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  1. The history of Inter-Action and Kentish Town City Farm – a year after this document Prince Charles is filmed giving a speech and visiting the Kentish Town City Farm – an associate of Righton’s, Sir John Henniker-Major was a city farm adviser to the charity presumably for his establishment of the Islington-Suffolk Project.

    1. Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, shares with Esther Rantzen deep concern about vulnerable populations: from lonely old folks, to at-risk children
      (see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5159913/The-Duchess-Cornwall-visits-Esther-Rantzens-charity.html

      When Camilla isn’t schmoozing with Savile enabler Rantzen, the Duchess (whose husband Prince Charles enlisted Savile for “marriage counselling”) likes nothing better than kicking back with alleged Dolphin Square paedo organiser Derek Laud.

      For, believe it or not, Camilla and the ‘seedy’ Big Brother contestant once holidayed together in Italy.

      But the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowles know nothing about the Kincora-Bryn Alyn-Dolphin Square paedophile ring… Or do they?

      Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles link to Dolphin Square: http://pdfsr.com/pdf/camilla-parker-bowles-and-prince-charles-link-to-dolphin-square-child-abuse

      So there we have it.

      Esther Rantzen, Parker-Bowles, Derek Laud, Prince Charles, a dead princess and a marriage counsellor who fucked children and dead bodies.

      Something fishy in Pimlico?

      1. Thanks for this, I did know that Camilla was hanging out with Esther and promoting Esther’s ‘good works’.

        I always thought that the misogynist abuse thrown at Camilla was very unacceptable, the line of ‘ooh the ugly old cow, not as pretty as Di’ and when it was clear that both Royal parties in the fairytale marriage were shagging other people I took the view that in the case of relationship breakdown, one can’t judge unless one really does know the full picture.

        However, the Royal Family’s fondness for Jimmy Savile – and Charles was indeed a friend of his and as you say used him as some sort of relationship counsellor – was staggering. The general public might not have known the full horror of Savile until after he died, but other people did. I had heard about him back in 1988, I heard about him again about three years later and then yet again a few years after that. It was people in universities and the NHS who told me – Savile was not a popular man at Leeds University or at Stoke Mandeville (and Esther was hated at the BBC for being a bullying bitch). Every Royal contact is vetted by the security services and they definitely knew about Savile.

        How did Savile EVER get near Charles? Was it as with Thatcher – who was warned about him but just ignored the warnings? Surely the security services had some degree of control over this or is the power structure in the UK such that if the heir to the throne or PM throw a hissy fit and absolutely insist on pursuing a deep and meaningful relationship with a predatory serial sex offender with links to corrupt coppers and organised crime no-one can actually say to them ‘sorry, we can no longer leave you in a position of authority’?

        I am currently in correspondence with a few people who, like me, have found out that the security services had the full picture on the extent of the organised sexual abuse of kids in care and psych patients as long ago as the late 70s/early 80s and are just baffled as to why no-one was warned. Kids continued to be handed over to social services who in turn handed them to paedophile gangs who trafficked them and young people with mental health problems were not just encouraged but coerced into going for ‘help’ to psychiatrists who just wanted to shag them and then sell them into prostitution. No-one was warned, absolutely no-one. It wasn’t just Dafydd who was doing this, as with the paedophilia networks, there were more than a few Top Docs involved.

        Brown and I were two well educated bright young people when I was targeted. If we had been actually warned about who we were dealing with, we could have protected ourselves. We also could have published, campaigned and maybe played a part in cleaning up – I was a medical researcher and Brown was a social scientist. Instead we were left to be targeted by a bunch of gangsters who tried to kill us both and did kill at least one of our close friends.

        I just cannot fathom what the security services thought that they were doing.

