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As I have mentioned in recent comments, many functions on my laptop aren’t working, including the search function as well as links that people send me or even the links in my previous posts. It seems to be IT interference from an unknown outside source because the laptop isn’t broken per se, but blogging as usual is nearly impossible.

I live in a lovely place but nowhere near computer stores which seem to have all closed anyway and I can’t even order help or a new laptop online because my laptop won’t let me do that…

So I’m a bit stumped.

I had a whole list of posts planned but I might have to scrap a few of them; there are some that I have developed sufficiently to post up soon lest my laptop conks out completely.

I am – at present – still able to add text to posts and I have a few images stored that seem to be OK when I add them to posts but I am severely hampered.

People have been laughing recently and telling me that readers are following up all sorts from my posts and comments themselves anyway, I really don’t need to do all the work myself! I am most grateful; I do try to be as helpful as possible but I also tend to stretch myself by posting all sorts of background up because I love recent history and sociology and if, for example, I find that Lord Denning personally vetted MPs for his constituency via Oswald Mosley and each Lucky Winner had strong links with crazy extreme people who were amassing Private Armies lest Red Benn became PM, I can’t resist digging as much as poss…

I have four more volumes with seriously fascinating info from post-war Westminster Govts that I am making my way through at present and there is quite a bit of info that I desperately want to add to posts already in development or to new posts. So I will try to do as much as I can, but I am going to have to provide the basics re names, dates and details of skulduggery and leave readers to google the biographies of those involved themselves. Most of the people concerned have featured in detail in previous posts, the names will usually be familiar, it’s just that I have dug up yet more wrongdoing and friendships with Lord Gnome and his kith and kin…

I will take this opportunity of an enforced go-slow re blogging to read through recent posts, finish off as much as I can and add relevant bits and pieces as I go. I am amazed at how much there is up on the blog now, even if text has disappeared; so much that I do often forget bits and pieces.

I understand that the MDU are going apeshit about this blog and are battening down the hatches. Which does further illustrate what a total bunch of shites they are. I have demonstrated beyond doubt that they gave all the legal help and protection necessary to Top Docs who were sex offenders, perjurers, blackmailers, running an international drug cartel, giving and accepting bribes, forging documents, slandering and libelling people, forcing patients into sex work and er killing witnesses. The MDU refuses to communicate with me and now it is yet more How Very Dare You, We Don’t Have To Put Up With This.

The MDU: the lowest form of life on earth.Image result for cyril fletcher images I’d like to add the MDU image to this post but it’s er disappeared from my stock of images. Just Like That!!

Top Doc sexually assaults you or your loved ones or gets knob out in clinic as it were? You’ll get nowhere at all through any legal channel, absolutely nowhere. All you really can do is punch them in the face as hard as you can there and then. It is not a course of action that I ever thought that I would recommend to anyone but if it deters even one of them from sexually assaulting one of their patients or a child again, it might be worth it. Of course their mates will then ensure that you never receive effective medical care again but at least it is now clear what the situation is. Brown and I have been aware of that for a few years now, other people are not so fortunate to be aware of the serious danger that they are in.

At least the MDU’s latest actions clarify that the problem isn’t Merfyn, the Philanderer, Graham Day, Apollo, The Welsh, The English, The Polish or even Brown and me. It definitely isn’t a Lack Of Resources. It is the MDU that, from it’s establishment, chose to make its priority protecting Top Docs no matter what they’d done, who they’d done it to or how many times they’d done it.

Politely complain through the appropriate channels about a disgusting old lobotomist who spent his career running a paedophile ring and forged documentation about you? Your mates will be murdered and every effort will be made to kill you as well. Image result for cyril fletcher images

Thank God that in so many cases they couldn’t even carry out a simple murder plot without cocking the whole thing up. Sadly with regard to the comedian who coined that wonderful line – who’s image has also disappeared from my store! – they were on the ball and Peter Cook joined the 1995 Club in February of that year.

