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When blogging about Sir Peter Morrison, the celebrity with close Royal connections – his sister Dame Mary Morrison was Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet – who molested kids in care in north Wales as well as in other places and Keith Best, the barrister and Tory MP for Anglesey, 1979-87, holding junior rank in the Welsh Office who was one of many colluding with Morrison, I have failed to flag up an important link. I do apologise, it was remiss of me, but there is such a mountain of information and so many connections to keep track of with regard to those we know and love that I discover several previously missed links every few hours.

Morrison and Best were both law graduates of Keble College, Oxford. Morrison was born in June 1944, Best born in June 1949. I knew years ago that Best, a snooty English TA officer from the south of England, won’t have arrived on Anglesey to put his name forward as a potential Tory Party candidate for the 1979 General Election for no good reason; Ynys Mon was hardly a suitable habitat for Keith Best and furthermore the Anglesey Conservative Association won’t have chosen him for no good reason. They were very keen on the idea of having Ann Widdecombe as their candidate, but Doris Karloff betrayed them and trotted off to stand in another seat where she thought that she had a greater chance of winning, although on that occasion she didn’t. See post ‘Doris Karloff – Honest About Her Expenses But Not Much Else’.

The then Marquess of Anglesey, George Charles Henry Victor Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey (8 October 1922 – 13 July 2013), styled Earl of Uxbridge until 1947, was a very influential figure in the Anglesey Conservative Party. Like Morrison and Morrison’s dad, the Marquess of Anglesey went to Eton, as did the 6th Duke of Westminster, Carlo’s friend, who was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association when Morrison, the MP for Chester, was molesting kids and the members of the association were openly gossiping about this. See previous posts.

I’m not sure if the Marquess of Anglesey was a close friend of Carlo, but when Carlo and Di arrived in Gwynedd on their Royal Visit in autumn 1981, they kipped at the Marquess’s place, Plas Newydd. He was Lord Lieutenant of Gwynedd, 1983-89, so if he undertook those sorts of duties, he might well have hosted Carlo and Di anyway. They couldn’t have stayed in the Castle Hotel in Bangor, because the Gwynedd social workers sold the kids in care for sex in there and it would have been vulgar to flaunt it before Carlo so openly. The British Hotel employed Empowered Service Users to do the washing up for less than 50p/hour and their social workers assaulted them if they refused, so obviously no-one could risk Carlo and Di seeing that going on either. Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW, the institution acting as the vehicle for the gang that was behind these things, but he had to pretend that he didn’t know what was going on. So it was off to Plas Newydd for the night.

The 7th Marquess served as a church warden in one of the village churches on Anglesey. Gwilym Williams, the Bishop of Bangor, 1957-82 and the Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82, who also held an academic position in UCNW (see previous posts), was a paid up member of Dafydd’s gang. The former Bishop of Chester has been named as having abused children. As was Hugh Davies, the choirmaster and organist at St Asaph Cathedral, 1985-98, who in 2015 was imprisoned for child porn offences. There are also allegations that the former vicar of Llanberis was sexually assaulting boys and that his murder by a teenaged boy was an accidental death that resulted from the boy defending himself. See previous posts…

Anglesey Conservative Association told Doris that they were keen to have her because of her anti-abortion stance, but the anti-abortion stance of the Top Docs across north Wales was merely a result of their dedication to doing deals with Dafydd and the private abortionist in Chester, who was putting lives at risk. If girls and women agreed to pay, they were referred on demand to the butcher in Chester. If they didn’t have the money and asked for an NHS termination, they were told that they’d have to stay at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh to be ‘assessed’ by Dafydd, where they would be refused an abortion anyway and their baby would subsequently disappear, but no-one ever explained where. This was happening until the late 1980s, years after the 1967 Abortion Act. See eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – not Arf’.

So who knows why Anglesey Conservative Association were keen to have Keith Best, a hard right Thatcherite who was pro-capital punishment. Shortly after he was elected, Best was involved in a car crash in which his personal assistant was killed. Best was driving at the time, but was not even charged yet alone executed.

Whereas Best was selected as a candidate under Thatch’s leadership, Morrison was selected in 1973, before Heath had been deposed. Patrick Cosgrave – a friend of George Thomas’s who maintained that he did not believe that Thomas was a child abuser (see previous posts) – wrote an obituary for Morrison which was published in the Indie, July 1995, after Morrison was found dead at his house in Belgravia:

In 1973 Peter Morrison secured the Conservative nomination for Chester, a seat which, as he regularly said in private as well as in public, suited him perfectly. At the centre of a thriving agricultural community, with a splendid cathedral, and populated in the main by the most traditional of Tories, Chester returned Morrison, aged 29, to the House of Commons as the youngest English MP in what was for the then Heath government the disastrous general election of February 1974.

By the time that Peter Morrison was elected as the MP for Chester, a paedophile ring had long been in existence in north Wales/Cheshire. Under Heath’s leadership, Morrison was selected for a Tory seat so safe that he won it in the General Election that saw Heath lose power. Morrison’s predecessor as the MP for Chester was the Tory Sir John Temple and he was preceded by Sir Basil Nield. Basil Nield was a barrister who was elected as the Tory MP for Chester in 1940. His appointment in 1956 as Recorder of Manchester led to the by-election that saw John Temple enter the House.

Sir Basil Nield was Recorded of Manchester, 1956-60. As a QC he was appointed as a judge to the newly formed Manchester Crown Court and to the High Court Bench in 1960. Nield had the distinction of serving in every Assize town in England and Wales and published an account of these in 1972. Basil Nield was the MP for Chester when Gwynne was at his lobotomising best and while Dafydd was still a medical student in Liverpool. Basil Nield was a friend of a young barrister at the time, George Carman QC, who until he moved to London after successfully defending Mr Thrope at the Old Bailey in 1979, lived in Cheshire and worked on the Northern Circuit. See post ‘No Ordinary Methods’. Carman was seriously corrupt, friends with bent coppers and outright gangsters and he colluded with Dafydd and the gang as well as with the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring throughout his entire career.

Cherie was a barrister in Carman’s Chambers until 1988 and Miranda was his pupil barrister.

The organised abuse in Cheshire overlapped with the organised abuse in Greater Manchester/Salford. When Morrison was elected for Chester in 1974, Dafydd and Gwynne were rapidly expanding business and would soon expand further when the Children Act 1975, engineered by Westminster Swinger Leo Abse with the help of the then Home Secretary Jim Callaghan (see post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country), resulted in hundreds of kids being sent into the care of Dafydd’s gang and linked gangs across the UK.

Richard Crossman, the Westminster Swinger who was also a very senior member of the security services, died in April 1974, but while he was Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-70, he used the Dept as nothing more than a vehicle to expand and embed organised abuse in the welfare system. Crossman’s legacy is still with us.

The organised abuse in Cheshire/Manchester was linked to Top Docs in Greater Manchester who were close to Dafydd. In 1974, Dafydd’s old friend and former boss who had run an abuse ring from his position at the Maudsley, Dr Bob Hobson, relocated to Manchester (see post ‘The Mentor’), where he joined Professor Hugh Freeman, Dr Michael Tarsh et al who had run the sex abuse ring in the Greater Manchester/Salford area for many years. See posts ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ and ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. Dafydd’s mate Kenneth Rawnsley had been part of it until 1966, when Rawnsley was appointed Professor of Psychology Medicine at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff. When Ken arrived there, he not only joined the Top Docs who concealed the crimes of George Thomas, Leo Abse et al in south Wales, but Professor Ken, by then being Mr Upholder Of Standards In Psychiatry for the whole of Wales, rubber-stamped the serious criminality in north Wales and told the world that the Training Of Staff and the quality of care in the Denbigh Dungeon was absolutely fine. This was why there was never a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Hospital, even though after the Ely Hospital Scandal blew up (see previous posts), Ely Hospital defended themselves by asking what the fuss was about because Denbigh was far worse. Kenneth Rawnsley’s wife Elinor Kapp was a child psychiatrist who was a founding Director of one of George Thomas’s medical charidees, which these days goes under the name of the City Hospice, now everyone pretends that they had never met George Thomas. See post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’ for info on Rawnsley and his network.

There were organised abuse rings facilitated by Top Docs and Depts of Social Services, with support from a variety of academics, operating in virtually every part of the UK by the 1960s, but in the early 1970s they all linked up together to form one continuous network across the UK, which also fed into networks in Europe and in the US, as a result of pre-existing contacts that the abusers had there in high and low places. Medicine and academia are international and some of Gwynne the lobotomist’s and Dafydd’s buddies eg. Dr Wilfred Abse, made careers for themselves in the US (see post ‘O Jones, O Jones’). Bertrand Russell was a powerful member of the ring in north Wales who spent time himself abroad, including in the US and educated his children there (see post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’). Ralph Schoenman, Russell’s Secretary, was an American who lived in Croesor and was disliked by the other radicals and activists in Gwynedd, but no-one mentioned why (see previous posts). Scores of the other Top Docs and academics who were members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring themselves, or who were protecting their mates who were, had international networks.

I have discussed in previous posts the farm worker in Somerset who lived near me when I was a kid who, I have been told, was linked to Dafydd’s gang and was spotting potential targets; he was American, it made him a novelty at the time. Then his friend arrived, a young American woman. Americans in Fiddington and Stogursey of all places, who turned up in 1974…

Someone told me the other day to think about the sort of things those Americans did when they made friends with my friends and I; they did things that we perceived as fun, such as taking us camping, on walks and bike rides etc, but they also asked us about our school all the time. I hated my school and I remember at the time wondering why Stuart and Janet were always on about that horrible hell hole when I did my best to forget that it existed when I wasn’t actually inside of it. So of course Stuart and his friend found out that our school employed a lot of teachers who weren’t very nice to us, who had poor relationships with the kids and who would never act if the kids were being targeted by predators and indeed might actually help the predators. Predators would have known that certain kids in certain schools in north Wales and other regions in which abuse rings were at work could also be targeted without anyone asking any questions.

I emphasise that I only even remembered all this the other day after someone told me that what was going on at the time was known by the police and the security services but it was not stopped. Stuart and his friends were the subject of police scrutiny because they were dealing in drugs; I am told that the police saw us going into Stuart’s house, they knew that we were off in the Quantocks camping with his mates and it really didn’t matter to them at all… After all, we were being sized up as to whether we were suitable targets for Dafydd’s international business supplying a whole variety of people including The Posh in a few years time.

Mr Thrope was busy in Devon at that time and in Oct 1975, a hitman tried to kill Norman Scott. See previous posts. It was the Avon and Somerset Police who refused to take Norman Scott seriously when he turned up at a police station – I think it was Bridgwater -distraught, after someone had tried to kill him.

Now everyone’s going to Bring Abusers To Justice. Don’t bother on my account police, I am absolutely not interested. I have only been persuaded to include this part of the story on the blog because someone who’s child died at the hands of this lot has told me that they would like to see someone prosecuted. So if anyone of that view wants to use my blog to help them, that is fine by me, I can accept that others disagree with me re prosecutions. However should someone try and made PR out of prosecuting anyone in relation to crimes committed against me, I’ll arrive in Court and offer to help their defence case. I don’t like people who leave me to die at the hands of a bunch of Top Doctors who doubled up as sex offenders and I have no intention of allowing them to make pompous statements about hunting down offenders on my behalf. Brown and a few other mates looked after me, no-one else. Got that clear police? You really did not want to know.

Stuart also befriended me when my grandpa was dying and info is coming into the blog that it was no coincidence that he did that. He knew that my grandfather had been a Tory activist who had political enemies because of his denouncement of Tories like Edward du Cann as crooks and the man on the far right of this pic as an unprincipled tosser:

lord-tom-king Images - Frompo - 1


A leading Tory in Somerset and Avon during that Thatcher years was Chris Patten, the MP for Bath, 1979-92. Bath became notorious as being the site of the action re Sara Keays and Cecil Parkinson and the pregnancy in 1983. Sara Keays was from a Tory family in Bath and her dad Col Hastings Keays was seriously unimpressed with the treatment of his family by Thatch et al. See previous posts. I suspect that Col Keays was one of the Sir Buftons of whom there were so many in Somerset at the time, who didn’t actually know how bad some of those at the top of the Tory Party around Thatcher were. Like me, my closest friend had a granddad who was an old Tory of a Sir Herbert Gussett nature and she used to remark that her granddad would be appalled if he knew what those in Gov’t were like. At the time they were trying to murder Brown and me and were wrecking our careers, including hers. See eg. post ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.

The lowdown on Somerset life was known to those in High Places, including High Intellectual Places in the Tory Party because of Paul Johnson’s purchase of an estate at Over Stowey in the Quantocks in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Johnson’s son Cosmo was part of the lowlife. See previous posts. Charles Moore aka Lord Snooty also began spending a lot of time in Somerset during those years. Charles Moore was Editor of ‘The Spectator’, 1984-90, then Editor of the Sunday Torygraph, 1992-95. When the marital difficulties of Carlo and Di were discussed in the media in the early 1990s, Lord Snooty stated on ‘Newsnight’ that because he wished to protect the monarchy: “I believe in the importance of concealment in these matters and, if you like, hypocrisy.” Lord Snooty could have fairly asked for privacy re Carlo and Di, but er hypocrisy??? Lord Snooty knew what was happening to us at the hands of the gang and he knew that Carlo was colluding with others to conceal serious crime.

Lord Snooty was born in Hastings, Sussex. His family were Liberals; his dad stood as a Parliamentary candidate several times and his mum was a Liberal County Councillor for Sussex. Sussex was the location of the country homes of some of the Bloomsbury Set who had an outpost in Cwm Croesor in Gwynedd as a result of Amabel Strachey having married Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, an Anglo-Welsh landowner and the presence of Bertrand Russell nearby. See eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. The members of Russell’s extended network were using the services of Dafydd and Gwynne.

The North Wales village of dreams | Byron Shire News

Bertrand Russell

Asa Briggs

Jeremy Thorpe

While at Eton in 1974, Lord Snooty wrote about his membership of the Liberal Party in the Eton Chronicle

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and also about his taste for Real Ale. During this period Lord Snooty was already a friend of Oliver Letwin, who also knew about much that has been discussed on this blog.

The world of a woman. - Page 554 - GF - General Forum ...

Moore remained a Liberal into his early 20s, by which time he was at Trinity College Cambridge, with Letwin. The Trinity College which had been at the centre of an elite abuse ring for years, what with Carlo being a student there and Rab Butler being Master of Trinity and Trinity churning out gay spies who used their role in the security services to rape children and ensure that Dafydd and Gwynne et al were allowed to go their own sweet way unhindered. The Cambridge Apostles who evolved into so many of the spies who had their priorities wrong tended to be drawn from Trinity or King’s Colleges. See previous posts.

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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Auberon Waugh worked with Charles Moore on ‘The Spectator’ and ‘The Sunday Telegraph’; Auberon lived at Combe Florey in Somerset and he knew about Dafydd et al.

It’s not even hypocritically protecting the Royal Family Moore you dipstick, this was/is serious organised crime you deluded stuck-up twat and witnesses were murdered. But then that is one reason why you won’t actually dare speak about it now publicly; you’ll be found dead rather than spending the rest of your life drinking brandy and pontificating with Letwin et al re the shortcomings of the lower orders.


Chris Patten will have had a ring side seat re the Sara Keays business and he will have known that the Bishop of Bath and Wells was concealing abusing clergy as well, including the Rev John F. Rigg of Bawdrip near Bridgwater. See previous posts. Rigg was still the vicar of Bawdrip when George Carey was Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Patten has been Chancellor of Oxford University since 2003. While in that role, his wife, Lady Lavender, acted as Patron for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, which was established by Professor Mark Williams, while he was employed by Oxford University. Williams launched his Mindfulness fraud in the late 1980s when he worked with Dafydd and the gang in Bangor. See previous posts eg. ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’.

Mark was joined at Oxford by Professor Tom Burns, who had previously worked with the Westminster Paedophile Ring at St George’s Hospital, where I told him what Dafydd et al were doing and Tom was good enough to tell me that he believed me, that psychiatry attracts disturbed people and it was a big problem. I never saw Tom again, but I later found out that he told another member of the ring that I wasn’t psychotic but I might have a paranoid personality disorder. Tom then used his knowledge of what had happened to me and my friends to get himself a Chair at Oxford. See previous posts.

Lavender is a barrister and in the 1970s she was a big supporter of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals was Chairman of the AAM, 1960-64; David Steel, who concealed Cyril Smith’s assaults on children and knew a great deal more about Mr Thrope than he pretended, was President of the AAM 1966-70; and Dafydd and Tony Francis’s pal Professor Hugh Freeman’s big mate in Manchester, Professor Mervyn Susser and his wife Professor Zena Stein, were founders of the AAM. See post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’.

Top Docs, social workers and others were concealing organised abuse in Oxfordshire, including Barbara Kahan and her child psychiatrist husband Dr Vladimir Kahan; Kahan was appointed as a children’s social work adviser to Sir Keith Joseph at the DHSS in the early 1970s and Kahan remained as a Gov’t adviser for many years. See post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’. Dame Rosemary Rue’s career was going nowhere until she worked as a Top Doc in a very junior capacity in a hell hole in Oxford where patients were being abused and then the sky was the limit. See post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’ Richard Crossman’s mate Dame Isabel Graham Bryce was the Chairman of the Regional Health Board for Oxfordshire who was ignoring excesses nearly as bad as those at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and refusing to spend NHS funds on improving conditions, even when she was asked to; the funds were used for machines that go ping another other purposes. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’.

Prior to his appointment as Chancellor of Oxford, Chris Patten got in a bit of practise at another university which was concealing organised abuse, when he served as Chancellor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, 1999-09, years which covered the publication of the Waterhouse Report and the succeeding years when people shouted angrily that there had been an enormous cover-up. There ring in the North East had direct links to Dafydd’s gang and like the ring in north Wales/Cheshire, it went back many years.  The North East gang had supplied Dafydd’s gang with children and staff; Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth arrived at Bryn Estyn in 1973 from Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead. Miranda’s mate Ernest Armstrong, the Labour MP for North West Durham, 1964-87, had concealed the abuse at Axwell Park and elsewhere when he was a Sunderland Borough Councillor and Chair of the Education Committee. Armstrong was appointed Deputy Speaker in 1979, to Speaker George Thomas and then helped Miranda secure the nomination for the safe seat of Sedgefield… See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

The Mr Big concealing all the crap from his fortress that was Newcastle-upon-Tyne University was the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dafydd’s and Gwynne’s pal, psychiatrist and neurosurgeon Lord John Walton, who as President of the GMC, 1982-89, ensured that not one of the very serious complaints against Dafydd or Gwynne was investigated. The Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne was appointed Warden of Green College, Oxford in 1983 and remained in post until 1989. See previous posts for the many senior roles and rewards that the Bastard clocked up for allowing the gang rape of children and murder of witnesses.

  • Lord Walton Fellowship Fund - Muscular Dystrophy UK


Patten had himself been a student at Balliol, Oxford – as had George Carman QC – which in the late 1930s, had educated Ted Heath, Denis Healey and Woy Jenkins, all at the same time. Woy was a Westminster Swinger himself, allegations are swirling that Ted was as well and Healey was a nasty old bugger who concealed it all in order to remain in power. See previous posts.

After graduating in 1965 and winning a Coolidge travelling scholarship to the US, Patten worked for the campaign of then-Republican New York Mayor John Lindsay. John Vliet Lindsay (November 24, 1921-December 19, 2000) was a politician, lawyer, and broadcaster. During his political career, Lindsay served as a member of the US House of Representatives, Jan 1959-Dec 1965; Mayor of New York City, Jan 1966-Dec 1973; and after switching from the Republican to the Democratic Party in 1971, launched a brief and unsuccessful bid for the 1972 Democratic Presidential nomination as well as the 1980 Democratic nomination for Senator from New York. After leaving office, Lindsay returned to work in the legal profession, but remained in the public eye as a commentator and regular guest host for ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. John Lindsay died in Dec 2000. 

Chris Patten worked for the Conservative Party from 1966, first as desk officer and then as Director of the Conservative Research Dept, 1974-79. Matthew Parris worked in that Dept in the 1970s and stated that it was dominated by gay men, one of the senior members of staff spending much of his time cruising on public transport in London. Parris also wrote about group summer holidays taken by staff of the Conservative Research Dept to a venue in Italy known as the ‘villa of shame’, where a good time was had by all, with ‘willing boys’ who were supplied from an unidentified source.

Patten was the Conservative Party candidate for Lambeth Central at the Feb 1974 General Election, but lost to the Labour candidate, Marcus Lipton. By 1974, a huge paedophile/trafficking ring, linked to Dafydd’s gang, was in operation across the whole of south London. All MPs were colluding, but Dafydd et al really were in clover after Lipton died in 1978 and Dafydd’s mate John Tilley succeeded Lipton as the Labour MP for Lambeth Central. Tilley had previously served as the Leader of Wandsworth Borough Council, which, in collaboration with St George’s Hospital, was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Lord Snooty The Third’. Tilley was a graduate of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, who arrived in south London and busied himself settling into and organising the local authorities down there just before John Allen opened the Bryn Alyn Community, to which numerous kids in care from south London would be sent.

Patten was a junior Minister for the N Ireland Office, June 1983-Sept 1985, under N Ireland Secretaries Jim Prior and Douglas Hurd. Patten from Somerset arrived in that post as I and Brown, from Somerset, were targeted by the gang and had been placed under surveillance by the security services. My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ discussed the lazy, dim Jim Prior and his collusion with organised abuse in East Anglia (along with David Ennals and friends) before he ever arrived at the N Ireland Office, as well as his complete lack of interest in, or effort with regard to, the civil war that was taking place in N Ireland and of course the fall-out from the criminal activities at the Kincora Boys’ Home. Hurd succeeded Prior and used his position in the security services to conceal the enormity of the wrongdoing in N Ireland, which was linked to Dafydd’s gang. Hurd was the nephew of a Cambridge botanist who knew one of Profs at UCNW who was colluding with Dafydd’s gang (see post ‘Additional Security Measures) and Hurd was also a friend of Alan Barker, Trumpers’ husband. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers was friends with Rab Butler, concealed the elite paedophile ring based at Trinity College, Cambridge and even managed to make friends with Jimmy Savile and then, in her capacity as a junior Health Minister, appoint him to the general management task force of Broadmoor. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.

