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After yesterday’s battles with missing text and my attempts to reblog some of the missing material, I tidied up the ‘A Little Something To Which We Can Look Forward’ post before going to bed. I got up this morning to find that the post had changed once more – some old text had reappeared, my new text had disappeared… Then I noticed that older versions of the post had reappeared in various places on my laptop as well… So I thought that I’d preserve all of them, label them Version 1, 2 etc. No, it’s just all gone bang again!

So there is a post called ‘A Little Something To Which We Can Look Forward’, but such are events beyond my control that I’m not quite sure what the contents are or indeed will be in 30 mins time…

I can’t afford to spend any more time buggering about on that post only to have it take the law into its own hands again, there are a few other things that I am still keen to blog about…

What is evident is that although I was on the scene of the HQs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring/international trafficking gang involving Royals, newspaper barons etc that Never Existed and I actually have some priceless first hand witness accounts and documentation, a lot of people did know about all this, indeed a great many people knew. For starters, one could not have worked for Cap’n Bob and not known; George Carman was the Mirror’s in-house lawyer for a time.

It shouldn’t need me to point at Cherie and Miranda and highlight that they worked with George Carman, a gangster… It shouldn’t need me to highlight that daft little Claudia is Eve’s daughter and Eve was one of Cap’n Bob’s right hand women…

What I consider my original contribution to this discussion to have been is the contents of my documents that no-one ever expected me to see as well as my knowledge of events in Somerset, north Wales, Leicester, Birmingham, London, West Scotland etc that I witnessed myself and that not so many other people knew of and would never have become public. Including chaotic, ruthless criminals lying to NHS/Social Services staff in return for goodies or protection from the consequences of their own criminal activity and that being used as Evidence and not only against me either. When I found that this was happening, I challenged those doing it, only to be met with a barrage of insults. I did suspect that the same people might have been employing the same techniques re me and the Gang, but whenever I raised these concerns I was dismissed as a loony, including by the NHS staff who I now know were on board with this…

If Radio 4 can expose a conman whom those people are BOASTING about harbouring as the police ring them up ‘making enquiries’, while they swear blind to the police that Ooh no they don’t know where David Kirke is HEE HEE HEE he’s here with us but ooh the police don’t know that and the same people are testifying as to the Mad Criminal one who gave up a Good Career at St George’s to live like a hippy in north Wales and their accounts of my ‘behaviour’ are taken as indisputable fact by Top Docs, more than a few people are going to know that something terrible is going on. Especially when a crumbling house in the backwaters of Somerset becomes the go-to place for the degenerate adult children of leading Tories, Governors of the Bank of England etc.

Furthermore David Kirke wrote for porn publications and described himself as a ‘film-maker’ on his passport, although when he was swindling people he passed himself off as an Oxford don… His employment with the porn trade was in truth the only employment that Kirke had EVER had. All else was simply fleecing and cheating people.

There just can never be any excuse for what has gone on over decades. I might have a Good Story here, but that’s only because I lived to tell the tale and the constant attempts to frame and imprison me fell apart. Had they have worked I’d have just been another Dangerous Nutter who was Caught in her 20s and no-one would now be reading this blog and saying ‘My God, did those doctors, lawyers and judges REALLY do all this?’ Yes and they did it to a lot of people as well but not many of the others lived to middle age yet alone acquired academic qualifications and published…

The British security services failed dismally here, they really did, no matter how big the problem was. Brown and I were able to protect ourselves from these vile people better than most, but just look what has happened to us nonetheless… I haven’t even begun to look at all the evidence and documentation re the banks who swindled us, the crooks who cheated Brown out of the house that he purchased and renovated etc. I know that it went on and I know that it happened to other people. Had I been an accountant rather than a medical researcher/sociologist I’d have concentrated on exposing that instead…

The picture that I’ve built up is that after Gwynne and Dafydd became utterly discredited it was Tony Francis who, in north Wales, was Mr Big. A troubled, dangerous doc who could smile and chat to his patients convincingly while arranging for sexual assaults to be carried out on them by his mates, filmed by covert cameras. Or prescribing ‘medication’ that he knew would eventually kill them. Francis’s colleagues were on board and not only did none of them say a word but we were left with him and whenever we became suspicious we positively forced back into his clutches amidst allegations of us misunderstanding and Tony being ill, in pain etc. Crucial documentation written by Tony was unlawfully withheld from us because it would have had the lot of them up in Court and not as witnesses for the prosecution for once.

