I Spit On Your Grave

Previous posts and comments have discussed how Carlo, in his capacity as Chancellor of UCNW, presided over that institution when Gwynne the lobotomist, Dr D.G.E. Wood and Dafydd et al were using it as a vehicle for the trafficking ring and how complaints about Gwynne et al were simply not dealt with but were met with threats. I have named numerous staff of UCNW/Bangor University past and present who were completely on board with the ring and who did deals to keep quiet about it in exchange for jobs, promotions and other goodies.

I have discussed how a number of Royal Physicians were protecting Dafydd and Gwynne, how Gwynne was lobotomising the victims of organised abuse in north Wales and how some of the perpetrators of the crime were high profile people who wielded enormous influence. One of those was Bertrand Russell who from the mid-1950s until his death in 1970 lived at Penrhyndeudraeth and was part of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who gathered around Sir Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis at Llanfrothen/Cwm Croesor. I knew that a member of the Royal Family was involved as well but I didn’t know which one. It seems to have been Lord Snowdon, who’s grandfather Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones was a psychiatrist who grew up and went to school in north Wales, then studied at UCNW and at Bart’s. Robert Armstrong-Jones kept a country residence near Caernarfon and Lord Snowdon stayed there as a teenager, a young man and visited with Ma’am Darling and his family when he was an adult. See previous posts.

I have discussed how open war was declared on Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University, 2004-10, after Merfyn and his late wife Nerys, as well as one of Merfyn’s friends, who was a junior Gov’t Minister, challenged the paedophiles’ friends a few too many times. Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen and knew them of old, as did Nerys who also came from Gwynedd. The paedophiles’ pints had been spilled on a few occasions before I began my PhD at Bangor, but I have been told that me being given a place to do that PhD and then a job as a postdoc researcher afterwards was just too much for the gang and a Get Merfyn campaign was launched from all directions, including No 10. One enthusiastic co-ordinator at a local level was Professor Fergus Lowe, the late Prof of Psychology at Bangor University and Senior PVC, who wanted Merfyn’s job himself.

The biggest problem as ever was the Top Doctors and in 2008 Nerys died after Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre found that there was just nothing that they could do about her condition. Fungus had spent a number of years building up a substantial research interest in neuroscience/neurology in the School of Psychology and there were a number of senior staff in the School who were working for the regional NHS as well, as neurologists. They were all conspiring to refuse to effectively treat whistleblowers no matter how serious their condition. I have e mail evidence of this, which includes e mails from one of the Profs of Psychology who was a neurologist; it was with reference to a neurological condition that I had that I just could not get effective treatment for. My condition was painful and debilitating but it wasn’t going to slowly kill me if left untreated; sadly Nerys’s was and it did.

Nerys is in Llanfaglan Churchyard, a little church on the coast near Caernarfon. Imagine my surprise in 2017 when after Lord Snowdon died he ended up in Llanfaglan Churchyard as well, but with a rather greater song and dance than that which surrounded Nerys. Lord Snowdon crashed at his grandfather’s country seat a few miles away occasionally and enjoyed the recreational chemicals and sex workers that he could source locally, but Lord Snowdon lived his whole life in Belgravia.

It’s taken a while for it to sink in to my head that the laying to rest of Lord Snowdon of Belgravia for his Whole Life and a man who used the services of Dafydd and Gwynne next to Nerys is the Royal equivalent of I Spit On Your Grave. No doubt if Merfyn ever tries to visit his late wife’s grave, there’ll be a load of loud wailing mourners who have just happened to drop by to pay their respects to Lord Snowdon of Belgravia for his Whole Life who manage to hurl a few insults in Merfyn’s direction as well. Readers unfamiliar with the gang and their funny little ways might have difficulty believing that anyone could stoop this Lowe. The gang do and they’ve done it for years, they have it down to a fine art…

The gang’s speciality is to access as much info about targets as they can – because the Leaders Of The Gang are Top Docs, the party is a good one, confidential files are read, info – as well as bare faced lies – is Shared and gang members then do absolutely everything possible to cause as much distress and offence as possible to the target. If one is me, it is sometimes possible to miss the gang’s efforts because one couldn’t really believe that anyone would behave so badly. When I was doing my PhD, because some of it was about widening participation and support for students with difficulties, I didn’t understand why I ended up having conversations with Gwerin who would suddenly snap ‘people like Mental Patients should not be allowed into universities’. Sorry about that Gwerin, I didn’t realise that it was me to whom you were referring after having enjoyed a good gossip-fest.

Fastest completed PhD in the history of the University of Wales, Gwerin and I got two books and a number of journal articles out of that thesis as well. I am only sorry that you felt that you had to kill Nerys in revenge, having made yourselves look so incredibly stupid and bigoted. But then Nerys was a far better academic than you mediocrities as well wasn’t she.

The mountains of PR surrounding Snowdon stressed that he epitomised Swinging London in the 1960s and what a glam couple he and Ma’am Darling were, natty dressers who zoomed around in sports cars and went to the best parties. The reality was rather more unpleasant; people have been aware for quite some time that Ma’am Darling was a pampered offensive ratbag but Tony Armstrong-Jones treated people just as badly as well, including Ma’am Darling when their relationship began to go sour. Those two made ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ look like the best that Barbara Cartland could write.

The ‘bitter’ divorce between Snowdon and Ma’am Darling was followed by revelations that Snowdon was a bit of a ladies’ man. He was an exploiter of the highest order and in recent years his ‘friends’ from his youth have admitted that yes, Snowdon treated his sexual partners – of both genders – appallingly. Snowdon’s friends have been happy to explain that this was because Lord Snowdon’s mother didn’t praise him enough when he was a boy and that is such a difficult thing to deal with that it turns one into a sexually exploitative sadistic scumbag in adulthood, even after you’ve married a Princess and are one half of the hottest couple in Belgravia. All that just wasn’t enough to get Snowdon over those self-esteem problems of his, the poor dear might as well have grown up in Bryn Estyn being gang raped by er posh fucked-up adult men who did not give a damn as to how much damage they were inflicting, particularly because Dafydd and Gwynne could reassure them that it was all their mother’s fault anyway.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind trailer.jpg

There was always Gwynne with his pick if the victims started mouthing off too much.


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It wasn’t just the seriously disadvantaged who suffered at Snowdon’s hands or indeed his other organs. My post ‘Error of Judgement?’ discussed the death of Ann Hills, a journo for ‘The Guardian’ and Snowdon’s mistress of the past 20 years who’s body was found on the roof of her penthouse in London on New Year’s Day 1997. Ann’s death was attributed to suicide, but her death simply could not have resulted from the method described at the inquest over the timescale alleged and any toxicologist or Top Doc would have known that. Very obvious lies were told at the inquest and not questioned. Ann’s father, Elliot Philipp, was a Top Doc himself and he questioned nothing, yet praised the scumbag Snowdon while talking about his daughter’s ‘promiscuity’. Whilst there are many clues that Ann was or had been a high class call girl, her father was mates with the Top Docs who had been facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring for years and he almost certainly was involved himself. See eg. post ‘Error of Judgement?’

Ann Hills was found dead just days before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Furthermore days after Ann died and the Waterhouse Inquiry opened, Patient F and I were due to stand trial after members of the gang had perjured themselves yet again in an attempt to have us convicted. We were subsequently acquitted, but I found out afterwards that Dr Tony Francis had prepared Court reports for WHEN we were found guilty and that the recommendation was that I should be sent to a secure unit. There was no apology or investigation into the perjury after we were acquitted. See previous posts…

Eight months after Ann Hills was found dead on the roof, another person known to Lord Snowdon died suddenly and unexpectedly and a great many people believe that the truth has not been told about the circumstances of that death either:

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In his later years, Snowdon had an affair with Marjorie Wallace, a swinger herself who had been married to psychiatrist Andrew Skarbek, one of those who had facilitated organised abuse and the Westminister Paedophile Ring. Skarbek knew about Dafydd and Gwynne and in the late 1980s, when some of us would not shut up about the criminality in north Wales, Marjorie came to the assistance of the gang in 1986 by setting up her charidee SANE, which campaigned to keep Nutters Locked Up. Marjorie’s official narrative was that the asylums had to be kept open because there were no community care facilities. That was true but Marjorie knew that the facilities weren’t there because, as described in previous posts, the Top Docs and NHS had flatly refused to develop them, ignoring constant requests from Gov’ts since the early 1960s and instead spending the money that they had been given to build the community facilities on other things. Being the Top Docs and NHS, they were not confronted at any time by Gov’t.

No-one really wanted the asylums closed, especially not the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Insiders knew damn well that the witnesses to organised abuse in High Places were inside of them. I wrote to Marjorie in 1987 about Dafydd and the gang and heard nothing from her. I did not realise that she knew Dafydd…

Marjorie knew about Savile and she knew about the abuse of patients in Broadmoor. She knew about serious organised crime in the NHS and Social Services. One of her former partners, Tom Margerison, a journo on ‘The Sunday Times’, worked for the security services, was the publisher of ‘New Scientist’ and one of the founders of LWT. Marjorie herself spent years working as a journo for ‘The Sunday Times’. For further details re Marjorie Wallace, her bedfellows and her Campaigning, see previous posts eg. ‘One Dangerous Fucker’.

When Marjorie got together with Snowdon, they styled themselves as ‘disability campaigners’. Yes, it was all about protecting those we know and love again what with the Waterhouse Inquiry causing all that bellyaching. See post ‘Error Of Judgement?’

As well as the lack of discussion in public fora about Snowdon’s predatory sexual behaviour, there was no discussion with regard to Snowdon’s and Ma’am Darling’s taste for recreational chemicals, many of which they acquired from Drs Ann and Peter Dally. The Dallys provided a full service for their ‘patients’, class A drugs on prescription upon request, helpful Court reports and Expert Witness reports etc. Ann Dally was suspended by the GMC in the 1980s after the police took an interest in her. A robust campaign to Support Ann was mounted by many of her colleagues, one of the leading lights being the media doc and Radio 4 favourite Michael O’ Donnell. See previous posts. Ann was of course constructed as a victim of the Male Medical Establishment who was looking after addicts about whom other Top Docs didn’t care about. It was and still is true that Top Docs hate addicts and are usually happy to let them die, but Ann only cared about Very Rich addicts, her practice was exclusively Harley Street. She gave them a fantastic service. Ann Dally was the Dafydd to rich London-based celebs. Ann was given much assistance by Bing Spear, the corrupt Civil Service mandarin who was at the very top of the Home Office Drugs Branch for years; Bing was as helpful to Dafydd as well.

Ann Dally was reinstated by the GMC. The police were not in the least bit happy about it, but I suspect that Ann’s reinstatement was a certainty when the press reported that one of the patients of the Suspended Drugs Doctor was a member of the Royal Family. I can’t even do my usual of a picture of Mr Plod with a ‘Mind How You Go Sir’ headline above it, because for once it wasn’t the police letting the criminals off.

Previous posts have mentioned how when Patient F was fitted up by the gang and ended up in Risley Remand Centre during 1986, he maintained that he was visited by a very aggressive detective from London who was left alone with him, asked him about serious crime in London and then became very angry when F didn’t know what he was talking about. Brown always said that he thought that detective will have been after info about the drugs scene, but 1986 was the year that Prof Oliver Brooke of St George’s Hospital Medical School, a key member of a pan-European paedophile ring, was investigated and then jailed (see posts ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Too Many Pills’). Ollie was part of Dafydd’s network and F had found out about the mistreatment of boys in the Ty Newydd children’s home in Bangor and confronted social workers about it. It was after that when F received a visit from the Drug Squad who planted class A drugs on him and his wife, assaulted him in the police station and fitted him up for arson as well…

I wonder if the detective who visited Risley thought that F might have info about Ann Dally? F’s father-in-law was a society dentist in Surrey who was mates with Harley Street Top Docs. He and F hated each other… Until F had moved to Bethesda in 1979, he had hung out with a lot of affluent young art students and hippies in Surrey and London and some of them knew members of the Stones, the Beatles etc…

There seems to have been a civil war going on within both the security services and the police at the time. People undoubtedly knew what those criminal Top Docs were doing in terms of trafficking and drug dealing but many of those charged with upholding national security and the law were helping Dafydd, the Dallys, Ollie and the others. As fast as one contingent nailed the Top Docs, some of their colleagues would help them to get off. I suspect that the detective who visited F in Risley – who claimed to be from Scotland Yard – was working on behalf of Ollie/Dally/whoever. He ended up being quite violent towards F and the most serious charges against F were dropped as soon as F was handed over to Dafydd; F was then unlawfully held in Denbigh for a year.His lawyers must have known that there was corruption at work.

F was a witness to the gang’s activities with the kids in care, he had knowledge of serious crime in London on the part of celebs and well-known people and then when he was in Risley he witnessed what was probably the murder of an inmate by a screw… Of course he had to be wrecked by Dafydd.

Flogging the drugs to Royals and celebs was not the first time that Ann Dally had played fast and loose with good practice and ethics. As a junior doc at Tommy’s, Dally had happily performed unlawful abortions in return for money and her efforts at writing material for the purposes of Sex Education ended in a visit from the Obscene Publications Squad. Ann just did the usual, a little giggle and ooh I didn’t realise officer, I am just a kind Lady Doctor who was trying to help…

Every time that Dafydd ended up in the shit, he would mournfully wail ‘I was only trying to help…’, even when he unlawfully imprisoned Mary Wynch and then me.

After being reinstated by the GMC, Ann Dally wrote a book about her Ordeal at the hands of the Male Medical Establishment. Wendy Savage provided a foreword for the book, as a Woman who had Suffered at the hands of the Male Medical Establishment herself. Wendy banged on about why was it that suddenly Two Women Docs who were Individualists Helping Unpopular Cohorts were shafted by the Male Medical Establishment? This was a War On Wimmin!

It was nothing of the sort. Ann Dally was a drug dealer and a big time one and Wendy Savage’s interpretation of women’s rights was to perform repeated abortions – as many as 20 in some cases – on the women in Tower Hamlets and the surrounding area who were in the clutches of Dafydd’s partner gang which was operating out of the London Hospital. See eg. post ‘A Charming, Uplifting Sound…’ for details of more of those Top Docs involved and their network across the whole of the south of England. Wendy just told the world that her patients were repeatedly getting pregnant because of their chaotic, dysfunctional lives, rather than because they could not get away from a criminal gang run by Top Docs and the Social Services. Dafydd once said something to me that suggested that he knew Wendy Savage; she was a good friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain who was a pal of Ollie Brooke and Chamberlain was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring from St George’s. See eg. ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’

Although it was the police who went after Dally, Wendy Savage was suspended from her job because she and her Head of Dept just hated each other. A lot of Top Docs and medical students in London really didn’t like Savage and hinted darkly that ‘she’s disgusting’ and ‘she takes things too bloody far’. I’m fairly sure that they knew about the trafficking ring but didn’t dare say anything. I find it hard to believe that Savage’s Head of Dept declared war on her because of her part in the ring though; many of the most senior Top Docs in the London Hospital were involved and swathes of Top Docs across the rest of London as well as in other parts of the UK. Because the security services were actually protecting those who were facilitating the ring, I have wondered whether the War On Two Wimmin was a put up job by the security services to muddy the waters. They were two criminal Top Docs and the police were hot on the heels of their associates -including Ollie – so I wonder if a decoy was thrown? They were both linked to Dafydd and at the time, Mary, Alison Taylor and I were yelling as loudly as we could about Dafydd.

For the full story of Ann Dally’s Brave Battle and details of all those who assisted her, see post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’.

Other points. Wendy who came under attack from the Male Medical Establishment has spent years sitting on the GMC, including while the GMC flatly refused to take action against Top Docs in north Wales involved with serious crime. Ann Dally’s mate Michael O’Donnell was another Top Doc who loved telling everyone how he Hated The Medical Establishment. O’ Donnell spent most of his life as a member of influential BMA committees and yes he too was a member of the GMC, although he gave up practising medicine when young and pursued a media career, starring on Radio 4 light entertainment programmes regularly.


Because of Gwynne and Dafydd’s provision of Services To The Stars, there was a whole constellation of Top Docs protecting them, including more than a few Top Docs to the Royals. Snowdon was a close friend of the son of Royal Doc Sir William Gilliatt, who delivered both Carlo and Princess Anne. William Gillatt’s son Roger Gilliatt served as best man at Lord Snowdon’s wedding to Ma’am Darling. Snowdon’s mate Jeremy Fry was considered beyond the pale for best man because of his conviction for opportuning for immoral purposes and no-one dared risk Jeremy Thorpe either, who boasted of sleeping with both Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon.

Sir William Gilliatt taught at the Middlesex Hospital when Gwynne was a student there. Roger Gilliatt studied at the Middlesex while his father taught there. Although Roger Gilliatt was I think a bit younger than Gwynne, Gwynne will have known him; the frantic networking would never have resulted in them missing each other, particularly as Roger Gilliatt became a neurologist. Roger Gilliatt is credited with transforming the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen’s Square from an embarrassment into a global leader. There doesn’t seem to have been any huge expertise underpinning that transformation and I suspect that Roger’s Royal friendships had much to do with it.

Neurology is a small world and as well as knowing Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (see previous posts), Gilliatt and his colleagues will have known those at the Walton Centre who found themselves helpless when Nerys became ill, as well as those who just couldn’t galvanise themselves into action during the years when I suffered from a neurological problem. When Gilliatt retired from Queen’s Square he went to Maryland in the USA to work, so he’ll have known the neurologists over there as well.

Fungus Lowe headhunted a lot of academics from the US for the School of Psychology at Bangor University. One of the Americans was the Prof of Neurology who wrote that e mail when I found that I just couldn’t get anywhere re help for that neurological problem…

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind trailer.jpg

Fungus was so desperate to bag the Big American neurologist that not only did he offer him a huge salary but Fungus created an admin job for his wife as well. Professor Bob and his side-kick Betsy!!!

Gee, do ya know anything about Nerys’s death in the face of such global excellence Professor Bob??

Here’s Orlando, he’s feted among Black elites in the US, despite being a bit of a scumbag:

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See previous posts for further details on William and Roger Gilliatt and their connections.

I haven’t emphasised this before but we should not forget that among the drugs and the shagging and the lobotomies of the awkward customers, Snowdon was a photographer. There was a great deal of photography on the part of Dafydd’s gang; John Allen even had a Film Studio to enable those boys in care in north Wales to gain Work Experience. The Film Studio was used to make porn in which the boys starred but as Dafydd’s gang had a substantial sideline in child porn, bestiality and other Specialised Tastes, that is not surprising. I have no idea whether Snowdon’s own photos ever plummeted the depths of those produced by John Allen and the gang, but even I knew of a lot of young people being offered the chance to take part in a bit of ‘modelling’, which covered a very wide range of activity, depending upon how pliable or indeed vulnerable the ‘model’ was perceived to be if someone unscrupulous was in possession of the camera.


Lord Snowdon was close friends with John Mortimer, the barrister and writer who achieved enormous success with his fictional barrister Rumpole of the Bailey. On 13 Jan 2017, after Snowdon died, ‘The Guardian’ published a tribute to Snowdon penned by his old mucker Mortimer, although it had been written quite some time ago because Mortimer himself died in 2009. It was published under the byline ‘Lord Snowdon was modest about his talent, recalled his friend John Mortimer’:

Tony Snowdon was a talented, modest and ingenious man who bore his royal connections with dignity and managed to escape from them intact. His polio may have contributed to the feeling that he was alone, even among a crowd of friendly people, and to his modesty, the false but sincerely meant description of himself as an “unimportant person”, and his lifelong interest in inventing devices for, and helping, disabled people.

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At Eton he perfected a gadget, made of an electric wire and a piece of slate, to help fags make toast for the older boys – and was beaten for saving the fags trouble. In later life he produced devices for wheelchairs and hearing aids.

So [Snowdon] avoided cumbersome equipment and tripods and used small cameras to take casual shots of weddings, photographing the uninvited guests as well as the invited. He got a £30 scoop of Peter Hall’s wedding to Lesley Caron. He wore a dinner jacket to take photographs in the old Café de Paris , snapped Marlene Dietrich… and then moved into the theatre….

By 1957 Tony was taking royal photographs, and made a sketch, based on 18th-century romantic paintings, of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh looking down from a rustic bridge at their two elder children playing by the river. By now he was famous, making, he said, a lot of money, a great friend of Peter Sellers and John Cranko, the choreographer and deviser of the revue Cranks and Keep Your Hair On, a less successful show for which Tony designed photographic scenery. He also made a lifelong friend of the theatre designer Carl Toms, who described Tony’s camera as like his way of looking at a new acquaintance, “his x-ray eyes stripping away whatever facade they have chosen to present, trying to discover what makes them tick”. At the time of the 1959 general election he got himself into 10 Downing Street and took a photograph of Harold Macmillan that won wide acclaim.

When he married Princess Margaret, he was a well-known, if modest, ornament to the life of swinging London. She had always been more interested in the arts than other members of the royal family; both of them were keen mimics and she had been a regular at his studio parties in Chelsea.

I remember his father saying, when the engagement was announced, “My Tony is now a part of history.”

He certainly is, along with someone else:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Being a part of history must have a sobering effect on anyone.

Although some people are left unaffected:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


[Snowdon] was an unchanged, hard-working figure in Kensington Palace,

  • making such successful documentaries for television as Don’t Count the Candles (1968), a film about old age, which won two Emmies.

…He was a very nervous photographer, and sitters had to spend a considerable time putting him at his ease. Although he took some of the best pictures of his age, he was characteristically modest about his talent, called all his photographs “snaps”, and never confused photography with high art.

Although usually quiet and laid back, he could have more relaxed moments. I remember a party given by Jeremy Fry

Snowdon and Ma’am Darling used to party at the bisexual Jeremy’s house at Bath. Not long before he died in 2017, it was revealed that Snowdon was the biological father of Jeremy Fry’s daughter Polly. Polly was conceived after Snowdon had got together with Ma’am Darling, at about the time of their engagement. See previous posts.

in a hotel in Bath at which Tony danced with Wayne Sleep in a cloud of dry ice. As neither of them was tall, they only appeared above the clouds when one lifted the other into the air.

At his 60th birthday we were all given plates, on which Queen Victoria was surrounded by the legend “60 glorious years”. A closer inspection of the royal face revealed the features of Tony Snowdon.

He was surprised when his children did well at school.

Snowdon’s daughter is Arty and his son David Armstrong-Jones, previously Viscount Linley, now Lord Snowdon, runs a posh furniture business, Linley’s. On 1 December 2006, David Snowdon took up the post of Chairman of Christie’s UK, having joined the board in 2005 as a non-executive Director. In 2015, David Snowdon’s position was changed to honorary Chairman of Christie’s EMERI (Europe, Middle East, Russia, and India).

In the past, David Snowdon dabbled in the restaurant business, with his friend and second cousin Patrick Lichfield. They established a restaurant called Deals, in Chelsea.

In October/November 2007, rumours circulated on the internet suggesting that a member of the British Royal Family was the victim of blackmail. The first confirmation that the Royal in the extortion attempt was indeed Viscount Linley, as Snowdon was known at the time, came from the journalist Nicholas Davies. Ian Strachan and Sean McGuigan tried to extort £50,000 from Snowdon in September by threatening to release video footage showing sex acts and cocaine use (allegedly by Snowdon and a male Royal aide) on a mobile phone. Snowdon contacted the police. Strachan and McGuigan were arrested after showing their video footage to an undercover detective. Strachan and McGuigan were sentenced to five years in prison.