After N Ireland, Hurd served as Home Secretary, during which time he was party to the most serious criminality in north Wales. See eg. ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Have You Killed Today?’

Then Patten served as Minister of State in the DES, Sept 1985-Sept 1986, under Secretaries of State Keith Joseph and then Kenneth Baker. The DES at that time ignored serious complaints re kids being abused, particularly SEN kids or kids in residential schools/children’s homes, including in north Wales. Previous posts have explained how Keith Joseph had access to information about Brown and I that we had not given him when we wrote to him about student finance in 1984 and how I suspect that Kenneth Baker was involved in the conspiracy to frame and imprison F in 1986.

On 22 July 1986, Iain Muir, Deputy Headmaster of the Bryn Alyn Community School, was convicted in the Crown Court at Mold of unlawful sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16, for which he received a sentence of six months imprisonment. The victim was resident at the school for just over three years and was 15 years old when she left.

My house-mate Anne Vernon was killed by the gang in April 1986 and some weeks later, Dr D.G.E. Wood yelled at me that there was nothing for me in north Wales anymore and that I should go somewhere else ‘forget about everything that has happened here and begin a new life’. I went to London in Sept 1986 – not on Wood’s advice, but because I began a Master’s degree – and the gang went after me as well as my friends.

Patten was Minister for Overseas Development at the FCO, Sept 1986-1989. In 1989, he was promoted to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for the Environment and became responsible for the Poll Tax, the policy that is often attributed to having led to the downfall of Thatch. Whether Patten just misjudged or whether he wanted to do us all a favour is not clear. Patten also introduced, and steered through Parliament, the major legislation that became the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Patten served as Chairman of the BBC Trust, 2011-14. In October 2012, ITV broadcast a documentary revealing that the late Savile had been a serial child-abuser and rapist. Police subsequently received more than 400 complaints from alleged former victims. After an initially faltering response, the BBC announced the setting up of two independently-led inquiries, one to examine why the BBC’s Newsnight programme had dropped its own investigation into Savile in 2011 and a second inquiry into the BBC’s “culture and practices” in the years that Savile worked there and whether BBC child-protection and whistleblowing policies were good enough.

On 28 October an article by Patten, as Chairman of the BBC Trust, appeared in the Mail on Sunday newspaper in which he reiterated a public apology over the Savile affair. Patten said “Today, like many who work for the BBC, I feel a sense of particular remorse that abused women spoke to Newsnight, presumably at great personal pain, yet did not have their stories told as they expected. On behalf of the BBC, I apologise unreservedly”. He went on to say “The BBC risks squandering public trust because one of its stars over three decades was apparently a sexual criminal; because he used his programme and popularity as a cover for his wickedness; because he used BBC premises for some of his attacks; and because others – BBC employees and hangers-on – may also have been involved.” Patten posed the question “Can it really be the case that no one knew what he was doing?” Patten said Savile had been “received into the heart of the Establishment; feted from Chequers to the Vatican; friend to Royals and editors. How did we let it happen? And could someone like this con us all again?” Patten declared “The BBC must tell the truth and face up to the truth about itself, however terrible”.

Chris Patten, a Roman Catholic, was for more than 30 years variously a Tory Party employee, activist, MP, Minister and Party Chairman.

Here’s Thatch with one of her close friends who personally lobbied for him to be given a knighthood, although she was told that if this were to happen, his ‘private life’ ran the risk of bringing the honours system into disrepute:

Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville ...

Chris Patten received national recognition for his services by appointment as Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour in the 1998 New Year Honours. He was given a peerage in Jan 2005.

After Patten lost his own seat in 1992, although he had organised the Tory Party campaign strategy that won them the General Election, he was appointed Guv’nor of Hong Kong, where he acquired the nickname of Fat Pang.


[Peter] Morrison staked out a position for himself on the right wing of the political spectrum. His highly restrictive attitude on immigration – on which he mercilessly harried Roy Jenkins

Woy the Westminster Swinger. Political differences between this lot were irrelevant, these were not principled people and their political interests were eclipsed by their criminal interests and interests in having sex with kids and other people who didn’t want to have sex with them.

– was representative of a strong stream of opinion within the party, as was his strenuous determination to root out social security fraud.

I remember the Scroungers discourse well.

He was fiercely opposed to any proffered schemes for proportional representation, and urgent in his pleas for the restoration of capital punishment.

I am not in favour of capital punishment but among those people who are, those who have committed sex offences against children are often cited as being deserving of the death penalty. Ironically Morrison himself was found dead in his Belgravia house in his early 50s with no convincing explanation for his death being supplied. Sir Peter had joined the First Sea Lord in the Golden Ring in the Sky:

Lord Mountbatten Naval in colour Allan Warren.jpg

He favoured a system of vouchers for education and at one time tried to set up a magazine for the assistance of Conservative school governors.

Sir Peter was taking an interest in those who ran schools then.

The Lord Patten of Barnes
Chris Patten -2008-10-31- (cropped).jpg
But Morrison’s drift away from Edward Heath was less because of his advocacy of these causes than because of his generally critical attitude to the economic policies of the former prime minister and, above all, because of his passionate hostility to any form of Scottish devolution, a cause which for some time Heath favoured. This made him a natural ally of Margaret Thatcher and, over the years, their relationship deepened.
Morrison was one of the few Tories to encourage Thatch and then robustly support her to stand for the Tory leadership, which she won in Feb 1975. A relative of mine had hosted Thatch to lunch when Thatch dropped in on the Bridgwater Conservative Ladies Luncheon Club not long before Morrison told Thatch to go for the leadership…
lord-tom-king Images - Frompo - 1

Thatcher has always prized loyalty to herself as being among the prime political virtues, and, from beginning to end, Morrison was the most loyal of the loyal. Indeed, his last ministerial post, in 1990, was as her Parliamentary Private Secretary.

Morrison being a mate of Thatch and of the Royal Family meant that anything, anything at all, could be done to the proles in north Wales by Dafydd and Gwynne and it would not be investigated.

Ten years previously he had effected a reconciliation between her and his formidable father, Lord Margadale. Margadale, squire of Fonthill, in Wiltshire (and made a peer in 1964), had, as John Morrison, been MP for Salisbury and Chairman of the 1922 Committee; he had campaigned from the Lords against Thatcher in the leadership battle of 1975, while Peter’s brother Charles, MP for Devizes, was like their father, on the side of Edward Heath.

It didn’t matter. They all occupied the same sty, as did their political opponents:

Harold Wilson 1 Allan Warren.jpg
James Callaghan.JPG
1965 Jeremy Thorpe.jpg
Official portrait of Lord Steel of Aikwood crop 2.jpg
Dafydd Wigley.jpg

Its Election Special! Your choice!

A hopeless sex offender, but Keble College kept him hanging around and soon welcomed Keith Best into the fold.

After entering the Commons, he served a long apprenticeship in the whips’ office. For three years in opposition he was an assistant whip, and in 1979 he was put in charge of pairing. He made no secret of his desire to become Chief Whip, but his ministerial career took a different turn when he was sent to the Department of Employment as Parliamentary Under- Secretary in 1981.

Morrison’s Secretary of State at the Dept of Employment was Tom King:

lord-tom-king Images - Frompo - 1

He was Minister of State at Trade and Industry for a year and held the same rank at Energy until 1990.

In 1986, however, he became a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, where it was thought that his combination of administrative ability, grass-roots knowledge

Knowledge of serious organised crime, including that directed at those in north Wales, of which one was me. When my house-mate Anne Vernon was killed by the gang in April 1986, Morrison was at the DTI under Secretary of State Paul Channon – who’s own daughter Olivia died from an overdose at Oxford after a drug-fuelled party; her friends having abandoned her when they realised that she was dying (see post ‘Is The Party Over Yet?’). Morrison was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party in Sept 1986, which was the month that I left north Wales to begin my MSc at Hammersmith Hospital. I was tracked all the time by the gang. I stayed with my friends at their flat in Bethnal Green when I first arrived in London and they were subsequently visited and threatened by thugs and nasties and then gangsters. See eg. ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.

Patient F was assaulted by the police, framed, imprisoned and then illegally detained for a year in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh by Dafydd and the gang in 1986 after confronting social workers about their mistreatment of boys in the Ty Newydd children’s home in Bangor, but I didn’t know him at the time.

and persuasive charm would serve the organisation well. He was immediately in conflict with both the Federation of Conservative Students (which he later abolished) and the Young Conservatives. Both organisations irked him because of their lack of discipline, for discipline was high on the list of Morrison’s requirements.

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood | Music fanart |
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood: ‘No one could touch us – people ...
But it was the sartorial inelegance of the younger generation that annoyed him as much as – if not more than – any criticism of the party line.
His work at Central Office has an uncertain reputation,
The harsh reality will never have been made known.
but he did receive the warm praise of Norman Tebbit, who is no mean judge in these matters.
Tebbit has since admitted that it was widely known that Morrison was abusing children and perhaps the Tory Party didn’t take the matter as seriously as it should. You took it seriously enough to go to any lengths to conceal it Tebbs, including the destruction of witnesses lives, framing them for serious offences and failing to investigate when they were found dead even in the most suspicious of circumstances.
In any event, when [Morrison] was made PPS to the Prime Minister it was not generally seen as a demotion. Rather, most of those well placed to judge concluded that she was strengthening her praetorian guard as her political position weakened.
Thatch strengthened her guard by appointing a serial child molester close to the Royal Family who was a member of Dafydd’s gang as her PPS. Morrison was appointed Thatch’s PPS on 23 July 1990. By that time I was working at St George’s Hospital, where my senior colleagues were in touch with Dafydd and facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring; the offer of the job there was a trap of which I was unaware until recently. My post ‘The Bitterest Pill’ details a series of High Court cases brought against me in quick succession during the first half of 1990 by Gwynedd Social Services and Gwynedd Health Authority, as a result of conspiracy between those two organisations and the Welsh Office. In each case, perjury and forgery was involved and one case took place at Leeds High Court, although I lived in Bethesda and the Presiding judge, Sir John Kay, worked on the Northern Circuit and was known to George Carman.

One of the cases took place in July 10 1990, when Gwynedd Social Services took me to Court in Chester and attempted to have me imprisoned on numerous charges of breaching the High Court injunction that they had obtained against me from Sir John Kay in May 1990, on the basis of the perjury of two Gwynedd social workers, Keith Fearns and Jackie Brandt. When I appeared at Chester Court, Fearns, Brandt and their social worker colleague Maggie Fookes, as well as their CPN colleague Bob Ingham, perjured themselves to such an extent that something like 13 or 14 charges against me were thrown out. The Presiding judge, Justice John Roch – he later became Lord Justice Roch – helpfully asked if they would like more time to rewrite their statements, presumably in order to get their stories straight. Their barrister politely turned down the request, but why I have no idea. My post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ provides details of: the perjury; the forged documents, which included a forged letter from a Top Doc, Carl Littlejohns, who had previously been employed at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh; the collusion of the Welsh Office with Ron Evans, the bent lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council; and the sudden change of judge and Court of which my barrister Suzanne Evans was not told. She was sent to the wrong Court and arrived late and stressed for my case and did not have time to meet me properly. Ron Evans’s daughter was a lawyer who entered the Civil Service and by 2010 was Peter Mandelson’s senior aide.

Suzanne Evans knew that there had obviously been an attempt to rig the trial; she was a young, unknown barrister and after it became clear that industrial scale perjury had been exposed, Roch became very angry with her, rather than the perjurers. He shouted at Suzanne and she was clearly intimidated; as was I, I realised that we were dealing with a madman who was ignoring the obvious lies of four witnesses. Suzanne Evans however has gone on to forge a nice career for herself in the Family Courts having rolled over for a gang of paedophiles (see previous posts), so it was clearly worth it.

Thirteen days later on 23 July 1990, Peter Morrison was appointed as PPS to Thatch…

When my friend Anne was killed in April 1986, those we know and love would have known that Ian Muir, the Deputy Head of Bryn Alyn Community School would be standing trial for having sex with one of the pupils, for which he was jailed in July 1986.

Morrison suddenly seemed to lose his touch, hitherto a very certain one, in party matters.

I doubt that he had ever been that good, he held his position for reasons other than ability.

He took far too much for granted and was singularly lacking in the pursuit of doubtful votes in the leadership challenge mounted by Michael Heseltine in 1990:

Heseltine was familiar with the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Mr Thrope’s activities in Devon and Dafydd’s gang, being someone who grew up in Swansea and who’s first seat was in Tavistock, Devon, 1966-74. Heseltine tried to capitalise on the Westland Affair in 1986, knowing that Janet Mitchell, an engineer who worked at Westland, knew me and some of what had happened to me in north Wales and Heseltine also knew that I was related to and knew other people involved in politics in the West Country. See eg. ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’. Heseltine also had something to do with Sir Anthony Meyer’s ‘stalking horse’ challenge to Thatch in 1989. Meyer was Of Dafydd, as indeed were all the Tories in his constituency party, although the party was split and they were all at war with each other and he knew what was happening to me and my friends. Meyer was a supporter of Heseltine and hated Thatch; he expected Heseltine to come forward as the serious challenger to Thatch after he put himself up as the joke challenger. Heseletine didn’t do this, but it was never explained why. See previous posts.

Heseltine, was it because in 1989, my friends and I all were still young professionals working in academia and the media, but by the time that you did challenge Thatch at the end of 1990, our careers had been destroyed, we had been smeared and in my case framed for criminal offences, so had any of us popped up with allegations of a sordid deal on behalf of you and your buddies we would not have been listened to?

Heseltine challenged Thatch for the Leadership on 14 Nov 1990. By that time I had been virtually forced out of my job at St George’s and I was trying to find another job. I later found out that St George’s were writing me bad references; the idea was that I should be forced out of medical research and indeed any professional work per se. Thatch resigned on 28 Nov 1990. In Dec 1990 I was arrested in south London on the basis of the perjury of Drs Tony and Sadie Francis. There followed over the next four months a series of attempts by the Drs Francis to have me imprisoned, on one occasion at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand. Only the best for me. The MDU who supplied their lawyers knew that the Drs Francis had perjured themselves and that I had made very serious allegations about the abuse of patients and criminality in north Wales. The MDU lawyer, Ann Ball and the MDU barrister, Sir Robert Francis QC, also knew this. No-one raised any concerns, although Ann Ball had advised Tony and Sadie Francis no to go ahead with the cases against me because they did not have the evidence for their allegations. They pressed on regardless and in the event, the lawyers were happy to lie in Court. See previous posts.

Heseltine did not become PM, John Major did. Who also knew what was happening in north Wales and to me and used it for his own gain.

‘I’m Vewy Wowwied About The Future Of The Countwy.’

The Lord Heseltine
Lord Heseltine (6969083278).jpg

‘I Was A Boy From Brixton Who Came Up The Hard Way.’

Sir John ‘Back To Basics’ Major
John Major 1996.jpg


Alan Clark claims to have found [Morrison] asleep in his office at a critical point when the walls of the Thatcher battle order were crumbling. When Thatcher went down, Morrison went down with her. A man of considerable personal wealth and real business acumen,

I really would like to know what Morrison’s business interests were.

Morrison had all the resources necessary to stake out an independent political position, but his views were all set out in his first year or so in Parliament, and once he mounted the Thatcher bandwagon he never doubted the correctness of its course. Just as he had won his seat in a bad Tory year in 1974, so he retired from it in an unexpectedly good Tory year, in 1992.

By 1992 the huge cover-up was firmly in place, more witnesses had been found dead and I and two of my friends had had our careers wrecked.

Had Margaret Thatcher survived, he might have gone on to greater things. As it was he will be remembered as an affable right-winger, blessed with money and charm, but without that extra degree of courage, and that extra ingredient of luck, that is required to reach the front rank.

Peter Hugh Morrison, politician: born Fonthill, Wiltshire 2 June 1944; PC 1988; Kt 1990; MP (Conservative) for Chester 1974-92; an Opposition Whip 1976-79; a Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury and Government Pairing Whip 1979-81; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Employment 1981-83, Minister of State 1983-85; Minister of State, DTI 1985-86; Deputy Chairman, Conservative Party 1986-89; Minister of State, Department of Energy 1987-90; PPS to the Prime Minister 1990; died London 13 July 1995.


Keith Best was born in Brighton and was educated at Brighton College and Keble College, before becoming a barrister Territorial Army Royal Horse Artillery 289 Para Bty and Royal Artillery in airborne and commando forces and as a Naval Gunfire Support Liaison Officer, 1967–89.

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster, joined the Territorial Army (TA) in 1970 as a trooper and subsequently enjoyed a splendid military career in the TA after officer training at Sandhurst. Gerald owned an estate in Cheshire, as well as other estates and most of Belgravia; he served as the President of the City of Chester Conservative Association while Peter Morrison was their MP. I was told some months ago that Morrison had been sexually abused as a child by Gerald’s father, the 5th Duke, Robert Grosvenor, who lived at the family seat in N Ireland and served as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, 1955-64. See previous posts.

Boys from Bryn Estyn were taken to the Duke’s estate in Cheshire for work experience and refused to return but wouldn’t explain why. Gerald’s life touched Dafydd’s and the gang’s repeatedly, he was Patron of many charidees with which Dafydd’s network were involved. See previous posts.

Gerald’s family had an historical link with St George’s Hospital and when the St George’s Hyde Park site was flogged after St George’s relocated to Tooting, Gerald asked Thatch for the Hyde Park site – which belonged to the NHS – to be given to him on the grounds that his ancestors had donated it in the 18th century. It was worth a bomb, being a piece of Knightsbridge real estate, so Thatch agreed that Gerald could buy it from the NHS for £6000. In return for the shafting of that group of grads from UCNW and their friends who knew that I had complained about Gwynne, Dafydd and the gang, a central part of the plan being to offer me a job at St George’s where my senior colleagues were running the Westminster Paedophile Ring and ensure that I would be then forced out of medical research for good by them.

Gerald was a good friend of Carlo, Chancellor of UCNW.

The Lord Kelvedon aka Paul Channon, Morrison’s boss when Anne was killed. Channon was a member of the Guinness family.
Paul Channon 1988.jpg

In 1979 Sabrina Guinness had a romance with Carlo:

Royalty & Pomp: 07/29/15

It was said that Carlo proposed to Sabrina but she turned him down on the grounds that life as a member of that family would be more trouble than it was worth. In 2014 Sabrina married the playwright Tom Stoppard. Tom’s first wife was the legendary Miriam, advert for HRT and agony auntie of tabloid fame. Miriam Stoppard began life as an Angel in Newcastle and became a famous media doc and dispenser of orders to other women on the basis of the knowledge that she gained of the criminality being concealed by the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and his pals in north Wales and the links to High Society in Knightsbridge. Miriam is the auntie of Baroness Oona King, another Baroness who lived on the streets with the best, the Baroness having gone to school with Uncle Harry’s nephews, all of them at the bottom of society together. See previous posts for info on the Stoppards and Oona.

Oona likes to tell media interviewers that the streets from which she came were so mean that when she told her teacher that she wanted to be PM, they told her to be a librarian instead. Well Oona, Brown’s mum was told by his careers teacher that there were good opportunities in wet fish no less and when I told a careers teacher that I wanted to do a degree in zoology, he told me that you had to be ever so clever to go to a Poly but I might be OK for agricultural college. Do Brown and me have traumas over this now? No, we piss ourselves laughing.

Five years later Oona, just before I took my finals, a disgusting old lobotomist propositioned me and his mates who were running a trafficking racket then came after me. They were the people upon whom your Auntie Miriam built her career after agreeing to keep quiet about them and Uncle Harry was mates with them; Uncle Harry’s nephews did some pretty disgusting things as well, along with Uncle Harry’s criminal colleagues, in their joint quest to become PM.


The Cornhill, Bridgwater:

The Cornhill is a nice building, the famous bit of Bridgwater. When we were teenagers, the boys would refuse to go to the public bogs below the Cornhill because they were propositioned by Dirty Old Men in there. The old geezers of Bridgwater installed a load of comfy armchairs under the Cornhill where they would sit on a Saturday afternoon and smoke No 6 fags. Some of the old geezers hanging around the Cornhill had been ruined by the Top Doctors of Tone Vale, the asylum in Taunton. The Cornhill used to have a market next to it where people who couldn’t afford to go into Marks and Spencer could buy clothes with St Michael labels on at a greatly reduced price. I wonder how that was managed?

They were much nicer on the market stalls than they were in Marks & Spencer. The old trouts in M&S ordered the store detective to follow Brown and I around the shop because we laughed at the ‘lingerie’. There were huge pairs of armpit knickers on display with a label saying ‘briefs’ and Brown said ‘look how brief those are’, I started laughing and that was it, aggro.

The wet fish advice from Brown’s teacher was a bit puzzling because there was only one fish shop in Bridgwater, MacFisheries and it closed down anyway. Brown would have been out of a job if he’d followed the careers advice.


Sabrina Guinness’s sister Julia Samuel is one of the godparents of Prince George, as is the 7th Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, the son of Gerald, the 6th Duke. Julia is a psychotherapist specialising in grief and worked as a bereavement counsellor in the NHS paediatrics department of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, where she pioneered the role of maternity and paediatric psychotherapist. In 1994 Julia helped launch and establish Child Bereavement UK and as Founder Patron, continues to play an active role in the charity.

Prince George’s dad William was born at St Mary’s Paddington, where he was delivered by Royal Top Doc Sir George Pinker, a friend and colleague of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain, one of those at St George’s facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Wimmin’s Wellbeing -The Fortnum and Mason Connection’.

Diana crashed in Aug 1997, during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Anyone for bereavement counselling?

New conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk - CNN

Julia is married to Michael Samuel, of the Hill Samuel banking family. Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass’s father was Henry Bluglass, the Chief Accountant of M Samuel & Co. In 1965, M. Samuel & Co. merged with Philip Hill, Higginson, Erlanger’s Limited to form Hill Samuel & Co. Limited. In 1985, Hill Samuel Australia was restructured as Macquarie Bank Ltd. In 1987, Hill Samuel was taken over by TSB Group plc. By 1995, the merger of TSB Group plc and Lloyds Bank led Hill Samuel to become a subsidiary of Lloyds TSB, now restructured and renamed as Lloyds Banking Group. Lord Kenyon, President of UCNW, 1947-82, was a Director of Lloyds Bank. See post ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’.

Lord Kenyon’s son, Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon, was known to be sexually abusing at least one boy in care in north Wales. Thomas never faced any charges and died from an HIV related condition in 1993. See previous posts…

Julia was appointed MBE in the 2016 New Year Honours for services to bereaved parents of babies.

New conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk - CNN

Julia is a Vice President of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, an organisation to which many of the abusive therapists in north Wales and elsewhere belong.


Re Gerald Grosvenor and the TA: in April 1992, Grosvenor was appointed Lt Col and then Col in Dec 1994. He was promoted to Brigadier in Jan 2000, one month before the publication of the Waterhouse Report and in 2004, Gerald was appointed to the new post of Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets) with promotion to the rank of Major-General. In March 2007, the Duke handed over this responsibility in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal in which Gerald was involved. See previous posts. Having been named as someone who was paying an absolute fortune for the services of high class call girls for which the Duke went all the way to the US, the Duke became Deputy Commander, Land Forces (Reserves) in May 2011. In 2011 Operational Pallial was launched to reinvestigate the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Tony Francis killed himself in 2012, which was the year that Gerald decided to retire from the Armed Forces.

Brown’s dad was an officer in the TA, then served in the regular Army – Col Brown was one of the few TA officers to keep his rank when he transferred from the TA into the regular Army – then when he was older and chilling out, he transferred back to the TA again, retaining his rank. Col Brown was found dead during the Waterhouse Inquiry.

Despite the Duke’s very poor educational attainments, he was given several honorary degrees and fellowships in later life and ‘took an outward looking interest in youth’. The Duke was Director of the International Students Trust, 1976-93, Pro-Chancellor of Keele University, 1986-93, Chancellor of Manchester Met, 1992-2002 and Chancellor of the University of Chester, 1995, serving until his death in 2016.

Gerald Grosvenor was a supporter of, and a committee member for, the Prince’s Trust, as well as Patron of the Trust for North West England from 2001.

The Duke of Westminster died on 9 August 2016 at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire, after suffering a heart attack at his Abbeystead estate. Ah the doctors they were wonderful and although they always do their best, they can’t save everyone. Particularly those who have spilt the paedophiles’ pints or indeed key supporters of the gang if it looks as though the police might be knocking on doors. Dafydd and Lucille are in their late 80s; their longevity is no doubt entirely due to them keeping fit, watching their weight and not smoking. Dafydd was an alkie for years and was also ripped to the tits on class A drugs, but he seems to have survived those excesses.

See previous posts for further details of the 6th Duke, his friends and family and the close relationship between him and Carlo.


Keith Best served as a Brighton Borough Councillor, 1976–80. John Allen owned brothels in Brighton to which he trafficked kids in care from children’s homes in north Wales. East Sussex had been a centre of activity for Dafydd and Gwynne’s network for decades as a result of members of the Bloomsbury Group having links with the Welsh Blooomsbury Set who had second homes at Cwm Croesor and were mates with Bertrand Russell and Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis. See eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.

Lord Asa Briggs, Harold Wilson’s mate who worked for the security services and served as VC of Sussex University (see previous posts), concealed the wrongdoing of the Brighton branch of Dafydd’s gang. Merfyn Jones, VC of Bangor University, 2004-10, seriously pissed Asa off when he and two of his friends, as students at Sussex in 1967, threw red paint over a visiting US official in an anti-Vietnam protest. Asa made a nuisance of himself for ever after. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.


Keith Best was selected as the Tory candidate for Anglesey in the run-up to Mr Thrope’s Old Bailey trial and when Dafydd’s gang were in hot pursuit of Mary Wynch. Best was forced to resign as MP in 1987 as a result of him being prosecuted after making multiple illegal applications for BT shares and then being jailed for a brief time. Public life and indeed charidee work continued for Keith, however.

In 1987 Best became the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Federalist Movement, a position in which he remains. Best is the former Chair of Parliamentarians Global Action. A deeply humane and charitable man, Keith Best was Director of Prisoners Abroad, 1989-93 and Chief Executive of the Immigration Advisory Service, 1993–2009. He was Chairman of the Council of the Electoral Reform Society, 1998–2003 and served on its Council for fifteen years. Best was Chairman of Electoral Reform International Services Ltd 2004-14 and is Chairman of Conservative Action for Electoral Reform.

The enormous quantity of green paint of the Renault is illustrated by Best’s role leading the charidee SurvivorsUK, 2015-2018. SurvivorsUK is a charidee established to help male survivors of rape and sexual abuse. It is not only a source of wonder that anyone appointed Best to this position but no-one has actually publicised the fact that as MP for Anglesey and a minion in the Welsh Office, Keith Lander Best concealed a paedophile/trafficking ring which targeted boys.


The SurvivorsUK website provides this account of their history:

SurvivorsUK was founded in 1986 by Martin Dockrell and Richie McMullen. In their work with other organisations (Martin as a helpline worker at Lesbian and Gay Switchboard and Richie as the Director of Streetwise, a charity for male sex workers) they had taken calls from male survivors of rape, and had identified the lack of an appropriate service for these callers. From this, the idea for SurvivorsUK was born as a helpline service. Charitable and company status was attained in 1989.

In 1993 a Survivors Counselling Service was developed at Wharfside Clinic, St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. In the following year a three year grant for core funding was received from the Department of Health. Between 1996 and 1999, the Survivors UK Helpline was open for three 3 evenings each week and groups were being run from the Globe Centre, Mile End. In 1998 a multi-agency group was formed with Metropolitan Police focusing on Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Assault.

1999 saw the launch of the SurvivorsUK National Male Rape Training Initiative Project started with funding from the Department of Health and the Community Fund. Core services were part-funded by the Lloyds TSB Foundation, and the Helpline moved from workers’ own homes into premises at the CABOT Centre, Kings Cross. A grant was received from the Charities Aid Foundation to develop a fundraising strategy, and employ a fundraiser.

In 2000 the SurvivorsUK National Male Survivors Centre Project began, securing a home for the organisation and funded by the Department of Health. Core funding was secured from the City Parochial Foundation & Esmee Fairbairn. Rent and running costs for the next two years of the National Male Survivors Centre Project was received from the Lloyds TSB Foundation and in 2002 the National Male Survivors Centre opened in London Bridge.

Over the following years the services delivered by the organisation grew quantitatively in a reactive manner and further funding was secured through a series of Section 64 grants from the Department of Health and trust funding from The City Parochial Foundation, Allen Lane Foundation and Lloyds TSB. The organisation remained in London Bridge and moved premises from Swan Court to Morrocco Street in 2006.

In 2006 SurvivorsUK received 3 years funding from the Big Lottery to secure the Operations Manager post and part fund the core costs of service delivery. The organisation was invited to participate on the Metropolitan Police Operation Sapphire Advisory Board and on the Home Office Stakeholders Advisory Panel for Rape and Sexual Crime. In 2007 further trust funding was secured from The Tudor Trust and The Rayne Foundation to secure the Clinical Services Manager post and cover a shortfall in core costs. Additional funding was secured from the Home Office Victims Fund.

In 2009 the organisation moved into its dedicated service centre in Holborn, central London. At the same time, 5 year funding from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities programme and a further 2 years funding from the Tudor Trust was won, securing the salary costs of the organisation. Additional funding from the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office have stabilized the charity’s finances and allowed for a program of strengthening and development to be instituted.

2011 marked the 25th anniversary of SurvivorsUK operations and the charity delivered a series of fundraising and awareness building events including a gala concert featuring Lesley Garrett, Ian Shaw, Meow Meow, The London Gay Men’s Chorus and many others. This in combination with a landmark art event and participation in several London running events raised in excess of £30,000 over the year.

In 2012 the charity went to market with “Real Men Get Raped”, an advertising campaign aimed at adult male rape victims. The campaign created a stir in the media and resulted in exposure to a potential audience of over 18,000,000.

2013 saw SurvivorsUK on the move again, this time to new dedicated premises in Shadwell, E1.  This year also saw the launch of the digital emotional support services.

In 2014, SurvivorsUK was the primary beneficiary of the Ministry of Justice Male Rape funding stream which has allowed the organisation to create the National Male Survivors Website resource and to increase its national digital support offering to 72 hours per week.  The organisation has also appointed the first male specific Independent Sexual Violence Advisor for London and continues to broaden and deepen its partnership working to ensure that male survivors have the best opportunities to receive support for a broad cross spectrum of problems.

If anyone in Bethesda who knows Dafydd has encountered this website, it’ll be a matter of ‘Jesus Christ’…

There is a picture of a Union Jack on the SurvivorsUK website accompanied by the words ‘funded by the UK government’.

As Home Secretary, Theresa organised the rigged Macur Review, which covered up the cover-up which was the Waterhouse Inquiry. See previous posts.


My post ‘Murder In Samarkand’ discussed the careers of Anna Walker, the daughter of Lord Jack Butterworth, the VC of Warwick University, 1963-85, Lord Jack, as well as Lord Jack’s wife, Lady Doris. Lord Jack was a friend of Richard Crossman, Westminster Swinger who, when he was Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-70, built and expanded upon the work of Dafydd’s mate, Minister of Health Sir Kenneth Robinson and ran the DHSS as a huge vehicle for the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Lord Jack participated in corrupt business practices and kept secret files on students. Lady Doris kept herself busy with concealing abuse at the local psych hospital in Warwick and was also the President of the Royal College of Midwives when that organisation was concealing the abuse of pregnant women and their babies in north Wales, at the hands of Dafydd, Gwynne and the gang.

In 1970, the students at Warwick University held a sit-in at the Registry and discovered the files which contained evidence of Lord Jack’s wrongdoing. Two of the postgrad students were Merfyn Jones and one of his friends, who later became a junior Minister in Miranda’s Gov’t. Dafydd and the gang, assisted by Miranda and others, declared war on Merfyn after he was appointed VC, because he gave me a place to do a PhD and then a job at Bangor University. His friend from their days at Warwick also came under fire for clearing my name when the gang made fallacious allegations against me in an attempt to have me struck off the teaching register. Merfyn’s wife Nerys was targeted by the gang as well, having spilt the gang’s pints previously.

Much of the fire to which Merfyn was subjected came from the North West Wales NHS Trust and in 2008 Nerys died at the hands of Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre, having been referred there by the NHS services in NW Wales. Miranda appointed Jack Butterworth’s daughter Anna as the Chief Exec of the Healthcare Commission in 2004, as the gang went apeshit in the direction of Merfyn and then in 2005, Anna produced a glowing report with regard to the mental health services provided by the NW Wales NHS Trust. The Trust had just attempted to frame and imprison me, there had been numerous very serious complaints which had not been investigated and the Trust ran the most dangerous psychiatric unit in the UK and presided over the second highest suicide rate among women in England and Wales. Anna was still CEO of the Healthcare Commission when Merfyn’s wife died. Anna stepped down in 2009, once Nerys was safely dead and the Walton Centre was still deemed to be Globally Excellent.

Anna’s previous included working as a senior civil servant in the Dept of Employment when Peter Morrison was a Minister there, under Secretary of State Tom King. Anna is married to retired mandarin Timothy Walker. Timothy Walker served as Director General of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, 1995-98. Keith Lander Best served as Chief Executive of the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS), 1993–2009...

The IAS website some 10 years ago explained: ‘IAS is the leading charity giving legal advice and representation services to immigrants and asylum seekers free to those who are eligible. IAS was created in 1993 out of the former United Kingdom Immigrants Advisory Service (UKIAS: established in 1970) as an independent organisation publicly funded under the 1971 Immigration Act to provide free advice and representation to persons with rights of appeal against refusal of their applications. Together with UKIAS, therefore, IAS has over 35 years’ experience of helping those facing immigration and asylum difficulties. We now have offices throughout the UK and in Sylhet (Bangladesh).’

Current Trustees:

John Scampion CBE joined the board in November 2005 and is the Chair of Trustees. As the first Commissioner for Immigration Services John established the OISC- the immigration advice regulator. He is currently chairman or the Determinations Panel of the Pensions Regulator, member of the Healthcare Commission, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel and of ICSTIS, the premium phone rate regulator. He was previously Chief Executive of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Commissioner for the Social Fund.

Dr Frances Dow is the Vice Chair of the Trustees. Frances joined the Board of Trustees in April 2003. She is a retired academic who until recently was Vice Principal at the University of Edinburgh. She is a lay member of the Council for the Regulation of Healthcare Professionals and a Vice Chair of one of four Lothian Health Research Ethics Committees. She is also a member of the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics and has been Deputy Chair of the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission.

Ali Akbar joined the board in June 2003. Ali is a social development professional who has worked in the UK and Pakistan on issues of race and equality; social justice, good governance and community empowerment. In the eighties he worked with a number of local authorities in the field of Race and Equal Opportunities with a particular focus on housing. He developed the first Race and Housing policy for Oldham MBC and helped establish a networking forum for race and housing professionals in the North. In 1988 he left to work in Pakistan, firstly with VSO as it Programme Director, Ali then worked with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), transforming a bilateral project into one of the largest development support NGOs in Pakistan which he headed till his return to the UK early this year. His voluntary work has included establishing one of the first Asian residents association in Rochdale, chairing Race and Housing Working Group for Rochdale MBC and participating at a number of government and international donor advisory forums in Pakistan. Currently, Ali is on the Board of IUCN, The World Conservation Union as Councillor for West Asia and a Trustee of Al Mahmood Foundation, a newly established charity that aims to promote health and education in Pakistan. He is currently a freelance consultant specialising in community empowerment.

Chris Evans is the Treasurer and joined the Board in April 2004. Chris has a degree in Economics and is a chartered accountant. Chris has worked in large organisations but more recently has run a number of small and medium sized businesses, mainly in the marketing and marketing services sector. Chris is also a trustee of a charity involved in African development projects.

Robin Rennie joined the board in September 2007. Robin has had careers in teaching, residential child care, training, social work, social work management and independent consultancy. Born and bred in Glasgow, Robin’s family moved to Shrewsbury when he was 9. He undertook his teacher training in Birmingham and then taught in Solihull. He worked in residential social work in Surrey and Birmingham before joining Essex Social Services in 1977 as a Training Officer. He then moved into a succession of management posts and was appointed Head of Community Care in 1995. In 2000, Robin was seconded to establish the East of England Regional Consortium for Asylum and Refugees. Within a year he left Essex and continued managing the Consortium as an Independent Consultant. During this time he became a founder member of the National Refugee Integration Forum and chaired the Health and Social Care Group. He is the Programme Director of HARP, a research and website organisation specialising in health issues for asylum seekers and refugees. He was also an adviser to the EU Committee of the Regions.  Robin has also managed the Scottish Asylum and Refugee Consortium and was a member of the Refugee Nurse Task Group. He is a Steering Group member of ECSR (Enabling Christians in Serving Refugees) and a Director of SMYLE, a not-for profit company specialising in working with young asylum seekers and refugees on integration and cohesion issues. On a personal note, Robin has 8 children from 2 marriages, is a school Governor and lives in Colchester.

Liz Nelson OBE joined the board in March 2005. Liz was born in the USA and graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont.  She came to London to do further study for a year and stayed and stayed and…! Although Liz had studied clinical psychology, she found her first job at Mars Ltd and then went on the spend most of her working life in the market research.  Liz started the company Taylor Nelson now (TNS plc) which has become the world’s second largest market research company. Liz left TNS in 1992 to become the first director of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers, which opened carers centres in 40 areas within the next two years.  They raised the money first by going to firms like Prudential, BT, and the Royal Bank of Scotland and leveraged twice their donations from the local authority.  She then did a stint chairing the Ecolabelling Board, the UK arm of the EU organisation whose aim is to assess products for their environmental impact; deputy Chair of Council Open University and Chair of Council University of Roehampton; President of the World Association of Public Opinion Research; and for nine years Liz was a non-executive director of the Royal Bank of Scotland plc.

Liz started in the NHS as the Chair of the South West London Community Trust 1997-2002 and became very involved in increasing public/patient involvement.  From there she was asked to head up the fundraising research arm of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, known as WellBeing (renamed WellBeing of Women). Having thoroughly enjoyed the challenges facing medical research charities given the huge changes in the funding of research in British universities, Liz jumped at the opportunity last June to move to CGD Research Trust which is funding important state of the art research at a time when Britain is leading in the treatment of genetic disorders.

Liz’s other present positions include Chair of Stargate Capital Investment Group Ltd, Councillor of City and Guilds, member of Advisory Committee for Degree Awarding Powers (Quality Assurance Agency) and non-executive director of a number of limited companies. On the personal side, Liz has three children and seven grandchildren.

Jonathan Treacher joined the board in June 2005. Jonathan is a trained lawyer and works as an investment banker in London and Switzerland. He sits on the boards of a number of companies across a range of sectors, primarily, but not exclusively, in financial services. He also has business interests in East Africa. Jonathan has a strong interest in immigration issues and the effective delivery of services.

Kam-sang Law joined the board in April 2007. Kam-sang worked in the Hong Kong government from 1971 to 1993.  He was then appointed as the Deputy Secretary General in the Hong Kong Legislative Council where he worked until his retirement in 2004.  He left Hong Kong to join his children in the UK and was appointed on a voluntary basis as the Chief Executive of the Chinese Information and Advice Centre from September 2004 – December 2006.  Kam-sang currently works as a Justice of the Peace, is an Ambassador of the Hong Kong Scouts in London, Trustee and Company Secretary of the London Chinese Community Network and Trustee of the Meridian Society.

Honorary President: His Hon Judge Mota Singh QC is Honorary President of the Immigration Advisory Service. He sat as a Crown Court Judge at Southwark and is well known in the Sikh community and elsewhere. He was educated and brought up in Nairobi, becoming a city councillor and alderman, secretary of the Kenya Law Society and vice chairman of Kenya Justice.  After coming to Britain he was a member of the Race Relations Board and is a patron of the Anne Frank Foundation, St George’s Hospital Tooting and the Swami Narayan Mandir in Neasden. He was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn in 1956, was a recorder 1979-82 and became a circuit judge in 1982 where our present Chief Executive, then both an MP and practising at the Bar, first encountered him sitting in Chichester Crown Court.  He holds an honorary LLD from the Guru Nanak Dev University.  He has been married for more that 50 years and has two sons and one daughter.  He served as Chairman of the Trustees from 2000 until 2005. He was appointed Honorary President in 2005.


Jack Butterworth was a barrister and a member and honorary Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn. Lord Denning, who spent a career concealing serious wrongdoing on the part of the state including that of Dafydd et al, was a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as was George Carman. So is Miranda, Cherie and of course His Honour Judge Mota Singh QC, Keith Best’s friend.

Miranda and Cherie’s friend and colleague Michael Beloff QC was at Eton with Peter Morrison. Beloff is the son of Lord Max Beloff, who was a friend of Thatch (see post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’) and Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, 1981-91, when the paedophile ring swung in the children’s homes in Gwynedd and Clwyd (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’). Michael Beloff was the legal adviser for Municipal Mutual, the insurers of Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police, who ensured that the 1996 Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council was completely suppressed, read by no-one but lawyers and insurers and was then pulped. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’.

My post ‘The Bloody State We’re In’ detailed the background of Stuart Errington, one of the Directors of Municipal Mutual in 1996; another Director was Merlyn Rees, who as N Ireland Secretary, 1974-76 and Home Secretary, 1976-79, concealed Dafydd and the gang’s crimes and those related to Kincora. Rees was born in south Wales and was the Labour MP for a Leeds constituency, 1963-92, while Savile’s crime empire included Leeds. Merlyn Rees was an LSE graduate of the time when so many of those Of The LSE were involved with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts.

Stuart Errington was the Chairman, National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux. Lucille Hughes has for many years been involved with the senior management of the CAB.

Stuart Grant Errington was born on 23 June 1929.He was the son of Sir Eric Errington and Marjorie Bennett and married Anne Baedeker in June 1954.  Stuart Errington died on 16 Nov 2017 at age 88.

Stuart Errington was educated at Rugby and then went to Trinity College, Oxford. He gained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. Errington was with Ellerman Lines, 1952-59 and was with Astley Industrial Trust between 1959-70. Errington was a JP for Berkshire in 1970. In 1977 he became MD of Mercantile Credit. Errington was a Director of Barclays Merchant Bank, Barclays Bank UK , Kleinwort Overseas Investment Trust, Northern Electric 1989–96, Nationwide Building Society 1989–97; Errington was Chairman and Chief Executive of Mercantile Group, 1988-89.  He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire in 2000. He lived at Earleywood Lodge in Ascot.

Stuart Errington was a Director of Municipal Mutual Insurance from 1989. Municipal Mutual Insurance employed Michael Beloff QC as their legal adviser – who advised them not to make the contents of the Jillings Report available to anyone…Municipal Mutual told Clwyd that if they revealed the contents of the Jillings Report to anyone, even the Councillors, Municipal Mutual would withdraw their cover and the Councillors themselves would be personally liable for paying damages if any of the former kids in the care of Clwyd sued. Municipal Mutual also demanded that Councillor Malcolm King – who had been asking questions about the abuse of children for a long while –  be sacked if he got hold of the Jillings Report and disclosed the contents. Municipal Mutual were also the insurers of the North Wales Police who refused to co-operate with the first investigation into the abuse of children in north Wales. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’ for the full story.


One of the Civil Service mandarins who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the serious criminality of Dafydd and the gang over many years was Sir Lancelot Errington, but I have been unable to find out whether he is a relation of Stuart Errington. Lancelot Errington was the Under-Secretary of State at the Cabinet Office, 1965-68 and at the Ministry of Social Security in 1968, Assistant Under-Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-71, Deputy Under-Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1971-73 and became Second Permanent Secretary in 1973. Errington died in 2011.

