Arthur Dickson Wright – An Appreciation

One thing that I failed to emphasise in my post ”Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ when discussing Richard Crossman’s Houseparty guest Kay Carmichael, the Committed Socialist activist and Glaswegian psychiatric social worker who Helped and Empowered so many, is that Scottish mental health law is different to the English and Welsh mental health legislation written by Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass in 1983. Is Scottish law better than Bluglass’s charter for abuse? No, unbelievably it is even worse. Scottish mental health law is some of the most abusive in Europe, it is terrifying. There was a great deal of fuss about Scottish mental health law back in the late 1980s and 90s and a lot of publicity re the abuses and deaths, but as with the discussion of the abuses of patients in Britain’s high security mental hospitals, it all mysteriously died away when the police investigations into child abuse rings in UK Social Service Depts began in the 1990s.

I don’t know who wrote the Scottish legislation, I have never had time to follow it up but it is still dreadful. People languished and still languish in Scottish mental hospitals for years with no effective checks and balances and they were/are of course those who had/have grown up in care or pointed the figure at the powerful. I knew of one such person back in the 1980s. She had grown up in ‘care’ in Glasgow, been coerced into sex work as a teenager, received no education in either academic subjects or basic life skills and did have problems, but they could have been addressed in a rather different way than they were. She married the son of a more middle-class family and had a number of children in quick succession when quite young. Her husband’s parents were very supportive and there were no money or accommodation worries because of that. However, the young woman had difficulty coping with the children and there was Social Service involvement. The children weren’t taken into care because of the presence of the wider supportive family of the father of her husband. She was removed instead. A diagnosis of ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ appeared – what else?? – and she ended up sectioned, for many years, back in Glasgow, a city miles away from her husband and family. The family into whom that young woman married didn’t realise that she was witness to serious crime before she ever met them. Furthermore the Top Docs knew that I knew something about that young woman’s background…

As ever, the ‘history’ of this young woman was compiled by Top Docs, social workers and health visitors, who based their ‘reports’ on speculation and casual gossip with at least one person whom should never have been involved in any conversations about her. This person had also been allowed sight of confidential medical records relating to this young woman. Confidence was breached repeatedly, information was supplied by someone who knew nothing about the young ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ woman and who had a vested interest in concealing criminality of which the ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ had knowledge. The security services were bugging our house when I discussed with Brown what was happening to this young woman in the mid-late 1980s. The concerns that I was raising with Brown about what was going on will have been recorded by them and none of the info will have been used to protect the target. It was by the early-mid 1990s that she was a long-stay patient in a mental health facility in Glasgow, when Dafydd’s gang in north Wales, who had links to Glasgow, were trying so hard to have me incarcerated.

Dafydd and Tony Francis’s colleague Dr Gwen Jones-Edwards left her job at the Hergest Unit as part of the Great Exodus during the Waterhouse Inquiry to take up a job in Glasgow. See post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ and previous posts. Gwen referred a Hergest Unit patient for specialist therapy to the Maudsley. At the Maudsley he was not given any ‘specialist therapy’, he was instead entered into a clinical trial of a relaxation technique which he found ineffective. His continued distress was ignored by the therapists. He later found out that the two ‘therapists’ who were unable to respond to his concerns were Masters students. He reported all of this to Gwen who did not follow any of it up and instead documented upon his records that he had received ‘specialist therapy’ from the Maudsley. After Gwen left for Glasgow, this man was told by subsequent Top Docs in north Wales that a diagnosis of personality disorder was justified because he had not responded to therapy after receiving the best at the Maudsley.

Gwen now lives in a lovely house on the banks of Loch Lomond after bagging that fantastic number as Clinical Director of Southern General, Glasgow’s flagship neurological centre. See previous posts. This is the Top Doc who was appointed as the Chancellor of Glasgow University in 2006 who oiled the wheels:

Kenneth Calman

Sir Kenneth Calman was Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, 1989-91, when the ‘evidence’ which was used to diagnose and section the witness to serious crime in Glasgow was collected. Sir Ken then served as CMO for England and Wales, 1991-97, as the police inquiries and investigations began in north Wales. In 1998, Sir Ken was appointed as Warden and VC of Durham University, an institution complicit with the criminality of the sex abuse ring in the North East of England with direct links to Dafydd’s gang. Miranda’s constituency of Sedgefield was in Co Durham.

Here’s Sir Ken’s daughter Susan who captured the nation’s heart by taking part in a dancing competition on TV:


Sir Ken was preceded as VC of Durham University by Evelyn Algernon Valentine Ebsworth (14 February 1933 – 16 July 2015). Ebsworth was born in Richmond, Yorkshire. His father, Brigadier Wilfred Ebsworth, was posted to Southern Africa during WW II. Ebsworth joined him on his posting and, from 1940 to 1945, lived in Southern Rhodesia and Kenya. Evelyn was educated at schools in many different countries before completing his education as a boarder at Marlborough College, which is where Kay Carmichael’s second husband Professor David Donnison boarded between 1940 and 1943. Like Kay, Donnison concealed organised abuse in Glasgow and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Marlborough College educated many influential people and I mentioned in my post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ that Sir Henry Brooke appeared in Marlborough College’s obituaries for Old Boys at the same time as Donnison did. Sir Henry Brooke was the Founding Father of the Tory dynasty which produced a whole collection of people who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Peter Brooke, Chairman of the Conservative Party, 1987-89 and Secretary of State for N Ireland, 1989-92. Sir Henry’s wife was Posh Lady Baroness Barbara Brooke, who ended up running great swathes of London’s NHS and who’s father was a Welsh Nonconformist Minister. See previous posts.


Ebsworth studied chemistry at King’s College, Cambridge and graduated in 1954. King’s College and Trinity College supplied most of the members of the Cambridge Apostles, many of whom joined the security services. Eric Hobsbawm was an Apostle at King’s. Eric who’s daughter Julia is a old friend and former business partner of Sarah, Gordon Brown’s wife. The Hobsbawms had a second home at Croesor in Gwynedd for many, many years until 1979 and Eric was part of the Bertrand Russell/Clough Williams-Ellis/Welsh Bloomsbury Group, many of whom who utilised the services of Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang. See eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. The former VC of Bangor University, Merfyn Jones, who was forced out of public life after a prolonged attack from Miranda and Gordon Brown because he, his late wife and one of his friends spilt the gangs’ pints, grew up in Llanfrothen (the neighbouring village to Croesor) and knew the Welsh Bloomsbury Group as a boy/teenager.

One person who had covertly operated on behalf of the gang for years, before and while Merfyn was VC of Bangor University, was Professor Eric Sunderland, who had served as VC of UCNW (Bangor University), 1984-95. Eric had been called to Bangor from Durham University where Eric was a PVC by Dafydd et al as a reinforcement after Sir Charles Evans, the Previous Principal of UCNW, retired. Eric had been at Durham University since the late 1950s, after growing up in west Wales and completing degrees at Aberystwyth University and then a PhD at UCL. By the 1980s, Dafydd’s gang were working in collaboration with the gang in west Wales. Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, 1980-91, when Eric was Called Home to Wales, had previously served as the County Secretary for Dyfed County Council in west Wales from 1973/74 onward.

In 1974, one Lynn Ebsworth was appointed as Chief Personnel Officer to D. Alun Jones, the first Chief Exec of the newly established Gwynedd County Council. Ebsworth was then appointed as Management Services Officer to Ioan Bowen Rees, when Ioan was County Secretary of Gwynedd County Council before becoming Chief Exec. In 1982, Lynn Ebsworth became Acting Director of Gwynedd Social Services, overseeing Lucille Hughes, who was responsible for the children’s section.

By the time that Lynn Ebsworth was appointed Acting Director of Social Services, the people who ran the paedophile gang in Gwynedd were in post. One was Larry King, who’s early career had been in the British Army; King then served as a policeman in England, transferring to the Colonial Police in Rhodesia. King retired from Gwynedd Social Services in 1988. He had at one time, but I’m not sure when, been a Housemaster at Bryn Estyn. King began working for Denbighshire County Council in 1969, after qualifying for the Home Office Letter of Recognition in Child Care at Liverpool University, the qualification that Dafydd’s mistress Lucille had bagged from Liverpool University years previously. King was later a Senior Social Worker for Flintshire County Council and then moved to the Llandudno Area Office managed by Gwynedd County Council in 1974. From 1975 King was a Senior Officer in Gwynedd and was redesignated as Principal Officer (Children) from 1979.

Larry King was just one of the many very inappropriate appointments made when Lynn Ebsworth was Chief Personnel Officer of Gwynedd County Council. My post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ provides the background to the collection of thugs and clueless fools who were employed by Gwynedd County Council, often in senior roles, who ran that paedophile gang. Again and again, they had previous in Denbighshire County Council, Dafydd’s domain, or in the other previously existing County Councils of Wales, which hosted sex abuse gangs linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. Not that this was a ‘Welsh’ problem. The more senior members of the gang were often graduates of English universities, including, in the case of Ioan Bowen Rees, Oxford. People were appointed to roles overseeing services for children or the mentally ill when they had no previous experience at all in those services. The chaos was incredible and was further added to by people being absent from work for long periods of time through illness or injury. Many of them hated each other and everything was always someone else’s fault, although they’d all worked with each other in various capacities for years.

Prior to Lynn Ebsworth serving as Acting Director of Gwynedd Social Services, the Director from 1974, had been T.E. Jones, who had previously held the same post in the old Caernarvonshire County Council. Jones had grown up in Montgomeryshire and not only had no experience of children’s services, but no professional qualifications at all. He had been the County Welfare Officer in Merionethshire, 1952-64. Merionethshire is now in south Gwynedd; T.E. Jones’s patch would have covered Croesor and Llanfrothen while Bertrand Russell et al swung with the Captain and complainants were banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and lobotomised by Gwynne.


Out, Out Damn VC:


Thomas Jones aka Lord Maelor served as the Labour MP for the constituency covering Croesor and Llanfrothen, 1951-66. Lord Maelor spontaneously combusted in Nov 1984, at his home near Wrexham. Here he is, wearing what seems to be ladies clothes of the era.

Lord Maelor was born and grew up near Wrexham. He worked as a miner and then attended Bangor Normal College and qualified as a teacher. Lord Maelor’s brother James Jones was the Labour MP for Wrexham, 1955-70. See previous posts for further information about Thomas and James Jones and the massive amounts of crime to which they were witnesses/party.

T.E. Jones was County Welfare Officer in Caernarvonshire for seven years after his stint ignoring what Captain Swing and his mates were doing in Cwm Croesor. Until 1983, T.E. Jones’s Deputy Director of Social Services in Gwynedd was David Alun Parry, who then served as Assistant Director until 1987, when he took voluntary redundancy with an enhanced pension after ‘negotiation with professional bodies’. In 1987, Alison Taylor and I were up and yelling loudly – I had been illegally imprisoned by Dafydd et al in Dec 1986-Jan 1987 and I made formal representation about this to a number of authorities. In England, the police looked dangerously near to closing in on the Westminster Paedophile Ring; Professor Oliver Brooke, a key player who was Prof of Paediatrics at St George’s Hospital, had been convicted and imprisoned. See eg. posts ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’

Before Parry had been Deputy Director of Gwynedd, he had spent three years as Director of Social Services for Anglesey. Parry was an Aberystwyth graduate with Diplomas in Social Science and Applied Social Studies from Swansea and Liverpool Universities, who also had the Home Office Letter of Recognition in Child Care and had attended management courses for senior officers at Liverpool University and in 1972, two short courses for Directors of Social Services at the Institute for Local Gov’t Studies at Birmingham University. Liverpool University was Dafydd’s alma mater and Birmingham University was Robert Bluglass’s domain.

At the Waterhouse Inquiry, a number of Parry’s colleagues pointed the finger at him. Parry maintained that the problems in Gwynedd County Council had begun with the incorporation of Anglesey Social Services into Gwynedd. Parry sustained serious injuries in a car crash in 1982 which caused him to take a long absence from work, the year that Lynn Ebsworth became Acting Director of Gwynedd Social Services, after presiding over so much fuckwittery since 1974.

In July 1981, Lucille became responsible for the children’s section in Gwynedd Social Services. She was given that remit at the same time as Ioan Bowen Rees ordered an investigation into the children’s homes run by Gwynedd County Council as a result of complaints of the neglect and abuse of children. Ioan commissioned senior officers from Dyfed County Council – Ioan’s former colleagues – to conduct the investigation. They subsequently gave the kids homes run by their partners-in-abuse a clean bill of health.

