Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?

Now that Carwyn has announced his intention to stand down as FM in the autumn, Rhodri’s long term buddy and Spad, the paedophiles’ friend Mark Drakeford, has declared his intention to run for FM. So I thought that in this post I would return to the subject of Rhodri’s doings – whilst he was being advised by Drakeford – as described in his own words in that rather incriminating autobiography of his, ‘Rhodri: A Political Life In Wales And Westminster’.

Previous posts of mine discussed Rhodri’s career before he became FM, so now I’ll take a look at a few of the events after Rhodri became leader of Welsh Labour and FM in Feb 2000.


Within two weeks of becoming First Secretary (FM), Rhodri’s officials demanded a £1 million payment from the coffers of the Welsh Gov’t to the Richard Rogers Partnership. Richard Rogers, a mate of Blair’s, designed the building at Cardiff Bay which now houses the Senedd. The saga of Richard Rogers and the construction of the building that now houses the Senedd was a standing joke in Wales.

Ron Davies, the then Secretary of State for Wales, announced on 13 March 1998 that an international competition would be held to select the design of the building for the debating chamber. RIBA Competitions would oversee the competition and a design panel would recommend a design to the Secretary of State for Wales, ie. Ron. The Design Competition Advisory Panel was Chaired by Jim Callaghan. Callaghan and four members of the panel were appointed by Ron Davies and the remaining two members were appointed by the RIBA. Ron wanted a building ‘to capture the imagination of the Welsh people’ and the criteria of the competition was that the building should have a price tag of no more than £12 million including fees.

Richard Rogers Partnership (RRP) were announced as the lucky winner just ten days after the closing date for designs – 55 architects had originally shown an interest – after a unanimous decision of the Advisory Panel. Eleven days after Ron announced that RRP would be the project’s architects, Ron resigned as Secretary of State after having been caught with his trousers down on Clapham Common with Boogie (see post ‘Cottaging At Castle Gate’).

It was planned that the outline design would be completed by June 1999, and a detailed design completed by Feb 2000. Construction of the building was due to begin in Nov 2000 and be completed in April 2001. Rhodri replaced Alun Michael as First Secretary on 15 Feb 2000 and on 22 March 2000 Morgan stopped all work on the project to carry out a complete review. The decision to stop the project was supported by a vote in the National Assembly on 6 April 2000.

The review was carried out by the Assembly’s Management Services Division, the Property Advisors to the Civil Estate and Symonds Group Ltd. They considered the following options: cancel the project, continue with the existing design, design a building on Site 1E, improve the existing debating chamber, construct a small one in the courtyard of Crickhowell House and relocate to Cardiff City Hall. On 21 June 2000 it was agreed that the original proposal using the RRP design should proceed. Why Rhodri stopped the process and after a few months of farting around began everything again using RRP and the original plan I do not know.

An international competition was held to select the main contractor. It was advertised in the Official Journal of the European Community – which was where the advert for the Design Competition had been placed – and in Dec 2000, Skanska Ltd was selected as the main contractor. Edwina Hart, the Minister for Finance, Local Government and Communities, approved the final project design on 18 Jan 2001 and by 1 March 2001, a ceremony took place to mark the beginning of construction.

Six months after construction had begun and with only the piling and a temporary road around the site having been completed, Hart announced on 17 July 2001 that the National Assembly had terminated the contract of RRP. She said that despite the termination of the contract, the debating chamber should still be built to RRP’s design. RRP said of the project that ‘From the outset, RRP has advised that the project could not be built within a construction budget of £13.1 M due to client changes, the political requirement to use indigenous materials at any cost and exceptional contractor changes. RRP’s advice was consistently ignored. It is plainly untrue for the Finance Minister to assert that RRP underestimated the costs.’ Hart said she stopped the project because of the ‘significant underestimates in the cost plan prepared by RRP’, and that RRP ‘had hidden costs from the Assembly’.

I am wondering whether – as with the NHS in north Wales when she was Health Minister – Edwina knew the scale of the wrongdoing so put the boot in, only to find herself compromised in some way and then had to retreat.

A legal dispute then arose between RRP, who were claiming £529,000 in fees and the National Assembly, who were claiming £6.85 M in damages. On 10 Dec 2001 RRP requested an appointment of an adjudicator from the Construction Industry Council to resolve the issue. The adjudication took place in Feb 2002 and ruled that RRP was entitled to £448,000 of its claim, while the National Assembly was not entitled to any of the damages they had claimed.

In August 2001, the National Assembly appointed Francis Graves Ltd as the project managers, to review the whole project up until the termination of the RRP contract and to propose how the project should progress in the future. They reported that the ‘lines of accountability were complex and insufficiently clear’, that no project costs were obtained by the National Assembly, independent of RRP, until Dec 2000 and that the project ‘was highly susceptible to cost over runs’. The report recommended that the National Assembly appoint project managers – which they did when they appointed Schal International Management Ltd (part of Carillion) in May 2002. Northcroft Group Ltd were appointed as a subcontractor, responsible for cost management and they reported directly to Schal. Schal reported to a Project Board, who reported to the Minister for Finance, Local Government and Communities. The Project Board was made up of National Assembly and Welsh Government officials and a representative from Schal.

The Welsh Government decided that a fixed-price contract would be used for the second phase of construction. The overall aim was to ‘deliver a landmark building…to time, to an appropriate quality and within budget’. On 23 Oct 2002 an invitation to tender was issued through the Official Journal of the European Community, that journal having come up trumps on the two previous occasions on which it was used for tendering purposes.

Eight companies expressed an interest and the Welsh Assembly Government negotiated a fixed-price contract with Taylor Woodrow for £48.2 M. The contract was signed between Taylor Woodrow and Rhodri on 1 July 2003 and construction began for a second time on 4 August 2003. Taylor Woodrow were involved with the Channel Tunnel consortium so obviously WAG had been sufficiently impressed by the major problems and the appalling safety record – including the deaths of workers – during the construction of the Channel Tunnel to ask Taylor Woodrow to build the People’s Senedd. 

Construction of the Senedd ended on 7 Feb 2006. The Senedd was opened by HM Lilibet, Phil the Greek, Prince Charles and Camilla on 1 March 2006, St David’s Day. There is a nice photo of the opening available featuring Lilibet, Richard Rogers and Rhodri’s mate, the paedophiles’ friend Sue Essex (for the lowdown on Sue see post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’).

Two years after the bash with Lilibet et al, Taylor Woodrow Construction were fined £200,000 and ordered to pay costs of £71,400, after being prosecuted by the HSE at Cardiff Crown Court. The breach contributed to the death of John Walsh, a foreman working for a subcontractor of Taylor Woodrow. The accident occurred on 14 March 2004 and was due to a cavity wall that Mr Walsh was filling collapsing on him, even though Taylor Woodrow Construction had recognised the risks before the contract had begun. Judge Neil Bidder QC said that ‘No-one seriously disputes it was an unsafe construction’.

The cost of the Senedd increased from £12M in 1997 to £69.6M in 2006. In a report published in March 2008 by the Wales Audit Office the reason for the difference between the two costs given was that the original estimate of £12M was not based on any detailed design of the final requirements of the building. Extra costs of the building were due to unforeseen security measures after the 11 Sept attacks in the United States. Or so it was claimed. I suspect that the paedophiles’ friends were flattering themselves if they believed that international terrorists would ever bother to fly a plane into their debating chamber to destroy them. A lot of people probably would have liked to have blown them to smithereens, but the kids in care and psych patients were penniless and drugged into oblivion by the Top Docs, it’s not as if any of them would have been in a position to cause mass death and destruction down at Cardiff Bay.

So Rhodri handed over a great deal more than £1 million to Richard Rogers, although he only mentioned the £1 million in his book. The death of John Walsh was a well-kept secret as well.


However Rhodri did have a fright in 2001 when he believed that someone was trying to kill him. He was sent flour in the post and there was a major scare because everybody thought that the white powder was anthrax. Why this conclusion was drawn was not made clear. Rhodri explains in his book that his right hand man Lawrence Conway – who had spent a lifetime in the Welsh Office concealing the crimes of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles – kept it all very quiet when it happened. Publicity did follow though when the man behind the ‘anthrax’ was put on trial at Cardiff Crown Court. The person concerned was a former chemistry teacher, Nicholas Roberts. Roberts had sent flour to a number of other people, including Jan Morris, the travel writer who in her previous incarnation as James Morris was a member of the 1953 Everest team which contained Sir Charles Evans. Evans was the Top Doctor who was Principal of UCNW (Bangor University) whilst many staff who facilitated the sex trafficking gang led by Dafydd and the paedophiles were employed in that institution. Jan Morris is equally famous as one of the first people in the UK who underwent gender realignment. Jan is big mates with a number of paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’).

Media reports of the trial of Nicholas Roberts suggest that a lot went unsaid, or at least unreported. Nicholas stated that his sending flour through the post was a work of art. I know artists who do take this view of such things and after all there have been movements like Dada, which produced Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ in 1917 – a gents’ urinal – and in 1920, Cologne’s Early Spring Exhibition was set in a pub and involved people walking past urinals whilst being read lewd poetry by a woman in communion dress. Of course the biggest act of Dada began in 1998, when Ron Davies kicked off that competition to build the Senedd…

The judge, John Griffith Williams QC, obviously didn’t understand Dada. He described Nicholas Roberts as a ‘very strange man indeed’ and stated that the sending of flour through the post had to be taken very seriously because Nicholas Roberts was a former chemistry teacher. No, I don’t follow John Griffith’s logic either.

It was reported that Mr Roberts had previous in terms of throwing eggs at Lilibet’s car on a Royal Visit to Cardiff and spraying road signs black because they were in English and not Welsh . So it sounded to me as though Mr Roberts was a man who protested about things.

What was not mentioned in Court or in the media reports was that Nicholas Roberts was well-known in Grangetown in Cardiff as the drag queen Gorgeous Gertie and there was much hilarity that Gorgeous Gertie had freaked Rhodri’s office out and that Lawrence Conway was trying to keep it quiet.

I am wondering why a drag queen prone to public protests felt like frightening an FM who had been previously accused of kerb crawling in the Grangetown area as well as a high profile transgender writer who was mates with some of the paedophiles’ friends. Perhaps Rhodri’s cousin Nia who lived in Beddgelert in Gwynedd might know.

Gorgeous Gertie paid a high price for his act of Dada. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. You can’t be too careful with former chemistry teachers. Or indeed drag queens who knew who was doing what in the red light district down the road from the workplace of Rhodri and his colleagues whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry was underway.


Rhodri’s book sheds light on another matter that intrigued me as well. As the North West Wales NHS Trust slowly sunk underneath the weight of the scandals and the patient deaths and Edwina Hart, in her capacity as Health Minister, announced that she was going to abolish the Trust, Martin Jones the Trust CEO and Elfed Roberts, the Chairman of the Trust, began to go particularly mad as described in previous posts. Martin and Elfed caused great confusion by refusing to tell NHS staff what was going on and indeed a number of Trust staff did not believe that the Trust was going to be dissolved and that a new CEO and Chairman were to be appointed. Just before Martin and Elfed turned into pumpkins at the wave of Edwina’s magic wand, a new hospital was opened in Porthmadog, Ysbyty Alltwen. There was a PR piece in the local newspaper accompanied by a photo of Edwina and what was very obviously Martin and Elfed at the opening ceremony, labelled ‘Edwina Hart and some local people’. I was told that this was another signal to the masses that Martin and Elfed were about to be removed from their positions.

Everybody wondered why Ysbyty Alltwen had been built. It was a small hospital without many services, had been built at a time when the NHS was in deep, deep shit financially and because it was run and staffed by the paedophiles’ friends, was just as bad as the other NHS facilities in north Wales. I lived five miles down the road from Ysbyty Alltwen at one point and on one occasion I suffered an injury to my face when my – sizeable  – dog jumped up suddenly and bashed me in the mouth with his head by accident. As blood poured and teeth wobbled, my friend helped me phone Ysbyty Alltwen – which advertised itself as having an A&E. The Angel whom we spoke to was so fucking rude to us that she made it clear that if I actually went to Ysbyty Alltwen I would not be receiving treatment. The friend who listened to the Angel was a student nurse herself, so we decided to stay at my place whilst she helped me sort out the injury. From what I remember, I didn’t even give that Angel my name, so for once the hostility and flat refusal to do their job wasn’t personal. It was just another fucking dreadful Angel who knew that she could speak to the general public like this and in the event of a complaint there would be no investigation and no comeback.

Just after Ysbyty Alltwen was opened,  a man who lived in one of the houses virtually opposite the hospital murdered his wife and family. Press reports constructed it as a domestic violence case. The man concerned had in fact become seriously mentally ill and was supposedly under the care of the mental health services at the time. His wife and neighbours had begged for more help for him and all of them maintained that he had been a gentle devoted husband and father who had changed out of all recognition. Their pleas were ignored and by the time that he massacred his family, no-one from the mental health services had even seen him for weeks.