I’m currently digging further with regard to the Royal Blackmail Plot, but I note that the Plotters were jailed in May 2008. It was by then that the Gwerin were throwing everything as well as the kitchen sink as part of their War On Merfyn; Nerys died in 2008. It is clear now that those waging war received support from No 10 as well as the Royals and that the war continued long after Nerys had died.

The Top Docs are happy to help out the Royals when they wage war. Previous posts mentioned that when I was at St George’s, the gynae records of a member of the Royal Family were being passed around London and the Top Docs were openly having a good laugh and cracking a few lame jokes at the expense of this Royal. When I mentioned to Brown that the Top Docs couldn’t even show any genuine respect for the Royals to whom they openly toadied and relied upon to grace their fundraising events and open their new buildings, Brown observed that she had probably dared change Top Doctor and that’s why mud was being thrown. It was I suspect nastier than that. I correlated a few dates the other day: those medical records were leaked when the Royal Machine had turned against this person and shit was being flung at her on every level.

The general public have no idea that ‘medical confidentiality’ does not exist and not only in north Wales either. Even in London among the Finest, there were constant deliberate breaches of confidence if someone had been deemed OK to be targeted. It was why the Top Docs themselves were so fearful and so careful as to who they and their families consulted over sensitive matters. The only difference was that in London they did understand the meaning of confidentiality and that they should uphold it; it became very clear to me that in north Wales, most healthcare staff did not understand it. Other better members of staff commented to me over a period of years re Ysbyty Gwynedd that ‘there is no confidentiality there at all, absolutely none’. Furthermore if breaches of confidentiality don’t inflict the required damage, records are forged and events simply made up.

The gossiping relatives and friends of the NHS staff who worked at Bangor University who enjoyed themselves so much at my expense are so fucking dim that they do not understand that they too are subjected to the same treatment if necessary; it won’t be to the extent that I was because they haven’t taken on a gang of sex offenders, but they really were kidding themselves if they thought that I could never have flung a bit of personal dirt back… But then I wasn’t working for the NW Wales NHS Trust was I Gwen Hughes, Colin Baker, Dee Jones, Stel Farrar, assorted members of staff of the School of Education et al?


An early school report of [Snowdon] own had said that Tony was “no doubt good at something, but it’s not anything we teach here”. He was good at a great number of things, among them friendship.

Snowdon’s close friend Sir John Clifford Mortimer (21 April 1923-16 January 2009) who wrote the above, was born in Hampstead, the only child of Kathleen May and (Herbert) Clifford Mortimer (1884–1961). Clifford was a divorce and probate barrister who became blind in 1936 when he hit his head on the door of a London taxi but still pursued his career. Clifford’s loss of sight was not acknowledged openly by the family.
John Mortimer was educated at the Dragon School in Oxford and at Harrow School where he joined the Communist Party. At seventeen he went up to Brasenose College, Oxford where he read law, although he was actually based at Christ Church because the Brasenose buildings had been requisitioned for the war effort. In July 1942, at the end of his second year, Mortimer was asked to leave Oxford by the Dean of Christ Church after romantic letters to a Bradfield College sixth-former, Quentin Edwards, who later became a QC, were discovered by Quentin’s housemaster. Mortimer graduated from Oxford in October 1943.


Mortimer was classified as medically unfit for military service in WW II. He worked for the Crown Film Unit under Laurie Lee, writing scripts for propaganda documentaries. Mortimer made his radio debut as a dramatist in 1955 for the BBC Light Programme and his debut as an original playwright in 1957 on BBC Radio’s Third Programme, which was later televised and subsequently presented in a double bill at the Lyric Hammersmith in April 1958, before transferring to the Garrick Theatre. It was revived by Christopher Morahan in 2007 as part of a touring double bill, Legal Fictions.

  • Mortimer was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1948, at the age of 25. Inner Temple was a place to make good connections with those who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring, because the Havers dynasty were members: Sir Cecil Havers and his offspring Lord Michael Havers and Lord Justice Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. Lord Michael Havers, as Attorney General in Thatch’s Gov’t, admitted to blocking the prosecutions of members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Michael Havers was the Tory MP for Wimbledon, which was a favoured habitat for the more senior staff of St George’s. In 1988 Elizabeth Butler-Sloss did a fantastic job of concealing the extent and true cause of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, which was caused by Dafydd’s partners in crime in the North East. One of the key facilitators of the ring there was Professor Israel Kolvin, who was a friend of one Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. See previous posts. Jeremy Thorpe was a member of Inner Temple, as is Sir Simon Hughes and other fun people. On becoming a QC in 1966, Mortimer began to undertake work in criminal law.
  • Mortimer’s highest profile came from cases relating to claims of obscenity, which according to Mortimer were ‘alleged to be testing the frontiers of tolerance’. Whilst lawyers working in this area can be a good thing, there have been a few worrying track records. Jeremy Hutchinson QC, a member of the Bloomsbury Group, did a fantastic job of entertaining Courts and ridiculing witnesses in obscenity trials, but Jeremy was friendly with some people whom he knew were molesting kids and sexually exploiting vulnerable people. Hutchinson defended the artist Graham Ovenden’s work against obscenity allegations; Ovenden was a child abuser and eventually went to prison for that. Some of Ovenden’s former child models gave evidence that they never had a problem with him and that they didn’t feel exploited; I’m happy to accept that, that could well have been their own experience with him, but Ovenden did assault other people. Ovenden was jailed amidst much publicity but he won’t have been molesting alone, he was part of a network who were never identified. See previous posts for info on Jeremy Hutchinson and Graham Ovenden.
  • John Mortimer was not involved in the Lady Chatterley trial although it is sometimes erroneously stated that he was, but he did successfully represent publishers John Calder and Marion Boyars in their 1968 appeal against their conviction for publishing Hubert Selby Jr’s ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’. The details of this case are fascinating. ‘Last Exit to Brooklyn’ was published in January 1966. The Director of Blackwell’s bookshop in Oxford complained to the DPP about the detailed depictions of brutality and cruelty in the book but the DPP did not pursue the allegations.
  • Sir Cyril Black, the then Tory MP for Wimbledon, initiated a private prosecution of the novel before Marlborough Magistrates’ Court, under judge Leo Gradwell. The public prosecutor brought an action under Section 3 of the Obscene Publications Act. During the hearing the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate ordered that all copies of the book within the Magistrate’s Court be seized. Not a single bookseller possessed a copy, but the publishing offices of Calder and Boyars, within the Bow Street Magistrate’s jurisdiction, were discovered to be in possession of three copies. The books were duly seized and Mrs. Boyars was summonsed to show cause why “the said articles” should not be forfeited. Expert witnesses spoke, “unprecedentedly,” for the prosecution: they included the publishers Sir Basil Blackwell and Cap’n Bob. On the defence side were the scholars Al Alvarez and Professor Frank Kermode. Others who provided rebuttal evidence included H. Montgomery Hyde.

Alvarez is famous for his study of suicide ‘The Savage God’, which when he published it was rather more impressive than anything published by most Top Docs. Alvarez was mates with Sylvia Plath and, like Sir Clough and Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson – who served as Minister of Health, 1964-68 and was a leading light in MIND when Dafydd ran that organisation – Alvarez went to Oundle School. Former Oundle boy Sir Anthony Barrowclough did Dafydd and the gang a great many favours while Barrowclough was Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman. See post ‘The Naked Civil Servants’. Sir Cyril Clarke, the Top Doc of Liverpool University who cheated, lied and fabricated his research and was a mate of Dafydd’s to boot (see post ‘A Trail Of Blood’) went to Oundle. Two other Oundle old boys who were part of the wider network protecting the gang were Sir Peter Scott and Micky Wynn, aka the 7th Baron Newborough. See previous posts for other Oundle alumni who assisted.

Sir John Frank Kermode was a literary critic who grew up on the Isle of Man and like many of those we know and love was educated at Liverpool University and then served in the Royal Navy. Kermode began his academic career at Durham University in 1947. Durham was an institution who’s staff concealed the ring in the North East. Brown’s mum was an undergrad there in the late 1940s/early 1950s. Professor Eric Sunderland, a well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend, spent much of his career lecturing at Durham before he was parachuted in as Principal of UNCW in 1984 to save Gwynne’s skin. Kermode later taught at Reading University and then Bristol University, so no doubt Dr D.G.E. Wood, a Bristol graduate, made it his business to get to know Kermode. Kermode was Professor of Modern English Literature at UCL, 1967 -74. At that time, UCL was heaving with Top Doctors, psychologists and a more than a few lawyers who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

In 1974, Kermode took up the position as Professor of English Literature at Cambridge University. He then moved to Columbia University where he was Professor Emeritus in the Humanities. In 1975–76 Kermode held the Norton Lectureship at Harvard University. Kermode was knighted in 1991, which was the year that my career in medical research was wrecked as well as the careers of my two close friends who worked in the media. 1991 was a good year for the gang, a lot of them bagged honours; Lilibet knighted Peter Morrison in Feb 1991; I was forced out of my job at St George’s in Jan 1991 and in Feb 1991 Springfield Hospital, the mental health unit linked to St George’s, refused to treat me and told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor.

I am now in possession of documentation written and signed by staff of St George’s and Springfield admitting that they knew that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that they thought that Tony Francis was as well and that I was suicidal because of the activities of the gang. Notwithstanding this, the Top Docs at St George’s and Springfield – the same ones who had compiled these documents – were having friendly phone conversations with Dafydd and Tony Francis. Tony Francis told them that if they wanted evidence of my dangerousness, they needed to speak to Lucille Hughes, Dafydd’s mistress. I have never met Lucille Hughes or received a ‘service’ from her or Gwynedd Social Services of which she was the Director, although by Feb 1991, a number of Lucille’s staff had perjured themselves in the High Court and forged documents in attempts to have me imprisoned.

If the forces of the British state couldn’t protect me from this bunch of gangsters, I’m not sure that they can do anything.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind trailer.jpg

What would we do without you Ma’am?

Kermode died in Cambridge on 17 August 2010.

Kermode was a contributor for several years to ‘Encounter’, the literary and political magazine and in 1965 became Co-editor. He resigned within two years, once it became clear that the magazine was funded by the CIA.

Kermode resigned his post at Cambridge in 1982, at least in part because of the acrimonious tenure debate surrounding Colin MacCabe. Colin Myles Joseph MacCabe is an academic, writer and film producer. MacCabe is currently a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. MacCabe was educated at St Benedict’s School, Ealing and Trinity College, Cambridge, the centre of the long-standing ring in Cambridgeshire, which was concealed by many, including Rab Butler and Trumpers. See previous posts. While a graduate student, MacCabe attended the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, 1972–73. In 1974 MacCabe was elected a Research Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he remained from 1976 until 1981 as an Assistant Lecturer; he also became a teaching fellow of King’s College, Cambridge.

MacCabe became involved in Screen, a journal of film theory published by SEFT (Society for Education in Film and Television), becoming a member of its Board in 1973–78. Brown used to subscribe to ‘Screen’ and our two media friends used to discuss Colin MacCabe, ‘that absolute bastard’.

MacCabe came to public prominence in 1981 when he was denied tenure at Cambridge as a consequence of his position concerning the teaching of structuralism. After leaving Cambridge,  MacCabe took up a Chair at Strachclyde University, 1981–85, which is how my two friends knew him. I’m sure that Lord Jack McConnell made it his business to know Colin as well didn’t you Lord Jack!

At Strathclyde, MacCabe developed his Dept as a centre for literary linguistics. Professor Andrew ‘Firsts in Return For Sexual Favours’ Radford of UCNW was a linguist who, like MacCabe, spent his early academic years at Trinity College, Cambridge. Complaints about Andy Radford were covered up by, among other people, Tony Francis. See previous posts.

On leaving the University of Strathclyde in 1985, MacCabe began working for the British Film Institute, initially as Head of the Production Board and, from 1989, as Head of the Research and Education Department, setting up the London Consortium, relaunching ‘Sight and Sound’,  initiating the BFI Classics series of short monographs, and producing the international series 100 Years of Cinema (with individual episodes directed by Oshima, Frears, Godard, Scorsese) on the centenary of cinema.

Colin MacCabe spent more than a decade combining his positions at the British Film Institute with, among other things, a one-semester appointment at the University of Pittsburgh. He took up a fractional professorship at the University of Exeter, 1998–2006 and then at Birkbeck, University of London, 1992–2006. Eric Hobsbawm was President of Birkbeck from 2002 until his death in 2012.

The swift termination of MacCabe’s role at the BFI in 1998 was part of a fundamental restructuring exercise at the Institute as the new Chair Alan Parker and Chief Executive John Woodward abolished the Production Board, BFI TV and MacCabe’s new MA. Production funding was centralised through the UK Film Council, part of New Labour’s plans for the “creative industries”.

Colin MacCabe is currently visiting Professor of English at UCL and at the Birkbeck Institute. In 2011 he taught for a semester at the English and Foreign Languages University in Hyderabad. MacCabe was a visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford in the Michaelmas term of 2014. Since 1986 he has remained a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Colin MacCabe succeeded Peter Sainsbury as Head of the BFI Production Board, a funding agency that supported the work of a wide range of filmmakers including Isaac Julien, Derek Jarman, Terence Davies and Gurinder Chada. Colin MacCabe formed Minerva Films with Paula Jalfon in 1998 and produced a series of television histories of cinema funded by the Independent Film Channel The Typewriter, The Rifle and Movie Camera, also making The American NightmareBadass Cinema and The Spectre of Hope with Sebatiao Salgado. Minerva Pictures’ final project was a portrait of Derek Jarman, Derek, directed by Isaac Julien.

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When Tilda Swinton proposed a film about John Berger, with whom Tilda and MacCabe had collaborated in Timothy Neat’s Play Me Something (1989), the result was realised with students from the London Consortium and became the basis for establishing the Derek Jarman Lab at Birkbeck with Bartek Dziadosz, Lily Ford and Sarah Joshi.

Involvement in a wide range of filmmaking, developing artistic investigation through filmic means, MacCabe’s movement between criticism and production, analysis and creativity has informed a range of diverse and agile intellectual enquiries across disciplinary boundaries in literature, philosophy and film.

Pity about the people who were screwed along the way because their friend was a witness to the lobotomist of the Westminster Paedophile Ring wasn’t it Colin?

And now, brought to readers of Service Shenanigans by Badass Cinema, it’s The Gallery:

Colin MacCabe
Colin MacCabe Portrait.jpg

MacCabe in Soho, London (January 2007)
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Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


The order issued by Marlborough Magistrates’ Court to seize the copies of ‘Last Exit To Brooklyn’ had no effect beyond the borders of the Marlborough Street Court, ie. the London neighbourhood of Soho. At the hearing Calder declared that the book would continue to be published and would be sold everywhere else outside of that jurisdiction. In response the prosecutor brought criminal charges under Section 2 of the Act, which entitled the defendants to trial by jury under Section 4.

The jury was all male. Judge Graham Rigers directed that the women “might be embarrassed at having to read a book which dealt with homosexuality, prostitution, drug-taking and sexual perversion” In which case one can only wonder why Graham Rigers hadn’t sent a rescue party up to Denbigh to extract every woman in the North Wales Hospital from the clutches of Dafydd and Gwynne. The trial lasted nine days; the jury returned a guilty verdict.

In 1968, an appeal issued by John Mortimer resulted in a judgement which reversed the ruling. The case marked a turning point in British censorship laws. By that time, ‘Last Exit To Brooklyn’ had sold over 33,000 hardback and 500,000 paperback copies in the US.

Who was the judge who allowed Mortimer’s appeal? Mr Justice Geoffrey Lane. Who in May 1987, as Lord Chief Justice Lane, cut Oliver Brooke’s prison sentence on the grounds not that Ollie was innocent but that Ollie had suffered enough and that the Court had received stacks of letter from Top Docs explaining that Ollie was a good bloke. One of those letters was from Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, who was a good friend of Cilla as well as Ollie. At the appeal, Geoffrey Lane likened Ollie’s vast collection of kiddie porn to a collection of cigarette cards. See eg. post ‘Oliver!’. Ollie was a major importer and exporter of child porn.

Sir Cyril Black, the MP for Wimbledon who started the prosecution off in the first place, retired as MP for Wimbledon in 1970. He was succeeded as MP by Michael Havers.

Lest anyone ever be in danger of thinking that Life Is Simple, that Ollie was a Caring Doc, that Michael Havers and Geoffrey Lane were Corrupt Old Sods and that John Mortimer was a Wit and National Treasure, here are a few things to consider:

Sir Cyril Black became known for resisting liberalisation of laws on divorce, homosexuality, alcohol licensing and gambling and his support of the Baptist church and his considerable business empire. In 1930 Cyril married the daughter of a big wig from Leicester. Black served as a  JP and Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Greater London. He was Chairman of Surrey County Council, 1950-64 and Mayor of Merton, 1966-67. By which time the sex abuse ring facilitated by Springfield Hospital and Dafydd’s mates on Wandsworth Council was in business and reached as far as Merton.

Among Black’s family’s business empire was a chain of teetotal hotels; when the other Directors voted to apply for a licence to serve alcohol, Black, a total abstainer, resigned and sold his shares in the company. He strove unsuccessfully against the Macmillan Govt’s attempts to liberalise gambling laws, launch Premium bonds and reform the divorce laws. Black campaigned in favour of birching petty criminals and water fluoridation, the BBC show ‘Round the Horne’ and immigration. In 1965, in his capacity as “a far-right Conservative MP who took a lively interest in sexual matters”, Black, a strict Baptist, strenuously opposed liberalising the laws against homosexuals. He proposed that that every MP who voted for reform should print in his or her next election address that they were “in favour of private sodomy”. Dafydd’s mate Leo Abse was the main driver behind liberalising those laws. After the laws were liberalised, Dafydd and Gwynne continued subjecting patients to aversion therapy for homosexuality, while running a paedophile ring which provided boys in care to Leo Abse’s mates. In the 1970s, Dafydd addressed the Welsh Baptist Union and lectured them on the moral dangers facing youth today and theorised that learning Bible verses in Welsh as a child could guard against a ‘serious moral collapse’ in later life. See post ‘A Serious Moral Collapse’.

I used to share an office at Bangor University with someone who hated ‘Welsh Baptists’ and had even been persuaded to sign a petition sent around by the Wimmin on the grounds that the University was run by bloody male Welsh Baptists. That person was Dee Jones aka Dee Gray, an Angel who trained in Liverpool and bagged every job that she ever had – after being sacked from the previous one – by blackmailing people over Dafydd and the gang’s wrongdoing. Dee and Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom bagged a big NHS stream of funding via the same route. Meri formerly worked as a social worker with Dafydd’s gang. One lead member of Dee’s ‘team’ on that NHS project was Patricia Gaskell, who had previously been the solicitor for Ysbyty Gwynedd, in which role Gaskell concealed patient harm, assaults on patients by staff and patient deaths. I have a copy of a memo written by Gaskell which was sent around the staff asking for ‘more nurses down the police station to complain about [me] please’. Dee and Gaskell really raked in the dosh after that. Dee also asked me to plant stories in the media making fallacious allegations about Merfyn and she admitted that she knew of a conspiracy on the part of Ysbyty Gwynedd staff not to treat one patient who had complained, no matter how serious his condition was. See ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’.

To return to the Male Baptist. Cyril Black unsuccessfully campaigned against the publication of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’. In 1970 Black sued an American publisher and authors for libel. They had described him in print as “an evil person engaged in perversions”. Black sought £1,000,000 damages and was awarded £43,000.

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Black also brought successful lawsuits against ‘Private Eye’ for suggesting that he profited from a conflict of interests between his local government and property-development activities and ‘Socialist Leader’ for calling him a racist.

  • Catherine Tate Quotes. QuotesGram

Black was Chairman of Beaumont Properties Ltd from 1933 to 1980; Chairman of the Temperance Permanent Building Society from 1939 to 1973; Chairman of M. F. North Ltd 1948 to 1981; Chairman of the London Shop Property Trust Ltd from 1951 to 1979; and the Director of a large number of other companies. His private commercial interests were so extensive – he held 49 directorships – that an unsuccessful attempt was made to ban him from membership of the House of Commons.

In a biographical essay for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Patrick Cosgrave – who refused to believe that George Thomas had ever molested children (see previous posts) wrote:

There were … limits to his intolerance, and he was a man who strove mightily to do good. Nevertheless, he was not an easy man to like. … In private he could be a reasonable, if over-earnest, conversationalist. But, as he went about his multifarious activities, with a permanent half-sneer on his face, and as he thundered in public against what he called decadence, he was a voice calling in the lonely wilderness.

Cyril Black died on 29 October 1991, so he was out of the way in the year in which Lilibet dished out all those honours to Peter Morrison et al.

Cyril Black was the grandfather of Andrew Black, the gambling entrepreneur, founder of Betfair.

Throughout all this fuckwittery, we should remember that two of the people at the top of the British security services were Richard Crossman and Asa Briggs’s friend Howard Smith. This was the matter of national security to be upheld at all costs:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • I do wish that someone could explain…


  • In 1971, John Mortimer unsuccessfully defended Richard Handyside, the English publisher of ‘The Little Red Schoolbook’. The Little Red Schoolbook caused outrage to people who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Thatch. It was written by two Danish schoolteachers and contained advice on sex, STIs and drugs.
  • In July 2014, ‘The Guardian’ published a very positive review of the ‘Little Red Schoolbook’ which was being republished and an interview with one of the co-authors, Soren Hansen. Hansen said a lot of sensible things in the interview about the crazed system imposed on kids in schools today which is driving so many of them to despair. ‘The Guardian’ did not mention that many people who climbed aboard the bandwagon of the ‘children’s rights’ movement promoted by ‘The Little Red Schoolbook’ interpreted children’s rights as being their right to have sex with those children. I have no idea whether Soren Hansen predicted that would happen. I was of that generation of kids and there was no genuine body of people concerned with upholding children’s rights. All cohorts of loud lobbyists were either facilitating or ignoring the abuse and neglect of kids. It is why the prospects for kids in care were so bleak: they were given to gangs like Dafydd’s and no-one at all would defend those kids, although a lot of people knew what was happening to them.
  • Mortimer was defence Counsel at the Oz conspiracy trial later in 1971.

In 1976, Mortimer defended ‘Gay News’ Editor Denis Lemon (Whitehouse v Lemon) for the publication of James Kirkup’s “The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name” against charges of blasphemous libel; Lemon was convicted and given a suspended prison sentence, which was later overturned on appeal. Mortimer successfully defended Virgin Records in the 1977 obscenity hearing for their use of the word ‘bollocks’ in the title of the Sex Pistols album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ and the manager of the Nottingham branch of the Virgin record shop chain for the record’s display in a window and its sale.

Previous posts have discussed the knowledge of trafficking and crime possessed by Malcolm McClaren, Dame Viv and co. The deaths of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungeon were like water off a duck’s back to MacClaren, he was known to ruthlessly milk anything at all for publicity. Adam Ant aka Stuart Goddard was on the scene at the time; he later had his life well-screwed by Top Doctors but was silenced by the media and the Top Docs. See previous posts. After Savile died, Johnny Rotten was quite frank re ‘of course everyone knew’ and there are clips on the internet of a young Johnny Rotten making references to Savile’s unpleasant hobbies, clips which were edited out by the BBC.

Richard Branson evolved into every Gov’ts favourite mega-businessman. Read the interviews with Branson as a young man. He openly admits that he launched Virgin on the back of a tax fraud, a blatant one which involved importing and exporting discs via a certain route for no good reason other than if that was done a really lucrative fiddle could be worked… When Holly Branson began her medicine degree there were laughable interviews about Holly’s altruism and desire to help humanity. Holly became a neurologist. It’s because dad wanted to set up a chain of private clinics offering scans, diagnoses etc to people with the dosh who needed speedy treatment. Holly was never going to look after old dears with Alzheimers and Pere Branson also knew that the Top Docs are a closed shop, they shaft everyone, so Holly needed to be Of Them.


