Dr Victoria Winckler v Dr Sally Baker: Update

My post ‘Dr Victoria Winckler Threatens To Sue Dr Sally Baker’ explained that on 27 Sept 2018 I received a letter from Harding Evans, solicitors acting for Dr Victoria Winckler, the Director of the Bevan Foundation, informing me that Victoria was going to sue me for damages because I had defamed her on this blog. The letter from Harding Evans was surprisingly unprofessional for a firm of solicitors who are demanding money. It contained some fundamental errors and allegations that I had made statements that I have never made; the letter broke the code of professional conduct to which solicitors are obliged to adhere in a number of ways; and more worryingly the letter was sent to the address of two friends of mine, an address at which I have never lived but only ever used as a postal address after I went into hiding on the first occasion. There is only one source from which anyone could have accessed that address and that is from the database of the Bevan Foundation, an organisation of which I was a member at the time. So data protection law was breached by someone.

I e mailed Harding Evans as soon as I received their letter, mentioned that they had attributed a number of statements to this blog which were not on the blog and never have been and asked them how they had accessed my friends’ address. I have never received a reply. I put up my post ‘Dr Victoria Winckler Threatens To Sue Dr Sally Baker’, telling Victoria Winckler that I would be happy to discuss with her at any time anything on the blog which she believes to be genuinely defamatory and of course I will amend it.

I have heard nothing from Harding Evans or Victoria, although I did e mail Harding Evans again asking them once more from where they acquired the address of my friends and reiterating that it is difficult to amend allegedly defamatory comments/phrases which I have not made.

Yesterday I received an e mail from the hoster of this blog. It was an e mail from their ‘misuse of the internet’ dept and attached to the e mail was a copy of a letter from Harding Evans. The letter was virtually identical to the original letter which Harding Evans sent me, alleging that I had defamed Victoria, that she would be seeking damages and again repeating my alleged defamatory phrases, some of which have never appeared on the blog. Harding Evans made no reference to my e mails to them or to my offer to amend the blog after discussion. The letter that Harding Evans sent my hoster has no contact details in terms of e mail address and phone number for Harding Evans. My hoster asked me to remove the passages of text from the blog which Harding Evans had identified as defamatory within 48 hours, explaining that if I didn’t do this, they would have to start an investigation which would result in my blog being taken offline.

I raised my concerns with my hoster that they are jumping when being told to jump in response to a communication from someone who has breached data protection law and who has failed to respond to my efforts to discuss the matters with which they are concerned, but told my hoster that I was happy to completely remove the paragraphs identified in order to keep my blog online, because I have more posts planned.

I have now deleted everything from this blog that was identified by Harding Evans as being ‘defamatory’. I have not replaced any of it with anything else, I have simply deleted it as Harding Evans requested. I cannot delete the comment that ‘Dr D.G.E. Wood is an active paedophile’ because I have never made that comment on this blog or indeed anywhere else.

Yesterday afternoon I e mailed my hoster telling them that I have deleted everything as requested and asked them to confirm that I have responded to the complaint and will not be taken offline. I am a little concerned because I have not received a response from my hoster and the process of taking a website down is an automatic one if a complaint is not addressed. I was given 48 hours to delete the paragraphs which have traumatised Victoria Winckler and that was yesterday morning. I will try again today to elicit a response from my hoster. If this blog disappears tomorrow morning, it will be related to this matter…

On the previous occasions that there has been a threat to this blog, readers have e mailed me and told me that they will save the contents to preserve the information that I have posted up. Can I ask anyone with the time, energy and inclination to do this please, just in case it all disappears tomorrow morning, because if it does it may take me a while to contact the (at the moment unresponsive) hoster and resurrect the content. People have also asked if I’m on twitter so that they can follow me if the blog disappears. Sorry, no I don’t do twitter, my blog is my only online presence; I write a blog because it is pretty much the same as writing a book or a series of academic articles of which I have plenty of experience. Taking to twitter and other platforms would not suit my purpose and would eat into valuable researching and writing time.

I do reply to all e mails though, so if readers cannot access the blog tomorrow, please do e mail me and I’ll keep you updated


Diolch yn fawr/thanks very much,


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. I was wondering the other day about that highly irregular solicitors letter. If I recall correctly didnt they give you a deadline to fill in a ‘I admit everything and here is a bundle of money’ document? Well you presumably havnt heard from them? Very bizarre to now hear from your hoster – with no email/phone number contact for Harding Evans. If it was me I would be inclined to ring them (Harding Evans) and ask what is exactly going on – I would be more than happy to do that for you – I know they cant discuss confidential matters but there are ways and means of getting some kind of indication about what is and what isnt. It is in the public interest to keep the blog going.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thanks for the message. Yes, the original letter helpfully enclosed a confession for me to sign and a promise to give Victoria money!

