Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II

As explained in my recent notice posted on this blog, when I was finishing my post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ I experienced a great deal of electronic interference and then my computer jammed, the post froze and I was unable to complete it. I managed to get the bulk of the necessary information up on the post before that happened, so this post supplies the information and clarity that I was aiming to add to ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ before the interference with my system…

Previous posts have flagged up Thatch’s friend and her PPS, 23 July-28 November 1990, Sir Peter Morrison, who served as the Tory MP for Chester, 1974-92 and his abuse of children in Chester, north Wales and elsewhere. Morrison was utilising the services provided by Dafydd’s Gang and Morrison’s status and connections on numerous levels meant that nothing, nothing at all, was deemed to be too much re protecting him and the Gang who were supplying him with kids. Morrison’s sister Dame Mary Morrison was Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet; the President of Morrison’s constituency Conservative Association was Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor aka the 6th Duke of Westminster – a close friend of Carlo’s; and Morrison’s family were long-standing stalwarts of the Tory Party who’s family seat was in Wiltshire and the Morrisons pretty much ran that county.

I have discussed how there was already organised abuse in Cheshire/north Wales by the time that Morrison was selected as the candidate for the safe Tory seat of Chester. The paedophile/trafficking ring in the region went back decades and the North Wales Hospital had played an essential role in getting rid of witnesses since at least the 1950s. Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist was finishing off witnesses to the excesses of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who congregated in the area of Cwm Croesor, attracted there by Bertrand Russell and Sir Clough and Lady Amabel Williams-Ellis and Gwynne was also putting an end to anyone who happened to say anything about the adventures of Lord Snowdon, who’s grandfather Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones, a Top Doc and psychiatrist, had grown up in north Wales and kept a country home near Caernarfon, his grandson being a regular visitor there throughout his youth and then earlier adulthood. See previous posts.

I can see why Peter Morrison thought that being the MP for Chester would be just the job for him, but I am less clear about who was keen to ensure that he bagged that job. Morrison was undoubtedly needed to ensure that the ring and Dafydd and Gwynne were absolutely bomb proof; by 1974, they were rapidly expanding their business with John Allen and the children’s homes of north Wales had become a conveyor belt for underaged sex workers, particularly boys. The Gang were looking forward to the passing of the Children Act – it happened in 1975, thanks to Dr Death using his Private Member’s Bill for the purpose almost as soon as Harold Wilson was re-elected PM – which was to result in numerous children being removed from their families across the UK and placed in ‘care’ in north Wales.

My post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ describes how the Children’s Act 1975 was the master plan of the south Wales Labour MP and crooked lawyer, Leo Abse, a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself, who’s whole family were facilitating the ring, including his brothers the Top Docs Wilfred and Dannie Abse and who’s father seemed to have been facilitating an embryonic version of the ring in an earlier generation. See eg. ‘O Jones, O Jones’. ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ discusses how Abse manipulated Jim Callaghan – then the Home Secretary – and his wife Audrey, who had been colluding with organised abuse herself for years in various capacities, into establishing the Houghton Committee under the tame Douglas Houghton who could be relied upon to do the right thing and take ‘evidence’ from Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates/partners in crime, who then recommended the terms and passing of the Children’s Act. The election of Ted Heath as PM in 19 June 1970 caused a little blip, but as soon as Ted’s Gov’t had bitten the dust in Feb 1974 and Ted finally resigned as PM on 4 March 1974 and Harold was back, Dr Death did his bit with the Private Member’s Bill and the Gang were home and dry…

A great many people would have been keen to see Peter Morrison provide protection for the Gang because so many people from right across the political spectrum were colluding with the Gang and enjoying their cut of the profits or spin-off benefits.

So while writing this blog, I have always been aware that hell rained down upon the heads of me and the friends who supported me when I refused to shut up about Dafydd, Gwynne and the Gang because of the matter of Peter Morrison and his friends and relations with Royal connections. Then I found out about Lord Snowdon and very recently another name entered the picture, Nicholas Eden, the 2nd Lord Avon, son of former PM Anthony Eden. I attempted to put the picture together in my post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ but as explained, before I finished that post, I experienced serious IT problems and interference from an unknown source. Text disappeared as I added it and then the whole post froze and I wasn’t able to amend it, although I intended to add more and rectify some errors. The basics are in that post, but I’m writing this one to clarify and expand on matters.

Gwynne the Lobotomist to the Royals had been in business back when Anthony Eden was PM and Dafydd joined the party soon after Eden resigned as PM, once Dafydd had qualified. Previous posts eg. ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ explained that Dafydd was waiting to join the party for some while before he did. There had been a trade in young people from Wales to England to provide sexual services for years before Dafydd expanded on it and Dafydd found out about it before he got near Liverpool Medical School. See post ‘On The Occasion Of  The 70th Birthday Of HRH Carlo’.

Dafydd grew up in Bethesda and was, as Patient F once observed, ‘of peasant stock’, rather than being a member of that well-known Welsh Royal Family from which Dafydd Iwan and Alun Ffred sprang. Dafydd wasn’t even the offspring of Professor J.E. Daniel, dad of corrupt judge Huw. However, growing up in Bethesda, Dafydd knew what Prof J.E. Daniel et al were doing when they weren’t being theologians or schools inspectors – the Daniel family seat was near Bethesda – and when young, Dafydd used that time-honoured method of advancing himself with regard to the Gang’s wrongdoing, ‘I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell…’

Thus despite being thrown off of a chemistry degree in disgrace when he was young, wasting a scholarship and pissing a lot of people off – scholarships being a great privilege for people of peasant stock at the time – Dafydd somehow bagged another university place, at Liverpool, to read medicine and someone funded him as well. My post ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ explains why I am fairly sure that this had something to do with wrongdoing that Dafydd uncovered when he worked at Windscale in the 1950s.

I have discussed how in the 1950s when he was a medical student at Liverpool University, Dafydd was an activist with Plaid and travelled to Ireland to meet Republican activists in order to learn techniques that might be utilised in the Tryweryn campaign. See post ‘A Network Stretching Back Decades…’. Dafydd subsequently unsuccessfully stood for election to the Commons as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh, twice.

While busying himself with Plaid, Dafydd was also firmly embedding himself into a network of corrupt professional people in England was well as in Wales and enthusiastically joined in what would now be called the trafficking of young vulnerable people from Wales to England to supply sexual services to numerous (sometimes very posh) people. In north Wales Dafydd presented himself as a Welsh speaking patriot who was defending the common man. Dafydd went down well with people in north Wales who constituted a local elite and did very well out of him in a dirt-poor region in which they bagged positions as Docs, lawyers, health and welfare professionals or ran the County Councils, but those at the bottom of the heap who were having their lives wrecked if they opposed this lot had a rather different opinion of Dafydd et al. As Brown cheerfully quipped when I marvelled that so many people were prepared to toady to an old idiot like Dafydd, ‘Well Dafydd is the only game in town’.

Dafydd ingratiated himself to those at the very top of Plaid in the early days of the Party, one of whom was J.E. Daniel. See post ‘Tan yn Llyn’. On 13 Feb 1962, Saunders Lewis, one of the founders of Plaid, delivered his famous radio broadcast regarding the future of the Welsh language, Tynged yr Iaith (‘The Fate of the Language’) and Dafydd was the man at Lewis’s side who recorded it.

When Dafydd was doing his bit with Saunders Lewis, the abuse and neglect of patients at the North Wales Hospital was so bad, even by the standards of the time, that Gov’t just concealed what was happening and left well alone. Gwynne lobotomised away until his heart was content and people like Bertrand Russell and Lord Snowdon did what they wanted and anyone who dared object was finished, as were their families if they didn’t shut up as well.

Previous posts mentioned that in 1961, the Minister of Health, Enoch Powell, visited the North Wales Hospital and was so appalled at what he saw that he told the reception committee that he would not allow them to do this to people, went back to London and stated that he would close every asylum in Britain down. Powell didn’t, he was told to forget about that particular plan by someone and after one passionate speech, he never returned to the subject and there is no further mention of it in the Powell papers. Business at Denbigh continued as usual and in the following years Dafydd and Gwynne vastly expanded the trafficking ring and added a highly profitable line in child porn and class A drug dealing and distribution as well.

Saunders and Dafydd timed their radio broadcast and accompanying activism well. There was a feeling that Britain was ruled by a very posh elite who were having a great time and had everything stitched up for themselves while most other people didn’t get very much. Anthony Eden’s Gov’t had ended in disaster in 1957 with Eden resigning and another posh man had succeeded him, Macmillan. Things were not going too well with Macmillan either.

Dafydd and Gwynne had a hotline to many people in high places who were most helpful in concealing their criminality and ensuring that the supply of sex workers continued into England. One of those was Selwyn Lloyd, Macmillan’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, 27 July 1960-13 July 1962, who had also served in Eden’s and before that Churchill’s Gov’ts. Selwyn Lloyd was the Tory MP for the Wirral, 1945-70 and a man with whom Dafydd and Gwynne could do business.

Selwyn encountered difficulties as Chancellor when his mate Dafydd was calling for the Welsh to rise up and overthrow their English masters such as Selwyn and his mates, so many of whom were Dafydd and Gwynne’s customers. In 1961, Britain’s balance of payments problems led Selwyn to impose a seven month wage freeze. Amongst other factors this caused the Gov’t to lose a series of by-elections in March 1962, which panicked Macmillan. On 11 July 1962, Rab Butler the Deputy PM, leaked to the Daily Mail that a major reshuffle was imminent. Macmillan feared for his own position and in August told Selwyn Lloyd that Butler, who sat for the rural East Anglian seat of Saffren Walden, likely to suffer from EEC agricultural protectionism, had been planning to split the party over EEC entry (there is no evidence that this was so).

In the 13 July 1962 Cabinet reshuffle – the Night of the Long Knives -Macmillan sacked eight Ministers, including Selwyn Lloyd. The Cabinet changes were seen as a sign of panic and the young Liberal MP Mr Jeremy Thrope said of Macmillan’s dismissals ‘greater love hath no man than this, than to lay down his friends for his life’. Mr Thrope’s Westminster Swinging was widely known but because so many others were involved, no-one told Mr Thrope to take a running jump. Macmillan was openly criticised by his predecessor Eden, an almost unprecedented act.

  • During all this of course the Profumo Affair was brewing and the possibility of that becoming public was a major worry for Macmillan’s Gov’t. Despite all that has been publicised re Profumo, the true extent of the scandal has never become public. Members of the Royal Family were present at Ugandan discussions held at Cliveden – indeed Trumpers’ autobiography confirms that Lilibet herself dined at Cliveden with some common swearing strumpets who’s bad manners shocked Lilibet – Phil the Greek being the Royal most commonly named as having partaken of the Naughtiness in High Places, but the extent of the debauchery on the part of so many which was linked to serious crime has never been made clear.

The biggest scapegoat re the Profumo Affair was the ‘society osteopath’ Stephen Ward who killed himself during his own subsequent trial; if indeed Ward did kill himself, then the Top Docs gave him great encouragement. Whatever Stephen Ward did or didn’t do, he was really shafted; he was mates with the Royals, with Churchill’s son and with the rest of the crowd, very good mates with them and Bill Astor was quite happy to host him at Cliveden in a cottage in the grounds because Ward turned up in the company of young women with whom everyone had a great time. Another scapegoat was one of the two most famous young women involved, Christine Keeler, who was the only person who received a prison sentence. Christine was imprisoned for perjury after being terrorised by a gangster while her pleas for help were ignored. Christine’s friend Mandy Rice-Davies fared rather better, becoming a successful ‘businesswoman’. I have always wondered how Mandy saved herself in the long run, I suspect that some pretty terrible deals were thrashed out between her and some very unscrupulous people.

At the time of Profumo, Lord Bill Astor was married to Bronwen, the daughter of Sir Alun Pugh, a judge who grew up in Carmarthenshire, although Bronwen’s childhood home was in Hampstead. However Bronwen went to boarding school at Dolgellau. Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council during the 1980s when the Gang were abusing and trafficking kids from the Council’s children’s homes – including to Dolphin Square – came from Dolgellau and his dad taught at the town’s grammar school. There was one years difference in age between Bronwen and Ioan. Ioan’s mother and father were UCNW graduates. Before Ioan was Chief Exec of Gwynedd, he was County Secretary of Dyfed County Council (covering the area formerly known as Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire), where a ring linked to the Gang in north Wales was in operation.

Ioan was a solicitor who attended the grammar school in Dolgellau, then Bootham School, York. He studied at Queen’s College, Oxford before becoming a solicitor with Denbighshire County Council. That was in the early 1950s. Ioan became active in Plaid and stood unsuccessfully in Conway at the 1955 and 1959 General Elections and then in Merthyr Tydfil in 1964. So that was what Ioan was up to when Bronwen was in the thick of the Profumo Affair. Ioan had known for years that young people were being trafficked and he’ll have got on board with Gwynne when Ioan worked for Denbighshire County Council. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ for info on Ioan. 

Bronwen was thrown to the wolves herself after Profumo. Bill Astor’s family denounced her as a Welsh slapper who’d only wanted to bag a rich Englishman; wherever could she have found encouragement re such an ambition?. Bill dumped her, as he had dumped his two previous wives and his family kicked Bronwen and her young kids out of Cliveden. In later life Bronwen ended up in Surrey, about 4 miles away from me when I lived there in 1988. After Cliveden, Bronwen spent her life as a therapist, healer and spiritual guide, which suggests that she hadn’t quite waved goodbye to the exploitation of vulnerable people and the concealing of such matters. See previous posts eg. ‘In Memoriam – Bronwen, Lady Astor’.

Christine Keeler’s affair with Macmillan’s War Minister Jack Profumo began when they met at Cliveden, the weekend of 8-9 July 1961. No-one has ever clarified when the relationship ended and some accounts state that it continued until the end of Dec 1961. Neither was it a secret, Christine was out socialising in the company of Profumo with a variety of people eg. they went out for a drink with Viscount George Ward, who served in Eden’s and Macmillan’s Gov’ts. Gwynne and the Gang had many links with many of those in the Gov’t during the Profumo Affair as well as before the scandal broke. Gwynne and the Gang knew what was going on and were involved with the supply of goodies to the people who threw everyone else overboard when the scandal blew up and then claimed to be Shocked and Disgusted and Knowing Nuzzing about any of it.

In July 1962 the first inklings of a possible triangle between Profumo, Keeler and the spy Yevgeny Ivanov had been hinted, in coded terms, in the gossip column of the society magazine ‘Queen’. Ivanov was listed as a naval attaché at the Soviet Embassy, but MI5 knew from the double-agent Oleg Penkovsky that Ivanov was an intelligence officer in the Soviet GRU. Stephen Ward and Ivanov were firm friends. 

On 14 December 1962, Johnny Edgecombe, a gangster with whom Keeler had previously been involved turned up at her flat – which was owned by Stephen Ward – at 17 Wimpole Mews; Profumo had visited the flat many times, as had Ivanov. Keeler and Rice-Davies were in the flat when Edgecombe turned up. When they refused to allow him in, Edgecombe fired several shots at the front door. Shortly afterwards he was arrested and charged with attempted murder and other offences. It was at that point that the scandal re Profumo et al began to leak out in brief press accounts.

In the wake of the incident, Keeler began to ‘talk indiscreetly’ about Stephen Ward, Profumo, Ivanov and the Edgecombe shooting. Everyone ignored the fact that Keeler was terrified after being threatened by various people for months and now someone had turned up at her place armed with a gun and fired at the door. Among those to whom Keeler told her story was John Lewis, a former Labour MP (he represented Bolton, 1945-50) whom she had met ‘by chance in a night club’. John Lewis developed a big problem with Stephen Ward after Ward introduced one of Lewis’s girlfriends to a lesbian friend and Lewis’s girlfriend dumped Lewis for the lesbian and was desperate to land Ward in it. Lewis passed the information that he had gleaned from Christine to his one-time parliamentary colleague George Wigg, who began his own investigation. 

George Edward Cecil Wigg, Baron Wigg (28 November 1900-11 August 1983) was the Labour MP for Dudley, 1945-67. Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner gang operated in the West Midlands. Wigg only served in relatively junior offices but had a great deal of influence behind the scenes, especially with Harold Wilson. Wigg was already known for passing on gossip to Wilson before Wilson became PM. When Labour won the 1964 General Election, Wilson appointed Wigg Paymaster General; among Wigg’s responsibilities, he was Wilson’s link to the security services and the SIS. Wigg was created a life peer on 27 November 1967 taking the title Baron Wigg. 

Not that any of these fine upstanding citizens were involved with Christine and Mandy and their circle of friends; it was just that former MPs who hated other people involved in the shenanigans after their own girlfriends had left them for someone else linked to the shenanigans just happened to bump into Christine in nightclubs and then tell their mates in Parliament who in turn charged off to ask questions…

It should also be remembered that because so many people in all of this were working for the security services, the accounts given of the activities of John Lewis, George Wigg etc may not be 100% true. What is known is that John Lewis did a great deal to encourage the police to prosecute Stephen Ward and after Ward was found dead Lewis celebrated with champagne.

On 22 January 1963 the Soviet Gov’t, sensing a possible scandal, recalled Ivanov. Keeler attempted to sell her story to the national newspapers. Some accounts of these efforts present Christine as being ruthless and out to make what she could, other accounts maintain that she was frightened, had no money and had been abandoned. Those in High Places who Knew Nuzzing already had crap all over them as a result of the John Vassall gay spies in the Admiralty scandal (see previous posts); the ongoing Radcliffe Tribunal’s inquiry into press behaviour during the Vassall case was making newspapers nervous at the time that Christine approached them. Only the ‘Sunday Pictorial’ and the News of the Screws showed interest in Keeler’s story. As the latter would not join an auction, Keeler accepted the Pictorials offer of a £200 down payment and a further £800 when the story was published.

The News of the World then alerted Stephen Ward and Lord Bill Astor – whose names had been mentioned by Keeler – and they in turn informed Profumo. It is alleged that when Profumo’s lawyers tried to persuade Keeler not to publish, the compensation she demanded was so large that Profumo’s lawyers considered charges of extortion. Stephen Ward informed the Pictorial that Keeler’s story was largely false and that he and others would sue if it was printed, whereupon the paper withdrew its offer, although Keeler kept the £200.

Keeler then gave details of her affair with Profumo to a police officer, who did not – or it was said did not – pass on this information to MI5 or the legal authorities. By this time, many of Profumo’s political colleagues had heard rumours of his entanglement and of the existence of a potentially incriminating letter, known as the ‘Darling letter’. Nevertheless, Profumo’s denials were accepted by the Govt’s principal law officers and the Conservative Chief Whip, although with some private scepticism. Macmillan was determined to support his Minister Profumo and took no action. The troika of Solicitor General,  Attorney General and Conservative Chief Whip who ‘accepted Profumo’s denials’ were Sir Peter Rawlinson, Sir John Hobson and Martin Redmayne. I will discuss their backgrounds and the greater things onto which they progressed having done the necessary re Profumo later in this post.

Johnny Edgecombe’s trial began on 14 March 1963 but Keeler, one of the Crown’s key witnesses, was missing. She had, without informing the court, gone to Spain, although at this stage her whereabouts were unknown. Her unexplained absence caused a press sensation. Every newspaper knew the rumours linking Keeler with Profumo, but refrained from reporting any direct connection in the wake of the Radcliffe Inquiry. They could only hint, by front-page juxtapositions of stories and photographs, that Profumo might be connected to Keeler’s disappearance. Despite Christine’s absence the judge proceeded with the case; Edgecombe was found guilty of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment. In later life Edgecombe became a jazz promoter and did quite well out of the scandal for a violent drug dealer who had terrorised Christine and fired bullets into her door.

A few days after the trial, on 21 March 1963 ‘Private Eye’ printed the most detailed summary so far of the rumours, with the main characters lightly disguised as “Mr James Montesi”, “Miss Gaye Funloving”, “Dr Spook” and “Vladimir Bolokhov”.

By this time ‘Private Eye’ as well as a lot of other people in the media knew about Mr Thrope and Norman Scott but they printed nothing about that for years. Ronnie Waterhouse worked as the Eye’s libel reader when he was a young barrister, at about this time.

Harold Wilson, who had been elected Leader of the opposition Labour Party on 14 Feb 196, was initially advised by his colleagues to have nothing to do with George Wigg’s private dossier on the Profumo rumours. On 21 March 1963 with the press furore over the “missing witness” at its height, the Labour Party changed its stance. During a Commons debate, Wigg used parliamentary privilege to ask the Home Secretary Henry Brooke to categorically deny the truth of rumours connecting “a Minister” to Keeler, Rice-Davies and the Edgecombe shooting. Wigg did not name Profumo, who was not in the House. Later in the debate Babs Castle, the Labour MP for Blackburn, referred to the “missing witness” and hinted at a possible perversion of justice. Henry Brooke refused to comment, adding that Wigg and Castle should “seek other means of making these insinuations if they are prepared to substantiate them”.

Readers will be familiar with the names Harold Wilson, Henry Brooke and Babs Castle from previous posts. They covered up the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the associated criminality for years and used it to wield power themselves.  Henry Brooke and his wife Barbara, the daughter of a Welsh Nonconformist Minister who’s education had been at a ‘domestic science’ institution, were two Hampstead grandiosities who established a Tory dynasty. Barbara Brooke was one of the Posh Wives of Hampstead who was given responsibilities as a Councillor, re NHS governance, welfare and children’s services and became Baroness Brooke. The Brooke offspring included a High Court judge, two daughters who married Top Doctors and Peter Brooke, one of Thatch’s toxic Cabinet Ministers who, among other things, served as N Ireland Secretary and concealed Kincora as well as the crimes of Dafydd et al in north Wales. See previous posts.

All of those at the centre of the ranting re Ward, Christine, Mandy et al knew about the sewer and that the sewer was being facilitated by Top Docs and corrupt civil servants, including Gwynne, Dafydd and Bing Spear. Bing Spear was the mandarin who was at the top of the Home Office Drugs Branch for decades. Bing seems to have been a heroin addict himself, was completely corrupt and proved to be of great assistance to Dr Ann Dally, dealer to the Royals, when the police went after her in the 1980s and of course Bing was a great help to Dafydd. See eg. ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’.

It was decided by the Gov’ts law officers and Chief Whip that Profumo should assert his innocence in a personal statement to the House. On the morning of 22 March 1963 after Profumo met with his lawyers and Ministers to agree the wording of his statement, he made the statement to the House. Profumo acknowledged friendships with Keeler and Ward, the former of whom, he said, he had last seen in December 1961. He had met “a Mr Ivanov” twice, also in 1961. He stated: “There was no impropriety whatsoever in my acquaintanceship with Miss Keeler” and added: “I shall not hesitate to issue writs for libel and slander if scandalous allegations are made or repeated outside the House”. That afternoon, Profumo was photographed at Sandown in the company of the Queen Mum.

While officially the matter was considered closed, many individual MPs ‘had doubts’, although none openly expressed disbelief at this stage. They didn’t dare in view of how many people were so compromised. George Wigg later said that he left the House that morning “with black rage in my heart because I knew what the facts were. I knew the truth.” It’s just that no-one actually publicly denounced the bunch of old hypocrites who were so Shocked and Disgusted and then went off to the horses with the Queen Mum.

Most newspapers were editorially non-committal; only ‘The Guardian’, under the headline “Mr Profumo clears the air”, stated openly that the statement should be taken at its face value. ‘The Observer’ was owned by the Astor family and David Astor, Bill’s brother, who was Editor of ‘The Observer’, worked very hard to limit the damage to his family’s reputation. Because those who were at the centre of concealing the Profumo Affair remained in public life and then their children too attained senior positions, ‘The Observer’ has maintained a tradition ever since of loyally assisting people associated with Dafydd and the Gang, no matter how serious their criminality and in the face of The Observer’s ambitions to be a right-on ethical paper. See previous posts for details of eg. Donald Trelford, Roger Alton and other bigwigs on ‘The Observer’ who never published a thing but instead supplied mycelia of the Gang with good PR.

Press attention was distracted by the re-emergence of Keeler in Madrid after only a few days. She expressed astonishment at the fuss that her absence had caused, adding that her friendship with Profumo and his wife was entirely innocent and that she had many friends in important positions. Keeler claimed that she had not deliberately missed the Edgecombe trial but had been confused about the date. No action was taken against her.

Shortly after Profumo’s Commons statement, Stephen Ward appeared on ITN News, where he endorsed Profumo’s version and dismissed all rumours and insinuations as “baseless”. Ward’s own activities had become a matter of official concern and on 1 April 1963 the Met began to investigate his affairs. They interviewed 140 of his friends, associates and patients, maintained a 24-hour watch on his home and tapped his telephone, this last action requiring direct authorisation from Henry Brooke of Whole Family Involved In Cover-Ups Over Decades.

Police pressurised witnesses, including Mandy Rice-Davies, who was remanded in Holloway for a minor driving licence offence until she agreed to testify against Stephen Ward. Christine Keeler contradicted her earlier assurances and confirmed her sexual relationship with Profumo. Meanwhile, Profumo was awarded costs and £50 damages against the British distributors of an Italian magazine that had printed a story hinting at his guilt. He donated the proceeds to an army charity. ‘Private Eye’ nonetheless included “Sextus Profano” in their parody of Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’.

On 18 April 1963 Keeler was attacked at the home of a friend. She accused one of the men with whom she had been involved, a Jamaican jazz singer/criminal/drug dealer, Lucky Gordon, who was arrested and held. Lucky Gordon was as unpleasant as Johnny Edgecombe. According to Keeler, Gordon assaulted her in the street and held her hostage for two days. Keeler sought the protection of Edgecombe, which culminated in a fight between Edgecombe and Gordon at the Flamingo Club in Wardour Street in October 1962. Gordon required 17 stitches after Edgecombe slit his face with a knife. Gordon later posted the 17 used stitches to Keeler and warned her that for each stitch he had sent she would get two on her face in return. It is alleged that Edgecombe’s was seeking protection from Keeler following this fight when he turned up at her flat in Dec 1962 and fired the gun at her door after being refused entry.

Gordon later worked as a cook at Island Records‘ Notting Hill studios (later Sarm West Studios), his employers including Bob Marley. It was while working at the latter in the mid-1980s that Gordon contributed “skank” vocals to a cover version of “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by pop duo Act (under the name of “Casbah”) and a rare vocal mix of the Art of Noise’s “Moments In Love”, both for ZTT Records. Lucky Gordon was alive until 2017 and his role in the Profumo Affair as well as his links with gangsters and big names in the music business will have contributed to Dafydd and the Gang’s many umbrellas.

According to one account, the police offered to drop the charges  against Gordon if he agreed to testify against Stephen Ward, but he refused. The effects of the police inquiry were proving ruinous to Stephen Ward, whose osteopathy practice for celebs was collapsing rapidly. On 7 May 1963 Ward met Macmillan’s Private Secretary, Timothy Bligh, to ask that the police inquiry into his affairs be halted. Ward added that he had been covering for Profumo, whose Commons statement was substantially false. Bligh took notes but failed to take action.

Sir Timothy James Bligh (2 September 1918-12 March 1969) was a naval officer, civil servant and business executive, who served as Principal Private Secretary to PMs Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home. Bligh was the son of Edward Clare Bligh (1887–1976), who was Chief Officer of Welfare Department, London County Council, 1932–51. In that role, Edward Bligh was complicit with the organised abuse upon which Dafydd and co later built their empires. Bligh was educated at Winchester School and Balliol, Oxford. He was at Balliol just after those three political giants Ted Heath, Denis Healey and Woy Jenkins were there together in the late 1930s, pratting about and planning their future careers which would inflict so much damage on so many people. During WW II, Bligh served in the Royal Navy in the North Atlantic, the English Channel and the Mediterranean and was therefore one of the legions of Navy men who had knowledge of many matters which had to be later met with a How Very Dare You if mentioned in public. Particularly if the name Lord Louis Mountbatten had been uttered. Bligh joined the Civil Service in 1946 as an Assistant Principal in the Treasury and was rapidly promoted, reaching the rank of Under-Secretary in 1959. That year Bligh was appointed Principal Private Secretary to the PM Macmillan, whom he served until the latter’s resignation in October 1963. Bligh then served Macmillan’s successor, Alec Douglas-Home, in the same capacity, until Home’s defeat in the 1964 General Election.

In 1964 Timothy Bligh left the Civil Service to become a Director of the media chain the Thomson Organisation, and became its Assistant Managing Director in 1966. He was briefly active in Tory politics as an  alderman on the GLC from 1967. Bligh died on 12 March 1969, after a long illness.

On 19 May 1963 Stephen Ward wrote to Henry Brooke of the Extended Family Cover-Ups with essentially the same request as that which he made to Bligh. Brooke replied that as Home Secretary he had no power to interfere with the police inquiry. Stephen Ward then gave details to the press, but no paper would print the story. Ward also wrote to Harold Wilson, who showed the letter to Macmillan. Although privately disdainful of Wilson’s motives, after discussions with Roger Hollis, the DG of MI5, Macmillan was sufficiently concerned about Ward’s general activities to ask the Lord Chancellor, Lord Dilhorne aka Reginald Manningham Buller, to inquire into possible security breaches. Lord Dilhorne was as guilty as everyone else when it came to protecting crooks in high places and hanging the Little People out to dry. Manningham-Buller’s daughter Eliza Manningham-Buller was DG of MI5, Oct 2002-20 April 2007, which explains why everyone in authority was paralysed in the face of such serious crime on the part of so many in north Wales at that time. See previous posts for further info on Reggie and his dreadful daughter.

On 31 May 1963, the Profumos flew to Venice for a short holiday. At their hotel they received a message asking Jack Profumo to return as soon as possible. When they returned, Profumo and his wife found that Macmillan was on holiday in Scotland. On Tuesday 4 June 1963 Profumo confessed the truth to Bligh, confirming that he had lied; he resigned from the Gov’t and Parliament. The resignation was announced on 5 June 1963 when the formal exchange of letters between Profumo and Macmillan was published. The Times called Profumo’s lies “a great tragedy for the probity of public life in Britain”; the Daily Mail recorded Profumo’s fall and disgrace as the price required when public figures fell short of the expected standards of integrity. The ‘Daily Mirror’ hinted that not all the truth had been told and referred to “skeletons in many cupboards”.

Saunders Lewis Biography, Saunders Lewis's Famous Quotes ...

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Lucky Gordon’s trial for the attack on Keeler began on the day that Profumo’s resignation was made public. He maintained that his innocence would be established by two witnesses who, the police told the court, could not be found. On 7 June 1963, principally on the evidence of Keeler, Gordon was found guilty and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. The following day, Stephen Ward was arrested and charged with immorality offences. On 9 June 1963, freed from Profumo’s libel threats, the News of the World published “The Confessions of Christine”, an account which helped to fashion the public image of Ward as a sexual predator and probable tool of the Soviets. The ‘Sunday Mirror’ (formerly the Sunday Pictorial) printed Profumo’s incriminating  ‘Darling letter’.

In advance of the Commons debate on Profumo’s resignation, David Watt in The Spectator defined Macmillan’s position as “an intolerable dilemma from which he can only escape by being proved either ludicrously naïve or incompetent or deceitful – or all three”. The press speculated about possible Cabinet resignations and several Ministers felt it necessary to demonstrate their loyalty to the PM. In a BBC interview on 13 June 1963 Lord Hailsham denounced Profumo and insisted that “a great party is not to be brought down because of a squalid affair between a woman of easy virtue and a proven liar”.

