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I am so sorry but I have spent the last three days battling to get my Cymro 007 post finished but I haven’t made much progress. The site has gone down repeatedly, text has disappeared, amendments have been made, saved and then have disappeared again. I have added a bit more today, but now the post has frozen although it still needs finishing, so I can’t make any headway and the ‘comments’ column has closed itself off as well without my permission.

I will write a follow up post tying up the ends that I intended to…

One thing that I noticed yesterday is that as well as the constituency of Denbigh always having a heavyweight MP (see ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’), so did the constituency for Merioneth, from the latter part of the 19th century. Until the unfortunate Lord Maelor of Ladies Clothes who spontaneously combusted in Nov 1984 became the Labour MP for the constituency in 1951, Merioneth had always had a Liberal MP and they were the most powerful Liberals in Wales. See post ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and his pals didn’t live in the constituency until the early years of the 20th century, so the heavyweights won’t have been there to protect him. There was someone else there… Sir Clough inherited the Brondanw estate from his father, so I need to do a bit of digging re the history of the family.

I have for the last four weeks also been having serious problems with my hoster. I received notification some six weeks ago that my site would be taken offline unless I purchased more storage space. So I did. I purchased loads more storage space, enough to keep me blogging for ages. One week later my site was taken down again on the grounds that I had to purchase more storage space. So I did… This has happened again and again, including yesterday morning, when my site went offline, because ‘you’ve run out of storage space’. I purchased yet more to keep my site online!!

It is so obviously a con, I cannot possibly be using up all this storage space, someone is doing something to fill it to capacity somehow. Every time I ask the technical support people at my hoster for a solution, I just get ‘Computer says no until you buy more storage space’. So I told them that if this continued I would buy a whole new blog, leave this one online as well and continue on the new blog. Computer Said No! WHY I cannot do this I don’t know, so I’ll investigate…

I have loads more posts lined up, heaps of archive material, books etc that I’m getting through.

I am still receiving silly requests from dissenting police officers going on about will I name more petty offenders from years ago, well no I won’t, it’s no secret who committed the serious crimes in Wales and elsewhere, we complained about them repeatedly, their signatures are all over our records and they were recorded undercover anyway. The people who have been killed/were left to die are not coming back, years of my life and other people’s lives were lost and Patient F will not regain the years that he lost with his child who was stolen by the Gang. I really am not interested in a load of bent coppers wanting to use my blog for their own ends when I’m interested in a political expose and writing posts about history and sociology. Are they going to arrest the corpse of Gwynne and put it on trial? Bring back the dead, Lazarus-like? I think not…

I will try and begin a new post tomorrow, building on the information in Cymro 007, but I am worried that this blog is suddenly going to come to an end without me wanting it to in a flurry of Computer Says No beyond my control…

It’s all about the Royal Family since Queen Victoria, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home and whatever favours Gwynne and Dafydd did them. As well as Bertrand Russell and Sir Clough’s mates of course.


Who killed Lord Maelor then and why?

Thomas Jones, Baron Maelor

Thomas William Jones, Baron Maelor (10 February 1898-18 November 1984). Born into a mining family in Ponciau, Wrexham, he was educated at Ponciau School before becoming a coal miner at the nearby Bersham Colliery. He later attended Normal College, Bangor and qualified as a teacher. During WW I he was a conscientious objector but was granted recognition only to serve in the British Army as a non-combatant. He received a six-month prison sentence by court-martial for refusing to obey orders, on grounds of conscience, which he served at Wormwood Scrubs; under the Home Office Scheme he was transferred to Knutsford Work Centre, and then Princetown Work Centre in the former Dartmoor prison in.

Jones firstly stood as a Labour Parliamentary candidate in 1935, but was unsuccessful. However, in the 1951 General Election he was elected as MP for Meirionnydd Westminster constituency, a position he held until 1966. On 13 June 1966 he was given a life peerage as Baron Maelor, of Rhosllannerchrugog in the County of Denbighshire.

He was a poet and a member of the Gorsedd of Bards at the National Eisteddfod of Wales and served as President of the International Eisteddfod at Llangollen. Lord Maelor, a lifelong heavy smoker, died in an overnight fire at his home in Ponciau in 1984 which was thought to be started by a smouldering cigarette.

His brother, James, was Member of Parliament (Labour) for Wrexham from 1955 to 1970.

Cymro 007, Geraint Morgan QC, who later served as the Tory MP for Denbigh, made his first attempt at becoming an MP in the 1951 General Election which resulted in Lord Maelor winning Merioneth. In 1951, Dafydd was still at Liverpool University. It was Gwynne who was lobotomising to order at Denbigh. The Gwynne whom Brown and I had complained about by the time that Lord Maelor went up in flames; we had received threats from D.G.E. Wood et al and I had also written to the GMC, who refused to investigate. The Chairman of the GMC at the time was Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton.

Leon Brittan was Home Secretary. Sir Peter Morrison was Minister for State at the Dept of Employment under Secretary of State Tom King. Mary Wynch’s case was listed to be heard by the Master of the Rolls. Nicholas Eden, 2nd Earl Avon, was infected with AIDS, in the last year of his life and was a junior Minister in the Dept of the Environment, under Secretary of State Patrick Jenkin.


Thomas Jones, Baron Maelor

Tom Ellis who succeeded Lord Maelor’s brother James as the MP for Wrexham might have known something about Lord Maelor’s death. Tom knew Dr Death, who is still with us.

Robert Thomas Ellis (15 March 1924-14 April 2010) was elected several times as a Labour MP and later defected to the SDP. Ellis was born in Pant, Rhosllannerchrugog, Denbighshire and was educated at Ruabon Grammar School. He entered the mining industry and in 1957 was appointed manager of the nearby Bersham Colliery. He took further studies at the university of Wales and the University of Nottingham. He was a president of Wrexham Fabian Society.

Ellis first stood for Parliament without success in Flint West in 1966. Elected at the 1970 General Election as Labour MP for Wrexham, he was re-elected in the Feb 1974, Oct 1974 and May 1979 elections. He also served as an indirectly elected MEP from 1975-1979.

Ellis had grown increasingly disaffected with the leftward direction of the Labour Party by the beginning of the 1980s. He was one of the core handful of Jenkinsite Labour MPs who were prepared to leave the Labour Party without the Gang of Three of David Owen, Bill Rodgers, and Shirley Williams. In fact, he had even gone so far as seriously to contemplate joining the Liberals. Ellis’ disenchantment with the Labour Party was so great that he probably voted for Michael Foot over Denis Healey in Labour’s 1980 leadership election in order to accelerate the disintegration of the Labour Party.

In 1981, Ellis became one of the founding members of the SDP. Ellis was one of three Welsh MPs to join the new party (the others were Jeffrey Thomas and Ednyfed Hudson Davies) and he was elected to serve as the President of Welsh Social Democrats. As a result of boundary changes, Ellis did not contest Wrexham in the 1983 General Election, instead he stood in the new constituency of Clwyd South West which incorporated much of his old constituency. Ellis finished second to the Conservative candidate Robert Harvey by 1,551 votes in a competitive three-way race.

