Another One Bites The Dust

Just read the news that Giggler Alexander Thynn, Lord Bath aka the Loins of Longleat, he of the many wifelets who starred in the Western Daily Press in the 1970s nearly as often as Diana Dors and Dr Miriam’s husband Tom, has died. Previous posts have discussed Lord Bath, his family and wifelets in some depth…

Lord Bath at Longleat House in 2003

I’ll just highlight that after years of wifelets and painting erotic murals and robust support for marginal political parties dedicated to a mythical Wessex, after inheriting his father’s title, the Loins found his true home and sat in the Lords as a Lib Dem.Image result for shirley williams mp images

Lord Bath died in the Royal United Hospital Bath, as a result of er Coronavirus…

Surely Lord Bath must be the poshest explorer of Uganda to have been wiped out by Coronavirus to date.

The Loins – he was still Viscount Weymouth in his heyday – must have been one of the grandest Insider witnesses alive to Ugandan discussions in Wiltshire, Bath and Royal Circles. Will Brenda Pay Tribute to the Loins in her Address To The Nation this evening?

Lord Bath was Lord of the Bath of Quaker Chocolate King Jeremy Fry and his shagfests, one of which was the occasion of the conception of Jeremy’s daughter Polly, as a result of Lord Snowdon’s activities rather than Jeremy’s, just as the Royal Engagement between Snowdon and Ma’am Darling was announced.

See the source imageSee the source image

Previous posts have discussed how Bath, always a Nice City in Somerset, became very expensive and very fashionable in the 1980s. As far as I could see the phenomenon was considerably helped by the trains between Paddington and the West Country becoming fast; the bar and first class carriages became noticeably full of wealthy City workers who had settled in Bath. Bath became very popular for Civil Service Mandarins as well.

I realised that the joint had started jumping at Bath when Peter Gabriel moved there (in the 1970s before the rush) and established recording studios at Bath. As rock legends tend to when they buy impressive houses in rural areas, Peter Gabriel recorded a song about a nice hill in the West Country.

Bath also attracted a number of high profile artists, including pop artist Peter Blake, notorious for creating the sleeve design of the Beatles 1967 album Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Image result for sgt pepper's lonely hearts club images who moved to Bath in 1969. Sir Peter Thomas Blake CBE RDI RA (born 25 June 1932) is also known for co-creating the sleeve design for two of the Who‘s albums. Blake’s other best known works include the cover of the Band Aid single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?“, and the Live Aid concert poster.

Band Aid was substantially the result of St Geldof and Midge Ure. St Geldof’s partner of many years Paula grew up in the Llandudno area, Gwynne’s Fatherland and went to the primary school in Rowen, the village in which Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Wyn Roberts lived. Midge Ure began his musical career as a member of teeny band Slik, which was managed by Tam Paton, the Edinburgh-based gangster with a penchant for teenaged boys and Class A drugs who managed the Rollers.

Band Aid was a 1984 sensation, the year of the Gwynne Row.

Peter Blake also designed the 2012 Brit Award statuette.

Peter Blake was born in Dartford, Kent, on 25 June 1932. Thatch and Denis had very strong connections to Dartford as a result of Thatch being politically active in the area while she was still trying to get elected as an MP. Bill Deedes, their close friend who ended up as the Methuselah of the Torygraph, was elected as the MP for Ashford in Kent. Image result for bill deedes images Kent was strong Thatch country in a very personal way, a lot of Kent Tories knew Thatch very well. Blake was educated at the Gravesend Technical College school of art and the Royal College of Art.

During the late 1950s, Blake became one of the best known British pop artists. Blake was included in group exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and had his first solo exhibition in 1960. In the “Young Contemporaries” exhibition of 1961 in which he exhibited alongside David Hockney and R. B. Kitaj, Blake was first identified with the emerging British Pop Art movement. Blake won the (1961) John Moores junior award for Self Portrait with Badges. He came to wider public attention when, along with Pauline Boty, Derek Boshier and Peter Phillips, he featured in Ken Russell‘s Monitor film on pop art, Pop Goes the Easel, broadcast on BBC TV in 1962. From 1963, Blake was represented by Robert Fraser placing him at the centre of swinging London and brought him into contact with leading figures of popular culture. His Captain Webb Matchbox piece is another of his works in the pop art movement.

At the “Pop Art in Changing Britain” exhibit and as reported by The Telegraph on 21 February 2018, Blake’s Girls with Their Hero, a 1959 painting of facets of Elvis Presley was said to have “fashioned a highly personal form of Pop Art, infused by nostalgia for Victoriana and a long-lost world of native pastimes”. Blake has referred to the work of other artists many times. Another example, The First Real Target (1961) a standard archery target with the title written across the top is a play on paintings of targets by Kenneth Noland and Jasper Johns.

Blake painted several album sleeves. He designed the sleeve for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with his wife Jann Haworth, the American-born artist whom he married in 1963 and divorced in 1979. Blake also made sleeves for Paul Weller‘s Stanley Road (1995) and the Ian Dury tribute album Brand New Boots and Panties (2001; Blake was Dury’s tutor at the Royal College of Art in the mid-60s). Blake designed the sleeves for Pentangle‘s Sweet Child, the Who‘s Face Dances (1981), which features portraits of the band by a number of artists, and 38 years later, the Who‘s Who (2019).

In 1969, Blake left London to live near Bath. His work changed direction to feature scenes based on English Folklore and characters from Shakespeare. In the early 1970s, he made a set of watercolour paintings to illustrate Lewis Carroll‘s Through the Looking-Glass using a young artist, Celia Wanless, as the model for Alice and in 1975 he was a founder of the Brotherhood of Ruralists.

A number of the Brotherhood of Ruralists lived in Somerset. Graham Ovenden is the name that many people know from that group of artists – Ovenden lived in Cornwall for many years – because of the controversy over his work ie. the allegations of child porn/paedophilia, followed by Ovenden and his supporters’ robust response of Image result for how very dare you images.

In 1991, as Ovenden’s work States of Grace was being published, a set of proofs and a photograph for the book were seized by U.S. Customs and held for over seven months. In February 1992, the U.S. Department of Justice claimed that the work depicted “sexually explicit conduct” and therefore was illegal to import, sell or own. During a court hearing one month later in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, a federal prosecutor identified page 54 as containing the sole offending image in the book. This was a substantial retreat from the Govt’s initial position that the book contained numerous images which, theoretically, could be found illegal.

A hearing before Magistrate Zachary Carter was held on 28 May 1992, attended by the subject depicted in the allegedly offending image, then 18 years of age, and eminent photo-historian and critic, A. D. Coleman. Both witnesses were prepared to testify in support of Ovenden and proffered written statements. Representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union’s ACLU Foundation Arts Censorship Project were also in court to offer their brief, which was joined by artists, art critics, administrators and organizations, in opposition to the government’s attempt to censor States of Grace. As to the image on page 54, the ACLU brief stated: “[W]hether viewed individually or as part of the entire book, Ovenden’s portrait appears plainly to be a photograph with genuine artistic, not pornographic, intentions, and thus a constitutionally-protected work of art.”

Ovenden himself attested in writing as follows: “Symbolically speaking, we are dealing with feelings of the heart and the human yearning for Edenic simplicity – a state of grace, as it were, where there is neither sin nor corruption. The apple has yet to be eaten. The subject, of course, symbolizes this state in the photograph. At the same time, we see that the attainment of Eden is no easy task: the vulnerability of the child suggests, or rather confirms, the fragility of Eden, as well as its fleeting nature in the face of the concerns of the adult world and the demands of modernity.” Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.28.06Ultimately, no testimony was required at the 28 May 1992 hearing. In the face of the subject’s account of her experience of being photographed by Ovenden, the statements proffered by Ovenden and Coleman, and the support of the ACLU and others, the Govt acknowledged defeat and returned the photograph and the proofs. Two months later the book was imported into the United States.

On 21 May 1998, censors in New Zealand classified States of Grace as UNRESTRICTED, meaning that it was deemed suitable for all audiences. A document containing the classification, Classified books from 1963 to 31 July 2009 is available online from the New Zealand Office of Film & Literature Classification.

On 5 May 2000, the San Diego Public Library announced that it did not consider States of Grace (as well as David Hamilton‘s Twenty Five Years of an Artist) to contain child pornography and stated that both Ovenden and Hamilton are “contemporary and historically important photographers” whose work is “culturally and artistically significant” and “within the library’s collection-development guidelines”. The determination was made in response to a ruling by a San Diego Superior Court judge that a man had photocopied images from those books “not for art’s sake but for sexual purposes.” In late October 2009, British customs permitted entry of Ovenden’s book, States of Grace, sent to a customer who purchased it at auction in the United States on eBay. A year later, in England, some of Ovenden’s photographs were confiscated by the Obscene Publications Squad from Scotland Yard but returned after a campaign by Lord Hutchinson and fellow artists Sir Hugh Casson and David Hockney.


Ovenden’s work Five Girls and 29 other images in the permanent collection of the Tate Gallery were accessible online until October 2009, following the scandal that erupted over a photograph of Brooke Shields as part of the Tate Modern’s 2009 Pop Life exhibit.

Graham Ovenden was born in New Alresford, Hampshire, into a Fabian household, attended Itchen Grammar School (1954–59) and was taught music privately by Albert Ketèlbey. He was a student at the Royal College of Music, before taking up painting around 1962. He was tutored by Lord David Cecil and Harold Wilson’s wife’s close friend John Betjeman. Ovenden attended the Southampton School of Art, and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1968. One of his most important teachers was James Sellars, an expert on Samuel Palmer.

Thus Ovenden was of Hampshire originally. See the source image

Ovenden moved to Cornwall from Richmond upon Thames in 1973 with his wife painter Annie Ovenden and their family. In 1973 there already existed a big paedophile ring in Richmond, substantially assisted by Louis Minster, the Director of Richmond Social Services who was an active paedophile. Louis had previously worked for Oxfordshire Social Services, under Barbara Kahan, who spent an entire life facilitating abuse. After Loyal Service to abusers of Dudley in the West Midlands and then Oxfordshire, Babs’s talents were spotted by Grocer Heath’s Govt and she was appointed children’s social work adviser to, initially the Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling and then to Secretary of State Keith Joseph when responsibility for children in care was transferred to Joseph’s Dept.

Babs, who was married to child psychiatrist Vladimir Kahan, remained at the pinnacle of children’s social work for the rest of her career, advising Govts, charidees, writing educational material and in the early 1990s Co-Chaired the Public Inquiry into the Staffordshire Pin-Down Scandal. Louis was Trained and Protected by the most senior figure in Govt advisory work re children’s social work.See the source image

Ovenden bought a cottage on Bodmin Moor with 22 acres of land and began constructing “Barley Splatt”, a neo-Gothic building. The style is eclectic and has been influenced by John Betjeman and Frank Lloyd Wright; some features are influenced by World War II aeroplane engines and tin mine chimneys. All the building was done by Ovenden himself and by 1988 the house was about half finished. It was put on the market as an unfinished project in 2008 and sold.

In 2009 Ovenden was charged with 16 counts of creating “indecent” photographs or pseudo-photographs (i.e., artistic renderings which appear to be photographs) of children, and two counts of possessing 121 “indecent” photographs or pseudo-photographs of children. The 121 images are all versions or stages of the 16 works and had been deleted from Ovenden’s computer at the time his home was raided in 2006. The images were subsequently undeleted by police. The prosecution argued that these images are “indecent” and that there can be no defence of creating or possessing “indecent” photographs or pseudo-photographs for artistic purposes. The defence argued that the works 121 images were temporary stages toward the creation of the 16 works, that those works constitute art and in no event were any of the works created with criminal intent. The Crown has not alleged that the images at issue depict any actual children.

On 22 October 2009, after less than two days of trial, the jury was discharged and a new trial date set. On 9 April 2010, after a five-minute hearing, the case was thrown out by the judge as two key prosecution witnesses, police officers who had searched his home three and a half years earlier, failed to appear in court. Graham Ovenden described the police as “totally and utterly transfixed by childhood sexuality” and himself as “a controversial figure and, at the moment, a very angry old man”. The prosecution declined to launch an appeal.

On 19 April 2010, the Western Morning News said the Child Abuse Investigation Team of the Metropolitan Police, the force which had carried out the three and a half-year investigation for the trial, was investigating Ovenden over allegations of child sex abuse. Ovenden said such allegations had been made at the start of the previous investigation and dropped, and that, “the Metropolitan Police are being very vindictive about this.”

In March 2013, Ovenden went on trial at Truro Crown Court, accused with nine charges of indecency with a child and indecent assault on victims aged between six and 14. He denied the claims. On 2 April 2013 Ovenden was found guilty of six charges of indecency with a child and one charge of indecent assault against a child. The charges came from adults who claimed they had been abused by Ovenden as children. Some of them involved claims that he abused children while they were posing for his pictures. The abuse charges related to incidents between 1972 and 1985. Ovenden was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years. On 9 October 2013 the Appeal Court increased his sentence to an immediate prison term of 27 months.

Following his conviction, the Victoria and Albert Museum removed half of their 14 Ovenden images from its website, and the Tate removed 34 of his images from its online collection, although it later reinstated images of three abstract landscapes. In 2015, District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe ordered that Ovenden’s personal collection of paintings and photographs, created by him and others, be destroyed, stating: “I have very little doubt that sexual gratification is, at the very least, part of Mr Ovenden’s reasons for making these images.” Ovenden responded to the press that: ““I am a famous artist. I am an equally famous photographer, and they are destroying material which has been in the public domain for over 40 years.”

Graham Ovenden was a founder of the Brotherhood of Ruralists in 1975, along with Graham Arnold, Ann Arnold, Sir Peter Blake, David Inshaw, Annie Ovenden and Jann Haworth. The Brotherhood is no longer extant, although in 2005 it had a major London exhibition at the Leicester Galleries. They were given the name “Brotherhood of Ruralists” by the writer Laurie Lee.

Laurie Lee provided a great deal of valuable support to the Brotherhood of Ruralists in their attempts to establish themselves in the 1970s, and he continued to do so until his death; his essay Understanding the Ruralists opened the Brotherhood’s major 1993 retrospective book. Laurie Lee is discussed in previous posts. He was a Giggler who lived in Gloucestershire in the Stroud area and worked as an accountant, as did my grandfather before he moved to Somerset. If Lee and grandpa didn’t personally know each other, they knew mutual people.

Lee met Lorna Wishart of the high profile bohemian family in Cornwall in 1937 and they had an affair (Lorna was married) lasting until she left him for Lucian Freud in 1943. They had a daughter, Yasmin David, together. Wishart’s husband Ernest agreed to raise the girl as his own; she later became an artist.

Lorna Cecilia Garman Wishart (11 January 1911-12 January 2000) was the youngest of the nine children of Walter Garman, an eccentric doctor, and his wife Margaret. Lorna, her six sisters and her two brothers grew up at Oakeswell Hall, Wednesbury, and then became prominent in the Bloomsbury set in London. Cressida Connolly said of Lorna:

“Lorna, the baby of the family, was perhaps the most flamboyant of the fabulous Garmans. She wore beautiful and unusual clothes, and smelled of Chanel No. 5, went riding on her horse at night, drove a chocolate-brown Bentley, and would strip naked to swim in inviting lakes or rivers or 10-metre waves. At 14 she seduced the man who would become her husband when she was 16, the publisher Ernest Wishart.”

I have no idea whether Cressida Connolly had a complete grasp of the situation or whether she was a sort of Dafydd who routinely believed that steaming 14 yr olds lead Adult Men Into Temptation.

Ernest Wishart founded the publisher Wishart & Co., which soon became Lawrence and Wishart, which became the publishing house of the Communist Party of Great Britain, in collaboration with Douglas Garman, the Party’s Education Secretary. Throughout her marriage to him Lorna had several affairs. With Wishart, she had a son, Michael, who became a painter. Both Lee and Freud went on to marry nieces of Lorna’s, respectively Kathy Polge and Kitty Garman. Lorna Wishart died on 12 January 2000.

Lorna’s son John Michael Wishart (June 12, 1928-June 29, 1996) known as Michael Wishart, spent most of his career in France, America and North Africa. A friend of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, he published a memoir in 1977 entitled High Diver (in French Le Saut de l’ange), which caused a scandal with its description of his bohemian lifestyle.

Born on June 12, 1928 in the London borough of St Pancras, Wishart was the first son of Ernest Wishart (1902-1987), co-founder of the Marxist publishing house Lawrence and Wishart, and of Lorna Garman (1911-2000), future model and mistress of the painter Lucian Freud. His godmother was the collector Peggy Guggenheim, and his step-sister Yasmin was the daughter of Laurie Lee. Raised in Sussex, Michael studied at Bedales School, at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London and at the Anglo-French Art School in St. John’s Wood, where he was taught by Óscar Domínguez, Antoni Clavé, Jean Lurçat and André Lhote. Michael then studied with the painter Cedric Morris in Suffolk.

