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  1. If you are a young person with a strong moral conscience wondering what you can do to make this country, and the world, a better place: consider applying your talents to a career in the medical, social services/social care, legal, media, political or public sector.

    At school and university, and afterwards in your career, fight as hard as you can to reach a senior position of power and influence, where you will be able to apply your talents and conscience to the carrying out of revolutionary good. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It is all well and important applying pressure on corrupt elites and institutional cultures from the outside, as an activist or campaigner for justice, but just as important to do so from the inside as a fellow powerful elite: if necessary employing the same degree of stealth and subterfuge as that of the conspiring malefactors.

      1. I think I might have written to sort of comment that Anonymous has when I was 18 but sadly Anonymous the world does not work like that.

        There were more people and events which I planned to include in the above post but I didn’t have time. Such as the roles of civil servants Richard Mottram and Gus O Donnell; two Cyril Taylors, one who set up a dodgy think tank and one who styled himself as a radical Top Doctor in Liverpool; Jean Dolphin the former Assistant Chief Exec of Islington Council; the death of Lucy Gates and why the report about this is available to no-one.

        I see that the lawyer who prosecuted the people trafficking ring in Rotherham has been retained by the Welsh Govt. I wish him all the best but I think that he should probably save his energy – no-one is interested in stopping this problem no matter what cuddly fluffy messages are sent out on social media or how many women’s march’s against Trump take place.

        1. Yes Sally. When I was facing threats of OSA charges in 1970s (Panorama expose’ of Barbara Castle discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts .. ) a Principal Civil Servant said to me “You should learn you have to keep your nose clean till you are high enough to make a difference”

          I asked “What difference have you made lately ?”

          Well one has one’s pension to think about ……………

          He was underpaying every Section 37 NA Act private care home in East Kent. Avoiding fraud prosecutions of crooked care home owners. As if they get a barrister to defend them the barrister would spot that all the care homes were being short changed. Meanwhile inmates of private care homes shared a fish finger for dinner.

        1. If you refer to myth of compromised rungs I invented it.

          When you reach the top and flex your muscles “Now Mighty Lord I am high enough to make a difference as I dreamed of when I was young and possessed of social conscience. What must I do ?”

          And a voice from above the clouds booms “Go back down and fix the rungs as you climb again”

          It is the anniversary today of when. as a rookie constable, in 1972 a DI tried to order me to destroy the forensics in a sudden death case. That is the moment Anon. You stand or you fall but you can’t wait till tomorrow. I refused.

          Your analysis of making a difference from within is a fallacy.

  2. Thank goodness you weren’t given the ‘user led researcher’ job Sally – if you had this blog would probably not have snowballed to the extent of exposing the real level of corruption across all areas of UK society. As it is your blog provides a trusted place where obviously people from all ‘levels ‘of life are contacting you with information which would be hidden otherwise. In some cases Some of the culprits will know that there is an extensive network of those who know what they are up to and who might expose them by referring them to you – (that will put a damper on some of the novice abusers maybe) and where the information importantly will be properly expertly researched and made available to any one to read ie not just a handful of any of the ‘leave it to us’ tribe who collude with them. Such as members of the medical and legal organisations which are still banning any mention of abusers who have been found guilty of offences. I suspect that there must be a network of them who would be exposed if s/he was named.

    1. I loved academic work Lydia and I really liked many of the people who I worked with, but academia has become incredibly compromised in recent years. I was always known for being rather too outspoken and daring for some, but having the freedom to work outside of the university and to be able to write what I want without having to worry about my allies being kicked in the chops because of me has been great – I have been able to expose skulduggery that has pissed me off for years and have had time to research the origins of the skulduggery.

      Cannot believe what I’ve just heard on the World At One – woman from Nottingham with daughter with eating disorder met Jeremy Hunt and confronted him because daughter could only get ‘first class treatment’ in a unit in Edinburgh – and the NHS would ‘only’ pay for ‘some’ of the flights of the family to visit her! Er – everyone else is just left to kill themselves and who actually gets a private meeting with Jeremy Hunt?

      Transpires that the traumatised mum is a member of a Committee of the Royal College of Psychs – and then a Top Doctor from the Royal College came on to explain about the ‘resources’ problem.

      Everyone forgot to mention that treatment for eating disorders has been dreadful for years, substantially due to the influence of St George’s Top Doctor Arthur Crisp – a leader in the field who refused to treat the girls who wouldn’t eat, so they just died. Dear old Arthur trained today’s experts so it’s not surprising that the care is so bad. It is the Royal College that is responsible for this, not Jeremy Hunt.

      Then Luciana Berger, Labour’s mental health spokesperson, came on – that’s the hypocritical lying Luciana who was outed on this blog some weeks ago.

      The Top Doctors seem particularly vexed at the moment and very obviously have a pact with the Labour Party to scream and scream until they are sick.

      Why is the BBC giving this lot so much air time to tell lies?

  3. Heard that one and wondered if another suicide is about to break…had to switch off when the slimebag from coll of psychs came on as her lies were so sickening. Also wondered how the ‘mum’ would react to being so patronised by her after she had agreed to ‘speak out’ for the college – depends who she is what contacts etc but bet she is furious now – hope she has learned how easy it is to be used in college’s politicking. Resign and speak out freely for your daughter ‘mum’- there are independant forums where the truth is told and who don’t need R4.- or it seems the non existent ‘help’ you were probably promised by the psychs .

    1. The situation is almost certainly that the bed in the Edinburgh Unit was available because of the mum’s contacts at the Royal Coll of Psychs and as with ‘service user representatives’ that mum was happy to be used by the Royal Coll in order to continue to receive crumbs from the table…

      As the Top Docs continue to tell the world that the problems have only arisen from Jeremy Hunt and the Tory Cuts which haven’t happened, I’ll remind them of another event from the past, long before Mr Hunt was on the scene.

      In about 1984 Philip Jones, a medical student at Cardiff University, took part in a clinical research trial for a very small sum of money. Nothing unusual in that, a lot of people participate in clinical trials. But Philip died. He became very ill shortly after the trial and ended up in intensive care at the University Hospital at the Heath, who gave media comments about the top class one to one care that Philip was receiving and stressed that Philip being taken ill was not related to the drug trial.

      Philip was transferred to one of the London medical schools and died there. What was never made public was that a report from the London hospital stated quite clearly that Philip did die as a direct result of the drug trial. The medical students in Cardiff all knew about the report but were too frightened to go public – they stopped volunteering for clinical trials…

      Any more Top Doctors fancy making media appearances to tell us all about the Angels using food banks and naughty old Jeremy killing the citizens of the UK whilst the NHS saves lives?

      1. Just read something interesting –

        In 1987 Margaret Thatcher gave the NHS an EXTRA 101 million quid.

        In 1987 Gwynedd Health Authority – as well as many other Health Authorities – was mismanaged and in deep financial trouble. In 1987 Dafydd Alun Jones and Tony Francis were illegally imprisoning people in woefully inadequate mental health wards at Ysbyty Gwynedd and in a crumbling Victorian asylum in Denbigh in which some patients were kept in a cellar. They were also concealing a paedophile ring and were trafficking patients into prostitution.

        The highest echelons of the medical and legal establishment knew what was happening and concealed it.

        Dafydd and Francis were among the most highly paid people in north Wales.