John Mortimer retired from the bar in 1984. In 1984 Mary Wynch was knocking at the door of the Master of the Rolls by then and I made complaint about Gwynne to UCNW and to the GMC.

Mortimer is best remembered for creating the barrister Horace Rumpole, inspired by his father Clifford, whose speciality is defending those accused of crime at the Old Bailey.  Mortimer created Rumpole for a BBC Play for Today in 1975, while Savile was cluttering up the BBC and assaulting people on NHS premises. It is alleged that Savile was running a major business procuring underaged people for celebs and others to use sexually.

Australian born Leo McKern played the character Rumpole; accordingly, the idea was developed into a series, Rumpole of the Bailey, for Thames TV in which McKern again took the lead role. Mortimer also wrote a series of Rumpole books. In September–October 2003, Radio 4 broadcast four new 45-minute Rumpole plays by Mortimer.  Mortimer also dramatised many of the real-life cases of the barrister Edward Marshall-Hall in a radio series.

Mortimer was credited with writing the script for Granda Television’s 1981 serialisation of ‘Brideshead Revisited’. There were and are numerous celebs caught up in the organised abuse scandals but media execs were involved as well. Snowdon’s mistress Marjorie Wallace had in the past been the partner of the man who founded Granada TV. Even years after people that influential have moved on to other matters, the toadying continues. However, Graham Lord’s unofficial biography, John Mortimer: The Devil’s Advocate, revealed in 2005 that none of Mortimer’s submitted scripts had in fact been used for the ‘Brideshead Revisited’ serialisation and that the screenplay was actually written by the series’ producer and director. Mortimer adapted John Fowles’s The Ebony Tower starring Laurence Olivier for Granada in 1984. In 1986, Mortimer’s adaptation of his own novel ‘Paradise Postponed’ was televised. He wrote the script for the 1999 film ‘Tea With Mussolini’, starring Joan Plowright, Cher, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Lily Tomlin. From 2004, Mortimer worked as a consultant for the US TV show ‘Boston Legal’.

Mortimer married Penelope Fletcher (he was her second husband), later better known as Penelope Mortimer, in 1949 and they had a son, Jeremy Mortimer and a daughter, Sally Silverman. The couple divorced in 1971 and John Mortimer married Penelope Gollop in 1972. They had two daughters, Emily Mortimer (1971), and Rosie Mortimer (1984). John Mortimer lived with his second wife in the village of Turville Health in Buckinghamshire. The split with his first wife had been bitter, but they were on friendly terms by the time of her death in 1999.

In September 2004, the existence of a second son of Mortimer’s was discovered, Ross Bentley, who was conceived during a secret affair that Mortimer pursued with the actress Wendy Craig more than 40 years earlier. Ross Bentley was raised by Craig and her husband, Jack Bentley, the show business writer and musician. In Mortimer’s memoirs, Clinging to the Wreckage, he wrote of “enjoying my mid-thirties and all the pleasures which come to a young writer.”

Mortimer was awarded the CBE in 1986, the year after Mary Wynch won her appeal to the Master of the Rolls and when the gang had opened fire on my friends and I. Mortimer was knighted in 1998, the year after the Waterhouse Inquiry had heard the evidence of the former residents of the north Wales children’s homes in public and the world had called them liars.

Mortimer died on 16 January 2009, aged 85, after a long illness.

John Mortimer was a member of English PEN, as are others who have colluded with Dafydd and the network. Mortimer was Patron of the Burma Campaign UK and was the President of the Royal Court Theatre, having been the Chairman of its Board, 1990-2000.

Mortimer was a loyal member of the Garrick, a club which is favoured by the most grandiose in law and the theatre. Dafydd’s umbrellas Sir William Mars-Jones, Ronnie Waterhouse and Waterhouse’s close friend Robin Day were all members and spent a great deal of time at the Garrick. See previous posts.


BBC News online in Jan 2009 reported Mortimer’s death:

  • Dramatist and author Sir John Mortimer, who created enduring character Rumpole of the Bailey, has died aged 85 after a long illness.

    Sir John, who began working as a barrister in the 1940s, went on to become one of the most prolific writers of books and screenplays. His first radio play was broadcast in 1957, and he later wrote a TV adaptation of Laurie Lee’s Cider With Rosie. Sir John, whose daughter is actress Emily Mortimer, was knighted in 1998. His other well-known screen creations included obnoxious Conservative MP Lesley Titmuss, portrayed by actor David Threlfall.

    ‘Whiff of erudition’

    Sir John Mortimer and Leo McKern as Rumpole
    Leo McKern (right) embodied Sir John’s Rumpole on screen

    Actor Leo McKern, who died in 2002, played Rumpole throughout his time on screen, and was called “a wonderful actor” by Sir John.The curmudgeonly barrister famously referred to his feared wife Hilda as “she who must be obeyed”. Sir John adapted his own best-selling novel Summer’s Lease for the small screen, which featured Sir John Gielgud. The writer also adapted ITV’s lavish 11-part serial Brideshead Revisited.

    He combined his careers as barrister and dramatist for several decades, successfully defending Oz magazine against charges of obscenity in 1971. His own life was reflected in his dramatic output, with A Voyage Round My Father a portrayal of his blind father, who was also a barrister.The drama appeared on radio, television and the London stage.

    Melvyn Bragg, a friend and neighbour of Sir John, said the writer had a “wonderful life, beginning and ending” in a cottage in the Buckinghamshire village of Turville Heath, previously owned by his father. “Life was encircled around that place in Turville and he was the monarch of that,” Lord Bragg said. Melvyn Bragg: “He will be badly, badly missed. We went to pay court to him and, to be honest, you went just to laugh and to hear the latest gossip and the latest book he’d read and ‘what do you think of this and what do you think of that?’ There was a whiff of erudition and scandal always around John and it was completely seductive and he’ll be badly, badly missed.”

  • Melvyn Bragg has hung around the BBC quite long enough to know about the long-standing abuse ring there as well as the criminality of Savile, Stuart Hall, Rolf et al as well as the many other matters of which no-one knew anything. Melvyn has been involved with MIND for many years, long enough to know what a sham it is and he almost certainly knows of the involvement of Dafydd and the gang with MIND. See previous posts for more info re Melvyn.
  • BBC radio drama head Alison Hindell said: “It’s a great loss for the huge circle of his admirers, fans and friends who will always carry Rumpole, and the other wonderful works he wrote, in their hearts.” Tony Lacey, Sir John’s editor at publishing house Viking said: “It’s hard to think he’d gone. At least we’re lucky enough to have Rumpole to remind us just how remarkable he was.”


  • BBC News online published Mortimer’s obituary on 16 Jan 2009:

Sir John Mortimer in 1968

Sir John Mortimer used his legal career to inspire his best-loved works

Sir John Mortimer, who has died aged 85, was a celebrated barrister, author and raconteur. He often used his legal exploits to fuel his writing, and his most famous courtroom creation was Rumpole of the Bailey.

“I was raised , educated and clothed almost entirely on the proceeds of cruelty, adultery and neglect,” he said of his upbringing as the son of a successful divorce lawyer. Sir John’s prodigious career was shaped by two events at a young age. His father lost his eyesight, and it became the youngster’s duty to describe the world and keep his blind father entertained. His father made it clear he expected his only son to take over his legal practice, and so Sir John began a career in law, later becoming a Queen’s Counsel…

Sir John became a beacon for the permissive society, but also defended high moral standards. “Liberty is allowing people to do things you disapprove of,” he said. Already the author of several plays and novels, Sir John wrote Voyage Round My Father in 1971. A loose set of anecdotes about his childhood and late father, the play was later adapted into a successful television film starring Laurence Olivier.

Leo McKern as Rumpole of the Bailey

Leo McKern first appeared as Rumpole in the 1975 BBC television play

Two instalments of autobiography, Clinging to the Wreckage and Murderers and other Friends, followed.Displaying his offbeat view of life, Sir John revealed in the latter how he found murderers “really the most relaxed people” he had come across. “Generally, they had disposed of the one person that was irritating them,” he said.

Sir John rose at 5 am each morning to write, and his prodigious workload brought him success in many fields…

In 1981, he translated Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel Brideshead Revisited into a phenomenally successful television series, and wrote the film screenplay of the 1999 film Tea with Mussolini. A celebrated member of the literati and one-time chairman of the Royal Court, Sir John led a self-professed double life for many years. He described a typical day as “breakfast with a fraudster, down to the cells to see a murderer, and off to rehearsals at the end of the day”.

When he left the Bar, Sir John channelled his adversarial energy into his character, Rumpole of the Bailey, portrayed on screen by Leo McKern. After making its debut as a BBC television play in 1975, Rumpole became an ITV series in 1978 and brought its creator fame across the world. In 1980 it was adapted for radio…

Sir John was the quintessential champagne socialist, a champion for reform and permissiveness, who nevertheless lived in the wealthy Chilterns and backed the monarchy and fox-hunting. Despite failing health, he remained active well into later life, attending the February 2008 launch of his play, Legal Fictions, in a wheelchair. He told The Times: “One of my weaknesses is that I like to start the day with a glass of champagne before breakfast. When I mentioned that on a radio show once, I was asked if I had taken counselling for it.”

He remained disappointed by the modern Labour Party, saying, “we don’t ask for much, but it would be nice to have a spoonful of socialism”.

Whether Mortimer had worked out that a spoonful for everyone would involve him and his mates having to sacrifice just a little bit of their entitlement and much of the criminality that they were upholding I’m not sure. As with all the Radical Consciences who would have done anything to rid the world of Thatch except make public the criminality of her two personal friends, Peter Morrison and Savile, Mortimer could have brought down Miranda, Cherie, Derry, Charlie Falconer, the lot had he exposed their collusion with Dafydd’s gang. But Mortimer couldn’t, he was involved himself.

Sir John Mortimer

Sir John remained active in public well into his later life

He was married twice, the first time to author Penelope Mortimer. After their marriage collapsed, her autobiography detailed infidelities and rows. Sir John would say only that “marriage between two writers is always difficult”. His second wife, Penny, was a model booker when he met her, and 23 years his junior. Sir John was able to explore this true life theme of age difference in his novel The Sound of Trumpets.

Although he constantly borrowed from his life to enhance his writing, he remained as large and idiosyncratic as any character he created. In his novel, Felix in the Underworld, the book’s central accusation is that the novelist expects others to live out dramatic moments for him. From the clapboard home of his childhood to the wooden benches of the High Court, the same could not be said of Sir John Mortimer.

  • The Torygraph obituary for Mortimer provided some additional information:

In 1976 the porn actress Linda Lovelace availed herself of Mortimer’s services after her autobiography, Inside Linda Lovelace, had landed her in court. In this instance, though, Mortimer’s triumph in the liberal cause was mitigated by subsequent revelations that Linda Lovelace had been an unwilling slave to a pornographer.

Linda Lovelace’s allegations later in life that Chuck Traynor, Lovelace’s manager and the key figure behind the making of ‘Deep Throat’ and the other porn movies that made her famous, was phenomenally violent and forced her into that line of business, caused quite a storm. Chuck Traynor and his mates denied it, but so aggressively it did make one wonder what they were capable of if their paths were crossed. A section of the women’s movement used Lovelace’s allegations as evidence that the whole of the porn industry was controlled by gangsters and that no-one worked in it willingly. There were undoubtedly gangsters involved but there seems to have been plenty of people who, as with sex work, maintained constantly that it wasn’t all gangsters and that they had never been coerced.

Mary Millington was one person who maintained that it wasn’t porn per se that was the problem, it was indeed gangsters and a huge problem was that sections of the state, including the police and inland revenue, were on board with the gangsters. The last part of Mary’s life resembled an everyday story of Empowered Service User folk and her death could well have been the work of someone else rather than the suicide presumed. Even Mary Millington, who spoke up about a great many matters, didn’t dare mention the involvement of Top Docs with the porn and sex industries. See previous posts.

Lest people do not believe that the state could be/is that complicit, just consider this: John Allen was a social worker who was jailed for child sexual abuse. After that, he owned and managed one of the biggest children’s home business in the UK. Hundreds of kids in care were sent to him, after being removed from their own families by the Courts on the advice of Top Docs and social workers. John Allen was working with Dafydd and other ‘professionals’. The kids living in Allen’s children’s homes ran away repeatedly, sustained injuries, contracted STIs and there were constant complaints that they were being seriously sexually abused by multiple people. The police took the children back to Allen’s homes when they ran away. Still kids were sent to him by the Courts on the recommendation of Top Docs and social workers. Some of Allen’s staff were convicted and even jailed for assaulting children. Still more children were sent to him…

John Allen served another sentence for the sexual assault of children in his care in the 1990s. One young man was found dead shortly after giving evidence against him.

At the Waterhouse Tribunal, Ronnie Waterhouse described John Allen at caring and generous to kids in his care and not usually violent. The only negative aspect of John Allen as far as Ronnie was concerned was that he was an ‘omosexual who did sexually abuse children.

John Allen was jailed again some three or four years ago for sexually abusing children in care.

The identities of the people who ensured that kids in care were sent to John Allen for decades is no secret. Their names are all over court and care orders, medical and social work records, police records etc. Organisations like the GLC were paying John Allen’s business millions to ‘care for’ the kids that they had sent him. It was well-known that the inner London Boroughs – particularly Southwark – the local authorities in the North East of England, in the West Midlands and in the Greater Manchester area in particular were sending hordes of kids to John Allen and his associates…

The British state worked very hard to ensure that business continued. Many of those responsible are still Councillors, AMs, MPs, MSPs, peers or holding senior roles in public life or in the professions.


The next year Mortimer defended Denis Lemon, the editor of Gay News, against a charge of blasphemy — the first such prosecution to the brought for half a century — after the paper had published a poem descriptive of the physical passion of a Roman centurion for Christ on the Cross. Lemon was given a suspended prison sentence and fined £500. Mortimer found this sentence, which was confirmed in the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords, outrageous. But he declared that he was rather fond of Mary Whitehouse, who had been praying for a conviction.

The anti-censorship campaigners always used to quip that they were fond of Mary, she was a charming old dear. They had nothing much to fear, Mary was friends with some of the Top Docs facilitating abuse rings.

In his later years at the Bar, Mortimer defended several murderers. But there was always a deliberate touch of amateurism about his performance in court. “I made a point of looking scruffy,” he recalled. “I didn’t want juries to think I was some sort of conventional lawyer.”…

A dedicated opponent of censorship, he admitted that he was sickened by pornography.Catherine Tate Quotes. QuotesGram

Like Mary Whitehouse was. I expect that Dafydd was as well in certain contexts. Gwynne would have been as appalled at porn as he was at homosexuality.

A devoted father, he supported more liberal divorce laws. Politically a man of the Left, he expressed a Whiggish distaste for the material aspirations of his social inferiors – “I do not especially like the working-class Tory” – while himself rising at 5 am every morning to gain the wherewithal for his own opulent tastes.

I take the piss out of people who get excited over a Beautiful Lounge Suite but at least I know that the working class Tories for whom Mortimer had such distaste just wanted a bit of what Mortimer took for granted.

Mortimer cheerfully admitted to being a champagne socialist; genial and unruffled as ever, he held that he wanted everyone to have champagne

That is the standard explanation from a champagne socialist but Mortimer did not share the champagne with the plebs, ever

and was pro-hunting. Naturally, he was a founder member of the 20th of June Group, which first gathered in Harold and Lady Antonia Pinter’s Camden Hill Square drawing room on that date in 1988 to plot the downfall of Thatcherism…

I remember the great entertainment caused by Lady Antonia’s and Harold’s planned revolution well. Lady Antonia’s dad spent years virtually single-handedly ensuring that the best witnesses to Thatch’s mates crimes remained gagged. See post ‘Comedies Of Menace’.

His most successful play, A Voyage Round My Father, was a skilful, witty and touching evocation of his extraordinary parent. Mortimer senior was a barrister who devoted his formidable will and intellect to shutting out reality, and liked to converse in Shakespearean tags — “Is execution done on Cawdor?” Though given to raging fury over petty inconveniences, he resolutely refused (like his son) to take important matters seriously — to such an extent that within the family no allusion was ever made to the fact that he was totally blind. This did not prevent his being fanatically devoted to his herbaceous border.

A Voyage Round My Father was first performed on television in 1969… when the play opened at the Haymarket in 1971 Sir Alec Guinness was in the lead; later he was replaced by Sir Michael Redgrave. In the television version, made in 1982, Laurence Olivier played the part, acting the death scene in the very bed and very room where Mortimer senior had died… “I’ve seldom had a real success that hasn’t in some way been to do with either the law or my father or both,” he reflected in the early 1980s….

After retiring from the Bar in 1984 Mortimer wrote several novels… But Mortimer had other fish to fry. A fervent patriot, given to claiming that “we live in the most beautiful, most tolerant and most politically mature country in the world”, he reacted sharply against what he saw as the moral degradation of the Thatcher years.

So many people hated her and would have done anything… er but um er Bryn Estyn?? The North Wales Hospital?? Nay, Nay And Thrice Nay, They’re Lying To Get Compensation!

Michael Foot (1981).jpg

  • David Steel Biography, David Steel's Famous Quotes ...

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Sunday AM | Coalition waltz?“Comedy is the only thing worth writing in this despairing age,” [Mortimer] declared.

Paradise Postponed, published in 1985, introduced the monstrous Leslie Titmuss, the representative of all that Mortimer loathed in Margaret Thatcher’s philosophy, and the negation of all the hopes that had been nurtured after the Labour victory of 1945. Yet Mortimer presented Titmuss’s case so well that the book was shown to Labour shadow cabinet members as a warning of the kind of argument they would have to counter. When Paradise Postponed was made into a television series in 1986…it was clear that Mortimer had drawn Tory blood. The industry minister John Butcher reacted by calling him “an upmarket punk who has made money for 15 years by eroding the confidence of the British”.

John Patrick Butcher was the son of a civil servant. He was educated at Huntingdon Grammar School and Birmingham University, where he was Secretary of the Conservative Association. Butcher was a Birmingham City Councillor, 1972-78. He was the Tory MP for Coventry South West, 1979-97, when the seat was abolished by boundary changes. Kids in care were sent to children’s homes in north Wales from Birmingham and Coventry while Butcher was a Councillor and an MP. In 1989 the two Top Docs who covered up for Dafydd’s criminality when investigating my complaint were Dafydd’s mate Professor Robert Bluglass from Birmingham and Dafydd’s other mate Dr Colin Berry from Coventry. See post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’.

Butcher was later Chairman of Texas Instruments (1990–98) and the Institute of Directors (1997–2001). Butcher was married with three children and despite living in Solihull – Bluglass lived in Solihull – was a common sight at the Carlton Club in London.

Following his election in 1979, Butcher was appointed PPS to Leon Brittan in 1981 when Brittan was at the Treasury – before Brittan was Home Secretary and colluded with Dafydd’s crimes, lost dossiers naming Westminster paedophiles etc (see previous posts) – and in 1982 became a junior Minister at the Dept of Trade and Industry, under Arthur Cockfield, who was in the thick of it (see previous posts); Butcher also worked with the Westminster Lecher Alan Clark at the DTI. Butcher also served as a junior Minister in the DES, 1988-89, under Secretary of State for Education John MacGregor, another very guilty man re concealing organised abuse and wrongdoing. See previous posts.

In 1997, Butcher became a Director of Pertemps Group and two years later became a director of Phoenic Telecom. He ran his own company, John Butcher Associates in West Midlands.

Butcher married an Anne Lowe no less. He died of heart failure at the age of 60, on Christmas Day 2006, at 1500 feet, beside Alcock Tarn in the Lake District with his three children.

Tommy Cooper | Nostalgie | Pinterest | Tommy cooper

Summer’s Lease (1988) dealt with the vicissitudes of an English family on holiday in Tuscany; appropriately enough Mortimer wrote most of it in a house some 15 miles to the east of Siena. When the book was televised, in 1989, John Gielgud played Haverford Downs, a lecherous old journalist who foists himself on the family…

In his life, Mortimer’s sympathy for the underdog rebutted any suggestion of shallow cynicism; from 1991 to 2003, for instance, he was President of the Howard League for Penal Reform…

Previous posts have discussed how many of the paedophiles’ friends have held key roles in the Howard League.

“I am not by nature a truly convinced person,” he once admitted, “I’m never actually sold a million per cent on anything.” Cardinal Hume once put it to him that, if there was no God, life would be absurd. “Well, exactly,” Mortimer returned.

Basil Hume not only concealed organised abuse in the Catholic Church but he was the person who nominated Savile for membership of the Athenaeum. Hume was the brother-in-law of Lord John Hunt, one of the Civil Service mandarins who loyally concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring throughout his career. See previous posts.

An only child, John Clifford Mortimer was born on April 21 1923. His father’s family hailed from the West Country, until his grandfather, a Bristol brewer, signed the pledge and became an estate agent in South Africa. His father returned to England at 17 and married Kathleen Smith, an artist from Leamington Spa with progressive views…

Bowing at the end of the war to his father’s will, he began to read for the Bar exams, financing himself at one time by taking a job teaching English to French models in Paris. Then he joined his father’s chambers, where he began by drafting the less sensational divorce applications at £5 a throw. The novels…continued to flow. But, having acquired four stepdaughters by marriage, two children of his own shortly afterwards, and a large house in Swiss Cottage, Mortimer was seriously strapped for cash.

Swiss Cottage bordered Hampstead and housed just as many Top Docs, psychs and others who facilitated organised abuse.

Somehow he found time to write for women’s magazines, to produce a history of costume for Moss Bros, and to provide captions for the Festival of Britain. But he did not make a breakthrough as a writer until the BBC producer Nesta Pain cajoled him into producing plays for radio [in the late 1950s]… In 1989 he produced a new version of Die Fledermaus for the English National Opera…

As a journalist, Mortimer proved a masterly interviewer, mainly for The Sunday Times…

Snowdon’s bedfellow and Dafydd’s umbrella Marjorie Wallace was a journo for ‘The Sunday Times’.

In 1987 he wrote a series for The Daily Telegraph under the title John Mortimer’s Almanack. 

Everyone at the Torygraph was well-aware of Peter Morrison, George Thomas et al…

Throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium Mortimer published more stories about Rumpole…

He was Master of the Bench at the Inner Temple in 1975, a member of the National Theatre Board from 1968 to 1988, chairman of the Royal Society of Literature from 1990 to 2000, and chairman of the Royal Court Theatre from 1990 to 2000…

This can be summed up by ‘the membership of the Garrick’.

The Indie published an obituary for John Mortimer with yet more snippets, stating that as a young man, Mortimer was ‘hanging around Soho pubs in their post-war heyday and working in Legal Aid centres… as a fledgling barrister… ‘

Mortimer was frequenting Soho when the truly desperate were there and just after Gwynne had graduated from the Middlesex Hospital down the road. Mortimer will have soon realised what was going on and who was involved.

The Indie also mentioned that Mortimer also put in ‘regular appearances at literature festivals in his 80s‘ and that Auberon Waugh said that ‘England would be a poor place without him‘. Literature festivals attracted a good variety of those who were colluding. Waugh took the piss out of Jeremy Thorpe once Mr Thrope had been charged but Waugh knew what Jeremy was up to years before that. Waugh wrote for ‘Private Eye’ and the Sunday Torygraph. The Eye used Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader when Waterhouse was a young barrister; the Eye knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd’s gang. In 1987 I placed a small ad in ‘Private Eye’ for info on Dafydd; I didn’t realise that Dafydd’s gang had moles at the Eye. Dafydd rang me up and was saying ‘ooh heh heh heh you have found out a lot about my private life haven’t you..’ It wasn’t exactly private Dafydd… Dafydd tried to bribe me not long after that.