  2. Sally – That is one major piece of research – incredible. Sorry it’s a bit of a mish mash but just to add a few bits and pieces …. The Whigg practice where Peter Williams partly learned his trade shared a building in Kentish Town with the Caversham Health Centre until some years ago . Peter Williams will have known Iona Heath who co-edited a book titled ‘Violence in Families ‘- was hoping to see a follow up ‘ Violence in the Medical World’- nothing so far. Iona retired early from practice when GPs began to be more scrutinised and their freedom to practice curtailed ,but while she was still Chair of GP Cttee. She has enjoyed a second career provided by the contacts and networks she advised young women doctors as important to cultivate – travelling nationally and internationally giving ‘lectures’ and promoting the necessity for reading fiction to doctors -to develop empathy etc.usual self serving bilge, it provides her with something to do in retirement.- St Iona would almost certainly have come across psych Gwen Adshead ~(see ‘what do they know’ Freedom of information request by Helen Bright) who also practiced in Camden. She was instructed to change her practice after using womens’confidential info without consent. Gwen was actually sitting on Fitness to Practice Panel when the complaint agaist her came up but seems ‘she decided to remove herself’ when that piece of information came out – don’t know who was president of GMC at the time.Her activities helped to destroy POPAN which was set up to tackle abuse by psychotherapists – it has since changed it’s name twice with Gwen still as far as I know involved in what is now the ‘Boundaries Clinic’ which mainly makes it’s dosh by running courses on breaches of practice and ‘stress’ by Drs.. Gwen set up the ‘Mindfulness for Drs’ project with Mark Radcliffe and Shaun Banherjee who also goes by the Buddhist name he has adopted ie ‘The Lord of the Sages’ Gwen believes all of us have the potential for evil – no Gwen we do not….She gets invited to promote her drivel by having the notoriety of having worked at Broadmoor. The Whigg and Caversham surgeries had close relations with UCH. (UCL now) as did Gwen – they were in a position to channel as many naive and uninformed individuals as needed by UCH therapy department/factory to be used for research and training. Peter Williams was in the right place. Gwen subsequently became Chair of Ethics at coll of psychs, during part of Mike Shooter’s term of presidency and then Sheila Hollins’ term .Sheila became president of coll of psychs as well as Pres BMA Cttee. Sheila Hollins , a committed catholic was appointed by the Pope 2104 as member of the ‘Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors’. She is also on the Scientific Board for the Protection of Minors. Fleur Fisher was another BMA Chair of Ethics involved in a scandal see web site’ Fight for Justice for Carol’. What a charming bag of scallywags they are.

    1. Never mind a mish mash, all contributions gratefully received. This blog is a bit of a mish mash itself, I’ve got so much info to get up that I don’t have as much time as I would like to think about the layout, the order and so on. So I just hope that people who are interested in the subject can bear with me, persevere and know that useful content is being posted up.

      I’ve heard of the Caversham Health Centre, I came across someone who worked there in my reading recently.

      Ioana’s activities do not surprise me. Every initiative designed to introduce democracy or broaden debate is colonised by the ruthless who wish to promote themselves or cover their arses in terms of their wrongdoing. The ‘service users movement’ was positively designed to be co-opted by abusive professionals and neoliberalism and I am just so pissed off at how the discourse of feminism/gender equality has been hijacked by powerful well paid women. I have always avoided those vile ‘women’s networks’ like the plague – a network of professional women 50 years ago was probably an excellent thing when women in science, medicine and the professions were treated shamefully, but go to such a network now and what you will find are the most sharp elbowed greedy selfish people who will use any method to get what they want – including a women’s network. There’s nothing sisterly about that lot. The plight of poor women in this country is actually getting worse – when are the women’s networks going to take an interest in women who are working as cleaners or carers for a pittance, who have housing problems and who’s kids have so few opportunities?

      I too have noticed that the attempts to introduce arts and literature into medicine – a prime mover behind this was Brown no less – are being hijacked by those we know and love. In the way that every abusive psychiatrist now claims to have an interest in ‘service user involvement’, every Top Doctor has now discovered the value of arts in healthcare. It’s a real scream actually – I came across the biography of a person who has the Chair in that at King’s College, they were every bit the Top Doc, I really don’t think that they had any interest in arts in healthcare at all. But if you want a Chair and research dosh at the moment, that’s what you have to say that you’re an expert in. And service user involvement of course.

      One of my friends – who does know something about literature – went to a literature in healthcare conference a couple of years ago and listened to a presentation from a clinical psychologist who’s idea of literature in healthcare was a list of self-help books…

      It is a real problem. I know what’s going to happen now. The Top Docs will simply substitute any attempts at all at caring for patients with a reading list. It probably won’t be more harmful than what many of them are doing already, but they’ll still want £100k pa and all the research dosh. I cannot understand why no-one has yet drawn the conclusion that we need to stop employing psychiatrists and reinvest the money that we are wasting on them in social support for people who are too ill to work or look after themselves. Psychiatry has received decades of polite requests to put its house in order and it has proved incapable of responding. Patients are absolutely not being helped, they are more often damaged. Help and support is certainly needed for that group of people, but not the ‘help and support’ that they have received and still receive.

