Disgusting of Tunbridge Wells And A Few Equally Disgusting Others

I picked up the latest edition of ‘Private Eye’ earlier today and read a few nuggets of information about some of those who have starred on this blog, which led me to identify yet more accessories.

The ‘Eye’ tells us that Nick Brown, Labour Chief Whip and MP for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne East, is suing Tom Bower over one sentence that Bower wrote in his book about Blair, ‘Broken Vows’. Nick Brown featured in my post ‘News From Sicily’. Shortly after Ron Davies had his moment of madness on Clapham Common which resulted in him being relieved of his wallet, car and House of Commons pass by a black male prostitute known as Boogie – although the police traced and interviewed Boogie, interestingly Boogie was never charged – Nick Brown, the Minister of Agriculture in Blair’s Gov’t, became embroiled in some sort of scandal involving a rent boy. Blair’s autobiography ‘A Journey’ admits that Alastair Campbell successfully re-packaged the incident as a good-news story about Brown coming out as gay. According to Bower, Nick Brown ‘was accused of paying £100 to rent boys to be kicked around a room, and admitted his sexuality’. Brown is suing Bower over another sentence in the book -not even one that I would have thought was particularly incriminating. Brown hired lawyers Carter-Ruck nonetheless – they lost the preliminary trial and are now in the process of amending their claim. Not only was I alerted by the name of Nick Brown – having recently named him as a member of Blair’s network in the north east of England who may have been involved in silencing matters relating to organised child abuse – but I recognised the name of Brown’s barrister as well, Adrienne Page QC. I mentioned Page in my post about the crooked barrister George Carman QC, ‘No Ordinary Methods’. Page was one of the junior barristers who worked with Carman on libel cases.

Carman was a violent alcoholic with a gambling addiction who was friends with a number of gangsters and bent coppers – he knew about the paedophile ring which operated in north Wales/Cheshire in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. He defended at least one paedophile whom he knew was guilty and was retained by Lord Greville Janner when Janner was investigated for child abuse in Leicestershire. Jimmy Savile was one of Carman’s clients. One of Carman’s junior barristers was a man called Tony Blair. A barrister called Cherie Booth worked in the same chambers – New Court Chambers – as Carman. In 1998 Tony and Cherie – by which time Tony was PM rather than a junior barrister – dropped in on a party held by Carman at the Ritz. Cherie attended Carman’s memorial service after he died in 2001.


The ‘Eye’ mentioned something else of which I was blissfully unaware – that Daniel Finkelstein, whom I just thought of as being someone who writes not very well-argued articles against ‘socialism’ in ‘The Times’, was an advisor to Dr David Owen, John Major and William Hague. Regular readers will know that I have identified all three of these giants of British politics as being involved in concealing the extent of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. I was told that David Owen personally knew at least one of the Top Doctors who was involved with criminal activities in north Wales whilst Top Doctors in the region were facilitating the paedophile ring (see post ‘Dr Death’) and John Major appointed William Hague to orchestrate the massive cover-up which was the Waterhouse Inquiry (see the many posts about Waterhouse).

Danny Finkelstein went to University College School in Hampstead – which was where Trumpers’s husband Alan Barker was headmaster. Jean Trumpington was the Health Minister who appointed Jimmy Savile as manager of Broadmoor (see post ’95 Glorious Years!’). Finkelstein may actually have been a pupil there whilst Barker was head – even if Finkelstein had left by then, it is very likely that he would have known Trumpers and Barker anyway because University College School takes its alumni network seriously. Finkelstein will definitely know Trumpers by now because they sat in the Lords together until Trumpers retired a few weeks ago.

Finkelstein was involved with the SDP during 1981-90. He was Chair of the Young Social Democrats and a close ally of and advisor to Dr Death during that time. Finkelstein was one of the members of the SDP who refused to merge with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats in 1988 and instead hitched his fortunes up to Dr Death and the continuing-SDP. Dr Death and the continuing-SDP finally died a death at the 1990 Bottle by-election when they famously polled fewer votes that the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. I thought that it was this which prompted my favourite ‘Private Eye’ cover of all time, a photo of Dr Death with the heading ‘Ta Ra Luv’ above it, a reference to the recent death of a Coronation Street star and the Sun’s fairly tasteless coverage of the funeral, but I note that Elsie Tanner – for it was she – died sometime before 1990 so my media-memory is obviously malfunctioning. My second favourite ‘Private Eye’ cover is of course the one which followed the appointment of Labour’s ‘dream ticket’ ie. Kinnock as leader and Fattersley as deputy, featuring a photo of them both with a speech bubble coming out of Fattersley saying ‘Welsh windbag’ and a speech bubble coming out of Kinnock saying ‘slimy fat toad’. However, no matter how bad my memory is, it was a case of Ta Ra Luv for Dr Death in 1990 – it dawned on even him that he wasn’t going to be PM so he stood down from politics and Finkelstein later went to work for the Tories.