At the 1987 General Election, Ellis stood again in Clwyd South West, finishing a respectable third. After the merger of the SDP and the Liberals, he stood for the then Social and Liberal Democrats at the 1989 Pontypridd by-election, finishing a weak fourth behind the victor Kim Howells.

‘Owen’s got guts’: D.G.E. Wood, 1984.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Sally how annoying to be having all these problems with your fantastic blog. How about finding a new hoster and starting another blog? Just tell your readers whats happening and they can easily find you again – I dont understand tech at all but there must be a way to carry on without interference.

    1. Yes, I think that will have to be what happens. I’ve not had time to explore the options because I’ve been so busy researching and actually writing the blog! I really am impressed at how sordid so many people in public life were/are; reading archives, old books and journal articles and political biographies it is amazing how much you discover about the troughers and what they felt able to do. There’s so much more that I want to get up on the blog…

      Meanwhile I continue to receive info of ‘Ooh do you know who said what to Dafydd, ooh it was all being compiled to make a case for banging you up/lobotomising you… Ooh guess how much so and so was paid to say that?’

      Well it’s very interesting but no more than I’d expect from the people involved, but if this was known, why wasn’t I told at the time? Particularly as witnesses were turning up dead constantly? I’m so sorry that I can’t respond by ‘Ooh dearie me of course I’ll speak to the police and ask them to prosecute’, I just can’t be bothered. Everyone knew what was happening to us, everyone. Years later I was snapped at for taking the piss out of Harold Shipman and then Jimmy Savile, ‘Ooh she’s so insensitive’. Ah well I was only a target of the gangsters myself wasn’t I, of course I have no right to take the piss, I’ve got to be Shocked and Disgusted like the rest of the hypocrites.

      Oh well as one of the medical researchers who back in the 1980s was raising concerns about the amount of gratuitous animal research, it was of course me whom the Gang told people Experimented On Animals.

      You’ve gone very silent Gang, how about a few comments on the blog?

      The info about Eric Sunderland that I’m receiving is more salient, but once more, if it was known that the Principal of UCNW was up to his eyes with a bunch of sex offenders and was running a whole university to conceal them AND doing deals at Gov’t level, why did no-one EVER raise concerns? The folklore at Bangor University was always that the rot set in when Roy Evans was VC, but it seems that it was Eric who actually set the foundations for promoting and appointing the mates of a gang of paedophiles within the University. Unfair references for students like me who were witnesses, at least one student murdered, other students attacked and no-one ever fessing up as to what it was all about, students willing to lie about their peers being set on the path to glittering careers, it doesn’t say much for the numerous people who knew about this does it?

      Meanwhile the NHS confederation has expressed concern about the lack of diversity in terms of wimmin and BAME people on NHS Boards. They’ve done an analysis and are monitoring the situation! The NHS Confederation has made no comment about the 150+ deaths in that NHS Trust in Liverpool and the 45,000 ‘incidents’ that were not reported. The last time that I looked there were more than a few Wimmin at senior level…

      Julie Bindel has become involved in another scrap with trans-activists. They do give her a hard time and Julie has been far more willing than a lot of other feminists to enter the fray. The Julie who was campaigning on behalf of women in the psych and prison system in the 1990s and never mentioned Savile or the number of those women who were being physically/sexually abused by psych professionals themselves. Don’t worry about it Julie, it was only people’s lives. They were repeatedly assaulted, had often been framed in the first place and were then found dead in those ‘hospitals’. You had other priorities such as appearing in The Guardian debating which faction of the feminist movement that you were aligned to.

      Anyone remember Lena Zavaroni, undoubtedly a witness to organised abuse in celeb circles, who died after being lobotomised at Cardiff during the Waterhouse Inquiry?

      Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, we’re monitoring the situation! The number of wimmin on the Board has dropped by 3% in the last five years, never mind the slaughter of patients and the crime!

      The Royal College of GPs have stressed that they are taking a firm stance on domestic violence. The Royal College of GPs have for decades employed DGE Wood in various senior offices, including as their Treasurer. I do hope to hear from them one day regarding his appalling conduct. They might also be interested to know that in addition to the numerous other traps that Wood and co set, I have remembered how it was that I ever registered with him, after being most reluctant to get involved. It was after I’d been tempted into the Student Health Centre; I’d been tempted up there initially by promises that it would all be very informal and just within the university. By the summer of my second year at Bangor, Wood told me that he ‘couldn’t see me anymore’ unless I registered with his practice in Bangor. He then sent me to a people trafficking lobotomist and after I complained the whole world was told that I was insane and dangerous. Wood was still, years later, telling people that he was my GP and contacting them to receive confidential info about me and to tell them how dangerous I was and that I must be sacked as soon as poss…

      Don’t go near them anyone. Don’t go anywhere near them. Not one person will help when they assault you or try and force you into the sex trade and if you die in their ‘care’, it will be your fault.

      Domestic violence? Wood AND Dafydd are still on the Medical Register. If it’s OK by you Royal College of GPs, should I ever find myself in a violent relationship, I’ll deal with it myself.

      BTW, can Wood and co explain why a schoolgirl of 15 was allowed to sit in clinics in Ysbyty Gwynedd observing gynaecological procedures? I don’t know who’s daughter she was, but I know that it was definitely happening and patients were led to believe that she was a junior member of staff. She wasn’t. A schoolgirl, definitely. But then there was the 15 year old son of a Top Doc’s friend who was in the morgue…

      Keep monitoring the Diversity NHS, how about letting one of the local primary school kids try their hand at brain surgery?

      1. Yesterday Brown was in Nottingham and he went past a whole load of new vans with ‘Home Office Immigration Enforcement’ written on them. He said that you could see the cages inside in which the immigrants will be contained through the glass doors of the van. Brown has observed that the Home Office must have commissioned the vans to be of that design. It’s what in sociology is termed ‘hostile environment’, we wrote about it in our book on Health Policy and Personal Responsibility.

        I was put in a cage in a police van once. About six years ago. Not because I was an illegal immigrant but because I had been unlawfully detained in Wrexham Maelor Hospital, so I walked out – after they admitted that I had been unlawfully detained – so they called the police, reported me ‘missing’, sent out an alert to police across the whole of Wales, with a photo and a description of me. So there I was, walking through Crickhowell, looking at all the posh shops there and a policeman came and bundled me into the back of his van, into the wire cage. It gave the shoppers of Crickhowell something to look at, I should have given them a little wave.

        I was taken to a police station near Brecon, by which time I’d developed a severe migraine and the police were told that they were not allowed to let me go because I was to be Sectioned and the NHS were coming to collect me immediately. No-one turned up for at least 10 hours, the police didn’t have any tablets for migraine or access to medical advice, but they were very friendly and nice and an Inspector let me sleep in his darkened office.

        In the small hours an NHS Transport Vehicle turned up (it was a private company, who had been contracted by the NHS and the Vehicle had come from Newcastle no less which was why I had been in the police station so long) and I was locked in the back, migraining and vomiting all the way back to Wrexham Maelor. No they wouldn’t stop because I had Absconded. Although I had been detained unlawfully so actually I hadn’t Absconded from anywhere. I was taken to Wrexham Maelor where I was sectioned for months and months on the grounds that I had er Absconded and thus was a Risk.