      I am not worried about the threats in the solicitor’s letter per se, they are so obviously nonsensical and were clearly an attempt to frighten me. However, Harding Evans are doing exactly what MIND did all those months ago when they launched an attack on the blog, in that because I have refused to respond to an irregular solicitor’s letter, they are using the automatic complaints system of my hoster and will demand an investigation into my ‘defamation’, which even if I am cleared will take the blog offline for goodness knows how long…

      I cannot contact Harding Evans, except to write to them via the post! They won’t reply to e mails or phone calls… I have tried very hard!!

      Please could you put the word out to anyone possible to save copies of the blog? I think I know what the pressure is to get me taken offline, it is because I have discovered a possible link between Dafydd and the Lord Lucan case; St George’s Hospital were in it up to their eye-balls re declaring Lady Lucan mad and delaying such so that Lord Lucan disappeared and Dafydd was involved with corrupt dealings re St George’s. He knew them all down there long before I ever went to work at St George’s and I have been told that giving me that job there was an elaborate trap anyway, it was to get me down there, harass and frame me, get me out of medical research for ever and discredit me so much that I would never ever be believed if I went public. I would be forever the crazed dangerous genius who even got into a medical school which just shows how Wicked I – and of course Brown – were. Nasty stuff. And designed to blow any more witnesses out of the water as well.

      I’m still digging.

      On a more local level, I am soon going to be naming more Educationalists in north Wales who were/are part of it all, I have been told that they are panicking.

      Please do save n share the blog as much as possible, I’m aiming to get another post up by tonight naming TONY BANKS, yes that Parliamentary much loved wit and animal rights activist knew all about Dafydd…

        1. And Aled Griffiths describing himself as a ‘legal expert’ and appearing on S4C isn’t the best idea that anyone’s ever had either.

          Another name – Sian Ashton.

          Now fess up, all of you. You are a disgrace.

  2. It took them long enough to try to get you shut down Sally – the highly dubious solicitors actions on behalf of more than Victoria I would think failed first time around now this. Will certainly save as much as possible of this fascinating document /blog. Presumably it is not any of their business what you write if you have removed the part referring to victoria of the bevan foundation anyway?

  3. anon,
    They are all so fucking arrogant and complacent – with good reason, look what they have got away with throughout so many police investigations and public inquiries!! – that their usual reaction to any challenger is to laugh, sneer and quip about their insanity/stupidity. I had that for years. The next stage is to pretend that they haven’t noticed you. I had that too – ‘Sally Baker?? Completed the fastest PhD in the history of the University of Wales? Oh no, of course we haven’t noticed’. ‘Sally Baker?? Published two books within months of finishing her PhD? No, we haven’t noticed.’ Then come the Smears and the Insults. ‘Well haven’t you noticed that everything that she’s published has been co-authored with Brown? Well it’s all him isn’t it, we all know that, SHE’S not actually doing any of it.’

    Brown and me used to piss ourselves laughing at the comments re Merfyn. Those we know and love were so obviously green with envy, they’d sit there snapping ‘Governor of the BBC?? He does nothing’. ‘Well of course HE’S only got there because he’s friends with the right people.’ ‘Of course he was only ever a mediocre historian.’ The best one was when Merfyn was the only Guvnor to survive the Hutton punch-up – ‘I’ll tell you why he’s still there. It’s because he’s so unimportant that no-one’s noticed him.’

    One day Brown observed ‘this is a man who has pushed the boundaries in historical analyses of Wales and wrote and directed a behemoth of a TV series..’ Yes Brown, that was their problem. If Merfyn had been a social worker in Gwynedd they’d have loved him and like Meri Huws, he would have been given air time on S4C to talk about his fucking clothes and ‘sense of style’. Ludicrous, although the construction of Meri as a fashion icon on the TV did cause an exchange of e mails, the contents of which will never be forgotten, it was as good as the official announcement of John Farrar’s retirement. Screams of laughter from the offices of the oppressed…

    It is constant harping and unpleasantness and if you manage to ignore all of that and still make progress, you get the Plagiarism Of Your Work and the Bucket Of Shit Over Your Head.