One would have thought that what with Finkelstein being a politician and a journo he might have remembered much about the Bootle by-election which finished off the political career of his mate Dr Death. It was the election in which Michael Carr was elected, the Labour MP for Bootle who had tangled with Militant and only survived 57 days as an MP. Michael Carr died after Walton Hospital failed to diagnose a heart attack and sent him home after the briefest of consultations and then failed to revive him when he was readmitted hours later in a coma (see post ‘News From Sicily’). Michael Carr is not the only person who has died after being on the receiving end of the care from Walton NHS, they polished off someone a few years ago who was married to someone who, along with his friend, had dared challenge the paedophiles of north Wales (see post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’). Surely the way in which Michael Carr died was worth mentioning when you campaigned for the Tories Danny – and it would have made a good article when you went to work for Murdoch years later…

Before working for the Tories Danny was Director of the think tank the Social Market Foundation for three years.

Danny was head of the Conservative Research Department, 1995-97. In this capacity he advised John Major and attended Cabinet meetings. Between 1997-01 Danny was political advisor to William Hague – during the time that the Waterhouse Inquiry heard evidence from former children in care who had experienced the most terrible abuse, then published the Waterhouse Report which trashed those witnesses in every way possible and downplayed the rock solid evidence suggesting that what had gone on in north Wales had involved a lot more people than a few degenerate old sheep shaggers employed as social workers. During this time, Danny was also Secretary to the Shadow Cabinet, along with George Osborne. Danny and George are mates.

Between 2014-16 CAIS – the drugs charity Chaired by Dr Dafydd Alun Jones who facilitated the paedophile ring in north Wales and has as one of its Trustees Lucille Hughes, Dafydd’s former mistress whom even Waterhouse named as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in the children’s homes when she was Director of Gwynedd Social Services – was given nearly £1.5 million from George Osborne’s LIBOR fund on the basis of misrepresenting the ‘services’ that CAIS were providing (see post ‘George Osborne Enters The Picture’ for details of the scam).

Whilst Danny was Hague’s political advisor, Amanda Platell was Hague’s Press Officer (see post ‘Did Glenda Occupy A Key Role In Keeping It All Out Of The Media?’).

Danny joined ‘The Times’ in 2001 as part of the leader writing team. He was Comment Editor, March 2004-June 2008 and was then appointed Chief leader writer. He began ‘The Times’ blog ‘Comment Central’ in Sept 2006. Danny is also a regular columnist for the ‘Jewish Chronicle’ and between 2011-17 was Chairman of the think tank Policy Exchange, a right wing think tank established in 2001.

In Aug 2013 Danny was given a peerage.

Danny’s brother is Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at UCL.

David Frum took over as Chairman of Policy Exchange when Danny stood down. Frum is based in Washington DC and Montreal and is a previous Presidential speechwriter. Policy Exchange has become very influential on the right and was responsible for the proposing the notion of Police and Crime Commissioners, a policy which has resulted in a number of paedophiles’ friends being responsible for policing.

Policy Exchange was founded by Nicholas Boles, Michael Gove, Archie Norman and Francis Maude.


Archie Norman was appointed as Chair of M&S two months ago and prior to that – 2010-16 – he was Chair of ITV plc.

Norman’s parents were both Top Doctors and he went to Cambridge University and then Harvard Business School. After he graduated he worked for McKinsey and Co, where William Hague was one of his proteges. He was a Director of Geest and Railtrack and in 1986 became Group Finance Director at Kingfisher plc (see post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’ for details of Lord Tim Clement-Jones the Group Co-Secretary of Kingfisher plc and Cancer BACUP,  the questionable charity that he established). Norman was Group Chief Exec of ASDA and then Chair, 1991-99. From the early 1990s until 1998 Norman was Chair of The Children’s Trust, a charity for brain injured children.

Archie Norman was elected as Tory MP for the safe seat of Tunbridge Wells at the 1997 General Election. He was selected for the seat as a result of Sir Patrick Mayhew being elevated to the Lords. Mayhew was yet another paedophiles’ friend who made it into the Lords as soon as William Hague had organised the cover-up which was the Waterhouse Inquiry. Mayhew had been the legal assessor for the GMC when Dr Morris Fraser had been allowed to continue practising as a psychiatrist after he had committed sexual offences against children. Mayhew was Attorney General when he authorised legal action against me for contempt of Court at the behest of the Top Doctors and social workers in north Wales. They requested my imprisonment after I had repeatedly written letters of complaint about their criminal activities. The cases fell apart when it became clear that they had perjured themselves, but there was no investigation into their activities or action taken against them. Please see posts ‘The Sordid Role Of Sir Robert Francis QC’ and ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ for details.

Archie Norman supported William Hague’s leadership bid and became Chief Exec of the Conservative Party.

In 2002 Norman was appointed  Chair of Energis. Upon leaving Parliament in 2005 he set up a private equity firm, Aurigo Management. In July 2013 Archie Norman became the Chair of Lazard – he was Chair whilst the firm worked on the privatisation of Royal Mail. In Dec 2013 he was appointed Chair of Hobbycraft. The Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy appointed Norman as lead non-executive Board member in Oct 2016.

