Educational Excellence For All

‘Educational Excellence For All’ was the title of the Welsh educational policy approved in May 1995 by the Wales conference of the Labour Party. Policies such as this that are approved by the Wales conference are then passed on to the Labour Party’s NEC and it is the NEC that puts the stamp of approval on them. The devolution proposal entitled ‘Shaping The Vision’ was also approved in May 1995, whereas in May 1996 the policy ‘Preparing For A New Wales’ was approved by the Labour Party Wales conference. These grandiosely titled policies were of course written and approved pre-devolution while the Labour Party was in opposition and firmly blaming all deficits in Wales on the Tory Party who had been in Gov’t since 1979.

I am of the opinion that Westminster Tory Govts have done Wales absolutely no favours at all but this blog makes clear that the rot in politics in Wales inflicted massive damage itself, including during the years when the Labour Party was in Gov’t at Westminster, many of those years being ones in which the Labour Party was dominated by Welsh Labour politicians. Sunny Jim, Jim Griffiths, George Thomas, Cledwyn Hughes et al have a great deal to answer for. See previous posts eg. ‘The Grotesque Chaos Of Barcelona’.See the source image

When ‘Educational Excellence For All’, ‘Shaping The Vision’ and ‘Preparing For A New Wales’ were approved, the Labour Party knew that it would soon be in Gov’t in Westminster. The Shadow Secretary of State for Wales was Ron ‘I Was Looking For Badgers’ Davies, who’s lifelong dream of being the first FM in the new Welsh Assembly was cruelly snatched from him when it was in the brink of becoming a reality after the unfortunate Moment Of Madness on Clapham Common with a black male sex worker called Boogie.

Ron led the Shadow Wales team from 5 Nov 1992 until Miranda became PM on 2 May 1997 and appointed Ron Secretary of State for Wales, a post that Ron held until 27 Oct 1998, when Ron resigned following the encounter with Boogie. Talent in Ron’s Shadow team who promised Educational Excellence, the Shaping Of Visions and the Preparation For A New Wales included the Ale Twat and Win Griffiths, both of who had pursued political careers of anything but Excellence. After Win left politics he became Chair of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust See the source image and Chair of Wales Council for Voluntary Action, where yet again Excellence and Visions have escaped Win. As well as serving as the MEP for south Wales, 1979-89, Win was MP for Bridgend, 11 June 1987-11 April 2005 and served as junior Minister in the Welsh Office, May 1997-29 July 1998 alongside C, when Ron ‘I Was Looking For Badgers’ Davies was Secretary of State for Wales. Win was succeeded in his Bridgend seat by Labour’s Madeleine Moon, 5 May 2005-6 November 2019, who was MP when the publicity with regard to so many young men who had ‘committed suicide’ in the Bridgend area during 2007-08 received UK-wide coverage. Amidst the outpouring of Caring and demands that Men Stop Bottling Things Up, no-one ever got to the bottom of why those young men died.

Madeleine has spent much of her life and career in locations of Giggles. Born in the North East England, Madeleine attended Whinney Hill Secondary Modern Girls’ School (now part of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School) then Durham Girls’ Grammar School (became the sixth form of Durham Gilesgate Sports College and Sixth Form Centre). Madeleine went to Madeley College of Education (later part of North Staffordshire Polytechnic), gaining a Cert Ed in 1971, then Keele University, where she gained a BEd in 1972. A few years later, Madeleine was off to University College, Cardiff, where she gained a CQSW and Diploma in Social Work (DipSW) in 1980. Madeleine worked for Mid Glamorgan County Council’s Social Services, 1980-96, then for Swansea Council, 1996-2002.

Swansea Council’s Social Services were a disaster area that did even Wales proud. Matters were as usual ignored until the murder of baby Aaron Gilbert in May 2005 made national headlines and Swansea CC was obliged to extract its head from the sand. After the inevitable Serious Case Review which could not help but highlight the decades of fuckwittery on the part of Swansea CC, Swansea CC pioneered an argument that has since been used by other total numpties in the face of professional catastrophe. Precisely, that The People Who Murdered Aaron Are Now In Prison. There Will Always Be Evil People Who Kill Children And Social Workers Cannot Stop Them. The response of many to this extraordinary washing of hands was ‘Well in that case send Swansea Social Services home and save on their salaries’. Not that anyone did and Madeleine Moon certainly didn’t suffer any deleterious consequences herself.

The trial of Aaron’s mum and stepdad that followed his death made legal history because Aaron’s mum was convicted not for the murder or manslaughter of Aaron or even for injuring or neglecting him – she wasn’t even in the house when he was killed – but because she had ‘failed to prevent his death’. As indeed had Swansea Social Services and scores of highly paid people who knew Aaron, and unlike Aaron’s mum and stepdad were not volatile young people living in poverty under the Care of the Authorities themselves.

Brown and I wrote about the Aaron Gilbert case in our 2012 volume ‘Responsible Citizens: Individuals, Health and Policy under Neoliberalism’. When our colleague at Bangor University Catherine Robinson read the manuscript she said quietly ‘but you’ve named names’. We said ‘Yes but all the names that we’ve named have appeared in the public domain and we haven’t broken confidentiality’. I then received an e mail from Catherine asking us to remove her name as third co-author of the book, so we did. Catherine bagged a Chair at Bangor University soon afterwards and virtually never spoke to Brown or I again or any colleagues who remained working with us. Catherine was then appointed to the Welsh Gov’ts newly created advisory body of Experts, the Public Policy Institute for Wales and now holds a Chair at Manchester University, doubling up as an adviser to the Westminster Gov’t. Catherine was one of those who, in private, responded to Swansea CC’s defence of their failing to keep Aaron Gilbert safe with ‘Sack them and save on the salary bill’, although she ensured that her name was never anywhere near public criticism of Swansea CC.Professor Catherine RobinsonSee the source image

Madeleine Moon launched Crossroads (a charity that supports carers) in Porthcawl. Crossroads are well known for supporting Gigglers as much as carers. Carers who are not of Gigglers Shall Not Pass re Crossroads. Moon represented Bridgend Council on the Sports Council for Wales, on Tourism South and West Wales and was National Chair of the British Resorts Association, 1999-2001.

Moon has lived and worked around Bridgend for over 29 years, is a former Mayor of Porthcawl and was a Councillor for Porthcawl for 13 years. Madeleine Moon was PPS to Lord Drayson, Minister for Science in the Dept for Science, Innovation and Skills.

Madeleine Moon has written and spoken extensively on prison reform and policing. In 2014 Moon called for the armed forces to overhaul their policies on investigating bullying.

The late Aaron Gilbert: 

The very much still with us Madeleine Moon:

Madeleine Moon
Official portrait of Mrs Madeleine Moon crop 2.jpg

In November 2018 Moon was elected in Halifax, Nova Scotia as President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Moon has been a member of the UK Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly since 2010.

When reporting on the Parliamentary expenses scandal, The Torygraph stated that Moon had claimed for furniture items bought near her primary residence in Wales; claims were allowed for her second home in London but not for her primary residence in Wales. Moon claimed that the furniture, although bought in Wales, was for her second home in London.

Madeleine married the ecologist Steve Moon in 1983; the couple had one son David, a Socialist and Lecturer, born in May 1984. So Madeleine and Steve welcomed their new arrival just as Prof Eric Sunderland – from Durham University of Giggles – arrived as Principal of UCNW, as part of the See the source image in response to my complaints about Gwynne. Steve Moon died in March 2015.

Now Then. Madeleine’s former boss Lord Drayson.

The Lord Drayson
Paul Rudd Drayson 02.jpg

Lord Drayson signing a memorandum. (2006)
Minister of State for Strategic Defence Acquisition Reform
In office
8 June 2009 – 11 May 2010
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Position abolished
Minister of State for Science and Innovation
In office
3 October 2008 – 11 May 2010
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Preceded by Ian Pearson
Succeeded by David Willetts(Universities and Science)
Minister of State for Defence Equipment and Support
In office
6 May 2005 – 7 November 2007
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Preceded by The Lord Bach
Succeeded by The Baroness Taylor of Bolton
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
1 June 2004
Life Peerage
Personal details
Born (1960-03-05) 5 March 1960 (age 60)
Political party Labour
Spouse(s) Elspeth Bellhouse
Relations Brian Bellhouse (father-in-law)
Children 5
Residence Nether Lypiatt Manor
Alma mater Aston University
Profession Businessman
24 Hours of Le Mans career
Years 2009
Teams Drayson Racing
Best finish 28th/NC
Class wins 0

Paul Rudd Drayson, Baron Draysonis a businessman, amateur racing driver and Labour politician. While Drayson was Minister of Science in the Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills, Mandy was the ultimate boss of that Dept. Previous posts have discussed how Mandy’s right hand aide in that role was the daughter of Ron Evans, Ron the crooked solicitor who worked for Gwynedd County Council during Peak Giggles and who was Brains behind the fitting up of the Gang’s targets. My documents demonstrate that Ron was masterminding the forged documentation, the perjury, the conspiracy, Ron had access to my NHS records, although Ron didn’t work for the NHS, he wasn’t a practitioner and he wasn’t even a legal advisor to the NHS in any official capacity. He was so useful that NHS Top Docs and managers were drawing on his help, as was Andrew Park, the crooked Welsh Office lawyer. Ron’s daughter grew up on Anglesey, in Llandegfan where I lived, 1983-86 – along with all those Top Docs and Bangor University staff (see ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’) – became a lawyer like her dad and entered the Civil Service.

I’ve only just twigged that Ron’s daughter was Mandy’s right hand woman when there was outrage because Gordon had appointed Mandy effectively as PM; Mandy – in the Lords and unelected – was President of the Council, First Secretary of State AND Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade. Mandy was given responsibility for just about everything. Peter Mandelson, September 2008.jpgThere were flow charts appearing in the media demonstrating how much of Gov’t was answerable to Mandy and how he had more power than the PM.

Gordon who married Sarah who was on the psychology degree at Bristol with the daughter of one of the most abusive Gwynedd social workers, Sheila Jenkins, friend of Sadie Francis. Sheila who lied repeatedly about me to the police.Sheila who’s daughter shared accommodation owned by D.G.E.Wood, in his vast garden at Llandegfan, for a year, with a girl who knew me very well from UCNW and knew Brown. We even spent a few evenings at their place chatting to Sheila Jenkins’ daughter…

Sheila’s name is on my documentation Mandy and Gordon. You are aware by now of the COMMON CRIMINALS with whom that lot did deals in order to wreck the lives of targets then Mandy and Gordon? The scumbaggery of the street criminals Peter Mandelson, September 2008.jpgof north Wales leads straight to your doors. It’s all on my documents, these were people with whom your aide(s) were on excellent terms as either family members or friends.

Sheila Jenkins died years ago, I think just after I finished my PhD. The old cow had a huge stroke, was paralysed and dependent upon Carers. They were abusing her and one of her mates, another Gwynedd social worker Judith Stammers – both Judith and her husband Malcolm had worked with Gwynne and Dafydd in Denbigh – found Sheila on the floor crying, where the Carers had er thrown her. As ye sow, so shall ye reap Gwynedd. Peter Mandelson, September 2008.jpgYou WANTED this variety of welfare service, it is what you have got.

Sheila’s daughter who was mates with Gordon’s wife went into Mental Health and is Helping Others! What a fucking travesty. After Sheila’s death, the Gang held a Conference in Bangor, ‘Remembering Sheila’. Hywel Williams, Plaid MP for Caernarfon – a former Gwynedd social worker who worked with the Stammers’ et al with Gwynne and Dafydd in Denbigh – was Guest Of Honour and the event received widespread media coverage. Empowered Service Users who could never forget Sheila no matter how much they’d liked to have, looked on aghast.


After losing his Ministerial positions in the General Election 2010, Drayson decided to devote himself totally towards his motorsports company Drayson Racing Technology. Paul is Chairman and CEO of Drayson Technologies Ltd. After attending St Dunstan’s College, Drayson graduated from Aston University in Production Engineering, followed in 1986 by a PhD in robotics. Paul was at Aston when Brown was a student there, when Aston was run by Thatch’s Favourite VC, Sir Freddie Crawford of Serious Organised Crime and while Sir Freddie was in partnership with other criminals in professional and academic positions, including those at UCNW, in particular the Gigglers in the Dept of Psychology, as a result of Prof Tim Miles’ dyslexia work, carried out in collaboration with Prof Margaret Newton of Aston.

After Brown supported me in the face of the Gang, Sir Freddie hosted other Gigglers of north Wales including Martin Jones, who subsequently became the nightmare of a CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust and Prof Dylan Jones-Evans, Adviser To The Welsh Tory Party and Guru of Welsh Entrepreneurial Activity who has been sacked from nearly every university in Wales. At least Dylan still has his column in the Daily Post.

If Lord Drayson knows the story behind the death of Sir Freddie’s off-the-rails son who’s corpse was found in an hotel in Israel some years ago after Crawford Junior spent years boasting that he did whatever he wanted and never ended up in trouble because of who his dad was – as many an Angel and Top Doc who Treated Sir Freddie’s son can testify – pray do tell Lord Drayson. The cause of death was heroin overdose, a favourite method of dispatching witnesses to the Giggles who had in the past used Class A drugs.

Lord Drayson, did you hear about that Eton-educated friendly but excessive student on the human psychology degree with Brown, 1980-83, who had one hell of a drugs habit, rarely turned up to lectures but when he did, looked extraordinary? Brown told me all about him in the letters that were stolen and sold to the Digger and George Carman! Do you remember Brown telling me that the Friendly Toff had taken steroids in the mistaken impression that this would expand his willie – ‘I want to be hung like a horse’ – but had grown a huge bum as a side-effect? Did you know Ian Oliver from Fishguard of whom a number of women students complained but no action was taken? Lord Drayson, did you hear about Paul Bates, the Aston student who threatened to murder Brown and a few other people, trashed Brown’s room in Hall with a swordstick and then tried to kill Brown a few years later? What about Diane Underhill, the mature student who befriended Brown and did a Dirty Deal to bag herself a job as a Clinical Psychologist with the Gigglers in Bangor?

I’ll give you a bit of info Lord D! Remember how Brown used to write songs and poems eg. ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Handsworth’ in Tribute to the many overt racists in Brum and he wrote one about Guy Cumberbatch, the Senior Lecturer at Aston, so Diane went and told Guy, knowing that Guy was shafting Brown at the time and would be even more inclined to do so if he knew that one of Brown’s works had been about him? Diane never saw the work involved, it lived at my house in Llandegfan and when Brown moved in after his Finals in May 1983, and Guy and his mistress subsequently came up to stay with us, Brown hid the lyrics in the linen cupboard lest Guy found the song. So if Diane still wants to know, Lord D, the song was to be sung to the tune of ‘Golden Brown’ and the chorus was ‘Never a Scratch/With Cumberbatch/Texture Like Fruit/Pissed As A Newt’. You can tell Guy that he still owes Brown the money for so much of that work that Brown did as well, for the Houses of Parliament project, the NUM work etc.

I wonder if Lord D was one of the undergrads who was invited to the rooms of Prof Elwyn Edwards of Aston, greeted by Elwyn wearing nowt but his silk dressing gown – with nae panties a la Dafydd – offered drinks and then found Elwyn’s hand on their thigh. I have blogged about Elwyn previously – Elwyn did very nicely for himself after Brown and I complained about Gwynne’s Giggles! – but I can’t find out who Elwyn’s Giggling family was. Elwyn was Welsh and had passed through Liverpool, he was of the Gang, but Elwyn’s origins are a mystery. At least to me.

Anyway, here’s a reminder of Sir Freddie and his Influential Friends (see previous posts for further details):

Opening of Aston University’s new Computing Suite on November 11, 1986. See the source imageLeft, The Rt. Hon. Kenneth Baker MP PC, then Secretary of State for Education and Science, with (centre) Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Frederick Crawford (1980-1996) and (far right) Chancellor Sir Adrian Cadbury (1979-2004). Standing in the background between Crawford and Cadbury is visiting academic Edward A Feigenbaum, Prof of Computer Science at Stanford University, who gave a lecture on “The Library of the Future”.

Ken Baker had a great deal to do with the shafting of F by the Gang (see previous posts), including the framing and imprisonment of F in 1986 for Class A drug offences and arson. Sir Freddie knew them all at Stanford University because although Sir Freddie was British, he was a Prof at Stanford University when he was headhunted for the role of VC of Aston, 1980-96. Why a former Prof at Stanford would need to waste his time being a leading Freemason in Brum I don’t know, but that is what Sir Freddie did. I suppose it enabled him to rub noses with the Gang’s mates, including Professor Robert Bluglass and the corrupt police officers of the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, including Sir Ron Hadfield, the Top Cop who Cleaned Up as Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police, June 1990 until July 1996.

Sir Ron Hadfield was a pal of the Gang who was one of Ronnie’s advisers during the Waterhouse Inquiry, just to reassure everyone that Witnesses statements were taken by police officers of Sir Ron’s who were Nothing To Do With The North Wales Police. Independent Adviser Impartial Sir Ron had previously served with Lancashire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police and Derbyshire Constabulary, and was, from 1987 to 1990, Nottinghamshire’s Chief Constable. The Gang were partnering key officials, Top Docs and er police officers in all of those forces when Sir Ron served as a Top Cop with them.

Ioan Bowen Rees, CEO of Gwynedd County Council, 1980-91, that Proudest Of Proud Welshman, early in his career worked as a solicitor for Lancashire County Council. When I first reviewed Ioan’s career path I could see the potential for Giggles everywhere that he dropped in, but Lancashire?? Silly me; it was Cyril Smith, afforded complete protection by everyone before and after he became an MP, including fellow Lancashire MPs Harold Wilson and Babs Castle. Previous posts discuss the framing of Stefan Kiszko, an entirely innocent Lancashire man with Downs Syndrome for the ‘orrible rape and murder of 11 year old Lesley Molseed in Oct 1975. Those involved were Known Gigglers of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, including one of Tony Francis’s former colleagues, Top Doc Michael Tarsh. Stefan was fitted up and remained in prison for years although many knew that he was innocent, because of the chain of blackmail taking place over Cyril Smith.

Sir Ron was Top Cop in Nottinghamshire when the Nottingham Satanic Panic took place, which took some beating, even by the standards of Satanic Panics, what with social workers in pursuit of the Leader of the Satanic Ring who had been named by an infant as being a Mr Poo Pants. I had previously assumed Mr Poo Pants to be this well-known crooked Nottingham barrister and MP See the source image but what if it was a Top Cop, See the source imagein the way in which some of Sir James Anderton’s officers in Greater Manchester suspected that he might have been the Yorkshire Ripper?

Ron became Sir Ron in Brenda’s Birthday Honours of June 1995 by which time another Ron, Ron Evans the crooked Gwynedd County Council solicitor who was Brains behind keeping the Gigglers of north Wales out of prison and their victims in prison, knew that the Gigglers could be in very serious trouble what with newspaper headlines, serious allegations and the Jillings investigation that was underway at the time. Ron told everyone that they must never tell anyone what they had done because it was so serious and so indefensible. John Jillings who Chaired the Jillings investigation was the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services. One member of the Jillings Panel was Jane Tunstill, who, after the Jillings Report, was appointed Prof of Social Work at Keele University, which already hosted Gigglers.

In 1994, Eric Sunderland announced his decision to stand down as Principal of UCNW/Bangor University, although he was in good health, lived another 20 years, continued in public life and to be involved in the University. Eric was succeeded as Principal by Prof Roy Evans, the PVC of Cardiff University – an engineer who knew the engineers who dominated Aston University of Giggles – originally from Carmarthenshire a la Eric and so many other leading Gigglers eg. the Pink Un, Jim Griffiths, Lord Elwyn-Jones, the Rosa Parks of Wales etc. See eg. ‘The Grotesque Chaos Of Barcelona’.

Sir Freddie’s Proud Achievement as VC at Aston was the creation of Aston Science Park, while Aston had the highest suicide rate among students of any UK university and even a few staff committed suicide, including Brown’s colleague Ron Easterby, whom it was considered by many had been hounded to death by Crawford’s henchmen.

Sir George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury, CH, DL (15 April 1929-3 September 2015) was the Chairman of Cadbury and Cadbury Schweppes for 24 years, and a British Olympic rower. William Shelton (see eg. ‘Under Suspicion) the Tory MP for Clapham, 1970-Feb 1974 and Streatham, Feb 1974-92, a big mate of Thatch and a resident of Dolphin Square, who was such an Important Man re the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Madam Cyn’s, Bodger and Ollie et al that I still have to fit the many pieces of Bill Shelton’s criminal empire together. ‘Under Suspicion’ explains how Bill Shelton succeeded Duncan Sandys as the MP for Streatham, Sandys the son-in-law of Churchill and business colleague of Edward du Cann, Tiny Rowland et al who was never named in the Profumo Affair but, like Gwynne and Dafydd, was at the centre of it. Among Bill Shelton’s numerous business interests was Cadbury Schweppes…

Sir Adrian was a pioneer in raising the awareness and stimulating the debate on corporate governance and produced the Cadbury Report, a code of best practice which served as a basis for reform of corporate governance around the world. 

Cadbury was a member of the Cadbury family, the Quakers of Chocolate. Incredibly enough the Gang have close Quaker connections, shored up by Jeremy Fry, close friend of Mr Thrope as well as of Gwynne’s pal from the Middlesex Hospital Top Doc Roger Gilliatt and Lord Snowdon, Lord Snowdon being the biological father of Jeremy’s daughter Polly. Polly was conceived at a shagfest at Jeremy’s house near Bath, at about the time of the announcement of the engagement between Lord S and Ma’am Darling. Roger Gilliatt was Lord Snowdon’s best man at his wedding to Ma’am Darling.

Cadbury was educated at Eton and King’s College, Cambridge. At Cambridge, he rowed in the losing Cambridge boat in the 1952 Boat Race. Cadbury also rowed in the Great Britain coxless four in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. Thus Cadbury will have known the Browns’ former neighbour in Stogursey, General Lonsdale, a famous Olympian who competed in the 1930s but was an organiser of subsequent Olympics, including the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki. General Lonsdale knew about Giggles and associated crime in Somerset – and elsewhere as well, General Lonsdale came from the North East – and as far as I know, never Giggled himself but was friends with a great many Gigglers in High Places, including High British Army Places, High Tory Party Places and High Olympic Games Places. See eg. ‘He Was Looking At It In A Funny Way…’

Cadbury had two marriages; in 1956, he married Gillian Skepper, who died in 1992, and with whom he had two sons and a daughter. In 1994, he was married for the second time, to Susan Sinclair. Cadbury joined the Cadbury business in 1958, and became Chairman of Cadbury Ltd in 1965, retiring as Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes in 1989. Cadbury was a Director of the Bank of England, 1970-94 and of IBM from 1975 to 1994.

Robin Leigh-Pemberton was Guvnor of the Bank of England, 1983-93, throughout the incumbencies of Chancellors Nigel Lawson, John Major and Norman Lamont – Leigh-Pemberton is known to have been ‘Thatcher’s choice’ – and his son Tommy was one of the members of the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club who bumped into Mr Bridgy Celeb in Bristol in 1986-87, subsequently becoming good mates with Mr Bridgy Celeb and even established a business with him. Tommy enjoyed his Class As; his friendship with Mr Bridgy Celeb didn’t last as long as Mr Bridgy Celeb’s friendships with the other DSC pillocks did because Tommy met an unfortunate end when he was shot dead in Nairobi. See the source image The media were simply told that Tommy died ‘in an accident’ but the DSC tossers who cluttered up Fiddington at the time told Mr Bridgy Celeb that, for Sport, Tommy liked driving dangerously around Nairobi and it was known that one of the embassies there contained some trigger happy people who would shoot at speeding drivers. So Tommy, being, in the words of the DSC Tribute to him, ‘as brave as a bull’, intentionally drove past the Building Of High Risk and was shot dead by an unidentified gunman inside.

I was in the room when Mr Bridgy Celeb and others were told that this was how Tommy had died, but now I know how serious the crime with which Tommy and his mates were involved and that Mr Bridgy Celeb had been befriended by them because of Brown and I complaining about Giggles, I suspect that Tommy was murdered to shut him up. The DSC were all liabilities but Tommy more than most. The others who were contemporaries of Tommy’s were not quite as they were when they were in their early 20s and had worked out that the crime was Very Serious, so they had begun to disguise themselves as Cool Younger Posh People rather than dangerous idiots, but Tommy was a dangerous idiot through and through and didn’t care who knew it. Furthermore his dad was the Guvnor of the Bank of England and things could get very difficult indeed.

The Lord Kingsdown
Lord Kingsdown.jpg

Lord Kingsdown in the robes of a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter
Governor of the Bank of England
In office
Preceded by Gordon Richardson
Succeeded by Edward George
Personal details
Born 5 January 1927
Died 24 November 2013 (aged 86)
Nationality British
Children Hon. James Leigh-Pemberton
Alma mater Trinity College, Oxford
Profession Economist

Previous posts cover Robert “Robin” Leigh-Pemberton, Baron Kingsdown, and his activities, as well as those of his family and friends in detail, so I’ll just emphasise the most important. Lord Kingsdown reigned over Kent, a county over which Thatch and Denis had great influence because of their business connections and also because Thatch had, back in the dark ages, unsuccessfully stood as the Tory candidate in Dartford and had spent a lot of time, with Denis, cultivating the People Who Mattered in Kent. Furthermore, Denis and Thatch’s close friend from those days, Bill Deedes, most famous as the Methuselah of the Torygraph, had served as the Tory MP for Ashford in Kent for years and had been in Supermac’s Cabinet in the era of Gwynne’s Giggles and the Profumo Affair. See previous posts…

Robin Leigh-Pemberton was called to the Bar in 1954 and practised law for several years. He eventually became Chairman of the National Westminster Bank, then Governor of the Bank of England in 1983. Leigh-Pemberton was appointed to the Privy Council in 1987 and created a life peer on 14 July 1993, as Baron Kingsdown, of Pemberton in the County of Lancashire. He became a Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1994 and was also the Lord Lieutenant of Kent. Between 1979 and 1992, Robin served as Honorary Colonel of the Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry and between 1977 and 1984 he served as Pro Chancellor of the University of Kent. Robin was also a Supporter Of Canterbury Cathedral. Robin served on the Board of Directors of the Bank of International Settlements

One of Robin’s sons, one who wasn’t assassinated, James Leigh-Pemberton, continues the family’s association with the Duchy of Cornwall The association began with Robin, who served as the Duchy’s Chancellor. James has followed up as Receiver-General of the Duchy. The Hon. Sir James Henry Leigh-PembertonCVO (born 10 December 1956) served and might still serve as the Executive Chairman of UK Financial Investments. James was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. He started his career at S. G. Warburg & Co. before becoming a Managing Director at Credit Suisse, Investment Banking in London. On 7 July 2008, he was appointed CEO of Credit Suisse’s businesses in the UK. James Leigh-Pemberton is also a Trustee of the Duke of Cornwall Benevolent fund and the Royal Collection Trust. James was appointed Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) in the 2013 Birthday Honours. He was knighted in the 2019 New Year Honours, after I had begun blogging about him and his family. The honours aren’t fooling anyone James, indeed they are looking a little silly. Brenda gave one to Wendy Craig the other day, someone else who was mentioned in the letters between Brown and me when Brown was at Aston after an encounter that Brown had, it is ridiculous.

Brenda, prepare to give a gong to bad tempered, foul mouthed, violent show jumper of yesteryear Harvey Smith, Brown came across him when Brown was a student as well. You’ll remember Brenda that after Harvey Smith was arrested for assaulting someone who had expressed republican sentiments, Smith had said ‘I’ll kick anyone who doesn’t support the Royal Family’. Brown told me in his letter that Harvey would be kicking us next. I’m only surprised that no-one commissioned him to do so.See the source image

Harvey the Colourful Character, yet another example of ‘If anyone else carried on like him…’. Harvey (and his son) have got away with a great deal in their capacity as farmers and horsemen in Yorkshire, as their neighbours up there know. What’s your secret then Harvey?

James’s brother, Jeremy Leigh-Pemberton, is a Deputy Lieutenant of Kent and is the Parish Chairman for the neighbouring parish of Wormshill, probably not such an onerous responsibility as being Chancellor or Receiver-General of Carlo’s Duchy, but I’m sure that Wormshill keeps Jeremy busy.

Now Carlo, please tell us all what you know about that incident in Nairobi.

Adrian Cadbury was Chairman of the UK Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance which published its Report and Code of Best Practice (“Cadbury Report and Code”) in December 1992. Cadbury’s report advocated a clear division of responsibilities at the head of a company so that no one individual had too much power. I wonder if the real consequence was to ensure that no one individual could ever be held responsible for a Disaster of Bhopal-like dimensions? Or indeed UCNW or NHS dimensions, should Brown and I ever find a lawyer to agree to take such a case?

Cadbury was a member of the OECD Business Sector Advisory Group on Corporate Governance. His publications include: Ethical Managers Make Their Own Rules; The Company Chairman; Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View. See the source imageSir Adrian was appointed High Sheriff of the West Midlands for 1994–95.

Sir Adrian had a long-standing relationship with Aston University. He served as Aston Chancellor between 1979 and 2004, later Chaired the University’s Development Board, and was one of the University’s most generous supporters. As Chancellor Emeritus, Sir Adrian contributed to undergraduate and postgraduate courses, speaking in particular on governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Sir Adrian was also a Patron of Aston Raise and Give Society, the fundraising body of Aston University. As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of Aston Business School in 2008 – Dylan is a Proud Product of the Aston Business School, as is Martin Jones!! –  Sir Adrian was awarded a rare Beta Gamma Sigma Business Achievement Award. Aston Business School’s MBA lecture theatres were also named after Sir Adrian and Lady Susan Cadbury, in recognition of their long association with Aston University.

Freddie Crawford dissolved the Psychology Dept at Aston and merged it with the Aston Business School. So Dylan and Martin were certainly in the right place. They’ll remember the Hounding Of Ron Easterby and Brown being forced out of his job at Aston in July 1995.

Anyone for a K for Mr Poo Pants?See the source image

Adrian was made a Knight Bachelor in 1977. He was given the Freedom of the City of Birmingham in 1982. Adrian was appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands in 1995.

In recognition of his contribution to commerce, corporate governance and public life, Sir Adrian has received honorary degrees from many universities (including Aston University, the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Bristol). The Royal Society of Arts awarded Sir Adrian its Albert Medal in 1995, and he received one of the International Corporate Governance Network’s inaugural awards in 2001. In early 2008, Sir Adrian was made an honorary fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Sir Adrian was a steward of Henley Royal Regatta and the President of Birmingham Rowing Club. Crooked old Tory businessman from Swansea Michael Heseltine served as MP for Henley, 1974-2001. Heseltine was already familiar with the Commons, having served as MP for Tavistock in Devon, 1966-74. Hezza had even by then accumulated a great deal of money from his dodgy business adventures, including a property developing company that utilised the labour of some helpful medical students to renovate properties in the area of London around Kensington where so many St George’s staff lived; Hezza’s properties seemed to have been used as knocking shops. Another of Hezza’s business ventures was his publishing of the magazine ‘Topic’, which he purchased in 1962 from Supermac’s son Harold Macmillan who was at the time also swindling my father, then farming in Devon. I’ve been told that although when the fleecing of farmers by Maurice’s dodgy business became a public scandal and Maurice was named in the press, the involvement of his old dad in the fly-by-night company didn’t receive publicity. I’m curious as to who else was a Director of the company, which I think was called Armchair Pigs. Most Apt.

See my post ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’ for much more info on Hezza, who was close to many more Gigglers than just Maurice Macmillan.

Sir Adrian Cadbury was appointed Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour (CH) in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to business and the community, especially in Birmingham.

LADY SUSAN JACQUELINE CADBURY was born in May 1939, is British and resident in the UK. Lady Susan was a Director of BIRMINGHAM SETTLEMENT SALES LIMITED.
Company Name Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
BIRMINGHAM SETTLEMENT SALES LIMITED Dissolved – no longer trading Director 2007-01-10 until 2009-06-22 RESIGNED

Sir Adrian has a brother, who, like Adrian, is a Sir who ran the family business and presided over a university in Brum:

Sir Dominic Cadbury
Sir Dominic Cadbury, the Chancellor of the University of Birmingham - 20120705.jpg

Sir Nicholas Dominic Cadbury (born 12 May 1940) was the sixth Chancellor of University of Birmingham, May 2002-2014. Cadbury was born on 12 May 1940, the son of Laurence John Cadbury and Joyce Cadbury, and the grandson of George Cadbury. He was educated at Eton and after graduating from Trinity College, University of Cambridge, Sir Dominic completed his MBA at Stanford University. Dominic Cadbury joined Cadbury Schweppes in 1964. He was appointed to the Board in 1975, serving as Group Chief Executive, 1983-93, then as Chairman until his planned retirement on his 60th birthday on 12 May 2000. Dominic’s non-executive positions include Chairman of the Economist Group and Joint Deputy Chairman of EMI.

UCNW had a hotline to EMI via physicist Professor Gareth Roberts, who grew up in Penmaenmawr and had the good fortune to be a PhD student/junior researcher at UCNW during the Profumo Affair. There was no holding Gareth back after that; during Gareth’s journey to the most senior positions in Cambridge University and on Govt advisory committees, Gareth passed through EMI… See previous posts.

Dominic is also a member of the Council of Management of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. In November 2005 he became the Chairman of Misys plc. Misys has since undergone several name changes; it was originally an insurance software company, then expanded into banking software then healthcare software… The company is international and has access to data on targets of the Gang and just about everyone else.

Cadbury was appointed Chancellor of the University of Birmingham on 2 May 2002 upon the retirement of Sir Alex Jarratt. In 2013 Cadbury was succeeded by Lord Bilimoria

Dominic Cadbury married Cecilia Sarah Symes in 1972 and they had three daughters. Cadbury was knighted in Brenda’s 1997 Birthday Honours, months after Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry.

Previous posts have discussed Sir Peter Scott, Giggler of Sir Clough’s old Oundle boys circle – son of Polar Explorer Captain Scott – who served as Chancellor of Birmingham University, 1973-83. Sir Peter became famous for creating the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge in Wiltshire, for his BBC programmes and for founding the World Wildlife Fund. Sir Peter was also a keen yachtsman and competed.  Sir Peter was Chancellor of Birmingham University during the 1978 Birmingham Smallpox Outbreak, the result of catastrophic failings on the part of Prof Henry Bedson, the senior virologist (from a family of high profile Top Docs and scientists) at Birmingham University, who, hours after lab technician Janet Parker died from smallpox, was found in his garden with his throat cut and died in hospital in Brum days later in a way that was never explained because they’d saved his life a la the sliced jugular by then. See previous posts. Peter Scott was also in post when Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Giggler Robert Bluglass rose up through the Dept of Psychiatry in Birmingham University while Giggles went unchecked.

I have however paid insufficient attention to the Chancellor of Birmingham University who followed Sir Peter, Sir Alex Jarratt, who preceded Sir Dominic Cadbury as Chancellor. Sir Alex was Chancellor of Birmingham, 1983-2002, throughout the long and happy years of Bluglass Giggling at the top of the University and when Tony Francis’s former boss from Manchester University, Ian Brockington, was promoted to a Chair at Birmingham Medical School and thus joined Bluglass very soon after Francis had joined the Gang in north Wales in 1983 (see ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’). Jarrett arrived as Chancellor of Brum University as the Gang began to close in on Brown and I, Brown receiving the first murder threats in early 1983.

Bluglass achieved International Eminence when Jarratt was Chancellor and during Jarratt’s incumbency, was appointed to cover-up the Gang’s wrongdoing in relation to me, concealed the rapes and murders of patients as Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside, led many other Investigations and doubled up as a leading figure in the NHS in the West Midlands. Days after Bluglass submitted his whitewash of a Report to Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities and the Welsh Office in Aug 1989 after ‘investigating’ my complaint, Sir Peter Scott died from a heart attack in Bristol. The month before Bluglass Chaired the July 1989 hearing into my complaint, Tony Francis had already begun to organise the Secret Case Conference that was held about me in Gwynedd in Nov 1989, while I was busy at work in St George’s.

The Secret Case Conference was Chaired by Top Doc Chris Hunter, of whom I had never heard until some four years ago. Hunter received evidence re my Dangerousness from people of whom I had never heard until some four years ago, as well as from Jackie Brandt, the Gwynedd social worker who had unlawfully detained me in Aug 1986 and her colleague Keith Fearns, who had never met me at the time that he Gave Evidence. Chris Hunter concluded that I was Extremely Dangerous and should be sent to live with Jimmy Savile in Broadmoor, and offered to prepare a Court Report recommending this, although I wasn’t facing any charges at the time. I soon was, after the Gang had me arrested on the basis of their perjury. See ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’.

Although I knew nuzzing about this Secret Case Conference until four years ago when I obtained documentation relating to it, a lot of other people were sent Hunter’s Conclusions, including St George’s Hospital who recorded that I was Known To Be Very Dangerous but I had not yet been imprisoned because of my Very Clever Way Of Harassing People. Worrying comments in retrospect, because what followed was industrial scale perjury – the Secret Case Conference took place in Nov 1989 and the first of the some eight High Court cases against me during 1990 and 91 took place in Feb 1990 – designed to build up an image of me not just as a relentless Stalker and Harasser but as one who’s activities were escalating (indeed this very phrase was used with regard to me) who would seriously injure or kill someone if I wasn’t Stopped. All this while I beavered away at St George’s Hospital with Bodger et al.

Other people were encouraged to declare me to have Harassed them as well, including Donna Morgan, a student at UCNW who in 1991 bounced a cheque for £500 on me and stole everything of value from my house leaving me a note telling me not to bother to call the police because if I did, two of her mates from Rachub – Denise Baker and Malcolm Fox – would testify that I was insane and a danger to her as well as her young son no less. I did report the matter to the police who told me that Donna was ‘in a safe house after being threatened by a violent ex-boyfriend’ and refused to give me her location.

Donna was in reality living near Safeways in Bangor, going into UCNW every day for lectures and leaving her little boy at the University creche while shagging corrupt officers from the North Wales Police, who were openly joking about the services provided by Donna. One of the coppers who boasted of his Donna encounters was unpopular with the coppers in Bangor and was referred to as ‘The Little Fat Man’ by Sgt Tim Evans, who used to be called upon to arrest me by the Gang. Tim Evans was a neighbour of Mary Wynch’s in Caernarfon before Mary went into hiding from the Gang. Tim was investigated during the first police investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales and Cheshire – held between 1990 and Sept 1992 – and replied ‘No comment’ to every question.

Perhaps Tim can tell us the real name of The Little Fat Man who had got to know Donna when he was stationed in Llandudno and she was a kid in care there. It might be relevant Tim!

The MP for Llandudno throughout Donna’s adventures with The Little Fat Man was of course Wyn Roberts:

I obtained a County Court Judgement against Donna and went to UCNW to serve it on her. There was an attempt to throw me off of the premises after the Welfare Officer Fran Tate declared me to be Harassing Donna. I showed the security men the Court Order and they walked off wearing sour expressions. Meanwhile Tate contacted Donna and told her that I had secured a Court Order against her and not to come to the building where I was waiting. A few hours later I found the Donna Who Was In Hiding sitting on a bench in Bangor High Street and served her with the Court Order. She rapidly disappeared from Bangor and the University and her two mates Denise and Malcolm were indeed happy to tell third parties that Donna Had Left The Area because of the Dangerous Loony who was Harassing Her. Although one neighbour told them to fuck off because Donna had made claims of sexual harassment against her husband after receiving money and gifts from them. He got off lightly, subsequently Donna made fallacious allegations of rape against a man who was held on remand in custody before the case collapsed. Wyn Roberts’ brother was the Hon Eifion Roberts, a judge who was on excellent terms with the crooked police officers and lawyers of north Wales.

Donna Morgan, unlike any other kid in care whom I have ever met, spoke highly of Conwy social workers and said that they had always been very helpful to her. Denise Baker was a psychology student at Bangor who became a Mental Health Professional and was sacked from a series of jobs after she was deemed to be a danger to vulnerable patients. It didn’t stop Denise becoming Dr Baker-McClearn AFTER NHS Mental Health Tsar Prof Louis Appleby was obliged to sack Denise himself. Denise extracted a good reference from Louis and then bagged a job at Warwick University! Denise left Malcolm Fox – a cocaine dealer – for Sean, a member of the children’s social work team on Anglesey and they subsequently married. Sean left Denise a few years ago on the grounds that now the kids were older he just wasn’t going to tolerate Denise’s abuse any longer.

Before they split up, Denise surpassed herself by accusing a neighbour of sexually abusing her teenaged daughter when her daughter was very young. The daughter couldn’t remember it and there was no evidence, but it was enough to split the man’s marriage up and he was found dead a few months later.  I knew him, but not well; F and I had been neighbours of his and used to chat to him and his wife at the bus stop.

Denise went on to set up a Café in Bethesda for The Poor and within a short time there were complaints of her intimidating vulnerable people, exploiting staff, nicking the money raised for a charidee day, all the usual. The dreadful Denise left Gwynedd not long after she featured on this blog. When Denise was enjoying telling the world about my Dangerousness, she was a close friend of a teacher from Manchester who had been previously imprisoned for the sexual abuse of one of his pupils and had settled in Rachub, running the village PO with the girl whom he had been jailed for sexually exploiting when she was at school. She eventually left him and moved in with Malcolm Fox.

Malcolm was known to be a substantial Class A dealer but was never prosecuted. I wonder why?

After I began blogging, I was told that Denise was an undercover officer who had been sent my way  in 1989 to cause havoc and on the day that she and Malcolm were caught ransacking my house they were looking for any documentation in my possession that was evidence of the Gang’s criminality. They were caught by the wife of the man whom Donna later accused of sexual harassment.

Denise was a good friend of Patricia Margaret White aka Pats Reclin, a local woman who had joined the most extreme fringes of the hippies in the Bethesda area. Pats worked at the Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor and was happy to tell people that Nefyn Dodd, the manager, was appalling. Until the Waterhouse Inquiry, when Pats realised that Nefyn wasn’t a very nice bloke but she had never seen any signs at all that those kids were being abused. After the end of the Waterhouse Inquiry, Pats acquired a lot of money but no-one knew from where because she didn’t inherit it. Furthermore Pats set up shop as a Therapist in Bangor, changing her name to Isha.

Isha the Therapist worked from a room in a building that contained other Therapists, one being Rhiannon Jones, the daughter of Dr Eifion Jones, a marine botanist who was the Dean of Science at UCNW when I complained about Gwynne. Rhiannon completed her own degree in the Dept of Plant Biology just before I did, before Training as an Angel. By the time of the Gwynne Row in 1984, Rhiannon was married to Richard Bentall, a clinical psychologist working in Bangor with Dafydd, Tony Francis and the rest of Gwynne’s friends.

Richard’s dad was Prof Hugh Bentall, cardiac surgeon from Hammersmith Hospital, who controlled the grander end of the Gang there. See ‘Interesting Facts’. Hugh Bentall was a very rich man – Richard has inherited since his dad’s death – and owned most of Kingston-upon-Thames, as well as the constituency MP, Norman Lamont. In Office By Norman LamontBentall also owned the MP who preceded Norman in the seat, John Boyd-Carpenter. Boyd-Carpenter was a good mate of Thatch, having been Thatch’s boss in her first Ministerial role, in 1962 in Supermac’s Gov’t. Thatch and Boyd-Carpenter saw the Giggles of the Profumo Affair through together and Thatch remained loyal to Boyd-Carpenter ever after. B-C was from a Pedigree Tory family and his own descendants have remained loyal to the cause of the Gigglers. See previous posts.

Norman Lamont grew up on Shetland where his dad was the islands surgeon. The Lamonts knew the Blacks on Shetland, Black senior being a Presbytarian Minister, his son Douglas becoming Sir Douglas Black, Top Doc of Manchester for many years, providing umbrellas for Gwynne and the Gang. Douglas Black was appointed Chief Scientist at the DHSS in 1974, so the party really began then. Norman was purchased by Hugh Bentall as the MP for Kingston in 1970. Douglas has a son Andrew, who is a psychiatrist. Like Bluglass, Douglas and then Andrew Black Qualified at St Andrew’s. See eg. ‘The Logic Of Medicine’ for details of the Giggles of Douglas and his son Andrew. Andrew’s sister Teresa went to university to do languages, was unhappy, withdrew and rather lost her way. Douglas helped Teresa back into a Career, first as a volunteer at the local bin and from there, Douglas’s daughter became a Psychotherapist. Teresa Black is based in the West Midlands and specialises in Sexual Abuse.

Ah There’s Help Out There, All You Have To Do Is Ask! 

Pats/Isha had a son who, by the time of Waterhouse Report, was in his mid-teens and at Friar’s School in Bangor, who wanted to do medicine. He was offered a place but did surprisingly very badly in his A levels, well below the required grades. Cal – for that was his name, Cal Cave – decided to resit and reapply for medicine, although his grades had been so poor that no-one expected Cal to receive another offer. I am delighted to report that Cal did, from Edinburgh no less, the most elite, up its own arse We Hate Failures You’ll Have Had Your Tea University of Posh Scottish Top Docs. Cal Qualified from Edinburgh some years ago and changed his name. I have no idea where Cal is working now, but whilst I always thought that Cal was very pleasant as a boy, he is a Top Doc who is only a Top Doc because his mum kept her mouth shut about the paedophile ring that didn’t exist and worked in the home which was sending the kids out to Service rather grander customers than the local police officers.

Pats spent much of Cal’s childhood getting pissed or taking psychedelics at festivals and raves, so it was substantially the rest of the village who brought Cal up. Cal’s surrogate dad was a man called Lenny; Cal called Lenny Dad, although there was never any pretence that Lenny was Cal’s biological dad. Lenny was brilliant with Cal and wasn’t an irresponsible idiot like Pats; he spent a lot of time at Pats’ house in Rachub and he knew Pats well enough to have heard all about Nefyn Dodd before Pats realised that Nefyn wasn’t quite as bad as everyone alleged. Lenny was one of the blokes in Snowdonia in the 1980s who was ‘living on a climbing grant’. It was a quip about enthusiastic climbers, often former students of UCNW, who were living on benefits but didn’t give a bugger – because there were no jobs in north Wales apart from those in care homes and children’s homes run by the Gang – and who spent all their time climbing.

Lenny was an excellent climber, well known and knew the whole circle, including those mates of Sir Charles Evans, Jim Perrin etc who all knew about the organised abuse ring that didn’t exist. Ioan Bowen Rees was a keen climber, as was Huw Thomas, the CEO of Gwynedd Health Authority. Roger Alton, the one time Editor of the Observer, used to climb in Snowdonia regularly and knew that crowd, as did Zany Python Graham. Most of that crowd of blokes won’t have spent hours discussing Sexual Abuse a la Teresa Black, but they all knew that there was serious ‘cruelty’ in the children’s homes and everyone knew about Dafydd and Denbigh, they were legendary.

Bangor University was a centre for the training of teachers of outdoor education, led for years by Tim Jepson – now the North Wales Chair of the British Mountaineering Council- the course was famous. UCNW had a student mountaineering society, BUMS (Bangor University Mountaineering Soc). Walking and climbing were very popular with local professional people as well as those on the fringe of convention like Lenny et al; scores of academics, Top Docs, Council staff etc opted for mountains as their preferred recreation. Some of the best known mountaineers in Europe were based in Snowdonia. They in turn knew most of the Dept of Sports Science at Bangor, one of the leading Depts in that area of research. Dave Brailsford’s dad Steve worked in that Dept. Bangor University pioneered Sports Psychology and the Sports Psychologists definitely did know about the Gang…

So don’t worry about it world, for years Malcolm, Denise, Fran Tate, Donna Morgan and the rest of the criminals Knew All About Me and caused a lot of grief for a lot of other people as well. I never received the money that Donna owed me or recovered my stolen property, Denis and Fox were caught breaking into my house and ransacking the place, the man whom Donna had arrested for rape was wrecked as were so many other targets of these vile people who enjoyed the support of the corrupt professional classes.

Fran Tate had become Head Of Student Services at Bangor University by the time that I returned to do my PhD there and unlawfully withdrew a job offer as an assistant to disabled students that had been made to me once Fran realised it was me who had been offered the job. Tate was subsequently given a promotion to an even more senior job in the Registry where she told people of her determination to Get Rid Of The VC, Merfyn. It was extraordinary how Gwynedd was/is run by common criminals.

Once Merfyn had stepped down as VC, Fran retired – presumably her work at the University was Complete, there was no welfare service left, Merfyn had received years of grief and had gone – so Fran left for a well-earned retirement. Fran now works for Citizens Advice in north Wales, along with National Manager of CAB Lucille Hughes and CEO of Gwynedd CAB, Tal Michael, son of former FM of Wales Alun Michael. Alun grew up on Anglesey, graduated from Keele University, was a JP and a youth worker, and served as MP (and AM) for Cardiff South and Penarth, inheriting the seat from Sunny Jim.


Dr Chris Hunter of the Secret Case Conference starring people of whom I had never heard Giving Evidence about my Dangerousness worked at the Caswell Clinic in south Wales and at Ashworth on Merseyside. Hunter was the founder of Lawrence Ward, the Severe Personality Disorder Unit at Ashworth, which served as a prison for the Gang’s targets and was run by the Gang’s henchmen of the POA. When Bluglass was appointed as a member of the Fallon Inquiry in the 1990s to investigate allegations of abuse of patients in Lawrence Ward, Bluglass’s specific remit was to investigate the death of a patient who had been murdered by Angels ie. POA members. To assist with the investigation, Bluglass appointed two Senior Angels from Outside Of Merseyside. One was a Senior Angel from his own empire in Brum, the Reaside Clinic, the other was one of Dafydd’s Senior Angels from Clwyd Health Authority.

When I was assaulted in the Bryn Golau Peep Show in 1986-87 by Angel Stephen Rose, there was a refusal by anyone to investigate my complaint about Rose and when I persisted, I received a letter from Clwyd Health Authority saying that Stephen Rose had left their employment and was now working as an Angel at Park Lane so it was nuffink to do with them. Park Lane and Moss Side together made up Ashworth Hospital. When Bluglass Chaired the investigation into my complaint about the Gang in July 1989, at his Summing Up, after Bluglass began to lay into me and declare that what could I expect carrying on like this and as for my language it was dreadful, I responded by saying ‘But they BEAT ME UP, STEVEN ROSE…’ Bluglass replied ‘Oh but you didn’t tell me that!’.

The assault on the part of Steven Rose was mentioned in EVERY LETTER of complaint that I had written and was repeatedly referred to in the documentation available to Bluglass. It was Bluglass who didn’t mention it, didn’t tell me that he would ignore it, then closed the hearing without mentioning Rose. But then Bluglass ignored huge swathes of my complaint, including everything re Tony Francis. I only found out that Tony Francis had given evidence to Bluglass at the hearing when I received Bluglass’s Report weeks later and there was an account of Francis’s comments in that Report. Bluglass had documented that Francis was ‘most concerned’ that he had not been made aware of the details of my complaint.

