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The Top Doctors sent up another distress flare a few days ago. The subject matter was the usual; demands for more dosh. The NHS is to receive another £20 billion – on top of all the other millions which have been announced in the past few months – but within a few minutes of receiving the news, the Top Doctors pointed out that £20 billion was insufficient. Why? Because the NHS is so much in dept – the figure given was £12 billion – that if that £12 billion isn’t ‘written off’, it will swallow up some of that £20 billion, so the NHS won’t get £20 billion at all! Logic therefore dictates that the NHS needs another £12 billion AS WELL as the £20 billion.

The reason why the NHS is in deficit to the order of £12 billion is that as usual, in spite of the massive quantities of extra money at frequent intervals, they have overspent. The NHS always does, because they have never, ever been held to any spending limits. The NHS knows that if it thcreamth and thcreamth until it is thick, it will get more money.

Some years ago something in the region of £8 billion was wasted on an NHS IT system that didn’t work and was never going to work. Everyone knew that it wouldn’t, but the contract was nonetheless given to the company owned by a mate of someone in the DoH who took the money and did not produce the IT system. More millions are now being ‘invested’ in an NHS IT system. There was another blip the other day when it was discovered that someone had written the press release, but the IT system, even if it is ever completed, will not do what the press release said that it will. That is because everyone in the NHS knows how to write a press release but they don’t know how to build an IT system or even how to commission someone who does know how to build one.

No-one else would piss £8 billion up against the wall and know that another £8 billion, earmarked for the same purpose, will come their way.

I say that the Top Docs have sent up a distress flare; they actually got one of their mates to send it up, the Top Docs being covered in slurry at the moment and thus taking a back seat occasionally.

The distress flare, in the shape of the explanation as to why £20 billion isn’t sufficient and will end in an NHS Crisis, was sent up by Peter Carter.

Peter Carter served as the General Secretary and Chief Executive of the RCN, Jan 2007-15. In Oct 2017 Carter was appointed as the Interim Chair of the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust. 

Peter is an Angel and therefore a Caring Man whose word can be Trusted. He only has patients’ welfare at heart.

Peter Carter trained as a psychiatric nurse at Hill End Hospital in St Albans; he then worked at the regional adolescent unit at Hill End Hospital, undertaking further training in family therapy and crisis intervention.

Hill End Hospital’s adolescent unit was recently the subject of a police investigation into the abuse of patients who were treated there in the 1970s.

Peter Carter also trained as a general nurse at St Albans City Hospital and the Institute of Urology in London, which was originally known as St Peter’s Hospital for Stone. Patients at the Institute for Urology had conditions affecting their genito-urinary systems and there were some rather odd things done at St Peter’s in the past and some fantastical claims made by the Top Docs there (see post ‘Gwlad y Menig Gwynion’).

As a result of his work in urology, Carter may well know Dr Christine Evans, a retired urologist who previously worked at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Christine Evens is a past star of this blog, on account of her taking the lead role in the North Wales Community Health Council (CHC), ‘the patients voice’, yet admitting in the blog which she wrote in her capacity as a Councillor that she intended to use her position on the CHC to protect her former surgeon colleagues at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, who had been the subject of a highly critical report by the Royal College of Surgeons. Christine Evans was a buddy of Dr Tony Francis.

Peter Carter held clinical and managerial posts in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London.

Carter started his managerial education at the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development and received an MBA and PhD from the University of Birmingham, so he might well have known Dafydd’s old pal Professor Robert Bluglass, who pretty much ran the NHS in Birmingham.

Peter Carter spent almost twelve years as the Chief Executive of the Central and North West London Mental Health Trust. That Trust ran some of the most troubled and poorly performing ‘services’ in the UK, caring for – or failing to care for – the victims of organised abuse, including the medical service at Holloway Prison and mental health services in Camden. The medical wing at Holloway was infamous for housing distressed women who repeatedly harmed or killed themselves (see posts ‘The Wretched Of The Earth’ and ‘The Compassion Centre’) and Camden had the highest suicide rate for women of any area in England and Wales during the years around the millennium. North west Wales had the second highest rate.

After becoming the General Secretary and Chief Executive of the RCN, Peter Carter restructured his top team and re-focused the organisation to address outstanding issues and the ongoing reforms of the NHS. Under his leadership, the RCN established itself as ‘a leading voice on nursing and health in the UK political arena’. Carter was said by the Health Service Journal to be the 28th most powerful person in the English NHS in December 2013.

The performance of the NHS did not improve under Carter’s leadership of the RCN. Scandals involving the neglect and abuse of patients by Angels continued apace. Carter was at the helm of the RCN when Stephen Gallagher, Andrew Parry and Alan Roberts, all Angels who were employed at Ysbyty Gwynedd by the North West Wales NHS Trust, threatened, insulted and refused to treat me and then lied about their actions. A third party made a witness statement and Gallagher threatened them. Gallagher had previously been the subject of a complaint by a Top Doc and a note was by that time already on his HR file stating that his integrity and competence could not be relied upon. See post ‘Two Dangerous Very Dishonest Nurses’. Gallagher was subsequently involved in a case in which the dead body of a patient whom he had refused to treat was discovered hours later and Alan Roberts was prosecuted after violently assaulting and injuring a female patient in her eighties. Alan Roberts received the full support of the RCN, as I suspect did Gallagher.

The RCN won awards under Carter’s leadership as an exemplar employer – obtaining a Gold award from Investors In People and, since 2010, being in the Sunday Times Best 100 Not for Profit Organisations. At the time of Carter leaving the RCN in 2015, the RCN membership had reached its highest ever membership of over 430,000.

Prestwood People Trafficking Ltd won an Investors In People Award (see post ‘A Convenient Arrangement With The Private Sector’).

The RCN was certainly good to its members. Middle-aged thug throwing an elderly lady across the ward and injuring her? Peter Carter will be there for you and will support your appeal against your conviction! Which you will win, not because you DIDN’T assault the old lady, but because it couldn’t be proved that her injuries directly resulted from your assault! As she had died by the time that Roberts’s appeal was heard the poor cow wasn’t there to give evidence and Roberts was allowed to return to his job as a senior Angel! One of Roberts’s reasons for being allowed to return to work was that he would suffer financially if he was barred from nursing which would cause real hardship because his son was a student Angel and needed dad’s salary to help him through university. Alan Roberts’s wife was an intensive care Angel at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Stood By Him.

To show how contrite he was, after one of the court hearings, Alan Roberts shook his fist at my friend and I as he left the court.

After Roberts was convicted, his fellow Angels joined a Facebook campaign which Roberts established to support his appeal against conviction. Student Angels were ordered to Support Alan The Gentle Giant.


Violent lying thugs, protected until the key witness died by Peter fucking Carter.


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On 9 November 2016, the Medway NHS Foundation Trust announced that Carter had been appointed as Interim Chair.

In 2010 Peter assumed the position of honorary Colonel to 203 (Welsh) Field Hospital in Cardiff. The Hospital has deployed on operations as a formed unit in 2008 to Afghanistan and in addition many of its personnel have seen active service on operations in the Balkans and Iraq. Peter Carter is a keen supporter of military nursing and has hosted tri-service events at Cavendish Square, the RCN’s HQ. In conjunction with his support of military nursing, Peter Carter visited Basra, Iraq in 2007 at the height of the conflict and in 2011 spent a week in Afghanistan where he visited troops, nurses and medical personnel in a number of locations.

Stephen Gallagher is an enthusiastic member of the TA, as is his pal Andrew Parry! Gallagher served in Afghanistan and following my first complaint about him, the North West Wales NHS Trust sent a story to the London-based press which supplied details of how Gallagher had saved the life of a teenaged boy in Afghanistan. Gallagher had not only not saved the boy’s life but he breached patient confidentiality and placed the lives of the boy and his family in danger.

Tina Donnelly, the Director of the RCN in Wales, is also an Angel who is in the TA and popped over to Afghanistan to make a morale-boosting visit to the military Angels out there; Tina has been in the TA for decades and has attained the rank of Colonel.

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Tina’s other interests include supporting ‘her’ Angels, no matter how dreadfully they have behaved and maintaining that the stream of scandal and deaths in the NHS in Wales is the result of a shortage of money or simply those bastard patients.

In 2011 Peter Carter was awarded the inaugural President’s medal from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. They don’t give those out to just anyone, Peter’s collusion with wrongdoing must have been exemplary. Then in 2013 Peter was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Dafydd’s mate Dr D.G.E. Wood has held high office in that particular Royal College for many years.

Peter Carter has been awarded three Honorary Doctorates, from the Universities of Edge Hill and Hertfordshire in 2013 and in 2014 from the University of South Wales. The University of South Wales specialises in giving out honorary degrees to the paedophiles’ friends, all the best have bagged one. Tina Donnelly has an honorary degree from the University of South Wales as well (see post ‘Oh To Be In Receipt Of Academic Honours’).

Peter Carter has given numerous TV and radio interviews and is a regular contributor to newspapers and professional journals. He has twice been the subject of the BBC series ‘Hard Talk’, but as is usual with ‘Hard Talk’, Peter will have been interviewed by someone using an aggressive style but he won’t have been asked any difficult questions. Such as ‘why did you offer your total support to a dangerous man who had been the subject of serious complaint, who lied repeatedly and subsequently impersonated a police officer and violently attacked an elderly lady?’