The Lord Hailsham of St Marylebone aka Quintin Hogg: son of Douglas Hogg, 1st Viscount Hailsham, the Lord Chancellor under PM Stanley Baldwin
Quintin Hogg, Baron Hailsham, in 1990

Tory MP for Oxford, 1938-50; member of Lords (hereditary peerage) 1950-63; MP for St Marylebone, 1963-70; member of Lords (life peerage), 1970-2001. First Lord of the Admiralty, 19 Oct 1956-14 Jan 1957; Chairman of the Tory Party, 14 Oct 1959-27 July 1960; Leader of the Lords, 27 July 1960-20 Oct 1963; Lord President of the Council and Visitor for University of Wales, 17 Sept 1957 -14 Oct 1959 and 27 July 1960-16 Oct 1964; Minister for Education, 14 Jan 1957 -17 Sep 1957; Secretary of State for Dept of Ed and Science, 1 April 1964-16 Oct 1964; Lord Chancellor, 20 June 1970-4 March 1974 and 4 May 1979-3 June 1987.

Lord Hailsham was a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as were/are Lord Denning, George Carman, Cherie and Miranda.

Quintin’s son, Douglas, now Lord Hailsham; Tory MP for Grantham, then Sleaford and North Hykeham, 1979-2010; junior Minister in Home Office, 10 Sept 1986-26 July 1989; Member of the Lords, 2015.

Douglas was a gofer in the Home Office while Dafydd had me wrongly arrested, illegally imprisoned me, fabricated documentation in collaboration with the Home Office and entered into a conspiracy with the North Wales Police and Risley Remand Centre. I’ll wait for Douglas to leave a comment on the blog, particularly as his old dad occupied appointments which repeatedly involved Quintin concealing the criminality of Dafydd and Gwynne et al.

Douglas’s sister Dame Mary Hogg is a retired High Court judge who specialised in children’s and mothers’ welfare. Jesus Christ, that’s terrifying.

Dame Mary Claire Hogg - Divorce and the City

Douglas is married to Baroness Sarah Hogg, a Gov’t economic adviser at the time of Black Wednesday. Sarah blamed it on everyone else.

Douglas and Sarah’s daughter Charlotte Hogg was previously in charge of retail operations at Santander UK. When Prof Fergus Lowe was causing havoc at Bangor University while Merfyn the VC was off on compassionate leave caring for his dying wife, one Fungus-initiative was a revamping of the University library. Imagine my surprise when the revamping didn’t include any more academic resources; it didn’t even involve a Costa Coffee branch which Brown told me was favoured by some universities in terms of library development. Instead a branch of Santander arrived in the library, indeed it took pride of place, occupying much space and robustly advertised its services to students. Not long after, Santander explained that as part of their interest in Bangor University they would be offering scholarships to students. I am someone who sees nothing wrong with benevolent people offering to support students, but this was a rapidly expanding bank with aggressive business practices. I and a few others were a bit worried at these developments and we thought that perhaps it was something to do with the dreadful John Thornton, Professor of Global Finance at Bangor Business School, formerly the Director of the Western Hemisphere at the World Bank, who’s recommendation re regenerating the Welsh economy was to turn Wales into a tax haven a la the Isle Of Man. See comments following my post ‘         ‘.

I had no idea that Charlotte, daughter of Douglas who had been at the scene of many crimes with regard to UCNW/Bangor University, who in turn was the son and heir of Quintin who had been at the scene of even more crimes re UCNW, was responsible for ‘retail operations’ at Santander.

During the period of time that Sarah’s dad Douglas propped up the serious organised crime of the Gang in his capacity as a Home Office junior Minister, 10 Sept 1986-26 July 1989, Fungus Lowe overthrew Dafydd’s influence in the Dept of Psychology, replaced it with his own toxic brand and subsequently built an empire based on dealing with and indeed blackmailing so many of those who had colluded with Dafydd and Gwynne, who died either just before or just after Douglas arrived at the Home Office.

Time To Rewrite History Douglas!

‘Gwynne Williams? Never heard of him, Sorry, can’t help you there luv.’

The President of UCNW at the time was Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir William Mars-Jones, a senior colleague and pal of Ronnie Waterhouse. The Chancellor of UNCW was of course Carlo.

Dafydd’s mate Bing Spear the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarin was the most senior mandarin with responsibility for drugs when the two Douglases were at the Home Office and when Lord Quintin was Lord Chancellor.

Douglas’s boss at the Home Office was another Douglas, Secretary of State Douglas Hurd. Who was the nephew of the Cambridge botanist Prof Edred Henry Corner. Edred Henry Corner knew Prof Greig-Smith, the Prof of Ecology in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW, who’s son was a Top Doc in Liverpool. The Dept of Plant Biology was heaving with staff who were friends and relatives of the Gang, including D.G.E. Wood’s wife. Then there was the lecturer who was having sex with local school girls… See post ‘Additional Security Measures’ for further info re the numerous associations between the Dept of Plant Biology and the Gang as well as those in high places who protected the Gang.

One of the junior lecturers in the Dept of Plant Biology at that time was the odious John Farrar, who used the same strategy as Fungus to gain promotion within Bangor and was a PVC along with Fungus when Santander set up shop in Bangor University library and started offering money to students. Farrar’s ex-wife Stel -Stel had a relationship with Farrar when she was an undergrad and then bagged a job as his research assistant – was working as a tutor in the Dept of Lifelong Learning, under the Head of Dept Meri Huws. Who in the 1980s had been a social worker for Gwynedd Social Services, who’s patch included Ty’r Felin, the children’s home where kids were abused and trafficked to various venues, including Dolphin Square. See previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’.

Douglas Hogg joined the Home Office when his dad was Lord Chancellor. Dafydd’s mate Bing Spear the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarin was the most senior mandarin with responsibility for drugs when the two Douglases were at the Home Office and Lord Quintin was Lord Chancellor.

Douglas’s arrival at the Home Office was some five months after the Gang killed my friend and house-mate Anne and some four months after D.G.E. Wood yelled at me that there was nothing left for me in Bangor, why didn’t I go somewhere else a very long way off, make a new life for myself and ‘forget about everything that has happened here’. Including an encounter with a Royal Lobotomist and the murder of my friend presumably. Some three weeks before Hogg arrived at the Home Office, I had been unlawfully detained by the Gang for the first time – in Ysbyty Gwynedd – met Dafydd who tried to Talk Sex and then told me to get out of north Wales and drop my complaint or he’d have me arrested when I challenged him. Douglas took up his post at the Home Office a matter of days after I arrived in London to begin my Masters at Hammersmith Hospital/Royal Postgraduate Medical School. Which was pretty much run by Prof Hugh Bentall, the cardiac surgeon who owned most of and therefore ran Kingston-upon-Thames. Bentall perpetrated major research fraud, bagged his Chair after making a substantial donation to RPMS, shagged his secretary and then secured her a place and funding to complete a degree and PhD in anatomy and then a job as a lecturer. See post ‘Interesting Facts’.

Bentall’s son Richard was a clinical psychologist training/working with Dafydd and Fungus in the Dept of Psychology at UCNW. Richard had married when he was training at Bangor, to the daughter of the Dean of Science at UCNW, Eifion Jones. Richard’s wife completed her degree in the Dept of Plant Biology and then trained as an Angel. See previous posts. Richard Bentall has enjoyed a spectacular career as a ‘radical’ clinical psychologist on the basis of very little original thought or work. I wonder how.

Two Party Rings:

Party Ring | Great British Food Magazine

Dafydd did indeed have me wrongfully arrested when I refused to drop my complaint and returned to north Wales in Dec 1986. Then he had me wrongfully arrested again in July 1987. Douglas was at the Home Office throughout it all. Perhaps because it was known that I would need to be arrested and incarcerated and a tame Minister at the Home Office would be helpful when it happened.

Douglas Hogg left the Home Office weeks after I’d been appointed to the job at St George’s Hospital Medical School with the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which I now know was an elaborate trap to end my career in biomedical research. Three weeks before Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain at St George’s offered me the job that led to the trap, Chamberlain had begun publishing academic articles with his old pal Prof Oliver Brooke, who had been convicted and jailed for child porn offences at Kingston Crown Court in Dec 1986, not long after Douglas arrived at the Home Office, but was released from jail early in the summer of 1987, after Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane compared Ollie’s vast collection of child porn – Ollie was a key international dealer in kiddie porn – to a collection of cigarette cards. The world was told that Ollie had been disgraced and ruined and had not been seen since he was imprisoned. Ollie gave his affiliation on the articles – there were a number of them published while I worked at St George’s – as St George’s Hospital. See post ‘Too Many Pills’.

Lots of Party Rings Gathered Together:

colourful spread of Fox's mini party rings biscuits set on ...

Douglas’s sister, Dame Mary Hogg, became famous for her ruling in a 1996 case which forced a pregnant woman to have a Caesarian in hospital against her wishes, on the grounds that she was ignoring Top Docs who had told her that she had pre-eclampsia and both she and the baby could die. I think that might be the case which involved St George’s and ended in total disaster. At about that time, a young vet nurse refused a Caesarian because she had a phobia of hospitals. There was no attempt to come to an agreement, to reassure her; she was sectioned, taken to Springfield Hospital, where the staff were running a trafficking ring and had a hotline to Dafydd et al and then taken to St George’s where the Caesarian was performed. She had a total breakdown, couldn’t bond with the baby, the baby was adopted and that young woman’s life was destroyed. She gave an interview years later… She tried to sue but lost and was told by another old Justice Cocklecarrot that she didn’t know what was good for her.

Dame Hogg, there are ways of persuading people and handing them over to a gang of traffickers is not one of them. As for pre-eclampsia, one woman had already DIED while in the care of St George’s because they did not manage her pre-eclampsia properly. You wrecked that young woman’s life, you destroyed it. As for Springfield, there were patients murdered and raped there during the 1990s. You stupid, pig-ignorant old cow. Ma’am.

There ain’t nothing so fucking dangerous than a Dame. Spot The Difference:

Quintin Hogg, Baron Hailsham, in 1990


In 2013 Charlotte Hogg was appointed first Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of England. In March 2017 she served briefly as Deputy Governor, before resigning from both positions for failing to declare that her brother was employed in the banking industry. The Deputy Hogg claimed that she had been targeted for being a young woman, the poor little slip of a thing.


During the 17 June 1963 Parliamentary debate on Profumo’s resignation, Harold Wilson concentrated almost exclusively on the extent to which the PM and his colleagues had been dilatory in not identifying a clear security risk arising from Profumo’s association with Stephen Ward and his circle. Macmillan responded that he should not be held culpable for believing a colleague who had repeatedly asserted his innocence. Macmillan mentioned the previous ‘false allegations’ against Tam Galbraith, – the MP for Glasgow Hillhead, 25 Nov 1948-2 Jan 1982, who had been at the centre of the recent John Vassall spy scandal – and the failure of the security services to share their detailed information with him.

When Tam Galbraith died, Woy of the Gang of Four succeeded Tam as the MP for Glasgow Hillhead. As detailed in my post ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’, every seat targeted by the Gang of Four in those early days of Breaking The Mould Of Politics was a seat sensitive re matters linked to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Woy the Westminster Swinger -who served as Wilson’s Chancellor of the Exchequer when Richard Crossman was Swinging at the DHSS – only won Hillhead as a result of recent boundary changes that altered the socio-economic profile of the constituency, enabling a claret-swilling fine-dining member of the SDP to appeal to a greater proportion of the constituency than he would have before the boundary changes. Dr Death was of course the Grand Architect behind much of the Breaking Of The Mould Of Politics; Death knew Gwynne, Dafydd etc and Death will have been able to negotiate on matters of criminal Top Docs, Royal Lobotomists and their Hidden Pasts.

Sir Tam Galbraith was at the very centre of the John Vassall spy scandal and stood accused of being in a gay relationship with the spy Vassall. Sir Tam was the son of Thomas Dunlop Galbraith, 1st Baron Strathclyde (20 March 1891-12 July 1985). The 1st Baron Strathclyde, like his son, was a  Scottish Unionist Party politician, in Lord Strathclyde’s case for Glasgow Pollock, 30 April 1940-26 May 1955. Sir Tam never became the 2nd Baron Strathclyde, because he died before his father did; instead Sir Tam’s son, Tom, became the 2nd Baron Strathclyde on 12 July 1985, by which time I was at war with the Gang. Mary Wynch’s appeal to the Master of the Rolls -which Mary won – was heard on 9 July 1985. See post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’.

Anyone for looking long and hard at the circumstances of the deaths of Sir Tam who pegged out before his dad, to the benefit of the Westminster Swingers and Dr Death and of the 1st Baron Strathclyde, who pegged out three days after Mary won against Dafydd and the Gang in the Royal Courts of Justice? 

Thomas Dunlop Galbraith, 1st Baron Strathclyde (20 March 1891-12 July 1985) was born into Clan Galbraith, which traces its roots to 12th century laird Gilchrist Bretnach, the 15x great-grandfather of King George I. Thomas was one of eight children born to surgeon William Brodie Galbraith (1855–1942) and Annie Jack Dunlop (sister of Sir Thomas Dunlop, 1st Baronet). Lord Strathclyde had an older brother, Walter and younger brothers William, David, Norman, Robert and Alexander and a younger sister, Annie. Thomas Galbraith was educated at Glasgow Academy, Eastman’s, Southsea, Royal Naval College, Osborne and Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

Galbraith joined the Royal Navy in 1903 and served during WW I. Three of his younger brothers were killed during WW I while serving: Capt. William Brodie Galbraith, David Boyd Galbraith and Norman Dunlop Galbraith. Thomas Galbraith left the Royal Navy in 1922 and formally retired in 1925.

When WW II began, Galbraith joined the Scottish Naval Command. He was later sent to Washington DC to represent the Admiralty, which was negotiating supplies prior to the enactment of Lend-Lease in 1941.

Galbraith’s political career began in local government where he served as a Councillor on Glasgow Corporation, 1933-40. For part of that time he was Vice-Chair of the Progressive PartyHe served as MP for Glasgow Pollock, 1940-55. Thomas Galbraith served as Under-Secretary of State for Scotland in Churchill’s caretaker Gov’t, May-July 1945. Galbraith was made a peer on 4 May 1955 and served as a Minister of State at the Scottish Office until 1958. Lord Strathclyde served as Chairman of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board from the late 1950s until May 1967. 

Lord Strathclyde married Ida Jane Galloway of Ayrshire.They had seven children, five of whom served in the Royal Navy. Their second son was killed during WW II. Lord Strathclyde’s children were:

  • Hon Sir Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith (10 March 1917-2 January 1982)
  • Lt. William Brodie Galloway Galbraith RN (20 September 1918-12 October 1940)
  • Hon James Muir Galloway Galbraith CBE FRICS (27 September 1920-4 October 2003)
  • Hon Ida Jean Galloway Galbraith (21 January 1922)
  • Hon Norman Dunlop Galloway Galbraith (24 January 1925-24 June 2013)
  • Hon David Muir Galloway Galbraith (born 8 March 1928-12 August 2006)
  • Hon Heather Margaret Anne Galloway Galbraith (born 27 February 1930)

Baroness Ida Strathclyde died in June 1985. A month later, Strathclyde died at his estate at Barskimming in Mauchline, Ayrshire in 1985. So they had both pegged out shortly before Mary Wynch had won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls.

The 2nd Baron Strathclyde has been discussed extensively in a previous post, but here are his highlights once more. Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, 2nd Baron Strathclyde (born 22 February 1960), known informally as Tom Strathclyde, is a Tory politician. Strathclyde entered the Lords in 1986, becoming a Junior Whip in 1988, then Minister for Tourism in 1989. Between 1990-1992, Strathclyde was Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries in the Scottish Office.  He then served in  John Major’s Gov’t, in the Dept of the Environment under Environment Secretaries John Gummer and Michael Howard and then in the DTI, under Secretary of State Heseltine, before being appointed the Conservative Party Chief Whip in the Lords in 1994. Lord Tom was sworn of the Privy Council in 1995.

Every one of Tom’s Secretaries of State was fully involved in concealing the criminality of the Gang and Lord Tom was Chief Whip when witnesses were being found dead, when documents were forged by NHS staff and others, perjury committed and evidence planted in an attempt to convict witnesses – including me – of serious crimes. Lies were told in July 1995 about Dafydd having retired and the North Wales Hospital having closed down. The MDU, BMA, police and numerous lawyers were willing parties to all of this, as were those at the highest levels of the Dept of Health, Welsh Office and Home Office. In particular William Hague, Virginia Bottomley, David Hunt and Michael Howard. See previous posts.

After the House of Lords Act 1999 was passed, Strathclyde was elected by other peers as one of the 92 hereditary peers to remain in the Lords.

When the Tories formed the ConDem Gov’t under Call Me Dave in May 2010, Strathclyde became Leader of the Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, with a seat in the Cabinet. On 7 January 2013, Lord Tom suddenly resigned as Leader of the Lords and from the Cabinet with immediate effect. Why was that then Tom?

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  • See previous post for details of Lord Tom’s huge fortune, his business interests and the matter of the dumping of the toxic waste on Ivory Coast in 2006.
Tory MP Nigel Birch is considered to have been the person who put the boot into Macmillan sufficiently to cause Macmillan’s subsequent resignation. Birch stated:  “I myself feel that the time will come very soon when my right hon. Friend [the prime minister] ought to make way for a much younger colleague. I feel that that ought to happen … perhaps some of the words of Browning might be appropriate in his poem on “The Lost Leader”, in which he wrote:
Let him never come back to us!
There would be doubt, hesitation and pain.
Forced praise on our part—the glimmer of twilight,
Never glad confident morning again!”


The sexual aspects of the scandal were fully discussed in the parliamentary debate, with great enjoyment. Nigel Birch referred to Keeler as a “professional prostitute” and asked rhetorically: “What are whores about?”

Whores were about making this man and his friends a great deal of money on the back of a great deal of hypocrisy:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Nigel Birch knew exactly what whores were about and who was benefiting from them because Nigel was the Tory MP for Flintshire, 1945-50 and West Flintshire, 1950-70. So as well as knowing exactly what whores were about, Nigel Birch was one of the constituency MPs for the region that was the origin of so many of the whores, even if north Wales hadn’t actually produced Mandy and Christine. Lord Rhyl, as Nigel was from July 1970, lived not a million miles away from Bryn Estyn and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and many of his own constituents were facilitating the business of the whoring. Other constituents were victims of the Gang, but Nigel won’t have taken any notice of them, what with them being whores and scroungers and nutters and goodness knows what else. Previous posts have provided biographical details for Nigel, but it is worthwhile refreshing our memories.

Nigel served in the Gov’ts of Churchill, Eden and Macmillan as: junior Minister for Air, 1951-52; Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, 1952 -54, Minister of Works, October 1954-December 1955; Secretary of State for Air, December 1955-January 1957 and Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1957-58.

Nigel’s 1958 resignation from Macmillan’s Gov’t, along with that of the Chancellor of the Exchequer Peter Thorneycroft and fellow Treasury Minister Enoch Powell, was described by Macmillan as “little local difficulties”. Nigel was perceived to have exacted his revenge when he made his “Never glad confident morning again” speech during the Profumo resignation debate. His speech ‘showed Macmillan as weak and out of touch and it sealed Birch’s reputation of being as deadly as Leo Amery.’

Not that Nigel was that strong himself, having been in a position for so long to speak out about those behind all the whoring that so appalled him but never having done so. There was no excuse, because Nigel had a bird’s eye view of the Whoring In High Places as a result of his 1950 marriage to Esmé Glyn, the daughter of the 4th Baron Wolverton, Frederick Glyn (24 September 1864-3 October 1932).

Frederick Glyn was a banker and Tory politician. He served as Vice-Chamberlain of the Household under Tory PM Arthur Balfour, 1902-05. Frederick Glyn was the younger son of Vice-Admiral the Honourable Henry Carr Glyn, younger son of George Glyn, 1st Baron Wolverton. His mother was Rose Mahoney, daughter of Reverend Denis Mahoney, of Dromore Castle, County Kerry. Frederick was a partner in the family banking firm of Glyn, Mills & Co, which in 1969 was sold to the Royal Bank of Scotland. Subsequent restructuring on the part of RBS resulted in the formation of Williams & Glyn’s Bank. Subsequent mergers, takeovers etc have resulted in old Frederick’s family bank being linked to some of the biggest names in banking today. I would love to dig deeper but I don’t have time, so if any readers are having trouble with banks at present, perhaps readers who have crossed the path of the Gang, be my guest, I’ve provided your starter for 10 here… All paths lead to Nigel, Esme and their pals Gwynne and Dafydd!

In 1888 Frederick Glyn succeeded in the barony on the early death of his elder brother Henry Glyn and took his seat on the Tory benches in the Lords. Lord Wolverton was commissioned in the North Somerset Yeomanry on 29 January 1900. After the outbreak of the Second Boer War, Lord Wolverton joined the Imperial Yeomanry.

Lord Wolverton married Lady Edith Amelia, daughter of William Ward, 1st Earl of Dudley, in 1895. They had four children:

  • Hon. George Edward Dudley Carr Glyn (1896–1930), died unmarried.
  • Hon. Marion Feodorovna Louise Glyn (1900–1970), married George Villiers, Lord Hyde and mother of Laurence Villiers, 7th Earl of Clarendon.
  • Nigel Reginald Victor Glyn, 5th Baron Wolverton (1904–1986), died unmarried.
  • Hon. Esmé Consuelo Helen Glyn (1908–1991) who married Nigel Birch aka Lord Rhyl.

Lord Wolverton died in October 1932, aged 68, and was succeeded in the barony by his second but eldest surviving son, Nigel. Lady Wolverton died in 1956, aged 83. I don’t know why Lord Wolverton’s eldest son died relatively young and unmarried, but his son and heir Nigel, 5th Baron Wolverton, Nigel Birch’s brother-in-law, died in 1986, an 82 year old Bachelor who was not blessed with children. At least he was never caught whoring. Nigel Birch himself pegged out in 8 March 1981 and his wife Esme in 1991. 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

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No wonder no-one dared close the North Wales Hospital down. ‘We’re going to tell, we’re going to tell…’

Keeler was also branded a “tart” and a “poor little slut” during the Parliamentary debate which was so spiced up by Nigel Birch of the Bachelor Gay Brother-in-law. Christine certainly wasn’t as affluent as Dafydd or indeed Nigel Birch and his relatives.

Another clue as to how deadly Nigel Birch was is provided in a BBC News online piece reviewing a series of Radio 4 programmes by political journo Anthony Howard about the troubles of the Macmillan Gov’t in 1962: ‘Anthony Howard takes us back to the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ in July 1962 and recalls a letter that appeared in ‘The Times’. The letter was just five lines in length. It was from the former Treasury Minister, Nigel Birch, who wrote a damming criticism of Harold Macmillan’s decision to sack Selwyn Lloyd as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Within months, Macmillan himself was leaving Downing Street.’

Selwyn Lloyd was a big mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s; I’ll return to Selwyn later in this post.

Anthony Howard knew what the real cause of the ructions throughout Macmillan’s Gov’t was: Whoring In High Places with lobotomies for potential whores who didn’t want to join in.

Anthony Howard was the son of a C of E clergyman, Canon Guy Howard. He was educated at Purton Stoke School in Berkshire and Highgate Junior School, followed by Westminster School and Christ Church Oxford. In 1954 Howard was Chairman of the Oxford University Labour Club and, the following year, President of the Oxford Union. Howard had planned a career as a barrister, having been called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1956, to join the Havers family and Mr Thrope. Meanwhile, Howard was fulfilling his National Service obligations in the British Army, during which he saw active service in the Royal Fusiliers during the Suez War. He wrote (initially unsigned) articles for the ‘New Statesman’ about his reluctant involvement in the conflict. Howard began working for the ‘Manchester Guardian’ in 1959. The following year he was awarded a Harkness Fellowship to study in the US though he remained on the Guardian’s staff. Howard was political correspondent of the New Statesman, 1961-64. An admirer of Labour Leader Hugh Gaitskill during this period, he was a strong advocate of the democratic process:

Anthony Howard, Never More Affronted than by that Etonian Fix:

  • What about this for an Affront then Howard?

  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories
  • Do you need a lobotomy? Lobotomy Before and After pics ...

In January 1965 Howard joined ‘The Sunday Times’ as its Whitehall correspondent reporting on the activities of senior civil servants. Cabinet Ministers were instructed by PM Wilson’s Private Secretary not to co-operate with Howard. Civil servants received similar instructions. Howard, however, was soon invited to become The Observer’s  chief Washington correspondent, serving in the role, 1966-69 and later contributing a political column, 1971–72. During his period in America Howard made regular contributions to ‘The World At One’ at Radio 4. He was, though, absent from his post when President Johnson announced that he would not seek re-election in the Presidential election of 1968, which did not help relations with Lord Bill Astor’s brother David, the Observer Editor at the time.

Anthony Howard was Editor of the New Statesman, 1972–78, succeeding Richard Crossman, whose Deputy Howard had been, 1970–72. Howard appointed Robin Cook as the magazine’s parliamentary adviser in 1974 (Cook also contributed articles), as well as James FentonChristopher Hitchens and Martin Amis as literary editor in 1977. Future New Statesman Editor Peter Wilby, for whom Howard was a mentor, was a staff member during this period. 

‘We Didn’t Know.’

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Under Howard’s editorship the ‘New Statesman’ published a rare non-British contributor, Gabriel García Márquez in March 1974, on the overthrow of Salvador Allende’s elected Gov’t in Chile the previous September. It was said that ‘perhaps out of a sense of balance’, Howard featured a series of critiques of the British Left by the magazine’s former Editor Paul Johnson, a drinking companion and friend of Howard’s, whose political rightward drift was well advanced by then. Howard also employed Auberon Waugh as a columnist.

Perhaps out of a sense of what was good for his career, while Standing Together With Chile, Howard failed to mention many things, such as organised abuse and criminality, orchestrated by Richard Crossman and others and known about by Crossman’s friend Paul Johnson and Johnson’s wife Marigold, a Therapist, as well as Bron Waugh and everybody else who worked at the ‘New Statesman’ with Anthony Howard. See previous posts for details of this crowd, including Johnson’s son Cosmo, who committed a very serious crime in Somerset after Paul Johnson moved to the Quantocks to do his country gent bit in 1980 or thereabouts. Not only did Cosmo not end up inside in the manner in which any local bumpkin would have, but Cosmo is now a Conservative Councillor in Watchet unless he has recently stood down. I presume that Cosmo ran on the law n order ticket. But then Call Me Dave’s mate dressed up in a gorilla suit and caused a traffic accident on one of his anthropology field trips to Somerset. See post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’.

Howard was unable to halt the New Statesman’s fall in circulation, however. Howard then edited ‘The Listener’, 1979–81.

Howard was Deputy Editor of ‘The Observer’ 1981–88, where one of his journalist protégés was the journalist and (later) novelist Robert Harris, whom he appointed as the newspaper’s political correspondent. Howard’s professional relationship with the Editor, Donald Trelford, ultimately broke down over allegations that Trelford had allowed the newspaper’s proprietor Tiny Rowland to interfere in editorial content. After leaving The Observer, following an ill-fated editorial coup against Trelford, Howard was a reporter on ‘Newsnight’ and ‘Panorama’ 1989–92, having previously presented Channel 4’s Face the Press, 1982–85.

Ronnie Waterhouse’s closest friend since they were in their 20s, Robin Day, was Mr Panorama for years and retained huge influence over the programme. Robin Day was a keen Liberal and as a young man had stood for election as a Liberal candidate. Emlyn Parry Jones, a journo from Llangollen who was Of The Gang, rose to a great height in the BBC and was central to many current affairs programmes at the BBC during the 1970s and 80s. As well as being a leading figure in the production of the ‘Rough Justice’ series, Parry Jones was for years Deputy Editor of ‘Panorama’. In later life – at about the time that the Waterhouse Inquiry was ending – Parry Jones returned to live in north Wales, between Llangollen and Wrexham and made programmes for eg. S4C. See previous posts.

According to Charter 88 founder Anthony Barnett Anthony Howard opposed that organisation’s petition and helped run the official committee dedicated to commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution in 1988.

Howard’s last editorial positions before turning freelance were at ‘The Times’ as Obituaries Editor, 1993–99 and chief political book reviewer, 1990–2004, though he contributed opinion columns to the newspaper until September 2005, when his regular column was discontinued. Howard assisted his long-standing friend Michael Heseltine on his memoirs, Life in the Jungle: My Autobiography (2000) and later published an official biography Basil Hume: The Monk Cardinal (2005). Heseltine spent his entire political career trying to become PM on the back of his knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as did Dr Death. See post ‘A Legend Lives’. Heseltine is from Swansea and early in his political career was the MP for Tavistock in Devon, when Mr Thrope was busy in the region. In the 1980s, Heseltine became a big mate of Sir Anthony Meyer, the MP who succeeded Nigel Birch in his Flintshire seat. Like Nigel, Sir Anthony was a man with whom Dafydd and Gwynne could do business. Sir Anthony and Heseltine even had a little deal on the back of what they knew was happening to me which they hoped would result in Heseltine becoming PM. I will return to this later in this post. As for Basil Hume, he is now best known for concealing organised abuse and being a friend of Jimmy Savile. Basil Hume’s father was a Top Doctor involved in the ring in the Newcastle area which eventually partnered the Gang in north Wales, as was Basil Hume’s brother, John Basil Hume. See post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’.

Anthony Howard married Carol Anne Gaynor, herself a journalist, in 1965. He was the lover of Corinna Adam (former wife of journalist Neal Ascherson) for several decades, but did not leave his wife. Corinna Adam, also known by her married name, died in March 2012, which was about the time that Tony Francis killed himself.

Anthony Howard was appointed CBE in 1997, the year that the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Howard died in London on 19 Dec 2010, after surgery for a ruptured aneurysm. Ah the doctors they were wonderful, but whoops Operational Pallial was about to be launched and Brown and Baker had mentioned Baker’s stay in the North Wales Hospital in an academic article, Oh God please, no, no, not Gwynne and Dafydd…


When Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Nigel Birch stood down as the Tory MP for his Flintshire constituency, he ensured that the nomination for the Tory candidate to succeed him was given to Sir Anthony Meyer. Sir Anthony was a rather unlikely MP for Flintshire – but then so was Nigel Birch – being very posh, an Eton educated aristocrat and having previously served as the Tory MP for Eton and Slough, 1964-66. Sir Anthony wasn’t quite sure why he had ever embarked upon a career as a Tory MP and no-one else was quite sure either. Sir Anthony was such a Tory wet that he wasn’t really a Tory, even before Thatch loudly denounced wets and Sir Anthony’s story was that after he stopped being the MP for Eton and Slough, his extreme liberalism made it impossible for him to be considered for any constituencies. Nigel Birch wanted to help a fellow Old Etonian in distress, so Nigel ensured that Meyer succeeded him in the West Flintshire seat. Which was very convenient, as Sir Anthony, it transpired, was a bit of a swinger who could have been at a lose end in a place like north Wales, but luckily there was a sex abuse/trafficking ring to entertain him, so that was OK.