He had early success with his first major exhibition at the Redfern Gallery in 1956. It was given a glowing review by David Sylvester who had hung the exhibition for him, so much so that Wishart stated that he had been overawed by the reaction, giving him doubts as to whether he would be able to live up to it. In the eyes of several who knew Michael and his work, this he signally failed to do, succumbing instead to a hedonistic lifestyle, his painting activity continuing only because “his need to paint was always stronger than a desire to go under.”

Michael married on June 12, 1950 the artist Anne Dunn, with whom he had a son in 1953, Francis. They divorced in 1960 (Dunn later married the painter Rodrigo Moynihan).

Michael Wishart died on June 29, 1996 in Wandsworth. I’ll remind readers of Michael’s Indie obituary written by Philip Hoare, that clarifies Michael’s friendship with Gigglers of the Gang Ancient and Modern:

With his sonorous monotone drawl, floridly handsome features and quiet erudition, Michael Wishart could have been taken for a rather urbane landowner, or perhaps a bookish squire. Anyone eavesdropping on the artist lunching at the Travellers’ Club might therefore have been surprised to hear Wishart report that preparation for his last art lecture in Normandy consisted of two very dry Martinis and “a little amphetamine”.

Michael Wishart’s ability to balance high-society propriety with Bohemian kudos was ever a delicate acrobatic skill. He was born in 1928, son of the publisher Ernest Wishart (of Lawrence & Wishart), whose Marxist sympathies the boy did not inherit. He was brought up at Pulborough in Sussex: “As a child there were no quarrels, no terrors, no rages that could not be healed by running into the fields with a paint box.”

The local prisoner-of-war camp introduced more physical passions to those fields in the form of a blond German boy named Harm; thereafter Wishart would openly acknowledge his bisexuality. He had an early entry into hedonism: at 12, he was an habitue of David Tennant’s Gargoyle Club in Soho, dancing with Tennant’s young daughter, Pauline – to become a lifelong friend – and meeting her aesthetic uncle, Stephen Tennant, a decorative recluse whose eccentricities he would soon come to emulate.
 Wishart was educated at Bedales, where he befriended Thom Gunn and read Charles Henri Ford’s View. At the Central School of Arts and Crafts he was taught by Cedric Morris while living with his uncle, the poet Roy Campbell; in 1947 he moved to Paris, sharing a room with Lucian Freud (who the following year married Wishart’s cousin, Kitty Epstein), drinking a lot, and meeting Marie-Laure de Noailles, Christian Berard and Boris Kochno.

His patron Peter Watson introduced Wishart to Denham Fouts, an opium addict (he was amused to hear Cocteau describe Fouts “as a bad influence”) who in turn introduced a besotted Wishart to the habit. Wishart memorably described Fouts as looking like “the best-looking boy at a West Coast college. He wore nothing but cream-coloured flannel trousers and had the torso of an athlete. Along his beautiful shoulders and golden forearms ran snow-white mice with startled pink eyes, which he stroked gently with the backs of his hands.”

Wishart’s memoirs, High Diver (1977), reflect his conversational talent for such vivid cameos: Nancy Cunard’s legs “so thin that it looked as though two threads of her knickers had come undone”; Francis Bacon applying boot black to his hair and Vim to his teeth.

Much of Wishart’s subsequent life seemed to be spent in a search for profound sensation (a Catholic convert, he revelled in its ritual, as well as revering its tenets). His sense of adventure was tinged with doomy pessimism. He was, perhaps, out of time, caught between the pre-war aesthetes, the wartime Bohemians and the post-war pop generation, and influenced by all three. He was wilfully eccentric. Like Stephen Tennant’s artfully composed letters, Wishart’s communications spiralled round the page in colour-changing felt-tip pen. “I have conceived a searing passion for Michael Jackson,” he wrote to me in 1988, “how I am to live apart from him is an appalling quandary.”

He loved to make an entrance: surreal in country tweeds at Stephen Tennant’s funeral, or, as he described breathlessly in another postcard, “in full Bonnie Prince Charlie kilt a lot of ecru lace & half my grandmother’s pearls and rubies at a Masse de mariage at an exquisite chateau . . .” A gentle irony tempered Wishart’s fanciful rhetoric and tendency to namedrop, and made him essentially lovable, more especially when he was telling some unlikely anecdote with the driest of wits.

As an artist, Wishart applied himself fitfully to his calling. His 1956 exhibition at the Redfern received excellent reviews, and David Sylvester wrote in the Listener of “a sensibility that is at once shamelessly romantic and deeply sophisticated, and which endows the wide open spaces of the great outdoors with a sort of hothouse preciosity . . . he is one of the select band of English romantic painters who are truly painters.”

Wishart was overawed by this tribute; perhaps he felt it difficult to live up to, for much of his subsequent career seemed spent in approaching but not quite achieving the first ranks of British art: “Call me a dedicated dauber who holds his hat upside-down and is sometimes surprised to see a rabbit fall out of it.” His larger, more abstract canvases are his best, evoking a mystical dream-world out of Odilon Redon or Andre Derain, neo- romantic landscapes and hidden faces captured in bravura swathes of oil. These were Blakean visions, and the comparison is apposite: both artists were directed by their muses and prone to sweeping statements about their worth.

Whether Michael Wishart’s will be vindicated only posterity will tell. Certainly, in his lifetime, he did not fulfil his promise. (He called has as-yet unpublished second volume of memoirs Injury Time.) He was forever talking of being unable to attend some function because he was in the midst of his very finest creative phase, thereby concealing his own terrors. But the work he did accomplish merges with the memory of his exuberant life, to leave a lasting impression of something precious.

John Michael Wishart, artist: born London 12 June 1928; married 1950 Ann Dunn (one son; marriage dissolved 1959); died London 28 June 1996.

Previous posts discuss the influential Giggling Wishart/Garmon circle in detail. They can be summed up thus: Image result for sir cough and amabel williams ellis imagesSee the source image

Before 1951 Laurie Lee worked primarily as a journalist and as a scriptwriter. During the Second World War he made documentary films for the GPO Film Unit (1939–40) and the Crown Film Unit (1941–43). From 1944 to 1946 Lee worked as the Publications Editor for the Ministry of Information. In 1950 Lee married Catherine Francesca Polge, whose father was Provençal and whose mother was another of the Garman sisters, Helen; they had one daughter, Jessie. From 1950 to 1951 Lee  was caption-writer-in-chief for the Festival of Britain, for which service he was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1952.

Lee’s work was popularised by the media around the time that Mr Thrope found himself in hot water and when the Gang went after Mary Wynch.

Graham Ovenden and his work have been the subject of broadcasts and films, including Lolita Unclothed for the series World without Walls (ITV, Channel 4, 1993), Stop the Week (BBC Radio 4, 1989), Curious Houses with Lucinda Lambton (BBC-TV, 1987), Bats in the Belfy – Home Sweet Home (ITV, 1987), Robinson Country: The Painter (ITV, 1987), Figures in a Landscape: The Brotherhood of Ruralists (BBC Radio 3, 1983), and Summer with the Ruralists, a film produced and directed by John Read for the BBC (1978–79). In 2000, the British Library funded a formal interview with Ovenden as part of its Oral History of British Photography series.


Some of those close to Graham Ovenden, although very probably not all of them, will have known that his conduct around some children if not all, was very worrying. Ovenden knew a great many high profile people; he was being protected by some of them.

Ovenden’s estranged wife is the artist Annie Ovenden. Their daughter, Emily, is a writer and singer with the Mediæval Bæbes and Pythia.


Peter Blake moved back to London in 1979 and his work returned to earlier popular culture references.

In 1990 and 1991, Blake painted the artwork to Eric Clapton‘s 1991 million-selling live album 24 Nights. A scrapbook featuring all of Blake’s drawing was later released. In January 1992, Blake appeared on BBC2’s acclaimed “Arena” Masters of the Canvas documentary and painted the portrait of the wrestler Kendo Nagasaki.

In June 2006, as The Who returned to play Leeds University 36 years after recording their seminal Live at Leeds album in 1970, Blake unveiled a Live at Leeds 2 artwork to commemorate the event. The artist and The Who’s Pete Townshend signed an edition which will join the gallery’s collection. More recently, Blake has created artist’s editions for the opening of the Pallant House Gallery which houses collections of his most famous paintings. The works are homages to his earlier work on the Stanley Road album cover and Babe Rainbow prints.

In 2006, Blake designed the cover for Oasis greatest hits album Stop the Clocks. According to Blake, he chose all of the objects in the picture at random, but the sleeves of Sgt. Pepper’s and Definitely Maybe were in the back of his mind. He claims, “It’s using the mystery of Definitely Maybe and running away with it.” Familiar cultural icons which can be seen on the cover include Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Michael Caine (replacing the original image of Marilyn Monroe, which could not be used for legal reasons) and the seven dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Blake revealed that the final cover wasn’t the original which featured an image of the shop ‘Granny Takes a Trip’ on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London.

Blake created an updated version of Sgt. Pepper – with famous figures from Liverpool history – for the campaign for Liverpool to become European Capital of Culture in 2008, and is created a series of prints to celebrate Liverpool’s status. Miranda’s mate Drummond Bone the VC of Liverpool University at the time was the man behind the Capital of Culture campaign. In 2008, Blake painted a pig for the public art event King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath in the city of Bath.

A fan of Chelsea Football Club, Blake designed a collage to promote the team’s home kit in 2010. He also designed a shopping bag for the Lucky Brand Jeans company for the holiday season. As part of ‘The Big Egg Hunt’ February 2012 Sir Peter Blake designed an egg on behalf of Dorchester Collection. Blake created the carpet which runs through the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom’s Middlesex Guildhall building.

As he approached his 80th birthday, Blake undertook a project to recreate the Sgt. Pepper album cover with images of British cultural icons of his life that he most admires. The new version was created for a special birthday celebration of Blake’s life at fashion designer Wayne Hemingway‘s Vintage festival at Boughton House, Northamptonshire in July 2012.

Tony Francis died at some point in the summer of 2012. Bodger’s son was a business partner of Wayne Hemingway. Bodger was still alive in 2012. Oundle School is in Northamptonshire, where Clough and so many who subsequently joined Gwynne and Dafydd’s Gigglers were educated.

An exhibition was held at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester to celebrate Peter Blake’s long associations with music called [Peter Blake and Pop Music] (23 June to 7 October 2012). In 2014, Blake exhibited his illustrations inspired by Under Milk Wood at National Museum Cardiff. In 2016, Blake designed the artwork for Eric Clapton’s studio album I Still Do.

Blake became a Royal Academician in 1981. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in Brenda’s 1983 Birthday Honours and Knight Bachelor in Brenda’s 2002 Birthday Honours for his services to art. Blake was knighted by Carlo in an investiture ceremony at Buck House. Retrospectives of Blake’s work were held at the Tate in 1983 and Tate Liverpool in 2008.

In February 2005, the Sir Peter Blake Music Art Gallery, located in the School of Music, University of Leeds, was opened by Blake. The permanent exhibition features 20 examples of Blake’s album sleeve art, including the only public showing of a signed print of his Sgt. Pepper’s artwork.

In March 2011, Blake was awarded an honorary DMus from the University of Leeds, and marked by the public unveiling of his artwork for the Boogie For Stu album. On 18 July 2011, Blake was awarded an honorary degree for Doctor of Art from Nottingham Trent University. In 2014 he was made an honorary academician at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.

Blake was married to the American-born artist Jann Haworth from 1963 to 1979, and they had two daughters together, Liberty and Daisy. In 1980, Blake met fellow artist Chrissy Wilson, they married in 1987, and have a daughter, Rose.

Peter Blake has lived in Chiswick, London, since 1967.

Here’s a Recent Sad Passing of Significance that didn’t receive the publicity that it surely deserved:

Miranda Elizabeth Louise Macmillan, Countess of Stockton (née Quarry; 1947-20 March 2020), a British socialite and fashion model. Miranda was of course the wife of Maurice Macmillan’s son Alexander. Miranda was the ultimate Insider witness; before she married Alexander Macmillan – in 1995, year of Brenda’s Birthday Honours Of Shame and the 1995 Club opening for business – Miranda was married to Peter Sellers, who Giggled with many and was a good customer of Gwynne and Dafydd.Image result for Miranda Countess of StocktonMiranda was born in Wokingham, Berkshire, the daughter of Richard Bridges St. John Quarry and his first wife, Diana Elizabeth, the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Horace Lloyd. Her mother later married Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft in 1951. The Mancrofts had Giggles links, most notably Benjamin, 3rd Baron Mancroft, as discussed in previous posts. Ronnie Waterhouse knew Benjamin and his dad…

Miranda was married three times:

  1. Peter Sellers (1970–1974) Image result for peter sellers images
  2. Sir Nicholas Nuttall, 3rd Baronet (1975–1983): they had three daughters: Gytha Miranda Nuttall (b. 1975), Amber Louise Nuttall (b. 1977) and Olympia Jubilee Nuttall (b. 1978)
  3. Alexander Macmillan, 2nd Earl of Stockton (1995–2011)
    The Earl of Stockton
    Alexander Macmillan, Lord Stockton.jpg

See previous posts for gen on Miranda, Alexander Macmillan and their huge network of ex-partners, discussers of Uganda etc. This man is one of that network:See the source image

A small deaths notice appeared in the Torygraph following Miranda’s death:

From the Telegraph of 20 March 2020: STOCKTON Miranda, Countess of Stockton, neé Quarry, daughter of the late Lady Mancroft, mother of Gytha, Amber and Olympia, died peacefully at home following a short illness. Private funeral. A celebration of her life will be announced at a future date.

She was d of Richard Bridges St John QUARRY (1912-2002) by his 1939 m to Diana Elizabeth (1917-99, having m 1951 2nd Baron Mancroft (1914-87) and was mother of the 3rd & present Baron) d of Lt-Col Horace LLOYD DSO (1882-) by his c1913 m (reg Q1 London) to Margaret Jessica GODDARD (1878-1941). She m 1st (as his 3rd of four wives) Sir Nicholas Keith Illington NUTTALL 3rd Bt (1933-2007) and had three daus as above. She m 2nd as his 2nd w the actor Peter Richard Henry SELLERS CBE (1925-80). She m 3rd 1996 (div 2010) as his 2nd w the 2nd Earl of STOCKTON (b 1943).

A few Quarry details:
Miranda Stockton’s elder sister, Venetia Margaret (b. 1942) m. Capt. Frederick Grant Barker, 11th Hussars, a friend of the Prince of Wales; their dau. Samantha Nancy Diana (1966-) m. 1996, Guy Dominic Thornton, previously married to Hon. Ailwyn Henry George Broughton, 3rd Baron Fairhaven, by whom he had issue. Venetia Barker remarried in 1983 to the 3rd Viscount Wimborne, and had a dau., Ilona Charlotte, b. 1985, who m. 2012.
R. B. St J. Quarry m. 2nd, 1952, Jane, dau. of W/Cdr Nigel James Bengough, R.A.F., D.L., of that family of The Ridge, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos. and Alice Ernestine, dau. of Sir George Albu, 1st Bt.

I’ve not had time to finish blogging about the above re some of those who spiralled out from Loins of Longleat, when another RIP needs to be mentioned on the blog. I’ve just read on ‘The Guardian’ online that Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, the Scotland Yard copper wot finally brought the Twins to justice and saw them jailed in 1969 has died, at aged 95. Supposedly of er Coronavirus. I am still waiting for news of Heseltine’s death, but when it comes I assume that the cause of death will be Coronavirus.

Leonard Read holding a miniature handcuffs tie clip at the Home Office in London in 1972 (Home Secretary = Reginald Maudling):

Leonard Read holding a miniature handcuffs tie clip at the Home Office in London in 1972.

Nipper of course wasn’t allowed to bring the Twins to justice until all the other arses of those who needed to be saved were well-covered eg. Bob Boothby, Gwynne, Dafydd, the entire staff of the London Hospital and no doubt Maurice Macmillan as well. The fact that the paw prints of that lot were absolutely everywhere while people were grumbling about the Twins was the reason why Met Commissioner Sir Joe Simpson – one of Clough’s old Oundle boys circle – just couldn’t touch them.

The official reason for Joe’s lack of action was that after the Mirror dared publish an article about Bob Boothby, Lord Arnold Goodman Lord Goodman.jpgadvised Boothby to do a huge Image result for how very dare you images, the Mirror shelled out. It was taken as a George Carmanesque Warning To Others who might feel like mentioning the words ‘bisexual gangster with celeb friends using the services of rent boys supplied by Gwynne and Dafydd while discussing Uganda with Labour MP/Spy Tom Driberg and furthermore shagging Dorothy Macmillan’ in the same sentence as Bob Boothby’s name.Image result for lord bob boothby imagesSee the source imageSee the source image

The Mirror ‘defamation’ case woz all a deceit; Maurice Macmillan, his family and friends, needed armour plating before The Twins woz nicked. Gerald Gardiner, Harold Wilson’s Lord Chancellor, was in the thick of the criminality as of course was Harold’s Home Secretary Frank Soskice. But Gardiner was Mr Big. See ‘Let’s Tell Them Shall We’.


