with useful contacts such as Clare Gerada and Iona Heath ex presidents or chairs or something of GPs suggested a couple of years ago that GPs who began to suspect that a person had a ‘personality disorder’ , should introduce a system of flagging it up with markers in the person’s notes. Obviously they weren’t going to be informed. Just imagine the sort of consultations they would be treated to subsequently. Ignorance and arogance combines – a very dangerous mix.

    1. The whole ‘personality disorder’ business is a nightmare, designed to exclude anyone on the basis of any ‘symptom’ at the whim of any Top Doctor – or not so Top Doctor. Reams have now been published exposing just how nonsensical the whole concept is, demonstrating that this is a diagnosis of pure convenience which was embraced by Top Doctors at a time when psychiatry was seen to be failing dismally and just decided to stop looking after distressed people. It gave the official stamp of approval to something that psychiatrists had done for years – blame their ineffectiveness of the patients own problems. R.D. Laing had feet of clay, but just look at what is written about ‘PD patients’ and his phrase ‘the language of psychiatry is the rhetoric of abuse’ will ring true. Top Doctors feel justified in doing just about anything to someone once they have been labelled as being personality disordered – it will spark off the best witch hunt that can be imagined.

      Don’t know if you’ve seen the news from wales yet today, but the dear old Betsi Board – who seem to have the highest rate of personality disorder among their patients on the planet – has fessed up that it can’t cater for the needs of the prisoners in the new prison at Wrexham. Which is exactly what some of us pointed out would happen if that prison was built there. Which Welsh politicians wanted the prison? Leanne Wood, a former probation officer; Hywel Williams, a former psychiatric social worker; and David Hanson, Blair’s former PPS. Who is the Vice-Chair of the Betsi who has screwed up so badly that they can’t look after the prisoners? Margaret Hanson, David Hanson’s wife. Just how long is Carwyn going to allow north Wales to be wrecked by the Hansons and Peter Higson? The Betsi are also saying that if the Horizon development goes to Anglesey, they won’t be able to provide health care for the workers and that Horizon should make private arrangements! So the NHS is now refusing to provide a service to part of the population and ordering the employer to make private provision – QUE??? Furthermore Anglesey BEGGED Horizon to come, it absolutely toadied. If ANYTHING is giving out a signal that north Wales is fucked beyond repair, it is this. Don’t come to north Wales, the NHS is on its arse because of decades of domination by crooks and we are telling employers that we will not provide their staff with an NHS. I loved north Wales, but Christ, I’m glad I’ve gone. These total fuckwits have just destroyed the region – no-one will work for the NHS there anyway and now employers will NEVER move into the area. Wrexham is one big slum with empty shops and people sleeping on the streets – but at least they’ve got a massive great prison with nearly 2000 prisoners from England with drug and mental health problems, most of whom shouldn’t be in there.

      ‘David Hanson, Peter Higson and Martin Jones saw all that they had made and it was very good’ – Genesis 1: 31

      Or as Richard Briers once said in an episode of Roobarb and Custard ‘They stood back – and gawped at the mess’.

      Mary Burrows must be in heaven pissing herself laughing at these silly fuckers who made such a big deal of hounding her out.

      1. Now this all sounds a bit worrying:

        In 1978 13 yr old paperboy Carl Bridgewater was shot dead at Yew Tree Farm in Wordsley, Staffordshire. The Staffordshire where there was abuse of children in care, the framing of whistleblowers for child abuse themselves – and an NHS that was in trouble. Four men were jailed for Carls murder at Stafford Crown Court in Nov 1979. In Feb 1997 their convictions were quashed, although one man had already died in prison. The disgraced West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad had conducted the investigation. It was later discovered that two police officers had fabricated and forged a confession from one of the defendants and used that to force a false confession out of another one. In Dec 1998 the charges against the police officers for fabricating evidence were dropped.

        The three surviving defendants were awarded considerable compensation – only to be told by the Home Office that new ‘rules’ had been established and that 25% of their compensation would be witheld – to pay for the cost of their food and accommodation in prison.