Norman was a Director of the Judge Institute of Management Studies (now known as the Cambridge Judge Business School). He was also on the Board of NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research).


Francis Maude was a criminal barrister who was a Tory Councillor for the City of Westminster, 1978-84. So Maude’s time there overlapped with that of Tory Dame Shirley Porter, who became leader of the Council in 1986 and subsequently organised the ‘homes for votes’ scam, was fined millions and left the UK to lie low in Israel for a few years until she was reassured that she would not be arrested when she set foot on British soil again. Dame Shirl was also involved in selling land belonging to Westminster Council in the form of three cemeteries for literally pennies in a dodgy business deal.

Maude was Tory MP for North Warwickshire, 1983-92 and then for Horsham, 1997-2015.

In 1984 Maude was appointed PPS to none other than Sir Peter Morrison at the Dept of Employment – the Peter Morrison who was widely known to be sexually abusing children, including kids in care in north Wales. So Maude was off to a flying start in terms of info that he could use against people to advance himself. Which was probably why he was appointed Assistant Gov’t Whip in 1985, a post he retained until 1987. Maude was a Minister in the DTI, 1987-89; Minister of State for Europe, 1989-90; Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1990-92. In 1992 he lost his seat to Labour – he didn’t expect this, he thought that he would be in Gov’t along with everyone else who had concealed Morrison’s molesting habits. Maud was made a Privy Councillor in the 1992 dissolution honours to compensate.

Whilst he was out of Gov’t between 1992 and 1997, Maude was appointed a non-executive director of ASDA in 1992; a Director of Salomon Brothers, 1992-93; MD of Morgan Stanley, 1993-97. Between 1994-97 he Chaired the Gov’ts Deregulation Task Force.

When he returned to Parliament in 1997 Maude was appointed Shadow Cabinet Office Minister and Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, with responsibility for preparing the Tories for Gov’t. Some Tories referred to him as ‘the enforcer’. In 2001 he managed Michael Portillo’s unsuccessful leadership bid. Between 2005-07 Maude was Chair of the Conservative Party. As Chairman of the Party he maintained that it wasn’t conservative ideas that had damaged the party, but ‘the Conservative Party, as it was then seen, was damaging good Conservative policies’. It was during Maude’s tenure that the ‘A list’ for Conservative candidates was adopted, prioritising women and ethnic minorities. Maude also founded Conservatives for Change.

Whilst he was in the Shadow Cabinet Maude was a non-executive Director of Jubilee Investment Trust plc, which held 21% of US porn star Jill Kelly’s DVD business. He was also Chair of Mission Marketing Group which advertised for Playboy and was Director of a company which profited from sub-prime mortgages.

Francis Maude extolled the virtues of family values.

When asked what his contribution to the Big Society was, Maude stated that his work as an MP was contribution enough.

Maude was Paymaster General, 2010-15. In this role he was responsible for public service efficiency and reform, reform of the Civil Service, industrial relations in the public sector, the transparency policy and the Gov’t Digital Service. Whilst Maude was responsible for the Gov’t Digital Service, elderly people were forced to apply for key benefits online, although the proportions of elderly people who did not own a computer and who were not computer literate was made clear to Maude. He responded by suggesting that ‘refuseniks’ could be given a one off lesson.

After insulting and impoverishing the elderly, Maude resigned from Parliament in Feb 2016, presumably to fill his boots. In May 2016 he became an advisory Board member at Anvest Partners; in Sept 2016 he became an advisory Board member at OakNorth Bank; in Nov 2016 he was appointed a senior advisor for Covington and Burling LLP; in Nov 2016 he became non-executive Chairman at Cogent Elliott Group Ltd.

Whilst Maude had his big change of heart when he was Party Chairman and decided to tell the world that the Tories weren’t vindictive bastards after all and actually what they really liked was women and ethnic minorities and raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, he said in an interview that Section 28 was ‘a mistake’ and ‘very wrong – very wrong’ (so was molesting kids and killing the witnesses Francis). During this 2006 interview, Maude referred to the death of his gay brother Charles from AIDS in 1993.

Charles Maude was rather different to Francis. Charles was quite flamboyant, bombed around Hampstead on his motorbike and looked like a gay icon. He designed sets for –  among others – the English National Opera and Sadlers’ Wells. Charles Maude became infected with HIV quite early on in the epidemic among gay man of the 80s. He was involved with London Lighthouse, the care facility for people with HIV/AIDS from its beginnings in the mid-1980s. Charles worked as a London Lighthouse counsellor and he ran AIDS awareness workshops for the police and health care workers. At one point he arranged an art auction to raise money for London Lighthouse and recruited the Princess of Wales. Donations were received from David Hockney, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon.