Rhodri’s book explained why a few more million was spent on a hospital that wasn’t needed and was staffed by the usual awkward bastards from the day that it opened. It was the result of a deal struck between Edwina Hart – who was then the Finance Minister – and Dafydd Wigley, the AM for Caernarfon – in order to get the Assembly’s first budget passed. So Dafydd Wigley – who for decades had lived in the bosom of the paedophiles’ friends but ‘didn’t know’ what a paedophile was (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’) – could boast to his constituents that he had secured a new hospital. A new hospital staffed by the same sort of lethal fuckwits who were slaughtering Lord Wigley’s constituents but as there was never any investigations, the relatives of the dead could prove nothing. Anyone who could read data sets however just had to look at the suicide rate for north west Wales and the dreadful health outcomes to know that something was going seriously wrong. The highest mortality rates in Europe for many conditions Lord Wigley.

Whilst Edwina and Lord Wigley were doing their dirty deal, Andrew Davies AM was Chief Whip. That’s the Andrew Davies who was the bedfellow of Meri Huws, who formerly worked as a community social worker for Gwynedd Social Services on the Maesgeirchan estate near Bangor. The Ty’r Felin children’s home was on Maesgeirchan. The girls at Ty’r Felin were taken to local pubs and nightclubs by social workers where they were sold for sex – the boys were trafficked to destinations further afield, including Dolphin Square (see post ‘Are You Local?’). At about the time that the dirty deal was being thrashed out – about the time of the publication of the Waterhouse Report – Meri returned from exile in Dublin and was given the job as Head of Lifelong Learning at Bangor University. Over the next few years Meri drove the dept into the ground. Staff were ruthlessly bullied and unlawfully dismissed and a young woman with serious visual impairment was forced out of her job because of her disability. Admittedly she had called Meri a ‘fucking gobshite’, but that was after disability discrimination and severe provocation. She could probably have used the defence of ‘fair comment’, but having learning difficulties and never having travelled much further than her home town of Caernarfon (Lord Wigley’s constituency), she probably didn’t know that the legal precedent had been set in the court case involving Derek Jameson aka Sid Yobboe and ‘Private Eye’ years previously.

Whilst Meri was Head of Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Learning offered ‘courses’ in partnership with CAIS, the charity Chaired by Dr Dafydd Alun Jones which numbers Lucille Hughes, Meri’s former boss at Gwynedd Social Services, as a Trustee.

Before going into exile in Dublin, Meri spent a few years employed at that other home for paedophiles’ friends, Bangor Normal College. The Normal College was the teacher training college in Bangor, which eventually merged with Bangor University.

Whilst Meri was causing havoc at Bangor University, during one General Election campaign a Professor at Bangor told me that he had met Dafydd Wigley campaigning in Bangor. The Professor expressed his extreme concern to Dafydd Wigley about events at the University and told Wigley that the Welsh-speaking VC was being undermined by a non-Welsh speaking PVC, namely Fergus Lowe. Fungus was using his knowledge of the paedophiles’ friends to cause much trouble. A lot of us had noticed this and had also noticed that the VC was receiving no support at all from people like Dafydd Wigley – the Professor concerned told us that he had hoped that perhaps the Defenders of Language and Nation in Plaid might wake up to what was happening if the problem was couched in such terms. They didn’t. Although Dafydd Wigley did say to the Professor concerned that he knew Meri. The Professor told us that it was difficult not to respond with ‘not in the carnal sense I hope’.


I discovered today that Bangor Normal has a famous old boy who had escaped my notice – the actor Windsor Davies, he who found fame in the 70s TV favourite ‘It Ain’t Half Racist Mum’. After learning his trade at the knees of the paedophiles’ friends at Bangor Normal, Windsor worked as a teacher at Mountside School for Boys in Staffordshire. There was a long-standing paedophile ring in Staffordshire which was concealed by numerous people for years. Windsor Davies had a moment of pop stardom in 1975 with a recording of ‘Whispering Grass’ with his co-star Don Estelle from ‘It Ain’t Half Racist Mum’. When I was illegally detained in Seiriol Ward in Ysbyty Gwynedd by Meri Huws’s colleague Jackie Brandt after being threatened by Alun Davies, the ‘entertainment facilities’ for patients – some of whom were held there against their will for months – were two ping pong bats and one ball and one of those poles with a sponge ball attached to a cable, the idea being that people could bat the sponge ball around the pole, as well as an ancient record player. There was only one record available however – it was ‘Whispering Grass’ by Windsor Davies and Don Estelle. I discovered later that the only reason that the patients even got those things as ‘entertainment’ was that there had been absolutely nothing at all, so one of the nurses had brought in some of the things that had belonged to their kids but that the kids had grown out of.

Are you enjoying the subsidised restaurants in the House of Lords then Lord Wigley?

Windsor Davies appeared in numerous films including ‘Murder Most Foul’, ‘Drop Dead Darling’, ‘Carry On Behind’ and ‘Carry On England’. He also appeared in ‘Casualty’.

Windsor starred in a special production of ‘Under Milk Wood’, the cast of which was entirely composed of Welsh actors and actresses who had hit the big time during those years of peak child abuse in Wales, the 60s, 70s and 80s. George Martin – friend of ‘The Beatles’ and one who was involved in boosting the metamorphosis of the offsping of the paedophiles’ friends into international rock stars during the Waterhouse Inquiry (see post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’) – arranged the production and another star was Nerys Hughes, who found fame  as the posh one in ‘The Liver Birds’. Nerys’s mother in ‘The Liver Birds’ was played by Mollie Sugden, who was rather better known for her adventures with her pussy in ‘Are You Being Served?’

Nerys was brought up in Rhyl and went to Howell’s School in Denbigh. Nerys’s mum and dad were Myfi and Ted Kerfoot-Hughes. There was a solicitor in Flintshire called Kerfoot-Roberts whom Ronnie Waterhouse was big mates with and who started Waterhouse on his career in law, but I don’t know if he had any links with Nerys Hughes’s family. Nerys Hughes and her clan will probably have known Ronnie and co because every one of them was an enthusiastic Eisteddfodwr. Nerys still has many relatives in north Wales, including her sister Eleanor Parry who lives in Deganwy with husband Roland. Eleanor’s son, Nerys’s nephew, is Rev Robert Parry, a Welsh Minister in Wrexham. Nerys’s family took their Methodism seriously and in interviews Nerys has talked about the excellent start in life that they gave her. She has paid tribute to her ‘good family’. They seem to have ignored a great deal of unpleasantness around them though Nerys.

Nerys played the lead role in ‘The District Nurse’ and back in 1970 played bit parts in films ‘A Severed Head’ and ‘A Girl Like You’. Nerys is married to TV cameraman Patrick Turley. Presumably between them they did come across the name ‘Jimmy Savile’ at some point in their careers – as I suspect Nerys will have come across the names ‘Gwynne and Dafydd’ when she was young.

Nerys was a regular on ‘Call My Bluff’ in the 1980s, appearing alongside Robert Robinson, Frank Muir and that one who had a very bad stammer. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie performed a send up of ‘Call My Bluff’, where some of the words involved were ‘insufferable’, ‘smug’, ‘pompous’ etc. With Nerys on the panel, perhaps Robert Robinson et al could have all had a go at defining words such as ‘paedophile’, ‘lobotomy’, ‘chlorpromazine’ and ‘haloperidol’.

The rock group ‘Half Man Half Biscuit’ released a song called ‘I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)’ on their album ‘Back in the D.H.S.S.’ Which was where so many of us were thanks to the paedophiles’ friends. Meanwhile the Top Docs and Angels enjoyed holidays in the south of France, the Far East, cruises on the Nile etc. How do I know? Because they used to tell the patients about it. Whilst telling patients that they weren’t budgeting properly when patients told them that they couldn’t afford to pay bills, afford bus fares or in some cases food.


Nerys’s nephew the Rev Robert Parry was previously the Minister at Bethel Presbytarian Church of Wales in Birmingham. There were numerous connections between Dafydd and the paedophiles of north Wales and corrupt professional people in the West Midlands. The Rev Parry is now the Minister at Capel Y Groes, Wrexham and was involved in the 2011 National Eisteddfod at Wrexham. If the family are Methodists and live in Deganwy, they will know  paedophiles’ friend Lord Roger Roberts (see post ‘These Sharks Are Crap As Well’).


One did not need to be professionally qualified as a Top Doctor or an Angel in north Wales to make a comfortable living from the desperate. I have mentioned in previous posts that the mental health services in north Wales were so bad that by the late 1990s some patients were spending their disability benefits – those that had actually managed to get disability benefits – on various ‘therapists’ specialising in complementary therapies. The complementary therapists were giving free sessions at the MIND Abbey Road Centre in Bangor – which was run and staffed by people who knew all about the abuses of the paedophiles’ friends but who concealed everything that they were told – and once the service users had been fed utter nonsense about the ‘science’ underlying the head massages/root rubbing/ear candles etc and had been convinced that it would help them, sky high prices were charged.

Whilst I took the view that the complementary therapists were a lot less damaging than the sociopaths who staffed the mental health services, there were some very worrying aspects to the phenomenon. Some of the therapists were basically nice people who did not abuse their clients, although they were out of their depth with the problems that their clients brought to them and didn’t always admit this. There were some however who were quite mad – a number of them were to be found at the misleadingly named Well-Being Centre in Caernarfon. Even more worryingly, as with the paedophiles’ friends who ran MIND in Bangor, there was someone in the Well-Being Centre in Caernarfon who was involved with Rape Crisis. The woman from the Well-Being Centre in Caernarfon enthusiastically told me all about her duties at the ‘rape rooms’. Which sounds like something one would have found at the North Wales Hospital frequented by Dafydd. Brown always maintained that it was no coincidence that the paedophiles’ friends were running Rape Crisis in north Wales, no-one could ever have afforded to let anybody competent into the system.

Some of the mad therapists gathered at a Healing Centre in College Road in Bangor. There was one therapist there who was not bonkers like the others – although I think that she must have known all about Dafydd and the paedophiles. She was a former Angel, her father had been a senior member of staff at Bangor University when the paedophiles’ friends ran the place and her ex-husband was a clinical psychologist at Bangor University who had worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. She definitely knew how to treat people properly and didn’t mistreat or exploit patients, but she must have known about Dafydd. She had identified Howard Jones –  discussed in my post ‘Counselling, Caring And A Bit Of Identity Fraud…’ –  as being completely unsuitable to be working as a therapist.

There was however another ‘therapist’ who worked in the Healing Centre at College Road who was not only completely unsuitable to be working as any sort of therapist, but who most certainly knew about the paedophile ring – because she used to work in the Ty’r Felin children’s home at Maesgeirchan. Even the Waterhouse Report admitted that Nefyn and June Dodd, who ran Ty’r Felin, seriously abused the children there. Children were punched, kicked, forced to work as free labour in local businesses, kept short of food, sexually assaulted and made to lick Nefyn Dodd’s boots. At the Waterhouse Inquiry, a letter was produced which had been sent to Lucille Hughes in support of June and Nefyn Dodd, whilst Ty’r Felin was under investigation. The letter purported to be from a former resident of Ty’r Felin who was in Risley Remand Centre. The letter was a forgery and Ronnie Waterhouse accepted this. Did Ronnie investigate further? No. He stated that he would ‘ignore’ this key piece of evidence that someone in a prison in England had such a vested interest in ensuring that Nefyn and June Dodd were not held to account that documents were being forged.

I knew the ‘therapist’ who worked at Ty’r Felin well because she used to live near me in Rachub. She freely discussed what a complete bastard Nefyn Dodd was until the Waterhouse Inquiry began. At which point she stated that Dodd was an utter git but ooh no she never saw anything so she couldn’t go to the police with any evidence.

After the Waterhouse Inquiry ended, the fortunes of this woman took a sudden inexplicable turn for the better. She was from a local family and had lived in Rachub for years, as the most hippiest of all the hippies. She was so extreme that most of the hippies did not get on with her that well and kept a safe distance. There was much resentment towards her locally because she had a small boy – who was actually lovely – and would ask people if they could babysit ‘for a couple of hours’ and she would then disappear for literally days. Usually to a festival or a rave, knowing that she had selected a reasonably sane person to babysit and that they would never abandon the little boy. Then she acquired a horse without acquiring the land on which to keep the horse. Not that it mattered – she just put the horse in someone else’s field. And when the farmer kicked the horse out, into someone’s garden no less. A posh garden, with the lawn edged by expensive bricks – the horse trampled the garden and crushed the bricks. However she was able to commune with the horse – who was called Rainbow – and told one of the neighbours that the good thing about Rainbow was that she was a single parent as well and understood such matters. On another occasion she explained to me that one of her friends had experienced a breakdown and had been healed by a dolphin. I thought that this friend must have been off swimming with dolphins, so I asked further and it was explained that the friend in question had never actually met a dolphin but a dolphin ‘got through’ to him telepathically whilst he was ill and it did him the world of good.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when this person constructed herself as a therapist, gained employment at the Healing Centre in College Road, started appearing in Bangor wearing a suit and moved into a very expensive house further down the road at Llanllechid. One of her neighbours – who had been one of those who had babysat for days and nights at a time, who had looked after the therapist and her son when they were ill, supplied meals etc – bumped into her in Bangor and commented that no-one in Rachub had seen her for a while. Whereupon the therapist stated that ‘everybody in Rachub is scum’ and she wasn’t going to bother with them anymore. The neighbour observed to me that the therapist seemed to have forgotten that the rest of Rachub had brought up her son.