Francis had received copies of letters, written by me, with full details of my complaint; I had sent copies of my complaints to Gwynedd Health Authority as well as Clwyd HA because both HAs were involved throughout. My letters were addressed to Mental Health Services Manager Alun Davies rather than to Francis, because in Aug 1987 Francis had secured an ex-parte High Court injunction against me, by perjury, with the assistance of Hempsons and the MDU, which ordered me not to communicate with him in any way. Breaching the injunction would mean an immediate application for my imprisonment on the grounds of contempt of court, as explained very clearly to me by Hempsons in a telemessage that arrived at our house in Leicester at 7am…

Why did I write so many letters? Partly because no-one at all would investigate my complaints, then further dreadful things occurred which yet again went uninvestigated, so I refused to just let it all pass. Of course many of the letters that I wrote ‘Harassing’ people were written to people who had told me that they knew what Dafydd was up to, it was terrible and I was welcome to write to them if I needed to. The letters were subsequently passed to NHS managers, lawyers etc as evidence of my Harassment.

The contents of the letters – I have copies of them here – make it quite clear that they were letters to people who had put on a display of friendship and ENCOURAGED me to write to them. In one of the High Court cases in 1990, my barrister Ian Murphy dared point out to the judge ‘These are friendly letters which have been written to people who showed the defendant friendship’.  Indeed. Tony Francis did of course tell all of us on our last appointment with him that we could contact him whenever we wanted at any time in the future; Francis’s MO was even to end the patter with a declaration that he remained friends with all clients afterwards. Tony then had us arrested if we did contact him and as the understandable aggro that followed from Empowered Service Users escalated, it was us Harassing Tony…

Robert Bluglass knew what was going on because he was doing the same thing. A friendly letter, to which the friendly reply would be kept and at some time in the future a comment would be made by Bluglass about his ‘surprise’ that he had received a letter… I was surprised to find that Bluglass had made such a comment about me, so I wrote and told him. He wrote back saying that he couldn’t understand why my letter had been ‘so different in tone’ to my previous letter. I told him that it was because I had now obtained documentation that showed quite clearly what he had been doing. Bluglass replied that it was all a very long time ago and he couldn’t remember anyway.

Here’s To Independent Experts!

It exceeded Entrapment, what was going on was rather more than that. I was not the only person to experience this, I knew other patients who had the same experiences and after I began this blog I received emails from people who had also been subjected to the same process and didn’t realise that it was the tried and tested method. It was the same story throughout; ‘he said that we could remain friends, something weird then happened, I tried to speak to him to clarify it and I was arrested…’

As usual it was not Just Me, this was what was happening and had been happening for years. Furthermore if the letters that had been INVITED weren’t sufficient to cause aggro for the writer, they’d be Doctored (so to speak) as were medical records. When the police are caught doing this, there is a great deal of fuss. The Top Docs do it routinely and have been doing it for many years and it is never questioned. Such practices could only go unquestioned by so many ‘professionals’ if they were widespread. No-one took to only forging documents about me, rational people would not have resorted to that on the basis of ooh just this once as it’s you Gwynne me old mucker..

Peter Fallon QC died on 5 Aug 2016. I had purchased this website days earlier and when Fallon died I was spending a few days with a friend who was providing me with basic tuition re wordpress blogs.

There are so many significant dates with regard to the Gang’s activities that I have failed to emphasise the date on which Stephen Dorrell, then John Major’s Secretary of State for Health, announced the Fallon Inquiry into Ashworth; it was on 7 February 1997. One month after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. There had of course been an earlier Inquiry into Ashworth ie. The Committee of Inquiry into Complaints about Ashworth Hospital, set up in April 1991, Chaired by St Louis Blom-Copper QC, who’s Report was published on 1 Aug 1992. Like so many other Saints, Louis was a pal of the Gang and in his capacity as Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission, 1987-94 had not only failed to act on all those very serious complaints but was a key player in the Cunning Plan devised by George Thomas’s best mate Leo Abse to have me fitted up and imprisoned  just after the June 1987 General Election… See previous posts for info on Louis and his friends and relatives, there are quite a few of them and they all Help People.

Louis was a great Committee, Royal Commission and Inquiry man and just as I thought that I had arrived at the point at which nothing for which Louis had been given responsibility would surprise me, I found that the British State had surpassed itself again: Louis was appointed Chair of the Royal Commission on Guns To Antigua in 1989.

After the assassination of Columbian Presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán on 18 August 1989, Colombian police raided the home of Columbian drug cartel leader Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, where they discovered hundreds of Israeli-made Galil rifles, including the one that had killed Galan. Colombia sought an explanation from Israel and it was revealed the rifle was part of a consignment of 100 Uzi submachine-guns, 400 Galil assault-rifles and 200,000 rounds of ammunition that had been sold and shipped by Israel to the Antiguan Gov’t. On receipt of this explanation, the Colombian Gov’t issued a formal protest note to the Gov’t of Antigua. PM of Antigua Vere Bird Sr. asked the Governor-General of Antigua

Wilfred Jacobs

to appoint a Royal Commissioner to investigate and, on advice from the British Foreign Office, Jacobs duly appointed Dafydd’s mate Louis Blom-Cooper. The Royal Commission under Blom-Cooper ‘uncovered an international conspiracy to ship Israeli-made weapons from Israel through Antigua to the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia’. Blom-Cooper’s Report was published in 1990: Guns for Antigua, Report of the Commission of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the shipment of arms from Israel to Antigua and transhipment on 24 April 1989 en route to Colombia.

It was in April 1989 that Bodger et al interviewed me and offered me the job at St George’s; it must have been towards the end of April because I was asked to start work virtually immediately and began work at St George’s in May 1989. It was all done with such haste that I remember ringing St George’s and speaking to Dr Cathy Wilson and the corrupt MSF rep David Hole to arrange temporary accommodation near St George’s, to enable me to begin work in May, when I was visiting the Bridgy contingent.

By that time Mr Bridgy Celeb had succumbed to the warm embrace of Tommy Leigh-Pemberton and his mates from te Dangerous Sports Club and David Kirke, the criminal from the DSC who posed as ‘an Oxford don’ when he committed his frauds, was ringing Mr Bridgy Celeb et al constantly unless Kirke was actually crashing in Somerset himself. I answered the phone to Kirke on one occasion and he began giving orders thinking that I was another member of the household. I simply handed the phone to someone else saying it was Kirke who had mistaken me for the other person and from the conversation that followed it was obvious that when Kirke was told it was me who had answered the phone, he had held a brief interrogation with a view to finding out why I was in Somerset. It was on that visit to Somerset that I was ringing St George’s arranging accommodation etc.

It was in [CHECK EXACT DATE] Aug 1989, the month in which the Columbian Presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán was assassinated, that Bluglass submitted his completed Report to the Welsh Office and Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities re my complaints about the Gang. Professor Hamid Ghodse, International Expert On Drug Abuse, was based at St George’s and Springfield Hospital. Ghodse was Tony Francis’s old mate from their days as junior docs in south Wales. Ghodse was the Top Doc who was running the big Class A drugs distribution network from St George’s and Springfield. Hamid’s wife Barbara held a senior management role at St George’s. See previous posts for extensive Hamid and Barbara Ghodse details; Hamid was a big, big player in professionals facilitating Class A drugs offences and died from cancer, in Kingston-upon-Thames, on 27 Dec 2012. Tony Francis had died earlier that year.

The Essentials: Persian-born Professor Ghodse was appointed to the first established Chair in Addictive Behaviour in the UK in 1987, at St George’s, the year in which Bodger’s mate Ollie Brooke was released early on appeal by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane. Ollie’s appeal was heard by Lane in May 1987, his was quietly let out of jail sometime in June, I think after the General Election which Thatch won by a landslide.

Hamid: Positions held at time of death:

  • Professor of Psychiatry and of International Drug Policy, University of London (from 1987)
  • President of European Collaborating Centres for Addiction Studies (from 1992)
  • Member of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (from 1992)
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Clinical Professors (from 1994)
  • Director of the Board of International Affairs and Member of the Council, Royal College of Psychiatrists (from 2000)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (from 2000)
  • Non-executive director of the National Patient Safety Agency (from 2001)
  • Director of the International Centre for Drug Policy, St George’s, University of London (since 2003)
  • Chairman of Higher Degrees in Psychiatry, University of London (since 2003)
  • Member of the Medical Studies Committee, University of London (since 2003)

Former positions

  • President of the UN International Narcotics Control Board (1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011)
  • Medical Director of the National Clinical Excellence Awards (2006)

Degrees and qualifications

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Iran (1965); Diploma Psychological Medicine (DPM), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1974); Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of London (1976); Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPsych), United Kingdom (1985); Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP), London (1992); Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (FRCPE), Edinburgh (1997); Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine (FFPHM), United Kingdom (1997); Doctor of Science (DSc), University of London (2002); Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), United Kingdom (2005).

See the source image

Like Hamid, Ruhi Behi, who spent many glorious years as Head of the School of Nursing (later rebranded as the School of Healthcare Sciences) at Bangor University, was Persian. This was so unusual at Bangor that Behi was known for ‘being Persian’. Behi had been an Angel at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and Being Persian will have been the equivalent to being from Mars at Denbigh. I suspect a direct connection between Behi and Ghodse. It would explain why Behi was loathed, was the cause of Bangor University being sued a number of times, so obviously had neither the qualifications or qualities needed to manage a university dept yet, no-one could or would shift Ruhi Behi. In the 1980s Behi had acquired a psychology degree from UCNW. Behi bagged that degree when Dafydd was still pulling the strings in the Dept of Psychology and when Dafydd’s daughter Dwynwen was completing her PhD in that Dept, having been given a place although the results from her first degree were far below the minimum that the Dept declared to be necessary to register for a PhD. Even that result will have been Doctored, Dwynwen fell well below the required standard. UCNW Psychology students at the time maintained that Ruhi did not sit his own finals. He was working as a full-time theatre Angel in the C&A Hospital in Bangor throughout his degree and was not even present in the examination hall for finals, although his name appeared on the graduation list. The only reason why his contemporaries knew Ruhi Behi was that some of them went on to undertake PhDs at UCNW or clinical psychology training there, thus They Knew. Ruhi acquired that degree some three years after I complained about Gwynne. See previous posts for Behi details.

Zany Python Graham died on 4 Oct 1989 ‘in a posh hospital in London’. Kirke had tried to persuade Mr Bridgy Celeb to visit Zany Graham in his final days but Mr Bridgy Celeb didn’t want to waste time on a dying man. Kirke openly hoped that Zany Graham would remember him in the will, but then when Zany Graham was far from dead Kirke openly referred to it being worthwhile knowing Zany Graham to collect ‘some crumbs from the rich man’s table’.

Zany Graham’s colleague John Cleese was a close friend of psychiatrist/analyst Robin Skynner, a Giggler who was born and schooled in St Austell, Cornwall and then at Blundell’s in Tiverton. Skynner’s dad owned a business mining and shipping china clay. Skynner served in the RAF, Qualified at UCH in 1952 before Training at the Maudsley, gaining his Dip in Psychological Medicine in 1957. Skynner spent the the rest of his career in London; in Child Guidance until 1970, then as a senior tutor at the Institute of Psychiatry/the Maudsley. Robin pioneered Group Analysis with German psych Dr S.H. Foulkes. Skynner founded the Institute of Group Analysis and the Institute of Family Therapy. Skynner also had a big interest in meditation and introducing that into his work, and had a long association with the Gurdijeff Society.

In the words of John Schlapobersky, who wrote Skynner’s obit for The Guardian after he died on 24 Sept 2000: During his early training Skynner had been influenced by a group of philosophers, including Bertrand Russell, Image result for bertrand russell imageswhose ideas influenced his own conceptual clarity and his publications introduce many original concepts to the field.’ 

John Schlapobersky has a heavy internet presence. This is how he appears on the website of the Bloomsbury Psychotherapy Practice:

John Schlapobersky BA Msc CGPJohn Schlapobersky

John is a psychoanalytic and couple psychotherapist and a group analyst accredited by the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and by the American Group Psychoherapy Association where he is a Certified Group Psychotherapist.  He established the Bloomsbury Practice in 2009 after many years in private practice at the both the Group Analytic Practice and Southwood Practice, now based in Finchley, where he continues to work. He is a Training Analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis and supervises on their Masters programme based at Birkbeck College University of London, where he is an Honorary Research Fellow.  He has also served on the teaching staff at the London Centre for Psychotherapy, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) and elsewhere; and is a Founding Member of the British Society for Couple Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

John was formerly Consultant Psychotherapist to the Traumatic Stress Clinic at University College Hospital London and The Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture.  He was Programme Chair for the Group Analytic Society‘s Symposium in 2011: Cultures, Conflict and Creativity.  He is a regular contributor at conferences and training events in Europe, Israel and the USA.   John’s commitment to creative innovation in psychotherapy practice includes the development of group therapy for couples based on the work of Robin Skynner whose clinical papers he edited and published in two books.

The Forum for Couples In Trouble, now based at this Practice, offers a range of services for couples and outreach links to other service agencies and practitioners in the field.

John is also a landscape photographer whose images illustrate this website.

2012: Introduction to:  Self-Experiences In Group Revisited: Affective Attachments, Intersubjective Regulations, and Human Understanding. Eds. Harwood, I., Stone, W. Pines, M.  Psychoanalytic Enquiry Book Series, Taylor Francis, New York.
2010: Group Methods in Adult Psychiatry (written with Malcolm Pines). In The New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry, Ed., Gelder, M., et. al., OUP.
2002: The Language of the Group: Monologue, Dialogue and Discourse in Group Analysis.  In The Psyche and The Social World Eds Brown, D., and Zinkin, L., Jessica Kingsley.
2001: The “Easy Hand”: The Problems of Domestic Violence in Marital Psychotherapy.  Bulletin of the Society for Psychoanalytic Marital Psychotherapy.  Vol 8, Summer 2001.
1988: Editor, Institutes and How To Survive Them:  Theory and Practice of Mental Health Consultation:  Selected Papers of Robin Skynner Vol 2:  Routledge.
1986: Editor, Explorations With Families:  Group Analysis and Family Therapy:  Selected Papers of Robin Skynner, Vol 1:  Routledge.

You can contact John by email or by phone on either:  020 7554 8853; or 020 8346 1515.

Skynner’s first two books, ‘One Flesh, Separate Persons: Principles Of Family and Marital Psychotherapy’ (1976) and ‘Families And How To Survive Them’ (1983) have been continuously in print. The latter, co-written with John Cleese, has sold some 353,000 copies in English editions and has been translated into 10 other languages. The clinical work on which it is based is available in two edited collections, ‘Explorations With Families: Group Analysis And Family Therapy’ (1986) and ‘Institutes And How To Survive Them: Mental Health Training And Consultation’ (Methuen 1989).

For his last 12 years of life Skynner enjoyed a relationship with Welsh landscape painter Josh Partridge, who ‘provided inspired care after he suffered a serious stroke in 1993’ following the publication of his last book, ‘Life And How To Survive It’ (1993), also written with John Cleese.

Schlapobersky tells us that Skynner: ‘struggled courageously against residual paralysis and his first speaking engagement after the stroke was the Jonathan Swift Founder’s Day Lecture at St Patrick’s Hospital Dublin in 1994. Skynner was a big man with an imposing presence. With his gait impaired by the stroke, and his long walking stick, he cut a remarkable figure. He travelled by himself and returned, elated, to report that his host, Anthony Clare, thanked him not only for the content of his lecture but for demonstrating to the audience by his spirit and bearing that there was no reason to fear old age.

Anthony Clare was another Gang associate in disguise as a Caring Media Doc. Clare spent years at the Maudsley and also held the Chair of Psychological Medicine at Bart’s. Dafydd big mate Linford Rees – who’s foibles included  showing his students and mates pics of his female patients in the nude – held the same Chair. Linford was as good as Bodger for facilitating crime, his daughter Angharad was the 1970s siren who played Demelza in ‘Poldark’, who married Posh Actor Christopher Cazenove. When Angharad and Christopher split up they remained on good terms. Angharad had a relationship with the actor Alan Bates, then married David McAlpine of McAlpines the Gang associates who bankrolled the Gang as well as the Tory Party and one of whom, Archibald Douglas McAlpine, was a Top Doc who was mates with Gwynne. The Old Goat’s family married into the McAlpines. Angharad, her son Linford and Christopher Cazenove are all dead, as is Prof Linford Rees. Linford junior, Angharad and Christopher died prematurely and within a few years of each other. No close witnesses left to Prof Linford’s funny little ways…

Anthony Clare startled the world of media and London psychiatry when he suddenly withdrew from all media work in the very early 1990s and left London for Ireland, where he worked at, including at other places, at St Patrick’s, Dublin. Clare died suddenly from a heart attack on 27 Oct 2007,in Paris, when he was at a conference. After Clare had returned to Ireland, ‘Private Eye’ ran an expose on the psych hospital for which Clare had clinical responsibility. A woman had been sectioned and detained for no other reason than that she had file for divorce. The path led to the door of Clare and the wrongly imprisoned sane woman who wanted a divorce had begun a civil action. The Eye speculated that this could become very difficult for Anthony Clare. No, of course it didn’t. The story died. The reality is that Clare had done very much worse than that for his entire career and not a word ever emerged; it was Clare who was in the media commenting on the conduct and motives of others… Among those who Clare interviewed on ‘In The Psychiatrist’s Chair’ was Jimmy Savile. Anthony Clare knew that Savile was a serious sex offender years before he conducted that interview with him.

As with other media favourites such as ‘This Is Your Life’, one can correlate the appearance of certain celebs on ‘In The Psychiatrist’s Chair’ with the Gang’s need for good PR. Even interviewees who didn’t like Clare – such as R.D.Laing and Thomas Szasz – never ever exposed Clare’s key role in the biggest trafficking ring in the UK. They didn’t dare, they too had colluded and they almost certainly were delighted to appear in rigged performances on R4 to keep everyone out of the Courts. See previous posts…

Robyn Skynner was survived by his son David, daughter Rosie, and four grandchildren.

Skynner’s co-author John Cleese wrote after Skynner’s death that he had never met a man who knew so much about people. “He had a wonderfully unorthodox yet systematic mind: what was so special about him was that he never allowed himself to get stuck in theory as he was continually questioning it in the light of his own experience.”

John who knew that his colleague Zany Graham, a Bart’s Trained Top Doc, had sexually abused  boys throughout his adult life. Cleese’s first book that he co-authored with Skynner was published in 1983, the year in which death threats began to rain down on Brown’s head and when no-one would respond to the serious difficulties that we were in, as a result of third parties’ criminal conduct. Cleese and Skynner co-authored their second book in 1993, when F and I had non-stop aggro from the Gang and Mr Bridgy Celeb had by then found himself in possession of a great deal of money.

Zany Graham’s book ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’ was first published in Oct 1980, in the immediate aftermath of Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch. The fundraising gig for Amnesty ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’ that featured Peter Cook’s satire ‘Entirely A Matter For You’ on the biased Mr Justice Cantley presiding over the trial of Mr Thrope, and John Cleese and Peter Cook performing the ‘Interesting Facts’ sketch, was broadcast on TV on June 1980.

I tend not to believe that comedy should be Banned lest someone is offended, but the matter of interest re that Secret Policeman’s Ball (there were a series of them) isn’t just that the performers who starred knew all about the Gang and benefited greatly from them never being put out of action while taking the piss out of Cantley, but that one of the founders and Presidents of Amnesty was David Ennals, Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate who was Of Giggles. Ennals’ brother Martin was General Secretary of Amnesty for many years while The Secret Policeman’s Ball gigs raised dosh and the other brother John also served as Amnesty’s President.

‘A Liar’s Autobiography’ is an entertaining book, but Zany Graham successfully presents himself as an eccentric who battled serious alcoholism and didn’t quite fit in with them all at stuffy old Bart’s, what with Zany Graham being Homosexual and then Out and Gay in the early days of Gay Lib, when it was still difficult for people who did want acceptance in mainstream society to be Out and Gay. Zany Graham was an excellent comedy turn, but he was associated with very serious criminality and far from finding them at Bart’s a bit stuffy, although Graham only practiced medicine for a few months before moving into showbiz full time, Graham dropped into Bart’s for decades afterwards to get pissed or crash out after he was too pissed to make his way home. Bart’s, where Lord Snowdon’s grandfather Trained as a Top Doc, where Lord S’s barrister father was a guvnor and where Sir Tom Carey Evans, the Old Goat’s son-in-law Trained  as a Top Doc. Lord S’s grandfather was Tom’s uncle. Tom married Olwen Lloyd George, Olwen living until early 1990 and being around to chip in to the Gang’s attacks on me, that being particularly easy for her because Tom had been medical superintendent of Hammersmith and had established the Royal Postgraduate Medical School. Bart’s protected Graham from the consequences of his crimes – including Class A drug excess, serious criminal damage, sex offences etc – and very unacceptable conduct, for the rest of his life after he Qualified there.

Before Bart’s, Zany Graham went to Emmanuel College, Cambridge, as did Tom King.

Zany Graham and his partner David Sherlock ‘adopted’ a teenaged runaway from Liverpool, John Tomiczek. It is alleged that Chapman met John in a gay nightclub in Kensington in 1971. Chapman and Sherlock told everyone that John was 17 when he first moved in with them; he was either 13 or 14. I’m sure that John’s life in Liverpool wasn’t what it should have been and, as a 13 yr old, living with Chapman was no doubt a nicer prospect. Worryingly Chapman didn’t do the pastoral bit re John as he pretended. John was allowed to develop a big alcohol problem a la Chapman himself. John died from a heart attack on 27 Aug 1991, during the first police investigation into allegations of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire and during Blom-Cooper’s Inquiry into Ashworth Hospital.See the source image


Only one person ever dared challenge Graham over John living with him when he was 13 and I think that the challenge, which was from a Plod, may have happened when Chapman and John were on a visit to Snowdonia. Zany Graham had only one response to the Plod: See the source image followed by ‘I am a Doctor’. The Plod left and no more questions were asked. I’m fairly sure that Graham and David legally adopted John, successfully negotiating that rigorous assessment process that all potential adoptive parents were obliged to go through at the time, like so many other child molesters in Dafydd’s circle.

Mr Bridgy Celeb asked me if I knew John Tomiczek when Mr Bridgy Celeb first got to know Zany Graham….

It was the analysts/therapists at the Maudsley who vastly expanded the ring there from the early 1960s. They successfully presented themselves as the Enlightened branch of psychiatry, Humanising The Profession in the face of lobotomies and locked wards, while making an entire discipline out of declaring honest patients to be lying fantasists and using psychoanalytic theory that they had literally invented to support this.

John Schlapobersky said of Skynner: In the group analytic approach, as he describes it, the therapist exposes himself to the dynamics of those he is treating, remains closely attentive to his own responses and emotions and passes this back as information about himself in a careful and considered way. Skynner had a rare capacity to compose himself in the presence of others’ emotions and to master the terms of their predicament in ways that were often very practical. He belonged in the tradition of the Cornish miners who designed and built London’s underground, but this capacity for dealing with things below the ground was applied to human dilemmas.

His inquiry was focused by his struggle to deal with the confusion and distress of his own upbringing and he remained profoundly interested in the life of the family. “It has enormous creative potential including that of life itself,” he observed, “and it is not surprising that, when it becomes disordered, it possesses an equal potential for terrible destruction.”

These destructive forces, he believed, led to and derived from a fragmentation of consciousness complicated by the need to deny the underlying divisions. Denied problems were then transmitted across generations. He believed that his creativity as a clinician arose out of these fundamental concepts, but also derived from his native sense of curiosity; his commitment to work under pressure with needy people; and his consistent interest in health as well as illness.

Skynner specialised in the theories that are most useful to abusive Top Docs ie. projection, transference and counter-transference. I don’t deny the reality of such processes but I have watched the use to which they were/are put by the Gang in north Wales and Skynner’s mates in London. My medical records make it clear what was happening; the same Docs who wrote letters to each other admitting that Dafydd and, they believed, Tony Francis, were sexually exploiting patients, banged on about my projection and transference on my medical records… As indeed did Gwynne and Francis.

Until 1970, Skynner led the way in Child Guidance at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in Hackney on the site of the Gang’s partners there and had an extensive private practice. Biggus Dickus also held therapy groups for C of E Bishops With Marital Problems ie. molesters.

Biggus Dickus had two wives. After Incontinentia Buttocks, Biggus married Prudence, also a Therapist. Prue Skynner was held in such esteem by the St George’s/Springfield crowd that they named their Family Therapy Wing after her. Prue died in  1987, the year in which Ollie Brooke was released early on appeal and all of my complaints were still being ignored.

On 26 Feb 1979, the Fawlty Towers episode was broadcast in which the theme was psychiatrists staying at the hotel was screened, the jokes of course centring on Basil’s misunderstanding of innocent questions when the psychiatrists made casual conversation eg.’How often do you manage it then?’ ‘Probably not very often, just once a year perhaps?’ The psychiatrists were asking about Basil’s holiday plans… It was a wonderful satire on misunderstandings and stereotypes of Freudian psychoanalysis Being All About Sex, but as Cleese knew when he wrote that episode, there was an enormous problem with psychiatrists sexually exploiting kids and patients and whenever they were questioned it was a Graham Chapman defence ie. How Very Dare You, I Am A Doctor and this was a legitimate line of questioning. The interior scenes of the ‘psychiatrists’ episode were recorded on 28 January 1979 in a studio in BBC TV Centre before a live audience. Just look what the Gang were doing at the time and furthermore Mr Thrope was awaiting trial… Nicky Henson stars in the episode who was once married to Una Stubbs, Una who co-starred for years with Cherie Booth’s father in ‘Til Death Us Do Part’. Tony Booth was one of the associates of the Gang and Miranda and Cherie worked as juniors with George Carman, the bent barrister who protected the Gang, after Carman successfully defended Mr Thrope in May-June 1979.

Bob Spiers was the Director of the ‘psychiatrists’ episode; he died in 2008 when Gordon Brown was PM and causing havoc for Merfyn, the VC of Bangor University. Gordon who was married to a personal friend of at least one Gang member in north Wales. Spiers died at about the same time as Merfyn’s wife Nerys.

Bob Spiers
Robert Alexander Spiers

27 September 1945

Died 8 December 2008 (aged 63)

Occupation Television director

Robert Alexander Spiers is particularly noted as the director of the early series of Absolutely Fabulous (1992–2001), the musical comedy Spice World, and of the second series of Fawlty Towers (1979). He also worked with Steven Moffat on Press Gang and Joking Apart. Spiers won a BAFTA Award twice for his work as a television comedy director.

Spiers attended Southgate College in the 1960s and organised several student trips from the college to mainland Europe, including Brussels and Cologne, during this period. Spiers joined the staff of the BBC in 1970, working as an assistant floor manager and later a production assistant, before eventually working his way up to become a director and producer. In this capacity Spiers worked on several high-profile programmes, such as Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served? and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, During the 1970s he met his wife, Annie.

Spiers directed the second series of Fawlty Towers in 1979, which already had an enormous reputation on the basis of its initial six episodes in 1975, and it won him his first BAFTA award. Spiers subsequently provided a commentary for all the episodes he directed of Fawlty Towers when the series was released on DVD. Shortly after he directed the series and the unbroadcast pilot of Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spiers left the staff of the BBC to work as a freelance director.

Throughout the 1980s Spiers worked on a number of programmes, of particular note being Channel 4’s anthology comedy series The Comic Strip Presents… and the BBC sketch shows French and Saunders and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. He began his association with writer Steven Moffat in 1989, directing over half of the episodes of the teen comedy drama series Press Gang (1989–1993) for the ITV network. Spiers then directed all twelve episodes of Moffat’s sitcom Joking Apart (1993, 1995). The show won the Bronze Rose of Montreux[6] and was entered for the Emmys.

Spiers’ association with comedians Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders from directing their sketch show led to him working on individual projects from each of them during the 1990s. With French he worked on the macabre comedy anthology series Murder Most Horrid, with some episodes written by Moffat. More famously, with Saunders, he helmed Absolutely Fabulous throughout the decade, the show having originated in a sketch from an episode of French and Saunders which had also been directed by Spiers. Absolutely Fabulous won Spiers his second BAFTA award.

In 1997 Spiers directed the pop group the Spice Girls in their film Spiceworld. He had been working in America on the Disney film That Darn Cat at the peak of the Spice Girls’ popularity, and was unaware of the group when first offered the job of directing Spiceworld until friend Jennifer Saunders advised that he take it. Spiers also directed two episodes of the Australian ABC series The Adventures of Lano and Woodley.

Spiers died in December 2008 in Widecombe, Devon at a family home after a long illness. He owned a restaurant in Ashburton, Devon called Number 14, which still displays both of his BAFTA awards.

Readers familiar with previous posts will know how many of the people whom Spiers worked with not only knew about the Gang but bagged work as a result of deals done over my two friends who were forced out of the media by Michael Grade, Paul Fox et al because of their friendship and support for me. So Spiers died after I had begun to build up a good publication list and could not be denounced as a loony who didn’t know my arse from my elbow. He died while I was being openly threatened and harassed by Top Docs and Senior NHS managers to such an extent that third parties complained to the police and the NHS about what they had witnessed. I was also receiving requests to give media interviews and name Merfyn as someone who had threatened/pressurised me – which he never did at any time – and a BBC journo posed as someone who was investigating abuse in the psych services in north Wales but it transpired was simply trying to identify potential witnesses…

Re jokes about misunderstanding psychiatrists. I was told repeatedly that I had ‘misunderstood’ Gwynne and Dafydd. I did not misunderstand them, their conduct was totally unacceptable and, after I challenged them about it, wholly illegal. The thing that I did misunderstand was the scale of the criminality and the number of people involved with the huge conspiracy to conceal it.  Documentation that would have resulted in many people being arrested was unlawfully withheld from me for decades…

Some months ago John Cleese announced his intention to emigrate to Nevis, which just happens to be a tax haven, because Britain was a country that was now so intolerable. I’d suggest that Britain has served John Cleese and his mates – which include Dr Death, Cleese does like those Top Docs who are pals with Gwynne and Dafydd – very well indeed. Those of us who refused to keep quiet about the very serious crime of Cleese’s mates were hounded out of careers, fitted up for serious offences and sometimes murdered. Lives were ruined Cleese, completely ruined, simply because kids of 13 didn’t want to have group sex with associates of Graham’s. Zany Graham’s mate Kirke did everything he could to intimidate my father in his own house, they were GANGSTERS.

KIRKE – R4 expose – face the facts in 1990

John Major was Foreign Secretary, 24 July 1989-26 Oct 1989, so was in post when e Luis Carlos Galán was assassinated. Major’s predecessor as Foreign Secretary was Geoffrey Howe and in post on 24 April 1989 when the shipment of arms from Israel had made its way to Columbia via Antigua. Howe had been an accomplice of the Gang since his days as a young barrister and a close friend of Ronnie Waterhouse. Howe was born into the role, he was the son of a south Wales solicitor who was himself concealing Gwynne’s Giggles. Previous posts discuss Howe’s long service to the Gang, including as Grocer Heath’s Solicitor General, 23 June 1970-5 November 1972  and, while out of the Commons between the years 1966 and 70, as the Chair of the Inquiry into the abuse of patients at Ely Hospital. Howe accepted Richard Crossman’s invitation to fulfil that remit.

Crossman and Harold Wilson were desperate to conceal the extent of the abuse at Ely, not just because it was shaming but because the Welsh Hospital Board had known about it and ignored it and the abusers at Ely had publicly defended themselves by declaring that things were much worse at Denbigh and no-one had mentioned that. The Welsh Hospitals Board directly managed Ely and well as Denbigh and one of the members of the Welsh Hospitals Board was George Thomas, Secretary of State for Wales, 1968-70, in post at the time of the Ely Scandal. Health was just about to be devolved to the Welsh Office so Harold and Crossman needed a safe pair of hands to absolutely keep the lid on the Welsh Hospitals Board and everything they did or indeed didn’t do. Howe was the man. Howe must have been really rated by Crossman because matters Ely were known to a great many people, including hospital inspectors who had witnessed patients being abused. Complaints had also been made directly to the Gov’t Chief Nursing Officer, Dame Kathleen Raven and she had ignored them as well.

Kathleen’s brother Ronald Raven was a surgeon at Bart’s and Kathleen had trained at Bart’s herself. Kathleen had spent the middle years of her career as Matron at Leeds, as Jimmy Savile began to expand his empire there and at Leeds Kathleen had implemented the legendary Beau Parlours, ‘comfortable rooms where a nurse may entertain her gentlemen friends’. After the success of those Beau Parlours, Kathleen headed for the stars. JOBS HERE – DATES. – husband – dermatologist at Durham University – husband died 1972 – Kathleen went international – details HOWE’s ELY REPORT – 72??

THE GROCER  – bryn Estyn chaos in 72 – keith joseph at DHSS -Peter Thomas at Welsh office

Kathleen – ASA BRIGGS

It was Gwynne and Dafydd who were really being saved by the many boats that were pushed out in defence of Ely…

John Major was succeeded as Foreign Secretary by Douglas Hurd who held the role between 20 Oct 1989 and 5 July 1995. I don’t know whether Blom-Cooper was Called To Help re Arms To Antigua when Major was at the Foreign Office or once Hurd arrived, but Hurd was in the Foreign Office when Blom-Cooper published his Report and when Hamid was having a great time at St George’s.

Hurd’s previous role had been as Home Secretary, 2 Sept 1985-26 Oct 1989. Hurd was at the Home Office throughout the formulation and attempted implementation – and the subsequent failure of – Leo Abse’s Cunning Plan to fit me up and imprison me in July 1987. My documents show that the Home Office were au fait with the Cunning Plan and Risley Remand Centre were expecting me before I had even been accused of attempting to stab a Top Doctor… Hurd was the nephew of Cambridge botanist Edred Henry Corner, an old chum of Prof Greig-Smith, the Big Name in ecology at the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW. Greig-Smith lived in Llandegfan and worked for the security services. See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

Greig-Smith didn’t like his colleagues at UCNW and made his contempt for them obvious. If he was unhappy at what they were doing, he certainly didn’t stop it.


It was actually documented upon my medical records that I had been detained in Risley for that Knife Attack on a Top Doc in July 1987, so someone rather jumped the gun there. Blom-Copper’s Man At The MHAC In Liverpool, David NAME, also believed that I was in Risley, as did Laurie Wood, the General Manager of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, they exchanged letters with each other about the matter…

There was certainly a failure of communication between Gangsters on that occasion, because Dafydd crashed into Bangor Police Station at midnight after I had been detained there in July 1987, snapped at me ‘I think ewe should be in prissson’ and buggered off again, not realising that the Sworn Statements To The Police By NHS Staff demonstrated that the Top Doc who declared that I had attempted to stab him was lying. Thus I was only charged with a minor Public Disorder Offence the next morning and bailed to return to Leicester, where I was living with Brown…  It was in the following month, Aug 1987, when Dafydd told me over the phone that if I withdrew my complaint about him he’d get me a place at Liverpool Medical School.

Never any investigation into any of it, in spite of repeated letters from me and Brown, who had listened in to the phone call with Dafydd. Brown and I also raised the matter with Alwyn Jones, my solicitor in Bangor, Leicester MIND and William Bingley, the Legal Director of MIND at London HQ. I wrote to Esther who had recently launched her mental health campaign and Marjorie Wallace who had just established SANE, and I provided details of the serious criminality to date on the part of the Gang…


1986 – F fitted up by the Gang for Class A drugs and arson

Douglas Hogg – junior Minister at Home Office, DATES


Sarah Hogg – Dame Mary


Blom-Cooper – Ashworth Report  – Aug 1992

APRIL 1992 – Brighton firebomb

1992 – EVENTS – See ‘The Price Is Right’


frank the dodgy dentist and jenny – gail!!

other dentists – f’s former father in law – paul Beresford – all involved

July 1995 – Bing and Morrison died – Brown sacked from job at Aston

Someone else who died in 1995, on 11 March, was Wilfred Jacobs, the Governor-General of Antigua who had been advised by the Foreign Office to appoint Blom-Cooper as Chair of that Royal Commission on Gun Runners and Columbian Drug Cartels. Sir Wilfred Ebenezer Jacobs GCMG KCVO OBE (19 October 1919-11 March 1995) was the first Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda. Jacobs was trained in the law in London and became an attorney. He was appointed Magistrate for Dominica in 1947 and for St Kitts in 1962. Jacobs was then appointed Attorney General of the Leeward Islands for 1957 to 1959 and for Antigua in 1960. From 1960 to 1967 Jacobs served in a number of Colonial offices. He was made Governor of Antigua and Barbuda from 1967 until that country gained independence in 1981, after which he became the first Governor-General. Jacobs was Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda from 1 November 1981 to 10 June 1991. See previous posts eg. ‘The Price Is Right’ for details of events in the first months of 1991. They included me and three of my friends being forced out of our careers in Feb 1991 – Peter Morrison was knighted in the same month – me being taken to the High Court on the basis of the perjury of the Drs Francis in late Feb/early March – the MDU and Sir Robert Francis QC did the honours – then again in April 1991 when I starred at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand with St Helena busy in the neighbouring court, once more the MDU doing the honours, perjury all the way, with Ann Ball of Hempsons attending the case in person.


In Feb 1995, the month before Wilfred Jacobs died, John Allen was jailed for DETAILS.

On 17 March 1995 Ronnie Kray, Gwynne and Dafydd’s old associate from the East End and gay partner of Bob Boothby – while Boothby was discussing Uganda with Dorothy Macmillan as well as many others – died in Broadmoor, which since 1988 had been presided over by General Manager Jimmy Savile. Brave Wendy was still flying the flag for Socialist Feminist Doctors on Ronnie’s old turf, from the London Hospital, when Ronnie died. Savile secured that job at Broadmoor as a result of the actions of Trumpers, who’s husband Alan Barker was a good friend of Douglas Hurd. Trumpers was able to get Savile a job in her capacity as Thatch’s Health Minister in the Lords, Trumper’s having been given a peerage by Thatch in 1980. However, Trumpers’ first Big Job was a role at the UN relating to Wimmin, which was negotiated by Hurd after Alan Barker aske him to find Trumpers a job. Barker had been recruited to the security services by Richard Crossman when Barker was at New College. Barker didn’t go into politics himself, although Crossman tried to persuade him. Barker became a teacher of Posh Boys – at Eton, the Leys School, Cambridge and then University College School at Hampstead – while he bagged his wife jobs in politics.

Mr Poo Pants became Sir Poo Pants on 16 June 1995 in Brenda’s Birthday Honours:

Gordon Anglesea – libel win at the Royal Courts of Justice – alleged libels in DATES 1990 and 91

Hefin Davies – any way at all to prosecute me – Brown’s letter – Dafydd’s mad letters in Jan 1995 – Tony Francis in our garden in Dec 1994 – – June 1995?? – See ‘The Price Is Right’.

Wilfred Jacobs was replaced as Governor-General by James Carlisle. Now Then. Sir James Beethoven Carlisle, GCMG (born August 5, 1937) is a dentist and the former Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda. Selected by Vere Cornwall Bird (the country’s first Prime Minister), his term ended in June 2007, after 16 years in office. Carlisle was born August 5, 1937 in the village of Bolans, Antigua. He received his early schooling at Bolans Public School, before moving to the UK to continue his education at Northampton College of Advanced Technology. Oundle School is located in Northamptonshire. Carlisle then took a Bachelor’s degree in dentistry at the University of Dundee. Dundee Medicine and Dentistry grew out of St Andrew’s Medicine and Dentistry and Top Docs who Qualify at St Andrew’s – including Robert Bluglass – undertake placements and jobs as junior docs at Dundee as well as St Andrew’s. In 1991, Carlisle graduated from the American School of Laser Dentistry. Carlisle practised in both Antigua and Britain. Upon his return to Antigua in 1981 Carlisle went into private practice, the fourth dentist on the island. Carlisle built up his private practice and also undertook work as a dental officer in the public service.

With help from the ex-PM, Vere Bird, one of Carlisle’s patients, who offered the position of Governor-General to Carlisle, he assisted with the development of a Fluoride programme for children, and assisted the ex PM institute a free dental service. Back in the 1980s, there was a campaign to add fluoride to Britain’s drinking water. It was controversial because even some dentists raised concerns about the negative effects of too much fluoride. The only Council in Britain that volunteered to add fluoride to the drinking water and indeed did so was Anglesey. Anglesey County Council is famed for its corruption so I’d be interested to hear details of the bribes received. Perhaps Ieuan Wyn Jones, Plaid AM for Anglesey, June 1987-DATE, can tell us, Ieuan the crooked solicitor who was friends with the crooked solicitors of Gwynedd including Alwyn Jones as well as Elwyn Jones, who advised the Predators on fleecing F from 1992 onwards.

F who wrote to his old classmate Rick Parfitt when he was living with the Predators in 1990 or thereabouts. Rick who died of sepsis in Marbella in Dec 21016, four months after I began this blog.

James Carlisle is a member of the International Society of Laser Dentists and the British Dental Association. Carlisle was in the British RAF from 1961 to 1966. He was also commissioned in the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force between 1983 and 1993. As Governor-General Carlisle was automatically appointed as Commander of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force. Carlisle involved himself in the local community. He was Chairman of the National Parks Authority, which he ran before he was nominated by the then PM as Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda. As Governor-General Sir James was the representative of Brenda, the country’s head of state. As Governor-General, Carlisle held the following positions:

Carlisle is married to Emma Carlisle, who during her period as wife to the Governor-General became involved in raising funds from commercial sponsors for indigenous persons in her homeland.

Carlisle is a Seventh-day Adventist. As such he did not carry out official duties on the Sabbath or serve alcohol to guests at official functions. This was a source of some controversy, by his own admission.



Blom-Cooper was a member of Middle Temple (in 1952) a la Ronnie, Mrs Mills, Greville Janner, Paddy Mayhew, Geoffrey Howe…

Blom-Cooper was one of the founders of Amnesty, along with Gang members David and John Ennals. Lord David Ennals died on 17 June 1995, the day after Brenda’s Birthday Honours were announced.

Blom-Cooper was the Head of Goldsmith’s Chambers during the 1970s and 80s and subsequently one of the founders of Doughty Street – St Helena, Theo Huckle, Amal Clooney  See previous posts


Bluglass voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice years ago, Bluglass was one of the first Gang members to do so, well before I began this blog. I’m told that Bluglass shat himself when he received that letter from me in 2005 telling him that I had at last obtained my medical records and what damning evidence was within.

I am happy to tell readers that although Bluglass decided that he no longer wished to be a Top Doc any longer – his biography disappeared from the internet as well, if one wants to piece Bluglass’s career together one has to dig through eg. journal articles etc to work out where Bluglass was and when – Bluglass is still very much part of High and Polite Society. Not only is Bluglass still an owner/Director of Compton Verney in Warwickshire, one of the finest art galleries in Europe (see previous posts), but Bluglass and his wife Kerry Bluglass – also a psychiatrist who spent her career at Birmingham University – are Vice-Presidents of the Choir For Nice Posh People, the St James’s Singers. The Patron of the St James’ Singers is Judi Dench, daughter of a Top Doc herself.

Before I began this blog, while I was unlawfully incarcerated in psych units (again) for an extended period of time and the Gang sent the word out that I was a cabbage in a psych unit and finished, some of those we know and love came out of the woodwork, including Bluglass. Bluglass was taking an interest in his family history and could be found on internet fora tracing his Jewish ancestry across the globe, contacting previously unknown relatives on different continents. Bodger did exactly the same thing at the same time, their paw prints are everywhere. Were they shoring up support lest I emerged once more with my 10,000 documents?


In the final months of 1989, such was the chaos and missing funds at Gwynedd Health Authority, that Questions were asked in the House, Gwynedd HA having effectively stopped functioning. Two who asked Questions re the Shocking State Of Affairs in GHA were Plaid MP for Caernarfon Dafydd Wigley and Plaid MP for Ynys Mon (Anglesey) Ieuan Wyn Jones (who’s wife worked as an Angel in north Wales). Wyn Roberts provided the lame excuses in his capacity as Minister of State at the Welsh Office and David Hunt, the junior Minister under Wyn, was despatched to Gwynedd to Have Words with Noreen Edwards, the Giggler who was Chair of Gwynedd HA. Noreen who had spent years as a Matron in north Wales and before that had worked as an Angel in er Birmingham and London, including in hospitals in which Bodger worked as a junior doc, as discussed in previous posts.

The Secretary of State for Wales presiding over the chaos at Gwynedd HA in 1989 was Peter Walker. David Hunt succeeded Walker as Secretary of State on 4 May 1990. Hunt is a lawyer who is now Head Honcho at International Lawyer Firm DAC Beachcroft, who handle work for the MDU. Whenever the Sad Failure of Thatch or Major to recognise Wyn’s True Worth which resulted in Wyn never becoming Secretary of State for Wales is discussed, the world is always reminded that when Old Nick Edwards stood down from the Commons in June 1987, that cow Thatch appointed Peter Walker as Secretary of State rather than Wyn. Thatch blew Wyn out again on 4 May 1990, when she replaced Walker as Secretary of State for Wales with Hunt, yet no-one rails against Hunt.

Later on in May 1990, Gwynedd HA took me to the High Court in Cardiff in an attempt to obtain a High Court injunction against me to even prevent me from writing letters to the HA to pursue my complaints. Crooked Welsh Office lawyer Andrew Park was the main mover and shaker behind that Court case, but the MDU had much to do with the Evidence of my Harassment of NHS staff. For full details of some of the eight High Court cases that the Gang brought against me in 1990 and 91 with the assistance of the MDU see eg. ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ and ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

When Hunt was Secretary of State in 1990, during the summer amidst all those High Court cases against me while I was working at St George’s, Hunt held a jamboree on College Green outside Parliament to drum up support for a charidee, Kidney Wales. Kidney Wales was founded by Sir William Asscher, then the Dean of St George’s. Bodger came from Cardiff; his dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Bodger went to Llandaff Cathedral School and then Cowbridge Grammar before going to UCH/UCL to study medicine. Asscher founded Kidney Wales when he worked as a Top Doc in Cardiff; Asscher moved from Cardiff to St George’s in 1988. Asscher began his medical career at the London Hospital, relocating to Cardiff in the mid-1960s. Hunt was able to secure the support of every Welsh MP re Kidney Wales, even the Labour MPs who would have done anything to Get Rid Of Thatch. See ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends AlunMichael crop.jpgOfficial portrait of Lord Hunt of Wirral crop 2.jpg Of Cardiff North’.

Sir Malcolm Pill – later Lord Justice Pill – the presiding judge at the Cardiff High Court hearing brought against me in May 1990 by Gwynedd HA, is a local Cardiff man who went to Whitchurch Grammar School, as did the Ale Twat.


Scandal after scandal at Birmingham University School of Medicine and the wider University was concealed when Alex Jarratt was Chancellor, let alone the major roles that Birmingham University staff played in disasters and scandals unrelated to those at the University per se. Jarratt was Chancellor at Birmingham throughout the havoc of 1994/95 in north Wales and at St George’s Hospital Medical School, and throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry. Jarrett’s pals from Birmingham University all helped with the communal effort.

Sir Alexander Anthony Jarratt (19 January 1924-19 December 2019) was a British businessman and senior civil servant. Jarratt was Chair of a Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals studying higher education policy that resulted in the DATE the Jarratt Report.

Jarratt attended the Royal Liberty School in Essex, obviously an excellent preparation for colluding with future Royal Liberties:

Jarratt served in the Fleet Air Arm during WW II; Elwyn Edwards of the silk gown with nae panties was a big RAF man, Elwyn’s days in the RAF with his RAF friends were the substance of his chat-up lines for male freshers. My source – Brown – maintained that the Effete Elwyn Edwards would invite a group of male freshers to his room, greet them in the silk gown without panties, hand out the drinks and say things like ‘You know I remember my first days at university, there were Mature Men like me who had completed service in the RAF, and fresh faced teenagers straight from school…’ at which point Elwyn’s hand would be placed on a Fresher’s Thigh and Elwyn would give them a longing look. The security services knew all about it because they were bugging us when Brown did his Elwyn impersonations. George Carman and the Digger know as well because Brown used to tell me about Elwyn in his letters and the letters were stolen in the 1990s and flogged to Carman and the Digger. There were Complaints About Elwyn to the University Authorities but no action was taken although Elwyn’s conduct had to be discussed at an exam board meeting…

Elwyn Edwards specialised in ergonomics, in particular aircraft design and was highly influential in the aircraft industry. Elwyn did even better for himself after the Gang came after us. Elwyn’s Aston University colleague Tom Singleton – Tom was the Prof who had to be Told About Elwyn At The Exam Board Meeting – wrote Elwyn’s obituary for the Indie:

Elwyn Edwards, ergonomist, aviation psychologist: born Liverpool 11 April 1932; Lecturer and Reader in Psychology, Loughborough University 1960-76; Professor of Applied Psychology, Aston University 1976-84; Director of Human Technology 1984-93; married 1958 Mary O’Neill (one son, one daughter); died Birmingham 15 November 1993.

ELWYN EDWARDS, the ergonomist and aviation psychologist, was a lucid teacher and a systematic research worker and, what was rare but has now become highly fashionable, he always practised his trade in the real world. Ergonomics was almost unknown when Edwards first entered the field . It is still associated with the design of chairs, car dashboards and user-friendliness of computer work stations. Ergonomics is about representing people in their interactions with the physical world and, more particularly, with engineered systems. Apart from expertise in the complexities of people, an ergonomist has to be able to understand varieties of technology in order to be able to communicate with designers and users. Edwards was able to do this in aviation; he was a qualified pilot, a Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation. He developed this interest while doing his National Service as an RAF Pilot Officer and training as a navigator with the Royal Canadian Air Force. For many years he directed an annual short course for aviation personnel on ‘Human Factors in Transport Aircraft Operations’. This was based on his experience as a consultant to airlines, aircraftmanufacturers and avionics companies. He also acted as a specialist witness in inquiries and court cases, as to why a particular aircraft accident or incident had occurred.

His expertise was not confined to the flight deck. To the aeronautical engineer, the aircraft is primarily a flying machine, beautifully designed to travel safely through the air; to the ergonomist, it is a set of hardware and software provided for a team of people, the crew, carrying another set of people, the passengers, managed by a third set, the operators. Edwards and his wife, Mary, recently produced a book The Aircraft Cabin (1990) which deals comprehensively with the design and management issues relating to the passengers, the crew and the


In Britain we have a serious and, for the future, damaging attitude of almost total neglect of our technologists. Our way of life is entirely dependent on their efforts and achievements, but so long as they do their work well, we can ignore them and they remain unknown outside their particular sphere. Edwards and his circle of aviation technologists are in this category. Given the potential hazard of leaving the ground behind, commercial flying is nowan extraordinarily safe business.