I don’t regret taking you lot on MDU and I never will. I only wish that I had known years ago that you were so, so much worse than even Brown and I suspected. I’d have gone for your jugular then instead of wasting so much time with yet another New Face who promised that This Will Now Be Dealt With Properly.

I have even been told now that I ought to consider changing my appearance via plastic surgery lest I am ever recognised by the hitmen who I am assured have received orders. Oh bugger off! Although I should ask the coppers next door that if I felt ‘Ooh yes, I’m a Woman In Distress and Terror, please Help’, which Top Doc will carry out the surgery??? I know Top Docs provide that service for Mexican drug barons but Mexican drug barons haven’t complained about Gwynne and fallen out with the MDU!!!

I’ll make an appointment with Bethesda Surgery, I’m sure they’ll be delighted to see me after all these years.

‘Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you…’

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…


  1. Dear Readers
    This blog went offline sometime during last night and didn’t return until later this morning. I was worried that it had gone forever. Because my laptop isn’t working properly, if the blog disappears I can’t do anything, I can’t even contact my hoster, because my e mails aren’t functioning. If it disappears again, please do keep checking, if it returns I’ll carry on working on it!

    I’ve added a bit to the post ‘Cyril…’ and there’s more to be added to posts past and future as long as the blog is here.

    Someone’s asked me about a boy I knew when I was a teenager, Stephen May. I presume that he is one of those who knew about the porn pics of Paul McCartney that were left in the disused garage in our garden when I was about 14? Stephen May lived near Stogursey and when we were on holiday in Cornwall one summer, grandpa found Stephen May in our garden, looking at the parrot. Grandpa didn’t have a problem with it at all, Stephen was only about 13 and the parrot was a novelty. I only found out later that Stephen was a regular visitor to our garden, the boy who I have been told blackmailed loads of people over the pics of McCartney when he was older told me that everyone knew that the back hedge and fence were full of places where kids could just come in. The parrot was an attraction but so was that disused garage once we had found the Paul McCartney pics.

    I know very little about Stephen May; he was a kid who had a terrible reputation by the time that he was 18, with furious residents claiming that he should be JAILED, but Brown, Brown’s brother and I always found him very polite, chatty and friendly, yet we were the sort of kids whom he was expected to kill in cold blood. We never worked out whether Stephen was the just the subject of a slander campaign or whether he was just nicer to us than he was to the rest of the world. We never ever felt intimidated or hassled by Stephen at all and the comments we would hear were the same ones that some people made about us: He’s HITCHING A LIFT!!! He’s dyed his hair GREEN!! He’s got CHAINS hanging from his JACKET!!! Well he was a punk rocker, of course he looked like that.

    I never knew what the Real Crimes of Stephen May were ever supposed to be… I haven’t been told by readers anything awful about Stephen, just asked if I remember that he was the boy who was found in our garden when it was becoming a mecca for teenagers, unbeknown to us.

    I’m still waiting for someone to tell me who put porn pics of Paul McCartney in the disused garage in the first place. I was so unimpressed by them that I’d forgotten all about them until the other day when I remembered the fact that the boy who found them with me grew up into a very unscrupulous adult who would do and say anything at all for money. It’s not as if I was ever a Paul McCartney fan, I thought he was rather mediocre and I wouldn’t waste my money on his late wife’s veggie sausages either, they’re a rip off.

    I really can’t understand why anyone paid these petty crooks off in the first place! If Tim Frampton tried to blackmail me over pics of Paul McCartney I’d tell him to fuck off. In fact Tim Frampton did try and blackmail me once, when I was 18, fallacious accusations over Brown and me. I told Tim to fuck off. So no doubt Dafydd knocked on Tim’s door and took a Statement Of Evidence!!

    What a load of bloody idiots; the honest citizens of Somerset systematically shafted by Top Docs while liars and crooks were paid handsomely for their services!

    Here’s another person that George Carman and the Digger know all about – the teacher at Bridgwater College who studied drama at UCNW in the 1970s. I’ve only just realised the potential there: she will have been at UCNW with Danny Boyle, John Sessions et al who suddenly became very famous indeed when the Gang needed help.

