I Don’t Believe It!

The main stars of this post have both feet in the grave rather than just one, but their poisonous legacy lingers on.

In my post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’ I mentioned that one of the many old pupils from Bishop Gore School (formerly Swansea Grammar) who had achieved great eminence was Professor John Howell, President of the BMA, 1989-90. As detailed on previous posts, at this time the Top Doctors in the mental health services in north Wales were busy perjuring themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned, actually documented their plans to do this and cc’d those plans to their partners in crime in various senior NHS and Social Services posts. In the case of Dr Tony Francis (Dr X), he was using the services of the MDU and Welsh Office lawyers to frame me – although the MDU lawyer, Ann Ball, was telling him not to proceed with litigation against me and the Welsh Office lawyer, Andrew Park, admitted that there was no evidence that I had committed the offences that Francis was alleging. Ann Ball and Andrew Park were well aware that I was raising concerns about Francis and his colleagues being involved in criminal activities – I spoke to Ann Ball about this myself on the telephone. Francis was also cc’ing the BMA into much of his correspondence. The BMA whilst John Howell was President.

John Howell was known as Jack. He died in 2015 and a Diana Brighouse wrote the BMJ’s obituary of him. Diana was one of his former students at Southampton. Diana explained that Jack Howell told her that if ever she needed advice or was concerned about anything, she could always go to him. I bet he did – that is the time honoured method which is used by Top Doctors to identify potential whistleblowers among medical students or junior doctors and get rid of them fast using methods of which they will be unaware and will probably only find out about years later – as I have discovered myself… Diana mentioned that Jack emphasised to her and the other students how important it is to persuade their patients to trust them and he showed them the way by sitting next to patients and asking them where they lived, what they did for a living etc. I remember it well – the corrupt Dr D.G.E. Wood pumped me for info regarding Brown and me and used it to stuff us over, as did Tony Francis. ‘For God’s sake don’t trust me, I’m a doctor facilitating a paedophile gang and the sexual exploitation of patients.’ Diana mourned not only Jack but the sort of medicine that he practiced. I’ve got news for Diana – she has nothing to worry about, Jack’s style of medicine is alive and kicking, even if Jack isn’t. Intriguingly Diana mentioned that all the students called Howell ‘whispering Jack’.

Jack Howell was the co-founder of Southampton Medical School. He was born in Swansea in 1926 and qualified at the Middlesex Hospital in 1950. He was Senior Lecturer and Consultant at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1960-69 and in 1969 was appointed Foundation Professor of Medicine at Southampton. He was President of the British Thoracic Society, 1988-89 and Chairman of Southampton District Health Authority, 1983-98.

Jack Howell was a friend and colleague of Donald Acheson who was UK Chief Medical Officer, 1983-91. Acheson was also involved in the foundation and development of Southampton Medical School. Acheson was President of the BMA in 1996-97 – as the Waterhouse Inquiry was launched and began taking evidence. Acheson also trained at the Middlesex Hospital and was a similar vintage to Howell. Dr T. Gwynne Williams, the lobotomist who worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and who assisted Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dr Tony Francis in concealing the North Wales Paedophile Ring, trained at the Middlesex Hospital. He was slightly older than Acheson and Howell but the Middlesex has loyal alumni – as do all medical schools – and they will have all known each other. Donald Acheson helped the Tory Gov’t out of a pickle whilst Thatcher’s aide Sir Peter Morrison MP – among others – were abusing children in care in north Wales (see post Professor Prestigious And His Associates’).

Both I and an embryologist who was a graduate of Aberystwyth University had very odd experiences when we were interviewed for jobs at Southampton Medical School’s newly created IVF Unit in 1989. I suspect that part of the explanation for this was my raising concerns about what was going on in north Wales at the time as well as wrongdoing in Southampton Medical School which the people interviewing us feared that we might notice. Please see post ‘Professor Prestigious And His Associates’ for full details.

Donald Acheson had – quite incredibly considering what he concealed during his career – carried out work on health inequalities whilst he was CMO. He was assisted in this by one Michael Marmot, now Professor Michael Marmot, the go-to man globally where health inequalities are concerned – I suspect that Acheson and Marmot’s earth shattering contribution to this research is the reason why health inequalities remain stubbornly with us (see post ‘Professor Prestigious And His Associates’). Tony Blair commissioned Acheson to Chair an Inquiry into inequalities in health in 1997 and then in 2008 Gordon Brown commissioned Marmot to review health inequalities. Marmot worked at UCL and was President of the BMA, 2010-11. UCL has a flagship health inequalities unit led by Michael Marmot – which is ‘supported’ by the Department of Health and the BMA.

In 1987 the Middlesex Hospital and UCL merged. The senior administrator who worked at the Court of the University of London who oversaw that merger was Ann Widdecombe. Despite having such a senior job, London University were most helpful to Honest Ann when she was seeking a Conservative seat – she was allowed extensive paid leave to campaign and was even given the use of a member of the secretarial staff from London University to assist her. Widdecombe was also overtly encouraged and supported by her boss at the University when she was involved in covert activity opposing CND. The Anglesey Conservative Association were particularly eager to snare Widdecombe as their Parliamentary candidate. Details of Widdecombe’s extraordinary path to Westminster may be read in my post ‘Doris Karloff – Honest About Her Expenses But Not Much Else’.

Another old boy of Swansea Grammar who was of a similar vintage to Jack Howell was Lord Brian Flowers, who became Rector of Imperial College and then Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. My post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’ provides an account of Flowers’ career. I mentioned that Flowers was running the University of London whilst there was endemic misconduct and research fraud occurring at RPMS (Royal Postgraduate Medical School)/Hammersmith Hospital (see post ‘A Cause Close To Our Hearts’) and whilst St George’s Hospital Medical School employed Oliver Brooke – a key figure in a pan-European paedophile ring who was imprisoned for the possession of child porn – as their Professor of Paediatrics. Flowers was in post whilst the University of London was doing all it could to ensure that Ann Widdecombe became a Tory MP.

Whilst I was a postgrad at RPMS, I was told by a fellow student who’s husband was a member of staff there that it was known that one particularly questionable academic at RPMS – even by the standards of RPMS  – was Professor Julia Polak. Polak was famed for her utter ruthlessness. She was a Top Doctor who had qualified in Argentina but her qualification wasn’t recognised in the UK. When she arrived in the UK she was taken under the wing of one of the few really decent academics at RPMS who gave her research facilities and helped her to build her career. When he retired and wanted to remain as an Emeritus Professor – by which time Polak was managing the department – Polak refused him any facilities. I was told by more than one person that Polak would do anything to make a name for herself and that she was believed to be committing even more audacious research fraud than many of her colleagues. I met one person who had been shafted by her whilst a PhD student.

A few years after I left London, Julia Polak became famous. She was the centre of a story worthy of the script writers of ‘Holby City’. In the 1990s Polak had begun to feel a little unwell. Nothing serious or too worrying, just a bit of breathlessness really. At the time Polak was working with Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, the transplant surgeon at Harefield Hospital, researching ways of improving the treatment of patients with pulmonary hypertension.  Julia mentioned that she had been experiencing a bit of breathlessness and her colleagues urged her to get herself checked out. After a while she reluctantly agreed to be examined by one of her colleagues at RPMS/Hammersmith Hospital – specifically who does not seem to be public knowledge. To her absolute amazement, not only was she suffering from exactly the same condition on which she and Yacoub were working  – pulmonary hypertension – but she was seriously ill as a result of it! In fact she was at death’s door and Magdi recommended a heart and lung transplant. Julia was most reluctant to agree, but after a short while she realised that it was the only answer. She was whisked off to Harefield Hospital where she waited nearly two months in intensive care for organs to become available. The call came at 2am whilst she was on a weekend visit home – so back into Harefield she went and in 1995 the life-saving surgery was performed by the great man himself. Julia laid low for a few weeks, but once she was back on her feet, she realised that her life’s work was now to Discover A Cure for lung disease.

Julia set about publicising Her True Story, founded the Julia Polak Lung Transplant Fund and then along with her colleague Larry Hench she established and later led the Centre for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at Imperial College – RPMS/Hammersmith and the other London medical schools were merged with Imperial College at the behest of Lord Brian Flowers. Magdi Yacoub joined Julia’s new Centre.  Julia’s Story became the basis for a novel by Rosemary Friedman, ‘Intensive Care’. So business-like was Julia about her Life’s Work that she even produced her own old diseased lungs to show to students at RPMS.

Julia was made. She became Dame Julia and advised on Parliamentary Committees. She obtained funding from the Texas/UK Collaborative Research Initiative in Biosciences. Sadly in 2014 she died of ‘undisclosed causes’. At the time of her death at 75 years old, Dame Julia was one of the world’s longest surviving heart and lung transplant patients.

So someone with a reputation for being prepared to murder her grandmother if it would advance her, as well as for research fraud, who worked in an institution in which misconduct was endemic and in which other senior academics were known to be carrying out research fraud, managed to suddenly develop the condition which she was researching which was only diagnosed by an unidentified colleague in the fraud-plagued institution in which she worked herself, then nearly died of the condition which she was researching which had been diagnosed by her colleague, then made a Lazarusesque recovery after a double transplant performed by another colleague – which took place at 2am at the weekend, so there won’t have been that many people around to witness or indeed not witness the operation. In the wake of all this, a novel is written, heart-tugging charities are set up and the millions roll in. The benefactors are the institution which employed in a senior position everybody involved with saving Julia’s life and of course Julia, Magdi and their colleagues, including Lord Brian Flowers. As for the displaying of the diseased lungs to the students – diseased organs are ten a penny at RPMS, whilst I was a postgrad there we were given them to dissect every day. Organs and other specimens are frequently kept by hospitals without consent and sometimes unlawfully. When I worked at St George’s I came across a foetus in a jar and I asked the dreadful Dr Cathy Wilson – who’s lab this was in – the age of the foetus (because it looked fully formed) and she shrieked at me. Probably because that foetus should not have been in a jar sitting in her lab and she knew it.

Lest anyone unfamiliar with the everyday story of medical school folk have difficulty believing that Polak et al could ever get away with a fraud as substantial as the one that I suspect them of having committed, I wanna tell you a story to quote Max Bygraves.

Some two years after I left St Georges and their criminal wrongdoing behind, I read in the ‘Indie’ and the ‘Guardian’ that a consultant at St George’s had made history by saving an ectopic pregnancy. He had carried out an operation in which he had transferred the embryo from the Fallopian tube into the uterus, the pregnancy had progressed to term and had resulted in the birth of a healthy baby. The consultant who had performed this miracle was Malcom Pearce, who had been my boss at St George’s. Malcolm Pearce was very energetic and cleverer than a lot of his colleagues and I didn’t think was as poisonous as many of them, but people did used to grumble about him and his excessive drinking and there were whispers that a Chair in the US was going to be found for Malcolm before he somehow disgraced himself at St George’s. So when I read about the miracle that Malcolm had performed I presumed that he had sorted the boozing and had achieved something. In 1994 a huge scandal blew up at St George’s. It transpired that Malcolm had not performed the operation which he claimed. He hadn’t even attempted to perform it. He had made the whole thing up and published it. It was never made clear how Malcolm’s fraud was uncovered, but once it was, Sir William Asscher the ‘absolute bastard’ (to quote a former colleague) who was the Dean of St George’s conducted an inquiry. It was found that Malcolm had doctored (so to speak) medical records and had fabricated the results of some other clinical trials. Malcolm was subsequently struck off.

The question that I have always been interested in is why was Malcolm Pearce hung out to dry for doing something that huge swathes of his colleagues were doing – research fraud – and for doing a lot less than some others – for example facilitating a paedophile ring in north Wales…

When Malcolm’s fraud became public, everyone followed the line of ‘We’re shocked and disgusted and we knew nuzzin…’ Well did no-one wonder where the baby that Malcom had successfully saved was? This was a medical first, surely that baby would have been of interest. As would be the baby’s mum. Where was she? What about the rest of the team who had looked after the mother and baby? Where were they? What about the theatre staff who would have been present at the medical miracle? There must have been some degree of collusion on the part of at least some other members of staff.

Somebody else suffered badly from the fall-out over Malcolm’s fantasy, but not as badly as Malcolm did – Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain, the Professor and the Head of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dept at St George’s and at the time President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Chamberlain had co-authored the paper with Malcolm. Chamberlain gave evidence at Malcolm’s GMC hearing, blamed the whole business on Malcolm and made a few Dr Finlayesque comments about having trusted Malcolm and having been dreadfully let down by him. Chamberlain didn’t get the knighthood that he was expected to be in line for, but he wasn’t struck off or disciplined in any way.

I confess to having been very slow on the uptake about this matter. I have blogged about all it previously and because I have been so pre-occupied with why Malcolm was thrown to the wolves when others were doing so much worse, I have missed the obvious. Chamberlain CO-AUTHORED THE PAPER. Of course Chamberlain too would have wanted to meet the mother and baby involved – Chamberlain was famously sociable and clubbable, the patients loved him and he had a Harley Street practice with celeb patients as well. He would have wanted to be photographed with that baby and to have featured in feel-good stories.

Geoffrey Chamberlain was in on that fraud but he was the one who got away. Surprise Surprise!

Chamberlain was Welsh. His father Albert was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Chamberlain went to Llandaff Cathedral School, Cowbridge Grammar School and then read medicine at UCL. He trained at RPMS, GOSH, Queen Charlottes and Chelsea Hospital for Women and King’s College Hospital, London. He was Professor of Obs and Gynae at St George’s, 1982-95. Between 2000-08 he lectured in the history of medicine at Swansea University.

Between 1955-74 Geoffrey Chamberlain served with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and reached the rank of surgeon commander. Gwynne the lobotomist who facilitated the paedophile ring in north Wales had also spent a number of years as a surgeon in the Royal Navy.

Geoffrey Chamberlain had been a colleague of and was on good terms with Oliver Brooke. Oliver Brooke’s stash of child porn was discovered in the cupboards of an office in St George’s.


We cannot ask Geoffrey Chamberlain to explain his wrongdoing because he is now dead. However I believe that his wife, another Top Doctor, Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain, is still alive. Jocelyn spent much of her career involved with the cervical screening programme – another field of medicine in which lies have been told. In the 1970s Jocelyn Chamberlain worked at the Middlesex Hospital.

The victims of and witnesses to the paedophile ring in north Wales were found dead Jocelyn. Time for you to make a police statement before you too are no longer with us. Perhaps you’d also like to tell us why Malcolm Pearce was lynched – was he about to grass you all up? Because Malcolm Pearce was finished off at the same time as Gordon Anglesea the former senior officer with the North Wales Police was awarded nearly £400k damages after he was accused of sexually abusing boys in care in north Wales and as investigations into the possibility of a paedophile ring in north Wales began. In 2016 Gordon Anglesea was imprisoned for historical sexual offences against boys in care in north Wales. Weeks after giving evidence against Anglesea, the young man who accused him of abuse was found dead.

Every summer the Chamberlains used to hold a garden party at their house in Wimbledon. One of their neighbours was George Carman QC, the corrupt barrister who knew about the north Wales paedophile ring (see posts ‘No Ordinary Methods’ and ‘No Ordinary Methods – Supplementary Post’). Just down the road in Wandsworth lived Michael Mansfield, the radical lawyer who also studiously ignored anything to do with the north Wales paedophile ring (see post ‘Workers’ Play Time’).