Bob Boothby died on 16 July 1986, three months after the Gang killed Anne Vernon and three months after Mrs Simpson died. Ollie Brooke was awaiting trial and on 17 Aug 1986 the Gang unlawfully detained me, causing me to encounter Dafydd for the first time. Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist died himself sometime in the autumn of 1986. Ollie was jailed in Dec 1986, on the very day on which I was detailed, again unlawfully, in the Bryn Golau Peep Show and then Supermac died on 29 Dec 1986.

‘The Guardian’ mentioned that Nipper also Brought The Great Train Robbers To Justice and it was after that triumph that Nipper was transferred to the Twins’ case. I think ‘The Guardian’ meant that Nipper brought some of the Great Train Robbers to justice. Those gangsters from Theodore Goddard, Solicitors To Bertrand Russell, who tried to fit my father up in 1963 and then turned up at his farm with cases of used notes after he said ‘no thanks’ to the dodgy business deal, weren’t Sent Down.

Theodore Goddard logo.jpgImage result for bertrand russell imagesSee the source image
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Major practice areas General practice
Date founded 1902
Company type Partnership
Dissolved 1 May 2003

Neither was Lord Denning or Maurice Macmillan. Or even Fotherington-Heseltine, let alone Lord Gnome. I have a further post planned about those events, but I have a few other matters to deal with first.

I note re Theodore Goddard that: John Theodore Goddard (1879-27 November 1952) was an English solicitor and founder of the law firm Theodore Goddard (TG) based in London. The firm merged with Addleshaw Booth & Co on 1 May 2003 to become Addleshaw Goddard. As a young man of 24, Goddard founded the practice of Theodore Goddard & Co in 1902. For some years, he practised on his own account from offices in Clement’s Inn, close by the Law Courts. Working the London court circuit as a litigator, Goddard’s reputation soon enabled him to attract as a valuable client the newly created office of The Public Trustee. Years later, that office played a central role in ruining Mary Wynch. With the growth of the practice, Goddard moved to new offices in Sergeant’s Inn in the Temple area of London in 1917.

Over the next 30 years, there was further progress and by 1946 the firm of Theodore Goddard & Co had eight partners. John Theodore Goddard become known nationwide when, in 1936, he was instructed by Mrs Wallis Simpson (the late Duchess of Windsor) to act for her in her divorce proceedings. When King Edward VIII‘s intention to marry Mrs Simpson became known, Goddard became closely involved, at the behest of PM Stanley Baldwin, in the delicate abdication negotiations.

Following Mrs Simpson’s divorce hearing on 27 October 1936, Goddard became concerned that there would be a “patriotic” citizen’s intervention (a legal device to block the divorce), and that such an intervention would be successful. The courts could not grant a divorce by consent of both parties, and so the case was being handled as if it were an undefended at-fault divorce brought against Mr Simpson, with Mrs Simpson as the innocent, injured party. The divorce action would fail if the citizen’s intervention showed that Mrs Simpson had colluded with her husband by, for example, conniving in or staging the appearance of his adultery so that she could marry someone else. On 7 December 1936, the King heard that Goddard planned to fly to the south of France to see his client. The King summoned him and expressly forbade him to make the journey, fearing the visit might put doubts in Mrs Simpson’s mind. Goddard went straight to Downing Street to see Baldwin, as a result of which he was provided with an aeroplane to take him directly to Cannes.

Upon his arrival, Goddard warned his client that a citizen’s intervention, should it arise, was likely to succeed. It was, according to Goddard, his duty to advise her to withdraw her divorce petition. Mrs Simpson refused, but they both telephoned the King to inform him that she was willing to give him up so that he could remain King. It was, however, too late; the King had already made up his mind to go even if he could not marry Mrs Simpson. Indeed, as the belief that the abdication was inevitable gathered strength, Goddard stated that: “[his] client was ready to do anything to ease the situation but the other end of the wicket [Edward VIII] was determined”.

Goddard had a weak heart and had never flown before and so asked his doctor, William Kirkwood, to accompany him on the trip. As Kirkwood was a resident at a maternity hospital, his presence led to false speculation that Mrs Simpson was pregnant and even that she was having an abortion. The press excitedly reported that the solicitor had flown to Mrs Simpson accompanied by a gynaecologist and an anaesthetist (who was actually the lawyer’s clerk).

In 1941, the offices suffered a direct hit during a Blitz air raid and were completely destroyed, together with most of the firm’s records and clients’ papers. The firm then relocated to New Court, immediately behind the Law Courts, when they acted for gangsters linked to the Royal Family and Master of the Rolls, Image result for lord denning imageswhich remained its home until its move to the City of London in 1965.

John Theodore Goddard retired as Senior Partner in 1950 and died in 1952. However, the 1950s saw a period of further growth through amalgamation with, in particular, the City firm of Deacons & Pritchard (founded in 1834) and the firm of Rhys Roberts & Co, founded in 1883 by future PM David Lloyd George, a partner of the firm until his Parliamentary duties grew too burdensome.Lloyd george

The firm of Theodore Goddard developed as a balanced general practice, with an emphasis on private client work. Image result for the london hospital imagesSee the source imageImage result for KraysThe firm starred in the Profumo Affair. In 1963, then senior partner Derek Clogg was instructed by John Profumo. See the source imageThat was at the very time that Theodore Goddard made my father an offer that they didn’t foresee that he would refuse. The solicitor was referred to in the Hansard transcripts of the House of Commons as “a solicitor of the highest reputation and widest experience” stephen ward deathSee the source imagewho “has had great experience in cases dealing with libel, with divorce and all those matters where human frailty and possible lying Dr Dafydd Alun JonesImage result for bertrand russell imagesMaurice Macmillan 1957.jpgImage result for michael heseltine imagesSee the source imageSee the source image may come into account”. The firm was similarly described as being “a very well known firm of London solicitors”.Image result for doug and dinsdale piranha images

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Theodore Goddard & Co. attracted many company clients and the commercial side of the practice grew rapidly. This led to the decision in 1965 to concentrate on this work and move to offices in St. Martin’s Le Grand in the City of London.

Company, commercial and international work continued to increase during the next 20 years, by which time it had become the predominant part of the practice. By the end of the 1980s the London office had grown to a total of over 300 staff with over 40 partners. This made it necessary to move offices again in 1990, this time to offices at 150 Aldersgate Street, which continued to form part of the London network of offices operated by the merged firm Addleshaw Goddard.

During the expansion of the practice throughout the 1990s, the firm at times experimented with international associate offices in Prague, Warsaw, Brussels and Paris amongst others. For a short time, there was also a small office run out of St. Albans.

Theodore Goddard continued to retain a strong media and entertainment Dr Dafydd Alun Jones law practice alongside a private client capability (including private tax work for members of The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and others and defamation lawyers) at a time when many City law firms were divesting themselves of such business areas and concentrating on pure corporate matters. This diversity occasionally gave rise to high-profile cases involving celebrities including the firm’s instruction in relation to the Hello! magazine dispute over photographs of Catherine Zeta-Jones‘s wedding to Michael Douglas and its appointment by Michael Jackson to advise on the controversial Living with Michael Jackson documentary.Image result for michael jackson and bubbles images

Toward the end of the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century, the firm was linked to a succession of potential merger targets including a rejected offer from Eversheds in 1993 and a proposed tri-partite amalgamation in 1998 with Richards Butler and Denton Hall. However, following a third failed merger attempt in 2001, this time with Salans Hertzfeld & Heilbronn, the firm’s credibility Dr Dafydd Alun Jones as a viable partnership was beginning to be called into question in both the legal press and the wider profession.

Consequently, in early 2003 (101 years after the firm was founded) following an approach by North of England firm Addleshaw Booth & Co, the fourth proposed merger was approved with very little resistance from the partnership. Five years on, the merger was described as “the most successful law firm merger since 2000”. See the source imageAs of 2010 the merged firm of Addleshaw Goddard continued to operate out of offices in Leeds, Manchester and London.

I note that Nipper Read was a keen boxing fan and served as Chairman of the British Boxing Board of Control, 1996-2000 and was President, 1997-2005. Which probably solves the mystery of why the BMA – led by Dr John Marks – quietly dropped its absolute determination to outlaw boxing. Marks other Health and Safety campaigns all came to fruition, but not the banning of boxing, which was underpinned by far sounder science that many other successful BMA initiatives. Being hit on the head is not a good idea, even if those being hit on the head are consenting adults who understand the dangers. I’m not suggesting that boxing should be outlawed for such participants but I always wondered why Marks and the BMA backed down 100% on that matter.

I guessed that it was something to do with me, because of the friendship between Dai Davies, a former well-known boxer from Bangor and the Gang. Dai Davies’s brother Steve was an addict and struck fear into the hearts of all. Steve was popularly believed to be seriously mad and dangerous; on one occasion someone jumped out of a window, breaking both legs, rather than remain in the room with Davies as the red mist descended. The Davies’s lived on Maesgeirchan, the location of the Ty’r Felin children’s home where the kids were being trafficked to Dolphin Square and other venues; they were involved in crime with the Gigglers and were friends with Liz Stables, the Angel at the Student Health Centre at UCNW. See previous posts.

As any fule kno, boxing was very popular with boys and young men in the East End and the Krays were enthusiastic boxers. Nipper was almost certainly as bent as the rest of the Met who were on board with the Gigglers and he’ll have been mates with the Krays’ associates via boxing…

Dai Davies was famous as a boxer in the 1960s and it was in 1968 or 69 that he was narrowly beaten in a major bout; I can’t remember exact details, but it was impressive, at British championship level or even at European level. Now however did Dai Davies a Bangor-based boxing champ in the late 1960s get to know Dafydd so well???See the source image


BTW thanks to readers who have pointed out that the farmer down the road from Lord Denning who offered father the job on his farm after Maurice had bankrupted him and left him penniless and with nowhere to live, was part of the Cunning Plan as well. I’ve been too busy to think about that, but of course he will have been.

I’ve been told that the advert for a farm worker placed by Jacob Lori just when father needed work was placed in exactly the same spirit as the job adverts to which I responded once the Gang came after me. I have no idea who Jacob was, all I can remember was that he was known for being very cruel to his stock – even by the standards of other farmers – that he was a wealthy big farmer who did things like use machines to dispense his eggs for sale, that he owned several cottages on the farm in which his workers present and retired lived, and he was Jewish. That was never said in the spirit of anti-Semitism, it was just notable, I presume because it was unusual in a farmer. If Jacob had been a Top Doc, lawyer or financier no-one would have batted an eyelid. Jacob could very well have been part of Arnold Goodman’s circle; Goodman was Jewish but he was also a serious criminal in the guise of a philanthropist and man of High Culture. He networked within the Jewish community in particular, even if his best mate was Harold Wilson…

Jacob was probably a deeply criminal man, See the source image but I was only a toddler so my mind wasn’t really on such matters. It would explain why the retired farm workers who lived in the cottages next to us were so loathe to have any interaction with Top Docs or other forms of officialdom and it very sadly probably explains why they all died, See the source image even Mr Frome’s son George who was much younger than the others, within a few years of us returning to Somerset.See the source imageImage result for edward du cann imagesSee the source image

Thanks also to readers for the info that the written account of the visit I paid to where we used to live at Overton in either 1988 or 89 – the only time that I ever returned – that I sent to a third party was copied and passed around various lawyers, including the crooked Andrew Park at the Welsh Office. It was among the batch of documents that were passed to lawyers rather more senior than Park as well, including those containing a benign reference to Jeffrey Archer’s 1987 libel trial that was highlighted and underlined by an unknown hand. Cherie was either still working in George Carman’s Chambers at the time, or she had only recently left. Lord Denning was very much still alive and living just down the road from Overton at Whitchurch. It was in 1988 that Miranda began to be spoken of as a further Leader of the Labour Party.See the source image

I’ve been told that those who received copies of my (utterly benign) letter used the info to ‘plan crimes’. The only observations that I made in the letter was that the row of cottages in which we had lived were still there but had been converted into a rather grand house with expensive vehicles parked outside. I think a stables had been built as well; I remember observing that the sort of people living there will not have been the sort of people who lived there in 1964…See the source imageSee the source imageImage result for lord goodman imagesImage result for lord denning images

If someone somewhere knew that letter was passed around and used ‘to plan crimes’, can anyone explain why I wasn’t told years ago, or indeed how Cherie and Miranda were ever allowed to continue in business let alone become PM and Wife?

It was in 1988 that Fergie’s dad Major Ron, Carlo’s polo manager, hit the headlines after his visits to the Wigmore Club for ‘massages’. Major Ron’s estate and residence, Fergie’s childhood home, was near Overton. It was about then that a smear campaign against Fergie was kicked off by the Top Docs in the London hospitals. See previous posts eg. ‘Tom Thumb and Hidden Bunnies’.See the source image 

When I visited Overton, Peter Walker was the Secretary of State for Wales, overseeing the crook Andrew Park and his legal division in the Welsh Office and the Welsh Office was in the process of rigging the investigation into my complaint utilising Profs Robert Owen, Bluglass and Colin Berry. The Attorney General was former MDU barrister Patrick Mayhew who in 1990 and 91 authorised all those prosecutions in the High Court against me although he knew that perjury was committed in every one by the Gang; the Lord Chancellor was Lord James Mackay…

Norman Fowler was Secretary of State at the DHSS and Sir Donald Acheson, former Dean of Southampton Medical School in Hampshire, Denning Central, was Chief Medical Officer. See the source image

I’ve also been reminded of the many documents relating to the High Court cases of which my files had been cleansed by the time that Keith Thomson the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust was forced to hand them over to me or face being jailed for contempt of court in the summer of 2005. I knew that Thomson had perjured himself when he signed his statement pledging that he had released all documents relating to me because although my lawyers sent bailiffs into the Trust to search the premises and seize all records relating to me, weeks afterwards, the Hergest whistleblower told me that no-one had asked him for his records, they were still in his filing cabinet. The Hergest whistleblower was the only member of staff who consistently raised concerns using Public Interest Disclosure (ie. whistleblowing) procedures when he witnessed staff abusing their positions and I knew that he did it with regard to my case on more than one occasion. Everyone knew where the Hergest whistleblower’s records were kept because he was the Senior Occupational Therapist for the Hergest Unit. No-one asked him at any point for his records relating to me.

I’m fairly sure that the records relating to the High Court cases were either removed from my files years ago or were never placed in there. I have recent written admissions from the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board that documents were removed from my files and replaced with ‘tracer notes’ explaining that they’d been removed for storage ‘elsewhere’, but virtually all references to the High Court cases on which I was not jailed as requested have disappeared from my files, let alone the documents themselves.

This is all completely unlawful, so why am I only finding out after all these years that someone knew that this was happening? 

Pressure of work has meant that I am a few days late in mentioning that Tim Brooke-Taylor died of Coronavirus. I’m not going to blog much about Brooke-Taylor because his connections to Gigglers are too numerous to particularise as Dafydd would say.

The most obvious points: Brooke-Taylor grew up in Buxton, Derbyshire where his dad was a solicitor. He went to school at Winchester on Lord Denning’s manor and then to Pembroke College, Cambridge. In 1963 Brooke-Taylor was President of Footlights.

Brooke-Taylor was one of the Famous Footlights cohort, two of his close buddies, Graeme Garden and Jonathan Miller, were Top Docs, as of course was his pal Zany Graham. The whole crowd knew about Gwynne and Dafydd and many of that lot were absolutely 100% on board with them. Including John Cleese. Bill Oddie is a birder who knew people who knew me at Bangor. The biggest name out of that crowd of course was David Paradine Frost who moved from the position of Bright Young Thing to very rich TV exec married to a Society Woman – Lady Carina Fitzalan-Howard, daughter of the 17th Duke of Norfolk  and who interviewed the likes of Trickie Dickie and other World Leaders. Image result for david frost nixon imagesSee the source imageFrostie and Lady Carina lived in Hampshire since the 1980s. Frost keeled over and died in Aug 2013. Thatch had died in April 2013. Frostie’s death was so obviously suspicious; he was on a cruise ship, was not accompanied by his wife as he usually was and had a heart attack just as the ship was too far away from port to get Frosh back to a hospital in time. Frost died after Operation Pallial had begun mounting prosecutions against Gang members who used to work in north Wales, while the Savile Revelations were finally hitting the media, the year after Tony Francis killed himself. Frostie’s son died while he was out jogging not long after his dad died, from the ‘same undiagnosed heart complaint’.