    The teacher was called Gwyneth, I think Evans. She was always quite pleasant but she had the remit for the Wednesday PM sessions when the students were supposed to be engaged in Meaningful Constructive But Non-Academic Activities. Obviously none of us were, we were in a café or Bridgwater Library chatting and doing a bit of light revision because we were more worried about A levels than Cultural Pursuits. Gwyneth spent most of her time tracking down students who were Known Not To Have Been Where They Should Have Been On Wednesday PM. Gwyneth was described by Brown as a ‘Small knitted woman’ which did sort of sum her up. She was very much shawls and drapes, 1970s drama student style.

    Gwyneth came in pursuit of me re Not Being At The Wednesday PM Sessions once Brown was at Aston, so we were writing to each other detailing events. One of which was Gwyneth tracking me down. Brown remembered that she had tracked him down as well when he was in the Upper Sixth; a little knitted creature had approached him and asked ‘Are ewe Brrrian Brrrown? I’ve been looking for ewe everywhere…’

    Gwyneth’s colleague at Bridgwater College who was the organiser of the Wednesday Relaxing Enjoyable Afternoons that everybody avoided was a man called Mike May. Gwyneth and Mike May were younger than most of the Bridgwater College lecturers and were quite different. They were much less pompous and stuffy and I think they had been hippyish students who had Gone To India rather than get jobs as soon as they graduated.

    I last saw Gwyneth, I think just after I graduated from Bangor, I bumped into her in Bridgy when I was visiting Somerset. She’d had a baby, a little girl and I met her. Gwyneth wanted to hear all about Bangor and whether I’d liked it there. Obviously I didn’t mention Gwynne the Lobotomist and because I had no idea that the Gang were planning to wreck my career, I was happy that I’d got a 2:1 and was either going to do postgrad work or go to medical school as a graduate entrant.

    The Gang were so desperate that I presume that Gwyneth was approached or nobbled somehow at some point. Particularly if Danny Boyle wanted to be a Star. It’s not as if anyone could risk anyone else remembering a gang of old paedophiles running UCNW!

  2. Dear Readers
    I have found out the IDs of yet more very guilty parties re Maurice Macmillan, Bunnies, Serious Organised Crime etc. I really want to get their names up on this blog while it’s still here. I have been freeing up a bit of space by deleting images etc; much as I enjoy posting up pics of Brave Wendy, the London Hospital, Grocer Heath et al Lest We Forget, some of them need to go to free up a bit of space for more guilty names.

    Readers will HAVE to cross reference with other posts, I can’t just keep reblogging info!

    I have dug out an old laptop that allows me to google so I’m a bit more back in business than I was three days ago but I still can’t access e mails or the bits of my blog that I need to in order to buy more storage space.

    Can I also ask the undercover officers who are my neighbours Because I Am Now In Such Danger to stop complaining to my landlord about me? I know that you want me to move to a city because I’ll be Safer, it’s More Anonymous, but I can’t think of anything worse. I’m staying so don’t try to force me out because you have screwed up so badly for the last 40 yrs. When the MDU pay me, I can buy a place so why don’t you have a word with them then police?

    Anymore crap from my bodyguards and I’ll identify you all, so bugger off. I didn’t ASK you to move in next to me, you just arrived because you finally woke up to the fucking nightmare that I had lived with for so long.

    As for the MDU, they’ve had my order before: dosh for a small farm, matching Shetlands, Springer Spaniels and a bigger greenhouse please. Enough money to share with Brown as well.

    It’s all a bit Dafydd-esque still:

    ‘Would ewe like to live in London and work for the security services?’
    No, I want fields and Shetlands.

    ‘Would ewe like nude pictures of Paul McCartney?’
    No, I want fields and Shetlands.

