Dr Victoria Winckler Threatens To Sue Dr Sally Baker

Earlier today I received by e mail a letter from Harding Evans, Solicitors, Queen’s Chambers, Newport. The e mail explains that a hard copy of the letter has also been sent to me by recorded delivery. Harding Evans are acting for their client Dr Victoria Winckler, the Director of the Bevan Foundation, who maintains that I have made a series of defamatory comments about her on this blog, that these comments have caused Victoria Winckler ‘financial harm’ and furthermore my blog also constitutes harassment of Victoria as defined by the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

It has not been explained how Victoria has suffered financial harm as a result of my blog; I have been given no evidence of any financial harm which Victoria has incurred either as a result of my comments about her or as a result of the actions of anyone else in response to my blog’s comments. Neither has it been explained how I have harassed Victoria; I have never met Victoria, or communicated with her in any way. Neither has anyone else ever communicated with Victoria on my behalf or at my request.

Harding Evans have sent me quite a long letter in which they have been good enough to repeat the comments which they maintain are defamatory and provide the titles of the blog posts which contain the defamatory comments.

The posts to which Harding Evans refer are ‘The Bloody State We Are In’; ‘He Got On His Bike And Looked For Work’ and ‘Jennifer’s Diary’.

I don’t know how much Victoria is paying Harding Evans but I think that she should probably ask for a refund because even on the first reading of their letter to me, I noticed that they had made some glaring errors. The most glaring one being the statement that I have blogged that Dr D.G.E. Wood was/is an ‘active paedophile’. I have made many allegations about D.G.E. Wood on this blog, but that is not one of them. But then I received an angry message from a friend of Dr Tony Francis months ago who was taking issue with me for stating that Dr Francis was a paedophile. I had not stated that and I still haven’t.

Another Harding Evans comment which is puzzling is their assertion that Dr Winckler ‘is not a Government adviser save that she currently sits on a Ministerial Advisory Group on taxation’. Which sounds rather like a Gov’t adviser to me.

Throughout their analysis of my comments about Victoria, Harding Evans state the various ‘meanings’ of my comments. In virtually all cases the presumed ‘meanings’ were not what I meant and in most cases it is obvious that I did not mean what Harding Evans maintain that I meant. Harding Evans must have worked very hard to draw some of their conclusions regarding the ‘meaning’ of my comments.

Other idiocies are Harding Evans assertion that Victoria is not involved with health and social care. Victoria Winckler has served as a non-executive Director of a NHS Trust in south Wales and Harding Evans state this in their letter. Furthermore, if one takes a brief look at the Bevan Foundation’s website, the phrase ‘Health and Social Care’ can be seen emblazoned on the front page, listed as an interest of the Bevan Foundation, of which Victoria has been the Director since 2002.

In one post I made a comment about the North Wales Abuse Inquiry. Harding Evans tell me that Victoria ‘did not know anything about the North Wales Abuse Inquiry’. Perhaps that is true, in which case one needs to ask why did she not? I would have thought that the Director of a think tank which, among other things, aspires to improve health and social care services should have known everything that there is to know about that Inquiry, being at the time an Inquiry into the biggest child abuse scandal that there had ever been in the UK.

Harding Evans of course object most strongly to my use of the phrase ‘paedophiles’ friend’ in relation to Victoria. They tell me that Victoria does not know any paedophiles and is ‘not friends with any paedophiles’. Harding Evans can’t actually say that with any certainty; what if Victoria does know someone who is a paedophile but she is completely unaware of it? Surely any lawyer worth their fee would have phrased that somewhat differently. I’ll be receiving a letter from Harding Evans next telling me that ‘God does not exist’. Which of course no-one can state as fact because no-one actually knows, not even Richard Dawkins…

I wanna tell you a story. Unlike Victoria, I have to admit that I do know at least one paedophile. As I explained in a comment on this blog recently after someone asked me if it was true that I knew a paedophile and visited him in prison, yes I do and I did. He is a man who was caught in possession of a small number of low category indecent images. He was denounced by ‘The Daily Post’ as a ‘pervert’ and his address was also published by that newspaper, while their online edition showed footage of ‘paedophile hunters’ pursuing another ‘pervert’ who had recently been released from prison down the road through Bangor. He was imprisoned and is now out of prison.

I got to know this man because he lived in a cottage owned by two friends of mine and he helped on their farm. I had no idea at the time that my friends were, in their capacity as members of their Methodist Church, supporting this man who had previously admitted that he had a problem, had begged for help but found that no therapist or counsellor would touch him. He was alone, friendless and terrified. My friends believe that no human being should ever be in that situation, so they befriended him. I got to know him well but I had no idea that he was a paedophile. Until he was arrested after three images were found on his computer.