Elwyn Edwards died on 15 Nov 1993. I’m fairly sure that by then I had written to Michael Mansfield about Gwynedd Social Services. MM represented many of those who were victims of miscarriages of justice as a result of being framed for terrorist offences related to the Troubles in N Ireland, most famously the Birmingham Six. The Birmingham Six had been framed by, among others, the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, the Lancashire Police and the Home Office forensic science service. Their convictions were quashed on 14 March 1991. One of the solicitors who worked on the case with MM was Gareth Peirce, who worked for Birnberg and Co of Camden. Birnberg and Co had represented Mary Wynch in 1985 when she won her history-making case against Dafydd et al. Birnberg agreed never to take another case against the Gang again. On 29 March 1991, Tory MP for Monmouthshire and long serving Giggler Sir John Stradling Thomas died at his flat in Dolphin Square, hours before he was due to deliver a speech with regard to allegations that politicians and others had abused children. Sir John had served as a Minister in the Welsh Office, DATES, along with Keith Best (then the MP for Anglesey) and Wyn Roberts, under Old Nick as Secretary of State. I was in the Royal Courts of Justice days later. With The Stars!Image result for john tomiczek death
Sir Ron Hadfield was sent in as Chief Constable of the West Midlands specifically because of the Birmingham Six scandal. All papers relating to the Birmingham Six are embargoed for decades to come yet, on the orders of the DPP at the time, Dame Barbara Mills. Dame Babs was of Giggles and of Camden and was the DPP who refused to mount even one prosecution against Nefyn Dodd and his wife June in spite of over 100 complaints of abuse of children, yet mounted the prosecution of F and I in response to Jackie Brandt’s complaint. Our trial re Brandt was at Bangor Magistrates Court in July 1993; Robin Leigh-Pemberton bagged his peerage in July 1993. While his son’s mates were hanging out with Mr Bridgy Celeb.
Bertrand Russell and Sir Clough’s old pal E.P. Thompson, who for years had a second home at Croesor, died on 28 Aug 1993 in Halifax. Thompson grew up in Halifax and later retired there. Halifax was on the location of the big Yorkshire ring. The MP for Halifax, 1955-64, was Maurice Macmillan. He was succeeded in the seat by Labour’s Shirley Summerskill, who held the seat until 1983. Shirley was a Lady Doctor who was of Giggles, the daughter of Feminist Pioneer Lady Doctor Edith Summerskill, also of Giggles. The Summerskills knew Sadie Francis’s family, who were from Yorkshire. The Labour MP for Halifax, 1987-2005, was former Angel Alice Mahon. It was a complaint by a constituent of Alice Mahon’s re patient abuse in Ashworth that resulted in the Fallon Inquiry. After the Inquiry, although the most serious patient abuse and illegal activities in Ashworth – including porn shared between patients and the Angels of the POA, and a child in the care of Bradford Social Services being taken into the hospital ‘to visit a paedophile’ – had not been denied, Fallon and Bluglass blamed it all on the Dangerous Nutters within who were driving the caring POA to the limit. Alice Mahon, As A Nurse, agreed. The response from Gov’t was to Get Tough On Dangerous Nutters.
E.P. Thomson’s wife Dorothy Thompson was a Prof of History at Birmingham University.
Elwyn Edwards worked at Loughborough University, 1960-74. Loughborough was not only on the site of the big ring in Leicestershire that was directly linked to the Gigglers of north Wales and by the 1970s was exchanging staff with them, but Loughborough University was most famous for its reputation in sports. Loughborough, along with Bangor, were considered to be leaders in that area. There were many close links between the two institutions.
By the time of Elwyn’s death in Nov 1993, the police investigation into the ring in Leicestershire was over. Labour MP Greville Janner – originally from Cardiff, where the family lawyers firm was based – had been interviewed but not charged. His mate social worker Frank Beck, who had managed children’s homes in Leicestershire from 1973 until March 1986, in April 1990 was, charged, remanded and in Nov 1991 convicted of more than 100 serious sexual and physical offences against kids in care. Beck had also worked in Northamptonshire. On 29 Nov 1991 Beck received five life sentences, plus 25 years. Beck died in HMP Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire ‘from a heart attack’ on 31 May 1994, amidst allegations that he was murdered.
Leicester University, including the Medical School, colluded with the ring in Leicestershire. In autumn 1987, after the effort to fit me up for Attempting To Stab A Doctor fell apart and I was charged with a minor Public Order Offence, nonetheless Bangor Magistrates ordered an Expert Report re me from James Earp, the senior forensic psych in Leicestershire. Earp didn’t conduct himself a la Dafydd but he did mislead the Court as to what had gone on between the Gang and me. Earp told me that he didn’t know Dafydd. He didn’t tell me that he did know Gwynne.
At the time that the police began the investigations into the Leicestershire ring in 1986, Lord Robert Kilpatrick was the Dean of Leicester Medical School. Kilpatrick was knighted in 1986. The GMC headhunted Kilpatrick as their President in 1989. Prior to taking up the role of Dean at Leicester, Kilpatrick had been Dean of Sheffield Medical School at Savile HQ and before that a senior academic at Edinburgh University. Kilpatrick was Scottish, grew up in Fife and Qualified at Edinburgh. Kilpatrick stood down as President of the GMC in 1995 – just after the GMC struck off Malcolm Pearce in June 1995 for the big research fraud that had been exposed at St George’s in 1994 but Fixed It For Bodger, thus Bodger rode on, not even facing a fitness to practice hearing -and picked up his peerage in Feb 1996. In retirement he was based in Edinburgh, continued to contribute to Medicine and played much golf, including at the Royal and Ancient, the club at St Andrew’s, favoured by Top Docs.
Zany Python Graham grew up in Leicestershire, where his dad was a policeman. Graham befriended Mr Bridgy Celeb in 1986-87, when Brown – and then, between May 1987 and Feb 1988 I too – was living in Leicester.
By Sept 1980, Elwyn Edwards was highly experienced in trying to seduce unsuspecting male freshers. He’ll have been doing it for years.
After WW II, Alex Jarratt he attended the University of Birmingham, graduating as a Bachelor of Commerce. He joined the Civil Service in 1949, working in a wide range of Gov’t Deps. Jarratt resigned from the Civil Service in 1970, and pursued a second career in industry, holding senior positions in companies including IPC, Reed International and the Midland Bank. Jarratt was also appointed in 1970 to the Board of the parent company of Reed International ie. Reed International Limited. From 1974 to 1982 Sir Alex was Chairman and Chief Executive of Reed International. Between 1985 and 1991 he was Chairman of Smiths Industries plc. Sir Alex was knighted in 1979 and was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath in 1968. He was appointed Chancellor of the University of Birmingham in 1983 and retired in 2002, to be succeeded by Sir Dominic Cadbury. He died on 19 December 2019 at the age of 95.


An article about a relative of Sirs Adrian and Dominic, Felicity Loudon, appeared in the Daily Mail on 21 June 2010. Here’s an extract:


Felicity Loudon plans to launch her own rival chocolate company – and is selling her £27 million country estate to help launch it. As an heiress to Cadbury’s, she was an outspoken opponent of its sale to US food giant Kraft. Now, angered by what she calls the ‘worst handled takeover of all time’, Felicity Loudon plans to launch her own rivalchocolate company – and is selling her £27m country estate to help launch it. Mrs Loudon, 61, the great-great-granddaughter of John Cadbury who founded the business in 1824, said: ‘I can’t accept that Cadbury has gone to America. To a plastic cheese company. I won’t accept it. I want to start again. I want to make chocolate and I’m jolly well going to do it.’ Kraft, whose brands include Dairylea, Philadelphia cheese and Ritzbiscuits, took over Cadbury in an £11.9 billion deal five months ago. It has since launched a multi-million-pound campaign promoting a rival to Cadbury’s much-loved Dairy Milk chocolate. The sales drive for German made Milka bars fuelled concerns that Cadbury’s iconic products are to be sidelined.

Mrs Loudon said her great-grandfather George, who founded Cadbury’s famous Bournville headquarters in Birmingham, ‘would be spinning in hisgrave.’ She and her husband John, 74, a former merchant banker, have put Pusey House, their eight-bedroom home set in 100 acres near Faringdon, Oxfordshire, on the market. They have lived their for ten years and Mrs Loudon, who runs interior design company Private House, has described the Grade II listed Georgian property as the ‘most beautiful house in England.’ But she has told her husband, who owns the majority share of the house, that she does not want to retire and they both feel they are ‘rattling around’ in the stately home, according to an interview in the Sunday Times.

pusey house

When Kraft took over Cadbury’s, they shut the Somerdale Plant at Bristol, with the loss of 400 jobs.

Jeremy Fry’s family were/are Bristol based although Jeremy lived at Bath. D.G.E. Wood Trained at Bristol University -David Hunt was at Bristol reading law while Wood was at Bristol Med School – and his dad was a Top Doc in Bristol. The Top Docs, Cadbury’s and Fry’s are doing very nicely out of the Caring and Socialist principles but a lot of other people in Bristol aren’t. Wedgie-Benn was the Labour MP for Bristol South East, 20 August 1963-9 June 1983. Wedgie-Benn was from a family of Gigglers. The Labour Party moved heaven and earth to ensure that Wedgie-Benn replaced less hard-hitting Giggler Eric Varley as the MP for the Derbyshire constituency of Chesterfield on 1 March 1984, as the Gwynne Row escalated rapidly. When Wedgie-Benn was Harold Wilson’s Minister of Technology DATE, Lord Gnome’s daughter Penelope Piercy, a Civil Service Mandarin, was Wedgie-Benn’s WHAT JOB. Penelope picked up a CBE in that year as well so someone was pleased with her.


Here’s Sir Freddie Crawford receiving or giving a cheque for £350,000 to unknown persons, 12 July 1984: See the source imageIf any readers know anything about this cheque or who those in the pic with Sir Freddie are, please let me know.

 The Civil Service Mandarin who served as Permanent Secretary at the DES, 1983-89, while the rampant criminality at UCNW, Aston and Birmingham Universities soared, was David Hancock. Hancock had been Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Office, 1982-83 and Private Secretary to Woy as Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1968-70. Hancock was born in 1934, educated at Whitgift School and Balliol. He bagged his K in 1985.
Hancock the master criminal died in 2013 and was remembered fondly in numerous obituaries eg. ‘The Guardian’:
Sir David Hancock
Sir David Hancock, who has died aged 79, was described in Nigel Lawson’s memoirs as “very much the mandarin’s mandarin”.
Hancock also concealed the abuse of kids in schools, including the schools attached to children’s homes that were part of the paedophile ring scandals in north Wales and Leicestershire, where Lawson’s own Commons seat was.
When Lawson became chancellor in 1983, Hancock – who had spent most of his working life at the Treasury, rising to deputy secretary before moving to the Cabinet Office in 1982 – seemed the obvious successor to Sir Douglas Wass as permanent secretary. Wass himself was said to favour him, as did most other Treasury officials. He did not get the job because Margaret Thatcher “didn’t want me in an economic department”. In an interview many years later for a PhD thesis by Brian Sherratt, a former headteacher, he said: “She thought I wasn’t ‘one of us’, and I can’t complain because I wasn’t. Her views were far to the right of mine on economic policy.” He was offered second permanent secretary at the Treasury but opted instead for the top job at the education department, then regarded as the Whitehall equivalent of Siberia, a strange and alienland where dragons might be found. There, under Sir Keith Joseph, he helped to bring the GCSE to fruition after many years of planning.

Later, when Kenneth Baker succeeded Joseph as secretary of state, Hancock piloted on to the statute book the Education Reform Act 1988, the most important educational legislation since 1944. Partly because of theopposition it encountered, and the need for numerous amendments, the legislation was complex but, thanks largely to Hancock, it was well drafted and, in its own terms, stood the test of time.

He and Baker were not natural bedfellows. Intellectually, Hancock was more attuned to the cerebral Joseph. Baker found him distant and initially felt Hancock was more interested in universities than schools. The latter were the province of the department’s “native” officials, who normally left local education authorities to their own devices and merely issued guidance. But Hancock shared Baker’s view that the department should play a more active role and supported the then revolutionary proposal for a national curriculum. He also thought schools should manage their own budgets rather than having all financial decisions made for them by council officers. However, he believed that it was a step too far for schools to break entirely free of council control and opt for direct funding from Whitehall, as the 1988 Act would allow. He saw this as a sop to Tory rightwingers who disliked anything to do with local authorities.

Whatever Hancock’s personal views, – and he was discreet about them – he rallied a suspicious department behind Baker’s ambitious programme. “He was very reliable,” Baker said. “He delivered. I never had to worry about the department’s support.” Hancock played a particularly important role in the introduction of training days for teachers, known as “Baker days”.

Which tended to be resented by parents who had to make special arrangements for childcare if both parents worked and were viewed by many teachers as a waste of time.

It was not only in schools that he guided the department to a more interventionist role. In 1986, he asked the accountants Price Waterhouse to report on the finances of the heavily indebted University College Cardiff.Until then, the Universities Grants Committee had prevented governments from interfering directly in any individual university. Later, Hancock told the college it would receive no more public money unless it accepted external teams to put its house in order.

As with UCNW, the NHS, County Councils etc the huge indebtedness was a consequence of the serious crime which pervaded the institution. It was not addressed. Not even the sex abuse ring that was operating within the University College Cardiff targeting students – including the medical students in their pre-clinical years. Dr Roy Mottram the Transvestite Physiology Lecturer at Cardiff was part of the ring. There was rather more to Dr Mottram than his Campaign To Liberate Transvestites, but never a word appeared in the media, even when Dr Mottram starred on TV doing the shopping in his dress and heels. Cardiff University and the Welsh National School of Medicine had a cosy relationship with George Thomas, of course no-one would point to the sewer that lay beneath Dr Mottram and his mates. See previous posts.

He could also be firm with ministers and special advisers. When Bakerdemanded a helicopter to fly to Bristol after animal-rights activists bombed the university,

Never mind the Top Docs and the abuse ring at Bristol…

Hancock told him he would have to go by car. When a young and over-confident ministerial aide proclaimed that great thinkers never emerged from universities, quoting Marx as an example, Hancock circulated a note pointing out that Marx studied at universities in Bonn and Berlin. “He was never a creep,” Baker told Sherratt.

Hancock came from a modest background in Beckenham, Kent, and attended the independent Whitgift school, Croydon. After national service in the Royal Tank Regiment, he took a first in PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) at Balliol College, Oxford. After graduation, he went into the civil service, where he spent two years at the Board of Trade

President of the Board of Trade – David McAdam Eccles, 1st Viscount Eccles – BASICS here

before moving to the Treasury in 1959. He moved smoothly up the hierarchy,

Chancellors – Derick Heathcoat-Amory, 1st Viscount Amory; Selwyn Lloyd; Reginal Maudling; Sunny Jim; then

working as private secretary to Roy Jenkins, chancellor from 1968 to 1970, and later, as an undersecretary in 1979, writing a paper that persuaded Geoffrey Howe, the incoming Tory chancellor, to lift exchange controls. In the early 1980s, he supervised European budget negotiations, a role that required him to accompany Thatcher to meet other European leaders. Though he did not achieve everything she wanted in keeping European hands off what she called “our money”, their relationship developed into one of mutual respect.

With the Education Reform Act safely concluded, – and, according to one colleague, tired of being pressed to sack people who did not conform to the prevailing political ideology – Hancock left the education department in 1989 to begin a second career in investment banking, initially as a directorof Hambros Bank.

His wide cultural and leisure interests included cricket, music and theatre. He was a member of the National Theatre board for several years and chaired the Foundation for Young Musicians throughout the 1990s. He donated a grand piano to the education department’s music society.

Hancock was knighted in 1985. He is survived by his wife, Gill, whom he married in 1966, and by a son and daughter.

David Hancock, civil servant and investment banker, born 27 March 1934; died 5 September 2013


The FT Obituary for Hancock was written by Sir Douglas Wass:

Sir David Hancock, who has died aged 79, had a distinguished career in the civil service, which saw him rise steadily through the administrative ranks to become permanent secretary in the Department of Education. But it was as a Treasury mandarin that he is principally remembered, where his official personality developed and where he became a close colleague and friend of mine. He came from a relatively unprivileged background and after attending Whitgift School in Croydon won a scholarship at Balliol College where he took a First in Modern Greats. Essentially cerebral, he would have made an ideal don and it was the dons who taught him at Oxford, includingMarcus Dick and E.H. Carr, that he seemed most to resemble. He came into the Treasury in 1959 from the old Board of Trade, where he had been private secretary to the legendary Frank Lee and from whom he learnt so much of the craft of administration. His intellectual integrity was of the highest order and he never let you get away with a sloppy argument or a poor presentation. He was in many ways the ideal man to serve a minister and it was while he was the private secretary to Roy Jenkins, as chancellor, that he was recognised as a mandarin of the highest rank. The respect that he had for Jenkins was fully reciprocated and led to a lasting friendship. One of the specialities Hancock developed was that of fiscal policy, particularly tax reform, and this speciality was enhanced by the year he spent at Harvard and the Brookings Institution on a Harkness Fellowship in 1965-66. He took a hard look at the way the Kennedy administration hadtackled the tax reform it had committed itself to in the early 1960s and he wrote a thoughtful and critical analysis of that experience which was published in the Rivista di Diritto Finanziario e Scienza delle Finanze. He subsequently became head of the Treasury’s fiscal policy division. It was here that he had to shape Anthony Barber’s Budget of 1972, which was much more expansionist than he had recommended. His other monument in the Treasury was the abolition of exchange controls in 1979. This was a straightforward piece of administration but there were some worries about the likely consequences on business investment in the UK and on the balance of payments. Hancock produced a masterly appraisal of the risks and convinced us all that they were worth taking. In many ways Hancock’s true destiny should have been that of head of the Treasury, but it was not to be, and he ended his civil service career as permanent secretary at the Department of Education, where he left his mark in the shape of important reforms, notably in the setting of teachers’ pay. No bald account of his career would be complete without a salute to his style. He was essentially Latin in his thought and writing, and it was always a joy to read his impeccable brevity and economy of language. He was a very private man but underneath he was a warm human being who cared greatly for the underprivileged and did much in retirement to help them. 

Sir Douglas Wass was Permanent Secretary at the Treasury from 1974 to 1983

David Hancock was remembered on the website of the Old Whitgiftians Association:

Sir David Hancock, Old Whitgiftian (1944-1952) and past President of the Association, died on 5 September at the age of 79. There will be a celebration of his life and work at Christ’s Chapel, SE21 7AE at 4pm on 24 September followed by a reception at the adjoining Dulwich Picture Gallery.

David Hancock left Whitgift with a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford. He was then a Harkness Fellow in the United States and joined the civil service where he rose to become Permanent Secretary at the Department of Education (1983-89). On leaving the civil service he became a director of Hambros Bank. He was President of the OWA and took an active part in committee meetings over a number of years. He was also a frequent visitor to Haling Park, particularly for Surrey cricket.



Now back to Lord Paul Drayson:

From 1986 to 1991 Paul Drayson was Managing Director of the Lambourn Food Company. From 1992 to 1998 he was Managing Director of Justin de Blank Ltd. In 1993 Paul co-founded PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc in Oxford which specialised in the production of vaccines, and was Chief Executive until 2003 when PowderJect was acquired by Chiron Corp. Between 2001 and 2002 Paul was the Chairman of the BioIndustry Association. From 2002–2005 Drayson was Chairman of the fundraising campaign to build a children’s hospital at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, an institution long controlled by Gigglers.

Since 2003, Paul Drayson has been the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Said Business School, Oxford University. Drayson is the current President of the Motorsport Industry Association. Anyone for Max Mosley, Noel Edmonds and the friends and relatives of James Hunt who are still alive? Or indeed Elwyn Edwards who zoomed around at speed in cars when he wasn’t doing his Biggles bit. Paul is Chairman and CEO of Drayson Technologies Ltd near Oxford.

Drayson has been a large contributor to the Labour Party, with BBC News reporting in 2005 that he “was made a Lord and then the UK defence procurement minister after giving New Labour more than £1m.” David Sainsbury bettered that, he bagged similar positions after donations to the Labour Party but then gave a load of dosh to Cambridge University and bugger me they appointed him Chancellor! David Sainsbury has also determined UK mental health policy from the late 1990s, first via the ridiculous Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and more recently by bankrolling Brain Science Research at UCL. One of the Profs who was purchased by David Sainsbury bagged a Nobel a few years ago. See previous posts…

Drayson donated £100,000 in 2002 before PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc was awarded a £32 million contract for a smallpox vaccine. Paul donated £505,000 on 17 June 2004 six weeks after being appointed to the House of Lords by Miranda and a further £500,000 on 21 December 2004.

Perhaps Lord Drayson can tell Coronavirus what to do by giving a few million to Miranda.

Drayson stood down from Ministerial responsibilities on 7 November 2007, his official reason for stepping down being his wish to participate in the Le Mans race, but it has been reported that the actual reasons were being left out of the loop when PM Gordon decided to disband the Defence Export Services Organisation and equipment budget deficits which would make the follow-up to the DIS largely irrelevant. Drayson’s job as Defence Procurement Minister was transferred to Lady Taylor.

Paul rejoined Gordon’s Gov’t as Minister of State for Science and Innovation in the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills on 3 October 2008 following a Cabinet reshuffle. One doesn’t hand money over to the Labour Party without a Cabinet job in return, as any fule kno.

Drayson is married to Elspeth Bellhouse, the daughter of Prof Brian Bellhouse.

Brian Bellhouse
Born 1 October 1936

Died 12 June 2017 (aged 80)

Guestling, East Sussex, England
Alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford
Occupation Academic, engineer, entrepreneur
Known for Founder of PowderJect
Relatives Paul Drayson, Baron Drayson

Brian Bellhouse was a British academic, engineer, and entrepreneur, the inventor of PowderJect, a needle-free injection system for delivering medications and vaccines, as well as a Professor at the University of Oxford. Bellhouse died in a nasty ‘freak accident’ on 12 June 2017. Whilst out for a walk in a field that he owned, Brian was trampled to death as he tried to save his dog from a stampeding herd of cows.

Drayson and Elspeth have five children, and live between homes in London and Nether Lypiatt Manor near Stroud in Gloucestershire, purchased for £5.75 million in 2006 from HRH Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Self-described as a “car nut and I’m a Government minister”, Drayson has owned an Aston Martin Vanquish, his wife an Aston Martin DB9, and his collection includes a Lotus Elan. He has also raced a bio-ethanol powered Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3-spec race car for Barwell Motorsport in the British GT Championship. Dafydd revelled in his Gold Range Rover, I’m on the bus.

Paul Drayson surely knows that other Poodle of Miranda’s with a penchant for racing cars, the former VC of Liverpool University, Drummond Bone! Having hacked my e mails, Miranda will know that I and my friends had a running joke about the regular media updates on the adventures of the Coolest VC in the UK, Drummond and his Racing Cars, while Merfyn the VC of Bangor was hassled by the idiocies of a Gang of sex offenders.

Guvnor of the BBC?? Chickenfeed! Drummond zooms around in Racing Cars. A la Elwyn Edwards. Furthermore Merfyn, Drummond received promotion to the Rank of Master of Balliol, Oxford in Oct 2011. Here’s Drummond on a Posh Couch with Boris, dressed in Matching Dinner Jackets.

Miranda, did you read the e mails to my mates in which I suggested that we should begin a Vice Chancellors’ Teeth competition in Viz magazine, after Brown and I saw that pic of a VC of a New University with terrible choppers? I was going to send a pic in of the VC with Terrible Teeth and a pic of Merfyn’s choppers as well for comparison and invite readers to send in their own pics of VCs’ teeth. You could have sent in a photo of Drummond Miranda! Drummond’s got lovely teeth, as good as Prof Craig Calhoun’s teeth and he’s American AND was Director of the LSE!

Drummond was VC of Liverpool University, 2002–2008 – and President of Universities UK, 2005-07 – while Dr Death was Chancellor of Liverpool University See the source imageand the Gang at Bangor were doing various disgusting things with various disgusting people at Liverpool to cause trouble for Merfyn, the most disgusting of those things being the Top Docs at the Walton Centre in Liverpool finding that there was Nothing That They Could Do for Merfyn’s wife who died slowly and in distress, the subject of constant breaches of confidence as well.

I note that Drummond served as Principal of Royal Holloway College, University of London 2000-02 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. I knew two lecturers at Royal Holloway who, like me, had uncovered serious abuse of Empowered Service Users that was concealed by social workers and Service User Representatives. We used to chat to each other by e mail. Miranda will have read our conversations. Drummond was Principal while those two lecturers were being harassed and intimidated because they were raising concerns about what was going on.

Drummond’s career really took off at Glasgow University, where he completed his first degree. Drummond returned to the University of Glasgow in 1980 as a Lecturer in English Literature, becoming a Senior Lecturer in 1989 and titular Professor in 1995. From 1991 to 1995, Drummond was Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and in 1995 became Vice-Principal at Glasgae, before bagging the Top Job at Royal Holloway in 2000, the year that the Waterhouse Report was published.

Anyone for Sir Ken Calman, Giggling Top Doc of Glasgae, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, 1989-91; CMO of England and Wales, 1 January 1991 – 31 December 1997?

Drummond Bone attended Ayr Academy before Glasgae University. After Glasgae, Drummond won a Snell Exhibition to study at Balliol College, Oxford from 1968 to 1972. Drummond is a specialist on the works of Romantic poet Lord Byron, and on leaving Oxford in 1972, Drummond became a Lecturer in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Warwick. So Drummond was part of Vichy Warwick (see post ‘Vichy Warwick’) when Merfyn and the Philanderer were there Causing Trouble, Drummond arriving just after Merfyn and the Philanderer had organised the Warwick Events!

Here’s Drummond the Great Romantic, Relaxing  at the Master’s Residence at Balliol: 

Cœur de Ville, 03200 Vichy, France:

File:Cœur de Ville, 03200 Vichy, France - panoramio.jpg

Drummond, your old mate Sir Ken voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice after he saw himself on this blog. I think Ken was told by the Best Lawyers In The World  that he didn’t have Any Excuses.

As VC of Liverpool University, Drummond Bone continued to teach an undergraduate class on Byron and was also Chairman of the Liverpool Culture Company, directing the city’s preparations to be European Capital of Culture in 2008. Drummond’s Plan For Celebrating Liverpool could be summarised thus: 

Although Drummond’s own speciality is Byron and Drummond is Vice-President of the Byron Society, was Editor of The Byron Journal from 1978 to 1988 and has been Co-editor of journal Romanticism since 199, he is a sufficiently big name in English Lit to know high profile scholars of other Poets. Drummond is a member of the Steering Group of the Council for College and University English, a Fellow of the English Association, and an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (1995) and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2008).

Drummond knows Prof Tom Corns of Bangor University who has featured on this blog before. Tom Corns is a Milton scholar, one of the best, but Tom doesn’t like the rest of the human race very much. Tom’s wife Pat Corns aka Patricia the Stripper – as she was known at the Ladies Hockey Club – spent many enjoyable years employed as a social worker in Conwy Social Services. Patricia the Stripper was encouraged to take early retirement because she was considered to represent a ‘risk to vulnerable people’. She worked for Conwy SS who were facilitating a sex abuse ring and ignoring the trafficking of young women in a chain of Care Homes backed by Dafydd so God knows what Patricia the Stripper was doing. After Early Retirement, Patricia the Stripper tried to infiltrate a Service Users Group who had offered to give me interviews about their Experience Of Services. Patricia the Stripper was spotted and skilfully headed off by a helpful colleague of mine who observed that Patricia the Stripper wanted to Volunteer with that group ‘for no constructive purpose’.

Tom was a young lecturer at UCNW when I complained about Gwynne’s Giggles. See the source imagePatricia the Stripper was a Nice Young Social Worker who Helped People. Tom and Patricia’s two sons are both Top Docs. The Corns family lived in Bethesda, just down the road from F and were friends with the Bethesda GPs who maimed and killed so many patients.

Tom was one of a core of senior staff at Bangor who harassed my PhD supervisor – as well as his wife – out of their jobs at Bangor. Although Tom waited until he had plagiarised some of John’s work before John was finally bullied out by Tom and his mates.

Tom and Patricia the Stripper are famous for their Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf marriage. Tom, Patricia routinely referred to you as the Ginger Bastard when she was getting pissed with the Hockey Club crowd and it wasn’t affectionate.

Prof Fungus Lowe and his mistress are over at Bethesda for the Corns’ At Home:

A Trainee GP from Bethesda Surgery joins the fun:See the source image

After the guests have left: 

Professor Drummond Bone was knighted in the 2008 Birthday Honours for services to Higher Education and the regeneration of the North-West. He also received honorary degrees of Doctor of Letters (DLitt) from the Universities of Liverpool (2008), Lancaster (2008) and Chester (2009), and Doctor of the University (DUniv) from the University of Glasgow (2010). Bone is also a Maserati enthusiast and was made a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers, a Livery Company promoting the automobile industry.

Drummond will remember that the 1970 Warwick Events caused such trauma to Harold Wilson’s Gov’t because when Merfyn, the Philanderer and the other students held the sit-in at the Registry, they broke into the cupboards and found secret files that the VC, Lord Jack Butterworth, had kept on their political activities. They also found documentary evidence that Butterworth had been involved in sordid deals with Leaders of the Automobile Industry in the UK and the US in return for dosh for Warwick University. Lord Jack was a close mate of Richard Crossman, British security services chief and partner in crime with Gwynne, Dafydd and the Giggles. Lord Jack’s wife Lady Doris held high office in the Royal College of Midwives, in spite of not being a midwife or even anything similar.

Lord Jack and Lady Doris were part of High Society in Warwickshire, along with Crossman, Bluglass and Donald Trelford.See the source image

The Warwick students were joined in the Events by E.P. Thompson, Merfyn’s PhD supervisor, who also knew Merfyn from north Wales, E.P. being a second-homer at Cwm Croesor. E.P. was part of the New Left crowd with Ralph Miliband and Eric Hobsbawm, although Thompson and Hobsbawm fell out in a big way over the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary. E.P.’s wife Dorothy was a Prof of History at Birmingham University, which was Bluglass’s employer at the time of the Warwick Events. Bluglass was part of William Trethowan’s team, Trethowan and his family virtually ran Guy’s Hospital – they were mates with Uncle Harry and Sister Hutt’s dad – and Trethowan was a giant among Gigglers, one of the ex-Oundle boys of Clough’s circle who were at the top of their professions in the 1960s, 70s and 90s and occupied key roles in the ring. One of whom was Harriet Harperson’s dad. Bluglass stepped into the shoes of Bill Trethowan in the way in which Dafydd succeeded Gwynne.

My post ‘Vichy Warwick’ discusses one of the Vichy Sociologists at Warwick NAME?? who interviewed Trethowan and many other Big Gigglers of the GMC as part of a medical sociology study in the 1980s. NAME must have known what that lot were doing, there had been scandal after scandal at the time re the GMC failing to regulate. NAME carried out that study just after I complained about Gwynne and some of her data was fabricated to give the impression that the study had begun before I had complained about Gwynne… See ‘Vichy Warwick’ for details.

I haven’t been able to work out whether the Thompsons were Gigglers themselves or just friends with a lot of people who were. E.P. Thompson resigned from his post at Warwick after the Events and subsequently published his expose Warwick University Ltd. E.P. could have exposed much more but he didn’t. See previous posts.

Giggler Sir Peter Scott See the source imagewas the Senior BBC Naturalist when whippersnapper David Attenborough was in line to succeed, Attenborough who’s dad Sir Frederick was VC of University College, Leicester, which evolved into Leicester University.


Lord Paul Drayson was born blind in one eye which, under FIA rules, prevented him from acquiring an international racing licence for participation in the Le Mans 24 Hours. In light of his performance during the 2008 ALMS season and FIA rule changes, Paul was granted an international licence to allow him the chance of competing in the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans. Drayson finished 37th overall and 12th in class at the race. He also competed at the 2010 event but failed to finish.

Drayson has currently competed in two seasons of the ALMS with a best finish of a win at the 2010 Road America race in a LMP Lola B09/60. For 2011, Drayson made the switch to the EV Cup, a new championship for electric cars.


At the time of 1995 and 96 policy documents endorsed by the Wales conference of the Labour Party, there had been years of concern re the poor educational standards that were perceived by politicians of all hues to have dogged Wales.

My observations re Wales and education was that in terms of academic standards, generally the prevailing situation was rather as one finds in England ie. children from the more advantaged social cohorts often achieve very well, including children who’s parents are not necessarily financially advantaged but who are well-educated themselves, especially those working in education. It’s good old cultural capital; one doesn’t need money to succeed educationally but it certainly helps if there is someone in one’s circle as a child who encourages an interest in the literary and intellectual world.

Much of this blog has been concerned with the Gang who wreaked such havoc in the lives of so many children in Wales, particularly the kids in care who were disadvantaged in so many ways, also usually in terms of cultural capital as well. The kids under attack from the Gang were invisible to the many of the same teachers who were most encouraging to other kids. Wales prides itself on not having gone in for public schools to the same extent as England and Wales embraced comprehensive schools much more readily than England. Yet the schools in north Wales in particular which prided themselves on not being selective grammars or elitist public schools, taught some of those kids in care alongside the kids from families with adults working as Gang members eg. as Docs, Angels, social workers, teachers, lecturers and the two groups of kids were viewed and treated very differently. There was a very obvious two-tier system at work within the same schools; there was/is in many schools in England but what was being ignored in the lives of the kids targeted by the Gang was extraordinary.

At one point, the brutal indifference to the plight of the kids under attack from the Gang was hardly surprising because the person responsible for the Education portfolio at the Welsh Office in the late 1980s was none other than leading Gang member Wyn Roberts. David Egan, a member of the Welsh History Working Group, said of Wyn that the educational establishment in Wales saw Wyn ‘as a breath of fresh air because he brought Welsh language issues forward. Also he was a long serving Welsh speaking Minister whose continuity in post enabled the educational establishment to get closer to the Welsh Office. Finally he was amenable to responses from outside bodies when they pushed for change to the Welsh education agenda’.

Wyn was also a longstanding very good mate of a gang of sex offenders, worked for the security services, was an influential name in the media and had a brother, Eifion, who was a corrupt judge and also a long standing very good mate of a gang of sex offenders. Wyn utilised everything and everyone available to him to protect Gwynne, Dafydd et al. Wyn’s grasp on matters Wales was such that when John Major was PM, if a Welsh matter was raised, Major simply asked if Wyn thought it to be important.

Consultation with Gov’t re education policy in Wales by the education community was alleged to be much ‘friendlier’ than in England, illustrated by Wyn’s statement as quoted in a Welsh Office press release, 27 April 1993: ‘We have always tried in Wales to listen to what teachers have to say. teachers are the people who know the curriculum because they know the pupils they have to teach’.

Some six months before that press release, the North Wales Police had ended their investigation into the possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales and Cheshire, stating that they had found no evidence of such a thing. The Gang had also just mounted a prosecution against F and I for ‘staring at Jackie Brandt in Safeways’, Brandt being a Gwynedd social worker who was facilitating the VIP paedophile ring which didn’t exist. Between the mid-1980s and April 1993, F had formally reported the abuse of children in Gwynedd by members of that Gang – including social workers – at least three times. He had taken issue with teachers in Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen and Friar’s School ‘not caring’ that certain pupils were barely attending school and were known to be using Class A drugs, as well as being sexually exploited during school hours when they were not on school premises. F observed that one 15 year old girl in this situation was observed in Bangor during school hours, on a weekday, by one of her teachers from Friar’s, who walked on past without a word. F commented to third parties, including to that man’s colleagues at Friar’s,’ You’re not bothered about her, you don’t want her in school, she doesn’t even need to hide from your sight when you bump into her in town, that is how bad your attitude is…

In Wales’s professional and political circles, it is always emphasised that the nature of Wales means ‘everyone knows each other’ and that Wyn personally knew many of the Welsh Office civil servants, many Cllrs, teaching union reps and even teachers themselves, the teachers who ‘know the pupils they have to teach’.

The problem was that amidst that very personal knowledge between all parties, when the Gang containing so many of the people from those professional and political circles targeted someone, the ‘knowledge’ possessed about them was often lies, known to be lies, but had been made up by Gang members to discredit the target because catastrophe would result if the Gang were ever exposed. The very personal nature of these relationships also meant that a very obvious favouritisation of certain pupils or students continued apace on that part of teachers or lecturers who in turn openly discriminated against the Gang’s targets and not only the very difficult kids. The Gang didn’t only target the juvenile delinquents of legend, they went after eg. passive quiet kids with childhood depression, as well as others…

While the gang rape of some kids, their coercion into sex work and child porn, as well as the extreme physical cruelty that they suffered, was simply ignored by everyone in the ‘educational establishment’ in the face of numerous complaints and even a few Court cases

 Sir David Hancock fondly remembered by  
Sir David Hancock

there was much trumpeting of the unique achievements of schools in Wales, including Welsh medium education and, from 1988, Wales’s answer to Kenneth Baker’s National Curriculum, the rather uninspired but much boasted about Curriculum Cymreig.

I am not someone who would ever suggest that teaching kids languages, including Welsh, is not a good idea. A bilingual education from a young age undoubtedly has added advantages for intellectual development and working class English kids have been seriously hampered by the monoglot culture that surrounds them. Elite schools in England are still very big on language teaching as well as Latin. It is only the schools attended substantially by kids who are presumed to have a future that does not involve higher education or professional careers who don’t worry about languages. People who’ve been to public schools speak languages other than English and often very well.

The shameful state of affairs in England with regard to this was illustrated by the shock and awe experienced by the nation when it was discovered that Nick Clegg could communicate in German at a high level. It’s wonderful that he can, but a leading politician in many other European countries, including Germany, would be expected to have a good grasp of a second language, if not a third.

So I would never criticise any school in Wales for teaching Welsh or through the medium of Welsh. The problem was not the huge effort invested in this, it was what was being ignored and concealed while the Battle For Welsh Medium Education was prioritised, as well as the deliberate muddying of the waters by Gang leaders a la Wyn who stressed their Commitment To The Language. It was Gwynedd County Council who were the most enthusiastic about Welsh medium education. To many untrained English eyes, this was denounced as ‘that bloody obsession with Welsh’. The bloody obsession was a distraction technique that had grown out of the methods deliberately employed by the British security services from the 1950s onward to conceal the horror of Gwynne’s Giggles. The security services infiltrated Plaid and the Welsh language movement as discussed in previous posts and friends of Ioan Bowen Rees, the CEO of Gwynedd County Council who famously transformed Gwynedd CC into Fortress Gwynedd while he ran that huge paedophile ring, were among the infiltrators. 

Neither could those unsympathetic to Welsh medium education be relied upon to shed light on what was happening. In 1979 a big row blew up re Gwynedd schools after, allegedly, a number of furious English parents had denounced the horrors of Gwynedd Education Authority, all concerns raised being related to Welsh medium teaching. The Windbag took up the case and denounced Gwynedd’s Welsh medium policies. There was at the time much more concern from parents – both ‘locals’ and ‘incomers’ – who’s kids had been physically brutalised via beatings with the cane etc in a manner that was more redolent of thrashing in English public schools in the 1960s than comprehensive state education in the 1970s. A number of official reports from the 1970s and 80s whispered quietly that ‘methods of discipline’ in Gwynedd schools were ‘old fashioned’. The reality was that some kids – guess which ones?? – were having the living daylights beaten out of them by teachers whose colleagues did nothing to stop this, in a way that was by any standards completely unacceptable by the 1970s.

The kids at a children’s home in Llanfairpwll on Anglesey run by Gwynedd CC repeatedly talked about a man known only as ‘Seagull’ who was sexually abusing them. Seagull was a teacher but he never seems to have been identified, although the chaos in that particular home elicited the first investigation into Gwynedd CC’s children’s homes and the same home was considered ‘in detail’ in the Waterhouse Inquiry. 

Sir David Hancock

The first investigation was set up by Ioan Bowen Rees who commissioned a team of Senior Officers from Dyfed CC to investigate. Ioan was between 1974 and 1980 the County Secretary/CEO of Dyfed CC. Ioan and Lucille Hughes were delighted when Ioan’s old mates from Dyfed gave Gwynedd CC’s children’s homes a clean bill of health. That investigation was launched in 1984, after I’d elicited the Gwynne Row. Gwynedd CC were preening themselves that there Was Not A Problem by 1986…

The Windbag’s wife was a school teacher from Holyhead – Gwynedd CC ran a children’s home in Holyhead about which there was concern – who’s mum and dad were longstanding Labour activists as well as mates with Cledwyn Hughes, the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79, who served as Secretary of State for Wales, 1966-68. Mrs Windbag and family were also mates with Gwynne, Dafydd and so many more of the Gang. 

Sir David Hancock

In 1979, Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned by Dafydd and Mr Thrope Walked Free From The Old Bailey. Mr Thrope the godson of Lady Megan Lloyd George, who served as MP for Anglesey immediately prior to Lord Cled. Lady Megan was the Liberal MP for Anglesey and Lord Cled’s family were Liberals and good friends of the Old Goat. Lord Cled’s dad was the most influential Nonconformist Minister on Anglesey when Lady Megan was a Young Thing and he was one of the movers and shakers behind her election campaign in 1929 that saw Megan elected as Anglesey’s MP in May of that year. Cled as a schoolboy went to tea with Megan at the Commons and was visited by her when he was in hospital.

Much was made of Cled later being the Labour MP who won Anglesey in 1951 after so many years of Megan-rule, but there was a very cosy arrangement between them. Cled, a crooked solicitor who practised on Anglesey, was mates with Megan – from a famous family of crooked lawyers who dominated Wales for years – and the fortunes of the Liberal Party were ailing. Megan and some of her Liberal mates, including Dingle Foot – from a famous family of er crooked lawyers  (from Plymouth, the city in which Tory Nancy Astor held her Commons seat, 1919-45) who were Liberal or Labour politicians – Footie’s brother, were well on their way to defecting to the Labour Party. When Megan lost her Anglesey seat, Sunny Jim, friend of Cled as well as the Windbags, wrote to Megan telling her that he hoped that she’d be soon back in the Commons, representing the Labour Party. On 28 Feb 1957, Megan was elected as the Labour MP for Carmarthen. Lord Cled, Sunny Jim and all the Labour big wigs came out in force and campaigned for her locally in Carmarthen. The vigour of the campaigning increased after someone piped up that Lady Megan had been a bloody useless MP for Anglesey.See the source image

For further details on the extraordinarily close relationship between the Old Goat’s family and the Windbag’s patrons and mentors, see eg. ‘Is It Because I Is Megan?’ and ‘And The Raven Was Called Sin…’

Fruity Mrs Windbag was famous for her career as a school teacher, but what received less publicity was that the Windbag dabbled in education as well. Mrs Windbag undertook teacher training at what is now known as Cardiff University and it was at University that she met the Windbag. After his Third in Industrial Relations and History at Cardiff, the Windbag completed a postgraduate diploma in education. Between August 1966 and May 1970, the Windbag worked as a Tutor-Organiser for the WEA in south Wales; the Windbags married in 1967. Ron ‘I Was Looking For Badgers’ Davies succeeded the Windbag in that WEA job in 1970 when the Windbag was elected as the Labour MP for Bedwellty (which became Islwyn) on 18 June 1970.

The Windbag’s predecessor in his seat was Labour MP Sir Harold Josiah Finch, born in Barry, Glamorgan. A miners’ agent in Blackwood after WW I Finch was a contemporary of Nye and accompanied him as a miners’ delegate to the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool in 1925. Finch was elected as MP for Bedwellty at the 1950 General Election and was junior Minister at the Welsh Office, 1964-66 during Harold Wilson’s first administration. At the Welsh Office, Finch served under Secretary of State Jim Griffiths, who seeded the rot at that Dept as soon as Harold created it, assisted by the Civil Service Mandarin whom Wilson appointed to run the Welsh Office with Griffiths, Goronwy Daniel, who was married to the Old Goat’s granddaughter Valerie.

Daniel had known Wilson for years, they had worked at the Ministry of Fuel and Power together in the 1940s, after meeting at Jesus College, Oxford. Also at Jesus College with them was Gwilym Williams, son of a big landowner in north Wales who was Bishop of Bangor, 1957-82 and Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82, another Leading Giggler. Williams became Bishop of Bangor in the year that Dafydd Qualified, although Williams was an experienced Church Giggler by then. Williams will have been highly acceptable to Old Nick, what with Old Nick’s family being substantially senior Anglican clergymen in Wales (see ‘The Spirit Of The Goat’). Williams was born in Finchley as well and had some connection to Thatch via that but I’m not sure how. After getting the Welsh Office off to an utterly rotten start with Jim Griffiths, Goronwy – who went to school in Carmarthen a la Eric Sunderland and so many other Gigglers – became Principal of Aberystwyth University and then Chairman of the S4C Authority.

Harold Finch’s Minister of State at the Welsh Office was Goronwy Roberts, the Bethesda native who served as Labour MP for Caernavon, 1945-Feb 1974. Roberts went to the Lords after he lost his seat to Plaid’s Dafydd Wigley and stayed there until he died on 23 July 1981. Roberts was a Giggler with the best and personally knew Dafydd, who is also from Bethesda. Roberts was the son of a Presbytarian Minister, went to Ogwen Grammar School in Bethesda – as did Dafydd – then studied at UCNW and subsequently London University. From 1941 until 1944 Roberts worked as Youth Education Officer for Caernarfonshire and in 1944 was appointed Lecturer in Youth Leadership at the University College of Swansea, when the Ale Twat’s dad worked there. Goronwy Roberts held a number of Ministerial posts in the Foreign Office, including under Sunny Jim’s Foreign Secretary Dr Death and went on some impressive jollies overseas for a mate of Dafydd’s from Bethesda.

The Lord Goronwy-Roberts
Goronwy Roberts.jpg
Deputy Leader of the House of Lords
In office
December 1975 – May 1979
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
James Callaghan
Leader Lord Shepherd
Lord Peart
Preceded by Lord Beswick
Succeeded by Earl Ferrers
Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
4 December 1975 – 4 May 1979
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
James Callaghan
Preceded by Roy Hattersley
Succeeded by Peter Blaker
Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
8 March 1974 – 4 December 1975
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Peter Blaker
Succeeded by Ted Rowlands
Minister of State for Trade
In office
13 October 1969 – 19 June 1970
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Bill Rodgers
Succeeded by Frederick Corfield
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
17 October 1968 – 13 October 1969
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Baroness White
Succeeded by Lord Shepherd
Minister of State for Education and Science
In office
6 April 1966 – 29 August 1967
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Reg Prentice
Succeeded by Alice Bacon
Minister of State for Wales
In office
20 October 1964 – 6 April 1966
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by office established
Succeeded by George Thomas
Member of the House of Lords
In office
25 March 1974 – 23 July 1981
Life peerage
Member of Parliament
for Caernarfon
In office
23 February 1950 – 28 February 1974
Preceded by David Price-White
Succeeded by Dafydd Wigley
Member of Parliament
for Caernarvonshire
In office
5 July 1945 – 23 February 1950
Preceded by Goronwy Owen
Succeeded by constituency abolished
Personal details
Born 20 September 1913
Died 23 July 1981 (aged 67)
Spouse(s) Marian Ann Evans

Goronwy was an enthusiastic supporter of a Parliament for Wales and, along with the Windbags’ mate Lord Cled and Lady Megan, led the campaigning for this years before the first devolution referendum in 1979.

Roberts was a Member of the Court of Governors of the National Library of Wales, the National Museum of Wales and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Roberts was Chairman of the Welsh publishing house, Hughes a’i fab, from 1955 to 1959. He was a Trustee of the Oppenheimer Trust for Ex-Servicemen and in 1965 he was appointed Chairman of the Regional Economic Council for Wales. Roberts was appointed a Privy Counsellor and a FRSA in 1968 and an Honorary Freeman of the Royal Borough of Caernarfon in 1972.

In 1942 Roberts married Marian Ann Evans from Aberdare, in the south Wales valleys. They had two children: a daughter, Ann, and a son, Dafydd who will be busy with other Gigglers somewhere. Gorony came from Bethesda but he made his home with his wife and children near Pwllheli. Marion Goronwy-Roberts wrote a biography of Marion Phillips, the pioneering Labour campaigner for women’s rights, Gigglers being well-known Radicals, whether in the field of Wimmin’s Lib, or Civil Rights a la the Rosa Parks of Wales.

At UCNW, Goronwy Roberts, together with Harri Gwynn, was one of the founders of Mudiad Gwerin, a nationalist left-wing pressure group. Roberts remained good friends with Harri. Now Then. This is what the Dictionary of Welsh Biography tells us about Harri:

Harri Gwynn was born at 63, Maryland Road, Wood Green, north London, on 14 February 1913, son of Hugh Jones (d. 1916), who worked as a letter-sorter on the mail train between London and Holyhead, and his wife Elizabeth (Beti) (née Williams), both originally from Penrhyndeudraeth.

Down the road from Clough, the town where Bertrand Russell was a permanent fixture from the mid-1950s until his death in 1970.

Following his father’s death from a heart condition in December 1916, mother and son moved to Garth Celyn, Penrhyndeudraeth in 1917. After time at the village school, Harri won a scholarship to Barmouth County School in 1924, where he was introduced to fine art and the work of the English Georgian poets by his headteacher, Edmund D. Jones, an admirer of John Ruskin, and attended evening classes on poetry in Penrhyndeudraeth under the tutelage of Robert Williams Parry.

In 1930, a year early, he sat the examination that gained him a place at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, where he studied for an Honours Degree in History. Despite a serious bout of pneumonia which forced him to spend time in hospital and repeat his first year, he graduated in 1934, and was elected students’ union president the following year.

Ioan Bowen Rees’s mother and father both studied at UCNW and his father was President of the SU there.

In an autobiographical radio broadcast 40 years later, he looked back at the 1930s, which saw the election of Hitler in Germany, economic depression in Britain and Mussolini’s adventures in Abyssinia, as a ‘golden’ age: ‘this was the time of political ferment, social theorising, the belief that the world could be set to rights if there were only an appropriate politics’. Much to the dismay of the College authorities, he organised pacifist marches and became an active member of Plaid Cymru. By 1938 Harri Gwynn, as he now called himself (although he would not formally and legally drop the ‘Jones’ until 1944), had completed his MA on the Dolobran Quaker, John Kelsall, and was a lecturer with the Workers’ Education Association.

In 1936 Harri, ‘one of the most talented and debonair Bohemians of his generation’, according to Meic Stephens, met the science student who would become his wife. Eirwen Meiriona St John Williams (1916-2007) had been born in Liverpool and raised in Llangefni. They became friends through shared activities with Plaid Cymru, while Eirwen was completing a PhD in Physics. The vast correspondence between them that has survived in his papers shows how the relationship between them soon blossomed into an intellectual love affair, even though Eirwen’s father insisted that they could not marry unless Harri had a good regular income.

One constant shared interest was radical politics. As the minutes show, Eirwen was among the two dozen who came together on 11 November 1936, at the first meeting of the left-leaning ginger group, Mudiad Gwerin, chaired by the future Labour MP Goronwy Roberts, with Harri acting as vice-chair and secretary. The movement’s aim, as a letter sent by the two to the Manchester Guardian in February 1937 has it, was to create ‘a synthesis of progressive and nationalist attitudes’ which would stand in opposition to the more conservative nationalism of the National Party president Saunders Lewis, on the one hand, and the anti-Welsh elements in the Labour Party on the other.