        I wrote to numerous AMs and MPs about this and of course made a complaint through the NHS complaints system. The complaint wasn’t investigated and no politician replied. Mark Drakeford was the Health Minister at the time. I wrote to Mark. No reply.

        Re hostile environments: I am delighted that people are still sitting in NHS clinics under notices screaming at them that they’ll be prosecuted if they Attack NHS Staff. All those peaceful people patiently waiting for hours and hours, bleeding, in pain, showing no signs at all of Attacking Anyone. Their taxes paid for those notices to threaten and insult them. Their taxes are paying for Drakeford’s salary as well.

        Anyone for the mass redundancies at the Ford plant at Bridgend? There won’t be any jobs at all in Wales soon, except for those held by Drakeford and his mates in the Senedd.

  2. ‘Thank you for sorting out the mess in Hackney’
    The Most Reverend and Right Honourable John Sentamu
    Archbishop of York and Primate of England.
    Scene of crime analysis:
    Consecrated by George Carey 1996
    Bishop of Stepney 1996-2002
    Bishop of Birmingham 2002-2005
    Archbishop of York 2005-present
    You know how it is conversations in the pub…
    We buried my grandmother yesterday, age 105, who herself was almost certainly aware of the serious nonsense in North Yorkshire. What was interesting was the lack of surprise in the ‘ I fell over organised crime and a VIP paedophile ring’. The conversation really being about faith but directly informed by the above. Maybe John could tell us what ‘mess’ he was talking about?

    1. A previous post discussed John Sentamu’s wife who is (or if she isn’t anymore, she was) a member of an NHS Board in Leeds. Jimmy Savile ruled the NHS in Leeds. The Sentamus both knew about gangsters, but John has merely stood accused of concealing organised abuse in the Church.

      I know that most members of the general public might think that its all a matter of old pervs in flashers macs, but if you are a politician, a member of an NHS Board, a senior churchman etc you know that it is far more worrying than a few Dirty Old Men.

      They are just so, so deeply in denial or simply ‘frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.’ This morning I’ve heard Jezza Corbyn whooping away over Labour’s victory at Peterborough. Jezza, just look at the carnage, look at what is happening. MPs are going to prison and being kicked out for theft and embezzlement; you heaped praise on our wonderful, treasured NHS when you thought that Mr Trump might be going to buy it and just hours later there was yet another death of a kid due to state failure scandal and then a real biggie from Liverpool NHS, over 100 patients died, 45,000 incidents and no investigation.

      This morning William Hague was on Radio 4 imparting wisdom. The Hague’s hands are dripping in blood as are those of his wife. There was a discussion re the jobs of MPs and Chris Bryant from the Rhondda and others were interviewed. The thrust was that an MPs job is impossible, people are just so demanding, they write constantly about trivia such as their ‘immigration status’. It’s not trivia if it’s you that’s going to be unlawfully deported because the Home Office has got it wrong again. Don’t MPs understand that people are now contacting them in such huge numbers because the country’s infrastructure doesn’t work, they’ve tried the Complaints Procedure after the NHS has maimed them/the Council have unfairly evicted them/their benefits have been stopped and THEY HAVE NO MONEY, but they’ve got nowhere, so they go to their MP.

      Tebbit used to bleat on about how he wasn’t a social worker; his Gov’t turned the social services into a branch of organised crime, no wonder he found himself bothered by the plebs.

      They are intolerable, they cannot do the simplest task, they whinge about their constituents constantly, yet they all think that they deserve a place in the Cabinet.

      I liked it when Jezza used to read out the letters from the electorate to Cameron at PMQs and have Lord Snooty sneering, but I wish that Jezza wasn’t such a hypocrite or spineless or whatever it is holding him back. It was quite right of Jezza to tell Lord Snooty that it mattered what happened to Helen of Harpenden, but the problem is that if Helen of Harpenden had been punched in the face and refused treatment by an Angel or had a kid in care who was sexually assaulted by a social worker, Jezza would ignore her.

      Liz Savile-Roberts, the Plaid MP for West Gwynedd area, was reading out the stats re the Welsh farmers’ trade deals with the EU in the Commons the other day, Liz is impressive like that, she does the research, gets the important info and puts it all together. She’s English and learnt to speak Welsh, fluently, Liz has got a brain and I’ve not yet heard mindless crap about Diversity from her. But Liz does know about the legacy of the ring in Gwynedd and the havoc that it’s causing. She worked in an FE College which is run by the Gang, she was a Gwynedd County Councillor and she knows that the NHS in north Wales is in meltdown.

      After the mockery of the heavily redacted Macur Report, Liz was livid, she made a good speech in the Commons, pointing out that after another Judge-led Inquiry costing a fortune, the people of north Wales STILL weren’t allowed to know who had been responsible for the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

      Well you know now Liz, it’s on this blog. It wasn’t you, I have never ever heard your name uttered, but it was a great many of the scumbags at Gwynedd County Council, Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor, Coleg Menai, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Gwynedd Social Services, Bangor University, the North Wales Police, the lawyers, the judges etc. Backed up by the elites of Westminster and Knightsbridge.

      Dafydd and Gwynne. Proudly Welsh. People Traffickers to Her Maj.

      BTW re immigration status. Liz’s Plaid colleague, Hywel Williams, a former psych social worker who was a colleague of Dafydd and Gwynne’s, a few years ago stopped an overseas Bangor University student from being deported. There was much praise for Hywel for a job well done. At the same time Hywel refused to support anyone making complaints about the NHS. I received an e mail from him saying ‘you have your opinion, I have mine’. That was before I was threatened with a gun.

      Hywel: sectioned people who were kept in a dungeon and lobotomised. After they’d been sexually assaulted.

      Liz’s predecessor was Elfyn Llwyd. His electoral agent was Merfyn Thomas, the retired Gwynedd senior social worker who was found dead in someone else’s garden, his body hidden. Elfyn Llwyd is a barrister. No-one batted an eye-lid.

  3. Re Peterborough.
    I’ve been asked if I remember the student from Peterborough who was at UCNW in the academic year below me and a member of Bangor Bird Group who was shattered when my friend Anne Vernon was killed. Yes I remember her well, Alison. She later had a relationship with I think the brother of the man who’s wedding Anne was on her way to attend when the Gang killed her.
    I’ve been told that she and her parents (her parents were elderly and doted on her, visited Bangor quite often) may have been paid to keep quiet about Anne’s death or make false allegations about Anne and I.
    But as the police obviously know all about this I won’t blog any of my many memories of Alison and the crowd.
    Can Carlo explain why someone paid so many people associated with UCNW when he was Chancellor and Eric Sunderland was Principal to tell lies about me and my dead friend – after we’d made donations to UCNW coffers of course – or keep quiet about what they knew the Top Docs had been up to?

    1. The brother of the man whom Alison went out with was mates with a student from Harper Adams Agricultural College, who knew someone from Somerset who knew me. I received an e mail from them recently telling me that they wished that a journalist would contact them so that they could ‘give them something to use against [me]’. Don’t worry Harper Adams alumnus, the Digger purchased evidence stolen from my attic and Miranda’s agents stole my computer and hacked into my e mails. They know damn well who the guilty parties are. They stole the photo of Angel as well because they knew that she had died as a result of the gang’s negligence.