        There has been renewed interest in the case recently as evidence mounts against a man who was Carl’s neighbour, Bert Spencer. Spencer worked as an ambulanceman at Corbett Hospital in Stourbridge. He drove a blue Vauxhall Viva and a blue Vauxhall Viva was seen at Yew Tree Farm the afternoon that Carl was murdered. One witness saw a man in uniform driving the car. Spencer wore a uniform for his work. Spencer owned a shotgun and used to go shooting at Yew Tree Farm. Spencer was questioned by the police but enquiries into him were dropped after they’d fitted up the other four men. Shortly after he was eliminated from enquiries, Spencer shot dead a 70 yr old man at the neighbouring Farm to Yew Tree. The man was sitting on the sofa when he was shot – as was Carl. Spencer was jailed in 1980 and paroled in 1995. His former wife has recently said that the day after Carl was murdered, Spencer told her that he’d be getting rid of his gun. The colleague from the ambulance service who provided Spencer with a ‘cast iron’ alibi has since admitted that she lied. Paperwork that could ascertain whether Spencer was at work at the time that Carl was shot has ‘gone missing’ from Corbett Hospital.

        The Home Secretary at the time that the four wrongly jailed men were charged for the pleasure of being wrongly imprisoned and when the charges were dropped against the corrupt police officers was a man called Jack Straw. Jack Straw was a member of Islington Council whilst a paedophile ring operated in its children’s homes in the 70s. When were the charges against the corrupt police officers in the Bridgewater case dropped? Er – during the Waterhouse Inquiry.

        Children in care from the west midlands were sent on placement to north Wales where they were abused. The former Director of Birmingham Social Services was an advisor to Sir Ronald Waterhouse during the inquiry. As was the former Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police. The person who concealed the criminal activities of the paedophiles’ friends in the mental health services in north Wales when I complained about them in 1988 was Professor Robert Bluglass – from the University of Birmingham. Bluglass’s colleague at Birmingham, Professor Ian Brockington, was the former boss of Tony Francis, one of the people in north Wales who was named in my complaint.

        In 2007 a new outpatients centre was opened in Corbett Hospital’s grounds – it was opened by Tony Blair.

        Previous blogs have mentioned the importance of Sir Frederick Crawford, former VC of Aston University. I found out yesterday that when Freddie Crawford was appointed the Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Commission, there was a row – because Crawford was a Freemason.

        Freddie Crawford had an off the rails son who was found dead some years ago in a hotel in Israel – heroin overdose. Crawford junior used to get into a great deal of trouble – on occasions when he ended up in hospital he boasted to the nurses that he could do pretty much anything that he wanted because of who his father was. When dear old Freddie was VC at Aston the university had one of the highest rates of suicide of all colleges in the UK and a member of staff was hounded so badly by Crawford that he committed suicide. Brown did his first degree at Aston and then returned there a few years later to teach – after he had supported me and made it known to the paedophiles’ friends that he was listening to the telephone call when Dafydd Alun Jones told me that he’d have me imprisoned in Risley Remand Centre if I didn’t drop my complaints about him and then tried to bribe me. Weeks later I was arrested after a junior doctor working for Dafydd Alun Jones made a statement to the police saying that I’d tried to stab him. I was released after a nurse who had been in the room confirmed that I hadn’t tried to stab anyone. By the time that I was released someone had told the Mental Health Act Commission – who had failed to investigate my complaints against Jones – that I was in Risley Remand Centre after attacking someone with a knife. This was also written in my medical records. When Brown was working at Aston, anonymous rumours were spread among the staff that he was a child molester and his dept was shut down – that was when his colleague killed himself. Brown was then forced out of his job.

        The Director of the Workforce at the Betsi Board, Martin Jones, worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd as a young man, then worked as an NHS manager in Birmingham and Coventry, then returned to Ysbyty Gwynedd. Martin spent a lot of time having me arrested for ludicrous offences that I had not committed anyway.

        Jack – please can you let me know how much I owe you? I have been repeatedly arrested for things that I haven’t done, I have been illegally banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, I have been threatened and harassed by NHS staff, social workers and rogue police officers, someone at the GMC has had to spend time forging a letter purporting to be from me, someone in Chester Court has spent valuable hours forging a certificate of indictment in my name and someone else had illegally altered my record on the PNC. I do understand – as Professor Bluglass told me in 1988 – that I have caused a great deal of annoyance to many people. Do E mail me the bill – my e mail address is on my blog. You can’t write to me at my home address because I am living at an undisclosed location after causing a gang of paedophiles such annoyance – I was threatened with a gun and a number of attempts were made to run me off the road at high speed. Would you like to bill me for that as well?

        Thanks Jack!

