Hwyl Fawr Carwyn, Croeso Drakeford!

Today is Carwyn’s last day as Wales’s FM, as BBC News Wales Online is currently reminding us.

Carwyn Jones

So here’s a post to pay tribute to Carwyn, FM of Wales, 2009-18 and welcome his successor who takes office as FM tomorrow, Mark Drakeford.

Carwyn’s time as FM saw many high points, but his finest hour was of course the suicide of Carl Sargeant, the Labour AM for Alyn and Deeside and Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children in Nov 2017. Carl hung himself after being suspended from the Welsh Labour Party and his job by Carwyn in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct, the details of which Carl was never given.

Carl Sargeant

The allegations were traced to some Welsh Labour wimmin spin doctors, at least one of whom has been responsible for concealing the barrel of shit that is the sex abuse gang who have run the NHS and social services in Wales for many years. Even after all these months, no-one is sure who alleged what against Carl and how much evidence there was for the allegations. Carl remains dead and his son Jack has succeeded Carl’s seat in the Senedd.

Until Carl hung himself, no-one imagined that Carwyn’s tenure could have been blighted with anything worse than the 2013 Tawel Fan Scandal, the biggest scandal involving the abuse of mental health patients that the UK has ever experienced. Tawel Fan was a truly dreadful EMI ward in the deeply troubled Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Before Tawel Fan broke, the Ablett Unit had already distinguished itself by employing a healthcare assistant who sexually abused a female patient and in his defence stated that she was a ‘time waster’ who ‘wasn’t really ill’, being someone with a ‘personality disorder’. A female patient from the Ablett Unit was murdered by another Ablett patient whom she had met in the Ablett and begun a relationship with; no member of Ablett staff had told her that he had a history of extreme violence towards his female partners. Then a Bulgarian man who was completely psychotic was discharged from the Ablett Unit, homeless and with no aftercare, only to travel to Tenerife and chop the head off of an English tourist. While in the Ablett Unit the Angels had documented that their patient was ‘talking gibberish’ ie. Bulgarian and a Top Doctor had stated that he was feigning mental illness in order to use the hospital to secure accommodation, being homeless, so they kicked him out.

Throughout these events, serious complaints made by other patients about the appalling care and conditions at the Ablett were ignored; at least one of those complaints involved one of the Top Doctors responsible for the care of the Bulgarian decapitator. Top Doctors at the Ablett Unit were used as second opinions by their mates from the Hergest Unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd, when patients at the Hergest had been neglected and abused so badly that they asked to be transferred to another Top Doctor. The second opinions from the Ablett inevitably backed up their mates from the Hergest. Meanwhile, patients at the Hergest were violently assaulted and found dead, including on the ward.

Then came Tawel Fan. After numerous complaints from patients’ relatives were ignored, an Angel raised concerns when she saw one of her male Angel colleagues kicking a patient. She was ignored. So this Angel made an undercover recording of patients crawling around on floors covered with urine and faeces, while her charming colleagues swore at them and chatted about their sex lives. One patient had an untreated broken arm. The Angel gave the undercover film to the relative of a patient who’s complaints had been repeatedly ignored. They took it to the press and the scandal erupted. The Angel was sacked and later struck off by the NMC. Tawel Fan was shut down and the police were called in to investigate. A number of patients were in such poor condition that they died soon after the ward was closed. No Angels were charged or disciplined and a group of them gave an interview to ‘The Daily Post’ stating that the care in Tawel Fan was ‘excellent’ and that the relatives who complained were ‘trouble makers’.

Relatives of the Tawel Fan patients spoke of being treated with rudeness and disrespect by both Carwyn and the Health Minister at the time, Mark Drakeford.

While patients continued to die in the Hergest Unit, there were deaths of patients in another other psych unit in north Wales, the Heddfan Unit at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, including that of one patient, a policeman, who managed to hang himself on the ward.

Some months after the Tawel Fan Scandal, the Bryn Hesketh Scandal hit the media after elderly patients were abused at the Bryn Hesketh Unit in Colwyn Bay. Some of the staff involved were those who had abused patients in Tawel Fan. Once more, no charges were brought and no staff faced disciplinary action.

Psych patients were not the only people in north Wales to suffer. The maternity service at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was so dangerous and so many babies died that an outside ‘hit squad’ was called in and stated that the problems were so great that their first task would be ‘establishing normality’. No staff were disciplined, despite an admission that one Top Doctor was such an abusive bully that he was a danger to patients.

Then there was the outbreak of C. difficile in the hospitals in north Wales; the bogs on the wards which were overflowing with turds, urine and blood and left in that state for weeks; the cases of food poisoning suffered by patients which were not even documented; the police investigation into fraud and embezzlement by the managers of Ysbty Glan Clwyd…

There was much more as well, but there is not the scope in this tribute to detail it all.

Some of these events took place when Professor Merfyn Jones was Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. Merfyn’s wiki entry currently states that he was appointed Chairman in 2013; that is wrong, he was appointed in 2011. Merfyn had previously served as a Board member and was horrified at the problems which were simply being ignored or concealed. So when Merfyn became Chairman of the Betsi, he tried to address those problems, which included mounting a prosecution against an Angel who impersonated a police officer and threw an old lady in her 80s across the ward, injuring her. This Angel had some years previously unlawfully refused to treat a patient and threatened her with physical violence, but no action was taken against him. The Top Docs, managers and Angels were so outraged at Merfyn responding to patient complaints and launching investigations into staff misconduct that they organised across the Health Board, conspired to withold information from the Board and allowed patients to die, to force Merfyn’s resignation in 2013 under a huge cloud and ensure that he did not return to public life.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chairman Professor ...


The person who wrote one of the critical ‘independent’ reports about Merfyn was Dr Peter Higson, who was then appointed as Chairman of the Betsi himself. During Higson’s time as Chairman, the suicide and mortality rates rose even higher, litigation against the Health Board soared and a recruitment crisis occurred because staff simply wouldn’t take jobs in the NHS in north Wales.

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board considered ...


Meanwhile in other regions of Wales, NHS staff with criminal convictions were employed, patients died of neglect in hospitals and while waiting for ambulances to arrive, ambulances which sometimes didn’t ever arrive even after the patient had died. A healthcare assistant was jailed for the rape of a disabled woman after complaints about him sexually abusing patients were ignored; one of his parents was a senior manager of the NHS Health Board which had employed him.

While Carwyn has been FM there has been scandal after scandal of residents in care homes being abused or neglected, sometimes resulting in their deaths. The case of one chain of care homes owned by a Top Doctor in south Wales was used as an example in a healthcare conference in England of extreme elder abuse which had been known about and ignored for years.

Disabled residents in receipt of community care in Wales often found that the carer who was given an hour in which to get them out of bed, washed, dressed and given breakfast simply didn’t turn up, so they remained in bed until the lunch-time carer turned up or, because they sometimes didn’t turn up either, the disabled person stayed in bed until the evening carer arrived to put them to bed.


The health and social care system is not the only part of Wales’s infrastructure which has thrived under Carwyn. There has been a constant problem with endemic police corruption. It is bad in south Wales but even worse in north Wales. On Carwyn’s watch, two police officers in north Wales were charged with assault and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. They were cleared. One of them had previously worked as a healthcare assistant on the psych wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd. The North Wales Police consistently refused to investigate complaints made by psych patients of staff abusing them.

Policing is not a devolved responsibility, so Carwyn does not have domain over the police. However, a few weeks ago, the former Chief Constable of North Wales was appointed as the new Chairman of the Betsi Board and the NHS is a devolved responsibility.

  • Q&A with North Wales Chief Constable Mark Polin - Daily Post


Throughout Carwyn’s time as FM, there have been scandals involving local authority corruption across north Wales. Dear old Anglesey County Council leads the field in this regard, one of the Councillors went to prison while Carwyn was FM; I think it was the same Councillor who went to prison years ago, before Carwyn was FM.

Wales’s universities have excelled under Carwyn’s leadership too. As well as the rampant grade inflation and plagiarism which is de rigueur in HE post-Blair, Swansea University has been beset by scandal after scandal and in the last couple of weeks the VC has been suspended. There have also been public scandals at senior management level at Aberystwyth University, Glyndwr University and Cardiff Met University.