Well why did you then Carter you dishonest hypocritical bastard?

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Peter succeeded Beverley Malone as Chief Executive of the RCN. Beverly Malone is the Chief Executive of the National League for Nursing in the US. Prior to assuming this position in February 2007, she served as General Secretary of the RCN in the UK from 2001, the year following the publication of the Waterhouse Report when there were many furious voices maintaining that Waterhouse was a huge cover-up.

Beverly Malone was raised in rural Kentucky, in the segregated deep south of the US by her great grandmother. Malone obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Cincinnati in 1970. From 1970 she worked as an Angel in New Jersey, obtaining a Master’s degree in adult psychiatric nursing from Rutgers University in 1972. In 1972 Beverley Malone was appointed Instructor of Psychiatric Nursing at Wayne State University in Michigan. From 1973 Malone was a specialist nurse, professor and administrator at University Hospital, Cincinnati.

Psychiatric nursing in the US – as well as in the UK – at that time was a pretty dreadful business. Exposes both fictional (eg. ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’) and academic (eg. David Rosenhan’s famous 1973 study in which sane academics posed as people with one minor psychiatric symptom to gain entry to mental hospitals and were within days declared to be far too mad to be allowed out for many months; see post ‘Inappropriate Behaviour?’) infuriated the Top Doctors but there was so much evidence emerging of widespread dreadful practices that the abuse of patients could not be denied.

Malone obtained her PhD in clinical psychology from Cincinnati University in 1981 and was then Assistant Administrator of the Medical Centre. In 1986 Malone was made Dean of the School of Nursing at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, an historically black university. She became Vice Chancellor in 1994. In North Carolina, Malone also served on a number of public bodies, including the Governor’s Task Force on Nursing Shortage, the North Carolina Commission on Health Services and the Board of Directors of the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.

In 1996 Malone was elected President of the American Nurses Association (ANA), an organisation representing 180,000 Angels throughout the United States. She was the second African-American to hold this position. She served two terms lasting until 2000. President Bill Clinton appointed Malone as a member of the US delegation to the  World Health Assembly, the governing body of WHO (World Health Association), in 1998 and 1999. 

During her Presidency, Malone served on Bill Clinton’s Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry and in March 1998 she was appointed to the Health Care Quality Measurement and Reporting Committee. She also represented U.S. nurses in the Congress of Nurse Representatives of the International Council of Nurses and served on the Board of Directors of the National Patient Safety Partnership, a collaboration with the Dept of Veterans Affairs, the AMA (American Medical Association) and other national health care organisations.

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From 2000, Malone was appointed by Clinton as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health within the US Dept of Health and Human Services, the highest position that an Angel had ever held in the US Gov’t.

‘Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman.’

Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky


Oh yes you did Bill.

‘Ah have sinned.’

Bill Clinton.jpg
You also lied, as did your foul wife Hillary when she maintained that the string of women whom you shagged, exploited and dumped or simply harassed were themselves the liars or were as equally culpable as you were Bill.
As one Hergest Unit patient cheerily remarked to Dafydd after Dafydd said to him ‘you lied, you lied’, ‘I lied, you murdered’. This was followed by a phone call to Dafydd which began with ‘I’m a liar, that’s the truth. But if I’m a liar how can I be telling the truth… ‘ Readers can probably guess the rest, to which old Dafydd listened in silence while those listening in pissed themselves laughing.
Here’s a weird thing. The same man phoned Dafydd and Dafydd’s secretaries on a few occasions pretending to be an American Top Doc and then a Texan oil millionaire and his enquiries re Dafydd’s ground-breaking work were taken seriously. Having said that he had previously phoned Dafydd’s secretary and told her that he was Dr Hashish Psychosis who was calling from Bombay and the secretary went scuttling around Denbigh to find Dafydd because Dafydd had an international call…
One day when I was entering Ysbyty Gwynedd with a group of friends, an older, very pompous looking South Asian Top Doctor emerged from the hospital and shoved us out of his way, being the scum that we were, as one my mates yelled out ‘look it’s Dr Hashish Psychosis’…
These total fuckwits had no idea that so many Empowered Service Users had seen straight through them.
So in 2001, in the aftermath of the Waterhouse Report – and as the Mid-Staffs scandal and God knows how much more NHS wrongdoing was being suppressed by Miranda’s Gov’t – a pillar of the US mental health establishment who rose up the ladder during the time of the most serious abuse of psychiatric patients in the US relocated to the UK and was appointed to lead the RCN.
The British and US healthcare establishments are closely intertwined and have been swapping both Top Doctors and methods for concealing wrongdoing and quashing dissent for generations. Some of those directly involved with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal had links with the US medical/nursing establishment.
In 2007 Beverley Malone wrote ‘How could the RCN want an American, an African American, to run the most prestigious professional nursing trade union in the world? ‘
Answer: because in the wake of the cover-up re the crimes of an international trafficking ring involving the collusion of Top Doctors and politicians in the US, the British establishment could portray you as a li’l ole black Angel raised by her great granny while the KKK pursued you all, like something out of ‘The Colour Purple’, rather than someone who had been at the centre of America’s most shameful period of medical history and who had used that to get herself to the very top of the tree in the US.
But then Hillary Clinton Cares About Wimmin.
Perhaps Beverley would like to deliver a lecture on how it was the legislation passed by Bill, who was assisted in the task by Hillary, which led to the imprisonment and subsequent disenfranchisement of thousands of poor, black Americans. That’s why so many were locked up; it was Bill and Hillary wot did it. Thus the subsequent shock horror revelation of ‘young black men in America have more chance of going to prison than to university’. Yes and it was the Clintons who criminalised so many of them.
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Hillary was a big fan of Uncle Harry’s nephew:

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Beverley’s wiki entry tells us that re Beverley becoming the Gen Sec of the RCN – the largest professional union of nursing staff in the world – Clinton is said to have smoothed the way politically by “having a word” with Miranda and Gordon. 

I’ll tell you who knew about Gwynne the lobotomist, Dafydd, Bertrand Russell et al and what they were all up to in Croesor/Llanfrothen in the 1960s and 70s (see eg. post ‘The Village’): the young American draft dodger who stayed at Croesor with the radical crowd at that time and who later became a Democrat Senator!

Bill was a draft dodger too of course, but he called it ‘going to study at Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship’. Bill got out and about and mixed with all sorts when he was at Oxford.


Hey ho ex-POTUS you didn’t expect this did you? Well you shouldn’t have blamed Monica you bastard, you could have at least had the guts to say ‘yeah, sorry, I did it…’ And your wife is no feminist either, she’s a rich over-indulged hypocrite and I’ve had a bellyful of being told that she’s my fucking role model.


When in the UK, Beverley Malone was also a member of HEFCE and represented the RCN at the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN), the Commonwealth Nurses Federation and the International Council of Nurses, together with being the RCN General Secretary.


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Malone was at first the subject of considerable UK media attention and some controversy, because of her generous remuneration package. Yeah, the Low Paid Angel will have been given a great deal of dosh. There was also criticism of Malone’s mother, Dorothy Black, receiving free eye surgery under the NHS soon after her arrival, in spite of having paid no British taxes or insurance contributions. Send her back, along with all those Nigerian women who fly into Tommy’s weekly to give birth to quins on the NHS!  Officials stated that Malone’s mum had not been given preferential treatment and, as a resident or dependent relative of a resident, was entitled to the same free healthcare as anyone else. Er, then why did so many other people in that position receive so much grief? Furthermore, because Malone returned to the US – thankfully – after the necessary had been done for Miranda and the patient batterers/child abusers, she was more like a tourist on an extended holiday than a UK resident.

Malone was also criticised for attending a Labour Party event as a guest, because of the traditional party-political neutrality of her employer.

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Beverley is a poor, uneducated 14-year-old girl living in the American South in the early 1900s. She writes letters to God because her stepfather, Alphonso, beats her harshly and rapes her continuously. Alphonso has already impregnated Beverley once, a pregnancy that resulted in the birth of a boy she named Adam. Alphonso takes the baby away shortly after his birth. Beverley has a second child, a girl she named Olivia whom Alphonso also abducts. Beverley’s ailing mother dies after cursing Beverley on her deathbed.  After she had her eyes done on the NHS. And went to Chequers to meet Cherie and Miranda.

Another one of the Oppressed:

Peter Mandelson


Duw it’s hard for Celie in the deep south under segregation…

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In 2003 Celie Malone became a member of the steering committee of the NHS Modernisation Agency. While Miranda et al continued to conceal Mid-Staffs. In 2006, Miranda appointed Celie as a member of the UK delegation to the World Health Assembly.

In an interview with ‘The Guardian’ before returning to the United States, while criticising job cuts and cost cutting in the British NHS, Malone spoke favourably of the system, calling it “a treasure” and praising a system where healthcare is a right rather than a privilege. Malone said this when she knew that NHS whistleblowers were having their careers ruined and that people in north Wales who had spilt the pints of Dafydd and the gang were being unlawfully denied healthcare and were being openly threatened, harassed, arrested and prosecuted on the basis of the lies of NHS Angels. But at least Bev’s mum got her eyes done.