My friends maintained contact with him after he was jailed and visited him regularly. They were unable to get over to the prison for one of their planned visits, so they asked me if I would go instead and I said yes. I even had a cup of tea with him and bought him a bar of chocolate from the prisoners’ canteen Harding Evans. After he was released from prison, he was penniless and destitute and had received no therapy in prison. So my friends took him in again. I continued to see him when I visited my friends. In total, I have had two Christmas dinners with him, spent a Boxing Day with him, celebrated a New Year’s Eve with him, had numerous lunches and dinners with him and on one occasion he even mowed my lawn for me and afterwards I made him lunch and then tea. How about that then Victoria?

I haven’t seen this man for some while now because I have left Wales, but I understand that he has rebuilt his life and is in work. Which would not have happened had my friends and their Church not stepped in. He was discharged from Stafford Prison with a one way rail ticket to my friends’ house and I think £30 in cash. He was then denied benefits, although the benefits agency had made a mistake – he was eligible for benefits; it took many months to resolve. Then a community social enterprise which occupied the neighbouring farm sent him a solicitor’s letter stating that the Paedophile Shall Not Pass along their farm track. Which was also the farm track to the cottage on my friends’ farm where he lived. So although he had accommodation he couldn’t use the track to get to it. He had to go in and out of his house across the fields. My friends were not even allowed to drive him down the track in their vehicles. Had he not taken a walking tour across the fields and instead moved out, he would have been recalled to prison, because by then, the address on my friends’ farm was built into his probation conditions. So my friends then became involved in a legal battle for some weeks until he was finally given permission to use his own right of way.

As for my biggest ‘challenge’ regarding socialising with this man, it was that his dad had worked as an Angel at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh for decades and I had been asked by my friends never to discuss what had happened to me in that institution in front of him…

This man had never touched a child in his life Victoria and he absolutely begged for help because he wanted to change his behaviour. There was no help, none at all. I will never feel that I have to send a solicitor’s letter to someone stressing that ooh no I don’t know any paedophiles. I am proud that my friends supported him and gathered together a circle of other people to support him as well. What were we all supposed to do, demand his knackers on a platter?

It is, I would have thought, obvious from this blog that my use of the phrase ‘paedophiles’ friends’ refers to the numerous people who knew about the abuse of children – although not necessarily in detail – and either pretended that they didn’t know, or in the cases of D.G.E. Wood and others, actually facilitated the activities of those involved. I can understand why Victoria Winckler may not have appreciated me using this phrase about her, but my point in those blog posts was that Victoria has been employed in at least one organisation – Mid-Glamorgan County Council – when an active paedophile was also employed by that Council, namely John Owen. Harding Evans sniffily told me that of course Victoria didn’t know about John Owen, his offending was not brought to the attention of the authorities at Mid-Glamorgan County Council. That is not what some other employees of Mid-Glamorgan County Council said when John Owen was charged…

I have not responded in detail to Harding Evans yet, but I will of course be telling them what I have always made very clear on this blog – that if someone believes that I have published something which is untrue, I will be more than happy to amend it. I don’t know why Victoria simply didn’t e mail me herself and ask me to do this. I have never yet written ‘sod off I’ll publish what I want’ to anyone who has contacted me pointing out errors of fact and asked for them to be amended.

What Harding Evans have told me in their letter however is that Victoria wants damages from me and that they are currently ‘assessing quantum’ with her. I have been told that I have by 4 pm 17 Oct 2018 to comply with their demands or they will have ‘no option but to apply to court for immediate injunctive relief, damages and legal costs’, ‘without further notice to you’. Harding Evans have also sent me a splendid little pre-prepared statement for me to sign, in which I confess to having defamed Victoria and agree to pay her any damages that are ‘negotiated’.

Even the North Wales Police never wrote a confession for me and ordered me to sign on the dotted line.

My biggest concern re the letter from Harding Evans is not the numerous inaccuracies or the threats within, it is the means by which they accessed my address. It is not the address where I live or indeed have ever lived; it is the address of a friend’s house which I used as a postal address for some months five years ago or so when I fled north Wales for the first time in the wake of serious threats from the gang. There was I think only one organisation whom I provided with that address to enable them to send me their literature – the Bevan Foundation.