Brooke-Taylor was elected Lord Rector by the students of the University of St Andrews and held office between 1979-82. St Andrews has educated many elite Top Docs, including Gang leaders Robert Bluglass and Sir Douglas Black, both enthusiastic members of the alumni network. Black’s son Andrew, a psychiatrist, also Trained at St Andrews. Lord Robert Kilpatrick reigned over St Andrews in retirement, cluttering up the R&A Golf Club there, which acts as a networking hub for Top Docs.

In this role of Lord Rector, Tim Chaired the University Court and presided over the General Council in the absence of the Chancellor. His installation speech included a mother-in-law joke in Latin and a suggestion his successor should be a woman; he was succeeded by Katherine Whitehorn who was elected unopposed as the University’s first female Rector in 1982. Nothing too rebellious happened there then.

Brooke-Taylor is remembered as an effective Rector who visited the town frequently, took the role seriously, wore a Saltire waistcoat while there and is said to have remarked that St Andrews was “the happiest university” he had been to. Which it might well have been, but while Tim was having a whale of a time himself, Mary Wynch had been imprisoned by Dafydd and the first thing that happened when she made her way to a lawyer in 1980 was the Robert Bluglass was asked to write a new Mental Health Act to ensure that It Could Never Happen Again. 1979 was of course also the year in which Mr Thrope Walked Free From The Old Bailey and the year in which Peter Cook performed his memorable ‘Entirely A Matter For You’ spoof of Sir Joseph Cantley’s summing up at the trial as part of ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’ fundraising gig for Amnesty, in which many of Tim’s mates performed. Amnesty was founded by three of Dafydd’s closest supporters in politics/activism ie. David, John and Martin Ennals. Martin Ennals was Secretary General of Amnesty when Tim’s mates took part in the 1979 gig and Tim himself performed in a follow up, ‘The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball’.

Tim was a regular on Radio 4’s ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’, with others of his vintage who are of Giggles as well as Chairman Humph. Humph was quite a Giggler himself, a lifelong Jazz musician and one of the Posh Famous Lyttelton family, who have bred with the best Giggling lines.

Humph was born at Eton College, (then in Buckinghamshire), where his father, George William Lyttelton (second son of the 8th Viscount Cobham), was a house master. As a male-line descendant of Charles Lyttelton, Humph was in remainder to both the Viscountcy Cobham and the Barony of Lyttelton.) From Sunningdale Preparatory School, Humph progressed to Eton College. He was a cousin of the 10th Viscount Cobham and a great-nephew of the politician and sportsman Alfred Lyttelton, the first man to represent England at both football and cricket, both of whom also attended Eton. At Eton, Humph fagged for Senior Spy who sanctioned assault and the murder of witnesses to Giggles Lord Carrington See the source image and formed his love of jazz. Humph was inspired by the trumpeters Louis Armstrong (who subsequently referred to Humph as “that cat in England who swings his ass off”) and Nat Gonella. He taught himself the instrument, and formed a quartet at the school in 1936 that included the future journalist Ludovic Kennedy on drums.

After leaving school, Humph spent some time at the Port Talbot steel plate works in South Wales, an experience which led to his becoming what he termed a “romantic socialist”. After being called up for war service, he was commissioned in the Grenadier Guards on 29 November 1941 alongside future politician Liberal Party Giggler Mark Bonham Carter. Following demobilisation after World War II, Humph attended Camberwell Art College for two years. In 1949, he joined the Daily Mail as a cartoonist, where he remained until 1956. Brave Wendy’s husband was a Jazz musician and Bodger’s crowd favoured Ronnie Scott’s as a venue. Top Doc and Poet Dannie Abse from an extended Gang Giggling family organised the famous Jazz and Poetry events in London during the 1960s.

Close friend of many Gigglers who always happened to be at the scene of the crime, Tim:Image result for baby face nelson images

Image result for tim brooke taylor imagesSee the source image


Betty William’s husband.

Joe Brown, the famous climber from Llanberis.

On 20 April 2020, The Daily Post published tributes to a Nobel Prize winner from north Wales who had been ‘killed by coronavirus’, Sir John Houghton, the ‘climate change expert’ ie. atmospheric physicist. Houghton was born in Dyserth, Denbighshire, grew up in Rhyl and moved to Aberdyfi in later life. In 2007 the devout Christian accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which Sir John helped create and co-chaired. Sir John shared the honour with US Vice President Al Gore. Sir John’s granddaughter Hannah Malcolm tweeted: John Houghton was born to strict Baptist parents in Dyserth… there’s a sculpture of him in Rhyl alongside Don Spendlove and Mike Peters’.

[Don Spendlove: a Rhyl footballer; Mike Peters of ‘The Alarm’, a big fan of the NHS and a fundraiser for the Betsi.]

Sir John went to Rhyl Grammar School where his dad taught and then studied at Oxford University, beginning his degree at only 16 yrs old, to study maths and physics. In 1958 Sir John was appointed Prof at Oxford and later became Chair of World Climate Research Programme. From 1983 until 1991 Sir John was DG and then Chief Exec of the UK Met Office.

The Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth offered a tribute to Sir John; in 2016 Sir John made a donation to CAT that allowed them to create an annual Sir John Houghton bursary for postgrad students.

On 24 April the Daily Post reported that Sean Tierney has died of Coronavirus in HMP Altcourse in Liverpool. Sean Tierney features in previous posts; he was serving a 15 year jail sentence for two counts of attempted murder after he attacked his neighbours with a machete. Until Tierney was arrested for attempted murder, he was one of Dafydd’s business partners, who lobbied MPs to increase funding to Dafydd’s ventures and told people that Dafydd had helped him more than any other Doc. Tierney claimed to be a Falklands veteran and somehow Dafydd secured him an Army pension. I don’t know how, because Tierney had only spent a short time in the Army as a young man and was kicked out. I saw false ID papers that Tierney was using.

Other activities of Sean’s included: sending threatening and very abusive letters to the former Chief Constable of North Wales, Richard Brunstrom; hiding in people’s gardens staking out their houses; and witness intimidation, in particular victims of sex offenders who were relying on Dafydd’s Expert Evidence to get them out of jail. Sean also was able to gain access to people who were in custody, having been arrested for very serious offences; Sean would turn up in their cell to offer Help from Dafydd.

When Sean was jailed there was not a word in any media report about his Campaigning Work for Dafydd. There is not a word about it in today’s Daily Post either; Sean is described as a ‘former soldier’, rather than a former very dangerous conman working for Dafydd.


30 April 2020: the announcement of the death of Dennis Goldberg the white South African Anti-Apartheid campaigner. See previous posts for details of Goldberg. Goldberg was mates with Dafydd and Gwynne’s pal David Ennals; Ennals’ mate Peter Hain will have known Goldberg as well.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Just read the brief news reports re the clearing of George Pell, the senior Vatican official, who had been previously convicted of child abuse. I’ve been so busy on the blog that I didn’t realise that the case was going on…
    I have no idea whether Pell is guilty or not and I don’t want to join the chorus of Ah its a dark day for Abuse Campaigners and Children In Prissson at Chrissstmas, because Pell might not have actually done what he was accused of…

    I was interested in Pell’s comments that his revealing of the sordid state of affairs re the Vatican’s finances caused a lot of people to be very angry with him. It reminded me of Robert Calvi, the Vatican banker who was found hanging dead under Blackfriars Bridge in 1982. Verdict – suicide. His family swore blind that it was murder. Private Eye took an interest in the Calvi case for years. I have blogged about Calvi, all the Greats were involved in the case, St George’s finest grad, the corrupt Westminster Coroner Paul Knapman conducted the Inquest and George Carman was embroiled in it all at some point.

    I really am slow aren’t I. Whoever killed Calvi killed him because of organised abuse in High Places as much as for any other reason. That’ll have been the final straw for someone…

    I’m really busy at the moment, so I can’t produce a blog post special on Calvi now that I have such a better understanding of what was happening at the time, so for interested readers here’s the basics from wiki re Calvi. See how many names you recognise…

    Roberto Calvi

    13 April 1920
    Milan, Italy
    17 June 1982 (aged 62)
    London, United Kingdom
    Other names
    Banchiere di Dio (“God’s Banker”)
    Roberto Calvi (13 April 1920 – 17 June 1982) was an Italian banker dubbed “God’s Banker” (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. He was a native of Milan and was Chairman of Banco Ambrosiano which collapsed in one of Italy’s biggest political scandals.
    Calvi’s death in London in June 1982 is a source of enduring controversy and was ruled a murder after two coroners’ inquests and an independent investigation. Five people were acquitted of the murder in Rome in June 2007. Claims have been made[by whom?] that the Vatican Bank, the Mafia, and the clandestine Propaganda Due were involved in Calvi’s death.

    Life and career
    The Banco Ambrosiano scandal
    Prosecution of Giuseppe Calò and Licio Gelli
    Trials in Italy
    Films about Calvi’s death
    See also
    Further reading
    External links
    Life and career[edit]
    Calvi’s father was the manager of the Banca Commerciale Italiana. Roberto joined the bank after World War II, but he changed to Banco Ambrosiano in 1947, Italy’s second largest private bank. He married in 1952 and had two children. Soon he became the personal assistant of Carlo Alessandro Canesi, a leading figure and later president of Banco Ambrosiano.[1] Calvi was general manager in 1971 and chairman in 1975.[citation needed]
    The Banco Ambrosiano scandal[edit]
    In 1978, the Bank of Italy produced a report on Banco Ambrosiano which found that several billion lire had been exported illegally, leading to criminal investigations. Calvi was tried in 1981, given a four-year suspended sentence, and fined US$19.8 million for transferring US$27 million out of the country in violation of Italian currency laws. He was released on bail pending appeal and kept his position at the bank. During his short spell in jail, he attempted suicide. Calvi’s family maintains that he was manipulated by others and was innocent of the crimes attributed to him.[2]
    The controversy surrounding Calvi’s dealings at Banco Ambrosiano echoed a scandal in 1974 when the Holy See lost an estimated US$30 million upon the collapse of the Franklin National Bank owned by financier Michele Sindona. Bad loans and foreign currency transactions led to the collapse of the bank. Sindona died in prison after drinking coffee laced with cyanide.[3]
    Calvi wrote a letter of warning to Pope John Paul II on 5 June 1982, two weeks before the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, stating that such an event would “provoke a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions in which the Church will suffer the gravest damage.”[4] The correspondence confirmed that illegal transactions were common knowledge among the top affiliates of the bank and the Vatican.[5] Banco Ambrosiano collapsed in June 1982 following the discovery of debts between US$700 million and US$1.5 billion. Much of the money had been siphoned off through the Vatican Bank, which owned 10-percent of Banco Ambrosiano and was their main shareholder.[citation needed]
    In 1984, the Vatican Bank agreed to pay US$224 million to 120 of Banco Ambrosiano’s creditors as a “recognition of moral involvement” in the bank’s collapse.[3] It has never been confirmed whether the Vatican Bank was directly involved in the scandal due to a lack of evidence in the subpoenaed correspondence, which only revealed that Calvi consistently supported the Vatican’s religious agenda. Calvi committed the crime of fiscal misconduct, and there was no evidence of church involvement otherwise, so the Vatican was granted immunity.[6]
    Calvi went missing from his Rome apartment on 10 June 1982, having fled the country on a false passport under the name Gian Roberto Calvini, fleeing initially to Venice. From there, he apparently hired a private plane to London via Zurich. A postal clerk was crossing Blackfriars Bridge at 7:30 am on Friday, 18 June and noticed Calvi’s body hanging from the scaffolding beneath. Calvi’s clothing was stuffed with bricks, and he was carrying around US$15,000 cash in three different currencies.[7]
    Calvi was a member of Licio Gelli’s illegal masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2), who referred to themselves as frati neri or “black friars”. This led to a suggestion in some quarters that Calvi was murdered as a masonic warning because of the symbolism associated with the word “Blackfriars”.[8]
    The day before his body was found, Calvi was stripped of his post at Banco Ambrosiano by the Bank of Italy, and his private secretary Graziella Corrocher jumped to her death from a fifth floor window at the bank’s headquarters. Corrocher left behind an angry note condemning the damage that Calvi had done to the bank and its employees. Her death was ruled a suicide.[citation needed]
    Calvi’s death was the subject of two coroners’ inquests in the United Kingdom. The first recorded a verdict of suicide in July 1982. The Calvi family then secured the services of George Carman. The second inquest was held in July 1983, and the jury recorded an open verdict, indicating that the court had been unable to determine the exact cause of death. Calvi’s family maintained that his death had been a murder.[citation needed]
    In 1991, the Calvi family commissioned the New York-based investigation company Kroll Associates to investigate the circumstances of Calvi’s death. The case was assigned to Jeff Katz, who was a senior case manager for the company in London. As part of his two-year investigation, Katz instructed former Home Office forensic scientists to undertake forensic tests. They found that Calvi could not have hanged himself from the scaffolding because the lack of paint and rust on his shoes proved that he had not walked on the scaffolding. In October 1992, the forensic report was submitted to the Home Secretary and the City of London Police, who dismissed it at the time.[citation needed]
    Calvi’s body was exhumed in December 1998, and an Italian court commissioned a German forensic scientist to repeat the work produced by Katz and his forensic team. That report was published in October 2002, ten years after the original, and confirmed the first report. In addition, it said that the injuries to Calvi’s neck were inconsistent with hanging and that he had not touched the bricks found in his pockets. When Calvi’s body was found, the River Thames had receded with the tide, but the scaffolding could have been reached by a person standing in a boat at the time of the hanging. That had also been the conclusion of a separate report by Katz in 1992, which also detailed a reconstruction based on Calvi’s last known movements in London and theorized that he had been taken by boat from a point of access to the Thames in West London.[9][10][11][12]
    This aspect of Calvi’s death was the focus of the theory that he was murdered and is this version of events depicted in Giuseppe Ferrara’s film reconstruction of the event. In September 2003, the City of London Police re-opened their investigation as a murder inquiry.[13][14][15] More evidence arose, revealing that Calvi stayed in a flat in Chelsea Cloisters just prior to his death. Sergio Vaccari was a small-time drug dealer who had stayed in the same flat, and he was found dead in possession of masonic papers displaying member names of P2. The murders of both Calvi and Vaccari involved bricks stuffed in clothing, correlating the two deaths and confirming Calvi’s ties to the lodge.[16]
    Calvi’s life was insured for US$10 million with Unione Italiana. His family’s attempts to obtain a payout resulted in litigation (Fisher v Unione Italiana [1998] CLC 682). The forensic report of 2002 established that Calvi had been murdered and the policy was finally settled, although around half of the sum was paid to creditors of the Calvi family who incurred considerable costs during their attempts to establish Calvi’s cause of death.[8][17][18]
    Prosecution of Giuseppe Calò and Licio Gelli[edit]
    In July 1991, Mafia pentito Francesco Marino Mannoia claimed that Calvi had been killed because he had lost Mafia funds when Banco Ambrosiano collapsed.[19][20] According to Mannoia, the killer was Francesco Di Carlo, a mafioso living in London at the time, on the orders of Giuseppe Calò and Licio Gelli. Di Carlo became an informer in June 1996 and denied that he was the killer, but he admitted that Calò had approached him to commit the murder.[21]
    According to Di Carlo, the killers were Vaccari and Vincenzo Casillo who belonged to the Camorra from Naples; they were later murdered.[18] In 1997, Italian prosecutors in Rome implicated Calò in Calvi’s murder, along with Flavio Carboni, a Sardinian businessman with wide-ranging interests. Di Carlo and Ernesto Diotallevi, a member of the Banda della Magliana, were also alleged to be involved in the killing.[citation needed] In July 2003, the Italian prosecutors concluded that the Mafia acted in its own interests and to ensure that Calvi could not blackmail them[22]
    Gelli was the grand master of the P2 lodge, and he received a notification on 19 July 2005 informing him that he was formally under investigation on charges of ordering Calvi’s murder, along with Calò, Diotallevi, Flavio Carboni, and Carboni’s Austrian girlfriend Manuela Kleinszig. The other four suspects had been indicted on murder charges in April. According to the indictment, the five ordered the murder to prevent Calvi “from using blackmail power against his political and institutional sponsors from the world of Masonry, belonging to the P2 lodge, or to the Institute for Religious Works (the Vatican Bank) with whom he had managed investments and financing with conspicuous sums of money, some of it coming from Cosa Nostra and public agencies”.[23]
    Gelli was accused of provoking Calvi’s death to punish him for embezzling money from Banco Ambrosiano that was owed to him and the Mafia. The Mafia allegedly wanted to prevent Calvi from revealing that Banco Ambrosiano was used for money laundering. Gelli denied involvement, but acknowledged that the financier was murdered. In his statement before the court, he said that the killing was commissioned in Poland. This is thought to be a reference to Calvi’s alleged involvement in financing the Solidarity trade union movement at the request of Pope John Paul II, allegedly on behalf of the Vatican.[23] However, Gelli’s name was not in the final indictment at the trial which started in October 2005.[24]
    Trials in Italy[edit]
    In 2005, the Italian magistrates investigating Calvi’s death took their inquiries to London in order to question witnesses. They had been cooperating with Chief Superintendent Trevor Smith who built his case partly on evidence provided by Katz. Smith had been able to make the first arrest of a UK witness who had allegedly committed perjury during the Calvi inquest.[17]
    On 5 October 2005, the trial began in Rome of the five individuals charged with Calvi’s murder. The defendants were Calò, Carboni, Kleinszig, Ernesto Diotallevi, and Calvi’s former driver and bodyguard Silvano Vittor. The trial took place in a specially fortified courtroom in Rome’s Rebibbia prison.[4][25][26][27] All five were cleared of murdering Calvi on 6 June 2007.[28] Judge Mario Lucio d’Andria threw out the charges, citing “insufficient evidence” after hearing 20 months of evidence. The court ruled that Calvi’s death was murder and not suicide.[29] The defence suggested that there were plenty of people with a motive for Calvi’s murder, including Vatican officials and Mafia figures who wanted to ensure his silence.[30][31] Legal experts following the trial said that the prosecutors found it hard to present a convincing case due to the 25 years that had elapsed since Calvi’s death. Additionally, key witnesses were unwilling to testify, untraceable, or dead.[32] The prosecution called for Manuela Kleinszig to be cleared, stating that there was insufficient evidence against her, but they sought life sentences for the four men.[33]
    Katz claimed that it was likely that senior figures in the Italian establishment escaped prosecution. “The problem is that the people who probably actually ordered the death of Calvi are not in the dock – but to get to those people might be very difficult indeed”.[33] Katz said that it was “probably true” that the Mafia carried out the killing, but that the gangsters suspected of the crime were either dead or missing.[34] The verdict in the trial was not the end of the matter, since the prosecutor’s office in Rome had opened a second investigation by June 2007 implicating Gelli and others.[35]
    In May 2009, the prosecution dropped the case against Gelli. According to the magistrate, there was insufficient evidence to argue that Gelli had played a role in planning and executing the crime.[36] On 7 May 2010, the Court of Appeals confirmed the acquittal of Calò, Carboni, and Diotallevi. Public prosecutor Luca Tescaroli commented that “Calvi has been murdered for the second time.”[37] On 18 November 2011, the Court of Cassation confirmed the acquittal.[38] Calò is still serving a life sentence on unrelated Mafia charges.[35]
    Films about Calvi’s death[edit]
    BBC One’s programme Panorama chronicled Calvi’s last days and uncovered new evidence which suggested that others had been involved in his death. [39] The 1983 PBS Frontline Documentary “God’s Banker” investigated Calvi’s links with the Vatican and P2, and questioned whether his death was really a suicide.[citation needed] The circumstances surrounding his death were made into the feature film I Banchieri di Dio – Il Caso Calvi (God’s Bankers – The Calvi Case) in 2001.[40] A heavily fictionalized version of Calvi appears in The Godfather Part III in the character of Frederick Keinszig.[41]
    In 1990, The Comic Strip Presents produced a spoof version of Calvi’s story under the title Spaghetti Hoops, with Nigel Planer in the lead role, directed by Peter Richardson, and co-written by him and Pete Richens.[42][43] Variety Magazine described the comedy film The Pope Must Die (1991) as “loosely based on the Roberto Calvi banking scandal”.[44][45] In the 2009 film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the character of Tony is found hanging alive under Blackfriars Bridge, which director Terry Gilliam described as “an homage to Roberto Calvi”.[46][47]