Malone welcomed the greater “visibility” of the nursing profession in Britain, as compared with the US. Midwifery has virtually disappeared in the US because of the prevalence of high tech births managed by Top Docs; many midwives in the UK feared/fear that their profession too is being written out of the picture by a similar process. The NHS, assisted by the RCM, systematically forced all independent midwives in the UK out of practice, because they were a little too outspoken regarding the poor care that too many women received from mainstream practitioners, including in the NHS. I knew one of the independent midwives targeted, Beatrice Carla. She was living in Gwynedd while Malone was leading the RCN and had been subjected to an all out witch hunt. Malone will have known about Beatrice’s case, it was widely discussed in the nursing press at the time. Beatrice is now practising abroad, having concluded that there is now no way in which she can practice midwifery in the UK without compromising the safety of her patients.


After returning to the US, from February 2007, Malone was appointed Chief Executive of the National League for Nursing (NLN), which has a membership of over 40,000. She also represented U.S. Angels in the Congress of Nurse Representatives of the International Council of Nurses.

In 2009, Malone testified during the Congressional budget hearings. She also served on the Institute of Medicine’s Forum on the Future of Nursing Education.

Malone has been particularly involved in minority health issues, racial and ethnic health disparities and other issues of race and cultural diversity. That must be why in the US some ethnic minorities have such poor health outcomes, such as pregnant Peurto Rican women. They have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the western world, partly because so many of them cannot afford antenatal care so those women who develop pre-eclampsia are not identified; it develops into eclampsia which kills them. Beverley has obviously been spectacularly ineffective with regard to that.

Malone is a member of the Baptist Church and is religious. Then she will probably have firm views on abortion but was nonetheless one of those who kept quiet about the experiments which Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School, who was at one point the President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, conducted on live late gestation foetuses that he aborted when he worked in the US in the mid-1960s. After experimenting on them, Chamberlain killed the foetuses. See post ‘Now Then…’ Chamberlain was one of those who concealed the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and in 2000, the year of the publication of the Waterhouse Report, he was given a lecturing post in the history of medicine at Swansea University. Chamberlain’s feet were well under the table when Bev arrived in the UK to lead the RCN at Miranda’s invitation. 


Bev took over as General Secretary of the RCN from Christine Hancock, who was the General Secretary, 1989–2001, throughout the years when her members colluded with and concealed the trafficking rings across the UK, including in north Wales/Cheshire and south London, which by that time were the subject of inquiries and police investigations. Some of the Angels employed at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were members of the RCN.

Hancock was in post throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry and she was in post when Angels perjured themselves and forged documentation about me throughout the 1990s.

Hancock attended Orpington Girls Grammar School (now Newstead Wood School for Girls) and then began her career as an Angel at King’s College Hospital in London. After various clinical nursing posts Christine Hancock became a ward sister at the National Heart Hospital in London in a cardiac and coronary care unit carrying out ‘advanced research’.

Like so many of those who were involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, Hancock is a graduate of the LSE. She has also worked as a midwife and a mental health nurse. After entering nursing management, she was appointed Chief Executive of the NHS in Waltham Forest.

Hancock was elected unopposed as the 24th President of the International Council of Nurses in 2001. In 2009, she established  C3 Collaborating for Health, a London-based charity with a global vision of stemming the epidemic of chronic disease through prevention.

Since 2007 Hancock been a Trustee of the House of St Barnabas, a London charity helping homeless people get work. She will know that many of the homeless are former mental health patients and that the homeless are systematically discriminated against by the NHS.

Christine was a Governor of De Montfort University, 2006 – 2015. Brown works at DMU and after we began publishing about mental health together, a number of people who had concealed criminality in the NHS with links to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal rocked up on the Governing body of DMU. Christine was a DMU Governor when the senior managers of DMU received a poison pen letter stating that Brown was a ‘known paedophile’. See post ‘A Nasty, Ludicrous Poison Pen Letter’.

Nurse Ratched Quotes. QuotesGram


Prior to Christine, the RCN were blessed with probably their most high profile ever General Secretary, dear old Trevor Clay, 1982-89.

I remember Trevor being constantly wheeled out on TV during the battles between the BMA and Thatch. Note it was during the BMA’s battles – it was the BMA who were at war with Thatch to a far greater degree than the RCN, but the Tories were able to denounce the Top Doctors as highly paid arrogant people ‘who thought that they were God’ and who were also obstructing alternative medicine practitioners who in the mid-1980s were beginning to find themselves in demand. So Trevor began appearing on our screens instead, a kindly male Angel, who just Cared and didn’t have a Harley Street practice and didn’t call female patients ‘dear’ or refer to his members as ‘my girls’. Trevor, the face of Enlighted Professional Politically Aware Nursing. Everyone loved Trevor.

Clay began his nursing career in 1957, but it was as General Secretary of the RCN that he became a public trade union official and negotiator. Clay was appointed Deputy Secretary in 1979 but was not then a public figure.

In 1982, almost at the outset of Trevor’s tenure, he began negotiations with the UK Gov’t over a labour disagreement concerning Angels’ salaries. As a result, a “Pay Review Body” characterised by autonomous operation was created; the compensation of the Angels Clay represented was also increased. Until Trev, Angels were very poorly paid. Trev was successful in getting them a much better deal, but the downside was that while Angels from then on did well, the other people in the NHS who were not Top Doctors or managers did really, really badly. This was why the NHS could not recruit lab scientists, pharmacists, medical physicists etc. See post ‘The Great Stink’. There was a serious crisis which was never resolved but was ignored by absolutely everyone. The general public continued to believe that Angels were badly paid because Trev kept telling everyone this and the other staff who were as highly or very often more highly qualified than Angels but on salaries as low as £6k pa could not make themselves heard. They voted with their feet and left the NHS. Trev told everyone that the NHS was In Crisis because of the Low Pay of Angels and so it continued…

Some of Trev’s Angels also did very well out of Thatch’s hated NHS management reforms, because some of the more ruthless ambitious Angels became the ruthless, ambitious managers that Thatch and Ken Clarke had hoped would reign in the excesses of the Top Doctors. This was not a plan which led to success, it led to a civil war between Top Docs and managers and a hitherto unseen of breed of Angel and an incredibly unpleasant breed as well.

Trevor himself ‘campaigned against’ the NHS management reforms from which some of his members benefited. Trevor also campaigned in support of motherhood and apple pie.

Clay was diagnosed with severe emphysema at the age of 37. This is a condition often associated with heavy smoking and Angels do have a culture of puffing away like there is no tomorrow, but whether Clay’s health problems were a result of heavy smoking I do not know. Clay was put out to grass due to illness in Sept 1989. By then the RCN’s membership was in excess of 285,000. No labour organisation unaffiliated with the TUC surpassed the RCN in size and none had a greater rate of expansion.

Clay’s respiratory disease claimed his life when he was aged 57, in April 1994. In Jan 1994 Clwyd County Council launched the Jillings Investigation into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council. The Leader of the Labour Party John Smith died when Bart’s could not revive him after a heart attack on 12 May 1994. Frank Beck, the Leicestershire social worker who was a big mate of Greville Janner’s and in 1991 had been sentenced to several life terms for more than one hundred sexual assaults on kids in his care, was found dead in prison on 31 May 1994, aged 51. Beck always maintained that he had also taken the rap for offences committed by other people, including Greville Janner. Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’ on 9 June 1994. The trial of Arnold’s long time friend and colleague at Bryn Estyn, Peter Howarth, for the sexual abuse of boys at Bryn Estyn, began on 13 June 1994. Howarth was jailed for 10 years on 8 July 1994. Howarth maintained, like Beck, that he too had been scapegoated for the crimes of high profile people.

Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994. Before becoming an MP, Miranda was a pupil of George Carman QC, the crooked barrister who was retained in the early 1990s by Greville Janner’s solicitor Sir David Napley when Janner was interviewed under caution by the police re sexual assaults on kids in care. Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Cherie was a friend and colleague of Michael Beloff QC, who was the legal adviser to Municipal Mutual, the insurers of Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police. Michael’s dad Lord Max Beloff was a mate of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile gang operated within Gwynedd Social Services.

Trevor Clay authored ‘The Workings of the Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Committee in the National Health Service’ (1974) and ‘Nurses: power and politics’ (1987).