I used to be a member of the Bevan Foundation but I let my subscription lapse because I was just so disappointed at the lack of original thinking coming from that ‘innovative think tank’. When I signed up however, I gave them my friend’s address. So I can only assume that someone at the Bevan Foundation has accessed their database for the personal details of a former member, which they have then given to Harding Evans. I did e mail Harding Evans earlier today to ask how they accessed the address to which they have sent the hard copy of their letter, but I have not yet had a reply. I am not sure where this leaves Harding Evans, Victoria or the Bevan Foundation with regard to data protection legislation.

I am not sure that Victoria Winckler has done herself any favours by instructing Harding Evans to send me that letter.

I do not know who is funding Victoria’s litigation against me, but Harding Evans tells me that the Bevan Foundation is 66k in debt…


Readers with a sense of irony: The website of the Bevan Foundation tells us that it

is Wales’ most influential and innovative think tank.  We develop lasting solutions to Wales’ most challenging problems and improve people’s lives. We believe Wales should be a nation of equality, justice and prosperity, a nation where everyone has a decent standard of living, a healthy and fulfilling life, and a voice in the decisions that affect them.  Instead, a shocking number of people’s lives are blighted by inequality, injustice and poverty, with little hope of change.

Our vision is to see equality, justice and prosperity for everyone in Wales, to make ours a nation where everyone has a decent standard of living, a healthy and fulfilled life, and a voice in the decisions that affect them.

Our values are high standards, independence and transparency in everything we do, without fear or favour…

Our ambition is to generate 100 new ideas to change Wales and improve people’s lives. We draw on evidence such as statistics and people’s experiences, to inform our solutions, and we persuade governments, public bodies, the third sector, businesses and individuals to take action.’

So the Director of the Bevan Foundation is going to sue me for damages as a result of some comments that I have published on a blog on which I primarily discuss the neglect and abuse of vulnerable people. Comments which her lawyers have misinterpreted and in some cases comments which I did not actually make.

I am not sure why Victoria thinks it is worth her while pursuing me for damages and legal costs, because I have mentioned on the blog that after the gang wrecked my life all over again some four years ago, I was left destitute. I do have a lovely little cottage to live in, but I don’t own it – or indeed any other property – and I only secured it because Brown and other friends clubbed together and helped me. My income is sufficiently low that I doubt that a Court would order me to pay Victoria very much at all, even if I had said the most terrible things about her and completely ruined her financially. Does Victoria not remember the McLibel trial?

Victoria’s Linked In profile tells us that Victoria is a Commissioner with the Living Wage Commission.


I have only ever received one other letter in my life from a solicitor telling me that someone was going to sue me for damages. That was in 1987, when Hempsons, the MDU solicitors, wrote to me and told me that I had ‘harassed’ Dr Tony Francis and he would be suing me for damages. My ‘harassment’ had consisted of letters to Francis and Gwynedd Health Authority regarding my complaints which had not been investigated and these included serious crime on the part of Francis and his colleagues. Documents in my possession demonstrate that at the time, Hempsons knew that Francis was preparing to perjure himself in any court case. All talk of suing me for damages stopped when I engaged a lawyer myself. The communication that I received from Hempsons arrived in the form of a telemessage at about 8 am, when there was no-one at all available to advise me, except of course Brown. It was followed minutes later by a stack of papers delivered by courier, papers which screamed at me all over again that Francis wanted substantial damages from me. Francis and his wife were both in receipt of full time Top Docs salaries. I had no income at all – I had only just finished my MSc and hadn’t yet started my first job – and Brown was living on his PhD studentship. I have been told recently by An Insider that the telemessage and affidavit arrived at 8 am to ensure that I would not be able to access legal advice for several hours, to cause me as much distress as possible.

Well it’s one way of dealing with someone blowing the whistle on serious organised crime.



A few hours after I received the communication from Harding Evans, I received an e mail from a ‘social justice’ organisation of which I used to be a Trustee, WEN Wales (Women’s Equality Network Wales). I liked my fellow Trustees in WEN, but I felt – like a number of other Trustees did – that WEN wasn’t really going anywhere. There was a great deal of celebrating International Wimmin’s Day and letting off balloons and going to events at the Senedd and listening to Welsh Gov’t Ministers and civil servants taking about equality and justice and the problems of low income wimmin, but as with the Bevan Foundation, one was left with the feeling that this was not going to change anything.

Some Trustees at WEN very obviously lived in terror of upsetting the Welsh Gov’t and were frank about this. They were in receipt of funding from the Welsh Gov’t and I was told that if feathers were ruffled, that would be the end. I thought that people were being over-anxious until one day, WEN received a demand from Jane Hutt that a paragraph should be removed from a Report that WEN had compiled because it showed the Welsh Gov’t in a poor light. It wasn’t libellous, it wasn’t even critical; the offending paragraph simply observed that in the wake of the retirement of a number of female Ministers, the Welsh Gov’t was in danger of losing female voices. I was told by a fellow Trustee that Hutt was well-known for leaning on ‘independent’ organisations in this way. The paragraph was removed.