Everyone knew that the therapist in question was selfish, exploitative and irresponsible and was certainly no therapist after telling a young woman who’s baby had died as a result of SIDS that the baby had died as a result of the young woman’s ‘karma’, – that was the cause of the Holocaust as well no less – but more importantly from the point of this blog, that therapist who denounced the whole of Rachub as scum witnessed what Nefyn and June Dodd did to those kids at Ty’r Felin.

So Patricia Margaret White aka Pats Reclin aka Isha the Therapist or indeed whatever name that you are using at the moment, would you like to make a police statement admitting what you really witnessed whilst you worked at Ty’r Felin? Because everybody else knew what was happening to those kids. I suspect that Pats was not the only person who was well-rewarded for keeping her mouth shut throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry. The son of hers who was brought up by the scum of Rachub whilst Pats went out and got pissed and stoned for days on end wanted to do medicine. He was bright, but had a disaster with his A levels and had to re-sit the following year. Nonetheless, he still got into Edinburgh onto the medicine degree. I know something about Edinburgh University School of Medicine – they are very elitist, up their own arses in every way possible and do not usually give places to students who have stuffed up their A levels on the first try. Had Pats’ son been at a public school, yes, he might just have wangled a place through nepotism and the old boy network – but he was the son of a mad hippy who was at Friars School in Bangor, it wasn’t Eton.

But of course, as I have mentioned previously, Friars does have an old boy network – the paedophiles’ friends constitute the alumni of Friars School. North Wales is choc full of senior police officers and NHS managers  – such as Elfed Roberts – who went to Friars and some of Bangor’s Top Docs went to school there as well.

Was the success of Pats’ son also related to Pats keeping schtum about events at Ty’r Felin?

The last that the scum living in Rachub heard of Pats, she was in Australia after having spent time at the Findhorn Community. Her son has qualified as a Top Doctor but I don’t know where he is working – he has changed his name.

Pats may also have information about the theft of the Hergest patient F’s child and the fitting up of F (see post ‘Killing Floor – I  Know Cos I Was There!’) as well as the death of Martin, who witnessed it all. Being a creature of raves and festivals in north Wales, Pats was frequenting such events with Jeff Crowther, the psychiatric nursing manager from the Hergest Unit and his friend Gareth Phillips, who also worked at the Hergest Unit. Jeff also attended knees-ups with Mary Vernon, another friend of the family who colluded with Gwynedd Social Services and others to frame F.

Whilst I am naming accessories, I think that a Gwynedd social worker called Amber needs to come forward as well. I saw Amber just before I left Bangor when I was out buying groceries one day. She stood glowering at me as though I had murdered her gran and I asked someone who knew her what the problem was and I was told that ‘she’s working with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team’. I knew Amber in 2000, when she was a social work student. She objected to the presence of another student on the course because he was German and stated that she would not want a bloody German as a social worker. Well Amber, most people wouldn’t want a member of a gang of paedophiles as a social worker but that’s all that was ever on offer in north Wales and now you’ve joined them.

You can intimidate some of the people some of the time Amber, but you can’t intimidate all of the people all of the time. And you lot should not have believed that you could do it to me because it was not going to work. I will be naming all of you now, absolutely all of you. Take a hint and don’t ever, ever try this again with other witnesses.

Amber has also completed a course in complementary therapy!


To return to Welsh celebs who somehow ignored a few real horrors on their way up, up and away. The leading role in George Martin’s production of ‘Under Milk Wood’ was occupied by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Hopkins was born in Port Talbot. He has stated that his father’s working class values have always underscored his life: ‘Whenever I get a feeling that I may be special or different, I think of my father and I remember his hands – his hardened, broken hands’. Being a thespian, Sir Anthony will have calloused hands. To instil discipline, Sir Anthony’s parents insisted he attend  Jones’s West Monmouth Boys’ School in Pontypool. Sir Anthony remained there for five terms and was then educated at Cowbridge Grammar School. He stumbled into acting at 17 with a YMCA group. Sir Anthony’s one line was ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth’. As the lady in the crowd listening to the sermon on the mount in ‘The Life Of Brian’ observed, it’s nice that the meek are getting something because they’ve had a hell of a time.

Sir Anthony maintains that Snowdonia ‘is one of the most beautiful places in the world and Snowdon is the jewel that lies at its heart’. Sir Anthony’s love of Snowdonia has led him to live in Malibu, California in the same way that professional Liverpudlian Cilla had a lorra lorra love for her mansion in Buckinghamshire.

Hopkins was influenced and encouraged by Welsh compatriot Richard Burton – another man from Port Talbot who chose places such as Hampstead and Switzerland as locations in which to live and get pissed – whom he met at the age of 15. Hopkins enrolled at the Royal College of Music and Drama. After his national service, Sir Anthony studied at RADA.

Sir Anthony developed a drink problem but has been sober since 1975. I doubt that he was one of Dafydd’s patients at the North Wales Hospital.

Sir Anthony moved to the US in the late 1970s but returned to London in the late 80s. He relocated to the US once more in the 90s. Interestingly enough, Sir Anthony became a US citizen in 2000, immediately after those few years in which he desperately flagged up his Welsh credentials.

In 1996, Sir Anthony directed an adaptation of Chekov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’,  set in Wales. He became President of the National Trust’s Snowdonia Appeal, raising funds for the preservation of the Snowdonia National Park. In 1998 Sir Anthony donated £1 million towards the £3 million needed to aid the Trust’s efforts in purchasing parts of Snowdon. Prior to the campaign, Hopkins authored Anthony Hopkins’ Snowdonia, which was published in 1995. Hopkins has been a Patron of the YMCA centre for more than 20 years. Hopkins contributed toward the refurbishment of a £2.3 million wing at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, named the Anthony Hopkins Centre, which opened in 1999.

So it rather looks as though Sir Anthony discovered and publicised a deep love for his homeland and for Snowdonia in particular at the same time as all that dreadful publicity about a paedophile ring in north Wales which involved famous people and was concealed at the highest levels. Sir Anthony became a US citizen after Ronnie Waterhouse published his cover-up and everyone slept easily once more.

Sir Anthony is probably most well-known for his role as Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic psychiatrist in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) told me that was his favourite film. Francis killed himself after Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, so here’s a reminder of the fallen soldier:

 Well Professor Drakeford – have the lambs stopped screaming?
Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.jpg

It was during the early days of Rhodri’s time as FM, in 2002, when I was arrested and charged with ‘threats to kill’ after I told Alun Davies’s secretary, over the phone, that Davies was a fat idiot (see post ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’). Davies maintained that he was terrified of an imminent murderous attack from me. Where was Davies at the time? Walking alone at night in Snowdonia perhaps with me nearby? No. I was in hospital in Bangor and Davies was at a meeting in the National Assembly in Cardiff. Davies made eight or nine calls to the police from the Assembly demanding that I be arrested and charged. I understand that Davies’s first few calls demanded my arrest for calling him a fat idiot, but after he was told by the police that it would be ridiculous to arrest me for such an offence, Davies then rang them again claiming that I’d threatened to kill him and that he and his family were living in fear.

Jane Hutt was Health Minister whilst Davies made those calls. Presumably someone at the National Assembly knew that Davies was making those calls and also knew that not only was he in no danger of being murdered but that he only claimed that he was after his initial attempts at having me arrested for calling him a fat idiot was unsuccessful. Would Jane like to explain exactly what was going on in the Assembly on that day?

Whilst Hutt was Health Minister, Mark Drakeford was her Spad. Drakeford has now announced his intention to stand as a candidate for FM and Hutt has told the BBC that Drakeford as FM would be ‘a blessing for Wales’. Perhaps The Blessing who was once a social worker who’s colleagues facilitated a paedophile gang can remember what was going on in the Assembly on the day that he and Hutt were in the company of Alun Davies whilst Davies lied his arse off to the police and had me arrested.

Not that I was arrested immediately. I was a patient in the Hergest Unit at the time and the police refused to enter the hospital and arrest a patient. So I was discharged and arrested as soon as I got home. Which took a while because I was discharged with no money and no transport and had to hitch hike back to my place in Snowdonia.

The Top Doc who facilitated all this was Dr Tony Roberts. Roberts had the highest suicide rate among his patients in any part of England and Wales except for Camden. Hutt and Drakeford knew this because so many of Roberts’s female patients killed themselves that it showed up as a statistical outlier and was the subject of a BBC News report. Roberts had previously worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and was a University of Manchester graduate, so he will have known Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mates who worked at Manchester (see post ‘The Mentor’).

My subsequent complaint about Tony Roberts and co – which included a complaint about being assaulted and injured by four members of staff – was never investigated, either by the NW Wales NHS Trust or by  Gwynedd Community Health Council. The Chief Exec of the CHC at the time was Glanville Owen, who had been the senior manger in Gwynedd Social Services responsible for children’s homes whilst the paedophile gang had worked within those homes. Glanville told the Waterhouse Inquiry that he didn’t expect to continue his career. Rob Evans, who had been another senior manager with responsibility for children’s homes in Gwynedd also told the Inquiry the same thing. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ for details. Until recently Glanville was still a member of the CHC and Rob Evans was Director of Community Services for Anglesey County Council.

Can Jane and The Blessing explain why Glanville and Rob’s careers continued to thrive after Waterhouse?


Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, flatly refused to investigate my complaint or to co-operate with any investigations held by anyone else, declared me a ‘vexatious complainant’ and refused to respond to my letters. I took the matter up with the Ombudsman for Wales, Adam Peat. After my correspondence was ignored, I rang the Ombudsman’s office and spoke to Peat’s sidekick, Geraint Jones, to enquire about progress. Geraint told me that my complaint would not be investigated and then threatened me.

I wrote again and some weeks later received a letter from Adam Peat telling me that it would not be in the public interest to investigate my complaint. Adam Peat had previously worked in the Welsh civil service and had been CEO of Tai Cymru, 1989-98. After stepping down as Ombudsman Peat became the Chair of a Magna Housing, a big housing association in the West Country. All references to Adam Peat have now disappeared from the internet, but further details about him can be read in my post ‘Yet More Crime And Punishment’.

Geraint Jones is still working in the Office of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. He is Assistant Investigation Manager.


Not only was I prosecuted for a serious offence which numerous people in the NW Wales NHS Trust and the National Assembly knew that I had not committed, but Keith Fearns, the leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, then paid a visit to the headmaster of the school where I was employed and told him that I represented a danger to the pupils. The headmaster told Fearns that he had never had any concerns about me. I understand that Fearns ordered the headmaster to suspend me and threatened him and his wife. They were in a particularly vulnerable position because they had two close relatives who were in the care of the mental health services in Gwynedd.

Fearns had never played any part in my ‘care’, he broke confidentiality – although he should never have had access to any information about me anyway, I later found that Fearns was even being sent clinical details of medical treatment that I had received which was unrelated to mental health  – and also told my former employer a number of things that weren’t true. After my employers refused to dismiss me, the headmaster and his wife received phone calls from four parents who worked as Top Doctors at Ysbyty Gwynedd who demanded that I be sacked. I told the school that I would resign because the paedophiles’ friends were clearly going to cause the school serious grief.

Sadly my resignation wasn’t enough for the paedophiles’ friends. The headmaster and his wife were subjected to the standard whispering campaign. In July 2004, a pupil at the school, Kian Williams, had an accident in the playground which resulted in a head injury. Kian was taken to Alder Hey Hospital and whilst he was there he contracted an infection and died. Did his family sue Alder Hey? Er, no. His grandfather paid my former employers a visit and told them that the family would sue them. The North Wales Police and the HSE investigated and the school was prosecuted. My former employers were initially found guilty but appealed and were subsequently cleared.

There was a great deal of very bad publicity for the school and the strain made both the headmaster and his wife ill. After they were cleared on appeal, things escalated. A relative of Kian’s placed a wreath of flowers at the gates of the school on the anniversary of his death. The headmaster’s wife went out to take the wreath into the school grounds only to find a photographer from the ‘Daily Post’ waiting outside. She was photographed and an article was subsequently published claiming that she was callously disposing of the wreath…

Not only was there a wreath placed outside the school along with a ‘Daily Post’ photographer, but Kian’s parents somehow persuaded a TV production company to make a documentary about their Journey Of Recovery following Kian’s death. The documentary received much publicity.