Peter Cook owned ‘Private Eye’ for years; Cook was keeping schtum about the gang because some of his mates from Footlights were involved eg. Graham Chapman and Jonathan Miller. See previous posts. The Eye columnist Richard Body aka ‘Old Muckspreader’ was a friend of Prof Richard Howarth, an agricultural economist at UCNW who bagged himself a job as an adviser to Thatch on the back of Dafydd’s gang operating via UCNW. See previous posts for info on Richard Body and Richard Howarth.

‘… in later life‘ Mortimer regularly spent time at a ‘writer’s retreat in Morocco’

‘On the social scene, in that clacking drawl of a voice, his stories echoed and re-echoed round the Garrick, out to the Ivy and the smarter London rendezvous, and into the many societies over which he presided or committees on which he prominently served. He was Chairman of the Council of the Royal Society of Literature between 1989 and 1999, where his strong views lightly uttered tended to sound dismissive of much that was precious to literary thinking. For two decades (1968-88) he served on the board of the National Theatre, the self-serving egoism of which benefited from his leaven of sense. It is unimaginable that his views as president of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Naturalists’ Trust between 1984 and 1990 were ignored…

Those were the years during which a number of Bangor graduates in the biological sciences who knew what had happened to me re Dafydd’s gang bagged nice numbers for themselves re jobs, research grants etc. They weren’t all based in Wales, some of them were from Mortimer’s part of the world…

See previous posts for info about Sir Nicholas Hytner, former Artistic Director of the National Theatre. Nicholas is the son of Benet Hytner, a barrister and Joyce, a theatrical fundraiser who served on the boards of many theatres and related organisations. As well as the usual connections with stacks of culpable luvvies, Hytner grew up in south Manchester when Dafydd’s partner gang were expanding on the ring which already existed there… The Top Docs running the ring were assisted by a network of academics and professionals, including lawyers.

John Clifford Mortimer, writer and barrister: born London 21 April 1923; called to the Bar 1948 (Inner Temple); QC 1966; CBE 1986; Chairman, Council of the Royal Society of Literature 1989-99; Chairman, Royal Court Theatre, 1990-2000; President, Howard League for penal reform, 1991-2003; Kt 1998; Chairman, committee to advise on vacant plinth, Trafalgar Square, 1999-2001; married 1949 Penelope Fletcher (died 1999; one son, one daughter; one son with Wendy Craig; marriage dissolved 1972), 1972 Penelope Gollop (one son, two daughters); died Turville Heath, Buckinghamshire 16 January 2009.

Mortimer bagged his K in 1997, the year in which the Waterhouse Inquiry opened and the year in which Tony Francis expected me to be sent to a secure unit on the basis of the perjury of an Angel, Bridget Lloyd, but the plan went pear-shaped when I was acquitted. See previous posts.

This also happened in 1997:

  • rear seat and trunk is intact.
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John Mortimer spent his summers in Tuscany, living a life of excess with ‘his many English visitors’. Dafydd’s gang took to mainland Europe in the summer, some of them to take kids in care ‘on holiday’, while Dafydd himself ‘held clinics’ there.

John Mortimer’s past-times caused a sensation once more when Molly Parkin went public on her affair with him and told the world that she used to spank him with a hairbrush. While everybody was fixated by that benign activity between two consenting adults, they forgot about the sexual assaults, the serious organised crime, the perjury and perverting the course of justice and the murders of witnesses in north Wales…

Molly Parkin is a sort of south Wales-bred artistic version of Clarissa Dickson Wright in so much as Molly has spent most of her life as a hopeless alcoholic incapable of the smallest task, but Molly did know an awful lot of things about an awful lot of people, which is why I suspect that she periodically popped back up again amidst media reports of Molly’s Incredible Life In Swinging London and how she was now Off The Booze and Working Again. I always used to think ‘if I carried on like Molly Parkin or Clarissa Dickson Wright, I would have been a bag lady for at least the last 20 years, how come these ridiculous old bats are on prime time TV?’ Now I know that it was because that they knew what had happened to me and a few other people.

Molly featured in an episode of Channel 4’s Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses in February 2016, in which she was filmed in her council flat in a tower block in the World’s End Estate at the World’s End area of Chelsea. Molly had moved into the flat in 2002, after she was declared bankrupt following a period of alcoholism.

In 2002 a lot of people were desperate to maintain that the Waterhouse Inquiry had been The End Of It All, that of course nothing had happened involving anyone outside of north Wales and They Were Lying To Get Compensation anyway.

In May 2012, Molly was awarded a Civil List Pension by Lilibet for her ‘services to the arts’. I wonder if Rolf was in receipt of one of those as well? Just before May 2012 I had been threatened at gun point and had to flee Wales. Some two or three months later I received an e mail telling me that Tony Francis had killed himself but there had been no publicity about it at all. Operation Pallial had reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal in 2011. Savile died in Oct 2011.

In 2017 Molly appeared live in a one woman show at a London salon hosted by Simon Oldfield of Pin Drop Studio.

Here’s Molly of the Civil List in her turbans and wrap around colourful things, to demonstrate how zany and artistic she is:

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  • So that’s who the Crack of Doom modelled herself on – a young Molly:
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John Mortimer’s first wife Penelope – his second wife was a Penelope as well – died in Oct 1999. Penelope Ruth Mortimer (née Fletcher, 19 September 1918-19 October 1999) was a journalist, biographer and novelist who was born in what was then Flintshire and is now Denbighshire. Her semi-autobiographical novel The Pumpkin Eater (1962) was turned into a 1994 film.

Penelope Ruth Fletcher was born in Rhyl, which since the 1980s has become a stronghold of Dafydd’s substance abuse patients whom Dafydd positively encouraged to relocate there from big cities in England such as Liverpool but failed to provide the facilities necessary for them to lead lives with any quality, so there has been much resentment and bad feeling all round although Dafydd’s made a fortune from providing the ‘services’.

Penelope was the younger daughter of Amy Caroline Fletcher and the Rev A. F.G. Fletcher, an Anglican clergyman, who lost his faith and used the parish magazine to celebrate Soviet persecution of the Russian church. Fletcher abused Penelope sexually, which suggests that he was part of the collection of organised abusers in professional positions who are known to have existed in north Wales upon who’s activities Dafydd and Gwynne built and expanded. Such was the family business that the next generation often carried on where their parents left off.

I suspect that J.E. Daniel, the father of Dafydd’s mate the corrupt judge Huw Daniel, may have been one such person. J.E. Daniel was a theologian who worked at the Bala-Bangor Theological College and as an Inspector of Schools and was a founding member of Plaid. See eg. ‘Tan yn Llyn’.

Gwilym Williams, the Bishop of Bangor, 1957-82 and the Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82, was a big mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s and he was busy telling everyone what to do as long ago as the 1930s when he first served at places like St Asaph and Bangor Cathedrals before teaching theology at Lampeter, Llandovery and then Bangor. See previous posts. Gwilym Williams was the son of a wealthy land-owning family in north Wales, so his parents before him will have been issuing the orders.

Lord Wyn Roberts, the Tory MP for Conwy, 1970-97, who was a stooge of both Dafydd’s and Thatcher’s, was the son of the Minister of the Chapel at Llandsadwrn, near Menai Bridge. See post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’. Dear old Wyn was given a peerage in 1997, but the cries of ‘WTF?’ were drowned out by those of ‘They’re Lying To Get Compensation’.

Lord Roberts of Conwy - obituary - Telegraph

Wyn Roberts’s brother was ‘a judge’ in the Wrexham area. Whether that meant ‘magistrate’ or a judge in a higher court I don’t know. But either way Wyn’s brother will have made a valuable contribution to ensuring that those complaining about the gang rapes were fitted up and subsequently found dead in Risley.

Thus follows the generational process, including of course with the vast Lloyd George clan.

Here’s Dan Snow, a TV historian who is a regular on The One Show, alongside that never ending fountain of talent, Alex Jones:

Dan Snow Aldershot 2019.jpg

Dan is the great-great-grandson of David Lloyd George. Dan’s wife is Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor, the daughter of Gerald, the 6th Duke of Westminster! Lady Edwina believes that she is a philanthropist and prison reformer. It is all so dreadful that I’ll just refer readers to Lady Edwina’s wiki entry. It screams ‘Dafydd’ and ‘Peter Morrison’ in every line. Lady Edwina’s godmother was Diana, Princess of Wales. That ended well then.

Edwina is involved with a whole variety of mental health and offenders organisations. She’ll be bumping into the victims of Dafydd’s gang all over the place, urging them to Share and asking them ‘what crisis brought you here then?’ I’ve seen it done, the ‘helper’ soon clocks who is a witness and to what. They won’t have any idea who you are either will they Lady Edwina?

As the dialogue went in the ‘Life of Brian’ re the stoning of the man who blasphemed by saying ‘Jehova’, when he was told ‘you’re only making it worse for yourself’, ‘Worse, how can it be worse? Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’.

Gerald Grosvenor’s daughter is working with the mentally ill and offenders, Jehova, Jehova, Jehova…

Gwynne the lobotomist died in 1986 and there is still green paint on the Renault.

Penelope Mortimer’s father the Rev Fletcher was one of a big family. There’ll all have had more children themselves, they won’t be working as binmen, they’ll be bed blocking in professional jobs, providing scaffolding for Dafydd and the gang and How Very Dare Yous on request.

Such were the positions occupied by these people of yesteryear and their extended families that they will have known about organised abuse/cruelty/neglect even if they weren’t actually guilty of it themselves. Many of them also had wives, mothers and sisters who were teachers or active in the community; as with present day life, one can’t spent years involved in such activities and not know at least something.

The Pumpkin Eater caused speculation about its autobiographical content. It is dedicated “To John”, five years her junior, and a successful barrister with a number of not particularly successful novels under his belt – but someone beginning to make a splash with one-act plays. The Mortimers were a fashionable and radical London couple. They had married in 1949 but eventually tensions and jealousies led to divorce in 1972. Penelope never fully recovered from the split.

Matters were not helped by the fact that John’s second wife was also called Penelope (neé Gollop) and Penny One, as the author was thereafter known, was frequently mistaken for her successor, Penny Two…

She always wanted to be a writer. Johanna, her first novel, was published in 1947, under the name of Penelope Dimont, two years before she and her first husband, Charles Dimont, divorced…

Then there was The Pumpkin Eater. Edna O’Brien, equally in demand at the time, wrote of it: “Almost every woman I can think of will want to read this book.”

Men might not understand how irritating it is to be a Lady and constantly have mad old trouts claiming to speak for one. In that era it was people like Edna who banged on about having sex all the time or Katherine Whitehorn and her Recipes For The Single Girl In A Bedsit With A Baby Belling, then it was Jilly Cooper and her Labradors, then it was the Radical Young Sisters married to old farts occupying leading roles in the Labour Party – who as Old Trouts are still very much with us unfortunately – and now it is a whole collection of people tweeting. I really do wish that Yvette and Jess and Diane et al would understand that I am in possession of ovaries but beyond that I don’t have a great deal in common with them and I don’t need them as my spokespeople simply because we are of the same gender.

We’re all individuals!

#Me Too!

MPs Make 'Last-Ditch' Legal Bid To Block No-Deal Brexit


Penelope was the toast of the town, usually wearing a cool black leather jacket and smoking too much (later in life, after an operation for cancer and the removal of one lung, she smoked, if anything, even more) and giving her opinion everywhere:

It’s not that I mind people doing that, but Penelope was an unhappy dysfunctional person with a monstrous old exploiter of a husband and she shouldn’t have been held up as a Role Model For Women, even if she did wear a leather jacket and smoke herself into serious ill-health.

reviewing novels for the Sunday Times, succeeding Penelope Gilliatt as film critic of the Observer, publishing her luminous short stories in the New Yorker (the latter collected in Saturday Lunch With The Brownings). And, de rigueur, she taught writing in the United States. In the mid-1980s, Macmillan, rather bizarrely, commissioned Mortimer to write a biography of the Queen Mother, but when the manuscript came in the editors were so dismayed that they rejected it. No doubt they expected it to be as sycophantic as most royal biographies and possibly had no idea of Mortimer’s work.

This biography was obviously perceived to not contain the required degree of toadying, but while Penelope was Making Waves, John Mortimer was doing a great job of protecting Lord Snowdon and his accomplices, including those who lobotomised and imprisoned people who’d dared raise concerns re their activities.

Was the whole world expected to live lives as unhappy and unpleasant as the Mortimers, with the unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortions and the unscrupulous partners? Obviously yes, as Brown has been telling me for years. ‘They’re miserable themselves and they do insist on spreading it around.’ I said no to a horrible old lobotomist and his mate and gosh there was trouble. This was/is so much more than being spanked with a hairbrush by Molly Parkin, it was kids gang raped and witnesses killed.

  • John Mortimer Biography, John Mortimer's Famous Quotes ...
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Other publishers fought shy of being offered the book, but in 1986 Tony Lacey at Viking picked it up. Queen Elizabeth: A Life Of The Queen Mother, was the most astute biography of a royal since Lytton Strachey was at work…. This did not go down well and a revised edition, subtitled An Alternative Portrait Of Her Life And Times, was brought out in 1995. Yet the book was a pioneering work, making it possible for subsequent royal biographers to write with an honesty and intelligence which hadn’t always previously been employed.

So that’s why no-one was allowed to know what Carlo’s friend Jimmy Savile was doing, why the careers and even lives of UCNW graduates were destroyed after they made complaint about a people trafficking lobotomist working in a Student Health Centre of the University of which Carlo was Chancellor, why the excesses of Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling never found their way into the media, why the sexual abuse of boys by the HIV +ve Backstairs Billy aka William Tallon the Queen Mum’s Loyal Retainer was not made public for such a long time. It was all in the spirit of the Openness and Transparency which has surrounded the Royals since Penelope’s envelope-pushing efforts.

My How Things Haven’t Changed!



By the 1970s Mortimer’s novels became bleaker…

Mortimer herself regarded Long Distance (1974) as the most important achievement of her career. The New Yorker printed the complete novel, the first time they’d done so since JD Salinger’s Raise High The Roofbeam Carpenter. There was to be one more published novel, The Handyman (1983), and a number of unfinished novels, or at least unpublished ones.

Penelope Mortimer published two volumes of autobiography, About Time (1979)… which won the Whitbread Prize; and About Time Too (1993). This second book did so indifferently that her publishers, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, declined to publish the third volume, Closing Time, and no other publisher would take it on.

By then Penelope had retreated to her beloved and spectacular garden in Moreton-in-Marsh. Latterly, and more mundanely, she moved to a house and garden in the backstreets of London NW2, where her large and loving family, with many grandchildren, did their best to comfort her.

Penelope won’t have lived in a backstreet in NW2 or anywhere else. People like Penelope don’t relocate from the Poshest of the Cotswolds villages to Broadwater Farm in 1985. NW2 is listed as being ‘Cricklewood, Camden’. It’s probably boring there and full of people like Penelope, but I note that she still had a garden which a great many people in London Backstreets – or in Grenfell Tower – don’t. At least Penelope had all of her grandchildren to make the trauma of living in Cricklewood with a garden a little more bearable.

Penelope should have tried living here:

It had a nice view of the hills though, although obviously you couldn’t see them if you were in Dafydd’s Dungeon.

Perhaps this would have been more suited to Penelope’s requirements:


I do hope that Penelope’s tale of woe re Cricklewood wasn’t Penelope Lying To Get Compensation. And that cancerous lung was Self-Inflicted as well, why was Penelope Given NHS Treatment for Self-Inflicted Problems?

She is survived by two daughters from her first marriage, a daughter and son from her second marriage, and two other daughters from relationships with Kenneth Harrison and Randall Swingler.

• Penelope Ruth Mortimer, novelist, born September 19 1918; died October 19 1999

Oct 1999; Penelope was six foot under five months before Ronnie Waterhouse published that Report about what Penelope and her husband’s friends didn’t do, what never happened and for which there was no evidence.

‘The Guardian’ published an article about Penelope in 2015, as a result of a new edition of ‘The Pumpkin Eater’ having been published. Just before the publication of the Report which resulted from the Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry:

…Mortimer was born in Rhyl, Wales, the daughter of a clergyman who had lost his faith.

Ronnie Waterhouse’s family lived in Flintshire, not far from Rhyl. Waterhouse’s family were Liberal Nonconformists but the denominations and faiths united in the face of those who Were Lying To Get Compensation. Particularly those who’s faith was the Garrick, a popular club with lawyers and luvvies.

Robin Day Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline


[Penelope] always wanted to be a writer, but life would get in the way – which is, perhaps, one reason why her novels are so intensely autobiographical (their emotional force derives from her great skill, but also from the powerful sense that Mortimer knows whereof she speaks). In 1937, having dropped out of university, she married Charles Dimont, a journalist; they had two daughters. She then had two affairs, each one of which produced another daughter. She and John Mortimer married in 1949, on the day her divorce became absolute, and had two children together. Their relationship, happy at first, soon grew stormy. The Pumpkin Eater was written in the same year that she agreed, at his urging, to an abortion and sterilisation (having suffered a miscarriage, she was pregnant yet again at the age of 42). At first, she felt “radiantly grateful” to her husband: “I had been given the gift of an unused life.” But during her convalescence, she discovered his affair (with the actor Wendy Craig, by whom he had a son). It was a devastating blow. “All I want is for it to be over,” she wrote, sunk low by depression. “When John goes in his neat tie and suit to meet the people to whom he has to talk, I am physically afraid. Was a time when I could pull myself together… Not now.”

Never mind luv, time to really shaft all the kids in care and Empowered Service Users in north Wales now, or at least the few who are still alive.

Will Penguin’s new edition of The Pumpkin Eater encourage people to look again at Mortimer? I hope so. She is so good. I can’t think of a writer more attentive to emotional weather. (“We were snug, almost riotously snug,

Smugly snug

in the study,” she writes in The Pumpkin Eater, describing when Mrs Armitage keeps watch over the laid out body of her father with her mother: that “riotously” is pure Mortimer.) So where to begin?

How about with the serious organised crime?

Well, with the other novels, of course. But I also recommend About Time Too, which comes complete with walk-on parts for, among many others, Kenneth Tynan,

Ronnie Waterhouse knew Kenneth Tynan

Leslie Phillips and Bette Davis (“Ten years!” Davis snarls at Mortimer, who was then working as a screenwriter. “Ten years since I had a fuck! What d’you think of that?”).

Just give Dafydd and Gwynne a call, they can supply the goods to meet all tastes…

Funny and unsparing, it comprises a quite devastating series of dispatches from the frontline of a war – between work and motherhood – that is, alas, still raging.

The non-stop drudgery of life in Swiss Cottage, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, popping over to New York… Duw it’s hard…

Penelope’s daughter with Charles Dimont Caroline Mortimer (born 12 March 1942) is an actress who trained at RADA. Caroline’s TV credits include: 1965’s A Little Temptation; 1966’s Intrigue; The Saint (“The Organisation Man”, 1968); Menace and Spy Trap. Other TV work includes Within These Walls, Marked Personal and an appearance in one episode of the 1991 mini-series The House of Eliott. In the 1960s Caroline had a relationship with the married actor Leslie Phillips. She married the actor John Bennett in 1979. They had two sons, one of whom is deceased. John Bennett died in April 2005.

Leslie Samuel Phillips (born 20 April 1924) is known for his work in the Carry On, Doctor in the House and Harry Potter film series.

Phillips was born in Tottenham. In 1931, the family moved to Chingford – later made famous by the constituency MP Norman Tebbit aka the Chingford Skinhead – who was one of Thatch’s enforcers keeping the lid on Peter Morrison, Dafydd and the gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring. Phillips attended Larkswood Primary School in Chingford.

It was Phillips’s mother who decided that Phillips should be sent to the Italia Conti Academy to receive elocution lessons to lose his cockney accent. It proved to be an astute move and by the age of 14 Phillips was the family’s main breadwinner. Phillips made his first film appearances as a child in the 1930s. He is the only actor still alive who performed at Pinewood Studios in its first week of opening in 1936.

Called up to the Army in 1942, due to his acquired upper class accent, Phillips was selected for officer training and commissioned in the Royal Artillery in 1943. He was transferred to the Durham Light Infantry in 1944 but was later declared unfit for service after being diagnosed with a neurological condition that caused partial paralysis. Phillips was initially sent to a psychiatric hospital in error but was then sent to the correct facility for treatment. One wonders how that error was spotted and rectified because such errors usually were not. People languished for decades in hell holes because a hopelessly incompetent Dafydd or Gwynne had got it wrong and were too stupid and arrogant to consider that possibility. That experience would also have left Leslie Phillips with inside knowledge of what was happening in psychiatric hospitals and who those inside were, which Phillips might have put to excellent use in his subsequent career. Spike Milligan’s well-publicised time in psychiatric units will have left him in the same position.

No-one ever spread rumours about the extreme dangerousness of Leslie Phillips or Spike Milligan, even after those occasions on which Milligan was ferociously violent or tried to kill Peter Sellers. Spike’s Nervous Illness afforded him the sort of sympathy and respect that wasn’t usually afforded to other people with similar conditions at the time and after each public scene, Spike would be welcomed back into polite society once more, thus enabling Spike to continue blacking up as an Indian man and doing a funny accent or making weird noises with the other Goons which were broadcast over the radio and enjoyed by, among many, Carlo.

Demobbed in December 1944, Leslie Phillips’ acting career initially took in “the murkiest rat-infested old playhouses and music halls in the North of England”. It was during the 1950s that Phillips became known for playing ‘amusing’ English stereotypes. His ‘seductive’ voice is his trademark, as well as his catchphrases, “I say, Ding Dong” (originally the catchphrase of Phillips’ character Jack Bell in Carry On Nurse), “Hello” and “Lumme!” I think that Dafydd modelled himself on Leslie Phillips’s screen persona.

Phillips appeared in Carry On NurseCarry On Teacher and Carry On Constable. After Constable, he told the producer that he did not wish to do any more Carry Ons, though he did return for Carry On Columbus in 1992. This made him, with June Whitfield, the longest-serving Carry On cast members. In the 1960s Phillips starred in several of the ‘Doctor’ film comedies.

After his marriage to Angela Scoular in 1982, Phillips decided to move away from playing the kind of lecherous twits with suave chat-up lines which had characterised much of his previous work.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Phillips has remained busy in both stage and TV productions, along with roles in films such as Empire of the Sun (1987) directed by Steven Spielberg and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001). Phillips also provided the voice over for and appeared in the Harry Potter films. In 2006, he appeared in Hanif Kureishi’s film ‘Venus’ and was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in 2007. 

Phillips was appointed OBE in the 1998 Birthday Honours – mid-way through the Waterhouse Inquiry – and was promoted to CBE in the 2008 New Year Honours. 2008, the year that Nerys died and war was raging in north Wales.

Phillips, in conjunction with Back Door Productions, co-produced the Sky Arts series Living The Life which ran for three series.

Phillips married his first wife, actress Penelope Bartley, on 30 May 1948. They had four children. In 1962, Phillips started his relationship with Caroline Mortimer, who was an understudy in a stage play in which Phillips starred. Phillips and Bartley separated at that point and were divorced in 1965. After his relationship with Caroline Mortimer ended, Phillips embarked on a relationship with actress Vicki Luke, with whom he lived for approximately three years, after which he started a relationship with Angela Scoular.