Sir Anthony’s grandmother grandmother had been a good friend of Bertrand Russell’s first wife and they established a Pioneering Mothers and Babies Clinic in St Pancras Whatever their enterprise was, it was not what they thought, or claimed, it to be. See post ‘International Women’s Day! Let Us Celebrate With Jane…’. So a link with organised abuse went back a long way in the Meyer family. How fortuitous that Sir Anthony ended up right on the turf of the ring that Bertrand Russell himself was part of, once Russell relocated to north Wales in 1955. Wouldn’t it have been a coincidence if Sir Anthony had somehow bumped into Bertrand or Nigel somewhere on his travels and then found himself using the services provided by Dafydd and Gwynne himself!

Sir Anthony could have well have missed Bertrand if he hadn’t have previously met him before Meyer became a Tory MP in Flintshire, because Russell died on 2 Feb 1970 and Sir Anthony wasn’t elected as the MP for West Flintshire until 18 June 1970. Sir Anthony held the seat, which evolved into Clwyd North West until 9 April 1992.

All went well for Sir Anthony in Flintshire until Sir Anthony entered into the most enormous battle with one of the key members of Dafydd’s Gang no less, Beata Brookes. Beata was the daughter of a farming family in north east Wales, graduated from UCNW and then became a social worker with Denbighshire County Council before Dafydd had really got going, when Gwynne was the lead trafficker. Beata had become a prominent figure and rose to high office in the Young Conservatives during the 1950s and she knew about the supply of vulnerable young people as sex workers from Wales to England that was already established by then, which people like Lord Brecon seemed to have become aware of and from which Lord Brecon, his daughter Lindy and her Camden-based lawyer husband Leolin Price benefited. See previous posts. Beata was there at the time of Eden and Macmillan to expand the business, along with the young Dafydd and Lucille. Beata of course knew Ioan Bowen Rees, who was a solicitor with Denbighshire County Council when they were all young graduates.

Beata’s political ambitions brought her into contact with Tories who later became members of Heath’s and Thatch’s Gov’ts, such as Peter Walker, which stood everyone in good stead when business was booming for the Gang in the 1970s and 80s. Beata repeatedly tried to become a Tory MP, from quite a young age but didn’t succeed. I had always presumed that Beata was a power-crazed loony who’s greatest desire was to become a Tory MP and she just had to make do with being a member of Clwyd Health Authority, Chair of the Social Services Committee, a member of the regulatory and disciplinary bodies for health and welfare professionals and the person who ran all the charidees for the disabled until a Tory seat at Westminster offered itself to her, but it’s recently dawned on me that as Beata Brookes was from her youth, part of a group of young people who all worked very hard to place themselves in positions which would enable them to run a huge international trafficking ring in later life, that Beata’s main interest was the trafficking ring, rather than the politics. Beata was simply shoring up that ring by her Tory activism; she knew that Posh People who hung out at places like Cliveden with members of the Royal Family had money for sex workers and drugs and Beata et al were ensuring that they were best placed to drum up and run the business.

While Beata Brookes was hammering on the door of Parliament in her younger years, Ioan Bowen Rees and Dafydd were as well, although Ioan and Dafydd were standing for election as Plaid candidates.  None of them ever made it into Westminster, but Beata served as the Tory MEP for north Wales, 1979-89.

This is where Sir Anthony Meyer came in. In 1983, following a boundary change, a new constituency of Clwyd North West was created and Beata wanted the nomination. Anthony Meyer did as well (it was effectively his constituency but slightly rearranged) and there was one hell of a battle, between a member of Dafydd’s Gang and one of the customers. The rationale given for the war was that Beata was a vile Thatcherite and Sir Anthony was posh and more liberal than liberal and was determined to Stop Beata. I had never heard anything about Meyer at the time, but I did know that a lot of people loathed Beata Brookes. The fight ripped the constituency party apart – although they were all members of the Gang – there were allegations of intimidation, ballot-rigging and general skulduggery on the part of Beata’s contingent. Sir Anthony asked Cecil Parkinson at Conservative Central Office to intervene but Cecil wouldn’t such was the cauldron. Sir Anthony won the nomination in the end by resorting to Court action in order to challenge Brookes’s practices. He subsequently won the newly created seat at the following election and held it until 1992. Meyer eventually joined the Liberal Party…

Dafydd – Gwynne – ANTHONY Meyer

Sir Philip Myers – corrupt Police HQ at Colwyn Bay –

1983 – year of panic after Mary began legal action – Nice Young Doctors arriving in n Wales – Bluglass rewrote MH Act

Meyers in far more powerful position socially that Brookes – Meyers member of De Beers family etc – could have given out the orders to Tory Central that he wanted the nomination or he’d blow the lid off everything…

See post ‘ The Celtic Iron Lady And Yet More Recent History’ for further details re Beata and her fight with Meyer; although readers should bear in mind that I wrote that post before I found out that Meyer was one of those using the services of Gwynne and Dafydd and I presumed that his war with Brookes was rather more principled than it was…

Meyer – stalking horse challenge to Thatch – a deal to enable Heseltine to come forward as real challenger but Heseltine didn’t bite the bullet – Myer supported Heseltine when Heseltine did eventually challenge Thatch’s leadership

Dafydd and co claiming to be Laingians – used it as excuse to prevent families visiting who were concerned about the welfare of the patients – Neil Davies involved as well – RD Laing and co involved in sexual exploitation – Laing used to hang out at Dartington  – Isabel Emmett/Dartington link- Russell link to Dartington as well

  • Sir Anthony Meyer’s friend Nigel Birch broadcasting to the nation:
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories
  • Do you need a lobotomy? Lobotomy Before and After pics ...
  • Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Stephen Ward was vilified throughout the Parliamentary debate on Profumo as a likely Soviet agent. Most Tories were supportive of Macmillan, with only Nigel Birch suggesting that he should consider retirement. Nigel Birch was as hostile to Macmillan as he was to the whores; two people who were not subject to the wrath of Nigel Birch were Dafydd and Gwynne, Nigel remained loyal to them for the rest of his life. In the subsequent vote on the Gov’t’s handling of the affair, the Gov’t’s majority was reduced to 69. Several newspapers forecast that Macmillan would soon resign. After the parliamentary debate, newspapers published further sensational stories, hinting at widespread immorality within Britain’s governing class. They only hinted; the Ugandan activities which really were putting people – and national security – at risk, were on such a scale that the press did not dare touch it.

Harold Macmillan in 1942.jpg
  • Harold Macmillan and his wife Lady Dorothy in front of their house - Stock Image

Anthony Eden.jpg

A press story emanating from Rice-Davies concerned a naked masked man, who acted as a waiter at sex parties; rumours suggested that he was a Cabinet minister, or possibly a member of the Royal Family. Malcolm Muggeridge in the Sunday Mirror wrote of “The Slow, Sure Death of the Upper Classes”.  Muggeridge – briefly See previous posts.

On 21 June 1963 Macmillan instructed Lord Denning, the Master of the Rolls, to investigate and report on the growing range of rumours. Previous posts have discussed how Lord Denning, who dated back into the 19th century, concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as well as the gangs which fed into it, including Dafydd’s. Lord Denning was not only THE Lord Denning, but his brother was Sir Norman Denning, who held some of the most senior positions in Royal Navy intelligence during the middle years of the 20th century. I have also discussed how when I was very young, for a short while I was a neighbour of Lord Denning’s and how the Gang in north Wales became particularly exercised when they realised. See previous posts. It was D.G.E. wood who first asked about me living at Overton; the Gang being what they are they won’t have ever clicked until they saw that address at which I lived when I was young, but the security services will have known from the minute that they came in pursuit of Brown and me. They knew a lot more as well, some of which I’ll discuss later in this post.

For many years Lord Denning was known as the boy from Hampshire who went to the village school and reached the very top of the legal establishment and who Did A Lot For Abandoned Wives. That is all true, but sadly Lord Denning also did a great deal for criminals in High Places. He is now best known for opposing the appeal of the Birmingham Six, not because he thought that they were guilty, but because if they won their appeal it would involve an admission that there was endemic corruption in every part of the criminal justice and legal system – which there indeed was – which would constitute an ‘appalling vista’. I am always ready to acknowledge that Lord Denning was a man of his time, his class, his culture etc and the world was seen in a different way in the first two decades of the 20th century during Lord Denning’s formative years. However in early 1985, Lord Denning appeared on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, in a programme starring a 13 year old girl who wanted to ‘be a barrister for a day’. Lord Denning knew what Savile was up to by then, so that TV plug for Savile was just unforgivable and inexplicable really. But maybe not; Lord Denning and a great many other people knew that Mary Wynch was shortly to appear before the Master of the Rolls in relation to a case in which Jimmy Savile’s friend was a defendant which if Mary won would make legal history. The Savile who had a few months previously become a member of the Athenaeum via his pal Cardinal Basil Hume.

The spoof court case for the ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ episode starring Lord Denning was written by Clive Anderson and directed by Marcus Mortimer. The Clive Anderson who made his name as a Witty Comedian who used to be a Barrister on a panel show which made a star out of a little known actor called John Sessions, who had studied drama at UCNW back in the 1970s. Suddenly John was so famous and so witty when he had been unknown for all those years until ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ in ooh let me see it all began in 1988, the year that the NHS could ignore my complaints about Dafydd et al no longer and agreed to ‘investigate’. ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ was made by Hat Trick Productions.

Industry Television production
Founded 1986
Key people
Website hattrick.co.uk

In 1995, Geoffrey Perkins, the Director of Hat Trick, was appointed Head of Comedy at the BBC. 1995, the year when Dafydd ‘retired’, when the North Wales Hospital ‘closed down’, when Geraint Morgan QC the former MP for Denbigh, Sir Peter Morrison and Bing Spear all died within days of each other in July, which was also the month that Brown was sacked from his job…

Geoffrey Perkins died a nasty death when he was only 55 years old on 29 Aug 2008, the year in which the wife of Merfyn Jones, then Bangor University’s VC, died in the care of Dafydd’s colleagues. Perkins was initially thought to have died from injuries after an accident involving a lorry in Marylebone High Street, London. However, a coroner’s inquest in April 2009 determined that Perkins had suffered from an undiagnosed case of channelopathies, which caused his heart to stop suddenly. Which is a pretty bloody odd diagnosis for a coroner’s court to come up with when someone has been found under a lorry. The jury decided that Perkins had most likely already died when he fell under the wheels of the lorry and the coroner recorded that he died from “natural causes”. I would be very surprised if any member of the jury had any idea what channelopathies actually are and if the conditions were explained to them, even by a good clear communicator, the only jury members who would understand would be physiologists/biochemists/Top Doctors. 

Should I ever die as a result of major trauma to my vital organs under the wheels of a big vehicle and a coroner subsequently tells the world that I actually died because the ion transportation in and out of my synapses was buggered as a result of a possible genetic mutation or autoimmune problem, perhaps someone could stick this blog post up somewhere prominent to celebrate my life and of course my slapstick death. Best 25+ Chemical synapse ideas on Pinterest


Here’s Jo the Strong Woman, she’s a regular on the Hat Trick Production HIGNFY:

When Jo was a psych nurse, she worked with Dafydd’s colleagues at the Maudsley and Cefn Coed Hospital, Swansea and even served as their COHSE union rep. Jo’s husband is a senior psych nurse. Her mum was a social worker. See previous posts for the gen on the Strong Woman and COHSE.

Clive Anderson
Clive Anderson at Selwyn May Ball -21June2008.JPG

Clive Stuart Anderson (born 10 December 1952 in Stanmore, Middlesex) is a television and radio presenter and comedy writer. Winner of a British Comedy Award in 1991, Anderson began experimenting with comedy and writing comedic scripts during his 15-year legal career, before starring in ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ on Radio 4, then later Channel 4. He has also hosted a number of radio programmes and made guest appearances on HIGNFY, ‘Mock The Week’ and ‘QI’. 

Anderson was educated at Stanburn Primary School and  Harrow County School for Boys, where his group of friends included Geoffrey Perkins and Michael Portillo. Anderson’s Scottish father was manager of the Bradford & Bingley‘s Wembley branch. Anderson attended Selwyn College, Cambridge (as did John Selwyn Gummer and Donald Trelford) where Anderson was President of Footlights, 1974-75. Clive was called to the Bar at the  Middle Temple in 1976 – Ronnie Waterhouse was a member of Middle Temple – and specialised in criminal law. While still practising law, Clive continued performing, including taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 1981 with Griff Rhys Jones, who is from south Wales and the son of a Top Doc and an Angel.

Anderson was involved in the fledgling alternative comedy scene in the early 1980s and was the first act to come on stage at ‘The Comedy Store’ when it opened in 1979. See previous posts for details of the collusion with those we know and love on the part of all those Alternative Comedians, including those who began at ‘The Comedy Store’. Clive made his name as host of the television comedy show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, which ran for 10 series.

As for 1985, the year of Lord Denning on ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, that was the year that Michael Grade suggested to Esther that she should max out on campaigning re child abuse and it was also the year in which Rolf Harris starred in a campaign to warn children of the dangers of sexual abuse. To do this, Rolf was videoed rolling around the grass with children while he discussed the different sort of touching that children experience at the hands of adults. Including adults like Rolf and Jimmy Savile. See previous posts…

I was being denounced as mad at the time because I wouldn’t shut up about Gwynne, who was still alive and despite the lies that were being told about Gwynne ‘not seeing students anymore’, he was still popping up the Student Health Centre at UCNW every Wednesday afternoon.

There is no excuse is there? Lie after lie after lie. We Didn’t Know! Bryn Estyn had shut down in 1984 and everyone was trying to rewrite history…



Denning’s son with his first wife Mary, Robert, was born on 3 August 1938; he later became a Dean at Magdalen College, Oxford, teaching inorganic chemistry. Mary developed gallstones in 1941 and after an initial recovery, had a haemorrhage on 21 November, dying the next morning. In 1945 Denning met Joan Stuart, a widow with three children: Pauline, Hazel and John. They married on 27 December 1945 and were by all accounts happy together. On 19 October 1992 Joan suffered a massive heart attack; although she survived the initial attack she died a few days later, during the police investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales/ Cheshire. But Joan was elderly, so the jury’s out on that one.

Denning had celebrated his 100th birthday a few months previously when on 5 March 1999 he fell ill and was rushed to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital where he died of an internal haemorrhage. The year before Ronnie Waterhouse published the huge cover-up. But Denning was 100.

Lord Denning was a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as was Richard Crossman’s father. So was George Carman, Cherie and Miranda. See previous posts.


Stephen Ward’s committal proceedings began a week after Macmillan ordered Lord Denning to investigate. Ward was committed for trial on charges of “living off the earnings of prostitution” and “procuration of a girl under twenty-one” and released on bail. Stephen Ward wasn’t acting alone, but that lot gave the impression that he was.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

With the Ward case now subjudice, the press pursued related stories. The People reported that Scotland Yard had begun an inquiry, in parallel with Denning’s, into “homosexual practices as well as sexual laxity” among civil servants, military officers and MPs. That inquiry clearly did not get very far. On 24 June 1963, the Daily Mirror, under a banner heading “Prince Philip and the Profumo Scandal”, dismissed what it termed the “foul rumour” that the Phil the Greek had been involved in the affair, without disclosing the nature of the rumour.

Trumpers’ autobiography mentioned that Phil the Greek had graced Cliveden.

Ward’s trial began at the Old Bailey on 28 July 1963. The thrust of the prosecution’s case related to Keeler and Rice-Davies. In his speeches and examination of witnesses, the prosecuting counsel Mervyn Griffith-Jones portrayed Ward as representing “the very depths of lechery and depravity”. The judge, Sir Archie Marshall, was equally hostile, drawing particular attention to the fact that none of Ward’s society friends – and Ward had hung out with the best – had been prepared to speak up for him. Which said rather more about them than it did about Stephen Ward, but Archie hadn’t worked that one out.

Mervyn Griffith-Jones’s place in history had already been assured when as the prosecuting Counsel in the 1960 Lady Chatterley trial, he famously asked the jury if this was a book that they would want ‘your wife or your servants’ to read. It was considered to have been the end of the case for the prosecution. Dear old Richard Crossman was running the security services by then and Crossman would have encouraged his wife and servants to have read Lady Chatterley with him and then acted the whole book out, so I wonder if someone ensured that the silly old duffer Mervyn blew the prosecution case out of the water? He was considered a safe enough pair of hands to destroy Stephen Ward only a few years later, so something odd was at work.

Mervyn Griffith-Jones was a member of Middle Temple, like Ronnie Waterhouse… He had been the junior Counsel at the Nuremberg trials, alomg with other bent barristers who were dedicated to protecting Dafydd and the Gang, including Lord Elwyn-Jones. They were beyond question after they had done their bit at Nuremberg. See previous posts. Griffith-Jones served as a Westminster City Councillor, 1948-54, when the City Council were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring in its earlier incarnation and when St George’s was located on the area covered by Westminster City Council. See previous posts.

Mervyn Griffith-Jones died of renal failure at St Stephen’s Hospital, Chelsea on 13 July 1978. Mr Thrope had been acquitted at the Old Bailey on 22 June 1978.

It might be a coincidence, but one of the big boys in renal medicine who was facilitating Dafydd’s partner gang in Tower Hamlets from the London Hospital in the 1960s – when Lord Bob Winston was a medical student there – was William Asscher. Asscher’s colleagues in renal medicine were also involved. In the mid-1960s, Asscher relocated to Cardiff where he spent the best part of 30 years facilitating gangs in south Wales as well as providing cover for Dafydd and Gwynne. Asscher’s subsequent medical charidee initiatives eg. ‘Kidney Wales’ (which went under a number of different names) and his organ donation charidee received much support from all Welsh MPs, including of course George Thomas. One big jamboree in support of Asscher’s charidee was held on College Green outside the House, led by Dafydd’s mate David Hunt who was at the time the Welsh Secretary in 1990, just as I was appearing in the High Court as a result of the perjury of the Gang. See post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’.

In 1988, after the fall-out from the jailing of Ollie Brooke, Asscher was headhunted to become Dean of St George’s, where he spent the next 10 years or so ensuring that the criminality and organised abuse continued at that institution. Asscher kept a home in the Vale of Glamorgan throughout his time in London and then retired to the Vale of Glamorgan when he stepped down from St George’s. One of Asscher’s crowning achievements at St George’s was to organise and oversee the merger between St George’s and Kingston University… See previous posts for further details of the adventures of Sir William Asscher.

Party Ring | Great British Food Magazine

Sir Archie Pellow Marshall (20 November 1899-20 June 1966), a Cornish-born Liberal Party politician as well as a High Court judge, was the younger son of Alfred Ernest Stanley Marshall, of Roche, Cornwall. Archie was educated at Truro School and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Archie was elected a bard of the Cornish Gorseth in 1963. He was called to the Bar and joined the Midland Circuit in 1925 and became a High Court Judge in 1959.

In 1924 Archie was President of the Cambridge Union. He was also Chairman of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1923-24 and a Vice-Chairman of the National League of Young Liberals. Archie was Chairman of the Union of University Liberal Societies, 1924-25. In 1939 Archie was selected as prospective Liberal parliamentary candidate, although Archie wasn’t ever elected to the Commons. Archie was President of the London Cornish Association.

Sir Archie was Of The Liberals in their heyday of H.H. Asquith, David Lloyd George and their extended families. For much of the 19th and 20th centuries, north Wales was dominated by Nonconformist Liberals and previous posts have described how they formed a professional and cultural elite in north Wales, as well as in other parts of Wales. Even in recent years, people who did such favours for Dafydd and the Gang were often members of high profile north Wales Liberal families eg. Ronnie Waterhouse and Professor Wynn Humphrey Davies. Liberal families such as the huge Bonham-Carter clan were to be found exerting influence in other areas of Britain, including with regard to the NHS/welfare services (see previous posts). Sir Archie’s region of origin, the West Country, was another Liberal stronghold and by the time that Archie was having a go at Stephen Ward, Mr Thrope was the Liberal MP for north Devon, being elected the year that Archie became a High Court judge. Mr Thrope had grown up with the Lloyd George children, the two families being very friendly. Mr Thrope had always been enthusiastic about sleeping with members of the Royal Family, but his boat really came in when he married Marion Stein, the ex-wife of Lilibet’s cousin George Lascelles, the Earl of Harewood on 14 March 1973, after the unfortunate death of Mr Thrope’s first wife, Caroline Allpass, in a car crash for which no-one could find an explanation, 10 days after Grocer Heath was elected PM on 19 June 1970. Mr Thrope was heart-broken at Caroline’s death and went into a period of mourning which culminated with him erecting a phallic symbol on Cudden Hill in Devon to commemorate Caroline. The phallic symbol was finally up by 1972, by which time Mr Thrope had fully recovered from his tragic loss and was back to his old self, busy trying to become PM.

Towards the end of Stephen Ward’s trial, news came that Lucky Gordon’s conviction for assault had been overturned; Archie did not disclose to the jury that Gordon’s witnesses had turned up and testified that Keeler, a key prosecution witness against Ward, had given false evidence at Gordon’s trial.

After listening to Archie’s damning summing-up, on the evening of 30 July 1963 Ward took an overdose of sleeping tablets and was taken to hospital. On the next day he was found guilty in absentia on the charges relating to Keeler and Rice-Davies and acquitted on the other counts. Sentence was postponed until Ward was fit to appear, but on 3 August 1963 he died without regaining consciousness. See previous posts for details; Ward’s death was avoidable but no-one worked too hard to prevent it

Lord Denning’s report was published on 26 September 1963. It concluded that there had been no security leaks in the Profumo Affair and that the security services and Gov’t Ministers had acted appropriately. Jack Profumo had been guilty of an “indiscretion”, but no one could doubt his loyalty. Denning also found no evidence to link members of the Gov’t with associated scandals such as the “man in the mask”. He laid most of the blame for the affair on Stephen Ward, an “utterly immoral” man whose diplomatic activities were “misconceived and misdirected”.

Unlike Top Doctors of repute:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

The Spectator considered that the Denning Report marked the end of the affair, but many saw through it. The biographer Richard Davenport-Hines – who was at Selwyn College, Cambridge at the same time as Clive Anderson  and is a member of the Athenaeum – writing long after the event, condemned Denning’s Report as disgraceful, slipshod and prurient.

After the Denning Report, Macmillan announced his intention to stay on as PM. On the eve of the Conservative Party’s conference in October 1963 Macmillan fell ill; his condition was less serious than he imagined and his life was not in danger but, convinced he had cancer, he resigned abruptly. There was more Top Doc skulduggery at work here; I am hoping to dedicate a future post to this and associated matters.

Macmillan’s successor as PM was Lord Home, who renounced his peerage and served as Sir Alec Douglas-Home. In the Oct 1964 General Election, the Tories were narrowly defeated and Harold Wilson became PM. A later commentator opined that the Profumo Affair had destroyed the old, aristocratic Conservative party: “It wouldn’t be too much to say that the Profumo scandal was the necessary prelude to the new Toryism, based on meritocracy, which would eventually emerge under Margaret Thatcher”. ‘The Economist’ suggested that the Profumo affair had effected a fundamental and permanent change in relations between politicians and press. Davenport-Hines posits a longer-term consequence of the affair – the gradual ending of traditional notions of deference: “Authority, however disinterested, well-qualified and experienced, was [after June 1963] increasingly greeted with suspicion rather than trust”.

I’m fascinated by such comments now that I know so much more about who was involved and how virtually everyone, across the political spectrum, for decades, subsequently built their careers upon their own involvement with Profumo-esque Naughtiness In High Places or their collusion/concealment of it. The reality is that although politicians in Thatch’s era didn’t always speak with plummy accents and were not always drawn from the Eton-educated upper classes – indeed a lot of old Bufton Tuftons and Herbert Gussetts quailed at the ‘car salesman’ variety of Tory who colonised the Party in Thatch’s era -many of the key players in the Profumo Affair were still in various offices and exerted huge influence, the prime example being Lord Denning himself. Lord Hailsham was a very similar character. Thatch was vulgar and petty bourgeois; she didn’t like the old Etonians and they didn’t like her, but she didn’t actually get rid of them or their influence to the degree that it is often suggested . She couldn’t, the crap was very very deep, they were needed to conceal it and they still wielded a lot of power. The people who were supposed to have been destroyed by the Profumo Affair were the very people who came after my friends and I when I dared complain about Gwynne, the then elderly Royal Lobotomist in 1984: Gwynne had been one of those involved in Profumo and look what happened when we refused to shut up.

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The Running Theme:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Neither was this just a case of a load of Welsh cap-doffers; the elites in the London medical circles were just as impressed with those in elevated positions, although they were incredibly arrogant and grandiose themselves. The Top Docs and their partners in crime in London had rather more to do with the elevated ones than people in Gwynedd and they bagged knighthoods and peerages in return for their bottom-licking as opposed to D.G.E. Wood et al who had to make do with OBEs and MBEs.

Sir Patrick Vallance
Patrick Vallance Royal Society.jpg
Lord Winston 2011 (Portrait).jpg
The Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws: LORDS in Oct 1997!!
Official portrait of Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws crop 2.jpg


Carlo was the Chancellor of UCNW when the threats came down thick and fast after I complained about Gwynne. When he was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1968-71, Carlo’s special mentor was the Master of Trinity, one Rab Butler.

Then: at the knee of Rab.

  • Now: it really is er um thingy appalling…

Rab’s constituency of Saffron Walden, represented by Rab, 1929-65, was on the turf of the ring run by John Allen and his associates, before John Allen moved to north Wales in the late 1960s and opened Bryn Alyn. The turf included the Hervey family seat, the tribe who produced the infamous John Jermyn Hervey aka Lord Bristol, a truly excessive man in terms of consumption of class A drugs and the use of sex workers of both genders. Lord Bristol was addicted to a number of chemicals and infected with a number of viruses, including HIV. His death was unsurprising. Far more worrying are the problems that his rather more clean-living half-brother, Nicholas, encountered, the diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’ that was applied to Nicholas after a blip at university and the subsequent destruction of Nicholas’s life by Top Doctors and his own family. Nicholas was found hanging in his Chelsea home at the age of 36. Nicholas could have presented a big threat to the Top Docs and others who were facilitating his half-brother’s lifestyle, because Nicholas was close to John Jermyn and knew much of what was going on yet couldn’t have been easily discredited himself, being more sober, hardworking and very conservative. Until of course Nicholas was diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’. Despite his terrible illness which came on when he was an undergrad, Nicholas managed to complete his degree and do OK for a few years until he was in receipt of Help once more. I know the phenomenon well. Nicholas was found dead on 26 Jan 1998. John Jermyn died of drugs/HIV/liver failure/God knows what else on 10 Jan 1999, lasting rather longer than Nicholas, although they were both out of the way well before Ronnie Waterhouse published his Report. See post ‘The Vermin Club’.

The Marquess of Bristol: Drug raddled, HIV infected criminal, dead at the age of 44, 11 months before the Waterhouse Report was published. What did anyone expect?
John Hervey 7th Marquess Bristol.jpg
Lord Nicholas Hervey: Hard working, conservative, successful student, mixed with the best, related to one of the worst, died one year after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Bechod, he had Mental Illness.
Nicholas Hervey.jpg

We don’t yet know the cause of Schizophrenia; it may be Genetic, Neurological, Hormonal, Social or even Linked To Gut Disorders. At present it is recommended that the Biopsychosocial Model Of Schizophrenia is followed. It covers all eventualities and is most useful in the face of absolute idiots who don’t know their arses from their elbows, some of whom are facilitating serious crime.


Trumpers was mates with Rab Butler when she was living in Cambridge and serving as a Cambridgeshire Councillor/the Mayor of Cambridge/a magistrate/running the NHS/Social Services/so much else there, as the VIP ring involving Cambridge University thrived. Trumpers had been a regular at Cliveden herself throughout the Profumo Affair and was mates with Jack Profumo, Bill Astor and the rest. Trumpers’s friend Sarah Norton had been Bill Astor’s first wife. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Somewhere along the way, Trumpers made friends with Jimmy Savile and it was Trumpers who, as Thatch’s junior Health Minister, appointed Savile to the management task force of Broadmoor. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Class Piece Of Operation’.

When I read the comments that were made in 1963 about the tarts and the sluts and the whores and the disgusting Stephen Ward, I remembered that by the time that I encountered Gwynne and Dafydd, they were also trading in 12 year old boys. It would have been difficult for even the finest specimen of a Justice Cocklecarrot to have denounced quite so many 12 yr old boys as giving Dafydd and Gwynne the come-on and being willing to have sex with George Thomas, Peter Morrison, Norman St John Stevas and others, so by the 1980s, the cover-up was so great that it involved murdering witnesses and destroying the lives and careers of people like us who didn’t even realise that we had challenged the Westminster Paedophile Ring/the old gits who had been at the centre of Profumo.

Dafydd and Gwynne were dangerous criminals, as were their associates and others whom a bunch of silly, vain politicians, aristos and members of the Royal Family hung out with and it was highly irresponsible of the security services to have let this continue. People like Gwynne and Dafydd don’t change their ways if they are protected and politely asked not to do it again, they get far worse, which indeed they did.

The British class structure altered after Profumo but it did not break down. Look at those who still occupy so many senior roles in British public life: it is the children or grandchildren of those who were at Macmillan’s side in the early 1960s. The class structure did not substantially alter post-Profumo which is why Old Etonian Call Me Dave – who’s dad Ian had been Chairman of White’s club when Peter Morrison and the gang of old paedophiles of the generation before him were members of White’s – became PM on 11 May 2010. The Call Me Dave who is married to Sam, daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet. After Sam’s mum Annabel divorced Sir Reginald, Annabel married William Waldorf Astor III, the son of the Lord Bill Astor who starred in the Profumo Scandal. William Waldorf Astor III is the nephew of Annabel’s own stepfather Michael Langhorne Astor. William Waldorf Astor III is a Tory peer, who among other things was a junior Minister for Health and Social Security, 16 September 1993-20 July 1994, in John Major’s Gov’t, under Secretary of State Virginia Bottomley, a former psychiatric social worker and graduate of the LSE when the place was run by Richard Crossman’s mates…

So Call Me Dave’s wife’s stepdad was the gofer in the DoH when documents were fabricated in north Wales and many lies were told after Patient F and I met with the Mental Health Act Commissioners in spring 1994 and told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and serious complaints about him were not being investigated. On 9th June 1994 Matt Arnold, the former Head of Bryn Estyn, died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’. On 13th June 1994, the trial of Arnold’s long term friend and colleague Peter Howarth re sexual abuse charges began. On 8th July 1994 Peter Howarth was found guilty of child sexual abuse at Chester Crown Court and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. WW Astor III left that job mopping up after the paedophile gang less than two weeks later. Then there was the massive research fraud that blew up at St George’s at the same time, starring Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce, who were facilitating the gang operating in south London directly linked to the Gang in north Wales; the London contingent being mates with St Helena Kennedy of the Mansfield Community. Viscount Astor was the new appointment cleaning up the crap in the DoH in the autumn of 1993, when I wrote to Michael Mansfield re the abuses of Gwynedd Social Services, only to receive a one-line reply. In Jan 1994, the Jillings Inquiry was set up; when the Jillings Report was completed in 1996, no-one but lawyers and insurers saw it as a result of the advice dispensed by Cherie’s mate Michael Beloff QC. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’

Sam’s stepdad really was at the centre of the midden wasn’t he, keeping the flag flying on the part of dear old Dafydd who had supplied the goodies years previously for Sam’s stepdad’s own dad to enjoy with his mates.

WW Astor III entered the Lord in 1973, did bugger all for many years but was suddenly appointed as a Lords’ Whip on 11 October 1990, retaining the role until 16 September 1993, when off he trotted to the Dept of Health, a few short weeks after I’d been fitted up in Court on the basis of the perjury of Jackie Brandt, a social worker member of the Gang, about which I wrote to Michael Mansfield.