    Ooh they used Clever Psychological Techniques. Nude pics of Paul McCartney.
    It was my penfriend who liked Paul McCartney, not me, the stupid buggers couldn’t even get that right. Well Dafydd will have been advising, so I don’t suppose it should come as any surprise that they got my Fave Star wrong. No wonder Nita Mitchell-Heggs asked me about my Boyfriend when I was 29 and working as a postgrad researcher.

    Ooh that Gwynne was Dishy, anyone got their paws on the photos of his wizened old genitals yet that I said weeks ago I wanted to put up on the blog as Therapy? Surely the Digger’s got a few.

    Would nude pics of Mick Jaggger have been even better blackmailing potential for Tim Frampton et al when we all became adults?

    Those pics of Paul from the Fab Four were left in our disused garage just before all that Mull of Kintyre business on Top of the Pops for weeks on end. Did those Scottish pipers who played the bagpipes know what Macca was getting up to? What the hell was going on in the Western Isles? I think we should be told. MacDuff would have joined the party.

    Dear oh dear, the enormity of this is only just beginning to sink in. Ah, PR for Bonnie Scotland, Ah the Pipers, the Mists, Ah Macca’s kiddies mixing with the wee locals. Ah Linda’s veggie sausages, Macca hates cruelty to animals. Take a look at the old vids for the Mull of Kintyre song, the whole bloody island took part in that PR job.

    The Tories like Peter Morrison owned estates on many of those Western Isles. My Uncle John had just purchased his hotel near Oban when Macca popularised the Western Isles.

    You’re all in a lot of trouble!!

    The Bonnie Bonnie Pipes are calling…

    PS. MDU! When you give me my money, I will not be buying my fields on er the Mull of Kintyre. I have been there often but I won’t go and live there because there’ll still be a few of Macca’s mates there!

  3. The names in the frame re the MPs re Mull of Kintyre, my Uncle John etc:

    George Younger Spy Chief of Giggles obviously


    Iain MacCormick – SNP. Glasgae University graduate; Worked as a maths teacher at Oban High School. Iain was in the SDP as well. Iain knew Little Scottish Susan’s dad Big Ken Calman. Iain died in Sept 2014. Nine months after Alistair McAlpine, but just before Bodger and Mr Thrope. Iain’s dad John was one of the founders of the SNP and Iain’s brother Neil was also an SNP politician. Let’s hear it for Susan Calman and her cats!

    Tory Lord John MacKay took the seat off Iain in 1979. John also taught Maths at Oban High School!

    Can Lord Jack McConnell, former maths teacher in Stirling tell us what it was in the maths classes at Oban High that was the problem?

    I think one of my cousins went to Oban High; my two older cousins had left or almost left school by the time that John bought his hotel, but my two younger cousins hadn’t. One went away to boarding school – I think he might have gone to Fettes – but I think my middle cousin went to Oban High. Their friends definitely went there.

    John MacKay was particularly interested in Mental Health legislation! He seemed to have missed a few little snags there… As the wife of one of my cousins could tell him…

    It’s a sewer everyone, far deeper than anyone could imagine.

    John MacKay also Campaigned for er Army Pensions!! He died in 2001 at the age of 62 in that most Scottish of places, Wandsworth.

    Macca, are you still in touch with Dafydd?

    Other well-known Posh People up in that part of the world of Western Isles included Sam Cameron’s dad and of course Lady Di’s mum.

    1. Such is the great interest that I have always had in Macca, even after the nudie pics of him were left in our disused garage when I was in my teens, that I didn’t realise until yesterday that Linda is a member of the 1995 Club. I’ll add her to the appropriate blog post when I have time. Read up about Tragic Linda’s Cancer Journey; it began in 1992… Just look at what going on in 1992 to me, my friends, F and other witnesses. In Sept 1992 the North Wales Police closed their investigation into the presence of a possible paedophile ring in North Wales/Cheshire on the grounds that no evidence had been found…

      You cannot trust these worthless Top Docs further than you can spit them.