Tam Dalyell wrote Sir Lancelot’s obituary which was published in the Indie, Jan 2012,  under the heading Civil Servant Who Helped Found The Welfare State’:

Happily married to the same lady for 70 years, Lance Errington – it did not occur to us to call such an unpompous and witty man Lancelot – was a hugely effective civil servant who devoted his working life to welfare and his social life to keeping friendships in first-class repair.

Errington was born in the then ancestral home at Beeslack, Penicuik, the son of Major Lancelot Errington, who was fighting with the Royal Scots in Flanders at the time, and was subsequently to farm at Quinish on the Isle of Mull. I asked him how many servants there were in his childhood. “About 20,” came the matter-of-fact reply.

With the prospect of being packed off to the Spartan, cold-bath regime of Belhaven prep school at seven, the family arranged for him to have boxing lessons. Errington told me that boxing had taught him to stay cool and keep a firm grip on his temper.
From Wellington Errington went to Trinity College, Cambridge, winning first class honours in History
So he either worked for the security services or was closely linked with people who did.
and entry into the Home Civil Service. With the prospect of war, he joined the RNVR.
Mountabatten, Sir Admiral Alec Bingley, Sir Norman Denning etc… See post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.
After basic training, in January 1940 Errington was given command of a mine-sweeping trawler, tasked to patrol the Firth of Forth and the approaches to Rosyth, based in Granton Harbour.

He recalled being at anchor in the Forth of Tay off Dundee when a signal came through that the German invasion fleet was on its way. “Our instructions were to set out to sea, to meet the German Armada, and if necessary to ram the German ships.” With a chuckle – Errington often chuckled – he added: “By the grace of God the instruction turned out to be a false alarm.”

Seconded in 1944 to work for the Admiralty in Bath, he found himself required to share an office with John Betjeman. With a twinkle, he complained that he would often discover the future Poet Laureate sleeping under his desk after a well-oiled lunch.

Gay spies in the Admiralty etc. See post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’. John Betjeman was friendly with Mary, Harold Wilson’s wife, who knew that her husband and his Gov’t were involved with serious organised crime. Betjeman’s daughter Candida Lycett-Green was one of the founders of ‘Private Eye’, at the centre of celeb world in the 1960s and 70s and as her father and many of his social circle did, knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Come Friendly Bombs’.

Again and again, people who played a part in the creation of the welfare state eg. Sir George Godber, Lord Charles Hill, Nye Bevan, have been hailed as saints, yet they are the very same people who built abuse and neglect of the most vulnerable and the poorest into the structure and ensured that professional people benefited the most from the welfare state; their status as beyond reproach allowed them to conceal serious crimes, even murder.

I first encountered Errington when he had been seconded to the Cabinet Office to try to sort out Lords reform. He and his colleagues came up with proposals for a two-tier chamber of voting and speaking peers. Errington was unsurprised when it was rejected by politicians in May 1968. As I had been Dick Crossman’s PPS,

That’s one hell of an admission. See previous posts for details of Dalyell’s own collusion with serious wrongdoing and his constant attempts to smear his political opponents by deception; Dalyell, like so many of Crossman’s crowd, was also working for the security services. This lot had all the resources necessary to build an excellent, equitable welfare state. Instead they stuck their noses into the trough as deeply as possible, used their privileged positions to have sex with children/disadvantaged young people or organise that for their friends and then banged on at length about having created a haven for The Poor.

Sir Lancelot, with his aristocratic background, spartan regime of cold baths far from home and boxing lessons at seven years old, fulfils the stereotype of the posh man who had serious damage inflicted upon him when he was young and then as an adult couldn’t quite understand that grown men gang raping boys of 12 really was not acceptable under any circumstances.

a fly on the wall, on that occasion, I reminded Errington of it after he had retired to his beloved Fashnacloich in Appin, Argyll. “Lords reform,” he grunted. “Mission impossible. Two years I wasted.”

Sir Michael Wheeler-Booth, later Clerk of the Parliaments, was a member of the Inner Civil Service Working Group on Lords reform in 1967, along with Michael Moriarty, from the Home Office, and Errington from the Cabinet Office.
Errington was the right hand mandarin to Harold Wilson’s Cabinet of crooks and endemic corruption.
He recalled, “Lance was an old-style civil servant, correct with ministers, and who did not kow-tow to them. I would go to a complicated meeting with complicated papers, and next day Errington as secretary of the group, would have produced detailed and accurate minutes. It was a genuine honour to have worked with him in those days.”

Sir Patrick Nairne, his First Permanent Secretary at the DHSS, told me: “I was responsible for the oversight of this huge department. Lance, as one of two Second Permanent Secretaries, looked after his side of the department very efficiently. Whenever I phoned him, he knew the answer.” Errington’s mastery of complexity also won golden opinions from Brian O’Malley, the influential Minister of State directly responsible for pensions.

In her diaries Barbara Castle, then Secretary of State, records Errington being at her side in her formal encounters with Treasury ministers on Sunday 4 April 1976: “Lance Errington and Co are fighting magnificently on my behalf … I can leave it to them to do the infighting.”
Barbara Castle was a vain ruthless woman who didn’t just conceal organised abuse and the lobotomies and crimes of Dafydd and Gwynne etc, she also concealed the deaths of some 30 children with cerebral palsy in the care of an inner London borough. See previous posts.

The last 30 years were a time of extreme happiness for husband and wife, his son Humphrey told me: “She, a potter of no mean talent, established a studio in the former vestry, and he immersed himself in the affairs of the community and church as well as being able to indulge his passion for sailing on board his boat.”

It came as a surprise to Whitehall colleagues that this Whitehall warrior should take himself off to a remote part of Scotland. It need not have, since for the next third of a century Errington achieved his wish, to immerse himself and his wife in the West Highlands – according to his son because “he had grown tired of the company of High Heidjins in London, and wanted to live among normal people again.”

Lancelot Errington, senior civil servant: born Penicuik, Midlothian 14 June 1917; Ministry of National Insurance 1945-65; Cabinet Office 1965-68; Department of Health and Social Security 1968-76, Second Permanent Secretary 1973-76; CB 1962, KCB 1976; married 1939 Katherine Reine (died 2009; two sons, two daughters); died Kirkcaldy 18 October 2012

An obituary for Sir Lancelot also appeared in ‘The Times’ in Feb 2012:

Sir Lancelot Errington was a senior civil servant who, in 1945, helped to implement the recommendations of the Beveridge Report, which was closely linked to the foundation of the welfare state…

Errington was a modest man of the old school of civil servant, who believed in duty and discretion. The veteran Labour MP Tam Dalyell, a friend since 1967 when both were working on reform of the House of Lords…

He was born at the family house, Beeslack, Penicuik, Midlothian, in 1917, the eldest son of Major Lancelot Errington and Elizabeth Hall Sanfor. He was delivered by the doctor, who arrived in the snow on a horse-drawn sledge. Errington was educated at Bellhaven Hill School, Dunbar, at Wellington College in Berkshire and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 1939…

The same year he joined the Home Office and married Reine, the only daughter of Tom Macaulay, MC, and Katharine Kinnear. Having also joined the RNVR on the outbreak of war, he was immediately called up to serve as a lieutenant in command of a minesweeper off the Firth of Forth. “I remember a signal came through that the German invasion fleet was on its way,” he recalled. “Our instructions were to set out to sea to meet the German armada and, if necessary, to ram the German ships.” Fortunately, that turned out to be false alarm…

He was appointed CB in 1962 and KCB in 1976.

Lancelot bagged his CB at the time of Profumo and his KCB in the year of the great panic; the year that Wilson was pushed by the security services and resigned because there was a real fear that the Mr Thrope scandal was going to unravel and the mass abuse/sexploitation of children and others and the lengths to which Whitehall and Westminster been gone to conceal this would be exposed.

On retirement, he and Reine moved to Argyll — not to the Isle of Mull where his father had farmed at Quinish, but to Glen Creran near Appin. There his wife, a potter of no mean talent, established a studio and he immersed himself in the affairs of the community and church as well as being able to indulge his passion for sailing on his boat, Neil Gow, named after a pirate ancestor.

After his wife’s death in 2009 he moved to Fife, where he had spent some of his childhood…

Some of the Top Docs keeping the lid firmly nailed down on the cess pool, such as Lord Robert Kilpatrick, came from Fife. St Andrews University is in Fife, an elite university much loved by Top Docs; Robert Bluglass is one such graduate of St Andrews. St Andrews is the location of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the grandest golf club in the UK, which serves as a Mecca for the Top Docs. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’.

Phil Davison beat the Indie and ‘The Times’ to it, having paid tribute to Sir Lancelot in ‘The Scotsman’ in Nov 2011:
AS COMMANDER of a Royal Navy minesweeper in the Firth of Forth during the Second World War, Sir Lancelot Errington helped defend Scotland and the UK against what appeared to be an imminent Nazi naval attack. It never happened – not least because of the pre-emptive defences of the Rosyth Command of the Home Fleet, including Royal Navy volunteers such as Errington. Although part of the old Scots gentry, Errington was always known simply as Lance. He went on to become one of Britain’s most senior civil servants, a key player in the biggest government projects of the 20th century – construction of the welfare state and the national health service. As a civil servant rather than a party politician, his role went largely unrecognised outside Whitehall, yet cannot be underestimated. He was one of the UK’s finest public servants of the post-war years. He ended his career in 1976 as a permanent secretary in the Department of Health and Social Security, when Barbara Castle was the department’s secretary of state.
…Errington was not one to bamboozle his political boss with verbose speeches. Along with the department’s other permanent secretary, Sir Patrick Nairne, he ran the department on a day-to-basis and effectively acted as its chief executive. In that, according to the late Mrs Castle herself, in her diaries, he not only succeeded but was “brilliant”. For the last 35 years of his life, Sir Lance lived…at Fasnacloich, near Port Appin, Argyll – becoming a much-loved stalwart of his local church and community. “I think he had grown tired, generally, of the company of high heidyins [in London] and wanted to live again among normal people,” said one of his sons, Humphrey. Knighted by the Queen in 1976,
Carlo was appointed Chancellor of the University of Wales the same year and George Thomas was appointed Speaker of the House as the panic rose re Mr Thrope.
Sir Lance left Whitehall that year, somewhat disillusioned by what he considered the “mischievous” interference by party politicians into the work of the Civil Service.
They were in a grade A sweat. Just look at what they had been doing.
He foresaw the era of the“spin doctors” whose job was to put their bosses’ survival ahead of the aspirations and needs of those who elected them…. One ancestor, also called Sir Lancelot (or sometimes Launcelot) Errington briefly captured Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, in the first Jacobite rebellion of 1715. Lance’s father was Major Lancelot Errington, who had fought with the Royal Scots during the Great War and later farmed at Quinish on the Isle of Mull. His mother was Elizabeth Hall Sanford. (Beeslack House is now the site of the Aaron House care home and the estate also houses Beeslack Community High School). The family seat may not have been quite as grandiose as Downton Abbey, but Lance remembered having at least 17 servants…
…he rowed for Trinity and was president of the Magpie & Stump, an old Trinity society devoted more to humour than debate. It was at a history lecture at Cambridge that he met the love of his life, Reine (née Macauley) and, with war having broken out, they married in October 1939….
Errington was among a group of civil servants tasked with properly implementing the so-called Beveridge Report. Their work played a central part in constructing the welfare state we take for granted today, including the NHS. Errington helped set up the Ministry of National Insurance and, as departments changed names or merged, also worked in the Ministry of Social Security. He had a spell in the Cabinet Office as right-hand-man to Prime Minister Harold Wilson at a time when Wilson was pushing for reform of the House of Lords.
…Knighted as Sir Lancelot, he and Reine moved to the Highlands. They bought the former St Mary’s church near Port Appin, where Reine, a keen potter, set up a studio in the vestry. The couple quickly became stalwarts of the community and of the Church of the Holy Cross at nearby Portnacroish. As members of the Royal Highland Yacht Club, they indulged their passion for sailing aboard their yacht Neil Gow.
It’s All For The Benefit Of The Poor!
After Reine’s death in 2009, Sir Lance had difficulty living in the relative isolation of his Highland home. He moved this year to live with his sisters in Elie, Fife. He suffered a massive stroke on 16 October and died in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy two days later. Sir Lancelot Errington is survived by his children Lindsay, Tom, Humphrey and Elizabeth, three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and by a brother, John, and sisters Elizabeth and Jane.


Meet Sir Lancelot’s brother, Major John Errington, as advertised on the internet:

Sir Lancelot’s sister Jane Errington was, like her brother who did so much to conceal the en masse sexual, physical and mental abuse of children and vulnerable people as well as the associated serious organised crime, dedicated to the welfare of the unfortunate. Jane died in 2015 and her obituary appeared in the ‘British Journal of Occupational Therapy’:
Jane Errington, 1923-2015
Jane was one of the Scottish pioneers who broke down barriers and created opportunities for many disabled people. Indefatigable yet self-effacing, she was a person with vision and a creative drive, celebrated professionally for the setting up of St Jude’s Laundry in Edinburgh and for her contribution to establishing Riding for the Disabled in Scotland. Before the Second World War she completed a course in Institutional Management, leading to work as a cook in a military hospital and later as a shepherdess on the family farm on Mull.
Aspiring to a career with a medical background, in 1945 she joined the first intake of the two and a half year course run by Dorothy Bramwell and Mary Cunningham at the Astley Ainslie Hospital Occupational Therapy Training Centre. From 1948–53 she worked in mental hospitals at Rosslynlee, Midlothian
Conditions and the treatment of the patients will have been abysmal
and then in Vancouver, Canada. In 1954 she joined the Grenfell Mission in Newfoundland, firstly at St Anthony’s Hospital as an occupational therapist and then at a smaller remote hospital in Labrador as housekeeper/dietician. Conditions were tough
If this was admitted in the obituary, it will have been a living hell for whoever was in the smaller remote hospital
and resulted in frostbite to fingers and toes – an ongoing problem in later years. In 1955 she furthered her studies by entering the newly developed occupational therapy course at Columbia University in New York, returning to Edinburgh to become head occupational therapist with the Scottish Council for the Care of Spastics (SCCS, now called Capability Scotland) in 1956. This covered Westerlea School, an assessment clinic at Rhuemore and later St Jude’s Laundry.
She set up St Jude’s Laundry in 1961, the first sheltered workshop for people with cerebral palsy (then termed spastics) in Britain. Levin (1964) described her feat of clear-sightedness in envisaging ‘a scheme of employment
which would enable hitherto unemployable ‘‘spastics’’ to become self-supporting, and, would, at the same time, provide a useful service to the public’.
So Jane put them to work, hard unfulfilling work and they won’t have been paid either.
Despite many obstacles, St Jude’s Laundry was eventually given support and approval by the then Ministry of Labour, becoming fully commercial in purpose-built premises in 1976, and by 1988 was awarded a Royal Warrant by the Queen to do the laundry for Holyrood Palace.
Weren’t the spastics supposed to be providing a useful service to the public?
Jane aimed to show what folk could do, not what they couldn’t.
They could do the washing.
In 1959 Mrs More-Nisbett of the Drum, on the south edge of Edinburgh, had encouraged a little girl with polio to ride the family pony. Jane was approached to expand the idea, as the occupational therapist working at SCCS. A keen horsewoman herself, she responded enthusiastically. With medical approval, ponies were brought to both Westerlea and Rhuemore, and by 1962 there were regular weekday and Saturday sessions. The benefits of this new form of therapy were readily observed. With Mrs More-Nisbett’s continuing interest and generous support, in 1966 the first Riding for the Disabled Group in Scotland was set up. An indoor Riding School was built at the Drum and formally opened by the Princess Royal, President of Riding for the Disabled.
Dafydd’s gang dominate the Riding for the Disabled in north Wales. I never found out what the gang were getting out of it, but there’ll have been a catch, they did not do things out of altruism.
Now working full time at the Drum, Jane wanted to enable people with disabilities to experience many of the activities enjoyed by others. She took small groups of 3–4 young disabled riders, plus ponies and one or two volunteers, for 4–5-day holidays to Fingland, a very basic bothy with two rooms, no telephone, no electricity and only cold running water, which was 2 miles up a farm track in the Peebleshire hills. These holidays were hugely popular and keenly anticipated each year.
I would probably quite enjoy such a holiday, but I suspect that Jane Errington might have not found many people like me hanging around. I can imagine that some of the ‘holidaymakers’ found it in a highly distressing experience, but Jane Errington would have not taken no for an answer. It was the laundry and then the holiday.
Jane’s home in Elie with an adapted flat also became the base for holidays for disabled people.
Get the mop out serf, the floor needs cleaning.
In 1982 Jane was awarded the MBE for her work with Riding for the Disabled.
She served on the Council of the Scottish Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT) on and off from 1950, was vice-chairman from 1965–68
and accepted the role of co-convenor of the SAOT Journal until it ceased in 1972. Her life was very varied but with occupational therapy philosophy underpinning much of what she did. She was a keen weaver, storyteller and
letter-writer to her many friends worldwide.
Jane did not work in the laundry herself.
What a life she lived and how much she gave to others, achieving it with vision, energy, humility and humour.
This fairy-tale about the life’s work of a woman who made damn sure that no-one dared reveal the catalogue of abuse and misery – as well as those deaths of children with cerebral palsy in local authority care – that disabled people experienced when doing Lilibet’s laundry while her brother ruled supreme in the corridors of Whitehall was penned by Joy Blakeney, Clephane Hume, Catherine Paterson and Averil Stewart. A reference is supplied: Levin, A.K.M. (1964) ‘Cerebral Palsy: The Pioneer Years of Occupational Therapy in Scotland’.
‘The Scotsman’, Aug 2015, also remembered Jane Errington:

Born: 17 December, 1923, in Milton Bridge, Midlothian. Died: 10 July, 2015, in Fife, aged 91. Jane Errington was one of those indefatigable women whose myriad achievements made it almost impossible to define her in a single entity. She had variously been a cook, shepherd, occupational therapist, dietician to Inuit and other inhabitants of remote Labrador, horsewoman, champion of the disabled, dedicated charity supporter and one of the architects of both Riding for the Disabled and St Jude’s Laundry in Edinburgh, both causes endorsed by royalty.

However, the common factor at the core of all she did was a profound concern for others and her enthusiasm and determination changed the lives of many, thanks to her propensity for concentrating on what could be done rather than what could not. The youngest of Major Lancelot Errington and his wife Elizabeth’s four children, she was born at the family home at Beeslack, Milton Bridge, Midllothian. Educated at Miss Campbell’s school in Elie, Fife and then Oxenfoord Castle School, Midlothian, she did a course at the Edinburgh Cookery School in the capital’s Atholl Crescent but her first job resulted in a warning never to cook again – from a doctor who discovered her with badly infected fingers. She failed to comply with his instruction in future but went on to train as an occupational therapist at Edinburgh’s Astley Ainslie institution. After the outbreak of the Second World War she joined her family

The son and heir of which was the major cog in an enormous VIP paedophile ring which targeted kids in care and disabled people

at Quinish on Mull where her father, a former Royal Scot, had become a farmer. There she became a shepherdess, caring for their herd of sheep.

In peacetime she resumed her career in occupational therapy, working at the Rosslyn Lee Mental Hospital near Edinburgh before heading off to Canada to work in a similar institution in Vancouver. She returned to Scotland before sailing for Newfoundland in 1953 to join the Grenfell Mission. Established by British medical missionary Wilfred Grenfell, the organisation provided health services to the area where virtually no medical help existed. She began work at the main St Anthony hospital and then moved to a smaller, more remote facility at North West River, Labrador where she was housekeeper/dietician. Conditions were much harsher there: the supply of heating and hot water was erratic; there was one store but icy conditions prevented deliveries for the six months of the year from December to May; the only road was just three miles long and journeys had to be undertaken either by sea or by husky-drawn sledge. The weather was so bitter she suffered frostbite on some of her fingers and toes, leaving a lasting legacy of problems.

So what sort of ‘smaller more remote facility’ was this? It can’t have been suitable for caring for disabled people, no matter how unentitled they were. Was it er perhaps a punitive facility dressed up as a ‘hospital’? They certainly couldn’t run away if they didn’t like it there; neither could the kids in ‘children’s homes’ in the middle of Snowdonia that Jane’s brother ensured stayed there until they agreed to take up sex work. The Erringtons didn’t have a track record of making life tolerable for people on the receiving end of their largesse.

But by 1954 she was on the move again – to Columbia University, New York, to study a new course of occupational therapy – before returning to Scotland where she worked with what was then known as the Scottish Council for Spastics (SCS), now Capability Scotland, at various facilities in Edinburgh.

The catalyst for Riding for the Disabled came a few years later when Sheila More Nisbett invited a little girl, disabled by polio, to ride on the family pony at Drum outside Edinburgh. It was such a success that an experienced rider and instructor, Jane Crawford, was asked to help expand the idea. Jane Errington was then approached as the occupational therapist with the SCS. Over the next few years ponies from Drum were brought to the SCS out-patient department at Rhumore on Edinburgh’s Corstorphine Road and riding in the garden became a regular fixture, later expanding to include children at the city’s Westerlea School. Then in 1965 the Drum Riding for the Disabled group was formed and Princess Anne went on to become president of the Scottish Riding for the Disabled Association.

Meanwhile Miss Errington had also been working on her next project – investigating the possibility of establishing a workshop for those unable to find work in the open jobs market. It was eventually decided that laundry work would provide the most appropriate form of employment and a washing machine was installed in the garage at Rhumore. However, there were many hurdles to be overcome while gaining approval for the project, a struggle that was reflected in its name, St Jude’s, patron saint of lost causes. But once the project had garnered support plans were submitted to the Ministry of Labour and subsequently approved. A training programme was fully established in 1962, much to the delight of Miss Errington, who was heartened that the transition had been made from therapy to industry,

I am deeply cynical about ‘therapy’, having seen what it was used for in north Wales, but this idea of Jane’s for the spastics sounds horrific even by the standards of sheltered workshops of the early 1960s. Doing a morning in the laundry would be fine, but what’s the betting that they were forced into there and worked longer hours than the full normal working day, five or six days a week?

and five years later the laundry became a fully commercial enterprise in purpose-built premises in Restalrig. St Jude’s Laundry continues to thrive today and has enjoyed 25 years as a Royal Warrant holder.