The e mail that I received today from WEN included their latest news updates. Among them was the announcement that Mark Drakeford had endorsed WEN’s Manifesto for gender equality.

Over the summer, our Manifesto was endorsed by Labour leadership candidate Mark Drakeford AM and we are calling on all candidates from all parties leadership contests to follow suit and commit to an end to gender inequality.


This is the Mark Drakeford who has a 31 year old son who just days ago was jailed for eight years for the violent prolonged rape of a young woman; Drakeford junior raped the woman as a ‘punishment’. He was also charged with grooming a 15 year old girl.


Karl Marx: ‘The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.’

I see no signs at all that the Welsh Gov’t, the Bevan Foundation or WEN Wales are going to change anything.


I will soon be responding to Harding Evans in detail. Unless Victoria wishes to contact me herself of course to resolve this matter. It’s not as if I bite, even if I do take the piss.

I will keep readers updated…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Many thanks to the readers who have sent me information about Victoria Winckler and her many links, including her association with the Welsh Gov’t and JRF. Victoria has been a busy bee for many years now, it’s why I didn’t include an overview of her many activities in the above post, it would have taken a long time and distracted from the points that I wished to highlight. I can see that other people have been very busy googling Victoria however…

  2. Dr Victoria is probably running scared as are no doubt many others – as you say it would be interesting to know who is funding this action. It may not even be genuine because as you say a solicitor/lawyer would be unlikely to take it on due to how you have written your blog. You havnt actually accused her of anything. Also would they actually send a pre-prepared letter like that for you to sign in the first instance? She has probably just wasted £150 at least to put the ‘willies up you’ as they used to say in the infamous ‘Carry On’ films – unless of course she has an acquaintance at Harding Evans with access to headed notepaper – it happened to me once when I was trying to evict a couple of undesirable characters from my cottage – forgery and fraud.
    Personally I would be tempted to ignore it and carry on – satisfying for you though to know that your readership is gathering pace. Keep it going.

    1. Many thanks for your support.
      The letter from Harding Evans is indeed rather amateurish. The thing that really concerns me is the illegal access to that database with my friends address on it. They are friends who received unpleasantness and were forced out of their jobs because of their support for me as well.

      I won’t actually ignore the letter no matter how questionable all this is; my offer to discuss what I have written about Victoria Winckler and amend anything that really is incorrect stands. The only thing that I think that I may have got wrong is my statement that the Bevan Foundation is funded by the Welsh Gov’t. Harding Evans maintain that it isn’t; I may be wrong but I’m sure when I was a member of the Bevan Foundation, they were receiving funding from the Welsh Gov’t for various pieces of work. Could any readers clarify this? Nearly all the big charidees in Wales who claim to be fighting for social justice do receive funding in some way from the Welsh Gov’t; they’d collapse without it and it’s why none of them will deal with the matters discussed on this blog.

  3. Jac O The North did some digging some years ago on Dr Winckler and The Bevan Foundation – check out his blog – he was asking questions back in 2013 so she should be used to it by now!!!

    1. Oh I’m sure that Jac knows all about Victoria! Good idea, I need to check out his blog for info. I used to be a regular reader and leave comments on Jac’s blog despite coming from the opposite side of the political spectrum from him, but I’ve been so busy on my own blog that I haven’t kept up with Jac for a few weeks. I need to read what he’s saying about Adam Price taking over the leadership of Plaid anyway…

      I’ve had a very helpful e mail from someone who tells me that solicitors are not allowed to do what Victoria’s solicitor has done and pre-empt a verdict, demand that people sign on the dotted line and hand over the dosh. Interestingly enough, when Gwynedd Health Authority tried to frame me in 1996 on the basis of the perjury of Bridget Lloyd, a CPN, I later discovered that Tony Francis had written an ‘independent’ report for the Court for WHEN I was found guilty! He recommended that as a dangerous offender, I should be handed over to a forensic psychiatry team with a view to placing me in a secure hospital. When I found out I just took it as one more indication of how mad and corrupt they all were, but I didn’t realise that it was illegal. So whichever lawyer the Health Board used broke the law then. At the time, Gwynedd Health Authority’s own lawyer was Tony Lane from Caernarfon and of course they also utilised the services of Andrew Park, the crooked Welsh Office lawyer.