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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      1. Mail Online latest:
        The Mail Online has published a truly extraordinary article in the wake of the death of Carl Sargeant and the ongoing row. After Carl was found dead the Mail referred to his ‘plush flat’ in Cardiff – this blog made the point that the plush flat was a modest flat that Carl used when in Cardiff and that his main home was a former council house in north Wales. This morning Mail Online have gone to war on Carwyn and his advisors. Carwyn is a ‘wealthy former barrister’ from the ‘posh wing of the party’. Er – sorry Daily Mail, whereas I’m sure that Carwyn isn’t claiming benefits, he is absolutely not by your standards ‘posh’. His children go to state schools, his wife is NORMAL which one cannot say of many political wives in England – such as Sarah Vine, the spouse of Michael Gove who works as a scribbler for the Daily Mail – and Carwyn’s father I think was a funeral director. Carwyn studied at Aberystwyth and speaks Welsh. He doesn’t tick ANY box that would deem him ‘posh’ in English tabloid newspaper eyes. The younger members of his family are never photographed getting pissed and disgracing themselves in night spots in the way that the younger members of so many politicians or branches of the Royal Family do in England. The Mail mentions Carwyn’s ‘highly ambitious’ special advisors and aides – I don’t know the one advisor named by the Mail, but I did used to know another special advisor of Carwyn’s – he was Welsh speaking, lived in Caernarfon, sent his kids to state schools – er, not really ‘posh’ or ‘highly ambitious’, just wanting to contribute I think. The Mail mentions Daran Hill – I think that is probably the Daran Hill who wrote the book ‘Clear Red Water’. I really don’t think that the Mail would like Daran Hill’s politics. To illustrate the excessive ways and debauchery of Carwyn’s team, dear old Mail Online have published a photo of a group of young people in a restaurant in Cardiff. So what? But then the Mail has a bit of a problem with Cardiff – it constantly reprinted the photos taken some years ago of a small number of young people out on the town in Cardiff to warn us all of how young people – especially WOMEN – carried on in the Sodom and Gomorrah that is Cardiff, sometimes even getting drunk.

        The Mail is hostile to the Labour Party and to Wales. It doesn’t give a stuff about Carl Sargeant and his family – they represent everything that the Mail loathes anyway. It is now having a go at Welsh Labour because the Mail is a right-wing Tory supporting newspaper and the death of Carl is a welcome distraction from the implosion of Theresa May’s Gov’t at Westminster. Their current obsession with Welsh Labour however will not stem the stream of their usual fare of articles telling us all that we’re going to get cancer, articles telling us all that the Top Doctors have now found a cure for cancer, articles telling women that they will be dying imminently from breast/cervical/ovarian cancer unless they ‘get screened’ immediately; ‘style’ articles featuring the ludicrously expensive but frumpy clothes of female Conservative politicians; articles and adverts designed to undermine women in every way possible, accompanied by yet another feature on boosting one’s ‘self-esteem’, scores of articles and photos of the semi-clad teenaged daughters of celebs and Royals who are now ‘all grown up’ and of course the notorious ‘side bar of shame’ featuring endless photos of celebrities in various states of undress featuring parts of the body and medical conditions invented by the media such as side boobs and cellulite. What a pity that Carwyn’s wife doesn’t carry on like that bunch of pillocks – but she doesn’t, so the Mail won’t be able to add her photo to their side bar of shame.

        Now I’ll just pop back to the Mail’s website to read the latest offering from Sarah Vine, in which she will of course talk endlessly about herself, her husband who was a Cabinet Minister until he and his mates all took lumps out of each other in a bid to become Prime Minister, how expensive her hair-do and clothes are, how lovely their house is, the luxury hotels that they all stayed in the other day, ad nauseum.

        I would urge members and supporters of Welsh Labour not to talk to the Mail, no matter how pissed off they are – the Daily Mail is no friend of Wales or the Labour Party.

        By the way, the Mail really, really loved the celebrity who was friends with and a patient of Geoffrey Chamberlain, the Top Doctor named in the above post, who was involved in a massive research fraud and knew that some of his colleagues were involved with a paedophile/child porn ring. In fact it was the Mail who published an article by the celeb in question in which she praised Geoffrey Chamberlain. I think the Mail even published a nice photo of him and mistakenly called him Sir Geoffrey Chamberlain – he didn’t get the knighthood Daily Mail, the research fraud saw to that.

        1. PS. Forgot to mention the Mail’s real star, Amanda Platell of ‘Platell’s People’ fame. The Amanda Platell who was William Hague’s Press Officer whilst Hague organised the Waterhouse Inquiry, which covered-up the North Wales Paedophile Ring. Nice one Amanda!

        2. Peter Watkin Jones, a lawyer with Eversheds Sutherland and the partner who leads the firm’s ‘inquiries and investigations practice’, has commented to BBC Radio Wales regarding a putative public inquiry into Carl Sargeant’s death.

          I’m not sure that anyone ought to be listening to Peter. This is a man with previous.

          Peter led the team of lawyers which acted for the public inquiry into Mid-Staffs Chaired by Robert Francis QC. That was the public inquiry into an NHS disaster which had been allowed to build up and then continue over many, many years. A public inquiry which numerous people felt had bent over backwards to treat the NHS with kid gloves, an inquiry which did not hold the people responsible for the disaster to account – an inquiry which did not result in the disciplining of one doctor, an inquiry which resulted only in the referral of a small number of nurses to the NMC. Thousands of unnecessary deaths occurred as a result of Mid-Staffs. Famously, the managers involved were not just not disciplined, some received golden good-bye payments and some were moved into other very senior jobs. Why are we not surprised? Robert Francis was a barrister who had spent his career working for the MDU, defending Top Doctors. It was Robert Francis who acted for Dr Tony Francis when he attempted to have me imprisoned for ‘harassing’ him – because I had written numerous letters alleging that there was criminal activity in the mental health services in north Wales – which there was, Francis himself was involved with it and I now have documentation to demonstrate this. I also have documentation which demonstrates that the MDU lawyers themselves strongly advised Francis not to continue with his litigation against me – Francis ignored their advice but they continued to act for him nonetheless. Those lawyers – including Robert Francis – read the letters that I had written ie. the ‘harassing’ ones and they knew exactly how serious my allegations were. I also had a telephone conversation with Ann Ball, one of the MDU solicitors acting for Francis, and I told her myself what was happening in north Wales. The criminal activity that I was complaining about was associated with the north Wales paedophile ring. I was prosecuted – at no time were any of my allegations investigated.

          Watkin Jones also acted for the Shipman Inquiry. The inquiry into a GP who murdered hundreds of patients, whom the GMC failed to stop although concerns had been raised about Shipman and when he was younger he had been convicted of an offence involving controlled drugs.

          Watkin Jones has acted for ‘interested parties’ in child abuse inquiries – I wonder if these ‘interested parties’ were the children who had been abused or the authorities who’s dismal failures and corruption resulted in the children being abused?

          Watkin Jones has acted for the Children’s Commissioner in Wales. That’ll be the office of the Children’s Commissioner that has failed to protect children in Wales and which was the centre of allegations of serious work-place bullying some years ago.

          Watkin Jones specialises in Fitness to Practice hearings and acted for the GMC for 7 years. The GMC that allowed Harold Shipman to practice, who ignored my complaints about Top Doctors in north Wales, who allowed Dr Dafydd Alun Jones to practice despite scores of very serious complaints about him and who struck off Malcolm Pearce but took no action against Geoffrey Chamberlain who was up to his eye-balls in the wrongdoing as well (see above post).

          Watkin Jones has been the lead partner for ‘contentious work’ involving the Welsh Assembly Gov’t. He probably has advised them when they have screwed up big time…

          Watkin Jones was involved in the Jersey Care Inquiry. The result of which suggested that terrible abuse of children had taken place in Jersey – but the concern all seems to have died away.

          Some years ago Eversheds were making a lot of noise about the lack of mental health support for university students and somebody working for them was making encouraging noises about people suing universities if they fail to provide care for students with mental health problems. The reason why students with mental illness suffer so greatly is that the NHS WILL NOT look after them. The NHS gets paid to do this, but it simply will not deliver the goods – which is why universities have tried to step in, although sometimes with very inadequate services. Universities are not healthcare providers. No-one threatens to sue them because they are not carrying out abdominal surgery on students who need it. But if you’re Eversheds and you’ve got your eyes on a bonanza, universities are far easier targets than our institutionally corrupt mental health service, with it’s supply of corrupt expert witnesses on tap – who are offered full protection by the likes of the GMC…

          One question remains – is Peter Watkin Jones any relation to the Watkin Jones’s which run the building empire in north Wales, who are famously despised and are alleged to build shoddy houses, alleged to be participating in corrupt practices and alleged to be putting small builders out of business as a matter of principle? I think we should be told.

          1. Two more who are all over the news with allegations re Carwyn’s ‘bullying’:

            Steve Jones. Jones is maxing out on his ‘insider status’, as ‘one who knows’ how truly toxic Carwyn’s office is. The media are describing Steve Jones as one of Carwyn’s ‘top aides’. Steve Jones was Carwyn’s media and communications manager between 2011-14. I remember your incumbency well Steve – the one thorny subject that Carwyn’s media advisor never managed to come clean about was the abuse of vulnerable people in the mental health services in north Wales. You had shit all over you from Tawel Fan, I was literally living in terror and was having to move house because of the vendetta against me from the paedophiles’ friends and not a word was said about any of it. The unnecessary deaths at the Betsi Health Board continued…

            Furthermore Steve, if there was such a problem in Carwyn’s office why didn’t you mention it at the time? The point of speaking out is to do so BEFORE a tragedy occurs – not to climb onto the bandwagon afterwards.

            Steve has been around a long time. He was involved in Carwyn’s leadership campaign – oh, so he was happy to work for this toxic bastard who encouraged a bullying culture then, he even had a hand in ensuring that Carwyn became leader. Steve’s Linked In profile tells us that he has worked as a ‘project manager’ for the Welsh Gov’t since 2006. So Steve was left over from Rhodri’s regime then – when everyone who was mates with Rhodri was given a job…

            What did Steve do before 2006? Between 1998-2006 Steve was an ‘innovation manager’ for the WDA (Welsh Development Agency). The WDA and its doings has got to be one of the most shameful parts of recent Welsh history (apart from the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, the NHS and the development of Cardiff Bay of course). The WDA was a complete con that left the citizens of Wales fuming, as dickwits like Steve colonised that organisation, milked it for all that it was worth and handed ‘grants’ to people with failing businesses who also milked the system before their ‘businesses’ went tits up. Their was no ‘innovation’ at the WDA and real business people were very, very angry at what was going on. The WDA was such a fucking embarrassment that it was abolished. People try to keep their links with that organisation quiet, but as it occupied such a large chunk of Steve’s career, I don’t suppose that he can.

            A Wales Online article also tells us that before Steve worked in Cardiff Bay, he was an advisor for a ‘Gov’t Chief Whip at Westminster’. So which toxic bastard did you work for then Steve? Was it by any chance someone associated with Blair or Brown’s administrations? They weren’t known for being very friendly towards Wales were they…

            So what has encouraged a clapped out old git from the WDA to pour bile onto Carwyn, a man whom he has been making a pretty good living out of – Steve was on approx. £50K pa back in 2011 – for a number of years? It was the comments of ‘Professor’ Leighton Andrews. Until he lost his seat, Leighton was one of Carwyn’s Ministers. Upon losing his seat, Leighton did what most politicians in Wales do when they are voted out – he bagged a job at a university in south Wales, in Leighton’s case Cardiff. Leighton is a ‘professor of practice’ at Cardiff, in much the same way that Angelina Jolie is a professor of practice at the LSE. Although Leighton has actually published something – unlike Angelina, Leighton doesn’t simply snap up orphans from developing countries and have parts of his anatomy removed because a Top Doctor has told him that he’s probably going to develop cancer. Leighton is ‘Professor of Practice In Public Service Leadership and Innovation’ at Cardiff Business School. At one point, Leighton was Minister for Public Services. Yes, the expert on public service leadership is the man who led the public services in Wales – including the NHS and social services…

            Leighton has made a blistering attack on Carwyn – which is what encouraged Steve to pipe up. Leighton talks of ‘minor bullying, mind games, power games, favouritism, inconsistency of treatment…deliberate personal undermining’. Christ almighty, sounds like the Business School at Cardiff University to me. Leighton is best remembered in Wales for his time as Education Minister. He is remembered for er, being a bully. It was always alleged that Leighton wore jackboots and I actually witnessed a Professor from Cardiff University sourly remark in a public lecture at Bangor that nothing would progress in HE in Wales as long as we had Leighton Andrews as Education Minister. My how things have changed! I wonder how Leighton gets along with his colleagues at Cardiff University.

            Now, the interesting thing about Leighton’s time as Education Minister is that I knew a few people who had sympathy for Leighton and his jackboots. These people were fed up of the moribund old gits who took up too many senior positions in Welsh universities and Leighton was making it clear that he wanted to shake them out of their stupor and fight the vested interests. Unfortunately at least one of Leighton’s bright ideas backfired in a major way. The University of Wales Press publishes academic scholarship concerning matters Welsh and Wales. Because the subject matter is a minority interest, the University of Wales Press publishes work that big commercial publishers won’t take on and the Press therefore used to decide which volumes it would publish and offer the authors a contract which came hand in hand with a guaranteed subsidy – without this subsidy, the works would not have been published. The dosh for the subsidy came from the Welsh Gov’t. Now there was a problem with cronyism at UWP and it was well known that some mediocre work was being published because the authors were mates with them all at UWP and had been mates with them for years. So Leighton and the jackboots waded in. Without consultation or even telling anyone, Leighton amended the rules re UWP. The old system was that if you were offered a book contract, you automatically received your subsidy. Leighton transferred the distribution of the subsidies over to the universities themselves – so it was then up to the individual universities to decide which authors received the subsidy for their books. If your university decided to spend the dosh with another author, even if you were in receipt of the contract from UWP, you could not publish. Furthermore Leighton did this AFTER the arrival of a very high calibre commissioning editor at UWP who was fighting the cronyism and had started giving contracts and subsidies on merit rather than nepotism. What did universities do? They gave the subsidies to the moribund old farts who were sitting on all the committees and who had been bed blocking for years – the very people whom Leighton claimed that he wanted to see the back of. I knew all about this, because Brown and I had been in receipt of a contract from UWP for a follow up volume to our previous one on re-thinking gender roles in 20th Century Wales. I received a letter from the university authorities telling me that the university were giving the subsidy to the Professor of Welsh for his book; well the REF was approaching, he didn’t have a very impressive publication list, we can’t have the university being embarrassed by an empty handed Professor of Welsh, so hard luck Baker and Brown, you can piss off. I wrote to Leighton Andrews – as did a lot of other people – and received a rude reply.

            Leighton Andrews is married to Ann Beynon. At the time that Leighton altered the rules for the UWP subsidies, Ann Beynon was a member of the University Council at Bangor University. Ann Beynon is a graduate of Bangor, as is Leighton. Ann Beynon studied in the Welsh Dept – she probably personally knew the Professor who snaffled the funding for my book.

            I was not the only person who had to wave goodbye to my manuscript. Right across Wales, funding was transferred from junior academics to shore up the publications of Professors and heads of depts. I was told of one outstanding PhD thesis which was never published as a book because some greedy old bastard wasn’t going to allow a newly qualified post-doc the funding when he could have it. Not only that, but Leighton just about killed stone dead Welsh scholarship from North America. There was an enthusiastic contingent out there with partnerships with Welsh academics some of whom were producing some very good work. Because one now had to be employed by a Welsh university to receive funding if one held a contract with UWP, none of the North American scholars could publish with UWP.