Lucille succeeded Lynn Ebsworth as Director of Gwynedd Social Services in Oct 1983. Lucille was an English graduate of UCNW, held a Certificate in Social Sciences from Liverpool University and the Home Office Letter of Recognition in Childcare. For 13 years Lucille had worked in the Children’s Dept’s of Anglesey and Cheshire Social Services, as Children’s Officer in both Counties and as Deputy Director for Cheshire Social Services from 1971. Lucille returned to Gwynedd as Principal Assistant Director from Feb 1976, where her responsibilities were the elderly and mental health.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


Lucille’s henchman in Gwynedd Social Services was Owain Gethin Evans. See previous posts. Gethin had graduated in Social Administration from Manchester University in 1968 and obtained a Diploma in Education (1970) from Cardiff University and a Diploma in Social Work Studies (1974) from the LSE. Gethin had worked as a social worker in Cheshire, 1971-73. After his stint at the LSE, Gethin returned to Gwynedd as a social worker and from 1975 spent three years as a community organiser. In 1978 Gethin was appointed Senior Officer (General) to assist Lucille. He was then appointed Principal Officer (Children) and was Head of the Children’s Services in 1982. Gethin Evans was the de facto Head of Children’s Services in Gwynedd, except for between 1987-1992 when he was Assistant Director (Resources and Support). Evans was also a member of Dwyfor District Council, 1976-86 and was it’s Chairman, 1983/84. After his outstanding record of achievement at Gwynedd, in 1995 Gethin was appointed Director of Social Services for Ceredigion.

Gwynedd County Council was rotten through and through and many of the worst were appointed or were in post while Lynn Ebsworth was Chief Personnel Officer.

Lynn’s initial boss at Gwynedd, David Alun Jones the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, 1974-80, was a solicitor. Jones had served as Deputy Clerk, 1952-1961 and then Clerk of Denbighshire County Council for 13 years. Jones was a law graduate from Aberystwyth University and had held posts as a solicitor in Ilford, Southampton, Berkshire and Surrey before Denbighshire. After his stint as Chief Exec at Gwynedd, David Alun Jones was the Commissioner for Local Administration in Wales, 1980-85, after which he retired.

David Alun Jones was succeeded as Chief Exec of Gwynedd by Ioan. The Ioan who grew up in Dolgellau, went to Queen’s College, Oxford, became a solicitor and did his articles with the Clerk at Denbighshire County Council – while David Alun Jones was Deputy Clerk – then worked in increasingly senior roles in local gov’t in Lancashire, Cardiff and Pembrokeshire, before he was appointed County Secretary for the newly created Dyfed County Council in 1973/74, then it was back home to Gwynedd after a few years…

Ioan was succeeded as Chief Exec in 1991 by Huw Vaughan Thomas. Who grew up in mid-Glamorgan, went to Durham University, completed a Masters at City University, entered the Civil Service and served as Private Secretary to two Ministers of Employment. Huw then led the Manpower Services Commission’s rehabilitation programme for disabled people and in May 1988, moved back to Wales as Director of Training Agency Wales. Huw’s time as Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council saw the abuse, neglect and chaos continue and ended in 1996 with the reorganisation of the local authorities.

That reorganisation resulted in the disappearance of Clwyd County Council, shortly after the completion of the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974; the Report was suppressed and then pulped, but Jillings admitted that the abuse had been appalling and inexcusable. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’ The local authority reorganisation had been ordered by the Local Authority Boundary Commission of which the Chairman was Professor Eric Sunderland! Who had announced in 1994 that he would be stepping down as Principal of UCNW in 1995.

Kaa the python comes to the aid of Mowgli just in the nick of time as things started to look bad for the man cub:


Here’s the King of the Swingers:

  • Jungle Book n Mogli -
  • *KING LOUIE ~ Jungle Book, 1967 | Louis Prima and Friends ...


After Kaa rearranged the local authorities to ensure that Clwyd County Council disappeared in a puff of smoke just when very serious questions indeed needed to be asked of it (see post ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’ for a detailed account of the senior people who called the shots in Clwyd County Council, an empire every bit as nepotistic and corrupt as Gwynedd), Huw Vaughan Thomas was appointed as the Chief Exec of the new revised version of Denbighshire County Council, one of the authorities which replaced Clwyd…


I do not know the previous of Lynn Ebsworth or his fate after Lucille took over as Director of Gwynedd Social Services, but I am wondering if he is any relation to Evelyn Ebsworth, who became VC of Durham University six years after Eric Sunderland was out of the door…


Evelyn Ebsworth remained at Cambridge University for his PhD. At Cambridge, Ebsworth was a member of the Cambridge University Liberal Club. He held a number of senior positions, including that of President during the 1954 Lent Term. Ronnie Waterhouse was at St John’s College, Cambridge and an enthusiastic Liberal when there. Waterhouse was President of the Cambridge Union in 1950. Ronnie’s lifelong best mate from their days as youthful members of the Liberal Party was Oxford law graduate Sir Robin Day. Ronnie and Robin were both members of Middle Temple.

Ronnie grew up in Flintshire and his dad was a Liberal politician. Ronnie and his dad were pals with T.M. Hadyn Rees, the first Chief Exec of the newly created Clwyd County Council, 1974-77. Hadyn Rees had been around for donkeys years. He originated from Swansea and in 1947 was appointed as Assistant Solicitor to Caernarvon County Council. The following year Hadyn Rees relocated to Flint County Council in a similar role and became the County Clerk in 1967. Hadyn Rees retired in 1977.

Robin Day 1970.jpg

Mervyn Phillips succeeded Hadyn Rees as Chief Exec and stayed in the post until 1992. Mervyn had been Deputy Chief Exec from the creation of Clwyd County Council in 1974. Phillips was a solicitor who was a law graduate of Liverpool University. Mervyn Phillips is of a similar vintage to Dafydd and I suspect that they knew each other via Liverpool University. When Mervyn Phillips stood down as Chief Exec in 1992, he was succeeded by Roger Davies. Davies was a solicitor and an Oxford graduate who in 1977 became Director of Legal Services in Clwyd, was County Secretary from 1980 and then Deputy Chief Exec from 1982 (although he was still usually referred to as the County Secretary). Davies became Chief Exec in Aug 1992 and remained as such until Clwyd’s dissolution. For more details re these absolute crooks and the numerous pies in which they had their fingers as well as the constant problem of money disappearing from the coffers of Clwyd County Council, see post ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’.


Evelyn Ebsworth was a junior Research Fellow at King’s College, Cambridge, 1957-59 and spent the last year of the fellowship at Princeton University. In 1959, he moved to Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he had been elected a Fellow. Ebsworth was a tutor at Christ’s, 1964-67 and at University level, a demonstrator, 1959-64 and then a lecturer, 1964-67. In 1967, Ebsworth moved to Edinburgh University as Professor of Chemistry. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Science, 1984-88. In 1990, Ebsworth moved to Durham University as VC, retiring from academia in 1998, then being appointed Professor Emeritus by Durham University.

In 1998, Ebsworth created the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners which accredited expert witnesses. Whether this Council accredited expert witnesses who are Top Docs I don’t know. It has become clear that the expert witness system per se is deeply flawed. Not only did Drs Adrianne Reveley and Robert Kehoe churn out expert witness reports detailing the selfless, heroic efforts of Dafydd and the gang in the face of such trying patients (see posts ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’ and ‘An Expert In Resistant Service Users’ ), but this man provided even more effective propaganda for Dafydd et al from the Pre-Cambrian onward:

Sir Robin Day
Robin Day 1970.jpg


Ebsworth served as Chairman of the Council for the Registration of Anyone At All Who Calls Themselves An Expert until 2005. From 2002 to 2012, Ebsworth served as Chairman of the Governors St Faith’s School and also of The Leys School, both in Cambridge. For many years during the 1960s and 70s, Alan Barker, who was married to Trumpers, was the Headmaster of The Leys School. The Leys has a healthy alumni network which includes some high profile people and Barker and Trumpers maintained good relations with Old Boys past and present. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’

St Faith’s and The Leys are part of the same school foundation. St Faith’s is a prep school, with many pupils going on to The Leys. In November 2018, a £2M STEM facility named ‘The Hub’ was officially opened at St Faith’s by Professor Lord Robert Mair, who is an old boy of both St Faith’s – an ‘Old Fidelian’ and The Leys.

Lord Robert Mair is the son of William Austyn Mair, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Cambridge (1952–1983), Mair studied Engineering at Clare College, Cambridge, completing his Masters and then his PhD in 1979. Robert Mair is Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cambridge University and Professor of Civil Engineering. Mair was Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, 2001-11 and a Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge, 1998-2001. Ronnie Waterhouse’s old college, to which Ronnie remained very loyal and was also attended by one of Ronnie’s own children. In 2014 Mair was elected a Vice President of the Institution of Civil Engineers and on 1 November 2017 became the Institution’s President for 2017-18. On 13 October 2015 Mair’s appointment peerage was announced. Just a few months before the publication of the heavily redacted Macur Review, which covered up the cover up which was the Waterhouse Inquiry. Mair sits as a Crossbencher. 


In retirement, Evelyn Ebsworth lived in Cambridge. He died in Maine, America, on 16 July 2015. Ebsworth was twice married. In 1955, he married his first wife, Mary Salter. Together, they had three daughters and one son. Mary died in 1987. In 1990, he married Rose Zuckerman, an American. With this marriage came five stepchildren.

The Indie published an obituary for Ebsworth, which was written by Tam Dalyell. Dalyell was the Scottish Labour MP who was a pal of Richard Crossman, worked for the security services and constantly tried dirty tricks to conceal the wrongdoing of the Labour Party and try to catch other people out. Later in his career, Dalyell became notorious for pursuing Thatcher’s Gov’t over the sinking of the Belgrano during the Falklands War. The Tories simply ignored him, but then they knew that they had much more damning evidence about Dalyell and his colleagues and indeed that he had better dirt on them than the circumstances of the sinking of the Belgrano. None of them dared release any serious dirt because all of them had colluded with Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See eg. ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’

When he was young, Dalyell was a Liberal and through the Liberal Party he became friendly with Evelyn Ebsworth. Dalyell revealed in the obituary that he wrote for Ebsworth that Ebsworth was personally recommended to the VC of Edinburgh University for the Chair at Edinburgh by the Master of Christ’s College, Alexander – later Lord – Todd of Trumpington. The VC of Edinburgh at the time was Michael Swann. Swann was a molecular and cell biologist who studied zoology at Gonville and Caius, Cambridge. Swann served in the British Army during WW II and then taught at Cambridge. He took up the Chair in Natural History at Cambridge in 1952. Swann collaborated with Victor Rothschild in experiments on changes in membrane structure during fertilisation. Lord Victor Rothschild was a senior executive with Royal Dutch Shell and N.M. Rothschild & Sons and an adviser to Heath’s and Thatcher’s Gov’ts.  In  1980 he became Chairman of the family banking business. At Trinity College, Cambridge, Rothschild was a member of the Apostles and was friends with Burgess, Blunt and Philby and shared a flat with Burgess and Blunt, which gave rise to suspicions that Rothschild was the fifth man in the Cambridge spy ring. Rothschild sat as a Labour peer in the Lords but only ever spoke twice. He worked for MI5 during WW II on bomb disposal, disinformation and espionage.

Anthony Blunt is alleged to have been involved in the abuse at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast.

Victor Rothschild worked in the Cambridge Zoology Dept, 1950-70. He served as Chairman of the Agricultural Research Council, 1948-58. Rothschild was Head of the Central Policy Review Staff, 1971 -74 (known popularly as “The think Tank”), which researched policy specifically for the Gov’t until Thatch abolished it.

Victor Rothschild’s sister, Dame Miriam Rothschild, was a botanist, zoologist and entomologist and a member of the Oxford genetics school during the 1960s. Rothschild founded the Schizophrenia Research Fund in 1962. In 2006, following her death, the name of the foundation was changed to ‘The Miriam Rothschild Schizophrenia Research Fund’. Miriam Rothschild knew some of the zoologists and botanists at UCNW.

Michael Swann was Principal and VC of Edinburgh University, 1965-74, during which time he clashed with Gordon Brown who had been elected Rector. Swann’s ‘strong leadership’ in the face of Gordon and the student protests at Edinburgh led Ted Heath to appoint Swann as Chairman of the BBC in 1973; Swann remained in post until 1980.