      I’ve been told that I ought to report Victoria’s solicitors Harding Evans to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. Who was/is the Chair of that organisation? Enid Rowlands, who was married to Huw Vaughan Thomas, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the kids in care of Gwynedd were being abused. Enid has also been a member of the GMC, a Director of the North Wales Police Authority and the North Wales Health Authority, a member of the Board of BUPA…I featured Enid on a recent blog post. I don’t think I’ll trouble the SRA!

      People are asking me who might have put Victoria up to this and whether it is related to the equally irregular letter that I received from the Llangefni Police a few weeks ago. I have no idea. Victoria has been a presence in south Wales circles of right-on organisations who Care but somehow remain silent about abuse and neglect of vulnerable people for many, many years now and a lot of people’s reputations depend upon Victoria’s reputation as a Champ of the Poor…

      Neither have Harding Evans replied to my e mail asking them from where they accessed my friends address…

      1. Just been over to Jac’s blog. He did some digging on the Bevan Foundation at the end of 2013 and found that they had received funding from the Welsh Gov’t and quite a lot of it. Which is what I thought. So why did Harding Evans tell me that they hadn’t and accuse me of defaming Victoria by blogging that the Bevan Foundation had received Welsh Gov’t funding?

        Jac informed us that the Bevan Foundation was founded in 2001 by Labour Party politicians, although there was a spate of resignations by Labour MPs at a later date who were angry that the organisation had been taken over by professional Third sector spivs. What did they expect? The Third sector spivs are the bread and butter of Wales’s political establishment, they silence dissenters and very effectively keep a lid on the appalling way in which the people who’s interests they claim to be fighting for are being treated…

        1. The Bevan Foundation was founded in 2001 by a group of Welsh Labour politicians – in the immediate aftermath of the Waterhouse Inquiry when people were still screaming ‘huge cover-up’ as loudly as they could. The year in which the gang laid their plans to wreck my life for one more time. Which culminated in me losing my job, my home and narrowly escaping a substantial prison sentence. The case collapsed on the first day of the trial, industrial scale perjury had been committed but there was no investigation.

          No wonder I’m receiving letters from Victoria Winckler’s lawyers.

          1. John Owen, the paedophile drama teacher from Pontypridd was found dead in 2001 just before he was due to stand trial for a series of sex offences on children. The John Owen who had been employed by Mid-Glamorgan County Council at the same time as Victoria.

            Victoria: Whatever you did or did not know about John Owen, I do think that it would be very foolish of you indeed to sue me for defamation, although I cannot stop you from doing this. I am not going to waste my time or energy responding to your lawyers, although I did originally plan to do so. Your lawyers have lied and lied and broken the law, I have better things to do than engage with such fuckwittery. If you are genuinely distraught at something that I have written about you which really is untrue, I will be more than happy to amend it if you contact me.

  4. Hi – only just got in from work so I have just caught up with the comments from earlier regarding the communication from Harding Evans. I did think it rather odd that they were asking for money without a ‘trial’ so to speak. So well done for deciding not to reply. If they actually mean business I am sure that they will make contact again but I somehow doubt it. The average person in the street will always worry about such letters and will run scared therefore unscrupulous professionals will play on this (it could well have been a trainee in the office who didnt double check the legal position of writing such a letter or indeed double check the FACTUAL evidence before sending it). Sometimes they meet their match and will have to back off or they may find themselves on the receiving end of such a letter. I realise that you and Jac have opposing political views but hey it sometimes pays to work together to achieve a common goal.

    1. Someone earlier this evening helpfully sent me a copy of Harding Evans complaints policy! They even have a complaints officer, a Mike Jenkins. I won’t be wasting my time or energy troubling Mr Jenkins.

      Someone left a comment on my blog telling me that I shouldn’t be engaging with Jac’s blog because Jac is a racist and far right. I have always made it clear that although I do not favour the same solutions to Wales’s problems that Jac does, he is highlighting some very real concerns. I consider myself a leftie, but I agree with Jac 100% that the degree of corruption in politics in Wales – and the rest of the UK – among all parties is disgraceful. Jac is right about huge swathes of the Third sector as well – in no way do they work for the people whom they claim to be fighting for, the whole sector is dominated by the most dreadful gravy trainers who keep absolutely schtum about the scams and vulnerable people being abused and neglected. The Third sector has a steady flow of naive bunnies like I was who think that they’d like to be involved but when they find out what is happening walk away. My friend’s daughter has just done it – she graduated in social anthropology from SOAS, she went home to Wales, very bright and very keen and every Third sector organisation that she has worked for has been a scam. Homelessness organisations, wimmins organisations, disabled people’s charidees, she given up on them. They are milking the Welsh Gov’t and are dominated by people who are not very bright, not very genuine but one day they want a job as an AM.