    They have done it to everyone who has ever posed a threat to them and I watched a number of really nice, high achieving academics at Bangor receive this treatment. Then the gwerin all Gathered As One To Overthrow Merfyn. By destroying him in any way that they could, including treating him like dirt in public, planning to frame him for a criminal offence after his wife died at the hands of the Top Doctors and then conspiring to cause patient deaths when he became Chairman of the Betsi Board in order to ensure that he left public life under a massive cloud and would never reappear.

    Throughout all of it, the self-styled gwerin rely on the decency and dignity of their victims to keep schtum re the disgusting tactics of the gwerin. When Merfyn was attacked in the local paper – allegations were made that we knew were not true and we knew who had made those allegations and why – I and others sought advice from a Senior Friend and asked whether we ought to show support for Merfyn by raising our concerns with the paper regarding what they had felt able to publish. The Senior Friend told us not to, they said that we shouldn’t sink to the level of the gwerin; I suspect that the Senior Friend knew that this was far, far worse than the local north Wales press, this was all coming from No 10 and it was something that a group of junior researchers could never handle.

    The one thing that all the targets have been far too polite to say is this:

    All this trouble, all of this muddying of waters and constant scrapping in north Wales is because the gwerin ran the fucking Westminster Paedophile Ring. Virtually every professional person in north Wales colluded in some way and they know that a great many of them should have gone to prison. It is nothing to do with the Welsh language, or Welsh culture or an imagined Welsh past. Welsh people, Welsh people who were the victims of the gang, really, really suffered. Most of the elite recipients of the sexual services from those underaged kids were as English as one could be and were kicking Wales at every opportunity. Since when did Sir Peter Morrison or Lord St John of Fawsley vote Plaid and singalonga Dafydd Iwan??

    Ymo O Hyd. Well perhaps they’d like to all fuck off, they have now been exposed for what they are.

    By the way, I have now heard from my hoster, they have thanked me for amending the blog re Victoria and told me that they had to respond because they could be potentially liable for damages too if I were sued. Although that is hardly an explanation for responding to complaints about phrases which have never appeared on the blog anyway and it seems a little inconsistent with the claims of other techies that there is nothing that can be done about tweets throwing sexual threats and insults at female MPs. If Diane Abbott and Jess Phillips want to silence the idiots who hurl abuse at them online, all they have to do is to tell those who are bombarding them with crap to mention the Westminster Paedophile Ring and they’ll soon be warned…

    1. Thanks to the person who’s just told me that Harding Evans have an office near Julie Morgan’s office in Cardiff and a big network across south Wales; yes, Victoria could have been encouraged to do this by a number of people.

      I’ve been asked if they could try and get me with the proposed new stalking laws; yes, that occurred to me the other night when I heard about the proposed legislation on the radio. Who is pushing it through? Top Doctor Sarah Woolaston. I was very disappointed with that, she has always seemed rather more well-balanced than other Top Doctors whom we know and love, although I know that support for her in her constituency is collapsing, they are not happy.

      Sarah Woolaston knows as well as I do that the police have now admitted that stalking laws have been used by stalkers to harass their victims! Such as when Sarah’s own colleagues in north Wales repeatedly made complaint to the police about me ‘stalking’ them. Er, one of those being ‘stalked’ had invited me for coffee, purchased me presents and used this ‘friendship’ to extract info from me about Brown, whom they knew was a real threat to them. Even as blatant as to ask, once I’d finished my PhD, ‘oh and what about Brown? Are you um still er close to him? Er has he got a girlfriend at the moment?’ And I was stalking them… Another person whom I was stalking and was so frightened of me that she had been offered a safe house to escape from me made a written admission that she had only met me once, it was years ago and I wouldn’t recognise her if I saw her. Then there were all the other memos between those whom I was stalking asking each other if they knew what my current address was, where I was working and of course what Brown was up to….

      If I can be prosecuted for staring at a social worker in Safeways, there is no need for anymore legislation. The stalking laws have not saved anyone from any stalkers, the problem from real stalkers results entirely from the police not taking action when people are in genuine danger. Such as when all those kids in care and Empowered Service Users told the police what was happening to them only to be ignored, insulted or arrested themselves.