While on tour in Australia in 1981 he was notified that Penelope Bartley had died in a fire. Phillips elected to continue in the production and not attend her funeral. In 1982, Phillips and Scoular were married and remained together until her death on 11 April 2011. Scoular was suffering from bowel cancer and bipolar disorder and took her own life. Phillips was too ill to attend the inquest into Scoular’s death three months later.

Leslie doesn’t have much luck with women does he.

Fenella Fielding was another Carry On star who had links to those we know and love and a close connection to the Tory Party as well in that her brother Lord Basil Feldman was a Tory politician. See post ‘R.I.P. Fenella Fielding’.

Leslie is a long-term fan of Tottenham Hotspur and is a regular at matches. Which suggests that Leslie retains close links with the Tottenham area, part of the Borough of Haringey, which hosted a gang linked to Dafydd’s. Previous posts have detailed how, when Dafydd released me from the North Wales Hospital in Jan 1987 after illegally imprisoning me there, he happily told me that he had rung a contact in Haringey Social Services to let them know that I would be living on their patch. This was not a referral for any type of after-care, it was clearly meant as a threat, to complement the other threats from Angels of ‘shut your mouth about DA’ and ‘don’t ever come back to north Wales again’.

The former Wrexham kid in care with whom I made friends in Denbigh, Stephen Bagnall, who was also held illegally there and I believe died in Denbigh some months later (see post ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’), had relatives in Tottenham. Stephen didn’t tell Dafydd that, but he told me, in front of an Angel and the Angels served as Dafydd’s spies. The Angel who heard Stephen telling me about his Tottenham relatives was Mark Jones, a nasty piece of work who was one of those who told me to keep my mouth shut and that no complaints of mine would get anywhere.

Mark Jones was working as a Senior Managing Angel in north Wales as recently as 2012. When I was in the Heddfan Unit, I met another patient who had encountered him. This woman told me that Mark had assaulted her in the name of ‘restraint’ and when she asked him ‘what did you do that for?’, Jones replied ‘Because I could’. Yes, that sounds like Mark, who strutted about in his quasi-military uniform and who’s public image of ‘I’m a big fan of Muriel Gray, being all Socialist and New Man’ slipped the minute that he was unobserved or Among Fellow Thugs.

So how did Mark Jones achieve seniority among the Angel classes in north Wales? Er probably by being one of the thugs on duty when Stephen and I were patients in Bryn Golau Ward in Dec 1986-Jan 1987. Mark will know even more about the serious criminality than I have found out. He’ll also know how Stephen died.

Spurs were of course known for soccer hooliganism. Stephen Bagnall had been involved in football violence both in Wrexham and in Tottenham…

It really isn’t rocket science for gangsters to discredit young men like Stephen if they have repeatedly sexually assaulted them when they were 13. It is much harder for them to do it to people like me, Brown and our friends which was why the security services did nothing as documentation was forged, lies were told, perjury committed again and again, violent assaults were carried out upon us… If we didn’t have a lifestyle like Stephen and his mates, people had to work very hard to pretend that we did.

Here’s the Sex Offenders’ Accomplice’s Crumpet herself:

Muriel Gray
Muriel Gray.jpg

Muriel Gray in 2017

There we were in Denbigh, watching the TV and Muriel was on, spouting her pseudo-socialist rubbish and Mark was responding with ‘Ah, I like her, she’s really sound’. He even stopped hobnobbing with the other Angels and was glued to the set when Muriel appeared.

Shut Your Mouth About DA!

  • NHS London March 2018: Actor Ralf Little blasts Health ...
  • Thousands march to protest an NHS in intensive care ...
  • NHS London March 2018: Actor Ralf Little blasts Health ...


Caroline Mortimer’s husband John David Bennett (8 May 1928-11 April 2005) was born in Beckenham and educated at Bradfield College in Berkshire, then trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama followed by a wide repertory theatre experience including Bromley, Bristol, Old Vic, Dundee, the Edinburgh Festival and Watford before going to London’s West End. Often cast as a villain, Bennett had many roles on TV including ‘Porridge’, ‘Survivors’, ‘The Avengers’. He guest-starred in two Doctor Who serials, as General Finch in ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’ (1974). Bennett appeared in over 300 TV productions including ‘I, Claudius’, ‘Rome’, ‘Special Branch’, ‘Softly, Softly’ and ‘Tales of the Unexpected’. 

John Bennett’s film roles included ‘The House That Dripped Blood'(1970), ‘The House in Nightmare Park’ (1973) He also played an undercover detective in ‘Victim’ (1961) but the role was uncredited.

Bennett’s theatre roles included Henry Percy (Hotspur) in Richard II, Marley’s Ghost in ‘A Christmas Carol’ (RSC) as well as working extensively at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Bennett starred in many West End musicals. In radio, Bennett had been a member of the BBC Drama Repertory Company

Bennett was an enthusiastic amateur flier and an accomplished glider pilot. For many years he was a member of the RAF G.S.A (Gliding and Soaring Association) Centre at RAF Bicester in the 1970s. Bennett was a part owner of a number of high performance gliders. There was a fondness for gliding among some of the Top Docs at St George’s Hospital Medical School in the late 1980s and the craze took off at Newcastle University at about the same time.

Jeremy Mortimer, the son of John Mortimer and his first wife Penelope, is a director and producer of dramas for the BBC Radio. His credits include ‘The Pattern of Painful Adventures’ (BBC Radio 3, 2008). Bennett’s production of the Troy Trilogy, which was first broadcast on Radio 3 in 1998, was lauded as “the greatest radio drama [anyone] could ever hear.”

Jeremy Mortimer won the 2012 Bronze Sony Radio Academy Award for Best Drama with A Tale of Two Cities. 


Jeremy’s half-sister Emily Kathleen Anne Mortimer (born 1 December 1971) is an actress and screenwriter. She began acting in stage productions and has since appeared in several film and TV roles. Mortimer was born in Hammersmith to Mortimer’s second wife, Penelope (née Gollop). Emily studied at St Paul’s Girls’ School, London, where she appeared in several pupil productions. Emily went on to Lincoln College, Oxford, where she read Russian. Before becoming an actress, Emily wrote a column for the Daily Torygraph and was screenwriter for an adaptation of Lorna Sage’s memoir, ‘Bad Blood’.

Emily performed in several plays while at Oxford and when acting in a student production she was spotted by a producer who later cast her in the lead in a TV adaptation of The Glass Virgin (1995). More TV roles followed. In 1996, Emily Mortimer appeared in her first feature film, The Ghost and the Darkness. In 1998 Emily appeared in ‘Elizabeth’ and in the TV mini series Cider With Rosie, which was adapted for TV by her father.

In 1999, Emily played three roles, including as the star of the film within a film in Scream 3. In 2000, Emily was cast as Katherine in Kenneth Branagh’s musical adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost, where she met actor and future husband Alessandro Nivola. She took on her biggest role in an American film to date in Disney’s The Kid. In 2002, Emily had a major role in The 51st State (also known as Formula 51). In 2003, Mortimer appeared in Stephen Fry’s film Bright Young Things and in 2005, she played a major role in Woody Allen’s Match Point. She appeared in The Pink Panther in 2006 and in its 2009 sequel.  Emily Mortimer played an aspiring actress in City Island (2009) and was in Martin Scorsese’s 2010 film Shutter Island. In January 2013 it was announced that Emily would be co-creating and starring in the comedy series Doll & Em for Sky Living.  

Emily Mortimer married Alessandro in Turville in Buckinghamshire on 3 January 2003. They live with their two children in Brooklyn.

Randall Swingler (28 May 1909 – 1967), one of those with whom John Mortimer’s first wife Penelope had an affair, was an English poet, writing extensively in the 1930s in the Communist interest. Randall was from a prosperous upper middle class Anglican family near Nottingham, with an industrial background in the Midlands and earlier aristocratic roots in Scotland. Randall’s uncle and godfather was Randall Davidson, the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1903-1928 and he was the cousin of Sir Walter Scott.

Randall Swingler was educated at Winchester College and New College Oxford, a popular recruiting ground for the British security services. Randall was two years younger than the ultimate Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman, who protected Dafydd and Gwynne when Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1968-70; Crossman was a student and then a don at New College, Oxford. Ma’am Darling’s friend Colin Tennant, the 3rd Lord Glenconner, studied at New College after Eton, but Tennant was at New College during the post-war years, by which time Crossman was a Labour MP.

Randall served with the British Army in WW II. His egalitarian beliefs led him to refuse a commission and he joined as a private soldier, repeatedly refusing offers of a battlefield commission. Randall saw action in the Italian campaign. He left the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1956. Randall Swingler was a founder of E.P. Thompson’s ‘The New Reasoner’. E.P. Thompson was one of the intellectuals who had a second home at Cwm Croesor, along with fellow Communist and member of the New Left Eric Hobsbawm and hung out with the Welsh Bloomsbury Set there, some of whom were utilising the services provided by Dafydd and Gwynne. See ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. Randall will have known Uncle Harry’s nephew’s dad Ralph Miliband. See previous posts.

Eric Hobsbawm fell out with E.P. Thompson at the time of the split in the Communist Party of Great Britain in the wake of the 1957 Soviet suppression of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. E.P. Thompson later became an academic at Warwick University when the VC of Warwick was Richard Crossman’s mate Lord Jack Butterworth. E.P. Thompson joined the Warwick students, including Merfyn, in the Warwick Events, when they held a sit-in in the Registry and found evidence that Butterworth had not only been keeping secret files on the students re their political activity etc but had also been involved with US and UK big business and had been participating in dodgy deals with them to raise funds for Warwick University. Crossman’s ‘Diaries’ discussed this and it left him in a quandry because he admitted that Butterworth’s activities were unacceptable but then the students had gained the evidence by breaking and entering as it were. E.P. Thompson resigned from Warwick University and published his book ‘Warwick University Ltd’ about the Events.

My interest is the many ways in which E.P. Thompson must have been torn. Thompson did know about Dafydd and Gwynne, but I have no idea what his attitude to the shenanigans was. He fell out with Eric Hobsbawm, then fell out with Warwick University over the activities of Jack Butterworth, Richard Crossman’s mate. Yet Thompson’s friend Randall’s younger brother Stephen Swingler was a junior Minister in the DHSS when Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS and a big chum of Crossman’s. Stephen Swingler gets many mentions in Crossman’s ‘Diaries’, they are always positive and Stephen Swingler is one of those who was concealing the mountains of crap in the DHSS, including that emanating from Dafydd and Gwynne. Swingler must have known that Crossman was the King of the Swingers as well and indeed that most of the DHSS was swinging with Crossman, Swingler was in the middle of it.

Swingler was a junior Minister in the DHSS who was succeeded by David Ennals when Swingler died suddenly and prematurely. Ennals was Dafydd’s mate. Swingler worked with Dr Death when Death was telling everyone in the DHSS what to do before he was even a junior Minister.

So the Mortimers were swinging with at least one of the family members of someone at the heart of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

This really was a lot more than being spanked with a hairbrush wielded by Molly Parkin.

Look at the dates of John Mortimer’s success with Rumpole and other writings. Rumpole captured the nation’s hearts when Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I wouldn’t shut up and when the investigations and inquiries began. Mortimer retired from the Bar in 1984 and decided that it was a full-time writer’s life for him. In 1984 Brown and I were writing to the UCNW authorities and to the GMC about Gwynne.

Mortimer’s children’s success can be quite easily mapped against the necessity to keep a lid on matters north Wales as well, as of course can the late in life success of Leslie Phillips, the has been of the Carry on films who enjoyed a burst of success in old age…


Randall Swingler was an accomplished flautist playing regularly with the professional London orchestras. He was later much involved in musical collaboration as a librettist, writing song cycles with Benjamin Britten, Alan Bush, Alan Rawsthorne and Constance Lambert. Among several notable pieces, Swingler co-wrote ‘Ballad of Heroes’ with Britten and the poet W.H. Auden and wrote a new version of the English lyrics of the Polish revolutionary song ‘Whirlwinds of Danger’.

Randall hung out in North London, as a close associate of Nancy Cunard. Nancy Clara Cunard (10 March 1896-17 March 1965) was a writer, heiress and political activist. She was the daughter of Sir Bache Cunard, an heir to the Cunard Line shipping businesses, Sir Bernard being a keen polo player and fox hunter. The Cunard Baronetcy encountered serious problems with regard to being passed on to the next generation in true aristo style, because apart from Nancy’s dad, so many of the males in the family were Bachelors who were not blessed with children. To summarise:

The Cunard Baronetcy, of Bush Hill in the County of Middlesex was created in 1859 for Samuel Cunard, the Canadian-born British shipping magnate. He was succeeded in the baronetcy by his elder son Sir Edward, the second baronet. Upon the second baronet’s sudden death in 1869, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir Bache, the third baronet. The third baronet married Maud Cunard, by whom he had one child, Nancy Cunard and was succeeded in the title at his death in 1925 by his younger brother Sir Gordon, the fourth baronet. The fourth baronet survived his brother by eight years; at his death in 1933, he was succeeded by his eldest son Sir Edward, the fifth baronet. The fifth baronet was a lifelong bachelor, and at his death in 1962, the senior line of descent from the first baronet failed. He was succeeded by a second cousin once removed, Sir Henry, who became the sixth baronet and was a great-great-grandson of the first baronet through his younger son William (1825-1906). Also a bachelor, the sixth baronet was succeeded by his younger brother Sir Guy, the seventh and last baronet, in 1973. He was likewise a bachelor and the title became extinct upon his death in 1989.

Cunard baronets of Bush Hill:

  • Sir Samuel Cunard, 1st Baronet (1787–1865)
  • Sir Edward Cunard, 2nd Baronet (1816–1869)
  • Sir Bache Cunard, 3rd Baronet (1851–1925) (married Maud Cunard)
  • Sir Gordon Cunard, 4th Baronet (1857–1933)
  • Sir Edward Cunard, 5th Baronet (1891–1962)
  • Sir Henry Cunard, 6th Baronet (1909–1973)
  • Sir Guy Cunard, 7th Baronet (1911–1989)

Nancy devoted much of her life to fighting racism and fascism. She became a muse to some of the 20th century’s most distinguished writers and artists, including Wyndham LewisAldous HuxleyTristan TzaraEzra Pound and Louis Aragon ,who were among her lovers, as well as Ernest HemingwayJames JoyceConstantin BrâncușiLangston HughesMan Ray and William Carlos Williams. MI5 documents reveal that Nancy was involved with Indian socialist leader VK Krishna Menon.

Nancy Cunard moved to Paris in 1920; there, she became involved with literary Modernsim, Surrealists and Dada. Much of her published poetry dates from this period. During her early years in Paris, she was close to Michael Arlen. In 1920 she had a near-fatal hysterectomy for reasons ‘that are not entirely clear’. However, she ‘recovered and was then able to lead a promiscuous sexual life without the inconvenience of pregnancy’. it sounds as though one of Nancy’s friends might have performed a DIY operation on Nancy… Nancy’s brief relationship with Aldous Huxley influenced several of his novels. It has been suggested that Nancy became dependent on alcohol at this time and may have used other drugs.

Nancy Cunard’s style informed by her devotion to the artifacts of African culture was startlingly unconventional. The large-scale jewellery she favoured, crafted of wood, bone and ivory, the natural materials used by native crafts people, was provocative and controversial. The bangles she wore on both arms snaking from wrist to elbow were considered outréadornments. Nancy was often photographed wearing her collection and at first considered the bohemian affectation of an eccentric heiress, the fashion world came to legitimise this style as avant-garde, dubbing it the “barbaric look”.

In 1927, Nancy moved into a farmhouse in La Chapelle-Reanville, Normandy. It was there in 1928 that she set up the Hours Press. Cunard wanted to support experimental poetry and provide a higher-paying market for young writers; her inherited wealth allowed her to take financial risks that other publishers could not.

The Hours Press brought out the first separately published work of Samuel Beckett, a poem called Whoroscope (1930); Bob Brown‘s Words; and Pound’s A Draft of XXX Cantos. Cunard published old friends like George Moore, Norman DouglasRichard Aldington and Arthur Symons, and brought out Henry-Music, a book of poems from various authors with music by Henry Crowder, but also two books by Laura Riding, the Collected Poems of John Rodker, poems by Roy CampbellHarold ActonBrian Howard and Walter Lowenfels. Wyn Henderson had taken over day-to-day operation of the press by 1931; in the same year it published its last book, The Revaluation of Obscenity by sexologist the Dafyddesque Havelock Ellis.

In 1928 (after a two-year affair with Louis Aragon) Nancy began a relationship with Henry Crowder, an African-American jazz musician who was working in Paris. She became an activist in matters concerning racial politics and civil rights in the USA, and visited Harlem. In 1931, she published the pamphlet Black Man and White Ladyship, an attack on racist attitudes as exemplified by Cunard’s mother, whom she quoted as saying “Is it true that my daughter knows a Negro?” She also edited the massive ‘Negro Anthology’ collecting poetry, fiction, and nonfiction primarily by African-American writers, including Langston Hughes and Zora Neale HurstonIt also included writing by George Padmore and Cunard’s own account of the Scottsboro Boys case. Press attention to this project in May 1932, two years before it was published, led to Cunard’s receiving anonymous threats and hate mail, some of which she published in the book, expressing regret that “[others] are obscene, so this portion of American culture cannot be made public.”

Nancy identified as an anarchist. In the mid-1930s Nancy took up the anti-fascist fight as well, writing about Mussolini’s annexation of Ethiopia and the Spanish Civil War. Nancy predicted, accurately, that the “events in Spain were a prelude to another world war”. Her stories about the suffering of Spanish refugees became the basis for a fundraising appeal in ‘The Manchester Guardian’. Cunard herself helped deliver supplies and organise the relief effort, but poor health – caused in part by exhaustion and the conditions in the camps – forced her to return to Paris, where she stood on the streets collecting funds for the refugees.

In 1937, Nancy published a series of pamphlets of war poetry, including the work of W. H. AudenTristan Tzara and Pablo Neruda. Later the same year, together with Auden and Stephen Spender, she distributed a questionnaire about the war to writers in Europe; the results were published by the ‘Left Review’ as Authors Take Sides on the Spanish WarThe questionnaire to 200 writers asked the following question: “Are you for, or against, the legal government and people of Republican Spain? Are you for, or against, Franco and Fascism? For it is impossible any longer to take no side.”

We could do with Nancy to sort out Brexit.

There were elicited 147 answers, of which 126 supported the Republic, including W.H. AudenSamuel Beckett and Rebecca WestFive writers explicitly responded in favour of Franco: they were Evelyn WaughEdmund Blunden, Arthur MachenGeoffrey Moss and Eleanor SmithAmong 16 responses that Cunard, in her eventually published compendium, grouped under the sceptical heading “Neutral?” were H.G. Wells, Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and Vera Brittain. The mistreatment of Toilets’ wife Vivienne at the hands of Toilets and his mates in the Bloomsbury Group, including Virginia Woolf and Viv’s subsequent incarceration in an asylum by Toilets where she was nonetheless visited by Bertrand Russell for sex, is discussed in my post ‘International Women’s Day! Let Us Celebrate With Jane…’.  

Shirl will be dining out on Vera’s status as ‘neutral’:

File:Shirley Williams -NHS Confederation annual conference ...

The most famous response was not included: it came from George Orwell and began:

Will you please stop sending me this bloody rubbish. This is the second or third time I have had it. I am not one of your fashionable pansies like Auden or Spender, I was six months in Spain, most of the time fighting, I have a bullet hole in me at present and I am not going to write blah about defending democracy or gallant little anybody… .

I’m glad that somebody knew what they were doing, although Nancy ignored Orwell’s response because it wasn’t Appropriate and it was from a Rude Man who was injured so obviously Not In His Right Mind.

Several other writers also declined to contribute, including Virginia Woolf, Bertrand Russell, E.M. Forster and James Joyce. I don’t know why Russell refused to reply, I would have expected that he would have sent his answer back alongside his signature with the emphasis on the EARL part of it, demanding that his response be taken as the defining response of the wider group. Perhaps Russell was otherwise engaged as it were.

During WW II Cunard worked, to the point of physical exhaustion, as a translator in London on behalf of the French Resistance. After the war, Nancy gave up her home at Réanville and travelled extensively. In June 1948, she travelled from Jamaica to the UK on board the Empire Windrush. 

In later years, Nancy suffered from mental illness and poor physical health, worsened by alcoholism, poverty and self-destructive behaviour. She was committed to a mental hospital after a fight with London police; but, after her release, her health declined even further and she weighed less than sixty pounds when she was found on the street in Paris and brought to the Hopital Cochin, where she died two days later. Nancy’s body was returned to England for cremation and the remains were sent back to the Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise in Paris, where they reside in a pot identified only by a number, along with many others.

So once more Ah the doctors they were not wonderful. Nancy died in 1965, by which time her pal Randall’s brother Stephen Swingler was a Labour MP for a constituency which hosted a trafficking ring with links to Wales and Dafydd had bagged his job as a consultant at the North Wales Hospital… Even Uncle Harry didn’t ride to Nancy’s rescue. But then they don’t. They mouth off endlessly but they are actually incapable of anything much more than that, certainly not of looking after someone and furthermore they’re no good at ensuring that standards are upheld if they create a system of paid care either.

As Brown has often observed, ‘humans are not load-bearing’. No they’re not but they do like to tell the rest of the world that they are, particularly if they Want To Change The World. I’ll look out for the next ‘Guardian’ online feature asking readers for their experience of the mental health services, the NHS, social care etc. If I did reply, my reply would be put in the bin like George Orwell’s. Indeed, I’ll let readers in on a Secret. I replied to one of the appeals for readers’ experiences that Frances Ryan, The Guardian’s disability correspondent, launched a few years ago. No, I wasn’t Chosen To Be Featured, although my experience was even worse than some of those that were published. I think I know why I wasn’t chosen. The final question was ‘How did this make you feel?’ and I wrote ‘Gobsmacked’. The published responses were all ‘Suicidal’, ‘I cried for days’, ‘I don’t think that I’ll ever get over this’, ‘I am having counselling to deal with it’. I am simply not traumatised enough to count. I’m also me and I was told that was noted by ‘The Guardian’ no less…


Randall Swingler was one of the organisers of the covert Writer’s Group of the late 1930s, attempting to co-ordinate a ‘literary policy’ of the Left. He was involved also in work for the Unity Theatre. Randall was the literary editor of the Daily Worker and often reviewed books for ‘The Times’, ‘The Manchester Guardian’ and other newspapers. With his brother, Crossman’s friend Stephen, Randall was involved in Barnett Stross‘s Lidice Shall Live campaign. He wrote the words to the piece A Rose For Lidice (music by Alan Rawsthorne) which was performed at the opening of the memorial rose garden in Lidice in 1955.

Randall joined the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1934. His numerous ventures as a literary entrepreneur included: the setting up of Fore Publications (1938); the magazines Left Review (to 1938), ArenaSeven (taken over in wartime, mainly for the paper stock), Our Time; and the publishing of the Key Books and later Key Poets series.

Randall was married to the concert pianist and tutor at the Guildhall, Geraldine Peppin. Randall’s son-in-law was the composer Edward Williams.

Randall Swingler died unexpectedly in 1967.