Dafydd was a mate of Saunders Lewis.It was Dafydd who recorded the famous radio broadcast made by Saunders on 13 Feb 1962, ‘Tynged yr Iaith’ (‘The Fate of the Language’) that is considered to have been the impetus for the formation of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) some months later. Corrupt Judge Huw Daniel’s father the theologian and Schools Inspector Prof J.E. Daniel (both Daniels were educated at Friar’s School, Bangor followed by Jesus College, Oxford), like Saunders Lewis, served as an early President of the National Party (the early name for Plaid). See post ‘Tan yn Llyn’. J.E. Daniel died after a road accident in Flintshire on 11 Feb 1962, that’s how Huw knows that Fings Break. Saunders and Dafydd’s call to arms with that broadcast and J.E. Daniel’s unfortunate demise were Giggles-related. The early 1960s was host to much Giggling. 1961 saw the breaking of the Portland spy ring and the conviction and imprisonment of George Blake, sprung from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966 by Pat Pottle and Michael Randle, Bertrand Russell’s Secretaries who were living in the Croesor area at the time, as discussed in eg. ‘A Message Of Peace At Christmas’.

Pat Pottle moved to London and then returned to live at Harlech in 2000; he died on 1 Oct 2000, suddenly from pancreatic cancer a la David Ennals. Robin Skynner had died days before Pat Pottle. Another Giggler was Admiralty clerk, John Vassall, who was blackmailed into spying by the Soviets who threatened to expose his homosexuality – the real threat being Vassall’s relationship with Giggler Tam Galbraith, a Conservative Party politician and Civil Lord of the Admiralty – was jailed for 18 years in October 1962. When he was released from jail, Vassall subsequently changed his surname to Phillips, settled in St John’s Wood – Vassall was a neighbour of Ronnie Waterhouse – and worked as an administrator at the British Records Association, and for a firm of solicitors in Gray’s Inn. Vassall died after suffering a heart-attack on a London bus in November 1996: it was not until nearly three weeks later that the press became aware of his death. Vassall died some two months after The Hague announced that Ronnie would be the Chair of the forthcoming Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. From early 1994, F and I had formally raised the matter of Dafydd sexually exploiting patients again and again with the appropriate authorities only to be ignored or arrested.

In 1980 the BBC broadcast a docudrama about the Vassall affair, in which Vassall was played by John Normington as “weak, vain and keen to be thought a gentleman”. The play caused some controversy when it became known that neither Lady Hayter, the Ambassador’s wife when Vassall arrived in Moscow, nor Captain Geoffrey Bennett, the naval attaché, had been consulted or advised that they were to be portrayed: they learnt only when Radio Times was published four days before the broadcast. It was more security services fuckwittery, it was Vassall’s character that was attacked by the play that Outraged Lady Hayter and Geoffrey Bennett, the play being broadcast after Mr Thrope Walked Free From The Old Bailey and when Dafydd realised that Mary Wynch was going to take some beating.

Tam Galbraith was the Tory MP for Glasgow Hillhead and died in office on 2 Jan 1982, causing the by-election in which Woy stood as the SDP candidate and won, as a result of recent boundary changes that favoured Claret drinking grandiosities. Tam was the heir to his father’s barony but predeceased his father, Thomas Dunlop Galbraith, 1st Baron Strathclyde, who died on 12 July 1985. Some five weeks before I had the first big row with Tony Francis in mid-Aug 1985, virtually to the day that Nicholas Eden died from AIDS. Lord Galbraiths wife Ida had died in June 1985. All witnesses to the Macmillan era Giggles gone. The heir to the barony was  Thomas Galbraith, 2nd Baron Strathclyde. Thomas is very much alive and busy, a wealthy man who owns vast amounts of the west of Scotland and who’s business practices have embroiled him in scandal. See previous posts for info on the Vassall affair and the Galbraiths.

I do have to keep reminding myself: the Sudden Deaths and Political Rearranging of Furniture wasn’t even about Dafydd, they were about Gwynne, Royal Lobotomist and ex-Royal Navy Top Doc…

Saunders Lewis worked at Swansea University with the Ale Twat’s father; Saunders taught both the Ale Twat’s mother and father when they were students at Swansea University. 

The movement could scarcely have chosen a less propitious time, however. In September 1936, ‘Cinders’ Lewis, as Goronwy Roberts had nicknamed him, was due to stand trial for the burning of the RAF training school in Llŷn. Loyalty towards him within his own party and wider public sympathy were both strong, and intensified still further when he was jailed for nine months in January 1937. Harri went on, nonetheless, to put forward a motion at the National Party conference in August 1938 ‘that aspects of National Party policy are anti-progressive, contrary to the needs of the ordinary people of Wales and impose on them a lower standard of living than they might enjoy through other methods’. At the insistence of Saunders Lewis, who had just been released from prison, he was not called to speak.

Eirwen also encouraged Harri’s literary interests. As he wrote to her in August 1937, ‘It would be splendid if I could earn my living by writing. It would not be easy work, but it would mean freedom.’ Other letters to her mention a detective story, a play and the desire to write ‘a serious novel filled with philosophy, style and beauty… I am beginning to feel that such a thing is now possible.’

The war put an end to all literary and personal ambitions. Harri Gwynn’s application to the Royal Army Medical Corps was rejected on medical grounds (his pneumonia as a student had entailed major surgery), and he spent 1940 and 1941 as a history teacher at schools in Flint and Bangor. On New Year’s Day 1942, as he was about to take up a post with the Ministry of Supply (on a salary that his future father-in-law considered acceptable), at the registry office in Bangor, he married Eirwen. She recalled the occasion as ‘a fairly sparse wedding … no grandness at all … no guests, no presents or photographs, only a day or two’s honeymoon’. The couple spent their first year in Warwick, before moving to London in 1943. It would be their home for the rest of the decade, and it was there that their son, Iolo, was born on 18 March 1944. In the same year Harri and Eirwen dropped the surname ‘Jones’ so that they could register their child as Iolo ap Gwynn. Their first home was a flat in a house in Clapham Common Northside, where they threw themselves into the city’s Welsh cultural life, joining the chapel near their home, in Clapham Park Road, and launching a society, Y Ford Gron, and theatre company, Cwmni Drama’r Ddraig Goch. Harri Gwynn also became editor of the city’s Welsh-language monthly, Y Ddinas.

His mature literary output grew out of his political activity, his relationship with Eirwen and the new career opportunities now open to him. As the tripartite structure of his first volume of verse, Barddoniaeth Harri Gwynn (1955), shows, the topics in ‘Cerddi Bangor: 1930-40’ were conventional lyrics: nostalgia, nature and love. ‘Cerddi Llundain: 1940-50’ is different. The metrics are more irregular, the tone more wry and the topics more raw. In a sense, the work in ‘Cerddi Llundain’ reflects his disillusionment with his younger self as much as his exasperation with the present. Harri had become a modernist in the style of Eirian Davies, T. Glynne Davies and Rhydwen Williams.

By 1950, motivated by a desire, as Eirwen put it, ‘to escape the endless roofscapes, to return to the countryside and to Wales in particular’, Harri threw up a comfortable job and a salary of nearly one thousand pounds a year and bought a 34-acre smallholding, Tyddyn Cwcallt, near Rhoslan in Eifionydd. A close neighbour Bob Owen, Croesor, opined that they were ‘mad’.

The Owen family were central to life in Croesor for three generations. Bob, his son and his grandchildren all lived in Croesor while the area was famous as a result of the Bloomsbury visitors.

This was the first experience either of them had had of farming, even though Harri’s childhood home, Garth Celyn, was a smallholding with room to keep a cow, chickens and a substantial fruit and vegetable garden. From week to week between 1952 and 1959, he recorded the challenges, mishaps and successes in a column for the Welsh-language newspaper Y Cymro, ‘Rhwng Godro a Gwely’, brought out as a book in 1994, and in the humorous essays in Y Fuwch a’i Chynffon (1954), where Harri christened every animal and machine with a suitable name (having learned their quirks). He continued his contributions until 1969. To supplement the farm’s income, Harri also wrote book reviews, lectured and broadcast on radio, including the feature programmes ‘Llafar’ and ‘Byd Natur’. As the third section of Barddoniaeth Harri Gwynn, ‘Cerddi Eifionydd’, shows, the change of circumstances heralded a change in style. Poems like ‘Cyfarch yr Hwch’ and ‘Ceffyl Gwedd’, for instance, are the products of observation and attempts to ascribe a voice to nature.

The most infamous incident in Harri Gwynn’s literary career occurred at the National Eisteddfod in 1952 with one of his six unsuccessful entries in the Crown competition from 1948 onwards. Under the pseudonym Efnisien, Harri interpreted that year’s pryddest topic ‘Y Creadur’ (The Creature) as a soliloquy in which a murderer convicted of killing his girlfriend addresses a beetle in his cell. The mention of the girl’s sexual allure and the murderer’s attempt to justify his actions proved too much for one adjudicator, the Rev. David Jones from Blaenplwyf, who refused to crown the work. It was criticised more harshly still by W. J. Gruffydd, who maintained that ‘the thoughts of a murderer more likely to be sent to Broadmoor than to the gallows’ were not relevant to the set topic. It emerged shortly afterwards that Gruffydd had been under the impression that Bobi Jones was the author and that he had been motivated by personal animus. The pryddest, none the less, became a succès de scandale. Copies sold well on the Eisteddfod field, Harri and Gruffydd were invited to discuss the matter on radio and television, Harri’s portrait appeared in the Picture Post, and a postcard was dispatched from Westminster by his old college friend Goronwy Roberts (by now a Labour MP): ‘A thousand congratulations on stirring up the stagnant pond of Welsh poetry a little (or a lot).’

Harri Gwynn did nor compete again after 1954. As Gwynn ap Gwilym wrote on his connection with the Eisteddfod, ‘He perhaps demonstrates better than anyone the huge weakness and unfairness of the Welsh competitive system and its unhealthy emphasis on “winning”.’ The poetry continued, however, with pioneering work on the radio sonnet and the publication of Yng Nghoedwigoedd y Sêr in 1975.

In 1953, Harri was persuaded to act as General Secretary (i.e. organiser) of the Pwllheli National Eisteddfod held in 1955. Because the salary was small, the contract stated that the Eisteddfod would pay him a proportion of any profit made, as a bonus. Since the eisteddfod had been running at a loss for many years, the officers accepted the condition. When the festival did indeed make a profit, Harri was forced to threaten legal action before they would pay what was due to him – and he was not invited to membership of the Eisteddfod Gorsedd, as was routinely the case with former General Secretaries. (Hywel Teifi Edwards brought this story to light years later.)

H.T. Edwards, father of Huw Edwards the BBC broadcaster, lived in Llangennech in Carmarthenshire a la the Rosa Parks of Wales. Hywel Teifi Edwards (15 October 1934-4 January 2010) was a prominent member of Plaid, an academic and broadcaster. Born and raised in Aberarth, Ceredigion, Edwards attended Aberaeron Grammar School and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. H.T. Edwards taught Welsh at Garw Grammar School, Pontycymmer, where he met his wife Aerona, before becoming an extramural lecturer in Welsh literature at University of Wales, Swansea, and later Professor and Head of the Welsh Department. He and his wife had two children, Huw Edwards and Meinir Edwards, now Menir Krishnasamy. H.T. retired from full-time teaching in 1995 but continued to lecture and write books. Edwards was the leading authority on the history of the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

H.T. stood twice for Plaid Cymru as a Parliamentary candidate, in Llanelli in 1983 and Carmarthen in 1987. H.T. represented Llangennech on Dyfed County Council for 12 years from 1977, and served for over 30 years as a Plaid Cymru member of Llangennech Community Council.

Harri had to wait for decades before Gorsedd membership was eventually agreed. Harri’s career took another turn in 1961, when he was made producer and main presenter of the television programme Heddiw, launched by Nan Davies.

Nan Davies HERE – briefly

The work involved travelling to the BBC studios in Manchester, several times a week in the early days. The family settled in Bangor in 1962, at Isgaer, Upper Garth Road, where he became a neighbour of Dyfnallt Morgan and others. Another move followed in 1970 – to Tyddyn Rhuddallt, Llanrug [near Caernarfon]- where Harri continued to work for the BBC until 1979.

Eirwen described Harri Gwynn’s final years as ‘a deep chasm’. Parkinson’s Disease made it impossible for him to walk without a stick, and he later developed prostate cancer. He took comfort, however, in numerous visitors, including Iolo, his wife Ellen, and their three children. He died on 24 April 1985 and was buried near Llanrug.

Harri died just before the exits of Lady Ida Galbraith, her husband a month later and then Nicholas Eden the month after that.

Harri’s son Iolo can be found on the website of Humanists UK:

Dr Iolo ap Gwynn FRMS

Scientist, mountaineer and Patron of Humanists UK

Although I have held a belief in atheism for many years, only fairly recently have I become more convinced that religious belief, based in ignorance and mythology, is one of the major threats to peace and our survival on this planet. Our only hope for the future is to base our actions on rational thought and analysis – with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of human behavioural tendencies and the science of life on Earth. I very much support the work of Humanists UK as an organisation that is dedicated to enlighten our fellow human beings to this need.

IoloApGwynnDr Iolo ap Gwynn was born in London on 18th March 1944 to Welsh-speaking parents. His father Harri Gwynn was then a civil servant, with an MA in history, and his mother Eirwen Gwynn was the first woman to gain a PhD in Physics in the University of Wales. In 1950 they bought a farm in North Wales, supplementing their income by writing, lecturing and broadcasting, initially on radio and later on TV.

Being brought up so close to nature gave him an early interest in the natural world, which eventually resulted in a University of Wales BSc and PhD degrees in zoology at Aberystwyth, after attending school at Ysgol Eifionydd, Porthmadog. Living close to the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia) also provided the opportunity to explore the mountains and develop a love of mountains and lifelong skills in mountaineering. He was a founder member and first chair of Clwb Mynydda Cymru (The Welsh Mountaineering Club). He is currently Vice-Chair of the Snowdonia National Park Authority and a member of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Board of Trustees. He is also currently Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

At retirement he was a Senior Lecturer in Zoology at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, The University of Aberystwyth having spent a study leave period as Visiting Professor at the AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland. With research interests in cell biology and electron microscopy he is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society, and was Chair of the UK Cryo-Microscopy Group as well as a founder member and first Chair of Y Gymdeithas Wyddonol Genedlaethol  (The Welsh Scientific Society). He was an invited lecturer at many international conferences and organised several. A special tribute was paid to him and his scientific work at the 2008 ECM Conference in Davos, Switzerland. He is currently Chair of Canolfan Edward Llwyd (Edward Llwyd Centre) whose role it is to support and develop the study of the sciences through the medium of Welsh at the Welsh universities. He has also been involved with the production of many radio and TV programmes about science and mountaineering, as well as lecturing at evening classes on environmental and biodiversity matters. He was also editor of the University of Wales science journals Y Gwyddonydd and Delta and is currently Production Editor of the European Cells and Materials journal. He has published over 150 scientific papers and articles. In 2008, he was awarded the Science Medal of the National Eisteddfod of Wales for his contribution to science in Wales and in the following year was invited to present the National Eisteddfod annual lecture on “What Darwin and Wallace did not know”.


Harold Finch was knighted in Brenda’s 1976 Birthday Honours for his services to politics and the trade union movement. He was the first ‘Freeman’ of Islwyn Borough Council and the Sir Harold Finch Memorial Park was created in 1982 at Pontllanfraith. Finch died in Newport, aged 81, on 16 July 1979. Mr Thrope Walked Free From The Old Bailey on 22 June 1979.


Ron ‘I Was Looking For Badgers’ Davies had grown up in Monmouthshire, graduated in Geography from Portsmouth Poly, completed teacher training at Cardiff University and spent two years as a school teacher before taking over from the Windbag at the WEA. Ron knew south Wales and its politics well, he was first elected as a Councillor in 1969 to the former Machen Urban District Council at the age of 23. A year later Ron became the youngest Council Leader in Britain. After local gov’t re-organisation in 1974, Ron continued as Leader of the newly constituted Rhymney Valley District Council. After succeeding the Windbag at the WEA, Ron went on to become Further Education Adviser for the Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority from 1974 until he was elected as Labour MP for Caerphilly on 9 June 1983, by which time the Gang were in hot pursuit of Brown and I. The Windbag’s old mate from his Cardiff University days Tony Francis and his wife Sadie Francis had either just relocated to north Wales or were just about to and the Windbag was in the midst of a Cunning Plan, backed by union barons Clive Jenkins and Moss Evans, to succeed Footie as Labour Party Leader. See previous posts for details of Jenkins and Moss, the Cunning Plan and related events in 1983.

Jenkins died on 22 Sept 1999, part of the exodus of Insider witnesses that year. Jenkins was a total slimebag who crowbarred the Windbag in as Labour Leader via a back door deal as only Jenkins could. Jenkins epitomised the style of trade union baron that allowed Thatch to attack the unions while receiving so much support from working class people: Jenkins was deeply corrupt, hypocritical and really did live like a king while ignoring the plight of people who were enduring real hardship.See the source imageSee the source image

Jenkins’ success and enormous power was predicated upon his role as the leader of a very big union that represented lower middle class people rather than the Working Man and Woman, in particular professional people  in the NHS who weren’t clinicians/practitioners ie. the union that became MSF. The entire union dined out on using the knowledge of its reps of the Giggles, research fraud and criminality in the NHS, including on the part of the Top Docs. No-one in that union ever worked to stop the excesses in the NHS that were causing so much patient harm. Jenkins did exactly as he wished and revelled in that.

Jenkins died in obscurity and with no dosh, having been taken for a ride and fleeced of his worldly goods by a Floozy, who talked him into setting up a B&B business in Tasmania of all things… The Floozy did a great service to the nation, if only she’d had a few hundred friends to put the rest of Jenkins’ fellow travellers out of action.

Moss Evans was the General Secretary of the TGWU, then the largest general trade union in the UK, from 1978 until 1985. Evans’s rise through the TGWU started in 1956 when he became engineering and chemical officer for the Birmingham East district. This was followed by:

  • Birmingham Regional Trade Group Secretary 1960-66
  • London Engineering National Officer 1966-69
  • National Secretary (Automotive Section) 1969-73
  • National Organiser 1973-78
  • General Secretary 1978-85

Moss was further assisted by his role as:

  • Member, TUC General Council, 1977-85
  • Councillor (Labour), Borough of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, 1991-2001
  • King’s Lynn Town Mayor, 1996-97

Moss’s roles in local gov’t are salient because of the big ring that existed in East Anglia, the Norfolk part of the ring receiving a splendid boost from the presence of Gwynne and Dafydd Giggling mate David Ennals as Labour MP for Norwich North, 28 February 1974-9 June 1983. David – and his brothers John and Martin – were founders/leaders of the Anti-Apartheid Movement See the source image and Martin Ennals was Secretary-General of Amnesty International, 1968-80. UCNW hosted a thriving branch of Amnesty when I was a student there, 1981-84. I even had an Amnesty poster on the door to my room in Hall, but obviously I had no knowledge of the rot within Amnesty at that time. When I was living in Hall at UCNW in my first year, 1981-82, two other girls on our floor were from Norfolk. One of them, Lisa Glover, was a mature student doing teacher training who’s brother Mark Glover was one of the big wigs in Friends of the Earth – I think Director of Communications or PR – and was in the media on a regular basis. Since then Mark Glover has worked with a number of other organisations and has stood accused of being an ‘extremist’ in the guise of an environmentalist. Lisa definitely knew about the Giggles, I was on the scene when she discussed the Giggles in various places. See previous posts for info on the Glovers.

I have not yet mentioned the other student from Norfolk, Gail Soar. Her dad was a Norfolk arable farmer, growing mostly sugar beet. Gail Soar saw the evidence of Giggles in the form of distressed students having dreadful encounters with Gwynne and their parents then arriving to take them home but I don’t know how much Gail knew about the details of the Giggles.

I have been told that all of the students who were in Hall with me at UCNW have been approached – although they may not have realised it – to assess what they knew of the Giggles and whether they might ever break their silence. I know that Gail Soar was dealing with a difficult situation when she was my neighbour in Hall, but I don’t think it would be fair for me to provide details here, although I’ve been asked about it.

The over-arching theme is that although UCNW was a very friendly institution, there was a lack of pastoral care for students in the face of Giggles and Gwynne, which had very serious consequences for some students. The usual solution was that their parents removed them from the scene of the distress and resolved matters themselves, after they were told by Tony Francis – once the Drs Francis had arrived in north Wales – that this had been dealt with by the University authorities and Would Never Happen Again. It kept happening again because there was a lobotomist running a trafficking ring parked in the Student Health Centre.

Sir David Hancock, remember the name! He did so much for underprivileged children! 

Sir David Hancock

David Ennals served as the Labour MP for Dover, 15 October 1964-18 June 1970 and back in those days was a mate of Dr Death (the MP for a Plymouth constituency, 1966-92), both of them helping Richard Crossman keep the lid on the Giggles when Crossman was DHSS Secretary, 1968-70. The Giggles received a substantial boost when Ennals served as Sunny Jim’s DHSS Secretary, 1976-79, succeeding Battling Babs in that role. Ennals was a key figure in MIND throughout the 1970s and 80s and was a pal of Gwynne, Dafydd and their mates at the Maudsley, including one of the maddest, Jim Birley. Ennals was running the DHSS when the Gang illegally imprisoned Mary Wynch, who had been previously employed as a secretary in the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW. The girls on my floor in Hall all knew what a bizarre reputation the Agri Dept had, although they were mostly arts/humanities students. There was one student in our corridor, Anne, a French student who was in the third year of a degree in Agriculture; Anne did notice how barking mad and incompetent the Dept of Agri was and she will have been a student there when Mary Wynch was unlawfully imprisoned. As far as I could see, Anne just kept her distance from the idiots who ran the Agri Dept and kept a discreet silence.

Ennals was far from alone in facilitating the Giggles in Norfolk, my post ‘The Science Of Animal Behaviour’ discusses others, including Thatch’s Secretary of State for N Ireland Jim Prior, a Norfolk farmer, and John Major’s Cabinet Secretary for Education and Science, 20 July 1994-5 July 1995 and then for Education and Employment, 5 July 1995-2 May 1997, Gillian Shepherd. Shepherd grew up in Norfolk, then after graduating from St Hilda’s College, Oxford became a schoolteacher and also worked as an Education Inspector for Norfolk County Council, 1963-75. From 1975 to 1977 Shepherd worked for Anglia Television. It was Anglia Television that for many years brought to the viewers From Norwich, The Quiz Of The Week Previous posts have discussed Nicholas Parsons, the son of a Top Doc from Grantham, who was the family GP for Thatch’s family from before the time of her birth until years later.

Gillian Shepherd was elected to the Commons in June 1987 for South West Norfolk and became PPS to the odious Peter Lilley in 1988 when Lilley was at the Treasury under Chancellor Lawson, a business partner/friend of Gigglers’ business partner/friend Jim Slater; Nigel is the dad of Nigella and Dominic who number many Gigglers in their social circles as discussed in previous posts, including the late Diana Princess of Wales, who was a close friend of Dominic and his wife Rosa. Peter Lilley’s dad was Personnel Director at the BBC in the era of Comedy Classic Giggles

Meet the Domestic Goddess and Role Model For Wimmin who has one hell of a kitchen in which to cook those tasty morsels for the Man In Her Life, one of whom showed his gratitude by assaulting her in public at a trendy London venue and then denounced her as a crackhead who couldn’t look after the kids properly.

As well as being one of the spivs who ran the dishonest advertising campaigns on behalf of Thatch’s Gov’t when Nigella’s dad ignored the huge organised abuse ring that included his Leicestershire constituency and which exchanged staff with the Gigglers of north Wales. Saatchi wasn’t entirely satisfied with you spraying the linen with lavender water then Nigella? Or would you argue that if you had not done that he’d have been even more violent and vicious?

At Oxford Nigella was a member of the Dangerous Sports Club. Tommy Leigh-Pemberton’s dad was Guvnor of the Bank of England when Nigella’s dad was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Peter Lilley was Secretary of State at the Dept of Social Security, 8 April 1992-2 May 1997, singing silly songs about his Little List of Scroungers,  including those Living Off The Taxpayer Who Didn’t Look After Their Kids, whom he would be pursuing while the Gigglers killed five witnesses to the Giggling by means of the Brighton firebomb, embezzled taxpayers’ money on a huge scale, forged documentation, perjured themselves and abused  those whom they were paid to care for.

It was while Peter Lilley and his Little List See the source imagewere in place at the Dept of SS that Dafydd’s mates who worked on ‘Panorama’ made their TV expose ‘Babies On Benefits’ about the Slappers In Wales who had babies but who’s Feckless Partners had dumped them, leaving them to live on Social Security with their Illegitimate Brats. ‘Babies On Benefits’ was screened in Sept 1993; Robin Leigh-Pemberton had bagged his peerage in July 1993, the month in which F and I stood trial at Bangor Magistrates Court and were found guilty of Staring At Jackie Brandt In Safeways and I think I wrote to Michael Mansfield about the abuses of Gwynedd Social Services in Oct or perhaps early Nov 1993. As discussed in my post ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’, one woman who was conned into providing an interview for the programme angrily declared that she had been misrepresented, deceived as to the nature of the programme and furthermore her babies weren’t on benefits, she was on good terms with their dad who was in work and paid for everything that she and the kids needed, including their house.

I explained in that post that at the very time of that TV broadcast and the political and media furore accompanying it, F had recently been fleeced of his property and money by the Predators who, some three weeks after the birth of his baby in Dec 1992, denied him access to the baby and made fallacious allegations about him at the behest of the Gang, in return for material goodies. F’s baby was placed with a family containing two people who were known to have abused children. When F raised his concerns about this matter with the Hergest Unit, the Bethesda GPs and the Gwynedd Child Protection Officer WPC Jo Bott, it was admitted to F that yes, the two people involved were known to have committed the offences alleged but no, there would be no investigation or even the usual Case conference. As an added extra, Bott threatened me with arrest should I decide to ‘harass’ the Predators. Some months earlier, Bott had been under investigation herself for her part in the alleged VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. Bott answered ‘no comment’ to every question, No Evidence of a ring was found and Bott was still in office the following year to help the Predators. One witness to the Predators and the Gang’s attack on F was met by Bott et al attempting to remove his own baby from his care. He and his parents successfully held on to the little girl. During the Waterhouse Inquiry, that young man was found dead in the road near Bethesda.

Here’s a bit more for Lilley and John Redwood, the Secretary of State for Wales when the Babies On Benefit row blew up, See the source imageRedwood pitching in after he was Shocked and Disgusted to be told by a dickwit on a visit to St Mellons in Cardiff that ‘There aren’t many fathers around here’, while people who didn’t know F were told that he had abandoned his baby immediately after birth and Run Off With That Woman Down The Road (me).

F wasn’t married to the mother of his baby for one reason only: she refused to marry F. When they first got together, after a few weeks F’s ex-partner told F that she’s like to remarry and have another baby. They were engaged, she became pregnant but had a miscarriage at five months. She told F that she was keen for another baby. Top Docs warned F and his partner that because she was in her late 30s, her risk of a Down’s baby were higher. F and his ex-partner said that it wasn’t a problem, it would make no difference to their feelings towards a child if he/she was disabled and they would never terminate a pregnancy for that reason. F’s ex became pregnant once more; she was anxious because of the previous miscarriage, but at seven or eight months it was clear that everything was OK, so she asked F to purchase literally everything a well-provided for baby would ever need, certainly much more than she had ever had for her children from her previous marriage. F was running out of money fast – he’d paid the school fees for one of the kids from her previous marriage, although she had certainly never been brought up in a world of school fees – but coughed up for everything baby-wise as requested. Then his pregnant partner asked F to refurbish the house ready for the baby. So he did.

Once his partner had been told by the Top Docs that a miscarriage was definitely not a risk anymore, she told F that she didn’t want to marry him. F asked if she still wanted to live with him and was told definitely, it was just the marriage bit that was off. F was at the birth of his baby. When the baby was two weeks old I went to visit to take a present, having known them for more than a year. When F went down the shop for essentials, his partner said to me ‘I feel a bit guilty about all this, I and the kids have spent all of his money, he has nothing left.’ I was puzzled at this comment out of the blue, although I knew that they were now flat broke, so I said that F didn’t resent it, he considered all of them his family now. Days later F’s partner had told him to leave the house, she wanted nothing more to do with him.

Many who knew F and the family involved told me over the next few weeks ‘She wanted a baby and she wanted F’s money and it was all a huge scam’. I was then given the names of the Angels, Docs, Cllrs and other corrupt officials whom I was told had advised F’s ex and continued to advise her after the baby was born. F had been targeted because he had repeatedly challenged police corruption and the Gang’s abuse of psych patients and kids in care. F had also witnessed the possible murder of an inmate in Risley by a screw and he had knowledge of serious crime on the rock scene in Surrey and London in the 1960s and 70s and in the art world. The Gang really wanted to get F, after he bounced back from them framing him for arson.

The Gang also wanted to get me, so the story constructed was that of F, the posh English degenerate, who had used a Poor Little Welsh Girl and then scarpered with er me. F moved in with me initially because he was destitute. When he was kicked out of the house full of goodies that he had purchased weeks earlier, the Predators were provided with legal advice as to how to hang on to the lot. It’s easy: it is a Home For The Baby!

F’s former partner and her kids could never have done it all without being spoon fed by corrupt professional people because the Predators were bilingual illiterates, they couldn’t read or write in Welsh or English, they couldn’t even fill in the benefit forms by themselves, although they were provided with Official Assistance! They were also given Advice that as F had no money left, the CSA – which had recently come into existence – could investigate me and I could be tapped for dosh. Check out The Rules everyone, the Predators had been Advised Correctly! Previous posts discuss this in detail as well as the first CEO of the chaos that was the CSA; she was ROS HEPPLEWHITE, who had been headhunted, her last job being the CEO of MIND. Just read previous posts, unless the text has disappeared…

ROS HEPPLEWHITE, remember the name! SOMETHING was definitely going on re that appointment. Did Wyn think it important perhaps John Major?See the source imageCheck the dates of events that led up to the creation of the CSA, the appointment of ROS HEPPLEWHITE etc. F and I were of course only two of thousands who were caused anxiety and upset by the CSA, but the ROS HEPPLEWHITE connection is very significant. Under Ros, Dafydd’s mates continued to colonise MIND, it was about serious crime and unlawfully accessing databases. At the time (early 1990s) there were police investigations into all the big paedophile rings in the UK…

As Wyn knew. It was important.See the source image

The whole mess was the work of corrupt state officials, 

Sir David Hancock

not social security scroungers.

The biggest irony was when I gave Dr Bob Tresman of the Hergest Unit a detailed account of the criminality, lies, misrepresentation et al to which the Predators had resorted to extract goodies from F, Dr Tresman described F’s previous partner as being in possession of a ‘lowdown cunning’ and told me that the sort of exploitation of a vulnerable person that had taken place was actionable in the US. Dr Tresman, who lived in Bethesda, was part of the Cunning Plan, as discussed in previous posts. I asked my solicitor in Bangor, Alwyn Jones, about the possibility of some sort of action or prosecution with regard to what had gone on, but as with the open perjury in Court on so many occasions, it was ooh no, there’s nothing that can be done. When I mentioned such a possibility in the vicinity of the Bridgy contingent, I was just insulted. All F’s fault of course.

When it was all happening, Nigella’s old mates from the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club had become excellent friends with Mr Bridgy Celeb. On one visit to Bridgy I mentioned the terrible trouble that F and I were having re harassment, threats, demands for money etc from the Predators. See the source imageI was told that couldn’t F just say that the baby wasn’t his. I did explain that F wouldn’t do that anyway, the baby was very much his and he had very much wanted the baby but wasn’t allowed to even officially visit the baby. F did see the baby because every few days the Predators pushed the pram past our house while waving and sneering at us. Half of Bethesda knew what was going on, the Common Half who were not of social workers, Angels and Giggles and thus hadn’t been told that F had Abandoned That Baby You Know. I was also provided with a great deal more info as to the scams that the Predators had worked in the past. The Predators were a merged family from Bethesda, Llanfairfechan and Holyhead, with roots in those three towns going back many years. Dafydd grew up in Bethesda and as for Holyhead: 

I wonder if the Windbags knew Aunty Betty and her crimplene trousers? Aunty Betty hated F and she went down in the history of Bethesda Hippy Anecdotes as having said to F ‘You must admit, you do dress ridiculous’. F replied ”The word you need is ‘ridiculously’ and what you don’t understand Betty is that I don’t work at Hotpoint’. If Betty had actually liked F, she’d have probably taken that comment as  a request for her to bag him a job there – the Hotpoint factory was over near Llandudno, Land Of Wyn – along with one of the Predators, who had worked at Hotpoint for many years, one whom Jo Bott admitted had a history of abusing kids but Jo wasn’t going to worry about it. He’s got a Bigger Friend than Jo now, the last I saw of him was in about 2011, he was sharing a platform with Arthur Scargill doing the Sounds for Arthur, his latest wife Katherine being one of Arthur’s biggest fans. Katherine has unsuccessfully stood for election to the Commons for Arthur’s Socialist Labour Party two or three times now. Michael Mansfield helped Arthur establish that Party years ago.

Ah well it takes all sorts to facilitate an international trafficking ring, as Wyn knows. See the source image

The Windbags might have known Taid as well, hilarious, Taid was an alcoholic, and Betty and the Sisters were always in discussion as to how they could stop Taid drinking. F witnessed the conversation before Christmas ie. ‘What shall we get Taid?’. Answer: ‘Bottle of whisky.’ The Windbags might have known about the Christmas Hamper too, only it wasn’t a real hamper in wicker, it was a cardboard box with naff contents that according to F were all priced well above what they should have been. There was further inflation involved because the Christmas Hamper was purchased via a savings club scheme, a sort of HP deal, at high interest rates. I knew nothing about these Christmas Hampers and neither did F until he moved in with Betty’s relatives, but there was a scandal a few years later after the firm involved had taken the money, gone bust and not delivered the Hampers. It could have been Maurice Macmillan and Heseltine behind the company with a business model like that (see ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’).

F and the Predators were living in Holyhead when F’s baby was born. They had moved there from Bethesda some months before the birth. The GPs from London Road Surgery, Holyhead and associated midwives were responsible for Care during the pregnancy and they were undoubtedly in on the Cunning Plan. See previous posts.

While F’s then partner was gestating the baby that F was never allowed near, because virtually all of his dosh had been spent by then the weekly treat for the mother of the subsequently hijacked baby – at her request, was a meal at the Little Thief on Anglesey. The Windbags will know that Little Thief, Being Local. It was spaghetti bolognaise that was required when someone was not so much as eating for two but eating for an international paedophile ring.

I do stress that the idea of a school that one had to pay to attend was not within the life experience of the Predators. I know who suggested it to them once F was there to pay the fees, it was the legendary Olga, Feminist Of Bethesda. Olga was one of those who received a new build in the location of her choice from the North Wales Housing Association in return for her role in the Cunning Plan.

I’ll emphasise yet again here that although the Gang particularly hated F and I, we absolutely were not alone in being targeted. At the time, there was a big group of very predatory women in north Wales with mates who were working in Wimmin’s Aid, in MIND and such charidees, their mates in turn being colleagues of the Gang. Those women were given all the assistance that they needed to ruin the lives of other people, including men with whom they had children.

The Gang really liked unscrupulous women, they were a useful cover for organised abuse because women would never be involved with such a thing would they, they produced the children that were used by the Gang and women were just fantastic if allegations of Toxic Masculinity were needed.

I don’t want any more messages telling me that this was ALL ME!! It absolutely wasn’t, I knew many men in north Wales who were refused support for mental health problems, who were wrongly accused of very serious offences and who were subjected to a complete character assassination. Some, like F, had mental health problems that had become very serious and very unstable because of the actions of the Top Docs and the Gang. F was undoubtedly supposed to have gone completely crazy as a result of the continued mental anguish over his son and he handled it remarkably well. It was very clear to me that someone was trying to push F completely over the edge just after he moved in with me.

We really were not alone in being targeted. North Wales was run by a network of corrupt officials and professionals who’s stock in trade was a paedophile ring specialising in BOYS. No-one would give the time of day to troubled young men because they were the WITNESSES. They were left to kill themselves and a great many of them did. See the source imageEveryone new to north Wales’s health and social care and charidee sector noticed ‘They hate men around here don’t they?’ The dosh flowed into Wimmin’s Causes See the source imageyet there was no counselling service or therapy in north Wales of any kind for men with psychosexual problems, none. F never requested such a service but I knew two men who did and they were finished once they’d become entangled with the nutters who ran the mental health services in north Wales, I watched their lives ruined as they were sent around the houses with ludicrous diagnoses, arrested, accused by Angels of being Dangerous, the usual process.

If one was female, unscrupulous and did deals with the Gang, See the source image one could have a great time in north Wales. Men were pathologized routinely; the situation was made so much worse because there were damaged men about, of course there were, they had been targeted by a paedophile ring. They were ignored even when begging for help and the next thing you’d hear is that they had been arrested…

It was brutal and disgusting and I was well aware that the Wimmin hated me because I would not shut up about what was happening to those men and the lies that were often being told about them. Other women as well as me knew all about it, I knew several women who were left to care for years on end for seriously distressed and ill partners with no help at all, they really were on their own and in the end they couldn’t cope. The story was always the same: ‘I’m so worried that he’ll be found dead but I just can’t do it anymore’.


Gillian Shepherd was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Dept of Social Security in 1989. Tony Francis came from Norfolk and when he was perpetrating serious crime in Gwynedd, his father still lived in Norfolk. See the source imageSee the source imageIn the latter part of the 1990s, Tony’s father moved in to live with Tony and family at Menai Bridge and there was much trauma, because according to Tony ‘he’s driving me mad’. Tony’s father soon moved elsewhere but I’m not sure where. Then Tony’s housekeeper had a deep vein thrombosis and ended up seriously ill in the care of the butchers at Ysbyty Gwynedd. The next explosion chez Francis was caused by the builders, with whom Tony was having screaming rows because the builders were going into parts of Tony’s house and rifling through confidential matters. F and I didn’t have a housekeeper who keeled over but during the 1990s, but builders stole boxes of our documents that demonstrated crime on the part of the Gang and the papers were flogged to George Carman and the Digger. I have been told that the difficulties encountered by the Drs Francis were the result of Tiny Rowland, who was of course the driving force behind much of what was happening to me. Tiny was interested in the Drs Francis and me for different reasons regarding the same criminality. Wyn thought it important.See the source image

Gillian Shepherd stood down from the Commons in April 2005 – I can guess why!! See the source image – and joined the Lords on 21 June 2005, just as I was waiting to receive my PhD all official like.

Delia Smith, famously involved with Norwich City FC, knew something about the Giggles, as did those running the NHS in Norfolk. The NHS big wigs in Norfolk did such a good job that Ken Clarke refused to replace one of the Labour Gigglers as Chair of one NHS organisation in Ken’s purge of Socialists in NHS Governance, because as Ken explained he was just so good in that role and Ken wouldn’t think of removing him for political purposes.See the source image

The University of East Anglia had knowledge of the Giggles, as did the region’s media in East Anglia.  Tuppence’s Fragrant wife Lady Mary in 1994 was a Non-Executive Director of Anglia Television at a time when it was the target of a takeover bid. Following reports from the London Stock Exchange, the DTI appointed inspectors on 8 February 1994 to investigate possible insider dealing contraventions by certain individuals, including her husband. No charges were brought. It was in Feb 1994 or early March that F and I met two Mental Health Act Commissioners and told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients. No action was taken and no investigation was held. The Gwynedd Community Health Trust refused to even document our complaint maintaining that to do so would be libelling Dafydd; Dafydd contacted the MDU to make unfounded criminal allegations about me shortly after we met the MHAC. The Jillings investigation into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 had been launched in Jan 1994.See the source image

Of course, in Norfolk as elsewhere, the tendency to Giggle is an inherited trait, so we cannot be surprised that Lord David Prior, son of Lord Jim Prior, became Chair of NHS England and Chairman of University College Hospital, after serving as the Tory MP for North Norfolk, 1997-2001.

The Lord Prior of Brampton
Lord prior1.jpg

TGWU – Ale Twat – member of the TGWU and was an MP who was sponsored by them – Lord Jack Jones

See previous posts for info on Clive, Moss, Lord Jack Jones et al.

Other 1999 deaths included the Gang’s big mate in the Courts and in the Garrick, Sir William Mars-Jones (died on 10 Jan 1999) who stood as the Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1945 and Ioan Bowen Rees (died 4 May 1999). Security Services Officer Sir William was President of UCNW, 1982-94, being succeeded in that role by Lord Cled. Don’t tell me…See the source image

Tiny Rowland got in early to avoid the rush, he died on 25 July 1998, seven months after F and I had been acquitted after the attempt to frame us based on the perjury of Angel Bridget Lloyd but while we were still categorised as Dangerous Forensic Patients after the flat refusal to apologise for the perjury and conspiracy, accompanied by the claim by Alun Davies that we had ‘got off on a technicality’. The technicality being that we Hadn’t Done It. See ‘The Price Is Right’.


When the sex abuse scandal re John Owen, Pontypridd drama teacher and writer of children’s programmes for Welsh language TV, finally broke in the late 1990s, it became clear that Owen, who had worked in the much admired Welsh medium Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen between 1974 and 1991, had been molesting his pupils for years. Owen had been a pupil at the same school himself in the 1960s. John Owen was a big name in Welsh youth music as well as drama. Numerous complaints had been ignored by the school, by Eisteddfodwr, by the WJEC – the Ale Twat’s mum used to work for the WJEC – and by his many colleagues. It was also evident that the John Owen cover-up had involved Mid-Glamorgan Council and its Education Authority. Complaints about Owen dated back to Ron Davies’s time at Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority.

Madeleine Moon
Official portrait of Mrs Madeleine Moon crop 2.jpg

John Owen was found dead in Oct 2001 at a caravan in Porthcawl, the day before he was due to stand trial for the sexual abuse of children. ‘Suicide’. After his death a number of people, including Owen’s girlfriend – another teacher – admitted that they had known that John was molesting his pupils although they had previously all been on hand with a See the source image

Sir David Hancock

John’s funeral was well-attended by many, including Menna Richards, BBC big wig. I would not suggest that John’s friends should have abandoned him. My point is that all the kids and parents who complained were met with a How Very Dare You by people who later admitted that they did know what John was doing. One pupil who attempted suicide was confronted with How Very Dare You.

See ‘Yet More Inglorious Bastards’ for details of John Owen.

John taught at the school that employed Welsh Rocker Huw Bunford from Super Furry Animals as the Head of Art. Ioan Bowen Rees’s son Gruff Rhys was the key figure in Super Furry Animals and Huw and Gruff were at the heart of the Cool Cymru Welsh Rock explosion of the years during the Waterhouse Inquiry. See ‘The International Language Of Screaming’.

At least with John Owen safely dead, there was no chance of him naming other members of the international ring that had for years been facilitated by Ioan and his Giggling mates.See the source image

The inevitable Inquiry that followed the John Owen scandal – the Clywch Inquiry – was Chaired by Peter Clarke, the first person to occupy the office of Children’s Commissioner for Wales. The I Know Nuzzings from all corners which accompanied the Clywch Inquiry were truly record-breaking, even by the standards of the I Know Nuzzings traditionally rearing their heads at such times. The Children’s Commissioner for Wales is an office that was established on the recommendation of the Waterhouse Report, as a precaution of Ronnie’s to ensure that It Never Happened Again, although as any fule kno, not a great deal had happened.

Peter Clarke grew up in the Llandudno area a la Gwynne and the Gigglers and worked with Gigglers – some of whom were denounced as Gigglers in Hansard, in Inquiries and investigations etc as long ago as the 1960s – from Clarke’s earliest days in social work. After a lifetime and fulfilling career Giggling with the best, including at Sussex University in Brighton where in April 1992 the Brighton firebomb killed five witnesses to the Giggles (see ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’), See the source imageClarke died in his late 50s on 21 Jan 2007. In 1985 Clarke became community care advisor for the Spastics Society (now named Scope). From 1991 Clarke was a Director of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship and from 1995 a Director of Childline Cymru. Clarke worked for many voluntary organisations. After Clarke died, Tributes were paid from the usual suspects. See previous posts for details of Clarke, the Clywch Inquiry and the others from the hub of Giggles who have served as Children’s Commissioner, including Prof Sally Holland, a colleague of the Pink Blancmange when he was a Prof at Cardiff University.

The Ale Twat – WEA??

In Wales, ‘teachers and preachers’ have historically formed part of a cultural elite. Unfortunately they were part of the sector of society that also evolved to form the Gang. Wales prides itself on valuing education and learning in a way in which their crass neighbours in England don’t – Scotland holds a similar view of itself – and as someone who despairs of people who can see no value in education for reasons other than the accumulation of filthy lucre and has had a lifetime of people snapping at me ‘Well they’ve got more money than you’ in response when I have denounced a form of capitalism that is so obviously not working or even simply gangsters, I found the high value that Wales places on education refreshing. What is so sad is that because of the Gang, it has been accompanied by a twist that has also resulted in Gang members not accepting that those outside that Gang may have academic ability that Gang insiders don’t have and a ruthlessness on the part of the Gang to ensure that their own will achieve academically no matter what methods have to be utilised. The philosophy extends to desirable jobs; of course one finds this in England as well, there has been much comment about the Pushy Parents of legend who will kill to get their kids into the right school, but the weird thing about Wales is that people who pride themselves on their socialist principles, their equity and their commitment to education, adopt the same stance as the Pushy Parents Of England, while rejecting the notion of Elite Schools.

If one needs evidence of the living embodiment of this phenomenon look no further than Somerville College Oxford-educated Nia Griffith, who since 5 May 2005, has been the Labour MP for Llanelli. As discussed in previous posts, Nia is the daughter of two Welsh parents, one a Prof at Manchester University, the other in possession of a PhD. Multilingual Nia completed teacher training at UCNW just before I arrived there as a student, Nia who spent years as a teacher and then as an inspector with Estyn (the Welsh equivalent of Ofsted), encouraging Excellence. Nia who’s former husband was a social worker with Dyfed County Council while a paedophile ring raged in Dyfed, facilitated by Dyfed Social Services – from 1974 to 1980 the County Sec/CEO of Dyfed CC was one Ioan Bowen Rees and the Pink Blancmange worked as a social worker in Dyfed – with direct links to the Gang in north Wales. In later life Nia declared herself to be a lesbian.

I’m waiting to hear Nia’s excuse for education in Wales because it is now acknowledged that there is a substantial problem that is not getting any better, in spite of the efforts of Lord Wyn Roberts, Nia, her colleagues and, since 1999, a Welsh Assembly that is packed with AMs, nearly all of whom subscribe to the idea that education is a good thing, many of whom, a la Nia in Westminster, pursued careers in education before entering politics.

Over to you Cyril…

The Labour Party in Wales was not alone in subscribing to the discourse of Excellence when there was anything but that all around. Miranda took it up in a major way in tandem with his Education, Education, Education, speech. I’m wondering whether the May 1995 policy document was something to do with that.

In Feb 1995, John Allen was jailed yet again for the sexual abuse of kids in care. Days before Allen was jailed, one of his accusers, Mark Humphreys, was found hanging dead from the stairwell in the block of flats in Wrexham where he lived. Days after Allen was jailed, one of the former kids in care who gave evidence against him was found dead in his flat, ‘heroin overdose, the syringe still in his arm’. Just like Lord David Harlech’s daughter Alice Ormsby-Gore in April 1995, Alice being the former partner of Eric Clapton and Alice’s sister Jane being an ex of Mick Jagger. Alice’s brother Julian was found dead in Fulham on 5 Nov 1974 from gunshot wounds. Jane and Julian Ormsby-Gore were Socialites who appeared in glossies:Alice’s older brother brother Francis, who became 6th Baron Harlech – DATE died 1 Feb 2016

Bertrand Russell’s granddaughter Lucy died, aged 26, in April 1975. She was found on fire in a churchyard in Cornwall and it was reported that Lucy had committed suicide by dousing herself in kerosene and setting herself alight. Lucy had spent much of her childhood living with Bertrand Russell at Penrhyndeudraeth after Russell declared Lucy’s dad John, Russell’s son and heir, unfit to care for her. Lucy and her dad got on very well.

As a teenager, Lucy complained that she didn’t like the way that her grandfather had begun to kiss her. Tensions developed between them and when Lucy went to university she acquired a boyfriend whom Russell took umbrage at. Russell cut Lucy off financially and emotionally. Before her death her friends observed that she had been having a terrible time with no-one to support her.

Lucy’s dad, like Lucy, was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. At one point Lucy’s dad did seem to have a surprisingly helpful Top Doc who expressed the opinion that Bertrand Russell was misjudging his son’s degree of Insanity and was himself damaging his son’s mental health. One symptom of Bertrand Russell’s son’s Schizophrenia was his Outrageous Delusion that Russell was having an affair with his wife. It transpired that Russell was indeed exploring Uganda with his daughter-in-law. At other times with other Top Docs, Russell was remarkably effective at having his son declared insane and incarcerated. Russell used his solicitor Theodore Goddard to achieve this.

Theodore Goddard was a barrel of laffs, he wrote to my father in 1963 when my father was farming in Devon; a mysterious letter from out of the blue – my father had never heard of Theodore Goddard – inviting my father to London where he ‘would hear something to [your] benefit’. My father went to Theodore’s as invited, was offered the asking price of his farm – it was about to go up for sale because Maurice Macmillan had swindled and bankrupted him – for father to clear the whole family out of the farm, not go there for weeks, ask no questions, then return. Father took the view that these were bloody gangsters and he said no and left. As he began to move his gear out of the farm a few weeks later ready for the sale, people from Theodore’s turned up with cases full of used notes telling him not to be such an idiot, he’d never get another offer like this. Father turned down their generous offer and took up a job that he had been offered on a farm just down the road from Lord Denning’s house.

When the Great Train Robbery took place weeks later on 8 Aug 1963 the farm in which the robbers lay low had a number of similarities to my father’s place in Devon, except of course the farm that the robbers used was in Buckinghamshire. The dosh from that robbery was never fully recovered and it was acknowledged that the gang had help from unknown powerful people; the small potato who was nailed was a solicitor’s clerk who passed on valuable inside info to the gang.

Dafydd’s the one in the middle of those shrouded in blankets.Gwynne’s arrived at the scene of the crime lest any policeman’s contemporaneous notes need amending to fit the facts as it were.

The electoral constituency that my father’s old farm in Devon fell within was Tiverton. Heseltine was elected as the Tory MP for Tiverton in 1966. Father left the farm, relocated to Lord Denning’s village, but I think returned to Somerset in 1966 and was living in the Bridgy constituency. Grandpa’s old pal Gerald Wills was still the MP for Bridgy when we returned; Gerald died suddenly and unexpectedly in office in 1969 and Tom King was elected in 1970.

Hezza, before you tackle any Big Questions about the wider very serious criminality with which you and Maurice Macmillan were involved, could you just let me know if you know anything about the bits and pieces that were stolen by the removal men when we moved from Overton to Bawdrip? Being broke my parents didn’t have much of value but the few bits and pieces that would have been useful were nicked by the removal men. Furthermore Hezza, I’m sorry about the conkers. You know, the conkers that were stored in a chest of drawers and spilt everywhere during the move, causing much trauma to the removal men. It wasn’t me Hezza, it was Mr Bridgy Celeb. He didn’t want to lose his conkers, hundreds of them, so obviously when we packed our things, Mr Bridgy Celeb packed the conkers.