            Good work Leighton, you screwed up the careers of some really outstanding early career researchers, so that the old twats who taught your wife and whom she continued to sup with could continue to publish their embarrassingly stale drivel.

            Ann Beynon is rather more high profile than her husband. Not only was Ann Beynon a member of Bangor University Council at the very time that Leighton was moaning about old farts but making damn sure that none of his measures touched Ann or her old fart friends, but between 1998 until about three years ago, Ann Beynon was Director of BT Wales. Yes it was Ann who oversaw that mess. Prior to that, Ann Beynon was Business Development Director at Cardiff Bay Development Corporation – Ann was at the heart of Corruption Bay, that monumental scam which transferred so many millions of tax-payers money into the pockets of a bunch of very rich people. A scam planned by Nicholas Edwards et al under Thatcher, whilst the rest of Wales signed on the dole.

            In 1999 Ann Was a member of the Royal Commission on the Reform of the House of Lords. Ann Beynon comes from north Wales, from a little village called Penygroes. I used to be very friendly with someone who knew Ann Beynon and Leighton very well – they grew up with Ann. They told me that Ann’s dearest wish was to bag a seat in the Lords. So that’s why the ‘reform’ didn’t actually involve much reform…

            As does every ruthless, sharp elbowed, opportunistic establishment old cow, Ann promotes the cause of Wimmin. Particularly if the Woman in question is called Ann Beynon. After she stepped down from her highly paid job for failing to improve BT in Wales – BT Wales was in such chaos that not only did I receive a bill when I’d never even had a fucking service from them, but I knew one person who’s DEAD MOTHER received a bill, five years after her death, five years after all her bills etc had been paid – Ann then became an advisor for Severn Trent, another privatised utility which is fleecing the customer. Ann was given the job by Liv Garfield – who had worked with Ann at BT! Liv had been Chief Exec of BT Openreach when Ann was Director of BT Wales. When Liv returned the favour and gave Ann yet another seat on the gravy train, Ann gave a media interview about inspirational women.

            For seven years Ann Beynon had a seat on the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Funny, I never noticed Ann raise the subject of the abuse of mental health patients and kids in care in Wales. Did I miss that Ann? Were you perhaps more concerned with the Human Rights of Inspirational Women who mismanage privatised companies and get paid six times the rest of the population of Wales whilst they’re doing it?

            Like her husband, Ann also has a job at Cardiff University – she is Chair of the Welsh Governance Centre. Ann is also a member of the Cardiff Capital Regional Advisory Board and is a former member of the Welsh Language Board.

            Ann was the first female President of NUS Wales and led its first gay rights campaign! But throughout her long and illustrious life she has kept schtum about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal – although she bloody well knows all about it…

            Ann Beynon – a life at the heart of the Welsh establishment, her snout in every available trough.

            But back to Leighton. Like Ann, Leighton has had opportunities to speak out about the disgrace that has been the abuse of kids in care and psych patients in Wales but he’s never done so – Leighton has a background in journalism. He was Head of Public Affairs for the BBC, 1993-96, based in London. Ever heard the name Jimmy Savile then Leighton? When you were head of Public Affairs did you notice all hell being let loose in north Wales, as police investigations into a paedophile ring got underway?

            In 1996 Leighton was appointed to the Board of Tai Cymru – by a man called William Hague, who at that very time was organising the cover-up of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal! Oh well, I’m sure before long, Ann will be Lady Ann and she can join Hague and all the other paedophiles’ friends slumbering on the benches in the Upper House.

            In 2007 Leighton was Deputy Minister for Social Justice and Public Service Delivery. Er – right… another success from Mr Ann Beynon there.

            The outbursts from Leighton and Steve Jones have resulted in Neil Hamilton announcing that he’s planning to whip up a vote of no confidence in Carwyn. So Leighton and Steve have supplied ammo to a man who left Westminster in complete disgrace and who used to attend social events with Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s aide who molested kids in care in north Wales. Who knows perhaps Ann Beynon was at those events as well – I mean the Duke of Westminster was part of the same social circle, he’d be able to open a few doors for you Ann.

            I don’t know what has been going on in Carwyn’s office, but I doubt that he’s been molesting kids or receiving wads of used notes in brown envelopes.

            Throughout the 80s Leighton Andrews was active in the Liberal Party. So he’ll have known about Cyril Smith then…

            I’m not sure that these two snakes turning on Carwyn will be that much of a loss to him. If they really were concerned about ‘bullying’ and the effect on people’s ‘mental health’ they’d have spoken up a long time ago.

            What next? A media interview from Ann Beynon explaining how she was groped and how traumatic it was and it was that which led to her Passion and Commitment re Women and Mental Health?

  1. Your comments made me smile. I got a temp job as a night guard at South Wales Argus offices in the 90s so I could do their archive re Plessey Torpedoes and re Regional Crime Squad det sgt suicide while investigating Ryder and Cheshire.

    Jeez. Notes to editor to be mindful not to let the English know what WDA was doing with their money (This was to do with retraining courses and fiddling passes in electronics for dull as ditch Taffs who ended up making torpedoes that didn’t work !) I stood amazed the editor found any stories to publish …. Wales was one big grant aid fiddle. Thank goodness for sevens competitions and the 15 a side game. I even found a letter from Sue Ryder notifying that she would be making a surprise morale boosting visit to charity shop in Newport but not to publish before hand as her critic in Gwent (mmm me) should not be allowed to find out beforehand.

    1. The WDA was infamous – as was every body that Ann Beynon has been involved with!

      I was going to hold fire re Beynon and Leighton – there are some very interesting stories circulating about Beynon – but the hypocrisy of these utterly establishment figures who have now turned on the hand that fed them for so long really pissed me off. I’d be completely sympathetic if there was any sign that they’d tried to tackle the problems that they claimed existed but they didn’t. Leighton told everyone that he was going to shake up the Welsh universities – but the moribund old farts remained firmly in place, his own wife being one of them! I was told years ago that Beynon was a ruthless hypocrite who was feathering her own nest, but I wondered if it was just envy that I was hearing – but Beynon then did indeed do everything that was predicted. People who knew Beynon and knew how she had treated people were seething when she turned up on the Equalities and Human Rights Commission…

      1. Richard – I do need to remind you that the tax-payers money that was pissed up against the wall by Steve et al at the WDA came from Welsh people as well as the English. As did the dosh that funded Ann’s fee for ‘advising’ re Corruption Bay. It is the Welsh who really fucking loathe the Anns, the Steves and the Leightons, they’ve had to live with this elite gobbling up all the goodies whilst the public services were infested with people who had protected a paedophile gang.

        1. I am telling you what was on notes to editor at Argus. They weren’t bothered about the Taffs. They didn’t want the English taxpayer finding out. And during my reports of management fraud at Plessey torpedoes I was told that same thing happened in valleys during WW2 re aero valves and a factory brought to Wales under 1936 Special Areas Reconstruction Act. Falsifying the quality control and test records. This had been reported by somone in mass observation survey and ?? Covered up. Plus ce change. I thin k the message was Plessey would close after Marconi buy out but don’t hold yer breath waiting to see anyone in court …

  2. http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/written_answers/1992/jun/15/operation-gladio#S6CV0209P0_19920615_CWA_488

    These and questions about end user certifications for arms exports plus his writing telling me what a good job I did whistleblowing against Plessey torpedoes .. makes me think he was privy to Sir John Stradling Thomas letters to TONY NEWTON, FERRERS and MAYHEW. As you know MIDLAND did not look at implications of Sir John’s March 1991 death at his Dolphin Square Home. A matter I am complaining about now to Mayors Office for Policing re complaint inquiry Bernard Hogan Howe 2014 in MIDLAND.

    Tangled webs

  3. They’ve been waiting a long time to stick the knife in Sally….Wales On line 4th March – Carwy Jones Savages Record of WDA on Achieving Absolutely Nothing. (Jane timed her retirement well..)

    1. Richard – the throwing down the drain of taxpayers money clobbered both English and Welsh taxpayers. I wonder if there was a greater sensitivity to ‘English taxpayers’ what with England having a more right wing tradition and more debate about ‘the taxpayer’? Furthermore Thatcher promoted the WDA like there was no tomorrow, she surrounded it with bullshit about how great it was and ooh this is what the Tories are doing for Wales. Thatch would have had egg all over her face if it had been revealed that the WDA was channelling money into the pockets of utter incompetents who were lining their own pockets – although of course the disappearing funds and the squandering of much money did eventually hit the headlines. And just imagine the shit if anyone had exposed what Nicholas Edwards and his mates were doing down at Cardiff Bay – millions and millions of pounds of public money carefully diverted into the pockets of some of the richest people in Wales via a complex system of quangos, development corporations etc…That was happening at a time when miners were being insulted and told that their industry was ‘uneconomic’, when Thatcher was faced by people in hardship who tried to talk to her only to be met with Thatcher bellowing ‘cheer up! cheer up!’ at them (well they weren’t Directors of companies siphoning millions from the state were they, they had less to be cheerful about than Lord Crickhowell). There’d have been outrage if the extent of the wrongdoing of those Thatcherite thieves and conmen had been known.

      Regarding Paul Flynn – I used to think he was great, I used to watch him on Vincent Kane taking the piss out of Dafydd Alun Jones’s idiotic ideas re ‘cannabis psychosis’ – but I’ve only recently found out that Paul Flynn knew what Dafydd was doing, he knew about Denbigh and I bet that he knew about the paedophile gang as well. I was so disappointed in him – he shared fucking platforms with Dafydd, pretending to take him on when the most horrific things were happening in Denbigh and in the children’s homes. They very nearly ALL knew Richard, hardly any of them have clean hands. If they were there in the 80s or before THEY KNEW. These were people with access to the media, with voices in Parliament – they were happy to speak up about trivial things, but patients being framed for offences and wrongly imprisoned, children being raped, beaten, buggered and trafficked into sex work, patients locked up illegally in Denbigh because Dafydd was trying to get his leg over and they had complained??? oh no, we don’t want to know… A load of spineless hypocrites nearly all of them.

      Lydia – no matter how wrong Carwyn was to handle the case of Carl so ham-fistedly, the sight of these duplicitous vultures circling is really quite unedifying. Fancy digging out some of their campaign quotes from previous elections?? I don’t ever remember them all telling us what a bastard Carwyn was and how their mental health was fragile because he was a very naughty boy. They told us that he was the Messiah – because that meant that they’d have a seat in Government! What a bunch of twats – and fancy doing this on the back of the suicide of one of their colleagues.

      Not that the feast has finished – it hasn’t. A Sian Powell is on BBC News Wales with her own story of how an AM attempted to kiss her or rubbed her knee or some such, but she just has to speak out to protect other women. The biggest laugh is that she then tells us that in her later role as a university lecturer she used to send students on placement to the Assembly and think ‘ooh I hope that it doesn’t happen to them’. So she sent her students into an environment in which she thought that they might be sexually harassed??? Doesn’t that make Sian just a little bit culpable? I never sent my students to work with gropers – if I knew that they were even giving a conference presentation in front of miserable toe rags who liked undermining students, I’d have a contingency plan. It’s called good supervision and mentoring Sian, all university lecturers have a responsibility to do it. You don’t knowingly send the students into risky situations and then pop up on the BBC years later speaking out on behalf of Wimmin. Furthermore if you knew that there were gropers at large in the Assembly, once you had got out of there why didn’t you raise a concern? Was it perhaps because you were tapping the gropers and their colleagues for funding – and of course placements for your students. Because that looks good in the prospectus and on open days doesn’t it? It is well-known that Cardiff University has a hot line to the Assembly, they’re always scratching each others back, that’s why Leighton found a home there once the electorate had decided that they’d had enough of him.

      Well we’ll just wait and see who the next one is to pop up and read us their Misery Memoir…

      1. Sally I am telling you what was on notes for editor South Wales Argus. I did not write the notes. For every £1 of taxpayer money spent per head in England Wales got £1.46 IIRC .. that is what the Taff powers that be were worried about. The English cottoning on to Celt Geld.

        Developments re Carol Kasir today Elms Guest House … looks like a challenge to suicide verdict is due.

        1. Haven’t seen the Elms Guest House developments – but the Daily Post Online had a big feature on Operation Pallial saying that hundreds more complainants have come forward but that a lot of the alleged abusers are dead. Well of course they are, the police and every other authority deliberately ignored the scandal until they were nearly all dead, just in the way that the abuses of the mental health services in north Wales have only been (barely) admitted now that Dafydd, the granddaddy of it all, is about to peg out. Everyone knew what was happening to us thirty years ago, they stood by and watched, absolutely everyone.

          I was entertained to see that Anthony Seldon has written a piece for the Indie Online today about the importance of blowing the whistle on research fraud! This is the Anthony Seldon who introduced ‘Mindfulness’ into his own rather upmarket institution and who told anyone who would listen that it ought to be in every other school as well. Well Anthony, read my blog post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’ – I explain how I and other psych patients in north Wales in the 80s and 90s watched Professor Mark Williams and some social workers who’s colleagues were running a paedophile ring make up a load of complete horseshit about mindfulness leading to miraculous results whilst patients were abused, left destitute and killed themselves…

          The farce continues. Dear old Catherine Robinson has been tweeting away like there’s no tomorrow regarding the bonanza that is her latest ‘research’ which involves her and Rob Poole going over to India and telling them how to run a mental health service. She’s been good enough to tweet a short clip of the banquet that they all enjoyed the other day. Meanwhile, back at Betsi Cadwaladr HQ, the cases of more than 100 mental health patients are under review re possible abuse…Do the folk in India KNOW what is going on back at base and who is preaching at them???

          1. Hope he’s filled his suit case with is book on poverty as a cause of mental illness…or will he be avoiding the squalor most people live in

          2. It is sick isn’t it – those who have been party to the grossest abuses building their careers as ‘experts’ on discrimination against the mentally ill! You bet that they avoid the poverty and squalor that the most seriously ill people are often forced to live in – instead of acknowledging that it is their neglect that have caused the poor living conditions of their patients, the lifestyle of patients is used to further explain how intractable mental illness is and how hard it is to help patients. We’re only now hearing about the disability benefits problems because the Top Doctors are aiming a blow at the Tories, so suddenly they are dripping with concern regarding poverty. Did we hear a whimper out of them during the Blair years when the Top Doctors were given massive pay rises – so high that they retired at 55 yrs old, therefore causing a shortage of Top Doctors – and Blair just threw money at the NHS on the grounds that NO-ONE would whistleblow? The patients were destitute and dying then, but no, not a word was said about poverty and mental health problems. Did we hear a word from the Top Doctors about discrimination against ethnic minorities? No – because it was the Top Doctors who were confining black patients to locked wards, loading them up with such high doses of anti-psychotics that some of them died and if they really wanted a party were ordering the Angels and the police to ‘restrain’ them whilst they choked to death. Who the fuck are the Top Doctors to lecture the rest of us about poverty and discrimination??