      The man from Harper Adams kipped at our house on Anglesey, before Anne was killed. He was unusual for a Harper student in that he wasn’t filthy rich and in receipt of huge quantities of dosh from his parents. His father was violent, had beaten the living daylights out of him throughout his childhood, made him labour on the family farm for no money and tried to stop him going to Agri College. So he ran away from home and was paying for himself at College by working as well. It took its toll in that he was one hell of a drinker, he could well be dead by now, he had a real booze problem. I remember his name but the police will know as well, they’d bugged our house by the time he came to stay, so I won’t identify him here.

      I knew a few boys like him in Somerset, really badly brutalised. One old bastard of a farmer from Stolford was so dreadful to his sons that when he gatecrashed a party to retrieve his son, a gang of young men kicked the crap out of him before he got to his son. It was a cause of great satisfaction. ‘That’s taught the bastard’.

      At the time there was a Social Services in Somerset and what was happening to those boys was widely known. It was just that the Social Services didn’t give a bugger. Far too busy running the ring. Then there was the little boy from Stogursey School who trod in the bonfire in his wellies and his wellies burned onto his feet. His mother left his burnt on wellies sealed to his feet, didn’t take him to hospital – she hated the Top Docs like everyone else – and told Mrs Brown ‘that’ll teach him to go near the bonfire’.

      There was a bloke near the Quantocks, the son of a very wealthy farmer and due to inherit the dosh but he wasn’t quite all there as it were, but I’m not sure why. He was friendly though and chatty, called Patrick. I met him at a gathering in Somerset when my problems with the Gang were escalating. Someone tried to murder him not long after, he was found bludgeoned and half-dead. No-one knew why.

      Patrick had been invited to the party by someone who knew Tom King and knew what was happening to me. Perhaps they’d like to give a journo something to use against me once they’ve told us all why someone tried to murder Patrick.

      1. Patrick and his crowd knew the bloke who was keeping a gang of illegal immigrants in tin sheds near Nether Stowey, forcing them to work for sod all pay and was threatening them. I heard about this from a number of different people, not Guardianistas either, but they all commented ‘God he’s cruel to those immigrants, he’s making a bloody fortune out of them’. No-one stopped him, the police knew and hated him but no, he was left alone to do what he wanted to those immigrants who were definitely what are now called ‘modern slaves’.

        Not surprising no-one rescued those immigrants. I’ve been told that the gangmaster provided ‘evidence’ that he saw Brown and me having sex in daylight in a public place when we were 17. Evidence that was given to Dafydd, along with the other ‘evidence’. But then he was one of the brothers of the girl whom I blogged about in my post ‘Cymro 007’ who was in institutional care and being fed booze and fags by the Carers.

        Scores of workers who couldn’t speak English, living in sheds, working their knackers off, with no escape. Because Dafydd wanted that ‘evidence’ about me.

        Those sheds were in Tom King’s constituency when King was still the MP. King, the former Secretary of State for er Employment.

        It really is um er appalling…thingy… Laurens van der Post…

    1. I was impressed by the way that all parts of The Food Chain are in deep crap, but not the NHS bodies who fed the food to the frail patients who died or indeed Public Health England who were also key players. Don’t Public Health England have responsibilities re food, hygiene etc anyway or have I got that wrong?

      I see that the Feminist Lawyers have won another test case and someone has been released from prison as a result of the definition of ‘domestic abuse’ having been broadened. Its not that I wanted the person at the centre of the case to stay in prison, rather that there was a mention of psychiatrists giving evidence and the released prisoner mentioning in her media interview that if other victims of domestic violence Tell A Doctor, there will be Help for them. I have mentioned in previous posts that those feminist lawyers, like the Mansfield Community and the IRA suspects, are only winning those cases with the help of Dafydd’s mates. In return there was an agreement not to take cases from me or others in north Wales.

      As for Telling A Doctor, not only did one of Dafydd’s ex-wives allege horrific domestic abuse – her new partner was found dead after Dafydd gave evidence against his own wife in Court, testifying to her Insanity – but there was the woman who was murdered by her boyfriend whom she met when they were both psych patients in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd he had a history of violence towards women but it was deliberately withheld from her because the staff wanted to discharge them both and knew that would be easier if they moved in together.

      Another fave method of the Top Docs and Angels if patients are fragile, anxious or even psychotic is to carefully fuel their worries thus causing havoc in what could otherwise have been a stable relationship. The Hergest Unit will know whom I am thinking of here, they did it to more than one person. Brown also suspected that it was being done to two former partners of his who were in the ‘care’ of Top Docs and Angels. They’d return from their ‘sessions’ full of anxieties that Brown was about to leave them. Which is interesting because when DGE Wood was trying to force me into the trafficking gang, he told Brown to leave me and me to leave Brown but in separate conversations. Did he not realise that we shared most experiences in those days?

      Ah tell a Top Doctor! It’ll be the fucking end if you do, particularly if your partner is fragile. Comments sending their fears through the roof will be made to them and Medication causing more psychological problems will be forthcoming. Because most people have no idea that Top Docs ever do this sort of thing, there will be little chance of the target ever believing anyone who says to them ‘Those particular tablets are not normally used because of the side effects, you could die/have a psychotic episode etc if you continue to take them along with the other stuff that has been prescribed [by the same doc], you really mustn’t take them…’

      People knew that Dafydd was doing it because he was just a joke, ‘how can I help, how can I help?’, ‘Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana?’, but they didn’t realise that some of the others were as well.

    1. Thanks for this Richard, I do hope that a few readers make time to read it and they will then find out that although St Andrews have Failed, they haven’t Failed that much. They may have Failed but they have still found much to boast about; they may have been making millions from their ‘charidee’, but they stress that they are siphoning off a little less for themselves than they were before they admitted that they Failed.

      Amidst the Failure, residents’ spiritual needs were catered for. So a vicar or someone witnessed the Failure as well… So the College attended by the St Andrews residents was highly rated by OFSTED. In north Wales, a chain of ‘care homes’ which were injuring and preparing residents for sex work emphasised on its PR literature that all residents enrolled at a local FE college. The FE college had previously colluded with abusers and furthermore the same FE college had received info from support workers on a Health and Social Care course that residents in those care homes were being abused. No action taken. Owners of abusive facilities know which colleges to send the residents to, the colleges that are rigging their inspections of course…

      St Andrews state that all of their residents ‘felt safe’. St Andrews specialises in young adults with severe learning disabilities. Not only is it very easy to ask questions in such a way as to get the answer that one needs, but no-one will have told the learning disabled residents that a few of their peers had been choked to death by staff while being ‘restrained’ so they won’t have mentioned it to the CQC inspectors.

      Although the CEO has not declared any dead staff and they’ve only Failed a little bit, I note that St Andrews has closed down its Child and Adolescent Health Care arm of the business anyway. It’s just the profoundly vulnerable Adults who will be enduring St Andrews now, until in another few years someone finds that St Andrews has Failed in that dimension as well.

      As Failure is only ever admitted as the result of serious scandal involving injured and dead Empowered Service Users and often staff (although not at St Andrews because they only Failed a little bit), can we now revert to normal language rather than summarising years of extreme brutal violence, sexual assault and the odd murder as ‘failure’? Alternatively, serious criminals who are not health and social care workers should be offered the same use of language and when up in Court for murder should be found guilty of first degree Failure.