London Lighthouse was founded by John Shine, Christopher Spence and the Rev Andrew Henderson in response to the wholly inadequate facilities that the NHS was providing for AIDS patients. Shine was a nurse at St Stephen’s Hospital (now the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) and campaigned for the first AIDS clinic to be established at St Stephen’s. Christopher Spence was a bereavement counsellor and Andrew Henderson was the Director of Social Services for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Many of the people who established the early provision for AIDS patients undoubtedly did do a worthwhile job. There was huge paranoia around AIDS patients in NHS hospitals and some of them died grim and lonely deaths with NHS staff refusing to touch them and leaving their meals at the door and that sort of thing. However in the massive effort to dispel bigotry and fear – which was absolutely necessary – no-one mentioned something that all those people working with AIDS patients will have known. That some – absolutely not all, but some – of those patients had led very promiscuous lives and were using rent boys who were kids in care being prostituted out by the paedophile gangs that had infiltrated the social service depts. I personally knew one man from north Wales who died of AIDS who used gay prostitutes in Chester – I didn’t realise at the time but I bet that some of the people whom he was having sex with were those boys in care who Peter Morrison was also abusing. In 1993 Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon, son of Lord Tyrell-Kenyon from Flintshire, died of AIDS – he was known to be using boys in care in north Wales for sex (see post ‘Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd’). Lord Bristol, John Jermyn Hervey, died from AIDS in 1999 – he boasted of having had sex with literally thousands of rent boys (see post ‘No Ordinary Methods’). For many years I was friendly with an artist in north Wales who absolutely assured me that David Hockney and Francis Bacon – two of the donors to Charles’ Maude’s fund raising activities – were using boys for sex.


So somewhere between the Tories hypocritical open homophobia whilst they concealed the fact that Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s aide – as well as others – were sexually abusing children in care and the desperation of liberal people to demonstrate how enlightened and caring they were in the face of a terminal illness that affected large numbers of gay men, the plight of kids in care being abused and forced into sex work was ignored – as were numerous deaths under suspicious circumstances and the framing of witnesses in order to discredit them.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Paddy Mayhew IIRC was also AG who knew Suffolk Chief constable had been told Leonard Cheshire prognosis 1992 was for four more years yet Sue Ryder asked press to prepare obits. About Special Branch intimidation of an ex Regional Crime Squad Dc in Gwent. About a document and smeared threat burglary of same ex Dc. All before Cheshire died on Sue Ryder schedule and two months later the 3 wise monkeys Suffolk Chief constable Tony Coe fobbed off Islington safeguarding with on ostensible warning visit to Lord Henniker re Peter Righton and Henniker estate based “Islington Suffolk Project”

    I seem to have raised with Op Winter Key at least a check of which Stowmarket GPs were doctors for “Darren” the now discredited complainant against Henniker Estate. When he was fostered as a child to a single man paedophile at Stowmarket. The late Stowmarket GP Dr Alan Lower (believed to have been GP to abusive Oakwood School Stowmarket) had been a research team member of the consultant J W Paulley Ipswich (AKA the NHS Mengele) who looked at life event stress and the effects of stress on progress of organic disease and stirred the endocrine pot by repeat prescribed prednisolone increased every time a guinea pig experienced a life event like work stress moving or bereavement. Of course the patients did not know.

    The Paulleys founded Stockwell Centre Colchester.

    Dr Lower in retirement became, like Lady Henniker, a Lib dem Suffolk County Cllr and became head of social services cttee and leader of the council.

    Dr Lower was my GP when I moved to Kent in 1973 and my GP records did not get transferred to Kent. So 24 years of my Lloyd George cards went walkies.

    1. Mayhew seems to have been at the root of many of the abuses of the criminal justice system under Thatcher – Mayhew and Michael Havers, just look at what was going on when they were AGs, appalling. It couldn’t have been accidental, they were crooks.

      Do you happen to know about any ‘research’ that was conducted at Warlingham Park Hospital? Years ago I knew three people who were grossly abused there after their mum died in suspicious circumstances at the hospital. There was no police investigation, the people known to me – who were the teenaged children of the lady who died – were sectioned and left to rot in the hospital, there was an attempt to frame one of them for rape and transfer him to Broadmoor, a crooked GP fleeced them of their inheritance and then they were transferred to dear old north Wales, where they had never been in their lives. They then disappeared within the mental health system, one of them dying in the process. It was obviously the paedophiles’ friends network in operation. I did blog about this ages ago but yesterday whilst researching Erin Pizzey who set up Women’s Aid in England – as part of my research into Jane Hutt – I discovered that she had carried out her ‘research’ with a Dr John Gayford of Warlingham Hospital. Erin Pizzey ended up totally discredited, but I didn’t realise who did that laughable ‘research’ with her, but it was Gayford. Do you know anything about him?