            They’ve got a new bandwagon now Lydia – since scholars like Brown and his colleagues worked hard to get the health humanities on the agenda, the Top Doctors have all become experts in that as well. Yes, they’re all telling the service users how they can be helped if they take up art, reading and poetry. And the Top Doctors write their own poetry as well, just to let the rest of us know how sensitive they are! Of course, many service users do find writing difficult – because they are dosed up to the eyeballs on anti-psychotics which sends them to sleep 20 hours a day, blurs their vision and gives them Parkinsonian symptoms. So the Top Doctors write the best poetry as well because they are simply all so innately talented.

          3. Just reading the Guardian’s report on the death of Polly Ross at a psych unit in Hull – Polly’s death was a result of the usual catalogue of disasters.
            One of the ‘experts’ giving evidence re Polly’s case is none other than this blog’s old friend Robert Kehoe. That’s the Robert Kehoe who lied in an ‘expert witness’ report about me after I’d been under attack from the paedophiles’ friends. The Robert Kehoe who was previously clinical director of Airedale Trust where there was a minor problem with an Angel killing patients by lethal injection and the Robert Kehoe currently of the Bradford mental health services – which are famously nearly as shite as the north Wales ones. The Kehoe who is also medical director of Cygnet Healthcare, an aggressive US company looking to pick up huge NHS contracts and of course the Kehoe of Harley Street. Kehoe has described Polly’s care as ‘good’ with the exception of two points. Well Kehoe didn’t have a bad word to say about a gang of paedophiles and a mental health unit with the second highest suicide rate in England and Wales, the death of one young woman is not going to trouble him.

            The Guardian is also reporting that another friend of this blog, Margaret Hodge, is speaking out about the Paradise Papers. Margaret has started that tax avoidance is too widespread among the wealthy. Hodge’s own family were exposed as having used tax avoidance strategies – presumably when it was just an elite sport played by the likes of the Hodges, tax avoidance was fine. Like writing an insulting letter to a man who had been abused by a paedophile when he was a child in the ‘care’ of Islington Council when Hodge was the leader of that Council.

            The paedophiles’ friends are out in force in the Senedd this afternoon, paying their tributes to Carl Sargeant – having left him so distressed and isolated that he hung himself.

            Lesley Griffiths stated that he was her best friend and comrade and that she knew that he loved her like a sister. How do you know Lesley? He might have thought that you are a spineless cow who ignored a paedophile gang and some criminal Top Doctors.

            Sophie Howe – who starred on this blog the other day – tweeted that ‘hearing how well loved he was by many across all parties will give his family and friends a lot of comfort’. Or they might just be vomiting at the hypocrisy Sophie, you never know…

            Jane Hutt remarked that Carl was ‘loved and respected by all here today’. Er – did you make any comments of support for him when he was the subject of anonymous allegations from unidentified wimmin Jane?

            Ann Jones stated that Carl was ‘a man of his community’. Well who else’s community could he possibly have been a man of, the community next door, somebody else’s community perhaps? Ann herself represents a nearby ‘community’, one that has been wrecked by the legacy of the paedophile gang and the Top Doctors and all Ann has ever done is join the paedophiles’ friends in trying to remove Mary Burrows and Edwina Hart who had the guts to take on the paedophiles’ friends.

            Ken Skates got out the onion and made references to heaven’s door and opening hearts.

            Dear old Leighton Andrews tweeted shite about drinking wine – yeh well, he and Mrs Leighton aka Ann Beynon can afford to be wine experts and spend all day getting pissed.

            Meanwhile Carl remains dead and his family remain bereaved.

            The Senedd has also discussed the Children’s Commissioner’s Annual Report today. The Commissioner Sally Holland has remarked that it has been a ‘year of unprecedented change’. Yes – this year the murder of a child as a result of the sheer fuckwittery of the social services was committed by a middle class gay man as opposed to a working class heterosexual one.

  4. Regarding the new cross-party working group examining sexual abuse in Westminster:

    Victims will have been aghast to learn that the working group is being “dominated” by Valerie Vaz.

    Valerie Vaz’s sister, Keith, is the Member of Parliament whom Andrew Bridgen MP reported to police over horrific abuse allegations involving children.

    Clearly no conflict of interest for sister Valerie Vaz, then…


    1. Many thanks, I’d missed this piece of news. It doesn’t surprise me at all – I blogged about Valerie, Keith and their mum and their previous a few months ago. Keith Vaz rose through the Labour Party after making himself useful as a lawyer for Islington Council, whilst the kids in their homes were being abused and then as a ‘community lawyer’ funded by Leicester Council, whilst Frank Beck, Greville Janner et al were busy molesting kids in care in Leicester. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why this spiv, who has been caught with his trousers down repeatedly, is let off the hook every time. His ‘influence’ extends to dear old Valerie’s career obviously.

      Whilst reading your link I noticed the name of Jess Phillips! Jess the ordinary working class girl whose parents were management consultants for the NHS, whose mum was at the top of the NHS Confederation and doing Blair’s bidding whilst the NHS concealed the abuse of psych patients and sexual abuse of kids in care (see post ‘Everywoman?’). Jess says that Parliament needs to get specialist advice in re sexual harassment – er, would that be specialist advice from someone like Jess’s pals who have set up consultancies ‘advising’ on gender and sexual harassment?? Look at those who established those ‘consultancies’ – they are nearly always former Councillors who led those Councils where children were abused – Linda Bellos being one example.

      Parliament CANNOT deal with this, in the way that the ‘caring professions’ CANNOT deal with child abuse investigations – they are the problem themselves, they have spent decades concealing it. Everyone who tried to blow the whistle was thrown out, there is no-one left to ‘advise’ on how to deal with these problems! They all need to back off and fuck off, whether they are Vaz, Theresa or Jess Phillips. They have nothing to say to anyone who really has been abused or mistreated, they have nothing to contribute and frankly they are insulting. I am here living in hiding because I blew the whistle on a bunch of Top Doctors who were facilitating a paedophile ring – most of the others I knew who complained are dead! Meanwhile Jess fucking Phillips is in Parliament speaking for all us wimmin! Oh fuck off Phillips, I’ve exposed you, do us a favour and stand down you sharp elbowed pushy New Public Management wally.

      1. Just heard Professor Dinash Bhugra on the Today programme telling Johnny Foreigner – in this case South Asians – how to deal with serious mental illness.

        Who is Dinash Bhugra? He is –

        Prof at the Institute of Psychiatry
        Hon Consultant at the Maudsley
        President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association
        Former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
        President Elect of the BMA
        Chair of the Mental Health Foundation

        Dinash is getting on a bit now, he’s been around for a while – throughout all those years when Dafydd and the Top Doctors facilitated a vicious paedophile ring and the whole profession knew about it and remained silent.

        Dinash was listed as a supporter of Mark Williams’s Oxford Mindfulness Centre – as was Chris Patten’s wife Lavender. Mark Williams worked with social workers in north Wales who’s colleagues were directly involved in the paedophile ring – those social workers carried out ‘fieldwork’ for Williams on the mindfulness projects. Any psych patient in north Wales could have told the world that it was a con – but none of them were asked. They died or went to prison unheard. Whilst Mark Williams became famous.

        Bhugra is openly gay. He never felt the urge to speak out about Dafydd and Gwynne lobotomising, shocking, incarcerating and drugging the victims of a paedophile ring targeting underaged boys then – or consenting gay men AFTER homosexuality had been decriminalised.

        Bhugra was complaining on the Today programme that members of the ‘Indian community’ are not willing to seek psychiatric help. He attributed it to stigma. Not to the dreadful way in which Bhugra and his colleagues treat them – I saw it in action at Springfield Hospital which served a community with a high proportion of ethnic minorities. Patients were all treated uniformly dreadfully, irrelevant of their race, culture, religion etc. Everyone was treated like dirt – whilst Bhugra and co waxed lyrical about attending to culture. Don’t believe the lies – they colluded with a fucking paedophile ring, they certainly don’t worry about culture.

        Dr Dafydd Alun Jones ‘trained’ at the Maudsley – where Bhugra is King…

        1. RIP Lord Jeremy Hutchinson.

          Lawyer Jeremy Hutchinson has just died at a very great age, over 100.

          Jeremy Hutchinson was the radical lawyer of his day. He was close to the Bloomsbury group and impeccably liberal (politically Labour, he stood as a Labour candidate in 1945).

          Jeremy Hutchinson defended Christine Keeler and the spy George Blake. He worked on the defence team in the Lady Chatterley’s Lover trial, he defended art thief Kempton Bunton in 1965 and in 1982 he led the defence of Michael Bogdanov after Mary Whitehouse brought a prosecution for gross indecency regarding his play ‘Romans In Britain’.

          Jeremy was Vice-Chairman of the Arts Council and a Trustee and then Chairman of the Tate Gallery.

          In 1978 Jeremy was given a life peerage.

          Jeremy in a recent interview claimed that he was in the vanguard of the sweeping away of deference.

          So that’s why like so many other liberal people who are outraged over injustice Jeremy said not a word about the abuse of disadvantaged kids by powerful public figures.

          As ever when I first read about Jeremy Hutchinson I did think well maybe he didn’t know how bad the problem was…

          He did. Jeremy’s first wife was very well-known – Peggy Ashcroft. But Jeremy and Peggy divorced in 1966, although they did remain good friends. Jeremy remarried a lady called June Osborn. June Osborn for years was possibly Ted Heath’s closest confident – she had expected to marry him. She was pretty shaken when that didn’t happen. Many years later June revealed that although she and old Ted were supposed to have been an item and wedding bells were expected, Ted never so much as held her hand let alone try anything more steamy.

          June Osborn must have known Ted Heath better than nearly anyone – and I expect that she told the man whom she did later marry, Jeremy Hutchinson, a great deal about Heath.

          June died a few years ago and now Jeremy has just died.

          Why can no-one get to the truth regarding the Westminster Paedophile Ring? Because everyone is dead – the victims died – or were killed – back in the 80s and 90s and now the abusers themselves and their confidents are dead. Which is why it is only now that the ‘investigations’ into the Westminster Paedophile Ring are happening.

          It wasn’t ‘different back then’. Molesting children was considered abhorrent as was threatening and harassing witnesses who knew about it – or banging them up in psychiatric hospitals or framing them for offences that everybody knew damn well that they hadn’t committed. The people who did THAT are still with us. They are running the NHS, the social services and sitting in Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament. The media knew that it was happening.

          No-one said a word. No-one.

          1. Sally Re your comment on psychs and their poetry -read this somewhere recently – ‘Simon Wesley ex president college of psychs now claims he didn’t make the following statement – ‘psychiatrists are doctors who feel with their minds and think with their souls’ hmmm… Is the sick bucket overflowing? Of course getting people to write poetry and paint means they are less likely to put what energy they can dredge up into challenging the abuses of psychiatry/psychiatrists. Who is making a nice career out of running these schemes out – of work art therapists?

          2. I’ve filled more sick buckets today than I have for a long time – and that’s certainly saying something as I’m someone who regularly has to stop and throw up in the face of all the caring people that I meet.

            The irony is that the art therapists are all being put out of their jobs – they, along with occupational therapists, are the very ones who are finding that their teams are being disbanded. Whilst the Top Doctors become Professors of Arts in Psychiatry. Doubt that it’ll be the unemployed art or occ therapists running the schemes though – because those professionals are not managed by the same people as the Angels – or at least in north Wales they weren’t – they tended to do dangerous things like raise concerns about patients welfare, which was almost certainly why ‘restructuring’ took place which involved them losing their jobs. No, I expect that MIND will be running the art n literature groups. MIND are corrupt, their services are provided on the cheap and the day to day volunteers have no idea what to do when faced with the abuse of patients anyway – they pass it on to their managers (many of whom are Angels who formerly worked for the local NHS) who then let the ‘services’ know which patient has squealed…So that patient can then be banned from any future MIND activities. That’s the way it works in north Wales…

          3. Geoffrey Robertson QC worked with Jeremy Hutchinson as a junior barrister.

            Geoffrey Robertson is the founder and joint head of Doughty Street Chambers. The Doughty Street which houses Helena Kennedy who worked with Professor Nigel Eastman of St Georges Hospital Medical School who was faced with evidence re the criminal activities of Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles’ friends in 1991 but ignored it, the Helena who kept remarkably quiet about the abuses of female psychiatric patients and their previous abuse in the child care system, although she undoubtedly knew about this. The Helena who kept schtum when Jimmy Savile was appointed manager of Broadmoor – despite her ‘support’ for women in special hospitals. Doughty Street also houses Theo Huckle, the former Counsel General of Wales – who had access to all those documents in which Dafydd, Tony Francis, Gwynedd Social Services and the corrupt lawyer Andrew Park from the Welsh Office, as well as scores of other paedophiles’ friends, detailed their own wrongdoing and law-breaking. Theo said nothing.

            Geoffrey Robertson’s former wife is the novelist Kathy Lette. Robertson met Kathy Lette in 1988 – he was in a relationship with Nigella Lawson at the time. Nigella was a good friend of Edward St Aubyn at Oxford – St Aubyn was a heroin addict at Oxford and had been sexually abused by his father Top Doctor Roger St Aubyn regularly when he was a child. St Aubyn’s friends knew but they remained silent until dear old Roger had died. Nigella hung out with some more unsavoury folk at Oxford – the Dangerous Sports Club, a bunch of twats who revelled in their law breaking. David Kirk, the conman who led this merry bunch, went to prison for I think fraud – or it might have been deception. But then Nigella’s dad’s colleague Sir Peter Morrison was molesting kids in care in north Wales and what’s a bit of fraud and deception between friends who are dressing up in dinner jackets whilst they go bungee jumping and misrepresenting themselves in order to extract money out of people? Nigella later married Saatchi and was constructed as a victim after Saatchi was spotted gripping her neck in public and then tried to make capital out of her coke habit. But did anyone actually think that Saatchi was a particularly nice man?? And what sort of circles do people think Nigella actually moves in? Er – circles which contain heroin and coke using conmen it seems. Even if she does cook nice meals whilst talking dirty on the TV…

            Geoffrey Robertson has been filmed for and has defended ABC Television. In the late 80s in one of the quarrying villages in Gwynedd a man with serious mental illness was scandalously neglected by the Arfon Community Mental Health Team – who’s colleagues were running the paedophile ring. ALL the psych patients at the time were scandalously neglected, but the Arfon team really pushed the boat out in this man’s case. He was living in a derelict school house with about 15 dogs and no heating so he was making open fires in the school house. He was lonely and chatty and told both me and his neighbours – who BEGGED the mental health services to come out and bloody well offer a helping hand – that he had previously been a producer for ABC Television. He was well spoken and obviously intelligent, just seriously ill. He seemed to have some savings and one day drew them out of the bank – several thousand – and stashed the money in his derelict house. Within days he received a visit from a gang of chavs who robbed him at knifepoint. The neighbours called the police – no action was taken. The neighbours called the Arfon team again and again – the man was now penniless – no action was taken. More neighbours became deeply concerned – one neighbour rang the social services in tears saying that she would not stand by and watch this man starve. Neighbours took him food parcels. Even the police ended up spitting blood about what was going on. Nothing would shift the Arfon team. They flatly refused to help him. Eventually the police traced a relative of his who contacted a local religious order who literally turned up and took him in. After he left to live with the nuns, the police revealed that he HAD been a big figure in the TV world, with ABC Television but had a ‘breakdown’. The treatment of all psych patients was appalling, but the patients whom the Arfon team really despised and whom they flatly refused to treat were people who had been witness to the paedophile gang which their colleagues were facilitating. So what did this man who lived in the derelict school house in Llanllechid know then? Perhaps those members of the Arfon team who were waiting for him to set fire to his house/starve/commit suicide would like to tell us – what do you say Keith Fearns, Bridget Lloyd, Jackie Brandt, Tom Harney, Bob Ingham, Julie Evans? Fancy making a police statement – after all Operation Pallial is still ongoing.