        1. Curiouser and curiouser –

          Two big stories on the Today programme this morning are the Church of England’s apology over Bishop Bell the child molester and the publication of Australia’s Royal Commission re child abuse. Malcom Turnbull, Australia’s PM, has addressed the nation, fessed up that this was not a case of ‘rotten apples’, it was en masse abuse of children throughout most major institutions in Australia over many years. I cannot find a word about either news item on the Guardian website – and I don’t think there’s anything on Mail Online.

          I’m used to selective reporting but this is ridiculous. What can be going on?


            Just in case you need an emetic

            I imagine Saint Peter telling the self licking lollipop Barbara Kahan how lucky she was not to be a wheezy child at Ipswich filled with research steroids to the extent of getting leg crippling rickets. Then being dragged in to psychobabble research who were dishing out drugs via their parent patients to chemical cosh the asthmatic kid without the GP knowing.

            And while this shit was going on getting a belt if you wanted time off school.

            That is it I am gagging at the pompous crap of this eulogy.

          2. Glad to see that the Bishop Bell story has appeared on the Guardian website – although Lord Alex Carlile, who led the review, has stated that whereas the woman who complained to the Church that Bell molested her whilst she was a child wasn’t lying, Bell was innocent and the Church have traduced his reputation by apologising and paying compensation. Oh well, Carlile is a barrister who was a Lib Dem MP in Wales throughout the paedophile years and was a member of the Party which also contained Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe, so presumably his conclusion makes sense to him. I say WAS a member of the Party – Alex resigned from the Lib Dems. Once he was safely in the Lords. No wonder Alex stopped asking questions in Parliament about Mary Wynch once she’d been destroyed by Michael Howard at the Home Office.

            The BBC has just appointed Fran Unsworth as BBC Head of News. Fran comes from north Staffordshire – the site of child abuse, a lethal hospital and the murder of a schoolboy after which four innocent men went to prison after they were framed by the police. There is substantial evidence that the murderer was actually an NHS ambulanceman. Fran went to Manchester University where she read drama in the mid 70s. There was a thriving theatre scene in Manchester in the 70s – it produced a few famous names like Julie Walters, Victoria Wood, Matthew Kelly etc. Some of that crowd have been investigated for child sexual abuse but charges didn’t stick – like Bishop Bell, their reputations were traduced.

            After graduating Fran worked in local radio – in Leicester. So she’ll have known about Greville Janner and Frank Beck then. Then Fran was a producer on Radio One’s Newsbeat. Newsbeat was aimed at teenagers and featured news stories about pops stars – like all the work that Jimmy Savile was doing for charidee, the marathons that he was running, his desire to help incapacitated children stuck in bed…

            Fran rose higher and higher through the BBC – head of political programming, head of Newsgathering, member of the BBC executive Board, Director of World Service, then Acting Head of BBC News in 2012, before today’s appointment as Head of News. Fran was appointed Acting Head of News after Helen Boaden stepped aside whilst an investigation was held into the BBC’s non-coverage of the Savile scandal. I’m not sure why Helen Boaden in particular was held responsible – Savile was hardly a well-kept secret. Perhaps it was that photo of Boaden in a bear hug with Savile that did for her.

            The DG Tony Hall is delighted with Fran’s appointment and has emphasised that she has spent her whole career at the BBC. So she knew about Savile as well then.

            As Fran was Acting Head of News post-Jimmy Savile, I presume that it will have been Fran who invited Esther onto all those news programmes to break down in tears and tell us all not only that she didn’t know about Savile but that she ‘couldn’t remember’ receiving a letter from a campaigner who maintained that she wrote to Esther and told her about Savile. Esther got very vexed and stated to all journos that whenever she was told about abuse of vulnerable people she always acted.

            I wrote to Esther and told her about Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when she launched her mental health campaign – just after her Childwatch campaign. I did not receive a reply.

            Where was I once Esther had launched Childwatch? I was illegally detained in the North Wales Hospital by Dafydd, along with some of the people who’d been abused in the children’s homes and a young woman who had been abducted, kept in an attic for a few days and sexually assaulted. I sat there watching Esther with another patient – who I bet was also banged up there illegally because we nearly all were. The programme we were watching was That’s Life, but Esther had started her campaigning for abused children as well by then. That’s Life featured a girl of about ten telling ‘a joke’ for the entertainment of the studio audience. The joke was ‘how do you make a billiard table laugh? Tickle its balls’. The patient whom I was sitting with – a Paranoid Schizophrenic no less – observed that he thought that this was in very poor taste from a child abuse campaigner. Esther – one way in which paedophiles seduce children is by entertaining them with sexual ‘jokes’ that they are too young to fully understand. But you’d know that. Just as you knew about Jimmy Savile.