Crossman ‘seems to have had respect for [Raven] because, she considered, he felt she knew what she was talking about. She put forward the idea of the Briggs committee on the future of nursing when Asa Briggs gave her a lift one evening in the ministerial car’.
Lord Asa Briggs was a Cambridge graduate from Yorkshire, who’s career took him from work with the security services during WWII through academic posts at Leeds University and then onto Sussex University, where Briggs was VC, 1967-76. Briggs was a favourite of Harold Wilson and was involved with the Open University. Asa Briggs was on the scene of the paedophile/trafficking ring in Sussex which received children who had been in care in north Wales and who were forced into sex work in brothels owned by John Allen in Brighton. Asa Briggs was the Sussex VC who never forgave a Sussex student from Llanfrothen for chucking red paint over a visiting US diplomat in a Vietnam-related protest in 1967 (see post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’).
In 1953, Crossman’s typical ex-matron with her golden hair and blue eyes and pink and white cheeks opened two ‘beau parlours‘ at Leeds General Infirmary – “comfortable little rooms where a nurse may entertain her men friends”.
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So Kathleen Raven’s husband was a leading light in Durham/Newcastle Universities, institutions which colluded with and concealed the organised abuse in the north east of England and in north Wales. Dafydd’s mate and umbrella Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (see previous posts), ran Newcastle and its University and in 1984, Durham University supplied UCNW with Professor Eric Sunderland, Principal of UCNW and well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend. See previous posts.
Meanwhile Kathleen’s brother Ronald was a surgeon at Bart’s, alongside Juliet Bingley’s dad and the rest of the paedophiles’ friends there.
What a very water-tight arrangement, no wonder the woman who introduced beau parlours to the NHS remained so influential at the DHSS for so long.
I was relieved to read that Kathleen Raven was brought up in the Plymouth Brethren and took her Bible seriously. As did Dafydd, who recommended learning Bible verses in Welsh as a child to avoid a ‘serious moral collapse’ in later life (see post ‘A Serious Moral Collapse’). Kathleen and Dafydd could have studied the Bible together, in one of the beau parlours. Jimmy Savile could have joined them in there for Christmas, he’d have needed an invitation for Christmas dinner because Savile didn’t do Christmas with the Thatchers at Chequers until after Thatch became PM.
Kathleen Raven was yet another person at the very top of the DHSS during Dafydd’s extended heyday, who facilitated sexual exploitation and crime within the NHS, along with civil service mandarins Brian McGinnis and Clifford Graham. Over in the Home Office Drugs Branch there was Bing Spear who eased the path of Top Doctors involved in drug dealing and distribution. McGinnis and Graham were pals with Savile. As no doubt was Kathleen.
Kathleen Raven was awarded the fellowship of the RCN in 1986 ‘for advocacy of developments in nursing management and education’ and in 1995 she endowed a Chair in Nursing at Leeds University. Complete with a beau parlour I hope.
To return to the other old bag who was about as delightful as Kathleen Raven, but who wasn’t actually the Gov’t nursing adviser who introduced sex work into the NHS, Catherine Hall. During her retirement, Hall chaired a committee in her home Diocese of Plymouth which reviewed the social care provided by the Diocese. She went on to Chair the Plymouth Diocesan Committee for Social Care, which is responsible for increasing awareness in the South West about the growing need for social care, particularly since the Govt’s community care legislation. Which legislated for the community care which was never developed, because the NHS simply ignored repeated instructions regarding their legal obligations to provide community care facilities from the late 1950s onwards. They were given the funds and every Health Authority just spent it on something else. See post ‘The Great Stink’. No-one was held to account.
Plymouth was the constituency of Dr Death. Who personally knew some of the Top Docs in north Wales who facilitated the trafficking ring (see posts ‘Dr Death’ and ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’). Prior to Dr Death, Dingle Foot, brother of the future Labour Leader Michael, was the mover and shaker in Plymouth (see previous posts).
Dame Catherine Hall died in Aug 1996. Just a few weeks after William Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry.

My post ‘Meet The Family’ discussed The influential Moores family from Liverpool, that city hosting an arm of Dafydd’s crime empire and some of the key figures associated with Liverpool John Moores University. Liverpool John Moores is of course considered to be the poor relation of Liverpool University, Dafydd’s alma mater which was run by Dafydd’s mate for decades. Dr Death was Chancellor of Liverpool University, 1996-2009.

From 2002 until 2008, Liverpool University had a very flash VC, who drove racing cars and was a darling of the media and of the Blairs. I am of course talking about Sir James Drummond Bone. Prior to wowing Liverpool, Bone was Principal of Royal Holloway College, University of London, 2000-02. He was Master of Balliol College, Oxford, Oct 2011 -April 2018.

I was friendly with two academics who worked at Royal Holloway while Drummond Bone was Principal. I became friendly with them because like Brown and me, they had uncovered the abuse of vulnerable people under the umbrella of Service User Empowerment and according to them, Royal Holloway College was colluding with this. There was pressure on them to keep quiet about the chaos of the social work ‘service’ in that part of the country and like Brown and me, they found that it was virtually impossible to get anything published regarding the havoc and abuse prevailing. They too drew the conclusion that published academic work is the fields of health and social care was so misleading that it was delusional. Any attempt to draw attention to what was actually happening to vulnerable people was firmly stamped on.

Drummond Bone attended Ayr Academy, followed by Glasgow University,  where he obtained an MA in 1968 and won a Snell Exhibition to study at Balliol, 1968-72. On leaving Oxford in 1972 Bone lectured at the University of Warwick. He returned to the University of Glasgow in 1980 as a lecturer, becoming a Senior Lecturer in 1989 and Professor in 1995. From 1991 to 1995, Bone was Dean of the Faculty of the Arts and in 1995 he became Vice-Principal. In 2000, he left Glasgow to become Principal of Royal Holloway and PVC of London University. When Bone was PVC of London University, those involved in research fraud re cancer and other areas of biomedical research (see eg. post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’) were at the very top of London University. Drummond is a Byron scholar, so he won’t have had the knowledge needed to publish detailed critiques of their research – and they will have held him in deep contempt – but he could not have failed to have noticed the many other unacceptable ways in which they conducted business.

When he was VC of Liverpool University, Drummond was Chairman of the Liverpool Culture Company, directing the city’s preparations to be European Capital of Culture in 2008. Bone also served as President of Universities UK, a committee of university heads, 2005-07. He retired from Liverpool in 2008.

Bone is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (1995) and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2008).

Drummond was knighted in the 2008 Birthday Honours for services to Higher Education and the regeneration of the North West. He was made a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers, a Livery Company promoting the automobile industry, although I am fairly sure that Drummond has never worked in a car factory. He hasn’t even written about it, it was Huw Beynon who wrote the famous ‘Working For Ford’ analysis.

In 2005 ‘The Guardian’ published an article about Drummond that took toadying to a new level. It described Drummond as being ‘bigger than the Beatles‘ who was ‘last week named the number one mover and shaker in Merseyside by the Liverpool Daily Post – ahead of Sir Paul McCartney, Lord Heseltine and Cherie Booth QC’. ‘It’s all very embarrassing, he says, fresh from an early morning meeting with, among others, the city council’s chief executive, who came second to him in the poll.’

I’d be embarrassed too if I was in the middle of the shenanigans at Liverpool, a city still run by those who colluded with Dafydd et al.

‘The Guardian’ breathlessly reported that ‘Last week he made headlines in the tabloids – almost unheard of for a vice-chancellor – after he was reported as proposing that the Beatles should be given a place on the £20 note.’

Well if one is in public life in Liverpool, one only needs to suggest yet another gesture to the Beatles or Cilla and one will ‘make headlines’, it’s not rocket science and not what a VC should be wasting their time doing.

I remember the days well. Universities were deeply troubled institutions, Blair kept imposing more and more fuckwittery upon them and no-one, no-one was allowed to admit that the system was falling apart at the seams. Universities had major problems with fragile students who could not receive mental health care because the mental health system had collapsed, so tutors were doing their best to support in some cases seriously ill and suicidal students; grade inflation was endemic and endorsed by Gov’t but denied; ‘widening participation’ was not working by any measure yet everyone had to pretend that it was and it was simply being held back by crusty old academics who were actively discriminating against working class students; and academic standards were plummeting in the face of a mass system of HE yet everyone bollocked on about ‘excellence’ constantly. As a senior colleague of mine who was based in Yorkshire quipped, ‘Excellence? I’d like to see some of it’.
Miranda and his Ministers, particularly one Bill Rammell, just lied and lied and lied about the whole HE field. They refused to listen to academics who did want to see universities provide a high quality education to a wider student body and just maintained that there were no problems.
Drummond was one of Miranda’s tame VCs and this was exemplified in his comments to ‘The Guardian’. Everything was great really, particularly in Liverpool, but there is just a bit of ‘turbulence’ on the horizon according to Drummond, in the form of top-up fees, but Drummond was principally concerned with ‘how the universities were getting their message across’. Drummond knows as well as I do that they were not allowed to get the important messages across, which is why Drummond joined in the fuckwittery and dishonesty.


It is more than 10 years down the line since that silly article in ‘The Guardian’ about Blair’s poodle and the problems in HE have now become too big to conceal. Some seriously distressed students with no access to mental health care are committing suicide – Bristol has had a whole cluster of them; disillusioned graduates are deeply in dept and are never going to bag the highly paid jobs which they were promised by everyone would be coming their way; universities are giving out so many firsts that people are not taking any notice of a first anymore; and there is en masse plagiarism and students adopting a consumerist attitude of ‘I have paid thousands, you will sell me that degree no matter what’…

All this was evident in 2005. At the time, Brown and I were friendly with someone who worked at Liverpool University, with responsibility for widening participation, Blair’s flagship policy. He was bright and radical and could see through all the crap. Drummond kept him on short-term contracts fort three years and then made him redundant, while salesmen who said what Blair wanted to hear were promoted to high office in Liverpool University.