        It was self evident from the state of mental health care in north Wales that not one penny of that extra 101 million was spent on patients.

        On Bryn Golau ward in Denbigh where I was illegally held in 1986/87, patients slept in dormitories with beds immediately next to each other, there were no showers – and ONE bath for the whole ward. Which was in a locked room and special permission had to be obtained to use it.

        Some patients had been in Bryn Golau – a locked ward – for a year. The sole facilities for patients ‘entertainment’ was a communal TV – the staff dictated which programmes would be watched – and a pool table. There were two table tennis bats and one ping pong ball, but no table. In the absence of anything else to do, I used to play ping pong in the ladies bogs, batting the ball against the wall. After a week the ball broke and I was told that now that I had broken the ball there would not be a replacement. No more ping pong.

        After the only ping pong ball broke, a kindly nurse brought me in two jigsaws from her own home for me to pass the time.

        101 million quid extra funding.

        Still claim that the problem is one of resources Top Doctors?

  4. BBC News Wales online has reported that the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, has published a report in which she claims that the Welsh Gov’ts inaction is failing the residents of care homes for the elderly. Rochira wants further action to improve the quality of life of residents and maintains that the Welsh Gov’t have not fulfilled promises made in 2014. Sarah is particularly concerned about the over-use of anti-psychotics in elderly people’s homes.
    She has also aimed criticism at Health Boards and Local Authorities.

    Sarah was appointed Older People’s Commissioner in 2012. Between 2008-12 she was Director of RNIB Cymru.

    So what did Sarah do before that? Well she worked for the services which abused and drugged elderly people and she didn’t say a word about it – Sarah has ‘over 25 years’ of experience in the public and Third sectors in Wales. She worked in acute hospitals, community care, primary care, mental health services and as a commissioner for services.

    So Sarah will know all about the abuse of elderly people in care homes in north Wales as detailed in my post ‘Are There Dark Forces At Work – Again?’, which also describes how the Older People’s Commissioner failed to respond to a whistleblower reporting abuse in a care home for the elderly.

    Sarah used to be the Chair of Age Alliance Wales – who also kept very quiet about the abuse of elderly people.

    A Welsh Gov’t spokesperson has pointed to the creation of the new regulatory organisation Social Care Wales as a step towards the improvement of elderly people’s care. My post ‘Still Lost In Care’ gives the names and backgrounds of the fuckwits and fools and paedophiles’ friends that were appointed to this Board, most of whom had sat on the Board of the organisation which Social Care Wales replaced.

    My post ‘The Reality Is There Is No Problem’ gives the names and backgrounds of yet more fuckwits, fools and paedophiles’ friends that have clogged up the social care system in Wales for years and who advised the Welsh Govt, nearly all of whom Rochira will know well and will have worked with.

    The Welsh Local Gov’t Organisation have stated that older care is a priority but funding cuts have had an impact. I thought that might be the explanation. In 2002 the BBC ran a report about the crisis in elderly care – paedophiles’ friend Hugh Gardner, the Vice-Chair of the Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru, stated that more money was needed.

    Sarah Rochira will be earning somewhere in the region of 100k pa. I am not being paid anything by anyone for writing this blog – if Sarah wanted, she too could write a very similar one.

    Rochira does write a blog although I haven’t read it. I saw that it began with the sentence ‘I am a human rights based commissioner’ and I realised that I didn’t have a sufficient number of sick bags to hand…

  5. Good to see that the Top Doctors have found a new source of support re their demands for more billions – it’s Boris! Ah well, as yet another greedy irresponsible not very truthful person, I’m sure that Boris understands them completely.

    Fill those troughs up, snouts are getting desperate.

    Boris is a big supporter of Toby Young – who was denounced by many of the same Twitter feeds which supported the Top Doctors and were sharing the NHS love. Whose going to come out in support of the Top Docs next – Donald Trump???

    I have only just picked up the latest edition of Private Eye having been travelling for the last two weeks and I note with some irony that Dr Phil Hammond, their medical correspondent, quips in his Medicineballs column that NHS computers do not allow access to porn.

    Some years ago a nurse in charge of a children’s psych ward was caught watching porn whilst on duty – he was not sacked or struck off.

    The patients TV in Parkhead Hospital Glasgow in 2014 was picking up porn channels which were subscription only – the patients had not paid, they were just delighted to find that they could watch porn because someone on the hospital staff had paid for it.

    The north Wales mental health services throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s facilitated a paedophile ring which used their young victims for child porn.

    Then there was Prof Linford Rees and his porn pics of the bathing beauties which he shared with students in lectures and Prof Oliver Brooke at St George’s who kept his extensive collection of child porn in the cupboards of offices in the medical school…

    But Phil Hammond has been very selective in his Eye column for years now.

  6. Back in the 1980s there used to be a small pub in Bangor called the King’s Arms which was a favourite destination of the postgrads from the science depts of Bangor University. The King’s Arms was tiny, only two rooms and a bar and in about 1984 it effectively doubled up as the common room for the zoology and ecology PhD students.

    I was a regular there because my mates were in there most evenings. There was only one other group of people who could physically fit into the pub once the postgrads had arrived and that was a group of folk musicians. They’d be in there every – I think it was -Saturday. We didn’t know their names, but we did know them as folkies who lived locally. They were very stereotypical folkies with beards and sandals who looked a bit like the characters out of Viz magazine’s cartoon ‘ The Real Ale Twats’.

    One night the folkies were in full swing with their fiddles when a group of local teenagers crashed in, screaming with laughter at the folkies and started loudly singing pop songs a la Radio 1. One of the girls then pointed at one of the folkies and shouted ‘see him yeh, he used to teach me at school’. At this point the folkies could bear no more and they pushed the teenagers out of the door and barricaded it. Brown observed ‘so this is what happens when some real folk turn up’.

    The folkies felt in great danger of the piss being taken in a major way by the teenagers because the folkies were teachers and social workers who personally had doings with the girls who had invaded the pub.

    A few years later the folkies left the King’s Arms and I was told that they were now playing in a pub near the Four Crosses on Anglesey.

    In about 1991 when I was a patient on the psych ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd I came across one of the folkies again – she was a nurse on the ward, Jan Stanley- Smith. She told me that the folkies were still going but weren’t playing in Bangor anymore.

    In 2000 I came across another one of the folkies, but a slightly younger one than the ones whom I originally knew – Casi Meurig, a well known Crwth player. Casi is married to Dr Graham Thomas, a GP in north Wales who is a leading light in the BMA. Another member of Casi’s folk group Pigyn Clust was also a local GP.

    The folkies were virtually all teachers, nurses, social workers, lecturers from Bangor Normal College (the teacher training college) and Top Doctors. And they knew about that paedophile ring.

    I cannot for the life of me think why in north Wales people who were drawn to folk music concealed a paedophile gang but they did. It was probably why they were so hostile to local working class teenagers.

    Ready to make your police statements are you folkies?

  7. Just listening to the Today programme – it is wall to wall Cancer and the appalling Dame Tessa Jowell is to be interviewed on the 8-10am slot, to tell us all about the traumas of her brain tumour. Gail Rebuck, Philip Gould’s widow, has just spoke about the lack of good treatment when Gould – another one of Blair’s mates – developed cancer.

    Well ladies, do you know why the situation is so bad that even you who have spent your lives pampered and insulated with your noses in the trough now cannot access good care? It is because for decades you ignored the research frauds and corruption on the part of the Top Doctors.