Robin Day


Swann was given a peerage in 1981. He was appointed Provost of Oriel College in 1980 and was Chancellor of the University of York from 1979 until his death in 1990. Swann’s brother Hugh was cabinet maker to Lilibet; his stepfather Sir Sidney Castle Roberts was Secretary of Cambridge University Press and VC of Cambridge University; and his brother-in-law was Monsignor Graham Leonard, the Anglican Bishop of London who then became a Roman Catholic.

At Edinburgh, Ebsworth ‘got on well with the young Professor of Organic Chemistry, John Cadogan, later Director of Research at BP’. Dalyell’s obituary observed that Ebsworth made enemies at Durham, because he took the piss out of some grand people and ‘A further source of trouble was that he threw wonderful parties on the occasion of any visit by the Chancellor of Durham, Peter Ustinov – “only for those such as were invited!” I was somewhat sourly told by a heavyweight Durham Professor. Yet his successor as vice-chancellor, the former chief medical officer for Scotland and England, and chairman of the National Trust for Scotland, Sir Ken Calman, told me: “Evelyn left me a wonderful legacy. Among his many achievements was the establishment of a campus at Stockton-on-Tees.”

So Evelyn who upset people and according to Dalyell was denied FRS and a knighthood because of this still managed to secure a whole new campus at Stockton-on-Tees. Evelyn was VC of Durham 1990-98, which spanned the years of the investigations into an alleged paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire being concealed at Gov’t level, assisted by Eric Sunderland, the former Professor and Head of the Anthropology Dept as well as PVC of Durham University…

Evelyn was appointed VC of Durham two years after Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss concealed the extent of the wrongdoing of Dafydd’s partner gang when their excesses resulted in the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal. See post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And the Culprits Were Named’.

Evelyn Ebsworth’s predecessor as VC of Durham University was Sir Frederick George Thomas “Fred” Holliday, who was VC and Warden of Durham University, 1980-90, while Eric Sunderland was one of his PVCs but left Durham to answer the siren call of the paedophile gang in north Wales.

Fed Holliday was born in 1935 in Rubery, Worcestershire. He was educated at Bromsgrove County High School. Holliday then went on to Sheffield University, where he studied under Sir Hans Krebs, the Nobel prize winner (see post ‘The Big Questions’). My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ discusses how Sir Hans’s son, Lord John Krebs, an ornithologist, found that his career reached stratospheric heights after he worked in the Dept of Zoology at UCNW and discovered the paedophile ring which Dafydd et al were facilitating. Holliday graduated from Sheffield in 1956 with a zoology degree himself.

Fred Holliday undertook National Service, 1956-58, which was spent on defence vessels and at the Marine Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1958 Holliday joined the Civil Service, having been appointed a scientific officer at the Marine Research Laboratory. He worked there for the next three years before moving into academia. In 1961, Holliday joined Aberdeen University as a lecturer in zoology. In 1967, he joined the newly created University of Stirling as Professor of Biology. Holliday served as Deputy Principal of Stirling University in 1972 and was Acting Principal, 1973-75. In 1975, Holliday returned to the University of Aberdeen where he had been appointed Professor of Zoology. 

UCNW/Bangor University has a big School of Marine Science and Oceanography. It is one of Bangor’s strengths and it was back in the 1980s. I have mentioned in previous posts that Sinclair Buchan, one of the oceanographers at UCNW, did his first degrees at Aberdeen. Sinclair was mates with Dr Tony Jones, an marine geologist at UCNW, who was a sort of oceanography version of Oliver Reed, in so far as he liked wrestling in mud naked with other men and having them tattoo his buttocks etc while hating Poofs. Tony Jones was an odd man surrounded by much speculation and I have no idea whether he had ever used the services provided by Dafydd’s gang but he was definitely very friendly with a lot of them, including bent coppers and the corrupt Top Docs of Gwynedd. I have described in previous posts and comments following posts (eg. ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’) how Tony Jones was the very unlikely subject of a Michael Aspel ‘This Is Your Life’ programme, screened in Jan 1993, filmed at the end of 1992, just when Dafydd et al were mounting a huge Lord Haw-Haw effort, which involved constructing the whole of north Wales as a place teaming with literary, artistic and scientific genius. It all took place while the gang took me to Court repeatedly on the basis of their perjury, attempting to have me imprisoned. At the same time, the gang launched an attack on Graham Day, a senior sociologist at UCNW and ‘The Guardian’ gave Dafydd et al a helping hand by publishing an article accusing Graham of making staff appointments on racist grounds. Merfyn’s late wife Nerys was caught in the crossfire of all this. See post ‘Badlands’.


Fred Holliday became VC of Durham in 1980, the year following Dafydd’s illegal imprisonment of Mary Wynch, who had worked as a secretary to the Professor in the Dept of Agriculture in UCNW, a Dept dominated by the gang. No-one at UCNW said a word in support of Mary, even when she made legal history in 1985 by successfully suing Dafydd et al. When I arrived as a fresher at UCNW in Oct 1981, the Professor whom Mary had worked for had gone and his replacement was the dreadful J.B. Owen, who presided over a regime so bad that students haemorrhaged into other Depts by changing course at the end of their first year.

J.B. Owen was a sheep farmer and the son of the Anglesey family who years previously had stumped up the dosh to establish the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW. He was utterly, utterly incompetent and could never answer the simplest questions asked by students, he just got nasty, so people gave up. Before taking over from whoever Mary had worked for, Owen had been working at Aberdeen University.

J.B. Owen’s colleague Professor Richard Howarth became an adviser to Thatch during the mid-1980s, but was blown out of Gov’t circles during the mid-1990s. Howarth was a right-wing agricultural economist who was part of the Bruges Group. The Agri Dept managed the UCNW farm, which went bankrupt, twice. That farm was a standing joke among the farmers in Gwynedd. Richard Howarth was mates with the Tory MP Richard Body, who used to write the Old Muckspreader column in ‘Private Eye’ and used it to give Howarth free PR. See previous posts.

College Farm went bankrupt twice. Dafydd was caught unlawfully imprisoning people twice: Mary in 1979 and then me in 1986. Two bankruptcies, two unlawful imprisonments. I was one of the students who originally went to UCNW to do Agriculture but among many others I took the view after a few months of J.B. Owen, ‘this is terrible, I’m off’. UCNW allowed students to change course at the end of their first year if they wanted, because all the science students chose subjects from one core programme of modules, so Escape From Agriculture was easy if you did it at the end of the first year. Other students had huge confrontations with the Agri Dept; there were public screaming rows and complaints to the UCNW authorities. The Agri Dept was infamous. See previous posts.

During Fred Holliday’s time as VC, he expanded Durham University through the building of the Queen’s Campus in Stockton-on-Tees; Evelyn Ebsworth built yet another campus. So the Tory Gov’ts of the 1980s and 90s who were so hostile to universities and famously wielded the axe, stumped up for two new campuses for Durham.

One campus for Mary, one for me!

Stirling University has played a role in matters Dafydd et al. My best friend from school and her husband were at Stirling University with Jack McConnell, who used his knowledge of what had happened to me at the hands of Dafydd and the gang to shaft my friends who stood by me and propel himself to the top of the Scottish Labour Party. Gordon Brown was particularly Jack-friendly. McConnell and my friends were at Stirling after Fred Holliday had departed, but because Lord Jack became FM and then Lord Jack, he was Stirling University’s pride and joy and they have maxed out on him ever since. See previous posts.

Having retired from academia in 1990, Holliday joined the Nature Conservation Committee as Joint Chairman; this is a public body that advises the UK Gov’t on nature conservation. UCNW was well-known for its ecologists, one of whom was Prof Peter Grieg-Smith, of the Dept of Plant Biology. Dr D.G.E. Wood, the GP who worked in the Student Health Centre and was facilitating the trafficking gang, was married to Greig-Smith’s marine botanist colleague, Dr Chris Wood. Another of Greig-Smith’s colleagues in Plant Biology was Ralph Oxley, who was married to Isabel Hargreaves, a Gwynedd social worker who was a member of the gang. One of Greig-Smith’s undergrads was a mature student called Gaye Kennaway who bagged a First. Other members of staff maintained this only happened because of her friendship with Greig-Smith. Gaye was then offered funding to do a PhD with Wood’s wife.

Gaye’s husband Ian was Regional Director of the National Trust in Wales. The NT managed Penrhyn Castle, which during the 1980s ran a casual summer work scheme, which I think was funded by the Manpower Services Commission. Everyone employed on the scheme were victims of Dafydd’s gang. They did have a good laugh at Penrhyn Castle and very little work was done, but their supervisor, retired Wing Commander I.H. Panton, used to chat to them and gain full details of who had been witness to which crimes and who remembered the names of the gang members. Wing Commander Panton knew just how serious some of the crimes that they had witnessed were. No-one blew any whistles. See previous posts.

Lucille Hughes is now involved with the National Trust; previous posts have discussed those at the top of the NT who had doings with the gang years ago.

Prof Greig-Smith’s son, also Peter Greig-Smith, was a Top Doctor in Liverpool. Prof Greig-Smith had been a former colleague of the Cambridge botanist Professor Edred Corner, who was the uncle of Douglas Hurd. Hurd was the Home Secretary, 1985-89, while Dafydd and the gang did what they wanted. Hurd was a pupil of Trumpers’ husband Alan Barker when Barker taught at Eton. Hurd and Barker remained friends and as a favour to Barker, Hurd gave Trumpers a position with the UN. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers went on to serve as a junior Health Minister and in that post she appointed Jimmy Savile to the Broadmoor general management task force, which resulted in Savile becoming General Manager of Broadmoor in 1988. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

Savile was a member of Dafydd’s network and visited Bryn Estyn. One boy alleged that he was gang raped while Savile watched.


Holliday resigned from the Nature Conservation Committee in 1991, in protest over the Govt’s “failure to consult the committee before introducing the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act”. This Act created Scottish Natural Heritage but also allowed land-owners to appeal against the creation of a Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

As ye sow, so shall ye reap Holliday: the Agri Dept at UCNW hated SSSIs, it was why so many students felt that this was not a balanced Dept. They hated SSSIs because all J.B. Owen wanted to do was encourage students who were the children of big landowners to milk the agricultural subsidies, which in the 1980s favoured farmers who didn’t need those subsidies, rather than hill farmers in Snowdonia. Before the gwerin went to war with each other and deposed him in 1982, the President of UCNW was Lord Lloyd Kenyon, a big land owner, who’s interests were ‘agriculture and healthcare’.

Lord Kenyon was a mate of Dafydd’s and among his many roles, he was Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas was known to be sexually abusing at least one boy in the care of the Social Services. On one occasion, Thomas, after spending the night with the boy, made a complaint of theft against him; among the items reported stolen were porn Polaroids of Thomas with the boy. The boy was sent to a detention centre. Thomas faced no charges, although he was much older than the boy. Lord Kenyon was a member of the North Wales Police Authority and a JP. He was also the most senior Freemason in north Wales. The boy’s Social Services records had previously noted that he was ‘in a homosexual relationship’ with Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon. The boy gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry and stated that Thomas had ‘used me for sex’ many times. Thomas was dead by then, as was his dad. They both died in 1993, within a few weeks of each other, Thomas of AIDS. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.


Holliday joined the Board of Directors of Northumbrian Water in 1991. He was elected its Chairman in 1993. During his leadership, Holliday expanded the company’s coverage until it provided water for the North East of England. It was also a period of upheaval with the company being bought by Lyonnaise des Eaux, a French company which later merged with another to become Suez; Northumbrian Water was sold in 2003, becoming once more British owned. Holliday stepped down as Chairman in 2006.

Fred Holliday died on 5 September 2016, a few weeks short of his 81st birthday, at the  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, after a stroke.

Being based in Aberdeen for so long, Holliday probably knew about Sir Dugald Baird unlawfully aborting babies of low income families on a massive scale. Dugald was not only left in peace to do this, but he was viewed as a role model by Dr Ann Dally and her colleagues at Tommy’s who were carrying out illegal abortions for payment and the MRC funded a Unit for Dugald to play with. Dugald branched out into social sciences and employed sociologist Raymond Illsley, who by the 1970s was Professor Raymond Illsley. Raymond received funding from the Home Office’s Research Unit in the early 1970s to conduct research on young offenders which would have resulted in him finding out about Dafydd’s gang, if he didn’t already know. See post ‘Rab, High Table and the Founding Fathers’. Raymond Illsley also worked in collaboration with Professor Jerry Morris, a friend of Prof Richard Titmuss of the LSE, one of Richard Crossman’s advisers. Titmuss was one of those DHSS advisers who concealed Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Titmuss may even have been a member of the ring himself. Like Kay Carmichael, Jerry Morris was a Red Clydesider who managed to really shaft his fellow proles while dedicating his life to their well-being. See post ‘Houseparty’.