Blair and Drummond really needed people like that man if they wanted their system to work. He is not the only one who has now given up with universities. I am meeting more and more highly performing academics, particularly younger ones, who are ‘looking for something else’ job wise. They love research and they love intellectual inquiry and they love working with the students. But that is not what universities are about anymore…

Gov’t is now admitting that universities haven’t ‘worked for all their graduates’ and that far fewer people should now go to university.  Sociologists of education, good ones who were entirely sympathetic to democratising HE, were telling Blair years ago that it was unravelling. He refused to listen. But then Blair never wanted a high quality, critical liberal education for the masses. He wanted that sort of education for his own children and the children of those Who Mattered; they would still go to Oxbridge. The children of the plebs were going to go to far less prestigious institutions, at very, very great expense to themselves and their families, where they would receive a very different sort of education which would be quietly sneered at by everyone who had told them to do this and which would not open the gates to a professional career as promised…

You lied to all of them Blair, as did Drummond. Your own kids did not go to Glyndwr or the University of South Wales. That was for Other People. The kids of Blair and his Ministers went to Oxbridge or at least to Bristol or Durham. I don’t mind them doing that, but Blair pretended that he was ripping up a system of privilege when he was in fact consolidating it. People knew that this was happening but those of us who published the ways in which Blair was doing it did not receive any more funding and the man from Liverpool University was made redundant by Drummond.

Meanwhile Drummond purchased a few more racing cars and became Master of Balliol. For suggesting that a picture of the Beatles should appear on the nation’s currency…

On the topic of the inheritance of privilege and the sins of the fathers, I recently discovered something that I didn’t previously know about Anna McMorrin, the Labour MP for Cardiff North, who was elected in 2017. My post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends of Cardiff North’ explained how it was not possible to win that constituency – either as an AM or an MP – unless one was a paid-up paedophiles’ friend, the constituency containing such a high proportion of health and welfare staff or people who work at Cardiff University, so many of whom colluded with the abuse and neglect of vulnerable people. ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’ detailed much of Anna’s box ticking idiocy, her obligatory membership of Unison, GMB, LGBT Labour and Labour Wimmin’s Network and her past career in PR and communications – McMorrin worked as a part-time communications officer for the Labour Party, 1996-1997, she worked for public affairs consultancy Hill and Knowlton, was Campaigns and Communications Director for Friends of the Earth Cymru and was Director of Llais Ltd, then joined Invicta Public Affairs.

However I have found out that Anna’s dad was not a fuckwit like Anna, or at least not the same variety of fuckwit. Anna’s dad was Iain McMorrin, who was a famous mountaineer, a member of the Antarctic Survey and had a glacier named after him. Iain McMorrin won’t have been a dipstick who was a member of Unison and a PR consultant, but Iain McMorrin did know Sir Charles Evans, the mountaineer and Top Doctor who was Principal of UCNW for decades until 1984. Charles Evans knew that his staff were facilitating a paedophile/trafficking ring but he didn’t give a bugger. Evans had more important things and people to think about and his loyalty to his former colleagues, the Top Doctors of Liverpool, to prioritise. And of course loyalty to Queen and Country and Lilibet’s son Carlo, who was Chancellor of UCNW and a friend of Jimmy Savile and other paedophiles, including Bishop Peter Ball. Sir Charles will have taken such duties seriously; he was, along with his friends and fellow mountaineers, working for the security services.

Iain McMorrin lived in Pembrokeshire, which hosted a paedophile ring directly linked to the one in north Wales. Iain McMorrin probably also knew Tony Jones, the geologist who worked at UCNW for years, who was mates with corrupt police officers and many others who were facilitating Dafydd’s gang.

How’s the Labour Wimmin’s Network getting along then Anna? And your pals in the LGBT group? Sure that you’ve ticked ALL the boxes required for your future career as a Woman and Champion of the Oppressed?

Before becoming an MP, Anna McMorrin was a SPAD for Jane Hutt. Who has spent her entire career concealing the organised abuse of vulnerable people, including that in north Wales. Hutt’s father Michael was a pathologist, a Top Doc who knew many of those who… I’m sure that readers get the picture.

Anna, do you know anything about that highly co-ordinated attempt between 2003 and 2004 to have me imprisoned for a serious crime on the basis of the perjury of a group of Angels which followed a pack of lies which Alun Davies, the NHS senior manager for the North West Wales NHS Trust, had told the police while he was in the Assembly with Jane Hutt and her officials? Because Hutt knows something about the conspiracy and perjury and Hutt needs to start answering questions.

Anna McMorrin lives with Welsh Gov’t Minister Alun Davies – a different Alun Davies, not the fat fool employed for so long by the NHS in north Wales – who is currently grumbling about Wales’s County Councils demanding more and more money. It’s what happens when you always give in to blackmail from crooks Alun. They do indeed return for more.

Anna was communications officer for the Labour Party, 1996-97. Which was the year that the Waterhouse Inquiry was announced and began. The Labour Party knew that Gwynedd and Clwyd County Councils had facilitated a huge paedophile ring, in collusion with other County Councils, including Dyfed. No-one said a word about the true extent of the wrongdoing throughout the entire Inquiry. Including Anna. Who’s dad knew one of the Mr Bigs who was at the centre of the paedophile ring’s HQ. Sir Charles Evans ran the University which trained and employed so many of the members of the ring.

Official portrait of Anna McMorrin crop 2.jpg


‘We didn’t know.’

There is a mountain to climb far bigger than any conquered by Iain McMorrin and Charles Evans…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

17 thoughts on “I Passionately Believe…”

  1. For the last two days I’ve been following the row in Parliament over the use of non-disclosure agreements. It began yesterday and whereas there is much huffing and puffing over people who have ‘paid off’ others who complained about ‘sexual harassment, racism and bullying’ – none of which is acceptable or pleasant – there was a woman interviewed on Radio 4 yesterday who explained very clearly that she had been forced into signing a NDA over conduct which was criminal… Now that is a cause for concern.

    Jess Phillips asked Theresa a Q in the House about NDAs re sexual harassment and bullying. Jess’s family run an NHS management consultancy business, for which Jess herself worked before she became an MP. Jess’s mum has held very senior positions in the NHS.

    The NHS uses NDAs constantly, including in cases of patient harm and criminal misconduct… Jess’s mum will know the details of dozens of them.

    Time to speak up Jess’s mum? Particularly as your family is based in the west midlands on the doorstep of Dafydd’s mate Bluglass…

    Peter Hain has revealed today that the unidentified businessman featured in the Torygraph who used an NDA to ‘buy someone off’ re his bullying and bad behaviour was Sir Philip Green. Not a complete shock then…

    Peter Hain has exposed Philip Green because of the seriousness of the matter.

    When Peter Hain was Secretary of State for Wales, I wrote to him providing him with details of the constant threats and harassment AND the wrongful arrests to which I had been subjected by the gang in north Wales. I did not receive a reply.

    I will not jump to conclusions here; did Peter Hain perhaps NOT receive my letter? Was it witheld from him by the official who did receive it? Did Peter Hain receive it and quietly work behind the scenes because this was seriously nasty stuff? I don’t know, but I do know that politicians dealing with serious matters do sometimes act without saying anything…

    I do not categorise Peter Hain as a snowflake politician. He had friends who were blown up and assassinated when he was in South Africa because of their involvement in anti-apartheid activities; Peter Hain and his family were forced to leave South Africa and as a young man in the UK there was an attempt to frame him for a bank robbery and after he was cleared the bigoted old judge insulted him anyway.

    However, even if he never received my latter, when Peter Hain was Secretary of State for Wales, he will have been familiar with some of the data sets; psych patients found dead constantly, the sky high suicide rates, the mass of complaints about the NHS in north Wales, psych patients constantly being arrested at the behest of the ‘services’, some of the highest sick rates in Wales among NHS staff in Gwynedd and all this against the backdrop of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Peter Hain would have to be as thick as the Baroness of Ely not to have worked out what was going on.

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of Peter Hain, we now have a Westminster and a Senedd full of politicians expressing their shock and disgust at swearing, at rude tweets, at piss taking and at bawdy humour, while joining in with the Me Tooing, condemning sexism, racism and, in Yvette Cooper’s case, Being Rude To Wimmin. You are grown-ups you big idiots, taking the piss and swearing is not the end of the world. But for some people the vicious gang which ran and still does run north Wales was the end of their lives. Not one of you has had the guts to take them on.

    By the way, alongside the universal condemnation of Naughtiness and Cheekiness, people are being forced into destitution because of savage benefit cuts and the UK’s welfare services have collapsed. Sajid Javid has just had to apologise to a load of people who had their DNA illegally and forcibly sampled and other people have been unlawfully deported. People are killing themselves in immigration centres and prisons are exploding into violence. Homelessness is soaring and secure employment is becoming quite a rare thing.

    Just keep condemning disrespectful tweets you lot and continue to ignore the real daily struggles which so many of your constituents face.

    1. There’s also been media coverage of Bullying In Parliament. Some of that was silly as well, but this lunchtime a woman who formerly worked for Keith Vaz explained very clearly how she had been undermined and in her words ‘destroyed’ by work-place bullying when she worked for Vaz. She wasn’t over the top or vindictive and she didn’t actually name Vaz as one of those who had given her hell. She was just very clear that she had had a horrible time and would never return to work in Parliament again.

      Radio 4 were given a statement from Vaz. Did it say ‘I’m sorry that she remembers her time with us like that, I had no idea. How would she advise that we learn from this?’ No. Vaz denied everything, absolutely everything. OK, if he maintains that there was no bullying, he has every right to deny it. But Vaz finished his statement with the comment that the allegations are ‘insulting’ and ‘libellous’.

      Ah! Says it all Vaz, LIBELLOUS, Vaz the solicitor could be thinking of suing the person who has dared claim to have been bullied while she worked for him… Er, a case of bullying behaviour Vaz??? She hasn’t taken legal action and she hasn’t even made specific allegations about YOU, but you have kicked her with the biggest boot that you have. A veiled threat to sue for libel.