            In 2010 Geoffrey Robertson wrote a book called ‘The Case Of The Pope’ in which he argued that Pope Benedict XVI had protected paedophiles by, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, moving priests who were known to have assaulted children to other parishes, although he knew that they would re-offend. Robertson argued that Benedict therefore had assisted underage sex. I know an awful lot of people who did the same Geoffrey, by remaining silent about the sexual abuse of kids in care. Some of them are sitting in Doughty Street Chambers calling themselves Human Rights lawyers.

            Geoffrey Robertson calls himself a Human Rights lawyer.

          4. They seem to be collecting them at Doughty Street Chambers:

            John Wadham:

            1979-87: advisor, Battersea and Wandsworth Law Centres. You know what I always point out about the law centres of the 70s and 80s – they were approached by psych patients and those who knew about the abuse of kids in care…but they never took those cases on.

            1987-90: articled clerk and solicitor, Birnberg and Co. Birnberg and Co acted for Mary Wynch when she sued Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends. Birnberg seemed to drop her when things got too hot, although she successfully sued Dafydd et al. Wadham will have known about Mary’s case.

            1990-95: legal officer/Director of Law, Liberty (NCCL). The Liberty that was affiliated to PIE – which has never fought for kids in care or psych patients.

            1995-2003: Director, Liberty.

            2003-07: Deputy Chair, IPPC. Who better to have in a senior position at the IPCC than someone who will have known that the police colluded with organised child sexual abuse and the abuse of psych patients?

            2007-13: General Counsel, Equalities and Human Rights Commission. Along with Rachel Perkins and Ann Beynon!

            2013-15: Executive Director, INTERIGHTS (Centre for Legal Protection of Human Rights), an ‘international human rights NGO’.

            2014-present day: Solicitor and Independent Human Rights Consultant, Associate, Doughty Street Chambers.

            The only mystery is why she who is so well networked into the human rights lawyers who have ignored the abuse of children in care, Cherie Booth, has not rocked up at Doughty Street herself. Does Cherie have too much blood on her hands even for Helena and the gang?

            I suggest that Operation Pallial set up a branch office in Doughty Street. And that MI5 bug the place. It might pay off.

          5. Another sycophantic interview presumably made ready for showing after his death by jon snow last night . Sick bag full.

          6. I missed that one Lydia. Carl’s family have shown rather more grace and dignity than the worms in the Senedd and have stated that they were ‘comforted’ by the tributes. They’re better people than me, I’d have been tempted to be very rude indeed to the maggots shedding crocodile tears.

          7. Good to see that it’s business as usual for the Betsi. They’re about to receive an extra £13 million quid – that is on top of the millions and millions and millions ON TOP of their baseline millions that they have already received – in an attempt to deal with their 9000 waiting list. The Welsh Gov’t has stumped up to enable the Betsi to send patients to hospitals in ENGLAND to be treated. Yes, the Betsi which is choc full of folk who have behaved dreadfully in the name of ‘helping local Welsh communities’ is now having to send patients to England. When are that bunch of goons going to admit that they CANNOT run the Board and resign?

            When Mary Burrows, the previous CEO, was hounded out by the paedophiles’ friends some years ago – after much hatred had been whipped up against her on the grounds that she was American – the incoming Chair Peter Higson and Vice-Chair Margaret Hanson made much of how ‘disgusted’ they were at the alleged mess that Mary had left behind. That was of course after Mary had endured years of lies, smears, abuse and a co-ordinated effort to undermine her. Higson and Hanson have not endured that, they are of the paedophiles’ friends themselves. And just look at the disaster that those two have presided over. It is getting worse by the day, much much worse than anything that Mary ever oversaw. The delusions continue – a Betsi spokesperson, Jill Newman, has commented to the Daily Post Online that the Betsi is the best performing Health Board in Wales on many measures. So that explains the bankruptcy, the scandals, the deaths, the worst health outcomes in Europe, the failure to recruit staff because of the Board’s toxic reputation – oh and the fact that it’s in special measures after mental health patients were filmed crawling around on the floor covered in faeces in urine, naked, one with an untreated broken arm, whilst staff swore at them. It’s because it’s REALLY the best performing Board in Wales – they’re just so modest that they disguise it well.

            I have been openly speculating on this blog why this is allowed to continue and how much longer this will be allowed to go on – Board members such as the odious Martin Jones and the fuckwitted over-promoted Angel Grace Lewis-Parry are trousering well over £150k pa – although both of them screwed up in previous roles. Millions are being siphoned off by ‘businesses’, ‘providers’ and ‘consultancies’ which are run by former employees of the NHS in north Wales – employees who like Martin and Grace fucked up. This blog has detailed some of these scams.

            Dear old Higson has been around the Welsh NHS for years, as has Martin, so they’ll be well-connected to others in high places who will conceal their idiocy, because if that idiocy is not concealed the whole show is going to unravel. However after Mary was hounded out, there was new blood – in the form of Margaret Hanson. One of the comments which followed my post ‘Wheels Within Wheels Or Flies Drawn To The Same Incestuously Corrupt Shithouse?’ (a title inspired by my correspondent Mike Claybrook who was wrongly imprisoned as a result of the activities of the paedophiles’ friends) provided full details of Margaret’s background and her connections with the paedophiles’ friends, as well as her husband David’s connections with the paedophiles’ friends. But there were so many comments after that post that readers might have missed something. Something about Margaret’s husband that might just explain why this failing dipstick of an offensive old cow is allowed to remain at the helm of that Health Board whilst it kills people. David Hanson is a mate of Tony fucking Blair.

            David Hanson was Blair’s PPS – during those difficult years which followed the publication of the Waterhouse Report. Blair was so grateful to David and his ‘networking’ that Hanson gets a special mention in Blair’s autobiography ‘My Journey’. Are you a mate of Blair’s as well Margaret? Did you sup and dine with Blair and Cherie during those years whilst your husband acted as Blair’s shite-on-the-ground, doing the leg work for Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Charlie Falconer, Sally Morgan, Hilary Armstrong et al? We know that Blair was voted out years ago but he and Cherie continue to run international consultancy businesses advising despots and dictators – I’m expecting them to come to Robert Mugabe’s aid at any minute now that he’s under house arrest – and the henchmen like Mandy and Campbell are very much still alive and kicking people. Blair’s gang did not like Welsh Labour and were constantly throwing hand-grenades behind the scenes – one of their emissaries threw one at Carwyn a few days ago.

            Does Margaret Hanson, that brainless whining moron who spends her time at Board meetings spouting rubbish about ’embedding the learning’, have a connection to Blair? Is this why the pantomime that is the Betsi is allowed to continue? Because if Margaret is removed, her hubby will get his mates onto Carwyn? I notice that the ‘lifetime achievement’ award that was presented to the dreadful Rob Poole the other day – a psychiatrist who works for the Betsi and who has been the subject of serious complaint by at least one patient – was presented by Alastair Campbell. Alastair Campbell is also an ‘ambassador’ for MIND. MIND is picking up contracts for providing ‘therapy’ for the Betsi – I have received e mail after e mail from patients telling me what a scam the MIND ‘therapy’ is.

            Margaret – you might have thought that you were the strongest link, but now that I’ve published this, you’ll be very much the weakest one…

            I will be revisiting the Hansons in a blog post soon. I am on holiday at the moment, which is how I’ve ended up reading Blair’s book – I found it on sale at a Christmas jumble sale for £1 (I certainly didn’t buy it when it first came out, Blair has quite enough money without me giving him mine). There is a blog post special about Blair and the sociopathic slippery gits who did his bidding coming. Be afraid maggots and worms, be very afraid…

            By the way, if anyone knows who was on the panel which appointed Margaret Hanson to her present position, I’d be interested to hear. There is nothing in Hanson’s background that suggests that she was a suitable candidate. She’s a former children’s social worker – who worked in a region in which a paedophile ring operated in the children’s services. Blair has sent a few gofers up into north Wales – there is Tal Michael, the son of Alun as well as the man who recently ran away from Denbighshire County Council in a hurry after spending a few years as Chief Exec there, after an appointments process which was never clear – he was originally from Islington…Who’s going to turn up on the Betsi Board next – Margaret Hodge?

  5. Have a lovely well deserved holiday Sally. Just a quick comment re MIND. They were referring people who used a day centre to a ‘therapist’ outside Cardiff for private concessionary cost ‘treatment’ She was seeing ‘clients’ one of whom was a young man with OCD ,in her very small bedroom where the client had a choice of sitting on her bed or a kitchen chair placed about two feet from her dangling legs.

    1. I do not know how MIND are getting away with it all. That organisation was rotten to the core as long ago as the 80s when William Bingley, their legal director, admitted to me that they knew about Dafydd Alun Jones’s sexual exploitation of patients, they knew that he was illegally imprisoning people and they knew that people who challenged him were harassed and threatened. They’ll have known that Jones was facilitating the paedophile gang in north Wales as well involving Thatcher’s aide Sir Peter Morrison – what they actually did was use that info to buy themselves influence. Bingley ended up as Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission, then Chair of an NHS Trust in the north of England, then landed a Chair in Law and Ethics at Cumbria University! Tessa Jowell – who was Deputy Director when Bingley was legal director – became one of Blair’s right hand women and is now in the Lords. I have mapped the paths of everyone who held senior positions in MIND (see my blog posts) – they all ended up doing really well for themselves.

      This is not an historical problem and is was not confined to north Wales – right across the UK MIND were/are instrumental in concealing abuses in the mental health services and more recently I’ve heard about MIND offering ‘therapies’ in which they abuse/neglect clients themselves. There is now much dissatisfaction with MIND, the ‘service users’ have even been protesting publicly at what is going on. But who continues to sit on Gov’t ‘task forces’ ‘representing service users’? Paul Farmer, Chief Exec of MIND. Who constantly is invited by the BBC to mouth off re mental health issues? MIND. Who does the Guardian and other media outlets consult? MIND. Who is ‘consulted’ by the Welsh Government? MIND. And gloating away on top of all this are the MIND ‘ambassadors’ – Alastair Campbell, Stephen Fry, Jo Brand, Ruby Wax, Melvyn Bragg etc. Quite extraordinary. Since when has this collection of millionaire luvvies – or in Campbell’s case a sociopath who hounded Dr David Kelly to death – ‘spoken for’ ‘service users’??? Fry went to Arizona when he was ill – and I think Harley Street – he didn’t sit in a MIND drop-in centre (ie. room with second hand furniture in the most run down part of town) hugging a mug of tea whilst he was dosed up with anti-psychotics; Alastair Campbell ensured that the truth was never told about what was happening to mentally ill people throughout the Blair years and Ruby Wax and Jo Brand are a monstrous pair of hypocrites who provide some pretty disgusting people with free PR.

      MIND have been part of a Faustian pact with undesirable public figures for many, many years. At one point they had links with PIE anyway – when Tessa was Deputy Director. The records are available – but no-one ever mentions it…

      1. A stranger who seemed to know about this blog mentioned the name Nigel Dempster to me today.

        Dempster – or as Private Eye always referred to him after they fell out with him ‘Dumpster’ – was the notorious gossip columnist for the Daily Mail between 1971-2003 and for the Daily Express, 1963-71. At one point Dumpster also wrote the Eye’s column ‘Grovel’ in which he was a lot ruder about celebs and Royals than he dared to be in the Express or Mail. Dumpsters columns were ludicrous of course, designed to appeal to the petit bourgeoisie who wanted info on aristos and Royals, but one thing about old Dumpster was that he certainly knew what was going on – particularly who was having sex with who. Dumpster was a mate of Princess Margaret’s and visited her on Mustique – so he’ll have known about Dr Ann and Peter Dally, Physicians to Princess Margaret, and their liberal prescribing of controlled drugs to the rich n famous, he’ll have known about Lord Snowdon’s interesting activities etc. Dumpster will definitely have known about Peter Morrison, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Not that he ever published a word – Dumpster’s ‘gossip’ was confined to heterosexual extra-marital affairs between consenting adults, nothing quite as dreadful as Top Doctors facilitating a paedophile ring whose victims had a tendency to be found dead if they complained or gave evidence to the police.

        For most of Dumpster’s time at the Daily Mail, the Editor was Sir David English. English was a guest at parties held by the corrupt barrister George Carman who definitely knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and its connections to the paedophile gang operating in north Wales/Cheshire (see previous blog posts).

        In 1992 Paul Dacre replaced David English as Editor of the Daily Mail, although Dacre had been working for the Daily Mail since 1983. Dacre went to University College School – the school which Baroness Jean Trumpington’s husband Barker became head of and who’s alumni were ruthlessly used by Trumpington (Trumpington was the Minister for Health who appointed Jimmy Savile to the position of general manager of Broadmoor Hospital). Dacre studied at the University of Leeds – he was a student there whilst Jack Straw, also a Leeds graduate, was President of the Students Union. Dacre was involved with journalism as a student. I became friendly with two people who had studied at Leeds University in the 80s and they both knew about Jimmy Savile’s penchant for underaged girls. They told me that it was common knowledge in Leeds.

        The Daily Mail employs the dreadful Amanda Platell to vent her spleen in her column ‘Platell’s People’ (see previous posts for details). Amanda Platell was William Hague’s Press Officer whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry was taking place and remained in position until after it was published. William Hague was the Secretary of State who organised the cover-up that was Waterhouse. Dacre was editor of the Daily Mail at the time of Waterhouse.

        Dacre is Editor in Chief of DMG Media and was a member of the PCC, 1999-2008. He then became Chair of the PCC’s Editorial Code of Practice Committee.

        After Justice Eady ruled in favour of Max Moseley in the wake of the News of the Screws secretly filming Max Moseley busy with some prostitutes, Dacre frothed at the mouth regarding Moseley’s ‘unimaginable sexual depravity’. Max Moseley was participating in mutually agreed sexual activity with consenting adults. No-one had been coerced into joining in and no-one was found dead after giving evidence in Court about the case. And no-one involved were children. But it was Max Moseley who received the full force of the UK press in cry.

        Max Moseley didn’t chuck a petrol bomb into a building and kill five people who could have given evidence against him. The people whom English and Dacre afforded privacy to did.

        By the way Dacre, Max Moseley is also a bloody site braver than you and your colleagues – the whole point of running that story was to try to embarrass him so much that he’d creep away. He didn’t. He took the whole lot of you on and he won. But then he wasn’t shagging children in care was he, so he had rather less to conceal than a lot of other people.

        1. An apology to Angels and Top Doctors:
          This blog has recently suggested that the stream of scare stories regarding Dangerous Psychiatric Patients Attacking Angels and media stories stressing that the only reason why patients do not receive first class care is due to a lack of funding may be in some way related to an Angels and/or Top Doctors pay claim. I now realise that this was a slur. I have taken my eye off the ball – there is a BUDGET coming up! Next week to be precise. That will be the explanation.