      1. Gems from this mornings news sites –

        Mail Online is reporting that Ian Dalton CBE has been appointed as the new CEO of NHS Improvement on a salary of £287k pa. There is much ranting about Dalton’s excessive salary, particularly as someone has discovered that Dame Glynis Breakwell the disgraced now ex-VC of Bath University sits on the remuneration committee of NHS Improvement for £8K pa for two-three days per month. I’m interested in Dalton’s previous – he is CEO of Imperial, that collaboration of London medical schools who have been perpetuating research fraud for decades; before that Dalton spent years in senior roles in the NHS in north east England and before that he was a senior manager for NHS Cheshire! Do you by any chance know Alan Milburn, Dr Ruth Briel and David Hanson Ian? I think that you do!!! There’ll be a post on this bunch of shites and their network coming soon…

        Mail Online is reporting that the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has been fined £300K after being prosecuted by the HSE following the deaths of five elderly patients who fell whilst in the ‘care’ of the hospital. Judge Charles Haddon-Cave commented that if it had been a private company involved, the fine would have been £1 million. Straight from the horses mouth there – the NHS can kill multiple patients but they will not face the consequences in the way that another body would. I bet the relatives of those five patients had to fight tooth and nail to even get their deaths investigated as well. What a pity they weren’t psych patients – the Angels could have just claimed that the deceased had attacked them and no questions at all would have been asked.

        Talking of Angels, the Daily Post Online has been reporting on the case of an Angel from the Hergest Unit who was killed in a dangerous driving incident – the man who was responsible for the crash has now been jailed. It has been stressed in every report how lovely the Angel – Sue – was. Er – I knew that particular Angel. She had worked at Hergest from the day that it opened – she was not the monster that some of her colleagues were but she knew how they were mistreating patients and she did not say a word. I never had any bad experiences with her until on the last occasion that the Hergest had me arrested and prosecuted on the basis of their perjury – Sue was one of those who lied to the police. I do not know whether she lied because she had been told the lies by her colleagues and she believed them, but I heard it myself – she stood in front of me and the police officer and told bare-faced lies about my alleged activities. After Sue was killed there was a collection in her memory. I note that for an Angel of 30 yrs standing the collection didn’t raise that much – could it be that a lot of people who would have normally contributed to such a collection had rather bad memories of the dear old Hergest? One thing I noticed about the Hergest as it really hit the buffers and the good staff all walked away was that there were absolutely no thank you cards from the patients on the wards as there usually is in hospitals. None. Because the patients had been treated so badly NO-ONE felt like giving the usual card and pressie for the Angels. Same at Springfield. It was a pretty good indication of what was going on in those hospitals – although the dear old Guardian noticed the syndrome as well and observed that psych wards don’t tend to have thank you cards on display. Must be a result of all those dangerous psychiatric patients who don’t know they’re born, ungrateful bastards that they are.

        The Post Online is also reporting how a learning disabled man in a care home in Bangor choked to death on toast because the ambulance took so long to find him. The care home was just around the corner from Ysbyty Gwynedd. The ambulance got lost.

        The Betsi’s finances are now under investigation. Not the slaughter of patients, not the constant lies in the face of patient harm – it’s the finances that are causing concern. Admittedly they are a bunch of crooks up there, but they’re also killing people.

        The Today programme has reported that as a result of their commitment to helping disabled people into work, the Gov’t are going to give ‘one to one’ support for people with mental health problems and that the number of health care professionals who can issue ‘fit notes’ for work will be increased. OK, so people with severe mental illness are now going to be told that they are fit to take up a zero hours contract job with Sports Direct by the same Angel who is forcibly injecting them with anti-psychotics every fortnight which gives them Parkinsonian symptoms and leaves them barely conscious. Liberation! Work will set you free!! Now WHO was it who said that? What would we do without Paul Farmer on the Gov’t task force and service user involvement?

        1. Update on the man with a long history of mental health problems who hung himself at Flint Castle after being told to piss off by the police when he and his girlfriend went to them for help and was dismissed as a drunken bastard by his ‘mental health nurse’:

          John Gittins the Coroner for North East Wales has ordered the North Wales Police to improve the way in which their officers handle mental health calls. There are a few members of the North Wales Police who are guilty of very callous treatment of people with mental health problems. However for many years now, every person with mental health problems in north Wales that I knew had the same experience as me – that for the most part, the police were far, far more helpful than the mental health services. The Hergest whistleblower observed after he retired that most of the staff there had ‘no compassion at all’ and that the police treated the patients far more kindly. I know of one man who like me was flatly refused all NHS treatment in north Wales because he dared to complain about the paedophiles’ friends. I witnessed the police offer to take him to any mental health unit of his choice when he was suicidal because the Hergest Unit was flatly refusing to treat him. The police in Gwynedd were tearing their hair out for years over the Hergest Unit. They picked up one patient I think it was eleven times in one weekend as being in need of care and 10 times the Hergest Unit immediately discharged her. The Assistant Chief Constable then contacted the Chief Exec of the North West Wales NHS Trust and told him that if they picked up that patient again they would bill the Trust for her care.