    You threw money at them, telling the plebs that the NHS ‘was the envy of the world’, whilst research data was fabricated and clinically ineffective interventions were promoted and flogged to the NHS. That is why the ‘cures for cancer’ aren’t there, as you pretended that they were.

    Never mind Tessa – at least you won’t be kept in a cellar or denied pain killers, which is what happened to those kids who were targeted by the paedophile ring that you ignored whilst you worked as a social worker at Lambeth and then at the Maudsley. Excuse me for not being more sympathetic to you – but I’m in hiding and a number of my friends have been killed. You’re still in the lap of luxury in Camden – although the irony is that the crooks and conmen whom you so ably assisted at the Maudsley can’t help you because they never knew what they were doing anyway and your husband’s mate Berlusconi doesn’t know anything about brain tumours either.

    What next, Mandelson explaining that he has some malignancy and gosh the ‘screening’ didn’t pick it up, he can’t understand why?

    This is what happens when institutionalised corruption is allowed to pervade the nation’s health care system. Nothing to do with Tory Cuts Tessa, Blair gave the Top Doctors so much money there was none left for anyone else – and those billions were pissed up against the wall, along with all the other billions that had been given to them. Meanwhile psych patients were left to kill themselves.

  8. I have switched the radio off – my sick bucket is not big enough to withstand an interview with Tessa’s crook of a husband – found guilty of involvement with Berlusconi’ s corruption in the Italian courts – and ‘daughter Jessie’, ‘Tessa’s team’, ‘helping her through cancer’. Which cannot be treated because so much of current cancer treatment is based on the research frauds at Hammersmith Hospital and the CRC that I witnessed in the 80s…

    Remember to wear your pink ribbons everyone – then you too can be baffled when you find that there is no effective treatment for your condition despite everyone having told you for years that another breakthrough has been made.

    I’ll await the next discovery of that gene for schizophrenia that has already been discovered so many times.

    1. Here’s another case that the health n welfare and law n order services of north Wales might like to explain:

      Back in 1987 when I was illegally imprisoned in Denbigh by Dafydd along with the victims of the paedophile gang one of the people in there with me was a man from Maesgeirchan, the council estate on the outskirts of Bangor which was the location of the Ty’r Felin children’s home where the kids were raped, battered and trafficked for sex work, including down to London and Brighton. Maes G generally was full of people having a hard time and if you were going to be abused and neglected by the welfare services, fitted up by the police or ignored by the teachers at Friars School, it was likely that you’d be living on Maes G.

      The man from Maes G had been transferred to Denbigh from Risley Remand Centre where he had been sent by the magistrates for theft. He admitted that he was a prolific but petty thief. He wasn’t violent and he was actually chatty and friendly and was one of the people I used to sit with.

      This man was due in the Bangor Magistrates Court on the same day that I was, after yet another fallacious allegation had been made about me by the Top Doctors – an allegation that was of course later withdrawn but only after I’d been dragged through the courts for weeks.

      When the car with the Angels arrived to take me to Court, the Angels only had instructions to take me. So we all bombed over to Bangor – to be greeted by a policeman asking where the man from Maes G was, because his hearing was scheduled for that day as well. The Angels told the policeman that they had been given instructions to only take me to Court. No-one asked anymore questions. The man from Maes G carried on sitting in the locked ward in Denbigh, completely illegally because he had supposedly been detained there until his Court hearing. Which never took place.

      I can remember a few things about this man. He hadn’t been brought up by his parents – they had died or left or something, he had been passed around from pillar to post in Gwynedd and social workers were involved. He had begun a life of basically kleptomania as a boy but never progressed to serious crime. He wasn’t well educated or very sharp and humbly just did what he was told by the Angels – he had spent much of his life in Risley or Liverpool prison.

      The one thing that really upset this man was talk of child abuse. When he arrived at Denbigh he was covered in bruises and injuries – because the prison officers had told the other prisoners that he was a ‘nonce’ and they’d beaten him up. When he told us about this he wept and cried and kept repeating ‘I’m not a nonce’. I asked ‘well do you think any of us here would ever believe you were’ but he carried on getting very upset.

      After he started telling me what happened to him in Risley he was warned by the other Angels that I was very dangerous and he really must not continue his friendship with me.

      I never met him again after I left Denbigh but years later I saw him in the local paper. He was up in court – again – for a petty theft and there were demands that he should now be sent to Ashworth as an untreatable mentally ill criminal – where Dafydd Alun Jones et al were sending all the victims of the paedophile gang if they didn’t shut up.

      The newspaper article stated that a social worker from Gwynedd had finally got this man to admit that a member of his family had abused him and that he would now be offered ‘therapy’, that this was a ‘last gasp’ and if he didn’t respond to therapy, he’d be transferred to a high security hospital.

      This newspaper article appeared at the time when the Hergest Unit and Gwynedd Social Services were trying to extract ‘confessions’ from patients that family members had abused them. The patients targeted had all complained about the mental health services or social services.

      One thing that the paedophile gang did constantly was to tell other people that anyone who complained about them was a paedophile – there was even an anonymous letter sent to De Montfort University that accused Brown of being a paedophile after Brown made a statement about what had happened to me.

      OK scumbags – who really abused the man from Maes G? And which member of his family did you frame? You all know who I’m talking about but I’m not going to name him here in case he is still alive – if he is, he’ll be about the only one apart from me who is. He was a distressed petty thief who had been beaten up in Risley because of the warders and then sent to Denbigh to silence him – where he was then held illegally, as we all were.

      I can remember the police officer who met us at Bangor Magistrates Court who asked no questions about the non-appearance of the victim of the paedophile gang. I don’t know his name but he lived in the house at the top of Cichle Hill at Llandegfan on Anglesey – just up the road from the corrupt GP Dr DGE Wood who was concealing the paedophile gang. I think someone should track him down and jog his memory…And of course ask dear old Dafydd what was going on.

  9. Who you make of the latest Sally? Dirty rich perverts drumming up millions for specifically CHILDRENS’ charities.. The minister, Mellor has been forced to resign – he was non exec minister for education – at least one other MP was at there -plenty of opps for hands on interventions for the good of the kiddies presumably. Some of the wimmin though knew what it was all about beforehand so £150 quid and a’ good time ‘was enough for them but scuse me – do we really believe Grt Ormond St CHILDRENS’ knew nothing about these sleaze parties which have been running for years?? Surely the TOP Drs and the managers would have had invitations?

    1. Lydia, the Top Doctors and managers ORGANISED such events.

      The combination of hypocrisy and naivety is a wonder to behold. For decades now at every Christmas every medical school has put on a Review with the particularly aspirational performers hoping to take a version of it on to the Edinburgh Festival or somewhere. Just about every joke revolves around sex or ‘aren’t we doctors clever’ – the reviews are insufferably smug little pantomimes that involve every stereotype known to man. Or indeed wimmin.

      I don’t mind if they want to perform their reviews, they are after all consenting adults, but the general public would be a little shocked at some of the attitudes evident.