          I’m glad to report that Daily Mail Online today is reporting ‘research’ from Top Doctors at Cambridge University explaining just how many people are now dying because of the alleged shortage of funds in the NHS. Someone on the Mail obviously has a sense of humour – the article is accompanied by a photo of one of Cambridge’s truly splendid buildings, they’re certainly not short of a bob or two over at Cambridge. But then the NHS isn’t short of cash either – they have a great deal of it, but it doesn’t always get spent on patients. It is spent on managers salaries, management consultant fees – often to former NHS managers who have recently ‘retired’ or taken redundancy with a half a million pay off after stuffing up – PFI payments, failed IT schemes, fraudulent research, machines that go ping which are used for a few months and then abandoned or only used twice a week, décor for managers offices, ‘awaydays’, ‘team bonding initiatives’, ‘conferences’ – at which everyone gets their hotel bill paid and heavy drinking is the order of the day rather than work – ‘seminars’ ie. one hour talk from someone who’s not very bright followed by the WINE and the buffet. I could go on. What the dosh does not get spent on is patients – particularly psych patients.

          So imagine my surprise when I read another article in the Mail Online concerning the suicide of a young woman with ‘borderline personality disorder’ in Exeter. The young woman had left behind a suicide note begging for more funding for mental health services (she’ll have noticed that the dosh wasn’t spent on the patients but what she won’t have known is the largesse behind the scenes, because she too will have been led to believe that the NHS is suffering ‘from the cuts’). The young woman’s note suggested that she was bright and aware that she never received the help that she desperately needed. So its just as well that the coroner remarked that the young woman couldn’t see how much help she was being given ‘because of her serious illness’. So that’s the explanation! Even in these days of empowerment and service user inclusion it’s the same old story – you’re mad and we’re right.

          There have been a number of mental health disasters in Exeter recently. Services there were so bad that the public were protesting. A former Chief Exec in the region – Paula Vascoe-Knight – hit the media not so long ago when she narrowly escaped a prison sentence for fraud. A genuine Angel who blew the whistle on Vascoe-Knight’s swindling was sacked.

          When I constantly raised concern about Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles’ friends I was told – and other people were told about me when they dared express concern at what was going on – that I had received plenty of ‘help’ but I was so ill that I didn’t realise how hard people were trying. Dr Tony Francis on one occasion yelled at me that I took up more time than any other patient. Yes Tony – because you and your colleagues spent many hours of your time calling the police, demanding that I be arrested and then committing perjury in an attempt to have me imprisoned. Because I was rather better educated than the other patients and I had discovered some of what you were all doing – and I knew that you should not have been doing it.

          When psych patients in north Wales died, the story from the ‘services’ was always the same – it was because they were so ill, ooh we just tried so hard. There were a small number of staff who DID try their best and there were many patients who were seriously distressed. But the main problem was that the mental health services were facilitating a paedophile gang and the sexual abuse of patients. That was causing the problem, not putative personality disorders.

          Regarding The Cuts and the NHS. Blair boasted about flooding the NHS with money – and this is one thing that Blair wasn’t lying about, he gave the Top Doctors all the dosh that they demanded. What happened? Mid-Staffs. And of course north Wales, but that was only known by a few and blamed on Sheepshaggers anyway.

          Just to remind everyone – Top Doctors get an average of nearly £100k basic. A lot of them earn much more. Senior nurses in charge of the ward – and one can become a senior nurse quite quickly, one doesn’t have to plod away for decades – get approx. £40k pa. No, they do not have to use food banks, no matter what the Guardian tells us. Healthcare assistants, porters, cleaners, canteen staff and just about everyone else who is not a manager get sod all – now they might have to use a food bank if they have a family or are a single parent. But we don’t hear about them.

          I’ll keep an eye out for the next Professor Sir Prestigious who pops up in the media to tell us that patients are dying.

          Note to the NHS: if you weren’t such a vile, abusive, hierarchical organisation dripping with contempt for the people whom you are paid to care for, you’d wheel out your staff who really are suffering and working in bad conditions, such as the healthcare assistants or cleaners. But you won’t do this because those staff Don’t Matter. We’ll get Professor Sir Prestigious – or even Lord Liberal Elite – in a stripy suit and a bow tie instead. Because they are really very used to telling people what to do.

  6. Dacre was editor of Daily Mail when they played their part in activists hijacking a tragedy. The Stephen Lawrence case. The case that promoted the group psychology research red herring, Institutionalised Racism, to bogus reality by mass hysteria.

    After complaining to CPS about non disclosure of adverse facts to defence (My complaint is about Det sgt Davidson disciplinary 1995) the CPS contacted Met who then went public recently with more evidence they concealed. The off licence CCTV footage that shows it is neither Gary Dobson nor his jacket.


    I am an officially called witness to NCA Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry but we fell out two days ago when I asked them some questions about 3rd Force mercenary attack on Mandela Regime, Jack Straw and their predecessors.

    I want them to disclose a bit more they have been concealing. The information from the former Richardson crime family week one of the murder inquiry (I know who they used as intermediary to police) and the witness statement of a local resident that says there were a number of earlier fights at the bus stop. (Oh so Lawrence blood may have been spilled at earlier incidents. He was no stranger to A and E. Oh dear the truth is IMO Met cannot isolate blood spatter to the murder event. )

    I am amazed that Gary Dobson has not gone for appeal and then to CCRC who have independent powers of inquiry.

    Clearly when Kent Police Authority 1997 called for inquiry and report which included what STRAW and WARNER did as DHSS ministerial advisers re the IRA multiple address benefits fraud exploitations 1976 … when STRAW and his Home Office adviser WARNER suppressed that call for inquiry DURING MACPHERSON INQUIRY they were acting as Judges in Own Cause. Which is unlawful ? But who was assisting STRAW in undermining Kent Police Authority call for inquiry ? The fore runners of NCA ……. I allege.

    STRAW says he kept no records !!!

    For those who object to the “Trial by media” aspects of blogging surely what DACRE did in Daily Mail was far far worse in the Lawrence case ??

    1. Another Useful Distraction:
      In previous posts I mentioned that the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal blew up just as Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I would not stop asking difficult questions about Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales. There were links between the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales and the north east of England and I have speculated that the Cleveland Scandal muddied the waters re the topic of child sexual abuse in a way which proved very useful to the paedophiles and their friends in north Wales.

      However, there was another distraction in north Wales that kicked off just before Cleveland. Again it was something that I did notice at the time, but I’ve only recently realised that some of the paedophiles’ friends were involved in creating the phenomenon. I am talking about the phenomenon that was Aled Jones, the chorister from Bangor Cathedral, who was every old dears favourite in the mid-80s and who found stardom with his rendering of ‘Walking In The Air’ one Christmas. Aled’s voice eventually broke of course but he evolved into a light entertainment favourite, presenting radio programmes, Songs of Praise, Cash In The Attic etc.

      I remember Aled becoming a national figure and the story that surrounded him very well. Aled was vigorously promoted as a symbol of north west Wales – the Welsh speaking boy who won Eisteddfodau, who sang in Bangor Cathedral, who lived at Llandegfan on Anglesey and who went to David Hughes School. Who became a teenaged superstar. I lived literally just down the road from Aled at the time and he really hit the big time the year after I graduated, when my friends and I were still living in north Wales. After I had complained about Gwynne the lobotomist and about the mental health services and had raised concerns about their wrongdoing with Keith Best, the Tory MP for Anglesey; after Alison Taylor had reported the abuse of children in care – and the abuse of one boy in care by a teacher in Bangor; after Mary Wynch had appealed to the Master of the Rolls and won her appeal re Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends after they had her wrongfully imprisoned and arrested and fleeced her of her property; after the first witness to what had happened to me had been killed in a car crash that was not her fault but was never the subject of an investigation…

      I am not suggesting that Aled himself had any knowledge at all about the paedophiles’ friends. Aled did live in Llandegfan, he did sing in the Cathedral in Bangor and he did go to school at David Hughes. But there were people in Llandegfan, the Cathedral and David Hughes school who did know about the paedophiles and their friends and who were concealing their activities. Llandegfan was a village that was the favoured location of Top Doctors and academics from Bangor University. The corrupt Dr D.G.E. Wood, one of the principal paedophiles’ friends, lived there himself. His own children went to school with Aled Jones. David Hughes school is an excellent school for bright children with no problems – it succeeds in getting a few of them into Oxbridge in most years and has a very good academic record. But it is also known for not taking much interest in kids with difficulties – if the kids have serious difficulties they are excluded fairly quickly. When I lived at Llandegfan I knew of two kids who were definitely being abused – they went to David Hughes, were very unhappy there and the school conceptualised them as ‘mad’ and as really not worth taking any notice of. I knew of another family who had fallen foul of Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends whose children were undoubtedly targeted by certain teachers at David Hughes, but I don’t know the identities of the teachers involved. Some teachers at David Hughes did know that kids in care were being abused – I very much doubt that there was abuse of children at David Hughes itself, but some of those teachers definitely knew what was going on elsewhere. It was the usual story – it’s not happening in this school, it’s not happening to our own children, so we’re not going to raise a concern and we know that we’ll be gunned down if we do.

      David Hughes is a state funded comprehensive school. It was and presumably still is run by the notoriously corrupt Anglesey County Council. Whilst Aled was a pupil at David Hughes school, Anglesey County Council and Social Services were complicit with the abuse of children in care. Some of the most serious abuses happened to children on Anglesey. My post ‘The Cradle of Filth’ detailed the links between paedophiles’ friend Lord Cledwyn Hughes and Anglesey County Council.

      Aled was famously ‘discovered’ by Hefina Orwig Evans, a lady from Bangor who heard Aled singing in the choir in the Cathedral. My post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’ details the career of paedophiles’ friend Gwilym Williams, who was the Bishop of Bangor 1957-82 and also doubled up as the Archbishop of Wales for many of those years. Gwilym Williams was probably still Bishop whilst Aled sung in the choir. After Williams stepped down, Cledan Mears took over as Bishop – the Cledan who invited one Dr Dafydd Alun Jones to ‘advise’ on the Bishop’s social responsibility committee. I think that Aled will have been in the choir when Cledan took over as Bishop.

      Lord Cledwyn and Gwilym Williams were two of the three people who had a private meeting with Willie Whitelaw to twist his arm into agreeing to establish a Welsh speaking TV channel – Whitelaw had previously refused, but performed a U turn within days of being visited by Cledwyn and Gwilym. Whitelaw’s colleague Sir Peter Morrison, Tory MP for Chester, at the time was abusing children in care in north Wales – as were many other people.

      Who did Hefina write to after hearing Aled sing? SAIN recording company. SAIN was co-founded by Dafydd Iwan. Dafydd Iwan is a folk-singer and Welsh language activist who was also a Gwynedd County Councillor and for years was leader of Gwynedd County Council. Gwynedd County Council’s Social Services was host to the paedophile gang which operated in north Wales, it’s Director of Social Services Lucille Hughes was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that the paedophile gang was operating but failing to act and Lucille was Dafydd Alun Jones’s mistress. The crooked lawyer Ron Evans who concealed the paedophile gang worked as the legal advisor for Gwynedd County Council and Ron’s boss Hywel Ellis Hughes, the County Secretary, was also involved in corrupt practices in order to conceal the wrongdoing. The three successive Chief Execs of Gwynedd County Council throughout the 70s, 80s and until the mid 90s all failed to take action against people who were abusing the children in their care. Alison Taylor, the social worker who blew the whistle on the abuse of the kids in care in north Wales, was sacked by Lucille Hughes and subjected to a total character assassination by Gwynedd Councillors.

      Dafydd Iwan was so fond of Dafydd Alun Jones that he wrote a song in tribute to him.

      The man who co-founded SAIN with Dafydd Iwan was Huw Jones. Huw Jones was involved with S4C from the very beginning, served as it’s Chief Exec for ten years and later as it’s Chair. There was another person who went to see Willie Whitelaw with Lord Cledwyn and Gwilym Williams – Sir Goronwy Daniel. Who was the man who oversaw the first appointments to S4C when it was initially set up.

      In the summer of 1984 I had a job in a pub/restaurant near Llandegfan. A lot of the waitresses and waiters were sixth formers from David Hughes school. A number of them wanted careers in the media – I was told repeatedly that it was ‘easy’ to get jobs at S4C if your mum and dad ‘knew them’ but if you didn’t it was very much harder.

      So everyone involved in the discovering of Aled Jones – except for possibly Hefina, I don’t know anything about her – had been involved in the concealing of the paedophile gang. The phenomenon that was Aled the little Welsh boy, the example of what childhood in Gwynedd was all about, really took off as those allegations about serious crime connected to a paedophile ring in Gwynedd Social Services and the involvement of Dafydd Iwan’s mate Dafydd Alun Jones just wouldn’t go away. The ball began rolling at the hands of Bangor Cathedral and SAIN Records, just at the time that Alison and Mary reared their ugly heads, but once I started mouthing off as well, Mr Big then entered the arena – Dr George Guest, the Master of Music at St John’s College, Cambridge.

      George was absolutely wowed by the singing cherub from Llandegfan and agreed that Aled’s voice must be recorded and preserved for ever before it broke.

      George Guest may have been working at Cambridge, but guess what? George Guest was from Bangor! Not only that but George Guest went to Friars School – many of whose alumni were/are paedophiles’ friends. One alumnus from Friars was very big in the BBC – Huw Wheldon. Huw Wheldon was Mr Arts Programmes at the BBC before Alan Yentob occupied that role. In 1985 the BBC devoted a whole Omnibus special to Aled Jones! Huw Wheldon was just a few years older than Guest – those old boys from Friars have an excellent network and they certainly use it.

      When he was young George Guest was a chorister at Bangor Cathedral. He was then a chorister at Chester Cathedral. It has recently been revealed that not only was Sir Peter Morrison the MP for Chester molesting children, but a former Bishop of Chester was as well. George Guest also spent a period of time as the organist and choirmaster at Connah’s Quay parish church in Flintshire. A number of paedophiles’ friends came from Flintshire, including one of their biggest friends, Sir Ronnie Waterhouse, who led the cover-up that was the Waterhouse Inquiry. There was two years difference in age between George and Ronnie.

      From the 1970s onwards George Guest took a personal interest in the Cambridge University Welsh Society. If any readers know who it was who sent up the ‘paedophiles in distress’ flare to George in the mid-80s, please do let me know.

      George Guest’s father was a keen Freemason. George was a member of the Gorsedd of the Bards.

      When Ted Heath visited the Vatican in 1972, he chose Guest’s recordings of Haydn masses for his gift to the Pope. Ted was of course an organist himself, like George Guest.

      It’ll be Christmas soon, the shops are already gearing up for the annual shopping binge and no doubt someone will be using the recording of the teenaged Aled singing ‘Walking In The Air’ to sell us something. And the BBC will probably screen ‘The Snowman’ again as well. The viewers will be picturing an angelic faced little blonde boy warbling away in his Sunday best back in 1985. I’ll think of the kids in the children’s homes in north Wales who were raped, beaten, buggered, forced to labour in local businesses and not given enough to eat and told by Dafydd Alun Jones that they were mentally ill and banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh illegally if they told people what was happening to him. And of course my house mate who was killed in the car crash – after DGE Wood, Aled’s neighbour, had shouted at me and threatened me when I complained about his mate Gwynne the lobotomist and after Ann was killed in the crash yelled at me to leave Bangor and forget about everything that had happened to me there because there wasn’t anything there for me anymore.

      I didn’t forget Wood and I won’t. Because whilst you pompoused around and wined and dined at the Royal College of GPs dressed up like a fucking penguin and then picked up your OBE after having stuck your snout in the NHS trough for decades, my friend was still dead. As were a lot of other people.