Throughout the media coverage of Kian’s death and the aftermath, no-one managed to mention that Kian’s grieving parents – who were photographed holding hands as they talked of their heartbreak – had not only split up after Kian’s birth, but had never actually looked after Kian. They went their separate ways and Kian was brought up by his grandparents. It was Kian’s grandfather who met the headmaster and his wife after Kian’s death, not Kian’s parents. Did Kian’s grandfather tell the headmaster and his wife that they were heartbroken after Kian’s death? No. They explained that they had always been happy with the school but that someone had to be sued and they could never take on the NHS, so it was the small private school that was going to get it in the neck.

Kian’s parents and his grandfather did not cause all the aggro alone. They had help – help from someone who really wanted to give Hillgrove School a kicking.

Now that The Blessing wants to be FM, perhaps he and Jane Hutt would like to supply full details of who assisted in the shameful, shabby witch hunt against two people who had dared to employ me as well as try and stand up to Keith Fearns.


I will mention here the death of another schoolboy from Gwynedd about which the full truth was never told, a death very different to Kian’s and many years previously. In 1989 a teenaged pupil from Ysgol David Hughes, Simeon Probert, was found hanged in the family home at Menai Bridge. Simeon’s mother maintained that Simeon was being bullied at school and that was why he killed himself. Mrs Probert launched an anti-bullying campaign and for many years placed notices in newspapers on the anniversary of Simeon’s death. Bullying in schools can have very serious consequences and even these days schools are very reluctant to admit to a bullying problem, even if they are well aware that they have one. However after Simeon’s death I was told by a number of people – including pupils at David Hughes – that Simeon was not being bullied and that there were other reasons why Simeon might have killed himself which were not made public.

I didn’t know Simeon or his mother, but I did know his father. Dr Probert was a lecturer in the Zoology Dept at UCNW (Bangor University) – he ‘did’ platyhelminthes (flatworms). There were some very lurid anecdotes circulating around UCNW regarding Dr Probert’s activities at conferences…

One of Dr Probert’s colleagues, Dr Clifford-Jones, had a son who was notorious in Bangor. He was alleged to have been part of an ‘extremist Welsh Nationalist’ group who did pretty much what they wanted because of their parents’ connections. By the time that I was an undergrad, Clifford-Jones junior was at Manchester University becoming an accountant, but I did hear quite a lot about him from local young people. He was famed for walking across the chains of the Menai Suspension Bridge. Which is not that difficult to do, the chains are quite substantial, but Clifford-Jones’s son had epilepsy, so he was taking quite a risk balancing on those chains hundreds of feet above the Menai Strait.

People of Probert’s and Clifford-Jones’s vintage are dying out now, but there is someone working at the School of Biological Sciences in Bangor who will remember the halcyon days when UCNW was run by the paedophiles’ friends – Professor Simon Webster. Simon Webster was a post-doc in the mid-1980s and he knew as much about the madness as the rest of us did. Simon Webster is a crustacean endocrinologist who received publicity recently as a result of working with Bear Grylls. Boy Scout Bear is the son of Sir Michael Grylls who was involved in the cash for questions scandal with Sir Peter Morrison, the man whose molesting of kids in care was being concealed by the paedophiles’ friends in UCNW…


Unbeknown to me, after Fearns threatened my employers, a whistleblower who worked at the Hergest Unit was so appalled at Fearns’s behaviour that he wrote to Alun Davies under public interest disclosure guidelines. I now have copies of the correspondence. The Hergest whistleblower stated quite clearly that Fearns and his colleagues were conducting a vendetta against me, that confidentiality was being breached constantly, that misleading statements had been supplied to the police and to other people and that no-one had ever deemed that I was any sort of risk to children. Alun Davies replied to say only one thing – he gave the whistleblower a bollocking for using official Trust headed paper.


After I got nowhere when I raised the matter of Fearns with Alun Davies and Gwynedd Social Services, my lawyer wrote to Gwynedd Social Services, who held Fearns’s contract. My lawyer wrote to Martin Davidson, the ‘service manager, mental health’ for Gwynedd Social Services, on 8 Oct 2002 but did not receive a reply. She wrote again on 29 Oct 2002 with no joy. Meanwhile she was also writing to the duty solicitor who had seen me when I was arrested after Davies’s multiple phone calls from the National Assembly. I have mentioned previously that when the paedophiles’ friends were really desperate to fit someone up, it was always Pwllheli Police Station and Magistrates Court that was used. Defendants from Bangor would be taken all the way to Pwllheli, passing several other police stations and magistrates courts on the way. It was to Pwllheli that I was taken after Davies demanded my arrest.

I didn’t know the solicitor on duty, it was a Richard Robyns, who was visibly frightened whilst we were in Pwllheli Police Station. On 22 Nov 2002 my lawyer wrote to Richard Robyns, asking him to clarify what charges I was actually facing, as they kept changing. My lawyer’s letter to Robyns noted that there was a ‘certain amount of bedevilling going on here’. She sent Robyns copies of all correspondence between us and the NW Wales NHS Trust and Gwynedd Social Services. So Richard Robyns knew that the law had been broken repeatedly but not by me. He did not comment upon any of it.

By 2003 nothing had been resolved. My lawyer had received a letter from Gwynedd County Council’s ‘customer care officer’ (!), Einir Gwyn, dated 13 Feb 2003 stating that there ‘had to be a remedy’ for me, recommending mediation or reconciliation. My lawyer then wrote to Glyn Hughes, the Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services. Glyn Hughes refused to hold any investigation and offered no resolution. I subsequently met with Glyn Hughes and Martin Davidson, accompanied by my lawyer. Davidson said nothing at any point. Glyn Hughes told us that it was at his discretion as to whether an investigation would be held and it wouldn’t be. He admitted that there was no evidence that I was or had ever presented a risk to children, that Fearns had breached all procedures and had broken the law but no action would be taken against anyone. Glyn told me that I was welcome to sue Gwynedd Social Services but that legal aid was not available for this and as I no longer had a job I obviously wouldn’t be able to fund such action myself. Glyn then started laughing, so my lawyer and I left.

The ‘service manager’ of Gwynedd’s Children’s Services at this time was Annwen Huws.

I was later told that Glyn Hughes ‘is an absolute bastard, even more of a bastard than the other bastards down there’. Martin Davidson was married to Nonn Williams, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services. There was a major row after Nonn, in her capacity as Director, negotiated a handsome pay rise for Martin, her employee and husband.

When my lawyer finally extracted my records after Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, was summoned before the High Court in Cardiff and threatened with imprisonment for contempt if he didn’t release the records, I discovered among the documents a handwritten note with Martin Davidson’s name at the top and dated 10/12/02 saying ‘Sally Baker appearing in court – charges of harassment. playing everything short and formal’.

Martin Davidson and indeed Gwynedd Social Services were nothing to do with Alun Davies’s complaint against me. The perjurers who made statements claiming to have witnessed me threatening to kill Davies were drawn from the ranks of the North West Wales NHS Trust, not Gwynedd Social Services. Indeed I have a copy of the note signed by Patricia Gaskell, the solicitor for the NW Wales NHS Trust, which asks for ‘more nurses down to the police station to make complaints about Sally Baker please’.

Perhaps Jane Hutt and The Blessing could shed some light on the matter – Jane and The Blessing were responsible for Social Services as well as Health at the time.


The charges of ‘threats to kill’ suddenly disappeared when an NHS whistleblower came forward and stated that they had witnessed the conspiracy to frame me and that if the prosecution went ahead they would go public on the abuse of patients in the Hergest Unit.

After I was convicted of the lowest category of Public Order offence, I received a letter from the DES telling me that as my name was on the teaching register, I was now under investigation as a potential risk to pupils. By now I had really had a bellyful, so I replied making it quite clear how trivial my crime had been and how much evidence I had of serious criminal conduct on the part of the NHS and social services. I subsequently received a letter written in the snottiest of styles agreeing that there was no evidence that I was a risk to anyone but telling me that if ever I wanted to take up another teaching position I would have to undergo a medical examination. The only surprise is that they didn’t demand that it be done by Dafydd. The rationale behind this was, according to the DES, that I had ‘received mental health care for 17 years’. Which somehow didn’t quite capture the illegal arrests and detentions under the Mental Health Act and the constant refusals to treat me on the occasions when I was seriously depressed.

It got better. I discovered that my name had been entered, without my knowledge, upon a thing called ‘the serious mental illness register’. I didn’t know that such a register even existed, but I was told that it had been initiated to ‘prevent service users falling through the net’. Whilst my name was on the Nutters Register- which was what was causing the DES such distress now that they couldn’t pin a serious offence on me – Tony Roberts and Alun Davies refused me all care and treatment and told me that I would be arrested if I entered Ysbyty Gwynedd on the grounds that I wasn’t ill.

When Brown and I found out about this contradictory chaos, we spent time speculating about whatever would have happened if I had have been dangerous, murdered someone and a serious case review had been held. The NW Wales NHS Trust and Gwynedd Social Services would never have been able to have defended their actions. But there would have been no consequences for anyone, in the way that there never ever is, no matter how great the disaster. The Nonns, the Martins, the Glyns, the Tony Roberts’s and the Alun Davies’s are simply moved sideways into a new post on the same enormous salary and two years later are promoted. And now The Blessing wants to be FM.

There was only one person who was named and shamed as a result of all this. That was a junior Minister who was in the DES who had been the person responsible for clearing me and a number of other wrongly accused teachers. This Minister was named and was accused by the media of ‘allowing dangerous teachers’ – including paedophiles no less – to continue their careers. The dangerous irresponsibility of this Minister was used to argue that it should be social workers who make such decisions in future.

The Minister concerned was about the only leading light in Blair’s Gov’t who was not given a peerage when Blair finally fucked off. It was said that was because Blair never quite trusted this Minister. No, it was because this Minister was not a paedophiles’ friend – Blair knows who I am talking about and Blair knows how bloody shameful the whole episode was.


I was friends with another Hergest patient who had witnessed much of what had happened to me throughout that time. I had known him before – he was a patient in Bryn Golau Ward in the North Wales Hospital when I was there in 1986/87. He was found dead after the attempt to fit me up for threatening to kill Alun Davies collapsed. He had experienced heart failure brought on by the huge amount of ‘medication’ that he had been given. The Hergest whistleblower had repeatedly warned the Top Docs that this man’s life was being put in danger by gross over-prescribing.

I think that The Blessing needs to open an investigation into the death of Philip Jones when he takes office.


Another phenomenon grew to incredible proportions whilst the mental health services spent much time and effort trying to fit me up and force me out of my job – that of Service Users Champ Marion Janner, daughter of Greville. Marion launched a ‘social enterprise’, ‘Bright’, which established a scheme called Star Wards, in which shite abusive mental health units are given good publicity by Marion. Regular readers of this blog will remember that Marion has been featured here previously. I have mentioned Marion’s support dog Buddy, who accompanies Marion absolutely everywhere such is her trauma at everyday situations such as going on Radio 4 and praising an abusive mental health system. I do have an apology to make for misleading readers – I thought that Buddy was a labrador for some reason, but I have now discovered that Buddy is in fact a Tibetan Terrier. I have found a webpage providing info about Marion which presumably has been written by Marion herself and I was concerned to read that Marion ‘is perhaps best known though as the proud mother of Buddy, a 12 year old Tibetan Terrier, whose hairy little face graces many a mental health ward noticeboard and whose happiness-inducing presence among inpatients is a major inspiration to Star Wards’ work.’

Not only has Marion given birth to a Tibetan Terrier with a hairy little face – – one is reminded of the old joke ‘Mary had a little lamb, the obstetrician was astounded’ – but she also boasts of having two learning disabled foster sons. I wonder who on earth made the decision to allow Marion to foster learning disabled children. Probably the same person who believed that the nation’s service users needed a champ like Marion.

In 2010 Marion was given an OBE for her ‘services to mental health’. Whilst mental health patients dropped like lemmings in north Wales, whilst hundreds of them died in the care of Southern Health and there were no investigations and whilst the UK mental health services collapsed – as has now been admitted.

In June 2015, Marion was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the ‘Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing’. Professor Hugh McKenna made a speech and told everyone of Marion’s many qualities. McKenna stated that Marion was ‘a rare breed’ – well that dog that she gave birth to certainly is – and that before she transformed the UK’s mental health services, Marion was Project Manager at Learning Difficulties Media, Director of Payback and Head of Service, NACRO Training and Housing Services (for details of criminals employed by NACRO, see post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’). Marion is also a Trustee of the LankellyChase Foundation, ‘a charity that works to bring about change that transforms the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage’. Perhaps people who whilst they were kids in care were sexually assaulted by a Labour MP who was then given a peerage, who was never charged and who are now being called liars by the adult children of that man – one of whom is a barrister, one of whom is a Rabbi and one of whom thinks that she’s given birth to a Tibetan Terrier.