Fred Holliday met his wife Philippa when they both worked at the Marine Research Laboratory in Scotland. They married in 1957 and had two children. His son Richard is an engineer and his daughter Helen is a veterinarian.

I used to be a neighbour of one of Prof Greig-Smith’s earlier generation of students. This man had been a botany student when Greig-Smith was a junior lecturer at Manchester University either in the late 1950s or early 1960s. He said that Greig-Smith was very unpleasant to people even in those days and became the subject of humour when the students found out about his honeymoon arrangements. Greig-Smith married another ecologist and for their honeymoon they spent a few weeks on a Scottish Island famous for its ecological diversity. Greig-Smith collected lichens and his new wife was a specialist in algae and they spent the whole of their honeymoon, all day every day, collecting specimens. The joke was that the lichens and algae were to be found at the opposite ends of the island, so the newly-weds saw hardly anything of each other, but they returned from their honeymoon laden with lichen and algae.

Holliday was knighted by Lilibet in a ceremony at Buck House on 25 July 1990. My post ‘The Bitterest Pill’ details the sequence of High Court cases that Gwynedd Social Services and Gwynedd Health Authority took against me during the spring and summer of 1990, which all involved industrial scale perjury on the part of members of the gang. The perjury was so obvious that in one case something like 14 charges against me were thrown out. During the Court cases, the barristers and judges had access to the many letters of complaint that I had written, detailing the most serious abuse of patients as well as criminal activity on the part of the gang. Not only were these details ignored, but my letters were presented in Court as evidence of my ‘harassment’ of members of the gang. Keith Fearns, a Gwynedd social worker who made a statement about me harassing him, had never met or spoken to me before ‘his’ affidavit was presented in Court. None of my letters were sent to Fearns. He had not written or signed his affidavit himself and neither had his three colleagues written or signed theirs. The affidavits were all drafted by other people and forged.

Sir Peter Morrison who was abusing kids in care in north Wales was Minister of State for Energy, 11 June 1987 – 23 July 1990. It was on July 10 1990 that Gwynedd Social Services took me to Court in Chester and on the basis of the perjury of Fearns et al, attempted to have me imprisoned on numerous charges of breaching the High Court injunction that they had obtained against me by perjuring themselves in May 1990. I was not imprisoned because the extent of the perjury was evident, the case imploded and everyone just left the Court, with no comment re the forged affidavits and lies.

On 23 July 1990, Peter Morrison was appointed as PPS to Thatch.

On 24 July 1990, administrators at Clwyd Health Authority contacted Andrew Park, the crooked lawyer employed by the Welsh Office, claiming that I had rung a Kay Hemsley at the North Wales Hospital and threatened an Angel. No-one could produce evidence that I had done this or that if such a call had been received it was me who had made it, so Park wrote to Clwyd Health Authority requesting that next time could Hemsley remember to explain how she knew that it was me calling. Kay followed orders, within a short while she had given a written account of another call supposedly from me and explained that she knew that it was me because she had spoken to me before and recognised my voice. Park had been busy anyway, informing Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities that he wanted as much information as possible, to build up a complete ‘dossier’ against me, in order to take me back to the High Court as soon as possible. The perjury and forging of documents continued apace. See ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’.

Lilibet knighted Fred Holliday the day after I was alleged to have rung Kay Hemsley threatening an Angel.

The judges involved in the outrageous events in Chester and Cardiff High Courts in 1990 were John Roch and Malcolm Pill. They both ended up as Lord Justices of Appeal. Malcolm Pill is a Trinity College, Cambridge graduate.

See post ‘The Bitterest Pill’ for full details of the law breaking, the forgery and perjury as well as for details of the backgrounds of Roch and Pill.


To return to Richard Crossman’s friend Kay Carmichael and her profession. Psychiatric social workers are lying when they say that they have opposed injustice. They can’t oppose injustice, there is not the capacity in their role to allow them to do that. They are there to rubber stamp the abuses, that is their role and that is why the ones who remain in the job are so manipulative and unpleasant behind their CND badges. A psych nurse told me years ago – not one of Dafydd’s, but someone I knew socially in London – ‘the problem is that if the doctors prescribe the medication we have to give it to patients even if we know that it is not needed and will cause damage. We are not allowed to refuse’.

Neither are psych nurses allowed to refuse to take part in ECT, although there have been attempts by some psych nurses to have ECT categorised along with abortion, a practice in which staff can refuse to participate on the grounds of conscience. The requests were firmly rejected.

Psych nurses are very poorly placed to challenge Top Docs, although psych nurses known to be tame can be given extra responsibilities, such as discharging suicidal patients whom the Top Docs are looking for an excuse to discharge anyway, or detaining voluntary patients who attempt to leave for a sufficient length of time to allow Top Doctors to then section the patient for a much longer time. The whole system is loaded against psych nurses who wish to challenge bad or abusive practice and in favour of those who are happy to be complicit with abuse.

Ah the Angels are leaving their jobs because of the low pay! Oh no they are not…


In later life the Celebrity Chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright of ‘Two Fat Ladies’ fame talked about her Top Doctor alcoholic father who was violent and abusive to both Clarissa and her mum. Clarissa remembered that no-one would challenge her father, not even those who did know that he was violently assaulting his wife and children. Clarissa’s father’s violence was serious; on one occasion he broke three of her ribs, on another occasion he hit her with a red hot poker. Clarissa tried to seek protection from this madman from her upmarket school but she received a serious bollocking from the staff, although they knew that she wasn’t lying about the hell that her home was. Clarissa’s mum was told by her husband’s colleagues that she would be sectioned if she went to the police about or publicised her husband’s dreadful conduct. Clarissa maintained that the whole medical profession closed ranks with her father and the family were abandoned to his excesses.

Clarissa’s father refused to foot the bill for her to go to Oxford unless she read medicine, but her opinion of Top Docs was so low she would not consider that. She went to UCL to read law and trained as a barrister. Clarissa was a junior barrister at the same time as Blair and Cherie and it was Clarissa who publicised the fact that as a young man, Blair was rather effete and known as Miranda. Clarissa made a career out of telling interviewers that she would never dare tell all that she knew, but that if she chose to she could end one PM’s career.

Clarissa always gave the impression that her untapped potential lay in smutty stories regarding indiscretions that the wider world knew nothing about, rather than endemic corruption, serious organised crime, the framing of witnesses to the wrongdoing of those whom Clarissa knew and the murders of other witnesses.

No problem, I’m making it all public now!


As an example of the high jinks that Clarissa and her pals participated in, she entertained the nation with her tales of being blind drunk and having sex with an MP behind the Speaker’s Chair in the Commons. Not stitching up kids in care who had been sexually assaulted by Sir Peter Morrison and George Thomas of course.


Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmerelda Dickson Wright (24 June 1947 – 15 March 2014) was an ‘accredited cricket umpire’ and ‘one of only two women to become a Guild Butcher’.

Dickson Wright was raised in St John’s Wood, London, in a very wealthy family who were well supplied with servants. Ronnie Waterhouse lived in St John’s Wood, as did many other lawyers, judges, politicians and celebs. Jonathan Miller lived/lives there, as did Paul McCartney, so does Vanessa Feltz… Ronnie Waterhouse held office in the St John’s Wood Society. Clarissa and Ronnie won’t have missed each others presence.

Clarissa’s mother, Aileen Mary (Molly) Bath, was an Australian heiress. Clarissa’s father the Top Doc, Arthur, fancied himself as a foodie and had pigeons flown over from Cairo to enjoy as tasty morsels and there was always a supply of caviar on hand in the fridge. At the age of 11, Wright was sent to the Convent of the Sacred Heart, an independent school for girls in Hove in Sussex and then to the Convent of the Sacred Heart at Woldingham in Surrey. When Wright was called to the Bar in 1970, it was at Gray’s Inn.

Ronnie Waterhouse’s senior colleague Sir William Mars-Jones was a member of Gray’s Inn. Mars-Jones was one of Dafydd’s biggest umbrellas. He grew up in a Denbighshire farming family who were Freemasons and well-connected to the Gwynne network before Mars-Jones became Mr Big. Mars-Jones practised in London and on the Chester and Wales Circuit. As a young man, Mars-Jones had stood for election to Parliament as a Labour candidate. Mars-Jones became a High Court judge and was the life and soul of the party at the Garrick, a club which is known for having members from the world of law and the theatre. Mars-Jones served as President of UCNW, 1982-95, after the gwerin deposed Lord Kenyon.

While Mars-Jones covered Dafydd’s arse in London and in the Courts, his relatives played their part. His brother David, a Freemason and businessmen in Denbighshire, was also a Councillor and served as Mayor of Rhyl. Previous posts have detailed how David’s wife Dilys was CC’d into correspondence concerning my complaints about Dafydd. I had no knowledge of this at the time, but I have now acquired copies of the documentation. Even if Dilys had been a member of Clwyd Health Authority, she should not have been party to that particular information.

William Mars-Jones’s son Adam is the famous novelist. Adam is gay and his dad had big problems with this. Adam’s biography of his rather tyrannical father (see previous posts) mentions that in one of his own books, Adam wanted to include a couple of lines about a case over which his father presided which was linked to the Royal Family. Adam was told by his publisher that if they went ahead and published, Adam would be sued, the publisher would be sued and that there had been an order sent out to every other client and supplier of the publisher to cancel all business with the publisher if Adam’s original draft was published.

I hope that you’re enjoying the blog Ma’am! You never thought that this was going to happen did you?

Sir Malcolm Pill was also a member of Gray’s Inn.


Clarissa Dickson Wright was called to the Bar in 1970. After her mother died of a heart attack in 1975, she inherited £2.8 million from her. Her father died a few years later and his final gesture, confirming to the world that he was a Complete Git, was to leave his entire £2 million fortune to his brother. The kids weren’t left a penny! Clarissa didn’t worry at the time because she had most of the £2.8 million that her mum had left. I don’t think that Clarissa’s siblings were living in council houses either.

Clarissa’s mother’s death ‘left her in a deep depression and she drank heavily for the following 12 years’. Clarissa in reality was a serious alkie, on bottles of gin per day, totally out of control and incapable. She was eventually unable to continue her career as a barrister, although Lord Denning gave her fantastic references and everyone was agreed that had Clarissa not been completely bladdered constantly she’d have had a wonderful legal career.

In 1979, Dickson Wright took control of the food at a drinking club in St James’s Place in London. While there she met Clive (“no surname, because he has children” according to Dickson Wright), a fellow alcoholic and they had a relationship until his death in 1982 from kidney failure at the age of 40. Shortly thereafter Clarissa was disbarred for professional misconduct for practising without Chambers.

In the early 1980s, Wright was homeless and staying with friends, having blown her inheritance on seriously high living, much of it involving yachts in exotic high places. She maintained that she went to the DSS and asked to be housed but they told her to get lost. For two years Clarissa was cook-housekeeper for a family in Sussex until she was fired for her ‘alcohol-induced behaviour’. After being charged with driving while pissed, Dickson Wright started to attend AA meetings, counselling and a detox centre. She attended the Promis Recovery Centre at Nonington. 

Then someone from the BBC just happened to discover the hidden culinary genius which was Clarissa, while she minding her own business doing the cooking. As the BBC so often realises, this was not just a posh woman who had squandered millions, been booted out of law and was on skid row as a result of being pickled for years. This was a star! A woman with talent and character and the viewers were going to just adore her!

In 1996 BBC 2 commissioned a series of ‘Two Fat Ladies’, a show in which Clarissa and Jennifer Paterson cooked food that is very much a minority taste these days. Very meat-based dishes with cuts of meat that went out of fashion in a previous era; the dishes had a very high fat content as well, it was straight out of Mrs Beeton. The sort of thing that would result in gout after only a few days. In the same way that the viewers Loved Jimmy Savile because the BBC put him on constantly and if one was watching TV, he couldn’t be avoided, the viewers Loved The Two Fat Ladies. They had posh voices, they looked awful, they were snobbish, rude and insulting, they didn’t like plebs and they particularly enjoying killing and eating things. The BBC never knocked on my door offering me a contract to behave like that on TV.