Miss Errington, who became head occupational therapist at SCS and set up its employment department, continued to support those with disabilities in her own free time. She particularly loved helping out at Fingland Bothy, a rudimentary property three miles up a farm track in the Border hills. With no phone or electricity and just cold running water, she would assist parties from Riding for the Disabled, cooking for them on the range and riding out to check on the sheep. She also used to invite disabled friends to her home in Elie, ensuring the accommodation was all set up to cater for their needs, and in 1982 her work was recognised when, as a member of the executive committee of the Scottish Council for Spastics, she was made an MBE.

Although the Spastics Society changed its name to Scope, the complaints that residents were being abused continued… The Duke of Westminster was involved with Scope. David Hanson, MP for Delyn and PPS for Miranda when the gang tried to frame and imprison me, 2002-04, worked for Scope before he was elected. Hanson and his wife Margaret colluded with Dafydd’s gang and served as Councillors in Cheshire when Dafydd ran the abuse ring in Cheshire… See previous posts…

When Jane Errington received her MBE in 1982 distress flares from Dafydd and the gang were being sent up after Mary Wynch had begun legal action. Lord Kenyon was pushed out as President of UCNW as the Gwerin conducted a civil war and another of Dafydd’s mates, Sir William Mars-Jones, was installed in Lord Kenyon’s place.

keen horsewoman herself, she and her sister Meme went on a long-distance ride in Iceland in the early 1980s. She also took up carriage driving but a couple of riding accidents left her in severe pain. She broke her hip coming off a horse and returned to the saddle too soon, resulting in another fall. This time her injuries left her with one leg several inches shorter than the other. She also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and was in a wheelchair for the last ten years. A dog lover, keen weaver and storyteller – an attribute that made her an affectionate and entertaining aunt, great aunt and great-grand aunt – latterly she took up watercolour painting and wrote and illustrated her own stories. Determined, gregarious and generous, she corresponded with friends around the world and gave to numerous charities, living her life with a strong Christian ethic, loving her neighbour and at the same time working to improve the world immeasurably for many others.

US Slave: Ireland apologises for 'slave labour' at ...

She is survived by her brother John, sister Meme and extended family.


Think that Lancelot Errington was unprincipled and dangerous? He had an accomplice at the DHSS, the First Permanent Secretary, 1975-81, Sir Patrick Nairne. Sir Lance was about cold baths in the middle of the Highlands and wearing nothing under one’s kilt while thrashing seven year olds to toughen them up, whereas Sir Patrick was a Gentleman of High Culture and Refined Tastes.

To summarise: Sir Patrick Nairne (15 August 1921 -4 June 2013) attended Radley College and then University College, Oxford. His career in the Civil Service started in the Admiralty. Why are we not surprised? Patrick was Master of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, 1981–88. In 1982, Nairne became a member of the Privy Council when he became a member of Lord Franks’ Inquiry into the Falklands War. See previous posts. Nairne was a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation. He was Chancellor of Essex University, 1982-97 and an Honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford.

Nairne was the first Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 1991-96.

  • Denbigh's North Wales hospital put up for sale AGAIN at £2 ...
  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


Sir Patrick’s obituary appeared in the Torygraph in Jun 2013:

By the time he retired, in 1981,

Get out quickly, Mary Wynch has begun legal action.

Nairne was facing a wave of unrest in the NHS over the policies of Margaret Thatcher’s government and their consequences for public sector jobs. But he was equipped for this, too: in 1948 he had helped work up “Operation Zebra” to put sailors into the London docks during an unofficial strike. And as head of the Cabinet Office’s Civil Contingencies Unit in 1973-74, he had kept essential services going during the fuel crisis and the three-day week.

Patrick Dalmahoy Nairne was born on August 15 1921, the son of Lt-Col CS Nairne. From Radley he won an exhibition to University College, Oxford, but interrupted his studies in 1941 to join the Seaforths, attaining the rank of captain. The Seaforths fought their way across North Africa, and in 1943 took part in the invasion of Sicily. Nairne served as intelligence officer with the 5th Battalion, and had the dangerous habit of climbing trees to get a better view of the battle. In August he was awarded an MC after he had reconnoitred forward under heavy enemy fire to produce swift and reliable reports. A few months later the regiment landed at Anzio.

Returning to Oxford on demobilisation, Nairne took a First in Modern History, and in 1947 joined the Admiralty. He first came to public notice in 1958 as private secretary to the First Sea Lord, Lord Carrington.

Carrington, like Quintin Hogg aka Lord Hailsham, went back so far in the Tory Party that he too was there with Mountbatten and the gay spies in the Admiralty. It was the beginning of a slippery slope for Carrington; years later it was he who was responsible for ordering the torture of terrorist suspects in N Ireland. The people who did the torturing included Army psychiatrists known to Dafydd and were concealing Dafydd’s crimes as well as those committed at Kincora. See previous posts.

Arriving at Portsmouth dockyard, Nairne, dressed in yachting-style Admiralty “uniform”, went up the gangway of the minesweeper Sheraton — ahead of Carrington — and was mistakenly piped aboard.In 1965 he became private secretary to the Defence Secretary, Denis Healey. Two years later he was appointed assistant secretary for logistics, and in 1970 deputy under-secretary. He moved to the Cabinet Office in 1973 as second permanent secretary, taking charge of the Civil Contingencies Unit. But instead of returning to the MoD after two years, he went to the DHSS,where he robustly defended its continuance as a single department rather than two.

As a single Dept, it was easier to co-ordinate everyone needed to perpetrate and conceal the wrongdoing. It also made it a very powerful Dept which enabled those facilitating trafficking rings to yell loudly and demand that their requests be met or Fings Would Break.

In the fervid atmosphere of the times, Nairne became concerned at the impact on civil servants’ morale of attacks by the media. In 1977 he wrote to Douglas Allen, head of the Home Civil Service, suggesting steps to secure “true understanding” of their work. Nairne’s fellow mandarins liked the idea, feeling that civil servants were being blamed for decisions taken by ministers. Allen set up a “working group on publicity” to ease the criticism — especially of the Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre at Swansea — but the initiative ran into the ground.

The Thatcher government set Nairne new challenges. His secretary of state, Patrick Jenkin, instructed him to cut social security jobs and health quangos, but as the economy stalled they strove to limit the impact of recession on the welfare state…

Patrick Jenkin was a mate of Ronnie Waterhouse’s who colluded with Dafydd et al. Jenkin’s legacy lives on in his son, Lord Bernard Jenkin and daughter-in-law, Baroness Ann Jenkin. See previous posts.

In 1981 Nairne left Whitehall to become Master of St Catherine’s; he also became an honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford. He launched the 25th anniversary appeal at St Catherine’s and supported Edward Heath’s unsuccessful campaign to be Chancellor of the university. He stood down in 1988 as some dons at St Catherine’s were mobilising to offer Mrs Thatcher a fellowship – a move from which he distanced the college.

His success at Oxford led Essex University to appoint Nairne its Chancellor, from 1983 to 1997. His first action was to bestow an honorary degree on Carrington, who had recently resigned over the Falklands.

Barely were those hostilities over than Nairne was appointed to Lord Franks’s committee, charged with ascertaining whether the invasion should have been anticipated. Many expected the government to be blamed, but the committee exonerated ministers and the Foreign Office of having failed to heed warning signals.

The warning signals which included General Galtieri announcing that he intended to invade the Falklands.

In 1984 Nairne called for a five-year bar on civil servants taking jobs with companies with which they had dealt during their careers. He told the Civil Service Select Committee: “I did not think it would be right for me to take a job in the pharmaceutical industry or the medical equipment industry, and certainly not in the tobacco industries, simply because I had had a good deal to do with that part of the private sector.”

Nairne’s sense of propriety also stopped him migrating to the Far East to run a string of child brothels, it would not have been right for him to have capitalised on all that experience of that part of the private sector that he had acquired at the DHSS.

In the same year he was appointed, with a local judge, to monitor reaction in Hong Kong to Sir Geoffrey Howe’s agreement to hand the colony over to China in 1997. They found overall acceptance, qualified by “concern and anxiety” about what the communists would do..

Fat Pang’s future job was assured.

 in 1996 [Nairne Chaired] a Commission on the Conduct of Referendums. From 1990 to 1992 he chaired the west regional board of Central Television.

With his wife, he was active in Church politics, and from 1993 to 1998 served as a Church Commissioner.

Nairne will have known about so many of the dirty vicars and raping Bishops, including perhaps the Rev Rigg and certainly the molesting Bishop of Chester and Carlo’s pal Bishop Peter Ball.

Sexual abuse coverup by Anglican Church includes the ...

Peter Ball was the  suffragen Bishop of Lewe (in Sussex), 1977-92 and the diocesan Bishop of Gloucester, 1992-93, when he resigned after being cautioned for sexual abuse; he continued to officiate at several churches after that. In October 2015, Ball was sentenced to 32 months’ imprisonment for misconduct in public office and indecent assault after admitting the abuse of 18 young men over a period of 15 years from 1977 to 1992. Further charges of indecently assaulting two boys, aged 13 and 15, were allowed to lie on file in a contentious decision by the CPS. He was released on licence in February 2017.

Gwilym Williams, the Bishop of Bangor, 1957-92, was a paid up member of Dafydd’s gang, held academic appointments in the University of Wales, including at UCNW and served as Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82.

My post ‘Amber Rudd, The Miners’ Strike and A Memory Jogged’ discussed a family who lived just down the road from me on Anglesey in 1983-85. They had recently moved to Anglesey from Birmingham and were having a hard time. They were trying to make a living by running a small shop and post office; the father of the family was a man in his 50s who had multiple health problems and it was the mother who ran the PO and shop to make a very meagre living. There were three teenaged children and I got to know them and discovered that the youngest girl had been ‘rescued’ by the family, while they had lived in Birmingham, from ‘terrible cruelty’. The girl told me herself one day that she could never thank the family enough, they had saved her life. The family were all very loyal to each other; it became obvious that they were subject to a great deal of malice from local people.

The older teenagers were academically able and had been due to sit a whole string of O levels just before they moved to Anglesey; Ysgol David Hughes at Menai Bridge simply refused to enter them for the exams. The oldest girl was targeted as a ‘girlfriend’ by a notoriously abusive young man from Bangor which caused her parents enormous worry. Rumours were put around – indeed I was told as well – that the teenagers of the family were involved with crime. They weren’t.

The family were having such a hard time scraping a living at the shop that they applied for a licence to sell alcohol. The first that I knew of this was when a man turned up on my doorstep in the summer of 1983 and demanded that I sign a petition to stop this. I refused and told him that the family were in difficulties and that I wasn’t going to add to them needlessly. The man became very angry, shouted at me that he used to be the vicar here – so he was the former vicar of St Tegfans at Old Llandegfan – and that Dr Dafydd Alun Jones from Denbigh was very worried about this family and their plan to sell alcohol would encourage drunkeness and alcoholism. This was the first time that I had ever heard Dafydd mentioned. I told the vicar that the theories re off-licenses causing alcohol problems were related to people being able to purchase big quantities of booze cheaply and anonymously from supermarkets. No lace curtain alcoholic was going to go into the shop at Old Llandegfan and knock back the booze, the whole world would have known.

The vicar was very angry indeed that I would not sign the petition of hate and he ran off down the path shouting at me. I have been told recently that he reported straight back to Dafydd HQ that there was a girl in the vicarage in Old Llandegfan who refused to sign the petition…

The family did not get their licence to sell booze and the unpleasantness toward them continued. The shop went out of business and just before that happened, the father of the family died. He so obviously had never received the medical care that he needed. The two older teenagers both left school without qualifications, although they succeeded in getting jobs in local businesses and then became management trainees. They looked after their mum and the younger girl who’d been rescued from cruelty in Birmingham.

I realised years later that this family had been under attack from the gang, presumably because of the ‘cruelty’ that they had witnessed the younger girl being subjected to and from which they had rescued her. The last time that I spoke to them was many years ago, when I told the older girl what was beginning to happen to me at the hands of the gang, not realising that they were under attack from the same people. That was circa 1987; life was going well for her, she had begun to earn a decent salary as the manager of the office of a local bakery. She had brought a small house and her mum and younger sister lived with her. I didn’t see her again but about a year later, the bakery for whom she worked went out of business after trading for many years and all staff were made redundant.

When this family were targeted, Keith Best was the MP for Anglesey.

I wouldn’t have put it past the gang to have laid siege to the bakery who employed Jane, in the way that Merfyn Jones was subjected to an all-out attack because he gave me a place to do a PhD and then a job…

Gwilym Williams’s successor as Bishop of Bangor, Cledan Mears, also enjoyed a cosy relationship with the gang. See previous posts.

The Three Stooges:

Welsh Icons News | Archbishop Pays Tribute to Bishop ...

Perhaps Patrick Nairne knew why, after the Rev Wynn Roberts of Bangor was obliged to leave his job as a vicar after a relationship with a parishioner when they were both married to other people, he was then given a job by the NW Wales NHS Trust as the chaplain at Ysbyty Gwynedd. In which capacity he ignored the abuse of patients in the Hergest Unit. The Rev Wynn, excelling as the hospital Chaplin, was promoted to senior management level by the NHS Trust, given responsibility for the ethics committee and sat on Mental Health Review Tribunals and a few years ago took up a side-line as an Elvis impersonator, which was constructed by the NHS as being music therapy for the patients. See post ‘Music Therapy Anyone?’.

Nairne was also, at various times, president of the Association of Civil Service Art Clubs, the Oxfordshire Craft Guild, Modern Art Oxford, the Radleian Society and the Seamen’s Hospital Society; vice-president of the Oxford Art Society; and chairman of the Irene Wellington Educational Trust and the Society For Italic Handwriting.

He was a trustee of the National Maritime Museum, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the National Aids Trust and Oxford School of Drama .

Dafydd’s network of Radical Leftists dominate the JRF and everyone involved with AIDS concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the gangs like Dafydd’s that fed into it because the rent boys who died of AIDS in the late 1980s/early 90s were the former kids in care who had been forced into sex work. The Pioneering AIDS Wards were at the Middlesex Hospital, Gwynne’s alma mater, which protected Gwynne and Dafydd for their entire careers. The Middlesex was situated in Bloomsbury with Soho nearby. See previous posts…

He was appointed CB in 1971, KCB in 1975 and GCB in 1981. He was sworn of the Privy Council in 1982.

The Guardian’s tribute to Sir Patrick read:

Sir Patrick Nairne, who has died aged 91, was one of Britain’s great, and most enlightened, public servants at a time when they had the opportunity to shine. A highly civilised man of rare talents and interests, he rose to the top in Whitehall through administrative and managerial flair – virtues he combined with humanity, a deep appreciation of the arts, and enthusiasm for facing difficult intellectual and moral challenges.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


He spent most of his career in the Ministry of Defence – he came from a military background. But after a spell in the Cabinet Office in 1975, his special qualities – a real belief in public administration and an ability to run organisations, including the chairing of meetings, effectively – were recognised by the prime minister, Harold Wilson, who appointed him permanent secretary, the official head, of the mammoth Department of Health and Social Security.

Denis Healey, one of Wilson’s cabinet stalwarts, described Nairne in his 1989 autobiography as “the perfect choice for the most difficult two years of my service as defence secretary, when I was taking my most important decisions on equipment, commitments and strategy … Unfailing courtesy and a pretty wit made him a joy to work with.” The agendas and priorities of the DHSS were very different from those he was used to at the MoD. Yet he drew parallels between them, comparing the often tense relationship between civilian administrators in the MoD and military chiefs with that between DHSS civil servants and the consultants and drug company lobbies.

Kincora and the associated murders in the midst of a terrorist campaign spanned the MoD and the DHSS. As did this:

The remains of Lord Mountbatten are removed after the IRA bomb attack on the boat, Shadow V, in Co Sligo
The remains of Lord Mountbatten are removed after the IRA bomb attack on the boat, Shadow V, in Co Sligo.
And indeed this:
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Born in London, Nairne was the son of a colonel in the Seaforth Highlanders and he married a daughter of a colonel…He joined his father’s regiment and after fighting in the Battle of El Alamein and recovering from wounds in Tunisia, he took part in the invasion of Sicily in July 1943. In recognition of his initiative and outstanding bravery searching for and identifying weak points in enemy positions at Francofonte, north-west of Syracuse, he was awarded the Military Cross.

The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
General Sir Bernard Montgomery in England, 1943 TR1037 (cropped).jpg

Vice Admiral Sir Normal Denning:

Norman Denning was a Royal Naval and Intelligence Officer at the Admiralty and Defence Intelligence Staff who served as Director of Naval Planning, 1945-56, Director of Naval intelligence, 1960-64 and Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Intelligence, 1964-65.

Norman’s brother was Lord Denning who was such a loyal friend the Dafydd and the network that he even took part in a ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ programme with Dafydd’s pal Savile.

  • Here he is, listening to a recording of that phone call in 1987 in which Dafydd told me that if I withdrew my complaint about him he’d get me a place at Liverpool medical School:
  • Or it might have been of the call in which Dafydd told me that he’d have me arrested and imprisoned in Risley Remand Centre if I didn’t drop my complaint. Or it could have been the one in which Dafydd boasted about killing patients. Or the one in which Patient F blew a raspberry at him which was interpreted by Liverpool High Court as me presenting a danger to Dafydd’s life. Or a recording of the bugged Student Health Centre with Gwynne propositioning me? Or D.G.E. Wood threatening me? Who knows…

I noted in my post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ how many people from privileged backgrounds who did the most appalling things as civilians, including those up to their necks in Dafydd’s wrongdoing who lied and cheated at every turn, all managed to distinguish themselves during their war service.

...he joined the Admiralty, one of the five organisations to be merged into a combined MoD in 1964. After a succession of posts there, many of them in ministers’ private offices and many playing a key role in integrating the three branches of the armed forces, Nairne became deputy under-secretary (1970-73).

Nairne will not only have known about the VIP paedophile ring at Kincora and its links with the mainland, but he knew that the Belfast-based paedophile psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser who was involved with Kincora was allowed to continue to practising by the GMC in the early 1970s after he had offended against children and then relocated to London, where he worked at Springfield Hospital (the mental health unit attached to St George’s) and UCL. See previous posts. Later in life Fraser moved to Cornwall and became involved with a charidee that provided sailing holidays for children.

All Aboard Sir Lancelot! Anyone for a Party Ring?

Fox's party ring biscuits Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image ...


…he ended his Whitehall career in 1981 at the DHSS. In what he said was a great surprise, he was asked if his name could go on a shortlist as master of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, to succeed the historian Lord Alan Bullock. It was unusual then, though not now, for Oxbridge colleges to elect “outsiders” – even former Whitehall mandarins – as heads.

Alan Bullock was a senior member of the security services. He established St Catherine’s after many enjoyable years at New College, Oxford, where, along with Richard Crossman, he recruited for the intelligence services. Mandelson is a St Catherine’s graduate and was mist likely recruited to work for the intelligence services by Alan Bullock. Bullock and Mandy have numerous links with those we know and love. See post ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

Nairne was master of St Catherine’s for seven years. Soon after he took up the post, he was made a privy counsellor and appointed a member of the Franks committee, set up to review the events leading up to the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands in 1982. While the committee described a catalogue of errors, it was attacked for absolving the Thatcher government from “any criticism or blame” for the junta’s decision “to commit an act of unprovoked aggression”.

Nairne soon joined other recently retired top Whitehall officials in the growing campaign for the repeal of the “catch-all” Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act. “Had Sir Humphrey Appleby changed his spots?” he asked, referring to the senior official in Yes, Minister. “Any Freedom of Information bill would have important exemptions; matters affecting national security, such as the organisation of a British nuclear test, would certainly be exempted,” he warned.

As it seems were all matters relating to the Westminster Paedophile Ring, even the murders of witnesses.

He fully recognised that ministers and civil servants were always attacked for their disposition to cover up not only what needed to be kept secret, but what could be politically damaging. “The secrecy culture of Whitehall,” he openly acknowledged, “is essentially a product of British parliamentary democracy; economy with the truth is the essence of a professional reply to a parliamentary answer.”He was under no illusion that there was a long way to go before that culture was fundamentally changed and the doctrine of “the need to know” is replaced by that of “the right to know”.

The citizens of north Wales had no right to know that the social workers who took their kids into care would force them into prostitution. Neither did they have the right to know that the Top Docs to whom they were referred – and by whom they were sectioned if they refused an appointment – were also forcing patients into prostitution.When Oliver Brooke, the Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s, was imprisoned for kiddie porn offences in Dec 1986, St George’s made public statement that people should not be frightened to bring their children to the hospital, Ollie was a one-off and that he had never offended against his patients. Ollie was a key member of a pan-European paedophile ring, many of his colleagues were facilitating the same ring and I’d be gobsmacked if he had managed to leave his patients alone. He became a paediatrician for a reason… See eg. ‘Oliver!’

Nairne enjoyed wrestling with difficult ideas. He was the first chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (1991-96) and in 1993 published ‘Demystifying Bioethics: A Lay Perspective’, in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


He was also a gifted painter of watercolours and his pictures were twice exhibited in the Royal Academy. A collection of his watercolours hangs in St Catherine’s College. Sandy, one of his sons and director of the National Portrait Gallery, told the magazine ‘Oxford Today’ in 2010 that Patrick encouraged his children to make room for art. “There’s a line of art that runs through my family. Even though my father spent all his time organising things and making things better, he brought us up with the idea that art had a very strong place.”

Rolf Harris used celebrity status to molest girls as young ...

Graham Ovenden exceeded Rolf by a long way and was taken much more seriously as an artist as well. See previous posts.

Nairne was also chairman of the Society of Italic Handwriting and his Whitehall memos and minutes were well known for their fine, clear script.

Those memos and minutes which resulted in the concealing of the gang rape and murder of children are examples of the most beautiful handwriting. I’m very fond of illuminated writing myself, it’s most impressive.

He and his wife, Penelope, a lay reader for many years, were part of the church wherever they lived and his Christian beliefs were important to him.