In Oct 1990, DETAIL See post ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

The Viscount Astor
Official portrait of Viscount Astor.jpg

Here’s dad:

The 3rd Viscount Astor
3rd Viscount Astor.jpg

Bill Astor went to New College, Oxford at the same time as Richard Crossman. Astor served as the Tory MP for Fulham East, 1935-45. He was PPS to the First Lord of the Admiralty Samuel Hoare, 1936-37, who was then made Home Secretary in the new cabinet of Neville Chamberlain in 1937.

In WW II, Astor served as a naval intelligence officer, ‘acquiring no distinction, but gaining many influential contacts’. That would be all the security service agents who saw their job as doing anything at all to ensure that Bill and his rich grand mates could do what they wanted without having to be held to account. Astor was returned as the Tory MP for Wycombe in 1951, but only served for ten months, because on his father’s death in 1952, he inherited his title and took his seat in the Lords.

During the Profumo Affair, Astor was accused of having an affair with Mandy Rice-Davies. In response to being told during one of the trials arising out of the scandal that Astor had denied having an affair with her, Rice-Davies famously replied, “He would, wouldn’t he?”

Bill’s denial was nothing compared to the crazed fantasies that Dafydd came out with in order to preserve the reputation of the famille Astor and their mates more than 20 years later.

Bill Astor died in the Bahamas on 7 March 1966. This lot can’t even keep each other alive.

Sam and Call Me Dave’s extended families are not the only ones who have maintained their places in the food chain. The children of the corrupt professionals who facilitated/colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and associated shenanigans at the time of Profumo are occupying relatively privileged positions today in which they are still denying the whole mess because of the involvement of their parents eg. the Nicholas de Jonghs, the Julia Hobsbawms, the Nicholas Serotas, there are layers of them, aside from the many who have just continued the family dynasty of medicine/law/politics etc. The phenomenon is even more noticeable in Wales, not because Wales is less socially mobile but because it is smaller and everyone knows each other. Take a look at who the parents of the Top Docs, the lawyers, the AMs/MPs, the Councillors, the senior academics, the Award Winning Artists and Writers are in Wales, even among people who aren’t of the Gwerin. One just wants to scream with laughter when they bang on about Inclusion and Mobility.

Dr Dyfrig ap Dafydd


Even the New Rich know which side their bread is buttered. Mick sent the little Jaggers to Eton and Bryan Ferry’s son Otis was born a country gent with a hunting horn in his hand, although his dad grew up a prole in County Durham, before joining the party himself when he was invited rather than denouncing it. Mick was of course a student at the LSE when the place was managed and staffed by Richard Crossman’s mates; Crossman who was at the top of the security services during Profumo and kept the lid firmly nailed down and was still doing so years later. Crossman, friend of Dafydd and Gwynne.

Here’s Mick , whom an Empowered Service User in Bethesda – while was very obviously being left to die by the Services back in the 1990s – swore blind she shagged when she was a ‘groupie’ in her younger day. Patient F told many interesting stories about Mick as well.

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Can I please have those documents back that were stolen from my house in Rachub Mr Murdoch? The documents demonstrating serious criminality on the part of so many in relation to me, Brown, Patient F and others? I am told that they ended up in your possession. If I had wanted you and the likes of George Carman to have them I would have given them to you.


After expressing his “deep remorse” to the PM, to his constituents and to the Conservative Party, Profumo disappeared from public view. In April 1964 he began working as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall, a charidee which supports the most deprived residents in the East End. Profumo continued his association with Toynbee Hall for the remainder of his life, at first in a menial capacity, then as administrator, fund-raiser, Council member, Chairman and finally President. Profumo’s charidee work was recognised by a CBE in 1975.

Previous posts have discussed Toynbee Hall, established by friends of and named after a forebear of Poll of the SDP and ‘The Guardian’. See post ‘      ‘ for an account of Poll’s many adventures. It may well be that people involved with Toynbee Hall have genuinely assisted people having a hard time and Profumo himself might have done so. However some people involved with Toynbee Hall I know colluded with wrongdoing, including that of the Gang and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Because so many lies are told about these matters and because some of the most guilty are consistently allowed to take a leading role in public life, health and social care and charidee work, one simply cannot believe the words of praise.

In the earliest days of my refusing to succumb to the threats to withdraw my complaint against Gwynne, D.G.E. Wood snapped at me ‘He’s done a lot of people a lot of good and I’m not going to listen to you just because you don’t like his style’. This was a man who ran a paedophile/trafficking ring, who lobotomised people who complained, who made inappropriate if not down right indecent suggestions towards me, who persisted when I asked him to desist and who then lied repeatedly and fabricated documentation in the wake of Brown and I raising concerns. Gwynne wasn’t even the curate’s egg, he was rotten through and through and there were no patients who ever benefited from him; he wasn’t there to help the patients, he was there to conceal serious criminality.

Here’s the wind of sod all change blowing our way:

Jack the Lad who was guilty of an indiscretion but who’s loyalty was not in doubt and who later found a home at Toynbee Hall at Tower Hamlets in the East End, where Dafydd’s partners in crime at the London Hospital facilitated a ring directly linked to Dafydd and Gwynne:

A few things to consider. Jack Profumo was Chair of Toynbee Hall, 1982-85, at the time when business was booming for Dafydd’s partner gang running the ring in Tower Hamlets from their stronghold at the London Hospital. One of the Top Docs facilitating the organised abuse at Tower Hamlets was Socialist Feminist Wendy Savage. It was while Profumo was Chairing Toynbee Hall that Wendy Savage fell out with her Head of Dept and was suspended from her job. Savage benefited from a massive campaign to reinstate her led by feminists and people on the left, on the grounds that she was a Strong Woman who had been shafted by the Male Medical Establishment. Savage had been part of the Medical Establishment for years and she was mates with Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain who was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring from HQ at St George’s Hospital Medical School, along with his Nice Lady Doctor wife, Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain, who was based at the Middlesex/UCL.

The Dean of St George’s while Chamberlain facilitated that ring was William Assher, who had trained and worked at the London Hospital as a young man before spending all those years in south Wales and then returning to London, specifically St George’s, in 1988 after Ollie Brooke was jailed and then released early. A lot of people in medicine knew what Savage was doing, didn’t like it but did not feel able to speak up. See previous posts eg. ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’ for further info on Labour Party heroine Wendy.

The Warden of Toynbee Hall while Profumo was Chair was Donald Piers Chesworth (1923–1991) OBE, a ‘politician and administrator who was closely associated with labour causes’. His papers are held by Queen Mary Archives. Chesworth was warden of Toynbee Hall, 1977-87. Chesworth’s appointments included:

  • Student and Overseas Secretary, International Union of Socialist Youth, 1947-1951
  • Chairman, National Association of Labour Student Organisations, 1947
  • Whip and Member of the Policy Committee, London County Council, 1952-1965
  • Member, Board of Visitors, Hewell Grange Borstal, 1950-1952
  • Chairman, Managers of Mayford Home Office Approved School, 1952-1958
  • Labour Adviser, Tanganyika Government and Chairman, Territorial Minimum Wages Board, 1961-1962
  • Labour Adviser, Mauritius Government and Chairman, Sugar Wages Councils, 1962-1965
  • Council member, 1965-1976 and Chairman, 1967, 1968, 1970-1974, War on Want
  • Director, Notting Hill Social Council, 1968-1977
  • National Committee, UK Freedom from Hunger Campaigns, 1969-1976
  • Executive Board, Voluntary Committee on Overseas Aid and Development, 1969-1976
  • Member, ILEA Education Committee, 1970-1977
  • Chairman, World Development Political Action Trust, 1971-1975
  • Alderman, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, 1971-1977
  • Chairman, Mauritius Salaries Commission, 1973-1977
  • Member, Court of Governors, London School of Economics, 1973-1978
  • South Metropolitan Conciliation Committee, Race Relations Board, 1975-1977
  • Warden, Toynbee Hall, 1977-1987
  • Vice-Chairman, Toynbee Housing Association, 1977-1986
  • Governor, Tower Hamlets Adult Education Institute, 1978-1991
  • Governor, City and East London College, 1978-1991
  • Chairman, Mauritius Government Enquiry into position of families without wage earners, 1981
  • Government Salaries Commissioner, Mauritius, 1987-1988
  • Chairman, Tower Hamlets ILEA Tertiary Education Council, and Member Tertiary Education Board, 1987-1991
  • Chairman, Spitalfields Heritage Centre, 1987-1991

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Here’s Sir Norman Fry of ‘Spitting Image’, explaining the latest indiscretion:

Donald Chesworth Of Party Rings died in 1991; the year in which I and at least three other witnesses had our careers destroyed and the Gang made a number of attempts to have me imprisoned on the basis of their perjury and even took me to the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, where St Helena was making a name for herself in a Rights Of Abused Wimmin’s test case in the neighbouring Court to the one in which I appeared. Lilibet knighted Peter Morrison in Feb 1991, the month after I was forced out of my job at St George’s.

Did David Mellor recognise himself from ‘Spitting Image’?

Mellor knew about north Wales, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Leicester, south London, Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, Islington etc, all the organised abuse and the associated crime. Mellor was appointed a junior Home Office Minister in 1983; Minister of State for Health, 25 July 1988-27 October 1989 (while Robert Bluglass concealed Dafydd and the Gang’s crimes); Minister of State in the Home Office, 27 October 1989-26 July 1990…


The Lord Selwyn-Lloyd: Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate

Lloyd in The Hague when Foreign Secretary, 1960
Saunders Lewis of Tynged Yr Iaith (13 Feb 1962) fame:
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  • Tynged yr Iaith || è PDF Read by ì Saunders Lewis

A Man For All Seasons, All Classes, All Parties, All Languages and Indeed All Crimes:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Dafydd’s friend the corrupt judge Huw, who’s father J.E. Daniel was a big buddy of Saunders and indeed of Dafydd:

Dr Laurence Chesterman – Behind The Facade – Service ...

Huw’s dad met an unfortunate end when he was killed as a result of a car accident at Halkyn, Flintshire on 11 Feb 1962, two days before Saunders made that famous radio broadcast with Dafydd at his side, in an era where there were hardly any cars in north Wales and those that were travelled at about 30 mph. Like Harold Wilson and so many others who facilitated organised abuse in High Places, J.E. Daniel went to Jesus College, Oxford, as did Huw.

Earlier today, I found this BBC News report from 12 May 2006, featuring Huw, which somehow had escaped my attention:

Ex-teacher in fresh porn charges

Christopher Booth

Booth said loneliness and depression were behind his offences

A former teacher who was jailed 18 months ago for downloading child porn has admitted fresh charges in court. Christopher Booth, of Mold, admitted possessing photographic equipment and using the internet, breaching a order imposed when he was jailed in 2004. Booth, 46, also admitted possessing 54 indecent photos of children and making indecent images by downloading them. Booth, who used to work at The Groves School in Wrexham, was remanded in custody to June at Mold Crown Court.

The court heard police found the child pornography images at the home Booth shares with his elderly mother. There was no application for bail, and a pre-sentence report assessing Booth’s potential future danger will now be prepared. Booth was jailed in November 2004 for 15 months, ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years, and was made the subject of an indefinite sexual offences prevention order. That order banned him from possessing a camera or camcorder, and he was ordered not to access the internet. The order also banned Booth from befriending of contacting young girls, or having them at his home.

At the 2004 court appearance Booth admitted four specimen charges of making indecent images of children by downloading them from the internet after specialist police found a total of 153 still images and 11 movie images on his computer. The judge in that case said some of the children photographed being abused were as young as five and Booth was not prepared to accept the reality of his situation and did not accept that he has an interest in young girls. “Because you have this dreadful flaw in your character, you have lost a long and successful teaching career,” Judge Huw Daniel told him in 2004.

Judge Daniel had said that a report on the defendant showed he was unwilling to face-to-face up to the reality of his problem. He claimed that loneliness and depression was the catalyst for the offences and in interview admitted spending hours looking for porn on the internet and subscribing to child porn sites. 

Regular readers of this blog will know that in 2004, Huw Daniel became very angry when he was unable to imprison me for ‘threats to kill’ on the back of the perjury of some eight NHS staff and a police officer, because the charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial. I was instead charged with the lowest category of offence under the Public Order Act, after admitting that I had rung the secretary of a corrupt NHS manager and told her that he was a fat idiot. For this offence, Huw sentenced me to over 100 hours of community service and issued a restraining order against me that was legally invalid. Huw also supplied comments for the journos to publish in the local papers re my ‘victims’, people whom I did not know, had never met and with whom I had never communicated. They were nonetheless my victims. See previous posts.

May I suggest that the potential future danger of another Booth is assessed, but not by Dafydd’s friend Huw or anyone associated with him.

Others who were guilty of a few indiscretions but who’s loyalty was not in doubt a la Profumo:

Jimmy Savile bagged his first gong before Jack Profumo bagged his; Savile was given an OBE in 1971.

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb

Jimmy with another good friend:

Książe Karol to pederasta powiązany z grupą wpływowych ...


Jack Profumo was later described by Thatch as a national hero and was a guest at her 80th birthday celebrations in 2005. Jack Profumo’s marriage to Valerie Hobson endured until her death in 1998; Profumo died, aged 90, on 9 March 2006, by which time Miranda and many others had opened fire on Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University, for challenging the Gang and allowing me to do a PhD in the University and then stay on as a researcher.

Dafydd’s mate and mentor when Dafydd ‘trained’ at the Maudsley was Dr Bob Hobson, who was facilitating organised abuse when he was at the Maudsley and expanded the ring facilitated by Dafydd’s mates in Greater Manchester when Bob relocated to Manchester University in 1974. See eg. ‘The Mentor’. I don’t know if Valerie is anything to do with Bob.

Another Hobson of interest, although I know not whether he is any relation of Valerie or Bob, is Sir John Gardiner Sumner Hobson (18 April 1912-4 December 1967), Macmillan’s Attorney General  who Advised re Profumo’s denials of an affair with Keeler and how the matter should be handled, even though nothing had happened for anyone to worry about. Sir John Hobson had succeeded Anthony Eden as the Tory MP for Warwick and Leamington, after Eden resigned on the orders of the Top Doctors who’s loyalty was to Lilibet rather than Eden. Sir John Hobson held Warwick and Leamington from 1957 until he died in office in Dec 1967.

John Hobson was born in Melton Mowbray. He was educated at Harrow and Brasenose College, Oxford and was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in 1938. The Havers’ family – Sir Cecil, Lord Michael and Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss – who have outstanding track records for concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring were/are all members of Inner Temple, as was Mr Thrope.

During WW II, Hobson served with the Northamptonshire Yeomanry. John Hobson was Recorder of Northampton, 1958-62. 

In 1959 Sir John Hobson represented suspected serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams in his failed attempt to be reinstated on to the Medical Register. John Bodkin Adams – BRIEFLY here – BMA collusion with politicians, the Attorney General at the time Reginald Manningham-Buller and others – evidence ‘lost’ – gay relationships between some of those involved – Harriet’s dad Dr John Harman gave evidence for the defence at Adams’ trial, although Harman was giving his opinion on matters of which he had no experience. No-one will have minded, the Top Docs do that regularly when they give Expert Evidence, they just cannot find it in themselves to admit as often as they should that no, they do not know enough about the matter to proffer any opinion let alone an Expert one.

Sir John was appointed Macmillan’s Solicitor General in 1962 and served in that post for five months before taking over as Attorney General, a position that Sir John retained until Alec Douglas-Home lost the 1964 General Election. It was Sir John who in 1962 had led the prosecution of the gay Soviet spy John Vassall. Sir John Hobson died in 1967, aged 55, of an undiagnosed brain tumour. The Top Docs missed that one then. See previous posts for the details of the Vassall and gay spies in the Admiralty scandal.

John Vassall – who’s father was a Chaplain at Bart’s and his mother an Angel at Barts – had a bizarre end to his life. After he came out of prison Vassall used a different name and worked as an administrator at the British Records Association, and for a firm of solicitors in Gray’s Inn. He died on 18 Nov 1996, after suffering a heart-attack on a London bus. It was not until nearly three weeks later that the press became aware of Vassall’s death. Vassall lived in St John’s Wood, habitat of Ronnie Waterhouse, Jonathan Miller, Paul McCartney and other stars of this blog who are associated with Dafydd and Gwynne’s network. With everywhere crawling with MI5 people, surely someone in St Jon’s Wood and Gray’s Inn will have known that John Vassall was among them. Furthermore when John Vassall was in prison, he was befriended by Lord Longford, which may not have been to Vassall’s benefit. My post ‘Comedies of Menace’ discusses how Longford used his long years of obsessive prison visiting and conversations with offenders in every institution imaginable to obtain information re who was witness to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and related matters, what they knew and how credible they were as witnesses. Longford and many members of his extended family and his friends were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

A Top Doctor very probably did know who John Vassall was despite the name change and low profile life, because John Vassall died just weeks before his neighbour Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry.

When John Vassall died on that bus, Patient F and I were on bail awaiting trial after we were prosecuted on the basis of the perjury of CPN Bridget Lloyd, a long-time member of the Gang. We were acquitted at our trial in Jan 1997. There were no apologies and no investigation into the perjury, or into why Tony Francis had prepared a Court Report before the trial for when we were found guilty, recommending that I should be sent to a secure unit with a view to then transferring me to live with Mr Savile in Broadmoor.

Ann Hills, a journo on ‘The Guardian’ who was the daughter of Dr Elliot Philipp and had been Lord Snowdon’s mistress for 20 years met an even more inexplicable end than John Vassall during the very last hours of 1996. Her body was found in a kneeling position on the roof of her London penthouse, dressed in partying gear. Obviously it is only me who believes that Ann’s death was inexplicable, Ann’s Top Doctor and the notoriously bent Westminster coroner, St George’s graduate Dr Paul Knapman, explained that Ann had killed herself in a hissy fit, having once attempted suicide as a distressed teenager some 30 years previously. Any Top Doctor or toxicologist would have known that Ann could not possibly have died in the way she did at the time that she did after the alleged overdose of paracetamol claimed and she certainly wouldn’t have been kneeling on the roof of her house dressed in a party dress and her best shoes in her death throes, but it wasn’t just any Top Doc or toxicologist at the inquest…

After Ann’s death, her Westminster Swinging Top Doc dad commented that she’d always been a bit of a slapper but at least she was a slapper with Lord Snowdon and if Ann was going to put it about then it was best that she put it about in Lord Snowdon’s direction. Then Ann’s dad Dr Elliot Philipp thanked Lord Snowdon for looking after her. Snowdon himself took out an onion in public and close to tears explained that he was heart-broken. His friends later admitted that he had treated Ann terribly and didn’t give a bugger about her death in bizarre circumstances.

Lord Snowdon had a few other ladies on the go at the same time, so he wasn’t lonely and shortly after Ann’s demise he began an affair with Marjorie Wallace, Dafydd’s old pal who came to Dafydd’s rescue in 1986 when she set up the charidee SANE which campaigned for nutters to be kept locked up. I wrote to Marjorie at the time because I didn’t realise that she actually knew Dafydd, I just presumed that she was another Estheresque hypocrite ignoring the harsh reality of the style of the Top Doctors’ Help. I provided Marjorie with full details re Dafydd and Gwynne; I did not receive a reply. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch and George Carman received a copy of that letter of mine as well? Marjorie’s campaigning went from strength to strength after that, she was dropping into Broadmoor when Jimmy was running the place and was the go-to lady for journos who wanted the Truth about the mental health services and how best to help Nutters. Marjorie’s husband was Dr Andrew Skarbek, a psych who was facilitating organised abuse at UCL and at his private practice in Hampstead. Prof Fergus Lowe at Bangor University established a meaningful relationship with UCL and much laughable research was conducted in collaboration between the Gang and UCL. One of Marjorie’s many bedfellows was Tom Margerison, who worked for the security services, founded ‘New Scientist’ and was also one of those who founded LWT. See post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ for further details of Marjorie’s life and times.

After Ann Hills’ death, as well as having a long-lasting fling with Lord Snowdon, Marjorie and Snowdon styled themselves as disability campaigners. See post ‘Error Of Judgement?’ for details of this sham and for the details of Ann’s death.


Sir Peter Rawlinson was the Solicitor General in Macmillan’s Gov’t who, along with Sir John Hobson the AG, accepted Profumo’s denials of any sexual relationship between him and Christine Keeler and also proffered advice re the matters Profumo.

Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson, Baron Rawlinson of Ewell, (26 June 1919-28 June 2006) was the Conservative MP for Epsom, Surrey, 1955-78 and held the offices of Solicitor General, 1962-64 and Attorney General for England and Wales, 1970-74 and for N Ireland, 1972-74. Patient F grew up in Surrey and lived there until he moved to north Wales in the late 1970s. It was in the late 1960s and 70s that F was busy hippying about in Surrey and London and having clashes with the police that were well in excess of what would be expected for the level of his activities.

Rawlinson was the son of Lt Col A.R. Rawlinson, who worked in military intelligence. Peter Rawlinson was educated by Benedictine monks at Downside School in Somerset and read Law at Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he joined Footlights. However, Rawlinson only completed one year at the University, moving on to Sandhurst on the outbreak of WW II in 1939. Rawlinson joined the Irish Guards in 1940, where he remained until he was demobilised in 1946.

Rawlinson was called to the Bar at Inner Temple and joined the club in 1946, just before he left the Army. Rawlinson became a Bencher at Inner Temple in 1962 and was Treasure r in 1984. He joined the chambers of Walter Monckton. Peter Rawlinson was also a junior counsel in the unsuccessful defence of Peter Wildeblood, tried with Edward Montagu and Michael Pitt-Rivers for gross indecency in 1954. See previous posts. A year later in 1955, Rawlinson was junior counsel for Melford Stevenson in the defence of Ruth Ellis, who was hanged. Melford Stevenson was yet another No Nonsense Judge who received much praise when he jailed a teenaged girl who refused to give evidence against her father in a sex case. The perception at the time was that she was showing a misplaced loyalty towards her father, but just look at what one of the favoured methods of the Gang in north Wales was in the face of complaints about them: the complainant or other people were encouraged – and in one case that I know of, coerced – into naming innocent men, often close relatives, as offenders. Many of the Gang’s techniques weren’t only used by Dafydd et al in north Wales, they were tried and tested methods used by similar gangs across the UK. After all, they had all been Trained by a relatively small pool of Experts. It is why so many of the ‘expert forensic psych reports’ on people banged up in the high security hospitals during the 1970s, 80s and 90s are so similar. It is not because there was a high degree of similarity among the patients, it is because the reports were written by Robert Bluglass, Paul Bowden, John Hamilton, St Helena’s pal Nigel Eastman, Chris Hunter et al. They were all mates, they were all mates with Dafydd and co, they were all totally corrupt and their Expert Reports were that era’s version of cut and paste jobs. They were taught how to do it at the Maudsley.

Peter Rawlinson was Recorder of Salisbury 1961-62, on the manor of Peter Morrison’s family seat in Wiltshire. Rawlinson then served as Recorder of Kingston-upon-Thames, 1975-2002. Ollie Brooke appeared at Kingston Crown Court in Dec 1986; he was jailed but not for long and Kingston Court were not given an accurate picture of Ollie’s work record or standing in the world of Cutting Edge Research. Ollie was presented as a Brilliant Scientist; yet he had not carried out any research at all for many, many years but suddenly published a journal article with his mates in a journal edited by his mates three weeks before his appearance in Court. It was so obviously all rigged to tell the Court that Ollie was Saving Children’s Lives and what a sad loss to science this could be. See post ‘Too Many Pills’.

So with Peter Rawlinson as Recorder at Kingston and Huw Bentall owning and running the town, Ollie didn’t have much to worry about.

Rawlinson was Leader of the Western Circuit, 1975 -82. In 1965, Rawlinson defended the Daily Express in an action relating to D-Notices, and he defended the Daily Mail in a libel action brought by the Unification Church in 1980. Rawlinson retired from practice at the Bar in 1985, but was President of the Senate of Inns of Court and the Bar, 1986-87. Rawlinson was also an Honorary Member of the American Bar Association, and an Honorary Fellow of the American College Trial Lawyers.

Peter Rawlinson was elected for the safe Conservative seat of Epsom in 1955 and held the seat until it was abolished at the Feb 1974 General Election. Rawlinson was re-elected for the new Epsom and Ewell seat, which he held until his ennoblement in 1978, the year in which Rawlinson’s fellow member of Inner Temple Mr Thrope was committed for trial at the Old Bailey.

Rawlinson was appointed Solicitor General by Macmillan in June 1962, following the Night of the Long Knives. Macmillan knew by June 1962 that it was going to be very difficult to keep the lid on Profumo, Christine Keeler etc for much longer. Rawlinson was considered a safe pair of hands and further demonstrated this by his efforts as SG throughout the prosecution of John Vassall and subsequent resignation of Tam Galbraith, then a junior Minister. Rawlinson offered to resign over the Profumo Affair, but his offer was declined. He had made the appropriate gesture and was far too great an asset to lose.

Rawlinson was made a Privy Counsellor in the 1964 New Years Honours and remained on the front benches in opposition, after Alec Douglas-Home lost the 1964 General Election. Rawlinson returned to the back benches after unsuccessfully supporting Reginald Maudling as the new Tory Party leader. MAUD – Crook etc

Rawlinson served as the Grocer Heath’s Attorney General, 1970-74, during which time the Grocer and his Ministers were complicit with escalating criminality in north Wales, as the production of underaged rent boys began on an industrial scale by John Allen, Dafydd and Gwynne. Linked crime in other parts of the UK was of course also facilitated by corruption in the highest places and the gangs all linked up into one huge trafficking ring which then went international. Willie Whitelaw wobbled away in the middle of it recommending short sharp shocks for young thugs, who obviously hadn’t been gang raped by Dafydd’s mates frequently enough to show them right from wrong.

GB. Risley Remand Centre - G.B. England. Cheshire, Warrington. HM Prison Risley. Risley Remand Centre. With writer Russell Miller, I - Peter Marlow

Unusually, Rawlinson conducted many prosecutions in person, including that of the Hosein brothers for kidnapping and murdering Muriel McKay (whom they had mistaken for the Digger’s wife).

Rawlinson appeared before the Lords arguing that ‘The Times’ was in contempt of court in publishing details of the cases involving thalidomide, which drew the ire, in particular, of Bernard Levin, who wrote that he appeared to want the law to be administered in private. THLID REF HERE – Marjorie etc

Levin HERE


Rawlinson prosecuted IRA members for bombings in London and the 1972 Aldershot bombing. The Aldershot bombing was a car bomb attack by the Official Irish Republican Army (Official IRA) on 22 February 1972 in Aldershot. The bomb targeted the HQ of the British Army’s 16th Parachute Brigade and was claimed as a revenge attack for Bloody Sunday. Seven civilian staff were killed and 19 were wounded. It was the Official IRA’s largest attack in Britain during the Troubles and one of its last major actions before it declared a permanent ceasefire in May 1972.

Despite warnings, the ‘open’ garrison at Aldershot meant there was no security or controlled access to the camp. A Ford Cortina containing a 280 pound time bomb was left in the car park, deliberately positioned outside the officer’s mess. The bomb exploded at 12:40 pm, destroying the officer’s mess and wrecking several nearby Army office buildings. The soldiers who were the intended targets were not present, as the regiment itself was stationed abroad and most staff officers were in their offices rather than the mess. Nonetheless, seven civilian staff were killed – five female kitchen staff who were leaving the premises, a gardener, and Father Gerard Weston (a Roman Catholic British Army chaplain). Nineteen people were also wounded by the explosion. Aside from Gerard Weston, the others who died during the attack were the gardener John Haslar and cleaners Jill Mansfield, Thelma Bosley, Margaret Grant, Cherie Munton and Joan Lunn.

On 23 February, the Official IRA issued a statement claiming that it had carried out the attack in revenge for Bloody Sunday. It added: “Any civilian casualties would be very much regretted as our target was the officers responsible for the Derry outrages”. The Official IRA also said that the bombing would be the first of many such attacks on the HQ of British Army regiments serving in N Ireland.

Because the bomb had killed only civilian staff, the Official IRA received harsh and widespread criticism. On 29 May 1972, the OIRA’s leadership called a ceasefire and stated that it would only launch future attacks in self-defence. The Aldershot bombing was believed to have been one of the factors that led to this decision.

In November 1972, an OIRA volunteer, Noel Jenkinson, was convicted for his part in the bombing and received a lengthy jail term, dying in prison of heart failure four years later. A Protestant originally from Meath, Jenkinson had been living in England since 1958; he had been a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain before joining the British Maoist group CDRCU. Noel Jenkinson was knocking around in the CP of GB when Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law and members of the Welsh Bloomsbury Group, including E.P. Thompson and Eric Hobsbawm, were in the CPGB. Who were concealing the criminality of Gwynne et al because their mates, including Bertrand Russell, were using the services provided by the Royal Lobotomist. Members of the CPGB knew of rings linked to Gwynne and Dafydd in other parts of the UK, including Kincora.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Official portrait of Edward Miliband crop 2.jpg

  • Aldershot bombing – 22nd February 1972 | Belfast Child
  • Aldershot bombing – 22nd February 1972 | Belfast Child
  • Aldershot bombing – 22nd February 1972 | Belfast Child
  • Seán Ó Faoláin – Golfer Joe Carr – IRA Bomb Para HQ ...

The 1972 BBC report on the Aldershot bombing included the following:

Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Howlett, commanding officer of the 2nd battalion, the Parachute Regiment, paid tribute to Captain Gerry Weston, 37, who died in the explosion. “Padre Weston was an absolutely tremendous Roman Catholic priest,” he said. “He did a tremendous amount to try and bridge the gap between the Catholic community and the Catholic Church and our soldiers. “And he was continually going around into Catholic estates to try and achieve this, very often by himself and obviously completely unarmed and dressed as a priest.” The Home Secretary, Reginald Maudling, broke the news to stunned MPs at the House of Commons and said police were doing all in their power to track down the bombers. Brigadier Rowley Manns, acting head of the South-East District, condemned the “senseless killing” of civilians and said Aldershot was an open-plan garrison and difficult to defend.

Father Gerard Weston was educated at St Mary’s Crosby and Upholland in Lancashire and was ordained by Cardinal John Heenan, who served as Archbishop of Westminster, from 1963 until his death in Nov 1975. Father Weston is buried in Crosby.

A famous daughter of Crosby who also takes her Catholicism seriously is a member of the Mansfield Community and of Lincoln’s Inn, as was Lord Denning:

Noel Jenkinson’s remaining conspirators re the Aldershot bombing were never captured. The larger and more militant Provisional IRA continued its campaign and also began to attack military and commercial targets in Britain.