            Jimmy Savile visited Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham where he entertained himself by watching boys gang raped by the staff.

            One of the young men in Denbigh with me had been in Bryn Estyn.

          3. Richard –

            Thank you for that splendid link re Babs. Isn’t it interesting how women who have colluded with the abuse of children are very good at stressing how clever and manipulative paedophiles are?

            Professor Catherine Robinson got very angry with me once after I told her that I actually felt quite sorry for paedophiles and felt that they actually needed rather more therapeutic input than they currently receive. Robinson yelled at me that paedophiles are so evil that they even make friends with women with young children to gain access to children and then walked out of the room in a huff. Robinson spent some months working in the North Wales Hospital whilst Dafydd was unlawfully banging up victims of the paedophile gang in there. A few months ago she tweeted that she would be working with CANIAD. CANIAD is yet another Third Sector organisation run by Dr Dafydd Alun Jones – Lucille Hughes sits on the Board. Lucille Hughes is the former Director of Gwynedd Social Services who was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile gang was in operation but failed to stop them.

          4. I knew a man who was sent to Australia by the nuns at Nazareth House Cardiff aged seven – his parents claimed they could not afford to look after him. He had no idea of how the issue of consent was handled and didn’t see them again until he returned to look for them in his forties, It didn’t work out so he returned to a country which had transported him far into the outback where he was made to help with building accomodation for the boys; he was sexually and physically abused by the monks. A few years ago the governemnt in UK and Australia finally confessed t the harm they had caused and started to talk compensation. Many of the children had died or disappeared – he was denied disability payments for the pain caused by having steel pins put into his back as a result of betings and mal nourishment – unless he would agree to having therapy . He refused but died soon after of pneumonia without being able to take his case further. They were simply being used as potential fodder for the Australian work force. I wonder whether the UK were paid per boy and what the rate was for this form of slavery?

  3. I think it would be funny to see Sue Ryder and Barbara Kahan together in the potential saint waiting room of the catholic version of heaven.

    The giant self worshipping egos concerned that there may be only one saint vacancy.

    1. Then in comes Baroness Scotland wondering if she can play the black and affirmative action card to get the jump on the two self worshipping white women. Perhaps Saint Peter is into a bit of group psychology research because in comes Diane Abbott (Her gem of this day is to have tweeted “We all know fire puts water out”) and Esther Rantzen.

  4. Lydia –
    Thanks for your comment but I can’t publish it, even though the person concerned has been found guilty and has now been struck off the register. There are still reporting restrictions in place, that’s why you haven’t seen it on the news websites. The victim of the crime offered to give an interview to this blog but I received an e mail from a judge saying that he’d have my blog taken off-line if I published anything at all that lead to anyone identifying the people involved.

    It is an outrageous situation, no-one can understand what is going on. I can only presume that someone on high is trying to protect the reputation of the medical establishment.

    1. Lydia –
      Regarding the abuse of children in Australia, it was UK Gov’t policy for decades in the middle years of the twentieth century to export kids from disadvantaged homes in the UK – often London – to Australia. They weren’t taken to foster or adoptive homes, they were placed in institutions where as you rightly say they were used as free labour. A lot of them were kept short of food, beaten and of course sexual abuse was common. There is a big movement in Australia on the part of these people to get redress. Transporting children to Australia was done until frighteningly recently – they were still being shipped out there in the 1960s. They weren’t always orphans or even the children of unmarried mothers – some of them simply had parents who were very impoverished and the parents were told by health n welfare authorities that their children would be having a fantastic life of opportunity in Australia.

      St Barbara Kahan will have known that it was happening.

      I see that the neurosurgeon Henry Marsh has written a furious article for the Guardian website about the case of surgeon Simon Bramhall who has just pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to ‘assault by beating’ after carving his initials into a patients liver using an argon gas coagulator whilst operating. Henry is arguing that this was silly but not criminal – he states that the patient won’t have felt it (true), that the liver won’t have been damaged by it (true). The point Henry is that the liver didn’t belong to Simon, it belonged to the patient and if Simon wanted to decorate it with his initials, he should have asked permission first.

      Henry’s article thunders on about Top Doctors living in fear of criminal prosecution these days, because after Mid-Staffs, under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act (2015), there was a new law introduced regarding ‘ill-treatment or wilful neglect’.