Hugh McKenna is Dean of Medical School Development at the University of Ulster. Hugh was born and grew up in Belfast and is over 60 yrs old. So he’ll know about the allegations that in the 1970s, the residents of the Kincora Boys’ Home were sexually abused by a whole range of people, including British Army officers, Whitehall civil servants, Anthony Blunt and a member of the Royal Family.


So who was the National Assembly’s Chief Legal Advisor whilst the naked criminality was going on in north Wales on the watch of Hutt as she was being advised by The Blessing? Step forward Winston Roddick QC, Chief Legal Advisor for the National Assembly, 1998-Oct 2003.

Winston Roddick was born and raised in Caernarfon and was educated at the Royal Naval School Tal-Handaq, Malta and Sir Hugh Owen Grammar School. Winston will have been to school with many a paedophiles’ friend in Caernarfon and the Royal Navy/Malta connections could well mean that he knew Sir Alec Bingley, his wife Lady Juliet and their son William. Lady Juliet and William spent many enjoyable years colluding with Dafydd and the paedophiles when they worked for MIND and when William subsequently became Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission (see post ‘MIND Are Out For Mental Health – Never For Themselves Of Course’).

Roddick worked as a police officer in Liverpool whilst Dafydd built an arm of his empire in that city. Roddick then completed a law degree at UCL. He trained as a barrister and was called to the Bar in 1968 and worked on the gloriously corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit, along with Huw Daniel who was the corrupt judge who presided over my trial for calling Alun Davies a fat idiot. Roddick became a Crown Court Recorder. Whilst he was Chief Legal Advisor for the Assembly he advised on the creation and passing of the Welsh Language Act 1993. Presumably Winston was so busy doing that, that he missed all the people – Welsh speakers included – who were being stitched up in court in north Wales or who were dying because of the malpractice and neglect of the NHS and social services.

Roddick was the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, 2012-16. He stood as an Independent although he was a member of the Lib Dems. Roddick stood as the Liberal candidate for Anglesey in 1970 and Cardiff South and Penarth in 1983. Roddick served as Chairman of the Welsh Liberal Party in the early 80s.

The following names will be familiar to Winston – Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith and Dr Death.

In 1997 Roddick was appointed as a member of the Independent Television Commission and he was a member of the S4C Authority, 2004-12.

Roddick is a member of the Gorsedd of the Bards. A leading light in the Gorsedd and the former Archdruid is Robyn Lewis. Lewis spent decades working as a solicitor in Pwllheli. Roddick is also Patron of Caernarfon Rugby Club, Honorary President of GISDA (a homeless charity for young people in Gwynedd) and Vice-President of Caernarfon Male Voice Choir.

Winston is a Freemason. He is or was an officer of the Dinas Llandaff Lodge, alleged to be the most powerful Lodge in Wales, containing a number of senior police officers and senior figures in the legal profession. Other members of the Dinas Llandaff Lodge included Stefan Terlezki, the former Tory MP for Cardiff West and Gwilym Jones, the former Tory MP for Cardiff North. Stefan Terlezki knew that George Thomas was abusing boys and as George Thomas was a Freemason, the other members of the Dinas Llandaff Lodge will have as well. Gwilym Jones spent a few years at the heart of the Welsh Office’s collusion with the criminality of Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’).


When Winston Roddick retired, allegations were made that Rhodri was so desperate to ensure that the job of Counsel General – by that time the Chief Legal Advisor of the Assembly has acquired that title – went to Malcolm Bishop QC, that he blocked the appointment of Gerard Elias QC. There was a grade A row and in March 2004 ‘Dragon’s Eye’ reported that Elias’s appointment had been recommended by an independent panel but Rhodri vetoed the recommendation. Claims were made that Rhodri wanted Malcolm Bishop in the post because Bishop was a member of the Labour Party. Rhodri’s office claimed that the allegations of cronyism were nonsense and that Rhodri did not know, had never met, or even spoken to, Bishop.

There will have been another reason why Rhodri wanted Malcolm Bishop as Counsel General and it won’t have simply been that he was a member of the Labour Party. Malcolm Bishop was educated at Ruabon Grammar School. So he grew up in the Wrexham area. He will have known all about Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn, Dafydd and the paedophiles.

Somebody else wanted Malcolm Bishop to be Counsel General for Wales as well – Derry Irvine, who had just stepped down as Lord Chancellor. Derry supplied Bishop’s reference.

Cherie and Tony were pupils of Derry’s. And Derry was a junior barrister to Sir Ronnie Waterhouse.

Malcolm Bishop studied theology at Oxford before he studied law. He seems to still have connections with the Church of England because he was interviewed by ‘Church Times’ earlier this year.

Bishop serves as a Deputy High Court judge, Recorder of the Crown Court, Chairman of the Isle of Man Legal Services Commission, Bencher of the Inner Temple and a member of the Family Law Bar Association Committee.  He was formerly a member of the Bar Council.

Two of the people who objected strongly to Rhodri’s efforts to crowbar Malcolm Bishop into the job of Counsel General for Wales were paedophiles’ friends Ieuan Wyn Jones and Eleanor Burnham. They were outraged to hear that Rhodri objected to Gerard Elias being appointed because Elias was a Freemason. You had nothing to worry about Ieuan and Eleanor – Malcolm Bishop was almost certainly a paedophiles’ friend as well, there was nothing to fear.

Why were Ieuan and Eleanor so worried? Well Ieaun grew up in Denbigh and worked as a solicitor in Ruthin with paedophiles’ friend David Jones (see post ‘The Right Honorourable David Jones MP’) and Eleanor grew up near Wrexham, was a manager in the Social Services, a magistrate in Wrexham and sat on Mental Health Review Tribunals for the North Wales Hospital Denbigh (see post ‘News Round Up, 13 October 2017’). I imagine that Ieuan and Eleanor were tripping over themselves to welcome Gerard Elias QC because of the role that he played in the cover-up that was the Waterhouse Inquiry (see post ‘The Waterhouse Tribunal – Who Was Involved And What Happened To Them Subsequently?’).

The whole bloody lot of them knew about the paedophile gang, the unlawful arrests and imprisonments and Dafydd’s dungeon at Denbigh.


Rhodri’s autobiography tells us that in 2003 he visited Velindre Cancer Centre. Rhodri was proud to boast that the ‘official visit was hijacked’ when he met Dave Campbell, whom Rhodri knew when Dave was a local councillor. Rhodri explained that Dave gave him a ‘people’s tour’ of the hospital.

I do not ever remember Rhodri arriving in north Wales for a ‘people’s tour’. I and a number of other people could certainly have given him one – the police stations where rules were broken; Taliesin Ward in the Hergest Unit where patients were violently assaulted and injured by Angels and where false accounts of the patients attacking Angels were documented; the HQ of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team at 26 College Road, Bangor where patients were threatened and sometimes assaulted and where suicidal clients were told to ‘go ahead and do it then’; and then one of the warden’s flats at Bangor University where suicidal students were dropping in and kipping overnight because the mental health services were flatly refusing to treat them.

After providing an account of the People’s Tour of North Korea that Dave gave him, Rhodri tells readers that there is now ‘a Wales of direct accountability to the people’. So that’s why I’m sitting here with 10,000 documents demonstrating criminality of the highest order on the part of the public services, including that which occurred between 2000-04, which was never investigated by anyone. Neither of course was the forged certificate of indictment stating that I had pleaded guilty to a serious offence with which I had never been charged, which was found in the possession of Chester Court. Neither have the unlawful alterations to my PNC record ever been investigated.


Rhodri reminisces about the events involving paediatric surgery in Cardiff in 1997 which he maintains would not have happened if the Assembly had been in place – the Assembly being known for its transparency – and refers to a case involving a Joe Jacobs, whom Rhodri alleges in the late 60s was turned down for the Chair of Paediatrics at Cardiff and went to Toronto, having been told that he was ‘too good for Wales’.

If Rhodri wasn’t dead I’d ask him to explain why there is a former cardiac surgeon working as a cabbie after being dismissed from his job at the University Hospital in Cardiff after he raised issues of patient safety. Then there was that business of the circumstances in which Ann Clwyd’s husband died at that hospital…

Rhodri explains in his autobiography that by 2005 Jane Hutt was ‘exhausted’ as Health Minister – covering up a heap of crap of that magnitude must take it out of one – so Rhodri replaced her with Dr Brian Gibbons. By the time that Gibbons had arrived in post I was writing to Ministers about the criminality in north Wales. I wrote to Gibbons and told him that I had documentary evidence of the most serious criminality in the NHS in north Wales. Gibbons wrote back and told me that ‘this correspondence is over’.


Rhodri’s book explains that he had monthly meetings with Gibbons in Gibbons’s capacity as Health Minister as a result of the ‘panic’ over waiting times. The ‘panic’ being that patients were waiting in agony, immobile, for years, for operations. Rhodri’s answer? He ‘contracted in expertise from England’. Rhodri the proud Welshman. As thick as a brick, appointed those who had run a paedophile ring to senior roles in Gov’t, the NHS and social services and then went crawling to the medical establishment in England and paid them to sort out the mess. Rhodri mentions that the ‘expertise’ came in particular from Bristol. So that would have been Dr DGE Wood’s mates then – the DGE Wood who was involved in running the paedophile gang.

So who is the disgusting Gibbons, Top Doc of Rhodri’s People? Gibbons is a GP who shared a practice with Julian Tudor-Hart, the well-known now very elderly Top Doctor who writes from a radical perspective. Gibbons is a member of the Socialist Health Association. Is Gibbons the son of an Irish peat cutter perhaps? No. Gibbons is the son of Hugh Gibbons, a Fianna Fail TD.

But then the oaf Rhodri was no street kid from Bogota. Rhodri grew up in one of the few middle class parts of south Wales – Radyr. Rhodri’s parents went to Swansea University when a university education was a real privilege and they both stayed on for postgraduate work. His mother was a school teacher and his dad was an academic who knew Saunders Lewis and one couldn’t find a more elitist man than Saunders Lewis. Rhodri’s father became very senior in the University of Wales and their neighbours and associates when Rhodri was growing up included Hilary Marquand, the Cabinet Minister in Attlee’s Gov’t and his son David – who later became a Labour MP – and Arthur Jenkins, the father of Roy Jenkins.

One of Rhodri’s grandfathers was a local big wig and it was partly as a result of his grandfather’s network that Rhodri’s political career got off the ground.

When I used to watch Rhodri on TV and nothing at all intelligent came out of his mouth, because I knew that he had been to Oxford and Harvard, I always presumed that there must be a brain in there somewhere and that Rhodri just didn’t give a bugger for social niceties. Having taken a closer look at Rhodri’s background and activities, I have revised my opinion. There wasn’t a brain in there and the notion of Rhodri’s ‘eccentricity’ was constructed to conceal the reality that this was a privileged complete meathead who knew nothing, did nothing, treated people with complete contempt and was only interested in downing pints. But at least he wasn’t Blair or Alun Michael so he was tolerated as the least worst option. If I’d known all this on the day that Rhodri Morgan was rude to me when I met him at the Senedd, I’d have emptied a bucket of slops over his head. People died because of that fool.


One thing about old Rhodri was that he made damn sure that he and his own didn’t suffer at the hands of the tosspots whom he protected. The Labour Party in Wales had a disaster in the 2005 General Election after a ‘sub-committee of Welsh Labour’s Executive’ imposed an all- women shortlist on Blaenau Gwent. It meant that the popular local candidate Peter Law was elbowed out in favour of Maggie Jones, a senior UNISON official deemed acceptable to Blair. Peter Law stood as an Independent and the voters of Blaenau Gwent delivered a crippling kick in the carregs to the Labour Party and voted for Peter Law rather than Maggie Jones. Labour had lost one of its safest seats. Peter Law was diagnosed with a brain tumour whilst he was fighting the 2005 General Election and sadly died in 2006. Rhodri’s book reveals that Peter Law was treated at Velindre and gained preferential access to drugs unavailable to other NHS patients in Wales because Rhodri’s office sorted it. Readers will know that I take the view that a great many such cancer drugs offer false hope and are probably not worth trying anyway, but most MPs with cancer don’t know that. They are dying and frightened and quite understandably if they hear that a drug is available which will give them another three months, they usually want it. And unlike their constituents they get it, even if Rhodri’s office has to facilitate it.

But Rhodri had a track record for this sort of thing. When his elderly mother needed treatment for a problem which was causing her to lose her eye-sight and the waiting list was enormous – of course it was, Jane fucking Hutt was Health Minister – Rhodri’s heart was touched when his old mam said that she couldn’t possibly go private what with her son being the Labour FM. Mrs Morgan didn’t go private either. Rhodri discovered that as a result of the notion that certain hospitals in Wales should specialise in certain treatments, the treatment that his mam needed was the responsibility of Ysbyty Gwynedd. I bet the Morgans collectively crapped themselves at the idea of Mam risking her neck with that lot. So what happened? Well it was conveniently discovered that poor old Mrs M was so frail that she wouldn’t survive the journey to Bangor, so she had the work done in Bridgend.

