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  1. So Keith Speed was Navy Minister when sea trials of Plessey Torpedoes in Bahamas late 1970s had a 100% failure rate. The torpedoes all had wrong component in and could never have worked. But all had been certified as passing factory tests. Hence MOD knew about quality control and test record falsification. When Roger Evans MP (tory successor to Sir John Stradling Thomas) took up the Plessey fraud history his reports were linked to reports of fraud and sabotage at Petbow Generators Kent.

    You say Speed became a dep lt of Kent ? I wonder if this was at same time as dep lt James Bird MD of Petbow the company that has had a remarkable exemption from inquiry. Bought out by Cummins of USA while exempted inquiry.

    1. I know very little about the areas that you have worked in Richard, but I have been surprised how often my reading for this blog has thrown up corruption and cock-ups in areas which I did not imagine would tolerate the sort of fuckwittery that is standard practice in the health and social care sector, such as the MoD.

      Do you know anything about the state of play before the Falklands conflict? When Galtieri was ousted, Brown’s dad, who was a Tory Colonel in one of the Signals Regiments, was delighted, but he did keep saying that the cock-ups during the conflict were so serious that Britain was very lucky to have won. The MoD were really pissed off with Thatch before Galtieri invaded – weren’t they maintaining that UK defences had been so weakened that it was a risk to national security? And of course Thatch had been warned of the invasion but ignored it and then BANG, trouble. But it was OK because the PR machine went into action, the press got behind Thatch and a monumental disaster was transformed into a vote winner.

      Then there was that former officer who in 1988 was at the centre of Tumbledown, who alleged multiple screw ups and negligent treatment of the Falklands veterans… They were neglected, as were the soldiers who had suffered in N Ireland. Enter Dafydd once more to state that he would now ‘care’ for vets, thus setting up a load more scams and screwing even more money out of the Gov’t.

      There’ll have been some dreadful things going on in the nuclear industry as well – paedophiles’ friend Lord Brian Flowers was a physicist who was on all the right committees and just look at what he was presiding over in his role as VC of London University…

      1. So Ken has resigned from the Labour Party. As a result of the confusion as to whether his confused comments about recent history were anti-semitic or not, not because he led the GLC whilst kids in care of the inner London boroughs were sent into the arms of Dafydd and the paedophiles and Ken’s signature on the early day motion in the early 1990s opposing the closure of Garth Angharad, one of Dafydd’s prisons for those who complained. But no-one will dare kick Ken out for such crimes – because scores of others in the Labour Party have very similar histories.

        Someone has e mailed me a wonderful BBC news report – Lorraine Kelly praising the team of Angels and Top Docs at St Georges who of course ‘saved her life’. It’s part of the NHS’s 70th anniversary celebrations!

        So Lorraine, did you offer to do that or did St George’s invite you over now that they are badly in need of a bit of PR?

        After Jonathan King was convicted of abusing teenaged boys – King’s story was always that he was having consenting relationships with young men but who were under 21 – Lorraine was on the TV making disgusted noises and saying that King was a truly dreadful man and no-one in show biz would ever have contact with him again. So why didn’t you mention a far more serious sex offender at the time then Lorraine – Jimmy Savile?

        After other people had risked their media careers by daring to expose Savile, it was Lorraine’s TV show which bagged the interview with Karin Ward, one of those who was abused by Savile as a young woman. No doubt Lorraine was disgusted all over again.

        Lorraine writes a column in The Sun. Who employed the services of George Carman QC. Who was retained by Jimmy Savile and successfully defended ‘Len Fairclough’, although he knew that Fairclough had indecently assaulted little girls. Carman was a neighbour of Geoffrey Chamberlain, the St George’s Top Doc who concealed a paedophile ring and perpetrated a major research fraud.

        Oh I think that I can feel some Scottish noises of disgust coming over me…

        I worked at St George’s Lorraine, so I think that I know rather more about business practices there than you do. Oh, did you read the research that Chamberlain and Pearce published which was all fabricated? No, I don’t expect that you did. Furthermore, if you had have read it, you wouldn’t have understood a word of it and you would not have been able to spot the fraud yourself would you.