      People have been asking me to think about Uncle John’s purchase of his hotel near Oban and the timing. It is being suggested that it was all part of the Cunning Plan. I can remember it quite well; John had for years been an hotel manager and a very successful one. Early in his career he worked for Trusthouse Forte and before he bought his own hotel he worked for Osprey Hotels; I haven’t had time to dig properly yet re that company, but we all had tee shirts with Osprey Hotels on them and the logo. Because we had no money, our Osprey tee shirts lasted years and I was wearing mine to Chilton School, under my official school shirt. John must have worked for Skol and Double Diamond when I was about 10, because he gave us loads of their branded gear as well.

      Granny lent John a lot of the money that he needed to buy his hotel; I think grandpa had just died or was dying. He bought his hotel just as Fawlty Towers became a hit on TV; there were many jokes along the lines of let’s hope it goes better than that for John. It all came at the time when loads of money disappeared from granny and grandpa’s accounts and there was discussion of Gosh, they probably couldn’t afford to have let John had so much dosh. John needed the dosh because his wife suffered kidney failure when his children were young, so help in the house etc was employed and he was advised by Ken Calman’s colleagues to build an extension onto his house to accommodate a kidney machine. Just as he had done that, Joan died, while on the kidney machine in hospital in Glasgae, as discussed in previous posts.

      My two older cousins went to school in Troon and someone’s asked me about my oldest cousin wanting to go to study vet science in Edinburgh. Indeed, he had a place but did badly in his Highers and couldn’t go. People made noises about the school over-estimating his ability but I suspect that he just fell apart because his mum died. He was very close to her, there were always worries re what will happen if she dies. He seemed to undergo a bit of a personality change afterwards; he had always been a rather shy swotty boy with musical abilities and I used to be quite wowed by him when I was young because he actually wanted to go to university and such like. It just sort of all crumbled; well his mum had died, it was horrendous.

      Re Jack McConnell and all these MPs who were maths teachers, Lord Jack grew up on the Isle of Arran where we used to go for holidays with John and his family. That’s where we made friends with the girl who was a big fan of Macca and became my pen friend. She was called Lee and had a dalmation dog; her family lived in Irvine in Scotland.

      Lord Jack was already at Stirling University when my best mate from school arrived there, Jack was President of the Students Union; he became a teacher afterwards. I’m being told that all this may not have been coincidence, including John finding the hotel of his dreams within spitting distance of Macca’s regime on the Western Isles.

      George Younger, Tam Dalyell etc probably explain why after years of successfully managing hotels, John encountered serious financial difficulties when he owned his own hotel. It was always put down to John’s profligacy; he certainly spent a bomb compared to father but then we were penniless. John just lived as many successful professional people did in the 60s and 70s. Younger et al would not have been able to set John up for failure financially when he managed chains of hotels for other people, particularly because Younger’s family fortune was in brewing! They’d be shooting themselves in the foot, but what they could do was give John and everyone else confidence that he had a sound track record financially and professionally, then conspire to bomb him once he was self-employed.

      Brown and I went for a holiday at John’s hotel in 1981 after I had sat A levels and was waiting to go to UCNW – Di and Carlo got married when we were there, we had to escape for the day because all the guests had every TV tuned into the Royal Wedding – John was very nice like that, he was generous and friendly and let us stay for free.

      What Brown and I remembered was that John had two members of staff who were absolute shites, who were so obviously taking advantage of him. A chef called Shuggy and a total cow of a senior waitress. John was fond of young people and did the fatherly bit with them, lent them money, got them out of trouble – there was something with the police and the awfully Shuggy but I can’t remember details – and those two sponging bastards were maxing out on it. They were obnoxious and so rude and hostile to Brown and I, for all three weeks of our stay. We always tried to help out a bit and when those sponging bastards noticed that they downed tools and then even started giving us orders.