      Ted Bundy: He Failed a lot of those women. As did Peter Sutcliffe.

    1. Thanks to readers comments re Lilibet’s Birthday Honours, yes I did have a quick look at the list this morning, but I’ve been busy on a post!

      Because I’m so busy I only looked at the honours for Wales in detail, it is hysterical, scores of people with responsibility for health and social care in Wales, including in those ‘services’ in areas which have been dogged by scandal and death have bagged honours! When I saw the first few names I thought ‘Oh I must mention these on the blog’ but the list just went on and on and on! Too many to mention, although most of them have got OBEs rather than a K, but I have noted before that even the paedophiles’ bestest friends if they’re in Wales only get an OBE or MBE. DGE Wood, Peter Higson, David Prichard, Keith Thomson, all went the extra mile to facilitate serious organised crime, but they didn’t even get a CBE. Whereas St Helena and Lord Bob are in the Upper House. It’s a bit sad isn’t it? If I was a gangster I don’t think that I’d be happy with being treated as a second class citizens because I was in Wales.

      In England, a woman who dressed up as Lilibet in a film has bagged a CBE and Norman Lamb the Lib Dem MP had been knighted. Someone’s sent me Sara Ryan’s tweet brimming over re Norman Lamb and has observed that it is a bit much because this person thinks that Norman’s pretty crap actually. Yes he is, but Norman was the one MP who supported Sara, so she is going to be grateful. No-one else did. But then Norman hasn’t supported anyone else who has been harmed by the NHS; I don’t know why he backed Sara. But Norman is an MP for Norfolk; Dafydd’s mate David Ennals and co ran a big ring there, so Norman was never going to be interested in matters Wales.

      On the day on which so many people running the NHS and social care services in Wales received gongs, Vaughan Gething the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister has FINALLY appeared in the media saying that he is ‘deeply sorry for the families let down by the Betsi’. Christ its been carnage and Vaughan has only managed to apologise now. Only because there has been another inexcusable death and yet another coroner has issued yet another warning that ‘people could die’! COULD die, look at the mortality figures for north Wales over years now. They were some of the highest in Western Europe 10 years ago and they’ve just gone steadily upwards.

      BTW Vaughan, people haven’t been ‘let down’ by the Betsi, they have been assaulted, lied to, abused and killed. When their relatives have tried to get answers they’ve been treated like crap. When people have given up with the Betsi and gone to the Ombudsman – the son-in-law of one of the Gang in north Wales – the Ombudsman has often ruled that the Betsi has behaved inexcusably in the face of a slow drawn out death and has then awarded compensation of £500 because the Betsi did not reply to the initial complaints. You refused to reply to my correspondence Vaughan as did Drakeford.

      The insults that those slaughtered by the Betsi have been subjected to just has to be witnessed to be believed. Vaughan has stated that there is a recruitment problem (there has been since the 1980s!) and that this is because NHS staff don’t want to work for a Health Board in special measures. No Vaughan, its the gang of sex abusers that everyone’s avoiding, especially as its known that if you challenge them they’ll destroy you and your family.

      North Wales NHS is now a complete no-go area. It has always been the last chance saloon for so many who couldn’t get jobs elsewhere but it is now toxic and it has been since at least 2000. No-one in Gov’t would admit the truth, lies were told about the numbers of staff applying for jobs, more lies were told about why no-one would touch the area with a barge pole and lies have been told at Board meetings. Such as that the recruitment problem is worst in the Colwyn Bay area for mental health. No its not, its worst at Hergest, has been for years. David Healy is the only permanent doc that there has been at Hergest for years now, it is run entirely by locums, they are paid a bomb to come from England or south Wales and they stay in the Travelodge at Llandegai, my mate worked in there and heard all about it, from them!!

      When Tony Francis retired in 1999, there were no applications for his job. The Trust re-advertised. Still no applications. They re-advertised. Still none. So they told a junior doc who wasn’t qualified and had previously faced disciplinary action that he could have the job. He caused havoc, but then he had as a junior doc. He was so bad that patients were asking if he was a ‘real doctor’. Unbelievably he was, but he did not have the qualifications to be a consultant. But then neither did Sadie Francis. Totally illegal, the GMC knew all about it.

      When Tony ‘Do Nothing’ Roberts did his best to kill me and failing that frame and imprison me, my lawyer and I were told by Patricia Gaskell, Ysbyty Gwynedd’s solicitor, in 2003 that ‘we just cannot get anyone to work here and a bad doctor is better than no doctor’. We told Gaskell that Do Nothing was so bad, that no doctor would be better. No doctor couldn’t tell the patients to kill themselves and perjure himself in Court. The suicide rate continued to rise under the bad doc whom no-one would sack.

      Gaskell, are you so thick that you didn’t understand that HE was the reason why no docs would work at Hergest??? Good docs don’t want to work with a loony, who lies, tells people to kill themselves, then when he is faced with evidence of his unlawful behaviour says ‘I’m not going to listen to this’, puffs his chest up and waddles out of the room. Do Nothing rolled up to an Empowered Service Users day once and one of my mates took her friend along, a nice Czech PhD student from Bangor University and my mate said ‘Do Nothing was there and L. thought that he was an eccentric gentlemen patient, she couldn’t believe it when I said that he was the Clinical Director’.

      Then when I was unlawfully sectioned in 2013, as I was taken in – handcuffed of course – Do Nothing came out of the door and bowed down in front of me three times, grinning. I thought ‘oh he’s really gone fucking mad now, God knows what this is about’, but amazingly enough, weeks later the one really nice Top Doc at Wrexham said ‘I’ve heard that Tony Roberts behaved in a very odd way towards you in public, would you like to make a complaint?’. I said no, its kind of you to ask, the first time ever in 30 yrs of abuse and insults but he nearly fucking killed me, lied to the police and concealed a violent assault on me by four Angels and none of that was investigated, I really can’t be bothered anymore. He also had the highest suicide rate among his patients of any Doc in England and Wales except one in Camden and the Hergest was judged the most dangerous psych unit in the UK five years on the trot.

      Do Nothing!

      Anyway Vaughan’s deeply sorry, Vaughan who previously worked as a lawyer for Thompsons, the solicitors who represent unions, including NHS unions. Vaughan’s too busy being the first black NUS President at Aber, the first black Welsh Gov’t Minister and dreaming of being the first black Welsh FM to be deeply sorry enough to put a stop to the genocide.

      The four Angels (actually one Angel and three nursing assistants, they all lied about their status) who assaulted and injured me were told by their union that they did not have to answer any questions. So they didn’t. They were agency staff and paid much higher rates than normal staff. There were many other complaints about them. They continued to be hired via the agency. Then one of them, after hurling abuse at me in a supermarket, was ‘no longer working at Hergest’. No, she was employed as a home support worker on the drugs/alcohol team. Gwen Bethan Roberts, violent lying bitch, when she hurled at me in public was sent into people’s homes.