    1. I always enjoy such humour Wise Owl, but I continue to maintain that David Steel is absolutely not the only guilty or even the guiltiest party here! I am reminded of that huge row in the 1980s when the Nazi Past of Kurt Waldheim was revealed as he was running for election as President of Austria and demands were made that he should resign. Kurt became very angry – and ironically hit the desk with his fist while yelling in English with a German accent – and refused to resign. I was good friends at the time with a brighter than usual cynical PhD student who observed ‘Waldheim only did what thousands of other people in Austria did at the time. Why should he resign?’ Kurt had already served as Gen Sec of the UN…

      The whole world has turned into a huge episode of ‘That’s Life’, Campaigning against Sexual Abuse Which We All Know Is Abhorrent, accompanied by Cyril Fletcher in the comfy chair maintaining ‘This is nothing to do with me…’

      If everyone is so horrified Wise Owl, why did people like you and me have the experiences that we did? It wasn’t just once, we and a few others were just kicked repeatedly for decades, although we demonstrated again and again that we had evidence of serious crime. Why was Brown visited in his hall of residence by a man with a swordstick, who trashed his room and told Brown he’d be back to kill him? Why was the man able to send some truly terrifying letters with death threats to Brown, a senior lecturer at Aston – Guy Cumberbatch – and Guy’s mistress Sally (who worked as an alcohol counsellor in Brum), those letters could be copied and shown to third parties, yet no-one helped Brown? Guy of course did a load of deals with police officers and other academics of Ralph Miliband’s circle and Sally disappeared off the scene with terror…

      The man with the swordstick was known to Brum police who admitted to Brown that he was very dangerous. He then nearly murdered the old man who lived next door to him. In court he claimed that the old man was senile and had inflicted his own injuries. He was acquitted. Then he tried to kill Brown. He was defended by a posh radical black Human Rights barrister who accused Brown of attacking his assailant. A witness was produced and Brown’s assailant fessed up. Yes, he had tried to kill Brown after all. Who was that posh black barrister then Cherie and Miranda? Because you know as do other lawyers…

      The man with the swordstick carried out a number of other serious assaults on people in Brum and in the end Community Spirit prevailed. He lived in a tough area – I think it was Balsall Heath – and Brown heard years later that he had been violently beaten to bits by a vigilante gang who had simply had enough. Brown was told that there was even a woman in the gang who was hitting Bates over the head with her stiletto shoe. The were noises made in Brown’s direction to keep quiet about this because the info was out that Bates had probably been murdered by that gang of Community Volunteers. Brown didn’t tell me about it for years…

      Aston University and UCNW senior managers knew about Brown being threatened with the swordstick shortly after it happened in 1983. DGE Wood knew. No-one helped, no-one even responded to our terror.

      David Steel is not the only or biggest problem here.

      I continue to be told that this was all about me and receive info of other crimes planned/carried out that I had no knowledge of, targeting me. It’s not that I don’t find the info interesting, its rather that I think this is all silly! No matter how many people my grandpa pissed off, the whole of the British state and medico-legal complex was not there only for me! There were not over 50 children’s homes in north Wales opened in the space of a few years for me. Lord Denning and his brother Norman weren’t born before my grandpa to just be there when I was a teenager. Tiny Rowland didn’t develop Lonrho the year that I was born to get me when I was 20.

      Stop talking nonsense. The state was rotten to the core and medicine was so rotten that when the Gang did come after me with a vengeance not one Doc would stand up for me, not one. Neither would any lawyer, except it seems for one community lawyer in Bangor who was then nearly put out of business by the personal intervention of Charlie Falconer.

      I have held back from detailing all the skulduggery that I know of re farmers in Somerset, Small Potatoes in north Wales etc because Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, Lords Denning and Hailsham were at the bottom of this and a whole succession of PMs.

      What about Norman Scott? Did his grandpa piss off Tiny Rowland? What about Mary Wynch? What about the thousands of patients banged up in Denbigh? What about all the deaths in Risley? None of them had Tory activist grandfathers.

      When the Little People are no longer threatened, blackmailed and bribed by the Big People, this sort of thing might stop.

      Now go and deal with the Top Docs and MDU someone, don’t bother about Somerset farmers who’s brothers were Liberal MPs. The Top Docs killed one of Robin Pardoe’s friends anyway, DEAL WITH THEM.

      Fotherington-Heseltine is in the Torygraph today lisping about how no-one deserves to die from Coronavirus. Someone should remind the Minister for Dafydd – which is what he was for years! – that kids in care and psych patients didn’t deserve to be gang raped by old men KNOWN TO FOTHERINGTON-HESELTINE, fitted up, sent to Risley and then killed by the screws. I haven’t finished with you yet Fotherington-Heseltine, former MP for TAVISTOCK in Devon, right on the patch of my father’s farm when your mate Maurice Macmillan was busy. While Fotherington-Heseltine’s airhead of a daughter was appearing in the Dumpster column – Annabel the Durham undergrad just loves partying, she’s always falling out of her dress!!! – people were trying to murder us because I’d complained about the same lobotomist that Fotherington-Heseltine was in business with in the early 1960s…

      Oh put the old bastard out of his misery someone, hasn’t the world had enough of the idiocy and the locks being tossed about, and the mispwonounced Rs and the lame quips about Socialists. Jeremy Hardy had a nice line re Fotherington-Heseltine’s sad plays on the word ‘left’, but unfortunately Hardy is now dead. Brain tumour, the NHS who Hardly uncritically adored couldn’t do anything bechod. Hardy who went to Southampton University, was a leftie activist and a witness to so much.

      One of Fotherington-Heseltine’s chums once memorably observed that Fotherington-Heseltine ‘knew how to find the clitoris of the Tory Party’. It gave everyone a laugh but it sort of reminded me of drooling old Gwynne and Dafydd who whenever challenged would maintain that the teenager concerned just ripped their knickers off and jumped on top of them…. Although I suppose that the choice for the Tories was Fotherington-H or er… So many to chose from, I don’t have time to name them all!! I like Black Rod myself (as the Parliamentary Groupie in the Python spoof once said); the Black Rod who’s son was Roddam Twiss, the best mate of Tiny Rowland’s stockbroker. Roddam’s dad was an Admiral who knew er Gwynne and Dafydd. Unlike his son, Roddam’s dad was never jailed for sexual assaults on boys.

      Now do stop telling me that no-one else has complained and this is all about me.

      It’s substantially about Lord Snowdon actually and no-one can possibly admit it.

      I am being told constantly that so many of those I’ve been rude about on the blog were Undercover. Yes I know! I’m marvelling at the presence of SO MANY undercover folk who didn’t like what was going on but didn’t stop it and certainly didn’t do much to protect us. They had their warning; John Smith in May 1994 and then the 1995 Club. I’ve added a new name – I thought Peter Cook was the first to join the 1995 Club. No, it was Larry Grayson! Beginning of Jan 1995, whoops ooh shut that door Everard, Larry pegged out suddenly. Larry who was considered far too unacceptable for TV for years until one Michael Grade made him a Star.

      It’s everything to do with most people Esther.
      Neither has it stopped. In the Daily Post today, there’s a PR feature for Blas ar Fwyd, Welsh Foodie company, who are Helping The NHS. Readers will know that Foodie company is owned by Dafydd’s son, Deiniol ap Dafydd; the MD is now Osian Deiniol. Dafydd’s grandson! A few weeks ago a teenaged girl called Mars-Jones was in the Daily Post with Young Farmers…
      It is possible that some of the young Jones’s and Mars-Jones will be like me, Brown and our friend who came under fire from Michael Grade, and saw what the Tories who our parents supported did and said ‘This is so wrong that I just will not take part..’, but most of the descendants of the Gigglers will want an easy life and not want to be the target of murder attempts, violent assaults or even just getting sacked all the time although they’re highly qualified and do well at work…

      So I’ll wait for the very many people who knew about all this to let me know why they said nothing at all and were even happy to lie about me, now they’ve come over all caring. And all frightened at the prospect of a Killer Virus and a lying hopeless NHS that can’t cope and currently has the PM in its clutches…

      If readers have taken note of who Keir Starmer has appointed to his Front Bench, they’ll have realised that all a Labour MP has to do is feature on my blog as someone who has over years been at the centre of concealing a gang of paedophiles and Lady Luck will come their way… Any ambitious Labour MPs whom I have missed are welcome to send me details of their Giggles-related crimes and I will make the info public on my blog. They’ll be in the Shadow Cabinet within days.

      Drakeford has been making speeches about how at this time of National Crisis with the PM so ill, a National Govt is needed and he should be part of it. The Drakeford who just days ago was ripped off by Pharma giant Roche who offered to flog him thousands of Coronavirus tests but then let him down at the last minute. All those years toadying to the BMA didn’t do Drakeford much good there. The Head of a Big Pharma (Astra Zeneca I think) was on Radio 4 this morning, telling the interviewer that they have tests for Coronavirus. He was French and it was rather like listening to Python’s Rude Frenchman who was confronted by King Arthur of the Britons when King Arthur was looking for the Holy Grail. The Rude Frenchman told King Arthur that they already had a Holy Grail, ‘It is verrray nice’. Astra Zeneca could tell Drakeford that they have lots of tests for Cornavirus but they’re not giving him any, that his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries and then to go and boil your bottom you seeely Welshman.

      Sister Hutt can always build an enormous wooden rabbit and hide inside…

      If Boris were not ill with Coronavirus – Drakeford is so obviously waiting for him to die! – he would no doubt agree that the phrase Big Girls Blouse was tailor-made for Drakeford.

  2. Just added another name to the above post; Maurice Macmillan’s son Alexander’s ex-wife died last month. After this blog began flagging up the role of Maurice Macmillan in serious crime. I didn’t hear anything about the death, it was certainly low profile, although I could have missed it being so busy on the blog.

  3. Perhaps Professor Bluglass would like to write another short note to the Welsh Office telling them that he has carried out an extensive and thorough investigation of this case and there is not a serious problem, but Dafydd’s clinical standards must be raised?
    It might save a few lives, particularly now that the Important People are dropping like flies as opposed to People Who Don’t Matter.
    Someone’s killed Peter Sellers and Alexander Macmillan’s ex wife.
    Let’s have a national round of applause for the NHS, Ah they’re wonderful really, you can’t complain can you!

  4. They’re dropping so quickly that I can’t keep up. Tim Brooke-Taylor now. Coronavirus! We cannot be sure though, it’s not as if the NHS usually knows what it is doing.

    We’d better have another National Round Of Applause For the NHS and someone had better stuff their mouths full of even more gold than usual as well because it is fairly evident that Fings Are Breaking quite frequently.

    I’ll add Tim to the above post when I get the chance…

    If I was John Cleese I’d be a very worried man even if I was a tax exile.

    1. Betty Williams the much loathed accomplice of Gwynne and Dafydd and former Miranda’s babe for Conwy is headlines of the Daily Post – Ysbyty Gwynedd have killed her husband and Betty Wants Answers…

      I doubt that there will be much sympathy for Betty after what she has done….

      I’ll adding an appropriate few words to the above post soon. It would have been fairer if Ysbyty Gwynedd had killed Betty herself, she was the problem rather than her husband.

      A reader’s sent me the link to another Insider witness death as well. I’ll get that added to the above post asap…

      1. Thanks to well-wishers for the latest info and documents with Further Evidence.

        Lest any Top Docs think it’s worth killing off any more Insiders under the umbrella of Coronavirus, to use Leslie Crowther’s old advertising slogan with Persil or Tide or whatever it was that washed whiter than white, ‘Let’s Tell Them Shall We?’

        It seems that Lord Denning and pals were operating, literally, a racket in which children were sold. Including to the Gang. It was well-established but I don’t know how long it had been happening; that lot in the thick of Profumo were all involved which was why heaven and earth was moved to keep the show on the road. Top Docs employed at present, still working at the Top Of The Profession, were involved, as were lawyers. The younger generations knew what was happening and the likes of Cherie and Miranda climbed the ladder by concealing it.

        You’re not the Messiahs, you are very naughty boys and girls and you are now in a great deal of trouble.

        It definitely won’t have been grandpa who struck a deal with this lot at some point when I was very young and I doubt that it was father. If anyone now tells me that father’s signature appeared on any incriminating documents even hinting that it may have been in connection with this, I’ll let them know now that my father’s signature was forged on legal documents in Pardoe David and Shaws solicitors office in Somerset. I suspect that it had been forged on many previous occasions. Father died never knowing that his signature had been forged on that occasion, he was completely oblivious to it. God knows what else went on that he had no idea about.

        I don’t know how many kids were sold to the Gang, there seems to have been a brisk trade from the info that I have been given. It wasn’t just the kids of people forced into penury either, although they filled the children’s homes of north Wales; there was a trade in Posh Young Phillies from er Aristocratic backgrounds but I doubt that the final resort if they had spent years refusing to shag vile idiots was to send them to the Royal Lobotomist.

        Wood, I cannot believe that you were ever so fucking stupid to have thought that I would not challenge that disgusting old man and that Brown and I would just go away and shut up when we found the forged documents and then were overtly threatened. I can only assume that as Brown told me every time I asked him ‘How have they got the nerve to even TRY this?’, ‘It’s because they’ve done it before and its worked’.

        The 6th Duke of Westminster Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor’s son Hugh – Prince George’s godfather! – has just Donated £12 million to the NHS. That might not be sufficient to get you out of this corner Hugh, you’ve probably wasted that money.