      It came to a head one evening when the posh dog of a guest did a small turd on the carpet and Brown and I were in the kitchen; the Dumb Bitch of a senior waitress actually said to Brown ‘Well go and clear it up then’. The dog and turd were in no way anything to do with us but obviously Dumb Bitch and Shuggy were not going to move a muscle, so Brown and I did clear up the turd; after which Brown remarked to Dumb Bitch as she sat there smirking ‘Who is actually employed in this hotel?’ We watched carefully after that and Brown said they really aren’t doing anything at all are they, John could sack the pair of them and save on the salaries.

      They were horribly exploitative and manipulative and imagine my surprise when we heard later that Dumb Bitch had told Mrs Brady when Mrs Brady was staying there that she’d never forget that Brown with his hair down to his waist. Yeh, doing the work of Dumb Bitch who took home a wage each week.

      Another worrying thing in terms of Macca, George Younger, smearing people etc, was that by the time that Mrs Brady was hearing all about us from Dumb Bitch, a new member of staff had arrived who was just drooled over by everyone in terms of her shaggability. It was seriously weird and I could imagine the toxic brew with Dumb Bitch, Shuggy and his run-ins with the police and John trying to take these leeches under his wing.

      When John finally crumbled years later and sold up amidst a trail of chaos and rumour, it was fairly clear that he had been kicked in the chops by many, including Dumb Bitch et al. They were all local young people in an area where there was little employment and obviously Christmas had come. Mary, whom John married after his first wife died, told Mrs Brady that he had been ruthlessly targeted by a group of fair weather friends, a group of old farts who rolled up every evening to partake of John’s hospitality. I am fairly sure that Dumb Bitch et al were sent in his direction as well…

      People are also telling me that all my cousins were targeted without them realising it. I had worked that out a few months ago. People are interested in the fact that my eldest cousin who didn’t manage to take up his place at Edinburgh vet school later worked for Beechams. He was only there as a lab technician, he wasn’t MD, but then I turned up in medical research at postgrad level and what with Mrs Brady and Ken Clarke and the Gang I sort of suspected that some of what was happening to my cousin was related to the Gang. I haven’t seen him for years, he began encountering health problems when he had young children of his own and I was told by a reader a few months ago that he is now very ill.

      I don’t want to detail the vile things that were obviously put in place for Uncle John and his kids because it was seriously unpleasant and they have children of their own now who might well hear about this blog. I doubt that they ever had an inkling that much of what they encountered was because their father was being targeted politically. Like everyone targeted by that Gang, they were all made to look feckless and degenerate etc. Well as Ken Calman knew, when the mother of four kids dies and the kids are all at sensitive stages of development, they are going to be rendered very vulnerable to predators dressed up as friends. It’s difficult enough dealing with that Gang as an adult with a PhD yet alone as a bereaved 14 year old. Particularly when the Gang’s whole MO is predicated on lies, smears, gossip and set-ups.

      People have asked why Brown and I didn’t defend ourselves more in the face of Dumb Bitch; someone knows that Dumb Bitch et al stole a load of salmon and told John that Brown and I had eaten it! Yes, they did, we didn’t know who it was but it was one of them. When we were there, John just said have what you want you don’t need to ask and we had a normal amount of salmon only to find that at some point about £30 worth had gone and Dumb Bitch et al told John that we were living high on the hog! This will come as a surprise to the Dumb Bitches of the universe, but if you are normal and you are 18 and staying at your Uncle’s hotel free of charge with your ‘boyfriend’ and you like your Uncle, it is quite difficult to tell him that two of his staff are lying, thieving, lazy bastards who are exploiting him and are not true friends to his children! So instead of causing a huge screaming row and adding to John’s grief, we just let him think that we had overstepped the mark with the salmon, said sorry and were then very careful indeed not to let Dumb Bitch play a trick like that again.

      But that’s been the story for many years now, not just with me but with all Gang targets. People did know that this was happening to us but it’s so much easier to spout crap about how one’s sister is a senior nurse at the Hergest Unit, roll ones eyes and declare that one knows all about me. Lena Henry’s sister must have really enjoyed it when the body of yet another Hergest patient was found dead in the Menai Strait. Ooh a nice bit of gossip there Gwen!!