      I don’t know what planet Henry lives on but its not the one that I am on. This Act may have been introduced, but WHICH Top Doctors have been prosecuted under it? Furthermore I don’t think that any staff did end up being prosecuted after Mid-Staffs. No Top Doctors were disciplined and I think only a handful of nurses were referred to the NMC. Thousands of patients died unnecessarily. Right across the UK NHS patients – particularly mental health patients – are dying of sheer callous neglect. Since when has anybody been prosecuted? Sorry Henry, it really is not happening – Top Doctors are still doing what they want with impunity. Just look at what is happening on a weekly basis at the Betsi in north Wales, it is horrific.

      Top Doctors do like to pretend that they are In Fear Of The Law. I remember having a conversation with Dr DGE Wood, a corrupt GP in Bangor, after the Gillick ruling in the 80s which ended with Wood bellowing at me that he was at risk of going to prison. This is a man who was concealing the criminal activities of two of his colleagues who were running a paedophile gang.

      Henry Marsh spent his career at the Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon and taught at St George’s. I never met Henry Marsh and I never heard anything about him at all when I worked at St George’s – he may be a very good doctor. But some of his colleagues at St George’s were concealing the criminal activities of Wood and his colleagues in north Wales. One consultant from the Atkinson Morley, Tom Burns, told me after I told him what was going on in north Wales that he believed me, that he knew that these things went on in psychiatry and that psychiatry attracted disturbed people and that it was a big problem. Tom Burns did not raise the alarm and he did not lift a finger to help me, even after the paedophiles friends in north Wales had me arrested on serious charges after they perjured themselves.

      Tom Burns is now a Professor at Oxford. He is a Gov’t advisor on mental health and has a CBE. Tom Burns is the face of liberal psychiatry. Tom has recently been campaigning on the abuse of Community Treatment Orders, whereby patients can be pinned down on the floor in the comfort of their own homes by Angels and police and forcibly injected with ‘medication’ that might leave them with disabling ‘side effects’. The patients do not have to be sectioned for this to happen and they do not have to be considered psychotic. It can happen if they dare say no to anti-psychotics or even want to try to get by without them and an Angel disagrees. Tom has produced frightening statistics to show that thousands of people are now subject to these CTOs.

      Who’s idea were CTOs and who lobbied Gov’t for them to be introduced? A man called Tom Burns. He was told at the time by dissenters that it would lead to patients being held down over their own kitchen tables and forcibly injected but Tom poo poohed that idea on the grounds that Top Doctors and Angels just don’t behave like that. They are now behaving exactly like that towards thousands of people. (CTOs can order a patient to do just about anything, not just compel them to be dosed up. If Dafydd is issuing them, they’ll probably be ordering the patient to partake of his ‘sex therapy’ that he was famous for.)

      Tom did not only know that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and running a paedophile ring. Tom Burns worked at Springfield Hospital as well as at Atkinson Morley. At Springfield a number of patients were sexually assaulted and raped, and both patients and staff were murdered. Tom’s former junior doctor at Springfield Dr Adrienne Key now has a lucrative private practice and is head of eating disorders at the Priory Group. Adrienne trained in eating disorders under Prof Arthur Crisp at St Georges. I was told by a member of staff that Arthur Crisp had such a high success rate because he simply discharged any patients who didn’t eat. Some of them will have died.

      CTOs were introduced in 2008. So it will have been Tony Blair whom Tom persuaded to introduce them. Now there’s a surprise.

      1. A few sinners reared their heads on the Today programme this morning.

        St Helena Kennedy of the Corrupt Top Doctors has been expressing her deepest concern about Putin and his attitude to human rights. She is demanding that the UK Gov’t Do More About Russia. Helena finished her pre-Christmas broadcast with the message to the UK Gov’t which was ‘Poor Show. Poor Show’. That’s right St H – nearly as poor a show as you put on when you turned your back on those women who were banged up in special hospitals by the mates of your own mate Professor Nigel Eastman because they had been molested as children in care, by Top Doctors and by Jimmy Savile. What’s the difference between Putin and St Helena? Putin doesn’t pretend to be protecting human rights. By the way Helena, pre-Putin the UK medical establishment made a big fuss about the detention of people in Russian psych units for political reasons – they used to be diagnosed with ‘slow schizophrenia’. In the UK at the same time, Top Doctors began to realise that a lot of people had something called a borderline personality disorder – it was associated with complaining about abuse by professional people. You knew all about it, because some of the cases that you worked on involved people with this diagnosis – Nigel Eastman advised you… By the way Helena – did you ever ask yourself any questions about how your cause celebre Emma Humphries died???