Four series of ‘the Two Fat Ladies’ were made and broadcast around the world. Jennifer Paterson died in 1999, midway through the fourth series. Two Fat Ladies ended after Paterson’s death.

Before Jennifer Mary Paterson (3 April 1928 – 10 August 1999) appeared on ‘Two Fat Ladies’, she wrote a cookery column both for ‘The Spectator’ and the Oldie. ‘The Spectator’ is a publication which has hosted a variety of right wing journos and was edited by Paul Johnson for a long while. In the late 1970s, Johnson purchased an estate in Over Stowey near to where I lived as a teenager and as a result of Johnson’s presence, a lot of right wing journos moved into or stayed in the area. Johnson had a son called Cosmo who a few years later had a relationship with a local young woman; Cosmo was described to me as being ‘a bit weird’. Cosmo ended up holding the young woman and her two little girls hostage at gunpoint. There was no media attention and Cosmo didn’t even go to prison… I understand that mental health factors were blamed.

Paul Johnson’s wife is the psychotherapist and former Labour Party Parliamentary candidate Marigold Hunt, daughter of Dr. Thomas Hunt, Top Doc to Churchill, Attlee and Anthony Eden. Apart from the gun-toting Cosmo, their other children are: the journalist Daniel Johnson, Editor of ‘Standpoint’ magazine, and previously Associate Editor of The Daily Telegraph, who is married to the writer and birth educator Sarah Johnson née Thompson; Luke Johnson, former Chairman of Channel 4; and Sophie Johnson, who has worked in TV drama.

Marigold Johnson’s sister, Sarah, an art historian, married the journalist, former diplomat and politician George Walden; their daughter, novelist Celia Walden, is the wife of Piers Morgan. 

In 1998 it was revealed Johnson had an affair lasting 11 years with the writer Gloria Stewart. Stewart went public with the affair to the newspapers after what she saw as Johnson’s hypocrisy over his views on morality, religion and family values.

Johnson is a friend of British playwright Tom Stoppard. Tom’s ex is Miriam Stoppard, who entertained Brown’s brother no end when he was a teenager with her Dear Miriam column in the TV Times. I’ve always been rude about Miriam because of her penchant for writing books telling other women what to do, but more recently I discovered that Miriam’s whole career was based on her early knowledge of the wrongdoing of Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East of England, then she discovered the whole bloody lot. Miriam’s niece is the daft Oona King, a Baroness who speaks for the Oppressed and knows what it is to suffer hardship because she went to Haverstock Comp with the Milibands, Haverstock being one of the schools where members of the Labour Party who live in expensive parts of London send their kids. See previous posts for the details of Miriam’s climb to the heights of HRT-induced glamour on the bodies of kids in care who were raped by a gang of old paedophiles.

Cosmo Johnson is now a Tory Councillor in Watchet.

Ronnie Waterhouse knew Paul Johnson from their younger years, when Johnson was a socialist. Ronnie Waterhouse also knew Richard Ingrams, the editor of the Oldie, because Ingrams had been one of the originals who started up ‘Private Eye’. See previous posts… Ronnie Waterhouse used to work as a libel reader for the Eye. The Eye were given the story about Jeremy Thrope and Norman Scott when Ronnie worked for them but refused to run it.

Auberon Waugh used to write for ‘The Spectator’ as well as ‘Private Eye’. Auberon lived at Combe Florey, the other side of the Quantocks from Over Stowey.

One magazine which published a very sympathetic article about Mary Wynch was ‘The Spectator’, in the early 1990s. By 1994, Mary was left ruined by Michael Howard, the then Home Secretary, although Mary had won every part of her case. Howard is a barrister who grew up in Swansea and his wife Sandra Paul is the former wife of Alec Douglas Home’s nephew Robin. Robin had an affair with Princess Margaret as he split from Sandra, but then Mr Thrope used to boast that he had slept with Margaret and Lord Snowdon. Robin later killed himself. Sandra was quite a swinger in the 1960s, having been a ‘model’ and used to give the sort of interviews that Clarissa did, ‘ooh the things that I could tell…’. See previous posts. No-one published a word about Mary again and the group of Lib Dem MPs who had been keen to support her, including Alex Carlile, the Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire, 1983-97 and Ronnie Waterhouse’s friend, all dropped Mary’s case as well. Carlile is a barrister who is a member of Gray’s Inn.

Official portrait of Lord Carlile of Berriew crop 2.jpg

1965 Jeremy Thorpe.jpg

Mr Thrope was a barrister who was a member of Inner Temple, along with members of the Havers’ family, who have concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring for three generations now.

Mr Thrope’s second wife was Marion, who had previously been married to Lilibet’s cousin.

1965 Jeremy Thorpe.jpg


Jennifer Paterson came from an Army family, of which she later wrote, “My mother had no idea of how to cook and no wish to learn, existing on gorgonzola, coffee and chocolates after the demise of any form of servant. My father, having gone through two World Wars, was far too frightened to put on a kettle and my brothers, who married young to very good wives… never showed any signs of wanting to whip up something delicious for a treat.”

Paterson was expelled from convent school at 15 for being disruptive. She later became a matron at a girls’ boarding school near Reading before ending up as a cook for the Ugandan Legation in London and becoming a well-known figure on the London party circuit. She worked on the ITV show ‘Candid Camera’, later becoming a food writer for ‘The Spectator’.

For 15 years, Peterson provided weekly lunches for personalities, including the Prince of Wales. OF COURSE the BBC just happened upon a recently dried out Clarissa cooking away and realised how much the viewers would love to watch her and Jennifer CHEF TO CARLO do the cooking on TV. When would the viewers most like to begin watching Clarissa and Jennifer the Royal Cook? Why in 1996 of course, the year that William Hague announced the forthcoming Waterhouse Inquiry. The year that Dafydd’s gang were embarking, once more, on an elaborate plan to frame me for a crime and then declare that I was so dangerous that I needed to be transferred to Broadmoor to live with Jimmy Savile. Where Di could come and visit me. Although not after the end of Aug 1997, obviously.


Jennifer joined Di in the afterlife of the upper classes herself in Aug 1999. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 1999 and died a month later in London.

Now don’t you worry my dear, Clarissa’s dad’s colleagues will look after you.

The condemned woman asked for caviar for her last meal but died before she could eat it. Jennifer was a committed Roman Catholic and never married or had children. She was a parishioner of the London Oratory and in her will, she left them a bequest that is used to fund their choir program.

The London Oratory School known as The Oratory, is a secondary school for boys aged 7–18 and girls aged 16–18 situated in Fulham. It was founded in 1863 by The Fathers of The London Oratory in London. The school is renowned for the quality of both its choral and its instrumental music. Miranda’s children went there, as did Harriet Harman’s and Cleggy’s.


Clarissa Dickson Wright’s life went on although Di’s and Jennifer’s didn’t and Clarissa appeared with Johnny Scott in ‘Clarissa and the Countryman’, 2000-03 and played the gamekeeper in the sitcom ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ in 2003. In 2004 Clarissa closed her Edinburgh cookery book shop due to bankruptcy and lost the contract to run a tearoom at Lennoxlove, the seat of the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. In 2005, Dickson Wright took part in the BBC reality TV show Art School.

Dickson Wright campaigned for the Countryside Alliance and was the first female Rector of Aberdeen, 1998-2004. Her autobiography, Spilling the Beans, was published in September 2007, although Clarissa didn’t spill that many beans. In 2008, she presented a one-off documentary for BBC Four, Clarissa and the King’s Cookbook. 

Along with racehorse trainer Sir Mark Prescott, Dickson Wright was charged with hare coursing with dogs in North Yorkshire in March 2007 under a private prosecution lodged by the International Fund for Animal Welfare under the Hunting Act 2004. On 1 September 2009, she and Prescott pleaded guilty and received an absolute discharge at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court. They said that they were invited to the event by the Yorkshire Greyhound Field Trialling Club, which told the Court that it believed that it was running a legal event by using muzzled dogs.

Scarborough was one of Jimmy Savile’s hang-outs; he had a flat there. Savile’s long time mate Peter Jaconelli, who served as Mayor of Scarborough, ran an ice cream parlour which was of course used to tempt in kiddies and as a front for crime. Scarborough has had a nervous breakdown since Savile’s death and all references to Jaconelli have been removed from public places, as of course have all references to Savile.


In October 2012, Dickson Wright appeared on Fieldsports Britain to discuss badgers and their nutritional value, saying: “There’s going to be a cull, so rather than just throw them in the landfill site, why not eat them?” In November 2012, she presented a short BBC 4 TV series on the history of the British breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clarissa was a supporter of the Tory Party and lived in Inveresk, Scotland.

Dickson Wright was hospitalised from the start of 2014 and died in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary at the age of 66 yrs on 15 March 2014, from an undisclosed illness which led to her death from pneumonia. Wright’s funeral mass was held in Edinburgh at St Mary’s Cathedral on 7 April. Clarissa died after Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and just as the Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry got underway. As Clarissa knows, the Top Docs can always be relied to look after one. Which was why, when John Smith experienced chest pains in Oct 1988 and went to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, they told him that one thing that they could assure him of was that it wasn’t his heart. John Smith had a huge heart attack shortly afterwards which nearly killed him. Being John Smith, he subsequently lost lots of weight and took up serious mountain walking and did become very fit.

On 12 May 1994 John Smith had a heart attack at his flat in the Barbican. He was rushed to Bart’s, but the Top Docs could do nothing to save him…

On 9 June 1994 Matt Arnold, the former Head of Bryn Estyn died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’. On 13 June 1994, the trial began of Peter Howarth, Arnold’s long-time friend and colleague at Bryn Estyn, for sexually abusing boys in care in north Wales. Howarth was found guilty on 8 July 1994 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Howarth maintained that he took the rap for abuse committed by many other people. When Frank Beck, Greville Janner’s pal, was sentenced and jailed in Nov 1991, Beck too claimed that he took the rap for many other people.

Frank Beck died of a heart attack in HMP Whitemoor on 31 May 1994.

Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994.

Peter Howarth died of a heart attack in HMP Wakefield on 24 April 1997.

I was sitting in the garden of the Hergest Unit when John Smith’s death was announced on the radio. I called out to the other patients that John Smith had died. The window behind me flew open and Tony Francis stuck his head out and grilled me about the radio announcement. Then he disappeared again.

Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn in 1973, from Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead. There was abuse at Axwell Park which was concealed by Ernest Armstrong, a Sunderland Councillor, by using his links to Tony Crosland in Wilson’s Gov’t. Ernest Armstrong served as the Labour MP for North West Durham, 1964-87. His seat was succeeded by his daughter Hilary, who was given a peerage in 2010. Ernest was one of the key people who helped a young barrister called Tony Blair bag that safe Labour seat in Sedgefield. Miranda had been a pupil of George Carman QC, the violent, alcoholic barrister whom, like Clarissa’s father, was considered untouchable, although Carman was ferociously violent to his wife. Carman acted for Jeremy Thorpe at his trial, he was retained by Greville Janner’s solicitor David Napley – who was also Mr Thrope’s solicitor – because Napley was certain that Greville was going to be charged with child abuse along with Frank Beck and Carman successfully defended Ken Dodd on tax evasion charges at a trial over which Ronnie Waterhouse presided. Newspapers would not print any stories about Savile’s sex offending because they knew that George Carman was ready to act for him. Before George Carman relocated to London after successfully defending Mr Thrope, he lived in Cheshire, while Sir Peter Morrison was the Tory MP for Chester, when Lucille Hughes was Deputy Director of Cheshire Social Services… etc

Cherie worked in George Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Ronnie Waterhouse worked with Cherie and Miranda when they were juniors to Ronnie’s pal Derry Irvine. Who met up for lunch with Ronnie in Hong Kong of all places in the spring of 1997, just after Ronnie began taking evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry. Ronnie felt in need of a break, so off he went, just for a few weeks. Peter Howarth died of that heart attack in HMP Wakefield whole Ronnie had nipped across to Hong Kong.

Hilary Armstrong became one of Miranda’s inner circle.