      Keith Vaz worked as a solicitor for Richmond-upon-Thames Council when a paedophile ring operated within the child care services of that Council. Keith Vaz then worked as a senior solicitor for Islington Council when the child care services of that Council had been infiltrated by a paedophile ring. Keith Vaz then worked as a solicitor in a law centre in Leicester which was funded by Leicester City Council when Leicester City Council colluded with a paedophile ring. The ring in Leicester had links to the ring in north Wales. Brown and I lived in Leicester when we were targeted by the gangsters who ran the ring. In 1987. Keith Vaz had just been elected as the Labour MP for Leicester East when I moved in with Brown. Greville Janner was the MP for Leicester West at the time.

      We lived in Chepstow Road Keith! It was in your constituency! So how did we find out about girls running away from forced marriages, about the physical and sexual abuse of children, about the collusion with Dafydd et al by the Top Docs of Towers Hospital etc etc when you appeared to be oblivious to all of this Keith? Oh yes and the sweatshop which forced women to work through the night and let them out of the door at 5 am before people noticed them. The sweatshop that was just down the road from Chepstow Road, on the main road as you walked into town. The women worked upstairs and left by a concealed exit, the main exit being completely blocked by highly inflammable fabrics.

      Then there were the Leicester Hot Dog Wars which hit the headlines a few years later when that big fat man who used to have the hot dog van by the railway station was murdered.

      And Sue Townsend of Adrian Mole fame treating her tenants badly while she was featured in The Guardian re her Socialist Ideals.

      And the young black woman In Community Care who was left to wander the streets in the middle of winter wearing nothing but a mini skirt and living on Mars Bars. And the old lady In Community Care who used to yell at pregnant women ‘you can tell what they’ve been doing by the size of their bellies’. She slapped one of my friends on the leg one day, even though my friend wasn’t pregnant.

      Don’t you remember it all Keith? Ooh no, you didn’t live in Chepstow Road did you… Small red brick terraced houses with outside bogs, er no, I don’t remember seeing Keith Vaz crashing out in one of them…

      You can leave a comment on the blog to tell me that my memories of Leicester life in 1987 are insulting and libellous if you want Keith!

      1. Then there were the parties at the Windsor Suite Keith!

        At one such Event, a man ripped the cooker off of the wall and threw it out of the window. There was a bang and sparks, so Brown went outside, retrieved the cooker, got his tools and connected it all back up again safely…

        1. KEITH, KEITH!!

          There were the feminist anti-porn protests against the sex shop in Leicester – I mean ‘private shop’ – which the police refused to attend. I should know because I was present when the police were telephoned. ‘There are women shouting and yelling and throwing the magazines on the floor’. No, the police didn’t want to get involved. Not even when a spray can was produced and ‘Porn=Rape’ was sprayed on the building.

          Er, sex shop selling VERY dodgy stuff in a city in which a sex abuse gang was operating with the collusion of the police and City Council? You bet the police weren’t going to respond to a protest.

          I’m not convinced that Porn=Rape, but there certainly was rape in Leicester and it was being ignored.

          Happy days Keith!!! Sally and Brown and their friends at 36 Chepstow Road. Known to a bunch of gangsters…

          1. Tell you something else weird that happened at Chepstow Road. One day an old boy turned up, said he was from Leicester City Council and had come to inspect our house for ‘overcrowding’ ‘because they pack them in around here’ (a reference to us living in the South Asian part of town and the notion held by white people that the homes of South Asians were often overcrowded). So we let him in and he walked around chatting, measuring our rooms etc. Brown then arrived home – he had been out – and nearly had kittens because Brown, being more compos mentis than us, rang the Council to check on this man’s credentials, only to find that they had no knowledge of him.

            I said to Brown ‘oh he was just an old bloke’ and Brown responded with ‘yes but he was probably casing the joint before his son burgles us next week’. Anyway Brown had extra locks etc fitted because he’d just installed new IT gear.

            We didn’t get burgled but we never found out who the old boy was. But all these years later I do of course now know that Brown, me and our friends were under surveillance because of the links between the gang in Leicester and Dafydd et al in north Wales.

            People who came to spy on us disguised as others: I do hope that you noticed that you were always given a warm welcome and a cup of tea. Not really consistent with Dafydd’s claims that I spent my whole time trying to murder people was it?

            I presume that the old boy placed devices in Brown’s new IT gear, because of course I used that gear as well and I was busy dealing with/researching Dafydd et al at the time. It was when I lived at Chepstow Road that Dafydd told me over the phone that if I dropped my complaint about him he’d get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. MI5 heard the call. No action taken. Bribery and corruption, massive trafficking ring, involvement of the top of the UK medical establishment?? No, we won’t be worrying about that…

  2. Peter Hain used Parliamentary privilege to name Philip Green. Well Peter, would you like me to give you a list of the names of people who have been involved in considerably worse wrongdoing than Green and you can use Parliamentary privilege to name them as well? You won’t have to speak very loudly, because they’re sitting next to you in the Lords. Lord Winston doesn’t use an ear-trumpet yet, you could just whisper his own name to him in the dining room.

    Peter has caused a row, people are maintaining that he has abused his position. Peter has said that he has received much support, especially from Wimmin. We Are Peers, We Are Strong! If it was Leicester in 1987 I’d invite Peter along to one of our sex shop protests, we weren’t all Wimmin, Brown was always most helpful as well.

    Alan Johnson is someone who is fuming at Peter naming n shaming folk. Like Peter, Johnson is no New Labour snowflake, his dad wasn’t a Top Doc and Alan wasn’t a social worker. Johnson was brought up by his sister in conditions of hardship and by the time that he was 21 he was raising his own family, unlike Miranda who was playing his guitar in the ‘Ugly Rumours’. Sadly Johnson has blotted his copy book. It was Johnson who, along with Andy Burnham, turned down more than 80 requests to hold an inquiry into the NHS at Mid-Staffs. So people continued to die while lying in their own turds as Angels hurled abuse at them…

    When an Inquiry into Mid-Staffs was eventually held, it was Chaired by Sir Robert Francis QC. Who years before had acted for the Drs Francis and had tried to imprison me. Sir Robert knew that the Francis’s had perjured themselves and he knew how serious my allegations of the abuses in north Wales were.

    After Sir Robert Chaired the Mid-Staffs Inquiry, there were accusations that he had not revealed the worst…

    A lawyer from Matrix has also condemned Peter Hain. Matrix is the chambers established by Cherie Blair. Michael Beloff QC worked there. Beloff was the man who ensured that the Jillings Report was completely suppressed; his dad Lord Max Beloff was mates with Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, while the paedophile ring was busy.

    The last time that there was a row over someone using Parliamentary privilege to name n shame, it concerned the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, who in the 1980s in the Commons produced a list of Westminster figures whom he claimed were abusing children and said that he would soon be revealing all. He was greeted by harrumphing and baying and cries of ‘shame’, rather than the usual ‘hear hears’.

    Had Geoffrey Dickens just been talking out of his bum or making it all up, the response of the Commons would have been understandable. But he wasn’t and furthermore the baying pigs knew that he wasn’t. Geoffrey Dickens had found out what was going on; he also mentioned that the gang supplying the kids to be abused were dealing in drugs and child porn and were making a great deal of money out of it all. Yes, Dafydd and John Allen had become millionaires.

    Geoffrey Dickens. The only man with the guts to take that lot on. Universally derided for being a Yorkshireman who wasn’t what would now be called PC.

    Oh and Geoffrey Dickens also saved the life of someone who was drowning on one occasion. Which is more than Shirley fucking Williams has ever done.

    After he spoke about the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Geoffrey Dickens was told that his name was on a hit list. When he publicised that he was subjected to further sneers and called paranoid.

    So why did you refuse to hold a Public Inquiry into Bangor University in 1979 then Shirl? Because of your Wimmin’s Bravery in the face of the fucking paedophile gang who ran the place and were causing chaos?

    Geoffrey Dickens died unexpectedly in May 1995. In the middle of the Jillings Investigation and as demands for a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal could no longer be silenced.

    Oh find a backbone you weak fuckers and do a little more than the Me Too bit.

    1. The Wales representative of the EHRC has expressed her concern that the lot of disadvantaged people in Wales is getting worse not better. (It’s about to get a lot worse as well because of the Universal Credit disaster.)

      Who is the Wales rep of the EHRC? One Ruth Coombes. Ruth used to be Director of MIND Cymru! In approx 2005 I rang Ruth and gave her a blow by blow account of the abuse of patients that I had witnessed at the Hergest Unit. She whispered ‘Oh my God’ and put the phone down. The abuses continued.

      Ruth was succeeded as Director of MIND Cymru by Sara Moseley. Who’s brother Simon works as a clin psy for the NHS in north Wales, including at the Hergest Unit.

      It was after my telephone call to Ruth that I wrote to Peter Hain about the abuse of psych patients in north Wales. I cc’d my letter to Peter to a number of other people, including to Paul Farmer, who was at that time leading the mental health charidee Rethink. I cc’d it to Paul Farmer because I’d given up with MIND. I didn’t hear from Farmer or Rethink. Shortly after I sent my letter, Paul Farmer became Chief Exec of MIND.