In 1998, after the Waterhouse Inquiry had taken evidence from former kids in care and declared them to be liars, Miranda, who was also a member of Lincoln’s Inn when Denning was still alive, announced an Inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday. The subsequent Saville Inquiry took 12 years, cost £190 million (perhaps more, that was only the figure to which the Gov’t admitted, as people gnashed their teeth at the escalating cost) and didn’t get anyone very far when the Inquiry’s Report was published in 2010. Lord Mark Saville, who Chaired the Inquiry, was a member of Middle Temple, along with Ronnie Waterhouse. The Saville Inquiry only (purported) to investigate the 13 deaths that occurred as a result of Bloody Sunday. So many more people died in the Troubles…

There was concern raised with regard to the amount that some of the barristers at the Saville Inquiry were paid, one being Michael Mansfield. Miranda and Michael Mansfield knew that the truth would not be revealed by the Saville Inquiry as a result of the years of endemic corruption in Gov’t, Whitehall and the medico-legal complex, stretching back to Anthony Eden’s Gov’t and even before that, involving the same corrupt professionals and politicians. Among those who built their careers on that mess were Miranda, Cherie and Michael Mansfield. That was the reason why what was happening to us in north Wales was ignored and when we produced evidence, concealed. Members of the Mansfield Community had represented and were representing people accused or harmed as a result of the Troubles and deals were done with the corrupt Top Docs and others who were responsible for the carnage in north Wales. Deals which depended on people like me never being allowed to win a case because it would reveal, in Lord Denning’s words, an appalling vista, with this in the foreground:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Lest readers believe that I’m coming over all paranoid like, here are a few matters to consider re the Saville Inquiry:

Lord Mark Saville, nose-rubber with Ronnie Waterhouse, was paid in the region of £2 million. Gerard Elias QC was paid £1.8 million; Gerard has starred in earlier blog posts because he was one of the barristers employed at the Waterhouse Inquiry. Sir Allan Green was paid more than £1.5 million. Sir Allan Green has featured in previous blog posts as well; he was the DPP, 1987-91, when the Gang ran riot in north Wales and we were prosecuted not them when we complained about them. Sr Allan resigned as DPP in Oct 1991, when he was caught ‘talking to’ sex workers at King’s Cross after he had attended a conference. At the end of Jan 1993, Sir Allan’s wife Lady Eva Green was found dead in her house, supposedly having committed suicide. Her nearest and dearest said that there were no signs that she was depressed let alone suicidal and her body was found by her son Robin who had arrived to take her out for lunch as they had planned not long before Lady Eva suddenly decided that she was going to kill herself instead. The coroner who presided over Lady Eva’s inquest was one Dr Paul Knapman. See previous posts eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party?’

Lady Eva decided to kill herself in a highly improbable way rather than have lunch with her son at the beginning of 1993, which saw others with inside knowledge of Dafydd and Gwynne leave for the after-life as well, including Lord Lloyd Kenyon, President of UCNW for some 30 years until 1982, the highest ranking Freemason in Wales, Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority, member of the North Wales Police Authority, JP, Director of Lloyds Bank and a great deal more besides. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas died in early 1993 as well; Thomas died of AIDS. In the late 1970s Thomas was known to be sexually exploiting a boy in the care of social services; a ‘homosexual relationship’ between Thomas and the boy was recorded on the boy’s social work file. On one occasion, after spending the night with Thomas, the boy was accused by Thomas of theft. When arrested the boy was in possession of Polaroid porn photos of him with Thomas. The police destroyed the photos on the grounds that they were indecent. The boy was arrested and sent to a detention centre. Thomas faced no charges although he was much older than the boy. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.

Mind How You Go Sir!

Shortly after the deaths of Lord Kenyon and Thomas, I and Patient F were arrested and charged on the basis of the perjury of Jackie Brandt, a Gwynedd social worker. Brandt made her statement to the police approx two weeks before anyone told us. The police arrested us days after Lord Kenyon died; Thomas was dead by then as well. Our trial was at Bangor Magistrates Court later in the summer of 1993. Brandt cried in the witness box under cross-examination and admitted that she had lied to the police and in the witness box. I was found guilty nonetheless, for causing Brandt alarm and distress, by ‘looking at her’ when I saw her in Safeways. Brandt had told the police that I had screamed and sworn at her and she feared imminent violent assault. Brandt had illegally detained me in Ysbyty Gwynedd in the autumn of 1986; she perjured herself repeatedly in two High Court cases in 1990 when requesting my imprisonment. There was no investigation into Brandt’s conduct towards me at any point. She refused to enter any NHS building with me in it on the grounds that I was a danger to her. She received full support from Gwynedd County Council’s lawyers at all times and her manager Lucille Hughes. Dafydd’s mistress. After the saga at Bangor Magistrates Court, I passed Brandt and her husband Andrew in the street in Bangor; he shook his fist at me and then Brandt contacted Gwynedd County Council alleging that I had followed her around Bangor threatening her. When I was a working at Bangor University in 2010, I was leaving the dentist’s room after having a tooth out. Andrew Brandt was sitting in the waiting room; as I was paying my bill he began shouting and yelling at me. I asked him to stop it. He then began yelling that I was dangerous and demanded that I be thrown out and that the police be called. I was let out of the back door by the dentist. I rang the police myself and wrote to Jackie Brandt’s employers. No-one responded from the police or Gwynedd County Council.

The Gang did what they wanted, whatever they wanted.

It was about Jackie Brandt that I wrote to Michael Mansfield towards the end of 1993, only to receive a one-line reply.

Sir Allan was a member of Inner Temple, with famille Havers, Mr Thrope, Peter Rawlinson… While DPP, Sir Allan dealt with the appeals of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four.

The Hero Of The Hour:


Sir Allan In The News:


Sir Allan was replaced as DPP by Dame Barbara Mills, who failed to mount even one prosecution as a result of the North Wales Police investigation into the abuse of kids in care, even though over 100 complaints were made and a file was sent to the DPP. Mrs Mills was at the heart of Camden life and a pal of many in that part of north London with links to north Wales via the Welsh Bloomsbury Group. Mrs Mills’s was Tessa Jowell’s sister-in-law. Tessa worked as a children’s social worker  for Lambeth when Dafydd’s partner gang operated in Lambeth and kids were abused in Lambeth and when they were sent to children’s homes in north Wales. Tessa also worked as a psychiatric social worker with Dafydd’s mates at the Maudsley and was Deputy Director of MIND during the 1970s when Dafydd and his mates ran the organisation. These are just a few of the numerous links that Mrs Mills and members of her family have to the Gang in north Wales. See eg. ‘A Future Leader of the Labour Party’, ‘         Tessa    ‘, and ‘    Mrs Mills      ‘.

Louis Blom-Cooper was paid £587k for his work on the Saville Inquiry. Where does this blog know Louis Blom-Cooper from? Not only from Blom-Cooper’s role as Chair or a member of various Public Inquiries into the matters such as the deaths of children in care or the serious abuse of patients at Ashworth Hospital by Dafydd’s mates who used that place for decades as a personal prison for their victims – another Savile used to drop into Ashworth when he felt like it, I knew a psychologist who worked at Bangor University who bumped into him there – but as Chair of the Mental Health Act Commission. Blom-Cooper was Chair of the MHAC when Dafydd’s mate William Bingley was CEO of the Commission and when serious complaints about the Gang, including Dafydd sexually exploiting patients, were not investigated. William and his mum Lady Juliet had previously held leading roles in MIND when Tessa Jowell was Deputy Director. Bingley and Blom-Cooper also ignored serious complaints about Ashworth Hospital, so it’s just as well that Louis then Chaired the Inquiry into the brutality, sex crime and murders at Ashworth Hospital which had got completely out of hand for some reason… See previous posts.

Michael Mansfield was paid £740k for his work on the Saville Inquiry, which was a bit more that Louis, so Mike obviously had better dirt than Louis with which to deal, but not such good dirt as Sir Allan Green, Gerard Elias or of course Lord Saville. When I wrote to Mike in 1993 about the abuses of Gwynedd Social Services and Mike just sent me that one line reply, not only had the North Wales Police just declared that there was no evidence for a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, but the Inquiry Chaired by Louis into the abuses at Ashworth was well underway. Things got even worse at Ashworth after Louis was all Shocked and Disgusted and before long a second Inquiry was held, one of the members of which was Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass, who was assisted in his investigation of the murder of a patient by the Angels by one of Dafydd’s Senior Angels from Clwyd Health Authority and a Senior Angel from Bluglass’s own unit in Birmingham.

It was back in those troubled times that John Bailey, a psychologist at Bangor University, worked at Ashworth and saw Jimmy Savile sitting in the canteen at Ashworth without so much as a by your leave. John was married to Professor Catherine Robinson, who spent a short time working at Denbigh in 1987, but didn’t see anything, didn’t know anything and Never Met Dafydd. Catherine and John however did share an office at UCNW with Dafydd’s daughter Dwynwen, who is also a psychologist. Catherine is now an Expert on Mental Health Policy and Suicide Prevention and a Gov’t adviser.

I can understand why no-one thought twice when an ageing sex offender covered in bling and clad in a day-glo turquoise track-suit was seen sitting in the canteen of a high security psychiatric hospital. His presence was just part of life’s rich mix at Ashworth, where patients were raped and beaten to death by Angels, where Angels shared child porn with the patients, where Angels had fist fights with psychologists and slashed the tyres of Top Doctors’ cars and occasionally set off a fire-bomb.

I have always tried to be understanding when members of the public have told me that they cannot believe what I allege about parts of the NHS. I would never have believed it either had I not encountered it myself. Indeed, my early letters to people like Esther and Marjorie contained touchingly naive sentences such as ‘I could not believe that this could happen in an NHS hospital in 1987, but please believe me, it is happening’. I had no idea that Esther and Marjorie were friends with the people doing it all…

My information about who was paid what for the contribution to the Saville Inquiry came from a June 11 2010 article in the Torygraph, bemoaning the waste of money which was the Saville Inquiry. There were plenty of people knocking around the Torygraph who knew that the Inquiry was concealing layers and layers of years of corruption in high places, nearly all of it relating to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and much of it relating to north Wales, Dafydd and Gwynne and that the lawyers maxing out on the fees were those who had the most knowledge of the extent of the successive cover-ups, some of whom had agreed never to act for me if I approached them. The Torygraph also knew at the time that they published that article that there was still havoc in north Wales and that Merfyn the VC of Bangor University was under attack from many quarters, including the Torygraph’s fellow travellers.

The Editor of the Torygraph in June 2010 was Tony Gallagher, (born 2 November 1963), who was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Sun’ in early September 2015. Gallagher was joint Deputy Editor of the ‘Daily Mail’ when someone with ‘deep concerns’ about what was happening in north Wales got in touch with the Daily Mail. The Mail contacted me, I told them some of what was happening to me and others in north Wales and I heard no more. Not that the Daily Mail were the only ones to ignore serious crime in the NHS and welfare services in north Wales; the Torygraph and ‘Panorama’ weren’t interested either. No I didn’t ask for money, what was happening was so dreadful that I just wanted an investigation. However a number of other people were paid or given promotions and jobs in return for their silence about the same matters.

Tony Gallagher attended Finchley Catholic High School in north London, Bristol University and then City University, London. Tony was at Bristol University when Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah was a student there. Sarah was on the psychology degree with another Sarah, Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins. Sheila was a Gwynedd psychiatric social worker and a fully paid up member of the Gang, always happy to breach confidence and if that didn’t do sufficient damage, to lie, including to the police, in order to shaft patients. See previous posts. The Jenkins’ family were friends with Dr D.G.E. Wood, a graduate of Bristol Medical School.

Eric Hobsbawm enjoyed telling people that his academic career was severely damaged when he was in mid-life because of his Communist Party membership. Other people have noted that Eric was never sacked, he just waited longer than he expected for a Chair. Eric alleged that this MacCarthyism towards him was at work when he taught at Birkbeck. The President of Birkbeck for some of that time was Lord Denning. When Eric was being oppressed by the Communist witch hunt, he had a second home at Cwm Croesor, a second home that he kept until the late 1970s. Eric was working for the security services himself and he knew about Gwynne and Dafydd, about Profumo, about the whole rotten lot. Eric’s main home was in Hampstead, also the location of the family home of Sir Alun Pugh, father of Bronwen Astor. The info was all put to excellent use in terms of benefiting Eric and his mates, but not to stop Dafydd and Gwynne. Eric Hobsbawm was President of Birkbeck himself from 2002 until his death on 1 Oct 2012.

Official portrait of Edward Miliband crop 2.jpg

Tony Gallagher began his career as a trainee journalist at the Southern Evening Echo in Southampton in 1985 and then moved to the South West News Agency in Bristol in 1987. Gallagher joined ‘Today’ in 1988 and then became a reporter at the ‘Daily Mail’ in 1990, attracting attention for his Princess Di-related exclusives. Gallagher became News Editor and finally Assistant Editor in 2006. He joined The Daily Torygraph in October 2006 as Head of News and became Deputy Editor in September 2007. As Deputy Editor, Gallagher took the lead on exclusives relating to the MPs expenses scandal. In November 2009, Gallagher was promoted to Editor of the Torygraph. Gallagher relinquished his post with immediate effect in January 2014. The following April he became joint Deputy Editor of the Daily Mail and shared the role with John Steafel. Gallagher was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Sun’ on 2 September 2015.

The Digger and Jerry married in April 2016.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall's Entire Family Poses For ...

The Sun Front Page.jpg

Front page of The Sun, 7 October 2013
I didn’t see this at the time, being unlawfully detained in a psych unit after having been the subject of fallacious allegations that I had violently attacked someone and smashed their dog over the head with a stone. No of course evidence was not produced, the complaint was withdrawn after I had been sectioned. Unlawfully.

Sulphur surplus: Up to our necks in a diabolical element ...

Can I have my documents back please Mr Gallagher, the ones that were stolen from my house? Ms Alison Halford, having served as Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, 1983-92, does know serious organised crime when she see’s it, even if she did choose to collude with it in order to bag a seat as the Labour AM for Delyn, 1999-2003, on the I Is A Woman And Lesbian Too ticket.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


On 10 April 2006 Alison announced that she was joining the Tories, having grown increasingly disillusioned with the Labour Party. She especially cited the appointment of Mandy as a European Commissioner. Alison became an adviser to the Conservative Party and their Shadow Secretary of State for Wales on Home Affairs.

In 2012 Alison Halford was re-elected as a Conservative County Councillor for Flintshire County Council and as a Conservative Community Councillor for Hawarden Community Council.

In 1997, Alison alleged that her telephones had been tapped, resulting in her winning a case at the European Court of Human Rights against the Home Secretary.  Alison is of course best known for having won a sex discrimination case while she was the second most senior officer in the Merseyside Police. Halford has written a book about her experiences, entitled No Way Up the Greasy Pole. Halford launched her book ‘Leeks from the Backbenches’ at the Welsh Assembly on 6 November 2007. Alison seemed to have found a very effective way up the greasy pole. It involved ignoring organised paedophilia, people trafficking, class A drug dealing and the murder of witnesses. On the back of this track record Alison managed to sue the police force and the Home Office.

‘We’re going to tell, we’re going to tell…’

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


When Alison held her ‘Duw It’s Hard’ book launch in Nov 2007, Merfyn’s wife had been left to die by Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre on Merseyside.

Was it worth it Alison, for your seat on the Hawarden Community Council?


The Sun -1984 -The Octagon –  Sam Fox –  See post ‘         ‘

In 1972, when the Stormont Parliament was suspended, Peter Rawlinson also became AG for N Ireland and so was called to the bar and became a QC in N Ireland in the same year. Kincora – Morris Fraser – Mayhew etc

Rawlinson was a target of the Angry Brigade, who attempted to bomb his house several times. See previous posts for information re the Angry Brigade, one of whom, NAME, ended up as a Camden Councillor after she had been released from prison.

On 17 April 1978 Peter became Baron Rawlinson. He had harboured hopes of being appointed Lord Chancellor of Lord Chief Justice. The legal change implemented in 1974 to permit a Roman Catholic to take the former position was widely seen at the time as a measure to permit Rawlinson to become Lord Chancellor, but Rawlinson’s ‘politics diverged from those of the new Conservative leader’, Thatch and he was never offered the position of Lord Chancellor or Lord Chief Justice.

Instead Thatch appointed Quintin Hogg aka Lord Hailsham as Lord Chancellor, 4 May 1979-13 June 1987; Lord Michael Havers, 13 June-26 Oct 1987; Lord MacKay of Clashfern, 28 Oct 1987-2 May 1997.

COMMENTS – hogg – with the ark – havers – AG – cover up – Wimbledon – illness – MacKay -Nicholas Fairb – Patsy Scot – W house

Geoffrey Lane was appointed Lord Chief Justice, 15 April 1980-27 April 1992, after being nominated by Lord Hailsham. OLLIE


Whatever the real reason for Peter Rawlinson being blown out by Thatch, it was unlikely to have been his politics. Thatch was more than capable of appointing well-known wets to key positions if they were needed to use their knowledge of dirt – nearly always dirt on the Westminster Paedophile Ring – against people whom were presenting a challenge to her or who couldn’t be ignored because of their previous roles in the dirt. Willie Whitelaw, Ian Gilmour, Peter Walker…

Peter Rawlinson for some reason was not considered such a valuable asset in concealing the criminality of Gwynne, Dafydd etc Lord Hailsham, Lord MacKay, Geoffrey Lane and Michael Havers. Although there was a wobble with Havers, after all that loyal service as Attorney General when he blocked the prosecution of VIP sex offenders, Havers was removed from the post of Lord Chancellor on 26 Oct 1987 after just four months. The excuse was illness, but we know what Top Docs advice to resign on the grounds of ill health is really about. ME – NOTTS – me writing to people – Kings X etc

In the Lords, Rawlinson supported restrictions on abortion and divorce and resisted the introduction of conditional fees in legal cases. Rawlinson managed to ignore the booming trade in abortions on women and girls from north Wales  -including those who had been assaulted by the Gang – who were unlawfully denied NHS abortions by ALL Top Docs in north Wales for any reason until about 1990, but who would be referred to a dangerous private abortionist in Chester on demand, for a fee. The abortionist was known to have put women’s lives at risk but the referrals from the Top Docs of north Wales who were just so opposed to abortion continued. The Chester abortionist was so dangerous that the Students’ Union was issuing ‘guidance’ to students who were referred to the person in Chester by er Dr D.G.E. Wood at the Student Health Centre as to what to do should things go badly wrong, as they had in the past…

Peter Rawlinson was by no means the only person who ignored the criminal scam run by the cartel of Top Docs in north Wales, everyone ignored it, from anti-abortionist Ann Widdecombe, through to Wimmin’s Champs Jane Hutt, Ann Clwyd, Glenys Windbag and the entire Left who Supported A Woman’s Right To Choose. Not a bloody word from any of them. Not even from David Steel, who dined out on his role in driving through the 1967 Abortion Act. See previous posts eg. ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’ and ‘Man Of Steel’.

The comrades in near-solidly Labour south Wales did not utter a word in defence of their oppressed and ripped-off sisters in the north.

Peter Rawlinson was also an author. Among his works were a book of poetry in 1943, his autobiography in 1989, books on themes inspired by his Catholic faith, and several novels on legal themes; one of which, Hatred and Contempt, won the Rumpole Award. He also enjoyed landscape painting and the theatre. Rawlinson was a member of White’s, along with Sir Peter Morrison and indeed Harold Macmillan. Call Me Dave’s dad was Chairman of White’s and had no problem hosting adult men who had sex with kids in care, along with the people who ensured that they were allowed to continue their activities and that the victims of the assaults themselves were prosecuted if they grumbled about it.

GB. Risley Remand Centre - G.B. England. Cheshire, Warrington. HM Prison Risley. Risley Remand Centre. With writer Russell Miller, I - Peter Marlow

Rawlinson was also a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club, the Vice-President of the RAC and President of the Friends of London Oratory, 1980-95. He was also a Director of Daily Telegraph plc. See previous posts for details of associates and protectors of the Gang involved with these organisations.

Peter Rawlinson was twice married:

  1. Haidee Kavanagh (1940–1954) (three daughters); (marriage dissolved and annulled by Sacred Rota, Rome 1954)
  2. Elaine Dominguez (1954–2006) (two sons and one daughter)

Rawlinson’s second wife was his first cousin,their mothers being daughters of Sir Henry Grayson.

The fine upstanding Roman Catholic Lord Rawlinson will have known those other two fine upstanding Roman Catholics, Jimmy Savile and Basil Hume. Downside School in Somerset, which Rawlinson attended at the same time as Lord John Hunt of Tanworth, has recently been named as one of the schools at which very serious abuse of pupils took place over many years but was concealed by the Catholic Church as well as by many other people. Auberon Waugh also attended Downside, but not at the same time as Rawlinson and Hunt.

  • portrait at half length of an old woman with coiffed, light golden brown hair, wearing jewellery, dressed in a dark suit, hands crossed, against a cloudy backdrop

     Mrs Thatcher Warned About Sir Peter Morrison | theneedleblog

    David Cameron official.jpg

The Chief Whip for Macmillan’s Gov’t, Martin Redmayne, joined Hobson and Rawlinson in accepting Profumo’s denials and offering advice. Martin Redmayne, Baron Redmayne (16 November 1910-28 April 1983) was the MP for Rushcliffe (in Nottingham), 1950-.

Redmayne was the son of a civil engineer and farmer and was educated at Radley College. He served in WW II, commanding the 14th Battalion of the  Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) in Italy in 1943 and the 66th Infantry Brigade, 1944–45.

Redmayne was appointed a Gov’t Whip in 1951, a year after entering the Commons. He served as Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 1953–59, Deputy Chief Whip, 1955–59 and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and Government Chief Whip, 1959-64. Admitted to the Privy Council in 1959, Redmayne was made a baronet on 29 December 1964 and after leaving the Commons, was created a life peer on 10 June 1966. Lord Redmayne died in 1983, aged 72. His baronetcy was inherited by his eldest son, Nicholas. Grocer Heath had preceded Redmayne as Gov’t Chief Whip, 1955-59, serving in Anthony Eden’s Gov’t and then Macmillan’s. So the Grocer knew about the Royal Lobotomist at Denbigh whom no-one must disturb as well as events in Anthony Eden’s Gov’t, the circumstances of Eden’s resignation and the appointment of the new PM, Macmillan.

Martin – died 1983 – reinforcements in north Wales – Nice Young Doctors – Mental Health Act etc

Martin Redmayne’s son Sir Nicholas Redmayne died in 2008 and the Torygraph published his obituary on 26 Nov 2008:

SIR NICHOLAS REDMAYNE, 2nd Bt, who died on October 18 aged 70, was a stockbroker who played a key role in developing Kleinwort Benson as one of London’s leading home-grown investment banks of the “Big Bang” era.

Sir Nicholas Redmayne

Redmayne made his name as a partner of Grieveson Grant, a City firm which dated from 1869 and became one of the City’s top gilt-edged brokers, with a growing business in the early 1980s selling gilts to Japanese investors. That made it an attractive proposition in anticipation of the 1986 reforms known as the Big Bang, which made it possible for banks to buy brokers and jobbers to form American-style investment banks. Having initially asked Kleinwort Benson to advise them on possible mergers, the Grieveson partnership decided that Kleinwort was itself the most promising of numerous suitors.

Grieveson duly became the core of Kleinwort Benson Securities, with Redmayne as its head of sales. In a period of frenzied jockeying for City position, Redmayne was then instrumental in a coup which brought to Kleinwort a powerful team, led by Charles Hue-Williams, from the jobbing firm of Wedd Durlacher, which was about to sell itself to Barclays. This gave Kleinwort the “dual capacity” – or ability to make markets in shares as well as sell them – which was the aspiration of would-be rivals to the Wall Street giants.

Nevertheless, it was hard for relatively undercapitalised London firms to compete on a global scale, and although Kleinwort’s corporate finance business prospered, its securities side struggled. In a restructuring in 1994, Redmayne was promoted to head of securities and joint head (with David Clementi) of investment banking. A year later, after the fall of Barings and the sale of Warburgs to Swiss Bank, Kleinwort’s ability to sustain itself as an independent player began to look uncertain. Redmayne again played a part in secret negotiations, this time with Dresdner Bank of Germany, which was codenamed “Diamond”, while Kleinwort was codenamed “Carat”. The outcome, in August 1995, was a takeover by Dresdner which, at least initially, allowed Kleinwort to retain a high degree of autonomy. Redmayne remained as a vice-chairman of Kleinwort Benson until his retirement the following year.

Nicholas John Redmayne was born at Nottingham on February 1 1938. He was the son of Martin Redmayne, who ran a sports outfitters in the city before the Second World War but rose to command an infantry brigade during its later stages and went on to a distinguished political career. He entered parliament as Conservative member for the Rushcliffe division of Nottingham in 1950, serving from 1959 as chief whip first to Harold Macmillan and subsequently to Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Martin Redmayne was created a baronet in 1964 (his son succeeded him in 1983) and a life peer in 1966.

Nicholas was educated at Radley. Having won the Sword of Honour at Sandhurst, his service in the Grenadier Guards from 1957 to 1962 included a posting to Cameroon. He then joined Grieveson Grant where, as an up-and-coming institutional broker, he was given charge of some of the firm’s most important clients (including the retail tycoon Sir Hugh Fraser, Bt) and in due course joined the partnership. An urbane manner and a lively sense of humour tended to conceal the steely mind beneath; when his grip was engaged, Redmayne was a highly effective City professional.

For relaxation, he enjoyed shooting, skiing and driving fast Italian sports cars; in later years he was a passionate gardener at his home in Leicestershire.

Anyone for a Party Ring?

Party Ring | Great British Food Magazine

Sir Nicholas Redmayne married first, in 1963, Ann Saunders, with whom he had a son and a daughter. The marriage was dissolved and he married secondly, in 1978, Christine Hewitt. His son Giles, born in 1968, succeeds in the baronetcy.

Call Me Dave’s dad Ian, as well as being Chairman of White’s when the club hosted sex offenders and those who resorted to serious crime in order to protect them, was of course a stockbroker. Ian Cameron worked in the City for virtually his entire career, as had other members of his family and like Sir Nicholas, Ian too enjoyed the fruits if the Big Bang. As a young man Ian Cameron lived in Knightsbridge, where he was known for throwing parties with the ‘prettiest girls’. That was when Gwynne and Dafydd were doing business throughout the years of Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home and Harold Wilson…

Call Me Dave will be delighted to know that not only did Dafydd tell third parties that I was attractive and seductive but Gwynne the lobotomist described me as having a pretty smile. Well yes I did and I still do have no doubt but it didn’t mean that I wanted to have sex with foul old men like Gwynne and Dafydd or their filthy rich mates in London to whom they were trafficking attractive seductive young women with pretty smiles.

Ian with a taste for the prettiest girls pegged out in 2010 and we heard a lot from Call Me Dave about how much he loved and admired his old dad and how Ian was a ‘true hero figure’ no doubt. The Torygraph’s obituary for Ian quoted Call Me Dave as having said that “The Dad” was a constant example. “My father always used to say that nothing in life is fair, but he was of the view that you had to muck in and get on with things and deal with the difficult stuff that comes your way. He is a very optimistic person.”

The Dad didn’t really have that much difficult stuff to deal with though did he Dave? OK he was born with dodgy legs, but it’s not as if he was forcibly removed from his family when young and housed in a children’s home in north Wales where he was regularly gang raped by Peter Morrison and others, infected with HIV and left to die destitute by his early 20s is it? Of course I know that men of The Dad’s class did endure brutality and sexual assault at a tender age at school – indeed Peter Cook discussed his status as a 12 year old tart at Radley, Cookie of Footlights and ‘Private Eye’ who er concealed the Gang – but the problem with being a target of Gwynne and Dafydd was that if you said ‘no’ they just couldn’t cope with it and then destroyed your life and the lives of anyone who supported you. But you know that because you and The Dad were directly involved in doing that to my friends and I weren’t you Dave?

This Dave, is what happened to kids and young people who refused to have sex with your dad’s mate Peter Morrison:

Dave, you need to understand that The Dad making £2 million in a transaction and thus impressing his mates isn’t doing anything as valuable as stopping a trade in people which had dreadful consequences, on an individual and societal level. Because of The Dad Dave, the only values that you understand equate to this:

Party Ring | Great British Food Magazine

Giles Redmayne is to be found on the website of the Design Council, described in a language that I don’t speak well, although I understand a few words:

Giles Redmayne is a founding partner and the Managing Director at brand and design consultancy, Purpose. Giles had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve from as young as fifteen. Simply put, to marry his passion for design with his entrepreneurial business spirit. Giles initially focused on a firm grounding at the heart of marketing to ensure he had a clear understanding of what ‘keeps clients awake at night’ before setting up his first design business in 1996. Whilst still managing Reef, Giles set up Purpose in 2003. Delivering leadership, new business and client specific consultancy. Giles’ range of sector experience is broad and spans FMCG to property, youth brands to airlines, public service to technology.

I am fairly sure that the Film Star Eddie Redmayne is a relative of Sir Martin and Sir Nick and quite a close one as well, but I can’t quite work out who’s son/brother Eddie’s dad is. Perhaps readers could enlighten me.

I notice that both the Martin and Nicholas Redmayne went to Radley College, which suggests that the Redmaynes are attached to Radley and enthusiastic Old Radleians. Dafydd and the Gang have enjoyed much support and protection from Old Radleians. Among the most high profile Old Radleians who helped Dafydd et al were Lord Scarman and corrupt Civil Service mandarin Sandy Nairne. See previous posts.

Other Old Radleians include:

Martin Redmayne’s successor as the MP for Rushcliffe, 1966-70,  was Labour’s Antony (Tony) John Gardner (27 December 1927-16 October 2011). Gardener was educated at an elementary school, then at Co-operative College and the University of Southampton. Gardner worked in the engineering industry, then did National Service, after which he worked in the building trade until 1953. Gardner was President of the Southampton University Union, 1958-59 and worked as an education officer for the Co-operative Union, 1959-66. Gardner was defeated at the 1970 General Election, which resulted in the Grocer becoming PM, by Ken Clarke, who was responsible for concealing so much crap in north Wales and St George’s in his efforts to overcome the BMA and its Chairman, Dr John Marks, who hated Ken but was concealing exactly the same crap. I was working for Prof Vincent Marks, John Marks’s brother, in Vincent’s cancer research team at the University of Surrey while Ken did battle. Then I was working at St George’s while Ken and Thatch did battle with Carlo’s mate the 6th Duke of Westminster over the Duke’s demands to be given the old St George’s building at Hyde Park Corner, as a free gift, a piece of Knightbridge worth millions which was the property of the NHS… See previous posts.

Antony Gardner took on a very puzzling job after he was defeated by Ken in 1970. He became the Principal Information Officer of the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work, an organisation steeped in collusion with organised abuse and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See previous posts. There is nothing in Gardner’s CV which would suggest that he would have sought out such a position and his own dad was a gardener, rather than a Top Doc who’s daughters had become social workers a la Jane Hutt’s and Tessa Jowell’s fathers.

Antony Gardner had another go at politics years later, by which time he’d moved to the south coast, when he stood unsuccessfully in the 1994 European Parliament election for Labour in Dorset and East Devon. Gardner died on 16 October 2011, a few months after Operational Pallial began.