      The Welsh Gov’t needs to arrange excellent transport now for all patients in north Wales across to England because the north Wales NHS is not functioning. Fess up, get those patients over to England, in a bloody helicopter if necessary, where they have a chance of not meeting a dangerous criminal on duty and cleanse north Wales of the absolute gangsters who brought down the only Chairman of the Board who dared take the bastards on, by intentionally killing patients and causing a C difficile outbreak. Lives have been at risk in north Wales for many years and the danger cannot be hidden anymore. This is what happens when politicians will not stand up to gangsters. You pay for the helicopters Vaughan and stop throwing money at those bastards and their scams because it has caused the region to implode. I know that the bill for agency and locum staff is through the bloody roof, it is astronomical and still people are dying. Edwina Hart spent millions on McKinsey and co to conceal the shit and Dafydd’s mates have all formed ‘businesses’ and are selling their services to the Betsi. It is absolutely disgusting, that is why no-one will work there.

      Meanwhile in the wake of the Panorama re the abuse of the Vegetables, a group of Gov’t Experts have written to someone or other, stating that social care is in Crisis and they need more dosh. Not only have the Top Docs gobbled it all up but those Experts are the very people who have allowed the abuse and deaths to continue.

      As Private Eye once satirised, ‘Letter to the Editor of The Guardian. I am a social worker. My sister is a nurse. My other sister is a teacher’.

      ‘We’ve Failed! We continue to embed the learning’.

      1. Just to remind everyone of the circumstances of the death of Dr Antonio, a psych at the Hergest Unit in approx. 2010. He stabbed himself to death through the heart upstairs while his young children ate breakfast in the room below. After his death, his colleagues announced that it wasn’t a ‘real suicide’ and Dr Antonio was a ‘hypochondriac’. The evidence for this was that for months before his death, Dr Antonio was in such a state that he kept going home to Spain to see Top Docs because he thought that he had cancer.

        Hergest staff! One of the signs of severe clinical depression is the firm belief that you either have a serious illness or that your teeth are rotting. That and waking up at 4 am every morning when you don’t usually. I had the syndrome of 4 am for months and the idea that my teeth were rotting. DGE Wood told me at the time that I was severely depressed but he did nothing. Brown looked after me and when I got better I read up and thought ‘Gosh I was a text book case’. Once I was better, DGE Wood coerced me into seeing a lobotomist who propositioned me and I was declared insane, dangerous and personality disordered when I walked out and complained. The ‘diagnosis’ remained and it was the reason why when I was 40, Do Nothing was still trying to have me sent to prison.

        God knows why they let Dr Antonio kill himself, presumably he wasn’t destined for Dafydd’s sex ring, but he did of course know what was happening.

        In 2002, the dreadful Alison Parry, Senior Angel, jumped on me from a height, pinned me to the ground, called for assistance from other thugs and I remained sat upon for 20 minutes. Parry’s rationale was that I ‘was in Dr Antonio’s personal space’. Patients were found dead on Parry’s ward. Complaint after complaint about violence from Parry and co. No investigation.

        I expect that I was the reason for Dr Antonio killing himself.

        The Hergest should have been shut down the day after Dr Antonio topped himself. They were monsters, absolute monsters. The whole lot of them should have been under investigation, not be left to be allowed to insult Dr Antonio in the media.

        1. The year that Dr Antonio stabbed himself to death in the heart and was denounced by his fellow Caring Mental Health Professionals, Uncle Harry’s nephew became Leader of the Labour Party. Uncle Harry and Uncle Harry’s nephew’s dad knew about Dafydd and Gwynne, as did Uncle Harry’s nephew and his boss Harriet and his other boss Gordon. Uncle Harry and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law personally knew members of the Gang, their pals had second homes in Croesor. I think that Uncle Harry’s nephew’s dad knew Merfyn the VC of Bangor and Chairman of the Betsi who was forced out by the Gang; Merfyn did his Masters and PhD with EP Thompson who knew Ralph and Ralph was mates with Eric Hobsbawm (Uncle Harry’s nephew knew Eric); EP and Eric had second homes at Croesor, Merfyn knew them since he was a boy.

          Uncle Harry’s nephew’s campaign manager for the Leadership was Sadiq Khan, a Human Rights Lawyer. Sadiq grew up in Tooting, next to St George’s Hospital and was a Councillor and then the MP for Tooting. See previous posts. Sadiq knew about the paedophile ring facilitated by St George’s/Wansdworth Council. Sadiq has never said a word. That ring had direct links to Dafydd’s Gang in north Wales, its all over my documents.

          So why is anyone worrying that Michael Gove has been honest enough to admit that years ago he took cocaine on a small number of occasions? The Gang’s other line as well as under aged sex workers was class A drugs. St George’s did that as well, Tony Francis’s mate Prof Hamid Ghose ran the racket re drugs. These were not people who had a snort once or twice a la Gove, these were major importers and distributers of class As. Dafydd was doing it back in the 1980s when Ralph et al were still alive and begging for a Labour Gov’t. Neil Kinnock was personally mates with the Gang, as was his wife and his in-laws.

          The hypocrisy is incredible. I wouldn’t vote for Mr Gove because he’s a Tory, but he has not sunk to the level of deceit that Uncle Harry, Sadiq et al have. Mr Gove was terrible as an Education Minister because he wanted to turn all schools into 1950s grammars, which suit kids like him (and me, although I didn’t go to such a school) but they don’t suit most kids. But Gove was a really good Justice Secretary, so Theresa moved him. He identified the corruption and rot in the criminal justice system…

          The question that needs to be asked of Mr Gove and ALL todays Tory Leadership contenders is ‘How much did you know about Thatcher et al’s concealing of a criminal trafficking/paedophile ring when you were coming up through the Tory ranks?’ rather than did you ever as kids of the 80s/90s take recreational chemicals? Theresa May knew all about it, like Sadiq she was a Councillor for the area served by St George’s.

          Ollie Brooke was jailed in 1986. Massive media coverage, they all knew and knew that it was so much bigger than just Ollie.

          Sadiq’s dad was a bus driver. My father was swindled and bankrupted by Harold Macmillan’s son because my grandfather challenged crooked Tory MP, Edward du Cann. At the end of my father’s working life, he was shafted again by Ken Clark because his daughter was fighting the Gang, the Tories and the BMA. He spent the last two years of his life in unimaginable pain that caused him to scream so badly that people left the house rather than witness it. I knew that it was because the Top Docs were intentionally not managing his condition properly, in any way. Of course I didn’t fucking bother to tell anyone, who was going to listen to me? I did challenge the fucking dreadful ‘care’ when I went to visit him in Musgrove Hospital. The next morning the Angel In Charge Of The Ward tried to stop me entering and intimidated the relative who was with me. I asked to see the hospital manager and the bitch backed off immediately. Had I not been with a relative who said ‘please don’t say anything else, they’ll take it out on him’ I’d have probably slapped the Angel’s chops for her.

          This is why Sadiq and Uncle Harry’s nephew never said a word about the Gang, either in north Wales or south London. It’s called being ‘unprincipled and weak’ Sadiq and Ed. But then Ed’s dad and Uncle Harry knew all about that. I don’t know much about Sadiq’s dad but I do know that he did know something about the serious organised crime spinning out of St George’s. I think that Sadiq’s dad might have been a union rep, but I’m not sure. I lived in Tooting when Sadiq was a young man. The residents knew about the crap and were just frightened…

          Remember Garrett Lane Sadiq, the ‘roughest’ part of Tooting? I heard Top Docs in St George’s talk about ‘a really scummy family from Garret Lane’. I’ll go one step further and tell you one of their comments: one of the members of the really scummy family from Garret Lane ‘was so fucking filthy we didn’t know whether she had a vaginal discharge or if it was just fanny batter’. Na na na na as the Fat Slags in Viz magazine would say…

          Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

          They were absolutely shocking which is why Sadiq didn’t dare take them on.