Wales’s schools are not what they should be. Pupils from professional families often perform very well and achieve impressively in the state schools and it is pupils like this to which Wales always points as evidence of how excellent and equitable its schools are. Yet pupils in the same schools from more disadvantaged backgrounds often have dreadful experiences and outcomes, which are ignored. SEN pupils fare so badly that huge numbers of parents scrimp and save to pay for private provision. When I attended The Night With A Thousand Stars some eight years ago in Llandudno at which Carwyn was the keynote speaker, in his speech Carwyn expressed his deep concern at the standards in Welsh schools.


My mates always laugh at me because I do try to be fair to people, even those who have mistreated me or taken me for a ride. I continue to do my best to be even-handed because I have spent my whole life watching people lie, deceive and shoulder the blame for their own wrongdoing onto other less guilty or entirely innocent people and it is in those circumstances that serious endemic corruption thrives. So I’m going to be fair to Carwyn as well.

Carwyn knew just how bloody terrible things were in the troubled little nation of which he became FM in 2009, because he was Counsel General for Wales, 2007-09, when the most dreadful things were happening in the NHS, Social Services and elsewhere. Carwyn knew that he had a Senedd full of former social workers and County Councillors who had been complicit with the most appalling corruption and criminality and it was from that collection of deadbeats that he had to appoint his Cabinet.

After Carwyn became FM, he was told that I had been threatened by a policeman with a gun and was living in terror after I had called in lawyers in an attempt to deal with the harassment and threats to which people in the NHS, Social Services and County Councils in north Wales were subjecting me. Soon after this, Carwyn appointed Theo Huckle QC as Counsel General for Wales, knowing that my lawyer would be making a claim against the NHS for damages. See post ‘Theo Huckle QC’. Theo was given copies of the 10,000 documents that I now have in my possession detailing serious organised crime in every agency with which I had contact, going back as far as 1984. The NW Wales NHS Trust admitted ‘serious failures’ and ‘complete failure to provide care’. Theo asked my lawyers if I would agree to see Dr Adrianne Reveley for an independent assessment. I have now found out that Reveley was yet another dishonest Top Doctor who knew the people that my lawyer was making representation against (see post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’).

After seeing Reveley, I was violently attacked by the daughter of a local barrister in public and when I went to the police to report the assault – I had been injured and was bleeding – I was sectioned and detained in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. My injuries were not documented or treated. I had been in Wrexham Maelor for 24 hours or so when the ward manager told me that the documentation completed by the Top Doctor et al at Aberystwyth Police Station who sectioned me (see previous posts) had not been signed and I had therefore been detained unlawfully, so I was free to leave. So I did.

Wrexham Maelor then reported me missing to the the police, placed notices in the local papers, launched a man hunt and I was sectioned again on the basis of the lies of a social worker in Scotland, where I was on holiday. I ended up sectioned on various psych wards for the best part of a year, during which time I was assaulted by Angels and witnessed the law broken repeatedly. During that time, I received a letter telling me that the Welsh Gov’t legal service denied all allegations of medical negligence. I then received a letter from my lawyers, Walker Smith Way of Chester and Wrexham, telling me that the lawyer who had been handling my case had left the practice and that if I wanted them to continue with my case, would I please pay the £10,000 which they claimed that I owed them that they had never mentioned to me before. If I chose to drop my case Walker Smith Way would forget about the money. Should I wish to take up my case with another lawyer and have the documentation transferred, Walker Smith Way would want their £10k. I sent Walker Smith Way an e mail telling them that I was now homeless and jobless, detained in a psych hospital, I did not have £10k to give them and obviously I could not continue with my case. Walker Smith Way e mailed me back thanking me for paying the £10k. I heard no more. Walker Smith Way have now been taken over by Slater Gordon. I have recently been told that Rachel Vasmer, the lawyer who walked away after guns were waved at me as well as at a man who made a witness statement, is now employed as a Tribunal judge in Shropshire.

It’s called serious organised crime and it all stems from the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which had its basis in north Wales during the 1970s, 80s and 90s and was facilitated principally by the NHS, the Social Services, the North Wales Police and the legal profession. The people responsible are still running the public services in north Wales. One of those people was Peter Higson.

I don’t blame Carwyn for all of this, he inherited a huge problem. He just completely failed to address any part of it, but that was probably because he didn’t want to be found dead. Carwyn is actually far too young to be held substantially responsible for the atrocious mess, no matter how little he has done to resolve it.

There are two people however who entered Welsh politics so long ago that they can be held responsible for what happened and continues to happen, indeed they were friends with those who ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring:

Rhodri Morgan
Cropped image of Rhodri Morgan at The Celebration of the Mace 5840623762 b47ba98d73 o.jpg


The Lord Kinnock
Kinnock, Neil.jpg


Rhodri’s wife Julie is the Labour AM for Cardiff North, a former social worker and County Councillor who is a good friend of the Windbags. See post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’.

Julie Morgan AM (28066509352).jpg


The Windbag’s wife’s parents were Anglesey Councillors.

Rhodri and Julie are good friends with Jane Hutt, the Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan. Jane is a former social worker and County Councillor.

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg

The Baroness of Ely, the Labour AM for Mid and West Wales, is a good friend of the Windbags.

Eluned Morgan AM (28136582086).jpg

The Baroness’s dad was a social worker, clergyman and a County Councillor of the same generation as the Windbags. The Rev Bob entered local politics at the suggestion of one of his churchwardens, who was Chairman of the Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party. The constituency Labour MP was at the time George Thomas, the child molester. The Windbag, his wife his wife’s parents and the churchwarden of the Rev Bob’s church were among the many people who concealed the sex offending of George Thomas.


Wales’s Health Ministers during Carwyn’s time as FM were Edwina Hart, Labour AM for the Gower, Lesley Griffiths, Labour AM for Wrexham and Mark Drakeford, Labour AM for Cardiff West. Edwina was appointed as Health Minister by Rhodri, but remained in post for a while after Carwyn succeeded Rhodri as FM. Edwina received sufficient evidence from me to have had a number of senior managers and NHS staff in north Wales arrested and charged. Edwina did correspond with me and I believed that she was trying to deal with some very difficult matters. What I didn’t realise was that when those we know and love failed to stop their criminal activities, Edwina then did a back room deal and colluded with them because she was running for FM herself and didn’t want the barrel of crap exploding on her watch. Edwina and her husband had both previously served as Chairs of TUC Wales, in which capacity they had concealed criminality in the health and welfare services. Edwina was appointed Minister for Business after her stint as Minister for Health and Social Services and while in that role she gave out a business support grant to a man on Anglesey in return for him having sex with her. Edwina was a Director of Chwarae Teg, a Wimmin’s ‘economic development’ charidee which was founded by Jane Hutt.

Edwina Hart.jpg


Lesley Griffiths is a former County Councillor who worked as a medical secretary in Wrexham Maelor for 20 years (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’).

  • Lesley Griffiths AM (28170808445).jpg

Mark Drakeford is a former social worker and County Councillor, who’s adult son is currently serving an eight year prison sentence for rape. Mark Drakeford is a feminist and has already announced that he will have a 50:50 gender balanced Cabinet.


Jane Hutt, Labour AM for the Vale of Glamorgan, served as Health Minister while Rhodri was FM.

BBC News Wales Online reported the tributes paid to Carwyn by Wales’s other esteemed AMs. Huw Irranca-Davies, the Labour AM for Ogmore, was reported as saying of Carwyn’s legacy that it was “A more muscular government, a more outspoken government. If you look at the major reforms around curriculum development in Wales, so we not only have the highest standards of education attainment but well rounded individuals who come out of our education system, if you look at reforms in health and social care even in challenging times we are leading the UK in trying to develop a system that is seamless health and social care.”

Huw Irranca-Davies also believes that he is Wales’s ‘sexiest man’. Or it might be ‘sexiest politician’. Er, is there much competition Huw??

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg


Huw Irranca-Davies
Huw Irranca-Davies AM (27555058384).jpg

When Huw was a boy, he campaigned for his step-uncle, Ifor Davies, the Labour MP for the Gower. Uncle Ifor was Deputy to Cledwyn Hughes when Lord Cledwyn was Secretary of State for Wales in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t. Lord Cledwyn concealed the child molesting of George Thomas who was a Minister in the Welsh Office along with Uncle Ifor. Lord Cledwyn was the MP for Anglesey and a friend of the Windbags.