      Medical social events revolve around drink and sex and always have, fund raising or otherwise. Great Ormond Street are well aware of this and will have been involved in such events. Not that they ever mention that when they are being filmed for the BBC but then they didn’t admit that they were letting Jimmy Savile in to molest the kids for all those years. It was just another episode of Jimmys, ooh the wonderful work that goes on here, or Radio 1 Christmas broadcasts from the children’s ward with Jimmy asking four year olds if they’d be his girlfriend. I used to wonder why all those kids were a bit working class with regional accents and when I got older I thought oh it was because Radio 1 targeted a working class audience.
      It was of course because the kiddie fiddlers at the BBC didn’t dare let Savile loose on the kids of anyone with any clout, there’d have been trouble. So they made sure that he visited the kids of people who would be overawed by someone off the tele and who could be easily intimidated if Jim overstepped the mark.

      Dunno about you Lydia but if I was offered a job as a hostess for the night at a men only event and was ordered to wear a mini skirt with matching knickers and sexy shoes I might just be able to guess what my role at that event might be. Particularly as the word hostess used to mean prostitute. Quite frankly I’d expect to find that Dafydd had hired a table, who did they think would be there, Andrea Dworkin?

      Now here’s a little anecdote for the uninitiated re why some women feel uncomfortable working in surgery. At the surgeons conferences in Cardiff, as well as food, drink and hotels, prostitutes were also booked – for the surgeons who were in relationships as well as those who were single. Some women doctors really felt alienated by such conduct, others could cope with it.

      I’m of the opinion that if the prostitutes were adults and had not been coerced into that line of work, who a surgeon has sex with at a conference isn’t anything to do with me -and if they’re in a monogamous relationship it’s a matter for their partner.

      But I do wish that this tidal wave of hypocrisy would stop – whether it is rich Hollywood women who have shagged their way to the top whinging about harassment, or female politicians red in tooth and claw claiming that they can’t cope with a few men cluttering up the place. Can we please turn our attentions to people who really are having a hard time?

      Is the David Mellor involved in the Sex Fiends Ball THE David Mellor? In which case people need to read my blog – he was a junior Minister in the Home Office whilst documents were forged and innocent people were fitted up for complaining about Dafydd and the paedophiles. Which is a great deal more worrying than paying through the nose to drink expensive plonk served by a woman being paid to wear a rather lame outfit.

  10. I’m pretty sure it’s another scum bag named Meller not Mellor Sally – they all get a bit interchangeable. Very sorry for the slip up .

  11. Another one that the very holey old NHS net allowed to slip through –

    When I was living near Bethesda in the 1990s being repeatedly arrested by the mental health services, being subjected to attempts by the paedophiles friends to set fire to my house etc, a very nice lady in the village witnessed it all and befriended me. She was a real lifeline and used to have me over to her house, take me swimming with her teenaged children etc.

    Her husband was a builder and they had a few houses that they rented out. A young couple approached her and took up a tenancy. My friend then discovered that the man was a psychiatric nurse at the Hergest Unit and his female partner was a psychiatrist there. I was having horrendous problems with the mental health services at the time but they didn’t directly involve these two members of staff.

    The two Hergest staff made a big play of being very chummy with my friend and she used to tell me what a lovely couple they were. Then my friend became ill. At first she thought it was particularly bad flu but it lingered and lingered and she felt worse and worse. Repeated visits to the GPs surgery in Besthesda resulted in them claiming that it was just flu. My friend got really bad and starting vomiting green slime and coughing green slime. She still got nowhere with Bethesda surgery. In desperation she went over to have a chat with the Hergest doctor – her tenant – to ask advice. The Hergest doctor told her ‘to go and get drunk’. My mate was gobsmacked.

    Two weeks later my mate was admitted to hospital by ambulance. She very nearly died – her uterine lining had been pierced by her IUD weeks previously and she had septicemia. When she got home she told me that Bethesda surgery had very nearly killed her and there had been no apology or regrets – and as far as she was concerned her doctor-tenant was barking mad and seriously irresponsible.

    There were so many dreadful tales doing the rounds about Bethesda surgery at that time that I just thought oh well they’ve screwed up again.

    I stayed in touch with my friend although I left that village and when I began consulting lawyers regarding the extreme harassment that I was receiving from the mental health services my friend told me that she could remember very well how I had been completely neglected when I was ill and the hate campaign against me. She offered to make a statement for my lawyer about all that she had witnessed and she made it known in the village that she had done this.

    I received a phone call from a former neighbour a few months later. My friend and potential witness was dead. She had cancer – Bethesda surgery and Ysbyty Gwynedd had missed it until it was too late to treat.

    Whoops, there goes another one..

    1. Think that it’s just a coincidence and the old conspiracy theorist Baker is letting her imagination run riot?

      A couple of years ago I bumped into my deceased friend’s husband when he was out cycling. I explained that I had been forced to leave north west Wales because of the constant aggro from the paedophiles friends and that I was just back in the area visiting. We had a chat about old times and he told me that if ever I needed a witness statement he remembered the lot.

      I got a phone call some six months later from my former neighbour again. My friend’s husband was dead. Cancer. Bethesda GPs and Ysbyty Gwynedd didn’t find it until it was too late.

  12. Any doubting Thomas’s still out there?

    The neighbour who rang me telling me of the deaths of my friends had also witnessed everything when I lived in her village and had even tried to call the doctor for me a few times – dear old Bethesda surgery – only for them to state that they couldn’t help because I was so dangerous that the mental health services wouldn’t treat me. So my neighbour and her husband used to have me round to their place when I felt rough. I got to know them well.

    My neighbour’s husband had a heart condition that was long standing and known to the GPs in Bethesda and to Ysbyty Gwynedd. Some years ago – again after I’d left the village, started publishing about the mental health services and collecting witness statements etc – I received a phone call. My neighbours husband was dead. He had had a heart attack at their home in the village, Llanllechid. He wasn’t actually dead so his wife rang the GP who lived literally up on the mountain above my former neighbours, about ten minutes drive away. The GP refused to come out although she was on call. My former neighbour died without regaining consciousness.

    Dr Nicky Heinersdorff – what the fuck were you playing at? Oh – but thank you for admitting on my medical records years ago that I had had very bad experiences with male doctors and my complaints about them were not delusional. I now have a copy of those notes even if the witnesses have all died at the hands of you and your colleagues.

    1. Was it nice up on the mountain Nicky on your small holding with your goats and alternative lifestyle? Whilst the citizens of Llanllechid all died years before their time and some of the local kids were abused by a paedophile gang and psych patients were kept in a cellar?

  13. There was another person who lived in Llanllechid who knew what was happening to me and others as well, because he was a Hergest patient himself. He ended up in the hands of the Hergest Unit after he was beaten up and framed by the South Wales Police whilst he was visiting his mum down there. He was put on probation and put on a psych treatment order at Hergest.

    Dr Tony Francis admitted to this man’s girlfriend that he had been seriously assaulted and fitted up by the police. The Probation Officer in Gwynedd also told her that they accepted that this man had been the victim of the crime not the perpetrator. Nonetheless he was told that he had paranoid schizophrenia because he hid when he saw a policeman and wouldn’t watch police programmes on TV. He was dutifully loaded up with anti-psychotics – he had been in his mid 40s when the police nearly killed him by battering him on the head with their truncheons and had never had mental health problems previously.

    That man was loaded up with anti-psychotics until the day that he died. Of course he’s dead, what did you expect? He was found dead in his house in Llanllechid just after I fled Wales. No-one knew how he died. Nicky Heinersdorff probably sold him some goats milk laced with arsenic. It’s not as if there’d ever be any investigation.