        Lest readers haven’t already guessed, Dick Crossman was a friend of Gnome and his family. I knew that he knew them, but the Crossmans were neighbours and old family friends of the Attlees, very close and all were mates of Gnome. Crossman was also a very good friend of Puffin Asquith – most likely in a Ugandan way. Puffin aka Anthony was the gay drunk film director who was the son of HH Asquith and a close friend of Lady Megan and the rest of the Lloyd George clan. Crossman was at school with High Gaitskell but was rather contemptuous of him, it was Puffin, for whom Crossman was a fag, that Crossman really admired.

        Perhaps all those gangsters who run the NHS who spat in my face and then had me arrested YET AGAIN after I told them ‘I just want to be treated fairly. I have documentary evidence of serious organised crime and very serious offences against people committed by doctors, nurses and social workers’ might now like to consider whether they might have done anything differently in this case. As indeed might the MDU, the BMA and the GMC.

        I’ve been told that I was one of the last children to be sold; unseen hands were quietly sabotaging the production line but in a way so as not to let Gwynne know, because even more deaths would occur if Lords Denning, Hailsham et al realised that they had been rumbled.

        The problem, as I do keep telling everyone, is that the people who did all this are still alive, kicking and causing havoc. As are the many more people and much younger people who were paid to keep quiet.

        Now MDU, you know that Brown and I spent YEARS raising concerns. We were ignored, then libelled, then violently attacked. Last night I had a row with the coppers who have moved in next to me on the grounds that I’m now a prime target; I gave them a mouthful when they reminded me that one of my former neighbours, who had been a real friend to me when I lived in Rachub before F moved in and when I had constant aggro from that Gang, died a few years ago when the Bethesda GP Nicky Heinersdorff flatly refused to go out to him on a home visit although she lived 10 mins up the hill from him on foot let alone by car. I gave the coppers a mouthful because when I lived in Rachub I warned people who knew me again and again and again, PLEASE if Mrs Brady rings you and bangs on about her insane daughter who won’t speak to her and how worried she is, please don’t fall for it, it is not what you have been led to believe. No-one would listen because I was of course an insane young woman who was Paranoid. Heinerdorff Trained at Southampton Medical School, domain of Lord Denning and Sir Donald Acheson. She moved to a job as a GP in Bethesda because she could play the role of Caring Lady Doctor with Goats who’s a bit of a hippy herself very effectively. Dr H was there because she was part of that Gang. She facilitated assaults on patients – including children – and she was in collusion with that Gang to abduct children. It was Dr H who was absolutely instrumental to F’s baby being placed with two known child abusers. F didn’t realise it was Dr H because she had rather better manners than her colleagues, but it was her. Dr H was one of the network of Docs who knew people who knew Mrs Brady – including Wood, who was from Bristol himself and his dad was a Top Doc who worked in the West Country when Mrs Brady was nursing there – and it has been confirmed that they were all in contact, all plotting away like there was no tomorrow. A witness was left to die by a criminal GP because of it all.

        Heinersdorff’s best mate was Jeff Crowther’s wife, Lil, who was working with Dafydd and Dafydd’s daughter in the Psychology Dept at Bangor. Jeff was mates with the abusers who ended up with F’s baby and with corrupt WPC Jo Bott who was also on board and threatened me in my own house. Jeff was for years the Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd and then senior Angel in Dafydd’s Substance Abuse Team who enjoyed drugs himself and spent his off-duty hours with er dealers and criminals.

        Like Dr H, Jeff had better manners than his colleagues, but his chosen company in and out of work were all very dodgy people. Jeff made up the cover-story when Dorothy Griffiths was found dead on the psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd in the late 1980s. Dr Sadie Francis, Dr Colin Flood and Angel Jackie Ehlen ALL lied at the inquest, the Coroner admitted that their evidence was all inconsistent but no-one followed it up. Someone killed Dorothy and the people who concealed whatever happened were all promoted to senior jobs.

        These people were criminals who were working as senior NHS staff. They were accessing confidential data, they were passing it on to street criminals, this is dreadful, but no-one ever stopped them. What did Dr H have to do to get herself arrested? There was anecdote after anecdote of people being assaulted by Docs to whom she had referred them, her friend Jo Bott was recorded undercover threatening me – Bott had herself been the subject of a big investigation into the paedophile ring just months before – F lost his baby and was harassed and threatened, was it really so long before Dr H let a witness die? She just refused to treat him when she was on call, although he was her patient, she’d known him for years and the advice from her to him and his wife was to ring if he had those symptoms! What does that woman have to do before she is charged?

        So I’ll just wait for the next witness to Die From Coronavirus then. With any luck it’ll be Dr Heinersdorff but if it is there’ll be headlines about the Caring Doc who Helped So Many.

        Oh wake up you silly sods, how many more Small Potatoes have to be sitting alone in their houses crying buckets because of what the NHS has done to them or their families, having been told to fuck off and die themselves when they have complained?

  5. A former patient advised me that their parents sold him and his younger sister to the De La Salle Brothers of St Williams College, Market Weighton, East Yorkshire.The family lived in Hull. St Williams was a residential school, with presumably statutory East Riding of Yorkshire Council oversight and being a residential school the students would be registered as patients with a local GP practice (there being only one in Market Weighton) with perhaps a nominated school Medical Officer and School Nurse.
    The education didn’t go well, as between lessons or perhaps at weekends he and many others were trafficked about East and North Yorkshire for the purpose of adult sexual gratification over many years. His anus took a lot of hammer such that as an adult he has incontinence of faeces. It was unfortunate that York District Hospital A&E Department were unable to help following an altercation ‘with railings’ on the Castle Howard Estate.
    So Dr Alan Francis as Chair of the Bridlington Locality Commissioning Group was also unwillingly to minute or act on my request to review the role of local GPs in the management of historical child sexual abuse in East Yorkshire. So modern childhood slavery and sexual trafficking with implicit and explicit failings of medical and other health care professionals.
    The thing that really tipped me up was the patient report of his friend choosing to kill himself by throwing himself of that Brideshead roof rather than continue with the sexual abuse.

    1. The MP John Mann made a speech a few years ago about children being sold; he wasn’t hysterical about it, he was very level headed and explained that he had looked into this in some depth and it really did seem to be happening. I have been receiving info for months and it wasn’t that initially I didn’t believe that something very odd and unpleasant had happened when I was young, it was more that I couldn’t accept the early messages after I began the blog when people were saying ‘It’s you, you’re the surviving witness of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, and most politicians in the UK know that it was you and that the most appalling things were done to shut you and your friends up’. Obviously my response was Well I’ve never been shagged by Lord Denning, we lived near him, I can remember a bit about those years, but honestly I’ve never attended a swingers party with Denning and Bob Boothby’. Then I received info that because as I got older the expectations re my alleged fuckwittedness, the usual scenario ie. Troubled Kid Sent Into Care couldn”t take place, so other outlets were decided instead.

      There seems to have been a variety of routes for forcing the kids into sex work at various stages in their lives. One of my mates asked the other day if I thought things would have been so much easier if I hadn’t have gone to Bangor to university. No I don’t! Look what was happening to my friends who stood by me – Brown went to Aston to study and then work, and was the subject of a murder attempt, his brother went to Newcastle, but had such terrible experiences there that he went to Bristol and then people tried to kill him…

      I did notice that in the mental health system in north Wales there were a lot of English people who really had nothing at all to do with local Welsh people. F and I did because we lived in the quarrying villages and chatted to people, but I always noticed that the Professionalised part of Service Userdom in north Wales was absolutely hostile to Welsh speakers and of course to men. I knew that Welsh speaking locals were in the system because I’d made friends with some at Denbigh, but they were not welcome at the Jane Hutt-financed Drop-Ins run by Hutt’s Wimmin. Then I heard it officially when I finished my PhD and did some research on service user groups; Welsh speakers were telling me that they were just frozen out. I haven’t quite worked out why; presumably because they would have kith and kin who would have the dirt on Gwynne so they couldn’t be risked to Mingle. I know that Welsh students at UCNW would not use the Student Health Centre, their parents knew about Gwynne and just said ‘You are NOT seeing that man, you come home to us’. I now realise that was why there were big efforts on the part of the Gang’s self-appointed Defenders of Welsh to ensure that as students we didn’t get to know Welsh students. There were many ways in which we were kept apart and it was because I stayed in Bangor after graduation that I got to know local people. There was that whole Gwynne and Dafydd layer of society that local people didn’t dare cross if they were disadvantaged, and toadied to if they were graduates and wanted a job and a bungalow and a caravan.

      The complete colonisation of the world of health and social care by that crew is best demonstrated by my experiences when I went to St George’s to do a PhD, as one who, unbeknown to me had been marked out years previously as having been flogged to Lord D or whoever, and had then compounded matters by complaining about Gwynne; the message was loud and clear and on a couple of occasions spent out: ‘stop going back to north Wales, stop even thinking about those plebs, you can have a fantastic life here in London’. They didn’t seem to understand that they were so unpleasant that it really was not a very attractive option for someone who liked science but had no interest in attending parties with backstabbing pretentious people. And shagging seemed to be considered obligatory as well; I was never actively rude but I did often feel like saying ‘Can’t you get the message?? I am not really interested!!’

      But what can one do as a medical postgrad researcher of 26 yrs old when the occupational physician asks you if you have a Boyfriend and you simply say no, and she makes a faux crying face a la the problem page aunties on Jackie magazine?? This line of questioning had a history. First question that Wood asked me – Do you have a boyfriend? First question that the Royal Lobotomist asked me – I hear that you have a boyfriend. So I said no I don’t. Hilarious, Williams said Yes you do. I said no I don’t, I’m not 13. THEN hilarious, Tony Francis. First meeting. The Boyfriend subject came up! I was by that time so fucking sick of these complete idiots that I said I don’t have a Boyfriend. So Francis virtually shouted So what is Brown then?? I said ‘He is my friend.’ ‘He’s more than that, you live with him!!!!’

      They just really could not get it. I wasn’t 13!!! So guess what I ended up doing? To help their tiny pea-brained worlds, I thought Christ I’ll keep it simple then, I hate the expression, but I will refer to Brown as my Boyfriend If It Helps. The next thing I know is that third parties were told that I was deluded because I believed that I had a boyfriend who was a university lecturer… And on one occasion Tony Francis told me that Brown had another girlfriend and that was why I was upset… I did begin ‘Well no, he hasn’t, but IF he did have, it would be with my permission, I don’t own him…’

      Swingers clad in black leather, nudge nudge, wink wink, is your wife a goer ay, does she go?? Whoarrr!! Whoarrr!!

      They didn’t even realise when I was sick of them or when I was simply taking the piss!!!

      It was just hopeless really. They really were just a load of perverts who wanted to Talk Sex and if poss Do Sex as well.

    2. It’s interesting you say this. I found that even with recent reports of sexual assault, they make an effort to undermine certain people. It’s amazing how a supposedly independent watchdog can whitewash law breaking. Are there any reputable organisations that would investigate this kind of thing?

      1. My regular contributor Dr Haynes might be of a different opinion Skyblue, but as far as I can work out I would say that if the allegation of sexual assault is levelled at certain people, no there isn’t. The landscape today has changed to a certain degree in that ‘off the rails’ girls of 14 and 15 are no longer always blamed for sometimes very serious crimes against them which in the 1970s they nearly always were; ‘naughty boys’ who were being buggered and battered by Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates had the same problem but I didn’t meet anyone in that category until in the mid-1980s.

        Some people, in certain circumstances, can be ‘heard’ if one complains about a Minister of Religion, they are fair game these days; complaints about people who are already dispossessed or smeared in some way will be taken seriously and of course there are now cases being taken up against politicians, police officers, teachers, very occasionally social workers, sports people, celebs, even magistrates and Prince Andrew. I hate to press the point, but you try making a complaint against a doctor and unless their colleagues want to stuff them over, the complaint will go nowhere! Doesn’t matter how many other complaints have been made, or indeed even the presence of written, signed confessions by the Doc’s colleagues of the sort that are in my possession! It will go nowhere; the ploy will be the one used against me at present ie. silence and refusal to communicate.

        The reason is not just all the old nonsense about a Trusted Profession or even Closing Ranks; or even the huge power they have been given since Blair became PM. Rather it is that Top Docs have facilitated abuse and associated serious crime on such a huge scale for so long that no-one dares go there. And of course virtually all investigations/claims re sexual assault involve the Trusted Opinion of er a Top Doc. The police and lawyers absolutely rely on that profession if anyone at all is to bring a case against anyone else. The result is that Docs are basically untouchable, unless shafted by their own colleagues.

        I read yesterday that a group of men who allege historic abuse at the hands of a coach/mentor of Manchester City FC are battling to sue. There doesn’t seem to be any denials that the alleged assailant is guilty; the case at present is Manchester City FC squirming like maggots on a hook claiming that they didn’t actually ’employ’ this man – although they used him to Spot Potential Stars – and they will not be parting with a penny. The men suing are claiming substantial damages on the grounds of psychiatric injury. Now er who will have written the opinions that those men absolutely need even if they do manage to get Manchester City FC in a corner?

        The organised abuse in Manchester was greatly facilitated by the Docs and psychiatrists based in Manchester. Tony and Sadie Francis were two of them, as were a number of others who rocked up in north Wales to er facilitate abuse. The Manchester Top Docs protected Dafydd and Gwynne for years; Dafydd is mates with not just Manchester Docs and politicians but er Manchester celebs! Coronation Street stars just for starters; Elsie Tanner, Miranda’s late mother-in-law and her colleagues were all networked into Dafydd et al.

        I’ve been told that my blog may have helped those men who are seeking damages. Now most of me hopes that they are successful – all of me does really, Manchester City FC made a fortunate out of their suffering, all that boasting and bragging, Posh and sodding Becks, there were always concerns and rumours but people were swatted. However the men bringing the claim, no matter which psychiatrists they have used in their cases, will be winning the cases – if they do win – by using psychiatrists who have definitely, to some extent, facilitated the abuse of other people just as vulnerable as those men were when the offences occurred.

        The psychiatrist in the UK who is considered to be the Go-To Doc for opinions re PTSD is of course Dafydd. I have documentation written and signed by Dafydd’s own colleagues admitting that he was sexually abusing patients. The documents were in my medical records and unlawfully withheld from me for years and no-one at all will communicate with me about the matter, although a lot of people have communicated with third parties without my knowledge or consent! Most other Docs loathe Dafydd, consider him at best nuts, at worst very dangerous. Dafydd has no solid reputation at all and no-one has wanted to work with him for many years now. But even if he is now dead – I do wonder! – the problem will remain because the UK is just heaving with Docs, social workers, Angels, politicians, Cllrs, magistrates, lawyers, judges, charidees etc who did work with him over many years.

        It was exactly the same problem with Gwynne. Gwynne was a monster, quite clearly, but the crimes were so huge that the way to deal with it was to write Gwynne out of history as soon as he died in Autumn 1986 and refuse all sensible care and treatment to anyone who had ever remembered him and complained. I was target number one, but a girl much less robust than me was left to commit suicide because she remembered him and her mum complained. She was left to die when she was in the care of Manchester Mental Health Services who had never told her that they knew him and their priority was to keep the nightmare that was Gwynne unspoken for ever.

        Before I began this blog I was having conversations with a sensitive intelligent person who had been ruined by the Top Docs of north Wales himself after exposing Tony Francis for the dangerous troubled man that he was re how medicine and north Wales could ever move forward. We often speculated that a South African-style Truth and Reconciliation Committee would be needed. Sadly I don’t think it would ever work. There IS NO TRUTH being spoken about the psychiatric services in north Wales! It is so horrific that people are still either screaming liar, liar pants on fire, or they’re gurning and refusing to respond to questions!

        I hope I will never reach compassion fatigue level with the targets of the Gang, but I’m pretty much there with so many colluders and there are a great many of them! What they did really was just unimaginable, it’s a sort of Holocaust scale problem. Not just those at the coalface as it were, but those involved with the vicious campaign of hate that was unleashed against anyone who dared challenge these absolute monsters of Top Docs and social workers. There has not been a drop of remorse or regret, not one drop. How Neil Kinnock and Miranda can live with themselves knowing that they accepted confidential, inaccurate, forged documentation about me from a Doc who was facilitating a paedophile ring in order to have a smug snigger and Use Against Me if ever I went public I do not know.