      Aled also recorded two singles to raise money for Children In Need. Anyone remember someone called Jimmy Savile who was also once involved with that organisation?

      For any doubters out there, further info about the network of people who propelled Aled to stardom may be read in my posts ‘The Cradle of Filth’ and ‘A Bit More Paleontology’…there will be more people involved, but I haven’t yet identified all of them.

      The lady who started it all, Hefina Orwig Evans, is dead now and I have no idea who she was. But there was a lecturer at Bangor Normal College called Dafydd Orwig, a Plaid Councillor who was well networked into the paedophiles’ friends…

    1. Yes that’s him – I wrote a post all about the dreadful Jack Straw a few months ago after I read his autobiography (use the search engine on my blog to find info re Jack). Will Straw – he who was set up by some journalists and offered to obtain some cannabis for them if I remember rightly – is indeed doing very well for himself. Having landed a few plum numbers associated with the Labour Party, Will then led the Remain campaign in the EU referendum – the Remain campaign lost but Will picked up a CBE nonetheless! It was only bettered by Spencer Livermore – Ed Miliband’s mate who led Ed’s unsuccessful General Election campaign – bagging a peerage. Will was sniffing around for a safe Labour seat – well of course he’s GOT to have one of those hasn’t he – but that plan hasn’t been successful yet. If it looks as though Corbyn and Momentum might scupper it, I’m sure that Jack and his mates will somehow secure Will a peerage.

      As for old Jack doing his law n order bit re Will, well Jack was Home Secretary at one point – remember ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’? They had to go through the motions when Will revealed his potential as a dealer. New Labour were surprisingly soft on certain types of crime though – such as those committed by the paedophile gangs that infiltrated Islington children’s homes whilst Jack sat on Islington Council. There’s something about all these kids of New Labour hypocrites – Tal Michael, the son of Alun Michael whom Blair imposed upon Wales as First Minister when Wales had made it quite clear that they didn’t want Alun sodding Michael as FM, turned up in north Wales some years ago. Tal was after a Labour seat and then tried to get elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales. I came across Tal whilst he was canvassing in Wrexham, he was handing out leaflets which actually had ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’ emblazoned across them. But not if the criminals are paedophiles who your dad and his mates knew about ay Tal?? I had previously sat in a meeting with Tal – I didn’t know about his dad’s previous re ignoring organised child sexual abuse at the time, I just knew that his dad had been the one that Blair foisted upon Wales – but when I bumped into Tal campaigning in Wrexham he seemed quite frosty. I thought that he probably just didn’t remember me, but it was made clear to me by a number of people before I went into hiding from the paedophiles’ friends that a great many people whom I didn’t know knew me – that’s what happens if you confront the paedophiles’ friends. I wonder if old Tal knew who I was all along? I’ve been wondering why Tal came to north Wales anyway- he’d been in London for years running a London Local Authority, then running a New Labourish consultancy, why did he turn up in bloody Llandudno trying to get himself elected to various positions??? Why did that other New Labour emissary from inner London, Mehmet, turn up as Chief Exec of Denbighshire – and then scarper in a hurry for no good reason a few weeks ago? And how did the disgusting Margaret Hanson, husband of Blair’s mate David Hanson, turn up as Vice-Chair of the Betsi Board?? Was north Wales being invaded??? And if so why – Wales is famously NOT New Labour. That’s why you didn’t get elected Tal…

      1. Lydia –
        Just read Will Straw’s wiki, do take a look, it’s hilarious. He’s an even bigger idiot than his dad. Every job that he’s landed has been as a result of his dad’s mates, he founded the blog Left Foot Forward (what’s so left about inherited privilege then Will?), rocketed to the top in the IPPR along with Joe Dromey (Harriet Harman’s offspring), then was removed as a Governor of a school in Lambeth after ‘allegations of financial mismanagement’ – anyone remember Lord Levy being arrested?? Will’s obviously learnt at the knee of the masters. Better still, Will is a member of a dance troupe who call themselves ‘The Nutters’ – yes, honestly – and they black up! Christ almighty, even I wouldn’t do that, but Will defended it as a fine old tradition. Well yes in certain parts of the UK, there are a very small number of rituals which do involve blacking up – but your dance troupe Will is not among them. You’re more Black and White Minstrels – and even they didn’t call themselves The Nutters, I think that’s more Bernard Manning isn’t it. What an utter tosspot. Not so much the Red Prince as the Red Obnoxious Bastard. Well not even the Red Obnoxious Bastard, I think that Will probably ought to be signing up for BNP membership and purchasing a ticket for the next tour of Roy Chubby Brown. You’ll like him Will, he’s racist, bigoted, crude, misogynist and deeply offensive. He’s a bit of a has-been now, perhaps you can sign him up for your dance troupe.

  7. Blimey laugh a minute that lot! Tal and Alun both fancied themselves as police commissioners then – daddy couldn.t work that one Tal…but it is so strange Sally that so many turn up in N Wales. An absolute honey pot for the serious deranged. Don’t hear as much from East or West Wales so I guess they are as pure as the driven snow.

    1. Yes I noticed that both Tal and Alun wanted control in the law n order arena. North Wales didn’t get Tal, but they got bloody Arfon Jones instead, the ultimate paedophiles’ friend. But have a look at the people who have been or stood for Police and Crime Commissioners roles – it attracts questionable people. North Wales of course previously had dear old Winston Roddick and up in Northumbria they had the duplicitous Vera Baird. Have heard about a really worrying case from S Wales involving Alun Michael, but I don’t have permission to publish…

      No, there are problems in west Wales as well. Jac O The North’s blog is excellent on local authority corruption and he reports on a regular basis re west Wales. There are shenanigans in Ceredigion and Carmarthen County Council might as well relocate to North Wales in terms of some of the wrongdoing. Sian Caiach, the surgeon whose career in surgery was ruined years ago after she blew the whistle on two colleagues defrauding the NHS – Sian was suspended and sacked, both of the other surgeons continued practicing and one was promoted – writes a peoples’ blog re Carmarthen so pissed off are she and others. There’s also a blogger down there who nearly lost her house because she dared attend Council meetings and expose what was going on – the council Chief Exec sued her for libel, she hadn’t libelled him but unlike him she didn’t have endless funds to pay for lawyers. There’s trouble is east Wales too and south Wales, especially Caerphilly. I concentrate on north Wales – I’m not there any more, but that’s the patch I knew and that prompted me to start this blog – but there is serious trouble in local authorities right across Wales – and in England as well, but we don’t hear about it. Just like the NHS – we hear occasionally about scandals in the provinces, but we are told that everything’s fine in leading medical schools. It is not, the general public would be appalled if they knew what went on, but the Top Doctors in those institutions have colleagues sitting in the Lords and mates in politics and the media. Their wrongdoing is NEVER publicised.

      Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there was a reason why Blairites from elsewhere started rocking up in north Wales – they arrived after questions started being asked again about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Hague ordered the cover-up that was Waterhouse, but Blair was on the throne when the Report was published. The Westminster Paedophile Ring was such a barrel of shit involving collusion among so many people from across the political spectrum that even now they’re desperate for the truth not to emerge. In the way that Antoinette Sandbach – who’s father was Chief Freemason in North Wales during the years of the failed police investigations and the deaths of witnesses – suddenly decided that she wanted to leave her barristers practice in London and work as a farm labourer in Wales just as demands for a new inquiry were being made and then miraculously became a Tory AM and then a Tory MP for a safe seat, these people did not leave affluent comfortable lives in England for no good reason. They are the children or children of the friends of that bunch of absolute bastards who covered up something dreadful a generation ago. Their parents/parents friends would have gone to prison if institutional corruption had not saved their necks.

      It is not just in the past – I’m researching Blair’s network at the moment, once more so many of them have pasts rooted in the concealment of organised child sexual abuse in the 70s, 80s, 90s. It’s easy to see why covering up that sort of crap gives a politician so much power – politicians climb the greasy pole by blackmailing each other basically. Just imagine if you know that members of the opposition have been molesting kids. But then it’s further complicated because folk from your own side have been doing it as well! But what if your wife is a lawyer who didn’t molest children herself, but knows the identities of those who did – and who is mates with scores of other lawyers who also knew the names of the guilty, but never prosecuted them? What do you get as a result – Tony Blair! More on this coming soon…

      1. Lydia –
        Just completed my morning scan of the news websites. Would you believe it, the ordinary working class girl Jess who’s parents were NHS management consultants doing Blair’s bidding is now a crime fighting hero! According to Jess, a mugger tried to steal her i phone just outside Parliament, but Jess fought him off. The Mail Online tells us that so brazen was the mugger that Jess was stood yards from armed police at the time. Er – so why was Jess doing the crime fighting bit then? This latest story about the Birmingham lass who grew up barefoot in the backstreets of Yardley rings about as true as the rest of her biography. It seems that the world only knew about Jess’s heroics because she told them on twitter.

        Jess has also commented about the great contribution that Harriet Harman has made to wimmins lives. That’s the Harriet who worked as a legal advisor for the NCCL when it was fighting for paedophiles’ rights, the Harriet who wrote a policy document in support of this, the Harriet who shored up politics right across south London with her mates whilst organised paedophile gangs caused havoc in the children’s services in the region, the Harriet who tried to crow-bar her mate Miriam O Reilly into a safe seat by ousting ANOTHER WOMAN, the Harriet who assisted the Maudsley Hospital into unlawfully detaining a vulnerable man, oh I could go on about Harriet and her crimes all day but I can’t do justice to them all here.

        I wish Jess would just go back to telling Diane Abbott to fuck off, I quite liked her when she did that.

        1. I was wondering if the troops were sent to N Wales to do a collective cover up /lock up/- so what you say makes sense. Oooh the working classes know how to scrap -Wonder when Jess is going to lose her brummie accent? Won’t do for the lords but hopefully she’ll slip up soon and be sacrificed by her comrades. Looking forward to the Blair post.

          1. Hee hee, its the middle classes who really know how to stick the knife in and they do it with a smile on their face as well. As Jess is the daughter of two management consultants and she worked for their business AND she has a postgrad degree in Public Service Management, Jess will be a past master at stuffing people over. Her mum will have learnt all the tricks of the trade when she was top dog at the NHS Confederation, doing as Blair ordered!

          2. Another Useful Distraction:

            Someone who read my earlier comment about the way in which Gwynedd’s own cherub Aled Jones provided a useful distraction for the paedophiles’ friends told me this morning that perhaps I ought to have a think about the PR for north Wales that was and is a lady called Elinor Bennett.

            Elinor Bennett is one of Wales’s best known harpists – she is also the wife of Dafydd Wigley, who was the Plaid MP for Caernarfon, 1974-2001. Throughout the paedophile years, as the children in the care of Gwynedd County Council were horrendously abused and trafficked into sex work. The HQ of Gwynedd County Council was in Caernarfon, just around the corner from Dafydd Wigley’s office. Wigley was also AM for Caernarfon, 1999-2003. He was President of Plaid 1981-84 and leader of Plaid 1991-93. Wigley joined Plaid in 1961. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was active in Plaid by then – Dafydd Alun Jones stood as the Parliamentary candidate for Plaid for Denbigh in 1959 and in 1964. I have previously detailed on the blog how Dafydd Wigley sent me a very supportive letter back in the late 80s after I wrote to him about Dafydd Alun Jones’s wrongdoing and I was told that Dafydd Wigley was deeply concerned at what Dafydd Alun Jones was getting up to out at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. But then Dafydd Wigley went quiet – and the allegations about a paedophile ring operating in Gwynedd and Clwyd Social Services, which was facilitated by Dafydd Alun Jones, exploded. Dafydd Wigley remained quiet – although he did sign an early day motion in Parliament tabled by his colleague Elfyn LLwyd imploring that a ‘hospital for mentally abnormal offenders’, Garth Angharad, be kept open. Garth Angharad was where people who complained about Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles tended to end up. It wasn’t a hospital, it was a privately run facility owned by Paul Hett, a struck off solicitor who also owned schools in which children were abused. Even the Waterhouse Report was rude about Paul Hett and his establishments.

            So what of Elinor, Dafydd Wigley’s wife? Elinor was born in Montgomeryshire but whilst she was very young her family moved to Llanuwchllyn, where the family lived in a house owned by Sir O.M. Edwards (see blog post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’). So Elinor grew up in the same village as Dafydd Iwan – who was a Plaid Councillor for Gwynedd during the paedophile years and who was at one point the leader of the Council. Whilst Elinor’s husband was MP for the region. Elinor will also have grown up with Alun Ffred, Dafydd Iwan’s brother – who became a Gwynedd County Councillor, a headteacher, then a TV exec (I think for HTV) and then AM for Arfon.

            Elinor was an enthusiastic musician, especially keen on the harp and shone in Eistoddfodau. She then went to Aberystwyth University to do law! Like so many of the paedophiles’ friends, as detailed in ‘A Bit More Paleontology’. After Aber, Elinor went to the College of Law in Guildford, but she withdrew. She then won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, where Osian Ellis was her mentor. Ellis was Professor of Harp at the Royal Academy and had come across Elinor at Eisteddfodau – on one occasion it was he who adjudicated and awarded her first prize. Elinor was certainly big mates with Osian – when she first went to London she lived with him and his family.

            Osian Ellis was born in Flintshire in 1928. So he came from the same area as Sir Ronald Waterhouse and was a similar age to him. Ronald Waterhouse was active in Eisteddfodau, they probably knew each other. Ellis studied at the Royal Academy and was Professor of Harp there, 1959-89. Readers might remember from my earlier comment that Aled Jones was blasted to stardom by George Guest – George Guest was Professor at the Royal Academy of Music, 1960-61. One of George Guests star students, Sir David Lumsdon, became Principal of the Royal Academy of Music, 1982-93. Osian Ellis had a concerto written for him by William Matthias, for the Llandaff Festival in 1970. William Matthias was a big name in music, he was for years Prof of Music at Bangor University. A former music student at Bangor told me that she didn’t like William Matthias. When I asked her why she told me that he was badgering female students into having relationships with him. Elinor Bennett established the William Matthias Music Centre in Caernarfon. Elinor is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music. Osian Ellis is the hon President of the Wales International Harp Festival – Elinor Bennett is organiser of the same Festival.

            After Elinor moved out of Osian Ellis’s family home, she shared a flat in London – it was through her flatmate that she met Dafydd Wigley. Elinor’s flatmate knew Wigley via the London Welsh Association. Elinor and Dafydd Wigley would have been living in London in the 60s. The President of the London Welsh Association at both the beginning and the end of the 60s was Lord Aberdare. He was a Tory peer who had previously worked for the BBC. Aberdare was Minister of State for the DHSS in 1970 (under Ted Heath) and between 1976-92 was Deputy Speaker in the Lords.