In her tribute to Carwyn’s legacy, Jane Hutt stated that the referendum giving the Assembly more law making powers was a “major achievement”, “because it led to us being able to take through pioneering legislation like the organ donation human transplantation act”. In the way that Wales was proud of being the first country in the world to appoint a Children’s Commissioner after the massive cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which was the Waterhouse Inquiry, Wales now cannot stop patting itself on the back for being the first nation in the UK to pass legislation stating that everyone is considered to have given permission for their organs to be donated unless they have specifically opted-out. So if you live in Wales, your body belongs to the state. There was no discussion of the citizenship implications of this legislation, just a lot of lies and made-up statistics regarding how many lives it would save. The legislation was forced through by Health Minister Edwina Hart, who was ignoring the deaths of patients as a result of neglect and abuse in the NHS, as well as the threats being made to me and the unlawful denial of NHS treatment for me.

A recent letter published in ‘The Daily Post’ by Michael Joyce from Gwynedd – Mr Joyce is a concerned citizen who has been on the ball with regard to the NHS in Wales for some years now – made the point that stroke care in Wales is so bad that more patients in Wales die from stroke than in many other countries. Mr Joyce also observed that most organs for transplant in Wales come from stroke patients.

Michael Joyce is not on the Grassy Knoll, he is an intelligent man who reads all reports, inspections, reviews etc relating to the NHS and regularly writes to ‘The Daily Post’ commenting on the living nightmare that is the NHS in Wales. His observations are never remarked upon by anyone in the Senedd.


So tomorrow Mark Drakeford will succeed Carwyn as FM. The Mark who worked as a social worker for Dyfed Social Services when a paedophile ring operated within Dyfed Social Services, the Mark who worked as a social worker in Ely when there was abuse of young people in Ely, the Mark who was a probation officer when the Probation Service colluded with the abuse of children and vulnerable people. The Mark who was a good friend of Rhodri Morgan, was Morgan’s SPAD throughout Morgan’s entire time as FM, the Mark who then succeeded Rhodri’s seat – Cardiff West, the molester George Thomas’s old stomping ground – and was Health Minister when the conspiracy against Merfyn to precipitate patient deaths and blame Merfyn was hatched.

Things are now going to unravel in Wales at a rate of knots never seen before, but Mark and the Top Doctors will continue to tell the people of Wales that everything is excellent, that their own appalling experience of the NHS was just a matter of them ‘slipping through the net’ and that if there is a problem, it is the fault of Tory Cuts. People in Wales will obediently lobby for Increased Funding For The NHS and More Pay For Top Doctors. It is not the fault of the general public; they have no idea of how endemically corrupt the political and professional class in Wales is as well as in the wider UK and they have no idea that the en masse child abuse which is beginning to become very public was facilitated by Top Doctors and that virtually all of them were complicit. The Baroness of Ely is married to a Top Doctor. I know exactly what Mark and his mates did, because I lived through it and it was my friends who died.

  • Titanic Sinking Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
  • Quotes About Titanic Sinking. QuotesGram
  • Titanic Sinking Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave


The orchestra on the Titanic continued to play, even as the ship was sinking and they knew that most of the passengers were going to drown because there weren’t enough lifeboats. The lifeboats that were on the ship were prioritised for first class passengers.

Mark and his friends celebrated when he won the Welsh Labour leadership. The knees -up was probably at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay, the preferred hang out of politicians and celebs. It is very nice in the St David’s Hotel but so expensive that most people in Wales can’t afford to stay there, even for one night.

  • Titanic Sinking Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
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  • Titanic Sinking Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave


Lifeboat for Professor Drakeford please! And throw in an organic cucumber and mint tea followed by a kale and quinoa salad with an orange tahini dressing, before he has his lavender foot massage after his Mindfulness session please.

Mark Drakeford - National Assembly for Wales.jpg


Meanwhile, back at HQ at Westminster, several prominent Welsh Labour politicians have urged Jezza to table a vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s Gov’t, follows the decision to defer a vote on Brexit on Monday. MPs Chris Bryant and Owen Smith are among the 40 signatories to the letter to Jezza, along with Lord Hain. However, the wider Labour Party rejected calls to table a vote of no confidence in Mrs May, with Labour officials arguing it had more chance of success when the Brexit deal came back before MPs.

The husband of the PM of Denmark has said that the UK Gov’t has ‘lost its authority’. Of which his father the Windbag showed so much while he led the Labour Party for all those years when Dafydd and the gang procured children for Thatcher’s friend and Minister Sir Peter Morrison and others to use for sex while the Windbag, his wife and his wife’s family and extended network all concealed what was going on. So worrying were the accounts of the abuse of children in one of the children’s homes run by Gwynedd County Council on Anglesey in the 1980s, that Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, called in a team from another County Council’s Social Services to reassure everyone that all was well. Dyfed County Council’s Social Services to be precise, the employers of Mark Drakeford. Ioan Bowen Rees had previously been the County Secretary and Solicitor of Dyfed County Council. Prior to taking up the appointment in Dyfed, Ioan had been employed as a local authority solicitor in Cardiff. Dr Tony Francis, one of the Top Docs facilitating the abuse ring, knew the Windbag from their days as students in Cardiff.

Windbag Minor. He’s after your job Jezza. Because as any fule kno, He’s Worth It.

Labour Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock



Because You’re Worth It

The Story Behind the Legendary Phrase

Because I’m Worth It. These four words are bound to the time of their creation and yet they have proven to be timeless. They have become what the brand stands for.

Written in 1973 when a social revolution and a new spirit of feminism was in full swing, it seems clear that the phrase could only have been written by a woman. Ilon Specht was a copywriter with McCann Erickson back in 1973. She was thought of as original, unconventional, creative and independent. Fortunately, she worked on the L’Oréal account! Specht was just 23 years old when she broke new ground with an ad that was strictly from a woman’s point of view. It famously ended with the signature phrase: Because I’m Worth It!

Almost the minute the ad hit, it became clear that the last line – those four words – had struck a chord. For the first time, the message was all about what the woman thought. It was about her self-confidence, her decision, her style.

Over time, “Because I’m Worth It” has become part of our social fabric. So much so that it was the subject of a 1999 New Yorker article entitled True Colors by Malcolm Gladwell. In it, Gladwell acknowledged: “…”Because I’m Worth It®” has entered the language…and taken on a meaning well outside the stated intention.”

Because I’m Worth It was on message in 1973, and today we know that an astonishing 80% of women recognize and respond to this positive phrase and powerful sentiment. And what makes it truly beautiful is that “Because I’m Worth It” is translated into action every day by L’Oréal Paris – in its philanthropy, its products, and its thoughtful celebration of women.

 In 1973, Ioan Bowen Rees was appointed the County Secretary and Solicitor of the newly created Dyfed County Council.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

21 thoughts on “Hwyl Fawr Carwyn, Croeso Drakeford!”

  1. Lest readers haven’t twigged as to how much Carwyn knew about the criminality in north Wales, he knew a great deal. Because after I was violently assaulted and injured by that barristers daughter and left Wales for the first time to preserve my physical safety, I e mailed Carwyn a great many times giving him more and more details of those involved and their criminal activities. I also provided him with details of other dangerous practitioners in north Wales of whom I had knowledge, including a Top Doctor in Ysbyty Gwynedd who was sexually assaulting female patients and another Top Doctor in Ysbyty Gwynedd who allowed a school girl into observe gynaecological procedures. Carwyn knew about the whole bloody lot. And I know that he received my e mails as well, because he replied to one of them, but only one – one in which I provided details of the misconduct of an academic who had recently left a Welsh university but was by then working at Cambridge.

    Carwyn is a barrister.

    Violent assaults? Threats with guns? Suicides of Ministers? No problem. Everything is, as ever, Excellent and Wales is used as an example by Jezza of a Democratic Socialist Country Which Cares. Pity about the gangsters running the public services Jezza.

    1. Re the healthcare assistant on the psych wards at Ysbyty Gwynedd who joined the North Wales Police and was not so long ago charged with assault, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice but cleared: it was Jimmy Burns. Jimmy Burns and another police officer were alleged to have forged documentation to conceal an assault on an arrested man.

      I can remember Jimmy Burns when he was a healthcare assistant. He worked on the psych wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd before the Hergest Unit was built then he worked in the Hergest Unit as well. He was always very chatty to me, always talking about how he wanted to join the police and I never had any problems with Jimmy Burns at all myself.