        I won’t repeat my many accounts re witness-battering here, but I’ll remember just one, the example that says it all. Anne Vernon. My friend and housemate, a PhD student in Zoology at UCNW. Anne was from a middle class Surrey family and her mum was C of E and took it seriously so when Anne moved in with her boyfriend at the age of 21, she pretended that she was still at ours because her mum would be upset to think that she was Living In Sin. Anne and I chatted about all sorts at home while the security services bugged us. I didn’t ever tell Anne about Theodore Goddard, Maurice Macmillan et al and I didn’t ever get round to giving her a blow by blow account of Gwynne. But someone was very frightened that I would. So they murdered her. Her mum and dad donated a substantial sum to UCNW to fund a scholarship in Anne’s name. They did that because Anne had been so happy at UCNW and they were wowed by their daughter who was doing a PhD. The vicar at Anne’s funeral talked all about Anne and her zoology at UCNW. Anne’s mum was such a lovely person that two days after Anne was killed, Mrs Vernon had written us the kindest letter imaginable telling us that she was thinking of us because it was us who were bereaved, we were now Anne’s closest people. No doubt, like the letter that I wrote to Brown the evening that Anne died that was tear stained because I couldn’t stop crying when I wrote it, Mrs Vernon’s letter to us is now in the possession of George Carman, Miranda or the Digger. As is the photo of my friend’s brand new baby who was killed by Taunton Hospital that she sent me before we realised that Angel was killed because my friend dared stand by me throughout the Gang warfare.

        There was one person in our house who didn’t go to Anne’s funeral; Pete Jackson. The student who had secretly recorded Anne and I messing around in the kitchen one day, doctored the tape – or given it to someone else who did – to use as Evidence that Anne and I were Shockers. Pete was later given a plum job with the RSPB in return. When we received Anne’s mum’s letter and it contained an invitation to the funeral as soon as that was arranged, I asked Pete if he was coming down to Surrey with us. He said ‘No, I don’t give a fuck about her parents’ and he walked off. He didn’t come to the funeral. I only found out when I began this blog that Pete had told the most appalling lies at the request of UCNW staff and DGE Wood, and about the spliced tape recording.

        After UCNW took Anne’s dad’s money and wrote her mum and dad a thank you letter, they told everyone that Anne and I were prostitutes. Anne’s PhD supervisor Gavin Gatehouse did come to the funeral and sat with me on the train back to Bangor remarking on what a warm caring person Mrs Vernon was. After I began this blog I found that Gavin was part of the Cunning Plan, was mates with one of Dafydd’s friends at Liverpool University and almost certainly knew that Anne had been murdered because of my complaint about Gwynne.

        Anne’s former boyfriend, from the first year at UCNW who remained friendly with her, was a passenger in the car and was severely brain damaged. I last heard that Geoff was still in a nursing home in Liverpool, still paralysed and in a wheelchair, still unable to speak, but was being taken out birding by his mates.

        Until recently I had no idea that many, many people at UCNW at the time of Anne’s death in April 1986 knew/suspected that it was murder and that it was because of my complaint about Gwynne. They were all bought off with jobs, promotions, funding and then over the years they blackmailed the authorities when their spouses and even grown up children fancied a job at Bangor University. Once I turned up years later to do a PhD, many of them knew who I was and were delighted to tell staff too young to remember April 1986 all about the two prostitutes, one of whom had told Wicked Lies about Caring Top Docs.

        The solution was then to threaten Merfyn the VC and threaten my PhD supervisor and his wife into not supporting me. Merfyn and the Fazeys refused to be threatened and supervised and mentored me. The Fazeys were subjected to such unpleasantness that they both took early retirement. Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues and it was openly discussed that Merfyn would now be hounded out of his job. Which he was. Merfyn was then brave/rash enough to accept a post as Chair of the local NHS Board. He was wrongly accused, set up and hounded out of there. Merfyn remarried after the death of Nerys; Catrin, his new wife, was then subjected to a campaign of vilification and harassment.

        I have been told that the person behind the anti-Merfyn campaign was Tony Francis, who after being obliged to retire from the NHS because Relationships Had Broken Down between him and his colleagues, and after he had a very obvious breakdown during the Waterhouse Inquiry, then signed up for a degree in history at Bangor University, the Dept in which Merfyn, then Deputy VC, was a Prof. I had by then begun teacher training at UCNW. I have been told that Tony did that history degree for one reason only… to cause havoc.

        When Tony retired from the NHS, F and I were still occasionally going to Hergest. Sadie told us that Tony was having a retirement party, but he only wanted patients there because he was at loggerheads with his colleagues and would F and I like to go to the party. We said yes and we supplied the cake on behalf of the patients. Other patients as well as us went. The only member of staff who attended, apart from Sadie, was the Hergest whistleblower.

        When years later I finally acquired my documents, I read all those written by Tony and Sadie and others detailing their many Cunning Plans over years to have me imprisoned on the basis of what were admitted in the documents – by them! – fallacious allegations. The Cunning Plans had continued throughout the time that we had attended Tony’s party and given him the cake and beyond, even after I had finished teacher training and was working as a teacher…

        Even a Truth and Reconciliation Committee won’t fix this lot.

        Get out to Denbigh, recover the bodies and order the thousands of twisted bastards who have cluttered up the infrastructure of north Wales (and elsewhere) to just go, walk right out of all professional positions, they just cannot be given yet another chance. They cannot change and cannot conduct themselves reasonably. Go, the whole damn lot of you, you have nothing at all to offer but bile and injury.

        And I would like the Digger and Miranda to return the letter from Mrs Vernon as well as the other personal documents that were STOLEN from me.

        Re Manchester City FC and organised abuse. Keith Fearns, the perjuring criminal of a senior social worker who was a key member of the organised abuse and crime in Gwynedd for so long, grew up in Manchester and played football for Manchester teams as a teenager/young man. For years now, Fearns has been the manager for Bangor Ladies Football team. Most of them are social workers or student social workers. The consensus of opinion is that it is a cover for crime but as with Keith’s other criminal activities, no-one at all is interested in investigating. Keith was employed by Gwynedd Social Services throughout the many years when Gwynedd imposed a strict language policy for all social workers: they HAD to speak Welsh or be a Welsh learner. Keith doesn’t speak Welsh, has never learned or even attempted to learn. But then Keith has no therapy qualifications although he runs a private therapy practice. Keith was a milkman on Maesgeirchan Council Estate, the location of the Ty’r Felin children’s home, until he fancied being a social worker in the late 1970s. Kids at Ty’r Felin were trafficked to Manchester and Dolphin Square. In the 1980s one Gwynedd social worker with responsibility for Ty Felin was Meri Huws. Meri ended up as Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning at Bangor University. Once I began my PhD, Sadie Francis turned up at the Dept of Lifelong Learning to do a creative writing course, In Retirement. Although Sadie continued to do locum work as a psychiatrist and sat on the Community Health Council, the Patients Watchdog.
        A la Dafydd, most of Keith’s colleagues are terrified of him. Keith was witnessed violently assaulting a CPN in the street in Bangor. The CPN then joined Keith’s Therapy Training Group. Keith hates me and I hate him. I am of the opinion that Keith is an incredibly dangerous man who should have been jailed years ago, but unlike most other people I have not been intimidated into keeping quiet about Keith.

        Keith is a former colleague and a good friend of Hywel Williams, the Plaid MP for Arfon. Hywel is a former psychiatric social worker who worked with Gwynne and Dafydd. Until a few months ago, Hywel’s former Gwynedd social work colleague from 1973 Anne Coffey was the MP for Stockport, near er Manchester. The girl I knew who was a witness to Gwynne and later committed suicide in the Care of Manchester Mental Health Services had lived in Stockport for some years before she died and was still living there when she was found dead. Presumed suicide. Hywel’s Commons interests are Mental Health and Poverty and Coffee held the remit for Child Sexual Abuse and Trafficking.

        Recover the bodies from Denbigh and shut this lot up once and for all. They’re Gangsters, even those Cunningly Disguised as Nice Lady Doctors. Or indeed pissed screaming Welsh Language Commissioners, as Meri became after Sadie Francis was one of Meri’s students.

  6. Things are bad. The Guardian online has published in full the C word – one of the Brothers in the Labour Party used it to describe another Brother. Now that Sir Keir has ordered that Inquiry into the Inquiry that was held about Jezza’s alleged anti-Semitic culture, Len McClusky has chipped in. I expect Len will be ordering an Inquiry into Keir’s Inquiry.

    The Philanderer must be very relieved that Miranda Cast Him Out of polite Labour Lords Society.

    Even I haven’t published the C word in full on this blog. Not that I want to waste time debating whether one should or not, because I’ve just discovered a few more Richard Crossman and Brave Wendy facts and there is much blogging to do..

    1. Humberside Police set up a Serious Incident Operation in July 2006, the code name of which I am unsure which was wrapped up in 6 weeks without interviewing anyone apart from myself and Dr X ,(whom I had accused of killing our former administrative colleague and patient in 2005, with a Coroners open verdict in his death) and Mr Alan Mather a registered patient of no direct relevance to a criminal murder investigation apart from the alleged insurance fraud involving Dr X and Mr Mather the other driver.
      The sudden and unexpected deaths were put to one side following reassurance from the Practice Manager and Medical Director, a fellow medical student of Dr X and his North Wales GP brother. The Senior Partner was her boss at the PCT.
      The alleged drug diversion was not investigated and the only official acknowledgement of irregularities including controlled drugs came many years later via CQC Inspection.
      So no complete waste of time in terms of police or political interest.

      1. The lack of medical interest in patients with proven historical child sexual abuse and trafficking in 2015 was you might say beyond belief given the professional role of GPs in a community.

        1. My final observation to ask what you might expect of the most senior doctor in the North of England, the NHS England Regional Medical Director if as a colleague you wrote to him about serious organised crime in the NHS?
          Dr Mike Prentice remains in post presumably leading the NHS England North medical response to the current pandemic.
          He didn’t even bother to ask how many were dead or for that matter anything else.

        2. Richard,
          I don’t know whether you too have knowledge of this, but I think that anyone considering making a complaint of sexual assault on behalf of themselves or to raise concerns about other practitioners/cases should be fully aware that somewhere along the line, their complaint will be copied/leaked and shared with the offenders and other corrupt professionals in what could be called the Organised Abuse Community. There is absolutely no confidentiality in the NHS and Social Services, none. From what I know I suspect that the problem is far worse than even with dodgy police officers. Patients medical records are bandied around in a manner which would result in legal action if they ever knew that it was happening and counselling sessions are covertly recorded and used as shall we just say wanking material. There was much fuss a few years ago when Radical Lawyers raised the matter of the police statements of sexual assault victims being sold by the offenders as porn. There was nothing that could be done to stop it because defendants, even when convicted, have a legal right to statements about them. I suspected at the time that the Therapy was being used for similar purposes; indeed it was and ‘screening’ by Professionals was being filmed and sold as well.

          The situation is worse than anyone could ever imagine. My advice to anyone would be that unless you fear that the person you wish to raise concerns about may attack another person and do real damage, don’t even bother. It won’t be the police who present the biggest problem, it’ll be the Top Docs, Angels and social workers. My rule re not reporting matters unless others were in serious danger was adhered to by me until very recently when someone persuaded me to raise concerns about a number of serious assaults on people – including a child – by Top Docs and accomplices who are still practicing in Wales and elsewhere in the UK. I was told within a couple of weeks that my communications had been copied, shared, sent to newspapers, bent lawyers and any number of people who had thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the contents. There will have been NHS ‘professionals’ and Welsh Assembly staff tossing themselves off like there was no tomorrow, because going through the Correct Channels, I did of course raise my concerns via those routes.

          People need to stop being told a pack of bloody lies about Services and the value of Sharing and Talking and Asking For Help. The system is so colonised with criminals that sadly there is only one reason why there is all this encouragement: it is to identify Grasses and/or pass on the names and details of potential targets who have already been ‘softened up’ as it were by previous assaults. If it is really all about Help, then why is everyone declaring that after they were Interviewed and Assessed, there was No Help Available?

          For years now young people have been bombarded with messages that they can Share about Sexual Abuse, this is Empowering and to not do so suggests that one is Ashamed. It has put a great many vulnerable people in harms way as they are then fed into a warehousing system of the most deranged, dysfunctional, insensitive, ignorant old loonies that one could imagine. It wasn’t rocket science to work out why so many Oldies were appalled when at the beginning of her Campaigning, Esther paraded a series of young children who had been Sexually Abused before the cameras on TV, to Raise Awareness and Fight Stigma. She made those kids targets for every molester that was watching. One doesn’t have to be welded into one’s Foundation Garments to be blown away by such irresponsibility. Particularly when it came along at about the same time as Rolf Harris rolling around a lawn hugging young kids discussing the Different Sorts Of Touches between people in the name of Protecting Children. From then on every Santa Claus and male family member who was good with children was under suspicion, particularly as Rolf’s Campaigning was accompanied by much telling of children that Sometimes Daddies and Uncles and Grandfathers can be Very Naughty. Somehow one does have to keep kids safe in a worrying world where people they know well might be the danger rather than the proverbial man down the lane who asks them if they want to see some puppies, but Rolf and Esther were not the people to do this. I note that no-one has managed to explain who was responsible for Rolf being asked to star in that video or for the public identification of children who had been the subject of serious crimes. I presume that it is a case of ‘Cyril…’

          Something else that will be a matter of Its Nothing To Do With Me will be statements to the police and indeed Courts about me over the years that turned up in my files when I eventually obtained them decades later. I had never seen the statements before and did not recognise the names of the people who had made them. They had all specifically asked that I should not be told that they had made this statement ‘because we are so frightened of what she will do if she finds out’. As the Radical Lawyers knew with the wanking material, ALL defendants have a legal right to be given copies of all statements made about them. Unless of course one has complained about Gwynne Williams and Dafydd behaving indecently. Then all laws can be flouted.

          The current silence in the face of this blog won’t do. I have survived to write this. There are a great many others who are dead or still in prison or secure hospitals who were subjected to exactly the same completely illegal techniques by a ring of Top Docs, social workers and others who were facilitating organised abuse.

          Now it is becoming clear that Lord Snowdon is the Big Name behind Gwynne’s Giggles and the bodies at Denbigh, I can only imagine the seething anger of local people who were the targets rather than assistants of Gwynne and Dafydd in their heyday of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Brenda, you are a fucking insult; we absolutely do not need your morale boosting broadcasts. We are not a feudal hierarchy and your relatives do not have the right to murder and imprison people who refused to join the Royal Lobotomist’s brothel. It wasn’t 1784, Brenda it was 1984, and someone killed my friend two years later because I was not going to shag on demand.

          Recover those bodies and identify them and then let Brenda send a Message To The Nation, sort of explaining what her son was doing as Chancellor of the University where that lobotomist made indecent suggestions and then forged documents to discredit complainants.

          Come on Brenda you ridiculous pea brained old cow, you’ve plenty of equerries and boot lickers to make up the excuses.

          1. It was a Student Health Centre, Brenda, a Student Health Centre in 1984. A 70 year old lobotomist was in there and because I questioned his wholly unacceptable conduct and then simply walked out when he did not desist, I was told by the Referring GP that he wanted to throw me down the stairs. Documents were forged so crudely that I could see the Tippex on them. I laughed out loud so they then typed whole new forgeries to overcome the Tippex.

            A Student Health Centre in 1984. It is only ‘a long time ago’ because ever since, no-one, no-one at all, has replied to letters from Brown and me about the matter. In 1984 medical schools and GPs were boasting about training med students in Communication Skills, in sociology, race awareness, ensuring that not so many med students were white and from public schools…

            A fucking lobotomist and a GP who threatened to throw me down the stairs. The GP was white, male and public school educated but that wasn’t the problem. He was a criminal, that was the problem. His Angel was born and bred on Anglesey, Welsh first language and trained at the C&A Hospital in Bangor. Another criminal. Her son is now a Top Doc; born and bred on Anglesey, educated at Ysgol David Hughes at Menai Bridge…

            The Enlightened Talk about Race Awareness, Diversity, Sexism in Medicine was a diversion from a totally corrupt profession that was resulting in young docs committing suicide. Not because they were Tired or Stressed but because what they were seeing was just so bad that the nicer ones couldn’t live with it. Some of them may well have been murdered. The highest rate of suicide for any profession. Ah its the long hours!! No-one tackled the long hours in a big way, although the hours are now better. Junior docs are still carrying on like lemmings. They are used to hard work and long hours, junior docs kill themselves for other reasons. And not boyfriend troubles either even if they are Attractive Young Ladies.

          2. PS The Welsh Angel who was a criminal was a Single Parent. Her son had no contact with his dad. Because when he was a baby he had held both the baby and his wife hostage at gunpoint. He was an Angel as well, at the C&A. After the business with the gun, the Angels of the C&A Were Divided. Some supported Liz, some supported her Ex. The shotgun wielding Angel left Bangor to work as an Angel in Saudi. He married another Angel from Gwynedd who also worked in Saudi.

            Ah Casualty is just like real life, my sister’s a nurse and they love it in their hospital!

            Anyone can end up in difficult personal situations, but a great many of that crowd could only be described as ‘low life’. I can imagine what would have happened if F had ever held his baby and the mother hostage with a gun…

        3. Would you believe me if I said the Human Tissue Act (a law set up to protect the vulnerable from being butchered) is being used to protect the semen of rapists?