  5. I am being nosey and have been on Harding Evans website – did a partner in the business sign this letter – what was their name? It had to be signed by someone – all the partners are listed as are other staff – you never know but the person who signed the letter may not even exist – now that would stir up some fun and games woudnt it.

    1. The person who signed the letter to me was a Linda Ward.

      I suspect that the letter is very, very dodgy and much as I’d like to start digging and dissect those responsible, I’m far too busy with the blog posts which I want to prioritise!

      What I would be keen to find out is WHICH Labour MPs established the Bevan Foundation. It was so obviously a rearguard action in the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report. Hywel Francis was one of them, but there were others…

  6. Dear Sally,

    Just stumbled upon your work, and I’m awe-struck! Bravo! Is it possible to follow you on Twitter, or is this blog your main outlet? Keep up the incredible work.

    1. Thanks for the message.

      No I’m sorry, I don’t do Twitter. My blog is my main online outlet, but I have academic publications as well, another one of which will be published soon, it’s in press at the moment.

  7. Paul Starling apparently founded it – there have been an awful lot of director resignations in the past including David Hagendyk – he was a policy advisor for the labour party, Allun Davies an Assembly member and Michael Antoniw also a member and of course David Hywell Francis. Two current directors – Vivienne Sugar and William Powell are interesting – she works for central and local gov as a management consultant – used to advise Welsh Gov until 2013. Mr Powell is president of Welsh Lib Dems but also a member of Welsh Gov EU advisory group and is on the Powys Police and Crime panel was also an assembly member.

    1. Oh that’ll be the Paul Starling, the Investigative Journo who leaves no stone unturned except for the massive great rocks which held the lid down on Dafydd et al!

      The old farts like Hywel Francis threw a hissy fit because they alleged that the Bevan Foundation was being taken over by Third sector professionals. I’m sure that it was, but Hywel Francis et al were just as hopeless but in a different way.

      Who will speak for those at the bottom of the heap? No-one, no-one at all. It is far more important to keep the Top Doctors on side.

  8. Received another nice e mail informing me how many laws Victoria Winckler’s lawyers have broken, particularly with regard to Data Protection. I am being advised to take the matter to the Information Commissioner.

    I do appreciate the advice and it’s welcome, but as with the SRA, I don’t see the point of wasting my energy doing it. Some two years ago I received information that confidential details about myself had turned up on someone else’s records in England, on their medical records and on their police file! The lady concerned contacted me, we went everywhere, absolutely everywhere, including to the Information Commissioner. We got nowhere. My details are given to whoever feels like accessing them. Then I was sent the confidential details of another patient of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. I contacted the Betsi, received a snappy letter demanding I return the notes IMMEDIATELY, as though I had fucking well burgled the Betsi and stolen them. No, the Betsi sent them to me instead of my own records!!!

    I know that structures and systems are in place but they do not work, they are not designed to work and no-one cares if they don’t. Someone altered my police record to show crimes against my names that I have never been charged with and someone else in Chester Court forged a certificate of indictment saying that I’d pleaded guilty to violent disorder. I’ve never been charged with such an offence. The North Wales Police were asked to sort this out two years ago. They haven’t.

    It’s organised crime and I am far more interested in blogging about it and naming the guilty parties than battling with yet more corrupt people who will never, ever sort it out.

    Catch out a few Top Docs and Judges? You’ll be harassed for the rest of your life and the injustices will just pile up. There is no resolution. Meanwhile, there’ll be a few more media articles about Safeguarding And Listening To The Victims.

    #Me Too! Oh fuck off and engage your brains.

    1. Hilarious, thanks to the reader who’s just sent me the info re the Bevan Foundation with the gen about the Windbag! Great stuff. It’ll be in a post soon, I’m just finishing a post off at the moment, but I’ve got a whole load of recently-discovered sinners to name, so I’ll get going on a follow up post soon…

  9. No mention of a Linda Ward on Harding Evans website – obviously very junior – what a surprise!( Lots of partners and managerial even admin getting a mention with a pic )

  10. Either you are being disingenuous or you are just not that bright in the way you think you haven’t libeled someone.
    You have done it yet again in your post above by claiming Mrs. Winckler’s lawyers have “broken the law” and your pal’s claims about the way they wrote to you are just rubbish and legally incorrect.
    You don’t seem to understand how your very long screeds weave a long tale that implies everyone you mention in an unfavorable light is by proxy, guilty of something.
    Now I have no knowledge of Dr. Winckler or indeed most of the people you mention (I only came across this website by accident) but after reading some of your very, very long posts I begin to think everyone mentioned IS guilty of something (and often I don’t know what).
    I don’t know if your method is deliberate or just a stream of consciousness put down “on paper” but I can see many accusations in your writings. Are they true? I have no idea but if they are not true then you have defamed people.
    What I do know about: is suing for libel as I’ve been involved in a dozen cases (I’m not a lawyer but I’ve aided many in researching for such cases).