Stephen Thomas Swingler (2 March 1915-19 February 1969) was the Labour MP for Stafford 1945-50 and Newcastle-under-Lyme from 1951 until his death in 1969. Staffordshire was another area of organised abuse, which, as in north Wales, expanded and expanded and by the 1980s was severely adversely effecting the operation of the local NHS, as well as the Social Services. The Pin-Down Scandal erupted in Staffordshire in the 1980s and Barbara Kahan, a Gov’t social work adviser who was married to child psychiatrist Dr Vladimir Kahan and who with Vlad had concealed organised abuse for decades – they even worked with convicted paedophiles –  was commissioned to Co-chair the inevitable Public Inquiry which followed, with Allan Levy QC, someone else who had a long record of concealing abuse. Kahan and Levy did as required: they wrote a Report condemning the Terrible Abuse but didn’t dare make clear how terrible it was or how widespread. Neither did they admit that it was part of an international abuse network and had links to the gang in north Wales and other gangs. See post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’.

The Pin-Down Scandal blew up when Dafydd’s gang were really causing me problems. The man at the centre of the Pin-Down Scandal was a social worker, Tony Lathan, who sounded very much like Keith Fearns of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Latham was aggressive and intimidating, was known to be threatening clients and like Fearns, ran rather odd small businesses that were inconsistent with being a senior social worker. Other staff, even senior staff, didn’t argue with Latham, they were frightened of him. It was just as if I was reading about Fearns…

The Staffordshire Pin-Down received acres of coverage in the ‘New Statesman’ and ‘The Guardian’. Meanwhile up in north Wales:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Nothing was published about the chaos in the Staffordshire NHS caused by gangsters taking over the area’s health and social care sector. The problems in Staffordshire’s NHS received a mention in Hansard in the 1990s, but John Major’s Gov’t refused to hold an investigation….

Some 10 years ago I met a lady who was by then living in Gwynedd who told me about the terrible problems that her adult anorexic daughter was having and that the Hergest Unit just would not help. They had expressed the opinion that if the daughter wanted to kill herself she could. The lady was a retired Headmistress from Staffordshire who in the 1980s had fostered children for the local authority. She fostered two teenaged girls who told her that social workers had been cruel to them before they had been placed with this lady. She reported the matter to Staffordshire Social Services. The two girls were removed from her care immediately and she never saw them again. She had no idea where they went although she’d fostered them for a while. Her husband was arrested and charged with sexually abusing the girls. The charges were eventually dropped, but not before he was remanded in prison and she had to resign from her job. They left Staffordshire and relocated to Gwynedd where they thought that they could live in peace. Until they found that the NHS just would not treat their daughter no matter how ill she was…

It’s a network and as in Gwynedd, every politician in Staffordshire knew that things were going badly wrong in the NHS and Social Services. They said nothing and of course they opposed All NHS Cuts. See previous posts for info on Staffordshire politicians.

Stephen Swingler was succeeded as the Labour MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme by John Golding. John Golding was educated at Chester City Grammar School, Keele University and the LSE, so he was in the bosom of the paedophiles’ friends from his early years. After some time working in the Civil Service, Golding took up a research job with the Post Office Engineering Union.

Golding served in the Gov’ts of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan as PPS to Eric Varley when Varley was Minister of Technology. Previous posts have discussed Varley, his good friendship with Gerald Kaufperson and how Kaufperson’s children were gobsmacked when they discovered after Kaufperson’s death that Kaufperson had left Varley all his worldly goods in his will. Because Varley had already died himself, Kaufperson’s wishes couldn’t be followed, but it suggested that Kaufperson and Varley must have been rather friendlier than anyone thought. Kaufperson had a lot of enemies in the Labour Party because he was perceived to be an oily scumbag but no-one ever asked the salient questions. Although there was obviously a reason why the oily scumbag was tolerated by so many who loathed him.

Golding served as a Labour Whip in opposition and as Minister for Employment. He was an outspoken opponent of Labour left-wingers such as  Wedgie Benn and Heffer and was a key figure in opposing Militant, especially in mobilising moderate trades union leaders to exercise their block votes to achieve this end. In 1986 Golding left Parliament to take up the post of General Secretary of the National Communications Union, a post that he held until 1988. Golding had served as a member of the Council of the TUC.

In 1986, the Staffordshire Pin-Down Scandal was beginning to explode and Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and I were refusing to keep quiet.

Golding was succeeded in his seat by his wife, Lin, Llinos. Who was the daughter of Ness Edwards, the Big Labour Man from south Wales who was the MP for Caerphilly, 1939-68. See previous posts.

Llinos Golding, Baroness Golding (born 21 March 1933) worked as an NHS radiographer and currently serves as Patron of the Society of Radiographers. Llinos stepped down at the 2001 General Election, the year after the publication of the Waterhouse Report and immediately went on to clutter up the Lords, where she remains. Baroness Golding was the peer who vouched for the two ‘Fathers for Justice’ protesters who threw a flour bomb at Miranda during PMQs on 19 May 2004. By vouching for them, Golding made it possible for the pair to access an area of the Commons viewing gallery not behind a glass security screen. There is no suggestion that she had any idea of their protest plans. Later the same afternoon, Llinos apologised to the Houses of Lords and Commons for her part in the affair.

Llinos won’t have known about the genocide in the Staffordshire NHS either. Or the abuse of those kids in care in Staffs. Or George Thomas, her dad’s pal down in south Wales. Or Dafydd et al. What Llinos will be keen on is Supporting The NHS.

The Baroness Golding
Official portrait of Baroness Golding crop 2.jpg

Llinos is a Board member of the Countryside Alliance.

John Golding died on 20 Jan 1999, so was safely dead by the time that Ronnie Waterhouse published his Report. 1999, like 1994 and 1995, was another year in which we said goodbye to a few insiders who could name names; poor old Ioan Bowen Rees the former Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council pegged out on May 4 1999 and of course the first Mrs Penelope Mortimer who’s dad was a clergyman from Rhyl died in Oct 1999.

If Llinos did have doubts about the circumstances of her husband’s death, she’ll have known better than to raise them; as a former NHS worker Llinos wouldn’t dare.

My friend’s baby died as a result of clinical negligence at Musgrove Park Hospital in 1999, the friend who’s media career was wrecked by Michael Grade, Paul Fox and others and who was shafted by Lord Jack McConnell after she stood by me re Dafydd and the gang. When I received my medical records, I found that the death of my friend’s baby was documented in there. After the death of her baby, my friend and her husband were too distressed to work for about 18 months – the bereavement counsellor at Taunton wasn’t up to much!! – they were trying to work as independent scriptwriters by then… When they did finally finish the project on which they were working when Angel died, it was plagiarised by Stephen Spielberg as detailed in previous posts and comments…

‘If Margaret Thatcher wins on Thursday, I warn you not to be ordinary. I warn you not to be young. I warn you not to fall ill. And I warn you not to grow old.’

  • Neil Kinnock knew Tony Francis, Francis used to tell his patients; Kinnock was the NUS leader at Cardiff University when Francis was a student there.


Stephen Swingler was the son of the Rev. H. Swingler and was educated at Stowe School, which educated quite a few whom afforded Dafydd’s gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring protection. See eg. ‘A Trail Of Blood’. After Stowe, Swingler went to New College, Oxford – a recruiting ground for the British security services, where Richard Crossman was a student and then a don – where he graduated in PPE in 1936. Before entering politics Stephen Swingler was a lecturer for the WEA. Swingler served as a Captain in the Royal Armoured Corps, 1941-45. Under the name ‘Thomas Stevens’, he wrote books including ‘Outline of Political Thought since the French Revolution’ (1939) and ‘Army Education’ (1941).

In Wilson’s Gov’t, 1964-70, Swingler was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport ie. Tom Fraser and then Barbara Castle. Swingler was then promoted to Minister of State at the same Dept until November 1968, when he was moved to the new DHSS to become Minister of State for Social Services under Richard Crossman and appointed as a Privy Councillor, the position that Swingler held when he died in office in 1969, aged 53.

Crossman writes about Swingler’s death in his ‘Diaries’ and it came a complete shock to Crossman and to Swingler’s wife Anne. Swingler became ill very suddenly, was busy working on various Gov’t projects and had expected to complete them and take on more. Anne Swingler seemed to bounce back from her husband’s death remarkably quickly but that may just have been Crossman’s insensitivity…

So Randall Swingler died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1967 and Stephen Swingler died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1969.

Tommy Cooper | Nostalgie | Pinterest | Tommy cooper

Both the Swinglers were insiders re the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Harold Wilson was PM at the time and the security services saw their duty to the nation as being to protect people in high places even if they were serious criminals; if that meant that no questions had to be asked about witnesses dropping like lemmings then so be it.

Stephen Swingler played an interesting but minor part in the case of John Bodkin Adams, the Top Doc who was almost certainly a serial killer but who was protected by the BMA, the GMC, Harriet Harman’s father Dr John Harman and a number of lawyers and other people. On 8 November 1956, the Attorney-General Reginald Manningham-Buller handed the Scotland Yard report into Adams’ activities to Dr McRae, Secretary of the BMA. The prosecution’s most valuable document was then copied and passed to Adams’ defence Counsel.

After a tip-off from a Daily Mail journo, on 28 November 1956 Swingler (in conjunction with MP Hugh Delargy), addressed a question to the Attorney-General Manningham-Buller to be answered in the House of Commons on 3 December regarding Manningham-Buller’s recent contacts with the GMC. Manningham-Buller was absent on the day in question but gave a written reply stating he had “had no communications with the General Medical Council within the last six months.” He avoided referring to the BMA directly (despite the BMA being named in Delargy’s question) and therefore avoided lying, although, it could be argued, he deliberately misled the House.

Adams was eventually acquitted of the murder of Edith Alice Morrell for which he stood trial, but was suspected by Home Office pathologist Francis Camps of killing 163 patients.

Bodkin Adams lived, practised and allegedly mass-murdered in Sussex, the Sussex of the Bloomsbury Group and once Dafydd and John Allen had gone into business, the Sussex of the Brighton in which the brothels owned by John Allen were located where kids from the children’s homes in north Wales were trafficked.

See previous posts for details of the John Bodkin Adams case as well as for info on Francis Camps, a pathologist who was involved in many high profile cases and cases of famous people in previous years.


Stephen Swingler was married in 1936 to Anne (née Lily), daughter of John Matthews, of Mitcham, formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They had four children: Robin, Nicholas, Clare and Oliver. Anne Swingler worked in the Labour Research Dept and later volunteered for Shelter Housing Aid. Shelter is an organisation that has been rather more effective at providing Shelter for associates of the gang than for homeless people.

Jane Hutt’s mate Val Feld, one of the Sisters who built her whole career as a Wimmin’s Champ on keeping quiet about Dafydd and the gang while Gov’t funding found its way into her coffers, was founding Director of Shelter Cymru in 1981. After steadfastly ignoring the havoc that the gang were causing, Val was subsequently appointed Head of the EOC for Wales. Val held that post for ten years, until her election as AM for Swansea East. Val died too young in 2001 after the Ah the doctors who were wonderful couldn’t save her. Whether this was because it was beyond their capabilities after all those years of fabricating research and lying about the effectiveness of treatments or whether they didn’t particularly want Val hanging about after Waterhouse, I’m not sure. Val was a former social worker and her dad, a Caernarfon dentist, would have known Gwynne the lobotomist and might well have have known Lord Snowdon’s grandfather, the Top Doc who’s country home was near Caernarfon. See previous posts for further info on Val Feld.

The record of deceased estates gives details re Anne Swingler.

Details of the deceased

First name:
Alternative name(s):
also known as Lily
Date of death:
3 April 2011

Last address of the deceased

Person Address Details
6 Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3 4LD

Details of the Executor/Administrator

Executor/Personal Representative:
Mulcahy Smith, 21/23 Regent Terrace, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE8 1LU. (Robin Elliott Swingler, John Nicholas Swingler, Oliver Richard Swingler and Stephanie Clare Gabriel)
There is a Nicholas Swingler who is a poet.
Oliver Swingler wrote a number of letters into ‘Socialist Review’ in 2005. Oliver has also written an a book, ‘Mental Survival’:
‘Mental Survival is a collection of articles, personal experiences, poems and songs, mostly centred around the theme of mental health. The writer draws on a wealth of experience to focus on psychiatry and counselling, the side effect of drugs and ECT, stigma and abuse, shedding light on much that is wrong with attitudes and care for the increasing numbers of people suffering debilitating mental distress. He also shows that despite an often daily battle against suicidal thoughts and chronic mood swings, it is possible to have a rewarding life, with moments of caring companionship, mostly winning the struggle to maintain a positive attitude and self-respect’.
Oliver provides the following bio:
Oliver Swingler was born 10th March 1948, and is currently actively retired despite physical disability and being a mental health survivor for 55 years. His working career has included 37 f different jobs, from factory labourer to Customer Services Supervisor, Sales Manager to Hospital Porter, Shop Assistant to Volunteer Co-ordinator, barman to Adult Education Lecturer – and over the years he’s done a variety of voluntary work, including VSO on island of St Helena, working with people recovering from head injuries, housing advisor with a Shelter Housing Aid Centre. Apart from 19 years semi-retreat from the world in the Emin esoteric cult, Oliver has been an active campaigner on a variety of issues, a student Socialist Society Chair, NUPE Shop Steward, Chair of Lifeboat mental health co-operative, and two Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations. As well as writing songs for a left/green choir, he’s most recently been active against fracking and global warming, as part of White Ribbon Campaign anti-violence against women, seeking justice for families of victims of the DWP, Atos, Maximus, Capita, and most recently re-joined the Labour Party after 50 years absence to support Jeremy Corbyn. A believer in social housing, Oliver has lived in a council flat in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for 26 years; he’s divorced and has one son.

Whether Oliver is fully aware of just how much damage to people like him so many of his associates and former employers have caused I don’t know. I suspect that he does realise, it is very difficult not to work for those organisations and not realise that they are spineless hypocrites. But then Oliver’s mum and dad both facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so Oliver might just be a chip off the old blog. ‘Please Top Doctors, I’ll work for you although you’ve destroyed my life!!!’

Oh look, I have noticed how many people with a ‘Profile’ as impressive as my own turned up after I finished my PhD. There was Real Working Class Woman the Bourdieusian sociologist Lisa McKenzie, there was Rufus May the Mental Health Survivor Turned Clinical Psychologist in Bradford and now I’ve found Oliver.

Get blogging you lot, tell the sodding truth instead of propping up these hypocrites…


Richard Crossman’s diary records that on March 24 1969 he gave a dinner for Godfrey Nicholson, whom Crossman noted was ‘wealthy, at school with me, much older than me, who strongly disapproved of me at first but now finds me quite reputable. He is the Chairman of a group of six hospitals in south Oxfordshire, with sub-normal and psychiatric patients and he hates the Regional Hospital Board and thinks that Dame Isabel is a mere stooge. He has a strong character and couldn’t have been more delighted when he found out what I was doing about mental hospitals and about the notion of an inspectorate. It was a most useful evening’.

Crossman at the time was still managing the fall-out from the Ely Hospital Scandal, was desperately trying to pretend that things were not half as bad as they were and, along with many others, lied to everyone, including Parliament, about Not Knowing about Ely. They had known and they also knew that Denbigh was far far worse. Crossman and indeed everyone involved stressed how much they wanted to improve institutions like Ely, but they did nothing about the Top Docs like Dafydd and Gwynne whom Crossman admitted in his ‘Diaries’ were abusing patients and breaking the law. Crossman knew that everyone involved were refusing to spent the money that had been given to them by the DHSS to improve the asylums on that and had instead spent the dosh on other things, yet no-one was held to account.

Crossman’s mate Dame Isabel Graham Bryce (see previous posts) had been in the system of NHS governance for years and was concealing a mountain of criminality, which was why Crossman valued her; Godfrey Nicholson may have hated Dame Isabel but he too knew how bad those hospitals were and will have been yet another person just paying lip service to Things Must Change. Gwynne’s mate Dr John Fisher ‘JOF’ Davies was the most senior administrative medical officer in Oxfordshire; JOF was Honorary Physician to Lilibet and ensured that patient neglect, cruelty and harm continued. See previous posts.

No wonder the ‘inspectorate’ when it arrived was pathetic with no powers and looked on while Dafydd shagged the patients and Gwynne lobotomised the complainants.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind trailer.jpg

Sir Godfrey Nicholson, 1st Baronet (9 December 1901-14 July 1991) was the Tory MP for Morpeth in Northumberland, 1931-35 and Farnham, 1937-66, when he was succeeded by Maurice Macmillan, Harold MacMillan’s son.

Patient F went to Farnham Art College and as a child and young man lived in either Godfrey’s constituency or a neighbouring one.

Godfrey was a member of the family that founded London-based gin distillers J&W Nicholson & Co. Godfrey was a younger son of Richard Francis Harrison and a grandson of politician William Nicholson. Godfrey was educated at Winchester College and graduated from Christ Church, Oxford in 1925. On 20 March 1958, Nicholson was made a baronet and he retired from politics in 1966. On 30 June 1936, he had married Lady Katharine Lindsay, a younger daughter of the 27th Earl of Crawford, David Alexander Edward Lindsay, also the 10th Earl of Balcarres (10 October 1871-8 March 1940), styled Lord Balcarres or Lord Balniel between 1880 and 1913, a Tory politician and art connoisseur. Apart from his political career, Crawford was Chancellor of Manchester University, 1923-40, a Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery – so he could have known Lord Lloyd Kenyon – and a Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire. Crawford became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1900 and also of the Royal Society in 1924.

One of Crawford’s daughters, Lady Mary Lilian Lindsay (1910–2004), married Reginald Manningham-Buller, 1st Viscount Dilhorne, Lord Chancellor, 1962-64, whose daughter was Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director-General of MI5, 2002-07. See previous posts for details re Reggie and Dame Eliza.

Dame Eliza: If you can explain why as DG of MI5 you allowed the slaughter at the Hergest Unit and the perjury etc, do leave a comment on the blog. You were also at the controls when the Top Docs decided that tch tch there wasn’t anything to be done for Merfyn’s wife. WTF were you doing you stupid bint?? Where did you think that it would all end?

The Baroness Manningham-Buller
Eliza Manningham-Buller at Chatham House 2016.jpg

Dame-Baroness Eliza went to school at Benenden – as did the corrupt expert witness Dr Adrianne Reveley and where it was alleged sexual bullying was so extensive that a ‘vice ring’ was operating. See post ‘Dr Adrianne Reveley – A Loving Tribute’). Eliza worked as a teacher for three years at Queen’s Gate School, Kensington, London, 1971–74, having read English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

The Dame-Baroness’s wiki entry is a real laugh, here are edited highlights:

‘Specializing in counter-terrorism rather than MI5’s then-classical counter-espionage, she was active at the time of the Lockerbie bombing by Libya in 1988. She worked for K-branch against the IRA. During the early 1980s she was reportedly one of only five people aware that Oleg Gordievsky, the Deputy Head of the KGB at the Soviet embassy in London, was actually a double agent. 

Eliza Manningham-Buller at Chatham House 2016.jpg

She was a senior liaison officer working out of Washington, D.C. to the US intelligence community over the period of the first Gulf War, before leading the newly created Irish counter-terrorism section from 1992 when MI5 were given the lead responsibility for such work (from the Met Police). Having been promoted to the Management Board of the Security Service the next year, [did Dame Eliza complete an MBA in preparation?] Manningham-Buller became the director in charge of surveillance and technical operations and did an agent run from Southampton in 2001 where she liaised with senior members of MI6 and an unknown spy who survived an assassination attempt in 2006 and 2014. She was appointed Deputy Director General in 1997, and succeeded Sir Stephen Lander as Director General in 2002, the second woman to take on the role after Dame Stella Rimington. As Director General, she was paid £150,000 a year. She has been credited with making the agency more open: she established a website and recruited agents through newspaper advertisements. Under her direction, terror risk assessments were made public for the first time.’

Did anyone tell Eliza that the security services are supposed to be secret?

In the 2005 Birthday Honours Manningham-Buller was appointed to the Order of the Bath as a Dame Commander (DCB). She resigned from MI5 on 21 April 2007 and was succeeded by her deputy, Jonathan Evans. That month marked the end of her 33rd year in the Security Service. She was raised to the peerage as Baroness Manningham-Buller, of Northampton in the County of Northamptonshire on 2 June 2008.’

Well the Top Docs had dealt with Nerys by then.

‘She reportedly joined the public speaking circuit. She was appointed to the Court and Council of Imperial College, London in 2009, becoming Deputy chairman later that year, and named chairman in July 2011. She became a governor of biomedical research charity the Wellcome Trust in 2008 and the first female chair of the Trust on 1 October 2015.

While Eliza was at the controls at Imperial and the Wellcome, the research fraud was rampant; Fungus Lowe had a hotline to the Wellcome Trust and the Wellcome funded a lame bit of PR with a view to whitewashing Bertrand Russell when Fungus got wind that I was researching the recent history of Cwm Croesor. See post ‘International Women’s Day! Let’s Celebrate With Jane…’

The Dame-Baroness’s wiki entry has much more of this nonsense, the ricin plots, the war on terror, a guest of Lord Peter Hennessey etc etc. This was someone who couldn’t reign in Dafydd, no wonder terrorism has become completely out of control.

Eliza Manningham-Buller at Chatham House 2016.jpg

The 27th Earl of Crawford’s younger son the Hon. James Lindsay was the Tory MP for Devon North. Lindsay lost his seat in 1959 to Mr Jeremy Thrope.

The 27th Earl of Crawford died in March 1940, aged 68 and was succeeded in his titles by his eldest son David, Lord Balniel. David was succeeded in the family titles in 1975 by his son, Robert Alexander Lindsay, 29th Earl of Crawford and 12th Earl of Balcarres, (born 5 March 1927), styled Lord Balniel between 1940 and 1975. This is the Lord Balniel discussed in previous posts who was Chairman of the National Association for Mental Health (MIND), 1963-70 and a mate of Dafydd’s. Lord Balniel was ‘taking an interest’ in matters DHSS when Crossman was at the DHSS; Balniel served as the Tory MP for Hertford, 1955-74 and for Hatfield, Feb-Sept 1974. Dafydd’s other mates Admiral Sir Alec and Lady Juliet Bingley lived in Hertfordshire and Lady Juliet succeeded Balniel as Chairman of MIND… Juliet’s son William subsequently flew the flag for Dafydd and the gang, at MIND, then at the Mental Health Act Commission, then in William Bingley’s role as an NHS Trust Chairman and in his senior academic roles. See previous posts.

Dick Crossman was rude about Balniel, he considered him an over-privileged twerp, but Balniel was as useful as everyone else when it came to concealing the extent of the abuse and criminality at Ely Hospital and the other long-stay institutions. Including the one run by Dafydd and Gwynne.

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Moving to a Smaller House Means Shedding Books: Should I ...

Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) | Twitter

Lord Balniel was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, so probably knew Bertrand Russell and the other Trinity College alumni involved with the ring there which was concealed by Rab Butler et al for decades. See post ‘Rab, High Table and the Founding Fathers’. Balniel was appointed First Crown Estate Commissioner, 1980-85.


Godfrey Nicholson and Katharine had four daughters:

  • Rose Helen (b. 13 May 1937), married the Lord Luce aka Richard Luce
  • Laura Violet (b. 18 January 1939), married Sir John Montgomery-Cunninghame of Corsehill, 12th Baronet
  • Emma Harriet (b. 16 October 1941), married Sir Michael Harris Caine
  • Harriet Mary (b. 29 June 1946), married Charles Hugh Flower (a maternal great-great-grandson of the 1st Duke of Abercorn).

Richard Luce is detailed in previous posts. His highlights include serving: as Tory MP for Shoreham in West Sussex, 1971-92; as Lord Carrington’s minion at the Foreign Office – Luce resigned along with Carrington over the invasion of the Falkands; as Minister of State for the Arts, 1985-90; as VC of University of Buckingham, 1992-96; as Governor of Gibraltar, 1997-2000; as Lord Chamberlain to Lilibet, 2000-06.