      However, Jimmy Burns worked on the psych wards when: a patient was found dead in the bath and all three members of staff concerned lied at the inquest; patients were unlawfully detained; when complaints of sexual exploitation/abuse were made against staff, including Top Docs and were not investigated; when physical assaults on patients were not documented and were not investigated; when documentation was forged to conceal criminal wrongdoing; when patients were unlawfully denied NHS care; when anyone who had made complaints against social services staff or NHS staff was sectioned and labelled deluded; when staff had criminal convictions; when some staff, including Top Docs, lied about their qualifications to get jobs that they should not have had. Dafydd was flogging drugs to patients when Jimmy worked on the psych wards.

      In 1999, I was working as a care assistant in a truly terrible ‘care home’ on Anglesey owned by a business partner of Dafydd’s. I left after days because the old folk were being abused. There was a man called Dave who worked there who was the ‘manager’. Dave had been thrown off of the psych nursing degree at Bangor University but I never found out why. He was very aggressive to patients, swore at them and on one occasion I saw him pick an old lady up off of the floor after she’d fallen out of bed and throw her back onto the bed. Dave was not someone whom you would want looking after your gran.

      Dave had no idea that I’d been a Hergest patient and knew everyone there and he was very bitter at being thrown off the nursing degree. He had a little clique of acolytes who were care assistants and not violent like Dave but utterly clueless, they had no training at all and didn’t identify just how abusive he was. Dave used to chat to them about the man whom he claimed had got him thrown out of the nursing degree. It was Jimmy Burns. Dave repeatedly told his acolytes that Jimmy Burns was an absolute bastard who had raped a girl, got away with it and wielded great influence at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Because Dave was violent himself and healthcare assistants usually have no power in hospitals at all, I presumed that Dave was making up absolute cobblers to explain why he had been expelled from the nursing degree.

      I now know that there was such serious wrongdoing in Ysbyty Gwynedd that junior members of staff who had found out about it were indeed blackmailing senior staff over it. Furthermore because so many staff were abusive and corrupt, it wasn’t always the most abusive ones who were sacked, as with the students on the nursing degrees.

      I heard Dave give his pals full details of Jimmy Burns alleged assault on the girl. The girl whom he claimed Jimmy Burns raped was a friend of Dave’s girlfriend.

      Dave was mates with another nursing student at the time, a young man who worked behind the bar in the Sailor’s Return in Beaumaris; I think that the other nursing student’s dad owned the Sailor’s Return.

      After Dave was kicked off the nursing degree he got a job as the manager of a care home in Coventry.

      When Jimmy Burns was cleared of the assault charges and conspiracy I mentioned the case to the Hergest whistleblower who had by then retired and asked him if he remembered Jimmy Burns. He said yes, Jimmy was superficially very friendly and glib but Jimmy was a liar who would collude with abusive staff and could not be believed…

      There was only one member of staff at the Hergest Unit whom Dave liked. It was Penny Phillips, an Angel who was married to Gareth Phillips, another Angel at the Hergest Unit. Penny Phillips left the Hergest Unit during the course of the Waterhouse Inquiry when the place went into meltdown and got a job as a children’s nurse. Penny knew about the paedophile ring which Dafydd et al were running. So did Penny’s husband Gareth. Gareth injured his back at one point and could no longer work as an Angel. So he reminded the management at Ysbyty Gwynedd of how much wrongdoing he knew about and he was employed as an RCN rep. Gareth used to give interviews to the local papers about patients attacking staff. Gareth knew as well as I did that it was staff assaulting patients and if the patients complained, they would be accused of having attacked the staff and a prosecution would follow.

      After eight of his colleagues perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned for ‘threatening to kill’ the manager of the Hergest Unit, Gareth gave an interview to the local paper about how many Angels were being assaulted by patients. Gareth quoted a figure of hundreds for that year alone. Where were they Gareth? Where and who were all these violent patients? And where were the injured Angels? Because I never met one of them.

      Would Mark Polin like to investigate the allegation that Jimmy raped someone then? Because an awful lot of people on Anglesey were openly discussing it.

      Jimmy Burns knew about the paedophile ring and about Dafydd selling class A drugs. Which would be quite enough to get a healthcare assistant and a policeman out of trouble every time. Gareth and Penny knew about the paedophile ring and the drugs as well. And Dave knew about the criminal activities that his boss at Penmon, Dafydd’s business partner Mr Tindall, was involved in. Tindall was under police investigation and had his passport seized. Nothing came of the investigation. While Tindall was being investigated, a psych patient was found dead in the home that he owned in Bangor. The psych patient was considered high risk so he was being checked every 20 mins. His body lay undiscovered for more than an hour. No-one explained how this happened. Who had placed the psych patient in the ‘care home’? Gwynedd Social Services. And they were paying for it. He was found dead. No questions asked.

      1. Andrea Sutcliffe: Takes over as CEO of the NMC in Jan 2019. Andrea is going to ‘nurture a culture in which the NMC rediscovers “humanity”’.

        I don’t rate the probability of that happening as being too high.

        Andrea ‘started her career in healthcare management’ and for the last five years has been Chief Inspector of adult social care for the CQC. She ‘has proved a popular figure in the social care sector and has been instrumental in mending fences between care providers and the CQC’. So that is why social care standards in the UK are so bad, it is why neglect and abuse in ‘care homes’ is endemic, it is why the ‘care homes’ often are not closed even when someone has died and why learning disabled adults are being kept in solitary confinement for months and months in ‘assessment centres’, like the young lady who’s case came to national attention the other day when her dad managed to get on Radio 4. She has been in solitary confinement and fed through a hatch for many months now and stuck part of a biro into the flesh on her arm. The biro has stayed there, it’s been there for a few months. This young lady hasn’t committed any crime, she isn’t in police custody. She is being ‘cared for’, against her dad’s wishes, in a hell hole because she has learning disabilities and autism and the psych profession and social care workforce in the UK are so ignorant and so badly trained, this is how distressed people are treated.

        Don’t kid yourself that there is excellence and compassion. There isn’t. There are simply repeated attempts at trying to bludgeon terrified distressed people into not being terrified and distressed. It’s why they scream a lot and injure themselves. So then they are put in a cell for months on end by themselves as dictated by, would you believe, a ‘care plan’. If anyone else did this to them they would be prosecuted, but Top Doctors can instruct Care staff to do it and it is OK. Even if their parents demand that it stops, NOW. Sorry, its on the Care Plan that has been Approved by the Court Of Protection.

        Yes, it is mad and it is brutal and thousands of people really are suffering. Andrea has overseen it for the last five years.

        ‘Sutcliffe has also done much to ensure that the CQC listens to and involves people who use care services and their family carers. It was significant that the wider sector turned to her last month to facilitate a delicate session bringing together attendees at the official annual social care conference in Manchester and others from a breakaway event set up nearby to give greater voice to users and carers. What could have been an incendiary occasion was judged a positive pointer to future collaboration’.

        I can imagine how Andrea sorted it out… We’ll um just ignore the Users and Carers…

        In another session at the official conference, Sutcliffe ‘gave a valedictory on-stage interview about her tenure at the CQC and confessed that her worst moment – “it was an awful time” – had been when she and her colleagues were accused of having covered up sex abuse of disabled people by a fellow resident at a care home in north London’.

        Fancy Andrea standing accused of that.

        ‘By coincidence, the CQC had earlier that same day successfully prosecuted the company that had run the home, after police decided not to bring charges. The company, Hillgreen Care, was fined £300,000.’

        So something unacceptable WAS going on there then…

        ‘Accusations that the CQC is too soft on unacceptable care surfaced again recently when the Guardian reported that several companies responsible for care homes rated “inadequate” by the regulator were returning healthy profits. Sutcliffe points out that the CQC explicitly toughened its inspection rules last year so that two successive inadequate ratings now automatically trigger intervention, leading ultimately to loss of accreditation. More than 80% of services rated inadequate once are judged to have improved on the next inspection’.

        So the inadequate ‘services’ are allowed to continue in business. And to be inadequate by CQC standards you’ve got to be pretty bad. 20% of services remain inadequate…

        Andrea describes the social care sector as ‘fragile’. A normal person would call it disgraceful.

        ‘For the past three years, the CQC has described the sector as approaching a tipping point – although “for some people” in 2018, that point has already arrived. Should the regulator have spoken out more loudly? Sutcliffe doesn’t quite answer the question..’

        Best not to really Andrea.

        ‘Her chief regret is that she leaves with more to do to raise social care’s profile and make its case.’

        Never mind, Andrea’s off to sort out the Angels now.

        ‘She can be expected to be just as strong a cheerleader for good nurses, midwives and nursing associates, the new breed of healthworker who will start to join the NMC register from January. But expect her to be blunt about poor practice.’