Sorry Hezza! Do send on the message to your gangster friends won’t you? Most of them are dead now, but you’re not are you Hezza?

Lord David Harlech was the brother-in-law of Maurice Macmillan.

Maurice Macmillan Maurice Macmillan 1957.jpgdied on 10 March 1984, ‘following a heart operation’, shortly after I had the Gwynne encounter and complained, unleashing hell…

Maurice Macmillan was for a time the owner of Highgrove House, which he sold to Carlo in 1980. It really is um er thingy er appalling really…See the source image

Wedgie-Benn was elected as MP for Chesterfield in Derbyshire on 1 March 1984

Richard Burton – died on 5 Aug 1984 – Burton from village near Port Talbot – his family still lived there – Neath Farm School

Lord Maelor – died on 18 Nov 1984

Lord Harlech died in Shrewsbury Hospital on 26 Jan 1985, after a car accident – Harri Gwynn friend of Goronwy Roberts from Bethesda, MP for Caernarfon, 1945-Feb 1974, died DATE April 1985 -Goronwy served in Foreign Office CHECK DATES – Lord Harlech had been US Ambassador – Peter Jay was US Ambassador during one of Goronwy’s stints at Foreign Office, Jay friend of Dr Death and was Sunny Jim’s son-in-law

John Biffen link

Nicholas Eden – died from AIDS on 17 Aug 1985

Lord David Harlech was a good friend of Sir Clough and attended the jolly held for Clough’s 90th birthday at Portmeirion on 28 May 1973. On the occasion, the 17th c statue of the lion that is immediately behind the Gothic Pavilion at Portmeirion was presented to Clough by his friends as a pressie. Lord Harlech unveiled the statue and in his speech welcomed the whole Portmeirion enterprise – which had become incredibly famous and highly profitable by then, what with ‘The Prisoner’ having been filmed there – as a ‘Good Thing’. In the 1966 TV series, No 6  – played by Patrick McGoohan – lived in the building at Portmeirion called the Round House. In real life the Round House was far too small to have accommodated the interior of the house in which No 6 was living, so all interiors were filmed at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. See ‘A Nauseating Sight’ CHECK for info on MGM and the associated executives.

‘The Prisoner’ was filmed at Portmeirion in Sept and Oct 1966 and in Spring 1967. It was in mid-1966 that Dafydd was named in ‘The Times’ at the centre of a big patient neglect and abuse scandal. When F and I met with the MHAC in early 1994, they admitted to us and to Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer who insisted on attending the meeting with us, that there had been many such complaints about Dafydd before including in the 1960s when one of the Commissioners whom we met with had been an inspector of Denbigh, presumably a Lord Chancellor’s Visitor as they were known at the time. Lord Snowdon’s dad was appointed one in 1955, but he resigned on Top Docs’ advice in 1963 during the Profumo Affair. Over 30 years of the same type of complaints about Dafydd received BY THE SAME INSPECTORS and ours was still not investigated. I wonder what the obstruction was?

THIRTY YEARS of complaints naming the same Top Doc. In the 1980s, FIVE patients made statements testifying that they had sex with Dafydd. The statements were given to a MIND rep in north Wales who then returned to her original home of America. My documents demonstrate exactly what was happening. Dafydd was admitting to other Docs that he was sexually interested in patients and they were writing letters to each other admitting that he was sexually exploiting patients. Meanwhile complainants were being denounced by the same Top Docs as lying malicious criminals, or if the Top Doc was in the throes of a Cunning Plan to Get His Leg Over or Traffick, as Severely Mentally Ill/Deluded/Psychotic/or Traumatised because someone else had sexually molested them in the past. Top Docs even noted the names of those Guilty Parties without a scrap of evidence and refused to amend those Factual Records even when asked repeatedly, including by me. As recently as three weeks ago. I’m still waiting for a reply to my e mail, let alone for a prosecution of D.G.E. Wood for a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TO FRAME AN INNOCENT MAN.

If Tiny Rowland were still alive I’d take delight in spilling his International Capitalist Conglomerate Backed By MI6 Because Of The South African Situation pint. THREE GENERATIONS of members of my family wrongly accused and targeted because grandpa objected to du Cann, Tiny and the Gang. At one point Dafydd was living with two female patients at once in his house in Talwrn. It was not Different In Those Days and it wasn’t a case of there Being No Evidence. It was Lord sodding Snowdon et al participating in the Giggles that prevented any response to complaints.

I have acquired details of all the films and TV programmes featuring Portmeirion. They can be mapped against the times when the Gang were under investigation or were embroiled in scandal and it is a near perfect fit. I will be blogging more about this. I will just mention that Patrick McGoohan starring in ‘The Prisoner’ at Portmeirion was a direct result of McGoohan choosing Portmeirion for the filming after he had previously had the Portmeirion experience in an episode of ‘Danger Man’. ‘Danger Man’ was a series in which McGoohan played a character called John Drake, after being personally selected for the roleby Lew Grade, the Head of ATV when Grade launched ‘Danger Man’ in 1959. The episode of ‘Danger Man’ that was filmed using Portmeirion doubling for Italy ended with a screen credit stating ‘locations with the kind co-operation of Mr Clough Williams-Ellis, Portmeirion’.

I’ll wait to hear from you then Michael re my friend’s difficulties at the hands of you and your mates between 1985 and 1991. Admissions that a manager at the Royal Television Society had been caught sexually abusing a 10 year old boy, Esther behaving atrociously, the drama commissioning dept at the BBC accepting bribes and flogging scripts sent in by hopefuls to people who’d paid for the pleasure of plagiarising those scripts. William Miller – remember the name! – son of Dr Jonathan was working in the dept at the time…

Patrick McGoohan is the name associated with Portmeirion but bigger stars had previously graced Clough’s house and Portmeirion eg. in 1958 Ingrid Bergman was filmed at Clough’s house at Llanfrothen, Plas Brondanw, for the film ‘The Inn of Sixth Happiness’; other parts of the film were shot in the nearby Nantmor valley.

 In the 1960s, Brian Epstein frequently booked the Gate House, one of the cottages at Portmeirion, for the summer season. The wardrobe in the main bedroom of the Gate House was built at Epstein’s request to Epstein’s own specification. MORE

An early famous guest at Portmeirion was King Edward VIII, when he was still Prince of Wales. Mrs Simpson died on 24 April 1986, the month in which my friend Anne was killed by the Gang.

A number of other parts of Portmeirion were unveiled/opened by Bertrand Russell eg. the Bristol Colonnade, on 10 April 1959. The foundation stone of the Pantheon (or Dome) was laid by Russell and the building was completed in 1961 . Hans Feibusch’s cartoon ‘The New Arrival’ – made to mark Clough’s knighthood in the 1972 New Years Honours – hangs in the Dome.  Clough’s own memorial plaque is displayed in the Dome. Clough had wanted it to be in Llanfrothen Church but the vicar refused on the grounds that Clough was an atheist; Clough’s own father was the Rev NAME Ellis-Williams. BRIEFLY

canon john Collins et al with cnd – dust ups with other clergy and Ministers ‘because Bertrand was an atheist’

there are a number of feibusch’s works at portmeirion  – he contributed several baroque murals

– hans details

1972 -yr of cloughs k – the havoc at bryn Estyn – CORRELATE WITH 1972 EVENT earlier in post

grocer heath – sec state for wales was peter Thomas, chancellor – Anthony barber – Maurice mac in the treasury – john davies cbi?? – keith joseph n babs – thatch ed sec

Clough and his wife Amabel both reached great ages. Clough died at Plas Brondanw on 8 April 1978, just as the excitement re Mr Thrope began to take off in earnest and Amabel died on 27 August 1984, some three months before Lord Maelor – Clough and Amabel’s constituency MP, DATES-66 –  spontaneously combusted at his home near Wrexham. By the time of Amabel’s death, the Gwynne Row was escalating rapidly and I had my first appointment with Tony Francis in July 1984. Undercover security services people whom Brown had encountered by replying to small ads in the ‘New Statesman’ offering part-time work eg. Leslie Gore the mad and vitriolic Denbigh alcohol counsellor and Naomi Grunfeld the equally mad but not as vitriolic Orthodox Jewish teacher from Stoke Newington, were by then causing us many difficulties, as discussed in previous posts.

Pop Pickers will remember that 1984 hosted See the source image

The biggest players being St Geldof and Midge Ure, although The Quo were invited to participate by St Geldof, in spite of being of a different generation to the rest of the Talent. St Geldof who’s Bird Paula grew up in north Wales and went to local schools, including Rowen Primary, Rowen being the village in which Wyn Roberts lived.

Midge’s first taste of being Poptastic was in the teeny band Slik in the mid-1970s, Slik being heavily promoted by Jackie magazine. Slik were managed by Tam Paton, the gangster with a taste for teenaged boys and Class A drugs who managed the Bay City Rollers. Tam was the Coarse Blinger of the big organised abuse/Class A drug dealing network that spanned Scotland facilitated by Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates, which grew from Top Docs and analysts based in Edinburgh including Ronald Fairbairn – dad of Esther’s former bedfellow the violent alkie Sir Nicholas – John Derg Sutherland, Henry Walton, Sula Woolf et al who were assisted by the stars of my post ‘Edinburgh Wears Prada’, as well as the Glasgae contingent – which included R.D. Laing and all those whom Laing railed against – psych and Principal of Stirling University,1975-80, William Cramond the Absolute Bastard of Giggling and their slightly younger colleagues such as Sir Ken.

Neither must we forget Scottish Top Doc Lord Robert Kilpatrick (see ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’), who was headhunted by the GMC to become their President in 1989 to replace Gwynne’s mate, The Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton. Kilpatrick was Dean of Leicester Medical School when he was headhunted by the GMC just before Greville Janner and Frank Beck were interviewed by the police in relation to sexual assaults on children in Leicestershire. Kilpatrick had previously been Dean of Sheffield Medical School at Savile HQ and before that held a senior academic post at Edinburgh. Kilpatrick remained as Chair of the GMC until 1995, stepping down as soon as he’d Fixed It For Bodger. The Dean who preceded Kilpatrick as Dean of Leicester Medical School was one William Cramond, 1972-75, who doubled up as Prof of Mental Health at Leicester and knew James Earp. See the source imagePrior to that Cramond was: Director of Mental Health, South Australia 1961-65; Professor of Mental Health, University of Adelaide 1963-71; Principal Medical Officer in Mental Health, Scottish Home and Health Department 1971-72. After his success at Stirling, Cramond headed off to Oz once more to become Director of Mental Health Services, New South Wales 1980-83, then Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Flinders University 1983-92.

ROBERT FROM OZ – Seventh Day Adventist

Cramond’s first Senior Job was as Medical Superintendent of Woodilee Psychiatric Hospital in Glasgow, 1955-61, an asylum as grim as one could find. Cramond got off to a fantastic start in terms of Criminal Doctoring, he grew up in Aberdeen and Qualified at Aberdeen University when Bob Boothby was the Big Name In Politics in Aberdeen and eradicator of low income foetuses Sir Dugald Baird ruled supreme at Aberdeen University.

There was no ‘expertise’, just a great many very unpleasant, very criminal Top Docs who were never held to account no matter what they did or who they maimed and killed.

Peter Cook, Nicholas Fairbairn, Ronnie Kray, Viv Stanshall, Kenny Everett, David Ennals, Bing, Peter Morrison, Sir Charles Evans – the en masse deaths in 1995 – list

1994 had seen the death of Matt Arnold, former Head of Bryn Estyn, ‘from an unidentified blood disease’ on 9 July, four days before the trial of his colleague Peter Howarth for the sexual abuse of kids in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court. Howarth was found guilty and jailed for 10 years on 8 July 1994. Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994. John Smith had died on 12 May 1994 and was swiftly followed by Ralph Miliband on 21 May 1994, who was followed by Frank Beck who dropped in prison on 31 May 1994.  Poor old Biggles Edwards who saved all of those lives in aviation was out of the way in Nov 1993 and what with E.P. Thompson gone three months before Biggles, the coast was looking clearer, if not exactly clear.

Axwell Park – Gateshead – Ernest Armstrong

Robin Leigh-Pemberton became Knight of the Garter in 1994. He’d bagged his peerage in 1993 so obviously in the wake of the spiralling crime in north Wales and the research fraud at St George’s perpetrated by Bodger and Malcolm Pearce that was exposed in 1994 and blew up in everyone’s faces (see ‘Now Then…’), a little something extra was needed for Lord Robin.

BARTS closure – Virginia HERE

By 1995, the Jillings investigation was halfway to completion but the entire process had been rigged anyway, so someone in High Places knew what the result would be, just as someone told Ronnie to Alter His Retirement Plans in either later 1994 or 1995 to ensure that he would be available to Chair the Public Inquiry which would open in Jan 1997. Even though Nicola Davies QC – later Dame Nicola – declared that a Public Inquiry would not be in the public interest when she finished reviewing the paper work of the North Wales Police in Nov 1995, allowing much ranting which then meant that William Hague was able to Respond To Concern and hey presto organise a rigged Public Inquiry in 1996…

By which time there was even a Chief Constable with a K ready, one which Brenda had prepared earlier. 


My post ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’ and the comments that follow that post discuss Unscrupulous Pharmacologists of Sir Ken Calman’s and Bodger’s Parishes who were All In It Togetheras well as the Mystery that was the Head of Pharmacology at St George’s, who was a vet, rather than a Top Doc. As was stressed to me by a number of people at the time, this was very unusual for a med school, the Top Docs usually wanting all the senior positions. I can’t remember the name of the Head of Pharmacology at St George’s but now I know how pervasive the wrongdoing was at that institution, I’m wondering who he was and how he bagged that job at St George’s. I have done a quick search but I cannot find his name anywhere obvious, although I will work out who he is when I have time to do a lit search etc.

Previous posts eg. ‘      ‘ have discussed Sister Hutt’s idea of feminism being her Campaign Against Period Poverty, rather than a campaign against Poverty per se and certainly not a Campaign to publicise the huge profits made by Big Pharma companies such as Eli Lilley that manufacture the Products at the centre of the Period Poverty Campaign, the bleached, over-priced, ruthlessly marketed products accompanied by pseudo-medical jargon eg. ‘Lil-Lets were designed by a Doctor’, or the laughable favourite of yesteryear ‘I came home to Dr Whites’. Claire will have been on hand to Advise.  Even more entertaining than Claire Rayner and the Wings (see previous posts for info on Claire, who was of course Of Giggles herself) was the background music to one of the first TV ads for Ladies Things; it was ‘I Got You Babe’.

So in Tribute to Sister Hutt’s loyalty to multimillionaire businessmen – usually Men as the Sister will confirm, although there is a good smattering of women in there now  – who pathologise female biology (and increasingly male biology as well, there’s great profit in worrying people), there follows for International Women’s Day,  a bit of info about some of those driving the huge multiple scams.

NB. Jenni Murray had bariatric surgery in order to lose weight and as with everything Jenni Murray, she ensured that it was much discussed in the media. One of the leaders in that field is the St George’s surgeon Alberic Fiennes, brother of Ranulph (see previous posts). If Jenni’s surgery wasn’t actually carried out by Alberic Fiennes, he will know who operated on her. This is why there is no discussion of the integral role that the Top Docs have played in serious crime. No-one dares name them. The Fiennes’ are a huge family, related to the Royal Family and one branch are luvvies. Claire Rayner and family had much to do with luvvies and theatre, rather more than Nursing…

Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes from "The White Crow" at Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018 (31747095048).jpg

Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

22 December 1962 (age 57)

Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Nationality British
Citizenship United Kingdom
Serbia (naturalised)
Alma mater Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Occupation Actor • director • producer
Years active 1985–present
Alex Kingston
(m. 1993; div. 1997)
Partner(s) Francesca Annis
Parent(s) Mark Fiennes
Jennifer Lash
Relatives Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (nephew)
Martha Fiennes (sister)
Magnus Fiennes (brother)
Sophie Fiennes (sister)
Joseph Fiennes (brother)
Sir Ranulph Fiennes (third cousin, once removed)

The Prof of Pharmacology who occupied the role at St George’s before The Vet was Humphrey Rang, who was Prof of Pharmacology at St George’s, 1974-79. It was in 1974 that St George’s staff so ably assisted Lord Lucan by declaring his wife to be mad when she turned up at St George’s with head injuries making Wild Allegations that her husband had tried to kill her. While St George’s pissed about, a dead nanny lay in the basement and Lord L scarpered, never to be seen again. The Inquest on Sandra Rivett (the Lucans’ nanny) was held by the infamous Paul Knapman, a Top Doc who Trained at St George’s  who is also a member of Gray’s Inn along with the best of the Gang. In his capacity as Westminster Deputy Coroner and then Westminster Coroner, Knapman has done all the biggies in terms of suspicious deaths linked to the Posh and/or Rich or Gov’t negligence. I was told when I worked in London that Knapman was ‘corrupt’.

Lord Lucan was a pal of the Clermont Club crowd, including Bobby McAlpine, Sir Jams Goldsmith, Mark Birley, John Aspinall et al as discussed in previous posts and comments eg. ‘The Cash Box’. There were/are numerous direct friendships and business connections to the Gigglers of north Wales.

From 1972 until his move to St George’s in 1974, Humphrey Rang was Prof of Pharmacology at Southampton University. Sir Donald Acheson was Dean at Southampton School of Medicine until 1978. Acheson was Gov’t Chief Medical Officer, 1 January 1983-31 December 1990 and hand in hand with Norman Fowler – Thatch’s DHSS Secretary, 14 September 1981-13 June 1987 – facilitated the Gang’s escalating wrongdoing in every way, including the specifics directed towards me as detailed in eg. ‘         ‘.See the source image

Norman Fowler is part of the Trinity Hall, Cambridge, network who Assisted/Colluded With/Kept Quiet About The Giggles. Others include:

John Tilley, Labour MP for Lambeth Central, 1978-83, a VERY big mate of Gwynne and the Gigglers. OTHERS HERE:


Donald Acheson was the son of a Malcolm King Acheson, a Belfast Top Doc who worked as a Gov’t Top Doc in the Ministry of Pensions. Donald’s mum Dorothy Josephine née Rennoldson was the daughter of a Tyneside ship builder. Both Donald’s parents were of the Gang’s Ancients. Donald Acheson himself kept the lid on Kincora, the Gang’s partners in the North East of England as well as much else. Acheson’s deep flaws only became the matter of public discussion when towards the end of his time as CMO he fessed up that he had lied about BSE. See previous posts.

Sir Donald Acheson
One Doctor's Odyssey - The Social Lesion by Donald Acheson -book cover (133x200px).jpg

Donald Acheson’s brother Roy Acheson, (like Donald, Roy went to Merchiston Castle School and then Brasenose), is Emeritus Professor of Community Medicine in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College.

Nicky Heinersdorff the Bethesda GP Trained at Southampton when Acheson was Dean. Southampton School of Medicine was under the control of the Lord Denning-Sir Norman Denning-Admiralty-Royal Navy-Security Services Mafia. Good friends of Sunny ‘Ooh I was in the Royal Navy you know’ Jim.

Humprey Rang Trained at UCH – Bodger and the crowd – Robin Skinner – Josephile Barnes – all at the feet of Lord Max Rosenheim – check rang’s yr of qualification – very close association with Middlesex, after how very dare you, merger  –

The Department of Pharmacology at the University of London, the first of its kind in England, was founded in 1905 and remained in existence until 2007. University College London (UCL) was founded in 1826. It was born in the ferment of radical London in the 1820s and 1830s and was heavily influenced by the Scottish and French, Enlightenments. UCL was part of the radical opposition to the hegemony of Oxford and Cambridge. In medicine, UCL was a force in combatting the conservative and religious monopoly of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons.

Shurely shome mishtake?

Although Edinburgh University was well ahead at the time, UCL had a Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, A.T.Thomson, from the start. In 1905 Pharmacology was established as a distinct discipline within basic medical sciences at UCL. It was the first Department of Pharmacology in England. Most of the people involved in the development of quantitative analysis of drug-receptor interactions – the field that has underlain most of the work in drug development for the last 40 years or so, drug-receptor interactions are at central to the way in which drugs are believed to work, it is a crucial field – worked at some time in UCL’s Departments of Pharmacology, or of Physiology or of Biophysics.

UCL per se was of Giggles and the Giggles were not only the domain of the Top Docs of UCL, although UCL provided a warm welcome for Gigglers. In the mid-1970s, when Belfast-based paedophile psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser was convicted of sexually assaulting a child, the dear old GMC allowed Fraser to continue to practice – the Chairman of the Fitness To Practice hearing was Bluglass’s mentor William Trethowan and the MDU backed barrister was Paddy Mayhew,who as Attorney General approved all those High Court prosecutions of me for contempt of court during 1990 and 91 – and Morris Fraser relocated to mainland Britain to work at UCL and then Springfield Hospital.

Eric Sunderland, a social anthropologist, completed his PhD at UCL and some of the biggest names in law are UCL alumni eg. Woolf?? When Fungus Lowe began his expansionist ambitions at the Dept of Psychology, his right hand woman – and for years mistress – was Pauline Horne, who turned up at UCNW to begin a career in psychology after having worked as a biochemist at UCL. Years later, Fungus once more drew heavily on UCL to collaborate with the School of Psychology at Bangor, including Simon Baron Cohen, the Mr Big of Autism Theory Heavily Influenced by Gender Stereotyping. Many of the UCL psychologists had worked at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley with Dafydd’s mates.

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore??

After Humphrey Rang’s resignation as Prof of Pharmacology at UCL, the Chair of Pharmacology became vacant. The Head of Department from 1983 to 1987 was Donald. H Jenkinson. He had done his PhD under Bernard Katz  in UCL’s Department of Biophysics, and was yet another member of staff who had been invited to join the Department by Heinz Schild. During Jenkinson’s tenure, the Middlesex Hospital Medical School was merged with UCL’s, including the two Departments of Pharmacology.

It wasn’t until I began this blog that I discovered that the merger of the Middlesex with UCL and the subsequent disappearance of the Middlesex altogether – the whole building was eventually demolished, even the grandiose bits, in a way that just never usually happens with Top Docs’ structures with Hundreds Of Years Of History Interlinked With The Royals behind them – was because of Brown and me refusing to stop talking about Gwynne. It was one thing to write Gwynne out of history but all physical evidence of the proud institution in which he Trained and that supplied so many of those who protected the old bastard was erased.

No wonder the Top Docs hated me, but discovering this just makes me even more curious as to what it was that Gwynne did that was just so dreadful that It Dare Not Speak Its Name? It’s bad enough to run a paedophile ring and lobotomise people, but that was going on in other places as well; Gwynne definitely did something further and it is something to do with the British Royal Family and the Kennedys in the US, but I cannot imagine what it was. I don’t think that Gwynne was the One Who Lobotomised Rosemary Kennedy because there will have been US versions of Gwynne to do that, Rosemary had her brain damage inflicted before lobotomy was utterly discredited. Lobotomy was pioneered in the US anyway, there was a famous phase of US medical history during which the lobotomy pick was wielded most enthusiastically.

I have been hoping that someone would tell me exactly what it was that Gwynne did to warrant such an earth shattering See the source image in my direction, but all has been silent. Whatever it was, it was so substantial that Thatch and the Digger worked out their symbiotic deal to smash the print unions on the back of it. Lady Brenda Dean Knew and others in her industry did as well. See the source imageAnother of the key negotiators in Thatch and the Digger’s Defeat Of The Print Unions was Woodrow Wyatt, writer of bigoted newspaper columns, Labour MP and close friend of a curious variety of Gigglers including Bertrand Russell, the Queen Mum Gawd Bless ‘Er and Thatch, as discussed in previous posts. Look at the dates of the Wapping dispute and all that followed…See the source image

‘You will Bertrand, you will…’

Son Dr David Katz – 1987 interview – Middlesex

During the 1980s the traditional role of Heads of Department at UCL was replaced by rotating headships that were no longer associated necessarily with an established chair. Established chairs were, de facto, abolished as part of the move to corporatise universities.

David Colquhoun

David Colquhoun FRS was appointed to the established chair in 1985. It was subsequently dubbed the A.J. Clark chair, in honour of Clark’s role in the establishment of quantitative pharmacology. His work, with statistician Alan Hawkes and Bert Sakmann (Nobel prize 1991) established the department as the world leader in the theory and experiment of single ion channels… Colq – very big name, considered to be a robust and critical scientist – but he did know…

D. A. Brown FRS was appointed in 1987 as Head of Department (he had previously held the same position at the School of Pharmacy). In 1987, the merger with the Middlesex Hospital Medical School was completed and David Brown inherited the title Astor Chair of Pharmacology from Professor F Hobbiger who had held that title at the Middlesex.

The Astor Chair…??

Prof Franz Hobbiger, a la Gwynne, has been virtually erased from history, but I have accessed one obituary for him, published in the Brit J of Pharmacology in May 1995, although Franz died aged 74 on 4 June 1994.

The Brit J of Pharmacology tells us that Franz was a ‘familiar and respected member of the British Pharmacological Society’ and for six years an editor of the Brit J of Pharmacology. ‘A regular attender at meetings, his participation, voiced in a strong Austrian accent, livened up many discussions’. Franz arrived in Britain in 1948 and his entire working life in Britain was spent at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School. He was born in 1920 in Kleedorf, Austria, near to the Czech border and began his medical studies in Vienna in 1938. Franz qualified as a Top Doc in 1946, but his studies were interrupted by WW II, during which he was injured, necessitating an above knee amputation. Franz originally intended to specialise in surgery but changed to pharmacology. Disenchanted by prospects in divided Vienna immediate post-war, Franz went to the Middlesex Hospital Medical School as a WHO fellow in 1948.

At the Middlesex, Franz worked initially with A.V. Burgen, who left the following year. Franz was promoted to Reader in 1959, Prof in 1964, Head of Dept in 1968 and retired in 1988. During his time in Britain, Franz was away from London for only a few months on a fellowship at Montreal Neurological Institute in 1957-58. Franz arrived at the Middlesex after Burgen and colleagues had discovered the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin. Franz’s principal work was on cholinesterases, work which had begun in Vienna before Franz had arrived in the UK and was published only in German. Franz concentrated early on in his career at the Middlesex on studies of the mechanisms by which organophosphorus compounds inhibited cholinesterases, a field in which Burgen worked. Franz’s obituarist notes that the ‘dates of publications are an uncertain guide through a field heavy with security and military implications’. Translate as: Hobbiger was working on nerve agents. The German language publications referred to in this obituary that predated Franz’s arrival in England were almost certainly something to do with the work that was utilised by the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust.

Hobbiger’s obituary goes on to explain that Hobbiger worked closely with a  group at Porton Down and that Franz ‘consulted’ at Porton Down for many years.Porton Down was the notorious Gov’t research establishment that worked in the most controversial area eg. biological and chemical warfare. By the 1980s so few researchers were prepared to work at Porton Down that very high salaries were offered in an effort to tempt staff in.

Franz went on to serve as well as Head of the Dept of Pharmacology at the Middlesex as well as Secretary 1965-66. He was Chairman of the Board of Studies at the University of London, 1966-69; Chairman of the Higher Degrees Committee at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1979 and Postgraduate Dean of Science in 1981. From 1970 until 1988, Franz was a member of the veterinary products committee of the medicines commission. During the later decades of the 2th c, the sub-division of clinical pharmacology evolved from pharmacology, clinical pharm being pharmacology as applied to humans as opposed to the animal studies of pharmacology per se. Franz for some reason best known to himself opposed the division of the field and thus the Middlesex under Franz was the only medicals school without a clinical pharmacology dept, Franz stating that he could see no difference between pharmacology as applied to animals or humans. Animal studies in pharmacology acquired a notoriety not only because of the cruelty involved but also because they often provide very poor models from which to extrapolate to humans. The famous example is aspirin, which is so toxic in dogs that it kills them.

In 1956 Franz married a biochemist at Middlesex and they had a son and daughter, both Top Docs. Franz suffered a stroke in 1987 while at the Xth International Congress of Pharmacology in Sydney. He slowly recovered from the stroke only to be clobbered by Crohns disease. Surgery for that in 1993 was declared successful. Franz died unexpectedly on 4 June 1994, after just a few days of very poor health. John Smith Leader of the Labour Party had died at Bart’s on 13 May 1994, Matt Arnold the former Head of Bryn Estyn died on 9 June 1994 from an ‘unidentified blood disease’, four days before the trial of his friend and colleague Peter Howarth for the sexual abuse of boys in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court. It was in the summer of 1994 that Bodger and Malcolm published their fraudulent paper in a journal of which Bodger was on the editorial board. They were exposed within weeks. Bodger’s mate pharmacologist Cathy Wilson is bound to have known Franz, as will have most of the staff in the Dept of Pharmacology at St George’s.

Like Gwynne and everyone else at the Middlesex, Franz will have been protected from the consequences of his excesses by the Very Royal Connections of the Middlesex. Roger Gilliatt, Lord Snowdon’s close mate and best man at his wedding to Ma’am Darling, was a med student at the Middlesex when Franz arrived there to work. Roger’s dad Sir William the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne also worked and taught at the Middlesex and will have known Franz.

Franz’ obituary was written by Anthony W. Peck of UCL Medical School.

Franz’s senior colleague A.V. Burgen can be found on the website of Downing College, Cambridge:

Sir Arnold Burgen, FRS (b.1922)

Elected Honorary Fellow 1970Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent Burgen

The eminent pharmacologist and physician, Sir Arnold Burgen, served as Master of Darwin College from 1982 to 1989 and as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University from ’85 to ‘89. He grew up in Finchley, attending Middlesex Hospital Medical School during World War II and staying on to work as Assistant Lecturer in Pharmacology, after the war. He later moved to Canada to spend thirteen years as Professor of Physiology at McGill University, during part of which time he also worked as Deputy Director of the University Clinic at Montreal General Hospital. He was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1964, shortly after his return to England and later became its Foreign Secretary. He spent nine years as a Fellow and Shield Professor of Pharmacology at Downing before becoming Director of the National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill. He was knighted for his services to medical research. Sir Arnold was the Founding President of Academia Europæa.

Downing College, Cambridge is renowned for its strong legal tradition. Alumni include Lord Collins of Mapesbury, the first solicitor to be appointed to the Court of Appeal and House of Lords; and Sir Robert Jennings, former President of the International Court of Justice. Other notable alumni include John Cleese, Andy Hamilton, Michael Winner and David Lloyd Jones, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Justice of the Supreme Court of the UK.

Python fans will remember The Tale Of Brave Sir Robin:

Brave Sir Robin

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Rode forth from Camelot.
He was not afraid to die,
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He was not at all afraid
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“That’s, that’s enough music for now lads, there’s dirty work afoot.”
Brave Sir Robin ran away.
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Swiftly taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
For non-commercial use only.
Llanfrothen has its own Brave Sir Robin, Clough’s grandson:See the source image


D.A. Brown’s appointment at UCL was intended initially to be the start of a 5-year rotating headship, but when Colquhoun’s turn was due, he decided that the job of Head of Department would not allow enough time to do the algebra and program development with which he was involved. Donald Jenkinson likewise declined to take another turn. David Brown agreed to continue as Head of Dept and he remained in that role until 2002.

David A. Brown, 1987-2002, Astor Chair of Pharmacology.

David Brown’s tenure saw a second merger, this time with the Department of Pharmacology at the Royal Free Medical School, headed by Professor Annette Dolphin, FRS. The Royal Free has long been under the control of the Gang’s accomplices in Camden. That is why Reggie Maudling died there of organ failure on 14 Feb 1979 – while Mr Thrope was awaiting trial – a hopeless alkie, after the Gang turned on him as a punishment for replacing Selwyn Lloyd (the Old Goat’s family friend and one-time beau of Lady Megan) as Chancellor when Supermac kicked Selwyn and other mates of Gwynne’s out of the Cabinet during the Night Of The Long Knives in July 1962. The Gang also ensured that hopeless duffer Duncan Orme bagged a place on the NHS management training scheme at the Royal Free in spite of Duncan’s Third in biochem from UCNW and subsequent failed accountancy exams. The place at the Royal Free was Duncan’s reward in return for wetting himself and fleeing after Brown and I raised the matter of Gwynne with him in 1984 in Duncan’s capacity as SU Welfare Officer at UCNW…See the source image

The Bell Tolled in 1984 for, among others, Maurice Macmillan (10 March), Richard Burton (5 Aug), Amabel Williams-Ellis (27 Aug) and Lord Maelor (18 Nov). No wonder Duncan fled into the warm embrace of the Royal Free in the Land of Camden and Labour Party Privilege.

Eric Hobsbawm, friend of Clough and Amabel and Croesor second-homer for decades, died at the Royal Free on 1 Oct 2012, his every need having been pandered to for many months, including his favourite leftie magazines delivered to his room. Of course they were, Eric was a mate of Gordon and Uncle Harry’s nephew, so the Royal Free could look forward to lots of Ah the Doctors they were wonderful, which is exactly what they got from both Julia Hobsbawm and Ed…

Annette Dolphin is an old pal of the St George’s crowd, Annette having spent some years working at St George’s.

Annette Dolphin

Annette Dolphin at the Royal Society admissions day in London, July 2015
Annette Catherine Dolphin

1951 (age 68–69)

Alma mater
Awards Physiological Society Annual Review Prize Lecture (2015)
Scientific career
Thesis Behavioural and Biochemical Consequences of Cerebral Noradrenaline Receptor Stimulation (1977)

Annette Catherine Dolphin (born 1951) is a Professor of Pharmacology in the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology at UCL. Dolphin was educated at the University of Oxford, graduating in Biochemistry in 1973 and the Institute of Psychiatry – then at the Maudsley, but now located at King’s College London – where she was awarded a PhD in 1977. Dolphin was at the Institute of Psychiatry when many members of the Gang Trained there, including Tony Francis.

Dolphin is distinguished for her work on the regulation of calcium channel trafficking and function, and the modulation of that function by activation of G-protein coupled receptors. Her work on the control of calcium channel trafficking by auxiliary calcium channel subunits has been particularly influential. Dolphin has elucidated the topology and processing of this family of proteins.

Most members of the Gang – including Tony Francis – wouldn’t/won’t understand a word of this and Sister Hutt and the Pink Blancmange will be completely lost. This is why Annette and her mates can so easily extract money out of Govts; their work sounds Really Clever to people who have not had any education in biochem or pharmacology and few people in Gov’t or senior roles who determine funding or policy have. They are like lambs to the slaughter aren’t they Annette?? Of course they are in a position to cut your dosh off in spite of the Clever Scientist-speak but then you just remind them that you worked at the Maudsley with those Top Docs who were not pharmacologists, the ones who were er running that huge trafficking ring. Those in Authority soon pay up and a rush of articles in the lay press or TV programmes about the Wiring Of The Brain and how Abuse Alters The Neural Pathways or that old stalwart A Cure For Schizophrenia will stop even the hardest cynical laypeople asking too many questions.

Before working at UCL, Dolphin held appointments at the Collège de France, Yale University, the National Institute for Medical Research, St George’s Hospital Medical School and the Royal Free Hospital. It was Patrick Vallance, now Gov’t Chief Scientist, who talked about Annette when I worked at St George’s.

I have mentioned previously that I had no evidence that Patrick was ever guilty of misconduct himself or fabricated his data, but he definitely knew that his colleagues were and he knew that Bodger et al were running that trafficking ring. Patrick was working as St George’s when Bodger’s mate the Prof of Paediatrics Ollie Brooke was jailed for child porn, Patrick knew that every cupboard in Ollie’s two offices in St George’s was full of child porn, yet that was never mentioned in Court or in the media reports, instead the impression given was that Ollie just had a small number of naughty pics. Patrick knew that the hundred plus letters written by Top Docs to the Judge pleading for clemency for Ollie declaring him to be a Brilliant Scientist at the Cutting Edge were nonsense. Ollie hadn’t published anything for years, except for a paper in a journal edited by his mates some three weeks before his trial. Patrick knew that after Ollie was released early on Appeal by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane in May/June 1987, Ollie’s life wasn’t In Ruins as reported. Ollie was publishing again WITH BODGER and others from St George’s in Spring 1989, just as Bodger was interviewing me for a job with his team. Ollie gave the Dept of Paediatrics, St George’s Hospital Medical School, as his affiliation, although the Dept had by then changed its name to the Dept of Child Health as a result of the dreadful publicity that resulted from Ollie. Bodger’s team openly referred to the Dept of Child Health as the Dept of Paedophiles. Ollie published a few more articles with the Gang’s associates until I had been forced out of my job in Feb 1991 and then Ollie published no more.

Throughout my time at St George’s, I was told that Ollie had long gone, it was all very sad but Ollie was finished. The people who’s names were on the papers with Ollie sat in rooms with me and discussed Ollie… Neither was it me who introduced the subject of Ollie, it was discussed in terms of Oh well of course you’ll know that St George’s was at the centre of a terrible scandal a few years ago…

One of the researchers who colluded with the crowd at St George’s and at no time supported me when I was under attack declared that there should be no sympathy for bloody perverts like Ollie, he needed his knackers removing. That was Donna Slater who remained at St George’s until she finished her PhD, kept absolutely silent about the wrongdoing and the last time that I looked was an Assistant Prof at a Canadian University.

My post ‘Too Many Pills’ provides details of Ollie’s career and his Brilliant Research, including the papers that he published while Donna and I worked with the people who’s names also appeared on his papers.

Not only does Patrick know all this but Annette Dolphin does and she knows that Patrick knows. And Patrick is now Gov’t Chief Scientist. See the source image Patrick Trained at St George’s and worked there as a Top Doc and researcher until 1995. From 1995−2002 Patrick was Professor at UCL Medical School, and Professor of Medicine, 2002-06, and Head of Medicine. Everyone knew Patrick at St George’s because he was considered a much better researcher than many of the other Top Docs and the scientists liked him because he did know his science. In 1990 Patrick was thought to be a future Nobel Prize winner because of his work on nitric oxide and blood vessels. The whole of St George’s knew Patrick, the other medical schools knew him and then the Big Pharma companies knew him, particularly after he became Director of Research and Development for GSK in 2012. For the whole of GSK, not just the branch of GSK in Llantwit Major, Patrick was the Director of GLOBAL Research for the biggest of Big Pharma.

Prior to joining GSK Patrick was registrar of the Academy of Medical Sciences. From 2006-10 Patrick was Head of Drug Discovery at GSK, then from 2010−12 he was Head of Medicines Discovery and Development. In 2012 Patrick was appointed Head of R&D at GSK. Under Patrick’s leadership of GSK, new medicines for cancer, asthma, autoimmune diseases and HIV infection were discovered and approved for use worldwide. Patrick championed open innovation and novel industry-academic partnerships globally, and maintained a strong focus on discovery of antibiotics and medicines for tropical diseases.

When I was at St George’s Patrick talked a lot about Salvador Moncada, who was described by Patrick – and others – as a Spanish pharmacologist. Moncada was feted by everyone at the time as the best thing in pharmacology. Moncada was Director of the Wellcome Research Labs at Beckenham in Kent, he was the Research Director of the Wellcome Research Laboratories, at Beckenham in Kent, 1986-95. Those labs were in cahoots with the Gang’s accomplices at Hammersmith, I undertook a project with them in 1987. In 1996 Moncada moved to UCL, where he set up the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research which he directed until 2012. Moncada is currently Research Domain Director for Cancer at the University of Manchester.

Moncada became very famous although he narrowly missed out on the Nobel Prize in 1998 that was always presumed to be coming his way. Imagine my surprise when some four years ago I found out that Moncada was in fact a former guerrilla leader from El Salvador who had to flee the country or he would have spent a very long time in jail. Moncada escaped to London and bagged a job with Sir John Vane in the Dept of Pharmacology at the Royal College of Surgeons; Hammersmith Hospital Did A Fiddle With Them in 1987 to silence someone who found out what had happened to me at the hands of the Gang.

Moncada had done a bit of pharmacology but only for a short while and it was many years ago. Neither could he speak English when he arrived in London, so how within six months Moncada was leading the lab and churning out publications in English I’m not sure. But then there are many things that don’t add up about Moncada, including who’s been writing his papers for him, because as Brown observed he certainly hasn’t been doing it himself.

In 1998 Moncada married such a celeb that it was inevitable that the Top Docs would prostate themselves before him; Salvador married Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium Beat that Bodger.

For more Moncada details, see ‘The Trabant That Wants To Be A Ferrari’, unless chunks of that post have been disrupted or disappeared, I haven’t had time to re-read it recently…

OK everyone, place your orders now, no-one is going to say no to any of you now that Patrick, who spent all those years at St George’s throughout the Ollie and Bodger years, and throughout the years of rapes and murders of patients at Springfield- the psych unit attached to St George’s – is Gov’t Chief Scientist.

What can we get you Professor Dolphin?? And what would your whole Dept, your extended circle of family and friends and your pet bunny rabbits like as well? Because no-one can afford to cough now that Patrick has been Vice-President of GSK and is Gov’t Chief Medical Scientist.

The documents now in my possession compiled in 1990-91 would have been sufficient to have had many of Patrick’s colleagues imprisoned, as well as the Gang in north Wales. The documents were unlawfully withheld from me until 2005.

Sir Patrick Vallance
Patrick Vallance Royal Society.jpg

Patrick Vallance at the Royal Society admissions day in London, July 2017
Patrick John Thompson Vallance

1960 (age 59–60)

Education Truro School
Alma mater St George’s, University of London (MB, BS)
Awards Goulstonian Lecture (1996)
Scientific career

Annette Dolphin has received a number awards for her research, including the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) Sandoz Prize and the Pfizer Prize in Biology. Annette has also been awarded prize lectures such as the G. L. Brown Prize Lecture of The Physiological Society, the Julius Axelrod Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience of the University of Toronto, the BPS Gary Price Memorial Lecture and, most recently, the Mary Pickford Lecture of the University of Edinburgh and the Physiological Society Annual Review Prize Lecture in 2015.

Annette was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci) in 1999 and a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 2015.


The Wellcome Lab for Molecular Pharmacology at UCL. The growing importance of molecular biology led David Brown & David Colquhoun to apply to the Wellcome Trust in 1990, when I was working at St George’s. I had worked with the Wellcome in 1987 when I was at Hammersmith. Patrick and his colleagues worked with the Wellcome. The Wellcome funded the building of the Lab for Molecular Pharmacology which Colquhoun directed until his retirement in 2004.

Trevor G. Smart became Head of Department in 2002, with the title of Schild Chair of Pharmacology. He also works in the ion channel field. After the demise of the Department in 2007, Smart became Head of the new Research Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology.

Stuart Cull-Candy FRS. Stuart G. Cull-Candy works on glutamate-activated ion channels. He joined the Department from UCL’s Department of Biophysics and holds the Gaddum Chair of Pharmacology.

Lucia Sivilotti (A.J. Clark Chair of Pharmacology)

Lucia Sivilotti was appointed to the A.J. Clark chair in 2014. She has run the UCL Single Ion Channel group since Colquhoun’s retirement in 2004. Lucia owns the web site where the group’s analysis programs and publications can be downloaded. The association of the A.J. Clark Chair with quantitative work on receptors has thus continued to the present day.

In 2004, Malcolm Grant became Provost of UCL and commissioned external reports on the reorganisation of UCL. The Vice-President of the University of Manchester, Richard Alan North FRS, was asked to assess several options for the reorganisation of the Faculty of Life Sciences. One was to create large Research Departments, including one of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, from the existing academic Departments. Professor North’s only comment on the options was that the proposed “research departments in Life Sciences were too big”. Grant accepted the conclusions except for the part about the size of departments. On 24 May 2007 Grant persuaded the Academic Board to authorise him to act on its behalf and on 13 June 2007 the Department of Pharmacology was disestablished, ‘after a century of distinction and innovation’. Staff were told at the time that the new organisation would be rolled out to other Faculties across UCL, though this has not happened. David Colquhoun has kept a personal diary of the process on his blog: In Memoriam Department of Pharmacology, UCL 1905-2007. As of 2019, UCL still offers pharmacology degrees, though within the now merged Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology department.

The Dept of Pharmacology couldn’t believe it when Malcolm Grant abolished them in 2007 on the advice of Richard North, Mr Big from Manchester University. By 2007 I had begun publishing books with Brown as well as journal articles and we had mentioned er St George’s and a few other matters. I had also gained possession of the medical records that could have put a few people in prison and wrote to two of the biggest criminals – Prof Robert Bluglass and Dr Nita Mitchell-Higgs, the Occupational Physician at St George’s (she was in the same post as she had been when I worked there in 1989-91) – told them that I had the documents, that they were a disgrace and that I would be publishing.

I repeatedly asked the GMC to discuss the documentary evidence of the serious organised crime that I had obtained but they refused to communicate with me. So I told them that I intended to publish and that I would do so in a manner that would not allow the big publishing houses to scupper me. I made reference to a famous case involving a public figure from Manchester who’s wrongdoing had been concealed until someone cut the big publishers out of the equation.

Manchester University has been of the Gang for decades. Tony and Sadie Francis worked there immediately before relocating to north Wales and the genocidal Tony ‘Do Nothing’ Roberts – who was responsible for pushing up the suicide rate of women in north west Wales to the highest of any area in England and Wales with the exception of dear old Camden for a number of years on the trot – Qualified at Manchester in 1984. See the source imageBaroness Brenda Hale, President of the Supreme Court, 5 September 2017-11 January 2020 – who grew up in Yorkshire, went to Girton College, Cambridge and is a member of Gray’s Inn and a good mate of St Helena – spent the greater part of her career in Manchester, as a part-time barrister while teaching law at Manchester University, being appointed Professor of Law in 1986. In 1968, Hale married Anthony Hoggett, a fellow law lecturer at Manchester, with whom she had one daughter. The marriage was dissolved in 1992. In the same year, she married Julian Farrand, former Dean of the Law Faculty at Manchester and subsequently Pensions Ombudsman. When Brenda did do the Judging bit, she was a judge of the Family Division. Brenda and both of her husbands knew about the Gang’s accomplices in Manchester and they knew about Gwynne and Dafydd.

On every occasion that the Drs Francis took me to the High Court on the basis of their perjury, they were represented by Hempsons, the MDU solicitors and barristers supplied by the MDU. Documents in my possession demonstrate clearly that Hempsons knew the Drs Francis did not have the evidence for the allegations that they were making about me and even raised this with them as a matter of concern, advising them to drop the cases against me. The Drs Francis ignored this advice so Hempsons proceeded on the basis of the perjury. I only noticed a few weeks ago that Ann Ball, the Hempsons solicitor whom the Drs Francis always dealt with, was based at the Manchester branch of Hempsons. Ann however did manage to travel down to the Royal Courts of Justice at The Strand in April 1991, when I didn’t even have a solicitor with me, let alone a barrister. Brenda Hale’s good mate St Helena was conducting a Wimmin’s Rights case in the neighbouring Court to me. St Helena’s colleague Michael Mansfield had made his reputation for good the previous month when MM represented the Birmingham Six at the Appeal and on 14 March 1991 their convictions were quashed. Biggles was dead in Nov 1993, within days of me writing to MM about Gwynedd Social Services and Jackie Brandt. Brenda Hale will have known the Hempsons crowd in Manchester and very probably personally knew Ann Ball, particularly with Brenda being big on Fellow Wimmin. Brenda is a member of the Athenaeum rather than the preferred club for lawyers, the Garrick. The Athenaeum is the preferred club for Top Docs and university VCs, although of course Savile managed to get in there in 1984, after the Gwynne Row kicked off. Brenda knew about Savile. Baroness Brenda See the source imageis just so guilty.

Of course by 2007, so many people with whom I had worked had received promotion in return for colluding with the wrongdoing, thus bagging very senior jobs, Not Just In This Country, But Around The World.

So it seems that once I obtained my medical records, the whole of medicine and science and a variety of other stragglers

The Lord Prior of Brampton
Lord prior1.jpg
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
In office
21 December 2016 – 27 October 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May
Preceded by The Baroness Neville-Rolfe
Succeeded by The Lord Henley
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health
In office
14 May 2015 – 21 December 2016
Prime Minister David Cameron
Theresa May
Preceded by The Earl Howe
Succeeded by The Lord O’Shaughnessy
Member of Parliament
for North Norfolk
In office
1 May 1997 – 14 May 2001
Preceded by Ralph Howell
Succeeded by Norman Lamb
Personal details
Born 3 December 1954 (age 65)
Nationality British
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Caroline Holmes
Father James Prior, Baron Prior
Alma mater Pembroke College, Cambridge

formed one huge mass superglued together. Meanwhile numerous scumbags in north Wales brought spurious legal claims against Bangor University, the NHS and other organisations which had colluded with the crime and won Cash Prizes by silent blackmail.

You’ve all gone very quiet though! It’s not as if any of you were ever short of things to say about me before.

Humphrey Rang left St George’s in 1979 to return to UCL’s Pharmacology Dept. This is Humph as featured on the website of the Dept of Pharmacology at UCL:

Humphrey Rang (born 1936) held the Chair of Pharmacology from 1979 to 1983. Rang qualified in medicine at UCL and had worked in H.O. Schild’s laboratory while a medical student. He was the author of the first successful ligand-binding experiment of the modern era. This was based on his PhD work in Oxford, under William D.M. Paton. Rang had previously been the Professor of Pharmacology at Southampton and at St. George’s Hospital Medical School. He brought with him David Colquhoun who was also returning to the Department, having been appointed in 1964 as an assistant lecturer by H.O. Schild. These appointments greatly strengthened the interests and achievements of the Department in fundamental aspects of pharmacology, particularly the study of ion channels and receptors.

In collaboration with M. Maureen Dale (also appointed during Schild’s Headship), Rang prepared the first edition of Pharmacology, the successor to Wilson & Schild’s Applied Pharmacology.

Maureen Dale worked at UCL, 1961-92, before relocating to the Dept of Pharmacology at Oxford. She has now retired.

In 1983 Rang was offered and accepted the Directorship of the Sandoz Institute of Medical Research, a division of Sandoz, then an independent pharmaceutical company. The new Institute was located in UCL and developed a close relationship with the Department, both in teaching, to which members of the Institute contributed, and in research.

Heinz Schild also appears on the UCL website:

Heinz Otto Schild (1906–1984) held the Chair of Pharmacology from 1961 to 1973. He was born in Fiume (now Rijeka, Croatia), in 1908, when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He qualified in medicine in Munich and then worked with Straub, the leading German pharmacologist of the time. By good fortune, Schild had been accepted as a visiting worker by Sir Henry Dale and was in England when the National Socialists came to power in Germany. He decided to stay in Britain and became an assistant in the Department of Pharmacology in Edinburgh, then headed by A.J. Clark. When J. H. Gaddum was appointed to the Chair at UCL, he invited Schild to join him as a Demonstrator. So began his long association with UCL, interrupted only by his bizarre internment on the Isle of Man as an ‘enemy alien’ at the outbreak of the Second World War. Following his release (greatly aided by F.R Winton’s and Sir Henry Dale‘s appeals to the Home Office) he returned to his work in the Department, then based in Leatherhead, and in 1961 became Winton’s successor as Head of Department and Professor of Pharmacology.