        Ranulph Fiennes the explorer was also on the Today programme. Ranulph has a brother who is less famous than him – Alberic. Alberic was a senior lecturer and consultant surgeon at St George’s, 1990-2007. Alberic used to tell his colleagues that Ranulph was ‘completely mad’. Alberic is a bariatric surgeon and set up the bariatric service at St George’s. In 2007 Alberic moved to UCL Hospital as Director of the Bariatric Surgery service there. Alberic is or was Secretary and President Elect of the British Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Society.

        Alberic has also worked at the Spire St Anthony’s Hospital.

        In 1995 Alberic took over the care of patients who had undergone bariatric surgery in the 70s and 80s. Which suggests that bariatric surgery has some dire consequences that are not openly discussed. So I took the opportunity to look up the possible consequences of bariatric surgery. It is truly grim – but the one thing that patients are told is that 98% of patients survive. Presumably such a high percentage of that 98% encounter so many difficulties that Alberic found that he could make a good living from them.

        The online patient feedback for Alberic Fiennes is all brilliant – his patients love him. Some of his patients are long-standing patients and a lot of them were patients of his when he was at St Georges – many of them mention that other staff at St Georges were so unpleasant that they really let Alberic down. Some of the patients mention their belief that Alberic either didn’t know about this or couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t underestimate the problems that Mr Fiennes would have encountered working in that very dysfunctional hospital, but if Mr Fiennes and others had blown the whistle on the gross abuses – and even criminal conduct – of some of their colleagues, the ‘service’ would not have evolved in that way.

        All together now in north Wales ‘We didn’t know. None of us knew. It’s all Mary Burrows fault’. The fact that Wales very nearly ended up with a First Minister who went cruising on Clapham Common in order to pick up a male prostitute – called Boogie – was a consequence of no-one knowing anything. Not Lord and Lady Kinnock of the Gravy Train, not Rhodri ‘he’s always wanted to be First Minister and now he is so that’s nice’ Morgan or his social worker wife Julie, not Jane ‘Fair Play’ Hutt, not Lesley Griffiths who ignored a paedophile gang on her doorstep when she was a Councillor, not Mark Drakeford who worked in a social work team who were running a paedophile gang, none of them knew a bloody thing. Thank God somebody had the good sense to set Ron Davies up and expose him after Blair decided that Wales could have him as First Minister. The Ron Davies who had as his advisor Ioan Bowen Rees, who had been the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council whilst a paedophile gang operated within.

        The Blair nightmare continues. In the same way that Straw minor and the Milibands junior are champing at the bit to walk into some very senior jobs that they won’t be able to do simply because it is their inalienable right – not so much the Red Princes as the Red Tosspots – Euan Blair has decided that it is now his job to tell young people not to go to university because it’s a waste of time. Euan – the present short-changing of university students is a direct result of your dad’s fuckwittery. Euan wants young people to do apprenticeships. Now plenty of people do reap great benefits from doing apprenticeships, but because of the society that Euan’s dad created, it is now very difficult to achieve certain things via an apprenticeship. A very firm hierarchy has set in, with the result that many opportunities are only open to graduates from Oxbridge or at the very least Russell Group universities. Euan knows this and so do his mum and dad. That’s why he tried to get into the Oxford College which was headed by Michael Beloff, his mother’s friend. Something went pear shaped and Euan went to Bristol instead – where his mum used the services of a crook to buy a few houses, one for Euan to live in. After graduation Euan did a stint as an intern in the White House and went into banking. What Euan did not do was an apprenticeship in conjunction with a vocational degree at Glyndwr University. Because that is what other people do. This agenda was quite clear to anyone who looked at the HE policies that Adonis and Blair promoted 20 yrs ago – the plan was very obviously PPE at Oxford for their own children, vocational degrees at a former technical college for everyone else. Widening participation! I wrote a PhD thesis in 2005 about why it really was never going to work – and I received a lovely letter from Bill Rammell, Blair’s HE Minister, telling me that soon I would see that the policy would work. OK Bill, I’m waiting…Bill later became a Vice-Chancellor! Bill – have you noticed what is happening to HE yet??? The system is collapsing – as is the NHS which never had any problems at all.