No, No, Not The Comfy Chair!

  • Monty Python - Spanish Inquisition - YouTube
  • Spanish Inquisition Monty Python Quotes. QuotesGram

Penelope, whom he married in 1948, survives him, as do their daughters, Katherine, Fiona and Margaret, and sons, Sandy, James and Andrew.

The Indie paid homage to the Matthew Hopkins of the DHSS as well:

Patrick Nairne played a big role in the life of this country in the second half of the 20th century….

I never even enjoyed the sex: Christine Keeler reflects on ...

John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan


  • Spanish Inquisition Monty Python Quotes. QuotesGram
  • Denbigh's North Wales hospital put up for sale AGAIN at £2 ...
  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


He went on to have a second career as an effective, much-loved and ethos-setting Master of St Catherine’s College, Oxford. 

  • Fox's party ring biscuits Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image ...

Mandy’s right hand Civil Service mandarin by 2010, the daughter of Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council who kept a lot of people out of prison and tried to put me in, went to school with the family from Birmingham who were targeted by the gang. Mandy, as a member of the security services, should you and your pals not have been blowing them all out of the water when they were teenagers or young adults, instead of bankrupting the bakeries who dared employ the victims of the gang of which their parents were part?

He had artistic interests and skill, as shown by the collection of his watercolours that hangs in St Catz and his chairmanship of the Society of Italic Handwriting. He and his wife, Penelope Chauncy Bridges, created an artistic dynasty: one daughter, Fiona, is a part-time calligrapher

Such lovely handwriting, just like her dad, who’s handwriting took him to the very top of a dung heap.

Born in 1921 into a military family (his father was a retired Lt Col who taught art at Winchester)…

Presumably his handwriting and collusion with paedophilia was up to standard as well.

…From 1958-60 he was private secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty. 
Lord Mountbatten followed by Sir Charles Lambe. Lambe became First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff in May 1959. He suffered a serious heart attack only six months after taking office and was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet on his early retirement on 10 May 1960. Lambe died at his home at Newport-on-Tay in Fife on 29 August 1960. Lambe had been appointed Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet, as well as NATO Commander, Allied Forces Mediterranean in Nov 1957 and was succeeded in that role by Sir Alec Bingley, who did not have a heart attack and keel over at the height of his powers. But then Sir Alec’s wife and son were friends with Dafydd and Gwynne, Richard Crossman and Dom Mintoff of the Maltese Mafia and ran MIND. See previous posts.

The aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, which Sir Charles Lambe commanded in the British Pacific Fleet later on in WW II 
…At the MoD from 1967-1973 Nairne was first Assistant Undersecretary of State for Defence then Deputy Under-Secretary, and worked closely and supportively with the Minister, Lord Carrington.The reason he was so good at this job, as at all his later ones, was his capacity to listen. Whether dealing with a stubborn old admiral, a set-in-his-ways general or a callow schoolboy, he patiently listened with apparent eagerness to hear what you had to say, seldom interrupted and never condescended or patronised. He always seemed genuinely curious about what you thought, and never forget anyone’s name or circumstances.

Inside Sir Patrick’s Cultured Brain it will have been:

He inspired real affection, partly because of his sparkling conversation and interest in your contribution to it, partly because he radiated affability and kindness.
So did Geoffrey Chamberlain and he experimented on live late gestation foetuses whom he had unlawfully aborted, killed them afterwards and ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘Now Then…’

In MoD negotiations he was effective though young; somehow those on the other side always knew they were dealing with someone who had experienced danger and shown bravery and initiative…
Banding the initials MC about after his name might have been part of the spell.

Nairne did not return to the MoD as expected in 1975 but was promoted to head the Department of Health and Social Security. He was knighted that year and made GCB on his retirement in 1981, when he also mused in a radio interview on the conflicts between politicians in a hurry to get things done and the civil servants whose job is to see that projects are brought to fruition thoroughly and properly.

When one looks at the decades of patient, hard skulduggery and law breaking that has gone into providing complete protection for Gwynne, Dafydd and the gang since the late 1950s, one cannot fairly entirely blame most politicians for the co-ordinated effort; they simply haven’t been in office long enough. Whereas Nairne, Lancelot, Sir George Godber and the rest devoted their entire lives to the task, from that first thrashing after the cold bath at the age of seven.

Could Sir Patrick have been the model for Sir Humphrey Appleby in “Yes Minister”? His family will only allow that he “may” have offered “advice” to the BBC. During his tenure he was responsible for the inspired appointment of Mary Warnock as chair of the trailblazing committee of inquiry into human fertilisation and embryology,

Inspired in so far as Warnock knew nothing about IVF, had no idea what the Top Docs were getting up to in their clinics and therefore was unable to come up with recommendations that would nip the fleecing of patients in the bud. However, Dame Josephine Barnes, the ex-wife of Ted Heath’s friend and Top Doc Sir Brian Warren – Sir Brian was wholly opposed to the idea of the NHS throughout his career – was a member of the Warnock committee and Josephine, being an obstetrician and gynaecologist who, like her ex-husband, was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, did know what was going on (see post ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’), so she could give orders to Warnock. Warnock was a silly old bat, very Shirley Williams-esque, who had concealed the organised abuse in Oxfordshire that was facilitated by the Top Docs, so Warnock could be relied upon to follow instructions while ‘The Guardian’ could publish articles about her Wise Woman’s ways, a la Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

and his continued interest in the subject led to him chairing, in 1991, the Nuffield Council on Biothethics, which reflected on questions raised by the genome project.

As someone with lovely handwriting, a trait genetically inherited by his daughter, Nairne was the ideal person to do so.

It was a tough act to follow Alan Bullock, founding Master of St Catz, as Nairne did in 1981. But this is like no other Oxbridge college. First, it is a masterpiece of Modernist architecture and a congenial environment for someone with so developed a visual sense that he always travelled with his watercolours.
I do hope that Nairne was fully equipped when he saw action and won that Military Cross.
 And it is a particularly civilised college, whose fellows’ interests and origins are varied, as are those of its students.
  • Lord Peter Mandelson attends a conference outlining London's economic reputation at the Royal Opera House, London, - Stock Image
  • London, UK, 10th May: Labour politician Lord Peter Mandelson at The Andrew Marr Show at Westminster in London, UK - Stock Image
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  • Lord Peter Mandleson,former spin doctor and advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown,at the Labour party conference - Stock Image
His seven years as Master were a time when college traditions were being born,
Such as Party Rings:
  • Fox's party ring biscuits Stock Photo, Royalty Free Image ...
and its excellence and geniality owes a good deal to him. On retiring, seeking to distance himself and the college from the effort made by some of his dons to grant a fellowship to Mrs Thatcher, and having unsuccessfully campaigned for Edward Heath to become University Chancellor, he chaired the Advisory Board of Modern Art Oxford…

In 1987 he chaired the Institute of Medical Ethics’ working party on the implications for the NHS of Aids….And as he’d been such a success at Oxford, Essex University made him Chancellor (1983-97).

‘Of course ‘The Times’ published an obituary for Nairne as well, but they really pushed the boat out by publishing some additional comments by others after they had published Nairne’s obituary:

John Pattisson, former Vice-Chairman, Radley College Council, writes:May I add to your deservedly warm tribute (obituary, June 5). Sir Patrick was, as you say, knighted in 1975, and he was advanced from KCB to GCB six years later. In 1982 he was appointed to the Privy Council, an exceptional distinction for a civil servant, in anticipation of his becoming the government monitor at the forthcoming key negotiations on the future of Hong Kong. He was selected personally for this important role by Margaret Thatcher, who held Sir Patrick in the greatest respect, reputedly averring that he could be trusted as he was “one of us”.

  • Celebrity arrests could soar after police discover Jimmy ...
  • Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite ...

Among the many bodies to which Sir Patrick gave inspirational service was the governing council of Radley, his old school, of which he was an outstandingly valuable and fondly admired member from 1976 to 1999.

I worked in an old folk’s home in Leicester for a few weeks during 1987-88 and although there was no neglect or abuse of the residents, the home was run and substantially staffed by people who knew about the horrors which existed in Leicester, on the turf of Greville Janner and Keith Vaz and they were just keeping their heads down in terror. I worked with an Asian girl who’s sister had run away from home to escape a forced marriage and this girl was planning to do the same; the Top Docs knew all about it because she had developed an eating disorder and they were fully au fait with her background, but no, they were not going to do anything to help. The lady who used to come to the home to do music and games with the residents was a former NHS occupational therapist who’s son was at Radley and she used to chat to the residents about the children of the rich and famous who were at Radley with her son.

Not surprisingly, soon after his appointment he successfully spearheaded plans to build a much-needed arts centre, which he was able to open in 1979. It remains an innovative and thriving facility, and a fitting reminder of Sir Patrick’s love of the school.

Perhaps the lady with whom I worked on Greville’s manor knew Sir Patrick!

David Young writes: Other contributors are spot on in recalling Pat’s astonishing appetite for work. As a young civil servant I worked directly under him on nuclear defence matters and specifically on briefing for Nato Nuclear Planning Group meetings. These meetings churned out vast quantities of paper and I fear I skimmed some of them until it became painfully clear that Pat had somehow found time to read every word. That he might have been a model for Sir Humphrey is perhaps supported by the fact that I once heard him say to Denis Healey, “I could not fail to disagree with you less, Secretary of State”. I am still not sure what it meant.

One of the people who supplied an obit for Sir Patrick was one Frank Panton. I will try to find out whether he is anything to do with Wing Commander I.H. Panton. Wing Commander I.H. Panton used to supervise a summer work scheme at Penrhyn Castle in the 1980s and every person employed was a victim of Dafydd’s gang. They liked Wing Commander Panton because he rolled his sleeves up and worked with them, took his lunch breaks with them etc. He heard the full details of the very serious crimes that they had experienced and witnessed. He said nothing about it to anyone. See previous posts. Lucille Hughes volunteers for the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle.

Nairne: he was the very model of the best kind of British civil servant, with a genius for administration
Nairne: he was the very model of the best kind of British civil servant, with a genius for administration. Gwynne the lobotomist was praised after his death for being a ‘thoughtful administrator’. He and Dafydd ran a sex abuse gang, abducted and illegally imprisoned victims in a dungeon and some of them were never seen again. Where does one learn the skills necessary to administrate that? Among the dreaming spires?
The ‘Journal of Medical Ethics’ didn’t miss Nairne’s death. Here’s a small extract:

Sir Patrick Nairne, who has died aged 91 years, was a distinguished senior civil servant and academic, who among many other accomplishments and achievements, made a significant contribution to the development of medical ethics in the UK. 

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Sir Patrick is perhaps best known in this context as the founding chairman, from 1991 to 1996, of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the independent ethics advisory body co-funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council, which is deservedly regarded as the closest British equivalent to a national ethics committee.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Two or three years prior to the creation of the Nuffield Council however, Sir Patrick had chaired an Institute of Medical Ethics working party on the ethical implications of HIV infection and AIDS, one of a series of enquiries …

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


On 5 June 2013, the University of Essex website carried this feature:

Obituary: Sir Patrick Nairne

Sir Patrick Nairn

It is with great sadness that the University announces the death of former Chancellor, Sir Patrick Nairne on 4 June 2013. The University’s second Chancellor, Sir Patrick held the post for thirteen years from 1983 to 1997. He was also presented with an Honorary Doctorate by the University in 1983.

Warm tributes have been paid to Sir Patrick by those who knew him and worked alongside him. Professor Sir Martin Harris, Vice-Chancellor from 1987 to 1992, praised Sir Patrick for his “wise counsel”, while Professor Ron Johnston, Vice-Chancellor from 1992 to 1995, highlighted his “experience and wisdom”.

Tributes to Sir Patrick can be read in full below.

Born on 5 August 1921, Sir Patrick was educated at Radley College and University College, Oxford, with his education interrupted by World War II. During his career Sir Patrick held key positions in the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office and was appointed Permanent Secretary to the Department of Health and Social Security. He was knighted in 1975.

In 1981 he was elected Master of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, stepping down in 1988, and held a number of public offices, including government monitor for Hong Kong in 1984 and founding chair of the Nuffield Council on bioethics from 1992. He was also a trustee of the National Maritime Museum. He was appointed Chancellor at Essex following the death of founding Chancellor Lord Butler. That is Rab Butler, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, mentor to Carlo, who concealed the ring at Cambridge.

Tributes to Sir Patrick Nairne

Professor Sir Martin Harris, Vice-Chancellor 1987-1992: ‘Barbara and I were deeply saddened to learn of Patrick Nairne’s death. When we arrived at Wivenhoe Park in 1987, as a very inexperienced Vice-Chancellor I was very much in need of wise counsel. Pat Nairne was one of those to whom I could always turn. Always available but never intrusive, he systematically visited every part of the then very small University, sometimes accompanied by Penny and sometimes alone. They always stayed in the guest room at Lakeside House and it was there, after the busy schedule of the day was done, or on the evening before Degree Day (just three ceremonies, all in one day, at that time), that he gave me such sound advice. He was astonishingly well informed and willing to share so much, not just with me but right across the campus. He was just what a Chancellor should be, and the then young University is very much in his debt. And there’s one other thing: his watercolours. As I write this, I am looking at two delightful paintings which Pat gave us all those years ago and which Barbara and I have treasured, in Colchester, in Manchester and now in Cambridge. These exquisite landscapes are a lasting memory for us of a wonderful mentor and friend.”

Wherever the Westminster Paedophile Ring was, so was Martin Harris. He was born near Wrexham, went to school in Plymouth and university at Queens College, Cambridge and then SOAS. He taught at Leicester University and then spent 15 years at the University of Salford, which was sending social work students on placement to north Wales and ignoring reports of child abuse. Salford also accredited the worthless qualifications handed out to Dafydd’s gang by Cartrefle College. See previous posts.

Harris was a member of UGC, 1984-87, when Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer and the UGC retreated from their plan to close down UCNW, when a deal was done to shaft the recent UCNW grads who had tripped over the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

Harris was VC of Essex University, 1987-92. During that time, UCNW returned Professor Andrew Radford to Essex University, where Radford had previously worked, after much scandal and complaint at Bangor re Radford. Radford was a serial shagger of students; I didn’t ever hear that it was non-consensual, but the students receiving Firsts could be correlated with those who had sex with Radford. The Ugandan discussions created such a bad atmosphere in the Dept of Linguistics, over which Radford presided, that there was a complaint from at least one parent; it was concealed by the Student Health Centre at UCNW and by Dr Tony Francis. Radford was so excessive that Essex could not have not noticed his extra-curricular activities. Radford had completed his first degree, postgrad and postdoc work at Trinity College, Cambridge. He had been a student when Carlo was there and when Rab was Master of Trinity College. See previous posts for further info re Radford.

Martin Harris was VC of the Victoria University of Manchester, 1992-2004, when it became part of the new University of Manchester. Dafydd’s and Tony Francis’s colleagues, including Bob Hobson, were based at Manchester running the ring there at the time. During his time at Manchester, Martin Harris was Chairman of both the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (now UUK) and of its Health Committee and a member of the Commission for Health Improvement, who told all those lies about the NW Wales NHS Trust in 2004 and was part of the huge scam involving Jack Butterworth’s daughter to conceal patient harm and criminality while firing at Merfyn Jones and his wife. See post ‘Murder In Samarkand’.

Martin Harris was Chair of the Clinical Academic Staff Advisory Group of the Universities and Colleges Employers Association. So perhaps he can explain why so many of the Clinical Academics at Bangor University were colluding against Merfyn, why they were leaking confidential information re his wife when she was dying and why they flatly refused to treat me for a serious condition.

Martin Harris served as Chancellor of Salford University, 2005-09, succeeding Sir Walter Bodmer, who was part of the huge Bristol cancer research fraud scandal involving Dr Peter Macguire, a friend of Tony Francis, which resulted in the suicide – well it was presumed to be suicide – of Prof Tim McElwain in 1990. See posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’. Does Martin know how Mcguire, a psychiatrist, received funding from the Cancer Research Campaign, just after I had begun a career with the CRC?

Martin Harris’ other appointments include Deputy Chairmanship of the North West Development Agency, 2002-08 and Director of Fair Access at the OFFA, 2004-12.

Professor Les Ebdon, the former VC of Bedford University, succeeded Martin Harris as Director of OFFA. I corresponded with Les before he was appointed Director of OFFA. Les had written an article about mental health problems in students in the lay press and I explained to him that Brown and I had just written an academic article in this area. Les read my article and wrote a nice letter back telling me that he wouldn’t share it with anyone until it was published (it was still in press). Les was as good as his word, he didn’t plagiarise it. What Les did do however was let a few people know that I had contacted him, that I was, well me, that woman who had been given a PhD place at Bangor, the reason why Miranda was trying to destroy the VC of Bangor University. Les was then given the OFFA job. Before Les stepped down as the VC of Luton, then known as the University of Bedfordshire, he gave Jimmy Savile an honorary doctorate.

Jimmy Savile Stripped Of University Of Bedfordshire ...

Savile’s honorary doctorate was rescinded by the University of Bedfordshire, after the er Savile revelations, by which time Les was Director of OFFA.

Les: Thank you for not plagiarising my article, but the use to which you did put it is not a very good advert for you and your much boasted about commitment to supporting disadvantaged students is it? Would you like to apologise to the VC who really was supporting disadvantaged students and who had his career destroyed because he did so? 

  • Les Ebdon is a chemist who did both of his degrees at Imperial College. Imperial was/is crawling with folk who are Of Dafydd, in particular Lord Brian Flowers, who came from Swansea. See previous posts. Professor Wynn Humphrey Davies also worked at Imperial; when I sent that article to Les, Professor Wynn Humphrey Davies was one of the members of Bangor University Council who were mounting the Great Rebellion against Merfyn.

Les: If you develop a brain tumour, I’ll let you know that they cannot be relied upon to save your bacon, no matter how much you’ve grovelled to them. Because they don’t have an ounce of decency in them. They are, after all, gangsters, Les you big wally.

After Les took up the post at OFFA, he was succeeded as VC of the University of Bedfordshire by Bill Rammell. I corresponded with Bill Rammell as well, just after I corresponded with Les! Bill was Miranda’s Minister for HE, but Bill didn’t know anything about HE. So Bill’s policies weren’t working and he was told this by educational sociologists of far greater standing than me, a PhD student. Bill wrote back to me and told me that I would soon see that Miranda’s HE policies were working and had Transformed People’s Chances.

Miranda’s HE guru Lord Adonis admitted recently that Miranda’s HE policies hadn’t worked as expected and to save the HE sector, it is now necessary to stop implementing them.

I expect that Bill at Bedfordshire will continue to follow them nonetheless. All the best with that one Bill!

  • Martin Harris became President of Clare Hall, Cambridge in 2008 and stepped down in 2013.

Sir Martin Harris | Staff | SOAS University of London

Professor Ron Johnston, Vice-Chancellor, 1992-95: ‘Patrick Nairne was everything a University and its Vice-Chancellor could ask for in a Chancellor. He was a staunch supporter and friend: his experience and wisdom were there to be tapped, with advice that was never pressed but always available when asked for – and always given without any follow-up questioning to know if it was taken. He was intensely interested in all that happened at the University. The formal occasions were handled with quiet grace, good humour and the minimum of pomp. He made frequent trips to Wivenhoe in order to visit departments and learn what they were doing – and once gave a seminar in the Department of Government, joining members of staff at the traditional meal at David McKay’s restaurant afterwards. Lady Nairne too was a regular visitor, often attending seminars and other events at the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre.’

Sir Patrick and Lady Nairne bred and they produced Cultured Children.

Patrick Nairne’s son Alexander Robert “Sandy” Nairne (born 8 June 1953) is an English historian and curator. From 2002 until February 2015 he was the Director of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Sandy Nairne attended Radley College and studied at University College, Oxford in the early 1970s and rowed for the Oxford University second crew Isis.

‘ISIS is known for spreading hatred and executing victims on camera and instigating terrorist attacks.’

'Real Housewives of Isis' screens on BBC2 – and it's upset ...

Sandy Nairne came into contact with Nicholas Serota, while working at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 1974–76. Nicholas Serota’s mother, the Baroness Bea, was a friend of Richard Crossman, who was Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-70. Bea Serota is mentioned a lot in Crossman’s ‘Diaries’, particularly those diary entries from his time at the DHSS because Bea was Crossman’s Deputy. Bea Serota, an LSE graduate of the generation when so many staff and graduates of that institution played a major role in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, was a civil servant who was one of those powerful posh ladies holding influential positions while Dafydd and Gwynne expanded their business, as the Westminster Paedophile Ring colonised most of the UK’s Depts of Social Services; Bea was one of those who helped it happen. Bea’s talent was spotted by Harold Wilson, when she worked as a civil servant. Wilson gave her a peerage in 1967, appointed her a Gov’t Whip and then as Richard Crossman’s Deputy at the DHSS, although she hadn’t ever been an MP.

Bea’s previous counted for rather more than being an MP. She was a member of the old Hampstead Borough Council immediately after WW II, then sat on the London County Council as a member for Brixton and on the GLC as the member for Lambeth. Until the end of her life Bea was devoted to Hampstead. Just like Peggy Jay, another dreadful old bag who was devoted to Hampstead (see post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’), Bea knew about the trade in underaged sex workers for the Posh, including those fed into the machine of the Bloomsbury Group and in north Wales, the Welsh Bloomsbury Set. Bea was Vice-Chairwoman of ILEA, 1964-67, while it colluded with organised abuse (see previous posts) and it was ‘her distinguished career in local government and the work that she did for children’ that bagged her a peerage.

Thus Bea became ‘a recognised authority’ on child care, Chaired the LCC children’s committee for seven years and was a member of the Central Training Council for Child Care for at least nine years.

Dafydd’s mistress Lucille was working as a children’s social worker at the time.

Lucille Hughes


In addition, Bea Chaired the advisory council on the penal system – Bryn Estyn was an Approved School until 1974 – was the first Ombudsman for local gov’t, was a member of the Community Relations Commission, the BBC Complaints Commission, a BBC Governor and served on the Longford Committee on Crime and on the Latey Committee, which led to the lowering of the age of majority to 18.