            After the Wigley’s married they moved to Methyr Tydfil in 1971. Dafydd Wigley was elected to Methyr Tydfil Borough Council in 1971. They moved to Caernarfon when Dafydd was elected MP in 1974. The Wigley’s had four children, two of whom very sadly died young from an inherited disorder. The two children who died were treated at the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff and Great Ormond Street Hospital. When the children were young Elinor put her career as a harpist on hold – understandably – but she did teach harp. Later, when she resumed her musical career in a big way, she recorded with SAIN records. The company that was set up by Dafydd Iwan and Huw Jones, for which Aled Jones also recorded. Like Aled, Elinor is a regular on S4C – of which Huw Jones has been a leading light for many years. Elinor is also a regular on the BBC and HTV…

            Whilst Elinor was teaching harp, she had a pupil who has become even more famous than Elinor – Catrin Finch. Catrin lived near Aberystwyth, but used to go up to Elinor’s place at Caernarfon for lessons. Like Aled Jones, Catrin became a child star! She appeared on Blue Peter in 1988 when she was just 8 yrs old. Just as Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and I would not shut up about the criminal activities in north Wales. So as it became clear that something was dreadfully wrong in the children’s services and mental health services in north Wales, the media and local politicians milked for all it was worth the image of Wales’s two child stars – Aled and Catrin. Singling, playing, dancing, winning competitions – whilst the less fortunate kids were beaten, raped, neglected and trafficked to England for sex work. By social workers in Gwynedd and Clwyd County Councils. Who was Catrin’s teacher when she was 8yrs old? Elinor Bennett! Elinor taught Catrin until she was 16. Catrin then went to the Purcell School in England – whilst she was there she performed for Prince Charles at Buck House on his 50th birthday! That was in 1998. Whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry was hearing what had happened to kids in care in north Wales throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s. After the Purcell School Catrin went to the Royal Academy of Music.

            The fairy tale was not yet over! Love blossomed between Catrin and Hywel, the Wigley’s son. Hywel was by now working for a TV company in Aberystwyth. In 2000 Catrin became the Royal Harpist, a role that had lapsed but was revived by Prince Charles! The Waterhouse Report was published in 2000, but I think that the Royal Harpist probably received more publicity. Catrin remained Royal Harpist until 2004. She attributes her international success – particularly in the US – to that role. Catrin and Hywel now live near Cardiff where they own a performing studio. Catrin records with SAIN!

            When Alison Taylor was blowing the whistle on the paedophile ring and was sacked from her job as a social worker by Gwynedd County Council for doing so, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council was Ioan Bowen Rees. Bowen Rees ignored what was happening to the kids in care and he also ignored the neglect, threats and harassment that the psych patients received from the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, which was staffed by social workers employed by Gwynedd County Council. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ for details of the appalling abuses that went on whilst Bowen Rees was Chief Exec of Gwynedd and the lifestyle enjoyed by Bowen Rees himself. Bowen Rees had been a Plaid candidate in Methyr in 1964, had been an advisor to Gwynfor Evans – the Plaid AM and at one point the leader of Plaid – and co-authored with him. Bowen Rees was also an advisor to Dafydd Wigley whilst Dafydd Wigley was MP for Caernarfon.

            Throughout the 90s whilst police investigated the abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd but stated that there was ‘no evidence’ of a paedophile ring – although it was later admitted that there had been such a ring in operation and that Lucille Hughes, Bowen Rees’s Director of Social Services had known about it but failed to act – Elinor’s famous pupil Catrin performed all over the world, won prizes, socialised with the Royals and then embarked on her own true love story…The one thing that we all knew about Catrin Finch was that she was the pupil of Dafydd Wigley’s wife. The Dafydd who didn’t have much to say about the horrors taking place on his doorstep.

            Throughout his political career, Dafydd Wigley has taken a special interest in disabled people. He is the former President of the Spastics Society of Wales and the Vice-President of MENCAP (Wales). There have been allegations of abuse of residents in homes run by MENCAP. For details of the abuse and neglect of learning disabled people in Gwynedd and Anglesey please see post ‘Are You Local?’ Wigley was the Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary All Party Disablement Group and Vice-President of Disability Wales. He has helped push through the anti-discrimination legislation concerning disabled people – the legislation which has done nothing to stop the abuse of disabled people.

            The Wigley’s endured a very sad time with the death of their two sons and during one Commons debate regarding legislation concerning research into inherited conditions Dafydd Wigley got so angry with Enoch Powell that Wigley thumped the Speaker’s Chair so hard that the arm broke. I hope that I do not underestimate the terrible time that the Wigley’s must have been through as they watched two of their children die. But they have ignored very, very great suffering on their own patch that they MUST have known about. They personally knew scores of those who actively colluded with the abuse of children and other vulnerable people. I was told some years ago of a little girl who had been sexually abused by a teaching assistant at a school in Gwynedd – when her parents complained they were themselves investigated by Gwynedd Social Services and accused of abusing their daughter. I was told that Dafydd Wigley’s grandchildren were at the school and that the school was sheltering behind this. Dafydd Wigley was a very popular MP in Gwynedd, he had a massive personal following. The Top Doctors loved him – and I bet that a lot of their colleagues in the Social Services did as well.

            There was some sort of huge scrap within Plaid in 2000 that resulted in Dafydd Wigley being knifed and eventually standing down as MP, but no-one I know knew the details. I always presumed that the paedophiles’ friends had gone after him – but why would they, he never blew the whistle on their wrongdoing…

            The former leader of the Welsh Conservatives Rod Richards once commented that ‘Dafydd Wigley is nothing more than a convenient frontman for more sinister extremists waiting in the shadows’. Now I am not someone who ever feared ‘Welsh extremism’ – I don’t have a problem with people wanting to speak their own language in their own country, to be provided with education and services through that language and to have their own Parliament in their own country, particularly when Westminster is so unrelentingly hostile to them. But I am well aware that ‘Welshness’ was used as a smokescreen by some deeply unpleasant people who were supplying children to paedophiles, some of whom were working in Westminster.

            Rod Richards is one person who has admitted that Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s aide and Tory MP for Chester, was molesting children. Morrison molested boys from children’s homes in north Wales. Whilst Catrin played the harp and won prizes. Morrison’s sister was a courtier for the Royal Family.

            Elinor Bennet?? Gordon Bennett might be more appropriate.

  8. Thanks for the tip re Jac o the North. one of his posts reminded me of a scam that was pulled in west wales between a Homeless charity ; landlords; and estate agents – who advised a tenant to make himself homeless even where there were no grounds for eviction – enough proof would be given to support an application for H B, He said he had been sleeping in his van and was given a run down flat on the basis of his ability to repair it. There are countless numbers of people sleeping rough so although thankfully the scam was in favour of the tenant having somewhere to live at the very least it was just not feasible that that strings were not pulled to disadvantage others on a long waiting list. PS also came across a detailed miffed response from Stephen Kinnock re daughters education – no doubt the blogs are monitored ! Any room at the N Wales Inn for a future Kinnock ?

    1. I don’t share Jac’s political outlook but his blog can’t be beaten for its exposes of corruption in Wales. He is quite correct to point out that the Third sector is the most appalling scam and that many socialist initiatives in Wales are backfiring horribly – I would propose different solutions to the ones that Jac proposes but his blog is still a breath of fresh air – no-one on the left will admit that vulnerable people are being used and harmed by those claiming to ‘help’ them, it has been left to Jac, an alleged ‘Welsh extremist’ to scream at everyone to wake up and look at what is happening. Jac is holding a meeting this afternoon in Aberystwyth with a view to launching a new political party in Wales – I’ll be interested to see if he gets any press coverage and if so how he’ll be presented.

      Oh yes, the blogs are being read and monitored, although those whom the blogs expose and discuss constantly maintain that the blogs are written by nutters and only ever contain fake news! Not like the mainstream media – I mean they have never published lies have they?? Young people don’t read newspapers or watch TV news anymore, so it really is worth blogging if you can build up a reputation as a reliable source. I’m a recent convert, my friends were telling me ages ago that I ought to start blogging and I have one young friend in particular who’s a very capable anthropologist who kept stressing that young people just do not rely on the mainstream media anymore. I wish my own blog was so much better – I’ve been so busy concentrating on getting the info out that I haven’t spent as much time proof-reading etc as I would if I was writing a book or an academic paper. I’ve always taken a very lax attitude to typos etc in my comments section because comments are additional, but when I read through old posts I cringe at how many typos and grammatical errors I’m making. I gave myself a year to get the expose out on the internet, but I’ve received so much more info and dug up so many more connections that the blog has become much bigger and more wide-ranging than I planned – I haven’t had time to go back through and correct the typos, post pictures up etc. I purchased another website as well, for the purpose of allowing my correspondents to post up their own incriminating material after I was contacted by people who had made undercover recordings and obtained documentary evidence of wrongdoing in the mental health services like I have, but I just haven’t had time to do that. I’d need a team of researchers…

      I did notice that Stephen Kinnock had replied to his critics – but it was true that he had sent his daughter to Atlantic College! I don’t think it was the fact that she was at an expensive school that rankled, it was the usual Kinnock hypocrisy that infuriated everyone.

      I’ve been told that there’s loads of people now reading my blog because they fear being named. Interestingly enough I was about to post up info about a truly foul Top Doctor at St Georges Hospital Medical School, Sheila Hollins, who worked there whilst that institution concealed child abuse and colluded with serious criminality – Hollins is a psychiatrist who is now in the Lords. I was surprised to find that loads of links relating to info about her on the internet are broken – either a lot of people are disowning her or she’s breaking those links and wiping info. It would be funny if she is someone who fears being named! Info about Sue Slipman has disappeared as well – Slipman went to university in Lampeter, became a Communist, then joined the SDP! A total pain, she ticked all the boxes – but after the NCCL were exposed as having links to paedophile activists (Slipman was involved with the NCCL), all references to the NHS Trust which she ended up Chairing disappeared!

      I am sorry to say that it was people of my generation who disgraced themselves by selling out to criminals. I and my friends were interested in politics when we were young but the people we saw going into politics were just so vile and so corrupt that we walked away – the maggots who didn’t walk away, who knew everything that I’ve exposed on this blog, are sitting in Gov’t or running the NHS and the Third sector. They are the foul new right of the Tories and the Blairite/Brownite hypocrites of the Labour Party who are desperately trying to pretend that they were socialists all along now that Jeremy is leader. They were nasty and thick when we were students and they are still nasty and thick. They might be wiping out info about themselves on the internet but they’ll still be troughing, they won’t have actually resigned.

      1. The best men I ever worked with were at Port Talbot Steelworks and they were Welsh Nationalists.

        The most friendly bunch . No bollix about poor little valleys big bad rich south east. Their enemy was May Boyce and his uggy uggy uggy and number 10 factory routine. They were all hard sods too so I hope Max never met them.

        I remember one weekend I came in and the atmosphere was tense. To limit our gang earnings the external audit had insisted some of our work be done by another gang. I piped up ” Ok so there is a bloody atmosphere today boys. Has some fecker let on I’m English” Our gang of Welsh nationalists burst out laughing. Then one of them said “Your mum was Irish that is the half of you we like Richy”

        Completely changed my mind about nationalism they were the least racist folk you could meet. They liked music and rugby etc. And for craic having a laugh. My days were filled with laughter.

        1. A lot of people find Jac’s blog very worrying – I read it for a long while before I ever left a comment, because I presumed that as a left-leaning English migrant Jac would give me one of his characteristic ‘fuck off and don’t come to this blog again’ messages. But he didn’t. And to be fair to Jac, he has published every comment that I’ve ever left on his blog and he has only ever edited my comments twice – with my permission, after he raised concerns that what I had said might be interpreted as libellous.

          Jac styles himself as a right wing Welsh nationalist which is many miles away from my own political persuasion – but he has identified some very real and very serious problems that are leaving many people excluded, in poverty and very, very angry. Jac and his correspondents should be listened to, not dismissed as nutters. One doesn’t have to agree with their proposed solutions to acknowledge that they are pointing at something going badly wrong. Jac constantly makes the point that he does not feel represented by any political party and many of his correspondents express the same view. Someone like me supposedly is represented – as a well-educated leftie, I should be represented by the Labour Party – or when in Wales, Plaid. But both of those parties are full of councillors and politicians who have completely ignored the corruption and abuse in the NHS, the welfare state, the Third sector and in politics. I might have survived, but a lot of other people didn’t. I’m living in hiding – from people who supposedly want people like me to vote for them. I will not vote for corrupt people who are ignoring organised crime and institutionalised abuse of disadvantaged people. Like Jac, I am not represented by any party.

          1. That’s one of Jac’s pieces that I didn’t read – I’m so busy with this blog that I have to be selective in terms of reading time. Jac and his correspondents post all sorts up, they are a very erudite bunch. A lot of less well-known aspects of Welsh history as well as political thought…

  9. It’s true Richard that Port Talbot is the sort of place where most in need would be helped – as in many of the valley communities. They were prepared to sacrifice part of their pension for the sake of the next generation having jobs. I have read some of your academic work Sally and especially admire the analysis of ‘user’ involvement. But I hope you will keep the style of the blog – your wit makes it bearable. The pointers to posts and the individual comments are very useful for those of use who have to catch up. I also appreciate the attention you pay to what commentators say. It would be marvelous if you did one day publish in book form so perhaps kindle users could read them even if not buying books – but where would you find a publisher willing to take it on – There is as you say the problem of such a massive amount of information still coming to light through your research and from people who contact you with evidence. Must be a difficult decision as to whether to hold back on new posts or to edit old ones –but I am wondering how much more there is to come out and whether the worst of it will be over once the older generation is out of the way and now the internet can be used to expose corruption.

    1. I have known for years that one day I would publish all this and I did always presume that it would be a book – but actually a blog suits me far more; it allows me to respond to suggestions from other people, I can also respond to whatever is in the news at the time and it gives me the freedom to pursue new avenues of inquiry which I had not previously realised would be so important. I fear that all a publisher would want would be a misery memoir, ‘my hell at the hands of the Top Doctors’ and I’m not really interested in that. I have been approached about a film and the person who suggested it is someone whom I know and I trust who I think would do a good job, but we’ll have to see.

      Brown and I published our critique of ‘service user involvement’ because what was going on was just such a travesty and very, very abusive. Patients who had been seriously harmed by the mental health services or people who had relatives who had died were being told to take up their complaints with untrained volunteers with no education and certainly no legal training because they were the service user consultants! I knew ‘service user consultants’ who were being abused by the ‘services’ themselves, how ever were they supposed to hold an institutionally corrupt NHS with unlimited funds for legal costs to account??? All I ever saw was service users being asked what colour they’d like the rooms painted whilst meanwhile down the corridor a sectioned patient was being tasered or a patient being refused all NHS treatment because they’d complained about a psychiatrist sexually harassing them, it was an utter joke. Service user involvement was also used to justify the most serious breaches of confidence. Service users really cannot be expected to effect change when institutional corruption and organised crime is at work – but then that is why Blair was so keen on service user involvement. It certainly wasn’t going to expose what was happening in the NHS.

      I’m not editing old posts – at least yet – There aren’t factual inaccuracies, just horrendous grammatical errors and typos! I’m working on a series of posts about Blair’s network at the moment – I’ve just posted the first one up, but there’ll be a whole series of them…

      1. User empowerment was taken a long way at Fulbourne. Users were assessing newly admitted users etc. Ron Lacey at MIND was into that movement.

        1. I never came across Ron Lacey, but I do know that he published a few things that he obviously believed were ‘radical’ and ‘helpful’. Fairly standard MIND stuff – ie. not radical, not helpful, just mainstream psychiatric thought.

          1. I think Lacey lectured occasionally at Bramshill Police College. He was a nuisance on military veterans blogs.

          2. The most inappropriate people have landed themselves jobs in education and training as a result of their connections to MIND and other such organisations. It does a great deal of harm, because the people whom they are ‘teaching’ realise that they are flaky and then really do develop a gross stereotype of ‘service users’!

            And those jobs are always handed out on the basis of cronyism not merit…

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