  14. First death that I noticed that was very convenient for a lot of people? It was a few years before the Great Slaughter as Waterhouse approached, in about 1993. A hippy girl called Cath Milton who lived in Carneddi, another hill village near Bethesda. I don’t know if Cath had ever fallen into the hands of the paedophiles’ friends herself but she knew a lot of people who had, was very close to them and witnessed what was happening to them.

    Cath was complaining of severe stomach pains, back and forth to the GPs in Bethesda, only to get the response that there was nothing wrong with her, it was indigestion. Cath was terminally ill. By the time that the dear old GPs at Bethesda diagnosed a problem it was as usual far too late for treatment. Cath died. She was 38. Her family from Cheshire donated money to Gwynedd Hospice at Home after Cath died. But then Cath’s family didn’t realise what a bunch of murdering shitbags they all were.

    1. Then there was the very unpleasant experience that Cath’s close friend and neighbour had – a man who had been under attack by the paedophiles’ friends for years, who had been beaten up and framed by the police in Bangor Police Station, who had been banged up in Risley Remand Centre and had then spent a year in Denbigh where he was sold class A drugs by a patient from the drug detox unit that Dafydd ran.

      This man was considered to be floridly mad by the paedophiles’ friends but they were sufficiently aware of the threat that he posed to them to accuse him of being a potential child abuser and deny him access to his own baby. They didn’t like him because he tended to pipe up when he witnessed what he believed to be injustices.

      He put his house up for sale in Carneddi, just as Cath was dying. He had been going apeshit about Cath and was very voluble about the hopelessness of the Top Doctors. Within days of his house going up for sale a couple of hard looking men turned up with scouse accents and said that they wanted to buy it. The seller of the house told us all that he wasn’t going to sell the house to them because he suspected that they were drug dealers from Liverpool and he wouldn’t want his neighbours to have to live near them.

      They returned armed with guns and threatened him.

  15. Another resident of Llanllechid was a middle aged lady who enjoyed foreign travel and the male company that she met whilst she was travelling, although she had a rather put upon male partner.

    Her favoured destination for a long while was Turkey but then she discovered the joys of the young male sex workers in the Gambia. After a few trips to the Gambia she returned to Llanllechid with a young rent boy who lived in the house with her and the put upon partner. I met the young Gambian man, he was very pleasant but I don’t think that he was in the country legally. Rather worryingly he just disappeared one day but to where no-one knew.

    Did this lady get any hassle from the authorities? Of course not – one of her best mates was Alison Greenaway who ran the MIND drop in centre in Bangor and then became a psychiatric social worker. Who knew about the paedophile ring and the abuse of psych patients and the deaths but didn’t say a thing.

    1. So BBC News Wales online this morning is full of sob stories about violent attacks on NHS workers – and Cardiff Medical School have made a breakthrough! What CAN have precipitated it all?? And Charlotte Church is to present a programme about mental health!

      Do you want more Top Doctors? Do you REALLY want more? Because believe me I can give you more – I haven’t yet told the full story regarding the sum total of the brutality and cruelty that I have witnessed. And I haven’t really started naming names either.

      As the corrupt police officers in Gwynedd used to say to the teenaged victims of the paedophile gang whom they were fitting up when they had them in the police station for interrogation and all laws were being flouted – ‘I’ve got as long as you have…’

  16. Here’s your starter for 10 –

    A lady in Llanllechid miscarried her baby in the mid 1990s. Not an early miscarriage, but quite well on into the pregnancy, about six months.

    Her husband rang Bethesda surgery and was asked by the GP on call ‘what do you want me to do about it?’. The husband once more explained what was actually happening. The GP told him that what he had to do was get a big sheet of plastic, allow his wife to miscarry onto it and flush the foetus down the bog.

    The GP who dispensed this helpful advice was John Mithan. Who lived in one of the most expensive houses in Bethesda. Mithan and his wife – a former Angel I believe – had five children themselves. Whether Mrs Mithan had ever miscarried onto a sheet of plastic that everybody keeps in their under the stairs cupboard for such eventualities and then flushed the foetus down the bog I do not know.

    1. In the mid 1990s a resident of Llanllechid took to holidaying in Thailand in search of a bride. It was well known locally and ribald jokes were made about the likelihood of this man returning to Bethesda with a ladyboy in tow. He then featured in a TV documentary – I think S4C – about Welsh men ‘looking for love’ in Thailand. I didn’t see the programme but my neighbours did and told me that he had been filmed pursuing what were very obviously prostitutes in bars.

      I was then told that this man was engaged to a girl in Thailand and was saving up dosh – a great deal of dosh had to be paid to someone somewhere – to pay for her to come to Llanllechid. I had heard so much about the immigration authorities from other sources that I just thought that he’d never get permission to bring her over. Unbelievably he did – within quite a short space of time as well. He went to Thailand to collect her – only to find that she’d left him for someone else.

      No problem! He immediately found another girlfriend to whom he became engaged. He came back to Wales and immediately applied to the Home Office to bring her over. I couldn’t believe it – within months he’d got permission. The bride duly arrived and turned out to be lovely actually, everybody really liked her. Sadly it went pear shaped – because within a few short years he started going over to Thailand for long holidays meeting other women…

      My problem is not with the lady whom this man brought to Wales, she had a terrible life in Thailand, was a very nice person and just wanted a decent existence.

      However, how this man managed to receive Home Office permission twice to bring over two girls from Thailand whom he barely knew I would be most interested to discover. Perhaps Jack Straw could tell us, he was Home Secretary at the time.

      There was someone else who will have known what was going on. The man in pursuit of brides for sale had a brother who lived in another hill village in Gwynedd. The brother was very different, he was married to a Welsh girl and ran a small business and he rather disapproved of what was going on – he will have known who the large amounts of dosh were being paid to and who it was who was able to get Jack Straw to do such favours for a people trafficking ring.

      Sadly the brother can’t enlighten us.

      CRASH! Yet another one. He was killed in a collision whilst driving late at night – no-one knew why or how he’d crashed. No other vehicle involved. Attributed to the heavy rain and darkness. No investigation.

      His widow was distraught and couldn’t understand it – he was a safe driver and had never had so much as a bump before.

  17. The impression of N wales being given by the BBC , much of it featuring Wrexham, is of a violent, ignorant, drunken drugged up population . Strangely enough the BMA and angels are colluding with it. Of course some horrendous stuff takes place as in other areas of the UK but how does David Bailey of the Welsh BMA think these one sided reports fronted by him are going to attract anybody to work over in N Wales?. The only violent incident he could think of on BBC News though was allegedly when a computer was thrown at him ‘but that was many years ago’. He does look absolutely knackered by the way – what’s going on?? Is there another agenda – destroy the NHS -first in Wales then …new contracts with more gold to stuff their mouths with? No one could defend the services they are too dreadful but if the BMA really cared to ensure the survival of the NHS surely they would be putting out a few more positive messages?

    1. The vast majority of people in north Wales are fine. They have one big problem – they have been fleeced and totally shafted by a vile, corrupt, self serving petit bourgoisie who are clogging up the Councils, the CHC, the NHS, the social services and just about every other professional site. They preserve the only good jobs in the region for their own network and their own children and ruthlessly hound out anyone who looks as though they will challenge this corrupt elite.