        Next week Lorraine discusses the pros and cons of vaginal meshes. And pelvic floor surgery. And HRT. And IVF. Ooh and the dear old menopause. Lorraine understands nothing about any of it, but she’ll do anything for a bit of PR. Give us the Scottish giggle Lorraine! Is it an appearance on Loose Women next, where there’ll be yet another discussion about how none of you knew about Savile?

        1. A birth of a baby whilst I worked at St George’s was so badly mishandled that the mother’s uterus ruptured, her bladder ruptured and the baby was lying outside of the uterus in the abdominal cavity. No-one realised and they were telling her to push a bit harder. The baby was brain damaged. None of the staff admitted to her or her husband how badly things had gone wrong because they feared the arse would be sued off them. The mother and father at the centre of this nightmare were ever so grateful for the care that she and the baby had received. They thanked the midwives! Ah bless, ‘the midwives were fantastic’. The mother and baby were lucky to be alive. The midwives knew this and were livid about what had happened but they had been ordered to make disastrous errors by a junior doctor who then disappeared off the ward when things went horribly wrong. He’ll be a consultant by now.

          The irony Lorraine is that the staff of St George’s loathed the media teams who used to come in and film PR pieces for the hospital. The luvvies were unanimously believed to be vacuous, narccistic over-paid idiots. But they were very useful idiots when that institution needed a bit of good publicity. Welcome to the world of St George’s Lorraine, it’s called ‘having a good bedside manner’. You’re a dangerous shit but you wear a stripey suit and flash a big smile at the patients safe in the knowledge that they have no idea about medicine themselves and will swallow any old crap that you tell them.

      2. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/100_failure_plessey_torpedoes_se

        And as you mentioned the Coroner for Neave was Thurston ? Whose son John was the “Expert” who killed my legal aid to sue J W Paulley Thatcher’s Uni of Buckingham pal.


        I think St Georges was one of the London Hospitals whose backup genny failed in 1995 London blackout but that is if I remember correctly.

        1. Thanks. Interesting second link. The general public simply do not know about the depths of corruption in medicine. If something untoward ever goes wrong, the whole truth just will never be revealed. It is not a case of people slipping through the net/a few accidents/an honest mistake, it is a system governed by the most dishonest unethical people who systematically remove anyone from the field if they do not join the gang. And if the lies, the bullying, the threats, the ruined careers etc don’t shut someone up, it will be time for the Forged Documents.

          I would imagine that everything at St Georges which could fail did. Am just looking into the reasons and people behind the relocation of St Georges to Tooting from Hyde Park corner in 1980. Very interesting stuff, but all info about certain key people has disappeared. The staff at St Georges were fuming at the idea of slumming it in Tooting and one senior manager had his career in the NHS ruined for daring to push through certain proposals in the wider Univ of London. The Duke of Westminster will have had something to do with it as well, it was his ancestors who donated the fund which built the Hyde Park site and when the Hyde Park site was sold, the next Duke – Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, Charles’s mate – wanted the dosh back but Thatch refused to hand it over. There had been a change of Gov’t by the time the med school was relocated – I think the decision to relocate to Tooting was taken when Harold Wilson was PM.

          I suspect that Harold did some sort of deal which was expected to make the Duke’s family even richer but it went pear shaped. Am digging up a mountain of crap which will be up on the blog soon.

          Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor was the President of Sir Peter Morrison’s constituency party and the kids in care at Bryn Estyn used to be taken over to Grosvenor’s estates but no-one knew why.

          St George’s will need more than a photoshoot with Lorraine Kelly to get themselves out of this.

          1. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/serious_power_failure_hospital_i_2

            In 2005 during election campaign Maidstone hospital back up genny caught fire and set a and e afire. Blair ordered copies of my prior reports to be copied to NI Office. I then reported direct to 10 Downing Street till 2007 when new security of electrical supply guidelines were issued for NHS hospitals.