We were left with these madmen and no-one helped us, no-one.

So who murdered Tony Francis and Jeffrey Epstein? As well as Anna Mansfield and all the others…

The Corrupt Old Duke Of York is only one of the many, many guilty people. They need to step down from their positions now and stop appearing in the media (including the ones who OWN the media) banging on about their Abhorrence of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking. You are what my father used to rudely call ‘trash’. I think that he acquired the expression from watching US TV programmes, in the way that he began pronouncing ‘simultaneously’ in the American way. They won’t have pronounced it like that at Dr Morgan’s School in the 1940s as John Biffen could testify. The trash were cluttering up his house and intimidating him once his daughter had clashed with the trashiest who’s crime involved the Royals.

Someone quipped the other day ‘Your blog can’t go on for ever you know, this is an endless task, it’s not like a PhD’. I realised that a few months ago, but every time I think about winding down, I discover something else wonderful that I need to blog about…

There is more to come unless the blog is sabotaged because I have a great many documents with a great many names on, a lot of people still at senior levels in the NHS and Gov’t have questions to answer and I am waiting for replies to a few e mails…

Proud Judges and Top Docs with Royal Friends mixed with street criminals a la Lord Bob Boothby. They shagged them, befriended them and used them to keep themselves out of Court, so stop all the bloody pompousing.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Not a content-relevant comment, Sally, but do you back things up to memory sticks while working? Perhaps every hour or each time you save changes on a document – plug the memory stick in and save it to that as well, then remove it again straight away – in fact I might be tempted to have more than one memory stick for back-up, one of them being final copies of all posts rather than working copies. Perhaps also have slightly varied file names on the memory stick to the ones on your laptop? It’s a fiddly job but it might help to preserve more of your work. Apologies if this is a strategy you’ve already tried and is still being sabotaged. 😐

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I am not at all IT savvy as is well-known, but after the first attack on the blog back when I was a new blogger – a post with names and details of BMA reps who had given the Gang advice on how to fit me up for crimes etc was hacked and replaced with links to porn vids – I did start doing all the usual safety things and then upped the levels of safety soon after, when another post with info about the BMA was hacked and replaced with porn vids again. I took advice then and back in those days I was still in Wales and I had a few helpers nearby who were IT savvy and they advised. Then things began happening to my blog that my IT advisers couldn’t understand either…

    The posts with BMA content were left alone for a while then other posts came under attack. Not all the time, it was nearly random but a theme sort of emerged… Not the obvious themes either… Whoever has domain over the internet are not the usual suspects. I can still be rude about the Royal Family and more recently the BMA, my most recent problems were actually Robert Maxwell-related!

    I just have not been able to get up the info about Maxwell’s lackeys whom I KNOW knew what he was up to, the whole lot disappears all the time, along with the names of certain celebs… They are all famous people, known for their excess drugs, shagging etc in their younger years and their recent deaths were widely publicised. I wonder if someone is worried that I have inside info on them that has not appeared anywhere else and that’s why the blog was constantly attacked?

    So, yes, I have tried ALL the usual methods as recommended by you, but I gave up ages ago because none of them worked. Even memory sticks were corrupted. All I could do was put out regular appeals for readers to be aware and save and share posts as I wrote them because what was happening was beyond my control…

    For a very long while on the blog I tried not to do many personal bits, I did a few just to illustrate that I was a witness and I KNEW that lies were told by people in the Highest Places, but I really didn’t want to bang on about my life. People always told me that I should, I have been told for years that I have had an unusual life that a lot of people think is a real laugh, but I just like discussing that sort of thing with my mates really.