In 1985, Bea became a Deputy Speaker in the Lords and then the principal Deputy Chairwoman of Committees. See previous posts for details of Bea and those with whom she worked.

1985: Mary Wynch made legal history.

  • Denbigh's North Wales hospital put up for sale AGAIN at £2 ...
  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums

In 1985, I went to see Keith Best my MP…

After a period as an Assistant Curator at the Tate Gallery(1976–80) – during which time Sandy also worked on international curation projects such as the Irish biennial EVA International – Sandy Nairne was appointed Director of Exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Art, a position he held until 1984. In 1987, Nairne wrote the TV documentary series “State of the Art” for Channel 4.

In 1988, Sandy Nairne was appointed as the Director of the Visual Arts Department at the Arts Council. In this capacity, Nairne oversaw the re-invigoration of the British Art Show, the establishing of the Institute of International Visual Arts (InVA), as a permanent organisation to promote culturally diverse projects, the furtherance of Percent for Art and the creation of the Curating Contemporary Art Course at the Royal College of Art.

Nairne became Director of Programmes for the Tate Gallery under Nicholas Serota. In this capacity, Nairne was responsible for the restructuring of the Tate’s collection administration in preparation for the opening of Tate Modern and the redevelopment of the original Tate Gallery in Millbank as Tate Britain.

Sandy Nairne was responsible for the successful recovery of two late Turner paintings, stolen in Germany in 1994 and put back on display at Tate Britain in early 2003. He negotiated secretly for 8 years on behalf of the Tate to get the two paintings back. 

Nairne became Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2002. On 12 June 2014 he announced his resignation which took effect in early 2015.

Sandy Nairne was awarded a CBE in Lilibet’s 2011 Birthday Honours for services to the arts.

Nairne was among those appointed on 29 January 2015 to the Bank of England’s Banknote Character Advisory Committee, whose first task would be to decide who should appear on the next £20 banknote.

Nairne’s wife is the art historian Lisa Tickner, with whom he has a son, the lighting designer Christopher Nairne, and a daughter, the curator and art historian Eleanor Nairne.

In April 2008, the year in which Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of Dafydd’s colleagues, ‘Country Life’ published an interview with Sandy Nairne, by Jeremy Musson:

Interview: Sandy Nairne

Sandy Nairne’s career in art began at Oxford where he ran the Oxford Students Arts Council.

Sandy Nairne, the director of the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) since 2002, discovered his real interest in contemporary-art curating when an under-graduate at Oxford, but only after a year devoted to rowing (he’s a rowing blue). ‘My first year was dominated by rowing; the second by my running the Oxford Students Arts Council. There were lots of talented people around then in the 1970s, and we used a room over a garage. I had to persuade the owner not to tune up the cars when we were upstairs there was a bit of an issue with carbon-monoxide.’

Two weeks after his finals, he bought a wooden punt. The river still plays a key part in his life and he competes regularly in a racing punt (only 2ft wide and 28ft long). He is a ‘proud member’ of the Dittons Skiff and Punting Club. ‘My son says punt racing is a sport bitterly contested by 17 people, which is very unfair. It goes back to the late 19th century.’

Tall and dark-eyed, Mr Nairne can, in a crowd, seem a commanding, quiet presence, but, in conversation, he has an eager, quick-witted enthusiasm. He grew up near Cobham in Surrey, ‘surrounded by woods to escape to. My father is a gifted amateur watercolourist, and I loved walking with him, sketchbook in hand.’ His father, Sir Patrick Nairne, was a senior civil servant and master of St Catherine’s College, Oxford. After university, Mr Nairne joined Nicholas Serota at the tiny Museum of Modern Art in Oxford. ‘I was assistant director, but there were only four staff. It was a great apprenticeship, and Nick was clearly someone who was going to go places.’

Nick, son of Bea…

He went to the Tate Gallery next, and worked as an assistant keeper with Richard Morphet, ‘a brilliant man. I was surprised to get the job there as I wasn’t an art historian, but I think they needed people with managerial experience’. In 1980, he went on to become director of exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA).With Mr Serota, who was then director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, he curated a show of 20th-century British sculpture in 1981. Then, having worked at the Arts Council, he joined Mr Serota again at the Tate, in 1994: ‘The great expansion of Tate Modern was about to happen they were very exciting times.’ Mr Nairne revels in the NPG. ‘It was founded in the 19th century, influenced by Thomas Carlyle’s idea that a portrait “was a candle by which a biography for the first time can be properly read”, and, although perhaps not so explicitly, by the Victorian spirit of emulation and self-improvement.’

Not sure that the Serotas and the Nairnes quite embody Thomas Carlyle’s notions. They are more Alex Carlile…

The NPG still commissions five or six special portraits a year of leading national figures current subjects include Sir Peter Mansfield, inventor of the MRI scanner. ‘The trustees decide who the sitters will be, and then delegate to me the choice of artist. Sarah Howgate, our contemporary curator, does much of the hard work.’

How about one of Dafydd? Painted by Graham Ovenden? Graham usually prefers to paint little girls in states of undress, but I’m sure that he could do justice to Dafydd in his baby doll nightie with nae panties…

The photographic collections continue to expand. Indeed, the blockbuster exhibition this year, ‘Vanity Fair Portraits’ (until May 26), is of photographs. Mr Nairne is keen to promote a high standard of research as a way for a national institution to fulfil its public role: ‘We have eight million visitors to our website each year, and they have access to all the results.’

Mr Nairne feels that the NPG is in good form at the moment, and he’s ‘very cheerful’, having just received a substantial gift of £5 million over three years, from US donor Randy Lerner

Is someone taking the piss out of Sandy and the NPG??

(who owns Aston Villa football club) in memory of his father. Half of this is to be devoted to the portrait fund. This is after another major donation from Sir Christopher Ondaatje. And what is the state of British portraiture? ‘Oh, I think it’s in fighting form. The truth is that, although Modernism seemed to turn away from subject pictures, nearly all the major modern-art movements include portraiture in some way. Most contemporary art is about identity, and you have to remember that this is a museum about people first and foremost.’

Indeed. Lord Lloyd Kenyon, umbrella of Dafydd’s and father of Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon who sexually abused boys in care in north Wales, was a Trustee of the NPG,1953-58 and Chairman of the NPG, 1966-88.

Sandy’s wife Lisa Tickner is a British art historian. She taught at Middlesex University, where she is Emeritus Professor, as well as at Northwestern University and the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she is Honorary Professor. In 2008 Lisa was elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

Tickner’s work focuses on the history of modern art in Britain, and on feminist and theoretical approaches to the history of art. In 1979 she was one of the founders of BLOCK magazine. Her first book, The Spectacle of Women, looked at the imagery of the Suffragette movement in Britain, and has been seen as an early model for visual culture studies. Her second book, Modern Life and Modern Subjects, was described on publication as ‘simply the best book yet written by an art historian about British modernism’.

Tickner initially studied Fine Art at the Hornsey School of Art, but was encouraged to pursue art history by Nikolaus Pevsner, a friend of Geoffrey Grigson, John Betjeman and Hugh Casson. All previous stars of this blog. She completed a PhD on the arts and crafts movement in 1970.

In the 1970s Tickner was involved with the Women’s Art History Collective in a way that influenced her scholarship. Her paper “The Body Politic: Female Sexuality and Women Artists Since 1970”, presented at the 1977 AAH conference, was published in the second issue of the newly-formed journal Art History and led to the resignation of one of the members of the journal’s editorial board.

In the Third World, life in the dungeon continued.

  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


Sandy’s brother Andrew Colin Nairne (born 10 February 1960), is Director of Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge University’s modern and contemporary art gallery. Born in Guildford, Nairne graduated with an art history MA from St Andrew’s University in 1983. He was the Visual Arts Director at the Scottish Arts Council and for eight years he was the Exhibitions Director at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. Andrew Nairne also had a position at the Ikon Gallary in Birmingham and was Director of Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Dafydd’s mate, Robert Bluglass, qualified at St Andrews University, worked at Dundee, held a Chair at Birmingham University for many years and now is the proud Director of Compton Verney, in Warwickshire, one of the finest galleries in Europe.

Andrew Nairne is the former Director of Modern Art Oxford, a contemporary art gallery. He joined in 2001, when he renamed the gallery from the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. Nairne coordinated enhancements to the museum building, and gave MOMA’s substantial library of art books and catalogues to Oxford Brookes University. He shifted the focus to exhibitions of contemporary artists, who have included Tracy Emin and Stella Vine.

Nairne was a Board Member of the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney, 1998-2003. Orkney was pretty much run by Jo Grimond and his wife, Laura, who was one of the daughters of Violet Bonham Carter. Violet’s father was the Liberal PM, H.H. Asquith. Jo Grimond was Liberal Leader before Mr Thrope was done for conspiracy to kill and stepped in as Leader again after Mr Thrope was arrested. See post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’.

Andrew Nairne was formerly Chair of the Visual Arts and Galleries Association (VAGA) and also Visiting Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.

In 2009, Nairne was appointed Executive Director of Arts Strategy at the Arts Council England. Andrew Nairne received an OBE in the 2019 New Years Honours for services to Museums and to the Arts.

It’s all about People.

Crossland MP.jpg

Crossman and Bea enjoyed trips to Covent Garden:

  • The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, UK - Stock Image
  • Vilar Floral Hall, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe - Stock Image

It looks very nice, but the problem is that if I popped in, I’d encounter people like Bea. Or now that she has died, her friends and relatives, such as Sir Nick, who is now Chairman of Arts Council England:

It must have been a great help to People in their pursuit of Culture that Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson, President/Chairman of MIND and Crossman’s predecessor as Minister of Health, served as Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, 1974-82. He was succeeded by Mystic Mogg, another from Crossman’s era, 1982-89 and thus it continues. Previous posts have supplied details of Arts Council bigwigs and in England and Wales they are all closely linked to those we know and love. If we go backwards in time from Sir Kenneth, there was Lord Patrick Gibson – a publisher involved with the National Trust – and Lord Arnold Goodman, Harold Wilson’s solicitor and friend who was a crook. Goodman was Chairman of the Arts Council of GB, 1965-72 and really splashed the dosh about when he built the South Bank Centre. Goodman was Director of the Royal Opera House and Sadler’s Wells, Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, President of the Theatrical Advisory Committee and was a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art.

It really was true that Harold Wilson gave money to his friends; and Harold’s friend Richard Crossman was running a sex abuse ring…

While People were paid a great deal of money to direct and hold art exhibitions about Wimmin’s Power and Sexuality, other people with a small p had their faces ground into the dust.

Patient F, in the 1970s, was a promising artist. That was before the gang wrecked his life. He was still an enthusiastic painter afterwards though and he always maintained that he hated the ‘art world’, that I had no idea how sordid it all was and that it was based on ‘cocaine, champagne and young men selling their bottoms to the likes of David Hockney and Francis Bacon’. I heard much about a lot of famous artists. See previous posts. By the time that F was chatting to me about it all, the Hergest Unit simply dismissed his anecdotes as the ravings of a madman, because as I have explained previously, once someone had been dehumanised by the gang, after three years or so they were rendered invisible and the new cohorts of junior staff knew nothing about them. But people like Dafydd and Tony Francis did know their earlier biographies, or at least those bits that had caused the gang to come after them in the first place. Furthermore the security services were bugging my house when F used to chat away about his adventures in the 1960s and 70s on the hippy and rock scene and then at art college and afterwards.

Anyone for giving Bea Serota’s and Sir Patrick Nairne’s children senior jobs in the arts during the Waterhouse Inquiry? Because there was a man sitting in a house near Bethesda telling a woman who had worked with the Top Docs who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring a great many interesting things. Furthermore, a variety of other Empowered Service Users regularly dropped in for coffee and they all took trips down memory lane together.

During the years that I was unwittingly being targeted by the security services, a young woman sat next to me on a long train journey. We had a great natter and she was ever so interesting; she was an art student who was one of the muses of Robert Lenkiewicz, who at the time was based in Plymouth. Lenkiewicz had caused a sensation by his mural depicting the pompous of Plymouth engaged in an orgy. Then he caused more trouble by embalming the body of his friend, a tramp called Diogenes who lived in a barrel, after Diogenes died, but refused to tell anyone where Diogenes was. He did it all with Diogenes’ permission, it was Diogenes’ last wish, but you know what people are like…

Brown and I had been spotted in various art galleries and the gang were on our trail once more. Obviously I hadn’t been sufficiently tempted by Gwynne and Dafydd’s offers, so now the art crowd could have a go.

I meet loads of interesting people when I am out and about and another interesting girl sat next to me on a train in 1987. She had qualified as a clinical psychologist at UCNW, had done a placement at Denbigh and had been hassled by Dafydd. She knew exactly what was going on in north Wales and told me ‘it is so terrible, everyone just gets away from there as soon as they can’. She was working as a clin psy at Great Ormond Street Hospital. A reference from Dafydd and his gang had bagged her a job there. Jimmy Savile popped in regularly. Audrey Callaghan was Chair of Governors for Great Ormond Street for years and then became the lead fundraiser, assisted by her husband who was PM. Richard Crossman was friends with them.

Everybody associated with health and social care knew what was going on, everyone. Not one person’s conscience was pricked throughout the years of investigations and inquiries…

Jimmy Savile Stripped Of University Of Bedfordshire ...

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Ian Austin MP has now left the Labour Party, precipitating comments from John McDonnell and Charlie Falconer – I think that is what Charlie is mouthing off about today, he’s said something about someone – that the Labour Party are ready to talk and listen etc…

    I have been impressed by how so many people find that they just cannot Serve Under Jeremy, now that a blog has begun detailing the depths to which the Labour Party sank; er but Jezza is a recent arrival. They were happy to Serve Under Uncle Harry’s nephew, Gordon, Miranda, John Smith, the Windbag, Footie, Callaghan, Wilson… The rot goes back a long way Brothers and Sisters!

    Who is Ian Austin? Ian is the MP for Dudley North. He is a big mate of Gordon’s and served as Gordon’s adviser, 1999-2005. So Ian is most definitely not the Messiah… We’re talking Sarah Brown and famille Hobsbawm, Gwynedd Social Services, Lord Jack McConnell and dirty doings…

    Ian was PPS to Gordon, June 2007-Oct 2008. Merfyn’s wife died and he was faced with a hate campaign, I was being wrongfully arrested and unlawfully denied NHS care. Witnesses who dared confront NHS senior managers about it all were threatened themselves.

    Dudley is a West Midlands constituency and was ruled by the gangsters linked to Dafydd’s gang. Ian has only been an MP since 2005, so is he Innocent? Er no. Ian was a Councillor for Dudley, 1991-95. Dafydd’s gang were very much in operation and panicking then because police investigations and Inquiries were underway. All those kids from the West Midlands who were packed off to children’s homes in north Wales…

    Dafydd’s gang were at their peak during the 1970s and 80s. Which was when Ian’s dad was Headmaster of Dudley School! Ian’s dad picked up a gong in 2006 for his services to Dudley. Ian attended Dudley School himself before going to Essex University. Read the post above for Essex University laffs…

    Ian is member of the NUJ and worked as a journo in the West Midlands….

    Ian, I am onto you and your mates and your dad’s mates! I just haven’t had time to get it all up online yet. The corrupt Coventry Councillors who were mates with Dick Crossman and Jack Butterworth, the history of the other parts of the Midlands including Dudley and the MPs who have represented the constituencies…

    Do us all a favour and fuck off Ian, Parliament can do without your talents. By the way, are you one of those who read my hacked e mails and stolen documents?

    The gang in north Wales had excellent links to the West Midlands eons ago, because Sir Clough of Croesor’s wife, Amabel Strachey, was the sister of John Strachey, who served as the MP for Birmingham Aston back in the 1930s. It is a long time ago but it matters because of the way that the corrupt practices and loyalties have been handed down through generations of nepotism and patronage. Woodrow Wyatt followed on as MP from John Strachey some 10-15 yrs later. Bertrand Russell’s diaries in the early 60s make reference to him having tea in Clough’s garden at Croesor/Llanfrothen with Woodrow Wyatt… See previous posts…

    I’m reading Tom Bower’s new biography of Jeremy Corbyn at present. Bower gives Jezza a real kicking re the idiocies of Haringey Council, run by Jezza and his mates, during the late 70s and 80s. I have mentioned before that they were linked to Dafydd’s gang and in 1987, Dafydd was ringing people in Haringey Council and ordering them to come after me. Not good. But why did Jezza et al get a hold of Haringey and Islington? Because those who were running the shop before them were just so bad and so corrupt. Dafydd’s gang linked up with corrupt professionals in Haringey before Jezza ever arrived there. Dafydd et al were able to expand their business with Jezza and his pals because Jezza et al relied upon NUPE for their political support, the NUPE which represented social workers who were running the paedophile ring in north London…

    I and my friends were young lefties in the 1980s; we had no idea that Jezza et al were involved with those in north Wales, we just thought that Tony Benn, Jezza etc were so much more palatable than the revolting Callaghan, Healey, Windbag… Look at the old footage, they were foul, rude, patronising old men with stuck-up stupid grandiose women as their side-kicks. The loony left were nuts but they were able to take over because of the rotten boroughs that pre-existed. There will be a Haringey Special blog post coming soon… Dafydd’s Friends In The North London!

    The model of business was utterly selfish troughing male idiots with their wives running the hospitals and social services – ‘women and children’ was their domain – while the hospitals and social services grossly abused disadvantaged people. It didn’t matter whether they were Tory, Liberal or Labour, the game was the same: the Baroness Peggy Jays/Julia Neubergers/Barbara Brookes/Bea Serotas/Lena Jegers, ooh they Loved Hampstead, you bet they did, they and their husbands had wrecked other parts of London, they weren’t going to go there, it was Hampstead for them, while they carried on shafting everyone else and refusing to bugger off from all the Committees which they continued to dominate after doing so much damage.

    I am also re-reading Tom Bower’s biography of Miranda, ‘Broken Vows’. I read it before I began this blog, but I’m re-reading it because I’ll see more links now.

    When Miranda took over as PM he was horrified at the state of the NHS! And Miranda met with Top Docs and they too admitted that patient care was appalling, but they didn’t know why! Miranda didn’t like the Top Docs and no-one else did either, they really were very difficult. Miranda announced that he was going to stand up to the Top Docs and insist that the NHS improved care and explained why no matter how much money it was given, nothing ever improved and no-one knew where the money went.

    The Top Docs told Miranda that they’d get him for that. Miranda re-iterated that he would sort out the NHS. Miranda then found himself at the centre of a media storm after Lord Robert Winston’s elderly mother experienced the most terrible treatment in A & E! Mrs Winston was left for 13 hours and treated on the floor!!! It was shocking and Lord Bob let the media know all about it! This was the NHS under Miranda!

    Bet that took some arranging Lord Bob! Did you just give the A & E a ring or did you pop over in person??? Because the usual process is that when a relative of a Top Doc is admitted, ALL the Angels and junior docs are reminded that this is so and so’s wife/mother/daughter; I’ve even seen the info written on the noticeboard in the nurses station! It’s Lord Bob’s mum: we want a good media story out of this to kick Miranda where it hurts, so make sure that Mrs W waits 13 hours and is treated ON THE FLOOR when the pre-arranged witnesses arrive.

    Did Miranda make it public that Lord Bob was friends with Top Docs running a paedophile ring, that his colleagues were busy with mass research fraud and Lord Bob had kept schtum? Did Miranda make it public that Lord Bob had employed a crazed sexual harasser as a junior doc, so Lord Bob hatched up a plan with his mates at St George’s to pass the sexual harasser around London for a few years and then get rid of him to Wales? No. Miranda gave the Top Docs lots and lots of money, I was arrested, acres of PR was put out re the Excellence of the NHS and other whistleblowers were flattened. Then the brother-in-law of Miranda’s political adviser stole my computer and war was declared on Merfyn.

    Its not Lord Bob’s mum in A & E, it’s Sally Baker! We’ll scream abuse at her, threaten her, refuse to treat her, refuse painkillers and treatment for a known life-threatening condition and then have her arrested!

    It’s blown up in your face now hasn’t it you vicious bastards?

    Lord Bob’s junior doctor, Richard Penketh. Groped cleaners in the sluice room and blocked the doorway to prevent escape, ripped my lab coat off in an attempt to grope me and had sex with one of my colleagues in the lab in working hours! He’s now a consultant in Cardiff!

    I feel the hand of history upon Miranda’s shoulder. And Lord Bob’s. And Richard Penketh’s as well!

    What a bunch of goons.

    1. BBC News Wales is reporting a crisis in so far as there is now a serious shortage of magistrates in Wales. Wales has problems recruiting Angels, Docs, Councillors… Now why is there such a reluctance for people to play a part in the professions or civil society in Wales I wonder?

      The BBC interviewed a retired magistrate who believes that it is unfair that at 79 yrs old, he is no longer allowed to work as a magistrate after giving so many years loyal service, having spent 25 years on the bench in Gwynedd and Anglesey. The man concerned is Rheinallt Armon Thomas. Rheinallt is married to Rowena and what pillars of the community they are. Can you spot Dafydd and the gang hidden in the picture?

      Rheinallt was born and raised until the age of five, at Llanarmon, Dyffryn Ceiriog, Denbighshire – the same valley where Lord David Hunt Of Serious Organised Crime in the Welsh Office grew up. Rheinallt was the son of the late Reverend Richard Thomas. His father’s roots were in Talwrn, Anglesey, the village in which Dafydd has lived for decades and his mother came from Treuddyn, near Mold, Ronnie Waterhouse country. His mother was a member of Urdd Gobaith Cymru, the Welsh youth movement, popular with the Gwerin.

      The family soon left for Aberfan, Glamorgan, with Rheinallt attending Pant Glas School, later destroyed in the Aberfan disaster of October 1966. The family stayed in the south until Rheinallt was eleven. Then back to north Wales, Rheinallt attending Denbigh Grammar School and UCNW.