      Brown and I have just submitted a journal article based on some interviews with patients conducted in 2013. The comments that they make about the ‘help’ from the mental health services that they received are pretty much what I and others said in the early 1990s. Nothing changes and it is the psy professions which are the problem, not the patients and not the ‘cuts’. Time to pull the plug on psychiatry – just look at what is going on around us, things could hardly be worse for people with serious mental health problems. They die about 30 yrs before everyone else and a lot of them are living in doorways. The people with the best outcomes are often those who walk away from the ‘services’ before the services kill them.

      1. I haven’t made much of this on this blog because I can’t remember the details, but I am fairly sure that Tony Francis told me at one point that he had a cousin in the RAF who was a pilot – and I seem to remember that this man was based at RAF Valley on Anglesey.

        There were other folk connected with the RAF involved in the barrel of crap in north Wales. Wing Commander I H Panton managed the grounds at Penrhyn Castle and numerous victims of Dafydd and the paedophiles used to have summer jobs out there as I detailed in a previous post. None of them ever had any criticisms of Wing Commander Panton, they liked him, but he definitely knew what had happened to some of them, they chatted about it to each other and him, because he was a man who rolled his sleeves up and joined the work parties, he wasn’t a distant boss.

        Francis’s connections at RAF Valley might explain why the crazy, violent, wife-beating, child-neglecting Dr Andy Jones bagged a place as a medical student at Guys and Tommy’s, even after he had been caught shagging people on hospital premises at Ysbyty Gwynedd when he worked there as a porter. After another breakdown at medical school, Andy was given a five year contract as a psychiatrist at Hergest. He was the junior doctor on Sadie Francis’s team. Andy was only struck off after his kids were taken into care and his wife was hospitalised for her own safety. All complaints from patients about him had been ignored by the GMC and Ysbyty Gwynedd.

        Organised crime? You bet it was. A lot of people have a lot of explaining to do.

    1. Looks like your suspicions about child deaths on the turf of Islington as long ago as the 60s followed by a massive cover up involving Barbara Castle and Jack Straw are right Richard.

      Am just reading about Islington Council in the 60s, well before all the later bad publicity re the ‘loony left’ controlling that Council. In the 60s Islington was Labour but it was considered right wing Labour. I have more digging to do but people in Islington Council had close connections with some civil servants who later became Labour MPs and Ministers – including Peter Shore, David Ennals and Tony Crosland, all of whom have previously featured on this blog as knowing about and concealing child abuse. They kowtowed to Barbara Castle once she got into Gov’t.

      The good citizens of Islington will simply have been fed the line that Labour were the party for them – they’ll have known damn well that the Tories weren’t – and will have been kept in the dark and fed crap regarding the abuse and exploitation of local people by their Labour Councillors. Pretty much as in Gwynedd – whilst Dafydd Iwan sung songs about the bastard English, he and his associates on the Council kept quiet about the sex trafficking ring that Dafydd and Lucille were running in Gwynedd, targeting some of the Welsh kids. But dispossessed Welsh kids, so their stories never got into the Welsh media or formed the basis of Welsh folk rock songs.

      By the way Richard, can you enlighten me – the most unscrupulous where concealing the abuse of vulnerable people are concerned all wanted to go on the Housing Committee, in Islington as well as elsewhere. (Jack Straw led the Housing Committee.) What was the attraction there? Did housing have domain over the children’s homes?

      1. I dunno. The 43 child deaths in Islington and Hackney care at Beeches Ixworth were 1954 to 1972.

        On your blog three names: Barbara KAHAN, Celie HENSMAN, Dr Pamela MASON. The first two were Home Office then DHSS under Keith Joseph when the Beeches deaths were covered up.

        My Margate hotelier aunt dealings with Islington Council 1960s and 70s was taking the block booked social services funded pensioner holidays. You sort of had to be in the know …….