    Brown and I always entertained our friends with the craziness of Bridgy life and then as we got older we discovered equally crazy happening elsewhere, I think because we were a bit dispossessed thanks to the Gang, so we lived with poor people who were under attack, we didn’t hate them, we chatted and we found out what was actually being done to them by ‘professional’ people…

    It was grim and it certainly helped us as sociologists but it aroused huge resentment from the Right On who like to write about Poor People but who know where their bread is buttered and no, they are not going to mention the entrenched corruption and abuse in the welfare system or in the Right On parts of society and they hated us for doing so. I knew other people who like us had difficult or weird backgrounds and they too just stayed silent. I remember sitting in a conference when Real Working Class Sociologist Lisa MacKenzie, darling of the high profile leftie lot – Do you know that Lisa actually grew up on a Council Estate AND had a Black man as a partner and babies when she was a teenager??? – opened her lecture with ‘I’m not like the rest of you in here, I’m Working Class’. I just thought oh who has put her up to saying that, what a silly opener, sociology is one discipline that actually attracts people who’s life experiences have been off-beat or difficult. I know others like Brown and me and I know of one person who was a kid in care in north Wales who became an academic sociologist. She doesn’t talk about it, I think she is just trying to forget what the bastards did to her…

    I also knew that people who didn’t know us heard Brown and me speaking in middle class accents, they heard us chatting about all the old Tories in Somerset with whom we had grown up and that was it, ‘Oh the posh children of Somerset Tories playing at being lefties…’ We hated the Guardian narrative of ‘Ooh I thought to myself if only you knew’, we just felt oh fuck off you ignorant stereotyping morons, and didn’t enlighten them. We did have a good laugh in private though. Then after I’d been an Empowered Service User there was yet more stereotyping but of a different nature, but I just couldn’t be bothered to bust the myths (or lies), I really am not going to waste my time supplying personal info to gross idiots.

    I only ended up doing much more personal info on the blog because people from the past were saying please tell everyone what they did to us, no-one believed us but everyone’s reading your blog…

    That’s OK with me, when I first got my PhD and began publishing I was told the same by the old Hergest crowd, ‘Bloody hell you’re called doctor now and you’ve written books, tell people what they did to us, no-one else will’.

    However after I began the blog, the info began coming in that I didn’t know about, how my family’s Tory links were ruthlessly used by ALL politicians blackmailing each other, that some criminal matters were being concealed and used for the same ends… I knew that a bit of that was going on but I had no idea to what extent. Neither did I know that I and my mates had been under surveillance for donkeys years by MI5, that they recorded murder plots against us, the lot.

    So then I began to realise that the minutiae of my life might be more important and I have discussed a few things and people that I never ever wanted to because I thought well if it helps clear the names of all those wrongly accused and fitted up, that’s OK. There is a lot that I still haven’t blogged about that the dissenting police are begging me to, but my attitude is no, you sod off, you did not want to know, you left us with that bunch of gangsters, don’t pretend that you Wanted To Help, you bloody well did not. I’m not a Guardian woman who has to mouth off about Trigger Events, but what the fuck do you think was happening to us, we were in the hands of a Gang of bloody sex offenders, WHAT do you think they did?? WHY were all the kids in care and Empowered ones running away, injuring themselves, killing themselves, going into hiding, using new names, oh please, don’t pretend that no-one knew…

    So no, I’m not going to provide more wanking material for the Gang’s friends here, I have made the sort of things that were happening to us very clear…

    I’m going through my documents again at the moment and will be highlighting a few more names and events, there are just so many though that I’ll never be able to do it all.. I am also being given many more names of people who did deals to get their children into elite universities etc over what happened to us, so yes, I’ll be mentioning a few more of them.

    As for the crime in Somerset when I was taking on the Gang that was used as a bargaining chip with Top People to get certain offenders off the hook, I have known for a long time, but I’m not sure how much I’ll end up blogging about. I am angry about it – well I was years ago as well – but what happened is just so disgusting and harmed a lot of people other than me that all I can think is You all knew at the time, you ALL knew. I was telling people, other targets were begging for help yet there were the degenerate Rich N Famous hanging out in Bridgy. We were virtually destitute and it really was being rubbed in our faces. Well where were the police who are so Shocked and Disgusted? Where were they?