          What has John Gittins said to the mental health services who were supposed to be caring for the man who hung himself? Nothing. Nothing at all. They were the ones being paid to look after him. The verdict on the man who died whilst in the care of our glorious mental health services? Misadventure. Of course.

          I also noted earlier that the ‘much loved’ Angel from the Hergest Unit who was killed in a car crash was looking forward to a weekend in New York to celebrate her birthday just before she was killed. This Angel is a member of a profession that we are being told are having to use food banks because of their ‘low pay’. The Angel who was off to New York had worked at the Hergest whilst care was withdrawn for many patients resulting in a number of them dying and becoming destitute.

        1. I’ve been banned from Facebook – a paedophiles’ friend who infiltrated their way into my circle of friends a few years ago maliciously reported me to Facebook! I thought about contacting Facebook to clear my name, but I couldn’t actually see any way of talking to a human being and I really couldn’t be bothered to battle through the Facebook online representation system. Then I realised that I’d probably had a lucky escape – Facebook is used to trace and harass people constantly, so the paedophiles’ friend did me a favour there. Once more the paedophiles’ friends shot themselves in the foot.

          1. Heard Strong Working Class Woman Jess Phillips this morning on Radio 4 telling us all that Theresa May has questions to answer over Damian Green and the porn images found on his computer by a retired Scotland Yard detective eight years ago. Inspector Knacker has admitted that none of the images were illegal or involved children or sexual abuse. Mr Green swears blind that he did not access porn on that computer.

            The elephant in the room here is that Knacker seized that computer during an UNLAWFUL raid on Green’s office. Knacker broke the law, not Damian Green. It is Knacker who has questions to answer not Green.

            Jess has spent her whole life in Birmingham. She will know about the infamous West Midlands Serious Crime Squad – who planted evidence on people. A number of people in Scotland Yard used the same methods to in order to secure convictions against people whom they didn’t like.

            During her interview Jess talked about issues of confidentiality and how during her work she heard things that she will never ever tell anyone because they were confidential. I explained in my post ‘Everywoman?’ why Jess, as someone who worked with Women’s Aid for years, will know about organised child abuse and the associated wrongdoing in the NHS, local authorities and the police to conceal it. I’ve got news for Jess – if, during the course of one’s work, one is told something that relates to any other person being at risk of serious harm, one has a legal duty NOT to keep it confidential. Organised child abuse comes under the category of serious harm – as does fitting up innocent people or denying people NHS care when they are in need.

            Is it about time that you made a statement to the police Jess – because there was organised child abuse happening in Birmingham, it was linked to the paedophile ring in north Wales.

            The requirement to disclose info concerning harm to others or serious criminal activity has applied to social workers, teachers, doctors, nurses, voluntary workers, psychologists etc for many years and has I think now been extended to priests which were just about the only group of people who were permitted never to break confidences.
            It also applies to politicians. So would Jane Hutt, Brian Gibbons, Lesley Griffiths and Mark Drakeford like to explain why they have not passed on such information, in their capacity as politicians as well as voluntary workers, social workers, GPs and Councillors? Gibbons – I wrote and told you repeatedly that I had evidence of serious criminal activity within the NHS in north Wales. Writing me a letter stating ‘this correspondence is at an end’ was NOT the way to have dealt with the situation. Griffiths – I e mailed you repeatedly telling you that I was being threatened and harassed by NHS staff and their associates in north Wales. You ignored my e mails. You also ignored a paedophile gang when you were a Councillor in Wrexham. You were a medical secretary in Wrexham Maelor, a troubled hospital where the neglect and abuse of patients was happening. I bet that you knew something about that as well, but you kept schtum.

            Theresa May and Damian Green do not yet have questions to answer. But Jess, Hutt, Gibbons, Drakeford and Lesley Griffiths most definitely do.

            There will be a blog post soon concerning what was happening in the NHS whilst Jess’s mum held one of the most senior roles in the NHS Confederation…

          2. Michael Stone lawyers went video and slipped one under the radar against Kent Police. They want Kent Plod off the case now. I wondered if the barrister has seen it coming ? The forensics feckwittery was during Kent handling of Lawrence Inquiry when they had unsealed custody of the Lawrence exhibits. It was also a time Kent was under complaint to attorney general for alleged corruption of blood samples in a Kent Police custody death case. (Paracetomol overdose introduced to sample)

            You may recall a Wales murder case and Eddie Browning ? Going rate then for evidence of a confession with details only killer would know ? 25 grand. And when in 1996 the terrible Chillenden murders happened in Kent maybe efits were scarce because the first efit Kent Plod put up was ? Eddie Browning Efit IIRC

          3. I remember the Eddie Browning case – he was monstered after being convicted of murdering a young pregnant woman who’s car had broken down on the motorway. He was innocent – but he did manage to get out of prison after quite a long while and received a sizeable compensation payment. I’m not sure how he did that, because most victims of miscarriages of justice are pissed over again when they try to gain recompense.