      Hang your head in shame Tom King, you know as well as I do that John’s first wife Joan was particularly vulnerable to predator docs when she was still a teenager in Bridgy as John’s girlfriend for various reasons. Joan who’s dad was big in Bridgy Labour Party, thus there were ructions when those two got together.

      If Dumb Bitch has ended up having both legs amputated as a result of Top Docs’ Care and Shuggy is now serving the jail sentence that he richly deserves, I’ll just remind them that as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Unfortunately the rest of us have to live with the fuckwittery as well.

      1. I’ve just remembered the surname of the girl from Irvine who became a penfriend after we met on holiday on Arran: Templeton. Lee Templeton.

        It was Lee’s letters to me when I was about 12 that were emblazoned with references to Paul McCartney and Wings. Lee was a big fan of Woody from the Bay City Rollers as well.

        I am not levelling any accusations at Lee at all, she was good fun and we had a great time together. But since I began this blog I was gobsmacked to find that someone could quote chunks of text from the letters that I wrote to Lee when I was 12. I have been given extracts of the letter in which I told Lee all about the teachers at King Alfred’s School, where I had just started. They also told me that Lee’s letters to me were covered in those quotes from Macca and Wings songs. The nude pics of Paul McCartney turned up in our disused garage after Lee and I had stopped writing to each other.

        We wrote to each other for quite a while and Lee sent me photos of her boyfriend – she was older than me, I think she was about 15 when we made friends at the campsite – and stressed in her letter please return the photos. Now this is where it gets worrying; I lost the pics of Lee’s boyfriend, which was very unusual for me, I was quite well-organised and anxious as a kid, I didn’t leave my homework on the bus etc. I wrote to Lee very apologetically and told her than I had lost the pics of her boyfriend. She never wrote back, I felt awful and just assumed that she must have been really angry with me.

        I’m wondering if Foul Play was at work with the photos as well, in terms of those pics being removed by someone who didn’t want Lee and me to carry on writing to each other. Someone of a Mrs Brady sort of person. Mrs Brady didn’t like Lee and when we were on Arran, Lee was wrongly blamed for something that she absolutely did not do. It wasn’t a Serious Crime, it was Teenaged Cheekiness for which Mr Bridgy Celeb was primarily responsible. A Rude Song was made up and we were singing it. Unfortunately John’s youngest son who was about three at the time heard us and he then repeated it in front of The Adults. Uncle John asked Richard who taught him that song and Richard said that Lee and the cousins were singing it. Mrs Brady immediately declared that it will all have been That Lee. It wasn’t and the song wasn’t even that Rude, we weren’t singing Frigging In The Rigging for God’s sake.

        Anyway Lee was Banned from socialising with us. I don’t think there was any big confrontation, just frostiness, with Mrs Brady declaring that what else could be expected from the daughter of a BISCUIT SALESMAN???

        It is not Normal Behaviour (as Dafydd would say) to pathologise teens for singing a mildly cheeky song, blame the matter on the DNA of a BISCUIT SALESMAN!! and then for the penfriend of the daughter of the biscuit salesman to be told decades later when she writes a blog about serious crime in the NHS directly related to a big paedophile ring that someone knows the content of the letters exchanged between them, the whole matter being related to the appearance of child porn with nude pics of Macca in a disused garage in the garden. After the blog has begun discussing the involvement of the security services in attacks on witnesses.

        Perhaps all those old pals of George Younger and Tam Dalyell, Scottish MI5 operatives who saw their duty as destroying anyone with evidence against Gwynne, Dafydd and Tony Francis, might like to suggest an explanation for this conundrum? It isn’t really about the teenaged daughter of a biscuit salesman singing a mildly Rude Song is it?

        1. It will be the irony of ironies if the cessation of my pen friendship with Lee was the result of sabotage on the part of Mrs Brady. Because when Stuart the paedophile who was a gift from Tiny Rowland and the Gang left Coultings when I was 14, ‘to live in Wales’, Stuart continued to write to me. Mrs Brady cheerfully passed on all letters saying ‘Ooh here’s another from Stuart’.