    I’m hearing other extraordinary things too re Thatch, Lord Denning, Tom King etc and how they maxed out on the activities of certain people and their propensity for colluding with crime. All I can say is that when I was a kid, there were people who were expressing deep concern about a small number of those around me. No-one listened did they? Instead it was grandpa and father who were the old bastards. Difficult, right wing, prone to giving a mouthful to people who pissed them off. Then libelled by a Gang of sex offending Top Doctors – Wood and Francis started the ball rolling – who used the full force of the state to kill one of my friends and get clean away, destroy Brown’s reputation and the reputation of anyone who dared support me. Everyone in authority knew what they were doing. No-one helped.

    They didn’t just do it to me, I have just managed to provide the evidence. Other people died.

    The British state made an active decision, over many years, that this bunch of lying, criminal, sex abusing gangsters was who they wanted running medicine, law and the criminal justice system. I don’t mind if other targets want to use my blog to help them, but don’t tell me that No-one Knew or they Tried To Stop It. They knew and they didn’t stop it. I was told that I needed a punch in the mouth to shut me up, that there was Big Money in this and no-one was going to listen to a fucking nutter like me, I had the same people studiedly laughing loudly every time that I said anything, someone offered to take his trousers down and show me the difference between men and women you stupid bitch when I sort of er questioned a few worrying things, thousands of pounds in used notes was counted out in front of me on my visits to Somerset while I was being forced out of my job at St George’s… It stank and Brown and I noted that at the time.

    I am now being told that there were complaints being made to the police about some of the Somerset crowd constantly while that was all going on. I do hope everyone who is So Sorry and Shocked and Disgusted will be able to explain should there be any prosecutions…

    There might be difficulty explaining why two Bridgy social workers were such good mates with the Somerset contingent at the time as well! The social workers turned up while I was there once. I just thought ‘Can’t you see what is happening here??’ So I didn’t say much to them, by then I had encountered Brandt and Fearns and it wasn’t a nice experience.

    The social workers later told people that I seemed to be very shy. Well it makes a difference from being very Dangerous. Although Adrian Bell told people that I was shy before he told them that I was a prostitute. I suppose that I could be a shy prostitute, but why Adraian grabbed my hand and physically took me to coffe club saying ‘Ooh you never come, you must come to coffe club’, wished me all the best with my career after graduation when he was writing and saying the most appalling things about me and I have been told fiddled the marks to stop me getting a First I’ll never know… It could be about someone called Gwynne though…

    The other student whom I was mates with at Bangor who’s mum complained about Gwynne was told by Tony Francis that she was very shy as well. As he was telling other people that she was ‘a weak person’, as Wood told third parties that she was ‘wet’.. Anyway she killed herself in the end so who knows whether she was shy, or weak or wet. What I do know is that her mum complained about Gwynne, she knew me very well when we were students and we had no idea that we were under surveillance in my room in Llys Tryfan as we chatted away…

  3. St Helena was on Radio 4 yesterday re Randy Andy, explaining that criminality really cannot be assumed ‘from acquaintances’. I absolutely agree St Helena, many people have no idea what their acquaintances are getting up to.

    However, when two social workers get to know a group of people in Somerset very well over an extended period of time, enter into a business arrangement with them that by SS rules involved Interviewing All Members Of The Household, while I was under attack from a Gang of sex offenders who knew colleagues of those two social workers and some of those Interviewed supplied Evidence to the Gang re my Madness and Dangerousness while one of their MATES was the subject of a Radio 4 expose for serial fraud and they told the police that they had no idea where he was (although they were harbouring him) and an undercover recording is made in which it is explained that I am going to be ‘killed off’ so won’t be a problem much longer, that is a little more than ‘acquaintances’ who don’t know what each other are doing.

    Why did Brown and I realise that something very odd indeed was happening? Because the two social workers asked those who were harbouring serious offenders whether they’d like to er foster children in return for money.

    No-one Knew about north Wales, No-one.