            In my dealings 2005 to 2007 with Suffolk and Kent Chief constables and Blair these 3 twats were concealing these incidents from me.


            And while Blair was acknowledging reports re Petbow and unreliable gennies and ordering copies of reports to be provided to NI Office .. he was giving former Petbow MD another Queens award for industry.




            Five backup power failures at Maidstone Hospital and this was while the CEO was in the press for other reasons.


            Kent Police investigating deaths at a hospital while they are refusing to investigate for sabotage or supply chain fraud re repeat rogue failing backup power system.

            Gloucester, Guys (2 incidents) Leeds General Infirmary (3 incidents) 3 PPIs with incidents Edinburgh Bishop Auckland and Carlisle, Stoke on Trent … the list is pretty long.

            As for diesel gennies on nuclear emergency shut down systems ? The situation is no better.

            I have reported by invitation to Scottish Energy Minister and by invitation to UK post Jap tsunami review of civil nuke resilience and security. As you have read I reported to Blair 2005 to 2007 when new regs emerged for NHS hospitals. But nothing changes

  2. Your comment ‘but nothing changes’ is indeed pertinent Richard. I’m so busy with some research for future posts at the moment that I do not have time to write a proper ‘news round up’ post as I like to from time to time, but here’s a bit of News In Briefs:

    The ‘Today’ programme this morning had a big feature on the very small numbers of black students gaining admission to Oxford, particularly certain colleges. David Lammy was interviewed at length, Lammy being the MP who extracted the statistics from Oxford. Lammy should be applauded for doing that, but Lammy failed to analyse the situation fully. He talked of ‘black’ students, but at times this was then conflated with ‘ethnic minority’ students. Afro-Caribbean students are very poorly represented at Oxbridge/Russell Group universities, but certain South Asian cohorts and the Chinese are there in very great numbers. Some South Asian cohorts are barely there at all – Bangladeshis from low income families for example – but go to any ‘good’ university and the medicine and pharmacy courses are full of the children of aspiring middle class South Asian families. As are the accountancy and business courses.

    Certain cohorts are under-represented in elite universities – the cohort most under-represented is white working class British males – for a variety of complex interacting factors. It is not as simple as bigoted old Oxbridge tutors refusing to admit black people, or some groups not ‘aspiring’, or indeed state schools not producing the kids with the high A level grades needed.

    Some state schools are brilliant at getting kids into Oxbridge – if their intake is of kids from professional/academic families. Wales sends comparatively few kids to Oxbridge, but Ysgol David Hughes on Ynys Mon does really well – because it has a lot of pupils who’s parents work in Bangor University or work as Top Doctors. The over-riding factor for success at Oxbridge is social class/cultural capital. David Lammy’s own children will stand a far greater chance of receiving offers from Oxford than a white working class kid even if all the pupils involved in the equation attend the same school. If Barack Obama’s children applied, Oxford would bite their arms off in their eagerness to have them as students.

    The ‘Today’ programme very briefly interviewed three female Oxford undergrads who were Afro-Caribbean. The students mentioned that they loved Oxford and that when Lammy previously spoke on this subject they were angry with him because they felt that he had misrepresented the situation and he hadn’t actually spoken to them. The ‘Today’ programme didn’t give those students much of a say either – about three sentences each. Bright, articulate young woman who could have been asked what their views were and indeed how it was that they succeeded against the odds. Lammy was allowed to bang on for ages, as was the admissions tutor from Oxford. But no, the students who had succeeded were silenced, because they weren’t saying the right thing.

    David Lammy is a former Education Minister. New Labour’s widening participation policy did not work as expected because the Labour Party did not listen to the educational sociologists with the best track record on educational inequalities. There was a whole group at the London Met which included people like Diane Reay and Louise Archer who were absolutely brilliant. They were treated so badly by the VC – who had a real problem with them at the very time when the widening participation policy was going pear shaped and their expertise would have been so valuable – that they all left London Met and went elsewhere. Diane is now a Prof at Cambridge and Louise is at King’s. Does anyone ever mention them in media debates like this? No. It’s David Lammy who is consulted, who was part of the Gov’t who screwed up.