      Even Wrexham which as you say gets a terrible press is full of OK people – I saw much poverty in Wrexham but I didn’t see these homeless drug fiends attacking people that we have been told is the everyday story of Wrexham folk. I saw homeless people, I was even in the legendary bus station late in the evening – the homeless were going to and fro with their bin bags but no they did not hassle me at all.

      The population of north Wales has been pathologised by the very people paid to serve them – they have no understanding at all of the notion of public service. They have crammed their pockets full of public money and left the region with nothing. The place is on its arse and no-one will go to work there – so obviously it’s the fault of all these violent psychiatric patients and addicts in Wrexham.

      How on earth the Top Doctors and Angels ever expect to build relationships with their patients when every day they are appearing in the media denouncing them all as complete bastards I do not know.

      I note that even the more affluent good burghers of Conwy are being kicked in the chops – they are only getting their bins emptied once a month and the Council has employed that mad vindictive company Kingdom to harass people who dare to let their dogs off the lead. Conwy is not teaming with pit bulls sinking their teeth into passing buttocks, I really do not think that pets off the lead can be such a problem that Kingdom need to fine people 100 quid. Kingdom aren’t even the police, they are a private company who are exploiting the foolish investigative powers legislation that I think was passed by New Labour. It is outrageous.

      The population is being criminalized – by a class of white collar criminals.

      I don’t know what has got the Top Doctors so vexed Lydia but there is very obviously a co-ordinated campaign underway.

      By the way I note that Theresa May has been having a go at the Wales NHS again – yes Theresa, it is terrible. Because the criminals there were protected by the highest echelons of the medical establishment in London whilst they ran a paedophile ring. A paedophile ring which supplied children from north Wales to Thatcher’s friends and Ministers Theresa you hypocritical old cow. Which is why you and your civil servants appointed a whole series of people who had concealed child abuse to Chair your ‘Independent’ Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. By the way how’s your MP for Eddisbury Antoinette Sandbach? Whose dad concealed so much of the wrongdoing.

      And Theresa et al are banging on about a crude charity dinner in which some old farts got drunk and made idiots of themselves. Latest revelation – there were girls sitting on men’s knees. Do you know I saw a woman sitting on a man’s knee at a do at Bangor University. She was married to him. My only problem with them was that they were both former social workers who knew about the paedophile ring who supplied the kids to Dolphin Square, I really don’t give a damn about who is sitting on whose knee.

      Of course Sian and Richard Barker enjoy complete protection as former social workers and friends of Anglesey County Councillors. So they’ll be sitting on each other’s knees for many more years to come.

  18. I seem to remember that one of those in the Commons demanding more dosh for the Top Doctors was Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondda. The Top Doctors have not done much for the Rhondda and considering the state of the Rhondda I’m not sure that Bryant has either.

    Chris was a vicar until 1991 when he decided that being gay was not compatible with being a C of E priest.

    Chris was election agent for Frank Dobson – who has concealed child abuse and wrongdoing in the NHS – in the 1992 General Election. He helped old Dobbo retain the seat.

    Chris was a member of Hackney Borough Council, 1993-98. The Hackney Council that concealed child abuse and sent kids in care on placements to the paedophiles of north Wales.

    Between 1994-96 Bryant was London Manager for Common Purpose, a sinister weird network that aims to place it’s members throughout society. One of the corrupt NHS managers at St George’s Hospital Medical School was a member of Common Purpose and was expanding her network down there. There are a lot of Common Purpose people at senior levels in the NHS.

    In 1998 Chris was appointed head of European Affairs for the BBC.

    Jimmy Savile anyone?

    South Wales got a bit of a shock in 2000 when Chris –
    a gay, former Tory, former vicar – was selected for the very safe Labour seat of Rhondda. There were 52 candidates and the hot favourite was a local Councillor but along came Chris from London Common Purpose….

    If that local Councillor or any of their mates would like to contact me I’d certainly be interested to hear from them.

    Chris was a Tory until 1986 and at university was a member of the Oxford University Conservative Association. So Chris was a Tory during the Miners Strike of 1984. When people in the Rhondda were completely shafted, lived on donated food parcels and ended up thousands of pounds in debt – because of the Tories policies. Oh yeah and a lot of them lost their jobs because things called pits were shut down. Not that young Tory Chris at Oxford would gave given a stuff.

    Once in Parliament The Enemy Within worked as PPS to Charlie Falconer and Harriet, two people who kept quiet about the abuse of vulnerable people. Charlie Falconer even shared a platform at Bangor University with Betty Williams MP, a former Gwynedd Councillor who was a member of the Council when it ignored a paedophile ring operating in its children’s homes. Betty ignored letters from constituents who had been abused by the psychiatric services and had me thrown out of Tesco in Bangor when she was campaigning in there because I asked her questions about the abuse of patients at the Hergest Unit.

    In the election expenses scandal of 2009 The Enemy Within was revealed to have extracted 92k out of the expenses system by flipping homes etc. Christ almighty, 92k would keep quite a few of the unemployed in the Rhondda in food parcels for a while. Hard luck claimants of Rhondda, The Enemy Within needs it for his two homes.

    In 2003 The Enemy Within was a source of national entertainment when it became public knowledge that he had posed in his pants – and they were pants, baggy old y front things – on Gaydar. I think I am correct in saying that his photo was accompanied by a message saying ‘oi mate, want a fuck?’, but that has been airbrushed out of history now.

    It was widely predicted that it would be the end of Chris’s political career, but no, he’s sill there, although I don’t know how.

    Chris now calls the Gaydar business ‘a charming scar’.

    Meanwhile Chris’s colleague Yvette Cooper has been frothing at the mouth about the goings-on at the Presidents Club. Some of whose guests stand accused of being after a shag.

    1. The Guardian has published a list of all the men who attended the Presidents Club knees-up.

      They include Lord Jonathan Mendelsohn whom Jeremy has just sacked from the front bench for attending the scene of the groping. Being someone who ignored the paedophile ring in Islington, Jeremy takes a firm stand where adult groping is concerned.

      Mendelsohn is a lobbyist who was closely associated with New Labour. He was one of those involved with the Lobbygate scandal in which Dolly Draper offered access to Ministers – including Mandy – for cash. He sits on the Board of Blairite uninspiring think tank Progress and is a close friend of Blair’s mate Lord Levy who was memorably arrested in the cash for peerages investigation. Mendelsohn donated dosh to Peter Hain’ s deputy leadership campaign. In May 2013 Mendelsohn’s wife was appointed Facebook’s Vice-President for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

      Jeremy, what was this New Labour crook doing on your front bench in the first place?

      1. Someone else at the scene of the groping was Professor Sir Christopher Evans, a ‘Welsh biotechnology entrepreneur’, who runs Merlin Biosciences. Sir Chris also founded Chiroscience, now merged with Celltech, as well as Celcis and Enzymatrix and many other biotech companies.

        Sir Chris set up Arthurian Ltd and was the lucky winner when he bid to run Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund. The Fund has invested in and provided grants to ReNeuron in which Sir Groper also invested.

        I am fairly confident that Sir Groper will be footing the bill for some of that world leading research at Cardiff University that discovers cures for incurable terminal illnesses on a daily basis, but as I’m busy working on another post I haven’t had time to do any digging into that.

        Sir Groper lent 1 million to the Labour Party in 2005 and in the same year Gordon Brown appointed him to the UK Stem Cell Initiative.