I mention Operational Pallial in relation to Gardner, because I’ve been told that this man of who I had no knowledge at all until a few days ago, may have touched my own life after Dafydd and the Gang decided to collect Evidence as to my insanity from some rather culpable people who knew me when I was a teenager in Somerset, being educated (or sort of) in Bridgwater, the constituency of the location of an abuse ring which was linked to Dafydd et al

CA – Southampton U – similar age to Antony Gardner – S U – Donald Acheson – See post ‘Professor Prestigious And His Associates’ – Maths – Ken n Nottingham – massive research fraud perpetrated by Professor Robert Baldwin at the Cancer Research Campaign Labs at Nottingham University in collaboration with a US drug company, Zoma – See post ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK’ – Vincent Marks’s team knew – as did all other people at a senior level in the CRC – Top Docs in the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham knew – Boots and other Big Pharma outfits knew – the senior managers in Nottingham University were complicit and may well have been part of it – NAME of the org chemist who was VC –

add to the mix the shameful presence of a number of senior social science and social work academics at Nottingham University who had spent years facilitating organised abuse – friend of Richard Crossman – Ann Craft – Dafydd!! – one of whom was the civil partner of Phyllida Parsloe, a social worker who trained at St George’s in the era of Dafydd’s youth and who later held a number of Chairs, finally winding up at Bristol University as a Chair, a PVC and a Chairman of an NHS Trust in Bristol, an appointment from which Phyllida was obliged to resign. See post ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ D.G.E. Wood – Glanville Owen

Nottingham Satanic Panic in the late 1980s

Redland etc Ken Clarke – See post ‘Jennifer’s Diary’


To return to my encounter with Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and the aftermath. When I initially complained about Gwynne in the spring of 1984, only to be met with outrage and then threats by his fellow trafficker in the Student Health Centre at UCNW, Dr D.G.E. Wood, Sir Peter Morrison was Minister of State for Employment (13 June 1983-2 September 1985) in Thatch’s Gov’t. KING – Secretary of S – 16 October 1983 – 2 September 1985 – preceded by Tebbit

However Anthony Eden’s son Nicholas Eden was also a Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t and Nicholas Eden, who was unmarried and known to be gay, was suffering from AIDS. I made a big mistake on my post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ and couldn’t amend it after the computer jammed, so I’ll clarify things here. In March/April 1984, when Wood cajoled and eventually coerced me into seeing Gwynne the Lobotomist To The Royals and when I rapidly made complaint to Wood about Gwynne, Nicholas Eden was a junior Minister in the Dept of Energy under Secretary of State Peter Walker; Eden served in that role, 6 January 1983-11 September 1984. Eden subsequently resigned as a Minister on 27 March 1985 (not as I mistakenly said in the previous post on 27 March 1984) and died from AIDS on 17 August 1985. When he resigned from office, Eden was a junior Minister in the Dept of the Environment under Secretary of State Patrick Jenkin; Eden was a junior Minister under Jenkin, 11 September 1984-27 March 1985.

Eden – Lord-in-Waiting aka Chief Whip – 22 September 1980-6 January 1983 – appointed to the Dept of Energy in the aftermath of Mary Wynch and Mr Thrope – Jan 1983 – me beginning to get depressed – when in Browns room at Aston?? –

P Bates – threatened Brown in Jan 1983

Brown graduated – summer 1983 – Trishles – spring 1983  – other stranger-nuisances

DEPT ENV – biol sciences REMEMBER – CORRELATE DATES – after i’d graduated

REMEMBER KING – WHAT WAS HE Jan 83?? – King Environment!! – 6 January 1983 – 11 June 1983 – first Cab position. Env previously = heseltine

When Nicholas Eden’s was appointed as junior Minister at the Dept for Energy in Jan 1983, the Secretary of State at Energy was Nigel Lawson. Lawson was Secretary of State for Energy, 14 September 1981-11 June 1983.  REMEMBER THAT RING in Leices – guy lived in leicester – knew Brown – Guy visited us in Llys Tegfan in summer 1983

Peter Walker succeeded Lawson as Secretary of State for Energy and remained in post until 13 June 1987. Walker – was a Tory wet, put in place as Thatch prepared for the battle with the NUM – determined to win – Tories manipulated NUM to fight it all on their terms – ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part I’ – return to this later in post

Geoffrey Howe – Chancellor when Morrison was Lord Commissioner of Treasury Morrison : 4 May 1979 – 5 January 1981 – Howe Chancellor = 4 May 1979 – 11 June 1983 – succeeded by Lawson

Waterhouse’s mate HOWE – covering for yrs – Chairman of Ely Hospital Inquiry – denbigh link – lies, lies in House by Xman etc – usual culprits – George Thomas – Lord Gwilym Prys-Davies  – Elspeth – EOC etc

DATES OF MORRISON UNDER KING?? JOB TITLES?? – 13 June 1983 – Minister of State for Employment

REMEMBER ROS – gwynne towards end of 1st yr – spring/summer 1982 – went home, mum looked after her – back to Bangor – in autumn 1983?? – big breakdown in end of 1983?? – Francis – lies about Gwynne  n concealed Radford – Ros back in 1984 – yr in Italy – back for final yr in autumn 1985 – francis…


‘A Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ discussed the background to Sir Anthony Eden, now being viewed by many as a dreadful PM, because of his mishandling of the Suez Crisis and the allegations (which were true) that Eden had lied to the House. However bombs were being thrown at Eden from various directions and Eden was being bombed before the Suez Crisis. The bombs which did Eden damage and undoubtedly will have hampered his ability at being an effective PM were thrown by Top Doctors, as discussed at length in my post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’. The Top Doctors prescribed Eden amphetamines (Benzedrine) without warning him, even when the side effects became debilitating as he became addicted. Benzedrine was viewed rather differently in the 1950s, people who would never have viewed themselves as drug users were cheerfully popping it, but this was the PM. The Top Doctors did know that Eden was becoming seriously impaired and they allowed it to happen while being aware that the effects were causing him to look like a dreadful PM lacking in judgement. Eden was also seriously damaged by Top Doctor John Basil Hume in 12 April 1953 during a routine operation to remove gallstones. Hume cut through the bile duct, a mistake that had dreadful consequences for Eden’s health, a basic and serious error that it was inexplicable on the part of Hume, a very experienced surgeon, who knew Eden and had previously performed a successful appendectomy on him and thus had Eden’s confidence, with disastrous results. Eden was badly advised by a small group of very ’eminent’ Top Doctors repeatedly; the driver behind them and the bad advice was Top Doctor Sir – Lord – Horace Evans, ROYAL THIGY. Horace Evans was from south Wales, although LIVED WHERE and spent much time in Monte Carlo.

It is interesting to look at the role that Horace Evans played in Eden’s health problems, in the light of concrete evidence that Lilibet did not like Anthony Eden or his wife Clarissa and made this known. For his part, Anthony Eden was frank that he desired a DETAIL – having no direct political involvement.

I mentioned previously that the Top Doc who inexplicably seriously damaged Anthony Eden, John Basil Hume, was the younger brother of Cardinal Basil Hume, who is now best known for concealing abuse in the Catholic Church and bagging Jimmy Savile membership of the Athenaeum in 1984, a club favoured by Top Docs and senior academics. The father of Basil and John Hume was Top Doc Sir William Errington Hume; as detailed in my previous posts, the Humes were a family who reigned over Newcastle-upon-Tyne. John Hume ended up working in London and living in Hampstead, but he also Top Doctored in Sunderland.

Basil and John Hume’s sister Madeleine was married first to Sir John Charles who served as Chief Medical Officer, DATES and subsequently married Lord John Hunt, Cabinet Secretary, 1973-79. When Basil Hume was appointed Archbishop of Westminster on 9 Feb 1976, jokes were made within Whitehall and Gov’t circles that Harold Wilson and John Hunt had sewn up the appointment for Basil, the ‘surprise’ choice for Archbishop.

John Joseph Benedict Hunt, Baron Hunt of Tanworth (23 October 1919-17 July 2008) was born in MineheadSomerset and educated at Downside School and Magdalene College, Cambridge . Hunt joined the Civil Service in 1946. Hunt was the first Roman Catholic to hold the post of Cabinet Secretary since its creation in 1916.

Lord Hunt of Tanworth’s first wife, whom he married in 1941, was The Hon. Mary Robinson (died 1971). Mary Robinson was the daughter of Roy Lister Robinson, Baron Robinson (8 March 1883-5 September 1952), known as Sir Roy Robinson, 1931-47. Lord Robinson was born in South Australia. He won an exhibition to the Collegiate School of St Peter, Adelaide, and entered the School of Mines and Industries in 1900 to study mining engineering, combining this with his course at the University of Adelaide

Roy Robinson was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford In 1909 Robinson was appointed Assistant Inspector for forestry at the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, London. Robinson was largely responsible for the report which led to the establishment of the Forestry Commission in 1919 and his appointment as its technical commissioner. Robinson became Vice-Chairman of the Forestry Commission in 1929 and Chairman in 1932, holding that office until he died in 1952.

Robinson was one of the founders of the Society of Foresters of Great Britain and first President and first recipient of its medal (1947) for eminent services to British forestry. He was an honorary member (1940) of the Society of American Foresters and the Institute of Foresters of Australia; corresponding member (1947) of the Académie d’Agriculture de France; and an honorary LL.D. of the University of Aberdeen.


Lord Robinson and his wife Charlotte had one son, Michael Lister Robinson, who was killed on active service in 1942 and two daughters, Mary who married Lord John Hunt and Teresa. Lord Robinson died of pneumonia while attending a conference in Ottawa on 5 September 1952, aged 69. As his only son had predeceased him, the barony died with him. 

Mary’s sister Teresa married W/Cdr. Paul Henry Mills Richey, d. 23 February 1989. W/Cdr. Paul Henry Mills Richey married Hon. Teresa Robinson,on 23 December 1939. He married, secondly, Mary Tylor, daughter of Major Vyvian Alfred Tylor.2 He and Mary Tylor were divorced in 1961. He married, thirdly, Diana Bowring, daughter of James Paull Bowring, in February 1969. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) and bar. He was awarded the Chevalier, Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur. He was awarded the Officer, Order of the Crown of Belgium.3 He was awarded the Croix de Guerre. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre Belgian, avec Palmes. He gained the rank of Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force. He was awarded the Bronze Medal of the Royal Humane Society for Saving Life from Drowning. He was appointed Fellow, Royal Society of Arts. He was appointed Fellow, Royal Geographical Society. He wrote the book Fighter Pilot. He had five children.

PIC = fighter pilot

Mary’s children: Hon. Magdalen Mary Robinson was born on 10 January 1921. From 16 August 1941, her married name became Hunt. Children of Hon. Magdalen Mary Robinson and John Joseph Benedict HuntBaron Hunt of Tanworth

 MICHAEL HUNT: lives in New York
Charlotte – Married Dr Herbert Gill – lives in California
Martin Hunt – remained in London


John Hunt was created a life peer with the title Baron Hunt of Tanworth on 8 February 1980. Mr Thrope had been acquitted of conspiracy and incitement to murder at the Old Bailey Mary NUMBER of months earlier and Mary Wynch had been wrongfully arrested and illegally imprisoned by Dafydd and the gang; there were questions to answer. Including by Lord John Hunt, who had retired in 1979 but who was Cabinet Secretary while the world ignored what was happening to Norman Scott and Mary Wynch.

To add to the green paint on the Renault, another Lord John Hunt was also working flat out to assist Dafydd and the Gang in their criminality, the Lord John Hunt who led the 1953 Everest expedition, with Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW as his deputy leader. Lord John Hunt was a soldier who also worked for the security services; he held senior roles at Sandhurst, was the first Chairman of the Parole Board, the first Director of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and advised Gov’t on policing in N Ireland. Probably not the best person to do so. See previous posts for details of this Lord John Hunt.

Spot the Difference:

Lord John Hunt: concealed an international trafficking ring because he went back years with those playing key roles in it:

Lord John Hunt: concealed an international trafficking ring because he went back years with those playing key roles in it:

Lord John Hunt of Everest Heroes who killed in order to protect a gang of paedophiles died on 7 Nov 1998. Lord John Hunt of Corrupt Civil Servants who killed in order to protect a gang of paedophiles died on corruption died on 17 July 2008.

Lord Hunt of Everest Heroes pal Sir Charles Evans died on 5 Dec 1995.

The Gang were dropping like flies themselves in the run up to and during the Waterhouse Inquiry; Enoch Powell, George Thomas and many many more. Their passage may have been hastened along by the Top Docs but they were elderly and sometimes ill with not much time left, but then the demands for a Public Inquiry into matters north Wales were deliberately resisted until so many of the guilty would be dead or dying. It wasn’t quite the same for so many Empowered Service Users, kids in care or other witnesses.16th March 1968 - My Lai Massacre - Left side of the ...

  • 16th March 1968 - My Lai Massacre - Left side of the ...
  • The Untold Story of My Lai: How and Why the Official ...
  • My Lai at 50: Ron Haeberle Recalls Photographing a ...


Harold Wilson resigned as PM – but remained as an MP for some years more before going to the Lords – on 5 April 1976, although he announced the resignation suddenly and unexpectedly on 16 March 1976. On 16 March 1976, Andrew Newton’s trial for firearms offences began at Exeter Crown Court. Newton was the man who in Oct 1975 had shot Norman Scott’s dog dead and then tried to shoot Norman; Newton has always maintained that he was paid to murder Norman. As a key witness, Norman Scott told his story during the trial – although Newton wasn’t on trial for trying to kill Norman -and Norman’s story finally made it into the media at last (although Norman was called a liar), although it had been widely known in political and media circles for years.

History maintains that no-one ever knew why Harold suddenly resigned, ooh it was because he knew that he was developing Alzheimers, ooh the security services shoved him out because he was a KGB agent, ooh, he was having sex with Marcia and they feared that it would all become public…

It’s not rocket science is it Lord Hennessey?

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Why does anyone ever give these big wallies the time of day, let alone ask them for their sagacious predictions and advice?

Dates For Your Diary Lord Hennessey:

In 1976 Carlo became Chancellor of UCNW. On 3 Feb 1976 Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate George Thomas was elected as Speaker of the House, succeeding Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Selwyn Lloyd. On 9th Feb 1976, Basil Hume became Archbishop of Westminster. Mr Thrope resigned as Leader of the Liberal Party on 10 May 1976. In Nov 1978 Mr Thrope and his co-defendants were committed for trial at the Old Bailey at Minehead Magistrates’ Court. Lord John Hunt of Civil Service Murder, who came from Minehead, retired the year that Mr Thrope stood trial and was acquitted.

I could go on, but because I’m not a Lord of Political History at Queen Mary’s, London who spends my time grovelling to the idiots who wreaked havoc, I want to cover fresh ground, so I can’t spend too much time reviewing what is already on this blog. I will however recommend that Lord Hennessey acquaints himself with what was happening to Mary Wynch throughout it all. See post ‘The Mary Wynch Case – Details’.

I have noticed that as well as the many concessions that were made to Mr Thrope while he was on bail for conspiracy and incitement to murder, the date of his trial was altered. This was because the Labour Gov’t fell and thus a General Election was called, which Thatch won. All senior politicians of every party knew the enormity of the criminality that lay behind Mr Thrope’s contribution to the wrongdoing. They all tried to use it to their own advantage. It will be the reason why Callaghan and the dreadful old dinosaurs came down when they did, but I haven’t worked out the whole process yet.

Had you been prepared to listen to people in the Third World in Gwynedd Lord Hennessey instead of dropping into Bangor University to snipe at the VC (see previous posts), you’d have known damn well that the evidence for the non-existent Westminster Paedophile Ring involving these Great Men Of History was everywhere, absolutely everywhere. Particularly in the graveyards and cemeteries – there’s quire a few victims in the cemetery on Coetmor Road near Rachub alone – but of course the most damning evidence are the bodies concealed at the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh.


Previous posts have detailed the number of Royal Top Docs and their relatives who protected Gwynne, including Dr John Fisher ‘JOF’ Davies, Sir William Gilliatt and Gilliatt’s son Professor Roger Gilliatt. William Gilliatt delivered Royal babies Carlo and Anne and Roger was a good mate of Lord Snowdon’s and was best man at Ma’am Darling and Snowdon’s wedding when Jeremy Fry and Jeremy Thrope – Snowdon’s other two close pals – were deemed unsuitable because of their sexual relationships with men. They had also both had sex with Ma’am Darling and Mr Thrope had boasted of having sex with Lord Snowdon as well; it was widely believed that Jeremy Fry had also had sex with Lord Snowdon and Lord Snowdon was the biological father of Polly Fry, Jeremy Fry’s (alleged) daughter with his wife Camilla. Polly was conceived at about the time of Lord Snowdon’s engagement to Ma’am Darling.

I really don’t mind any of the above domestic complexities, it is no business of mine, but it seems a little ridiculous that there were any bars on any best men at all by the Royal Authorities in the light of what the happy couple themselves were doing on a regular basis.

I explained in ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ that the damage done to Anthony Eden by John Basil Hume during the 1953 gallstones operation was subsequently repaired by the US surgeon CHECK Richard Cattell. Because I was unable to complete that post, I need to clarify that Winston Churchill was clearly most concerned about the damage inflicted on his Foreign Secretary Eden by Top Doc Hume; the Top Docs themselves tried to blame Churchill for Hume’s cock up, by claiming that Churchill had made Hume ‘nervous’ before the operation. Surgeons of Hume’s age and experience don’t get nervous when performing routine operations on patients whom they know and have successfully operated on before, it really does not happen.

DETIALS – re Winnie Here – US or Brit?? CLAIFY HERE – Churchill – might have been trying to save Eden’s skin from Top Docs – but still repair of major mistake carried out by member of network, Richard Cattell


‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ provided an outline of the musical chairs in Gov’t, particularly with regard to the post of Minister of Health, that took place in Eden’s, Macmillan’s and then Douglas-Home’s Gov’ts. It is certainly confusing, but becomes intriguing when one considers that all of the Ministers who were being rapidly shuffled around by those three PMs were concealing the criminality of Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang, as of course were the PMs and other Ministers. Much of the reshuffling occurred on ‘medical advice’ ie. the Top Doctors telling the politicians that their health would be seriously damaged if they did not resign. Indeed Eden’s own resignation as PM on 9 Jan 1957 occurred after a Top Doc told him that he could die if he continued as PM. In view of the damage that the Top Docs themselves had done to Eden, I doubt that he really believed it, but he didn’t need to because it was widely known at the time that it was a convenient excuse for Eden to use to step down in the face of serious difficulties. Difficulties that had partly arisen because of the Top Docs. The ROYAL Top Docs.

This is a tried and tested technique of Top Docs. When my life was made impossible at St George’s Hospital Medical School, I was pushed into resigning on the grounds of illness. For years then the world was reminded that I had left a job through my terrible mental health. It certainly wasn’t good by the time that I’d waved goodbye to that lot, but they had caused most of the problem themselves. I was clobbered by a serious and text-book mood disorder when I was 19/20 yrs old, which was how I ended up in the hands of Dr D.G.E. Wood. There was absolutely no help forthcoming, none; Brown looked after me and I was finally up and functioning again in time for the final year of my degree. The Top Docs started as they went on; their dreadful behaviour caused me massive difficulties over the following decades and it was then attributed to me being mad. The documents now in my possession demonstrate that they didn’t even believe what they were saying themselves and there was only one agenda: to stop anyone ever believing yet alone acting on what I was alleging was happening in north Wales, although the documentation admits the extent of the criminality. I am not the only one who had this experience, I watched it happen to others. It was the reason for the astronomical suicide rate in north Wales and levels of long term ill health on the part of so many.

We should bear in mind that throughout the musical chairs in Gov’t during the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Profumo Affair was raging, even before it came to the attention of the general public. Naughtiness in High Places was endemic but so was the hypocrisy which resulted in Gov’ts going to any length to keep it away from the eyes and ears of the plebs.

Richard Crossman – Mp for Coventry since DATE 1945 – sec servs – Westminster Swinger – concealing long before he became Secretary of State at DHSS




I’ll provide some more background now on the Ministers of Health and others in the Gov’ts prior, during and in the aftermath of the Profumo Affair. My post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ discussed the Ministers of Health per se in detail, so I’ll just provide an overview of them here and introduce more details about others at the centre of the scandal.

Lord Robin Turton, the Tory MP for Thirsk n Malton in Yorkshire and who originated from Yorkshire was Eden’s Minister of Health, December 1955- January 1957. At the time, that was a post then outside of the Cabinet but of Cabinet rank. Turton had been appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1955. He was given a peerage in 1974. Turton was alive until Jan 1994. He came from and represented a constituency in the region of a long-standing abuse ring in Yorkshire that was directly linked to north Wales. Certainly by the 1980s, Dafydd was holding ‘clinics’ in Yorkshire.

remember – ralph mili in leeds

After Anthony Eden resigned as PM on the advice of Top Doctors on 9 Jan 1957 and Harold Macmillan became PM on 10 Jan 1957, Macmillan did not reappoint Robin Turton as Minister of Health despite the excellent service he had provided in concealing Gwynne’s wrongdoing. Dennis Vosper, the Tory MP for Runcorn, 1950-64, was appointed instead, although Vosper was only in the post for nine months before he resigned on the grounds of illness in Sept 1957. Vosper provided excellent service too for Gwynne as well and of course the north Wales ring that Gwynne was running merged into the organised abuse that was prevalent in that part of Cheshire on the outskirts of Liverpool, where Vosper’s constituency was. Risley Remand Centre was at Warrington, near Runcorn.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Risley served as a brutal, lawless personal prison for the use of the Gang. Because Risley was a remand centre rather than a prison, targets didn’t even have to be found guilty by a corrupt Court; the Gang’s MO was to accuse complainants of ludicrous, trivial offences on the basis of either no evidence or perjury and Dafydd would then appear and explain to the Court that this person was probably Mentally Ill and should be remanded in Risley’s ‘hospital wing’ to enable an ‘assessment’ with a view to ‘helping’ them. The Risley Top Docs were appalling and the only Treatment in there was a visiting clap doctor and huge quantities of chlorpromazine, no matter what the diagnosis. If patients weren’t found dead in Risley – it had the worst suicide rate of any remand centre/prison in the UK – they were usually then ‘rescued’ from the hell hole that was Risley by Dafydd and disappeared into the North Wales Hospital. Sometimes forever, sometimes to be released but totally wrecked after a year, to end up being found dead not long after In The Community. Some of the suicides at Risley were undoubtedly murders of inmates by staff; Patient F probably witnessed one. The mortality rate at Risley was so bad that even the shameless blase Home Office did not dare release the figures for the ‘suicides’ of Men And Women Under 16. Er yes, children in care, from the children’s homes of north Wales. There were kids as young as 14 in Risley. The hospital wing was full of victims of the Gang; either psych patients or kids in care. The hospital wing was as violent and dangerous as the rest of Risley and Dafydd ran it.

Dafydd’s mate who was the Tory MP for Runcorn presiding over the Risley horrors during the 1970s and 80s was Mark Carlisle, although the horrors at Risley began in 1964 when the institution was opened, the year that Mark Carlisle succeeded Vosper as the constituency MP, after Vosper was kicked upstairs to the Lords. Carlisle doubled up as the Home Office Minister DATES so that was a nice arrangement. Many of the constituents of the Runcorn MPs were the thugs who worked at Risley and it was their needs which were served, which was why it is worth taking a long hard look at who those MPs were.

See post ‘Include Me Out’ for details of Risley and just what the Home Office tolerated there for decades, as well as Mark Carlisle.

Vosper made a recovery from whatever illness it was that caused him to resign as Minister of Health and he returned to ministerial office under Macmillan as Joint junior Minister for the Home Office, 1959-60 and as Minister of State for Home Affairs, 1960–61, under Home Secretary Rab Butler.

Rab was responsible for a whole variety of progressive-sounding matters, such as reviewing the treatment of psych patients and mentally ill offenders and he also established the Home Office Research Unit, which funded Research. I’ve concluded that Rab was a big con. The progressive recommendations that he did make were simply ignored and Rab didn’t mind that at all and the Home Office Research Unit funded a whole generation of researchers who later became leaders in the fields of criminology and related research. They witnessed Dafydd’s Gang, the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the dreadful brutality of institutions ‘caring for’ vulnerable people and kids constantly and ignored it. That was how they eventually bagged Chairs at Oxbridge and became Fellows of All Souls. See post ‘Rab, High Table and the Founding Fathers’.

Dennis Vosper picked up his peerage in April 1964 and died in Jan 1968. Whatever Dennis Vosper knew it was pretty good Top Secret stuff. Someone trusted him but became worried at a later date re what he knew and someone wanted Mark Carlisle in place as well.

Dennis Vosper made way for barrister and member of Middle Temple Derek Walker-Smith to serve as Macmillan’s Minister of Health, Sept 1957-60, while Gwynne continued to lobotomise away pre-Profumo.

Sir Derek Colclough Walker-Smith, Baron Broxbourne, (13 April 1910-22 January 1992) was closely associated with Dafydd’s mates Lord Balniel and Sir Alec and Lady Juliet Bingley (see post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’) and remained as Minister of Health doing a valiant job until July 1960, when Walker-Smith was succeeded by Enoch Powell, who was Minister of Health, 27 July 1960-18 October 1963.

Enoch Powell 6 Allan Warren.jpg

After Powell confronted Gwynne et al at Denbigh in 1961, told them that he’d close them down and then left them well-alone, he was also serving as Minister of Health throughout the entire Profumo Affair; the build up to it, the attempts to contain it, then the lies and the stitch ups and the scapegoating. I haven’t concluded whether Powell’s Denbigh confrontation was a put up job and a gesture or whether he was genuinely horrified but was sat on from a height. From the first time that I read an account of Powell’s visit to Denbigh I wondered why ever did anyone risk him going there?? It was known to be appalling by any standards, whoever would risk a visit from the Minister of Health? It could not even be the Tour Of North Korea that used to be put on for local dignitaries at the Hergest Unit with just the best bits shown, because there were no best bits of Denbigh, the best bits would only be Gwynne and Dafydd’s offices which I am sure were splendid, but even the corridors that one travelled down to get to Dafydd and Gwynne were so obviously something out of a Gothic horror tale. Visitors would hear and yes, smell, what was happening, even if Gwynne kept Enoch Powell well away from the prisoners.

Could Powell’s visit have been the sort of gesture that a Call For An Inquiry on the part of guilty people usually is? Profumo was on the way, Gwynne was in the middle of it, it was going to be grim and if the finger pointed in the direction of the North Wales Hospital, things could get very difficult indeed. So Powell’s much publicised visit to Denbigh accompanied by his bollocking and then his ONE And Only much hyped speech to MIND – an outfit run by Dafydd and his mates – left everyone thinking that Change Was On The Way, in the shape of Enoch Pinel.

Only it wasn’t, Profumo was and Pinel sat there as quiet as a lamb throughout it all until he left the job as Minister of Health when Macmillan resigned as PM. Vospers The Man Who Knew returned from Sick Leave the year before Pinel visited Denbigh and rocked up in the Home Office, just in time for when Pinel promised to take off the chains. The chains stayed very firmly on and the lobotomies continued.

Oh the irony: Here’s a North Wales favourite, written by a sulking woman – or to be fair, she may have been seriously depressed – who was Of Dafydd and Gwynne, who lived at Denbigh and owned Gwasg Gee, the publishing house at Denbigh and was married to a man whom it is now widely accepted was gay:

See my post ‘Feet In Chains’ for an account of the way in which the work of Kate Roberts, a Plaid activist when Dafydd and Saunders Lewis were urging the Welsh nation to rise up and overthrow – and a mate of Ernest Jones, the wife-killing Welsh psychiatrist who’s son Mervyn Jones was a mate of Michael Foot (see previous posts) – was used to provide PR when the police investigations and public inquiries began. There were a great many feet in chains, but Kate Roberts’s were not among them.

Don’t you agree Merfyn?


I haven’t uncovered the Mysteries Of Dennis Vosper yet or indeed the Mysteries Of Derek Walker-Smith, who was clearly a safe pair of hands but was replaced by Enoch Pinel. I’ll continue to work on it. There was clearly an elaborate smokescreen put in place ready for Profumo.

EVENTS During Profumo:

JE Daniel – DIED 11 Feb 1962 – two days before Dafydd n Saunders speech

The year before Christine Keeler and John Profumo had their affair, but while Macmillan’s Gov’t was nonetheless on very shaky ground, there was of course a Great National Event which provided a distraction. Ma’am Darling married Tony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 1960! The ceremony was the first Royal Wedding to be broadcast on TV, thus setting a truly dreadful precedent. Here’s a ticket for the wedding procession:

As with so many matters Royal, there are a few things re Ma’am Darling’s courtship with Lord Snowdon that don’t quite ring true. Ma’am Darling first met Snowdon ‘at a supper party’ in 1958. The lifestyles of both Ma’am Darling and Lord S suggests that if it really was a supper party rather than a drug fuelled shagfest, it will have been a supper party which went with a bang after the coffee had been served.
As any fule kno, before Ma’am Darling married Lord S, she had her heart broken over the business of Captain Peter Townsend, Ma’am Darling’s True Love. The issue with Townsend was that he was divorced. He also had two children and was 16 years older than Ma’am Darling, but the great song and dance was made over Peter Townsend being a Divorced Man and Ma’am Darling had to think long and hard re whether marrying a Divorced Man would be compatible with Ma’am Darling’s Strong Christian Beliefs, for which we are assured Ma’am Darling was well-known. She won’t have had any truck with the Good News Bible, Ma’am Darling was the real thing, King James Bible, no sex before marriage or indeed outside of marriage and then only with the lights off. So if anyone ever gained the impression that Ma’am Darling hung out on Mustique getting pissed and snorting coke with Roddy Llewellyn, Lord Glenconner, Charlie Tennant etc, then they were mistaken and how such rumours ever got around I don’t know. Read all about them in previous posts on this blog.
Mr Thrope was obviously lying when he boasted of sleeping with Ma’am Darling AND Lord S and no doubt the DNA test that demonstrated that Jeremy Fry’s daughter was actually Lord S’s daughter and conceived about the time that Lord S and Ma’am Darling’s engagement was announced was carried out at Ysbyty Gwynedd so of course can’t be believed. Neither did dealers to the stars Ann and Peter Dally ever supply Ma’am Darling with class A drugs…

The trouble all began when Ma’am Darling’s dad, King George VI CHECK pegged out in DATE. Ma’am Darling was grief-stricken by her father’s death and ‘was prescribed sedatives to help her sleep’. Ma’am Darling ‘was consoled by her deeply held Christian beliefs’. Along with the Queen Mum, Ma’am Darling moved out of Buck House and into Clarence House, while Lilibet, Phil and the kids moved out of Clarence House and into Buck House. 

Peter Townsend was appointed Comptroller of Ma’am Darling’s restructured household. By 1953, Peter was divorced from his first wife and proposed marriage to Ma’am Darling. Ma’am Darling accepted and informed Lilibet, of her desire to marry Townsend. Lilibet’s consent was required by the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The C of E refused to countenance the remarriage of the divorced. Queen Mary had recently died and Lilibet was about to be crowned. Sir Charles Evans was somewhere near the top of Everest as well. After her coronation, Lilibet planned to tour the Commonwealth for six months. Lilibet told Ma’am Darling that “Under the circumstances, it isn’t unreasonable for me to ask you to wait a year.” Lilibet was counselled by her Private Secretary, Sir Alan Lascelles, to post Townsend abroad to Put A Stop To It All, but she refused and instead transferred him from the Queen Mum’s household to her own.

The British Cabinet refused to approve the marriage and newspapers reported that the marriage was “unthinkable” and “would fly in the face of Royal and Christian tradition”. Churchill informed Lilibet that the Dominion PMs were unanimously against the marriage and that Parliament would not approve a marriage that would be unrecognised by the C of E unless Ma’am Darling renounced her rights to the throne.