      The police have massive powers under current legislation if they choose to use them. Sarah Woolaston is trying to drive through legislation in which the Victims Of Stalkers – Top Docs running a trafficking ring perhaps Sarah?? – can raise civil orders against their Stalkers WITHOUT the burden of proof necessary in a criminal court. In other words, Dafydd will find it even easier to have people who complain about him named in the High Court. Dafydd won’t even need to plant the evidence if Sarah’s legislation is passed, he can just spout any old shit to the police and they won’t even be able to say as Sgt Tim Evans once said to the Top Docs re me ‘she has rights too, we cannot just arrest her when she hasn’t done anything.’ After Sgt Evans dared to say that, Tony Francis complained to the Chief Constable about Sgt Evans….

      Perhaps Sarah would like to have a chat with the former probation assistant in north Wales who told me all about the trouble that he was having with his ‘stalker’. The stalker was so awful that this man’s friend hurled abuse at her in public, calling her a nutter and a bitch. Soon after this, I found out the truth. The Stalker was a woman who had learning disabilities whom the probation service assistant had used for sex and then told to get lost. The learning disabled Stalker had been going to his house to ask why she had been dumped. Had he not told everyone that she was a Mad Stalker, that man could have been in a great deal of trouble. Or perhaps not, he was employed by Gwynedd County Council and the North Wales Probation Service, that would be enough to make him bullet-proof.

      It’s called Snobbery and Violence Dr Woolaston and it is not very pleasant.

      1. Linda Evans. Employed as a student counsellor at Bangor University. Offered a ‘service’ to students and in at least two cases of students who had blown the whistle on organised abuse rings – who’s complaints were ignored – and who later told Evans about this, Linda not only broke confidentially by discussing the cases with other staff but she then wrote letters to other members of the gang asking if they could ‘do lunch’ with her. Linda then ‘did lunch’ with them and told all – ‘let’s do lunch’ was code for ‘we’ve got a student who’s naming names here’.

        You Linda are in a great deal of trouble. You were doing that while Merfyn Jones was the VC of Bangor University and was being undermined by the trafficking gang whom you were colluding with. As for the man in Devon whom you protected, he was abusing girls as young as 12 yrs old for decades and decades. Complaint after complaint after complaint. He had groups of girls down there Linda and was telling them that in Pacific countries older men like him have lots of young girls as wives and teach them about sex… He pretended that he was an anthropologist who had Lived With Tribes. Group sex with 12 yr old girls, who were then scrapping with each other for his favours. He was offering residential holidays to school girls…He got away with it every time and years later when one of his previous targets turned up at Bangor University she told me how you responded when she told you what had gone on. You certainly made sure that she never returned for any more counselling sessions.

        He is still advertising holidays for young people!

        Linda also refused a ‘service’ to any students who had previously been Hergest patients. No reason, totally unlawful, just refused to see them. Then the Hergest refused them further ‘services’ as well. Meanwhile, Merfyn was seriously concerned that the University were going to be sued by a student who was unable to access care for mental health problems.

        Down the police station now Linda you stupid, nasty irresponsible idiot. And take your mate Sadie Francis with you. I’m sure that the police can put on a lunch for you both, they are obliged to provide grub for those in custody…

        Ah we have a lady doctor and a female counsellor available because most people Prefer To Talk To A Woman!!

        Christ not those two, pure bloody evil…

        1. Linda was a mate of Meri Huws! Why are we not surprised?

          Linda wasn’t just a counsellor, she was a specialist in Widening Participation! What a fucking joke that was, Meri Huws travelling around Gwynedd on an orange bus paid for by the Welsh Gov’t to encourage disadvantaged mature students to enrol for university courses. They didn’t. Of course they fucking didn’t, the whole of Maesgeirchan knew Meri as that slapper of a social worker who was part of the gang in the 1980s who put them in the bloody children’s homes.

          So Meri bollocked on about people having ‘low aspirations’. None of them had such low aspirations that they serially shagged Welsh Gov’t Ministers because they wanted to be the Labour MP for Conwy once Betty Williams had retired…

          1. What did Linda’s mate Sadie Francis do when Sadie retired from her job in Dafydd’s gang? Sadie enrolled to do a degree at Bangor University, in the Dept of Lifelong Learning. Meri was the Head of Dept and Linda was one of Meri’s minions!

            Meanwhile Sadie’s husband Tony enrolled in the School of History to do a degree and then a Masters. Where was Merfyn’s Chair? The School of History!

            Ever seen a VC under attack from a gang of vicious paedophiles? Well I watched it for years… It was crystal clear that this was being co-ordinated by someone in a very, very high place…

            Brown’s mum was found dead in the middle of all of it all.

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