Lilibet knighted Luce in the great giveaway of 1991, along with Peter Morrison and a selection of other paedophiles’ friends. Luce bagged his peerage in Oct 2000, nine months after the publication of the Waterhouse Report.

On 26 April 2012 Lord Luce was appointed by David Cameron the PM as the Chair of the Crown Nomination Commission for the See of Canterbury, the commission set up to nominate the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, who chose the former oil executive Justin Welby.

Lord Luce is President of the Voluntary Arts Network.

Richard Luce’s father was Sir William Luce, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Aden, Political Resident in the Gulf and Special Representative to the Foreign Secretary (Lord Home) for Gulf Affairs. Richard’s father’s older brother was Sir David Luce, First Sea Lord, 1963–1966, associate of Mountbatten, the gay spies in the Admiralty, Sir Alec Bingley etc. See post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.

Luce has two sons, Alexander and Edward. His sister Diana is married to retired Royal Navy Captain David Hart Dyke and his niece is comedian and actress Miranda Hart. That one who does the face for the camera and makes jokes about being desperate to get married because Woman Viewers like that sort of thing.

Richard Luce’s paternal grandfather (Rear Admiral John Luce) survived two key British Naval battles during WW I: the defeat at The Battle of Coronel and the victory at The Battle of the Falkland Islands.

As any fule kno, Death Shall Have No Dominion.

Lord Luce was appointed a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter (KG) on 23 April 2008. The Order of the Garter is the highest Order of Chivalry in the United Kingdom and is in the personal bestowal of Lilibet. The Order currently includes one former PM, Sir John Major.

Godfrey Nicholson’s daughter Emma Harriet Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne (born 16 October 1941) was given a peerage in 1997, the year that the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Emma was elected as the Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon in 1987, before switching to the Lib Dems in 1995. Emma was also the Lib Dem MEP for South East England, 1999-2009. On 10 September 2016 she announced she was re-joining the Conservative Party “with tremendous pleasure” and would sit on the Conservative benches in the Lords.

Emma Nicholson was educated at St Mary’s School, Wantage and the Royal Academy of Music. She was a computer programmer and analyst, 1962-74, and a Director of the Save the Children Foundation, 1974-85.

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Lady Nicholson became a member of the European Parliament in 1999 joining the Committee on Foreign Affairs, of which she was Vice President, 2004-07. She was President of the Delegation for Relations with Iraq and President of the Committee on Women’s Rights of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

Lady Nicholson was also a member of the subcommittee on Human Rights,

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

the Delegation for relations with Iran and the Delegation for relations with the Mashreq Countries. She was Rapporteur for Kashmir, and in 2007 her controversial report on Kashmir was passed by the European Parliament by a majority of 522 to 9. In 2006 Lady Nicholson was Chief Observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission to Yemen. She was a member of European Union Election Observation Missions to Palestine (2005), Azerbaijan (2005), Lebanon (2005), Afghanistan (2005), Armenia (2007) and Pakistan (2008). In January and December 2005 Nicholson was a member of the United Nations Election Observation Missions to Iraq.

Emma Nicholson generated controversy through her strong opposition to international adoptions, which she believed had become a market and subject to corruption.

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

While the EP’s Special Rapporteur for Romania’s EU accession Nicholson and some others in the international community criticised international adoptions. Due partially to her pressure, the Romanian government in 2005 implemented legislation that de facto banned international adoptions, in line with practices in some of the EU member states. The measure generated controversy, mainly in the US, Israel, France, Spain and Italy, particularly from prospective parents who had filed papers for adopting a Romanian child but whose efforts were halted by the ban. International and Romanian media also called attention to poor conditions in Romanian orphanages and hospitals where abandoned children remained for prolonged periods,

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

while acknowledging some progress made in reforming child protection. In December 2005 and July 2006, the EP passed measures requesting Romania deal with outstanding pipeline cases, despite Romania having dismissed these formally through legislation after consultation with an Independent Panel of EU Experts on Family Law.

Critics claimed the Independent Panel was stacked with opponents of international adoptions. The US Congress also passed repeated measures and held hearings opposing the ban.

Lady Nicholson stood down from the European Parliament at the 2009 elections.

In 2009 Lady Nicholson returned to London and resumed her political work at the House of Lords. In February 2010 Nicholson founded the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Business Development in Iraq and the Regions and currently serves as its Chair. She is also a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Human Trafficking,

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

Chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Foreign Affairs and speaks regularly on health care and education in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and business development in Iraq and its wider neighbourhood. She was appointed as Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Iraq on 30 January 2014.

She resigned the Liberal Democrat whip in July 2016, to sit as a non-affiliated member. However, on 10 September 2016 she announced she was re-joining the Conservative Party “with tremendous pleasure” and would sit on the Conservative benches in the House of Lords. Listing her reasons for rejoining the Tories, she highlighted Theresa May’s education speech on 9 September as evidence that the prime minister “leads a party with a real commitment to delivering for the next generation and building a country that works for everyone”.

  • Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy
  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

Lady Nicholson is the Executive Chairman of the AMAR Foundation which works to rebuild and improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in war-torn areas. She is Executive Chairman of the Iraq Britain Business Council, an organisation which facilitates business, trade investment, human resources, training and transfer of technology and know-how into the Republic of Iraq. It seeks to bring together Iraqi, British and international companies and public sector bodies by giving them a joint platform and identifying their mutual interests and common goals and is aimed to be a powerful network of the most important Iraqi, British and international business organisations, enjoying high-level support from both Governments and the EU.

Lady Nicholson is also Executive Chairman of the Associatian Children’s High Level Group – ACHLG. Nicholson also co-founded its English counterpart, the Children’s High Level Group (now Lumos) with British novelist JK Rowling. Lady Nicholson is the Co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Romania of the High Level Group for Romania’s Children and the Co-chairman with the Prime Minister of Moldova of the High Level Group for Moldovan Children.Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy

  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

Lady Nicholson is also a member of the American Bar Association’s Middle East North Africa Council, the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organisations Prize Committee and Freedom House International Solidarity Committee. She is a board member of the Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations, the American Islamic Congress, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (a climate sceptic think tank funded primarily by multiple anonymous donors) and a member of the Board of Advisers for the New York University Centre for Dialogues, Islamic World. She is Vice President of The Little Foundation and is Honorary Adviser to the Prime Minister and Government of Iraq on Public Health and related issues.Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy

  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

On 9 May 1987, Nicholson married Sir Michael Harris Caine with whom she had a foster son, who was from Iraq. Obviously not an international adoption you understand. Nicholson was widowed in 1999. She is President of the Council of the Caine Prize for African Writing, which was named after her late husband. She is also Vice President of the Man Booker Prize Foundation and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Booker Prize for Russian Fiction.

In 2017, Lady Nicholson received an honorary doctorate in International Leadership and Humanitarian Service from Brigham Young University in the US for her charity and humanitarian work across the Middle East.Cheaper Drugs Now !!: walter freeman and lobotomy

  • 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey : NPR
  • 10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

Baroness Emma was the second wife of Sir Michael Harris Caine (17 June 1927 – 20 March 1999). He headed Booker Bros and Booker plc, serving as Chief Exec, 1975-79 and Chairman until 1993. Caine helped establish the Man Booker Prize and was Chairman of the Booker Prize Management Committee. Caine was President of the Royal African Society, he created the Caine Prize and later also the Russian Booker Prize.

Michael Harris Caine the son of economist Sydney Caine who was Director of the LSE and one of Richard Crossman’s LSE-network. Michael Caine attended Bedales School – Snowdon and Ma’am Darling’s children went there – and studied at Oxford University. He received his Master’s from George Washington University. 

Michael Caine headed and maintained several Africa-based companies and organisations, including the Royal African Society, Africa Centre, African Emerging Markets Fund, Africa ’95 and the United Kingdom Council for Overseas Students. For his philanthropic work he was knighted in 1988. With his first wife, Janice Mercer, he had one son and one daughter, but divorced Janice in 1987 to marry Emma Nicholson that same year.

Caine was part of the 1999 Golden Goodbye of witnesses to wrongdoing linked to Richard Crossman, Dafydd and Gwynne etc, dying on 20 March 1999.


Sir Godfrey Nicholson was a favourite at the London Gliding Club where they appreciated his passing of favourable laws regarding gliding. As Godfrey Nicholson had no sons from his marriage, his title became extinct upon his death in 1991. Godfrey: dead in 1991…


Recent BBC news stories have included an apology given to a woman in Pembrokeshire, who more than 10 years ago raised concerns about a local authority member of staff for Pembrokeshire who’s conduct towards children worried her. She was of course discredited and her concerns ignored; I think that she may have been fired from her job. Some time after that, the man about whom she raised concerns was convicted of a number of sex offences against children. There was an abuse ring operating in Pembrokeshire with links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. It was public spirited of that lady to raise concerns but those we know and love knew.

Eliza Manningham-Buller at Chatham House 2016.jpg

There was corruption in Pembrokeshire County Council with regard to financial mismanagement, senior officers were paying themselves a fortune, there were cosy links between members of the police authority and the people whom they were investigating and there were scandals with regard to the neglect and cruelty of children in care. See previous posts.

The Court hosting a big child sex abuse trial in Pembrokeshire was told by one of the defence barristers, Ian Murphy, that children can’t be believed because they live in worlds of fantasy. In the early 1990s Ian Murphy acted for me as my defence Counsel when Gwynedd Health Authority took me to the High Court. Ian Murphy made it clear to me that Dafydd and the gang had broken the law and suggested that I sue for abduction and false imprisonment. I was most keen but somehow it all faded out… Ian Murphy later became a judge and he wouldn’t have if he had taken that case for me as suggested. See previous posts.

In 2005, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, Keith Thomson, resigned after my lawyers subpoenaed him to appear before the High Court in Cardiff where he was threatened with imprisonment if he did not hand over the medical records of mine that he had illegally withheld. Thomson knew that the contents of those files were just so damning…  An interview with Thomson appeared in ‘The Daily Post ‘ entitled ’10 Years At The Top For Keith’, in which Thomson explained that he was retiring to spend more time with his family no less but that he might do a ‘bit of management consultancy’. Dee Jones and others at Bangor University were told by moles in the NHS immediately and the blackmailing of the NHS for jobs and funding for paedophiles’ friends began. Thomson did not retire. Dr Brian Gibbons, then the Welsh Gov’t Health Minister, appointed Thomson as CEO of the NHS Trust in Pembrokeshire, but the appointment wasn’t announced publicly. After Thomson had wrecked the NHS down there, he retired again. Except that he didn’t. He remained as a management consultant to the Trust Board. See previous posts.

The last that I heard was that the corrupt NHS manager Alun Davies – Thomson was his boss for years – was letting out one of his properties on the north Wales coast to Thomson.

This lot are a bunch of crooks and Brian Gibbons was on board with them. There was enough evidence in my case alone to have arrested all of them. Thomson’s name is on documents in my possession compiled in the 1990s when Alun Davies etc were forging documents in cahoots with the Welsh Office, when people in the NHS and Social Services were perjuring themselves and planting evidence in an attempt to have me imprisoned; Thomson and Davies were working alongside crooked lawyers, crooked Top Docs, the BMA, the GMC and the Welsh Office…

Keith Thomson became CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust after Barry Shingles, the senior manager whom it was assumed would become CEO, killed himself. In the mid-1980s, after a damning inspection report re the psych wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Tony Francis, Barry Shingles and Alun Davies were appointed to form a Psychiatric Services Management Committee. Things did not get any better, the law continued to be broken, patients were neglected and abused and complaints went uninvestigated. Alun Davies is the only one of the Committee who has not yet been found dead.

It is beyond belief isn’t it.

Keith Thomson also spent some time working in NHS management in Stirling, where he knew Lord Jack McConnell and very probably Professor Alexis Jay, the current Chair of IICSA… See eg. ‘The Most Dangerous Man In the World – The Scottish Play’.

The Welsh Assembly held a debate this week on the recruitment of Top Docs. Mark Drakeford reassured the Senedd that it’s all going really well now that a fortune is being offered to any Top Doc who agrees to work in Wales. There was no response to the advertisement, but a readvertisement attracted some applications! Sadly it was hundreds and hundreds fewer than the number of Top Docs needed, but Mark has lied to the world for so long now that he couldn’t stop even if he tried. Come and work in the NHS in Wales! Where 2/3 of the staff are found dead before they reach retirement age.

The Senedd also debated the Safeguarding of Children from Sexual Abuse. Someone’s been Appointed and there is discussion of a Norway Model. I didn’t bother to acquaint myself with the details, I simply marvelled at the spectacle of so many people in a Gov’t debating chamber who had colluded with an international trafficking gang which murdered children explaining how they were Committed To Safeguarding Children.

Wales continues its Excellence with regard to Empowered Service Users. There’s been another death. A young woman with anorexia was placed in a Cygnet Hospital in Coventry by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, where she was kept in isolation, in a seclusion room, with no furniture, for weeks on end. She killed herself. The word ‘care’ is being used in relation to her experience. Goodness knows how her family must feel. I was reminded of the screaming aggressive letters that I used to receive from Keith Thomson referring to my ‘care’ after my lawyer made representation about me being violently assaulted and injured by four Care Staff. Keith’s letters were accompanied by an NHS Complaints Process leaflet, which on the front had a photo of two pairs of Caring Hands entwined, below the words ‘The NHS – Caring, Listening, Responding’.

I am sure that the whole process is designed to be as offensive as possible.

Cygnet is a US private healthcare chain. The Clinical Director was and probably still is Dr Robert Francis Kehoe, the corrupt expert witness who lied in his report about me in the wake of my problems with Keith Thomson in 2005. See post ‘An Expert In Resistant Service Users’.


Now for yet another example of how things work in medicine on the basis of We Didn’t Know. Readers may remember the case of Dr Myles Bradbury some four years ago; Myles was a haematologist who was also a paedophile and he used a camera concealed in a pen to take numerous indecent photos of his young cancer patients. Myles went to prison amidst a huge row accompanied by the usual reassurances that Myles only slipped through the net because Paedophiles Are Very Cunning and Clever and ooh he duped us all. Then it became known that there were a few other Docs who did know that Myles had worrying tendencies with regard to his patients but no action was taken.

I have received an e mail informing me that Myles’s former boss, Professor Willem Ouewehand, the University of Cambridge Professor of Experimental Haematology, Honorary Faculty member of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Honorary NHSBT Consultant in Haematology, was one of those who did know some of what Myles was up to.

Professor Ouwehand is married to Dame Sally Claire Davies, the Chief Medical Officer for England. Previously, Dame Sally was the Chief Scientific Adviser at the Dept of Health and worked as a Top Doc specialising in the treatment of diseases of the blood and bone marrow. Sally is a Fellow of  Trinity College, Cambridge and was appointed Master of Trinity College, Cambridge on 8 February 2019, effective from 8 October 2019.

Sally Davies was born in Birmingham. He father Gordon Davies was an Anglican priest and theologian, and her mother a scientist: they both became lecturers at the University of Birmingham. Sally Davies studied at Manchester Medical School and qualified in 1972. Dr Sadie Francis trained at Manchester University at about the same time as Sally. Dafydd’s mates Professor Hugh Freeman and his colleagues were running a trafficking ring with links to north Wales from Manchester Medical School at the time. See previous posts.

Sally Davies became a consultant haematologist in 1985 at the Central Middlesex Hospital in Brent and became Prof of Haemoglobinopathies there in 1997, by which time the hospital had been incorporated into Imperial College. Central Middlesex Hospital was demolished and rebuilt using PFI money in 2006.

Sally Davies was working at the Central Middlesex in Brent when there were serious child protection issues in Brent which resulted in the death of Jasmine Beckford in 1984. See post ‘ Mary Turner – An Appreciation’. The problems in Brent were as usual played down. Dafydd’s mate Sir Francis Avery Jones worked at the Central Middlesex Hospital and Jonathan Miller worked there as Francis Avery Jones’s junior doc. See previous posts.

Sally Davies joined the Civil Service in 2004 to take up a research position in London and was soon promoted to Director-General of Research and Development at the Department of Health. In 2006, she expanded the NHS research base through the creation of the National Institute for Health Research and went on to become the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Health Secretary.

Dame Sally Davies: A Top Doc who has been in the thick of professional and political wrongdoing since she was a child and who is married to another Top Doc, whom it seems knew about a Top Doc who was abusing his patients but did nothing. Of course Davies is CMO, what better candidate could there have been?

Dame Sally Davies FMedSci DBE FRS.jpg

The CMO who preceded Sally Davies was Sir Liam Donaldson. Liam was the most senior Top Doc in for the Regional Health Authority which hosted the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, caused by Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East of England. See previous posts…

By the way, I’ve been told that the trick with the concealed cameras on the part of perverted Top Docs was in use in north Wales. It probably still is…


Previous posts and comments have discussed Professor Catherine Robinson, Bangor University’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Expert who worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh in 1987 but Never Met Dafydd, Didn’t See or Hear Anything and Doesn’t Know Anything either. Catherine shared an office with Dafydd’s daughter Dwynwen and Dafydd tried to embezzle Catherine’s salary to foot the bill for Dwynwen to attend a private college to train as a clin psych when Dwynwen failed to get on any other course… When I worked at Bangor University, Catherine befriended me, used our friendship to extract information from me as to how much I remembered and knew about Denbigh and then warned everyone involved that I remembered names, dates and was a witness to crimes… Catherine used the information to lean on various people, acquire a Chair and research funding…

I have received yet more info. I have been told that the Tory AM Mark Isherwood was probably involved. I went to see Mark Isherwood in 2005 about my continued serious problems with the north Wales NHS, in particular the mental health services. Mark admitted that he knew that the situation was terrible, that other people had been to see him and that the problem was caused by a network of corrupt professional people, not only in Wales but right across the UK. Mark later made a speech in the Senedd about my experiences and those of another constituent who had spoken to him. I did appreciate that Mark did that, but he told me that he was not able to do any more. The threats and harassment continued in my direction and I became so fed up at the rudeness and collusion of the Welsh Gov’t that just before an election I e mailed Mark and told him that if he wanted to use my experiences and evidence during the election campaign to expose the lies about the Excellence of the NHS, in Wales or in England, he was very welcome. Mark did not take up my offer, although the NHS was used as a football in the election with reference to far more trivial cases than mine.

Two of my friends who are activists in the Welsh Labour Party remarked that they thought that Mark hadn’t been very helpful. I pointed out that although they had been very supportive to me themselves, the Labour Party had behaved appallingly, they were in power in Wales and were complicit with serious criminality. Brown took the view that this was such serious crime that Mark Isherwood had been considerably braver than any other politician; we were dealing with gangsters and Mark’s career could well have ended overnight had he done any more…

Mark went to Stockport Grammar School and studied politics at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and was North Wales Area Manager for Cheshire Building Society. Mark is a school governor and a Board Member of Flintshire Housing Association. Mark’s father is Rodney Isherwood, who served as the Lib Dem Councillor for Manchester City Council, 2004-08.

So Mark knows a great deal about Dafydd and that gang and has known for a long time.

I am still grateful that Mark did what he did; it was more than any other politicians did. The reality is, is that NO-ONE will help targets of that gang. That gang murdered people and I was being terrorised in public, in front of witnesses and no-one, no-one would help.

Catherine was all ears when she heard that I’d been to see Mark and she certainly took an interest in him after that; I noticed it because Catherine is a Labour supporter and hates the Tories. I have been told that one of the many people with whom Catherine did a bit of negotiating to achieve her promotion and success was one Mark Isherwood…

One of the constituents who went to see Mark went to see him about her dreadful experiences with Prof Rob Poole, a psychiatrist in north Wales. Mark’s speech in the Senedd referred to me and that patient of Rob Poole’s. After all that negotiating over concealing serious organised crime, Catherine obtained funding to establish a Centre for Mental Health in collaboration with Rob Poole. Poole and Catherine subsequently landed a very big grant to travel to India and Teach The Darkies about suicide prevention. North Wales has some of the highest suicide rates in Britain and they are escalating.

Some two years ago Catherine joined the Alyn and Desside Labour Party, the Women’s Section of course. Readers in England might need reminding that Carl Sergeant, the Labour AM for Alyn and Deeside, killed himself not so long ago. Carl had been clinically depressed and the last straw were allegations that he had behaved improperly towards women. He hung himself. It was discussed extensively on Welsh political blogs that the allegations against Carl had been made by two female spin doctors employed by Welsh Labour. They were not able to provide evidence for their allegations and had previous in terms of propaganda. They had previously provided PR to counteract bad publicity emanating from the NHS in Wales which they feared would damage Welsh Labour. See previous posts…

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May have sent shock waves through the media over the last 24 hours by being Labour and Tories Working Together. Catherine, Edwina Hart and Mark Isherwood beat them to it years ago. A disgusting alliance of unscrupulous people who’s careers were all at stake who conspired to conceal patient harm, abuse and death. Merfyn’s wife died at the hands of those lethal, criminal Top Docs shortly afterwards.

If I have been given erroneous info re Mark’s role in this and he wishes to e mail me, I will be happy to amend this blog. I don’t need to hear from Edwina or Catherine, I have all the documentation that I need….

Just look at what has happened to the NHS since then. It is dangerous, it is bankrupt and no doctors will work in Wales no matter how much they are paid.

This is not only Mark Isherwood’s doing. NO-ONE will support anyone in the face of that gang. Mark has a wife and a big family. Look what happened to Merfyn’s wife when Merfyn challenged that gang.

You were ALL complete idiots for allowing this to happen and the NHS is now run by gangsters… No-one should ever listen to you ever again no matter how much you drivel on about Safeguarding, Caring, Empowering and Including.

Here’s some invertebrates:

  • What are Invertebrates | Invertebrates Facts | DK Find Out
  • Invertebrate Animals | Invertebrates for Kids | DK Find Out
  • EduPic Other Invertebrates Images Main


My post ‘A Trail Of Blood’ discussed Pam Sellers, an atrocious biology teacher of mine whom I endured years ago at Bridgwater College when I did my A levels who behaved in a predatory way sexually towards some of the boys. I have mentioned previously that I have been given information that when Dafydd et al gathered evidence of my insanity, they approached those teachers at Bridgwater College, who knew that there was an abuse ring operating in the town with links to Dafydd’s gang. I have explained that Lord Tom King, then the Tory MP for Bridgwater who later held a series of Cabinet posts in Thatch’s Gov’t, did very nicely out of colluding with it all, as did Paddy Ashdown, the MP for Yeovil and a few other politicians in the West Country. Paddy’s constituency included Ilminster, which was where Pam Sellers lived. When Sellers was giving us all a hard time, her constituency MP was Paddy’s predecessor, John Peyton, who had been in the thick of concealing criminality and organised abuse for years. See previous posts, including ‘A Trail Of Blood’.

I have missed another politician with Ilminster connections, a man whom it has been admitted concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring, knew about Peter Morrison but decided that national security wasn’t at risk so no problem there and was aware of what Jimmy Savile was doing. It is of course Lord Robert Armstrong of Ilminster.

In a long Civil Service career, Robert Armstrong worked in several departments, including HM Treasury and the Home Office. From 1970 to 1975 Armstrong served as the PPS to the PM; Ted Heath and Harold Wilson. From 1977-79, Armstrong was Permanent Secretary of the Home Office under Callaghan. Armstrong was knighted in 1978, the year that Mr Thrope was charged with conspiracy and incitement to murder. From 1979 to 1987, Armstrong served as Cabinet Secretary under Thatch. Armstrong was Head of the Home Civil Service, 1981-87.