    Hilarious, no wonder Alison and Graham thought that I was Very Shy. I didn’t live with Alison and Graham’s mates but Alison and Graham kept demanding my presence via third parties to Interview me! I just thought oh fuck off, this is nothing to do with me and I’m not going near you, so that was how Alison and Graham just happened to turn up when I was visiting and sitting in the kitchen one day… Not speaking to them, being Very Shy.

  4. You are doing a great job Sally ,a voice for the voiceless who are told ,that their records have been destroyed.

    It was a school dear always a school, never a treatment centre or clinic.
    It’s in the past dear leave the past let go.

    Onwards upwards I am finding out info opening new doors closing even more.
    They change history,mine yours ,who is to blame?
    Who suffers?
    I have told friends about your blog.You are courageous a tonic.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your kind comments.
      What went on routinely for so many years to so many people was so appalling that no-one ever dared tell the whole and horrible truth.
      Many schools didn’t do much to help, but nothing, nothing at all compares to what the Top Docs got up to and indeed got away with.
      The reason why I just wouldn’t ever let this go was that I saw what those we know and love did to the most disdavantaged people; I noticed a lot of bad attitudes at school, but nothing beats those in the psychiatric system for brutal mistreatment and stupidity dressed up as Quailfications and Expertise.

      I had no idea that I was one of the kids who had been marked out when I was younger, I just thought that I’d encountered some scumbags of Top Docs as a young adult after surviving a difficult childhood. When I witnessed how they were treating the dispossed in psych wards it never occurred to me not to defend the patients, although I was aware that I had enjoyed a far better education… The Angels just thought that I was another piece of trash to be shafted, then got confused, then they tried to get me on their side and hell opened its gates when I was refusing the bribes from Dafydd et al…

      Why would I have ever wanted to be Of Them?

      I’m glad that you find the blog helpful. I’ve had e mails from a few who managed to stay alive but their lives were ruined by this lot, completely ruined. Raped when young, dared to complain, straight into the psych system, abused again, fitted up, prison, all children removed, smeared, abandoned, their physical and mental health destroyed and now feeling that their whole lives are just over as they come into their later years.

      It was clearly the sort of future that those we know and love had planned for me. I am so glad that I never had kids, that lot would have destroyed them, completely destroyed them. Look what they did when F had the child that he always wanted at 40 yrs old after the Top Docs and Angels encouraged him every step of the way, complimenting him on being such a diligent expectant father… The story changed rather once the Cunning Plan had succeeded and the predators had a live baby fathered by F with which to bludgeon him.

      I have been given terrifying info as to what was already being planned if I ever became pregnant. Christ I should have been like I was when I was a kid and told by my father that Docs were generally rather bad people, don’t go near them. It’s so sad that childbirth is genuinely a risky process and that all women can’t deliver safely unaided; they’re certainly not safe in the hands of that crowd.

      There was a letter in my medical records from a rather better NHS employee who attempted to blow the whistle stating clearly the atrocious conduct of the Gang and observing that the very sad aspect of their conduct was that it confirmed what I had been told by my rebellious old father and my off beat mates about the harm that would be done to me if ever I went near medical staff.

      Pity that father died slowly and painfully years ago, I could have told him that they were worse than he could ever imagine and sadly John Biffen, Tom King, Ken Clark, Thatch et al were all on board and building their political careers out of it.. When John Major’s Back to Basics bit fell apart with the successive revelations of sleaze, father began to turn against the Tories and was denouncing them as ‘cheating, lying bastards’. Like the Top Docs, they were so much worse than anyone knew.

      They ALL need bringing down. I have sent out a few e mails recently with a few bits of info that have not yet appeared on this blog, accompanied by requests for explanation. Haven’t heard a word back yet!!

    1. Dr Christopher Ridgway was elected Fellow in October 2003. Since 1994 he has been Curator, Castle Howard, North Yorkshire and has been a recipient of awards in recognition of his professional activities. I wonder how he voted ?

    2. I accept that one of the people assaulted by this man is pissed off that the Society of Antiquaries hasn’t kicked him out, but the reality is that people usually don’t! Now I can understand if a member of one’s circle has been caught for low level offences and they genuinely want to stop and indeed are trying to – I have good friends who supported someone in that position – and people stand by them in tough times, but the sad reality is that people can be basically deeply unpleasant and if those around them find them good fun or can benefit from their company, they will rain abuse down on the complainant.