    The VC who destroyed the sociology team at the London Met containing Reay and her colleagues was Brian Roper. Roper said the right things about educational inequality but behaved appallingly. Blair will have known all about it because there were staff protests, strikes and litigation as a result of Roper. There was havoc. Roper did great damage but was not removed. Brian Roper is a graduate of the University of Wales and a former employee of Unilever. He’ll know about a few matters that have been detailed at length on this blog…

    Instead of Lammy popping up on the BBC talking about a subject which he only partially understands – or if he does fully understand it, deliberately paints an over-simplistic picture – I’d like David Lammy to tell us who it was in his constituency who was Haringey Council’s link to Dafydd and the paedophiles. Or David could tell us why such questionable people – including one with links to paedophiles’ rights groups – were at one point involved with Haringey MIND. Or whether it is significant that William Bingley, someone else who did Dafydd and the paedophiles so many favours, was a student at the London Met, which has a campus in Islington. Sadiq Khan is also a London Met graduate.

    As for Wales, the person charged with the widening participation remit in north Wales was dear old Meri Huws, a former colleague of the paedophile gang. The Baroness of Ely is currently the Welsh Gov’ts Minister for Education. The Baroness’s dad the Rev Bob Morgan knew about the child molesting of George Thomas and the Rev Bob was also a leading light on South Glamorgan County Council when the scam that was the development of Cardiff Bay was dreamt up. The Baroness herself went to Atlantic College, Wales’s most elite public school.

    No wonder nothing changes…

    Nothing changes in dementia care either. BBC News Wales have reported on yet another stunning new initiative from Bangor University’s School of Psychology. Children are being encouraged to undertake tasks with dementia patients, such as baking cakes and it’s been found to have a beneficial effect with the service users. That used to be known as ‘spending time with your grandparents when their memories started fading’. Which Bangor academic came up with this cutting edge observation? Prof Bob Woods. He has been responsible for the clinical psychology course in north Wales for decades. He was a colleague of Dafydd and the paedophiles and Tawel Fan happened on Bob’s patch on Bob’s watch. At one point he went into partnership with Prestwood People Trafficking Ltd but that didn’t get very far. So after the disgrace that was Tawel Fan – for which no-one but the whistleblower was ever disciplined – Bob’s expertise is being drawn upon once more.

    ‘Today’ also had a feature on forced marriages. The woman who runs Karma Nirvana was interviewed, who has a great deal of knowledge of this and who established that organisation when everyone ignored forced marriage and honour crimes. Another woman – some sort of representative of the UK state – was also interviewed and talked at great length about supporting victims, the CPS, the police and all the good work going on to ‘protect victims’. The Karma Nirvana person made the point that some forced marriages are sanctioning the multiple rape of girls as young as 13 yrs. The state rep stated that the girls love their parents who have organised the marriage and don’t want them to go to prison. Both of those statements are correct in a lot of cases.

    The British state has had a very long time to work on this problem so one wonders why they are flailing around in a confused manner. When I lived in Leicester in 1987 I worked as a care assistant in an old folk’s home and I made friends with an Asian girl who’s sister had run away from home to avoid a forced marriage. The girl told me that she was going to do the same. A GP joked to me that in Leicester, most of the Asian girls had run away from home by the time they were 19 to escape a forced marriage. It was common knowledge that this was happening. The schools in Leicester knew that girls were disappearing at the age of 15 because they had been married. No-one said a word in Parliament. Who was the ‘voice of the Asian community’ in Leicester? A man called Keith Vaz. Er – why did you keep so quiet Keith?

    Many years later, one MP did try to raise the subject of forced marriages – Ann Cryer from Keighley. She was denounced by everyone as a racist old bag. There was also a problem in Bradford of a high mortality rate among female babies from some South Asian cohorts. The Top Docs at Bradford knew that it was happening but nothing was said lest Nick Griffin and the BNP used it for electoral advantage. The baby girls from certain areas in Bradford carried on dying.