        Sir Groper was arrested in 2006 in the cash for peerages investigation. He hasn’t actually got a peerage so presumably he didn’t give enough cash to Blair.

        So how much money has the Welsh Gov’t given Sir Groper and his numerous companies to find the cure for cancer/Alzheimer’s/Huntingdons/schizophrenia which of course will be in the clinic within three years?

        1. Another attendee at the Sex Fiends Ball was Professor George Holmes, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bolton and former advisor to the Labour Party. George hit the Daily Mail in 2015 when it was revealed that he was in receipt of an enormous salary in return for running the former technical college and that the university had also given him a loan of 1 million loan to buy another house because he found commuting so traumatic.

          All I know about Bolton University is that it provided a home for a twat of the highest order who used to work at Bangor University and had a hissy fit, told Bangor that it wasn’t good enough for him and left for the dreaming spires of Bolton. His equally daft wife sadly remained at Bangor where she spent her time telling us all how crap the VC was. Ah well Sarah and Oleg, at least Merfyn hasn’t turned up at the Presidents Ball!

          1. Tessa received a standing ovation in the Lords yesterday as a result of her Brave Battle. But then Greville Janner received a round of applause when he reappeared in the Commons after not being charged for sexual assaults on children after being arrested.

            Tessa et al used their platform to call for more dosh to be given to Top Doctors to find a Cure. Perhaps Sir Chris can help them out.

            The Top Doctors must be laughing all the way to the bank with people this thick in Parliament. Dying from a brain tumour for which there is no effective treatment because the Top Doctors have spent decades fabricating research data and promoting ineffective interventions? The only answer must be to give the Top Doctors even more money. And of course pack the Lords with people who concealed a paedophile ring facilitated by the Top Doctors

        2. A quick Google reveals that ReNeuron are funding clinical trials at Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. Southern General employed as their clinical director Dr Gwen Jones-Edwards who previously worked at the Hergest Unit, where she ignored a paedophile ring and contributed to the abuse of psych patients and victims of the paedophile gang.

          Gwen made a hasty exist from north Wales as the Waterhouse Inquiry into the paedophile gang got underway.

          Gwen lives in a lovely house on the banks of Loch Lomond. Most of the victims of the paedophile gang have been found dead in questionable circumstances. Many of the psych patients who were ‘cared for’ by the Hergest when Gwen worked there are also dead – or destitute.

          One of Gwen’s own patients ended up in Liverpool Prison after he became suicidal and told a nurse that he felt so bad that he felt like chopping a gas pipe. He wasn’t offered any care or treatment, he was arrested – which was a very common response to patients distress on the part of the Hergest Unit.

          1. It’s another ground breaker for the Betsi!

            BBC News Wales online explains that the Betsi have employed Pam Stanley, an ‘eco art therapist’, to give sessions with people experiencing complex mental health problems.

            The Hergest Unit used to employ a capable and popular art therapist. Unfortunately for them, one of the patients who had been misdiagnosed and grossly abused by the other staff had been to school with the art therapist. After the patient complained about the other staff she was banned from art therapy sessions.

            I heard a number of other first hand accounts from patients who claimed that they had been banned from art therapy for similar reasons.

            Where is Pam Stanley holding her eco art therapy sessions? At Moel y Ci farm near Tregarth. Moel y Ci is a community farm which was set up by some very genuine people some years ago. Two of them being my PhD supervisor and his wife. Who witnessed what was happening to me at the hands of the mental health services, made statements to my lawyer and wrote to the Chairman of the North West Wales NHS Trust, so appalled were they. They did not receive any sort of substantial reply.

            What did happen was that vicious rumours were spread around the locality about them and there was a great deal of unpleasantness towards them at Moel y Ci. They became so upset and disillusioned that they resigned. The people who treated them so disgracefully were unable to run Moel y Ci themselves and it collapsed within months. It was taken over by an organisation called Cwm Hari, who I understand picked the place up for an absolute song after pulling the wool over the eyes of the idiots who brought the place to its knees.

            One man who caused many problems at Moel y Ci was Ali Bates. He worked as a doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Ali was one of the people who was happy to pass on vicious lies about my PhD supervisor and his wife which he knew were untrue.

            Just setting the record straight Ali! Suggest that you don’t launch a revenge attack on my friends now that you’ve featured on this blog because I know much about your misconduct and dishonesty that I have so far remained silent about.

          2. The allegations re one of the guests at the Presidents Club exposing himself to the hostesses brings back more happy memories of my years in north Wales. There was a lecturer in history at Bangor University called Emlyn aka Kremlyn Sherrington who spent much time pursuing female postgrads and post docs, although Kremlyn Sherrington was small, bald and over 60 himself. I always presumed that Kremlyn was simply hopeful but benign where his pursuit of young women was concerned until I was told by a horrified friend that Kremlyn Sherrington had exposed himself to a young waitress at a dinner. I did not witness this event but the person telling me expressed surprise that I did not know that he had a well established reputation for doing this sort of thing.

            Many years ago Kremlyn Sherrington stood as the Labour candidate in, I think, Wrexham.

            Kremlyn Sherrington lived in Llanllechid so probably knew about many of the events re the everyday story of Llanllechid folk that I have discussed on this blog.

            Kremlyn died last year. I do not know whether he was slaughtered by the Bethesda GPs/Ysbyty Gwynedd because he had serious dirt on them, like so many of the psych patients and victims of the paedophile gang were.

          3. I have just tried to check a Top Doctor’s registration and qualifications on the GMC website and to my surprise have found that their online checking system is ‘undergoing maintenance’. I was also entertained to see that the GMC site is littered with tweets and messages to Top Doctors in distress in the wake of a recent High Court case in which a Top Doctor was finally held to account for her serious failings after a patient died.

            So THAT’S what has been going on – I thought that the Top Docs had had a pay claim turned down and that’s why it has been 24 hour ‘NHS in crisis’ media coverage. No, it’s just that one of them has been caught and probably for the first time since the Pre-Cambrian era been held to account.

            So that is why the Mail Online today has published the most excessive article about Dangerous Psychiatric Patients stalking the nation, slitting people’s throats and how dedicated and selfless the Angels are who ‘look after them’, putting their life n limbs at risk. The Mail have wheeled out Marjorie Wallace the paedophiles’ friend to comment – I think they’ve rather shot themselves in the foot by doing that (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’).

            Good to see that for the rest of the Mail Online it is business as usual, there’s a crotch shot of Kim Kardashian or someone similar in her knickers and I expect if I looked at the sidebar of shame there’d have been a photo of a celebs 15 yr old daughter in swimwear who’s ‘all grown up’.
            It’s disgusting that Paradise Club isn’t it.

            So if any of us want to find out whether Dafydd is still on the Medical Register – or indeed what his real name is – we’ll have to wait.

            If the Top Doctors are now finally going to be prosecuted after they have been dangerously and callously negligent, perhaps the police would like to examine the drains of Bethesda to recover the mid-term foetuses that Dr Mithan told everyone to flush down their bogs.

            And I suggest a forensic examination of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh as well, because I and a few others are fairly sure that there are human remains out there. Janice Davies will be able to help the police with this, she was Dafydd’s mole and henchwoman weren’t you Janice? Mark Jones, another nurse in Bryn Golau, was a duplicitous piece of work as well, he could answer a few questions. The last I heard of him was four years ago when a female patient told me about him gratuitously ‘restraining’ her in I think Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and when she asked ‘what did you do that for?’, he replied ‘because I could’. Mark delighted in telling me that no matter who I complained to about Dafydd and Denbigh, absolutely nothing would happen to any of them. You didn’t expect someone to publish it all though did you Mark?