      Brown and I have watched 40 yrs of this, us being told that we are naïve idiots because we have flatly refused to toady to vile people, while the rest of the world ingratiates themselves to people who are not anything other than twisted, dangerous individuals. Dafydd is the prime example, but the fact that anyone ever gave Meri Huws the time of day is nearly as weird.

      I blogged about the man in the link that you’ve sent me Wise Owl, ages ago. I came across him as a result of him creating coats of arms for the likes of Kate Middleton who married a Royal and didn’t have a coat of arms of her own – well her mum was a Trolley Dolly on airplanes and her dad was In Trade – so this molester had to make coats of arms for people like Kate. It is such a farcical occupation that we can’t expect any sense from anyone who takes it seriously! Private Eye did some splendid spoofs of the coats of arms, with slogans such as ‘corruption rampant’ and emblems symbolising ‘shameless social climbing’.

      Have Miranda and Cherie got a coat of arms yet? I imagine that they’d like one. The Digger surely has acquired one.

      I have designed many coats of arms myself, it began when I was a teenager, Brown and I were always doing coats of arms for people whom we took the piss out of. My last coat of arms was for Elfed Roberts, the Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust, after he and Martin Jones had me wrongfully arrested for the umpteenth time. The coat of arms had a pic of Elfed’s penismobile and a few other things characteristic of Elfed and a rude Latin slogan, almost certainly grammatically incorrect because I have never studied Latin. I sent it to Martin and he absolutely hit the roof, banging on about me and my friends ‘from Bangor University’ insulting NHS staff. No doubt Merfyn heard all about that coat of arms, Martin sent Merfyn a copy of my medical records, the coat of arms will have been all in a days work for Martin, goodness knows how many people received a copy as evidence of my insanity.

      I had no idea when I was designing Elfed’s coat of arms that the man who did the real thing was molesting kids.

    1. I only recently twigged to something recently Wise Owl. I have known for ages that some of Dafydd’s circle owned antique shops, but then some people do, so by probability there will be some of those in the Gang who own antique shops. However, when I realised how many of the Mr Bigs in Dafydd’s circle – including Bluglass and Henry Walton/Sula Wolff – collected literally art treasures on NHS salaries, that is generous salaries but not big enough to own the best art gallery in Europe a la Bluglass or Ming vases and Rembrandts a la Henry and Sula, I finally twigged that it is money laundering. I was chatting to a former copper the other day and he said that the art and antiques world is known for laundering. The top end of that market is so posh that the goodies are sold in places where there are no price tags because it is assumed that no matter how expensive, you’ll have the money. Col Brown used to hang out in such places, so I heard a bit about them.

      Now what I remember when Mr Bridgy Celeb was courted by Kirke et al of the Dangerous Sports Club and the degenerate Rich n Famous began hanging out near Fiddington, was that after a few months of wads of thousands of pounds being counted out in front of me – at one point Mr Bridgy Celeb snapped at me ‘I’m soon going to have more money that you’ve ever dreamed off’ (I’ve never dreamed of money actually but its the sort of thing that Mr Bridgy Celeb would dream about) – Mr Bridgy Celeb, having purchased the country house and the two new Range Rovers, then announced his intention to go into Art and Antiques.

      My first thought was ‘Well he’s seen that bunch of rich idiots who hang around with Kirke doing that, he needs to realise that if you don’t know that market you’ll lose thousands…’

      F got very cross because F did know about art and he had known some of the very big names when he was younger as well and he was saying to me that Mr Bridgy Celeb knew nothing about the field yet everyone was sneering at F. Yeh, I did notice but F didn’t understand that Mr Bridgy Celeb and the crowd were like that, very rude, aggressive and just insulted people. They never listened and if someone was anything to do with me they definitely didn’t listen to them.

      Anyway, someone did seem to be encouraging Mr Bridgy Celeb to think about setting up a business in Art n Antiques, but I have no idea who it was. He knew a lot of people and I had no idea who he was hanging out with. It’s only recently that I realised how many of Dafydd’s crowd were in that world and that was why these rich abusive people were targeting Mr Bridgy Celeb.