          Sadiq, if your wife has a uterine prolapse, suggest that she doesn’t go to St G’s for the surgery. It’ll be a case of na na na na, I witnessed it…

          When Ollie was jailed, MI5 moved in, there were plants in St G’s. But they didn’t stop what was going on there….

          1. One of my jobs was in the fertility unit, responsible for the sperm donors. They were usually medical students. St G’s had great trouble keeping sperm donors. I found out why, being friends with the medical students. It’s because there was so much na na na na na when they came up to the labs to donate. In fact in was rather more than na na na na na, it was a tea room full of people shrieking with laughter. The medical student donors were openly identified by the tea room crowd so why anyone ever bothered with anonymity on the vials I don’t know.

            I do wonder if the donors were deliberately put off because the lack of donors meant that Rashmi Varma the fertility consultant could buy in sperm samples from one of the private clinics, either the Bridge Clinic or the Wellington, I can’t remember which. I never quite worked out what Varma’s scam was but a few years later she was up in front the GMC for pressurising NHS patients to donate eggs to private patients. There was much How Very Dare You, allegations of Sexism and Racism and Varma was cleared. I was told that she was as guilty as buggery and was making a fortune out of it.

            Varma left the UK afterwards, protesting her innocence. The GMC were never going to find her guilty. She knew about that paedophile ring and she knew about me.

            The patients who reported Varma to the GMC were very angry that she was cleared, they could not believe it. They maintained that she had coerced them, brutalised them and effectively stolen their ova. No NHS treatment if you don’t hand those ova over!

            Ah the doctors they were wonderful…

  4. If a member of the Royal Family didn’t receive confidentiality on the London medical scene, no-one did.

    ‘She was no virgin when she married, we know’. Na na na na na.

    I only ever broke the rules once at St G’s unbelievably enough. Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain insisted that he should know about EVERYTHING that went on in the Dept. Understandably, he was Head of Dept. I had no idea that he was running the ring or that he was still good mates with Ollie and that he and Ollie were publishing together. One day, two South Asians turned up directly to my lab and asked me if I would carry out a pregnancy test, right there, on a girl of about 13 who was with them. She was very quiet and very frightened. The two women said ‘please, you must not tell anyone at all about the test, she is in danger’. I presumed that I was dealing with an ‘honour’ crime. They expressly got me to agree ‘Not to tell Prof Chamberlain’. So they knew him by name although they weren’t staff and didn’t seem to be healthcare professionals. They didn’t want me to make any record anywhere of the test and I didn’t know their names. I never suspected Chamberlain but I did know that an AIDS patient had a brick chucked through his window because his data was leaked, so I thought ‘they’re taking no chances here’. It was the only time that I didn’t record it all; the test was negative, so I thought phew, she’s OK and these two women seem to know what they are doing and the girl seemed OK with them, although she was terrified of the possible test result.

    In retrospect I think that those women knew that a ring was operating in the hospital and that Chamberlain was involved. A junior doc used to quietly say to me ‘you’ve got no idea what Prof is involved with, no idea at all. He is not the man he pretends to be’. She knew and I think she knew that I had only ended up there to be trapped by the Gang…

      1. OBEs today included one for Bear Grylls and one for Gruff Rhys Jones the comedian.
        Bear’s dad Sir Michael was one of those caught in the Ian Greer/cash for questions lobbying scandal in the 1990s.Because the spotlight was all on Neil Hamilton, Bear’s dad got under the radar. The other person who was part of the scandal was Sir Peter Morrison. He was not mentioned because he had left the Commons when it happened. The folk involved in the lobbying scandal were a group of Tories who were pals.

        Bear’s Chief Scout! He has also been involved in setting up an adventure business in north Wales that has really pissed some locals off but it seems that the Bear can bulldoze through anything.

        Gruff Rhys Jones’s dad was a Top Doc and his mum was a nurse. Gruff’s mum n dad are Welsh. Before Gruff became a TV star he worked as a drug company rep. He hated it but hasn’t ever discussed the full horror… But then neither has Prof Dai’s son Oily Smith.

        Gruff was given an honorary fellowship at Bangor University when I worked there, as were many members of the Gang’s network. I didn’t realise at the time, but I’m told that the Gang were nominating their mates for honours at a high rate as a V sign to me. Sorry Gang, missed the symbolism there, I always found Gruff quite funny, so no I wasn’t deeply affronted. Merfyn will have known what was going on but Merfyn won’t be rude in public and he had his photo taken at the ceremony with Gruff and said nice things about him.

        Paedophiles friends! You might be interested to know that we used to entertain ourselves by watching you trying to piss Merfyn off and insult him, us knowing that he is very controlled and wouldn’t crack. The biggest laugh was after Meri Huws’s bedfellow Rhodri Morgan ordered Merfyn to give the drunken slapper a job as PVC which we all knew would be a disaster and when Meri finally waved Bangor goodbye, the comment on the Univ website was that ‘The Vice Chancellor thanked Meri Huws for her unique contribution to the University’. We just howled, UNIQUE, well yes, indeed, pissed at formal functions, drunk and screaming while driving, hurling abuse down her mobile while at the wheel, wearing that silver baco-foil jumpsuit with the zip undone showing a vast expanse of lack of cleavage at a formal dinner with the gerontocracy, every one of them over 80yrs old and so much more that I daren’t put here. Endless entertainment from that unique PVC.

        Then when paedophiles’ friend the previous VC Roy Evans snuffed it, Merfyn appeared at a dinner somewhere and the commentary was ‘Professor Jones paid tribute to Roy Evans’. I’d love to know what the tribute was, Roy was seen as a disaster because he just followed orders from the Gang.

        We might have been oppressed but the Gang have no idea of the merriment that they caused. Dr Duckula Morris, the Welsh Medium Sociology Expert, who believed that ‘Althussar was just a load of old rubbish really’. I won’t bother with him then Duckula. Dr Duckula Morris was barely literate but she had been a social worker for the Gang in Caernarfon when the kids were being trafficked, so it was a senior job for her in Bangor University… Duckula and her mate Gwenda Rhian tried to plagiarise my work on Bourdieu, which went a bit pear shaped because they er didn’t understand Bourdieu. Or Althussar.

        1. Duckula was a magistrate at Holyhead but was obliged to resign when her son assaulted someone and Duckula tried to pressurise the police into not prosecuting him. I was told that Duckula’s bungaloid on Anglesey was where Phil, her son, stashed his drugs. Dear old Duckula resigned from her job at Bangor University when I was there much to everyone’s relief after she had a screaming row with the long-suffering Prof.

          My presence there was bad enough but Duckula could take no more when Myfanwy, Hywel Williams the MP’s wife, was given a job in the School of Social Sciences. I liked Myfanwy, she was nothing like Duckula and the Dysfunctionals, she was very nice and knew something about sociology. Anyway Duckula hit the roof because her son Phil had previously been Hywel’s research assistant and there had been a bust up and Hywel had sacked him. So Duckula tried to block Myfanwy’s appointment and when she was told where to get off she resigned. So Myfanwy provided a valuable public service there. Diolch yn fawr Myfanwy, many were grateful.