        1. Keith Joseph will have known about Bryn Estyn. Not just from his role as Secretary of State for the DHSS – where he was advised by Barbara Kahan, who concealed child abise across the UK anyway – but from his work in his constituency, Leeds North East. Who was the MP who preceded Joseph in Leeds North East? Osbert Peake – the man who appeared at the opening ceremony for Bryn Estyn. Abuse was going on at Bryn Estyn for decades before it hit the headlines, I imagine that if it wasn’t happening there as soon as it opened, it began pretty soon after. No-one will have spoken up because Osbert had just opened the flagship school…

          Osbert was Viscount Ingleby. His son Martin inherited the title in 1965. Martin was a director of the Hargreaves Group from 1960 to 1980. He was also interested in forestry and conservation. Martin was a member of the planning committee for the North York Moors National Park and was responsible for the planting of a row of lime trees at the entrance to the park, which he intended as a thanksgiving for God’s deliverance of Britain during the two World Wars. He also served on the North Yorkshire County Council during the 1960s.

          Martin took a prominent part in the Lords debate on the Disabled Persons Act 1970. In 1975, Martin suffered a personal tragedy when his only son, Richard, fell from Beachy Head and was killed. An open verdict was returned.

    1. You have probably put Warners predecessor Rev Nick Stacey (Director Kent Social Service on whose watch two TV docus exposed the grannie business and discharging mental patients homeless to Kent and of course Kendall House and Stacey ordering his dept not to report abuse complaints to plod) as associate KAHAN and RIGHTON (Was this Op Gatsby ?) And hence Warners move to chair residential care staff inquiry 1991 opportune given OU absorbing the Kahan Righton distance course and Chief constable visit to Henniker 1992

      In the Beeches child deaths case it has been information since 1997 to investigate STACEYS former Woolwich project C of E boss Bishop STOCKWOOD. Of course Suffolk Police have done no such thing. This anon info came from a retd Bishop of Durham via an anon phone caller of Christs Cambridge I gather. C of E hardly shining eh ?

    2. Lord Norman Warner has been at the heart of the action for many years.

      Director of Social Services for Kent County Council, 1985-91; Chair of the City and East London Family Services Authority, 1991-94; 1992 – Chaired the National Inquiry into the Selection, Development and Management of Staff in Children’s Homes.

      Senior Policy Advisor to Jack Straw, 1997-98.

      Junior Minister in Dept of Health, 2003-07.

      Chair of Social Care Funding Commission in 2010.

      2014 – appointed to oversee improvement in Birmingham City Council’s Children’s Services.

      Warner is now Director and advisor of a number of private companies involved with flogging their wares to the NHS.

      Warner has been Chair of the Youth Justice Board and the NCVO. He is also on the Advisory Board of Reform.

      Warner bagged his peerage in July 1998 – after Ronnie Waterhouse had called the witnesses at his inquiry a bunch of lying bastards.

      Anyone who want to know what has gone so dreadfully wrong in the UK’s child protection and youth justice systems only needs to arrest Norman Warner and question him under caution.

  3. Dr Sally I better clarify a drop of law. In 1997 when the above info was called in. A man previously named on your blog obeyed the Common Law duty to report to an HM Coroner facts which may inform or lead to an inquest. That was Bury St Edmunds HM Coroner who had been in touch with Chief constable 92 93 re Sue Ryder and Beeches deaths history IE at time of Chief constable Henniker visit re Righton. I don’t know how far man went in 1997 admitting he did not tell the Matron McGill Decd Sue Ryder HQ 1972 inquest the truth …. my understanding is he clarified he never gave identification evidence, never saw body in lake and was never involved in its recovery. He was a vulnerable man asked to wait by body for police. All the evidence above was in his statement to sign. A statement seemingly drawn up before the death was officially discovered.

    An astonishing thing in Matron McGill Decd is absolutely no mention of the concerns she had for an inmate “The Old Commander” She wrote to a Quaker friend (A Croydon health visitor) 9th Dec 1971 describing how the MUSLIM Old Commander aged 85 had been converted to Roman Catholicism by Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder arrangement .. whilst the old Muslim was tranquillised.

    An old Commander died a week before Matron McGill there Jan 1972. He was buried as a catholic in a Polish identity. A few months after these two deaths inmate Mr Bronk died and I gather his inmate widow blamed a prescribing “Error” but a month after that Mrs BRONK was found dying facedown in her Sue Ryder HQ bath with an overdose in her system. If they had written Sue Ryder HQ history as a Midsummer murder it would be considered far fetched. Mrs Bronk like Matron McGill got a suicide verdict.