Armstrong is credited with coining the phrase ‘economical with the truth’ after he used it in the Spycatcher trial of 1986.

From 1994 to 2006, Lord Armstrong was Chancellor of Hull University. He was Chairman of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation until 2013.

In the 1978 Birthday Honours, Armstrong was promoted to Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB) and to Knight Grand Cross GCB) in the 1983 New Year Honours. He was created a life peer as Baron Armstrong of Ilminster on 26 February 1988 and sits as a crossbencher in the Lords. I presume that Armstrong lives in Ilminster…

See post ‘Lord Robert Armstrong’ for further details.

Robert Armstrong was at the heart of the cover-up. An international trafficking ring, gang rape of children, child porn with bestiality, witnesses illegally imprisoned, lobotomised and murdered. An added extra was the dealing and distribution of class A drugs. People’s lives ruined to protect a lobotomist who ran a paedophile ring for the benefit of People in High Places. Now perhaps Lord Armstrong could let us know how many bodies are concealed at the North Wales Hospital and what happened to the former students of UCNW who were trafficked by Gwynne et al. It was all recorded uncover by the security services, but not to protect the targets.

The Lord Armstrong of Ilminster
Official portrait of Lord Armstrong of Ilminster crop 2.jpg



Here are some buttocks worthy of Meghan Markle:

  • I haven’t actually ever seen ‘I Spit On Your Grave’, but I remembered the title and googled it. The film is about a woman who slowly, painfully and brutally, murders the men who gang raped her. That is obviously why she has put on clean white undies to show off her buttocks to best effect in preparation for committing mass murder.

Dafydd’s buttocks were a topic of discussion among Hergest patients. Because they were alleged to be flabby. On one occasion, someone rang up Dafydd’s secretary and asked her ‘Did he have flabby buttocks when he murdered Mary Wynch’s mother?’

Not that there was ever any clue at all that matters Care in north Wales might have been falling short of what would normally be expected from a late 20 century NHS in a developed Western European nation.

One point that I’ve failed to emphasise that might explain a lot. Until David Ennals, Dafydd’s mate, succeeded Stephen Swingler as Minister of State in the DHSS when Swingler suddenly died, Ennals was Richard Crossman’s PPS. Crossman: the Westminster Swinger who was also at the top of the security services. No wonder Angels and others spent years ignoring patients’ discussing the state of Dafydd’s buttocks and the suspicious deaths of people in his care. Of course, when Dafydd’s mate Ennals was Richard Crossman’s right hand man, Dafydd’s buttocks will have been younger, firmer and not in the least bit flabby…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

11 thoughts on “I Spit On Your Grave”

  1. Just resurfaced from the above post for a few minutes.

    Thanks to the reader who has sent me the link to the BBC Shock Horror Sexist Bullying in Medicine Report who knows one of those interviewed by the BBC and tells me that they cannot always be believed.

    Actually I don’t think that anyone in that Report can be believed.

    Female Docs are claiming that sexist bullying from male docs is out of control and making everyone’s lives a misery…
    I’ll provide the bigger picture: There is much of the sort of conduct that is discussed in the BBC article in medicine eg. guessing bra sizes, explicit discussions re sex etc. EVERYONE, men and women, join in enthusiastically.

    At St George’s there was a male Top Doc who specialised in undoing bras at the back before the owner of the bra had realised. He was one of the most popular Top Docs there, he only did it to women whom he was mates with and it was considered a real hoot. On his birthday, another Top Doc hired a Strippagram – two nurses of course. They came in to the tea room, ended up on his knee half-naked and everyone rolled around laughing. It was a FEMALE DOC, his friend, who ordered the Strippagram…

    By the way, of all the vile bastards at St George’s, the man who undid the bras was one of the nicest to me and everyone else. He was not one of the bullies, he was friendly, helpful and a rare light in a very dark place. The two worst bullying members of staff in that Dept were both women.

    There is a huge problem with bullying in medicine, but it is absolutely not as simple as good old sexism. It is about domination and the bullying takes any form, any form at all, that will be effective. People at St George’s who were horrifically bullied always believed that it must have been because they were women/junior/Asian/not as posh as the others or whatever. It was because it was a seriously dsyfunctional place pervaded with criminality and people just ate each other alive. The one man who didn’t was the undoer of the bras. Oh he’d been to Millfield as well, the most expensive school in Britain at one point. He was the one Top Doc who never denigrated the midwives or those horrid little people from Garratt Lane in Tooting. It wasn’t him who told me that ‘all the midwives are thick, especially the black ones’. That was a white lady Doc.

    One Doc at St George’s who treated junior docs terribly was Rashmi Varma. An Indian female consultant. She was a Brahmin and used to remind one junior doc who was from a lower caste of this. She was bloody awful to midwives as well. Varma ended up leaving the UK after an appearance in front of the GMC when she stood accused of forcing NHS patients to donate their eggs to private patients. Varma claimed that sexism and racism were behind the case. She was found not guilty. I was told that she undoubtedly was guilty and had made a lot of money out of that practice.

    As for the BMA and GMC reps who are on the BBC claiming that they Knew Nuzzing, they’ve known about serious workplace bullying in medicine for years and years…

    Sir Robert Francis QC is quoted as saying that sexist bullying behaviour must stop. That’s the Sir Robert who was Counsel for the Drs Francis in 1991 when they perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned. Sir Bob knew that they had lied, as did the MDU and their solicitor. Sir Bob and the others also knew that I was alleging serious abuse of patients and criminality in north Wales. It was me who was prosecuted on the grounds that my letters of complaint were ‘harassment’…

    No questions were asked when it was shown that Sir Bob’s clients had committed perjury.

    Tony Francis who hired Sir Bob when Francis wanted me imprisoned was known to terrorise junior doctors. He would swear at them in ward rounds and even throw things at them.

    1. There was one doc who constantly sexually harassed female staff including docs of course. Dafydd. The GMC refused to investigate complaints of him sexually exploiting women patients. The BMA gave Dafydd free legal advice on how to have me locked up after I made a complaint about him sexually exploiting patients.

      The GMC and BMA who are now just so shocked at allegations of sexist bullying…

      1. People might have seen the report on The Guardian online regarding NHS England’s threat to sue an NHS Trust in Oxford for libel after it raised concerns that the commissioning of a private company to provide cancer care could risk patients health.

        I haven’t had time to do any digging as to the track record of the Trust, hospital or private company involved, but any campaigners out there who are following this up might like to note the name of the company of solicitors that NHS England are using who threatened to sue the Trust for libel: it is DAC Beachcroft.

        One of the Head People at DAC Beachcroft is the international lawyer Lord David Hunt, formerly David Hunt the Tory MP for Wirral. Hunt was a Welsh Office Minister and the Secretary of State for Wales, twice. Hunt was the man who concealed the serious criminality in north Wales on the part of the gang for years. Hunt failed to take action when kids were assaulted in children’s homes that had not been inspected, he failed to explain where millions of pounds had gone re the black hole that was Gwynedd Health Authority, he failed to hold criminal NHS managers to account, he ignored serious complaints about members of the gang and he was running the Welsh Office when documents were forged and when Andrew Park, a crooked lawyer employed by the Welsh Office conspired with others to frame me.

        DAC Beachcroft also works on behalf of the MDU. When Hunt was at the Welsh Office, the MDU knew that Docs were perjuring themselves and planting evidence in their attempts to frame me but represented them in Court nonetheless.

        Now NHS England have employed the services of Lord Hunt to threaten an NHS Trust who has opposed privatisation. However serious the libel that the Trust has committed, if indeed it has libelled anyone, it will be nothing at all to the criminality with which David Hunt colluded for years and years.

        Does anyone know who at NHS England decided to hire Lord Hunt after his track record at the Welsh Office?

        1. Just caught 15 mins of the Today programme.

          Four Scottish universities have announced that they have results showing that the use of the HPV vaccine in teenagers has led to a MASSIVE DECREASE in cervical cancer!! Smear tests have PROVEN IT!!

          Naturally I am delighted that Top Docs should be able to give us such good news after I continue to blog about the wrongdoing and research fraud on the part of so many in cancer research, but there are a few questions in the wake of these results – results that are so spectacular and timely that I can only wonder if Dafydd was a member of the research team.

          In view of the number of false positives that were being thrown up by smear tests in days of yore, how sure can one be that there has been a genuine drop in cases of cervical cancer? Many of the previous cases were not er cancer, they were misidentified. It was admitted that in many cases, cell changes were self-limiting and did not result in cancer…

          I seem to remember that the USP of the HPV vaccine was that once this vaccine had been taken up en masse, there would be no need to for smear tests. It was one reason that was used to encourage people to have the vaccine. So the vaccine is well embedded now but er smear tests have shown that…? When the women who were told that now they’d had the vaccine they would not be ‘invited’ for smear tests, didn’t they wonder what was going on when they received their ‘invitation’, no doubt along with the letters with erroneous info and stats telling them that they will die if they do not take up this invitation? Should the letter be consigned to the dustbin, more ‘invitations’ will have followed…

          It would have been fun if I had rung up the’centre’ sending those invitations when I lived in Wales and said ‘could you stop sending me this dishonest crap please, I knew the Lady Professor who was one of those who invented this laughable screening programme, I even went to one of her garden parties. She and her husband were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and he was caught in a research fraud’. Had I done so it would have probably have ended in my arrest, saying ‘stop lying please, I am not interested’ seemed to often end in that.

          One Top Doc who robustly supported the HPV vaccine was Dr Phil Hammond. Who starred on this blog some three days ago… Dr Phil has excellent media links being a medical journo and a comedian in his spare time…

          After that Good News about one of Dr Phil’s initiatives, Baroness Newlove was interviewed about Knife Crime and Drugs. The Baroness stammered incoherently that people had to Get Around The Table, All Those Involved, to Put Their Heads Together and as I listened I thought ‘this woman really is clueless’. It was then revealed that the Baroness had lost her husband to knife crime and I thought that perhaps this was one of Miranda’s people’s peers, someone who had endured something awful, had written to Ministers and then as a PR stunt on behalf of Miranda had been given a peerage while everyone made damn sure that she was not given the info needed to effect change in the way that she wanted.

          It transpires that Baroness Newlove is the Victim’s Commissioner for England and Wales. The Baroness explained on the Today programme about Cuckooing, ie. drug dealers taking over the flat of a vulnerable person, ousting them and using the flat as a dealing den. The Baroness told the Today programme that this could be going on where you live now.

          It happened in Bethesda in the late 1990s, but it didn’t have a name then. An Empowered Service User known to me waited over 10 yrs for a housing association flat – he only got one after 10 yrs because of he was rendered homeless after years of living in overcrowded accommodation – and within a few months was frightened to stay in his flat. He told me ‘there’s bloody drug dealers hanging around, they’re in the doorway all the time’. It was Brown who worked out what was going on and said ‘oh yes, this happens in Birmingham, they target service users because no-one will help them, they’ll be trying to take over his flat’. Brown was right, within three weeks the dealers had invaded his flat. The Empowered Service User fled. He was told by the Arfon Community Mental Health Team that as he had made himself homeless, they would not be Helping Him Again.

          Clients of the Arfon Team were dealing drugs. The Arfon Team knew this. At one point the man who’s flat was commandeered by Dafydd’s dealers stayed at my place. The Arfon Team told him that as long as he lived at my place they would not give him a ‘service’, his ‘service’ of course meaning disability benefits. He was forced to move out of my place and then found himself under attack by the drug dealers…

          Before that happened this man had already been warned that he was in danger of Not Being Helped by the Arfon Team. When he moved into the flat which was taken over by dealers, his key worker from the Arfon Team without his consent and without him requesting it, organised for a washing machine/tumble dryer to be sent to his house. He asked for it to be taken away on the grounds that he didn’t need it. He also couldn’t afford to run it but such are the Arfon Team that discussing sensitive matters like that with them wasn’t something that Empowered Service Users usually did. The key worker was very angry and warned him that she Wouldn’t Be Helping Again After This.

          Some two years after all this, Rhodri Morgan became FM of Wales. Mark Drakeford, a former social worker, was Rhodri’s SPAD. Drakeford is now FM. Drakeford’s former colleagues in Dyfed Social Services had links with the Arfon Team and their fellow traffickers and it was Drakeford’s lot in Dyfed who ‘investigated’ complaints about the abuse of kids in care in Gwynedd and reassured everyone that there was nothing to worry about.

          Baroness Newlove is Victim’s Commissioner for England and WALES. The members of the Arfon Team who stood by while my friend was shoved out of his flat by drug dealers were years later sacked for misconduct and the severe neglect of clients. They were also threatening their clients and on occasions thumped them, but they never faced disciplinary action over that. After being sacked, they all set themselves up as therapists and counsellors in Gwynedd and they are still doing that. One of them even works as the counsellor in a local GPs surgery.

          Don’t worry about it Baroness Newlove. The FM is mates with them and so are a number of others in the Senedd. You will get nowhere with them, nowhere at all, no matter how many tables you All Sit Around Together. Although you might like to have a chat with one Victim in Wales, the young woman who was the subject of a prolonged and violent rape by a man who is now in prison, one Jonathan Drakeford. His dad is er the FM of Wales.

  2. Thanks readers, I have seen the news reports re the Newport West by-election, just been so busy with (trying to) finishing off the above post and following connections that I haven’t posted a comment this morning…

    Yes, Ruth Jones won, an NHS worker and union official!! Perhaps Ruth could let us know her remedy for er Kings College Hospital, millions and millions in debt, the whole Board has resigned, the biggest debt that the NHS has yet managed to build up. Or could Ruth advise nearer to home, figures published recently showed an escalating debt for every NHS Trust in Wales, particularly the dear old Betsi… Ruth will add to the collection of Strong Women in Westminster, who Support the NHS.

    Oh well Ruth’s got another job that she can’t do, she’ll be delighted and will serve as a Role Model for us ladies. Ruth is no doubt already booked to talk to girls in schools at Newport to Raise Their Self-Esteem and Encourage them. The girls whom the professions and politics really need will have walked away by their mid-twenties deciding that they cannot be bothered to waste their time with these not very bright uninspiring people…

    The Lancet had published yet another piece of Research On Alcohol that was given a free plug on the Today programme.

    I am too busy to comment, I am remembering the advice of my former PhD supervisor who told me that when this blog took off, the tactic that would be used to try and stop me would be bombarding me with crap to ensure that I was slowed down by responding. People did it to Leanne Wood on her Facebook; it was good of Leanne to give them the time of day but she wasted a lot of time responding to people who were obviously put up to it…

    I have bigger fish to fry as one of my former colleagues at Bangor used to remind me when we were bothered by the minions of the bigger fish…

    1. Thanks to the readers who are sending me the news reports about the arrests of Top Docs and Angels at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Blackpool re suspected murder of patients. I note that the allegations are that patients were being drugged with zopiclone to sedate them first.

      Zopiclone. A favourite of the Hergest Unit in about 2002. Sadie Francis was prescribing it and prescribed it to me after I was violently assaulted by Angels, discharged and then arrested on the basis of their perjury. When I finally got out of the police station my bail conditions were such that I wasn’t allowed to live at my own perfectly good house on Anglesey; I therefore had to rent somewhere in Gwynedd. This went on for more than a year before the charges against me of ‘threatening to kill’ were withdrawn.

      By that time I’d lost my house – paying a mortgage and rent when you have been unlawfully sacked and have no job is a bit of a tall order -but at least I had the prescription for zopiclone. Not that I took it, I realised that it wasn’t the answer to serious organised crime. I didn’t realise until I got my medical records a few years later that Sadie was in on the huge conspiracy to have me framed, sacked and made homeless herself…

      Back to the zopiclone. Not long after Sadie was dishing out the prescriptions, there were concerns raised about serious ‘side effects’. By that time, another Hergest patient told me that he couldn’t understand what was going on at Hergest, every single patient as a matter of policy was being given a drug called zopiclone at night, no matter what their condition. Did I know what was going on? No, but by that time the deaths at Hergest were soaring, there were constant complaints about patients being assaulted by staff and patients were regularly being arrested on trumped up charges, one of them killed himself in prison. The place should have been closed down, it was run by madmen (and women) and was so obviously dangerous.

      I have only recently found out that for five years consecutively, the Hergest Unit was known to be the most dangerous psych unit in the UK. Still patients were sent there, still those lying staff assaulted patients, accused the patients of ‘attacking them’ and then perjured themselves in Court… Westminster and the Welsh Gov’t knew. They knew. People died up there and no-one stopped it. People were writing to AMs, to MPs, to the GMC and to the Secretary of State for Wales. They carried on dying. The most dangerous unit in the UK. Year after year after year… While the Daily Post carried articles about the Excellence on offer and the Dangerous Patients. Then there were the Inspection Reports which told lies about the Excellent Care at the Hergest. The most dangerous unit in the UK…

      Perhaps the newly elected MP for Newport West can explain…

      1. A lawyer representing patients talked of the ‘institutional fairy-tales’ told about patients by Hergest staff.

        The Hergest whistleblower called it ‘an institutional madness’ and was of the opinion that the ‘service’ had become ‘toxic’.

        A local Top Doc who took their Christianity seriously referred to ‘something evil’ at the Hergest Unit. It was the staff; they had run a trafficking ring for years and had reached meltdown in the wake of the Waterhouse Report…

        So many complaints, so many deaths and still no-one stopped it.

        Most of the staff were nuts. They were completely nuts, the sane ones had left long ago. The Hergest Unit is now pretty much ashes. David Healy I think is the only Top Doc they still have, every other Top Doc there has been a locum for more than two years now. No-one will work there.

        1. Staff were not CRB checked – some of them had convictions for violent offences – lies were told about staff’s qualifications and there was often no qualified staff on duty, the wards were manned entirely by healthcare assistants. All illegal. Staff were told to use fallacious job titles in front of patients.

          Chaos, absolute chaos. Under Jane Hutt, then under Brian Gibbons, it just continued and no-one would admit it as the crime snowballed.

          Angels hit me, Dafydd hit me and on one occasion Martin Jones the CEO tried to hit me. Not because I was so impossible, but because they were thugs, just thugs, at all levels. A lot of them were violent to their families as well…

          1. Nice to see more photos of the new MP for Newport West, Ruth Jones, in the media today. Ruth the NHS employee and union official. Ruth is pictured along with two already well-known politicians who pushed the boat out to campaign for her: Sister Jane Hutt and Jezza Corbyn. Perhaps they’ll be assisting Ruth in formulating her responses to the huge debt which has brought down the Board of King’s College Hospital – a place of such excellence and the current location of the Institute of Psychiatry, where so many of the Excellent trained! – and of course to the stream of scandal, patient deaths and the suspected murders of the patients in Blackpool…

            I have been too busy to comment but I have been aware of the campaign which was recently launched by Cymdeithas (the Welsh Language Society) re the non-payment of TV licenses and the demands for broadcasting in Wales to be devolved, but thanks to readers who’ve sent me the reports about this campaign anyway. People are stating their intention to go to jail on this matter. Not that I have a problem with anyone who goes to jail for a principle. So I’ll just make a few observations.

            For quite a long time now, Robin Farrar aka Robin Crag has held high office in Cymdeithas. Robin was born and brought up in Gwynedd but both of his parents are English. His mother Stel was a PhD student in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW when I was an undergrad in the same Dept. Stel had an affair with Robin’s dad, John Farrar, when she was a student. John Farrar was a particularly aggressive bad tempered junior lecturer who hated and was hated by his colleagues and would do anything at all for promotion. Farrar – and Stel – knew about the paedophile/trafficking ring and they knew that one of John’s colleagues was having sex with school girls. Stel bagged a job as Farrar’s research assistant and had Robin after she finished her PhD.

            John Farrar’s status just grew bigger and bigger as the police investigations and Inquiries into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal began…

            Regular readers will know that this has been discussed in previous posts…

            So here’s a few links. I mentioned in my post above that Lord Robert Armstrong the corrupt Civil Service mandarin who was at the heart of the cover-ups bagged his peerage in 1988. That was the year that Ken Clarke, John Marks of the BMA, the gang in north Wales and others all co-ordinated the huge cover-up, involving The Duke of Westminster, Jimmy Savile, Trumpers, the whole bloody lot. Ken Clarke was at the Dept of Health at the time. Ken was and still is an MP for Nottingham, practised as a barrister there and remained on good terms with his former Chambers throughout his political career. Stel came from Nottingham and her parents still lived there when she was in the thick of it at Bangor.

            By the time that I had finished my PhD in 2005, the vile John Farrar was PVC for Research at Bangor and was described as ‘the second most hated man in Bangor’ by a long-suffering Prof. The most hated man was Fergus Lowe. Fungus and Farrar were both sticking knives in Merfyn’s back.

            I was in Catherine Robinson’s office when she received an unusually polite e mail from Farrar apologising for not having bothered to get to know her before and inviting her to meet him. The Catherine who had been pumping me for info re what I had remembered about Denbigh etc back in the 1980s. The Catherine who in 1988 was given that plum deal as a young graduate at the School of Psychology by Fungus after Fungus overthrew Dafydd’s influence there and built his own empire.

            Info has arrived telling me that Farrar, Catherine, Fungus and of course Stel all got together and pooled the info, while Catherine also did the deal with Mark Isherwood, the Tory MP who I had previously been to see re the gang…

            Sadly it wasn’t a happy ending for Farrar, he had a screaming great row with Fungus and keeled over with a (non-fatal) heart attack. My, how the oppressed laughed! However Catherine got her Chair and her Centre for Mental Health and generous streams of research dosh…

            After Robin graduated from Cambridge he tried being a school teacher but didn’t get on with it too well. He then decided on a career as a Welsh language activist. Stel was part of the venture…

            I was told by a number of long-standing Welsh language activists at that time that something odd was happening in Cymdeithas ie. that nearly all the senior paid roles were being given to people who’s parents were not Welsh but had relocated to Wales as adults. One example provided was the baffling influence that one Robin Farrar seemed to be exerting over the organisation…

            It’s not Robin with the influence, he was a just baby when it was all kicking off. It is his mum and dad who did the leaning on people. Dad, English, Oxford grad. Mum, English, went to UCNW as a student. They’ve got the shit on everyone and Ken Clarke (English, Tory) and Mark Isherwood (English, Tory) knew it. So did everyone else.

            Merfyn’s wife Nerys died at the hands of the Top Docs while Robinson etc were thrashing their deal out. Nerys grew up in Gwynedd and spoke Welsh. Merfyn grew up in Gwynedd and speaks Welsh.

            Yma O Hyd!! Let’s go to prison for our principles! Or indeed our crimes. How about it Stel???

  3. Stel worked as a part-time tutor in Welsh at the Dept for Lifelong Learning at Bangor. Her Head of Dept was Meri Huws, who was a PVC alongside John Farrar. In the 1980s as well as being Chair of Cymdeithas, Meri was also working as a social worker with Dafydd’s gang.

    John Farrar’s colleagues in the Dept of Plant Biology when Stel was a student there included Chris Wood (the wife of Dr DGE Wood, member of the gang); Ralph Oxley (married to Isobel Hargreaves, social worker, member of the gang); John Wilson (shagging school girls); Geoff Sagar (PVC of UCNW while the institution employed Gwynne the lobotomist and colluded with the gang); Peter Greig-Smith (friend of Douglas Hurd’s uncle and also the father of a Top Doc in Liverpool); Adrian Bell (friend of gang, recommended that I should waste my time with them; info has come into the blog that Adrian knew exactly what they were involved with and the smears directed at me after I complained about Gwynne came from Adrian, a former Home Office forensic scientist)…

    There won’t be any cells free in the nation’s prisons for language activists if this lot ever receive their just desserts…

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