I knew one of the eye surgeons in Ysbyty Gwynedd. He and his family lived in Menai Bridge and there was much trouble because his wife was a highly aggressive South African who had a problem with the rest of the world and was at war with the whole of the town. They had been living abroad so no-one knew them when they arrived in Menai Bridge and being Menai Bridge everyone tripped over themselves to hobnob with them because he was the new eye surgeon. Mrs Eye Surgeon told everybody that she was an interior designer and claimed to have an outstanding academic record from a South African university. Sadly Mrs Eye Surgeon was a fantasist and none of it was true. Then came the screaming rows with local tradesmen and the mad accusations levelled at just about everyone. What a lot of people did not know about however was the close relative of Mr Eye Surgeon who was a sex offender, who lived locally and was known to be a risk to young people. Was this family subject to the usual bigotry and leaks from the ‘services’? Of course they weren’t. A suspected abusive situation in the family was ignored and when it could be ignored no longer was concealed by the NHS, the social services, the police and the probation service…

Of course Rhodri’s Mam wasn’t going to be operated on at Ysbyty Gwynedd, they were only there to treat the plebs.


Towards the end of his book, Rhodri mentions that the one thing that he was proudest of achieving during his time as FM was the Children’s Rights Measure, ie. the incorporation of the UN rights of the child into all the laws and actions of the Welsh Gov’t. Implemented by the paedophiles’ friends sitting in the Assembly.

Rhodri’s book comes with photos. There’s a nice one of Rhodri launching the European Year of Disabled People in 2003.

The last words in Rhodri’s book are ‘I’m doing alright’. Yes Rhodri, you were. The country was wrecked and the ‘services’ were endemically corrupt and run by a gang of criminals who had achieved their positions by facilitating a major sex trafficking ring. But you and the fuckwit Julie were absolutely fine.


As Dylan Thomas would say, Time passes.

So what is in the Welsh news today?

There is an investigation into the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board charity Awyr Las. It transpires that the funds have been ‘misused’ and Llyr Huws Gruffydd the Plaid AM has said that people will be shocked at what has been going on. No they won’t Llyr, it’s exactly what everybody would have expected, this is not the first scandal in which Awyr Las has been mired, one of my first posts for this blog was an Awyr Las scandal. Misuse of the funds would you believe. I dunno what Mike Peters thinks is happening to all that dosh that he raises for Awyr Las when he walks up Snowdon and strums his guitar, but he and Jules should know by now that it won’t find its way to a worthy cause, this is the NHS in north Wales that we are talking about.

A distressed father has thrown himself in front of a train in north Wales and his family have said that help for him came ‘too late’.

A group of Wrexham GPs have handed their contracts back to the Betsi and shut shop. So there’s a few more thousand patients without a GP. Not that it will matter to many of them, at least they won’t be badgered into pointless ‘screening’ appointments which throw up false positives constantly or be led up the garden path by being told that to ‘access mental health services’ they ‘just need to talk to their GP’. It is a great shame for the patients who are ill but the chances are that they’d just be told that their conditions are their own fault anyway because they are too fat/too old/haven’t eaten their five a day/taken fresh air etc. Look on the bright side Vaughan, you’ll save a fortune on Top Docs salaries. Although of course if you hadn’t have given them such huge pension pots they wouldn’t be able to retire at 55 after having a hissy fit.

The Blessing has stated that he is ‘the bridge to the future’. Christ almighty, as Leonard Cohen sang ‘I have seen the future and it is murder’. I look forward to The Sun’s headline on the day that Carwyn has his leaving do – ‘Would the last person to leave Wales please turn off the light’.


I’ve been very busy reading Ronnie Waterhouse’s autobiography recently and marvelling at his capacity for sucking up to posh people, but I have managed to do a bit more reading of historical Plaid material and I’ve come across a paedophiles’ friend who had completely escaped my attention. A pal of Dafydd and Gwynne’s – Dr Dafydd Huws, who ‘kept Plaid together’ during ‘difficult years’.

Huws worked as a psychiatrist and became Clinical Director of South Glamorgan psychiatry service.  Huws’s responsibilities ‘ranged from the treatment of the severely disturbed to preparation of evidence for court cases’. So he was framing people who were witnesses to the paedophile ring then. Huws worked at Cardiff’s Whitchurch Hospital, famous for having the highest use of ECT in Europe and for being the employer of Dr Chris Hunter, a key player in the attempts to have me banged up on the evidence of the paedophiles’ friends without my knowledge (see post ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’). Hunter also presided over the violence, the corruption and the murders at Ashworth Hospital (see post ‘Security, Security’). Dafydd Huws knew about it all. Despite the pressure of work involved in stitching up the victims of sex offenders, Dafydd Huws found time during his lunch break to prepare for Plaid Cymru executive meetings.  Which suggests that those lunch breaks were very generous.

Dafydd Huws was the first Plaid Councillor on Cardiff Council in 1969 and he contested Cardiff West against George Thomas, fighting the 1970 and the two 1974 General Elections. If Dafydd Huws had admitted that George Thomas was molesting young boys, George Thomas would not have held that seat for decades. But no-one said a word and Dafydd Huws will have been one of those calling George Thomas’s victims liars and declaring them ‘disturbed’. Huws also stood for Ceredigion in 1979 and Cardiff in 1983 and for the South Wales constituency in the European Parliament elections in 1984.

Dafydd Huws was Chairman of Plaid throughout the 1980s. Peak paedophile years.

After leaving medicine Dafydd Huws farmed near Ceredigion. Huws and his wife Rhian founded Ynni Amgen Cyf company and was responsible for one of the first wind farms in Wales on Mynydd Gorddu near Tal-y-Bont in Ceredigion.


I would be interested to know if the dreadful Rhiannon Huws Williams, former CEO of the Care Council for Wales, is any relation of Dafydd Huws. Paedophiles’ friends of this order are frequently members of the same extended family and Rhiannon has done as much to protect the paedophiles of north Wales as Lord Wyn Roberts did.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

29 thoughts on “Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?”

    1. The IISCA is a complete farce. All the survivors need to walk away and not give this travesty any more than the little credibility that it already enjoys. It was set up by a Home Secretary who began her political career as a Councillor in a Borough in which a paedophile ring was operating which included a Professor of Paediatrics and a Director of Education and it is presided over by a Chair who was responsible for the Orkney Satanic Panic and who as Head of the Social Services Inspectorate in Scotland presided over abuse scandal after abuse scandal.

      How can the British state ever claim to hold a worthwhile Inquiry into organised child abuse? The organised abuse of vulnerable people was for decades facilitated by the medical establishment, the police, the criminal justice system, the judiciary and the good old social services. Many of those who concealed it all are sitting in Parliament.

      The records have disappeared and in the case of north Wales most of the witnesses are dead. The only thing that is worth doing is going out to the North Wales Hospital and retrieving the bodies. Perhaps when that has been done the GMC can be abolished and Gov’ts can refuse to negotiate with the BMA any longer. The MDU could be sued, as the body which protected the Top Doctors who did it all. The whole medical establishment needs bringing down, not just an elderly Dafydd and Lucille put on trial. Dafydd and Lucille will only take a leaf out of Greville Janner’s book anyway and produce medical reports testifying that they are not fit to stand trial. We’ve already had Harold Shipman, just how stupid are those in authority? Let’s be clear – the medical establishment have no intention of putting their own house in order, absolutely none.

      I have observed previously on the blog that for years now if one puts Dafydd’s name into the General Medical Register – his real name that is, David Alun Jones – a little message pops up refusing to confirm whether or not he is on the Register. Brown has told me that the most common reason for this is that the Top Doc has been granted anonymity because they have been involved in high profile inquiries into murders etc and claim to be at risk of retaliation if their details are known. So if anyone knows which high profile inquiries the insane abusive Dafydd has been consulted about, please do let me know. It is certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility – after all Dafydd’s mate Bluglass was concealing paedophilia and murders and Bluglass was wheeled out to conduct inquiry after inquiry. And now Bluglass is singing in Dame Judi Dench’s choir!

      As for Dafydd’s details being kept confidential, for many years he has lived at Rhianfa, Talwrn, Llangefni, Ynys Mon. I presume that he is still resident at the family seat – and I notice from the internet that someone is running a children’s nursery from that address as well now. Furthermore someone told me the other day that his number is still in the phone book, which certainly gave both of us a good laugh.

      1. I have added anon’s link to my comment on that FOI. Yesterday I emailed Amber Rudd and IICSA questioning the emphasis given to Aston Hall at the expense of other institutions and areas where abusive psycho and chemical coshing and medical and “Educationalist” research occurred.

        I queried with whom Aston Hall Survivors Group was formed three years ago. For example two persons who later enjoyed core participant status at IICSA. A researcher connected to the Hampstead satanic abuse alleged hoax. Kendall House Kent with a member of Islington Survivor Group. And one of those two core participants allegedly connected with UK Column and Bryn Allen.

        Aston Hall survivors have a no win no fee solicitor a Derby Police Inquiry and now some extensive chats with IICSA going on in spite of the publication ruling. The founder of the survivor group two days ago checked friends lists of members and found three are listed Facebook friends of a MK Ultra researcher who had lived with a central figure in the Hampstead satanic abuse alleged hoax. And the founder of Aston Hall survivors said she did not know any of this. Barbera O Hare book “The Hospital” she obviously knew about and she knows IICSA have recently been on phone four hours talking to Barbera O Hare.

        I have blocked from my FB friends list any Aston Hall survivors.

        The Hampstead connected researcher knew, before Aston Survivors formed IIRC, the history of Haverhill schoolboys coshed with mellaril. But also that there was definable brain change and vitamin processing anomaly. IE Although testing is only available privately there seems to be a test for lasting damage.

        Haverhill is of course manna to MK Ultra researchers as it is twinned with ? Pont Saint Esprit


        If I am right Suffolk CID investigated the mellaril and abuse crime complaint from Haverhill and dropped inquiry at about time Aston Hall Survivors founded. And we have examined the determination of Suffolk Police not to liaise or report full facts with Derby Police, Operation Midland and Operation Hydrant. And we have examined the determination including at Home Office, Attorneyt General and IICSA not to accord the 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk a mention let alone inquiry and inquest.

        But the Haverhill mellaril and satanic abuse complaint was not alone. Suffolk Police were also dropping inquiry re a former victim of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre who had ended up fostered to paedos at Haringey.

        BBC bigged up Aston Hall just as it bigged up the “Brave” footballers “Coming forward”. I thought at time how much damage the trial by media would do to IICSA. But for Aston Hall it appears the prior publication has not prevented a bit of communication with IICSA.

        1. Isn’t Jeremy Corbyn now demanding Rudd’s resignation? I have no time for Rudd, but this is the Jeremy who ignored Dr Liz Davies when she told him that a paedophile gang was operating in his constituency; the Jeremy who’s election agent was a business partner of a paedophile; the Jeremy who worked for NUPE, the union which represented and protected so many people who abused and neglected the vulnerable people whom they were paid to care for…

          As for the BBC, the hypocrisy of Jimmy Savile’s former employers knows no bounds. They have known all about these abuses for decades and didn’t broadcast a word. They only ever focus on a certain sort of ‘brave’ victim, the ones who do as required. It reminds me of the necessity of ‘listening to the victims’ until the victims say the wrong thing. The woman whom Roman Polanski sexually assaulted when she was a teenager has begged the world to move on and stop publishing her name and has said that she has forgiven a very troubled man whose wife and unborn child were murdered by Charles Manson’s gang. The reports continue, publishing her name and demanding ‘justice’ because the poor woman doesn’t know her own mind. If she was demanding that Polanski’s knackers be cut off, there would be acres of media coverage stating that the Victim Must Be Listened To.

          I have received e mails from journos and others telling me that my story needs coverage in the mainstream media. No it doesn’t, I am a writer myself and I can tell it better than they can. Furthermore I do not want to be characterised as ‘Brave Sally’ or ‘Tragic Sally’, which are the only two media stereotypes allowed for people in my position. There is another category that I would cheerfully embrace – ‘Battling Granny’, but I’m not a granny so I wouldn’t get that one. I can only be Brave or Tragic. Or a Strong Woman of course and I’m certainly not going to go there.

          1. Lord Darzi was appointed by Blair in 1996 to come up with a plan for London’s NHS. Well that worked a treat then didn’t it Lord Darzi??? Just look at the success…

            Darzi was given his peerage by Gordon Brown.

            Things can only get better!