        As blunt as Andrea has been about learning disabled teenagers being choked to death by Care Staff when they have been ‘restrained’.

        With regard to her new job at the NMC, Andrea says ‘the great thing is that in some senses, without being immodest, the fact that they appointed me demonstrates that they know what I am going to bring. They have sent a very positive signal that that’s the way they want things to go.”

        Yes, the NMC know exactly what Andrea will bring to the party, it’s why they’ve appointed her. Here’s Andrea’s previous:

        1986-89: finance trainee, Tower Hamlets health authority. Endemic abuse and trafficking of kids/young people, in collaboration with Dafydd’s gang in north Wales.

        1989-92: finance policy officer, Bloomsbury and Islington health authority. Er, paedophile ring in operation in the Borough, linked with Dafydd et al, complainants diverted into mental health system.

        1992-95: manager, services for older people, Camden and Islington community health services NHS trust. Patients abused and neglected, major scandals including the Christopher Clunis case.

        Camden and Islington got away with it all because so many of those involved became big wigs in New Labour. Including Tessa and Little Nell Hodge. Camden had the highest suicide rate for women in England and Wales. The second highest rate was in north west Wales.

        1995-99: general manager, children, women and neurosciences, St George’s Healthcare NHS trust. I know all about them Andrea! At the time, a paedophile ring was in operation, with links to north Wales and these years were the years of the Waterhouse Inquiry!!. There was a research fraud scandal – the biggest that there has ever been in the history of medicine – and another scandal in which NHS patients were forced to donate eggs for private IVF patients. There were also sexual assaults on and murders of patients and staff and a Public Inquiry. A new Director of Nursing walked out saying that St George’s was in such a bad way that it could not be improved.

        1999-2000: assistant director of social services, London Borough of Camden; Well where else was Andrea going to go after St George’s?? Camden still had the highest suicide rate for women in England and Wales.

        2000-07: director of planning, then deputy chief executive, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. NICE, the Greatest Fiddle Of All!

        2007-12: chief executive, Appointments Commission. I don’t know what that is, but whatever it was, it will be worrying if Andrea was there.

        2012-13: chief executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence. SCIE was Professor Peter Beresford’s outfit, it did nothing but publish booklets with cartoons of Service Users sitting in meeting rooms and some of the faces were shaded brown and some of the figures were fully veiled and some were Afro-Caribbean and there would be speech bubbles coming out of their mouths saying things like ‘my social worker will help me with that won’t they?’ and ‘I can choose a talking treatment if I want and my social worker will respect my wishes’. It was hilarious, no-one had ever encountered a social service like SCIE drew in those cartoons.

        So that’s Andrea the Healthcare Manager for you. Now why do I get the feeling that Andrea knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd?

        Oh well, Andrea’s off to sort out the Angels now. It’ll be a seat in the Lords after that. For services to Nursing. Sadiq Khan could well be in there with her by then, as a Human Rights Lawyer who grew up in and then was the MP for Tooting while St George’s ran the trafficking ring and killed patients in his constituency.

        1. I’ve just read Rhiannon Lucy Cosslet’s column in Guardian Online. I have read her column ever since I discovered the ‘Vagenda’ the online thing that she and one of her mates did years ago when they were young. I had read many of the sentiments before but I realised that the authors were a lot younger than me and were so pissed off at the rubbish being flogged to young women that they were trying to counteract it all, which I thought was brilliant. I am someone who has always thought that ‘celebrating the vagina’ and other such past times was nothing more than a fuckwitted silly waste of time, but nonetheless I did like a lot of the stuff that Rhiannon wrote.

          I saw Rhiannon speak a few years ago in Cardiff and she mentioned that Germaine Greer had gone for her and called her a ‘shit feminist’. You don’t need that when you’re young and just beginning to publish. Germaine can be rude and insulting to old war horses like her, but she shouldn’t be undermining people who are already feeling a bit tentative.

          Anyway, Rhiannon’s quite famous now and she often writes in The Guardian about growing up in Gwynedd. I don’t know which village she comes from, but she writes a lot about the places where I used to spend my time. She has also written about her mum not having any money and the family looking after her disabled brother. Rhiannon became famous at about the time that Brown and I started appearing in the press discussing the abuses of the mental health system in north Wales…

          Today’s column by Rhiannon is about the Welsh language and Welsh language music. Rhiannon talk about the bigotry shown towards the Welsh – she’s right, there is, it is appalling – and that the Welsh as a linguistic minority have been oppressed. Yes, historically they were. Rhiannon now says that the Welsh language movement has been torn away from the old, white, middle classes. Rhiannon, I don’t think that it has. They are the ones sitting on all the Committees etc, or if they’re not, it is their children. If Rhiannon would like to lead such a move away from their stranglehold, a lot of people would be delighted…

          Rhiannon discusses Welsh rock, something that I’ve discussed on this blog, because most of those Welsh rockers who made it big were the children of those who facilitated Dafydd’s gang. Dafydd’s gang procured kids for the stars who were calling the shots in the industry… Rhiannon talks about Welsh language rock being ‘community based’ and democratic. Well a lot of people certainly listen to it, but take a look at who the parents of the stars are Rhiannon and it’ll leave a very nasty taste in your mouth.

          Rhiannon mentions that Alun Llwyd, the CEO of the Welsh music distributor PYST, has been behind the sensation on Spotify,the first Welsh song to hit 1m Spotify plays by the rock duo Alffa. The song is ‘Gwenwyn’ (‘Poison’ in English).

          Who is Alun Llwyd? He was the manager of the Super Furries. The band led by Gruff Rhys, who’s dad Ioan Bowen Rees was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile gang ran riot in the Council’s homes…

          Rhiannon mentions that it was John Peel who promoted the Super Furries. Indeed it was. Peel wasn’t interested at first but someone had a word with Peel. Peel from Liverpool who’d been to school in north Wales, Peel of the BBC who knew damn well what was going on with Savile and Dafydd and that trafficking gang. Peel who had a thing about schoolgirls…

          Rhiannon is too young to remember what happened, she is of the generation who were just chuffed to see Welsh rockers from Gwynedd make it big. I can understand that, Welsh music was marginalised and sneered at and suddenly the Welsh rockers could get recording contracts. But not until the police investigations began and some strings in very high places had to be pulled to detract from the Waterhouse Inquiry… Suddenly Gruff Rhys and his friends were stars!

          It was all a con and PR stunt Rhiannon, I lived in the same village as Gruff Rhys…

          As for Peel, yeah, we thought he was great as well when we were teenagers, not a silly old twat like the other Radio 1 ageing males playing Cool and The Gang. But Peel wasn’t quite who we thought he was. Dear old Peel knew where his bread n butter was coming from and he plugged who he was told to plug. Take a look at the people who were robustly promoted by Peel and investigate – every single person who was played by Peel nightly because ‘they’re just so good I’ve got to share it with you’ had links with those we know n love. Even Linton Kwesi Johnson, the Jamaican rapper; Peel was the only place that I’d ever head such a person, being a teenager in Somerset. Linton Kwesi Johnson was a leading light in Islington and Lambeth – Dafydd’s London HQ. Like Lord Scarman, Linton Kwesi Johnson talked a lot about racism, but not at all about the corrupt Councillors who funded his Art n Culture projects who were also facilitating a trafficking ring targeting kids in care.

          Have a look at the vintage This Is Your Life programme featuring Peel. Savile isn’t there but he’s the only twat who isn’t, the rest are. Peel greets them all and there’s a few other folk who appear which make it obvious that Peel is not an eccentric bloke who just loves rock, he’s a sharp businessman with contacts to even richer sharper businessmen and it is all a political business project…

          If anyone knows why Peel single-handedly turned Fergal Sharkey and the Undertones into stars I’d love to know why…

          I’m fairly sure that Rhiannon is aware of much of what I have blogged about re life in Gwynedd today. The poverty, the lethal and corrupt NHS and Social Services, the collusion of an endemically corrupt County Council. But The Guardian would never let her publish a word of it…

  2. I managed to endure the first two paragraphs before giving up on this juvenile garbage. I gave up when confronted with the word “wimmin” and thought I’d somehow gone to bed in 2018 but woken up in 1988. Did anyone manage better than that or do I win a prize for getting that far?