Schild made major contributions to receptor pharmacology, to the understanding of the mechanism of histamine release and to bioassay. Like Gaddum and Clark, he used quantitative approaches whenever possible. His name is immortalised by the Schild equation. He built on the work of Clark and Gaddum on competitive antagonism, by realising that the null method was key to extraction of physical equilibrium constants from simple functional experiments. Rather than looking at the depression by antagonist of the response to a fixed agonist concentration, he measured the dose-ratio, the factor by which the agonist concentration had to be increased in order to restore a given response in the presence of the antagonist. By measuring the dose-ratio as a function of antagonist, it was possible to estimate the dissociation equilibrium constant for the combination of the antagonist with its receptor. Crucially the estimate is not dependent on the nature of the agonist. Although Schild’s derivation used the simplest possible model, it was subsequently shown that his equation is valid under much more general conditions.

A.J. Clark’s textbook was continued by Schild as Clark’s Applied Pharmacology by Wilson & Schild.

Heinz Schild was a generous and kindly Head of Department. He appointed the third female member of academic staff, Dr M. Maureen Dale, a co-author of Rang & Dales Pharmacology. He oversaw the planning and introduction of a three-year B.Sc. course in Pharmacology which began in 1967 and continues to this day. Medical students were able to enter its final year and Schild, who never lost sight of the roots of the subject in medicine, was delighted that many took this opportunity.

The wiki entry for Schild: Heinz Otto Schild FRS (18 May 1909-15 June 1984), was a pharmacologist now known for the development of the Schild plot. H.O. Schild was born into a Jewish family in what was Fiume, Austria-Hungary, and is now Rijeka, Croatia. During the rise of fascism he was schooled in Munich (from 1915) then Budapest (from 1917). He studied medicine in Munich and Berlin in the 1920s, with later studies focused on Pharmacology. In 1932s he moved to England to work in Henry Dale‘s laboratory, working also with John Gaddum.

In 1937 he married Mireille Madeline Haquin.

As an enemy alien (in his case, an Italian citizen) in the UK before WW II, he was interred during 1939-1940 on the Isle of Man. However, his release from the camp was eventually secured by appeals from the scientific community; he stayed in Britain and gained British citizenship in 1948.

He is particularly known for:

  • The role of histamine in anaphylaxis
  • Rigorous bioassay methods, including Schild regression
  • The proposal that there are two main types of histamine receptor
  • 1966: Fellow of the Royal Society
  • 1977: Schmiedeberg Plakette of the German Pharmacological Society
  • 1981: Wellcome Gold Medal of the British Pharmacological Society
  • 2013: Headquarters of the BPS named the ‘Schild Plot’ in his honour
  • 2014: Inducted in the British Pharmacological Society Hall of Fame

Schild’s UCL colleague Sir James Black, another Giant of Pharmacology, also features on the UCL website:

Sir James W. Black (1924-2010)

Sir James Whyte Black OM FRS FRSE FRCP (1924–2010) held the Chair of Pharmacology, 1973-78.

Jim Black and Heinz Schild knew each other well because Schild had acted as a consultant to the then Smith, Kline & French company during the time when Black was leading the team that developed the histamine receptor antagonists, H2 antagonists, which reduce secretion of gastric acid and which, at the time, transformed the treatment of gastric ulcers. Schild’s methods for quantitative methods for analysis of drug antagonists were crucial for this work.

Black introduced many changes to teaching in the Department. One of the most important was the introduction of a BSc course in Medicinal Chemistry. His long experience in the pharmaceutical industry had convinced him that organic and physical chemists working on drug development with pharmacologists and biochemists would benefit greatly from a substantial knowledge of biology, certainly enough to allow them to understand and assess the kinds of measurements that their biological colleagues undertook. Though the students were based in the Department of Chemistry, they took also courses in physiology and pharmacology, particularly its molecular aspects. This BSc course, like that in Pharmacology, also flourished and continues today. Another important change was a sharp reduction in the number of experiments with animal tissues undertaken by medical students during their course in pharmacology. At the same time, the emphasis on the importance of observations on human subjects was increased.

Black’s appointment coincided with the onset of the straitened circumstances that all UK universities were to experience and that have continued in one form or another ever since. The changes he made helped the Department to adjust to these harder times. To the regret of his Departmental staff, Black found that only the pharmaceutical industry could provide the facilities needed for the work he wished to pursue, and in 1978 he left to join the Wellcome Foundation.

Black was knighted in 1981 and in 1988 he got the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Gertrude B. Elion and George H. Hitchings for their work on drug development.

Gertrude “Trudy” Belle Elion (January 23, 1918-February 21, 1999) was an American biochemist and pharmacologist who’s work led to the creation of the AIDS drug AZT. Elion’s work also included the development of the first immunosuppressive drug, azathioprine, used to fight rejection in organ transplants, and the first successful antiviral drug, acyclovir (ACV), used in the treatment of herpes.

Previous posts have discussed the ironies, deceit and lies central to the development of drugs to treat AIDS. The whole field was considerably muddied because of the many patients who had contracted HIV/AIDS from infected NHS blood transfusions. The number of people infected this way was far higher than was ever admitted and some of the infections were deliberate. HIV/AIDS did eventually lead to death so it was used to kill witnesses to the Giggles, but before death there was a period of years in which one obvious symptom was severe weight loss. Thus infecting those targeted by Gigglers led to young people who were very thin, considered highly desirable in the Giggling business, but who didn’t begin to look ill and rough until some time later There was also much misinformation about HIV/AIDS, including that dispersed by Norman Fowler’s and Donald Acheson’s HIV/AIDS public education programme ‘Don’t Die From Ignorance’. Although there was much panic and fear re Catching AIDS in the 1980s, including on the part of NHS staff, there was one person who told me, in 1989, that it was very difficult to Catch AIDS, ‘you really have to inject yourself with it’. The person who told me that was Patrick Vallance. Patrick at no time showed any of the state of panic re AIDS that so many of his colleagues did. He was quite relaxed about the subject. Patrick is still alive and now Gov’t Chief Scientist. The mass AIDS deaths that were predicted by so many never happened in the UK, but they did in South Africa. Thabo Mbeki when President of South Africa See the source imagedidn’t help matters by refusing to purchase anti-retroviral drugs – they were expensive, Big Pharma ensured that – and by appointing a Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang who told South African citizens that HIV/AIDS could be Cured by a traditional South African remedy of herbs, which led to hundreds thousands of premature deaths because retro-viruses don’t take any notice of herbs. However the pattern of infection in South Africa was for some reason different to the pattern of infection in the UK. See previous posts for discussion of the political dimension of the Big HIV/AIDS lie as well as the activities of Big Pharma who made a fortune from it all. The truth was never ever told, although I bet that Patrick Vallance knows the full story.

My previous posts have discussed in detail how in the UK, the whole HIV/AIDS field was dominated by the very people who were responsible for the Giggles ie. Gwynne’s colleagues at the Middlesex Hospital. They opened the First AIDS Ward in 1987/88;  because by then the Middlesex had merged with UCL, some of the references refer to the UCL AIDS Ward, some to the Middlesex. That ward was where Diana held her famous 1987 photo op in which she Shook Hands With An AIDS Patient.See the source image

Prof Michael Adler was one of the Leading AIDS Top Docs; Adler subsequently married Margaret Jay, graduate of Somerville College, Oxford a la Thatch, Esther, Shirl and Lord Gnome’s second wife Veronica, my father’s cousin and many other female members of Lord Gnome’s family, including Penelope Piercy, a Civil Service Mandarin who was Wedgie Benn’s right hand woman when he was Wilson’s Minister of Technology in DATE. See ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’. CHECK They met through their AIDS work, Margaret being founder Director of the National AIDS Trust in 1987. Margaret was the daughter of Sunny Jim and the ex-wife of Peter Jay The Economist, who was a mate of Dr Death and son of Lord Douglas Jay and Baroness Peggy Jay, Labour Big Wigs. Douglas Jay served in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t, Peggy was an old cow who ran Camden. They were both mates of Richard Crossman and Mandy’s granddad and Gigglers of the highest order. Peggy was Virginia Bottomley’s aunt.

Peter Jay served as US Ambassador when his mate Dr Death was Sunny Jim’s Foreign Secretary; there was a row about the shameless nepotism but they all sat it out. When the Jays were in the US, Peter shagged the family nanny and Margaret – a journo who worked for the BBC, including on ‘Panorama’ – had a fling with Carl Bernstein, the journo who helped break the Watergate story, as discussed in previous posts.

Meanwhile, the funding for the AIDS hospices was extracted from Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health by the Cllrs and politicians who had facilitated Giggles for so long (see eg. ‘Apocalypse Now’), including East End Labour MP Peter Shore, who’s wife Dr Liz Shore (originally Liz Wrong from an influential family of Gigglers), a Giggling Top Doc who worked at the highest levels of the Civil Service as Deputy Chief Medical Officer, was another mate of Richard Crossman and Gwynne, and in the 1990s was still in action as the Top Doc presiding over postgrad training for Top Docs over huge swathes of London. Liz will have known about me, she ran the London medical schools. In his youth, Peter Shore was a dashing young man; he was from Liverpool and went to Quarry Bank School with the Beatles and then King’s College Cambridge, where he joined the Apostles a la Eric Hobsbawm and the security services a la Eric Hobsbawm.

The Lord Shore of Stepney
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
In office
31 October 1983 – 13 July 1987
Leader Neil Kinnock
Preceded by John Silkin
Succeeded by Frank Dobson
Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
In office
31 October 1983 – 26 October 1984
Leader Neil Kinnock
Preceded by Peter Archer (Trade)
Stanley Orme (Industry)
Succeeded by John Smith
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
In office
8 December 1980 – 31 October 1983
Leader Michael Foot
Preceded by Denis Healey
Succeeded by Roy Hattersley
Shadow Foreign Secretary
In office
14 July 1979 – 8 December 1980
Leader Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Francis Pym
Succeeded by Denis Healey
Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment
In office
4 May 1979 – 14 July 1979
Leader Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Michael Heseltine
Succeeded by Roy Hattersley
Secretary of State for the Environment
In office
8 April 1976 – 4 May 1979
Prime Minister Jim Callaghan
Preceded by Tony Crosland
Succeeded by Michael Heseltine
Secretary of State for Trade
In office
4 March 1974 – 8 April 1976
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Peter Walker (Trade and Industry)
Succeeded by Edmund Dell
Shadow Minister for Europe
In office
19 October 1971 – 19 April 1972
Leader Harold Wilson
Preceded by Harold Lever
Succeeded by Michael Foot
Minister without Portfolio
In office
6 October 1969 – 19 June 1970
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by George Thomson
Succeeded by The Lord Drumalbyn
Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
In office
29 August 1967 – 6 October 1969
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Michael Stewart
Succeeded by Position abolished
Anthony Crosland (Minister of State)
Member of Parliament
for Bethnal Green and Stepney
Stepney (1964–1974)
Stepney and Poplar (1974–1983)
In office
15 October 1964 – 1 May 1997
Preceded by Stoker Edwards
Succeeded by Constituency abolished
Personal details
Born 20 May 1924
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Died 24 September 2001 (aged 77)
London, England
Political party Labour
Children Piers Shore
Crispin Nicholas Shore
Tacy Susan Shore
Thomasina Shore
Alma mater King’s College, Cambridge

As an Older Politician Shore was a corrupt old git in cahoots with Ken Clarke, the BMA, Dafydd, Tony Francis et al. See the source imageSee the source image

Peter Shore and his fellow East End Labour MP, Ian Mikardo – corrupt old KGB double agent of Giggles, the Krays and Lord Bob Boothby – Marched In Support Of Brave Wendy  during her 1985-86 Battle With The Male Medical Establishment. Nicholas Eden died from AIDS shortly after Brave Wendy began her Battle. Brave Wendy, friend of Bodger, who was Mrs Big in the trafficking ring. Even more so than Bodger’s wife, Prof Jocelyn Chamberlain of the Middlesex Hospital who Developed The Cervical Screening Programme. It was very obvious what they were up to but these were the folk who were given the remit for Informing The Public On Wimmin’s Health:

Posts such as ‘The Bodies Beneath Canary Wharf’ and ‘International Finance, With Thanks To Gwynne…’ detail how the Cllrs, politicians, officials etc who facilitated the trafficking ring in partnership with the Multiple Mr Moneybags – Tiny Rowland and his mates – in the 1980s did deals with Even Bigger Business and erased the scenes of the crimes by Economic Regeneration.

Gwynne and Dafydd were pretty safe weren’t they…


To return to Gertrude Elion who’s contribution to the Big Lie was essential.

Gertrude Elion
Gertrude Elion.jpg
Gertrude Belle Elion

January 23, 1918

Died February 21, 1999 (aged 81)

Citizenship United States
Alma mater Hunter College
New York University
Scientific career

Gertrude’s wiki entry makes much of Gertrude being held back career-wise because of factors such as Gender Bias and other Struggles. Although many people were indeed obstructed by those things, Gertrude’s later career suggests a ruthlessness indicating that she’d do pretty much anything to Get On Professor Catherine Robinson and the account of the Life Saving Miracles for which Gertrude was personally responsible is embellished to such a degree that who knows what the truth was behind Gertrude’s failure to find success until in 1944 she worked as an assistant to George H. Hitchings at Burroughs-Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) in Tuckahoe, New York.

Like that other Great Female Scientist, Professor Catherine Robinson Thatch, Gertrude’s early career was in the mundane sounding Food Industry rather than Curing Cancer. I suspect that there were many more jobs for young chemists in the food industry in those days than in Curing Cancer. Many Men who later became Famous for their Life Saving Drugs began their careers in agri-chemicals, in dyes, or other areas of chemistry that Poisoned The Earth before they began their Life Saving Drugs bit. There are now a great many more job opportunities in the Drug Development field; in Gertrude’s era pharmacology wasn’t the hugely popular and cool field of science that it became in the 1970s and 80s.

When Gertrude joined him, George Hitchings was interested in synthesizing antagonists to nucleic acid derivatives, with the goal that these antagonists would integrate into biological pathways. Hitchings ‘believed that if he could trick cancer cells into accepting artificial compounds for their growth, they could be destroyed without also destroying normal cells’. I wonder if it was quite like that, many of the advances were made almost accidentally; furthermore one doesn’t start theorising about Tricking Cells into thinking anything until – and unless – one is writing an article for the lay press.

Gertrude synthesized anti-metabolites of purines, and in 1950, she developed the anti-cancer drugs tioguanine and mercaptopurine. She pursued graduate studies at night school at New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute), ‘but after several years of long-range commuting, she was informed that she would no longer be able to continue her doctorate on a part-time basis, but would need to give up her job and go to school full-time. Elion made a critical decision in her life, and stayed with her job and give up the pursuit of her doctorate. She never obtained a formal Ph.D., but was later awarded an honorary Ph.D. from New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then Polytechnic University of New York) in 1989 and an honorary S.D. degree from Harvard University in 1998′.

1998 was a very long wait for Harvard to recognise a genius of Gertrude’s dimensions.

After Burroughs Wellcome moved to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Gertrude Elion moved to nearby Chapel Hill. She retired in 1983 from Burroughs Wellcome to spend more time traveling and attending the opera. Gertrude continued to make important scientific contributions after her retirement. At the opera I assume. ‘One of Gertrude’s passions during this time was encouraging other women to pursue a career in science.’Professor Catherine Robinson

Oh please give it a rest, this line has been done to death.

Elion also worked for the National Cancer Institute, American Association for Cancer Research and World Health Organization, among other organizations. From 1967 to 1983, she was the Head of the Department of Experimental Therapy for Burroughs Wellcome. Gertrude officially retired from Burroughs and Wellcome in 1983. She was affiliated with Duke University as Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and of Experimental Medicine from 1971 to 1983 and Research Professor from 1983 to 1999. During her time at Duke, Elion focused on mentoring medical and graduate students. Even after her retirement from Burroughs Wellcome, Gertrude continued almost full time work at the lab.

Gertrude died on 21 Feb 1999, exactly a year before the Waterhouse Report was published. Hot on the heels of William Mars-Jones who died in Jan 1999 but before Ioan Bowen Rees…

Think I’m Being Silly? Well George Hitchings, Getrude’s mate who wasn’t Held Back by Gender Bias or slumming it in food testing labs and having to give up on his doctorate, was ten years her senior and died six days after Gertrude, on 27 Feb 1998. It doesn’t have to be Suspicious, but it is just a bit weird.

George Hitchings
George H. Hitchings 1988.jpg

George H. Hitchings in 1988
George Herbert Hitchings

April 18, 1905

Died February 27, 1998 (aged 92)
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Washington
Harvard University
Known for chemotherapy
Scientific career

A conspiracy with AIDS research would have been very easy to organise because as a result of Panic In High Places re HIV/AIDS, the HIV/AIDS programme was co-ordinated on a global level in a way in which no other medical research programme had ever been before. The rationale was that AIDS was such a threat and such an imminent one that the world could not afford to waste time and money having numerous teams all soaking up funds, working on the same things, competing against each other, as is the usual situation. When I was working in Prof Vincent Marks CRC team in 1988, there was one researcher in the neighbouring lab to me, also working for Vincent – and I think only one – who was part of the worldwide co-ordinated HIV/AIDS programme who used to rave about how great it was that no-one was in competition, everyone was Sharing.

Vincent’s brother was Dr John Marks, Top Doc and barrister, President of the BMA who was in battle with Ken Clarke AND providing free advice to the Gigglers of Gwynedd re shafting me. I have the documents to demonstrate this. John Marks was a criminal Top Doc of the highest order and previous posts (eg. ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’) discuss the plagiarism and fraud with which Vincent and his team were involved. One major fraud with Vincent’s mates at the heart of it – and a friend of Tony Francis’s – was exposed in 1990 and resulted in the assumed suicide of Prof Tim McElwain, but all others involved in the fraud – except for one junior researcher who changed career – continued in research and became some of the biggest names in science.

Sir Paul Nurse who, along with Sir Patrick Vallance, is one of the biggest names in science today, was a friend of many of those involved in the big CRC-ICRF funded fraud with Vincent’s mates from the Royal Marsden. See previous posts…

Sir Paul Nurse
Paul Nurse portrait.jpg
8th Chancellor of the University of Bristol
Assumed office
President Hugh Brady
Preceded by The Baroness Hale of Richmond
61st President of the Royal Society
In office
1 December 2010 – 1 December 2015
Preceded by Martin Rees
Succeeded by Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
9th President of Rockefeller University
In office
Preceded by Arnold Levine
Succeeded by Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Personal details
Paul Maxime Nurse

25 January 1949 (age 71)
Norwich, Norfolk, England

Nationality British
Anne Teresa Nurse (née Talbott) (m. 1971)


Children 2 daughters
Alma mater
Scientific career
Thesis The spatial and temporal organisation of amino acid pools in Candida utilis (1974)
Doctoral advisor Anthony P. Sims
Doctoral students Alison Woollard

Two members of Vincent’s team at Surrey with whom I worked were Welsh, Wynn Aherne (from Carmarthenshire) and Anthea Hardcastle (from Cricieth, who’s best friends were Griff and Sue, the Principal Biochemist at Ysbyty Gwynedd and his wife). Anthea died from cancer soon after I began this blog. Another member of Vincent’s team, Debra Skene, now Prof Debra Skene, was an exile from South Africa because of her anti-apartheid activities.See the source image

There was only one main dissenter in the 1980s heyday of ‘We’re All In This Together, Oh God Gwynne, Gwynne, She Met Him And Won’t Shut Up About Him’ See the source image HIV/AIDS research, a Rebel Scientist – I think in Oz – who maintained that HIV did not cause AIDS and he was prepared to inject himself with HIV to demonstrate this. I don’t know if he ever actually did do that; he was a high profile dissenter but a lone one who was drowned out by those who were Sharing as never before. And ordering Ken Clarke to hand over the dosh Or Else.Professor Catherine Robinson


This man is also to be found on the UCL website:

F.R. Winton

Frank Winton (1894–1985) held the Chair of Pharmacology from 1938 to 1961. His main scientific interest was in the control of blood flow to the kidney. Winton ran the Department through the difficult war years when the Medical School was evacuated to Leatherhead, Surrey.

He appointed the first two female academics in the Department. Mary Lockett (1911–1982) was a lecturer in the Department from 1945-1950. Hannah Steinberg arrived in the UK from Vienna on a Kindertransport train while still a schoolgirl, and she eventually became Professor of Psychopharmacology. Winton also worked hard and successfully to ensure that pharmacology had an appropriate place in the preclinical curriculum. He oversaw the extension of the Department, including the Pharmacology Lecture Theatre (now the Schild Theatre). He was the author, with Leonard Bayliss, of a widely used textbook Human Physiology, first published in 1932. The 6th edition, 1968 was written by Olof J.C. Lippold and F.R Winton.


Frank Winton’s protégé Kindertransport Kiddie Hannah Steinberg who was among the first Jewish children rescued from Vienna died just over three months ago, in Dec 2019. Hannah Steinberg (16 March 1926-11 December 2019) was a pioneer of experimental psychopharmacology, the study of the interaction of drugs on the human mind. Hannah was one of those who’s work developing Drugs To Help The Mentally Ill fuelled Gwynne and Dafydd and did so much damage to so many people. This was known but it did not stop; that the work was backed by the security services, the Home Office and the criminal state has only recently begun to be discussed. There are no excuses for what happened, it cannot even be explained by misguided people and an insufficient understanding of science. Professor Catherine RobinsonThat played a role but the over-riding motivation was to Deal With People who were the victims of or who were confronting state criminality.

Steinberg was born in Vienna to the lawyer Michael Steinberg and his wife Marie ((nee Wein). They arranged for her to leave Vienna in 1938 and she was one of the first Jewish children to travel on the Kindertransport and arrived in London where she was educated at Putney High School and Queen Anne’s School, Caversham. After studying for a Certificate in Commerce at Reading University and then at Denton Secretarial College Hannah changed course. After beginning a degree in French at UCL, she then converted to Psychology and graduated with a First in 1948. Hannah’s ‘curiosity about science’ led her to work with Frank Winton in the Pharmacology Dept at UCL, where she completing a PhD exploring the effects of nitrous oxide on task completion. She discovered that small amounts interfered with completing complex tasks but that it also improved memory recall. Hannah continued to work at UCL for the rest of her career, in 1962 becoming the first Reader of Psychopharmacology in the world and in 1970, the first Professor of Psychopharmacology.

Hannah was building her career in UCL Pharmacology during the years of Giggles To Be Concealed At Any Cost.

Hannah’s research focused on the effects of drug combinations, which she discovered could not be predicted from the actions of the drugs alone. In which case Hannah should have led the charge against polypharmacy but er no, not a word. Hannah instead ‘explored how the drug efficacy could be impacted by the emotional state of the drug taker’. Which provided some brilliant excuses for the damage caused by the prescribing habits of the Gigglers. From this, Hannah’s interests grew to encompass drug-taking behaviours and addiction.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Many of Hannah’s test subjects were students and she also tested on staff, including J. B. S. Haldane, ‘but she never tested drugs on humans that she had not tested on herself’. That may well not have been true. In the days of Haldane and his dad, scientists did tend to have a wonderful gung-ho attitude of ‘I wonder what will happen if I take this?’. It’s how Hoffman discovered that LSD was fun, but by Hannah’s generation a breed of Clever Psychologists and Top Docs who knew what was best for Their Subjects And Patients but knew better than to expose themselves to the damage that would result had begun multiplying.

By the 1980s, med students’ textbooks contained the All Med Students Should Be Prepared To Take Part In Clinical Trials Because We Doctors Should Not Inflict Treatments On Patients That We Would Not Be Prepared To Take Ourselves bit. Many students did take part in such trials because students are idealistic, but Big Pharma was so out of hand by then that Top Docs had become very cautious themselves. I witnessed Malcolm Alison, our course tutor at Hammersmith, piss himself laughing when a mature student who was more Malcolm’s equal than the rest of us asked Malcolm if he took part in clinical trials, to which Malcolm replied ‘Bloody hell no, some other fool can do that’.

In the mid-1980s, Philip Jones, a med student at the Welsh National School of Medicine, died while taking part in a clinical trial. Philip’s death received much coverage in the media but what was highlighted were the Unfair Allegations made against the med school and the drug company and that the Investigation that followed Philip’s death found that Philip’s death was unrelated to the clinical trial. What received no coverage was that a second investigation by a London med school found that Philip’s death had everything to do with the trial, the drug had caused some sort of catastrophic blood cell reaction in Philip and it killed him. See the source imageI only knew about this because a med student at Cardiff told me, they were terrified; their careers would be over if they let on what had happened, they were still being told to volunteer for trials and the message was we can kill you and no-one will know. See previous posts.

I can only assume that Cardiff was able to pull rank on the London med school – I can’t remember which one it was, it was one of the big prestigious ones – because of the power that George Thomas wielded at Cardiff, as well as the Gwynne- Dafydd-Tony Francis link. I had complained about Gwynne by the time that Philip died…

When Philip Jones died, Sir William Asscher was still ruling the roost at the Welsh National School of Medicine. Asscher the Dutch Jew who’s family escaped from Westerbork Transit Camp by Mrs Asscher pretending that the family were English and used young William’s blonde hair (William was still called Adolph in those days, he became William at a later date) as evidence, thus Duping The Nazis who allowed the Asshers to leave! 

The Asschers’ lucky escape from the death camps was something to do with a deal that they made with authorities and they were able to do that because the Asschers were a professional family with useful connections. Asscher’s dad was an exec for Dutch Shell. Favours will have been called in for decades after little William’s blonde hair Fooled The Guards who were speaking English with a German accent and clicking their heels together and shooting Ja Mein Herr, Like In The Films. People did anything to escape the death camps, anything at all and unscrupulous officials in unscrupulous states Around The World took advantage.

Asscher wasn’t headhunted by St George’s as their Dean until 1988, after the bad PR re Ollie. Asscher had not been Dean at St George’s for that long when Bodger offered me the job on his team. I’ve been told that so impressive was the Cunning Plan that it was formulated when Asscher was still in Cardiff and that was one reason in particular why it was Asscher per se rather than another Mr Big who was Called To St George’s post-Ollie.

As more info arrives in my inbox re the Cunning Plans, accompanied by comments like ‘Do you believe us NOW that this was all a set-up directed at YOU??’, in terms of this network of vile unscrupulous Top Docs giving me grief, yes I do. My point remains though that the situation in medicine was SO BAD that it was possible for them to do this! No profession that was anything near a healthy functioning profession would have ever been able to have co-ordinated so many people to have taken part in this, it just would not have been possible.

Furthermore, the scumbags whom I encountered were known to be scumbags throughout the field. The whole of the cancer research knew about the dreadful Robert Baldwin at Nottingham, the whole of obs and gynae knew about Brave Wendy, Bodger et al – although Brave Wendy and Bodger were credible in the eyes of the general public  – and everyone in medicine, law and politics knew something about Gwynne, Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Yet it was only the malpractice of Big Pharma and horrors of vivisection that were discussed by the Chattering Classes and lay media.

Medicine was and still is in terrible trouble. The discourse of ‘Ooh i’ts a very conservative profession’ is code for ‘It is a criminal profession and this has persisted because the criminality was backed by the highest levels of the state and security services’. God knows why anyone ever thought that it was a good idea. All I did was complain – for VERY good reasons – about a Top Doc whom everyone in his profession knew had spent a lifetime involved in very serious crime and all this came my way… If I had have been a liar or completely mad as alleged, it still would never have been justified!

D.G.E. Wood and Dafydd are still on the medical register, licenced to practice. The law is an ass and so is the state. How many complaints to the GMC were there about Dafydd? Er, in one month alone in 1987 I think it was, there were five serious complaints, one involving a death. Dafydd was demonstrated by 1987 to have illegally abducted and imprisoned two different women. As for Gwynne, his record was so dreadful that it was simply not recorded.


Hannah Steinberg also worked closely with Elizabeth Sykes, her long-term colleague and partner, to investigate benefits of exercise for wellbeing and creativity, as well as harmful exercise addiction. Lesbians before Nia Griffith became one! Hannah and Elizabeth’s relationship will not have been accepted by their colleagues at the time, at least not openly and transparently, it’ll have been as Gigglers. We are doing this ourselves, but Patients Need Treatment when they do it.

Steinberg was a founding member of the British Association of Psychopharmacology and the International College of Neuropyschopharmacology. Hannah also founded the Academic Women’s Achievement Group at UCL; the minutes from 1979 to 1986 are held at the National Archives.

  • eg. of a well-known publication of Hannah’s:
  • with P. E. Harrison-Read: Lithium-induced Hypersensitivity to Foot Shock in Rats and the Role of 5-Hydroxytryptophan. Nature New Biol, 232, 30, July 1971, pp 120 sequ doi:10.1038/newbio232120a0

This sort of work was discredited and to a large extent discredited while Steinberg was still doing it. There are some responses of rats that are meaningful re humans, but not the sort of thing that Hannah Steinberg investigated, it was laughable.

‘The Guardian’ paid Tribute to Hannah when she died.

Hannah Steinberg obituary

Pioneer of psychopharmacology who was one of the first researchers to test systematically how psychoactive drugs affect the mind
‘Whatever you administer, you may disturb something else as well,’ said Hannah Steinberg. ‘The drug companies on the whole don’t like that concept’
‘Whatever you administer, you may disturb something else as well,’ said Hannah Steinberg. ‘The drug companies on the whole don’t like that concept’

The development of drugs to treat mental afflictions was historically a hit-and-miss affair, without much understanding of their actions on brain pathways, and even less of their wider psychological impact.

It certainly was with Hannah.

Hannah Steinberg, who has died aged 95, was one of the first researchers to test systematically how psychoactive drugs affect the mind.

Then why is it admitted today that so little is known?

Steinberg grasped that the brain produces its own pharmacopoeia of psychoactive substances in response to the challenges of daily living, and argued that the psychological consequences of adding drugs to the mix could not be reliably predicted. “Whatever you administer, you may disturb something else as well,” she said, adding that: “The drug companies on the whole don’t like that concept.”

Top Docs are just as guilty.

During the 1960s, she and her colleague Ruth Rushton were among the first to set up rigorous experiments to test the effects of combinations of drugs, such as stimulants and antidepressants, on the behaviour of laboratory rats as well as human subjects, carefully recording responses at different doses. One example was Drinamyl, a combination of barbiturates and amphetamines, which was then widely prescribed to “tired housewives” as it appeared to relieve depression. Colloquially known as purple hearts, it was also abused as a party drug. Steinberg looked at how it affected the level of activity or capacity to learn in laboratory animals, giving greater insight into what the drugs were actually doing to the brain.

Purple hearts were highly addictive and lethal. They were used as a party drug but some of those who died were Taking Them As Prescribed.

Her research showed that combinations of drugs produced effects that could not be predicted from the actions of either drug alone. She also showed that the effect of a drug could be crucially dependent on the emotional state of the subject. Rats that were stressed by a change in their environment responded differently from those that were not. This led to a sideline in the welfare of laboratory animals, and much of Steinberg’s work informed the increasingly stringent guidelines that govern the use of animals in research.

Is this a polite way of telling us that Hannah’s experiments were so pointless and cruel that they were used by anti-vivisectionists as grist to their mill?

Her lab at University College London became a leading centre for the psychological study of drug-taking behaviour and addiction, and she trained subsequent generations of successful researchers. She was extremely successful in winning research grants: her early work was funded by the US National Institute for Mental Health; she received support from the Medical Research Council and also funding from a number of foundations and drug companies.

This situation prevailed at the Maudsley with Dafydd’s mates. There was no regulation or successful treatment of addicts, it was a free for all and the abuses in terms of Top Docs flogging drugs to addicts who were detoxing in their care were widespread, so widespread that it was the norm. It was systematically reported that it was easier for addicts to acquire drugs in detox units than it was on the outside. Keeping addicts hooked is a profitable business and all the funding bodies named above were in on the scam, the entire field was dominated by corrupt Top Docs, researchers, Govt officials and civil servants. Councillors and MPs such as Labour’s John Tilley and Tory Paul Beresford were fully on board.

Steinberg never tested a drug on human subjects that she had not taken herself, under controlled conditions. She drew the line at taking LSD, and so never conducted human studies of the drug.

Hannah was unusual then. I bet she wasn’t a lezzer until recently either. In the 1960s and 70s Top Docs and psychologists were dropping acid everywhere, it was not toxic, one couldn’t die from an overdose, the allegations that it caused permanent psychosis were not accepted by everyone and insiders would roar with laughter at anecdotes of trippers jumping from tower blocks in the belief that They Could Fly.

F used to enjoy speculating re Dafydd growing up in Bethesda learning Bible verses in Welsh, that ‘when Mam made the Bara Brith she always remembered to add a drop of acid’.

Aware of the literature on endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, in the late 80s she moved on to study the effects of exercise on mental and emotional states – a subject that has recently come back into focus as a reaction against overprescribing of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Working with her colleague and partner Elizabeth Sykes, she published studies both on the benefits of exercise for wellbeing and creativity, and on potentially harmful exercise addiction.

One celeb droned on constantly in the 80s about how Scientists have Proved that Running Marathons is Addictive Ladies and Gentlemen who would believe it but yes Running Marathons is Addictive, it’s about Endorphins, little chemicals in your brain…

Steinberg was born in Vienna, the only daughter of Michael Steinberg, a lawyer, and his wife, Marie (nee Wein). In 1938 they arranged for her evacuation to the UK, one of the first Jewish children to benefit from the Kindertransport. Shortly afterwards her mother took her own life, and her father escaped to Israel. Hannah met him once after the second world war, but did not continue the relationship.

She lived unhappily with relatives in London at first, attending Putney high school, but later found a more congenial home with the family of one of her schoolfriends after she was evacuated to Queen Anne’s school, Caversham, near Reading. Determined to make her own way, on leaving school she took a business course at the University of Reading and undertook secretarial training. But she found secretarial work frustrating. Enrolling for a degree in French at UCL, she switched to psychology and graduated with a first in 1948. Wanting to learn more science, she joined the pharmacology department at UCL under Frank Winton and did a PhD on the effects of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on the performance of cognitive tasks.

She found that low doses interfered with the performance of complex tasks, but also, like sleep, improved memory recall. Most of her subjects were students, but they also included other staff, including the eminent geneticist JBS Haldane, who had spent his childhood breathing noxious gases at the behest of his father, the physiologist JS Haldane. Steinberg became the first psychologist on the staff of the department and was one of the first in the world to hold the title of reader (1962) and professor (1970) in psychopharmacology. She was actively involved in the founding of national and international associations, including the International College of Neuropsychopharmacology (CINP) and the British Association of Psychopharmacology.

After she retired in 1992, she became visiting professor in the psychology department at Middlesex University, where Sykes was based.

Steinberg and Sykes lived together in Torriano Cottages, a surprisingly rural private lane in Kentish Town, north London. The lane was designated a conservation area in 1985 and soon afterwards Steinberg and Sykes objected to a planning application for a new house in the street. In a vivid example of tenacity, they pursued the case to the high court, where the judge ruled in their favour, saying that planned developments should not only do no harm to the character of the area, but “pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing” it. This became known as the “Steinberg principle” and was adopted in later legislation.

How did those two lezzers of Gwynne’s Giggles get away with that? Other people were being bankrupted over such planning battles and had buildings demolished if they had spilt the planners’ and Councils’ pints. Planning Committees were famed for corruption… Hannah and Elizabeth no doubt erected a palatial footballers wives’ house in a quaint mews.

Steinberg never went on holiday, other than trips to scientific conferences, but took a lively interest in art and music: she was friends with the art historian and fellow Viennese Ernst Gombrich.

Other obituaries of Hannah mention that Anthony Eden ‘relied’ upon one of the drugs that she developed; the drug in question was the drug that Royal Top Doc Lord WHICH ONE?? prescribed for Eden in increasingly large doses, without telling Eden that it was that drug that was responsible for the symptoms that were distressing him. It was Eden’s addiction to the drug that Hannah developed that finally destroyed his health causing Lord NAME to advise him to resign as PM. Which was what the plan was; Brenda and co wanted Eden out because he and his wife Clarissa wanted the Monarch to have no say in political matters. Brenda wanted Supermac to replace Eden…

Obits mention that Hannah’s drugs were useful in weight loss. That method of weight loss was dangerous and became even more dangerous when cautious Top Docs became reluctant to prescribe them so people who knew that Slimming Pills could be acquired purchased them from various less reputable sources.

Of particular interest is an article that Hannah’s colleague from many years ago, Ruth Rushton – Ruth carried out the experiments on rats with Hannah that assisted with animal welfare by outraging people so much that anti-vivisectionists found their case strengthened – published in the BMJ in 2019:

Development of alcohol treatment for UK military personnel


The consumption of alcohol in the UK Armed Forces (AF) as ‘an agent to assist cohesion and informal operational debriefing’ is a social and psychological conceptualisation that has some empirical support. Indisputable data exist to suggest that high levels of alcohol misuse and related problems are prevalent among UK AF. Recent research indicates that the overall level of hazardous alcohol consumption remains high in the UK military, with little evidence of reduced consumption over time. Meanwhile, risky drinking in the general population appears to be decreasing. This paper describes work to develop a key aspect of an integrated care pathway for UK military personnel at all levels of alcohol risk. The project focuses on the development of an evidence-based treatment response across primary care and mental health services that will link with preventative initiatives. Specialist (ie, substance misuse) input from the Defence Clinical Psychology Service across and within Departments of Community Mental Health lends an overarching perspective to a major healthcare and organisational concern for the UK AF. Work towards a consistent treatment pathway for alcohol misuse is also benefiting from collaboration between the Ministry of Defence and Public Health England.

Ruth Rushton is first author: Correspondence to Dr Ruth Rushton, Ministry of Defence, London PO1 3LT, UK;

The second author of the article is K. Lynch, who’s affiliation is given as Public Health England. K. Lynch is Kieron Lynch, who for years worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Kieron Lynch was a doc in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned there, she told me about him. Kieron did the usual; told Mary to carry on with her fight, he was right behind her. When Mary finally got out Dr Lynch never raised concerns or blew the whistle in any way. Lynch continued to work in north Wales as a psychiatrists for years afterwards. Investigations and Inquiries came and went and Kieron remained silent.

So two of Gwynne and Dafydd’s old mates – who must be getting on in years now – popped up last year to Show Their Expertise after this blog gathered a readership… One would have thought that they would both be unemployable. Not at all, come hither Gigglers, Your Country Needs You.


Although Hannah Steinberg escaped to the UK via Kindertransport, she’ll have maintained links with the Viennese crowd, many of whom were of Giggles if they were Cultured because Freud was so influential at that time. Edinburgh Giggler Sula Wolff was a Viennese émigré, as was Elliot Phillip, the Top Doc Giggler who’s daughter Ann Hills was the long term mistress of Lord Snowdon and found dead on the roof of her London penthouse days before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. ‘Suicide’ according to Coroner Paul Knapman, although Ann was dressed in party gear, found in a kneeling position and could not have died in the way and time suggested from the tablets blamed for her death. Lord Snowdon celebrated the death by issuing a press statement re his Great Sorrow, while shagging another of his long term mistresses, Marjorie Wallace. Lord S and Marjorie reinvented themselves as Disability Campaigners and undertook a UK tour at the time of Ann’s death. See ‘Error Of Judgement?’

Readers might remember that Marjorie the mental health campaigner was, like Esther, one of those whom I wrote to about Dafydd et al in 1987. I didn’t receive replies but then I didn’t realise that Esther and Marjorie were mates with the Gigglers and had begun campaigning because of me. Marjorie met her husband Top Doc and Giggler Andrew Skarbek when Skarbek was working as a Doc at UCL and Marj was helping in clinical trials there! Previous posts (eg. ‘One Dangerous Fucker’) discuss Marj at length, including her Voluntary Work at Broadmoor when Savile was appointed General Manager. Of course Marj Knew that he was a Psychopath, ooh Marj saw straight through him. What a pity that Marj said nothing until after Savile’s death, even when a patient committed suicide after Savile had raped her.

Marj’s charidee SANE that she founded in 1987 in the wake of my letters about the Giggles to the GMC, Gov’t Ministers etc, was robustly opposed by many patients rights groups but Esther, Docs and their poodles loved SANE. Celeb supporters include Joanna Lumley and SANE has very close links with Top Doc Tim Crow. Who supervised Tony Francis’s MD thesis. See previous posts.

Timothy John Crow OBE FMedSci is a British psychiatrist and researcher from Oxford. Much of his research is related to the causes of schizophrenia. Tim also has an interest in neurology and the evolutionary theory. He is the Honorary Director of the Prince of Wales International Centre for Research into Schizophrenia and Depression. Do click on this link readers, they’re all there – Carlo, SANE, Marjorie, Tim! As guilty as can be: an international trafficking business and they most definitely knew.

Tim qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1964  -the Royal London that was bankrolled by Shell and facilitating the huge ring in the East End starring Brave Wendy, William Asscher, Robert Winston et al – and obtained a PhD at the University of Aberdeen in 1970. Think Sir Dugald Baird of the En Masse Illegal Abortion of Low Income Foetuses! Tim is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Psychiatrists and the Academy of Medical Sciences. Crow was for 20 years Head of the Division of Psychiatry of the MRC Clinical Research Centre at Northwick Park Hospital and then a member of the External Scientific staff of the MRC in Oxford.

Crow’s long term research interests are in the nature and causation of the major psychoses. In the first CT scan study in 1976 Crow and colleagues at Northwick Park demonstrated that there are structural changes (e.g. a degree of enlargement of the cerebral ventricles) in individuals who have suffered from schizophrenia. Much subsequent work with MRI scans and in post-mortem brain studies has confirmed this and suggests that the changes are in the cerebral cortex and particularly are related to the subtle asymmetries that are characteristic of the human cortex. Through various experiments and observation, Crow has also proven that people with Schizophrenia show less left-sided dominance for language.Image result for prof tim crow images May I suggest that Tim begins scanning the brains of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia in north Wales who’s Delusions were that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and in one case, that Tony Francis got his plonker out in front of her? What do you think their ventricles will show then Tim? As for their language, well according to Prof Bluglass and Dafydd, my Bad Language demonstrated that I Wasn’t Normal. The Bad Language causing such upset being my description of Dafydd in a letter as a wanker.

In 1980s, Crow published an article that became a breakthrough in the field of research on schizophrenia. One wonders why more breakthroughs have been made regularly ever since yet the prognosis for Schizophrenics is still so bleak. And their care so dreadful.

Crow focused on the classification of the symptoms of the disease instead of focusing on patients. Crow later introduced two syndromes of schizophrenia, one that is based on positive symptoms and the other on negative symptoms. So Tim is aware of those cases of Schizophrenics who weren’t Diagnosed by his own colleagues because they showed only Negative Symptoms and were imprisoned or left to die yet the authorities denied negligence throughout.

Readers who are ready for more Tim Crow laffs might like to read about LRRTM1, a gene linked to handedness and psychotic disorder.See the source imageCardiff University in particular in recent years have really maxed out on the Genetics Of Psychoses. Cardiff where Tony Francis Trained as a Top Doc.

Elizabeth died in 2011, after which Steinberg’s health declined and she arranged to be cared for in her home for the rest of her life. She remained close to Elizabeth’s brother, John, and his family, who survive her.

Hannah Steinberg, scientist, born 16 March 1924; died 11 December 2019


Humph Mang’s colleague WHICH ONE?? William Paton was The Don:

William D.M. Paton
William D.M. Paton in 1984

William D.M. Paton in 1984
Born 5 May 1917
Died 17 October 1993 (aged 76)
Occupation British pharmacologist
Awards Gairdner Foundation International Award (1959)

Sir William Drummond Macdonald Paton was born in Hendon and educated at Repton School and New College, Oxford, where he was awarded a BA in animal physiology. In 1939 he entered UCH to study clinical medicine and was appointed house physician to the medical unit.

REPTON – Nairne?? – New College – security services – Richard Crossman was a recruiter at New College – GEORGE GODBER also recruited to ss at New College  – Crossman and Godber recruited by HAL Fisher, Lloyd George’s mate and Bloomsbury group member – Paton younger, Godber and Crossman were recruiting for medicine and science – paton one of the biggies

GODBER IN MDU – his brother Joseph a mate of Thatch – both in sec services

UCH – LORD MAX – brian warren, heath’s friend n Top Doc

Deemed unfit for military service, William Paton took the post of pathologist in a tuberculosis sanatorium, later moving to the National Institute for Medical Research, then in Hampstead. Paton worked at NIMR for eight years on the pharmacology of acetylcholine and its benefits in the control of hypertension. For this work Paton and his colleague Eleanor Zaimis were amongst the recipients of the first Gairdner Foundation International Awards in 1959.

In 1952 Paton returned to UCH as reader in applied pharmacology, and spent the next two years studying submarine physiology, developing the blend of oxygen, helium and nitrogen (Tri-mix) which enables divers to work at deeper depths. Paton was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1956 and his nomination citation read: ” Distinguished for his researches on histamine and methonium compounds. With MacIntosh he showed that many simple organic bases are histamine releasers and, later, he found that this property is shared by opium alkaloids and by a phenylethylamine derivative, compound 48/80, the most active known releaser. One of the outstanding recent contributions to pharmacology and therapeutics is his discovery, with Zaimis, of the actions of the methonium compounds – decamethonium a potent neuromuscular, and hexamethonium a potent ganglion blocking substance. His analysis of their mode of action has since become the model for such studies and led to the distinction between block by depolarisation and competition. Hexamethonium became the first effective drug in the treatment of malignant hypertension and of great value in cranial and plastic surgery. During the war he worked for the Royal Naval Personnel Research Committee on submarine physiology. “

SPY for NORMAN DENNING et al THEN!! useful as a poisoner as well….

In 1954 Paton was appointed Professor of Pharmacology at the Royal College of Surgeons, remaining there until 1959, when he was appointed Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University and made a Fellow of Balliol College. Paton was appointed a CBE in 1968 and knighted in 1979. He retired in 1984, the year of the Gwynne Row, Gwynne who had served in the Royal Navy before his career of butchery at Denbigh. Paton died in Oxford, aged 76. 17 Oct 1993 – BRANDT – EP Thompson – MM

Paton’s obituary as published in the Indie and written by his colleague A. David Smith supplies more clues as to how worrying his activities were:

William Drummond Macdonald Paton, pharmacologist: born Hendon, Middlesex 5 May 1917; staff, National Institute for Medical Research 1944- 52; Reader in Pharmacology, University College London and UCH Medical School 1952-54; Professor of Pharmacology, Royal College of Surgeons 1954-59; FRS 1956; Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford University, and Fellow of Balliol College 1959-84 (Emeritus); CBE 1968; Chairman, Committee for Suppression of Doping 1970- 71; Chairman, Research Defence Society 1972-78; Kt 1979; Hon Director, Wellcome Institute for History of Medicine 1983-87; married 1942 Phoebe Rooke; died Oxford 17 October 1993.

THE FIRST effective treatment of high blood pressure, the facilitation of artificial respiration in an intensive care unit and the exploitation of oil and gas from beneath the North Sea: these are but three recent benefits from basic research in pharmacology and they all come largely from one man, William Paton. Paton was one of the world’s great pharmacologists, a man in whom were combined a remarkable intellect, great practical skill and a warm personality.

To some, Paton appeared to be the archetypal Oxford don, oblivious of the world around him and obsessed with knowledge for its own sake. How, then, did he make discoveries that were to have such an impact on mankind? The secret lies in his mind, for here was an incisive, clear and uncompromising brilliance that could cut through complexity and bring order out of confusion. The first great discovery, made in 1949 with E. Zaimis, was of beautiful simplicity. Two different actions of the chemical neurotransmitter acetylcholine, that cause muscles to contract and that cause an increase in blood pressure (through activation of sympathetic ganglia), could be separated by means of two antagonist drugs that differed only in the number of carbon atoms in a linear chain. Thus, we have decamethonium, with 10 carbon atoms, the first specific neuromuscular blocking drug and the father of all modern drugs used in surgery as muscle relaxants, and in intensive care to permit artificial ventilation. Hexamethonium, with six carbon atoms in the chain, was the first drug that specifically and safely lowered blood pressure.

The number of people who have directly benefited from drugs in these two classes must by now run into millions, and yet the discovery was not driven by the need to develop such drugs, but by intellectual curiosity. Both classes of drug act on receptors for acetylcholine on cells, but, at the time they were discovered, the concept of the drug receptor was not universally accepted – Paton’s work provided dramatic evidence of such specific sites where drugs act on cells. It was only with the advent of molecular biology in the 1970s that his concept of the two types of receptor, one in muscle and one in ganglia, was confirmed directly.

The second discovery concerned the cause of the changes that happen to deep-sea divers as they go deeper, leading to convulsions and death. The discovery had a long gestation, for Paton’s interest in the problems of diving was stimulated during the Second World War, when he went to work in the National Institute for Medical Research, but it was not until he came to Oxford in 1959, and started to collaborate with physical chemists, that a solution was found.

In an imaginative leap typical of Paton the question was asked: if high pressure could reverse the biological effects of anaesthetics, could anaesthetics reverse the biological effects of high pressure? Thus was born the idea of adding a third gas to the mixture that divers used, a gas (nitrogen) that was not an anaesthetic at normal pressures but that became an anaesthetic at the high pressures needed for deep dives. The resulting mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen (the so- called Tri-mix) is now used throughout the world and has enabled divers to work at depths of around 2,000ft. Without Tri-mix, it is difficult to imagine how gas and oil could have been recovered from under the North Sea, and from many other similar sources throughout the world.

These are but two discoveries made by Paton – pharmacologists know him for many more – but they illustrate how simple curiosity, coupled with imagination and a penetrating mind, can yield unexpected dividends to mankind.

It is sobering to realise that Bill Paton combined his scientific work with an amazing appetite for public service: he was at one time the member of 72 committees, several of which he chaired. See the source image

After a brilliant undergraduate career at Oxford (three prize scholarships) and at University College Hospital Medical School (Gold Medallist), he succeeded to the chair of pharmacology at Oxford in 1959 and quickly became sought after for his advice by government, and for his incisive judgement by bodies such as the Clarendon Press, Rhodes Trust, Wellcome Trust and the Council of the Royal Society. He had a special interest in the history of medicine and was Honorary Director of the Wellcome Institute for History of Medicine from 1983 to 1987.

THE REWRITING OF TOP DOCS HISTORY – as scandal began to emerge – escalated when the police investigations began – see prev posts – Prof Roy Porter – DIED suspicious death

His awareness of the social responsibility of science led him to be Chairman of the Research Defence Society


and to write a scholarly, witty and important book, Man and Mouse: animals in medical research (1984). The expanded second edition, which Paton had extensively revised, was published this year. For those fortunate to work close to him, Paton was a deeply inspiring and yet approachable colleague who gave sympathetic advice, often with a delightful sense of humour. I was fortunate to be both a graduate student and then lecturer in his department at Oxford and perhaps there was one lesson above all that I learnt from him: to try to be accurate in everything. Bill Paton realised that accuracy is something that scientists should learn from their earliest work but also that it need not be restricted to measurement. In a complicated situation, as he wrote, ‘if one simply tries at the start to make as accurate a description or diagnosis or account as possible, it can release a cramp. Everyone respects accuracy; and once the initial ground is clear, solutions become easier to find.’