        Anyone else featured on this blog or with close connections to those who have fancy making an appearance on the Today programe??? I’m a regular listener…

        1. I have had info that two members of the Betsi Board have stood down – Jennie Dean and Marion Wyn Jones. This might not be the cause for celebration that my correspondent thought that it was. Jennie Dean always struck me as possibly the sanest Board member that they had and I don’t think that Marion Wyn was quite as unhinged as her colleagues either. So we are left with Martin Jones, Peter Higson – whom I was told chewed his dentures throughout the meeting – Margaret Hanson, Lyn Meadows and the gang of dysfunctional paedophiles’ friends. There is not going to be a happy conclusion here, I wonder how it will all end?

          1. The Guido Fawkes website is claiming that the unidentified woman who made the unspecified allegations against Carl Seargant that caused his suicide was probably Cathy Owens. Owens is Director of Deryn, a ‘political consultancy agency’, that has a reputation for a particularly unpleasant style of lobbying. Owens is a former spin doctor and media advisor for the Assembly Cabinet. She was special advisor to Alan Pugh, the then Culture Minister. In 2006 Owens left an insulting telephone message on journalist Martin Shipton’s phone, denouncing all journalists as bastards. Owens also found herself in hot water for saying that ‘no-one’ voted for the Welsh Language Board. Who was the Head of the Welsh Language Board? Meri Huws – the one-time bedfellow of Alan Pugh.

            In 2004 the trade union Prospect received an apology from the Welsh Gov’t after complaints about Cathy Owen’s ‘hectoring’ manner towards civil service press officers based in Cardiff Bay.

            In Nov 2017 Cathy Owens appeared on TV waxing lyrical about a Welsh AM who she claimed was a sexual predator – she later refused to deny that this accusation was being made towards Carl Seargant. Paedophiles’ colleague Mark Drakeford also appeared on TV saying that ‘sexual harassment must not be tolerated’.

            Cathy Owens has previously worked for Amnesty International.

            Cathy has a colleague at Deryn, who was until very recently Carwyn’s special advisor, whom it is alleged is truly loathed – Jo Kiernan.

            In 2006 Rhodri Morgan appointed Jo Kiernan as his media advisor to cover the health portfolio. Jo did not have a background in health or in politics per se – but she had been an ITV Wales political journalist. As Jo joined Rhodri’s team, one Mark Drakeford stepped down as his policy advisor because he was seeking the nomination as the Assembly Candidate for Cardiff West. In 2009 Jo Kiernan was appointed special advisor tto the Cabinet for health – it was said that Jo had a ‘strong rapport’ with the Health Minister Edwina Hart. The Edwina who tried to take on the paedophiles’ friends, faced a co-ordinated campaign from the paedophiles’ friends and the Top Doctors and who later backed down under their onslaught, only to be removed as Health Minister to be replaced by paedophiles’ friend Lesley Griffiths – who in turn was replaced by paedophiles’ colleague Mark Drakeford.

            I never knew why Edwina backed down after confronting the Top Doctors and paedophiles’ friends – I knew for a fact that she hated them, they hated her and she really wanted rid of the likes of Elfed Roberts and Martin Jones. And I gave her enough evidence to have them and quite a few others arrested and charged. But Edwina had an Achilles heel – Edwina had a background in trade unions and was of course compromised by all the times those vile NHS unions and professional associations had defended staff accused of misconduct and abuse. I wondered earlier today if the paedophiles’ friends had blackmailed Edwina behind the scenes – as they very obviously did the big idiot Rhodri Morgan.

            But now I’ve found out about Jo Kiernan. In the way that MIND Cymru employed Sara Moseley as Director because she was a former BBC journo who could bury bad news and secure them good PR, that will be exactly why Rhodri Morgan employed Jo Kiernan.

            At the height of the Top Doctors War on Edwina and Mary Burrows, I noticed a constant stream of bad news media stories about Edwina and Mary. I knew for a fact that most of these stories were untrue. I noticed something else as well. That scandals and deaths that had occurred at Ysbyty Gwynedd whilst the North West Wales NHS Trust had run that hospital received no publicity at all – until the Betsi was created and Mary was appointed as CEO. The stories then started appearing in the media – with the implication that the deaths and scandals had occurred on Mary’s watch. They hadn’t, they had occurred whilst Martin Jones was CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust and whilst Elfed Roberts was Chair of that Trust.

            Elfed Roberts was a former police officer in the same force – North Wales – that employed Gordon Anglesea. Elfed Roberts left the police force after a conversation with the Chief Constable regarding the privileges and peks that he seemed to be enjoying – well beyond the salary of a police officer.

            Elfed and Martin told people who knew me that they would bring down Edwina Hart, Mary Burrows – and me.