Churchill arranged for Townsend to be posted to Brussels. For two years, press speculation continued. Ma’am Darling was told by clerics that she would be unable to receive communion if she married a Divorced Man, which must have been the tipping point really…

Papers released in 2004 to the National Archives show that Lilibet and the new PM Anthony Eden, who had been divorced and remarried himself and still managed to find time for a great many other Ugandan discussions, drew up a plan in 1955 under which Ma’am Darling would have been able to marry Townsend by removing Ma’am Darling and any children from the marriage out of the line of succession. Ma’am Darling would be allowed to keep her Royal title and her civil list allowance, stay in the country and even continue with her public duties. Eden himself was very sympathetic; “Exclusion from the Succession would not entail any other change in Princess Margaret’s position as a member of the Royal Family,” he wrote. The final draft of this proposal was produced on 28 October 1955; on 31 October Margaret issued a statement:

I would like it to be known that I have decided not to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend. I have been aware that, subject to my renouncing my rights of succession, it might have been possible for me to contract a civil marriage. But mindful of the Church’s teachings that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have resolved to put these considerations before others. I have reached this decision entirely alone, and in doing so I have been strengthened by the unfailing support and devotion of Group Captain Townsend.

Randolph Churchill was concerned about rumours involving Archbishop Fisher with Ma’am Darling’s plans with Townsend. In his view, rumours “that Fisher had intervened to prevent the Princess from marrying Townsend has done incalculable harm to the Church of England”. There was subsequent criticism in the UK about the Church’s inflexibility as it related to divorce. No-one had acknowledged the sheer numbers of clergy who were concealing molesting priests back then, but Fisher was one of those who was very culpable. See previous posts for gen on Fisher.

Other rumoured suitors of the Ma’am Darling and her strongly held Christian beliefs included the Hon. Dominic Elliot, Billy WallaceColin Tennantand future Canadian PM John Turner. It was not to be.

Ma’am Darling accepted Armstrong-Jones’s proposal a day after learning from Peter Townsend that he intended to marry a young Belgian woman, Marie-Luce Jamagne, who was half his age and bore a striking resemblance to Ma’am Darling. Ma’am Darling’s announcement of her engagement, on 26 February 1960, took the press by surprise. Ma’am Darling and her strongly held Christian beliefs had taken care to conceal the romance from reporters. Ma’am Darling and Armstrong-Jones had actually become engaged in October 1959! Just to prove it, the world was reminded that Armstrong-Jones had proposed to Ma’am Darling with a ruby engagement ring surrounded by diamonds in the shape of a rosebud. Of course Armstrong-Jones had purchased the ring back in the autumn of 1959 and hadn’t just nipped out to the garage to buy it along with a box of Ferrero Rochers a few minutes before the press pack arrived. 

Cynics noticed how Ma’am Darling decided against marrying Peter Townsend when she realised that if she did, although she’d still be quids in compared to your average person, by Ma’am Darling standards she stood to lose a great deal of dosh. So the strongly held Christian beliefs prevailed and she married the bisexual, rent-boy using, class A drug popping grossly exploitative Lord S instead, who was utilising the services of Gwynne et al.

Thus the Happy Day with Gwynne’s nasty Top Doctor pal Roger Gilliatt as best man – rather than Mr Thrope or Jeremy Fry – went ahead in Feb 1960.

The first extramarital affair of Ma’am Darling’s which was admitted was in 1966, with her daughter’s godfather Anthony Barton, a Bordeaux wine producer. A year later Ma’am Darling had a one month liaison with jazz pianist Robin Douglas-Home, a nephew of former PM Alec Douglas-Home. Robin committed suicide 18 months after the split with Ma’am Darling; Robin was married to Sandra Paul, a ‘model’, while he was shagging Ma’am Darling, but they were in the process of splitting up. Sandra Paul later married Michael Howard, the bent barrister from Swansea who became a Tory MP and as Home Secretary, was the man who finally shafted Mary Wynch in 1994 CHECK, after Mary had insisted on winning every part of her case. Howard, married to Sandra Paul who had shared a sexual partner with Ma’am Darling, why are we not surprised that he became Home Secretary when John Major’s Gov’t were embarking on a huge cover-up re Dafydd and the Gang, which involved fabricating documentation and planting evidence in an attempt to have me banged up with Mr Savile?

Lord Howard, can we have the truth about Robin Douglas-Home’s death please? I’ve uncovered most of the serious criminality which was designed to put me out of action, now let’s at least have a degree of honesty about the circumstances of Robin’s death, rather than dismissing it with the usual ‘Bechod, ooh mental health problems ewe know’. Who was his doctor then, Gwynne??

  • Claims that Ma’am Darling was romantically involved with musician Mick Jaggeractor Peter Sellers, and Australian cricketer Keith Miller are unproven. According to biographer Charlotte Breese, entertainer Leslie Hutchinson had a “brief liaison” with Ma’am Darling in 1955. A 2009 biography of actor David Niven included assertions, based on information from Niven’s widow and a good friend of Niven’s, that he had had an affair with Ma’am Darling, who was 20 years his junior. In 1975, Ma’am Darling was listed among women with whom actor Warren Beatty had had romantic relationships. John Bindon, a Cockney actor who had spent time in prison, sold his story to the ‘Daily Mirror’, boasting of a close relationship with Ma’am Darling.

By the early 1970s, the Snowdons had drifted apart; they had been doing their Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf bit for years. One of the more touching things that Lord S did was to leave a note for Ma’am Darling in which he compared her to a ‘Jewish manicurist’ and stated that he hated her. Dafydd and Gwynne always kept company with the nicest people.

In September 1973, Colin Tennant (later Baron Glenconner) introduced Ma’am Darling to Roddy Llewellyn. Llewellyn was 17 years her junior, from a south Wales family and was the brother of the ridiculous Dai, the self-styled ‘seducer of the valleys’, although most of Dai’s shagging was done in the West End at the usual venues with the usual twats going under the tabloid category of ‘playboys’. See previous posts for info on Roddy and Dai.

In 1974, Ma’am Darling invited Roddy as a guest to the holiday home that she had built on Mustique. It was the first of several visits. Once, when Llewellyn left on an impulsive trip to Turkey, Ma’am Darling became emotionally distraught and took an overdose of sleeping tablets. “I was so exhausted because of everything”, she later said, “that all I wanted to do was sleep.” As she recovered, her Ladies-in-Waiting kept Lord Snowdon away from her, afraid that seeing him would distress her further. Which suggests that Lord S was a serious problem.

Lilibet: can you let us know whether Lord S’s Christian beliefs were as strongly held as Ma’am Darling’s? He seems to be a rather unchristian man if you don’t mind me saying. Your track record as a dating agency isn’t too impressive is it Ma’am? After the Snowdons’ Royal Divorce, did you not think that you probably should have kept your nose out of other people’s lives – including mine? You’d have been better employed putting an end to the VIP rent boy ring which Backdoor Billy was running in the Royal Household.

  • Princess Diana crash: New book claims Queen said ‘someone ...
  • rear seat and trunk is intact.
  • Princess Diana died in a car that was 'dangerous write-off ...
  • Lady Di “Diana Frances” | Cas, Lady and Diana

In February 1976, a picture of Ma’am Darling and Roddy in swimsuits on Mustique was published on the front page of the News of the Screws. The press portrayed Ma’am Darling as a predatory older woman and Roddy as her toyboy lover.

It’s 1976 again!! George Thomas took over from Selwyn Lloyd as Speaker in Feb 1976 and in 1976 Carlo decided that the University of Wales needed him as a Chancellor.

On 19 March 1976, the Snowdons publicly acknowledged that their marriage had irretrievably broken down. Three days after Harold Wilson announced his resignation and the opening of Andrew Newton’s trial at Exeter Crown Court…

Some politicians suggested removing Ma’am Darling from the civil list. Labour MPs denounced her as “a royal parasite” and a “floosie”. In May 1978, she was taken ill and diagnosed as suffering from gastroenteritis and alcoholic hepatitis.  On 11 July 1978, the Snowdons’ divorce was finalised. The poor old Royal Family’s image was in the mud and even quite small c conservative people were very hostile to them.

So the Wicked Queen demanded that a beautiful young virgin should be sought and and betrothed to Carlo…

It didn’t end well.


My post ‘A Fool Among A Feast Of Holy Fools’ discussed how the grandchildren of Derek Walker-Smith, one of the key people who concealed the crap emanating from Gwynne and Dafydd during Macmillan’s Gov’t, are at present flying the flag for the Gang. Likewise Rab Butler’s descendants were put to good use. Rab’s son Sir Adam Butler was the Tory MP for Bosworth in Leicestershire, 1970-87. Adam Butler was the Minister of State for Industry (under Secretary of State Keith Joseph) 6 May 1979-5 January 1981; the Minister of State for N Ireland, 5 January 1981- 11 September 1984 (under N Ireland Secretary Jim Prior); the Minister of State for Procurement, 11 September 1984-2 September 1985, (under Secretary of State Heseltine).

Leicestershire was the location of a ring directly linked to Dafydd et al while Adam Butler was an MP there and every Secretary of State under whom Butler served played a central role in concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and, specifically, the Gang in north Wales. See previous posts…

Adam Butler became a member of the Privy Council in 1984, the year that Brown and I raised concerns about Gwynne and war was declared on us and he bagged a K in 1986, the year that the cavalry was being called in after Mary Wynch won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls, as Alison Taylor and I refused to shut up and of course the year that Ollie Brooke of St George’s, one of the Westminster Paedophile Ring’s Mr Bigs, was charged, convicted and jailed for child porn offences.

Adam Butler lived at his 200-acre farm in Warwickshire. He became a Deputy Lieutenant of Warwickshire in 1993 and served as Vice Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, 1998-2005. He enjoyed field sports and was chairman of the Warwickshire Hunt for 23 years. Butler also was member of the Countryside Animal Welfare Group and campaigned to end the RSPCA’s support for a hunting ban as a member of its Council.

Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass has long been part of High Society in Warwickshire. Bluglass went to Warwick School, is an enthusiastic member of its old boys’ society and while Adam Butler was still in action opened Compton Verney, one of Europe’s finest art galleries, in Warwickshire. Anthony Eden was of course the MP for Warwick and Leamington.

Richard Crossman – wider Warwickshire

Adam Butler died in Jan 2008. GUARDIAN OBIT OF ADAM HERE

Adam Butler gained his seat when he defeated the sitting Labour MP Woodrow Wyatt, who had held Bosworth since 1959. Wyatt had previously served as the Labour MP for Birmingham Aston, 1945-55. Wyatt was mates with Bertrand Russell et al, visited Sir Clough and visited the Welsh Bloomsbury Set at Croesor. Wyatt conducted a series of interviews with Bertrand Russell – 1960 – Woodrow Wyatt was close to the Queen Mum, Thatch and the Digger. For the last 20 years of his life, Wyatt was Chairman of the state betting organisation The Tote. During his period out of Parliament, Wyatt was a reporter for the BBC’s  ‘Panorama’ – DAY –

Woodrow Wyatt picked up his peerage in Feb 1987 – ME MAKING A RACKET  – forged discharge documents etc –

Wyatt died on 7 Dec 1997, at the end of the first year of the Waterhouse Inquiry, after Ronnie had finished hearing evidence from the witnesses and called them all liars.

Woodrow was educated at Eastbourne College  -BEST?? and Worcester College, Oxford – ASA??

Woodrow was the father of the journo Petronella Wyatt, who when she worked at ‘The Spectator’ with Boris, ended up having a fling with him.  –

Adam’s brother was Sir Richard C. Butler (1929–2012), President of the NFU of England and Wales, 1979-86.  – Beata’s lot 

Adam Butler’s dad Rab was Deputy PM to Macmillan, 1962-63. The Wind of Very Little Change blew in on 19 Oct 1963 when Alec Douglas-Home became PM, a position he retained until 16 October 1964. The Wind of Very Little Change brought with it a new Minister of Health who succeeded Enoch Pinel, namely Anthony Barber, who was in post, 20 October 1963-16 October 1964. Dafydd was appointed a consultant at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh in 1964. I have always assumed that appointment was made on the watch of Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson, who served as Harold Wilson’s Minister of Health, 1964-68. However I didn’t realise how late in the year of 1964 that Robinson arrived as Minister of Health. As everyone was fully on board with Dafydd and Gwynne anyway, it is more likely that Dafydd bagged his promotion – or at least the recommendation for it – when Barber was Minister of Health. The NHS was probably desperate to employ Dafydd in a senior role anyway, he’s nuts, he’s dangerous, he flouts all laws, he’s a congenital liar and he’s a criminal, of course they’d want him, but if anyone was off message and dared suggest that Dafydd should not be given promotion, can one imagine what would happen? This is Dafydd the international trafficker and drug dealer, Dafydd who had shit on the Royal Family and the details of who had been lobotomised and murdered to shut them up, of course Dafydd was going to get promotion after Supermac had resigned.

It is believed by most historians that Alec Douglas-Home was only elected as Tory Leader to succeed Macmillan after a stitch-up among Macmillan and his Old Etonian chums to ensure that another one of their own became leader. Macmillan of course had not been elected by the Tories when he became Leader. He was personally appointed by Lilibet after Eden resigned and many believe such direct political intervention on the part of Lilibet was a big mistake. Although it has probably been eclipsed by so many of the others.16th March 1968 - My Lai Massacre - Left side of the ...

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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Some years ago before I researched for this blog and was of the opinion that the NHS was merely very rotten, rather than completely rotten, in some of the letters that I wrote in reply to the flat refusal of NHS senior managers and politicians to investigate even the most serious of my complaints, I used to take the piss, detail the extraordinary experiences that I and others had endured and comment that this was clearly what Nye had dreamt of. I know much more about dear hypocritical lying bastard Nye with his feet of clay now and yes, Dafydd is what Nye wanted. The abuse and criminality was built into the NHS at its creation – it had to be, the Top Doctors were there to serve the rich and blame the poor for their own predicament, most of them opposed the NHS anyway and they weren’t going to take orders from a jumped-up Welsh Socialist, so Nye had to embed the scams and the inequity as well as the outright abuse into the NHS from the very beginning (see previous posts). Thus we had Gwynne, then Dafydd, then Tony Francis and so it continues. It’s the prevailing model of business.

It won’t end with Dafydd’s death, if that has not happened yet. There are layers and layers of senior figures in the NHS, who have all bagged their jobs by singing ‘We’re going to tell, we’re going to tell…’


Lord Barber, yet another Big Mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s, died on 16 Dec 2005.

When in the Commons, Anthony Barber was the Tory MP for Doncaster, 25 October 1951-15 October 1964 and then for Altrincham and Sale, 10 June 1965 -10 October 1974.

MICK PARKIN – n roger – then cheshire…

Barber’s father was Secretary-Director of a Doncaster confectionery works. He had two brothers: Noel, who became a well-known journalist and novelist and Kenneth, who became Secretary of the Midland Bank.  SEE PREV POSTS

Barber was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School in RetfordNottinghamshire. He became an articled clerk, but joined the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry shortly before WW II started. Barber was commissioned into the TA Royal Artillery in 1939 and served in France with a unit from Doncaster as part of the British Expeditionary Force. He was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940, but later he became a pilot in the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit of the RAF. Barber ran out of fuel on a reconnaissance mission on 25 January 1942 and ditched near Mont St Jean, but was captured by the Germans. He was mentioned in dispatches for helping escapes from the prison camp at Stalag Luft III; Barber himself once escaped as far as Denmark.  STRANGER

While still a prisoner, Barber took a law degree through the International Red Cross. On his return to England, Barber went to Oriel College, Oxford University, where he took a degree in PPE and a scholarship to the Inner Temple. CONFLICTING INFO – MIDDLE also?? Barber practised as a barrister from 1948, and specialised in taxation. From 1967 to 1970 he was Chairman of Redfearn National Glass, with which his wife Jean’s family was connected.

Anthony Barber stood in Doncaster in 1950, but lost by 878 votes. He contested the seat again in 1951 and beat the incumbent Labour MP, Raymond Gunter by 384 votes. GUNTER – ELSEWHERE on BLOG – mate of Xmans – MP for WHERE??

Barber held a series of offices. He was PPS to George Ward (Viscount Ward). Ward was the Under Secretary of State for Air, 1952-58, under Churchill and then Eden. George Ward was Secretary of State for Air, Jan 1957-Oct 1960, in Macmillan’s Gov’t; Ward was one of those who socialised with Jack Profumo and Christine Keeler during 1961. Ward was preceded as Secretary of State for Air by Flintshire’s very own Nigel Birch, who was in that role, Dec 1955-Jan 1957.

Many of these people would have access to the inside info on Group Captain Peter Townsend.

George Ward served under Churchill and Eden as Under-Secretary of State for Air , 1952-55 and as Parliamentary and Financial Secretary to the Admiralty , 1955-57. When Macmillan became PM in January 1957, Ward was appointed Secretary of State for Air and remained in post until October 1960. Ward was sworn of the Privy Council in 1957 and raised to the peerage as Viscount Ward of Witley in 1960. 

Lord Ward of Whitley married firstly Anne Diana France Aysham in 1940. They had two children: the Hon. Georgina Anne Ward (b. 13 March 1941-June 2010), an actress of stage and screen, and the Hon. Anthony Giles Humble Ward (10 June 1943 – 4 May 1983), but were divorced in 1951. He married secondly Barbara Mary Colonsay McNeill, daughter of Ronald Frank Rous McNeill and former wife of Michael Astor, in 1962. She died in 1980. Lord Ward of Witley died in June 1988, aged 80. His only son had predeceased him without issue and as a result his title became extinct on his death.

Georgina Ward was born on March 13, 1941 in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire as Georgina Anne Ward. Georgina was an actress, known for Pride and Prejudice (1967) and The Avenger (1961), who married Patrick Tritton and then Alastair Forbes. Georgina died in 2010 in Mexico.

Patrick Tritton (1978 – 1 Feb 1998) ( his death)
Alastair Forbes (1966 – ?) ( divorced)
Georgina is described as ‘a veteran of stage theatre in the UK’ and ‘an ex-debutante who studied at the Sorbonne in Paris’. She was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company.
JUDI DENCH – Ian McKellen!! – Glenda jackson??

Alastair Forbes was born on May 12, 1918 in Surrey as Alastair Cameron Forbes. He was married to Georgina Ward and Charlotte Bergsoe. Forbes  died on May 19, 2005 in London.

Georgina Ward (1966 – 1970) ( divorced)
Charlotte Bergsoe (? – 1960) ( divorced) ( 1 child)
Writer and journalist.
Son from first marriage: Peter.
Uncle of U.S Senator and former Presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry is the son of Forbes’s eldest sister, Rosemary.
GEORGE WARD – [PRECEEDED PETER WALKER AS] MP At the 1945 general election he was elected to the House of Commons to represent Worcester for the Conservative Party,[2] and held the seat until 1960.

Barber – junior Government whip  1955-58; and PPS to the PM Macmillan, 1958-59. He then served four years as a junior minister in the TreasuryEconomic Secretary to the Treasury 1959-62, and, following the Night of the Long Knives on 13 July 1962, as Financial Secretary to the Treasury 1962-63 (under the Chancellorships of Derick Heathcoat AmorySelwyn Lloyd and Reginald Maudling).

H-A – briefly – Mr thrope – father of David H-A – Check

Here is more background on Dafydd and Gwynne’s big mate Selwyn Lloyd. John Selwyn Brooke LloydBaron Selwyn-Lloyd (28 July 1904-18 May 1978) was the Tory MP for the Wirral, 5 July 1945 –11 March 1976. (succeeded by David Hunt)

Selwyn’s father John Wesley Lloyd (1865-1954) was a dental surgeon of Welsh descent and a Methodist lay preacher. Selwyn won a scholarship to Fettes College, Miranda’s old school. At Fettes, Selwyn became involved in a gay scandal with older boys. They were expelled but he was deemed to be an innocent party and thus remained at Fettes.

Selwyn Lloyd was an active Liberal as a young man and in March 1925 he entertained H.H. Asquith at Magdalene after a Liberal Party meeting at the Cambridge Guildhall. See previous posts for information re Asquith, his daughter Violet and the Liberal dynasty that she gave rise to. Selwyn Lloyd became President of the Cambridge University Liberal Club. Lloyd was also an active debater in the Cambridge Union Society, where his sparring-partners included Rob Butler, Rab ButlerPatrick DevlinHugh FootAlan King-Hamilton and Geoffrey Lloyd. – carried on being Liberal – L-G became Leader – grays inn –

Lloyd considered himself a Conservative from the mid-1930s, but did not formally join the Tory Party until he was selected as a Parliamentary candidate in 1945. Selwyn Lloyd served under Churchill’s Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden as Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, 1951-54. Lloyd served as a Minister under both Churchill and Eden and was then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs under Eden and then Macmillan, 22 December 1955-27 July 1960; as Macmillan’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, 27 July 1960-13 July 1962; as Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal under Alec Douglas-Home, 18 October 1963-16 October 1964; as Speaker of the House, 12 January 1971-3 February 1976, under Ted Heath and then Harold Wilson.

Selwyn Lloyd grew up near Liverpool. During the 1930s he practised as a barrister and served on Hoylake Urban District Council, by which time he had become a Tory Party sympathiser. During WW II, Lloyd rose to be Deputy Chief of Staff of Second Army, playing an important role in planning sea transport to the Normandy beachhead.

Lloyd’s tenure as Foreign Secretary under Eden from April 1955 coincided with the Suez Crisis, for which he at first attempted to negotiate a peaceful settlement, before reluctantly assisting with Eden’s wish to negotiate collusion with France and Israel. Lloyd continued as Foreign Secretary under Macmillan until July 1960, when he was appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer. In this job Selwyn set up the NEDC, but became an increasingly unpopular figure because of the contractionary measures which he felt compelled to take, including the “Pay Pause” of July 1961, culminating in the Liberal victory at the Orpington by-election in March 1962. In July 1962 Macmillan sacked Selwyn from the Cabinet, Selwyn being the highest-profile casualty in the Night of the Long Knives.

In 1969 Selwyn Lloyd was captain of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club in its centenary year.

Lloyd continued to serve on many committees and to campaign for the Tory Party in North West England. In the 1970 General Election, the organisational reforms made in response to Lloyd’s report of 1963 bore fruit, especially in the North West. The reforms were thought to have resulted in the gain of 10 seats, contributing to Heath’s narrow victory.

PIC – Dafydd !! Selwyn’s friend!! – selwyn foreign sec under eden – eg wilfred abse – mervyn susser etc – chancellor under mac when daniel died pre radio talk –

In 1971, after the Tories had returned to power, Lloyd became Speaker, having been elected by 294 votes to 55, the opposition coming from those who thought that the election was a stitch-up between the leadership of the two main parties. In the Parliamentary debate on Bloody Sunday, Lloyd refused to allow the MP for Mid-Ulster, Bernadette Devlin, to give her account or to ask questions of the Secretary of State, despite Devlin having been an eyewitness to events.

While he was Speaker, Selwyn Lloyd became Deputy High Steward of Cambridge University in 1971 and was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside in 1974. Lloyd retired as Speaker on 3 February 1976, making way for George Thomas. Lloyd was raised to the peerage and appointed to be the Steward of the Manor of Northstead

On 8 March 1976 Lloyd was created Baron Selwyn-Lloyd. He sat as a crossbencher. Lloyd became an honorary fellow of his old college, Magdalene. In retirement he lived in Oxfordshire. He did a great deal of charidee work and was an active Patron and generous host to the nearby Oxford University Conservative Association. Lloyd died at home of a brain tumour on 17 May 1978.

MR THROPE charged on 4 Aug 1978; committal hearing a Minehead in Nov 1978.

Lloyd remained on very friendly terms with Eden until they died and the two men cooperated throughout the 1960s and 1970s over Eden’s memoirs as well as the information that they gave, often anonymously, to historians about Suez. In public Lloyd and Eden maintained the pretence that there had been no collusion with Israel. It was later admitted that there had been and Eden had lied to the House about the matter. Selwyn Lloyd and Eden had made an agreement at the time not to tell the truth about the collusion with Israel until after Selwyn had died, but in the event, Eden died before Selwyn.

Anthony Eden died on 14 Jan 1977 – liver cancer – but OK to go to US for Xmas, Callaghan diverted RAF plane to fly him home. Wiltshire – died Salisbury hospital

Lib Lab pact – march 1977 – Mr Thrope still leader, supported Calla

oct 1977 – andrew newton out of prison, sold story that he’d been paid by a leading liberal to kill norman

DATES of SELWYN n Eden’s Death – mention mr thrope etc

Selwyn – dead 17 may 1978



Reggie Maud –

Back to Anthony Barber: he served as Minister of Health DATE 1963 until he lost his Doncaster seat in the 1964 General Election to Labour’s Harold Walker. Barber’s absence from Parliament was short-lived, as he won the 1965 by-election in Altrincham and Sale caused by the elevation to the peerage of the constituency MP Frederick Erroll. So the Tories really wanted Barber back as an MP and seized the opportunity when Frederick Erroll became Lord Erroll. Lord Erroll was also a mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s! – Cheshire ring – DATES LUCILLE IN CHESHIRE??

Frederick James Erroll, 1st Baron Erroll of Hale (27 May 1914-14 September 2000) was the Tory MP for Altrincham and Sale, 1945-64. Erroll was the son of George Murison Bergmans and Kathleen. The family changed their German surname to Erroll during WW I. Frederick Erroll was educated at Oundle and at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in mechanical sciences.

OUNDLE – Clough – Robinson – Mickey Wynn – and others OTHER PERSON RECENTLY?? search oundle on blog – peter preston?? peter scott

Trin College – stranger – in 1930s with the spies there – bertrand link – hobs – kings – apostles – DATES FOR HOBS??

pic – upstairs at erics

Erroll was an engineer at Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd, Manchester, 1936-38. He was commissioned into 4th County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters), TA in 1939 and held appointments in connection with tank construction and testing (advising SEAC, 1940–43) and served in India and Burma, 1944-45. 

Erroll was Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Supply, 1955–56; Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, 1956–58; Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1958–59 – succeeded by Barber when Barber was in the house as the MP for Doncaster –  Minister of State for Trade, 1959–61 – succeeded by Keith Joseph; President of the Board of Trade, 1961–63 – succeeded by Grocer Heath; and Minister of Power, 1963-64. In 1964 Erroll was raised to the peerage as Baron Erroll of Hale. In 1999, aged 85, he was awarded a life peerage as Baron Erroll of Kilmun, of Kilmun in Argyll and Bute to allow him to sit in the Lords following the passing of the  House of Lords Act 1999, which excluded hereditary peers. ONE OF THE FIDDLES TO STOP HIM BEING CHUCKED OUT – ERROLL – CRUCIAL to ring

Erroll was a Member of the Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, 1985-91. He held a large number of business appointments.

Erroll married Elizabeth Barrow in 1950. Lord Erroll died in Kensington and Chelsea, aged 86 on 14 Sept 2000 – WATERHOUSE – just as I began teacher training. As Erroll and his wife had no children, the hereditary barony became extinct on his death. 

Andrew Roth wrote Lord Erroll’s obituary which appeared in ‘The Guardian’ on 19 Sept 2000 – read this obit in the light of : GRAUNIAD COVERING UP N WALES – Miranda was PM – Sarah married Gordon 3 Aug 2000 – Hobsb

pic – upstairs at erics

very tall and burly, Baron Erroll of Hale, who has died aged 86, was among the most successful and popular engineer-politician-industrialists of his generation. Although he reached his political peak under Harold Macmillan, as president of the Board of Trade (1961-63), he thought he did better as minister for power (1963-64), to which post Sir Alec Douglas-Home demoted him. There, he rushed through the Continental Shelf Bill to allow the oil companies speedily to explore the North Sea and thus “dish Labour”.


When the Tories were defeated in 1964, he was rewarded with a hereditary barony. After that, he led the Tories in little-reported Lords economic, industrial and foreign trade debates. Last year he was one of the 92 elected by fellow hereditaries to survive as life peers in the transitional House of Lords.

Outside politics, Erroll was an even greater success as an industrialist. He was chairman of Bowater, Consolidated Gold Fields and Whessoe and a leading figure in the CBI, the Institute of Directors and the London Chamber of Commerce. He led successful trade delegations to south-east Asia and Latin America, and penetrated the Iron Curtain, meeting Nikita Krushchev and Chou En-lai.

A complex background enabled Erroll to bridge the class gap. Born in London, he was the son of mechanical engineer George Erroll, who had come south from Glasgow and shed his German-sounding name of Bergmans. Earlier family roots were in Rotterdam. Freddy’s father also managed to send him to Oundle. After that, in 1931, he was apprenticed at Metropolitan-Vickers, then an engineering giant in the Manchester suburbs. His public schoolboy polish helped him become chairman of the largely leftwing apprentices association, and he obtained a mechanical sciences degree at Trinity College, Cambridge.

A complex background – enabled him to meet the people who would reward him for concealing the crimes of Gwynne and Dafydd

Already in the Territorials, he was commissioned in the 4th County of London Yeomanry at the outbreak of war in 1939, transferring to the tank division of the Ministry of Supply in 1940. He wound up a full colonel in Mountbatten’s Southeast Asia Command, as technical adviser on armoured fighting vehicles, and took part in SEAC’s first amphibious operations.

Thus Erroll acquired even more aspects to the complex background which enabled him to bridge the class divide – put in quick links re those below

6th Duke of Westminster bw Allan Warren.jpg


Crossland MP.jpg
Jack Jones Trade Unionist.jpg


Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Labour’s 1945 tidal wave did not touch him as the safe Tory candidate for Altrincham and Sale, and, once in the Commons, he became a militant voice for business and Tory virtues, attacking nationalisation and food subsidies. He also wanted better pay for industrial brains, so that senior executives could think in the evenings rather than wash dishes.

me in gazelle – spotted all of them… Cheshire link – Ken n Babs – the detective from Gtr Manchester

Having turned down previous offers after the Tories’ comeback in 1951 in favour of more remunerative directorships, Erroll’s first ministerial job was as parliamentary secretary for supply in Eden’s 1955 government, and he held the same rank at the Board of Trade (1956-58), before becoming economic secretary to the Treasury (1958-59). Transferred to the Board of Trade under Reginald Maudling in 1959, he took over command in 1961. He survived Macmillan’s 1962 purge, but did not shine, mainly because he was caught in the Tory party struggle between big business and smaller entrepreneurs.

Sir Alec Douglas-Home made him minister for power, although Erroll had conspired with Enoch Powell and Iain Macleod to block Home’s selection as leader by the Tory inner circle. After the 1964 Tory defeat, Erroll, who had been warned by his doctor to take things easy, turned over his safe seat to Anthony Barber.

Another resignation on the advice of a Top Doc, which resulted in yet more scaffolding for Dafydd and Gwynne.

After his recovery,

Erroll did make a recovery in the congenial surroundings of the Lords from whatever was so wrong with him that he needed to resign from the Commons, thus keeping Anthony Barber in the Commons in the face of Tory defeat by Harold Wilson

he was much sought after by big business. As chairman of Bowater’s, the paper giant,

US company now known as Resolute Forest Products

he battled with Harold Wilson over his industries bill. As chairman of Consolidated Gold Fields, he fought off takeover attempts by South African billionaire Harry Oppenheimer. As chairman of a Home Office committee (1970-72), he urged more flexible licensing hours and a lower drinking age of 17.

HOME OFFICE – bryn estyn – Heads dying?? Check risley – police

1967 – Mr Harold James Bennett retires  after 26 years. A Mr David Ursell took over as headmaster

  • Gordon Anglesea starts work as a police officer. He later resigned following a marriage breakdown and joined Flintshire constabulary.