      Rowena was born in Llansannan, Conwy, a daughter of the late Reverend Robert Owen. At sixteen, Rowena and her two brothers, Arwel Ellis and Wynford Ellis Owen, moved to the Nantlle Valley; their father was a Minister in the Presbyterian Church, in Llanllyfni and Nebo. From Penygroes Grammar School, Rowena went to Barry to train as a primary school teacher. She attended the Students’ Christian Movement conference at Cartrefle College, Wrexham, where she met Rheinallt! Cartrefle College issued the worthless social work qualifications to the gang who raped and beat children in north Wales and it also trained teachers. Rheinallt had successfully completed his degree in Biblical Studies in Bangor and was working as a teacher in Bolton; for a while he taught in Waunfawr, near Caernarfon.

      The young lovers married in 1963, and in 1966 Elfyn was born, then Nia in 1968. In 1968, Rheinallt and Rowena returned to Wales from Bolton, Rheinallt to the Normal College, managed and run by the gang. They lived in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, which was the location of the children’s home which hosted such extraordinary events that it was the cause of the first allegations that children were being abused in homes run by Gwynedd County Council.

      Fifteen years later, Rheinallt was appointed as the founder/head of the new Religious Education Centre in Bangor and his enthusiastic work for 21 years from the beginning of the 1980s was a great contribution. He collected and published school materials for schools; the preparation of Welsh medium materials being important to him. That Religious Education Centre was the source of some interesting stories re the practices of those within… Rheinallt still remembers the consistent support of Lord Roberts of Conwy, one of the best mates that the paedophile gang had in the Welsh Office. The Religious Education Centre closed some years ago…

      Rheinallt served in the Sunday Schools in Llanfair PG and across Wales and has held most of the voluntary roles in chapel. He held the Monthly Meeting on Anglesey and was President of the North Session. So Rheinallt will know the Buffet Slayer aka Aled Griffiths, who lives in Llanfair PG and who’s dad was a Minister on Anglesey. The Slayer’s brother Huw is a highly incompetent solicitor who sat in the Courts in Wales watching the gang frame people and the Slayer’s sister is Gwenan Carrington, former Director of Gwynedd Social Services. The Slayer’s wife Joanna was Director of Conwy Social Services. The Slayer is one of the biggest problems that Bangor University ever employed.

      After raising the children, Rowena went back to teaching, spending 12 years in Llanfair PG Schools before moving in 1983 to the job as Deputy for Ysgol yr Hendre, Caernarfon. Rowena is also involved in the Urdd and the music world, as well as with Merched y Wawy and the WRVS. I know one abuse victim who was persuaded to go to Merched y Wawr by those who abused her and the WRVS in Ysbyty Gwynedd was run by the wives of Dafydd’s mates.

      In the late 1980s, Rheinallt and Rowena moved to Borth, where Rheinallt was a Town Councillor. Their son Elfyn is a consultant anaesthetist in Plymouth. Their daughter Nia is married to a Nick Bennett and they live in Cardiff. I presume that is Nick Bennett, the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales, who does his best to play down how bloody awful the ‘services’ are, but has been forced to admit that the NHS is bad and the NHS in north Wales is a nightmare. Nick has recently authorised a number of payments of a few hundred pounds or at best £2k to the relatives of people who have died in agony of serious neglect in the hospitals in north Wales, because the NHS failed to investigate their complaint within the target time.

      Dr Elfyn Thomas is listed as working in the private sector as well as in the NHS. Rheinallt and Rowena are not going to risk their own necks or the necks of their family with the NHS in north Wales are they.

      Rheinallt was Chairman of the Anglesey Magistrates Bench. Anglesey, known for its corruption, where Councillors went to prison and sat as Councillors again when they came out of jail.

      Rheinallt and Rowena lived in the same village as Lyn Jones, a receptionist in the local GPs surgery, who shagged one of the docs who was married to someone else at the time, was sacked for stealing from the surgery, blackmailed everyone into giving her a job as the manager of a ‘care home’ owned by one of Dafyd’s mates where she psychologically abused the residents and stole from them, was sacked from there for stealing hundreds of quid from Dafydd’s mate the owner and then was given a job by North Wales Housing Association as the warden for their disabled people’s flats in Llangefni. Where there were complaints that Lyn Jones was terrorising residents.

      The Chairman of the Bench in Bangor, Gwynfor Evans, who ordered me to pay £60 for ‘looking at’ Jackie Brandt, a member of Dafydd’s gang, was a retired bank manager from Holyhead.

      The Buffet Slayer’s family had so many corrupt fingers in so many corrupt pies that they were known locally as ‘the Mafia’.

      Nice to meet you Rheinallt! Now can you tell us why John Grant Jones, the former Clerk to the Magistrates in Bangor who was shafted, sacked, prosecuted and stripped of his OBE for ‘fiddling his pension’ was really beaten to death by you lot? Did he, like Sgt Morgan in Bangor Police Station, dare let slip to a third party just what a bunch of bloody crooks you all were??

      Rheinallt. Mr Big of Dafydd’s gang. His son-in-law is the Public Services Ombudsman…

      Rheinallt has a solution to the Shortage Of Magistrates. That the oldies like him ought to be allowed to serve, rather than be forced to retire at 70! Rheinallt is more than willing to return and Serve His Community.

      Yma O Hyd!

      Yes Rheinallt, it is why everything is broken you silly old bugger and why no-one will get involved with anything in north Wales.

      Meanwhile, the Welsh Gov’t has established their Youth Parliament, an assembly of young people aged between 11 and 18, to enable their Voices To Be Heard. There is one rule: the young people must not be a member of any political party! So if any politically aware young people in Wales have joined a party, they can piss off, the Youth Parliament doesn’t want interested young people who are so keen that they have developed convictions and joined up.

      Rheinallt, are your grandchildren looking for a hobby that will get them introduced to the right people and set them up for jobs in adulthood acquired by cronyism and that they can’t do anyway? There will be a vacancy for them in the Youth Parliament I am sure.

      This is the culmination of months of planning,” said Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive of the National Assembly. Yes, it will have been. Manon and co will have worked really hard to ensure that they gather together a collection of tame, not very bright young people who are related to the right adults. That’s the Manon who is the sister of William Hague’s wife.

      RS Thomas wrote a famous poem about Wales having no future, only a past…

      It is just so sad for Wales and for all the really nice, decent people who live there under the yoke of these fools and fuckwits.

      Meanwhile Carlo has dropped in on south Wales, on a Royal visit. To Help the Aged/Age Concern. A charidee dominated by Dafydd’s network…

      1. Lest I be accused of bias, having fired at both the Labour Party and the Plaid-linked Gwerin in the above comments, here’s a little something that I found out recently:

        Vernon Bogdanor, the grandiosity from Oxford who’s most famous former student is Cameron and whom Bogdanor described as “one of the ablest” students whom he taught and whose political views were “moderate and sensible Conservative”, was friends with Richard Crossman of the Party Ring! Bogdanor and Crossman co-authored together as well.

        After decades of pompousing at Oxford, Vernon joined AC Grayling in his venture the New College of the Humanities, the university for seriously rich people who have been rejected by Oxford and Cambridge.

        I had an AC Grayling experience when I worked at Bangor University, when those in both low and high places were in hot pursuit of Merfyn. I and my colleagues had co-authored a conference paper on citizenship and the abstract appeared in a volume published after the conference. I received an e mail from AC Grayling asking me for the full paper and I though ‘gosh, AC Grayling has noticed little old me, that’s impressive’. I wasn’t quite sure what to say to AC Grayling, so my boss at Bangor said ‘ooh ask him if he has any suggestions as to how the work could be improved’. Well I wrote back as my boss suggested and sent AC Grayling a copy of the complete paper, but he never even replied…

        Someone else knew that I’d had a message from AC Grayling in the stratosphere above me; Ella, the Angel who used to run the Hergest Unit day centre and ignored all those complaints about Dafydd. I met Ella for coffee and told her about AC Grayling and then the next time that I met her she said ‘ooh I heard AC Grayling on Radio 4 and I thought that’s the man who’s e mailed Sally’.

        Ella was firmly in denial about Dafydd shagging patients but she did admit that she didn’t like him. However Ella did like Professor Mark Williams of the Mindfulness fraud, Ella was mates with him. By the time that AC Grayling wrote to me, Mark Williams was at Oxford, with um Vernon Bogdanor.

        When I finally received copies of my medical records, the Top Docs had photocopied and added the academic work that I’d published re the mental health services to my medical records.

        AC Grayling was a director and contributor of/to Prospect Magazine from its foundation until 2016. The Prospect magazine in which Merfyn’s late wife Nerys published her article about improper conduct towards a student at Bangor by a porter in the hall of residence, after which Nerys was a marked woman. AC Grayling did his first degree at Sussex, where Merfyn did his first degree; they are of similar vintage. AC Grayling was Prof of Philosophy at Birkbeck from 1991; Birkbeck was Eric Hobsbawm’s domain. Before he taught at Birkbeck, Grayling taught at Bedford College, which was where Bertrand Russell’s son Conrad taught.

        In 2015 AC Grayling received the Bertrand Russell Award.

        Anyone for a Party Ring?

        Vernon Bogdanor was born in, most aptly, Staines.

        I’ve read bugger all of Grayling’s work, so I have not had the experience that I had re Rachel Perkins and Steph Lawler of finding work strikingly similar to my own which they had access published under their own names. Perkins was of course the Commissioner for the Disabled on the EHRC and Steph is a well-known Feminist Socialist.

        I wonder if it was anything that Brown, I and my former boss Howard wrote that won the Bertrand Russell Award in 2015? I think we should be told.

        1. There’s trauma at the Tavi! The Tavi which excels in advising traumatised people and which for many years has employed a variety of Top Docs who colluded with sexploitation and crime. See previous posts.

          A very damning report has been produced re the Tavi’s Gender Identity Clinic: unsafe practices, putting adolescents’ health at risk… Well there’s a surprise. It’s not as if the Globally Leading Excellent Tavi hasn’t been doing this for decades, but they’re probably in a state of shock that someone’s dared write it in a report. People are resigning, but from what I’ve read the people resigning are not the ones doing the damage…

          The Catholic Church is grovelling on the floor admitting that it has been somewhat remiss re the endemic sexual abuse within its ranks. It is by no means the only one, but there’s a total silence re the other institutions… ‘The Guardian’ online featured a clip of a nun from I think the southern hemisphere giving a contrite interview and pondering on how she and others allowed herself to be involved. I’m getting to the point of compassion fatigue because I found myself saying ‘because like so many other people you were weak, stupid and corrupt’.

          Any Top Docs for writing another report about my insanity and dangerousness or someone for sending another crazy poison pen letter to Brown’s senior managers telling him that he’s ‘a known paedophile’? We’ve had shit thrown at us for 30 years, we’re used to it, we’re not nuns who ever felt tempted to give up in the face of you all, don’t feel obliged to stop now!

          Can I ask Professor Peter Rubin where he is hiding at the moment? Peter was Chairman of the GMC, 2009-14 and before I was faced with a gun and had to flee, Peter received a great many e mails from me telling him exactly what was happening to me and others in north Wales. I did not receive one reply. Peter is a Top Doc in Nottingham. So Peter is one of the many who knew about the huge research fraud perpetrated by Professor Robert Baldwin over so many years at the Cancer Research Campaign Labs at Nottingham University. Peter also knew the idiocy behind the Nottingham Satanic Panic…

          How about an interview a la the Catholic nun Peter, with you philosophising on how you can’t quite understand how you all let this happen?

          ‘The Observer’ has published a deeply offensive article about the plebs of Liverpool Wavertree who have not shown sufficient appreciation for their local MP Luciana Berger. Luciana was imposed upon them by Labour London’s HQ in a rigged selection process involving members of Dafydd’s network. The proles of Liverpool Wavertree have been denounced as being intolerant, anti-semitic bigots and the fact that they claim not to be just shows that they are.

          Luciana’s case really wasn’t helped by the ‘Profile’ programme on Radio 4 early this morning, in which Luciana’s talents were described by various Hampsteady-accented friends and family members who banged on about the fun girl who loves music yah there was always music in our house, she was great on the piano and we played Abba and she never showed any interest in politics until she was at uni…

          Liverpool Wavertree want to deselect Luciana, I wonder why… We are told that Luciana has received so many abusive tweets and it was so distressing that her brother nearly cried just thinking about it.

          I’m not defending the abusive tweets Luciana’s brother, they are absolutely unacceptable, but your sister really has pissed people off and the rigged selection process was not a good start to a political career. She is an MP for a city with a lot of disadvantage and bloody terrible mental health services which allowed people to die on the streets or sent them to Dafydd’s abusive ‘care homes’ for years and when she was Labour’s spokesman on mental health her contribution was to recite the contents of a MIND leaflet and tell the world that she would Fight Stigma…

          I was relieved to hear from Radio 4 that life for Luciana continues much as it always has despite this unpleasantness and she manages lots of girlie chats and drinks with her friend Working Class Jess of NHS Management Consultancy and other girlie chatterers in Parliament who are also Committed To Fighting Stigma and Empowering People. If only those miserable sods in Wavertree would sod off, with their moaning and their problems and their boring High Street which doesn’t even have one good designer shop in it…

          Luciana is now pregnant I think so there’ll be expensive cool baby gear to purchase, baby showers to hold, so it all looks good for the future, Luciana won’t have to worry about grappling with hard messy problems of the sort that grind down those bastards in her constituency. Unless of course there are problems during the delivery of the baby – of the sort that affect far too many women, the NHS not being what it should be or what it pretends to be – and Luciana and/or the baby sustain harm as a result. Even if that happens she’s not going to be on Universal Credit being cross-examined by a martinet about the extent of her/her child’s disabilities and whether she really needs ‘help’…

          Furthermore, I was delighted to read on ‘The Guardian’ website the other day that now anyone can afford a doula, they’re really not that expensive! Yeh, you can hire one when you’re on your way down to the foodbank, there’s a shop supplying doulas in every high street, between Greggs and the Wetherspoons.

          1. Angela Greatley is – or was until recently – the Chair of the Tavi and Portman Foundation NHS Trust. Prior to that she was Chief Exec of Miranda’s rigged set-up in collaboration with Lord David Sainsbury, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

            In 1982, Angela was Leader of Haringey Borough Council. Angela presided over the chaos, the corruption and the cosy relationship with Dafydd’s gang in north Wales.

            Haringey was the stomping ground where Jezza Corbyn made his name in politics.

  2. Here’s a taster re the forthcoming Haringey Excesses blog post:

    Just a thought: Bernie Grant, former MP for Tottenham in Haringey, the man demonised by the Tories but for the wrong reasons, died in April 2000 in the Middlesex Hospital from ‘a heart attack’. Bernie wasn’t that old but if you were a nasty Top Doc who wanted Bernie to die you could have done it quite easily because poor old Bernie was a diabetic and diabetics can die quickly if someone does the wrong thing to them and furthermore they won’t even notice that someone’s done the wrong thing.

    Bernie died two months after the Waterhouse Report was published, in the hospital run by Dafydd’s mates who were still desperately working hard to ensure that what Gwynne the lobotomist, formerly of the Middlesex Hospital, had done in north Wales would never be revealed.

    Bernie, like Jezza, was a rep for NUPE. Archive material describing all the trouble that Bernie and Jezza caused in Haringey stressed that NUPE helped lazy dustbin men fiddle their salaries and skive off work. NUPE represented the child abusing social workers and their managers who were involved in far more serious crime than the dustbin men. Kids were trafficked to Europe and some were murdered…

    Bernie became famous for his anti-racism and black politics. That will have been important in Tottenham, but via that Bernie will have known leading figures in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, many of whom were friends with Dafydd and the gang eg. David Ennals and Mervyn Susser…

    I’ve mentioned before that Dafydd followed up all connections of all witnesses and that everywhere in north Wales was bugged by the security services. Stephen Bagnall, the former kid in care whom I made friends with in the North Wales Hospital who died in their care, told me as we sat watching TV together that he had relatives in London, in a place called Tottenham. Stephen told me that they were involved with serious crime ‘and you’d be fucking terrified of them if you met them’. I no doubt would have been. And Dafydd would have found them absolutely perfect for doing deals with and paying off. Not only will Stephen’s conversation have been recorded by MI5 but it will have gone straight back to Dafydd. The vile abusive Angel Mark Jones was sitting next to us listening to every word. The Mark Jones who told me to ‘shut your mouth about DA’ before I left Denbigh.

    Bernie and so many others who knew the details of the deals that Dafydd did with a gang of paedophiles in north London are now dead. Jeremy Corbyn knows what was going on of course, but if Jezza doesn’t want to tell us, perhaps Kate Hoey can. Kate was involved with Haringey/Hornsey Labour Party and pissed them all off by defecting to south London where she became the MP for a constituency neighbouring Harriet’s. Where Dafydd’s partner gang in the Maudsley ran a big paedophile ring linked to the one in Haringey/Islington…

    Anyone for leaving the Labour Party because of naughty old Jezza and his anti-semitic ways??? Perhaps Little Nell could set up yet another Party! Jack Straw could be her Deputy a la old times in Islington…

    Black consciousness! Anti-Racism! CND! Wimmin! Gay Rights! Support for Irish Republicans!

    HUGE PAEDOPHILE RING RUN BY TOP DOCS THAT MURDERED WITNESSES. It was at the root of every smokescreen…

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve just got a media piece to write about the stigma/how people felt ashamed which is why they didn’t Speak Out. Except for the hundreds of complaints of course and that junior medical researcher who wrote stacks of letters supplying details of crimes, dates, times, witnesses, names of perpetrators and victims…

    She’s DANGEROUS M’Lud, the letters are voluminous, we have produced them here in the exhibits and I will read extracts to you to demonstrate the very great danger that this young woman presents to Dr Jones and his colleagues…

    The High Court judge who gave the first injunction as requested on the basis of an affidavit from two Gwynedd social workers who committed perjury, one of whom had never met me or even communicated with me, was Sir John Kay. In the High Court in Leeds; everyone involved in the case was from Gwynedd. John Kay knew George Carman QC who used to work on the Northern Circuit. Then Carmen relocated to London where two of his junior barristers were Cherie and Miranda. Cherie from Liverpool.

    ‘We didn’t know’.

    Look, shall I just perform a citizen’s arrest on the whole of Parliament, the BMA and on Cherie and Miranda? It seems to have been left to Brown and me and Empowered Service Users to do absolutely everything else, I’m sure that we can find time to do that as well. I’ll arrive in Westminster with a handcart, ‘chimneys swept, gardens dug, policies written, crooks arrested’. Meanwhile Luciana can play the piano and insult her constituents.

  3. Thanks to the readers who are sending me the links to the stories about the GCHQ boss who helped a ‘paedophile priest’ avoid jail and that Theresa was involved in concealing all of this. The GCHQ boss has now resigned.

    Someone has also told me that the Fred and Rose West story is in the news once more; I see that a little video of the sister of one of their victims has appeared, a lady who took part in the Forgiveness Project no less. The sister of the dead victim has explained that she understands that Rose West did such things because she had been abused as a child. That stereotype has proved very useful to Top Docs who have fitted up witnesses to their own crimes for serious offences. So we’ll add it to the Stigma discourse, the Shame discourse and the multiple other theories that do not stand up to analysis. Some people who have experienced cruelty do grow up to be abusive themselves, others don’t. No-one can predict which kids will fall into which category. What we do know is that the state ruthlessly abuses kids and others who have already been abused, that they have done it for many years and with impunity and it is this that has led to the current meltdown and multiple inquiries into abuse scandals.

    I am at the point of compassion fatigue. Not with the people who are e mailing me with stories and personal experiences but with the constant parade of fuckwits in the media banging on and on about the children and the abuse and the safeguarding and ooh how did we let it happen. Answer: because you are vile and stupid and you were prepared to see us die in order to ensure that you had jobs as Angels, social workers, Top Docs, politicians etc. Quite simple really. You left us with gangsters who lectured us about Stigma, Shame and Forgiveness. When we walked – or ran – away, the gangsters came after us and no-one helped.

    Now please do all fuck off. You really do not have anything at all to contribute. You have done enormous damage and bodies are concealed in the grounds of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh because of you all. Theresa knows it and other PMs stretching back years have known it. Neither is it just Ancient History. Merfyn’s wife died at your hands because the Top Docs were seething that he had given me a chance and that Nerys and his friend had taken them on previously. This has got to be one of the most shameful episodes in British history. It is not the Pope, it is the British Medical Establishment, they are the worst that one could ever encounter.

    I don’t want to do the Hammer Horror film bit here and yell at Dafydd ‘Burn in hell rotten swine’, because it won’t bring back the dead even if Dafydd does Burn In Hell. But I am getting very near to having a good laugh at all those selfish relatively well-off people who are now finding that the NHS Isn’t There For Them. No it’s not, it has imploded. It’s what happens when you are OK with gangsters as long as they are just killing the riff raff. And are happy for them to execute the wife of a VC and then drive him out of public life because he took the bastards on.

    You’re just foul really aren’t you? And nothing that you can do can ever bring back those who died, nothing. So don’t bother with the Historical Investigations with regard to crimes against me please police. You helped the bastards do it. Brown saved my life, F kicked them in the plums. You arrested me every time that the traffickers told you to do so, although to be fair you did used to tell me that you didn’t want to. But you still did…

    How about a Public Service Award for F? He would probably quite enjoy that; when he used to ring Crimestoppers and give them full details of crimes committed by the gang and they snapped at him that they would not be following any of this up, he would say to me ‘well the adverts on the TV say that I’ll get a Community Reward’ and we used to have a good laugh about the harsh reality of Crimestoppers as opposed to the lies on TV. He kicked them in the plums and took the piss out of Dafydd. It won’t make up for the loss of his baby or for the murder of one of the people who witnessed that, or for him being fitted up for arson, but it might take the wind out of the sails of a few people.

    I’ll listen out for more of those we know and love popping up in the media. I think it’s their latest strategy, following on from their earliest efforts of shrieking at me ‘trying to put your side of the story now are you?’, then their later efforts of ‘trying to get compensation now are you?’, followed by ‘if you bloody well think that you’ll get a million out of this, you’re wrong’.

    Well I’m in hiding, some of my friends are dead, but whoops, you all seem to have been well and truly exposed.

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