As for Bart’s, where poor old John Smith could not be revived, it was crawling with Dafydd’s mates, including Professor Linford Rees, originally from west Wales, who used to entertain his students and junior docs with photos of his patients in the bath. Linford lived in Purley – which was where Jennifer Paterson was cremated and is in turd – and was famous for his At Homes. Linford had some pretty good guests at his At Homes, because his daughter Angharad was the 1970s siren of ‘Poldark’ fame, who was married to Christopher Cazenove, who ended up in ‘Dynasty’ with Joan Collins. Linford is dead now. As is Angharad. And Christopher. And one of their sons. See post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’ for details of Linford, his celeb friends and those untimely deaths of his nearest and dearest. The only other Top Doc whom I knew who lived at Purley was Rashmi Varma, an Obs and Gynae who worked at St George’s with Geoffrey Chamberlain and the rest of them there who were running the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

Articles and obituaries about Clarissa are more numerous than those about Jennifer. They have the flavour of tripe being written about someone who isn’t up to much but whom no-one dares piss off. Clarissa had an IQ of 169, she was a force of nature, intellectually brilliant, such a character, loved by the nation and revelled in being known as Krakatoa because of her ‘fiery temper’. Did Krakatoa swear at people and yell when she erupted? She did, but she also hit people. In fact Krakatoa didn’t need to be erupting to hit people, she hit people anyway. Not because they hit her, simply if she thought that they were being ‘aggressive’ to her. Krakatoa hit them hard as well, injuring them. Two of the people whom Clarissa violently assaulted ended up in intensive care. Clarissa’s explanation was that they were two ‘would be muggers’. ‘Would be muggers’ suggests that they didn’t get as far as mugging anyone. I do hope that Clarissa didn’t mistake their intentions and hospitalise two innocent people. If she did, I’m sure that she would be able to rely on her mates who also assaulted and even killed innocent people to keep her out of trouble and prevent the story hitting the media. After all Clarissa knew about Dafydd. I’ve also been told that Clarissa knew about me… So she’ll have known about my friend Anne being murdered. And the bodies which turned up all over north Wales while Clarissa did her Mrs Beeton bit on TV. Clarissa starred on Desert Island Discs in 1999. After Jennifer had died and just before the Waterhouse Report was published.

Anyone for the Women Members of the Guild Butchers?

Clarissa Dickson Wright
Clarissa Dickson Wright 2011.jpg

Dickson Wright at a fundraising dinner for the Countryside Alliance in 2011.


Clarissa’s Top Doc violent, alcoholic father wasn’t a Top Doc to just anyone. Arthur Dickson Wright was Surgeon to the Royal Household. How else would his butcher of a daughter have ever got away with it all? Arthur’s patients included the Queen Mum.

After Arthur died in Feb 1976, Top Doc Lord Porritt – father of Jonathan Porritt, both Porritts star in previous posts – gave an address at the service of thanksgiving for the life of this vile git. Lord Porritt worked with Arthur for over 40 years at the Royal College of Surgeons and at St Mary’s Hospital and he certainly had to choose his words carefully at that thanksgiving service.’Dicky’ was ‘many-sided’ and ‘mercurial’, he was ‘gregarious’ but a ‘loner’, he was a man of ‘many contradictions’. Dicky’s patients loved him, although Lord Porritt observed that he had ‘an infuriating habit of visiting them at all hours of the night and far too early in the morning’! Just like Dafydd – ward rounds in the women’s dorms at 3 am. There’s dedication for you.

Although Dicky’s ‘rugged independence’ allowed him to only participate in the NHS work at St Mary’s ‘to a limited extent’ – although he was a ‘full member of staff’ – his huge private practice was carried out at St Mary’s and when his ‘somewhat unpredictable appearances at lectures, ward rounds and outpatient operating sessions could be made to coincide with student attendances’, the students just loved him. Dicky did manage to turn up for the rugger. He was the father of St Mary’s rugger for many years…


Di delivered both William and Harry at Lindo Wing at St Mary’s. The reason why they were born there and not at the Palace as previous Royal babies had been, was that the Royal Gynaecologist Sir George Oinker, worked at St Mary’s. Nonetheless, Oinker nearly did screw up William’s birth. See previous posts. Oinker was a friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain, who was colluding with Dafydd’s gang and running the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Chamberlain will have known Dicky.

Dicky. The Dafydd of St Mary’s.

Whoever would have given a profession who’s members conduct themselves like this any legal powers at all over anyone else, let alone the most vulnerable in society?

Frank Beck died from a heart attack in HMP Whitemoor on 31 May 1994. Days previously, Patient F and I had a meeting with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission and told them that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that serious complaints about him were not being investigated. The two members of the Commission admitted to us and to the nursing officer who was in the meeting with us that they had heard such complaints about Dafydd repeatedly, stretching back to the 1960s.

On 9 June 1994 Matt Arnold died.

Our complaints about Dafydd were never investigated. The MHAC did write to Gwynedd Community Health Trust but the Trust failed to answer their points. The Trust did however state that I was a danger to Dafydd’s life and that steps would have to be taken to protect him. Very soon afterwards, Dafydd told the police that I had thrown a brick through his door at 3 am one morning. There was no evidence that I had and I wasn’t told that I’d been accused. The police met with Dafydd and it was recorded that I’d thrown the brick. Dafydd detailed that in an affidavit, along with the fact that F had blown a raspberry down the phone at him and in Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained an injunction against me from Liverpool High Court. I have since been told that Dafydd planted the brick, no-one thew it. By early 1995, the Chairman of the Trust, Hefin Davies, wrote to the Trust’s lawyers to ask what more they could do to prosecute me… And so it continued.

For full details of these events, see post ‘The Banality Of Evil’.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

7 thoughts on “Arthur Dickson Wright – An Appreciation”

  1. The Top Docs continue to make earth shattering discoveries at such a rate that I am not going to even try to keep up with them on the blog, although I do recognise a lot of them as earth shattering discoveries that the Top Docs discovered many years ago. A Top Doc on Radio 4 this morning was demanding Compulsory Statins for All Elderly on the grounds that statins are as effective at reducing deaths in the elderly as they are in the middle aged. Didn’t an analysis of existing data a few months ago conclude that there was no clinical benefit to prescribing statins across the board in middle aged people?

    I’m interested to note that someone has admitted to a backlog of many thousands of cervical smear results due to er a lack of staff in the labs. I first blogged about that months ago. my more recent posts and comments being followed by a flurry of articles in the media with headlines like ‘Women are dying of shame and we must stop this!’, reaching a zenith when a celeb had a live smear test on the Victoria Derbyshire Show. A Gov’t spokesmen shrieked in response to news of the backlog – which will be far worse than has been admitted – that the Gov’t is working hard to ensure that the screening programme continues to be among the best in the world. Oh stop lying, it isn’t the best in the world, neither is the NHS, stop living in a fairy tale in which Foreigners, particularly Polish People and Nigerian women pregnant with quads arrive in London in their thousands to access our wonderful NHS. They don’t. A lot of Foreigners working in the UK and paying taxes here go home for healthcare because they are so unimpressed with the NHS.

    I’ve been so busy on the blog that I haven’t had time to mention e mail correspondence from a reader who read my comments about the Top Doc in the gynae clinic in Ysbyty Gwynedd sexually assaulting female patients and Top Docs, including female ones, sneering at patients’ concerns and using methods of subterfuge and deceit to ensure that this Top Doc continued to have a supply of victims.

    I have been told that a female patient living in Wales who was the subject of a previous sexual assault by a Top Doc got so fed up with the constant ‘invitations’ to go for a grope that she contacted Breast Test Wales to say please just stop these letters, I am not interested, they are intrusive and upsetting. She was told that to stop the letters she had to ‘sign a form’ to ‘opt out’. The woman angrily stated that she had never ‘opted in’, instead personal data had been passed to third parties without her knowledge or permission. She was told by the call handler to stop shouting, they weren’t there to be abused. The woman stated that she was shouting because she was angry and it wasn’t them who had been abused, it was her, she had previously been sexually assaulted by a Top Doc. The phone was put down on her. She rang back and the conversation was repeated. The phone was put down on her. She rang back a third time and told the call handler that she thought that they ought to realise that they had handled a call from a distressed patient who had been the victim of a sexual assault incredibly badly. She was told that she had shouted and that’s why the phone had been put down on her. The patient asked them if they thought that it might be upsetting for her to be receiving these ‘invitations’ after her previous experience. The phone was put down on her.

    I am told that my correspondent spoke to three different call handlers in the same centre, which I think is in Conwy, but the call handlers all seemed to have knowledge of the other calls. Three call handlers were told that a Top Doc sexually assaulted a patient. Not one of them offered to raise a concern if their caller wanted or showed any understanding at all of why she might have been so upset at receiving the letters. She now awaits an ‘opt out’ form because its like your organs in Wales re transplant, they belong to the Top Docs whether you like it or not and if you want to state your ownership of your own organs, you’ve now got to ‘opt out’.

    I would recommend that my correspondent informs Mark Drakeford or Vaughan Gething of her experience. But somehow I don’t think that it will make a jot of difference. These are men who were confronted by distraught relatives in north Wales who watched their loved ones abused and die in Tawel Fan only to be met with a complete brick wall. The Tory MP Mark Isherwood made an impassioned speech in the Senedd a few months ago in which he detailed death after death and failure after failure to investigate serious complaints in the north Wales NHS, which ended with him saying in desperation ‘this cannot continue’. Vaughan Gething told Mr Isherwood to stop talking down the NHS.

    It was the presence of people like this working in health and social care in north Wales that allowed a paedophile gang who murdered witnesses to operate over many, many years. No sane person will work with them. As the recruitment crisis in the Betsi demonstrates.

    Mark Drakeford worked as a social worker in one of the social work teams outside of north Wales which was also facilitating abuse and had links to Dafydd et al in north Wales. Drakeford worked for Dyfed Social Services; ‘senior officers’ from Dyfed ‘inspected’ children’s homes in Gwynedd in the early 1980s and gave them the all-clear. I do not know if Drakeford himself was one of those ‘senior officers’ but I’d love to know if anyone out there has the info…

    1. Brown e mailed earlier to tell me that one of the blokes out of the 80s group ‘The Specials’ has given an interview about being abducted by a paedophile gang as a boy; Brown remarked that someone had been prescribing him drugs from a young age as well. I’ve just found the story, it’s in the Mail Online and the man involved is Terry Hall.

      The Specials were from Coventry; Dafydd’s partner gang worked there and across the whole of the West Midlands, assisted by the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, Bluglass and co and of course the Social Services. Whoever assaulted Terry Hall will have been known to the Top Docs and the associated gangs…

      Someone told me to look into the music scene in Birmingham ages ago but I’ve been too busy. Sharon Osborne’s dad was the gangster who ran the music and clubs in Birmingham, the Top Docs knew about him. From the late 1970s, there was a ruthless marketing of groups under the ‘anti-racism’ banner – like the Specials. And of course Musical Youth, who sang about sending the hookah around, the front man of whom was only about 12 yrs old. Brown used to live in the areas of Brum which were dominated by ethnic minorities and no matter what Fattersley says, no-one gave a stuff about what was happening to them, we heard and saw all sorts but the Windbag et al was far too busy toadying to Tony Francis and Dafydd. Dear old Toyah came from a wealthy business family in Solihull, Bluglass et al weren’t going to coerce her into sex work, that was reserved for Brown’s neighbours. In fact Bluglass lived in Solihull, being the dangerous woman that I am I knew that years ago…

      The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad were busy in Gwynedd, they fitted up Ali Khan for armed robbery. When he won his case, Ali Khan signed the cell wall in Bangor Police Station because the police were so pissed off that they arrested him again straight away. I know cos I was in Ali Khan’s cell when Dafydd abducted me and I read Ali Khan’s messages.

      That was when Sgt Morgan was on duty, who in July 1987 stopped Wood and the gang coming into my cell to intimidate me when Tony Francis had me arrested on the lies of a junior doc. Sgt Morgan was later arrested and sacked for indecent assault, but I think that it was a Punishment Beating because Sgt Morgan interrupted their plan that night to send me to Risley Remand Centre; I’ve got all the documents now… Furthermore, Jeff Crowther, the nursing officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd, knew that Sgt Morgan was going to be found guilty before he ever got near the Court.

      I’ve been receiving e mails about Sgt Morgan and the police, telling me that I have been too generous in my assessment of them. Yes, I know that Sgt Morgan’s name has appeared on an internet site naming him as one of the people who was abusing kids in care; at least I presume that it is the same Sgt Morgan, a Sgt Geraint Morgan.