          Hilarious! So why has no-one written into the blog with extracts of the letters that Stuart wrote to me?? Perhaps That Dreadful Peter Hain of MI5 could let me know what Stuart’s address in Wales was! I cannot for the life of me remember it, because I was 14 and didn’t know Welsh, I just had to copy it all letter by letter when I replied. I only remembered Lee’s surname because Templeton’s were a supermarket in Scotland and the biscuit salesman made a lot of jokes about not owning the supermarket.

          Tom King will have the answers as well, but as any fule kno Tom’s a lazy bastard who wasn’t interested in Bridgy, and his wife Jane so feared looking like a Somerset farmer’s wife that she made one sausage roll last all evening. They’ll never bother to reply to my inquiries, but That Dreadful Peter Hain had much more get up and go, he was always ready to have a knees up to ‘Free Nelson Mandela’.

  4. Greetings Readers!
    I am back online but I don’t know how long for! The blog went down some two days ago, it’s been terrible, I couldn’t get access to anything that I needed to try and work out what had happened. I finally managed to get through to the hoster – which is overseas – and they’ve put me back online again.
    I have purchased more storage space so I have weeks more blogging capacity although I might not use that for fear of being taken offline again before I’ve blogged the essentials re More Criminal Names…

    Please bear with me, the blog could disappear at any minute but until it does I’ll be prioritising Criminals As Yet Unnamed.

    BTW, while I was offline, I took the opportunity to ring the MDU and tell them that they have questions to answer re my 10,000 documents. They told me to get my solicitor to contact them! I explained that we have already been down that route before; one solicitor was pissed about by the North West Wales NHS Trust until Charlie Falconer cut my legal aid off, the other solicitor was faced with two lying Expert Witnesses, both Docs who were known to those we were attempting to sue and a stack of undisclosed evidence demonstrating yet more criminality on the part of Dafydd and co, backed up by the er MDU…

  5. Re Dr Brian O’Connell and Northgate Clinic

    I wasn’t sure where to post this but think it’s important. Whilst Dr O’Connell was still at Northgate Clinic, a nurse (RMN) was caught having sex with a girl resident. This is of course statutory rape. But Dr O’Connell didn’t do anything about it. Instead, he allowed the nurse to stay there and to go into therapy with him. This nurse also had a serious alcohol problem.

    1. Thanks for the contribution.
      The response to the Little Local Difficulty that you outline is the sort of response that is usual in Health and Welfare.
      While no-one would want to hang someone out for personal frailties eg. a booze problem, in Health and Welfare there is an absolute refusal to admit that when serious associated misconduct is concealed in this way, it is always used as a source of blackmail for anyone else who faces disciplinary procedures, even simply redundancy or is not given the promotion that they want.

      The Govt is currently explaining to the public in terms of the R factor the potential spread of Coronavirus. The R factor is a logarithmic scale and works just as well when one uses it to explain serious organised crime in the NHS. One infected person has the potential to infect so many more, then they all infect yet more…

      It spreads like wildfire. That is was happened after I was trashed because I dared complain about the Royal Lobotomist.

      Didn’t anyone know about logarithmic scales when Eric Sunderland Dealt With The Problem In May 1984? I know that there wasn’t anyone in UCNW who could do stats – another problem that was never addressed!! – but Eric solved his problem with the help of Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer. Sir Peter was a mathematician. A really famous one as well. He was responsible for the Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture. Also known as the Swinnerton-Dyer Swing.

      Sir Henry Peter Francis Swinnerton-Dyer, 16th Baronet, KBE, FRS (2 August 1927-26 December 2018) was an English mathematician specialising in number theory at University of Cambridge. As a mathematician he was best known for his part in the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture relating algebraic properties of elliptic curves to special values of L-functions, which was developed with Bryan Birch during the first half of the 1960s with the help of machine computation, and for his work on the Titan operating system.

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