    1. Have you ever come across the word ‘irony’ Mick? Do you know anything about the background of the people to whom I was referring?
      Er no. You’re welcome not to return to my blog because it is clearly going over your head…

  3. For many people it’s the go to publication if wanting to read other than the ususal dross fed to those who cannot get through anything too challenging. Perhaps as importantly this blog gives others hope that their llives have not been destroyed without some record being made and it has become a chanel for those who still don’t dare speak out to get their experiences told. Vitally the material is researched by someone with the credentials to do so and a writing style the envy of the usual journos whose lazy journalism is a disgrace

  4. Many thanks for your kind comments anon, but I decided that it wasn’t worth wasting too many words on Mick. I don’t know who he is, but it is obvious to anyone who read the post, even if they had not read any other part of the blog and had no idea what the blog was about, that the post was an ironic comment on some high profile politicians who declare themselves feminists but have concealed a child sex abuse scandal.

    Mick’s comment suggests that he is well-educated and literate; there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes and his use of the date of 1988 suggests that he is fully aware of the feminism of the 1980s or at least Private Eye’s satirical coverage of it. Mick is someone who was simply trying to be insulting and his framing of me as ‘juvenile’ is very psychiatric nurse/social worker.

    Are you a perhaps a welfare professional linked to the people that I am blogging about Mick?

    1. Unless it is Mick the former partner of Jerry’s who’s now married to the Digger! The Mick whom a psych patient in north Wales swore blind that she shagged when she was young and worked as a ‘groupie’! A psych patient who was left destitute and starving because Gwynedd Social Services had ‘had enough of her’.

      Patient F used to go on about Mick a lot as well. Mick who was at the LSE, Mick who treated girls like crap, Mick who was very very sordid when he was young but not a word was being published about it because Mick was now rich and had kids at Eton.

      Didn’t Mick deny that Jade Jagger was his child when Jade was little and Mick fell out with Bianca? Didn’t Mick end up being pretty dreadful to Marsha Hunt? Er and when he split up with Jerry, didn’t it turn out that they’d never been properly married no matter what Jerry thought???

      Old rockers get very traditional when they get very rich. And they also get frightening and litigious.

      Do They Know Its Christmas??? 1984. St Bob of Geldofs who’s partner Paula grew up in north Wales, went to school in north Wales and met St Bob when she was er a groupie… How did St Bob of Geldofs REALLY get all those politicians on board, especially the Tory ones? He was rude to Thatch in public as well and she backed down and the politicians coughed up…

      1984. Brown, me, my friends and Mary Wynch. All refusing to shut up about Dafydd et al and Mary was on her way to the Master of the Rolls too. Dafydd was in deep deep doo doo and they all knew it. Bluglass had already rewritten the Mental Health Act so That it Could Never Happen Again, Lord Kenyon had been thrown out of Bangor University, as had Sir Charles Evans and Eric Sunderland the paedophiles’ friend in disguise had arrived!! As had Tony Francis and God knows how many other paedophiles’ friends cos Dafydd and Thatcher’s Gov’t needed reinforcements…

      Take a look at the old clips of 1984 Band Aid. Every fucking one of them knew that underaged kids from Wales were available for sex for celebs…

      And Dafydd et al were flogging class A drugs as well, that always goes down well.

      Before anyone dismisses the patient who wandered around Bethesda starving while she remembered Mick Jagger as being just a loony, remember what the world would have said if a 10 year old boy had told anyone that he’d been sexually abused by Lilibet’s chauffeur. Well it happened, it was admitted in the press yesterday and it was also admitted that the chauffeur died before his court appearance.

      This happened, it really did. No-one’s quite sure on what scale it was happening or the names of everyone involved, but kids in care and psych patients in north Wales were forced into prostitution and some of them had sex with some very well-known people. Witnesses were killed when they really would not shut up. You try living in Gwynedd if it is known that You Were One Of Those Who Was Targeted. The whole fucking county knows that You’re A Witness, more than you do yourself. It’s why the words ‘They Were In Denbigh’ result in an exclusion zone. Nothing to do with madness or the Stigma. It’s because they Know that you Know. They know that you will have met the other witnesses out there, you will have been friends with them and chatted to them and you’ll have encountered Dafydd at first hand rather than just being another person who said ‘I’ve heard that he’s really evil’…

      Yma O Hyd!! Dafydd Iwan the leader of Gwynedd County Council doubled up as an international folk singer!!!

      The kids were being trafficked abroad.

      That lot would do anything, anything at all, to keep a lid on it. Not only because it was so bad and so serious but it was happening in a region of Wales where most of the older people were outwardly very socially conservative and many were still popping off to chapel on a Sunday morning in their Sunday best. No-one is really going to want to admit that Dafydd – who also went to chapel! – is running a paedophile ring with a side line in child porn with bestiality and Class A drugs are they???

      People who met Gwynedd social workers who weren’t au fait with what was happening always commented re ‘how can they be a social worker? They’re horrible’. Even I , who went to a rough school and wasn’t that sheltered, was surprised when I met the Arfon Community Mental Health team. They were, as people often observed, thugs. Just a bunch of thugs. Even their neighbours knew. They were wife beaters, drunks, had fist fights with other people in public and harassed the neighbours. ‘Ooh what does he do for a living then?? Oh he’s a social worker. Or community psych nurse’. People couldn’t believe it, they were gobsmacked.

      No-one who wanted to run a social service would have employed any of them. Furthermore why, in the village where Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, were there psych patients living rough in derelict houses, sleeping on the playing field, being threatened and harassed in public, having their property attacked? Why was there a little girl of 11 looking after the family because her mother was pissed constantly? That little girl went to school with Ioan’s own kids. Why was there a community psych patient openly selling class A drugs in the pub? He never got the grief that whistleblowers received. Then there was the 8 year old boy who yelled out in public to a SOCIAL WORKER ‘suck my cock’. Oh and the 12 yr old boy who was sexually abusive because he had watched his father raping someone???

      This is the reality behind the fucking musical prodigy that was Ioan’s son Gruff Rhys. Absolutely disgusting, Ioan and his pals had their snouts so far in the trough there was nothing left for anyone else, nothing.

      Now deal with it you bastards, don’t give me any more of ‘ooh she’s caused us so much pain, that blog is upsetting people’. GOOD. Because you killed my friends. Fess up bastards and I suggest that the Gov’t reigns in the Top Doctors now, not wastes anymore money on pay rises.

      I haven’t got onto the fiddles with the banks and building societies in Gwynedd yet but I know all about them suckers. And the involvement of Gwynedd County Council.

  5. “Juvenile garbage” – what a bizarre description by Mick. I wonder how he found out about your blog, (one doesnt just stumble across something like this) he has obviously read so little of it – apparently only two paragraphs – go on Mick give it another try – it really is rather enlightening. As you say Sally probably someone in denial who is getting a little hot under the collar!!

    1. I too wondered how Mick had just happened upon my blog. It is everywhere in the search engines but only if you’re putting in names of Top Docs, politicians etc. I’m not Kim Kardashian posting up pictures of my buttocks, so my blog doesn’t attract the quantities of abuse from teenagers in their bedrooms that a lot of online efforts do.

      It is so obvious that Mick is the sort of person who, rather than doing a ‘fuck off you c***’, does the teacher’s insult of ‘you really are puerile’. As I mentioned above, Angels and social workers in psych units use exactly the same techniques when patients take the piss out of them. Why do patients take the piss? Because they are being abused and complaints are never investigated. So patients take the piss, to be met with Angels who feel socially superior to patients snapping about them being juvenile.

      Mick’s comment makes no sense at any level in response to a blog like this. It is not the usual ‘ooh this is libel’, it is not ‘these are complex issues and you have simplified them’ – Top Docs’ favourite responses – it is the geography teacher’s or Big Nurse’s response. I wonder who Mick is??

      By the way, after writing in the above post that now Drakeford is FM all forthcoming disasters will be blamed on Westminster Tory Cuts, I was delighted to see that Drakeford is already beginning that line of argument. Readers might have seen his performance in the Senedd yesterday in which he had a go at the Tories in Westminster. I’m not very impressed with them either, but there was Drakeford with his utterly shameful history and track record going for the Tories and stating that in the Assembly we do things differently, as he was surrounded by clapped out social workers and county councillors who have ruined Wales. All that I could think was that even in the midst of their troubles, Theresa et al must have been pissing themselves.

      This is a national shame for Wales, really bad. Wales has to take quite enough crap from snooty English people levelling allegations of incompetence and corruption against it and now it has a FM who was a colleague of a gang of paedophiles and who as a Health Minister presided over the extermination of vulnerable people. Oh and his son is banged up for rape.