Bill Paton’s colleague Eleanor:

Eleanor Christides Zaimis (16 June 1915 – 3 October 1982) was a Greek-British academic who was professor at Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, often referred to as “Nora”. She was the recipient of the 1959 Gairdner Foundation International Award for study of methonium compounds and other pharmacology contributions.

Zaimis was elected to the British Pharmacological Society Hall of Fame.

Zaimis was born in Galati, Romania. She was educated at the Greek Gymnasium and graduated in medicine at the University of Athens in 1938.

In 1947, she went to England as a British Council scholar. After working briefly as a research assistant in the department of pharmacology at Bristol University and later at the National Institute for Medical Research, she moved to the department of pharmacology at the school of pharmacy, University of London. CATHY WILSON??

Tribute to Eleanor on British Pharmacological Society website:

Elected in 2015

Born on 16 June 1914 in Galati, Romania
Died on 3 October 1982 in Athens, Greece


  • Eleanor — Nora to her friends — made substantial contributions in neuromuscular and cardiovascular pharmacology, and her work led to the development of methonium compounds and the discoveries of pentamethonium and hexamethonium that lowered blood pressure and decamethonium, the first synthetic neuromuscular blocker, for which she received the Lasker Award
  • She was educated at the Greek Gymnasium and graduated in medicine at the University of Athens and came to England in 1947 as a British Council scholar. After working briefly as a research assistant in the department of pharmacology at Bristol University and later at the National Institute for Medical, she moved to the department of pharmacology at the school of pharmacy, London University
  • She was awarded Professor of Pharmacology at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in 1958 and remained Head of the Pharmacology Department until her retirement in 1980
  • Her experimental procedures were models of design and planning, She was one of the first to emphasize the importance of studying the chronic effects of low doses of drugs, as well as acute effects
  • Of the many international awards she received in recognition of her research, the two she valued most were Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in 1974 and her Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Anaesthetists in 1979. She was jointly awarded the Cameron Prize in 1956 and the Gairdner Foundation International Award for her work on methonium compounds with Paton.

Personal life

  • Those who knew her described Nora as a lively, lovely, generous, and fascinating person who loved the country she adopted and its people
  • Nora adopted British nationality in 1954, but did not forget her Greek roots: she was an active member of a committee setup to advise on university development in Greece
  • One of her students commented that her ‘enthusiasm for the elucidation of pharmacological mechanisms was infectious’

THOSE MATES OF GWYNNE and Woods who dropped in the same month as Eleanor!! briefly HERE

Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology E-Book (8th ed.)

with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

Humphrey P. Rang, James M. Ritter, Rod J. Flower, Graeme Henderson

From the website of the Royal Society:

Humphrey Rang

Professor Humphrey Rang FMedSci FRS


Elected: 1980


Humphrey Rang pioneered the study of receptors for chemical transmitters that are also the sites of action of many drugs. By labelling the muscle poison atropine with radioactivity, Humphrey was the first researcher to measure its binding to acetylcholine receptors in isolated smooth muscle. He went on to develop new agents for labelling receptors, the use of which showed them to be membrane proteins made up of subunits. This work led to an explosion of interest in receptors, many of which are now characterised in atomic detail. Humphrey’s name is familiar to generations of students for his textbook Rang & Dale’s Pharmacology (1987), and his book Drug Discovery and Development (2007) won the Royal Society of Medicine Library Prize for Medical Book of the Year.

Later in his career, Humphrey studied a variety of potential targets for new painkillers, leading to the identification of the ‘capsaicin receptor’ (now known as TRPV1), which opened a new chapter in pain research. His academic work led to an influential research leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry.

The website of the British Pharmacological Society:

Professor Humphrey Rang MSc MB BS MA DPhil

Professor Humphrey Rang MSc MB BS MA DPhil


Professor Humphrey Rang MSc MB BS MA DPhil FMedSci FRS HonFBPhS


University College London

Year elected:


Primary professional setting:


After qualifying in medicine at University College London, and with a MSc in pharmacology, I moved to Oxford as Research Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology, later becoming University Lecturer and Medical Sciences Fellow at Lincoln College. After two years as Professor of Pharmacology in Southampton I spent five years at St George’s Hospital Medical School. In 1979 I returned to UCL as Professor of Pharmacology, where David Colquhoun and I ran a research group working on receptor mechanisms. I was elected to the Royal Society in 1980, and the Academy of Medical Sciences in 1984. See the source image With Maureen Dale, I wrote the first edition of the undergraduate textbook Pharmacology, which has passed through 8 editions, and sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. In 1989 I became Director of the 70-strong research institute that Sandoz (later Novartis) set up on the UCL campus, focusing on pain mechanisms. After retirement in 2001, BPS responsibilities included Editor-in Chief of the British Journal of Pharmacology, President-Elect and President. I am proud to have received, over the years, the Gaddum, Vane and Wellcome Medals, and Honorary Fellowship of the Society.

Here’s a very recent article from USA Today about Sandoz:

Pharmaceutical company Sandoz to pay $195 million to resolve price-fixing, bid-rigging charges

WASHINGTON–Generic drug maker Sandoz Inc. reached a $195 million settlement with the Justice Department on Monday to resolve criminal charges accusing the New Jersey company in a price-fixing and bid-rigging conspiracy from 2013 to 2015. The deal settles a four-count indictment filed in Philadelphia and requires the company to cooperate in a continuing federal investigation.

“Today’s resolution with one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs is a significant step toward ensuring that prices … are set by competition, not collusion,” said Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim, chief of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. The company admitted to conspiring with at least four other generic drug producers and their executives to raise prices on generic drugs used to treat lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients, skin conditions and hypertension, Delrahim said.

Last month, former Sandoz executive Hector Armando Kellum pleaded guilty to similar charges of price-fixing and bid-rigging. Sandoz is the third company to be charged in the investigation. In the other two cases, the companies struck similar deferred prosecution agreements. In a written statement, the company said it cooperated with the government’s investigation and that the people involved in the criminal conduct are no longer employed. Under the terms of the agreement, Sandoz said it will bolster employee training and monitoring. “We take seriously our compliance with antitrust laws, and in reaching today’s resolution, we are not only resolving historical issues but also underscoring our commitment to continually improving our compliance and training programs and evolving our controls,” said Sandoz president Carol Lynch.

Novartis International AG
Traded as
ISIN CH0012005267
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Predecessor Ciba-Geigy, Sandoz (via merger)
  • December 1996; 23 years ago
  • (from merger)
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Area served
Key people
Products Pharmaceuticals, generic drugs, over-the-counter drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, contact lenses, animal health (list…)
Revenue Increase US$51.900 billion (2018)
Decrease US$8.169 billion (2018)
Increase US$12.614 billion (2018)
Total assets Increase US$145.563 billion (2018)
Total equity Increase US$78.692 billion (2018)
Number of employees
125,161 (2017)

Novartis AG is a publicly traded Swiss holding company that operates through the Novartis Group. Novartis AG owns, directly or indirectly, all companies worldwide that operate as subsidiaries of the Novartis Group. Novartis’s businesses are divided into three operating divisions: Innovative Medicines, Sandoz (generics) and Alcon (eyecare). In April 2019, Novartis spun off Alcon into a separate company. The Innovative Medicines division comprises two business units: Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Novartis Oncology. Novartis operates directly through subsidiaries, each of which fall under one of the divisions, and that Novartis categorizes as fulfilling one or more of the following functions: Holding/Finance, Sales, Production, and Research.

Novartis AG also holds 33.3% of the shares of Roche however, it does not exercise control over Roche. Novartis also has two significant license agreements with Genentech, a Roche subsidiary. One agreement is for Lucentis; the other is for Xolair.


In 2014, Novartis established a centre in Hyderabad, India, in order to offshore several of its R&D, clinical development, medical writing and administrative functions. The centre supports the drug major’s operations in the pharmaceuticals (Novartis), eye care (Alcon) and generic drugs segments (Sandoz)

Overall, Novartis was the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company in 2011.

Alcon: At the time Novartis bought Alcon, they had annual sales of $6.5 billion and a net income of $2 billion. In April 2019, Novartis completed the spin-off of Alcon as a separate commercial entity.

Sandoz: As of 2013, Sandoz has been recognized as the world’s second-largest generic drug company. Sandoz’ biosimilars lead its field, getting the first biosimilar approvals in the EU. In 2018, Sandoz reported US$9.9 billion in net sales.

Vaccines and Diagnostics Division: In 2013, Novartis announced it was considering selling the vaccines and diagnostics division off. This sale was completed in late 2015, and the division was integrated into CSL’s BioCSL operation, with the combined entity trading as Seqirus. In 2018, Novartis sold its consumer healthcare joint venture vaccines division to GlaxoSmithKline for US$13.0 billion.

Consumer: Novartis is not a leader in the over-the-counter or animal health segments; its leading OTC brands are Excedrin and Theraflu, but sales have been slowed by problems at its key US manufacturing plant.

In 2018, Novartis ranked 2nd on the Access to Medicine Index, which “ranks companies on how readily they make their products available to the world’s poor.”

For the fiscal year 2018, Novartis reported earnings of US$12.6 billion, with an annual revenue of US$53.2 billion, an increase of 6.05% over the previous fiscal cycle. Novartis shares traded at over $91 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$209.7B billion in February 2019.

Novartis was created in 1996 from the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz Laboratories, both Swiss companies.

Ciba-Geigy was formed in 1970 by the merger of J. R. Geigy Ltd (founded in Basel in 1758) and CIBA (founded in Basel in 1859). Ciba began in 1859, when Alexander Clavel (1805–1873) took up the production of fuchsine in his factory for silk-dyeing works in Basel. By 1873, he sold his dye factory to the company Bindschedler and Busch. In 1884, Bindschedler and Busch was transformed into a joint-stock company named “Gesellschaft für Chemische Industrie Basel” (Company for Chemical Industry Basel). The acronym, CIBA, was adopted as the company’s name in 1945.

The foundation for Geigy was established in 1857, when Johann Rudolf Geigy-Merian (1830–1917) and Johann Muller-Pack acquired a site in Basel, where they built a dyewood mill and a dye extraction plant. Two years later, they began the production of synthetic fuchsine. In 1901, they formed the public limited company Geigy, and the name of the company was changed to J. R. Geigy Ltd in 1914.

CIBA and Geigy merged in 1970 to form Ciba‑Geigy Ltd.

In the mid-1990s, state and federal health and environmental agencies identified an increased incidence of childhood cancers in Toms River from the 1970–1995 period. Multiple investigations by state and federal environmental and health agencies indicated that the likely source of the increased cancer risk was contamination from Toms River Chemical Plant (then operated by Ciba-Geigy), which had been in operation since 1952. The area was designated a United States Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site in 1983 after an underground plume of toxic chemicals was identified. The following year, a discharge pipe was shut down after a sinkhole at the corner of Bay Avenue and Vaughn Avenue revealed that it had been leaking. The plant ceased operation in 1996. A follow up study from the 1996–2000 period indicated that while there were more cancer cases than expected, rates had significantly fallen and the difference was statistically insignificant compared to normal statewide cancer rates. Since 1996, the Toms River water system has been subject to the most stringent water testing in the state and is considered safe for consumption. Dan Fagin‘s Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation, the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winning book, examined the issue of industrial pollution at the site in detail.

Before the 1996 merger with Ciba-Geigy to form Novartis, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (Sandoz AG) was a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland (as was Ciba-Geigy), and was best known for developing drugs such as Sandimmune for organ transplantation, the antipsychotic Clozaril, Mellaril Tablets and Serentil Tablets for treating psychiatric disorders, and Cafergot Tablets and Torecan Suppositories for treating migraine headaches.

The Chemiefirma Kern und Sandoz (“Kern and Sandoz Chemistry Firm”) was founded in 1886 by Alfred Kern (1850–1893) and Edouard Sandoz (1853–1928). The first dyes manufactured by them were alizarinblue and auramine. After Kern’s death, the partnership became the corporation Chemische Fabrik vormals Sandoz in 1895. The company began producing the fever-reducing drug antipyrin in the same year. In 1899, the company began producing the sugar substitute saccharin. Further pharmaceutical research began in 1917 under Arthur Stoll (1887–1971), who founded Sandoz’s pharmaceutical department in 1917. In 1918, Arthur Stoll isolated ergotamine from ergot; the substance was eventually used to treat migraine and headaches and was introduced under the trade name Gynergen in 1921.

Between the World Wars, Gynergen (1921) and Calcium-Sandoz (1929) were brought to market. Sandoz also produced chemicals for textiles, paper, and leather, beginning in 1929. In 1939, the company began producing agricultural chemicals.

The psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) were discovered at the Sandoz laboratories in 1943 by Arthur Stoll and Albert Hofmann. Sandoz began clinical trials and marketed the substance, from 1947 through the mid-1960s, under the name Delysid as a psychiatric drug, thought useful for treating a wide variety of mental ailments, ranging from alcoholism to sexual deviancy. Sandoz suggested in its marketing literature that psychiatrists take LSD themselves, to gain a better subjective understanding of the schizophrenic experience, and many did exactly that and so did other scientific researchers. The Sandoz product received mass publicity as early as 1954, in a Time Magazine feature. Research on LSD peaked in the 1950s and early 1960s. Sandoz withdrew the drug from the market in 1965. The drug became a cultural novelty of the 1960s after psychologist Timothy Leary at Harvard University began to promote its use for recreational and spiritual experiences among the general public.

Sandoz opened its first foreign offices in 1964. In 1967, Sandoz merged with Wander AG (known for Ovomaltine and Isostar). Sandoz acquired the companies Delmark, Wasabröd (a Swedish manufacturer of crisp bread), and Gerber Products Company (a baby food company). On 1 November 1986, a fire broke out in a production plant storage room, which led to the Sandoz chemical spill and a large amount of pesticide being released into the upper Rhine river. This exposure killed many fish and other aquatic life. In 1995, Sandoz spun off its specialty chemicals business to form Clariant. In 1997, Clariant merged with the specialty chemicals business that was spun off from Hoechst AG in Germany.

In 1996 Ciba-Geigy merged with Sandoz, with the pharmaceutical and agrochemical divisions of both staying together to form Novartis. Other Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz businesses were spun off as independent companies. Notably, Ciba Specialty Chemicals was spun out as an independent company and Sandoz’s Master Builders Technologies, a producer of chemicals for the construction industry, was sold off to SKW Trostberg A.G., a subsidiary of the German energy company VIAG, while its North American corn herbicide business was sold off to the German chemical maker BASF.

Novartis India headquarters HITEC City, Hyderabad

In 1998, the company entered into a biotechnology licensing agreement with the University of California at Berkeley Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Critics of the agreement expressed concern over prospects that the agreement would diminish academic objectivity, or lead to the commercialization of genetically modified plants. The agreement expired in 2003.

In 2000, Novartis and AstraZeneca combined their agrobusiness divisions to create a new company, Syngenta.


In 2003, Novartis organized all its generics businesses into one division, and merged some of its subsidiaries into one company, reusing the predecessor brand name of Sandoz. In 2005, Novartis expanded its subsidiary Sandoz significantly through the US$8.29 billion acquisition of Hexal, one of Germany’s leading generic drug companies, and Eon Labs, a fast-growing United States generic pharmaceutical company. In 2006, Novartis acquired the California-based Chiron Corporation. Chiron had been divided into three units: Chiron Vaccines, Chiron Blood Testing, and Chiron BioPharmaceuticals. The biopharmaceutical unit was integrated into Novartis Pharmaceuticals, while the vaccines and blood testing units were made into a new Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics division. Also in 2006, Sandoz became the first company to have a biosimilar drug approved in Europe with its recombinant human growth hormone drug.

In 2007, Novartis sold the Gerber Products Company to Nestlé as part of its continuing effort to shed old Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy businesses and focus on healthcare.


In 2009, Novartis reached an agreement to acquire an 85% stake in the Chinese vaccines company Zhejiang Tianyuan Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as part of a strategic initiative to build a vaccines industry leader in this country and expand the group’s limited presence in this fast-growing market segment. This proposed acquisition will require government and regulatory approvals in China.

In 2010, Novartis offered to pay US$39.3 billion to fully acquire Alcon, the world’s largest eye-care company, including a majority stake held by Nestlé. Novartis had bought 25% of Alcon in 2008. Novartis created a new division and called it Alcon, under which it placed its CIBA VISION subsidiary and Novartis Ophthalmics, which became the second-largest division of Novartis. The total cost for Alcon amounted to $60 billion.

In 2011, Novartis acquired the medical laboratory diagnostics company Genoptix to “serve as a strong foundation for our (Novartis’) individualized treatment programs”. In 2012, the Company cut ~2000 positions in the United States, most in sales, in response to anticipated revenue downturns from the hypertension drug Diovan, which was losing patent protection, and the realization that the anticipated successor to Diovan, Rasilez, was failing in clinical trials. The 2012 personnel reductions follow ~2000 cut positions in Switzerland and the United States in 2011, ~1400 cut positions in the United States in 2010, and a reduction of “thousands” and several site closures in previous years. Also in 2012, Novartis became the biggest manufacturer of generic skin care medicine, after agreeing to buy Fougera Pharmaceuticals for $1.525 billion in cash.

In 2013, the Indian Supreme Court issued a decision rejecting Novartis’ patent application in India on the final form of Gleevec, Novartis’s cancer drug; the case caused great controversy. In 2013, Novartis was sued again by the US Gov’t, this time for allegedly bribing doctors for a decade so that their patients are steered towards the company’s drugs.

In January 2014, Novartis announced plans to cut 500 jobs from its pharmaceuticals division. In February 2014, Novartis announced that it acquired CoStim Pharmaceuticals. In May 2014, Novartis bought the rights to market Ophthotech‘s Fovista (an anti-PDGF aptamer, also being investigated for use in combination with anti-VEGF treatments) outside the United States for up to $1 billion. Novartis will acquire exclusive rights to market the eye drug outside of America while retaining US marketing rights. The company agreed to pay Ophthotech $200 million upfront, and $130 million in milestone payments relating to Phase III trials. Ophthotech is also eligible to receive up to $300 million dependent upon future marketing approval milestones outside of America and up to $400 million relating to sales milestones. In September 2014, Ophthotech received its first $50 million phase III trial milestone payment from Novartis. In April 2014, Novartis announced that it would acquire GlaxoSmithKline‘s cancer drug business for $16 billion as well as selling its vaccines business to GlaxoSmithKline for $7.1 billion. In August 2014 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News reported that Novartis had acquired a 15% stake in Gamida Cell for $35 million, with the option to purchase the whole company for approximately $165 million. In October 2014, Novartis announced its intention to sell its influenza vaccine business (inclusive of its development pipeline), subject to regulatory approval, to CSL for $275 million.

In March 2015, the company announced BioPharma had completed its acquisition of two Phase III cancer-drug candidates; the MEK inhibitor binimetinib (MEK 162) and the BRAF inhibitor encorafenib (LGX818), for $85 million. Further, the company sold its RNAi portfolio to Arrowhead Research for $10 million and $25 million in stock. In June, the company announced it would acquire Spinifex Pharmaceuticals for more than $200 million. In August, the company acquired the remaining rights to the CD20 monoclonal antibody Ofatumumab from GlaxoSmithKline for up to $1 billion. In October the company acquired Admune Therapeutics for an undisclosed sum, as well as licensing PBF-509, an adenosine A2A receptor antagonist which is in Phase I clinical trials for non-small cell lung cancer, from Palobiofarma.

In November 2016, the company announced it would acquire Selexys Pharmaceuticals for $665 million. In December, the company acquired Encore Vision, gaining the company’s principle compound, EV06, is a first-in-class topical therapy for presbyopia. In December Novartis acquired Ziarco Group Limited, bolstering its presence in eczema treatments.

In late October 2017, Reuters announced that Novartis would acquire Advanced Accelerator Applications for $3.9 billion, paying $41 per ordinary share and $82 per American depositary share representing a 47 percent premium. In March 2018, GlaxoSmithKline announced that it has reached an agreement with Novartis to acquire Novartis’ 36.5% stake in their Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture for $13 billion (£9.2 billion). In April of the same year, the business utilised some of the proceeds from the aforementioned GlaxoSmithKline deal to acquire Avexis for $218 per share or $8.7 billion in total, gaining the lead compound AVXS-101 used to treat spinal muscular atrophy. In August 2018, Novartis signed a deal with Laekna-a Shanghai-based pharmaceutical company for its two clinical-stage cancer drugs. Novartis gave Laekna the exclusive international rights for the drugs that are oral pan-Akt kinase inhibitors namely; afuresertib (ASB138) and uprosertib (UPB795). In mid-October, the company announced it would acquire Endocyte Inc for $2.1 billion ($24 per share) merging it with a newly created subsidiary. Endocyte will bolster Novartis’ offering in its radiopharmaceuticals business, with Endocyte’s first in class candidate Lu-PSMA-617 being targeted against metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. In late December the company announced it would acquire France-based contract manufacturer, CellforCure from LFB – boosting its capacity to produce cell and gene therapies.

On 9 April 2019, Novartis announced that it had completed the spin-off of Alcon as a separate commercial entity. Alcon was listed on the SIX exchange in Switzerland and NYSE exchange in the USA. Novartis announced during late 2019 a five-year artificial intelligence “alliance” with Microsoft. The companies aim to create applications for “Microsoft’s AI capabilities”, in turn improving the other’s drug development processes. Microsoft seeks to “test AI products it is already working on in ‘real-life’ situations”. The deal will pursue solutions for “organizing and using” data generated from Novartis’ laboratory experiments, clinical trials, and manufacturing plants. It will also look at improving manufacturing of Chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR T cells). Finally, the deal “will also apply AI to generative chemistry to enhance drug design”. In November 2019, Sandoz announced it would acquire the Japanese business of Aspen Global inc for €300 million (around $330 million), boosting the business’ presence in Asia. In late November 2019, the business announced it would acquire The Medicines Company for US$9.7 billion ($85 per share) in order to acquire amongst other assets, the cholesterol lowering therapy; inclisiran.

The company’s global research operations, called “Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)” have their global headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. Two research institutes reside within NIBR that focus on diseases in the developing world: Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, which works on tuberculosis, dengue, and malaria, and Novartis Vaccines Institute for Global Health, which works on salmonella typhi (typhoid fever) and shigella.

Novartis is also involved in publicly funded collaborative research projects, with other industrial and academic partners. One example in the area of non-clinical safety assessment is the InnoMed PredTox project. The company is expanding its activities in joint research projects within the framework of the Innovative Medicines Initiative of EFPIA and the European Commission.

Novartis is working with Science 37 in order to allow video based telemedicine visits instead of physical traveling to clinics for patients. It is planning for ten clinical trials over three years using mobile technology to help free patients from burdensome hospital trips.

Name Indication(s) or drug type/class Sales US$1,000,000 Sales year % Change Notes
Aclasta/Reclast (zoledronic acid) Osteoporosis 590 2012 −4%
Adelphane-Esidrex (reserpine/dihydralazine/hydrochlorothiazide) Hypertension
Afinitor/Certican/Zortress (everolimus) Prevention of transplant rejection, various cancers 797 2012 80%
Amturnide (aliskiren/amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide) Hypertension
Anafranil (clomipramine) Major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder
Arcapta Neohaler/Onbrez Breezhaler (indacaterol) COPD
Brinaldix (clopamide) Hypertension
Clozaril/Leponex (clozapine) Treatment-resistant schizophrenia
Co-Diovan (Valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide) Hypertension
Coartem/Riamet (artemether/lumefantrine) Malaria (uncomplicated)
Comtan (entacapone) Parkinson’s disease 530 2012 −14%
Cosentyx (secukinumab) Psoriasis
Diovan (valsartan) Hypertension 4,417 2012 −22%
Entresto (sacubitril/valsartan) Heart failure
Enterovioform (clioquinol) Amoebiasis
Eucreas/Galvus Met (vildagliptin/metformin) Diabetes mellitus type 2
Exelon Patch (rivastigmine) Alzheimer’s disease 1,050 2012 −2%
Exforge (amlodipine/valsartan) Hypertension 1,352 2012 12%
Exjade (deferasirox) Chronic iron overload 870 2012 2% Manufactured as tablets for oral suspension; tablets for oral use are marketed under the brand name Jadenu
Famvir (famciclovir) Herpes zoster and other Herpesvirus infection
Fanapt (iloperidone) Schizophrenia
Femara (letrozole) Breast cancer 438 2012 −52%
Focalin (dexmethylphenidate) ADHD First US generics of Focalin became available in 2007[103] Focalin XR became available in 2012.[104]
Foradil/Foradile (formoterol) Asthma, COPD
Galvus (vildagliptin) Diabetes mellitus type 2 910 2012 39%
Gilenya (fingolimod) Multiple sclerosis 1,195 2012 142%
Gleevec/Glivec (imatinib) Oncology, Chronic myelogenous leukemia 4,675 2012 0%
Hygroton (chlortalidone) Hypertension
Ilaris (canakinumab) Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome
Jadenu (deferasirox) Chronic iron overload Deferasirox tablets for oral use—a new formulation of Exjade (which comes in tablets for oral suspension)
Jakavi/Jakafi (ruxolitinib) Myelofibrosis (of intermediate to high risk)
Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Lamisil (terbinafine) Fungal infections
Lescol (fluvastatin) Hypercholesterolemia 665 2007 −8%
Lioresal (baclofen) Spasticity
Lotrel (amlodipine/benazepril) Hypertension 748 2007 −34%
Lucentis (ranibizumab) Age-related macular degeneration 2,398 2012 17%
Ludiomil (maprotiline) Major depressive disorder
Mayzent (siponimod) Treatment for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) FDA approved March 26, 2019 [107]
Mellaril (thioridazine) Schizophrenia
Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) Prevention of transplant rejection 579 2012 12%
Navoban (tropisetron) Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
Odomzo (sonidegib) Locally advanced basal cell carcinoma
Ritalin (methylphenidate) ADHD 554 2012 1%
Sandimmune/Neoral (ciclosporin) Prevention of transplant rejection 821 2012 −9%
Sandostatin (octreotide) Acromegaly 1,512 2012 5%
Sertraline Sandoz (sertraline hydrochloride) Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder Generic form of sertraline.
Signifor (pasireotide) Cushing’s disease
Simulect (basiliximab) Prevention of transplant rejection
Sirdalud (tizanidine) Spasticity
Spersallerg (antazoline/tetrahydrozoline) Allergic conjunctivitis
Stalevo (carbidopa/levodopa/entacapone) Parkinson’s disease
Tasigna (nilotinib) Chronic myelogenous leukemia (first-line treatment) 998 2012 39% NICE formulary approval, January 2012[111]
Tegretol (carbamazepine) Epilepsy, bipolar disorder 413 2007 6%
Tekamlo (aliskiren/amlodipine) Hypertension
Tekturna/Rasilez (aliskiren) Hypertension
Termalgin (paracetamol) Fever, mild pain
Tobi (tobramycin) Prevention of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis 350 (US only) 2012 Teva introduced generic in the US in 2013[112]
Tofranil (imipramine) Major depressive disorder, enuresis
Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) Epilepsy, bipolar disorder 690 (US only) 2007 Teva introduced generic in 2008[113]
Tyzeca/Sebivo (telbivudine) Chronic hepatitis B
Visudyne (verteporfin) Age-related macular degeneration (wet form)
Voltaren (diclofenac) Acute pain, inflammatory disorders (such as rheumatoid arthritis) 759 (excl. OTC) 2012 −4%
Zometa (zoledronic acid) Prevention of bone fractures in cancer patients 1,288 2012 −13%
Xolair (omalizumab) Moderate-to-severe asthma not controlled by inhaled steroids
Chronic idiopathic urticaria
504 2012 4%
Zaditen (ketotifen) Asthma, allergic conjunctivitis

Consumer health

In January 2009, the United States Department of Health and Human Services awarded Novartis a $486 million contract for construction of the first US plant to produce cell-based influenza vaccine, to be located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. The stated goal of this program is the capability of producing 150,000,000 doses of pandemic vaccine within six months of declaring a flu pandemic.

In April 2014, Novartis divested its consumer health section with $3,5 billion worth of assets into a new joint venture with GlaxoSmithkline, named GSK Consumer Healthcare, of which Novartis will hold a 36,5% stake. In March 2018, GSK announced that it has reached an agreement with Novartis to acquire Novartis’ 36.5% stake in their Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture for $13 billion (£9.2 billion).

Animal health

Pet carE


  • Acatalk Duostar (Fluazuron, Ivermectin), tick control for cattle
  • CLiK (Dicyclanil), blowfly control for sheep
  • Denagard (Tiamulin), antibiotic for the treatment of swine dysentery associated with Brachyspira (formerly Serpulina or Treponema)
  • Fasinex (Triclabendazole), oral drench for cattle that is used for the treatment and control of all three stages of liver fluke
  • ViraShield, For use in healthy cattle, including pregnant cows and heifers, as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine virus diarrhoea (BVD Type 1 and BVD Type 2), parainfluenza Type 3 (PI3), and bovine respiratory syncytial (BRSV) viruses

Bioprotection (insect and rodent control)

Challenge to India’s patent laws

Novartis fought a seven-year, controversial battle to patent Gleevec in India, and took the case all the way to the Indian Supreme Court, where the patent application was finally rejected. The patent application at the center of the case was filed by Novartis in India in 1998, after India had agreed to enter the World Trade Organization and to abide by worldwide intellectual property standards under the TRIPS agreement. As part of this agreement, India made changes to its patent law; the biggest of which was that prior to these changes, patents on products were not allowed, while afterwards they were, albeit with restrictions. These changes came into effect in 2005, so Novartis’ patent application waited in a “mailbox” with others until then, under procedures that India instituted to manage the transition. India also passed certain amendments to its patent law in 2005, just before the laws came into effect, which played a key role in the rejection of the patent application.

The patent application claimed the final form of Gleevec (the beta crystalline form of imatinib mesylate). In 1993, before India allowed patents on products, Novartis had patented imatinib, with salts vaguely specified, in many countries but could not patent it in India. The key differences between the two patent applications were that the 1998 patent application specified the counterion (Gleevec is a specific salt – imatinib mesylate) while the 1993 patent application did not claim any specific salts nor did it mention mesylate, and the 1998 patent application specified the solid form of Gleevec – the way the individual molecules are packed together into a solid when the drug itself is manufactured (this is separate from processes by which the drug itself is formulated into pills or capsules) – while the 1993 patent application did not. The solid form of imatinib mesylate in Gleevec is beta crystalline.

As provided under the TRIPS agreement, Novartis applied for Exclusive Marketing Rights (EMR) for Gleevec from the Indian Patent Office and the EMR was granted in November 2003. Novartis made use of the EMR to obtain orders against some generic manufacturers who had already launched Gleevec in India. Novartis set the price of Gleevec at US$2666 per patient per month; generic companies were selling their versions at US$177 to 266 per patient per month. Novartis also initiated a program to assist patients who could not afford its version of the drug, concurrent with its product launch.

When examination of Novartis’ patent application began in 2005, it came under immediate attack from oppositions initiated by generic companies that were already selling Gleevec in India and by advocacy groups. The application was rejected by the patent office and by an appeal board. The key basis for the rejection was the part of Indian patent law that was created by amendment in 2005, describing the patentability of new uses for known drugs and modifications of known drugs. That section, Paragraph 3d, specified that such inventions are patentable only if “they differ significantly in properties with regard to efficacy.” At one point, Novartis went to court to try to invalidate Paragraph 3d; it argued that the provision was unconstitutionally vague and that it violated TRIPS. Novartis lost that case and did not appeal. Novartis did appeal the rejection by the patent office to India’s Supreme Court, which took the case.

The Supreme Court case hinged on the interpretation of Paragraph 3d. The Supreme Court decided that the substance that Novartis sought to patent was indeed a modification of a known drug (the raw form of imatinib, which was publicly disclosed in the 1993 patent application and in scientific articles), that Novartis did not present evidence of a difference in therapeutic efficacy between the final form of Gleevec and the raw form of imatinib, and that therefore the patent application was properly rejected by the patent office and lower courts.

Although the court ruled narrowly, and took care to note that the subject application was filed during a time of transition in Indian patent law, the decision generated widespread global news coverage and reignited debates on balancing public good with monopolistic pricing, innovation with affordability etc.

Had Novartis won and had its patent issued, it could not have prevented generics companies in India from selling generic Gleevec, but it could have obliged them to pay a reasonable royalty under a grandfather clause included in India’s patent law.

In reaction to the decision, Ranjit Shahani, vice-chairman and managing director of Novartis India Ltd was quoted as saying “This ruling is a setback for patients that will hinder medical progress for diseases without effective treatment options.” He also said that companies like Novartis would invest less money in research in India as a result of the ruling. Novartis also emphasised that it continues to be committed to good access to its drugs; according to Novartis, by 2013, “95% of patients in India—roughly 16,000 people—receive Glivec free of charge… and it has provided more than $1.7 billion worth of Glivec to Indian patients in its support program since it was started….”

Sexual discrimination suit

On 17 May 2010, a jury in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York awarded $3,367,250 in compensatory damages against Novartis, finding that the company had committed sexual discrimination against twelve female sales representatives and entry-level managers since 2002, in matters of pay, promotion, and treatment after learning that the employees were pregnant. Two months later the company settled with the remaining plaintiffs for $152.5 million plus attorney fees.

Marketing violations

In September 2008, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a notice to Novartis Pharmaceuticals regarding its advertising of Focalin XR, an ADHD drug, in which the company overstated its efficacy while marketing to the public and medical professionals.

In 2005, federal prosecutors opened an investigation into Novartis’ marketing of several drugs: Trileptal, an antiseizure drug; three drugs for heart conditions – Diovan (the company’s top-selling product), Exforge, and Tekturna; Sandostatin, a drug to treat a growth hormone disorder; and Zelnorm, a drug for irritable bowel syndrome. In September 2010, Novartis agreed to pay US$422.5 million in criminal and civil claims and to enter into a corporate integrity agreement with the US Office of the Inspector General. According to The New York Times, “Federal prosecutors accused Novartis of paying illegal kickbacks to health care professionals through speaker programs, advisory boards, entertainment, travel and meals. But aside from pleading guilty to one misdemeanor charge of mislabeling in an agreement that Novartis announced in February, the company denied wrongdoing.” In the same New York Times article, Frank Lichtenberg, a Columbia professor who receives pharmaceutical financing for research on innovation in the industry, said off-label prescribing was encouraged by the American Medical Association and paid for by insurers, but off-label marketing was clearly illegal. “So it’s not surprising that they would settle because they don’t have a legal leg to stand on.”

In April 2013, federal prosecutors filed two lawsuits against Novartis under the False Claims Act for off-label marketing and kickbacks; in both suits, prosecutors are seeking treble damages. The first suit “accused Novartis of inducing pharmacies to switch thousands of kidney transplant patients to its immunosuppressant drug Myfortic in exchange for kickbacks disguised as rebates and discounts”. In the second, the Justice Department joined a qui tam, or whistleblower, lawsuit brought by a former sales rep over off-label marketing of three drugs: Lotrel and Valturna (both hypertension drugs), and the diabetes drug, Starlix. Twenty-seven states, the District of Columbia and Chicago and New York also joined.

Fighting off-label prescribing

Outside the US, Novartis markets the drug ranibizumab (trade name Lucentis), which is a monoclonal antibody fragment derived from the same parent mouse antibody as bevacizumab (Avastin). Both Avastin and Lucentis were created by Genentech which is owned by Roche; Roche markets Avastin worldwide, and also markets Lucentis in the US. Lucentis has been approved worldwide as a treatment for wet macular degeneration and other retinal disorders; Avastin is used to treat certain cancers. Because the price of Lucentis is much higher than Avastin, many ophthalmologists began having compounding pharmacies formulate Avastin for administration to the eye, and began treating their patients with Avastin. In 2011, four trusts of the NHS in the UK issued policies approving use and payment for administering Avastin for macular degeneration, in order to save money, even though Avastin had not been approved for that indication. In April 2012, after failing to persuade the trusts that it was uncertain whether Avastin was as safe and effective as Lucentis, and in order to retain the market for Lucentis, Novartis announced it would sue the trusts. However, in July Novartis offered significant discounts (kept confidential) to the trusts, and the trusts agreed to change their policy and in November, Novartis dropped the litigation.

Valsartan data scandal

In the summer of 2013, two Japanese universities retracted several publications of clinical trials that purported to show that Valsartan (branded as Diovan) had cardiovascular benefits, when it was found that statistical analysis had been manipulated, and that a Novartis employee had participated in the statistical analysis but had not disclosed his relationship with Novartis but only his affiliation with Osaka City University, where he was a lecturer. As a result, several Japanese hospitals stopped using the drug, and media outlets ran reports on the scandal in Japan. In January 2014 Japan’s Health Ministry filed a criminal complaint with the Tokyo public prosecutor’s office against Novartis and an unspecified number of employees, for allegedly misleading consumers through advertisements that used the research to support the benefits of Diovan. On 1 July 2014 the prosecutor’s office announced it was formally charging the company and one of its employees.

Bribery of Greek officials

In January 2018, Novartis began being investigated by Greek authorities for allegedly bribing public officials in the 2006-2015 period. Two former prime ministers, a series of former ministers served in the ministries of health and economy, such as bankers are included in the case, while the current manager of Novartis is banned from leaving the country. The minister’s deputy described the allegations as “the biggest scandal since the creation of the Greek state”, which caused “annual state expenditure on medicine to explode”. Most of the ministers involved in the scandal have denied the allegations, calling the case “political targeting” and “bullying”, created by Syriza party. Besides bribery that involves artificial increases in the price of several medicines, the case also involves money laundering, with suspicions of “illegal funds of more than four billion euros ($4.2 billion)” were involved.

Michael Cohen payments

Novartis paid $1.2 million to Essential Consultants, an entity owned by Michael Cohen, following the 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump. Cohen was paid monthly, with each payment just under $100,000. Novartis claims it paid Cohen to help it understand and influence the new administration’s approach to drug pricing and regulation.

In July 2018, the US Senate committee report “White House Access for Sale” revealed that Novartis Ag’s relationship with Cohen was “longer and more detailed”. Novartis initially stated that the relationship ceased a month after entering the US$1.2 million contract with Cohen’s consulting firm since the consultants were not able to provide the information the pharmaceutical company needed. Later, it became clear, however, that then-CEO Joseph Jimenez and Cohen communicated via email multiple times during 2017, which included ideas to lower drug prices to be discussed with the president. According to the report, several of the ideas appeared later in Trump’s drug pricing plan, released in early 2018, in which pharmaceutical companies were protected from reduced revenues.

AveXis data integrity scandal

Having already received approval for Zolgensma in May 2019, on June 28 AveXis (a Novartis company) voluntarily disclosed to the FDA that some data previously submitted to the agency as part of the Biologics License Application (BLA) package was inaccurate. Specifically, the data manipulation related to an in vivo murine potency assay used in the early development of the product but the issue the FDA and wider community has taken is that AveXis was aware of the data manipulation as early as 14 March 2019, almost two months before the BLA was approved. To compound the problem in early August it emerged a senior manager sold almost $1 million worth of stock immediately before the FDA probe became public on August 6, but after the company had informed the FDA of the problem. As of September 2019 the FDA was still preparing its response to the scandal.

Presumably now Norvartis will now discover a drug to End All Human Suffering, market it at a sky high price and the Pink Blancmange will place an order immediately and draw up legislation to oblige every person in Wales to take the drug As Prescribed. The Welsh Gov’t will in addition provide a huge subsidy to Norvartis, enabling them to establish an enormous plant in south Wales, where the drug to End All Human Suffering will be produced by low paid workers from Wales while Norvartis continues to be run by very highly paid people who are virtually never from Wales. The revenue raised will enable Norvartis to pay their multi-million pound fine and there’ll be more in the bank ready for the next time that they are sued or fined. The Pink Blancmange will present the entire matter as a triumph for the Welsh Gov’t.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Dear Readers,
    Here’s another one that’s still in development, it’s my celebration of International Wimmin’s Day to counteract the shite that will be pouring out of Sister Hutt et al today. I didn’t intend to post it up until later this afternoon; I wanted Sister Hutt to enjoy her breakfast of croissants and organic seeds, then attend the biggest and best International Wimmin’s Day Celebration that is taking place in Cardiff today, then have a nice organic lunch in Chapter Arts Centre with the Wimmin wearing their scarves before making her way home and having to cope with reading my Celebration above. Sadly there are indications that the post is under electronic attack; it’s only slight but I’m posting it up now lest it escalates.

    Apologies for the lack of development, I’ll carry on working on the above post as much as I can.

    1. What has taken them so long? The daughter of a gangster who was a business partner of Dafydd held one of the senior roles in the DWP Disability Team for years in north Wales, a corrupt Top Doc pal of Dafydd’s – Mansel Aylward – was the DWP Man To Go To re so many issues and Dafydd’s charidee CAIS has picked up millions in commissions from the DWP!! Ian Duncan Smith should be arrested immediately, for it was he at the helm throughout so much…

      The MDU are probably working harder than they ever have at present!

      Another Old Favourite of the Gang in north Wales during the 1990s was to push Empowered service Users who were lucky enough to own a house into distress and poverty and then one of the Gang would buy the house at a knock down price! A Top Doc in Llanberis acquired a Desirable Residence in this way, as did Senior Angel at Hergest Lena Henry and the son of Gwynedd psych social worker Judi Stammers and her husband former psych social worker at Denbigh acquired his first house thus. I know all about the latter case, it was F’s house that Stammers Junior ended up with! The Stammers used an intermediary – Stammers Juniors mate from Penrallt Baptist Church bought the house that F had owned and he sold it to Ben. The Stammers never fessed up to me when I got to know them a few years later, but their son’s mate did! He didn’t know who I was…

      Who refused himself to buy a house for sale in Tregarth at a really good price? F. He said to me ‘It’s been repossessed, I’m not cashing in on someone else’s misfortune’. To be fair to F he didn’t. Which just shows what an idiot F was ooh what a mug, he refused that offer. As he was when he refused the cash offer for his own house from a Gang of men who turned up in a truck with used notes and er a gun. A Story Of Everyday Bethesda Folk who had spilt the Gang’s pints. That happened when the Predators were living with F and they were preparing to move to Holyhead. The gangsters who made F that offer were widely discussed in Bethesda, it wasn’t a secret. They were probably drinking buddies of Jo Bott.

      It was F who first told me that a lot of the repossessed houses in the area at the time had been owned by addicts who had been pushed into poverty. I thought ‘Surely not, it’s F again, going on about the drug scene’. Then I realised how many of the repossessions were targets of the Gang. I didn’t know the drug scene but F did, so he was probably right about that.

      1. Furthermore Wise Owl,
        If anyone really wanted to Catch Them, all the police had to do was to raid ‘That’s Life’ and ‘Just A Minute’, the criminals and molesters were regulars on both shows.

        Did you hear that the Labour Party have expelled Trevor Phillips? Haven’t they noticed that Trevor is an old mate of Northern Asian Woman Lisa Nandy’s dad? It’s the Runnymede Trust lot, they were of Giggles. Can we expect a statement from Black Pudding Bertha about the matter?

  2. Not to be outdone by other Nation States the UK is top of the pops in detention, with unlimited time and complete disregard of antecedent torture. It makes you truly proud to be British, the only irony is why any fuck believes the narrative about a progressive national identity. Anyway, let’s not be downbeat in celebrating this Home Office record breaker.

  3. The world becomes ever more farcical Wise Owl! Andrew Goodall Director of the Wales NHS has stated that he is ‘rather disappointed’ with the ever increasing debt of three NHS Trusts in Wales, one being the Betsi. The debts are impressive, 40 million quid plus. So Andrew is disappointed… Whatever can have gone wrong?

    Irony of ironies, I’ve just heard the Radio 4 review of this film about the 1970 feminist protest at the Miss World contest. I had heard about this film and I thought brilliant. Oh God, what a travesty! Who is starring in the film? Rhys Ifans, one of the Gigglers children from north Wales! Worse than Rhys is that Julia Morley, wife of old Eric Morley who did the Miss World contests, is played by a glamour puss (to use a 1970s expression) and was really chuffed! Julia is delighted about the film! I bet she is, the Morleys were considered real sleaze bags, weren’t their business links really dodgy?? I’m sure that much of the distaste that some felt for Miss World was because of the Morleys business interests.

    So a film about an event that was held by some fairly rebellious people in 1970 who were considered well beyond the pale at the time and did not evolve into Sister Hutt and the Drips has been hijacked by morons who have glamourised the Morleys and given a chief Giggler a bit of work!

    As for the lisping little women who were interviewed to review the film on R4, Oh God couldn’t they find someone who knew something about feminism in 1970??

    I despair. I’m returning to the blog, I’ve been beavering away all day and surfaced for a break to hear that travesty…

    Sister Hutt and the manufacturers of Pantyliners rule the world. Blessed are the Pantyliner manufacturers. Obviously not just Pantyliners, but the manufacturers of All Feminine Hygiene Products.

    I must rush out and purchase some Evening Primrose Oil NOW, my hormones will need Balancing, I don’t know how I’ve ever managed without.

  4. Oh the irony!
    Just checked. Yes the Morleys owned gambling dens, I thought so, they were Mecca weren’t they, the ultimate in Moneymaking Fleshpots. Eric was a big fan of Thatch and stood against Labour Attorney General Sam Silkin for the Tories! Although Sam was of Giggles too.
    The Morleys were big names in that old stalwart of charidee for the unfortunate that was plagued by predators, the Variety Club.
    Glad that Rhys Ifans has found his true home!!
    I do hope the originals who caused all that trouble at Miss World in 1970 demand a right of reply to put the record straight.
    Radio 4 Wimmin were also shocked that Bob Hope the compere of the Miss World 1970 was such an animal. Well Bob Hope wasn’t that nice really and I don’t just mean that he was an old bloke who liked to watch beauty pageants. Rich US celebs of that era got away with a great deal. Bing Crosby once said ‘I beat my kids so the state won’t have to do it when they’re adults’.
    I’m dreaming of a Non-Violent Christmas…
    Bing would fall foul of the Welsh Govts proposed no-smacking legislation. But then that’ll probably just apply to stressed out teenaged parents rather than rich celebs. The Pink Un won’t take on the likes of Bing.

    1. Nadine the Nurse – Nadine always talks up the Nurse bit, although she’s been an MP for years now – is known in the Commons as Mad Nad…

      Just sent yet another e mail to two Top Docs and their political masters in the Welsh Gov’t Wise Owl, asking them yet again to respond to my earlier e mails re serious offences committed by named Top Docs in Wales, at least some of whom are still employed by the NHS! In these times of Transparency, Openness and Good Communication on the part of the NHS, I wonder why they have not managed to reply so far.

      The Chancellor is giving them many more millions later on today. I wonder how many hours after the budget announcement it’ll be before someone pops up and explains that its welcome but not nearly enough, it doesn’t even compensate for the Tory Cuts that have been imposed in the last six months.

      Have you had your money yet Wise Owl, because I haven’t had mine? Neither has St Helena or Brenda Hale – let alone any grand US lawyer – dropped me a line to Reach Out to me yet a la Harvey Weinstein! I haven’t even been given the price of a spaghetti bolognaise in the Little Thief on Anglesey, but then I haven’t targeted a recently divorced man who dared raise concerns about the abuse of kids and psych patients, lied my arse off, spent many thousands of quid of his money after waxing lyrical about how lovely it would be to start a family together before kicking him out of the house that he paid for three weeks after the baby was born.

      Anyone for applying for a Pot of Money from the Wales Council for Voluntary Action?

    1. I blogged about this case in earlier posts Wise Owl, some of the usual suspects were involved, but the text may have disappeared.

      Dr Jim Swire was always very upfront from the outset that the truth had not been told. I always felt that Dr Swire was in a similar position to Ron Smith, the father of Helen Smith, the nurse who died at an illicit booze up in Saudi in 1978 held by one of her Top Doc colleagues ie. that while one feels for them, both Dr Swire – a Top Doc – and Ron Smith – who was a Leeds policeman – knew how utterly rotten the British state is and that their own professions close ranks in the face of so much wrongdoing. Dr Swire is tenacious and has spoken movingly of his daughters death but he knows what his colleagues get up to on a daily basis. They aren’t going to behave any differently when they are asked to lie and collude with bent lawyers in the case of his daughter’s death…

      Meanwhile I’ve been reminded of a few other matters. Such as the time that I was arrested by the Gang for an utterly ridiculous crime that I had very obviously not committed after the legislation that enabled the coppers to take DNA samples from people arrested for certain offences and keep the DNA even if the person was cleared. I have mentioned this before on the blog: a swab was taken from my mouth and of course the charges were then dropped. My DNA sample was retained. I wondered for years about the potential for wrongdoing there; what I suspected was that the DNA might have been taken by deceit with a view to illicitly proving or disproving various allegations made about members of my family in Somerset.

      Then I found out about the examples of DNA samples being placed at the scene of crimes to fit people up; its unusual but if someone knows what they are doing they can do that. However a new thought occurred to me more recently. Remember the Birmingham Six and how they were framed by Frank Scuse the bent forensic scientist who claimed that they had traces of explosives on their hands but Mansfield argued that the playing cards that the men had been handling were coated in a substance that in forensic tests gives the same result as traces of explosives?

      Well Mansfield knew that the lies routinely told were just so great that the people who fitted up the Birmingham Six would never have even had to have done that; barefaced lies on the basis of NO EVIDENCE at all are told and quite often. Just look at what is on my 10,000 documents and the similar contents of documents that one of my mates who was under attack from the Gang managed to finally obtain. They make it up as they go along, literally. Out of nothing at all, absolutely nothing. But MM knows that a jury would not believe just how dishonest and routinely corrupt Experts are and that Top Docs routinely lie to fit in with the fabricated evidence of the forensic scientists, so MM would need to present a credible theory which the jury could believe. Thus the playing cards.

      I’ve been told that it was crooked Gwynedd County Council lawyer Ron Evans who was the Brains behind conjuring up the accusations that would allow police to take DNA samples from the Gang’s targets, I understand that they have a whole collection, there are loads of us on there, just ready for when the Gang needs a DNA sample! BUT they wouldn’t need to even try and plant DNA, contaminate samples etc. All they’d need to do is tell a complete pack of lies and mention that of course they have compared samples and Ooh they match! All records are routinely fabricated, the bent experts, police and lawyers constantly conspire and confer, why would anyone bother to even do anything with a DNA sample?? Just look at the allegations that have been made about me AND written on my medical records without a shred of evidence! And these wholly baseless allegations were repeated in Court along with other baseless allegations. ‘It is a matter of record that she has attempted to strangle and stab doctors and has repeatedly carried out violent assaults on third parties’. It’s only a matter of record because Tony wrote it down and then ignored his own lawyers when they told him that he had no evidence for those allegations! I’ve even been in prison for attacking someone with a knife; I have written to a few people and asked which prison I served my sentence in and when was it, but there has been no answer.

      Another friend of mine found that Tony Francis had provided a written account on his medical records of a visit abroad that he’d made. Tony got the country wrong – badly wrong! – my friend has never ever been to the country that Tony documented that he visited between certain dates. So should my friend ever fall under suspicion again – he spent three weeks in Walton Prison on remand after Tony ordered Ella Fisk the Senior Angel at Hergest to ring the police and have him arrested for ‘threatening to cause an explosion’ (all charges were subsequently dropped but only AFTER he had been in prison for three weeks) – and anyone feels like accusing him of being in that country at that time an Expert can produce those Accurate Records of Tony’s to demonstrate that.