    For instance: You have now libeled her lawyers by accusing them of “breaking the law” and therefore of legal negligence in respect of their client Dr. Winckler.
    # It is very normal for a solicitor to demand a potential defendant, certainly in a libel allegation, to demand payment for legal costs to date and in many cases, the person accused of libel WILL pay those costs- if after their own legal advice they don’t have a leg to stand on- to avoid the ruinous costs if the matter proceeds to court.

    Libel cases are extremely expensive for both parties. A lawyer can ask a court to force a defendant to deposit funds in a holding bank account if it looks like they will simply fight a losing case to run up costs for the plaintiff, or even have a lien placed over their property- usually their house- to ensure eventual costs are paid if the defendant loses the case. And that can be done long before someone is “found guilty” or “innocent”.
    In fact: those who flippantly say they will ignore threats of a defamation action are usually only people who are broke, don’t have a job and live in rented accommodation as pursuing a “man or woman of straw” is simply not financially worth it.
    Anyone who owns a house should take threats of a defamation action VERY seriously but even if they don’t own tangible property they should as well as if a plaintiff is serious and you lose a case even just bankruptcy will stuff up your life for the next 10 years for no good reason.

    My advice to you would be to NOT ignore any letter that threatens a defamation case against you (read up on Katie Hopkins) and grandstanding on such threats of legal action can end up bankrupting a person (Hopkins over ONE tweet when she could have easily backed down).
    By mocking such a solicitor’s letter you are enhancing the libel (if you have defamed the person) and basically compounding the offense. All of these things are taken into consideration by a judge when awarding damages- depending of course on whether you have defamed the person.

    And that’s the trouble with the Internet- everyone just thinks they can write anything and get away with it because so often, they do get away with it.
    Yet when someone complains all you have to do is take their complaint seriously – after all they are human as well and have strong feelings- and look into the matter and correct it if you have made a mistake.

    1. Sam –

      Many thanks for taking the time to write. I accept many of your points and yes I know that libel laws are complex and can have serious consequences.
      To out a long story short: I have 10,000 documents in my possession which you have not seen. You have not seen the solicitor’s letter which Victoria Winckler sent me. You have not seen the e mails and advice that I have been given since Victoria wrote me that letter. You do not know me or as you admit Victoria.

      So you are not really in a position to comment are you?

      I did reply to Victoria’s solicitor’s letter as soon as I received it. I have stated quite clearly on this blog that if Victoria wishes to provide me with details of factual inaccuracies that I have published, I will amend. I have heard nothing more.

  11. Sam – it might be a good idea for you to read ALL of Dr Bakers blog (it may take some time as there is a lot of very interesting info) – it will give you a far greater background on which to base your comments. UUuuuuuuummmmmm comparing this with Katie Hopkins? Come on – she lives in a different world entirely and she indeed does make the most dis-respectful comments which I believe are just her own views and doesnt think before she says/writes them. Dr Baker has endured a lifetime witnessing these terrible goings on by professionals who we believe act with the utmost integrity – they achieve their powerful positions and think they can do whatever they like and crush anyone underfoot who dares question them. It has been going on for years and will continue to do so because everyone runs scared and no-one stands up to them for fear of their own lives being ruined. It may be a good idea if MORE people came out of the woodwork to voice their fears then maybe the likes of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and many, many more celebs would not have been allowed to ruin the lives of many innocent people. NOW THAT IS A FACT!

    1. Many thanks for the supportive comment Emily, but I suspect that ‘Sam’ may know rather more about me that he/she pretends!

      I do occasionally receive comments from folk like ‘Sam’ who are sufficiently literate and well-educated to brief me on how much trouble I will be in and if I am not worried about that, then I am a fraud or really, really thick. They only need to have read one blog post to realise that I am an academic myself who worked in medical research at postgrad level with some of the biggest names in medicine…names who were later disgraced…

      Why Sam bothered to write to me I do not know. If he thinks that I am a liar or an idiot, why would he ever have put the energy in to it?