          4. Daily Post Online are reporting that a health care worker from the Heddfan Unit has appeared in Court charged with a series of sexual offences against a female patient. So THAT’S why we’ve heard so much about Dangerous Psychiatric Patients over the last few weeks – the Betsi will have known that case was in the pipeline.

            Glad to see the PR machine has swung into action though – the Post Online has an even bigger feature about a kind hearted nurse at Wrexham Maelor who worked with the Red Cross and died just before he could pick up an award.

            The only surprise is that the patient who was sexually exploited/assaulted in the Heddfan Unit was ever able to make herself heard. The usual procedure is for the staff to deny everything, refuse to document the complaint and then have the patient arrested on trumped up charges. Isn’t is Dafydd/Higson?

            I trust that the ‘experts’ from the Betsi will continue their jaunts to Malaysia and India to collect awards and tell Johnny Foreigner how to run their mental health services. Will Vaughan Gething make an appearance at the trial of the health care worker and give the prosecution witnesses a bollocking for ‘talking down the NHS’?

            There is one possibility though – that the health care worker may be innocent and has been fitted up after blowing the whistle. It was tried at the Hergest Unit…

      1. If the link doesn’t work, just search for ‘Danny Finkelstein Janner Tweet’ on Google & it should come up on the first page of search results

        1. Thanks for the links Anonymous – your first link led to a truly splendid collection of photos including many old favourites who have starred on this blog. I can’t get through to the Finkelstein Janner tweet – is it something that Finkelstein would have thought it worth removing from the internet? I see that one of your links leads to the twitter feed of dear old Owen Jones – the man who cares about everyone except people who have suffered serious harm at the hands of the welfare services and who writes what are well-meaning books that he thinks are radical but stop well short of a good analysis.

          Janner’s daughter Rabbi Laura popped up on the Today programme this morning after her hissy fit on that programme a few months ago and her description of her dad as ‘great and good’. But as one of your photos reminded me, after Janner faced allegations of sexual abuse – along with his mate social worker Frank Beck who received several life sentences for the abuse of over 100 youngsters in his care – Janner received a round of applause when he next appeared in Parliament. I’d understand it if they all really did believe that he was a wronged man but some of them knew what he was doing.

    1. It’s bad isn’t it – so many of them did know what he was doing. I used to be very forgiving about that lot and always take into account that perhaps they really didn’t know what some social workers and Top Doctors were doing, yet alone a few politicians. They knew, nearly all of them did, they bloody well knew alright. So did Finkelstein – just look who he spent years knocking around with, working as an ‘advisor’ to – and he’s a JOURNALIST, if I have got the evidence he definitely has seen it!

      Just read that book that Greville Janner wrote, ‘Janner’s Letter Writer’. He wrote it years before he was exposed but it is utterly damning – how to lie, how to bankrupt people, how to intimidate them, how to hurt people without being caught and to remember to smile all the time because that’s how you con people. Every photo of Janner shows him wearing a big smarmy grin. The kids who maintain that he abused them talked about the man who smiled all the time. What a nasty piece of work he was.

      1. Thanks, have seen Finkelstein’s tweet re Greville Janner.

        Have been doing a bit of research into the network which protected Janner – there’ll be a post about it coming soon, naming a few who have remained under the radar so far.

        1. Do please include that he buried holocaust denial lecture complaints against the Roger Gale backed private military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps that was under Kent County Council youth safeguarding inquiry misled for 18 months during MacPherson Inquiry by Kent Police ?? What a tangled web. You know Roger Gale MP ex Head of BBC Childrens TV and before that Radio 270 DJ and investor at Scarborough where he was allegedly an associate of Savile. Did the BBC influences behind Gale include Hervey Marquis of Bristol funder of the Monarchist League and their “Voice of Freedom” broadcasting aspirations ? Wasn’t Hervey using eminent BBC broadcaster Richard Dimbleby to teach potential voices of freedom early 60s before Dimbleby premature death And who produced the political voice of Freedom broadcasts for Radio 270 ?? Chap called Harvey Proctor.

          1. Thanks Richard, Janner was a total hypcocrite. He was a brave campaigner for anti-Semitism but only when it suited him – when Geoffrey Dickens MP compiled that list of child abusers in Westminster and threatened to name them in the 1980s, Janner was one person who lead the allegations that Dickens was anti-semitic. Poor old Dickens was a Thatcherite Tory who could hardly believe what he’d discovered and he couldn’t understand why everyone, even his own Thatcherite colleagues, turned on him with a whole array of smears. Every aspect of his character was held up to ridicule when he threatened to go public on what was happening. Dickens mentioned the links to porn and drugs – he will have been talking about John Allen’s criminal empire, he really did know what was happening. Did you notice that he died quite young, unexpectedly? After everyone pissed themselves laughing when he said that he had been told that his name was on a hit man’s list?