          4. Can someone also find out if John Fenton is still alive? He was friends with me in Denbigh, watched absolutely everything and knew how unlawful it was. When Dafydd tried to threaten and then bribe me into dropping my complaint, he tried to interrogate me to find out who I might approach as a witness. He actually reeled off the names of the patients that I had been friends with in there.

            Oh – it was John who discovered the hidden cameras spying on the patients. None of the rest of us had noticed.

          5. Peter Sullivan. A young man with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Janice Davies removed his fags from him, mentally tortured him so he begged, refused to hand the fags over, he started crying, the Angels dragged him into a seclusion room ie. cell, Peter started banging his head against the wall in despair, we were all herded away and locked in another room because we were questioning what was going on, Risley Remand Centre were phoned and told that Peter was violent and couldn’t be controlled and they came and took him away. Nurse Iola Edwards was in tears and when I asked why she told me ‘because I know what they’re going to do to him there’.

            FESS UP. ALL OF YOU.

            Oh – and charge nurse Mike Williams warned me that all dear old Dafydd and Janice had to do was announce that I was uncontrollable and I too would be taken to Risley – although I was being held illegally and had not been found guilty of any offence.


          6. Tony. The man who lived in a derelict school house in Llanllechid between about 1990-92. Very very ill, had sold a house elsewhere, purchased the derelict school house and put the rest of the money in the bank to live on. Couldn’t look after himself, acquired lots of dogs that he couldn’t look after either. Was marched to the cashpoint in Bethesda by yobs at knifepoint who relieved him of money. Again and again. Tony got so frightened that he removed the money from the bank – thousands – and stashed it in his house. Late one night a gang turned up and threatened to kill him if he didn’t hand over all the dosh. They took the dosh leaving Tony penniless. Tony stayed alive because villagers took him food parcels. He kept warm by having open bonfires in his school house – the neighbours were terrified that he was going to set the whole row alight.

            There was a hard core of about a dozen concerned people in Llanllechid who did EVERYTHING that they could to try to help Tony. They rang Gwynedd Social Services repeatedly, they rang the Arfon Community Mental Health Team repeatedly, they rang the Bethesda GPs repeatedly. All these people knew what was happening – not one of them budged.

            The only people who ever got off their arses and responded to phone calls were actually the Bethesda Police. There was a very nice policeman there at the time who came out every time someone called him because he knew that Tony was in danger. One one occasion that policeman came out to Britannia Street in Llanllechid eight times in one day. One morning he sat in my neighbour’s kitchen FUMING that the NHS and social services were prepared to conduct themselves like this.

            The Arfon Community Mental Health Team after about 12 months of the police and neighbours begging for help, finally sent out one social worker without giving anyone notice. She arrived mid morning, knocked on Tony’s door but there was no answer. Tony was just down the lane taking one of the dogs for a walk. The social worker left immediately – although someone told her that Tony would be back soon – and no-one ever came again. The Arfon Community Mental Health Team told neighbours and police not to contact them again because they’d come out and Tony wasn’t in.

            The saga ended by a religious order offering to take Tony in and off he went.

            Whilst all this was going on, there was a paedophile ring operating within Gwynedd Social Services. The Director of Social Services was Lucille Hughes, Dafydd’s mistress. The leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health was the vile and abusive Keith Fearns. The local MP for Caernarfon, the location of Gwynedd County Council, was Dafydd – now Lord – Wigley. I’m not sure who the Council leader was at the time, but the Councillors will have included legends such as Dafydd Iwan, Alun Ffred and Betty Wiliams. The MP for Llanllechid was Thatcher’s mate Wyn -later Lord – Roberts. (It was a source of discontent that Bethesda was in with the petit bourgeoisie of Llandudno re constituency boundaries.)

          7. Home Secretary whilst the Angels in Denbigh tormented a patient and then lied in order to have him framed and taken to Risley Remand Centre because Janice Davies felt like a bit of fun was Douglas Hurd. Lord Hurd of the forged documents and inexplicably dead daughter-in-law as detailed elsewhere on this blog. Secretary of State for Wales was Nicholas Edwards.

            Secretary of State for Wales whilst seriously ill man was left to die and the whole of north Wales watched was David Hunt.

            Just stick your noses deep into the trough that is the House of Lords and pray that no-one finds any body parts in the grounds of Denbigh…

            What happened to the girl who’d been abducted and sexually assaulted Iola/Janice/Ingrid/Mike/Mark? Or that old lady called Nelly? She was another one who disappeared without exiting the front door.

            Who was the man who never spoke and just sat slumped in front of the TV all day who freaked out when I was watching Silas Marner and the scene where Silas takes the little girl in was screened? And none of you dared tell me why that man got so upset. You were so desperate to keep a lid on it that you removed me from the TV area and actually found me an old TV from a cupboard so that I could watch the film In the kitchen.

            Tony Francis once admitted to me that Dafydd kept child abusers and people who had killed ‘hidden away in Denbigh’.

            That man never spoke, no-one knew what his name was and a rough looking woman would arrive every Saturday afternoon to visit him. And she never spoke to any of us either.

            Of course there was a man who’d murdered someone who was in Bryn Golau and we all knew it – an old boy called Don who sat in the kitchen and listened to the radio all day. He’d murdered his wife. Bet there wasn’t a trial though – he’d have just been abducted on the say-so of Dafydd and banged up in Denbigh illegally along with everyone else.

          8. The two black girls from Liverpool – who were fostered by that lovely lady in Llanfairfechan who had fostered so many children that she was given a British Empire Medal. Bechod, the mam to so many! She was a fucking monster who beat the living daylights out of the girls and starved them as well.

            The two girls plucked up the courage to run away and they went to the police. The police rang their social worker. The abusive foster mother then arrived and in front of both foster mother and social worker, the police said ‘would you like to repeat your allegations in front of your foster mother?’.

            The girls were driven back to the foster mother’s home by the social worker. Where they were given a Welsh cake and a cwtch. I mean the thrashing of their lives. The foster mother told everyone how the girls had alleged that she’d been cruel to them. They were spat at in the street and told that they were ungrateful black bitches.

            When the girls grew up they both experienced severe depression and one sought help from the Top Doctors at the Hergest Unit. The one who hadn’t gone to the Hergest Unit saw the Top Doctors do massive damage to her sister and decided not to avail herself of their help.

            The girl who wasn’t helped by the Top Doctors did very well academically and completed a PhD. Whereupon she received a letter from the County Council asking her if she’d go to a do at Number 10 with Tony Blair as an example of a child in care who had achieved so much after all that lovely help from the social services.

            I was rather hoping that she was going to detonate a rucksack of Semtex in Cherie’s front room but sadly she didn’t.

            The girl from Liverpool did tell me that the social worker involved very obviously felt terrible about returning her to the abusive foster mother but was far too frightened to blow the whistle.

            I was told all this about ten years ago. The social worker was still working as a social worker for I think it was Conwy. The Liverpool girl has now left north Wales and is safe elsewhere.

            Ian, the social worker who was too frightened to blow the whistle – you know the case to which I am referring, go and make a statement now.

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