    1. Richard, the most extraordinary things happen in healthcare. I heard about them years ago from a former nurse in Somerset and I just used to think ‘oh well it was Bridgwater and Taunton in the 50s and 60s, things are different now’, but they are not. Abuse and corruption is built into services for vulnerable people, it is absolutely shocking. In Bridgwater in the 1960s it was a batty old matron overseeing the abuse and crime and now it a huge UK-wide managerialist infrastructure.

      Themes running through ‘services’ in Somerset, north Wales and the leading London medical schools for at least the last four decades have been the organised sexual abuse and trafficking of children and mental health patients, the unlawful killing of disabled or elderly people, large scale drug dealing, prostitution rackets run by Angels, the coercion of women into having abortions when they expressly have said that they want the baby and the forcible removal of babies from vulnerable women and of course the fleecing of vulnerable people of property and money. The London medical schools also participate in large scale research fraud.

      Such things happen in both the NHS and the private sector.

      I am convinced that the reason why the medical establishment destroys whistleblowers in a manner more vicious and complete than any other sector is that the misconduct and malpractice is so extreme that they cannot afford to allow anyone to reveal what is happening. Global bankers have nothing on Top Doctors in terms of wrongdoing.

      People who have never worked in health and social care have absolutely no idea at all of what goes on and on a regular basis as well. It is why the general public can barely believe that an event like Harold Shipman occurred but other doctors admitted that there were ‘at least seven or eight other Shipmans’ known to be practising in the UK. Well there was Dafydd, Tony Francis and Tony Roberts in north Wales alone who were knowingly wiping out patients.

      Healthcare in the UK will remain frankly dangerous until this substantial problem is addressed.

      1. https://www.elsevier.com/books/psychosomatic-disorders-in-adolescents-and-young-adults/hambling/978-1-4831-9814-9

        Not only a secret steroid researcher Ipswich Mengele John Paulley but an educationalist researcher ?

        Backed by Institute of Economic Affairs to trigger creation of independent Uni of Buckingham.

        Same research agenda as J G Howells Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre ? Royal Medico Psychological Soc colleague of Dr Milner Aston Hall and William Sargent

        1960 conference would have been two years after our Ipswich GP caught Howells clinic off the record coshing me aged 8 with a quinine ephedrine cocktail. Dr Peyton ended my attendance at Howells clinic. But I gather I was never a patient ? Thepatients were the parents and the kids with asthma or migraine went along for “Play Therapy” while parents were counselled towards the creation of a salutiferous society. I imagine since I was recovering from leg crippling rickets that on the earlier menu had been prednisone. They must have had rubbish skip lorries sufficient to carry 1000s of Corrie McKeagues when Ipswich Hospital got rid of the records.

        But of course as the history was brought to crime complaint issue Suffolk Police decided the only waste disposal worthy of investigation funding (2.1 million) was the tragic missing airman case.

        “Supt Carruthers. No you will not be looking at Operation Midland and John Paulley and Alan Lower eminent past physicians of the county. Need you on a shovel at a landfill site mate”

        I hope your blog is read in Suffolk

        1. I’m just working on a blog post featuring Max Beloff, one of the founders of the University of Buckingham – he had substantial connections to those who facilitated the paedophile ring in north Wales. His son Michael Beloff QC is a former colleague of Cherie – Michael used to visit Chequers when Cherie’s old man was PM. The post might not be up until tomorrow, I was hoping to finish it today but I’ve decided to include a few more names of the guilty and a few details/anecdotes about them.

          Thanks for the reference to this book, I’ll look up the backgrounds of the contributors. In the era in which this book was published – mid-60s – if children and adolescents were troubled, the reason for their distress was always perceived to be within them. The child/teenager was odd and they had been born like that, so we need to bludgeon them into normality. In the 70s and 80s it was admitted that young people behaving in unusual ways were often – but not always – behaving as such and developing foibles because of what had happened to them, often violence or emotional or sexual abuse. Sadly the new understanding was then used as a smokescreen to ensure that if the abusers were professionals responsible for ‘caring’ for the child or others outside of the family, the family copped the blame. Thus a whole generation of child abusing Top Docs, social workers, teachers, Angels, men of religion, police officers, lawyers, celebs, politicians and civil servants got off scott free and some innocent not very well educated male relatives of the kids abused by such people went to prison.

          Didn’t they Dafydd?

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