          1. I don’t know what Dr Haynes’s opinion on that is but it wouldn’t surprise me at all.
            I have never had a problem with biomedical advances in the way that so many people do, whether it is IVF, genetic engineering etc. The entire problem is that the whole medico-legal system favours the unscrupulous. IVF was considered seriously beyond the pale until Top Docs realised how much money there was to be made from it. As for babies by surrogacy, that was enough to put anyone who did that in physical danger from mob violence. Until Michael Jackson, Elton John and other rich celebs realised that they could make use of it. Wasn’t Rebekah Brooks’s baby born by surrogacy? Far too busy working for the Digger to take time out to give birth!

            And Edwina Hart has wrecked the potential that organ donation offers.

            The science is absolutely not the problem. The criminals with the upper hand are.

          2. Do you have a link for details of counselling/police records being used as porn?

            There must be doctors within the system that are not a part of this. What do you think? I wrote an email to you in September 2019 but never heard back. Did you receive it?

          3. Hi
            The subject of police statements being used as porn and sold to other sex offenders received quite substantial publicity in the media some years ago. Every account that I read constructed it in terms of male violence against women; feminist barristers had raised the matter and were furious that they were unable to stop it happening because the sex offenders who were selling the police statements made by their victims were legally entitled to have possession of them. There was no discussion of corrupt professionals also taking part in this practice, it was very much presented as what Male Rapists did.

            I have never seen any discussion of counselling/therapy sessions/records being used as such anywhere, but I and two of my friends found out that it was happening in north Wales. It is undoubtedly a widespread practice but no-one will ever dare admit it.

            There are indeed Docs who are sickened by what is going on but there is no support for anyone at all who challenges this organised abuse within the welfare system itself; their careers will end and they may well be found dead. I am serious here – there were disappearances and deaths of welfare professionals in the big paedophile rings such as Islington. There were in north Wales as well but unlike Islington they have not been recorded anywhere as such.

            Don’t underestimate how bloody nasty things will get for anyone who dares stand up to this lot! Furthermore, as I have found out, if you withstand them yourself, they will go after EVERY contact you have, past and present. Anyone who cannot be bought off will be threatened and harassed themselves. The ultimate is to get people’s kids; that is the thing that cracks even the toughest opponent. I was told some years ago that I was very fortunate not having children because if I did have they would most definitely have been harmed. Indeed I drew that conclusion years ago when I watched Mr Fearns et al in action. I always wanted a family but not for those scumbags to ruin, as they did to F.

            The picture painted by the Gang is always one of hopeless feckless parents who bred like rabbits and ooh those children had to be taken into care. There are some people who do fit that stereotype but most don’t. I witnessed people with supportive, stable families lose their children to those utter scumbags, they were just horrified that such a thing had ever happened to them. But then I never expected to find myself in the High Court eight times in eighteen months being branded a ‘chaotic personality disordered woman with serious social problems’. I indeed had serious problems, I had a load of bloody gangsters after me, that was the root of it. No-one could ever prove that I had lied, stolen, violently attacked, embezzled etc or anything like that, so a load of nonsense was bandied about re my alleged psychological interior. That none of them grasped anyway!

            They really are so bad that they have to be seen in action to be believed! It was incredible in Gwynedd, new people would arrive and Ask For Help and would later say ‘I just could not believe how I was treated, they were absolutely dreadful, never seen anything like it’. Same as neighbours new to the area, the number of times I was told ‘Christ he was a social worker/nurse/doctor, I was horrified’. Keith Fearns’ neighbours moved house to get away from the aggression, the drunken fist fights in the garden, the harassment of an elderly family member! You won’t find better than Gwynedd mental health professionals for terrorising the neighbours!

            I do remember your e mail; didn’t you write me more than one, I replied to the first one and you sent me a follow-up but I didn’t realise that you were expecting a reply, I thought it was just for information only…

            I have been unable to access all e mails for weeks now, but I can pick up comments on this blog. If you wanted to say anything in a comment that you don’t want me to post on the blog, just make it clear, I’d never put anything up that you would want to remain private.

  7. Another Insider witness from north Wales has pegged out; Joe Brown the climber from Llanberis. Joe Brown was getting on in years but he knew the biggest Gigglers, including Sir Charles Evans, Jim Perrin, the lot.

    One of Joe Brown’s mates is a close relative of a woman who was dumped in Denbigh years ago when she was young and left to rot. I last saw her living in a bus stop in Bangor about eight years ago. One of the Hergest Unit’s High Priority Patients, on the Severe Mental Illness Register, not allowed to Slip Through the Net. So she was housed in a Care Home where staff shagged patients in the kitchen, then in Supported Accommodation where someone threw a rock through her window and eventually the bus shelter served as the Sheltered Accommodation. Furthermore when I stopped to talk to her in the bus shelter, she had just spent a few months hitching around the UK living rough.

    Ah, they Receive Care. Gwynedd Social Services was probably still paying some business partner of Dafydd’s £2000 per week for her Care.

    Her brother stars on TV regularly, gives public lectures, picks up gongs and one of his climbing buddies is the neurosurgeon son of one of Dafydd’s Top Doc mates from Liverpool. He was even making Star Appearances in Gwynedd while other Hergest patients asked her ‘Is it true that your brother is ….’ She used to snap ‘No’ and walk away.

    It’s All Totally Confidential!!

    I didn’t know Joe Brown but I know people who did and Joe Brown will have known Gigglers at the top of the tree. Possibly Lord Hailsham, who was a keen mountain climber when he was young, it’s why Hailsham was dodgy on his legs, he’d broken both ankles up a mountain years ago.

    1. Shall I open a book on who will drop next?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Joe Brown’s mate, the family member of the girl who was dumped in Denbigh years ago. They’re a posh Military/security services family and she was hidden away with Gwynne for some reason…

      Don’t let a Top Doc near you Chris, it’s not as if you don’t know what some of them are capable of!

  8. Two more local deaths in the past few days have been added to the above post. One, Sir John Houghton, is a Famous Climate Change Scientist from Denbighshire. The other, Sean Tierney, is a former business partner of Dafydd’s who lobbied for Dafydd while adopting the pretence of being a Falklands veteran with PTSD; he was jailed on two counts of attempted murder some eight years ago. Not a word was said about him being a Campaigner For Dafydd. When he was jailed for attempting to kill his neighbours with a machete, a wit quipped to me that he was ‘A very bad PR man’. Indeed, but all those people who had Lobbied the Welsh Govt after he’d told them how great Dafydd was didn’t say a word when he was jailed! Neither did the Daily Post, Dafydd’s Newsletter, mention the connection between the two of them.

    Anyway, they’ve both died from Coronavirus.

    Things must be desperate, Aled Jones of Walking In The Air fame is advertising a Forthcoming Tour Of Cathedrals, starting off at St Asaph. It’s just as well that the former organist there is now safely in jail for abusing his students or things could prove difficult for Aled if Hugh was there on the organ, all Ted Heath-like. Aled himself sang and was discovered in Bangor Cathedral, while Dafydd’s mate was Bishop of Bangor.

  9. Just heard on the radio that Dennis Goldberg the South African Anti-Apartheid campaigner who was unusual for being white has died. Dennis features in earlier posts.
    Dennis was a good age but it has been pointed out to me that Dennis has dropped just after I stated on this blog that I would soon be blogging about David Ennals and his activities during the Profumo years. Ennals was a mate of Goldberg. Ennals was also a mate of Dafydd, Gwynne and That Dreadful Peter Hain.

  10. The annual celebration of life at Pocklington ((School) … ‘stupid o’clock’ thankfully driven by the ever-reliable Richard Bartle.
    19 November 2015
    It must have been the driving improvement course advised by North Yorkshire Police on 7 December 2012.
    The School minibus was similarly less than functional after Richard’s high speed front impact to the near side of my vehicle.

  11. Readers are telling me that people from the music industry in the 60s and 70s are dropping like there’s no tomorrow.
    I’m sorry to say that I have completely neglected my duties in keeping up with the deaths, I’ve been busy with Lord Denning et al.

    I did see that Little Richard had died, there was a Country and Western person, then in the last two days there’s been the bloke from Pretty Things and Astrid, the Beatles’ photographer. It was Astrid’s death that sort of woke me up.

    Can whoever is handling Astrid’s goods and chattles send me a photo of Gwynne’s genitalia if they find such matter among Astrid’s grave goods? I want it up on the blog as a Tribute to a man who has done a lot of people a lot of good and that’s why DGE Wood or indeed anyone else was not going to listen to this nonsense from me and Brown.

    I actually saw some Linda McCartney pies and other produce in the supermarket the other day. There was a whole two shelves of Linda McCartney wholesome cruelty-free grub. I began laughing but it has occurred to me that there might be a drop in sales if people known to Macca keep dying. I’ll look out for the first supermarket to cancel their contract with the FACTORY that makes the Linda McCartney produce on the grounds that We Are A Family Company and cannot endorse vegetarian products manufactured by pornographers.

    People in north Wales can instead pop over Lord Newborough’s very nice farm shop near Corwen, it is pricey, but the food’s lovely, or it always was when I used to go there. But don’t buy the stuffed peppers, Lord Newborough seems to make all the profit on them, they are far too expensive for normal people. Before Lord N – a friend of Carlo and Camilla – became a Farmer and opened the poshest farm shop in Wales, he was a global financier in the Far East. Those stuffed peppers are keeping the markets in Singapore going.

    Tom King’s in the clear though, the one sausage roll that used to sustain Jane all evening was never a veggie one, let alone anything to do with Linda McCartney.

    I wonder if Tom King regrets ever having anything to do with my family? He should be sat in his palatial home with his head in his hands moaning quietly by now, but knowing that lot they won’t be. The Browns used to have rude neighbours who blamed the Browns for everything in terms of animals, because the Browns had poultry etc. One day the rude neighbours rang and simply said to Mrs Brown ‘Your rabbits are in our garden’. And Mrs Brown, always polite, said ‘Ooh we don’t have any rabbits’. I said after the call ‘I bet they were embarrassed when they found out that you didn’t have rabbits’. Col Brown replied ‘No, they won’t be, not at all…’

    In terms of dodgy food manufacturers and their marketing, does anyone know how Lord Newborough managed to develop the market for Salt Marsh Lamb? It seems to have become much sought after, as a result of Lord N flogging it. When I was a girl and this was all fields, Salt Marsh Lamb were the sheep on the land out at Stert, Combwich etc, considered to be bad land, difficult farming. Farmers out there were never considered to be producing lamb for the finest restaurants in Europe.

    John Biffen would have remembered it well, their farm was just down the lane from the salt marshes.

    1. Can the police just stop bothering me about criminals I have known during the course of decades? When I and others complained about the criminals AND presented evidence and witness accounts of their wrongdoing, no-one was interested. As for the people whom I didn’t know were being bribed or blackmailed to tell lies about me/ask me to write to them and then pass on the mail to bent lawyers and other criminals, well the police seem to know that this was happening so why wasn’t I warned?

      I’m fed up with a hopeless endemically corrupt state which employs people who can’t do the simplest task and then tells me and Brown what idiots we are.

      I suggest that all those people who stole personal documents from me, who hacked into my e mails, who thought that they were so smart by bribing and blackmailing their way into jobs and promotions now explain to the relatives of the dead witnesses why their criminality was such a good idea.

      If a society is created that actively rewards idiots and criminals and honest people are mocked and sneered at, crucial institutions will fill up with vacuous unscrupulous troughers.

      I had a look at the McCartney family websites earlier. I’ve never laughed so much at the ruthless accumulation of dosh on the part of a family that sends love and good vibes to the world and Cares About The Planet.

      As for the circles in which Top Docs and other Experts move, I haven’t yet mentioned on this blog one of the other foibles of Bodger’s team at St George’s in the Obs and Gynae Dept. One female member of staff told me that she ‘hates the sight of pregnant women, waddling down the corridors’. A member of staff of an Obs and Gynae Dept in a leading London Hospital.

      They were fucking mad and should have not been let loose on the general public.

      Now instead of police constantly bothering me because they couldn’t do their jobs over a period of decades, how about the MDU gives me my money and the series of pompous pillocks from London hospitals stop turning upon Radio 4 giving us the benefit of their wisdom re the Coronavirus?

      I note that the Govt do not seem to have made available a simple online info guide to virology for people who have not had a scientific education. It would not be difficult, it would take about three hours for a good science educator to write, Your Guide To Viruses. The public would then realise how much crap they are being told about the Coronavirus, how many of the Health Measures being taken are effective against bacteria not viruses and just how badly the Govt are floundering with this matter. Someone could also tell everyone that a Govt Minister reciting daily in a pompous important voice how many thousand Tests have been carried out for Coronavirus today is a rather pointless exercise. It does however conceal the lack of real knowledge that the Ministers have with regard to this area and that they have no idea which Expert to listen to.

      I’d write the virology guide myself and post it up on this blog if I had time but I’m busy with the blog and as I was pushed out of every job in science that I had by Prince Charles pressurising criminals, I’m buggered if I’m going to do it. So everyone can carry on floundering until hopefully the public realise that they are being fed crap and just begin a campaign of mass civil disobedience.

      If Carlo wishes to recommend homeopathy for Coronavirus, I wish him the best. It’ll be completely ineffective because homeopathy doesn’t work. Edzard Ernst demonstrated that which is why Carlo had him removed from his Chair at Exeter University. Exeter has however maxed out on Mindfulness.

      If I bump into any of the maggots who so much enjoyed themselves sniggering at Brown and I, hacking into our e mails etc and they wish to begin crying when they are faced with me, I’ll tell them now not to bother to get the onions out. They can just explain the dead witnesses. Not to me, but to the relatives of those who have been murdered. I would particularly like to see Betty Williams and Charlie Falconer do this. In memory of Nerys, Betty. A student protest against Prof Fungus Lowe at Bangor involved students holding banners emblazoned with the slogan ‘How Lowe Can You Go?’ I appreciated the slogan but Betty and Charlie went even Lower. As inspired by Miranda.

      When one of the Blair family dies at the hands of the Top Docs I’ll try and laugh so loudly that Miranda can hear me from wherever he is in the world, holidaying at a rich criminal’s villa.

      1. Bloody hell, Jenny’s husband is the latest celeb to die; Jenny who was for years married to Frank the dodgy dentist and then ran off with Michael Angelis, who was married to Gail from Coronation Street.

        Jenny is a relative of one of my friends who stood by me. Jenny, Frank, Gail, Angelis and many others did very well out of the Gang coming after me.

        I have noted the other celebs in the know who have dropped recently, including Ted Roach from the Bill but gosh, Jenny’s husband. Michael Angelis was only 68, he’s years younger than Jenny…

        I do hope that the cast of Corrie are all safe! Ken Barlow is a mate of Alun Davies and the Gang.

        Clap for the NHS everyone! The Heroes Who Look After Us!

        Jenny, when your toyboy died, did the Doc do The Hands and tell you that It’s For The Best?

        Whatever any Doc did, it will never be as bad as what Those Who Look After Us did to Angel at Musgrove Park Hospital. RIP Angel, dead within hours of birth. What price those shopping trips in Harvey Nicks and your place at Marbella now then Jenny? They’ve killed your husband.

        I’m not quite sure why the Top Docs are killing like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve put everything up online anyway! What’s the point Top Docs? Oh well there never has been any logic to the Gang’s crimes.

        They’re So Clever! They Played Mind Games, being Trained In Psychological Warfare! They’ve killed Jenny’s husband, well there’s subtlety for you.

        1. According to another obit, Jenny’s husband was 76. I wonder if Gwynne was busy amending Michael Angelis’s records years ago so there are a variety of dates of birth in circulation for Jenny’s husband, in the way that I was discharged from Denbigh on three different dates at once, three weeks apart?

          I didn’t know anything about Michael Angelis, I just knew that Jenny had run off with Gail’s husband, but I’ve just read that Michael came from Liverpool and starred in the Liver Birds. Did Dafydd pay a house call to your place yesterday then Jenny?

          Michael seems to have suddenly pegged out just after I blogged a few more Down Memory Lane bits about life in the foothills of the Quantocks yesterday. The Big Names directly associated with the people whom I talked about are, apart from Cherie and the L/pool crowd re Jenny’s husband, are: Paul Johnson – leftie journo who ended up a mate of Thatch – his wife Marigold the psychotherapist, and the Pardoes. And of course Tom King.

          Never mind Jenny, blame it on the Sydenham Estate people, it was always the method. None of you are safe from a criminal medical profession, none of you, but you didn’t give a stuff when it was only us who were being killed….

          The name in the frame is Dafydd who Ruled Liverpool. Jenny’s first husband was Harley Street Frank the Dodgy Dentist.

          There was a cartel of criminal dentists involved with the Gang; Paul Beresford the Tory MP originally from New Zealand who was leader of Wandsworth Council, was one of them, F’s former father-in-law was part of the network and one of the students on our MSc at Hammersmith who was a dentist knew about them, I don’t know if she was Of Them but she’d have been far too frightened to take them on.

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