            I prefer a bit of Tom Jones myself – ‘She stood there laughing…’

            More Lord Darzi laffs coming soon on this blog…

          2. It is also Corbyn and Abbott dodging the issue of 43 Hackney and Islington cerebral palsy child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk.

            It is Corbyn dodging the Straight Left communist group (That of his advisor Seamus Milne) in security warnings given before the 22.9.89 terrorist bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks.

            The Suffolk Chief constable who visited Lord Henniker 1992 on a safeguarding mission, re Peter Righton, was Tony Coe who was serving with Kent at the time decisions were taken to nil action prior extensive security warnings on Deal Barracks. The question is also there were allegations of abuse of Royal Marines Cadets in those warnings ? They are with IICSA being ignored.

            We have examined how Keith Joseph and Barbara Castle covered up Beeches 43 child care deaths while Common Law duties to report facts to HM Coroner were comprehensively broken. BUT when the report emerged (The Keith Joseph whitewash) wasn’t that 1970s when Liz Davies was already working for Islington Social Services ?

            When Chief constable Coe visited Henniker 1992 hadn’t Bury St Edmunds HM Coroner already contacted him with concerns about the historical Beeches Islington child care deaths and the Sue Ryder HQ adult deaths ?? But I also question why Islington safeguarding Liz Davies who raised Coe’s visit to Henniker also never raised the Beeches history ??

            At this time I do not know if it is true the allegation Liz Davies was in touch with a Kendall House victim who allegedly was in touch with those founding Aston Hall Survivors.

            What I object to is the Beeches 43 deaths being snatched secretly under Operation Winter Key along with all Islington Survivor complaints.

            There has been no Beeches inquiry to classify CSA so surely Winter Key has no jurisdiction.

            Sarah Morgan QC leading Islington Council inquiry into former Chair of Social Services Sandy Marks (former member paedo group Fallen Angels) is now electing silence to the fact Ms Marks was Social Services chair when Chief constable Coe visited Henniker 1992.

            But the actions of IICSA/Winter Key have denied her jurisdiction for example to examine why the 43 Beeches child care deaths were not put to the 1995 White Inquiry and now how huge failure against Common Law duties to report to HM Coroner has beset Islington, unremarked and uninvestigated, from 1954 to the PRESENT DAY.

          3. Diane Abbott is dodging a great deal more than the 43 cerebral palsy deaths, she worked as the PR and Press Officer for Lambeth Borough Council whilst their children’s homes were heaving with paedophiles AND Lambeth were sending kids to north Wales homes.

            There is no hope of this lot sorting it out – they have all been complicit. That is why they take refuge in idiocies such as ’empowerment’, ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’. None of them are honest enough to admit when they are running for election that ‘I’m going to stick my nose in the trough and kick the most vulnerable in the chops because they’re too wrecked and dispossessed to make it down to the polling station anyway and what I want are the votes of the Top Doctors’.

            I was entertained to read that the Chief Exec of Alder Hey has been ‘shocked’ that staff have received a ‘barrage of abuse’ over the case of that baby Alfie. I’m sure that the wagon can be put back on the rails again by a few feel-good TV documentaries and photos of Angels holding people’s hands and cuddling children. Then we can all once more forget that Alder Hey employed Prof Robert Owen who concealed the paedophile gang in north Wales.

      2. Good to see that there’s no shortage of idiocy for this blog to follow up.

        Lord Darzi and Lord Prior have stated that the NHS needs millions and millions of pounds more. Well there’s a surprise. Lord Darzi – a Top Doc – and Lord Prior – the Chairman of the hub of nepotism and dodgy practices that is UCH – know as well as I do that millions more will do nothing to combat a problem which is rooted in organised crime and endemic corruption. I have previously blogged about the excesses of Lord Darzi but I really think that Lord Prior should have kept a low profile – not only was he the centre of a fraud investigation involving a private psych hospital some years ago but him popping up like a bad penny reminded me that I haven’t yet blogged about his dad, Jim Prior, a member of Thatcher’s Cabinet and a colleague of Sir Peter Morrison whilst Morrison was molesting children. Jim Prior was Secretary of State for N Ireland – so Lord Prior, your dad knew what was happening to those boys at Kincora and he’ll have known about the shoot to kill policy and the dirty deals that were being done (indeed, he’ll have been doing them) to keep a lid on the murderous activities of the British Gov’t in N Ireland.

        There’ll be much more info coming about Lord Prior and his dad coming very soon…

        I have received an e mail informing me that Mike Peters has chronic lymphocytic lymphoma, not testicular cancer. Sorry to have got that wrong, I read the bit about testicular cancer in a news outlet. I have amended the above post accordingly. My correspondent also told me that Mike Peters and his wife have fulfilled their commitment to Awyr Las and are now concentrating on family life and music. Just for the record, I have never suggested that Mike and Jules are part of the swindles and cons taking place at the Betsi/Awyr Las, rather that their support is being ruthlessly used by the Betsi for PR to distract from the serious wrongdoing of others. Perhaps when Mike and Jules got involved with Awyr Las they did not realise just how serious the corruption in that organisation is – but they live in north Wales, surely by now they’ll have noticed the stream of scandal and deaths…

        I understand that it was reported on Wales Today that Awyr Las has been reported to the Charity Commission by Janet Finch-Saunders. That’ll be the Charity Commission which is peopled by so many who were complicit with abuse and wrongdoing in their previous careers. I appreciate the gesture Janet, but I won’t hold my breath…

        Someone has e mailed me marvelling at the amount of dirt that I have on those we know and love and wondering where I get it all from. It’s not rocket science – it is simply the result of thirty five years of witnessing the most disgraceful conduct of the paedophiles and their friends and being viciously targeted repeatedly for refusing to collude with them. The fields of health and welfare are in such a bad way that there is only one reason for someone who will not collude with serious abuse to try and make a career in those areas – it is to watch what is going on, notice who is doing what and who is protecting them, allow oneself to be repeatedly gunned down and then publish what is going on when one’s had enough. Because you certainly can’t help anyone in any other way.

        1. I think it is a fallacy to believe that “Raising awareness” will affect change.

          So yes I do a lot of tilting at windmills I am in Winter Key. I am in NCA Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry. I am considering whether to withdraw from IICSA in which I have two refs one is submission the other is the (Bury the) Truth Project and I have a 46 year ongoing battle with Suffolk Police in which I had the misfortune to briefly serve. But constable oath of duty are unto death. All that happens when you resign police is they stop paying you. In the duties charged you remain the constable unto death or unswearing oath (A treason).

          1. ‘Raising awareness’ provided a golden opportunity for those who ran the paedophile rings to ‘teach’ vulnerable people about sex…

            There is a blog post concerning this on the way and I will be naming yet more accessories, including a few who were giving ‘sex education’ to learning disabled people.

    1. A social worker from Gwynedd became an international ‘leading academic’ on the basis of her ‘development programmes’ which enabled profoundly learning disabled people to ‘explore their sexuality’ whilst she ‘supported them in their relationships’…

      I just never stop wondering ‘how did they get away with it’…

      1. Today I learned that Islington Survivors appear to be approaching Michael Mansfield QC and to be reaching some sort of interview agreement with Operation Winter Key.

        So I have emailed Islington Survivors, Islington Council, HMIC, Winter Key, Under Cover Police Inquiry and Michael Mansfield. You probably will feel you should not publish this but you can read it anyway


        There is also a complex FOI open to Suffolk Police.

        At a time Sandy Marks was Chair of Social Services there was a visit, called for by Islington, of Suffolk Chief constable to Lord Henniker whose estate hosted Islington Suffolk Project. This was about Peter Righton living at Henniker Estate. 1992.

        In Common law there is a duty to report facts to HM Coroner that may lead to or inform an inquest. It is a legal duty of inquest to “Allay suspicion”

        No matter what jurisdiction, terms of reference etc the Sandy Morgan QC inquiry is subject to that Common Law it is ever present.

        With regard to the 1992 visit by Chief constable Tony Coe to Henniker the fact is Mr Coe’s previous service in Kent would be known to Michael Mansfield to whom you should send this email copy. He needs to look at MacPherson Inquiry and role of his British Irish Rights Watch charity in Rosemary Nelson Inquiry. Also he needs to look at death of child patient during hospital back up power failure Guys 1995 and that Gwent retired Chief constable Tony BURDEN sat on Rosemary Nelson Tribunal.

        In particular Jack STRAW and Norman WARNER Common Law duties when STRAW was an Islington Cllr and advisor to DHSS minister Barbara CASTLE mid 1970s and a decision was taken not to report facts to HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds concerning 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk in Islington and Hackney Care. Michael Mansfield will find that in his representation of the Lawrences he gained knowledge Jack STRAW suppressed inquiry related to this and related to IRA frauds against benefits .. matters that arose in a 1997 call for inquiry from Kent Police Authority.

        In fact the suppression of inquiry was objected to by Sir Ronnie Flanagan of RUC. It seems clear Straw and Warner acted unlawfully as Judges in Own Cause against MacPherson Inquiry. This was known to solicitor Imran Khan and the Lawrences at time they were subject of undercover police inquiry we now learn had infiltrated Lawrence group via IRA supportive Socialist Worker Party. I don’t doubt Khan reported this to Mansfield during MacPherson.

        I take the unusual move of attaching some photos. 3 are of the CCTV images Met had concealed until 2016 in the Lawrence case. And one is of the 1993 appearance of a man I have asked National Crime Agency to investigate.You may recall 2016 when Met came clean with two pieces of concealed evidence the CCTV images which are neither Gary Dobson nor his distinctive jacket. And a bag strap I suspect was owned by a white woman attacked at Lewisham earlier on the fateful day.

        I am currently asking Home Secretary if a prisoner reclassification to cat D has been given in order to draw Lawrence inquiries to swift conclusion and head off appeal. I will not hold my breath waiting for an answer. But I do know the facts.

        The notorious child rapist mercenaries the Parker twins of Nuneaton were subject of Kent Police Authority call for inquiry 1997 suppressed by Jack STRAW of which Michael Mansfield would have knowledge. I recently put to NCA that their predecessors were safehousing the Parkers at a time during MacPherson and subsequently STRAW protected them from inquiry.

        So be assured I am sending NCA open lines of inquiry in Lawrence case. And that man would have been interviewed by police during MacPherson if Straw your ex Islington Cllr had not suppressed inquiry.


        Be clear here the information via Christs College from a purported retd Bishop of Durham was 1997 five years after Suffolk Chief constable visit to Henniker. The information in essence RE BEECHES IXWORTH CHILD CARE DEATHS was a line of inquiry should be Bishop STOCKWOOD the mentor of Nick STACEY. Following the despicable Stacey as Head of KCC Social Services was aye aye NORMAN WARNER till required to participate as chair of an inquiry tied up with Peter RIGHTON at a time the OU played apart of protecting ministerial advisors Barbara and Vladimir KAHAN and we can but wonder what role they played in the Beeches child deaths cover up. The OU absorbed the 11 year old Kahan Righton training scheme for social workers.


        So when abuse complaints arose that Royal Marines band cadets were abused mid 70s who was head of KCC Social Services ? Nick Stacey who as policy blocked any report to police.

        And after justice and truth blocking Nick Stacey KCC appointed Norman Warner. Hence over the span of alleged abuse 1975 and the 1989 bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks who had knowledge ? STACEY WARNER SIR IAN JOHNSTON. Of which it must be inevitable Mansfield gained knowledge re STRAW’s and WARNER’s cover up compromising MacPHERSON Inquiry.

        I think it is very sad that 43 lost child souls continue to be denied inquiry and inquest.

        1. I also sent a copy to IICSA. After what I asked them about the prima donna status afforded Aston Hall and mentioned UK Column associations with advisors who set up the Aston Hall Survivors group. It occurred to me IICSA must have accredited UK Column as a reliable source given the same person(s) was a core participant at IICSA.

          So I removed the proviso that UK Column is at base of the Royal Marines abuse allegations .. if IICSA accept them as source already and involve their folk as core participants then to my mind it is reportable and publishable.

        2. Thanks for all the info Richard – I have read through it and I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t publish it, but obviously if any interested parties contact me and ask me to edit it providing sound rationale I will.

          I’m not sure that the Islington survivors will get what they want from Mr Mansfield – he knew what was happening and in 1993 I contacted him at the peak of the publicity re north Wales and allegations of a paedophile ring. He must have realised from my letter to him that I was being targeted by Dafydd and the paedophiles but he very obviously didn’t follow it up or ask any questions…

          No-one can afford to come clean over any of this. The abuse and deaths of vulnerable people have been going on for so long and have been concealed by so many successive generations of state bureaucrats that the truth will certainly never be told by them. None of it is consistent with the constant reassurances given that the NHS is the envy of the world and Harold Shipman was one wicked aberration.

          1. I really cannot see why such resistance to an inquest for 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth.

            That and a new inquest for Volunteer Matron Mary McGill of nearby Sue Ryder HQ 1972 would be the simplest way to shut me up.