1968 – John Ernest Allen took out a 21-year lease on Bryn Alyn Hall, near Llay, Wrexham complete with 50 acres of land, which was opened to house ‘difficult’ children from 42 different local authorities.

1971 15th March – An inquiry held into a complaint against David Ursell, the Headmaster of Bryn Estyn School concerning methods of discipline.

1972 – David Ursell suspended following a number of complaints regarding the way he instilled discipline at Bryn Estyn Approved School – Peter Burton takes over as headmaster.

1973 March Bryn Estyn Approved school Headmaster Peter Burton, along with his wife and seven-year-old son were tragically killed in a road traffic accident near Crewe, Cheshire. The Deputy headmaster of Bryn Estyn was also killed in the accident.

1973 May Granville Bernard  ‘Matt’ Arnold made head of Bryn Estyn Children’s Home, taking over from the acting Headmaster Brynley Goldswain

(1973 October Bryn Estyn Approved School becomes a local authority ‘Community Home with Education’)

He never lost his sense of humour; until the end, editors loved to reproduce his brief, jokey letters, usually in answer to others’ gripes..

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


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  • Do you need a lobotomy? Lobotomy Before and After pics ...

For those like me who wondered what exactly kept so many anti-apartheid activists quiet about Dafydd, Gwynne et al and the international trafficking business – apart from the involvement in the AAM of folk like Mr Thrope, David Steel, David and John Ennals, CHECK Lady Lavender Patten of Barnes (Chris Patten’s wife) and Dafydd’s mate Prof Mervyn Susser, his wife Zena Stein- LOOK UP TO CHECK See previous posts. Here’s a bit of info for everyone:

Consolidated Gold Fields was a British gold-mining company. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but was acquired by Hanson plc in 1988.

The Company was founded in 1887 and incorporated in London to fund the newly discovered gold reefs in the Transvaal

N WALES quarrymen going to Transvaal

By 1900 it had already started to diversify outside South Africa. After 1945 it acquired mines in the US and Australia. Until the 1970s, it was predominantly a mining finance house receiving income from passive investments. In 1970 A.R.O. Williams O.B.E, who was then Managing Director, retired. After the 1970s it transformed itself into natural resource group concentrating on a relatively small number of minerals. The company had three major wholly owned subsidiaries: ARC Ltd, Gold fields Corporation and ARC America, both in the United States.

ARC Ltd ie Amalgamated Roadstone Corporation Ltd was formed on 23 April 1935 to acquire a number of quarries in Britain. In 1947 ARC acquired the majority of the shares of the British Quarrying Co Ltd (BQC) and its associated quarries. By 1958 the company owned 58 quarries. LOOK UP – any in N Wales??

By the late 1980s Consolidated Gold Fields was considering withdrawing from South Africa completely. It was then the subject of an acrimonious, hostile and unsuccessful take-over bid by Minorco early in 1988.

Consolidated Gold Fields played a key role in ending apartheid in South Africa; Michael Young, the company’s public affairs director, embarked on the controversial course of initiating secret discussions between the South African Gov’t and the ANC at Mells Park House in the company’s estate in Somerset.

Michael Alan Young graduated in PPE from York University in 1972. He started his career in No 10 and in the Foreign Office when Grocer Heath was PM. Young moved to ARC Ltd and then to its parent Consolidated Gold Fields as Public Affairs Manager where he worked under the Chairman Rudolph Agnew. It was under Agnew that Young organised secret meetings at Mells Park House, attended by various delegates from the South African Gov’t as well as leaders of the ANC such as Thabo Mbeki and Oliver Tambo meetings which contributed to the end of South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Thabo – HIV – lied to S African citizens re cause of AIDS – didn’t want to (or couldn’t afford) the drugs – WHICH REMEDIES?? promoted – Thabo – Sussex University – Guvnor

In 2001, the year following the publication of the Waterhouse Report, Michael Young was appointed OBE for his contribution to human rights. Young joined the Liberal Party and stood unsuccessfully as the party’s candidate for Penrith and The Border at the 1983 General Election; in the same seat at a by-election seven weeks later when he came within 552 votes of gaining the seat from the Conservatives. Young also stood as the unsuccessful Liberal candidate in the 1987 General Election for the Isle of Wight.

WILLIE W – outline – who won P n Border in 83??

Did Lord Tom King of Bridgwater know anything about all of this, because Lord King did very well out of what was happening to my friends and I at the hands of the Gang. If Lady Jane was at those discussions, I presume that Great Savings would have been made on the sausage rolls, Jane King being noted for making one sausage roll last all evening.

Sir Rudolph Ion Joseph Agnew (born 12 March 1934) was group Chief Exec of Consolidated Gold Fields plc, 1978-89 and Chairman, 1983-89. He was given a K in the 2002 New Years Honours.

A few words about the Tory MP who narrowly beat Michael Young of Free Nelson Mandela and bagged the seat of Penrith and The Border for the Tories, something that would never have happened had Young gone public on the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Dafydd’s Gang and the associated very serious crime which Whitelaw was facilitating.

David John Maclean, Baron Blencathra (born 16 May 1953) is a Conservative Party life peer. He was the MP for Penrith and The Border 1983 to 2010.

Born in Scotland, Maclean was educated at Fortrose AcademyFortrose, and at the University of Aberdeen. MacLean has MS and uses a wheelchair.

After unsuccessfully contesting Inverness, Nairn and Lochaber at the 1983 general election, he was elected to the House of Commonsin a by-election seven weeks later, following the ennoblement of William Whitelaw.

Maclean served as a whip in Thatch’s Gov’t, 1987-89, when he was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to MAFF, retaining the position when Major took over as PM in 1990. WHO WAS SECS OF STATE?

After the 1992 General Election, Maclean was promoted to Minister of State at the Dept of the Environment. SEC of State?? and in 1993, he was moved to the post of Minister of State at the Home Office, a position he held until the Tory Party’s defeat in May 1997. CORRUPTION IN HOME OFF

Under William Hague‘s leadership in opposition, he returned to the backbenches until 2001, when the new leader IDS promoted him to opposition Chief Whip. When IDS lost a vote of confidence in 2003, Maclean tendered his resignation but was reappointed to the position under new Leader Michael Howard. Maclean returned to the back benches when Call Me Dave was elected as leader in 2005.

During the 2005 General Election and afterwards, Maclean worked extensively with the pro hunting group Vote-OK, with the aim of returning a Tory Gov’t in order to have the Hunting Act 2004 repealed.

Maclean made the headlines in 2007, when he proposed a private members bill that would have exempted the Houses of Parliamentfrom the Freedom of Information Act. The bill proved controversial, with the government unofficially supporting the bill.

Maclean said that “My bill is necessary to give an absolute guarantee that the correspondence of members of parliament, on behalf of our constituents and others, to a public authority remains confidential.” The Bill was passed by the House of Commons on 18 May 2007, but has so far failed to find a sponsor in the Lords. A report by the Lords Select Committee on the Constitution, published on 20 June 2007, said the Bill “does not meet the requirements of caution and proportionality in enacting legislation of constitutional importance.”

On 26 June 2009, Maclean told his constituency Conservative Association that he would not stand at the following election, because of his worsening MS. 

Maclean was reported in  the Torygraph as having spent more than £20,000 improving his farmhouse under the Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) scheme before selling it for £750,000. He claimed the money by designating the property as his “second home” with the Commons authorities, yet Maclean did not pay capital gains tax on the sale because the taxman accepted it was his main home. Maclean was one of 98 MPs who voted to keep their expense details secret.

On 28 February 2011, Maclean was created a life peer, Baron Blencathra and he was introduced in the Lords on 10 March 2011, where he sits as a Tory. So Maclean went upstairs to the Lords just as Operation Pallial was launched. In 2014 Maclean was found to have breached the Code of Conduct of the Lords in his dealings with the government of the Cayman Islands.

This secret discussions organised by Michael Young resulted in the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 and the handover of power to majority rule: the events are described in book The Fall of Apartheid by Robert Harvey and the 2009 Channel 4 film “Endgame”.


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DATES – MANDELA@S RELEASE – Leaving Victor Verster Prison on 11 February, 1990 – Mandela held Winnie’s hand in front of amassed crowds and the press; the event was broadcast live across the world.

Fearns et al – WHAT DATE Feb 1990?? See post ‘Too Many Pills’

James Seipei (1974–1 January 1989), also known as Stompie Moeketsi, or Stompie Sepei – battered, throat slit age 14. winnie died – 2 April 2018 – awkward matter of stompie played down

April 1992 – Brighton firebomb – Silence Of The Welsh Lambs

Mandela President of South Africa – 10 May 1994 – 16 June 1999 – succeeded by Thabo Mbeki

Mandela died – 5 dec 2013 – heddfan…

Desmond Tutu – recent comments – built on a bloody midden like this, hardly surprising – Wales supported AAM – DATE of CEREMONY – Attenborough – Rhodri – Merfyn – Martin!

Consolidated Goldfields Company was acquired by Hanson plc in 1988 for £3.5bn.

Janey Buchan – Glasgae – Labour MEP 1979-94 – Glasgae City Councillor – Councillor on Strathclyde Regional Council, 1974-79,- and on Scottish arts scene – founded events which led to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – died Brighton – married to Labour MP Norman Buchan – personal friends with Nelson Mandela as well as celebs such as Billy Connolly – She was Life President of the Scottish Minorities Group (later Scottish Homosexual Rights Group and subsequently Outright Scotland). schoolteacher who later became Labour MP from 1964 for West Renfrewshire and later Paisley South. Buchan died in 1990. DORIS HEFFER – Nicholas Fairbairn – Glasgae Rape Case – James Mackay – Patsy Scotland – abuse complaints – attempted suicide of mistress – Esther – son of Ronald Fairbairn – Top Doc and – psychoanalyst

•’Complex problems’ – difficult decisions – no excuse for this shithouse – Thatch’s ministers were involved with the abuse of the young people trafficked by the ring with which this lot were colluding – thatch opposed sanctions – Denis had investments in south Africa – Duncan Orme and the Barclays Bank in SU etc – total wankers

Peter Hain – God knows what his role was but at least he really did put himself at risk re anti-apartheid activism, his friends were assassinated and someone hated him enough to try and fit him up for a bank robbery. I’ll take the view that the jury is still out on Peter Hain, because I know the assumptions that have been made and the lies told about Brown and me because we took on some seriously nasty people


It was Anthony Barber who led Heath’s campaign to become Tory Party Leader in 1965 and Barber became Party Chairman in 1967. CHECK The Conservatives won the general election in 1970 and Barber held his seat until the General Election of Oct 1974, when he himself entered the Lords.

After winning the election in 1970, Grocer Heath appointed Barber as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and gave him the responsibility for negotiating the entry of the UK into the EEC. Following the sudden death of Iain Macleod on 20 July, only 6 weeks after the election, Barber became the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. His appointment prompted Harold Wilson to remark that it was the first time that he had realised that Heath had a sense of humour. In line with the initial liberal instincts of Heath’s 1970 Gov’t, Barber oversaw a major liberalisation of the banking system, leading to a high level of lending, much of it to speculative property concerns. In his first Budget, in March 1971, Barber proposed to replace purchase tax and Selective Employment Tax with VAT and also relaxed exchange controls; both were prerequisites to membership of the EEC. VAT came into force in 1973 at a standard rate of 10%.  Barber also reduced direct taxes. High levels of economic growth followed, but the traditional capacity constraints of the British economy – especially currency and balance of trade concerns – quickly choked the economic boom. The banking system fell towards crisis as the bubble burst.

During his term the economy suffered due to stagflation and industrial unrest. In 1972 he delivered a budget which was designed to return the Conservative Party to power in an election expected in 1974 or 1975. This budget led to a period known as “The Barber Boom”. The measures in the budget led to high inflation and wage demands from Public Sector workers. Barber was forced to introduce anti-inflation measures in September 1972, along with a Prices Commission and a Pay Board. The inflation of capital asset values was also followed by the 1973 oil crisis, adding to inflationary pressures in the economy and feeding industrial militancy (already at a high as a result of the struggle over the Industrial Relations Act 1971).

In 1972, Barber, having said a week earlier in the House of Commons that he had “no reason to believe that the pound was overvalued”, Barber floated it (most of the world currencies were floated at that time) “as a temporary measure”. The pound immediately plunged on the markets and it was impossible during his time as Chancellor to impose a new parity. It has remained floating ever since.


After a strike by the miners and the Three Day Week, the Grocer called for a General Election on 28 February 1974 with the slogan “Who governs Britain?” The election returned a minority Labour government and Wilson as PM. Barber did not seek re-election at the general election of October 1974,.


Barber was made a life peer on 6 January 1975 as Baron Barber and served as Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank, 1974-87, where future PM John Major was his personal assistant.

Lord Mervyn

In 1987, Barber was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire. Barber was also a director of BP, 1979-88. He visited Nelson Mandela in prison. In 1991, Barber became chair of the RAF Benevolent Association’s appeal for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which raised £26 million.

Barber suffered from Parkinson’s disease in later years, and died in Suffolk in 2005. He was married twice, with two daughters from his first marriage.


BROWN: The miners’ strike study ran from 1884 to 1986, but I joined it in the spring of 1985. This was as a result of money given to Guy by the Broadcasting Research Unit at the BFI. According to press overage at the time, there was some strategizing on the part of the government, such that he announcements that might precipitate a strike were made in the spring, at  time when coal stocks were high, so that, were  strike to take place, it would be over the summer when energy demands were lower. Plus Ian McGregor had been hired as an ‘outsider’ who wasn’t personally invested in the UK coal industry, with  view to shrinking  it, a bit like that man who was given a merit award for closing the day centre.

Nicholas EDEN – In Lords as hereditary peer – 14 January 1977 – 17 August 1985

lord in waiting, Govt whip – 22 September 1980 – 6 January 1983

PUSS for Energy – 6 January 1983 – 11 September 1984 – FOLLOWED BY DAVID HUNT – BOTH ON Peter WALKER’S WATCH

PUSS ENVironment – 11 September 1984 – 27 March 1985 PATRICK JENKIN AS SECRETARY OF STATE?? EDEN RESIGNED March ’85 – MARCH 85 – Tony Francis confrontation soon after – and ros – ros to shrewsbury, john n helen osborne – august – the 2nd francis confrontation – I went to see keith best – the NUM poster – DATE THE NUM CALLED OFF STRIKE???

peter walker – holding the country to ransom part I – NUM strike – spiel re wet – Thatch – knew where bodies were buried – Walker became active in the Tory Party at a very young age – Young Conservatives in latter half of 1950s – Beata Brookes – UCNW grad – social worker – Denbighshire County Council – later key member of Gang – dominated health and welfare sector in north Wales – in 1950s embryonic trafficking business See post ‘               ‘

‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ discussed Peter Walker’s business activities in the late 1950s with asset stripper and dodgy businessman Jim Slater – Jim Slater was a friend of Nigel Lawson’s, such a good friend that Lawson gave Slater a column re investment on the Sunday Torygraph after Lawson became City Editor in 1961 – Jim Slater was also friends with Sir James Goldsmith – See comments after my post ‘        ‘ for the links between Sir Jams, his son Zac and those involved in the trafficking ring that stretched right across south London, facilitated by among others, St George’s Hospital Medical School.

Lawson’s daughter Nigella was involved with the Dangerous Sports Club when she was at Oxford. My post ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’ discusses how the DSC contingent started hanging out in Somerset befriending people known to me when the Gang were after me in the late 1980s/90s. One of that contingent who was asking questions about me was Bill Fryer, who was at Oxford at the same time as Call Me Dave and Boris. See post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’. The Boris who discussed Uganda with Woodrow Wyatt’s daughter Petronella when they both worked at ‘The Spectator’.

Leicester ring – Frank Beck – trial n prison etc – Liberal Cllr for Blaby, Lawson’s constituency – Beck elected in 1983, then re-elected in 1987 – Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer – 1983-WHEN?? – James Earp – Top Doc in Leicester – concealed the criminality of Dafydd and the Gang in 1987-88 – ‘An Expert From England’ – Earp was senior forensic psych in Leicester – trained other Top Docs – involved with School of Medicine at Leicester University – completely on board with the organised abuse in Leicester – Dean was Sir – later Lord Robert Kilpatrick – Chairman of the GMC, 1989-95 CHECK – failed to take any action re Dafydd and the Gang – Kilpatrick previously held senior posts at Sheffield University School of Medicine and WHERE – Kilpatrick Scottish – international network – huge figure in Medical Mafia – concealed Westminster Paedophile Ring, research fraud, criminality – See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’

Peter Walker – after retirement from politics in DATE he returned to the Cityas Chairman of Kleinwort Benson. Other business positions Walker held included: Chairman of Allianz Insurance plc, Vice Chairman of Dresdner Kleinwort and non-executive Director non-executive director of ITM Power plc.

Peter WALKER – Peter Edward Walker, Baron Walker of Worcester, (25 March 1932 – 23 June 2010) he served in the Cabinet as the Environment Secretary (1970–72), Trade and Industry Secretary (1972–74), Agriculture Minister (1979–83), Energy Secretary (11 June 1983–13 June 87) and Welsh Secretary (13 June 1987–4 May 90). He was a Member of Parliament (MP) representing the constituency of Worcester from 1961 to 1992. He was made a life peer in 1992.

REMEMBER GEORGE WARD Preceeded walker as mp for worces

Although the role of Welsh Secretary was ostensibly one of the most junior jobs in the Cabinet, Walker claimed it gave him more influence as it gave access to key economic committees. He stood down from the Cabinet shortly before Thatch herself was ousted in 1990. Though he had previously been a close ally of Heath’s and was generally considered to be on the left of the party, he was nevertheless one of the longest-serving Cabinet members in Thatch’s Gov’t.

As noted above, Walker’s 1970 appointment as Secretary of State for the Environment was notable in that he became the world’s first Environment Minister, and was thus a source of considerable interest at the 1972 Stockholm Conference.  beata – mep, 79-89

REMEMBER hospices – Davies

Loesche – Worcestershire

Wood – Greek man – summer 1983 – trying to split Brown and me up – Trishles, Leslie Gore, New Statesman folk – Brown away during the week – suddenly dropped Greek idea, mentioned Gwynne later

Eden dying of AIDS – Brown – needed more to replace them, Gwynne might have needed a supply


LOOK AT DATE OF APPOINTMENT BY THATCH – WOOD!! – Greek man, shrewsbury, change of mind – TRISHLES IN HOUSE – leslie gore n brown – trying to split us up

NICHOLAS EDEN – in walker’s dept – trafficker… dafydd gwynne beata

ros n shrewsbury – F discharging both of us suddenly – then row in AUG?? – Eden DEATH?? KEITH BEST -1985 in welsh office –

REMEMBER – the old crowd were virtually all still alive re Gwynne

N Eden – dates of resignation AND Death – compare with Mary Wynch’s Appeal, Francis n row, Ros, Death of Lord Strathclyde n wife – Keith best visit…

Macmillan died – 29 Dec 1986 – INTERESTING STUFF IN HIS LATTER YRS: Detail – Chairman of the publishers – and other things –

Maurice!! various Gov’t positions – DIED at the hands of the Top Docs on 10 MARCH 1984 –

Macs rude speech about thatch etc – Feb 1984

Mac was MP for a Durham constituency

Remember – Lilibet appointed him PM – the report by the Grocer which probably influenced

Denning – President of Birkbeck in 50s

Saunders n Dafyd n dead JE Daniel – Feb 1962 – WHAT WAS HAPPENING RE MacM? – enoch pinel was min of health – profumo story known behind scenes and gossiped about – DATES of fights at flamingo etc

DATES Dafydd stood for election??

Ioan B R at similar time…


Maurice had son Alexander – MEP for SW England – DO Alexander as well

REMEMBER THE WEE NURSES PROTEST – 1962 – Observer – half were blokes – psych nurses




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Lord Denning Founding Trustee Leonard Cheshire Homes. The unlawful police no go area maintained by MI5 Special Branch liaison. Nonetheless the charity availed to Tavistock Institute for 3 years research commissioned by Dept of Health.

    1. Yes Richard, a longer look at Lord Denning and his life and times leaves me in no doubt that he knowingly concealed appalling criminality. Because I grew up among Sir Bufton Tuftons and Sir Herbert Gussets, old Tories, many of whom sounded like Lord Denning in that they were from a previous era but were in most ways absolutely OK, I am always careful not to jump to conclusions about people who sound like Lord Denning. However, the harsh reality is that to rise to the level that he did at that time – and indeed ever since – one only did so if one did collude with serious crime on the part of the highest in society.

      Ugandan discussions were incredibly common on the part of what was then most definitely a ruling class, but the real problem was the smaller number of people who were, even by the standards of ‘back then’, behaving completely unacceptably -eg. sexual assault on women and children – and their friends and colleagues showing a misplaced loyalty to them. That class suffered themselves; I’ve just been reading a bit about the less publicised lives of Churchill’s children, they were appallingly damaged although by what/whom I’m not sure, but they really were in a bad way.

      Those lower down the food chain but higher than many others – the Civil Service mandarins, senior legal and health professionals – took orders from above in order to advance themselves. Because those careers are based on patronage, the effects are still very much with us. Cherie Booth being one of them.

      There was a very foolish tolerance of rotten eggs, so much so that the rot has infected the whole barrel. Back in the 1980s/90s, when there was all the comment about the influence that Freemasonry was allegedly exerting, the author of one of the volumes exploring their influence stated that he had been told by a senior Mason that the medical profession were the least corruptible re Masonry. I knew at the time that was rubbish, that profession was probably the most susceptible to corruption, but Top Docs are more subtle than a corrupt Councillor or a dodgy car dealer. But believe me, they are seriously corrupt. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that book and others were published when questions were being asked re north Wales and the allegations of Masonry were flying. That book discusses one corrupt Top Doc who was a Mason, a man alleged to be seriously twisted and depraved and a very big problem. The pseudonym given for him in the book is Dr Denby. I did wonder…

      Everyone in north Wales knew about Dafydd. They didn’t like him, but they were frightened of him and knew that goodies could be bagged if they stayed in with him. As with Gwynne. But people in grander places knew as well and it really was a case of Dave Spart’s view of the world being correct; Gwynne and Dafydd got away with it because the path led to Buck House.

      It says nothing for so many that, whatever politics they adopted, whatever mantle of ‘professionalism’, they colluded with terrible things. I cannot have been the only person targeted; no rational society would contain so many corrupt professional people who were happy to lie, to perjure, to write unfair references, to unlawfully dismiss, to unlawfully imprison etc when asked to by their seniors to shaft a complainant or a whistleblower. This was a culture of corruption which was well embedded and just how business was conducted by the time that I walked into it.

      I suspect that Denbigh was there to destroy the victims of someone important before Lord Snowdon and Bertrand Russell arrived on the scene, because the constituency of Denbigh always had a big hitter for an MP. This was a small town in the hills surrounded by farms in a poor part of the UK. There was nothing at Denbigh but Dafydd and Gwynne and their predecessors. But the MPs were Big Men for such an insignificant place. Geraint Morgan QC was in place from the mid-50s to 83, when the constituency disappeared (why would that have been??). Morgan was a barrister with the big boys on the Northern Circuit who had enjoyed en elite education of a weird kind and I’m fairly sure that he worked for MI5. Before Morgan there was a Garner Evans and before him, a Top Doctor but a hugely influential one, not a jobbing psych at Denbigh. The MPs for Denbigh were there to deflect all questions.

      There was also interesting shenanigans in Denbighshire politics throughout the latter half of the 20th century as a result of scrapping within the Liberal Party, I’ve found a good journal article that I’m in the process of using to try and analyse it at the moment. I wish that I had a research team of good young PhD students and post-docs, there’s loads that I can see that needs following up but I haven’t got time.

      Likewise why did Flintshire West have such Big Men as Nigel Birch and Anthony Meyer as MPs? Mold was the centre of the whatever the rot was there, it was obviously a Party Ring, but I’m not sure who was involved. Apart from Birch, Meyer, Dafydd and Gwynne of course.

      So yes, Lord Denning sounded very convincing to the Buftons and my grandfather probably loved him. They didn’t know ALL of what was going on. My grandfather always banged on about the Liberals – I presume he knew about Mr Thrope et al – and I just put that down to his Bufton-esque tendencies. Things were so much worse than the Little People ever realised.

      By the way, I see that it has been admitted that two former Bishops of Lincoln have admitted concealing organised abuse. I’ve looked at the dates; one of the molesters whom they concealed was the Rev J.F. Rigg, who was moved to a parish near Bridgwater, where he made a nuisance of himself for donkeys years all over again. Well Rigg just joined in the Party Ring that Lord Tom and Jane of the One Sausage Roll To Last All Evening couldn’t give a damn about as it caused trouble in the Bridgwater area. The BBC haven’t mentioned Rigg’s name, but he was definitely one of them. We sang rude songs about Rigg in the school playground.

      We didn’t know! Well the kids in Bawdrip and Chedzoy school did.

      Time for much of the world to stop banging on about Safeguarding, Talking Because It Helps and admit that they don’t know WHAT they are doing. Do us a favour and piss off out of it.

      1. Thanks to readers for the links re news reports on the infected blood products Inquiry, which I think opens today. Interested parties need to look at the CV of the Chair, Sir Brian Langstaff. He’s a barrister in Middle Temple, as was Ronnie Waterhouse. Langstaff has followed a career specialising in clinical negligence. He’ll have known about the infected blood years ago, he’ll have known that NHS patients were being knowingly put at risk and he knew that the Top Docs knew as well. No-one said anything. Langstaff has spent his career thrashing out deals with corrupt lawyers and Top Docs. that’s why he’s Chairing the Inquiry…

        I haven’t got time to dig, but I suggest that someone does. Sir Brian will be compromised.

        If any readers have an interest in the infected blood products scandal, I blogged in detail about it in earlier posts. The main culprit was Lord Simon Glenarthur, one of Thatch’s Health Minister. Simon Glenarthur doubled up as Chairman of the Posh Hospital where Princess Middleton gave birth and he was a Director of the MDU. It doesn’t take a Public Inquiry to work out what was going on.

        Simon Glenarthur is the most culpable, but Dr Death was involved as well, back in the 70s. The NHS was purchasing infected blood for years before anyone outside the Top Docs circle fessed up.

        A Top Doc with a nice take on how corrupt so many of his colleagues are who sends me interesting questions to ponder wants to know who benefited from having so many HIV positive patients, in that the infected blood scandal was allowed to continue for so long??

        Er, drug companies? HIV lobbying groups?? Charidees Fighting Stigma?? Those AIDS hospices in London which were run and funded by partners of the Gang in north Wales, which is why Ken Clark at the Dept of Health could be blackmailed into giving them dosh…

        The Top Docs of north Wales benefited as well because they knowingly used infected blood products on witnesses to Dafydd and Gwynne. Nigel Clay might like to tell me who suggested that, I had a lucky escape there.

        1. Red Ken knew about the infected blood as well. He used to be a lab technician, he ran their union and he campaigned to stop Thatch closing down the British lab which ensured that infected blood was not used. Thatch ignored Red Ken and he went very quiet about it all. But then the GLC was sending all those kids in care to homes in north Wales at the time.

          Genius Ken!! Did the kids contract HIV from Matt Arnold, Nicholas Eden and Dafydd’s other friends or the infected blood products??

          Whither the town halls as the New Statesman used to ask. Town halls in crisis!

          They’d have done anything to bring Thatch down. Except for er um er but Bertrand Russell founded this organisation… Eric knew him and we want Eric to write for Marxism Today… er well Neil knows Eric… and um Glenys comes from Holyhead… and er Michael Foot yes well um er… Oh just sack Baker and Brown, that’s the simplest solution.

  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-48106999
    It makes 243 look modest, but of course the same order of magnitude. No one has ever answered the big question of why?
    Dead Dave remains dead with an Open Coroners verdict and I remain a doctor who lost faith because no one wanted to look at serious organised crime in the NHS.

    1. To be fair to DCI Christine Kelk of Humberside Police I always said it was an unusual story but incomplete paperwork and only 2 witness statements one of which was mine and the other a man who shared a car crash with a GP who wrote his own record of injuries under another GPs name, not quite right. The sudden and unexpected deaths were exactly that sudden and unexpected but BMA hero Sue said it was okay. Does this sound like a farce ? Absolutely because the main protagonist had ‘an up and down ‘ personality according to my colleagues but was officially not mad. So 243, why doesn’t someone have a look and tell me I’m wrong.

      1. Witnesses to serious organised crime tend to have up and down personalities Richard, I had one, as did Patient F and some other people whom were also having the most dreadful experiences at the hands of the Gang. Another interpretation would have been that we were remarkably resilient in the face of wrongful arrest, assault, attempts to kill us etc, in that we could get back on our feet afterwards.

        The wonderful thing about a witness with an up and down personality is that their evidence can be ignored, even if they have a great deal of it, stick to their story, have not been demonstrated to lie as a matter of course…

        Dafydd did not have an up and down personality. That was why in 1994, he was able to tell the police that I had thrown a brick through his glass door at 3 am in the morning on the basis of no evidence at all that it was me and the police documented the crime and the fact that I had committed it and held a series of meetings with Professionals to discuss the problem that was me. Dafydd then repeated the allegation in the High Court, again presenting no evidence that I had done it and he also forgot to tell the High Court that by then he had been told by an Angel AND the police that it could not have been me anyway because I was many miles away at the time. Dafydd also discussed his anus in the High Court and complained about F blowing a raspberry down the phone at him. It was enough for Liverpool High Court to give Dafydd a High Court injunction against me.

        Dafydd was fully supported by the MDU throughout all of this, it was the lawyers supplied by the MDU who represented Dafydd in Liverpool High Court, even when he began to discuss his anus and the crimes of F and I, which in Dafydd’s words were ‘too numerous to particularise’. So he didn’t.

        Simon Glenarthur was/is a Director of the MDU.

        I have since been told that no-one threw a brick through Dafydd’s door, the brick was planted.

        That is how important it is not to have an up and down personality if one is a witness to crime. When we read Dafydd’s affidavit, as a result of our up and down personalities we were pissing ourselves laughing, as were other people with up and down personalities. Who are too numerous to particularise.

        1. Perhaps Cherie Booth – that well-known lawyer from Liverpool who became the wife of the Labour Party Leader while Dafydd was preparing his evidence with his MDU lawyers in the summer of 1994 – could supply me with a list of the lawyers working for the MDU and High Court judges who sat in Liverpool during 1994 known to her and/or Miranda and I’ll compare them to the names on my documents.

          1. Dr Paul Anthony Twomey GP & NHS England Medical Director North Yorkshire & Humberside
            Revaluation Lead & GMC Responsible Officer was awarded his OBE for Services to Health in 2006. I was physically present when he refused to accept disclose of evidence of GP drug diversion is it any wonder that in corresponding with No manslaughter Mike that I refused to meet with him.
            So ‘keep your head down and collect your cash’ Craig had to do the job.
            Medical records missing for the 94 year old who died in the company of a GP on a home visit. A bit like a Tommy Cooper magic trick, alive close the door then dead. The audience was not impressed.

  3. Auto correct typo – it is of course Revalidation not Revaluation Lead, although that’s an interesting idea. Annual Appraisal with a 5 yearly cycle of Relicensing by the GMC to Protect the Public. How very ‘keep your head down and collect your cash’
    So ‘face like a smacked arse’ Simon did not like me asking about Serious Organised Crime in the NHS not in Public. Naughty, naughty GP have you nothing better to do?
    You don’t tend to get many opportunities as a failed whistleblower but I am very happy in my skin.

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