      MIND in north Wales works in partnership with Dafydd’s charidee CAIS. One ‘MIND executive’ in north Wales is Robin Holden. Holden worked as an Angel at Denbigh and then was a manager of the Hergest Unit. While I was raising concerns with MIND about the abuse of patients in north Wales…

      Oh just hurry up and give Dafydd his peerage someone. The poor old sod has waited long enough, it is not as if any of these institutions have a shred of credibility anymore, letting Dafydd in can’t possibly bring them into any more disrepute than they are in already.

      Lord Hain said that he agreed to enter the Lords because he wanted to reform it from within. Here’s your chance Peter, nominate Dafydd as a member! Dafydd can sit next to the Baroness of Ely. They can get drunk in the members Bar together. With St Helena Kennedy. And Lord Professor Bob Winston of course.

    1. Thanks Wise Owl, I did read the coverage of this faux apology, complete with tears and hand-holding. No resignations, no prosecutions, no-one’s pension terminated or assets seized. Story carefully covered-up until the biggest wigs culpable have died.

      With regard to some of the other material in the link, I need to fess up to being someone who does have a degree of sceptism towards some of the accounts of ‘Ritual Abuse’. I do believe that some weird people did truly horrible things to other people and to really frighten them might have talked a lot of cobblers about being Satanists, but the people who maxed out on the notions that Satanists were to be found around every corner aborting the late gestation foetuses of teenaged rape victims were social workers who facilitated the gangs targeting kids in care. Bizarre allegations of ritual abuse were levelled at many innocent people and used to remove their children. Alexis Jay did this in Orkney.

      The social worker who introduced the notion of ritual abuse to the UK lived in north Wales. She held seminars and training sessions and educated Dafydd’s colleagues in the ways of accusing innocent people of even more ludicrous offences. At least one learning disabled woman was hauled off to Denbigh on the grounds that her brother was probably involved with Satanic Abuse. He wasn’t; they were two siblings who couldn’t cope after their parents died, so Dafydd’s mates forcibly removed them from the property which they had inherited from their parents, accused the brother and sent his sister into the arms of the paedophile gang. I don’t know what happened to the brother or who bagged their property, but I suspect that the sister may have been Marion, a young woman who was in Bryn Golau Ward with me. Marion was sent ‘to live in a hospital in Devon’. I used to hear the Angels telling Marion about it. Marion didn’t know where Devon was and had never been there in her life. The person arranging the transportation of Marion to a place where she knew no-one and had never been was Dr Neil Davies.

      So what was going on then Neil? And was Marion who, according to the Angels in Denbigh, had a brother who ‘isn’t very caring’, the lady who, along with her wrongly-accused brother, was fleeced of her home?

      It was just so easy for these vampires to ensure that someone’s concerns were NEVER listened to. All they had to do was talk about their putative ‘uncaring’ nature. Those deciding on who cared were running a fucking paedophile gang. You try being a man with poor communication skills and not much education in the face of the techniques used by these utter bastards.

      ‘Well as a woman I did feel threatened by him, he didn’t make eye contact and I think that he has a problem with women generally’. What do Dr Davies and Dr Jones think?’ ‘Well they’ve noticed that Sister Janice is frightened of him, so ummm yes, they do think there might be a concern.’ ‘When we asked him if he had ever raped his sister, he became very agitated. We felt that he was overly defensive, so Dr Davies put it to him straight. You raped your sister didn’t you? And he began crying. We sectioned him at that point because he was clearly a Risk and he became very aggressive as we admitted him to the ward. Dr Jones thinks that he is too dangerous for Bryn Golau and Mike Williams and Sister Janice agree, so a transfer to Risley has been arranged. His doesn’t know this.’

      This is what was going on. I watched them do it. When I challenged them they told each other that I was Very Dangerous. And had discussions which concluded that I should be in a high security hospital. Without telling me that plans for this would soon be put in place.

      Their only obstacle was Brown. Who wrote to me daily, who asked questions and who never took his eyes off what was happening to me. So someone tried to murder him.

      1. More than 20 yrs after I watched and listened to the things that Neil Davies was involved in at Bryn Golau Ward, my lawyer finally got me a second opinion after a two year battle with Ysbyty Gwynedd who were unlawfully refusing to treat me. The second opinion was with Neil Davies. I knew who he was and remembered him. When I finally got my medical records some years after the encounter re the ‘second opinion’, Neil Davies’s letter to my GP mentioned that he didn’t realise who I was because I had changed my name since 1986, but he did of course know me ‘by repute’ no less. On Neil’s handwritten notes which he took at our first meeting, the first thing that he had written, at the top of the sheet, was ‘DAJ issue’.

        DAJ is north Wales’s Top Docs’ code for Dafydd Alun Jones. The most important thing for Neil to note was that I was a patient who had complained about Dafydd.

        As for knowing me ‘by repute’, yes it was me the Very Dangerous Woman. When I saw Neil for the ‘second opinion’, I hadn’t yet obtained my records. When I did obtain them, the records from 1986 contained the detailed notes of an Angel who was observing that I had been illegally arrested and illegally imprisoned, she was appalled at this and wanted to let me go. Neil Davies told her that it wasn’t her breaking the law, it was Dafydd and him, so she couldn’t be blamed and all she had to do was to not let me go. A few days later I escaped. Well not really, because I was being held illegally. But I got out. I was captured by a group of four Angels and physically dragged back in again. Totally illegally.

        And I’m the one who is Known By Repute…

        Oh fess up Neil, you are in deep, deep shit.

        Neil Davies worked in Newcastle before he relocated to north Wales. Newcastle was the centre of another gang linked to Dafydd…

        1. Peter Webb. Another patient who was illegally held in Bryn Golau with me in 1986/87. Dr Neil Davies was Peter’s Top Doc.

          Shani. A teenager from Rhyl. Dr Neil Davies’s patient. Shani had been transferred to a hospital near Wimbledon for a period of a few weeks, but she didn’t know the name of it. I suspect that it was Springfield. Tony Francis tried to force Shani to confess to breaking into a pharmacists which she swore blind to me that she had not done or even had any knowledge off. As Francis piled more pressure on in an attempt to maker confess, Shani said to Francis ‘fuck off you bastard’. Shani was given a bollocking by Mike Williams the Charge Nurse at Bryn Golau who Hated Bad Language and it was noted that Shani was Very Aggressive. She then tried to kill herself and as Therapy was insulted by the Angels. Shani was then prosecuted for assaulting Betty the occupational therapist. Not because Shani belted her one, but because Shani was playing table tennis, she threw the bat after the Angels pissed her off, the bat bounced off the wall onto Betty. Assault!! Assault!! Dangerous Patient!! Shani was 19 and a witness to the abuses in Denbigh. Of course she was prosecuted.

          Stanley Wyn Roberts. Dr Neil Davies’s patient. From Bangor. In Bryn Golau with us. Held illegally. Had been transferred from Risley Remand Centre where he had been held on a minor theft charge. In Risley the screws told the other prisoners that Stanley Wyn was a nonce so they beat him up. Stanley Wyn was transferred to Denbigh For His Own Safety. Where all charges against him were dropped. But he wasn’t let out.

          Stanley Wyn lived near the Ty’r Felin children’s home at Maesgeirchan in Bangor. He knew what was happening to the kids there. Because he’d been in care himself…

          1. Thanks to the readers who sent me the latest Cardiff Top Docs PR piece, the Miracle Cure for rheumatoid arthritis.

            I don’t know the Cardiff Top Doc in question, but when I was doing my MSc at Hammersmith, I worked on rheumatoid arthritis, in a collaborative project with the Wellcome Labs at Beckenham in Kent. I worked with a man called Dr Brian Henderson, with whom I got on with very well. Brian Henderson was working with a US pharmaceutical company on rheumatoid arthritis.

            I began working with Brian just after Dafydd et al had contacted their mates at Hammersmith and let them know that the grass was now on their Masters degree and Must Not Be Allowed To Progress. It was a real scream watching the goal posts moved. Hammersmith rang Brian and asked him how my work was going and Brian was kind enough to say that my histopathology slides were ‘excellent’. Dr Malcolm Alison, the tutor at Hammersmith, responded by saying ‘Excellent? Her slides couldn’t be much worse.’ To which Brian said ‘no, they really couldn’t be much better.’

            There’s your answer Malcolm! And unlike that girl who was on the MSc the year before me, I didn’t even have sex with you or the other tutors to obtain such a glowing review!!!

            Brian Henderson was never unpleasant to me, but we didn’t continue contact after I finished my MSc. However, since beginning this blog, I have noticed how much funding people who knew what happened to me in north Wales but who kept quiet about it then received from the Wellcome Trust.

            As for my MSc and my work not being able to be much better or indeed much worse. After finals, I noticed that on my pharmacology paper I got over 90%. I didn’t get a distinction overall though, so I must have let myself down on the pathology paper, although I was never told my mark for that. Pathology was my strongest subject.

            Tch tch she’s not only dangerous but she’s done really well in those fucking exams as well.
            Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress, Case Conference Required Immediately.

  3. MIND and the Red Cross are to be given the funds by the Health dept at the Assembly to run social prescribing projects in Caerphilly and other areas of S Wales. How long before it becomes compulsory to attend them – and be used to provide ‘evidence’ that they ‘work’?AMs are incapable of thinking outside of the box – or have some other motive for giving funds to such as MIND which is supposed to be a specific Charidee for people with mental health problems Chariddes are supposed to be uncontaminated by political affiliations or interest.