    A barrister called Elizabeth also appeared on the ‘Today’ programme talking about the serious problem of sexual harassment at the Bar. #Me Too!!! It might well be a problem Elizabeth but a far bigger problem has been the collusion of scores of people at the Bar with the north Wales/Westminster Paedophile Ring. Including radical feminist barristers. Elizabeth should form a support group – it could include Cherie, Helena Kennedy, Patricia Scotland and Mike Mansfield as the Sympathetic Man… Anyone for another glass of champagne, I hear that Tariq Ali might be dropping in later on…

    Sir James Bevan the Chief Exec of the Environment Agency was on ‘Today’ and told Nick Robinson that a crisis was envisaged because ‘the growing population’ was consuming far too much water. Nick Robinson repeatedly reminded Sir James of the millions of gallons of water leaking out of broken pipes. Sir James admitted that was happening but reminded everyone that they should economise on water use when they are brushing their teeth.

    I’m not sure of the relationship between the Environment Agency and the water companies but they seem to be linked. This blog has previously named paedophiles’ friends who for some reason were then given key roles in the Environment Agency – presumably because they had climbed aboard the quango gravy train as a result of their success in keeping the activities of the paedophiles’ friends quiet. Paedophiles’ friends such as Ann Beynon and Vera Wilson are also sitting on the Boards of water companies in Wales. I don’t know what they are doing there, it’s not as if they are hydrologists.

    Lastly, it has been announced that Keolis Amey has been given a £5 billion contract to run Wales’s rail and Metro franchise. I haven’t yet had time to read any details of how they bagged the contract but surely the question on everyone’s lips will be ‘who from Keolis Amey had sex with Edwina Hart?’ I think we should be told.

    1. Just to remember Haringey links to Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre re Alastair who was fostered from Ipswich to paedos at Haringey.

      1. Haringey was a complete nest of lice and not for the reasons that Norman Tebbit used to maintain. Haringey Social Services were lethal, chaotic and abusive and linked to Dafydd’s gang. The medical services in Haringey were bloody awful as well, of course they were, they too were facilitating the paed gang. Haringey politicians and Councillors all made their names on the back of their alleged track record on race equality issues, presumably to detract attention from the horrors of the health n welfare services…

        Dafydd and had links across most of the UK. The police are now admitting that by the 80s all these gangs were linked and were in turn linked to gangs in Europe. That is certainly what I am finding.

        The police and MI5 knew. And none of us were warned, none of us. I was positively encouraged to go back into their arms (so to speak) repeatedly, after every time that I expressed serious concerns about them. And I did express those concerns, again and again and again. When I went for interviews for jobs or in medical schools, I could see really obvious clues that they had definitely been in touch with Dafydd et al – at one interview at the Royal Free in Hampstead they had a bit of info about me that could ONLY have come from Tony Francis or Dafydd. Every time Brown and me asked what on earth was going on, I was dismissed as a loony and Brown as an over the top leftie who had a problem with ‘the establishment’. We now know that all of our suspicions were correct – and things were much, much worse than even we realised.

        These lying sex traffickers had the nerve to tell me – and other patients – that we had a problem with ‘trust’. The people who did trust them ended up dead. Thank God I had a problem with trust – I only ended up being threatened by guns and forced into hiding.

        WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED. I lived but other patients didn’t. How can the British state ever justify knowing that this was happening and not warning people? Every person referred to the mental health services/social services in north Wales was in terrible danger for years. Again and again, all our efforts to protect ourselves were thwarted by criminals. People whom we had named as being a danger to us were given confidential info about us by the Top Docs. At one point, someone rang a person known to me in Somerset pretending to be Brown. Brown swore blind that it wasn’t him – I was in such a state thinking that Brown had betrayed me that it nearly finished our friendship. I now have documents showing that it was someone from St Georges – they accessed personal information about people from my past and bloody well rang them up impersonating Brown. All phones were being tapped – the police and security services knew that this was happening to us.

        They can never justify what happened. The ‘services’ had been completely infiltrated by serious organised crime and none of us were warned.

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