      Mr Bridgy Celeb’s idea of art just wasn’t what F would have considered art. Mr Bridgy Celeb would have wanted Hunting Scene With A Nice Gold Frame or something, he’d have no idea of the sort of people that F had known, so I knew that if he wanted to go into business, he’d need a lot of help. But my interest is that Mr Bridgy Celeb obviously was meeting people in that world…

      After all this crap from Mr Bridgy Celeb and F just being totally disrespected and insulted, F and I went on a holiday to St Davids in Pembrokeshire and there was a new gallery that a young artist had set up. We went in and F had a look and said ‘These are very good you know’ and began asking the man where he’d trained etc. They got into conversation and the artist said to me ‘You know, I’ve been here a few months now and it’s all tourists who don’t know about art, its lovely to talk to someone who does’.

      That always happened when I was out and about with F and we met real artists as opposed to tourists who wanted pictures of their dogs painted or money launderers. F did know his stuff, he really did, but he was just insulted by anyone who was anything to do with the Gang, so that caused a backlash and F would then be rude about people who wanted Chocolate Box pictures. Well if they like Chocolate Box, one can’t have a go at them…

      The standing joke was Badgers On Slate. In north Wales, there are a lot of artists and some like Kyffin Williams were famous, although that was because Kyffin was rich enough to own his own gallery… That is usually the case, you need to have a private income, unless as F used to repeatedly tell me ‘You want to sell your arse to David Hockney and Francis Bacon and snort coke and drink champagne’, but north Wales also heaves with older ladies who do a bit of arty stuff and sell it to tourists, what I characterise as Badgers On Slate, because tourists like buying pictures of Badgers painted on slate.

      Until Brown helped us financially, F and I were just so broke, what with the Gang shafting us and us not even getting the benefits to which we were entitled and I hated being on benefit anyway, I loathed the state and the bastards who treated us so badly, so I kept on asking F why he didn’t do some work that he could sell more easily. When F did sell something it went for thousands because it was good, but people in north Wales just didn’t have that sort of money and the shyster Mathew Saunders who owned the Fat Cat chain of restaurants stole a valuable painting from F anyway as detailed in an earlier post, so I was desperate for F to do something that local people could afford. Badgers On Slate. F was just horrified, I’m not doing bloody Badgers On Slate…

      I can see the funny side, but yes, F was often insulted by ignoramuses who just did not know their arses from their elbows and just wouldn’t listen. They did know about Badgers On Slate but not much else.

      There is a very good artist in Rachub who, like F, is very talented, knows her onions and like F rarely sells, but when she does it is worthwhile. She and F used to clash, but interestingly enough she did tell me many of the very same things that F did. That the art world is deeply corrupt, there are loads of people who are laundering etc and she too had been sneered at and insulted because she wouldn’t pursue riches. Oliver Turnbull, a PVC at Bangor University, tried to force her to sell him a valuable painting for buttons, by snapping at her that she was in poverty so she might as well accept his measly offer. I really admired her for saying to Turnbull ‘I will never sell it to you now no matter how much you offer’.

      F did something similar to a scumbag and was declared Insane by many as a result. In fact F really went to town, he burnt the painting in Rachub High Street so that MARY VERNON could see the ashes. MARY VERNON WHO HAD DRUNKEN SEX IN PUBLIC AT A PARTY IN FRONT OF HERGEST UNIT NURSING OFFICER JEFF CROWTHER, Mary Vernon who was Of The Gang’s informers, Mary Vernon who is best avoided. Mary Vernon who was one who spread rumours about F on behalf of the Gang after the predators fleeced him and hijacked his baby.

      It is about people who will do anything for money. They’re not fussy re who they hang out with and that’s why targets of unsavoury molesters mustn’t be surprised when the molesters continue to be cultivated by wider society. It’s shallow and unpleasant but there’s a lot of it about. No-one likes Dafydd and no-one liked Jimmy Savile. But a lot of people found it worth their while being mates with them.

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