    1. Yes I read about that anon, I covered it in my comments the other day rather than in a main post, so you might have missed it.

      Don’t fall into the trap that I used to of thinking that Welsh and Westminster Gov’t support for MIND and other charidees who deliver what Gov’t wants are simply because politicians have been duped. Some politicians are as thick as yak shit and indeed duped, but there are plenty who know exactly what the score is. MIND became the UK’s biggest charidee for mental health for no other reason than it concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring for decades and then when the elderly molesters had finally all died off, MIND continued the good work by concealing the wrongdoing of the Top Docs who had assisted the dead molesters. It is as simple as that.

      Some medical charidees do dupe politicians with their ‘research’ because very few politicians have the knowledge to critically interrogate biomedical research findings, but they still only get the dosh if they say things that Gov’t likes to hear. That is why there has been such an explosion in ‘funding’ for ‘brain science’ and ‘genetics’ in recent years. It is because neoliberal Gov’ts want to be told that people are the causes of their own misfortune. I am prepared to accept that I inherited my physical characteristics from my forebears but I did not inherit the propensity to live in poverty so often; that happened because I was under attack from a criminal gang. I’m not even sure that I inherited my ‘intelligence’, although my father was keen on this theory. My academic success was probably down to spending my early years with a grandfather who loved reading and studying with me and rammed it home that such pursuits were a Good Thing.

      Gov’ts from Thatcher onwards have delighted in being told by Clever Scientists that Poor People are somehow biologically different from Rich People and that this explains everything. If you believe that, you can dismantle the nation’s infrastructure, withdraw benefits for disabled people and when they end up on the streets tell them that they were destined for that as a result of their Neural Pathways and Genes.

      It is dangerous nonsense and there are people who have challenged it but they don’t get given lots of funding or jobs as Gov’t advisers. It is very very obvious.

      Gov’ts still do take advice from social scientists, but they are usually social scientists who’s main activity consists of carrying out surveys which ask people about their experience of Services but carefully avoid asking people who have had the worst experiences and who might say ‘my key worker said that he would hit me’ or ‘that doctor sexually assaulted me’. So the Gov’t then hears that Services are a Post Code Lottery and some Service Users find them difficult to Access, so More Signposting is needed, rather than ‘oh God, its all run by abusers and the patients are dying or ending up in prison because the Angels are lying to the police’.

      Then MIND get given a contract to provide Talking Treatments and everyone is happy, except for the Service Users who are topping themselves. But that’ll be because of their Neural Pathways and Genes.

      1. By the way anon, it is only recently that anyone has really begun to challenge the mountains of horse dung which was perpetrated about Female and Male Brains. Much of what was being said was laughable, absolutely ridiculous, on the level of Men and Women/Mars n Venus Claptrap, but it was trotted out everywhere. Ooh Women are better at multi-tasking, its because of their corpus callosum. Oh so that’s why they change the nappies, do the hoovering AND go out to work, I had always thought it was as a result of gender norms/the cultural division of labour…

        Autism is a Super Male brain!! Oh really, men are naturally autistic and it just goes a bit far sometimes does it???

        Where were all the Parliamentary feminists, the Dianes, the Tessas, the Jess’s, while this idiocy was being trotted out? Silent.

        There are now finally some working in the field of neurology who are saying loud and clear ‘this is utter rubbish’, but it’s taken a long while. Women’s brains are on average smaller and lighter than men’s brains, just because women on average are smaller and lighter and that really is still about as far as major solid differences get. There is interesting and genuine discussion about other possible differences but the crap about the multi-tasking should have been demolished as soon as it came out of someone’s mouth.

        Likewise the putative effects of Hormones. yes, they do exert effects in men as well as women, but I witnessed one young woman explain that she had called a supermarket till girl a dumb bitch because she was ‘feeling hormonal’. No, it’s because she was rude and didn’t have any respect for people whom she thought were below her in the social pecking order. Hormones aren’t that finely attuned to social difference.

        But to just put David Aaronivitch straight when he wrote the other day that diabetics low in blood sugar don’t have to be rude and grumpy, they could just control themselves, er, no, with a genuine hypo, diabetics do lose it and it is biological, not just them being ratty. They can get violent when they genuinely would never, ever do so under other circumstances. It happens in diabetic children as well, they are not simply being brats. A hypo is of a different magnitude to the Wimmin’s Corpus Callosum theory.

  4. Chris Tarrant is interviewed in today’s Observer. He informs us that the 1970s were “an era when things were different”. Sexually assaulting women wasn’t such a big deal bacl then, you see.

    “I think we were just less respectful of women, full stop,” he explains. So that’s alright then.


    In 2014, Chris Tarrant shared with us more pearls of wisdom.

    He explained to the Mail on Sunday that the investigations into suspected VIP paedophiles had, in his opinion, “got out of hand”.

    “Asked whether he ever worried about his own situation, he [said]: ‘I don’t think anyone in this industry hasn’t.'”

    Whatever did he mean?


    Tarrant is an Honorary Member of the Birmingham Press Club with Sir Cliff Richard, Edwina Currie, Lord Jeffrey Archer, Melvyn Bragg and Sir Richard Branson.

    The Great and the Good! Would that we were all as selfless and giving as the fine folk of the Birmingham Press Club.


    1. Thanks for the links.

      People seem to forget that sexually assaulting women and molesting children was in no way acceptable to most people even ‘in the 70s’. The one situation over which attitudes have shifted – or are beginning to shift – is the recognition that older men having sex with ‘off the rails’ girls of 14 and 15 are abusing them. A lot of people did not see that as abuse in the 70s; it wasn’t considered acceptable but the girls tended to be seen as either fully consenting partners or architects of their own misfortune. There was a very judgemental attitude towards certain groups of girls; many people who took the view of ‘oh God, she is really asking for it’ would be horrified if their own daughter was coerced into sex with the same type of highly exploitative man. It was an attitude that was bound up with classism as much as sexism.

      Yes, I think that the likes of Chris Tarrant are probably getting quite jumpy. No, Tarrant would never consider himself to be like Savile and I don’t expect that he is/was. But Tarrant was a good example of that sort of 70s DJ who was mouthy, thought himself to be highly talented and a bit of catch and who surrounded himself – and Tarrant DID encourage this – by teenaged girls. Not LITTLE GIRLS of the sort whom Savile and Rolf sexually assaulted, but girls in their mid-teens or young women, who thought that it was all a bit of a laugh and who won’t have minded being drenched with water/beans etc but who sometimes found that on occasions things got rather out of hand when ‘the lads’ got together and some men did indeed do things that really, really distressed them and that by anyone’s standards were unacceptable.

      If you talk to girls who were promiscuous in their teens, they nearly all can recount an incident in which they were sexually assaulted or raped by someone whom they definitely said no to. But it is true that in the eyes of some people, girls like that saying no can just be ignored. These experiences are less common in women who led a different sort of teenaged life, the worst that happens to most of them is, to use a phrase coined by one of my friends, that they might be ‘conned into a shag’. And I do mean just that – not a rape, just a situation where in retrospect someone thinks well I wish I hadn’t, but no, I wasn’t actually forced into it. That is an unfashionable view in some quarters, but having been a young woman I would say that I can distinguish between ‘being conned into a shag’ and being raped. The problem is that a certain sort of man, when interacting with a certain sort of girl, writes off a sexual assault as simply conning someone into a shag.

      I imagine that is why Tarrant et al are getting jumpy.

      Because the sleazy celebs aren’t as bright as a lot of them think that they are, they are now realising that they are looking rather tainted because no matter how much they now say that they didn’t like Savile – and I am sure that they didn’t – they were still daft enough to move in the same circles as him, let him into their events etc. Not that celebs are alone – supposedly intelligent NHS professionals tolerated Savile’s offensive behaviour and I’m not talking the assault of young children here, I mean licking women on their arms, planting smackers on their lips, calling them ‘dolly birds’ and coming out with a stream of drivel about ‘ow birds are different aren’t they’. I would not have ever invited the old wanker back again after such an encounter, but people did and they need to face up to that.

      The thing that people do need to wake up to in the midst of either a paedophile panic or more measured concerns, is that it was never made public but in the 70s and 80s, gangs of professional people did coerce young vulnerable people into sex work. These gangs – like Dafydd’s – were seriously nasty and if necessary they murdered witnesses. This is not about being conned into a shag, this is about the most horrific things happening to you if you said no and made complaint about their wholly improper behaviour. Furthermore, they didn’t back off if you made complaint – as far as they were concerned, you had been targeted and you were going to be pushed into sex work with them/their gang.

      People in authority knew that this was happening. There were hundreds and hundreds of complaints across the whole of the UK from the usual suspects – kids in care, ‘juvenile delinquents’, psych patients. The authorities knew what was happening and we were ignored by everyone. The full horror was kept completely under wraps; it wasn’t a flasher on the corner, it was criminal gangs who targeted and terrorised young people in ‘care’ contexts. The gangs depended upon the collusion of Doctors, Nurses and social workers and that is why no-one would or will come clean about them. Because it was professional people who were involved. Chris Tarrant is a tosser and no-one really minds if he is accused. Because Tarrant isn’t a member of the BMA.

      To be fair to Tarrant, he will not have been as gross as Dafydd….

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