      I know that Sgt Morgan was weird. He came into my cell and talked about sex and told me this bizarre story about how the teenagers who were arrested by Bangor Police would offer to have sex with the police; he also told me that prisoners in the cells would masturbate and invite the police to watch. I thought ‘what a peculiar man’ and when I got out I said to Brown ‘Sgt Morgan’s obsessed with sex’ and we used to joke about it. The Angels at Denbigh knew Sgt Morgan as well…

      But I have to say as I find. The day that Wood and Francis tried to come into my cell, Sgt Morgan stopped them, I heard it going on outside. Then Janice Davies and more from Denbigh rang up telling him that I’d threatened them and, in front of me, Sgt Morgan put the phone down on them and said to me ‘they’re all conspiring against you up there’. But no-one let me go, coppers were turning up and telling Sgt Morgan that there were more charges coming.

      Then at midnight Dafydd turned up and did his ‘I think ewe should be in prrrissson’ and I just told him to bugger off. Then Alwyn my solicitor turned up and said that Dafydd was furious because I’d made a formal complaint about him. A public order offence was trumped up and I was bailed the next morning. Dafydd thought I was in Risley, he didn’t realise that the plan had fallen apart because of Sgt Morgan. I’ve got the letters between Dafydd, Clwyd Health Authority, the Mental Health Act Commission, the lot. They were all in on it, including Risley.

      I rang Alun Davies and said ‘even the policeman in Bangor Police Station admitted that there was a criminal conspiracy against me’ and Davies bellowed down the phone ‘we’ll be taking action against that policeman’ and I thought of fuck off you grandiose git and hung up. I told a GP in Leicester all about it – I was living with Brown in Leicester at the time, no idea at that point that Leicester Top Docs were all protecting Greville and Frank Beck et al, I only found that out later. I was so worried, I thought ‘they get Sgt Morgan, I’ve really landed him in it’ and the GP said ‘oh I think that the police can look after themselves’. The GP was Dr Smeeton, he was in with Greville’s lot, I found out later…

      The business with Sgt Morgan will have been like Frank Bough at the BBC and Savile. Whatever Sgt Morgan was doing it will not have been as bad as Dafydd and the others. I suspect that Sgt Morgan was getting up to things that he shouldn’t have in the cells, it was a rather odd conversation to have with me; that does not mean that I am going to lie about Sgt Morgan. He blew their plan that night and they were fuming, absolutely fuming, so Big Dafydd got him back. Someone needs to listen to Sgt Morgan if he is still alive. A gang of old paedophiles had him sacked and everyone drooled about ooh what a disgusting man Sgt Morgan is, meanwhile back at the ranch there was George Thomas, Dafydd, Peter Morrison…

      I am sure that they assassinated John Grant Jones as well. John Grant Jones was the Clerk to the Magistrates in Bangor and he was done for fiddling his pension, he had his OBE taken away and was all over the newspapers; Wood still has his OBE and there’s a load of people sitting in the Lords as well isn’t there Lord Hague. Whatever John Grant Jones did, it will not have been as bad as the others. By the way, John Grant Jones was always nice to the defendants, he was friendly and polite.

      They were all a bunch of fucking crooks, but that doesn’t mean that the smallest crooks should be hung out to dry when they piss Mr Big off.

      I received an e mail questioning me about my comment on a previous post stating that the police were better than the Top Docs and social workers. My correspondent told me that the North Wales Police are bloody terrible. Well some of them are yes; historically they were a deeply corrupt force and the old guard are still around. But SOME of them really are much nicer to the psych patients than anyone else, that was often my experience and so many other patients said the same. It might just be because the Top Docs and social workers are so bad…

      I got the impression before I left Wales that the police had improved, they did seem to be trying or at least some of them were.

      People have got to ask themselves why the psych patients in north Wales hated the Top Docs and hated the social workers. It is not enough to do an ‘ah bechod, they don’t know their own minds do they’. Yes they do, they knew who was assaulting them, propositioning them, dragging them along the floor, banging their heads against things, telling them to go and fucking well kill themselves. People expect police to do these things and sometimes they did; well so did those fucking Top Docs and social workers. Assisted by Angels. Often thugs, absolute thugs.

      As for 1987, I suggest that someone asks Douglas Hurd what was going on. He was Home Secretary and Bangor Police Stn and everywhere else was bugged by MI5 whether Hurd knew or not. I have been sent an e mail telling me that Sgt Morgan came into my cell and talked out watching the Arrested Masturbators! So someone knew exactly what was going on that night and they knew that the Leicester Top Docs were all in on the conspiracy as well.

      Can I just remind everyone that although ALL of that lot were being bugged and recorded, no-one ever told me that Brown, me and Brown’s brother that we were under attack by gangsters. They left us to be found dead.

      Anyone for investigating Historical Abuse? Dig the bodies up from Denbigh you bastards and ask Douglas Hurd how they got there.

      1. A few more thoughts:

        Terry Hall maintained that he was abducted and attacked by a gang of sex offenders in France, on a school trip. Terry mentioned a very unpleasant teacher of his. There were teachers in the West Midlands involved with the gangs; Dafydd was linked to gangs operating on mainland Europe. John Allen owned a villa in France where kids in care from north Wales were taken for ‘holidays’. Then there was Dafydd holding his ‘clinics’ in France…

        I’m a bit younger than Terry Hall, but the schools in Bridgwater used to do French exchange trips with Normandy, Normandy being rural and rather like Somerset. I went to a little town in France called Troarn when I was 13. Then I went back to see the girl whom I stayed with, Marie-Pierre, again the next year. I remember Marie-Pierre’s family being very anxious about having me accompanied at all times because there had been news reports in France of girls being abducted at the ports. I was just ‘QUE??’, me, going to visit Marie-Pierre on her farm in France??? Being me I just thought that I was surrounded by completely mad adults as usual so I didn’t take much notice. No I didn’t get abducted…

        Something weird did happen years later though. I carried on writing to Marie-Pierre until just before I went to university. My French was bad but I wrote telling her that I would be going to Bangor. I never heard from Marie-Pierre again and I just thought ‘oh well my French is crap, she’s probably had enough of trying to decipher my letters and we’re going our separate ways now anyway’. Somebody in Somerset told me that one of the teachers at Chilton Trinity School, Wendy Harris, who was the teacher responsible for the French exchange visits, had contacted Marie-Pierre’s family and told them that I was the devil incarnate and not to have anymore contact with me, but because the person who told me this was prone to some weird ideas I didn’t take much notice. Wendy Harris didn’t like me because I had challenged her and that appalling Headmaster re the chaos and fuckwittery prevailing in that school. Harris knew about Fiddler, the Deputy Head (see previous posts) and she will have known that there was wider abuse of kids going on as well.

        As an adult looking back I see Wendy Harris as a rather sad woman; there had been a broken romance which had upset her and she was doing her best to pretend to be a Good Teacher in this hell-hole of a school run by an incompetent fool. But Harris did go to France a great deal, particularly for someone in Bridgwater in those days. The last I heard – years ago – she was talking about retiring there. She gave me and my friend who went to Stirling University a dreadful time at school, but there is no way that Harris could ever have stood up to a gang of sex offenders. If they had told her to ensure that I cut ties in France before I went to Bangor, she would have. It was just before I went to Bangor too; I think I waited for my A level results before I told Marie-Pierre where I was going.

        I went to Bangor in the aftermath of Jeremy Thorpe and Mary Wynch and I was initially in that awful Agri Dept before I changed course as well…

        Dissenting police are still giving me names of teachers and others in Bridgwater whom they claim were involved in all of this; although how many of those people knew that they were busy at the Bridgy end of a pan-European trafficking ring I don’t know. I repeat my earlier position: those teachers were not very nice to us and no I haven’t ‘mellowed’, we had a horrible miserable time at school because of them but the police obviously knew what was going on. Where were they? We were rural kids going to school in a small town being targeted by sex offenders and serious criminals while the police looked on. And now I’ve survived attempts to kill me and I’m 56, the police want me to do the job that they should have done for the last 40 yrs! Er, how about a few prosecutions of the politicians, judges, Top Docs and senior police officers then?

        I’m more interested in 1987 at Bangor Police Station which resulted in the crucifying of Sgt Morgan. Dafydd was fuming because I had been making representation to people in authority after he illegally imprisoned me in Dec 1986-Jan 1987. Ollie Brook was jailed days after Dafydd illegally imprisoned me. Ollie was released early on appeal by Lord Chief Justice Lane in May 1987. By which time I’d written to all sorts about Dafydd. During 1987 I wrote to Esther as well as to medical and legal authorities…

        By the time that Dafydd was crashing around in Bangor Police Stn at midnight when I was in there, Greville Janner and Frank Beck were under investigation in Leicester. The month before, Keith Vaz had become the MP for the constituency in which Brown and I were living in Leicester. After I was charged with a minor public order offence when Sgt Morgan saved me from going to Risley Remand Centre, my solicitor in Bangor Alwyn Jones ordered an expert witness report from James Earp, the Top Doc in Leicester, who knew Dafydd et al and was concealing the ring in Leicester.

        Vaz had previously worked as the solicitor for Islington Council. Cherie Blair was still working in George Carman’s Chambers in 1987. When Greville was hauled in by the police in 1990, he had George Carman at the ready…

        Blair had been Carman’s pupil. Blair probably handed some of the paperwork re the Westminster Paedophile Ring and those under investigation

        George Thomas aka Viscount Tonypandy was molesting unhindered. Thomas was protected in south Wales by Kenneth Rawnsley, Williams Asscher et al in Cardiff University, with whom Tony Francis had trained and worked. It was Tony Francis who tried to send a Top Doc into the cell to section me but Sgt Morgan said no and stopped him coming in. Tony Francis’s mate the Windbag was Leader of the Labour Party.

        OI WINDBAG – Thatcher won anyway and a police officer was framed by a gang of paedophiles because of YOUR CORRUPT MATES IN GWYNEDD. SPEAK SCUM, when are you going to give a media statement about this?

        Oh please, Wendy Harris is not the biggest worry here. The Windbag and his missus are in the Lords, along with Tom King, their son is in the Commons and wants to be PM, then there’s Uncle Harry’s nephew, his dad knew what was happening…

        Meanwhile, in 1987 Patient F had been framed for arson after he dared to challenge social workers on their abuse of boys in the homes in Bangor, sent to Risley and was sitting in Denbigh, illegally imprisoned by Dafydd.

        Latest news:

        There’s Been A Conviction for FGM, or rather an attempt at FGM! Of a Ugandan woman who tried to put an African witchcraft spell on a social worker. I expect the social worker had to have counselling as a result and there’ll be another prosecution of the Ugandan woman for Witchcraft. The lawyer Charlotte Proudman explained to Radio 4 that FGM ‘isn’t a cultural tradition, it is a crime’. Charlotte, it is both, being a cultural tradition which was criminalised in 1985. Someone else was on Radio 4 this morning explaining that she was so glad that there has finally been A Conviction and she couldn’t explain why there hasn’t been one so far, because medical professionals had admitted to her that they knew that it was happening. Yes, their colleagues in Harley Street are doing it, that’s why there’s been No Convictions. Until they found a Ugandan witch who cast a spell on a social worker.

        The only sensible thing that I heard on the radio about it amid the opening of champagne in the wake of The Conviction and assurances that this will make other 3 yr old girls At Risk Report Their Parents, was that a class of school boys in London had made a statement to their classmates opposing FGM and saying that they didn’t want this to happen to girls. Perhaps someone should appoint those boys as Gov’t social work advisers and members of the judiciary, they sound rather more rational than those in those positions at present.

        There has been another first as well re Convictions, a 40 yr old man has been fined £2000 for Upskirting. Not an 87 yr old psychiatrist from Anglesey, he’s still running Wales’s biggest substance abuse charidee. But I did mention on the blog the other day that Dafydd could be Upskirting all over the tube and he won’t be prosecuted. Dafydd could carry out FGM on his kitchen table, in fact he probably has and he still wouldn’t be prosecuted. Because his mate Gwynne who lobotomised their victims was mates with Dr Jof Davies who was physician to Lilibet.

        Anyone for a designer vagina? It was the sort of thing that Diana and her mates would have gone in for.

        I ‘ad that Camilla in the back of the cab once. She cast a spell on me.