      The reason why I think that Sam might know me is that some of the phrases that he used in his e mail were exactly the same as those that were used to me by Dafydd et al. ‘We are humans too’, ‘you say that we are all guilty’, ‘you are disingenuous or stupid’. No, I had just come across a fucking paedophile gang but I didn’t realise that at the time…

      1. PS. In terms of me claiming that ‘they’re all guilty’.

        Take a long hard look at what has happened to EVERY NHS whistleblower. They were all destroyed, whether they were a nurse, a junior doctor, a consultant heart surgeon, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, a senior pharmacist, consultant psychiatrist or even the Chief Exec of the Royal Cornwall NHS Trust. There is a long list beginning to build up and the same themes run throughout every case of anyone who has dared scream ‘Oh God, just look what is happening’. They are comprehensively trashed as is anyone who dared support them. Their friends and family come under fire as well to make damn sure that everyone else who knows about the wrongdoing gets the message – ‘one word from you lot and you’ll be fucking ruined’.

        In places like Wales, the NHS is the biggest employer and the only hope that many people have of a well paid secure job. If they’re not working in the NHS, then one of their family will be. Isn’t the NHS the biggest employer in the world, apart from the Chinese Army?

        Would you take on the Chinese Army if you witnessed them killing people Sam?

        1. Yes I did take on the Chinese Army. Because I was 21, I had a place to do medicine myself and I just thought that I had come across three really, really horrible mad and abusive Top Doctors…

          I know differently know Sam, which is why I have refused to shut up. This lot are seriously nasty and the British state should have taken the medical establishment down years and years ago. Passing the gynae records of a member of the Royal Family around because she’s pissed them off in some way? I bet those records found themselves in the possession of a tabloid as well but the tabloid knew that it would have been curtains for them if they published. Didn’t stop the Top Docs hooting with laughter in private and discussing the Royal lady’s condition which they (erroneously) linked to her alleged promiscuity.

          By the way, one of the female Top Docs involved in the sneering had sex with 7 different men in one weekend herself. I don’t mind, its her choice, but pots n kettles come to mind…

          What is the Top Doc who clocked up 7 blokes in one weekend now doing? She’s the lead consultant in a London clinic who gives interviews about FGM and advises young women on whether they should go in for a designer vagina or not. I saw her featured in a women’s glossy magazine a couple of years ago.

          I tell you Great British Public, if you had sat in St George’s with that lot for a year, you would never, ever put your health in their hands again.

  12. There are only a few hours in our lives when we are not controlled by the higher echelons and the powers that be and that is the time between when we are born and when the birth is registered – we are then given a number and thrown into the mix and they try and mould and shape us into what they want us to be – every now and then someone comes along who upsets their plans!!!!!!

    1. Well I chucked a spanner in the works from the very beginning. Among the stories surrounding my birth was that I was taken home on a tractor – I was born in the winter of 1962 and no normal vehicles could get from the nursing home in Wellington where I was born back to the farm where my parents lived – and there was also some sort of row because my birth wasn’t registered within the time limit.

      Rules being what they are, many of them which surround babies are rather odd. Brown had an Uncle Barry and when Barry was born, Brown’s gran wasn’t allowed to register him as Barry because it wasn’t a ‘proper’ name, she had to register him as Baron.

      Unfortunately the state has long since considered babies as its own property, even under many circumstances when babies are still in utero. It wouldn’t matter so much if that state and its agents knew what they were doing and acted in the best interests of the citizen, but they don’t. They screw up constantly and get very nasty indeed when someone gains evidence which demonstrates this.

    1. I’m not sure that we should encourage Sam Emily! People like Sam have an endless capacity for tying themselves up in knots with their ‘well you are obviously haven’t told us the full story’ and ‘I suggest that you take this threat to sue you very seriously’ and ‘are you perhaps not who you say that you are at all?’

      I have met so, so many of them, working as Trained Angels with added Masters Modules or Expert Witnesses With Forensic Experience. They continued when I had waved goodbye to the Services and began publishing with Brown. One Trained Bastard told us that we were naive simplistic academics with no understanding of mental healthcare. So I gave him a bit of background on us… There was no apology or climb down. Just an even angrier reply reminding me that just because I was a Service User didn’t mean that I was Right! I’d be the first to agree, but then I wasn’t Right as a naive simplistic academic either. Who is Right? People who are Trained of course. It’s why so many of their patients have such dire outcomes after they have been Helped.

      They receive Training in only one thing – the ruthless manipulation of any situation and how to shoulder the blame very firmly onto their victims. You will not beat them at it, they have all achieved the highest levels of that particular discipline. Take a look at any psych patients nursing notes. You’ll roll around laughing.

      An old lady dragged out of a room in distress, violently, by Angels. The old lady was ‘supported to leave the room’.

      It is truly horrible.

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