            As far as my childhood with Ipswich Hospital zapping steroids, quinine and ephedrine into me giving me rickets and playing mind games with whole families. Destroying all records gives them nothing to dispute my word and I happily swear my word to be true. I aint so bothered about that. My bovver is I took an oath as a constable and my duties charged to pursue justice for others are not yet done. I bend my knee in the duties to no man but judge and then only in open court. Once that’s done that’s done. I don’t bend my knee to secret custodianship of attorney general. Look at the sodding examples featured on your blog. Scotland, Morris. Lyell, Mayhew. Not one compatible with justice. And Minister of Justice Jack Straw … contemptible wee war criminal IMO.

          2. Even when one accepts that genuinely difficult decisions have to be taken by Attorney Generals and Ministers, what has gone on is indefensible. Public safety and national security were put at risk in a major way for years and are still at risk. Swathes of the NHS were and are not safe and the public should have been warned, rather than public confidence in the NHS being prioritised. It is a Sicily situation – the organised criminals have the upper hand in the professions.

  1. It occurs to me that when Michael Mansfield conducted Lawrence private prosecution 1990s he did not declare as adverse disclosure Det sgt Davidson’s disciplinary for moonlight bodyguarding and falsifying Met duty records.

    Since Davidson arrested Dobson and seized the “Distinctive jacket”, we now know was not the same “Distinctive jacket” as in the CCTV evidence Met concealed till 2016, how would the Lawrence or the CPS prosecution prove initial evidence handling ? Trust Davidson duty records ?

    I am asking Amber Rudd if Dobson is still treated as a cat B or is he de facto cat D with tag and extended family visits. Has a deal been struck to stop appeal against conviction. Are the Lawrences running away now demanding police inquiry ends …. and just as it gets interesting Nev and Doreen. Just as it gets interesting.

    1. They all have so much that they haven’t declared Richard, even those with a reputation for having clean hands or helping the oppressed. Some are indeed running away now that it’s getting interesting but others are assisting the Top Doctors with the PR offensive.

      I have noticed that ever since I blogged about Robert Bluglass and his wife being members of the St James’s Singers, a choir of which Dame Judi Dench is Patron, Dame Judi has popped up in multiple media outlets on a near daily basis. The Dame Judi whom was virtually in retirement. The answer Dame Judi is to ask Bluglass to leave your choir. He concealed a paedophile gang, you appearing in the media as a national treasure is not going to alter that. Either you ask him to leave or you leave – unless one of those things happens you are going to be associated with him. This blog has kindly been shared by many people and the info is out there. Bluglass ought to do the decent thing for once in his life and keep a low profile instead of continuing his charade as a member of polite society. I would suggest that Bluglass sells his art gallery, Compton Verney – it’s worth millions – and donates the money to a charity that helps kids or psych patients, but as those charities were all hijacked by Jimmy Savile, Esther, Marjorie Wallace and other paedophiles’ friends, I think that kids and patients are better off without their ‘help’.

      This is a problem that is not going to go away Dame Judi.

      I was told by a dentist a few days ago that after Jill Dando’s murder, Esther was crapping herself because Jill was assassinated by someone who knew that Jill was going to blow the whistle on Savile et al. Unlike the rest of them, it is alleged that Jill was honest and wouldn’t keep quiet. I had heard all this, but the dentist told me that the police know who Jill’s murderer is – he came down from Scotland to do the job. So Esther wasn’t dare going to say a word. But I don’t think that Esther was going to anyway – Esther ignored my information about Dafydd and the paedophiles long before Jill was murdered and Esther’s sister was a social worker in Lambeth when the kids were being sent to north Wales children’s homes. Esther was at the heart of the problem.

      I’m so fed up with the worms appearing in the media supplying free PR to the Top Docs that I’ll soon be naming a few more on the ground in north Wales who need to give statements, more who ‘didn’t know’. But of course their children wanted places at medical school and jobs in the County Councils or as social workers, so Dafydd et al had to be toadied to. How pathetic can you get. As Brown observed, it just shows how feeble they all are.

  2. Across everything from the Beeches Child Care Deaths to the Stephen Lawrence killing via Sue Ryder related deaths, Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, and Deal Barracks terrorist bombing … there is a common theme. Common Law duty to report facts to HM Coroner and Coroner duty by inquest “To allay suspicion”.

    Re IICSA and my original submission. I also make the point Labour in 1967 damped down the Common Law duty to report crime or suspected crime. Misprision of Felony (Keeping silent) was not potentially a good career move prior to 1967 when, for example, we could have charged folk like Esther Rantzen if they had abuse knowledge and kept schtum.

    Hence two common law reporting duties we need to emphasise and restore high in public knowledge and support that by criminal charges. Stop the reliance on whistleblowers and make it once again a criminal offence to fail to whistle blow.

    In the Lawrence case there was four years between death and inquest during which Guys Hospital emergency power failed and killed a child in post op ICU. Southwark HM Coroner and Met Police stitched up the inquest. Nonetheless Jonathan Aitken MP did go to MI5 re implications of the Guys tragedy and hence was caught IRA mains power attack team 1996. Roger Evans MP Monmouth and myself had already detailed the Guys 1987 sabotage incident and flagged it as a suspect target site.

    Det sgt Davidson was disciplined 1995 for moonlighting on plod time and falsifying police duty records. And a Judge had ruled Duwayne Brookes an unreliable witness in a private prosecution that failed to disclose CCTV evidence and Davidson’s disciplinary as adverse evidence to defences.

    That is four years to notify facts and cite suspicions to be allayed to an HM Coroner who was case compromised on the Guys child death inquest. But all cosy Southwark Inquest for Lawrence Valentines Day 1997 narrative verdict .. “The role reversal story of Enid Blyton the golliwogs attack Noddy and all the jingle bell fellow wanted to be was an architect. The IRA ally Mandela approved narrative.” That was the verdict.

    But the Enid Blyton inspired narrative did not say “Institutionalised racism” That was still gathering dust as a red herring concept used in 1971 psychobabble Home Office research on police trainees. Happily Doreen Lawrence advisor Lee Jasper had another trick up his sleeve after arranging for Lawrences to meet Mandela 1993. Dr Richard Stone to be on MacPherson Inquiry.


    I wonder if his contributions will file next to Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre research files re creating the “Salutiferous society” by adjusting vectors between groups in a way superior to nature.

    1. Making not whistleblowing a criminal offence is a popular notion at the moment, but in a system this rotten with corruption it is open to massive abuse. You know what will happen – in the way in which whistleblowers are hounded out of their jobs at present, the worst abusers, when they see the net closing in on them, will all point the finger at the least guilty person and that person will find themselves prosecuted. The paedophiles of north Wales accused their victims of being er, paedophiles, when they made complaint. I can only imagine the fun that they’ll have with a situation in which someone who doesn’t blow the whistle can be prosecuted.

      For over 30 yrs I was surrounded by people who knew that terrible things were happening to me as well as to other people. None of them blew the whistle, none of them. Now some of those people are the worthless toe rags whom I am now taking great pleasure in naming – they were callous, unscrupulous people who colluded with Dafydd and the paedophiles because they did very well out of it. Other people were terrified, absolutely terrified and I feel much more sympathetic to their predicament. Some of them warned me – they told me that I had no idea how bad this lot were and that I could well be found dead.

      What exactly do you do if you are a teacher in Caernarfon and there’s Dafydd Iwan and Lucille Hughes sitting in their offices around the corner, and Dafydd Wigley in his office around the corner from them and you know that they and every one of your colleagues and the police and the magistrates and the lawyers and the judges and the Top Docs and indeed most of the county know that some of your pupils are being abused by local bigwigs and that no-one, no-one at all, will back you up if you raise a concern about what is going on? North Wales was not full of wicked people – the region was run by some very wicked people who were being protected by the fucking security services – the rest of the population were just very frightened people.

      If the British state had supported the many decent people who desperately wanted to see the back of Dafydd and the paedophiles, people would have gradually had the confidence to come forward and challenge them. But they knew that there would be no support for them, absolutely none. And they saw what happened to Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and then me. They were terrified. People tried to kill Brown and me and when we were young they succeeded in killing our house mate. Believe me, people were frightened.

      Where were you MI5? Where were you? Oh yes, you were there. You were bugging and burgling and placing people under surveillance. To protect Dafydd and the paedophiles, not their victims.

      We cannot afford to prosecute people who don’t blow the whistle. It’ll just be another way of shafting those who are not as dreadful as the rest of them.

      1. We had Misprision of Felony up to 1967. And John Reid did a Qui Tam consultation when he was Home Secretary.

        A staff nurse at Ipswich reporting John Paulley for steroid research on unwitting patients would hardly have to fear a counter accusation of being a steroid researcher herself.

        We have failure to report as crimes in money laundering, terrorism and Misprision of Treason law. And indeed the universities you have researched in probably had a guideline in duties to report.

        You cannot avoid a return to misprision law just because of whataboutery. A person making a counter accusation would ipso facto be making admission to an earlier misprision offence.

        So I think I was right to recommend both Misprision and Qui Tam to IICSA at its start.

        1. I can understand your reservations re ‘whataboutery’ and although there are situations in which whistleblowers will be safe from counter-allegations, institutions like the NHS and social services are so corrupt that anyone can be accused and shot down for nearly anything.

          An obvious example. The man who is referred to on my blog as ‘the Hergest whistleblower’ undoubtedly saved a few lives. Patients actively chose to see him because unlike nearly all the other staff he wasn’t a wimp, he didn’t lie about people and he didn’t give female patients the creeps and make their skin crawl with constant uncalled for attempts to talk about sex. I know that a number of female patients told him of their very worrying encounters with Dafydd and others. This man was the ONLY member of staff of Hergest who constantly made public interest disclosures when he gained knowledge of abuse of patients. None of his disclosures were acted upon. There were constant attempts to hound him out of his job. He was sent to coventry by virtually every member of staff in the hospital. A care assistant called him a ‘bloody pain in the arse’ in front of patients and no action was taken when a patient reported this to Alun Davies.

          On one occasion Alun Davies bellowed in front of the other staff re the Hergest whistleblower ‘and why are so many of his patients attractive young women, that’s what I’d like to know’. It was because he was one member of staff whom they were actually safe with, so they all opted to see him.

          Davies ignored numerous complaints about Dafydd and at one point bellowed at me that I had to ‘put up and shut up’.

          If not blowing the whistle was an offence for which one could be prosecuted, Alun Davies would probably have shredded every PID that the Hergest whistleblower had ever written and fabricated PIDs from the paedophiles’ friends and then prosecuted the Hergest whistleblower.

          The system is so badly broken that normal ideas re solving the problem won’t work.

    1. St Andrew’s has gained a dreadful reputation, but what is going on there is what is going on pretty much in most mental health units in the UK.

      People can enter the psychiatric system for comparatively minor reasons and they’ll still be there ten years later, their lives ruined, having gained a string of meaningless diagnoses which will prevent them from returning to their previous professions. Active people who enjoyed hill walking, swimming and rock climbing will have put on three or four stone and be too unfit to continue with their interests. Non-smokers will have become heavy smokers.

      It will all be blamed on the alleged intractability of mental illness. Serious mental illness does cause major problems and people may take a while to recover. But nothing finishes them off quicker than some parts of the UK mental health system.

      In north Wales there was suicide after suicide after suicide. On occasions I dared point out to various members of staff that within days of seeing certain psychiatrists, patients were attempting suicide. The response was to scream at me ‘it was because they were ill’.

      No it wasn’t. It was because Gwynne Williams, Dafydd Alun Jones, Tony Roberts and a few others were so sick, crazed and offensive that they sent vulnerable people over the edge. Those Top Doctors had the highest suicide rate in the whole of Wales and the second highest in the wider region of England and Wales. Please wake up everyone, they were driving people to their deaths. Just look at the stats.

  3. I tried searching blog for Lord Howarth Newport. But only got Richard Howarth. My search skills are nil.

    1. Oh I’m sorry, it’s not your search skills, its my blog! I’ve written so much that my indexing and search facilities are now inadequate. I will be taking a fortnight off soon to update the search facilities but I’m so busy putting up new material that I want to prioritise that I haven’t had time to do it yet.

      When you search, try using different versions of names – Lord Howarth of Newport is on my blog, I think you’ll find him under his ‘real’ name, Alan Howarth. I have definitely blogged about him, he is the Tory who crossed the floor to Labour and bagged a peerage as a result of a dirty deal with Blair, Mandy et al.

      I’ve blogged about Richard Howarth as well, as number of times. He was an advisor to Thatcher who worked in the crazy Agriculture Dept in Bangor University. He must have been trading on the shit that he knew was happening re Dafydd and the paedophiles – Richard Howarth disappeared off the face of the planet in the 90s. I can find no trace of him. Although Operation Pallial would probably like a word with him, he will know why Mary Wynch was ruined by the paedophiles’ friends and Michael Howard.

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