        Carlo: I also know someone who had sex with James Hewitt after Diana had that fling with him. WHY anyone would want to have sex with James Hewitt I do not know but I heard all about it. She had been at Chilton Trinity School with me, as had her friend whom I suspect was targeted by the paedophile ring in Bridgy. As indeed might have been the girl who had sex with James Hewitt. Which is why I’m not going to give any clues as to who they are…

        1. Dafydd was so entertaining without being aware of it that Patient F used to say that Dafydd was the best straight man that one could ever want. Dafydd n Gwynne, north Wales’s answer to the Two Ronnies.

          Dafydd had no idea how easy it was to get people interested in him as a result of him being just so unethical and crazy. In 1987, Brown’s brother and I noticed that Dafydd’s garden was full of abandoned cars with bashes in them; Dafydd was famous for crashing cars and just going out to buy a new one. One of the cars in Dafydd’s garden has a huge dent in the side, so I told Brown. Brown’s brother said ‘mind you, that indicates that someone has driven into Jones’. And Brown responded with ‘yes but where was Jones parked at the time?’ Which was a salient point. Jones could have been parked horizontally across Llangefni High Street and nothing would have been said to him.

          I have discussed in previous posts how Empowered Service Users were often found dead after challenging the gang. F is still alive which I’m amazed at actually. When Tony Francis was prescribing fast and loose for F just before the Waterhouse Inquiry, he gave F a prescription for a tricyclic anti-depressant on top of all the other stuff. I thought it was weird because no-one had ever suggested that F was depressed; despite the extraordinary things that happened to him F remained remarkably upbeat. So I asked F if he’d told Francis that he felt depressed. F cheerfully said no, so I remained puzzled. The tricyclic that F had been prescribed by Francis is toxic in overdose and people don’t have to take much of an overdose either. I told F that he mustn’t EVER take more than the prescribed amount, no matter how much he felt like experimenting…

          A few weeks later there was a huge row. Tony Francis told F that he had received a letter from another patient telling him that F was popping the tricyclics like there was no tomorrow ‘and hasn’t told Sally because she told him not to take too many of them’. Francis told F that he had told this patient to ‘keep her nose out’. I told F ‘look, even eight of those tablets can kill you’. F said don’t be daft, Francis wouldn’t have prescribed something that lethal…

          F had a huge row with the patient who had written to Francis. I then received a visit from her brother who told me that his sister wasn’t trying to get F into trouble, ‘she remembered what you said and she was worried that he was going to bloody well kill himself’. The patient who was worried about F was married to another Empowered Service User who died in 2000. He had split up from his wife by then and was in a ‘care home’ which was full of Dafydd’s patients. He had choked to death on a ham sandwich. His body wasn’t found for over an hour although he was being ‘checked every 20 minutes’.

          Not only did this man know about F being prescribed those toxic tablets and Francis failing to respond when he was told about F putting himself at risk with them, but this man was one of those who knew about women being sexually assaulted by Top Docs, so he refused to leave his wife alone with them. He was ordered out of the consulting room by one Dr Heinersdorff on the grounds that he was a ‘bully’ and she would not see his wife if he was in the room at the same time.

          He was his wife’s bodyguard Heinersdorff as you knew damn well.

          What happened when this man did not accompany his wife? Er, a distressing experience; an injury wasn’t it Heinersdorff?

          Heinersdorff knew that F was taking too many of the tablets that Francis had prescribed. She didn’t warn him.

          I also discovered some three years ago that Heinersdorff had written on my own notes years ago that my complaints about Dafydd ‘were not delusional’. Thank you very much for admitting that Dr Heinersdorff; can you explain then why ALL of your colleagues were telling everyone that I was mad and deluded and you said nothing in public and neither did you make that one note about Dafydd public to anyone else?

          Heinersdorff was close friends with Lil Crowther. Lil was a former psych nurse who then got a job as a lecturer in the Psychology Dept in Bangor University. She worked with Dafydd’s daughter Dwynwen when Dwynwen was doing her PhD there. Lil’s husband was Jeff, the psych nursing officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd who worked with Dafydd.

          Lil died in the ‘care’ of YG in early 1997. She was only 40 yrs old or so. Lil died just after yet another attempt by the gang to frame us had fallen apart in Court. Jeff visited us the evening of the day that we were cleared and fell about laughing when F told him that the corrupt NHS manager Alun Davies sat in the Court throughout the trial and looked as though someone had emptied a bucket of slurry over his head when the verdict was returned. Jeff told us that Davies was a very nasty piece of work. Jeff was due to visit us again shortly after that visit. He never turned up because he’d popped home before coming to ours to have a cup of tea with Lil, she collapsed and died later that night in YG.

          Jeff subsequently got a job with the drugs team in Llangefni, which was er Dafydd’s domain. Jeff had to go into hiding after he received a serious murder threat from one of Dafydd’s addicts. Soon after he met a new girlfriend and they left the area.

          The gang killed its own members. At least the Empowered Service Users had the guts to take the piss out of Dafydd. If they were going to die they might as well have a laugh at his expense.

          Heinersdorff’s GP colleague in Bethesda Surgery, Dr Paul Nickson, was a Quaker. As was Gethin Evans, Lucille Hughes’s henchman in Gwynedd Social Services. They both used to go to the Quakers meeting house in Bangor…

          Incredible isn’t it, Quakers involved with a sex abuse gang.

          1. Phil Banfield, a Top Doc and leader of BMA Wales, has spoken out about period poverty in Wales! BBC News Wales reports that Banfield is concerned that not all of Wales’s NHS Boards make free sanitary protection available. Well I agree that it should be Phil and furthermore I think that it should be readily available in the bogs along with bog paper rather than girls/women having to ask an Angel as a special favour.

            However I believe that an ever greater priority is a safe NHS and lest you haven’t noticed Phil you were one of the gynaecologists who worked in the Obs and Gynae service at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd which was so dangerous that the Betsi Board was placed in special measures and a hit squad sent in by the Welsh Gov’t to ‘achieve normality’.

            The Board is still in special measures, so Phil and his colleagues haven’t achieved normality yet.

            Would Phil like to name the consultant obs at YGC who was so mad and such a bully that he was described as impairing the functioning of the whole team? Why did Bangor University withdraw ALL the student midwives from their placements at YGC Phil?

            Phil knows the names of the Top Docs who were sexually assaulting the female patients in Gwynedd! He worked with them! Phil also knew that the BMA were giving free legal advice to Tony Francis et al although they knew that he was mistreating patients. Tony Francis was mates with Dr Christine Evans, one of Phil’s colleagues at YGC. Do you remember Dr Binns-Smith of the Open Flies Phil? The front view of Dr Binns-Smith was of the Open Flies, the back view of him was of the Builders Bum. He ran the path labs at YGC! Hilarious. I wouldn’t have minded had Binns-Smith’s Builders Bum been worth looking at but no, it really wasn’t.

            When Merfyn was Chair of the Betsi Board and the paedophiles’ friends were organising to allow patient deaths to force Merfyn’s resignation, Phil and his pals had a special subsection on the BMA Wales website which needed a special password to get in, which was only available to Phil and his mates. Phil had sent out the word previously that the Docs of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd were facing a Serious Challenge from Merfyn and they needed to prepare…

            So Phil, would you like to supply the names of EVERYONE who agreed not to pass onto Merfyn the info that he needed to run the Board? Info such as infection rates on wards? Oh but everyone had lied about the infection rates for years hadn’t they? I know the techniques used: one of them was to take patients with infections off the ward for a little trip to the shop or whatever and then send in the minion to count the folk on the ward who were suffering from a hospital acquired infection. The minion used to ignore the empty beds! Result! No infected patients on that ward!

            Then there was the man with necrotising fasciitis on a ward who had lost half of his leg; no other patients were warned of the infection, even patients with open wounds. They were using a bath that had not even been cleaned.

            Ysbyty Glan Clwyd has some of the highest death rates in the UK.

            Phil the Expert On Poverty earns at least four times the average income of households in Gwynedd. He could afford to dress up as Father Christmas and distribute the tampons to the wards himself if he felt like it.

            I’m not someone who snaps at men that they are not entitled to contribute to debates on women’s health, but the sight of yet another over-paid Top Doc who has protected his colleagues who behaved appallingly and caused patient deaths talking about poverty and inequality is unedifying.

            Dr Tivey-Jones, now retired, was one of the gynaecologists at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Phil will know him. A rather strange man. Indeed a very strange man. Litigation wasn’t there Phil?? Er a fairly big settlement in at least one case? Embarrassed Angels having to make excuses in the face of distressed patients threatening to take this to a higher authority…

            Not that Tivey-Jones was the only strange obs and gynae specialist that they had at YG. There were quite a few of them. YG imported Simon Leeson years ago to give an impression of normality. The last time that I saw Simon he was looking like thunder at a dinner where I and my friends were as well. Poor old Simon, I don’t know what had upset him but the glowering looks were definitely being sent in the direction of Merfyn…

            Anyone for the Top Docs giving advice on poverty?

            Phil is one of those old farts who advertises his Feminist Credentials with the phrase ‘dad of daughters’. Phil would never let one of his own daughters near Dafydd. Or indeed Tivey-Jones. They were for other dad’s daughters.

          2. It’s 1981 all over again; a group of Labour MPs are drawing up plans to split from the Party. Dr Death, you are needed! Luciana Berger is so cross at Jezza’s anti-semitism that she and her mates are off, that army that you have assembled on the Rhine is needed and NOW!

            Luciana is a descendant of Manny Shinwell, so like Stephen Kinnock, Lisa Nandy and Uncle Harry’s nephews she Entitled to be the Leader herself.

            Read my previous posts about Luciana, she did a dirty deal with members of Dafydd’s network to bag that Merseyside seat of hers. When Luciana forms her new party I do hope that she can think up some policies, because when Jezza appointed her Spokesperson on Mental Health she just read out the MIND leaflets and repeated their made-up statistics.

            Luciana was parachuted into her constituency in 2010, by Labour HQ under Big Gordon. Just before Operation Pallial was launched. Luciana has a Masters from Birkbeck. She completed that when Eric Hobsbawm was President of Birkbeck. The Eric who’s daughter is am old friend and business partner of Gordon’s wife.

            Luciana stayed at the home of the then sitting MP for her constituency, Jane Kennedy. There were allegations that Kennedy’s husband rigged the selection process. Jane studied Chemistry at the University of Liverpool. She worked in social care for Liverpool City Council from 1979-88 when she became a trade union organiser for the National Union of Public Employees (NUPE). Jane worked in social care and for NUPE, a union that represented social workers in Liverpool, while social workers in Dafydd’s gang abused kids and psych patients in Liverpool. In the 1990s, a number of them went to prison.

            When Jane worked for Liverpool City Council, John Hamilton was the leader, although Degsy Hatton received all the publicity. John Hamilton was a Bachelor who was involved with schools and youth organisations. Hamilton nearly died in a fire at his home the month before the Waterhouse Report was published.

            John was a Quaker. Dr Nickson of Bethesda surgery was a Quaker. Dr Nickson left Bethesda years ago and went to work as a Top Doc in Liverpool. John is dead now, he finally died in 2006, four years before Luciana felt the Call Of Dafydd’s Pals on Merseyside. So if John Hamilton had known anything about Dafydd’s mates from Liverpool who were sexually using the kids from the north Wales children’s homes, he can’t tell us. Neither can the Scouse Git actor Tony Booth, who might have known because celebs and actors were involved, because he’s dead as well.

            Tony Booth’s daughter is still with us. She’s called Cherie Booth and is mates with Michael Beloff QC, the man who ensured that the Jillings Report into the abuse of kids in care in north Wales was completely suppressed and then pulped.

          3. 2010, the year that Luciana felt the Call of Dafydd’s Mates was also the year that saw the influx of people who had good reason not to want the truth to ever be revealed about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal decide that their overwhelming ambition was to be an AM for Wales! They were in the Senedd at the 2011 election. One such person was Jenny Rathbone, who had previously been an Islington Councillor. The Rathbones are a famous Liverpool family and established a charidee which years later gave support to some of those people accused of abusing kids in north Wales.

            Luciana has taken a lot of people to task for anti-semitism. She has been criticised on some of those occasions for using rather dodgy methods against her opponents. One person was convicted of aggravated harassment against Luciana, on the basis of anti-semitic behaviour. Jenny Rathbone has herself been involved in rows about her alleged anti-semitism.

            So the Labour Party is going to rip itself apart a la ‘Spare Rib’ over accusations and counter-accusations of anti-semitism and the people involved will ignore real suffering – including of Jewish people – while doing so as the UK’s infrastructure rapidly collapses.

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