            Jo Kiernan comes from and grew up in west Wales – where a paedophile gang with connections to the gang in north Wales of which Gordon Anglesea was a member operated. Where Mark Drakeford worked a a social worker.

            Who was paying you to plant the stories then Jo? I think we should be told…

          2. Jo –

            I note that things are so bad at the Betsi under Blair’s mate’s wife Margaret Hanson that even you can’t bury the bad news.

            Did Blair really think that he could keep the lid on a cess-pit like this by appointing a paedophiles’ friend to every position of responsibility? Can someone ask Alastair Cambell how many times Ron Davies had cavorted with rent boys in London before somebody used Boogie to trap him?

      2. A very crappy piece of ‘research’ was produced by the delusional Gwen Adshead when still working at Broadmoor (see previous blog/comment); Clare Gerada ex president college of GP’s, wife of ex president college of psychiatrists ,who set up the groups to provide resilience training for ‘stressed ‘ doctors which recruited Cressida Amiel GP (family friend of Iona Heath another ex president coll of GPs who used to work with her GP father ) who later advocated GPs tagging up suspicions that individuals they considered strange in some way as potentially personality disordered’ and Martin Black ,no idea what nonentity he is).
        ie ‘ Disrupted and Distressed Doctors – Reevance of Personality Disorder’ With exclamation marks at relevant points they seem to find it amusing that psychiatrists have according to the crappy reseaarch – the highest prevalence
        So – with no references given by them
        The community as a whole – 4% BUT 1% severe
        Primary 10%
        Mental health workers 33%-60% (good example of the crap data~)
        Specialists 60%
        Forensic 70%
        More information in the publication but ending with – Where will the funding for tackling this come from,!!
        Well some of it went to Gwen who ran a paid project which was soon abandoned
        Clare runs resilience groups with funding
        Martin – who knows
        What we do know is this whole project attracted a huge amount of anger amongs the lower level medics who were targeted including for compulsory ‘treatment’ St Gwen has written ‘A Short Book on Evil ‘ How about a long book on the crimes of TOP DOCS Gwen?

        1. Lydia –
          The ‘screening’ of junior doctors will undoubtedly be a tool for destroying whistleblowers. It is nearly always students or junior staff who are whistleblowers – they are idealistic and do not know how how corrupt the medical establishment is.

          Here’s how it works:
          Everyone is superficially matey and it is stressed to junior staff that if ever they have concerns or worries about anything, the door will always be open for help and advice. If ANYONE ever dares even make a passing remark that something deeply worrying might be happening, they will be watched like a hawk and in the end approached and told that they seem to be ‘stressed’ and ‘offered’ help from the occ health dept. Should they claim to be fine and not in the least bit stressed, they bloody well soon will be, because the workplace bullying, the undermining and the downright nastiness will begin. If they are still standing a few months later, there will then be an ORDER to see occ health. The first thing that occ health do is demand a consultation with a psychiatrist. That alone will be enough to construct the potential whistleblower as the problem themselves.

          This was the model used at St Georges against me when they realised that I was a witness to the north Wales paedophile gang and it has been the model applied to every whistleblowing case in the NHS that I know of.

          I really did presume that I had done something wrong at St Gs, or that they were genuinely worried about something. Years later my lawyer got the relevant documents from St Gs occupational health. I was described as ‘very bright’, ‘not psychotic’, ‘not a danger to patients’ and it was clearly stated that ‘her behaviour at work is not a problem’. Within weeks I had been forced out of my job.

          The only problem was that I was a witness to what was going on in north Wales and some of the kids from the homes had told journos that they were being abused and that a paedophile ring was in operation. A police investigation was being called for. I had no idea that the north Wales paedophile gang was connected to one that the psychiatrists at St Georges were concealing.

          But the occ health physician Dr Nicky Mitchell-Heggs and the personnel officer Frank Ball knew. Didn’t you Nicky/Frank? How does it feel to be famous?

          Nicky likes opera and ski-ing and runs a private psychotherapy practice! As does her husband. Dunno if Frank does – he looked like such a boring little weasel I doubt that he ever made it to Glyndebourne, although the vacuous Dr Cathy Wilson , society lady who hung out with Salman Rushdie, did – the Cathy Wilson who’s conduct was appalling and Frank Ball knew it, but gosh Cathy’s got some very influential friends and lives in a palace at Notting Hill Gate, so we won’t be saying anything to her. Particularly as we’re concealing a paedophile gang of which one member was our former Professor of Paediatrics.

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