      So let’s look forward to Drakeford’s Gender Balanced Cabinet!! He’s got plenty of corrupt wimmin who colluded with abuse to choose from: Julie, Jane, Lesley, that lame thick one who worked for dodgy charidees who’s married to another AM who as a couple are friends of Hutt… There’ll be Cabinet jobs for all of them and what a mess they’ll make.

      As for the rest of Wales, yesterday figures were released showing that Wales is getting poorer and poorer and poorer. Average incomes even in the least poor regions are about £19k; yet look at the way in which the troughers in the Senedd are living. I can respect Leanne for giving so much of her salary to charidee and I can respect people who know what they are doing, but Jane et al…

      I’m surprised that someone hasn’t organised a Revolution in Wales, it’s all rather Nicolae Ceaușescu, stupid corrupt people living in luxury ruling over a nation where so many people are in dire poverty. Drakeford can make Julie Morgan Minister for Science and give her a PhD and a research institute a la Elena! He can take a leaf out of the book of Idi Amin as well, he can start calling himself Mark, King of Scotland, His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Doctor, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular. Uganda being most appropriate in this context.

  6. Theresa May’s IICSA is also a shambles protecting NHS and “Top doctors” from inquiry.

    We have seen the BBC toe the line by featuring Aston Hall in isolation. Misleading their viewers that Dr Milner was a lone wolf deviant doctor. No mention of Royal Medico Psychological Society and its research agenda encouraged by NHS and by Home Office. No mention of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre, Cambridge Uni research asset whose director was linked to Aston Hall’s Milner

    No mention of 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths still uninvestigated Children in Islington and Hackney care at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk within catchment of Cambridge uni research asset Ida Darwin Hospital. The IICSA set up Operation Winterkey who have put a smokescreen round the Beeches child care deaths history.

    In 2016 Suffolk Police were obliged to record crime complaint against the Cambridge Uni and Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre top docs. Manna from heaven two weeks later Corrie McKeague went missing and Suffolk PCC and Chief constable decided to spend their inquiry budget entirely on Corrie. No resources left to investigate tops docs.

    Teams of detectives digging aimlessly on >landfill sites.

    “Guv shouldn’t we be looking at the 43 child care deaths that Chief constable was approached about by HM Coroner at the time he visited Lord Henniker in 1992 re Peter Righton ?”

    “Shut up and pose for the press cameras with yer effin shovel”

    “Yes Guv how much is this landfill

    1. The IICSA has gone for the jugular with regard to religion – we’ve all been allowed to hear just how debauched clergymen and priests were – but very few words about social workers and virtually nothing about Top Doctors. Because the biggest problems were with the social workers and Top Doctors and the Top Doctors who were involved are at the very top of the medical establishment right now. They’ve got the senior roles in the BMA, GMC, the Royal Colleges… They’re the Gov’t advisers.

      I’m working an another post re psychoanalysts right now; scores and scores of them concealed abuse, nearly all of them. They had links with Dafydd and his mates AND they provided training for social workers, psychologists etc until very recently. The biggest names in social work who acted as Gov’t advisers all attended ‘training’ with those mad fucking analysts in the 1970s. Psychoanalysts were only a small cohort of Top Docs but they exerted a huge influence on people caring for kids or psych patients. Most surgeons didn’t take a blind bit of notice of them, but if you were a Social Services Director or a Top Doc running a community psychiatry unit, you boasted of your links to them and the whole fucking lot of them were concealing abuse and sometimes abusing kids/patients themselves.

      James and Alix Strachey: Relatives of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who owned the Brondanw estate at Llanfrothe/Croesor in Gwynedd. James and Alix were at the heart of the analysts concealing abuse, their links go straight to Bertrand Russell, Eric Hobsbawm and the New Left crowd, including Ed n David Miliband’s dad. Clough’s mates made use of Dafydd…

      The tentacles are everywhere in art, literature, music etc, because the children of the Alternative Crowd of Radical Intellectuals became rockers and artists. This is far worse than RC priests and dirty vicars…

      It’s how Julia Hobsbawm turned up on a TV programme mid-Waterhouse Inquiry and didn’t mention any of it, while her business partner Sarah was preparing to marry the Teddy Bear of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who’s Gov’t built their entire structure on those who covered up the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

      1. So Revd Nick Stacey ex head Kent County Council Social Services escapes IICSA scrutiny by having double hatted in social services. He forbade his 6000 KCC public sector parasite social services employees from reporting child abuse complaints to police.

        His C of E mentor was Bishop Stockwood whose name has long since been suggested as a line of inquiry re the 43 uninvestigated cerebral palsy child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth. This was info of another bishop who used Christs College Cambridge as his messenger to remain anon. I can only assume this relates to what Stockwood knew as Great St Marys 1950s. (Cambridge Uni) clergyman

        The probability is that Suffolk Chief constable Tony Coe knew both the Kent (Senior kent officer till 89 when he became Suffolk Chief) Revd Stacey history and the Cambridge Uni information re mentor Stockwood from Suffolk records. At the time Bury St Edmunds Coroner asked him to look at why no Beeches inquiry or inquest 1992 also the time 1992 when Dr Liz Davies Islington social services raised Coe’s visit to Lord Henniker whose Suffolk estate had just become Peter Righton’s bolt hole.

        As I said in 2016 inquiry by police would have meant opening a can of worms.

        They spent £2.1 million on Corrie McKeague case and swamped out their budget.

        And proper inquiry into researcher top docs in Suffolk would have entailed re-opening inquiry re Dolphin Square and Henniker Estate.

        1. And as you know this is where the Suffolk history collided with yours. Sir John Stradling Thomas MP death March 1991 at his Dolphin Square home. He was planning to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry re civil service intercept/interference with his letters to Patrick Mayhew, Tony Newton and Earl Ferrers re the Suffolk cases history and Welsh Regional Crime Squad inquiry 1972 into Suffolk based Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

          After my stroke in September I am having to pull back.. So I have archived the Leonard Cheshire Sue Ryder case to be sealed to 2047.


          This woman was recently suggested to have been a long term associate of both Sue Ryder and her associate Lord Henniker

          If true this would have implications for Greville Janners war crimes act being driven through parliament by Patrick Mayhew using parliament act at time Sir John died. 1991

          1. I’m sorry to hear about your stroke Richard, but thanks for archiving the info and for reminding us of it with this comment.

            How do they get away with this? Those Ministers of Thatcher’s whom it is known covered it all up and walking free and usually in the House of Lords. Norman Fowler, Ken Clarke, David Hunt, Norman Tebbit, Heseltine, Tom King, they had responsibility for it all. Then there was Edwina Currie, Virginia Bottomley, John Major, William Hague. They did it, they ran the bloody depts where it was going on. No mainstream citizen would ever have not been questioned if they had run ‘services’ where this had happened.

            It is crystal clear that feet are being dragged as slowly as possible to ensure that everyone is dead by the time that there is a real investigation, a la Greville Janner.

        2. I don’t know how so many of the victims or relatives of the dead victims must feel Richard. You and I have flagged up the links of known abusers and those known to have concealed abuse, but even the known abusers and those whom it is known concealed and lied to protect the most serious criminals are not being investigated or named, it is truly bizarre.

          It is a fact that Mark Drakeford’s former colleagues ran a paedophile ring; it is a fact that Drakeford ignored reports of serious criminality in Wales’s NHS when he was Health Minister; it is a fact that Theresa May was a Merton Councillor when a paedophile ring was operating in the Borough, centred in St George’s Hospital down the road; it is a fact that Liz Davies and others told Jeremy Corbyn that a paedophile ring was operating in the children’s homes in his constituency; and as for Margaret Hodge, why isn’t she in front of IICSA???

          No wonder the Shirley Oaks Survivors and others just walked out of the IICSA, it is just an insult.

          Lord Dafydd Wigley is in the Daily Post again today with his weekly column. Wigley was told what was happening to kids and psych patients in north Wales. The Daily Post is also reporting on another spate of arrests of coke dealers, most of whom lived in Colwyn Bay. Colwyn Bay is the location of the North Wales Police HQ! I was told years ago that a gang were operating under the nose of the North Wales Police HQ at Colwyn Bay. They’re part of Dafydd’s gang.