  5. There is a report in the USA that the UK is the 4th most institutional corrupt country in the world ahead of Nigeria, Having been subject to it and naming approx 350 people in various complaints stemming from a minor issue I am happy to let you know some people are now taking it seriously but the corruption is huge and global, with ref to child abuse apparently foreign police forces are paid to drop charges via police contacts, in my case they were paid to false arrest and murder me in prison by luck I was not in the car they stopped to put drugs in at the time. Expect thing to hit the news soon unless of course they put a D notice on events

    1. Thanks for this. I have certainly been impressed at the degree of institutional corruption in the UK. When I was a teenager I thought that I just knew a few hypocritical teachers and bent old plods; when I bumped into Dafydd and Gwynne etc I thought that, as in rural Somerset, these thick, pompous corrupt old bastards did what they wanted because they were ‘serving’ a largely uneducated populace who retained an (unwarranted) respect for professional people; it was in London when I was witnessing what the Biggest Names In Global Medicine were doing that I realised ‘there is one hell of a problem in the NHS/medicine’.

      But once I began reading the 10,000 documents that my lawyers finally extracted re my medical files, it was a case of ‘Fucking hell, this is horrific, I had absolutely no idea…’

      Re child abuse, it is very easy to miss what is happening if one doesn’t understand about networks and institutional corruption. All kids come across Dirty Old Men and all girls/young women find themselves being chatted up by blokes trying their luck. It is routine and young people cope with it and think it’s a bit of a laugh, although there are people that make them very uneasy indeed and they get away from them quickly. I have only very recently been made aware that certainly by the 1970s, certain kids in schools like the ones that I attended were being ruthlessly targeted as prey. If you couldn’t be snared when you were at school because you didn’t do the pubs and discos bit, they came after you once you had left school, even if you were at university…

      I continue to receive mountains of info re many things that happened to me (and my friends) when I was younger. It’s certainly interesting and helps me build up a wider (terrifying) picture. I am still not prepared to blog about much of it. For a start there is so much that I won’t have time to do my politics and Top Doc exposure if I do; neither do I want to identify kids who probably would prefer privacy now they are in middle age and probably just want to forget all about their difficult young years; furthermore much of the info pertains to someone who is absolutely not going to get a mention on this blog. People knew what was happening – many more people than I realised – and they did not lift a finger to help me, or even warn me about the nightmare that was being planned for me.

      Dissenting police officers, I don’t care how much of the ‘they should be in prison for what they did’ re that person that you give me. You weren’t interested at the time were you? You obviously knew what was happening and that the Top Docs had found a fellow criminal with whom to collude, but you didn’t warn Brown or me. I don’t think that I could have tried to raise concerns about the Gang in north Wales more than I did. Where were you? Arresting me I seem to remember… It goes straight to Thatcher, I know, but er Thatcher’s dead isn’t she? You KNEW what she was involved with but you didn’t say a word.

      Now I have already been subjected to the most outrageous invasions of privacy with confidential medical records – which were fabricated and libellous anyway – being sent to third parties, a smear campaign, my computer hacked, letters between Brown and me when we were young stolen and sold to News International, letters from my lawyers intercepted in the post and read, been recorded and filmed undercover by the security services, you can all just fuck off out of it. I was not given the info about any of this until key people like Thatcher and Michael Havers had DIED. Don’t tell me that you all Care so much that you now want prosecutions, because I don’t believe you police officers. You could have had Dafydd and Gwynne in the dock 35 years ago but you suppressed evidence to ensure that they never did stand trial, even after their Gang murdered my friend.

      As for those who keep asking why Brown and me were ‘so green’, it might surprise you to know that because of our experiences when we were young, we both determined never to approach people with prejudice, or screw people over, or leech off them. Neither did we ever imagine that Prince Charles and a series of PMs and Leaders of the Opposition were nobbling us and anyone who supported us because Gwynne was the Royal Lobotomist and I’d encountered him. It’s not really something that we ever expected to happen to us surprisingly enough, so when people befriended us, we didn’t realise that some of them were undercover security services, or friends/relations with a gang of old paedophiles or were extracting info and passing it onto gangsters or indeed to the Digger/Miranda/Gordon.

      Oh, neither did I ever imagine that the Top Docs would kill the VC’s wife because he gave me a postdoc job. I did know that the Gwerin were planning to move in on him in the most disgusting way once she was dead because they boasted about it and I did notice that Nerys died at a terrible time for him, but it was a while before I gained info that they definitely let Nerys die because he’d spilt their pints.

      I also didn’t realise the extent to which Brown and I were being targeted at work because there is much petty jealousy and nastiness in academia and not very able people know that the only way that they can climb the pole is by stuffing other people over. We both knew other people who were kicked in the chops by people who had plagiarised/leeched off them, it happens, so we didn’t realise that those we know and love were behind much of it where we were concerned.

      It had happened to people more senior than us as well; both my PhD supervisor and his wife were trampled underfoot by fuckwits who’d once gone cap in hand to them, as were three of the senior sociologists at Bangor whom I worked for. I rather got the impression that it had happened to Merfyn as well. Among all the snapping of ‘Well HE was no good as an historian, he’s just done it all by knowing the right people’ I had a perusal of a few research grants etc that set those people up for life when they were junior and rather hopeless basically. Who got the grants/jobs etc for them? Er, Merfyn did.

      As for knowing the right people, clearly having parents who are tenants of a pub owned by Clough and at the mercy of Gwynne’s fucking gang is a huge social advantage compared to being the offspring of a well known American family who are celebs in leftie circles, as I would be delighted to tell Nina Fishman were she not dead, having been given a good send off with a leftie celeb funeral attended by those who also excelled in making similar accusations after being born with huge advantage. I won’t mention any names but their initials are Eric Hobsbawm.

      By the way, think about it, Nina Fishman, former housemate of Merfyn from their youthful days of organising Events, is dead. Not that old, but one of the many who could name names who has died. She died at about the time that the Welsh Speaking Social Worker was found dead in someone else’s garden in Croesor.

      If I had a wicked sense of humour I’d quip that if I were Meri Huws I’d be fucking terrified…

      Instead I’ll just ask everyone to ponder on what the consequences were of Eric Sunderland doing a deal with Thatcher to keep a university open that was a vehicle for the Westminster Paedophile Gang in return for one UCNW graduate and a few of her pals having their lives destroyed. Thousands and thousands of shites all singing for the rest of their lives ‘I’m going to tell… I’m going to tell…’ And all those shites had shites feeding off them…

      I understand that last night Channel 4 screened a documentary about the NHS buying dangerous fake drugs from the Mafia and concealing patient harm when it was discovered what had happened. Sounds like serious organised crime in the NHS to me. But what do I know, being so green and so dim that I haven’t spent my life blackmailing all and sundry. I could have gone straight to Carlo as well, far better than the fuckwits who bagged Chairs at Bangor by having a word with Prof Sunderland.

      Come on Ma’am, cough up!! It’s a heist.

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