      I am receiving cryptic info from dissenting coppers telling me that there were terrible plots to fit me up as well as other innocent people who defended me and that’s what the DNA saga was all about. Well frankly police I’m sick of it, if you know what it was about I suggest that you don’t just send me Hints, you bloody well come forward and grass up your bent colleagues. You could have done it years ago instead of waiting decades and then sending me transcripts of the disgusting conversations that these vile old perverts had with me and other people saying ooh it was all recorded undercover. They killed my mate you silly fuckers, if you had recorded Gwynne, Wood, Francis etc what on earth were you doing sitting on those recordings and not acting? I told people repeatedly what was happening, I was called a liar and arrested.

      You have yourselves to blame police, you seem to even have recorded sexual assaults and rapes. So bloody well come forward. If Dee Jones aka Dr Dee Gray was facilitating those assaults, as you allege, don’t talk in fucking riddles to me, go and arrest Dee Jones. I’ve already supplied DETAILS OF ASSAULTS on patients committed by Top Docs working now, in Wales, to Sister Hutt, Vaughan Gething and the Pink Un and they refuse to even reply. Just do your fucking jobs, I’m not a police officer and you did sod all to protect me. Neither have I been offered a penny in compensation for the violent assaults on me that you recorded undercover. You obviously know that Adrian Bell was involved in big criminal conspiracies with his old buddies from the Home Office forensic science service, well I could have been done with being warned at the time, I just thought that he was a botanist with rather odd communication styles. Like blanking me when I told him that someone had held Brown hostage with a swordstick and said he’d be back to kill him.

      I’m just not interested in all this bollocks about what people did that I never realised, I spent 30 yrs presenting evidence of what I did know about and no-one gave a stuff. If the police want to Catch Those Who Did it then I suggest that they arrest every GP who worked in Bethesda surgery during the 1980s and 90s, and then arrest Wood and his partners, then over to Waunfawr to round up Steven Williams, Huw Roberts and that dreadful Gwenno, then take a coach around and collect all those who passed through the Arfon Mental Health Team. Then arrest The Right Honourable David Jones MP, he was a partner in the practice of the solicitor who advised the Predators on how to fleece F. And don’t forget to arrest WPC Jo Bott, she was a police officer herself who did the hands-on dirty work.

      1. PS. And anyone who makes up an allegation, out of the blue, on the basis of no evidence at all, and tells third parties but not me, that Brown and I performed an abortion on me – when I was living in Hall in my first yr at UCNW no less!! – is barking mad and just quite sick. The Hall was bugged anyway, I’m sure that William Mars-Jones would have noticed what was happening in D207 Llys Tryfan, even if no-one else did. As sick as whoever it was who told everyone that my friend Anne, a PhD zoology student, was ‘a prostitute’ and as sick as the people who told each other that ‘those boys’ Encouraged John Allen and Gwynne’s friends to repeatedly anally rape them. That’s not a 13 yr old’s idea of fun and it’s certainly not what was supposed to be happening in a children’s home, so please Angels, Top Docs and social workers, no more of your twisted logic.

        1. Now I know that the Halls at Bangor were bugged, would anyone like to explain how that Welsh boy who was on the agri degree managed to hang himself in Hall in 1984? The cleaners found his body. I think the Hall was Emrys Evans. We were all gobsmacked but the boy had been put under pressure by others not to have anything to do with us (we were English and in the first year he went round with that notorious Gang led by The Thug who threatened to beat to a pulp Welsh language students who made friends with us), then they dropped him and he was found dead in his room.

    1. If Michael Grade is daft enough to Chair a Theatre company of which Fergie, ex wife of Prince Andrew, is a Director, it could be argued that it is Lord Grade who has lost the plot rather than anyone else. But then Michael Grade has spent his career toadying to dreadful people. It will have given Lord Mike the opportunity to Get To Know What They’re Up To Then but he hasn’t out a stop to their fuckwittery and wrongdoing so what was the point then Lord Grade, apart from all of the dinners at the Ivy??

      I’m just trying to blog about a big Giggler Wise Owl, Elwyn Edwards, one of Brown’s former lecturers at Aston! I had great interference on my system and it froze, so I’ll return to Elwyn later. I have blogged about Elwyn before, Brown and I gained much entertainment from Elwyn, but I’ve only realised why it was So Important that we were shafted rather than Elwyn. Elwyn was a big name in aircraft design and safety and was an expert witness in aircraft disasters. No wonder there was a panic when Brown found out what Elwyn was up to. Elwyn worked for the security services via his RAF work. So I’ll let the dissenting coppers who want me to blog about a teacher trainer at Bangor without giving me a scrap of evidence know that I’ll not be doing their bidding while my IT system freezes when I’m trying to blog about someone whom I KNOW was Giggling…

      Elwyn was Prof at Loughborough University before Aston. So Elwyn was on the site of the big Leicestershire ring in the 1970s… THAT’S what I was trying to follow up on the above post when everything froze…

      I am a little tired of coppers doing the ‘Ooh do you know what they did to you that you don’t know about then?’ when I have 10000 documents that could have jailed people 30 yrs ago. If coppers have evidence against former teacher trainers a Bangor University why did they not act at the time?

      Now sod off police, I’m busy, I have a lot to get through and I’ve promised the Pink Un and Sister Hutt that more names will be going up on the blog if they can’t find it within themselves to respond to my e mails in which I detailed criminal activity by NAMED Top Docs. Simon Leeson and Geraldine McSweeney are knowingly concealing the identity of a doc whom they knew was assaulting patients. But as he was filmed doing that, a lot of other people are concealing his name as well, he’s obviously quite a well known character.

      1. Elwyn Edwards was the man who was credited with greatly improving safety in the aircraft industry and unlike the miracles to which the Top Docs so often lay claim, aircraft did become very much safer, so Elwyn obviously did exert an effect. I presume that is why no-one would respond to complaints about Elwyn and his activities when relaxing in his silk gown with nae panties after inviting teenaged males over to his…

        It’ll have been at Govt level as well, they won’t have wanted to piss off the man who was stopping the air disasters. Oh and MoD, it wasn’t just civilian and Elwyn was an ex RAF officer.

        I don’t think ignoring Elwyn’s sideline was a good idea but at least one can see a logic there; he was saving lives on a big scale so if one is callous those boys’ bottoms had to be sacrificed. However the situation re Gwynne and Dafydd wasn’t thus. They didn’t know their arses from their elbows, they weren’t saving lives. Dafydd only learnt to do the Caring Hands at the Maudsley, he didn’t learn anything about psychiatry and he didn’t learn anything about medicine at Liverpool. Dafydd believed that a Col with Torettes Syndrome that he developed as a result of PTSD in the Falklands war, the Symptoms being that the Col couldn’t stop laughing, rang him up from a phone box while the Col and his brother the Brigadier were staying in a B&B in Holyhead, having been recommended to Consult Dafydd.

        Well if people want to pay good money to an idiot like Dafydd to give Expert Evidence in Court, then there’s not much that I can do to help them. Is there MDU?

        Elwyn Edwards dropped dead just after I wrote to Michael Mansfield about Gwynedd Social Services. At the time Rob Evans was a Senior Manager in Gwynedd SS, Rob who Trained at Leicester University, just down the road from Elwyn’s former place of employment Loughborough. Elwyn was Prof at Loughborough when Rob was at Leicester.

        Think Frank Beck n Greville Janner. Beck went to jail for five life terms two years before Elwyn dropped. Beck was found dead in prison a few months after Elwyn died. LEICESTER MEDICAL SCHOOL EVERYONE. As well as the wider Leicester University. The Principal of whom at one time was Attenborough’s dad. David and Dickie that is. Readers can fill in the rest of the Grassy Knoll for themselves…

  5. I’ve just taken a trip down Memory Lane Wise Owl and I’ve only clicked as to the enormity of an Everyday Story Of Empowered Service User Folk re the constant obsession of the Gang in desiring the female Empowered ones to Talk Sex.

    In a recent comment I mentioned a girl whom I knew at UCNW, the girl who was my neighbour in Hall who tried to kill herself hours after encountering Gwynne, who was referred on to Tony Francis who reassured her parents that This Would Never Happen Again and that the Doc at the Student Health Centre had been Dealt With. I mentioned that even with that girl, a member of Christian Union who didn’t hold with sex before marriage, Tony Francis constantly asked her if she had a ‘boyfriend’ yet and that he’d know that she was Better when she had a ‘boyfriend’.

    After she left Bangor she finished an MA in Manchester but never recovered sufficiently to hold a job down, but she did settle in Manchester. The mental health care there was very negligent, I kept in touch with her occasionally and they just left her to rot. She was fortunate in that she had a supportive family, mothers and sisters, who would take it in turns to have her to live with them when she became ill. Even so there were some very worrying incidents, both of which I have discussed in earlier posts. On her way to Oz to stay with her sister, the Top Doc in Manchester TOLD her to Take This The Night Before To Calm You Down for the flight. She had not expressed any worries about flying but, unlike me, she used to listen to these idiots so obediently downed the dose of Medicine as advised. It was haloperidol, a la Dafydd and Denbigh, a HUGE dose. She managed to get as far as the plane the next day, but when changing flights at somewhere in the Far East she collapsed. Other passengers helped. Why would any Top Doc ever prescribe THAT before a flight??

    As well as that she regularly suffered severe depressions – she ended up with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder although Gwynne told her that she had a Personality Disorder!! – and made some very serious suicide attempts, each time with overdoses of the Prescribed Medication. Her mum made appointments with the psych and expressed her gravest fears that if her daughter continued to be simply given prescriptions of the same anti-depressants that were known to be highly toxic in overdose with NO other support – not even an outpatients appointment for months on end – she would one day succeed in killing herself. All concerns were ignored, the situation continued as before. She killed herself some 10 yrs ago.

    It took me a while to realise that something anomalous happened during the years of complete clinical negligence. On one occasion, the Top Doc at Manchester – always the same one, actually a former colleague of Tony Francis but I don’t think she ever realised that – did do something helpful that I had never heard of anyone in Gwynedd doing but it is in the Good Practice for bipolar patients. On one occasion when she went manic, this girl went on a spending spree, common in manic patients, but this negligent old Doc in Manchester actually wrote to either the shop or bank and recovered the £1000s of dosh that had been spent. But he only did it once and the circumstances were worrying when one thinks of trafficking rings, Talking Sex etc. I asked this girl ‘Gosh what did you spend all the dosh on, that’s a good service, people in Gwynedd are ending up on the streets, I have NEVER heard of any of this lot protecting people’s finances’. And my mate laughed self-consciously and replied ‘Oh er lingerie…’

    I didn’t ask the details but I though oh right she went manic and er went for it then… So I asked how the Top Doc had recovered the dosh and I was gobsmacked: he had WRITTEN to the bank or shop in his official capacity as a Doc For Nutters and explained ‘This lady suffers from a severe mental illness that causes her to lose control of her inhibitions and was not in control when she purchased THESE ITEMS!!!’ So a shop flogging ‘lingerie’ – it could have been Anne Summers with the Rampant Rabbits and dildos for all I knew – received a crassly worded letter with this girl’s personal details – address, bank etc – and a cheery explanation that anyone with half a brain would have known meant that she was massively vulnerable; should anyone wish to get their leg over on a non-consenting basis, that letter gave them all the info and indeed the excuses that were needed.

    They were running a trafficking ring out there, linked to the Gang in north Wales. No confidentiality, unlawful accessing of databases, the lot. There is no way that the episode of the lingerie will ever have been kept confidential, for a start the SHOP had details!!

    So having done his best with the lingerie the Top Doc then reverted to normal service. My mate was subsequently found dead.

    If you want even more concerning details Wise Owl, my mate was living in Stockport. Ann Coffey had been the local MP there for years. Coffee used to work as a social worker in Gwynedd. Coffee knew Gwynne and Dafydd; and Tony Francis from her Masters in psych social work at Manchester University. And my mate used to go to MIND in Stockport. MIND were fully on board with the Gang. Furthermore, the Vice President of MIND appointed in the 1980s after I complained about Gwynne was a Prof Hugh Freeman, mate of Dafydd, Gwynne et al, colleague of Tony Francis. Freeman was one of the main ones in Manchester Psych running the ring.

      1. My friend who later killed herself occasionally came over to north Wales to see me. The last time was in about 1999, when F and I were living on Anglesey. I was just about to start teacher training and the Gang were at the beginning of another Cunning Plan. F and I were under surveillance and the presence of that friend at our house will have been noticed.

        She e mailed me as well, using my Bangor University address. The e mails that were hacked by the Gang and Miranda’s henchmen.

        Ann Coffee had been working as Miranda’s PPS just before my friend visited us on Anglesey.

  6. Rick Parfitt of Status Quo fame who went to school with F died in Dec 2016, three months after I began this blog. I didn’t realise that Parfitt had died; he died in Marbella of sepsis.

    F wrote to Rick Parfitt when he was living with the Predators. F used to occasionally write to the Rich n Famous whom he once knew. Because F was very conscious that people like Rick Parfitt would be hassled by scroungers etc when he wrote to Rick Parfitt he began the letter with ‘Dear Rick, Can I just tell you that this is NOT a begging letter?’

    I said to Brown ‘Parfitt probably immediately thought that it was a begging letter…’

    Because the Predators were so clueless, a lot of the people whom F used to go on about will have meant nothing to them, eg. Captain Beefheart etc. But the Predators knew who Status Quo were…

    F used to sell International Times as well. In London. The latest edition of Private Eye has a Tribute to one of their journos who used to work on er International Times who has just died. He wasn’t young but he wasn’t old.

    Has anyone woken up yet?
    Well when you do, how about sending me my compensation on the grounds that I repeatedly told the authorities that Gwynne, Dafydd et al were making indecent suggestions to patients, sexually exploiting them and were killing some of them, but I was LEFT WITH THAT GANG.
    No excuses, none. Every Doc and lawyer knew what that lot were doing. So you just send me my money OK Drakeford?

    And someone can get out to Denbigh as well and recover Stephen Bagnall’s body, as well as the others who are hidden out there. Go on, get the bodies back and I’ll do a tour of the Top Docs in north Wales and say to each one individually ‘Now Then…’

  7. You’re finished Sister Hutt, take yourself down to the waterside at Penarth and chuck yourself in.

    F told Dafydd to chuck himself off Bangor Pier because ‘You’re finished man’. That was in 1994, Dafydd should have followed that advice, it’s not going to get any better for Dafydd and Lucille.

  8. Lest Michael Heseltine is found dead by next week perhaps he could tell us what the real circumstances of Tommy Leigh-Pemberton’s death were. Hezza might have noticed that I still have a lot more blogging to do about him and his partner in crime Tom King!

    What you two did was just atrocious wasn’t it Hezza? I hope that Jane King’s corpse isn’t found in the next 24 hours with the explanation that Jane choked to death on her allowance of one sausage roll all evening.

    Would any of the Labour Party who hate Hezza and would so like to have seen him put out of action care to go public on Hezza n Dafydd before I do? The Windbag perhaps, having not dared to do so during the Westland Affair??

    I’ll let you mull it over Labour Party! Let’s see if we can psychologically torture Hezza. It won’t ever be as bad as what the Gang’s victims went through in Risley or Ashworth, but Hezza isn’t used to not having an easy life, so by Hezza’s standards wondering what I am going to blog and when will be terrible. While your silly daughter got drunk and was photographed doing vacuous things at Durham University Hezza, F heard a victim of your gangster mates being murdered in Risley. No wonder you took such a personal interest in ensuring that Dafydd et al were completely protected by the corrupt state Hezza.

    They knew readers, Thatch’s Govt knew EXACTLY what was going on and it was their agents who recorded the assaults and even murders, they recorded the plan to kill my friend Anne, it’s why it was never stopped. State sanctioned assassination of witnesses, isn’t that right Hezza?

  9. Right on cue.
    VIP non-abusers are back in the news with a police force looking both ways for a place to hide.
    18 years of quiet reflection and incarceration for Carl, over £2M spaffed, 43 documented MPS errors and so much ‘confusion’ over the Government’s approach.

    1. Just ask Hezza and Tom King about it Wise Owl! They’ve had a great deal to do with the layers of intentional fuckwittery that allow allegations of ‘confusion’.

      I’m still waiting for my dosh or indeed just an answer to my e mails to the Top Docs, Sister Hutt and the Pink Un.

      I’ve also been told that Jimmy Savile wasn’t just lined up for me when I got to Broadmoor but he played a role in the ending of my friends’ careers in the BBC ad Royal Television Society as well. I am incredibly dense sometimes; because I never really lived in the 1970s world of Jackie magazines and popular culture, I’m always thinking of ‘Which politicians/civil servants/Top Docs/lawyers??’. Christ it was SAVILE behind the letter from Michael Grade about my friend, the dreadful behaviour of Claire Price and Tony Pilgrim at the Royal TV Soc, it was bloody Savile, friend of Dafydd and Gwynne, friend of Carlo and Thatch…

      I’ve been digging re Esther popularising hero Nicholas Winton as well; I knew it was all dodgy but I didn’t know how many other dodgy people were involved! It might have to be included in a future post, there’s too much to add to the post above…

      Do any readers have the lowdown on Esther’s source of power? It was well-known that she was a ruthless bitch, treated people dreadfully and was a total hypocrite, but she seems to have also when younger put it about quite a bit in the direction of very unpleasant men. I tend to just have a laugh at women who have many ‘gentlemen friends’ because it really isn’t any of my business, but Esther had flings with some seriously unpleasant men. Quite consistently as well, Esther was all about Dinner With A Gentleman In A VERY Expensive Restaurant, but God look who those gentleman were…

      Why was Esther shagging so many predatory and sex offending men? When did she begin this habit and WHY?? Christ there are more fish in the pool than Nicholas Fairbairn, what was Esther all about exactly?? And what was going on at Somerville when Janet Vaughan was Warden that created that whole clutch of deeply unpleasant women of Esther’s era? It wasn’t just a matter of ‘oh well it was that era of women making a good marriage’, they were very unpleasant women who knocked about with very unpleasant men…Weren’t there any normal girls at Somerville??

  10. HILLSBOROUGH, NORTHERN IRELAND. 24 MAY 2016 – Brian Foster, husband of Northern Ireland First Minister, Arlene Foster. – Stock Image
    Former Detective Chief Inspector Northern Ireland Police Force who spent a lot of his professional life dealing with drugs. Our Arlene spent a lot of her professional life supporting the combustion of cash into ash.

  11. So Wise Owl,
    After being bothered for months now by undercover officers BEGGING me to make a formal complaint about criminal offences committed by Top Docs employed at the Betsi past and present, I have just rung the Betsi to request a meeting with Simon Dean, the current Acting CEO. Simon is the former Deputy Director of NHS Wales. I explained very clearly what the criminal offences were, named the Docs and said that I wanted a meeting with Simon and that I would also bring with me the medical records written by NHS staff at the time which admit serious offences against me (and others) had been committed by NHS staff. The phone was put down on me. To whom was I speaking? A member of the Betsi ‘concerns’ (aka complaints) team!

    Why do the police keep asking me to complain? They do know that this has been the response from the Betsi for months now. Drakeford and Vaughan Gething will not reply to e mails about the same matter either.

    I only tried the Betsi once more today because a friend this morning convinced me that perhaps I should take up the undercover officers suggestion and complain. I told her that I have not made a complaint recently because F and I did back in the 1990s, repeatedly. It was us who were arrested. My friend talked very rationally and pointed out that the climate is changing, that there is an acknowledgement now that the most appalling things were going on that were concealed at Gov’t level because the bloody Home Secretary himself was involved and I really should give the undercover officers a chance.

    Well undercover officers, there’s your answer. The phone was slammed down on me by a member of the complaints team. If they will not even take the opportunity to meet me for an initial discussion, we are not going to get very far are we. Nothing has changed, nothing.

    Wall to wall #Me Too: Movie directors are being investigated, politicians and peers are being named and prosecuted, Prince Andrew is wanted for interview, but 10,000 documents written and signed by the ring of Top Docs who ran the trafficking gang that facilitated all this? Fuck off, no-one will even discuss it with you, apart from the undercover officers who are next door, who have been assigned because you are considered to be in such danger!

    The undercover officers need to realise that the problem is exactly as it was when I told Sgt Tim Evans in 1989 that couldn’t he just stop arresting me when he knew that I hadn’t committed these offences and Tim Evans replied that Tony Francis had written to the Chief Constable complaining that Tim ‘wasn’t taking his complaints seriously’ and that Tim had been threatened with the sack if he dared tell a Top Doctor again that I had rights too and he couldn’t arrest me when I had not committed an offence.

    It’s why I never took issue with Tim Evans although everyone told me that Tim was irresponsible, knew what was happening to us and was generally a disgrace. Tim Evans was told that he would be sacked if he did not arrest me on the basis of what he knew were the barefaced lies of a Top Doc who I now know was facilitating large scale abuse of patients; I have the documentation with me.

    So when is someone going to deal with the MDU then, because they’re the problem. Tom King and Hezza were only able to target Brown, F and me in the way that they did because of a damn near solidly criminal medical profession. I do know that there were Top Docs who were not on board but they have had to remain undercover because it was known that they would be killed. So how could undercover Docs help us when they didn’t dare blow the whistle?

    A lobotomist sat in a Student Health Centre in 1984 and made indecent suggestions to undergrads. Students who complained in the following years were usually found dead. I’ve been told that I am one of the few survivors. The lobotomist just should not have been there for King and Hezza to be doing deals with. Neither should every GP in Bangor have been colluding. Gwynne was 70 when it all blew up in 1984. DGE Wood was in his late 30s and Lyndon Miles was in his late 20s.

    It was Different In The Olden Days!!
    1984 was NOT the Olden Days. Docs were not supposed to threaten patients with physical violence, get their dicks out in clinics and ruin the careers of people who complained. They weren’t supposed to abduct and illegally imprison young women whom they liked the look of and covertly film them for porn, before trying to force them into the sex trade. Wood and Lyndon Miles are now considered to be Senior GPs Who Are Leaders of The Profession. If no-one from the NHS will even have a conversation with me about evidence in my possession that should have put Wood et al in prison 30 yrs ago, why do people keep telling me that It’s Different Now?

    Every week now the Daily Post has a plethora of reports on elderly teachers, publicans, Cllrs, Mayors, social care workers and others who are being prosecuted for historical sex offences. Wood is living the very comfortable life that he always has enjoyed, as is Lyndon and every other Nice Young Doc who was in it up their eyeballs for years.

    Please undercover officers, stop telling me to Make A Complaint Because They Need To Be Brought To Justice. It could have happened 30 yrs ago if anyone was actually interested but no-one was. They still are not. It is why I am so reluctant to waste my fucking time with them. I KNOW that they ran a paedophile ring and I know that some police DO want to get them and indeed wanted to get them 30 yrs ago. But no-one at all will deal with the BMA, GMC and most importantly the MDU. If I can gain possession of documentary evidence that clearly shows that the MDU over years knowingly provided barristers and solicitors to represent Top Docs to take me to the High Court when they knew that the Docs were committing perjury yet no-one will discuss this with me it rather suggests that no-one wishes to prosecute docs who have been at the centre of serious organised crime no matter how many police officers tell me that they should be Brought To Justice.

    Why do you think that F and I just took the piss all of time? No-one, no-one, would do anything no matter what was happening to us. That is why psych patients take the piss. It is very often a satire on the utter idiocy that they are faced with daily. Such as Dafydd turning up on the female dorm at midnight to conduct a ward round, but only with me. Dafydd’s presence in there was known; because I was illegally imprisoned in a locked ward, they had to unlock four doors to let him in! At midnight. Are you really surprised that F used to ring him up and take the piss?

    Dafydd where’s your troosers??

    Oh what’s that noise in the back garden? Only Tony Francis in the dark shining a torch into our bedroom window, Tony who’s sending forged and confidential documentation about us to the Windbag and Miranda! Oh do come on in for a cup of char Tony, psychiatrist hiding in the back garden in the dark, no problem. Pity he tried to have us arrested days later by er lying to the police once more. Us being just so dangerous.

    I’ll carry on blogging, I can’t be bothered to follow what I know is advice that gets me nowhere ie. complain. If anyone had wanted to stop them they could have, in 1984, when Brown and I made respectful, coherent, genuine complaints. Instead they murdered our housemate.

  12. Thank you Sally, your comments about absolutely not wanting to know made me laugh. It really is funny so many people/organisations do the la la la with hands over ears believing it will all go away.
    No it will not.

    1. Once more everyone who’s been convicted is a Pakistani worker I note Wise Owl. I am not suggesting that these blokes should not have been prosecuted because they were Pakistani workers but where are the professionals who knew that these kids of 13 and 14 were contracting STDs, were having abortions, were sporting physical injuries?

      Working Pakistanis in Oxford. How about the police have a word with Professors Tom Burns and Mark Williams of Oxford University? They knew a great deal about an international trafficking ring that stretched between north Wales and London. Their patients were targets. The coppers could pop over to Richard Tranter and his Angel wife in New Zealand as well. They went from Oxford to Bangor and off to NZ. Their patients and students were targets as well.

      Hey Tom, open a curry house, employ Mark as a driver to deliver the grub and you’ll be arrested within weeks! Mark can Live In The Moment and Be At One With The Breath in his cell. As the Loveliest Man that Nita Mitchell-Heggs the People Trafficker of St George’s knows, I’m sure that Tom Burns would be delighted to provide this public service.

      Tom was Miranda’s Mental Health Adviser. It was Tom wot invented Community Treatment Orders. They meant that even when people had been Discharged From Locked Wards and Were Better, Slob Ingham would arrive at their house with policemen, force entry and pin them to the floor to ensure that they received their Medication. In the buttock.

      Tom, you’d be of far more use to the world cooking chicken bhunas. With naans and onion bhajis as side orders. When Miranda and Gordon went to the Granita and did that deal re their futures as PM and Chancellor, they ordered food not a fucking syringe full of Largactil.

    1. It’ll have been absolutely dependent upon helpful Top Docs Wise Owl. Even the Royals mates go through the motions of Here’s The Official Expert Opinion. Hubert’s get-out clause was Alzheimers. If he had severe depression a la Ernest Saunders a helpful Top Doc will have explained that he had Alzheimers. If Hubert didn’t have either, a Top Doc happy to spout utter bollocks will have been sought out to just lie. If they’re ever caught there is no comeback so they have nothing to worry about.

      I see that End Violence Against Women are collecting money off hard-up women who were treated terribly during rape trials to mount a challenge to the CPS. Its being backed by the family of Jill Saward the now deceased rape victim at the centre of the Ealing Rape Case in 1986. It was an appalling case, inexcusable and I’m sure that Jill took what she thought was the right route when she became a campaigner, I don’t doubt her motivation one bit. But how is anything ever going to change when the lawyers who lead EVAW etc are FRIENDS with Top Docs who were facilitating organised abuse? Jill was an Anglican who took her faith seriously and I’ve made it clear on this blog that I don’t believe all clergymen are molesters. But the Anglican Church as an institution had shown everything from confusion to hypocrisy to criminality re organised abuse…

      But the biggest hurdle is a criminal medical profession. The Wimmin won’t dare say a word.
      The Guardian online has a big feature on the Disgusting Conduct Of Trump and his Male Mates at the 1991 Look Of The Year beano with teenaged models. There is not a mention that Bodger and the crowd were at the heart of the model agencies mentioned in the article. Its not enough to grumble that a middle aged Trump wanted to be photographed with his arms around a girl of 17. Bodger et al were members of the most trusted profession in the West; much more trusted than politicians. I know that Trump is the President, but he doesn’t have the awe that Bodger et al inspired. The World’s Leading Top Docs! Bodger ran an abuse ring and gave expert evidence in at least one case that he knew was 100% nonsense; it worked, a man who could well have murdered his wife was acquitted.

      Until EVAW tackle the very tricky problem of their fear of taking on the Top Docs, in another 20 yrs we’ll still be having the same stale arguments and victims of sexual violence will still feel utterly let down far too often. BTW, as far as I can see, a lot of victims, men and women, are now saying ‘The police were good, they did a good job’. It’s in the Court that it all goes wrong and that’s because the lawyers who have built their reputations on being Sex Abuse Champions have won their cases on the back of deals with lawyers and Top Docs who are facilitating abuse…

      Many non-corrupt police officers tend to have pretty sound ideas re victims of serious crime; they hate what they see and they are the ones faced with the injured and distraught victims. In terms of callous treatment and ludicrous suggestions of how that victim of crime may have Encouraged It, the problem is far more with lawyers and Top Docs as Expert Witnesses.

      They enter the arena months later, they have not sat with the distraught target of the attack, they have not had to try to be as sensitive as possible when interviewing them so as not to make it even worse, the barristers have read a stack of documents and they will have one thing on their mind: HOW do I find a way of representing my client who has been accused of this crime? Even lawyers who have deep reservations about their clients conduct – the MDU and Hempsons raised concerns about the Drs Francis and their conduct towards me! – see their job as to use whatever methods they can to represent their client. That includes selecting the Expert who will give the most favourable opinion and the process is as ruthless as ‘That Doc did a good job for us before’ even if they know the Doc is criminal. They need the opinion and they will go for an Expert who’ll say what they need…

      I might well have read unrepresentative accounts, but I still get the general impression of victims of serious assault finding the police better than they ever expected, but the problem is now often with an insensitive Top Doc who turns up to collect the forensic samples. Including women Top Docs. The Docs haven’t got it right, they really haven’t. The police have had such a battering over scandals that they have responded. No-one will say one word of criticism of a fucking doctor so the callousness and cock-ups continue. I certainly wouldn’t waste my time with them if I was attacked, absolutely not, I wouldn’t want a Top Doc within five miles of me, I’d go to my mates for help. People are being misled and set up for further harm.

  13. Sally – you mentioned on a recent post or comment that you had dealings with Dr Patrick Vallance our Chief Scientific Officer – do you think he is correct in his thinking re The Coronavirus COVID-19 situation? The country does appear to be in full panic mode whipped up by the media both social and otherwise. We are fighting in the shopping aisles over loo rolls. Personally I think its too late to do anything really as the virus is here and its real, we need to let it do its thing – 85% of people recover fairly quickly. Of course the media are concentrating on the 15% who dont!!! Interesting letter in the Torygraph yesterday mentioning that 15,000 people die from flu every year and about 600 die as a result of falling down the stairs!!! So lets put it into perspective. We dont yet know if we can develop immunity – it would be highly unusual not to but of course if the critter mutates again then we are fucked!!!

    1. I’m glad that you’ve seen through the panic Emily because none of the Facts As Known suggest that any of the panic is necessary. I did used to work with Patrick Vallance, he was one of my supervisors at St George’s. Patrick was one of those there who wasn’t, as far as I could see, a total loony fabricating his data, abusing his colleagues and patients and being a total shitbag. Patrick did know what the others were doing there though but he was one of those who seemed to be able to function in the insanity. I know why; it was because Patrick didn’t challenge them. He knew that I was being treated dreadfully by his colleagues – they had actually tried to get me to knife Patrick in the back, I’d said no, then they set me up with broken equipment, ORDERED me to work with it, so Patrick then told everyone that I was a pillock who tried to work with broken equipment who couldn’t be believed. I never knew whether Patrick had been fully on board with them or whether he didn’t realise what had gone on. He knew what they were capable of yet didn’t openly acknowledge the huge difficulties this was causing…

      The irony was that the abusive bosses who were so incompetent themselves that they had asked Patrick to help supervise my work told me to write a paper for the Lancet and leave Patrick’s name off the paper. Patrick had done so much more than them that it would have been such a shitty thing to do that I said no. I suspect that was probably the final straw for them, so they needed to find a way of getting me out of Patrick’s orbit; I’d always got on very well with him and he was certainly more capable and helpful than they were.

      Patrick blaming me for something that was beyond my control and that I could have done nothing about whatever was the last straw that caused me to think ‘I really don’t want to be here’. So when, days later, the Gang in north Wales had me arrested on the basis of perjury etc, when I finally did emerge from the crap, I didn’t bother to fight back when I was unlawfully forced out of my job. Patrick had been the only sane person who had been supervising me and because he had now got pissed off with me there wouldn’t have been any point staying.

      Of course, this is how abusive organisations work and how Patrick survived at St George’s. He wasn’t running that trafficking ring or fabricating data himself but he knew it was going on and he didn’t bother to rescue anyone from it. Medical Schools do operate like this which is why such terrible things happen in them! It’s nuffin to do with me Guv… If Patrick knew about anything disgusting when he was Director of Global Research at GSK, I presume it’ll have been a la St George’s; he won’t have been doing it himself but he won’t have stopped it!

      In a way I think Patrick is doing the same thing now. Patrick has given very clear interviews about the virus. He is a good scientist and everything that he said made sense. Nothing that Patrick said warranted any of this complete madness. He is the Chief Scientist, they haven’t listened to him, the world has gone mad, the stock market has collapsed, the NHS has started doing expensive things that are utterly pointless but Patrick is letting them do all this! It is probably the result of decades of working with the loonies at St George’s where he took the view ‘They are idiots and criminals but I’m not’. No, I don’t think he was, but idiots and criminals cause havoc in healthcare and it is happening now, on a global scale, because Patrick has done the usual: they asked his advice, he gave it, they’ve ignored it and are carrying on like fuckwits and Patrick is saying nothing!

      I’m intrigued by the pompousers trying to sound meaningful about a virus that we know so little about. What we do know is what Patrick said clearly the other day: the people at risk of actual death from this virus are the people who are already very compromised re health ie. elderly or seriously frail. Just like flu! There is no evidence at all that this virus is at risk of killing anyone in OK health. This morning someone said on the radio ‘This virus works deep inside the lung’s tissues’. What on earth does that mean?? ALL viruses work deep inside tissues, what matters is how the virus works and what effect it is having ‘on the lung’s tissues’. We weren’t told that! So it was a meaningless statement.

      People are being told to ‘self-isolate’ if they have Symptoms. Yet the Symptoms are those of the beginning of a common cold. So there’s millions of people with a sniffle and a cough going into purdah because they think that they might infect their neighbours and kill them. My friend is worried about her son because he has asthma; he’s a healthy 17 yr old, there is no evidence that just because he has asthma he’d be at risk of dying from this virus as it worked deep inside his lungs tissues… My friend mentioned ‘Oh but look what’s happened in China’. Well we don’t know what has happened in China. China is an authoritarian state that maxes out on state propaganda. They don’t tell us anything! The British media just weeks ago were going apeshit because China had denied the presence of Re-education Camps for Muslims and then someone found them. China might have had a nasty virus, or it might not. China responds to public welfare concerns very differently to the UK; there’s billions of them, the method is to give out the orders and everyone follows. Hence when the Chinese Govt want to build something that involves the eradication of villages, the villagers are ordered out and that’s it, the village is flattened to make way for the new city. So we can’t actually deduce very much from Chinese people going around in face masks. Do the face masks protect anyone anyway? They will if its a droplet infection but no-ones told us whether it is! As for the constant advice re Anti-Septics er Patrick, correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know viruses don’t take any notice of anti-septics, they’re not bacteria and that’s why viruses are more difficult to deal with than bacteria. Viruses are self-replicating bits of RNA, there was always a robust debate as to whether they were even ‘alive’. There is utter bollocks being spouted, but Patrick has just disappeared and allowed the bollocks to continue!

      As for Italy and the virus, my friend mentioned ooh Italy. Again, we can’t be sure. There is a very big problem in Italy in both universities and the Govt with serious corruption, much more so than in the UK. Because in Brit popular culture ‘The Mafia’ is a sort of symbol rather than a reality, we forget that in Italy the REAL Mafia run things! Silvio was the famous corrupt Italian politician but he wasn’t alone and he had a big influence on others. One of the Italian Health Ministers who was also a leading Top Doc in Italy was not the sort of man that I would have taken medical advice from. Italian universities are run on nepotism of a sort that makes Bangor look a model of transparency and openness. It is a substantial problem and I only ever found out about it when I worked in a big multi-national team on a European project for three yrs. If someone got something wrong in Italy and they were The Boss, they would not be contradicted, not even if the results were catastrophic…

      Re your figures for flu deaths as compared to falling down the stairs. Although Britain is now saturated with discussion of Risk, there is no sense at all being applied because of powerful vested interests. Brown and I in publications repeatedly stressed that many of the expensive, heavily promoted Screening Programmes for various illnesses in the UK are ineffective. Lies are being told to the general public and those Screening Programmes are not usually saving lives. Neither are many of the Life Saving Drugs or Tests. The mortality rates for the UK confirm this. We now have some of the worst outcomes in western nations. No-one has got the guts (as Anne Widdecombe would say) to really have a go at the nonsense because so much aggro results. This morning I heard that Prep has now been approved by the British Govt. So gays can have sex without condoms and not contract HIV. Now I absolutely do not want gay men to contract HIV. But Prep is very expensive, has been made available on the NHS as a result of a very powerful lobbying campaign and the drug company who make Prep will price it high because they have a guaranteed market from the British Govt. Because a group of powerful lobbyists on behalf of gay men who know how to avoid HIV but don’t want the condom-effect have won the argument, another cohort is going to go without. I know who it’ll be. It’ll be the poor sods who are elderly, disabled and need the social care to get them out of bed, on the loo, and given their breakfast. There has now been wall-to-wall debate for months foregrounded in the media re The Social Care Crisis. Ooh why hasn’t the Govt arranged a national social care service? Because the Top Docs and Big Pharma together are so fucking powerful that they won the fight for the cash EVERY TIME. They’ve just won it again. Prep. That housebound disabled person who has begged for something more than one carer coming in for one hour in the morning to do EVERYTHING that a normal person takes two hours over? Out of bed, showered, dressed, here’s your breakfast, done in a microwave, carer out of the door, the disabled person won’t see anyone else until the carer turns up for one hour in the evening. The carer will be paid about £10 for each hour spent KEEPING THAT PERSON ALIVE. It is a disgrace and no-one is brave enough to say there is a massive equity issue here, a REAL equity issue, not the sort that Michael Marmot likes where he can tut over the failure of the plebs to Eat Healthily. Where is Marmot the Equity Guru in the wake of the Prep approval? Where are ANY of those who have been Bravely Campaigning? They know that because of People’s Right To Prep, the poor sods who are dying in invisibility at home after years of very limited lives because the UK deems them to be of so little value that they won’t fund decent social care, have just been given another kick in the chops.

      The UK really has made its choice. They have systematically prioritised the needs of a highly paid medical profession and a hugely profitable ‘Life Sciences’ global capitalist system over the lives of poor people. Life Sciences, the neoliberal capitalism that supports the industry and the Leaders Of The Medical Profession aren’t that interested in someone disabled living a non-glamorous life in their council flat in the west midlands. And they’re certainly not interested in an Empowered Service User going through hell at the hands of a bunch of negligent thugs that is the mental health services in north Wales. What they like are affluent, articulate people who have lobbying power. That’s why they’ve now got Prep and today someone’s carer might not turn up to get them out of bed because the carer has walked out the job with no notice to take a better paid job in a supermarket.

      PS. The CEO of Stonewall for years was Ben Summerskill. His aunty is Shirley Summerskill, Labour MP, Labour Party Royalty being the daughter of Dame Edith Summerskill, Feminist Pioneer. The Summerskills ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring. That other high profile campaigner for gay rights, Michael Cashman, Colin From EastEnders, is now in the Lords after years as a Labour MEP. Colin from EastEnders knows lot of glamourous influential very rich media people. So the next time that another Why Oh Why media article appears when a Disabled Poor Person has been found dead, having starved to death because their benefits were cut off or the carer to do the life essentials had left their job and no-one realised, just ask Ben or Michael how they manage to campaign so effectively for people not in such great need and get Govts to do their bidding.

  14. Wise Owl was amused that Chaand has come out of his BMA bunker and blamed the current problems on ‘decade of underfunding’ so this is presumably the start of negotiations for the ‘afterwards’.

    1. I guess that when and if Matt has an endotracheal tube supported by a made in the UK down the road up cycled ventilator then the ‘new terms and conditions’ will be signed. The serious organised criminality within the NHS has been provided with a gorgeous opportunity to cull those not supportive of business, but it’s not as simple as that is it because TopDocs having run out of junior doctors, nurses, medical students and community volunteers may well have to turn up on the front line themselves.

  15. Now Then Tom King and Hezza.
    I know who knew some of what you two were up to. Mr Poole. Mr Poole was a solicitor in Bridgy who knew Mrs Brady. I doubt that Mr Poole quite knew what Mrs Brady herself was getting up to, but Mr Poole was one of the Nice People in Bridgy; he was involved with the C of E – so he knew about Mr Rigg, the molesting vicar of Bawdrip – but I don’t know whether Mr Poole was in the Conservatives. Mrs Brady may have encountered him via Church circles. Mr Poole was bloody horrified at Bridgy Events during the 1970s because Mr Poole seemed to be rather more honest than his colleagues and he was frightened re what they were capable of and was rash enough to tell Mrs Brady that they were all crooks.

    Mr Poole was in a very vulnerable position because his daughter – the same age as me – had serious heart problems and had been very ill. She was in the hands of the criminal Top Docs. She recovered enough to enlist at Bridgwater College to do A levels. Hilarious, everyday Mrs Brady would say ‘Ooh have you met Mr Poole’s daughter yet, you must know her, she’s your age and she’s at Bridgwater College too.’ I kept saying ‘no I’ve never heard of Mr Poole’s daughter’.

    Bugger me, I DID know her, she was in my class for A level English but I hadn’t clicked! She was the subject of much interest re my mate and me because she was very quiet, VERY quiet, didn’t sit with anyone and we used to wonder who she was and where she had come from, because no-one knew her. The reason why my mate and I were so interested in who it transpired was Mr Poole’s daughter was that she was being very obviously protected from a predatory teacher at Bridgwater College, Frisky Lisky.

    I’ve blogged about him before, Frisky ended up in a barrel of crap for having an affair with a student, refused to resign, hated the Principal JC Miles and took the piss out of him in staff meetings. Frisky was so keen to talk sex with the sixth formers that he used to insist on doing John Donne with us himself, although he was the Head of Dept and not a class teacher. Mr Poole’s daughter was just horrified, she would sit there in silence, my mate would be drawing her infamous cartoons of Frisky ‘with a big erection’ with a balloon out of his mouth saying ‘Now Girls today we’ll be doing John Donne’, HILARIOUS, we used to tell Brown all about it.

    Brown knew Frisky because Frisky used to run a walking group, but it wasn’t walking, it was running up hills in the Quantocks. Brown had been a member of the group and took the view that Frisky was highly entertaining but a very irresponsible man. Mr Poole’s daughter applied to join Frisky’s walking group and Frisky said no. Mr Poole’s daughter became very upset and was begging to join the group but the Principal of Bridgwater College said NO, you are NOT going walking with Mr Lisk. I always presumed that it was because of her heart problems, Frisky would have killed her carrying on like he did in the Quantocks, he was a very fit man, not a softie like his colleagues, but the whole of Bridgwater College united to keep Mr Poole’s daughter away from Frisky.

    I expect that it wasn’t JUST the heart problems. Mr Poole’s daughter was handled with much greater care than the rest of us, she struggled academically but was never given grief in public like others were who struggled, and no-one was going to let her within a mile of Mr Lisk unaccompanied… It was because as Mr Poole’s daughter there would have been trouble if she had endured some of the experiences that the rest of us did…

    I don’t know whether Mr Poole’s daughter went to university, she was very sheltered and very quiet, and I didn’t know anyone who kept in touch with her. But her dad knew that terrible things were happening in Nice Circles in Bridgy and he didn’t dare blow the whistle.

  16. Just been catching up on Martin blah blah blah not saying GPs are more important but …
    I do wish that his CV wasn’t like an inventory of serious crime scenes but I shouldn’t expect anything else and of course he has Honours. How the currency of these has crashed nothing more than an outdated expression of self serving advancement. He is of course ‘in charge’ now of GPs.

    1. GOSH !
      Would you like to add 50p to your bill to support our work in helping keep children safe and well ?
      Well you dirty, dirty bastards. Wise Owl would like to suggest a sweepstake as to how many given the traditional NHS algebra around preventable deaths.
      Answers on a postcard to Matt.

      1. So Jeremy Hunt, former Health Secretary, must be feeling a bit clammy, sweaty troubled even by the ‘profound cultural problem’ that sits within NHS.
        Wise Owl is aware that your correspondents have formerly written to Jeremy, Theresa, Simon, Sarah and more about serious organised crime in the NHS, but specifically patient deaths, prescription drug diversion, historical child sexual exploration and trafficking. One has to wonder whether this is part of the profound cultural problem. It does sound so much nicer on the ear than deaths. Wise Owl suggests perhaps some quiet reflection before people start really asking the relevant questions.

        1. I have remarked on the blog before Wise Owl that the NHS loves bandying around the term ‘culture’ in various contexts with no understanding of what culture is, in the way that notions of being ‘non-judgemental’ and ‘equality’ are bandied around by them with no understanding!

          I have only ever met one Top Doc with a good understanding of the sociology that the pillocks in the NHS like to pretend to understand when they’ve been caught fucking up again and that was a Doc at St George’s who quietly watched the madness and quipped that she really should have been a sociologist, it was very difficult being a Top Doc if one was like her! I have a lot more respect for the Docs who openly say ‘I like the medical science, I have no knowledge of the sociology bit’, because they do usually try to get the medical care right and don’t spout pseudo-sociology without understanding the principles behind those concepts.

          It is the NHS managers, especially those who are promoted Angels, who spout this OFFENSIVE BOLLOCKS (or it is to the ears of real sociologists) in an attempt to excuse their crime and gross neglect. They do a few lectures on Non-Discrimination and Race and Gender, then the psychology bit of Maslow’s fucking Hierarchy of Needs, they are too dim to be critical yet alone read further and that’s it, they are from then on Passionate and Committed to bringing about Transformative Change. It gets sociology a bad name as well because the Scientist Docs just despair in the face of the fuckwittery.

          There is no understanding of culture at all in the NHS, if a member of staff is sensitive to other cultures/sub-cultures that will be solely as a result of their own personal qualities or reading. Brown and I – and indeed F and other Empowered Service Users – used to piss ourselves laughing at Gwynne and Dafydd et al priding themselves that they were Sensitive To Other Groups. They weren’t, they were crass idiots who dealt in gross stereotypes, it is why I never bothered to discuss much with them.

          It just runs all the way through Health n Care; Gwynne was a hypocritical old sex offender who pretended to be God fearing; among many younger Radical Professionals in Social Work there is now no understanding of er people of faith!! They go into those jobs with rigid ideas re the rest of the world and are never challenged. Thus I heard them squawking about me having Christian friends ‘Ere, you wouldn’t have thought it would you’, and of course Dafydd and the Angels back in 1986 were utterly baffled by my ‘very strange friendship’ with Stephen Bagnall, the former kid from care whom they killed in Denbigh. It was because I made an effort to see through Stephen’s terrifying appearance and his prison record when he was FRIENDLY to me, the first person to speak to me in the Peep Show. Ooh I was friends with a tramp as well, although because I was friends with him I found out that he was only a tramp because the Gang had forced him into that, he was in reality a self-educated quarryman from Llanberis.

          Those fucking Angels tried to manipulate me into being abusive prejudiced shites like them and when I refused they became traumatised. Dafydd tried the same, hilarious, ‘Ooh you are an educated woman, why do you insist on maintaining friendships with people like that?’ Because I saw what was happening to them and I was very concerned. Furthermore making indecent suggestions to me, calling me a liar and then threatening and imprisoning me was not the way to get me on board. I loathe abusive people and I will not join their camp.

          When Dafydd tried to be nice to me one day – a bit late Dafydd, I’d seen quite enough!!! – he was telling me all about a lovely young lady just like me, ooh clever as well just like me, but she was a lawyer and she was a patient of his who had become a Special Friend, just like I could if I wanted!! I have often wondered who she was…Christ she’s probably a High Court Judge now, a mate of Dafydd’s.

          It was terrifying watching Professionals in medicine and law not having the integrity to denounce Dafydd for exactly what he was… The mess that has resulted… Then in London it was ALL about getting to know the Most Important People or who was on TV, film etc. I don’t mind posh people or media folk per se but I’d watch and notice ‘That person isn’t actually very pleasant, everyone knows it but they’re mates with them anyway…’

          This is how No-One Knew about Jimmy Savile.

          I had a very interesting conversation with a policeman the other day no less who had been reading some of the more baffling sociology by people like Judith Butler and we began discussing the high profile cases of the paedophile academics eg. Peter Righton who had used academic argument to justify serious offences. This copper said ‘For God’s sake anyone can see that raping a child of ten is wrong, no matter how much you bollock on about power and gender critical theory’. And that summed up for me what Dafydd et al were doing. Not so much Dafydd because he’s just fucking bonkers, but if you read the Expert Reports of Bluglass, Bowden, the St George’s and Maudsley crowd et al who were running that ring and framing witnesses, that policeman’s words make a lot of sense. ‘This is bollocks, there is written evidence in the patients medical records of very serious crime committed by professional against them and other people’ yet these twats are tying themselves up in knots trying to present the patient as the baddie here.

          Being a sociologist I love things like power discourses and I’ve read much critical gender stuff, as well as the volumes that non-sociologists find so much to mock in. But I don’t leave my brains at the door when faced with criminal professionals. Again and again the media told us that VIP paedophiles Got Away With It because they were So Clever. They weren’t. They did exactly what that policeman accused them of doing; they used academic argument to excuse crimes that most of the public would just declare to be beyond the pale. They didn’t ‘fool’ anyone, just as Bluglass and Bowden, Dafydd and Gwynne didn’t. People pretended to be hoodwinked by their bollocks because they were very serious criminals with murderous associates who were bankrolled by rich powerful people.

          I was grateful to Mr Bridgy Celeb when he yelled at me in 1990 that there was Big Money in this and no-one was going to listen to a Nutter like me. By then he had been knocking around with Tommy Leigh-Pemberton, Zany Graham and co. Mr Bridgy Celeb knew who was bankrolling Gwynne, Dafydd, Bodger et al but I never found out which names he had been given/met. But he bloody well knew, and being very gregarious I suspect that Mr Bridgy Celeb may have bumped into Prince Andrew’s mates who know Nuzzing…

          It is why after Dino the Bulgarian undergrad was killed, Mr Bridgy Celeb took the force of the media criticism from the Dangerous Sports Wankers. I would not for one minute suggest that Mr Bridgy Celeb had been anything other than highly irresponsible, ruthless and greedy, but he was ruined after that. The people who befriended him when I was complaining about the Gang weren’t. Nigella and pals are all fine. I haven’t seen Mr Bridgy Celeb for years but I was told that the dead student’s parents took a civil action against him, cleaned him out and then there was the violent gangster’s ex missus who began a relationship with him and who’s gangster son threatened to kill him…

          Mr Bridgy Celeb might have noticed that John Cleese is about to emigrate to Nevis as a tax exile.
          They’re gangsters David and they were mates with you because I had seen what was going on and refused to make friends with them or shut up about their crimes. You’ll be found dead next, don’t for one minute think that those utter very elitist shites are going to go to prison when a bloke from Bridgwater is there to take the blame.

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