          Michael Joyce has written another brilliant letter into the Daily Post pointing out that a junior doctor working for the Betsi Health Board has been pilloried by the Coroner for adhering to his duty of candour and explaining that a patient died because he was too busy to carry out a proper diagnosis and monitor a patient – meanwhile the Betsi corporate risk register lists an ‘extreme risk of harm to patients in A&E’!; the Betsi is also running Ysbyty Glan Clwyd with medical cover and anaesthetics which do not meet recommended standards, the only hospital in the UK in this situation. YGC has a death rate in A&E 50% higher than the Welsh average. Solution?? Skewer the one honest junior doctor that they’ve got. Mr Joyce’s letter contains other info which demonstrates quite clearly that NHS patients are in extreme danger in north Wales, this is known at all levels but patients continue to be placed in danger. They are dying, it is no secret.

          UNITE the Union knows about this but remains schtum, although they are taking up the case of the binmen on Anglesey who are the worst paid in Wales. I’m glad about that, but re the NHS, can we hear something other than ‘the NHS is the envy of the world’ from UNITE, because it isn’t, it really isn’t.

          The Post also has a real gem today, ‘Tributes To Dr Gwyn – A Legend Of Denbigh’. 89 yr old Dr Gwyn Thomas, ‘one of Denbigh’s great characters’ has snuffed it and how very sad everyone is. Dr Gwyn was a GP in Denbigh, the third generation of his family to work as a Top Doctor, ooh he delivered nearly 2000 babies at Denbigh Royal Infirmary – many of which will have been babies of raped Denbigh patients – and his wife Mari was a Top Doctor too. Ah, bechod!

          Dr Gwyn retired in the 1990s – before the Waterhouse Report was published which admitted that Dafydd’s mistress Lucille Hughes ignored the abuse of children in north Wales. Dr Gwyn was a founder member of the Vale of Clwyd Angling Club and Denbigh Cllr Mark Young remembered that Dr Gwyn was always very kind to him and got him into politics by taking Mark to his first public meeting regarding the future of the North Wales Hospital. Yes I remember it all well, Dr Gwyn and everyone else were crapping themselves at the thought that the North Wales Hospital might shut down and they’d have to explain all the victims of the paedophile gang in the dungeon.

          Ooh Dr Gwyn ‘was a great character and a true Denbigh legend’, well so was Dafydd, conducting ward rounds in the women’s dorms at 2 in the morning. Denbigh Cllr Colin Hughes told the Post that he’d known Dr Gwyn his whole life and that he genuinely cared for his community and will be missed by the townsfolk. That’ll be the townsfolk who virtually all worked at the North Wales Hospital or had family who did. Colin remembers Dr Gwyn’s wry sense of humour and his mesmerising stories. Dr Gwyn probably pissed himself at the rapes, the illegal abortions which sometimes killed people, the lobotomies of patients who objected to staff climbing into bed with them in the wee hours, ah Dr Gwyn, they broke the mould when they made him!!!

          Now that Dr Gwyn has pegged out, perhaps Cllrs Young and Hughes could let us know what happened to all the babies of the Denbigh patients and when the excavation of the grounds of the North Wales Hospital to recover the bodies which are concealed there will begin.

          Dr Gwyn’s funeral service will take place at Y Capel Mawr, Denbigh on Dec 20 at 11 am, should anyone wish to turn up with some champers and play loud party music to celebrate.

          Who is the Chief Reporter for the Daily Post? One Eryl Crump. Eryl Crump is an alumnus of Bangor Normal College, which churned out teachers and lecturers who concealed the paedophile gang, as well as a small number of graduates who were convicted of assaults on their pupils.

          1. Did Dr Gwyn ever tell any of his many pals how Stephen Bagnall was murdered and what happened to his body?

            Dr Dr Gwyn mention why my blue eyed friend Richard languished in Denbigh for years from his teens onward without explanation?

            What about the young woman who asked me to help her, who had been abducted and kept in an attic by a Top Doctor and other men who was taken to Denbigh and disappeared hours after she told me what happened to her? Did Dr Gwyn ever mention her as he chuckled away in the Angling Club?

            Or Mary, the old lady who died in Denbigh in 1985, who had been put in there solely for becoming pregnant before she was married, who was not even taken for a walk outside of the grounds until the early 1980s??? Couldn’t Dr Gwyn have arranged for her release sometime in the 1940s, after the baby had long disappeared, when because of WW II there were many other women who’d had babies in difficult circumstances blending in to society?? Why was Mary still in Denbigh? Still there in the 50s… During the swinging 60s… During the 70s… Then ONE day trip to Rhyl in the 80s… Back to Denbigh, where she died in 1985.

            Ah Dr Gwyn truly cared!!!

            Who was the father of Mary’s baby then? Christ, an influential family must have been desperate to keep it all quiet.

  7. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/medical-history/article/last-epidemic-of-plague-in-england-suffolk-19061918/5E5C121F07307A7D8C467B82D662903C

    Quite a surprise re doctor home visiting. Try getting home visit now !

    The author Van Zwanenberg seemed to be one of the rare good guys at Ipswich Hospital. He was experimenting though with desensitization vaccines in 60s and 70s. I wonder if he was of the Van Zwanenberg family who owned a pharma company and were in the 1936 European Hormone Research cartel for exploiting and conducting steroid research. We know that, after creation of NHS, steroid research at Ipswich was rife under madman John W Paulley who ran a GP indoctrination scheme and co founded Stockwell Centre Colchester. The abusive Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre (Classified as abusive by IICSA but escaping all police inquiry) also ran a GP “Training scheme” The IFPC was secretly contracted to research on unwitting Suffolk folk. Their research and Paulley research were complementary.

    I feel sure the Royal Medico Psychological Society research links to abusive Aston Hall Derby and the Cambridge Uni research links would emerge to connect with the 43 child care cerebral palsy uninvestigated deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk.

    As we explored Paulley and Richard D North (Leonard Cheshire driver and aide Cavendish Suffolk) were both Institute of Economic Affairs men. RDN highlighted the Richard Webster book that sought to discredit North Wales whistleblower social worker Alyson Taylor. I am wondering whether when RDN highlighted the Webster book he already knew Bishop Stockwood was a suggested line of inquiry re Beeches and Sue Ryder HQ where RDN was based. IE RDN didn’t have far to look to spot Revd Nick Stacey Head of KCC Social Services who forbade complaints of child abuse from being reported to police.

    We have also explored Ipswich (Paulley) links to Home Office and their psychiatrist Dr Pamela Mason who had Savile links via Duncroft. Perhaps worth a thought re Savile and Broadmoor.

    The network existed. The IICSA position must be to refuse to evidentially establish the network for fear of the rational next stage of inquiry.

    We have also explored Aston Hall and Ipswich links to Home Office psy

    1. The rot was deep at the Home Office and much of it seemed to stem from Rab Butler. Who was later Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, the factory for spies with a penchant for becoming double agents and having sex with young, sometimes very young, boys… Someone told me last summer that the profile of British agents for a long time was clever, gay, men which does seem to be true but when they began using their network as a vehicle for organised child abuse no-one stopped them…

      Thanks for the link to the article…

      Yes, the IEA/University of Bucks lot were mad and unsavoury and Thatch and Lord Mac Beloff, friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, Cherie and Thatch all together was at the centre of it!

      Re your joke about try getting a home visit now… I am reminded of one other case that I came across before I and others found ourselves refused all medical care post complaints about Dafydd et al. It was back in the 1980s, a woman had been violently raped by her GP on a home visit. He was convicted and jailed, there was no question at all of her having lied or even exaggerated. After he was imprisoned she was removed from the surgery’s list and no other GP, none, would accept her as a patient. There was just excuse after excuse a la north Wales. They all knew that she had never made false allegations, had never even complained, but she was untouchable.

      This lot need dealing with and they should have been dealt with many, many years ago. How very dare they, if I may say so? Gang rape of children, child porn, bestiality and I and my friends are threatened by overpaid low ability pompous old gits in Volvos?? Oh excuse me, I was not going to shut up after that.

      The British state could not have been more stupid than to have allowed this.

      Come friendly bombs, remove their goodies, proceeds of crime legislation and all that. Seize the assets of the BMA, no-one found it too hard to do that to the NUM.

      1. Was Rab Butler Stanstead Hall Suffolk ? It was Maudling name 1971 IIRC cropped up re an Essex estate paying off Clare Suffolk police sgt for recording crimes of poaching that were fictitious. I seem to remember Rab Butler name cropping up but forget context. On paper the sarge had been going through mud and hell chasing poachers. A ruse for gamekeepers to explain low yields and then the big nobs kindly sent sarge money for his in fact fictitious efforts in their absence.

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