            I keep coming across Roger Gale’s name, I have noticed it but I just haven’t had time to post info up on the blog. SO MANY of the great and good are cropping up in my research – not necessarily as abusers themselves, but as people who definitely knew what was happening and concealed it. It’s how a lot of those in the charity sector rocketed to the top of the tree. I know that there is just a barrel of shit behind Women’s Aid – when I got to know abused women I heard all about what the social services and mental health services were doing to them and their kids, Women’s Aid will have access to mountains of evidence. And look who are the Patrons of Women’s Aid – Cherie Blair and St Helena Kennedy. I’m trying to find out info re all those who were involved at an early stage and where the dosh came from, but guess what? There’s not much available re the history of Women’s Aid. No – because it was so troubled and involved people who became utterly discredited. It won’t have been the workers on the ground that will have been the problem, it’ll have been those who saw the potential to use it as a stepping stone to a political career. Like dear old Jane Hutt.

            Because of the way that Women’s Aid works, women are transferred to refuges many miles away from their origins. Women were housed by Welsh Women’s Aid from urban centres in England, it caused friction in parts of Welsh speaking Wales. Hutt was named as the first co-ordinator of Welsh Women’s Aid in 1978. So she will have known how to utilise the networks in English local authorities. At that time the problems of paedophiles infiltrating social work was huge – Hutt qualified as a social worker from the LSE in 1972. So by 1978 she will have had time both to find out what was happening to kids in care, how it was being concealed and by whom and how to extract the dosh from the networks involved. Before she became an AM in 1999 Hutt was Vice-Chairman of the Social Services Committee on South Glamorgan County Council – she stood as a candidate for Parliament in 1983, so she will have no doubt been a Councillor before then. So I presume that she was sitting on that Council in the late 70s/early 80s when Nicholas Edwards et al were developing the plans for Corruption Bay, which was waved through by that Council. Edwards, who with his corrupt colleagues in the Welsh Office, was concealing the North Wales Paedophile Gang. Hutt had grandparents from north Wales although her own father was a Top Doctor in London – so she’ll have known that all hell was underway in the north; although her social work colleagues and mates like the Kinnocks and Rhodri Morgan’s clan will have told her as well! What a fantastic brew for a not very bright social worker who fancied herself as a politician…

            I’m trying to find out WHO exactly dear old Hutt worked with in Women’s Aid but it seems to be a closely guarded secret.

  2. Janner was chair of a parliamentary cttee to do with war crimes IIRC. The evidence sent to him was the statement of retired Margate museum curator (an ex Army bomb disposal man) he had conned entry to a marquee at 1999 War and Peace Show which was backing a book stall allegedly that of Stephens Books Canterbury wholly owned by League of Saint George.

    In the marquee he witnessed and challenged holocaust denial lectures to pan European private military cadet groups. He did not specifically note the presence of Roger Gales favoured private cadets “Kent Adventure Training Corps.

    By 1999 independent of my concern Kent County Council Youth Group affiliation had been investigating KATC 18 months. I found this out when I contacted them about holocaust denial lectures. And in the conversation that followed I was able to establish with the KCC Officer that Kent Police had lied to him for 18 months.

    This was their concealment of a call in by a district Cllr of Met Counter Terrorism 1998 (during Kent handling of MacPherson) and their concealment of a KATC leader after a check by REME Corps Secretariat raised by me that REME had called in MOD Police. IE Having failed to verify the claimed REME service by which this KATC leader had worked at Deal Royal Marines Barracks as a Reliance Guard 1989. The year 11 Royal Marines were murdered there by terrorist bomb.

    The association between League of Saint George, IRA support, paramilitary training at barracks, Stephens Books, safeguarding inquiry, the reporting procedure of genuine army cadets to avoid KATC, the Gale backing, the arrests 1987 involving two KATC leaders and TA men for paramilitary activity deploying to Ulster and into Ireland. It was all in the mix.

    As far as MacPherson goes the relevance is Kent Police Authority had called for inquiry 1997 before the holocaust denial event arose 1999. And a lot of what KPA called for inquiry into was relevant to Lawrence Inquiry including re Det sgt Davidson disciplinary 1995 etc The KPA call for inquiry had been suppressed 1997 under ACC Tim O CONNOR. But the final suppression was Dec 1998 by Jack STRAW in spite of later concerns raised by Sir Ronnie FLANAGAN RUC shortly before Kent Chief constable PHILLIPS was booted off Rosemary NELSON Decd in Ulster (march 99)

    Because someone listed KATC to meet the Queen in jubilee year 2002 MI5 were involved (by me) and were told by me about approaches to obtain Kent mining explosives to make IEDs for KATC, the paramilitary arrests 1987, the KCC safeguarding inquiry, the holocaust denial stuff. the IRA supportive league of Saint George (associates of Harvey PROCTOR ??) and the guard who secured employ by deception use of a false army record Deal Barracks. KATC lost their KCC Youth group affiliation status 2003 so I imagine they never met the Queen but nothing would surprise me …..

    1. As far as I know on receipt of my complaint about holocaust denial Rex Cadman of the War and Peace Show immediately cancelled Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society sponsorship of KATC. And acted immediately re Nazis at the show.

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